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Archives: November 4, 2004

Blumenthal: A Moral Dilemma

To ALL FOREIGNERS ON Democratic Underground: America to you: Fuck OFF

Wallow in Chaos, And Laugh - Morford

Ken Schram Commentary: Reach Out, Mr. Bush

To the progressives: Don't surrender to cynicism

Dangers of Echo Chambers

Seattle P-I: "Now do good"

The Lesson of Feingold's Victory

Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution' (NYT)

Black Box Voting is Fighting Back!

I think we need to understand the red states to win again

Do you know who is your precinct committee person?

Which companies support Republicans?

The Department of Peace

Franken pissed me off this morning

The London Independent Front Page says it all

New LW media ideas: co-ops etc

DU Economists: How long before our currency collapses?

I second troubleinwinter's post about a nuetral general discussion.

Time for a NEUTRAL General Discussion forum?

Where are the "old" GD Threads?

Not a big deal...but we got the "my posts" back

Is it ok now to rake Senator Kerry over the coals?

Did you re-open registration already?

I just want to say "Thanks Skinner and all DU moderators".

Thank you Skinner etal...for letting me come here and be really nasty

YA Thanks Thread

Thank you for increasing the post count minimum

Another question...

I seem to have misplaced Tuesday night, have you guys seen it?

Question and a big thank you.

How about an "I Voted-Fat lot of GOOD it did!" Avatar...

Uh, I just got some nude pic in my PM box

republicans lie better than democrats

Do you believe that Miami-Dade county has virtually no increase in voters?

where are the 10,000 lawyers? are they still working in ohio

Bush gets same percent of gay vote as in 2000

Never forget Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman.

A clear look at America, 2008

The Smoking Gun: What Was The First Sign of Trouble in Ohio?

So are the moderate repubs who voted gwb going to be like the 2000 Nader

The repubs were still stealing signs late last night, I caucht one in the

Hindsight as usual is 20/20

The Bushies are Laughing in the White House

OK does anybody else feel like they're in a surreal world

"Who Would Jesus Elect?"

WE still have our integrity, we know WE did the right thing, now

It was this, it was that, it was this, it was that, yadda yadda yadda ...

True that more Americans voted against a sitting president than

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

What a wonderful election ... for me to POOP ON! n/t

Bush reaches out to foes? Seeks support

Maybe we can view this election as an opportunity

We've Been Had, to put it plainly

Thank you.

JK should've counted the votes for those that donated millions of hrs & $

Well, the country and party has one less reasoned moderate...

More Irony

1,600,000 absentee and provisional ballots in Fla not counted

So, who is our Party Leader now?

Who is this talking about BBV on AAR right now?

Has Bush thanked Wally O'Dell publicly yet?

Walden O'Dell

You all come to CA and we will

How we're getting killed in the culture war

From the Guardian, Cheney "declared the election

Who are Freepers going to blame now?

I am noticing to my dismay that they are turning OUR get out the vote into

Anybody revved up for Mike Malloy tonight?

Kerry never should have given up.

People protesting in Portland Oregon right now


Are there final numbers from Colorado yet?

Malloy GOING OFF!!

What Southern/Mid-West Democratic Governors Are Available?

January 20, 2005 Fly or display your flag upside down.

I put this graphic on my web site this morning...

Votergate Movie

How much would it cost

Bless Skinner for allowing us to vent; and bless DU'ers for venting

OBL said he will attack the deciding Bush state?

Collin Powell may be leaving the * administration

Malloy is wrong - it's not JUST the machines

Let's Start A New Party Called "Count The Votes".

BBV: Are the touch screens in violation of the HAVA?

Why did both Gore and Kerry think fighting for the

when does Terry McCaliffe leave?

Ten Ways to Win - as learned by bushco from Jesse Helms

Email from Europe

Anybody have any inside scoop on what K/E, DNC, etc.

I hope you are ALL listening to Mike Malloy right now.

EZ to Mon. QB now but if everyone's doing it -Kerry/Clark would've stomped

Conceeding not matter at all: counting votes goes on, Kerry Presidency

Join the Protest! Feel the outrage!

The DNC said we had 200,00 laywers ready to go. Where are they and what

If you liked the Taliban......You will love W2

Today my boss, a Real Estate Broker, said that no wonder New Yorkers are

As it stands, the Democrats will NEVER win another National election.

Social liberals need to vote like social liberals

Bush wins and Yassir Arafat is dying. Shit.

Black Armbands.

According t o the Florida Sec of State Website - very few

Kerry conceded we don't have to .Important

Well how CAN 59,054,087 be so dumb?

Legal question - can a voter sue to have her vote counted?

Tulsa CBS news found double voting

I have one question that someone needs to PLEASE answer!!

TO GET THE RECORD STRAIT! Concession Speeches are NOT Binding!!!

Janeanne says thinks Kerry was threatened with something...

How we can win by redistributing the population of dems:

Our Party MUST Change

Howard Dean might have won it.


Now this is what I've been talking about willlis!!! 25,000 OH Votes Stolen

Gore in 08?

Maybe we should seriously consider WA and OR seceding.


Do the Dems need to move further to the right or the left?


Let's SHUT DOWN Washington on Inauguration Day!

Northern CA DOP conference

Remember, we can all make a difference.

Not to be so bold, what with me being the insecure loner and all,

Letter from DFL Chair Mike Erlandson

Minnesota Get Together


Strange numbers in Franklin County, Ohio

good news from south of Austin

Did Gregoire win the Governor's race?

My letter to our grass roots group

will we be as organized as we were this year in 2006?


Sweet John....

Have to think of something to do with the free time I'll have

My suggestion - don't let the young get discouraged

Exit polls in paper ballot states versus computer voting states.

I detest CNN hypocrisy, embodied in Bill Schneider.


Cheer up - it could be worse (Third-Party Results)

For the love of Democracy

My mom's advice to me

Most aggravating aspect of the election

Democrat write-in candidate should be San Diego's new mayor.

55,531,963 plus

Religion. The true enemy.

Pandemic Risk Spurs Flu Vaccine Planning (bird flu)

Listening to Sirius Left 143 today....

2008 Open Dem vs. Repubs? Are you certain?

You guys rock

Should we start registering kids as conscientious objectors right now?

Let's take time to heal.

I wonder what Mike Malloy's show will like tonight?

So, will GLBT folks get political asylum from progressive nations?

Why are the left wing blogs dismissed?

So, how about Bill Richardson

Remember, Americans LOVE to raise someone up only to

Anyone on DU from Morrison's campaign??

will morals even be an issue in 2006?

From my daughter

Last night I saw a glimmer of hope

tonight I wallow, tomorrow I steel myself

what are Harry Reid's chances?

It is official. God hates me, or doesn't exist.

Watch Olbermann. He just provided me some much needed comic

Pick a new Senate Minority Leader

Ed Rendell in 2008.

shrub will never be MY president!

Are votes continuing to be counted in FL and anywhere else?

we need something like liberal Reagan Revolution

Where we go from here

those of you interested in AAR or other progressive media

Has "moveon" answered for Florida yet?

John Kerry, today you just slapped 60 million democrats in the face...

Accentuate the POSITIVES!

A message of hope from Moveon.Org

"Are we to be forever a nation hated and rejected by all mankind?"

Car Talk Guys coming up on 60 Min.

Geroge Soros, Ted Turner and some of the Dem celebrities $$$

Here's some optimism!!

My fear? Bush could really screw us if he went moderate.

Will Bush* take his Presidential physical exam now?

An idea from my hubby: USA-shaped lapel pins, solid blue, to identify...

We need to go on while watching George Bush clean up his mess

This is extremely odd to me

Anyone here live in a state where uncounted votes might make a difference?

At least there is a Dem Governor in Washington State


what we did right and what we did wrong?

Who Else thinks

This might make you laugh.

am i the only one who literally got physical ill last night?

will we be able to get out the youth vote in 2006?


Step One--if anyone feels like doing something constructive

We Did Not Loose We Did Not Loose

I'm proud of the Northeastern U.S., where I'm from. I'm proud of the West

I'm getting a feeling that those who support Bush will have hell to pay

Canada is here, the EU is here, the world is here


Never give up

Howard Dean's Letter to DFA members- What you won't hear on TV

I was totally bummed until my son made a great point.

Thank you DU!

Dear Conservatives and Republicans:

Right-wing radio reasons why the democrats "failed"

ALERT: George Lakoff coming up on the Majority Report!!

Have you encountered any republicans who were genuinely empathetic?

Something that hurt...the clerk at the grocery store this afternoon

Thank you Southern DUers, for all you have done.

Here's my plan - for what it's worth

I've never felt prouder of my country

Mandate for what???? Fuck that!

How can we win against homophobia as a divisive "value" issue?

Just curious.....did a LOT of people call in sick today for work?

Who is the T-Shirt maker??? Here is one I want....Don't blame me

Show an affirming flame

5 Things You Can Do to Help WIN 2006 and 2008! Contribute to this list!

The geniuses that run this website are slowly returning it to "normal."

Should conscripted troops be allowed to resign rather than fight an

Thanks mods, for providing space for all!

We need a new media outlet.

Email From Eli,

guess Leonard Cohen's "Everbody Knows" fit the mood in the end

Here are my personal plans. I'd love your feedback.

I wonder why there were two buses from Florida

If Michael Moore wants to help cause of Democrats....

Something to make you blue staters feel better.

Activism list - 3 things to do today (Nov 3)

Would a black Presidential Candidate have a chance in '08 (i.e. Obama)?

John Kerry Had Every Right to Concede in Dignity.

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kerry!"

I need to see Kerry the Investigator come out right now

George Lakoff, message-framer extraordinaire, coming up on AAR!

You want the White House, make it about healthcare for all.

Some good news from Minnesota

Reason to Believe

People concerned with 'values' and 'morality' vote Republican

Betty Bowerts has your new buttons - here's my favorite

We're not witnessing religion run amok. It's religious nationalism.

Sign on baptist church in wealthy west st louis county

Skinner and all the DU folks--thanks

Just got home.I thought I was ok, I saw JK's email and I can't stop crying

Our moral responsibility has been lifted

"WEEP" is the one word on the sign at the (wonderful) New Roads School

Were the touch voting machines rigged?

We've only just begun.

Some friends of mine came up with a great way to cope with this B.S.

Could we Rec this Yahoo Story on BBV?

what was Salazar's message?

How long until no one will admit to voting for *?

PLEASE READ: Buck up, guys.

I'm so sad. Many Republicans seem guilty. as if they know this is no good

Remember the American Conservative endorsement of Kerry?

The Future Is Now: America Confronts the New Genetics

Screw the lower middle-class

In some ways , its going to be fun watching the next four years.

God help me, my "liberal" mom just told me I was a "zealot"

Remember, Nixon went down in 2nd term, for 1st term deed!

We need to reach out to Senatorial Rockefeller Republicans

this is long....but I hope you will read

we can win control back

What hurt the worst, is that for the most part, America CHOSE

Thoughts on 2008

I have sunk to the depths of my depression because

Here's my "Apology " Moral Values Crowd...

Apologies for my Anti-Kerry Freakout

Did I hear Kerry right? Support Bush to.....

I'm not watching the news now - how badly are they whoring for Bush now?

You have the power! Never Give Up! Never Give In!

Some ideas for the future

Do NOT let your head down... good will win in the end

Can we now please make DUBI-DUBI-DU a reality?

Ashcroft to resign soon?

I just cannot take any more stress!!

Oh, and one more thing... surprisingly, I don't care what freeps think!

A Pitiful Rant

Cable news free....starting NOW

My husband's comeback to the freepers gloating today at work

DUing polls

James Wolcott: Anyone Know How to Make a Noose?

My Art. My Pain. My Hope. My Gift to You, My Fellow DUers

Osama taunts Bush in New Video

Thinking back, I'm proud of all the Dem candidates


Why do we "immoral" democrats care so much

I posted this in the wrong forum....Song For Tonight:

Thank you, Kerry and Edwards!

campus cop for DK in 2008

Just a thought (don't flame). Would it be feasible for JK to run again?

Good News - Went to the local Democratic Club meeting

Who is seriously considering leaving the country?

Time to read the enemies handbook.

I feel numb. How about you?

LOL! Mike Malloy Begins His Show With The Doors, 'The End'...

The songs that pretty much sums up the whole damn thing for me right now!

What's the medical term for the sour feeling in our stomachs right now?

the party is not dead, begin work on the 2006 midterms

"Electing to Leave"

Why Did Kerry Lose SENIORS?

I just want to celebrate another day of living.

don't stop registering voters

I can't take four more years of this!

I live in a red state and I'm a flaming liberal.

PLease tell me the lame ass Democrats..

why no Grassroots efforts in 2000 and 2002

A personal journey. A Democrat's journey.

I'm putting a note in my neighbor's box tomorrow

A question for Skinner.

So who do we have on deck (looking toward 2008)

I Just Deleted Over 600 Kerry/Democratic Photos & Bookmarks...

Randi Rhodes/Mike Malloy On Electronic Voting Diebold In This Election

Some are angry, some sad--I can't even focus on 11/02---

I notice a lot of senior posters are not here today

Steel For the Warrior's Heart

I'm looking for foreign dominated boards such as DU from Europe

Eve of Destruction

Anyone else think Kerry will be the new minority leader?

Just got this e-mail from a friend in Montreal.

My wife's friend in Italy says the media there is covering the election as

Well before going to jail, John Mitchell said......

Tweety is Pissed

"A goverment for hire in a combat site!" and the rapture and the reverend

i feel luckier than most - for a change

DU Veterans of Losing Political Campaigns: How do you recover from

will the Chimp motivate Dems in blue states to vote out Repuke senators

Re: Trey Parker and Matt Stone...?

Mencken explains it all

The Difficulty of Kindness (a poem)

Please, I Need Help

The End, or the Beginning? E-mail from True Majority (pls. delete if dupe)

I don't think I'll ever work for a Democratic candidate again...

Here's how voting verification could work.

Chairman Specter Warns Chimpy on Justices

My repuke co-workers today were extremely...

Any Ralph Waldo Emerson fans out there?

NY DUers, Let's Get Some Payback

From the CA Democratic Party

Want to cuss out a freeper?

Even Jon Stewart is not funny tonight....

"I have supported president Bush, more often than not."

A lil' funny snippet from

Don't give up hope

Could we Rec this Yahoo Story on BBV?

What is that "Time to Wake Up - Open Your Eyes" song on Malloy?

could division between moderate and conservative Repukes in

Committee Membership - easy instructions?

Stephen Colbert just made my day.

How do we go about making changes in the DNC?

The whole world is mourning with us

how many Dems actually voted for the Chimp?

A little joke....for a little laugh....enjoy

Good news and analysis from Pitchfork Pat

message from al franken on the situation

so, besides the dead soldier * portrait, has M M weighed in..

Now there is no motivation to watch cable news--it's all so one-sided

What I Lost, Along With The Election

How To Deal With Gloaters

Don't fall for it if the media suddenly seems to get a conscience

So who is running in 2008 for the Dems?

A dynamite article from MyDD: "Post-Election Strategy Memo, Part One"

Look at the demographics...the youth vote was OVERWHELMINGLY democrat!

Potential backlash. Hear me out please.

Hear anything from Nader today?

I'll try to keep it short: Where I am right now......

For the final time, folks ... It's gonna take a revolution.

Democrats Sweep Oregon!!!

Let them eat Jesus

In some ways, we are free ....

Ok, Let's Start an Anti-War Movement....

I would move to a Red state......

can we all agree? Senate minority leader from SAFE STATE?

Bring on the Truthseekers

Should we regroup the Dem Party with the Greens and Indeps?

How Bad Is This Loss, Historically?

The road ahead: reflections on Election 2004

How do we take back the party?

We need to breed like flies!

Wesley Clark

now's not the time to give up. or move to canada.

What are our basic principles?

I think Bush is shaking off Ashcroft for an "appearance" of moderation.

Michael Moore only has this on his site now

Some political satire to cheer you all up.

Here's where to get "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Kerry" bumperstickers:

We need to start by creating a stronger division within Christianity...

2 things pissing me off: Its a VALUES election/exit polls were wrong

Nice story about my 16 yr old

Howard Dean was RIGHT.

Better than armbands - let's wear black ribbons

John Kerry didn't fail us, our country failed him

My email to all the cable news media...

Why do we call Chris Mathews 'Tweety' ?

Mike Malloy has never been more right.

