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Archives: November 22, 2004

The Crushing of Fallujah

The end of Social Security?Don't reform it, replace it

Blumenthal: Colin and the crazies

Groundhog Day----not like the Judith Miller theme


Sly, Condi & Charlie Sykes


Giving the Law a Religious Perspective

Powell's Unfortunate Outburst

Hey Tucson: Drink Shit (Literally)

Litigating the Election ---good compilation of effects thus far

US risks a downhill dollar disaster

New Olbermann blog: Election can be overturned up to January 6th!

Is it possible to form a coalition of Progressive Democrats?

I wish a liberal billionaire would buy CNN

two-and-a-half times the entire federal debt racked up from 1776 to 1980

Fellow wants a 10% national sales tax to replace payroll tax,and End to SS

Five hunters killed in Wisconsin woods

how do i use 'hide thread'?

I just got a message I wrote deleted- please respond

Re: The "I BELIEVE" thread

Can the ATA forum be on the top DU forum menu,

Locking, deletions, WHAT IS GOING ON?

I have NO idea what kind of infighting and adolescent

Just a thanks . . .

I know this must be a rookie mistake

Can't get into some non-political forums

DU Bumper Sticker

Party Time for the Republicans

Cleveland voting/votergate people on right now; nt

Complete update from Cobb (with list-serv subscription info)

Files of the suspected players

CREATIVE KICKING . . . Deleted????

With "America Coming Together"

Elizabeth Edwards is on Dateline Now! n/t


Have any voting discrepancies gone Kerry's way?

Any more ideas?? Please post here

Diebold & Indymedia Server seizure connection?

I wonder what would happen if a reporter asked Bush

Take action: Distribute these flyers

Interesting thought. Think Clinton

Black Box T Party!

Does anyone recall on Nov. 3...

Must Read! Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam

CyberNET, Stryon, Halcyon, and Chinese connection

You may be able to **double** your BBV donation **free**

Recount the Votes

Cybernet: Financial fraud, not election fraud

Time to debunk the green shoes

What is Cybernet connection to Accenture? Can I get Du'ers to research

Anyone hear from Bev lately?

Are we urinating into the prevailing advection about a possible reversal

Chances Kerry Will Be President On or After January 6


I am hesitant to post this but I think Duer's should think about this

Confessions of a Republican hacker

Honestly, will Healy and Romney be voted out?

Apple Valley and 400 other US cities designate "Bible Week"

Is there anyone famous in St. Paul who might want to run for mayor? nt

Need help, again win 98

Opinions needed: VOIP (Voice over internet protocol)

Ohioans watch out

90% of Stark Co. Provisionals OK

A New York Times article on ACT in Ohio says that

Knoll may be cut from 2006 ticket

Anyone else notice how loud the Hummer commercials are?

Principal has himself whipped by a teacher to punish two teens

Anyone else believe "Operation Northwoods" version 2005 is coming?

Why all the good people get assassinated?

here come da judges!

Electoral College - Reform?

WTF? Exit Polls.....

Women Raped and Killed, Killed ...Children Killed...Sudan, Fallujah,

When Bush is done with his second term, I expect to see the following;

Just Watched the Elizabeth Edwards Interview on Dateline

Anyone hear from Bev lately?

Have you seen the film "Battle of Algiers"?

Carjacking... in Minneapolis?

I'm glad my Congressman is such a fiscal conservative

A top ten list Action Alert & Kevin Ryan Update

NYT article on ACT's efforts in Ohio

George McGovern:The Third Freedom:Ending World Hunger in our Time

Ashcrofts greatest hits

Photo: Zoo habitat apparently a miracle for one endangered species

If you were as rich as bill gates how much would you donate?

Why do so many people discount the possibility of voter fraud ??

Strangely, today I have been thinking about Alan Keyes.Forgive me.

Have You Seen "The Tasty Bust Reunion"?? It Could Happen Here...

8:00et "Hating America" on FOX

repubot or bushbot?

Funny story about Keyes

Last night, I dreamed I was the mayor-elect of Hartford, CT.

Abraham Lincoln: Flip Flopper

I'm goin' to Florida for Thanksgiving

Attention Cell Phone Users........solicitation alert..

Karl Schwarz/Sibel Edmonds


Wah-hoo-wah! My son's 2 good friends at UVA -Rhodes Scholars

Liberal & beautiful Humboldt County, California!

Folks, this is why we are losing important elections

Les Moonves on CNBC speaking about censorship n/t

Did the media ever pontificate about how "Christianity is dead in America"

Interesting television programming on Lifetime...

good pic of the schrub

Squeezed by the Big Dog (Bitch)

Help !? Michael Scheuer's Interview on Meet the Press tonight

My message to the "Christian" conservatives....

So, Assuming There are elections in Iraq, how much will Allawi win by?

Anybody watching 60 Minutes?

Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Fleece Oil for Food Program

Get your subscription to Harper's Magazine today!

Canadian Alternative

Good news people the 8th sign that the world is about to end is here

The 14 characteristics of fascism

Bush might not address House. Advisers want to stay clear of heckling

Who went to the Moveon house party? How'd it go?

CNN: Laugh at Ohioans bitching about jobs

Has everyone seen this clip of Rep. Ryan (OH)? Is he free in '08??

VMS of America helping out with the Vote Fraud Coverup


FUC*ING SICK!! "Video game simulates Kennedy assassination"

No matter what you think, you're NOT ready for the "Bush Poncho" photo.

Well, Christian's ready

The Real Difference: (between Dems and Greens)

Goddammit, I *still* can't get to Bev Harris' website!

Hunter is hunting hunters - 5 dead, 3 injured

BUSH looked like crap on tv tonite.

Man...Some People Are So Stupid

Idiot FauxNews Constructs Video Compilation of Foreigners "Hating America"

November 22, 1963

So how do you make your stuffing?

Visiting Quebec City in December...what neat stuff should I know?

Elizabeth edwards on Dateline now! (7 PM eastern) n/t

Peru Wants Intl Court to Take on Fujimori Case

Britain Grants Russian Soldier Asylum

Judge denies request that some King County ballots not be counted

U.S. Deserter Jenkins to Be Freed

WP: Iraq Force Is Seen As Likely To Grow (More Troops needed)

Powell Arrives for Talks On Palestinian Transition

N Korea To Bolster Deterence Against US "Threat" (30 US nukes?)

CNN: Palm Beach County Courthouse on Lockdown for Mold Caused by Hurricane

Growth Rate in Health Cost to Employers Slowed in '04

St. Louis Post Dispatch may be sold!

Colombia Deploys 15,000 Troops for Bush

Breaking: 5 killed, 3 wounded in Northwestern Wisconsin

Electronic Passports Might Not Measure Up

Ukraine´s Early Results, Exit Polls Differ

Colombia Deploys 15,000 Troops for Bush

Bush Wants Strong Dollar, to Cut Budget Deficit

Bush's slapdown for Blair on climate change

Arrests Made at Military School Protest

Fears over elections timed to coincide with haj pilgrimage

FBI Author of Pre-9/11 Memo Talks to Paper

Bush's slapdown for Blair on climate change

Five shot dead in Wis. Hunting Dispute

G.O.P. Says Motive for Tax Clause in Budget Bill Was Misread

Thousands of Georgia Guard members prepare for Iraq (WTF?)

Texas Woman's Death Probed for Mad Cow Tie

(UK Gen Sir) Jackson fears Army will remain in Iraq for years

Enforcement of Civil Rights Law Declined Since '99, Study Finds -NYT

Political opposition in shambles in Venezuela as Chavez consolidates power

Security Dispute Dulls Luster of Bush's Trip to Chile (trip's bizarre end)

Bush Tries to Mend Ties With Latin America

Universities Record Drop In Black Admissions

20 arrested in protest at Army school for Latin Americans

Ukraine's key election 'rigged' (look for Bush to congrat Yanukovych

Damn -- USA Network sure didn't waste any time!!!!!!

I'm a conservative

Mr Trouble never hangs around, when he hears this mighty sound!


