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Archives: November 17, 2004

Bound but Gagged (Shirin Ebadi in NYT)

E.J. Dionne: More losses for moderate Republicans

"Phantom Fury in Falluja" Well, I guess we knew this. It's bad.

Louisiana teens getting driver's license also register for selective servi

Optimism unrestrained (Blair's faith in Bush*)

Senator's cyber choice doesn't pass test (Santorum)

Molly Ivins: White House to 'gut' CIA

Children pay price of US offensive

In '08, familiar faces could aid Democrats (Boston Globe)

WooHoo! Massachusetts ranked SMARTEST state! Take that President

“Masturbate while it’s still legal.”

New York Times Rewrites Fallujah History

A bit of lighthearted news here - new magazine called "Plenty"

From Ford's Regional Manager - "Dear Business Owner'

Why has DU been inaccessible two nights in a row? n/t

ok... I think I've been very patient, but....

HAVE HOPE: Technology Favors Democracy, Will Obliterate Facism

More grist for the mill. The Latino vote.

Ohio Democratic Party Sues Secretary of State Over Provisional Ballots

Cartograms and maps

self delete old news

Latest news on Ohio Provisional Ballot count 11/16

Secret Service protection

Missing Florida ballots found by employee

My God I finally figured out the media lock down

Cal Tech exit polls (corrupted) & Freeman-U of Pa exit polls (uncorrupted)

Good news from black box voting!

Case Closed! TIME puts to rest those pesky election fraud rumors

WTF? Kos says margin in OH 132,000 Gahanna 4,000 included

Does anyone have link to article about Opti-Scans not counting "pens"

Do We Have a Reliable Source

WA governor: Gregoire (D) now behind by *19 votes* out of 2.7 million

I sent the following to as many news organizations as possible

Question on Ohio?

What will John Kerry do if the recounts PROVE he won?

Here is a press release I just got from Ohio Recount for SW Ohio

Kerry only behind 68,000 in Ohio...

DU is the front row seat

So how do you recount electronic voting?

MAJOR OVERSIGHT On Article Nominated For Front Page

Bev Harris posts what happened in Volusia County

Throwing out provisionsal ballots because not registered violated HAVA.

media comtacts nice huge list

Why would the greens have wanted a recount in Ohio and not Kerry?

NC Judge Refuses to Halt Recount

Washington State is another opportunity to check machine counts

Jeff Fisher tried calling Blackwell to ask hime to recluse himself

Ohio has clearer picture of ballots now

The Moderate Independent onboard with Blackbox Voting

Paper And Pencil Ballots, Period!

Jeff Fisher going on the radio airwaves in 20 minutes!

Could Kerry have really thought FOR SURE he lost when he conceded?

When the Red Sox were down 3-0 everyone said they lost......

Anyone got Iowa Electronic vs. Optiscan vs. Lever Analysis?

Kerry breaks his silence (from Why is Kerry Silent?)

Judge Nathaniel Jones may be able to help with Blackwell

AMERICAN COUP II - Nov 16th and 17th

Kaiser Permanente extends health insurance for locked out hotel workers

From the creative minds at ZooMass

Menard, Inc donates to Republicans

All SW Ohio DUers- Come to the Ohio Recount meeting Thurs night

Ohio - too many provisional ballot are being tossed, please take action.

Billionaire owner of Menard's....

Grays Harbor to Recount All of its Ballots (Good for Dems)

Only 20 votes seperate Gregoire and Rossi - Gregoire is up now

Who is the next Governor of Washington State?

Colin Powell Dance about to be on Daily Show!

Colin Powell Dance about to be on Daily Show!

I hate to ask this, but since everyone is talking about it....

Keith Olbermann on unscheduled vacation??

I found this story heartening.

after the hit on the mosque...

MN has some open seats that nobody will take, any takers??

House changing rules to help Mr Delay

Reich Reason

So far, 81% of Ohio provisionals will count

Has it really come down to a contest between Dr. Dean and Donna Brazile?

DU shutdown

Rx drug bottles to be tagged electronically

(Washington Governor) Gregoire Good News

New busybody campaign to control the TV airwaves (ABC football 'nudity')

If You Were An Iraqi, Would You Be Fighting Against the Americans?

Question about Bush* voter "morals" that were supposedly voted for.

Hannity on AAR ?!?!?!?

Question for business savvy DUers. Why can't we just BUY Diebold?

Better than the show your star post, but keep it going too!

How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version

Pro-choicers, I'm so excited!


It's okay everyone, I've worked it out...

Conversation with a palestinian.

Is the amount of turnover in Bushco more than the usual for a

They just showed the Marine shooting the wounded Iraqi in the mosque

As an American, If say China & Russia teamed up and invaded us

Anyone else on the DU with chronic pain?

Do do you think with Herr Ashcroft gone....

So what happened with Hannity on AAR?

Fringe and Purge

Judge dismisses lawsuit in San Diego mayoral election.

Exec of Company Owned By Carlyle Group Confirmed as Army Secretary

Teevee Tidbits (II)

fox news viewers are clueless -- good debate fodder

Rice and No Beans

"I would have shot the insurgent too. Two shots to the head," ...

I See Bev Harris On The Next Silver Dollar

Fallujah in Pictures

Coming up on Frontline: Is Walmart Good for America

How's Will Pitt doing?

Psychologists blast Rush Limbaugh for mocking traumatized Kerry voters

question for U.K. DUers-- how will the Fallujah atrocities influence...

Chris Matthews is making me mad! Won't let Michael Scheuer

When was the last time anyone besides a Governor or sitting VP..

Here's the FULL National Exit Poll because people are still looking for #s

We don't need to reposition ourselves on abortion

Bit of Election Good News..believe it or not!

Holy smokes! "Anonymous" author of "Imperial Hubris" on Hardball NOW

Any Swift Boat Liars getting jobs in the next B*sh Administration?

Falluja Pictures - What you won't see on the nightly news


What did Bill Clinton do for Democrats?

What we need is Sean Hannity on with Randi Rhodes.

Hey Dick Cheney -- Go Fraud Yourself!

My God I finally figured out the media lock down

Ohio Recount AFTER certification?

Holy Shiite, Sam Seder just Body Slammed Hannity

On the Marine-does anyone think it's ever been any different?

Pictures from Fallujah (warning graphic)

The Next Big Thing - Maureen Farrell

Marine killing not unexpected. Situation in Iraq is chaos. It was an

Porter Goss will seriously damage U.S. intelligence.

Tom Brokaw on The Daily Show tonight

Listen. We Never WERE The Good Guys.

On the issue of choice

mosh continues

A parallel American Reality.

Is Western Europe About to Erupt in Anti-Muslim Violence?

Porter Goss memo to CIA employees: "support the Bush Administration"

Somebody looks like he just got lucky!

National Field Director of Republican Party sought unsafe gay sex

Why moral outrage over the Marine Shooting won't go far now...

What progressive ISP's do you reccomend-if such a thing exists

Ask your Republican friends to caption this photo...

Condoleezza Rice: the Peter Principle in action!

cartoon about Condeleeza Rice

Going off on "Hollywood"

If you have a gold star show it here!

Pardon my ignorance....I am so confused...what does NAFTA

Is Interbold the same as Diebold (ATM machines)

Should Canada indict Bush?

LTTE to my rep

Whaa!! Rumsfeld owns ranch with Dan Rather?

What is the difference between Harry Reid and a RETHUG??

We'll NEVER have or need a draft.!

Is anyone else finding DU extremely slow and erratic tonight....

Check in Truthseekers

Leatherman Multi Tools harrassed by the Brownshirts

Any Ideas On The Main Troll Memes Tonight?

Yo! Where is the Daily Show thread? It's right here bitchs!

Urgent issue-- Armageddonite fundies, need for nuclear detargeting

Something Wicked this way comes and apparently doesn't leave after 4 years

How long before they shut down DU?

Pinellas (FL) ballot box sat ignored in office

So when Bev and Co. nail Smirk and Co., should she give

Tom Brokaw endorses Jon Stewerts crossfire statements.

LTTE input? thoughts

Ranting of a Former Neocon.

I gotta start tonight's Malloy thread

Compiling List of Condi's Incompetence as NSA for an LTE

If they Amend the Constitution to allow Arnold to run for President

Porter Goss NY Times Article

"I believe the title was bin Laden determined to attack within the U.S."

Check out these interesting new pictures from Falluja of Bush's

Downloading AAR

They'll NEVER succeed in shutting the truth down.

Tony Blair will never be cool, he eats babies.

" In Times of War, Truth is so precious it has to be protected by a

Porter Goss memo to CIA employees: "support the Bush Administration"

Inflation up 14% highest since 1990, I just heard this on news, Is

It's Worse Than You Think

AS EXPECTED: GOP pulled out all stops to suppress black votes

Idiots shoot Margaret Hassan in the head.

How do we get a mass movement back?

"Did you kill him?" the question haunts gut says this scenario

Speaking of Wal-mart, i think Krispy Kreme is the walmart of donuts

Moral Values?

Time to start our own Fallen Heroes section!


Keith Oberman Blog is up Take a look People!!!

Has anyone got this (RW?) email about an artist getting sued for a statue?

When is that piece of feces called a president going to have his physical?

Freepers calling for murder of the Fallujah Mosque Cameraman

Porter Goss & the CIA

History is repeating itself. Night of the Long Knives = Bush CIA Purge

Picture of Margaret Hassan on CNN's front page.