Arianna Huffington: Anatomy Of A Crushing Political Defeat

God Help America (UK Mirror)

I am seriously thinking about cutting Republicans I know out of my life.

Looking for concrete action?

This is the way we must go to get the future we want.

A concession has no legally binding effect.

Let us plan the complete and utter destruction of the Republican Party...

Ask not what the Democratic Party can do for you...

I'm seeing some awesome stuff here today. Do me a favor and read this.

Please tell me I am not the only person crying right now.

I Think This Election Will Change The Way We Talk About Abortion

I used to be a right-wing fundamentalist.

Just sent this to Chimp via

"You are dead to me now."

Anyone want a little hope?

The Corporation evokes some ideas

Deleted message

"What Is This Shith?!"

"A Time To Heel" | a farewell to TOONs...

Anyone know about rolling over 401K/TSP into Canada?

(Iraq president) Yawer okays use of force in Fallujah

Could we Rec this Yahoo Story on BBV?

US Ambassador (to Australia) to step aside next year

Al-Jazeera TV: A new Osama Bin Laden Video?

Champagane time for IT, ITeS (outsourcers rejoice at Bush win)

Christian Coalition Responds to Alabama's Amendment Two Defeat

WP: Rightward Shift May Squeeze Centrists

Dallas elects first lesbian hispanic sherriff

Chafee votes for Bush's father

(Iraqi) Professors flee the country (1600 university teachers leave)

Missing evidence could foil Saddam prosecution, claims report

Another Canadian province set to allow gay marriage.

Moral Values A Significant Factor In 2004 Presidential Election

Drudge: Ashcroft to RESIGN!

Long waits biggest problem at most polling places (Cleveland)

Ohio to Keep Counting Provisional Ballots

from beyond uor borders (Germany)

There's this new movie coming out about Bush and Cheney...

Let me cheer you guys up... click on this link...


In short, when these fundie nimrods are sucking gruel thru a straw

If the Red Sox had shown as much fight as Kerry...

So where were those international election watchers that were supposed to

I meant to buy champaign for last night. I didn't get around to it.

Loyal Bush supporters, show him you really care

Well in light of the shit that has befallen us, donate to DU

Kick back and say I told you so....

I wonder, when the draft comes round.....

Just spoke with Drunk Barber about the election

Update on the whole me-getting-smashed-with-a-brick thing

Freak Talks About Sex

Can I change my name to nothingshocksmeanymoreeither?

"The Cracker-belt states" - gotta love Janeane!!

Can't wait for TDS. Jon Stewart will hopefully cheer me up

Aussie saves Austrian opera

Just when everything seems wrong a man jumps on your lap for snuggling

It's the worst day IMO since 9-11, but at least "Lost" is on tonight

Anyone listening to the Bob Edwards show?

Anybody think Cheney will make it through another 4 years?

losing faith in humanity, one person at a time

Lots of Knotts

Just when everything seems wrong a cat jumps into your lap and shits

Just when everything seems wrong, a rooster shows up chuggling

Just when everything seems wrong coke jumps into your bag for smuggling

Can Shrubya be an even worse pResident?

Jest when everything seems okee shmokey

I think I've finally cracked

Just when everything seems wrong an imaginary talking cat calls me a bore

I guess we can kiss off restoring some dignity to the White House

Just when everything sems wrong a shit jumps in your lap for snuggling

Just when everything seems wrong a cat takes a shit by my door.

Had one moment of fun confusing the townie repukes yesterday.

Just when everything seems wrong a manatee shows up juggling

Our next candidate should learn how to speak to the Fundies

All I can say is, FOUR MORE YEARS

On the bright side, Bush is bound to F@%k up badly in the next two years

So is it up to the world to stop Bush?

There ARE some benefits to a stupid majority of the population

Alright DU the threads are copying cats already!

DU is going to be all help threads are already starting

Ive spent the last 24 hours puking freepers, ask me anything

The video to Rainbow in the Dark was just on VH1Classic

DU is gonna be all right.........look someone objectifying themselves

DU is going to be all right...the copycat threads are already starting-

Seven Spanish Angels Willie Nelson/Ray Charles

Depeche Mode "Violator"

I've spent the last 24 showers plucking lepers....ask me anything

computer help please

Four more years of seeing perfectly good window treatments....

Banana pie in honor of the Chimp's win!!

I sent my last 24 houris plunging leapers-- ask me anything!

Bush can't even get through a victory speech without a double entendre!

We'll Live to Fight Another Day

Mythbusters is on, good escapist entertainment

I dont' trust myself.

I'm 8 from 400, Ask Me Anything!!! (It's Official. The Lounge is Back!)

I don't trust smirkymonkey either

To lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose.

I'll ask again, how do I put an image into my sig...

The slow one now will later be fast

DU is going to be all right...the sex threads are already starting-

I'd hoped this would be a celebratory post. I'll have to settle for dirty

There won't be a draft, but there will be a ____

I've spent the last 24 hours nuking freepers, ask me anything!!!!!!!

I get by with a little help from my friends.

How do I put an image in my sig?

We're Democrats were gonna pick oursleves up from our bootstraps

What should we do to the manatee bothering theexpat?

Torquemada to replace Ashcroft as Attorney General

Protests going on throughout the day

At least we don't have to see that damned "Wolves" ad any more.

Post Election Protests in Boston

Humanist Hymns: Come Thou Long Expected Rapture

A song parody in honor of yesterday's events.

My girlfriend struck her colours today...

For my soul mates here, this is for you!

Anyone notice the similarities?

At least our Northern neighbors have our backs! (ha!)

When Is The Appropriate Time to Sell My Dean for America T-Shirt on eBay

Pleas help! Am I going crazy?

I'll tell ya why I'm lost.

Ok, who's drunk?

"September 1, 1939" by W.H. Auden

Yellow bracelets???

Thank you DU... You've been cathartic for me today.

Take Solace, We Will Prevail (A Horror Movie Example)

Could we Rec this Yahoo Story on BBV?

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry" bumperstickers

My parents just told me that they voted for Bush....

E-mail Fraud -- what authority handles it?

Look, I don't care what you say, butt

What do you suppose the fundies would do if the rapture came...

For Fellow Lit-lovers out there, I give you Yeast...

Look, I don't care what you say, but...

For Fellow Lit-lovers out there, I give you Yeats...

Cartoon in the Province Newspaper today.......

Lost is on

I might have a job....

I have another JOB INTERVIEW!!!!

OOH! Alton Brown's Doing Biscuits Tonight

I'm taking a book for vacation and I'm looking for a good DUer to

Here it is 745...I passed "Hammerin' Hank Aaron!"

The smirking faces of GWB, Cheney Hughes, Rove, Hannity is what

I'm worried about the people I haven't seen here today.

Just when everything seems wrong a cat jumps on your lap for snuggling

Did anyone watch O'Reilly tonight? Was he gloating?

Post election day Haiku thread...

"Twilight Zone" or "Bush-Cheney II"..."SERVE ALL AMERICANS"

Where is ZombyWoof?

We've had our first kitten post since the 'election' ...

Old man lying by the side of the road with the lorries rolling by...

Some reasons chimpy may regret winning this election

"Anger is an energy, anger is an energy, anger is an energy..."

I'd like to boycott corporations that support Bush, BUT I have a problem

Mike Malloy is so right about this

W.W.J(oe Strummer).D.??

Serious about a Victoria BC DU meet in December?!

Is there something wrong with me, or us?

"Suck on that Scalia!" Daily show thread.

Buried in the Lounge of the alcoholic haze of the morning after defeat ...

You know, it was a nice planet while it lasted...

Weird election day bomb drill

I gave $100 to DU and ACLU today...gimme some Lounge Love.

***From My DU***

Is DU'er Underpants around? Just checking to see if you're here

I canNOT get this song outta my head

We'll Fight to Live another day...

so who else wishes they were this guy right now?

a little smile: The Onion's take:

Obama's qualifications for POTUS

You may have defeated my Southern Hook Palm technique

How I am going to rebel

Malloy just dropped a 'quack quack' over Bush's speech

Anyone been over to Johnny Rottens website?

This about sums it up for me...SIGH.

I have a new name for Chimpy


Was there a Daily Show tonight?

G'night, Lounge!

Music Lovers, I give you Ben Folds...(I think it fits the mood...)

This made me feel a little better....

New term, new nickname? Should I change mine to "RomeroSpeaksTheTruth"?

What happened here last night? What kind of attack was that?

Can we still call Bush *?

How much longer do we have to put up with Colin Quinn?

Maxine Walters just hit the nail on the on Air America we need to stop

Shit, I May Need to Change My Posting Nick

Bush did NOT win! Here's the real winner, direct from CNN

What gives with the right wing nutjobs?

Did I mention this redneck town I live in has a gay mayor?

Am I wrong to feel this way?

West Wing - Is John Spencer leaving the show?

My husband is up for citizenship (he's British)

The poor and the Poor man is Dead (poem)

Man tries to convert lions to Jesus, gets bitten

So anyone serious about going to Canada? I am looking for people

who all outed themselves as freepers last night?

What's your all-time fave Onion story? I am partial to this one:

Street Protests in Portland

Anybody got a scrap of land in Oregon

How lame is it to spend YEARS coming here pretending....

I never really paid much attention to Al Sharpton

Okay, her's an election to lighten the mood a little

I can't wait to see all these snot nosed punk ass 20-something repubs

People Magazine promoting puppy mills!

A Bloom County that I dug up...

Public note to the Mods and Admins...

Why is Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn still on the air?

Should I change my DU name to PlasticWrapJihad?

OK, it's official

Fighting and Acrimony or Help and Support?

Kids-I love you all - but for my sanity I think I might have leave a while

I think Pete Townshend sums up my feelings the best........

Gable, Harlow - "Red Dust" - TCM escape time.

I'm listening to "You Can't Always get what you want" by the Stones

Is anyone else starting to get over it already???

Jon Stewart: "Bush gets a second term, thanks to Ohio, a state that is...

One thing I'm happy about: I get to watch WarCriminal self-destruct, live

Should I just eat all the leftover Halloween candy to feel better?

I'll tell ya why we lost.

What's the difference between George Bush and Jeffrey Dahmer?

Should we make those bracelets for an anti-Bush protest?

I'm taking a vacation from DU, and am looking for a good fiction book to

Average IQ of each state and who they voted for

OK, DUers, why should you all watch "The West Wing" tonight?

How are you coping? I'm BAKING... so far...


What did Kerry say when he called his fraternity brother at 11:02 AM?

When did being "out of touch with the south" become a bad thing?


Anger from Seoul, Korea

What will collapse the US?

So many indictments and only four years. Nixon was re-elected too!

AWOL picked up one state to win this time. FLORIDA.

All my life I have wondered

Have you changed your stance on outing gay Republicans?


Kerry's Election Lawyers Vanished like Dean's Canvassers in Iowa/NH?

I refuse to recognize this president or his "victory"


We Democrats aren't done with this...

I just got polled over the telephone.

I can't believe I will have to endure another 4 yrs of not watching

.....Where you can't kill a man until AFTER he's born...

Are all the pundits sad and subdued or just tired? No one seems happy.

My replacement for my K/E sticker


Proof of need for new Dem leadership? How about today

bwah-ha-ha! I made my freeper bush-loving neighbor lose $100.

so where were those UN observers?

Dear Gwen Ifill: BIGOTRY is not a "VALUE"

I'm thinking about joining a church.

Moral values? Bring 'em on! (four-years-of-spying-and-outing plan)

Howard Dean and Al Gore

Are there any good Military bases in the blue states?

Diebold Voting Machine Owner Committed To Give Votes To Bush in 2004

proof diebolds stole the election [ALL DU'ers they ereased votes]

Remember Saddam has a trial soon hmmmmmmm...

The immediate challenge: Don't let the Democrats wimp out in Congress

Nobody has figured out the real disaster yet.

So what happened to the much lauded "College vote"?

Whats going to Really Happen?

Greg Palast - If you count ALL the Votes in OH, it's NOT close...

Well it's obvious our leaders haven't learned anythin...Reid

Let's Consolidate all the "Big Idea" Ideas

Maybe we should change our name to "The Christian Party"

Bin Laden intent on acquiring nuclear devices[Is this the deal Bush made?]

The Military...

Mark Warner - Sam Nunn 2008

Why Not KARL MARX For President in 2008?

These threads about the 2008 nominee

Is this what politics has come down to? Fetus and Fag Voters?

Why can't we contest Florida?

Before we do anything else

"Better be ruled by a smart Turk than a dumb Christian."

Protestors in Portland Oregon right now

Religion. The true enemy.

A evangelical fundy DEMOCRAT who is agaisnt abortion & gay rights?

Get ready for:

Something doesn't add up re: Popular Vote Totals

it's official--now i really DO hate america

"White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised!"

Take heart. Who are the MOST POPULAR Repukes in America?

Who would you support in the 2008 presidential primaries?

From Europe:Before you shake an American by the hand, ask him how he voted

Should we start an American version of the Very Silly Party?

The Presidency That NEVER Was.

So is Bush still for civil unions?

I fogot about Ashcroft. Ugh. Get ready for Patriot Act II

How-to Guide for Democrats to win every election from now on:

Buy Blue!!!!! Put your money where your conscience is!

All the People Who Spoke Out Against Bush...Need to Keep Speaking Out

FOXNEWS now: Dick Morris is accusing the Dem of cooking the the exit polls

Who wants to come to the Northeast? PA, NY, and all NE DUers

I got the red state blues

Bush telling the Democrats to unite behind him is like...


Proud of my state!

time to take a stand, friends

Where do we go from here?

Has "moveon" answered for Florida yet?

John Kerry, today you just slapped 60 million democrats in the face...

My new senator Martinez is on CNN

The thing about Bill Clinton

Anyone think Gore will give it a whirl in '08?

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger beat Alan Keyes in a national election?

Don't buck up....don't get over it...

The vault is sealed. We will never know the truth of 911

Sen.-elect Martinez just now: "Give Bush a chance!"

Hillary has an annoying, grating delivery. Forget about Hillary 2008

You realize the reason they are hitting democratic party so hard is

'08 is a fantasy, the Machiavellians have conquered Mayberry

how did we fail with the GOTV?

When is Mark Warner's term up in VA?

Costa Rica: Warm, inexpensive, friendly people, easy immigration

Had the electorate been informed by the media, would they have voted for *

The Democratic Party, As We Knew It, Has Died

So the election is over...put Nader back into his cryogenic chamber...

Who you gonna call?

Absentee ballots

A gay general strike?

I am ready 4 the American Taliban. Lets have a full dose of republicanism!

If this was such a great mandate...

EJ Dionne had it right on NPR

You did this to yourselves...

Fuck Red America.

Four more years

I hereby dub W "**"

The Colin Powell strategy for Dems?

If fraud is discovered then John Kerrys concesion means nothing.

The"mandate" meme's gonna hurt us unless we react.......

Starting The Fight Against Fascism In America

Anyone else feeling more fired up now?

Funny how they don't care that Ben Laden is trying to get nukes

who is the T-shirt maker...I want a ...Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry

Wesley Clark - Mark Warner

Will Biology Teacher become an unsafe profession in Red States?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel-Hardball Thread....

"Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada"

I can hear it now "daddy daddy do you love me now" I got two terms

Will the Red Sox owners go to the WH.....

War vets need not apply when running for President

This can be like 1964 or it can be like 1972.

Don't give up: Beat Santorum in 2006

New school vs old school

Am I shocked? no, Am I saddened? yes, Have the Dems learned anything

Pray for the rapture. Then all these people will be taken up

Diebold aside, polling averages pretty much nailed the election.

WTF? What's with the polls and these "Moral Values"?

Et tu, America

Fuck Ralph Nader!


News: "Ex-NFLer Held in Siegfried & Roy Drive-By"

states map of popular vote

we can win control back!

who thinks concession is just a diabolically clever

UBSA and URSA (United Blue States of America and United Red States

If the tables had been turned and Kerry had eked out

So what in the fuck do we do about the Evangicals?

Did you know? More Americans voted against George Bush...

Al Frankin on Dennis Miller's Show....

"America has spoken"?????????

This is the FIRST presidential election we lost in 12 years

This is just a continuation of the Civil War. The south can't get

New Senate Leader

Why the democrats lose and the Republicans Win....

Instead of picking future love/hate 2008 candidates while

Since McAuliffe is out, let's bring in the Big Dog

It Was The Farmers And Homophobes...

Unite with Bush? What about the loyalty oaths and campaign stops for the

c-span taking calls

Can I get a collection of the BBV issues in Ohio and Florida?

