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Archives: November 1, 2004

Stephen Hawking to Lead Anti-War Protest on Election Day

The last of Pandora's spirits: pure hope

WSJ: Big Fees Take Toll On 401(k) Plans Of Small Employers

strib: By the numbers

Chris Floyd: The Betrayers

The real problem with Sinclair

Tom Shales: Whoever Succeeds, A Winning Way on TV Didn't Get Him There

Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times:Helen Thomas

All-in-one "Activists Info - for the election" page here

West Coast trick or treat suppliers...check out this idea

All-in-one Eminem Mosh Video page

26 progressive documentaries available FREE online - Including F 9/11

If you have the History Channel

Like Mike Malloy says......

"Chris Matthews Show" is on CNBC right now, until 8:00 ET

Thank God only about Five People watch Hardball

Who's coverage will you be watching on Tuesday night?

FOX News poll has * and Kerry tied at 46% ?

Anyone know where to find the video of this Coulter interview?

Arnold--60 minutes

Queen Elizabeth Presses US For Climate Action

US Park Service Suppresses Report Critical Of Biodiversity Policy - NYT

Congo Awaits The Return Of Clearcutting Delayed By War - Reuters

Philippines - Over 50% Of Towns In Cebu Have No Potable Water

Vegan CEO Offers Meat-Free Cafeteria

what will people let them do for the "sake of national security?"

Another Iraqi arms facility being Looted

NRA's Wayne LaPeire called today and said Kerry is going to

Clean up on aisle 9

about election rules when voting...

I'm thinking of not voting

report on west suburban peace march

San Jose hospital to limit Medi-Cal services

Does anybody else think that Gluba may just pull off a HUGE upset?

Iowa - Message from Sen. Kerry

Will we keep Kerry's seat in Democratic Hands after he wins?

Anyone read Nick Coleman's column today in the Strib

Stevie Wonder's coming for Kerry at Hart Plaza!

Any Pittsburghers attending Election Protection training tomorrow night?

How did the GOP get my name? My Hometown, Battleground (piece on Scranton)

Election Day list of DUer's by County

Webb Co. Activity for the day

Early Voting in Tarrant County Texas

Stenholm Supporter/'Pug Co. Chair Scuffle @ Hockey Game in Lubbock?

Two volunteers ready to serve

9/11/01 Didn't Change Everything, 11/2/04 Will.

The war-mongers were right about one thing

Eyes still wet from the tears of watching "Going Upriver" as I write this.

this is a get our the vote email i sent to everyone i know..

Being that today is Sunday...

Saturday TV Funhouse

What meaningless sacrifices will you make when Kerry becomes President?

Getting excited! Happy hopeful thoughts:Last night I had a dream

Heads-Up...60 Minutes on NOW

is the curse over?

I wrote a letter to Ralph Neas


NEED Web links for sign-stealing/Pub violence (kicking, etc)

I predict a Kerry win

Osama Confesses

Fort Bend County GOP Precinct Chair Endorses [Delay's Opponent] Morrison!

Apparently Hummers are only good for a trip to the Mall not War!!

Them Republicans sure is mature people.

Nagourney is at it again.... quotes unnamed source about Dean comment.

Lorne Michaels may be a registered independent, but...

Well, I taught the neighborhood kids to say "Bush or Kerry!"

If you live on the WEst coast and are getting ready for trick or treaters.

Knife Party: What Barry Says....

Great anti PNAC spot

Rush Limbaugh on Saddam Hussein

Momentum Strong For Kerry - Fox News

Well have any of the pundits been talking about the Redskins losing?

Group of Trick or Treaters rallied round my Kerry/Edwards Sign

After Kerry wins and the economy turns around will republicans

A touch of political humor...

The Recount! The Recount???

Does anyone think that Kerry will offer a spot to McCain?

Why are our "States Forums" not being visited by DU'ers? Why are we not

Just for fun.

Help! It should be easy but I don't frequent Drudge

In your opinion, what % of the Iraqi National Guard are infiltrators


Lyle Lovett is one of them?

"Hell to Pay. Whoever wins, the road ahead in Iraq is rough."

A Trick or Treat Observation

which mask sold more in 1996?

The GOP- A Tell All Video

Good story,Saudi-born woman eyes US election first

Nero the chimperior grims while Brokaw

Free Rapture email alerts

Where did that 200 Billion go? CBS: GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets

Just got off the phone with my mother in Ohio

Yoo Hoo, Floridians...Who are you gonna run for Jebthro's seat??

please KILL ME - I'm listening to Drudge

If we seize all of Bushco's assets,Kerry could pay for everything he wants

By when is Bush required to get a physical?

I just got this in an email

The key to the Democrats winning the popular vote is..

Super Patriot Charlie Daniels...This Is Hilarious.

PHOTOS of Rally in New Jersey

Pissed off at *? So sue him.

A Halloween Haunting For Rush Limbaugh...

Bigotry in Oklahoma

Stunning video

You know the Swifties are completely over when this happens.

Trotting Osama Out?

Heard of the antiglobalist film "The Take"?

Check out how wrong the polls were in 2000

Saw a preacher on TV today yell that CRITICIZING THE GOVERNMENT

Any chance of DU Originals getting together on Election Night? If this

I’m Dick Cheney yes I’m the real Cheney - slim shady parody

60 Minutes: Soldiers buying own communications. Bullets in short supply.

Rove and Hughes. Pure desperation in Ohio.

How come noone is talking about the IRS/NAACP thing?

Michael Moore on C-Span2 NOW (10 pm est)

Women Hate SWEATERS --->

What is the craziest thing you have seen a CON say?

"Imminent terrorist attacks" in Scandinavia, Baltic Republics


My son just pulled THIS out of his bag of Halloween candy bag!

Political Incorrectness....

Margaret Cho Live State of Emergency

Did anyone hear Joe Trippi on Moyers? Did you listen to what he said?

"That's no jack-o-lantern!"

George, George, George Of The Bunghole

The Paradigm Shifts--The Youth Vote and the Coming Culture War.

Vote in the World Poll ...

Vote in the World Poll ...

Defense Teams Challenge Guantanamo Trials

Defense Lawyers Challenge Gitmo Trials

U.S. Short at Least 500,000 Poll Workers (AP)

Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes: Kerry's idea of middle class

Chechen Warlord Issues Warning to Russia

Errors in Iraq Abuse Case Raise Concerns

U.S. Agent Sparks Afghan False Alarm

Pumped-up oil prices will hurt us all

Nigeria Unions Target Oil Exports (Strike !!!) - CBS News

Kerry Makes Pitch to Undecided, Black Voters

Republican Dirty Tricks Continue in West Virginia

Deputy chief of Russia's strategic air force killed: report

Chinese Town Faces Martial Law After Riots

NBC/WSJ poll: Bush and Kerry, in a Dead Heat, Fight for an Edge

Labor slams PM (Howard) over Bush support

Man charged with threatening Cheney makes initial court appearance

Rendell: Osama bin Laden wants Bush re-elected

Cheney accuses Kerry of polling before response to bin Laden tape

CNN/USA TODAY GALLUP Poll: Bush, Kerry split six key states

U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System

Britons cold shoulder Bush

NYT: On the Ground, a Slight Swing Toward Kerry (IOWA)

Breaking New Gallup Poll: Dead even LV K 49 B 49 - RV K 48 B 46

China Shuts Down 1600 Internet Cafes

Bin Laden Tape Made No Specific Threat

WP: In a Changed Florida, The Acrimony Remains

Fresh American Troops Arrive in Iraq

States Are Battling Against Wal-Mart Over Health Care -NYT

Nordic, Baltic states warning

NYT: Koreans Quietly Introducing Jesus to Muslims in Mideast

NewsMax, DISH Network Air ‘Stolen Honor’

Lawyer to Post List of Accused Priests

Kerry keeps Fla. lead (52% are ready for a change)

CBS: GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets

Reuters: China Lays Into 'Bush Doctrine' Ahead of U.S. Poll

It's a bad night for tricking!

Haha! An 8 year old boy just shook my hand after I gave him the candy

Dress up * for Halloween

Worst ad campaign in history

I bought a boat load of candy

who else is moshing the vote on tuesday?


New England Patriots just finished a 21 Game Streak of Domination!

Some interesting facts about our party:

if i see that u2 ipod commercial just one more time, so help me god..

Did anyone hear Ira Glass's "This American Life" on NPR today?

Does anyone know how the #$%#^ to remove desktop icons from my computer?

Report from today's Kerry Rally in NH

I feel like I am turning into a scrooge about the holidays.

How come they don't say "trick or treat" anymore?

I am going to be on South African TV!

I just shaved my head skin-bald. Ask me anything.

I just saw the scariest monster on this Halloween night!!!

From our allies (not) in India:

Pope says: Get it on

I Could not get DU to come up on my computer!!!

What is going to be your Victory meal on Tues?

So, after Kerry wins the election, what will liberal writers write about?

oh boy, I just entered the 700 club with a post about


Im considering suing ann coulter...........

A Tale of Halloween in a Repug Area

They are playing the same interview with * on NBC twice in an hour

Whew! I just gave away 20 lbs. of candy

Okay - GB/Washington (whoops incumbent), Stillers/Patriots

No political content at all. Opening night at Carnegie Hall on PBS.

The non-Amish behave strangely, flame away.

Is SNL truly still funny?

DU is suddenly bolded. Should I worry?

Just Back from NH Rally. Have pictures. Still can't figure out...

The Single-most expensive smoke I have ever ridden through.


Anyone else get hardly any trick or treaters

Official Bears vs. 49ers SNF Thread

Did Morpheus just crap out on me???

How pathetic is this!

Steelers end Patriots' 21 game winning streak!

If you are in a line for hours at a time to vote...

Tuesday night PREDICTION re: DU

OK Kids - No Costume / No Candy

OMFG! My best friend of 30 years is a fucking freeper now!

The Slashdot nerds have taken a stand

what the Bin Laden tape shows(cartoon)

Much Better Than the Goose Hunt

I'm sending this to Freeperland

if you still have time...check this idea out for halloween candy

GWB game.

This Lions fan has changed to a Packers avatar

Suggestions for pissing off Freepers while waiting in line to vote?

Help needed in getting a MP3 version of a song


Brits act funny, flame away

Happy Halloween from The McLargehuge's (big photos)

Click here to see me naked!

Do you groom your own dog or pay someone to do it?

A TRULY scary Halloween decoration

Was SNL ever truly funny?

Candy Corn Sucks. Ask me nothing.

"If God no longer loves our country, then John Kerry will win."

Just got finished wrapping my last Popcorn Ball - Bring'em ON!!

"This lady's nice! We have to come back here tomorrow!"

Anybody have any good ghost pictures, not the fake stuff

everything is right in my world again!!!

CLICK HERE to see a naked, wet, Endangered Specie...

Canadians smell funny. Flame away.

My fingers tingle when I type at the keyboard. Ask me anything!!

Does anyone have that link to that thing where you get the person to say

Whatever became of Scooter Herring?

Did you change your intoxicated religion?

My Election Day Prediction. (Thanking your GOTV efforts in advance)

So I gave my buddy shit for not doing the halloween thing

Worst Kevin Kostner movie?

Freepers beg Jesus for a Bush win

My Contingency for IF Shrub USURPS Again

I'm back from Texas!!!

My head feels all weird and oogy.

Windows XP question

Question - I don't have cable - can they hook it up when I'm at work?

Hilarious, but true, Halowe'en story

I feel a LOT better about my church now

Some trick or treater just tried a shill job on me

My 1000th Post!!!!

Clouds Taste Metallic really shows how far the Flaming Lips have come

A Bottle of White.....A Bottle of Red...

I just swore in front of a trick or treater..stupid me and my potty mouth

Ah, yes... beer for the hee haw, smoke for the bad brains.

What percentage of cole slaw actually gets eaten?

Ever heard a touching anti-bush story? Want to? You got it.

Halloween pics. The kids and me.

I'm in my college dorm, bored, and watching TV. Ask me anything.

Take a tabby-kitten break!

Tonight, we had an international crowd working it for Kerry in Philly

I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

There's an "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" Marathon on right now

I'm jealous of all the people who get to vote early!

Interesting. I'm listening to a full orchestra version of Pink Floyd.


Whats your postion on ASHCROFT ?

I had 484 trick or treaters....

Yeah baby

Nathan Mother-Effin Vasher!!!

Oh. My. F'ing. God.

Move over South Park, 'Drawn Together' will be on at 11:30 et

Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by

Damn, who's the ONLY undefeated team in the NFL???!!!!

Chimp and Pickles Dress Up for Halloween!

Halloween hell jokes for freepers

God doesn't have a "problem with you blinging", says rapper

Roscoe P. Coltrane

New film pokes fun at 'Bushisms'

Did anyone celebrate Freeperween appropriately?


Do You Feed Your Cat/Dog Dry or Wet Food?

I'm a freeper. Ask me anything!

Peter Werbe

Dvorak's 8th symphony: edible?

Is a Shark an Animal?

DU Halloween AIM Chat

Cooter pics!

Help. Am in desperate need of a pet thread.

Some jerk assaulted my 14 year old on Halloween

Best Kevin Kostner movie?

Can you go Trick or Treating at the White House?

How's This for Repression? (Halloween Costume)

LOL! Freep families avoiding my Dem home on Halloween!


Per P#6's request, here is a pic of my snuggly, lovable little....

All I want is a winning lottery ticket and a kid who poops in the potty

I'm posting my first picture(s)... end of virgin status. Here goes!

I hate it when my daughter gets religious stuff in her trick or treat bag

Snowstorm in Denver---


Favorite Vile


in his own words:

Brokaw to Kerry: "Bush has a higher IQ."

One of the best things about beating George W. Bush...

Jack-o-lantern carving should be banned!

Did you change your indoctrinated religion?

OMG this is HUGH!!!!!!!

John William Coltrane

i'm 28...when did i become hopelessly unhip??

Important question for wine enthusiasts:

It's IMPOSSIBLE to logically predict a Bush* win in a tied race.

Kerry’s the One (The American Conservative)

accuracy in polls

This is why we will win.

If I posted a negative hypothetical about the election, what would you do?

Did I hear this right?

Too late for an October Surprise

did we win the must win football game?


What we must do next.

We cannot minimize the disaster of the Bush presidency....

Vanessa Kerry doing GREAT job on MSNBC...nt

List items that will make your wait in line more comfortable on Tuesday:

Gallup Might Have Two Pre Election Models

When do they announce the winner on election night?


What happens if long wait and then polls close

This is why we will win. DUPLICATE STRING

If the EV are tied and Kerry wins popular vote...What will the GOPukes do?

Darkness has crept over much of America this evening.....

One more time...What do we do if Bush is re-steals the election?

Thieving ass Republicans

the 4 defining campaign moments according to FOX

US Needs Poll Workers

Rudi G. Does Endorsement for Repug in NC

If you had to choose which media to support

Nice "Kerry holding Red Sox T-Shirt in Confetti Blizzard" pic (N.H.)

