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Archives: November 19, 2004

Molly Ivins: Republican ethics

A Fateful Choice for Arabs

A Fateful Choice for Arabs

Politics and the C.I.A.

Bush branded an 'idiot' by Robbie

Fallujans pay the price of liberation

Dear Anne ("I don't ask for a record from my ATM") Applebaum

Religious voting blocs in the 1992 election: the year of the evangelical

What Moral Values?

Diebold didn't sElect Bush.... GOD did, You are gonna love this

Bankrupt? US bnkrpt? 80Trillion liabilities: 105 T assets-includes loans


OK sorry to bug you here-I've been trying to ignore the clampdown

Group proposal for a Pagan group

108 Replies Later

I'm trying to switch to another computer

Israeli troops accused of desecrating bodies

Nader-Requested Recount Starts in New Hampshire

Optical Scan Tabulators Are ELECTRONIC & Hackable.

CNN Headline news

Faithless Electors NOW!!

(F)alse (R)eporting (A)nd (U)nspinnable (D)eceptions

Proof the "Reweighted" CNN Exit Polls Are Wrong

News Article: Democracy in Question

Kucinich Supports Green Party Demand for Ohio Recount

Article posted on AOL: Businessman Files Challenge to Nevada Vote

Could Florida Be This Years Florida 2k ?

Would 2 million citizens showing up influence the Electoral Collage

What's worse: MARCH TO IMPEACH NOW - or let Bush trash the $, army, & CIA?

The British have the right idea

On Fraud: Why does The Washington Post publish Anne Applebaum's columns?

what was the result of the military vote?

Opinion Piece: Give no quarter to voter fraud and suppression

Voting glitches make


Hope: the next generation will make liberalism "cool" again


NEWS: (Wired/Lycos) Researchers: Florida Vote Fishy

AMERICAN COUP II Bulletin - 18th & 19th November

News about the Columbus, Ohio hearings.

TX Diebold machine sent to Canada

I'm tired of voter-fraud morsels. I WANT A MEAL!!!

Why doesn't this link to Bev/ Michael Moore Votergate work for DU'ers?

Evidentary Standard. What Level of Fraud is Required to

Can anyone summarize today for me?

Hopefull Florida will be decertified

To DU peeps

Announcement: Contest for Dissing Fraudulent Bush

E-mails released Monday show lockdown pre-planned Ohio

MORE Ohio Hearings :Poll Book with fewer signatures than vots

NEWS: Group Cites Electronic Voting Problems (and more simple math

Dr. Freeman talks back to "Mystery Pollster" Blumenthal

Scoop Images: 2004 Exit Poll "Red Shift" As Seen In Vote Numbers

If a state does not vote in the electoral college...


"Faithless Electors" = electors from OH and FL who vote for BUSH

What is the WORST that can happen if we fight?

Vote totals fail tally in 29 Gaston precincts

Here's the link to the Ohio provisional ballots analysis of today's Berkeley report

Cybernet we need to start researching it! A call for all DU'ers

Green Attorneys Ask Ohio Election Directers to Start Recount Now

Why couldn't G. Soros spring for some of these recount/exit poll request

This is what I believe...


Final State and Pre-hacked Exit Polls Match: Average Deviation = - 0.18%

Donations are still needed for Ohio Recount

I Predict: The 'Fraud' floodgates will open on 11/23 or 11/24

Anyone interested in a WMass meetup?

In January, what will be the balance of Democrats to

Why are my personalized icons for DU scrunched?

I just subscribed to Photobucket

Does anyone know how to change an iPod formated for mac to a windows

Pop Ups are driving me crazy. Help me please!

Santorum on KDKA 11PM News

Wow, Al did really put on weight

Kevin Ryan od UL FIRED for questioning government WTC collapse story!

Fine I give in you all win! There is no room to be a rebel against grammar

"The Machinery Of Democracy Has Been Effectively Subverted"

fox news for five minutes and guess what?

Anybody see South Park yesterday? Seems Faux news was

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you...

Ex Mayor Ed Koch

Suggestion for DU Group: The Nation/Liberal-Progressive Magazine Group

Karmazin, new CEO of Sirius is a Democratic candidate donor..

Interesting perspective on "Housewives" skit

A car bomb factory in an SUV from TEXAS???In Iraq??? Is this what I

Who's Bush Gonna Burn?

President Clinton's inadvertant legacy

"The White House will be adorned by a downright moron"

What do we call ourselves?

Who draws political cartoons around here?

Why does the Trilateral Commission logo

A question on the marine story...

I've got a question about the election.......

A band of influential preachers is praying for the power to rule America.


You want to hear something crazy? Bill O'Reilly...

Job movement overseas "is absolutely accelerating"

Probably the BEST photo of Big Dog & Chelsea, EVER. A "keeper."

General Wesley Clarks UFO briefing (Windows media player)

Marine General says he was unaware of any civilians killed

Prohibition, eh?

Can we just appoint the Big Dawg Emperor?

Beautiful people unite!!

Am sending 3 packages out to AnySoldier

I have come to the conclusion that U.S. Administrations have never truly

Any California DUers who are members of Democracy for Amer?

Is Bush looking to get something from Clinton?

Tweety: Clinton will not be remembered for anything

Do you enjoy meddling in other people's lives?

Where can I find a treasure trove of pictures from the Clinton Library

Interesting theory on our racially diversive world

Is America still the "Land of the Free?"

U.S. bishops join Christian forum

You know what breaks my heart?

A Letter from the Front

Peter Jennings doing primetime hour on Big Dog right now

My wife is high risk for Flu - She just got her "We are Sorry" letter.

Need help with a link please

Anyone else unable to get to

Bro. Bush & Faith-Based Action: Two Nations Under God?

Florida Vote Fishy

"Attacking LIBERals is Attacking LIBERty." Bumpersticker?

Guess who I saw on MSNBC during the Clinton Library operning...

For those wanting to not enrich * supported companies, here is the link.

Bush looking to eliminate employer deduction for health insurance

I know Clinton is being civil as an ex-prez and all, but why.....

Would Kerry have spoken at the Clinton-fest if he were President-Elect?


What does everyone like to read?

got a donation call from NARAL...told the lady about BBV and I"m only

Watchdog group requests Volusia Cty (Fla) vote tallies

Who's good at writing letters? I just had a thought. What if a DUer

Just For Shits, Giggles, And Revolution.. What If The Electoral College...

God bless you, Charlie Stenholm.

As stupid as this may sound, is there a such thing as a drug...

Do Iraqi Insurgents deserve to die?

As for Colin Powell...

Putin Defends His Political Reforms (Talk about Bushspeak!!)

Gah, I lost it... Dem/Rep scandal diatribe

Did Bono actaully sing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" today?

Watchdog group requests Volusia Cty (Fla) vote tallies

Clinton just keeps refusing to be shamed by scumbag Repukes

rush/insannity/oliely bagging on Clinton's pardons again

On MSNBC Scarborough


Time for the Malloy Show

Hypocritical Christian Frauds

What are our troops dying for?

Fill in the blank re: electors from Ohio and Florida? We should

Help my daughter's persuasive argument for gay marriage.

If 9/11 was a terrorist operation, wouldn't they have attacked

To the Party: Prosecute the voter fraud or disintegrate.

Call me racist, or bigoted, or prejudiced, if you want

In keeping with the spirit of the times: I Propose we Outlaw Sex

Are there any english speaking papers covering the iraq debacle?

Ever get the impression the Rethugs really MISS Clinton?

What is the basis for the belief among Christians that only they and no

Because, hey, not all Democrats agree on abortion

Clinton tells off Peter Jennings!

I think the opposition to Evolution may have a racist basis to it.

Remember Paul Revere? History Will Show Folks Like Bev Harris As...

WTF!?!?!?!?! Kerry had $15 Mill. unspent?

busholini plans to screen every US citizen for "mental illness".

So I called my congressman's office today...

I have lost all hope. Convince me that there is a reason

Is * well on his way to being the dictator he has longed for?

Who are your favorite contemporary Democratic couple?

Cult of Personality

Cuba's greatest sin.

Addicted to sorryeverybody website?

BFEE Frightens DEM Leadership

Were you raised around people who had racist views?

Help! I need to find statistics for an article

french toast

Cook your turkey in a trashcan

cooking lesson: How to thicken Soup

IMF's Rato says action required on U.S. deficits

FDA Is Flexing Less Muscle

RI Journalist to be Jailed for Refusal to Reveal Source

Liberal Canadian Parrish kicked out of Canadian Government!

