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Archives: November 5, 2004

Will of the People---now the world is really scared of us.

... But this time religion does

Gays are the New Jews

GOP Welfare Queens

How to Vote for Peace, Against the Patriot Act, and Win Elections

Diebold's Political Machine from

"Forget the Heartland"

Light shed on questions about war

Common Dreams: The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy

Op-Ed: Bush's Brave New World

Editorial: 'Moral' mandate?/Election didn't provide one

AP: Conservatives Win, Moderates Lose in 2004

Fear, intolerance, religion rule

Scary article about exit polls....

Greg Palast says Kerry really won. (hanging chads again)

Last Word on Bush Bulge

Salon: Behind the Scenes: Campaign 2004


WIll Pitt's Overview - forget the values thing, bush used

Onward Christian soldiers

post-Election 2004 Town Hall in NYC

Evoting Fraud - we have 2 yrs to fix it - or bye-bye democracy

My Results In Boycotting GOP Businesses has been great...

Reporter eager for Arafat's death

Who would have to be the best liberal talk radio host?

Sheldon Drobny on CNN tomorrow at 7 AM CST.

MSNBC / FOX tonight

Jim Lehrer and his panel are having a nice chuckle

Religious left radio ????

Best liberal talk show host?

So, is there ANY chance I'll have Social Security in 20 years?

Regarding Bush's announcement on tax code

Natural Resources Defense Council's take on the Bush election:

Memo To Our Green-Minded Friends in Europe

What are some good websites to read up on alternative energy news?

Chinese chemists describe SCWO parameters for corn stalk

Just keep telling yourselves "only the Government should have guns."

A question for the mods re. conspiracy theories/data

I'm all for fighting and acrimony.

Could we have a well-wishers thread for Elizabeth Edwards?

Latex allergy in aisle GD F&A, the mask is about to come off...

Can we get the rules enforced in the GD forums again? Things are getting

Guys, this is one of the sickest things I've ever read here.

This is the worst thing I have ever seen here--please take a look!!!


Regarding moving on

Just do it: just completely get rid of F&A.

Maybe we need Fighting and Acrimony as a bloodletting.

You deleted my post for saying "liberal wimp"

Can we have a "Yo mamma" jokes forum?

Anyone out there from Metro East area?

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Great Rant - but I don't know who wrote it

Bush "volunteers" paid $75 per day in NH

Winning on fear itself

You folks are doing yeoman work on digging out these votes

Where is David Boies When We Need Him?

I blame Zogby for Kerry's loss.

Oh I do feel a it isn't even December yet

Voting number question

If you really want to prove election fraud

Where was youth turnout the highest His first thoughts after Nov 2

Any Final Calls on NM, WI, NH, Iowa...

Cracking the Diebold machines - for any computer literates


If there was fraud in Ohio, shouldn't we contact Dennis Kucinich's office?

"something wasn't right"

a hispanic who voted for Bush

this was my post on "Fight" board about DemNatlComm. PATHETIC

My letter to Dick Morris, about the exit polls..........

5/co needed to demand recount in OH....did Ashc say only he could

Anyone recall this? It was once big news...

A poster in LBN said New Mexico will go to Kerry.

"I'm so confused".- Grandpop in ""Moonstruck"

Recapture the "morality" issue?

EDITED: Wouldn't Chris Heinz be here giving a wrap up

I think a little clarification is in order on "mandate"

Divided we fall


Gavin Newsom's contribution to the Kerry downfall

New Hampshire Voter (Fraud) Analysis

This election was 'won'  with lies. Reach out to * supporters

AOL Poll: Does Bush Have a Mandate?

Church Directories! We should have seen it coming.

Did anyone get the feeling that Carville appeared gleeful after Kerry lost

Kerry Votes Converted to Bush in Ohio

we would have won the same states with anyone

Hello? The Election was Stolen. Where's the Outrage?

who are the young people that stayed home?

Kerry betrayed us but we've got to fight for him anyway

Chicago Mayor Daly was hot under the collar about Democrats not

The first back to back two-term presidents since...

We can afford to do the entire election all over again, if we can afford

Columbus Ohio Electronic Voting Machines - You won't like this

Are any people here doing any real work on this election?

anyone bothered to watch any news since wed. morning?

Kerry conceded because that way the repubs would call off their

Chimpy learned a new word today --- "CAPITAL"

Kerry/Edwards NOT fighting "behind the scenes". Damn.


MO, AR, WV, FL = no longer battleground states

**OH Citizens can demand a recount! Just 5 per county needed!!**

AP: Conservatives Win, Moderates Lose in 2004

What country has the best voting system?????

"How could 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?"

GAY/LESBIAN DU'ers, please tell me how you feel about this.

Show me the vote counts


Kerry, the DNC, the State Democratic Organizations Rowed Away in Lifeboats

I cant wait for SCOTUS to overturn Roe vs. Wade....

GWB's 1 Million New Florida Votes Found – A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS

Anybody willing to give Bush a chance?

To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe...

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

"Gay marriage backlash not felt in Massachusetts"

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Helen Thomas in Minneapolis tomorrow (Friday, Nov 5)

Did some people have long waits to vote in Minnesota?

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!


Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Please help us fight AJR 66/statement from Action Wisconsin

Progressive Pages- Need your feedback!

Arafat is dead and Chimpy the Retard says "God Bless his soul"

I was depressed for one am willing to sit back....give

Any mainstream reports of NM switching to blue?

*Bush wasting no time telling more lies

how much of the base came out in states with

FRAUD!! in Ghanna Ohio.

Blue states = Free States, Red States = Slave States

What happens if FLA goes blue after the absentees are counted?

Thank God We Were Spared Jim Baker's Ugly, Saudi-Loving Ass

Consider how many years Vietnam lasted.

States had different exit polls

how long before Kerry cannot legally withdraw his concession

MSNBC: "Big Plans" in Bush 2nd term, graphic will make you squirm

what constituency turnout can we increase?

Info on corporate donations to Dems and Repubs - FYI

Just watched CBS and bush agenda - I feel so sick and helpless

Is there any possibility that we could petition for a special election?

continue the GOTV

How come the Red/Blue counties map, have grey in it?

Don't worry be happy....remember Nixon left in his second term...

any of the primary candidates could have gotten

I refuse to DU polls anymore!

DailyShow On Now: Bush= Wife Beater ....Americans=Battered Wife

this is the 1st I've been here since W6am...WHY did K concede???


Has Pensacola Florida become the Selma, Alabama of 2004?

here's an idea

Hillary 2008

mourning in america

I Like This Forum Better Than The Other One

Is it possible Ashcrass could be nominated for a judge? My husband

Are the Bush/Cheney signs still out in your area?

Riverbend offers her condolences to the blue states

How will Bush justify going back on his word regarding a military draft?

heh - an emigration plan that gets my approval

I am SO proud, my guestbook has finally been freeped!!

Seven Ways to Win

Look, just because BBV would give one party more power than...

More I look at the NUMBERS, the ANGRIER I get at the DNC

their GOTV was done over 4 years, ours was not done even for a year

I'm a blue county in a red state (sing along).

how about we do this with all votes in America to make

Illinois needs to become the headquarters of the Democrats

I never post OMFG! But...OMFG!

Sea of red? More Zahn bullshit.

Not Over Yet

Maybe I'm nuts, but I HAVE to think something is going on behind the scene

Kerry's flip flops

Pissed off at my fellow magicians!! Arghhh

I Was Driving Home From Work Today And Saw

Here's an interesting idea from a talk show host.

The Stages of Grief

We need a DNC chairman who represents the base

Bush Press Conference - He Has NO ACCENT

As much as it hurts to say it folks…We were had!

How do I get my sense of humor back?

We must start on the long road bac by getting a paper trail for every vote

the next 4 years will make McCarthism and Watergate

I still want John Kerry as my president......

I'm ashamed to be an American (long)

any young Dems from Repuke families here?

Hope you guys like this...the fighting and acrimony thread didnt

Can someone please tell me what stage of recovery I'm in ...

Atrios: Tax Fairness Act or Ending Redstate Welfare

I need help and support. Please talk to me.

Please let's not stop, please.

WHY is the EU attempting to extend the olive branch to this criminal?

We might be able to learn something from the Kansas 3rd district race

Those Stupid Non-Auditable Machines

So, did anyone see Chimpy's press conference today? Was there

Seriously, what's wrong with a series of broad, highly focused boycotts?

Forum Suggestion: Progressive Marketplace

you can help win in 2006 even if you don't have Governor or Senator up

Do not leave America, if you must go somewhere, go to Illinois

Hey Ohio! Does anyone know if Right-to-Life endorsed Taft in 2002?

Boycott holiday shopping as a protest

Don't move to Canada; Move to Ohio and Florida

Why wasn't the environment more of an issue?

oh lookie such important news...laura gets a doggie

America- the Two Solitudes

Wondering if the media is having second thoughts about being Chimpy's

Please tell me Kucinich was re-elected...

Help is on the way from Canada

LBJ was a lot colder, tougher SOB than W will ever be

Lets Start with the Diebold Machines

Is anyone else wearing black for mourning?

I've found the perfect draftees

Ohioans can easily demand a recount!!!!!!!

something we got from this election that is good

Oh no. Look what you've done. You've broken America.

Lets get the ball rolling - Give me your feedback and ideas!

Four sixth grade girls came up

Ignore the Holidays

Ignore the Holidays

I am so foggy at the details right now - who was the person who posted

I thought I would get better...

Election Fraud: Don't Get Over It, Get Justice for It!!!

My letter to Senator Dick Durbin


Here comes Mike Malloy in Phoenix...

Lawrence Kudlow is a fucking idiot

Adam Felber's "Concession Speech" -- A MUST-READ!

Kerry won. Here are the facts

Where can i get the software that ran

Karl Rove

Do you remember when.....

"Idiotic, cracker-ass, snakehandling supporters of George Bush..."

APC Fans

Atrios now talking about ending Red State Welfare

Forget everything

WooHoo, just donated 50 bucks to Bev Harris...and i'm canceling

No more CNN

Just caught a snip of Jesse Jackson Sr. from today.

I fear that economically the US will become another...

I am so serious


Real Yahoo front page headline : Laura Bush to get new puppy for birthday

What? Is this sarcasm?! ("The Note")

Gay marriage

"America will always do the right thing ..."

Need your help

Please DU don't give up

My LTTE - What I learned from the election

My idea for gay marriage

Today's the 25th anniversity of the hostages in Iran, I met Bruce Lainier

I am a 49 Percenter

May I rant?

We do not concede our democratic rights.- Urgent Response Network

Most important post of the night

How do disabled voters vote?

"They call it democracy" by Bruce Cockburn

What's the liberal website

I've so much in the last days

Looking for T-shirt with coat Hanger and title "Republican

A question from MY RETARDED SON- why Bush* won? why Kerry surrender?

We've had 48 hours to Mourn. Now it is time to FIGHT. Here's How:

2006 Senate Races

Michael Moore: My first thoughts after the election.

This message gave me a much-needed chuckle . . .

So how does everybody interpret Edwards' 11/02 message?

The only reason Bush won....

what kind of campaign did the new Democratic of Montanna run?

Whoa! Have you seen these Florida voting numbers?

What we're up against: extreme cognitive dissonance.

Does anyone else have REAL PROBLEMS with Harry Reid as ML?

Grafitti I saw today: FRAUD

when do the senate Dems decide on a Minority Leader?

figured out who stole my kerry signs the morning after

Mark R. Warner'08 - It is starting already...

Atrios: Tax Fairness Act or Ending Redstate Welfar

Something to lift spirits and give hope.

A great way to start fighting:

That's enough moping for me!

To lurkers and freeptards reading here...(rant alert)

I hate my new DU. Where am I supposed to post help for Fallujah?

Any other single DUers who feel more alone than ever?

One good person. I need your help.

Can someone in Oregon verify this statement?


Texans, check in! We sit at ground zero for the culture wars. And we will

I'm not a crack pot I am an executive and tax payer and I need

Truthseekers Tune In and Get Ready For MALLOY

Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada (Sarah Anderson,

Never gonna fall in love again...

Fly the Rebel Flag!

Let's not allow Kerry the indignity of being "another Mondale"


Map I find comforting

A message from Howard Dean

DU this CNN Poll

Counting votes: Have most of us moved on? What happened to "never again".

You know, its just possible we did nothing wrong....

Rebuilding America (part 1)

Unbelievable (BBV - North Carolina)

This little thread, you must view: "Your state is red; my state is blue"

I just got home from hearing James Carville speak.

So NM is blue now AND


Kindergarten teacher told my 5-year-old that "Kerry kills babies" today

2006 U.S. Senate Elections: How Can We Reclaim Power?

I'm not going to argue. I am going to lay it on the line. Abortion...

I'm 53, disabled and dependent on Social Security-Disability and

Does anyone remember the person who posted here who said he

Hack The Vote- Paul Krugman

Don't worry everyone, I have a plan

okay. you're a white hous press reporter. you have one question

The Boot Bush rebel flag...our symbol of resistance

Should we have a SHADOW PRESIDENT?

I just severed all ties with my Rethuglican parents

Get Corporations Out of our Vote! (Private corporations count the votes)

So what happens to the world when Arafat dies?

