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Is Washington playing the blame game on Iraq?

How Cool Is This Political Cartoon?

Saint Ronald

DU in the news

ACTION ALERT! Tell MSNBC to Bring Back Phil Donahue!

I do NOT believe in precognition, fortune telling, astrology and such, BUT

Rulerships in Politics...

What do you think is the most powerful word...

Why is Ashcroft not chasing 2000 election fraud - Diebold memo's "confess"

U.S. producers reaped mad-cow profits

ACTION ALERT! Don't let Ted Stevens destroy undersea habitat!

Fast Food Embracing Animal Welfare

Who needs a receiver when a finger will do? 1st wristwatch telephone

Namibia land grab threat

States Question 'Supermax' Prisons

Incase you missed it

I've got a REAL PROBLEM with gum nuts......

Here's a good website for gun crime statistics

((((Do not start threads to continue flame wars.))))

Is it illegal to repost the same post on a different thread?

Suggestion for the Gun Dungeon / J & PS...

Suggestion for yet another DU forum (just a thought)

Israel destroys US-built wells

New Battlefield Hospital A Smash

The Reality of Dean's Comments

Clark slams the MIC and the "American Empire"

Cooper Union address (video)

The Candidates at Planned Parenthood Forum - Live Webcast on now.

How will we "officially" nominate a candidate?

AOLer's, got a poll for ya!

If wingers can threaten CBS why can't we boycott Clear Channel...

One more reason Dean will have it tough in the south

Should pro-lifers be kicked out of the Democratic Party?

People from Ohio are invading the South: Retiring &Starting Big Ten Clubs!

Interesting Local Take on Flag Issue

Do you see moderate Republicans leaving their party in the future?

Speaking of a Dean/Clark Ticket...check this out from MSNBC

Vote on Janice Rogers Brown Tomorrow

Edwards debate line translated to good ole boy.

Forget Dean and Clark, then who do you like?

I think Dean was RIGHT in his comments about the Confederate Flag

Has a military hero ever lost a presidential election besides McGovern?

Who is public enemy number one?

Are repubs accidents or

What killed the M1 tank?

Bush in Iraq: A B-School Case Study

What someone in my on-line class posted.

Questions about Philadelphia

BBV: If you haven't visited these two web sites lately,

Anybody else watching the CMA awards program...

Need more input on my protest CD.

Just wait until this "treasonous memo" BS really starts taking off

Why Dean remarks plays well in South

TV Guide, Nov. 8-14 The Robin's Report on Daily Show ratings (via a blog)

Bush sure changed the tone in Washington

Wouldn't a more honorable way to win the south, be to run a military man?

Tony Kushner in Mother Jones

Alert: Conferees appear to be done with Energy (corporate giveaway) bill

About the now-infamous Starpass post

Hunters are just alright with me

Clark praises Dianne Feinstein -- Clark/Fienstein?

Howard Dean Supporters...Please Answer This For Me

Great Idea for a new animated sitcom!!!!

Great idea for a new animated sitcom!

Connection? Leak /Failure to Avert War

End of BushCo Updates Needed--BBV,Traitorgate,Hutton WMD & 9/11 Inquiries?

Now lead article in NYTimes:Iraq Made 11th Hour Appeal to Avert War!

Which candidate would the Repukes least like to face in 2004?

Dean Supporters - Listen up!

Who was the last Senator to be elected President? I recall many Governors

Lookee folks! Show your "Support " to Rush's Sponsors!!!

National Geographic on PBS . . .

Illegal Immigration

Saskatchewan polls just closed...

At least Dean didn't tell black voters to "get over it!"

A Really, Really Honest Question About The South

Hardball: Tweety on Dean and Democrats in the south...


Dean's Confederate Flag Flap now on PBS News Hour!

Are there any Hillary supporters on DU?

Why preserve a unified Iraq?

Blast from the past audio (for masochists only)

GO NDP!!!!!!

Lying is better than delusion ... NYTimes

If you haven't seen QuestionW yet, why not?


There was another debate tonight???

On NOW...PBS..."Reporting America At War"

These Lynch movie ads make me want to puke

Dean to appear on 4 morning news shows tomorrow

Blue state economy -vs- red states

Who was the last governor from the NE to win the presidency?

"The quandary for Mr. Bush,

Presidential face off: Best of the 20th century

Why say "I approved this ad" in campaign ads?

Does anyone here think aWol will agree to debate

Two assumptions I just can't entertain that are held by Dean opponents

It's time for the Congress to admit they were duped on Iraq

I base MY vote on race, god, guns, and gays don't you?

Flag issue is designed to derail Dean

My opinion on the south

We should adopt a 50 state campaign strategy for 2004 (with a caveat)

Is the right or left more powerful on the 'Net?

4 million christian conservatives didn't vote in 2000?

Clark: The military should provide abortion services

The problem with making a movie about Reagan..

Is it smart to judge people based on political affiliation?

The most important part of this Dean flag fiasco

Assuming our nominee will win every state Gore did...

If Only I Had Been Gwen Ifill Tonight, LOL !!! --- Aaaarrgghhh !!!

Is the NRA a racist organization because of board members like Ted Nugent?

My PNAC Editorial will be in the latest Red Ink Magazine

How does a racist like Mark Furman get a job with Fox News?

Lawmakers Seek To Halt Use of RU-486

Are the vast majority of racists Republican?

Dean: "Don't base vote on race, god, guns, and gays"

I like seeing the guys in REM speaking out. Have you heard "Bad Day"?

Nobody Calls Victor Davis HANSON a Racist, But

What would happen to the DLC if Dean did well in the South?

should the Dems write off the South?

WHEW! Read that 8 Page Series from the Globe on Kerry

Major Gore speech to attack Bush Sun./ Contact CSPAN to cover

How different wold the US be today without Vietnam War?

THE EAGLES Rocking for Clark!

Blowout 2004: Dem 56%, Bush 44% ..Diebold, Diebold, what you gonna do?

Y'all are focused on the wrong dadgum flag!

Could Iraq War been averted?