Newspaper: Discrepancies found in numbers of Gaston votes, voters

Pressure grows for Iraq election delay

Feinstein Warns Goss Against CIA Reforms

Stern Blasts FCC at Satellite Promotion

Age of Green Cars Arrives as Canadians Cut Emissions

Global Experts Unite to Study Water Shortages

White House Warns Ukraine to Guard Voting

Kerry to Give Dems Leftover Campaign Cash

FDA Called 'Defenseless' Against Unsafe Drugs

AP/Yahoo: Group Cites Electronic Voting Problems

Specter Wins Support for Chairmanship

Some of Bush Fundraisers got Appointments

MSNBC: Exit polls to be delayed in future elections

Outsourcing fails to deliver for third of UK firms

GOP Governors Cheer Coast-To-Coast Republican Control

Church bomber Bobby Frank Cherry dies in prison

Cuba says adios to the greenback

Groups Brace for Social Security Changes

IRS Audits More Wealthy Taxpayers

Top military officiers: Bush did not adequately prepare for post-war Iraq Drops Ted Rall's Cartoons

Congress Sends Bush $800B Debt-Limit Hike

On Capitol Hill, Military Warns of Being Under Strain

Group Cites Electronic Voting Problems (AP)

Expert Warns Against 5 FDA-Approved Drugs

U.S. commander says bin Laden can no longer direct terror operations

Senate Hears Testimony on Porn Addiction

AP :: House Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Accuser (WTF!!!)

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead


Meanwhile, Shrub works the crowd in Little Rock.....

Need to step away for a bit, thanks for helping me with ElectionDepression

Has anyone else here been watching MTV's "Pimp my ride"

The Double Helix by Dr Watson

Does this make sense to you?

!enog s'sukooD

Has anyone been watching "Pimp My GF"?

Did anyone get laid via Votergasm?

Is there anyway to get BBC 1-4 on Dish Network

Does anyone here want to be another DUer?

Guess what this is...MPP..nt

Does anyone want to pretend to be a DUer?

My Doppleganger's been lying to me.... He tell's me I'm the anitichrist

Okay, so why don't they make a Santa Peep?

Now you know you live in a red state when this is in your paper:


DU Magazine

Conan reruns on CNBC?!

I can't control my PHLEGM!

I can't control my SALIVA!

I gotta get in on the pissy mood action in the lounge

I cant control my Vulva !

Here's a neat photo....


If we get a MAN-date for Ricky Santorum - who would it be???

Can anyone tell me why I've just spent the last 45 minutes

How can I sharpen an image in Paint?

Funny Cat Photos?

Freepers have attacked my small town poll...Help needed!

Goin' down the road feelin' bad.

I need PDA

So DUDES! Who won?

Drinking age poll - vote now!

John King from CNN: Anyone Else Think He Is Just YUMMY?

Hey Admin, can we ban anything that happens to annoy me?

I Need A New Laptop


My dog chews gum

Moral Question: Petitions

Hey Admin, can we ban HEyHEY?

Any Jean Shepherd radio show fans?

question about social security form

Mocean Worker "Chick A Boom Boom Boom" Video on I-Tunes is hiliarious


I'm in Jail

Are you a freeper?


Girls charged w/ serving poisoned cake to classmates

Which trek-wannabe logo should I put in my avatar, as

"You're Fired!"

Any a-ha or Savoy fans here?

Just Kosher salt

SpongeBob SquarePants: Whats the big deal?

Email addy containing word "republican" asking me for a favor.

Are Check your PM Announcements the DUmbest things ever?

Help from the younger DU'ers

Everybody....walk the dinosaur

Henry David Thoreau.

I go to school with Jesus!

DU furry pet owners---HELP!!!

I just met Lewis Black

Who has high hopes for the SpongeBob SquarePants movie?

Preventing terrorism, the Freeper way

Mythbusters fans?

Mike Malloy took classes at U. Toledo

When will Ali G start up again??

I trusted Kerry to win and he lost? Now how can I trust SpongeBob's movie?

Ok so we're having a little DU party with about 150 of us and suddenly

Is anyone watching 'Drawn Together'?

I know why E-Vote states were +5% for Bush!

Civil Disobedience. What does this remind you of?

How pissed should I be? (minor rant)

Daily Show Time!

While they're back...My sig line can beat up your sig line

Sig lines gone again! dolo amber loses!

Anyone watching "The Apprentice"? Man, I hate that bitch Maria, and

Oh no...........

I don't own a credit cared, how do I donate?

Here's how the freepers view Dubya

I need a new PDA

I just had three margaritas = ask me anything!

I just watched Dawn of the dead ask me anything

Alton Brown

My cat *loves* wadded-up computer paper...

I'm thinking of starting a cool people group/forum.

My kids and I have been huffing paint, ask me anything.

Stewart is VERY Hot Tonight!

Clinton Presidential Library

Eric Smith, WXYZ in Detroit... Rawks!

Need help with pop ups

Has anyone ever incubated eggs?

Can somebody please pull my finger?

She turned me into a newt!

Which do you prefer: Sleigh Ride or Hay Ride?

Are Stewart and Harrelson stoned out of their gourds?

Would you buy a Birthday Cake from Baskin Robbins?

Wow ... I channeled into my inner hatemonger this evening.

Any auto mechanics in the house??

We're all gonna die.... so have a productive day!

Wow, with three days to go I find out my work here made a difference

Did anyone convert anybody before the election?

Does it seem to be getting later earlier to you?

oh shit, the love bug has bitten me on the arse

We can dance if we want to...

I accidentally ran over a squirrel last week

Is 30 too old for a teenage lobotomy?

The Radish. Do you like?

The photo of the freeper working under his truck

A turkey gets brain from a turkey.....

Poll: Benny Hill -- Genius or British Practical Joke on Americans?

All aboarrrrrrd!!! Time for another ride on the ZombyExpress!

People who berate you through PM after a thread has been locked

Are you a leper?

Is Heaven a present reality?

Two great quotes from Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show" 11/17)

DUers: Check Your Inbox!

I'm suffering from a disorder known as TMS

Any Other RV'ers Out There?

LOTR character you'd most like to sit and talk history and philosophy with

And for our gay friends: LOTR Twink you'd most like to be with

Why do I have to walk my cat to his food bowl?

I met Al Franken today...

Me...skatin' for Jesus

Favorite poem?

a probably stupid question...

Anyone know of a progressive minded motorcycle club...

Dude - what the fuck?

It's time for...FREEPER JOKES!

Rush lyrics that describe Bush/Repub in power

LOTR woman you'd most like to spend your life with

Wintery Or Winter Holiday Poetry- Can Anyone Give Suggestions?

"Stars" go for all prices, but thoughts and words are worth "Gold Dollars"

LOTR male you'd most like to spend your life with

OMG! There's a Nazgul after Frodo! Will he survive?

What do you call a hot potluck dinner dish?

Does anybody here WANT to date another DUer

DU Fighters check in please

Group Forum Suggestion for John Kerry Supporters

PIMP YOUR TOWN! Make a list of the top ten things your town has to offer

Non-white DUers check in

"Let's get sush and not pay!"

ZombyWoof: Not Just A Breakfast Drink

Aerial Gunning to Kill 900 Wolves

Anyone get the new R.E.M. cd?

OK, You Motley Catholics/Orthodox -- Time to VOTE!

Hey Minnesota DUers...retro hockey game on now! (North Stars/Islanders)

Who here is a road (bi)cyclist?

Pictures of my babies

My cat has asthma. Anyone have experience with this?

Wanted: A bird to adopt.

I'm considering accupuncture. What should I expect?

Atheism/Agnosticism Primer.

Would like to offer a post I wrote in the GD forum

Anyone have the "Kiss Hanks Ass" dialogue

Thought experiment: what evidence would convince you of a theism?


Santorum's Kids Cyber School Website - Req to Attend Interesting

Why are Secretaries of State allowed to be Presidential campaign chairs?

anyone remember??? Gingrich and reps attacked and dumped

Program on UC Berkely findings on Florida on know

When will CSPAN run the Clinton Ceremony?

Insight into the mind of the undecided voter..

"We heard you, and we're committed to fight"

Today's anti-climax: "Some of Bush Fund-Raisers Got Appointments"

Specter Wins Unanimous Backing From Judiciary Republicans

How would you reform the tax code?

The 'whitewashed' 9/11 Report, if it ever sees the light of day......

Texas radio host launches anti-Schwarzenegger campaign

Am I the only one that likes Bush and Kerry?

For whom has Brazille expressed support?

Did you vote for Bush? Do you like him? I don't. Here's why.

On now -- ABC special on Pres. Clinton! Must see TV!

Drinking age poll

Following a repuke down the street today and the moron

Wealth without work, politics without principle, commerce without morality

Peter Jennings interviewing Big Dog right now on ABC

Why didn't you vote?

Bush and Reproductive Rights

Why Did Bush Run For President?

Ooo, updates on Countdown

WTF? Typical FOXNews crap: Look at their

Bush would've gotten beaten by ANYONE, even Nader or Sharpton

Kerry should make a statement about the voting "irregularities"

Tax Reform for rural Texans?

In Ohio: 2,600 ballots double-counted, people voting twice, more...

Fiscal restraint? We don't need no fiscal restraint!!

I heard on Larry King's show last night, Mack McClarty say that

Orange County Weekly: Down With George Bush The Usurper

How does the media distort it when it's all the RadCon's fault?

