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Archives: November 16, 2004

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Why Powell Had to Go

Salon: If at first you don't secede

Clinton Library/Museum opening this week: Bush speaker for event

Progressive Theology: "What's Wrong with America?"

Subject: DU poll......CNN

Do you own a gun? - Post a picture of it ...

How can I get a picture to actually appear in the post?

I've been having problems logging on since midday. Anyone else?

Where did the national media list go? n/t

Kerry Lawyer says they didn't look for Fraud! A Must Read/Skinner, et al

Skinner: Donation issue

Freeper Cleanup Needed in Aisle 4

Yet another red/blue demographic map (CBS/WP)

Are you reading this?

Election Petition

Anyone know about this "apologise to the rest of the world" website?

Where are the American Patriots?

The vote goes on

Voter complaint hearings

Impoved/Upated RECOUNT LINKS/FRAUD FLYER.... (P.M. me for MSWORD version)

Gregoire reclaims the lead in WA. Governor's race.

Ohio provisional ballot totals?

Do we want the truth?

a very scary election fraud/Bush article

Recount: Palast vs. Manjoo

NEWS: GOP Vote Suppression: A Crime Against the U.S. Constitution

Is there an organizational breakdown of those involved?

New mainstream (sort of ) media piece- Boston Phoenix

Cobb-Badnarik need contributions for the mobilization

Holy Scary!!!!!

Part II: To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe...

The Florida Optical Scam Machines stole it for Bush


Peacefully Protest Crimes Against Democracy -Sign the Petition

NEWS: Was the Ohio Presidential Vote Stolen? (PR Newswire)

If the recount is unsuccessful, shoud we push to repeal 22nd amendment?

Who knows Republicans that crossed over to vote against the Shrub?

A little report and gossip and such from the Columbus Ohio meeting...

Kerry Lawyer says they weren't trained to LOOK FOR FRAUD! Breaking!

His master's voice: Normie Coleman awaits instructions on tax reform

Norm: I have votes for NRSC chair.

Elmer L. Anderson died tonight

His master's voice Part II: Normie "angry" at UN

Yes! Democracy Fest 2005 to be held in Austin!

dupe... delete

DNC Chairman

sorry about the double posting

self deleted

Has anyone heard what happened to the Allawi cousins that were kidnapped?

Hardball is covering the soldier shooting the Iraqi

weird dream...woke up yesterday looking at front page headline

Did anyone see the prairie dog toon in Chicago Tribune

Kevin Sites

CNN doing a singing tribute to Powell...

Wahoo! Gregoire suddenly ahead in Washington by 657 votes

Why are we murdering Iraqi's? They are not the Real Enemy..

Rice to be new Sec. of State

Only 1527 days, 7 hours, 59 mins and 40 seconds until the Divider is gone

Tavis Smiley Show (NPR) now talking about journalists refusing

Dear pResident Bush: ....CHECK THIS OUT>>>COOL and FUNNY

Come on Texas, DONATE TO DU! You are being matched for 30 more

With DU down, I learned two things..

Crooked Timber blog?

Internet Health Report, Internet Traffic Report

Anyone else having trouble getting on DU


Dude, what happend?

Subject: So It's True - People Do Rise To Their Own Level of ......

The Politics of Victimization

So where is Keith Olbermann tonight??? n/t

FANTASY ALERT!!!!! What if.....

Who is this woman in Keith's chair????

Got a response to my e-mail to Helen Thomas

TDS seems to support a third party

Has anybody else sent a phone card to the troops?

Korean anti-American Video

Egads!!! He's smoking.. What will we tell the children?

Yikes! Keven Eubanks can't sing worth a

Just realized...I don't have to change my email signature

With DU down, I learned two things..

Free Republic : Republican who rallied at Joe Lieberman Home Getting Sued

Malloy's message very powerful tonight...

Rice as Secretary of STATE? A PROVEN LIAR representing our country?!?!?!?

Iraq-1917. Iraq-2003-...

how long does a dnc chair serve?

Malloy sounded as if he was crying.

Holidays I just don't get (aka,lying to children,celebrating genocide)

What kind of power over the CIA does the executive office have?

Secretary of State Condi Rice: Will It Make Things Better or Worse?

Damn John Stewart is cold tonight, watch it!

I wish John Kerry would report for duty already.

Our "Moran" man goes global....

IRAQS ARE NOT TERRORISTS..." repeat this often... and it might start to


Mike Malloy -- Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Still Need Phone Cards

Neocon reaction to execution: Boycott NBC!

Was Malloy just crying?

"Media Ignoring Election Fraud "....

Shooting None Combatants


Cleveland Rocks!!! Company Boycotting Bushies.

What should Democrats be working on for the next four years?

Andrea Mitchell on Tweety: sounds like State Dept next for purge

English punctuation question...

Anti-choicers keep posting pictures and posters of "aborted" children

Nemesis(Freep) in Dire Need..Sued for harrassment of Joe Lieberman in 2000

My email exchange with THE repiglican realtor from GA

Fortress America

Dogs eating bodies in the streets of Fallujah

Rice And Her Deputy Hadley Advance- Wizards Come From Behind The Curtain

Malloy just asked for people to send phone cards to the wounded soldiers.

Should ALL War Footage Be Shown No Matter How Graphic?

About the Troops, Blue VS Red

Alberto Gonzales and Condi Rice----Write Your Senators

Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide. Flame away.

US Treasury: Debt limit must be raised this week

Fighting Across Iraq Kills More Than 50

Nuclear weapons workers get chance at compensation

Fannie Mae Delays Quarterly SEC Filing

WP: Reaction Mixed Around the World

11/15/04 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1194)

U.S. Pension Insurer Says Its Deficit Doubled

WP: Moves Cement Hard-Line Stance On Foreign Policy

U.S. citizenship no bar to terror screening

Black Watch may pull out of 'Sunni Triangle' within days

11/15/04 DoD Identifies (3) Marine Casualties (#1191, #1192, #1193)

US does not pay back favours, says Chirac

WP: Rice's NSC Tenure Complicates New Post

It sucks to be...?

anyone else having trouble streaming AAR again?

Finnair TV commercial for your viewing pleasure

Lionel files for bankruptcy (Jefferson)

attention men who have wives/girlfriends who shop too much

Australian Pink Floyd

I fought the law, and the redsox won.

Why don't you have a star?

I just checked out a book about uranium.

I don't seem to have anything to say today

Anybody up for some troll baiting while the Mods are at dinner??

It sucks when you like a DU member who

BREAKING NEWS: Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell

How fast will this thread die?

It sucks when you get instant pudding on your toes.

It sucks when....Aw forget it - EVERYTHING SUCKS!!!!!!

I just made brownies, ask me anything!

Condi briefs the State Dept. on how she handles W.


I have crabs

Spam this joint!

I have lobsters

help out a newbie... how do i put a picture in my post?

Damn My US History Professor!

Great explaination of current politics!

A trubite to John Ashcroft!

How could anyone hate thanksgiving?

It sucks when no one likes you just casue you're the Princess...

"Garden State" or "Eternal Sunshine" - best pictures of the year

did anyone else have trouble opening up DU tonight?

Is Powell's departure..

Ahhhh home sweet home...missed ya kids! where ya been?

Hello? Anybody home?

Ugh, typical fundie on "trading spouses"

testing 1,2,3,

My new sig image--when they come back.

Who broke DU?

Damn - was I productive...

What happened to GD?

City mouse or country mouse?

What were your symptoms during DU withdrawal


Are User names allowed to have Question Marks ?

A "Mac" toolbar bar for your PC

When I couldn't load DU, I did a Google search on DU - found some....

I'm eating a pound of Tootsie Rolls- ask me anything!

So what exactly happened to DU? Server crash? Virus?

So what exactly happened to VU? Too much horse? Virus?

"Im a poet and I didn't know it" According to this Rethugs website

I hate thanksgiving

If you'r drunk as a skiunk on monday night check in !

LOL! I'm a jackass!

Funniest Movie ever that made you Pee your pants

I haveb uh moudth fuhul ub Marieeunberree Puhie!!!

Did that freak anyone else out?

I'm listening to The Meteors

My cellmate thinks he'll be able to "buy" a $130K house for $0.

I just checked out a book about Uranus.

I just made instant pudding. Ask me anything!

Holidays that lies or celebrates genocide.

Who's going to take one for the team and change their name to...

Favorite homo-erotic sci-fi books?

Just saw a commercial for "Blade Trinity"

How about the Beatles covering other people's tunes?

Using a Brita filter to turn cheap vodka into decent vodka!

Restless legs

Crackheads, check in!

So.....what's everyone doing for (American) Thanksgiving?

I I I I I'm not your stepping stone

Ever notice how Condi looks like Chuckie?

DU Chat tonight, try to come if you can

Cheney Shuffles Cabinet

Should I decorate my house for Midwinter this year?