9/11: The BCCI Connection

"I used to like what they said but they seem to be all for minorities now.

‘No Link Between Democracy and Terrorism’ (Naif- SA)

Iraq Made 11th-Hour Appeal to Avert War, Intermediaries Say

USAToday: Dean set to get major union endorsement (SEIU)

Buck Doesn't Stop With President Bush

Carson soldier faces charge of cowardice

Nugent compares himself to Rosa Parks.

U.S. Has People Problem In Iraq

EPA Reviews Air Pollution Investigations

Colombia President Says He's Not Quitting (So Stop Saying That!)

Mexico Clears Way for (Dirty War) Abduction Arrests

Because they could...

Crude oil futures skyrocket Nov 5, 2003

Fox Asks New Mexico for Migrant Protection

New FBI Rules Relax Some Restrictions (Lurking Ashcroft Alert)

Judge Lets Parents Challenge Guardianship of Terri Schiavo

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (Daily update just released)

43,000 Alerted for Duty in Iraq (NYT)

US to cut troop strength in Iraq

Missouri River Scientists Pulled [off] Project

CBC calls it - NDP win Saskatchewan

Embedded reporters 'sanitised' Iraq war

US Agencies Surf for Translators

Dean Set to Get Major Union Endorsement (Service Employees International U

Spotlight on war in the shadows (Gray Fox & The Activity)

Army negotiating to replace Halliburton as oil importer

Name-calling row erupts at UN

Germany considers giving kids the vote

Lawyers at E.P.A. Say It Will Drop Pollution Cases

i am the hottest... proof inside

Chatty McChat Chat

I found a rusty pair of garden shears today. Ask me anything.

George Bush isn't a laughing matter...

Heyyyy Ya!

A Really, Really Honest Question About The South

If You Could Physically Alter Anything On Your Candidate, What Would it Be

A generic love war

How will we "officially" nominate a candidate?


Illegal Immigration

Which Candidate Has The Best "Anna Banana" Name?

16 more posts till i reach 5,000, ask me anything

Anybody know anything about foreign investment?

For my 5,000 post i thought i would tell you

Anybody wanna start a web site posting the RNC-approved script of

Homeland security self exam


Paper's whip-round secures £40 for pensioner's pleasure

I bought tear gas in a can today

Caledesi's Nightly "Hey, what is the origin of that phrase?"

Life can sometimes seem dull, but

Zen Riddle

Electrical Question

So you think you are smart, maybe a MENSA?

34,000 members!

Jessica Lynch doesn't look too bad lately

Ooh!! Ooh!! I got brain questions too!!

This is what you call dolled up?

Well, I believe I'm transferring to the University of Montana

Deanies Invade Clarkie's Favorite Bar

South Park with a Red Dawn spoof

Brainteaser #2:

Music for 18 Musicians - beautiful!

Breaking: worst air disaster in Aggies history

DU getting a plug

halliburton commercial..

Is Kucinich married?

The OC

Is life a right or a privilege?

Cutest rabbit, poll #2. Bugs Bunny, Jack Rabbit, or Oolong?

What would you do?

The lost book thread

Well, I'm driving seven hours for a job interview tomorrow

My parents and a zoning violation

KFC is brown-nosing Atkins diet

Watching Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

Best Decade of the 20th Century

Johnny Cash "Hurt" just hurt Daryll Woorley and Toby Keith

If I ran for president, would you vote for me?

Like...I'm British

Pookie The Big Toe's Fashion Makeover!

Your Home Telephone Number

Okay, I Said I Only Wanted ONE Piercing Today....but....

Not for guys, who will NEVER get this, but I think Tyne Daly

Strange sighting today: a black panther.

Who's cuter? Me or a well-known Hollywood personality?

Canada under pressure to stop sale of prescriptions to Americans

Yeah, but can you deep fry BEETS?

Brainteaser #1:

If you don't like fighting in hockey let's drop the gloves

West Wing thread (PSTers and MSTers: Spoilers Likely)

Where can I buy a gun

Did you pick on people in high school?

Hey, NHL fans!!! I've got a site for you to check out!!!

Woww--my neighbor is now a Former Republican!!

Who's cuter, JohnKleeb or me? (now in poll form!)

Most Beautiful Breed Of Dog?

What gives you reason to live?

Who Is Next?

Injured GIs talk about Chinook crash in Iraq

Osama University?

This cartoon says it all!

Friedman: Iraqis at the Wheel (Chalabi is AWOL)

Time for Exit Strategy out of Iraq say Pittsburgh Post Gazette editorial

Dr. Dean and the Pickup Truck

From Panama with love - President Chen in Panama

China has a warped view of its security

The Bush administration's broken eggs do not make an omelet

Seattle P-I: It's Showtime for 'The Reagans' as politics take over

Rob Tongren, Consumer Action Hero (First Energy Ohio Ripoff)

Rising poverty eating away at Bush's America

Zell Miller, King of the Sneering Hypocrites

Why Bush LIKES a Bad Economy...Galbraith article link and snips...

Renegade pharma lobbyist on GOP's love for socialized medicine -- abroad!

US Rejected Sadam's Pre-War Overtures

Funny Cartoon from Tom Toles ( re: Reagan Movie )

"Bush's Farcical Press Conference" - OUCH!!

Democrats: Better Politically Correct-ed than Elected.

Why America's plutocrats gobble up $1,500 hot dogs

good political cartoon

Back from Iraq, Rep. Katherine Harris tips the media to the real story

Civil Rigths Advocate: Stand Firm Howard Dean

Chimpy cartoon that says it all. nt

Time: Long Career of Marching with the Cross (General Boykin)

Some things are worse than a Murdoch

SStay the course

USA Today: Voters send warning to both parties' incumbents

Osama University?

Mr Bush, when are you going to begin living up to your own words?

Molly Ivins: 'Imminent' questions

'Small Things Ruin the World' by Lindsey Muth

Religion, Science May Turn a Page Over Textbook in Texas

Boston Globe cartoon on the Dean/flag issue

The New Anti-Semitism

A Wake up call for Veterans and the Military

Dowd: Death Be Not Loud

Looking at Iraq (must, must read)

political cartoon

Connie Rice: Confederate Flag: Stand Firm, Howard Dean

How the Pentagon forgot about running Iraq.