Statement From 'Jersey Girls' on Bin Laden Video

Karen Hughes: Bush was "absolutely right to go into Iraq"


Early Voting in Tarrant County Texas

Redskins Lose To Packers: Kerry Victory Assured

NBC Dateline - Interviews with Kerry and Bush...on NOW

Voting Fraud in Texas!... I must say, I am shocked!...


Email from Repuke Sen. Comm. with Bush's 4 reasons to elect more fascists

God Damned Stupid Republican Scumbags

Bush prof: Bush denounced Medicare, Social Security, civil rights

New SurveyUsa Polls: IA tie, MI Kerry +3

Green Bay safety Darren Sharper: "Don't have to vote now."

BS poll has * nationwide lead +13 over Kerry

i spent the weekend with 5 repubs

Just got back from Kerry rally in NH; Kerry gave excellent speech

CNN Gallup 49-49 LV last poll dead heat / link inside

Republican appeals to the greedy.....

Early voting question

Worldwide Kerry v Bush poll...

Official: new Gallup poll is out. ALSO STATE POLLS.

Very weird Gallup state polls; mixed news

I just saw 3 polls all with different results for same states here

I cannot imagine this election without two or three surprises....

Good news from NE Ohio!

Trick or Treat? "She's pretty nice for a Kerry supporter!"

Here are today's Zogby state tracking polls: pretty good!

Republican misrepresenting himself as Democrat

Sign I saw in a yard today

Gallup Poll - Kerry 47% Bush 49% LV 49-49 tie with undecideds alloc.

WTF is the matter with Tom Brokaw? Brought up Bush IQ to Kerry

Brace yourselves, new Gallup poll

A goddam fantastic idea THAT WE ALL NEED TO JUMP ON RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Well, this adds insult to injury!

FEMA checks reach Florida residents this past week

Here's the link for the new CNN / Gallups.

Just got back from Columbus, OH. Great trip to see relative.

Leave Gallup Alone...

MCCAin is a filthy POS.....

Trick or Treat? "She's pretty nice for a Kerry supporter!"

Link TV Now: Something about W


Where Nader Voters Come From (you may be surprised)

If Bush wins, will it be opposition or resistance?

Remember that Honolulu Advertiser poll showing Bush leading in Hawaii?

David Brock on Topic A with Tina Brown right now

Gallup has Kerry up with RV's 48-46

Remember don't wear Kerry/edward gear to polls wear hoodies

Here's the latest garbage from David Brooks

Oh man Brokaw looked

A must read from Florida, courtesy Josh Marshall at tpm

Well This sucks. The Cincy ABC, CBS and NBC stations showing the dim son

Capital Gang Electoral Vote predictions 10-31-04 program - transcript

Gallup has Kerry winning Florida and Ohio. We know he's going to win PA.

Hey World: Democracy In Action = Kerry Win!

Voters who move from precincts can probably still legally vote

Big Dog Alert

The Official Anti-bush on Wheels Sign count total for October

Somebody Needs To Go To Freak Republic And Tell Them Gallup Has It Tied...

Hey, I heard the new Gallup Poll is out, can someone tell me somthing?

What happened at My Mom's Catholic church

Anyone know where Kerry/Edwards are going to be tomorrow?

Dimwit Tommy Thompson says Kerry wont "work as hard" as * to find OBL!

Whats the deal with Fox showing X Files for the Sunday movie

48 hours to Kerry victory; 72 hours till first call for impeachment

email this to everyone

New SUSA polls Tied in IA, Kerry up 3 in MI

Best Halloween Outfit Of the Night - An Undecided Voter

Brokaw looked

Not too subtle photo of Bush in background set on "Doc" on Pax...

60 minutes is on with the unarmored vehicle story

Brocaw interview w/ bush

2nd Site With U.N.-Sealed Arms Was Looted

Even Republicans Fear Bush

Brokow just said to John Kerry....

USAToday/CNN/Gallup Registered Voters: JFK-48 GWB-46

Kerry adds midnight rally in La Crosse, WI to his itenary for election eve

Australian newspaper calls for a Kerry landslide!

if you think bush...

Will u wear your Kerry shirt when u go to vote?

Kerry's trump card

U.S. Short at Least 500,000 Poll Workers (AP)

kids for Kerry

Bin Laden apparently CAN hide...

Wasn't the last gallup *52 Kerry 44

Wait To The Dittoheads See The Gallup Poll...


New Zogby tracking and comments from Chris at MyDD.

SUSA polls - IA Tied@49, MI K 50-47, ME K 52-44, B leads GA,TN,CO,AZ,OK,KY

I just checked out Freeperland.

Kitty Kelly replay (Book TV -- The Family) now on CSPAN 2

Quick poll question - what do LV and RV stand for?

Only one reason you would put your candidate on NBC this late in the race

I'm a Poll Worker...16 hours on Tuesday with no DU!

Did DeLay Weaken AntiTerrorism Provision to Benefit Political Contributors

CNN/USA TODAY/GALLUP has it tied at 49% each

Election Positive Vibes Thread

A campaign Idea on the halloween candy

funny * bumpersticker and halloween story!

Yeah, he tough. He's got courage. He's got integrity.

Gallup gives Kerry lead in Ohio, Florida but Bush ahead in Pa!!??

Pat Buchanan just lied big time live on Hardball!

How will you bear to watch Tuesady night?

ALL of the "invisible" factors on our side (Newly registereds/undecideds)

Bush team pins dwindling hopes on Larry Gatlin

*'s campaign backward twisted logic


Could Shinseki be brought out of retirement and made Joint Chief Chair?

In honor of Halloween 2004 ... I give you Halloween 1996

CNN shows Larry Gatlin trashing mod singers for Kerry


Gallup Poll: PA as a Carrot to Keep the Horse Race Story Alive?

Fearless Electoral Forecast

What network/cable etc will you watch the returns on?

Doncha wish Cherie Blair was Prime Minister instead of Tony?

NRA's Wayne LaPeire called today and said Kerry is going to

TPM-Gay Marriage push polls in Michigan

Who occupys theOval Office after Jan 20 if there is an law suit?

Deleted message

oops double post on a bug report

Ok, here I am, watching Boosh rally on C-SPAN

Just back from Wes Clark event ...he's LIVING in NM thru Election Day!

Here's the USAToday/CNN/Gallup RV trend - You want to see this


Do you think either side will pull any last minute surprises?

DU want to have some fun with the freepers?

LMAO-So Gallups Poll is now 49-47 LV

Verified: A man gave out water with Kerry stickers to voters. Charged.

What will Rove pull out of his arse tomorrow at 5:55 PM

Ohio Fired Up Because of Repub Voter Supression Tactics!!

Ben Ginsberg is lying his butt off

Shocked, I tell you I'm shocked!

ok, a kid came to my door with a scream mask on

Repukes actually think 32% favorability Cheney helps them. LMAO

Is Tweety Bipolar?

The insane dedication of Democratic volunteers in Pennsylvania

Weather Report on Tuesday in your state?

Hardball going with MSNBC numbers

Sen. Bob Kerrey

Please DU this needs help!!

"You are an American...Don't vote your fears.....Vote your hopes..."

I can't wait to be scapegoated when Kerry wins....

I need help rebuking a repuke friend of mine

Dear Jesus, please make all freepers impotent so they can't reproduce!

AP carrying water for Dick Cheney


Keep the focus on Bush !


China Criticizes 'Bush Doctrine',blamed arrogance for problems dogging...

Michael Moore on CSPAN 2 -- "Slacker Uprising Tour"

Heard on AAR: Joan Jett is driving people to the polls!

Universe to freepers

What's the best drug for a 3 day nap?

Marc Racicot against a federal voting standard..."violates state's rights"

link tv- DirecTv ch. 375, a special on the Iraq war, on now

On Larry King I just heard a dumbya supporter state if it's close Kerry

This should be bigger news: Powell 'says U.S. losing Iraq war'

US must act over climate says Queen

Do they pull OBL out of a hole tomorrow or Tuesday?

Bob Kerrey mentions Dred Scott = Roe v. Wade!

I can't do a poll since I'm too cheap to contribute, but...

I can't do a poll since I'm too cheap to contribute, but...

I can't do a poll since I'm too cheap to contribute, but...

Cheney soon on his way to Hawaii ... a Satanic silence hovers ...

Kerry Rally in Tampa on

If John Kerry is Elected President, Will the Freepers Thank GOD for that?

Kerry says he will make the 911 Commission permanent, at least

Went to Kerry rally in Manchester, NH today (pics I hope!)

Keith Olberman showed Bush gaffe WeWon't have Voluntary Army

This is not Christianity! Must read for every Christian

The Morning After.....

Who should be in Kerry's cabinet?

Danny Glover with Clinton in Arkansas

Doesn't She Look Beat?

WTF was that on CNN at 10:31pm est? Rove, Hughes, etc. in military gear?

I can't do a poll since I'm too cheap to contribute, but...

The final DU election poll.

Dumb Question: Why is everyone so Giddy Tonight?

You have to be bananas to vote for Bush, and this proves it

Tweety said he already voted

GOP up to false phone calls

GOP and mortgage company violate privacy

Repeat? Cammies on CNN?

No Lost Votes!


What will your DU status be after Kerry wins?

I feel much better now, we have the momentum going into Monday!

I recently saw on this site a Bush Pledge used at rallies.

If Kerry's so bad, what does that say about Bush if Kerry beats him?

As the say at the race track: It is now Post Time

Florida voting and no over votes

This is what the freepers are up to..................

Once and for all, Pennsylvania is Blue

Excitement! Our local plan for GOTV

Gallup Internals

This should be bigger news: Powell 'says U.S. losing Iraq war'

Watching all the campaign ads on c-span now

Full Gallup RV and LV figures out now (PA mystery result explained)

My fiancee lost her voters card. How can she vote on Tues.?

Just two more days, two more f'ing days ...

Best trick-or-treater EVER

Put Your Signs on Your Car and Park Near the Polls on Tuesday


"NAACP" letter being sent to African-American voters in S.C.

Do the people really think * is better on terrorism??

more spying on the Freep site "before People panic....."

The Yahoo Election message board is a hoot!

Danny Glover with Clinton in Arkansas

Zogby Practically Calls It For Kerry...

Do the people really think * is better on terrorism???

Republicans get a whiff of the stench of defeat

Kerry Surrogates vs Bush Surrogates...

Could be CANADA- Election Message From A First Time Voting Friend

The local pet store can't keep Bush dog toys in stock!

Why do they keep saying that Bush/Cheney have volunteers

Mission UNaccomplished

Babs Bush" "I plan to have a nervous breakdown." I WONDER why???

China Lays Into 'Bush Doctrine' Ahead of U.S. Poll

If you're registered, VOTE! Don't let ANYTHING stand in your way!

General Clark Replies to Cheney

Hey, it's Big Dog in Little Rock, campaigning for Kerry!

Surfermaw, ready to call the election Kerry by 2%

SENATE prediction:

Swift Liars DESPERATE in Pennsylvania!

Kerry keeps Fla. lead - 52% are ready for a change

The Concession Speech....I can't wait for THAT! What Will Bush Say?


A question and can someone tell me what happen?

Where were you on election night 2000?


NYT/CBS poll: B 49, K 46

Tweety is getting upset with Trippe

I just got a call from George W. Bush.

Vanessa Kerry on with Tweety !!!!

The Lying On MSNBC Is Extraordinary Tonight

Officially no October surprise

Hey...Rudolph Guiliani

Halloween Parade in LEESBURG VIRGINIA.....Kerry fans go wild !!

Creating the aura of inevitability

No longer needed - thanks DU!

An Idea For Republicans (courtesy of the pizza dude)

As troops die, Karen, Karl & Scott go trick-or-treating!!!

How to rig a poll

Poll Graphic on Front of

Drudge Repost Has Nothing New. Drudge Sounds Sad.

"Long faces at headquarters" : awesome freeper meltdown

I was just thinking, FU Condi!


The electoral problem for Bush

I need a DU online volunteer for Election Day

Use Bush's tools against him: talk about Kerry's plan, Bush's failure

The Freepers Prayer

BBV: are electronic voting machines being realistically tested? nt


Scarborough: "Who is smelling victory today?"

"Rub my nose in it," Mr. Rove shot back.

I can't believe this is almost over

I would like DU to shut down for two days. What will you do instead?

My GOTV story from Sunday Afternoon

Charlie Cook predicted 135 million turnout on MTP?

Interesting find in the CBS/NYT internals

Even Republicans Fear Bush - The Nation

Freakers supposed Oct Suprise...pretty funny

I'm tired of looking at Bush's face on the front page of DU.

Need help with a Jewish, security mom undecided voter

Just when you thought a freeper couldn't get any dumber...

I need advice: I have no way to watch cable and be on DU at once Tuesday

Bush*'s low numbers explained?- Lots of people will be holding their noses

Look at this picture from Salon -- LOL

Halloween pix of JK, JE and Elizabeth

Service Records (R vs. D)

Polk county voter registration number crunching. It'll cheer you up!

No Incumbent President Has Been Reelected Without Winning The Independent

"Sean Hannity's interview with a relaxed and candid President Bush"

Who's feelin a Kerry win here tonight?....check in here

Name your SURPRISE state

Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes: Kerry's idea of middle class

"Bush Is Tenacious and Efficient & Kerry Is Cautious and Conceited"

Bush lost it tonight on Datline with Tom Brokaw [FIND FOOTAGE]

Bar is lower for Bush than for Kerry this election

My first poll thread.....Gallup numbers looking DAMN good

Tomorrow I will honor a brave hero and punish an AWOL coward with my vote

Rove and Hughes really piss me off

Key number from Gallup internals--Bush is totally screwed!!!!!

Home Stretch (8:20 PM EST)...If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts...

Polling in SW Florida shows 55% Bush, 41% Kerry, this is GOOD

Stand in Line for hours to vote or Stand in a Warzone for years

New Voter Suppression - FAKE letter from NAACP

No TV, how do i stay updated on Nov 2nd

Wow, even CNN is on board with the Kerry "surge"

Bush Told He Will Lose

Kerry officially wins endorsement race, 3rd Dem candidate to win ever

No Election Night Concession from Kerry, AGREED?

Its OVER!!!! So why the lies?

St. Crispins Day Speech - William Shakespeare 1599

Hmmm . . . Why has Rove crawled out of his hole?

What time of the day do you vote?

Probably too late, but a point that should be made.......

Texas is hot against Bush!

Are you guys at all serious about Texas?

We're going to win the White House -- let's GOTV for the Senate and House!

So, Who are these Ohio voters we're counting on Kerry to win over on Tues?

Is it odd that they are predicting rain everywhere?

"Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross supports Kerry

I just wrote an essay for Kerry over Nader, and

All-in-one "Activists Info - for the election" page here - kick this up!

Find an event to GET OUT THE VOTE.

There's A Meltdown At Freak Republic !!!!

FYI ...for those of you who might not know....

A personal plea: call in sick or somehow take the day off on Tuesday

I swear, my Uncle in the Arkansas portion of Pennsylvania told me

Got legs?

I worked hard on this information. I hope it helps you convert folks.

What was the Dem/GOP spread in the last Gallup poll?