I have cramps


My sister found a skunk in the garbage bucket

How physically fit are you?

Apparently, I am not a real woman

i googled my DU user name and got this

Apparently, I am not a real person

What politicians have you met

Funniest movie ever.

A new 1420 calorie burger was unveiled today.

Adoption Notice

sweat lodge

Question for GLBT forum.

I'm going Rock Climbing at Table Rock in NC this Sat, Nov 20th.

Diebold Florida Voting Machine - Amsterdam Testing

Low bandwidth? Want to see the media clips we're all talking about?

Sister's friend is arriving from Germany shortly

Breaking: All grownups to leave Bush administration.

How will the Senate Dems handle Condom-Loser Rice's SoS nomination?

The men that wrote the Constitution had it right-

Should Wesley Clark run for a HOR or Senate seat for Arkansas in 2006?

Anyone have the article where Condi called Dub her husband?

Randi Rhodes ranting about client state, she was on fire tonight

At last some good news

Paula Zahn reminds me why I only watch PBS

Contact List for DNC members: Urge them against Vilsack

Subject: So It's True - People Do Rise To Their Own Level of ......

Can we get to a point where we can take a critical view of ourselves?

Christian Dominionists Have Bill in Congress - Const. Rest. Act HR 3799

Here Is Someone I'd Like To See Palast & Soros Get In Touch With...

Is Rumsfailed next?

Remember a company named Harken? Thought it went away?

Great questions for Fundies...courtesy of Gloria Brame

Condoleeza Rice will be under oath this time.

War is a Moral Issue (graphic)

Is our economy in trouble?

Lieberman: No Howard Dean at DNC!!

Please tell me what Condi Rice has done to deserve another job

Anyone think Howard Dean's too "out there" to run the DNC?

Green Party calls for volunteers and contributions for Ohio recount.

George W. Bush: Making the World Safe for Toads and Snakes!

Were the phony ACT-UP/Kerry "supporters" ever ID'd?

Part II: To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe...

You know what really scares me...

Which party will experience civil war first, the repubs or the dems?

Would Dean being DNC Chair be a Good thing or a Bad thing?

Bush/GOP: Declare there is treason in dissent.

Perle just called Colin Powell "articulate"

93,136 extra votes in Cuyahoga County Ohio alone???

One thing Bush has done right

Grover Norquist: tort reform is the means to the end of the Democrats

DEAR pResident Bush...COOL and FUNNY>>>check it out

Is this argument valid--RE: the electoral college

Good Soldier Powell

Guardian (Monbiot): The risks of a killing

Can any of my lovely DU friends help me? I trying to find an article

Sure as Heckfire we love funny westerns

Fallujah: Saved for Democracy?

Voting 'glitches' could derail democracy

BC's Hart still pushing the RW agenda

Intolerance Is Not a 'Value'

Americans tune out world, turn on TV gore

In today's Boston Globe.

Yes, the times they are a changin' (Masters of War SS visit Boulder)

Condy and the mastodons

Landscape After Battle [Editorial re: Responsibility of the Media -- GOOD]

The good soldier abandons the field

(LAT) Robert Scheer: "The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup"

"Vortex of Paradox" on DU: your comments.

Baghdad Burning. American Heroes?


NY Daily News insults internet users for seeking voter fraud information

Take Action, Organize.

Just Plain Evil (666)!

American Forces Radio and hate talk radio

Taiwan, Canada cap cooperation on clean energy

PPI 1.7% monthly(22.4% annualized-highest Producer's PI inc since 1/90

Pacific islands face drowning in heaps of discarded trash

200 Million Face Fuel Shortages This Winter In China - Guardian

DE Town Pumps 5+ Million Gallons Of Raw Sewage Into Nanticoke River System


China's Oil Imports Will Jump 10% In 2004 - AP

Anyone else been watching CSPAN (global warming)?

Study finds that children of foreign brides are `slow'

India wants less Kashmir troops

China evicts families in Beijing

Why are You Anti-Gun?

GOooo Wolverines (Freeper alert)

PLEASE help us organize this DU. Also a call for DU fundraising

What's the deal with the avatars?

How do I remove a forum from 'MY FORUMS'. I changed my mind on one and

Can a person post in a group

No one on DU seems to care, but...

Profane language?

Can the "Ignore Thread" feature be made into one of the LAST features

Is there an animal rights forum?

My Jihadunspun post was removed from the entire site this morning

9/11 Forum in the "acrhived & leftover forum" section

Sort topics/threads in "start date" order?

It's nice to see boxing glove back

Science-Fiction Group

To Skinner, regarding the Star Trek Forum

'the gallery'?

Hello? Is it just my LBN screen or are they all messed up?

Parapolitics Group proposal

"TV Lounge" Group Request for the Administrators

Proposal: Groupe Francophone de DU

Request: DU Childfree group

U.S. Presbyterians warned to change 'anti-Israel' stance

Uri Avnery: Rejoice not

Saudis block sale of Israeli products

Israel fears extremists backed by Iran may try to kill Abbas

Follow the money...

WTC Magic Steel

"The Future of the Republican Party in Chicago and Illinois"

Any positive people on this forum?

Check this out

What was on Countdown tonight?


Please have your local Dem organizations pass this resolution

NEWS: (NPR) Voting Irregularities

Is there any site that has general information and stories on exit polls

Worming the vote in the Dixiecrat to pad numbers

so where is bush & co at? r we seeing any signs of distress?

Election Fraud Summary

Ohio Provisional Voters can check status

Escambia FL - tabulation machines caused an inaccurate number

Vote Fraud - - links to Articles with Vote Fraud facts

Where to go (on the web) for updates on the Ohio recount?

Document reveals Columbus, Ohio voters waited hours as election

Question about Ohio Electors: Are they legally obliged to cast their vote

NH Dem Primary Vote Machine Discprepancies - Kerry-Dean Closer on Paper

Pinellas FL finds 268 absentee ballots - oops they did it again

URGENT: If You Haven't Already, Please Sign the Petition for a

Some good news from a friend of mine and information for Du'ers to look at

Don't you think it;s too quiet in the bush camp?

Motive for mainstream media silence?

Get Out Your Pencils (or word processors)... WRITE TO THEM

When Final Ohio recount matches Exit Polls MMMMmmmm

Lawsuit Calls for Recount of Slots Votes in Broward

More info RE: Election Errors in Youngstown, OH

The "petition online" guy needs money to finish!

What measures do we have agains Blackwell

Phone Number to check if your Ohio Provisional Ballot counted

Questions... E-Voting, Punch Card, Paper, Scanners, Tabulators

Ohio will not be recounted until the vote is certified in early December

We Didn't Expect To Win WV, Did We?

They just gaveled in the house

The Leadership of our Party failed us once again

future elections should last one week

Partial audio of Ohio suppression hearing on nov 13/15. More audio soon

Nearly all of Diebold's Board and its officers donated to Repubs

For SpikeTrees: KILLER summation of Voter Fraud instances w/ links

Anyone near CANTON, OH? Can you attend Mtg at 10 a.m. Tues?

Candidates sue to stop count of provisional ballots (guess what party)

Steal Your Election website -- documenting highest crime in our history!

Levy In Limbo After Couple Admits To Voting Twice

Ballots without birth dates ordered to be thrown out in ohio

Email I just sent out to everyone on my email list re: election reform.

Evidence of Fraud in 2000,2002, and 2004

Republican law suit in NC thrown out

Important information about Neil Bush and Bush family

daily fraud insider talking

Gregoire back ahead of Republican Dino Rossi. Connection to Kerry/Bush?!

Is it possible there is a cover-up in a good way?

Indiana news: 3 more counties report errors

Ohio voters waited hours as election officials

Salon's Manjoo Defends Bush with Weak Arguments

Let's fight back against the media (This is my plan)

Daniel Hopsicker: The Big Fix 2004

I also calculated the probability of GOP fraud in the 2002 Senate races.

Pissed off voters

Blackwell intends to Run Out the Clock

What we call them if recount shows fraud.... Merchandise! Support the recount/challenge effort.

can't a judge impound voting machines suspected of being manipulated?

Could it be possible that Daschle actually didn't lose?

Can someone please explain how Max Cleland lost ?

Local NYC merchant told me a reg. customer, a chan. 5 news cameraman told

CNN to talk about recount in Ohio -- next segment (on now) n/t

An Excellent Animated Flash that Helps Explain it all...

30,000 Rally to protest vote fraud

Jeb Bush advisor at possible "hacker rehab center" The Straights.

How many provisional ballots are there?

NEWS: Picking The President By Mail

Tossing Ohio Provisonal Ballots because person not registered

online union paper covers Ohio recount

Whopsee We Counted those Republican Ballots Twice!!

Did anyone attend the Ohio "homeland security " county recount yesterday?

