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Image: Democracy's End

i'm not sorry i agree with ted rall, again

Human Rights Watch: Attorney General Nominee Undermined Rights


With Honor and Duty

Is Thomas Friedman changing his stance on Iraq?

U.S. Tries To Corner Fallujah Insurgents

Blinded By Science

A Modest Proposal

Face it, we lost. But we can win!

HANNITY and LIMBAUGH don't see us coming but we are

Who is Tweety?

'The West Wing' charged with profanity

Last Letters From Home on HBO East'll weep. n/t

Inuit Demand US Climate Action At Reykjavik Summit - Reuters

Are all the NRA members this irresponsible?

Are Ya Laughing Now?

A Democratic Pro-Gun Suggestion for 2008

Hey guys, just something I'd like to say

It seems like we're up to our eyeballs in trolls here tonight

Is there a place to read more about DU conventions and other things

Were there not Israeli terrorists before 1948?

What Arafat should have done is what Gandhi did. Nonviolent protest.

Editors of The Nation: Yasir Arafat

Deniability mechanisms and conspiracy theory

Online Media Could Help Randi With This Media Blackout Issue - A Proposal

Quick Logic (To Help Us Keep The Faith)

Does anyone have access to Lexis Nexis?

4 Million Bush Plurality - A Tinfoil Platform

WTF do you want? Do you want Kerry to come out and shout ALIENS and FRAUD

Keith Olbermann mentions IdaBriggs

Did we miss this? DNC PRESS RELEASE

Nev. Controller Impeached Over Campaign

Reconstructing The Crime

NADER CALLS FOR RECOUNT - Link& article (2 hours ago)

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Diebold technical system info with an analogy to cooking

Letters to the Editor from the Neanderthals!

If you believe

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik TO RECOUNT OHIO

Have Your Cake and Eat It To - Olbermann

I have been out most of the day. What news is there on NH and OH?

Internet theories on election abound

Any video available for Olberman tonight?!

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium has been

JFF: Celebrity Death Match - Who Wins?

Election fraud hysteria - Salon 11/12

duplicate thread in wrong forum. sorry

Petition to Investigate the vote at

We need to contact Soros for help!!


Time to set up rewards for turning people in on voter fraud

93,000? Need clairfication on Ohio numbers...

Excerpts from A Concession Speech You'll Never Hear

Equipment counted straight-party Dem votes as Libertarian

What percent of America used touch screen voting???

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong - NYT 11/12

Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis - ConsortiumNews

Hardball Chris Matthews Will Be Getting In To The Mix Friday Night!

ATTENTION DU: Turn on the mainstream news and get to work!

IMO- People should stop whining, stop dragging us down and get to work.

Repost: I have come to the conclusion that Kerry is my new President!

Anyone have the Thursday Countdown video online yet?

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy--250 million to 1 odds

Very very sorry

The real election results

Green Party is raising money for Ohio recount

Could it be like Malloy implied?

Do any e-voting systems leave a paper trail?

Ohio's Secretary of State-Blackwell

Kerry fight behind the scenes........

Wacky conspiracy theorists?

NPR - Voting Irregularities - Emails

Jeff Fisher: It's the Bay Point School, stupid!

How much MSM (Main Stream Media) news have you watched since 11/02/2004

In hindsight Dean could have won...

Don't crush that troll hand me the pliers. Plenty o'desperate newbies here

What is the official story of this presidential election?

Caltech Study On Exit Polls - Is This Why The Media Backed Off?

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..


L.A. DUers SUnday 14th.Uni Temple need help

Let's DU Normie Coleman's poll on extending the tax cuts

Questions about provisional ballots in Ohio

WTF? Principal feels need to "apologize" for Veterans for Peace speech?

Gregoire needs help this weekend!

OK I admit I am watching the "news" tonight for the first time since V-Day

Could Kucinich beat DeWine?

3 Radical Clerics planning Jihadi Army in USofA - Fatwa -

Did Kerry EVER mention poor people in the debates?

Has anyone else ever heard of a media lock down on an election before?

1,400 Dead, and 8,300 Crippled G.I.'s since victory declared

coming up. . . votergate analysis on

What did Randi say about this Alliance site today?

More people voted D than R (Senate)

Question on how US war deaths are announced and counted.

Veterans' Day request to DU Veterans

Help please- can someone provide the wonderful link for the post from

Productive Ways to Deal with the 2004 Election Results

Michael Moore plans Fahrenheit sequel

Outsourced! American Eagle billing phone bank connects to India

Please help me make a list of the conspiracy theories of George W. Bush

Bill Maher Slapped w/ $9M Palimony Suit

Did Kerry ever mention handicapped people during debates?

The Fog of War is on Starz now (7 pm est)

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Don't forget to watch OLBERMANN

Have a chuckle, in between your Ulcers...

Federalist Society Convention on CSPAN right now

So, where is Howard Dean these days?

Recounts Protect the Integrity of Democracy

Everything is just simmering, waiting to come to a full boil -

Did any known or suspected voting machine errors favor democrats? Any?

somebody reported OH sit-in org. to FBI

Tony Blair arrives in Washington for meeting with Bush tonight.

"But for now, the Army is meeting its recruiting goals."

Did we miss this? DNC PRESS RELEASE

I would like to offer a reward to the media

Who were the only ones to fly the flag today on our street?

Wounded in Walter Reed need phone cards.

Wes Clark is an Idiot

Listening to "The World" on public radio, quoted a soldier

Regarding the impeachment in Nevada

Why they aren't showing Private Ryan in Pittsburgh? Too many F-words.

How Blackwell sabotaged the democratic vote in Ohio

I have come to the realization, Kerry is my president!

If you believe

I don't care about the Peterson Trial!!!

"In the days after the theft of an election..."

How many people hear made post and sent e-mails before Nov.2 about.?

NEWS: "Pomp and pageantry set for inaugural"

IDABRIGGS!!! Your name was just mentioned on the Countdown!!!!

Happy Vet's Day, vets!

Just an Idea that might work

Ted Strickland for President

I feel better now than i did in 2000, must be this forum,thank to all. n/t

List of "ULTRA BAD" Repukes (Help Me!)

Here is what Wes Clark really meant on Chris Matthews about Gays!

NC: man fired for stating opposition to the war

Biggest Election F story: Errors that NEVER favor Dems

Anybody watching this "Letters from Iraq" show on HBO

How Bush's margin was inflated...

Private Ryan Saves War

My "Soapbox Alert"

The Freaky Shit We're Up Against : Bob Jones Sees Bush Win As 'Reprieve'

There's still 4-5 MILLION votes uncounted folks!

Conspiracy Comes In 2 Flavors: Tinfoil & Organized Crime


Private Company Still ‘Controls’ Election Outcome

Found this on the web: .MOV showing Bush's mental decline...

Need info on Manhattan residents and September 11th

Chris Matthews is jumping on board with the voting scandal!

I am a warrior!

Help! Remember a thread with a link to a prof. saying exit polling being

When are we going to get a cause of death for Arafat?

when the draft comes back how many republicans will come out of the closet

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium Thread has been

any five people can request a recount apparently

Is it possible NBC cleared the way for them to now attack on Voter Fraud?

Where are the BOB WOODWARD type reporters when we need them ????

Lie Girls (You've gotta see this!)

Lots of new persons on the boards tonight

Support the troops -- cuz BushCo doesn't

Ruling could end luxury yacht tax deduction


Bush can't even get the Iraq elections straight

Skull and Bones historians, I have a question...

Should we get involved in getting an Ohio recount?

Moving Rightward On the "Moral Values" Debate Is Not A Roadmap For Victory

Would a reward offer result in a black box whistle blower?

Wes on Tweety -- Wants standardized voting

AOL to Red States: We Don't Want YOu

New words we need to use against conservatives

So I'm experiencing nausea and a headache, should I blame...?

Anderson Cooper CNN Covered the fraud tonight

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

I just took the strangest Zogby poll.

Something that concerns me about overturning Roe v. Wade

Culture war began w/ slavery ...Our STANDS on the issues are irrelevant...

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong

Peak Oil: A Reality Check

Odd Story from Iraq

has nader paid the $2000 yet?

Red State...Blue State...A Funny (kinda' )Comparision

It seem like our latest offensive in Iraq has made Iraq Worse?

Does anyone have a link to becoming a conscientious objector?

New conspiracy theory: ACLU got * reelected!

On HBO Tonight - "Last Letters Home" in honor of Veterans Day

Idaho Elects It's First Lesbian Legislator!

"We're committing genocide in Iraq"...

I am outraged! My 82+ mom and 84+ dad cannot get a flu shot!

Saving Private Ryan - I Just heard the F word on TV

Wes Clark Hates Gay People!

This is probably old news, but my local ABC station

Did I just hear an ad for FARENHYPE 9/11 on Air America?!

Opt out forms for midddle/highschoolers to military recruiters

Cat Lovers, Avoid This War Report

LIMBAUGH and HANNITY won't even see us coming...but we are!

Federal Government spends $2.3 Million to "study" Prayer

Cam Kerry email a rightist hoax

Radical Cleric Falwell Plans for 'Evangelical Revolution'

please make Dr. Phil stop

Colorado DU'ers: We need to win the Colorado governorship.

I'm going to be ill.

Let me vent a little bit, I DESPISE Rick Santorum

Help, my Husband is sick of my election talk

Dick's DICK???? This is too strange

Extra Special VETERANS DAY Truthseeker Thread

"The inaugural is a rich, symbolic, highly visible target"

Donate the right side of a dollar to the Salvation Army, and add a note

mr. bush's fall will be glorious and awful to behold......

A "sorry everyone" picture worth seeing, from Argentina

I'm surprised the Tulsa ABC affil is showing Pvt. Ryan

With Honor and Duty

Ohio DU'ers: We NEED To Win the OHIO Governorship!

I am a LiberGreentarian

amy goodman on possible ohio fraud/ fbi lockdown

Voting Irregularities Forum Emerges -

anybody have tonight's olbermann video?

A liberal co-worker left the PNAC site up for the boss to find...

A thousand Fallujahs

Is ** going to reinstate the Draft?

Which of these 'Tin Foil hat' theories do you actually think are true?

I think Democrats/Progressives deserve answers from John Kerry

How DO we end red state welfare?

DUers - I love the fight going on over at 100%ers

Did Kerry mention Pygmies during the debates?

The best election interpretation piece I've seen

Going Bush Lite didn't work this time.... Isn't it time to take a stand?

I think I'm going to resign in this fraud game

Check in HERE when you've donated to the recount effort.

How will YOU react when your son or daughter is DRAFTED?

Is Alberto Gonzales of the PNAC wing of the Bushista party?

Let's all send a Get Well card to Elizabeth!! (Keep it kicked, folks!)