Youth Pastor orders burning of Kerry signs

Four words that will make my week....

Help voters waiting in line--bring food & water

Anybody watching Larry King??? Bob Kerrey kicking ass!!


Listening to Fantastic New Roches Song "I Gave My Love a Kerry"

Olberman #2: KERRY Cabinet

Ridiculing Freeper's Prayer Thread Is Distasteful.

Bob Herbert -- Days of Shame (US massacres in Iraq, racist votor suppress-

[PINR] Nov. 1, 2004: Neo-Conservative Influence

Why Blair secretly wants his partner in war to lose

Supreme Court in the hands of the next US president

Bringing It Home to Values ( How to talk to conservatives)

What Osama might have told America

Inside the Frame.. a little primer on framing.

Cartoon: A simple question from a soccer mom

Protecting Us to Death

WP: Election Spins Not Only Facts, But Faith

Psst. President Bush Is Hard at Work Expanding Government Secrecy

Thomas Friedman endorses Kerry....

Watching for a Groundswell---Raspberry

Get Out And Vote And Scream....Mark Morford

Getting testy in Florida

Psst. President Bush Is Hard at Work Expanding Government Secrecy

Even Republicans Fear Bush: John Nichols

Scott Ritter: The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of all of us.

Today's Juan Cole entry: The Revolutionary versus The Statesman

LA Times Editorial - A Failed Presidency

20% of Americans acknowledge spam could impact their vote

The great day is tomorrow


Nov 2 in Davis.

Email FOX's Hannity & Colmes NOW!!!

Whatever became of Scooter Herring?

MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)lies again in NY Post for Bush

Dr. Dean, on Morning Sedition now! (Air America)

HR 4200 signed by Bush 10/28/2004?

Last Day to Pump "Mosh" at MTV's TRL

Clark on Bill Maher

Where's Randi Rhodes? Will she be broadcasting

CNN-Proof that MSM isn't necessarily biased - just stupid

New York Sun publishes LAST DAY Kerry bashing story.

What are the right wing chest thumpers on AM radio saying re:

Why Spitzer's lawsuit against the insurance industry is not overreaching

Costanza does Outsourcing

CO2 Spike Concerns Scientists At Mauna Loa Observatory

Impressed Workers Fell Amazon Forest, Then Killed To Avoid Paying Wages

"Sportsmen for Bush"--You've got to be joking......

Scientists Project Big Changes For Pacific NW As Climate Shifts

Interior Warns Arizona Of Potential CAP Water Cuts

Jesus hates "environmental theories"

Rebels, soldier killed in Aceh violence

(Nigeria) Unions declare Shell 'enemy'

Lanka Muslim party opposes president

Egypt seeks to end W Sahara dispute

Seoul to scrap Cold War relic, anti-North law

(British) Gun laws are aimed at wrong target, says expert. (Telegraph)

glorious and free!

Conservative Idiot Williams misidentified

Are there going to be DUer election-night parties? Could you do a sticky?

Thank you Lounge mod

Skinner, I know today's problems aren't due to traffic, but

Looks to me like freepers are using state forums to rack up posts

Why do I kepp getting this error?

A little typo in the front page..

the two extra forums were a wonderful idea.

Any chance of making a "perma thread" for voter conversion information?


This isn't really a question but

Skinner, Elad, and Earl, Good luck tomorrow and big props for everything!

I know you're up to your neck...

I know this seems like a silly question

'The last Jewish intellectual'

French families seek genocide charges against Arafat

Three killed in bombing at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market

Arafat intelligence 'clueless'

Ploughshares activist to be deported

Israelis gather to mark ninth anniversary of Rabin's murder

One in five children go to bed without supper

Settlers' assaults bar Palestinians from attending school

Bomber: Mom condemns militants

The actual COMPLETE bin Laden text

Depleted Uranium at the Pentagon

Radiation at Pentagon


identification requirement quesiton

Illinois Voters' Bill of Rights

The Illinois libertarian candidate for Senate is Jerry Kohn?

Crap.. who ELSE do I vote for?


About what time should the results be coming in tomorrow?

US Senate: Boxer kicking the shit out of GOP Jones without a single TV ad!




Grassley and Zell


Johnson county needs poll workers.

any public election return gatherings in NoHo?

Is anyone going to Copley Square on Tue. night?

get yer sample ballots, get yer sample ballots!


ATTN St. Paul Voters in District 3

Question about MN election law

Yesterday's KFAN broadcast of the Vikings game.

Sleep? Sleep on Wednesday!!! Midnight Madness tonight!!!

W visibility in Woodbury

Just got back from the DFL headquarters in St Paul

Appeals Court Judge, Seat 14: Griffith vs. Randall



My friends and fellow Michiganders!!!

WUAB-TV 43 in Cle has been playing the attack-umentary "Stolen Honor"

Please tell your voters..Please

OHIO weather is gonna be shitty tomorrow, here's how we can help

Attention: NW Ohio DU'ers

Just wanted to send everyone my love and prayers


Anyone know what percentage Gore got in Warren Co?

Dems got 120,000 activists in Ohio right now


Why didn't we think of this???

MORE about the Cincinnati "VOTE KERRY!" Skywriting yesterday!

Coburn gets White Aryan Resistance endorsement

Looking for info on PA AG race

Any Lois Herr Information?



Can we here in Dallas muster up the strength for one last GOODBYE TO

Houston Party at Drexler's Needs RSPVs

(Message from BigPath) Help take down Tom DeLay!

Watch out, Austin, Travis County

Pissed off !! RETHUGS defaced our billboard BASTROP county TX

Pete Sessions has to pay kids to canvass in Oak Cliff

I heard *'s last campaign stop will be DALLAS, who's up for some protestin


GOP succeeds in challenging 5,512 addresses with City of Milw

Anyone else see the full page anti-Chimp ad by former Lands' End Exec

Imported Bushies

Did I Hear Right On CNN THis Morning? .. That * is leading By 8 In Wi?







PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...listen to this song...PLEASE??

Just heard DU mentioned on Dallas, TX radio station

OK. Here's the deal, I need a little help.

48 hours too late for the masses to change (pictures rove others tonight.)

Who the hell is this "John from Sunnyvale" on Ray Taliaferro?

A senator's suicide

An American Halloween ... A Scary Tale

DU'ers with military experience (esp. with service commitments), help!!!!!

The George Bush resume

cheney in Hawaii. Has he had a stroke??

November 1st Surprise??

Michael Moore will call into Howard Stern again this morning

how might post-election anger manifest itself?

Bush website inaccessible - sorry if duplicate

The Last Straw (Puke Spam)

Evan Thomas (Newsweek) on Imus this morn


Go read the very moving letter from a Florida GOTV volunteer

GOTV Pennsylvania: Bring an extra umbrella to share to the polls

Freepers planning Civil War when Kerry wins

|I Think we are all getting a litlte whacky

"Rumsfeld's War" re-running on PBS right now

I just kept Laura Bush on hold for 4 hours!

"The Real War"

Oh, Mrs. Edwards. A suggestion to pass on.

Tivo'ed the Sunday Heads...the winner...Leslie Stahl...

That's My Bush! Comedy Channel ALL night

My Prediction: Bush Less than %40 of the vote.

Kerry should campaign in Texas tomorrow

How to piss off conservatives: Send them this

If it rains, let it rain, yeah, the wetter the better

ESPN - Sports Center: "It's not Cathy Harris this time, It's Eddy Harris

Why hasn't our p(Resident) got to the bottom

Where is the marketing for LinkTV?

Why hasn't Osama bin Laden ever made the "Top 10 Idiots" list?

October Surprise?

DU this Election

TCO Jr. has been stealing B/C 04 signs

shrub in Dallas tonight

Will the media use the traditional Red Blue designations this year?

My Church gave a sermon yesterday on voting

Where does this division come from?

Women and Youth - Panic time? LOL

Rove & Hughes should KEEP their Army Costumes from last night--

Anyone heard of the movie "The Man Who Knew Bush"?

Big turnout we win

Deputy Governor of Baghdad is Shot Dead

Re: Osama video is a fake

I cannot get this song out of my head - "Don't Stop...

someone fill me in on the ethanol issue

Every Kerry sign vanished last night....

Want to prove Pat Robertson is mentally ill or a liar? Vote for John Kerry

Is there a problem with the Air America Radio webcast?

Pictures from the book I just got, 2/15: THE DAY THE WORLD SAID NO TO WAR.

How My Father-in-Law Inspired Me To Try To Change The World

R. shill Tucker Eskew: 'We got Osama on the run'.......excuse me?

ZINGS! (From the Tallahassee Democrat)

The deathly silence from the shills tells me that the jig is up.

Too good not to post here, from Josh Marshall

A Question About Election Law stories (after compulsary poll-recap headline) today:

What's the first thing Bush will pack?

E-mail from the green zone

Anybody know what's going on in Sao Paulo?

How hard/easy will it be to forget George Bush..what wll be his legacy?

Where is that post from yesterday which said that Bush was told he'd lost?

Did you know that, while we concentrate on elections news..

What are We Going to DO if the Bushies Try to Steal the Election (Again)

Middle East Media Research Institute - what is it?

Orlando TV Station Defends Airing of Anti-Kerry Infomercial! Outrageous!

WP: Under Fire

Two Iraqi Officials Gunned Down - not one

Wonder how it must feel,

Form letter response from ChiTrib- my cancellation

Take a look at how the DFA groups are organizing. It is amazing.

A letter from my friend, an Iraqi journalist in Baghdad now, please read

"Trippi's Take"............*crickits*

It's over Bush ! Our collctive foot is headed for your ass right now!!!!!!

My response to a repuke ex-neighbor of mine

Bush on the Couch Author on Lynn Cullen now

Novel Uses for Schools in Iraq: Marine Training!

On CNN- Bonds increase under Republican administrations.

One day to go

"The President looked fatigued"

HEADSUP!! Electronic voting discuss. on C-span NOW

Bush Unmasked

Fox News just showed lastest poll......Kerry ahead by 2 points

Freepers: Breaking News: "NEWSWEEK....BUSH 50 KERRY 44" (2 days ago!)

Why is there never any "Why did the Republicans lose New England?" talk?

I finally figured out what * reminds me of...

McCurry says we up 6 percent in early voting in 8 battleground states

bin Laden & Iran government endorse Bush.

What's with the "communist" name-calling from the right?


Supreme court observation.. rehnquist & a replacement


Power to the People!

Watched Choice 2004 again

Many Unable To Cast Their Ballots ---- in Russia (see Moscow Times)

Bush has no use for Democracy here at home or in Iraq or in Afghanistan.

Is this just a shadow, or has Karl Rove wet his pants in this picture?

Updates at Electoral-Vote.Com

Stephen Hawking to lead anti-war protest

Bizarre Wingnut Photo

Anyone know any good cigars?

Nov 3rd is my birthday

Trying to find link

Regardless of who wins...I assume


I grew up in an area where

Brian Ross story on GMA re: Kerry/Edwards supporters get booted

Meditate, visualize, light a candle...

Do we have a round up of pundit predictions for the Senate like the WaPo's

Home Stretch (MON 1:37 PM EST) If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts

Need some computer help.

Air America adds New Haven CT 1300 AM!!!!!!

Should my K/E sign stay or go?

caption this pic of bush* getting sucked into jet engine

Director says all areas of Iraq will be ready for vote

Would there be outrage if the Dems...

a very moving letter of support for Kerry....

Saw a very morose freeper this morning

BARTCOP is totally effed up

Freepers are freaking over the new Fox poll.

*'s final stump speech about the environment.

I grew up in an area where liquor

HELP! Slate Being INAPPROPRIATE w/Edwards Children!


i'm donating right now to.......

Franklin D. Roosevelt's grandson assesses George W. Bush's performance

I just watched Going Up River yesterday

Franklin, Harry, John, Lyndon

Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing whistle on Halliburton.

Who do Republicans hate the most: The Kerrys or the Clintons?

DU this poll....I BEG YOU!!! PLEEEEEASE!!!

Bush explains why Iraq's a blood bath: "Iraq is moving toward freedom"

what's up with rush/fox spin UBL

Complete Rethug desperation in Gettysburg, PA!

more FREEPER despair "Rush sounds depressed today"

Misunderestimators, Inc.

NewsMax predicts Kerry Victory. Freeps turn on them.

Sundance channel has a great line-up for today

If Kerry wins the election, will President Howdy Doody give up power?

I'm an inner city teacher, and I just polled my kids about Eminem vid....

Al Franken doing Middle-Eastern Voice

Bush responds to Endorsement Landslide for Kerry

Has Bush's Latest Ploy for Votes Begun Yet?

Hey Bush. Middle America is NOT as stupid as you think it is.

Freepers have TOTALLY lost it

HELP ! ! Interviewing Michael Stipe Soon - Need Good ??'s Preferrably

Don't get cocky! Thinking you're ahead is a mistake!

Sending Bunnypants a farewell card after he loses

For me one of the biggest issues is alternative fuel

I learned something while waving a K/E sign this morning.

Missing pre-war explosives stockpile may total 250,000 tons

A depressing trip to Free Republic.

EVERYBODY should watch this video (re: PNAC)

When it rains, it pours, right Karen? --->

"One Day Left" by Michael Moore

Check out Cspan if you want to see a typical

'Fahrenheit' DVD Beating 'The Passion' in Sales

Which would would you vote for?

Michael Moore is coming up on C-SPAN2 at 3:00 ET.

Home Stretch (MON 3.40 PM EST) If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts

WTF...If Bush Loses the Terrorists Win?

Al Franken was just heckled

Bush's energy policy; ethanol/methnol/biofuels.

Call in the dogs...put out the fire

Believe Nothing

Stolen Honor on PBS in NYC.

less than one day left and still no Osama

Tomorrow (Election Day) FEMA Exercise

Air America Stream not working

The Times of London Goes Tabloid

Political obituary of George W. Bush

OxyRush said he will NOT be on NBC tomorrow night

How do we respond as a nation to 100,000 dead in Iraq?

GOTV; It's FUN! Really!!

Around what time did abortion become THE issue?

Lame duck damage.

Question about transfer of power

What's with Wolf Blitzer's infatuation with Ralph Nader?

AP sole vote counter for the press, does this worry anyone?

Yesterday at the Kerry rally in Manchester...

Looking for resource -- Can anybody help me find a listing of

Victory front yard sign ideas

Once we win the White House, how do we keep it?

Want to bring down an Evil Empire? Watch the original SW triology

And Now The Rest Of The Story

I have a comma formatted version of the national media blaster list

Will Repug Mass. Gov be able to fill Kerry's senate seat when he wins?

jon stewart reading excerpts from his book on cspan2 now n/t

DU this poll in the heart of the beast!

How will the repugs in Congress treat President Kerry?

Win or Lose: Dems should boycott Fox News

"Nothing shady about Eminem's new message" (MSNBC)

Freeper racist vomit

The scariest halloween costumes!!!!

Tucker Carlson just mocked homeless people

Why are they wearing those dorky mics on Crossfire????

HAVA Adisory Task Force Members?

