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Archives: November 21, 2004

Evil Propagandist Carlson Tucker on PBS redefining "Leftist"

Allies split by US plan to crop-dust poppy harvest

Interesting Article From Mark Crispin Miller

Washington Post: Mr. Bush's Better World

Dowd: Absolute Power Erupts

Friedman: Postcards From Iraq (He's back to naive on Iraq)

Winning Tactics: Time is Short So Use Methods That Work-psy ops primer

Beijing calls on US to stop dollar's fall (Role reversal)

IEEE study correlates employment to H-1B Visa

I liked the "Media" forum.

Hey! Where's my old drinking buddy, Grovelbot?

Native American Media Links

would someone PLEASE tell me why this thread was locked?

with your growth I fear 1000 donations is too few, it works out to less

Voter Suppression Challenged by Ohioans, Allies

What Would Democratic Elections Look Like?

Latest news on Ohio Provisional Ballot count 11/20

Constitution sez: "Lower representation of states who eff up elections?"

Question about Coburn, the new senator from OK

Cybernet is all the same company? I need Du'er research help

The corporate war against democracy

Whistleblowers: Come to DU. BFEE? We have a witness protection program.

Those that are at fault of fraud

This should be enough to CONTEST the election in OHIO

Drip...Drip NH Recount shows Straight Dem Party votes miscounted!

Columbus Dispatch article on "overregistration" (Oct 24)

We should all be outraged...

I have a question about Sinclair video - how it got stopped

Which states have STRAIGHT PARTY voting?

To those of you who have e-mailed Olbermann about votergate

Some reasons I'm convinced that * LOST

186 uncounted Absentee Ballots in Johnson County , Iowa found while

shaking up the democratic party, 1968 style

Dems vow inland blitz

Californians, Can we start an initiative, to require

computer question...

How do I burn a DVD from a downloaded ISO file?

Franklin County received $5 to $10 million in federal funds, but

Anybody in Austin thinking about dropping Statesman subscription?

The Apple Cup

Something unusual regarding the Free Congress Foundation and it's...

anti-abortion tacked on to spending Senate vote

Shouldn't Repubs be for legalizing drugs?

"Red America"

Do you care about your children's future

Will it be our freedoms that this child hates us for when he grows up?

If anything happens to Byrd

How do we cause a mutiny in the GOP?

Eminem has declared the new hippie movement uniform

I'm watching CSPAN, but it's a discussion on the election, some BBV

So it is at 907

Fees for electronic bill paying

I have a question about Sinclair video - how it got stopped

So what ever happened to that 60 Minutes story on the forged Niger docs?

Book Rec. for a Libertarian?

Anybody watching the Senate on CSPAN re. the OMNIBUS Bill?

A depressing realization

T-Shirt and Swag Mavens! Get on it! Brand Democrat!

Get this

who is worse? Rice as Sec of State or Gonzales as Atty General

Does Anyone Remember

Watergate is now a big joke.

Front page NYT - Finally acknowledges a casualty by name

Caption this

A link you all MUST visit! (and it grows every day)

Anyone notice the race-baiting "mugshots" of NBAers on Sludge?

sending amputees back into service?

Why doesn't have a daily update?

Rebellious Republicans?

The Big Picture

for you bored folks. cbs: 48 hours mysteries. repugs gone wild.

A Chance to see John Dean


In the Spirit of

Bill Maher seems to be in some segments on MAD-TV tonight

Thank You so much for your clear information....

Does Anyone Know How to Email Bob Costas?

Now here is a fun idea just send Skinner to take over the DNC

The NBA brawl is just another diversion...

Has anyone seen read this eVote Fraud paper by some students at Berkeley?

Save the preconceived babies!

Buried Story

Curious -- Bush's ring -- what is it from?

I am from California and I work to see feinstein defeated

If you support John Kerry, add the JK forum to your personal list. n/t

Kinsley on The Iraq War Paradox : It Hurts, but Don't Stop

Just saw a rather disturbing video clip on Arab TV.

Can someone tell me what this may really mean?

Need Input to Understand Gay/Lesbian Issue...

Anybody watching the CNN Presents show on evangelism?

Ok, so Bush would like to eliminate other taxes & just have sales tax...

"The Democrats held the Congress for 40 something years and I'm...

Would you support a complete unilateral disarmament of our nuclear weapons?

HOW THE PATRIOT ACT COMPARES TO Hitler's Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act

Bush destroying college students hopes and dreams

Born on this date, November 20, in 1917. U.S. Senator from West Virginia.

Reagan Starved Poor Kids!

David Brooks -- Adam Sandler or Diogenes?

Should God have a wife?

DOD sez: insurgents have given their consent to be killed

"If this goes on ..."

Did anyone see the NOW segment last night on the Indian gambling?

I just saw the College Republicans whining on CNN Headline News.

Will Iran be the excuse for reinstating the draft?

Why can't we inaugurate Kerry as the Internet President?

Did The Bush Twins Send Porn to Scott Peterson?

Abu Ghraib analyzed by a CIA MKULTRA survivor

PHOTOS: "To the leftist traitors, we're not sorry and fuck you!"

DU bumper sticker

Anybody watching the Kennedy Assassination Hackjob on History Channel?

I'm visiting my Mom-Just got in an outrageous fight w/ my Stepfather

Fascism - is this where we are headed?

A question to people who are Pro-Life

France New U.S. Enemy 31% Americans Say

Question about Ham


Broad Influence for Justice Dept. Choice

Latin Americans Back Cuba, Venezuela on Terror

Destroying it to save it?

Defeat for Bush, rebellious House GOPs derailed 9/11 legislation

Quake shakes Costa Rica

Bush forced to bodyguards' aid

APEC Countries to Standardize Trade Pacts

Chavez Pushes Anti-Terrorism Plan After Bomb Attack

Illinois Rep. Weds Ex-Dictator's Daughter

House Leadership Blocks Vote on Intelligence Bill

WP Bill Gives Lawmakers Access to Tax Returns

Georgia Crematory Operator Apologizes, Offers No Excuse

Some Doubt Stocks' Value as Prices Rise

Plane with 47 aboard crashes in N. China

Congress Passes $388 Billion Spending Bill

Defeat for Bush, rebellious House GOPs derailed 9/11 legislation

Tax Disclosure Buried in Spending Bill (Worst than I thought Repug ONLY

G20 Divided Over Dollar Slide, U.S. Mum

Local Dems back Howard Dean to lead national party

Bush to Assess War on Drugs in Colombia

Blair plans increased anti-terror powers if re-elected

Bush Comes to Aid of Secret Service Agent

Beijing calls on US to stop dollar's fall (Role reversal)

Will the governor (Schwarzenegger) redistrict the state?