WHAT IS THIS??!! Ohio will be counted AFTER the Vote is Certified in Dec?

Notes from Ohio voter suppression hearing in Columbus 11/15

EC delay if votes still uncountd? Post-EC challengs?Best vote method?

Here's a great image about the stolen election--heads up, Olbermann fans.

Gregoire pick up 508 additional votes in Grays Harbor recount.

The Rat is exposed (emperor has no clothes...)

If fraud can be shown, then a new election is the only solution!!

Sick of Republicans calling this a Conspiracy Theory

A Message From J. Kenneth Blackwell - He Wants Our Comments!

Is it a little naive to believe there will be an Ohio recount?

No case so far that GOP stole the presidency

Nader NH Recount Gets Underway Thursday

Why is Kerry Silent?

Poetic Justice------Bev Harris

Major network news chiefs review election, look to future

Some possible outcomes of the Ohio Recount

More Ohio news: Some ballots counted twice

BUSH OUT KERRY IN ? With the media blocked out, I was wondering..

Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Olbermann for reporting election...

This just in, mystery solved

Bev Harris in Volusia County Florida right now...

What are Nader's and Cobb's Motivations and Intentions?

Help Blackwell Recuse himself! Also, help Subpoena Black Boxes.

Kerry has no chance in 2008 if he doesn't fight now.

General Council to the NC BoE, responds to email

The Petition -- Don't just sign, CONTRIBUTE (if you can)!

Town Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio about Election Problems

Irrefutable evidence: Ohio election rigged

Blackwell. Need his ass oughta there. Help

VOTE FRAUD -- What can we do?

HELP WANTED: DU VOTE FRAUD WORK (write, organize, research, kick) Team

KKK as model of vote tampering and suppression.

Vilsack - DNC Chair?

Did anyone hear me on Midday today? (Monday)

DU Meetup on Wednesday?

DUers: Download this unless you want to be spied on

Using wireless connection, 'choose a network connection' box appears

ANyone use FireFox? I have a minor question

Computer Questions: FireFox and SystemMechanic

Why won't my PC stay logged in to DU?

Cable -tv question -- Very freaky thing that happens.

Vote Fraud - Near CANTON? Can you attend 10 am Mtg Tues?

Call to action: Write Sec. Blackwell and ask that he recuse himself

phone number to see if your Ohio Provisional Ballot counted

Anyone have a picture or address of Santorum's House in D.C. (VA really)?

Joe Montana For Senate

Harris Co. Dem's strategy session Saturday, 11/20

DUers to Dickens on the Strand, Galveston, 12/4, 5

Dem friendly Door County companies?

Fred Phelps (the "God Hates Fags" Guy) in Madison & Milwaukee

Voting issues Tuesday on WPR

Marathong County to update voting system - to touch screens

I'm elated.......lib radio in C Wisconsin

Can Joe McDermott be convinced to run for prez in 2008?

Would Evan Bayh Democratic Senator from Indiana

what do you think will happen

DUers: Tell U.S. Telecom companies to send our troops free calling cards!

I got invited to an appreciation celebration by my new U.S. Senator.

Is there unedited video of the Fallujah murder anywhere? N/T

marine kills wounded unarmed man..reminds me of..

John Kerrys Website....How Long????

The biggest difference between Condi Rice and Colin Powell

Report from another planet.. Reporters "cause" atrocities

Teens With Same-Sex Parents Well-Adjusted

Wholesale executions in Iraq

Did Condi Rice Go Down On Shrub

So, who in the hell donated on my behalf? I have a star and I didn't!

Now this is just crazy....

Watch the freepers try to figure out what a neo-con is!

Alternative History Question (Re Oklahoma City and the Murrah Building

UN oil for food scandal and american corps involved- info please....

it's apparently now illegal to take photos of the White House . . .

i's like a hat that just says I'm a DUer

Alan Keyes Sings!!!

Are * and Condi...

If you haven't already, please DU Sen. Norm Coleman's poll

WOW! The gal covering for Keith tonite..

"We don't want another Hitler"

my worship I reserve for Right which is far greater than my country

VOTE FRAUD - Anyone near Canton, OH -- for 10 am Mtg Tues??

Yesterday, I posted that it is possible for us to provide universal

The Pentagon is protecting terrorists with American blood on their hands

What do they talk about, on RW Hate Radio, now that their emperor has

hate to say it again but, these men won't stop until they are stopped

Steve Bell on Colin Powell

Navy CIS or NCIS

Repug "in your face" insult to rocker Dems

Andrea Mitchell just said Rice has mandate to clean house at State dept

We need to move further to the right to win: Ralph Reed for DNC chair!

Hello anyone listening? they are about to take away our internets!

Grrr just because 70% of the voters voted for an amendment

Do we live in a Tri-polar world now?

Right wing pundits have lost interest in Iraq

Give Bush a Brain Game.

Can you be pro-pregnancy and anti-child?

purge planned at State Dept?

Has an internet petition ever accomplished anything?

In a nut shell, here is why the ultra RW will die a slow death...

HEY!.. Nearly 58,000 members and only 434 donations?!?!

Motive for mainstream media silence?

Question about Fallujah reconstruction

Did you ever wonder if O'Reilly's entire show is scripted by the GOP?

Americans have grown apathetic about the war.

Maybe you missed it but, THE FCC TO REGULATE INTERNET AND PCs!!!!!

FYI. I started my own blog "A Tiny Ripple of Hope"

Allawi says no civilians killed, despite dead women and children

For you political map wonkies

You're a mean one, Mr. Glitch.

Hardees introduces 1,420-calorie burger

Who are we fighting in Fallujah?

When your country is being run by Nazi's why not have the foreign born run

Is The War In Iraq Becoming A Vietnam-Like Quagmire?

Arafat funeral, in photos

Cable news free now for 2 weeks...

It's Raining Men!

Is there a place just for political humor? Should there be?

A truth that dare not be spoken by the media....

If the re-count in Ohio goes forward...

Can anybody point me to a summary of John Edwards' trials?

Feeling a Draft? Look at this.

I just got push-polled by the Christian Coalition

Who Is A Terrorist?

Let me be VERY clear:When we are killing them they are "terrorists"..

Which would be your favorite celebrity Presidential ticket?

Who are your favorite Democrats?

Color me paranoid. About that NBC Fallujah tape...

Sign Petition to Stop Pesticide Study on Kids!

Where was the outrage during the CNN "Fit to Kill" segment???

The Awesome Power of DU

Will Bush Cause the End of Humanity?

Former G.I.'s, Ordered to War,Fight Not to Go

Organizing the Religious Left

A periodic re-assessment of the mission goal might be good.

A different take on the Draft

Lots of forced giggling and laughter on CNN today...

Slashdot: FCC to regulate internet and home computers

New Mantra of the last couple weeks: Learn to love Theocracy!

The parallels between 1930s Germany and the USA are scary.

charging 1 G.I. with killing 1 Iraqi with a war crime?...what the fuck?

Will there be new militant left-wing groups?

the other war the bushgang is waging with the dollar

Didn't they announce Fallujah liberated? Now we're dropping 500 lbs bombs

ACK...condi is crying during * speech

Something to make you smile

Remember the wingnut who wrote a tattle-tail list on all the "hippies?"

CIA Purge is a TRAVESTY for 9/11 Victims

We have two years to get out.

Overturning Roe v Wade is good. It will DESTROY the red states

THEOCRACY: Where do you stand?

Maryland Gov. wants to sell state park lands for profit

Cultural disconnect

No doubt left - America has become what it hates...

We ain't the good guys anymore.

As a newbie... I need a dictionary...

Margaret Hassan's death is highly suspicous

You Can Forget Hungary

All right class-SETTLE DOWN!-Today's lesson is on "Creationist Science"

Petition for renewing The Fairness Doctrine.

In 2004, is there any difference between a Televangelist hack...

1964 Dylan: "With God on our side"

Why is Sen. Harry Reid our leader?

"U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Mosul Offensive" (Offensive is a good name for

"U.S. to Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi"

Md. Gov (R) gets cash from developer who sought protected land

How in the hell

Someone PLEASE: Call Extreme Makeover for Rice

Welcome to the resurrection

SILLY QUESTION: when "collateral damage" outnumbers intentional damage...

Limbaugh comparing marine shooting with John Kerry!!!!!

Chicago as TV Star this week

Tiny Transmitters on Prescription Meds

Painful Journey Nearly Complete

Video May Show CARE Director Being Killed

*'s newly nominated Sec'y of State: Is she DELUSIONAL?

Photo of * sucking his finger.

UVa study-Teens with Same-Sex Parents as Normal as Peers

NOV 16 International Day for Tolerance

Handmade lawn sign I saw yesterday in Barron, a small town

Instant heart attack

Secretary of State Rice???? *shudder*

Did AAR lose their Stream

Still seeing Kerry signs up

SMOKING GUN! re: e-voting and fraud....check it out.