Italian press: Rice and W 'the world's ruling couple'

Evangelize the Vote

Congress prepares to rape the environment

I Hate Pugs


BBV question...does it work like this? Today at IT person

Dean's statement about Saddam/unilateral action in Feb. 2003

Clinton-Jennings dustup transcript::

MSNBC: Gonzales expected to maintain culture of government secrecy

Bush's Core Agenda is Christian - His Piety is NOT just an electoral ploy

Donna Brazile spread the Kerry finance story and is good friends with Rove

The scandal that will bring down SANTORUM??? it's CYBERGATE

Final State and Pre-hacked Exit Polls Match: Average Deviation = - 0.18%

What should the Dems concentrate on now?

Can someone tell me Why Ashkkkroft resigned

Sign petition asking Wes Clark to run in 08'

Bill Clinton just totally kicked Peter Jennings ass!

Bill Clinton Is Getting PISSED On ABC

"Am I the only one who likes both Kerry and Bush?" Clinton speech

What event in the campaign angered you the most?

PHDC issues great statement on why Kucinich shoud be House Minority Leader

This might sound like a crazy idea and it would put us in danger BUT

Complete this sentence: My biggest concern for the next four years is...

Kerry boxed himself in with his war resolution vote

So how did Vilsack become public enemy #1 on DU?

Hannity compares Marine who shot wounded Iraqi to Kerry's Silver Star

Stop it, Stop it, Stop it - Please!

Why doesn't this link to Bev/ Michael Moore Votergate work for DU'ers?

No Way Out? (Iraq - Don't believe WH that troops will come home)

Welcome to the One-Party State

Rewarding Incompetence (the Jersey Girls on Condi Rice)

Editorial: Whither Iraq?/Its future doesn't look good

NYT OpEd: Bush's Echo Chamber (Bob Herbert on C Rice appt)

NYT OpEd: The Power of One (re: Bush's cabinet purge)

NYT OpEd: Regressive Ethics in the House (re: DeLay)

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Time for Europe to believe in itself

Group Asserts EPA Exaggerating Enforcement Claims

Headless Body in Topless War

Ted Rall - Dems need to reach out to repub. base (he's been reading DU)

Now Is Not the Time For National Unity!

Powell's Talk of (Iran)Arms Has Fallout (info not known to Allies!?!)

"CLarke:Clinton Worried about Al-Qaeda" /Homeland security plays politics

Are Democrats Painted Into a Corner? Not Yet

Condoleezza Rice is a politician, not a diplomat


"Inside the Mind of a Bush Voter"--right on the money

Clinton Jennings interview LINK

Born to Lose - The Daily Howler

Iraqi police run and hide in Mosul...

U.S.: N. Korea may sell plutonium to terrorists

(GOP's) Made-to-Order Ethics

Michael Ruppert Interview


Fallujah residents tell of reign of terror by insurgents

"We are all BLUE AMERICANS Now" (The Guardian UK)

Peak Oil, Stolen Elections, Oil Wars - Interview with Ruppert

Santorum, R-Va. / Is the senator an 'inhabitant' of Pennsylvania?

Oh, Lard! You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Robert Parry: Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan

Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada

The Mass Media is economically conservative and socially liberal

WSJ: How Bush Camp Won Ohio

Tip Of The Day: Costco Pharmacy Delivers Rx Anywhere!

Note to China India and Europe

Nat'l Petroleum Radio slighting Clinton all day. Nat'l PARTISAN Radio.

Are there non-dollar denominated market index funds?

11th-Hour Additions to Funding Bill Trouble Environmentalists

Government & Military Flattening Cambodian Forest Reserve - AP

Cairo Wrapped In Toxic Cloud Of Polluted Air - AFP

South China Tiger Winking Out - Maybe 30 Remain In Wild - Xinhua

Parasitic Nematode Munching Chinese Forests - Xinhua

GOP "Funding" Bill used to destroy parts of the Environment

Antarctic Ice Core Project Nears Completion - Reaches Back 900,000 Years

Barring Massive Rainfall, Oz's Major Cities Confront Shortage In 2 Years

GOP aiming to put the Endangered Species Act on extinction list . . .

Vast Smog Clouds In India & China Visible From Satellites - Stunning Pics

Arctic Natives Grapple For Words To Describe New Species Moving North

Possible New Species of Ape.

UN to witness Sudan peace pledge

The Outdoor Life Group is open and ready for business!

LA Democrats: This is a call for action

Nov 19th national ammo day

If you guys give out "best lock" awards in the Mod Forum

about the "outdoor sports group"

This topic has been locked but no Mod message saying if it is

I'm getting an error message every time I click "post".


Can we start a sub-folder of Election 2004 results and

Skinner... Sweetheart... Policy Q. re the new groups...

Kucinich DU group, please

Request for John Kerry Group forum

My Posts 24 hr history

Democracy For America Bat

I tried to change my user name, but it wouldn't let me

I have a dream (10 minutes deferred)

sorry for the copycatting in GD

Israel to Probe Desecration of Bodies

9/11 back in the paper again

Have there been crim. procedures against people who "congratulated" Osama?

Where are we storing/collecting exit poll data or voter registration data

If we want anything done, we have to do it our damn selves!

Parallels with Venezuelan vote

Indiana 9th Congressional Seat to be recounted/ 1022 st party votes found

NEWS: East St. Louis precinct committeemen testify

Voting issues are minor and isolated?

Clinton on Primetime!!

self delete

Just a question. If Kerry doesn't fight. If he did cave after eight hours?

Not exactly the article I was hoping for, but I guess it beats

If you are still depressed try this........

More Caltech/MIT VTP Connections to Right Wing Think-tanks

connection between cybernet & Diebold????


Nat'l League of Women Voters statement on voting issues...

FL Senator Race could still go to Castor

What is deadline date re: BBV submitting request to examne indiv. ballots?

With votes myster. poppin up in FLA, shouldn't Castor who lost by 1.1%

Lousiana Congressional Race Not Over Canvassers Needed

Election Situation Overview and Update Site

The problem with the re-counts are....

anyone listening to the Connection (WBUR)

Collected Election "mishap" stories from Whatreallyhappened

Where have all the good reporters gone?

Kerry's $15 million campaign surplus

Great Quote

We don't know 1 person in the media?

State to probe Gaston election -Diebold Employee Loaded, Counted VOTES!!!

If Electoral College does vote Kerry into office isn't that poetic justice

SF Chronicle Covers Berkeley Vote Discrepancy Story, more

More missing ballots turn up in Pinellas County - Florida

BBV has a Black Ribbon for Fraud

Take away some House seats is one way to get clean elections

NEWS: Release of Future Election Day Poll Results Is to Be Delayed

Any Diebold or ES&S employees reading DU?? COME OUT!!

Belarus accusing US of disenfranchising voters, stops US UN Human rights

Bev already has a record of success

Possible connections with Cybernet

All talk about which Dem to run in 2008 is an EXERCISE IN FUTILITY

"How did it come to this" video - did anyone see this yet?

Thought Conyers/Nadler GAO request was marked "urgent"? What's up?

Please tell me that Alliance for Democracy has a separate recount ...

League of women voters press release 11/18

Two articles in my local paper this AM

Florida Election Law overview

This waiting around is killing me!!!

It just makes me sick to think that they are sitting on their failed . . .

NEWS: Unexplained boost linked to e-voting; some not so sure

WAS IT HACKED? (Orlando Weekly)

Why do recounts even differ by one vote?

couldn't someone involved in the hacking come forth? for mega$$$$?

Lycoming County PA Election Results

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida

How "accurate" does a voting machine have to be? I'd say 100 %

i am demanding proof of democracy

Studies, statistical analysis, anomolies - just ain't gonna get it done

Media Picking Up The UC Berkeley Story

WHO IS GUARDING THE New Hampshire Ballots?

American Workers Strike for Stolen Election

A few examples of Fraud in the Recounts could INVALIDATE the election!

Group calls for investigation into voter fraud

Kerry campaigning for 2008 already?

Canadien(Global TV) Voting Poll

Judicial "Special Master" takeover of OH votecount?

WoW even the people who listen to Art Bell think it was stolen

in looking at I discovered

Where is WIlliam PItt?

Votescam, Scalia was in on it

Conservative White Hat hacker convinced of election fraud!

We need to think Media reform

Revote! Revote! Revote!

AP has written a crap report about the vote count. We need to debunk it.

how did they bring down nixon?

Just PROVE It!!!

Zogby Speaks Out

There is no real democracy

Oakland Tribune article about Berkeley report

Precincts with only 21 votes in Cuyahoga, OH:218,981 less votes '00 to '04

How Ohio pulled it off

Olbermann Blog Post (11.19): Talks about all the academic reports

Sen. Santorum Calls For Privatization Of Next Election

best post-election analysis/plan of action yet, from Michael Ventura

Data / Information Request - This is a tough one

THE LATEST FROM BEV - Watchdog group focusing on optical scan voting

there's only one way to solve this election fraud problem . . .

How Much is Enough for the Media to Cover Votergate 2004?