Some angel is skywriting "VOTE KERRY" over...

Just heard some killer ads.

What should be the top priorities if/when Kerry wins?

MAJOR PROPS to all the poll workers, drivers, etc., out there!

Guys, things are looking REALLY good.

I can't concentrate on ANYTHING!!

Anyone know the largest landslide in US history?

So where was Mosh on the TRL countdown?

I just canceled my subscription to the local paper: endorsed Bush*.

What if polls were banned?

What the Freepers will be attacking President Kerry over starting Nov. 3

Delurking to say thank you

The U.S. military secretly roles out a new weapon against Democracy

Full transcript of Bin Laden video (all 18 minutes)

some dope planted 3 * signs on my lawn this morning!!!!

Should I peel off my No W sticker after Kerry wins on Tuesday night?

Obama on Randi Rhodes live, like NOW!

Ladyhawk is trying to GOTV today...

Kerry talks to Mtv, and he has seen and likes Mosh the #1 video at Mtv

" No real man would use a puppet, except for Dick Cheney"

O'Reilly to young voters:'Are they gonna leave the bong & stand in line?'

Hannity Is Getting Desperate!!!!

Is Zogby a Corporate Poll?

CNN puts Kerry up by 3 in Florida!

Tomorrow, America tells Dubya he was an accident!

How will W's team trash the White House?

I can't wait to find out who Dem_Strategist was!

Former Federal Auditor Turned Whistleblower and FBI Witness Speaks

Do you think anyone stakes out Al-Jazeera's offices?

A dying mother's last words to her son

Girl Unable to Feel Pain

I'm looking forward to four years without polls!

Novak: "the Indians stole" South Dakota's 2002 Senate election

stupid question, what is this about bush not having 50%

Neoconservatives from Pat Buchanan

Do you think Bush will be able to spell Winston Churchill,

michael moore in tallahassee tonight; will be here for the election

Big Dog is on Air America Radio right now!!!

Proof that Dick Cheney wrote Osama bin Laden's speech.

I look at Bush and I see the fear.

When Bush loses, he will NEVER be an elected President, that will

do you think the campaigns have a good idea what's gonna

If Republicans believe so firmly in chastity...

Should RW talking heads commit sepuku on the air tomorrow night?

If the freepers are doing it we should too, Prayathon for Kerry

DU this election eve POLL. Needs little bit of help...

Just in case you're in anyway doubting that Kerry MUST be President!

Rising up...

Pres Clinton: Reason for USS Cole response: "Intelligence wasn't complete"

Howard Dean's Yahoo ad - listen to it here

The mystery of the Bush Cheney sign in the garbage

Show Undecideds this List of Skills Draft & Medical Draft Jobs

What's "out of context" about a dead Iraqi baby with his arms blown off?

The touch-screen CAN be defeated! THIS is how!

MSN poll

What is with all the green and yellow "W" signs at Bush rallies?

Another poll to DU

Home Stretch (MON 6:45 PM EST) GOTV flyers... BigPath LAST CALL

Watch those Chads

On Wednesday, what to do with * signs

"I didn't see George Bush or Dick Cheney at my side," Kerry said.

What happened on MTV - TRL today?

Logical Reason Bill O'reilly settled his Lawsuit out of court....

College freeper on CNN

How come Allowie talks like its his call whether our troops attack

Much has been said about Bush* supporters praying that Bush* will win.

Who do you like for AG?

What kind of mindset is this? pukes and Halloween - pics

I just lit 2 candles--one for Kerry, one for Edwards. Won't you do

favorite freep post of the day (and SBV last gasp)

Merck shares plunge after Vioxx report

I don't want an untreated alcoholic as president of the U.S.

Mike Ruppert to be on Air America (Mike Malloy Show)

Associated Press to be counting the votes tomorrow. NO SHIT!

Can someone, anyone, get me the link for the chilling video of just

Name the people Bush will pardon before he leaves office

Which foreign city will have the biggest celebration

FULL Transcript on OBL on Al Jazeera

After Kerry wins..

BIG DOG on with Randi now!!

Just had a huge fight with my dad over *

Is There Any Conceivable Way * Could Replace Rehnquist Between Now And...

Colorado paper which endorsed Bush posts election results early

Please help. I need some wise words to help calm me down.

REC THE HELL outta this Yahoo story! KERRY=CHEAPER GAS!

Are The Secret Service Folks Who Are Assigned To Protect Bush...

Latest e-mail from Michael Moore

Friends!! I am talking to a group of undecideds tonight...

After Kerry-Edwards win, I suggest that they appoint Dennis Kucinich our

CBS News: "Marines to warn Fallujah civilians to get outta town"

Is it really wrong to wish ill against someone?

Nader was right...Things did have to get worse before they could

What to do for payback starting Wednesday?

Babs: No Newspapers, Wants Closed Doors Deciding, Gonna Have a Breakdown

CSRS LEGISLATION-OIG report unfair to customers of Post Office.

How can we help G. W. Bush...

Rocky Mountain News declares Bush winner.

Let's win with class

We should respect the "Office" of the President?!!

Stop the C.R.A.P.


Once Kerry wins, we must take back the language

A President Who Supports Evil

Is Michael Moore a good spokeman for "the left"?

Time to suck it up people

Would a "Sore Boozer Men" Bumper Sticker be too obnoxious?

From France : We are with you for the Great Day !

Gore Vidal predicts Kerry Win-Wonders if he'll be 'allowed' to take office

Inspiration to get you through the next two days — NEW MOVIE

Kansas Republican congressional candidate Kris Kobach's campaign

what is the best

major, MAJOR thanks to Skinner, Earl G. & Elad

which character in Shakespeare most resemble bush

Freepers really scraping the barrel now in search of explanation

Soldier says Iraq "A matter of survival"...

How do we deal with a religion that wants to bring about the apocolypse?

Greg Palast , 1 Million Kerry Votes Already Stolen

I think Kerry will go after Bushco. Here's why.

"The WORLD Is Watching!" | final pre-election TOON roundup...

Canadian predictions for the US election.

C4's The dirty race for the Whitehouse

U.S. Election Result Will Determine Nature of Conference on Iraq

China Lays Into 'Bush Doctrine' Ahead of U.S. Poll

MEMRI translation: OBL Tape threatens each state not to vote *

VA Talk by Kerry Foe Challenged (Swift boat liar)

Uruguayan Leftist Candidate Declares Win

latest photos of rove,huges dressing as GI to slam Kerry

Swing states lean to Kerry

BREAKING NEWS Explosion rips through Tel Aviv open-air market

(stuck in th LBN forum)

US Troops Fight Rebels in Iraq's Ramadi, Three Dead

Office Depot Plans to Cut 900 Jobs

NYT: Ethnic Clashes Erupt in China, Leaving 150 Dead

Iraqi govt. bans officials from cooperating with Al-Jazeerah channel

USA Today: Swing states lean to Kerry

NYPost: Monster's Deadly Warning to 'Red' States

Fresh troops arrive in Iraq ahead of assault (MSNBC)

Appeals Court rules

Breaking - Marist National Poll Nov. 1 - K 49 B 48 LV

Sensex gains 32 points on Monday as funds turn buyers (Bush Outsourcing)

Report Cites Fraud, Abuse Cases in Iraq Rebuilding

U.S. Reinforcements Arrive in Iraq

Afghan Police and Army Clash in Southern Province, Casualties Reported

Suicide Bomber Strikes Market in Tel Aviv

Broker Who Aided U.S. Going on Trial for Fraud

Australia spy 'leaked US secrets'

Cheney Says Kerry Has No Plan to Win War

Pendulum Swings to Kerry Landslide: Malcolm Mackerras ( Aussie expert)

NYT: Charges of Fraud and Voter Suppression Already Flying

U.S. Issues Nordic, Baltic Security Alert

Speech prompts protest

Vazquez (Socialist) Wins Uruguay Election

Democracy's foot soldiers (Florida

Gag order on Filipino hostage out

Bin Laden half brother upset by latest video

Bush mounted more personal TV ad attacks than Kerry, study finds

Monster's [Osama's] deadly warning to 'red' states

U.S. Issues Nordic, Baltic Security Alert

Orlando Sentinel: TV station defends airing of anti-Kerry infomercial

Bush Has One-Point Lead on Kerry - Reuters Poll ( Zogby)

Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win

Boston Globe - A fresh start for America By John F. Kerry

American, Nepali, 2 Arabs Kidnapped in Baghdad

Spankin new Marist poll taken Sunday: Kerry 49, AWOL 48

This is the only forum that will open on the whole site

BARTCOP site is hosed, too

Heavy Clashes in Ramadi as U.S. Troop Buildup Begins

OHIO: Judicial order: political party watchers banned from polling places

Campaigns Rally Against Wrong T-Shirts

Jurors in Enron barge trial resume deliberations

Military Attack 'Wrong Way to End Fallujah Revolt'

(Utah) Democrats' votes challenged

Kerry Camp Fumes At Fox Anchor Votemaster Revealed: My name is Andrew Tanenbaum

Candidates Compete in Venezuela Elections:results

Fla. State Elections Office Evacuated

Complaint sheets in hand, army of volunteers watches over Florida's voting

And Now The Rest Of The Story

Marines in Iraq Unfazed by Electoral Storm

On U.S. Vote Eve, Bin Laden Roams at Large(revised headline)

Dulles NOW boycotts US elections

Vazquez (Socialist) Wins Uruguay Election

Rebels vow to use chemical weapons

S.A. Family Grieves Over Army Officer's Death (1123 dead)

Iraq reconstruction hampered by fraud

Kerry Presidency Could Mean Cheaper Oil- Analysts

S.Korea fires warning shots at North boats

Kerry is slated over Bin Laden poll

GOP operative defends battleground voter drives

Cheney Makes a Quick Stop in Hawaii Four Electoral Votes at Stake

New video takes light-hearted poke at "Bushisms" ahead of election

Colorado's Election Chief Leaves State

Schilling Makes Surprise Stop for Bush

For inspiration - Do you hear the people sing?

377 tons small part of absent Iraq explosives

Most U.S. Hispanics Back Kerry - Poll

Bush Cabinet Members Stump in Key States

Full Translation of Bin Laden Speech from Al Jazeera

Fla. Secretary of State Endures Skepticism

Poll of Mobile Phone Users Shows Kerry Favorite 57 to 26, bigger response

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 1 November

4 kidnapped in Iraq

Street fighters (Baqubah)

Virginia Shatters Record For Absentee Ballots Returned

Australian Gitmo detainee tells dad he's on the brink of insanity

Rehnquist Missing As Supreme Court Returns

Monitors See Problems Over Vote Rules, Machines

New Engines for Coast Guard Copters Urged

Security forces raid apartment complex in Karachi (Al Qaeda)

Californians not confident in e-voting

Iraqi Oil Pipeline Blown Up

Pakistani forces raid Karachi apartment complex

Waste Said Rampant in 9/11 Aid Program

The actual COMPLETE bin Laden text

Ann Richards blasts Bush, Cheney

GOP, Milwaukee Agree on Voter List

MEMRI: Bin Laden Tape Threatens U.S. States Not to Vote for Bush

Democrats register more Oswego County residents [for the first time]

Washington Post tracking poll 11/01/04: Kerry 48 -- Bush 49

Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win

2 Judges Bar Party Challengers at Polls (actually, 2 Ohio and 1 NJ)

Breaking: Deputy Governor of Baghdad has been assassinated.

Doctors say Rehnquist treatment protocol may be sign of serious cancer


In Fla., voters not taking chances (Good News)

U.S. Marines Can't Easily ID Enemy in Iraq

Using Vietnam-Era Tactics, Army Maxing Helicopters in Counterinsurgency War

India Inc Roots for Bush, Seen Favouring Outsourcing

Blair backs Kerry

Navy Seal says Iraqi who died at Abu Ghraib was roughed up in CIA's `rompe

Kerry: U.S. on Verge of a 'Magical Moment'

Misleading Calls Made to Michigan Voters (GOP dirty tricks)

Former Federal Auditor Turned Whistleblower and FBI Witness Speaks (Amway)

Speculators Betting on Kerry Win, Oil Plungling

Nader Still Defiant on Eve of U.S. Election

Wisconsin Republicans question another 37,000 Milwaukee addresses

Bin Laden's Economy Threat Is Timely

AP Will Be Sole Source of Vote Count

Bush Relaxed, Confident Going Into Final Lap

U.S. to Question China About Bush Comment

Some 1st Cav Soldiers Face Longer Tours Of Duty In Iraq

First British female soldier dies in Iraq (but 2nd overall)

ABC: On Election Eve, Sept. 11 Doubters Surface

Bush skewered again by former treasury secretary Paul O'Neill

13,000 [FL] Ballots Rushed From Voting Site, Must Be Recounted

Florida Freelance Journalist Arrested After Photographing Voting Lines

Reuters cameraman killed in Iraq

Eminem's angst-filled video, 'Mosh,' spread rapidly on the Internet, might

'Really close' on Bin Laden-U.S. agents say they almost got Osama

Judge bars challengers from Ohio polling places

Schwarzenegger Star Power Fades for GOP in State Races

CBS Poll: Bush 47, Kerry 46 (new)

U.S. Faces Record Borrowing Requirement

Anti-Insurgency Hot Line Set Up in Iraq

I have a joke

Josh Strength: The Working Man's hero

How do you plan to spend Election Night?

Skinner, Elad and EarG

what was that woman saying on the Franken show?

Knock knock

Chances are i wont be able to sleep tonight...

SIESTA!!!! Shhhhh......(graphic heavy)

I just forced myself to eat lunch.


School drug(Marijuana) dealer gets five-year probation

anyone have a link to the NY paper doing the worst journalist

Hey-Walked for 6 hours yesterday. Relax. Kerry wins.

Rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb...

I hate copyright infringement


Redskins lost!

Hey whoever tried to IM me, please try again

It's official: I never grew up

Great Slashdot post re: idiot boogeyman post

La Resistance lives on

How to piss off conservatives: Send them this


If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning

Who's up for changing the world on Tuesday?

Does anybody buy Video Professor CD-ROMs?

Out in the Country....inspired by a new President who will care for Earth

The obligatory Yeats thread.

Easter, 1916

The Obligatory Yeast Thread

They're Showing "That's My Bush!" On Comedy Central Right Now

an upper for all thinking people offers a personal defibrillator

OMG..someone responded to my Yahoo personal.....good news!

What happened on "American Dreams" tonight?

Kids, Hicks(freepers) are easy to Ban

A rare insight into the Freeper mind...

Where is the gorgeous Kerry stepson these days?

This is the longest summer I can remember.

Man kids are easy to kick

Halloween sucks nowadays...

Man kids are easy to trick

just got an iPod mini..loaded it..listened to Led Zeppeli...GODDD!!

Vancouver DUers - did you and your family surive halloween?

When I was a kid, if you were over the age of 13 and trick or treating...

What does it mean if my sweat smells like a skunk?

Hey, you pinko commie gay-lovin' heathen liberals....

Saw an "undecided voter" at a Halloween party

Freaky thing about that Penticton Triple Murder

Another non-political comic makes a VERY political comment

October Surprise no longer possible!!

okay. that's it. enough!