Ohio residents, check the Ohio forum

It really was the "gay marriage" issue that brought the evangelicals out.

black ribbon on my car

BOYCOTTS?? Why not Start with WAL MART and the MEDIA

I Will Fight No More Forever

I am in pain (rant warning)

The Campaign to Starve the Beast

Majority of Canadians oppose missle defence: poll

War Protesters March Post-Election (Chicago)

Kennedy nephew boosts legacy

Kerry won. Here are the facts

Michael Moore's Statement On The Election....

It did not take 24 hours before there were rumblings among moderates

Elizabeth Edwards.....Lump in Breast

If any of us are praying/meditating people the Edwards family can

Early-to-Bed Blair Thought Kerry Had Won

Wal-Mart Wins Battle for Store Near Mexico Pyramids

Singing the Post-Election Blues (may take time to recover - ABC News)

Oil Down More Than $2 as Supplies Swell

Militants used grenade attacks to lure Black Watch into deadly trap

Mrs. Arafat keeps husband keeps husband on life support

Rebel bombers aimed for a political target

Conservatives Win, Moderates Lose in 2004 (AP/ABC)

U.S.-Led Coalition Could See Desertions



Rove, Bush Campaign Architect, Cultivated Christians

F-16 Jet Fires On NJ School

Doctors without Borders pulls out of Iraq

Keyes Blames Media, GOP for Loss in Ill.

Americans living in Helsinki disappointed by Kerry defeat

Voters Split Over Malpractice Awards

Troops stood by as Al Qaaqa looted

US graffiti on ancient Babylon's walls


Ahnuuld: Once called 'girlie men,' Democrats may also be 'losers'

Iraqi government setting up new administration for 'liberated' Fallujah

Field hospital in Iraq on alert

Democrats down, not out

'We've had a leash on for 5 months and we're seeing our buddies die'

Those faulty exit polls were sabotage

Feds Arrest Hundreds In Pre-Election Anti-Terror Operations

Keyes Blames Media, GOP for Loss in Ill. (HAHA!)

Potential Bush Supreme Court nominees

Michael Moore's Reaction

57 Arrested in San Francisco Protest (2,000 participated)

Russian Oil Majors Dream of Middle East Fields/New WMW

Military strike in Fallujah expected any day now(AM Transcript)

'Govern-ator' plots presidential course

Schwarzenegger calls Calif. Dems 'losers'

Bush Unlikely to Keep All Promises

Schwarzenegger Suspends Nurse Requirements Until 2008

Marines revved up, but on hold, at Fallujah

Jet Fires at N.J. School During Training

Girl Hiding In Leaf Pile Dies After Father Parks Car On Top Of Her...

(Florida) Slots measure wins approval with absentee votes added in

WP: 'It's a Victory for People Like Us'

Danger for Blair after killing of soldiers

WP: Analysts Say Outlook For Bush Plan Bleak

Key Senator Denies Warning Bush on Abortion Issue

Looks like NM is going for Kerry, just heard on AlbQ news

Work with me or be left out: Bush

Military Is Afraid to Tell Bush, Cheney the Truth, Says Sy Hersh…

French call for stronger EU to keep America in check (CHIRAC DISSES * )

WP: President to Consider Changes for New Term

Retired preacher found drowned, wife beheaded in Tulsa suburb

Bush Could Never Have Won Without Religious Vote

Kerry refused to take Clinton's antigay advice

Flame me, I should know this

Update on the interview I had last week.

I don't have any kids to be drafted:

GD: Fuck You - makes me so proud of you guys and girls

Bateman nails the RW mindset:

On The Simpsons... Who voted for Kerry and who voted for Shrub?

Democratic Dream Ticket '08: Will Pitt / Skittles

I think the moderators have abandoned the GD: Fighting forum

What's the "my name is" thread?

I wore a lovely, eloquent black dress today to teach art in.

Drunk barber is giving my boss shit!!!!

To help ease your pain over the next 4 years

Roughest, meanest, and most uncivil DU forum(2.0)?

So what's this I hear about purple eyeshadow being bad?

So I am naturally suspicious and I might be wrong 8 out of 10

Good night all. I am going into my reality world

After Tuesday I'm thinking about registering as a Democrat!

People who never listened to Hip Hop before "Mosh"...

Hey, I joined the 700 club and just now realized it.

Well, it's a little past five and dark outside

BLACKBOX JEOPARDY! I demand Bev Harris investigate!!

The 5 stages of losing an election

recommend some noise

If there are no laughs to be found on "Joey".and apparently there aren't.

That's it: No more coalition whiskey!

Drunk barber won!

The 5 stages of losing an erection

My theory, millions were too busy downloading MOSH to actually mosh.

Oh man, I just saw a TV report that had me in tears.

Any other artists here ?

Whew! Darn hit a deer a few minutes ago!

How do liberals perform executions?

WHo are you cheering for:; Drunk barber or my boss?

Weird. New Zealand did (sort of) send troops to Iraq.

Does anyone know

I met Bruce Lainier today, ask me anything

Senate Coup! How To Defeat Bush RIGHT NOW!

Orgy in aisle GD F&A!

I REALLY need to go to bed...I saw this post at GD F & A.

Can my day get any worse?

warm welcomes at DU

I'm listening to Radioheads Hail to the Thief '2 + 2 = 5'..Yikes...

Is it wrong to say "fuck you & the pig you screw!"?

Hey you, Whitehouse - Ha ha charade you are.

I have a bumper sticker t-shirt idea idea

Apparently Michael Moore is totally responsible for the election disaster.

who gave up after 2000?

You need this now: "Me and Big Brother"

What's all this I keep hearing about Bush's Man Dates?

George W. Bush admits he is gay

Canadains willing to marry us to save us

The election cost me my left butt cheek

Republicans: the "FUCK YOU, I GOT MINE" party.

United States of Canada

OK, I held back the tears Wednesday, and during JK's concession, but

OK, we have a picture thread - we need a credit card information thread.

Who knew Diebold we pronounced DEE bold?

What Would You Think About This Idea For A Tattoo...

WTF!!! This is the LOUNGE!! Why so many political threads???

Soft Cell ("Tainted Love") singer suffers severe head injuries in crash

The REAL Stages of Grief!!!

How do you configure a wireless ferret for a picture thread?

The Ultimate power

Bush Library Destroyed By Fire

the REAL ultimate power

Met a seriously cute man today, just had a fight with my boyfriend

Active Koochie cost us this election!

Corey Feldman cost us this election!

I just burped pizza flavor.

How can 59,017,382 people be so dumb?!

Electronic Frontier Foundation (like the ACLU, and against Diebold)

Mark Brunell cost us the election

Pot Smokering druggies cost us the election!


test (ignore please)

does anyone have pictures of foreign newspaper covers

End Red State Welfare Now!

My cat cost us the election...

These posts cost us the election.

RW Vandalism: bumperstickers ripped off in a parking lot at Logan Airport

Attention GLC - the Dem party will no longer need your services

Translate this:

a flock of seagulls cost us the election.

A flock of wild turkeys cost us the election

A good thing about Bush winning:

As goes the nation, so go Kansas City area teens

In a world of * lovers is a one-eyed man king?

The Green Bay Packers cost us the election

Hugh G. Rection cost us the election

Attention Leon Panetta: Go Cheney yourself!

Black DU'ers, Private Message me

What of the Quintuplets got married?

A truly hilarious read..

OK, the Apprentice completely sucks this year.... Trump's an ass

I'm wallowing in it: Neil Young jag for 2 straight days

Got a question for anyone involved in law enforcement.

If no one has blamed the box turtles yet, i will!

New Eminem album, "Encore"...damn!

Thanks so much DU

.self delete

These guys caused the election!

Mods.... 2. Treat people with respect. Don't be rude or bigoted.


I'm not a crack pot I am an executive and tax payer and I need

Will the spiraling of moral values never end....look at this filth!

Remember that site W4Prez?

What is the problem people have with Libertarians?

What the Bleep Do We Know!? Anyone seen this movie yet?

So, who had a waterbed?

Who dares to fuck with me (and get their post deleted)?

FWIW - has posted W's acceptance speech.

Black Box Turtle Voting!

Have I mentioned that I have close to 1,000 posts at Free Republic?

The War President collage photo on

If you are poor, middle class,gay, non-christian, a minority or a woman...

And some actual Good News

Pat Paulsen cost us the election!

Somebody make me a "Time's Up, Bush", clock....

Richard Pryor cost me my erection.

Ashton Kutcher cost me my erection!

Our top story tonight:

A DU Gallery?

A New Song, For A New Amerika..Grab Your Ankles And Sing Along With Me!!

Protest bracelets -????

I'll do it to ya up on the roof

Weird dreams lately.....

What the hell happened to that totally evil picture of Chimp from today?

I just got hit in the face with a fish.

There's another "unmasking" going on.

Under-the-radar candidate wins Ill. race (state rep)

Last Episode of "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" on tonight

Drunk barber and I are getting tore up!


What have I missed tonight?

EarlG for President.

I'm enjoying my first beer since the election...

Will Pitt attacked election night....

Anyone Ever See The Movie About Evangelists Called "Elmer Gantry"?

I have a question about the RNC?

The daily show is making me cry.

which of these ferrets should I adopt?

Official Flirting Thread - Everyone welcome

What pick-up line should I use tomorrow night?

The big 2 Democratic counties had turnout below the state

Does anyone have an MP3 of Denroy Morgan's I'll Do Anything For You?

Don't go there

How do you configure a wireless router to your modem?

To the Mod(s) that just handed out that Tombstone

I must remember not to visit any forum but this one for the next 2 months

Good News! Tough Crowd has been cancelled

Richard Pryor is in really bad shape.

my first hate mail! hooray!

Ashton Kutcher cost us this election!

Who misses hockey?

On the bright side, we never have to talk about VIETNAM, ever again

Does anyone have an MP3 of the lead singer of Soft Cell's auto accident?

I've Said My Peace. MAYBE MatcomNews will return Monday

7th Sephiroth cost us the election

Wow! A flock of Grey Gooses... Geese? Yes. A flock of Grey Geese

2 origins revealed

Guys, apparently I caused us the election.

Another meme we dems need to start: using the term "activist judges"

Next "values" target for the GOP?

the "fit" should get a discount on airline tickets.. those of higher girth

I hope the GLBT DUers don't get the impression that they arent wanted

My left butt cheek cost us this election!

Want a new bumper sticker?

D.U. /D.C. Coronation meetup




Who the Fuck locked the FUCK FORUM suggestion thread?

You fucking bastards.... you killed Kenny....

Fuck You Mistabobdobalina...Fuck You!

Fuck you, Tipper Gore! nt

so, a republican just called me, and said they want my vote

Fuck you Adam and Eve!


Boycott John O'Neill


IRISH anti-war movement plans protest outside US embassy in Dublin

Screw you Moonies! You brainwashed the right

Well, I guess we have learned something these last few days.....

5 arrested in Arizona at anti-Bush protest



BUSH COUNTRY? Kerry showed "Humorless Intensity"? Give it up, please.

The Dog Ate My Homework - Presidency

why we are losing-we dont get our talking points BLASTED across rural U.S.

I blame Zogby for Kerry's loss.

Bush to make MANDATORY mental health screenings


FUCK Conciliatory Right-Wingers!!!

FUCK you anti-gay fuckers!!! We are ALL gay!!


Fuck fuck fuckity fuck

FUCK everyone who voted for ****

"Blame Me, I Voted for Bush" bumperstickers.

bush; LOWEST % of the popular vote since TRUMAN! LOL!!!


Should gays & lesbians and their supporters leave the Democrats?

Can the traitor* be impeached for this:

So, all this fraud data: what authority will use any of it to..

Stop the blaming game please!!!

What will happen first?

Okay, I'm in this now - you wanna knock Moore?

We KNOW what we're up against; what do we DO?

This is why we feel rage today.

FOX NEWS: "Shock Treatment Benefits Outweigh Risks"

Should homophobic "Change my ideal to win" people leave the Dem party?

If BBV fraud is being investigated, what's the time table before

One more fucking poll

I think this was all a blessing in disguise

I said this yesterday, but my flags are upside-down


Here's the plan..For pete's sake, quit yer bellyachin' and whinin'..


Calling on all Republican doctors

"Unity" Plea? BULLSHIT!!

Who dares to fuck with me (and get their post deleted)?

The Next Democratic Ticket

Don't Blame Me.

Fuck you, George W. Bush

Fuck This Shit!!

Skinner changed the Forum name again? This is the Fuck You Forum?

That bastard cannot require loyalty oaths at the inauguration

Martin slams MP for anti-American talk-Watch them all fall in line.

Well lets see,American Airlines to lay off 1100....

County by county map of the whole US, showing red and blue

How many trolls are on DU right now?

Good morning, I'd like to have an argument, please

To Skinner and all mods

Dumbing Down The Message for the Masses

Religion bashed me before I bashed religion....

Democratic Dream Ticket '08: Will Pitt / Skittles

Whats with people saying they are done with the Democratic Party!?

Check this if you want to boycott Republican-leaning companies.


CDC Alert: Infection of unknown origin at DU; advise DUers to wash

Who wants this forum name changed to FUCK FORUM

On edit: I think we have a DUer on the Free Republic trying to divide them

Darn You, Usama bin Laden!


Flashback:What to do if the GOP Steals the Election

And while we're at it

Assuming * is even REMOTELY serious about looking to the future,

are any Freepers freaked out about Bush's man date?