Excessive Behavior - Americans grasping for symbols of superiority

Al Sharpton's Constituency


General Clark is in Atlanta tonight and Friday...

Question about Posters

Boycott: If George Bush is Re-elected . . . .

Ohio DUers: call your state rep, oppose GOP's Lake Erie Shoreline Giveaway

Turn the Screws on CBS

Shrub on CNN making me ill....

Surprising fact about Jerry Falwell...

Hey nostamj... here's another

CARTOONS! The "Paid In Blood" Edition

Bad Astronomy Alert - The Harmonic Concordance of Nov 9 2003

November planetary aspects

Request for writing help for the Iraqi family project

Abused wives suffer in 'the land of smiles'

divorce, custody, child support

Anti-Abortion Boycott of Planned Parenthood Scores Success

Cuts in pilots' wages needed, Mullin says

Novak confirms that Greenspan pushing Bush election w/ steady low interest

Jobless claims "Plunge"

World's Most Alkaline Life Forms Found Near Chicago

Astronomers Find Nearest Galaxy To The Milky Way

Mapping Of Arabidopsis Could Lead To New Generation Of Hybrid Plants

GM Delays First Saturn Hybrid SUV Release Until 2007

Climate Change in the Vineyards: The Taste of Global Warming

Bush changing Regs under Clean Water Act - irreparable harm to wetlands

Nigeria's new finance bill may be a fake

Seven executed in Chad

'Zimbabwe won't happen in SA'

Mozambique struggles to feed Aids orphans

Alaska warmly welcomes Chen - Taiwan Pres.

Chinese dissident warns of `evil' regime's tricks - China

Judge proposes Rabbi Ginsburg retract inciteful statements

Clark announces 4 part plan for Sucessful Exit from Iraq

NYT: Bush Iraq election policy to be downward trend in Force levels

Live from Israel: top secret weapons test

911 Dems wimp out to Fox attack on "treasonous" "get data" procedure

Orissa: A Gujarat In The making

Feds join 'coyote' crackdown

Voices For Gun Control

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 6, 2003

Bush is the most successful president in getting Federal Judges approved.

First use of Patriot act outside of terrorism

Laughter Forces NRA To Yank Blacklist

Some recent gun-related problems

Congress should strengthen, renew assault weapons ban

Something weird about my bookmark list

I'm wondering where this falls into the rules?

By God, this was some funny stuff:

My topic was deleted today...why?

What about a forum for journalistic articles / features.

How long are the south bashing threads going to be allowed?

Why was my response deleted in the topic Illegal Immigration?

No, reply number 6

Can you post it back to me now, on here...

Is it wrong

Question about the new insta-lock policy in AA:

Is there a policy on posting doctored photos?

Why was this thread locked?

Is there a way

question on using right-wing sources

There's a Very Offensive Post on the GD Board.....

"You are unequivocally lying"

Are deleted messages saved?

When we set a "mail date" for the Iraqi family boxes,

Face-to-face with Tulkarm executioners

Families campaign for cabinet approval of prisoner swap

A father's grief

BBC: Arafat--Obstacle or the key to peace?

Captives Behind Sharon's Wall


Face-to-face with Tulkarm executioners

Families of abducted Israelis hold meetings with ministers

Israel broadcasts secret weapons test by mistake

Lies (and the lazy dunces who put them on Page One)

The Great Wall(s) of Israel Update

Hezbollah bombs found on border with Lebanon

"Arafat's wife on a luxury trip"

The New Anti-Semitism: What's New About Anti-Semitism?

Help me COUNTER this "WTC was NOT a controlled demolition" argument

Presumptive Dean Assumes He's Won Nomination Despite Flag Flap

Clark : National Security Speech at 2:00 p.m. ET today and

Polls show Blanco, Jindal are in a tight race

Howard Dean Opens South Carolina Offices

Dean lied on CNN this morning. Said he wanted a discussion about race.

Dean Meetup Was Great Last Night! - I'm So Jazzed!

Dean's getting the SEIU endorsement tommorrow

ABC NOTE: Dean emerging as likely candidate of AFSCME

Bush faces difficulties in PA

Rudy Giuliani helps GOP lose NYS Assembly Race!!!

Dean Supporters, Does This Sound Familiar?

General Wesley Clark chat transcript can be found here

Paul DiGaetano to run for NJ Governor

Zogby: Dean expands national lead; Clark slips

Transcript: Dean answering questions at the Washinton Post

Louisiana Gov runoff -Blanco by one in registered, down 4 in likely

I’m a Dean supporter, but I MIGHT lean toward Clark

Here is my philosphy

Here's a poll we all can rejoice about: Feingold's numbers rise

Kucinich: Top Donors

State Rep. Dan Boren to run for Carson's seat

Dean’s N.H. lead growing, poll finds (14% over Kerry!)

Two Large Unions Set to Push for Dean

Kucinich "Rock the Vote" Video played on NPR

Hatefulness: 1 Civility: 0

John and Theresa Kerry will be in Maine on Saturday

Everyone attend your Kucinich MeetUp tonight!

Democrats Try to Recruit Ben Chandler for House Run

ABCNews: Kerry has switched from attacks on people to only policy attacks

Dean Increases Lead in NH (ARG)

Is Dean getting both the SEIU and the AFSCME ?

Zogby - Dean leads Nationally AND in the South

Is Kerry lying because he is nervous?

Dean: Courting the Confederate Metrosexuals

Al Hunt: Dean exudes inexperience, anger and pessimism

Kucinich Challenges Dean for Breaking His Word on Campaign Financing

Kucinich supporters - Does Dennis have a list of picket lines he joined

Positive alert - Kucinich supporters!

"When people get in my face, I tend to get in theirs"

This is what I'm up against.

No Democrat ever won presidency without winning at least 5 southern states

Another cartoon

Well, The Daily Show is ON tonight...

Dean/Buchanan ticket?

