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Archives: November 30, 2004

“Ten Vietnams” and the Iraqi Force Strength Debate

Death Toll for U.S. Forces in Iraq Is Close to Highest for Any Month

Good article "The dire potential fallout from Tehran's bomb"

Haiti's street kids fear killings by police

Kathy Kelly (CommonDreams): What We Can Control

Barbara Ehrenreich (The Progressive):

Dr. Miles Schuman (The Nation): Dying in Falluja

Development: Plant a Landmine, And Reap Years of Destruction

Thom Hartmann (CommonDreams): How to Take Back a Stolen Election

The shining city on a hill...tortures

Salon: Democracy inaction (election fraud – U.S. vs Ukraine)

In my next life (Friedman/NYT)

Progressive Democrats of America - A New Party? Look Here:

CNN goes over the top.

Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy - "Leading the transition

Suggestion -- duplicate threads

First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower

Why pay techs to help rig when you can just hack the tabulators?

Nevada election contest

Fox talking about Jesse jackson NOW!

Hannity & Colmes covering Jackson right now on Fox (FNC)

Blackwell on Olbermann

Help out a Newbie! Lost track of the thread with really great flyers

Coming out of lurkdom - Inauguration idea

Blackwell meeting with Bush on election day

We now know Rove's tactic on recount

Peterson was found guilty on less evidence...

Hey, Where do we get an update on the provisional

Did you know? Cobb-Badnarik filed for Recounts in NM and NV today

The patriotic minority


Blackwell, SoS of OH to be on Olbermann's show now on MSNBC n/t

Self Delete (No Longer Necessary)

Who guards the ballots/machines/tabulators after election day?

Michael Moore on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno TONIGHT!

David Corn in The Nation wrote a good piece, although . . .

Got some good ideas for rally signs for Ohio?

Black Box TEA Party in Port Townsend, Washington

Big Guns are Needed -- BBV has coughed up one county. Dem party AWOL.

Time: Does it work for us or against us?

Very nice Map of problems with this election

Keith is on and he's going to be talking about the new.. is now showing the exit poll evidence!

Sequoia employees were in the tabulation area in our county during

MUST WRITE International Inspectors before their final reports come out!

Jesse has Em Running....

No Sign of Post-Election Honeymoon for * or His Administration

Just a reminder that MoveOn has a petition to investigate the vote

Are Democrats being played?

Greens & Libertarians file for Recount in Nevada and New Mexico...

Slot machine manufacturers need to manufacture voting machines

10/2004 Lawsuit: Democratic Party vs. Blackwell

New Olbermann Blog Tonight Dealing with Blackwell Appearance

First question is not DID they steal the election, but WOULD they steal it


This is useless alright

Please sign this petition and keep it kicked!!! Thanks

New Thom Hartman Artical "How to Take Back A Stolen Election"


What info do we have on the Blackwell & Bush election day meeting? Any?

What happens if Madsen is correct??

did anyone see Aaron Brown with tomorrow's headlines?

Florida Ballots available for recounting

Dem Lawyers are now crunching numbers in Ohio, but. .

Vote in FOX Poll: Do You Agree With Results of 2004 Election ?

Canada has more courage then Americans do

Blackwell & his BOE buddies ought not mention cost of recounts

Kerry's AWOL is worse than Bush's AWOL

Leno just compared the Ukraine election to ours: MICHAEL MOORE ON!

Q: Did media cover the Ukraine election as a sign?

Another newspaper interview with Olbermann on voting issues

He's Drinking Again

WTF?A Repuke just explained to me why the Exit Polls were biased for Kerry

ACTION: "Project California" - part 1

Shriver doubts Constitution will be amended to help husband run

Mike Farrell for head of California Democratic Party

Has Anyone Ever Eaten Here?

How many straight marriages have been destroyed so far ?



Election day blackout in Grand Rapids?

The job market is going to drive me out of PA I think

The key is to convince republican wannabees they are not republicans.

Milwaukee DFA Meetup: Change of venue


Tulsa kid marine, 19, dies in "non-combat-related incident" (local news)

Catch me up on this Madsen story

Why do all of the updated dates read Tues. Nov. 30

Are you ready for World War???

Been hearing a lot of Kerry bashing lately

Time to revive an old one (note I didn't write this, the Karl is someone

Wisconsin is all screwed up.

Tune that keeps running thru my mind lately

Buchanan: "[W]e [the South] wouldn't lose" the Civil War "the next time ou

What happen to that same passion that we had when we faught Sinclair?

Falwell's head is so fat I can't see the background on my 52" T.V..

This is for you DU

Blackwell to be on Countdown The F word is also coming up

Repubs playbook on how to play Americans.

Great video skit of bush on Jay Leno.

Canadians vote for Tommy Douglas as The Greatest Canadian

"critical thinking" to right wingers is like cryptonite to superman...

How will you know when the fascism "tipping point" is reached?

Ukranians "drumming" their power

Comment from a caller this morning on the Alex Bennett program...

major change coming in world textile trade ....Jan free trade

E-mail scam

So! Any word on when bush is gonna get that physical?

I wonder how many abortions * has caused.

Progressive Democrats of America... Check This Out!

How wrong it was to be in support of it,

Things to do before the inaugural.

Ohio SOS Blackwell on Olberman shortly (Monday evening at 8:20)

Lets pay off some bills...CHEcK OuT ThIs IDEA?????

Ldotters vs. Princess Di

new Mike Malloy radio show starts soon,

Toddler diet linked to behaviour -- Eat well young, behave well later

To all new DUers since 11/3, welcome and something to read...

My take on Evolution theory.

Does anyone else feel like REPUGS are trying to lull the U.S. into a false

Were Guns Deliberately Left out of the Official 9-11 Story


New Riverbend post

Should We All Send Rehnquist Some Medical Marijuana ???

economic forecasting and predictions, please


Any word today on the Supreme Courts' medical marijuana

There was a show on Bobby Kennedy on PBS earlier tonight

C-SPAN Program about Blogs on now as of 11/29/2004 @ 10:06pm

Judgement at Nuremburg is on TCM right now. It's very spooky and

So when will the Daily Press Briefings stop?

Religion vs. Science

Wes Clark wants YOU (send phone cards to injured soldiers)

Canadian TV (and C-SPAN) alert: 'The National' examines us vs. them

What Would John Kerry Do If OH

Open Letter to Bush from Canadian NDP Leader

Any new word on the Bush "Our Leader" billboards in Orlando?

Turk Compares U.S. to Hitler

Michael Moore on Jay Leno tonight

Moral Christian Iraqi church photos revisted, coutesy Jesus Bush...

Where do you think the CORE reform should be?

You will not believe what "they" are doing

Judgment at Nuremburg

Democrats and morals - do we need to clean house first?

are you familiar with the concept of the '2 stories of creation in Genesis

The more Jerry Falwell opens his mouth, the more I believe in ...

Monday Truthseekers forum!

"Bush Picks Kellogg CEO for Commerce Post" -- time to boycott Kellogg?

How many "books" never made the cut for the present day Bible?

Went to the Clinton Library this weekend and I found myself

Rest In Something, Billy James Hargis...

Progressive Democrats of America - A New Party? Look Here -

Reminder: Michael Moore on Jay Leno tonite

Let's do something about it!

WTF Freepers calling Bushco Nazi's, citing Orwell, and calling us the USSA

Last worst place: Where wouldn't you want to live in the U.S. and why

Gas to Liquids technology, clean fuel, able to run in fuel cells

Was DU infiltrated by DNC operatives for this last election?

Star Spangled Banner Leaves for Canada

Pentagon to boost troop strength in Iraq

With war on terror, Blair losing battle for hearts of British Muslims: pol

How Africa Subsidizes U.S. Health Care

'Foreign'-tainted Bedminster election still undecided

U.S. Supreme Court upholds New York redistricting changes

EU gives Sh140 billion to rid world of mines

11/29/04 DOD identifies Army Casualties (#1248 and #1249)

Merck Execs Protected in Case of Takeover (CYA severance deal)

U.N. peacekeepers to stay in Haiti

American casualties in Iraq higher than acknowledged: Experts

Tight Visa Rules Hurt U.S. Business, Companies Say

Tavis Smiley to Leave NPR After 3 Years

Judge tosses out lawsuits seeking billions from U.S. companies (Apartheid)

Thwarted U.S. May Seek Lone Push on Iran Sanctions

Canada to give Bush some military commitments

GOP's Schundler to run for governor again in 2005 (NJ)

Dupe - Please Lock

Thwarted U.S. May Seek Lone Push on Iran Sanctions

Bush assassination allegation begins to crumble

Security officials to spy on chat rooms

Al Qaeda's Zawahri Says Will Keep Fighting U.S

(Canadian conservative) Harper scores big meeting with Bush

ABCNews: US Group to file War Crimes Charges in Germany

Intel Reform: Did Bush Push Hard?