Symore Hersh Comments on Bush at Hampshire Collage

Battleground States Avg Exit poll deviation from final state polls: 0.48%

Ohio Dems take up fight over ballots - file federal law suit

Reality Check - Recounts... "little" changes mean BIG changes

We won't win because we're playing nice

Dan Rather and the killed story

Official recount to be requested in Florida county today

NEP Head Mitofsky: Exit Polls show no sign of Voter Fraud

Do Polling Places Usually Count Their Own Ballots?

We should try to get the full, state by state poll data:

Hot damn! Kerry mentions voting!

The best reasons why mainstream media should cover vote fraud?

Europe sees us for what we've become.

Minnesota's system for entering election data! (Unbelievable.)

That curious Bush family election night video.

This isn't about miscounts or glitches, we're uncovering MASSIVE FRAUD!!

Hijinx in Ohio?

FBI probes lobbyist ties to Perata

Mayor Race Update 11-19-04 (Looks like it may be Murphy)

California: May it rest in peace.

LA Democratic gun owners: This is a call for action!

In Rep. Steve King's district? (Western Iowa)

Came across a funny site

Iowa ...anyone?

Mark Kennedy's office just lied to me

Call your Republican Congress member to find out their vote on Delay Rule

Ease my paranoia and give me a reasonable explanation

On Internet Explorere, how do you allow cookies?

Suggestions for a WEBCAM?

Another Firefox question

Contact SOS Blackwell ASAP re: Recount

Westmoreland County, look... Scaife "lets" Ceraso speak out in "Trib"!

Anybody hear about the judge

State certifies Democrat Vo's House victory

I have a question about Jim Sensenbrenner

Dumb-ass farmers that voted for bush get their payback

Dave Berkman interviewing Sly on WPR right now

Blow-dried ballots? No kidding!

Daily Mississippian article: The real homosexual agenda

Hey tom delay - A felony indictment means you can't even have a gun

F--- Bill Clinton (read on)

Delete - dupe

The next time you meet someone who questions the Holocaust

Who is Bush willing to Kiss? MSNBC front page article! woohoo!

F--- Bill Clinton.

F--- Bill Clinton. (read on)

Mike Ruppert names CHENEY as orchestrator of 9/11, offer CONCLUSIVE PROOF

LaFayette Park Protest Update

A page out of Ann Coulters playbook....

We need protests. But are young people of today like the young of 35

Bush receives warm welcome in Chile.....

Bush win salutes the 'Mercan way

The are compromises and there are compromise. 1877

have an idea -- Send your congressperson/senator a rubber stamp

What's the story on NPR, PBS, & NEA? On "Morning Edition," Nina

Anybody have a Honda Civic Hybrid?

Does God Rent Bilboard Space in Your State?

DU mentioned in lttr 2 editor

France Invades The U.S.!

Are Liberals biased, or do we stand for truth?

This is getting ugly.....

Face it, Dennis Kucinich wasn't very asthetically appealing

is there a DU Gallery?

Poor Tom Delay

I'm noticing we lack the organization and grass root skills

Pre-election misinformation/ Post-election corrections.

Kerry's Petition...DID YOU SIGN IT YET?!!

Citigroup Banked for Arafat as He Paid Fighters

For all the Kerry haters.....

will Christian Right make GOP pay a price for Specter?

oh NOW he worries. Amazing what republican intimidation can do

Anyone looked at the Stock Indices today?

What's your Favorite Scripture Verse for Shutting up Fundies


Randi Rhodes on Fire!

A cheap religion that embraces your prejudices

all things being bush picture of the day.

""If you like being treated like an idiot child by your leaders

so how exactly do you buy gold?

Holy or maybe Unholy Crap

Democratic Party Lets Us Down Again.

Researchers: Florida Vote Fishy

What did Howard Dean do right that we can learn from?

Weird conversation with child!freeper on the school bus

CNN, and an update on Condi's uterine fibroid tumors...THANKS, CNN!

IMPORTANT LINK -- How to avoid the draft and the military.

One of our home town boys died

The U.S. has become a predatory nation bent on stealing the resources

Anyone have a photo of Blackwell they own the copyright to?

Our electoral process has become corrupted beyond redemption.

Once we start funding religious schools, I plan to open my own...

Can we trace the ownership of ALL the religious program networks?

Is Kerry talking to us in code when he mentions votes still being counted?

Read between the lines on this one

Tom Daschle giving a good speech on C-Span now

Bush twins turned away from NYC restaurant


Donations were at 799. So I donated. But now they're still not at 800.

UN Staff ready "no confidence" vote on Koffi Annan

Anyone listening to Randi?

i hope that steve jobbs becomes the new ceo of disney

What Is This Sign Supposed To Mean?

Philly Faces Fight

Clinton Ceremony Again - now on CPAN 9::14 PM PST

More on FDA/Drugs

I saw in WWE Smackdown

another zogby survey

Wanted Right Wingers

An epiphany has me

O'Reilly Settlement -- $10 Million?

Failed Trailer Trash Lash Out At Successful, Talented Pop Star

Does anyone have a link to David Letterman's show last night?

Electronic Band, Skinny Puppy, Being Monitored By Secret Service

Check This Out: Revolution USA Video

Today is the 141st anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

"...those religious leaders who distort

Do Carter and Clinton get along?

Has anyone seen the MotorCycle Dairies?

If you don't want Arnold to be your next President check this out

Can anyone link me to the facts on ...


Was Congress really going to pass a bill making it impossible

Hemp protein powder is a whole food.

Does anyone know how the turn-out was for the Protest in DC today????

DeThrone Delay - Clean Up the House

Women's Right to Choose - Especially during Wars of Choice

Could it be Evan Bayh/Barack Obama

Who here lives relatively close to a nuke plant?

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead

Monetary value if Iraqi's lives established

On being 'wrong,' and sticking by it

Hey Abdul, you wanna have some fun?

Did anyone see prince Harry on Primetime Live tonight??

Canadians starting to organize Bush visit protests

Was it just me, or was Big Dog looking really old?

We must wake up every day, and sing Bush's Anthem...

The Green Party at local level

"Only Small People Pay Taxes" Thus spake Leona Helmsley, the

testing the waters

George Bush is the avenging angel of the oppressed white male.

New Group Suggestion

Reporter convicted of contempt


Bumpersticker: "Bush/Cheney: Draft Dodging Vet bashers"

Stand up for moral value of economic justice

Full-sized car door magnet: Your Tax Dollars at Work

when bush re-instates the draft what will be it's new orwellian name

The Bush Zombie detection test.

call your senators about the new freedom initative, thx 1138 bill

There is no fight left in the Democratic Party ever since the DLC

As it stands now I see no chance for diplomacy

Largest Election Protest - NOON Today Lafayette Park - D.C.

AIDS Today = Leprosy in Jesus' Day! So would * be considered

Is it me or are the moles, freepers, psy-ops goons beginning to come

We must think of God as a therapist, says Williams

Spread it around: Media is socially liberal, but economically conservative

Fight for public Wireless Internet in Philadelphia

King James who commissioned the Bible was totally, openly gay

IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- Protest Rally Washington DC - TODAY!

Troops levels in Iraq vs. Afghanistan

What would it take to get primaries all on the same day?

Anyone notice that disruptors seem to have a commone theme here:

141 years ago today, Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address.

Text of Goss' memo "to the captured enemy troops at Langley"

47 Sunni, Shiite, Turkoman & Christian Bodies Boycott Iraq Elections

Karl is at it again!

Linda Ronstadt, hummin' an outraged tune

If there is miracles then please give us back Bill Clinton as President

More Historic Economic Policy, Bush Administration-Style...

Official Allegedly Hinted at Saudi Torture of VA Man

MSNBC: Tax cut, spending caps are rejected

Stupid FCC petition 2493 letter

United Corporate States of Blame

Diss'ing Andy Rooney. What day is the national strike? Jan 20? Who's coor

CNN comment from last night

NPR last night: Wow! Investigational reporting for a change

CSPAN Radio to air RFK interview

Kofi Annan is in trouble?

HERBERT: "Bush's Echo Chamber" (GOOD read!)

We have a tough, probably long struggle ahead of us, but

Just heard George Carlin will be on Tim Russert. This will be good.

Do results matter?

Bushco's solution for healthcare: MAKE IT MORE EXPENSIVE!

Considering the balls the GOP has had lately, I'm anxious to see the

Darrell Worley on Al's show again

"I looked the man in the eye; I was able to get a sense of his soul"

Believe Powell's claims about Iran's nuclear program? Fool me once. . .

in the "isn't this what you voted for?" category,

Bring On The Revolution -- Pretenders Lyrics

DU Media People Please Help.

Plame, Libby, Novak and Matt Cooper

Jesus was a loser and a coward

Rush lyrics that describe Bush/Repub in power

Shareholder Wealth Up $525 Billion Since Election Day

So U2 sang 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' in front of bush today.

MSNBC/WP: Who is Bush willing to kiss?

Anyone know where I can listen to Wednesday's Majority Report?


I am picking up a lot of spyware in here..anyone else having that

Teenage Birthday Problems.

Only Democrats propose conspiracy theories, why is that?

Plugging DUCOMIX today

What was Ted Kennedy's rationale for challenging Carter in '80?