Good Book Defending New Deal?

Great quote on O'Reilly

you'd never see bush do this

You will not believe what I just saw.

"I just had one of my berilliant ideas!"

Democratic Party Visa Platinum cards now available

BBV: .org site going down soon for move

Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland

Why shouldn't the Bill of Rights apply to organizations aside from the gov

Need facts on Ronald Reagan

Why did the house pass affirmative action for neocon academics?

Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall on background of Iraq peace move news.

Kerry's Wife Calls Debates 'Silly' (Wants Smaller Groups)

Anyone know how to find out Shrubs Air Force 1 usage?

Chickenhawks Will, Safire, Barnes turn down trip to "Peaceful" Iraq

AFL-CIO's largest union endorses Dean

Do you like to play twister mind games sometimes?

Geez!! The right is silent now about the Jessica Lynch "fiction" movie.

Estimated population of the South & the U.S. on 11/2/04

Dean will get SEIU endorsement

Counter Reagan Library

Bush signing of anti-Abortion Bill

The Veteran's Vote: Will they vote against their economic self interest?

how many people will visit the Counter Clinton Library?

Thurgood Marshall, Jr. will serve without pay as .....

I was just kind of mad when the Senate voted for the abortion ban

Dean kicking ass on CBS right now

Washington, New York and Los Angeles- "imminent terror attacks"

Orrin Hatch wants more H1-b Visas.

Richard Cohen – Sharpton is to the debates what the clown is to the rodeo

"Sanitised for your protection"

"Reagan mini-series" biased says Moonves

Ideas for Bumperstickers

CSPAN.....has anyone been counting the 'can Dean win?' vote?

Dean mentioned voing machine maker and Bush this AM

the opt in/out vote is underway at Dean For America

Mass production of space access: Made in China?

What do you think of the word "metrosexual"?

This may be heresy, but I like Jim Greenwood..(R-PA)

Internet tax bill: No thanks!

Let's give Gale Norton an Earful this morning on CSpan.

187 stories on the memo; NONE on the Iraq-Perle story

A) Would Bush do it? B) Would it work?

Why aren't American flags all over the country flying at half-mast?

The "Liberal" judge who blocked the abortion law

NJ #1 in Drug Users warehoused!!! We're #1!!!

Diebold as dinner conversation

video of Dean's (entire) speech today

As seen on Atrios - the corrected pic of Chimp

Dean's interview on CNN from this morning is gonna be replayed shortly

If your candidate doesn't win...

Surprising fact about Jerry Falwell...

Clark on CNN This Morning

Atrios has come up with some pretty good political terminology

Franken v. O'Reilly available if you have Comcast Digital...

How Much Worse than 1 or 2 Soldiers a Day Killed?!?

Clark Really DOES Like Outkast!

Somebody besides DUers noticed the "ignore" on Perle/contact story!!!

Wesley Clark's Statement on Rock the Vote Debate Fiasco

What have I got to do to get through to CSpan?

Crisis Papers had a birthday!

Check out this new environmental movie

Dean webchat @ Wash Post about to start

The warehousing of the wounded was only of NG & Reserve people?

Are you worried the economy will improve?

Could someone explain the mutual fund problem for me?

Is the noose tightning around McAuliffe?

This is the Bush Economy

dupe-mods please lock

How to steal the "Prescription Drug" issue from GOP hypocrites!

Kerry's getting photoshopped @

Edwards in glass house over debate remarks

Did anybody read "Bush At War"? I was wondering ......

Has Everyone Seen This?!? Last Minute Deal for Iraq?

Clark or Kerry (that's what I have come down to)....

1015 AM - Howard Dean in Live chat


Republican Civil War? McCain scathes the Bush administration

New poll indicates Dean support more solid in NH (new ARG Poll)

stupind wingnut email and my response

Dean on Diebold: "We will do more work on the voting machine issue."

Will rival campaigns run flag commercials?

Debates from Tuesday...Online Somewhere?

Bush is not yellow-bellied and not a womanizer.

DU this poll about gay and lesbian marriage!

Greenspan gives jobs greenlight, but watch that deficit!

WA Voters: Why did the anti-ergonomics rule pass?

I have a secret for everyone. (Well, not for everyone)

Bush pushing his fascist policies on CNN now

100,000 Replacement Troops to be sent to Iraq

Franken on Radio Nation, now

Did CBS lie when they said they were not intimidated by opposition...

Has Dean ever made a mistake in the campaign?

Fox News on Eagle Colorado Sheriff's Dept

Can Dean "win" a debate against Bush?

Colin messes with central america

-ADDISON MILES- Random Thoughts On Presidential Frontrunners

Why Does the Gallup Poll Keep Stalking Me???

Vote early, and often, but save a copy

"There is no way 'Clark' can lose"

Vice-president hunting for pheasants -- again

Who would be your choice to run the DNC

The Great Wall(s) of Israel Update

Dirty Republican Secrets

What if terrorists REALLY hurt us.

Special K

Hartmann's off today

people on the street, even republicans, approach me to talk....

Gary Hart suggests Dean peaked too soon while campaigning for Kerry in NH

Clark and Dean: proactive, fearless, and what Dems need....

He's in the Army now?


Is it time for other campaigns to lay off Dean?

USA Today: FTC Will tackle pop-up windows

Deja vu: Poppy also thwarted a last-minute plan to avoid war

Can a non-politician beat Bush/Rove?

Wes Clark Op-Ed in Boston Globe today on Plan for War

Pondering Jeb and Terri Schiavo

Please lavish attention on my thread (it is anti Rudy!)

Speaking Of The "Notification Process"

My Rush Limbaugh Compulsion

What happened to the Orange Alerts?

YOU GO GIRL: THIS DIANA DeGette is the best (D) Colorado

Edwards on Hardball tonight

Preference parity; Dems lose - Reps gain; Let's Reverse it!!!

New Zogby Poll: Bush at 48%

So...all you DU-er's who really hate John Kerry...

Help me with these questions...How is SAIC connected to Diebold?

The Enemies of Peace ?

dirty voting machines worked well for Ky. and Miss.