70 million Americans don't believe in evolution...

The RNC always stayed on the same exact talking points


The truth is we nearly MAXED OUT the possible non-Repuke vote

Why not Russ Feingold for president 2008?

Freepers are on this board....

Its funny how some at DU parrot the media's latest talking points.

Any numbers reporting on how K/E did w/ Catholics? Just curious.

AWOLGate? WeaponsGate? PlameGate? Now Litigate!

America is screwed: Election stolen again

Russian Observer Shocked by U.S. Election Procedures

Well I just got into it with a old friend who just found out was rep.

Absentee ballots, anyone? What are they- toilet paper?

Where the FUCKING HELL was the much-ballyhooed youth vote?????

How many months of vacation will Bush take now that he doesn't need

Spank the Donkey!

That's it! "Moral Values"The next time I hear someone talk about values...

Dems Lost Because They Didn't "Appeal to Morals" My ASS!

Kerry will hopefully lead the movement to impeach Bush

Could we Rec this Yahoo Story on BBV?

I thought Truth Is All election model worked perfectly

Pictorial evidence of tampering

HUNGARY, the NETHERLANDS to withdraw troops from Iraq

wouldn't a party that supported the troops

we all need the bumper sticker "Hillary's plan worked"

Ok next time we need to PUNISH the Zell Miller's and Ed Kotch's!!

Question About Registered Democrats vs How Many Voted

This is my acrimony. I'm a little upset about the gay marriage issue

FReakingtoughguyidiots tell terrorists: BRING IT ON!!

Religion is the core problem. The reason takes 2 sentences:

Jesus Has Been Crucified

From now on, I'm voting for the Green Party.

Need your heart warmed & your cheeks wet? Read this thread:

Joe Lockhart for head of DNC?

ferfucksake, no hillary in '08! do we want yet another 4 years of GOP?


Mike Malloy Thread!

Is it time for us to split up into 2 or even 3 separate parties?


A plan for 2008 and beyond: We colonize NM, NV, MT, ND, SD, AK.


If you were secretly a Republican, what are some of the ways you'd spin...

Song for Tonight

When do the fundamentalist start getting vocal about demanding

Let's regroup over the next 24 years: Chelsea in 2028!

60 million Americans should feel no further obligation to pay taxes.

Why should we "Unite & Heal" ???

I can't accept

It's not 1984, folks, it's Brave New World.

Harry Reid is going to be the minority leader in the Senate.


Bush needs a terrorist attack as a pretext for the draft

The ONLY positive thing I've thought of all day

My Country is California

Early Voters

Heads Up! Inside the Kerry Campaign last night. Kerry is going to be on.

Any white southern ministers

America has spoken...

Kerry and Gore ...."Gone With the Wind?" ..."Johnny we hardly Knew Ye?"

I'm sick of their misusing the phrase "Moral Values"

I think I'm getting over this already

So...Where are the Democratic "Teams of Lawyers" thousands who were

An e-mail from my evangelical friend (a glimpse inside their minds)

Time to shop at Walmart! to hell with the small businesses

The MOTHER of All Conspiracy Theories...

The Right-Wing Christain Fundie God has a Mandate!

Now I'm beginning to see the wisdom in a la carte Cable

Are you mad? Target GOP Senators up for re-election in 2006

New names for the Bush Administration

This Puts It Rather Nicely !!! - Guardian Message Board

The Plan for Rescuing Democracy from the Dominionists


America has spoken: Hell Is On The Way!

The best thing we can do is put a stop to electronic voting by

Let's end Republican Pork!

Study out today suggests SHOCK THERAPY for depression!

I Have A Great Idea How To Increase Turnout...

The Religious WRONG

Call me nuts but I think that Faux, CNN

Weird election day incident

YABSSSP (Yet another blue states should secede post)

Could Kerry still become President? Say he wins Ohio after votes from




It's the end of the world as we know it

OK guys, I knew Lee Atwater

Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?)

My Rant


Discuss this topic: Why no Obama kenote speech on network TV?

HEY!!!!!!! Daily Show's coming on.

Who should run in 2008?

You know, I'm starting to feel energized again.

Janis Joplin said freedom just means nothin left to lose

moved and deleted by poster

Spread the word - The Christian Wrong and Al Qaeda

O.K. I'm Convinced, Am Downgrading to Basic Cable, No Faux

Democracy was slaughtered in 2000.

My son's sign in his dorm room:

Junior's like a pimp taking one of his girls out for a coke after beating

anybody ready for a laugh yet? here's a story about a crazy fundy.

After 4 more years, will they still be blaming 9/11?

Did I hear Kerry right? Support Bush to.....

I don't think I'll ever work for a Democratic candidate again...

I LOVE Mike Malloy. Have I said this yet today?

What if the West Coast and New York applied for acceptance in the EU?

Edwards and Clark are still viable candidates for '08 - who else?

We MUST take on these 'Moral Value' Issues. HEAD ON.

BBV fix opinions

so, who should we run in 2008?

We must not let the Dictatorship win. Ideas?

How did Gore do better than Kerry?

Rich vs. Poor.......Wise vs. Ignorant

The Republican Party will destroy itself -- or at least seriously fracture

1.6 million uncounted votesin florida?

so now that we've located the problem (diebold machines) do we fix it

We don't have anyone, do we?


Alleged Election

what we need is some INSANE NUTJOBS to GO NEGATIVE

Let Give the Rethugs EVERYTHING they want for the next four years.

so this is a place i can safely be angry?

Are your freeper friends/relative/neighbors saying we will all unite...

whether you believe the "election" was fraudulent or not

I feel numb. I don't care. The Party is Over. Who's with me?

Speaking of theocracy: man kills man because he didn't "believe in God"

I just had an Ah-nold brain cramp.

My friend in OH just told me that she didn't vote

If Bush stole the election

Professional Election Workers

we need a karl rove on our side

If the Democrats move further to the right

i refuse to believe that kerry, f/911, moveon, act, and everyone else...

Gun-toting, fag-hating, .....

Rove got us on the gay marriage issue

Are there really more of them than us, and how much more?

What do you think of "America Coming Together,"

I Hate Republicans. Just saying. :)

I voted for John Kerry in the primaries and all I got was New Hampshire

Truthout Statement | The Road Ahead

DU gets a shoutout in Slate's BBV piece.

After 4 more years will they still be blaming Clinton?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the

what would be the chances of this

Fuck this's time for civil disobedience of the highest order

Leftofthedial had a great idea I want to float to everyone: RON RGAN elect

Schumer sounded like the Dems will have to "rethink" positions again.

To all the Seniors who voted for Bush

For you Clark, Dean, and Edwards supporters in '08

The repugs just pulled our punk card, and all half of you can talk....

how do we put the term liberal to rest?

"When will the Democrats realize God had a hand in this election?"

Shrub WAS at 90% Approval At One Point

Every vote must be counted! No disenfranchisement!

Where was/is the black leadership in this country?

New cable television individual stations that you want

Who hear can design a vote system that can't cheat.

Run Obama in 2008 or the Democratic Party can go to hell.

I'm sorry but I have to let this out...(warning foul language. Very foul)

DAMN, malloy is SLAMMING kerry!

Well, We 'Took to the Streets' tonight!

Which was the only age group that voted for Kerry? People aged 18-30!

The next 4 years will be a disaster for America

Walden "Wally" O'Dell

If Only the South Had Supported Bush...

Are we too focused on national politics?

What about the uncounted absentee ballots in Florida?

What Happened & What's Next (from Progressive Dems of America)

What will be your attitude towards Bushbots when bad things happen to them

OK the Evangelicals won this time! Then LET THE CULTURE WAR BEGIN!

MUST READ about the coup of the theocrats. Democracy has lost.

John Kerry, today you just slapped 60 million democrats in the face...

God WANTED Bush to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Michael Moore wants to help cause of Democrats....


Will bush need to go to congress

Opinion;s needed..Would changing the nominating process help the DNC ??

To ALL FOREIGNERS ON Democratic Underground: America to you: Fuck OFF


Convince me that I'm wrong:


Basically the Whites have departed the Democratic party and the

"Attn Ohio, crooked voting machines are due back in Florida" - Letterman


Update on the whole me-getting-smashed-with-a-brick thing

Whatever it takes, Rove and his methodology must be broken and discredited

There is zero indication Diebold hurt Kerry in Florida

I'm SICK of these "fuck the Red States and stupid poor trash" threads!

A message to DU from Frederick Douglas

Freeloader Red States

Is the red post-election tinge a mandate? Don't bet on it.

Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada

Friedman: Two Nations Under God

Edwards hits right notes!!!

Al Giordano's invitation: Now What? First, We Kill the Media

To the NYT: why I will NOT unite

This article is ONLY>>>>

Dowd: The Red Zone (MoDo Rips Bush)

After I cried I felt better for reading this.

"The Gospel According To Dubya"

BBC: China's "socialist" rulers prefer Republicans to Democrats

London Mirror: God Help America: elects "dim-witted, draft-dodging" cowboy

The Morning After

Robert Parry "Too Little.Too Late (I't's the MEDIA ,STUPID!) A Must Read!

Kerry for Democratic Senate leader?

Falluja and the Iraqi Insurgency - Middle East Institute

Al Gore in 2008?

Democracy Fails: Corporations Win

Democrats' Losses Go Far Beyond One Defeat (Exit poll analysis)

Florida GOP Stage a Repeat of 2002, Not 2000(antigay/abortion,pro faith )

Republicans Beat Democrats inOhio Ground Game(moral vales/antigay new vote

Must read David Neiwert post

Kerry's Vision Not Clear, Analysts Say(defined by Bush early on!)

Time: (Poppy) Savoring Victory, Family Style

NYT: The Red Zone (Maureen Dowd)

Another clear-eyed view>>>>

Text of President Bush's News Conference (November 4, 2004)

Draft agency files notice to request record matching with Department of E

Great vote, grisly result

Mad as hell and not taking it anymore

Theft of the election was known in advance...

Arlen Specter Flip Flops (my email to him)

On "reuniting" with the Red Regime (Not!)

How Did it Happen?

Bush Wins a Second Term, Outlines Ambitious Goals

It's a slap in the face but sometimes you just need to hear it

Divided we Stand

Courts Are Poised to Take a Hard Right Term

Newsweek: Inner Circle (Not everyone sure about race–Rove's plan/ Dean)

Rage Against the Machines (DU mentioned!)

Kerry, how dare you!!!

Mandate of Arrogance

My first thoughts after the election - Michael Moore

Molly Ivins: Mourning in America (Getting over it by getting organized)

Why Bush won - It's pretty simple, really -- Kerry was a poor candidate.

NYT OpEd: The Day the Enlightenment Went Out

Europe's economic goals fail

Anatomy of a crushing political defeat by Arianna Huffington

Friedman: Two Nations Under God

Zealotry: the Final Act

"Those faulty exit polls were sabotage"

Kerry Won

Hillary v Jeb: the grudge match for 2008?

Dean for DNC Chairman

Karl Rove "worked for years on"

FCC Media Forum St. Paul Dec. 9


MOSH ...It's one word , But I think we can use it ...Here's my Idea


ATTENTION : Bay Area DUers ...Green Festival Sunday

Everyone Put One of These On Your Car!

Alternate to those yellow ribbons-Blue Bring Home Our Troops

Whole Foods Market.

Are we ready to starve the beast?

Here is what we do...

Any plans to protest the inauguration?

When the media thought Kerry was going to win...

Aaarrrgggg, Couldn't get on AAR to dispute Fineman.

Sinclair, Clear Channel & Salem Off And Running

Technical Post-Ideas and Techniques on making internet movies

Wow, Shrub is really uniting right now...

FCC Media Forum Coming to St. Paul Dec. 9

Did the liberals/Dems succumb to the ECHO CHAMBER effect?

Please comment on my thread below, "It's the media, stupid"

ATrios says Something's Coming 11/04 1:58 p.m.

WTF? Brochaw just said that 4 years ago, * entered with a "significant

Al Franken Praising Howard Fineman As Great Political

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog....let's get him press credentials.

AAR is having terrible transmission problems today.

Anyone notice the silence from Kerry/Campaign people?

Liberal Media My Ass!!

Subscribe to the Nation and the Progressive!

can someone provide a link to AAR-I can't get connection

We need to control the Media

West's Wildfires Linked to Global Warming

What Happens If The U.S. Currency Is No Longer The World's Reserve...

Antarctic Food Chain in Peril, Study Finds (Warming killed 80% of krill)

Stock market soaring! Why?!

NY State - Cut, Privatize Monitors For Hazardous Waste Sites - NYT

Record High Temperatures Throughout Italy - 81F In Rome

First Locust Invasion On Record Continues In Cyprus - Reuters

What We CAN Do Until Sanity Returns

Scientists Link Climate Warming, Increased Western Wildfires - LA Times

Wood Mackenzie - "Exploration Cannot Remain Growth Engine" for Big Oil

Boffins issue stealth comet apocalypse alert

Planting Trees To Fight Climate Change Problematic For New Zealand

Analysts - Return Of Chimpy Aids Big Three (Really? No shit?)

Antarctic Krill - Ocean Food-Chain Base - Down More Than 80% In 25 Years

US Will Fight Any Recommendation From Arctic Council Climate Report

The Mystery of the Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die

And Yet It Melts - Guardian

National Wildlife Foundation Optimistic About Bush 2nd Term (WTF?!?)

Murder Chen if he wins election suit, Lien says

China, Iran sign oil and gas deal

Did the "gun" vote have any effect?

Freeper in help and support forum

Quick question about user registration

Farewell for awhile.

Have th options been re-enabled? I can't get spell check to work....

Sure will be nice when we can again opt to NOT show Lounge

May some sort of offical statement be made concerning

Site manager, I think Skinner

regarding the p.s. on the home page.

"evoting" is the most important issue facing DU and the free world. I

User Name Change Questions...

You guys deserve a HUGE 'Thank you!' !!!

When will DU lift the ban on new users?

We need admin leadership. Stat!

How can I change my username?

Can Level 2 and 3 please including ignoring the Lounge

Expatriate Forum?

How is a notice in the Federal Register dated 11/4 not LBN?

"Proud to be Blue American" products


Thanks Skinner and company - and a confession!

What's the money/features situation?

can you make a section for the 2006 campaigns now????

Is it possible to change one's screenname?

i've put someone on ignore...but they're posts keep appearing.

my post was deleted. why?

I second the request for an expats forum.

Suggested third GD discussion forum:

Need Forum: "GD: Future" or "GD: Looking Forward"

It is not over! The electoral college actually votes for Pres. and we can

hey skinnah - how Long are the kerry bashing threads

I know this is against normal procedure

Is it possible to start a DU Shopping forum?


What sort of relationship do you have with the bloggers

Pleeeeease Skinner, can we pleeeease have a "coming out party" for

How much server horsepower and $$$ would it take to get us back to normal?

since I can't respond to the TWO money/features threads already here;


Sorry to bother you about this again

Clean the member list?

I cannot reply to redqueen's posts

Israel's Gaza commander resigns

Arafat is dead and Chimpy the Retard says "God Bless his soul"

Official: Yasser Arafat in a coma

Arafat Reported *NOT* Clinically Dead; PM Denies

The next 9/11 - coming to a blue state near you?

I see CBS says Bush Has 279 electoral votes and Kerry 259.

goodnight DU'ers

Time for a General Strike?

I have a plan & I need some help. Starting w/New Hampshire.

BEV Harris -- live -- Mike Webb Show -- coming up

What really sucks is that just enough people

Wear a black armband

Rueters article on emachine problems


For all of you who want to fight: GET THE DATA!

I'm beginning to think that this election is intended as a lesson . . .

For info purposes, an Ohio Provisional Ballot Primer

New Motto: DEMAND A PAPER TRAIL, put it on bumberstickers

How Bush's victory sent liberal Britain into collective depression

Paper trail? Screw e-voting!!

What was the name of the opposition party to Hitler?

Proof that Ohio was stolen: Negative vote count in one Diebold County

How did Cheney Know they would "win" by about 52%

Ohmy, Netscape/CNN photo of * is "asshole.jpg"

We May Lose the Entire War and Not Just one Battle


We should march to demand all the votes be counted.

What Bushite retirement/firing would satisfy you?

Today's Daily Mirror (UK)

WP: What Happened in Ohio

Are You Pleased With ThePrez Election Results? (CNN) DU This One!

Let the Bullets Fly from Our Fingers...Who is with Me?