Bush's Social Security Plan Is Said to Require Vast Borrowing

NYT: Colleges Can Bar Army Recruiters

Venezuela's regime raids Jewish school

US (Supreme) court shuns gay marriage case

Hamas calls halt to suicide bombings

Oil prices under the weakened dollar influence

Dow Ends Lower as Wal-Mart Sales Drag

WP: Recount Effort Is Expanded To New Mexico and Nevada

Maria Shriver: Schwarzenegger Won't Be President

NYT: Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantánamo

Actor John D. Barrymore Dies at 72

WP: Rights Groups Urge Scrutiny Of Gonzales

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Nears Record

The Bush/Rove Domestic Agenda

Hospitals get hostile with the uninsured

Frost Said to Be Making Calls About DNC

AP: EPA Looking at Using Tests on People (Bush nazi movement)

NYT: Iraqi Forces Foundering in Face of Killings and Threats by Rebels

Report says Bush to overhaul economic team

Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle U.S. Secrecy

Poll: Americans want Roe V. Wade upheld

Nov. U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Nears Record

Ebersol's Son Dies in Jet Crash (body found)

More Striking Ormet Workers Arrested

In honor of our 'ownership society',

Can you vote this up?

Post a poll for me?

If your live had a soundtrack, what song would be playing now?

Will my 5 year old grow up to be a Republican?

Movie - Judgment at Nuremburg

If Kermit were President

Help--need sign ideas for media blackout protest in Rochester

Does anybody else feel happy that our lives are dependent on

This is Armed Forces Radio with this weeks No 1 hit...

Pop culture trivia thread

Who here remembers 'Bud Man'

Pit bulls

Fellini's "La Dolce Vita"...a Master-effing-piece. What a film.

Having finally decided that 5 days of turkey is enough....

I downloaded & installed Open Office. Am I gonna regret it?

Has anyone seen "Kinsey" yet?

Right now I really need (fill in the blank)

Weird Computer Occurence-Need Help

Do you lick or bite

Ajax. mmmmfffff

Clark on Zahn RIGHT NOW....

Who here LOVES those Old Navy commericals?

Ooh. Yay. Picture instructions.

How many blades will razors get up too?

How come Porpoises

Speaker Of The Puff & Stuff?

Where in the world is Will Pitt?

What's the deal with "Boner?" (Inspired by the Kum & Go).

What's your favorite Sausage?

Anyone seen the movie "Kinsey"?

When your vacuum cleaner loses suction, is your first instict to kick it?

Should there be more Steeler threads?

Tonight's flamebait debate: accidental sexual harrasment

On eve of Canada visit, Bush adds McKenzie Bros. to the "Axis Of Evil"

Is it just me, or do all post-op swans look exactly alike?

It's my birthday, and I'll post if I want to

Which one would be your life's motto?

It's a Wonderful Life - Scene where George Bailey wore Black Arm Band

"I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing."

favorite Black Sabbath line?

Greatest Aqua Teen Hunger Force line ever???

Mountain neighbor spots black panther.

I know a foolproof way to find out if any Freepers post here!

Secret Shopper???

Question For Those Who Really Know Their Hockey

Who is Stalking You this week ?

Panther shags spotty lookin mountain guy and makes pancakes for breakfast

how do I disable an old modem's driver?

Ok so I'm watching 'Win a date with Tad Hamilton' and I'm wondering

Black panther spots shaggy-lookin' mountain guy.

Journalist that quit because of Sinclair is on CSPAN in a discussion about

thanks alot tony hawks underground 2

How and when did this happen?

Michael Moore is on Leno tonight

Sad night. I have the rolo out.

Sad night. I'm gonna Twist and Shout.

sad night. i'm eating saurkraut

Bar fight. I have the jello out.

A time out for Short Bus President

Yo, guys! I need your help, stat!

What Type Of Dong Are You? (take the quiz and find out) *PHOTOS GALLORE*

ooozzz Giving Cash For ChristmasThis Year

This day in history: Chimp in space

Why do I love Fight Club so much?

Guess I'm ignorant

Sad night. I asked a hobo out.

DU now with 50% less Gothic Sponge.

Sad night. I have the oboe out.

Am I wrong to feel this way?

Just in case you were wondering:

Question regarding iBooks and DVD+R discs.

Sad night. I asked Abobo to attend the Clay Aiken concert with me

Should I Go For 500 Post Tonight

All these competitive poker shows must be recruitment tools for Lost Wages

Just love dem suburb neighbors...

Yeah! Leno made a vote fraud joke!

Who's watching Monday Night Football?

Darwin award!

The mall was DEAD tonight.

What CD do you pop in when you put on your headphones and zone?

There is no cure for procrastination for me

I just bought a brand new 2005 Mazda 3, 5-door hatchback!!!!

Wait a minute....was Rip Taylor gay?!

Would you go out with a person who did not have a job?

DU and the bottle aren't enough anymore!

Michael Moore vs. George Clooney?

Is anyone on the "No Call List" getting calls anyway????

Should Star Jones; friends told her that her fiance was blind and deaf?

Tortillas: corn or flour?

Michael Moore on Leno Tonight!!!!!!

DU scientest I need your help w/ making a time machine

What movie character most relates to your life?

Is anyone else having an EXTREMELY hard time getting into the Holiday

Just curious - how many DUers are connected to agriculture?

Which bumper sticker should I put on my car?

What is "Sage-ing"?

I am in tears (my brother just called me)...

Anyone see "Moving Out" on Broadway?

Lordy have mercy; ANOTHER idiotic right-wing bumper sticker!

abelman started it: trying to learn spanish questions/language software

What one bill under 2000 would you pay off right now if you could?

There is NOTHING more toxic than fresh cat poop!

Best Movie Line Of All-Time?

Time to change our nations seal


So, I'm thinking of ordering some custom-made bumper stickers.

WTF did Shrub do to the ozone layer???

Vegans versus Cajun neighbors.

Do you call your cat by his/her name, or by a nickname?

Hey, what are you guys reading now?

"Everwood" mentions stem cell research

OK, I went ahead and ordered four custom-made bumper stickers.

There's a pizza party over in Latest Breaking News!

who is your favorite songwriter?

The Royal Flirt Zone uis now open for business


You're so vain.

Freepers don't say "Fuck" much over on FR.

I am feeling so lonely.

The Great "Hold the Republicans Responsible" Thread - PLAY ALONG!

Anyone preparing conscientious objector files for you or your children?

Anyone here an ancestor of a confederate soldier?

Anyone here descended from Confederate Southerners?

AOL is getting on my nerves. Can someone here help me?

Has anyone seen an article about Ken Mehlman today?

The "other" place is down right now

Using the wisdom of Bono, I will answer all your questions.

What song are you currently listening to?

Google Your Hometown and

Need help with a question for NYC people

Desperate Housewives is getting GREAT

Rolo Night! I'm eating Rolos with a sad hobo.....

Crawling out of my skin - need to grade, pack , move - sort - throw

Why do they portray Vegans/Vegetarians as kooks?

Looking for vegetarian cookbooks....

Here's my review of Magnum P.I. Season One on DVD.

Why did Kelsey Grammar make that awful "Christmas Carol"

The Simpsons Appreciation Thread

Stem cells offer treatment for incontinence

Question about Bromthymol blue

How many of you are gun owners?

MNF thread: StL Rams @ Green Bay Packers

Good site for learning about wild - life photos

Are there any Holga fans in the house?

A couple of vintage photos I purchased from ebay...

When to Go Digital? - For Real

Anyone have any useful articles regarding the cost of educating

Chicago Tribune on U.S. soldiers "altered by the experience of war"

A very telling Republican TV Ad

If the Fed were an agent of the RNC...

The Ukraine: Who is more like Bush: the gov't or the opposition?

133+ dead soldiers in NOvember....what a waste

FYI -- Ohio SOS (Blackwell) will be on the Countdown tonight

Request for a little assistance please (email the rnc)

Grab corporate America by the balls. Squeeze.

IS your support for choice based on principle or personal experience

Spitzer leads Pataki in potential NY governor's race: Zogby

I think I am going to join the NRA and Listen to Rush :)

Come on Keith

Would the "2nd Amendment" eventually be "scrapped" with the rest??


Some new anti-Bush items

Why did Dennis Kucinich run?