Have a GOP House Rep? Report here how they voted on DeLay rule

WaPo website drops Ted Rall

Leading journalist Robert Fisk asks: Who killed Margaret Hassan?

Militants Discuss the Use of WMD on America

Things to do now while you still can

Bill Clinton on Primetime with Jennings: Is there a video link up?

WW II Germans Were Pigs

Carnivore or Herbivore?

Weren't 3 other insurgents killed after the Marine killed the one on tape?

Howard Dean for SAKAL

anti_repuke bumper sticker in FRANCE (this cracks me up!)

Hey Tom Delay - A felony indictment means you can't even have a gun

ED plus 17 -- when are you getting your physical, George?

Daily Mississippian article: The real homosexual agenda

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida

Televangelical tentacles


Arabian Fox News here in the United States! Welcome to Saudi America!

I keep getting mysterious quick-ring phone calls from New York


Blow-Dried Ballots - no kidding !

Remember Afghanistan?

Here we go- Faith Based Healthcare

Urgent to all who donate to the DNC by credit card.

You LIBERALS are too hard on activist musicians

What really happened to Martha Stewart?

Did anybody hear Chellie Pingree (Common Cause) on AA just now?

"Mainstream" right-wing hate group that pisses you off the most

Great pic from

Dear Theologian (A letter from God)

Democrats will win in 2008 because rather than run on Bush being bad...

My heated exchange with "Clowns for Bush."

How many think that martial law..........

Who was/Is your favorite Kennedy brother?

Excerpt from Kerry message on health insurance

Green Day > American Idiot ?

Productive way for us to prepare if/when our recount efforts succeed.

The Anti-Imperialist League of 1898 Protesting the Philippine Conquest

"We Are All Dubya's Doormat" ....

Letter from John Kerry?

How DRAFT will be reinstated: TIMELINE explains all

Bill to screen kids for mental disorders tied to education appropriations

More Shocking pictures from Iraq

Study: Sinclair's News Central

We need to make Britney Spears the face of "Red State Morality"

West Coast -- Randi Rhodes starts at 3pm pacific time -- Clinton/Jennings

My old pc here is getting long of teeth

Senator Leahy, dumbass!

New Rule

King James who commissioned the Bible was totally, openly gay

War Child

You guys won't believe this.

New Math 48% = 0%

Flag burning not OK but you can burn a state Constitution if you are a


An overlooked cartoon

The Crime of George the Third:

The Timeline of the Nefarious and Unusual Activities of the Right-Wing

Iraq is Costing 5.8 Billion a Month

John Kerry's email today mentions making the voting-system transparent.

So I just heard on CNN (I think)..

Time to Take back the Cross!!!

BA's Bus. Tax Plan Will SOOOO Pi$$ Off Small & Medium Business Owners!

Anyone got linkage to a download of the Clinton Interview on ABC...

Anyone have, or know a link to photos from 60's protests?

Six Crucial Questions Gonzales Needs to be Asked:

It is high time we started referring to Bush as a terrorist.

CBS News: Iran, North Korea, Iran, North Korea. Be afraid. Really afraid.

Is George H.W. Bush proud of his son...

* TONIGHT! * Amy Goodman on MSNBC's Hardball- 7 pm, 11-19

Randi Rhodes running the Clinton/Jennings interview

WV is getting E-Machines and I'm starting a battle

What the HELL is Bush doing???

Howard Stern on Letterman, speaking the truth

How do I purchase stocks? I want Sirius stock.....

My wife says I'm wasting time here. I'm coming around to the possibility

Man charged with leaving boy home alone while parents worked

Does anyone else feel

bill c comments to Peter jennings

Over 1000 new signatures in one day

Health care

How Does Bush Sleep

Ted Rall cartoon says what DLC/Centrist types probably don't want to hear.

Kerry Tells Geraldo...

THREE CHEERS (or more) for President Bill Clinton!!!!!

Who kills more: terrorists or government?

Deleted message

U.N.employee staff union to make historic no-confidence vote on Kofi An-

at least 13,000 Greeks protest our murdering of Fallujah

Decorate your house with BLUE lights this Christmas!

Did Porn Drive Him to Kill Lacy


F--- Bill Clinton. (read on)

A great photo for chicken hawks from

How long can we last without economic collapse?

Canton, Ohio 1916, Eugene Debs expressing his support for jailed

How do you survive without a job?

Sending out my reject notes to charities - IT FEELS GOOD

Lawyers lobby to declare President Bush 'persona non grata' in Canada

Try This Recipe For Thanksgiving Cranberries

Christmas Jello

Red Hominy Stew From Jalisco (Pozole)

Chile Verde

Five-Spice Salmon recipe

Enchiladas Tapatias

Chile Relleno Casserole

Favorite Food Magazine?

Crock Pots - Do you have one?

Any information on Bush protest?

For Canadian DU'ers

N. Korea Says Kim Reports Are U.S. Plot

More on FDA/Drugs

Chinese FM Meets Colin Powell

Santorum Keeps Low Profile With Specter

FDA reviewer says five drugs now on market are so worrisome they deserve a

Reporter Convicted for Not Naming Source

U.S. Marines fret over Fallujah resurgence

U.S. finds Zarqawi's Iraq headquarters

Berkeley study scrutinizes Florida tally for Bush

barely controlled chaos -Mosul

Election officials backtrack to identify voting machine glitch

Insurgents attack an Iraqi police station in central Iraq

High-Tech City to Go Up in Southern India

Robbie Williams: 'Bush Is An Idiot'

Nader-requested recount in N.H. moving slowly

(Washington) Post Discusses Circulation, Diversity (going USA Today route)

Powell, Iran and Bush

PB Post: Study: Florida vote not perfect

War Criminal as Attorney General?

U.S., Iraqi Troops Raid Alleged Rebel Base (Mosul)

Presiding judge recuses San Diego judges from 'bubble' lawsuit

Militants Try to Stir Arab-Kurd Violence

Bruno rolls out vision of Senate reform

TODAY AT 12 NOON TO 2 PM -- Protest Rally in Washington DC

IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- Protest Rally Washington DC - TODAY!

We must think of God as a therapist, says Williams

Greenspan concerned over defecits

Major aid organisation quits Iraq

Democrats take up fight over ballots

Afghan Poppy Growing Reaches Record Level, U.N. Says (US seen as helping)

IMPORTANT!!!! Please read.

McDermott to appeal ruling

US Marines gear up to 'cleanse' Mosul

Last-Hour Additions to Funding Bill Trouble Environmentalists

Radio Host Calls Rice 'Aunt Jemima'

Car Bomb Targets Baghdad Police, Several Casualties

Lady Black thown off Hollinger board

Pentagon offers Pakistan $1.2B arms deal

Microsoft Strengthens Indian Ties

Diplomats: Iran Is Readying Nuke Processes

Kerry Tells Geraldo...

Stop FOX NEWS from infiltrating Canada

Rice Undergoes Surgery For Noncancerous Growths In The Uterus

Grim, Angry Rites as Falluja Buries Its Dead

Thatcher to ask Britain to help halt extradition

Cheap Antibiotic Works Well with HIV Children

Chirac backs off criticism of Britain

Leaked excerpt of Kerry statement: "Every Child Protected" (-Atrios)

Nelson reportedly declines Cabinet job

Full Text of Goss CIA Memo Released on RAW STORY

FDA Says Stands by Safety of Approved Drugs

Belarus Accuses U.S. of Rights Abuses

Activists Await Bush at Pacific Summit in Chile

Leaders hope to push $388B spending bill

December date for Yukos sell-off

Hit or Myth, Hunters Stalk the Tasmanian Tiger

Bodies of four Iraqis are brought to U.S.

Bounties Offered on Americans in Iraq

Nuclear allegations on Iran unverified (Info from a Walk-In)

UN staff ready historic no-confidence vote in Annan

Congress in threat to cut funding to OECD

Two killed in Baghdad mosque clash; Iraqi troops prepare assault in Mosul

Illinois Gay Rights Bill Sidelined Until January

Home Ownership Tops Bush Housing Agenda

Insurgency a Problem for Iraq Rebuilding ( and elections)

6 NATO allies refuse to help U.S. in Iraq

Iraq political parties stress need for security ahead of elections

Two killed after Baghdad mosque raid

Smiling Breaux departs Congress

Watchdog group focusing on optical scan voting

Over 100 Complaints Filed With Vote Fraud Task Force

UN staff ready historic no-confidence vote in Annan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 19 November

Revamped Radio Free Europe woos Russian listeners

Source of Powell's Iran intelligence under scrutiny

Same-sex marriage allies, foes file in court

Lawmakers OK $577M for Yucca Nuclear Site

U.N. Abandons Idea of Anti-Cloning Treaty

Bizarre Announcements (Hidden Away In The IMDB!)

Summary: a Look at al-Qaida (most post 9/11)

Negotiators Work Overtime on 9/11 Bill (House/Senate Session To End Sat.?)