If you want to know how Bush won, see this movie NOW.

Let's Get a List of Favorable Bloggers, Pundits,....Let the Bullets Fly

The one and only reason * won.

Who were the Ohio judges?

want to destroy the republican party? join it.

Why they voted for him!!

It's a red, red, red nation

Can the mods start a new section for BBV/Stolen election crap?

How to solve the "values" problem

Here's a comforting thought....

Official Kerry blog is shut down for comments this morning......

Gore/Nader got 53,876,814. Kerry 55,574,580

have we heard from jimmy carter?

"Triumph of Bible Belt Imperialism"

* press conference discussion

When will we know how many provisional ballots there are in OH

I was totally unprepared - mentally & emotionally - for a Kerry loss.

The time is NOW to start a REAL third party

e-voting a success declares Washington Technology Magazine

Making the Case for Exit Polls...

Life goes on.

Would Bush Have Conceded?

Early/absentee voter patterns by party?

For all of you who want to fight: GET THE DATA!

Only 9,555 Absentee Ballots counted in Florida TO DATE


For all here who naively said things like

Electronic Voting machines

Silver Lining?

The vote count continues? Yes, No?

Bush in no-win situation VERY SOON.

what battleground demographics went to the Chimp

Give credit where credit is due.

Dennis Kucinich On Democracy Now!

Did they get away with it?

Holy SHIT... Bush wins **WITHOUT** Ohio!

They thought they would get away with it a second time...

Holiday Shopping Boycott -- Will You Join? (Wear a Black Armband, Too!)

Hindsight (on the VP pick)

In Protest-NO Thanksgiving

I'm beginning to enjoy this election now.

which Ohio counties had e-voting, please.

HELP! I Need to Reach an Attorney at Kerry/Edwards re: Voter Fraud!

I hope that all of you DUers who are doing such good investigative work...

STOP THE COUP! March on Tallahassee and Columbus this weekend!!!

I don't think Edwards helped - though it's not his fault

randi rhodes just mentioned somethign intersting for the hate

NOT MY PRESIDENT: "Blue state draft resistance"

It's Pretty Clear: America Will Never Again Elect A War Hero As President

The Will of the People -- May God help us all

Election Mandate or Tainted Election: My Message to the Media

Election Monitoring / Accounting

Bush victory looks bad overseas...

Maybe we need to work outside the party framework.

OK. For the last time: Touchscreens WERE used in Ohio.

Blowing a President, by Peggy Noonan

We were beaten by religion, nothing more, nothing less

New precedence: if you win an election, you have a mandate. If you lose,

Osama surprise: Someone Needs to Do some After Election Polling on this!!

A very sophisticated COUP and we got played by the good cop/bad cop game

Cover of this week's Austin Chronicle...

I saw bar graphs earlier today comparing paper to blackbox

For People Hoping For The Rope-a-Dope.

A concession has no legally binding effect.


Ohio Question

Takebackthemedia's classic Flash "VOTEREVOLUTION" - We Predicted THIS

Florida Data/Machines

The Fear

OSCE Monitors' Prelimenary Report

elizabeth edwards has breast cancer - AP

What four more years might mean

Will they keep counting in Ohio?

Did DUer, "AWD" (Jeff Seeman) win?

Email I received from Michael Moore (long)

Tax exempt status for churches should be pulled

Take a breath....think back to when we first heard that

Beware of guys who want to talk you out of the voter fraud

go play this game: give bush a brain

They Stole It Fair And Square.

This is just plain SAD

If You Really Want To Make A Point About Us Being Marginalized...

From the Federal Registry, fiirst steps to a draft

Did Kerry concede because of SKULL AND BONES code of honor?

Any news on how the troops are taking the * win?

If it was stolen there is no compromise or bipartisanship. There is WAR.

If BBV investigations prove that Kerry won

from K/E forum

Take heart -- Nixon was elected to a second term too.

Cover of the newest LA Weekly magazine.

Intriguing comment from AAR's Morning Sedition...

If Kerry is down 377,000 in FL, what % of absentee ballots does he need?

October RICO Lawsuit Lists VOTING Companies as Defendents!

No doubt about it, Florida was stolen

The Constitutional process worked against Nixon. It can work again...

Where is the "Party" on this fraud?


Check these numbers out in FL!! 8,100% DIFFERENCE for Repubs???

Ned Flanders, rejoice!

Why did Bush do so much better among Hispanics than in 2000?

Show me the 10 hr. lines in the Red States!

FRAUD! I Need HELP in New Hampshire!!! (Boots on the Ground, Please!)


Great Vote, Grisly's Guardian (UK)

This is the issue

in addition to the 4K votes in Franklin, I've found some more! URGENT!!!

4,000 votes mistakenly added to GWB total in Ohio

Poll: Was the election stolen? - Don't know added

Greg Palast says Kerry won Ohio, he'll post the article this morning

Fellow Dems -Please look at how Europe sees us now

Bloggers and webmasters/mistresses, need your help!

Just haerd on AAR, Lincoln Chaffee

Were the votes for Kerry and Bush switched in Florida???


My prediction for the next 4 years...

Why Did CNN Change Their Exit Poll Data for Ohio After 1:00 AM?

Why is it that Senators don't = electable presidential candidates?

Hey Freepers: There Will Be Payback.

Don't read this. It is too heavy.

How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB!!!

Kerry's Capitulation...Nothing Like What I've Seen Him do for 20 years

Hit them where it hurts: the pocketbook.

Not so damn fast about New Mexico!

How Many Votes Needed in Ohio (My Analysis)

Interesting Times.

George Bush's 8 Million New Votes Found – A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS

"Post-election meet up" in Glendale

Any DUers from the Monterey/Salinas area?

Drunk Iowa City College Republican Arrested

GOP has its fewest seats since 1867

Small Victories

Heads Up St. Paul - FCC Meeting Coming Your Way

So it's back to the street corner

Rural strategy?

Did * win Ohio fairly?

SPANOhio, the Single-Payer Action Network of Ohio - Coshocton

My guess: Fingerhut vs. Blackwell for Gov. in '06 n/t

Gerlach ekes out win; Pa. GOP keeps five-seat U.S. House delegation edge

A message for Arlen Specter (flip flopper of the day)

It looks like Texas DIDN'T want it's IDIOT back!

More good news for Dallas County

Texas Results Recap

(WOW!) Dallas County Precinct #1143 has turned Democrat

Statewide problem with Motor-Voter registrations.

Austin---Our Landslide

Some hope for Kelly White Dist 48 -Travis

A favor, my wonderful Texas friends! Let's have the info!

This is now my flag

Madison - Military Families for Peace Meeting NOT just for

WPR pledge drive

The time has come to talk of secession.

If the Democrats move further to the right

I had a horrible night last night

Good Night My friends.

Ugh. I just found out that my father voted for Bush.

The Party needs better organization and discipline

Something to look at

A repuke experience I had at work last night!

You know what would just RULE now?

Has the Big Dawg made a statement regarding today's events yet?

I'm Going To Write My Democratic Congressman Tomorrow about BBV

Nightline is doing a nice piece on Kerry

i dont know where you all stand. . .

Is this rock bottom?

Going on from here


What Fascist Regime does the Bush Regime remind you of?

Move to Red States at least encourgage your kids to go to college there

Frangible's thoughts on winning in 2008

How do we even get to 2008

Party Direction NOW?

Do we have an organization that actively opposes/watches the fundies?

Not my fucking problem anymore.

The only priority now should be to transform the election system.

Bush is a big bag of shit on their doorstep

Are You Feeling Kinda BushWacked...Some Encouragement

There is a good educational bumper stickers for the religous

As I leave for the evening, I leave you with this thought:

Is Kerrys concession legally binding ?

America does not have four more years.

It is time to unsheath the sword. Time to demand Osama's capture

George W. Bush, 1946-2018

Last night I couldn't sleep because I was sad. Now I can't because...

What were you thinking when you woke up the morning after?

We will win the culture war!

America has fallen into Sheikh Osama Bin Laden's Trap

According to the media, the "moral values" folks elected chimpy

Really really desperate & dumb question: any senators flippable?.

I think I know now why Chistopher Reeve died when he did.

Does anyone else

Hold on! You're not being fair.


GOD, GUNS & GAYS ( on request)

Reuters photo: "Senator Kerry bows his head during concession speech"

I feel so bad about my sister

Our new favorite word: "Mandate"...the definition and its ramifications

My take on why Bush supposedly "won"

Apparently... The Only President I Have Now... Is Bartlett !!!

I have a crazy hunch that it may not be over

Does anyone else feel like

GOP Values? How bout a republican leadership rapsheet?

Nancy Waterman...what happens now?

What We're Up Against

Well, I'm probably running in '06, whose with me?

Anericans share values of snake oil salesman. WH must be laughing

What the hell... worth a try... need everyones help!!

Bernie ward on KGO talking "Moral Values" ..Broadened

We need ballot measures

Just this story alone helps reinforce the election fraud theory

what's MOST depressing is that there is NO END IN SIGHT

Strange that the exit polls where black box voting

If something happened to Arafat..

Are typical "RATINGS" underestimating the power of cable news?

The Political and Social Crisis Will Intensify...

After his inspirational and gracious victory speech yesterday..

If Bush told his followers to tattoo "666" on their foreheads, would they?

I feel like I'm in some kind of dream world today

The Internet....this is the thing that scares me the most

There is no rightwing shift happening in this country....

Bush-Voting Christians Have Lost Their Soul

NYT, Friedman: "Two Nations Under God" ("we disagree on what America is")

I've never been more ashamed of being an American than I am today.

Maureen Dowd: W "ran jihad in America," won by dividing

So does * have a mandate?

Uplifting story about a first time voter.

Populism and the democratic heart of the heartland.

I have a dumb question to ask...will Bush still be hidden from

Oh My God this loss is a godsend!

The PURPLE nation

To me, something has been proven

I am feeling kinda numb right now.

Everybody's Trying - Poi Dog Pondering

* is warned about anti-abortion judges...

Help: I'm looking for European sites like DU where I can start

Anyone else get pushed over the edge of cynicism?

Greetings from the "SubterraneanUnderground" !

Stand Up, Keep Fighting...

Not going to be much of a holiday season this year

starroute, let's dig: Computer Scientists Cautious of E-Voting


Don't' Blame Me, I Voted For Kerry stickers!

so the conservatives have their culture war.. should we have a social war?

If I were going to move because of this election, I'd move to...

Anyone watching Washington Journal this morning?

Think it is time for the Bushy supporters to put their money where

Idea: Handwritten letters to ministers for a start.

I was feeling powerful feeling shaky. just scanned CNN

Dean's conference call was inspiring, tells what is going on.

Can someone give me the numbers about JFK's tax cuts?

where do I start?

Senator Robert Kennedy is dead.

BBV question...and thought

I'd like to post something I received from a good friend of mine.

More than ever, we need an International Alliance of the Left.

I think Chafee will switch soon

How about buying white space on the New York Times?

We need to tackle one single about BBV.

Hell to the Chief - Mark Fiore

My hubby said something chilling to me this morning

I just found the words to describe how I feel

I was sad yesterday, but today I'm mad.

I hereby declare the USA a free speech zone. Does anyone

BBC: How world sees Bush victory

I'm becoming philosophical. Is THIS simply the order of civilization?

Am I putting myself in danger by posting on DU?

What I am wondering about:

Interesting quotes from Ohio

What I think the Democrats need.

The Poll Greeter from Hell

What music are you listening to for comfort/escape?

Scott McClellan on Bush "reaching out"..."his arms are only so long"

New "Flagged drapped caskets" photo released while Bush-Cheney "bond"

Fox: "Colin Powell May Leave Bush Team"

Culture, social conservatism and Bush's appeal

A Dark Day in America: Bush wins

Unconfirmed. Reports that Arafat has died.

Candidates have two years to the mid-terms, Democrats can win

This victory for the Republican Religous Right is a win for the Taliban.

Lap dog press back in the house

Anyone know where I can buy any of these Brittish papers?

The League of Pissed Off Voters Demonstrate Nationwide


two songs from Joni that somehow seem appropriate . . .

Anybody know where the list of Newt Gingrich's "words" can be found?

I am here to help

Running Away IS Your Only Choice

If Arafat has died, will shrub or cheney go to his funeral?

Running away is not an option.

At-large union membership for IT workers

AP is reporting arafat dead

Bush declares himself "ready for the job"

Send this to your Christian Gloating Friends

What about the remaining votes??

I feel a sense of liberation, the wheat has been separated from the chaff.

Think we will finally get to see the CIA report that has been under wraps

The number of Democratic Voters is the same as the population of Britain.

With a finger in the wind, an ear to the ground, and an eye to the sky

We need to support and take care of our OWN over next 4 years

Vote by County

I haven't left the house all day. I can't speak to anyone

Bush-voter on CSpan: "I hope Bush focuses on outsourcing of our jobs."

wow.... British papers pulling no punches:

A Story About a Hurricane ......

It's time for some tough love

RePuke Asking Me For A Link To Diebold Info...SUGGESTIONS?

I need a hug.

well is Nader now completely irrelevant?

A new map


Republicans for Kerry.

Can we please start a humor /joke thread?

Bush supporter's talk of a mandate is no way to achieve 'unity'

Why So Willing to Roll Over?

Now that election is over, media acts as though Bush won by a landslide.

We need to reclaim the House in '06.

Lakoff: Simple Framing

Latest breaking Bush/Arrufat cartoon

Dupe - sorry

Bush really could have won the popular vote..

My letter today to Safire

Words of Encouragement from Margaret Cho

In the silver lining category

Liberal Media - Can we discuss a real strategy to help grow it?!

A Suggestion to Defuse the Gay Marriage Bomb

We have two years.........

BREAKING: Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer

How about gay sit-ins in churches across America?

When am I going to be able to watch the news again? I haven't watched

Apparently the "will of the people" means no follow-up ?s for dubya

Californians: Write Arnold, WE WON'T FORGET!

In these times, you really know who your true friends are...

Anti-Bush protests in L.A. yesterday...

Bush delivers on pledge...

What Does It Take to get a Federal Election System?

The country *is* moving in a more progressive direction (hear me out)

self delete

Suddenly Spam Emails Touting Vicodin, Xanax and Prozac...

Thomas Jefferson on "the people recovering their true sight"

I feel like Captain Christoper Pike ...

We need a USSA logo...kinda like the USSR...know what I'm sayin

It is his own hubris, my friends, that will do him in.....

Appropriate period of mourning.

My twin mission: overhaul MEDIA. KILL e-voting or fix it.

Boycott "The View"

I think my father cried.

"Was it Over When the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor?"

The view from here

Here is my personal list of things to do

OK. We lost. What do we do to take Congress back in 2006?

Don't feed the meme: "Moral Values" is code . .

Should John Kerry Be Senate Minority Leader

Feingold in '08.

Strategy Paper No. 1: The Dead Baby Strategy

Lakoff: Progressive Frames for Taxes (learn how to frame issues)

Progressive faith did not lose this election

could this a sign of division between moderate and conservative repukes

how much of the urban vote came out?

Party Reformation

When is CNN going to call Iowa and New Mexico?

Next time we need to energize our base. Stop trying to be like them.

Which Senators are up for reelection in '06?


Cheney statement I heard on NPR

Palast on the voting. Some really sad comments.


if they can get out middle aged White Protestants

In 1980, Kerry states would have brought us 270 electoral votes

Could tax reform be a winning issue for Democrats?

the Repuke party will self-distruct within the next 4 years

Anyone know where else I can get one of these peace flags?

Is the election a rubber stamp on pre-emptive war?

Related to "My Name Is..." post

Kerry did better at bringing out the anti-Bush vote than Dole did bringing

OMG Liz Edwards

Wear blue as much as possible from now on...


Franken playing Bush victory speech with "the audio crawl"

I refuse to accept a mandate from voters that believed Bush's lies

Need a number for dem activists who are watching over

Air America needs to fire an engineer

To those of you who live in BLUE states....

my folks, 30 yr. bornagains, are now fearful of the blind faith crowd

A little Dylan now and then...

Last Night I Refused to Stand for the National Anthem

Let's make DU a "no reaching out zone"

"Dog Eat Dog" . . . by Joni Mitchell . . .

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

Let Take It In To The Streets

Does Bush have bad Karma?

Where, When and Why, will we march first?


A Bad Economy Won't Turn Red States Into Blue States

How about a long thread on this: What should the Democrats do to win?