Help! My son is hostage to the MONKEY!

Yahoo! Gets Sen. Barack Obama Photo Caption WRONG

Lest we forget

Iraqi Armenians link explosion near Armenian Church in Baghdad...

Cream Returns!

Elderly Veteran Killed in Mass. (Veteran's Day) Parade

Bill Maher Hit w/ $9M Palimony Suit

EU-Iran Nuke Talks Remain Inconclusive/News Int'l., Pakistan

New insurgency confronts US forces

Fresh violence flares in Mosul (lg. parts Mosul under Insurgent control)

Iraq seeks to curb press freedoms

A Thousand Fallujahs--Asia Times Online..

CIA Officer Quits Job to Criticize Agency

Wonded veterans face new fight to secure government benefits

WHO recommends smallpox virus alteration

Israeli Police to raise alert to 'war level'

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1,155)

Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide

U.S. to Consider Naming Mideast Peace Envoy -WP

Tanks Greet Protestors in Los Angeles

Bush May Call for Major European Role in Post-Arafat Peace Effort -NYT

NYT: Choice of Gonzales May Blaze a Trail for the High Court

Arctic thaw could open vast oil and gas region

Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide (Blackwill, prospect for NSA job)

WP: Bush's Hard Line Loses Cuban Moderates

MSNBC - Ohio— The recount of 2004 (David Shuster)

NYT: AARP Opposes Bush Plan to Replace Social Security With Private Accoun

Frist urges Democrats to stop filibusters

Equipment counted straight-party Dem votes as Libertarian

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong -NYT

CIA Critic of U.S. War on Terror Resigns

I was just watching "Catch me if you can"

Where is that Sirius for $50 thread ($100 off) thread?

Can I share a nightmare I had last night?

Which Is It? (Return of a DU Lounge Classic)

help, somebody please point me to the Gallery?

My neighbors just earwormed me with the "I'm Lovin It" jingle.

Tivo users: what is this one-minute off shit the networks are pulling?

So who do you believe

I purged today

Which admin is the greatest threat to national security?

HEy Hey just figured it out !

It's alright ma

I've got a serious pee addiction

Can this (apparently not) sorry sod learn how to use a computer?

I wish this week from hell was over.

Cybersex Goes Wrong

I really hate when the first Simpsons season is played in rerun.

I'm officially running on fumes now. caffeine? doesn't work.

Mary-Kate needs your help to score some crack

Worst Way to Buy

Is there a better way to say "Pussy Willow"?

Gentlemen, have you planned any dates that you are especially proud of

Who here's watching out for Shadow People and Black Helicopters?

Maybe if she just met a nice boy who treated her well...

Why was Olbermann talking about the Enormous Egg?

More hangman

My bf finished Halo2 in 12 hours of play time

asthmaticeog needs your help to score some crack

Ahhh, Du is returning to normal

I should be doing my homework

WTF? Look at this ad for "Scott Peterson alerts"!

Let's play Hangman!

Just for a goof

What kind of revolution should we have?

DU this Dilbert Poll! Pick your favorite weasels!


I am so PISSED that I can't watch "Saving Private Ryan"

John Melencamp live by request on A&E

hello - I have not really talked to anyone all day - pls talk to me - LOL

Thanks to Skinner I am no longer Disappeared.

Were Al Franken and Randi Rhodes weird today?

Why did everybody go and change their names!?!?

Here's a thought...Why Private Ryan is not being shown

visit "MoveLeft Media"

I just did the Running Man and the Lawn Mower to the amusement of

Paging the DARING DrZeeLit!


Best bumper sticker EVER!

Am I a poll whore?

Who wants a nice, big, thick

yay, the siglines are back!

What was the best Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode?

Guten Abend Shrub Jugend!! Heil Shrub!

Psalm 2004

Fifty nights until New Year's Eve!

Don't go Slackin on Your Bush-Hatin'

I Just Noticed That Drudge Has Fallen Off of My Drop-Down Bar

GTA San Andreas or Halo 2

Another reason why I like dvds...

What is your favorite Blake's 7 episode?

I splurged today

Mouse Balls?

A happy link . . .

Cry, cry, sniff, sniff. I miss my baby. :(

Just can't take it

How to get fired, get a million dollar raise, bonus and 30 month contract

What is your favorite Love Boat episode?

Question for dumb neocons reporting DU to the FBI..etc......

Poker on TV: Please, make it stop

What is your favorite Dangermouse episode?

Well, I did it. This is kind of like getting drunk and getting tattoo

L.A. DUers (sorry to post this here) SUNDAY !!!!!

my chicks are hatching! The eggs are "talking" to me!

Leaving New York

Pictures of Virtual Women

Hey! My ABC station is showing Shaving Ryan's Privates!

What was your favorite ST: Voyager episode.


To the gentleman upstairs who left his laundry in the communal washer:

my local tv station refuses to show "shaving ryan's privates"!!!

Who's the goofiest looking DEM leader?

Gulf Coast DUers Meet Up

My Thursday night is SAVED! Bible Mad Libs!

Complete this Sentence

Many new DUers are posting to this thread...veterans

Does Anyone else ever kick a thread from page 20? Like one that had

No hugs tonight

How do I post a photo here?

3rd day of antibiotics for bronchitis. I'm sick of coughing!!! Waahhhh!!!!

"Make you fresh and healthy!"

the new freak duckie out thread

I listen to the same woman crying several times a day, each and every day.

Medicaid threatens to terminate girls nursing care

Oh god no!! I abandoned Pat Robertson without realizing it!

Something for Remembrance day

Ah, computers are grand, ain't they?

Will someone tell Kleeb that being creeped out and scared are different?

Remember wondering what Hitler's rise to power was like?

Are kids today really this lazy? They need "stink blasters?"

Anyone else having weird dreams or nightmares?

I have a question about girlcotting.

Ah....a cup of mulled wine, a down comforter, and kitty cat.....

Am I ready for The Daily Show again? I'm skeered.

if you thought Yojimbo was good

LIVE streaming street-cam from Key West

I have a question about boy

I have a question about cotting

Testing ImageShack

3000 posts for 101er! In 5, 4, 3, 2,

We need a Mating forum!

Who has the link

we need a baiting thread

We need a grating forum.

does anybody here take or know anything about armour thyroid medicine

Fighting for peace,

" I heart Halliburton"

We need a berating forum

WAY COOL! We're honourary Canadians!!

We need a new forum for discussing new forums

I just want some damn cake now!

Yes, Arafat's dead, but his new CD is coming out next month.

We need a skating forum!

Anybody remember the cartoon/Comic book Battle of the Planets?

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise?

Did I just see a "The Big Forums >> The DU Lounge"

"The Manchurian Candidate" always makes me cry

We need a baking forum!

I considered giving general anesthesia

Evil. Republican. CHILD.

Dillinger Escape plan: yea or nay?

God help me: I'm hooked on the MTV show "Laguna Beach"

Speaking of war movies,who liked "Platoon"?

Veterans' Day! Who is (are) your favorite veteran(s)?

Confession: I didn't like the movie "Saving Private Ryan"

DU Angst or PMS?

I considered granting a general amnesty...

Gentlemen, have you planned any dates that you are not especially proud of

I am going to see Jethro Tull in concert on Saturday

I have a question about boycotting...

DU Gamers - Question

A Face Only A Mother Could Love...

Election Malaise

There's still something called "Manners"

Another *shrub joke for you

DU Marksmen - I have a question....

"Private Ryan" is pre-empted from the Cleveland CBS station

What is your favorite "Star Trek: The Animated Adventures" episode?

i feel stupid asking this, but...

Wine please :)

I get you all liquored up and still no sustained flirting!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show--anyone know if it was originally a stage

The nightly freak Kleeb out thread!!

Birdie Lovers: Again, why is my Tiel's......

Any Jim Boggia fans here?

George's Man date--FOUND!

Gentlemen: Have you ever planned an escape that you are not proud of??

Lots of new persons on the boards tonight

We need a dating forum!

You're all invited to a cocktail party

Cat Lovers, check in! Really touching picture...

Mean Ol' Uncle Zomby's Contrarian Thread

Go ahead, laugh at me. Mock me. I'm going to confess something here

attention hysterical tin foil hat, nut job, conspiracy theorist liberals

Who here thinks George Harrison took it well when Clapton stole

Help me push past 100 posts! Ask me anything

What region of the US/country are you from?

Would you all laugh at me if I said I have no idea what this game Halo is?

Are any DU'ers from Phoenix?

Whoops..and he's one of "ours"... a TEACHER

Best Black Adder series

What is yourfavorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode?

Say something nice about another DUer thread!

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..

Put The Recount Theories in With The Next Plame Thread

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

It's getting cold

Things the Democratic party can do without

HANNITY and LIMBAUGH don't see us coming but we are

How do you feel about Simon Rosenberg being the Dem head?

Any Mp3's of Wes Clark or Al Sharpton?

Sinclair first REPORTS lies about 1 war—now COVERS UP the truth of another

You Blue Staters Have Power!!!

Sorry, dupe post (eom)

I have two problems with the DLC

The Gonzales Nomination


Action, folks.

Gay Marriage or Swift Boat Vets of Liars? Why did Kerry lose?

Charming ancedote that happened to my friend today

Die-Hard Democrats--Know your options!

The Progressive Revolution: Putting an end to Liberalism

The road to '08 begins with '06 Governors races

Nation: "Progressives: Get Ready to Fight" by Borosage and vanden Huevel.

Might Russ Feingold REALLY Run For President?

I want to fight

Why is everyone so afraid of the F-word

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium Thread has been

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..

FUNDING THE RECOUNT -- See this before you donate

[PINR] Nov. 12, 2004: Geostrategic Implications of the U.S. Presidential E

Iraqui farmers may be forced to buy seeds from large internat'l co's.

Confusion in White House on Aim of Iraq Election

Resistance blueprint

Hung Over in the End Times

Negroponte: Horseman of the Neo-COn Apocalypse

The Bible is not the Constitution

Down with Fancy Book Learnin'

Attack on Fallujah can't be justified Helen Thomas (excellent)

They're Throwing Journalists Into Jail Right Here In The USA

Worst Voter Error Is Apathy Toward Irregularities

Where did fraud theories start and end?

The Party that Hates America Always Loses

School Talent Show draws Secret Service

Dancing in the Dark

Hilo treats its needy to a picnic - Now thats community!

They're Throwing Journalists Into Jail Right Here In The USA

Dr. Bob Jones: Letter to Bush (Major BARF Alert)

Privacy Experts Shun Black Boxes (in cars)

Steal votes. Discredit exit polls. Eliminate exit polls. Steal more votes.