New attack launched on Electoral College

Rove puppet 2004 vs. 2008

I come from the land where the oceans freeze

I'm Listening To The Voices in My Head. Ask Me Anything

I'm not going to Rumba's sister's for xmas.

Sack Vacuum

Phrenology - Goofy Pseudoscience or Utter Bullshit?

is this the worst band you've ever heard?

This hairstyle: Yea or nay?

Whatever happened to Tom Turkey?

I'm gonna take Rumba's place at her sister's for Christmas

I'm going to watch "Bananas" on DVD. Anyone want to join me?

Bike fall

A little delicate advice for esteemed Mr. [Mike] Tice (Must read!!)

Where's the birthday greetings?

Damn, I have been mealing all damn day...

Who do you want to be today?

Go see National Treasure for a patriotic boost

Should I change my name?

I want to continue helping the folks looking into voter fraud...

How has your life changed in the past four years?

Major bodily failures are seriously ruining my day.



Any DUers Energy Self-Sufficient? Care to share your story...?

Duke Wins!!!

Ukrainian woman sues Internet matchmaker for $434K, claims date abused her

This is just sooo wrong

My Mom's in the hospital

Everyone welcome my husband! I finally got him to register on DU!!

It's Saturday night, and THE SOUL EXPRESS is on the air!

What do you do with the boogers

Queen of the Damned is on right now.

'Cuz IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Wanna Beeeeeeeee


Paris by Night

How many friends do I have? You don't know! Ah ha ha ha ha....

What does this hand gesture mean?

The BIGGEST pot smokers I know vote republican........

Quick! Pull my finger!


Saturday night live tonight

Melon smashing

Do you ride the bus to work?

Have I now become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Yo newyawker99! MILESTONE person!

It's official: I've overdosed on Bruce Springsteen music.

First post using my new computer!!!! After months of research

Post your Thanksgiving plans here!

I had this idea, so I made a T-SHIRT out of it

Help - problem with Maltese - acting erratically.

Jesus turn on Bravo

Joe Cocker covers REM's "Everybody Hurts"...I have my doubts.

I saw Polar Express 3D at an IMAX theatre today

Which idea seems most sinister?

I'm gonna log on to Morpheus. What songs should I download??

Crazy French Bastard

Need help with wording for new bumper sticker

Is there a place I can get a shirt w/ bush giving the finger?

I finally heard....

I have not eaten anything today! Ask Me Anything!

Bill Maher is supposed to be on MadTV tonight

I have to know, and I have to know now!

only the British

I'm on my sixth "Plum Sake and Vodka martini"

What is a pentecoastal churcb?

Ever catch something out of the corner of your eye

MAD-TV w/Bill Maher

Spinner rims-trendy accessory or curb feelers for this generation?

Which level of Hell are you going to?

10 more and I'm out of the club!

Do other non-DU spouses think we're a little "off"

Any foreign duers worry about being arrested while attempting US entry?

Who's been to Maui?

If You Were Just 10 Years Younger ...

This is Spinal Tap on IFC (yay)

Halle freaking luyah

Poll question: This hairstyle: Yea or nay?

My dishwasher ate the honey bottle cap. No really. It's gone.

Car chase fans - Bullitt car chase scene on now!

How Smot are youse ?

It's Saturday night. I'm single. Wanna know what I'm doing for fun*?


Will this stop us from being a pill-popping nation?

Ever catch the corner of your eye on something????


What's your all-time favorite comedic movie?

Okay, I broke down and went and got a new name.

Good Night from the Front Range

I have not been eaten by anything today! Ask Me Anything!

If you can change your DU username without penalty before Nov 22....

What is the deal with this emoticon?

So if one changes their name, does the Ignore list get updated too?

Do you think I should change my name?

I spent the day helping a friend move into a new apartment.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm not going to my sister's for xmas

I have to know so please tell me

Have I now become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Do you carry a handkerchief with you?

Kerry has one. I want one too. Dammit.

Flamewar breaks out in Canada forum

Why does my heat need to be so tempermental?

Should we all honor Reagan and use ketchup as a vegetable for Thanksgiving

Psychiatry - $0.05

Randi Rhodes Fans, Movie "Network" showing on TCM...

saying ma'am is it regional?

Ever hitchhike?

How many posts do I have? You don't know! Ah ha ha ha ha....

after much thought I changed my screen name

I got a visit from the FBI today

Are you superstitious?

U2 is on SNL....

Here Are My Favorite Christmas Albums... What's Yours?

Incidentally, The Libertines rock.

Have You Accepted Jesus Christ As Your Lord and Savior?

After 34 years, ZZ Top's still got it

Billy and Mandy.....Most subversive kids cartoon ever?

Do you patronize kids and their crappy art?

Ever "named" your car?

I now officially believe anything I see in Ninja movies (pic inside)

What college/university do you hate the most???

Glinda: Good Witch or Enabler?

River we hardly knew ye.....

Christian bumper sticker idea...

Christians: Do you believe in Christ's divinity---why or why not?

GOP Tells Gays To Stop Harassing Boy Scouts

What's with all the fighting in sports all of a sudden?

Pomeranians and cats?

My new Grey

Starlight News: An Expensive School

Does being born with a moon in Aries really mean THAT?

Who else here also felt a REAL forboding when * first came on the scene

Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about essential oils?

"No Jesus, No peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace" bumper stickers - BARF!

John Kerry's Friday 11/19/04 message. Sign the pledge.

John Kerry needs to step into the spotlight and lead the party.

Walter Cronkite sounds off on Iraq war at Fisher Island forum

Turn on C-Span 2 Now: Dems kick ass on IRS provision. Awesome

Ask Yourself This Question

Picture THIS commercial on TV:

Just got this email re:Katherine Harris vote on Tom DeLay

DU can help find the sleaze in the spending bill!

I make it a point to tell my Wingnut co-workers.

Need feedback on letter I just wrote re: open source election software

A History of Alarms

appropriations bill vote

Anyone see Durbin talking about the hidden proposed IRS rules...

Kerry on the proposed National Sales Tax: "Every day will be April 15"

Bush's lead Secret Service bodyguard "clashes with Chilean Police"

Self Delete

Here's the Tax Disclosure section verbatim!