Damnit, Evita just has the nastiest Kitty Breath

I HATE late games on FOX!!

Digital File Question

well the first thing i wanna say is, mandate my ass

San Di-eeego SUPERChargers!!

I just got nine years worth of Dilbert comic strips

Colin Mochrie and Vladimir Putin: Seperated at Birth?

Natalie Portman - Inside the Actors Studio

Shave My Privates!

High-tech cow-tipping?

I know what to get Mom for Xmas!



Know what the Lounge really needs tonight? ANOTHER FOOTBALL THREAD!

How much sex is too much?

Ed's Sex Pole

Why does the word Sex have Ex in it?

Hunter is hunting hunters - 5 dead, 3 injured

Reminder: Touching the Void on tonight. PBS.

Semi-Official Packers/Texans Thread

Oh NO!! I'm in the 700 Club!!!

Blue-state NFL teams kick the crap out of red-state teams

DU Bumper Sticker

Over the River and Through the woods

So what, no Simpsons thread this week?

Texans in ponchos - which do you like best?

I have a mouse in my apartment. How do I get rid of it?

Arnold Ziffel-Misunderstood Pork Star Or Pig

Ever seen a grown man naked?

Lost Purse Containing $43,000 Is Returned

Lost purse containing 1.21 jigawatts returned

Terry Melcher (Record producer/songwriter) dead

Anyone listening to Laura Flanders?

WOO HOO! My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss is gonna be on in a few moments!

Lost purse containing 7.92 femto-electron volts returned

Lost billfold containting 5.27 pimpowatts returned

Holiday Cards. Any suggestions of where to look on line

I see nothing funny about the title of this movie

I have a new trick in my culinary bag and it is great! Köstliche Wurst!

who already misses my chagall sig pic?

Favorite Thanksgiving Movie

Blue-Jay is asleep downstairs

My cats are more spoiled than your cats

The Two-Headed Chicken Preps For Invasion: a cartoon

I have a new trick in my culinary bag and it is great! Vergnügen Wurst!

I want to see this published.

Aw hell. I can't focus anymore.

Is it too early to have Christmas lights up?

I 'm starting a new discussion forum, looking for suggestions

I would like to thank whoever donated in my name.

Who else loves the show "Arrested Development" ?

I'm posting the punch line, YOU make up the joke!

Anyone seen the1990 film adaptation of Rosencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead?

This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

Du'ers I need your creative help

My Friend Wants To Wear Girls Pants

CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------I Want to COOK for You!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

Yeah it was rigged, and yeah 4 more years, Oh how to survive?

I'm really pissed off

What should I get from the vending machine?

I will answer the next 5 questions

Question for Jewish DU'ers: Ideas of what to get parents for Hanukkah


Who else is ignoring Christmas this year?

How do you store an Ice Cream Cake?

flying from Detroit to Australia

I know that this is early but...

Anyone know of any stores that sell Womens Watches for small wrists?

Calvin Coolidge On Taxes,Coming Up Now On TCM

Can I PLEASE ask a flava?

Carr is a punk.

Candy nostalgia

I just had to practice a little "Tough bush Love" on a bush voter

Well, I know exactly what I won't be doing Wednesday at 9 pm EST

My roommate snores really freaking loud.

I'm wanting to Pull RSS Feeds into a blog

The Sunday Night Football Announcers Are Idiots

Has the world gone completely insane?

Haaaa! My stupid local Fox tv channel is running that Red Dawn

time for a new Sealab 2021


Longwell kickswell!

Any souls celebrating Christmas?

This is a Test

My music is louder than yours, gar-on-tee!

Compare Ron Artest to Eddie Shore

Age check thread


HELP: Anyone Know What The Statue On The Front Of Ships Is Called?

Odd Cravings...

Dripping drool on my monitor

DU is "fair and balanced" right/left...right?

Can I be the first to say "fuck Christmas '04"?

Behold! My very first cat thread and cat pic!

Took off my Kerry and put on my DU bumpersticker!

Bucket or Bouquet?

The lips of the ESPN crew are placed deeply into Brett Favre's sphincter.

I'm disgusted at the lack of respect that was shown in an earlier thread.

Bushgame Video Game...incredible!!!

Uncle Zomby's 100% Guaranteed SAFE & NON-CONTROVERSIAL Thread!

Ugh, "Friends" is boring/pedantic/sophomoric/unclever

Home improvement/repair questions, for the DIYers here.

Indiana DU'ers: What Time is THE DAILY SHOW?

Opinions needed: VOIP (Voice over internet protocol)

Sorry Matcom but your Redskins just SUCK!!!!!

Wah-hoo-wah! My son's 2 good friends at UVA -Rhodes Scholars

DU Art History hobbyists...I need your skilled advice.

How Many Times Did Jackie Robinson Charge The Stands?

Three Word Threat

Anyone ever store a car long-term, like in a garage or storage area

Cat lovers - What's the longest one of yours has stayed away?

This kitten KICKED MY ASS, so I have named her Skittles.

Please read my essay and give me suggestions, reflections.

Ron Jeremy-Misunderstood Porn Star Or Pig

sorry, but in all fairness- if you're over thirty five, I want a * on your

Who or what are the BIGGEST things you stand up for or fight in life?

Happy Thanksgiving

Internet Anarchy?

MAJOR personal announcement

Marine Recruiters at Marching Band Finals Comp...

Elton John Fans: What's this song?

My EVERLY BROTHERS Top Ten. Vote for your favorite!

Funniest DU names!!!

Now that I'm done with Lynne Cheney's *Sisters,* what should I do with it?

This thread is as good as dead.

Hunting as a sport

Racism rears it's ugly head among "God's People" in Nashville

Non Fic Book Club: We're voting on our first choices now, c'mon by!

Is it important to you to find out about other relgions

Best songs on Artest's new rap album

chiron in Capricorn

Just heard a song whose lyrics seem to fit so much right now...

Some days I like Maureen Dowd; this is not one of them

What if Delay gets indicted by a FEDERAL grand jury?

Is there a "60 Minutes" discussion thread right now? Help!

Bush's speech in Chile....

Glenda Hood celebrates voting successes

The National Democratic Party is looking at Colorado as a template.

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

Republicans File Suit To Limit King County Recount - Seattle Post Intel

The Dubya Movie

Wesley Clark Issue Positions

Some interesting Senate possibilities in 2006

What will become of the Kerry surrogates?

Should Democrats Embrace the TAX CUT?

What do you think about Iran

GOP Plants Flag on New Voting Frontier (Exurban)

Kerry had $45 million left over from his campaign?

Does it matter "how" you win so long as you "win" ?

Am I crazy in thinking that the Bush/secret service incident

What about John Edwards for DNC head?

War costing $5.8 billion a month?????

Marjorie Cohn .. Litigating the Election

Did you eBlock for a candidate during the primaries?

A challenge to read an interview and a speech.

Keith Olberman "went on vacation" with "convenient timing"

Raise your hand if you agree that Malloy is right- It's the MACHINES!

Is History Repeating Itself? We the people can not let this continue!!

In hindsight, what do you think of the "Dean scream"??

If Bush gets ousted, what are you looking forward to most?

Reality in FL....3 districts affected by left/right tug of war in primary.

Fuck it. Let's just have a fight.

Is John Kerry officially done for the count

Here is a list of the way all our senators voted on H. R. 4818 yesterday.

This Thanksgiving, let's give thanks where it's due......

This voter fraud thing can get annoying sometimes

As it stands, Democrats will NEVER win another election. Nov 3, 11:10pm

Why do we have machine/ or electronic voting at all?

The unions f***ed us

Bush Quote

Sturdy Loyalty is Rewarded....Steven Hadley (of Niger Documents Claim)

Herbert: Shhh, Don't Say 'Poverty' (12 Million Households)

Decline found in civil rights charges

A Bill KERRY Sponsers Suggests How Democrats Can Handle RELIGION

Volusia recount could help ease nation's suspicions

VERMONT: More honest elections

NORTH CAROLINA: Gaffe in Gaston

Boot camp

Back-room dealing a Capitol trend

Doubts Fly on Terror Report's Reliability

Sycophant Spies (to CIA - Support Bush or else)

Hard work, gardening and pollen - the recipe for long life

Succeed or fail, war is hell and everyone loses

OHIO: Drop the recount

What You Didn't Know About the Dollar & Iraq

Privatizing Social Security?