How many more Iraqis must die for our revenge? Greeley Excellent articl

Residents step up fight against US embassy (Norway)

TP: Ronda Hauben, The Tyranny of the Two Party System in the US

Kerry vote may have swung state seats

The great blue vs. red state debate (Followup to "Reach out and Sneer")

New Yorker: Tribute to Kerry + a majority voted for Senate Democrats

Joan Chittester - Yes, but what about the rest of us?

Arianna - The Architects Of Defeat (Inside Baseball Kerry Campaign)

Ivins: Ashcroft was always more Bozo the Clown than Darth Vader

Screw you, America

you thihk Kerry is not involved?

Ohio Recount: Urgent Actions

Where can I purchase checks that would support liberal causes?

TAKE ACTION! VOTE FRAUD: Things you can do to help

is there a list anywhere for items we can send to the troops for holidays?

Dr Freeman MIT PHD/UPenn prof says 1 chance in 250 million exitpolls wrong

Possible to win over MSNBC with Votergate?

South Australia Facing Big Climate Problems

Survey Finds Major Toxin Problems Near Indonesian Mining Site - LA Times

High Arctic Migratory Birds Face Potentially Big Climate Problems

Indonesia Unveils New National Park - W. Its Own Nickel & Cobalt Mine

Its Oceans Stripped By Western Fleets, Ghana Turns To Bushmeat - Science

Whistle-blower claims BLM firing over polluted Nevada mine

'Star Trek' spaceship enters the gateway to the Moon

Their mandate has started- please help

Soybean Rust Detected In Continental US For First Time

Blinded By Science . . . (referral post) . . .

Peace talks under way as Ivory Coast evacuations escalate

Colombia is winning offensive, chief says

Police attack Darfur refugee camp

Neocon Wish List

Marching Dutch say multi-culture will survive

This assault on Fallujah is like hammering jello.

Why in the name of God are planes still flying over stadiums?

Citizens Commission on 9/11

The "Gun Dungeon" ?

Democrats: Give up on gun control

Workplace rampage thwarted.

Red-state bashing is getting way out of hand

How about a 'singles' forum?

How come on polls we can't see the results displayed when we cast....

Admin and mods

Request for a place for non denominational circle

Are signatures disabled at present?

Another Vote for a 'Singles' Forum

I know guns are a high-pitch topic, but "Gun Dungeon"?

the "Gun Dungeon"

Looks fantastic! Any chance of Astrology/Spirituality forum in the non-

I wrote a short, 14 page story about an average, conservative family

Can we have a "sex threads" DU group? n/t

Silly question on subscription and star

DU is now officially fantastic

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move the presidential/results/fraud forum back to the


Refer these people to me, OK?

Hi Mods... can we have a jokes/humor forum?

a forum suggestion, re: so many duplicate threads

Just wanted to say how much I like the new forums set-up

Group request: DU Macintosh User Group

Feeling a little dense re: the 'My Forums' feature

Looking good, guys!

Is the yellow permanent?

DU Southern Democrats and Progressives Group

media looking for vote fraud info says he's lost today

Speaking for myself, thanks.

Astrology Forum

Quick question about My Forums feature

I see that the GLBT is in a forum under "politics and issues"

Group proposal - Wes Clark


DU Kids (8-15) Group

DU Baking/Cooking Group has enough votes

I like the stark difference of the pinned posts, but blue on black is

How about a group for MSNBC refugees?

Number of posts required to originate a thread inconsistent?

The changes f'ing ROCK. (And a comment about the yellow.)

We have enough members for a College Group

Anonymous donors and possibility

SUGGESTION...Please do it!!

Skinner, EarlG, Elad...I think I love you

I understand relegating non-political topics to the Lounge, but please

Request for a Parenting Group

Should There Be A Separate Category just for "Recounts"

The College Forum

How about a "Best of DU" forum?

Kudos on all the work

The Open Source and Free Software group

For the 87th time today: Excellent work, guys! Even with the rough

Hi Skinner. With regard to a kid's group.

Dumb Question about removing a board from "My Forums"

Ahem....Ahem......Announcing DU Pets!!!

Request for an American History group

things I don't want are swamping the "Latest Discussion Threads"....

I seem to have lost my 'donor' powers.

The Computer Help and Support Group

Why was my "Name removed" username removed?

Yasser Arafat: 1929-2004 (WSWS article)

After Arafat;There is little to suggest Sharon will seize this chance

Arafat's aftermath: Peace remains elusive amid political turmoil

Guardian comment;Israel's death festival

World Leaders Mourn Arafat at Funeral

Casting a Vote for Peace By JIMMY CARTER

Settlers threaten IDF refusal if pullout takes place

Significant Pentagon Crash missconceptions

One thing we haven't considered in a "WTC controlled demo" theory

Give me on example of Kerry votes going to Bush

Anyone have link to olbermann video tonight?

FBI investigates theft at Democratic office - Washington Times (Dejavu???)

Recount information - donate!

An MIT PhD published a statistical analysis on exit polls wh. favors Kerry

Washington University -- They Ate the Results!

What happened to the 16,000 Nader Votes in New Mexico from 2000?

Pick a precinct.

Do We Still Have a Democracy? - Ernest Partridge

NEWS: Electronic Voting Suit Against Diebold - KTVU (evidence?)

ohio badnarik,cobb funds n.hamshire nadar funds


An open letter to activists from NOW President Kim Gandy


I can actually post my own topic!

Don't miss Bev Harris interview!

Take a look at Indiana returns

Making Our Efforts as Effective as Possible

On "Moral Values", It's "Blue" in a Landslide

Media and Election...........

Send the BuzzFlash story out to everyone Immediately!!!!!

Where are the polling firms now?

DUPE - delete

How was Olbermann last night?

Voter Fraud story coming up/CNN American Morning 11/12 7:12am n/t

Question about BBV

Clarification please, has Ohio started counting the prov ballots?

I am an oldbie with 9600 posts....

Poll re: Post Election with Q's re: Fraud Rep. in Florida since 2000? Curious!!!!

Was the Presidential Election Between Bush And Kerry Rigged?

Glitch causes Franklin Co., Indiana recount

Kerry-Edwards is still accepting donations to its GELAC fund...

TAKE ACTION! VOTE FRAUD: Things you can do to help

Anyone know the name of the law firm Kerry has

A modest proposal for Soros: steal an election for democracy

WARREN County Spreadsheet (2004,2000) results

British (lighthearted) "What to do about Bush"

Poll: 35% Kerry supporters angry over election returns

Losers in denial over Bush

Dallas Morning News Today

$100,000 Reward for Vote Fraud Evidence

The War on Tyranny

I'm glad kerry is staying out of the election controversey


Brief story on NPR this morning on voting irregularities and fraud...

Recount Update?


Warren County's election night overkill

Ohio changes rules in the middle on which provisional ballots to toss.

Email Skinner and get this forum out of a sub directory.

The Cobb/Kerry vote phenomenon

Steal votes. Discredit exit polls. Eliminate exit polls. Steal more votes.

One way full control of all tabulating computers would be simple

ANOTHER optical scanner miscounting democrat votes

Consensual Reality

Voting System Both Dangerous & Absurd

Is Keith Going to Have A Segment Tonight on the "Irregularities"?

PLEASE donate to the Cobb recount effort

IdaB. needs help for NH recount- contacts for orgs w/ recount $$


Funding the recounts: Do GELAC funds have to be reported?

Question about Ohio rule change - provisional counting

John David Rose: Stolen Election II

Diebold donating to the republican party

The unexplained exit poll discrepancy - Debunking the debunking?

CounterSpin: Long lines, vote suppression, Evoting questions, etc.

Big Voter Turnout Seen Among Young People

"Conspiracy Theorists" in the News

"The margin of fraud"

Anyone notice the quiet Dems?

Kerry's win in Hawaii helped local races

Ed Schulz is talking election issues

ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE - Dem Senators & Rep numbers

Just a thought: If the bushies really think they won, they wouldn't care..

"Florida dixiecrats"

Please contribute everyone

Radio Inside Scoop is now on the case

Vote machine error in IN - "It was just one configuration setting"

Hey guys see if you can DU this DoD survey on the 2004 vote.

Has the GOP made any comments about what's been going on?

Ohio an e-voting state? I thought...

Congressman Conyers on Inside Scoop, discuss voting probs

Totals for funds anywhere?

How did absentee votes break for Kerry?

Bush was told by...Karen Hughes on Tuesday that he had lost the election

Votergate2004 and IRAQ

the hackers let us down, the should've hacked the election

Hardball tonight 7 pm ET

Is the deadline for requesting recounts in OH and FL really 5 PM tonight?

New York Times story on vote fraud


Mahoning County Computers Tabulate Vote at Negative 25 Million

Question to DUers Re: Recount Efforts

What's the Story on the NH Recounts? Anyone Know?

A quote from H.L. Mencken that fits the situation.

Let the police state begin...

I Smell a Rat...odor of Republicanus floridius [by a polling expert]

Blackwell was Dubya's Ohio Chairman?

I'm sick of listening to all this crap about

Let's List the Many Excuses They Have Given for the Exit Polls

Bush stole Ohio through absentee ballots

Hey...WE decide who's President!

CBS refuses to release the exit poll data

IDEA: All single DUers marry 'ferners'...double

What the hell is a glitch, and why do they seem to be so pro-republican?

Green party raises $48,000. Needs $113,000 for Ohio

We're winning! Fox says we're helping the terrorists and killing marines!

I'm Getting Pissed

Digital Vote Theft: How to counter the "negligible wrong counts" argument

Baron Hill in Indiana has asked for a recount.

Vote Fraud Theories by Bloggers Are Quickly Buried

Kerry Lawyers: "Outcome of Ohio vote cannot possibly change."

Media framing the issue proves cover-up/conspiracy

Republican connection to e-voting [repost to frame facts]

Is there any chance that this election will be overturned?

Letter: Voting 'glitches' could derail democracy - TownOnline MA

Olbermann covering exit polling screw-up

Any Place to upload fliers?

What about this method of stealing the election?

Anybody listen to Franken re:votes?

EVOTING Machines, Touch Kerry, Goes To Bush

Worst Voter Error Is Apathy Toward Irregularities - Washington Post

Here are Indiana figures..President/Senator

GOP Wants to End Exit Polls

Shouldn't there be protests?

Ohio: What do we need? Where can it come from?

Slightly dated but.....

Need to understand BBV? Stolen election? Votergate film on line

Some thoughts on the potential scale of all this

CONSPIRACY THEORY???? Shove this in their faces

More North Carolina info!

Nader granted a Recount in 11 NH Wards

Opti-scan machines easily tampered with--Clinton's Justice Dept.

No matter what comes of the re-count efforts: DU HAS HAD A HUGE IMPACT ON

are there any reports that machine mafunctions favored Kerry?