No Attorney General of The United States of America should deem the

Senator Patrick Leahy (D) "pleased" with Bush apointee Gonzalez

Winning Tactics: Time is Short So Use Methods That Work - psy ops primer.

Soft, furry Democrats that want to get home for the Holiday turkey ....

Bush admin hurts environment while simultaneously busting the budget.

MAKING VOTES COUNT : Improving Provisional Ballots

we can dream, can't we?

Has anyone seen read this eVote Fraud paper by some students at Berkeley?

Another bit of info to brighten our day !

Is Smirk a wee bit DRUNK and too close to Pres. Arroyo in this pic?

I still think Kerry ran away. Convince me I'm wrong.

Finally talked to my mom...she voted for Bush

Who said this? Can you guess? It may surprise you!

"We're barely bright enough to chew our own food."

The following DEMS had no problem with abortion restrictions...

"Homey, folksy" Bush gets a YACHT in his new Man Date spending bill

You people act like OUTSOURCING wasn't an issue. NAFTA is GOD'S WORK

Republicans have no shame toward the deficit. Tax $ for tattoo removal.

SHAME on these Democratic Senators! The first nail on Roe v Wade is placed

A new trial - no longer from a preponderance of the evidence?


We have to quit falling

The Counter Clinton Library

They won't need to Reinstate the Draft

Harkin: Vilsack gaining support for DNC chair

Rasmussen: 51% of dems want a "more centrist" candidate in '08....

The party's only hope is to Cryogenically Freeze Barack Obama

America's Lie (to the tune of American Pie)

Why is DU making me feel ashamed to love Bill Clinton?

DU moderates! What are the values on which you hold firm?

Rubin to Dean: Stop criticizing NAFTA and outsourcing.

Brand Democrat. These are great!

Blair’s legal case for war was sexed up too

Food For Thought

Video of Captured US Senator

The Spoils Of War

NYT Frank Rich: "Bono's New Casualty: "Saving Private Ryan"

Rise of Stephen Hadley to National Security Adviser

NYT OpEd: A Doctrine Left Behind - Mark Danner

Condi Rice as Secretary of State is causing dismay in Europe.

Global warming, Canadian sovereignty & the mythical Northwest Passage

The Impossible Will Take A Little While:

Will Democrats rally to "states' rights"?

(PINR)22 November 2004 Rice Nomination/Washington Isolation

Falluja - America's hollow victory

Pentagon turns heat up on Iran

"The Kool-Aid Is Being Served" (It's all becoming clear to me now)

NYT - Friendman - "Postcards From Iraq" - Is this guy at all relevant?

AP - Conservatives Urge Closer Look at Marriage

Guardian: Why America has got it so wrong on Iran

The Vote For Change Artists

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is under attack from oil industry

January 20th, 2005: International day of fasting and prayer

Shopping boycott day after Thanksgiving to protest evoting

Yucca Mountain Action Alert from EII

A MUST-READ for reframing the issues

"Air America Radio" only has one station in Ohio.

Regarding the national sales tax...

Need practical advice re: getting out of dollars...

Coming crash -- buy tangible or get $$ into another currency?

Ballpark Figures - The phony economic case for taxpayer-funded stadiums

Calling an economist please

Paul Craig Roberts, current currency analysis, disaster

Video game creators toiling like galley slaves

Privatizing Social Security?

Renewable energy the way of the future

20+ Years On, Toxins Still Leak From Four NJ Superfund Sites

EPA Reclassifies Six Solvents, VOCs As Less Toxic - ENS

EU Ratifies Stockholm Convention On Persistant Organic Pollutants

Tensions Rise As China Scours The Globe For Energy - Telegraph

Aghhh! Run for the hills! Something even more polluting than a Hummer!

Refit to give Cousteau boat new lease of life

Bush "Reprimands" Blair For Emphasis On Climate Issues - Independent

The REAL global warming argument...

Sewage Sludge As Fertilizer May Alter Gender, Behavior in Lambs

Japanese women no longer sad to be single

965 donations at 9:65am??

I may have inadvertently

Admins: Having these new DU Groups makes DU even more addicting!

Any plans for an "Ignore Forums" functionality?

donated, anonymous, no star, no response

Why did the mods decide to allow ignored users to see your posts?

a Plea for a "General Amnesty"

I'd Like to See Sunday Salon KPFA Show Listed on DU Currently OnAir

Just what the hell is wrong with yellow ribbon threads?

Sudden flood of pop up ads

Some of Us Are Having Problems With Images In Our Sig Lines

Meant with total respect and affection, but yank if you don't like it

Palestinians want the Americans to ensure smooth elections (ha ha!!)

Illinois congressman weds daughter of former dictator (Republican)

The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell

Dems' goal - Keep the world from ending. Neocons' goal - ...

Joan Kravitz is on the Replay of Mike Malloy

Can we all sign a letter to Ohio's electors asking them to vote Kerry?

I propose a bill - Surprise Hand Recounts

Can we offer a large reward for a Media Hawk to come forward with info?

Almost 1/3rd of FL counties posted no changes to results?

Bev Harris, please start a REWARD FOR PROOF OF FRAUD fund!

Security/verifiability of paper voting records

From the Desk of Diana Kerry - To Overseas Voter

The "shift" from 2000 in 2004 (based on alleged "results")

Where is Bev Harris?

The Constitution Tells Us Specifically What To Do with Botched Elections:

my favorite disenfranchisement story from Louisiana

COLORADO: Activists protest electronic voting

question about recounts

How the Grinch stole the White House . . . again

New Thread - Vermont Does Hand Counts! Please READ

Question: Anyone remember which Cuyahoga precincts had low turnout?

Article in Sacramento Bee about election fraud 2004


Gregoire still has chance,recount history suggests (Clark Co Wash Article)

Links to 2002 FRAUD., will we ever learn!

Could New Mexico swing to Kerry?

Democrats position..on vote thefts, MMoore, Rove

Shouldn't there be Republican observers at the recounts?

"votersunite" recount internet effort 100,000,000votes by jan 2005

Isn't US Supreme Justice John Paul Stevens in charge of OH?

Awwww...I was hoping his head would blow up

Exit Polls To Be Delayed In Future Elections

The World According to Bush

New Fraud Theory

Do the Democrats have a chance of winning any of the 2



Diebold & RFIDs Linked to University Student ID's

NYT 11/21 Article on problems with Provisional Ballots

U.S. Government funding exit polls in foreign country

Is it possible to start a 527 to raise money ?? This election is NOT OVER!

Al Jazeera reprints Vote Fraud Article

What else can we investigate about CyberNet?

