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1st we take the bridges, then the nation

Networks deliberately not calling Kerry wins.

Vote with the NRA- vote Easley and Cooper in North Carolina

Just want to say "Thanks"

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Troll in Election Forum -- Looks Like Mod Got Him.

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It's official... Alan Keyes is a national fucking joke!

Melissa Bean winning!

Anyone else in Will County?

Is anyone watching Keyes "concession" speech.

Worldlink Live Election coverage

Just drove by my precint in St. Pete. Florida, as of 6:55pm......

Someone please explain what the hell this means?

everyone get the c-span link?

KY, IN, GA to bush (but we already knew that)

20 million more voters in '04 vs '00 - if they swing Kerry, Bush is toast

Drudge,Fox (on orders from Rove?) peddling phony Philly voter fraud story

Media Matters for America has a summary of presidential results at

CNN calls Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia for Bush

Virginia "too close to call"

When do we get to tell Freeps to quit whinning and just GET OVER IT?


7:05 PM EST: Where We Are

BULLSHITT WOLF, you cocksucking whore!!!

Michael Moore: 1,200 videographers monitoring outside FL, OH polls

Vermont.............goes to Kerry....whatta shock :-) saw it on abc 7

Bush Party HQ: Repubs are "philosophical"

Dumbass T. Kennedy on CNN calling it for Kerry. Dont he read Walt Starr's

My local CBS station is whoring for the Repugs, UGH nt

CBS saying * got west virginia

CNN says WV for *...

West Virginia called for Bush (CNN)

Laura Phones the Movers

Please, check the latest posts before adding another "WV for Bush!" post.

USA results according to

AOL News: Bush Wins GA, KY, IN

Tweety calls Ohio "TOO CLOSE TO CALL"

CNN jacking off over the "Florida Miscall" in 2000 ...

CNN exit poll in OH: Kerry ahead by 2 among men, ahead by 6 among women

7:30 EST: Where We Are


South Carolina and Virginia "too close to call"

Rather's making me frigging nuts like he did

7:30 pm Update from Slate

NC is "too close to call" WVA "too early to call"

quick!.... somone cheer me up

Check out VA on C-Span

Florida Results...

cnn just said that miami dade counties wont count absentee ballots untill

Strange Call...David Briggs from KS, KS? WTF?

Miami, FL: 60,000 absentee votes won't be counted until Thursday

NAACP Taking Detroit to Court

Folks, you're going to have to become a little more patient dealing....

OHIO Results Arriving!

15 minutes to Ohio

Best real time results map link?

PA absentee ballots not to be counted

The Big Loser Tonight Isn't Bush - It's The Corporate Media

Exit poll info: Kerry leads 82% for those most concerned about economy

sorry, posted in wrong forum ignore

Ohio can stay open past poll closing times....

CBS calls New Jersey for Kerry

watch CBS, Dan Rather is great ! He is very hyper but seems fair :-) nt

MSNBC calling NJ and IL for Kerry!


OH! Hear the BOOO on MSNBC!!

Dennis Eckart in Cleveland just said on local TV Kerry up 20%

MSNBC Just Called Illinois for Kerry

Insufficient data for Missourri

On your marks...


MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

7 states to Kerry

K=77 vs *=66 CNBC

Ed Gillespie: STFU!!


Polls to remain open in PA for people in line at 8:00PM. This could mean

kerry wins NJ, MA, DC, ME, MD, DE, and IL

Closing Time map?

CNN- The following called for Kerry:

Pennsylvania Senate: Too Close to Call

NBC calls Florida for * ?

CNN - Kerry 77 EV * 66 EV

Don't You Think It's a Coincidence that the Big Three States


Maryland for Kerry.

Almost 7pm CST

Missouri too close to call!!!

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 77, Bush 66

I BET the reason for so many 'Too close to call'


Howard Dean on MSNBC 8:08 est

Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi for *

who else plans on smoking some great big victory cigars in a few hours?

does anyone know how kerry is going to do with the states that close at 9?

CBS Calls NC for * (nm)

Mongiardo ahead in KY! 61% reporting!

CBS Reports Bunning down in KY by 4% with 65% of precincts reporting

WV goes to Bush!

Ohio at 62,000 votes

CBS: Bush takes North Carolina

First Ohio results: Only 12,572 counted (UPDATED!!)

Just wait till MA, CT, RI, NY, ME start pourin in!

Douchbag Bill Owens

Spector going down???

What is happening to North Carolina?

What's with TN??

CNN claiming the 'fix' is in (FL)

CBS just called Virginia for Bush - 13 EV

What is Going on in New Hampshire?

Numbers are screwy

Tweety = teh suck

Just wait till New York hits!!!!

GOD DAMN IT! Virginia just called for *

anybody feeling FABULOUS??!!!


YES!!!! Kerry's DOING IT!!!! NJ, IL, MASS. etc. etc. RIGHT ON!

OMG I am shaking for these Ohio results

a look at what's ahead....Fox already calling it tied at 74-74


Missouri is in play

Ohio with 1% reporting: Kerry 56% and Shrub 44% ... eom

NBC calls Ok for Coburn!!!!

Arkansas: Too early to call

Get ready to get fucked by Jeb. CNN reporting bush leading in I-40(sp?)

I can not eat

CBS Bush gets VA

5 hours queues in OH - Dems asking for other voting methods

New Jersey is Kerry country!!!

Carville Matalin over?

I hate this State crap. The Presidency should be won by the Popular vote!

OMFG!!! INCREDIBLE exit polls in NH!!!!

Schieffer on Cbs

NC to evil empire (AP news alert)

Federal Judge allows paper vote in OH

do these numbers reflect absentee/early voters?

Can someone give me a list of the Blue counties in Florida?

Shit! I was hoping we'd take a red state by now!!

CNN Results Site

Smirking Chimp Is Back Up!

RNC already spinning - on 4 channels

Damn: Coburn wins OK Senate

WTF, WV called for * (CBS)

ILLINOIS- 82% for Kerry, Bush 18%

CBS: Florida can't be called due to southern counties

Is Florida toast yet?

Florida will go for Kerry

Great link for latest result - St. Pete Times

Ralph Reed not looking happy on NBC.....

Notice all the GOPers are spinning, but the Kerry people are quiet?

Bloomberg says the campaigns both think Kerry will win 4 swing states.

NBC:Discrepancy again betw. exit polls and returns again

Kansas - 50 to 49!! Holy Cow!

What Kerry still needs to win

Cheat sheet, hour by hour what to expect....

Close in Bama

I was a volunteer at the ASU debate

Are early returns mostly rural?

Too early to tell in Hillsborough County FL

CNN's got it at 102 Bush 77 Kerry

Local news presidential race

Kerry wins NY, RI

When do they call NY?

* ahead in MI ?!

fuck leslie blitzer and woof woof.

Zogby's 5pm EV call - Bush would HAVE to take FL, OH, CO to win

Why oh why does CNN show bush so far ahead

9:00 - No surprises

I know this may seem like wishful thinking


I would like to know why the new states at 9PM are too "close to call?!"

How's Zogby's Final doin'?

Is CNN retarded or am I?

OH 50-40 *?!?!

Kerry's doing great in PA so far.

WTF: Jeb called Rove that certain counties

Goo Kerry!

Nebraska Split ???

Thank god, CSPAN has finally started its coverage

Broward County Florida coming in


Here's a suprise - the South is voting *

Raleigh "News & Observer" has not called NC for Chimp but NPR did!

They are not going to call Florida or Ohio

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 112, Bush 155 No proble

Is Ohio the new Florida?

CNN has called Virginia for Chimp

CBS has Chimp at 108 and Kerry still at 77 - Why are we so

Let's think ahead

global moniters find errors...are we surprised??

Kerry wins NY and RI; Colorado Too Close To Call

West Virginia only 3% of precints. * 51% Kerry 49%. How can they call it??

BBC has interesting numbers, EV Kerry 112 - Bush 157

God damn the electoral college system to hell!


Modified Zogby shows K over B in 14 out of 16 FL-OH-CO-NV-scenarios

What's the swing vote?

OK Kids - California brings 55 Electoral Votes!!!!

Does the popular vote count make anyone nervous?

Karl Rove is gonna try and steal this thing

new florida (9:11 est, how ironic)

Please tell me I'm not going to need a shoulder to cry on, please

What are the rules on when a network "calls a state"

Blech! NC goes to Bush....

So far Zogby dead on

Daschle "Too Close to Call" in SD

I'm so sick right now. I hate this.

Here's how is calling it so far:.....

What is the law on keeping polling places open late?

Board of elections in Cuyahoga says.... (Cleve Oh)

I'm starting to get depressed

We are going to win, but what this election tells me is that our country


I'm starting to get optimistic

Fla Senate Race, Castor just pulled ahead of Martinez

Why arent they calling PA?

Slanted Reporting by the Media?

Why aren't they talking about & factoring in New York now?

These red states are making me so mad!!!

Florida breakdown by county

Obama takes it !

I'm predicting 279 to 259 for Kerry

If want to believe Exit Polls: Kerry crushed * in Suburban Philly Counties


20,000 votes for Nader in Fl so far.

Fla Voting, just heard on local news

Why is Gulliani on CNN?

Fuck it! I was going to wait and have that drink later

I'm almost afraid to ask, but why isn't Nader even showing up?

Are we into another 4 years, please tell me no

Bush is going to speak!!

Direct link to Florida Dept of Elections

Post tonight's wacky "Dan Rather-isms" here.

It's stupid that they can't call NH or PA for Kerry yet

Well I'm proud to tell you that I helped hand the state of NJ to Kerry.

Ahem. Missouri anyone?

How is bush doing in Poland

Betty Castor just took the Senate lead in Florida

Is Arkansas gonna go Blue?

That @#$%*&^! Map better start turning BLUE soon!

Kerry leading in PA

Franklin County (Columbus Ohio) Update

Keyes got 21.2% of the vote in my chicago precinct

Early New Mexico 7:45 mountain time

What's up with Michigan?

Sultan Bush is of Faux News now

So it looks like Montigardo didn't win.

CBS Calling LA for Dumbya (NOT unexpected)

Ralph Reed was just asked for comments in Fla..LIAR

god-dam the polls

Trillions of dollars at stake for the BFEE. These fuckers will stop at

F'in' North Carolina...

FL, PA and Oh...they knew they were swing states

* surrounded by China dolls?

Why haven't they called NH yet?

Youth vote DID Spike

Rudy is running for '08 on CNN tonight

"Moral values" voters in Ohio choose Bush 83-17??

Chimpass is grandstanding at the White HOuse right now!!!

250k absentee ballots in FL Dem Counties not counted

Michigan and Wisconsin scare me.

Please stop the regional (red state) bashing showing Kerry ahead in Missouri!

So WTF is wrong with the voters exactly?

HELP !!! How did they call Delaware for Kerry ?

Florida early votes...

If you were drafted into WWI, would you want these DUers in your trench?

Just an update from Fla's Big Three Counties

Are the Kerry people saying anything?


Vanessa Kerry on ABC

Miami-Dade 83% reported and we're still down 4%.

Florida Reporting Status: Palm Beach and Miami Dade Still at 0%

Minnesota current votes

NM, 8 pm Mtn Time: Bush 61% Kerry 38% (4% precincts reporting)

Let me help you people freaking out- out

no reports on

Chimp looked harsh on CNN


Where is Maine?????

Who the hell in FL voted for Nader this year???

Illinois still the most lop-sided state for kerry

Uhhh it looks like Orange County Florida's going Kerry...Yaaa

Let's not forget the history of voting in the south.

CBS reported people STILL in line in OH

next step is succession....

How would we know if FL's electronic voting machines are changing votes?

Im Dying here! Anyone know anything about the absentees?

Electoral Votes: 193 Bush in Red states -- 112 Kerry in the BLUE states

WTF? Yahoo just had Missouri colored light blue ...

PA 300,000 more for Kerry than * - Call it for Kerry!

Presidential Election Tracking Page Swing State report - RELAX

trouble in florida- orange and osceola going bush????

Will CNN stop calling stuff with only a fraction of the precincts

Tavis Smiley on ABC railing on Dems

Kerry won 78% of the gay/lesbian vote

Kerry won A FLORIDA


I think I'M GOING TO THROW UP (nt)

so even if EVERYTHING is the same as last year

If we get OH and PA but lose FL we win right? nt

Florida is looking alot like 2000 Now...

Reminder: Daily Show is on live, and it's hilarious!


Someone please settle me down....

what happened to West Virginia?

CNN just called Missouri for Bush

did anyone honestly expect this to be settled tonight?

New York Times calling states very conservatively

Nader is f***ing us in New Hampshire again

German News quote Bush: I think I will win!

I think the networks are purposely holding out blue states.

Good News From Minnesota!

MICHIGAN 55 Bush 44 Kerry?

Bush IS gonna speak ABC

IOWA - Kerry up by 9 pts with 3% reporting.

What is this bullshit?

New Hampshire - where are you?

Will the media call ANY states for Kerry?!

Why is Missouri called for Bush and Pennsylvania only leaning Kerry

Joe Lockhart spinning the numbers on CNN

Kerry leads WI

THANK YOU, New York!

YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Doggett WINS his new Tx. district !!!!!

What did the exit polls say about Florida?

Sorry kids. I'm going to watch "Cross of Iron" and cheer up.

Minnesota - Kerry up by 8 pts

Ohio is KERRYS!

Kerry LEADING In Colorado, According to Fox Station!!!!

by the projections of the polls as of 9:30 CDT and past wins

Florida: Broward is in and we're STILL behind???

just let me get this off my chest.....

Zogby sez... Bush needs Florida, Ohio AND Colorado to win

CNN Joe Lockhart says FL Broward County, 75% counted, 200,000 Kerry lead

Ohio and Florida results pages

why are people panicking?

CBS: Senior Kerry aides not confident FL or OH

CBS Gives PA to Kerry

PA goes to Kerry

WTF is up with PA???

Call Pennsylvania for Kerry already!


MSNBC just declared PA for Kerry!

CBS projects Kerry wins PA

CBS calls PENN. for Kerry

MSNBC calls PA for Kerry~!!!

Is THIS possible tonight?

Kerry just took Pennsylvania MSNBC

PA for Kerry

Arizona Bush 55, Kerry 45

Geez, you'd think PA would be big news or something

cbs called Penn for Kerry (NT)

NBC Projects Kerry in PA

CBS calling PA. for KERRY!

Have we lost anything that we did not expect to?

On AAR: "NBC is calling PA for Kerry." 7:50pm PST

MSNBC calls PA for KERRY!!

CNN calls PA for Kerry!!

CBS just called PA


Pennsylvania, Finally!

MSNBC Calls Pennsylvania For President Kerry!

Everybody CALM DOWN!!!!!

i fuckin hate cnn

Kerry leading in 3 bellweather counties in Ohio

Are the Libertarians the new Greens in this election?

12% of votes counted in Minnesota Kerry doing well

Kerry inches ahead in NH

So umm, did Kerry win PA.?

CNN projects PA for Kerry

Presidential Election Tracking Page PENNSYLVANIA TO KERRY


Why aren't the networks calling PA for Kerry?

Dan Rather is goanna give me a heart attack!!!!

PA called for Kerry? n/t

FLORIDA: Miami-Dade- shouldn't we be leading by more than this?

WTF? Boone County Iowa 2,200 for Nader?

Looking for results by state showing %reporting & totals so far.

what took them so long to call PA?

Palm Beach returns at 52.9% for close to an hour - SUSPICIOUS !

well, raise your hand if you thought it would be a landslide.

NBC: WA and CA for Kerry


MSNBC calls PA for Kerry - EV now Kerry 185 Bush 181

NM: 9 pm Mtn Time: Bush 52%, Kerry 47%, Nader 1% (31% precincts)

EV now 199 K 207 *

Did ARK Just go White

CNN California Kerry, Idaho for *

what percentage are Florida's early and absentee votes?

Kerry 199 Bush 207

When are they going to call Minnesota for Kerry?

Too few votes are in for a clear winner nationwide

Travis Co. Tx Goes to Kerry... Too bad we couldn't deliver more.


Specter held onto his seat................)#$%U#_$*@~~!!!!

Lake County Ohio - Kerry 14,883, Cobb 14,883

Chill people... CA, WA and OR have yet to come in

Kerry ahead by 12,000 in Iowa...21 percent reporting...

OK, my colitis is going nuts here. Please, be over (and in Kerry's

i just love it when they call a state with 0% reporting!!!!

I predict: OH will go to Kerry. Believe it.

Mike McCurry just said on PBS "We WILL win two of the three...

Darn! Jon Stewart is over...

why the heck is MSNBC electoral votes tally different from CNN?

Bush gets Florida

It's all about Ohio

Josh Marshall reports a wave of Republican lawsuits in Ohio

Potent Potables Tonight?

What will it mean if Kerry loses Ohio AND Florida?

Tucker Carlson just went from insane to downright delirious

We may have to look at the smaller states for a win

CNN called it for CA- we got that sweet 55!

Anybody have numbers on early voters in FL? They aren't in the totals.

Who else hears the cavalry approaching?

Have the cities in Ohio been counted?

Time To Call Michigan For Kerry

hey trolls, stop calling florida for bushie.

Presidential Election Tracking Page KERRY 188 BUSH 197

Detroit comes in.....Kerry jumps ahead

Kerry currently up in Mich, Minn, Iowa, and NH

Time to face facts...

Kerry 205 Bush 203 EV when you consider Michigan!

So Mrs. Beast just told me Faux refuses to call PA for Kerry

Has Madison or Mill. in Wisconsin reported yet?

So, with CA whats the EV count at right now. 8:18 PST?

Kerry in lead in MASS by 20%

Are the Zogby predictions still on??

Florida or Ohio... Will we get either one?

Florida count hitch


Rudy and Arnie were a BUST!

I dodged a bullet

If we win Ohio, this thing is OURS.

cool graphics

Polk County Florida - 10,000 more Democrats and the

How is Yahoo! coming up with 210 votes for *?

It's down to Ohio, and the numbers aren't moving........

Akron and Canton Ohio

No results in yet from Seminole County FL?

Don't worry about popular vote currently favoring the chimp

Is Colorado looking good?

Okay, say something to cheer me up

Kerry Dominating Oregon

Bush won Arizona

Glad I'm Old!

Washington State goes to Kerry

Students at UMiami STILL WAITING to vote!

Florida early voting

Exit Polls in Ohio

ABC just gave FLA to *

My precinct in Wisconsin

State of Washington is close.

Kerry starting to lead in Wisconsin!!!


What is happening in New Mexico?

C-SPAN has Kerry overtaking Bush in WI and MN for the first time n/t

Honestly, I think Florida is lost

self delete

We need to compare exit polls in different states with results

Interesting FL reading

Nevada early voting results in: 52 Kerry - 37 Idiot

Joe Lockhart on PBS says OH and FL looking good

Good news Wisc.: Kerry passes Bush

msnbc: please get this asswipe ron silver off the air

FL just went to Bush according to ABC News.

Why the f does faux still have Kerry at 144 and * at 210? WTF

Anyone notice Kerry winning NEVADA?

Wisconsin? Helloooooo???


Can somebody tell me the REAL story about FLORIDA?????

Fla to bush ABC

Updated homepage?

ABC gave FL to BUSH!!!!

Keep Your Chins UP!!!!

I need to be told that we can win Ohio

5 counties in OH show will they go? Do they matter?

Approximately how many absentee & early voting ballots is Fla.waiting for?

Oregon to kerry

Rather on CBS says they're projecting FL for Bush*, giving him 246 EV to

Turn on Al Franken live on Sundance

Kerry should not concede Florida, no matter what

Where is the proof for "early votes haven't been Counted in OH/FL"

Why not call MN, IA, and WI....

ABC Calls Florida for *

Are they going to steal this one too?

I see some posters saying Florida early votes are not included yet.


Kerry ahead in WI

Any Links for the OHIO 9 hr wait / improvised paper ballot debacle?

In the "for what it's worth" department...

F*uck: 39 votes are missing for Bush to win...

If anybody has access to a county-by-county count in OHIO -- please...

Remeber when America voted to have balance of power?

Judy Woodruff is a DOWNER. Florida is still tight

CBS calls Florida for Bush

Yes, we need Ohio. Still, remember it is not over even if Ohio...,

For those of you who are nervous...

Do we have lawyers in Ohio?

My call right now K-279 B-204

It's ohio now

Follow Ohio returns by county at this link.

turned off tv

CBS called Colorado for Bush


I know there are no suprises yet, but I am totally digusted that *

NPR just called FLA for chimp

Let's do the math without Ohio


good god, this is worse than 2000....

Bush Ohio lead cut from 175,000 to 80,000

Long lines in Ohio - does media ask/say why?

Florida will NOT be called until Nov 12 - absentee ballot malfeasance

OHIO: Bush 44% Kerry 56%

Ohio is our only chance

MSNBC is starting to write Kerry's epitaph

Wait..didn't Kerry win WA?


What is happening with New Hampshire?

Any theories as to why exit polls not matching actual numbers in FL and OH


Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

So far Zogby has called every state accurately...(hint: Kerry wins!)

Did BBV cause this nightmare?

Cuyahoga Co Ohio 50% still out. Cleveland! Ohio! nt

quasi-official "early votes in florida accounted for or not" thread!


We're still not catching up in Ohio

urban OH precincts not reported yet ...

OK...Can someone tell me how were going to win Ohio?

I can't put up with Bush for another 4 years......

Anybody else having a lot of difficulty believing the vote is this close?

The latest Waterman Poll shows

Where the HELL is Greg Palast!!! They stole florida again!!!! Now Ohio!

What happened to the youth vote?

We live in a nation of idiots.

something is wrong

Streaming Election Results website

How did you guys vote on 63? It means a lot to me, personally. nt

California Propositions - results....

Just got back from GOTV

Highland Park busy

Precincts begin reporting in MN

Holy Shit WCCO just showed Bush up in both Minnesota and Wisconsin

Wetterling ahead 51%-49% (on Ch. 4)

Exit poll data gives edge to Kerry in Minn.

What's up with Air America on AM950 tonight?

Exit polls 8pm

Good News in Waterford

ohio folks give us some feedback...n/t

Local tv Channel results? ? ? What they don't count each ballot

What's going on up in Clark County?


fresh from the trenches

In Morningside, Pgh polling place, not a single * sign was seen!!!

9:50 15% reporting, kerry and hoeffel still ahead 60%ish

AP Alert: Spector wins

hoeffel doing surprisingly well, hope the afl-cio feels like

Repube 'trickle down' hate, too

GOP Defeats 3 Veteran Texas Democrats

Delay gets to keep his job!

Party at my house, after Sen Kerry is Pres Elect

Woohoo! Got my star!

People are still bashing TX.

Heh...NPR in Milwaukee interviewing people...

CBS calls Senate race for Feingold

My encouraging voting experience in Washington State

Wow...CNN looks like the set of Jeopardy!

Republicans are ignorant

The margins of victory must be beyond the capacity of republicans

My freeper mom just conceded!!!!!

If it goes for Kerry...are the "boys in white coats" preparing straight

Pa... 2 polling places will be open later than they were suppose to be.

Bret Hume Is Wearing A Blue Tie! Should We Let The Weasel Slide Over?

Why do the networks need to predict the vote?

Oh, I see, now FAUX is yucking it up

WV goes to Bush. as per CBS n/t

i live in VA, and i accept flowers and candy

How is it Yahoo! is calling states already?

Georgia still has long lines just to let people know

ABC ONLY network talking of Gay Marriage

Where is teh best place to watch this stufff...

WOW! CNN must be psychic!



No Matter What, I Can't Wait for the Daily Show

Air America knocked off the air - anyone streaming?

Jan Schneider leading Katherine Harris in Florida

I love watching Dan Rather on election night

My suggestion to all of you.....

Generations of Voters

What is the issue that you are most concerned about in this election?

Questioned by the French tv, Perle seems to be very pessimist

Just voted

My belief that Rove is on the phones

How does one understand the electoral college

I wonder what would happen if

MSNBC just called a dozen states,

Does Anyone Know If NBC Decided To Still Use Limbaugh

* takes Virginia...

ACK! I can't stand it!

I'm on the edge on my seat.

What were you doing 4 years ago tonight?

People in Iraq are dying because of lies yet "gay marriage" is an issue of

They are trying to supress west coast voting and Hawaii by calling early

OMG! bu$h is leading 102-77

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

Snap out of it!

Kerry ahead in NH and Missouri for the time being.....

to our gay friends on DU and in Georgia,

CNN and other media morons are calling states such as VA, NC, SC where

Ohio 3% reporting 52% to 46% Kerry

My experience holding a Kerry sign at a very bush poll in TN

ha ha From Bartcop's page - This yellow dog knows what to do

Josh Marshall's site down?

These assholes are driving me nuts, all spinning bullshit-

I'm officially over CNN

So did you see the early LA results on MSRNC?

Is the Daily Show really on for two hours tonight?

BREAKING NEWS: CNN projects Bush will win Louisiana.

pat robertson's "bush victory" prophecy?

Wasn't Gore leading at this stage of the game...

Zogby is So Far right On

Hey Dolstein, looks like I owe you $100. My lovely state has

Day 3: Pics from the book, 2/15: THE DAY THE WORLD SAID NO TO WAR.

It's very slow here tonight.

I'm watching MSNBC and listening to Air America.

Watching election returns this early is like staring into the sun...

171bush 112 kerry sorry numbers just changed

Do you have any respect for people finally voting for the 1st time?

Freeper version of visibility

However Florida goes - PROPS to Broward County!!!!

history channel showing a Stalin bio documentary

AP: Nader Less of a Factor in 2004 Election

Kudos From Canada & All The Best Tonight....

Does anyone think the election will be finalized tonite?

Kerry needs a rally?

It's not OVER YET!!!

176 bush 112 kerry its still ok

165 BUSH 112 KERRY stay clam

CSPAN caller just said that CA might go for bu$h.

win or lose tonight

buck up, people.

everyone relax and watch the west coast even things up

God this thing is going so slow. Its like watching paint dry.

Tom DeLay won.

how hard is it to move to canada if youre a student

NBC now projecting MO with Bush, but the St. Lunatics were giving

North Carolina needs to purge it's idiot population.

OMFG! Take a break-DU Comedy Central for a breath of fresh air!!!!!

How can we get the networks

Bev Harris will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory tonight

PA predicted fo Kerry....CBS

College Republicans

My baby's daddy!!!!!!!!

Polls in California

I freaking HATE Katherine Lanpher!!!!

Why does * have 203 now?

Look out! Cynthia McKinney's back!

Be cool

Kerry's Win in PA

So preoccupied with the election, I just fell down a flight of stairs.


Know how, when you're REALLY hurt, Morphine won't get you high?

Nader=Alan Keyes

I've been pretty quiet tonight but now I have to speak up

South Dakota Senate Race

OMFG! This is so goddamned transparent, I could vomit!

Funny thing i saw on cnn

I'm Sorry. This Is So Surreal That I Just Gotta Laugh Now.

Take a 3 minute stress break! I have just the thing.

Something is Very Wrong Out there....NC numbers don't add up...Media

Keep positive people! We are still in it!

How About A Moratorium On New Members

Bush has gotten all he will get!

Give Nader credit for this.

Republican voters should be prepared to join the armed forces

Been lurking for a LONG time.... COME ON OUT LURKERS!!

Diebold will fix OH for Dumbass

Is our Nation smart enough to choose it's leaders?

8:10PM PST....Zogby Prediction Still Holds True

NPR saying that the pubs will hold at least 51 seats in the senate.

I know we will pull it out on the west coast!!!

I'm staying awake all night!

This is depressing me

A little pic for you worrywarts out there before beddy-bye time.

Is This A Sick Media Trick

Religion is killing this country- what will it take to break it's grasp?

if anybody is feeling tense try this slap shrubya

Faux is reporting 210 to 144 for *ush

Clearly neither side can claim a sweeping mandate...

If we somehow lose, does anybody feel like quitting? I DIDN'T THINK SO!

Doom! DOOOM!!!

Look: It not the people in this country,It the voting system.BBV. n/t

Affirmitive Action

Why haven't we heard from New Hampshire?

I this is the youth vote then they are just asking for a draft

Oil. Oil oil oil oil. Oil profits. Oil. OIL

SO, are they hacking the modems after all ???...

why is everyone freaking out?

This whole fucking country is nuts

Quit trashing the youth vote. Seriously.

Bill Kristol: *Actual* Bush vote 4-5% better than the exit polls....

I live in a nation of absolute fucking morons


OHIO OMG!!!!!!!1

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

Polling station hours likely to be extended

ACLU Sues Over Late Absentee Ballots

Breaking: DU users of LBN give rave reviews to the Mods: developing


Allegheny County Keeps Pittsburgh Voting Open Until 9:30 PM!

2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All

Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports

How can we get the networks

Four Jordanian drivers kidnapped in Iraq: report

Philippines troops clash with Muslim separatists in south

Solana unveils Mid East plan

Kerry Overpowers Bush on Black Vote

Republicans Retain Control of Senate

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported

Breaking: ABC reporting Bush is calling reporters into the White House

Texas Executes Man on Election Night

Okay, a REAL poll for those who couldn't vote:

My mom who lives in Illinois VOTED

I just had the most fun!

big party in hoboken- liberals only

Leslie Stahl Looks Like A Giant Paxil...


What is up with Leslie Stahl's hair?

Four more beers! Four more beers!



Blah, I did something on ebay that is interfering with my otherwise

It's my birthday today.......


I posted this poll because:


OK bye everyone, time to go home, I'll miss ya'll.

I can NOT believe I forgot

I worked my ass off in a Republican precinct & the results are

That's it, I am going to Explode

i thought a beer or two would dull the pain,

Got an amusing email from a friend in CA


Peter Jennings still has it.

my cable company doesn't offer GOTV

Anyone ever play online backgammon?

Yeah! I totally SMOOSHED that bagel!

Need help with online game player username

YO!! I got my UCONN Huskies hat on! Lets win this BABY!!! Red Sox hats ON!

Katie bar the door! Post your "Ratherisms" here...

DU medical professionals: Diabetes questions

OMG! Bill Owens and Lindsey Graham are transexual twins!

Bakersfield, CA -- I voted!

Acrylic Paint, meet Acrylic Sweater...

Hello from the NC DU election party!

What election coverage are you watching or listening to?

My cats just picked the winner!

Non-election related catastrophe involving a possum

I just witnessed the fastest lightening speed reaction from mods ever!!

The song for tonight. The song for forever.

OK, So what's so special about today again?

Two more for Kerry

THE OFFICIAL "ZEN" THREAD...(for those who are nervous)


lord save me, my room-mate just came home with a dog.

My BP is 150/106. Maybe I should not watch CNN?

aaaahhhhh! aaaahhhhh!

Anyone see that shit head on CNN just now?

I have my OWN Predictor that Kerry is going to WIN...

Damn...the DU team is kicking ass tonight

It's a Rainy Night Here in Georgia and I'm a (&^#(*^^#) Basket Case

What was your dog bred for?

CNN: Fuck this Shit

How you guys holding up?

I feel good ..... I talked to CATWOMAN!! Wanna talk to me?

Franken's wearing a poncho! Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?

My wife just promised me some Victory Lovin' if Kerry wins tonight!

I ordered Suse Linux 9.2 this morning, ask me anything!!

Should I take Xanax or Excedrin PM

A suggestion

I Miss Being Able To Hide Threads

I'm pacing,

History Channel running shows tonight on Hitler and Stalin

I wonder what it is like at Keyes HQ in Illinois

My anti-insanity cookoff therapy continues.

DU is telling lies about me!

What the hell is the Dixie Chicks' hairdresser thinking?

I Loathe The Way Bush Shrugs When He Giggles...

Is that a real poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?

OK, a few pictures of Berlin Election Parties

Select your method of self-medication for election anxiety

Daily Show live coverage starting now!

TOO CLOSE TO CALL?....Darn! My mind is too close to call NOW

Feeling much better

Anyone else a nervous eater?

Let's have a sex thread!

I feel so NAKED without being able to click the "My Posts" button!

Dear Travis Smiley...

It's Pat Buchanan's birthday today

Is the level 4 DU cooler than the regular one?

I HATE when I lose my beer.

Lots of perverts here... with your "xxx" posts.

I like having "xxx posts". Makes me feel naughty!

LOL. I actually thought this would be settled tonight. Good night, friends

Is Randi Rhodes on AAR?

FUCK!! Should I Go To Bed Or Stay Up?????

Alan Keyes is now quoting Scripture. Get the fuck out of my state, ok?

I'm not SUPPOSED to be worried sick about an American election goddammit!

Daily Show!!

CHAIN SMOKING 4 THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the movies. Saw RAY. Can you give me an AMEN!

Can I just say, I love Al Sharpton!

Det.'s Ben Wallace just put back a Rasheed miss with so much intensity

my next door neighbor died...

After driving three hours home from PA, I am enjoying

I'm off to bed.

Goin' into the 4th quarter down by 9

It's the fucking "Liberal Media", isn't it?

Official Kerry vs Bush Ohio thread

If * wins,

On this election night 2004 I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a...

Alright. I'm gonna pump my breasts and go to bed.

Gore Vidal on live on Pacifica right now....

I had a nap. Please tell me why all the xxx instead of

Hey, where's all my beer? Two in the fridge, none in the garage. Crap.

So preoccupied with the election, I just fell down a flight of stairs.

Know how, when you're REALLY hurt, Morphine won't get you high?

Who's up for a 10 ounce Hendricks Gin RabrrrrrrTini(tm)?

DU chat tonight

Thank you Canada, for This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Are the 'xxx' post counts


So what happens at Level 5 DU? No text?

I must go buy alcohol. What's it gonna be, boys?

My son married today in Boston before Bush* could stop him

Thanks for the advice on the Xanax

In Illinois

Sick, disgusted, furious-- and I think we're going to WIN!

CNN has Pennsylvania BLUE!!!

Are you guys ready to witness the destruction of the GOP?


Kerry is a strong finisher!

What's everybody smokin'?

I want to PUKE

Sigh. Another stupid computer question -- please help


Fuck it. I'm going to bed. What DVD should I watch?

Like my new glasses?

How many beers have you had so far this evening?

Who else is liquored up?

And then... the vote

DU Election Night IRC Chat!

Fellow DUer's, my Dad had a heart attack last night,

Did LynneSin's naked behind ever get posted???

CatWoman and Ms Uly are watching the returns in my living room!

C'mon people let's sing!!!!

ZOGBY Predicts: BUSH 213 KERRY 311

CNN cannot project VA and SC

Good to see DU is up


Kerry won VT!!

CNN and FAUXNEWS cannot project winner for SC and VA!

News from the Financial world

Big Dawg circa 1992 on CSPAN - 2 for a nostalgic moment!

WHere are the Virginia Numbers???????

Anything yet from New Hampshire?


six minutes into this

Not able to get most cable channels..tell me a good channel to watch??

Is there an IRC chat tonight?

Repube 'trickle down' hate, too

Rather: "Insufficient Data" does not mean it's close

Oh good god.. (NBC-9, CO)

Vermont!! MSNBC calls it for Kerry.

WFT?? PA absentee's not to be counted tomorrow morning n/t

If any state is too close to call, will the Republicans "steal it?"

Why are the early MSNBC election returns from Repub states?

David Gregory on MSNBC talking about shrubco "nervous"


Senate Races :: Exit Poll Roundup

Any Reports From Freak Republic...

Poll Closing Times

I'm watching the Hispanic Channel. They don't fuck around.

Are Exit Polls Being Leaked to Smother West Coast High Voter Turn-Out?


Folks, I don't think they can steal it now!!


What states have been called?