Insomniac Thread 11/1

I want to open my own webpage--how do I go about it?

The house is almost mine again.

Some kind of DU no-limit Texas Hold 'Em league???

20 questions - animal, veg, mineral (goin' easy)

So John Kerry grabs hold of George's head..and damn.... dial 911

"We can...and we've got better than this."

The truth about Ann Coulter.

Increase your wordiness


Fun little gif for cat people..It will make you smile

Someone got into the goldfish...

Teacher steals student's prosthetic arm

What temp. is it where you are?

Dateline Nov. 3, 2005

All the kittens you'll ever "need"

This whole Redskins superstition is great!

Good thing WE didn't bet, Will Pitt!!

Staying up till Kerry WINS ask me why ?

i was there...

What Horror Movie does our Body Politic remind you of.

smiley's link

OK DU - I can't be online with y'all tomorrow and watch the election

Need advice - why does my thread keep sinking?

For some stupid reason....

Strangest junk mail ever:

I just saw an army reserve commercial with a very familiar sounding tune.

Election-Eve Fun: That's Your Bush!!`

Visibility for Kerry today......Wow those freepers are mean!

No TV "News" for me until next week. I'll be tuned in here. I can handle

Where all Josh's bandwidth going?

Let me entertain you! Let me make you smile!

Should I e-mail Josh Strength the flashing nipples pic?

My Husband Is A Voting Unit Judge For Howard County, Maryland

A cat question..

AAR Calls Cheney - A Giant Bloated White Tick of A FREAK

Who touched Josh's nipples electronically?

Favorite website listing Bush flip-flops (with documentation)?

Ode to Richard Belzer! Who else saw this?

Loungers, Michael Moore coming up on Howard Stern 9:45 EST

One More Day Left 'Til E-DAY----are you ready?

For my 5,000th post I'd like to...................

I'm voting Republican this year...

Voting Democrat makes Baby Jesus™ cry!!!


GAK! Can we just stop with the nekkid shortbus pictures, already?!?

Did you go to YMCA Summer Camp? Any weird things happen?

I can't go to bed till I hit 900. Ask me anything.

I've got Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" stuck in my head!

At what time will we know when Kerry is Pres-Elect?


In my head since Friday:

What channel to watch election returns on?

BRUCE SPRINGSTIEN intro for Kerry sounds BAD on the Kerry site....

Consider this: Every time the Boston Red Sox win the World Series...

What music was playing when Tucker Carlson lost his virginity?

All 3 major Florida school teams lost this weekend. Omen?

Drinking song earworm follows:

DS1 - you are my hero!

What are YOU doing on Election Day!!

Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson called me yesterday: Ask me anything!

Why Does My PC Clock Lose About 30 Minutes Per Day?

First snow

Tomorrow is Day of the Dead- Ask me anything...

Ever played hooky in high school?

My first ever gratuitous cat thread. (Pic included).

Sign Sighting Last night, NW DC: BUSH FOR HALLOWEEN...

I'm picking out a Thermos for you!

The Duck Wad of all CAPTIONS!!!

I've got this song stuck in my head....

Man Writes $91k Check For Porsche - Only Had $900 In Account

Coolest martyrdom?

Mendelssohn: edible?

Help prevent long lines at polling places: Urge Republicans to vote

Have y'all seen

Studies Show That 74% Of People Who...

Watch the Packers vs. Redskins highlights on ESPN Sportscenter!

Petula Clark: edible?

Any Fortran 90 programmers out there?!?

Things you'll never again see me post on DU:

AARGH! I now have a blend of "Mad World" and "Behind Blue Eyes" in my head

w* joins Ministry on-stage in DC

The Turd Blossom of all CAPTIONS

The "Super-sized Aloha" CAPTION

When you say you "google [something]"

Blessed Samhain to all...

Great pre-election day Radio on line!

Letter from Iraq: A Matter of Survival

Sorry for my brief absence. I had to go expose myself to something.

Paragon is dead. Long live TeddyKGB.

"Courtesy of Business opportunity" Is this legal?

Another great pic with Kerry and school kids!

How fast does skinner type? Here's your chance to rate him.

Who is your favorite Catholic Saint?

Air America now on in Hartford CT

Songs with "woman" in the title?

DS2 - you are my hero.

Comments from kids parents last night on my yard

Is this kitten GORGEOUS or what?

F' Bush Jack O'lantern

When/If does "Alice" return to the air?

When/If does "Alias" return to the air?


Come gather 'round people wherever you roam

We Need Some Good Election Eve Songs

Anyone know any good cigars?

Level 1!! Here we go!!!

Come gather 'round, people, it's high time you learned,

How many long-time DUers will get banned for pretending to unmask?

It's All Saints' Day- Ask me anything...

How about color-coding the high traffic levels?

Oh hey guys

I am losing it. I cannot concentrate on anything for more than

Good bye DU

Check "my posts".

I'm eating Skittles now.

Tomorrow my DU friends lets make history!

Democrats drove their kids to my house to Trick or Treat

The Aloha Oe of all CAPTIONS

That "W - The President" sticker is the DUMBEST thing ever!

So when's Will Pitt going to quote Henry V again?

I nominate BigMcLargehuge as the best username on DU!

Cleveland Clinic Prepares to do Face Transplants

Gack! "Being president, well, uh, it's hard wurk."

Teletubbies for Bush!!

Check AlHedges post.

No more avators or sig lines? Oh well....

Just watched 100 Scariest Moments in Movies on VH1...Jaws #1WTF??

Stupid credit union incompetence.

One of the mods deleted my "Ask me anything" thread. Waaaaaah!!!

how did the freepers know I wasn't for real??

Do you really think Freepers are gonna unveil here?

Man Tried To Kill Boss With Urine-Spiked Coffee

This Copycat Thread is Proof!

This Thread Is Copycat Proof!

This Thread Is Copycat Proof!

This copycat is thread proof!

Who's dumber? Freepers or Ldotters?

This cat is copythread proof

This thread is 180 proof

What music was playing when you lost your virginity?


Can an X-Box play mp3's?

Have You Voted In This Poll Yet?

My children, wherefore is my child Josh_Strength?


Would you be upset with me if I didn't have a copycat thread?

The "Thumbelina" CAPTION

NYC - Does anyone know where to RENT a PC cheap?






This cat is 100 Proof and is in my copier

This Bread is Copycat Proof!

This Thread is Proof of Copycats


Jump in the Fire!

The Sims: Dumbold Voting Machine ...


I'm in Miami for Election Protection.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Mastectomy Bill in Congress

Can you drop someone who has dropped 3 hits of acid mid-semester?

Favorite song from "Hair"

Poll with stubborn opponents needs DU'ing.

Can you drop 3 hits of acid in the middle of the semester?

The Count collided with the Mouse...

Which aspect of Black Sabbath was cooler?

robotic bartender

Someone put a dead cat at the front door of my work

Can you drop a class in the middle of the semester?

Silly, irrational you have any?


This is my six-thousandth post. gets mentioned on Howard Stern- Whooo whooo

Look, I said I meant no offense.

has anyone heard that Howard Dean ad for yahoo on AAR?

I'm not your Mommy, Ralph!

Baby blm wants a Thansgiving dinner for after Kerry wins.

This thread is copied cat poo

Why won't Sarah McLachalan make sweet sweet love to me?

The "Old Block That Was Chipped" CAPTION

Thursday is my 48th birthday. The best present I could ever have

What is "Vote or Die" supposed to mean?

caption Cheney and his little friend

Who is going to win the Super Bowl this year?

Who likes "No Surrender"

how safe is IRC?

Which dollar bill does JK look like he just came off of?

When did bush's presidency "jump the shark"?

An anonymous donor has offered to purchase stars for five DUers.

The new eminem video.... stream online?

People suck, and that's all there is to it

Which Hollywood Duo Should I Watch Tonight?

48 hours from now!

Which evil scumbag would you most like to see break down in tears tomorrow

The Heart of the Country of all CAPTIONS!!!

What is your place of birth (post pic(s))

Okay, folks, this is it for the Bobster.

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes

I was thinking that we all should pitch in and send Bush a parting gift

What will Bush do when the election is called for Kerry?

Thanks for all the headaches you suffer for us, ELAD

check list of necessities

Comfort food time...

Foreign DU'ers: What will your area do when Bush loses?

Cartoon Network wants you to watch something else on Election Night.

How do I browse FreakRepugnic ?

Is this a joke?

Norfolk VA. area I'm giving away 19" monitor, more

The Duck Wad of all CAPTIONS!!!

Songs to play when Kerry wins.

Just in time for the election. Tornado Watch.

Just breath.... we will be fine

hey weed smokers, what is your high normally like?

What music will you be listening to tomorrow evening?

How I know that I lived in NYC for a long time

My trip to Red County country (good news)

Hey, I think repugs must not like me

any hairdressers here?

Which election night do you recall with the least fondness?

How Far Down Republicans Will Go

Our Magic/Costume store burnt to the ground last night.

Just for Misunderestimator- Hot Dem Babes!

Down with Chimpy, Down with Chimpy, Down with Chimpy

FREE mp3 of Margaret Cho's entire "State of Emergency" show!

DU Backpackers - what're you listening to these days?

God may be nonpartisan, but He's ABB! How about your chosen spiritual

High Ranking Democratic Insider Told Me Personally

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ON NOW CNN Crossfire!

Brooklynites -- anyone else going to watch election results at Moe's??!?

Just Donated to DU for the first time

DOES weather seriously affect voter turnout?

Goodbye chimpy, goodbye, chimp chimp chimpy don't cry.

I am going crazy! How is every one else holding up?

Billie Holiday.

I am so effing stoked I can't get any work done, and I have TONS to do!

My cancelled health insurance story

I ate Hot Chick.......en at a Hot Dem.........olition derby

Naked Couple Detained For Having Intercourse In The Middle Of Shopping Pla

Did jpgray really finish all his work?

Do Bats have a Lesbian Signal?

Any suggestions for a anti-bush/pro-kerry mixtape?

Thespians are cool!

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow....

Do Lesbians have a Bat Signal?

So, what do lesbian bats sleep in?

Here's your blank US map (with state names) for election night.

Freep Bill O'Reilly's poll. Also, check out the add when your

Some T-Shirt, Over Here...

The "Who's Got the Rope?" of all CAPTIONS

Steelers to throw Eagles game just to see Will Pitt in a bunny suit.

Where Do You Hide A House Key Outside Your Home & What Is Your Address?

For inspiration - Do you hear the people sing?

For mental therapy, I'll spend the next couple of days cooking.

Election Eve CONFESS! Where were you when SCOTUS picked Bush???

This Selection is just too fucking long!

Do You Work With More Democrats Or Republicans?

Anyone have one of those Serger machines?

BIG DAWG on Randi Rhodes AAR right now!

I should have gone to bed, but I made a movie instead. Wanna see?

For inspiration - Do you hear dead people?

Uh oh...he's disrobed!!!

When the Freepers eat their young do they prefer them......

these are the COOLEST cat pictures i've ever seen! kitty lovers, check in!

Do You Hide A House Key Outside Your Home?

Is it wrong to be nervous about tomorrow?

So, what do you vote in?

These elections are too fucking long!!

Hessians are cool!

Are Kerry and Bush going to be on the SNL special tonight?

These erections are just too fucking long

I Hatchet Jack being of sound mind,

I have a fever & am feeling up my Psychic. Ask Me Anything.

There are rumors on three or four of the internets

I'm feeling especially slow. Let's blatantly pad my post count!

I hereby vow to not respond to any "Hot chick," "Hot Dem babes" or any ...

My Love Letter to Canada

JEEBUS!! - Sat In A 3 Hour Meeting Explaining To The Owner Web Design

Do you have any good stuff in your house that I can steal?

no post


We're getting giddy around here!!

PHOTO: Republicans are SEXY!

I'm late

n-n-ervous? i'm not na-nu-nana-na-ne---i'm n-not ner-ner-n-n-na--na

Election eve Sing-Along

I have a fever for MORE COWBELL!!! Ask ME anything!!!!!!

National Celibacy Day - November 2, 2004

Just discovered "Pimp My Ride" on MTV

Have you ever been on a TV show?

2 Year Old Badly Burned After Falling Into Vat Of Hot Soup

Does this pic remind anybody of a stupid white man?

My boyfriend's wearing his bootylicious leather outfit to the...

When fish go crazy...

I have a fever & am feeling Psychic. Ask Me Anything.

Will * end up being "worst president in history?"

Onion Ring recipes, anyone?

it's been a long ride, folks.

Lesbians Are Cool!

I hear the secrets that you keep... When you're talking in your sleep

Between the Election and GTA: San Andreas, I'm completely useless.

Game: name a third world.

I conducted a poll on my own ( Very Scientific)

Do me a big favor. Will ya, Guys? Fire my Boss!!!

A very unflattering photo

Maybe it's me, but we need to start a MAJOR KARMIC thread for Kerry & Dems

So, what do you sleep in?

There is a possibility that more Brazilians may be visiting here


How to insert Funky Characters™ in your posts and make them look ≠

Are the any DUers who love the 80s?

I'm Hosting Erection Night At My House! You Joining Me?

Never use two Roombas in the same room!

Where in the hell is Armstead????

It's All Saints' Day: Whom Do You Want to Commemorate?

Pagerbear and Josh_Strength: a match made in heaven?

How do you feel without your signature line?

My latest tactic: be hot and wear a Kerry button.

Game: Speak like Bush!

So what brand of champagne should I be drinking tomorrow night?

Is there some kind of "election" thing happening? Seems to be a lot of

DU This Poll ESPN Radio

Upright Citizens Brigade

Like Nestle "Smarties"? - Did You Know They Are Made With BEETLES?

What's Cued Up On Your Stereo For Tomorrow Night?

I propose an entirely new electoral system: voting by bumper sticker.

My latest woodworking project (big pics)

Voters in Texas and elsewhere... read this!

Who is your LEAST favorite Catholic Saint?

Kerry to Govern in French, Change National Language

Lando Calrissian's cool!

Serious question about breasts...............

I'm crushed that (nameyourceleb) is a Repub.

OMG! OMG! OMG! CHAVEZ has a Bubble Butt!


Mississippi Navy Vet with Kerry stickers plastered on his tailgate...

Even Republicans Fear Bush - "I am frightened to death of George Bush"

Is anyone listening to NBC?

Stupid Republican guy at work happy it's going to rain in OH and PA

Holy Mother Of God-Barbara Streisand Just Called Me...

if this turns out to be a big win for Kerry,

Are there any statistics on the number of voting machines per capita?

Florida Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Pensylvania Ohio = KERRY

OMG -- The Votemaster from is Andrew Tanenbaum!

Anybody else gotten this e-mail? Title is "Republican View of Bush

Aloha DICK! Don't come back!

Michael Moore's on the phone with Howard Stern Right Now

I need a snappy but factual rebuttal or reply ...

Well, I certainly live in a fascist community

Pass along to all your friends re: voting rules, etc.

Speaking of all the calls and mailings...