Illinois Rep. Weds Ex-Dictator's Daughter

Air Force Coach to Remove Christian Banner

Extremist Threats Put Netherlands in Turmoil

Screw You, America-GOTTA Read this!

Salon: William Safire's dubious legacy

Iraq'd-Next Stop Kirkuk

I couldn't believe this by Cal Thomas. Armageddon?

for Halliburton: millions in contracts designated for minority businesses

Mosque photographer in his own words: To the Devil Dogs

A New General For Senate Dems

Some College Republicans regret donors were "misled"

Missing JFK

Reclaiming the Democratic Party - Paging Dr. Dean

MSNBC - Who is Bush willing to kiss?

Al From: Democrats must close three gaps in trust

Screw you, America

One-third of Bush's Top Fund-Raisers Got Appointments

P.M. Carpenter: The proverbial 'haughty spirit before a fall'

high school kid threatened with suspension

Good old fashioned book burning!

Opinions of Peace Corps?

German-language TV set for US launch

Tucker belittles Dean; Carville sits silent

G.O.P. Constituencies Split on Tax Change(4 easy partial bills to protect

Bush wants SS $ invested in pornography, abortion, and stem cell research

China surges in trade pacts with South America

Trading equity for some serenity

EADS ["Airbus"] Goes After US Defense Market

How does one move money into euros?

Concerns Build About Danube Delta Canal Plans - BBC

BLM Plan Projects 1,600 Wells Drilled On/Around Roan Plateau, CO

More Violent & Extreme MN Weather? Get Used To It.

Hadley Centre Director Warns Asian CEOs On Climate Breakdown - Reuters

Hole After Hole Punched In Law Discouraging Development In Hurricane Areas

Battery Shortages May Crimp Hybrid Production - McPaper

ESA Satellites Will Monitor Desertification In Southern Europe

Passing ANWR without a filibuster?

Global Climate Change Evidence Everywhere - Except ChimpCo Policy

Bishop says Reid killed nuke-waste strategy

No Evidence Ozone Layer Recovering - Mario Molina

Human Rights Watch: U.N. Backtracks in Darfur Resolution

Posts on the Irish Peace Process to be bought to you by

Donations to the VPC must have been slowing down.

The anti-troops post deletions

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy DU

Is it possible to donate for someone else (who is already a donor)?

Missing a verb in Idiots

hide thread (this can wait if you have bigger matters to address)

These people kidding right?

I can't find the remote control

Would like to know

Clarification of momcat's request


Can you force Big McLarge McHuge to remain a moderator next term?

I Found Jersey Devil's Remote Control...

I have an "Ignored" post that re-directs back to the main page!

Why did you guys stop doing the electoral map back on election night?

What time is the name-change deadline?

Idea for a new DU group.

You Guys Have So much Patience....its Amazing

Hey, Skinner, do you guys have a spare couch or two?

Fire extinguisher needed in the Lounge

thanks for turning my account back on

Imageshack pictures won't post?

'To John Kerry' thread

would it be possible to have a page or forum of "pinned" threads?

Suggestion, recommended books w/ polls

BBC tv "Empire Warriors" -July 22nd 1946,Jerusalem....

Powell Wins Israeli Vow to Ensure Palestinian Vote

Howard and Arafat

Bush Goal: Palestinian State by 2009

Arafat's Death: What do you think?

Arafat’s path: Destroy Israel through ‘peace’

What Palestinians Should Do Now

"What Goes Up Must Come Down"

Is anyone organizing an inauguration protest?

Ohio Honest Elections Campaign: Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

I, unfortunately, firmly believe Kerry has moved on

do elected democrats feel being silent is moving to the center?

Latest truthout editorial. (Nice summary)

What's the Matter With Kansas? Absolutely nothing.Blue Shift to Kerry:2.4%

Another Republican company counting votes

Gaston County, NC-Diebold technician raises very serious questions

Anyone leading anything in NM? Anyone need anything from NM?

Ohio Recount Volunteers: Direct Cobb URL here

Vote counting editorial cartoon postcard

Who Decides the Number of Voting Machines?

Article from Canada's Globe&Mail on electronic voting

Judge Refuses to Stop Wash. Recount

The other forums don't like me. I need someone's help.

Bev Harris was threatened by the Secret Service

How Ohio was rigged--A must read!

Update on Efforts to halt Nevada certification

Statisticians Needed

If BBV site was updated more often, it would = more MS awareness which

Investigation begins today in North Carolina

Diebold and ES&S felon employees - here's more on that

Cuyahoga County Ohio - List of 8k "Incomplete" Registration Cards...

Evidence of Fraud vs. Recounts - which is more effective?

Baseless Theory - Cage Lists/Felon Lists + Absentee Ballots = TROUBLE

Did Bush Lose the Election?

93,000 + excess votes counted in Cuyahoga County

Was there only the 4:00 exit poll?

How we won Pennsylvania

New analysis of Ohio exit polls.

OH NO! The Kiss of Death...


Bob Graham has got involved in a letter to Bev Harris encouraging her to

How can we learn and grow as a community?

Firsthand Reports from Ohio Volunteers keep kicked

How can you get through to the media?...

Election official in OH calls recount "frivolous"

The difference in a recount and a challenge is what?

No good news today?

Where is the outrage? Kerry didn't win the popular vote

My website on media responsibility has a section on the Election 2004

Judge Denies GOP Recount Request in Washington

Kentucky Repub State Senator GETS THE BOOT!!!

Go to Louisiana Free: DCC National Activist Outreach

My Nor Cal Congressman also writing the GAO

Democratic Party Seeks Volunteers to Help Recount

Does anyone have a list of the new Democrats joining the House?

Quote from Bush: Truth=Verification

I'm sorry

Ohio Recount Effort: Green Party Seeks Money, Volunteers

New Olbermann Blog Post

Did Bush Lose? oh just looking around in google and....

LA Times - Bush won 97 of the 100 fastest growing counties

Baypoint debunked

A play-by-play echo of the American Presidential Election

The unemployment rate is going up in Ohio

US says Kiev must investigate election fraud allegations

Why There Were Long Lines in Columbus

Bev has an update at her website

Jesse Jackson on CNN right now says Bush won "fair and square"....

7 Items for your Tool Kit -- to Get the Vote Back!

nevada! please help

I just almost threw up -- CNN reported Chimpy Approval at 55%

Richard Hayes Phillips: Widespread election fraud in Cleveland

Election experts debate returns

NC Unofficial Audit Part 2: Inside the Black Box

150 protest in Denver Gotta see! :)

Well the Ukrainians know how to do it: Ukraine gripped by poll turmoil

When did you believe something was wrong?

Time to start ORGANIZING LOCALLY and preparing for the WORST!

I am REALLY pissed off at DEAN

Bush To Privatize Elections...

Ohio Election Officials Bristle Under Recount Requests

Ohio Recount Effort: Green Party Seeks Money, Volunteers

Why is Ayala, Accenture, Cox Media, Cybernet & Neil Bush all connected?



Recount efforts in Ohio by Kerry intensify

Ohio Provisional Vote Count Update

CyberNET Group and Accenture - NO CONNECTION!

Dr. Steve Freeman has updated his paper!

"Ignite" and "Diebold" hires ex cons

State of our nation? Think about it. Theft.


LA area Chomky readers

What colleges are represented?

Wellstone documentary at the Reif In Grand Rapids

Wonder whether he sported a "sportsman for Bush"

So yesterday I was alerted to the Backdoor Bla Trojan virus.

Ok, Kiddies. Gather 'round. Unca T gonna tell you his Windows Secrets.

Techies and Geeks--any thoughts on this thread?

Pennsylvania Observer

Anyone willing to guess whether SEPTA will get funded?