Bush up early in VA, 60% to 38%....2 precincts reporting, .08% of vote.

CBS is telling us they'll be VERY cautious.

CSPAN Map...

PLACING myself on call....who is in TALLAHASSEE?

I thought OH closed at 7pm?

Were there any terrorist attacks today?

Do the exit polls count the early voting?

Ted Kennedy: Tonight is Kerry's night

Drudge on Hannity Show - Pensacola Christian College Turning Out For Bush

'sense of discouragement among top staffers at WH' - David Gregory

11/3/2004 - Kerry wins, how's this song parody


Please, dear DUers--cite your sources!

The ONLY race I'm focusing on tonight is the presidential race.


MSNBC Exit numbers mixed

WH Concern Started in the Weekend: Tweety/David GREGORY

How are some states being called already? Aren't people still in line?

my fingers are crossed. please, please, please, please, please


Just in: the majority of Ga., Ky. & Indiana is populated by Stupid Folks!

Drudge: Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa!

Florida .3% in...

Judge blocks counting of Philly absentee ballots!!!

Sen. Kennedy says Kerry has won the presidency...

I thought I heard Dean tell Randi he would be on NBC tonight.

Reuters: VA still too close to call

Ain't It Nice How The Networks Showed... 'Restraint' ???

Tweety to announce OH...coming up

OH too close to call

John fund on MSNBC has a herpetic lesion

LOL. The first Georgia tally just came up on CNN...

Everything to close to call. This is not over folks. we could still

VA, NC, AND SC too close to call

Where is the best channel to watch the returns?????

WOW....40% vote in and Bunning is

Somewhere out there right now someone is casting a ballot for Bush!

CBS!!!! Kerry wins 74 - 26 among voters who considered Iraq key issue...

Zogby today at 5:00 PM EST: Kerry 311 electoral votes.

Rove at 5:15 PM: Less than 30% chance for Bush win.

WV called for Chimp

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 77 Bush 66

WA voter here. Voting as soon as wife gets home

I'm running on pure adrenaline right now. I'm gonna be up all night.


The polls in FLA close at 8:00pm

Virginia!! Only 1% precincts reporting...


if carson or salazar win, will Kerry get that state too?

Am I the only one nervous as hell right now ?


Please, Please CA, WA, OR, Nevada and, vote, vote...

What will Lame Duck Bush do?

OH: Projection next on MSNBC (nt)

OHIO OMG!!!!!!!1

Come On Left Coasters, GOTV!!!

Kentucky: Mongiardo ahead by 8% with 33% reporting

hey look at the's the day after...!!!

Mongiardo Up Over 7% With Almost 50% Counted


Matthews on MSNBC - Kerry/Edwards Signs Everywhere

I feel a little more optimistic than I did earlier in the day

I Wore My Black Hoodie Today. Did You?

it is still GET OUT THE VOTE ! We don't want to get overconfident nt


Jim BUNNING is going DOWN!! Yeeehaawwww!!!

Just found out that NADER is a write in candidate in

where can I get min to min updates

Early Kentucky results 17% reporting

GO NH!!!!!

CSPAN map GA 68/32 Kerry...but it's red?

CNN wins the "Most TV Monitors" prize.

If Bush does lose this how do you think the "Bushies"

Just found out that NADER is a write in candidate in

W.VA called for Bush. Damn!

Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports

I'm Reminded of Truman...


Cable news. What is the point?

I'm sticking with CBS tonight!

Virginia too close to call!!!

What is this garbage on ABC?!?!

C'mon Tar Heel state! make me proud

Will FLA and Ohio go to Bush?

cnn hear the dodo about dem move on

this calling states right after the polls close is irresponsible . . .

Guys: states won't be called unless the difference is HUGE

Republicans challenging absentee ballots in PA

NEW SLATE #s looking great, but fuck Nadar (We could pick up Nevada)

Yeah VERMONT, First 3 Elec. Votes for Kerry.

Dan Rather's and discuss 'em here

who is seeing weird shit of Bush ahead on CNN/MSNBC bottom screen

Why the FUCK are they showing Wheel Of Fortune on my CBS affiliate??

Republicans sued to not count absentee ballots in Philly

CNN: FLA and PENN will be to close to call at 8pm

Jon Stewart will be on for an hour and a half tonight--don't miss TDS!

Coal and Guns?

I do not like this talk of losing the popular vote....

NOVAK : Repug officials pessimistic about Ohio win for *

this is a boring election return night....

Ohio Results

Reporting from LV, NV - Local CBS affiliate letting voters know

KERRY running EVEN in NC because of YOUNG VOTERS

CNN: Rove working the phones from the WH

FRANK LUNTZ Reportedly Says Bush "Too Far Behind to Catch Up"

Wolf Shows Georgia with Bush 38% Kerry 62% but CALLED for Bush

WTF...*39 Kerry 3...??

Hey Floridians! What way do these counties NORMALLY lean

Indulge: Visualize Winning.

CNN: Bush might not concede FLA until Thursday

MSNBC: First time voters in Ohio 13% they broke to Kerry 56-44

This waiting for Dem states to come in is giving me a freaking ulcer...

CNN exit Poll of OH: Kerry +2 among men, +6 among women!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please cell phone your poll monitor friends, etc. NOW

Try And Stay Calm. THIS is how these THUGS are going out.

Political Science 101

AZ local news: still hundreds of people waiting to Vote....

tallahassee report on the ground: 80% turn out in black church

OMFG! More polls coming in 2 mnutes! DEAN on MSNBC

MSNBC -Matthews said Dr. Dean will be there

Note on Virginia results

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC...

Florida results


Miami-Dade - predictions



Jersey and Maryland Blue

NJ and IL for Kerrry

CBS News2 In Chicago just called it for


How does Indiana/Kentucky come in before Massachusetts, New York?

Fox projections have Kerry w/ 78 and * w/66 in states where polls

CBS-Kerry gets NJ, IL, MA

CNN - New Jersey for Kerry n/t

Go Joisey!

Should we use "Sore Loserman" if it comes to that??

HAHA So much for NEW JERSEY!! Stupid Hannity

Kerry 52-48 in Ohio,Cleveland Ch. 3 exit polls they are very impressed

I think Repuke Jim Douglas won in VT. :-(

Track VA Returns Here : RESULTS SHOWING NOW!!

Those watching MSNBC notice...

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

CNN National exit poll: Kerry ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have a link

Damn, who gave Dan Rather the amphetamines?!?!

If Obama won (and I hear he did) then it's a net nonchange.

I am praying to GOD!!!

Come on NH

how can they call states without

National exit poll with 11,000+ sample: KERRY AHEAD BY 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES!!! NJ, IL (nt)

Is the "Follow OH results here" site certain people keep pimping legit?

Yahoo has NJ for Kerry

Just heard on CBS Jeb called George with some good news..

Novak Just Conceded!!!!

Kerry LANDSLIDE in New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!


Have A Fire Going - Put Paper Voodoo (B/C-repigs) Dolls in


CBS's map is showing * 80, Kerry 77.

CBS: Kerry leads among new voters in Florida

Anything else called from 8pm yet?

Mikulski wins big in MD

I have no nails left....What is going on in Ohio and Florida?

This Election Is Like The Dream Sequence In Fahrenheit 911

N. Carolina to *. no surprise. suprise was how close.


Jebbie called * and told him some FL counties they lost 2000 going * BS!

FLORIDA : Independents support Kerry by 25% points!

why the hell does nader have 6000 votes. what is wrong with people

Damn CNN whores. .. "the majority of NJ voters are worried about

Is anyone nervous about Bush watching results in the White House?



Russert on NBC:

CNN: Kerry 77 Electoral Votes, Bush 66, 3% nationwide precincts reporting

The CT Senate section on DU is WRONG its Dodd and Liberman not Orchulli

"Constrained Ecstacy" according to Mark Green at Kerry's headquarters

Go Doc! "There's a long way to go tonight, so get out and vote"


Schneider on CNN re: New Jersey

Something screwy's going on in Richmond...


WE are ALOT FASTER than stupid Freepers

My freakin' living room/office area looks like a campaign war room

CNN: Jeb not with GWB in the WH tonight but in Fla

less than 10% of youth between 18-24 have voted according to...

And there goes Virginia.


CNN: Can we just f**** turn it off ? CBS is MUCH better !!!!!!!!!!!! nt

Rather calling VA for Bush


VA Goes to Bush

VA bought lots of those electronic voting machines,

we worked our BUTTS off in Florida the last four weeks (its in the bag)

Ohio numbers looking good - link



Why are the whores making a big deal about WV?

OH gay marriage/civil unions ban passes.

Josh Marshall TPM: Kerry opens a lead in Ohio

OH FUCK, CBS predicting Virginia for *.

Anyone want a hit off my bong?

Are you watching the Whoring for Shrub on Florida?

Here come the florida numbers folks! This is the big one!

If your polls are still open don't watch GO VOTE! Get the people there

CNN results are vacuous ...

Please God or whomever is there, PLEASE save our country tonight!

CBS: NC to *

this election is showing how REAL Americans do it . . .

ALABAMA Results just strted coming in Bush ONLY ahead 50-49!

Psycho Bitch Katherine Harris struggling early

FLORIDA latest

VA, NC, SC, FL - leaning Bush?


Just got back from volunteering (in Ohio)

I'm Not Going To Bed... Are You...

It's time to accept it: WE WE'RE WINNING!!!!

Deep Insider Info: KERRY WINNER

Obama 87 Keyes 11 (?)

CBS Reports Jeb Bush Claiming They are WINNING GORE COUNTIES

Ohio: Lawsuit demands that people in line be given ballots

Ok...let me have it...Kerry 77 Bush 66...

Cleveland.........STILL Voting

The VICTORY that DU is directly responsible for...THANK YOU!

Kudos, by the way ... everything on DU running smoothly so far!


Question about the expat vote

How do CBS polls in Ohio become the EXACT opposite of dailykos?

I HATE the way the networks are reporting this...

FL: Even if * is doing better than 2000...Remember Gore WON by 30,000

Are Freepers freaking over NJ?

Why doesn't CNN list how many precincts are in for each state?

CNN showing popular vote % rather then electoral college

Why haven't they called NH

Current Florida Results

How are we doing in FL?

Court Cases on Voting in FL now on CBS

Fuckers In Florida


Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Virginia, SC NC to *

I don't like it that the media is "locking up" the big 3 (PA/OH/FL).

So far no upsets or switches either way from Gore/Bush. NH could be


Pennsylvania should be safe for Kerry

Crap, Virginia went for Bush

Cripes, W is STILL calling me to vote for him. Just got 2 repub calls

SKY News: MO too close to call

Still HUGE crowds in Southeastern PA!

This make no sense

Feeling Anxious About FL? OH looks pretty damn good!

I AM Noticing Suspicious Postings on FL

Kansas is close at the moment...50%bush 49% KErry

Maine goes to Kerry

C-SPAN has PA looking really good . . .

Could someone tell me how CSPAN can "call" a state w/ 1% reporting?

Am I the only one noticing these numbers keep changing ?

Can we STOP with the victory threads PLEASE????

Allegeny County, PA (Pittsburg) open 'til 9:30!

Fuckers are trying to steal Pennsylvania

Calm down Wolf NC is not a surprise

Does anyone know expected overall turnout?

Ken Mehlman and Florida

Ok, let me ask a question...

exit polls vs results we're getting now

Yeah, but don't forget...

CNN: Bush doing better in Fla tonight than he did in 2000

West Virgina is now 50% Kerry to 49% Bush

Well, IF we lost VA...

local news in WI- only 30% of Madison in right now.


How did Carson lose to that guy.

I thought they were doing away with exit polling?

Some good news

We have LOST THE SOUTH. Only Florida looks to be in play


I will say Kerry has for sure taken Ohio,based on Ch 3 Cleveland

"Deliverence" type guys in WV and southern OH

People if it still looks close in VA, NC , It's not. Exit Polling

cbs has orange county, florida going for bush... NOT ! nt

is this right???? each channel wants to be first with the news, so they

double post

Newsday :No numbers yet, but scrolling on the top of page

NY closing in 10 minutes sweat.

In Brevard County, FL ( melbourne), people are STILL voting nt

CNN: Bush Bot is declaring victory

reporting from Virginia District 8....LANDSLIDE FOR KERRY !!!!

Has Bush won any states that he didn't win in 00 yet???????

Ohio giving out ballots in the line. At Dems request.


Hah, Faux News is MUTED in my area !!!

Republican Returns in FL, NC, VA Better than exit polls

Why the hell are they calling some of these close states like VA

I will be totally shocked if Orange County, Florida goes for * nt

Absentee ballots?

BBC: Kerry has 2% lead in Ohio

On behalf of VA, I'm sorry. We did our part.

Connecticut switching to Bush?

Why are the red states and red counties the first ones being reported?

Mongiardo/Bunning now 50/50

Novak just lauded the hell out of Coburn.

Independants Breaking 60 percent for Kerry

9:PM states we will know if we are in the running or not

WTF? Rather just said that the election could turn into a Bush landslide

Have we been duped?

why is CSPAN not showing election coverage- instead Gore's concession?

gay marriage ban passing in OH :(

Calling Coburn win w/ ONE percent in Oklahoma (senate)????????

WHY IN THE FUCK are the new states too close to call?

Everything Going According To My Model So Far

Weird question: can the folks in the Aleutian Islands vote in peace ?

so who thinks it will be decided tonight...?

CNN exit polls: comfortable Kerry lealds in WI, MN, MI

Oh, damn...they're calling NH Senate for Gregg.

Ohio Secretary of State's site - look at Lake County numbers

CNN says Colorado Amendment 36 will not win! No Split!

c-span using real time figures from ap - no projections

NBC: GOP feeling better about Florida

permanent kick ? GET OUT THE VOTE nt

latest repub meme...gwb "over performing" along the I40 corridor FL

Texas is 64% to 34% so far right now

Yeah - Kerry leading in Missouri - Went shrub 4 years ago

NBC has Bush up in Ohio (5% reporting)

It's the turnout stupid

Florida @ 41% reporting

CNN calls ME as a split.

Book it: Kerry will win FL with 51%, OH with 51%, PA landslide

How the heck does Nader have 20,000 votes in Florida?

media coverage is WORTHLESS. They won't call any non blowout states

We lost Texas

Whoa Hoeffel leading Spector by 24,000

Al Franken at Kerry HQ Right Now in Boston

Novak says he "hears" Ohio going to Kerry

GO HERE, it's VERY GOOD!! Look at the results here!!

Helicopter views (Channel 12 News) in Palm Beach County

Everybody please remember that

The MSM has an interest in creating suspense...those advertising dollars

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 112, Bush 155 No proble

CBS: Bush 108 EV away from winning.

Check Bob Woodward on CNN

Damn Bunnings going to pull it out

Novak: Bunning's going to lose

Yes! Blanche Lincoln wins!!


How soon till Russert and Brokaw turn Democracy Plaza

We aren't even to 100% yet these numbers are changing

Kerry will pull off the first big win of tonight

VERY cool UI on CBS analyst board ...

Let's not panic....California still has yet to vote.

New York, Rhode Island go to Kerry..many still too close to call...(MSNBC)


Don't worry folks soon they will call NH for Kerry

Wonkette--- PA and Ohio widening for Kerry, Fla and Wis 50/50

Update from Wonkette

Huge counties in FL not yet counted, with BIG HISPANIC SHIFTS to Dems

Who else is sick of Guillani?

Any word about Iowa yet?

Look at this in Louisiana Something is screwy

Specter behind in Pennsylvania??

The South is going for Bush. Is that a huge surprise??

104 million in Ohio 114 in Florida : TV adds n/t

Feingold wins

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! Arkansas Senate and House race kicking ass!!

why'd indiana go to Bush?

Why is anyone posting partially counted results? They mean CRAP

Struggling with depression re: red states

DU Servers doing a GREAT JOB...and also West Coast polls open for

NH will be the first "switch" state they call...

Everything is fine... relax

What's the news from Arkansas?

If we lose Florida AND Ohio, we're done

Question...when are the absentee ballots counted -nm

MN results so far: Dead heat, but Kerry has a 114 point lead.

Why Are People Upset About Bush Winning Red States?

Does Guliani require surgery to have his lips removed from Dubya's hind-

Bush 98% -2% in California

Zogby - Kerry only needs ONE of FL, OH or CO to win

Look what the media is doing to us.

If We win OHIO AND FLORIDA, The pukes are done

CNN has Kerry leading in Arkansas right now

It's bipolar night at DU

MSNBC: Bush Campaign now claiming Exit poll data is not accurate?

Hi, Dems! I just woke up from a coma. What's DU been up to lately?

NH leaning towards Kerry.

Wait till 85% is in on FL , OH before yo ustart freaking

Catalog good and bad OMENS here (Warning ye who haven't voted: Spoilers)

Yahoo just changed Ohio from leaning Kerry to leaning Bush

KY - Bunning will win over Mongiardo...up by 13,000 votes...2% left


Do the numbers for FLorida include early voting?

Guardian state-by-state guide

Pennsylvania voting still not finished

25 states have been called -- and not a single surprise

Still hope for Indiana governor's race ...

What the hell is happening in Pennsylvania?

Dirt Don't Vote! Networks should show population weighted map

Texas is at only 3 percent of precincts in and it is 62% to 37%

CNN has OH at 53% * /47% Kerry

Give Me SOMETHING on PA And OH!!!!

Kerry forgot Poland Bush 100 percent Kerry 0 percent

Wonkette: PA and Ohio margins widening for Kerry; FL 50/50


CBS: Bush 162, Kerry 112

KOLR has McCaskill leading Blunt in the MO Gubernatorial race ...

Small(rural) counties reported first: don't pay attention to early returns

Poland leaning Bush



Why are people whining when most of the states are below 10%?

Request permission to call out Freeper disruptors tonight

Big juicy succulent MIAMI-DADE and PALM BEACH counties not counted yet


WHAS Louisville calling race for Bunning

Where's our stronghold in OH? Toss out some Dem-heavy counties.

Being a bummer and expressing concern are two different things.

Ugh, sounds like they're calling SC senate race for DeMinted

Kerry will surge past Bush in FL

Feel Depressed?

Philadelphia News.....

How is Bowles doing?

Faux calling it for Kerry...sort of

Yahoo says Bush leading in Michigan.

What's the word on New Hampshire???

Everyone (including me) needs go outside, breath, and have a drink

What Percent of the States Called for Either Candidate...

Isnt russert a tool??

Kerry creeping up in Florida... and no Miami-Dade #'s yet.....

All I ate today was a handful of M&Ms and I went 10 hrs w/out a bathroom

The Media are playing us like cheap fiddles

The media KNOWS what the exit polls say...time was they would report it



Keep the BLue States and win NH and OH

Kerry catching up in ORANGE COUNTY FL, the one the Repukes were crowing


OHIO (What is wrong with you people?)


I went up to my dem headquarters to watch the returns and

Please chill folks. Many voters in Florida are still in line to vote.

Broward County Fla Kerry 66% Bush 33% YES! 55% reporting

Kerry is within 150,000 - 170 in Florida - Palm Beach and Dade

MSM is Screwing with us---Go watch the Daily Show in 15 mins!!!

I'm Glad All The Closeted Freepers Came Out Tonight...

Reminder to EVERYONE here - please listen

NO NO NO... Amendment 1 in FL PASSED... Parental Notification of Abortion


A little question...

Randi says they might not count Miami

Florida numbers do NOT include early voting

MO: The 6% rule...

OBL: if * claims they got him, it's a LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nt

Coburn 49%; Carson 46% (msnbc)

Some perspective

Makes ME feel better - LISTEN!

If actual votes don't match exit polls, are the machines wrong?

Ok, I'm turning off the TV, I'm depending on DU for election news

when is asshole going to speak


New Hampshire votes as they come in at:


If * tells us Al Qaeda is attacking, it might be a LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrong day to quit sniffing glue

countdown - 30 minutes until the Daily Show.

Bush 52-48 In Ohio.

while we're all on pins and needles, future CAMELOT anyone???

I think I picked the wrong day to quit drinking

folks, it doesn't look good

CBS just showed video of * in the WH quarters.....

Nader doing pretty good in NH

Bush wants to speak to the nation. What is he going to say?

Asshole is desperate...trying to influence last minute polls

How did we get so snookered people...

OHIO only 32% reporting in Cuyahoga(Cleveland) Kerry Leading

We used to dominate Congress

Senate Race Perspectives

Why does teeny-ass NH take so long to report? It's like the first

Rather: We were ALLOWED in...

The BBC Has An Interesting Election Map

LOL We are going to win FLORIDA!! LOOK AT THIS!!!

It's Kerry in the lead..then Bush pulls ahead..then it's Kerry pulling up


Why the hell is Bush about to make a speech?

George Bush is a lowdown son of a Bitch

It's just * sittin' in his livingroom with the fambly watchin' the return

If the exit poll #s don't

WTF!?! Bush will give a speech!

I quit drinking 30 years ago,smokeing too

does kerry get to speak now?

Kerry wins early votes in Bernalillo County, NM (Albuquerque)

So what did President Apostate* have to say, live, with polls open?

guy at the gas station gave me Kerry "victory" cigarette!

Josh Marshall said FL too close to call, while Repukes try to STEAL OHIO

CBS has said nothing about * speaking. I think this is RUMOR nt

I picked the wrong day to stop taking my Haldol

BBV Voting - news links - trying to get up to date

bush speaking now, MSNBC

Remember--the Florida count doesn't have the early ballots

People Need To Chilll

FL starting to close

Miami-Dade coming in

CBS reports some more "expected red/* states"

"Nothing unexpected"

Good night, all . . .

For the 3rd time tonight, WTF is WRONG with the media?

The Florida State of Elections Page has less votes counted than CNN..?????

Hello? Media? Pennsylvania???

I have a feeling that Bush is stealing Franklin Cty., Ohio. It was planned

republican assholes challenged voters in my precinct today

Does anyone have Ohio numbers?

jon stewart break time! n/t

Castor/Martinez 49-49



Tragedy: Some poor lady got to the polls ONE minute too late in Orlando nt

Why aren't the whores calling PA yet???

josh marshall says they are trying to steal it in Ohio

Why it's so close

Just got word that Florida absentee and early voting is not yet counted

KERRY UP 52-47 in Minn!!! Perk up everyone!

Everybody watch Daily Show--watch MSM start calling stuff

Obama on CNN

CNN - Obama about to speak

wow that was one helluva speech

Missouri is DEADLOCKED - * 50 Kerry 50. 16 percent reporting

FL : No votes at all for these counties : Collier, Escambia, Holmes

AZ Voters in line 4 hours turned away at 7 p.m. Police on scene

Delay wins

Kerry leading 53-46 in Minnesota - 7 percent reporting

Bush wins Arkansas

I've got to go to sleep. I can't take this....

An SAnswer And A Question....

Palm Beach County hasn't reported yet 75% voter turnout

Fox News panel is GRIM about Bush "cobbling together" a win

Arkansas goes to Bush

GOD I hate Bill Schneider!

can we do it without OH AND Florida?

*sigh* I'm going to bed early tonight

The percentage precincts reporting does NOT equal...

We lost Arkansas...




No Lake County votes in in Ohio

They're saying too many absentee votes in PA to call that state

Florida is not lost! Here is why... (w/ link now)

Man, people are freaking worse than 2002 and we lost then!

How Long Before Kerry Gets Off That Fuckin' 112???

Presidential Election Tracking Page Swing State report - RELAX

Right Now I am so angry!!!

Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Returns in Florida.

What is wrong with the state projectors?

CBS: tried calling them, no go. You have to email them, I think. I just

I'm Back.. Someone tell me some good news!

OHIO - latest results

We have Ohio and PA

How is there ANY way * would win Ohio? On CBS just now

self deleted

Bush going to speak to the nation!!?

Landslide in Pennsylvania

Bush wins Missouri

MO for Bush

Did ABC just call Missouri for the Chimp?

Sorry folks but I don't think we are going to get FL

Let's Start Our Emailing - We Demand Fairness

okay, just for humor, green bay/washington. green bay big lead


Last Hurrah

Settle Down!


My big shock of the night so far

ABC reporting * bringing WH press into residence wing

Youth Vote - 10% in 2000 ..... 17% in 2004

Why in the h*ll does the whole goll d*mn country look red to me??

when are you giving up?

Al Sharpton and William Weld live on the Daily Show.

Are "LONG LINES" the October Suprise for the Republican Party?

Damn. Looks like Martin Frost is losing. For real. DAMN DAMN DAMN

Damn, people, The Media is ALL ABOUT THEATER!!!!

Chill, folks...

the media is playing you guys like fiddles; they call all the states

DO we need to start email blasting the media and let them know

People, it's not over yet! Don't lose heart!

MSNBC says GOP claiming 3-4 percent UNDERCOUNT in exit polling??

Uhh, Is It Just Me Or Does The Media Need To Call Pennsylvania?

If we lose, we have to go after the religious fascism

With only 11% of TX precincts reporting, Kerry already has as much in pop

Does Anyone Else Smell a Rat ?

AAR says one WI station calls it for Kerry....yahoooooooo

Another thing to remember...EVERYONE IS USING AP POLLING

Greg Palast claimed 1 million votes not counted. What state(s)?

Have We Stepped Into The Twilight Zone?

Are the early votes being counted in Florida?

EARLY Florida voting NOT COUNTED yet

Tinfoil? but is the media holding back Kerry calls to affect western vote?


some encouraging numbers from exit polls from


people that are freaking about the count so far

Obama making acceptance speech now....

Official Cuss at the Chimp thread

Kerry now up by 8,000 votes ORANGE COUNTY FL. GOP was crowing before

The F*cking media is deliberatly holding off on Kerry calls

Well, Goddamnit...Carson giving concession speech (OK Senate race)

ABC News declares Specter winner in PA


Katherine (vote-whore) Harris just won her post.

I was expecting these record numbers to be our miraculous turnaround

Susan Estrich; "President Bush will lose the election"

Fla early voting?

I am watching NADER on c-span!!!!!!!

Peter Jennings: Close air support going on in Fallujah...

I think there's some screwy things going on in Ohio and Florida

Kerry will surge past Bush in Ohio - 160,000 votes from Cleveland area

Popular vote closing up - more populous (blue) areas starting to report

There's A Great Deal To Be Said For A Stiff Upper Lip

Is this Coup de eTa ? We are losing seats not gaining..NO WAY !

Collier County Florida.... numbers not matching

I gotta tell you, I just don't like those popular vote numbers!

Can we please wait till its over?


Won't know Ohio and Florida for a day or two

Bush Campaign: "We think there is a 3-4% gap between

OK. Who knows the real deal on when the early votes are counted?

Al Franken: we won't know tonight

NT Times has Kerry in Mass. Anyone else have any results

God I hope Zogby is right!

No post counts makes it tough for us - stay sane folks!!!

What is wrong with this MORONIC country??????????

MSNBC - Kerry winning all over, but they WON'T CALL THEM

Jeezus, I live in a totally fucking crazy state (OK)... votes for Repugs

Youth didn't show up

How many voters are in Palm Beach and Miami counties in FL?

FOX projects Bush win in WI?

oh my god.... I have to go to bed.

Still not worried...

Red Sox eom

Who else here has turned the fucking TV off?

Chill Out - Watch the Daily Show! Come on people!

Just Watched A PBS Segment on Election Returns

How can we get the networks

Palm Beach 52% reporting. It's not going to be enough.

Why we're behind in Ohio...

Read Marshall to find out what's going on in Ohio...

I Want An Answer Please-IMPORTANT....



Stewart on Daily Show: If you're not careful in Florida ...

It seems way too close for me! Am I delusional? eom

Great.. Ohio 2004 = Florida 2000

I hope that Joe Lockhart is not blowing smoke up our ass right now...

Everybody pleeeeaaassseee watch Jon Stewart & lighten up!!

Help!! I'm having trouble sorting this out!

I'm going to go take a nap. When I get up, the usual blue states may have

If Bush wins , there definitely is no God .

Did Osama motivate Repukes!!!?

I support Gay Marriage but DAMN that was BAD timing!!!

Bunning wins! WTF!

AAR: Al Franken said we will not know until tomorrow according to his

Why is Jon Stewart having Travis "Boycott the Dixiechicks" Tritt...

Penn goes to Kerry!



Oh man......................

Pennsylvania to Kerry!!!!!

Has anyone else noticed...

CBS calls Kerry wins PA

CBS just called Penn for Kerry!

Arizona to Bush Pennsylvania to Kerry

CBS CALLS PA for Kerry!

Please, please tell me Kerry;'s lawyers in Ohio are going into court..

Ohio, this year's Florida

The media is picking our President again ... this is not a democracy

I'm feeling good about Ohio. Here;s why......

The guys on PBS said something weird is going on

looks like everyone was too shy to unmask....

Screw (my state) of FL and screw you too Jeb

AGAIN Keep the BLue States and win OH and NH

Russert is delusional re: Minnesota

PA called for Kerry!

Too many trolls tonight.

Penn for Kerry

Never Give Up, Never Surrender !


Does anyone think, based on facts, we can win Florida?

YYYYEEEESSSS!!! PA. is ours!


Cnn calls Pennsylvania for Kerry . Chill folks , we're in this .

WTF? New Hampshire?


Why aren't the networks talking about lawsuits in Ohio

CBS, Kerry worried about Ohio, Fla.

Spector wins.

We can still win this thing....without Bushflorida


Pennsylvania for KERRY!!!!!

Pennsylvania still "hours away" from being called (president)

Bush will only get 27 more EV's eom

Sorry. Im losing it

How Many Votes Were Cast In Florida in 2000?

How can Missouri be called already?

OK fucking MSM - You damn well better give JK CA, WA and OR in about five

Why won't ABC call PA for Kerry? WTF?

Presidential Election Tracking Page PENNSYLVANIA TO KERRY

Compassionate Dems hand shrub the election...


Minnesota and PA going for Kerry

Have faith in John F. Kerry

PA called for Kerry: SO STOP FREAKING OUT


Fox: PA for Kerry.

CBS - Penn for Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Chill people... CA, WA and OR have yet to come in

Because we need to see some cheer.........................................

Tomorrow, if Kerry does not win, I don't want to hear the...

we're gonna win wisconsin

how many votes are expected out of miami-dade, it's still at 50%

Reality Check: Must win for us

PA just called for Kerry - *: 193, Kerry 133, as per Faux n/t



Are we sure that VA is for Bush?

SKINNER - Turn Post numbers back on!



Kerry is ahead in Nevada

Gore states worth 8 less EV?

WTF is up with Wisconsin???

CA for JK - add 55

why is New Hampshire so stubborn?

Nader and New we go again?

California for Kerry Now? (On the CNN map)

Minnesota being called for KERRY

NH Going blue!!!

How Could Alfred E. Newman win the freakin' election???

Bowles in NC will probably fall, Hoeffel will beat Specter in PA

We waited 4 years for tonight....we can do 4 more hours right?

Don't give up on Castor

B 209 k 199 11:00 p.m. EST

Wait till DETROIT comes out!!!!

California, Washington State go to Kerry

California for Kerry

Folks the young vote was TIED in 2000, overwhelming for KERRY this year

NBC gives Washington and California to Kerry

It's like pulling my fingernails out.

Ca. For Kerry!!!! n/t

My optimism is dimishing.

Finally people: Bush 209 - Kerry 199

Media can keep REFUSING to UPDATE Kerry's EV; It'll be KERRY 300+

Idaho to Bush! I'm (not) shocked!!!

The only states that matter now are Florida and Ohio. Can we take either?

Bush took Idaho! Its all over now

Please stop looking at that bullshit CSPAN site!!!


Post here if you're relieved there's no huge GOP "sleeper vote"



Betty Castor is ahead in FL with 99% counted ! YAHOO !!!!!! nt

What's up with New Hampshire?

NBC on Florida: 1.6 Million Absentee Ballots NOT Counted Yet

NH trending Kerry again. We're up 4000!!!!

Faux still listing it as 197 -* 133 - Kerry

Washington called for Kerry.

well one good thing is people stopped posting those landslide

*197 to Kerry 188.

ok, Florida or Ohio?

Demint won...

All the posters asking about EV combos (can we win w/o Ohio) go here:

listen to rather:

What's the story with Virginia?

AZ called for Bush. 219 - 199

Have they called Oregon and Washington for Kerry yet?

Any news on Minnesota?

Im starting to worry -flame away

Want Some Sanity?

Suggestion: when you post a new development add the time with time zone


if this thing doesn't go well tonight...

Wake up people!!!

Anyone know if northern Ohio has been included in the results?

Minnesota 14% of precincts reporting Kerry doing well

Presidential Election Tracking Page KERRY 188 BUSH 197

*197 - KERRY 188

Please give me some good Ohio news!

KErry is GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is everyone so crazy? WE ARE GONNA WIN!!

Does Kerry have any chance.....

California called for Kerry ...

Who's got some good news on Ohio?

I am going to bed, and I fully expect to wake up to President Kerry

Could Colorado make the difference for us?

I have over 8000 posts! I believe the reason that we are loosing....


Wolf is giddy over * and Judy is wearing puke red. I hate CNN!


the tide is turning!! the tide is turning!!!!!!!!

Keyes making his losing speech...

I'm so pissed at my fellow 18-24 year old's

Are the Florida numbers counting the early votes???

O.K., What States Did Kerry Get?

If exit polls contradict final results should we be suspicious?u


Kerry leading in Nevada

A shout out to the true voters.....

It's all up to Cleveland(Cuyahoga) to win Ohio for Kerry


No way Kerry is only up 2,000 votes in Montgomery County

Kerry lost Florida

Here is an email from my brother in Columbus Ohio

Friends GOTV in Cleveland and Columbus

Yahoo changes Michigan from Red to Blue

Ok the TV is officially off for the night here

If Kerry loses OH and FL but wins NH and NV and all 2000 Gore states...

How gullible? 21% of Americans say spam can influence how they vote!

"Hotter than a Times Square Rolex"?

Do you have a link for the NATIONAL POPULAR vote?

Please let Kerry get the popular vote too!

How do Columbus and Cincinnati normally vote?

Thank You Mods and Admin

Critical States are Wisconsin & Iowa & Hawaii & New Hampshire

Can anyone find the Florida county website

According to Sam Seder (Air America)

Cobb showing over 4000 votes but I don't see where they come from

So people STILL IN LINE in OHIO are going to be able to cast votes??

LIsten Up Folks

It all comes down to OHIO folks!!!! the ENTIRE Thing!!!!!!!!!

Can Someone Tell Me What the Hell is Happening With WISCONSIN?

have Florida early votes been counted

Can someone check my math. With OH, this gets us 269...

the pundits love it

It's always been Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Anybody see Keyes' meltdown

Florida...85% reported...Bush up by 275,024?!? With record turnout?!?!?


I have only heard about ABSENTEE votes NOT Early votes (FLA)

Alan Keyes is the black Rodney Dangerfield of politics..

What about Colorado?

Early Votes not counted yet in Florida: CAN I have a LINK!

MN & WI both showing 55% KERRY!!!!

You really wanna know what's holding us back, people???

94% precincts reported in FL. * 52% 47% Kerry?

Their plan is to STEAL OHIO. Already trying to create an "air of victory"

New Hampshire

CNN called GA-12 for Barrow (D) over incumb Burns (R)

Relax a bit about Ohio. It's only half counted yet. People in line...

knee-jerk voters

College kids standing in line 3 hours after polls supposed to close...

35.78 % of Minnesota Precincts reporting Kerry up by 10

It's going to be a long night, folks


don't forget the 1 WV elector who is going to defect.

How's Colorado looking?

Any ACTUAL turnout estimates?

So do we take back the Senate?

How much of the Florida Kool Aid must we drink?