Condi and Bush Getting Really Close... New info??

GIs who refused orders in Iraq may be punished

Personally, I just want my country back.

3 prong theory: something I said in 2002 is coming true....

Freaking Fundy Childhood Friend giving me the red ass

Court martial confirms Britain given advance warning of Iraq invasion

Condi and Bush are having an affair, visual evidence Powell style

Was Darwin wrong?

Slashdot: The FCC to regulate internet and personal computers!!!

A Peck on the Cheek?

New Report, Footage Surfaces On Mass Graves Of US Soldiers

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Hung Over in the End Times

How many of you

Can someone condense these thoughts into a bumper sticker?

According to some tacky internet rumormonger - Limbaugh....

Photo Weirdness or Is Chimp A Cardboard Cutout for Photos?

Wonderful Codrescu column: "From the Clinton Autobiography"

A Highly Compelling Letter to the Editor, See if You Agree...

ATTN: Pres Bush RE: God's law and gay marriage!

With the writing on the wall...

Just to think 33 years ago

Who got that letter from Gary Jarmin? Anyone get deceptive political mail?

Condi Rice's Real Job -- Who has the BALLS to Hear the Truth?

its enough to make you vomit...

I need DU'er research help. Can you help investigate this? Any Truth?

The "petition online" guy needs money to finish!

Did we ever find out if Olberman is really on vacation or not?

I think the biggest problem are EMP weapons.

Larry Flynt to be in New Orleans Thursday Night

WTF?: Repugs release "2005 Freedom Calandar" From House Floor!

The "petition online" guy (for the recount) needs money to finish!

Fleeing the Dollar.. What is your favorite "safe have" currency?

Cabinet changes not unusual

Activists question accuracy of optical vote-scan machines

Tom Tomorrow nails it once again!

I am so pissed at my local news channel!

Masters of War

U.S. Marine Videotaped Shooting Dead Unarmed Iraqi

Guess who lied to the 9/11 Commission 27 times?

Americans Are too Rich, Fat, and Lazy To Protect Democracy

Do you recycle?

Is genocide the goal?

Like it or not:THIS IS a JUDO-CHRISTMAS nation

WHY are we using a * (asterisk) instead of just using Bush - Please read

Watch Fontline on PBS tonight....

A FReeper-style aquatance gave a Columbia Jouralism Review article....

Circling the Wagons: Bush's echo chamber of appointees

Christians Fleeing Iraq

Clinton protestor takes the high road in Little Rock (classic pic)

Freepers never cease to amaze me with their ignorance

So I stuck it to a fundie today.

Was The 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?

Union calls for nationwide flight attendant strike

American as football, torture and able lies.

Can the Coast Guard get deployed?

BYE BYE Tom Ridge and Tommy Thomson

Seen these Diebold Posters?

THROW away the BC pills, and Condoms and Make Babies

This is NOT a Judeo-Christian nation. IT'S A JETHRO BODINE NATION

Hey I just noticed I have a star

Deleted message

Were you ever a dittohead or a republican?


Over 1200 Dead!

Israel: Submarine Infiltrated Its Waters

Rules Change to Protect Delay

Anybody Ever See THX 1138, Handmaid's Tale, And Farenheit 451?

Sean Hannity coming to Air America!

Sirota: How Dems can win-back the "Red States".

House GOP to Change Leadership Rules For DeLay???

US Casualties in Iraq at 1200

the sky here is beginning to look like a checkerboard . . .

We hit 1200 KIA today!

Signed secrecy oaths in the Buxh administration

Is the playing field level? IOW should Affirmative Action be ended?

If fundies version of heaven is my version of hell, what does that mean

Two great LTTE in my local paper . . .

How Bad Will It Get? What's The Worst That's Likely To Happen?

If I see one more fuggin pic of condi-LIE-za's shit-eating-grin

Oops, I smell a fine for ABC. MNF opening scene a nekid woman!!

"80% of armed forces in Iraq are from Red States"

Do Americans in general

We're living Death Race 2000

A morality vote? What's that?

A good study on Media coverage of Bush vs Kerry:

I Met Senator Mary Landrieu today

Trolls plentiful!

Yemeni who set himself afire at WH is FBI informant, in touch with WaPo

100,000 Dead Iraqi Civilians Is An Arab Holocaust

I had a dream the other night

If * and the Evangelicals go to heaven,

Christians have turned their Church into just another lobbying group.

I propose that ALL DUers use the upside down flag avatar for 1 week.

Can we have a THANK YOU for Michael Badnarik and David Cobb?

Aggravating Conservatives

Where can I find a list of Senators up for re-election in '06?

Great Howard Dean article about "values," even if you hate him, check it

Proudest moment in American History - 20th Century

Universal Health Care Bill

science curriculum, evolutiion and NCLB

What does that symbol with the flame mean, Pacifist Patriot?

More religion...this time pagans and witches!

Yes! Gotta love a good flame war.

Today is the day that people who don't care for Randi should LISTEN.

Rush Limbaugh, the false profit

Low Income Children Will Be EPA Guinea Pigs

Voting against their Interests indeed

anyone have the link for dean's DFA convention next year?

McCain tries to recapture his soul

The difference between "civility" in war and being barbarians.

The REAL issue behind creationism and evolution

Chaulk another **big*** outing of Red Morals

can a Democratic Underground member confirm this? Is this true?

Alberto Gonzales's Views on Torture

Q: What's the difference between CNN and Al-Jazeera?

Hassan has beek killed and I am seeething with anger and despair.

Who is this 'Colin Powell' I was hearing about on the radio?

First DU is turned-in to the DHS as a "terrorist" hate site...

I think when we go into an Iraq mosque and shoot Iraqi's like dogs...

I Have The Name of the Republican Nominee for President in 2008

Randi just said that the Ohio SOS wants over $1 million

1200 U.S. dead in Iraq

Ed Shultz sucks today. He is actually criticizing the media

Amnesty International- Iraq: Urgent action needed to prevent war crimes

I hate to ask this, but since everyone is talking about it....

When is the election of the DNC chair?

Randi Rhodes posts Fallujah pictures

My 7 Year Old

ABC news just did a story on the marine shooting

Is there anything that is getting better in our country right now?

BBV: 7 Counties In WA State Now Using Uncertified Software

Guess What The New Favorite Viewing on Arab TV is? Abu Ghraib II...

It's official. Canada to "allow" GWB, retard/terrorist, into country.

Margaret Hassan killed by Alawi/CIA thugs?

I am not afraid

Conundrum - News (okay, Paul Harvey) was touting this:

November 26 Buy NOTHING Day

Sean Hannity To Be On THE MAJORITY REPORT - Air America Radio

What if most people no longer trusted the main stream media?

I've noticed something

"Muslims Outraged"?

Looking for link from an earlier post: Condi's 27 lies before the 9/11


06 does not look good to me...

Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) = a death sentence for indigenous people

Win or Lose...Make A stand Against Gonzales/Bush

Rumor at work states Ashcroft might run for the Supreme Court. True?

Sixty-million votes - how many were Democrats ?

Is there unedited video of the Fallujah murder anywhere? N/T

Marine committed a "war crime"

Tonite's Frontline - Is Wal-Mart Good for America?

About to donate to DU, need somebody to sponsor, say why you want a star

I'd like your opinions about this

Proof Darwin was wrong:

I grow discouraged.

Wes Clark should be on AAR every day.

It's Worse Than You Think

Civil Disobedience you think they will EVER let our troops out of the military...

get your religion out of my face

I miss John and Theresa!!!!

Important information about Neil Bush and Bush family

Jesus, can you convince your dad to give a fuckin' press conference

FAIR Alert: New York Times Rewrites Fallujah History

Your thoughts on Bush's MULTICULTURAL administration?

Now they're drafting middle-aged alcoholics!

I have got some "news" for all of the Evangelists out there.

Name something you think will happen soon, but people won't believe

The Sad Case of DU's Wasted Potential: LET'S SHAKE THIS PLACE UP!!

Why didn't Saddam kill Margaret Hassan?

*shiver* I'm beginning to believe a souleater has taken over repubs

Email response took my breathe away. What to answer?

The Scariest article I have read in a long time.

did anyone catch * pet name for Condi on CNN?? She calls him "doobie"

Rate your rage against the ** Admin, with 1 being you couldn't care less

Why Do So Many Democrats HATE Moderate Democrats?

can one be pro-death penelty and pro-life?

Evil flows through their veins > >

Should Canada indict Bush for war crimes? - Toronto Star

Like it or not:THIS IS a RACIST-BELLIGERENT nation

Uncivil discourse, or how we alienate of people of faith

Have you ever lived outside of the US?

Help for pregnant women left without support due to military service

Before you all keep "blaming" the south.