I just took down over 100 republican signs

The election results virtual betting/virtual odds thread!!!

Sinclair showing anti Kerry "documentary " in Tallahassee

For my 200th post

Unofficial Korea Poll

On The Issue News

Where is the national HOTLINE number for polling problems??

I'm 90% sure Kerry will win!

Clinton rips Bush a new one

bin laden....a PHOTO editorial......the whole bush* cabal in a nutshell

The Price of Deception (video by Erich Blumrich)

My Little Prayer...

How I know we'll win...

Kerry in cincinnati on 11/01 ???

Mrs. Edwards... ( I'm dancing as fast as I can! )

DON'T let Rove & bushCartel SCAM YOU!

Just in case you hadn't hear

bush & his rightwingnuts; dirty lying anti-American bastards

Olberman showing Bush melt down tonight!

How the electronic voting is going (video)

BUSH/BROKAW bust-up on Olbermann in 2mins eom

Pack your bags Chimpy!!!

was HACKED!!?!?

Who will Powell vote 4?

1999; bush saw "POLITICAL BENEFITS" to invading Iraq

I can't wait for tuesday!!!!!!!!!

Bush Administration's Faith Based Polling

Yes I know its more than a little juvenile BUT................

America the Beautiful

Laura Bush had fertility treatments. Where are the extra embryos?

Ralph-What Went Wrong?

Election Day Weather Map

Newsweek: Powell says U.S. is losing Iraq war

There comes a point when you can tell a candidate knows he's going to win

Kerry looks like he's got a secret!!!

Post your favorite "Eve of Battle" speech here!

Bwahahahaha....AWOL's New Campaign Song

What happens if the power goes out on election day? Re:Diebold machines

My 400th post "The Real War" be sure to share... It's scary.

Question: How Many Friends/Family Do You Know Who've...

Trippi on Tweety;

OMG - one day. wow

Self Deleted

Stop posting stuff on this board!!!!!

New Zogby battleground polls - Kerry makes gains

I feel like we're on the edge...Either continue on to the path of darkness

Bush*: "Important not to have lawsuits that stop the will of the people"

Drudge: Kerry edges ahead in Iowa with boost from early voters...

NY Post - Chris Heinz lets it fly

US military lying, they do keep track of Iraq casualities

overseas voters misled to vote for Bush

I want to urge people here not to overreact to leaked exit polls on Tues.

Bush to finish his 2004 presidential campaign in DALLAS, TEXAS!

Kerry support thread -

So When is the last day I have to see TURDS face on posts? I'm sick of it.

Odd day at the GOTV

Drudge: Early voters give Kerry lead in Florida

We will not tolerate four more years of Bush dictatorship.

What happens to the Republican Party after Bush loses?

If a person votes and that vote is NOT challenged, the outcome is suspect.

Is the White House Basement Crew Drunk Tonight? They gatta be,

Just saw a very odd Republican commercial

Made some shirts for myself & friends going to Ohio

Deputy governor of Baghdad assassinated

The DSCC seems very optimistic about taking the Senate.

The freeper meltdown goes on!

Should Kerry or Edwards mention the 400 tons again?

Just reported a few hours ago: Powell says Iraqi Insurgents are winning

If Bush loses, I believe he will be

What's going on with early voting?

Miami Herald: "Nationally, Hispanics favor Kerry by wide margin"

What are the unpolled advantages on each side?

Wolfpacks for Truth. I'm not kidding, they really exist

Word has it Bush will try a DESPERATE HAIL MARY to try to win Florida

Important fliers to pass out, print these and put them up everywhere

Breaking News - Osama spotted near himilayas heading for hideout

Cheney & bush speak!

Monday's Boondocks! LMAO!

LOL!!! Desperate Freeps Grateful For Obscure Polish Headline

Its CBS 60 Minutes fault soldiers are dyin in iraq

Probably only about 15 of them with multiple 'handles'

crap... it's gonna boil down to Florida again...

Poll Validity - CallerID w/Privacy Plus bigger factor than Cell Phones?

Oh and Freepin trolls one more thing.....

All Rove, all the time

Great site with all presidential elections' information

How many people wore a Bush costume or made a political Halloween message?

Maine GOP fined for Ethics violations

Prominent Republicans (officials) abandon bush

Does anyone have the link to the Krugman interview

Jeb's former aide mails fake story; Dirty Bomb attack if Kerry elected

Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000

Does Kerry have the support of active military?

The Power Of Nightmares

Ohio: U.S. circuit court judge rules vote challanges unconstitutional

80 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes, 10 seconds

Racially-Based Suppression of the African-American Vote

Invasion of Fallujah appears imminent, could the Repugs use this to

This is terrific - saw it on Bartcop

In Iraq, U.S. Officials Cite Obstacles to Victory

Imus: "I'll bet any amount of money from anyone that Kerry wins"

What Kind Of Dog Does President Kerry Have?

Okay..I know I'm obsessed about this election now


MSPMS: Replay Of Brokaw Vs. Emperor Naked Bunnypants

Freeper Priest at Sunday mass in St. Louis got a little surprise

Somethings Happening Here, What it is Ain't Exactly Clear

I'm consistently reminded of Stephanopoulos in "The War Room"...

Zogby daily tracking

Biased AP story: "Dems in GOP States Stay Distant From Party"

I asked Scarborough what kind of meds

President Kerry..........President Kerry........President Kerry......

What time does the guy come out of the closet?

Voting in Virginia - How late are they open until?

Nevermind, someone's already doing this

November 1st Surprise?

If I ever start thinking like a Repuke, somebody put me out of my misery.

Props to the Democrats of IOWA.

Andy Rooney had an interesting take on Bush's flip-flopping on religion.

The George Bush resume


1/3 of florida has voted. Kerry 51 - Bush 43

Did anyone see John Kerry's rally in Florida last night ?

Home Stretch (MON 7:40 AM EST) If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts



ZOGBY/REUTERS Bush up one 48-47


attention poll workers or any of you who know poll workers....

'I'm voting for K/E on Tuesday' Print a small poster for your car window!


Lex and Terry Radio Show Political Smack Down - Call now - Reach Millions

USA Today: Swing states lean to Kerry (it's all good!)

Final Marist Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 48% LV - Sunday night poll

From the Pen to the Voting Booth

Helen Thomas, her revelations

Bogus NAACP Letter Sent in S.C. to Suppress the Vote

Craig Crawford: I've gained a lot of respect for him

On FAUX this morning, the creeps were bitching

DUer Request for Action - It is time for everyone to be an activist!

Anyone have contacts within the Democratic Party?

Gallup: K 63% - B 34% among voters aged 18-24

Question For My Fellow Political Junkies

How will Dixville Notch vote tonight?

Helen Thomas: Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times

Why has Giuliani become Bush's main spinmeister on the news shows?

Tim Russert's Freudian slip is showing?

Democracy Corps - Kerry 48% Bush 47% - Battlegrounds Kerry 51% Bush 46%

latest photos of rove,huges dressing as GI to slam Kerry

Cokie Roberts on NPR this AM

Zogby Numbers for Battleground States Give Kerry the Edge

If the rest of the world could vote

Where is John Edwards?

Stay the Course, 33 Hours to go before the last place closes the Booth.

New Granite State Poll -- New Hampshire : Kerry 49 / Chimp 48 (LV)

Teresa Smear Today?

YUCK-Fineman say's Kerry will win

Poll: Will Jeb Bush deliver Florida to his dipshit brother?

Republican meme well underway: Kerry stealing the election. (DirecTV)

Judge bars challengers from Ohio polling places

New Marist Poll 11/01 Kerry 49 Bush 48 LV

Deleted message

It's Nov. 1! It's officially TOO LATE for an October Surprise!

Kerry Directed By Viet Cong

DU this poll- at Freeperville!

Well I'll be---Did Gallup Just Say Kerry Will Do Better in Iraq than Bush? Kerry 283, Bush 246!!!!! Yeee-ha!

Slate: Kerry EV Lead Increases As Florida Goes Blue

Slate Says 30% have voted early in FL- Kerry Leads

Fineman on Imus: My gut tells me Kerry wins


New Marist Poll -- Wisconsin : Kerry 49 / Chimp 48 (LV)

Final Marist poll Kerry 49-48

1010 WINS news radio in NYC campaigning for bush

Think of the big picture...

Zogby's numbers this morning?

NO Republican has won in modern era w/o carrying Independents!

Pollster Anna Greenberg: "Tied is not losing"

When Kerry wins, with McAuliffe get some respect?

No retreat, no surrender!

Corrected Electorial K 298, * 231. Sweeeeeeet!!!

Blue and Red dogs race???

LAST message before I go on 36 hr VOLUNTEER Marathon

"It all depends on turnoff." LOL

Fineman: "I think Kerry, based on the tone of the campaigns"

FOX & FRIENDS pos's are claiming the translation from the OBL tape left

Fox Email

A federal judge has barred vote challengers from Ohio polls

BBC (Monday): Kerry supporters sense momentum

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 298 Bush 231

Greg Palast (London Observer): Voters claim abuse of electoral rolls

Are fundies as robotic as they appear?

Best LTTE about the Usama bin Laden tape - Globe and Mail (CDN).

Troops stood there as "black fever" virus looted in Iraq

To the original DUers, thank you.

In some states if you vote by early and then die, your vote does not count


I am a first time election judge, Would like legal MO info. voting...

Howard Fineman just said Kerry will WIN!

Soldiers drive across Florida to vote for Kerry

too jumpy to get any work done today...

Is any state posting party registration figures of early voters?

Bush rally on MSNBC on AGAIN!!!!


U.S. moves goalpost for 6,500 soliders

Joe Lockhart is great. He is articulate, extremely likable, and is a

Letter from Iraq: A Matter of Survival

Last night during X-Files movie on Fox, Bush got a free minute to pray...

China: Bush Doctrine "Destroyed" Global Anti-Terror Coalition

Didn't we kick some ass?

St Georgie's Christian E-mails Showing Up....

"This election may end serious polling"

The Youth Vote & The Future: Important for us and them

Why Isn't CNN Showing Bush Quotes About Osama (Cave Smoke/Dead or Alive)?

Chelsea Clinton enters political arena by stumping for Kerry predicted final results Kerry 306 - * 218

I am so nervous/excited.

Right wing radio host here in Philly is Bummed out about Good

Bring it on, Bush

Two Vital Messages Need to Be Sent Tomorrow....

The Nation Radio - audioblog

removed by poster

Have Sludge and the Hate Radio Liars Run Out of Ammo?

Gallup at it AGAIN

Gallup poll of early voters in FL- You'll like this

Poll Challengers not allowed at Ohio Polls

Joe Lockhart is great. He is articulate, extremely likable, and a great

notice how the news won't say ANYTHING negative about bushy boy?

Oh Man - 11th Hour Repuke Email Floating Around!

Almost Everything I "Know" Is Here w/Links -- Use It As Needed.

Electoral is being attacked...

It's official! ESPN Sportscenter predicts Kerry win!

Many more Republicans supporting Kerry

one day to go, kerry has biggest lead of the campaign...

Stupid Question - If the polls close at 7, will they deny those in line?

Schwarzenegger Star Power Fades for GOP in State Races

Plea for early voting

Ha Ha Ha-Rethug Radio Host Demoralized

Walking for Kerry: Tell your canvasing stories here

Who knew Oklahoma would be in play?

My Brother's a registered Green - the Republicans have been calling him

Help GOTV from your own home. Your help needed TODAY!

My swing state predictions

The cloned soldier Bush ad

I think Trippe is getting ready to talk about F-911 and that SBVL

DJ on morning LA radio show just says no need to vote, Kerry's gonna win

Latest - Another back-door draft announced today

Just left a new answer on my answering machine

I was in a great mood until I turned on Hardball tonight

Political debut for Chelsea Clinton

What did the hotline Cspan person say this morning?

How fun is it watching the mediawhores spin frantically, knowing

Cheney visits Hawaii in hopes of stealing it for GOP

We're Gonna Wipe That Smirk Right Off of Your Face, Chimp --->

Polls At This Point Are For Desperate Repugs . . .

Challenge case appeal


Freepers reacting to grim exit polls in FLA and IA on early voters- teehee

Signs! Signs! Everywhere Signs! Michigan for KERRY!

Oh, that skanky Michigan Republican flop sweat! Ha HA!

CNN's Daryn Kagan...

I am starting to feel good about all the good work Bev and other BBV

any one else getting push polled?

Where Do You Buy Nice, Cheap Black Hooded Sweatshirts?

When Bush loses, who else will be tarnished?

New yard sign: "John Kerry for President of France"

what's the mood in freeperville right now?

God, People are so Stupid-Rant (Conservatives)

Protection of Nuclear Weapons in Russia Cancelled by George W. - WP

Zogby: Kerry 47% Bush 48% LV


Make Bush US ambassador to Fallujah?

Is Quinnipac a good pollster? They have * up 8 points in FL

my review of "Going Upriver" gentle?

"How Republicans Are Manipulating Soldiers' Children To Get the Military

Bush Cancelled Nuclear Weapons Protection in Russia

DU this poll

My suggestion: Open the polls tomorrow. I'm going at 7 AM.

Iraqi Insurgents interviewed on TV

what's up in Hawaii? We'll win it but narrowly, in 2000 we won by 18%

WOW - one statement by Bush I agree with!!!!!

HEADSUP!! Electronic voting discuss. on C-span NOW

Is Cincinatti a liberal or conservative part of Ohio?

Now I'm now worrying myself about cheating for the seats

Orlando TV Station Defends Airing of Anti-Kerry Infomercial! Outrageous!

Just curious - Did Kerry ever go on Oprah?

List of Election Day poll closing times.

Overconfidence and Complacency


Polling place locator being blocked??? Or just too busy?

"We can't see those yellow ribbons from here.

It's comic relief! It's know thine enemy!

Alert! The goddamn Smearvet discharge story will be all over the net today

Will the weather be a factor?

GWBush's bender commences around midnight on Nov 2, 2004

Four Hostages Taken In Iraq...

What to do with the Repubs when we win

New OH poll: B 50 - K 49

"Man Charged With Threatening Cheney"

Star Jones from "The View" just showed pictures of her and Kerry KERRY 296, * 242

This photo says it all


Checking in from work ...

What will your response be if? Bush wins Popular - Kerry wind Electoral?

"U.S. Short at Least 500,000 Poll Workers"

Just heard a new Bush radio ad here in Colorado...

Thune Flyer pisses off Lakotas - Good news for Daschle

BBC America will do election night coverage

Need Encouragement - please post all good news here!!!

"Dems in GOP States Stay Distant From Party"

I am not a "gracious winner," I am not "considering others' feelings"

Kerry Tora Bora comment ripped out of context

Big picture from American Prospect:

Will we see any decent Repubs at the polls

Wednesday's pundits: "How could the polls have been so far off?"

US journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida voting office

Yes Bush Can campaign changes their mind, backs Kerry.

If Kerry with in two I feel good.

An email message from John Kerry

"Like Father, Like Son. One Term and He's an Asshole" doesn't rhyme

"Flip Flop Hall of Fame"?

It's the People vs the Power !