New (Un)Reality Show Idea... Li'l Ricky and Eight is Too Much

The Occupational Privilege Tax is Dead...

I heard on the radio this morning...

Plane that crashed in Houston this morning was

Any events this week?

Washington Recount---Results Thread

Heading home to Whatcom County for Turkey day.

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

I went to an appreciation celebration, courtesy of the Salazar brothers.

Time to debunk the green shoes

Is there any country where Bush would get a friendly reception?

Through the looking glass.

WSJ: Car Customizers, Government Clash

Give me a candidate! ANY CANDIDATE!

Vicente Fox and Shorty at the APEC Summit

So I started me one of those blogs

GOP Plants Flag on New Voting

Are the freepers trying to single me out because we are close?

Maybe we should return to federalism instead of mentioning "secession"?

Dan Rostenkowski

Concerning the hunting deaths...

Just learned NBA commish David Stern is a bigtime Dem

Is Yahoo down?

House Leadership Blocks Vote on Intelligence Bill

The quality of jobs being created in the New Bush Economy sucks.

Strictly speaking, is it really a 'war' in Iraq?

American Heroes...

My local taxes have increased! But I'm happy!

The quality of jobs being created in the New Bush Economy sucks.

Group Blasts Political Quizzing of U.S. Science-Panel

Patriotic Great-Grandma Volunteers For Iraq Duty

Brawling NBA players sent to the Iraq front lines.

Those Evil Liberals

Ya want to vent some anger

Rant rant rant

Iraq Sets Election Date; Cleric Killed

Kennedy assassination re-created in video game

What exactly is the purpose of massive tax cuts to the wealthy if

What if there was a game where you could assassinate Reagan?

Slaughter house America

The soldiers' story: the war the video cameras do not see

Linda Ronstadt compares * to hitler USAToday

U.S. authorities spent millions of dollars...

NOW I get to be politically incorrect.....

I Have Entered the BLOGOSPHERE....

It's like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" here....

Who's more corrupt?

bush boat

That site where you can read classics for free?

A first-hand account by the reporter that broke the "shooting" story...

Things to be THANKFUL for..... (TMW)

AND, along with everything else, he's just SO embarrassing...

I still don't know after 41 years if my belief in the basic goodness of...

Its time we apologize for the bitter campaign and treasonous dissent


Afghanistan Travel Warning

Look at this Ghoulishness

New Repub Bumper Sticker - My SUV Loves Iraq Oil

Drinking OJ - Rebuild Florida and Prevent Flu

Rough draft of graphic for 1/20/05--seeking feedback

Perhaps an obvious question regarding Newspapers....

Over 3000 FL homeless from hurricanes, growing by over 100 a day.

Help Daily DeLay fill in GOP Reps positions re: DeLay Rule!

This report on the media blew me away!

get your official DU jock strap free

JFK Murder Anniversary....

"Duh-MOCK-racy" and "Uhmurrikkka"... my new words for what the GOP nazis

I remember during monicagate...

Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye

Obama Joins the D.C. Whore Circut, Begs to Return to the IMUS Circus

W's life comes full circle-will be in Columbia today

NYT: Herbert on Poverty in the U.S.

Need inspiration?

Status of Women - Best in Blue, Worst in Red States

When Repigs take the US into fundy extremism a la Handmaid's Tale...

End of my career - PeopleSoft votes to go with Oracle.

George W Bush billboards in FL (have a look!)

Who's the bitch now, Rain Man?

So can we expect the second phase of the 9-11 investigation?

Right-wing sexual jealousy

Billboard Ideas???

Wanted: Provocative Button for Thanksgiving

Gringo metal detectors! The president of the USA was boycotted

Fifty thousand demonstrators greeted George Bush in Santiago

Letters on the assault on Fallujuh and the US elections

Where were you when you heard about JFK

Highschool band investigated for singing Dylan song.

Kevin Sites recounts killing of wounded Iraqi by Marine

"Exit polls show KERRY with lead"... If CNN appreciated irony

random acts of senseless violence

PHOTO: Bush practices his love for foreign leaders

Creepy item in my college alumni magazine...

such a dum ass in Chile...

A Sign of These Times from Balducci's

Okay, ladies. Time to play hardball.

Unbiased - uncensored news

Even if the elections take place on...

Do you? Buy Blue?

But didn't oil prices recently drop by $9?

Let's face some realities.

What Would The World Be Like Today If Hitler Had Nukes?

US whining because Kofi Annan won't reveal secret papers

more pics from chile...

Iraq: The Uncounted

An American Milestone: MSNBC's Call to Genocide

Are we in the beginings of World War Three?

is "collective narcissism" the reason so many voted for gwb?

Falluja women, children in mass grave (burned by napalm)

So when does Rush Limbaugh get to steps 8 and 9?

What happened in the Fallujah mosque (via

how come I NEVER get visited by the secret service?

CIA memo urging spies to support Bush provokes furore

Anybody here seen my old friend John?

Some good news...

NC Public Radio Station Bars Use Of Phrase 'Reproductive Rights'

Have you reduced/eliminated beef consumption due to the risk of Mad Cow?

this is what I call having the balls..

As many morons on DU as on freerepublic

What do you think of the Black Box T Party idea?

Need help: what is the name of the media group that conducted exit polls?

does bush sound drunk? (VIDEO)

New Freedom Initiative has passed

Does anyone know what happened to Mark Brozak in New Jersey

Money, money, money, money, money...

Barack Obama on Air America right now n/t

Limbaugh trashes people at the Lords Diner in Wichita...

So the Basketbrawl © is the most important story of the day, right?

thank you...freewayblogger

(NY)health plan has new asset test .. that Pataki.. what a peach !

Today LImpballs said people should make a game about Chappaquidik

Bush's dream -- nice joke!

What Did We Do to Deserve Condoleezza Rice?

History Buffs: A Q. about Charles Evans Hughes

If there were no reasons for small Third World countries to own WMD's

Laser Printer Technology Used by Government to Track You

I'd recommend KPFA NOW

Is Howard Dean Now the Front Runner For DNC Chair?

Oh My Gay Stars - why was this in my mailbox?!

i can't find any news -Whats up with BEV? Any news in NH?

NEWS: Malnutrition Rising Among Iraq's Children

Need some help with a freeper comment on my blog....

Is $5.8 Billion per month a bargain?

I just call him "Schwarzenegger"; calling him "Arnold" sounds likeable

Here comes the draft.

does anyone have a pic of "the haves and the have-mores"

Who is on with Randi now? Telling it like it is.

Bill Moyers on Condi Rice!

MSNBC hires another one away from Faux

what's the consensus of CBS news director taking over CNN


Time to hold Clear Channel accountable for lying about billboard!

Nudging Shell along in the right direction

CNN determined to cover up Fallujah Genocide...

Damn, Damn, Damn. Just found out the pilot of the G2 crashed my friend.

One Positive Thing out of this Debacle

Wow! It is so easy to commit election fraud!

At last, a Democrat fights back!

I just got an email from SUHA ARAFAT


Help a Good Democrat in Kentucky. She needs your help.


How's this for Stalinesque?! Look at this "W" billboard in FL!

Should blue states secede or join Canada? Hmmm, lemme think about that...

So-and-so Is On TV Now!

Ex-President Bush Was to Board Jet that Crashed. THOUGHTS, DUERS?

The Battle of the Amendments!

What did you do to help the Democrats in 2004?

Another Republican bites the dust [LOUISVILLE, Ky]

Compartmentalizing corporations and government.

Anyone recall a news item about Condi consulting with Jack Van Impe

Congress finds backbone defying Bush over new nukes. WH: Keep Door Open

Could any enemy of ours have designed a better way to drain our resources

Hunter Shooting (Assault weapon used)

Respect for Authority: the core value of the values voter

DU this poll: Should Creationism be taught in school

Are the wingnut talking head women guilty of "Deliberate Childlessness"?

Bushco wants to drug you and your children, house and senate ok with it

Apparently exit polls are a good indicator of vote fraud after all.

RFK Assasination - Whodunit?