Mandate? With less than 2% margin of the TOTAL votes cast? Here's totals

Historically Speaking, What Have Liberals Been Wrong About?

Okay we know we got phucked in 04...but our REAL WORK IS in 06

Did the Bush '04 campaign ever use the phrase "Re-Elect Bush"?

How many helicopters have suspiciously gone down with our troops?


Pulitzers for Vote Fraud and Bush expose stories

Let's put forth a Constitutional Amendment: USA is a democracy...

FRAUD ain't over ' til the fat lady sings and she has laryngitis !

John Edwards bids farewell as U.S. senator, focuses on future

I LOVE this Bush Pic

Start a Pagan Faith Based Program - Cry Discrimination if Funds Not Given

So, did anyone actually CALL Kerry's office today? n/t

Wonkette talking about Ken Mehlman's gayness.

Poll: Americans want Roe V. Wade upheld

Which blue state Rep senators have targets on their backs?

What was the Primary Reason for the Fall of the U.S.S.R.?

why are we against faith base initiatives?

If abortion were banned in the U.S., would you move?

Hey look - the freepers want the blue states out!

do you support school vouchers?

strib: Plugging the gap/Safer plans for Social Security

a word from Thomas Jefferson, seems he has been where we are

Dogma Is One Scary Premise

SO, SO MANY THINGS TO SET STRAIGHT - The Moderate Independent

Politicising the CIA

Stay Hungry

Morally Correct

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): A roaring failure

WP columnist: the Langley Lobotomy

The Federal Tax System Is Broken -- Fix It, Don't Cut Out Its Heart


Police: Teen who slashed classmates says he attacked 'sinners'

I dont think Keith Olbermann is God.....

U.S. Group to File Iraq War Crimes Case in Germany

Bullies at the Airport

The Battle of Seattle and Indymedia, Five Years On

The State-Security Charade

Sign Impeach Blair Petition ?

Check out the new Texas Iconoclast

"Liberating" Iraq with Saddam's Commandos

Faculty Clubs and Church Pews

The Hour of the Beast

Rumsfeld Sued for Alleged War Crimes

Only the Grassroots can save the Democratic Party

31 similarities between Hitler and Bush

The Power of Delusion

Paper Clip Thread from GD

I just found out that our insurance company, USAA,

When's the damned sick-out?!?!

CCR Action Alert: Investigate Rumsfeld for War Crimes

Why does US Media hate context ?- Election Fraud becomes Bush won- move on

Is the Michael Moore/Jay Leno interview on the internet?

Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Pose Real Threat to Social Security

Got something to say about the Healthy Forest Initiative?

Locust Swarm Reaches The Canary Islands - Reuters

US Pressure Muzzles Arctic Council - "More Review" Of Science Promised

Home Heating Oil Stocks 16% Below 2003, Norway Outage Boosts Prices

Blair Urges "Dialogue" With US On Climate Change - Reuters

EPA Sets Stage For Basing Policy On Industry-Funded Chemical Studies

Low Levels Of Perchlorate Found In Lettuce & Milk From Sea To Shining Sea

China's Frantic Search For More & More Energy - Globe & Mail

Illegal Logging Blamed As RP Flood Death Toll Rises Past 300

Citizens of Mobile, Alabama feel "slapped in the face" new spending bill

Gas Development Disrupting Winter Range Deer In Wyoming

Stench, Pollution, Low Wages, Health Problems - OH Just Loves Megafarms

Invaded Waters

Dianne Feinstein's response on Yucca Mountain

China's "Out Of Control" Acid Rain - $13 Billion+ In Annual Direct Damages

Who do you think'll replace Ridge?

British toff loses gun permit as he "flagrantly abused the privilege"

Amnesty report questions use of Tasers

We need to abandon gun control and embrace gun rights

I was wondering whether this LBN post

How's the updating on Campaign Underground going?

Hi there. I have another request to lock a thread. It duplicates another

For Skinner....

I think I nominated a thread by mistake.

Woo, thanks for saving me from the spam guard!

Policy on comments about Democratic Party

Proposal: DU Student Group

Conductor brings harmony to Arabs;Daniel Barenboim

Can anyone provide a sectional drawing of Pentagon?

Blackwell is saying that the OHIO taxpayers will be paying for the recount

Graphs, pictures, charts for the visual learners-

Who has credibility? Who would kill the cause? Who would be killed by it?

AP ran test article on October 7 saying Bush won?

Where is Carl Bernstein??

machines counting backwards in Oklahoma

check this photo of * on this website with Madsen article and update

PRINT OFF ARGUMENT NOW For our Constitution!!!!

Kerry & Gore won Clark County by 26,000 in both '04 and 00

Can someone check this out? (Olbermann on Blackwell)...

BS? All of NV had paper trail except Las Vegas? Verified Voting...

Is it time to outlaw fascism and define it's practitioners as traitors?

Shaming the media idea #1: High School Honor Students recounting...

An Analysis on the effects of God, Guns, and Gays

Look out Joe, I think the sky is falling

Jesse Jackson to be on Countdown Tuesday Night

TruthIsAll is right.

Crazy Idea to Stem the Flow of Disinformation or Lack of Information

MICHAEL MOORE R U a DUER coz SELL OUT is my word for u

Am I in Bizarro World ???

What would Karl Rove have done if the Republicans had lost?

Faith Based Initiative Money and Afr Am Churches?

Sims got hundreds of votes that didn't count

Extra! Extra! Blackwell anticipates a fight over Ohio's electoral votes!

Update from OFPJ on our work with the No Stolen Elections Campaign

Nothing will happen without VISIBLE PUBLIC PRESUURE

Recount Efforts is Expanded to New Mexico & Nevada-Wasington Post link

Feeling abused? Here's why...

"Boston" TEA Party - "Boston"

Jackson calls for constitutional amendment to standardize elections nation

Miami Herald gets letters on "no vote fraud" article


WANTED: Marches in New Mexico cities!

Is Bev Harris Okay??

Romanians call fraud

Another proposal for action.

Another Deviation from the Exit Polls, Spatial Distribution of Bush +s

GOP Power Grab Imperils U.S. Democracy and Security.

Canadian radio talk show - call in


Is this a legal protest?

So Much for Bushco's Hispanic Vote

This is extraordinary info


Miami Herald - Suwanee County (FL)

Kick This, There is nothing more important That we Vote on the

51 Capital "You Stole My Vote" March on December 12th

Punch card ballots in Ohio: are they numbered?

Brave Canadian blogger on Randi Rhodes forum just on Canadian radio F word

Can you Imagine the PARTY ??????????

Interesting Missouri link

Round up the likely suspects

Greens must see something in NH if they want NV, NM recounts

I'll ask again. Anyone know how to contact Carl Bernstein?

Is there any possibility of using FOIA to get exit polls from Mitk. & AP?

Bush ain't no Hitler, but he's one helluva Mussolini

Tom Ridge resigned!! n/t

Is it normal for so many members in an Admin.'s cabinet to resign?

NY Daily News: Ohio tally fit for Ukraine

Question about Ohio recount...

Cuyahoga County Provisional ballots update

OHIO Recount Needs Volunteers - WHO CAN GO TO OHIO?

Democracy Died In Ohio - apologies to Croby,Stills,Nash & Young

Is a Simple-Stupid Glitch Primer Needed for Others to "Get it?"

Democracy Died In Ohio - w/ apologies to Croby,Stills,Nash & Young


Are recount rules in violation of the election laws in Florida? Lawyers?

Are there any reports on how the recount is going in N.H.? n/t

Newsweek: Four More Years to Finally Get it Right

"conspiracy theories" on Anderson Cooper 360


President of NAACP retires...

sums it up.....

DU linked in seattle weekly paper

Florida Precinct Data Needed

Kerry Looks Like the Caricature They Painted of Him: Waffle Boy

jmknapp can you Map the Data

Coast-to-coast massive vote theft:phrase u might like:phrase, no data here

I have a question. This is meant seriously. With every speck or clue

HELP: Was Connally Vote in Ohio Kosher ?


Miami Herald hand picked the precincts in Suwannee Co to recount

Thom Hartmen Today Nov 30

I'm goin' crazy! What's happening with New Hampshire recount?

Next time someone refers to this as a "conspiracy theory",

Randi Rhodes Just mentioned this for searching the government

Bev filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach County Elections Division


We must keep pressure on Mitofsky (exit pollster)!

Glibs NEED DONATIONS FOR County Observers - 88,000 by Monday!

VoteCobb test e-mails?

