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Archives: November 18, 2004

MoDo-Matic (very funny!)

The Paradox of Anti-Americanism in Iran

Salon: First Buddy (Condoleezza)

Blumenthal: Colin and the crazies

Cooking With Goss (Kaplan/Slate)

The Truth About Undecided Voters (This will make you mourn our democracy)

Jesus job interview - Oliphant

MSNBC: Internet video used to foment insurgency

Robert Fisk: Who killed Margaget Hassan?

A bit of good news re: Starbucks

Finally, time off for hunting...

Thank you Mods for deleting the "retard vote" thread

Request for Draft Discussion Group

Would it be possible...

Request for Baby Boomers Group.

Skinner, EarlG, Elad -- you NEED to see this thread

Hide thread may not be working

French FM: Bush moving too slowly on Palestinian statehood

So we knocked out Crane, can we get rid of HYDE in '06?

If Kerry won't recount or sue - can VOTERS sue over uncounted votes?

Washington Governor Race to recount

Recount in Indiana

It the poisoning of the BBV team story on Lockdown?

what about Pennsylvania?

Kerry ... a republican in Donkey clothing, and how Kerry helped Bush win

WA governor: Gregoire (D) now leads by *13 votes*

I need your help, i need some good info for my mom on the election fraud

Did anyone save that AP report posted weeks before the election

NEWS: Covering the lack of coverage

Would we rather have fraud?

Kerry Interview: As I say, 50,000 votes and we'd be in a different place..

NEWS: (PRNewswire) 81 to 16 Percent Majority Believes Presidential...

Olbermann's got a new post up.

Hedda-Foil needs help!!!!!

Audio archive for today's Ohio public hearing is available now

Please read! A Newbie's analysis

Irony - SportsCenter could save the country

Explain This Please - Why the Silence?

Don't let the lack of media coverage discourage you. It's their plan.

Indiana:Re-election of Bush, a leap toward oblivion, merits black armbands

International: After the battle, Kerry climbs back up the hill

Hedda's on the radio, and she's representin'!

Something Smells: US House Republicans Move to Protect Leader...

Detroit Free Press on Columbus hearings.."Where the....are the Democrats."

God Does want George W. Bush to be President

Leaderless or United?

NEWS: Election 2004: Lingering Suspicions

Help. I need to clarify some information on the voter fraud ASAP

How does Bev have the power to "Lockdown"?

When did the DU first talk about Swift Boat Vets?

Ohio Provisional Ballots Seem Legitimate

Rossi wins Washington governor seat by 261

NEWS: (AP) Ohio Finds Possible Double Votes, Counts

Election contest filed in Nevada (AP)

Let's clear up misinformation about Polling Margin of Error.

Extremely wicked rant...

Exit Polls MATCHED Pre-Election polls within 1/7th of ONE percent

mike malloy has an interesting guest.. (re Bev Harris)

Survey: #1 Reason Rep's you know wouldn't vote for Kerry

Germany says fraud, slams our media

Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight? Think Again. (Betsy R Vasquez)

weirdness in NM

Is in the river of denial?

Look at the *#!@&& Pollbooks!!! Everywhere!!

DU: Have you e-mailed Sensenbrenner yet?

I want to personally welcome all the new DUers

Election result analysis for Florida, Pennsylvania, and Nevada

DUVFWT TASK: Write, email & fax to get FULL EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked)

I note with pleasure , Rob Lowe's second series cancelled

Could it be Jesse Ventura in '06?

The scoop on Menards....

When I open Outlook Express, my ISP disconnects. Anybody know what I need

windows 98 TEMP folder

help...changing ISPs...

I need PDA/Portable PC advice

ACTION NEEDED: Demand a Hand Recount

If you ever thought "it doesn't matter whether I vote"

Seattle area DUers Regular Meeting!

Text From Clinton Library Displays

amy goodman on hardball tonight

John Perkins on Majority Report tonight

Best Buy gets sued for age discrimination

Denial of Water to Iraqi Cities

What's up with Keith Olbermann?

My mom's mad.

This "touchy-feely" group therapy on Air America right now BLOWS

condi having her brain removed? Just heard she is having an operation..

So... Were all the Iraqi soliders AOL users before the war?

Republicans Call For Privatization Of Next Election

Biscuits and Gravy -- these turkeys' lives have been spared by Gee-Dubya.

The Pro-Life crowd should go see "Vera Drake"---------

Dammit! When Are We Liberals/Progressives Gonna Get Some Good News?

A pleasant thought: If the GOP were to remove the two term limit,

Juggling is corrupting moral values on America's college campuses

On this Day...

The bible says "The love of money is the root of all evil"

If K-Mart went bankrupt, HOW can they buy Sears for $11 billion?

The Talibornagains are going to be howling at NBC

How about an Artist's Group?

Dune Iraq

E-mail from Norwegian on Mike Malloy last night upset me.

when is the Big dog dedication of his library,

Love Olbermann but that Allison drives me crazy

Detroit schools to lose 4,000 jobs to red ink

Hillary Clinton on Larry King Live, STARTING NOW...

if you want to support Garafalo...sign onto the blog

Former voter may have found problems with machines other then Diebold

PEAK OIL DU Group is now OPEN!

When did MNF become a....

So I go search for a Moveon meetup and found a NUDIST colony:

Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military [Is this real? no link]

Dish the dirt on Gonzales...

There is no 'we' in the Republican Party

Red State: Leave our Homos alone Preacher!!!

You have to read this book by John Perkins !!!

Does anyone know if Minnesota used e-voting this year?

WANTED: 10 Starred users to support a Draft Discussion Group

From a Steeler Fan: Dan Rooney STFU about the towel scene. Sheesh!!

Liegirls. Call them for a real turn on.

On the subject of human rights abuses by U.S. military

I just got Paul Wellstone "Concience of a Liberal"

Should Canada indict Bush?

Iraq hasn't cost us a penny!

Wanted to share this "thank you" from my friend in Iraq . . .

Bush supports abortion

Why is the "Mon. night football & naked girl" driving the moralists crazy?

Time to dust off the old "Fixin to Die Rag" by Country Joe and the Fish

If you don't like sex then don't have it and don't force us not to have it

Anybody remember Tom Delay saying this?


Grand Rapids - The FBI is investigating a Grand Rapids company

Photo of Carolyn Parrish stomping on a George Bush action figure

can someone post the link to the video please

Got the job!!

It is almost Christmas...what have you done to get RID of RUSH

Here's a good primer on Rice if you want all screws in one location

confrontation solves nothing, Dialog solves all

Delay blocking private jobs for Dachle staff

Do you believe that we should right the wrongs in Iraq?

Name your local PIG BOY WANNABE!

confrontation solves nothing, dialog solves all

Tomorrow is my birthday...any chance of a President Kerry present?

The post-election

Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley to host show on MSNBC

Hannity and Colmes tonight

Why is it so hard to keep your beliefs private?

stop defending the marine who killed the unarmed POW...

What is the latest regarding Valerie Plame? There is more than one way to

Stewart has Thomas Franks on

Malloy stole my word!

The Trust is Gone

Hedda's on the radio box!!

Anybody else freak out over the NPR story on detainees

PBS -2....Heads up! Powell , Rumsfield,

Want to live in a Christian Nation?

OMG!!! Garofalo is GOING OFF on AAR!

Nightline on now - Porter Goss in depth

California Letter of Secession

Does anyone here have experience setting up a wind turbine?

Show your support for Arlen Specter

Quote of the Year on the Red/Blue Culture War

Thank you, Larry Herbst, for your letter to TIME

What you can do RIGHT NOW, to try to slow down the machine

I served in the Military....

Pick me up and brush me off folks..

How plausible is Guiliani for Repug candidate in 2008?

Hillary Clinton Impresses Me More Every Time I See Her

News: GOP Looking to Repeal Food Labeling Law by Thanksgiving

Byrd will be targeted in '06 by the GOP`

stop defending the marine who killed the unarmed POW...

Has anyone else heard about a stolen crop dusting plane?

How to get the foreign media involved

Culture Shmulture (warning: loud rant)

Buzzflash Premium - "Electile Dysfunction" a Take Back the Media FILM!

Photo: Bush choking his chicken


93,000 Extra Votes In Cuyahoga County - Outrage In Ohio

Go Big W -- ride, 'em Cowboy!

just checking in to keep my status as a member

Maybe I posted this Baby Boomers Group suggestion in the wrong place?

Bill Clinton Checks Out the DU Forums??

Great compassionate conservative idea!

Stanford MBA hubby says that the reason we will force

Chirac questions US-led Iraq war - BBC

The Red State-Slave State Connection is all too Real


Folks, read this Hitler quote and help me out with present day quote

If we fight in the Senate, then Dems won't get elected and we can't fight?

Condi Rice is not having an abortion

I recieved this e-mail -Disgusting! (help please)

Military DUers, current and former: What's the scoop with the IRR?

The Way of the Hippy

Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions

There is NO such thing as "reverse racism"

BBVers ... Can anybody help out with a small amount of research?

Bev Harris Needs To Be Heard...

Plame Threads: A Spaniard in the Works

My Guacamole Secret's Out and It's not Pretty

FBI Agents in London NOT Riding Tube - Terrorism Fears

holy shit!!! when did the spainards become so racist???

The Democrats Will Move On

Check out Hardball NOW - 2000 people do not want to go to Iraq

Dozens killed in Iraq unrest

Iran rules out negotiations with the U.S.

