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Archives: November 29, 2004

In the Gonzales Debate, Identity Politics Meets the Right Wing

50% of Iraqi Police have Deserted

'We had the same pain' (Gypsies and the Holocaust)

"Best of Bellaciao’s Vote Fraud Links"

When it comes to defining liberals, count me as one

UAW - Miller Lite advertising partnership for a Unionized Brewer

Asbestos Settlement Fund Closer To Passage In Early 05 - SacBee

cheaper/near silent/bird friendly 100kw Russian Wind Turbines for Mass?

Sir Edmund blasts US road to pole

On our Marine under fire in Fallujah:

Proposal: DU Student Group

How many DU members have posted at least once in 2004? NT

What's the difference between GD and GD:Politics?

Keeping the RSS feed online

"recursively search all children forums"?

Humor Forum (or Group even)

Has Jimmy Carter Weighed-In Yet?

Anyone remember the already voted story? and showing up dead?

ANY news on Ohio protest with JJ??

Laura Flanders...Ohio Protests...TODAY, Within the hour!

Anyone read these books on the B*u*sh Dynasty?

Coolest election maps ever....check this out.

Just got back from a three day trip...

"Best of Bellaciao’s Vote Fraud Links"

Wayne Madsen will be on radio Today! Listen online.

Moderated thread for posts for Mr. Madsen?

Question for researchers on Oklahoma - Tulsa World results

CNN mentions Jesse Jackson and the vote fraud issue

need help on writing media on latest vote fraud developments

Siphoning Votes from Democrats to Third Party Candidates

Please don't feed the trolls!

My response from Barney Frank RE: Election Fraud

Denver local Fox station reported on Jesse Jackson in Ohio!

In New Mexico the Democrat Judges....


Notes from Jackson press conference

Will the Shite fly Monday? Tuesday?

Where's Michael Moore?!?!?! Just heard filmaker who's with Bev saying

Jesse Jackson Latest News as of 11/28/04 at 7:10pm CST

"Prima Facie" evidence of Ohio election fraud -- Pacifica Radio

Bingo! "Prima Facie" for New Mexico


Columbus, Ohio rally- Stand up for Democracy NOW!!!!!

Q&A w/ Wayne Madsen on Vote Rigging here on DU!

ironic letter in Minneapolis Star Tribune re election

Is anyone looking at Texas election totals?

Where do the Karma Police keep their money?

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song ?

What do you think about this article? Psychologist: Ohio recount relieves

Boycotting Christmas buying. (Not intentional)

Why is it already tomorrow?

Anybody See 'Hotel Berlin'?

The fascists media is the real Election Fraud.

More Sorry F*ckers Who Think They Aren't Sorry...

Marching orders

$125 WalMart Gift Card sells for $127.on Ebay to a Nascar fan:

"We have only the future to look forward to, and we will work on it NOW"

Would you like a REVOLUTION with that #7?

If you are planning on leaving the country, please do us all a favor

The little known history of the Fairness Doctrine, and how it changed Amer

I can't wait till December 26th.

Can any of Kerry's Swift Boat crewmates sue that maggot John O'Neill?

Lost Armor On The Peninsula.

Why or what does the government owe me and other Americans?

Can someone get Pig Boy of CSPAN!

Who recalls the thread from a few weeks ago "Hello my name is..."

I'm confused re Ukraine....

A very happy ending for one of DU's adopted soldiers

Why Do We Call him Tweety?

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias proposed for the 2005 Nobel Peace

spending Thanksgiving in a red state

I suggest starting a consumer activism group.

Is it fascism yet?

Another definitive post.

*sigh* add this to the "they're screwing our economy" file:

With deference to Steven Joseph Vincent, I would like to extend his legacy

Courts first to go in right-wing revolution

something is inherently wrong with the system when a 72 y/o goes to iraq.

Mike Malloy should be back Monday....

Is the right wing ideal actually dystopia....

A question for lurking conservatives/right-wingers/freepers, etc.

NED Back on the Offensive in Venezuela

If * Has Been Medically Found To Be Insane, Would They Tell Us?

Okay, Al Sharpton

Is there any new news on Rick Santorum?

Michael Moore will be on Leno tomorrow night (Nov. 29)

The China Price (decline of U.S. manufacturing)

Folks, can we PLEASE stop posting those "I'm not sorry" pictures to DU?

Get Over It?

Full, unedited transcript of Bin Laden tape

Nixon and 1960 \ Kerry Parallel

Wayne Madsen will your questions about fraud at this thread on DU

Ever Wonder Why So Many Troops Die in Car Accidents in Iraq??

ask your repugs friends why they support state run abortion by shopping

Who is your least favorite Liberal pundit?

Is anyone out there like me?

Oklahoma Voting Macines Count Backwards

What would you all think of an "I told you so" type of website?

Anyone planning on protesting Bush inaugaration (a.k.a. Blue Flu Day?)

Your favorite leftover turkey recipe

more info on Halifax protest

who's marching on Tuesday?

Does the UK have gerrymandering like the US does?

Ukriane Watches Supreme Court As Poll Crisis Deepens

Philippines willing to negotiate with kidnappers in Iraq

Suspected Taliban Militants Kill Three

Iran Offers to Train Iraqi Police and Border Guards

Inside Fallujah's war

U.S. Firm on Iraq Election Date in Face of Rising Concerns

Ottawa prepares for anti-Bush protests...

U.S. Opposes Passport Privacy Protections (who would have Thunk it )

NYT: Bush's Money Men Pass the Hats One More Time

Jesse Jackson Comes To Ohio To Seek Recount Of Presidential Votes

L.I. Clash on Immigrants Is Gaining Political Force

King Hussein's Favoured Son Loses Claim to Jordan's Throne (New WMW)

ABC: Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time

Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids -NYT

WP: Bush to Change Economic Team

WP: In Leak Case, Reporters Lack Shield For Sources (Plame)

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds

My thoughts

Are you sleeping or have you no help?

My ^*U%#$%&@ computer crashed and now I can only run in VGA mode

Anybody seen the movie "Head of State"?

What are your favorite Smilies?

Our long national nightmare is over.

So I went to church today....

I'm eating a cheddar and bacon-carbon sandwich

What's this awful animated movie on FOX? And when's Simpson's coming on?

I want to take a vibrating razor to my neck.

What's your favorite John Walsh song?

Because we all need a chuckle

Why is it already tomorrow?

This is me this past summer - ask me anything

Now, your image can be on a grilled cheese sandwich ...

"The Royal Tannenbaums" - why does this not get more acclaim?

I have a question about grandma usage for all you English buffs

Is it better to talk in the lounge or be talked about in the lounge

Ok, I am slightly annoyed here.

Give me some motivation, please...

What's with all the free advertising for bu$h around here?

I'm going to the shore. Ask me how I'm getting there.