I will never enter a Walmart again--------

Volusia County election records just got put on lockdown

Jello Lovers----Come on Out

Iraqi National Guard’s Check Point near Camp Babylon Attacked

US forces holding Fallujah correspondent: Arabic TV channel

US claims 'no fault' in 2003 killing of reporters in Iraq

Falluja Pictures - What you won't see on the nightly news

Holy smokes! "Anonymous" author of "Imperial Hubris" on Hardball NOW

Iraq Shooting Captured by Freelancer

Kerry being interviewed on NECN now (local to New England)! n/t

UN Concerned Over Plight Of Civilians In Falluja

WP: GOP Pushes Rule Change To Protect DeLay's Post

Grays Harbor (WA) to Recount All of its Ballots (Good for Dems)

NYT: New Bush Cabinet Seen as Move for More Harmony and Control

NYT: In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye(RFID)

NYT: Bush's Tutor and Disciple - Condoleezza Rice

Asia's Ticking Nuclear Time Bomb--A Times

Asia's Ticking Nuclear Time Bomb--A Times

Char-Broil Grill Production to Be Moved to China (1500 jobs)

U.S. Capitol Checkpoints Return, as Do Complaints

Terror case dealt blow when key witness sets himself afire

NYT: In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye(RFID)

Navy Unit Discovers Perils In Task of Rebuilding Fallujah

Homeland Security Employees Required to Sign Secrecy Pledge -WP

New York Announces New System to Process Families Seeking Shelter -NYT

WP: For New National Security Adviser, a Mixed Record

Aid Worker Hassan Believed Slain In Video (AP)


(Fox "News"'s) Murdoch sees ("more positive") business channel by summer

Bush to Visit Canada on Nov. 30

After the Race, John Kerry Climbs Back Up the Hill -WP

WP: Talk-Show Hosts A Bit Tongue-Tied After GOP Gains

Cops Taking 5th Amendment in Chicago Police Torture Lawsuit

Karl Rove in Running for Time's Person of the Year

Chief of C.I.A. Tells His Staff to Back Bush -NYT

U.S. soldiers treat wounds of foreign fighters in Fallujah

DeLay Supporters Move to Protect His Spot

NYT: Some Democrats Believe the Party Should Get Religion

Shooting in Iraq Mosque Angers Muslims

Secretary of Air Force James G. Roche resigns.

I just stabbed my toe - twice!

So how do you like my new username?

Need a Rice recipe.

I just don't like flesh.

i want the donation spot that punches georgie

Should I shave Kleeb?

I just dont like flash

Should I kick no name needed in the nads just for good measure?

I feel the need to flash some flesh.

Drunken President Goes On Rampage

Ok, what the hell happened to Robb?!

Well, they say confession is good for the soul... so here goes.


Could someone lock duckie in a cornfield

I just ate a bad pop tart!

Correct me if I'm wrong...

DU Contingency Plan

AL-Jazeera what are your opinions?

Will be watching "Mothra" on HBOFW - just starting.

*sigh* Overcooked my no-bake cookies. Who wants some peanut butter

HOT DOG! Check out these nude broads I picked up!

Get your bleak music for bleak times here.

Half-Life 2 Question

Bra's or Boobs?

What are you watching on DVD? I'm watching

Tonight I will veg out on MST3K

I just got push-polled!

My son made his homemade chili for supper tonight.

Robyn Hitchcock coming up later tonight on Majority Report!

Ok smarty pants theatre people

I may marry someone to give them health insurance

I said I wasn't going to smoke any tonight

Did anyone watch "Mad Movies?"

For my entry in the 700 Club

what the hell? do a google image search for 'democratic Underground"

DU Old-Timers: When did the last troops come out of Vietnam?

I don't smoke, but somehow I'm on Marlboro's list

Guess who's coming on Christmas Day? Here's a hint, it rhymes with 'day'.

Unexpected greatness in a role they never should have gotten.

Mmmm...I Love Turtles

(Random Poll Question)Which would you rather have?

So, one day, GWB chokes on his last pretzel, dies and goes to hell.

Ok would anyone be willing to keep me in the lounge forever?

I have a question about STARS!

from the mouths of poodles

It's Fred, Jim.

This is getting regod-damn-diculous!

Has anyone bought the Live Aid dvd yet?

Mmmmm.... homemade chicken soup.

U2's Vertigo has been ruined for me

Muhammad Yunis spoke at my college today, ask me anything!


Keep your Jesus off my Penis

I thought you couldn't get worse than "The adventures of Ford Fairlane"


Keep your Jesus off my Penis

Keep your Jesus off My Penis


College DUers...Tell us where you're going to school!

Anyone watch the Daily Show tonight?

Been almost 60 yrs since the end of WWII, and tonight

Busiest DU Group?

We need an original toast around here once in a while

Choose LeftPeopleFinishFirst's College App Essay Topic!

Can we agree on the "Gigli Fan Club" group now?

Your Representatives? Red or Blue?

Writing college essays! Ask me anything

God's watching me do number 2...

SO how do you think Jan 20th will go?

Love & Peace

Where did the 9-11 forum go?

What, no CROP CIRCLES group?

Cause of death: eaten by monsters

Ack! My star is gone! What happened?

I nearly choked on my popcorn just now

Ok so my LIEberal friend Moonbeam asked me to post again

We need an original post around here once in a while

Hey, I've been working out.

Keep your Jesus off my tool

Damn it all it's happening again!

What progressive ISP's do you reccomend-if such a thing exists

It's Flooding Down in Texas....

Will work for a star

Yeti Sports

I burned the roof of my mouth on hot pizza!

Which of these Star Trek: TNG episodes is best?

OK I want to get 20 posts in before bed, ask me anything

We need an un-original post of copycat posts

OK I want to get 20 posts in before bed, ask me anything

"I'm a doctor, not a..."

OK I want to get in 20 posts before bed, ask me anything

If you like this movie, you're OK with me:

I killed countfloyd tonight...

DUers with people working under them: Are you a good boss?

Where is a Sci Fi Group? Jeez, Louise....

Are there Palm Trees where you live? Where are you?

Ask me anything

So, why is it called salad dressing?

What is LOVE? How of the mouth of babes!

I have heard the NIRVANA boxed set!!!

New Depp movie, "Finding Neverland", Oscar material

JohnJohnson is now Hawkeye Pierce

Favorite song by HEART?

College DUers...Tell us where you're going to school

A Sesame Street Thanksgiving.. WARNING... NOT FOR KIDS

Helping the US with its deficit woes. Let's pull together.

Goodbye America......

Anyone want to PM other members with email addresses

Christmas Trees: Real or Fake

best. freeper. pics. ever. (seriously, these are priceless)

Bush orders Draft!

He's dead, Jim.

The guy from Jeeves & Wooster is in a new American drama tonight.

Anyone else on the DU with chronic pain?

What's your favorite character from "Speed Racer"?

I just don't like fish.

Haiku standup comedy

Name the politician you'd most like know.

The Official "Say Something Nice About Keanu Reeves" Thread

Mmmm..Amy's Veggie Pot Pie for dinner tonight..

Anyone planning on watching the premiere of "HOUSE" tonight?

Brand new season of The Amazing Race starting right now on CBS.

What are the chances...

UMD Science Building Damaged by Vandals

Lakoff: Is this why TheoCons think gay marriage threatens straight ones?

Support your local Leatherman!


ok, here it goes ...trying to post my kitties

Cats Can Too Look, Well, Kinda Stupid

ohhh, I like this place... didnt know y'all were making one...

Hello, fellow godless, heathen bastards!

Self-Immolation At White House?

I was listening to Randi Rhodes before

Cspan-1 live Dems slamming budget as amoral

OHIO Update

What happened to the military vote??

Rove, Gibson, Moore for "Man of the Year"?

read this "cute" poem about post election "coming together"...

"Powell's punishment for enabling Bush should've been 4 more years"

Tom Vilsack Is Harry Reid's Top Pick for DNC Chair

Vilsack Is Reid's Top Pick for DNC Chair

Hostettler mounting campaign to change the name of Interstate 69

Briton's Reject Blair's Closeness to the US/New World Media Watch

So frist is starting his campaign 4 years early?

Top 10 reasons why truth in America is stranger than fiction.

What should Harry's next step be if he confirms Torture Gonzales & Condi?

As much as I hate to say it...I hope Carville is right.

The Mandate

LTTE help

anyone catching these nutjobs on cspan

Tony Blair is Pretty Freaking Cool

arianna huffington's column on "moral values" as an issue is well worth

You are what you wear....

Just heard Dean won't try for the DNC chair.

Do You Have Any Brilliant Ideas for '06 and '08????

Kerry has $45 Million left in campaign fund?

Harry Reid:"I would always rather dance than fight."

Check Out Evan Bayh ...he's not that bad

New Hampshire Recount: Hate E-Mail Has Begun (So You Know I'm Right!)

Fact: Wes Clark was never a Republican

Wake up call-- Moderates and Conservatives outnumber Liberals in Dem Party

It's Time To Kneecap Talk Radio Hosts

Add Rice to Bush hard-right recipe

Santorum the Welfare King - compared to the rest of PA's Delegation

Gene Lyons

EPA getting sued----he suit was filed by Earthjustice

Do democracies fight each other?

Guardian,Fallujah-"In the line of fire "

From the daily mirror: YOU MET THE MONKEY

how headlines are worded is important

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Optimism unrestrained

House looks to prop up indicted leaders

Phantom Fury in Fallujah


Jim Hightower: Mandate for a Mugging?


now that his boss went on a spending spee,


How Ohio pulled it off

Were voters here intimidated? Let's find out

Bush's First Term Policies Have Weakened Him -- Fareed Zakaria

"Come let us reason together..."