Two Girls Accused of Serving Poisoned Cake

Senate OKs $800B Debt Limit Hike

GOP Looking to Repeal Food Labeling Law

Congress Negotiators Seal Special Ed Deal

Equal Payments to Sept. 11 Kin Said Fairer (mistitled - should BE fairer)

US not worried about Russia's nuclear activities: State Department

Just heard: DEMOCRAT ahead of REPUBLICAN in WA Govenors race

(Defense Contractor) BAE included in SFO (Serious Fraud Office) investigation

Trading Rouge for Camouflage

Navy delays presidential helicopter deal

Amtrak Begins Random ID Checks on Trains

Report on Sept. 11 Fund Is Released


FCC Reacts To Monday Night Nudity - Chairman Questions Motive Behind Skit

Fallujah Residents Emerge, Find 'City of Mosques' in Ruins -WP

Hillary Clinton to seek re-election in '06

Chirac unsure world is safer after Saddam

Latest Images From Falluja

GOP seeks to repeal food labeling law

U.S. accused of 'torture flights'

CNN - Scientist: Man in Americas earlier than thought

NYT: Sierra Club Fights Drilling Under Parks

Neoconservatives Gain Strength in New Bush Team

New bishops' president wants to heal wounds from sex abuse crisis

U.S. Rights Record Blasted

EU Takes Aim at Sensitive U.S. Products

House GOP Changes Rules To Protect DeLay

Bush won Iowa by 10,000 votes

NYT: Marine Officers See Risk in Cuts in Falluja Force

Clinton Library Officials Defensive on Impeachment

Specter won’t block anti-abortion nominees

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Powell Says Iran Is Pursuing Bomb -WP

Analyst Says Oil Supply Problems Could Loom

WP: Powell Says Iran Is Pursuing Bomb

Rice to Have Minor Surgery on Friday

FDA Saw Problems at Vaccine Plant in 2003

CIA denies Goss ordered staff to 'back Bush'

Administration accused of changing drilling rule

Microsoft accused of destroying e-mails

Marine Officers See Risk in Cuts in Falluja Force -NYT

WP: Papers Show Tribe Paid to Influence Bill (Sen. Dodd involved)

58 percent of targeted active-duty soldiers transitioned to Guard in FY '0

Bush Plans Tax Code Overhaul -WP

Kmart to Acquire Sears in $11 Billion Dea

Tribunal exposes prince's (Charles) 'Edwardian' attitudes

55-year drug sentence 'obscene'

Consultant takes 5th in Indian casino case

(WA) Recount Ordered In Governor's Race

FBI Investigates Grand Rapids Co. (does defense industry softwr/hardware)

Dollar melts

What would the Super Mario Brothers do in today's political climate?

Please tell me "the scoop on Menards" is not what I'm thinking.

This shirt is dry clean only. Which means...

Sigh... Facing the harsh reality of no sex threads allowed.

Do you believe in ghosts?

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Why did Nixon go to China?

Can I count on your vote?

Blue State Blues (iowahawk) - VERY FUNNY!

Gimme fuel, gimme fire...

My life suffocates

How 'bout an Abby Normal group?

I'm not dead yet

So who here is already addicted to World of Warcraft?

The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

I'm not jet set

Well, I'm going up to Toronto for a few days.

Hypocrisy thy name is National Football League

This is my first post with a STAR!! Someone throw me a kiss

Lost on now ABC

L.A. council says no to Angels name change

aaarrrgggh! Level 2! The lounge is NOT hidden on Latest Threads Page!

Whoo-hoo! A thousand posts!


Are you avoiding the grad school thread because it sounds like a downer?

Dear Mr. President;

Who thinks W is appointing women just so he can kiss them?

Hey everybody, a Real President is on NBC now.

Best Presidential Musician?

If it makes everyone feel better

I'm not talking to DS1 and matcom anymore.

Kaiser Permanente extends health insurance for locked out hotel workers

Watching "Category 6" On CBS

What the Yahoo! Slugs say about Clinton Library (Warning: Yuk!)

LOL - this disaster movie on CBS

Hillary on Larry

Depression Poll -----ignore it !

Colin the Pooh

Caption Tom Delay

So I go search for a Moveon meetup and found a NUDIST colony:

Give Dubya some smarts!

Not sure if this fits the "contributes to the progressive cause" exception

John Snow, looking a lot like the guy from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Won't somebody out there please bear my children?

Censored Violent Femmes are NO FUN!

I'm getting really annoyed w/ GD

Woah! Did somebody step on a DUCK?

South Park is making fun of the newsworld tonight

665 donations!

Can I count on your boat?

Woo hoo! I finally got my flu shot!

Fiddle/Violin Players...RE 'Electric' violins..I have a question...?


Parents, do NOT buy these toys for X-mas gifts!!!!

Why are the DU Lounge thread titles so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong?

I'm gonna be interviewed on Malloy tonite!

Provoke me to make my 1000th post.

Which TV News Source Is Second-Worst (Behind FOX)?

Holy Batman! I've had a revelation!

FOUND! Photo of * during AWOL years...(BARF ALERT!)

The Death of a Ball Turret Gunner

Any Amazing Race Fans?

GOPisEvil: Attention Whore or Threadjacking Horndog?

Please tell me exactly how does ONE

My protest sign for 2005...

OK, get this: My gay roommate has fathered a child!

Got the job!!

I don't want to sound selfish but....

I'm Lounge-stalking you. Ask me anything!

The Thread Where ZW Lives By DU's Rules To The Letter

I don't know if this has been posted before, but...

What to do about my poop on the floor kitty?

Rate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the 2008 nominee

Words to remember in these dark days:

Rate me as a 2008 presidential candiate

Rate Al Gore as 2008 candidate

I propose an Anyone But Hillary Group

Rate Howard Dean as 2008 candidate

I hate people that park in handicapped spots that are NOT handicapped!

Rate Vince Hamm as the 2008 nominee.

Anyone here ever read "Found" magazine?

Rate NO 2008 presidential candiate

Tell us about your college campus crazies

best way to remove a certain smirk from a certain chimp in a tie?

What should my second poll be about?

Who plays the piano better - Condi or Nixon?

Which candidate with a smoking problem would you give an enema in binary?

What Are Your Favorite Protest Songs of All Time? n/t

DU Group: Ahnold for President 2008 supporters group (warning: dick)

Most half-inflated dark lord?

Most wonder-jaded magician?

Come back Dookus.

My great-grandfather's dying.

Is "Judging Amy" a chick show?

I'm closing in on 1,000 posts, and I've been drinking. Ask me anything!

Questions about World War II.

For all you insomniacs: How long without sleeping?

Rate x-g.o.per as the 2008 nominee

Should I put up my Christmas Tree tonight?

Who would you vote for in 2010? Duckie or Lesbian, Tom Coburn

I'm not getting near enough attention lately! I demand your affection now!

Let's Underrate More Musicians!

How many threads have you killed?

Anyone Ever Seen 'The Triplets of Belleville' ?

For all you George R R Martin fans...

"Campus Christian Crusades" Ice Cream, Bibles and a Sermon

The Matrix Revolutions? (possible spoilers)

Anyone watch LOST??

Most underrated musician

I fear that I will flunk out of grad school.

What's a good computer for a photographer to get this Xmas?

Here's my RAY CHARLES Top Ten. Which is your favorite?

Rate Ben Affleck as the 2008 nominee

Do you buy things your coworker's kids are selling for fundraisers?

Rate Hillary Clinton as a 2008 nominee

Rate Dennis Kucinich as the 2008 nominee

Rate John Kerry as the 2008 nominee

Rate Clark as the 2008 nominee

Poll: When was the last time you voted for a Republican?

A ridiculously kick-ass 2 minute clip from the new BLADE movie

From a Steeler Fan: Dan Rooney STFU about the towel scene. Sheesh!!

Do you have $21.54? If you do, you may want one of these!

How 'bout a paranormal group?

A "Chick Car"?

The Lounge has lost it tonight...

Does anyone else thing God is overrated?

Does anyone else think that Quentin Tarantino is just a bit overrated?

Okay, let's say God decided that enough was enough

Glad I didn't go out with that guy I told y'all asked me out! He likes FOX

Dude, I want a Dell

I'll donate another 20$ to DU in your name for the best joke!

Visit MoveLeft Media.

Ever walked out on a movie?

Most overrated musician?

The future for the average RW american Family

A controversial Burger post

Are there any other anosmic (can't distinguish smells) people here


Warning: Using more than one enema in 24 hours could be harmful

Share a bad childhood memory

Is anyone else here using Firefox?

My bf has been lying to me again. need advice.

Rate Howard Dean as the 2008 nominee

Children = Petri Dish of Terror

Looking for non-leather shoes?

Help Me Figure Out the Name of this Song!

Tonight's Lost: Locke and Rousseau.

Expert explains grilled cheese "miracle''

What is the best science magazine?

Help, I'm ADDICTED to Catster!!

Tarot Card readers.

Just found this in my bookmark list.

Howdy fellow hell-bound heathens!

Down With Fancy Book Learnin'

The sins we do by two and two

What are the best sites to refer people to prove Kerry won

Salon: "The fall of Powell and the rise of Rice"

NPR Tavis Smiley talking about Ohio recount Now! n/t

Well at least Pelosi is showing a little backbone about Delay issue

here is a cute cartoon about "electile disfunction".......

I think Hillary may change some minds tonight on TV. Just watch & see!

No Fraud in OHIO

Porter Goss,"support the administration and its policies,"

What does it mean to be a Democrat today?

Grover Norquist's recent "castle" and "moat" statements: any links?

SPELLINGS for Sec. of Ed. is like having DICK ARMEY as Defense Sec.

Michael Beschloss must be in an alternate universe....

Hillary on CNN now!'s been more than two weeks since the sky fell....

Can we retire Bob Shrum?

Kerry says all the votes have not been counted on the video

The Republican "Big Tent" Is Really A Small Shoebox

Clark is Bush

More proof that Bush is an Unconscionable Bastard...

what have you done to RID THE WORLD OF RUSH???

Wouldn't it be interesting to go back in the archives and see when...

Hot damn, Chile just can't WAIT for Junior's visit. They LOVE him!

Will Pugs amend the Constitution allowing foreign borns to become pres.?

Nancy Pelosi: If this is the best you can do, Dems are screwed

Framing the abortion debate: Forced abortions

Morin or Moron? The Orwellian WP Strikes again.