Minorities/Women: How do you feel about Powell, Rice, and Gonzales?

Consumer relief as oil prices fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I propose that ALL DUers use the upside down flag avatar for 1 week.

A progressive Manifesto

A Letter to the People that voted Bush into office

Dismembered stuffed toy donkey tied by the neck to the front of a car--

Mosh - The new ending

Democrats in Denial

I just got the SICKEST piece of freeper hate mail!!!!

Like it or not: THIS IS a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN nation

Why Did Wes Clark

To be fair to the Marine who shot the wounded insurgent

Those who signed up for the NATURAL SCIENCES Forum please read

A call to action, DU we need your help. Someone help us!

VOTE FRAUD? What can we do?

HELP WANTED: DU VOTE FRAUD WORK (write, organize, research, kick) Team

suggestions for turkey breast "in a bag"?

I need ideas for a chicken marinate.

Broccoli Salad...this is delicious!!!!!!!!!

Starting your own "Dining In" Group.. It's good eats & good fun..

Microwaft Tomato Catsup Soup with Exciting (!) Variations

Food 911! DU Cooks to the rescue!

best "asian-style" chicken noodle soup

Who else puts almonds in their green beans?

What are your favorite, most used, can't live without, kitchen utensils?

Homeless people? What homeless people?

Should Canada indict Bush?

Bush to visit Nov. 30

So I want to move my family to Canada....Question!

Looks like Last Orders for Ciggies in England & Wales too...

Ball's in your court, 450 million Europeans

OK, let me get this straight ...

Growing threats suggest Islamic terrorism spreading in Asia

Novartis turning to China for security, growth

CIA chief seeks to reassure employees

US soldier killed in attack on convoy north of Baghdad

William Safire to stop political column

Mujahideen Moves Easily In Fallujah; 19 Americans Killed In Explosion

Terror Informant Ignites Himself Near White House

A most peculiar kind of alliance

US planes bomb Falluja (new bombing series)

MSNBC retracting Ridge resignation.....huh?

BREAKING NEWS: Tom Ridge has resigned,

Slashdot: The FCC to regulate internet and personal computers!!!

U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Mosul Offensive

Rumsfeld in regional talks (In Quito, Equador...)

Convoy takes aid to Fallujah residents in nearby village

Group in Fla county sues over vote glitch

Infosys, Microsoft to invest jointly $8m

Teens With Same-Sex Parents Well-Adjusted

Motive for mainstream media silence?

Taliban Blast Kills Four Afghan Policemen

U.S. to Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi

Teens With Same-Sex Parents Well-Adjusted

Secret life of Mitterrand on trial in bugging case

Galloway denies Saddam 'fawning'

Former Soldiers Fighting Army on Callbacks (NYT)

2 More Top CIA Officials Quit Over New Leadership

Sign Petition to Stop Pesticide Study on Kids!

US forces arrest senior Iraqi official

Iraq north oil exports sharply cut by attacks (200,000 barrels per day)

AZRepublic: Kyl could end up as Judiciary chairman

Pension Guarantor's Deficit Widens

Pinellas (FL) ballot box sat ignored in office


Fannie Mae Warns of Possible $9B Loss (AP)

Broadcast on MSNBC - Tom Ridge just resigned.

Thatcher to be tried in absentia

Margaret Hassan Believed to be Murdered

Welcome to the resurrection

LAT: Construction Journals From 1943 Are Seized

United Seeks To Ax 1,000 Flight Attendants

Azerbaijan Not to Increase Military Contingent in Iraq

Armitage is out

Post: Man Who Ignited Self at White House an Informant

Soldiers who refused duty said to face discipline

Some ballots counted twice (OHIO)

Amex sues Visa and MasterCard over cartel

Bush counts on Rice to 'unstick' problems

Detroit schools: 4,000 jobs must go

science curriculum, evolutiion and NCLB

Teens With Same Sex Parents As Normal As Peers

Some ballots counted twice

US Supreme Court stops execution of mentally disabled man

Senior Member of Sunni Party Arrested

Tom Ridge and Tommy Thompson resign

Margaret Hassan killed in Iraq

Reports: Ridge, Armitage to step down

Iraq's Christian community flees violence - Thousands flee terror

Hostettler I-69 name change a HOAX

New video 'shows Hassan murder' - BBC news

CNN: Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Back Up on EBay

Falluja residents not in need of aid, (U.S. appointed) Iraq govt says

Hostettler mounting campaign to change the name of Interstate 69

MSNBC: Richard Armitage Resigns

Stock Watch Thread Tuesday 11/16

Geneva Conventions Protect Wounded in War

Nationwide flight attendant walkout threatened

Peninsula mushroom farm closing (200 jobs)

11/16/04 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1198)

NYT: W. Va. Heads Down a Political Road Less Taken (Dems blindsided)

Target won't allow Salvation Army to solicit at its stores

Sources: Ridge plans to leave post

UN seeks probe into war crimes

Gregoire edges ahead, but more counting to come

Britain reports nine torture probes involving military in Iraq: UN source

Britain reports nine torture probes involving military in Iraq: UN source

(Welsh) Family fears 'whitewash' report on murdered son (in Iraq)

November already is second deadliest month for U.S. troops in Iraq

U.S. Extends Deadline to Switch Screeners

(Baltimore, MD) GM to close Astro, Safari plant (1100 jobs)

NYT: Former G.I.'s, Ordered to War, Fight Not to Go

Green Party Claims Ohio Ballot Recount a 'Certainty'

GOP weighs rules shield for DeLay

Iraqis Remove Corpses Under U.S. Oversight

Nader activists ask for N.H. recount

Producer Prices: Biggest Gain Since '90

BBC: US fails to knock out rebels

Conservative host returns to the air after week suspension for using racia

Russian jet turns back US spy plane

Grays Harbor County vote re-count expected to boost Gregoire

3 more counties report errors

Few Foreigners Among Insurgents (5% in Fallujah)

CNN: Wholesale prices soar

Flight Attendants Union Wants Strike Vote

NYT: Election Over, McCain Criticizes Bush on Climate Change

Oil Fuels Latin American Binge (where thesr is smoke...

U.N. Rights Boss Urges Falluja 'Abuses' Probe

Bush's health plan: Cap suits, contain costs(save 37B of $15 Tril over 10y


Mach 10, mach 10!!

Government looking at military draft lists

Bush threatens mankind, says Caldicott

Pentagon Settles Suit Over Boy Scout Support

Senate May Ram Copyright Bill (and make skipping commercials illegal!)

Human Extinction Within 100 Years Warns Scientist

Ohio To Go Through Statewide Vote Recount After All

Pictures of North Korea's Kim 'missing'

Deputy Secretary of State Armitage Quits -Official

Punishment recommended for soldiers who refused fuel supply mission

Heavy computer use tied to glaucoma !!!! yikes

CNN TV: Bush nominates Steve Hadley for NSA; Rice for SOS

Press Watchdog 'Deeply Disturbed' by Iraqi Govt's Media Threat

GOP envisions Hillary vs. Powell matchup

Red Cross =800 Civilians Feared Dead in Fallujah :

BBC Radio: US Major Assault in Mosul

ABC apologizes for steamy intro to "Monday Night Football''

Group may sue to block species protection

U.S. Marines Rally Round Iraq Probe Comrade

33,000 Ballots Lost In Shuffle

CNN reporting aid worker Margaret Hassan was executed in Iraq

Harry Reid from Nevada to replace Daschle

Close to 200th post. Don't ask me shit.

Wow, interesting night at Town Council: Item G? Lambaste HEyHEY.

That Jon Favereau dinner/chat cable has some very revealing moments --

Who else thinks that "Imus" looks like the Crypt Keeper?

What lie do you live?

Anyone know anything about Insurance and deductibles?

I've just been given a great responsibility.

Does your dog sleep at the foot of your bed? Mine does.

Only 45 minutes to enter the recipe contest!

Any positive people on this forum?

Do you own a circular saw? - Post a picture of it ...

Trouble at Hogwarts

If you are at the grocery store at midnight

Important Party Information

Do you own a dishwasher? - Post a picture of it ...

How is your housekeeping these days?

Apparently, I am not a nice person.

Computer use causes glaucoma

I'm on the radio

I'm listening to Gene Vincent.

Does this look familiar?

SHould I make pasta this late?

k. d. lang hymns of the 49th parallel.

What is your favorite midnight snack?

Legal Q? "this call may be monitored or recorded..."

"It looks like two pigs fightin' under a blanket"

Are you or have you been on a "low-carb" diet?

15 most recent Dubya declarations


SHould I eat paste this late?

Well, looks like I finally lost my mother's support. I might need yours.

Do you own a ladder? - Post a picture of it ...

Who needs a smile??

Come forth nerds: Are you excited about SciFi Channel's Earthsea,

come and play "find the troll!"