Just got this chilly email - Sorry if a dupe

12 Students Arrested Upstate NY In Protest Against Bush Win


Tom Delay Re-elected and Keyes won 1.3 million votes.

When I think of John "Unfit for Command" O'Neill Gloating About This...

57 Arrested in San Francisco Anti-Bush, Anti War Protest

STL CARDS are selling ALL their players (If DUers ran a baseball team)

Whichever Dem pol takes the quickest and strongest stand against BBV

PHOTO: Philippines protest. Will we do the same in our own country?

Kerry close in NM

Why are you doing this?

You want a mandate?? I'll give you one...

Would someone help please...

Holy Toledo! I just realized something -

let's pitch in some money and buy shrub a CROWN so it's final

How long did it take for * to flip-flop on unity and hope? 2 SECONDS!

WOW such LYING ALREADY from the rightwingnuttery!

Ohio punchcards and undercounts

No matter what candidate we had,

Air America: "Bush needs to be inaugurated among tear gas and ...

ABB was the mistake

More Thoughts on Facilitating a Right-Wing Agenda -- Don't hate us!!!!

PHOTO: Bush whilst announcing he intends to spend his "political capital"

Punch cards in Ohio

So: Is it to be "The Handmaid's Tale"? n/t

Pot Smokers cost us the election!

This gave me a very much needed laugh today.

I poste a picture of shrub with the field glasses (with covers still on)

Red State vs Blue State IQ

Have the "ManDate" jokes started?

Let's be clear about the fraud controversy

Keep your eyes on the prize: 2006 is the next big test

for 2nd straight day...look at difference between RNC and DNC sites

First thoughts from Michael Moore

Atrios: Tax Fairness Act or Ending Redstate Welfare

Is this how Diebold cheated?

that's it...

Bush will raise the National Debt to 8 trillion.., 2 weeks

Email from moveon member: agree or disagree?

bush won by the LOWEST percentage of EV since WILSON

As much as it hurts to say it folks…We were had!

which senators are up for relection in 2006?

Should pro choice people leave the party?

here is how I fixed those bush fucks at school today

I hope Al Franken runs for senate in MN.

Boycott Stolen Election: Do not Xmas shop for three days begin Thanksgiv

Mass Hysteria

Isn't all this morals fundie influence/take over a little overrated?

Please, we need you

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy

how did we fail with the 2002 midterms?

What was this I jusr heard on Air America about A Republican

USA Today: Bush calls victory "Historic"

"Common cause?" FUCK THAT!

Kerry's flip flops

To Bush supporters:

Don't discount the military and the intelligence community.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Where is our voice- Michael Moore Al Sharpton help stop the coup!!!

Proposal - Revenge Strike on Freak Republic

I'd never disrespect Michael Moore....but was he "too in your face"?

great book I discovered, if all Americans had read it before Nov 2!!

It is high time that the Democratic Party return to its roots


Where were you when our country died?

Evoting Fraud: THE most important issue for all of us

I don't need to know where not to shop

My Reverse Boycott -- it's time to make a stand

Help Help I need the link about the sss. and the dept of educ

Has anyone made one of those Purple/Pink/Blue/Red maps yet?

Most important post of the night

Strategy for the next two years ...

The narrowest win for a sitting president since Woodrow Wilson (1916)

Listen, an "anti-interracial marriage" amendment in those states

bush; Social Security is the same thing as Iraq WMD and War:

Greg Palast says they stole it

Americans showed themselves to be cowards.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Did anybody bother to say the obvious in this election?

Politics at QVC

Homeland security at work: military jet strafes elementary school

What we need to do: fight as dirty as the Republicans


How much data do you have on the Election on your computer and other media

We lost this election because Heterosxuals don't have any balls!

Since when are posters themselves the subject of threads?

Oh, and while we're at it...

SLEC - My New Political Party

A crazy idea..

The Democratic Party is dying under the weight of

Bottom line: we have to have our own Fox News & Rush in order to educate

This nation cannot long survive half red and half blue.

Can the Democrats sell the American public on civil rights?

NEWS: "Gay marriage backlash Not Felt in Massacusetts"!!!!

Why should I have to care about gays and lesbians?

Name two things Kerry campaign did well and two things we did poorly

"Propositions" helped draw partisans.

Should We Support Inter-Racial Marriage? It's Costing Us Votes!

Old time DU'ers, what did the Party look like long ago?

If you ever need a voice to stand up for a peaceful movement I will lend

DU'er Demographics: City slicker or Country Bumpkin?


Has anyone else's blood run cold?

Ok, so people are pissed...

What characteristic is most important for a Democratic candidate?

I blame cats for kerry's lost.

Interesting talk with a Brit client today at work

U.S. Stocks Fall, Erasing Gains, on Concern About Kerry Victory

Exit Polls Analysis vs. Reported Vote Count

When repuke voters who have faith in * get betrayed, will you be nice?

Had to do it: Will Bush serve his full four year term?

Look at it this way: Bush is already a lame-duck President.

Anyone have the link to the IQ-blue state relation

Palast on "spoilage"

Anyone Seen Terry McAullife Lately???

The REAL Bush, the BULLY came out today

Walt is right.

what if we each took our own poll of everyone we knew?

We need to get liberals from NY, CA and MA to move to WY, MT, SD and ND

What a great speech: Capitulation to a Corporate Coup ...

Heres your chance to come out of the closet

On the Abortion Debate

how about if we unite?

People like Walt Starr, Are They abandoning 55 million Dems

The Bush Supporters are so stupid

Those moral values voters: a lot of them were Dems

The only reason Bush won....

The only reason Bush won....

I'd rather lose every election than become REPUBLICAN LITE.

Slow performance or "hide" and "ignore?"

I have a good feeling that everything will work out fine.

Please boycott anything my state produces


Is it safe to assume everyone here has read the Yurica report?

We're being played by the trolls; don't feed them.

Hack The Vote- Paul Krugman -Diebold Incorporate

Thinking of giving up? Two words: NELSON MANDELA

My AIM conversation with a fundie on Stem Cell Research

He warned that Democrats and others must work with him or be left behind

The Red and The Blue (pic)

My emotions after 3 days are feeling betrayed because Kerry

Just throw it my face......

Oh yeah, I think interracial gay marriage abortion cost us the election!

So let's help overtun Roe V. Wade. Remember it was states

Poetry is one way of releasing emotions. It can inspire and change people


RW Vandalism: bumperstickers ripped off in a parking lot at Logan Airport

Why we lost. God, Guns, Guts.

is it true that chris heinz is a member of DU? if so, i need to tell him..

Do you still believe Michael Moore? might as well change the rule about no homophobia here.

when does McAullife leave?

It is time to use the right language

So the Plame investigaion is over now I suppose. n/t

Want to DO something? Contact the media and ask why is

So...who's going to liberate us from the Amerikan Taleban and their

Curt Schilling asked Bush to change stand on stem cell research

Does this jerk look like a winner?

oh lookie laura gets a new puppy

we really should rething the whole "independant nation" thing. that issue

What is going on here? The key is e-voting fraud. This is war!!

I say * should prove he won.

The next Michael Moore film. "Election 2004: Lost in Cyberspace"

We the real kool aid drinkers screwed, Kerry, told the lawyers

what Southern states might we have had a chance if we targeted them

Been thinking about this and I have a new swear word.

Heterosexuals caused us to lose the election!


More I look at the NUMBERS, the ANGRIER I get at the DNC

URGENT READ: How the fraud works with the punch card machines

John Ashcroft for Supreme Court Chief Justice!

rightwingnuts with their HUGE MANDATE of 2% are in for ONE HELL of a

Ive been battling repukes all evening!!!

Voting Fraud discused on C-SPAN right NOW

You know, maybe we should start rethinking the whole "slavery" thing.

Straight people cost Kerry this election.

Figured out who stole my Kerry signs the morning after look here

How the hell do you make peace

Three States to Compare: Red vs. Blue...Anything look suspicious?

since straits are deserting us and I will never need an abortion

Arafat ...when he dies what happens

Catholics for Tom DeLay. (We need to speak up in Church)

Does anyone know which states are still counting? I gave up TV and

I don't agree that we have to acquiesce to this false "values" debate

The Rich, the Minorities, the intelligent/informed and the stupid/uninform

Is There Anybody We Forgot to Fuck?

Abbie Hoffman & Joe Hill are ashamed of us

What we now have here...

Kerry won. Here are the facts

Why John Kerry should have been made Senate Minority Leader

describe the young people that stayed home that you know

i hate the people over at GD:help and support

Where is that Mark Crispin Miller thread?

Republican Senator who wants death penalty for abortion doctors?

NEWS - U.S. to Buy 75M Doses of Anthrax Vaccine

Video of the song "Flying My Flag Upside Down Today"

How we should have dealt with the gay marriage issue

Kerry - a club boy

You may have noticed tonight..

Have you heard?

IM sick of this Kerry won BS FACE reality

Check out this Usenet post!

Ignore the Holidays

A Salute: sangh0 and dolstein, the DUers who had it right

Binary Gay Marriage Poll

Any computer geniuses out there? Need a true genius for group effort.


Dear DU Homophobes

BBV: GWB's 1 Million New Florida Votes Found – A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS

Time for the NEW Boston Tea Party! Only shop

A response to Palast's "Kerry Won. Here are the Facts." Is it accurate?

This is getting sick

Random Musings From A Liberal Trying To Decide Where He Sits Now - CAREFUL

Who else here was worried about the Fundie turnout?

Any lawyers out there? Need to contact a DU lawyer for future group effort

What is the problem people have with Libertarians?

Harry Reid is the new Minorty Leader

Republicans want to kill us

Hey, stupid Ohio question....

For the Democratic Party to prevail ...

It's not gays, not the DNC, not Kerry, or DU, IT IS FRAUD, PURE & SIMPLE

Did it sink in for anyone else yet?

Tie a Black Ribbon around a tree to represent election fraud.

Could General Wesley Clark have won the election???


No need to move "right": Did people ultimately just vote their pocketbook?

If this were 1930's Germany, would you sell out the Jews?

Is there too much homophobia at DU?

More from the exit polls: 6% of Gore's voters disappeared

What wedge issues can Democrats use to divide the Republican Party?

Clinton advised Kerry to endorse state bans on gay marriage

Boycott Media Advertisers

We may be on the brink of civil war

A picture is worth 1000 stolen elections.

don't give up on the South

HEARTBREAKING; Fallujah pleads with UN to stop US from killing them

A few words about the discussion of gay rights and related issues.

My Thoughts on the "Why" of the Election

It's the American people, stupid--Sydney Morning Herald

Why Bush won - a guide for foreigners

backlash from world media begins

We're All Israelis Now

Politics as Sport (Or how I got lost on my way to the Colliseum)

Dick Morris -- Something Rotten Happened on Nov. 2

Opportunities ahead - Oliver North


Bush will now celebrate by putting Falluja to the torch

"If the Empire gives you rubble, build a sandbox..."

Is it my imagination, or were layoffs and plant closings put off

Speaking of editorials. When will DU editorials return?

Dead soldier 'disagreed with redeployment' (Guardian)

Priceless Diebold cartoon

From Boing-Boing: My Modest Proposal: The U.S.A.R. (sorry if repost)

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Consensual politics? Probably not

"My Fellow Americans -- Get Stuffed!"(Ben Tripp)

17 reasons not to slit your wrists:

Bush will now celebrate by putting Falluja to the torch

Full of Holes (Newsweek/MSNBC) (Exit Polls)

Onward Christian soldiers

...uncle sam gets bad news.....

How South African hit men, Serbian paramilitaries, and other human rights

Inside Kerry Campaign: 'I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot'

Election with Hunter

Massacre looms in Fallujah following the US election

A Bone of Contention (Rosemary Brasch,

Blunders by Blackwell (a kick to the nads by the Akron Beacon Journal)

The Case For Fraud

[Al-Qaqaa] U.S. soldiers ... said they witnessed the looting

Why I Can't Go Home

Coalition of the Chilling Out?

Christian Conservatives Must Not Compromise

Why Democrats Should Be Thankful

Still Not Enough Ammo

Moral Values Malarkey

Bush's Girly Mandate

Four Decades of Imperial Hubris

Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue

Buck up, you lefties!: Justin Raimondo

Why Americans don't vote for democrats

Was Abe Lincoln Gay?

...somewhere, just outside Fallujah.....

...Iraqalypse Now.....

Adam Felber's bitter "concession" speech

Disgusting editorial in the LA Times!

Progressive faith did not lose this election (Jim Wallis)

...Picasso's "Fallujah"....

No Surrender - NYT Op/Ed by Paul Krugman

Kucinich: Going Forward With Resolve (10 min video)

A DU Challenge: Open Source Electronic Voting Systems

It begins

Buy Back The Media! Rewards for Reporters! Cash for Whistle Blowers

Amnesty International USA to Hold Houston Rally Calling on Governor Rick P

Boycott the House of Representatives!

A Change Our Family Is Making: EXPENSIVE SHOES

Just donated to blackbox

Boycott Holiday spending, our first step.

Invest in the beast... then starve it

Here's an idea that might still have legs

Norman Solomon discusses election, media coverage

a way to get the message out

Tune out ALL cable news

Demand proof. Period.

Genesis Communications Network ...

Call to Arms! I call for the foundation of a new media watchdog group.