OOOOOOH, Media DRAMA, Comebcak kids come from 3 games down

OKAY, Florida Is Lost, WE CAN STILL WIN!

Burr won,

You know I'll bet this was what it was like back when radio was king

Kerry could win if all states but FL are in, right???


Florida: We are going to win here. The early voter turnout was 2 MILLION..

One more time: I need a "shot of reassurance". Thanks ! nt

ABC: Florida to Bush

How is Jeff Seeman doing?

There is something really not right............

Anybody up for a 269-269 tie?

Melissa Bean won against alcoholic right wing has been Phil Crane in Il.

Skinner was right

Hawaii should break to us if exit polls are anywhere near accurate

If we win OHIO, WISCONSIN, AND NH it's ours

Why are we losing Florida?

Who has a county breakdown link for WI, OH and MI?

ABC gave Florida to Bush (bullshit) but we can still win without it.

CSPAN: Kerry up by 10,000 in Wisconsin

Geographically, We are at a disadvantage in Florida

abc news call florida for bush!

Kerry Leading: Iowa, Wisconsin, Mich. Nevada & Minnesota (CSPAN)

why even have elections??

Ok, Florida may be gone--but all along we knew it would come down

The "youth vote" 18-29 failed to show up.

Idiot actor Ron Silver just said...

Are the Cleveland area votes being counted yet?


Remember Orange County Florida ??

How did we go from so up to so down????

ABC projects FL for Bush


Dont give up hope - things looking good

cbs called florida for bush, shit, i hope they are wrong nt

Pray for Ohio

abc calls Florida for Bush. Let's go Ohio. Let's go Ohio

Don't give up on Ohio yet.

Kerry just went ahead in Wisconsin

Oh Great--Dan Rather is on

What Did Zogby Say About Florida?


Any Predictions About When We Will Know The Result?

CNN project Dem losses in House and Senate

PRAY that Ohio is beyond STEALING MARGIN

ABC Calls Florida For Bush !!!

It was never about Florida. It's always been about Ohio.

Even if Kerry wins the Presidency,


What's the Word On the Colorado Referendum?

Has Ohio even finished voting yet?

They are up 300,000 fucking thousand votes in FL.

'xxx' is the worst DU feature ever

Senate races are a HUGE disappointment

I busted my ass (did you?)...i am going to bed...

This country is worse than a banana rebublic

Salazar up in CO (51-47). Need that pick-up!

please remember California is 55 ELECTORAL VOTES...

Ohio not looking good

Will the Democrats let Bush steal it? ...again?

My TV is off

How the HELL is a "man" with a 44% approval rating ahead right now?

We're going to have divided government.

FUCK! : In FL, Castor down by 50,000 votes with 97% in.



Rove says exit polls dead wrong

PBS: now they're talking about Kerry under preforming Gore.

Developing memes anyone: "the youth vote didn't turn out"....

What would guarantee a Kerry win if we lost Florida?

Ugh Florida just went to Chimp.

question about exit polls

Daschle and Thune (50-50)

Milwaukee County starting to report for WISCONSIN.

This Election is About Ohio, and Ohio Only.

AGAIN keep the Gore States and win OH and NH

WillPitt. Where are you?

I am not a freeper and right now I am about ready ot cry

I'm going to sleep, I've seen this movie before

Cable & B'cast media talking to GOPrs only!

BBV theft in Florida, Ohio, Colorado

Any reports from Michigan?

It's not just the */Kerry race, the congressional/senate races are off

Oh please, Cleveland. Help win Ohio for Kerry!

Did anyone watch New Hampshire? Important Read

that's it.. I will not read a newspaper or watch the news..

Win Ohio For....

Props to Eminem and P Diddy for attempting the impossible...

Legal update from Ohio (good news!)

CBS: Kerry camp says it will win Ohio by 3 pts.


Ohioans, Please list the counties with the major urban cities in Ohio

Why is this even close?

If this goes bad, they're gonna blame the Edwards pick

I believe.....

#'s in Ohio.....

Ohio voters standing in line up to nine hours...

Do Not Panic Unless Kerry Starts Losing These States:

So... Are They Stealing It ???

Anybody drunk yet?

Any news on why the exit polling was so fucked up?

send the youth NON voters over to fight in Iraq

how can a fuck wad that has 44% approval rating be

Ugh...Nader Got Over 30,000 Votes In Florida

It's not the exit polls that are wrong. It's BBV stealing votes.

I'm stunned. This just doesn't FEEL right.

I'm a Southerner, born and bred, and I'm damned ASHAMED of it right now

Chain Smokers report in...................killin' a pack right now

Kerry winning Exit Polls - FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE

deciding the next step in human history,

[PINR] Nov. 3, 2004: Uighur Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

Gene Lyons

Perhaps it's time to start (or join) a real opposition party.

Too Little, Too Late, by Robert Perry

Simple but Effective. Edwards 2008

Texts of Bush's Victory Speech & John Kerry's Concession Speech

Thanks a lot, Tristero, too.

Post-Election Strategy Memo, Part One

Ben Franklin Weighs In On George W. Bush

"The paperless machines were (probably) not rigged"-SALON

Alterman: More "them" than "us"

Don't Despair, Act - Read this letter from Margaret Cho

Bush Unbound (Sidney Blumenthal)

An undergraduate speaks on the election.

Living Poor, Voting Rich (Kristof NYT) -- Thomas Frank was right!

W. Saletan: Simple but Effective: Why you keep losing to this idiot

Dodd For Minority Leader

2010: Agenda for Domination

DR Dean suggests a meetup to discus future and celebrate our few wins!

Is there an established Northern Secession Movement?

It is time for everyone to be an activist! - A STOLEN ELECTION - AGAIN!

I have a really evil plan which could help the Dem's win the 2006 elections

Project eVote. Need $, connections, techies, politicians, lawyers

Do we have any assessments of media people?

One thing necessary to be done - we need to go through all the

Media in capitalist society... no place for liberals?

Why did it happen?

288 New FM radio license up for auction, S, Midwest, West--more GOP

NPR can go to hell.

Novakula and Bowtie are talking big $hit on Crossfire...........

Greg PALAST on Randi-questioning stopping of exit polls and

Grab this "NY Post" graphic

I Cancelled My Newspaper Today

dollar starting slide against euro - plus boycott american products and co

South African Obesity At American Levels - Guardian

Study: Penguin, Seal Food Source Shrinks

Lousiana Town Wants Feds To Replace Sinking Highway At Key Oil Hub

As Release Of Full Arctic Report Nears, US Opposes GHG Action

Wolf poison raises alarms about its terrorism potential

WHO Accused Of Burying Report Critical Of Food Industry Advertising

EPA officials beginning to jump ship

This forum is going to get ugly fast.

i'm not a gun owner

Are you guys allowing new registrations?

a NOT call florida for bushie, despite what our own DUers say.

I've tried to post threads 4 times, in 2 different forums, and nothing

xxx posts?

Can we restore some features?

Sic transit gloria mundi: My 10 minutes on the front page :)

Any chance of disabling registration this week?

When do we get POST totals back?? SKINNER??

Is it time to kick off the recent registrants, keep only donors, restore

freeper email

when the dust settles

It's very important that we communicate effectively right now

DU should take a position on conceding

SKINNER & MODS - last night's Lucas County OH thread showed apparent fraud

Can we get the hide thread feature back?

Another great job by the Moderators. Self-delete. nt

DU Is Now Filled With Gloaters, Happy Daschle Lost

???? The "My Posts" feature is back but doesn't show last night's posts

Why is now acceptable


About the flood of recent registrants.

when can I PM someone?

Thank you Skinner for everything. Thoughtful post on front page. I feel

Please stop new registrations

Thank you, all

JMO, but I think the mods need to lock any posts dogging JK

Thanks, guys.

Can we ALL change our usernames...

Okay, I am new and just asked....

please take du off this lockdown

For whatever it is worth

You guys are doing a GREAT job tombstoning today

Why did you lock my post?

Thank you DU

MODS: WHY was my thread moved to 911?

curiousgeorge - Freeper flamebaiting

message from mod?

Were we at level 6 for awhile today?

Are our gold stars one of these?

Neither "Help and Support" nor "Acrimony" forums are showing up

AverageJoe cannot start a thread.


sigh... I guess it's time for a new username...

OK, now I want to know

Hang in there guys, and check this thread in H&S...

OK, I have had enough

I know it's not nice to ask

Thank you very much for doing such an excellent, excellent job!

New DNC chair discussions

Mubarak to visit Arafat in Paris hospital

Palestinians Killed by Israelis at 2½-Year High

Sorry..I am shaking all over right now.

HAHA--funny Craig's List posting re: Keyes

Crane Bounced From Congress After 35 Years

Seriously. Thank God for Illinios

Isnt Kerry still 3 million behind?

New Mexico update:

msnbc just in will not call FL d/t "lg. no. absentee ballots" (n/m)

Don't concede too early, Kerry.

HEADS UP -- Obama coming up on CBS

MSNBC calls Oregon for Kerry

Oregon for Kerry now 206 K and 207 B per MSNBC

We will not lose, we cannot lose!

Ohio is IT folks

If Cleveland wins this, who will go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

NBC called Oregon for Kerry, still hasn't called FL

NBC Projects Kerry in OR

Whore on PBS - 'Kerry has to start winning some states...

Goddamnit, this sucks

Gap closing in Ohio 110,000

Should there be a Florida threat

Media playing us?

Roughly 40,000 lead in MI, 20,000 lead in OH

Kerry pulling within 2% in OH, only down 90,000

CNN gives * Florida

C-SPAN map Florida to *

It's now 51-49 in Ohio


Wayne Co, Michigan folks are busting Bush's balls

Oregon for Kerry! MSNBC. Kerry 206, * 207

Air America cites BBV fraud in Florida


CNN - says Bush gets Florida!!!!!

Kerry up more in OH, Bush 51 Kerry 49!

32,439 vote gain in Ohio

How can we determine if BBV fraud occured? National polls? Black armbands

BBC has neat site showing results

John Nichols (I think that is his name)

I Took a 4 Hr. Break, and Come Back to See a "Massacre"

abc calls oregon for kerry

Hasn't Kerry won Washington??

Ohio shifting! *51 -K 49.. improving

CNN calls FLA for * How the hell can they do that?!?!?!

OR for Kerry, AP just declared

Bookmark this: (and Good night)

NPR: If Kerry loses Ohio, can hope for tie at best

lockhart: we're blowing the doors off in cayahoga county

NBC: CO goes Red. nt,

Karen Hughes setting up the meme

How the hell can FL be called

NBC Calls FL for Shrub.

Josh Marshall Tells HOW the GOP is Stealing Votes

NBC: refusing to call Florida for His Chimperial Majesty

Can we win Nevada, Wisconsin, or Alaska?

MSNBC still hasn't called FL

cnn just called FL for shrubbie!!!!

NH starting to look better

local Boston pollster calls NH for Kerry

Now we must pray for NV, NH, and OH

Ohio 77% reporting

ABC NBC AND CBS calling FL for Bush!

NBC calls Colorado for *

AP gave Oregon to Kerry

CO looks like it just went to Bush...

Guess the pollsters were right

Anyone have an network email list on hand for info on FL

Everyone is saying NO YOUTH VOTE, contradicts my poll worker experience.

Bradley on CBS re: Ohio

Kerry has started w/an 11% lead in Hawaii

At this point, I just want to say at 12:30 EST

fuckin' drudge is calling it 246 to 207...he's including FLA, too.

Wait times in Ohio

Notice how CNN doesn't shown %Precincts Reporting Clark Co NV?

Why hasn't the Home Page here changed in hours?


AK is starting to report...

Blast ABC with emails for projecting Florida before absentees are counted!

P. Jennings is giddy

Shouldn't We Tell DNC, Kerry-Edwards HQ Not to Concede?

Does anyone know where I can find the exit polls from all

Why hasn't MN, WI, and IA Been called for Kerry yet

It's up to the Midwest now

how's Ohio looking now?

New Mexico, hows it looking?

what channel are you watching (if any)?

Might take a sleeping pill

Remember in 2000

If this turns out sour

Come On! Leading MN by 130,000 CALL IT!

We've got to face the hard truth. JK can't win without Ohio.

AAR just mentioned NH called for Kerry--by FOX!?

CNN & NYT has Florida for Bush but DU does not - what gives?

Small consolation - Kerry gets all 4 Main votes - ABC n/t

Faux calling NH for Kerry !

Finally ... CNN calls OR for Kerry

a troubling thought- do the DLC/DNC leaders have the balls to fight?

Dupe n/t


"Litigating the results would be bad for the country"

f'ing FOX called OH for *


Looking bleak in Ohio. Cuyahoga 67% we're +120,000. So assume

Whats the story with Ohio?

I love my state! MN goes to Kerry!!!

Kerry solidly leading in Hawaii

PBS said the AP predicts MN for Kerry

Finally - MN for Kerry n/t

It's all gonna depend on Ohio.. see the math here:

African Americans are going to have to start coming out in the southern

Kerry is within 2 percent in Ohio as of 12:38 eastern time

Not much being said about NM

Kerry gets MN!

Outside of Ohio, we will only lose NM and Alaska

McNeil is talking about How Exit Polls Don't Seem to Work Anymore

New Hampshire for KERRY!!!!!!!!!!

What is Mich. Wis. Mn. and Iowa doing?

When do they close the polls in HI? n/t


I don't think we have the votes in OH, think we have lost. nt

ABC News is saying that without OH, Kerry loses.

CBS TV Doesn't want to admit it (Ohio vote) (I'm saying I think we'll win)

Remember that the exit polls showed a Kerry win....

What are the ev now?

MSNBC-Chris Jansing-Ohio still in play

With 17% of Ohio uncounted, Kerry needs 57% of remaining votes to win

Ohio provisional ballots may be our only hope.

Only Fox News is calling it for Bush in Ohio

Kerry within 100,000 in OH now

If I understood correctly, there may be more than 100,000 provisional

Its coming down to Franklin and Cuyahoga counties

I haven't posted all night

CNN and CBS have Ohio at 100K difference 86%

Carville just said.......

Look at the bright side

Poll watchers: WHY hasn't NM recorded...

will dem strategist weigh in?

Tweety Sez,"Carl Rove Is Telling The President Ohio Goes For Him".

FUCK! MSNBC calls OH and AK for Bush n/t

NBC Calls Ohio for *

Look at the following link and look at the exit polls

OMFG - It may be two weeks before Ohio is decided

WTF?? FOX calls Ohio for Bush???????

NBC Projects Bush in OH

Why aren't they calling all the states that Gore won?

Ohio - Cuyahoga and Lucas Counties

Just pulled within 100,000 in Ohio... 15% to go!

Great, I want Novak patronizing the Dems

If Shrub wins onho like they're saying, Kerry lost.

Sludge calls the election for the Chimp

Keep you heads on. The battle has only begun.

For all those folks that waited 9-15 hours--they better not concede!!

Anybody hear Lisa Meyers say that the GOP exit polling numbers were

How come we aren't getting the popular vote?

Taking it to court!

Something is rotten in Denmark!

how in the fucking hell does * have 3 million up on kerry in the PV??

Mayor of Columbus, Ohio Announces 190,000 Kerry Votes Coming!

Breaking: ABC reporting Bush is calling reporters into the White House

If Ohio does not come through NO STEM CELL RESEARCH

NBC just called * for Ohio

OMG! Iowa is razor close!!!!

No matter what happens

i don't care what anybody says we still may win FL

Well, look at it this way:

They already talk about the Kerry campaign in the past tense

I warned you..I warned everyone what I was gonna do if Bush won

Good for CNN, not calling OH. What about MI and MN?


Dont' concede...FL and OH are up for grabs...send out the lawyers!

file the lawsuit and drag into the courts

what about New Mexico?

CNN in holding pattern on Ohio

NBC calls OH for Bush

Greg Palast: on LinkTV -- claiming widespread vote fraud etc

Victory speech in progress...


CNN: Kerry wins NH !!!

What Happened to..........?

how long was Florida called for the Chimp before

Whooo Hoooo! CNN Won't call OH

CNN calls NH for Kerry

Agreed: NO CONCESSION. The provisional ballots aren't counted yet

Look at this page/Ohio Exit Polling

Exit Polls

The voter turnout in the next election will be SHIT!

CNN: Kerry wins New Hampshire

CNN: OHIO provisional ballots

what about Iowa?

Bush* leading IA by 4000 votes, 90% reporting

this is madness

So tell me again what an idiot Karl Rove is!

Ohio gap is going down

wtf is up with california??

I'm shredding my voter card and never voting again in this lifetime!

Kerry would be leading in Iowa...

Holy crap. The guy on CNN just said that there were no challenges

CNN... Kerry wins New Hampshire!

Kerry campaign needs to get on the air now to contest results

Cheneys prediction turned out to be almost EXACTLY right...

Bush is pulling ahead in IA...

White Evangelicals VS. The Youth Vote

God forgive me, but if any Bush voter tells me they lost their job,

Did Daschle survive?

Get a grip. Neither OH nor FL are over by a long shot. Only 37%...

OMG: Repukes SCREWED Up & Kerry Wins!!!

Non-conceders, page to bookmark: nt

Election 2004: The South's Revenge for the Civil War?

PBS pol saying it is irresponsible to call Ohio

This Ohio provisional ballot thing is FOR REAL!!!!

What's really going on with Daschel?

Exit polling NOT in line at all with reported official results



CNN: Kerry wins WA !!

AP 7 minutes ago, "Ohio too close to call"

Kerry ISNOT Conceding

Anyone have exit poll link that makes sense?

Americans = Ideologues, not pragmatists

how do we email Kerry and say DON'T CONCEDE

Remember-- first Fox, then MSNBC called FL for * back in 2000

I can't do anything but cry now.

could Iowa be too close to call?

Mary Beth Cahill - MSNBC reporting Kerry will not concede

CNN is guessing 250,000 provisional votes in Ohio!

OK ... here's a winning scenario WITHOUT Ohio

Paul Wellstone sez STAND UP -- KEEP FIGHTING

MSNBC woman says wrong for NBC to call Ohio

This is not an overnight thing It has been building for 20 years.

So when do those Ohio ballots start getting counted?

Lady on MSNBC just said that Kerry WILL win OHIO!

Kerry Takes Minnesota!!!!!!

Gillespie announcing they have 269 EC votes......

CA -- lots of votes to be counted

Nader has 3/10 of 1% of the vote

wtf is wrong with NBC???

Stolen Election: Part Deux

Not So Fast, Dubya

Has Wisconsin, MN, Iowa, Mich, Nevada Wash or Hawii been called?


Someone fucking explain this to me...

Cocktail party at my house tomorrow

Minnesota In Kerrys Court

92% of Ohio counted. Kerry needs 58% of remaining votes to win

I am so embarrassed for my fellow protestants


Jacked up Ron Fournier (AP) Article on Florida?

Where are the rest of the states?

Blackwell (Ohio SOS) on CNN now

I think CA diebold machine were for the popular vote, not to steal

OHio provisional ballots won't be counted

How Come............................................

Ohio within 100,000 CBS

will there be a battle in Florida also?

pack your bags for Ohio

ABC: More than 150,000 provisionals in OH. Probably more than

Let the legal battles begin.

Salazar wins CO !!

Cuyahoga County (CLE) isn't enough (until challenged)

Please help me

Air America: DO NOT CONCEDE!

Turn OFF your TV - Turn ON Air America !!!!

We are losing to the evil empire because of "moral values".

Mods, please delete. This is a dup. (Actually, a trip.) :o)

CNN: Ohio goes green--too close to call!

CNN Offically Projects OHIO too close to call

Aaron Brown and Wolf already downplaying OHIO. Joking about the

Even if AWOL is DECLARED the winner, do NOT despair

Let me be the first to say that this is a SHAM!

is Florida challengeable?


CNN: OH is officially a green state -- TOO CLOSE TO CALL! n/t

AAR reportting

Tweety: we're seeing DEFIANCE from Kerry

*********BREAKING Mary Beth Cahill statement

CNN: Iowa delayed until Wednesday for several reasons... n/t

cnn makes OH a green state

Kerry's gonna give a speech tonight -- WHEN? WHERE?

CNN: Iowa final totals delayed until Wednesday

cheney headed to WH for victory speech


argh! Scarborough talking about Kerry gentlemanly concession

This ain't over till Michael Moore says it's over....

Kerry planes w/ lawyers heading for OH -- Craig Crawford

Red Sox Owner Henry sending plane with

NBC: OHIO may go to Kerry!!!

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, and The Election

does Ohio matter if we lose Iowa and NM

CBS not calling Ohio. "We'd rather be last and correct."

Anyone know the situation in Hamilton County?

CNN: OHIO too close to call

CNN: Iowa results not coming until tomorrow.

We need to get a good slogan for the OH recount

bush challenges voting law

Listen guys, everyone contact Kerry and tell him to please stand firm


CBS saying Edwards will come out soon to speak

ABC Calls New Hampshire and Minnesota to JFK

CBS: Edwards will make a statement

Even Buchanan on MSNBC is saying Kerry would be nuts to concede.

How is Larry King.....

Why are Pat Bucanan sp? & Joe Scarborough the only ones...

Nevada getting really close

Buchanan says Kerry should not concede

Anyone have a link to the federal law that mandated provisional ballots?

Kerry should contest/Edwards should represent!!!

well, 96 percent of ohio and iowa are decided...let's hope the 4 percent

why the hell is tweety...

What ever happened to DICK'S victory speech?

Even if Kerry pulls Ohio out, we need to...

Blackwell on CBS

"Slew of lawyers heading from Logan Airport (BOS) to Ohio now"

CNN: Broken Machines Delay Iowa Count Until Wednesday.

AAR: Provisional ballots in Ohio to break HUGE for Kerry

help! gimme a link!


Does Iowa have absentee ballots? has 16,551 incidents reported.


SOX OWNER Letting Dem Lawyers Use His Private Plane!!!

Put Michigan on the fucking board!!!!!

Kerry won Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CBS - Michigan to Kerry.

Air America just said Kerry will speak soon...

MI for JK

CBS finally projecting Michigan for Kerry

For regular people who complain about Dems dragging this out

Ay, Oh, Way To Go O-Hi-O

We will not surrender - everyone wear black hoodies tomorrow

Looks like Wally O'Dell did his part

CBS calls Michigan for Kerry!

i think msrnc has egg on their face...matthews seems


Could Kerry overcome Bush's popular vote total?

Let's get legal on FLA. And if we lose OH, get legal there too. It may

CNN: 600,000 TOTAL outstanding ballots in OH.

CBS: Kerry wins Michigan !!


EVERYONE: Email Lou Dobbs to save Democracy!!!!

for the record: WHAT NETWORK CALLED OHIO to BUSH????

What's the status of provisionals in OH?

I have only one thing to say and then I'm off to bed...

They screwed up another way

Plan of Action

Notice how NM and NV changed and coming in so slow?

Bush is still considering giving victory speech WTF?

How about C Fucking NN?



can someone please agree that if Kerry carries OH,IA,HA,NM,NV

Edwards to speak


We're gonna get medieval on their ass

Tonite is when the channels show their bias... look

If we can't win against the Repukes, we can't beat the terrorists --

Rather is cracking me up


HAWAII for Kerry!

We aren't going to let Ohio go without a SERIOUS fight

Michigan finaly called for Kerry by CNN!

Hawaii - 2nd Printout - Kerry ahead

MSRNC showing true colors

Edwards: "We will fight for every vote"

Golldurnit Networks show a populated weighted Map once in a while!


Bush wins NM

Email NBC...

Kerry 238 votes. Bush 249.

Heads up, DUers. The crackdown will be coming, and we'll all be included.

CBS calls Hawaii for Kerry!

One observation before I, too, go to bed:

CBS: Kerry wins Hawaii !!


MOSH! We're just getting WARMED UP!

Could we please discuss possible ways Kerry reaches 270?

anyone got a list of NBC and Faux advertisers?

Did the exit poll data for Ohio CHANGE on CNN???

The Email I am sending to Fox and NBC

I hope someone of good faith is guarding the provisional ballots

What in God's name is wrong with Larry King?


CNN says * 249 - Kerry 242

~~ Reality Check ~~

in four years, Jeb battles Arnold for the GOP nomination....

CNN CALLS HAWAII FOR KERRY! "Bush 249-Kerry 242!!!!!"

For Crissakes... Quit giving Freeptards ammunition

Oh snap!

What in the hell accounts for Nevada discrepancy between CNN and SoS?

Dan Rather is holding back the tide that wants to call it for B*

Keep cool if you can. It isn't over yet

"International monitors find fault in Florida vote"

OH.....97% of Count Only 125K Difference

I'm still not giving up on Florida either...

Kerry's recount fund

Even if * doesn't get past 269

2000 Redux-Hurry up and wait

You true experts... Will the PV go our way and how long till it does?

How many provisional votes are there?

Everyone email MSRNC for showing their true colors


The youth vote . . .wait a minute


What will Provis. Ballots in NM, NV, IA, say?

you can record a message on 1-866-MYVOTE-1

Iowa is look bad.

Can anyone tell me what's up with Cayuhoga?

It hurts.

I was in Copley Square tonight till 12:15 - people with official

Any word on FL provisional ballots?

Kerry up 52% to 46% in NV

Is there a point when there must be a recount in Ohio? .5%?

OK - It's still too close to call in Nevada, but the OTHER posters were

Diebold head promised to deliver Ohio for Bush -- last year

Fuck this shit.

Another mandate for Bush!

Knox County, Ohio voters still in line!!!

Kerry still up by a whisker in WI

hey. what is kerry hotline number someone gave earlier?

So let me get this straight: 10 days until they even start counting

Minnesota Fraud

I still hate the electoral college

Trippi reading emails on MSNBC

We have not lost this fight

CNN: Kerry people debating whether to push Ohio

Have the Brooks Brothers rioters arrived in Ohio yet?

We have 8-10 days to focus, count and INVESTIGATE

Call NBC's "Voter alert hotline" & tell them to get that red crap off Ohio

CBS: White House "not very happy." They were ready to go to a party...

While I get the Ohio isn't settled thing, the 600 pound gorilla

How could Bush win all these States with popularity only in the 40's..

Whiners, whipped dogs, doomsayers, check in here.

France channels (France 2 and M6) say Bush 249/ Kerry 242??

In Honor of Diebold

.25% difference in ohio = recount

AP calls Nevada for Bush.

Some curious math...

With Ohioans still waiting to vote, Bush decides to declare victory

Is there a way to find out how many ballots

Rove at his slimy best tonight

wisconsin looking even better: 95% in; shrub needs 56% of rest to win it

CBS still hasn't called Nevada for Bush

T or F: there's no way we'll know tonight

Bush wants to have a victory party dammit!!!

Nobody else but AP has called Nevada.

Something Stinks Like Rove

Why didn't Kerry come out and speak?

OHIO: How many absentee ballots? How many overvotes and ...

look at the usurper planning a faux victory announcement

We must challenge Diebold machines.

Asscroft nominated to the Supreme Court

Mich. just went blue n/t

Air America Reports: THE WORLD IS WITH US!

AP calls Michigan for Kerry

i will be honest guys...

How many provisional ballots are outstanding in OH?

The Whole World Is Watching!

They actually thought that FOX was going to start the ball rolling again

NYT Headline

There is just. No. Way. That these returns are accurate. I am reminded

Are they still counting votes in Ohio?

Jesus, Greenfield is explaining how Repugs were so upset about the

CBS Just Said That

when will they call Wisconsin?

Senators from OH said there is no way Kerry can win and he should

Richardson: "We picked up 24,000 votes in Santa Fe last few minutes"

I don't think Kerry should give up on Florida either. n/t

52000 New Mexico Absentees!

242 vs 249 plus Nevada for Kerry?

OH exit poll oddity - screenshot

C-span map has MI for Kerry. 254-242

Are there random audits of the Nevada Machines?

Faux News: First to call Ohio for *, Last to call California for Kerry

What's up with MSNBC?

NM is only 1% apart. * 50% - Kerry 49%



Daschle in SD is in trouble.

How do we fight Black Box Voting????

We will win Ohio by 37,700 votes in tonight's count-- updated calc.

wisconsin looking good: 94% in; shrub needs 55.6% of the rest to win

So what happened to all the early voting tallies?


In my heart of heart I believe that the FIX was on today!!!

CBS saying re: NM

don't Forget Wisconsin?


I thought there were supposed to be 120-130 million voters in

Where are the EARLY VOTES??

This whole election farce is nothing but a coup attempt.

The map says it all

ABC: bush to declare victory tonite, saying "the people have spoken"


NM and Iowa Secretaries of States will not cetify

Ohio exit polls?

CBS is doing the country a great service -only network that

Goodnight. Tomorrow our fight begins again.

Why no media coverage of outstanding Florida votes?

HOLY SHIT! 2000 All over again!

Popular Vote.....Jesus H. Christ!!

There is no fucking way

John Kerry was right

Enjoy your nuclear waste Nevada

How can they proclaim a Bush win when people are still waiting to VOTE?

OK, back to Florida for a minute -

Does anyone have a screenshot from the Ohio SOS from last night?

New Mexico not to be decided tonight

Tonights Jedi Mind Trick by Karl Rove

A page from Karl Rove's playbook

We Need To Face Reality

I don't know if I can live in this country anymore.

Remember California? RECALL!

So where are the Lucas County (Toledo) Ohio Votes?

My last bitter comment and then to bed.

McAuliffe must go. It's time for a new Democratic party.

Michael Moore, you said we were the majority, we came out in

Yahoo gives Minnesota to Kerry


CNN Gave WI to Kerry!

C-span calls Wisconsin for Kerry. Bush 254-252 Kerry

have they called Wisconsin?

Glad to say * still unpopular as ever in California

KERRY takes Wisconsin: AP, CNN

What happened to the earlier "accepted" decision that Kerry would win?

America's Youth Don't know war. DON'T TOUCH WET PAINT!!!!

No mention of any possible voting fraud in the mainstream media

Don't be too hard on some of the red states.

Bush will not appear at the Reagen Center this morning

Lawyers need to get on the ground in Florida, too! Impound BBV machines

Three states left.

Anti-gay marriage amendments brought out the Fundies.

108.5 million votes counted and Kerry trails by 3.8 million

The case for fraud. Exit polls and e-voting.

Did Michael Moore cover this election? I'm curious what he is finding

CNN: bush will declare victory tonight when they get Nevada & NM

CNN Declares Wisconsin for Kerry

I'm not ready to concede anything

MSNBC reporter says Democrat Lawyers are on the ground in Ohio

We are hostages in our own country

Isn't this the scene where guy says:"Bush you're under arrest"?

Greenfield now pushing hard-right Senate to push Bush harder right

Will a Bush win encourage more terrorism?

Bush Chief of Staff speaking now - Says Bush won the state of Ohio

Let Me Be The Turd In The Punch Bowl

Did i just hear right on AAR? 47% of Americans didn't vote!

Republican aren't fighting for their lives, but for their "souls"

Even if Bush wins, he's still screwed

For the 51%

No concession until it's REALLY over

Just watched Al Franken on Sundance...

If we do lose I say - Kerry 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send an E-mail to Kerry /Edwards and your Senators, now please

Bush disqualified himself...

Frankly there is something very wrong with this country

112 million?

Why is Bushco so nervous about counting all the votes in OH?

Go to RIGHT NOW. See headline.

Any word on international reaction yet?

Welcome to the Planet of the Apes, the Sequel.

Will those who voted for Bush come to regret it ?

Something fishy in FL...

Republicans want to delay democracy 11 days

President-elect Kerry.

Will there be a huge brain drain now?

Two Questions

Greenfield pushing for Kerry to concede

Something stinks. Consider these numbers...

AAR is Reporting that Senator Kerry will Speak

For God's sake why does USA have such a diffficult electoral procedure?

can someone give me an opinion on this

If we lose Ohio, all I can say now is that those who voted for **

Andrew Carr

Nader tips New Mexico *'s way

America's historical decline begins today

How do you feel living in Nazi Germany?

Contesting Ohio will hurt the Democratic Party.

Any rioting yet?

The Push for Theocracy is about to begin in earnest

Greg Palast to come on Air America. If truth means anything anymore.

I smell something rotten....

Harry Ried (Democrat senator of Nevada) for president 2008!

Anybody want to buy a house?

Get ready for war with Iran

Networks Cautious With Rebuilt Exit Poll

Will the military change their tune next time?

IIt is God gun and gays and abortion

We turned out a record 77% in our Ohio county

According to tom joyner show . the new york times stated

if the pubs can claim to have won by 100,000 votes in ohio....

Link to GELAC fund, MoveOn PAC

did they count the early votes in Florida??

Bush camp claims certainty of victory

Florida Counties Total Vote Increase vs Bush Vote Increase 04 vs 00

Fear of death=more votes for Bush

Time to shine ONE BIG DAMN SPOTLIGHT on Ohio

Well, there is a bright side to all of this

How fast will the FBI Haliburton probe dry up now

Can you spell 'bereft'?

Listen Up, and Listen GOOD.

Ok. Help me here. What good reason would there be to not count Ohio

White House claims Bush victory

Surely there is some traceability, even with electronic votes

Watch out for a new "meme" from the Repubs

How is this possible???

The fix was in early in the evening with comment on exit polls...

What about FL Absentee and Early Ballots?

Soros. Buffett. Lou Dobbs. Throw your lot in with your gut instinct:

If there are 250,000 provisional ballots this isn't over.

Impeach Bush

"They're doing it again. They're stealing the election." - AAR

What is Michael Moore saying today?

But what about the popular vote?

Calling states ??

DU this poll on CNN

Cam Kerry on his brother-"he is doing ok"

I told my Rep that Diebold was all they should be talking about

Bush wants to declare himself the winner?

Our system is messed up now

Does anyone else think the undecideds were full of shit and all for *

Florida results

I keep going back in my mind that weekend of the

Bush Boost=Gay Marriage

Ridge Was Right About Terrorism on Election Day

Supreme Court - Rehnquist's Seat

Is this Operation Shock and Awe?

Guliani on CNN . . .

KERRY WINS 279-259!!!!!

Where's osama going to strike

Is it possible the UN might step in

Add to this list please

Plan to move to a swing state,if you are not already in one that is close.

Keep an eye on Michael Moore's and Greg Palast's sites

Is anyone checking into FL?

Big love from the UK

My perspective on this race...

How Dubya will take this

Ex-Pat Votes?

Time to take Action

what are the criteria and procedure for requesting a recount?

This is the time to hit the trenches and take action

Does anybody know how the popular vote stands so far?

My Response To The Current Election Results.

So, are we going to be voting on electronic - no paper trail in 2006?

Recount in Iowa likely!!

Since Dumbya has the press

We've got two lawyers on our ticket. I know they will fight this thing!

Where are Kerry's 10,000 lawyers? Why did people in Ohio wait 10 hours

I was online a lot around this time in 2000.

The right are going to HELL until Bush overthrows RvW

he can't concede yet...why can't we wait to get the votes counted

As of right now: MORE Provisional votes than Ohio vote margin.

Is International Goodwill for the American People Officially Dead???

I'm ready to concede.

Throw out the electronic votes - why should we trust Diebold???

Lots of interesting election fraud info here. Check this out.


Has anyone saved PRELIMINARY COUNTY RESULTS for Ohio?

Is every election going to be like this from here on out?

FAUX just projected Ohio

Some sort of announcement from Kerry at 10am est?

General Strike!

I don't understand how this could happen

Diebold CEO says he is committed to helping Bush in 2003


Why don't they ever "re-vote"

W is for Whitey and for Wacko

2 hrs ago i was trying to imagine another 4 yrs

Kerry needs to have BBV's IMPOUNDED and locked down

This is a lie and I'm not buying a word of it.