Is it the sexual hangups of the Right Wing that makes them behave so

Got a military brochure in the mail...

CNN doing 'week-long' series on HIV (it begins....

DU Mothers/Parents... a Stay-at-Home vs Paid job-Outside-the-Home

List of links on the New Freedom Initative, which passed in the Senate on


Another big blunder in Iraq

Racism is making a serious comeback, folks.

I'm Active Duty Military and I want Rush off AFRTS

PHOTOS: "I made the lefties cry & rather INJOYED it"

A sad day in Buffalo, NY

Kitchen politics -- how the economy is affecting the homestead.

Economic boycot of red states

Just got off the phone with Rep. Ron Paul's office NFI passed Sat.

Poppy Bush was to board a jet that crashed

'Antiwar Cause Doesn't Even Have a Movement ...or Agenda'

Yes, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool lefty, BUT...

"awe shucks, its only suppressing black people's vote.....

Attention FLORIDIANS: Have you actually SEEN the Bush Billboard?

So my little mom & pop cable TV company was acquired

U.S. used to be the white we are the black knight

Talked to Michael Murphy at Orlando Sentinel about Billboard

The Lying Game, Revisited (Setup for war with Iran)

Kennedy Assasination - Whodunit?

Who Can Stop Bush? A Coalition of Other Nations.

Bush speaking in Colombia(He definitely just ripped a few lines!)

Pyramid wars

Baby blm received a letter from Truthout today.

Is it realistic to think this election can be overturned?

The Red State vs. Blue State Crap Needs to Stop Now

No, Obama, don't say get over it!

Who for DNC chair?

The Media is in a Lock-Down

New Freedom Initiative-will someone post the Senate bill # please?

Did Poppy Bush know Lee Harvey Oswald?

TOONS: Animal Farm edition

41 Years Ago Today -Where were you?

After gays, abortion, Christian right to target: Deliberate Childlessness

The Religiously Insane Secretary Of State...

Prenatal tests stir host of ethical issues..(the way they will end choice)

Do you blog? Post it here.

Why is Dean so controversial here?

Bush plans for screening ALL Americans for mental illness

I Don't Know About The Rest Of You, But I Am Burnt Beyond

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible..."

Cheney and Bush drug empire

Clear Channel's Bush "Our Leader" Billboard is REAL


A Newbie Question

Anyone have a recipe for make ahead gravy?

What to put in the bird

Sweet Potato Souffle - YUM!!!

What kind of pie(s) are people making this week?

Life is too short to cook in a sh!tty kitchen

How to make the perfect baked potato?

Possum stew

What is Your Favorite Recipe? Please share!

Hey franmarz - how about posting your cream cheese cookie

Army chief says no deadline for Iraq pullout(Britain)

New Olbermann blog: Election can be overturned up to January 6th!

bombshell in Ohio

Violence in North Darfur Hinders Aid Delivery

New video game allows players to recreate Kennedy Assassination

GOP Plants Flag on New Voting Frontier

OHIO: Few surprises found as Lake votes are certified

Former Mosul Police Chief Arrested

Baghdad shooting leaves one dead, Briton detained

Spats Over Security Roil Summit in Chile

Arafat Medical Records Given to His Nephew

Threats Delay Vote Preparations in Mosul

Disputes Cloud Gathering on Iraq's Future

Reporter: Wounded Iraqi Made No Movements

Senior Sunni cleric killed in Mosul

Iraq to Ask Iran, Turkey for Border Help

U.S. Soldier Dies in Attack in Baghdad

Company Launches JFK Assassination Game

Marines hampered by security fears in Falluja

Troops feeling strain (RMN "back door draft")

George W Bush billboards in FL (have a look!)

President Bush vows to push guest worker plan

Animal rights group claims victory in Louisiana's Senate race

Colombia Deploys 15,000 Troops for Bush

Iraqi Security Forces Find 12 Bodies (Latifiyah)

South Iraq pipeline blast cuts oil flows

Gunmen Assassinate Sunni Cleric in Mosul

Iraqi PM orders probe into Baghdad mosque raid

Helicopter Rescues 20 Darfur Aid Workers

German construction cos protest Paris Club plans to slash Iraq debt

JFK shooting game 'despicable'

Civil rights enforcement falls in Bush term, study says

Israel Charges Officer Who Killed Girl

N.C. voting problems: 2004 edition

German officers accused of torturing conscripts

Powell Wins Israeli Pledge on Palestinian Election

Colombia Deploys 15,000 Troops for Bush (to protect him there)

Pulitzer Inc. may sell off company

Trump's Casinos File for Bankruptcy

'Baghdad is now a battlefield, and we are in the middle'

Intel, NIIT go to School

Wounded Iraqi troops fill Air Force hospital

Delay appears to be off the hook, and will not be indicted.

British general hints troops may stay in Iraq past 2005

What happened in the Fallujah mosque(Sites open letter to the Marines)

Powell 'pushed out' by Bush for seeking to rein in Israel

Israel Hit by Worst Locust Plague Since 1950s (Reuters)

Fierce clashes renew in Iraq's Fallujah

Bush's help sought on intelligence reform

No action on SEPTA funding; transit worried

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq for Nov. Tops 100

Touch screens reduced spoiled ballots

Russia agrees to US deal that writes off $33bn of Iraq debt

Saddam lawyers mull war crimes suit against US

Camden, New Jersey rated Most Dangerous City

Network Chiefs Leery of FCC Indecency Push

Bloody Sunday answers still unclear

Killing of cleric undercuts Allawi’s bid for unity

Ukraine vote falls short of democratic standards: OSCE

Senate Passes Scaled-Back Copyright Measure (Ad Editing OK, P2P Win)

Four ex-presidents to help lead 9/11 memorial planning

Institute Looks at Military Families...Research To Aid Reenlistment -WP


Iraq election may yet be postponed: Arab ministers

Palestinian group to pick Abbas

A New General For Senate Dems

Foreign policy experts laud Powell for State Department revamp

Poll: Many say U.S. deeply divided

Search for Osama bin Laden continues: top US general

Britain Probes Killing of Iraqi Civilian

Allawi Confident About Iraq Elections

Saudi travellers face Canadian searches before Bush visit : reports

New Zealand: Earthquake! (no loss of life or major damage reported)

Republicans Cry "Election Fraud" in Ukraine

US vigilantes jailed in Afghanistan in court for appeal (Private Prison)

Rocket kills five in residential Baghdad (5 injured, not killed)

NC: Voting Machine Problems Spur Some To Ask For New Machines

Congress Adds $300 Mln for Heat Bills of Poor

Bomb Found on Commercial Flight in Iraq

Revision Marches to Social Agenda (Conservatives revising textbooks)

Resistance Fighters Hit American

Bush APEC visit not glitch-free (Bush Wants To Traffic Drugs To Bears)

Jet Crashes Before Picking Up Elder Bush

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq for Nov. Tops 100

Reid at pinnacle of Democratic Party : His religion doesn't square with...

Nation's Oldest Known Bank Robber Dies

UK troops trap hundreds of rebels

Washington Times: Iraqi forces stick to their guns in battle

U.S. Scholar Gets House Arrest in Iraq Looting

US urges airlines to step up checks of passengers

CNN Hires New President for Its U.S. News Group

Hawks push deep cuts in forces in Iraq (Cut and Run?)

Krispy Kreme shares fall on profit dip

Bomb found on commercial airliner in Iraq

(Pennsylvania) Turnpike warns of Wednesday toll-taker walkout

Iran Suspends Uranium Enrichment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 22 November

LA pharmacist who refuses to sell contraceptives to be featured on CBS

Tax Return Provision Draws Fire in Senate

School Board member takes on Santorum in residency issue

The CIA has raided four offices of the Iraqi National Congress

Search for million missing Iraqis to take decades: Iraqi minister

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq for Nov. Tops 100

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties #1223, #1224, #1225, #1226, #1227

Ohio Dems join recount effort (Keith Olbermann)

FBI Reports More Than 7,400 Hate Crimes

CNN: Poll: Majority gives Bush good job approval mark (55%)

US withdraws 100 tanks from Republic of Korea (sending to Iraq)

Weapons stockpile found in Mosul

Bush Calls for Verifying Iran Nuke Claims

UN: 150 Sex Abuse Charges in Congo Peacekeeping

Burning Cross Left at Home of Interracial Couple on L.I.