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead.

bill c comments to Peter jennings

U.S. Commander: N. Korea May Sell Nukes

US expected to boost troop levels in Iraq

Cuba Wins OK for Anti-Terror Statement

Moscow Denies Stalling Oil-For-Food Probe

CIA staff told to avoid politics

drilling--but not because of OIL--just to get the enviromentalists (Delay)

McCain may seek Boeing repayments

Chavez Accuses Exiles in Assassination

State (TX) certifies Democrat Vo's House victory (GOP whines about count)

Baghdad's spiralling transport costs

Iranian Opposition Balks at Terror Label (given by Fundamentalists)

Greenspan Sends Dollar to Multiyear Lows

Cyber school faculty offers free services to Santorum's five children

Brain Area Found to Be Smaller in Cocaine Addicts

Iraqi militant group threatens election

Boxer Becomes Third Biggest Vote Getter

Former neo-fascist to be Italian foreign minister

Global Warming Treaty Gets Russia's OK (Kyoto Protocol)

Competing for Marine 1 contract, Co. consolidates US HQ (23 Pres. Copters)

11/19/04 Several explosions hit Baghdad, smoke seen above Green Zone; caus

Library offenders could go to jail

ICRC slams 'utter contempt' for humanity amid fierce fighting in Iraq

(Saudi) Prince pledges to aid Murdoch

Dogfight over videos of White House pup

Vatican aide says Europe squeezing out God

Nancy Pelosi on Tom Delay's Outburst This Morning

Forced to Work Off the Clock, Some Fight Back

EU Imploring Immigrants to Learn 'Values'

Dozens of Women Guard Troops Heading to Iraq

Greenspan Warns About Trade Deficit Impact

Ireland named best country to live in

Sen. introduces bill to protect reporters

Maryland pastors vow to press fight against gay marriage

Oil Surges as Cold Weather in Europe May Lower Fuel Stockpiles

So far, N.H. recount reveals no surprises

NARAL Pro-Choice America Announces Nancy Keenan as New President

Prosecutor Feared Dead in Venezuela Blast

Military Amputees to Get New Rehab Center (GOAL: To Send Amputees To War)

Albright Backs Foreigners for Presidency

Powell States Preference for Diplomacy (too late now)

Protests erupt in Chilean capital against Bush, Asia-Pacific summit

Thailand says no to U.N. probe of Muslim deaths

House GOP Leader DeLay Delights in Rebuke of Accuser

Bush Campaign Manager Views the Electoral Divide -new tactics to id voters

6 NATO Allies Refuse to Help U.S. in Iraq (US is frankly surprised?? LOL)

And on the Eighth day he said.....

I kicked Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ass. Ask me anything!

It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long

I Can Finally Post!!!


Anyone else always screw up with the opposite sex before anything?

Smatter chew?

Most underrated recent rap or hip hop album...

What I really need to do is find myself a brand new lover

Hall & Oates 2004: 20 years since the last major hit but still around

i am one hell of a man. don't ask me how i know, i just do.

Oreo Speedwagon

The brave men and women of Liberty University answer the call...

Awesome web site! Super nifty Photoshop pics

5 important lessons

The bar is the worst place on this earth.

It's a small world...

I'm getting away with murder.

The Flaming Lips are on Conan tonight!

Finish this line

Pasta a day or two old and re-heated in a frying pan is better right?

I just jumped into a lake, in ohio, in november

I got a new skylight...

Pimp your clown!

Are you in East Timor?

Are you a steamer?

Are you a steamer?

Are you a femur?

Take the power back!

Wayne Coyne in a big plastic bubble

Pimp your country! Make a list of the top ten things your country has to

Are you a beamer?

Wow, Knicks just stole it from Rockets in last second with a 3 from rookie

Are you a femur? Are you a beamer? Are you a reamer?

can satelite radio be used indoors?

tavis smiley is on!

Posting pics?

charlie rose is on!

Clinton interviewed by Peter Jennings.......

If you could tell someone to "Kiss your donkey" who would it be?

It's Nina, the little Greek Manx!

I remember [a simple poem]

Who saw Charlie Rose Wed. with all the computer tycoons discussing future?

Alright! Alright! I admit it!

Are you a lemur?

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

How long can you last?

OK, who's the one who had to get Skinner in here to spank us?

What lessons have you learned lately?

I had a bizarre dream - it's related to the culture of fear

Great group forum idea! "Pathetic singles"

An open thread...ask me anything!

If the Conservative Christian right is now in charge...

Why does my sister put up ice trays with only one or two cubes left?

Great Pickup Lines of the Internet:

To all draft age DUer's, I have a plan...

It's 3am, somehow I have to keep myself awake.

My threads stink like crones. Why is that?

who believes in UFOs?

Crowds Flock To Tree That Mysteriously Started Oozing Honey

DU group -- coping with post election depression

What happens if I want to change my name on November 23?

Who's more clueless?

Why do I love "The OC"?

If you want to see a sexy dancing lesbian...

For all Lounge outcasts: The REAL secret to getting people to respond

I just gave to DU

Oh, hey, guys... I may be moving into a house with two beautiful women

What is your favourite vegetable?

Letter Arrives 54 Years Late

Goood Friday Morning DU!

Farmer's 1,600 Pound Pig ("Norm") May Be World's Largest

Worst. Copycat. Thead. EVER.

I just love the episodes of "As the Mod Locks"

What's the most interesting DU gossip of the day?

Text Messaging world record has been BROKEN!!!

Any Zamboni drivers here? I wanna drive a Zamboni

New kit helps you build your own Ann Coulter

'Original' great ape discovered

DU Stars, New TV Chat Group

Did you ever learn something the hard way?

Sydney Opera House mini — Really Cool!

Brewskis for the baby Jesus...

What goes around comes around -- Bill Gates gets 4 million email a day

Look at what gay marriage hath wrought

Entire 8th Grade Class Suspended Following Massive Food Fight

The Bad Seeds ( of Nick Cave and..) blow away any rock/pop backing group

Spaghetti-O's get tougher (cuts ties to weak French)

I got to go.. i cant swim thru all the banners to see the screen..

How the hell do I play this button accordion?

My heart is broken

What do you think?-Arafat's Death

If the sky is blue

Why is Pat Robertson's program called the 700 Club anyway?

Pupils scared by asteroid spoof

My Rolex Oyster watch.

Any Jayhawks fans here?

The check is in the mail. I swear.

What the Hell is Pearl Jam's "Alive" about anyway??

Mucky mutts get in a lather

I'm totally clueless---Tell me anything!

Caption, Cherie: "Does my bum look big in this?"

Was "Dances With Wolves" a feature-length remake of F-Troop?

i'm Listening to "the vaseLines"

More toons


Pupils scarred by asteroid fragments

I have a question.....

A momma tomato, a papa tomato, and a baby tomato....

Your mom in the shower!

We have a new Group!

I'm going to Lafaytte Park to the Rally

DUers! I need your help!!

Modern instrumental music

i'm a vioLent pacifist

Best straight-ahead Rock and Roll drum line.... I vote for


Penises Becoming ALMOST As Accepted In Movies As Female Breasts

Did you know I was eating DUers? They're hot and a treat.

In post 4000, I will be totally uncontroversial. And this can drop like

Dear President Bush

I just typed into a Microsoft Word document,

I'm at 990 Posts, ask me anything!

Fair is fair:

my new name for tom delay:

Anybody got info on the D.C. Protest today

I'm a violin pacifist!

You drank my granddad ...

CAPTION Santa's bad day


i'm decLaring war

Anyone have any good oxymorons?

Ugh, I can't take it anymore

Hey, it's Bjorks 39th birthday on Sunday!


HEY! Why can't I be first! I wanna go first! CAPTION

Florida Woman's Sex Toy Lawsuit Against Delta Goes To Appeals

Has anybody seen Skinny Puppy's latest tour???

*'s Presidential Library

Need a star? I will get one for whomever answers this first.....

Five arrested in turkey-hurling incident

Weasel awards

Cartoon Character Naming Game

Any Interest in a Subculture Group?

Upon retrospect I feel this deserves its own thread

What's Your Popstrology Sign?

Saw adv. screening of Chitlin's circuit film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Anchovies on you Ceasar salad?

Hehe I'm proud of this: Christian* (see the asterisk iside:)

i haven't seen groveLbot in a whiLe

What's Your Pornstrology Sign

799 Donations to DU!

w00t! We just bought a new HDTV

So what are you feeling in George Bush's America today?

I'm gonna jump!

"Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful, FRENCH FROGS!"

serious question about homosexuality

I need a hug

Help buying a new TV

How do I get my donor star back after changing my name?

I am picking up a lot of spyware in here..anyone else having that

State your guilty pleasures

Rate Stephen Douglas as the 1860 nominee

Looking for recipes for smoothies

What three objects could replace paper, rock, scissors?

I actually LIKED the movie adaption of "Wild, Wild West"

Name A Movie You Didn't Get To See In A Theater---But Wish You Had....

Lawrence of Arabia is top of list in many of today's threads....

Overheard: "( Blank ) created the look of MTV"

Return of the DU Lounge Underwear Poll

Sphinx kittens

Do you shower in the morning or in the evening? Why?