Who thinks that the Star Trek people should get their own DU group?

Warning: Major life changes ahead. (but I LIKE it for once) (LONG post)

Cake or death?

I met a man today who impressed the hell out of me.

"A Scanner Darkly"

Do you own a lathe? - Post a picture of it ...

I NEED a summary of the film "The Graduate"

Half-Life 2 has been unlocked.

WEHT Arnold from Green Acres?


Original Star Trek is on Sci Fi right now..

And where, might I ask, is the GrovelBot?

Dubya movie

I am having a struggle; I would like to know what you think.

What did I do to get over the recession? I changed my shampoo.

I've got the hiccups!

WOW! It's anal leakage!

Backup plan needed or exchange email addresses in case DU goes down

WEHT Mr. Ed?

Anyone here familiar with obsessive/compulsive disorder?

backup plan needed in case of anal leakage

FedEX / Castaway

Which of these Star Trek: The Next Generation episode do you like best?

A call to action. DU we need your help. Someone please help us!

Air guitar!

I've read every single post on the 1st page of the lounge

My repug in-laws emailed us this poem about soldiers...

Only YOU can prevent forest fires

Its not even seven and I am already full of jazz

Which of these Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes do you like best?

World's First Spray-On Contraceptive Ready - Condom In A Can?

Wednesday Addams on Thanksgiving

Check in, chess nerds (and others)

Landlord Wanted Sex For Rent

Little old church lady

Should I immolate my spouse for Midwinter this year?

Robots To Rid Us Of Cockroaches


Hardee's Unveils 1,400 Calorie "Monster Thickburger"

Man Sues Firefighter For Stealing His Wife

I Have Revolting Cocks

Takeru Kobayashi Eats 69 Hamburgers In Eight Minutes - Takes Prize

Some of them are Davids, but most of them are Daves

The Steely Dawn--Dreams and Occupations

Grovelbot is on strike!

VIBE Awards Marred By Violence

DU Addicts Anonymous

WOW! That "media has been very desirous" to make the Eagles 8-1

Ooops! I almost forgot --HAIL TO THE BENGALS!!!!!

Today is the 100th Anniversary of Electronics!

My Day has FINALLY Arrived!!!

we have a workplace thief

Bettie Page!

Atlanta Store's 75-Foot Christmas Tree Snaps In Half

This was new to me. Ashcroft letter cartoon.

Any one know any good ways to skip class?

For those who prefer Linux over Windoze...

I can't help myself

How do you guys keep from getting depressed?

John Ashcroft's letter to Georgie (worth a couple laughs)

I have Butthole Surfers

What season of Star Trek: The Next Generation was best?

Cocaine haul hidden in giant squid

Correction to last week's edition (I'm sorry)

Should Admin Bring Back Grovelbot??

David Lee Roth Trains to Become Paramedic

78 Year Old Man To Cash In His 10,000-POUND Penis

I have Misfits

Some of them are Whoisals, but most of them are Hedgeses.

Amputee Model To Pose For Playboy

Black Flag poll! (the band not the bug spray)...

Bids For Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich Cancelled By EBay

DU this poll!

Does your neck "bling"


Gooood Morning DU!

I have Millions of Dead Cops

today's Poll Poll

DUFFL: DU Fantasy Football League Standings

First Caption! Condi says, "Caption my boobs!"

Battle of the Sexes

I'm holding out for "The Bi-Polar Express"

On A Scale Of One To Ten...

The Zoom Quilt (very cool)

EBay Cancels Bids for Virgin Mary Sandwich

The "Stunning Visuals" CAPTION

If you want a cute cat post

Your favorite whining quitter is BACK

dupe...pls delete

Gran swallowed by shark as big as a helicopter

Have we simmered down yet?

Accept Christ and get a FREE iPod!

The solution to Afghanistan's opium?

Is Anna Nicole Smith drunk?

I was one cute baby!

Cartoon: Steve Bell, The Guardian

78 Year Old Man To Cash In His 10,000 POUNDS Of Pennies

What does it all mean?

Most Avant Garde,Isadora Duncan,Eleanora Duse,or Sarah Bernhardt?

'You'll what I tell ya!' of all CAPTIONS

Favorite Star Trek: DS9 character

Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation character

Is America getting fatter?

Fellas, YEAH! Fellas, YEAH!...

YAY I donated today!

Matcom Accused Of Giving Porn To Trick-Or-Treaters

paging HeyHey... check your PM

Did you know Yahoo Greetings are free in every other country?

Vets and active soldiers: I support you today, too.

It Sucks When 4 People At DU Like Me EXCEPT For The Other 80,000!

Is anyone else seeing MORE Bush '04 stickers??

It sucks when you hate a VERY popular DU member

DU watchers tempted by cat pics and copycat threads

Help me! I'm in the 700 Club!

It sucks when you still wear Members Only

Foolishness =

Man Accused Of Giving Porn To Trick-Or-Treaters

Question about Hummers

Tuesday humor, an oldie but a goodie

It sucks when you still wear Garanimals...

What fresh teenage hell is this?

Why should I hate you, we ain't that different

I just noticed that i just hit 200 posts.

It sucks when you wear skin tight Underoos


I swear if I see one more obese man with a "no fat chicks" shirt

Do very popular DU members suck if you lick them?

Have you ever gone in for any of these lame-o fads?


It sucks when you have to stop cross-dressing popular members

It sucks when you still wear Underoos...

Question about Hammers

As you go through the rest of the week...

Infantile environment

Atlantis discovered! This time it's under the sea off Cyprus


Stop saying SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Hate Us for our Free(con)doms

If lionesspriyanka ever needs a sperm donor...

The well is dry.


Balance my cheque book?

Does Star Trek: Enterprise even DESERVE a poll?

Everyone Who's Tired Of "Checking In", Check In!

Does this really blow, or suck?

Check In HERE If You Think I'm The Hated, Popular DU-er

CAPTION This ......The Thumper

What are "better book stores?"

Cat health question

Backcountry Freepers

Moron President


Where are All these Hated Popular DU member?????

I was a missing child

I was just able to watch Sunday's episode of Arrested Development...

It sucks when you have a VERY small member

Verbally abuse me!

"up the butt Bob"

what do the freepers call us DU'ers?

Definition of liberal

It really sucks to really suck.

Why can't we be friends?

Dad (Drunk) Beats Cat To Death In Front Of His Children

Tell us your geographical location, or near as possible!

It Sucks When Everyone At DU Likes Me EXCEPT For ONE!!

One of these things is not like the others

NBA Bans Raptors Star Vince Carter From Using IPod in Warmups

Another reason to love Wilco - Don't Fear The Reaper!

Wes Clark coming up on Franken shortly....probably just after the

Which unfamous person will die next?

Anyone ever hang a "No Proselytising/Witnessing" sign on the door?

Odor Complaint Leads to Discovery of Dozens of Animals (80 Cats)in Apt.

**Proud Parent Alert**

Sign here if you changed your name today!

Good Gravy, it's like he nominated Mary Tyler Moore


I now can count four things I like about Bush.

Hated/Popular..... hmmmm, they seem mutually exclusive to me

Does a TV tuner card with wireless networking exist?

What did you do when DU was down last night

Daily Oklahoma Headline 11-16: Powell Resigns; Bush TAPS Condi.

Condi kisses her man!

Name songs with "ROCK" in the title.

DU Glasses Wearers - Which is less horrible? PearleVision or LensCrafters

an incident at HOOTERS

Happy aniversary Cosmo and Ricco! Mi gatos!

On-Line Traffic School....ARGH!

How did I miss this??? Over 10000 posts and I feel like I've just

Do you own a bladder? -Post a picture of it...

eye dropping body or hat watch grabbed discipline society same already

I will have $126 million dollars tonight.....

Apparently, I'm not a real human!

What about a DU Group for Bloggers?

I made this mug

THE POLAR EXPRESS: Gorgeous Adaptation or Creepy Computer Plastic People?

Anyone else abscess over the number of responses they get?

My feet are cold!

I'm looking for anti-Bush stickers to download for Christmas cards!

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Cowboy/Lesbian Joke Of The Day!

Cue the porno music....and ACTION!

Anyone else obsess over the number of responses they get?

I know a "celebrity" that people talk about on DU, but i can't give info

The campaign ad that would've won over the "security moms"

Super Monkey Robot Team Hyper Force Go!

Lets not simply outlaw the number 69...

I still like those "Real Men of Genius" radio commercials.

Some like it HOT. But how?

Why do you hate me?

Does this look better than sex?

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Wearing A Pink Shirt.

Still Unemployed? Enroll in Wal-Mart Community College

I am LONGING for a smoke.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this biblical sequence of events?

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Staring At A Pink Shirt.

Need a star? Let's try again.

Woman fined for keeping about 35 dachsunds in her home

Have you ever met someone who like, talked like this?