'Security services foil 9/11 attack in UK' (ITV news)

Malnutrition Rising Among Iraq's Children

Lawyer sues alleging "Guantanamo on the Hudson" conditions for RNC protest

Rust (fungus) Found in Big Soybean-Producing State (Arkansas)


OHIO: Election Official Calls Recount Request Frivolous, Insulting

GOP moderates in Congress get cold shoulder

Istook Releases Statement on IRS Snafu (contradicts previous words)

U.S. Congress Rejects New Nuclear Weapons Funds (BIG Bush Loss!)

Documents secretly encoded by color printers

Voter's Values Don't Reflect TV Picks (NYT)

Frist: Tax-returns measure indefensible

AP: Vilsack Won't Seek Chairmanship of DNC (10 min. ago)

Bush Cuts Off News Conference in Colombia

Autumn Tradition Turns Deadly in Wisconsin

The mental toll

US raises H1-B visa cap (Repukes allowing more foreign IT workers)

Governor (Jeb Bush) says Nelson will be next to go down

Schroeder questions Bush linking politics, God

Patriotic Great-Grandma Volunteers For Iraq Duty

9/11 victims' families assail Congress

"Who to trust?" ask U.S. troops after Mosul mayhem

Finally done yay!

Reverend Billy Graham wraps up historic four-day crusade

I've fallen in love again

Why do I always kill threads?

So as of tonight, Air America Website triggers an error window in Firefox:

Should there be a special symbol for DUers related to Woody Allen

People should have at least 15 pieces of flair

People who are exactly 23 or exactly 32 years old should have a special *

Normally I detest opera...

We should get a * for that dt moment of time that is our exact brithday

There should be a symbol for all DUes with a 3rd nipple.

I hereby announce that it is my honorable intention to escort...

Who wants popcorn?

Congratulations JVS - 10,000 posts!

Shoud we get Dubya some booze for when he goes into AA tomorrow?

It's already the holidays with my family here!

Woohoo I shot 10000 kids who were tresspassing on my lawn!

Ten Thousand Nuns and Orphans!


Only 49 and I'm already being given senior discounts! Do I really

Do people think they own DU now or something?

Multi-posters without stars?????

Should we get Skinner some booze for when he goes into ATA tomorrow?

Could we get a special sign next to DUer names 17-18 yrs old, female?

I listened to Van Halen's "Fair Warning". Ask me anything.

Who is this remote host and why is the bastard "resetting my server"?

The "I was an innocent bystander" check-in thread.

Please turn off your cell phones & "vibrators"

Who wants Bowling For Soup?


You know you're happy when the song "Good lovin"

The Lounge must be liberated from the scourge that is teenagers.

Odd carvings

Uncle Rabrrrrrr's 100% Guaranteed UNSAFE & CONTROVERSIAL Thread [view all]

I'm 24 years old and I'm gonna post all I want muhahahaha

Have You Got Your Turkey Thawing YET!!!

w00t! New top 10!

Well I think I'm going to bed now...


Should Canada be added to the axis of evil?


Should there be a special "drunk" or "stoned" warning on DU?

Is the lounge safe?

Seattle DUers: Meeting Tomorrow!

I get offline for a few hours and

anyone live in the exurbs?


i know you're fed up ladies, you got to keep your head up

TUPAC - CHANGES (That's just the way it is)

DU Has Turned Rather Sour

My friends house caught on fire today - it was a doozie...

You all drip with the venom of mad phase moon diapers, people.

Do you really rinse and repeat?

I can't get no play.

I just bought panties that say DEMOCRAT in rhinestones. Ask me anything!

Jigglypuff is so cool

I can't sleep

I posted 46 times(counting this one) in the last 24 hours

Am I a troll or a freeper?

How about a DU Singles group?

Smilie meltdown.

Anyone ever watch Super Milk Chan???

Now here's a fat pig!

Bush or Hagar? You have got to look at this thread. I'm serious.

LOL!!! You gotta check this out, it's HILARIOUS!!!

Czech zoo has world's first cheetah with artificial hip

I just bought boxers that say "Sore Loserman" on the crotch. WTF?

Robbery Failed Because Robbers Tried to Kick Open Sliding Door

Newspaper Mistakenly Directs Readers To Gay Porn Web Site

Naked Trucker Leads Police On Wild Chase

Here's something you might want to add to your posts - DEBT CLOCK.

Vanilla Ice Reunited With Wallaroo, Goat

Brawling NBA players sent to the Iraq front lines.

Teens Arrested In Turkey-Hurl Incident

The "We Can Learn a Lot from Each Other" CAPTION

Can anyone tell me what 'creative kicking' is?

Are these Fred Phelps nuts for real?

Man Catches 12 Foot - 500 Pound Shark Off Of South Beach

Man wearing bra, thong flashes girls

CAPTION the ever so moral hedonist

Study Says Going To Church May Cause Cancer

So...did I miss anything in the SPORTS world this weekend?

Parking Garage Worker Is Newest Millionair (Won $149 Million)

Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughter ensues when you check out this link!!!!

The Home Computer in 2004

Don't people realize how harmful chewing tobacco can be to their health?

NBA, Artest Blames NHL for Pacers-Pistons Brawl

Wheel... of... Fortune!

Is it fair to post stuff in ATA just so no one can respond?

Cruise question

New word for me: Narcoterrorist

Hemp Brownies At "Toasted" Sub Shop Aren't Illegal

So how much time off do YOU get??

Dónde están los títulos (Where are the CAPTIONS?)

Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Cup champion?

"Ask not what your country can do for you..."

Angry voice mail left for a wrong number

The Ironic Times...A great site that takes the edge off.

The "Test of Strength" CAPTION

I just had my first full fledged Freeper spotting!

The "desirous media" has chalked up yet another Eagle's victory

DaimlerChrysler's Schrempp Has Armored Mercedes-Benz Car Stolen

I'm falling for my wife's adopted daughter. What should I do?

Appleby drives golfball 683 YARDS!!!!

Have you seen the Banana Republican catalog?

Hey You Guys

Family whose dog was shot by a cop settles for $77,500

UK channel to air sex videos

Where can I find some good...

I haven't posted lately.

Wow looks like I missed alot of fun last night!

Beware of the Dog

Should we separate the Woody Allen thread from the "separate the art from

Caption: Just watch where you stick your grubby mits, Mr B....

Cartoon: Sinfest does Diebold

Can we never be rid of Bob Greene?

C Prompt Help

I just talked myself out of a $39 parking ticket.

So I watched 'Caligula' yesterday.

Is Casino Royale intentionally awful or is it just a poorly made mess?

Anybody uses PLS Graph (statistics software)?

Can someone Identify a Nam Protest Song for me?

How young were you when you first became politically infested?

Arnold-Misunderstood pork star or pig?

The Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor of all CAPTIONS!!!

wrong forum

Mysterious BOOMS in Richmond Va. (very weird)

Favorite Steve Miller Band Song:

Y'all stay out of my hunting spot....

I wonder what the Christain Powerlifters are up to:Holy crap-Yoga is evil!

The "Just Cleaning Up On My Way Out" CAPTION

DU Men - Preferred Peeing Porcelain Poll

In honor of the season, I thought I'd re-tell an old story :)

at the risk of escalating the current flame war...

Lou Holtz calls it quits

Man believes God was behind the return of $400K in stolen goods

People that say 3:00 AM in the morning drive me nuts------------

Your favorite fruit, typically found in a fruit salad?

Dandruff Costs U.K. Criminal His Freedom

Favorite tropical fruit:

Word is the Montreal Expos are going to get renamed Washington Nationals

Billy Graham and me

Best Motorhead Album

Caption: Just hope he ain't expectin' me to wear no f******* poncho

What musician or music group should just hang it up and call it a day?