All this racial hatred and bigotry is just terrible.

Analyst: "The Democrats are just too out of touch with the South"

Where is David Bois?

Good News! "Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?)"

Shut Up About 2008

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED after 5pm this afternoon?

Blackwell annouced absentee ballots

Vote Fraud! We need statisticians and earlier County Results!


A message to those across the world: We didn't vote for *. Don't blame us

For the past few days, I was thinking about

NBC reported... Bush is planning to make a "victory" speech this morning

What did the Media Know? I was struck last night by how they were going

Does anyone know how * won the PV

Seriously, red state progressives, can we entice you to move to the blue

bush shouLd concede

So.. take the elements of the Depression, the gilded era, the 50s,

Surefire Strategy to Get Media to Cover Voter Fraud, Intimidation

We need to face reality

Almost 10am EST. Will Kerry be on TV, cause if so I will turn it on

No tinfoil hat but reading the cable spin...THEY DON'T WANT OHIO COUNTED

THIS is what did it folks. Cowardly dems ("security moms")

did we go out and vote?

Stock market soaring up over 127 points

How will the various facets of the Republican Party work with each other?

Its Diabold stupid

Have 'early votes' been counted yet?

So people were voting on who they thought was moral? is down. Too much load on the server

No Kerry on CNN, but another Michael Jackson sex story

We Need Some Kerry Rallies

Too many voters, system wasn't ready for them


Jewish voters overwhelmingly stay with Kerry - no realignment

Dem Leadership--Speak to Us

will the Florida results be challenged?

what about Florida?


CNN Question of the Day: should Kerry concede? PLEASE READ/HELP)

My mom: get back in touch with "the people" WE HAVE MOMENTUM

Where's WillPitt this AM??

Dear Lord/Goddess/Benevolent life force etc. PLEASE

Absentee Ballots - Don't give up

The silence in response to this blatant voting debacle is deafening

Wasn't Kerry going to speak at 10am Wed.?

Kenyan reaction to apparent Bush win



The Population Effect

Vote tallies - am I just being dense?


Voting in Lucas county, Ohio

We need to be a bulldog and just clamp down hard on this election

This is a post in support of our friends in Red States.

bin Laden warned us: it's up to us.

my email to American Morning

Daily Kos - this isn't over yet, really

I will not give up on this country although this country gave up on me

why nothing about Florida?

I'd like to apologize on behalf of Ohio for kicking America in the crotch

Can the National Media list be turned inti a media blaster format?

I thanked Soros at following link. Also asked him to rechannel energies to

Considering the depth & bredth of the fraud, I don't think Dems should

I just don't get it

No Concession Without Recount of ALL Florida and Ohio Ballots

Look, it's not like we didn't know this was going to happen

Are we still in favor of eliminating the EC for Pop Vote?

I Am Reminded of the Falling Statue in Bagdad.

Remind me why there were so many provisional ballots in Ohio?

Why is reporting that there's no way to win?

It's the Gay's stupid

I'd Like 2 Apologize On Behalf Of Texas, 4 Kicking America In The Crotch

Kerry will conced

How Can bu$h Be Stopped??

has anyone read about voting problems on Michale Moore's site?

Kerry concedes

Kerry conceded???

It was a long and tough fight...

Alot of people are saying Kerry will concede today

My grandson is 14 and was afraid to go to school today...

Concede? Not if Edwards has anything to do with it.

I'm Craying, Sorry I Tried To Keep The Faith

It's not voter apathy, it's not faulty GOTV, *DIEBOLD STOLE THE ELECTION*

So When does the Revolution Start?

Provisional ballots not counted as your BOE and see.

Is bush's win of the popular vote due to those evangelicals



that "bush says let's roll" bumpersticker

Kerry Calls Bush To Concede

Is Kerry *just* waiting for the votes to be counted?

What will happen now that ** has a supposed mandate?

Nothiing on Kerry web site

Where the hell is the John Kerry forum?

I thought he was going to fight for us

What should we do to be more "In touch with the South"

I'll f*ing say it: Nader is right. Both parties are unreedemingly corrupt.

I'm going to switch my party affiliation back to independent.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Gore in 2008! the universe will correct itself!!

Fat lady (On edit)Look at it this way, now we can impeach him.

The anti-Bush, pro-Democratic energy is not going to go away

The Great Divide

Does Vote Counting stop now? What will happen if absentee and provisional

If we can prove fraud on a large scale

We need to move to the left and lose for 8 straight years

Time to start the MOSH party.

4 Yrs. more of the "giggling murderer"

Why did he concede, Skinner?

Is it safe to say how much I dislike Kerry now?

Can we get a "I was fucking robbed" avatar?

news shows now in LOVE with the popular vote

If Kerry says fight. WE FIGHT!!!!!!

The spin seems to be Ohio vote count won't make a difference...

Michael Moore!! next documentary on BBV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you people need to open your eyes.


Argh! What A Wimp!

Call DNC NOW to prevent Kerry's 1pm EST concession speech!!


Where were the election monitors?

Concede... AND fight???? John Edwards - "shouldn't concede"

VIEWS? My intial thoughts - How I am getting through the day......


Kerry's promise to count the votes was all that stood between us and...

Is there any PROOF that Kerry conceded?

Please don't concede - Give the soldiers & citizens of Iraq 10 more days!

Do we have ANY power ANY where?

Will Kerry pull a Gore and change his mind?

The best way to get the media back is to start with the Kerry-endorsing

I've got the Blues...


If Kerry conceded it is because he knew that winning wasn't

DC went 90-9 for Kerry

Someone was saying that a Kerry aide said there would be no concession

Welcome to one-party rule. With BBV, the repugs have become the permanent

Let's break away with what we can


We must take back the Democratic Party from the Republicans


Conceding is the best thing Kerry can do for our cause, and here's why:

OSAMA must've swayed the election!!!

Kerry is a hero, period

I am sick of the wimpy attitudes.

??? CNN web site's still B:254 K:252 OH, IA, NM too close to call

Lets play Blame the State

Did Theo van Gogh help win the election for *?

One thing I will do for myself and for my country:

This is a post in support of our Southerners

Learn It, Love It, Own It

Could it be more depressing?

Will the provisionals be counted even if Kerry concedes?

I'm a young person.

Allow me to say: "I'm glad Daschle lost"

Get together in San Diego anyone?

My Flag Will Be Flying Upside Down

There will be a Draft

It remines me of a death in family, first......

Bill Schneider/CNN blame US for exit polling

I think our registration efforts were too late

Okay so let's get out a media blitz

An Election Formula for Bush....

This country is screwed

Quit blaming the young people!

Everyone hang the stars and stripes upside-down...America is in trouble.

Who is now jumping on the Black Box Voting bandwagon?

Red states, blue states, meaningless. The popular vote proves

Winston Churchill, May 1940

Is it wrong to feel sadder today than on 9/11?

Let's get to work on 2006 and 2008

will they still count the ballots?


My Cathartic Exericise this morning. (long)

A different candidate would have made no difference....


Not Kerry's Fault

Forgive my ignorance, will Kerry run again in 2008?

The Coming 40 Year War


A Political 9/11: Bush is our Osama Bin Laden

Some good things - George W. Bush has to clean up his own mess

Senator Kerry never cheated anyone of their rights!!!

I'm proud to live in a red state.


Don't be too quick to be disappointed

Nows our chance to hear what he has to say!

Miami Dade, a question for anyone who might know

FTW : Mike Ruppert was right about Kerry.

Where is Abby Hoffman!!!!

Protests? Bush in Little Rock November 18 - Clinton Center opening

Democratic Party , Change or die

More Than 100,000 Jobs Were Cut In October

Healing, Reach Out, Idiots, and Bullshit

Has he actually conceded?

Did He Concede to Make Sure He Wouldn't Win?

One Positive? A new great depression on the horizon?

Diebold Story Link - REFRESHER...

The Democratic Party could have made those machines an issue

Now, let me ask you a question.

We lost on cultural issues

Kerry's flaw? He tried to out-Bush Bush

Should the DNC go with Instat Runoff Voting in their primaries

Kerry speech moved to 2pm EST

Beat Santorum!

Anyone in Tallahassee want to have a pity party this weekend?

I plan to point out the blood on at least half of America's hands....

Help: did they ever announce results for OH, IA, NM, or WI???

Lurking Freepers: When YOUR Kid Gets Drafted...Don't Cry To Me!!

WHICH IS WORSE: * wins due to fraud, or * wins because he actually WON?

message from mod?


A bit of debrief -- 4 moments that doomed us

Diebold is the Democratic Demise....

Show up and fight! Go to The vote still matters!

Folks are saying we didn't turn out the vote. We did the numbers show

Remember, Bush's medical records were withheld until after the election

Will Kerry be a thorn in *'s side from the Senate floor?


Gore 50,999,897........Kerry 55,128,439

Ohio - Direct Recount Canvassing

How many here are taking a mental health day today?

What to do now? First: Stop Buying Shit You Don't Need!!!

Lies and surrender are not healing

"CNN not prepared to call Ohio"

Fight back against Bush and Corporatism: Kill your television

Anybody notice this? We did not storm Ken Blackwell's office

*Group hug* Hang in there people. We are

Today's Doonesbury seems to be suggesting that conceeding is a good idea

Planning for the Future...

Kerry site just updated

I just don't believe any of it.

After we mourn another stolen election today....

Skinner, you around? We need some hugs here.

So, is this a Victory for the DLC?

If moderate Dems (like Franken) don't view this as WAR

Will liberals be rounded up?

america the battered wife

We have to be prepare for the worst and use civil disobedience

It's the Culture War, stupid! (not about the candidates)

Just shut up and heal

Fuck "bringing the country together!"

Wow! he lasted almost 12 hours! The guy who mocked Gore and had him


Commiserations from the UK

Anybody going to watch Kerry concede? I am not

I am donating to bbv


Time for the rest of the world to step in... Boycott everything "American"

Dammit ,John Kerry deserves to be President!!!

Keep fighting... this is far from over!!!

If someone robs your you concede them your posessions?

We keep saying that the right is stupid

Okay, Kerry's not doing what you think. Remember Nixon, and read Doonesbur

Good Riddance Mr. Daschle

Watching Edwards/Kerry on C SPAN right now


Support a Moral Third Party

concesion speech folks

Kerry Wasn't True To Himself

The Kerry Camp's biggest mistake

We need an action list...Here goes: PLEASE ADD TO IT>>>

"Can't We All Just Get Along?" I can't believe this guy.


For all those that are saying that we nominated a lousy candidate..

WE got scooped people, gay marriage was the issue that

Someone check my math...

Let's not give up so easily.

Remember the silent crowds lining the streets for Bush's inaugural

"Moral Values" the big issue???

Remembering the Past -- Dreading the Future

Time for Payback (Repukes Be Warned)

Long line waiting to get into Canada

Why are anti-Kerry threads still being deleted? He conceded.

He threw it all away... what a coward!

Wolf just said Kerry won

If the votes aren't there, what's the point in dragging it out?

John Edwards for DNC chair


Will the DLC be the death of the Party?

Kerry deserves his loss

Remember this? Karl Rove: America's Mullah

Go read Josh Marshall's plan of action!

Repub Hegemony = Gotterdammerung. What do you do?

If the youth vote really DIDN'T show up (which I don't believe)

All issues against * will now disappear.

How I Think I Prepared for This Day...

Will the Party finally get back to its Progressive Roots again???

maybe when they realize they are going to be drafted...


someone please explain the term...


Sounds like Kerry didn't have the fight in him...

George Lakoff speaking on Talk of the Nation PBS now

DNC did not help get the congress in power ...they put very little

What kind of stupid speech is this?

Looks like its up to us to fight hard for 4 years

Buy Gold; Swiss Francs

Goodbye, reality-based community. We're all living in Bush's world, now.

mandate? all I see is blue=bluer; red=redder

What upsets me most is HOW they won -- a victory for hatred, fear, lies

Kerry is right to concede

Kerry should resign his Senate seat!!

have there ever been any cases of voter fraud

email I just sent to the Kerry campaign, but probably not to the right add

kerry is showing right now the biggest difference between him and bush.

How about that medical exam now, George?

How much do you think a freeper will pay for

"Deserve our trust?"

Dems need to start pointing out the truth about Bushies...

Pick our Next Big Invasion:

They're Laughing at us for conceding so soon.

Bush campaign songs.

I think Blair and Chávez are fucked now.

Still 1.6 million votes to be counted in florida - it isn't over yet!!

Ugh, John Roberts on CBS just used the word "mandate"

So we pick up the pieces and get ready for next time...

An honorable man

To those blaming Kerry for this loss: you are scum. You are in his debt.

Saying Goodbye to Politics


John Kerry 2:00 (EST) Speech comment thread...

Four more years of resistance!

Bush abused office, Airforce 1, Presidential Seal in Campaign and yet...

I suppose now all of us who spoke out against smirk will find ourselves

For those who want to attend a protest or vigil today

Randi is on thank god!!!!!!!eom

what is going on in FL? Can not find any news re:absentee vote

I'm mad as hell and still wanting to look for the bright spots

How do you know repukes didn't threaten us?

The saddest thing about this loss...

Randi says the election was stolen

Bush looks stoned

what happens to the remaining campaign money?

one great thing!!

did you give up after 2000?

John Kerry was a good candidate

is anyone else here JUST COMPLETELY LIVID!!!!!!!?????!!!????

I will never support Geroge Bush.

Silver linings

An open letter to... shudder... President Bush

The Neo-American Revivalist Movement

Florida election was stolen

It's my 1000th post. I hoped for celebration.. Since I can't stop crying

If the youth didn't vote, then who were all those people?

In the future, there are really only 3 chioces:

Gandhi's words: "When I dispair I remember that all through history the wa

Hey! Remember that scene in F 911?

Florida still unknown! URGENT! Kerry can concede but we don't have to...

im finding it so hard to fight back the tears

Please Post pics of long lines in Dem neighborhoods here

Folks, we won't have 527s in the next one

Bush's speech up soon.

What Happens Next? Do the Uncounted Votes Get Counted

Battleground Dems: Study Illinois

Bush gets to clean up his own mess, he will be blamed for the

The five stages of grief--where are you this afternoon?

Logic Question to those that think we can win in 2008 (or ever)

I must say I am very proud of the midwest today. Way to go Ill, Mi,

What A Fucked Up Country We Live In... How Did We Get To Be Like This?

Ya know, one bright spot...

Now is the time to begin the NEW battle......First.....

which way did the undecideds go?

9/11 Changed Nothing.

We should wait a day or so before doing a Post Mortem on Kerry...

Article on the Election Result, from AsiaTimes


Agh! The naive optimism of some democrats is unnerving.

Let them have everything...don't fight.

Hey, Cheney's lesbo has her girlfriend on stage with her and all them?

What happened to the youth vote?

What's next for Kerry?

"Remember 9/11!!!" the Bushbots cried!!!

Has Michael Moore said anything regarding the election results?

Listen Up

How do we save the world?

Hannity's Gonna Get Us All Killed. He Stoking Up Hatred Despite

One Thing I Will Do . . .

O.K. lets do some predictions for the next 4 years of Bush

It's not Kerry's decision to concede. It's 55,310,082 to 1

Thank you, Dan Rather

Good point, Randi: PA, DC and NY ALL VOTED FOR KERRY...and they

"Make fun of Nascar and Jesus freaks and this is what you get..."

My email response to John Kerry's "thank you" note....

Fuck you Zell Miller!

Greg Palast is coming up on Randi Rhodes shortly....he will be

Bye Bye Roe vs Wade, welcome Patriot Act II, SS privatization, flat tax

Back his agenda? No way

Funny Canada Email from a friend

AP Calls NM for Bush

Time to Mobilize and Respond:

which states had the highest turnouts?

Some silver lining

We lost on "character" and abortion... how exactly are we supposed to

How many months will Bush be on Vacation

Pomona HS students, Arvada CO.. 61% K/E, 39% B/C. Hope is on the way.

Just put my land in Hollywood Hills on MLS

For the next four years, my congresswoman is gonna hear from me nonstop

If raising taxes was bad, how are we supposed to pay down the deficit?

how many people aged 18-25 do you personally that stayed home?

MOVING FORWARD: How do we change the Dem primary states?

Bush's plan for Iran war thwarted by China/Iran energy deal???

We like war

At UCF today...

Memo to GOP candidates: We are NOT a swing state, OK? So stay away.

Republicans already issueing threats to the democrats

I have to share this or forever hold my

Kerry should have planned for a stolen Ohio/Fla Pop Vote

I worry that Osama's next target is a large city in Texas.


Greg Palast: This thing was RIGGED

Greg Palast insists that the Presidency lies in 200,000 UNCOUNTED

The country has spoken

Conversation with a Republican

Diebold stock up 3.53% today

With Kerry headed back to the Senate, can he be involved in investigations

Bu$hBOTS in my neighborhood shooting firecrackers

Faith and Greed beat Reason and Compassion

Another way to win -- will be HARD

I feel like saying something to the DUers, from an old fart.

Mandate for mini nukes in our war has been approved

When Rove placed himself under the airplanes wheels....

The Winner of the U.S. 2004 Election? The New Nuclear Power, Iran


How much do you think the right wing shilling by the pundits contributed

How many more votes are left to count in Iowa

Funny place, that Ohio

(Diebold and Ohio) How many times in the last 4 years...

Hate Strategically

Imagine this....

If bush doubted he was anointed by God, he doesn't anymore

i just hung up on a bush co-worker

Flying my flag at half mast

This was always an 8 yr fight folks. Kerry did a great job considering

Could John Kerry Have Conceded Any Faster?

MSNBC back to Scott Peterson

Time to shut up and get to work on 2006

My "Hokie" thoughts on the fiasco

What's with all the Kerry bashing?

Does anyone have Paul Begala's email address?

i am now quite certain

What if Kerry had told the truth?

Any thoughts on Cabinet Appointees?

Join us at DemocracyforAmerica for grassroots rebuilding...

Thanks Mr. Kerry. You left us holding the bag.

Good Article - Let Bush clean up his own mess

Fox News and Ohio

A concession speech I'd like to hear from Kerry

Let's look on the bright side of the "Bush win"

It wasn't Nader, maybe it was us...

how did the repukes regroup after 92?

Our hope in '08 lies with one person, Barack Obama

Going to carry a picture of an Iraqi child and if people

I Call BULLSHIT On This Election!!!

So now the whole world thinks we actually WANT this turd in office?

Overseas DU'ers, what the mood where you are?

A positive message from Howard Dean - don't give up the fight

Bush should graciously say count all votes.

I don't think this thing is over till it's over


An e-mail from Howard Dean

Face it, that huge red swathe IS America. Maybe we don't belong here.

Rove positioned bush** strongly on terrorism

the goal now: TAKE THE HOUSE in 2006

CBS: Kerry concedes

Anyone else want New England to secede?

John, I will NOT come together with my fellow Americans

WTF happened to John

America is like a drunk on a four-year binge. We need to hit rock bottom

God Bless John Kerry

The election was stolen because the Dems have NO real MEDIA!

Can someone explain to me what Evangelical means?

What Are You Doing Today To Cope?

Move to Canada Movement

Grown people crying, check in

This is the end of Pax Americana

Okay, here's the story from Florida

Bush says he wants to "unite" us = scary

Why is there no outrage?

Anyone else notice Edwards was the only one that was angry?


To all my friends here who wish to bash Kerry.

Why are there only two big parties!

mcauliffs biggest mistake!

Diebold to patent addition

Besides 70 BILLION more for Iraq, what else is on the horizon?



Re-vote Ohio and Florida! We have the voter's names...

its abortion stupid!!!!!!!!!!

House Cleaning Time: Fire Terry McAuliffe

Computer machines in Broward say Bush surged 33% in votes!

Presidential Election Tracking: A STOLEN ELECTION - AGAIN!

OK, what country should we move to? And how? on SoCalDemocrat's challenge on Electronic voting

REALITY: Idiot Bush DESTROYED US!!!!!! We need to face the truth!!!

Where Did * Suddenly Get 8 Million New Voters...

Exit polls analysis versus reported vote count

How's the popular vote for prez looking in CA?

Orange County Weekly: AGRAN AGAIN!

where is california in this? nt

CA: Democrats Retain Firm Grip on Legislative Power

Question from Montana

need some advice on moving in the Bay Area

They voted to give Ashcroft our DNA and to end Envir lawsuits

Did the law enforcement community lie about 3 strikes?

An excellent election for Democrats in California.

Too bad about Cynthia Matthews

Good Iowa News

Crying here, but mad as H***

Gay Marriage won big last night in Massachusetts

Why can't Mass. start a single-payer health care system?

Some good news: Mitt fails!

Kerry Wins Minnesota

Funky results in the Sixth District

MN House split?

Minnesota Speaks Decisively . . .

Wetterling concedes

A salute to us, here in MN... We did our part, and delivered the state!.

DFLers, don't be sad.....we WON in more ways than we lost!!!

Who will be the next DFL stars?

Minnesota Is Still Minnesota - That Alone Makes Me Proud!!!


WTF??? Mason County voted 100% for Bush? All 8,124 votes?

Ashamed to be from Michigan after Proposal 2 passed

ATTN Ohio Voters... Ohio Dirty Tricks.... Information Needed...

OH Folks, what happened with the long lines, judge ruling?

Email neocon Blackwell-------State of Ohio Link

Hayseeds and Hillbillies

Same county Two different ballots

Anybody have any pull with the Ohio Democratic Party??

Any good news in Ohio?

Pike County Sheriff election

Dennis Kucinich wins re-election

Ben Konop Whips Mike Oxley's Ass in Allen County

Urgent:Everyone needs to experience this: I was a poll watcher.

Pennsylvania Senate: Kukovich headed for loss in Westmoreland; Pippy wins

Proud to be a Democrat - Success

Austin/Travis come out tonight to the DFA Meetup 7:00 11/3

a tiny victory in Texas

Dist 17: Chet Edwards 51.17/Alrlene Wohlgemuth 47.45 -BUSH'S DIST

Martin Frost campaign post-mortem

Dallas has elected an openly gay Democratic Hispanic female sherriff

The republicans in this state stole seats

Dalco local politics - thoughts.

I now live in a blue county

To listen to the republicans I work with before the election was maddening

help!! did wisconsin go for kerry?

Milwaukee Rally Today, 11/03/04, 5:30 p.m.

Please come back, Fighting Bob...

Wisconsin DUers check in

YIPPEE!!! Nethercutt CONCEDED!


I have some friendly questions for our Freeper friends!

If worse comes to worst...

Kerry Roars Back.

Kerry Closing the gap in OH

MN Republicans at Campaign Rally are stuck in hotel elevator.

Don't remove your Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers.

All the talking heads

One thing for sure is Kerry will fight.

This sucks! Republicans Extend Control of the House

If * prevails, I hope the draft is announced by the end of the year...

If we don't get Ohio,It that turn coat mayor from Youngtown.

Florida was just called for bush on cnn

Pray for Gore + NV + NH in case of red Ohio

Get ready for the return of the Dark Age.

Now they think Daschle might get voted out.

Melt down?

We cannot blame anyone for this ...Kerry and Edward work there

Keep up Hope, No tears, We fight on!!

A Piss-off Fantasy. (My Voting Record) and Rant

If * prevails, I hope the draft is announced by the end of the year...

Ohio is starting to narrow

Kerry still has a chance if he wins Ohio.

Did Osama affect the voting or what?

Does anyone know what the most accurate electoral count is right now?

Why is Bob Novak on TV instead of in JAIL!?!?!?!?

Exit Polls

Resistance or secession?

All these kids with * signs on CNN...

In the states Kerry won the exit polls are accurate and in some

I think there's some serious trolling happening, but it's slick...

Where is Howard Dean? Edwards? Kerry? Clark? Michael Moore?

Noam Chomsky is a prophet: The consent has been manufactured

I'm 25 and extremely disappointed with my age group.

rerun of the daily show on now

Republicans Extend Decade of House Control

What the hell kind of country do we have that would send Coburn

People the country is moving into a concervative nation

GREAT...NBC just called OHIO FOR BUSHitler

Psalm 2004

I will never spend the holidays for the next 4 years...

Stinking George Stephanopoulos saying Bush will win.

If B*. want to know what hardwork is,he should have been hear,thanks all.

My most memorial visual of this (last) evening

4 years later, and we've lost ground to Bush

How can I be freeped via my inbox here at DU?


Going to bed. Still not convinced about FL and OH.

AAR said Tom Daschle lost

Goodnight...and Goodbye

So when the draft comes...

the future

FL is NOT a red state!

Stop wishing the Draft on young people!!!!!!

OMG: Repukes SCREWED Up & Kerry Wins!!!

How Could This Voter Turn Out Go To Bush?

Remember the words of Reverand Jim

for the love of god, talk to me about exit polls

Democracy is where a nation gets the government it deserves.

There's some weird shit going down in Ohio....

I can't get these Victor Tsoi lyrics out of my head...

A Progressive Future in George Bush's America

Between Diebold/Ohio & Florida and Repug Sec. of States

Perhaps it is wrong of me

People, The Republicans Survived FDR, LBJ and Richard Nixon

I am watching Full Metal Jacket tonight

I am in no way shocked...

A Hopeful Future Is Further Away Now, BUT

Repeat To Yourself....Kerry Is A Closer

Shrub Has Made FU#king Mess OF Our Election System

Markets to drop tomorrow.

It Ain't Over Yet. Don't believe what the tv is saying.

Consider: as in 2000, only one network forecasted the election right

When will liberals get off the short bus?

Could someone post a link to the best bbv site

NO CONCESSION! Don't Quit, John!

If Kerry concedes tonight I will never vote democratic or anything

No!!!!! Mel Martinez won.

Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" is a fascist theme!

The election has been compromised by BBV. ELF Tactics:

CBS NOT throwing in the towel...

So here I am... a fourty-something man..


Blame DIEBOLD, the AP, and the "News Networks"

When, exactly can I get foul-mouthed

Well here we are guys another election stolen....This is the end

When you have 10,000 Lawyer ,It not over.

can someone help please

Marijuana vote in Alaska

A picture worth a thousand words

BBV - DUers help needed to crunch FRAUD in the vote problems forum...

what America voted for

BULLSHIT. They cheated and cheated BIG.

Thank you DU. No matter how this turns out thanks

Our people still voting in Ohio.

I'm ready to fuck something up.

Hawaii projected to Kerry!

God these people are pathetic

I say re-election with all paper ballots!

I know everyone is upset...

CNN changed the exit polls!!!

Am I too superstitious??? followed election 2002 and 2004 at DU

As Daschle may be leaving office

How can I expose this FELON?

I live in a largely RW county in Washington State

Din't the Supreme say they our not going get involed.

It's pretty obvious that NO MATTER HOW BIG THE TURNOUT

I've had about enough of this 'moral values' shit

So....who is ready to run for state office

New Meme: This is the second time that George Bush could not

Claim It , And you Shall Have It


can't you hear oliely/insanity/piglaumba

This is a "bad thoughts" thread.

May I take this opportunity to officially apologize for going off half-ass

Dear Sweet Jesus, do not let Christopher Dodd be Sen. Minority Leader

We have to fight. No concession

Tired of MSNBC Whores? BOYCOTT G.E. -- No more G.E.

Skinner: I beg you, PLEASE turn the post counts back on

OK, I'll tell yall what we need. We need our own Fox News. We need GoreTV

"God and Government"

It's a good thing Howard Stern went to Sirius.....

Help John Kerry Win, Even If You Can't Go To Ohio.

I HATE CNN they are saying the Kerry supporters

Okay, going to bed

If it's a Kerry loss, my prophetic self is predicting a bright future---

Exit polls and electronic voting


I am fucking ashamed of the US tonight

Skinner's GD04 post: did everyone in GD see it? ...

what does it take to teach in Canada?


Bwa ha!! I really like Pat Buchanan sometimes

Prepare to apologize to the World

One GREAT Silver Lining: Cynthia McKinney is BACK, baby!!!

Gee. How nice of Bill Schneider..

Time for CA, WA and OR and other states to secede

My New Bumpersticker "F*ck Everyone who voted for Bush"

G'night, Dear Friends! Thanks for giving me hope and sanity tonight!

Cascadia NOW

When does the offensive on Fallujah start?

Tonight is WHY Iran-Contra mattered.

Face it, 9/11 happened for a reason


A simple question?

What now?

Two words...... OHIO RECOUNT.... we need one....

We just launched airstrikes against Fallujah

I will NOT move to Canada. Hate snow, allergic to plaid, never say eh.

There is one thing good about this

World Vows to Work With Whomever Wins Vote

Bush has successfully turned this election



What about Provisional Ballots in Nevada?

Oh and by the way.


CNN is just calling Wisconsin for Kerry

Someone tell hosts on Air America to stop acting like losers

How soon the new wars in Cuba & Iran? How soon the draft?

We can't give up! We have to fight and not let up.


I love exit polls

wisconsin for kerry

It ain't over 'til Bush bursts into flames.

When do we get POST totals back?? SKINNER??

A few things the majority of voters in this country have signed up for

A Letter to my fellow Americans...

Goodbye Goodbye Terry McAuliffe,

A shaudenfreude type optimism

O M G...How could this happen twice?

I doubt a contested election will delay the assault on Fallujah

The bad guys always win.

Open season on US tourists?

Well then, United States of America

Salazar beats Coors with 927,638..and Kerry gets 851,839 ??


The Supreme Court and a Bush WIn

Maine is awesome!! All 4 electoral votes to Kerry.

Last post of the night: Electoral College should be abolished.

GOP will riducule democrats at work

I smell a switch to Euros by the OPEC in the near future

We have 140,000 troops between western Iraq and......

So the Senate could end up 55-44-1.....

Democracy Has Failed in the United States

Well at least they have to clean up bushs mess up

I never thought there were this many ignorant motherfucking

I wanna move to Ireland

Plea to foreign news organizations:

One more year...

I believe all is not lost.

Lawyer Gives Up Practice to Join Army

If Bush wins, it couldn't happen to a better person

Please turn the post count back on!

Stop with all the moving posts

Maybe DU should start a movers forum

the horror of a 2nd term of nazi rule

God forbid .. BUT what if we have another terrorist attack..

So much for the Packers - Redskin thing!!!!

"Evangelicals" will be credited for a Bush win

Values was the #1 issue??? wtf??

Dont' Change Shovels When You're Halfway to Hell...

I think that I'm going to start voting Socialist again.

Why Florida would be MORE republican? How about a flock of transplants?

2nd Amendment...

Ohio, wasn't the race fixed a long time ago?

I need an avatar saying "I got robbed"

Greg Palast to come on AAR - he predicted this: kerry will win, W will

They say the American people get the government they deserve...

2005 will be a Breakout for Youth

Someone please help !!!... "United" States?

Anyone know what's going on with Jeff Seeman's effort for Congress??

Goodbye US, Hello China

Looking at the map, the Democratic Party will never retake Congress

I can't go leaderless for another four years.

Weak & whiny Dems?

I just apologized to my son for not doing enough for his future

Will the Stupid Bastard keep blaming Clinton for stuff?

Paralegal for Blue State Lawfirm? (Get me out of the Red!)

At least I can be VERY proud of my state, Pa.

Bush administration doom & gloom

George W. Bush is now the legitimate president of the United States.

Can we secede? Now.

ignorance-the enemy of democracy.

If they steal the election from Kerry...

We're ALL forgetting Fitzgerald's grand jury.

I don't think we are quite angry enough.....

What the Future Holds or Five will Get you Ten

All I know is if the past 4 years is anything like the last 4

Damned 'Skins lost again, and now this?

If our Democratic leaders give up... I will give up on them!

There will be a lot of fall-out from this

All parents who voted *, please take your kids to the recruiting office!

Dear World,

I am going to say goodbye to you all here at Democratic Underground.

a call for unity and healing?......FUCK THAT


War against the 60's

BBC: 'Religion Key Determinant in U.S. presidential vote------

States Rights

MLK, John & Robert Kennedy.....

I hate George Bush.

Harry Reid is Pro-life???

So just what is the timetable for the draft to be reinstated

What can we do to show Kerry/Edwards they need to fight this to

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

America's theme song

This is all a big joke right... the worst deficit in history

Nov 3, I wake up to this shit again...

DRUDGE Reports fraud

So, how does it feel to be the minority?

People living outside of the major urban areas have once again shown that

I think I became an aetheist last night

This is what happens when you rollover

In these dark times... i just want to say thank you to everyone here

The media is gone too

that whole 9-11 thing worked out really well, re-election-wise

Post favorite Mediawhore and tell us what they did to help Howdy Doody.

We Cannot Give Up or


This talk about leaving the USA...

Reasons for optimism in my neck-of-the-woods

social security will be the first to go

I stayed up all night. Now I have to go to work. Keep the faith

the Iraqis are fighting harder for their country than we are

Dumb fuck brain dead Moonies shall inherit the earth... Praise Jesus

How will the next four years go?

A reminder: Graphs of Bush approval ratings

Is it time to hit the streets?

Kerry needs to make sure the Ohio votes are counted.

WHAT now hsa became the most dangerous : BEING AN AMERICAN TOURIST or

Soo new * motto Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer?

I'm listening to AAR Unfiltered and it

Getting ready to head out and face the abuse...

Is Kerry or Edwards going to make a public appearance and let us

Need some upbeat music - I sure do - kicking it now again.

a million votes stolen before election day

Bush is president of the south Kerry is president of the north

What religious organizations are recognized for C.O. status?

God turned his back on America only this time we get no ARK

2008 and Beyond

Guys, they CHEATED, and cheated big.

The good news. Sort of.

Why does everyone on Air America sound so happy?

Does Hillary have a good shot in 08?

Oil Jumps to Over $50 on Possible Bush Win

Good morning, welcome to a theocratic, fascist, America

this could mean the end

I feel betrayed and violated, but don't know who to blame...

Couple of positive things

Is it time to MOSH through the MARSH and DEMAND they count ALL the VOTES

President-elect Kerry.

If you don't want Kerry to concede, why are YOU conceding?

Support the Troops

what is the number to IRS fraud...I want to report my church

Democratic Underground: United We Stand

this election proves once again,


Missouri is a REDNECK state

In case no one noticed, Kucinich was reseated handily

What to do now - FIGHT!

From France : Incomprehension and affliction.

This is D.U Bull Shit

Is the Nixon analogy appropriate?

European Union vs. the USA

If you're gonna die.... die with your boots on!

Here's What I am Doing - Regardless of Ohio

Wall Street Buzzards...

I want election reform and I want it NOW!


thank the redneck welfare,trailer park states,

Of course now you know they're gonna run Jeb in 08

Will the next terrorist attack occur before or after the inauguration?


State of Minnesota "will not cooperate" with BBV records request

This photo sums up my mood

the final indignity...someone took, my Kerry signs last night

I'm sick of you people that want to give up!

All we can do now is fight for voting receipts in time for '08

How did this happen?

W is for Winner - GOP already selling Victory T-shirts, hats, etc

Some Bush vote is for destruction of government . . . . ?

I feel a Depression is nearing

Some of you Laughed at me when I told you about the Gambler...

The only good that can come from a Bush win

Never-Say-Die Folks: Answer a couple of questions for me, please!

Anybody feel like raising funds by having a "Bitchslap Terry McAuliffe"...

What the hell is going on here?

George W Bush is truly the Antichrist.

Count EVERY Vote. No matter how long it takes!!!!

Kick me in the nuts, maybe I'll feel better.

ANWR is probably on the top of the agenda

Owned Media = Bogus News; Owned Voting Machines = Bogus Elections.