BBV : A Compromise?

NYT article on ACT's efforts in Ohio

Blackwell's Response to Green Party on Recount (11/19/04)

Vote Fraud Story from New Orleans Times Picayune


New theory: Registration scam and stolen votes

Article from Oakland Tribune about the Berkley presser


I am giving this speech on e-voting tonight

DUers! Plaintiff volunteers needed for Ohio recount

Ohioans watch out

Optiscan Ohio County DUer needed ASAP!!!

First hand reports from Ohio volunteers--get this to the media!!

The Deliberate Drive Toward Depression

Ohio Recount effort of Green Party needs money, Ohio volunteers.

A nationwide media response...

olberman says investigation has moved from reynolds wrap hat

No Jeff Fisher is not a nutcase....and if this thread should disappear....

We Need To Stage An Election Fraud, Anti-Bush Protest In New York City

Turn OFF the Computer and Do Something!

Steve Freeman needs uncorrected raw data for VA and a few other states

Quick Question -- Anyone find it overwhelming?


Cobb website seems to be down. The repubs attacking the green site


Warning light came on, state tests reveal

Perata investigation

San Diego: Soledad Cross to become National Veteran's Memorial

initiative: governor's answer time

Arnold: the girlie man

Write KABC sponsors of Hannity and O'Reilly

Found Absentee Ballots in Iowa

NW Iowans...was there much canvassing going on there?

Need tech help - backdoor bla trojan.

Realplayer/Linux question

Must-Haves for safely cruising the Internet

WOIO - 19 idiot picked Browns last week over Steelers - Today he says he

Urgent Message from Ohio Vote Audit!!!!!

Ohio: Green Party needs volunteers to help with recount effort.

Optiscan county Ohio DUer needed ASAP!

Way to go STEELERS!!!!

Possible JAIL TIME for SANTORUM? read all about it.....

Positions Held by Al Gonzoles

Happy Campers At Democracy For Texas!

Harris County Democratic Party Meeting

New Rhodes Scholar List: President of Aggie Democrats

Progressive Populist Caucus 11/29 Houston

Wisconsin Contracts with Accenture to Create Voter Lists -THIS IS BAD!!!

Is anyone else enraged with Cantwell and Murray

Does anyone know if the hearing will be public?

DPRK News: U.S. Nuclear War Plot against North Flailed

What was bleeped on SNL

On CNBC Tim Russet interviewing George Carlson, it might be

Blogging News in Baghdad (Kevin Sites)

When you think you've heard the ultimate bullshit, there's another one

How do we get the GOP to go after Poland?

Holy Bono! Anybody watching SNL?

God is pissed and he is coming after the Religous rights Children!

John Ashcroft sings.....THIS IS FREAKY!!!!?!!?!

Why can't we have an election system where...

US Air Force Academy Removes Christian Banner

It looks like the Republicans gave themselves a 3.5% Raise in the budget

Just Curious.........


Why is the right-wing still so bitter?

Former hostage returns to Iraq

DISTURBING VIDEO- soldiers SLAUGHTER (peaceful) crowd

Hey look at me I am allowed to post now!!!

Hi-yo! "Network" just started on Turner Classics!

Mike Malloy's Hitler quote?

The terrorists in the voting booths (from a very cool website I found)

Tax simplfication-Bush Style

US Nuclear Terror Attack Possible In Next 10 Years?

Outstanding suggestion on Randi Rhodes Show

after Roe v Wade I think Lawrence v Texas is next

Photo: President Bush assaults woman in Chilean fracas

Which Sunday Morning show has Al Franken on?

Holy Bono! Anybody watch SNL and U2's final 4th song?

Are you the Owner or Moderator of an Anti-Bush or Anti-RW Yahoo Group?

Ok, people. 200 donations to go.

You Know I've Been So

Pro life

U.S. Marine killed in Iraq hours after birth of his son

"fetus" now being used in headlines

Vatican opens Inquisition archives for study--Handy Blueprint for TheoCons

Anyone watching Meet the Press? Pure propaganda. McCain just

Bush head toss - is he copying Regan

If you need a Sunday morning chuckle: The Llama Song.

"So Why Don't You Move To Canada?"

WTF!!!!! Guess what the name of the yacht that W got in the Omnibus......

My letter to the editor published

McCain on MTP says Iran has a few months to stand down

To DU'ers Who Are Tired of Morality Being Defined by Righties!

At least the President is getting a Yacht.

Was Bush breaking up scuffle in Chile staged?

Non-Renewable Energy Dependant Advanced Technological Civilization

Gold star mother?

What should be the punishment for Bush's numerous crimes while in office?

pic of smirk trying to push past Clinton

Excellent LTTE from today's Tallahassee Democrat

My Congressional District is full of pork

I think America would be much better off if there were no States

Questions about Istook Amendment

The Rovian logic of another al Qaeda attack




Military Amputees to Get New Rehab Center (can go fight again!)

KPFA: Kim Zetter (Wired News) on Sunday Salon NOW

Alguien aqui propuso crear

Name your favorite Republican

What is the difference among these?

The Presidential Yacht?????

Pakistan / Iran nuclear connection

moderate repubs to be driven from repub party - Moore said

You might not agree - The Democrats should let the GOP

1 p.m. --Potentially interesting panel coming up on CNN

The real danger is not ROE v. WADE

Give Us Barabbas

Freepers Orgasmic Over Bush's Most Recent Fake BIGMAN Photo-Op

A lesson in physics applied to historic events.

Chimpanzee elbows human aside in doorway (pic)

Chalk one up for compassionate conservatism

Watching the "Hour Of Power" Christian ministry , the show revolved

Some analysis of the 100,000 Iraq death estimate

"When even the Sunni Salafis of Mosul consider you too fundamentalist

Have any of you ever taken this test?

IQ rates- Yes World, American voters are really dumb.

Is Tom Delay human ?

We should turn Clear Channel and Toby Keith and Gretchen Wilson`

RFIDs are here: now they can track you anywhere

Leslie Blitzer trying to shut up Al Franken on CNN

I think we consumers need to take back our jobs for ourselves

Does sport nuts have anything to do .......

I need DUer input please! New to DE looking for insight on Biden

Today begins my third year on DU ...

Your tax dollars at work - This frosts my hide

Matthews Circle Jerk All Laughing About Possible Woman or Pro-Choice Pres.