Exit I understand it correctly that

check this out before they (CNN) change it!!!

Purple Haze (Red vs. Blue)

Missing hundred million ballots. Where are they?

The honeymoon's over: Bush snaps at a reporter during today's press conf.

I'm eating BK right now! F. McD's and Wendy's! AND OTHER PUKE FUNDERS!

Does anyone here speak and/or write Greek?

whatever happened to No Surrender.

From an email: Democrats Need a Religious Left

Here is the important news CheneyNewsNetwork is covering!!

Get with the Ministry of Truth's version of events. Lge turnout was dream

The Coming U.S. Brain Drain

anyone see this yet? Coping with our loss

Nurture yourself now: how-to list

As bad as we feel, think of Michael Moore, Chris Reeve's widow Dana,

Dem Sports Fans -- A Xmas Shopping Guide!

Pandora's box...

The paperless machines were (probably) not rigged

"Don't worry about the draft" I tell Republican parents

Email snippet from MoveOn:

Minority leader?

You say you want a revolution

Did anyone have a physical reaction once the harsh reality settled in?

Hey, can anyone fetch me some links on the Bush Draft?

Saint George

What makes it hurt even more

Thou shalt not Conceed

Can you hear me now?

What Is Greg Palast Purpose For this Article????

it's not about Red States vs Blue States

When Will Traffic On DU Return To Normal?

Things to do list

Nixon reelected w/ bigger margin than Bush, impeachment within a year

Start a revolution at the state level

Need some PNAC info

BEST Place For Libs To Do Their Holiday Shopping!

We liberated Iraq because they need freedom

All the poop that's fit to scoop...

How Do I put a picture in a post?

Someone just came up to me at work and said

Why we lost our working class base, what we need to do to get it back

I've turned ALOT of my friends on to DU. They really need to vent!

Should we Reconsider how we sell the pro-Choice position?


So last night I had an epiphany of sorts...

So, when do they start counting Floridas absentees?

HOW CAN 59 Million Be So Dumb

I know there's 55 million of us, but I still feel alone

blues state

Here is the list of Senators up for re-election in '06

Why Don't We All Just Wear Blue

What's the deal with Bush getting more votes than voters in parts of Ohio?

Donna Fyre, democrat, write-in still leading in San Diego mayor race.

How about a new US flag?

Bush speach -

Does anyone know anything about the political leanings of Ireland?

More voted AGAINST Bush than any other incumbent president in history.

The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and old Bloom County books

What stage of recovery am I in?

Anyone else lose AAR -- listening on computer?

Which states voted for & against the Gay marriage amendments?

Kerry’s loss viewed through political psychology

Kerry won more votes than Bush in 2000, and this election was very close

New Fiore

Is there any way for "giver" states to decrease fed. $ to "taker" states?

Washington DC voters - - - YOU ROCK!

My post-election article for the school newspaper (PLEASE COMMENT)

I think DU should channel resources to help

New map of North America

Losing an election is like breaking up with someone

"Some call it Bush bashing..."

I haven't really talked much about how the election results make me feel.

Don't give up - keep fighting for a Progressive America.

I'm starting to seriously consider buying a gun... or a few

Randi's guest does not stop talking....

Unhappy Democrats welcome in Canada, PM jokes

Okay....Tell us now who was Dem_Strategist?

One thing all of us can and must do.

The calm before the storm.. Can you feel it?

Click here if you want to move to Canada

I want my bumper sticker to say,

"The media takes the gloves off" in a president's second term?

I'm thinking of moving to Iowa

Serenity Prayer

What we have lost

Gore's TV network

My 8 and 11 year olds' protest song

I should not be allowed out in public yet


Campaign 2008 begins... now

Slate - Saletan Article: Interesting Dem Strategy Ideas...

What can be done about faux news?...

"Moral Values" was 5th on the list of voter issues prior to election...

A small way to help educate the enemy

Osama Bin Laden " Bush's #1 campaign aide"

" W" armbands next?? I was in the gym yesterday and an asshole

Wow, someone just insinuated that I'm a disruptor or a freeper

I think "progressive" should be the Democratic buzzword.

Greg Palast and what I've been writing here for months

Promoting true Christian values: MLK Day is the vehicle

The elephant is huge and we were so hungry.

Do you just want to puke?

It is going to be hard to win elections unless we can stop blatant lies

Dealing with fundies

It's going to be a long decade.

I'm done mourning -- who's vulnerable in 2006??

I hate America Did you hear that freeps?

other rays of light

In morbidly funny news.....

Please Nominate the linked thread for the homepage

Minority i.e. Democratic voting areas and election supervisors.

Went to Canada today and it's confirmed,

Well here's something I can be proud of in my red state:

One tiny ray of light: Ashcroft reportedly exhausted from "WoT", resigning

DU this Poll- 5:00- 6:00 PM EST

How can we take advantage of these FCC FM licenses up for sale?

An ode to an idiot. I hope it brings a little cheer to all.

Bush quote: "I will reach out to every one who shares our goals"

Where is Michael Moore ?

Draft pool anyone?

Moral Divide

Some thoughts of peace and comfort

I will not accept Bush as my president, either! No way.....

"It's a pack of f---ing lies, what they're saying about me!"

wasted opportunities

Maureen Dowd quotes Bush insider: "He'll be a lot more aggressive in Iraq"

Are "there are still more of us than there are of them"?

Well I did it, my own little protest in my front yard, I burned my flag.

Don't know where to post

Radical Right Wing Republicans

Is it me or is the media cnn,msnbc,fox trying to place blame on

NY Daily Times: In 2008, An Al Gore Type Is More Like It

Alternate map of the new U.S. and Canada

Greg Palast: Kerry Won

Who is your President?

Conservatives Anxious About Pro-Life Agenda During Bush's 2nd Term

Hear these words of assurance:

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU!

BBV: Anecdote about a Republican co-worker.

Any major media sources yet reporting on Diebold fraud?

You might have to choke back the bile, but

Can anyone explain the alleged marriage penalty to me?

I want a "Don't Blame Me" bumper sticker right now.

I need help. How do I keep from wanting to beat the crap out of any

Should we reconsider our position on civil rights?

Day 3: Pics from the book, 2/15: THE DAY THE WORLD SAID NO TO WAR.

I stopped flying the flag today

Can Someone Please Confirm Or Refute These Figures?

Calling on all Republican doctors

Does anyone have a link to the US map that hued things to the degree

Bush/Cheney '04: "More votes than voters: Now THAT'S a mandate!"

Calling All Democrats: WE LOST

Live in a Red state? Why not move to a blue state

Repug philosophy condensed version

For your consideration: how Democrats *win* in red states and counties

Did Kerry concede quickly partially because of Elizabeth Edwards illness?

Best wishes, and speedy recovery, Elizabeth Edwards


File this under pathetic plea for sympathy.....

If I hear one more word about how they won because of "moral issues"

What should I do with my life now?

How did Kerry lose the popular vote?

Michael Moore's updated comment on the election:

I lost it at the 7 11 today......

Maybe the pukes aren't ill-informed after all.

Don't forget to congratulate Cynthia McKinney, Denn K, Bernie Sanders

For a little perspective on the election: a map

Take the VALUES rug from under the Republicans

Takebackthemedia's classic Flash "VOTEREVOLUTION" - We Predicted THIS

Holiday Shopping Boycott -- Will You Join? (Wear a Black Armband, Too!)

Let's give Elizabeth Edwards our love and support.

What the HELL is going on?

Entrepreneurial idea: The "DEN" - Democratic Economic Network

Why are you buying into the we lost because of gay

I like this idea of a media co-op..

Boycotting and smoking: Big tobacco is the republican poster child.

The Media Elected George Bush.. Our Activism had No Chance....(Good Read)

Letter from Robert Reich -- a good read

CNN Poll... Optimistic about Bush 2nd term?

Becoming callous -- America will get exactly what it deserves.

Anthony's Five Point Plan for Victory in 2008, it all starts now.

"It's the media, stupid" - a suggestion to help the cause

DUers from Red States, check in here...

I am really George W. Bush!

I had a martial arts teacher, a cop, who used to say...

Daily KOS: Selective Svc files for Dept. of Education record access TODAY

Marketing! We need Ribbons, Bands, Buttons, Everything!

Is everyone hearing the elementary school age kids talk "baby killer?"

Kerry won (will eventually win) Ohio ?

Anyone know why blogactive didn't out Lindsey Graham as gay, yet?

If the vote was rigged why hasn't a single Dem leader made that claim?

I refuse to follow voters who want Bush to lead them into the End Times.

Values Voters = Hating Liberalism

On Inauguration Day: A general strike

First things first - RECLAIM THE WORD 'LIBERAL!!!!"

We need to move away from being Anti-Bush

Clarkies, c'mere, I have a message from Wes

Do NOT move to Canada! It's a trap!! It's a tr-- *BLAM* --ah, they got me

Democrats in congress and everywhere MUST realize this.....

YOU Voted For Bush's Apocalypse - It's YOUR Fault

For the wristbands being discussed...

Most EXCELLENT and INSPIRING: "I Refuse To Concede"

Winter is coming...a prayer from my heart....

Rising stars in the Dem Party -- nominate yours!

Concede Nothing to Bush : Black Consensus Remains Intact the Howard Dean for DNC Chair site!

What would have happened if we had boycotted the election?

BLUE AT HEART - T-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc.

I'm gonna get flamed for this......

"A dark day in America" WOW!!! MUST READ!!!

It's Knowledge vs. Believing ... and that's it.

Advice to a Young Activist - What Do I Tell Her?

Wtf Bumper Sticker

Target: Any Blue State GOPer should have a big bullseye on them

History Buffs: What year of German history do we resemble?

According to Arianna Huffington this is why Kerry LOST.

Idea: Bracelets for the Democratic Underground (feedback pls?)

Mark Crispin Miller: "First of all, this election was definitely rigged"

Bracelets for the Democrats -

Thoughts and Thanks

America needs a party like the NDP.

I doubt I'll be visiting the US in the next four years.

You know who I miss? Mel Lastman!

Boycott America and all things American

Lets send affection and good wishes to our American Friends

Could we redistrict North America

Boycott America and all things American

Every vote must be counted! No disenfranchisement!

Black Box Voting is Fighting Back!

Bush election deemed great by many industries

Proof that Ohio was stolen: Negative vote count in one Diebold County

Defense stocks surge after Bush win (GOOD LUCK IRAN)

NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Issue Key to Some G.O.P. Races (and Bush margins)

Saddam evidence lost or tainted, says human rights group

Minnesota Wild hockey star dies of heart failure during game

Harry Reid. Great Another swing/red state minority leader

Arabs Remind Bush of Commitment to Mideast Peace

Blair Calls for World to Unite

NYT: Shared Values Provides Bush Majority ("a center-right country")

Powell Evasive About His Future

Iraqis Challenge Bush to Do Better Than Saddam

Five convicted in first Enron trial

US launches Fallujah air strikes

Outnumbered U.S. Troops Watched as Iraqi Ammo Site Was Looted

Powell Skirts Questions About His Future

Important about Flu Vaccine!!

Business Week: Team Bush...with a Few New Faces

Arafat 'in a coma'

Bush speach -

Beyond Voting Reports Back

'Iraq's Black Gold Lured Bush into Quagmire' - Bin Laden Tape

WP: Victory for "Values," but Whose?(OH, marriage amendment; PA, none)

Arafat is dead.


French Paper says Arafat Dead

Naked Man Hides in Plane Wheel Well

"Critical" Arafat transfered-- CNN (not dead)

MSNBC...Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed with breast cancer...

Just on CNN. Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed with breast cancer.

US 'defies Greece over Macedonia'

WP: New Woes Surface in Use of Estimates (exit polls "behaving badly")

Apparently the "will of the people" means no follow-up ?s for dubya

NYT: The Red Zone (Maureen Dowd)

Al-Jazeera's New Osama Bin Laden Video - UPDATE 2

Court Hears Arguments in ACLU No-Fly Class-Action Lawsuit

Kerry wins, says Palast

Reuters - Global Markets: Shares Lose Momentum

Federal Registry (RE DRAFT, first wicket ) sss110404.txt

NYT: Defying Bush Admin., CA Voters Approve $3B for Stem Cell Research

Clinton Library Displays Glitz in Preview

Disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist in poor health: lawyer

* is warned about anti-abortion judges...

Kerry won

Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer

Funding Strategic Nuclear Force high on Defense Ministry agenda

RAW STORY analysis Exit Polling Discrepancies

Bev Harris and Launch Largest FOIA in History

Panel that sprung senator from jail did not follow its own rules

Todays news conference GW at his finest

Paying for campaigns: McCain eyes next target

US attack on Iran 'inconceivable'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 4 November

Anti-war protest disrupts traffic (Bellingham, WA)

Pentagon OKs Lockheed Warplane Move

A Long Chilly Wait For Coats, Sweaters (Wichita, KS once again)

Rising deficit forces talk of increases, not cuts

Docs without Borders announce they are leaving Iraq. Too dangerous.

Man Sues US Over Arrest in SUV Fires

Now they are blowing up schools in the USA

Losses leave Dems pondering the future - USAToday

Bush Makes Not-So-Good Headlines in Europe

Rage Against the Machines (DU mentioned!)

Analyst raises prospect of strikes on Iran

Post-election poll: Americans seem hopeful

Report: U.S. troops say they were outnumbered by looters who took explosiv

Three UK soldiers killed in Iraq

Aides: Ashcroft Likely to Leave AG Post

NATO Training Iraqi Security Officers

US assault expected on Fallujah (PM Transcript)

LAT: Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives

US forces renew strikes against Fallujah: al-Jazeera

Iraqis Say U.S. Should Talk More, Shoot Less

Bank Of America Lays Off 200 (Wichita, KS - Refi, Mortgage Collapsing)

New puppy to pad around White House (Miss Beazley-Related to Barney)

SBC Michigan to lay off 500 workers

U.S. called upon to observe human rights

Bush Outlines Agenda for Second Term

Bush to reexamine hemispheric policy

White House Claims Mandate for Bush Agenda

Petro proposes job cuts - 11,500 (Ohio) state workers would be eliminated

WP: U.S. Wants No (Global) Warming Proposal (from Arctic Council)

Religious right relishes chance to push agenda

Bush Pledges to Make Changes to Tax Code

Bush led U.S. into quagmire, Bin Laden says

Ford, GM Suffer As Their Japanese Rivals Surge

U.S. poised to deploy weapons system despite few real tests

Blair and Bush advisers at war

Breaking on MSNBC: Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer

National Guard Fighter Jet Strafes School (in New Jersey)

NYT: Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution'

U.S. closes Syrian embassy

Bush: Will Reform Social Security System Now

NYT: Disconsolate Blue City Bewildered by Red America (NYC 75% Kerry)

Did e-voting fraud help Bush steal the election? -

Bush Hasn't Had Chance to Hug Father Yet

Bush victory spurs protest in Portland

Bush vows to finish job in Iraq, pursue agenda

NYT: The Democrats: A Stunned Party Looks to the Internal Debate Ahead

Report Details Guantanamo Abuses

Computer May Have Lost 4,500 N.C. Votes

Oil Prices Fall Below $49 a Barrel

Aid agency MSF pulls out of Iraq amid extreme risk for staff

Mirror (U.K.): God Help America

FBI Raids Home Of Animal Rights Activists

WP,pg1: What Happened in Ohio: GOP Won with Accent on Rural, Tradtional

Bloggers blamed for misleading poll information

Marines prepare for heavy casualties in battle to retake Fallujah

Just a reminder... things can get better

DU Feels Kinda Empty.

I am taking an extended vacation from DU. Farewell (for awile).

I'm feeling a little better....

"I need more cowbell"

Isn't moral values redundant?

HEyHEY, you bastard!!

I want to archive my prediction for the new years here

DU is so different tonight

Had to remember I am a survivor.....

Free Hugs!!!!!

Bush Does Victory Lap Around World Trade Center Site

Free Mugs!!!!!

Anybody see Daily Show?

Ancient Roman cosmetic cream found

Was this a good idea?

Free pugs!

Free lugs!

Free Shrugs!!

I am drunk and singing along to Elton John songs...

Stop: Look around - the lounge is back to normal

gee anybody lose a copy cat thread???

So pissed I'm playing Carpenters "Ticket to Ride"

a convo with a "friend"

Free Tugs!!!

"gee, anybody lose a floppy hat?" thread

"gee, anybody lose a foppish cad?" thread

Favorite chip dip (my comfort food for today)

im not so sure i want to feel better.