Ideology: A Brief Guide

Florida can go screw if they think I'll ever go on vacation there again

Time to change flags

The senate seats we lost were picked up by lunatics

On Discovery Times

No Church or Religious Organization will get another Dime out of me

I think it's time for a NEW, COURAGEOUS faction of


Oh yeah, I take back what I said about thanking the Black Folk...


What is the case for why and how to tax churches?

Change the registration process

We NEED a court order to analyze the program on the FL and OH...

Voter fraud in Wyoming?

If it is demonstrated that there was massive fraud

I noticed last night on Faux News that right before the Stock Market close

I want the bastards to overturn Roe v Wade today...

Should the US revert to a confederation?

Re F - - - DU: I do know what that feels like.

I am relieved that I will not have to watch anymore cable news or

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Taliban of


Look out Iran.. Halliburton is on the move

Will they move swiftly

I hope they start wiping out every last living thing in ANWR tomorrow!

Flawed approach by Democratic Party

Dear Nader voters and too-busy-to-vote liberals,

mods - when can i start PM'ing people again?

How long, under corrupt BushCO2 regime, would it take for DU to be shut

Congratulations white Christian America!

My last post. Bye til the next one.

I just got off the phone with a business associate.

Bush will have no political consequences for starting the Draft.

TO ALL DUers I'VE DISAGREED WITH on various issues throughout the years...

Here is a real pleasant thought..four vacancies filled on Supreme Court

first round is on me . . .

We Will Not Be Moved

Why should I proud to be an American?

We have now entered into a new American era...

They have won the battle, but The War has just begun

OK What states do we need to move to en-masse to restore equality?

There goes Roe v. Wade.

I will boycott every "main stream" media outlet, and their advertisers

I feel a draft.

did NOBODY watch F-911 when it was out????

If I hear one pundit saying "Kerry just wasn't likeable" or "too stiff"

Is this the final round of the Civil War??

Burn this image into your mind

"I’m talking to you from here at the end of the world"

Oh God, and the concession notice comes out *before* Oxy-Rush's show

Who am I to complain about folks voting against their self-interest?

We are now tightly bound, as a nation, to the wheel of Karma.

What we need to do now: Please ADD TO

Need assistance moving abroad, I'm thinking London, Paris, Australia

Join me on Constitution Ave in Jan?

What we do starting today...

Ok, lick the wounds today...tomorrow we build the shadow government

Skull & Bones: brothers forever

As a musician....

Any Input From The "Free" World?

isn't it funny

self delete

I think i'm done with this spineless party!

I'm not any more dejected, disturbed or distraught than yesterday

BBV: Hillsborough County FLA - oddities + undervotes

4 more years....I concede as well

Looks like Rove was right...You can win on just FEAR & Smears!!!

As long as there is a war. I will support a No-Exceptions Draft.

It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets worse. –Lily Tomlin

Last time, Gore was a tame housecat. This time, Kerry is a fucking LION.

Robert Reich says "wouldn't call for McAuliffe's resignation"

What we need to do NOW-Please add to the list!

"They may have the people but we have the votes"

So who did you vote for?....No more sympathy

Dear World, Imagine YOUR country,

The "coalition of the willing" is falling apart. Hungary to withdraw.

What can we REALLY do?

No more "anybody but..." for me.

I awoke to a nightmare

What about Florida?

God, another 4 years of bad sleep....just like with Reagan, ...I was

No tears from me.

Where can I get a list of the biggest republican contributors

Democrats must say they are proud to be liberals.

What do we do NOW to help advance the progressive movement?

It's time for a General Strike!

What I noticed on the drive to work.

What country will Shrub invade by Thanksgiving for another photo op?

Don't forget for a moment, the complicity of the media....

Getting a Second Passport...../Guide to Offshore Residency

The One Good thing about President Bush Winning Reelection (assuming . . .

The first music I heard this morning.

I hope Al Frankin does.....

Folks, now is the time we mustn't let our guard down...

Bin Laden claimed victory in presidential election....unfunny today

This election is a FRAUD of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Newbies...XULTAR is a 35 SBF who lives in ATL. So if you don't

Remember a word of wisdom from Mr. Spock:

An Open letter to Senator Kerry...

Newspaper link question, help?

Don't blame me

Has anyone heard from Michael Moore?

Hey any of you lurking Log Cabiners!

It's been a long 25 years

there is a spec of good news in this.......

One Enjoyable Aspect of What Has Happened

In Four More Years

What shall I concede?


Take back the House in 2006.

Why we have elections: Naderites, "count votes anyway" make same error

the 1990's = the roaring 20's?

Did Kerry concede?

Canadians etc. Can you work towards getting political asylum for

where can i get one of those t-shirts

let me know when the indictments/impeachment starts so I can

BOYCOTT the media outlets

Boycott the Red States

Kerry Must Say This Everytime A Soldier........

Looking for a link...

Done With Weak Ass Democrats

The 2008 Campaign Begins Today

As disappointed as I am, let's look at history

Force bush to work for the people

Almost 4 years ago, the DU was my life boat.

For the Fighters among us -- an ACTION PLAN

Oh God, how do I tell Paddy?

Lessons from Chapterhouse: Dune on Politics

What's going over there in I-rack?

Sorry..I am shaking all over right now.

If he hadn't been elected, how can he be impeached?

Dean '08

Was Shrub Finally

The election is over. Now it's time for the people to lead.

Women (and men) of DU, may I make a suggestion?

Thanks to the inbred, redneck, Bible-besotted Solid South,

A Letter To The Right and Left

I can't help but think of the Simpsons episode...

Funny how Montana bans gay marriage, yet legalizes marijuana...

First thing I did this a.m. was donate to DU

Where is this quote from? (on Republicans entering a civil war)

Hey *: I don't concede anything

I do not understand..........

The Upside: Iraq is Bush's Mess. We won't have to clean it up!

Black Box Voting was Daschle's fault. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Why in the hell does Al franken.........

USNavy jobs on Hotjobs? Sending nco clericals to Iraq?

So, we stood on the pro-choice battle and lost the war. Was it worth it?

I just emailed my representative in DC, and SO SHOULD YOU!

Looking to the future: What avenues are open to us?

maybe we should abandon the democrats and take charge of our own


I just ripped off my Kerry/Edward bumper stickers....

Fairness Doctrine: Where do we go from here?

How long will it be before they come for our guns

After this election, I was hoping I could breathe again

A return to the Heartland

So. Hillary in '08?

What was the final voter turnout in a percentage? (%)


Post your somewhat resigned, philosophical musings here.

Alright, who else is done crying?

MODS: WHY was my thread moved to 911?

so now what?

maybe we should all turn Green and save the planet for our offspring

will Kerry still be a Senator?

Relocating... my money.


I hate this part, but I told you so.

Stop crying or Bush will give you something to cry about.

Can't wait to hear Randi Rhodes today

Is Josh Marshall's site still down?

Review of email I sent to friend.

I thought this would be the time for the pendulum would swing back toward

It didn't really happen.

This battle has ended; THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN.

So much for "electability"

A question

Well, hopefully this election at least proves to everyone that it's not

Those of us who are too old to be drafted don't need this reference me find a new grocery store, esp. Florida people (Tallahassee)

I wonder...would Gore have done better this year?

What Happened To The WAR ROOM

I Accept this Defeat (for now)

Call me what you will I DON'T CARE BUT

A little perspective, if you will

I compromised myself today with my students...

The DLC is fucking fired.

Zogby has a message

We're safer now.

Margin of (t)Error??!

We've hit rock bottom. However, there's something to cheer up about.

Minority Leader

There is some HOPE in the Republican party...

On blaming the corporate media

George W. Bush: The Last Republican President Ever

Where's Kerry?

A Word From Mark Twain

So why stop counting the votes...

A Call To Arms... Don't Stop The Fight...

The most horrifying statistic of them all (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

How do you think the press will treat *

As long as Kerry was willing to fight, I was, too.

Jobs listings in Canada?

Here's the plan.

Where is plain old General Discussion?...

Nov 3 site?

Ron Reagan was giving us a warning....

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off .. Lessons and analysis here

I have to call my mom and wish her happy bday but I can't stop crying.

The worst part--- Evangelicals to Bush**: "You owe us."

Ridiculed by freepers today in class.

We got Diebolded, folks!! This is how we prove it! READ THIS NOW!

Our Priority Now: Play Defense on the Supreme Court.

Anybody get the sense that this is just another day at the F***in office

January 6, 2005 -- The "We Count" General Strike

The Evangelicals found a friend in the Republicans, Rest is history.

Should Dems abandon social issues and become Populists?

So now that the election is over, do we think Bush will have that physical

So, how long until Bush starts sporting some kind of military uniform?

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin in the Idiot Wind

Appropriate Thomas Jefferson quote

Denial, resignation, now anger


In hindsight, I can confidently say the October Surprise was...Rehnquist

we lost the south because of the overwhelming bigotry here

It is now obvious -- the enemy is the Christian Right.

I haven't cried yet. I'm starting to worry about myself.

I predict a Blue Dress in *'s future

God Bless America?

"You can't win an arguement with an idiot."

I have _never_ seen my site go down due to bandwidth overload before!

Did Edwards just declare for 2008?

This divided nation will NEVER HEAL WITH BUSH IN OFFICE

Relax, this country is becoming more and more liberal

How do you compromise with hate and bigotry? How do you heal?

FOX on Kerry not conceding: "The country doesn't need this now

NOW can we see the damned reports??!!

I keep looking at the Kerry/Edwards sign in my window

Take back the Party

If no fraud was involved, than explain this!!

FU Swiftboats for *, FU wedge issue morons, FU 9/11 exploiters!

I'm going to wear a black armband...........for a while...(n/t)

I feel better - just made a donation to Democratic Underground.

I am saddest for my son.

Email from Howard Dean and DFA just in...

If you want to keep your anger and rage in check...

We need to “Get Out The Vote” in 2006!

Don't let the bastards wear you down

all is not lost, we can still debunk the religious myths

A Democratic Contract with America

Attention Democrats filibuster is NOT an option

Stop watching cable news

Montana elected a Dem Governor - maybe there's hope!

F*** these 'Hillary in 2008' posts.

At Least They Don't Have The Clenis To Kick Around Anymore

I need a hug from DeeDee Myers...

Ready for forty years of Fascist Theocracy?

The 9-11 president is not MY president.......

I'm ashamed to be white

Now that the repukes stole another 4 years of rule........

I don't know what to do with my life.

My new sig line. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed

Edwards speaking. Says they will fight for every vote??? So what!!

Where can I get bumper stickers appropriate for the

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kerry" What do you want to bet

Gore/Clarke 08

I'm really interested in taking back the Dem Party!

Unless has something practical I can do...

Something that might help.

How can 50 million of us

In all of this, the seed of the new Liberal Movement quietly took root...

We got your back

Reassuring our kids..

Feels like when my marriage ended...

I agree we need some time...but I'm ready to move forward and keep up the

Is it High time to Clean House at the Democratic Party?

Now You Will Truly Be A Traitor If You Criticize US policy.

If I hold a passport to one EU nation

Why does it feel like 1984 all over again

It seems to me that if this ship is EVER going to be turned

Moving to a Blue State

Hungary Announces Withdrawal from Iraq (because of Bush re-election)

I love you all

So how will Bush deliver the fundies their payoff?

bush does not speek from the heart he has to read his acceptance speeh

To win in 2008..

Time for Randi

al jazeera being pressured not to release NEW bin laden tape!

Don't forget to email Zell Miller...

Define Mandate


what Senate dems have the balls fillabuster?


how can we GOTV in 2006

Air America REALLY skipping

DU nurses what do you plan to do

what states did most of the Fundie vote come from?

Join Me in an act of Protest and defiance

what's wrong and where do we go?

Comforting words from the oddest of places

Randi Please lift up my Spirits...

which supreme will retire after Rehnquist?

What about all those dying votes for Kerry? Breaks my goddam heart.

All we can do is keep on keeping on

Dems may never win another election. After 4 more years of brainwashing

I think its only a matter of time before

I've said it before.WHAT ABOUT FLORIDA????

We are not Slaves! Stand up and fight

let's move on and Focus on 2006

Some Words of Wisdom From My Dad

Will the Democratic Party finally get back to its progressive roots?

I'm so very very sad...

READ THESE WORDS - In Congress, July 4, 1776

We must start hounding the press big time to start covering

FRED PHELPS is doing the "Happy!" dance.....

My son: " Are we fleeing the country?"

Republican fatigue will set in

Good God, I cannot take another 4 years......

This is for all of us...

What the majority of Americans voted for

they Chimp will never had 9/11 popularity ratings again

New Amerika... Exit Polls BAD... Republican Owned Computer Voting GOOD

Which state legalized marijuana? I might move there...

Has the Big Dog been interviewed yet?

Asking again, what states have a Dem governor and legislature right now?

Bush CANNOT and WILL NOT heal this country - we FIGHT!

Were we gamed?

I'm numb

"God save us all"

it is time to stop tax exempting churches NOW

Why Everybody Is So Quiet

Will Jeb run in 2008?

Hey DUers let's move on to Plame-gate

FOUR new Black Caucus members!

I feel sorry for the troops that keep getting the backdoor draft...

Did You Know that Theresa Heinz Kerry is a Communist!

Only one way a Democrat will ever get back into the White House

To put this in perspective

I feel like I've had a death in the family

I. F. Stone said...

What the next 4 years will mean:

Life goes on.

Something encouraging about our attitudes ...

Payback time.

Look on the bright side-in two years we will be doing this again

Tom looks like I feel.

Don't forget what you DO have and what you CAN do!

We need a Democrat Lee Atwater

OK! I Need Some Help on "Screen Capturing" PLEASE!!

When do we start to report to the camps?

I Won't Be Able to Talk to People for a Long Time

First they came for the Jews

Did anyone notice that yesterday was Mexican holiday "Day of the dead"?

Kerry Email

I helped Schweitzer get elected gov in MT, but it still doesn't

I'm not sure how those who work in politics do it

how motivated will the fundies be in 2006?

So do we have total votes cast for each party in the house yet?

Bayh/Napolitano 2008...

I'm really going to miss seeing Kerry daily

The birth of the Blue Horizons Club -- Lefty's social group.

On the bright side...

Ed Schultz: No one from Kerry camp ever coordinated with me

Please help cheer me up

Why did Daschle lose?

Don't go hatin' on Kerry now

Friday we can make a statement felt across this nation.

My very own personal message to the DU community.

There ARE people who are worth fighting for in this country

Become a Republican: Here is YOUR Guidebook

We need to start identifying a candidate for 2008. And Hillary

From the ground up: Some Words from Howard Dean

The future, as seen from here....

One way to protest this outcome is go church shopping..

Health care, education, jobs

John Kerry, Al Gore: The Two Best Presidents America Never Had?

Hey, it's not so bad!

Hillary Clinton in 2008

Josh Marshall: The country is not moving to the right

This election was the fork in the road.(a thought from a friend in Europe)

will gay marriage even be an issue in 2006?

Well well well...Kerry sure gave up in a hurry.

We have two choices

its the gloating that sucks most

Reid CANNOT be allowed to become the minority leader

Wanna Know Who Also Lost Last Night?

Greg Palast on Randi

The glimmer

Letter from Kerry

how are you going to fight during the next 4 years?

Remember Johnny Cash?

I just woke up and realized that the "worst case scenario"has happened.

Listen up

will the gay marriage amendment even come up again?

Josh Marshall, Clarification: The Youth vote DID turn out well

John O'Neil can finally give a big sigh of relief!

Has President Clinton made a statement yet?

Last night at a local pub, a young marine started yelling out to the

Democracy is a process, not a prize

Today I am going to join the ACLU

Perception versus Reality

Too Little, Too Late

More Words of Comfort from a Loved One

Neither Gore nor Kerry understand our deep, bitter feelings

If WE...together Withhold spending..we can ruin the economy

Their is only one thing that stop us from winning,THE MEDI.

We Are As If Occupied!! How To Resist The BFEE Agenda?

I am so depressed, I can hardly stand it!!!

Kerry for secretary of state

Why we need a fresh start

Hey DU cripples natural born abd otherwise

Bev Harris is conducting the largest Freedom of Information action in

Check out Michael Moore's response to Chimpy's re-election

How the election was received in my little corner of the world

A Guide to Expatriating to another Country

Howard Dean's message to DFA today: "Today is not an ending. "

My message to Republican bigots

I feel like I've been hit in the gut with a brick.. How did it all go so

Clinton came in and cleaned up 12 years worth of mess!

The Four Tasks of Mourning

I am devastated

My first smile of the day....

I want to say something about John Kerry...

How to get back our country

I am totally beside myself right now.

America has gone from a Democracy to a Dictatorship. Please prove me wrong

These are the times that try (wo)mens' souls. Don't give up!

Soap opera list discusses pre-emption, Bush, and Kerry.

HELP! Need help with anti Bush gear. HELP!

how did you feel during the 2002 elections?

Why I am sympathetic to Kerry for conceding

what 2006 Senate races do you feel good about?

I'm bitterly disappointed. I think America lost today. But I offer you..

I have a simple question. Can someone answer?

It feels much better not watching any media pundits or talk shows.

Kerry First Supporters

I'm tired of being told to heal

Well, goodnight again DU.


I would like to congratulate Ralph Nader!!

The World is Laughing at Us

Forget Canada... let's move to Ohio and Florida!

Can we build an "international media" list -- to let the world know

The Lesson of Feingold's Win

Kentucky is now safe from Gay Marriage.

A plan of action

When all things beautiful and bright... sink in the night

This Is My Favorite Happy Fantasy Today...I Hope It Happens

Kerry down... Revert to Howard Dean?

9/11 can still be Bush's Watergate

Kerry Email

Let's all take a little time to feel sad...

Ironic: We ARE the Underground!

THIS... Has To Be Fixed - 'Voter Fraud Penalties Minimal'

A bittersweet victory for me personally

could division between moderates and conservatives give the Dems a

I have re-shelved my bedside stack of anti-Bu$h books. I am now reading ..

The Second Coming - Yeats

BBV: My Opinion On Where We Are Now And Where We Go

Instead of moving to Canada, move to the "red states" and vote our

bush won the support of cowards and idiots, I ask all...

A song that captures the mood perfectly

Tomorrow I start laying the groundwork to move back to Japan permanently.

Can We Form A Shadow Government?

Who was that Kerry insider who posted here?

Bush calls for unity, healing--still missing the irony. He's the illness.

who's going to stay and fight?

I threw out all of my 'pundit' books just now.

I think I know how those of you who experienced the JFK/RFK must have felt

The real divide that needs bridged....

Within you without you

Al Franken talked to some guy from conservative think tank who said...

regroup for phase II...

About polling

How do we get rid of these Diebold Machines?

I never liked Terry McAuliffe

What other two term presidents sucked and are generally thought to suck?

BBV - What's the bottom line? Do we know anything yet?

7 million votes are missing

I would like to offer this up as my positive contribution for the day

Judging from the posts, it seems like there were a lot of very...

If Elizabeth Edwards is lurking, please let us know you're here. We're

continue to register voters

The Future of the Party

Do we qualify as political refugees? Can we apply to other countries

Democratic Party is dead.

any signs of Terry McAuliffe resigning?

By The Next Election Cycle...

Okay, 24h of Mourning/Depression is Enough for Me

I am astounded, flabbergasted, appalled at what I'm seeing here

I have been crying and throwing up since last night.

Look. Silver lining.

Sinclair Lewis' - It Couldn't Happen Here

Boycott anyone?

Message from Howard Dean

My 4 year old daughter said-

Cheers to all that worked for this election!!!

Look at the Bright Side

God Bless Randi Rhodes!

To America: from the 2002 midterms.

The light of day is just now beginning to fade;...

who will replace McAuliffe?

Remember the pendulum...

Remembering the soldiers in Iraq....

A Call for Sanity

Poll: Where will you move to if Bush wins?

Am I the only one that feels like I don't have any fight left in me?

I will be interested to see the inauguration,, I'm betting they will

Now that Kerry conceded - choose your poison

Contributing factors of the demise of the Democratic Party

Why Hoeffel losing against Spector is a GREAT thing (PA)

From France: To all of you American Kerry Supporters, all my respect and

McAuliffe should resign IMMEDIATELY. We need Howard Dean!

Here's What Happened

how were our grassroots efforts this time compared to 2000 and 2004?

Joe Trippi: "The youth did not let the Democrats down"

we need to start grassroots efforts at state levels

Why are no legal challenges being made to stolen, lost ballots,

So will we gals have to wear burqas under the Christian Taliban, or

Remember, the world is TRULY on your side. TRULY!!!!!!

He's gone. I'm still here.

How to take back Congress in 2006

I am done going to my church...

Suggestions for liberal relocation resources

We did it before. We can do it again.

Why did Kerry concede before the provisional ballots were counted?

Are you ready to move forward?

I Feel Dirty and Violated


# 1 thing to start doing today, STOP SHOPPING!!!

When did liberal become a dirty word?

Which State Houses are Majority Democrat?

My repub upstairs neighbor called to gloat

OK... It's GRAGU Time !!!

Lets Analyze the Public Opinion Polls

How are your kids handling this?

ORWELL ONLY OFF 20 years and FOX NEWS is what

It's not just DU now -- is there a realization of how shaken and abandoned

we are the majority, we just lost the war of words

Frustrated - So I wrote a LTTE

Anyone have links to the Kerry concession

Like a Pheonix Rising Out of the Ashes

BBV: Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?)

ENOUGH!! THIS is why Bush "won"

Should We Push The Right To The Right ???

This is my reply to the next repug email I get from family / friends...

I will say this much....I will not miss Daschle as minority "leader".

FoxNews says "isn't it dangerous to now go in and count the votes?"

"We Were Made for These Times"

Let Them Hit Bottom....Help IS NOT on the Way

Fellow LGBT - Where do we go from here?

how do we form a left-wing Christian Coalition?

Kerry won on Iraq & Economy

Now that I've removed my Kerry bumper sticker . . .

Eggs on the Parade, Anyone??? What you can do...Meet in DC!

Am I Wrong To Leave America?


Let's face facts. It's not kerry's fault. This is how America is.

I have decided today, that I am going to close my business.

It was a rigged game from the get go.

Apologies if this is a bit long....

reading Mark Morford might help

Frustrated outburst on the bus

The worst part is the Supreme Court

What if Canada merged with the USA? The electoral map would look

So what can we do to fight these bastards? A resistance of some sort.

The Freeps are still lurking. Found one of my DU posts on

How many would be interested in creating a progressive third party?

HELP ME!! I need some answers about uncounted votes!

Howard Dean was right about the South

Its not that easy to get into Canada

I'm sorry, but I do not buy the BBV as the reason we lost

Where is Dennis Kucinich??? Ohio was very Important!!!

Exiled in the "Land of the Free"

what will be doing in 2006?

Sen. Lincoln Chafee is considering switching parties (to DEM)

One word.....Plame n/t

The Senate seats which are up in 2006 (17 Ds & 14 Rs):

is the Democratic Party dead--not a negative post!

We must retreat to the hedgerows, until the next rising...

Shouldn't blue and red states be separate countries?

"Hope & Support"? A great reminder, PLEASE take the time to read...

12 things we can do in the coming weeks, months, and years

What are you ??

2006 Seante seats


A letter to all those I love

Print a few of these off ...

My Sister...How Sad

Moving to Canada -- How I'm Doing It

DUers: keep the faith - we're being freeped

Are Kerry/Edwards Pulling A Rope-A-Dope? Conceding AND Fighting?

CANADIAN DUERS... CHEER UP!!!! Bush means 4 next GREAT years

We have got to start reaching out to rural voters - here's how

To All Willinging Supporters: Al Gore in 2008

Let it finish.

Clarkies and EX-Clarkies Check In....

This totally sucks. But we're going to pull through it together.

Does anyone have any good putdowns or zingers to use on gloaters?

I need a list of Dem/Repug owned businesses

My name is Steven Joseph Vincent

What is Globalization?

Any ideas on how my state (Minnesota)

Are we in trouble?

Canada is looking better everyday.

I just realized I cared more about this election than our own

Do you see the NDP winning the next election now?

Brits, I am truly, truly sorry!

Will this election prompt Labour to kick Blair out?

So america failed, when does Britan vote

We are looking at refuge in the UK

Please, England, don't hold it against those of us who voted for Kerry.

Lebanese-American Kidnapped by Gunmen in Iraq

Abu Ghraib reservist draws light sentence

Afghan Kidnappers Demand 25 Taleban’s Release

Mine explosion kills Afghan official; police arrest Taliban commander

this is not over

Shots fired inside Pakistani mosque

Statement from Kerry Campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill on Ohio

Gunmen Kill Senior Iraqi Oil Official in Baghdad

Voters pan tort reform amendments (WY)

Bunning, (R-KY) accepting....Mitch O'connel and wife Elaine Chao,,.

CNN panel dumping all over 'exit polls'

Insurgents Blow Up an Iraqi Oil Pipeline

CNN: Ohio TOO CLOSE TO CALL; Broken machines, delay in Iowa

Karzai Wins Afghan Presidential Election

White House Race Coming Down to Ohio

Cubin wins sixth U.S. House term (WY)

US launches air strikes on Fallujah

United Arab Emirates president dead at 86

Militants Say Behead Iraqi Army Officer -Web Site

Nine killed in Baghdad explosion

Gunmen Seize Five in Two Iraq Kidnappings

Foreign monitors barred from some U.S. polling stations

Palast on AAR now

CNN just gave HAWAII to Kerry

Sicilian president in mafia trial

U.S. Faces Record Borrowing Requirement

If they steal the election from Kerry...

Al-Qaida is bleeding US to bankruptcy, Bin Laden claims

BAE rocked by fraud investigation

Ohio May See Court Battle Over Election

Rest of the World Drawn Into U.S. Race With Uncommon Intensity

Charges of Fraud and Voter Suppression Already Flying

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported

Global monitors find faults

Bush Closes in on Win As Kerry Aides Meet

Flaws in US electoral system surface anew

Too close to call...(interesting comments on exit -polling)

NBC reports AP as saying Kerry has conceded...

MSNBC: Kerry has called Bush* and Conceded the Election


John Kerry website shows no indication of concession

America is doomed :-(

AP: Bush Wins Race As Kerry Concedes

Hungary Will Withdraw Troops From Iraq - AP

Networks Cautious With Rebuilt Exit Poll

U.S. Deserter Jenkins Gets Dishonorable Discharge

So why stop counting the votes?

Bush to Declare Re-Election Victory

Blair holds fire over US election

Turkish army warns against a civil war in Karkouk

To quote Trent Lott when B.Clinton was reelected

Voters Unhappy About Iraq, Economy; Trust Bush On Terror

EPA officials beginning to jump ship

Iran Celebrates Day It Humiliated 'Great Satan' (25th anniversary)

Lou Dobbs: Drug and Defense stocks up; Stem-Cell stocks down

Kerry Email

Hungary Will Withdraw Troops From Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 3 November

Global Warming Has Arrived: Arctic Study

Arafat in intensive care due to sudden deterioration in health

Iraq Gunmen Seize Second American in Week

Kerry's army bids a sad surrender

Sen. Dayton reopening Washington office

Bush Says He Believes He'll Win Re-Election

Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes in Houston

Dodd Not Going For Minority Leader Position

Sarin 'Gulf war syndrome cause'

Errors plague voting process in Ohio, Pa.

"Bush win better for Iraq"

Bush Win Seen As Boon to Many Industries- Bush Seen Keeping Economic Team

More Than 100,000 Jobs Were Cut In October

Kerry to concede at 1pm eastern.

Kerry calls Bush to concede

Antarctic species short of food, warming cited

Historic DC-Area Courthouse Burns

5 Executives Convicted of Fraud in First Enron Trial

Republican Congress Set to Push Bush Agenda

Specter: Supreme Court lacks justices of "giant" stature

Bush Reelection Prospect Boosts Asbestos-Suit Cos

France Suspends Hunting to Save Orphaned Bear Cub

Army NG Short On Recruits

Russian Observer Shocked by U.S. Election Procedures

Hungary to remove it's 300 troops from Iraq

Man tries to convert lions to Jesus, gets bitten...

Senate Minority Leader Daschle Loses Seat

Man Charged in Cheney Threat Denied Bond

Dutch filmmaker van Gogh is slain (greatgrandson of Vincents brother Theo)

Blair set to hail victory of war ally Bush

US soldier killed in Iraq roadside bomb attack

Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada

Spotlight Shines on Gambier Voters (college students try to vote in Ohio)

Bin Laden warns of retaliation

Bush looks for change and continuity in new cabinet

Al Jazeera in possession of NEW Bin Laden Tape confirmed....

Reid Seeking to Succeed Daschle as Leader

Bush Claims Mandate for War, Tax Agenda

Clinton, Edwards, Frist eye 2008 presidency - Countdown for 2008

White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised

Voter Turnout Highest in Three Decades (6 mllion not counted)

Bad food is a way of life in politics

DU'ers, beware. It appears to me that we are being freeped.

I'm turning off election stuff and watching "Gothika" for mental health

Walked a precinct in Racine today

Listen you guys

This is the saddest day ever for me

We need to band together, geographically, folks

I can't take it anymore...

Almost all of Ohio left is urban

Anyone who watched debates and voted for Bush is insane.

Well....THIS night sure didn't turn out like I had hoped....

Fuck you, Bush...I just ate a wedge of delicious Brie...

Got home from work at 12:30 am and on my second beer. Ask me anything.

Ohio to Kerry and I'm running topless down Atlantic Avenue. nt

Hey, so ummmm.....

Wake me up tomorrow

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

If we win, everyone is invited to my house for a party.

this is JUST like a buckeyes game

Excuse me while I disengage from politics for a while.

Well, I am off to watch Fog of War on DVD... I will be back later

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now...

Good night my friends.

Newbie Mania!

I raided my medicine cabinet.....Ask me anything!

200,000 provisional ballots in Ohio

To the majority of this country:

Adios Amigos: We are the new Boston Red Sox.

Three words: Florida Absentee Ballots

last friday's maher...

You know what's sad?

I was just chatting in a Yahoo games forum


Who's going to DC for the Inauguration?

I'm convinced it won't be decided tonight, but I'm hopeful.



To all the drunken dems in the lounge:

This has been the greatest experience of my life.

Two rooms for rent in quiet, progressive Victoria BC home.

Go to the DU homepage: Skinner is leading DUers to Ohio

US Inspires World With Attempt at Democratic Election.....


When it comes down to it, there are no Democrats or Republicans...

To quote Leonard Cohen

I've done all I can do for my country..

husband wants divorce

Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

I give up

Listening To Rage Against The Machine

B/P now 195/95 ... not good.

It's fucking go time.....

it's over

Official Immigration Thread- Where To?

With election season over, will true conservatives take off the gloves?

Despondent communal gathering

Dearest DUers, I can't stay up any longer.

So I fell asleep

Here's a cool, patriotic rainbow triangle that someone needs to avatar.

I'm really surprised at the hatred being exposed in America this day


I vow I will never look at a news paper or do any political work again.

From landslide for Kerry to looking for land in BC

Link to Hitler quotes

East coast people

Oh shit, I'm almost out of cigarettes!!

Chins up..

Um so, Canadian DUers...

Why is it on the nat'l maps they show the Salt Lakes

I need to recollect my thoughts

Night DU.

It's all a dream.

I just got this phishing e-mail...

One mind at a time: why there is still hope, sort of

Help me, fellow DU'ers

Cant Sleep

Did Reagan die? n/t

I have to get up for work in an hour.

What is helping keep you focused right now?

I need a break! I'm running to 7-11. Anyone want anything?

Strange dreams on the eve of the election

So I did my bit. I voted. It's all I can do. Now all I can do is

I can't wait for The Rapture!

Canada or New Zealand?

its 5:30 am. I'm still drinking

to sleep or not to sleep

Should I call in sick today?

I'm NOT moving to Canada

Its not over...

Civil War

I'm still proudly wearing my Kerry/Edwards button.

I.....I....What the fuck do we do now????

Not to be selfish....

Who thinks they're going to be drafted now?

Is Cracker Jack a "R", or a "TM"?

Someone pinch me

**VENT HERE** No Judgments.

I'm disappointed in my generation. I'm disappointed in my nation.

Well AAR just came on here

At what point did we go completely insane in this country?

Everybody Take Tommorrow Off If You Can.

Demonstrations. FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm still fucking mad!

absentee/early ballots in florida?

One of the worst things about this election.

FL Sucks !!!

I can't go on hating like this

I recall that late in his life, Mark Twain....

Anybody else just grateful

Man gets bit by lion after trying to convert him to Christianity

A quick letter to my friends:

Oh fuck me

Teen's KKK Costume Wins Scariest Costume prize and a 5 day suspension

I wish i could be a cat

How is everyone feeling?

REM -It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

doom & gloom

funny how I was introduced to DU...

It's a perfect morning.

I'd like to propose a bill to Congress: The RED-STATE DRAFT BILL.


I wonder how long we've got

So who's will stay and fight? And who's gonna flee

Suggest titles for Eminem's next (post-election) rap here...

Cartoon: Steve Bell/Guardian

The NY Times says * has a mandate?

The last three days...

George W. Bush is not my President.

Devil to pay over film of Bulgakov's novel

Yeah, so this is pretty FUCKING hilarious

Freepers don't like you to pray for them!!!!

I was going to go into work today, but my stomach is a mess; fuck it.

Morning's here.


I think God IS on Bush's side!

Black Box Voting - a good time for everyone to reread this

Any country that would vote this way is NOT one I want to live in!!!!!

Moral issues?????

Come Sail Away

My Fiancée looked at the electoral map at 1:00 and said - IT'S ALL BLOOD!!

***Official Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Asses And Get To Work Thread***

Yep - this just about sums up this morning:

The lounge is a real downer today

Prayer in public schools petition *gag* it's starting already..

How can there be...

Dumbest people ever.

How long before the next terrorist attack?


this is what i am listening to today ALL DAY !

A cross in one hand and a gun in the other

REMEMBER: If you leave the US, you're costing Democrats votes. (nt)

I am having lasik surgery this morning. Wish me luck!

Think you have it bad? Guess who's coming to my house!

Semi-kooky idea for an anti-* protest/performance art piece.


I really wasn't in the mood for buying American products today.

Remember what's good about your life

Did any Freepers come out of the closet today?

The eye has it! <()>

All my fellow faggots - rent "Bent" for a glimpse of our future n/t

What the hell is "Vallejo?"

Chins up's not the end of the world...yet.

Hey my gay brothers and sisters - I voted FOR you - may you gain

Please tell me why I should not give up!!!!

Dear God

How Many Hours of Sleep Did YOU Get Last Night?

Post song titles that reflect your mood.

So, did we lose some freepers last night?

Armageddon is just around the corner! Where will you emigrate to that

A little Bob Marley that may fit the situation

I have decided something today that I've been thinking about for a while

This is what keeps me sane!

When will the anarchy start?

My fiancée and I have lost ALL faith in the lie that is America

Heh. I'm the luckiest, most pathetic motherfucker here today.

I love Air America!

Is there one country in the world with the balls to off asylum to GLBT's?

Even my Republican friends say that this is fucked up!!!

I have to teach an 8:00 AM class, and I'm too heartsick to think....

i had the worst night friends.

Two MLK Jr. quotes speak to me today

Hi freeper trolls, send me a gloating e-mail

I am fairly new, so may I ask

Let's start ABC, 2008!! (Anyone but Cheney, 2008)

No Surrender

I still don't fucking understand how someone with 48% approval...

Honestly, can Kerry still win in Ohio?

At least I haven't started smoking again...

So maybe progressives SHOULD move to blue states

Sorry, but I need to add a picture to my signature... how do I do that?

Need surgical advice.