Religious right blasts Mary Cheney for flaunting her homosexuality..HAHAHA

Another screw-up in Indiana! Kerry losing thousands of votes to Bednarik.

Busting the Dixiecrat myth

If fraud is supected would you favor a recount, regardless of outcome?

Again History Is Made On DU - EXIT POLL THEORY Bounces Back

Unofficial Audit of NC Election: Comprehensive Case for Fraud

The No Confidence Movement--what your town can do!

Let's get elected and positioned!

Why are we Dems?

Regional Party

The Rush To 'MoveOn' - from San Francisco to a foreign land

Prop 72 could still win if they would count the votes

Rutt-roh. It's snowing harder now...

Remember we now have 2 weapons to use against the fright wing.

Our (Minnesota) forum is the 2nd busiest state forum on DU!!! Wooohooo!!!

WARREN County Spreadsheet (2004,2000) results

Using Santorum to do real damage to the Republicans.

No recounts triggered in state

Watergate journalist lambastes journalism and politics

Austin Against War Rally Friday 11/12 4:30 -Capitol

Sorry to post this separately from the other "good" business posts but

Hey Houston DUers, I'm coming down from Chicago Thanksgiving

Repeat of Fox news with Hume...

After threatening to disown my mom over the election, I found out she...

Thank you Veterans

De Opresso Liber

Information about the vote in my county

where to get a good quality pic of wes clark?

How disgusting what a sorry, sad crop of fools.

On a lighter note -- anyone catch "Gun-totin', Nascar driving Jesus"

How GW Bush practically ruint my computer tonite :-)

"Regressives" seems to be catching on

A Friend in Church -Post Election- Slams em !! gently down

Blinded By Science

Do you realize something?


Liquid Freedom: The Iraqi People's Freedom Trust

"Last Letters Home"

Red states more generous than blue states

Blogger visited by FBI for anti-Bush post.

Wes Clark doesn't rule out 08' run

Homer Simpson vs. George Bush

Blaming Iraqi Civilians deaths on insurgents.........

Surely we are in the dark ages of our times!

Another Quietly Passed Milestone; 1301 dead soldiers

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon; Arafat

Who *should* be on our money anyway?

Dr Freeman MIT PHD/UPenn prof says 1 chance in 250 million exitpolls wrong

Dean in '08!!!

Chicken Hawk Down

election fraud: conspiracy theory or plausible?

Whats George W drinking for Ramadan?

12 Step Program for Liberals (from dumb wingnut site)

If you TRULY believe God put w in the White are:

NEWSFLASH: Don't piss people off, and they're less likely to sue!

I found some card stock, so I'm making cards to send to the media

One of the things that is going to trip up the Republicans in the next

Interim Government in Palestine to serve until

Moderate Republicans should Speak Up about Their Hate For Religious Right

Print this ! Post this ! fantastic poster

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the DEMOCRATIC party

Carville on Anus in the morning now

Help with instances of Bush imposing moral views over science...

feeling a draft toon

Which of the 10 Commandments are actually law?

Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich

Email from 15 yr old Iraqi girl

The GAO is now investigating VOTE FRAUD

Was Zell always a turncoat or is it a recent change?

tony blair, please just go back home & stop encouraging our idiot king

What do you believe?

Have You Noticed that after the Election the Terror Alert Level

Suggestion for discussion forum: Religion & Spirituality

GI shoots deadly killer in Baghdad

News from Turkey about Fallujah

Have y'all been hearing more of this?

GOP to criminalize exit polls - problem solved

Shouldn't we be sending Olbermann Dr. Freeman's study

Bush has "new hope" for the future "now that Arafat is dead"

Homeless numbers rising from the hurricanes

what happened to the election 2004 forum?

Fallujah - Nanking - MyLai...

"Vote Interrupted" - OVERLOOKED ARTICLE from South FL! PLEASE READ!!!

Iraqui farmers may be forced to buy seeds from large internat'l co's.

paging chavesspeaksthetruth, would chavesspeaksthetruthplease pick up


What happened to the "election results" and "voting problem" forums?

Why did CNN add "moral values" to 2004 "issues" exit polling?

Absentee Ballots: Question about double-registration possibilities.

The Democrats need to go back to "Farm-aid"

Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 Set to Shoot

Help! What happened on Olbermann last night (voting probs)?

MSNBC Vote Fraud Video

When Kerry Spoke, I Went Into A Fugue State

Yasser Arafat: 1929-2004...

Election Psalm 2004

Voter Fraud Suspicions - Crazy?

Worldwide deaths from terrorism, 1995-2003: 6973. Deaths from Iraq War:

If the Presidential Election were not held until next Tuesday

Rumsfeld: El Salvador Can Be Iraq Model

Really interesting article on the religious right voters.

The Booms are Back in Indiana ...

2004 Election Psalm

Boy, did we smash Falluja, or what? And now we are

So, On to Mosul - where the insurgents all are now?

What they say (What they think)

Can someone please post the Olbermann report (video)on voter fraud?

93,000 extra votes in Cuyahoga Co. - Outrage in OH!!!

Looking for that Blue/Red map a DUer did with each state split . . .

Exit poll format influenced 'moral values' priorities

WaPo Article about Vote fraud?? Anyone have a link?

Democrats: Give up on gun control

Sponsor an Iraqi orphan for $35/month

mandate my ass

What's the deal on Allawi's family? Haven't heard much lately

Food Banks' Lines Only Grow Longer (Wichita, KS)

Bush/Blair joint press conference

Rite Aid toon

My bracelet idea. How to I get it made?

LA Times: Evangelicals Want Faith Rewarded

Anti-Gay Vote Not As Influential As Thought Survey Shows

Colonel of Marine Air Group 11 says banned Napalm used in Iraq

Ohio residence writes about the election ...

Principal apologizes for speakers at Veterans Day assembly

New Approaches to Science: Leprechaun Theory

Question re Canadian and international DU'ers especially me in particular

Is Bush wearing his ear piece during his Tony Blair press conference??

Apologising to Space Aliens

ROBOT WARRIORS: Coming soon to a war near you?

Terrorist Attack within a year?

transmuting anger into redemption. . .?

Best vote fraud approach yet! Must Read!

So where the he** is all the election recount/fraud info this a.m.???

A Forum For Agriculture - Rural Issues - Democratic Farmers?

they are here to teach morality, everybody paying attention?

What does the FCC do with the money it gets from fines?

BBC: Eyewitness: Smoke and corpses

Can someone recommend a progressive home page?

Know any Fundies that like the Nutcracker?

Two suggestions for DU Groups

Moral Matters A Red(State) Herring

List ways that DUers are making a difference

How "Balance" Gives Pseudoscience Unfair Equity with the Real Stuff

3rd Party candidates request OHIO RECOUNT (Need $110k)


proposal for new forum... music.

Arafat's Death

Best craigslist ad EVER!

Outsourcing the US President

Thank you!!! to whoever!

Realization: List why watching the GOP is like watching pro wrestling:

Worst Voter Error Is Apathy Toward Irregularities

BBV: If there are central tabulator(s), who is tallying the votes on the

Ohio recount fund on Randi's site. Anyone else having problems

Indiana voting glitch?

Do we need a BBV activist group or is there a BBV forum?

One thing we haven't considered in a "WTC controlled demo" theory

(Brand new) Sam's Club plans 90 layoffs at Honolulu site

About Bobby Kennedy, Jr...

Yeah, I guess the suspicions of election fraud are pretty farfetched...

Tenn. to stop extended medicare - 430,000 people left dangling

We're regressing: KCMO sics police dog on African-American

How about this? A draft/tax code . Do you got some good ideas?

I e-mailed Olberman saying that he shouldn't get too big of a head

Foreign grad students in U.S. down

Iraq: The Unthinkable Becomes Normal

The War for our Future

Is there a Progressive Christan/Non-Christian schism?

Another Seperated at Birth??

smirk won't let Iraqi farmers use their own seeds

Bob Lancaster's take on four more bu$h years:

Ha! "Moral values" % influenced by HOW the question was asked

I cussed out someone I've known for years

Lost in Deployment: How the Army Misplaced 60,000 Soldiers

Double posting will not be necessary with the new forums and groups

Limbaugh>aka Jeff Christie has a great interactive history of the Israel/Palastine conflict.

Keith Olberman pimp slaps Ann Coulter

Rumors of Interest Rates skyrocketing? Is it time to shift investments to

Are they teaching pseudoscience in your neighborhood's School?

Inside Election Fraud Battle-Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight?

i read earlier that our wounded soldiers need calling cards..

Culture Wars (DU front page today)

For all you prayer and good thought people out there :)

What You Should Really Fear About Fundies

DU this poll but Pay Close Attention

The left doesn't spit on soldiers

Who Farted? Methane Gas Detected On Mars

My local Dem Comm. chair and a grassroots organizer think we

How many Dems are our famous "base"....

How many more Iraqis must die for our revenge?

Where the voter fraud theories started and ended.......

Randi a rerun? n/t

For those driven berserk by those stupid red county/blue county maps

Will unemployment be discontinued?

Isn't this going to piss the Doomsday Evangelicals off?

about the only GOOD NEWS in DAYS....

Michelle Malkin's Bogus Articleon the Red States

Today's pet peve. Why do we let them call it "Defense of Marriage"???

10:1 attrition.........

Bob Jones III Congratulates Shrub... Prepare to Puke.

I should pay more attention, please help.

Is George Bush a real "conservative" ?

arafat died of aids

Moore Fires Up "Fahrenheit" Sequel

Forget a nuclear attack


Should I contact the ACLU?


I can think of 3 categories of Bush voters:

Told a Repub to "Get used to it" for the first time...

Air America promos! Y'ever notice?

Who is your favorite founding father?

Am I wrong to believe that this Peterson thing is really about abortion?

A Very Funny Wingnut Quote...

any nice liberal matchmaking ideas?

New group proposal: Church/State separation

Republican Party - GUILTY! (RICO)

Need LINKS please! It was NOT "moral values", it was "war on terra"

Should Scott Peterson recieve the death penalty for double murder?

Without A Trace (CBS) is a smart, liberal TV show.

Bush'd second term: an interesting analysis...

Don't really care: But the Scott Peterson verdict guaranteed overturned

Dutch to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Realize the fundies have nothing (re: abortion rights/peterson)

Framing, the ultimate mind-weapon or the end of discourse?

Question to anyone with children...


Looking for thread re J. Dobson repeatedly saying he doesn't endorse...

Ohio Violates Federal Election Law

Another typographical way to smack at dumbya.

hmmm . . .their droppin like flies in IRAQ . . . what's on HBO tonight

Sieg Heil...Vee ISS der Master Race!

We are doing a BIG forum overhaul today. Thank you for your patience.