Sugar mommas of DU HEyHEY will impregnate you for a nominal fee!

Jugs? Free?

Oh, to live on...

Free Bugs!

What happens if you ignore yourself?

Godwacker (Steely Dan rage post)


Anyone want some good news?

Free Hat!

Brother bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime

It's my Thousandth Post - so what

Anybody ever have dick-n-cider?

Book or screenplay?

Stop look around, have you seen my pumpkin spice frap

I am now openly flirting with available Canadian men

Wellm it's about time to hit the old hay....

Andrew Sulivan says Kerry got 74% of the Jewish vote. Can

A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air

i would like to share this with you..........zzzzzzzzz

Yahoo has a new feature I like.

Good Night DU. Tomorrow, no more grieving, its all about 2006.

Just as I suspected. is a total freeper site.

Nighty night all

Who else desperately misses avatars

How about some nature photos?

What has everyone been listening to today?

Going Upriver

I'm going barn hunting this year! Woo woo!

Does anyone know a site where I can d/l The War Room?

So this is how I got out my frustration today.

If anyone needs anymore proof the Freepers are nuts...

One more prophetic UK pop song to send me to bed:

PRETZELS! Get your pipin' hot PRETZELS right here! Makes a great gift!

Hey, you subversives!

"Blood Simple". A very cool movie.

Anyone know of any good political clips online?

My smile has gone to plaster

Who else desperately misses aviators?

Look at Mother Nature on the run


Good night DUers

damnit, my hands won't warm up and they're freezing

Did anyone hear Letterman??

Neat, my foot is asleep

I can't stop farting


how much longer do we reckon....

How about some mature photos?

well, on a lighter note, "The Incredibles" is really good...

Deep down inside...

Stop, hey whats that sound

I just deleted all my RW blog links, ask me anything!

I think I am going to take up kickboxing

I'm going down to the gun sale at the church

Looking to the future in the Senate...

Deep down you know it's time

In Heaven, Everything is fine...

Is this list correct?

Great pics for folks needing a laugh

Haha, Netscape thinks Bush is an asshole

i skipped getting the newspaper today

It is an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good

Matcom Airlines!

I'm replacing my "Kerry/Edwards" sticker with an "Ignorance is Strength"

This is all Cat Stevens' fault

I too, will be leaving Democratic Underground

Best anti crack campaign I've seen:

funny pic of cheney's gay daughter and her gf at * acceptance speech

Computer Help!!! Why Won't My Computer Defragment?

I can see the chickens coming home to roost

How God created pets

Ow! OWWWW! That's a TOOTHY KISS, ya little bastard!

So, how does one muffle noise from an adjacent apartment?

Play at work?

Help! Outlook won't open--and I'm blonde!

Prey at work?

If there really is the Golden Gate

OK, I'm back.. as if anyone noticed I was gone

I hugged my honey last night and forgot about politics the rest of the eve

I hugged my filly last night and forgot about politics for a while.

I have heard rumors.

Death is a result of debate about god

Mike Malloy Nov 3rd

So, how does one muffin rise up from among the adjacent edibles,

OK. Does anyone know for sure what actually happened to Ductape_Fatwa?

Homemade pumpkin rum

I knew Wat took the election news hard, but...

Humor, ar ar!

I have used bad words far too often the past couple of days. I'm going

Thanks to Wat_Tyler, I got an answer right on Jeopardy last night.

Pray at work?

If you could punch anybody in the face w/o consequences

Just join an ex-gay group, assholes.

Can the American Indians take back their land?

Top-dollar Survivalist. Survival. Servile. Vile.

4,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire--Self-Congratulatory Post

When JFK beat Nixon he only beat him by a narrow margin.

This was written back in the 60's, but it is prophetic...

How do you make Hot Toddies and Hot Buttered Rum?

War over Diana dolls

Red sate, Blue state, "Red state Welfare"..When does the bar open????

Teresa would have madea great first lady. Eleanor and Hillary rolled into

I'm being harassed

After 4375 posts

I have two kittens in my office right now, Ask me anything!

Blue and Red


What a movie experience...

The head of my department at work just sent me this-

Clearly God And Jesus Hate Democrats

Some cartoon to cheer you up

This will cheer you up! There are rumors of a Jessica and Nick breakup!

Cartoon: Steve Bell, the Guardian

Hello - poking my head in for a sec

A very good friend of mine sent me this.

Caption: Four more wars

If you're smiling at me,

Everybody sing along!

Ah, the good old days of 1936

60's music makes me feel so much better

Is anyone able to listen to streaming Air America Radio ?

Revolution Calling

Because there are more stupid people in the United States than smart ones.

Who has a working link to printable enlistment papers?

Alert: * press conference @ about 11am EST

Important about Flu Vaccine!!

Bloody end to Christian challenge in the lions' den

We need a general strike on Inaguration Day

The Official "Countdown to Impeachment" Thread!

Opiate of the masses?

As for me


We had a wake last night. Anyone else?

Killing in the name of! - Rage Against the Machine

What is the best way to make baked pumpkin seeds?

New Bumper sticker Idea

How do I put some text in my sigline?

Hey, guys. Do you feel any better today?


I'ld like to share a Langston Hughes poem to help console you

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"


Sexiest Mustache, Part Deux

REAL President at work

Want something to make you real mad..Heard that maybe J.Bush...

What's up with Talking Points Memo?

THIS is what we're up against.

Can Anyone help me find Anti Bush magazine covers?

"This is not America"

"They say that people get the government they deserve.... [very rude]

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.....

The mouth of Harry S. Truman.

Photoshop experts?

Should we petititon Rage Against the Machine to get back together?

If I'm A 2nd Class Citizen... I Want A 2nd Class Tax Rate

I love my office

Bush: "We Will Persevere Until The Enemy is Defeated."

I want a Constitutional Amendment banning Mandates

I Sit Thinking 'Bout Everyman

Roundup - Foreign leaders reactions to the US election

We should make flag magnets for cars that say "I support President Bush"

HEY! Look at me sitting down and eating with a FORK!

"I Refuse To Concede"...

Could I possibly be this angry for 4 years?

Am I in the white forum?

Feel free to distribute this to your friends who voted for "moral issues"

Am I in the bite forum?

Am I in the trite forum?

VICTORY! ( humor)

How much does it cost to ship furniture overseas?

i changed my avatar

Copycat threads are back

Caddy cop threads are back

Copycat threads are whack!

Am I in the shite forum?

Am I in the shite forum?

Superman Votes for Bush

the real winners

OK. Who was Dem_Strategist?

Am I in the spite forum?

Prescription to feel better - Friday off work,golf,wine & fireworks...

copying cats!

How long until Asshat is impinged?

A funny thing happened on the way to the right Forum

Am I in the trite forum?

Am I in the right forum?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog....let's get him press credentials.

This is a copycat thread

I don't know who it was that posted the first funny thread, but...

New Eminem album (Encore) ROCKS!

Bring it on.

Shrimp risotto psychedelic mushrooms and grilled baby asparagus w/peppers

Meow, meow a meow meow

The Lounge must worship its idol

How long to bring M Stewart to trial and how long for Ken Lay?

I see the Lounge is returning to semi-normal.

Dealing with the aftermath......


I'm sick to my stomach. Should I:

Am I in the alright! forum?

1992, 1996, 2000, 2004

180. A Freeper's friend.

Am I in the right foreskin?

Perhaps reading the "Left Behind" series isn't a good idea right now.

Perhaps renting the "Caught from Behind" series is a good idea now.

I've been registered for 1 week!

This is not a copycat threat

So, a copycat comes to my door on election night....

Perhaps blowing a snot from you mind would be good right about now?



So a Cat with a Caught From Behind Video Came to my door...

This is a copycat threat

sweet and sour TOFU????

Dammit - I wish you Americans would abuse my bloody rectal system

Beefcake? Ladies??

sweet and sour STFU????

Do As I Say, Not As I Do, Part II

So, a copycat comes to my door on election night...

CAPTION liar's row

OK. So who cut Al's Hedges?

Fuck them. My sexual orientation isn't up for their popularity contest.

What the hell happened?

Time for some Velma rough love

Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer.

I've got my music collection on shuffle...

Am I in the height forum?

Did we ever have the promised "Freeper Unmasking?" I wasn't here

500!!!!!!!!!!!! This is 500 for me!!

So...who left? Who IS left?

To lighten things up a little

not a copying cat but FUNNY

Holy Crap, Check this picture out!

Oxycontin Limbaugh makes me FURIOUS!!!

Time for some Velveeta rough love

Bam guy chin fee night forearm?

Oxycontin Limbaugh makes me SPURIOUS!!!

Dammit - I wish you Americans would use the bloody mary system

Bright side: We'll have four more years together here at DU.

Oxy-genated air gives me a head-Rush!

Oxycontin Limbaugh makes me CURIOUS!!!

Letter from --- "Grown up" America

does bush have bad breath?

Hey baby, wanna hijack my threat?

Time for some Velma tough love

I'm really, really hungry. What shall I eat?

My Daughter Went To Hell Today...

Dammit - I wish you Americans would use the bloody metric system

Cracker Barrel

Kitten and Doggy Pies for this Dismal day/week/next 4 years

Wow ....Bruce on the radio

Is anyone here an earthbag?

just saw British news paper title--

Welcome to HELL.

Screw it, I'm going out for Chinese buffet

Frank Barbaro

You broke my heart

Family Feud - 55 say US has smartest men in the world.

I have saw "Saw"

OK. So how was Al Hedges?

OK. So who was Al Hedges?

Hannukah songs for 3 and 4 year olds? (but NOT The Dreidel Song!)


Is anyone here a douchebag?

Whatever happened to the crazy family

Is anyone here a tampon?

I just discovered another B.C. duer - there's a shitload of us now

Check out the average IQs of the red and blue states-

Kitten and Doggy Pics for this Dismal day/week/next 4 years

U.S. Inspires World With Attempt At Democratic Election

Bush is "Eager to get to work"?

REMINDER!-Sometimes the voices in your head are WRONG!

If I want to send a card to Mrs.Edwards...

What color do you wear most often?

Chili's offered to buy one of my bosses.

Hey baby, wanna hijack My Dead?

Black Peter

The Kitchen Cabinet of all CAPTIONS!!!

Should I finally work today?

Ok I just joined the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU

How about an earworm for today?

Free Bugs!

Who eats a ru....

Who needs drugs?

Getting Harassing Automated Calls - What To Do?

Only 997,040 posts till I reach 1,000,000..ask me anything.

Are the DU logo bumperstickers sold out?........................

Who needs a hug?

Who needs a rug?

Mary Cheney horrible karma wish list

Anyone seen 'SAVED' with Mandy Moore?

anyone here ever built an earthbag house or strawbale house?

I know what would cheer us up! LynneSin's Tush!

My Cat made a bed out of my artificial Christmas Tree

I sit just me, or is Speilberg's "Close Encounters..." kinda creepy!

Who Needs a Bug?

Why the hell is Al Franken spending most of the hour with Daryl Whoreley?


I think for 2006, the Democrats need to put various election

are there any satelite radio car units that can be self-installed

The fourth estate checks in...

The sentence in this message is true.

The sentence in this message is false.

More examples of Repug "morality"

What color do you fear most often?

Hey Friends

Oxycontin Limbaugh makes me FURIOUS!!!

Where the hell is matcom?

The sentence in this message is blue

Help me give advice on internet porn....

Little inspiration?

"To the pain," means the first thing you lose will be your feet below the

how big would an anal cyst has have to be for a draft deferment?

Don't watch the news

Maybe I shouldn't have posted this.

Does this scare you?

Funny story re: evangelicals and their "values"


It only takes one University

What Man is Bush Dating?

A very odd nature observation just now...

who needs a C.H.U.D.?

Does anyone have that map of "Jesusland" and the United States of Canada?

Which is better...

Hear that sound?

YES!!! Best news any of us will read all day!

Tony Danza UPDATE!

Top court reserves judgment in masturbation case

Watch out, I'm about to flaunt my sexuality in this thread

Canadian DUer Role Call

If I'm still not speaking to my parents by Thanksgiving

Holy crap! Is anyone listening to AAR on Sirius?

I went to the gynocologist yesterday

the new north america

I'm Canadian. And available. Ask me anything.

Free thugs!

when the last american is choppered out of Iraq as the mobs...

Elizabeth Edwards has Breast Cancer

I hate Ohio and I hate Ohio State

At what point will you start fighting?

The Capital Gains of all CAPTIONS

I Just Went To A Nasty-Looking site When I

Don't you feel a change a coming

no, you shut up!!!

Did anyone save seventhson Freeper coming out post

Well, the good news is, it's a new season of Mythbusters

Tender bonding moment with drunk barber

I wanna kill babies, marry a man, and join al qaeda!

I'm a College student and many of us are dealing with depression



What do you think will happen when Arafat dies?

"Classic overachieving."

New cover of Time magazine (satire)

Wow! A bottle of Wild Turkey just invaded my yard!

Did I break a mirror 4 years ago?

one of my bosses offered to buy chili for everyone


I remember reading before the election that some DUers

"Marry an American" website

Gays in the GOP? Don't ask Don't tell...

Other unfortunate names...

Dookiewear Punk Baby Clothes, it'll crack you UP!

Shrimp risotto w/wild mushrooms and grilled baby asparagus w/peppers

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide---contact EPA

Oh goody.... I got accuse of flaunting my privates

Humour from the Borowitz Report

Seventhson was a FReeper?

Funny Pet Stories -- Post Your Own

I'm going to the dessert for a few days....

We need NEW nicknames for Bush.

2004 Presidential Votes Cast Map

The Star Faerie is here!!!! Who needs a star?

Hell of a week - I've been interviewing war vets

I'm going to the desert for a few days....

Can You Close a 401k account completely?

Was matcom scheduled to go on vacation?

Oh goody...I got acused of flaunting my sexuality.

Wow! A flock of seagulls just invaded my yard!

It's pouring, the dogs won't go outside, and

hey Lizards

the cow patties out at the farm are absolutely covered with mushrooms

Do your part! Give Bush a brain!!

why are many red states growing in population?

Skinner, thanks for increasing number of posts required...

Janis Joplin helping me get through my grief...

Our puppies and kittie pics

Lets compare and contrast: 2004 Electoral Result vs. Pre-Civil War

Do you think I should use my depression from the election

Anyone see this on CNN?

Finally heard the new version of SMiLE...

did the Chimp get the Scottish Terrier owner vote?

here's a little song for all yall out in the red states

One million three hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred twenty people

Let's forget politics and Bush for the weekend----

What is the Netscape pic that CNN is whining about?

I'm thinking of Changing my name to CitizenGrumpy or GoodyGrumpy.

The Riddle Thread

Their music inspired a generation

Questions about color.

Yeah, Spongebob is coming to save the world.

It's that time again ladies and gentlemen..................

What did R.Kelly do to piss off Jay-Z?

Computer help - w2k add/remove programs - names invisible

I'm smoking a controlled substance in a liberal utopia, ask me anything!

When did it become the Christmas season?

My 1000th Post...

Hey baby, wanna hijack MY bed?

My damn brother got my mouse all greasy

George Bush has a small penis.

Is it me or does the word Mandate sound like a nice way of saying CRUSADE

Mike Hunt was running... Mike Hunt is a WINNER!

Does anyone know where I can get a "F*CK BUSH" bumpersticker?

SOOO!!! Who's hanging with me in DC on Jan 19th for the anti-inauguration

The stars and bars are all you need to make a perfect prison

Does anybody know if Mike Hunt won?

Where the deuce is Kleeb?

my damn brother got my gerbil all queasy

I have seen salvation and it is a seven year old girl

radio enigma dot com is playing my song!

"Were they saying "BOOO" or "BOOOSH?""

Now that we democrats are branded "immoral" a thong thread?

Apparently Yasser Arafat has joined Generalissimo Francisco Franco

Wrong 'Em Boyo!!!

Charles Manson Escapes!! Vandalizes Freeper's House!!

Can we try to DO something positive?


Young folks: Here comes the DRAFT (maybe), read this page

is William Pitt OK?

How old do you feel?

EVERYONE is irritating me today!

Sabbath - Into the Void

my damn brother got my sheets all greasy.

If you could only have oneTV channel, what would it be?

Fuck the WHAT?

Guess what everyone? I'm gay... and I'm not crying...

Worldwide U.S. Presidential Election Results 2004:

What the fuck?