Thom Hartman: How to take back a Stolen Election

Protest in Port Townsend,WA

Kerry passed Bush on provisionals in Ohio

Jesse Jackson: Somethings Fishy in Ohio

Repug has launched an anti-Keith Olbermann website--

Going "Nucular" in Florida, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico...

Danaher Electronic Voting Machine - Need More Info...

Black Box Voting to sue up to 93 more counties...New Bev Harris Post...

A Poll on how you feel about the election


My open letter to John Kerry.


Is the rally still going on this Saturday? Greg Palast , Ohio?

wow theyre really freekin out in Canada

We are being asked to believe the unbelievable...a B* win

Inside the Nevada Numbers: Christmas Comes Early for the Republicans

Judge Throws Out NV Electoral Challenge

Ask the DNC to pay for the Washington State governor race recount

Oberman is Going to Have Jesse Jackson on the Show tonight

More impossible voting results

OK FOLKS lets dissect this

My conversation with Mitofsky (exit pollster) READ IT NOW!!

PLEA TO INTERNATIONAL MONITORS -- input needed! pls. kick till AM.

Another Plea For Help With Nevada Recount!!!

here's one for the geeks - GEMS: A few dirty hacks


Suwannee County: How the Miami Herald was fed with incomplete data

Florida should be recounted statewide.

DUers needed! Write a 400 word column for "Your Voices" column

Problems in Texas With E-Slate and Straight-Party Vote

Important from Common Cause...Voting in 2004 Election

WA gov race: DNC won't pay for full recount

Remember this? Time to visulize paper headlines saying Kerry won Ohio in..

How are you coping?

ON MSNBC RIGHT NOW AMERICANS DEFECTING To Canada--3X the normal rate----

BREAKING: Carteret County in NC to hold NEW ELECTIONS.

MUST READ: Final Tallies Minus Exit Polls = A Statistical Mystery!

Wayne Madsen from NPR - The check

Madsen preannounces third article to be posted this afternoon

Has any statistician on DU looked at Delaware County Ohio?

I am furious!!! Cinti Enquirer on Jesse Jackson: DU complaints needed

Hey All Computer Science/Programmer Dudes - Check This Out!

Dems feeling defenseless against GOP? Time to scrap Democratic Party?

CNN is finally covering this .... article attached

Kerry, the time has come to report for duty!! NOW

Send all Ohio statistical analysis and poll data to lawyer Cliff Arnebeck

Think I found a minor pattern in California... thoughts?

Kick this as if your life depends on it Here is your Bill of rights world.

Miami Herald article shows that Kerry may have won Florida!

for everyone asking questions about the NV paper trail ...

Sibel Edmunds needs your help

Ballot spoilage in Cuyahoga County

Small towns for a thousand, Alex...

Massholes: Post pictures of your cities and towns

Bill Maher is coming to the Orpheum

crown of wire hangers

Strib article -- Suburbs now awash in fees

This is totally random and off Topic but...

Normie reaching out - I'm going to be sick

I am furious!!! Cinti Enquirer on Jesse Jackson: DU complaints needed

Santorum, Specter, Hart, Pitt, Fed fund "Silver Ring Thing" Abstinence Ed

Plane missing in Kabul, Afghanistan......

Not again! Vouchers coming back to Texas Legislature

Campaign finance change pays off for Hutchison

MARTIN FROST interested in DNC position!

Problems With E-Slate and Straight-Party Vote

White loses recount, Stick files challenge (Austin)

Wal-Mart, NPR, and Texas Public Radio

Dec. 12 You Stole My Vote March - Austin - Our Plans?

Peg Lautenschlager - Is She Sick?

Gotta put a plug in for

Blue Monday meetup notes and next week's agenda

Boycott: Wineries - Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Crest, Snoqualmie

Please call the DNC to ask them to pay for Washington state gov. recount

Micheal Moore on Leno NOW (Eastern & Central)

I have just found that two of my posts were deleted

what is the bush agenda?

List of who voted for/against New Freedom Mental Health Commission?

"Bush won get over it"

CBC's The National: special 80 min broadcast (Bush visit)

If Moore like the rest of us is a little subdued, time to support him.

Bernie Ward SFO KGO810am or- streaming - mom of injured marine son . . .

I crossed a picket line once…

Secession: Popular among the Oppressed

OMG.The latest diet is the Jesus Diet!

Free! F911 on Direct TV Wed. 12/01

Nightline 11/29: Should the public pay for pro sports stadiums?

fuck, Circuit City donates 97% to the wingnuts

This is an unbelievable call on Bernie Ward

Wow at Bernie Ward

get 'em while they're hot . . . the George W. Bush Talking Action Figure

Were the DC snipers a staged media circus event?

Watching 'If these walls could talk'

Travis smiley to leave NPR

'father of universal health care' voted Greatest Canadian . . .

Just watched***Michael Moore was being TOTALLY sarchastic.

What do the repugs have against state intervention in the economy?

Global Human Rights Study Warns of Endemic Privacy Threats

Anyone hearing this conservative white man on Bernie Ward now?

US to declare domestic war on "The Struggle"?

My Take On Micheal Moore If You Are Interested

Here's a new one...don't quite know what to say...Nazi's or just nuts?

Right winger philosophical projection

self delete dupe

LOL, Olberman just put the "ic" back in democratic (blog entry)

Is the Michael Moore/Jay Leno interview on the internet?

NY Times reports that torture is taking place at Gitmo

On leadership

Comical Allawi, the new Baghdad Bob

Asymmetrical Politics

It was hard work makin' this film

We are now safely in an era of New Cold and Hot Wars against

Yep, the class wars ARE upon us...

It Can't Happen Here . . . by Sinclair Lewis (1935)

Urgent Please Read! Help Support Lawsuit Against Torture!!

why I support gay marriage

New term: Homicide Bomber....

riverbend posted again yesterday

Wikipedia Creators launch news gathering/reporting site..."Wikinews"

Someone needs to step up to the plate.

Collapsing Paths

Check 21 Law

President Bush, did Jesus tell you to use napalm on Iraqis?

Breaking: Condi was named after an Exxon Tanker, NOT vice-versa!

how many press conferences will * hold?

Repressive countries gaining foothold on "Information Society"

Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs....

new spam: Eliminate your bills the Christian way!

NY TIMES Columnist to Replace Safiar, A Proposed Reality Show


G.I. Jesus??

This morning's depressing banner ad:

Taking control of the election analysis

"There comes a time"

My Thanksgiving at my trailer trash red state repuke moralist bro-in-laws

Great button I saw on the bus yesterday

$75,000 tax money Fundie "Silver Ring Thing" (got $700,000 in 03)

A Eulogy for Iris Chang

LOL, the chimp could actually be arrested today in Canada

this is probably very petty but ....

We must do something about the Stolen Election

'Pro-Marriage' Group had ties to Islamic group that supports terrorists

Irregular Weapons used by US/UK;Cluster bombs,Napalm, &tc

Napalm in Iraq? CNN reporter said Yes 3/22/03

Michael Kinsley on Franken now

Chicago mayor's (Richard M. Daley) son joins the Army

Prince Neil Bush Strikes Again

Lend a hand to the poor slobs stuck in the middle east..

Willingham out at Notre Dame

"Choose the Blue" (Retailers who gave $$$ to Democrats)

possible reasons why MM did not bring up fraud on Leno

Every State Capital March noon Dec 12th Your State Capital/voting rights

Torture is not a Christian Value

VERIZON VILLAINY | hang on to your jaw! | Ctr. for American Progress

Ed Koch gets it wrong on the Christian Right. He thinks they...

Have you ever daydreamed about.....

IMPORTANT: If you have kids....

The last crusade of the Templars - seek Papal apology for persecution

First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower


C-SPAN -- Americans leaving for Canada.

Connie Wilkins of FreeDominion, Canuck Freeper site, gets face time on CBC

Bush understands the cattle business...??

Bush's Canadian Press Conference

Wikipedia Creators Move Into News

who's left in chimp's cabinet?

Ridge now speaking...

Who are the Candidates for the Iraqi Election?

Breaking: Tyrone Willingham fired by Notre Dame ...


smirk pc site barred foreign visitors before and during the election

Tinfoil hat time RE: Bush cabinet resignations.

What are the best sources for news on the Internet?

when you listen to rightwingers

I was browsing through Ann Coulter's "Treason" and I have to

Why isn't Novak in jail?

Who Next.....Cabinet resignations

Did Bush say what I think he said?

first best place: If you could only live in one place in the US....

WWIII-not a matter of if but when...

our *resident embarrassing us now on cspan

Canadian Parliament Hill webcam (Protest site) DISABLED

Ready to leave Iraq?

DU this article please

Did you hear the lady on MSNBC?