Hawks flying high with Rice posting

Falluja Arithmetic Lesson

Integrity of voting system paramount

India through the Rice prism

Argentina - Strange Coincidence Department...

The only dissent

Do I read George Will correctly?

WSJ's Seib: Party Irregular: Can Warner Show Democrats a Path?

Cocaine, Wrestling & George Bush

TIME: The Values Gap (Joe Klein)

Kerry drinking green tea proves he's out of touch....NOT!!!

Red State Schools

Counterinsurgency run amok

How to Fix a Presidential Election

Paul Thompson: One man can change the world (Esquire)

On going protests in Seattle

Is Al Franken Funny? Is That A Serious Question?

S. 2986 - Debt Limit Extension Bill

Congress to increase quotas for H1-b and L1 jobs -- per Lou Dobbs

Epic financial crisis threatening to engulf both the US and EU

14 Nations Will Try Methane Control Program

Governator Pushes To Roll Back Clinton's Roadless Plan In CA Forests

Deforestation Rips Through Malawi - ENS

Fed. Judge Blocks 2 Salvage Timber Sales In Southern Oregon - AP

Study - Smog Raises Death Rate - (NO!)

Yangtze Diversion Plan Facing Money Crunch - ENN

Interesting Clean Energy website

Brazil trains the Amazon's newest warriors

Climate Change Threatens Everest, Other World Heritage Sites - BBC

850 Bl. Gallons Of Untreated Wastewater Enters Nations Waterways Each Year

New! - Remote Hunting With Robot Rifle Via The Internet

Ted Stevens - Arctic Climate Breakdown "Serious", But Not Human-Caused

Testimony Details Looming Problems Of Arctic Meltdown

Effective Environmental Groups

EPA Omits Whole Statistical Category While Claiming Enforcement Progress

Soybean Rust Spreading Into Mississippi - Reuters

Red List - Five More Species Now Officially Extinct - Guardian

Quarrel over toll station sparks deadly riot

Nine cops shot in rebel ambush (Colombia)

Chen hails Hu's signs of goodwill (Taiwan)

Indonesian troops kill Aceh fighters

Saudi security officer killed in Unayzah shootout

Condoleezza Rice's reputation precedes her

Hunting (real) from the comfort of your home in the city...

Just curious about something, wondering if I did something wrong.

I apologize for the parnoia poll

Skinner, Whats the deal? Re: Sci Fi

Could we divert the circular firing squad with a "W" forum?

Can I have a clarification?

Okay, WTF?

One forum that I miss of old

Have I told you lately that I love you guys?

I don't mean to offend but since when has paranoia been

Hey, things are looking great!

Good Golly Gracious, Skinner! Just because we rag on, nag on and

Skinner: A Poll For You!

Minimum begin Tread Post count Rule, has that been eliminated?

Emigration posts are scattered all over, How 'bout a forum

Is this possible?

Why Was This Message Not Acceptable ? (2004 Election Results)

A question about the group rules

In the "Minnesota" forum can you...


How can the Voting Issues Forum connect to the media blaster?

Which group would I go to meet with other minorities?

I mis-Alerted a post

Hey, I know you guys are always busy....but I just have a suggestion

Sorry for not knowing... what does "n/t" mean?

Would you consider an official, or at least pinned, version of this poll?

Just backing up HEyHEY's post.

Arafat Death Certificate Has Jerusalem Birthplace

Two factions pull out of Palestinian vote process

France has no plans to publish Arafat's medical records

Hamas Rejects Palestinian Leader's Pleas

Talking tough in Gaza (Part 1)

Talking tough in Gaza (Part 2)

Sharon weighed military putsch in 1967

Another Tack: Arafat and 'the Arab fuhrer'

The cliches about Arafat...

Hamas co-founder wants Palestinian presidency

Lebanon: Katyusha fire is terror; sets roadblocks in south

NIS 2.8m approved for West Bank settlement construction

Jerusalem Post sold to TA media company, CanWest

NATO invites Israel to joint exercises

Militants threaten to hang PA men suspected of corruption

Settlers attack Palestinian olive harvesters, clash with IDF

Clotting disorder killed Arafat

Dr. Deagle interview

Kevin Ryan od UL FIRED for questioning government WTC collapse story!

Alan Keyes - Get the fuck out of my home state!

Cleveland Hearings

United For Election Reform

Lawsuit questions 'discovery' of 78,000 absentee votes in Broward

This is why you SHOULD NOT BELIEVE Jeff Fisher

Votes in Sandusky County, Ohio county twice

What are the Repub's doing???

recount to give some democrats a win

Has anyone been crunching numbers for Iowa?

it’s the state-of-the-art in plausible deniability.

Why can't more SOS's be like Alabama?

Panel OKs recount in House race lost by Hill (Indiana 9th)

Republican White Hat Hacker Disses Diebold Big Time - Kos

Boston Globe:"Media accused of ignoring election irregularities"


Recount/ Contest Deadlines for the 50 States

The United States is borrowng ONE MILLION DOLLARS a minute.

New Olbermann blog entry!

Anyone else get this response

'wetbacks" ok for now

We're Fighting Fraud While Bushitler Flattens Fallujah

Most Ballots Pass Scrutiny, Ohio Officials Say

Jeff Fisher Is A Nut Job

What do the latest Ohio numbers look like?

How do I file FOIA-type requests for a county-level organization?

Ida Briggs Starts NH recount Today

Big List of BOE/SOS sites and Provisional Status Hotlines

Bev Harris in the future

I hope this isn't a stupid election question...

Go read this on Kos

Any news on the military vote?

Columbus Dispatch Article Today about a Local Voter Issue

Are they still counting the votes from the Florida SEnate race?

What happens to the leftover Dem campaign millions?

Email response received from DCCC Action Team

Who votes in the Primaries? - Comparing Primary to Election Numbers


A letter from Michael C. Burgess,

Republicans Call For Privatization Of Next Election -- The Onion

KPFA to broadcast Ohio hearings, 10:00 AM PST

Is Bev examining the black box harddrives?

He Who Does The Counting Wins, Right?

Sign this Common Cause petition

The Democrats are powerless


Wired News NH Article

Michael Rubin is the webmaster for the Bay Point School

Sign the Common Cause petition...

Doesn't a Senator from each State have to answer Cheney if

Issue 1 wedge effect in Ohio

Is there a site that is still updating the election numbers???

count the military vote

Kerry on MSNBC right now..FORGET THAT--He's on CSPAN-2!!!!

Anyone have new figures from New Mexico? n/t

Can anybody SUE the US government for a shitty election?

Bush strategist tells what Demos, media got wrong


It looks like Edwards has a new gig.

Employee stumbles across missing FL ballot box -Turns Pinellas BLUE

Analysis of Additional Votes Cast in 2004 over 2000 by Florida County

Jeff Fisher story likely a Rove trap, so how do we prevent media blowup?

Mike McCurry on Al Franken

50 registered voters disenfranchised - Ohio

How Ohio pulled it off - by J. Kenneth Blackwell - Ohio S of State

Latest news on Ohio Provisional Ballot count 11/17, am

Differences between 2004 and 2000 election problems/FRAUD

Fraud discovered, Kerry wins, National revote for all other offices

NO CHANGE in recount of NH PAPER and DIEBOLD Votes

The general public has accepted that there was voter fraud in the election

Make Sure Ohio Counts

Is Iowa an automatic recount?

8400 Vote Orange County Bush Jump – Absentee Ballots?

Kerry not helping with recount funding in swing states

Who's With Us, AND WHO'S NOT

Republican Professional Hacker Disses Diebold Bigtime!

93,000 Extra Votes In Cuyahoga County - Outrage In Ohio

Why Isn't Kerry Using $50M Unspent Campaign Money to Fund Recounts?

Conversation I just heard on Randi Rhodes: Caller was upset about democrat

Public Hearings Being Aired RIGHT NOW!

David Cobb on Democracynow talking recount Why Isn't Kerry Using $50M Unsp


What happened in Volusia County today? Did Bev get what she came after?

does anyone remember the first pre-election terrorist tape?


NC Transfer Error Misses 12,000 Votes

In your heart of hearts, what do you really think happened 11/2?

93,000 extra votes in Cuyahoga County

Anyone find Sam Wang's analysis of the FL, OH, & PA results persuasive?

Another Good Article Pointing to Fraud in Florida

Do you truly believe Republicans would leave proof behind of vote fraud?

"Voting results' accuracy questioned" -Capital Times; Madison WI

Would this work to debunk the conspiracy theory label

Something big has to happen very very soon or the fraud issue goes bust

Common Cause.Org Petition Blackwell to step aside

Why they lie to us - "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Election Verification Project - press conference Nov 18

I had BIG computer problems. Can someone catch me up , since I dont...

I just sent this email to Al Franken

Mike McCurry on "Al Franken Show" said they didn't want to put the nation

What is Al Franken's problem?

Media Accused of Ignoring Election Irregularities

Best Fraud Summary I've seen!

Funniest things Kerry could say to Bush if he ended up winning

Was It Hacked? (Orlando Weekly News)


Feinstein's moderate Senate posture portends a re-election in 2006

LAT: Derek Shearer at Occidental College

SF supe Chris Daly in trouble for pulling a Cheney

Should California Secede?

More good news, this in from Johnson County

HealthCare push

Repubs choose Dole over Coleman to head '06 Senate campaigns

Kerry talks about the BIRTH TAX on first day back in Senate!