My first thoughts after the election - Michael Moore

Is anyone else afraid of putting a DU sticker on their car cuz they'll get

BRING BACK THE DRAFT!! -- I Support The Draft!! Really!

NaNoWriMo, anyone?

Rick Santorum visited my parents' house on Tuesday and asked mom...

I want to be reincarnated as one of my cats

The United States of Canada (.jpg inside) :)

Check out my NEW store.

Any figures on how much of a drop there's been in military recruitment

stupid question #5

HEY LOUNGE PEOPLE! Chris Heinz is here!!!

Randi is a goddess - please sir may i have some more gruel.....

yo taverner...pagin taverner that K/E is no longer my desktop wallpaper...

Remember: More voted against him than against any incumbent in history

Fenway Park as she looks today

Has AAR gone out for anyone else?

Choose your favorite fictional character to beat up Bush

I'm considering going to Dim Son's coronation

Damnit I want to get to the DNC homepage but all they have...

Ja ja guten Morgen meine Freunden. Heil Gott Shrub!

I wonder if anyone compiled a list of Dan Rather-isms from Tues night.

Who else wants to see Shortbus in his mango pants?

Did we just see another "demasking" in GD?

Sorry "Freetobegay" & anyone else that I offended

You know what....I'M LIBERAL AND I'M PROUD

I love Jude Law, but I don't really want to see "Alfie"

Any Atheist families here celebrate Christmas?

An ode to an idiot - GWB. I hope it brings a smile.

My long-time Christian friend said she's giving up...

Traditionally the president that was in office with a "0" in the year

I just finished a paper on A Clockwork Orange...don't ask me anything

Thanks 'Estimated Prophet'



I've been a Chomsky luvin', radical progressive since 1988 and...

My dog isn't eating much lately

I'm so Proud, I've been threatened in Freeperville.

OMGoodness !! I don't know who did it !!

i talked to a rational shrub voter

I'm going deer hunting this year! Woo hoo!

Was there some big election recently?

I like to yell "BOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!! at all the cars with Bush stickers

So, a cop comes to my door on election night....

how long till the asshole is impeached?

What of the Twins got married?

List of words Bush can't pronounce/made up?

Short Clip Of Porn Video Shown To Third-Graders

OMG when I was sitting in church on Sunday

Rant - read or don't

For GLBT members. Do you feel you have equal rights with heterosexuals?

Hey Minnesota DFLrs.

With regret, I must inform you I won't be at DU often if at all for a long

How old are you?

What's your hair colour?

DUers need to have more sex.

freeps you thought

Wow! A flock of wild turkeys just invaded my yard!

And yet another map, this one of the world.... red/blue interesting

A big DU welcome to my friend Shanna, aka Anais921

Is Connecticut really cold in the winter?

I don't know who these people are...

Is my new banner too dramatic?

OK...The Lounge needs this: GO RENT "HAROLD AND MAUDE" NOW!!!!

So what music is getting you through these days?

101 Good Things about a 2nd Bush Term

OK, we have an age thread - we need a picture thread.

My pal just sent me this proposed remapping of North America....

Hey baby, wanna hijack MY thread?

The Chicago gathering thread has been archived. What's the scoop?

Time to start working on 2006

Malloy is pumping me up- for one main reason

Voter fraud - we're looking in the wrong place...

here is what I would like to see happen to make this better:

Will there be an audit or statistical analysis of BBV machines?

Thank you, Mike Malloy- you have knocked me out of my funk

I agree with Mike Malloy....Rallying Point - Voting Machine Reform!

hey all you vietnam vets

Plan B.

A cartoon to amuse (?)

If they stole it, they needed the early voting count to do it.

Get Diebold Issue on Screen of News Media

Please no Harry Reid

Might the Republican Party actually break down from within???


When do the repukes call for a ConCon?

Old theme: "Democrats need to 'reach out' more to the 'heartland'"

How long will one party rule last? The near future is fucked...

No more Conceeding: at any level of government election

here's the plan to plant seeds of doubt and fear into the FR's hearts....

G.W. Stole the election.

Essay. . .

Kerry lost for the same reason he voted for the Iraq War

Anyone remember last night when the chimp was in the White house and said

Articles of Secession - California

A Ruthless Critique and a Ruthless Call to Action (long)...

"Original Values" - My site's statement on yesterday

Anyone feeling the morality? It's all around!

The Democratic Party will NOT be going MORE to the right

Want a glimpse of the Future,,,,

Boycott Red States...Boycott American French products

How can we go about fighting reich wing churches?

What GOP Senators Can We Get Out in 2006?

I have to laugh at how Bill Schneider is so full of shit

Is there a case here? Boulder county Corolado

Just so it's clear: no one got tricked into voting for bush! NO ONE!

Alex Jones?

I refuse to roll over and die

It doesn't feel like they won

Something to remember

Mike Malloy mp3 ready for download (lower quality version)

It's the brainwashing, stupid!

Nixon was reelected too...for awhile! :)

Does the last guy on the planet driving an H2 'win'????

All the people who voted for Bush/Cheney

The First Split in the NEW Republican Party? (SCOTUSc)

No one will be doing shit in 2008 unless we defeat

I know this is the acrimony forum, but I think DU is GREAT!

Fuck YOU, Michael Moore!

NOPE..... one Democrat left to blame....F*** Captain Planet!!!!!!

One more "Fuck You". FUCK YOU GAVIN NEWSOM.

Alex Jones now on Coast To Coast. (eom)

It's Nader's fault!!!

HELLO!!! anyone see the white flag on DNC site? JEEZUS

What will be ROVE'S next move?

Why are some blaming just red states?Bush did better in blue states too.


This is funny as heck

No Sale yet

The Poll Workers Control the Means of Election

When did 51% become a "broad nationwide victory"? bush; still stupid...


If Kerry won, would the Republicans be calling for unity?

Uncertain victories.....Colorado is not decided

I still think the Diebold theory is wishful thinking.....

Something from the younger population...

Bush will reach out and "heal the wounds"

IT was Kerry's War Position

There's still a slim chance of a Kerry win

MIKE MALLOY: Get Rid of the Machines!

What books do you think will be the first to be burned?

Important: What is the situation in NM and IA??????

You want pissed off?

I got their "moral issues" right here !!!

I've got a bone to pick with...

How is Barack Obama not Luke Skywalker

Shop Only At Dem Stores/Sites


States using E-voting gave Bush 5% advantage [DU IS CREDITED]

Florida's Election Results [Surprising Pattern that doesn't add up]

Maybe CNN isn't against us (this will make you laugh)

The freetards like to claim that more Americans think like they do.

I just heard somewhere Kerry won Oregon?

Well it seems the 18-30 year olds were too busy

I have a serious and sincere question

Um, people - it's less than 24 hours into the 4-year nightmare part II

I sure dislike seeing ppl posting we have to change what makes us LIBERALS

If you want an age group to blame, blame GenXers or old people

From this point forth, the enemy isn't Bush.

I am going to try to ignore Bush itself in the next four years.

I am currently smoking medicinal marajuana

What we need is a real prick running the next campaign

PLEASE STOP trashing Americans! bush ONLY WON 31%!!!

We have more young people involved than ever

Ray Taliaferro is giving it to the fundies good! ON AIR here

Call for a General Boycott of major Repuke contributors.

why is bolder, colorado only reporting 33% of their votes?



It's the media stupid

For those who are staying in this country...

I'm not pointing fingers at Kerry, or other Dems or

Votergate: the movie

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with a crooked Supreme Court.

Holiday Shopping Boycott -- Will You Join? (Wear a Black Armband, Too!)

Does this scare you?

Something to take comfort in... The London Mirror's cover today

schrub suppressed bin laden info-I'M OUTRAGED

Gavin Newsom responds to post-election criticism


I challenge the GOP to PROVE that Bush won Ohio.

It's still not over, we have one more month to go

Evil GOP celebs whose work should be avoided.

Zogby prediction: 64-35 of young voters for Kerry

Foreign DUers.....I am truly sorry.

What will bush supporters do when they discover the truth???

The GOP Cult Explained…

There will be no completed vote count

I'm sorry, but I feel like puking in public.

After the election is too late to fight election fraud.

wanna feel better? Email the whitehouse site

Research help needed referencing Repugs "moral values"

Thomas Jefferson said,

Eminem's Thoughts On The President

How long will Bush last? Make predictions here.

How do we overcome...

Hey what's Zell Miller's job going to be in the new term. I think he

Bob Shrum: 0 for 8

I believe a new reality has been created for me with this election.

So when will * stop his kiss-upping, take another vacation, and then

Huge Protest, on inauguration day

If the Democratic Party does not change, time for a new party.

I'm not moving anywhere! Who's with me?

So the 'moral issues' nitwits thought that issue was one that more

Out of morbid curiosity: Who was Dem Strategist?

Jeb in 2008?

The New Democratic Party-USA

Let's hit them where it can devastate them: Implicate the Right in 9/11

Moving to Canada? Here's an article for you!

For all of you who want to fight: GET THE DATA!

This article was in Harper's 2003

Let's stop blaming all the wrong people

Ted Kennedy on election night

Statisticians needed

Voters Under $50k Favored Kerry

Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) For Democratic Senate Leader

Supreme Court nomination imminenet, people. Who's a possibility,

CANCEL your Thanksgiving and Christmas buying this year

Bringing Democratic "moral values" on free DVDs to red state churches

I'm Proud of all Du'ers, oops, belongs in help & support

Kucinich in 2008?

I've gotten TIRED of Democrats continually falling into Republican traps!

Democracy is Dead - Funeral this Friday Night

Here's an opportunity: They are going to have to cut spending.

Blue State vs. Red State Thoughts.......

mr.* I have a pretzel-coated mandate that you can...

I hope to see a more positive primary season for 2008

Political ads on TV and radio must go through a review board first

I have the text of a CIA Political Sabotage Manual (Non-Violent).

Bush* is having his first cabinet meeting in 3 months

What would happen if (god forbid) there's a terrorist attack in the US?

Golly!..Whatever shall we do....?

Old Scratch toasts Bush Win

I'm getting really tired of these "what we did wrong threads"

This is my commitment to the cause

John Kerry should be Senate minority leader-55 MILLION supporters

Alex Bennett on Sirius Left is mad as hell!

I propose we all DUCC!

Tell me this is not going to be true.

Hmmm-What are the setting us up for now??

Changing horses in midstream...

Want help? We can kiss legislation goodbye.

The worst for me has been the Disenfranchisement Realization

Time mag with inside campaign dirt. I'm disgusted beyond belief.

First victim of our brave new world?

Will there be red state-blue state violence at the inauguration?

The 2004 Anti-Bush Manual (Based off of a CIA manual for the Contras)

The Fundamentalist Muslim Army will strike again in America...

We Better Damn Well Blame EVERYTHING on the Repubs Now!!


I know I am sorta new

Removed my K/E stickers today.

A few points that won't go away.

I'm gonna build a coloseum and buy a couple of lions

OHIO STOLEN--------NEGATIVE 25,000 votes

Were the Gay Marriage propositions a game?

Orange States vs. Yellow States.

We need to GET RID OF the right wing talk show hosts. Who agrees?

Fuck You Maureen Dowd - Where were you when we needed you?

This year at Christmas, I'm telling all the people who ask for donations

First Remember that Americans DO NOT Want to be United!!


We must begin media/advertising boycott

Senate 2006

Well, Are We Now Back to Being Lunatic Fringe???

Morals---my ass

Bumpersticker seen this morning: Pic of Bush saying "Give FEAR a chance."

I know he's a wimp, but I feel bad for Tom Daschle.

Let's at least take a moment to honour Illinois for whomping repub ass!

Let's get started! We don't have time to waste. A few ideas.

"WE count the votes": Diary of a Political Tourist:

To think the sociological issues with a religious perspective is limited

The Seminal Work On Why We Lost And What We Can Do To Win

Don't quit religion!!! Yes, leave a bad church, but take as many fellow...

Call it for what it is...A Tainted & Possibly Stolen Election

How bad does it have to get before America wakes up - like the alcoholic

We need some focus

ALERT: * press conference @ about 11am EST

Red-state Democrats should start advertising for Dems to move there...

Whether or not Bush stole the election at all on 11/2

Anatomy Of A Crushing Political Defeat by Arianna Huffington

How do we take it out on the Red States?

Daily Kos with rumors Guiliani to replace Ashcroft or Ridge... -nt-

John McCain discusses Bush honeymoon

Y'all ready to FIGHT in Bush's next war?

i know of an apparently psychic(non-professional) woman who has a very

Bush wants to reach out: Go Fuck Yourself Bush,

Religious factor is about meanness, not morality

I gotta ask - what about bush & cheney's health?

Will they take this away from us??

I figured out why the exit polling was wrong

Why we lost Florida - and it ain't the machines.

I Hate My State! It's So Red!

It's actually amazing how close Kerry came to denying Bush

"Gay Marriage" issue states - here's what might start showing up

The Anti-Bush Manual

I told my mother she was part of the problem

I think Dean would have done much worse than Kerry for two reasons:

"Outings" Who were they?

Well they can't blame Clinton anymore...

We need another GD : War room : strategy and action plan

Know anyone who voted for Bush? STOP IT! Shun,and Boycott Now!

Meet you in Ohio?

My suggestion: Let some of the right wing agenda pass.

Kuwaiti: Arabs lucky Bush won because Kerry pro-alternative energy

Remember this poem?

Beyond Voting Reports Back

Look what this Idiotic Troll said. It gives a glimpse into their agenda

"No president should ever try to impose religion on our society"

Another possible factor to add to why Bush was able to get away

I am going to throw up!!!!!

I think it's time we thought about joining President Bush

"I earned political capital and I'm going to spend it"

I feel a little better now....

DU this CNN poll: "Are you happy with the results of the election?"

Malfunctioning voting machines in Lincoln Nebraska.

Lets say that the election was found to be full of fraud and Kerry

"Little Corporal" Bush won the election like Napoleon won Russia.

Nostalgic About My Future.....................I will fight.....only harder

Mandatory Meme:

Progressive CHRISTIANS prepare for battle...

I have two words to say about the 2008 election.....

Thank you, Trey Parker and Matt Stone for your FUCKING movie.

Critique this, please

THOUGHT CRIMINAL!!! up one 4 your car

"Reach out to the Heartland? Don't make me laugh!"

Even Worse, the Mouth-breathers are Breeding

Rename the United States!

Chimp show is on now

What Would Happen If Arnol Said " I am Changing To A


Another reason we should all try to emigrate to free countries en masse.

Breaking: There is no stregth in playing to the swing vote

My Trip to Kansas and a practical suggestion for outreach

Al F : "I'll give you a little hunk of unity if you'll admit a mistake."

That will teach W to take a question from the Moonie Times. Hee. Hee.

Soon to be resurrected: "THE FLAT TAX"

I want to see all government employees lose health benefits


Do we need to start our own party? Let's let the Democrats have

man murdered because he didn't believe in god

nothing will change until we destroy the voting machines

What Republicans will help us on Supreme Court nominations?

So what's the chance of Kucinich being the Dem leader in the House? n/t

I hope Ashcroft is put on the Supreme Court in a recess appt.

I'm starting a newspaper

A Practical Proposal on Gay Marriages

Corporate Media TARGET #1: News Corporation (Fox)

Beware of guys who want to talk you out of the voter fraud

My reply to an email from Jim Bonham, Ex. Dir., DCCC

What's funny is suggestions we gotta convince the whole south & midwest

Just announced that Elizabeth Edwards has breast Cancer on CNN

Cover of today's London Daily Mirror

I got "trickled down" on this a.m.

Majority or Minority?

Okay...Now tell us who was the "Dem_Strategist"?


this election has it`s roots in the distant past----


"I want a leader who the rest of the world is afraid of"

We all know the answer to the problem lies in the DNC

As a Resident of Ohio, I believe Ohio was stolen

In all probablility Gov. Richardson of NM will run in '08

"So today I want to speak to every person who voted for my opponent..."

Profiling the ideal Democratic candidate is a fool's game

India president happy with Bush win

1,000 women hospitalised in Portugal after backstreet abortions

From Eric at Bushflash

True Republican Morals. We need to really spread the word on this one

Reframing the debate: It isn't about gays

Why are issue initiatives allowed in national elections?

Pollwatchers: If you saw anything remotely fishy at your precinct ...

From Federal Register today. Bring on the draft.

on KPFK L.A., exit polls included those voting with provisional ballots

Christianity: I hope our next Democratic Nominee says......