TIPP breaking for Kerry - Kerry +2 Bush -1 3way - Kerry +2 Bush -2 2way

We need another -KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE!!!

Fahrenheit 9/11 gets web airing Tonight.

A Kerry win or I quit

"Flip Flop Hall of Fame"?

Anyone else not turning on their TV tomorrow night?

GOP pollster, "I want to prepare you for a likely Bush loss." (Not a Joke)

fox poll

Electoral Votes: Kerry 306 Bush 218!

I just voted for the next President of the United States!

Blacks Playing Key Roles in Kerry Campaign

It's High Time For Another Freak Republic Meltdown Thread

Repubs must have bought all the Clear Channel Stations air time...

Rush sounds depressed today. I hope it is Because he knows

TIPP tracking poll: B 47 -- K 45 -- N 1, Kerry +3 since yesterday

Speedy, high-quality version of "Mosh" video hosted on Eminem's website

Fox News Poll complete data link here (pdf format)

A toast to the victory we have achieved!

L:ink to help people find where they vote.

On C-SPAN NOW! The Oxford University Democrats Abroad Debate!

MORE about the Cincinnati "VOTE KERRY!" Skywriting yesterday!

Jonah the Whale - "Vote Your Fears, People"

Poll results from Penn State University

Hey Lurking Freepers

How many Republicans should Kerry appoint?

Rolling Stone Poll results

Kerry will win, but how many seats in the House and Senate will be lost?

Rush in serious tone: "Osama quoted Kerry in tape.."

Franken: "Senator Kerry knew what terrorism was BEFORE 9/11"

election fraud ohio!

Faux Poll - Kerry by 2% - LIKELY VOTERS!!! nt

Rasmussen has it 49-47, but with leaners it's 49.4-48.8

Hear these voices! Their legacy will be our own...

Jackson, Mississippi, Free Press endorses Kerry and No vote on GMA

Battlegrounds: How powerful is the * ground war machine?

What will your response be: Bush wins Popular Vote - Kerry the Electoral? this new Kerry extended ad

Should Early Voting Be Allowed In ALL States?

Freeper Poetry Thread...

Urgent message to all Colorado voters.

Must Read: Mark Crispin Miller "Reality Always Wins"

'*ush is steady..right or wrong..I love this reasoning Lol

Be a FLUSHER tomorrow! Your Dem HQ still needs 'em. Here's what they are

A picture that makes them both look goofy from CNN

LTTE sent to a friend in Nevada

I recommend listening to El Rushbo today

Tracking voters?

Jim Hightower - Happy Days Are Here Again

Need Help From A DUer With A Statistics Background...

Election Eve, How Are We Feeling?

Help take down Tom DeLay!

Every single vote counts. If for nothing else they are MANDATE VOTES!

Locked and loaded?

For your 'undecided' friends...GWB's Record, A Few of the Issues...

MSNBC reveals

Jeff Seemann guarantees a Kerry victory - and can prove it!

Kick this CNN poll!!

Is the long American nightmare about to end?

Just DU it

Have the Repubs already consulted with an Appeals Judge...?

US journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida voting office

*bush forced Curt Schillings, the Red Sox's player to appear in Ohio!

Let me introduce you to the next President of the United States

FAUX Florida poll: K49 - B 45

Program Your Cell Phone with "Protect the Vote" Hotline Numbers

Home Ownership...correct me if Im wrong, but...

Desperation and Inevitability

dupe please delete

HUGE: Judge Rules Ohio 'Poll Challengers' Unconstitutional

What is your favorite nickname for * ?

If you know anyone who's undecided

Stolen yard signs? Respond thusly ...

One more good reason to vote Team Kerry:

BBV: Don't vote straight ticket using the check *every* race

This is SICKENING - MSNBC - delussional people

Kerry ever go on Oprah?

Proof that Karl Rove is no "genius"

MSNBC had our Gov Jennifer Granholm on

OMG...they are showing Bush again on CNN/MSNBC

All of MSNBC's "undecideds" break for Bush or the Libertarian candidate

Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win

Brand new Marist poll taken Sunday: K 49 * 48

Home Stretch (MON 1:15 PM EST) If you need GOTV flyers, posters, handouts

Judges Bar Party Challengers at Ohio Polls

Who to watch for the most gleeful coverage? >

Electoral identity revealed - streaming a live Kerry rally in 2 minutes

msnbc poll now

Imus is a Bush Butt Boy

say it with me President John F. Kerry! I know you want to

Prof. Sam Wang predicts a Kerry win.

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 298 Bush 231

Forward to friends, relatives, fence sitters, bush supporters etc

Gore Vidal predicts Kerry Win-Wonders if he'll be 'allowed' to take office

Historical data (good news)

Oh my...C-Span right now

New Zogby....Kerry ahead in 9 of 16 battleground states

Have the planets aligned yet?

On Nov. 3, I'd like to see threads discussing how to protect Kerry

Phony Phone Calls in MI claim Kerry would legalize gay marriage

An earthquake is about to shake the Republican Party... Votemaster Revealed: My name is Andrew Tanenbaum

More Fox Poll - Early voters Kerry 48% Bush 43%

Yikes...Even filthy Dick Morris backs away from shrub win

What Will The SLUDGE Headline Be When Kerry Wins?

Should I poll watch or drive people to the polls? (in Raleigh, NC)

Did some canvassing in NH this weekend

Why I Will Cast My Vote Tomorrow

that interview with Brokaw that Bush had...

NH k up 3, IA k up 3, Minn K up 8, latest polls

A look back at how bad polls were last time--

Sent this to undecided coworker voter...

Las Cruces, NM

Zogby: " Kerry has a 54-40 percent edge among newly registered voters"

Five years ago I had never heard the name George W Bush

Is there an official EV prediction thread yet?

Hand out the tissues, the Freepers are crying a river!

National Celibacy Day - November 2, 2004

Bush just proved AGAIN how stupid he is by insulting Massachusetts (sp?)

Republican supporters are almost as arrogant as their leader...

FREEPER IMPLOSION!!!! And isn't Gog a bad guy. Hehe.

Lord's prayer said en masse at Bush rally.

Leftcoaster reports gross Gallup GOP LV overweighting!

Outstanding Top 10 "list" Today, EarlG!

Just Overheard in My Office

I'm so fucking nervous.

Paths Crossed Just Now: Eerie

I just got a call from former OK Governor Walters

While Colorado citizens might be better off splitting electors

John Kerry on Tavis Smiley just now(leaving Orlando heading for Wiscon

1 more day!

"Networks Ready for Big Election Night"

Jeb Bush says, on Rush, that "the great uniter"

what's the link for the place you can make your own EV map??

Leftcoaster -Gallup And Fox (Yes, Fox) Have Bad News For Bush

Have you voted yet?

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick are on board

Declare Yourself!!! Watch it and Pass it on...

memorable moments in *'s pResidency: "You forgot Poland..."

Back from NC Headquarters. Nice story to share.

Why * is now going to NM instead of Michigan

Right winger: "High Turnout Means Kerry Victory"

Well, My friends

An acquantence got a phone call from the GOP a couple days ago.

John Edwards: "The American dream is on the ballot." Dick Cheney:

Lets get Eminem's "mosh" up on TRL one last time before election Votemaster Revealed: My name is Andrew Tanenbaum

oh my.... the ultimate insult to freepers... from a freeper:

CNN does it again..Tech difficulties

Go to Kerry speaking right now

WATCH KERRY on cbsnews Streaming LIVE. 2:15 eastern

Slate gives fla and ohio to bush, but...

President Kerry just asked for our help how will you respond ?

Democrats will crawl thru broken glass to vote against Bush....

Anyone hear Jeb on with Rush

Going, Going, GONE --->

Like a chicken with its head cut off, Bush veers off to NM rather than MI

Just got back from three days of GOTV in Ft. Lauderdale.

Election Day Weather forecasts for battleground states?

Another Way of Looking At It...

Memo to pat robertson: God did say "landslide", but it wasn't your boy.

Deleted message

Slow your rolls, kids.

Who's joining me at Kerry Rally in Cleveland...

Typical GOP homophobes...

Rush: Refs threw the Redskins game

Will Big Media Pay The Price For Slanting Against Kerry?

Can I help folks standing in the long lines tomorrow???

Yet Another FL poll showing Kerry ahead -- 5 points!

Florida DU'ers, how are people responding to the missing ballots?

Misleading antigay phone calls being made to Michigan voters

It comes to a head tomorrow... How well are you going to sleep tonight?

A total aside: Whatever happened to Ben Affleck

If No Republican Has Ever Been Elected President Without Winning OHIO...

What'd I'd love to see during Kerry's acceptance speech

What's going on in the battleground states today?

If Bush loses, will the Republicans even consider another Bush ever again?

What would we hear if the Dems sent out a flyer

The Fairness Doctrine and Tax Exempt Status for Churchs

Political Oddsmaker: Bush loses advantage; Slight Shift to Kerry

8 pages of GREAT signs on Air America site!

bush/Cheney = 4 DUI's - any comment from M.A.D.D.?

Slashdot poll re: Bush or Kerry -- DU it.

TNR: Thoughts of a Chimp Concession Speech

EV Prediction from Princeton as of noon today (eastern)

Michael Moore- One Day Left

Arnold keeps lying about Prop 66 (revision of 3 strikes)

Phony Michigan calls story -- rate this a 5

LOL... Bush is a sweaty mess

VOTE - No Matter what

Is there a feasible mathematical combo that leads to an EV tie?

Elizabeth Edwards Cancels Appearance on Faux - Greta Whines

Republicans, the party of true family values....

I know an OH undecided - help me convince her

White Aryan Resistance endorses Tom Coburn (OK-senate)

Salon: Bush mistakes can be rectified, "first, he has to go"

A Nice Comeback from Wilbon today.........

Where's Dat Wascally Wabbit? ---->

Time to de-Freep this Freeper poll!

When we win tomorrow. No graciousness. F em. Who agrees?

When Kerry Wins Tomorrow, will WE Unite to END the WAR???

if you think paul harvey...

We need 1 vote to get over the mountain..Get Out There!!


Retired General Backs Halliburton Whistleblower

Shitty weather in your state tomorrow? Here's how you can help:

Kerry quips that Cameron may run for FL Governor

FL Sec. of State office phone is not available!! Help us check this out.

"Daily Show" Video Clip: NEVER FORGET

Rove's campaign in disarray - "The duck is paddling madly"

electoral collge map...

it's a little too quiet around here

Would Commander Codpiece be easier to beat if he were MORE competant?

Misleading Calls Made to Michigan Voters (AP)

President Gore is doing his thing for Kerry today in Wisconsin

"Bush" = "One-Term"

No complacency allowed!!!

So tell me: Are you KEYED UP?!?

Bangladeshi supporters march for presidential candidate John Kerry PIC

Suppose George Bush wins the election

KR Halloween stunt only proves that they will say anything and do anything

Story to make you smile!

Bad Weather predicted for those Red states tomorrow!

Kiss My Ring- The Big Dawg Just Called Me

Kerry does it again! (Photo)

To Anyone Considering Voting For A Third Party Presidential Candidate

Do NOT let the weather keep you from voting tomorrow....

I'm going to JK's 1:00am rally tonight in La Crosse WI

This is like Xmas Eve when I was little

I feel like our country is a cancer patient.....

Anyone here planning on being in Copley Square, Tuesday Night?

Is Rove losing his mind??

bush* supporters tear up a sign from a protestor .......pic

Oxford Picks Kerry

Four hour wait to vote!!!!

A great list of links....met the guy who put them together yesterday at

Tomorrow, Americans will face a choice [MUST SEE] New Kerry Video


Al Franken on AAR said to volunteer at

When Bush loses, will Rove make him the Rep. candidate in 2008?

Whichever side is hungrier wins. Period.

"What opposition? I only see support" W to Tom Brokaw

"If we keep President Bush, .... we'll have time to impeach him."

Speculators Bet on Kerry Win, Oil Falls!

Web site predicts electoral votes

Does anyone know how Hannity is taking the Fox poll news?

NO OBL Capture, NO Cheney Replacement, NO Terror Attack

For Bush to win...

A 20 something A/C worker blew my mind today

Isn't it sad that we have to worry about electoral fraud in the U.S.?

I actually believe bin Laden was making early push for 2008.

Does anyone know how Hannity is taking the Fox poll news?

In the next 36 hours.

that's weird

Bush is sucking lozenges to keep his voice. LOL


My precinct has QUADRUPLED turnout already !

The Good News Keeps On Coming

I want to take my 4-year old son with me to the polls tomorrow...

Got a call from Rudy "Cross Dresser" Guiliani

What if Bush supporters weren't as deep in denial as he is?

Rolling Stone Poll results

FOX News--Zogby say's Kerry will show slight lead tomorrow.

GALLUP oversampled Repubs Again! And KERRY is TIED!!!

Can I have a status report on the major polls please?

Election Eve EC Prediction


Forget Fathering Black Babies, Kerry's Making Gay Marriage Legal:

MSNBC Reveals undecided voters

Abortion rate has increased under *

PNAC scares the shit out of my co-workers.

Most outrageous voting supression tactic I've heard of....

On-line polls tonight and tomorrow?

Funny Freepers feeling sorry for B*sh- he's so TIRED

Pulling the lever to get George Bush out of the peoples house

Like language of a Kerry landslide will discourage Kerry voters....

GOTV reminder calls welcomed with glee!

Official Thank-You Thread - To All

Why such long line ups at the polls?

How are the Senate races in the South?

Osama Threatens Red States with Terrorism: ie Vote for Kerry or Die!

People are standing in line for hours in Florida despite a

Call me superstitious, but Id be careful with all this 'landslide' talk

This WILL happen...

Bush campaign internal polling: Sunday in Ohio was "terrible" for Bush

Todays lines for Early Voting are the longest yet!

Anyone got pics of this?????????????

Click here for voters' bill of rights, Know your rights!

Death poems for the Bush campaign

DU this poll

I could not close the deal with my brother in Florida...

We need another- KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE!!

Can chimp run again in 2008?

Judy Woodruff: Going down with the ship

Undecideds Vote For The Percieved Winner- Bandwagon Effect

2200 absentees/early voting in my town of about 12,000 voters

I know everyone is focused on Kerry, but you gotta see this!!!!

lamest. video. ever. for the worst. president. ever.

They are so incompetent they couldn't even get their October Surprise

Conservatives have been very successful

How much is 377 tons?

Is anyone in early voting states handing out bottled water to people...

How many BC photos do you see at Yahoo most pop?

RATE THIS UP: "Kerry STORMS to Victory" (CAPS MINE!)

Early voting in NC is over but we set a new state record

How's the Chimp looking today?

you guys crack me up. CNN says bush ahead: "trying to get bandwagon"

2nd Judge Bars Challengers at Polls in Ohio

What are your Campaign 2004 firsts?

Looks like it's Bedtime for Bozo in Wisconsin!!!!!!


How are we doing in Iowa? I need an update. I'll average your responses

If ** does lose, who would be the most viable candidate for the GOPers?

I am going to be an election judge tomorrow, what do I need to know?