Best it's over, get lost song

I just saw "National Treasure" but don't ask me

Ewww....CGI Hitler is on now (8pm cst) on Discovery

Simpsons "Supression of Democracy" episode on at 9:00

(Australian) Police Apologize for Sending Child Porn (yahoo)

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

I'm listening to "Baby Batter" by Harvey Mandel right now

Germans want plastic surgery for Christmas

My bathroom door hates me

OMG I'm going to die!!!!

"Xmas With the Kranks"?..... What's your call DUers? n/t

Raffi. Probably the greatest album ever made.

How to start your day with a positive attitude:

Anybody See 'Hotel Berlin'?

Well, thank God. 20th century technology finally paid off.

Anyone here have a morbid fascination with Lee Harvey Oswald?

I did 30 miles on my bike today and my legs don't hurt . . . yet

Somebody is impersonating a recently-departed DUer and badmouthing DU.

I've decided to come out as a hard core rapper...

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song?

Guys, it sounded great, but it could have used a little mroe cow bell.


Today I made,

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side....

Woo-hoo Hitler got smacked

What do you do in your spare time?

So, how about?

anyone watching "A Christmas Carol"??

Alexander.... anyone????

Over 1000 posts and I'm still a newbie

OK, I'm slightly annoyed.

Can't believe it!

How many on DU are retired, disabled or not working?

Anyone else just see Rev. Al Sharpton on BOSTON LEGAL?

Should we quit minting pennies? (Rooney on 60 mins says so) I agree

Woo-hoo! Hitler got whacked!

Got a question ...Can anyone tell me the website to go to or know the

How many on DU????

There's nothing better than football in the snow!

"Flaming turkey wings!"

In Case You Ever Wondered Where The Phrase 'Sleep Tight' Comes From

How does "bookmarking" a thread work?

So, I'm am a white in a red state

How should I write my essay on the stranger?

Coincidence, or..... CONSPIRACY?

Deep in the night I'm lost in love, Deep in the night I'm lost in love...

what's the origin of "lurve"?

I have decided to return to DU

Now I have to look at C/lights this sucks

telling solider friend feelings about the war

How do you drink your wine or beer?

I can't believe how bad this is... Kesley Grammer in NBC's Christmas carol

Why do some idiots at football games insist...

Is it better to Lounge-stalk, or to be Lounge-stalked?

Anyone watch Cold Case tonight? (spoiler alert!)

$125 WalMart Gift Card sells for $127.on Ebay to a Nascar fan:

Yes, I love technology,

Anyone up for a scene it type game?

Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah.

Hanks to star in Da Vinci Code, I wish they would have picked Noah Wyle

Lesbian Dolls

The cutest Ice Cream ever!

Need good thoughts and prayers, please

What is the weirdest story you ever heard?

I have a question about English usage for you grammar buffs...

Bush should be appointed king,

Does the kitty walk on your keyboard? Here's help.

Great news for Beatles fans!!!

(Porn related.. but not a sex thread) --- How would you react....

I've been a jerk

Three Years Ago

Lordy I need a glass of WINE....

Post something innocuous that you love.

Supervillains needed. Now accepting applications.

"To whom it may concern..."

I begin my doctoral comps tomorrow. Wish me luck and give advice

Please check out my blog - I'd like to share a holiday gift idea

Urine may lead to collapse of major bridge in Indonesia's Sumatra

I want this dog!

DU Sure Works Faster On a New Computer!!!!

If I ever sell this house, it will only be to a non-white, disabled,

Every night I promise to get to bed early and every night I end up

OKAY, want to get back at DELL ?

Would you ever be in a porn film?

It's a Girl, and a Boy, for Julia Roberts

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Worth Way More Than Paris Hilton

Random, pointless fact thread:

Pic of me in Sunday local paper, front page of A&E section!

I rented The Return recently. Man, was it good.

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song ?

"If you tried to give Rock and Roll another name, it might be Chuck Berry"

What show do you think the Right loves the most?

Whuch graphic novel would you most like to see on film?

X-Men fans: Now that Bryan Singer isn't doing X3, who should direct?

Happy First Sunday in Advent!

Invesco Field is buried in snow

We're Wearing Orange Jerseys!!!

Michael Vick rocks!


Blessing and Cleansing your Home

Double posting

Travel Pictures

Pet/Animal Pics

What was you're first camera?

Proposed: A new MORATORIUM

This is the mentality we are up against...makes me ill

ARe you watching the Simpsons???

Wayne Madsen on Radio now

OK...what's our strategy ?

Rocker Bob Mould's reaction to Junior's 2nd term: "A country divided"

I was without my computer for the last 4 days; without DU I felt

Anyone else have a (Bush Again?) sticker on their car?

ARRRGGGGG!! I'm tired of not understanding this Plame thing!!!!

Truth is, You ain't worth Sheet if we don't get a paper trail

Oklahoma Voting Machines Count Backwards

For those of you who feel the 911 attacks were OBL handy work view this

As a 40-something I am inching towards activism

We didn't "take to the streets" after JFK, Bobby, MLK and many others


Jim Hodges on "fixing" the Democratic Party

Being a Moderate Democrat is an Oxymoron

Democrats are acting just like abused spouses

Let's stop fighting.

Okay, Sharpton for lead the DNC

Petition to John Kerry to recount the Ohio vote

I screamed at my Repug Brother-in-Law at Thanksgiving Dinner


Does anyone here like Lieberman?

We mustn't lose sight of our gray shades

Conservatives Are Turning Into Nazis

and the September 11 terrorist attacks ...; President Bush inherited that

Chipping Away at Roe vs. Wade

Blue Islands, Red Seas by John Gartner

'My Son, My Son' (Safliar Shocked - SHOCKED!)

Ex FBI/SEALS/CIA ready to blow Bush 9/11 cover story

Redesigning American Business(BW...China & India threaten)

China-Iran tango threatens US leverage

George Will makes excuses for uneducated republicans

Poll: Americans Want Roe V. Wade Upheld

Prosecutor Blasts GOP for Shielding DeLay

Excellent Adventures in The Middle East

TvNewsLies Challenges the Silence of the Opposition!

The Yushchenko Mythos

Mathew Gross: The politics of victimization

This is how STUPID republicans can be (LTTE re: Doonesbury)

Re-Vote, Not Recount, in Ohio

Napalm in Falluja and Brit Labor MPs Demand Blair Answers

Depleted Uranium - US Continues Using Chemical WMD On Others

Fallujah Napalmed

LA Times - Step Toward Election Standards

LA Times to Arnold - Time to Get Real, Governor

"Weenie Starts with Dubya"

Ending Our Losing Ways

Petition to Kerry and DNC to recount Ohio vote...

Boycott/Write KABC sponsors of Hannity and O'Reilly

51 CAPITAL "You Stole My Vote" MARCH - Fight Back!

A little note on the Bush economy

Environmentalists Troubled After Bush Reelection (NO!!)