FRAUD! I Need HELP in New Hampshire!!! (Boots on the Ground, Please!)

Democratic Identity / Republican Morals

We will not win any elections

Bush's Blessing Raises Arafat from the Dead !!! A resurrection miracle


You Don’t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again

Viguerie: "Now Comes the [Right-Wing Theocratic] Revolution"

Breaking News- Elizabeth Edwards Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

How are we going to get rid of BBV?

Did my girlfriend mention something about riots to me this morning

how much did chimpo win by in Texas..did he just eek out a win?

The People have spoken: another DU exclusive toon

George declares Arrufat DEAD cartoon

New post election map of America

What if the "culture war" gets violent?

Letter from --- "Grown up" America

Here's what we (Dem Party) NEEDS to do!

I can't understand certain black folks who are against gay rights

Yeah, I Think I'll Vent, Too - re: Dean

My letter to the DNC

No Vacationing in a Red State

As a Catholic, I Am Outraged . . .

when will they count absantee and provisonal ballots?

Bush is at a breaking point--let's break him

It's early but I may be leaning towards Clark in '08

Where we need to head.

Open Voting Consortium

Mark Crispin Miller on the possibility of a rigged election

Kerry lost it thanks to Teresa???

The real pain is that Bush will never lose

Did anyone just see Ed Gillespie on C-Span?



Join the ACLU

Get to know the enemy.

An election won on the hatred of gays - They must be proud.

Reporting that "morals" was the key is free advertising for W's amendment

Another DUMB question regarding exit polls

Moved to another area.

So where is KKKarl Schwarts??? eom

Progressive Party...why only in Vermont ?

The Democrats need their own "Contract with America"

As bad as the presidential results were, the Senate was far worse

If you missed Mike Malloy's show last night-AAR You must listen now...


The revolution must start in Ohio

Don't you all get it?

How do we stop the fake media from blaming gays for the election results

It only takes one University

The Progressive Magazine editor tells Kerry a thing or two...

51% of the electorate translates to "mainstream"

Anyone hear Aaron Brown blame Janet Jackson's breast for Tuesday?

Staged Election: Several Republicans Win by Exact Same Amount of Votes

Why not just call this the RANTS FORUM?

Fight The Racist GOP Fix of the Elections

It ain't VALUES, folks. It's called BIGOTRY.

LOL, I just called the Ohio State Republican party

My mom voted for Kerry but she thinks that GOD is working this

IMHo we did NOT lose because of god. We lost on security.


The democratic national committee is pissing me off. LINK

DEMAND a recount in Ohio and Florida!!!

Republicans: The New "Red Menace"

Everytime someone tries to explain the election results

Would it be productive to start passing pro-choice legislation

FOLKS- Social values are OUR turf!

my steps to winning elections - don't include the south, forget them

Too many posts here attack Democratic values

Election Results Breakdown For Darke County OH, numbers dont add up!!!!


DUers setting up the circular firing squad very nicely

"Reach out?" Not fucking likely!

Hmmm Kerry concedes, **'s true colors are becoming more clear already

The POSSIBLE draft: please read this thread


Will The Democrats Ever Win Another National Election Without

They deserve it. We don't.

Is it the Democratic party....or is it the media?

Love thy neighbor: NOT HATE THY GAY

** outlines his agenda

I don't think the gay marriage issue cost the Democrats the EV-win. But...

Why we need to focus on getting Santorum out of office.

well i see the king just told my

repukes said elizabeth cancer is a god's punishment

So this young man rings my doorbell a minute ago

Progressive faith did not lose this election

Drudge is so predictable, just like all Repugs (CNN photo)

Social Security: Now accepting Republican apologies

Past inspiration

Where is the ACLU in all this?

DU this Poll


I am glad to see that Candy Crowley is happpy again

two quotes have been running thru my mind non-stop the last 48 hours.

They have chimp with a fucking halo on CNN website

Impeach Bush - Resist the Bush Occupation of the WH

10,000,000 reward for proof of fraud!, George Soros,

ATTN! We are LOSING an important issue, here!

Let me see if I get this straight.

Liberals are the second class citizens

Why The HELL Is The DNC Website Shut Down?!?!


So everyone prepared to greet Bush on Innauguration Day?!!!

Hear that sound?

Next time you back Texas for being retro, yall might want to remember this

Rumors that spread in Nicaraguan & Vietnamese communities in LA...

I talked toa catholic person I know today

the official "Fuck Leon Panetta" thread (#1)

Another Genius from Bush's Base

So, we're supposed to believe that Bush got more votes in several FLA

Want to know who the next Democratic president will be? Read this.

Has There Been Any More Word on the 1.5 Million Absentee Votes in Fla?

The movement has just began

When does McAwful step down?

Results for Corolado are still coming in look at Boulder county

America to World: Fuck Yourself. Let's get the meme out: Boycott American

Welcome to HELL.

My rant: here goes.

Ok, so we lost the election on "moral values"

Tucker Carlson in CNN Poll:

Kerry should be glad he lost...

Todays news conference GW at his finest

GW news conference more of the same (moved )

So what does the log cabin repubs

Greg Palast: Kerry Won...

The Right Wing Media Wants To Pick Our Next Candidate

The Right-Wing Exposed. If this does not turn heads, then I will quit.

has any election "analysis" addressed Bush's lies?

I hope you get what you want. I suspect you'll get what you deserve.

Time to Ditch the Democratic Party for the new FUKIT PARTY!

It's very clear why civil unions/gay marriage cost us the election.

What are the odds of a Red State getting hit this time?

The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

I let my repub co-workers have it!

"Values": polite euphemism/code word for "bigotry".

Step 1 for rescuing Democracy from the Domionists

So When Will The Draft Begin?

What a twisted and fucked up little man

Another example of skullduggery?

We need a loud voice, BAD!

Get the 16 year olds NOW! Voting is the first legal adult thing they

Holy Toledo! We're back to Defcon 3

Hold the phone and check out Michigan state's unofficial results:

I have the answer - here it is!

Second coming of Christ

Article says states w/paper trails w/in 0.5%, ones w/e-voting off by 5 pts

Should any Dems accept a position in the Bush cabinet?

We can now call * a Lame Duck!

A mostly fond adieu.

MISSION: Rove has got to go !

Young voters are the Democratic Party's new "Nader"

IQ averages: Blue states vs. Red states

The anti-war poetry of undercover FReeper seventhson.

Gays DID NOT lose the election, dammit--from a straight Christian.

Anyone else lost the sound to Randi Rhodes

ATTENTION ATTENTION: electronic voting software errors in Broward FL

Soldiers Absentee Ballots, Coming in with one handwriting

I Was Saving My 1000th Post To Announce Kerry's Win

County by county breakdown...

Ashcroft expected to resign

duplicate..please delete

We don't need to compromise

Rove was allowed to define Kerry and our ideas (repost)

I'm sick of hearing about Hillary '08 already!

Why I think * won't overturn Roe v. Wade...

Bush is still campaigning

I apologize for my previous post on soldiers

Any Truth to This: State Average IQ and Candidate Choice

We believe the exit polls re: "morals" being the issue, but DISbelieve the

Fuck them...My sexual orientation isn't up for a popularity contest.

1-330-490-4000 - Call Diebold

Some numbers to chew on...

A liberal democrat hasn't occupied the white house since 1968

Show me a post BEFORE 11/2 that blames gays/Newsome for risking the electi

Newspaper headline: "America has spoken"

No matter how you slice them,

Gay Marriage: I hope the next Democratic Presidential nominee says

Keep up the Fight: DU this Poll!!

Kerry working behind the scenes?

Secession may be the last option to save the Constitution.

Can't we get someone to check out the e-voting to see if that

To: Software designers/programmers/engineers

How do we see who shifted cash * on internet betting sites on Nov.2?

504,000 oklahomans vs. 4,400,000 californians

I am now in favor of reinstating the draft

Right Wing Loonie SC - Will the dems in congress stick together...


Do you think * car will be egged again at his inaugration...

Leon Panetta: The party of FDR has become the party of Michael Moore

Mcauliffe- Good Riddance

Dean lost the primaries because Bill Schneider scared our voters.

Youth Turnout was the highest since 1972.

What are all of the Kerry lawyers doing?

List: Emerging Grassroots Orgs:

Fundy? Physical acrobatics preacher, big nose, Ohio? jumps all over stage,

OK I have a story it's IRONIC about a single Pregnant Rethug...

If Osama Bin Laden took out *, Cheney and the entire cabinet...

At least, Boondocks is still fighting!

It's NOT the South, stupid

DU this Poll: 5:00- 6:00 PM EST

"Flip flop! Flip Flop! I voted for the 87 billion before I voted...."

Randi Rhodes: Elizabeth's breast cancer story did not come out earler

Bev Harris and Launch Largest FOIA in History

The Ass-holes Stole It! (Via Electronic Voting Systems)

I will stand for Liberal political philosophy ....

deleted by poster

1127 dead, 3 more today...and the beat goes on...

Rick Santorum, Rudolph Giuliani among 2008 Prez hopefuls

Today, for the first time ever, I considered keying a car

Want to get REALLY scared? Read this article...

How does Bush grade out in running the country?

Michael Moore / Chirac! Democratic Dream Team for 2008?????

Bush Says Will Use Political Capital from Election

Exit poll graphic.

We need more fighting and acrimony in here!

Rick Santorum, Rudolph Giuliani among 2008 Prez hopefuls

Does anyone have a county map of Ohio showing voting method?

Another hurtful reality....

You got to read Baker..if you want to talk about morality

Bush Got 44% Of The Hispanic Vote... Up From 35% What Are We

I dont want to live here anymore........I ll go back to eastern

Evangelicals vs. Classic Republicans vs. Neocons. Sit back & watch.

Anyone have stats on voter education levels...

Barrack Obama Will NOT Be on a Presidential Ticket in 2008

A call to action. Or, COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!

I support civil unions because I am not a bigot.

so what can we do?

How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB, a British newspaper asks (pic):

Let's Help The GOP And Beat Ourselves Up!


A MUST READ.....Just caught this...



Just got back from the Body Shop.......

If We're Going To Purge The Party Of Anyone, Lets Start With Republicans

Divvy up; what's YOR favorite fringe group of the party?

Now that the election is over, will the FEC hear Kerry's complaint?

Wisconsin Public Radio is having a pledge drive right now

(pardon me), but TERRORISM

Time to go back to the old democratic ways. Neighborhood ward bosses.

It's time to create a Citizen led Liberal Media

how about stopping the "DU this poll" for awhile..

NEWS: "Religious right relishes chance to push agenda "

We wanted Kerry to be like Howard Dean & he couldn't do it

Media, media, media - and the NEXT one will be even harder to beat

No more Catholics for President

Bush claims mandate for his One Question Rule

My future uses for my Kerry yard sign


Why does nobody ever mention Dick Durbin in these potential '08 posts?

I'm In The Mood For A Good "Why I Hate George Bush" Thread..

Specter Flip Flops on warning to Bush on Supreme Court Justices

Media Need to Discuss Tainted Election & Not Bush Mandate

Greg Palast: "Kerry Won"

I feel the time has come for the Democratic party to split up.

I am no longer a liberal. I will henceforth be known as a heathen.

Link about election fraud.

Colonel Richard Prouty,a very famous insider in the CIA during the sixties

Count the sign-ins, then see if they match the # of votes

Democrats are Quiters and Losers

"A dark day in America" WOW!!!! Never seen it all put so well.

how about stopping the "DU this poll" for awhile..


A call to Christian Democrats

Skinner is there anyway you can make this for everyone to read?

I don't want to pay taxes anymore!

Channel six in central Florida just announced

Takebackthemedia's classic Flash "VOTEREVOLUTION" - We Predicted THIS


Let's slow down and breathe part 2.

democratic familes I ask you to boycott...........Disney World

Let's slow down and breathe.

A boycott that will kill a hundred birds with one stone.

Silent Protest: let's rub their noses in dead, rotten flesh

Where in the hell is Michael Moore?

Tell ya what- you regressives can keep the loser Democratic Party, k?

Hindsight is 20/20

an urgent message to Soros - please offer 1 million$ reward for fraud info

I am getting sick of the DLC!

MUST READ: If Greg Palast says Kerry won, take it to the bank.

could this prove voter fraud in Fl?

Living in NC let me say this about Edwards

Karl Rove's Turd Droppings All Over This One

Next go round i think the primaries should be later

Arghhhh!!!!! - How can you possibly believe he didn't steal it!!!

Cute mainstream stories that didn't happen

Red States, I shake my head sadly at your folly

Just spoke to Dem leader in Baker County FL about possible vote fraud.

What the hell is wrong with some of you people

We must incite Civil War in the Republican Party to rescue Democracy

don't boycott red states

Did you ever think we'd have a forum page with threads that all have FUCK

DAMN! We forgot a democrat! Fuck MLK!!!!!

breaking news: N.C. machines all had faulty hard drives

Atrios: Something's coming...

Outside the South, Kerry won solidly and other election tidbits

Did you ever think you would See Fuck Gay Marriage

You want to see a fight do you? BEWARE: FREE REPUBLIC LINK

DU'ers This will get Lost in the State Section and We Need help

Schwarzenegger: "Democrats are LOSERS"

Potential candidates to run against the illegal groping governor Arnold?

SHIT!!!! Did any of you guys hear that!!!!

Kerry Showed "Humorless Intensity", Strugged To Be " Likable and Warm"

Report: US Troops WATCHED Al-Qaqaa Looting

What happens if they prove that Diebold cheated for Bush?

Jennifer Granholm '08 ? (yes, I know - you'd have to amend...)

Just because we haven't hit every part of the party: FUCK UNIONS

The shift of Hispanics toward the GOP was obvious long before Tuesday

The state of Illinois should become the center of all Democratic activity

Please Read: Taking over the Democratic Party

corporate allies already back *'s win. Slimy fuckers... Read this:

I fuckin' told you so

Bush states = all states that contribute zero economically & culturally

People - Listen Up - The right wing conservatives are not the........

I was in Ohio: We got creamed on the street:

I'm not uniting with Bush.

An ode to an idiot - GWB. I hope it brings a smile.

What influence did Teressa Heinz/Kerry have on voters?

The Democrats MUST accommodate the implementation of the Right wing Agenda

"Guns, God and Gays" and the Presidential election

I Will NEVER Believe Bush Won the Popular Vote

Most people are NOT voting against their economic interests

Let's Develop a Plan RE: Fraud (Important!)

What do DUers think of the idea of Dean becoming DNC Chair?

So what are they gonna do with the 48% of us who didn't vote for *?

I don't want the Democrat pty to be about gay marriage and abortion rights

Hillary Clinton/Barrack Obama - democratic dream team ticket 2008

Cute tin hat theories that didnt happen

Please Read: I apologize for sounding like a geek

Is this proof of something fishy?

Tom Daschle rant

Everyone Put One of These On Your Car!

Hey, I got hate mail from Phil Parlock!

My dream ticket for 2008: Mark Warner/Wes Clark

Who We Need To Run for President in 2008: Mark Warner

Stolen. Stolen right in front of our lying eyes....

The American People Have NOT Spoken-This Election was STOLEN!!!

BBV: George Bush's 8 Million New Votes Found – A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS

Folks we were diebolded. And its our fault. READ!

It's a FReeper Free-For-All! (Or some are in the wrong damn party)

Could Kerry truly be doing a rope-a-dope?

American Soldiers Speak Out Against War

Still Standing, Still Fighting, Still Here

First things first... We need a drudge report for the dems...

I felt less animosity toward NVA 'soldiers' than I feel towards Bushbots.

Repukes Worship the New Jesus they have Fashioned

They didn't steal the election - they did a better job in getting out

Here is the answer for 2008...its the only chance we have

Straight people who think gays cost the party can kiss my lesbo ass

Stock symbol of Diebold - DBD and history [maybe Tom Delay connection]

Why are we so sure they didn't steal the election?

Can we talk Kucinich?

Arguing centrist v. leftist is missing the point, in my opinion.


Now let me tell you how I truly feel about Kerry's campaign.

Stop Doing Anything That Makes Things Better! No Volunteering!

Do NOT not go to stores. Do this instead:

Here is how they cheated by E-machines votes PAY ATTENION

My new mantra: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

We have been Diebolded people and this is how

Someone Please Confirm These Numbers.

Raging Against the Machines--I Need Your Help to Compile Resources!!!!

MUST READ: To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe:


An Odd Sense Of Acceptance. WARNING: Probably going to piss you off.