Do you pay CenterPoint online?

Do you come here first?

Kalamazoo County Convention

Some vital techie utility proggie download sites

windows 98 help, please

testing testing testing - ignore

Looking for the Best Graphing Software

No such thing as a dumb question? Sure there is!

Is it really possible

XP system backup recommendations

Cleveland Hearings

Group Hug to the Cincy DU'ers!

Derrick Seaver - Ohio 85th District State Rep is switching to Rep.

Bill banning BBV machines to be reintroduced in Wisconsin legislature

Who here is from Green Bay area?

Anyone want to PM other members with email addresses


Better Dead than Red

HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN! (and ladies!) What's the story?

A good honest laugh from Thich Nhat Hanh (circulated email)

Who you gonna call? Lie busters!

New pictures of Bush and Bin Laden at secret meeting and an

is it just me or is tavis smiley just the greatest?

Just how WOULD we go about dislodging these thugs...

JohnJohnson is now Hawkeye Pierce

I Believe I Have Seen It All Now...

This is why you SHOULD NOT BELIEVE Jeff Fisher

Snow: No Need to Cut War Spending

LSM's husband has come up with a new acronym for the draft..

Do you think weed will be legalized?


A message to kiwi6

Ad Idea: "Surprised?"

Interesting commentary on CNN/Money about Snow/US Dollar -

W: "Leading a large coalition against a determined enemy"

A note about Abul Grahib...

Progressivism has a history of winning!

100,000 Iraqis Dead. 1200 U.S. GIs Dead, 25,000 Wounded.

How is Kkkarl Rove benefitting from all this?

Iran -- and U.S. irrelevance

Voice of the Whitehouse - TBRNews

Bad Nooz.

Let us not forget, we had Bushco's nuts in a meat grinder before the fraud

ISP to replace AOL needed. Thanks!

The state elections have been certified, but Kerry wins in recount.

Which one of these is likely to be deadlier to poor Third World citizens?

Debbie Schlussel just called Laura Ingraham a phoney

This Morning's Headlines

Bring back the Fairness Act!! We should demand it.

US media applauds destruction of Fallujah

Sinclair stock still in the tank $9 from year high of 15.50

Oliphant tears * and "Dr" Rice a New one

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Does anyone have a link to the Nicollete Sheridan commercial?

Bush-Cheney regime prepares a second term of all-out militarism

Canadian Budget Surplus : $8.9 billion

The Sympathy I feel for Germans...

Iraqis recruiting child terrorists!

Sorry Everyone Gallery (Probally seen this before)

"Pro-Lifers" to a degree

How much longer can we last,

From the local repug owned paper

Matthews finally Say's it "Kerry may still have won Ohio"

The 'Moran' Guy....

Has this been posted yet? 3+ minute video of "action" in Falluja

Rethugs want to keep DeLay if indicted on felony charges.

Sen Leahy on C-SPAN's WJ now (8:53am EST) -- Gonzalez is topic

Some have suggested Kevin Sites "lose" the tape...

Yesterday was a very symbolic day

Reaction to Supreme Court Decision

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon; Falluja

The Golden Rule--do we want Iraqis to shoot our wounded?

LTTE re-written? What do you think? good to go in rural TX?

Looking for a magnetic American flag

Tons and tons of freedom

Pick the GOP ticket for '08

Homosexuality Worries Get School To End Cross-Dressing Day

I think the GOP has given up on winning a fairly contested election.

Quotation of the Day from The New York Times...

Ahh! Hell just froze over...can hear the ice crackng now! RRice says that

Seem like we have so many different religions,

Dear President Bush;

Time Magazine Person of the Year: KARL ROVE?

"You must be a donor to post in the 'Groups' section."

Cross dressing and the draft....

need sources for printed materials, such as

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) on vote recounts (9:42am EDT)

question about nuclear power?

Why do fundies and republicans only put faith in science & technology

How NOT to Win an Election

How many suicide bombers?

On I-94 yesterday in Detroit, did someone see a Diebold highway blog?

Going after Halliburton news

The Unholy Alliance. A new Ice Age in Hell. Bush the blessed miracle worke

Martin Luther King Speaks

Powell vs. Clinton for NY Senate

Does anyone get this image?

Bush and Condi sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...please God, make it stop

Very Creepy

If 42 percent of Hispanics voted for Bush

What if this post

Breaking news...the turkey???

Definition of conspiracy theorists

O'REILLY Didn't Get Suspended for the "W" Word (Wetback), Another Just Did

I swear, Drudge has a hard on for Bill Clinton!

Wow! The Fundies are getting more and more arrogant

all the poop on Rice can be found here:

are people retarded?

Does the military give 'Go-Pills' (speed) to troops in the field?

Falluja Arithmetic Lesson by Prof. Greg Palast

Bush just pardoned the turkey!

Hahahaha. Clinton Library mocks failed Repuke persecution of Clinton

Dumb question, but I have to ask...

the biblical ramafications, one view

India glad Rice to be SofS

Three important links that will auto send important messages to your

The Four Freedoms: Where does our party stand?

You know what I don't get?

Should Our Military Get a Free Pass?

Binge, Purge and Repeat

Is it true that we're paying for universal health care for Iraq?

Please, please, please, please, please tell me this is a joke. . .

i want to tell you guys something

Time to take the religious right head on RE abortion!

Too quiet today...

Where is Bush's buddy Ken Lay?

Bev Harris on NOW!

Prohibition: Joe Kennedy Sr. is evil, but NASCAR is okay?

Dear freeping rightwingnuts; Just wanna say how much I pity you.

I get so damn sick of replying to threads......

Would you say that people were sincerly optimistic during the 1990's?

Bush may address the Canadian parliament. And if he does,

I can't remember the last time I heard Al Franken take a damn phone call

GOP skirts ethics for DeLay

U.S. Catholic Bishops Join Christian Alliance

Instead of trying to UNfix elections..we just must FIX them

Should we really support the troops "unconditionally"?

Who wants to start a new DU Group...

Does anyone know anything about buying gold?

Saudi Prince Sides with Murdoch (NO! really?)

I just got a little smug satisfaction...

Media-watchdog pioneer Reed Irvine dies-Was he getting too close?

Letterman's Top 10 From 11-15-04

When asked about a 2008 run, Kerry reminded a reporter

Anybody Watching CNN Anymore...

I'm not buying that 70% of the military voted for Bush

Bev Harris to be on with Thom Hartmann today -- BBV ALERT

Do you think a military coup could happen in the US?

Bush taps Rice to be America's 'face to the world' ...Whoa, dude!

Are you kidding me!

here's a question for your (and my) pro-armageddon fundie friends:

Air Force Reserve is doing Truck Convoy Duty Iraq

Bev Harris & Eminem wear?

The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library Is GORGEOUS ***PICS***

welcome to WW3

Kerry speaks!!!

On this day, November 17, 1973

Is there something new up with David Hager? I've gotten this petition

Citizens of Fullujah promised food but end up arrested in Mosque

Please Russia, please China

Chimpy is cheating on Condi......


Faith-based Health Insurance (It's already here)

Anyone know anything about e-gold, e-bullion?

Annual Turkey Pardon

A lot of the Freepers are just plain sick. Sick bastards.

new bill in congress: teachers can't question US support of Israel

I See Dead People

May I make a suggestion?

FCC Claims Regulatory Power Over Home Computers

Money well spent, I'm sure

ACLU, Others Denounce National ID Card Plan . . .

The Bush Revolution - Kristof

A question about Vicente Fox....does anyone know

Bush destroyed world peace. Now Russia is planning a new nuclear arms race

I just saw "Vera Drake",the 50's abortion movie----incredible!

Bush's "mandate" is for real!!!

Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit"

I'm mad as hell.

There will be no cross-dressing in school today, district decides

Is it too early to declare America a dictatorship?

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but

"This man does not share our Moral Values..."

Frontline: "Is Wal-Mart Good For America?"

Talk to US

Psychology of peace is focus of new study

Has anybody asked this about 'Desperate Housewives' and TO?

IDEA (special education law) being gutted right now (3 PM EST)

The Republican's Lie and Legacy.

Did anyone else hear Al Franken say this?

State charitable giving information needed

best place to live in the planet?

best place to live in this planet??....

I've had it with MSM!!!!!

More clueless young Republicans...

It is 4:23PM EST and DU has gone into a slow crawl, in fact I had to

Who else is Cable News Free?

Nov Per Day Death Rate of Coalition is highest since March 03

Marine Corps Cover-Up

please urge CONGRESS to restore over time pay

Condoleeza Rice is really ugly

John Kerry on CSPAN Now!!!

Are you angry?

How in the hell will we be able to hold our heads up again.

CIA Purge is going on BUT what about.....

Powell shocked by Nude Back!

Immigrant Detainees Tell of Attack Dogs and Abuse

Will Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) Jump Ship????

I'm Moving to Canada 2004 Bumper Sticker


Dick Cheney is really ugly

Your Spiritual Chemistry -- Let Soulmatch's Experts Help You.

Has anyone else received a phone call from LaRouchies?

DU "Armstrong" like bracelets?

Gun Control

Did anybody ever hear about this? RE: GOP in FL

OK, why is it feast or famine?

Did Richard Perle tell colleagues 10-02 no WMD's in Iraq?

Microsoft wants more H1b's when there's 700,000 unemployed IT workers

Washington Governors Race Down to the Wire...Still

Some terror concern about crop plane theft

I thnk all Dems should use the word "immoral"

Daily Howler - self explanatory

Curious what others think of DU admin refusal for an emigration forum?