"Adolph" Ashcoft, derides US courts for protecting individual rights

Radio Inside Scoop is now on the case

Is there proof of voter fraud?

Ask Me Anything Forum...

LTTE's are smoking today

Political Astrology Group Proposal

Scott Petersen Guilty of Murder

Some suggested topics for term papers from circa 1900 textbook.

How many called the networks and told them to stop showing the nonsense?

We need a DU group for parenting.

Were you in the "movement" in the '60's?

The "Nuclear Option" sugggested by Lott against filibusters

SUGGESTION (Someone back me up!) We need more "latest" pages.

Israel is on War Alert Level

Potential DU Group: Non-denominational prayer circle

Discussion with my academic advisor

Our we going to get a Economics forum??? I really did

Lesbian Dem seeks Log Cabin Gay to beat the shit out of

DU Emigration Support Group?

OMG there are a million forums now on DU.....

I'd like to start a DU group for Barack Obama in 2008

Letter from LBJ to soldier arrives 36 years later

Bush Proposes New National Emblem. Goodbye, Eagle!

I just made my first donation to DU--------

There IS a reason the Scott Peterson trial is very important

Israel is on War Alert Level

***NEW DU GROUP SUGGESTION: Liberal talk radio and other media***

I'm so glad the State and Country Forum is back.

where is the discussion about the black armbands that can be ordered

What Barry says, British video says it all

Badnarak/Cobb fundraising almost half way home

Bush Promises Europe Trip to Heal Divide

CBS refuses to release the exit poll data

70%: BushCo Propaganda Alert

DU Form for Disabled Support and Activism?

Would You Live In Another Country If You Could?

ASTROLOGY AS A NEW "GROUP" -according to the rules

Time Warner Promoting "Christian Anthem" CD's

Hey, anyone in the Milwaukee area?

Peterson Verdict Reached - Guilty or Not Guilty?

250 Million To One Odds; 250,000,000:1 GET IT???

"There Is No Saving Private Ryan"

Peterson/Shark Attacks/etc should get their own forum

Any info on PNAC?

Anyone else indifferent about Yasser Arafat's death?

Prosecutor, Tough on DUI, Charged w/ DUI

If anyone is interested in a Gaming Group

Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush

Get a hanky, "Puppy survives being thrown out of speeding car" (Tulsa)

I'm sorrry but Al Franken has got to get serious...

Which states require 1 percent of ballots to be recounted by hand?

Whatever happened to Dr. Laura?

Nader is on Ed Schultz right now...KPOJ

A 100 year vision for America and the Democratic Party

****Starve the Beast Redux as a Group****

DNC chairperson Ideas?

Rick Santorum's twin rains fire on Mary Cheney

I can't bring myself to actually hate Bush

What would happen if we ran a wiccan for President?


Republican connection to e-voting

Mehlman to chair RNC -- send this link around

Gloria Allred? Her name is "Allred" and she wears "all red"?

Let the GOP stop ALL abortions............

GOP Wants to End Exit Polls

GROUP SUGGESTION: The Christian Left? or a Religion/Atheism/Agnositc

Why wouldn't Dean have appealed to moderates?

DU Poll please

My Name is David Zephyr And I Represent the Democratic Wing at the DU!

1. Why do "computer glitches" continually benefit Republicans?

List questions that might elicit embarrassing responses from Shrub

"possibility not all Ohio counties will finish the provsional ballot count

Education Secretary Rod Paige intends to leave job

We need to give up on the South. We just need to mobilize the north

Scott Peterson case dismissed foreman: "The evidence was garbage"

Inside the enemy's brain (the real enemy)

Gnostics check in

Salon Joins the Vast RW Conspiracy

Did You Know That Rudy Guiliani...

Just bought John Stewart's book..gonna start reading

Excellent Article on BBV Suspicions by David Corn

Questions about the imminent draft....

Gee -- What Ever Happened To World News Trust?

I've got a problem with the Nader recount Fundraising.......

Can John Kerry sue the Smear Boat Liars?

WHY do conservatives think I am such a bad person?

The south is not traitorous!

Help Wanted!!!

Methodists going after * and cheney

Welcome to the Coalition of the Unwilling...

My question is... do we have any precinct in any county in any..

To Elizabeth Edwards & her supporters: started

We need a graphics DU forum!

Democracy for America Group anybody?

anyone for starting a DU atheists forum?

Do you support universal (socialist) health care?


Without A Trace (CBS) is a smart, liberal TV show.

Who actually voted for Kerry in the primaries?

Second degree murder for a fetus?

Ashcroft: judges are traitors

WHY is the notion of Evolution so very offensive to certain people?

Scott Peterson - Does anyone really give a F***?

Who here is rejoicing over Arafat's death?

The Petition To Our US Senators Concerning Alberto Gonzales

I am turning the Al Franken show off for a while.

An unstoppable machine--DU investigators>Air America>


Iraq is burning with wrath, anger and sadness (Dahr Jamail in Baghdad)

Votergate2004 and IRAQ

Al Franken laughing at Arafat's dying screams

Hello, when did "HIPPIE" become fashionable again?

Saving Democracy SUCKS! I need $35K RIGHT NOW -- Anybody here rich?

75 Good Things About Another Bush Administration

Does ANYONE here believe the earth is only 6000 years old ?

UL questions the "steel softened" theories re. WTC collapsing

Somebody has to speak up for the Democratic Party.....

more freak show from werenotsorry

An Appeal To My Fellow DUers

End of the Week TOON Roundup (we got 'em all)

New DU group proposal - Wes Clark

Group Suggestion: Al Gore Democrats / Al Gore '08

Is anyone going to boycott Thanksgiving with their repuke family?

Bob Jones Letter to President - it will curl your hair!

Can we have a homeschooling group?

Statistical proof the election was rigged. IMPORTANT! Please read!

Who wants to start a "Starve the Beast" boycott/ simple living

Home Coffee Roasters

Sundog! We did it!

Awesome Thai Soup... made it the other night

I'm a cooking newbie: got a good basic pasta sauce?

Who has the best recipe for meatloaf?

I'm always looking to add some spice to Libby's Pumpkin pie

Founder's Thread

I'm a poor college student, who's never baked anything.

What is your favorite cooking show?

Couple could be 1st gay refugees

Canada Immigration...

Voting hearings in Franklin Co., Ohio. Just posted at the blog. Go Ohio!

(Anti-Indonesian Military) Human rights campaigner poisoned: report

They're Throwing Journalists Into Jail Right Here In The USA

Huge article: The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy --

Tobacco Industry Hid Early Evidence of Danger From Passive Smoking

Wes Clark doesn't rule out 08' run

Japan chasing mystery submarine

President Carter: Casting a Vote for Peace

CA settles with diabold 2.6m

Kerry attorneys investigating Ohio vote count

Counties still counting votes (Provisionals checked one by one)

Excellent Article on BBV Suspicions by David Corn

18 US servicemen killed so far in Fallujah

American injury toll grows amid fierce resistance

Eyewitness: Smoke and corpses (Fallujah eyewitnesses, BBC)

Now, Santorum's under fire. Right-wing groups push him ...

Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried

Mich. Woman Sentenced in Sept. 11 Scam

Hispanics Applaud Gonzales Nomination

Police Taser 6-Year-Old Boy At Elementary School

Nevada controller impeached

American-made goods suffer abroad due to U.S. policies

U.S. soldiers punished for abusing detainees in Cuba

NYTimes today 11/12/04 As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud...

Germany to send airlift planes to Sudan

The GAO is undertaking a self initiated investigation of vote fraud

Japan protests to China over sub

Ousting of Russian law chief 'saved Chelsea boss billions'

Rich pickings in African island oil

Ohio Votes Still Under Scrutiny (Sorry NYT, WP not a Blog...Cols.Dispatch)

Iraqi Government Fires Police Chiefs

Chávez: Coup figures could get amnesty

Glitch causes Franklin Co., Indiana recount

Falluja a 'Big Disaster,' Aid Needed - Red Crescent

Dutch Parliament Wants Imam Limits

Reuters staff mull strike over feared job cuts

Falluja a 'Big Disaster,' Aid Needed - Red Crescent

Cobb demands recount in Ohio

Ooops, they did it again, Indiana votes go unrecorcded

Rumsfeld: El Salvador Can Be Iraq Model

Leaders' hard lines give U.S. envoy to Venezuela a tough test

Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried

$350,000 Siphoned From Democrats' Senate Campaign Fund

Troops in Falluja encounter a labyrinth of surprises

Some Iraqi Christians Feel Threatened

Russia starts moral crusade against media

Experts see states as force in fighting global warming

$100,000 Reward for Vote Fraud Evidence

Variety: Imagine Ent. Making 9/11 Report Miniseries for NBC

Tape Encourages Fighters in Fallujah ( al-Zarqawi on the run??)

Fed Panel Presses Gulf War Illness Aid

MPs' fears over conflict (anger over Black Watch deaths)

US states defy Bush over greenhouse gases

Chaos as Yasser Arafat is buried

Troops in Falluja encounter a labyrinth of surprises

Computer Glitch Changes Election Result

Steal votes. Discredit exit polls. Eliminate exit polls. Steal more votes.

Intelligence Reform Looks Like a Lame Duck for Now

Trafficked child no miracle, judge rules

Cobb (Green Party) demands RECOUNT in Ohio (needs 110k)

Blair pushes for revival of peace process during dinner with Bush

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar vows to retake Afghanistan

Well, there goes the rest of our "capital".

Rocky Mountain News: Secret Service pays visit to Boulder High

BLM whistleblower says he was fired over polluted Nevada mine

A Journal Sentinel photo of Dick Cheney is unexpectedly revealing

Blair, Bush See Hope for Palestinian State

AFP: Peru gives green light for gays in military to have sex

Resistance blueprint (excellent interview with ISI General Hamid Gul)

Secret Service pays visit to Boulder High

Bush to Meet With Latin American Allies

Afghan TV Networks Ordered Off Air ("10 Commandments" Upset Conservatives)

Rossi Clings To Lead In Tight Governor's Race WA state


Falluja a 'Big Disaster,' Aid Needed - Red Crescent

Fallujah fighters try to escape U.S. cordon; insurgents strike police stat

Violence grips Iraq as Fallujah battle rages

Democrats Sue Wash. County Over Ballots

We are doing a BIG forum overhaul today. Thank you for your patience.

Milwaukee Contemplates Billing Campaigns

Mall Camera Catches Apparent Kidnapping

Peterson found guilty !!!!