WR Grace Expects Indictment On Libby MT Asbestos Contamination

Next Week's Climate Conference Will Focus Largely On Adapting To Change

US Automakers Hype Hybrids, Crank Out More Horsepower - WP

Additional Studies Confirm Stratospheric Cooling, Tropospheric Warming

Imperative wars versus wars of choice

Geneva convention ramblings

Bush gets nada from Iran Uranium deal - "voluntary, no IAEA sealing"

Conservative ChristianRepublican says listento whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Military Weapons and Gun Control

Do you like this idea?

Elad, a trojan question... (computer issue)

Can I post or am I about to be banned?

I have a question about a warning

Can you verify that it was Wayne Madsen

Admins - please be cautious putting the Madsen Q/A on the home page!

If that was Wayne Madsen on last night, we DU'ers didn't look very good.

How do you become a Moderator?

When is the gallery going to be updated?

UN mark day of solidarity with Palestinian people

Israeli Military Court Delays PLC Member Hussam Khader’s Trial

demolition charges?

Question to CTlers

Wonkette Editor Keynote Address tonight, on C-Span Road to the Whitehouse

NV LVRJ EDITORIAL: Presidential election lawsuit

Bush's campaign managers in Nevada make excuses...for ethics?

No flaw is found in Bush's state win (Florida)

The true question we should be asking ourselves

OH Stolen Election forum:for OHIANs giving detaled news:read + post:flyer2

Just a comment


Has Bev released the difference in count between the

Putting the "Conally Thing" aside, it was nice to see Jesse Jackson...

Come to Ohio - David Lytel (

Wouldn't a Late Surge for Bush be Opposite of Historical Voting Patterns?

Jesse Jackson Blasts GOP Demands Recount Declares Kerry Support

I've been dark for the weekend because of no net access. Can anyone

Don't Shop Ohio Until Vote Recount is Finished! (Temp Boycott)

Could someone post links to New Mexico threads

For Inspiration

Diebold opinion/recruiting poll on Iraq

Inspiring Editorial

DAMAGE CONTROL--alert media about incorrect Connally numbers

Ukraine Cite Examples Of Voting Fraud – In The United States

By the way, what are YOU going to do about this situation?

"Ukraine president backs new poll."

The mysterious package in the Tallahassee Election Building

Madsen had Courage to Nail Bushitler to 911 Scam AND Fraud

Rice confirmation hearings not "appropriate" until January

Cinci Enquirer coverage of Jackson's rally with pix

Diebold "Secures Founding Documents of America's History"???


Where is Dean?

RUDE and UNTRUE comments by GOP Party Chairman Robert T. Bennett

Kos post says NH Recount hiding results of 2 precincts:

Randi Rhodes says Ken Mehlman could be gay

NEW Keith O post!!!

Did Warren Co. FBI agent have a name?

This from Jesse Jackson doesn't sound promising.


Why is the Kerry campaign still soliciting GELAC funds?

Recount Options - weighing what to do next

New Hampshire Update from Nader campaign

I'm sorry but I didn't learn a whole lot from "Casolaro" on this

Remember to take some time out from the du to call/fax your senator today

If this questions been ask already disregard "Why NH" and not

From General Discussion (link): Bush kicked out of Canada! (accrd. to R.R)

The Denver Voice about Media BlackOut

That's it. I'm making daily trips now to distribute flyers, etc...

Help with idea to torment Drudge??????

Jesse Jackson Latest News as of Mon.29 8:21 PST

What if we were Rovians and we knew about Madsen and the leaks?

Conally Tangent is getting pretty silly IMO

Does * Represent a Shrub, a Turd, or a Booger ???

What have we learned from this election?

Remember when everyone said the young people did not turn out...?

Tallahassee Election Building evacuated due to a bomb threat

Was anyone here exit polled on Nov 2nd?

Nations misleading Headline hides irregularities in NH Count

Exit polls are accurate to within 1% -unless Bush is running. Why is that?

Kerry should begin picking his cabinet

Denver Post printed my letter re: election fraud!

20,000 vote error in Ohio? (Franklin County)

I thought the Ohio Dem. Party was going to contest the Ohio election??

Recount is on in Westchester NY State Senate Crace. Major upset possible.

Was central tabulator hacked in Sarpy County Nebraska?

Miami Herald- No Flaw in Bush Fla Win

Al Franken had a slip of the tongue ..."if the prez is re-elected.."

Madsen, fraud issue: Riverside Co. , CA probably a good place to look.

The Youth Rock!!!

Media That Deserves Attention and Encouragement

Ohio Demographics and Curiosities

Castor bests Kerry in 52 Florida Counties

Ebersol as Olbermann's mentor; was plane crash accidental?

Cancel Your Subscriptions to LA Times, other print media

Anyone else having a hard time with this Madsen stuff?


Jackson is on Crossfire now.

Video of a drunken repub at the White House admitting to voting fraud

If this was the first time you heard of Wayne Madsen....

Only the Kerry/Edwards Campaign


Green Party Calls for Ohio Recount Volunteers

Question: How could they have padded the vote in CA when

Edwards: "One thing you can count on is that this fight is not over"

County Prosecutor David Yost DELEWARE, OHIO wants to stop recount!

Novak Says We must accept election theft for the good of the country

AP Article about FRAUD!!!! (On Yahoo & Guardian)

Madsen Q&A Thread Summary

Proposed: Let's Support Wayne Madsen

I'm having no trouble believing Madsen

Talk About Wayne Madsen Q&A On Vote Rigging

BREAKING NEWS: Glibs to Recount NM and NV!!


So who did you vote for?

51 CAPITAL "You Stole My Vote" MARCH is on December 12th

Did anyone listen to Thom Hartmann today?

ACTION: Californians....

Bill Clinton for CA Governor

Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, or Harry Belafonte for goverrnor

San Diego DU'ERS

ACTION: Mr. Madsen says CA was tampered with... then we get ready. ;)

Any Sacramento Area DUers??

Check out this LTTE.

are you going to the Ohio "FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY" saturday, 4th?

Rally Nov. 30 at noon against Mark Kennedy and John Kline

Nonprofit founder plans run for Minnesota governor as DFLer

I am looking for a notebook - any hints?

Registered to vote this year? Welcome to the jury pool! (Cincy Enquirer)

OH NOV-28-2004 Woman's Skeletal Remains Found Near Cornfield

Editorial: Civic duty / Santorum has the same obligations as other citizen

Mike Mussina: A Proud Pennsylvanian Gives Something Back

Pgh PA - Call to Action - Fight Santorum / Support Flood Relief 12/2/04

Thanksgiving update of DUers by County

Austin DFT Meetup/Fundraiser Wednesday Dec.1

**Urgent!!** Call for Dem Poll Watchers (Harris County - Vo Recount)

Anyone in Denton? Denton County?

Here's your chance to protest, Wisconsin!