Economy Adds 337,000 Jobs

Questions: Positioning for a Possible Currency Collapse

employment increased by 337,000 (un-employment rate U3 unchanged at 5.5)

Array of Hope: What comes next?

Atmospheric CO2 Surge May Be Linked To Burning Peat Bogs In Borneo

New Mexico Blocks High-Level Waste Shipments To Carlsbad Salt Caves

Colorado Referendum Will Increase Renewable Energy Production - Reuters

Beijing Describes Air Quality As "State Of Emergency"

UK Vows To Push Bush On Climate Policy

Global Amphibian Assessment

Summary: Survey Predicts Population of 9 Billion

Hunters Kill Last Female Pyrenees Brown Bear - One Cub Remains

China A Bottomless Pit For Oil And Gas - Business Week

Colorado Front Range Glaciers Melting Rapidly

Grenada 17 says US torture of POWs not new

When will the terrorists strike us next now that their favorite won?

Way to quiet in here, " joke time"

Bugs and blackouts everywhere

You had a great list posted the other day, but now I have lost it.

Forgive yet another GD suggestion:

Any chance of search functions being re-activated soon?

Bad idea

Getting constant "Website Not Responding"s Friday morning -- FYI

GD Proactive/GD Reactive. Some of us are ready to go NOW

Suggestion for an image to use when deleting a message for bigotry

For the record...

A suggestion for a new forum.

Can we set up a fund to donate in honor of Mrs. Edwards?

When will the ability to join DU be reinstated?

I am with TylerDurden. We need a Boston Tea Party

Please, at least comment on the state bashing

We need to work together economically. I suggest a jobs/skills forum

Maybe you could call "GD: to be determined" Fight Club...

Thanks for featuring vote fraud stories on the home page

I would do anything to get "hide threads" and/or "ignore" back.

We need a separate forum for Boycott / Shopping

Skinner, Elad, EarlG -- are those REALLY Chris Heinz and Elizabeth Edwards

Re: ElizabethEdwards joining the DU

When are we going to get our "pre-election" perks back on DU - like hide

Another request for boycott/ shopping forum

How about a purple US Map Avatar? n/t

Skinner, Earl, and Elad. Check this out.

How do I un-register?

Any way to make the discussion forums visible to registered users only?

Moderators: Is there a way to keep this thread prominent?

Can you change the "I Voted" avatar to "I Think I Voted" between now

Please! A Boycott Forum!

When will we be able to hide threads

A name suggestion for general discussion to be named...

Think Twice About Locking My Thread, Please

Help!!! technical question (keep getting kicked off)

Suggestion for a new forum...

Can we please add Cuba to the State & Country forum?

Skinner, EarlG or Elad

Hello Skinner

About the Elizabeth Edwards Post

I don't suppose there's a place in DU for a Green forum?

Admins: Can you offer advice for starting an "Ohio DU-style" Website?

Anti-Bush Protest at Inauguration

Is there anyone who still believes 9/11 was carried out by terrorists?

Flight 587 shoebombed, and Bush covered it up?

Hey Davsand!!! How did things go in your area?

We know Keyes is insane, but you have seen his concession speech?

Mass e-mail's to mainstream news media

Since his concession, has Kerry been seen at all????

A summary of exit polling results on Nov 2nd - did Kerry win?

Does this look like a mandate?

Accusations can fly about OH & FLA but unless someone is squeezed or

IPA: Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?

Did Kerry really get more or less hispanic votes than Gore? Two polls...

I have a question for all of you -


'The Silver Lining', per Hoffmania

Talk to each other, collate, ORGANIZE

Why Kerry would be a great president

Texas Electors Not Required To Follow Popular Vote

Anyone else watching New Mexico results?

transcript of Bush press conference

Average IQs – Red vs Blue States

Lucid summary of ongoing Ohio ballot issues from Kos

Post your favourite statistical absurdity here

Here is a way to prepare for the next election.....

Tinfoil Hat but...

Are early votes going to be counted?

My angry post-election thought for the day...

McAuliffe and the DNC

From my other Forum..a ? that needs answering

Is it possible to prove fraud by the sign-in lists?


O.K., Folks: Back to Work

CLG launches investigation into discrepancies of 2004 'election'

bu$h Tells Nation "Here's What I'm Going To Ram Down Your Throat- Buzzflas

People spread the word about fraud!

Saw a flyer at work

Who else doesn't like Red & Blue states?

What the hell is going on with BLACKBOXVOTING?

Is it True that John Ashcroft can be appointed to


I thought JK was not entitled to ask for a recount in OH or FLA. Someone?

Let The Genocide Begin. Thank You Jeeeeezus!

What if Voter fraud is shown to exist?

Yes, they absolutely deserve what they get now


**Is this a way to PROVE Florida Fraud?**

EVERYBODY needs to write to their local paper

What we need is some good analysis

Anybody (like me) Hoping For A Miracle?

We need a Governor, not a Senator, as our next candidate

Will Republicans implode from within? Overreach could split moderates and

2006 Draft -- Denzel, DeNiro

SUPPORT PROGRESSIVE/DEM artists, writers, books, movies...

How this election benefits dems in our area...lemonade from lemons...

Understanding "REPUBLICANS" : My thoughts

I think we need to calm down about who our nominee will be in 2008

Evoting Fraud - we have 2 yrs to fix it - or bye-bye democracy

CBS News Editor Acknowledged my "Tainted Election" Blurb

"All Americans have embraced the conservative agenda."

There were no mistakes except Diebold

Sincere question here because I'm waffling

More strangeness from NewMexico

"Mandate My Ass" Inaugural Protest?

Time for this again

There's a great report on Ohio vote counting and fraud at Daily Kos.

With big media reporting polls are inaccurate, will they follow through

I had posted a warning to watch out for rumors just before evening voters

"The Dems didn't lose this election, they won"

I Will Wear Black Every Day Till or After 2008 Election...

When do the electoral votes officially get recorded? more

Q: Anyone interested in a ""?

If Bob Shrum isn't the Repubs secret weapon then I'll

The Choices of Democrats ?

3,893 "EXTRA" votes accidentally go to Bush from OHIO voting machine

Here's why I am accepting the vote numbers (for now)

Hey Randi

Edwards likley to be named DNC chair.

Why Doesn't Kerry Fight?

The Osamization of America

Kerry is catching up in New Mexico

My Electoral Fantasy

The Democrats Deserve Exactly What They Get...

Another thing to consider

Photo: UK Paper cut to the chase....

Why did NM have more votes for Dem representatives than for Kerry?

So, what happened to the Recount Legal Fund?

NOOOOOOOoooooooooo Iowa is now a red state *sniff sniff*

I'm done cheerleading for voterfraud. Plus why would JK want to be Pres.

Anyone know why exit poll numbers were adjusted late in the evening?

Gambling vote glitch mars tally

I Hope Michael Moore Wins Best Picture and

OHIO FRAUD: Bush gets 4258 votes in precinct with 365 voters

Mary Beth Cahill is the reason Kerry lost

Outraged American

which exit polls included early voters?

Do you think this economy will get better or worse ?

The Gap Is Getting Larger

C-SPAN now. Post Mortem on Election. Robert Borosage

So where is Howard?

Asshole got Iowa & New Mexico?

To any of the Kerry, Heinz or Edwards lurking here

It's time to return to machine politics

"It would be a mistake sit around and whine" after election - Clinton

White House was "worried about their poll numbers" last weekend...

Voter Fraud in Volusia Co, Florida

Why did Kerry concede if he's still fighting?

Ted Rall hits the nail right on the head in his latest column.

FSTV: Nevada Wants To Certify Without Counting Provisional Ballots

told of a right wing cabbie today

John McCain comments on Nov 2nd election fraud

bu$h's Brain on Sundance tomorrow morning (7:30 a.m. cst)

The only reason I'm somewhat sceptical about the "stolen election"

So is this story about Soros and a $10million reward true?

I really think there is more going on than we know

British newspaper covers

Holy Shit! RNC announces change of emblem!

just sent 25 bucks

House Judiciary Committee Letter to GAO Investigate voting machines!

The real reason JK lost

Write Keith Olbermann!!!

This whole "the election was stolen" thing...

Dennis, we need you!

URGENT!!! We can get a recount but YOU have to act NOW!!!!!

Proof the Presidency was rigged......Colorado!

Can we win a national election in 2008 and how?

John Kerry 08? Are We going to quickly abandon Kerry, as we did Gore?

URGENT -- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED RIGHT NOW! (election fraud activism)

The rightwing media is pumping Hillary '08 hard already.

Can't help but think that visible voting glitches mask the real problem

Only 38% of Californians voted on Tuesday !

Links: Evidence of Election fraud

Dems could have WON. Let's admit it: mistakes were made.

You will never read a better article than this, I promise.

Let Roe v Wade be overturned........

Broward machines count backward

Even Michael Moore is rolling over and accepting it?

Kerry, the stalking horse ?? read this:

Trying To Save the World Today (Nader & My Story of the Day)


More evidence of Florida fraud?

does anyone want my sister ??


Orange County Activists

Just made the last reservation

Is Arnold invincible?


What the #$%@ ???

Judge targeted by Fundi Extremists wins!

Lawmaker wants Grassley on judiciary panel

Top Ten Towns for Bush & Kerry in Mass

Where Bush Won in Mass.

i hear 1st avenue closed its!!!

funny rip on bush

see what the country looks like with weighted variables/red and blue


GOP to Hit Granholm's Values


So... who's for secession?


Maybe we SHOULD protest, demand a recount, or something...

Akron BJ description of GOP grassroots campaign

Anyone want a recount in Ohio - only 5 people to ask for one

Opportunity to get paper or mail voting in Ohio as opposed to EVMs

Two questions for people in PA

Armstrong to Layoff hundreds in Lancaster

What we decided at our County Democratic meeting last night

Citizen Groups Announce Push for Political Reforms Mon. 11/8 - 10:00AM

Madison - RALLY this Saturday - PLEASE JOIN US!!!

Can't get together this weekend

OK Fitzgerald (US Atty)...can you release the Plame indictments now?

Religion and Politics this really frustrates me -- how they can twist

Inside the Bean win (at the bottom)



Where is WillPitt?

The Choice is Clear - Give Up or Get Up

Don't Know What To Do? Here's a First Step


What we are all going thru is the "Grief Response". It will pass in time

New Web Group Looks to the Future, changes name from Kerry.

Democrats must endure, prevail

Democracy for America...

Overturning Roe v. Wade will not end abortions.

What a disrespectful, moronic little man he really is

Ours - America - Theirs - Ameriqa

Thom Hartmann: Exit Polls Right, Tallies Wrong?


Likely Scenarios if Roe is overturned


Is it my imagination, or were layoffs and plant closings put off

perfect but painful plan to win back the country

Well, folks, "it's not my problem" came home to roost.

Please help the DUers that can't watch the news

So are the votes going to be counted or not?

" fraWd " - thank MagicalSpork for this one! - - -

Ways to beat the electoral college?


Question about Malloy?

if we won't get any help from Harry Reid, how much help can we get from

We need some media

Greg Palast will be on with Mike Webb on Friday

Mega energy Karel sitting in for Bernie Ward tonight

It's a purple country.

We need to start producing infomercials

our grassroots efforts for 2006 and 2008 need to begin now


Damn! Check out the "My name is Steven Joseph Vincent" thread!

For 2008, what do you think of Mark Warner for President and

Michael Moore's new message

Krugman: stand and fight:

A couple more Black Sabbath songs for Bush.

New Web Site looks to the future changes name from Kerry...

I finally get it.

I love gay people

Why are so many DUers afraid of changing our marketing strategy?

Big Profits to be made when Abortion is illegal!!!

Mark Crispin Miller on AAR - rocks!

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore

Hack the vote 2008

Should Bill Clinton take over as Chairman of the Democratic Party?



To many New Yorkers, 11/3/04 felt a lot like 9/12/01.

(Not BBV) 'One ring to rule them all' -- anyone know who wrote this?

Does anyone have the transcript to the SCARY "press conference"

Feel like giving up? Some words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Canadians to the Rescue

I am the Reverend Dr. Billy Jackleg Birmingham

Sorry, I have to break from discipline and say I HATE BUSH!

Who is going to be up for Senate Minority Leader?

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas)

resources for countering the theocrats

Put yourself in Kerrys shoes, What would you do?

O.K., Folks: Back to Work

Look...if it weren't gay marriage and abortion...

Have you seen Bush's latest halo picture?

The digging continues: Fraud in New Mexico, complete with documentation

A parting thought for the night

Having trouble keeping myself from dropping into cynicism

It's the lies, stupid

My new bumpersticker "THE DARK AGES 2004 - ?"


Mayor Martin O'Malley of Baltimore---rising star in Dem party

Ben Leaves For Boot Camp On Monday

A message from Greenpeace - Don't let Bush win mean defeat!!!

This sums up the way I've been feeling

The sun came up this morning.

I will leave the Democratic party if they compromise for Republican votes.

if Henry Reid does become Minority Leader

How many more jobs will the little bushturd destroy in the next 4 years?

Garry Wills: The Day the Enlightenment Went Out

My new mantra: It's not my problem

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore

Kerry's concession gives us a chance for the larger victory........

Something to say about the evangelical church I used to attend.