Caught "Silly Weiner" on the radio this evening ... had to laugh.

Obama is a direct descendent of JEFFERSON DAVIS

Members hot, cold on Dean

It's too early for these devisive posts

Who is Rove masterminding for now?

"I would rather dance than fight..." says Harry Reid, the new minority

Will Lieberman Sell The Democrats Out On Social Security?

Time to gear up War Protests Again!

How many of you believe that the Dems and the Repubs are in bed together?

How many Bush nominees will Democrats oppose?

Hey, folks (!) there is NO SUCH WORD as "LOOSING"

Self deleted because of disgust.

Move On house parties this Sunday

Harkin predicts Vilsack will be DNC chairman

Kerry kicks ass on Senate floor today about new debt ceiling

Buzzflash Premium - "Electile Dysfunction" a Take Back the Media FILM!

If you are upset by nudity and sexuality on TV, ie the MNF opening scene,

Hypocrisy Alert: "GOP Lowers Ethical Standards for Leaders in Congress"

Exit Polls MATCHED Pre-Election polls within 1/7th of ONE percent

We Don't Want Dean for the DNC! (He's too good for that)

I really like this website called "Sorry Everybody" (about loosing to bush

wake up call - does the party want liberal/progressive votes & activism?

Condoleezza Rice To Undergo Surgery

A dangerous time for the Democratic Party

Let's clear up misinformation about Polling Margin of Error

run for cover.... you've pissed off 100%er again.....

I simply CANNOT believe what I am seeing and hearing.....

Do Republicans Like anything about this Country??

Anyone else just see Harry Reid's *weak* performance on Zahn?

Carpooled the other day with my Pro-Bush co-worker.

Did you see the idiot-in-chief and his new education secretary KISS today?

An Appeal to John Kerry to help us in this fight against fraud...

Talk Of Lieberman As Mr. Secretary--Hartford Courant

Howard Dean IS the Leader of the Democratic party

Has Anybody Here Ever Pulled The Republican Lever?

Who is still angry that Kerry conceded?

Beware! Freedom is on the March!

Timothy Garton Ash (Guardian Utd): American blues

Watching The Wheels - The Limits of Tactical Politics

Progressives: Get Ready to Fight

Rolling Stone: The Generals Speak

the religious right and the DOUBLE STANDARD ON DRUGS

A POLITICAL DIPLOMAT----Condoleezza Rice

Pakistan's taboo on sex abuse

Powell Says Iran Is Pursuing Bomb

Lessons Learned About Undecided Voters

The Audacity Party

Why did Kerry fold?

No-shame Novak outs entire CIA; credit McCain with an assist

Op-Ed: Bush's Artistic Genius

Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Q&A Testimony Before the 9/11 Commission

Iraq veteran speaks out against war

Bush Plans Tax Code Overhaul

Nonbelievers forced to march in the "heathen flight" during basic training

The Dominionist church-state: the enemy within by Jerry Mazza

The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace

Anne Applebaum - In ATMs we trust, but not in our voting

The Politics of Victimization

Ms. Dowd's "A Plague of Toadies" deserves our kudos!

Why the Dollar's Fall is Bad for Everyone

the great chasm…was formed about 4,500 years ago, a direct consequence of

Sickening Incompetence--FDA -FLU vaccine

14 year old Iranian boy dies after 85 lashes for breaking Ramadan

Someone starts new political party

A plan: Highway rush hour banners-"Google: Operation Vigilant Warrior"

Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Olbermann for reporting election irregu

Philly Fed:Factories Slowed in November(not a harbinger of an slow economy

Leading Indicators Down for 5th Month (not necessarily a recession coming)

Can someone explain the motive behind the dollar's fall?

If they pass a national sales tax.....

Bush plans to eliminate the employer sponsored health insurance tax deduct

GOP Looking to Repeal Food Labeling Law

Wilderness Society/ Arctic National Wildlife Refuge attack

Nevada Public Lands Bill approved - sells property/allows pipeline

One In Eight SE Asian Bird Populations In Grave Danger - Reuters

Indigenous Siberians Among World's Most Contaminated People - LA Times

NSIDC Testimony Summary On Arctic Sea Ice Cover

Canada Reviews Fish Guidelines - Fetal Mercury Exposure Concern Grows

Philly Fed: Factories Slowed in November(not a harbinger of an sloweconomy

EU Parliament Votes To Maintain Lead In Facing Climate Breakdown - ENS

Leading Indicators Down for 5th Month (not necessarily a recession coming)

protect the Arctic wilderness. link included

Kyoto Enters Into Force On 16 February 2005 - BBC

Great Day for Biofuels! Russia Ratifies Kyoto Protocol Treaty

Bush's Second-Term Stamp On Environment - CSM

Greenpeace Levels Illegal Logging Accusations In China, PNG

Nature - Urban Heat Island Effect Debunked

[Swedish] Wind company to locate in north Nevada

15,589 Species Face Extinction - 1/3 Of Amphibians, Half Of Turtles . . .

Calling all hunters and anglers!

City's gun suits tossed out

I have a quick question as a clueless newbie

can someone be banned without warning after being here years?

How do I enter my homepage/URL in my profile?

are there any mods on duty in GD tonight?

Finding out about Ignore

can we please move thread 58267

A suggestion with regard to the foreign language forums.

Question for DU Site Admin?

Clarification re: posting in Groups

someone is using my photo as his avatar. Can we make him stop?

How Can I Insert A Graphics Image in a Post ?

Request for DU Group for the Paranormal

Can we please block people from using the FLASHING LOL avatar?

Does DU post its general financial status?

Is there a way to search for posts made by certain username? Thank you -nt

Needs a lockin'

I'm at a loss... Why did you lock my thread?

C'mon Skinner, please open a Cuba forum in the state and country forums

self delete

I believe the NonFiction book people have consensed enough

Outdoor sports group?

Request for Irish Republican movement group

EarlG! What's with the "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"?

Chronological order in threads

PA leaders vow to rein in armed men and restore order

If the US can't fix it, it's the wrong kind of democracy

Let them refuse

IDF asks to exhume remains of Gaza girl in 'confirmed kill' case

False tears and moral bankruptcy

Israel Releases Top Hamas Member from Jail

Israel Apologizes After Tank Kills 3 Egyptian Police

I'd like to learn more about the actual response time

Karl Schwarz documents

Meet the four unknown 911 hijackers!

Bush and War Crimes Story from Toronto- write to the author!

We all need to show up in Washington on Jan 6 and say NO

Hedda on Malloy: Two Possible Outcomes

Shouldn't Vote Fraud = Treason

I Missed Countdown tonite!!

Loyalty - which party rules?

FOIA for Gastonia, NC

Which DE Member did this animated video "Liar"?

"Moral Values" in the Wake of the Election

A Local Media Report of Velusia Happenings...

No Surrender Media Campaign

The Citizen's Commission Investigating Voter Irregularities in Ohio

Have we had a major writing campaign

Bev Harris on tonight, again, on Mike Webb's show (11:00 pst)

Volusia's Lowe shifts the story

NPR briefly mentions OH recount

"E-chip" {RFID} RADIO track every paper ballot!

REcount in Wash St in on

What happened to the "Computer Hackers" that went to prison years ago?

The Washington Redskins

NEWS: Election hacking

Almanac data show the nine most Catholic states went for Kerry

LTTE: Media's silence on vote fraud deafens

Ohio finds possible double votes, counts

How many of these ~8k people got to vote?

How Much Fraud Does the GOP Need?

Lee County FL - What happened to 743 votes?

Berkley Press Conference to Challenge the Vote Today

Ohio recount and fraud "rumours" mentioned in German radio

NEWS: Democratic official is called to testify

Question for DU Site Admin?

Volusia County newspaper reports on Bev's visit.

Doesn't the recount in New Hampshire start today?

"Many Kerry supporters suspect election fraud"

Coverage from Ohio Voter Hearing on KPFK Cali - Streaming Now

Joan Kravitz (aka Hedda Foil) asks for volunteers at...

11/18 Hearing Tonight on Voting Irregularities in Cincinnati

Scholars on the votes, Ohio Undervotes (Keith Olbermann) - GREAT BLOG!

Latest news on Ohio Provisional Ballot count 11/18, am

I need media email contacts for The San Fran. BAY AREA New Conference

Who Are the REAL Conspiracy Theorists ?

OHIO VOTES DOUBLE COUNT: told by EL workers their absentee votes were LOST

Isn't it curious that when RW blogs exposed the Rathergate

ES&S Employee BLEW the Whistle...

Election Theft Links

Here is where you can get a PDF of the UC Berkley study

Exit Polling Needed at the LOCAL Level

UC Berkeley - The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines....

We need to get along. My note to Republicans Stop the hate

Horay for the OHIO Democrats

Sore Winners? No one cries "tinfoil hats!" when Republicans make a claim?

Anybody have a list of bluest counties?

We need to get along. My note to Republicans Stop the hate

Ohio Recount Must Start Now

clinton likes bush?!?!?!?!?!?!

Here's Dial-in Info for Berkeley press conference. LIVE NOW!

Oh, jeez, I miss Olbermann.

Freepers concerned with computer voting

A message from FL SOS Glenda Hood

Democrats Take up Fight Over Ballots

Clinton memorial opens day of tide shift!

Why is Kerry afraid to speak on vote fraud?

Can someone give me the Berkeley study URL --

Got a reply from Cleveland's The Plain Dealer newspaper

What are the causes for these vote irregularities?

News and Newspapers Online

Impt!! UC Berkeley news conference today on Evoting irregularities in FL

Good (Bev Harris) Discussion Going on in GD...

Message from the DNC

self delete wrong forum

Why Did Kerry Fold? Article in the New York Observer 11/19/04

Needed: A compendium of suspicious Ohio precincts

Does anyone have popular vote hour-by-hour updates?

Did Randi just say that...