Fox Valley DFA --Lakoff Video and Discussion

Hanks to star in Da Vinci Code, I wish they would have picked Noah Wyle

Question Regarding "Dual Citizenship"

Finally a democracy that works KICK THE moderates OUT of Both parties!

What if this happened?

Mad Bush? What Mad Bush? Cow to starve Canada's beefs


Rush Limbaugh on C-SPAN

Does anyone know many people showed up to see Jesse Jackson today?

My post on the piece by Mel Giles

My favorite "Sorry" picture so far

Subject: An indictment of #### in quotes!

Anybody read MM's book about the troops?

Terror expert: Qaida WMD attack on US likely soon

The Yushchenko Mythos (Caution on Ukraine situation)

I'm flip flopping: I now FAVOR the Yucca Mountain waste dump

To mourn the loss of my country on 11/2/04...

This guy is a cop???

Journalist Predicts War in Iraq Will Plunge U.S. Economy into Downturn

VERY stupid quiz

Is it just me, or does it seem as though...

Seriously, Rove said "We count the votes" in HBO documentary

"You're one of those EGGHEAD Founding Fathers..."

Monday's Doonesbury

Iraqi Casualties - Big Discrepancy, Big Lie?

More conservative meddling

What, they got Francis Ford Coppola running this war or something?

CSPAN Monday morning — Title IX discussion

The newest outrage from Texas

Here it is Monday morning and it's raining like pouring piss out of a boot

We must defuse the "socialist" label!

About the news stories on the Iraqis storing weapons in mosques....

Gay marriage historically

My brother had to inform a mother of her son's death in Iraq

Anybody listening to "Unfiltered" on AAR? Fox's fine for "married by

Looks to me like with what is happening

Come to Ohio - David Lytel (

Have you built a case against a noisy neighbor?

WP: Mental Illness Sends Many to Foster Care

My favorite "Apologies" picture so far

Cluster chart of Media concentration?

Report from Jesse Jackson conference in Cinti...

I am getting some of the local media interested in the New Freedom Com.

it's what's for breakfast....

Franklin Credit Union Scandal - OMG Is this for real???

On Maury Povich...another "Who's the daddy show!"

Rumsfeld & Bush Can't Be Bothered To Sign KIA Letters

At least when the shit hits the fan

I will give Bush as much support as the right gave Clinton

Breaking on MSNBC: Al Jazeera airs videotope from Ayman Al-Zawahiri


Who is Ebersol and why did his plane crash?

Sunday morning talk shows peddling toxic dog shit

Is Hastert a VERY popular candidate, or a default candidate?

Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell is that immoral?

Help? Where any Vets recalled who were not Nat'l Guard or Reservists?

Say NO to Diebold and other partisan voting machines

Oh My God! I agree with Bill O'Reilly!

Greenhouse effect 'may benefit man'. Article in Observer UK

Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time (against gays)

The season of giving.

Preparing for the Depression

What is the deal with lomanknows posting her theory

Fox News now showing the 'French Connection' in the oil for food scandal

I will support Bush...

Where are China and India in regard to energy research?

New thread on and

On numerous occasions in 2002, Bush said "I haven't decided" on war

I will give Bush as much support as the right gave Clinton

Anyone use/ have suggestions for an Auto Dialer?

Wal-Mart calls post-Thanksgiving sales "weak, disappointing, modest"

WH Press conference.. earth shattering question.."He did eat turkey"? VS website statistics....kerry had more hits

A Letter from a Liberal in New York

Walmart: are the boycotts working afterall

Michael Moore on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno TONIGHT!

Would someone please tell Phyllis Schlafly to SHUT UP!

Riverbend checked in today

It is shopping season. Can we keep the "Starve the beast" type lists alive

David Corn and Al From on C-SPAN

What's your favorite repug hangout?

Post Thanksgiving Reality Check...

Does anyone know if McNamara personally signed KIA notices?

Is there a peace group here?

The new bumper sticker I made up to replace my K/E ones.

Corporate manslaughter

Reverse Robin Hood Greenspan, and the Social Security Shell Game

Duh? What does "MSM" stand for....

Fox News's "Question of the Day sponsored by Walmart"

Bush to waste even more money [seeks funds for abstinence education]

Sid Rosenberg unhappy-MSNBC issues apology/Video clip

LIGHTBULB time---- Bush's New Yacht

Ken Mehlman, new head of RNC - in the closet?

Bush portrait sighting

My E-mail to Col. Hackworth (re Rush on AFRTS) kind of long

That's what you get!

Something that might pick everyone up a little.

shopping madness and free Thanksgiving dinners

Aren't most states really some shade of purple (blue+red)

Let's fix congress up - give them Diebold machines to cast votes on bills

Being mindful who we give our dollars to...

More ridiculous media overkill (at least in my opinion)

"The overmedicated Nation" is the Lou Dobbs story tonight

I'm a card carrying member of the 'liberal' media

Unethical change in Congress

"On to the next quagmire!" (Tom Tomorrow)

Civil Disobedience 101

Is Randi discussing the Voter fraud today?

Are powerful figures in the RW supporting modern eugenics?

Just saw MSNBC and Falwell, Wallace, etc.

Now that People in the media picking up on the New Freedom Commission

Subscribe To the Iconclast (Crawford paper)

Why the word Believe can be used regarding science

Damn today just keeps getting better and better

Isn't that SPECIAL......

Work for the UN - Anyone here done it?

If you were an Iraqi citizen, would you vote

China in Talks to Buy Calgary Oil Giant

Nixon's "Southern Strategy" - specfics?

Swift Boat Scumbag has suffered for libeling Kerry (cry me a river)

Anti-nuclear activist Dominican nun meets Martha Stewart in Jail

Flash about four more years of Bush.

1,249 US soldiers have died in Iraq so far.

What is the future??

Kerry's silence = complicity with voter fraud?

On one of the cable news stations today, it showed Shrub. . .

This Holiday Season, I Spent $2,500 and I Advise You All To Do The Same

Randi Rhodes just said Bush kicked out of Canadia

Ashcroft vs. Raich - the Case name says it all

I think if we give them enough rope they will hang themselves.

Right-Wing Eye


Port Townsend Washington Voting Protest "Tea Party"

drugging school kids | tin foil alert! | educational privatization

Wal-Mart shares fall on poor holiday sales

Damn Randi just outed the New Freedom Commission!!!

Mad Cow? What Mad Cow? Canada to Serve Bush Beef

Randi just called the repugs fascists!!!

DU THIS ARTICLE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo article re: Ohio election fraud


It's true and she is RIGHT! Randi Rhodes is so RIGHT!

More worried about your sons than your daughters (abortion)

Don't you think Walmart commercials are strange?

Some Resources for Newshounds and Online Researchers

My new pet peeve: Rampant, Mindless Consumerism/Materialism

On Organizing

Blackwell withholding public poll books in Ohio


Why does Evolution Matter?