What Are You Wearing Today?

What was your November 3rd like?

Deb Talan ?

Teenage Birthday Problems.

You know what - I've got a smartass answer for everything

Do you live in a big city, a small town, in the country or in a suburb?

Do you feed god's little creatures?

Are there really judges in America like Saving Amy?

The Official "Name a Great Instrumental" Recording

Fuckin' A Right :: 'Like a Rolling Stone' Named No. 1 Song

Happy Easter!

Now where did that turkey go

Tell Me, Have Better Lyrics To A Song Ever Been Penned Than This?

CAPTION, ah hell, this doesn't even need a caption!!!

Horse lovers - here's a bumper sticker I just saw

Ever use the toilet while talking on the phone?

Its Friday,

Have you ever/do you ever eat while sitting on the toilet?

Why do people refer to the word 'fuck' as 'the f bomb'?

Accents that sound like ham fisted mouth breathers

Universal Remote Control rant

Where could I find a comprehensive list of GOP donors to boycott

Want some onions

I am sick of the "Are you drinking too much?" ads on AAR

These cats are Tortoiseshell

LOTR Man You'd Most Like To Spend Your Life With

what do agnostic, dyslexic insomniacs do?

What do you like best about your home?

Dumb movie question.

1000 posts.

I'm having a bad day... I need some DU ass kissing.

Favorite, least favorite Food network people

How does a Generation X-ers group sound to you?

Want some opinions

Why *NOT* cheat on your spouse/partner??

Credit question


I am NOT illiterate! My parents were married!

Deejay won't apologize for calling Condi Rice an "Aunt Jemima"

Two healthy things I learned on Oprah

jay-z's 'hard knock life'

(Christian school) Principal Fired after Voluntary Whipping

It's like dropping stones into a lake

Ad that cites 'anecdotal' evidence as proof it works (AAR ad)

Chimp and Condoleeza Spotted at the ZOO!

So there I was sitting under the Tumtum tree...

I am freezing!

I just changed my name!

Whatever happened to Mara Steele. AKA m-jean03?

1/3 done with Lynne Cheney's masterwork, *Sisters*!

Man's Freezer Includes Ice Cream & Shrunken Heads From Peru

You guys remember that Friends episode with the dwarvish cleric?

Mini-Kiss? This is a bit bizarre

"I've got a St Thomas Aquinas brisket"

Maybe Snoop can put out some new porn...

I Know The Plot To The Season Finale of "Lost"

God. It's been raining or cloudy all week here

Chrysler boss calls car award "the shizzle"

Campbell’s Retiring "Franco-American"

Anyone know any free online "de-bugger"?

Least favorite kinds of ads

"Adventures in Proctology" and other unsuccessful TV shows

Tampons:"Satan's little cotton fingers"

I just had an unusual lunch: humpback whale ovaries.

If you see something that looks like a star

Tonight on Cartoon Network, "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show" premieres

Who can take the sunshine, sprinkle it with dew?

Just finished George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" trilogy

What are really good toys/games for kids (it's that time of year)?

Best Pig you've ever offended

Should I buy the 29¢ per lb turkey or the 79¢ per lb turkey

It's A "Shrub Bus Bordello!"

I do believe that sammich just made sweet, sweet love to me.

I bounced my boobies...

The "Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree" CAPTION

Worst gig you ever attended?

is there a DU Gallery?

Exactly how does Paper beat Rock?

Best jig you ever attempted?

Stop Being Afraid Of the GD!

Why was Randi Rhodes singing "vomit" to "Whip it"?

Homeless man gets jail wish

"Badboy" Class Helps Goody Two-Shoes Get Laid

Man Fashions Amphibious Craft From School Bus (CALLING SHORT BUS!!)

They were digging a new foundation in Manhattan

Move Over ZombyCoffe - British Have Invented BREAKFAST BEER!

Best Whig you ever voted for?

can you read your pets facial expressions??

Everyone who posts in this thread will be banned.

Question of DUers who have lost their pets

Wanna turn your car into a stealth fighter? (AAR ad)

where is the state by state data on contributions? it's usually posted

I wanna change my name. What font do I use for this:

DU is SO much better looking and more professional

Ever try the cranberry relish recipe from NPR?

I Just Changed MY Name from "CO Liberal" to "CO Liberal"

Progressive Metal fans, Derek Sherinian's "Mythology" is for you...

Stupid Kids and Instant Punishment

Can we get a Dick Cheney Lovers discussion group here at DU?

If I was this kid I would have spit in Wolfie's face

Which of these is closest to the color of your cat?

I just changed my name....

New Smithsonian exhibit

So, do I drive 3 hours to see "The Woggles"in concert???

How many thought SQUIRRELS LIVING IN THE ATTIC was a euphemism

I'm bored, ask me anything.

Dyslexic people, untie!

Another hit or miss, another hit or miss...

Woohoo! Loan consolidation FINALLY FINISHED! Transfers and all - done!

So is cheating masturbating?

Worst Judge Show on TV

"Evil Dead" to be remade

My name just changed me

Damn....why does Cleveland get to have all the fun?

Which Of These Is Closest To The Color Of Your Car?

My boss is so funny sometimes...

the bible is their playbook - - - > can this be ours?

so is masturbating cheating?

Anyone Suffer from SAD?

Ads on DVD's?

My old pc here is getting long of teeth

Best and easiest image hosting?

Cripes, am I pissed off.

why do people cheat on their spouses/mates?

What's your favorite regional accent?

I'm afraid of GD!

yahoo just changed... SIGNIFICANTLY!

So I've got good news and bad news.

So, ask me about my week.

The George W. Bush Presidential library.

It's "World Toilet Day"

Techies please help......

I love this movie!

Enter a contestant into the Courtfest Ugly "Woman"contest (male or female)

So is masticating eating?

It's A "Short Bus Bordello!"

4 days before Christmas, "The Simpsons - The Complete Fifth Season" DVDs

Favorite fascist ice cream?

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or White Chocolate?

Check out this series of photos... get a good laugh

What gifts do you want for the holidays this year?

I *ACTUALLY* hear a water sprinkler going! Is weather wacked where U are?

What if the United States was invaded by Luxembourg?

I just started my first weeklong vacation in over a year. Ask me anything!

Will this give you a siezure?

why the lounge is the best on DU, a toast to the lounge monkeys

Has anyone seen my cokespoon?

*someone's at the door*

Ohhh yeah, I'm off to see Ann Coulter!


I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox. Ask me anything.

OMG I JUST found out something MONUMENTAL!!! Beer and wine!

I Hereby Nominate BigMcLargehuge "Funniest MoFo Lounge Thread Locker"!

I am completely without scruples, integrity, or morals - ask me anything

Are you or anyone else a TYPE II diabetic?

Should I change my name to Mrs Grumpy?

moving - how long for one person packing up and throwing out?

Grammar geeks: One or two spaces between sentences?

Take this test--it's amazing!

Any Jayhawks (the band) fans?

Oi! Wanker! - Post photos of famous wankers here.

co-worker admits to sexual dreams involving--Bush!!

Alexander the G proudly wears his colors on his breastplate.

Do you order from On-line Pharmacy's

LOTR Beast You'd Most Like To Attack Republicans With?

Don't forget! Tucker Carlson - Unfiltered on PBS tonight!


OK DUers. Post your favorite song from the 80's please.

Post Your Favorite Obscure 90's Song ...

When do you think cheating on your spouse is OK?

Ever post anything so controversial that the mods take it down ..

Kleeb is henceforth dubbed: Supreme and Most High Purveyor of Copycats

Greeks say Alexander was not bisexual

Anyone remember November 4th?

Nelly sucks

someone is henceforth dubbed: Supreme and Most High Purveyor of Copycats

Yahoo!! Somebody bought a dvd of Canadian Bacon in my house!

anybody have good tricks for getting cheap airfare?

Can someone recommend a good computer power supply ?

When did style go out of style?

Are you Jealous?

For all Lounge outcasts: The secret to getting people to respond

Some things to do before the Inauguration



Dr. Doom

Roll call: post you funniest looking Dubya pics - real or altered - here

What's your favorite Andy Griffith Show episode?

Post a memorable movie line...

Post your horrible holiday stories here

porn or censoring the internets?

What was your November 3rd like?

Post a random song line!

Best gig you ever attended?

How to kill SPYWARE!

What if the United States was invaded by Canada?

My oldest son just got engaged

(Expletive deleted) Freepers!

The "I really want a DU star" pledge

75 Hours Later...The Shakes Are Starting

Congrats to ZombyWoof -- 25,000 Posts!!

ok then, list your top 10 favorite concerts

Boston DUer Get Together Saturday, November 27th 2PM EST

Calling all Kansas City Area EvilDUers

A big thanks to all my fellow veggies

Who takes vitamins and supplements?

It doesn't get much sicker than this...

Song Meanings - Beyond Lyrics . . .