Europe the world's first metrosexual superpower.

Something for THE KIDS at Christmas (too early I know but...)

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Wearing A Pink Floyd Shirt.

Am I bad? Bumperstickers I just ordered to show around Dallas....

Apparently, I'm not a real man.

Should I be offended?

Email: Classes For Men At The Learning Center For Adults (FUNNY)

How much do you pay for company-sponsored health care?


don't hate me because i'm waring hudsucker

addiction to DU, need help!.

This is post #985 - get me to 1000. Ask me anything

What did/do you call your grandmother?

Who's gonna join me in hell?

Favorite "negative Utopia" novel/story?

Remember, They Call It "Dope"

Psalm 23 , GOP style

"Why is our World Cup lion not wearing any shorts?"

Can i be arrested if i violate my own personal space?

Best Pixar flick thus far

Got Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Volume 3?

YES! We have no bananas!

Calling all geeks: Can we agree on a Sci-Fi Group?

Proposition: Groupe Sousaphone de DU.

Virgin Mary, Greta Garbo or Madonna


Well, one MORE reason to relocate to Canada for all you young punks...


A dancing car

Does this link work for you and can you enlarge pictures there?

Well, I let Drunk barber cut my hair

My DSM-IV is my Bible

TV show confessions. Who watches Starting Over? Fess up.

Anyone else hate the Salvation Army bell ringers?

Suha Arafat wants to give me a cut of her husband's fortune!!!!!

Latest from Tom Toles -- on the money!

I have a conference call at 5:00 today

Sean Hannity coming to Air America!

If you could, would you?

Dammit!!!! My virginity is like my car keys. I've LOST it.

Weird childhood experiences? My Mom took me to jail with her to visit....

All of my favorite musicians choke!

Anyone one up for some hot, sweaty man2man

Guinea Pig: The other, other white meat.


I REFUSE to add innuendo to the "Bush Taps Rice" headline. I mean it.

Listening to The Eleven all is well in my universe


So um, how bout a music group?

(Canadian) Football Star Misses Kick, Receives Manure (yahoo)...

all my favorite politicans do dope

I'm watching the "Deep Vote" episode of Law & Order.

Dora Broke 200!

What's an "estate" sale?

Study Links Sleep Deprivation, Obesity

Where can I find the gallery?

Chemtrails, out my windowwwwww.... making me crazzzzzzyyyyy

The virgin Mary just appeared in my window!

Spybot vs. spy Sweeper and other COMPUTER QUESTIONS

A Virgin Just Appeard At My Door!

I'm making French Bread. Ask me anything!

I just tore up my Bible and threw it away.

Republicans Call For Privatization Of Next Election

Leonid Watch!


41 hours since I had a cigarette

ABC apologizes for steamy intro to ``Monday Night Football''

Edmund Zitkus - Nov 16, 1920 - October 13, 1991

You might be a right wing Republican if ...

Confess......Which of you thought BBV meant.........

Should I keep my new Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Avatar?

What does a girl need to do to get some attention around here?

My husband drives me crazy...

It's been 1 hour, 10 minutes since I had a cigarette


This whole Dead-Person-on-a-Grilled-Cheese thing is getting out of hand.

What would happen if Skinner

Greatest FEMALE

Dumb question: When is Thanksgiving?

I have seen it all now

A Virginian just appeared at my door

Which famous person will die next?

My friend just had her 7th baby. Ask me anything.

Why is Laura Bush called "Pickles" here?

Quietly rolling the postometer to 900. Well not quietly... 900!! Yippeee!

Vladmir Guerrero wins AL MVP.

My friend told me this and I'm not sure how much he was joking about

It sucks when you have a VERY popular member

Are we going to have a virtual party when DU membership hits 60,000?

Half way there

DU Exchange?

Shameless Vanity Post.

Monday Night Football: Any links to highlight vid of McNabb's Scramble?

Anyone have a good pattern for making a TIN FOIL HAT?

20 Questions

Forget grilled cheese!! Who wants a grilled crayon sandwich???

OMG! Nipples!

I'm sorry I broke DU

Just saw Bubba-Hopteb...What do you think?

"ann_coulter_is_a_man" has been retired


But can you dance to it?

The mother of all bad ideas: Disney doing Toy Story 3 WITHOUT Pixar

For your very own star

Is there no spoon in the Middle East?

Why I love DU! And a BIG thank you to two DUers!

OMG! Ripples!

A Sturgeon just appeared at my door!

BAND AID 20-Set to 'Feed the World' Again!

Fortuyn voted greatest Dutchman

Need proof of a higher power?

Another free star

My favorite TV show is back on air tonight!

Hitting Alert is FUN!

WTF is Grover Norquist talking about IRAQ on CNN?

If Popular Members Dont Start Flirting with me

Hey what is up with The Daily Show at 7pm? The last few

Last theatre related star giveaway of the night

"MVP" Bonds explodes during conference call

58,000 DUers cant be wrong ..... Nope ....

about 24 minutes from X-43A launch....


DU Cook Emergency! 4 yr old just told me

OK, smart people: French Fries.

Is Your Cat Declawed?

Should I shave my goped

I just stubbed my toe - twice

If Popular Mechanics don't start flirting with me now...

Hang in there, Baby!!!

What was the coolest cartoon of the nineties?

Truly a red letter day for fans of intelligent TV

foamdad has gone away..............

New group: Threes Company Fan Club

If you use Firefox, you can "right-click" and "Adblock" ALL Condi images!

FYI. I started my own blog "A Tiny Ripple of Hope"

Depression (Who is dealing with it right now?)

need the power of a higher proof?

It be 25207 hours since I had cigarette....

Yo, Condi. One word: BOTOX

Abercrombie & Fitch = CLOTHES FOR HITLER YOUTH? Apparently.

All of My Favorite Musicians Croak!

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Flirt Central Station is open for bizness!

New Group: All in the Family fan club

I thought today was Monday and I missed all of my classes


I'll donate a star...

Can we agree on the "Science Fiction" Group now?

If you have a gold star show it here!

What if Mame-Maw Bush is the brains behind Voter-gate?

The Princess hit's 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYC DUers!

CAPTION the Lovebirds...

In regards to never getting responses to postings

I've been told to pick ...uh.....YOU to CAPTION

Favorite Star Trek: Voyager character

how punk are you?

Should I Shave My Head?

Is Laura Bush JEALOUS Of Condoleezza Rice?

All My Favourite Musicians Smoke...

who else lets the grocery store cook T-Day dinner for them?

Lastest fast-food gut bomb.

Germans show how to protect yourself from phoney cowboyism

The No Freeps Til Brooklyn tour - interesting things to see/do in NY

MatcomNews Breaking: UPDATE - Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese BACK On EBAY!

The Passion of the Kitty

I'm thinking of going out for a Sandwich. Ask me anything!

Oh Canada, move over I'm coming your way.

When should I give up on a Fedex delivery for the day?

A new record! Underpants posts one link in 14 different threads!

How do I post a picture here?

Has anyone taken their kids to see the "Polor Express"?


Favorite Attorney General, 2001-present

CNN: Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Back Up on EBay

What's the single worst performance you've ever seen in a movie?

What to say to Panhandlers

I don't really know much - please don't ask me anything I don't know

Hardees introduces 1,420-calorie burger

If Popular Members Dont Start Flirting with me NOW!

LOST: Virginity



Why won't lionesspriyanka go out with me?

Drunken Priest Goes On Rampage

Weirdest Childhood Nicknames

Am I the only one who thinks Condi for SecState is a great idea?!?

My threads sink like stones. Why is that?

Famous Liberal Vegans

Why does being a veggie piss some people off?

Is there any part of their humanity people won't sell to be on TV?

NYC DUers!

Has anyone seen Sol Goode?

Survivor/Reality TV Group ???

Guilty PBS pleasure: Regency House Party

Local TV blasts from the past!

"Stanley Kubrick is a groovy tiger! "

Intelligent design - thoughts and resources?

Would like thoughts on heathenry's Nine Noble Virtues

Tom Hanks to star in "Da Vinci Code" movie

The Center For Progressive Christianity October Newsletter.

I need some creative ideas!

Bush Health Ins malpractice lawsuits cap 10y: saves 37B of 15T Health Cost

tech question: how do you call a DTS package from Access?

NASA Scramjet trial at 1:00pst

Surprising Second Black Hole Found in Milky Way's Center

X-ray attempt to find out why Tutankhamen died

The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire (study using satellite imagery)

Noon turns to night as cloud blacks out sun

Methane on Mars may increase probability of life

Life is but a dream? ........Scientists ask.

Update: Feedback on "disclaimer" please

I need to scream re: Providian credit cards. (Anti-gay "supervisor")

Just for fun, Bs and Ts check in.

A beautiful queer Tuesday in the neighborhood?

When was your first attraction to someone of the same-sex?