How young were you when you first became politically interested?

Favourite bit of dialogue from Casablanca.

What Was The Last Karaoke Song You Sang...

Thanksgiving: Turkey or Ham

What should I call my moving service?

oh my god.

We...are the champions......of ......CANADA!!!!!

Best Reggae Band

How long before Washington Nationals are renamed Washington Reagans?

Great T-Shirt.

Worst Britpop Band.

Last Day to Change Username without penatly

Everthying you always wanted to know about Beast Man,

MatcomNews Update: DJ Gets Hatemail For Condi/Aunt Jemima Remark

Who's the bitch now, RainMan?

The "Sage of Crawford Explains All" CAPTION

Do you think we will break 60,000 users by January a DU?

Real vanilla extract, does it go bad?

The Pelvis Enlightens me

How many protest songs from the Vietnam war era can DUers name?

Should I take the underscore out of my username?

Jessica Biel in Playboy?

favorite dead rapper?

Blackspot sneaker anyone?

CAPTION W in the Columbia state of mind

Adult Swim: The Action Figures!

Elvis frightens me....

Help - Weather Geeks!

That's it. I'm changing my name to A_U_B_U_R_N_G_R_A_D_8_2

Is Wat_Tyler intentionally awful or is he just a poorly made mess?

Favorite James Bond Woman?

Any Nikon D70 digital camera owners here?

name your favorite dead white guy

Hey NeverNose, your avatar looks like one pissed off Santa

Wow, check out the pretty colors, man

Wow....does this new name make me look fat?

I need help uploading a document

What's on your NetFlix queue?

"I'll pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today" of all CAPTIONS!!!

"Minority," by Green Day

The "Steady Hand on the Ship of State" CAPTION

What is for lunch? offering an, errr... ummm... INTERESTING video.

Behold !!! the new Bush "moniker"

JVS is dead

From JVS' family: JVS is not dead. Though his condition constantly worsens

Elves frighten me.

Will DU permit democratic discussion between members about DU?

CNN-Live News Conference On "Basketbrawl" Coming Up...

Bob Denver is dead.

This song always gives me the chills...

JVS is red

Jim Carrey fights depression

John Cougar Mellenacamp- Bruce Springsteen WannaBe or The Real Deal

The "He's So Big and Strong" CAPTION

Remind me never again to eat shit food just because it's free.

Anybody use a PnP satellite tuner in their car in a major metro area?

screw Coke AND Pepsi! It's all about the DR. Pepper!!

Uh oh! Flaming Youth is muscling in on BMcLH's funny thread locks!

"It was the warst of times, and it was the worst of times" of all CAPTIONS

Who is your Favorite Mod/Admin?

RICHARDO - Happy Birthday!!!

Favorite Elvis Presley Song

Elvis frightens me!

Happy birthday mom!

What Japanese think of America!

This is no place for loafers. Join me or die. Can you do any less?

Why in God's overused name are you still awake, you BASTARD

The CAT 7.0 users' manual...

The juvinille felis catus as a computer accesory: A review...

Mikey is dead.

Dr. Pepper and his damn book-learning can go to hell. Mr. Pibb is better!

If I Gave You $1000...

I recently learned how to read. Book Suggestions?

Favrorite Freeper You Love To Hate

Lifes too short folks

Favorite Tom Jones song

Basketbrawl "MasterCard" Ad

IF GW* were a horror-film monster, which would he be & why?

I feel Like curling into A tight Ball and sleeping till spring....

none of the above

I watched "Freaks and Geeks" for the first time.

I Just Don't Understand

One After 909!



Predict How Your Favorite (Or Least Favorite) Celebrity Will Die

Do You Have Hair On Your Feet?

The Queen is Dead!


Raquel Welch-Sexual Groundbreaker Or Middling B Actress

Some things to Do Before the Inauguration

This is a thread about the thread about the thread about Bush's daughters.

Am I sexy for thinking feats are weird?

So THAT'S what spam guard is



"Honey don't worry I'm not going to set the thing on fire"

Jim Carrey's income for what he does makes ME depresed

is Donald Trump physically capable of growing hair on his head?

Warning rant, very angry right now

Good stuff

Jerry Lee Lewis!

Elvis Is Dead!

I'm Afraid Of Changing My Name

U2 is going around NYC on a flatbed truck, blasting their new album!

Guesses about Alexander? Is it going to suck or what?

Don Knotts starring as?

Are You An Acquired Taste?

Doctor. Doctor.. DocTor? Doctor! Doctor? Dr...

I give up, I'm not an ebay seller

Bush's dream -- nice joke!

I had a weird morning, need advice

What kind of v/hallucinations does a blind schizophrenic have?

Are athletic crowds more rowdy nowadays?

I haven't done a poll in a while...

Which beverage goes best with Khal-Khalash?

Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Phantom" finally makes it to film Dec. 22

Parents just don't understand

Do Unto Others...

When should I dump my turkey into a vat of salted water....

I know mine isn't particularly catchy but I am stickin to my DU identity.

Wicked radio station

I need to kick caffeine...

Happy Birthday Ms. JitterbugPerfume

Am I weird for thinking feet are sexy?

I Will Choose Free Will.....

COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS! Explain this whole Oklahoma-Auburn train wreck.

Man who drove until he was 108 is dead at 113

I swear to god if one of those Our Leader billboards shows up in Spokane..

Pacers scared by fans, angry at NBA

You are all going to spend $14.99 after you read this....

CONGRATULATIONS newyawker99!! 85,367 POSTS YOUNG!!

question about mla style. please

The only thing I'm stockpiling for the Rapture is Honey Buns,

Ever have a cashier give you the hairy eyeball

Where were you when you learned that Buckwheat had been shot?

The "ex-gay ministry" wants YOU, sinners!

So would you pay $18K a year for a Law School not even accredited?

Votergate Brawl! Coming to a 24/7 news channel near you

"Honey why aren't people responding to my emails?"

Do these Pro-Family idiots not have their own lives to worry about?

Uh-oh FLAN WAR!!!!!!!

Is it true that you're not a real DU member until you get a thread locked?

Geez, what happened in the Lounge?

Can I get to post #1500 by 2 AM CST?

A 'friend' sent me this image of a pole-dancer for my birthday...

I Just Got A Piercing Done....Whatcha All Think?

The Depressed Democrats' Guide to Recovery

Strummer anyone??

Mummer anyone???

Le Groupe francophone de DU is open for business


A Friendly Reminder....

Hey, guess what. this Aloe Splash healthy diet soft drink stuff is good.

Would steak from a mad cow taste different then a steak from normal cow?

Where were you when you learned JFK was assasinated

Can someone come up with a shaking hands smiley?

Stern Sidekick Quivers Working on Daytime Show

Who's your favorite career-dead singer?



Those education commercials. Do you believe ANY of them?

I need some cheering up


I love the Jesus character from Big Lebowski - "8 year olds"

My brother is a I dunnosexual, alcoholic, fucktard, blonde rat, dickhole,

You just might be a right winger if.......


whoo first time actually putting up a post...instead of just

I truely believe, with all my heart that children are our future


Favorite instrument NAME

24 yrs ago at this time I was in labor with my oldest child..


It is time to start a DU I hate school group

One final plea:


What is your attitude towards porn? (This is legit, guys, keep it clean)


Rejection Hotline.... When someone asks you for your number...

OMG (i hate that...but) It's Post #999.... what's next?

I'm 5 posts away from 200 ask me anything...

School threatens to suspend boy for wearing anti-Bush T-shirt

A bit of Carlin genius...

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Dear mom and dad, thanks for signing the permission slip for the best

Listening to "strange" music

OH MY GOD!!! JohnKleeb is lost!!!

Bob Denver is alive

I just noticed something!!!

free group hugs available

Caption: Poncho honcho or Pickles' makeover victim?

Is Child Abuse Getting Worse? It sure seems like it. - Warning-HORRIBLE


Piercing question

Do you prefer sweet potatoes or yams?

Which soda?

Is what I once heard true?


"I'd like to deposit $100 all in pennies. A- one, a-two, a-three..."