Soaring Interest Compounds Credit Card Pain for Millions (no limit on % )

does anyone else feel the pressure

Does anyone else feel that we ordinary citizens are not privy to

paging Russell Michaels of the Votergate film

Does the leadership of the GOP REALLY intend to ban abortion?

Is there any chance that the 'mandate' is code?

Group proposal: dean/Clark alliance

PHOTO: GOP candidates 2004 & 2008

Has the "more votes than registered voters" claim been debunked...

Fiar elections in IRAQ? - Duh!

"Born on the Fourth of July" is on UPN right now.

Should Churches bring Armed Forces Recruiters to Sunday Services?

Robert Fisk photo page gone????


Everyone says W loves to play dress up

A question for older DUers....

I have an idea....

Q for historians, sociiologist and experienced activists

What EXACTLY is it that they want?

In the movie PATTON there is a scene in which Patton played by

After banning gay marriage, look what's next on the fundy agenda

bush in a poncho

What can we learn from the old Porkie movie's?

Need help changing avatar!

Conservatives Urge Closer Look at Marriage

Woooot! Bush got bopped! 1,000 donations!

How do you feel about foreign born US citizens being President?

I have just had a business idea that will change the world

Civilian casualties inevitable

Interesting Discussion on Geo. Stephanopolous this

Women no longer considered workers

Who thinks the marriage amendment will eventually hurt single parents

New Video Game Re JFK Assination

Secret History of the Credit this.. Tuesday 11/23..PBS

How do we get the fundies to ban Viagra?

Today's Sunday Monitor: Ohio recount, Votergate, Baghdad, Gore Vidal

What would happen if Shrub did invade Iran?

Please don't move to Canada!

When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred several years ago,

Could we please stop hyperventilating over the marriage amendment?

Got a website? Add a link to "Help America Recount."

WTF? Saying to drink more orange juice to help hurricane restoration?

Here is what countries who CAN acquire nuclear weapons get. Nice, huh?

Still no news coverage of bush's plan to increase the # of uninsured

BBC World News just did a piece of Sudan Genoicide with gnarly footage

Breast cancer - Hollywood style

Viewer Alert - 60 Minutes

Post Photos of Curious George playing dress-up!!

Wow, Big Ed on Sirius 143 is mad.

The one about those 'Support the Troops' car magnets

Illinois congressman weds daughter of former dictator (Not an Onion story)

What Bush gives to the poor

caption this pic of bush

Today, I re-read William Shirer's classic Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Freep: I love this President

Bush makes an ass out of himself in Chile.

Bad News, There seems to be an unlimited supply of Oil

Any DUers living in Egypt?

Everyone Sing.......Jesus Loves Republicans

New forum proposal: Humor

"No sissified code words for me: I'm a liberal" - Houston Chronicle op-ed

Peter Jennings joins the fascist jackboots

Bumper sticker: "Real Men Love Jesus!" What's wrong with this?

Even Ireland Hates Us Now - E-mail from an Irish Friend -

Have you ever emailed MoveOn, and received a personalized reply? nt

Oh Oh, appearing on the news CNN, it looks like N Korea has gotten the

National Museum of the Middle Class Opens in Schaumberg, IL

Footage Surfaces On Mass Graves Of US Soldiers

Anti-Muslim speaker at Lutheran church, NE CO...

World Believes Condi To Be An Ass

If shrub drafts their kids, will they still trust him?

The level of intelligence I see displayed on our DU boards and the

The Weed that can Change the World

the LITTLE MAN has had a busy day....

When It's Clear To All That Iraq Is A Total Disaster

Brand Democrat - raise your spirits

WATCH 20/20 next friday

A question about Deep Throat and Bob Woodward.

Are Republican Born Again Christians the largest group of Hypocrites?

Can they really refuse to fill prescriptions?!

do marriage laws need to be reformed?

How to secede without really trying.

Bush disrespecting Bill Clinton to be first in Bill Clinton's library!

Do you think we Europeans hate USA?

A Proposal: Blue States secede to become part of Canada! Could Work!

Don't think Big Brother is here? Check this out

I think I understand the psychology of those who want to blindly

Dean: "The Democrats went along for the ride."

WTF???! Guess what the name of *s new yacht is?

Brawlers' punishment should be modeled on soccer

9/11 uncovered

Apple Nut Bread

So, I'm Making A White Chocolate / Chambord Cheesecake For Thursday

Pie suggestions?

Does anyone have a short cut recipe for tamales?

Got a good or unusual recipe for duck?

MG Rover on brink of China deal

Blogging News in Baghdad (Kevin Sites)

House Passes Space Tourism Bill

Child Malnutrition in Iraq nearly double what it was before invasion

Recount Ordered in Puerto Rico Election

Pope Warns Against Changes to Marriage

Irish Official Promotes Civil Partnerships

Afghan Gets Death for Journalist Slayings (And Rape)

Fear is the key as Blair apes Bush's victory plan

ICRC (Red Cross) blasts 'inhumanity' of Falluja battles

A 'Good-Cop, Bad-Cop' Approach on Iran (says Armitage)

Renewable energy the way of the future

Call it Pork or Necessity, but Alaska Comes Out Far Above the Rest...NYT

IMAS Backs Iraqi Resistance

Farmers Buying Up Former Missile Silos (PCB/Asbesto/Fuel Contaminated )

Republicans Derail 9/11 Recommendations - PLEASE READ!

Nine bodies of Iraqi troops found in Mosul

Bush Warns Iran After Uranium Processing Reports

AP: Republicans red-faced over tax-disclosure gaffe

Chinese firm set to control MG Rover

Silence surrounds fates of contractors in Iraq

Three More Bodies Found in Iraq's Restive Mosul

U.S. Marine killed in Iraq hours after birth of his son

U.S. Forces in Iraq Detain Three After Raid (another mosque raided?)

Bush to Renew Intelligence Reform Pressure on Congress(Rummy holding out?)

U.S. Forces Kill Four in Afghanistan

Tiger Wins Going Away; Ends Drought

Falluja Troops Told to Shoot on Sight

Palestinians want the Americans to ensure smooth elections (ha ha!!)

Afghans Investigate Death of Suspect (possible torture death)

Groups Disappointed by Veteran Health Aid

Osama bin Laden is Planning Nuclear Attack Against US, Says Expert

Missouri Congressman Taken to Hospital (Rep. Ike Skelton- D)

(Calif) State democrats aim to hold their ground

Philippines strike hard against kidnappers

Militant groups control 60 percent of Fallujah: witnesses

Porter Goss's "Astounding" Memo to the CIA

FLORIDA: Juvenile prisons sit unused around state

Saudi bride roughs up guest for photographing her with camera phone

Lawmaker: White House Key to U.S. Intelligence Reform

Formal State Dinner Canceled at APEC (King George was afraid)

Several Die in Iraq violence as Blast Rocks Baghdad (Sun.)