MSNBC Reporting on Voting Irregularities(a few minutes ago)

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida

Democrats question Kerry's campaign funds

The stolen election is good news.

Businessman Files Challenge to Nev. Vote

Bush Got 130,000 to 260,000 Extra Votes In Florida?

Today's Story from Volusia County Paper

Please - stop using phrase SPOILED BALLOTS


Could Gephardt have swung Missouri?

Scalia, "Get over it."

"Electile Dysfunction" a Take Back the DVD

If we don't FIGHT NOW, How many will die?

What I don't understand is why those supposedly on our side

J.F.K. == E.T.

Thank you DUers!! Thank you!

The media failed Americans during the '04 election.

Vote rigging by machine allocation in Franklin County, Ohio

Among people who voted in 2004 but not 2000, did more vote

We might condider buying media time (ads) in selected markets

Does UC Berkeley Study mean Kerry may have won Florida?

Video of Diebold problems

8.1 million Gore voters didn't bother voting this month

Anyone know the makeup of the Ohio Supreme Court??

Is anyone else having problems with - "Bay Point Schools, Cal Tech, and the CyberNET connection."

Warren County News - E-mails released Monday show lockdown pre-planned

Kucinich endorses Ohio recount

New Mexico vote completed, Bush still on top

Orlando Sentinel today: "Volusia Ballots May Get Second Look"

Why is all this fraud evidence such a big secret????

Media?What About the International Media?

UC Berkely Report - Is It Just Me Or Is This Huge?

I just realized...our creator isn't as strong as theirs

Hillary has made a point of saying "the president has been reelected."

ok, tell me about this site

What's RoveCo's next step?

If we prove fraud, and they can't tie it Bush ?????

could you republicans please leave your bush signs in your yards

Wait...Isn't this what the Electoral College is for?

Has there been an update on New Hampshire


New Hampshire Recount Underway - update from Nader/Camejo


Keith Olberman blogs about today's Berkeley presser -Nov18

Berkeley's published report is available to read. Oh-oh, Jeb.

Cybernet post on Blackboxvoting


Is This the Same Cybernet? Building Raided in Grand Rapids

Bush won Iowa by 10,000 (less than 1%--qualifies for a recount)

Need help in checking trustworthy of a lender

Any DUers in the Concord/Pleasant Hills area?

Who would be a better governor: Ben Aflick or George Clooney?

The Real Estate boon. How has it affected you?

Animal Liberation Front Claims Responsibility (U of I Vandalism)

Iowa website is down.(((MIKE PALECEK))) if you're out there

The Mass Transit Discussion

Rank these guys

Woo-hoo! The Strib printed my LTTE

A UM Students' Opinion: A call to surrender

I think I totally hosed my computer.

This is something

listen to a lot of streaming radio on PC? Coooooool gadget!

DSO Exploits ?? SpyBot id's and deletes every single day

How long can Triv deny his own logic?

OH DUers contact Judge Nathaniel Jones civil rights activist

O'Malley vs O'Malley vs O'Malley

Santorum told kids ineligible for school

Report on meeting with DalCo election chief.

Latino Voter Participation Forum UT Austin 11/22

DemocracyFest '05 is going to be in AUSTIN!!!!! It's a national thing!!!


Just got off the phone with Katy Hubener who ran for Place 106

what's the latest on Kelly White's recount


Anyone in the 89th District?

Hey Seattlites-why is "The Stranger" ignoring vote fraud?

Democratic suburbs abandon Gregoire

Beware! Freedom is on the March!

I wrote in the dust on my TV screen "IMPEACH BUSH"

Hey what happened to the Malloy Show?

It isn’t the moral versus the immoral …

what does 'eom' mean?

congratulation hedda_foil on doing a good job tonight! You sounded great

Frontlines website kicks ass!!!!!! God..... its laid out so aw-some.

It's time rich Democrats started to buy TV stations

Colin Powell's old neighborhood holds little respect for him.

$30,000,000 and $63,506,000

"Fog of War" documentary starting NOW on Starz

Free Movie

self delete

DU Late Night AIM Chat

Would the GOP lay down and roll over like the Dems are?

Got a question about the draft and a few other things...

Affluenza on LinkTV - documentary on the problem of over consumption

Swoon E-mail from Olbermann

Soldier asked to sign release before leaving for home

War Criminal McCaffrey Defends Fallujah Marine

This summer I was told this was wrong...I wonder now.

The FCC doesn't want nude art on tv either!

Bev Harris Coming Up on Mike Webb This Hour

So, fellow DU travelers...

Sign This Petition (for an Investigation of Electronic Voting)

Trump donations

Your Socio-Economic Mobility over the last 4 years.

Recount Excitement* - Please don't marry an outcome or expectation

Opinions, please!

We are the Revolution!

Does anyone know how many strong Democratic Underground is?

WaPo appears to have dropped Ted Rall cartoons

raw footage of battle in fallujah

Ok, So I was watching Imus and saw a ticker about overvotes in...

The shocking truth about the FCC:

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon; Bush & a turkey....

I need yalls help.. cant find anything about the rate of inflation

Why can't we just show up and try to personally ask Kerry why?

IRAQ: All Your Food R Belong to Us

Help me. I'm still depressed

Have you noticed

How can a political administration that doesn't listen to science

Has anyone seen these "power of pride" bumper stickers?

The Wicked Oppressors...

Myself when I enter a retailer,

Is C-Span covering Clinton's Library dedicatoin today?

Will we ever trust election results again?

If I had my basic drives taken care of, would that turn me into a thug?

where is conservative idiot top 10?

I just have a question,

WP: MD pays for Man's 27 lost years in prison

Okay, Time To Rant (getting out flame suit now)

Arab conspiracy theorists think the U.S. is destroying Iraq and Iraqis

1,006 US Dead in Iraq Since "Bring 'em On".

If all the org. that called us for money, educated the public on Blackbox

Saw the Wal-Mart expose on Frontline on PBS last night. Excellent

Libertarian, Green Party to protest in front of White House Friday, Nov 19

I know this boy

Dem Senate strategy - pick your battles vs. fillibuster everything?

Corzine said Dems should vote for Repuke ideas if they are going to pass

The Big Dog is speaking on C-Span 3...

Believers, do you think all Repukes who voted for Bush will go to hell?

Is this administration corrupt or what?

What Corzine (who opposes Rice) really said about her:

time to call up the reserve-reserve military units....

to the religious right... when does greed rise to the level of idolotry?

The EU might just save America

a bizarre but powerful suggestion for inaugaration protestors...

When the crap starts to hit the fan, Bush will start appointing Democrats.

Pentagon under attack from right wing, over Boy Scout decision

Dear America, I Want a Divorce

The eight years that Bill Clinton

1,212 Americans Now Dead In Iraq

Insurgents Not Giving Up

Clinton Library Dedication...who is the trumpet player

I really think that rather than intentional fraud, voting irregularities

Awesome article on the stolen election -- "WAS IT HACKED?"

Hubby (Stanford MBA) says that we will balance out

When will these jerks be satisfied?

Do Any Liberals/Progressives Actually Call In To Alan Colmes Radio Show?

Mike Malloy just DARED Jesus to flip the switch!

Questions For DU's Union Members!

Race Is Everything In America.

"The Iraqi people are cranky, ungrateful, and unloveable...."

It just got a little bit easier to get into New Zealand!

How secure is your job from outsourcing/offshoring?

Thanks To All DU'ers

Born on the 4th of July...1-2-3-4 We Don't Want Your Stinking War!

I really think that rather than intentional fraud, voting irregularities

What are some affordable blue places in the US?more bookstores than church

Will the world throw the US a life preserver ??

Iraq is the same as Bosnia? Help me out on this one

No live coverage of Clinton's Library on C-SPAN?!?! WTF!?!!?

to ring in the holiday spirit - "Here comes Wolfowitz"

Santorum told kids ineligible for school

Who Likes Abortion?

Now I know why my county is ruled by Republicans

So donate already so I do not have to see that freak's face every time I

My email to Randi Rhodes last night

Request from Cynthia McKinney

It occurs to me that rather than massive fraud, voting irregularities

$800000000000 in new debt for Bush

How far will the Dollar drop?

Telephone Number For The Thom Hartmann Radio Show

DU needs a place like MediaWhoresOnline "The Record"

Bush Plans Tax Code Overhaul (and Creation of Feudal State)

100 dollars compensation for house flattened--

Nice quote to use against the "DeLay" tactics:

Is Tom Friedman On ACID? Is He INSANE? DELUSIONAL? Holy Cow!

A Better Jesus

Watching the Clinton Library Dedication Makes Me Proud...

Does any American believe this junk? spending their whole time BASHING CLINTON!!

Which best describes America?

Is Condoleezza Rice single or married?

Presidential Library

Conservative pro-lifers ARE NOT PRO LIFE!

I should be happy and proud...

"Sunday Bloody Sunday"... How appropriate.

New York Times Rewrites Fallujah History

Ted Rall: Win or Lose, Kerry Voters Are Smarter Than Bush Voters

Hey kids!! DU and Auntie Pinko make Time Magazine!

Bush Sr wants to bash Clinton so bad....lets see what Bush Jr says

Did I miss this? Did Clinton thank Gore? I saw the camera show

"We Aint Sorry" Frxxper Homepage...tee-hee

Kerry in 08

"The Ronald Regan Bio-Med Research Act"

The RNC spent way more $$$$$$ than Kerry and barely "won"

Anybody watching CSPAN 3--Clinton Presidential Library?

Bank of America says F U Very Much to local hero

Is anyone else crying watching the Clinton dedication?

are you personally pro choice? I'll clarify a bit.

Anyone else here see Howard Stern in Union Square, NY?

I love Che Guevara, I saw a great documentary on the Discovery Times

We Dems in Ulster County are about to TAKE OUR COUNTY BACK!

Lots of good news today!

Buy your Christmas gifts this year online from overseas companies!!