I have an appt for a gastric emptying study at 8 AM. How much you

Fresh from webcomic land:

Ghanaians flock to see 'miracle'

Wanted: 58 million people to fight war in Iraq

Simple, hard electoral/cultural fact: Americans prefer shit.

Today's cartoon captures how I feel right now

I'm going to get stomping mother fucking drunk today!

The United States in now officially a Coconut Republic

Just how many of us didn't SLEEP AT ALL last night??

Do you think we would act this way?

Always next election

Well, not to change the subject or anything, but...

Stop hitting yourself, America. Why do you keep hitting yourself, hmm?

Kerry just conceded

Thank you and goodbye for now.

Protesting at the inauguration - who's in?

Drudge reporting that...

Today feels like the end of The Empire Strikes Back...

If you wanna leave the US or DU, go ahead.

Which state will AWoL have bin laden attack to ensure Cheney's victory

I couldn't get this child out of my head yesterday

I am so pissed off at Kerry!

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows!

It hurts more today

Drowning my sorrows to Aimee Mann

WARNING - Stay out of GD2004

Our job now is to work on getting rid of BBV

Why exactly did Kerry concede again?

Bush Believes He Is God's Chosen To Fulfill Biblical Prophecy Of

Thank the Gods for Air America!

Why are there no post counts. Under attack again?

Who's off to the liquor store with me?

Primal Scream Therapy Thread

I am really starting to think that HH the Pope was onto something

Let's start organizing protests against the GOP Media

The fundies are voting in their own Armageddon

Please world dont laugh at us

"Fear of a Wack Planet" Ambrosia sings the news on Unfiltered.

Trees are falling around me

I'm so pissed off we lost...that's why I just donated to DU

Call your mother

Wow! My half brother is from another planet!

Would someone share with me a good online photo uploading site?

Damn You, Damn You, DAMN YOU Liberal Media!

Hey AWoL, Osama and Sadaam want to know where to pick up their checks

Will There Be A Draft?

Eventually You'll Be Saying... "I Told You So"

For some odd reason the song...

How Many MORE Young Americans Will DIE In A Foolish War...

At least Kerry is avoiding one failure of Gore, no concession

Thanks for being my sanctuary, DU. I love you guys.

My election analysis.....

I feel like I'm living in a nightmare.

The War Song -- Culture Club

I Wanna See TONS of LIBERAL BABIES Born Next August!

My wife nand I are going to Wisconsin today to pick up a 50 dollar couch.

So tell me people....what the fuck do I do?

I'm takin' the dog

How BAD Will Bush Have To Make It Before People Wake Up...

Boycott the Red States

My own little payback - boycotting red states. Forever.

And on a related note...

I feel physically ill

Today I am ordering the American Apology Shirt

I went to work today, but came back home after an hour

Maybe you should do what you want to do, but in an organized fashion

congrats to the st. Louis cardinaLs

Has anybody else not eaten for a long time? It's been 18 hours since I had

i'll make a decision later today

Time to rent "Blowup" again

I ain't goin' NOWHERE!

Catwoman we have one thing to look forward to

My NH town went for Kerry with 66% of the vote.

Good news: My 2yr old chose to use the potty 7 times today

My salvation, My Dogs.

It just doesn't get any shittier than this.

To the rest of the world...we apologize for the next four years.

An apology to my sons....

Has anyone heard from WillPitt today

Fiancée just called and said "what am I going to tell the kids" she subs

Dear Jesus... Hello-o-o-o?? They Are WAITING!!!! Any day now!

Ah, I'm back!

Well, the kerry stickers are gone from my dorm room door

Son Of A Bitch!!!

How long do you think it will be before Mike Malloy has a stroke?

The world is in DEEP SHIT now!

I am still so pissed off at Kerry!

Hey guys, sorry to hear the results.

How do you get a dog to quit burying its chewies?

Pretzel & Cheddar Cheese Goldfish crackers! Mmmmmm!!!

'Shine, Perishing Republic'. Poetry thread, anyone?

If you look at the states each candidate won - It was similiar

i lost all hope in america today.

DUers at work

Did being on DU so much make me delusional? I NEVER thought this

Okay, can I say fuckit now and just get stoned?

Is anyone cross referencing Republican won districts with voting machines?

I had hoped that I would have to change my username today

I have not stopped crying since I got up this morning...

To Skinner, elad, EarlG, to the mods....and to you all.

I just removed the "Veterans for Kerry" sticker from my car.

GD now divided into Fighting & Acrimony and Help & Support forums

"Try To Praise The Mutilated World"

I need help picking a new user name.

Should I take down my JK / JE Picture?

I will never CAPTION W. again (CAPTION this!)

I just posted my resume with a Canadian agency.

What's In Store For The Next Four Years?

Does anyone own a private island where we can all go live now?

Is it meaningfull that


Take the bumper sticker off or leave it on?

Do we need a "Progressive Issues" section for our board?

I hereby annex my room

National Elections need to be held on the weekends... I need a damn drink!

Are we part of the solution, or we part of the pollution?

My song for the day!!!

My freeper brother sent me a gloat email this AM

Who wants to get together and drink liberal beers?

C'est tout.

Intro-here ...ElsewhereDaughter's daughter........

My son-in-law is at Faneuil Hall

I don't have to change my DU name

Don't get phished. (Being a Democrat today is bad enough.)

What the Hell will RW hate radio have to talk about?

Wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga

2 beers at lunch. i'm not sure i can keep the pace up for 4 more years

How FUCKING stupid are these people

No more Bush* for me

It seems to me

Who wants to get together and drink to liberal bears?

Anyone else home from work/school sick?

E-Voting Facts

Im crying and they've not spoke a word yet eom

P.S. I'll find my frog

Slashdot picked up the story.

"Ohhh...screw those faggots".....

Are we going to have to sign a loyalty oath to stay in this country?

I'm sick today...

Thank God for great music and great books, and for PlayStation...

America's New Emblem.....


Well it appears Mr. Moonbeam has the FLU

I'm a 6'5" cry baby right now

I Won't Stop Fighting...

Can my generation handle this weight?

How easy is it to emigrate to Cananda?

i donno bout you guys, but im glad im not republican.

When John Paul Stevens or Sandra Day O'Connor retire - Bush

My Art History Professor

What Country Will We Invade Next?

Any Cute Female Duers

Mourning in America...I post the Jewish prayer for the dead

I need some cheering up!

Last night, I saw America without its mask...

Anyone here live in Philadelphia??? I'm looking into it

My new sig line.

Everyone worked real hard, but the morons voted for Bush.

I just watched Mr. Rogers - and I feel better.

Sign of things to come? I'm suddenly on the NewsMax e-mail list.

It's official! We're the most hated people on the planet!!

Someone MAKE me feel better


"I have no mouth and I must scream"

Is Thom Hartman on the air?

The Rapture occurred last night

I get knocked down

Skinner in 2008! :)

Kerrys concession speech... I 'm crying.......

Who is realistically leaving the country?

ZW's 21st Century Survival Guide

he learned this lesson well

Poll: Should I shave my head in protest or not cut my hair in protest

I made a new LJ layout *please Look*


Marry an American

I need help buying a radio. Please help!!!

At the end of the day there's one thing you can say about DUers

So..I can keep the two-faced sticker on my car, right??

What happend with

DU Dating Service

The two most common elements in the universe

Local classic rock station playing interesting picks today

A prophetic quote from Blazing Saddles...

is the realplayer air america stream skipping like crazy for other people?

So has the South risen again?

Well, at least those vicious attacks on Mary Cheney will stop.

To Help Forget... And To Annoy Bush's Christian Supporters

Why aren't there unisex strip bars?

Shit! Just woke up awhile ago after staying awake all night

I'm feeling ever so slightly better...

Wanna fight back?? Abortion will be dead soon...let's mobilize NOW

Honestly, what are the chances that Bush could get away with a draft?

I am going to get fired or arrested today... the fucks at work are

So, what's the best drink to make to ease the pain?

I'm seriously considering studying abroad now

Tomorrow.....I Will Retire My DU Screenname

"You've just been hit...

Have You Ever Had The Feeling That...

Today we grieve...

Save your coat hangers ladies

Christian Fundie Tries to convert LIONS! PIC!

Are Permanent Residents Draftable?

Well, I guess Jenna and Barbara (the twins) are going to have to . . .

Just found out my 9 year old cousin has an inoperable brain tumor

Bluto & Otter: what is OUR futile & stupid gesture folks?

Divine Right of the Presidency?

my young mexican american co worker and

I was thinking about the boy king's mental decline

i want "my posts" back!

I am so fucking happy

If 51% qualifies as a "mandate", then ...

Turd Sandwich Won

Did You Listen To Kerry's Concession Speech?

My wife just left me.

What would happen if a few Electors turned on bush in Dec?

Oh great, the Bastard is Speaking to Us.."Those who voted for my opponent"

Who has the links to immigration forms for Canada and/or New Zealand?

Holy CRAP! I have a doppelganger!

national talk like an fundy-evangelical day

I'm gonna be sick

Anyone here know Latin?

Fag Tag (verb); to amass a group of like minded-individuals and...

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

so who all didn't go to school/work today?

Flash: Bush had sex with Animals!

"George W Bush goes to see the Queen......" An old, rude joke

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

please wont someone think of the hamsters


DU friends, from somebody who really stood with us....

InternationalANSWER: Jan 20, 2005 Counter-Inagauration

So, im entrenched in my dorm room

And then they voted. (Jokes for us sad people)

Hey Casual Observer! Tell us all about Brian Wilson last night!

Oh why did I go to Environment/Energy/Science?

ZW's Apathy Thread

Where's antiwarwarrior?

So, who's preparing for The Rapture?

Now that this catastrophe has happened - what will DU be like?

How many times have you said the word Fuck today?

From Margaret Cho's Blog....

Hug thread :)

I guess eligible Canadian singles like myself are a hot item now

is this the longest DU's ever been

surprising I'm not really upset. not like I was in 2000.

Rereleased on Nov. 2nd 2004 on DVD: The Rapture

I'm not looking forward to feeling this way for another 4 years

With four more years of this shit ... what changes are you making? in Mourning

"we've got a bigger problem now"

I think Sunday we should all go to conservative churches....


One thing I'm sure of - I would not have survived this without DU

Question for the ladies- what will you do when Roe is overturned?

Does anyone else think this election was fixed?

It's so hard to work today


Can you put up with me about an issue? I just read this....

Why are the freeper fundies so obsessed with gay sex?

I Despise ALL Republicans!!! Loathsome creatures...all beneath contempt!!!

Quick... someone say something funny

I've been thinking about posting some pretty harsh rants today in GD+

What a tragic day

Whoa, here it comes! Here comes the night ...

"Electing To Leave" - article from Harpers.

Yay....we are back to being Level 3...

Hypothetical: If the WWW existed in 1984...

My Girlfriend Asked Me If I Was Upset

Randi's coming up soon on AAR

Was I wrong...I need advice on a personal issue..rant

Now that Bush won, who's going to enlist? I just posted this at FReep

Will Republicans continue to invoke 9/11 in 2006 and 2008?

Lizards, after I eat dinner. I'm opening up the bar

we bare all - huge signs in red states for those moral men to

Heated verbal exchange with Freeper at work.- boss gave me half day off!

How about a red sox thread?

I hate that my country is owned by corporations.

My son just lost his future today...

I dreamed about killing myself last night.

Regardless of the Presidential Election outcome ...

Same Crappy President, New Crappy T-Shirt

Is the Daily Show in reruns?

Before the election, I just knew we were going to win...

I've finally quit crying and throwing up.

Flash: Bush has Mad Cow disease

I'm not usually a whiny type of guy

PLEASE!!! we need the kittens now more than ever!

Absolute power corrupts

DU this polling about leaving the country

DU geeks check out the "headmap"

For those looking for a change in churches.

I'm SO sick of the trolls

Meanwhile in NYC...Man In Wet Suit Storms Governors Island

Name One Thing That You Despise About Bush*

How the theft of the presidency was orchestrated

DU's Canadian members: a question.

Let's invade Canada.

Some comments via the BBC

Need help finding anti-Bush gear!

Attn Vancouver DU'ers: Anyone know any IT Jobs around ya?

How old are all the SCOTUS judges?

So were there any "great unmaskings"?

I think I may have just had a panic attack...

How powerful is Bill Clinton? How far can he reach?

Update on Richard the Cat

Basketball Is Back!

To the homophobes who voted in the marriage bans tonight....

Is Bush's name now bush** or bush*2 or.. n/t

All You Zombies

Dear DU: on my wedding day

To all republicans

Advice Needed... How Can I Hate More?

We need some new tee shirt and sticker slogans

Hey DU... lets take a look at some famous Presidential Quotes...

Let's all fight and kick each others' asses in this thread.

They hounded Clinton for 8 years

So, how you all doing?

By the way, where's the gloating??? * supporters I know oddly quiet

I want the most vicious CAPTIONS you've ever given

I needed to get the news here first, my friends.....

Dear American Friends:

I think it is time I come out from the shadows


Despite everything, here's one reason to CHEER UP this morning!

Mr. Moonbeam and I cannot talk to each other right now


Need a good cry?

Hey, Rabrrrrrr... save me some space on the ground at GITMO

Forrest comes out...

So, are you leaving DU?

Did Anyone "Unmask" last night?

Times like these calls for Monty Python

I can't go back to College for a few days

Any Canadian lawyers here?

IN light of these "Unmaskings"

If your Ancestors were from Europe can you ask for amnesty?

What would Bush have to do to gain your respect. BE HONEST.

Yo, HEyHEY, Screaming Lord Byron, CanuckAmock: Can we come live with you?

Chicago DU'ers...PLEASE tell me the meetup is on for Sunday.

Apres moi, le deluge. Where things go from here.

HEY! We're All Americans. Let's Unite Behind The President...

Looking to form small group to pool resources for Canada move?

Did someone ask for puppies???????????

I vacillate from fury to tears .

Single Canadian Lady - Vancouver is lovely

MrScorpio's Blue Lizard Bar and Grill is open for business

Let us all take a ferret break.

Kerry loses. My wife tells me she wants a divorce.

Funny kitten photos to cheer you up.

Almost a Darwin Award! (You have to see this guy, he is a total idiot.)

So wtf is the media gonna do now that they don't have Kerry to bash?

I just watched Aliens VS Predator - I feel all better again / gave me so

When Is The Appropriate Time To Remove My Kerry/Edwards Bumper Sticker?

it's official - i live in the stupidest country on the planet

The new political map of the US

I knew it! You liberal bastards forgot Poland again!

Can Anyone Recommend any Novels Addressing the collapse of the U.S.?

Let me explain the mentality that we are dealing with....

Wear black tomorrow

Hi everyone I'm back-Nov.2nd our ANNIVERSARY went like this

How To Become A Canadian Citizen

I am going to say goodbye to you all here at Democratic Underground.

Who wants to get together and make liberal babies?

Ha ha ha! This is hilarious!

We'll All Float On... Alright, Already We'll All Float On

What should I change my DU name to?

NV Senator Harry Reid ready to work with ***

My Daughter Went Through Hell Today...

the fate of the beat bush mobile


Voter Registration Fraud will be our undoing

MSNBC Calls OR for Kerry

NBC projects Oregon for Kerry

So it all comes down to Ohio it seems to me....

Can Kerry at least tie the popular vote?

Carville saying the Kerry has to draw an inside straight to win!

Why are the republican counties calling in their numbers ahead of the dems

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio...

What the FUCK is with Carville?

The 'solid south' may be the end of this country

kerry won oregon at 206, bush at 207. hang in there folks.

Remember the Washington football game

We got Maine's 4th EV

Greed and Fear--that is the problem with the US Greed and Fear - Bush 51, Kerry 49, Margin - 120K, Cuyahoga's Margin Makes It Up!

AP/C-Span calls FL for Bush

AP just called Florida for B*sh

Fl is not over. 1.6 million absentees

Josh Marshall Tells HOW the GOP is Stealing Votes


Kerry ahead in CNN Ohio exit poll

If Kerry can pull this out, how can he work with a GOP congress? nt

OREGON: Kerry! Woohoo!

haha...Hughes said "Ohio isn't the only path to victory"


MSNBC will not call Florida---absentee votes of 1.6 million

You will not know tonight, it will go to the courts

Kerry looks like he is going to win NH

Embarrassed to say you're voting for Bush, but vote for him anyway?

Why is Karen Hughes still talking? Wolfie has let her go on and on...

Did the early exit polls keep the young vote from turning out?

We will lose tonight's projection

So Now Specter Wins ??? - Any Other Reversals Out There ???

Has CNN called Florida yet?

Oregon just called for Kerry...MSNBC

Someone help! I know FL not OH

BELIEVE: If Kerry wins Ohio we win this election!

Future: Kerry wins NM, loses OH - riots ensue after house steals election

Said it before, say it again: even if Bush wins, he's toast.

People still in line in Arizona. How can they call it? nt

Ron Silver is a douche

CNN has 74% of Ohio reporting.

Boulder County Colorado will not have ballots counted until tomorrow...

CNN already talking about how it is all over for the Dems

when this is done

Fox was saying Kerry was ahead in Iowa and Nevada,

Kerry MUST NOT concede. EVER.

Ron Reagan Just Called Ron Silver A Drugstore Warrior

Fox News has finally updated Kerry's votes!!!!!!!!!!

Can they PLEASE just call New Hampshire for us???

Could New Hampshire go any slower?

bush 207, Kerry 206. Now STOP CRYING ALREADY!!!

Minn anyone? Whats going on?

HELP!! website of ohio voting county by county please

Did Karen Hughes just say...

This election comes down to Ohio

Is Cincinati Republican or Democratic? Ed Bradley just said 2/3 of those

All the GOP spokespeople sound pessimistic about OHIO

Middle-age people are generally for *. Did they vote in large numbers???

Zogby said Kerry win w/out Florida

Remember The Red Sox

NBC calls FL for Bush

My Beloved Oregon as gone to Kerry!


latest Ohio update -CUYAHOGA 51.6% reported

MSNBC just called Colorado for *

Joe Scarborough makes me want to fucking puke and Karen Hughes is a ho nt

OH gap closing -128K w 78% In


Somone get that guy off of Tweety's show.

MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CSPAN and CNN are all different...

I'm sorry, but I think FL is still in play. Too many absentee ballots out

1 million votes still missing from final Ohio tally!!!!

don't go nuts yet !!!!!!

Source for 1.3-1.6 million votes in Florida uncounted?

Zogby still has it right (almost)

Back ahead in NV, catching up in NM...

MSNBC just announced * for Florida...

Alaska and Hawaii

Kerry losing Ohio....lead 134,724>152,056>119,166>126,911>138,231

If Ohio goes to Kerry he can still win.

It's obvious it was stolen. Everything was dead even.......

What if its a tie?

CNN: Colorato and Montana, both to Bush. n/t

Packers beat Redskins : KERRY WINS

Dear Southern Democrats... I love you all but....

Quick Ohio Math. What Kerry needs to do to win (tonight)

Realistically, how is Ohio looking?

What do we need to win?

LISTEN PEOPLE Diebold is not in Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What are the other countries saying about this right now???

If 269-269 tie, what about that Bush elector not voting for Bush?

CSPAN has an electoral map...


Wisconsin & Nevada look close. Any news there?

Gay marriage bans make me want to go queer.

How does the popular national vote look right now???

CBS calling Florida for * ???

What should I be doing right now

The next time you feel like bashing "the south"...

Lockhart looks half-dead

OH 129678 down at 79% reporting. its closing

Bush 246 - Kerry 196

If Ohio is lost, game over!

Haven't they called MN already?

80% of OH in and we need 150K

God help bush

OH 123566 down with 20% to go.

Dont sweat it


They should be calling MN for Kerry soon

why does it take so long to count the votes in MI,WI and MN?

I'm ashamed from Ohio

This Election is shaping up as...

Okay, folks, our ACTUAL chances of winning here.

OMG!!! Bush needs 24 more electoral college votes!

Castor running out of places in FL

Margin narrowing in OH

Calm Down God Damit!

In Ohio, Kerry voters are waiting in line for 15 hours.

URBAN areas EVERY WHERE last to report in

Have early votes been counted anywhere?

Ohio is our 2 minute drill.

It's like Deja VU all over again

new strategy


Fox calls NH for Kerry

Did they use electronic voting machines in Penn?

repuke control of senate

If Bush pulls this off, the country will be further divided.

Watching MSNBc and feeling ill...

Republican Voters Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Lets go OHIO!!!!

Franken has been pissing me off all night with his downer drone.

remember 2000? The FL call was WRONG!

How do the Diebolds track your vote?

DO we have numbers on "provisional ballots" in OH yet?

They are gonna fucking steal it and there is NOTHING we can do about it.

I'm Praying Especially Hard Now . . .

FOX just called Ohio for Bush

Josh Marshall agrees... Generation X-Box flaked on us

Why the FUCK does Franken sound defeated????

Kids for Bush on MSNBC

Salazar Wins Colorado

CNN still hasn't give Oregon and Wash. to Kerry

Keep in mind: Florida Absentee Ballots and Ohio

official, of sorts - * wins FL

C-Span site now showing MN for Kerry

Has Kerry said anything yet? n/t

Look Within Yourselves

Now, I could be wrong but the early mood of the FOX pundits signaled

Just heard Nader on the radio blasting the American people

People, we should have stormed the polling places...



LMAO...Fox News called Ohio for *

Bob Graham, John Breaux, and Fritz Hollings....

what is going on?

Is it time to get out the Afganistan burkas?

With NH called for Kerry, all we need is WI and OH and we win. nt


okay so what happened to the early vote deal in florida. I thought

MUST READ: We have a GOOD SHOT at Ohio!


DON'T GO TO SLEEP. Stay up because by early am we will be AHEAD in OH

If you are religious, join me in a silent prayer for Ohio.

Lets say....

This is what Bin laden wanted!

Ohio will go for Kerry

There are about 780K votes to go in Ohio

Remember, 70% of Precincts Reported Means LESS Than 70% of the Votes


With the Change that Colorado approved will the EV's be split?

Lawsuits over Provisional Ballots in Ohio I think.

The November surprise

What's going on?

Castor's going to lose Graham's seat in FL

If this ends ugly which I hold hope it will not and Kerry will win..

Kerry up 180,000 votes in Cleveland

time to be democrats again

Please tell me how Nader recieved over 25,000 votes in Fl.?

Carville: It's over

NYC DUers: Go down to the Fox News Channel building and raise a ruckus!

CNN: Smirk expected to "take the stage" at Bush rally, make "live" comment

CNN has the Democratic Party embalmed already

Is Florida REALLY lost?

i haven't had a drink in 17 yrs . . .i'm this close [--]

Kerry closing the gap in Ohio!!!

FOX only called Ohio to get voters to leave the lines

Ohio Is Still In Play!

Where we stand at 1 AM according to CNN website

Harold Ford: We have concerns about how the votes were counted in FLA

OH Called for Bush - NBC

It's time to think about arts and music

Kerry might win Ohio according to MSNBC---major vote in Cuyahoga

Robert novak may be right...

I think we need to get on message

we are 800 votes away from losing Iowa, SHIT

MSNBC just call OH for * !!!!

OHIO: Kerry is Closing!!

G'Night DU...and whatever happens ...

NBC calls OHIO for Bush****

OH, AL for Turniphead

NBC: Ohio for Bush.......

I hate this projection crap. Bush cheated everywhere. What will

We've knocked Bush under 100k in OH.

It's over....

this is a bad f*ckin dream

Let's hope for the tie....

MSNBC just called it for the Dim Son

MSNBC calls Ohio for shrub. F*** them. n/t

How do we destroy dibold

Im through with politics

Give me a 269-269 tie!

MSNBC Just Called Ohio with Voters still in line.

The Morals Crowd......

They called the election for Gore in 2000 before midnight


TIA was exactly on target! LOL!

Whatever happens today, I am disgusted with my country,


Hillary, honey, get to work....

Warning Keep out of CA or AShCROFT will get your DNA

I'm confused re: Ohio Results OH SOS Site Shows only 62% of Cuyahoga Ct

Call me Anti-American...

CBS: Bush planning on attending victory party later this night.


folks it's green bay/washington all over, my last post of the night

Half the country wants a Theocracy

Big media needs to retract their calls for Ohio.

Bush and Cheney's Motorcades ON THE MOVE...

Kerry should give no concession speech until all provisional ballots


CARVILLE shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Need Some Wood?, Har Har Har"

My heart will hurt, and so will the international community:

Down to 96K in Ohio with 85%

My prayer.

I let myself believe!!! and...well fuck it, let's move to Canada! n/t

David Jerkin the Gurgin

Turnout is not up.

CNN, Popular Vote: Bush leads, 51%, Kerry 48% n/t

POLL: What brand of cigarettes are you chain smoking?

CNN still has NOT called OH for Bush. nt


Is Kerry going to accuse them of the obvious?

Our party is in bad shape


How long will we have to get out?


Bev Harris, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Kerry should NOT concede until the Provisional Ballots are counted

Provisional Ballots

I hope the Freepers and their kids get drafted and sent to Iraq

CNN NOT calling Ohio yet

Is anybody feeling sick to their stomach right now?

CNN Site is missing New Mexico Counties?????

Well, at least we got NH

DO NOT give up when there are absentee and provisional ballots yet


NH to KERRY!!!!!!!!! n/t

"Moral Values"

If Bush wins, its a pyrrhic victory

Let's give it up for John Kerry

We got MN!!!

If you're going to sleep now

WOW- Woodruff taking a prudent stand.

Betty Castor is shocked that Mel MartinSleaze is calling it a victory.

CNN called NH for Kerry

Kerry should tell the media

my chest hurts

To the negative and worried posts, please read


Bev Harris coming up on AAR!!!

Kerry still closing in on ohio

Electoral vote victory still possible, popular vote win probably not

We're leading by 23,000 votes in WI.

No Matter WHAT Happens, bu$h Doesn't Have It Sewed Up

How did * win ALASKA?, is EVERYBODY insane nowadays?

Iowa by less than 200 votes, and Nader has 5000.

Don't give up!!! This will be close, but it's not over yet!

This is so damn close. I want to be believe we still have a chance but....

Screw paper trails and BBV. To win 2008, we need Dem Governors!

What happened in Ohio with the Republican challengers?

If I were Bush

This is getting eerily similar to 2000

OMG get Chuck D off AAR he's bumming me out

Who is this on MSNBC challenging the media calls on Ohio win for Bush?

Don't be a powder puff. Don't give up. Support Kerry.


Kerry won the debates and saw what an idiot Bush was.


This site is full of weak people who give up because of the media.

OK here we go OH is STILL in PLAY!

Any DUers from Canada willing to take in a friendly American Democrat?

i might get flamed,but what the eff?

jeffrey toobin on cnn saying kerry campaign says 200k provisional

Abraham Lincoln's mistake

Do we know yet how they're stealing it?

ABC NOT counting Ohio

KERRY: Ohio votes not counted!


Mary Cahill just said not conceeding..........

Kerry- You promised me you would not back down. You better fight

Looks like Kerry ain't conceding Ohio

Do you people want to have what happen to Gore happen to Kerry?

ABC, CNN, & CBS have NOT called OH for Bush! Email NBC!!!!!

Was the elections rigged? If so, when do we start marching?

Washington State Goes To Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

This country is full fuking morons

It is always darkest before the dawn

ohio margin went from 133,000 down to 102,000


MINN Kerry

Sec of State of Ohio on CNN now n/t

CBS calls MN for Kerry

CBS Bush 249, Kerry 217

Tom Daschle and Nancy Pelosi cost us the election.

Folks don't diss the youth

This is a warning to Freepers About the Next Four Years

I feel good

Ohio, 91% reporting, 2,548 to 2,441. 10 thousand closer in 10 minutes.

Blackwell says provisionals not counted for 11 days

Kerry--walk into the sixth circuit and get those 350k

Why is Ohio taking so damn long???

Ohio Secretary Of State: TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX!


Quit blaming John Edwards...

We're at the "hallmarks of Facism" stage

As an atheist, I feel like my future is in grave danger.

Lawyers going to Ohio.

Bush does not have 270 Hello.

MSNBC needs to take Ohio off their tally NOW! n/t

Fraud in Miami-Dade?

Prediction - Bush will move to have ALL Ohio Provisional Ballots quashed.

CBS: We don't care if we're last as long as we're right!

Im telling you, the media is gong to have egg on their faces AGAIN

Well at least now the Republicans will have total control of the country

john kerry needs to give victory speech

I AM Feeling More Energy

I just threw up

Wouldn't it be delicious...


What I'd truly LOVE to see if bush manages to steal this one...

We are Fighting for you Kerry now you fight for us

Housecleaning should begin tomorrow

Can I just say before I go to bed

This tells it all about how I feel right now....

CNN put OH in perspective...

They need to call Minnesota NOW, and MI and WI soon

Too much to hope (for Castor)?

Salazar beats Coors in Colorado per CBS

5,000 more in 2 minutes in Ohio.

A theory: exit polls are not wrong. They influenced the election!

Depending on where the prec are, Ohio could get to within

Wait---Sixth Circuit and Eleventh Circuit Lawsuits---

Look for fraud in this form in OH:

Why can't we get ONE computer savy guy on OUR team? WHY

Provisional Votes Not Counted Until 11 Days after the Election!


CNN: 350,000 Provisional Ballots in Ohio.

Anyone still think we live in a democracy?

What about FL?


163 more precincts in Ohio still to report

Coors Loses

There goes the supreme court.....

Please contact the media!

Much monkey business in Ohio will be uncovered imho.

I hope the American people like their moral values!

Ok, quick, someone...

We know these results are not legitimate. We must contest the results.

Oh boy...could the media eat crow...?

Someone tell me why I should continue to care

I've never seen such whining. We're not even CLOSE to sunk.

CNN just called OH too close to call.


fight!! fight!!! fight!!! fight!!!! recount for Florida or revote, Ohio pr


CNN: Project ingOhio is "TOO CLOSE TO CALL"

Do you believe in democracy or do you believe in fascism?


What message did American send to the World?

Prepare to see this image in the near future.

What Is With Dan Rather?

PLEASE!!! Look at both CSPAN and BBC!!

11 days - alot can happen


Bush v. Gore--the money quote that will fuck the Repukes...

We might just win this thing, it's going to come down to who wants it more

Let me make sure I got this straight.....

Never - Stop - Fighting!!!!!

Dammit! Nader is getting 1 per cent in Nevada. Bush-Kerry 49% each!


CNN calls OHIO as a GREEN STATE! "Too close to call" lol

AAR: Kerry about to deliver a "non-concession" speech!

I REFUSE to accept this result.

Join me to kick all fight threads and let all loser threads die!

Kerry back in front in Nevada

OMG: Repukes SCREWED Up & Kerry Wins!!!


The Cuyahoga River once exploded and caught fire

IA - In play bigtime CNN AIR

I've got a silly confession to make.

can't access gebush's web site

FIGHT OHIO!!!!! FIGHT!!!! 350,000 provisional ballots

In Florida Exit Polls, what percent did each candidate get? nt

Castor (FL) cuts Martinez lead; WILL NOT concede

This is a result of morons being allowed to vote.


Were all of Florida's early votes counted?

CNN Iowa Voting Machine's problem

CNN not calling Ohio, may be 600,000 left to count

Where the hell is William Pitt?

I'm on my 36th hour

CNN Here come the Kerry Legal Eagles

The WHORES are acting ECSTATIC!

CNN just made up green states.

CNN Owner of Red Sox is getting his plane ready

600,000 possible votes left to count in OH

No Surrender.

Go John Henry!!!

Many of us need to adjust to the rats and vermin in the streets.

I'm getting F*cking mad at how slow Kerry states have been awarded

I find the whole election extremely suspicious for the following reasons:

I'm glad Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and John Kennedy are not living

what is taking michigan so long????

MSNBC not budging from their Ohio prediction.

Is the media talking up the fact that Kerry took a Bush state?

CNN: Iowa also gone green

Red Sox owner offering plane for democratic lawyers

Remember everybody: BUSH HASN'T WON JACK SHIT.

ABC says NH and MN goes to Kerry


Too All Moderate Republicans... Kiss Your Asses GOOD_BYE !!!

In the end, if things stay Bush, I give up on Ohio and my country

How can we find out how many provisional ballots there are?

Kerry Campaign: "We are winning Ohio"!!!!



wait until the "missing ballot boxes" start showing up in peoples trunks

I want this to turn into a Dewey Defeats Truman type thing.

Who WANTS It More? WE DO!!!

David Wade, Kerry camp..."We are winning Ohio." Edwards to speak!

FINALLY Edwards going to make a statement

CNN Breaking: Red Sox plane to be used by Dem Lawyers to get to Ohio

We're behind you, John Kerry!

I think we need another round of "MOSH"


Kerry winning MI handily; 51.2 vs 47.8

This is not over by a long shot. Keep your heads up, ALL OF YOU.

Added bonus to this is that after declaring Chimp the winner...

why is Hawaii taking so long?

What happened?

If Kerry wins Ohio, Kerry has 272 EV - PRESIDENT

Who's sleeping in front of the TV tonight?


No way the rethugs won Cincinnati...

CBS Just Said Independents favored Kerry BIG!!!

~~ Reality Check ~~



CBS Called Michigan for JFK

Screw it, let's challenge those SOB's

CBS stating Bush is going to declare victory

I am not giving up. Wether we lose this 'election' or not, I will not stop

Imagine this, if you will...

Wolf: "Other networks can do what they want"

CBS: Michigan to Kerry!


Kerry or Edwards HAVE to speak before Chimp!

Wanna fight this? Donate to Kerry @

Michigan to Kerry!!!

CBS - michigan for Kerry

Dan Rather: This is the kind of night that gives Campaign Managers

Iowa results delayed - CNN (Bad Machines and Absentee)

MI, NH, MN, WI, HI, OH will give Kerry 272 votes.


Tweety: F-YOU!

Never surrender--to paraphrase Winston Churchill

I tried to go to bed at 12:00, couldn't sleep, tried for an hour

i have to goto work tomorrow.. and repukes will be laughing in my face :(

Unlimited donations to John Kerry for the legal battle.

gap still closing in OH, under 100k now

Let them claim victory; there will be no concession tonight.

He Who Laughs Best, Laughs Last

Kerry's legal squad should attack everywhere possible,

How many are gonna be here all night?

Ohio SOS says 175,000 provisional ballots

Hold On To Your Hats!!!! Whooo Hoooo.

OK, everybody....

Electoral math please

All we need is Wisconsin and Hawaii now!


Iowa: Manufacturer has to "fix" the machines

Edwards about to speak! n/t

Electoral Vote


Bush got 53,000,000 votes +

John Edwards speaking now

Edwards on CBS now!

John Edwards at Mic 2:28am EST

edwards on tv now

I want to hear everyone here say this

Short and Sweet from John Edwards

How many electoral votes will Kerry have if he wins all remaining

Its been a long night, but we can wait one more night...

cal this number..202-712-3000

Douglas County South Dakota

Make it plain to the churches

John Edwards fighting! He is giving no concession speech

Edwards---No surrender until EVERY vote counted

How's Nevada, New Mexico and Iowa looking? pulled 20 votes from bush..



Kerry Takes Michigan

According to John Edwards....

Anything you want, you got it!

55-44-1 Senate...

You won't believe this

Edwards to make a speech in 2 minutes (11:30 PST)

CNN: Hawaii for Kerry!

Hawaii Goes To Kerry

I want Kerry to also win the popular vote

No Iowa projection tonight. Too close. CBS

OK...Ive bitten off all my nails by now!!!

CNN calls MN and HI

Michigan, HI, and Minn - Kerry - CNN

I'm a Christian. A Baptist, even. But so help me God

WTF is up with MSRNC?