Bush and Blair Text 4 (Guardian)

Peterson convicted of murder

THE MARINES Black Flags Are Deadly Signals as Cornered Rebels Fight Back

MSNBC Announces Peterson verdict reached

Fort Bragg Troops Train For Homeland Security Mission

Germany Renews Anti-Terror Deployment

Fallujah’s empty promise True to guerrilla form, insurgents faded away

Prosecutor Wants Jail Time for Berlusconi

Thousands of Bahrainis celebrate Jerusalem Day

U.S. Seeks More Dutch Help in Iraq

College Republicans' Tactics Raise Questions

GIs Force Men Fleeing Fallujah to Return

Alabama desegregation vote recount likely

Black Flags Are Deadly Signals as Cornered Rebels Fight Back -NYT

Judge questions Ashcroft's decision on death penalty for mob boss

Gov't Orders Air Passenger Data for Test

Depleted Uranium: Observatory Laments Denial

Mostly Good Reviews for Electronic Voting

AP: Two N.C. Races Held Up by Voting Problems

U.S. senator's bill would give lumber duties to American companies

AP: Saddam-Linked Banks Given Business(by US-lead post-war govt)

Court hears Berlusconi bribery claims

Rural-metro political divide seen clearly throughout West

Sinclair sells station

11/12/04 DoD Identifies (3) Marine Casualties #1159 #1160 #1162

Computer Glitch Changes Election Result

AP: Bush Sees Patriot Act Renewal As Key Goal

Education Secretary Rod Paige intends to leave job, official says

Sen. Specter's Critics Turn Fire on Tort Reform


Moore Fires Up "Fahrenheit" Sequel

Rumsfeld: El Salvador Can Be Iraq Model

DoD Identifies Army Casualty #1166

Troop ribbons being sold for profit

Aid Agencies See Possible Fallujah Crisis (RC'srequest to enter denied)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 12 November

U.S. Launches Air Strikes on Mosul

Army Blackhawk Helicopter Shot Down

Police used Taser gun to subdue 6-year-old student wielding piece of glass

Bob Jones Sees Bush Win As 'Reprieve' (Bob:Liberals "Despise your Christ")

Evolution Trial Lawyers Make Final Pleas

Police Lose Control of Mosul Amid Uprising

Rumsfeld in Latin America to press war on terrorism

Official: Paige to Leave Education Post

Collective punishment, regrettable necessity (Iraq news)

Doctor demands autopsy (on Yasser Arafat)

Oil Cos. Agree on $1B Gas Pipeline Deal (Brazil and China)

Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush

Frist Warns on Filibusters Over Bush Nominees (Nuclear Option)

Falluja Battle Erupts, Unrest Spreads Elsewhere

Bush Sees Patriot Act Renewal As Key Goal

Pope Decries 'Grave Crisis' of Values

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty #1165

King County (Seattle) faces election lawsuit

Friends Who Died Together in Iraq Honored

Rush Limbaugh Sued Over Illustrations

Afghanistan wants its 'Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism' back from UK

Update 2: Spitzer Files Suit Against Calif. Company

Blair Appears to Cringe as Bush Discusses Whether He Is the Bush's 'poodle

Twenty-Two U.S. Troops Killed in Falluja -U.S. General

US troops fighting new Iraq rebellion - Brigade Redeployed to Mosul

Drudge: Bin Laden has Religious Approval to use Nuclear Bomb on Americans

School unit mandates 'intelligent design

US Airways Asks to Cancel Union Contracts

Breaking: Scott Peterson GUILTY

Gays explain why they voted for Bush's re-election

Nader staffer: N.H. recount 'is on'

Now, Santorum's under fire(RW threatens to run Toomey against him)

SoCal man's Web site allows thousand to apologize for Bush's election

Vilsack, Dean Jockey for Top DNC Post

Survey: People want receipt showing how they voted

How Would You Rate The Grudge?

I have kidnapped GOPisevil and he's being held in Southeastern PA

Rubens Vs Rembrandt - the ultimate battle royal!

Anyone have a gay cat? I might

My god, this couch is enormous.

Ahnold promoting California falafels?

I now have more experience in photographing butts than 99% of you.

I'm listening to Snow Patrol - anyone know them?

I put a down payment on a 2004 Mazda 3, 5 door hatchback.

How many times do I have to tell you . . .

What's brown and smells like W

Flirt with me

Every time I see a commercial now...

Bored. Dropping by to say hello.

Ok DUers! Now is your chance to know Jack Schitt!

Conan: "Gun-toting, NASCAR-drivin' Jesus!"

Perfect equivalent of the "liberal swear word"

I'm listening to Neko Case. She kicks ass.

yvr girl wants to flirt - and so do I - ladies? gentlemen?

Question about Windows Start file.

I'm writing a cover letter for a "second" job - I can't think of how to

Whoa - my "My Posts" page is 9 windows long

Anyone's spouses getting really upset with them because

Rabrrrrrr will raise John Kleeb's taxes and lower yours

Are freepers evil, or just stupid?

John Kleeb will raise your taxes - and so will I.

If I were in charge, there would be NAME CHANGE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

John Kleeb saved my copycat thread's life

DU late night chat

flaminbats will burn your tax returns and water your twolips

elperromagico promises more of the same

My donor star disappeared...NNNOOOOOO!!!!!

My new platform idea, free hat

The nightly "Pray for flaminbats to be eaten by rats" thread

Freeper in my class feels oppressed by women, poor, gays and minorities

Poor, gay, woman of a minority in my class feels oppressed by freepers

Kleeb the Vote

My new platform - I will execute John Kleeb

In honor of my new user name, what does Ken Blackwell suck like?

Eeew, I need a shower ....these guys are really creepy.

I'm throwing my hat into the Lounge election arena!

I'm the only candidate in this race who has always been anti-flamewar.

I'm throwing my butt into the Lounge election!

Anyone interested in starting a lounge government fringe party?

Should I change my DU username?

one of the last bastions of privacy bites the dust . . .

KLEEB runs against me only because he's a coward afraid of execution

I just monitored my change's resolution- ask me anything!

AppleMan for president! (And vice president Dan.)

Anyone have post-lounge-election depression?

victory speech


Top elperromagico strategist comments on election.

I just changed my monitor's resolution - ask me anything!

Dookus endorses elperromagico for Lounge President

Rabrrrrr's ads are so negative because he can not promise anything

Hey! I have a politically psychic ( we think!) cat,

I want Kleeb, Perromagico and Rabrrrrrr to vie for my endorsement

Screw this, I'm voting for Nader.

I'm throwing my HAND into the lounge election arena

John Kleeb is hording all the flu vaccines

In this divisive time

Anybody but Rabrrrrrr!!!

Whats this thing between George Shultz & Boy George

What exactly are the duties of a Lounge President?

Dookus retracts his endorsement of elperromagico

Can my vote be bought? I accept Pay Pal!!

Welcome toThe Church-Of-What's-Happening-Today

Dumb Question Here. What sort of election is going on ???

i am formally announcing that i am not a canadate for lounge president.

Rabrrrr eats puppies and has connection to the king of saudi arabia's

I'm formally endorsing Kleeb

Rabrrrr will send your children off to die in unneeded wars

I've been disenfranchised - my vote was not counted hmpf pout pout

Presidentual candidate most likely to leave Chad pregnant

Unofficial Lounge President Vote: Kleeb, elperromagico, or Rabrrrr

Kleeb isn't really my's all very true

Will the Candidates For Lounge President

You know what REALLY bugs me?

my namesake pup. 2 pics in this thread!!

Anyone know some info about spyware?

Hey Web gurus - you know that "I'm not sorry crap"

Some cute pics of Sitka, my dog who passed away recently

Janeane Garafalo would look so beautiful...

2 Year Old's Finger Re-attached After Getting Caught In Baggage Carousel

The excitement of punching a soda machine

Can anyone help me?



TV stations wimp-out on airing "Private Ryan"

I'm already tired and I haven't even woken up yet.

Favorite Eric Clapton song?

"Pansy" Wine Launched For Australian Gays

My cat has a question for you............

It's Only Nov 12th, and We're Already Sick of the Christmas Commercials

Rat's Nuts Likley To Blame For Driver's Traffic Accident

Montel Williams Show

My complete second season

Pad Thai (the cat) says hi

The official Lounge "kick up a stink" thread

Pole dancing classes for British teens cancelled

Hallelujah! I just left the 700 Club. That's #800 for moi!

Need help finding ghost stories

Kinsey... inflames passions again in controversial film

Rampant Louisiana crayfish threaten future of French frogs

CAPTION and tell

Election over - Liberals Return to Sodomy, Welfare Fraud.....

Should we suggest an arts and music forum for DU

Teen Charged After Waving Noose At Black Student

Woman Rams Wrong Car In Road Rage Incident

WWII Veteran Finds Himself in Painting

Oh the HUMANITY!!! Derailment Spills 20,00 Gallons of Beer

Barbara Bush breaks containment-escapes at namesake airport

Great Grandmother Pregnant With Twins AFTER Getting Her Tubes Tied

Six decades after being plundered, the art the Nazis stole is set to make

Gilbert Stuart at the Met

Cheap source for steel wheels?

Honestly folks. Where would we be without Matcom News?

Give me a link....

Police Taser 6 Year Old Boy At Elementary School

This site gave me the creepy crawly shivers....Ghost Cam

Who here wears a neck tie to work ?

Arafat had a nine-year-old daughter??!!???

He's his own granpaw

My God! This Kraut is enormous!

Man Mistakenly Uses Envelope Full Of Money As Fire Kindling

Arlen Specter sounds and looks like Howard Sprague

20 questions about Gay Penguins

Have you ever double dated? (not what you think)

paging chavesspeaksthetruth, would chavesspeaksthetruthplease pick up

My god, this coach is enormous.

My god, this conch is enormous

Computer people - Proxies

90 Year Old Loses Control Of Car - Crashes Into Store

Did anyone watch "ER" last night?

Pee Wee Herman on Davide Letterman tonight!

Ashcroft - Let the Eagle Soar

What will Ashcroft's next job be?

Good ol' Bartcop...

90 year old loses control of cat-crashes into kibble

I think I have a problem

So puny liberals - Who's your daddy now?

My god, this couch is enormous

Friday Group Hug Thread ('cause it's been a long week)

Messed up marketing

Cool stuff I've stolen from DU lately... Fess up! Who else is a DU thief?

Rapture theory starts apocalyptic feud

I have seen Jesus!!

Knee-Jerk Reaction thread: Who deserves a nut punch?

Moral values my ass! Have you seen the 25 Million Dollar Hoax?

Back in vogue: bumper stickers

The Clinton Presidential Library Opening

looking for a quote

Radio DJ Says Photo Shows That (Dick) Cheney Has Porn Star Potential

What are your favorite "Office Skanks"?