So who hasn't erased Clinton's pre-election phone message?

A Short History of the Populists

Toys for Tots are a front organization for *'s own private Wermatch!!!!

FReepers calling for violence against Kevin Sites

911 widow on Franken show talking about Condi

Bush Family Whacktics

Whitewash the 2004 Presidential Election Scandal

Okay . . . time for some fun. Caption this . . .

Salon: "The heartbreak of war." For one reader, a single photograph

Okay, this email from a Kerry supporter is so STUPID

What is the difference between an insurgent and a terrorist?

So, once I get my black 'NOT ME' bracelet, what do I tell people it means?

I f Liberalism had a Motto, what would it be?

Mad Cow Story on NPR Morning Edition.

DU this poll on Clinton!

VotersUnite! Daily Reports Continue to Point Up Corrupt, Inept Election

Iraq policy: can't win their hearts now, so we'll kill and terrorize them

Protecting your children from Republican wars

WHERE CAN I READ what Randi is reading Right now?

Clinton Library: Why didn't the Dem's put up an awning?

Belief/non-belief in a Deity

Why does America have to create so much misery in the world...

What do you think of this quote re: religion and politics????

between Florida and Iowa

Who else is shopping this holiday season with their conscience?

2004 Election Art

2000 stolen election, 2004 stolen election, LIHOP/MIHOP 9-11, Iraq War...

help I'm looking for that federal deficit graph that shows from about 1960

Are there ANY drawbacks to living in Canada? A few questions...

Randi Question....

VotersUnite maps election problems

Is a cabinet level position a step up for a U.S. Senator?

Rambo gets misinterpreted a lot

Max Cleland for party chair

My parents don't want me to get involved in politics.

BBV: UC Berkeley Study Questions Florida E-Vote Count

If the recounts produce a Kerry electoral lead won't he need money

You have the power! You have the power! You have the Power!

Mossad also purging intelligence agents

Can you imagine what the USA would be like without hate radio and

Gods odd priorities

There should be a "don't ask - don't tell" policy on religion.

So what is really happening with Condi Rice and *?

Today, I started thinking about Entropy.

Why is Alaska Airlines the official airline of the Clinton library???

Scott Peterson v. the BFEE

any criticism about Condi and Gonzales is racist?

How Do We Win?

Everyone call your Senators and demand that they reject drugging children

Got my residency! Now my kids are safe.

Bill and W fellate each other while attendees cower behind a

What CABINET Departments Should be Scrapped or Reduced (besides HS)

Lula to Sign Drug Decriminalization Decree

Man Date News: Bush Crafting Cabinet Out of His Inner Circle

Is this on the level? --The Marsupial, the world's biggest SUV...

A message we should send to the EPA about the pesticide study on kids

I am furious today!!!

On BBV and solutions we can do now...

No rightwinger under the age of 30

Eminem Kicks Off MTV Europe Awards with Anti-War Anthem

US Casualties in Iraq 2003-04 exceed US Casualties in Vietnam 1961-65

US casualties reach 51 in Faluja - just saw on news.

thread removed by poster

I just heard something rather disturbing about the NYTs

Randi Rhoades is black?

Bill Clinton Presidential Library Dedication, On C-SPAN Now...

This is more like the sixties in America than the thirties in Germany

Who thought they would not be on DU as much

Calling all astrologers - I had heard most charts showed Kerry winning.

Parents of Draft-Age children: Are you advocating non-registration?

Bush bites head off live turkey.

Repukes love those evil trial lawyers when they receive millions in awards

Interested in becoming Congressional Aide

If one Democrat votes for the New Freedom Initative, I am no longer a dem!

News and Newspapers Online

I found something very strange and very interesting. Take a look.

This story about Kerry having $15-17 million left makes me nauseous

1/3 of Bush Money Pioneers Got Government Appointments. We Knew It.

"Scott Peterson needs a bullet in his head"

Strange question re: Dueling

What should Democrats run on?

Good pro-choice talking point/bumper sticker

Envious George already thinking about his library.

Where was Gerald Ford today?

Being on the "far left" ...

Scarborough and Hannity

Lets do it again no Iraq draft

Why is the DNC bent out of shape?

Gee, who could shine a powerful light on Bev Harris? How 'bout JOHN KERRY

Old Kerry Sites Still Going

For those of you who believed that one

What it was the hippies had.

Should Kerry sue the Swifties and/or NYPost?

If you support the troops, you must support the Geneva Conventions.

Gore/Clinton 2008?

Randi Rhodes just said that Republicans didn't debate

Material Goods Cause Violence In American Culture: Your Thoughts?


Bushco plans to expand the # of uninsured in the name of tax reform

Does anybody know where Anthony Robbins is these days?

CNN/Miles O'Brien: "This Is One Of The Ugliest Buildings Ever Created."

Al Gore, Nixon in reverse?

Yes! NY Observer says it right out in the open....time to fight now.

Church is being protested for advocating gay marriage amendment.

Groups to join...activist progressive groups in the Democratic party.

All DU parents call your Senators about the New Freedom Initative, please

Call to ACTION!

Curious tale in my local paper--Laura and twins attended

Curt Schilling: Bush re-election more important than the Red Sox

Who are the Dixiecrats?

Any talk of a Democratic version of "Fox News"

Did anybody catch the FDA hearings regarding the flu vaccine

Falwell urges passage of The Sex Act.

AWESOME picture of President Clinton and Chelsea

The New Freedom Initative :1984 meets THX 1138, discuss...

Ireland first in "best quality of life." U.S. 13th.

Jesus agrees with Kerry on abortion: proof in 3 simple steps

what are freepers?

Could you DU this poll for me?

How about an NPR Listeners Group?

If Al Gore did run next time, I have a feeling the media might go a little

PHOTO: DimSon ruins another photo

Photo of "4 of 5 living presidents"...and Dubya makes a "DeNiro face"

Is Bush blocking the release of 9/11 report????

About the NFL/naked back controversy...

DeLay called Democrats "political hacks" the other

This holiday season: NO Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic

Help needed with RW Christian Talk radio host

Jesus would fucking hate evangelicals.

How Did Clinton Swing Right?

"official language" debate

Kerry Will Give Democrats Campaign Cash, Advisers Say

Bill to Screen, Medicate Kids May Hit Senate This Week

What will the United States' status be in January of '09?

I love AAR but the 10 minute WSJ commercials are annoying as hell.

How many religious networks are on your cable service?

Hey, fundigelicals: Jesus wasn't even a real Christian!! Who's with me?

Your Socio-Economic Status

Support The Troops Stickers = Christian Fish Logo?

The Kahuna says the War is Cursed.......

TOONS: Switching "C"s edition!

Marines Step In It

How Bush will announce the draft

The war against these evangelicals has begun.. here's my latest experience

HBO May Not Renew Bill Maher !!!

The red staters only thread, if you live in red, please reply

My Sound Bite Can Kick Your Sound Bite's Ass: Why Republicans Stay Simple

Need rice help!

Anybody here remember the Pillsbury Bake Off they had every year ?

Cornish Hens

Anyone here own a La Caja China?

Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate-cayenne cookies?

I need new Knives....

Freeper Cooking & Baking

Easy and DELICIOUS slow cooker meal

Need sugar free recipes

Which recipe should represent us?

Okay, it's coming (possibly)

CRTC approves FOX NEWS in Canada

Martin dismisses Parrish from caucus

Tories back to days of Duncan Smith - poll

UN Panel Calls For Human Rights Reform In Iran

Clarke: CIA Had Low-Level Spies Inside Al Qaeda

Businessman Files Challenge to Nev. Vote

FDA Defends Its Handling of Vioxx Issues

Group accuses administration of changing drilling rule

Dole to lead GOP Senate campaigns for 2006

Condoleezza Rice going into hospital for uterine surgery

Watchdog group requests Volusia vote tallies

Swarms of locusts obscure the Giza pyramids near Cairo, November 17, 2004.

UK 'should admit Gulf war syndrome exists'

Clash in front of US Embassy

Long lines on Election Day enhance appeal of early voting

10 killed as blast hits U.S. convoy

Law experts drafting new sentencing guidelines

Israeli tank mistakenly kills 3 Egyptian soldiers at border

Thousands killed by landmines

American Greetings cutting jobs

Man With Pot Given Choice: Jail or Military

Iran said trying to fit missiles for nukes

UC Berkeley Study Questions Florida E-Vote Count

Paul Thompson on Air America this morning!!