"Big Dig Leaks Worse Than Thought"

Groundhog Day - Haven't we seen this movie before - Iran

Would anyone from here participate in a philosophical forum?

Has Al Franken become too DLC?

Serious question: Are the Republicans you know personally bigoted?

Kucinich campaign turns another corner:

So who do you think the Necromonger Party will run in 08?

any discussion of the fact the killing happened in a mosque?

The only dissent we have to fear...

So I'm watching CNN while in line at Wells Fargo...

Russia Developing a New Form of Nuclear Missile

I am sick of "well-meaning" republicans and pundits who advise...

Does anyone know anything about the "Faith In Action" program?

McCurry on Franken Now Talking About Their Decision To Concede .......

Interesting article from 11/1 about election.....

My repuke sister sends me this crappy robin Williams right wing rant...

The face of Mon. Night Football: Al Michaels, $2000 to BC04

Does anyone besides me think there should be an emigration forum?

Blue state freepers.

Quote of the Day (From

Lend Your PC Power to Researchers

Oregon prison corruption, murder & coverup, drugs etc

What is a democrat?


Condi in 2008?!

1st order of buisness on the 1st day back incession: SAVE tom delay!

CNBC show on Wal-Mart to be shown again Sunday

Hardee’s serves up 1,420-calorie burger

FBI Agents in London NOT Riding Tube - Terrorism Fears - Ashcroft 7-01

Well, me and Howard Dean are sharing a birthday today

My friends cast off your SINFUL immoral views because GOD was a republican

A good idea? (balancing "empowering" & "disempowering" work activities)

Women's Lipstick - Made With Cow Brains???

Randi: "Let the GOP change Roe vs Wade. Then what do they have"

Close the "School of the Americas." HR 1258 pending.

Note from Elizabeth Edwards and contact info.

Step one in becoming Democrats again: studying who we used to be

Texas schools to use ID computer chips to track students even on buses....

The new Arms race that Russia is instigating

DU Panic room glitch? I have it set to "no emails" but get them anyway...

Who is Margaret Spellings?

Daily demonstrations in Seattle

Amy Goodman on Hardball tonight -- 11/17

I got a birthday present on Saturday: 40 mpg hwy!

Onion: Republicans Call for Priviization of Next Election

could the u.s. have a hand in the beheadings?

I love the wisdom of the over 1000's

Hey is the footage that Bev and company got from FL online yet?

I have a feeling that a draft may be imminent...

report claims fox news and drudge to be most unbiased...WTF???

What is your political philosophy?

Tell me I shouldn't talk to my inlaws about why they voted for Bush.

Once you swallow the red pill, it's frightening to contemplate the future.

The Democratic Party Should Be More Open to 'Other' Views on Choice

Strange How This Generation Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Hey, Deaniacs!

I figured it out, how we take back over....

Why are we paying so much for Iraq? They've got the 2nd(or 1st) most oil

Vote your Heart in the Primaries

Sign the "Voter's Bill of Rights;" a great beginning

Some eerily pertinent yet soothing words from Thomas Jefferson

the Lancet published that over 100,000 civilians died in Fallujuh, the

I hate America at this moment.

WOO-HOOO! My first piece of RWN Love!

So, many people said they were moving to Canada....

The Ultimate Bush Haters Screen Saver

Condi almost kissed him on the lips?????

Examples of red state welfare wanted

Is State Run Insurance better then Private Insurance?

Rush to judgment--- an appeal for restraint re: the Marine in Fallujah


OxyContin-Boy Limpballs feigns outrage over cartoons of Chimp n' Condi


Heads up: I'll be on Air America Thursday morning

for everyone who thinks Kerry has given up. Think Theresa!

Kerry is sittin on $45M, why isn't HE paying for recounts?

What is it that the hippie's did right?

I feel like I am losing faith in everything now.

Can A Person Oficially Renounce Their American Citizenship...

If you don't like Abortion - don't have one!

Who Is Responsible for All of the Hatred in America?

PETA: Fish feel -- so don't eat them (But what about GMO's)

Women of DU: Want to work for George W. Bush?

Remember Kerry's NON-answer to the '$87 bil flip-flop'?

Do Turkeys Enjoy Thanksgiving? By Arundhati Roy

John Kerry Wins Ohio by 25,660 votes

Abortion by Baseball bat.... Why parental notification is a BAD idea

OUTRAGE!! Lawmaker: "Priest asked me to quit choir" for being a Democrat

HELP with the efforts to RECOUNT OHIO - $500,000 NEEDED for RECOUNT

Does anyone recall the press conference held by Ari Fleicher

It is time for a constitutional amendment regarding electronic voting

note to DUers who say "relax kerry is working mysteriously..."

Attn: DU BBV researchers. Need quick assistance!!!!!

Believe in Jesus or suffer eternally? What?

I'm sick and tired of people of faith pretending they are the oppressed

Emigration advice?

You may be a racist if

Dean at Yale: "The media is a failing institution in this country."

Obese People Unite!

So, I heard John Morgan died

Do you like Big Rock? If so, you prolly shouldn't read this

Nation's students no longer flocking to the US to study - Taiwan

Violent anti-Bush protest in Chile injures 3

In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye

GOP Pushes Rule Change To Protect DeLay's Post

Powell to go to Israel,Palestine

Bad Nooz.

Insurgents Attack Iraqi Security Forces

Vote Recount to Settle Doubts?

Pull-outs threaten Polish-led force in Iraq

English muffin blamed for evacuation of Wisconsin Capitol

Ohio provisional ballots talliedRecount needed Ontario Charter Comm race

Russia developing new nuclear missile

Enron probe turns focus to Lay's wife. (Houston Chronicle)

Saudi Forces Arrest 5 Suspected Militants

(Detroit) Report: Compuware lays off hundreds (200-300)

CNN: K-Mart buying Sears

French media: Israelis aided Ivory Coast military in attacks

Informant attempts suicide at White House

Part of state's (Montana's) Internet work sent to Poland

How Ohio pulled it off

Columnist who outraged Clinton hangs up hatchet

Do democracies fight each other?

Iraqi domestic oil pipeline in Samarra attacked

WP: Specter Seeks, Gets Support: GOP Senators Expected to Approve Chair

Pull-Outs Threaten Polish-Led Force in Iraq


Gulf War Syndrome Acknowledgment Urged

GOP Moves to Protect Majority Leader DeLay

Spitzer calls for wider inquiry

Government Looking at Military Draft Lists

US Air Force secretary resigns

Telegraph defends Galloway story

Taliban Says Women as Hostages Is Against Islam

Lawyers dragged in over dress-up (Texas Nazis strike again)

U.S. Advances into Mosul, Little Resistance

new Sec of Educ.-Margaret Spellings Bush on c-span NOW

Nine Dead in Clashes in Ramadi

‘Values’ win stokes clash on indecency

Chirac questions US-led Iraq war

Vilsack Is Reid's Top Pick for DNC Chair

Bombings at Two Buenos Aires Banks Kill 1

Bush won Iowa by 10,000 votes

Top FDA lawyer resigns, lapdog to cig and drug companies

Inquiry backs 'Gulf war syndrome' claims

Paul Thompson: One man can change the world (Esquire)

Big Dig Leaks Even More Widespread

Morgan vote recount called for by three losing candidates

Were voters here intimidated? Let's find out

Explosions rock Argentine banks

Armed Group Kidnaps 31 Iraqi Policemen

Car Bomber Rams U.S. Convoy Near Baghdad

($$$) Northrop Grumman awarded $470 million (additional) contract

Deadly Blasts Target Banks in Argentina

Automatic Recount To Start In House Race

Reserves Face Disciplinary Action For Refusing Orders

Corzine Leads Field Of NJ Governor Hopefuls

(U.S. appointed) Iraq assembly urges U.S. to release detained deputy

Opposition group says Iran is hiding nuclear research facility: report

NATO chooses Canada's Gen. Ray Henault as top alliance soldier

Dollar Drops to New All-Time Low Against Euro

Rossi back in lead by 19

American deaths in Iraq nearly 100 for month

US push to rid Mosul of insurgents

Vote of confidence?

Rumsfeld Broaches Touchy Issue of Latam Militaries

Piece of Shit Delay has rules changed in his favor

NATO plans for Iraq mission hit new trouble

Group: Tehran Received Nuke Bomb Drawings

Remember That Picture Of The Kerry Rally In Madison, Wisconsin ........

Ariz. governor has surgery on ovarian cyst

Breaking: Sears and K-Mart to merge

McCurry on Franken Now Talking About Their Decision To Concede .......