Star Wars: How much does Murdoch own


Belisarius: The Democrats Didn’t Lose in this Election, They Won

What is the punishment for vote fraud?

Who has some of these values I been hearing about?

I just convinced my Republican boss to join an anti-fundamentalist group!

Please vote in this poll

NO news, NO papers, NO mags for two weeks. Starting now.

Heees Back!!! Comfort from Michael Moore

I live overseas. I can't imagine what it's like for all of you.

A few questions for our Great Moral Leader * ....

CBS last night mentioned one item in *bushs mandate.

Okay, so how do we start the de-programming process

Can I challenge the marriage of people in homophobic states?

DUer research needed: Warren County Ohio

History always favours liberals

Am I the only one that still is in shock and denial? I'm numbed

I'm getting better! And, dammit, I am not giving up.

We can win in 2006


Should I stay in America? Why or why not?

Should IRS Investigate Church's As Political Operatives

An excerpt from an email from a friend about the election.

A Mark Fiore animated cartoon to cheer us up

They stole this election. Are we going to take action?

Has anybody heard from Mari333?

For those interested in looking into the "Looking Glass" of Evangelicals..

Rate Asscroft's Job Performance!

Website proposes marriage to 'Bush dodgers' (CANADA)

Support small business and boycott BIG business....

Positive steps we can take NOW to help with 06 and 08

I started writing this last night

What do you all know about K Wave Theory?

OK folks back to work

What is the nature of the dark army?

An interesting convergence.

Can we set up a fund to donate in honor of Mrs. Edwards?

Listening to Unfiltered

Church collections decline as unemployment and under-employment rises.

I am a 49er and proud of it!

Public Service Announcement from Birthmark - Terrorist List

What the hell is going on in Bouler CO?

"Here is how ignorance works: First, they put the fear of God into you.."

John Stewart's Ratings

This a civil rights movement , and Bush is Stalin, jr

John Stewart's Ratings

Dunkirk Irony.

Changing our "buzz" words

Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at

Bush is elected, Fallujah will fall, and America is damned

New Post-Election Zogby Poll--Guns, Vietnam, and Religion

What to make of the "future" of the republican party?

We got to get it together, people. We need economic clout. And use it.

Michael Moore's website...

Buck Up, You Lefties!

Do YOU belong to the ACLU?

Something to think about

Get your black mourning ribbon here!

gay red state resident: I'm staying

An old story relavant now

The Day Before the Election...

Did Ah-Nold call CA dems "losers"?

I will never again believe the 'official' results of an election

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore

Who thinks, as a nose-rubbing exercise, we will see Ken Starr

Who the hell am I to tell you who you can love?

Female Soldiers Eyed for Combat

We need a jobs/skills forum so we can form economic alliances among Dems

"My name is Steven Joseph Vincent" is the most important DU thread ever.

Sy Hersch: "Military afraid to tell Bush, Cheney truth"

Something a little strange...

Help me answer this republican assertion

Felber's Concession Speech - Very Good

LOL, I must have one to throw across the room

Faith Based Initiatives: Buying the religious vote!


Some words from Mark Morford

Wesley Clark/Mark Warner 2008

Gay Marriage Battle Extends To School Books

Comforting headline: "Bush vows to finish job in Iraq, pursue agenda"

a question for techies, I'm having computer problems this a.m.

California DUers

So when do Laura & the twins appear in burkas

One last try - we need to mobilize on the fraud

Repugs now calling it a landslide?

Warplane Strafes a School in New Jersey - not a joke

Can we do another "hit the oil companies where it hurts" days??

AFP: "The US Christian right took credit for helping Bush win re-election"

The Christmas season is almost upon us and Bush is Ebenezer Scrooge.

If I were elected President...(from my daughter)

My e-mail to my Senator (Chuck Schumer)

Is Bush finishing his Guard Duty?

"The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house."

'Reasons not to slit your wrists' ---- Michael Moore

Take time to thank Senator Byrd,

AP: Computer error at voting machine gives Bush 3,893 extra votes

Grenada 17 says US torture of POWs not new

Halliburton shares rose to highest level in 3 yrs after Bush re-selection

Political hassles at work

What's so bad about losing an election?

Krugman: Bush radical leader of coalition that dislikes America as it is

Air America on Bush "spending his capital" on body bags outside Fallujah

Blue Person Red State bumper sticker person! Where are you?

They need us

We lost because we tried to be to much like them . n/t

Where is the link to Blue Bumper stckers etc

Comstock Laws: The Regressive Assault on Birth Control

I refuse to interpret mandate...

On the Bright Side: We Saved The Future of the Party In This Election:

Bush is already more of an arrogant bastard than before.

"When I despair,

Organizational Training. THE most needed thing for our community.

Once and for all, support for equal rights for gays did not cost

PotatoBoy: any word on those Blue America pins?

It Is Time For The British To Step Up To The Plate....

On the bright side.....

Is Bush the Anti-Christ?

Best way to deal with CREDIT CARD companies that supported *

What's really happening...

Mona Charen: "No, not one" Bush scandal

Is there anyone who still believes 9/11 was carried out by terrorists?

Barack Obama for minority leader! Stop taking the black vote for granted!

"Cargo" by Laramie Crocker. Beautiful, heartbreaking flash.

Lost my mind.....Deleted post....Need a break or the asylum......Sorry

Bush says he has a "man date"

GCN network, religious left programming ...

What is the difference b/t the NDN and the DLC?

The thing that really annoys me about the election.

If you still want to beat up on somebody



Al Franken: "Today's show is all about hope."

Starve the Beast v.7

New North American Map found online

48% oval sticker, just made some

We need a return to Democratic Populism

!!!Democracy doesn't end on Election Day!!!

A White Rose for Fallujah

I'm sorry, but the Dem leaders are poor.

Elliot Spitzer

E-mail I just sent to a co-worker on the Stock Market and Dems vs. Repubs

My Dream of a Liberal Media that is run by Citizens


Open letter to a Zomby Wolf

We need a jobs/skills forum so we can form economic alliances among Dems

Larry Kudlow: a slave to faith-based memory

Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards joins the boards! Please welcome her!

Curious - Gay activists, where did the gay marriage issue start?

Kerry to Charlie Gibson (4/04): "Thanks for doing the work of the RNC"

Anyone know a libertarian? How is he/she taking this?

Let's call it what it is: Bush's "GIRLY MANDATE"

Please help me with links to our funny sites

Here is what I am doing about election fraud in Florida

What would Kerry's post-victory press conference have been like?

The enemy won't attack us here because they know Bush is crazy

North Dakota - 2 Dems senators yet goes for Bush?? Why??

How long before voter remorse sets in?

has something happened to

What if the UN moves its headquarters out of NYC

smirk said he was going on a "conservative spending spree"

Did Mari333 post at all to let us know how she's doing?

Is there a clearinghouse website which lists corporations

Where is the funnier map - the one with Mini Willinois?

A US map showing the red and blue in each state...

Democrats ARE the What Would Jesus Do party.

It's over! Is it time for a Bush vacation?

Any chance Kerry will be the Senate Minority Leader?

Boycott Big Box Bookstores: Barnes & Nobles and Borders

Arnold opened his mouth and said: democrats are losers

Think elections can't be stolen? You're naive' to think it can't

How about a purple US Map Avatar? n/t

Election reform

Damn, Obama is such a great speaker.. (video link enclosed)

Can we please start comparing Bush to Hitler, Mussolini and Franco and

Franken is getting pissed at his ditto head friend

Dollar just hit new low vs. Euro...

Is job descrimination based on political affliation or religion next?

October Nonfarm Payroll and Unemployment Rate Predictions

Hey what about that CIA report?

Can the world hate us enough not to do business with us.

I found out on Tuesday that I have a relative in Fallujah

Oh my brothers, the most effective offense against conservatives..

Bush-Cheney II: "time for conservatives to stop pandering to moderates"

QUICK, I need the voter data to throw into a Bushie's face!!!

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore

Kerry/Edwards forum has morphed into Common Ground, Common Sense

Some humor in these dark days

"I am the monkey!"

Ignorant bigots may have one this battle, but we win in life

maybe i shd become a holy-roller

All Politics Is Local

GLBTs in marriage discrimination issue states - gut check

Computer error gave * 3000+ extra votes in Ohio

You know what really annoys me about this whole thing?

Have you noticed

John Snow "takes quick credit" for October Jobs Report

What are the periodicals to read to know what's really going on on Capitol

Father Andrew Greely (Jesuit) is a Democrat and against Bush.

I shut up a gloater today


Rove's Race

When * says that "will of the people" shit over and over again?

Regaining perspective on things (geek tragedy snaps out of it) . . .

CNN: Reid to be new Senate minority leader

Democrats gain control of BOTH houses in Colorado legislature ???

Offering up the other cheek to slap isn't working politically


what is smirk going to do to "Hollywood"?

well, the dollar is falling, fallujah is about to get demolished, and ohio

the Chimp at his second highest point now (1st was 9/11)

Who We Need To Defend Us.

one problem with our GOTV efforts

Only one way were going to win in 2008(PEROT)

DU'ers, WE uncovered the fake votes in Gahanna

I sincerely hope Bev Harris DOES show up on TV, otherwise...

My suggestion to the remaining Democratic office holders .

The election was stolen?

Ok, lets pick ourselves up and get back into the fight.

Stop Fallujah, Elizabeth. Thanks. Glad you are here.

Should America Trust the Results of the Election?

My repuke "friend" told me someday I would see the light

You know those ribbons stuck on the back of car trunks all over

A Modest Proposal

Bring on Armageddon.

Dutch Film Maker killed by Muslim Extremists

Reverend Al discusses election in the O'Falafel Zone

I love my home...........

the fundies have been growing for years, we are just beginning

Paul Krugman is going on holidays next week...

Un oh... we're being monitored

The best thing that could happen

Outraged American

Values were what killed us...

About this voter fraud issue...can someone who KNOWS tells us

When Are We Going To Get Serious?

The honor of defeat

bet the no cheney or bush ever posted over at Freeperville

Our duty is to now expose the Republican Dictatorship as Fascists

RATE THIS: graphic of Ohio telling story of vote fraud on Yahoo

THE movie to see this weekend: ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN!

Black arm bands for Iraq

Read about Urban Outfitters here and you'll never shop there

Is the Republican Party itself the Anti-Christ?

Clinton /Clark it will be so

So what iOhio went blue?

Repukes putting up "FL IS BUSH COUNTRY" signs! LMFAO!!! BWAA!

German speakers : translate this for me

Suggestion for Forum titles

Anti-CNP - Bush committed fraud

Karl KKK Rove

Supporting Blue, boycotting red

Optical scan uses paper ballots - recount FL

To the conservatives...please don't call us 'immoral'


Let's put our money (& time & attention) where our mouths are


So when do you think the GOP will campaign against Witchcraft?

Hey Administraters - How about tombstoniing anyone that

anybody have video of Bush with his "one question rule"

Anyone know who One Nation Inc is?

when will cheney have his "heart attack" and Guiliani replace

What's the percentage for non-Bush voters? 48 or 49 percent?

Message to all who voted for Bush, from

To Elizabeth Edwards - please read

Seniors on Medicare are going to be guinea pigs for new medical methods.

For one thing, boycott Dell Computers

Moderators: Is there a way to keep this post up and going?

Where Is In All This

WTF (MORE BBV SCREW UPS) :: Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes

Fallujah is going to be wiped off the face of the planet

The Really BIG Lesson for Congressional Democrats

The two most dangerous men in the world...

Tom Tomorrow: Democrats' message is "low risk, low reward"

The attack on the media starts now

Randi is on the fraud issue.

Al Franken = Lame


How about funding a MoveOn ad listing the instances of vote fraud

we are the only hope left for the party

It's time to bring back "That's my Bush"

Educated v. Non-educated voters ...

If you want to send your support to the Boulder kids who are staging....

I Am "No Longer A Christian" Either......

So what's new with the Plame investigation?

Science Friday on NPR today

From my local chapter mailing list

NYT: "Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical"

Reworked Florida Numbers

The ONLY virtue of a 2nd term is that Iraq remains Bush's war.

What we must do in 2 years, Read if your'e a Progressive

Do I have to give up my San Diego Charger season tickets?

Once again, I ask: what type of voting did Ohio use?

Atrios has checked out for the weekend

Michelangelo Signorile

"The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy " by Thom Hartmann

POLL WORKERS!! Share your stories here!

Bush to claim he inherited problems from previous administration

We need a list of good and bad businesses

okay who has a link to the "my name is" thread that Chris Heinz mentioned?

I just contacted England...

Got PMS? Read the bible...

No f*cking mandate - Bush lost: He got only about 31% of the vote

I'll say it...

Stephanie Miller

Are progressive snobs?

Who Is Our Version Of Ann Coulter?

New "Century of Terror" banner, need opinions.

Before we do anything we have to establish certain core precepts.

Let's Roll!

URGENT -- need vounteers NOW (election fraud work)

So, Who should we sell out next?

Greg Palast on Michael Medved now

A very good idea

BBV - Recount of 81,000 Thurston County ballots - (push F2 this time)

Mothers & Babies targeted for death in Fallujah

Feeling crappy in Tuesday's wake? Two songs to listen to for empowerment


The Election explained

The picture of * with the presidential seal behind his head....

Googling "Bush video finger movie" brings up, um, well. . .

young voters deserve some love too

Wanted: link to story about Iraqi casualties at 100,000, not 15,000.