MSNBC Just Boiled It Down: It Truly All Comes Down To Ohio

how many people do you know aged 18-25 stayed home?

Anyone Else In A Fightin' Mood?

Minnesota goes our way!

I don't trust the Senate results either.

Per Ed Bradley on CBS Ohio provisional votes overwhelmingly

Voters in 11 States OK Gay-Marriage Ban

Blame Bob Scheiffer!


MI, HI and MN to Kerry!!! Called by CNN n/t

Wisconsin and Hawaii are all we need

One Last Time - Contribute To John Kerry Recount and Legal Fund!

A few questions....

CBS gives Michigan to Kerry

A Navy man, John Paul Jones, said: "I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!"

how long before the chimp is re-selected?

So freeps going apeshit yet? eom

Edwards should come out first and say something like

CBS: Hawaii to Kerry!

Redistricting in Texas killing us in House R:225 D:196 I:1 U:13

We won HI by 10% according to MSNBC

My only statement on the popular vote

Here comes the "inevitability" narrative from the GOP.

Dan Rather cuts off the rethuglican vote count

Iowa Voting Machines "Tired". Hard Work . . .

either way, how can we get McAuliffe to resign?

God Somebody put Larry King to bed

My Email to President-Elect Kerry

all of the repugs arguments in 2000 are now working against them

Well, if nothing else...

I'm going to bed with Wisconsin in my prayers.

CNN: "Youth vote not greater proportionally than in 2000"

Kerry's about to pass * in the electoral college

What about the high voter turnout?

If Kerry can take Ohio and win, Karl Rove and his machine will be crushed

How Many Votes are Realistically in Play in Ohio?

Heads Up - republican SOS in OHIO

Legal experts--how will Rove try to stop the counting of provisional

What happened to estimated 125 million votes?

* 249 Kerry 257

So, FL, a state that was tied last time goes to * by 300k? Sound strange?

hm DC DU-ers -- in 2000 freepers started yelling at Gore's house

IF Kerry loses, here's why he would have lost:

Provisional Ballots - Upcoming Legal Battle

EAST COAST DU'ers! go to WHITE HOUSE and yell!

No matter who wins, our base is growing daily

My Last Post of The Night

Michael Moore....

hispanics with senor kerry till the end!!!!

There's absolutely NO point to MSNBC's refusal

Mrs. Greenspan said Kerry must consider the markets


Arnold just congratulated Bush for his victory, do we respond?



Sick of hearing the youth blamed

God dammit. Folks just aren't getting it.

How to challenge procedural problems in Ohio?

Anybody drinking anything right now?

Kerry WINNING Minnesota

Goodnight, good people, this battle resumes tomorrow.

Anyone know the makeup of the Ohio Supreme Court?

Problems with voting machines in Iowa!

What happened to estimated 125 million votes?

Don't let them fuck you up with the popular vote!

Duplicate - please ignore.

Senator Kerry, stand strong. We've Got your back!

Ohio SOS has no provisional ballot info for several very Dem counties

What were the results in the Florida Exit Polls? nt

Excellent post on Kos from an Ohio poll worker

I'm impressed with CNN tonight

Betty Castor doesn't concede senate seat, Demands vote recount!


Email the Kerry Campaign...DO NOT CONCEDE...!

If voter turnout was only slightly larger than 2000

What a night...

I'm not watching TV! Are they playing it like * has won?

Wisconsin appears it will go Kerry - reviewed county data on CNN

Don't let anybody say that John Kerry didn't run a good campaign!!

Dear Friends, I must write this with feeling of defeat..w/regret.

Damnit, the DNC shouldve done exit polling for everywhere using diebold...

"They have been extremely clear that they are going to stand and fight."

We have to stay united - a plea

Ohio absentees?

Mark my words: Usurpers don't relinquish power easily

Bush lost - all you are seeing is theft

Florida DUers: I'm in Ohio now; what should I do?

Can Someone PLEASE, PLEASE Explain The Florida Situation To Me?

Cuyahoga County still has 13% of its vote outstanding

how will Ohio be stolen?

Has Pussy Josh Marshall been right about anything?

MSNBC: Alternate ballots not yet counted in Ohio

Ed Bradley Just DID IT.. "There Will Be No Winner Tonight."

I live in a red OBL gonna

Nevada, courtesy of Sproul trashing dem registrations, is now RED

pity party

The Gap in Ohio is 139,000

Why the youth DIDNT let us down

Ok folks, heres what it comes down to in Ohio.... provisional & absentee


DU stop being PANSY's and blaming the YOUTH

who do we blame?Come on now we must fight among ourselves RIGHT!

If we lose, here's why

My email to PRESIDENT John Kerry.


Why were there different #s in NV CNN vs. Local TV


You know it's late when Dan Rather begins recycling metaphors.

Bob Kerrey is a pig

So how will that asshole Piss Robertson spin this?

Are you calm while your friends are freaked?

CBS reporting: The White House is "very, very unhappy"

The Popular Vote is very interesting...

Can you hear that mob on MSNBC?

Jesus. Gergen says Pukes will call this a mandate for Bush.

Bush is about to declare victory without Ohio!

How many provisional ballots are there?

Cspan map reporting 101% precincts reporting for NM

NBC switched Ohio from Bush to Undecided

My friend from CT. e-mailed me said that if Daschle is defeated...

Provisional Ballots Are Election Wild Card

I think CNN is going to give Ohio to Bush soon.

Please do me a favor and compare your precinct numbers, 2000-2004.

If by some miracle Bush prevails

OK. WHY did the Democrats in Congress not take the BBV more seriously

"No Stolen Elections"

Evoting expert planted a seed

This election is the result of media, SBVT evangelical extremism and frau

BBV/ Did Voting Machines trump exit polls?


Karl Rove, Perception and Reality. Bush within a hair of losing

Okay I am done tonight.

Anybody who gets a statistical analysis

muted my tv

Ed Bradley on CBS making a case for Bush

CBS: Bradley just said no way Kerry can win Ohio.

I'm browsing Zogby's final call and

CSPAN - Michigan to Kerry - * 254, Kerry 242


Bush is on the downside of a conservative cycle

CNN: He's On The Way To Declare Victory

Rather being a true newsman tonight

Exit polls: party ID even, 37-37; our poll adjustments were wrong


OUR Party is just FINE. Its the corporate MEDIA that needs to change.

Can someone send me a link abou teaching in Canada?


God! The whores on CNN are LAUGHING about it now!

Rather: "Whitehouse preparing a public perception push"

If it wasn't for the religious freaks, Kerry would easily win

Daschle lost n/t

NBC seems poised to give Bush the 270 electoral votes!!

CBS calls Nevada for Bush

For all the advantages Bush has, we did damn well

Thune defeats Daschle

Black Box voting is Daschle's fault. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Bush to Declare Victory Tonight!

Why did the GOP protesteth so loudly about "exit polls" earlier tonight?

After this is over, I don't think I will be able to watch the news for a

Apx 170,000 Ohio Provisional Ballots Are Waiting to be Counted

CBS News: Daschle defeated

BBV/long lines at polls/disenfranchising votes---KKK Roves secret weapons

How much DEFENSE can we play?

Time to cancel your cable TV.

Someone find historical data on exit polling accuracy...

What Happened to Voter Turnout?

Election 2004's Cruella De Vil - Glenda Hood (R) FL Sec of State.

Seriously folks, I REALLY gotta see what the world is saying about this.

discarded ballots, in every state

JUST woke back up - HOW WE DOING?

Boy, Zogby was way off too!

Shitweasel declaring victory; please see my thread in LBN

A vote for KERRY was tabulated for Bush in FL.

Just a suggestion...

CBS: Harry Reid will be new minority leader

I thought we were going to make gains in the senate....


is it facsizm yet?

The loud noise next time bushCartel say "democracy" will be

Can somebody tell me what the people of NC and SD are thinking.

Bush got more popular votes than Reagan.

ok explain how cspan had New Mexico said 103% of precincts reporting?

till morning

Diebold promises to deliver Ohio to Bush? 2003 newspaper article

The more I digest this whole joke, the more I........ PLEASE READ!

Bush between Iraq and a hard place

Let me rephrase myself: Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada don't mean shit

Record turnout, less votes than 2000 ? I smell a RAT here

Now hear this: a flllash from the not so distant past...

how soon till the terrorists start blowing us up now?

Will any Electors break from the states and vote for Kerry?

Clearly, we greatly underestimated Republican turnout

Ohio Rove Smokescreen for Florida Fraud?

Bush is about to declare victory

Bernie Ward will be on FOX 1:30am (San Francisco time)...

Presidential Historian on CBS said that Bush on the down cycle....

what's the plan?

So when will we be starting an underground railroad to get the

Kerry wins ALL 4 Maine electoral votes! the rumor was FALSE!

Here is the main activist group talking about paperless ballots

How long before amendment for unlimited prez terms? Bush in 2008?

Fox News has a new slogan for covering Ohio...

Was We Robbed, Yet?

PLEASE don't let them do it again.

Does Jimmy Carter know more than he let on to? n/t

This is called Fascism isn't it?

Do you think Kerry/Edwards has a Plan?

I WILL get over this but right now I am down

Isn't this called "Fascism"?

So when does the bombing of Iran start?

How long till dems are labeled "insurgents"

Shit. Could be wrong but Schneider says Bush got over 40% Hispanic vote

so nader is going to help deliver new mexico to bush

An impassioned plea from someone outside

Okay...we all got fucked

Is somebody printing "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kerry" bumper stickers?

When dipshit declares himself the winner...

I Love Peter Jennings, but I Hate Cokie Roberts

To the Kerry Campaign:

Damn. Did we lose ALL our southern seats in the Senate?

We've started a political movement

Did We Really LOSE? HOW?

Well, good night


What about intermal emigration?

Kerry Passes Gore Popular Vote Total

The media has proved what whores they are tonight. Earlier when everyone

Do we have any chance??

CNN AIR: White House Pissed

CNN panel dumping all over 'exit polls'

America had a chance to restore its honor and dignity tonight

KOS: This is just the beginning,

"Bush Prepares to Declare Re-Election Win"

Florida Repubs now have 17 of 22 seats in the House

America is now a right-wing country

Where to donate money to help fight Republican fraud??

I worked hard and I'm happy my state went blue. Most of the democratic

Bye Bye Daschele

Just Saw Voting Totals For Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NC

Which state is the highest percentage of dumbed-down voters?

John Kerry, please play this out in our name

They threw out the youth vote!!!

Electors can switch, remember

CNN is talking about the Supreme Court and how much more powerful Bush is

Interesting Comments from Jeff Greenfield, CNN

Calling Bev Harris....

It's 3 a.m. In Ohio And PEOPLE ARE STILL VOTING!

A few things to never expect resolution on

The hard truth about this election...

A lesson from History---In 1964 the GOP lost far more than we did

Kerry 252 to Bush 254 it is still close we haven't lost

what about Congress? Moderate Republicans?

dickface 254...KERRY 252.

No Time to Hate

Did Knowles Lose in Alaska, too?


4:44 Kerry wins Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes - AP n/t

According to CNN, Wisconsin is going to Kerry!

Do you think the controversy over RNC pollwatchers was a diversion

From a US Military (retired)

Damn, so close!!! All we need is Ohio, just 150,000 more votes in Ohio

The President wants the country to believe it.......NEVER, not in 2000 not


Just applied for a job in Quebec



Ohio votes thrown in back of Bush/Cheney pickup truck

We are only down by 145,098 votes in Ohio

So who will carry the Ring for us into the fires of Mordor?

Here's a thought about the diebold votes.

CNN calls Wisconsin for Kerry... (5:03a.m.)


ALL the BLOGS need to Trumpet the Exit poll/actual count in EarlG's post

Great, we're losing WA gov race by 861 votes with 99% reporting

what's the chance of winning Iowa? just curious.

Fraud, fraud, fraud... yeah, whatever

Have heard 100,000 to 250,000 pro. ballots in Ohio, what is truth?

Electoral chicanery aside, it's clear that * won the popular vote.

the rove/fox strategy

Bush was going to declare victory, but changed his mind!

WH Chief of Staff on now...claiming victory

How long until the depression hits?

Do they hate themselves that much?

115 million turnout below prediction of 117.5 to 121 million

I said goodbye to MSNBC

Question: Can CNN Add??

Andy Card on CNN

Almost half the people of this country want change, so

I guess we can say goodbye to:

AP has Electoral College at 254 (Evil one) - 252 (Forces of good)

Republican PsyOps begin--Card says that Bush has won, and will...

Do Ohio Numbers Include Absentees? n/t

I never put any creedence into the UN invasion conspiracy theories...


Interesting discussion with four young people at a cafe tonight

CNN has 100% Ohio reporting ( Bush + 136,221 ) not counting provisionals

How long before perverted paranoid fantasies about Hillary Clinton

there sure are a lot of XXX post count people on here tonight.

You want to feel better? Call the Kerry HQ - phone number here.

Even if we take Ohio, we have a problem.

Virtual Democracy Nation- can't physically divide into 2 countries

CNN has called wisconsin..why hasn't CBS?

I hope they send Dr. Dean to Ohio

What the furk is wrong with America?!

Can't sleep- If Bush wins, I'm off the media for 4 years

With such high voter turnout...

CNN: Why does "Karl Rove" keep coming up?

My Take On The Situation In Ohio

The more I think about it, the more I believe this HAS TO BE FOUGHT...

Went to bed early

Donate to the Kerry/Edwards legal funds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diabold screwed us

If Bush retain > 50% of popular vote, it'd be hard for Kerry....

CNN: Bush will claim mandate

this is not over

Looks like 4 million Evangelican Voters showed up, too bad no one showed

Lesley Stahl! stands up and say * team not following the usual rules

The bozos are still out of step with the world.

Demonstrations all over the country?

FOX needs to take the Bush 269 down from it's screen

What we need to know: How many provisional ballots were Dem?

So the shorter man won the first time in history? wow....I'm just shocked.

Hope the freeping RWWs have LOTS of money to help support their

I'm going to bed

Will Diebold be Michael Moore's next documentary???

5% is the magic number.

Why all the talk about just the provisional ballots in Ohio

Twelve Ways Bush is Now Stealing the Ohio Vote

Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR. This was NOT Kerry's fault

What the Fuck Happened??

We Might Need to Start Calling Our Senators.

Where is Joe Lockhart? McCurry? All I see are REPUKES...

this is the 2nd BIG election in a row where DEMS got bitchslapped

Anything from Zogby yet?

What do we do now?

Demand FLORIDA Recount instead, let Bush HAVE Ohio.. We WIN

what do we do if bush wins?

Did anyone see that NBC interview with former Sen. Alan Simpson?

Help me out here

Are any of our supporters from other countries here?


FOX News loser just said 'Democrats' fixed the exit polls

Is anyone watching the freepers?

Someone tell me what happened?????


We can win Ohio easily with provisional ballots. Here's why.

As sugg. here, I emailed JK, told him if he has our back, to fight this..


I know this probably sounds like sour grapes

CNN-10 Counties in OHIO still have not reported their totals

New Senate Numbers are painful to say 55-45

Humiliating Losses in the Senate- Just Awful

Biggest mistake the Kerry Campaign made

The sad reality...

Just saw MSNBC

After 3 weeks of canvasing I have an idea what happened


well THIS made me feel good:WH note

can we come up with an organized plan of attack

Wake up and join the Resistance

Trust the polls. Don't trust the COUNTERS.

track voters down ..double check

How do I start a 527 organization?

Fox just called Ohio for Bush. I'm going to bed****

Greg Palast talking about the theft on AAR right now n/t

With Daschale losing the sickening part about this is that anyone

If my discussion with my African-American neighbor means anything

bush may stay in office, but let's see him govern.

I was a poll monitor for Election Protection yesterday

Frist on CNN "Overwhelming Support and mandate" for asshole

C-SPAN mod asks Dem caller: If * is declared winner, will

So most of the polls were wrong except Strategic Vision???

The Democratic Party has a problem, and it has to face it.

the theocracy is coming, this country is too stupid to resist religion

Well at least Bush is finally stuck with his mistakes this time.


College kids didn't show, but the fundies did

So will the Democratic Party move further to the right?

Cell phone user MYTH.

Why do I feel slightly German?

Senate Minority Leader ... Reid?

Where are we going?

America: Christian Fundamentalist Nation.

Any word from Kerry yet? Would be nice to hear his voice.

Roe vs. Wade is history and ANWR will be drilled

military being overtly pushy about how to vote? little story

STOP with the "Kerry mistakes" already. There were none!! He fought

"Don't blame me - I voted for Kerry"

Bush grants "time to reflect" out of "respect for Kerry's candidacy"

Why are you acting like we lost when it isn't over yet?

WE must rally behind PRESIDENT KERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN just changed their Ohio exit poll page


This is the same Ohio that someone here has screenshots..

will freepers know better than to gloat?

STOP giving up!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's okay to wait to call the race until more votes are counted.


If Bushco is allowed to steal the election

QUESTION: How many states had early and unusally large Absentee voting?

Are we to believe that Bush's percentage among black voters in FL went UP?

How many votes are left to be counted in Ohio?

I can not ***WAIT*** to hear this guy speak up loud and long

rate this yahoo story on Electronic Voting a 5

We ALL need to quit pussyfooting around the obvious and face the truth

Just a Question ...

EXIT POLLS--since WHEN are they all wrong?

What were the final exit poll results for PA??

I think I'm more stunned by Bunning winning in KY...

Time for Action!

What we do now

So, let's tally

When are the absentee ballots counted?

One of three things will happen over the next four years

Look here for the provisional ballot numbers

This is winnable. Kerry & Crew simply contest Florida & Ohio.


Why didn't early exit polls reflect the turnout of fundamentalist Christia

Florida Senate vs Presidential races

Bush's lead in Ohio seems to have shrunk a bit

Is this the end of Dem Underground? NOT FOR ME IT IS!

People follow religious fanatics - why?

This is all a big joke right??? the worst deficit in History

If Fraud Was Proved As An Absolute Certainty AFTER Bush* Inaugurated...

Now we're stuck with GOSS as head of the CIA!

Would "Part II" Of The 9-11 Commission Report Have Made A Difference?

Congrats to Joe Hoeffel

Anyway possible...

So did FL count their early votes then?

Night of the Long Knives Coming

Even the local right-wing nutjob radio host called it for Kerry yesterday

Education break-down

Fight! Fight! Fight! There's nothing to lose!


We weren't trying to win the popular vote. The strategy was for the

All the repukes I've seen on CNN this am are calling on JK to concede now

I do not know this young man, but

Things to come.

Aren't Exit Polls Used To Validify Vote Counts In Emerging Democracies?

9/11 did change things...The nation has turned to the right...

PLEASE will one SOE in Florida manually recount one precincts Op Scan tota

Who will be the first Senator or House member to defect to the Repubs?

...with thoughts of hope and optimism, but with tears in my eye's.

Who should and will be the next Minority Leader?

Is there anyone we can give money to to help with legal costs

3.7 Million more popular votes?!?!? I wake up to this?!?!

Thank you all from me (and my friends) in the UK

Betty Castor(D) is losing in Florida by 70,000

Robert Reich says it's pretty much over. He's on AAR right now.

Where do we go from here?

For THREE years I have said Bush/Diebold will steal it.

"The terrorists HAVE won"

So the Americans decided

What State did Kerry win most decisively?

The 2 Nation theory

I Hope Kerry is sending lawyers to OH and FLA for MASSIVE election fraud

Did the Dems ask to impound any of the E-machines?

Where's Kerry? Is he going to fight or give up?

Kerry now also passes Reagan's popular vote total

It's time WE start stealing elections!!


My Flags are Flying.........

Why did the media hold back calling PA and other Blue States?

Welcome to the Fascist States of Amercia..

I wonder what the Kerry campaign knows?

I don't see either side with 270 EVs. So what's all this repuke talk of

Where does the line form for the GOP Cheese and Prozac?

We don't want someone like Lieberman campaigning for us

The saddest thing for our country

Why is the election on Nov 2, if the term doesn't start until Jan 20?

Fox News did it again! (Called Ohio before anyone else!)

Any DUers planning on going to Ohio to help out?

Bush is a righteous and God-fearing man

So basically all the polling up until this election is just

If democracy is worth dying for, it's worth waiting for. Even if it takes

To All DU'ers Conceding Defeat Already & Can't Recognise FRAUD

Re: Diebold and other Paperless voting--will this map help???

What country are you considering for your exile?

hope the people that depend on SS and voted Bush have

SOMETHING is f*cked up in OHIO

Don't you DARE allow our Americans to have died in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We need more blue states


I want to see John Kerry on TV, ASAP.

I now see two potentially viable "alternative" strategies

Come on Du'ers We need to pick ourselves up

US Supreme Court now 4-4 if Rehnquist can't hear cases.

Right now, it's up to Kerry himself, not DU'ers

Win or lose Ohio; We've come to a bridge that we must cross

When, Why, Where, Who?

It's always darkest before the dawn: Plame, Halliburton etc. ...

bushCartel are LYING.

What must they be thinking about us around the world?

What did we learn?

Do you realize the work of two generations

Until Jeb is gone, no Dem should include Florida in election strategy.

i keep hearing

Kerry did the best he could

I said I would believe the "electability" myth on November 3


Can we divide DU into tinfoil and non-tinfoil forums?

Bush was ORDAINED by the Christian right, not ENDORSED

The gates of hell are now open.

CNN says Kerry is supposed to speak at 7:00 AM Pacific time

F911, Mosh, GOTV, etc.


OK, I *live* in Ohio. What do I do?

Listen up and listen up NOW

SKINNER & MODS - Last night's Lucas County OH thread showed apparent fraud


God has turned his back on America only this time we get no ARK

Bush voters ashamed of their bigotry?

A vibrant democracy depends on an informed electorate, functioning media.

JK should call for recount of entire country/precincts w/Evoting machines.

When all is said and done, who will be the president?

Anyone seen Nader this morning?

The Gay Marriage issue sealed the deal...

Why do people vote for a man who.....

Encouraging post.

That civil war option is looking more and more appealing!!!

Can they still blame everything on Clinton???

I think I'm just going to have to


Win or Lose, I am damn proud to be a Democrat this morning

I need facts and HARD DATA to back up my arguments on other sites

Mark my words: Canada will elect an NDP government.

I voted AGAINST the parental notification for teens in FL. "Immoral?"

Start spreading this immediately

The October Suprise was 11 (anti) "Gay Marriage" amendments...

Bush gave the SIGNAL when he had that WH photo-op last night!

Kerry campaign (Air America) says HAVE A COFFEE and WAIT.

I have not watched the news since 3 am. At that time Bush was about to

Statement from Kerry Campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill on Ohio

Can DU organize a serious analysis of the results?

We need massive change in the Democratic Leadership.

We Should Only Fight For Democracy If It Is Easy

Corporate Media URGING concession...will KERRY FIGHT? PLEASE Senator.FIGHT

Warning to Senate Democrats: Filibuster all Bush nominees...

Something changed when I turned on the TV.

Rove's November Surprise: Exit Polls

The one post everybody must see!!!

I gather there's very little evidence of fraud in Ohio?

What's amazing

I Personally Don't Care that Bush is Re-Selected

How long until the draft is reinstated?

What will it take for half of America to REALLY wake the fuck up?

Is this the new day for the TRUE left or a day of defeat

This country is now run by the American Taliban

Madison, Wisconsin is a city in mourning today

We're Still Underground

Why we MUST fight:

Mark my words

Should Kerry concede? EVER?

I just got back from Ohio

How do we catch the hand in the cookie jar?

best discussion of election yet

its the holy rolling, period

Do you think we've been hijacked by Christian fundamentalists?

Moral values?

Countering the doom and gloom: Illinois won BIG for the dems.

Fundamentalist America Vs Fundamentalist Islam

guys..if boosh manages to steal this they think we are dumb

They own the White House, Congress, the media and the Supreme Court

My grandmother has to wait in line today for a flu shot. Cold and rainy.

Democrats won't win until we learn to put TRUTH ahead of EXPEDIENCY.

who's giving up?

Kerry does not have to overcome Bush in Ohio.....

Presidential Election Tracking: A STOLEN ELECTION - AGAIN!

Kerry Charges Massive Voter Fraud. Vows To Fight On.

The party MUST change now.

Some Serious Questions About 2005-2008

Boy, this is going to be one divided and dark country for 4 years.

Small solace in NJ but something to hang onto (for my sanity)

Why the hell isn't exit polling expressed simply as total for Bush/Kerry??

SC appointments will now be made by Bush.

The american ppl have spoken

Attention: We should all call these numbers today!

American church state firmly in place

CNN: Kerry will NOT speak at 7 AM (Pacific), but "some time today"

Does anyone envision an international backlash to this election?

Who replaces Daschle as Minority Leader?

Is it time to support a Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage, full

It will have to get much worse before it will get any better.

Reality Bites, and What We Do Now.

I'm wearing black today.

We should all just have friggin lobotomies. Then we can vote

Do Something Positive ... Donate to Recount Fund

Surprise disappointment of the night.

Dick Durbin for Minority Leader

People have weird voting habits...

I've Been Here For Three Years And I Got Something To Say

Congrats to my fellow Pennsylvanians.

If you're not here to fight, get the F*** off this board!

Guess what - a northerner CAN win elections without a single south state

Kerry should demand a new vote in states where there is obvious fraud!!

Reason is not healthy in the USA

Names to remember: Post 'em here. Blackwell, Lapore, etc...

A history lesson on what to do next

New Bumper Sticker

if Kerry does conced, when will he?

Great news in Colorado!

This election should teach us something. The vote FOR the war:

Even if Bush turns out to win, it will NOT CHANGE MY DEM VALUES

If you thought Bush was RW in his first term

You know what? Grow some balls!

Of course there was fraud, but...

Christian fundamentalists have hijacked our country. What can we do now?

Racism is alive and well; let's use the word as a weapon!

I'm looking for a scapegoat, and I blame South Park

I am a peasant...

when will you give up?

It's like 10:30 EST - Where the fuck is John Kerry? (nt)

Turning our swiftboats into danger

here's what i see happening to DU this morning, the basic attitude:

Ballots from 40 precincts in Ohio loaded into a truck with Bush/Cheney

CNN has it 254 Chimp 252 Kerry

So DU'ers Are Swallowing The BIG LIE & Many Think They're So Smart

Remember K&E saying "All votes must counted" in campaign?

I'm so proud of New Hampshire!

Obama for Vice President in 2008

We will get through this no matter what.

As a Gay man I actually feel that my life will be in mortal danger

We need to examine EVERY state. NV * by 20,000?? Ohio

Diebold executives celebrate

What the hell happened in Duval County FL?

The Most Appropriate Song Of The Day

You know, on the selfish side

Way to go Left Coast!

How Many Popular Votes

Dems have to STOP their gun control stance

The bottom line is, Jesus kicked our ass

So-In 2008 Who's On Deck For Our Side?

steps the Democratic party must take

This map shows why we lost - notice every battleground state

I'm not near a TV. Who do the Dems have making Kerry's case?

What gives me peace at the moment

Grover Norquist predicted that when W wins the election

Tar & Feather the Bastards! Hangings too good for them!

The Packers/Redskins Game

Bush is ALREADY president, so what is the harm in counting the votes?

Giuliani to Kerry (via CNN): "You've got to face reality, step aside"

Democrats will now be the permanent minority party

Use voting fraud charges to demand a paper trail

In this mess, we're missing the good news:

DU this poll: Should John Kerry concede Ohio?

New Meme: Why are the Republicans AFRAID to count all the ballots?

Visible Kerry Voter Recount March!!!!!

We should fight until they realize we will never support the Nazi chimp

Proving a fix is actually very simple and quick, so here it is:

Freepers, be HAPPY with the monster YOU created, coz he's ALL YOURS

Not here to fight? Have some courtesy and leave for a while.

Why do we have to wonder what the Democratic Party is doing?

What are the radio folk saying? Imus? Stern? AAR? NPR?

I think this is important

Need some support

Why it took so long in Wisconsin:

Tonight - Let's Stand Together

Air America to Kerry-Edwards: Keep Edwards' promise, COUNT THE VOTES

Please allow me to vent a bit


10M reward for information leading to major election fraud!

Keep your Kerry bumper stickers on!

John Kerry Please Turn your boat into the line of fire

It's just as easy to steal 3 million votes as it is to steal 300.

Castor gives up in Fl

Why Kerry will not and should not concede: Not Ohio but Florida.

Is the Kerry forum down?

I find it interesting that CBS seems to be

Question...if bush gets another term

"Unfiltered:" Show PRIDE in Ohio Dems!

Bottom line...the MEDIA kicked our ass

When is the media going to address the LOW turnout?

No wonder Bush didn't bother to prepare for the first debate

Any more from the Kerry campaign other than this, today?

according to MSNBC or AP Kerry called bush and conceded????

Will someone tell me, what the hell is going on?


For all those liberals who believe Jesus was also a liberal.

If Skinner is going to Ohio, let's send him with resources!

I'm tired of being governed by rednecks...

By What Margin Did Gore Win Ohio's Provisional Ballots in 2000?


Did my vote count (Diebold question)

Unconfirmed report from AP:

Bye Bye USA, hello KKK !!!

Dupe, please delete

CNN campaign shots from the Bush Campaign

The real war starts now!! Please read!!


AAR Just gave out Kerry Campaign headquarters phone # in Boston

Today's High School Sophomores

Re: Homophobia And The Election



My mom and dad


Time To DeCompress

dennis4868 to Gulliani (Via DU)


Stole it twice. Shall we call him " * *" now?

Edwards counsels against surrender.

We are an army of angry Democratic activists.

Just a quick DU logistics question.....

My internet went down last night! How's everyone holding up???

Amendment 2 losing in Alabama

Kerry has conceded

They won

So, I guess my "consolation" dream of Kerry becoming the "leader

Kerry to Concede at One P.M. I am DISGUSTED.

"Guns, God and Gays" may have decided this election.

What we need to do from here...

Diabold , it's not over.

I'm a 22-year-old guy

Sh*t! AAR just called it...

Congratulations white Christian America!

The Cabal "wins" another victory. :-(

Kerry conceded. Confirmed.


Air America Radio: Ohio, Iowa and New Mexico Haven't Reported Yet

Not enough provisional ballots to win

IF BUSH WINS, what will we see in the next four years?

A really Sad thing about this is how it wil affect the next election.

WTF happened to count every vote!

Become an "Impeach Bush!" Meetup organizer

45 Democrat Senators are our last line of defense

Face it people, we have lost

Howard Dean for DNC chair.

Now, we gather all the voter fraud data for a Senate investigation

Election reform at the municipal and state levels. Gotta do it now!

I believed them, I really did believe them

Words of Wisdom

617-367-1551 (Kerry Headquarters Boston phone number)

Terry MCauliffe is a fucking idiot

What the hell happened in Florida?

I am still so pissed off at Kerry!


The Revolution starts NOW! Dem leadership change.

Now What? Focus on 2006.....

Kos: Terry out. Get Howard in.

U.S.: World Sacrifices Sleep To Follow Election Results

Take today


It's finally time, American must break apart, I don't care anymore

Did Edwards tried to dissuade JK from surrender?

How about a boycott of every company that does business with Diebold?

I NEVER said this after 2000 but...this man is NOT my president

The positives if the current outcome stands.....

Silver Lining

We sure stuck it to those gays!

Regardless of what you believe, we have real problems nationally

So here's my Monday morning quarterbacking.....

October Surprise: Did Osama's Televised Appearance Manipulate the Vote?

Don't blame Kerry...thank him.

Steve Soto on Left Coaster sums up my feelings exactly

I appreciate John Kerry and how hard he fought for us and his country.

Let it be on their Heads

Bush's first initative...


Al hindsight, with the real surprise of the mass voter fraud

THIS IS WHY BUSH WILL WIN - and its NOT cheating:


I do not blame KERRY - I Blame the AMERICAN IDIOTS

Don't trapped in rape victem mentality....

think of it this way everyone...

What are going to be the effects of a 1 Party Government?

Why is conceding the right thing to do?

I'm glad Daschle lost...

Can we appeal to the U.N. for sanctions on the U.S.?

You guys, the writing's on the wall

Fucking Media

Welcome To Fascism

Before you blame Kerry for the loss...

This election was stolen.

This might be good for the Democrats - look at the UK Labor Party 1992

How can we ever expect to win if we let them steal votes?

Look at Dear Leader this morning

I hope John files a very large law suit

how long was it before Gore withdrew his concession?

A Sad Day for Amerika - We have PISSED on the world and....

Anyone who thinks Howard Dean would have done better is kidding themselves

The really sickening thing is that Pat Robertson was right and will more

12 things we can do in the coming weeks, months, and years

Hate Won

This is what I screwed my own party over for? I talked so many Greens

Kerry and Family, Edwards and Family are Gold...

DLC has gotta go.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

dem party needs to get gruffier, meaner, more moderate

On-the-spot registration. ED a national holiday.

GD: Fighting & Acrimony

Title of forum changed to "fighting and acrimony"

I'll watch Kerry's speech

Why is no one calling for a Protest?

Fellow LGBT - Where do we go from here?

If we lose the "internets" in the next 4 years, how should we

Did anyone notice what this forum has been renamed?

FUCK THE HIGH ROAD! - Time to start cheating

The greater reality. We need to realign the coalition

Join me on Constitution Ave in Jan?

As party members what can we do to speed up the ouster of Mr McAuliffe


2008 tickets

If Kerry concedes, do they stop counting?

Confederate Theocracy: What I saw last night in Pensacola

Changes in * Cabinet? New VP?

ATTN: George W. Bush**

I think i'm done with this spineless party!

My Final Post For Today- Maybe

How do we win in the next decades? CLASS WAR!

Wish *'s Secret Service would

Something Howard Dean always said..

LBJ, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, Ronald

What's others are doing ? Why Internet so quiet?

Senate Minority leader John F. Kerry

I just woke up. What the FUCK happened???

Robert Reich says "wouldn't call for McAuliffe's resignation"

I weep for our country and I weep for the world . . . kerry ever going to get on TV and look us in the eye...

Has Michael Moore said anything yet???

Statement from John Zogby

24 year old son's Birthday today - "Mom, I am older and oppressed"

Occam's Razor people.....conspiracy theories don't cut it.

Our next President - Jeb Bush . . .


Who's joining the Greens?


i've been waiting for the pendulum to shift back to our way

Bring on the DRAFT

i think i have a way to start a revolution

If the dems don't fight fraud now...when will they?

CNN: Bush plans to "reach out" to Dems in his speech

Jesus Wants Us Unemployed Without Health Care

Screwed by DIEBOLD? Herd one woman in Florida on CNN yesterday...

Why Michigan "looked" so close...Wayne County not added yet.


Don't give Bush voters an inch!

NC elects first openly gay legislator

You WILL NOT BELIEVE what bush just did...or yeah you will...



For those of you who have LINK TV, Democracy Now is on LIVE!

Was this the Repub strategy all along ??

How christian of them

Shoutout to Skinner

This country is dying. The environment, the economy, our young soldiers

Thank you, John Kerry! You fought the good fight!

Americans voted for the candidate most like themselves

say goodbye to our last wild forests, our clean air, freedom of speech, et

I blame John Kerry for Flip FLopping....

As much as I hate to say it, Kerry had to concede

Freinds in Canada, Mexico, EU & elsewhere: PLEASE INVADE US!

Get ready for the assult on the Internet(s)

No more "anybody but..." for me.

As a New Yorker, I have something to say

How to wedge the RW Evangelicals from the GOP

I'm joining the Republican Party.

Anyone who voted for * and his evil cronies

how did the Repukes re-organize after the 92 election?