What evidence do we have that Jesus loves to Nuke all children?

I just got the scariest phone call from phone # 1 111 111 1111

Former teacher to use insanity plea against charges of sex with student

I need any article discussing the reactivation of military retirees

What is the legitimate definition of "terrorist", or "terrorism"?

I'm seeking info: The Build up to the war in Iraq

the IRS and revoking non-tax status

Email from Jerry Falwell: He WANTS me!

Who'll replace Ridge?

San Francisco rally report

Today in History:

Toronto protest today, 6 pm US consulate

CNN showing Canadian demonstrations

Just back from the food bank

Evolution Poll

Kerry aide says about kerry

New Freedom Commission WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!!!

WA Gov. just said that machine recounts are more accurate than

**Link to live Canada TV coverage**

ABC just broke into my soap.....

great letter in my paper this morning . . .

Tom Ridge resigns

Of course Canada is protesting.

Senior Iraqi: US troops needed for "AT LEAST A DECADE" to prevent chaos

My college report on the FMA. Please grade it

Philippines are bracing for another typhoon

I am so disappointed in a friend of mind ...need some help

In view of yesterday's fuck-up, an IMPASSIONED PLEA.


When oil is no longer cheap here, won't...

DU protect me! I'm getting threats about New Freedom Commission

Pictures you will never see on the news

HRC fires head; Former RIAA chief likely to take helm

Congress Trims Money for Science Agency

Is George Bush capable of Trust?

Anti-Bush protesters scuffle with police

Has anyone heard how Elizabeth Edward is doing?

War on drugs may doom (Columbian) jungle towns

Why is the Theory of Evolution considered to be a Liberal Theory?

Web Won't Let Government Hide (googling the government)

Social Security is in GREAT SHAPE--Keep Bush's HANDS OFF IT

REVEALED: Why Bush courted the Amish vote

My e-mail reply to a repub friend...

Time to email/call all Democratic Politicians re: New Freedom Initiative.

For those that follow the Jeopardy TV show you might want to

Interested in a very cool 9/11 Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Site?


Randi Rhodes Just mentioned this for searching the government

Rest In Peace, Edward "Teddy" Ebersol

Propaganda email

Is CNN's audio sounding demonic to you?

update from White House insider: encouraging!

Above And Beyond

George Bush, Spreading Fascism To Our Northern Neighbors > > >


If you're going to post that so-and-so said whatever....

Poisonous Legacy (very distrubing)

Lost Armor On The Peninsula

Don't get me wrong here, but are there any African-Ukranians?

I just saw Soledad O'Brian imply that all Muslims are terrorists...

I dont think Keith Olbermann is God.....

New Freedom Commission, just got a call saying "watch out!"

tomorrow is World AIDS Day...pls read and email this BBC article

Question about Tom Ridge and the Color Codes

Has any cable or network news reported the protests in Canada?

Tom Ridge replacement could be worst then he is

Anyone got pics from the Ottawa demonstrations yet? I noticed

Wanna see my new bumper stickers?

Sibel D. Edmonds Petition

EPA Plan to Study Pesticides Effect on Kids Spurs Backlash within Agency

DUer wants link to "wag the dog" accusation when Clinton went

Should these people be allowed to Vote?

Get your passports now!!

Matt Lauer is on the short list to replace Dan Rather????!!!!

This post-election period really sucks ass

Argument by design.

Marines Say The Pentagon Sucks

Sign Impeach Blair Petition? Hmmm.......

Protest suits cost city $300,000

Do you suppose there are any gay, right wing, Christian fundamentalists?

Interesting fact about slavery (or the abolition movement, rather)

Paul Weyrich: The Jews crucified Jesus, and the Muslims are at war w/ us

my friend has a 16 year old acquaintance who lied to get into the army

Poll: Best Senator ever

Randi is now talking about the scathing DSB Pentagon report

Avatars and signatures down????? For Admins..NT

new Hannity advertisers Sears/Kmart


I'd rather be dead, than Dirtsville red.

Fallujah Napalmed

'Atlas Shrugged 2'

Canada is BLUE > > >

HUMOR | THE RAINMAN TOUR... for *'s "charm offensive"...

What would our flag look like

Was anyone paying attention to that lower jaw

OMG ! CNN coverage of the protests in Canada

Scientific bigots can be just as annoying as religious bigots

Our president... a man of many positions..

Calvin Klein is tracking you

I have proof that Dick Cheney is a Zombie

new Oxyrush advertiser Lost Trail Root Beer (Louisburg Cider Mill)

They're After Olbermann! New site: Olbermann Watch

Sign petition to help Germany prosecute Rumsfeld for war crimes

fellow DU members, can you give me 30 seconds of your time?

World AIDS Day, Dec. 1

If they're going after the NAACP, why aren't they going after the churches

Black Box Voting files lawsuit #2: Palm Beach County

we have a pure FREEPER MELTDOWN

What churches received "faith-based" monies?

Man... Look At The U.S. Death Toll (Iraq) Graph Now !!!

Bwahahaha! Canadian Parliamentarian tearing Tucker Carlson a newer bigger

Okay as a Canadian

Anyone else disappointed by Michael Moore on Leno tonight?

Fundies In All Out Attack on Evolution...

Must read tomorrow: Thomas Powers on the CIA at NYRB

What are the core values that we Democrats all share?

DU Researcher Alert!! Hot Hot HOT material for Ohio recount!

On science and religion .......


Am I losing it?

Turkey stock -- help please.

Franmarz's tamale recipe

Juicing and vegetable recipes needed

Anyone have a Costa Rican recipe for chicken tamales?

How much are tamales where you live ?

Jack Layton's open letter to George W. Bush.

Come on Canada. Give Bush a welcome he will never forget.

Tommy Douglas wins Greatest Canadian

Will the NDP benefit from Martin shifting Liberals rightward?

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon;David Blunkett

DOT Says Air Traffic Overhaul Is Flawed -WP

CIA Taps Richer for Operations Post

Plane missing over Afghanistan - MSNBC breaking

Giving gold a foreign touch

More British troops could be sent to US-run zone in Iraq if needed

US says Pakistan not pulling out troops from suspected Al-Qaeda hideout

Italy Unions Strike Against Tax Cuts 'For Rich'

Film Studios Win $24 Million Against Web Site

Rowhani: Iran Has Not Abandoned Enrichment

Car Bomb North of Baghdad Kills 4 Iraqis, Wounds 19

Accused Abu Ghraib soldier back in U.S.

Fear of ethnic conflict charges Mosul unrest

Up to 40 Drown in Accident in N. Iraq -- Families

Putin to Respect New Ukraine Election -- Germany

Families endure private war

Justices stay out of debate over gays


Moonie Times:Another oil-food scandal emerges (involving Kofi Annan's son)

Woman scheduled for execution in Texas tomorrow

Fallujah's mosques hid arms, militants

Iraq Leaflets Contain Anti-U.S. Propaganda

US blocks UN text on massacre in tiff over court

Japan's Iraq troops can defend selves-Dutch minister

Man Killed By Lava Lamp

Police hunt missing British soldier, feared armed

Ruling on Hitler Artwork to Stand

Embassy sounds alarm over growing dangers in Iraq

Suicide Bomber Rams U.S. Convoy in Iraq

Guantanamo tactics "tantamount to torture"-NY Times

Romania Opposition Calls for New Election

Charges Filed Against Ex-Energy Traders (El Paso/Reliant/Dynergy Traders)

Protesters Push Through Fence at Ukraine Parliament

Judge to rule Tuesday on part of challenge to Bush victory in Nevada

Smiling Frowned Upon in Visa Photographs (it's an "unnatural" expression")

Treasury prices slide after Thanksgiving

Gold price skyrocketing, market being frozen - Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Iran's Powerful Mullah Lectures Venezuela President

Economic growth at 3.9% in 3rd quarter (didn't see it posted)

Court halts penalty for barring recruiters

federal appeals court)Campuses May Bar Military Recruiters (as anti-gay)

Iraq Oil Infrastructure Losing Billions

Firefighters, policeman fired in racist float incident awarded back pay

Can PM, Bush outperform protesters?

School transfer slots wasted

Brics provide a solid foundation for US investors

Iraq health care 'in deep crisis'

Democratic star lunches with Buffetts in Omaha

Principal sorry for 'school prayer' poem (from AP)

Pentagon Disputes Red Cross Criticism (Gitmo)

Microsoft files first authenticity certificate lawsuits

Brigadier General Among Those Killed In (Texas 'Copter) Crash

Campuses May Bar Military Recruiters: Rate this story

Contract awarded for state voter registration system

General among 7 GIs killed in Ft. Hood crash

pls delete dupe

A greeting for George: Bush foes promise peaceful, vigorous protest (CAN)

Tom Ridge to resign.