Bush Pardons Two Thanksgiving Turkeys

Kerry not helping with recount funding in swing states

U.S. Pounds Falluja Diehards, Violence in North(Mission Not Accomplished)

US marines struggle to care for civilians stranded in Fallujah

Utility holding company accept fines to settle trading allegations

Senate Confirms Carlyle Group Good 'Ole Boy as Secretary of the Army

Family: Son of former Green Bay Packer killed in Iraq #1202

Nov. Ranks 2nd in U.S. Deaths in Iraq

Almost 3,000 same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts since May 17

Counterinsurgency run amok

Washington State Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case

Mississippi Native Confirms He's In Running For Top U.S. Ag Post

China will finance Argentine infrastructure

New Senate Dems Leader Seeks Cooperation

Pull-Outs Threaten Polish-Led Force in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 17 November

AMS: Falluja battle derails elections

U.S. Expresses Regrets for Iraq Shooting

LA Governor's Program on Abstinence again under fire from ACLU

4th world toilet summit opens in Beijing

Rehashing coverage

(Life in Texas:) District scraps alleged 'cross-dressing' day

Trucking Industry Won't Fight Diesel Rules(it's about time)

Vote fraud investigators visit Volusia

Kerry on Senate floor making speech c-span2 NOW

Putin says Russia has developed new weapons system

Bush Picks Harriet Miers, Deputy Chief of Staff, as White House Counsel

Consumer Prices Up 0.6 Percent in October (biggest gain in five months)

CIA Says It Will Not Get Mixed Up in Policy

MINN: Body Of Former (Liberal Republican) Governor To Lie In State

Leaders condemn 'Hassan murder'

LAT: TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers (will track viewing habits)

White House Reacts With Caution to Russia

PA congress members educate children in state - Santorum only exception

(Texas gov) Perry Names New Secretary Of State

Washington Gov. Race Down to Wire...Still

Police defections add to Mosul's woes

AMBER ALERT: Missing 10-Year-Old Boy In Collierville, Tennessee

NATO at odds over Iraq mission

(CA) Governor sets money-raising record $26.6 million in his first year

Police scoff at Ashcroft speech

Toilet summit opens in Beijing

Senate GOP Looking To Prevent Filibusters

Church's bus to polls for Bush called mistake

In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye (RFID tracking)

Fla. High Court May Hear Limbaugh Case

Pink Locusts from North Africa Swarm Through Cairo

Pink Locusts from North Africa Swarm Through Cairo

Omahan's American story ends as tragedy in Iraq #1203 (SAD)

More Than 15,000 Species Facing Extinction

Clashes, Car Bomb Leave 10 Dead in Beiji (US convoy attacked)

Setback to US image in war

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties # 1208 & # 1209

Spellings Named Education Secretary

Kerry Says He's Not Ruling Out Another Run (but check the still counting

Russia to acquire new nuclear weapon systems

Marine is denied leave to bury his father's ashes

Democrat slams Kerry on Hispanic outreach

The Real Target? (Was London not US target 2004 elections?)

GOP Lawmakers Alter Intelligence Reform Bill to Cloak Financial Ties

Democrats Question Kerry's Campaign Funds

Children pay price of US offensive

US Senate backs $800 bln debt limit increase

FBI faulted for refusing to admit blunder

AP :: Leahy Says Gonzales Nomination on Track

Macomb teens end pregnancy with beating

US promises draconian budget to reduce deficit

Vandals spray swastikas on Jewish gravestones in England

Daschle Bids Democrats Goodbye

For driver's license, Louisiana boys must register for the draft

American Airlines Removes MD-80 Pillows

House Republicans officially approved rule change--Delay will keep position

Economists: Two good years coming

Slash and Burn (Dahr Jamail interviews Iraqi survivors in hospital)

There was no coup plot, says Du Toit

Edwards Glad She Can Encourage Others

Pregnant Wife of Soldier in Iraq Shot in the Head

Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military

Marines Killed Four Wounded Iraqi Prisoners: US Reporter (Story gets worse

I don't like these new forums

Which is your favorite Star Trek: Voyager episode?

Which is your favorite Star Trek: DS9 Episode. Part 2

"Gay Agenda" DU Group?

"Thank you for pressing the Self-Destruct button. This ship will seems to have been munched...too bad.

FDA Tells Viagra To Soften Its Ads

Joan of Arcadia: I miss Judith already

Morrissey's Wearing a Priest's Collar on Letterman

On my SBC Global startpage: "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich?"

'Ere now. Give us a kiss, then, love!

Do you buy your pets Christmas/Hanukkah gifts?

Tell me not to hit Jenna Jameson

My Legs Are Numb, But My Kitty Looks So Cute!!!

A picture of Santa that'll warm your heart:

Tell me not to hit the Jameson

Original Post Contest,

I'm watching Bette Davis in "Now Voyager" on TV and reading DU.

Thom Hartmann on now

I say boy, I say boy, that pResident is dumber than a sack of wet beans.

"Compared to What" -- The Song of OurTimes -- McCan, Harris, Tyner

D.U. Group Idea, Samurai Film Group

Somebody Please help me here. (song Lyrics)

SMiLE has gone gold in the UK

DU Late Night AIM Chat All Nocturnal Creatures are welcomed

this is the bloodyjack thread

Snowflake under glass (picture)

Dressed in black, he walks alone, a shadow in the night...

Jesus is the Answer.

Kenny G. vs John Tesh vs. Michael Bolton vs. Yanni vs. Zamfir.

charlie rose is on!

help on something from the movie "Carrie"

Anyone else think "Objective Journalism" is bullshit?

Quite possibly the worst photo you will ever see of Condi & Karen Hughes

My cat has renal failure, drinking too much and lethargic, recommenda-


Only in Canada - Arguing about the budget surplus again

Five Lost Elperromagico Replies Found in a Swiss Bank Vault.

Barbra Streisand alert! "The Way We Were" is now on TCM!

Should we ban the Bible?

has anyone suggested a woodworkers group?

Is this for real? Needs a caption!

Here's how ya get votes

Sci Fi Forum and Star Trek

VOTE FRAUD!! What can we do?

Written by a friend of mine

Dunno if any of you have seen "Hurly-Burly"...

Sore loser at music awards ...

Kangaroo, Goat Found Wandering In Florida Back Yard

Which one is it?

I taught the weeping willow how to cry...

'Cricket Combat' Gambling Ring Shut Down By Cops

I love jimmy Carter's Accent

Princess Royal crisps turn sour

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Back Up on EBay

Behold, I am ***ZAMFIR***, Master of the Panflute.

Grover Cleveland needs your CAPTIONS.

PA woman sues because no one told her trains travel on tracks, gets hit

Caption: Enron anointed-one launches 2008 W.H. candidate

WHAT? m.a.t.c.o.m. is on tour?!?!??!

Police Arrest Man After "Leaf Rage" Incident

How soon is now?

It's 'Don't Bring Your Guns to Work Day'

The Onion's latest political map of the US + some headlines...

Your mama told me you weren't there-she told me don't bother to call again

Where to find the "WTF?" bumper sticker?

Change I-69 to I-63, proof this country has gone nuts!

FBI link to White House blaze man

Peru drugs hidden in giant squid

The batttle for the Peace Pipe in the Glass Bowl

Cartoon: Steve Bell. The Guardian

Favorite Cartoon Dog

Los Angeles Dodger sues old classmate who says he has sex video

I have drank the Kool-aid, and found its sweet nectar to be delightful.

ole coop the dog- A heartwrenching/heartwarming story

Texas School District Scraps Alleged 'Cross-Dressing' Day

How did you feel when you saw Bush kiss Condi at the Press Conf?

Has anyone seen Grovel Bot?

Mom Breastfeeds Puppy to Protect Baby

It has been 57 hours since I had a cigarette ARGH! ACK!

Know anything about cats?

Hahaha Snoop dropped the ball!!


Congressman wants to change name of Interstate 69 (Hoax)

Just a moment to say thanks

I have to f$)%&ing intervew people! I HATE THAT!

Why is the flag on my campus at half-mast?

Musical Ringtones = 21st Century ELEVATOR MUSIC.

Caption this

Woman sentenced for biting off boyfriend's tongue

River's Edge Vs. Blue Velvet

H.O.P.E offers Ashlee Simpson CD swap (too funny)

I took a personal day...

Sweet Baby Jesus, the Turkey Dinner Bush Doll

Banana Republican...

Virgin Mary or Veronica Lake..You decide..Or Marlena

A freeptard colleague

College football inside info-the next coaches at Fla. and So.Carolina ....

Top 10 Reasons to Donate to DemocraticUnderground

Even *better* stocking stuffers here...

Tell me not to watch Jameson

The perfect stocking stuffer

Amazing Race

Hey! The Science Fiction Group has started!

Britney's Honeymoon poem

Pardon my CAPTION

A letter from California to BUSH and Co.

Jenny I Read.

Say I lost my job and decided to pack up the car and go on an adventure

Am I a dick or just a wanker?

This is my 5,000th post!

Steely Dan's First "Luv" Song?

Of Gay Piggies!!!

Okay, when will I really be a non-smoker?

Check out today's Condi & George cartoon

NEW! Hunting in Texas via the internet

Montel Williams Benefit tonight will be sold out I am told--

Woman who wrote about profiting from government is charged with theft

Anyone heard of the group Clinic?

I'm looking for a picture of ** - can you help?

"Mosh" video has a new ending...

Hold it! Wait! Sharks can jump OUT of the water?

Dammit, people! Use complete sentences! With punctuation!

GOD DAMN IT - I got a rock chip in my window today

C'mon, people, pony up some dough for DU!!

Where I should contribute money this Christmas?

Middle-aged John Kerry: Would you or wouldn't you?

Help me wake up in the morning!


Instead of a flu shot this year I got....THE FLU!

GOD DAMN IT - I got a rocket ship in my window today

A toxic level of cuteness: Two babies, six legs... (link fixed)

What are your parents like?

I'm having to share office space for a month or more...

Drunken priest goes on rampage

One more star to give away.

Send me some sunshine

Uh-oh, Homosexuals DO have an Agenda!

Any social or DHS workers?

Anyone know where the new Rolling Stone 500 greatest songs is posted

Bush pardons turkeys

Words women use

'Like a Rolling Stone' Named No. 1 Song

Did Cat Stevens ever rerecord Peacetrain?

Too quiet today...

Proposition: Groupe Freakophone de DU.

Anyone here seen Spun?