U.S. uses napalm gas in Fallujah – Witnesses & WOW!

Martha Stewart Subscriber Renewals Higher

Life in prison for smuggling popcorn into theatre

Do they have 'Patriot' gas stations where you are?

Here's an idea: abolish the FED

Boycott: Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster & Wendy's

Would Jesus Bomb Nazis?

The Radical Right wants to tamper with the Constitution...

How drug companies are pushing ADHD drugs for children

Freeper response to DU posting... this one will make you spit fire!

A repub at the White House admits to fixing the vote, video link inside

which past dictator is Bush most similar to?

Question. Is the Salvation Army a fundie group?

Discuss, refute.

Should there be a Christmas Tree on the National Lawn?

Yikes! Has this happened to you? Bought some OTC sinus meds....

What have we learned from this election?

How does the miltary keep Americans free?

Let's make a list of all the ways Republicans use policy to make $$ for...

How do you feel when a woman says, "I'm not a feminist"

Anyone here NOT believe in the Theory of Evolution?

ABORTION is not the problem. it's sexual irresponsibility.

AARRGGHH-- for the last frikkin' time, evolution is NOT a theory....

Raise your hand if you've turned TV news off.

Help, I need a tasty Turkey Rice Soup recipe

Arrowroot vs. Flour vs. Corn starch

What's for supper ?

Bush to meet with Harper ?!?!

British hi speed internet providers? Computers?

3 Men Face Charges of Human Smuggling

Vaccine Injury Claims Face Grueling Fight (with Justice Lawyers)

Hong Kong May Restrict Bird Slaughter to Combat Flu

Just saw MSNBC and Falwell, Wallace, etc.

Insurgent attacks erode months of strategic progress in once-calm Bayji

French journalists in 'good health'

It's a Girl, and a Boy, for Julia Roberts

Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblo

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

Iran Delegate Casts Doubt on Nuke Freeze

NYT,pg1: (Drug maker) Contracts Keep Drug Research Out of Reach

Iraq Leaflets Contain Anti-U.S. Propaganda

WP: Gay Minister to Face Jury of Methodist Peers: Could Lose Credentials

WP,pg1: Automakers Tout Hybrids, but Power Rules Showrooms

Iraqi Red Crescent Sets Up Relief Center

Ukraine Crisis Deepens Amid Separatist Talk (LA Times)

1,238 Americans now dead in Bush's Iraqi war

Weekend shopping fever cools after one day

UAE (United Arab Emirates) Hopes to Cash in on Outsourcing Rush

TV Repair Company Guards the President

Self delete -- wrong forum

Stones, petrol bombs thrown in demo outside British embassy in Iran

Pakistan Tests Short-Range Nuclear-Capable Missile, Army Says

IAEA approves 'non-binding' Iran nuclear freeze

Iraqi Election Creates Unusual Alliances

High Court to Hear Medical Marijuana Case

Two U-S soldiers killed, three wounded in Baghdad attack

Essayists Analyze Clinton's Presidency

Deepcut rape claims

WHO aide warns of avian flu pandemic

Spanish PM attacks 'bomb lies'

Gay Marriage Ruling - Supreme Court

Chile torture victims win payout

God Hates Fags group hits Webb City/Joplin MO

We told the truth, ex-PM Aznar tells March 11 commission of inquiry

Scientist says FDA called journal to block Vioxx article

World 'failed' Bhopal gas victims

Just a Reminder- 1,235 Americans now dead in Iraqi Imperialism

Suicide bomber kills 12 at Iraq police station (Ramadi)

Bush Nominates Cuban-Born Gutierrez to Commerce

Copter With 7 Soldiers Crashes in Texas

7 suicide cars found in Iraq mosque

Karl Marx's smoking gun

China may trade prisoners for arms

Outgoing President OKs New Ukraine Vote

U.S. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage challenge

Iraqi security chief arrested in alleged assassination plot (Najaf)

Kerry Supports Ohio Vote Investigation, Jackson Says

U.N.: Particle Pollution Shortens Life

Radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr mobilising for Iraqi elections

Killings in northern Iraq confound U.S. forces

Al-Zawahri Vows to Keep Fighting U.S.

French vaccine fuels hope in AIDS treatment Preliminary study shows promis

Series of earthquakes rattle Mount St. Helens

HE'S backkkkkkkkkkkk..........

Ethics committee charges (NH) Speaker of the House

Edwards to End Term With Farewell Tour

US Marines 'itching' to track down Osama

Amnesty Int'l Seeks Military's Taser Files

11/29/04 DoD Identifies Army Casualty (we're up to #1244)

Helicopter with 7 Fort Hood soldiers crashes in Central Texas

Prominent Democrat Vinich, 54, dies

Al-Zawahri makes threat in tape aired by al-Jazeera network

U.S. Says It Has Right to Report Iran Nuke Case to UN

Ten killed in Iraq bombings as (US appointed) PM says violence receding

'No reason' Iraqi polls should be delayed, Powell says

Northern Iraqi oil pipeline hit by bombs; oil flow cut 80 pct (11/29/04)

Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time

Ebersol's Son Presumed Dead After Crash

Edwards Hints at Future in Farewell Speech

Powell Planning Final Trip Abroad

Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some

British security firm says 4 killed, 15 injured in attack in Green Zone

Parking garage collapses at National Institutes of Health campus ...

Court Declines to Hear Gay Marriage Case

Teen Once Sentenced to Life Can Go Home

Healthy Habits for Kids Pushed in Oklahoma

Judge reinstates murder charge against alleged pot grower

Many Homemade Bombs Reported in Fallujah

Colombia Backs Off Bush Death Plot Claim

Company's perk: $5,000 to buy (environmentally) clean (/efficient) car

US thwarted over Iran

(NH) Chandler resigns as House Speaker (did the right thing! >gasp

Pair who played host on 9/11 insist they don't seek Bush's gratitude

From Raging Grannies to belly dancers, peaceful Bush protests expected

DoD announces 6 more marine deaths

Suu Kyi's Detention Extended by a Year

Hillary Opposed to Highway to South Pole

Western Shoshone challenge Bush empire

China forges free trade pact with ASEAN countries; seen as challenge to U.

Chicagoland Foreclosure Filings Jump 31% in November

Cheney To Stump For Tauzin, Boustany On Wednesday

Chambliss: Securing Iraq Could Take Years ( puke alert)

Gay couple is leaving AK as amendment takes effect


Germany investigates new allegation of abuse of soldiers[conscripts]

Report: Moscow Tests New Missile System

Anti-Bush protesters in Halifax get designated site

Confederate Name Wiped Away Just as World's Eyes Turn to Little Rock

Rise in California mortgage defaults expected

El Paso, Dynegy, Reliant energy traders indicted

100m could die in flu pandemic, says WHO

Families endure private war

Correction: Texas Exit Poll Glance (Texas exit polls get corrected)

St. Charles family farmers back trading with Cuba

Bush picks Kellogg CEO to be Commerce boss

Beware perils of overreaching, GOP is warned

Schools Win Battle Over Campus Recruiting

Hospital in Germany Treats 21,000 GIs

Chile torture victims win payout

13 US marines wounded in mortar attack south of Baghdad

Recount to start on Alabama amendment

Greens find strength in local races but party is struggling nationally

Police, fire departments see shortages across USA

'They hate our policies, not our freedom'

US faces war crime case for abuse

One Month Later, Fight Over Ohio Continues (AP!!!)