WP- Iraq Faces Hurdles On Details Of Election (over 200 names/parties)

British Embassy sounds alarm over growing dangers in Iraq

Family of sex-change Saudi want to grab half his inheritance

CNN Breaking: Mfume resigns

CyberNET Group CEO kills himself during standoff

Play by play of Ottawa visit/protests

Appeals court rules against MBTA on marijuana ad refusal

Bush Visiting Canadian Prime Minister

Blair admits ID cards are no barrier to terrorism

U.S. Toll In Iraq Equals Grim Mark

Equatorial Guinea: Trial of alleged coup plotters seriously flawed

Congo Official: Rwanda Troops Attacking

Tom Ridge Resigns as Homeland Security Director

'Martyrs' who fail to register for ID cards face £2,500 fines

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Ties Record

Bush has Ottawa buzzing

Consumer Confidence Index Declines in November

Chicago Mayor's Son Enlists in Army at 29

Holiday weekend a turkey for stores

U.S. Forces to Launch Winter Offensive Against Afghan Insurgents

(Madsen latest vote rigging post) More on the buying of electoral fraud

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says US Treats Detainees Fairly

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Ties Record (135 in Nov.)

AIDS a sign of moral "immunodefficiency" - Vatican

Louisiana amendment banning gay marriage gets its day in court

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 30 November

Bush second term strains defence co-operation

Music industry, file-swappers square off

Judge throws out challenge to Bush victory in Nevada

Colo. Wal-Mart Makes Effort to Unionize

Iran Boasts of Victory Over U.S. on Nuclear Case

Judge OKs asbestos settlement (Halliburton)

Police Search Homes in Anti-Terror Raid: UK

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq for Nov. at 134

Kweisi Mfume Resigning as Head of NAACP

Ukraine Opposition Pulls Out of Talks

Congress Trims Money for Science Agency -NYT

Portugal President to Dissolve Parliament (new election!)

US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja

Wal-Mart's China inventory to hit US$18b this year

Colombia nervous as Chávez buys weapons

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's spy

Gulf veterans' angry plea to MoD

Holiday Shopping gets off to slow start

US eyes collection of college-student data

Bush Defends Iraq Decisions in Canada

Touchy question of ballistic missile defence raised in Bush-Martin talks

Republican Certified as Wash. Governor; Recount Seen

NYT: Under All That (Arctic) Ice, Maybe Oil

Supreme Court hears arguments in major Title IX case

State Pension Chief Expects to Be Axed(corp reform push alienated big busi

China + 10 ASEAN)New Trade Pact Could Cut Clout of U.S. in Asia

Chicago Mayor's Son Enlists in Army at 29

Millions of land mines reap bloody harvest in Egypt

Reid announces new office created (Communications `war room')

TV reporter is blasted by Taser on air

Activists continue to challenge Ohio ballots

Filipino Man Sues To Stay In U.S. Despite Transsexual Wife

Students arrested in alleged bomb plot (Jr. ROTC members)

Israel's Barak leaps back into political limelight

CNN Breaking: Tom Ridge to Resign Today

Changing America, changing tastes

Pentagon brushes off criminal complaint against Rumsfeld, top officials

Anti-Immigrant Forces Said to Gain Strength in U.S.

Shiites End Talks With Al-Sistani Group

Dollar Drops to New All-Time Low Vs. Euro

House Elections Boss Might Explore Paper Trail

Tommy Douglas crowned 'Greatest Canadian'

Bush Says Iran Must Go Beyond Nuclear Suspension

Pfizer to Lose $14 Billion Because of Generic Competition

Ukraine faces split, bloodshed, Putin ally says

Early anti-Bush demos fizzle in Canada

At Least 55 Whales Die In NZ Mass Stranding, Officials Say (New Incident)

Reporter quits at WHYY over angry (liberal) message

9/11 commissioner: 'Terrorists will be planning another attack'

Signed, sealed, certified: Kerry wins Cuyahog County

Actor passes away: Was to MC Dinner for Bush Tonight (Canada)

Insurgents still a problem in Fallujah

General strike cripples Italy

BCCI liquidators withdraw lying claim

175 beached whales, dolphins die

US casualties surge in Iraq, but public impact is muffled

Charges sought against Rumsfeld

Reed to certify Rossi as winner (Democrats struggle to find recount $)

NYT/Reuters: Wal-Mart to Cut Prices After Poor Sales

Netherlands Hospital Euthanizes Babies

Demonstrators board buses to Ottawa to protest visit by U.S. president

For Homeless, a State of Crisis -LAT

Women facing imminent stoning, death by hanging in Iran

U.N. Calls for Sweeping Changes, Including an Updated Council

Park Service drafts plan for Padre Island drilling

U.S. rejects Guantanamo detainee torture claims by the Red Cross

BBC:New York's HIV experiment - secret drug test on fostered babies

Principal Sorry for 'School Prayer' Poem (Conservative Anti-Liberal Prayer

Records: Frist campaign short on money for loan

A Close Look at Fallujah Insurgents’ Lab

Officialy Have Hit 500th Post

Daily Mirror "How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb" T-Shirt

Well Guys -- I am not going to be here for a while

I hear an FCC fine coming Jay Lenos way

What's everyone doing for Christmas or other winter holidays?

My suitemate always SLAMS the bathroom door

Letterman show - I want to dunk Twiggy's handler underwater for a minute

A new meaning to Firearms Control...

I swear, I'm going to become a hermit!

I am sick of being sick...

Anyone up for a philosophy group?

HELP!!! MS Word expert up this time of night?

When I need good lovin'

laddies, what kind o' rye do ye prefer?

My fucking god...

Ruby Tuesday & like the Rolling Stones? alot of music here!

Am I the only person that has a spoiled rotten Cat?

I had to scrape ice of my truck windows this morning. In San Diego!

Attn DU Vocab Wizards:

It's 7 degrees outside here - do you know where your parka is?

What planet are you from?

Anyone interested in an asexuals' group?

What is YOUR definition of the Midwest?

Club Soda or Seltzer?

Is Steely Dan just the bomb?

Viewers Upset Over Porn On Cable Channel

Snow White Fired For Posing Nude

Lava lamp left on hot stovetop explodes, killing man with flying glass

Where all the dog people at?

Condom sales shrivel as Japan logs onto cyber porn

Police slice open camels in drugs haul

Goood Morning DU!

Photographers,TVnews:why rolling buses so oft block the picture?

skeptics annotated bible

World's Oldest Pornography For Sale

scary post on Christian domination.. real or satire?

Snow White Fired for Posing Nude

Whatever Happened to Harley Quinn?

Humongous styrofoam Christ summons the spirit of X-cess

Hey Rams Fans.....

Best Dr. Seuss

Favorite Barbarians?

Look out DU! I'm about to SEX up this whole place!

Nativity Creativity


Are you ready for Chrismukkah ?!??!

Which Actor Would You LEAST Like To See Perform A Nude Scene?

Where can I buy Festivus cards?

A really angry RANT- and I need a link

Lotto con-man hits legitimate jackpot

Caption this . . . .

I need a picture of a Factory that has closed due to outsourcing

Lava lamp left on hot stovetop explodes, killing man

Matcom Attacked By Estimated Three BeeGees - Expected To Survive

Does anyone else like J.J. Cale?

Pabst Still Coasting On 1893 Blue Ribbon Win

Mom turns son in for crime

Rights Group Urge Scruitiny of Gonzales-Washington Post

People still flock to bicentennial barns

Fox 'n' Friends is nauseating this morning

Man Killed By Lava Lamp

Dyslectic bee attacked by 20,000 gods

I need help from all you brilliant people on DU.

Law Prohibits Dog and Cat in Same House

Bath wins in dramatic Quiz Bowl

What makes your opinion on music the best?

Bee Attacked by 20,000 Dogs-Expected to Survive

Dennis Green names rookie from Michigan John Navarre starting QB

Planners to discuss Jellystone expansion

MrsGrumpy's I stayed up too late but it was WAY worth it thread! GO PACK!

America, FUCK YEAH

JJ Cale attacked by 20,000 Bees---expected to survive

It's almost HANNUKWANZMAS! I think the tree goes up this weekend...

How come NPR is not reporting so much on Iraq anymore?

What bee would you most like to see in your bed this morning?

If you knew then what you know now.....

The "Request A Kick" thread

I suddenly feel the need to take a shower

If they think I'm buying an overpriced new format DVD Player

Tune in to "Groper and Doper"-the new unreality show!