My half-brother is a homosexual con artist cokehead.

Star Trek The Next Generation Is Full of Crap! Crap! I Tell You!!!

Kleeb got a personal e-mail from a HOT GIRL. What did it say?

Favorite instrument

I'm so damned bored I'm playing a tractor simulation computer game.

Would it be too confusing if Skinner changed screennames to his real name?

Worst smiley ever

So-and-so Is On TV Now!

What's your drink of choice?

If I was to get a tattoo...

"... as Scott Peterson fights for his LIFE..."

I suppose it had to happen some time

Three Wives (All married to same man) Attempt Suicide After Argument

One of my professors once had dinner with Martin Luther King...

Beer-throwing 'fan' identified (West Bloomfield trash)

How has the liberation of the lounge been going?

Pervert of Just trying too hard?


DU Artists, I Want A New Tattoo - Wanna DESIGN IT??


What's Your Theme Song?

If You Were A Pie, What Kind Of Pie Would You Be?

Super Milk Chan

STAR WARS: Original Storyline for Return of the Jedi

Alright you kids - one night only - here's the keys to the Grotto.

Who's Your Favorite Dead Singer?

For my 16th millenium of posts: an anti-Chimpy McAWOLFuckWad thread

Oh, yes, my pretty ones…It’s time for a Monday night DU…CONFESSIONS

What do you do when you find money lying on the ground?

So how soon will * invade Iran?


"If ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me"

DU Group proposal: Mental illness support group.

Ann Coulter Strap On

Favorite Borough of New York City?

When do we tell our daughter she has to wear a back brace?

Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. is coming to Joplin, MO.

How about Errol Flynn - there's a guy with a lot of darkness in his story.

at the risk of escalating the current flame war...

I can no longer see into other peoples apartments through my walls,

ATTN: December/January babies!!

Favourite James Bond actor who is not Sean Connery.

Getting married in a year and a half...

I'm so annoyed at Stagg/Hormel Chili!

Looks official - the Washington Nationals

From where the hell does Starfleet get its funding?

Anybody want to cheer me up? Delta re-routed my kids...I'm bummed...

What's your earliest political memory?

What Were The First And Last Concerts You Attended?

Five Dead After Deer Hunting Dispute

Whipper Snappers N Geezers Check IN Please

Songs you want played at your funeral

Have you had a brush with fame.

My 100th post! Now, how about a photography group?

Five Killed, 3 Hurt in Wisconsin Hunting Dispute.

1st Dr. Doom picture online: (Organic Living Metal Instead of Metal Mask?)

"Invader Zim" DVD: Dumb questions

'Bourne' Director Working on Alan Moore's 'The Watchmen'

has anyone here seen Kinsey?

4 More Roald Dahl Projects On The Way (Anderson, Selick, Altman & Cleese)

Building a UFO from scratch........or at least an "O"

Spinning space probe to record the 'birth cries' of black holes

wow, I guess this study is the result of Intelligent Design

Swift Sets Out on a Little Cosmic Detective Work (gamma-ray burst)

What would you call

a small comfort..Bush and the Repubs will probably never pass the FMA.

Did you know that Alabama has an African prince for a strong safety?

So what should the NBA, security, and local Police do

Cat Treat Question: best way to prepare giblets.

What to do about dog food allergies...


Charitable contributions

Veterans need JK's help

Why can't I find Nancy Pelosi's full comments on the tax privacy...

Will the rich avoid the draft by having a Doctor say they are disabled?

I think I've come to a solution regarding the upcoming Party battle ???

Now that Bush made it past Nov. 2nd, how do you interpret this:

I hope the troops in Iraq can see "Going Upriver" off the net these days

anti-bush on wheels just went in the ditch.....

Let's donate a Plaque to Jerry Falwell's new Law School

I'm watching Edwards on CSPAN right now

Beautiful quote on HOPE from Vaclav Havel....

Web of politicians in BCCI according to this site

"Bush to try again on intel reform"

Cant you make that bush donation pic a little

Democrats: Feeling BLUE? There's hope for us still...

What about an International Protest Day?

Bush and his People will LOSE the Big One. They have gotten too arrogant

Concession Poem...

Green Zone Country Club...

Wouldn't it at least be Professional Courtesy

Feeling a draft?

First hand reports by other Ohio volunteers

Grrr LTOE writer in Monroe La.

Barack Obama on "the View" today

Anticipating problems with the political future of Barrack Obama.

Dubya the Movie!

Campaign web site question for those who know about such things.

Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA)

The world's response to

Sad truth about donating to campaigns

Scary thought: Will McCain be the one to "sell" the draft to the people?

who's more evil: Karl Rove or Lee Atwater

"First...admit you are a victim...."

Talking out both sides of his mouth at once

who do you consider to be the most powerful men in the world?

Do REDS approve of Bush buying himself a YACHT with their money?

Anyone else go to a MoveOn party last night?

Time Magazine's Man of the Year

Bush called Barack Obama the morning after the election and

Stern of SEIU posts at the blog: Let's Reclaim our Moral Values!

Anyone know what committee assignments Obama might get?

Vilsack Won't Seek Chairmanship of DNC

Save marriage. Examine high divorce rates among fundamentalist Christians.

Some Olbermann updates on "switched" and "added" Bush votes

Bush Changes Mind, Nominates Prince Bandar to Sec. of State...breaking

Love Your Enemies - "Malnutrition Rising Among Iraq's Children"

Inside the minds of Bush supporters

so, wanna have a creepy realization?

"There's Something About W"-- watch some short clips from the movie

Hillary nomination supporters: If you think the fundies GOTV this time....

Regarding that Big Brother Tax Investigation provision this why he's called 'smirk'?

The Penn Hills Lady who took on Santorum over Cyber School

Meet-up's HPtys showed Americans want a clear progressive message

Does anyone have a comparison of Vietnam and Iraq death tolls?

Media Blacks Out Bush Assault on Minimum Wage

Have you read, "The Democrats Need a Spiritual Left" by Lerner?

Reid, new Senate Minority Leader, scores first major political 'victory'

I need to go back and watch that British movie "Scandal"

"New Favorite" in DC (email from The Hill) is ... Simon Rosenberg

Would someone *please* try this on a rightwinger?

What will you do if Bush asks Congress for approval to attack Iran?

Pure fu*king evil, no doubt about it...

Kerry/Edwards joins the recount crowd

What was JohnKerry.Com all about? They sure as hell didn't listen to me!

U.S. family values poor compared to Europe

It's rather depressing...US Troops death toll is creeping up-1,217

Michelle Malkin -- the OTHER white meat

Is everyone clear that the Amend's purpose is a RUPERT MURDOCK Presidency

Don't kid yourself. Gonzales is as bad or worse than Ashcroft.

Colin Powell's departure -- Not a "big deal"?

Ready to win? Here's the strategy ...

Eminem has revised his 'Mosh' video to add an anti-war ending

DNC Commersial: I'm a liberal....because...

Binary John Kennedy Assassination Video Game Poll

Do you think that the rich should have to pay?

Billy Graham just called Bu$h a liar on NBC Nightly News.

has the indoctrination begun here??

Bill Clears Way for Government to Cut Back College Loans

Are the Republicans actively TRYING to be evil?


John Kerry and the recount? - are they laying low...

CNN "Poll: Majority (55%) gives Bush good job approval mark"

Hundreds of thousands of children lost their health insurance

Are we going to get a signature this time from a Senator?

Rush says no Hillary in 2008.

For the upcoming draft - adopt-a-con

The Arnold Amendment Actually Helps... Mel Martinez

My father in law just got an interesting phone call (he's a Vietnam vet)

How do we end our (national) losing streak?

Dr. Freeman has updated his paper

Do you trust the DLC? In your opinion, are they they right group...

Don Knotts to lead in new movie "Dubya"

I want a street brawler in '08, NOT a 'chess player'!

A day at Landstuhl Army Hospital and Ramstein Air Base

Bombshell in Ohio: Proof of Fraud?

We should not think of Dem Party as "liberals" vs. "moderates"