Anyone remember my IRS audit??? I got a letter yesterday

Crotchety Mark E. Smith interviewed on BBC about John Peel

OMG! I'm seeing colors!!!

letter to * Re: God's Law

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Hey "mainstreammedia"-- I got your conspiracy theory right HERE

When will I reach 5000 posts?

Like my new name?

I am so hungry, damn it.

How does one go about posting a picture????

I'm typing this thread while I'm on a conference call.

Indian Call Center

Doris vs. Debbie

Can we go on together, with suspicious minds?

Favorite Rankin-Bass Holiday Special

Like my old name?


What is Quickstar ?

O.K. this Polar Express movie has me annoyed...

Small Town Police Chief To Make $400,000 In '07 - Town NOT Happy

Ack! I lost my star!

Okay, Who Else thought the Yellow Admin posts were just their eyes

A DU Film Group

I've already asked the question for you all, thank you very much.

Pianist savant wows jazz world

What film best describes your life?

A GLBT Forum?

DagNabIT!!! Now what am I going to do with the rest of my day....?

Who has the "morans" pic? I need it!!

What do I want for lunch? I need ideas..


Post to show your new username

I decided on a Gyro and salad for lunch

When flirting........................

Does the world really need new Christmas movies every year?

We Need a Dude Forum.

Ringo impersonator market flooded with former Arafat impersonators

"God, I hate that bitch" - "Probably shouldn't have married her, then"

DU Pets Group, Anyone?

Who else thinks Jim Nabors is the most underrated actor?


We Need a Crude Forum.

Underrated actor: Steve Buschemi

Forum To Have NSMA Kick Me In The Head

So I flamed the crap out of someone the other day ...

The first person to ask for a forum to boot freepers in the head....

School Fundraiser Halted Over Fishing Knives

i think we need a sniffa forum

Me and Big Dawg

Can we have a forum for people who don't want a bunch of new forums?

We need a nude forum

Who else thinks Jeremy Piven is one of the most underated actors

We need a forum to debate with crude freeper pets who misbehave in public.

Prisoners Beat Martha Stewart To The Punch - "Convict Cookbook" Released

General Tso's Art of War

If you go to an Asian restaurant, do you ask for chopsticks?

Who still loves Pearl Jam?

I think Gary Sinise is one of the most underrated actors...

A forum about Pauly Shore's and Dennis Miller's films

What's a good cheese to eat with French bread and Red wine?

Favorite type of Chinese dumpling

So who is the mayor of San Diego?

Humble request for good vibes

Anyone else hoping that Christmas will get canceled this year?

I FINALLY got a Round Tuit

Who else thinks that Tom CRUISE is one of the most overrated actors?

Beast Man Cafe is open yet again!

Who Else Thinks George Reeves is One of the Most Dead Actors?

Favorite style of East Asian food

Who else thinks that Tom Hanks is one of the most overrated actors?

What Was So Wrong With Forrest Gump????

What Is So Wrong With Andy Gump?????

Those "Wacky Bush Twins" forum

Were these two people separated at birth?

DU group!! DU mom and dad!!

Impromptu DU Donation Drive....

CRAPTACULAR Mannequin a big hit

Monet vs Manet

Monet vs Manny

DU Linux user group for gay men!

at the Social Security office

I was watching CNN last night

Luxury Tricycle Sells For $180 - Kiddie SUV? - $800

Gooood Friday Morning DU!

We need a Food Forum

OK - Here's the proposal: Christmas every four years like the Olympics

GD: Politics is too civilized, we need a GD Fight Club forum

Earth below us, twisting, falling, floating weightless, coming, coming

JUAN COLE on Air America NOW!!!!

ARGH! Christmas junk in the stores, Christmas ads on TV.....

The "I Make the Decision, Not You' CAPTION

Is it morally wrong to cook Mexican food in a Wookie?

Worst. Toupee. Ever.

Homesteading forum?

O.k. Name changers check in!

Is letting wookies cook bratty kids mexican-style in a wok morally wrong?

how do we start a forum for people who throw woks at mexican cooks?

has anyone ever had a rear infection?

More Halloween Party Pics

Is it morally wrong to throw woks at mexican cooks? has a great interactive history of the Israel/Palastine conflict.

no gyro for the commander-the greek place dont open till four

Is this insecurity or what?

I Wish I Was A Pretty Boy.

She said "You're strange, don't change"....

How about a forum for Democrats who love Christmas?

I have no one in my DU buddy list. Should I add anyone?

A chicken joke.

Halo 2. Wow.

GNOME 2.6 freakin' RULES!

We need a 'Complete Smartass Forum'.

Want to peek inside Matt Drudge's closet?

Is it morally wrong to be cooking mexican food in a wok?

Would you boink Liza Minnelli for 238k/year?

Know any nuts that like Fundie crackers?

hey. that website got me a pen pal

Goodbye all my DU lounge friends.

Want to peek inside Oprah's closet?

Bush joke

Do you feel you have lost all ability to SPELL...

Group Proposal: The Purple Spanking Hippo Worship Like A God Group

Well, can we all at least agree that we don't need a Boobah forum?

DU Cooking/Baking Group

Know any Fundies that like the Nutcracker?


In what ways have you become like your parents?

Now William H. Macy...there's an underrated actor!

Gary Coleman, terrorist or hero?

I think Gary Oldman is one of the most underrated actors...

Can someone Point me to really Good Christmas Sites for Kids?

With all these new group forming threads........

My Mysterious Star...

DAMN!! Just read the "DU Member Group" Rules!

Sweden moving there --anyone got some good information?

DU Southern Commiseration Group

If You Leave The Lounge, You'll Take Away The Biggest Part Of Me.....

Now Shelley Winters - there's an underrated actress!!

I don't know if I'm with underpants or not. I'll have to think on it.

I agree with underpants.

A little chicken joke to brighten your Friday afternoon.

DU group for children of DUers to discuss issues

Is my ability to fall asleep during tests under or overrated?

A DU Fitness Group.

How the movie "Malcolm X" played a huge part in me becoming a liberal

Important poll

Is Underpants under-underpantsed?

Is underpants underrated?

The "Keeping You Safe, Like It or Not" CAPTION

I think Gary Coleman is one of the most under heighted actors...

DU Mac User Group?

One side effect to having groups

alright. so i'll be at the Patriot's game Sunday

SEC: Georgia v. Auburn

Any Jonny Quest fans here?

Let's talk about annoying people you work with!!!


Has anyone ever had an ear infection?

I am ROOT. Bow before me...

The bush voting asshole who made my daughter cry got fired!!!!

Now Ernest Borgnine....There's an Underrated Actor!!

OKAY-the "new forums" "new groups" clearinghouse thread SERIOUSLY PEOPLE

Any other DUers feeling (fill in the blank) today?

we MUST have an "Ask Me Anything" Forum!

Philosophical DU Lounge question (buddy/ignore lists):

Gay or not gay?

Who Else Thinks Steve Reeves is One of the Most Underrated Actors?

I'm the most underrated actor of all

We need a Forum discussing and dissing Underpants

Who else thinks Keanu Reeves is one the most underrated actors???

Big Macs or Bowling?

The Cooking and Baking Group is now open

Roger Bumpass--seriously--is an underrated actor.

I spent Veterans Day at Disneyland with an Iraq Vet

I think we need a sticky FAQ thread

Stevie Erkel - Now THERE Is An Underrated Actor!

We need a Blue Man Group group

The Cooking and Baking group just kicked it up a notch. Thrice.

!!!!!!!!!!Only 42 MINUTES until the Peterson verdict!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help for my brother! Anyone know any Left-leaning churches hiring?

Any other DUers feeling SASSY today?


The verdict is guilty

Man, my computer is messed up, sorry for the three threads on this

Are You Addicted To Changing Your Avatar?

DU singles forum

OMG!! A car just drove into the store across the street.


Okay, fess up!

a forum for computer illiterates...

Scott Peterson is way overrated.

Random Thoughts Thread - What are you thinking RIGHT NOW?

Self Delete. DUPE

Who riots now that Peterson has been found guilty?

There is NO decent non-Ozzy Black Sabbath album.

Laci Peterson was WAY hot

What am I drunk on?

Fla. City Council election decided with coin toss

Question for anyone who's been to Spain.

Now Elizabeth Berkley there an actress who is

Should Mark Geragos hang it up?

I want me some of that botox

Anyone know if Scott Peterson was a Republican or Democrat?

Who loves ya? Whooooooo loves ya?

motherfuckingsonofabitchshitferbrainsasshole spelled backward is

A Journal Sentinel photo of Dick Cheney is unexpectedly revealing

This is scary as hell...

Any George R.R. Martin Fans?

Stupidity Alert! Woman hit by train sues railroad company

Canadian Immigration Gateway

I have to take at least a day away from DU.

Without A Trace (CBS) is a smart, liberal TV show.

My dog picks at his food

"Hellboy" or "Saved?"

Cheez-its or Cheese Doodles?

The first person to ask for a forum to debate freepers is gonna get a boot

Hey, animal lovers, LOOK!

Are the Printer Cartridge Recycling programs a good idea?

College Students forum

Another Group authoritarian parenting group

Name your favorite movie Bad Girl

Weather Channel Breaking News: Redwood California.....

"Cheese it" or "Let's get the hell outta here"?


This yellow colour on DU today is making me need to go potty!

This yellow colour on DU today is making me crave bannana ice-cream

ah hell! Electra trailer out!

DU Kids Forum--people who were interested...

OK OK So Keanu Reeves is dumb as a brick and a lousy actor

Ya gotta give Gloria Allred credit...

How about a "How to emigrate to Canada" forum?

Alexander the Great - the film and his sex life

DU Students Group (Jr High, High School, University, Graduate Students)

ACK! Pat Robertson's face is frozen on my TV screen! I am not kidding!

Arianna Huffington

Deaniac group?

Dawn of the Dead. Which version is better?

Is Scott Peterson paying for OJ's crimes?

anyone for an anti-copycat and cat forum?

Copycat Thread Poll

Another Group proposal...a parenting group

should i change my name to

DU Groups idea: A GOOD BOOKS or GOOD READS forum.


Totally pissed off -- dammit!

Take that BAD HUSBANDS. You too could be convicted of murder

Anyone ever have a Behavioral Interview?



Can you see flame wars breaking out in the new forums?

If the Confederate Flag is "heritage,"

How about a forum for forum recommendations?

Can you play chopsticks?

When will Skinner decide there are too many Groups?

photshop x-ray effect

How about a Scott Peterson forum

Paris Hilton's moment of decency is snatched away from her.

Found a list of Conservative "stars" this website encourages you


PARENTING FORUM interest thread

OMG there are a million forums now on DU.....

Regis Philbin, move over...

I'm so Tired and I Don't Know Why

Wanna Read the crappiest play review ever?

We need a Sinners' forum

Who does God help the most?