Yucca Mountain adviser to Reid to get NRC post

8 Iraqi Guardsmen killed in Ramadi ambush

GOP files suit over recount in governor's race (WA state)

China to raise Bretton Woods reform

(Australian) Dollar Opens Week Strongly

Russia blocking Paris Club debt relief for Iraq: G20 source

Lawmakers Hold Out Hope for Intel Bill

Black Clergy Denounces 'Racial Motivated Attacks' on Condoleezza Rice

Reid brings quiet style to loud post

Bush Aims for End to Ban on Canada Beef

It’s closing U.S. bell for some German companies

U.S. survivor describes "disciplined" Iraq rebels

Informant's Fire Brings Shadowy Tale

Air Force Coach to Remove Christian Banner ("Team Jesus Christ")

Iran to urge US withdrawal from Iraq

Seven killed in bus shooting(Ramadi)

AP : Rehnquist's Status Still a Mystery

Falluja women, children in mass grave

Ukraine poll won by "the opposition" (this is dripping with irony with wrt

Doubts Fly on Terror Report's Reliability

Council yanks voting machine funding (Los Alamos CA)

Experts fear price pressures could worsen

SMALL TOWN VALUES: Rural Nevada key to Bush victory

Activists protest electronic voting

Deployment of Kurdish troops in Mosul alarms Arabs

Governor's views on social issues could doom AmendforArnold movement

Locusts Descend on Southern Israel (AP)

China to set up Asian-Pacific Finance and Development Center

Number of needy students drops at top universities

McCain Not Ruling Out Run for President

Reid says cooperation needed to solve problems

Iran says nuclear missiles aren't part of its defenses

Bush Has a Plan to Create Jobs -AP

Exit Poll Shows Liberal Wins in Ukraine (where have we heard this before?)

Tough Boots to Fill, Army recruiters take orders to boost the ranks...LAT

Troops Report 'Atrocity Sites' in Fallujah

Grand Canyon Flooded to Restore Beaches

Iraq Sets Election Date But Unrest Threatens Poll

Iraq PM's Cousin Released by Kidnappers

Judge denies request that some King County ballots not be counted (WA )

Republicans file suit to limit King County recount (WA State)

Raid on Mosque Sparks Battles in Baghdad (AP)

Kan. Man Protests Porn Opponents

Up to 50,000 more US troops needed in Iraq: Senator McCain

Bush might not address House [of Commons in Canada]

Conservatives Urge Closer Look At Marriage

Company Launches JFK Assassination Game

Air France Flight to Dulles International Airport Diverted; Two Passengers

So Cher does this Flynn song "Human" over the credits of "Stuck On You"

I saw "The Incredibles" tonight - brilliant - hilarious - excellent

I got a great idea for a bumper sticker!!!

Those damn Liberal elites insulted us Christian-Right again on SNL!

Help me break 300 tonight!

Anyone watching the Kennedy's on History Channel?

Why is /Fear Factor/ still on the air?

Wait was that another BACKING TRACK? (U2 on SNL)

So we went to see "National Treasure" this afternoon.

Bill Maher skit on Mad t.v. tonight

It's nice to see a band on SNL not lip synching!

Wow U2..I have never seen this


W. Eugene Smith photos

Life's little moments

Who won Winky Wright v. Shane Mosley?

I formally challenge DS1 to a duel

My 500th Post!!

So Which Is It? Is "Spokane" pronounced "Spo-KANE" or "Spo-CANN"

My star has run out and I'm accepting the kindness of strangers...

Who would win in an all out Funk-Off to the DEATH?

Rabrrrrrr HAS TO KNOW! Please, take this poll, I beg of you...

Ahhhhh...... the Martini. Nature's perfect elixir.

What is *the* one thing that you've expierenced...

Enough Rolling Stone Top 500 -- DU top 500 rock -n- roll songs

when you FLAME in response to a thread, you usually ...

If you could go back in time to change anything

Is there a GOPisEvil in the house? A GOPisEvil?!

Battery operated heated socks!

I only have my topless lapdancer to keep me warm

Funny essays thread

I only have my laptop to keep me warm

I'd mourn a corrected dung.

Where Do All The Missing Threads Go?

Hey !! ....Bill O'Rielly:

You know what I think?!

I hate that stupid Applebee's commercial...

Homely but cute dog contest: Top this!

Anyone ever drank Tab?

Anyone have a photo link to a "support our troops" ribbon on..

What is using all of my CPU?

What U2 did on SNL was totally awesome.

Allow me to introduce myself.

What's the deal with gravity?

I've got it!! Bush reminds me of

Zim's crack cream

Yeeee Hawww!!!

Ooooh.. Shiny ....

Anyone see The Concert for George?

Velvet Underground or Sonic Youth?

Super Milk Chan

WTF - U2 teases TV land with "One More!!!"

Anyone ever seen the movie "Q"?

Find your LOTR Dream Date!

One word post thread!

Hey look at me I am allowed to post now!!!

Thinking of changing my username to DieboldMustDie.

I have an annoying song on my mind!!!

Want some GOOD news??? please read this...

Are you a Hippie?

I'm the man who loves you

Does anyone else remember?

trite, but who's drunk tonite?

The typical DU lounge lizard? (graphic)

Pet Peeves

Stimpy, you EEEEEEEEdiot!

Video of Captured US Senator

Most favorite Christmas pop song

i have The French Erotic Film song in my head

The democratic party has died.

Hey Honey,.....Bring those red ones over here to Momma..

EEEEK.. thunder and LIGHTNING in Southern California...WTF

a little ethical dilemma


I love my new job!

MOZILLA-Some questions

At 9:65 ET Sun DU has 965 donations

Any Ansel Adams fans??????????

Who else is doing thanksgiving without the relatives

Is anyone watching SPIKE TV right now??

"C h r i s t i a n" transposed = "Rich natsi"

A cold grey fairyland

Your favorite city in all the world

Which movie poster design looks better?

Video of Captured US Senator

Any telekinetics on DU?

Pet peeve: the misuse of "we" - usually by freepers

Gotta hand it to the AFP Caption writers.. They have a way with words

Does anyone here know anything about building a website?

Be honest now, tell the truth....