Miles Davis is history!!!

Did You Make Your Bed This Morning?

Did anyone else know that Lava Lamps could be a health

Did you wet your bed this morning?

The "Usual Suspects" CAPTION

What Bee would you most like to see in a nude scene?

US using outlawed Napalm gas in Fallujah???? Link Article

bitter humor: USA Left begins Sneaking into Canada :-)

Bette Davis is History!!

The Music Poll To End ALL Music Polls!!!!! - Vote Or DIE!!!

Which QB does John Madden want to see naked?

What's your least favorite of the big three Peanuts holiday specials

Merry Xmas from the Hoff

The President of my Alma Matter finally retiring...after 35 years

I heard a rumor that Bush went to Canada

Caption this . . . .

Merry Xmas from the Haff

Gentlemen: What kind of gal do you prefer?

Have you ever looked at a penny?

Gentlemen: What kind of gentlemen do you prefer?

"Not You---You're One of Those EGGHEAD Founding Fathers"

FREAKING Karen FREAKING Carpenter!!!!

Top 50 cover songs as determined by Telegraph (U.K.) critics

I'm home sick today...

Today I am going to post responses to threads with no responses

The "What a Good Boy Am I" of all CAPTIONS

Hermaphrodites: What kind of guy/gal do you prefer?

I met a celebrity last night...ask me anything.

GODZILLA finally gets star on Hollywood's walk of fame

What's the cheapest price you've seen for "Spiderman 2"?

We have a winner. You know this dude will win the Darwin Awards

Brain scanner is a lie detector

Are there any good brands of fruitcake that can be found in stores?

My car is burning oil

YO! DU, where's a good www site for kewl toys and gadgets like

Help! I need to take time off from DU & can't decide what to unmask as!

Look out of any window

How Unattractive do you think you are?

DUers with skin cancer experience

Freak Gasoline-fight accidents can happen...

Mr. Smith goes slowly down the street

Gov. and Mrs. Gropenator's Vanity Fair Profile..."Too Much Information"

A tapestry: Bayeaux isn't on DVD.

Darwin Award candidate

Dan Aykroyd: "Greetings and death to our enemies, stop moping"

Anybody else pretty much give up on the groups

I just made an unreal gynecologial discovery


My closed letter to John Kerry


A solution to the holiday blues... FESTIVUS!

so i went googLing for myseLf

speaking of googling yourself

Converting American Dollars to Euros?


Guys what kind of a woman do you want ?

1 degree this morning in northern AZ!


The Offer You Can't Refuse of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Help with a simple CH program

Who the hell eats a candy bar on the crapper?

Im gonna take a wild guess .....

Do you take baths or showers?

Sleeping position

The combined IQ's of all the people I've talked to today

Butch Davis is history!!!

is that what i Look Like when i'm drunk?

Flirting Re-education Center

OMG! Have You heard? Tom Ridge RESIGNED!

Name A Popular Singer Who Can't Actually Sing


Finally, Hollywood wakes up!

Wow, just made an unreal genealogical discovery

Help computer guru's

Best Type of Ice Cream Cone:

Ann Coulter exposed

ABC Just Announced Tom Ridge is handing in his Resignation. No

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Keep Up Attacks on Kerry

Commercials in Your Dreams? Coming soon to a Nap near You

WOW! Just made an unreal gynecological discovery!

CDC Alert! ;-) Take heed. Protect yourself.

I just recently got turned on to The Matrix and now I'm addicted

Ladies & Gents - I Give You: THE HOME COMPUTER For 2004!!!

Joke? Kinda ,sorta...

Who Did You Go To School With Thats Famous

Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004: Anyone have it?

Here's a ballsy way to vent post election hostilities:

It's 42 degrees outside and the A/C won't stop blowing in my office!

Innagural Festivities: 2004. Precognition from John Heartfield.

A travesty: African Queen isn't on DVD

Avatar Help...please...

The head/chest cold that won't go away

I feel guilty for having too much fun in here. I shall punish myself by

How ugly do I think you are?

Couple Charged In Death Of Baby After 3-Day Crack Binge

Check out today's George the Second cartoon

Principle/Inspirational songs

Breaking: Tyrone Willingham fired by Notre Dame ...

I am really depressed about my neighbor....

I just found out my mother-in-law voted for *

most overrated musical cat?

Call Me Dumb

Which Lounge Lizard would you most like to see perform a nude scene?

Comic-book recommendation for DUers: "1602"

Notre Dame has fired Tyrone Willingham as head coach....

I've always wanted to be somebody.


Check out Iraq's new Terror Alert System!

Okay it is officially BUG ME day

I am one tired public servant today.

Canadian DU'ers - has book censorship affected you?

80's alternative rock streaming

Groomsman rant!!1

This just in: .....I'm resigning !

Bury your cell phone and you'll have a flower

Maybe You ARE Attractive...But Whose the Fairest One of All?

Anyone know how much Bush's trip to Canada will cost us?

I'm sick of the COWBELL hate in here!!!!

My two favorite Christmas "Carol"s

Help - Ank's aunt is dying

How about the biggest EGOS in NFL history.

I need to clean my carpets.

I need a drink...

I've decided to become a bushbot! Sorry!

Hey, DUers, you want better cable reception? Try this:

Ohio Town ‘Dumps’ Christmas

The Max Webster thread.

DU Scots: Happy St. Andrew's Day! (Pic heavy)

What Christmas Carols do you love/love to hate?

This is my 300th post....


Women.... Do this poll. My man must be...

Nylons: Your Opinion

900 Posts

Biggest NBA Busts

I need you to clean my carpets

I am tired, cold , hungry and my shoulders hurt

As quickly as possible.....

Pop or soda?

Has Anyone Heard of These Groups: Need Help Here


Shout out to Canada

Shameless Plug

What does

most underrated musical act

VERY creepy "What's the frequency, Kenneth"-style photo of Bush

name a popular chimp who can actually eat a banana without choking

Name a Popular Singer Who Can Actually Sing

Am I the only one who gets defensive replies to queries about eBay items?

Duke v Michigan State tonight at 9.

Seamus the pug

Another Shameless Plug

Does anyone here refill water bottles at work?

Favorite Dumb/Evil TV or Movie Boss?

Computer gurus: What is Runtime C+++?

Economy so bad, Mayor Daley's son has to join Army! Druish men make good boyfriends & lovers?

4M press conference in South Bend-Willingham is OUT of ND!!!

Bush's new mantra: "I want to thank all the people who came out

The Poll To End All Polls: Everybody vs Everybody Else

Anyone want to join a Procrastinators Group Forum?

The Poll To End All Polls: Nobody vs Nobody Else (Poll)

Rubbermaid Rant - May I Vent?? AURRGGH!

For NFL Fans: List the Biggest Butts in NFL history

Service Representative Has Annoying Habit

So...., do Bluish men make good boyfriends and lovers?

Most overrated musical act

I feel silly for not thinking of this before....

I did SO little work today....

name a popular SINGER who CAN actually ACT

10,000 *

Does anyone know how many names that "My Name Is" post on GD...

Calling all Linux afficionados!

Oh dear...I've just accidentally received someone else's Xmas wreath

I'm Feeling RANDY!

Oh Crap!

Who has/had better hair?

What did you have for Breakfast This Morning?

Who Will Represent KFC In The Superbowl?

Who Will Represent The AFC In The Superbowl?

My office holiday party is a "No Spouse Zone"

Randy's feeling ME!

Biggest draft blunders in NFL history

Which job is Tom Ridge qualified for next?

For those that follow the Jeopardy TV show you might want to

When did turn signals become optional?

Did you ever feel like your wife was on hold?

Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

How Petty Are You?

Bridesmaid Rant - May I Vent?? AURRGGH!

Great poll results - Stewart by far best journalist

What is your favorite color of the color codes?

My hair gets curlier when I sleep. Does this happen to anyone else?

Who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl?

Okay, let's have a real gender war

Home Decorating Rant: Why is it difficult to find drapes longer than 84"?

Most Convincing Televangelist!

When it comes to getting food, my roommate's dog is VERY tenacious!

What Is The Proper Etiquette

So is anyone gonna watch Jeopardy tonight?

So how will Bush end his trip to Canada?

Which actor would you MOST like to see perform a nude scene?

I been Norman Mailered, Maxwell Taylored

Who's more attractive? Angelina Jolie or Rosario Dawson?

I'm sick of the Cowboys hate in here.

How old or young are you?

Okay Canadians. Let's make a deal.

Wish me luck. I have a job interview tomorrow!

Most of the Dead and J. A. were on the first David Crosby album

Do You Wear Sunglasses?