Mother-in-law: Mid-Hudson soldier killed in Iraq #1215

Chafee: Reid Sounded Out Joining Democrats

GOP to fight for ‘Montana values'

Democrats take up fight over ballots

DoD Identifies Army Casualties #1211 & #1212

Bombs Kill Four in Baghdad and Kirkuk

Survey: Fewer Places Safe in the World

Jobless claims decline to 334,000

Clarke: Clinton worried about al-Qaida

Mandela out to get his name back

Thatcher charged over coup plot

U-turn by BAE on "slush" inquiry

Colin Powell Was Considered For Top Job At Disney

Hassan's body may have been found

DNA Lab Handling High-Profile Cases Fires Analyst (for falsifying results)

Questioning Ohio

Survey: World Fears for Future

Egypt protest over Israel killing

Families learn truth about Red Caps' deaths(Welsh soldiers killed in Iraq)

Rebels Attack Governor's Office in Iraqi City (Mosul)

U.S. Sees Sadr City As Model for Fallujah

Applied Micro Circuits Will Cut 150 Jobs (Layoff Update)

Jobless claims dip by 3,000

Teenage girls say (DMV staffer) touched them during driving test

Three Egyptian Soldiers Killed

U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Kick Off Direct Deposit Campaign

UK rejects Iraq civilian death estimate

Video from OH Franklin County Voting public hearings

Wave of Iraq violance kills 29

Wal-Mart ordered to pay $765,000 for breaking fuel storage laws

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties # 1213 AND # 1214

British cameraman's family to sue Israeli government

NBA: Charges dropped against Anthony

Santorum told kids ineligible for school

"Dems question Kerry's campaign nest egg"

Fleeing Falluja: Families speak out

Sources: Dem approached for agriculture post

Bush Pardons Six

Ohio Finds Possible Double Votes, Counts

Names, ballots fail to tally in 29 Gaston precincts - NC

Specter to issue written statement on judicial appointees

Israeli Army Mistakenly Kills 3 Egyptian Police Officers

Hungary Tries to Speed Iraq Withdrawal

Sears, Kmart Want To Call Layoffs 'Head Count Changes'

Party Starts for Clinton Library Opening

Presidential Library

Survey: World Fears for Future

Head of US-funded Iraqi TV resigns, condemns Washington's grip on money

U.S. troops battle guerrillas in Iraq's Ramadi

FDA knew of flu shot problems by June '03

Fuse is already lit for school finance fireworks:Taxes,vouchers & teach

Markets see Snow comments as green light to sell dollar (afp)

Garwin discourages the use of space weapons

U.S., Iraq Arrest More Than 100 in Raid ("insurgent neighborhood")

Militant statement threatens to sabotage Iraq elections

Last Aussie aid group flees Iraq

UN warns of Afghan 'drug state'

FDA called 'defenseless' against bad drugs

Marine Officers See Risks in Reducing U.S. Troops in Falluja

US has opened 'the gates of hell', American POW's to be Executed

The Hill: Unions insulted by Bush minimum wage

Foreign fighters left Fallujah before assault: Centcom


CIA memo urging spies to support Bush provokes furore

Fallujans in Flight: Transit Camps Are Not Much Safer Than Siege They Left

Passengers stop bus from falling off Sunshine Skyway; driver dies

Castro sees Bush hand in bin Laden video

UC Berkeley Study Questions Florida E-Vote Count :calls for imm.investigat

Sources: Dem approached for agriculture post

Colin Powell Warns of Iran Nuke Plans

Bombs Kill Four in Baghdad and Kirkuk

WASHINGTON: Condoleezza Rice to Undergo Minor Surgery

Clinton: Iraq war alienated US from world

The Streets of Baghdad (Dahr Jamail reports Gas lines up to 4 miles long)

French insurgents killed in Iraq

Fears grow for Falluja citizens; Red Cross

FDA Defends Its Handling of Vioxx Safety

Italy Offers Possible Way Out of U-N Cloning Dispute

Stoolie: Canada pol in mob

Sgt. mauled by Iraq tiger gets some vindication

Lieberman open to Cabinet Position

Lawmaker Questions FDA Response To Flu Vaccine

U.N.: Estimated 250,000 Fled Fallujah

U.S. reservists gingerly start to repair Fallujah

U.N.: Afghanistan Sees Increase in Opium

Can "hitchhiking" help commuters? Consultant seeks to ease congestion

Many Palestinians fear Arafat was poisoned

Rice got it wrong, says Czech newspaper

Mom Forces 12 Yr. Old Son To Rake Leaves Nude

Marine commander says Zarqawi's Fallujah headquarters NOT yet located

Continental Airlines to make cuts

Iraqi Rebels Fire Mortars at Governor's Office in `Tense' Mosul

US leading indicators reveal sluggish economy

Three Frenchmen killed fighting US in Iraq

Reuters chief blames US military for death of three employees in Iraq

Iraq Assessments: Insurgents Not Giving Up

Cuba and China to sign deals to boost nickel production on the island

Reuters chief blames US military for death of three employees in Iraq

Iraq 'out of control' says Jordan

EU agrees to rethink Cuba dissident invitations

10 arrested in joint terrorism task force raid....

Reporter faces jail for refusing to reveal source (NBC reporter)

Falluja Breaks the Back of Iraq Rebels - U.S. General (pass the koolaid)

Daughter of slain CIA pilot wins $87 million judgment against Castro

Iran's Supreme Leader Urges Iraq Action

Harkin says Vilsack will be chosen to run DNC

Hu Jintao, president of the People’s Republic of China, to visit Cuba

Variety: Former Viacom COO Karmazin to Head Sirius

NYT: Chirac Says War In Iraq Spreads Terrorism

CRTC approves Fox News for Canada

Bush Salutes Clinton at Library Opening

Bush donors got positions

Martin dismisses Parrish from Liberal caucus

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 18 November

MP assailed for anti-Bush TV stunt

Penn Hills director wants Santorum to refund tuition

Second Case Of Mad Cow Disease Possibly Found In U.S.

US intelligence issue pessimistic report on Fallujah offensive

House Starts Process to Raise Debt Limit

Leading Indicators Down for 5th Month

US intelligence issue pessimistic report on Fallujah offensive

Rossi (Rep.) Apparent Winner By 261 Votes; Recount Next (WA State Gov.)

Pope Condemns Use of Religion for Violence

Grand Jury Subpoena Stands for Time Magazine Reporter - (Plame)

4 Iraqis killed in bomb blast in Baiji

(RI)Reporter Convicted for Protecting Source

Forty-Seven Bodies Boycott Iraq Elections

U.S. May Have Found Fallujah Militant Base (Zarqawi's base)

Specter wins support for Judiciary

U.N.: Afghanistan Becoming 'Narco-State'

Poll finds 75% of Texans support medical marijuana

Many Do Without School Breakfasts

Cirrhosis of the liver 'killed Arafat'

Lawmaker tries to block mental-health screening

Rare Blood Infection Surfaces in Injured U.S. Soldiers

Layton introduces motion to restrict trans fats (canada)

Britain bans fox hunting with hounds

Mystery remains over who killed Margaret Hassan

Cuba agrees to buy powdered milk (from Vermont)

EU urged to improve relationship with Cuba

Leading Indicators Dip Again in October

Fossil may be ancestor of humans, apes

Kucinich endorses Ohio recount

Kerry Fit to Sue "Unfit" Author

UC Berkeley Study Questions Florida E-Vote Count

1,000 Posts!!!! Thanks yvr girl and turn CO Blue...

I've been lying to my girlfriend again. need advice.

Now is your only chance to win yourself an air guitar!

I'm still waiting for that K-Tel "Golden Rap Oldies" album

I have a question for any anti-abortion fundies out there...

A song, for the bushishtas

To derive one's happiness from only specific moments in time is to ...

bush brain on mug

Would you pay $69,107.69 for this?

If I have a portrait of Alison Stewart tattooed over my heart...

Anyone else here think Tara Reid is hot? Despite the bruises?

Bands with nerdy keyboard players: awesome

Hell comes to your house on Nov. 22nd: It's "Creed's Greatest Hits."

Need a star? Guess my country.

That Hardee's gut-bomb burger? Ain't nothin'.

oxide download site?

Am I the only guy that thinks that Amanda Plummer is attractive?

Just got back from the gym

maveric got me started:am i the only guy in the world

Isn't this a little redundant?

Did Garrison Keillor really say this?

Thing with claws is back on my roof!!!!

I didn't get my say on this so: Love you, Dookus

Who else thinks Jude Law is gorgeous and to die for?

Does anyone else here hate how Xmas starts before Halloween?

What's on Crispini's roof?

Kentucky Senate Race, 2010: Jim Bunning vs. Ficus.

Do you ever wondered what a dirty sanchez looks like?

Law & Order ripping into a Curtis Sliwa like character

Ok help me out here about the Malloy show

Crispin Glover

"No Sex Threads?" or "No Sex Threads!"

So what's the point of the buddy list?

Soundtrack for Hell...

is it time for a poll ?

This sign was above a urinal in the men's room at DQ:

Birthday dilemma that I need some suggestions on

god, it sucks being in love with your best frend!

My latest avatar is EYE CANDY

Was not expecting that...

Wow i can actually make a poll...What should my first poll be about?

This is post #1300 - which begs the question:

I must buy the Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack

still at level one DU traffic crunch at 2:15 AM PST!

Am i the only guy that doesn't think Renée Zellweger is attractive?

Anybody else exhausted with the roller coaster ride of emotions

Yahoo's "Personals Premier"..."relationship seekers with deeper pockets"

Anyone ever move someone from your buddy list to your ignore list?

OMG! It's true! I've seen it happening!

The Fog came in on Big, Muddy, Dogs' Feet today....

Serious question: Should I stay the course with the Navy?

Ada adjusts clothing allowance for chief

Please send some good vibes my way

Passengers Stop Bus From Falling Off Of Bridge

Morning Toons

My Crystal Ball Shows the Caribbean's Future...

Beer Reward (6 Cases) Offered For Baby Jesus

Today's Sherman ..... gotta love him but probably a Fox viewer

I've got nothing to say, but it's okay

God Bless Dookus

Frozen Turkey Crashes Through Woman's Windshield

"Big Baby Jesus" (O.D.B.) died? Is he no longer Wu-Tang?

I don't think I am going to get CARP! for Christmas

How to Deal With a Russian Hangover

I have an exam tonight. Please wish me luck.

Oil Shortage?

MatcomNews Update: Escaped Wallaroo, Goat Came From Vanilla Ice's House!

Who is the best southern office holder ?

So... Whatchya Doin' Today?

Middle-school girls accused of serving poison cake to classmates

Last night's episode of Lost.....

Prince Charles, male chauvinist.

J'ai obtenu votre copain de tenture de SOUS-TITRE

(Cdn) MP assailed for anti-Bush TV stunt

Farmer amazed by 'woolly mammoth'

All Hail "Handsome Boy Modeling School"

Can someone please help me with the new overtime laws?

Gooood Morning DU!

Cartoon: Steve Bell, Guardian


The latest xenophobia from Jack Chick!

Cherie gets Condi hairjob, looks even sleazier

seriously, what does "nt" or "n/t" mean?

Classic John Peel rock reviews - in memoriam.

Who or what is this DOOKUS?