Who you going for in the Grey Cup?

Basketball Poll

Born Free

Bird Lovers UNITE!

Halloween Photos of the kids - too big, wait. just a min

Clinton Tells of 'Death Visions' During Operation

transiting aspectarian thread ???

Research Focuses On Antibiotic-resistant Bacterium And Touches On Longevit

Life is but a dream?

I'm Here

Anyone has a link to "This is not a Christian nation? (Maltese accord)

All right! Let's get this party started....

Nontheism vs. atheism--a distinction without a difference?

Welcome everyone!

The Best `Free-Thinking' Books


Thank You Skinner

Let LIvE GIRLS fulfill your EVERY conservative FANTASY!!!!

The Liberal Achilles' Heel...

TX Van Os not conceding yet...Crawford Iconoclast.

VOTE FRAUD - CANTON, OH? Can you attend 10am Mtg Tues?

I hope Falwell, Robertson and Dobson keep it up

Calling Ted Turner, George Soros, Haim Saban, Warren Buffett

Fraud in Congressional Races?

John Kerry has no political future unless he fights in Ohio now!

Do We the People REALLY have any power and if so what and where?

Anyone with great cartoon skills?

Who are the Donkeysaurs? Which Dems are obstacles to reforming

What identifable policies do we believe in that we can win on?

Dem beats incumbant (R) in NY senate race

I think both John Kerry and John Edwards are Fighters

Let's actively work to lose

Daschle's replacement as minority leader is anti-abortion/no gun control?

A MUST read about a winning Democratic strategy

Goody, Goody Gumdrop ! The Nerds Have Gotten...

We must now be the dU....small "d" democratic..........

Want to participate in counter-inauguration protests?

Why Do So Many Freepers Want Condi Rice for President '08?

Who would you rather have as Sec. of State?

A fish rots from the head first....

take back the national security issue in one giant SLAM!

Anybody Hear Letterman's Top10 Last Night?

More DNC contact info: lobby for DNC head.

Are All These Resignations Normal?

Anyone else feeling impending doom? Condi - an utter failure

Repub Take On CIA Purges

Incompetent Condi to replace Powell!!!

Mumia Speaks About Kerry, the Party, and the Vote for More

Make no mistake about it: We're on the defense in '06...


CNN just aired the Marine that shot the unarmed man....

Buy CITGO and no other gas.

Amend the Constitution for Arnold

Falluja pictures: a repost,but clearer images for protest posters.

Okay Citco then? Modifying based on info received since original post

Brazille and Bill Richardson supporting Dean for DNC Chair?

Bush has assigned himself as Secretary of State

Democracy Now: Powell had list of conditions...

Should the Democratic Party refuse corporate and PAC money?

Is there any chance that Zig Zag Zell will get a Cabinet post?

Need list of e-mail addresses for Senators & Representatives

Former Gov. Elmer Andersen, a great Minnesota Republican, has died.

Want to end the debate over privatizing Social Security?

"There's a cancer in the White House "

We Should Begin The Softening Up Of Frist-The Chosen One

Reid selected to be Senate Minority Leader

We should tie electoral reform to the "Let Arnold Run" amendment.

The confirmation of Condi is the confirmation of the illegal war in Iraq..

Question about Obama...

Finally - video of Bush's confetti premature ejaculation

Don't look at it, Marion! Keep your eyes SHUT!

Should Condi Rice's Nomination Be Opposed In The Senate?

Are "Lame Duck" Politicians Regarded As Impotent Or More Dangerous?

Everyone STOP what your doing and add this to your links...

General Clark on The Al Franken show 1:10 pm eastern!

DU POLL: Condi as Sec State

Carville should head the DNC

Anybody hear anything from Canidate Fisher in Fla about Vote Fraud?

Proof that Bill Clinton is a better MAN than * can ever aspire to be

Your explanation for the mass exodus of Bush's cabinet?

Bush setting stage for failed second term

Former Clark Spokesman: Liberals, lend an ear to Middle America

Semi-serious suggestion:

Condi Rice and Bush having an affair...

It would be neat to see a map of all the Senate seats up in 2006.

Clark on AAR NOW!!!!

WTF! I calculated the probability of GOP fraud in the 2002 Senate races.

I would like to apologize for the Condi Bush Affair Thread.

Neil Bush's Computer business needs to be looked at (Not tin foil hat)

Civil Disobedience

Partial audio of Ohio suppression hearing on nov 13/15. More audio soon

so DU has now been mentioned in national review, too (9/11-11/3 thread)

New title for Falwell.

Just watched Fahrenheit 9-11 for the 1st time. Question re. Election 2000

How does Condi claim 25 years of foreign affairs experience?

Three potential Dem candidates with military careers...discussed here

That's it. If the DNC doesn't give Dean the chairmanship, I'm out.

Webb has eye on top DNC post

New town to learn the name of in IRAQ -- BUHRUZ! Why you ask???

'08 If it came down to Kerry vs. Gore

Illegal Immigration

I'm a bit worried about a new terrorist attack now that * is still in

My theory on why Bush is dismantling the CIA...

On CNN inside politics, I saw it flash that there will be a recount of . .

Congratulatory letter to President George W. Bush from Dr. Bob Jones

If Kerry's "people" are watching.......

Dean and the Pharisees......CNN last December

terror attack? not IF, but WHEN

So many people leaving.

Let's face it -- the Republicans have worked harder than the Democrats

Bush/GOP: Department of Morality and Values

Pissed off voters

When neocons bring up the Arnold Constitutional Amendment

Democrats call for transformation (Alabama)

If Democrats want to win, talk about the economy and jobs ALL THE TIME.

Another map comparison which is intellectally interesting but

So the only guy who has ever admitted fault in anything, Stephen Hadley...

red state blue state map variations

Take Action, Organize.

Where is Kucinich with all the Ohio voting scandals?

PATRIOT ACT III will make vote recounts unconstitutional

Off the wall prediction

Vilsack is Reid's top pick for DNC chair

The Irony is Killing Me!

Could our next president be a rich white male?

Do I have a problem? I was screaming "F@#k you, John McCain and the

This could make more difference than anything else you do.

If RICE wasn't a failure as a NSA, what would 1 have to do to be a failure?

What Is With The * Kissing CONdi Pic On CNN.Con?

Will the GOP try to kill the Stafford Loan program?

Trippi: Expect a wave of retiring Democratic politicians.

What impact will War Atrocity Video have on Arab public opinion?

Texas GOP trying to steal an election

Should Canada indict Bush for War Crimes?

Win Or Lose:Take Action Against Bush's Henchman Gonzales

Electile Dysfunction cartoon, blue shopping, vote fraud...

I also calculated the probability of GOP fraud in the 2002 Senate races.

Can we head this one off at the pass?

The DU Atheists and Agnostics Group is up!

Ken Mehlman, GOP head, homosexual

Music video "There They Go, Off to War"

Palast defends claim that Kerry won but the GOP stole the election

Falwell responds to Dean..."Dean would have had us speaking German."

We need a better version of "support the troops"

Should we have nominated *shudder* Bob Graham?

Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Olbermann for reporting election irregu

What is going to be the next U.S. military quagmire courtesy of the GOP?

Is Harry Reid the right Dem leader?

Bush* Purge aims to make this the most unaccountable government in history

Reid is mostly a Good Democrat

Will Condi Rice be confirmed as SOS?

Want privatized Social Security?

DU mentioned in this week's TIME magazine

Its going to get worse before it gets better

do you think the blue states will be safe from Bushco?

Why even bother voting?

A couple thoughts on Fallujah,

Did Kerry and Edwards drop off the face of the earth?

Speaking of bananas.................

They who control the medium, control the message.

Progressive Democratic think tank calls for House to pick Kucnich leader

Wading into the stream...

Candy Crowley still dissing Kerry on lecture circuit

Democratic Party picks Republican for their senate minority leader!

The is your State up for a new Senator in 2006 Thread.

An epiphany. I foresee the end of Bush.

-The Big Fix -2004

Bush looking to "control the government, not just the White House"

2008 Republicans: Reason For Optimism

Foresight and Hindsight.....Election 2004

I would like to contribute a Condi Bush Affair parody.

Looks like some republicans may be looking for a party soon!

Examing Bush's "mandate". Try excluding Texas.

House Minority Leader Kucinich or Pelosi

Counter-Inaugural Protest

How many here opposed to Reid saw him stop Estrada?

Could '08 be a Doctor vs. Doctor race?

We do not need a Southern, Christian, military candidate.

Charles Krauthammer says: No such thing as "Bigoted Christian Rednecks"

Is it true that Kerry is winning a greater amount of mail-in military

New Orleans: A Wake for Peace

Wouldn't it be nice -

VOTE FRAUD!! What can we do?

HELP WANTED: DU VOTE FRAUD WORK (write, organize, research, kick) Team