Update: My ultrasound from this morning

Randy's Orange Ribbon idea. I am soo close to being the one doing it.

Grossest Sweet Pastry

If Howard Dean did not drop out Would you still vote for Kerry?

Which actress would you most NOT like to see perform a nude scene?

Anybody else not doing christmas this year?

Who will win the Army-Navy game?

Gwen Stefani. Admit it, you are powerless under her spell. Gwen Stefani.

little sister turns 21 today. what should i buy her for her first legal

blog from Iraq

Generic Tin-Foil or Reynolds Wrap Brand for Hats?

Internet speed record quadrupled to 101 Gbit/s

How big's your ego?

Court Says "Pleasuring" A Pig On TV Ok

Dog Attacked By 20,000 Bees - Expected To Survive

I had a DU dream last night...

Who here loves to get involved in flame threads?

The Green Bay Packers are America's favorite team

Boob Jobs Are The Hot Christmas Gift

Will this year's Super Bowl champion hail from the AFC or NFC?

I have to ask. Do American men make good boyfriends/lovers?

The Scottish Haggis Hunt is On

Visit "MoveLeft Media."

don't let it bring you down

Which actress would you MOST like to see perform a nude scene?

Confused about where to spend your Xmas shopping dollars?

The "Suspect Has Been Apprehended" CAPTION

The "Prison Philosopher" CAPTION

The "There Goes the Neighborhood" CAPTION

Ladies: What kind of guy do you prefer?

Caption this . . . .

The "Writing Checks Someone Else's Ass Will Cash" CAPTION

CAPTION this . . . .

The "Sugar-Frosted Nominees...Theyyyyyy're GREAT!!!" CAPTION

The Dancing Chairs around the Lazy Susan of all CAPTIONS!!!

Should I report this? Who should I report it to?

Caption this.....

I'm bummed...

Parents: Is it really possible to dislike your own child?

Childhood Christmas Niceties You Miss

Did you ever feel like I was holding your wife?

CAPTION this . . . .. Jewish men make good boyfriends & lovers?

Name a weird bit of casting in a movie.

Tonight's flamebait debate: Is /The Smurfs/ a sexist cartoon?


How Attractive Do You Think You Are?

American chop suey: Like it or lump it?

Any Recommended Songs from you that you want to listen to?

ACK! I just noticed I've joined The 700 Club!

Is your office having a Christmas Party this year?


Did you ever feel like your life was on hold?

For NFL fans: List the Biggest Busts in NFL History!!!

Seinfeld: Reasons why someone has been dumped

I bought my cats a Bag O' Weed. Ask me anything.

Name a Popular Actor/Actress Who Can Actually Act

For all you uninformed music "fans"- RADIOHEAD IS GOD, alright?

Godzilla gets his star!

3 times in a row Miyazaki's new film has broken Japanese records!

My 19 yr old daughter was arrested today, need legal advice

Canada to be expanded by 400 square feet

Ty Willingham's firing - Black Coaches held to a Higher Standard

What a shitty day

Had freaky dreams?

Okay, DUers, let's see those tattoos!

Are you interested in seeing the Babes of Sorry Everybody?

I'm Listening to "Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Classics Vol I"...

Favorite recipe websites

Glover Criticizes U.S. on Land Mine Treaty

'Christmas' Charity Single Hits Stores (For Sudan Refugees)

Nick Cassavetes to direct "IRON MAN"

Tom Hanks to Star in 'The Da Vinci Code' Movie (It's official now)

Godzilla Gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Who is going to win "The Apprentice"....

Congress Trims Money for Science Agency -NYT

Sea Knowledge Not Very Deep

Chromosomes aged 10 years by stress

Battle for 'the Hobbit': professor stuns world of science by locking it up

Is the Celtic Cross a navigation instrument?

time and technology may harm as well as help...

Very funny bit on VH1

World AIDS Day, Dec. 1

U.S. Loses Ruling Over College Bans on Military Recruiters

Butch Davis resigns from Browns

Pedro and Sammy to the Mets?


ACC Championship: Virginia Tech or Miami?

got this interesting link from another thread in the Lounge

Are atheist supporters a liability to a political campaign in the US?

How hostile are you toward religion?

KERRY '08: It all starts right here.

Using IrfanView

I wanted to post a pic of my pet and not sure how to do this. Could some

Black and White photos.

Color photos from the early 20th Century

If your paper endoresed Kerry

a word from Thomas Jefferson, seems he has been where we are

bush in a HUGE "terrorists-Iraq" bind; too bad US State Media won't notice

So this is how it happens...


Al Michaels had to make some political analogy again on MNF.

Ottawa MORAN shows support of Bush, the "Praying President"

Count Every Vote (Ah, ah, ah, ah!)

"At least you know where he stands..."

We are forcing a "list system" democracy on Irag - should the US be one?

Why do we try so hard to understand Republicans?

% of US voters citing "values" is DOWN from 2000 and 1996; buh bye mandate

Their hubris will run its course.

During the third debate

Can we discuss the DU policy for comments on the Democratic Party!

The "Republan" Party

"And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the main event..."

when does the gloating period end?

Wanted to remind you of a truly great blog that will help in arguments!

Wingnut alert:

Maria says Arnold will not run for Prez

How To Take Back A Stolen Election

Mandatory Draft email I just received...anyone know the source?

If we could start over with America II

51 capital march/Noon Dec 12th. Your State Capital. Voting Rights March

So I was cruising on the Autobahn at 220 KPH this morning...

Dean Visits Vote Mob

If You Had To Choose In 2008-Edwards Or Dean...

Jesse Jackson Spoke for us. Now its our turn. Tell Pepsi TO STOP IT

Halifax is bracing for protesters

Bush fears Canadian Parliament

Instead of ribbons - jock straps

CBC showing Ottawa protests

Jackson Joins Critics Of Ohio Vote


Democrats raise $13 million in November

Demonstrators greet Bush in Canada

"Bush arrives in Canada for first stage of world charm offensive"

If you've been waiting for Bush's "Go F Yourself" to Canada, here it is

US Media covers Canada protest, but not in US

(Madsen latest vote rigging post) More on the buying of electoral fraud

Yellow Ribbons are cheap

Miami Herald only counted the precincts in Suwannee County

God next in line for Homeland Security top job

Who do you think will replace Tom Ridge?

I am struggling to find a theme for our annual "Just Peace" Concert

Okay, we tried someone we thought was "electable;" next time we need best

I'm so stunned and disappointed in a friend of mine...need some help here

Race and politics and the south.

Barney Franks E-Mail

did the soccer moms turn into security moms?

If you were chosen for the draft would you...

Local (Tulsa) tv news...ABC said "thousands" of protestors, CBS, "hundreds


Dan Rather's Lead > Trouble With the Neighbors (PROTESTS)

Reality Check: Bush got more Democratic votres than Dean did

Atrios:Democrats form "war room"

This is another example of why we are in the losing column folks

Bush's Canadian dinner to include whiskey, merlot and bourbon

Canada speaks: "We're totally against Bush. He's arrogant and ignorant."

Keith's follow up to Blackwell's interview last night

Tucker Carlson hits historic low with anti canada remarks

Bush Reporters In Canada: Top Priority is Flu Shots & What Else?

Did Michael Moore get a memo that I didn't?

Gay Marriage

Did anyone see Michael Moore last nite on Leno ?

If Bush was impeached...

Question for Clark people?

Why all the * resignations? Were they fired, they hate *, or do they know

Cspan repub callers using word treason with Democrats

Ronald Reagan: RELOADED

do you know any "security moms"?

"We just had a poll in our country

How big an improvement is Johnny Isaakson over Zell Miller?

Love Kerry? Love to hate him? - It's Time to Band Together!

Seeking HELP from vote fraud activists and/or stock market watchers

If You Had To Choose In 2008

Why don't we get together and rent some Billboard space?

WH issues dress code to press corps

Has anyone hear anything about how the military voted?

Kerry 08 -- an argument from a political scientist (USA Today)

How do we help places with heavy gun crime..

Jesse Jackson: Kerry's "Early Concession Betrayed the Trust of the Voters"

Scenario: You have a child with a catastrophic disability

does Gen X vote repuke?

How to win national elections in the south

What is your opinion of the Second Amendment now?

Frost said to be making calls about DNC

Sign Impeach Blair Petition? I Just Don't Know.......

reality check: Bush got more Democratic votes than DK did in 2004.

Political Human Sacrifice

Canadian Raging Grannies ready for Bush

So, How's It going In Canada Today?

If You Had To Choose In 2008-Dean Or Clark