Bush High Court Choice Should Back Abortion Rights, Poll Shows

U.S. Group to File Iraq War Crimes Case in Germany

Brain Scan Shows Differences in Truth, Lying

Exxon execs to share ($25 Million) bonus bounty

Sudan to expel senior aid workers

Spain 'backed E Guinea coup plot'

Top general warns Iran not to underestimate U.S. military

Did anyone watch that football game?

Someone Please tell me to go to bed!

Wow, the simpsons are kicking major ass tonight!

A Whitman Poem for Our Time

Married Nov. 13th!

Anyone know the name of that tune on the "Spanglish" trailer

Saw "The Day After Tomorrow" on Pay-Per-View Last Night - It SUCKED!!!

Monday, Monday

Is anybody familiar with the "Hangdogs". Kind of a roadhouse,bar,

DU Gentlemen: Don't ya hate breaking into new bras??

DU Chat now

PBS - Sarah Brightman in Vegas - lotta fancy lights and dancers

I'm Watching Full Metal Jacket Tonight... And I'm Wondering...

DU orchestra conductors: Don't you hate breaking in new brass?

DU Men: Don't ya hate breaking in man thongs??

ABCs Extreme Home Makeover

Everyone... do you hate having a break in a new condom?

DU'ers Don't You Hate Having to Break In... To Your Neighbor's House

Guys.....Do You Hate having to Break in A New Condom

The party is over

Raiders own the Donkeys again.

DU Drunks do you have breaking in a new bottle?

Best college prank EVER

I'm looking for a Mr. McGroin... Holden McGroin...

So if you have a .bin and a .cue...

Do they make keyboard covers for Notebook Computers?

Americas Funniest Home Video.....Stupid or????

Thanksgiving in Vegas:

Is this site for real?

Has Anyone...

Has SeaLab 2021 lost it's edge?

Seeyageorge ???

Did anyone see Alexander this weekend? Did you ask for your money back?

I just want to quit...

The "Still Learning on the Job" CAPTION

Took the wife and kids sledding in the Sierras today.

I never formally introduced myself

Watching American Beauty again

Here's a question...

Liberal music is alive and well...

RANT- HR Idiots

Permanently shit faced


It's 5 am...

Albums that are full of songs that could be singles...

Did anyone see 'National Treasures' this weekend? And whaddya think?

Man Arrested For Shooting Mobile Phones Into Prison With Bow And Arrow

WWII Award Given To Pigeon Who Parachuted Into France Up For Sale

SpongeBob(s) Stolen From Burger King(s) - Ransom Notes Left

I am sick of that pussy-faced Toby Keith in commercials on my tv

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment...

Songs Featuring a Sitar

What should I want for Christmas?

Good books, good music, good movies?

And Just Like That, Arsenal Are Five Points Adrift...

'12 Days Of Christmas' Gifts Would Cost $66,000

Songs featuring a cowbell.

Actual LTTE in The Oklahoman Sunday 11-28

Quick! Go to the SCO Site!

Man sets record by eating 21 matzo balls in just over five minutes

Man Robs Hotel, Gets Drunk, Gets Caught

songs featuring a theremin

Songs featuring a some

Julia Roberts gives birth to a cleaning lady and a british fop.

Children are DEMANDING electronics

The long anticipated "after" picture

I blew Alexander this weekend

!!!! GO SOX !!!!

*Snort* George Plans NFL Return by Joining Bears

Nun enjoys prison meals with Martha

I have the perfect Christmas gift in mind, but I have a question

DU Ladies: Don't ya hate breaking in new bars??

who has UT 2004?

THE Greatest Golfer EVER is......

Video Camera Catches Mouse Making Off With Cash

DU Ladies: Don't ya hate breaking in new bras??

Here it is Monday morning and it's raining like pouring piss out of a boot

Do people in good relationships gripe at each other?

You be the judge: Real, or satire? (re: a blog post)

Man is 105 and uses a walker, but still tosses a javelin

Can I reach 5,000 posts on my birthday?

Anybody see National Treasure? Very entertaining.

Today's George W. Bush "pull my finger" photo

The newest outrage from Texas

The George W. Bush "Coke or Pepsi" question finally answered

Commander Tees Off First Afghan Open in 30 Years

Seperated at birth?

Ghost Story website

Which Previews were Better than the Actual Movies?

Who here like a da ween?

A gift of Venison!

Zimbabweans eat killer lion

Just got back from San Francisco, ask me anything!!

whose your favorite rat pecker?

Since no sex threads, here is my clean joke for today!

New 'Mosh' Video (Eminem)

Thanksgiving recipe

Ad rant

Urine may cause bridge to collapse..(and other urine-related breaking news

I have a really embarrassing confession...

Fowl mouthed parrot

Question for hunters about tree markings

Songs featuring a stylophone a BOAT...on a RIVER...

Dangit Underpants- You broke the toilet again!!

Actress Julia Roberts has twins

I've Been Gone - What did I miss?

How would one go about becoming a vegetarian?

Tom from radio io 70's must be a DUer

Snow? Again?

I'm going to hit 10,000 posts this week.

I'm jewelry manipulation challenged....

Things To Do Before The Inauguration

Whose your favorite Rat Packer?

anyone know anything about selling coin collections?

I saw Jason "Alexander" this weekend.

now for my 37th ham sammich since thursday

I saw Grover Cleveland Alexander this weekend...

I saw Alexander Nevsky this weekend...

Teacher Failed His Own Exams - Fired

Jug Of Pee Thrown On Man's Jetta - From A School Bus

united way donation

I'm thinking about dropping my vegetarianism....

I'm thinking about dropping my hedonism...

Asthma Friendly Floor Cleaner??

You have bad taste in music.

How do "buddy lists" work?

Twin actors have Julia Roberts

Optimists Club Calls It Quits

"Smitten" is such a pansy word. Can I be "smut" instead?

OK, I must rant.

Breaking...Dateline Chino, CA.. Huge Manure fire..expected to burn 48 hrs

boy did my day start off bad....

Howdy,Hearst and Murdock are playing Vegas

Am I wrong for thinking Page Hopkins is hot?

I am in a great mood, and no one can stop me!

The season of giving.

Dancing cow!

I'm going to have my husband turn me in to

What's Lurking In Your Water Bottle?

I just realized, It's monday and I have to go to work !!

Anyone see "A Christmas Carol" last night starring Dr. Frasier Crane?