LA/Southern Cal punks a question for ya

George versus the turkey cartoon

Study Reveals When It Comes To Pain, Women Are Much Tougher Than Men

My Karma is finally earning

Does The Lounge Have A MINIMUM WAGE Requirement?

All I have to say is....

so, i was Listening to sports radio Last night...

Does the Lounge have a MINIMUM WAGE requirement?

How your life will end... (Spoiler Warning)

What is the obsession with Sponge Bob Squarepants?

Does The Lounge Have A MINIMUM AGE Requirement?

John Wayne as Attila the Hun

What do I do about a friend who sends rabid pro-Israel stuff to me?

Republicans Call For Privatization of Next Election

Am I the only one that gets depressed by LBN?

I just found an expiration date on a toilet paper roll...

Bush vs Jesus

Favorite Tom Waits record?

I misread "I mislaid my cat yesterday."

My dogma likes to ride in my karma

I found a really cool site...

Lose Weight, Get A Good Grade

Spurrier to South Carolina

'Cross-Dressing' Out, Camouflage In

Judge May Have Used Dead Mother's Name To Get Handicapped Parking Tag

Who never gets scared by horror movies?

Mexican Whoa-Oh Radio ?s

Someone needs to start a "Litterbox Cleaning Service"..

TOO f***ed up: "Adopt a Sniper". I KID YOU NOT!

I mislaid my cat yesterday

A little ASCII world war action ...

To all the people who yelled CNN "FIRE" . Feel my Steely Wrath

Anyone else remember this film?

My Karmann Ghia is finally turning

If this Presidential Library starts a rockin', don't come a knockin'

anyone have a link to that Texas highschool's 'crossdressing day'?

So donate already so I do not have to see that freak's face every time I

Bad Sweaters?

CB radio ?s

"Metroid Prime 2" is a perfect analogy for Bush's America.

17 days until I GRADUATE!!!

Who else is Hooked on Phonics?

Mark Cuban(Dallas Mavericks Owner) Fined for Weblog Entry

I need some advice please

So my mom comes by my office yesterday,

I love Molesting Canadians!

James Carville and Howard Dean

'Strippergate' engulfs Canadian Government


Norway Letter Arrives 54 Years Later

I love Molson Canadians!

On Election day I called for a prayer and many joined - I have another

How come, when the hero gets an anonymous call saying

Mailed in 1950, letter arrives in Norway 54 years late

Caption this

Who else is hooked on This American Life on NPR?

Bill Gates Gets 4 Million E-Mails a Day

Asinine response to letter to the editor

I've discovered I have a hidden superpower.

I'm seeing very strange Mexican midgets singing on CSPAN

Do you think Bush believes the kind words he's saying

I TOLD you Spurrier was getting the So.Carolina job

Man Staged Break-In So He Could Sell Fiancee's Engagement Ring

Sixteen Seagulls Dead After Vehicle Massacre

Something is going to happen.

My Karma is finally turning!

First Ladies or Mary Poppins stand ins?

A fantastic Cuba photo gallery..

Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before...

wha, not wham!

My 36" monster TV is back in action!!!!!!!!

I just donated to DU and I feel GREAT!!!

The Great Toilet Seat Gender War

The top 4 best things about the Clinton Library dedication:

Has anyone suggested a Movie Group?

Why do you come to the lounge?

I took a trip to Freeperville...

The Russia House--the movie

Were you a cabbage patch kid?

OMG!! Are You Watching TV Land??

Check out this EBAY listing before it gets pulled!

who, not whom!

Black & White photos are actually MORE expressive than color

Which President has/had the most attractive children?

I am so frustrated.

How is there not a Home Improvement and Maintenance Group?

CLARK on CNN now.....

All you give me is barbed wire love.

Would anybody be interested in a smoking cessation group?

Any lip readers who saw the Clinton Bush conversation?

Want to feel a LOT better about your junk???

What is Boosh doing at Clinton's library opening?

Time to kill? A funny read...

Speaking of Gilligan's Island...

i love canadians...

Saw something that irritated me today...

Game over man, Game over! (Half-Life 2)

How about a group for people that have Bubonic Plague?

XM or Sirius?

Headin' to Northern CA for Final Marching Band Comp Tomorrow...

I killed my first thread!!!!!!!!! ask me anything

Post # 3333

No Laughing in Heaven

DU Afternoon Chat (AIM)

How about an anime group?

Any Military Brats out there?

Goddamn Illegal music downloaders on campus....

Terrell Owens Apologizes for Role in 'MNF' Skit

Anyone suggest an "Echo Chamber" group yet?

Best way to WASTE $30 per month.

Does someone have the Jesusland graphic, please?

YAY! I didn't know they were making a sequel to Boondock Saints

Why Is Bush Always The One Making A Face?

keep out of the water

Grilled cheese mania on ebay

Anyone heard of the band "ooioo"?

Anybody here ever hired a private detective?

Who likes Ice Cream Sundae's?

Most OVERRATED Desperate Housewife

I really have nothing to post right now

is this how the world sees us ?

Satirical version of "We're not Sorry!" do you have a link?

Do You Have Dimples?

Were you a latchkey kid?

Pick a Pumpkin Pie

Jerry Garcia Estate launches new "Pure Jerry" archive CD series


Meet Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great....Grandmother!

2004 Election Art

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!

Short Bus President tried to make me cry

Disabled dolphin gets new tail

Gimme some of that good old devil's music!

OK: .. WHAT happened to DUer Tom Paine ?

y'know what i miss sometimes

my life is a shambles...

I just had Deja-vu just now looking at the lounge

Holly vasectomy,Batman !

I Lost My Virginity On A Short Bus

Where did the DU groups Idea originate?

'Gandhi' is on Bravo right now (5pm EST)

Never Mind. Self Deleted.

who is in lust????


Check came in today, should I go to "Checks Cashed" to cash it?

POLL: Ugliest Presidential Library

Survivor: Crawford. Who's getting voted off the ranch next?

Who is stuck in Lodi?


Deleted message

Sentence that sounds dirty but isn't

What is wrong with this picture?

Satellite radio ?s

Is it wise to donate money to the Fraternal Order of Police?

It only took me a WEEK, but I remembered the name of a restaurant

Worship me....I have made FIRE!

100 posts!

Drunk Barber gave me a book for a going away present...

Isn't it funny "Beaver" never had a Christmas episode

Would it be rude of me to start a whole thread for my 300th post?

A Local Radio Station is Giving Away Ronald Reagan Calendars

i admit it.... i fire and kick ants' asses.

Deleted message

Bono singing sunday bloody sunday right now

Come fly with me!

Scream You All

Is "Towards" a Word?

Spam You All!

One of us had to do it

It's curling season - are there any other curlers here?

Scram You All!

How does one "burn" vinyl albums onto CD?

Another picture of chimpy looking stupid with everyone else normal...

My GF is pissed at me over her GF.

OMG!! Are You Watching CNN??

Has anyone heard the song...

I've never seen my GF, but she keeps talking to me

This is my 100th post,

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain

My GF pissed on her GF's BF's other GF

My joke: Why do Freepers think the media is liberal?

If the DU were a TV show, which one would it be?

My wife is pissed about my gf what should I do?

Hey, Janesez - I was just told the best place for hoagies is TUCSON!!!!!

airamericalisteners, is it just me or do the ads on AAR make your ears

Timmy's Wish - Funny Video

I am the very model of a partisan Republican

Charles Barkley to run for governor in Alabama?

When i'm out walking i strut my stuff

Anyone up for an "Air your dirty laundry here" forum?

i admit it....i kick and destroy fire ant nests....

Racists check in

"Prince" Charles of Windsor - officially a POS asshole!

If I sleep with TrogL, would that be an epiphany?

I am now going to the woodshop to cut wood

Another Bush Success Story: "Possible New Case of Mad Cow Disease Found"

Mods kicking serious ass in GD

Anyone else here dating a DUer?

Wow, Al did really put on weight


how do you reinstall Windows 98?

If I sleep with TrogL's ex-wife. Is it cheating?

ABC, the NFL, and Terrell (I forget his last name) apologize for skit!

Some levity: What do you call a mushroom... were we?

If I sleep with my ex-wife, is it adultery?

If Bleachers7 sleeps with Trogl will his ex-wife care?

MAC computer people please help meeeee!

So, have you seen The Polar Express....

My tribute to Dookus

Where did Dookus go?

LOL!!! DU is just FULL of "Dear Abby's"

Toilet paper: Over or Under?

Who Want's SHAKE_N_Bake?

Fine I give in you all win! There is no room to be a rebel against grammar

FedEx just delivered my new computer...WhooHoo

New Fundie Album Needs New Songwriters.

Ever sneak into a movie?


What books would be in a George W. Bush presidential library?

Why do we fantasize about celebs that wouldn't touch us with 10ft poles?

You're going to hate me, if you open this thread (food torture)

Poll question: anyone else here hating a DUer?

I f***ing hate the Mainland!!!!


Screw You All

We need a movie thread- I'll start

Best/worst bottled water?

I just got a paper shredder.

Well, I don't have diabetes (yay), but

The good folks over at Hundredpercenter are at it again!

Should I Be Nicer to Rightwing Friends


Caption the first ladies

The "Greasy Palm" CAPTION

Caption this ...

Ever claim you were from another city or state......

Ever watch the soap operas on Univision........

I Have Arrived!! I got my first Freeper hate mail.

Who is in Lubbock?

DU Group Suggestion: The Nation/Liberal-Progressive Magazines Discussion

My GF keeps asking me about stuff that is none of her fucking business.

Most UNDERRATED Desperate Housewife

A Thanksgiving present for that special someone.....

I am perilously close to the 700 club

My bfa has been lying to me again. Need advice


Is the new flashing LOL Avatar a threat?

I find this, well, disturbing, to say the least

What does "short bus" refer to?

Anybody Remember Jack Benny?

35mm Camera recommentions needed

Movies you wish you had NEVER seen

who is in LOVE???