It's getting to the point where I'm no fun any more

One last post tonight - related to best concerts - FIRESIGN THEATER

Help! I need a new sig line graphic!

Tiger Wins Going Away; Ends Drought

It's 9:65am...

Help our furry friends.

Where originally did the term "breastesses" originate, originally?

Guess My Dog ISN'T So Dumb Afterall! - He Now Stands Up To Pee

Submerged car...crane....oops

MikeG has just discovered the band Royksopp. Man are they good.

We will now being having venison for Thanksgiving, too! :-)

I am so smart, S-M-R-T!

Reply here if you got your star!!

Calling word game or language experts..........

Lance Link, Secret Chimp and his sidekick Pooty-Poot go undercover!

Anyone else here make wine?

FINALLY: Snow on a day off!

Jerry van Dyke: Tortured Genius or Has-Been?

Should I ask for clothes for Christmas?

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!

Cory Feldman-Tortured Genius Or Has been

Favorite (tobacco) smoking instrument?

Would you wear these boots?

Grrrrrr .... Anyone else having this spoofing problem??

Wish my friend didn't beat me to it.

vertigo blows

IPOD Help....real media files (.rm) on an Ipod?

The not dead Osteen that starts with J is a fucking MORAN!

Was I Duped...


Tab! (eewww!!) Who remembers Fizzies?

Idea for alternative way to spend Thanksgiving

I'm a newbie... explain

Raise your hands if anyone wants a star...

Here's a lovely toy company we should not support

any writers or english majors out there? need some help

So when do you want martial law declared?

Eew. I just pulled a hair out of my mouth.

Subliminal advertising.

US Blues

I fell in the bathroom, banged my head on the tile floor-ask me anything

I'm hungry!!! Think I'll have a Zomby-Matcom-DrWeird sandwich


The cat smells like dog slobber!

The cat smells like matcom slobber!

How should one approach a job interview?



I read or subscribe to a daily newspaper

Computer Help: Lavasoft Scan

Should I get rid of my 'The Living Daylights' poster?

What're you gonna get with YOUR DU Visa card?!?

I just set fire to the front page of my newspaper

Help . . . I'm being dragged to the Spongebob movie by a team of . . .

I can tell it's getting colder out...

A star for the first person to guess

I have sent mlle_chatte back to Gay Puree

stray-has large ears and muzzle of hounds, but is large as a dalmation

It's great to be a Florida Gator!

Calling all cat experts ...

Robert "Plenty O' " No-fax sure is a tool

Bush disrespecting Bill Clinton to be first in Bill Clinton's library!

Anyone know where things stand for a Gardeners' group?

Hey man,

Anyone else happy about * being punched?

Does anyone like puzzles?

SANTORUM's next MAN-DATE with his CELLMATE? read all about it...

NO MORE HANGING WIRES! (and other campy TV quotes)

How should I build post count

My STAR has risen, again...

Should we separate the Wat from his wattle?

Ipod users: can I transfer my Winamp playlists direct to iTunes?

One day left to change my name - but to what?

New member of my gadget family....

Howie Long and Doug Flutie grew up in the Boston area but have no accents.

NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! (and other campy movie quotes)

Anybody remember "Cars That Go Boom"?

Eagles Fans! Your Team Is LOSING!! You NERVOUS????

Speaking of Paul Simon...

Quiz: Which Phase of the Greek Tragic Cycle Are You?

Yay!! Georgie has a black eye...

LOL -- Look at what GOPsUX did

Poor Georgie -- no one wants to play with him

Holy shit - moron I'm training even tops herself!!!!

Is McCain Wearing High Heels?

This thread is testing my patience

Enough of these pretend Quizzes,

Weird song from the 80's

My molestation was worse than yours!

Andrew Dice Clay, tortured genius or asshole?

You're so vain, I bet you think this thread is about you

The Offer You Can Refuse of all CAPTIONS!!

Everything Must Go

You know you're about to raise hell when your boss wants to pre-read

This post is self-referential too.

He's doing it again!

War on war

Suzanne Sommers...


"WOW! I've Never Seen One That BIG Before!"

The Great Green Web Game

Quiz: Which Enemy of the Christian Faith Are You?

Should I change my name?

If any of these describe you, you're a redneck!

I've never been so ashamed to be a 49er fan.

Should There Be a Special "Under 18" Symbol for Younger DU-ers?

Should There Be a Special "Over 18" Symbol for Older DU-ers?

Stupid Cats

What should I do for my 18th birthday?

Well. This makes me want to vomit (m)

Jenna Jameson -Rocking Porn Star Or Misunderstood Harlot

This is some amazing stuff

Weird Picture of Condi

Damn BEER I God love!

I can't vote for immoral, perverted, criminal types who do not share my

Quiz: Right Brianed or Left Brianed?

DU oldtimers

Fashion advice: matinee opera event ????

The Mexican Hat-Dance of all CAPTIONS!!!

Must read! This is great. Finally figured it out! Am I the only one who..

David Stern Is Not Happy

This post is self-referential

Talk sex with Sue

I have wasted an entire day.

I've never been so ashamed to be a 42er fan.

When do I start thawing turkey???

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

I am 2 paragraphs shy of finishing my paper!!!

Single White Female

Caption yet another great Rummy moment...

"Johnny, we hardly knew ye...". JFK : 1917-1963

I saw "Ray" at the movies last night...I thought the singer's life

Ten hours of Donovan? We'll see...

y'all like Simon&Garunkel?

I saw"Ray" last night. It was good in parts..but left me feeling it was

Praise be! My parents have procured decent wine for Thanksgiving!

The post is self-reverential

Why is the "leader" of the "free world" such a douchebag?

anyone have sirius radio? do tell

I think I got freaking fleas...I can't stop itching.

Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy: Hero or Villian?

Group proposal: dean/Clark alliance

What's for dinner?

Can I JUST live in a normal place, please????

Favorite Protest Song

I'd have never thought it, but country music...

Sex Ed Poll

I want to welcome all newbies with ZombyHugs-n-Kisses!

We woke up this morning to two tiny mice in our bathtub...

Best Pixar Movie?

Best story you've ever heard.

In the streets of 1967 San Francisco (warning: a lot of large photos)


PHOTO: Bush soils white shirt at dinner, steals tablecloth to cover up

it's almost here !!!

Plenty O'Toole sent me a fax

Where should I move in America

what does it mean if my coolant low light comes on in my car but

Today begins my third year on DU ...

foul mouthed rant recieved in email. Click at your own risk.

Quiz: Right Brained or Left Brained?