My world has just been shattered: Hallmark is a republican donor!!

BREAKING!-The trees are fighting back! Security is trying to rein them in

I saw Alexander Haig this weekend.

do we have to see Nancy Sinatra in Vegas ?

Anyone ever watched a fundy video about dinosaurs?

I Saw Jason Alexander This Weekend

I saw Alexander Woolcott this weekend

If anyone is going to Scarborough Fair

Dental question

Is anyone going to Joey Scarborough's?

Highway 61 Revisited

Is it me, or has this board gotten lame?

My apartment is being annihilated

I'm so tired today.....ask me anything!

Barnes and Noble or Borders?

Anybody got LINGO VoIP service

Is the Daily Show back this week?

Scorpions do not belong up your ass!

We Had Kruger's "Death By Chocolate" Ice Cream Over The Weekend

Only 2 More Days! Then we can buy the SI "Sportsmen of the Year" Issue!

I saw Alexander Graham Bell this weekend...

When gay couples argue

Christmas gift idea from Target

"Deep Thoughts" Contest

We're off Level 1 and you know what that means ...

Jesus Loves You. Refinance now!

Who else is ready to IGNORE Hanukkah!

I love Culver's

Is anybody going to San Antone

Witness Revives Baby Trapped In Submerged Car Then Vanishes

64 year old salesman sues Kirk Douglas for "severe hernia" after car crash

During the holidays, I often find myself thinking of Colonel Angus.

Why I Celebrate "Christmas"

Anyone else seen "Sideways" (new movie, ltd screens)?

See The Bible reinacted with Legos. Hilarious!

Who else is ready for Christmas?

A movie warning!!!

What is your favorite political film?

I Am Everyday People

Not having the internet for 5 days

If you're goin' down the road feeling bad.

I just took a dump

It's Raining Men!

Sudan charities...

What is your favorite bear?

What makes you happy? What do you take pleasure in?

Boycott Xmas

Satellite radio

Attention all Deadheads, Janis Joplin fans and fans of the Band

Any neo-fascists that you have a grudging respect for?

Will someone please take my copy of "Saved!" back to Hollywood Video?

Techie Question: Why am I getting this gibberish from MSNBC Web site

OK went to Yahoo! to check the news and WOW the font was way too big

You rang for more grey poupon, Sir?

I am DEMANDING Electronics

You're Darryl Strawberry! YES. You play right field. YES.

Okay I got my answer, no need for this thread anymore

Woman suing AMEX for her million dollar credit card bill...

Help! Someone has stolen my SOUL!

Today I get my stats project back. I am so scared.

I have my own, different embarrassing confession

Another Techie question

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Gravity is JUST A THEORY ... dropped bowling balls float in mid-air ...

How much WRAP do you have?

This is just perfect.

A Monday evening wedding....

How much RAP do you have?

"Lone Gunmen" DVD to be released in March, 2005

Is Commie Pinko Dirtbag Bored

I saw "Alexander" this weekend.

looking for a Peace Sign xmas tree topper


Ten page paper

Smiling Frowned Upon in Visa Photographs

How much PNAC do you have?

Who else is ready for Hanukkah?

How much CARP do you have?

Someone keeps calling me and hanging up.

Why is Tex-Mex cooking only bad when it rocks vermin?

Wallet Stolen 30 Years Ago Returned To Man

Favorite Dylan album?

Ever try calling up and hanging someone?

Bush Can Float? WHO'D 'A THUNK IT!

Who's ready for Hanauma?

The Donor Star mailman finallllly arrived

When *I* Am President, We'll Have A Huge.........

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Anyone know anything?

What is your dirty little secret?

How Much WKRP Do You Have?

Linda Rondstadt my newest Hero

I have no internet access at home.

Ever try calling someone and hanging up?

Is it mandatory to go see Wayne Newton in Las Vegas?

Heavyweights:Santa vs. Buddha

There's a massive, bloated, decomposing animal in my living room

I'm sorry I killed your Ned.

I'm sorry I bedded your kill

Homophones killed 'Alexander'! DAMN YOU HOMOPHONES!

Kitties in trees


Who here hates Jesus Christ?

I'm sorry I killed your bed!

How much CRAP do you TAKE?

Our B&N had Clyde Drexler for a book signing on Saturday...

Where do rabies come from?

When you was a newbie did you ever read the FAQ first?

Any other Grinches in the hizzouse?

"We'll head them off at the pass!!!!"

Never Surrender

What is that trick with toilets to save H2O? Milk jugs

Capitalism for Dummies

Need networking help from the DU PC gurus

Do you hit alert when you see a link to the Detroit Free Press?

For all you grinches out there

DU Ladies - I'm Offering FREE Brazilian Waxes! LINE UP HERE!

Bumper Stickers I Hate

Welterweights: Jesus vs. David Koresh


Where do scabies come from?

Dish T.V. vs. high speed cable?

Why do you think they are airing this "new" video tape from Bin La din's

I GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEKEND! Lavish me with attention!

DU Men: Don't ya hate breaking in new speedos??

I need to procrastinate. Ask me anything!`

It's official: Harvard sucks

Reagan took office when I was in FIFTH grade and didn't leave until

Are you a good pisser?

Eating food from a Dumpster is a turnoff for some - but not all

Best song to puke fun at/criticize Christianity/Religion in General

Wow -- do some zooming

DU Economics Gurus, can you help me?

Coen Bros, anyone? Saw

I need to procreate. Ask me anything!

Idiotic Right-Wing Bumper Sticker of the Day

Who Else is Ready For IGNORING Christmas????

keeping track of the artists/performers who oppose Bush*

I'm sorry I killed your thread!

Women's Ass Size Study

Why is sexist joking only bad if it knocks women?

I got dumped.

I'm watching 'Annie'

I don't care how corny this movie is,

This is a smoke free thread...

My dog just did the damnedest thing...

Who else is ready for a nap?

The falling dollar is a good thing!

Attention NFL Fans...

OK I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day. I've decided on pizza what



Saw "Finding Neverland" - LOVED IT!!!

"If i was President"

Why don't laptops have built in cell phones?

If you come for the kisses,

George Harrison.

Acoustic Guitars - Help Me Choose

Sometimes I just love being Canadian

Zooming to infinity

"Bush is nothing but a big, fat Twinkie!"

OK, so I was sleeping... and I had a thirst for CLEANING

Has anyone seen "Terminal"?

The "You Got Out Just In Time" CAPTION

The "Latest Photo Shot From Underneath to Make Him Look Larger" CAPTION

The all mighty CAPTION

Li'l help with a CAPTION

The Dried-Ol' Tough Tasteless Leftovers of all CAPTIONS!!!

Woohoo! I've joined the 1000 Club! (Free DVD offer!)

Help with Firefox / Mozilla

Should I decorate for Christmas?

Who is Bilingual?