Arkansas Code: Act 858 -- UNCONSTITUTIONAL! (A Win vs. Censorship)

Seinfeld DVD's available Tuesday

Best performance in an animated feature

Bono sings The Beatles at Clinton library dedication

Any "alternative" hip-hop fans out there?

Woo Hoo! Golden Girls Season 1 out on DVD

DVD: The Andy Griffith Show: First Season

Christians, Crack Dealers, And A Pagan

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.. aka Mormons.. members here?

Excerpt from Kerry video message due out today

Any tips on analyzing reaction time data?

New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago

Angry Greeks Deny Alexander the Great Was Bisexual


DU this poll on Virginia civil union ban

Gay DUers -- what do you think of the "GLBT" banner?

What are your beliefs on the fluidity of sexuality?

Anyone notice how well Grant Hill has been playing?

My heart has been stolen....

How will your pets spend Thanksgiving?

My GF just called me and told me we now have a chihuahua. (questions)

About those hurricanes & clouds formations- NW Weatherman has questions

Does anyone else see faces of people you don't know...

Found in GD: Dear Theologian (a letter from god)

What does "In God We Trust" supposed to mean?

Are there as many non-believers

Being Atheist & kids in do you deal?

What brought you to support Kerry in this election?

I LOVE John Kerry

an email i just rec - media suppression

Join our new club for new Republicans

Charles Taylor (R) sucks. How do I run against him in 2006?

Opening of Clinton Library on C-SPAN now

An article in the WSJ from 4 years ago

Kevin Drum makes the case against voter fraud

Why doesnt a rich, progres. European clique buy an America Media conglom.?

DU Poll

Looking at Gore data for some idea of how campaign finances work

Pure Political Genius From Bill Clinton Today, READ:

Mike Webb just played Bill Clinton's response to Jennings & media

George W. Bush: The Antichrist?

Did you know that the 2nd Amendment allows us to revolt?

The News is Catching Fire...

How did Dukakis get nominated in '88?

I loved reading into this part of George HW's speech

Hey, PeteGammons

Frank Gaffney, PNAC Minion, on Lou Dobbs? , I think

From the Office of Senator Evan Bayh (DU)

A good political week for the Boondocks!

Did anyone get video or a full transcript of Clinton v. Jennings?

Synchronized Butt-Kissing


Anybody heading down to Louisiana?

in case you haven't been reading lately...

Here's some proof Dems are WIMPS who will not stand in * way

If the Republicans are the party of Regan than we should be

Ted Rall Cartoon..... lol

My LTTE will be published Monday in the Durham Herald Sun

"Greenspan concerned with weak dollar" (Well DUH)

Battleground States Avg EXIT poll DEVIATION from FINAL state polls: 0.48%

TODAY AT 12 NOON TO 2 PM -- Protest Rally in Washington DC

Do America's enemies see this time as a weak moment for America ?

06 elections crucial. Special provisions of Voters Rights act could expire

Read this and ....

What will Bush's approval rating be when he leaves office?

Any Democrat that accepts a cabinet post from Bush is a self-serving ass!

"You Go Girl" Boxer Becomes Third Biggest Vote Getter

bush & Cheney are convicted criminals; is it legal in US to hold office?

Save Koppel! Nightline shake-up in the works

Defiant Speech in Canton Ohio

I just got up to go do my dishes and I put on Jimmy Cliff

Internet Tax Ban Cspan now debating in house

whuteverhappened: Assan the american terra tape before election?


When is the decision made about who will be the Democratic Chairman??

Greenspan: "all the shocks and adjustments the future will surely bring"

speaking of Powell and Bush's Guernica

Colin Powell just put a big crimp in Bush's plans for Iran

A Torn Land of Torn Hearts in a Mist of Deception

KERRY 62-37

Why not four Super Tuesday Regional Primaries?

PLEASE RESPOND: On my 1000th post I have a Dream for DU

If someone is truly moral and has good values, won't it show?

It doesn't take an "seasoned expert" like Donna Brazile to win elections

The Democratic Leadership is making an early move to consolidate ....

Full text of Goss CIA memo released by RAW STORY

Now I have my Uncle spreading rumors that Bush daughters are joining Army

League of Women Voters Calls for Investigation of Voting Irregularities

Congress plans massive cuts in educational spending

Dogfight Over Videos of White House Dog

The TWIT is one more televised kiss

Possible "Contract with America" to present to voters in '06?

What's the White House news dump going to be this afternoon?

Whats the Friday afternoon news dump from

What Senator gets the most $$$ from boeing?

Can I start a group here for participants in the DFA meetups?

The TWIT is one more televised kiss away

True Blue American Buttons- Great Idea!

Defense Department Operational Update Briefing - Fallujah

Defense Department Operational Update Briefing - Fallujah

Brainstorm issues for '06: What can we win on?

Can I start a group here composed of participants in DFA -

Moderate is the most misused and overused word in politics.

Republicans RAISE debt ceiling and LOWER ethical standards

What if Kerry had announced some cabinet choices before election?

TiVo for Peace and Prophecy (Or: TiVo Knows W)

Its Friday afternoon, and that means its going to be

The question is not whether to go to the left or to the center, friends...

Republican Victory Rally

Whatever happened to Bush's 2004 physical?

71% Of Ohio Provisionals Deemed Valid

The bastards just mortgaged our children's future

New Bloggerman entry is up:

The November 3rd Theses (ala Martin Luther's 99 Theses)

are we allowed to bash tom delay yet?

are we allowed to bash unelected pResidents yet?

I've got it.......instead of "values" how bout ethics?

Holy, moley! NOW I'm pi$$ed!

But Bill ... We DO want to go there!!

The biggest statewide Democratic landslide this year was Barbara Boxer

I hate both president Bushes, but, at Clinton library dedication, I

Why do people say the GOP has been hijacked by nuts? It's COMPOSED of them

AFL-CIO action alert re: H-1b guest workers

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Let's invade North Korea...

Bush protest (Chile, APEC) they hate us for our freedom too?

John Kerry: Left-Wing, Moderate, or Right-Wing?

John Edwards Goodybye Speech CPSAN 2 NOW!

Michigan Library "offenders" going to jail but not Bush

Why does the DLC hate you guys?

Who Already Looks Like they're Gunning For The 2008 Race?

Knuckle-dragger email making the rounds

What's going on here?

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida (in trash)

John Kerry's message opened not-so-old wounds

Barbara Boxer is the third-highest vote getter in the country

The Concession Speech DUers Wanted To Hear?

Ask the questions NOW of the DLC and Clinton. Corporate funding.

What splits a party? Lack of power.

Hey Colin Powell......fool me twice???

did anyone here listen to mAnne Coulter get possed by the devil tonight?

Michele Malkin: "As Rice's star rises, expect even uglier attacks"

It's so Dark out there in Our MSM World....but how are you all holding up?

No state that gave us Devo should be Republican. IMHO.

Who is following the DeLay Rule voting stuff????

NYT: Front Page (big pic) Sorry if a dupe

What will Bush do without Blair

How/Why we ended up loosing

Is the Democratic Party divided ?

Have your boardingpass ready: US Torture Flights

So you think it was a coup?

Tonight on Olbermann

Santorum (R-Va) hammered by Pitt. Post-Gazette in this A.M. editorial

Sorry, Kerry. I will not help with your political games.

To all those who like to call me a Republican...

In case you believe Chimp is not a petulant child...

I think I've figured out why people are not voting their pocketbook.

Shrub checks out Margaret Spellings Boobs (actual photo!)

Who is Bush willing to kiss?

With Bush appointing extreme right wingers and loyalists to his...

Hillary can't win. Better get used to that now.

Just Heard on Randi Rhodes

How long would George W. Bush last on The Apprentice?

NY, MASS., CALI Republican Governors, KS,OK, WY Democratic Governors -- ??

OK....Who is still in the Democratic Party ??

Kerry's Petition...DID YOU SIGN IT YET?!!!

Democrat Ohio Rep switches parties

What's the best tool for fixing paperless voting machines?

I'm finally in the "Freepers Tore Down My Kerry Poster" Club!!

Wolf: "Clinton does not understand the news media"

"I love my country, but I fear the government"

DeThrone Delay - Clean Up the House (Action Alert)!

Are we allowed to bash Kerry yet?

Finally, John Kerry to fight O'Neil --- I hope!.....

Bill Clinton was CHAIR of the you guys really hate him?

IMPT -- RECOUNT Contributions going to wrong place - write Randi

Is this the future Democratic party?

Should Progressives Support The Green Candidate Against Lieberman?

Barbara Boxer for President? is showing a picture of a dead American

Clinton Jennings interview LINK

Go Ahead, Seal Yourself Off From The Media, And Go Radical Left...

The "New Reality" Shell Game

Just what is a "moderate" Democrat?

Rosanne Cash's new column on her website

Here's how I handle the subject of abortion.

My evening with 3 bush voters

"Behind the DLC Takeover" Nichols. From 2000. Shows their power.

Leaked excerpt of Kerry statement: "Every Child Protected" (-Atrios)

John Kerry's message Friday 11/19/04

Rate 2008 hopefulls


Resolved... (I am begging you to read this)