Only 113 million votes cast? I call BULLSHIT

How can they DO THIS TO US?!?! They said they would FIGHT

If you people want to EVER win an election - it has to be WITHOUT OHIO AND

we must end this war

Repeat after me: "Not my president. You elected him. Deal with it."

We need to donate out the wazoo to Secretary of State elections

How can Limbaugh, Hannity and their like...

Notice the Welfare States are all Red?

Winning 4990 of 5000 Monte Carlo simulated election trials

We have 2 countries within the US

Many European nations struggled out from beneath oppressive

Maybe we could support each other's businesses and enterprises.

I no longer trust the system..Why should I ever vote again?

Some reading for the mystified:

Please post all Protests/Vigils taking place today!

This is the Toughest f*cking day of my life

We will never win another election.

Two simple facts that I will never forget, and my conclusions.

The American Republic Ended on December 12, 2000

Will the internet survive four more years of Bush?

Do you think the repukes acted like this after Clinton won his 2nd term?

The Mole?

how many eggs will fly in January?

John Kerry didn't look out for the voters... he just conceded...

So what is an election about? Naderite, "recount anyway" in same mistake

Who are the Repukes in Congress that endorsed Kerry?


Here's a clue as to Ohio

My, my, my. What on Earth can the Ghouls screech about now?


What happens to AAR?

Well, Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson can glory in this strategy

I am suspicious of the concession

Kerry: YAY. Democrats: YAY. DNC: Nay.

one card hasn't been played yet

People, This Has Transformed Our Mission To Media Reform

How about Feingold for minority leader?

Keep Smiling And Be Prepared

Wally O'Dell

Question: Does anyone know how many provisional ballots were cast in OH?


i am a spiritualist......... i see things differently, i would like to

Americans said NO to reality & chose a comforting fantasy.

When Roe v Wade is overturned

Start building fortifications along the potomac?


The lesson is: The Right does not want us

I've never felt so unsafe in this country as I do today

Jon Stewart 2008

2006 Is going to be PAYBACK TIME you little Bastards!!!!

What if there really is a god and it wanted Bush to stay in power?

General Strike 2004 discussion group signup.

NOW will you see the dangers of christianity?

Look on the bright side. Now bush* has to live with the mess he caused.

The Smirk of Death

Anyone headed to D.C. on January 20th?

More Words of Wisdom

When does Bush launch the School Prayer ammendment?


I think Florida was stolen - here is why

And now, the media will inform you of the "real" jobless rate and deficit

Boycott the Red States

Hell just run Dean in 08 and see what happens.

The only argument for bush that worked

Thank you Skinner, thank you DU

The mood in my town is the same as 9/11/01

OK, why did we lose?

We NEED to buy up rural radio stations NOW

Too Little, Too Late

It's not religion, war, guns, gays, or any other issue. It's the lies.

Today I am ashamed to be an American

So, who's the GOP gonna run in '08?

John Kerry is President of the NORTH..

Have they succeeded in marginalizing the American left?

ATTN: Moderate DEMS do we need our own DU?

Exactly what you can do

Suggestion for Conservatives

It's almost like we didn't vote at all. Good thing I kept my armor on.

So a guy puts his life on the line for his country, comes back to protest


Will SOMEONE tell Franken that we DIDN'T LOSE?

The Democratic Party MUST give up on gun control

Hey Al, cut that Rush fucker off now

Hungary Will Withdraw Troops From Iraq

it's evident now...the BinLaden tape was a PURE set-up!!!

Today, I hate America.

OMG they locked the thread on a second site..

Unofficial bash the DNC thread! I blame them as much as anything.

As Charles Pierce said today..

okay you stupid motherfuckers that voted for bush don't come crying

One thing you can be sure of...


So. Are we going to give * his honeymoon?

so, is this our equivalent of Goldwater 1964?

Group Hug Time? maybe?

Welcome to der Fourth Reich!

Folks, we got an ass whuppin'

We should not neglect our usual anti-war activities ...

Gebby, Dashle, Kerry, Edwards were too busy giving * blowjobs

Your unlimited donation system of the campaign is perverse.

All I can say is- Half of America is pissed.

It's about religion, stupd.

I'm glad Daschle lost

Where we won and where we lost

how do we GOTV in the 2006 Midterms?

what senators and governerships are up in 2006?

We'll see how serious about fighting he Dems are by

Why the Red states vote Republican (Brilliant article)

Where are the other 7 million voters?

Winning:Loosing is a statistical probability. Count All of the votes.

OMG! I just noticed the Forum name change!!!! n/t

Where's the FIGHT we were promised? No surrender, my ass.

Every talk radio program will suck today except for Malloy's...

Lawyer types - after Roe v. Wade is overturned

1) pro gun 2) pro death penalty 3) pro tax reform

Why should anyone have to stand in line for 9 hours to vote ??

One big BRIGHT SPOT: Nader is now insignificant

Okay here's a question

can we get a few groups to do one last poll in OH, FL?

Why the Red states vote Republican (Brilliant article)

By being utterly non-competitive in the South and other regions,

From Where I'm Standing, I Can Only See............

How does this square? NC Dems take over House, Strengthen Grip in Senate

We can't give up and give them a "blank check."

So, we stood on the pro-choice battle and lost the war. Was it worth it?


If there was fraud, PROVE IT .. I'm all ears.

maybe we should abandon the democrats and take charge of our own

maybe we should abandon the democrats and take charge of our own

Candy Crowley's gloating face disgusts me

Well folks, I'm makaing plans to move out of the country.

It's time for Gays to stand up and say "NO!"

What should the Democratic Party do - a third alternative

So angry!


I Want to Secede

It's the ignorance, stupid

I just tore off 9 John Kerry/pro-Dem Bumperstickers from my car and

Let's do it. Do you believe that if not for vote fraud/BBV we'd've of won

I guess Zogby blew it?

Professor Abramson Speaketh

Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) for minority leader

Did Amendment 2 fail in Alabama?

When will OBL start attacking the red states?

This Feeling Is Like Losing Your Pet

Democrats MUST Take back "Values"

How long til Chimpy falls off his bike again?

We all knew it would come down to the GOTV effort. They were simply

"Moral values" listed as key concern by many voters

Let's all pitch in and buy Karl Rove a whore

John Kerry message boards down

Who voted and why, Bush's base remains surprisingly narrow.


HEY! exit poll results needed here!!!!!

Suck it up democrats/liberals/progressives...COME ON

After last night, how could anyone say Hillary or Obama in 08'?

Californians: Make Ahnold PAY!!

In 2008, I'd like to see a Wesley Clark/Russ Feingold Ticket.

How do we attack the tax-exempt status of fundie churches?

We won before we lost

Hold your Head up people,

Damnit guy's don't listen to the media: This is Extremely Fishy!!!

This will force a further split in the republican party. That is the best

Just took MSNBC off my channel- sorry Countdown

Stop crying or Bush will give you something to cry about.

OMG!!! What must the civilized world be thinking right now?

The word was "LIAR"...everyone understand NOW how it works?

Civil War in your/our lifetime - Likely or Not?

I am shocked at the level of my RAGE.

Obama on CNN

I am angry and disillusioned...

One Day at a Time folks - With your help we can and will do this!!!


If you don't FINALLY do this now, you're part of the problem.

2008 needs to be a transformation election.

Wanna fight back?? Abortion will be dead soon...let's mobilize NOW

What was the first sign of trouble last night?

My wife and I talked about learning French together...

I have to share this MP3 (for the next hour or so).

I just saw on CNN that ANWR is now going to be open for drilling.

So Europeans, Hate American's yet?

Thumbs up, America

The Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Get Prepared For Revenge. A lot of souls will be purged.

How long before Osama hits us?

Clark for Governor of Arkansas in 2006!!!

God bless John Kerry

Since Kerry concedes, but what if Ohio shows a slight win for Kerry

I have a strategy for the next four years

So. Hillary in '08?

TN, VA, MO, AR, WI, MI margins

The only solution is to ENCOURAGE the Republicans

Judy Chicago Merger Poem: Hope or Sadness

Kerry lost seniors

Why is Al Franken still talking about debates and defending Kerry?

Since I'm from Ohio, I get to give my opinion about why Kerry conceded

Is John Edwards washed up now?

DU Family So Long, Till We Meet Again....

I Blame the Liberal Emigrants

Let's list all the great Democrats we still have/elected into power

Read this about 2nd term...very scary

Why didn't we see this as a fuckin war!!!?

US - EU seperation starting.

Hey, did Dennis Kucinich get re-elected last night?

Do we have any Dems STUPID enough to win the Presidency in 2008?

OK Flame Away: I'm Proud To Be A Dem,Proud of K/E!!

Diebold machines: Does anyone have exit polling data for those OH and FL

Today's Doonsbury mocks Kerry for not conceding.

I want to see take on the voting machine fraud issue

Fight back the Dominionist/Fascists with Knowledge. Anti-CNP is at 100%

Were Election Protection volunteers misallocated?


How can I legally make W's life a living hell?

You know I'm sorry to say.......

Lets compare turnout rates in precincts where we can measure it

We can still get them out- they are criminals

Well... Nader Got What He Wanted !!! - Does He Have Your Vote In 2008 ???

Red State/Blue State bullshit

GREAT TomPaine article!!! Post-Concession Reflections

Wear black ribbons! (read and pass on)

Two headlines on Yahoo right now:

OBL got his wish...four more years of terrorist recruiting

So on top of everything else, some ass just smashed my face with a brick

"Gutless"...Not "Conservative" - This NEW American Agenda.

It's Official: 140 Years Later, The Confederacy Finally WINS !!!

We need to take out Republican candidates one at a time

What's NEXT? (READ THIS ARTICLE PLEASE! You'll feel better, I think))

Had Enough ?

Bush and Kerry agreed Nation Needs To Heel.

Is it true that 1/2 the unions voted for shrub?

I want "My Posts" back! I can't reply to people!!!

What do our enemies want now? To suggest we move, that's what!!

Bush Unbound - from Salon

The DLC is fucking fired.

Fundraiser: Bitchslap Terry McAullife for 20 bucks a slap.

New leader of the Democratic Party = Harry Reid

"Stop crying in your teacups"

One way to change the electoral map.

Where is plain old General Discussion?...

Lyrics, quotes, ect that define today:

We have to play regionalism; Republicans don't.



John Kerry Better Give Me Back My Fucking Money.

Election Night 2008: Hillary loses by 10 points

I know what Kerry SHOULD say...

I am speechless.

Either STAY ACTIVE in American politics, or F*** YOURSELF.


Investigation of hackers on black-box-voting

I'm reading results, North Carolina in particular


SCOTUS: Who's a potential? Let's start digging the dirt NOW.

Give Kerry His Due and Stop The Blaming. It Isn't Going To Win Elections

My Proposal to start an 'Army' of Liberal and Progressive Groups

I really don't think they "stole" it

We must push for Pitaki and McCain

I really like Kerry

Kerry "We are all Republicans now"

The next person that says that this country needs to heal...

2004 is the "Democrats 1964"

Ladies and gentlemen, don't you see THERE WILL BE NO 2008

Truth Quenches Untruth

kerry/edwards promised us no stopping till every vote was counted.

what about appealing to the United Nations for help?

Bring on the damned Rapture!!!!

Depressed, sad and bitter

Democratic Underground needs a name change.

When your best isn't enough.

Please post proposed Articles of Impeachment for Bush.

My Period Of Mourning Is Over.

Say Goodbye To Roe V. Wade, Social Security, Public Schools, Clean Air

Iraq Tops President Bush's Policy Goal (The '04 Bush Agenda Spelled Out)

Tell me you don't want that man as our president.

I will say it again! Looking for simple answers like Diebold is wrong!


Healing, MY ASS

John Kerry is on now.

I'm shaking and feeling sick...This hurts more now than than it did

Charles Pierce from Altercation has it exactly right.

Are you going to listen to Kerry's concession speech?

Sorry..I am shaking all over right now.

Losing by a razor thin margin does not require much change. IMHO.

This speech is terrible

It's not our candidate or our positions on the issues.

Kerry almost lost it

First step, elliminate the millionaire's rule

For liberal_veteran and every other gay American

Who appoints the leader of the DNC?

It is not a "candidate" problem - it is a "Party" problem...

We DID something this year

"Internet, talk radio and cable news saved Bush"

Kerry Edwards on CNN NOW!!!!!!

We are now irrefutably ruled by an Oligarchic Dictatorship. Strike Back!

Sharpen our knives and get ready for the 2006 Elections

Markos Moulitsas (Guardian Utd): Divide and rule ... for now

Kerry Was Right To End It

KERRY still has my blessings, To naysayers start another forum

Thank You Democratic Losership Council!

51 percent is a ************* MANDATE now?????

An Election Spoiled Rotten [ALL DU MUST READ]

Unity my A**!!!

I canceled my cable today....i feel a little better

Bring it on


Why we must never unite with the Republican Party.

Concession speeches that call for unity are spinesless

The only point in my supporting the Democratic party

at least reagan's dead

America looked into the Abyss - and 51% of them said

something is fundamentally wrong when a nation allows 48 percent

If someone robs your you concede them your posessions?

Today is the day democracy died.


Even in defeat, Candy Crowley is an asshole to Edwards

I'm finding it hard to restrain my fists into my coworkers faces

Don Mcleans "American Pie". My new interpretation.

At least there wasn't an assassiniation

1972 and 1984 were MUCH better years.

I just ripped off my Kerry/Edward bumper stickers....

you have been yelling so loud you want to rule the world

Voter intimidation in Texas, with a twist

I still can't believe this....

a VICTORY for the FRED PHELPSs of the right!

So what happens to the uncounted votes?

The Democrats now have to really learn how to be the RESISTANCE party.

Don't hold your hand out to me, Georgie!!

Worse loss ever. Worse than 2000 by far

A million votes purged [Does this not make a case of fraud?]

Somebody slap Judy Woodruff and scream OBAMA

Why in the hell does Al franken.........

This thing isn't over. John Kerry needs your help. Who's in?

Make them pay for Destroying Daschle

It is not a "candidate" is a "society" problem.

Check this out from the Canadian immigration website

Boycott the Red States

If Florida doesn't have a paper trail - SUE FOR A RE-VOTE.

What scares me the most

I've always felt that if religion was kept out of my government

So much for "electability"

America Is Dead


Democrats: the party of efficient government

Three Strikes and I Am Out

Classic! JK on angel dust having his JFK moment. Can't put words in the

Roe v. Wade, ANWR, Patriot Act 2, Permanent Tax Cuts, Deregulation...

Does Daschle get to keep his pink tutu?

Rack Jite: We Deserve George W. Bush

let's focus on 2006

Real reason we lost: Teresa's accent.

First Time Voters

The question of the day: "What the hell is wrong with America?"

How dare Kerry speak to us of healing

It wasn't a concession -- it was an acknowledgement of reality

Quotes from Kerry's concession speech

Thanks to all that have heart. FUCK THE REST OF YOU SOUND LIKE PUBS.

My hope lies with one man

Suggestions on how to make life for Republicans Pure-D Hell !!

I wouldn't mind hearing some words from Michael Moore right now.

we lost the south because of the overwhelming bigotry here

So this bitch calls my roommates clinic today...

Where did all the votes go?

Soros- please start buying rural radio stations

So what the hell will the media do now that they don't have Kerry to bash?

Good - Kerry will not concede

Replace McAuliffe with Howard Dean

In the spirit of reconciliation, we congratulate Bush/Cheney...

Okay, not the outcome we wanted but look at it this way.....

I'm seriously thinking of leaving the country RIGHT NOW.

Let's get cracking on 2006

not sure what forum to post in

the fight has not ended

We (US) get what we ask for ......(NOT referring to DUers)

Kerry still has the ability to retract if fraud is the case

A Majority disapproved of Bush.....

What song if any pops up in your head right now?

You people are pussies. You are shreading this party. I'm mad too but I bl

why can't ordinary citizens impeach a president?

Democrats were right on all the issues...

This is the best thing that's ever happened to Howard Dean

DU'ers - help us gather screen shots of election night polling

It's still ABB for me

If the election roles were reversed, would Bush have conceded by now?

May I bring up the concept and introduce the words "neo-slavery"....

Skinner can you make a locked thread to post fraud in?

Would this be the proper forum for me to just say.....

some history

Would this be the proper forum for me to just say.....

Let us hope Bin Laden is not color blind and can tell red from blue.

Pelosi sucks

At least I don't have to make nice with the swing voters anymore.

Sorry about that's MY fault we lost this election.

No one can say for certainty that all legitimate votes were counted.


Waiting to concede would NOT have harmed the country

Feeling better - how you can feel better too

Message to Bush voters

Did Y'all Just Hear What I Heard recommends those who can go to Ohio.

here s how to steal elections...

Working middle class cuts own throat so gays can't marry!

" Big Brother isn't watching us,We are watching him "

51% to 48% is not a "COMMANDING MANDATE"!

Asshole alert

*SOME* Hope....From DailyKos

Regrets from Germany

Are you really thinking about leaving the Democratic Party?

Is this the right forum to say that I HATE GEORGE W. BUSH??

America is doomed :-(

The good news is- We are as to the right as we can get.

I want to hear from Colin Powell.

I'm about to PUKE listening to SNARL!

Is Laura holding the drunk up

It's not the candidate, it's the party tactics

So what's Kerry gonna do with all of the recount cash he collected?

Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada - Reuters

Hillary CLINTON in 2008!

I'm Still Wondering About Smerconish's (sp) Inside Info On Health.....

For the masochists: * speech coming up.

The good news.

The ultimate metaphor for this Bush victory - The Wild Ones

Here's an interesting idea from another DU forum


Kerry: Cool guy. Second or third best candidate in the primaries

How fitting. Today in the mail we received a letter from

Join the fight or join the failures.

I detest these fuckers - why did you do this Amerika???

Now Assbush and Cheney are on

Time for an ideological purge in the Democratic Party

DU: Analyze your precinct turnouts

good to see all the blacks in the crowd with the uniter

It is now obvious -- the enemy is the Christian Right.

STOP falling for wedge issues

What would Thomas Jefferson do?

You CAN blame gays and lesbians

Please put your American flags upside down today


You guys aren't listening. Read this carefully.

43% of the Senate, 46% of the House, 42% of the Governors

Randi's preaching



Shrub - FUCK YOU and suck my......n/t

Living Poor, Voting Rich

OK, your boy's been elected. Now can we see the hidden 9/11 reports?

The republicans will have their own inner battle

For those who want to give up...

Bring on the low-level sacrifice from the VP office for Lume/CIA leak

Bet You Will Have To Sign Multiple Loyalty Oaths To Even Get Into DC...

This forum looks like Freeperville

Mark Warner (D-Virginia) for President '08

"Fighting and acrimony"

Dick Cheney and George Bush: I hate you

Want to see a fuckin MANDATE? Look at the map from election 1984.

what strategies did work?

WHERE are the Dems w/ spine on TV??? STOP this mandate shit

"Never, never, never give up." -Winston Churchill

I've determined I have to let people blame whoever they want...

To the Slackers who didn't vote

Oil gets a ChimpCo bounce - back above $50 a barrel

Randi: "you voted on Diebold machines"

The fight goes on

2% ain't a fuckin MANDATE

You don’t win elections with the Internet

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry"

The Democrats have got to regroup and coalesce NOW.

Time to Impeach Bush

What we can look forward to:

breaking news: Bush to announce new American flag

Green Funds - will they be an option under privatized Social Security?

I have been crying and throwing up since last night.

Fuck all those who are blaming Kerry and fuck you whore south

I'm worried that all the young energized folks that worked

A Fundamentalist Christian Nation W/ A Fundamentalist Christian Leader

LOL Did I just hear * say he wants to earn my trust???

When will you start fighting back?

OK, maybe we need to try Plan "B"...

Feels like they shot the Kennedy's all over again



Revenge: IDENTIFY Republicans, then SHUN and BOYCOTT.

Have we EVER had such a heartbreaking loss?

John Kerry's final e-mail..just received

ORWELL only off by 20 years and the TV station is

Don't worry folks

Will they amend the constitution to allow Ah-Nold to run in 2008?

'Guns, God and gays' is KILLING us,

So, I guess Mary Cheney was the October Surprise, huh?

Bush, read my lips!

Bush, you haven't earned a goddamn thing in your life

I think we put forward the best ticket and campaign possible ...

The Fraud / Election Theft Documented


Plame grand jury & the Electoral College

Come on Fellow Dems : Buck Up! See the kind of shit we're up against -

my thought on why we lost and how to prevent future losses

How long before Clear Channel dumps their AAR affiliates?

Fuck you Tony Blair

We must prepare to run a Southerner in 08

What's wrong with liberalism?

Today, they inherit their own festering cesspool.

I'm so angry with my Repub family that I don't

Was it OVER when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??

I wonder if it's not time to take a different approach to the battle...

Bush scores major victory over terror group Al Gayda

When I get shit from the freepers at work tomorrow,


Do not abandon America when she needs you most.

Chief Justice Scalia

I just heard something on MSNBC...and now I can make this decision....

Where is Michael Moore?

Oklahoma elected Dr. Mengles as their Senator.


Don't forget what we DO have (add your own)

Does anyone here really think the Repugs got out the vote?

Who here just flat out refuses to believe these numbers?

The pendulum has swung hard right. ALL READ PLEASE

My predictions for the next four years.

Al Franken looked shaken on Sundance Channel last night.

how did we win the state races in Co?

I'm thinking of better times, the night of November 5th, 1996.

Black Box Voting: The most diabolically brilliant idea in history

21st Century: China's?

Who is Boogeyman #1 for the Republicans now?

DNC and all DEMS boycott all cable talk shows.

My wish for Bush voters:

I look at all this as a learning experience

Blame Kerry First

I honestly think we are now going to be hit big

who the are pro-choice repuke Senators?

One bright spot in South Dakota -- Stephanie Herseth was re-elected

Nutbags have got everything that matters under control


If Bush goes A-1 Batshit this term and invades more nations

LEts have that physical now== what kind of fucked up pres

Time to work on undoing BBV?


"Support President Bush and the Troops" signs

I intend to hold John Kerry and our party to the ideals JK spoke of today

I call for aggressive action against media whores

Name a single state that Kerry won by out-Bushing Bush

We are an occupied country

I yelled "LIAR" to a TV screen in KMart a short while

Here's what will REALLY happen in Repub land

Sue Diebold, File RICO Charges against Bush, RNC

The Democratic Party is dead.

The Fight Is Now WITHIN The Republican Party


Why we really lost - more Americans agree with Bush than with us

To those blaming Kerry for this loss: you are scum. You are in his debt.

You say you want a Revolution well you know, I'M STARTING ONE NOW!!!!

I want the head of Terry MacCauliff (sp)

Changing horses in mid stream


Where's Howard Dean? I want to sit in his lap.

BEWARE: Trolly Posts everywhere

I want to make it clear that this was a poem I wrote

Who put me on this damn roller coaster? And where do I get off?

How ugly will der Furher's innaugaration be?

I had to write this song today: Flying My Flag Upside Down

Stay Away From the Overheated Rhetoric of Defeat

Ok, someone explain how this was "stolen". No wild ass speculation plz

How to verify votes if there's no paper trail??

sorry.. had to peek in at freepers...condolences offered

Apparently we are ALL gay Americans today.

Greg Palast's coming up on Randi Rhodes

Argue today if you must...

Is it going to take a nuke going off in an American city

Will there be a split in the Repub party in the next decade?

Apparently Gallup was right

The DLC is fucking fired.

Is this country really worth fighting for anymore?

Palast on Randi's show

People from SD (or people in the know): why did Daschle(sp?) lose?

Greg Palast on Randi now...

Do not allow the DLC to sabotage progressive candidates in 2008

Rural voters: the new victimized group...

It took a Depression to make America turn to the leadership of Dems.

Iowa & New Hampshire keep choosing the wrong Dem candidates

Tucker Carlson has learned how to speak in his inside voice

RIP Democratic Party 1827 - 2004

I never thought I'd see a "Fighting and Acrimony" forum on DU

Please don't take this the wrong way, DU

This election is proof Rudy Will not be GOP nominee in '08

Forgive them Lord, for they do not know what they have done.

how can we get McAuliffe to resign?

Headed for a Three Party electorate

To quote Trent Lott when B.Clinton was reelected

Michael Moore's next documentary needs to be about DIEBOLD touchscreens.

What's the response overseas?

Bush is asking Kerry supporters to come together???

Kerry should NOT have conceded. Here's why:

Living Poor, Voting Rich (or: Why We Lost)

Are you ready for HEALING and UNITY with the GOP?!


1968 still bigger- We're not angry enough- need a draft (or ????)

Thoughts From A Democratic Jackass

how did Salazar win in CO

Blue and red states should be separate nations

Check your email. John Kerry sent out a thank you note.

Religion, the opiate of the masses


The Resevoir Of Left Wing Voters Waiting To Be Mobilized Doesn't Exist...

So to win elections the democratic party needs to appeal to

We need a stealth candidate

The Pendulum has not swung right. The country is not more Conservative

The local Bi-State Tax proposal lost too; I'll bet there're some Repugs

One Good Thing. Bush is a lame duck now....

I didn't spend 24 years supporting and defending the Constitution

Fuck unity. Fuck healing...

Stop with the red state shit, please

I think it is time I come out from the shadows

Pointing the finger

Dear Mr. Kerry - you owed us a fight to the end

I think it's time to get the anti-Bush movies on tv, HBO, etc...

The Democratic Party needs to bring equal protection lawsuits in OH & FLA

My heart aches for Wes Clark....what must he be feeling today??

The Power of Language: Bush's War - not the War on Iraq

My husband just doesn't get it. He doesn't see why I am crying

what will be the top issues in 2006?

Cant we get michael moore to work on getting the florida as well

Bill Schneider blames the bloggers and the internet

WTF is up with the dems home page?

My usual Kerry table will be now about impeaching Bush

Yesterday, America was denied parole. Four more years.

I think Bush summed up how I feel about the Dem party best

In hindsight: on the subject of the Vice President

"May you live in Intersting Times" was a fortune-cookie I got once.....

If We Can't Win Dixie We Can't Win The Presidency

Biggest Popular Vote in History: It's clear now who the anti-Christ is.

we need to more on and prepare for 2006

Faith - Based - Futility

Fuck this reaching out from the GOP shit....

The Dems couldn't beat the worst president in history

May, 2005. War continues, draft's first draw, economy tanked.

which pollster was the most accurate?

Democratland, USA (a.k.a Illinois)

*** DU PROJECT: Does anyone have the e-voting results from BBV presincts**

Fuck George Bush!


Was it wrong for Kerry to concede so early and suddenly?

Anybody still against outing closeted gay republicans?

Here is my rant

Do you really think there will be an election in 2008?

Why the "insert candidate" posts? Just sit back and watch.

Let's all fight one another...

A Point about Exit Polls

It seems to me that a trust has been broken.

Do not respect Bush's "Mandate"

A perfect example as to why we lost the election...

Note to DU'er's: You're all Jerks, and I hope you have to eat sausage.

The Next Four Years

Kerry didn't lose because of Kerry or Edwards--it was the electorate!

Some Really Good News !

Thinking on Bush voters

OK. Is this true about moving to Canada?


Question For A Mathematician: On Vote Stealing


Do you think Kerry has a brilliant plan???

An E-Mail from John Kerry - With My Reply

He's YOUR stupid chimp. YOU clean up his crap, OK?

when do you expect the first supreme court vacancy?

well. Here's a picture of where SOME of the Ohio votes went last night


Kerry is going to "carry on the fight" -- yeah right

Is anyone morbidly curious how bad things will get in the next 4 years?

25 top donors to the Republican Party

Reality Check Time

Where is McCain hiding today?

New Exit Polling system automated fail safes never kicked in!

"There's no difference between the two parties"

Amerika Is A Sick Country!

So what Country will we attack first?


Need a link for getting my "Don't Blame Me, I voted for Kerry" sticker.

Anyone have links to printable enlistment forms for our Repub "friends"?

Please, won't you stop this?

Local toystore posted in window "Closed for Day of National Mourning."

Do you suppose that they might offer a lump sum, of say $4000

Look, people. WE are part of the problem.

everyone, here is your president (courtesy of Michael Moore)

gore should be looking forward to a second term right now.

I would like to congratulate Ralph Nader!!

This election made a misanthrope out of me...

A New Minority Party Strategy for Congressional Democrats

You can't keep going to the center when the center is being moved right

Kerry winning Exit Polls - FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE

I like what Randi Rhodes reminds us of..

One of the biggest ironies

WHY are our spokespeople apologizing for being DEMOCRATS?

All the places hit on 9/11 voted for Kerry DECISIVELY

Looks like Satan is rewarding all his minions.

I don't think they stole it - convince me I'm wrong

I'm sure all the conservative radio turds are being gracious winners today

"You you can lead a people to democracy but you can't make them think"

California secession.

EVERY ballot will be counted.

Are you mad at JK for not waiting for all votes to be counted in OH?

Looking at the bright side for '08 - positive trends

How I Learned To Stop Worrying, Stop Caring and LOVE REPUBLICAN IDEAS!!!

"No Surrender"

my mom & coworker voted Bush

Sit down and shut up.

what will be the Chimps highest approval rating in the 2nd term?

Proof of true moral decline in the country: Tom Delay re-elected.

Come join us at DemocracyForamerica for grassroots......

So, was it really "The youth" that made the difference

WHO is Harry Reid?

We Failed America because We didn't stop the Voting fraud.

You know why we lose elections? Because of this bipolar


You guys are crackin me up bigtime :-)

Republicans threatening already

Are there enough moderate pugs left to block more tax cuts?

Christian DEMS need to stand up, put their foot down and demand

So when will we know who outed Valerie Plame?

Fear, Hatred, And Bigotry: The True Plattform of the Republican Party

When will the Purging of Liberal's and Democrats Begin?

What a bunch of Haters the Freepers are

All this talk about the Democrats and "values"

Democratic Party is dead.

The Alamo syndrome

Fierce thunder storm in SF right now.

Al Gore?

okay, let's list the things we DID accomplish this time. Sinclair was

Only 1460 Days Left.....

Some thoughts on the morning after.

the repukes better bury the bodies carefully now.

Edwards in 2008

Hey, how about this - all of you guys complaining about Kerry

We only won woman 52-48 according to exit polls.

What I want to see more than anything...

Who do you want in 2008?

When you are consigned to the flames of right-wing extremism ...

Poverty is wealth. Terror is security. Immorality is morality. That's...

Why is the DEFICIT the issue that is picking at my mind the most today?

Help . I've been looking for the last hour

What Should The Democratic Party Do?

sElection 2000...only ONE Senator needed to sign......

Will this country even look the same in 2008?

How can we ever win the House with redistricting?

My College Republican nephews voted Bush and insist NO DRAFT is coming

Something that comes back to me as prophetic: remember all those...

Rec'd the Gov't propaganda piece, 'Up from Zero', free DVD

Chief Justice Scalia - it's coming

Why leave the USA when France and Germany and Russia are kissing *'s butt?

How about Clinton & Clark (WES) 2008!

Bayh '08 - tough but necessary medicine

Protest idea

Personally, I don't blame Kerry

Can we change the democratic party to a progressive party?

On the plus side....

I'm putting my Clark sticker back on my car.... for 2008!

Nancy Pelosi on CNN: This is not the time to smile you fucken idiot.


Democracy is dead

how? how did a 47% approval rating, a 50+% wrong track = 51% for Bush?

An example of who won last night

It's going to be fun f*cking with Chimpy in the next four years

Who's going to stay and fight? I AM.


what about this...Barak Obama for Pres in 08...?


It's time to become true progressives - KUCINICH IN 2008!!

Was there any Democratic candidate/team that would have beat Bush?

Where are the resignations?

I was not a Kerry supporter in the primaries

Why does anyone believe in the voting machines?

I am only visiting and spending my money

"Begin the healing"?


Is it possible to now allow this election to affect me at all?

We need a general consensus on our 08 candidate BEFORE the primaries

Do we qualify as political refugees? Can we apply to other countries

We Were Outsmarted In Florida...

Fuck you bush, and your asinine call for unity in murder

Looking at all this hate being levelled at Kerry

CNN Mario Cuomo talking about Dems religious values now

Phil Breseden-Mike Easley-Mark Warner

Top Priority of 2006: Beat Jeb Bush

See how shallow Kerry's support was?

How many people in here want to change the first primary state?

I can't believe the horrible things being said here today. ...............

Was The 2004 Election Fair And Square ???

Anyone have enough mental power to watch Hardbal tonight....

how much of our base stayed home?

The road back starts here: The Contract with America, Version 2.0

You Can't Be a Democrat and Think the American People Are Stupid

Kos endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair and Durbin for Senate Leader

Voted for Bu$h? Don't forget to pick up your reward!!

That Alan Keyes got 27% of the vote in Illinois says it all

Who else wishes the south had won the Civil War?


Took my Kerry/Edwards sticker off my car today

A closet freeper outed herself here at work today...and I let her have it!

This is a good example of why we lost....

Interesting comparison......

goodbye democracy

Won't it be funny when the Young Republicans start getting draft notices?

Kerry was just an ABB candidate.

Revenge on the Red States!!!!!


Will People Who Voted For "Security" Be Surprised By The Cultural Mandate?

Well well well...Kerry sure gave up in a hurry.

LIMBOsevic Did His Bile Gloating Today

"Lord forgive them. They know not what they do."

Woman's Right to Abortion....DEAD,DEAD,DEAD !!

Inauguration Day: Will We Stand Up?

Seriously...who's leaving?

Just give the reins to Dean, folks.

On the bright side... maybe we'll be going to Mars after all.

Et tu, Kerry?

No Surrender, Baby: Howard Dean for DNC Chairman

Is It O K To Have Red Americans As Friends...

Clark was right. He made "moral issues" part of his stump speech.

Lincoln be Damned ! Its Union vs Confederates again...

We can all say thanks to the Swift Boat Liars

Edwards won't get my vote in 2008

John Edwards should head the DNC

It's funny, I feel a sense of real freedom after this election.

So, did anyone see the last Bush press conference in history just now?

Payback time.

What principle do we abandon next?

For the Democrats to win ...

did you even think we would have a shot in 2004 4 years ago?

I SPIT in your FACE

another US citizen kidnapped in Iraq

I need one smart sentence to say when I see my repb co-workers tomorrow.

OK, everyone get in a REALLY big circle.... now start shooting!

Why Kerry lost....for the 1,046th tiem today :-)

Start reading the national exit polls to plan the future.

DINOS in Senate

WHERE did all these new Republican voters come from in Florida?

Is this what it was like for my parents when Reagan won his second term?

Funny headline from Yahoo: "White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised"

We need to radically change our position on Gay Marriage in order to win..

Name a single state Kerry lost because he wasn't liberal enough

Fuzzy Math (need mathamaticians to verify this)

The Ground Game Starts Now:

Hey, Here's A Novel Idea, How About Offering Some IDEAS Folks

What is the probability that significant vote fraud occurred?

Screw the lower middle-class

Thanks to the inbred, redneck, Bible-besotted Solid South,

Kucinich needs to be the new Dem leadership in the House!

Who really believes that GWB is Christian? and the Moral Majority is

Edwards may or may not be the nominee in '08, but he'll be excellent bar..

CNN: Lawyers wanted to litigate; Kerry said No

DU is ALREADY losing Election 2008....

Gullible electorate or stolen election


Anyone still ready to fight, check in here.

Seriously! Let's all join the Republican Party

Concession ALLOWS the votes to be counted

Are there millions of people in the streets?

Perhaps it's time to start (or join) a real opposition party.

"Democrats" lost the election with the Iraq War Resolution



Who do you want in 2008?