Callin' All CAPTIONS!!! Callin' All CAPTIONS!!!

Henry the 8th Good or Bad King?

Best breakup song

Homphobes Killed 'Alexander'! DAMN YOU HOMOPHOBES!


Should Star Jones' friends have told her that her fiance was gay?

Are you dumb?

Anyone have to make medical decisions for an elderly relative?

The McRib is back?

Congrads to Lizz612 on 2000 posts

Where do babies come from?

How much CRAP do you have?

Middleweights:Ron Artest vs. Hannukah Harry

I have had enough of Ken Jennings

Man Sues For Getting Hit In The Mouth With A Golf Ball (GOPisEVIL Blamed)

Is it just me, or is "From Dusk Til Dawn" a very, very cool movie?

Republican Satire

If anyone is going to San Francisco

Be honest. If you found $150 in a mall parking lot....


DU orientation poll

Which liberal stereotype(s) are/were you?

Book suggestions

It's true and she is RIGHT! Randi Rhodes is so RIGHT!

The Perfect Christmas Present For Republicans You Must Gift, Lumps Of Coal

why didn't I think of Gateway computers???

Odd bleeping of profanities on television.

Can a person love someone they never met?


I have to go for an ultra-sound tomorrow (feminine issue (not pregnancy))

What's your favorite bar?

Help! 14 year old dd wants an IPod for Christmas!!

Student Creates Battery-Operated Glowing Thong Underwear

What Type Of Dog Are You? (take the quiz and find out) *PHOTOS GALLORE*

DU ladies, can we talk?

need some cat advice

Are you a good kisser?

Christmas song downloads thread

Ex-Midnight Oil Singer Hospitalized

Toshiba Wins Support for HD DVD from 4 Film Studios

End Times?

The best article I've read tonight

What Is Too Human? The ethics of human/animal chimeras

Can anyone, anyone, explain the velocity of gravity?

"Mini-black holes?"

Anti-gay group at Harvard Law School tonight

Fred Phelps = Bush's "Willie Horton"?

NYC,..,I. Have a 4 1/2 Month Old Tiny Toy Poodle...Cannot keep

Do you live in the DC area? Can you foster/socialize two feral kittens?

Help-- cat in heat

My water heater broke today- Mercury is going retrograde for sure

ugh... just when I thought it wouldn't be that bad...

Just back from the hospital

What bugs me about this whole 'faith-based' charities thing ...

Are ALL Religions Essentially Cults?

Shuckey Darn! I'm gone for a week and look what happens!

sites for purchasing used equipment.

When to use black and white?

I just ordered 20 Bush Again? stickers! Now I'm going to bed!

Comments on an hypothesis?

Is it weird I'm watching the old Democratic primary debates?

Where is our rush, ann, and hannity?

Singing Pig On C-Span Now

Richard Morrison for President -

What We Call Peace is Little Better Than Capitulation To a Corporate Coup

2008 and Beyond...

Democrats as abuse victims: The Politics of Victimization

What did YOU do today to support the Democratic cause?

Suggestions for Democratic Congressional Leadership

Al Sharpton is my hero.

Howard Dean at Stanford

My brother-in-law, an Army officer voted for Bush..?

what's left till fascism?

DeLay indictment no big deal- Frist's Columbia/HCA GUILTY medicare fraud

Aristotle warned us about religion in politics

Why Ukraine-style mass protest is unlikely to work here

Who's your Daddy??

Red state DUers explain why you think Dems r having trouble in your state

Bush avoids a Draft by cutting pell grants?

Air America on Carlos Gutierrez, Bush's choice for new Commerce Secy

Kerry casts eye toward Senate re-election

Help with list of Red vs. Blue cities.

Time for the Newer Democrats to Lead

Why was all the futuristic political fiction created decades ago?

Where the Democrats could distinguish themselves from Republicans

The best weapon to use in any debate/argument with Bush supporters

Evidence of assassination plan against Bush in Columbia not found

"Almost every time you turn on C-SPAN, you'll see me."

Agent Mike on AAR

Someone asked if big brother is watching...

Why are people so silent over the proposed National Sales Tax?

White House: Tens of Bush Supporters Take to the Streets

$2 Million for a Presidential Yacht?

LTTE -- God/US -- Ahhh!!

I Was Asked At Lunch: "Are You A Democrat"?

For honest frank political commentary, we have to turn to cartoons?

Olberman's reaction to the "Saudis financed 2004 Election theft" story

Stuff to undo what was done during elections.

Schwarznegger and the Presidency


November 26, 2004: Obama on `Letterman': Hawaii, Cat Stevens, Karl Rove

Green Party Calls for Ohio Recount Volunteers

I want to hear Barbara Boxer say to Michael Enzi (R-WY)

Swearing an oath to God - and interesting extension of remarks

Let's just get over it.....Bush won both elections fair and square...

For those too young to remember ...

Teen pregnancy article in today's Dallas Morning News

"Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies"-CSM

Coalition of the fed up: Photos of anti-war protest in Seoul, South Korea

Fox: "What Will a New Bush Term Mean for the American Family?"

America, why don't we ask questions anymore?

Conf Report on HR 4818 - Extension of remarks on Abortion

Newsweek on Karl Rove's "plans for a permanent GOP majority"

KERRY and his "lack" of an IRAQ Plan

For those of you who are still watching the news

How Many Will Protest bu$h In Canada?

Canada rejects "photo op" for Bush, a leader with "blood on his hands"

Ann Richards should head the DNC

Which bumper sticker companies don't print anti-Dem bumper stickers?

Reagan official compares Bush gang to Nazis!

I'm worried that Europe will follow America's Xtian Right-Wing lunacy

Dem panel to debate schedule of primary votes

The Electoral College is KILLING us and it has to go!

Add your favorite RW Catch-Phrase to this List

How many major political parties would be ideal in the United States?

Keep in mind the Electoral College's bias toward Republicans:

Flu Pandemic Banned by Free Republic

Q&A for newbies

Wes Clark Supporters & Sympathizers--Media Alerts for Today

Condi Rice as Bush Team Cheerleader "RAH RAH REE"

Is It Me, Or Does This Kofi Anan - Son Thing Look Rovian?

Talk of the Town: Confidence in Dollar, U.S. Economy is Plummeting

The Reality of Kerry's Money (It was Good Finanacial Management)

Post your favorite bumpersticker and bumpersticker e-store

Where you Exit Polled on Nov 2nd?

DUers, rate this Yahoo article re: Ohio recount

How Kerry whistleblower suffered for truth (Swiftie Steve Gardner)

God Hates Fags Republicans hit Joplin Missouri

Hiding in Plain Sight

How many of you own your own blog, web-site, or web group?

Has there been a "permanent realignment" ?

If you could vote to have a certain issue dropped from the Dem agenda...

The Geopolitical Game

Question for Southern Democrats

Moderate Democrats: Shouldn't compromise be a two-way street?