Tarnation! "F.U." Toby Keith shut out at CMA Awards

Touch screen voting v. your bank's ATM

Salt Lake Tribune on "the Reagans"

Drudge: 2004 POTUS Debates Announced

Yeehaw. We made the Limbaugh show again.

Cast your vote: Four more years for Bush?

...some people worship Santa, therefore he is a religious symbol ...

7 Men Smile & Laugh As They Take Control Of Your Uterus

The Environment in 2004

Check this poll.

Regarding John Galt.

Why in the world doesn't some Republican

Hanutty guilty of federal crime?

Kucinich is to be on NPR "Talk of the Nation" (2PM here)

Interesting New Republic Article: Rich in Embarrassments

Howard Dean and finances

I think a Dean/Kucinich ticket would be appealing

Democratic candidates better start talking about the draft!

Zogby Poll: Shapton and Dean statistically tied with African-Americans

Dems need to focus more on things like arsenic on playgrounds

Why hasn't Terrorism been defined by the US?

Anyone transcribe, keep track of second-string radio talking heads?

Does anyone have a link to

Picture of Howard Dean

heard Hannity yesterday foaming at the mouth about SIC memo...

Anyone have links to Molly Ivins transcripts?

Dick Cheney predicted Iraqi 'Quagmire", circa 1991

A Subdued And Reflective Dean Ponders Comments

Howard Dean reminds me of the "Road Runner" in the Warner Bros. cartoons

My Newest Nemesis.

Dean = 'Park Avenue Liberal'?

Why I hope Hannity and the Repukes keep making a stink about "The Memo"

Confederate Flag Brouhaha- It's Time To Move On....

Pelosi's Press Conference

Clark - "I never gave a penny to the Republican party"

Possibility of a Double Knockout by both the SEIU and AFSCME

African Americans for Dean

What is going to happen when the consumer can't spend anymore?

PA Rep. Shuster (R) caught spying on another repub.

Better Politically Correct-ed than Elected?

That Dean Photo in the locked thread

MSNBC to carry SEIU endorsement live

bush* says we will be down to 100k by may in Iraq

I just said "no" to a job that paid $105k. Am I nuts?

Zogby: Dean expands national lead; Clark slips

Lets talk about Sharpton...

Martha Stewart/Resented by Corporate Moguls because she Did it on her Own!

Howard Dean called into a local talk radio station this morning...

Army denies Private Lynch shooting (re-release ITV link)

Fall-out from comprehensive smoking bans

Is Randi Rhodes ripping on this Ed Schultz?

End the American monopoly.....Clark says in his Iraq Plan....

Bush's Biggest Lie

How many soldiers have died in Iraq Freedom so far?

Can Philadelphia recall its mayors?

How would you argue with this conservative?

Death Be Not Loud

Crossfire to talk about WMD Intell

Disabling Electronic Voting Machines?

So, the guy in the pickup with the confederate flag says to the reporter..

$200M Bequest to NPR by Mrs KROC (Widow of McDonald's Founder)

BBV: Oakland Tribune: E-voting runs into bumps

An ultimatum and a challenge to CBS and the national media...

The Job Data

FOX 'News' LIE-lert: Saddam offer before war desperation gasp

What OS / Web server do the candidates use? Find inside.

An interesting poll on religious freedom

Sharpton is PERFECT!!

Now I know why Democrats lose and lose and lose.....

What is a good source for information about the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident?

Crossfire 11/6

What do you most want from the next president?

Kuchinich on NPR - response to caller linking 9/11 to Iraq

Planned Parenthood facility targeted, boycotted

The Trouble With Kerry's Campaign and the Potential Pitfall for Dean

Robbedvoter's impression of Dean handling ME talks

Wealthy ("super-rich") losing faith in Wall Street- 79% - MSNBC

Zell Miller Explains Why He's a Democrat

Any tips for my web site?


Stern Statement on SEIU/Dean Endorsement

Greetings from Baghdad--Lawrence Korb (CAP) look who didn't go...

GOP changes its logo

Bush's Weapon Against Dean ...why is Dick Morris pushing Dean?

Can someone help me find a link to the Senate's $87b vote?

Voice vote on Iraq expenditure: A bipartisan disgrace

By cancelling the miniseries about Ronald Reagan, CBS

Could You Ever Vote For A Democrat Who's Never Smoked Pot?

Dean Blasts White House for Putting Industry Contributors Before Clean Air

The troop rotation scam and troop levels in Iraq

Anti-Abortion Movement Mask Slips Further—Pay Attention

Textbook approvals hi-jacked by conservative board members

The 'Iraq tried to negotiate to avoid war' story is bad news for Dean

Gillespie on CNN

Korb: Foreign troops getting vests before US troops in Iraq

My Military History term paper

A Sad State of Affairs - This is what we are up against

disgusting media bias by time magazine

Kudos to Dean on his Union endorsements....

Pledge of Allegiance for Toddlers?

How Reagan-Bush used Moonies & religious right for disinformation campaign

205 House members demand FCC media dereg vote

The Thin Blue Line Documentary, anyone see?

Has Lynch ever met her rescuer yet?

West Wing Gaffe

Military Draft ?

Drudge: Marines to storm panhandle beaches in December.

G.W. Bush on democracy

DUers running for office, post here please

REMINDER: Edwards gets his shot against Tweety tonight

CBS News Looks Promising

Kerry Hits Ban on Abortion Procedure

Bill Schneider talking about the south

How do you think the Repug's will spin the candidates skeletons?

Screwing of our citizen soliders?

BBV: HR2239 gains 4 more co-sponsors

Bad news for His Royal Flatulence in Kansas City...

History question:

"Not a bear-market rally but the greatest sucker rally in history"-Barrons

Who are the top five most important people in Amer. Political history?

Clark talks about the SEIU endorsement and being set up....

Democracy Now: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Lets Find Kucinich a Wife

The DLC on Dean and their southern "strategy"

I'm against abortion,but I am for choice.

Who poses the greatest threat? BFEE/PNAC Mob, Media, Joe and Jane 6 Pack?