Am I a bitch or just a realist?

Graaaaaak!! Just saw a car commercial using The Clash!!!

so I go to the sex store on the companiues dime!!!!

Did you ever notice

Will's Clash commercial made me think of this. How many times

What happens if I reply to an email that has a virus attached?

hey WMLiberal

New ending to the Mosh Video...

MrsGrumpy's So Mad I Wanna Swear and Call Back Damn Nurse Rant.

AP-Early sign shows that Christmas might suck this year

Need help choosing a DVD burner

Good God George SLOW DOWN!!! Some people will say...

Just received my new bumpersticker...

Does anyone here juice their fruits & veggies?

Do You Spell Check & Preview Before You Post?

I finally got banned from FreeRepublic yesterday (after over a year)

It's official - the platypus is weird


Image of a smiley face in my cereal

Any Fear of Quotes fans out there?

I'm thankful. As disappointed as I am about the election outcome,

I just don't like Rice

Can someone please tell me....

Wanna see something REALLY scary?????????????????

A day to celebrate!!

I just don't like liver

Snoop Dogg practices with the Trojans of Southern Cal

So what did I miss during the last week?

good questions to ask in an interview?

griLLed cheese apparition

I just don't like President Facial Twitch!

I'm curious: Are any of you flying an upside-down flag outside?

I just don't like painful rectal itch!

Here's one for the midwest DUers...

Caption This

I am another gentleman loser, drive me to harlem

I just don't like repukes.

The 23rd Sigh - Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want.

WORK RAGE - Let me vent please

Caption these photos of *


A question about blocked sites at work

Bush Pardons Two Thanksgiving Turkeys

The Universal Soldier

CNN & FOX apologize for racy coverage

Any Queer as Folk fans out there?

I can't stop thinking about the dog Dookus wrote about on a post

Image of Eno found in my Ham & Cheese on Wheat.

Favorite feature of the wily platypus?

Hey, How About the E-Bay cheese sandwich Virgin Mary

We have a purse snatcher in our neighborhood


Would you withhold aid from a RWNB in immediate need?

Man Stabbed in Melee at L.A.-Area Rap Awards Show

Martinez meets Steinbrenner

School Bus Driver Back At Work After Giving Shotgun-Wielding Hunter a Ride

Is anyone else having problems with ImageShack?

School Bus Driver Back At Work - Gave Ride To Shotgun-Wielding Hunter

6 days of bachelorhood starts in 2 hours !!!!!!!!!!

Any Sarah Harmer fans?

Why did the Eastern European country invade Turkey?

Did anyone see this?

I just don't like bush's beans

Nice hat, no?

I like Phish!

DU Group idea- Progressives Of Faith

I just don't like sauerkraut.

Man saved $10,480.13 in pennies over three plus decades

I'd love to wear this T-shirt to a Freeper rally...

Anyone up for a DU book club/reading group?


Cleveland Anchor Appears Nude in TV Report

Where do you post when DU is down?

Some of todays comics

pr0p051710n: du 6r0up 57r1c7|y f0r |337 5p34k?

Tom Toles is dead-on today -- as usual.

'The Honeymooners' Gets a Black Cast for a New Film

Who Is Gassy?

Good lord, what is wrong with these people?

Someone needs your empathy.

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese - Parting of the Tomato Soup

Were you aware that Electronegation is like kidnapping children

I was working on a flattax proposal & I accidentally proved there's no God

Terrence McKenna - Who Else Loved His stuff?

Fresh home-made focaccia and beef stew here. Who wants some?

Is anyone brave enough to...

Chimpy needs to divorce Laura

Why do Christians hand out free Ice Cream at Colleges?

In The Amazing Race "intense" = controlling overbearing ass

Can I borrow someone's asbestos underwear? GD is REALLY scary today

THIS makes

Loofa, Falafel, or Paxil?

OMG my GF is Famous

"We're young, rich and full of sugar--what do we do?"

Yay! I have another mandate!

Estranged, Christer, W-Voting, Hypocrite Brother

I've never passed a bar in my life

Pa. Man Convicted in Car-Spraying Case

Why do you guys hate the LCD?

Lixap, Lefalaf, or Hafool?

PTI ragging on the MNF/Powell Flap


Man with pan given choice: sink or dishwasher


Need Christmas gift ideas for my mother-in-law (very hard to buy for)

Man caught holding his pole given choice by judge...


I, Flea... You Dirty dog!




Use the search button People!!!!!!!!!



Was this a healthy breakfast?

Who Wants To Mock (ok, "Civilly Debate") Some HATE MAIL?

I Plea Bargain, I Beg of You!

Why is it called a "copycat thread" when most of them don't have cats?

Why is it called "Parkay" when it's obviously Butter?

Did you hear about * pardoning his cousin?

Is it me, or have we all gone nuts on DU? Is this breakdown a result

strange answers to exam questions

Sears ate up Land's End. Next is KMart.

am i cute?

Why is it called "baby powder", and how do you grind them up so fine?

I'm not begging anything of you.

Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military

why is it called soy milk?

Help, I am so tired I cannot even think straight let alone work.

Should I get a bottle in front of me?

Why is it called "The World Series" when it's only played in America?

800 POSTS!!! I'm out of the 700 club

Lola Falana or Paxil?

Stop & Shop and A&P are also merging - Wow!!

Armstead has been Born Again.....All Praise to....

I promise you this is NOT a copycat thread

Ever wonder why all the freeper states who voted the God ticket have

Why is it called Cream of Wheat?

Black Francis or Frank Black?

A Joke for You: The Wedding Dress

Why is it called "Miss Universe" when all the contestants are from Earth?

Kim Deal or Mrs. John Murphy?

Heard the new U2 album

There's a cat in my cube - what do I do now?


Boy, 9, is able to spell a word with 310 letters

Why is it called Ovaltine? The jar is round. The glass is round...

The Mouse Patented today in 1970 er...X Y position indicator for a display

Looking for link to articles critical of...

Heads up!!!

Topless on the nightly news? Family Guy joke becomes reality

The Adventures of a Gothic Surfer

I'm so close to 1,000 posts I can taste it

Puff Diddy or P Daddy?

It's the Wednesday ear worm!

I was unable to access DU for over two hours!

how in the hell did that

why is it called sourkraut?

Aaaaaauuuuggggghhhhhhhhh! Jury duty in Dallas Texas!

Why can't I find CD-RW discs anymore?

What would the Smothers Brothers do in todays political climate?

Goofy & Pluto. Both dogs but one wears clothes and talks!

Quick; Does anyone know where I can find the Cheney/El Salvador quote?

Dad Lets 10 Year Old Drive - Car Goes Airborn - Dad Seriously Injured

Man Arrested For Giving Porn DVD's To Trick-Or-Treaters On Halloween

I just love shellfish.

Thanks DU'rs

Little ditty

Terrific site for getting religious news.

People coming and going from sites

Are you in the mood to buy someone a star? Here's someone deserving of one

Dookus is gone.

What should the Washington Expos new name be?

New DU Group: Helpful Tips For Anorexic Girls/Bonding & Support Group

Young Howard Dean: Would You Or Wouldn't You?

Anybody like Almodovar?

Poll: "Should AIndependentTexan Be Forced To Add An "N"



Regarding the K-Mart buyout of Sears, CNN had this to say...


New DUers, stand and deliver!

Remember the sexually subliminal Warner Bros. cartoons?

just found out i didn't pass the NY bar

Make your own church sign!

When one of your cats is in the "rabbit pose" and looks bigger...

Ugh...K-Mart and Sears are merging?

Okay, who posted this crap? This means CAPTION war!

Should I get a lobotomy?

Should I inform a person of this?

Is it true that some students are taking Alzheimer's medicine?

My iMac G5 will be here Friday morning, yippeeeeee

Keep your Jesus off My Penis

Proposition: DU-Gruppe fuer deutschspraechender Leute

i got the new ECW dvd

Bush's Comments on Pardoning a Turkey

Do you consider Bush a ladies' Man?

Why are the Freepers Un-American "Fascists Pigs"

I just found out I passed out in many, many NY bars

I Think My Cat Might Be Dying

I like Fish!


Need your prayers, good vibes and kind thoughts...

I just endured a sex joke from George H. W. Bush.

Bidders offer thousands for Madonna of the cheese

How about a Baby Boomers Group?

Can I be an elitist when I get 1,000 posts?

What's the single best performance you've ever seen in a movie?

Roposalpay: Igpay atinlay roupgay orfay EUersday.


Condoleeza Rice is really ugly

Any Mr. Bungle/Mike Patton fans out there?

need some photoshop help...

Today at my daughter's school

So where can I see a clip of this horrendous Nicollette ...

XX or XY?

Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra

More than 70 bucks are displayed

How many of you think time travel is actually possible?

Oh. My. God. You MUST Read this NOW!!

"The hypothetical abuse of a classic rock song to sell a product" thread

What is your favorite derogative name to call someone?

ABC Housewives Clip - What is the big deal? - I think I know.

Help! Music gurus - Identify this song lyric.

Can you all post some puppy, kitten, and/or tiny baby pictures please?

Do you think babies kissed by Bush during the campaign will grow up to be

R.I.P. Raven... I miss you so much :(

Favorite Black & White Movie?

Would you prefer State or Private Insurance "Why"

A reminder for everyone posting in the Lounge.

New Recipe I'm Making Tonight

Animal Rights folks: good opportunity to raise other DUers' awareness

Freeper movie endings

Any Karen Armstrong fans here?

If we're going to bring back the draft..let's at least do it right!