Who's going to make a donation for Elizabeth Edwards so she gets a star?

Voter Fraud is provable!

Re: Lincoln Chafee: I hate to dash your hopes

New Label for Blue State Repubs: "Trent Lott Conservatives"

Tune Out


Forget Poland

Need Link Showing Bush Win Smallest Margin Since 1918 is DOWN.. traffic, or hacked???

By the way, here's some somewhat old news that reinforces what we already

Whose Tell-All Book Would you Prefer to Read?

weighted map by population?

List all possible 08 choices

What does the Federal Government do for us?

Criminal Intent

How did Bush beat all the omens and curses arrayed against him?

There needs to be a massive "who did you vote for" poll conducted...

There has been a lot of discussion about religion

I'm tired of weak voiced, compromising, overly polite Dem politicians...

Randi locks up Bev's website! DU-ers, back off. Let streamers in.

Be sure to catch Randi's interview with David Corn in the archives.

What I dread as much as anything else...

CNN advertising "Kingdom on the Brink" about Saudi Arabia..

Origins of the (fe)male pundit

The Big Dawg for DNC Chair :: Now, How About That?

Fallujah a smokescreen for voting fraud backlash?

Deleted message

There has been a black Suburban with two guys in it parked in front

Ok. BBV Activists: Every search for a problem requires a solution.

The Freepers WANT us to turn on each other

Yahoo: Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes

Anyone else lose the AAR stream?

For the High School kids in Colorado fighting back:

Native American vote

I hope this isn't true, AAR is DONE Jan. 1, 2005!

59 Million "Morans"

Is anyone getting Air America?

Nader on the Ballot to cover the Bush Voter Fraud...

a great image

So Much for Bipartisanship and American Unity

Where in the Bible does it say anything about abortion?

Now THIS is the DU I know and love!!!

Check it out.. it's starting to spread into the news arena now.....

Can somebody please explain this Nader thing?

Sure, I hope the Diebold creeps get caught, but . . .

Well, I emailed my Oregon senators about this ongoing election fraud

Skinner, we need a page dedicated to vote fraud

DNC: YOU FAILED US! (petition)

Is the upcoming Mass murder in Fallujah a "victory dance"?

CNN orgasmic over impending Fallujah massacre...

The Freepers Are Going All Hitler On Us Over There...(hold your nose)

To all my friends that voted for *

The South was Fucked Up Too! YAY American Democracy! Hip Hip...

Collaborator or Partisan

Hate Radio: How do we overcome that 24/7 Ad of misinformation?

Dear george, DRAFT the freeptards first!


All right, DUers, time to get the Bibles out and start studying

Neocons: "Oh well, it was just 3893 votes"

why does Gen X vote Repuke?

Karl Rove, Evil Genius - an email I received from my mother

An example of the people voting for the "marriage" amendments on Tues.

seeking a 'by precinct/district' csv of the election results


I want a president

A very popular Anti-Pat Robertson site has been deleted

It is arrogant to say that they voted against their own interest

Can we prove voting fraud before Dec 14th?

Black Box = Black Box

Does anyone know how the election day CERT simulation worked?

Democracy is like a post here at DU.....

The story about Ohio ballot fraud came from DU'ers

Franklin County story of too many votes in

Okay, just because I'm pissed. DU this poll?

Elizabeth Edwards for president 2008

Go ask ZOGBY to conduct a massive post-election poll in battlegrounds...

So, who's given some thought to emigrating and to where?

Dear American Left

Here's The One Word That Proves Karl Rove Is No Genius:

no matter what the result, this election was decided by party bases

KERRY Should Remain a Party Elder Statesman

Bush's version of "No Retreat, No Surrender"

Why is Allawi directing our troops?

if 9-11 Whore Guiliani gets a Cabinet post, I'll puke

I had an interesting discussion today - isn't it strange that

Where do you want * to 'Spend' that 'Politcal Capital'?

Graphic of the Florida Theft

Why is it so freaking quiet?

how much is a real 'mandate'

Harris Online Poll: 51.4% "Very Worried" Post-Election

Here's my idea of a new voting system in presidential elections...

Would you like fries with that?

where is the Media list? We got stories to e-mail

May I suggest that, at this point....

NO ONE IN 2008

What the rest of the world thinks about us electing Bush. They're ecstatic

I JUST emailed Matt Drudge... with a suggestion

We need a Carrot Top!

GBnC, Andy on Randi Rhodes NOW

Imagine if Christians converted to Jehovah's Witness overnight

Guess who else talked about 'mandates'?

Blow off "Wedge Issues" period.

I have to go to the asst. principals office for re-education today

Have I said yet tonight how much I hate these people?

Did We lose the Jewish vote?

Question on this NH thing?

I just had a freeper client come into my office

Lakoff: 'Frame Wars ' - it's Lakoff vs Luntz

We need to hold every bush voter accountable

Not about red vs. blue, it's about ignorance vs. intelligence

Democratic counties in Florida that went up to 80% for Bush

Two graphics to chase your Blues (you will want to see both)

Atrios took the weekend off...hmmmm

Bracelet solidarity?

national repercussions to vote fraud being proven conclusively

What % of the vote did Kerry get in NYC ???

Jimmy Kimmel was showing a clip of Brit Hume on election night.

Does anybody have county-by-county exit polls for Florida?

Expose and Divide the GOP.... tactical deployment...LTTE

It hit me this morning. A punch in the Gut....Where are the Lawyers? We

Michael Moore: Here are 17 reasons not to slit your wrists

We need a Senate Minority Leader who will not surrender!

Interesting Timing: Battle Of Fallujah, Will Drown Out Vote Fraud Stories

URGENT!!! We can get a recount, but we have to act RIGHT NOW!! needs to set up and/or announce a paypal account!

Black box voting just asked for help on Randi

Why Did CNN Change Their Exit Poll Data for Ohio After 1:00 AM?

Most audited election in history - 2004 - U are 234th in line to get stat

Randi: Bigger Than US Steel

The Myth of Zarqawi - PLEASE READ - you are being lied to

Ohioans For a Recount Sign in here.

The truth gets lost in conspiracy theories.

Something Worth Fighting For...Support BBV and Bev Harris

Best Buy, Target and CompUSA Job report

Do we need a separate forum for Boycott - SKINNER??

The Two Heathers--You Gotta See This

Rev Jesse Jackson is on Crossfire now

How great American Cities Voted

Karl son-of-a-bitch is "Person of the week"

Probably my 6th post on this: CHECK OUT Dem NtlComte Site

WTF JOHN KERRY.......W,,,, T,,,, F,,,,?

My discussion today

Doesn't this feel like the 60s again?

Unintentional humor in the new Zogby Poll.

AAR folks - I don't think you'll want to miss Malloy tonight

If you're not listening to Randi Rhodes on AAR, tune in NOW.

Want to boycott Bush contributors? Here's a list for starters

The Holy-Rollers Meet Every Wednesday Night & Twice on Sunday.

The Fraud Issue is NOT about 2004

"No child left behind" problems


Let's put this all in perspective, as it pertains to PNAC

RFK Jr. just called into Franken...

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA VOTERS.. was their a paper trail or not?

Too the people criticizing Generation X and younger.

For one thing, boycott Dell Computers

Is anyone NOT angry at Kerry for conceding

John Kerry: The next Senate Minority Leader to lead the fight?

Randi on now! Creaming FRAUD!!

So, Peak Oil DU'ers; and Global Warming DU'ers, too...

OK, the ACLU does not exactly oppose campaign finance reform

A thought I had that might make you feel better.

Any news on the new Bin Laden Tape? Haven't heard anything

2 Eco Friendly Internet Service Providers (ISP's)

Good for a chuckle: Bush blows off Cal Thomas

My, my, my...didn't her stopping by change the mood?

Randi today got more listeners that CNN and MSNBC got combined.

The NYT says EXIT POLLS are used to Protect the Integrity of the VOTE

Terrorists threaten "unbearable hell" after Bush's re-election.

How popular is Rick Santorum in PA???

THEY know that Kerry got almost 60 million votes - here's what they'll do

Apparently, I make more than a doctor!

My Happy Ending Dream....

New York Times Killed "Bush Bulge" Story

We need a Ronald Reagan

An Advance Tour of the CLINTON Presidential Library

Here is a Election map with a different perspective.

From an Ohioan

"Mandate my ass! Mandate my ass!" Bumper sticker yet?

I got in the paper for calling Bush an " idiot"

Florida Fraud Thread, Part II

In Defense of JOHN KERRY (and how we WON long-term)

American Pathology.... Why Does the Right Thrive Here and not in Europe?

Christians, Jews, Muslims, aren't they all against gay marriage?

Ok, I've had enough. I'm mailing a teabag to 1600 Pennsylvania

Just what the hell is "political capital" anyway?????

Okay, don't you all think we should..

Here's what I just wrote to Wes Clark

DU'er please read - not tinfoil hat - they really stole it!

ATTN: supposed tin-hat fraud conspiracy people

REMEMBER!!!! "We are ".ORG." BlackBoxVoting".COM" is a deceptively

Dennis Kucinich message.... very nice and hopefully helpful...

Thank you American DUers for Caring and for Being here for the rest of us

We need a Barry Goldwater.

Should the N.E be offended?

What the h#%l?? - Nader looking for a 34 state recount??

A letter to Bush

A big thank-you to all of you... you people rock

Should We Dress in Black On Inauguration Day?

And so Fallujah gets to die.

Don't let ANYONE tell you African-Americans were no-shows

Buy Back The Media. Reward Fund For Reporters And Whistleblowers

Nostraj...or any other t-shirt makers...Check in...

If Kerry wasn't prepared to uncover the fraud of e-voting, this was all

WE have VALUES, let's define them.

Liberal community - please shelter us and defend us


Did Clinton really throw gays under the bus?

Address to Donate to the FRAUD investigation

2004 Vote Fraud: The Big Picture

If you believe * got 51% after polling 47%

Clinton's advice so far: Change our image/Abandon gays

Stop Feeding The Chimp!

E-mail from a soldier in Iraq, Nov. 2 2004

Randi Rhodes: Everyone give $5 to

For Those Who Wish We Would've Been Less "Pro-Gay" This Election...

It's OK. You can say the "F" word: Fraud. Documents begin tonight

For the people who think Kerry is a wussy for conceding....

Can you guys educate me a bit on vs

OK OK we Lost the Damn thing and took a licking in the process: OPI's Rant

Randi Rhodes just asked her 4 million listeners to donate $1.00

BBV: Our position is that fraud took place.

House Judiciary Committee letter to GAO regarding voting machines

From Elizabeth Edwards

Outspoken Parrish doesn't seek approval

Well three of the Black Watch are going to be home for Christmas

I'm out on a limb here. Please we have to help to save Fallujah.

Atrios: Tax Fairness Act or Ending Redstate Welfar

Scary article about exit polls....

This is LBN . "VIDEO GAME GENERATION" getting ready to wipe out


To all the MODS with all respect. FALLUJAH IS IMPORTANT!


Defective software 'lost' votes

'No-Fly List': The ACLU claims bias

US says terrorist attacks may be imminent in Uzbekistan

SBC faces (up to 20,000) job cuts, analyst says

(NYC) Board Broke Rules in (GOP State Senator) Velella Release

Mercy and Murder at Issue in Iraq Death (Murder by 2 US Troops)

(Kodak) Film company Qualex to layoff 300 people in Durham

Fighter jet fires upon Washington DC

Massacre looms in Fallujah following the US election


(Anchor Glass - PA) Plant closing a blow to struggling region (300 jobs)

Edwards' wife has breast cancer

Military hospital sets up morgue, doubles staff in preparation for Falluja

Judicial Remarks Stir Conservatives (LAT)

U.S. prefers diplomacy with Iran, but conflict possible

U.S. embassy guards get Israeli counter-terrorism training for Iraq

Putin signs Kyoto Protocol, completing Russia's ratification

Capital places its bets in the White House shuffle

Full of Holes (Newsweek/MSNBC) (Exit Polls)

Missile deal first, vote later: Graham

Iraqi Leader Asks Help of 'Spectator' Nations

Women Recant Sex Abuse Allegations

Late polls are seen as largely accurate

Same-sex marriage ban loses ground - Opponents add 2 legislative seats

Broward Ballot Blunder Changes Amendment Result

Annan Warns U.S., Britain, Iraq on Falluja Assault

Detroit Free Press: GOP to hit Granholm's values

Report Says Problems Led to Skewed Surveying Data (exit polls)

Students camp out to protest Bush

U.S. Oct. payrolls surge by unexpected 337,000

Cherie's friend fails to gag paper

Abuses found at military prison

IRA remains sophisticated terror group, say monitors

U.S. giving Haiti aid through military but no troops for UN security force

SBC Could Cut 20,000 Jobs

EU to Bush: You Need Us to Solve World Problems

Qaeda group warns US of 'unbearable hell' after Bush re-election

Saboteurs Damage Gas Pipeline in Iraq (Friday11/5)

CBS: Oops! F-16 Jet Strafes N.J. School

Jet Fires at N.J. School During Training

Students at Colo. high school protest Bush

Khamenei denies Iran seeking nuclear weapons, hits out at Bush

Allawi Meets EU After Anger at 'Spectator' Jibe

NYT: Pres. Benefits from Religious Voter Coalition (not just evangelicals)