Should I change my Name?


We Need a 'Red Light District' Forum

Fundie grudgingly admits: "Kinsey was no Mengele"

Big-Bottomed Mannequins Boost Profile in New York

New Forum Suggestion

The Open Source and Free Software group

Time Cube CRUSHES Evilution and EVEN Creationism!!!!

Which new GROUP is the best/has the most potential?

Privatize Social Security?

Just finished reading Churchill's "HESP". Ask me anything.

Bumper sticker wanted

Augest 18, 2005


Any drummers around?

The sound of thunder

BOOTYLICIOUS mannequins a big hit

$h!t happens.


Man, the Freepers may have the President, but we have a ROCKING web page

Why no news on the Scot Peterson verdict?

11 Year Old Girl Kicked Out Of School For Doing Gymnastics During Lunch

How about a group for people that like to stare at shiny objects?

What would be a "polite" donation to get back my donor star?

How about a Group for people who like to stare at Dull Objects?

Another group proposal.... a copycat group

It's 52 degrees.. I just got out my winter coat

Who did America send to Arafats funeral?


New Who Album May Appear Next Spring

Film Recommendation: Name of the Rose

Redneck rollercoaster

Alert...Both of my then two year olds had major tantrums in public

My Water Just Broke!!!

It's extremely amusing being referred to by my new name.

Whose funnier: Tim Conway or Don Knotts

Bob Jones spelled backwards is


My Church State Blog is Created! Check it out Advise...

It's Friday and the BAR IS OPEN!!! Name your poison.

It is snowing here in Boston

If the crew of "Alien" and the guys of "The Thing" had a pissing match

"Pro-Family" Group offers "hope for Homosexuals"

Free Scott Petersen

More underrated actors:



DU Veterans group?

The Depressed Democrat's Guide to Recovery

Anyone know anything about winter jackets?

NEW FORUM SUGGESTION: Liberal talk radio and other media

Hey, Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

OK... the Peterson verdict poll

Calling vegetarians and those almost/interested/sympathetic veggies

***URGENT Need more DU Doners for DU Pet Lovers Group****

Jesus™!!! Tell your minion Josh Strength to go back to his cave.

Favorite expletive used for a moronic person.

How about a DU Fascism forum?

NEW FORUM SUGGESTION: Computer help and support

What music are you listening to right now?

I have new bumperstickers! A question...

DU group! DU Pets! All Pets! not species specific...

what is the CUTEST THING here on DU?

Who thinks Harrison should have jammed a guitar neck in Clapton's heart

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Favorite episode?

DUers can't start FORUMS, only Groups

We need a group for people who expect children to behave in public

This is for my best friend who lurks here and won't register!

We are doing a BIG forum overhaul today. Thank you for your patience.

How do you react when you see Bush on the cover of newspapers?

Anyone for a DU Martial Artists group?


WABC's All American Survey for Week of 10 November 1964

I gave blood for the first time today.

Say something nice about CO Liberal!

Hate my Office Mate, part II

I TRIPLE-DOG-DARE you to post your baby pictures

YASSER ARAFAT: Short chubby doofus OR sizzling hot studmuffin?

HIGH SCHOOL FORUM interest thread

Where should i do my Xmas shopping?

With all these new groups...

Take a "stab" at a CAPTION

Tantrum throwing little brats

What was the worst Star Trek: The Next Generation episode?

Kittens (with a pic)

Can you use chopsticks?

DU Higher Education Forum

Official TERRIBLE group ideas thread

DU Group ideas that would get you banned...

What are the worst things posted on the DU forum?

What new smilies would you like to see added to DU?

DU Musicians' Group

We so need a DU Gaming forum.

Thanks for the group!

A Prayer for Animals

Need advice do diabetics maintain a vegetasrian diet?

Seeking some feedback.

Why aren't more liberals vegetarians?

Wow, cool group and happy to join.

I've been a vegetarian since I was 13, I want to be a vegan but Im weak


Favorite 'meat substitutes'?

How I went from meat three times a day to a vegan (post your story here)

Suggestion, if I may (very selfish, I know)

DU on-line gaming clan/group?

Subject: Bruce Campbell, b-movie hero.

To start the forum on a positive note - I CANNOT STAND PHISH.


The Police are the best band ever!

The often-discussed best films no one has seen

Sketch Comedy - Good, Bad and Ugly

1st Post: A Perfect Circle Rocks

Subject: Movies with Rock Stars/Music Personalities..the good, bad & ugly

Acclaimed movies that are crap and "crap" movies that are underrated

Music that may have some meaning for progressives: add your list here

Movies that may have some meaning for progressives: add your list here

Potential DU Group: Non-denominational prayer circle

Spiritual links bookmark list: add your own and keep it kicked :^)

What the Bleep do we know?

agnostics, check in. or not.

Dissatisfied agnostic seeking info about Quaker religion

Pagan/Earth Spiritualist DUers check in.

Progressive/Liberal Christians ... check on in.

Former Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians Check In!

Doctor Refuses To Treat HIV-Positives


New approaches to Science: Leprachaun Theory

Political Science

European Smart 1 Approaching Moon... (BBC)

Bit-heads unite.

Naval Academy Gay Grads Apply For Alumni Chapter

We must all hang together...

It's great seeing my fellow GLBT DU'ers here!

Damn my fast finger, I accidently double posted.

Man talk about getting smacked in the face!

Peru gives green light for gays in military to have sex

I think this will be a lively group!

Hello all my GLBT DU Brothers and Sisters!

Allies of DU GLBTers check in!

Do You Favor Outing Gays?


Transsexual Jailed for Lying About Gender

Can. Province Accused Of Human Rights Violation For Supporting Gay Marriag

Lets be honest....who here has done the on-line dating thing?

Bears Who Hate Bush

GLBT - check in please!

Would you mind if a straight woman hung out occasionally?

About You...

college football fans

College football - All conferences should have a championship game

So, does this mean that NASCAR threads are OK now?

What the HECK is this? A sports forum or something

Redskins fans



Vikes vs. Packers Smack Talk Thread

You mean we can talk HOCKEY on DU ??

The Boston Red Sox - 2004 World Series Champions

Go Sooners

Has anyone seen the results of the Mayoral race San Diego

I think Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlate lost this election for Kerry..

I've been reading the Newsweek election articles on-line

So, any "Names to be announced yet?" Enquiring minds...

Meme: There is NO PROOF Bush won the election....

The Talibornagains are pressing Bush already

‘Is that all you got George?’

Democrats Should Embrace Theodore Roosevelt

Our election was stolen and Yasser Arafat is the most important news

Bush lead down to 3 million votes

Google rigged against Bush?

Hey! I have a politically psychic ( we think!) cat,

Secret Service pays visit to Boulder High

A Petition To Congress for investigation of voting verification

Tomorrow DNC protest in DC!!

US Soldiers in mosque at Falluja (pic)

Studs & Bimbos Available to Repuke Turncoats !! ;-)

It seems the only ones standing up for us are 3rd party candidates

Ohio Recount Procedure

So, How Long Before The Draft?

Anyone catch Bush's comments about "dictators" and "democracy"?

"watching the cancer eat itself"

Seeking suggestions for a Democratic "Contract for America."

Wanted: Bush Supporter to Fight

How about we have an all-out battle to see who the candidate is in 2008?

Texas Grandmother (Scott McClellan's mom) Eyes Governor's Race

Bush read his comments without any emotion or feeling....

Use *'s speech against him for vote recount

Exit Poll revisited -- 'another way to approach voting irregularities'

GOP consultant: You GOP moderates (and Pataki) can SHOVE IT.

Dare I ask what's up w/OH, NH recounts or do I just start a cooking thread

College Republicans' tactics raise questions

Cynthia McKinney knew the deal/pre-election concerns re: Diebold

Did anyone see this photo of the Ohio poll worker loading ballots

We are doing a BIG forum overhaul today. Thank you for your patience.

Staged Election: Several Republicans Win by Exact Same Amount of Votes


What connections does Kerry have with the DLC?

How about mandating stickers on bibles

Al Gore was vindicated

Wonder where those "Iraqui" troops Came FRom? They're KURDS!

Fighting Flairs in 4 Iraqi Cities....Imagine that!!

Regional Democratic Party Coalition

The GOP is falling apart.

Clintons may want Ickes for DNC chairman

Breaking the Contract: Paul Krugman on the SS Privatization Scam

Doctors: Will you call tort reform by it's rightful name?

Reid backed Bybee(anti-choice,pro-torture), Sutton(anti-disibility) & Goss

Do you think Barney gets jealous when * spends time with the Poodle?

Did The Clinton Team DOOM The Kerry Campaign?

FREEPER logic (oxymoran)



Update on the Cynthia Butler email hoax, courtesy Buzzflash

Would Clark have done better in the South?

John Kerry got more votes than Ronald Reagan...

What went "wrong" with the elections.

Has Diebold issued any statements regarding the election?

I'll hoot and holler on Jan 20, 2009 -

If Liberals were to form a new, 3rd party . . .

Question: Are contribs for RECOUNTS addressed or mentioned in the

Debunking the NYT article

I've just heard that Tony Blair is going to attend

Is THIS What The Neocons Have In Mind To Further Global Dominance??

Bush camp planning to Nuke US to hide Election Fraud



Why do we have to know the results of the election on Election night ?

Our mixed messages..

Under Currents: Not Yet Time to Declare a Kerry Victory

The DLC and Social Security, Medicare. They push to privatize.

Send your voter fraud complaints to DNC using donation envelopes.

Dean may have supporters in organized labor touting him for DNC Chair

It's MY Turn to tell you what the 'REAL' problem is .....

I think we lost a lot of moderate votes in the election

Theses On Failures of the Democratic Party

Vilsack, Dean Jockey for Top DNC Post

I now turn the sound off when Bush in on TV or the radio

DNC throws in the towel

I need 2 things from my fellow "Deaniacs"

Update on the 'Tanks in the L.A. streets' thing

letter regarding Kerry recount strategy - you should read

Who got more voters to the polls for Kerry? Bill Clinton or Michael Moore?

Tony Campolo: "Evangelical Christianity has been hijacked"

Donate to help get the Ohio recount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nursing home in N Fl pushed incoherent patients and voted for them

$100,000 Reward for Evidence of Vote Fraud!!

HOLY SHIT! We've been totally debunked by

The Silence is Deafening

The Petition To Our US SEnators Concerning Alberto Gonzales

Anyone get the feeling the fuse is still burning.......?

If there is a recount and massive fraud is uncovered.........

Hillary/Obama 2008!

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RE: Nader wanting a NH recount. He's trying to screw us.


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Speak of the South...found straw poll, Nov. 2003, SC. Dean leading.

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Bush stole Ohio through absentee ballots

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