Anti-Aids seaweed vaginal gel tested in SA

MIT Team Guides Airplane Remotely Using Spoken English

Saw this advertisment online: Astronomy by Distance Learning....LOL!

Bullet-proof dinosaurs

NASA Advances Water Recycling For Space Travel And Earth Use

Leonid Alert

Place of Rings: Poverty Point (Archaeological site in Louisianna)

Mystery Hill, New Hampshire ................America's Stonehenge

5000-year-old Artifacts Found Near Texas Coast

Opiate-free Poppies could aid fight against malaria

Black hole ignorance.

RNA interference

"Intelligent Design" - a brief summary ...

Cave art reveals ancient Chinese science thrived

Taking on the war against sexuality in Providence, RI

Subject: Letter to the President

Suit Filed To Nullify Kentucky Gay Marriage Ban

The British Lords have passed the Civil Partnerships Bill tonight!

No Cross Dressing In Texas School

Transsexual Acquitted Of Falsifying Marriage Application

Does anyone know....

What say you on the theory that homophobic people are really reacting

I resent Bi-phobia...especially when it comes from gay people

Any other GLBT DUers here who own guns?

Hey, guys, I brought a house warming gift basket

Steinbrenner and Martínez Meet: Let the Intrigue Begin

trying it again with cats (I hope)

Anyone Else with Tonkinese cats?

Does anyone have any experience in sending dogs on planes?

If my cat doesn't stop peeing where he isn't supposed to...

Question to those who've adopted pets from shelters.

What weird foods do your pets adore?

How do I link directly to this group?

A generous spirit

Fear Is Spread by Body Language, Study Says

New Female Sterilization Technique / Permanent Birth Control Option

about sacred space.....

Alternative Health: Ayurveda

Psychology of peace is focus of new study

I wanted to pose a question to all of you

Was there really a Jesus of Nazareth, now called Christ?

Now what?

Does anyone else hide in plain sight (i.e., as a Unitarian)?

Religion Is Anathema To Critical Thought and Progress in General

Okay! What are ya?

How dangerous are the PMFs and MPCs?

Is Legit? NM page not updated since 2003

Here's a cool link from TPM..

Should Canada indict Bush?

Depleted Uranium Message Deleted without Opening by Senator Bayh

re-written LTTE? What do you think??

House Repukes above the law

Video clip of Nightline? Marine from Control Room on

Protest the Botched Presidential Election - Friday, Nov. 19 - D.C.

Russ Feingold in 08?

who's going to stop them? Rule-Change for 'exterminator' Delay

Anyone else as sick of the term "insurgents" as I am?

The Biggest Problem with "Tort Reform"

RightWHINE Party total hypocrisy; Filibusters

Rightwhinenut Orrie Hatch's Total Hypocrisy on Filibusters

125 Salt Lake HS students may face detention for political protest.

What a moronic cheerleader!

PROVEN FACT: Rightwhine Party =TOTAL Lying Hypocrites. Filibusters

Forget the WHITE KNIGHT (He/or she's not showing)

"Bush, Rice Share Close Relationship"...looks like NECKING to me

Earth to Porter Goss: Do you remember what happened the last time

Reed Irvine goes STRAIGHT to HELL. YAAAAAAY!!!!

Senator Leahy coming up on C-Span


The last man who tried to "reform" the CIA was found in the river.

Voter Fraud - Is it more rumor than substance?


Can I ask a Hillary question without getting shredded?

In Breaking News, The Director of the Gestapo

How Do We Live In This Environment?

Has Kerry said what he will do with his campaign reserve $$?

Warner/Bayh 2008 ?

Fiasco in North Carolina

Iraqis sure are PATIENT.

There's been a sudden jump in the casualty count in the last 24 hours

What is Kerry doing?

November shaping up to be deadliest month in Iraq - Oh yea . . .

"Armed Group Kidnaps 31 Iraqi Policemen"...Freedom on the March?

Mark Warner's prescription for winning national elections:

Georgian GOP Sec of Schools charge stealing $614,000 in federal educat

Bill Clinton and Wes Clark on C-Span 2 now!

Only total LUNATICS would elect the man who failed miserably on 911.

Things are shaking down and the water is getting clearer....

2008 Election (pretend) scenario: Hillary vs Condi - Who would win?

Kerry for President in 2008?

Just saw Harry Reid on The Today Show

Do you really think it's possible

new Sec of Educ.-Margaret Spellings Bush on c-span NOW

GOP looks to change the rules to keep leadership

Here's why Harry Reid is a poor choice for Senate leader

Leahy on C-SPAN again...

Kerry added, "If there's a next time, we'll do a better job. We'll see."

Anyone know about this Margaret Spellings Record?

"Huddled in one room were the three musketeers of nooze:"

I am really not sure that Democrat is the right word. The leadership

Green Tea Vs Litpons, and Candy Crowley's Dissonance (Part 2)

Sign on tree: "God forgive them, they know not what they have done."

Anybody else get the letter from John Kerry?

The way Democrats approach primaries ...It's KILLING us...

New Education Sec - trading one moron for another

Did anyone else hear Sen. Leahy

Constitutional Reform - Initiative, Referendum & Recall

Perot '08

Bizarre idea alert! What if Dems and Greens all joined the Repub party?

Time to Stand Up to DNC/DCCC/DLC - Respect Voters - No Money!!!


Dean is too conservative, he is a sell out and a closet freeper.

Dear "President" Bush: PLEASE STOP kissing people. REALLY. Please.

Senate debate on raising the debt ceiling on CSPAN2 now

For those still doing Internet polls

A President out of an ordinary man. Aspirations are abound :)


Rove wants Sen Nelson as Ag Chief (ROVE UP TO NO GOOD!)

Two electoral strategies diverged in a yellow wood...

Which are you more afraid of?


So do you really think that Ohio will switch to Kerry?

Consolation Prize: No Iraqi Blood on Dem Hands

Eureka! Macht ist Recht - Bush's new motto

Bush buddy Alberto Gonzales makes Ashcroft look squeaky-clean.

If you have time, help me compile a list of all we have to look forward

Maybe there should be a category for "Tin-Foil-Hat Democrats"

Lose vs. loose.

I'd like to have another discussion about progressive language.

Vilsack Is Reid's Top Pick for DNC Chair

Did you guys see this artical by Kenneth Blackwell of Ohio yet????

Think long-term, y'all--- Hillary for SCOTUS!

Lieberman open to cabinet job with Bush?

Sign the Voter's Bill of Rights here:

Senate Confirms Carlyle Group Good 'Ole Boy as Secretary of the Army

MEMO to Candy Crowley: Green tea 'can block cancer'

Randi Asking Where Are The Republicans And Their Outrage..........

Kerry on C-SPAN2

Question?? - If All of Kerry's Votes Were Cast For Nader .........

John Kerry speaking now on C-Span 2 at 4:20PM!


Dumb/funny LTTE: Winter winds will knock hurricane-downed trees back up!

Tom harkin kicken butt on cspan 2

Close the "School of the Americas." HR 1258 pending.

What I Want Howard Dean To Do

Bush appointed a woman by the name of Spellings to be the Education

Sen Ben Nelson of Nebraska for Secretary of Agriculture?!

Does a political party represent people or a specific set of ideals?

Kerry(and progressives) won a structural victory that Clinton/Gore lost

a couple of shrub jokes I came across

Remember That Picture Of The Kerry Rally In Madison, Wisconsin ........

It is not about left and right or is about right and wrong.

The Democrats Will Move On

European Union is now world's largest superpower


So, the Russians are building a new nuke,

Forget electability. Why not Hillary?

Bush's night of the long knives

New Nuclear Weapon to Surpass Others, Putin Says

Our Democratic Party, Not Yours

Could second Bush term be *good* for the world (bad for USA)?

Question about yesterdays BBV post the velousia county report

How "liberal" does being against the war make one?

If Bill Clinton could still win in a landslide, so could Hillary!

How do I refute this from a smug Repug...

how are freepers responding to Specter appt?

Ya ever see a man leave his family for the false

Watch the New Video: 'The Big Fix 2004' (20 mins)

Kerry And The Green Tea Metaphor....

Mark Crispin Miller could use Freeper-defense

How about I put it this way: Without strong leadership on our side,

The Repugs Have Moved On.........

So a football player hugs a naked woman as the TV shows her bare back.

robert byrd cspan now

What makes anyone think there will be a presidential election in 2008?

Sen. Reid is going to lay down like a beaten dog...

Will 109th Congress Repeal 22nd Amendment?


I will leave the Democratic Party...

Who on the Senate Judiciary Committee has the cojones

I'm a "Green Democrat". Join me?

Did Kerry win and lose due to fraud?

Anyone who does not vote for me and my party is Republican Lite.

WATCH Kerry's t.v. interview of Nov 16, 2004 (yesterday)

Monday Night Football soft porn intro hurts...who else? Dems.

TNR :: Vote Righteously! (Brad Carson on why he lost to Dr. Evil Coburn)

Ohio voter testimony: Her husband died while she spent 4 hrs voting.

Which Candidate Has The Best Chance Of Making Red States Blue In 08

Why are we talking about altering our platform over 130,000 votes?

need help!!!! finding conservative group org chart

Paul Begala to Dems -- Get Over It

Here are groups partnering with DFA....courtesy of K. Spidel.

Why do you guys hate the DLC?

In the words of the DLC, why they seek corporate funding. 2002 article.

To understand what's going on; "THERE'S BEEN A MILITARY COUP."

DU represents the left wing of the left wing of the Democratic party!