Archbishop sings hymn in praise of 'holiness of money'

Girl, 6, Suspended For Bringing Drugs To School

Two US troops killed in action in West Iraqi Anbar province

KING 5: Mystery ice ball crashes through roof of Kent home (WA)

Dollar Falls On Fears of U.S. Deficits (WP)

U.N.: Traces of Plutonium Found in Egypt

Iowa Democratic Leadership Ignoring Pressure, Still Counting ALL The Votes

Limited Details on New Bin Laden Terror Tape - UPDATE 3

Khamenei denies Iran seeking 'anti-Islamic' nuclear weapons

Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Web Site

U.S. Jets Strike Fallujah With Five Raids

Falluja: City of rebellion

Boston worker confidence drops in October

Couple Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Aliens

payroll employ up 337,000 (71K Hurricane const)-U6 UER jumps to 9.7%

NYT:Despite GOP Gain, Fight over Judges Remains(can't break filibuster)

Machine Error gives Bush EXTRA OHIO VOTES

Nine injured after irate passenger crashes bus (Seattle)

SEPTA (Phila) chief prepares layoff notices to help close budget gap

Fayette (PA) glass plant suddenly closed

Union official says 116 at KC base take retirement package (+324 layoffs)

Iraq PM pledges to 'liberate' Falluja

Bush's Counterterror Policy Point Man Resigns

Some Democrats Blame One of Their Own

Carteret tries to solve voting problems (Kingston, NC)

FEC Dismisses Mailing List Complaint (illegal campaign contrib. to Bush)

(B'ham, AL) More layoffs at Endicott Interconnect Technologies (185 jobs)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 5 November

Karzai pledges to check warlords -"definitely no drug money in government"

America On-unemployment-Line

Alabama faces recount over segregationist laws

Militants Worldwide Copy Iraq Beheadings

Peer to Condemn 'Fear Factor' Response to 9/11

Big Voter Turnout Seen Among Young People

Bush Win Boosts Plan For Nuclear Waste Dump In Nevada

New Friday threat promises US 'unbearable inferno' for Bush reelection

'Secularism' in Europe Vexes Vatican

Texas Textbooks To Define Marriage As Between Man, Woman

U.S., Iraqi Units Ready `Battle Space' as Allawi Warns Fallujah

Fight Over Judicial Nominees Will Go On

Texas Board of Ed member says health textbooks should define marriage as b

Computer error at voting machine gives Bush 3,893 extra votes

Saskatchewan legalizes same-sex marriage

Publishers Change Definition of Marriage

Some 10,000 GIs Ring Fallujah's Outskirts

State of New Mexico Election Results Reporting Application(15 min.Updates)

BBC: US military 'seals off Falluja'

Bush Wins Iowa (CBC)

Bush's New Mexico win still a hot issue

U.N. Warns of Fallujah Attack Consequences

Al Sharpton, Wife Announce Separation

Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site

Yahoo News: Group Finds Voting Irregularities in South

'My brother died for oil'

Search Is on for Perfect 2008 Candidate


Computer error giving Bush votes caused by ES&S - has Bush connections

U.S.Troops Urge Civilians to Leave Iraqi Rebel City(detaining men under45)

Christians See Court Appointments as Top Bush Aim

Teacher's politics disturbs students

Roll Call: Durbin Locks Up Votes for Minority Whip--to announce today

Clinton to Democrats: Don't whine, work on image

Election problems due to a software glitch (11,283 x-tra for Bush in N.C )

Computer glitch still baffles county clerk (affects Dem county in Indiana)

Voting Group Finds Irregularities in South

MSNBC: 85 HS students sit-in to protest direction the nation is taking

Dollar at new low against the Euro

NYT: Rove in Position to Consolidate Republican Majority (for generation)

CBS News Commentary: Moral Values Malarkey

Just learn to accept that Bush has won, says Blair

Nevada's Reid, new leader of Senate Democrats, steady, not flashy

ANWR back in play

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters

Ex-policeman dies in Baghdad bomb (ARMED MERCENARY)

Warren's Vote Tally Walled Off (Ohio red county)

Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present contro

Yesterday I heard Randi say something...

What are the odds?

DATELINE: Homophobes not welcome in the Democratic party. Film at 11.

DATELINE: Homophones not welcome in Democratic party. Film at 11.

The Concession Speech We Wanted to Hear (Read it, you'll enjoy))

I am pleasently buzzed on white wine and vodka

Check out the red state vs. blue state I.Q. levels

Timberwolves/Nuggets. I see a BLOODY rivalry in the making...

Off of the blame game subject, Work is kicking my ass

who has that picture of the "new" electoral map...

Hey Dead Heads!

People need to read the rules for LBN

Thank God for GTA: San Andreas

Dammit, I need a make-over!

Email exchange btween me and a "moral-voting" repug...

My shoulder hurts like hell!

Addictive Game!

The pharmaceutical spectrum of booze - recommendations?

I've been thinking a lot lately about having a second child.

Article by Canadian MP Carolyn Parrish, who today called bush "war-like"

I kicked a Diebold machine today.

Better Resource than Photobucket?

A little humor....

Why is my ignore list not working?

Anyone's kids having trouble with science?? This might be helpful

How to survive the next four years...


Star Wars episode 3 trailer

Stupid music question...

A question for any teacher

My counselor tells me I need TV or I'll go batshit.

My dog has no nose! How does he smell?

I just want to strat crying all over again!

A new map for our new country!

So I put together this surprise 60th birthday party for my Mom.

Anyone know about evolution and "intelligent design"?

This is the thread to find someone marry and produce

Who has some of these values I been hearing about?

I'm going to write a book

No appeasement of bigotry!

I have no place else left to go. I just want to save Fallujah.

So I'm Listening to the New Green Day Single

What's your petty hate song?

My post to those who want to abandon the people and issues of our party.

I fear I'm having an emotional breakdown.

Hollywood should work harder to piss off the red staters...

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get thru this thing called

Jeb Bush / Dubya* ticket in 2008?

I'm moving to North Korea.

Ok hillbillies, this is the Square Dance Forum! Did we forget?

OK folks, it's time to scrounge!

Pokemon gave me epilepsy

Last call for alcohol.

I'm sick and tired of hearing things

Wow! A flock of wild poop just invaded my yard!

Should IRS Investigate Church's As Political Operatives

Anyone with a big saw so I can saw off NJ and float it to Europe?

Did You Know That The Sundance Channel Aired Al Franken's Show?

Yoko's gay wedding song is US hit

AARGH! No hot water this morning.

Sex coffee TV booze sports music poll

You can't always get what you want.

The "Pull Youself Together!" slap line starts here!

When Bush's face is on the front page of your local paper...

Even Kitties Are Being Oppressed!

Damn you, Halloween office candy!!

so bush thinks he has a man date?

4:50 AM, been up for an hour. Anybody have insomnia advice?

Top Ten Ways Bush Celebrated His Reelection...

Reclusive "Mystery Person" Wins School Board Election

Taking solace in Alachua County, FL

Canadians! Do a good deed! Marry an American! Website inside!

Goooood Friday Morning DU!

Here's a poll for everyone: hint, it's football related!

Guys, apparently I caused an erection.

DU Mods will immediately lock this thread.

Hey! It's snowing!

The DU mods will NEVER lock this thread!!!!

Shania Boudelang here agin, my neighbor Moonbeam said I was

£6m painting that was swapped for a sailor's greatcoat

Cartoon: Steve Bell, Guardian

DU Ladies - How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Question for computer tech people.........

Lame duck is a dish best served....

Top Ten Punchlines To Dirty Election Jokes

Okay now DU is officially the funniest thing EVER on DU

Monet's view of parliament in fog sells for £11m

Dopey do I see somebody's pic on DU?

I demand full equality.

We're not the problem

If you are going to care for broken hearts, prepare to have

You know what? I've been thinking. Now is not the "right time" for me to

baileys & coffee again today

Candy pole, I mean poll

Here's a swell idea, Terry...stay out of GD F & A today!

Blessed by Simon & Garfunkel (this is how I feel today..shout it out loud!

We should corral the right-wing bigots...

Does anyone know where I can get Daily Show transcripts?

What is the phrase Marc Maron calls the administration?

Need advice. Should I continue doing my cartoon?

Dear Mr. President,

Reflex in the sky warn you you're gonna die

Finally got my first deer this season!


How are you all doing? I am still so proud of how hard we all

The whole gay issue thing...

Okay what movie should I take my wife to see tonight?

I'm red. Should I destroy all my torn shirts?

Well it is safe to say my days are numbered here at DU

Lisa, if you're out there .....and other Du'ers

Tom of Finland cost us the election...

Oh thank goodness. DU Is back

Seriously, I need to talk with a DUer from Taos New Mexico

Skinner rocks.

I think the Lounge needs a thread with the word 'poop'

They are decorating for Christmas already!

I've had too much coffee this morning. Ask me anything. n/t

Charity thread: help this horribly matreated boy

Yay to me! One of my Groups is finally getting freeped!

New DU forums you'd like to see

Yikes! Something just crawled up the wall of my office!!!! Make that two!

Elizabeth Edwards is here! Ask me anything!

Virgin, 19, doesn't believe you have to "try the car before you buy it"


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

So, how soon til we get these bracelets out?

Attention Canadians - Marry an American! Help a neighbor out!

If pigs could vote...

Target selling thongs for 5-10 year olds... can't shop there anymore

Type 11 if u luv BIZKIT!!!!!

Mixer of choice to go with my Pitcher of Grape Kool-Aid (tm)???

OMG! CONFESS me anything!

One of the most vile FReeper threads in history---know thine enemy

Anyone else see a dichotomy here?

Happy Stuff!!!! It's a Happy Stuff Thread!

I'm thinking of ignoring this outrageous email- what do you think?

Try eating your moral values ---- new toon

Three Sentenced for Golf With Prostitutes

After 2 years

Are you willing to fellate someone who is friends with Jeff Beck?

Keep Yer Chins Up

Information is not knowledge.

Keep Yer Chans Up!

Have any good movies come out in the last month?

CONFESS!!! Have you ever copycatted an "Ask me Anything" kitten thread?

Thank GOOOOD for vomiting!

"Terror Alert Monitor" software. Not a joke. Welcome to Bush-Cheney II.

sooo, i hear LincoLn chafee is Leaving the R's

If I ever get married....

Maps software?

wish me well


Are you willing to date someone who's friends with their ex?

Country Club Has Golf Tournament - Complete With Prostitutes & Strippers!

the rise & faLL of ECW

I'm torn. Should I destroy all my red shirts?


Power to the people

Come check out my bumper stickers

Did Al Gore only invent ONE or ALL of the INTERNETS?

I just put a kerry sticker on freeper coworkers car

Who's Your Favorite Steel Magnolia?

"Welcome to my Nightmare"

"17 reasons not to slit your wrists" by Michael Moore

I feel like smacking someone up

Here's my contribution

What speed zone do you live in?

The concession speech that Kerry should have given yesterday

"I'm as mad as HELL, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Jay Leno blasted Smirk tonight.

Make me leave!! I can't break free from DU and I have werk to do!

Soup, Soup Nothing but Soup--Ask me anything about Soup

Alright, DU. I'm going to reveal!

I'm still happy and optimistic. Ask me anything!

I don't think Al Franken' and Mark Luther's friendship will....

Who should be our candidate in 2008?

This chili I just ate tastes like death. Ask me anything.

There are rumors on the internets....

Don't worry about the Draft, we have found 59,000,000 people...

Chandler Bing - is he worth reading?

Will we be able to get within a mile of the Inaguration?

Animated Avatars

NBC's Animated Series "Father Of The Pride" Is Being Cancelled...

Man Claims He Is Jesus - Fires Random Shots From Handgun

I love this country! Front page of the paper today

Raymond Chandler - is he worth reading?

Don't ask me sweet fuck all

Think of your fellow man

More new Bush** names?

What time zone do you live in?

I just made an Expression of Faith. Hoo-boy, am I losing it?

Knee surgery update.... (for those of you who wanted to know)

I'm a bored techie! Ask me anything (tech related)


Help me choose my life's direction!

Yay! The hot-water problem was just a fuse.

Even animals hate Bush (image enclosed)

how do you get reception for satelite radio indoors?

has anyone made one of those "countdown to 2008" clocks yet?

Grotesque 'Happy Anniversary Thread' to * on FreeRepublic (LOL)

I'm a trendy tote bag.

Where are the good Blue State Summer vacation Places?

So what's for dinner tonight?

Why can't one of you live in East TN and take me to a movie tonight?

We're drinkin' my friends, to the end, of a brief episode....

damn my hungry man dinner has 5000 mgs of sodium

Man attempts to rob a bank that is still under construction

Droppin' science like Gallilleo dropped an orange!

Name Three Women Who Make You Laugh

I'm Back......... I am Pissed and ready for a fight!

Off to a magical place

I love you guys. Thank you for all of the good posts and messages today.

Man I just typed up a long reply...

DUers of Perpetual Indulgence

Why I abhor fundamentalists with Red Stripe

evangelical gospel quartets of any sort

The Onion: National Museum Of The Middle Class

Who wants Trident?

Need some ISP advice/opinions...

Name the unidentified evangelical gospel quartet #1

Name the unidentified evangelical gospel quartet #2

What stage are you in right now?