Live on MSNBC Clark 4 point plan to get out of Iraq

DU mentioned on reich-wing radio

Dean apologizes. Bush never apologizes.

Towards a two tiered society - A Minnesota Warning

Okay, Howard Kurtz (Wash.Post) bashes Bush-Nazi story and LIES.

Bush Said A Constitutional Monarchy Can Be A Democracy.....

Why not take advantage of the conroversy started by Dean?

What is your favorite online news site?

Mr Bush, when are you going to begin living up to your own words?

Norman Mailer on The Charlie Rose Show tonight -- Thursday

Bush at 48 percent approval, 52 disapproval in Zogby poll

If you were drafted, how would you respond?

Kucinich Hopes to Get Ex-Dean Supporters

Is Jesse Helms a Stalinist?

Josh Marshall's response to "Bush never called Iraq an imminent threat"

5 questions about that national dialogue about race.

What's up with Dean?

Thursday is TOONSday (this week anyway)

FWIW: View from across the pond: Clark's the man.

Candidate best positioned to expose Bush is Kerry...

Share your thoughts on Bush's speech on my web cast

Clark Attacks the Military-Industrial Complex (NPR TRANSCRIPT)

We should no longer attempt rational debate, it’s a loser.

Hannity Sounds Like He's Trying to Blackmail Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Johnny Cash - One of us?

Photos of Bush signing anti-abortion bill... with all white males!

CSPAN, Southern Callers and Liberals

I am appalled. I am speechless. Our new Governor has gone too far.

Dean's apology was a mistake


Question for DUers of color...

Why is elitism bad?

Over 300 Congressional Research Service Reports Pulled...

Have any DU Dean supporters voted yet in Dean's poll?

Last 3 Pres elections: Dem 138.77 mm (52.61%) , Rep 125.03mm

Auntie Pinko off the mark

The convention, why Boston?

Why didn't Kucinich catch fire as the anti-war candidate?

Why the 'Iraq tried to negotiate to avoid war' story SHOULD be pushed

Dr. Dean, you are not the man to have this discussion

Great guest for Saturday's "Guy James Show": David Corn!!

A freeper controversy waiting to happen: Enola Gay and the Death Toll

Iraqis anally raped Lynch during her captivity, book reveals

Saddam's old soldiers find life hard under American paymasters

Bush Administration Yanks Missouri River Scientists off Project

Blair's man in Baghdad sees bloody winter

Bush signs ban on late-term abortion

Siding with Americans risky for Iraqis

Local entrepreneur heads back to Iraq

Opec urged to cut production

Army report: Sedative found in blood of pilot in Philippines copter crash

U.S. Officials: Iraq's Prewar Offers Not Legitimate (From Faux, of Course

More attacks on US forces in Iraq (New-Thursday Morning Attacks)

Historians: modern Iraq is no postwar Germany

Two US soildiers killed in separate Iraq attacks

UN peacekeepers attacked - Congo

Uganda wants trade, not aid

Some U-S Troops May Have To Pay In Order To Come Home From Iraq

Another dupe

Dupe - sorry

First Polish soldier killed in Iraq: official

Germany considers allowing kids to vote

UN officials put on leave after criticizing Iraq security

Agreement Reached on Ethanol Taxes

SEC files charges against Prudential stock brokers

BBC (Thursday): Howard crowned Tory leader

In Japan, opposition party hopes to forge two-party system(Nix on Troops)

Bush swallows Yellowcake - How the CIA men got their revenge

Major service union to endorse Dean

UN inspectors must return to Iraq: Russia

Parisian store hopes striptease plan will take off

2 U.S. Soldiers, Polish Officer Killed In Iraq

A new course needed in Iraq by Wesley Clark

British soldier dies in crash

Saddam village becomes open detention centre

Former President Salinas Warns of Drift from U.S.-Mexico NAFTA Gains

Present-day Iraq is no postwar Germany, historians say

Pentagon ordering 100,000 replacement troops to Iraq

Hatfield of Righteous Brothers Dies at 63

Chinook attack suspects nabbed

Righteous Brothers Star Found Dead

Bank of England Hikes Base Interest Rate

Soldier's last words: 'I'm coming home'

Iraqis pledge safety in '04

Bush on CNN Now; "Agenda: Democracy"

Peltier loses appeal

Israeli secret footage blunder

Straw issues Bush weather forecast

Coaches Deal Taints Record for Quarterback

Too Many Kids Left Behind

Two Blasts Targeting U.S. HQs Rock Baghdad (Claims Saddam Executes Judge)

BBC (Thursday): Key Rwandan genocide trial begins

NYT: Iraq Said to Have Tried to Reach Last-Minute Deal to Avert War

Idaho Democrats see brighter future with win in Boise

Dean: "Manned Flights to Mars"

AWOL getting ready to sign $87 Billiion dollar Iraq Bill now on CNN

Graham on 'short list' for VP spot

Saudi Arabia's nuclear gambit

Iraqi Ancient Treasures Found in Baghdad Cesspool - Yahoo

Dean: 'I apologize' for flag remark

Cincinnati Reds' Stenson shot, dragged to death in Arizona

All UN staff out of Baghdad

Presidential Debate Schedule Set for 2004

In a 'Jam,' Dean Apologizes for Remarks on Rebel Flag

Falluja Revenge Feuled by Civillian Deaths

L.A. Times Bans 'Resistance Fighters' in Iraq News

Brown goes public on NEC snub - Guardian - Very important

Deputy Secretary of State to Visit Iraq

Transcript of Bush Remarks at Signing of HR 3289

Vouchers Reduce Teens' Access to Contraception

White House: US "Exhausted' Iraq War Alternatives

Conservatives Celebrate Winning One for the Gipper

U.S. Takes Responsibility for Woes of Middle East

Transcript of Remarks by the President at the 20th Anniversary of the

Ridgway pleads guilty to 48 Green River killings | Seattle P-I

Castro Attends Peace Concert in Cuba's Lennon Park

The Wounded Come Home (Time Article)

Deaths in Iraq today

(Dutch) Court: 'Grotter' Story Copies 'Potter' | Chicago Tribune

Leaked memo sparks rancor in Senate

U.S. Crackdown on Cuba Travel Leaves Some Cold

Old Report. Pls delete.