George W. Bush reeducation camp

Beautiful people unite!!

God I love BC

I'm spanking my Shar-pei's ass RIGHT NOW!

Woman Breaks Into Home, Dumps Ex-Boyfriend's Brother's Ashes

Making 2005 Liberal Calendars

Hello, This is Emily Latella


Wow, you think you've got strange phobias?

What was the worst band of all time?


Did you know I was dating DUers? They're hot and I treat them like crap.

Worst. Cover. Record. EVER.

If you don't like lutefisk - don't have one

whats up with bush kissing the new appointees

Kass The Ass does it again...

FINALLY! Looks like the Brits are about to ban fox hunting!!!

Bring This To Thanksgiving; EZ & Everyone Loves It!

In The Fields

AFI top 100 movie quotes

Dr. Welton Gaddy on Paula Zahn Now tonite

Catholic Bishops Turn Sights From Gay Marriage

Anglo-Catholics check in

Any former Jehovah's Witnesses out there in DU?

Can someone recommend a book on Jesus for kids?

Getting the Bible back to its roots

How "Jesus Lizards" Walk on Water

Study: Notorious Asteroid Didn't Kill Dinos

In Evolutionary Race, Humans Went the Extra Mile (15 m per day for food)

Look up in the sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's....

A Liquid Universe

EU tempts Japan on fusion deal

The Fabulous 1,000-Foot White Pyramid of Xian

The Ten Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Book on GLBT activism from amazon that I ordered

Battling Isolation In Wake Of Gay Marriage Bans

Croatian gays demand legalisation of prostitution

Brazilian gays score victory in Rio state

Why do straight women tend to be more comfortable with homosexuality?

NY Post - Alexander and its content dealing with homosexuality

Jeb Bush: No Gay Marriage Amendment

Topeka passes ordinance banning discrimination against gays

Light In The Sandals

What do you call you SO?

NY Mayor Tells City Pension Plans To Recognize Gay Marriage

On-Campus Christian group sues ASU - wants to ban gays and non-christians

Report: Spurrier agrees to coach South Carolina

8 teams in the AFC that is 6-3 or better, only 6 can make the playoffs

Raiders are not last seasons whipping boys?

New England trophy case here, free admission!

Can South Carolina deep-six Spurrier's career, too?

Curt Schilling: Bush re-selection was more important to him than Series

I got to hold golden retriever puppies last night!

Moving cats...HELP!

How do you keep your house from smelling like your pets?

The Chemistry (Literally) of Social Interaction

Cells from babies help heal their mothers

Pyramids in China?

Troubles on "the roof of the world"

Free online Tarot course for those interested.

Mercury F'ing RETROGRADE's coming...11/30

Is anyone into the Abraham Hicks philosophy?

Check this out - GWB's Horoscope - Post Election

God of the month club.

Well group

Any of you a parent/caregiver with a non-atheist partner?

Best Places for Atheists/Agnostics/Secularists to Live

Santorum told kids ineligible for school

Thank Goodness for David Cobb

I need verification that I said the right thing to Repug

2008 election: fuck or walk?

An article about Bush's political role model.

Send the Chimp a note...I just did

Ron Reagan Jr. to host new MSNBC show with (barf) Monica Crowley

Does James Dobson have any documented criminal activity in his past?

Bev Harris coming up on Mike Webb Show

Saw Jim Marrs tonight. He's been accumulating data on voting fraud

Visualize: We have already won

I liked my idealized mental image of John Kerry

DVD Shows Gruesome Violence in Middle East

Health warning!

Paul Thompson on Air America this morning!!

If Hillary pulls it off in 2008

Plain folks have got their president...

Newsrag cartoonists are getting political today

Hillary has made a point of saying "the president has been reelected."

Your kids will pay for their mistakes

Bill Clinton's Library

Could We Cut Senate Dems Some Slack?

Heroin anyone? Afghanistan is THE place!

hoLLywood isn't eviL if they support *

Only wimps threaten to leave the Democratic party...

Bush-Rove approaching Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) for agriculture post

So if Tom DeLay was to be found guilty of murder,

NBC Miniseries 2010: The Bush Years - Heaven on Earth

Dear Dean Folks! Can we all just get along?

Scott McClellan quizzed aggressively on whether Bush is "OK" with Russia

Santorum Says He will Home-School Children

fallujah in pictures

Olbermann: Scholars on the votes

PDA Policy Statement on Iraq

Why did Kerry fold?

What is happening .................. is a travesty.

John and Elizabeth Edwards on Today show...

If bushco's "tax reform" goes through - will folks who lose insurance

Doesn't the New Hampshire recount start today? n/t

Stop Alberto Gonzales .com

Did we know that Zig Zag was retiring

Here we go again....LET'S FREE IRAN!!

My shallow observation - re: DEAN

When, if ever, will RW buyers remorse set in?

Dem Asked to be Ag Secretary

I'm no longer a media consumer. Here's what it feels like:

Where do we stand on pre election scandals? Need a scorecard

Christmas Shopping soon? Top Retail Campaign Contributors

So lets line up all the moderate Democrats and shoot them... circle style

Maybe I missed it but did Clinton thank Gore?

If I hear the word "Values" again I'm going to puke..........

Did Clinton acknowledge Gore's presence?

Franken's show missed Dubya's

Progressive Pragmatism, Obama, and the future of our party

Soviet style purge at CIA and State Department. We are soooo fucked.

Anyone Know Where I Can Find Clinton's Speech?

Help! I'm reorganizing my politics bookmarks, any suggestions?

I watched "A Perfect Candidate" the doc with Ollie North and Chuck Robb...

Dayton, Nelson and Stabenow at top of GOP hit list in 2006

The is your Governor Presidential material thread (blue state govs only)

Ok, I just bought "The War Room" too......

Here's what the Berkeley team says:

Have Churches & Clergy Overstepped their Bounds? If so,.....?

"Support The Troops" Magnetic Car Stickers- Does $ Go To Troops?

How Stupid do they think we are?

What direction should the Party take?

This pic deserves it's own thread! Guess who?

Would everyone snap out of it. Ahnold will never be president.

Democrats Didn't Help Themselves In Election

Question for Micheal Powell

Wes Clark will be on CNN discussing Clinton Liberary , next

What do you think of the 'red state/blue state' rhetoric?

It's time for some DUers to actually run for office. Seriously.

Strategy: What Can We Do Now to Kick the Berkeley Story Up

Is Gore going to challenge Frist in 06?

I sent this message to the DNC.

Can the United States please get itself an Opposition party?

Clinton impressed me! I'm ready to like Bush Toooo!!!

The CIA 'restructuring' is like Nixon's saturday night massacre

CLINTON now talking about the HUMANITY of his Presidency...

What can we reasonably expect from the fraud investigations?

So the Repubs are now out to build the largest Grassroots Movement in Hist

Listening To Randi Today As She Listed All the Things that the Repugs ...

We do not have the RIGHT TO VOTE

Poll 1 (of 3): Best Democratic Presidential Nominee (1860-1908)?

Will Bush be arrested in Canada?

Pickles would have made a better Education Secretary

The Clinton Haters Are Out In Full Force On C-Span

The BBV video is shocking to Everyone I sent it to! Get the Word Out!

Is there a residency requirement to be a US Senator or Rep?

New Bush Cabinet Appointee

If we don't come together on DU how can we be a strong party. We are

Is Hillary out of it for '08?

This $15 million nest egg left in Kerry's campaign account is troubling

What about Gore and B. Clinton running for Senate seats?

Charles Barkley to run for Governor in Alabama?

George the Perv -- Hide Your Daughters!

What features will the George W. Bush Library contain?

The Gore Presidential Library - When and Where

"Liberal" Massachusetts is an obvious failure, right Smirk?

President Gore disrespected at the Libary opening

Kerry to Give Dems Leftover Campaign Cash

Kucinich Supports Green Party Demand for Ohio Recount

Did you hear Shrub might nominate Nelson for cabinet post?

Without me (us) Kerry's EV count might not have broken 100

Kerry to reach out to his grassroots

Sooooooo what senators can we get to go independent??

Really, really, seriously - is it time for a third party? I always thought

I am still boycotting cable news

Someone tell me why Kerry left $15 million in campaign money in the bank?

So my dad asks me who I voted for (he's Bush, but we never talk about it).

Hoo-boy, I'm gonna get creamed for this one.

Why have none of these facts ever become scandals?

Dr. Dean makes a house call. Democracy for Illinois briefing.

Sign This Petition (for an Investigation of Electronic Voting)

What is the consensus on Harry Reid?

Moderate v. Progressive---Okay, I give up....

Where is the outrage over the war? Where are the protests?

The Red staters feel they ARE voting in their best interests. Bigotry

Right-wing post on Karl Rove being behind bin Laden tape

WTF is a "SAKAL" and how does ass kicking fit in with it?

How many will have no health insurance when Bush is done?

Lakoff's 11 Recommendations For Progressive Strategy

So it looks like FL was rigged

Please explain this to me, if you can, ok?

The Democratic Party is slowly moving to a consensus...

Some of Bush Fund-Raisers Got Appointments

Poll 3 (of 3): Best Democratic Presidential Nominee (1968-2004)?

Poll 2 (of 3): Best Democratic Presidential Nominee (1912-1964)?

So Im watching the Clinton Library Dedication

"Taxing Work Rather than Wealth."

Progressive Dems hold Democrats and Republicans Responsible to 57 Million

VERY suspect/secret voting process keeps DeLay in power


By God, it's time for another taxcut !

Article illustrates why the party will remain status quo.

If they run Schwarzenegger, we run Parton.

How to hurt the economy this holiday season

Clinton's Background v. Shrub's Background

Four Presidents, Four First Ladies •••PICS•••

Many people are in the wrong party

Binary Bill Clinton Poll...

Govenor Dean, time to put up the BAT*******************

For people who DO want Dean as DNC chair--

""Clinton Library Dedication pics""