If you had 1 year to live, what would you do?

I'm a Goofy Goober! You're a Goofy Goober!

What's to "Get" about "The Incredibles"?

Episode 1001 : Soultaker

MrsGrumpy and I are going to cuddle up and watch the Packers

Did anyone watch football tonite?



Anyone know the name of the Billy Bragg song on AAR Unfiltered Friday?

favorite pot smoking instrument

Do YOU still have "Joementum"

What WIMPS Drive VS what REAL men drive


Artest Suspended 30 Games

1968 - 2008

How to tell if you are living in a red or blue state

ROLLING STONE ranks the so-called "500 Greatest Songs of all Time."

Vote on the name for me?

God damn I love BEER!

What professional TEAM do you hate the most?

What obscure toys did you have as a child?

Visit the blog MOVELEFT.COM.

Best "The Kids in the Hall" skit?

My last post before the big name change over

I find myself holding my breath a lot.

Need tech help - backdoor bla trojan.

Should we seperate the art from the artist?

Fuck Woody Allen. Let's move on to Roman Polanski

I am dedicating my 700th Post to my Dad..........

What should Skinner change his screenname to?

Who's Your Favorite Actress That's No Longer With Us?

three word thread

Can you kill this thread?

"I'm a Democrat and a Christian" bumper stickers are now available!

Recommend a gift book for a BEGINNING Science Buff?

Human rights campaign website for gay marriage

Log Cabin Republicans

Wake me up when Montreal/Washington does something good, will you?

OK, NASCAR fans!

1st Quater: Denver 20, New Orleans 0

Kurt Busch wins the NASCAR championship by a foot!

Bowl game disccussion thread

Roy Williams just busted the hell out of Ravens running back Smith's leg

Stern announcing Pistons/Pacers suspensions ESPN now...

I would like to note that Boston College is 8-2 and ranked #19

NASCAR race: top 4 in points seperated by only 10 points!!!!!!!

My dog likes to change channels

Kitty Meltdown.

It's almost like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction

Ever get yelled at by your cat?

Bird owners: Check the dog section for the same toys

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana/India prison reform

Transiting Mercury conj. Pluto opposes U.S. chart's Mars & squares Neptune

Intro (long)

Those of us who are over, say, 35 are screwed.

Do you believe?

Check this thread out if you get a chance, Please?

This story on Afghanistan's drug trade reminded me

An open letter to Senator John Kerry (or My President...)

H.R.1610, Passed, rename post office: `Walt Disney Post Office Building'.

Why Recount Ohio? (votersunite)

What Are We Fighting For? A Justification For The War,1939.

Law against Corporations involving themselves in politics.

I'm glad that I'm no Democrat.

Do modern Dems oppose the Religious Right as strongly as Barry Goldwater?

Does anyone have info about Mark Warner's campaigns

Question: What would happen if we all stopped paying taxes

No WMD+No OBL+No Zarqawi+unstable Iraq+Fallulah +0 Gitmo convictions+

John McCain intends to run in 08, he was trying to be coy talking

Check out Chris Bowers's state-by-state partisan index chart at MyDD.

Meet the Press: Tim starts off naming those running for president in 2008

WaPo : Minor Mutiny in GOP Ranks Fails to Derail Tom DeLay

McCain said we need to increase the size of the Army and the Marines

co-operation needed?! about working together:

Clotures, filibusters and Frisk

Will Bush show up again this year in Iraq with a fake turkey?

McCain on Meet the Press right now talking about H4818

next time "morality" comes up, try "holier-than-thou"

Why the DLC is risking its own political irrelevance

Oh shit. McCain has a nice suit on.

McCain supports steroids legislation for baseball.

This is the kind of thinking we need if we're ever going to win again

If you want a more centrist candidate next time

As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents,

all these chest beaters have an obligation to enlist NOW!

RWers try to play down Michael Moore's relevence, BUT

Jebbie is building Juvenile prisons while other sit unused.

Bush's nickname for Condi is "sweetness"

PHOTO: GOP candidate 2008

Fox talking about Bill Clinton

Republicans file suit in King County, WA to stop hand recount, Governor

Political Muscle can BEAT Political Capital...

Lieberman: New Secretary of Homeland Security?

Republican's World

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

Sunday Morning news shows: What we learned

Majette's post-election faith guided by God, Rolling Stones

Roberts blames WH, Frist blames Pentagon on failed reform bill


Only losers

What the Reps sent me before the election.

could this be what is wrong with Bush's real brain?


Ken Salazar-only Dem to win a competetive Senate Seat - How did he do it?


History repeats itself: Britain invaded Iraq for Oil in 1918

Blame, Shame and Train

Laura Bush Enjoys Meeting the Peasants

Enough! Let's come up with our own soundbites!

PHOTO: When nobody at the dinner party wants to talk to you

if McCain runs in 2008, is there any Democrat that can beat him ?

What do you think of the term "Progressive moralist"?

As the opposition Party, we need to learn to demagogue.

How about a Blue/Red divorce?

Proportional apportionment of electoral votes: a quick study (long)

Tax Changes Coming

Elizabeth Edwards discusses diagnosis 7 est

Bush Quote

Alll This Left , Right, Center Stuff Is Making Me Confused

Photo of Bush leaping into ACTION to save bodyguard from Chilean cops

McCain Calling for 40,000 More Troops

The irony of Humvees

2008 : How do the Repubs personally attack Dem candidate ?

Group proposal: dean/Clark alliance

A quote from 'National Treasure' (the movie)

We have only 4 Dem senators left in the south? Who's vulnerable in '06

POTUS at it again

Who's Istook and why does he want your tax forms?

When will F911 be on TV? It's still a good idea

Don't Limbaugh and Hannity remind you of Joseph McCarthy?

The Grand Deception

Rural American values if you skip god, guns and gays.


Brad Carson: Bush Popularity 'Doomed' Senate Campaign

Who's up for an Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin Book Burning?

Oops! Looks like *some* conservatives really WANT to save marriage!

PHOTO: Bush shunned by 21 other world leaders, leaves early

Carville had "The Economy, Stupid!" What was pinned over Rove's desk?

How would Dean assess Presidential contenders if DNC Chair?

Is everyone celebrating Buy Nothing Day on Friday????

It was suggested that this be cross posted here. Inaugurate Kerry as

Happy Campers At Democracy For Texas! Great group and a picture.

Which hurt Kerry the most ? The bin Laden story or the Swift Boat ads?

Al Sharpton on abortion