A new underground railroad

Clark Outlines Four-Pronged Strategy for Winning the War and Exiting Iraq

Bush again links the Sept 11th attacks to the war in iraq

Serving in Iraq Prevents Sailors from Donating Blood for One Year

Schwarzenegger Was Advised to Allow Probe

UN derails ban on human cloning | BBC

PM (Chrétien) introduces bill to allow cheaper drugs for poor nations

House Panel Grills HealthSouth Panel

Penn State and Napster Team up to Make Legal Tunes Available to Students

National Public Radio Receives $200 Million Donation

STOCK WATCH THREAD, Thursday, November 6, 2003

Major Service Union to Endorse Dean but Holds off Announcement

Federal judge blocks abortion ban

Iran 'Up to Eyeballs' in Terror - Pentagon Adviser

Greenspan: Economy Set to Create Jobs

Federal Judge in N.Y. Is Second to Block New Abortion Law | NY Times

Arabs recognize Bush's pro-democracy message, but doubt his intentions

Soldier Accused as Coward Says He Is Guilty Only of Panic Attack

Rogue agent in Creutzfeldt-Jakob brain disease now found in muscle tissue

As Demand Grows, Homeless Shelters Struggle

NPR given record donation ($200 million)

Blair could face international court over war conduct

N. Korea to Seize Equipment From Reactors

Indonesian minister attaches terror tag to illegal loggers

Army exceeds retention goals

Democrats Want Probe on Bush Admin Clean Air Policy

Halliburton Contract Extension Cancelled Amid Allegations of Overcharging

AG seeks Schwarzenegger's aid on review of groping allegations

Voyager 1 Reaches a Point of Contention (Edge of Solar System?)

US and Allies won't build North Korean reactors

Liberal group will not back Lieberman

Canadian man charged with (Nigerian) e-mail hoax | Globe and Mail

L.A. Times Bans 'Resistance Fighters' in Iraq News

Dems Block GOP Nominee From Appeals Court

Breaking MSNBC- Dean gets SEIU endorsement

With endorsement of union, Dean moves to mainstream

Free Breakfasts Pass Most Eligible Kids

Poll: More Skeptical of Bush Iraq Policy (Gallup)

General Wesley Clark Outlines Success Strategy in Iraq - speech

Probe continues into missing crew

Venezuela Invites US Officials to see Results of Investigations

Ottawa proposes law to get cheap drugs into hands of world's poorest peopl

Bush targets foes in Mideast democracy speech

Local Soldier Killed In Iraq Will Be Buried With Mother

The Hill: Election result leaves McAuliffe in limbo

Ted Nugent for Michigan Governor?

Iraqis Raped Lynch During Her Captivity, Book Reveals

Democrats Threaten to Filibuster Energy Bill

House Votes on Prison Workers Bill

A Reservist's Reward -- Bankruptcy

Bishops criticize Anglican focus on sex as 'obsession'

CNN - US To Send 128,000 Replacement Troops To Iraq.

85,000 GIs Told They're Heading to Iraq

Bush Challenges Iran, Syria, Egypt on Democracy

On MSNBC right now...Simone Holcomb accused of being AWOL

Jobless Claims Plunge to Jan. 2001 Low

Bush Vows To Democratize Mideast Countries (A ME reaction to Speech)

Senate committee gives its blessing to lifting Cuba travel ban

Prince Charles denies allegations

Texas approves pro-science textbooks for public schools

War turns more deadly for weekend warriors since May 1

Protester subpoenas top Bush officials for upcoming trial

Dean blasts governor over Schiavo case

Venezuelan says U.S. makes up "stories" about Chavez government

France plans extra work day a year to help elderly

U.S. to get two new nickels | CNN

Clark: Iraq war used to settle score

Sharpton breaks ranks on Brown

Sharpton backs Senate vote for Janice Rogers Brown

Illegally in the U.S., and Never a Day Off at Wal-Mart (new facts revealed

Takes Bait! Who's cuter

Where's my husband at?

Last thread for 1 1/2 weeks: I'm going to Disneyworld. Yah? Ask me any..

Better recent cultural icon trilogy: Matrix or LotR?

Click here, I'm naked

help: identity and email

Why can't I use smileys from smiley specialty places on DU?

In the Cut

Would someone critique my blog?

The religious car to bed have a big day tomorrow

Bizarre day of finding myself in the face of the empire

Dean EATS kitten fetuses!

new Savage Weiner advertisers 11/5

new OxyRush advertisers 11/5

I find myself now in career/job #567 ask me anything...

Ok I finished my study

Hey, William Pitt? Want to pick a fight?

James Baker Is More Detestable than Dick Cheney

CAPTION this photo of DEAN, EDWARDS, and CLARK!!!

new Hannity and Oxyrush advertiser Haggar

Joke going around among my redneck relatives. Go to paragr #3.

Senior Moment: I Can't Remember A Name... Can You Help?

I'm makin a road trip cd for tomorrow - any suggestions?

ok, some tech help please...

Comedy TV show recommendations:

Help! I think my computer has a virus!

Dean and Clark will be on CNN this morning- 7 AM EST

Hunter Shot By His Dog

Wow...Some of these slurs are pretty bizarre...

Miss "Digital World" Beauty Pagent Coming To Italy

Hu's on first?

Is sex and love the same thing?

Check out DailyKos's baby

Wingnut Debate Dictionary

debate between Bush and Dean (or how to win the sheeple over

Who's cuter, Finnfan or George W. Bush?

How many times have you come across "Tremors" playing on cable?

Isn't there some sort of lib/dem personals site somewhere?

I fell off a chair at work yesterday, tearing my meniscus. Ask me anything

What makes spitting so uniquely offensive?

Sean Connery must be a DUer!

"lying gives you cancer"

Dumb political celebrity moments #1.