CNN actually saying it...possible Kerry LANDSLIDE!?

Stories from the Front Line to get fired up about!

A Bush Supporter Egged My Car Lastnight!

"Interest Rates Are Going To Skyrocket Tomorrow If Kerry Wins"

Anyone have poll numbers for Senate race in Florida?

Voter Rights Guides...print, pass out, and take with you!

2000 Election, chimp won because he ran as moderate "uniter"

Poll: who do you think will win in my local paper (W ahead)

Seems like we are in self-reflection mode, so here's my piece...

Any one know the election odds in Vegas?

GOP making fake phone callls re: gay marriage

61%. . .

Please Indulge My Strange Superstition

Dude, Yahoo News Is Hilarious

HELP! Can anyone help me with FL phone banking NOW?

Rev. Jackson said voters should not be intimidated

I voted in Florida today!!

Any final numbers on Early Voting?

Just heard on CNN that there are 800,000 new voters

Kerry 306 Bush 232

Amber Tamblyn (star of Joan of Arcadia) posted on her

MSNBC poll being freeped, 3000 votes/min, pay no attention

NH Kerry Rally

How "Blue Hawai'i" Came to Be in Play

Can you smell the desperation?(GOP)

4 Things That Can Defeat Us Tomorrow

My kickass GOTV day in Florida. (Polk County)

On Nov 3rd we have to ALL call Rush, Heil Hannity, Savage

How much can we count on the young vote?

Here comes the LANDSLIDE!!!!

Exit Polls (not sure if this has been posted)

What happens if there is still a line of voters at poll closing time?

I can't wait until tomorrow to vote for Bush...

The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last.

Do we have a list of state election results websites?

Is Howard Stern Urging People to Vote???

Last minute volunteer opportunities (please read text before posting)

Who here has gotten calls from Sleazy Rudy or President Bill?

Streaming Real Video of Springsteen/Kerry in Madison

Constitution Party candidate runs graphic anti-abortion ad

My Florida Family - Final Results

"I didn't vote for his daddy either"

Final looks, Electoral College count sites

New strategic vision polls: look good for Kerry

Why PRESIDENT KERRY must include Dean/Clark/others in his

Desperate Freepers are a funny lot.

If Kerry wins he should have Scalia swear him in on inaugural day

Only nine votes are going to matter

Why is Ed Gillespie Threatening Voters

Today's focus was JOBS JOBS JOBS and health care. We WIN.

My mom called (Cincinnati) and says that Kerry is here at Kerry

Your Story

We're Gonna Fire the Shit Heard Round The World

The Weather Factor

Ohio BARELY there

New CBS poll * 47 Kerry 46

Big Dog in Arkasas- anyone see him? I missed any posts. n/t

After Kerry wins, I'd love for us to have a DU GD2004 reunion!

Read this Post - What's up with this Freeper Post

Is the complete transcript of Chelsea's stump available anywhere?

Tomorrow, the United States will turn to the rest of the world and declare

Most US Hispanics Back Kerry - Poll

Proving democracy's strength: Removal

FOX POLL KERRY AHEAD! 48-46 likely, 47-45 reg'd

Take 5 friends

New CBS poll. ALL BAD NEWS for *

High Ranking Democratic Insider Told Me Personally

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow....."

do you know any newly registered voters who have suddenly decided

Report from Duval County, FL ("Problem" County)

Can We Have Just One Thread For The Nervous Nellies?

if you think...

Reminder: Bush's Brain on Sundance 10:10 EST tonight!

What's with Randi Rhodes today?

Damn Republicans Stole My Signs

Watch this five times today and tomorrow and then do what it takes to win


My last post until after the election

Crossfire thread! RANGEL alert

Voting stories in Colorado

Schilling Shilling for Bush today

who have you gotten calls from?

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog on Crossfire NOW!

A brilliant idea for rainy voting stations tomorrow

1 out of 4 Iowans have been contacted by the Bush campaign?

FINAL Washington Post Poll: Bush 49% Kerry 48%

If you are still trying to convert people to Kerry...

The insult dog just told Tucker to get over it. Jon Stewart made him

Question on giving out water, food, etc. to those in need at polls--legal?

Hava Nat'l Advisory Task Force

Michigen poll= * 43%, Kerry 41%, Nader 12%

A sure sign of defeatism : Gillespie speaks before negative Kerry backdrop

Rove says they will win and win big just on CNN

Joe Trippi says new Your Stroy is first intenet campaign

Do amish people vote?

Presidential campaigns, voters upset about misleading calls

Ken Rudin - Political Columnist - Predicts KERRY Wins! 274-264

perspective and a nice "break"..

binLaden cites HALLIBURTON, video tape was scrubbed for US consumption

Could someone translate the latest entry from Sam Wang

You Can Trust This Face!

Gallup undersamples Dems by 4%, oversamples Repugs by 5%, for 9point swing

Please let's not become over confident. GOTV all day long!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared for Nader!

Voter Bill of Rights (downloadable)

Indian Outsourcers back AWOL - Rate it on Yahoo !

It is in God's and our hands now

Q about early voting -- when will they count these votes?

Joe Trippi And Your Story

Only Good News Today in Mixed Polls.

Do Electronic Voting Machines Provide INSTANT Results?

To all Nader voters: PLEASE don't throw your vote away!!!

Who will keep an eye on * between now and the Inauguration,

Rep Tom Ryan Dem from Ohio

The rest of the story...more of Bin Laden tape translated on CNN

MAJOR PROPS to all the poll workers, drivers, etc., out there!

A Kerry landslide?

The Schedules of the candidates are very telling

Can anyone imagine a US political party trying to keep people from voting?

Pictures of Cheney campaigning in Hawaii

Bush isn't winning any friggin blue states. Write it down.

sky party! cool site

Perle runs to Prague to whine about Kerry

Call for help to all Missouri DUers

new CBS poll - bin laden flops

Anybody see the full-page ads on the DRAFT in college papers??

what will you be drinking?

Caption curly & moe

Rehnquist may be more seriously ill than we knew

Will JK Top 300 Electoral Votes?

Freepers desperate attempt to insult their own [They have gone insane]

Love her or hate her, Cahill's done an awesome job.

Why does it seem like every national poll is * 49% Kerry 48%?

Palast says 1M votes already stolen

Clinton on with Randi NOW

We're the GOP--the party that works hard to keep you from voting...if you

Inspiration to get you through the next two days — NEW MOVIE

Did you know Farenheit is supposed to be on satellite TV tonight ?

I hope this is overstated for impact

Are we done with polls yet? Arrrrrrrgh!

My Prediction for Polling Places Tomorrow

When Kerry wins, will the pundits say Kerry won it or Bush lost it?

Bill Clinton on AAR now

Clinton on air america live stream link

Barack Obama on Air America Now!

Randi Rhodes says she's got a surprise guest. It's gotta be Bill Clinton.

President Kerry Speaks to America - VIDEO

bill clinton on randi rhodes right now.

Ohio - 6th Circuit Ct of Appeals - Poll Challenger Cases

Why Kerry and Edwards Kept Floggin the Tora Bora Line

Full transcript of OBL's monologue on

VNS got the Exit Polling RIGHT in 2000 - So, of course, they're gone...

Great Video and Song about Bush.....better'n Dennis Leary's famous song!

Martinis tomorrow night!

KKKarl has 12 to 18 hours to pull a diamond out of his ass...will it be?

PHOTO: Kerry looks like a WINNER today!!!!!

Who do you want for President MSNBC Kerry trailing . . .

Greg Palast Gave Me A Buzzkill

Local SW Florida TV news, announces estimated 45% turnout already

Will Ashley Faulkner ever hear from George W. Bush after tomorrow?

John Gibson on Faux arguing that OBL will get red state voters

OMG OMG John Stewart Verses the Bow Tie King CNN

Voting suit revisits intimidation claims

What channel will you be watching the returns on...?

Randi Rhodes just interviewed Bill Clinton

Once we vanquish the Repukes, we should then turn our gaze on the media

When Kerry wins, who will be the next Chief Justice? - Project completed

uh, you guy's do know this election could end up just like the

When you vote or take someone think about what all Bush has done to us !

Libertarian Candidate Badnarik- What Percent Of Vote Will He Get?

Vote: HERO not zero.

COATTAILS! We want Kerry coattails! The House! The Senate!

Hey, 'LANDSLIDE' people!

Is there a site to make your own electoral prediction?

sundance channel tonite

Sundance channel tonight 10:30pm central Al Frankin [Clinton?]

1 million votes for kerry already stolen?

Democracy Corps Poll

Washington Post Poll?

Report from Florida

DU this election eve POLL! Needs help..

The Vanishing Nonvoter

PHOTO: Bush twin says "Down with Iowa"!

When do the candidates usually know who wins? Early exit polls.

Screaming chimp alert - captions welcome ... Account has been suspended!

Excellent Kerry ad on Ch. 29 in Philly

A message from Osama!

What is John Kerry's favorite meal?

Wonder which Tweety will show up tonight.

ROFL, Mel Gibson asked by Hannity who he will vote for

Why a tie (within the MOE) does NOT favor an incumbent.

It's gonna be a wild day tomorrow!

I think that once Kerry's elected, he'll tell Faux News to Fuck Off!

Late Kerry surge in Ohio- are GOP vote challenges bad for their image?

New poll out of NH

Could The Course of The Century Be Determined Tomorrow?

Kerry Presidency Could Mean Cheaper Oil--Analysts[DU'ers SPREAD]

Networks to test new exit polling system

Double comic relief Poll

DU this MSNBC poll - needs help!

20% of Americans acknowledge spam could impact their vote - Kick!

Oh no PA just got a Bush will bring back the draft ad

Slate Predicts EV tie 269 to 269


Hypothesis: Minn/St. Paul, Philadelphia under threat of "Imminent Attack"

Kerry to Govern in French, Change National Language

PHOTO: Is Curt Schilling propping up a drunk campaign attendee?

Is Buchanan nutz?

WHOA! Just voted in Tulsa County

For all you " is repuke propoganda..."

What Time Tomorrow?

Doesn't Bush look more and more FRANTIC?

Pat Buchanan pimping for Bush on Lou Dobbs.

Great picture of Kerry hugging his daughters

Redskins played in BOSTON in 1936! RUSH is WRONG!

Young voter: "We’re voting for our lives. The Republicans must be fired"

Kerry 325 Bush 218- Bank It!

Compliments of FR, the true face of evil..

Where's The Final Harris Poll And The Zog's Tracking Numbers For Today

Isn't there a state that starts voting at midnight?

GOP Desperate dirty trick [Du'ers can't we get this site shut down?]

Wouldn't it be the final sweet revenge if the military vote....

Kerry ahead on 18- 30 y/olds 54% to 37%

For the 1st time in 40 years, our local paper endorses a DEMOCRAT!

Regime Change with Shock and Awe

This is great!! FReepers are urged to call their mommy, no shit

Email FOX's Hannity & Colmes NOW!!! predicting Bush win by 40??

What will Limbaugh and Hannity and the like be saying on

Chimp apologist Roger Simon just said a potential turnout tsunami tomorrow

Question: Do we have an official DU chatroom for Election Night?

Carville says 52-47 Kerry

Ok I have a stupid question, SO be nice.

Polls look identical to '00 where they all had the LOSER "up" 2-6 points


DU The Ultimate Poll

They will be up late tonight at the White House

sgr2's final prediction analysis

Will we be able to laugh about * pResidency in retrospect?

Ok, ok, how did Bush get such a huge gain in Hawaii in 2 months?

Florida turnout could be as high as 75 - 80 percent

Final Poll Shows Presidential Race from Gallup good news for Kerry

Stevie Wonder plays for Kerry in Detriot


Liberal Oasis Reports Good News From Colorado

Think John O'Neill is in the fetal position about now?

ALERT--Get all your Bushie loved ones to watch Sundance TONIGHT!!

Bush givin' OH one last, lame try

Zogby poll - Ohio results?

Oilslick's trick or treat...begging captions

Electoral Vote guess?

Facts, schmacts

Gillespie prattling about how "Bush has 8% lead in early voting"


"Election Day" song ready to get your blood going

Limbaugh will not do election night TV

prediction: which state - expected to be red - will go blue?

"Fox News has joined the dark side"

Fellow Southern DUers ... How do Yall Feel now?

Kerry likes Eminem's "Mosh"

Beware of another war if Bush is re-elected

Hugely important question..please help!!!!

You prediction of the Electoral vote outcome...

I'm trying to think up voter suppression ideas that work on Repubs....

BEWARE THIS LANDSLIDE TALK!!!!, it could be dangerous

Kerry Campaign asks "Please forward this email to 10 friends" (video link)

Illegal or just distasteful? Likeness of Kerry used as target.

DU these Hannity and Dild O'Relly Polls

Jeb said just now on MSNBC that heavy turnout favors Repubs in Florida...

You'll be watching which broadcast tomorrow?


okay, here is the contact page for the Associated Press

History tells us this election will not be close

What will George W. Bush's next job be?

It is New Jersey they plan to Diebold... CBS bob shiefer just said

Who thinks we'll take back the Senate?

Why is everyone so confident?

"Experts say Osama Bin Laden

Voters, remember this number: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Sean Hannity may be on suicide watch

Electoral Vote Simulation Models Point to John Kerry Win Tuesday

Unforgivable: Which Bush Crime Will YOu Hold Against Him For Longest?

God_bush_n_cheney NEEDS OUR HELP!!!

When did Joe Lockhart become an Illiterate Republican? LOL!!!

When did you get angry about this admin?

Last chance to diagnose the BRIGHT RED FACE of the Chimp --->

On eve of election eve(ha)who'll shout out to HOWARD DEAN?

What should Kerry do when he captures Bin Laden?

Is PA still going Kerry? I've seen news that Bush might get PA

LOL- Faux trying to explain away Kerry's 2 pt. lead because on Halloween

Vice-President to be John Edwards phone banks!

Has This Election Cost you any Friendships?

PHOTOS: Bush is WORKING HARD to practice his LOVE for his cronies!!

Please watch this. It is very powerful.


Speculators Bet on Kerry Win, Oil Falls

Bush cancels scheduled visit to MI ... headed for NM instead

Keyes to stay in Illinois...

FINALLY someone used the 7 minute My Pet Goat film in a

Remembering Wade Edwards

Moveable voters moving for Kerry in final ABC poll, he also leads in new


Where Dr. Dean and Gen. Clark are today

Caption the Chimp in WI

How's Colorado's electoral vote amendment going?

Do NOT wear Kerry gear (tshirts, hats, etc) when you go to vote.....

Will You Gloat?

George W. Bush: Mistaken (watch the video)

If Daschle loses, who's our new Senate leader?

Great Michael Moore Letter for Election Eve

OhmiGOD, the Pet Goat Ad just Aired in Virginia!

"Do not be magnanimous in victory." Paul Krugman

Great New Kerry/Edwards Campaign Video: "Your Stories"

My Final Thoughts: John Kerry and the Democrats Ran An Excellent Campaign.


And now, at last, comes the day, the day of days, the final reckoning.