Stupid question...what is 'eom' and 'n/t' that I often see in posts??

Anybody here ever had a pelvic fracture?

A Bedtime Story

Anyone heard from AWD re: Mrs AWD's surgery??

"this is your world on Bush"

Which Sex Is Really Nastier, Men or Women?

PA lawyers?

Another classic from the Righteous Brothers

Complaint about new "Angel" opening credits

Shitty Coffee

Please pray for me

Who remembers "Yellowcake"?

Record Economic Growth? Huh?

My Top 5 lines for hitting on the girl in my Arab-Israeli Conflict......

My brother's best friend is being sent to Iraq. I'm pissed off!!!!!!

DU this poll about lesbian and gay marriage!

I used to be DrGonzoLives - please update ignore lists accordingly

Nitpick about "Enterprise" last night

WWHHAAAA. My beautiful coworker

I'm French Canadian, but Cajun names sound so foreign to me...

I'm in the club and/or Natalie Maines is NOT fat

I Just Sucked Donkey Balls and Saw The Matrix, Ask Me Anything

Reds Outfielder Found Dead After Shooting

Concerts: Indoors Or Outdoors?

How many potato chips in a 1" stack?


Lawyers? I was photo'd by "the man" goin thru a red light in a pal's car.

Letterman's Top 10: Why "The Reagans" was yanked....LOL #4!


Voyages of the Vicky Mary.

MY 500th Post-A Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Character in the movie Clue?

Question about DWI in Texas...court proceedings...

Tarnation! "F.U." Toby Keith shut out at CMA Awards

I'm never paying for software again...

Can I get in trouble for this?

Holy crap! I agree with some Freepers! (Or, they agree with me!)

These are the pricks who brought you the Abortion Rollback

Got this joke via email, had to pass it on.. "Up in Flames"

"I swear I didn't know it was illegal."

new OxyRush advertisers 11/6

What did Jimmy Buffett sing on CMA show tonight ??

I always wait too long before putting morons on ignore.

Will Rush Porkbaugh use the Coutney Love defense with his drug habit

Don't Listen To The Cynics, Matrix Revolutions Was GOOD

DC or S. Florida DUers--I need help

Which is cuter, my Plaid Adder or the DU's Plaid Adder?


Breaking News - Get a whiff of this

Here's a picture that should be on

Bobby Hatfield, half of Righteous Brothers duo, dies at 63

My Rush Limbaugh Compulsion

Do you tell people about DU?

As a pro-choice, white, liberal woman

Touching Dr Phil on right now

I'm knitting myself a Christmas stocking and

The Washington Monument is the Prick of the World (silly noisy song)

I will never comment about Cuba again.

Vas wrong vis Pahk Avenue, dahlink?

Question Regarding The Matrix????

That certain thread has 1000+ posts!

Most effective means of self defense without a gun

To pray for someone's death

I am not being codependent- But I need some hugs

How much money is it gonna cost to make new nickels? (rant alert)

Hannitized 7x more likely to believe we're visited by space aliens

For the Speeders out there.

Sprint Is Running A Rebate Fraud IMHO

Who is/are the "chattering class/es"? May I be an honorary member?

Clark supporters: win a car!

DU Decides: Did Matrix Revolution Suck or Not Suck

My cat's war on literacy

What do you think of the word "metrosexual"?

Has anyone else noticed how much Wes Clark looks like Peter Cook?

What's your Secret Spending Vice?????

Did anyone see Rumsfeld wet his pants

I just saw the last half of Bowling for Columbine for the first time...

Why is the home page not running the news messages????

What do you think of

Will someone please stop David Blaine.

Any lawyers on this board?

This girl next to me in lab is writing about Iraq

matrix Reolutions did NOT suck!

Great LBJ phone coversation.... graphic!

What do you think of the word "femtosexual"?

What does 10^21 picolos make?

Does anyone have that cartoon that Jen6 made

Did you ever refuse or quit a job out of moral/ethical concerns?

Sixth Grade History

How do I get rid of

Any tips for my web site?

Anyone remember the name of this game?

A link to my latest for the lounge lizards:

Could You Ever Vote For A Democrat Who's Never Smoked Pot?

Don't get mad - Get even!


Excellent site for post-modern lectures

Proud owner of the new Triumph TICD & Tenacious D CD/DVDs

The Bluez Brother of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

Dem candidate with the creepiest smile?

Did a freeper just get tombstoned?

DU Professionals:

Need computer help

Generational Matrix Poll

Domestic partner registry - victory or government keeping tabs on us?

Somebody ask me a non-Speilberg question, I'm trying to leave the thread.


OK, Ann Coulter's "physique" is now fair game - her latest

Does anyone know what Ann Coulter's name was...

If you're convinced that there is/isn't a supreme being, explain why...

Some mighty fine shitkickers...

Speeders - please post known speedtraps here

What's your favorite RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS record?

My first ever caption this post. !

What is it with trilogies anyway?


This is how some people park.

new Hannity advertiser Sears Home Services

What the hell happened to Rolling Stone?!!

I just said "no" to a job that paid $105k. Am I nuts?

What The HELL Is Up With Dental Hygenists Talking To You During Torture?

College Republican Debate

It's never going to end.

Frank Zappa recommendations? My movie boyfriend likes him...

GOP changes its logo

Dandy Warhols Rule OK


Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K) of all CAPTIONS

Look dammit -- I haven't seen Matrix Revolutions yet

It's great to eat in a restaraunt without gagging from second-hand smoke

Serial Killers and the Pacific Northwest

I just saw "Matrix Revolutions." It sucked donkey-balls. Ask me anything

today is National "Men Make Dinner Day" . . .

Fall-out from comprehensive smoking bans

My best local male friend just told me he was dying from AIDS

Film admirers: Just admit that Steven Spielberg's the best, OK?

I've been up over 24 hours...trying to write an essay......fading fast...

The Delivery Boy

Here is my fluffer pup, Jessie, who is driving me nuts today.

I just saw Matrix 3, and if you didn't like it u suck donkey-balls

How the Hell, do ya have Phone Sex?

Are you a DU newbie?