The US election fraud just became a conversation topic in my office

Hands up! Who wants to be a dead body, asks C4

Who wants a trident!

DU Blue State Film Festival

I tried to eat humble pie. I really did. I just couldn't do it.

Why I abhor fundamendlists of any stripe

I filled out my United Way donation to Planned Parenthood and...

What DUer would you suckerpunch? Declare it here

Graphics peoples: Can I get an "I Think I Voted" avatar?

I was in the DU lobby and thought one forum was "Report Vomiting Problems"

I'M GOING TO VOMIT (nothing to do w/ the election)

Okay, we have an age thread---we need a pitcher thread


Damn you Bushie- the war just a little closer home

Who Here Prefers To Wear Glasses Over Contacts?

The Larch.

So, I'm gay. What do I do?

Should Modem call her Republican friend back?

Friday humor

I tried to eat a humble lunch. I really did. I just couldn't do it.

Who wants a better trident?

What should be the new name for GD: Name to be Announced?

Charity Recommendations... Opinions Please.

Kick me in the butt I didn't go for counseling today

Why was Democracy NOW! pre-empted this morning..

Hey squirrel! Leave that bowl of cat food alone! It's for stray cats!!!

59 Million "Morans"

Why look so awfully tragic ..

Picture a bright blue ball, just spinning, spinnin free,

Future US expansionism: proof

Logan and Mischief said to say "Hi!"

Read a Book, Get Oral Sex?

What tastes better? Cat food or Dog Food?

Can you reccommend a newer funny movie?

if you're going to care for feral cats, prepare to have your heart broken

I have a spice infatuation.....

Photoshoppers, a request:

Daschle, not a Dachshund

Tanker Spills Liquid Chocolate on Highway

Possible names for Evangelical singing groups

How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

What can we offer the Admins as a thank you gift?

Holy shit. I was just awarded a research grant.

I just got my small Greek salad from Nick's

You guys are great...

How to recognize different parts of the body.

Disturbing - who is going to feed us?

Prodigal Son, Returning to DU...

fun with signs (at Yankees' expense)

New avatar

Who is that white house lawyer Bush lackey on Hardball?

China Hopes to Flush Smelly Toilet Image

"17 Reasons to Slit Your Wrists" by Michael Morans

I have a mice infestation

I'm not ugly, I'm thugly

Guten Morgen, Bush Jugend!

We Need a JOKE THREAD!!!!

DU has been such a help

Suggestions for the Title of the General Discussion (NTBA) forum?

I want my sigline back!

Post your hangover cures right here please....

This really fits.

Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation

I want the avatars back!

Anyone good with Excel formulas? I'm stuck!

starting a political blog


Which of these aspects of everything REALLY changed on 9/11?

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! A Night for Burning Effigies

Sad How People Must Ride On DU's Sucesss.

Peter Fonda's a trip.

I'm taking a shelling

Time to de-motivate

You think you have it bad?

I feel so bad I am not a good example of traditional values....

Let the world know we're sorry -- cool web site

Here is the "Why Nightowl is so incredibly awesome" Thread

Give Canada a Break

Does anyone else think Jimmy Kimmel is gay?

Today is Pickles' and Shrubya's 27th anniversary

Great FDR quote that my email quote-grabber just grabbed

Why my boyfriend is the bestest guy in the whole world....

Read a Book, Get Oral Sex?

How do others cope with "Hide Threads" being unavailable?

Is there one DU'er you'd like to have one night with?

I babysit 5 kids every Friday night and 2 of them are trouble makers

Anybody out there have a mandate tonight?

Name three naked women who make you laugh

Any good movies out at the theater right now?

What are you reading?

Who's coming out on "The Simpsons?"

I've spent two days digging up dirt on immoral repugs, ask me anything

Can someone living in a blue state adopt me ?

My new bumper sticker


DU-If you know someone has had a drinking problem is it ok to bring it up?

Name something GOOD that's happened to you lately

I'm BACK! And some of you are pretty harsh with the newbies.

Eminem's music video "Mosh" wallpaper :)

So, how are we coping? I'm compulsively planting things.

Speaking of unfortunate names....


OMG! I think the Lounge needs a thread with the words 'ask me anything'

An observation about gay rights, Progressives, and my pet issue

Which One Is Bigger? (Or Longer?)

Okay, here we go... for the cars, kids.... enjoy

I'm not big boned I am Chubby

the freeper ideal, set to music

We're forming a new country: American Coastopia

Who's in love with a DUer? Declare it here.

The Lioness is in LOVE....(With a Du'er)

Passive aggression - the most annoying personality trait

Which is greater, good or evil?


DU Men - How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I want this for an avatar!

Do we know who we think we know?

heheh... I just told some Jehovah's Witnesses their religion is evil

I'm so sad

Since I know she'll never see this, here is my true opinion of Ms. Edwards

who was DemStrategist?


Ascension Study Group: Book Reviews and DOA - Thread 10

Who Will Be The Republican Nominee In 2008?

Do they think we'll just give up?

Why is Ashcroft leaving/or is he being put out? n/t

Screw the democrats - let's spend our money on state ballot initiatives

Does anyone have any transcript or anything

I cannot find the Malloy thread (actually can't find anything!) but he is

Dear DU Italiophobes


the "soul searching" of the dem party need look no further than

Who gets the final say as to which state's militia gets called up?

2008 Nominee Has to Be....

And Al Franken's perspective..

"narrowest win for a sitting president since Woodrow Wilson in 1916"

bush; narrowest win for any wartime incumbent president in U.S. history

Revolt or Die!

BBV and the anti-gay/"morality" are BOTH frauds working as one

MUST read: Mirror (UK paper) "How Can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?

Did we have a chance after 9/11?

what young people do you know stayed home?

bush's popular vote margin smallest since 1976

catholic vote

Lisa Duggan's Twilight of Equality -- Gay marriage issue makes this book..

Ignorant question...what is BBV? nt

I thought GW didn't want to put Merican troops

did we lose black voters this year?

My prediction on the gay marriage issue.

We are going to see a more arrogant and nasty Bush - it looks like.

buy cheap early morning airtime on local TV stations in red states

No Surrender - Krugman Lays Out The Map

New Gallup poll; 63% of voters want bush to...

We're not nearly as marginalized as the paleo-cons were in the early 60s

I want blood...

Are there broader issues?

For once, I was glad to see a Republican win.

Human Rights Campaign: Gay Issues Did NOT Decide Election

Its GAHANNA, not Ghanna, Ohio.

Thomas will be the new Chief Justice and there is nothing we can do

Post your Red-State Boycott ideas here.

Inside Kerry Campaign: 'I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot'

Dick Durbin (D-Ill) will be Minority Whip

My LTTE to my local and state papers

In regards to Mrs, Edwards visit:

The GOP and Brotherly Love

With 55 Million Voting Democratic Why Is There No Cable Channel

There will be no war with the DLC.

Destroying social security is partly about cheap labor for Wal Mart.

Americans intending to move to Canada

we need someone to organize and help us funnel money and buy

Can you have everything you want and never have to pay for it ?

How much did the Mary Cheney flap hurt?

They are demonizing us now.

March on Washington....Innaugeration...?, if Bush makes it that far

Let It Crash....

Politics as Sport (Or how I got lost on my way to the Colliseum)

Question? In some ways won't we be able to hold Bush more accountable?

late into the night CNN said something interesting.

bushCartel; divide America and grab the larger half

I blame you, You blame Me. It does a lot of good.

Maybe the genius of the electoral college will shine through this year

Here's another big F-U coming...

NEED HELP. Where can I find quotes from the Admin. about

John Edwards/Wesley Clark: dream 08 ticket

First priorities: build liberal TV network and strengthen AirAmerica

What states would you really like to pick our candidates?

Here my friends is what will be bush*s downfall.

Believing this was stolen is denying reality. This country is nuts.

Why was the GOP able to go after NAACP, but we can't go after churches?

if you can't move to blue or swing states

bushCartel now says the "bulge" was bullet-proof vest

ummmm...bush can just "CHANGE THE RULES"???

Fuck JOHN KERRY - vp offer to mcCain far more serious than first reported

Where is the GLBT MLK?

Instead Of "Outing" High Profile Repukes and Staffers...

From "Johnny Got His Gun" by Dalton Trumbo

DLC's not too far from what we think actually

Let's pick a weak 'red' company and 'strangle' it first.

Why we lost---they have a 24/7 propaganda machine to spew venom and lies

Clinton for head of the DNC?

This is why we lost

I hope Mcain gets the nomination in 08

Damn we're a mess.

My counselor tells me I need TV or I'll go batshit.

Ray Talliaferro Talking about Voter Fraud Live now

The people in Red States are not idiots

FACTS no longer exist. And that's a FACT. Or "let the LYING begin!"

good news-bad news

We need to nominate a tough talking populist, not a sophisticated liberal

We are in such deep trouble

The Massachusetts SC &Gavin Newsom set back gay rights for years

Ya know, one thing about bush winning; it's very FREEING


I think that Bush is the Devil

screw depression....i'm ready to fight

'SAVED': The new Fahrenheit 9/11?

"meta-truths"??? bush "harnesses facts, both true & false"???

STRAIGHT DU MEN: Have you ever been called a "fag" just for being a dem?


17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists by Michael Moore

have you ever been really, really, really angry?

Practitioners of non-mainstream religions - heed my call!

Please do yourself a favor.

I don't blame anybody but the bushkkko nazis

Any update yet on the west coast vote count and PV?

rightwingnut bedtime tales; bush and his INCREDIBLE MULTI-COLORED


Do the good guys EVER win?

Before thinking of who to run in 2008, think about 2006

just give me ONE press conference Reporter with BALLS.......

Do you think Bush had some battle states rigged, but pulled off a win anyw

We need to muster our strength to fight

Bush didn't get a mandate---barely half of the votes isn't a landslide

So why isn't anybody celebrating ?

The Only Truth

Regular Church Attendance as a Massive, Mature, Grassroots Organization

Adding insult to injury.

What is in the way of the Neocons now?


Support for civil unions and gay marriage has increased DRAMATICALLY

Could it Happen Again ....... or Not?

The Lexicon of Destruction

GOP Alleging fraud in Fairfax, VA

Referendum on Marijuana laws---our Gay Marriage referendum?

Would S&B Kerry stop a Ohio recount???

Something to boost your fighting spirits

Dear miffed GLBT DUers...

To all you red states...

We CAN fight bush & the rightwingnuts right now.

mona charen coming up on c-span....woo woo, what a bitch

A slogan for the Moral Values crowd

I still want to know if ordinary citizens could force impeachment

We need someone like Perot

It's the only life I've got. Now what?

to some, it seems, the right thing should be done only when covenient

To the youth of America:

Diebold machines, give it up...

Do we have any members who are members of the clergy?

Is it wrong to want to drive to a red state and KICK SOMEONE'S ASS?

Another issue that may fuck Bush's ass bloody

I hope the selfish, STUPID one issue voters get what they deserve.

It's a shame what they've done to Hillary, and we can never forget.

Dec 18, 2004 is D Day.

is this better for "help" or for "fighting" ?

It's right there in front of us people.

Why are the repukes all chanting they will work with the Dems?

Retards of the world unite!

Youth came through with big turnout (Boston Globe Op Ed)

This is no time to be hopeless

Uncertain Ends, Unacceptable Means

Why is it that 4 million evangelical Christians decided the election?

Instead of "Ownership Society," how about "Citizenship Society"

Unfortunately, a catastraphic event may be our only hope...

Moral?? Give me a break!!!!!!!!

We are in an amazing place

Our local NPR affiliate...

A twist on Bush loyalty oaths

SoCallDemocrat in Salon article


Doesn't seem like the BushCo agenda is

Are you looking for ways to be politically active?

Kerry needed a "Sista Soulja" moment.

VOTING Machine Companies Named Defendents in RICO Lawsuit

I am now convinced there is real legs to the BBV story

Why we lost---the youth and minorities didn't vote like the fundies did

So If (and when) we prove this election was stolen...

need links for researching political donations

First woman or minority President a Puke? (Offshoot of Hillary thread)...

Can we PUH-LEEZE discuss SCOTUS? Rehnquist is probably

Which Stage is DU in Today?

What Should The New Name Of This Forum Be?

Show Me/Us The Way

Time to change the language!

FLORIDA Election Results for EVoting by precinct

Who knows, maybe our new theocracy will be fun!

Reform The Democratic Party - What Do You Want?

Don't Forget That 62% Of Americans Favor Civil Unions Or Gay Marriages

We live in a country full of bigotry and racism

I will not tolerate hyper religious assholes

Where are the scientists?

Now is our chance to do to Bush what the Repubs did to Clinton 1992-1994!

Is there a way to find out if your phone is being tapped?

Remember how, early Tuesday, you were all looking forward to

Our very own MORAL VALUE: the Constitution. Let's see them argue with that

Let's stop complaining that the Election was stolen.

Need a Copy Shop Sign Shop Hookup.....

Reconciliation A Myth, Not A Strategy

Legislative Strategy: Let Them Walk Into Our Ambush


Forget the "Dumb Okies" ?????

Wanna laugh? I piss off Freepers on my way to work!

some republican tactics that we might consider

Why don't we use the term "Red Stater" like they use "Liberal?"

Why did you take down the comfort heading just when I need it.

BBBV: Black Box Bush Voting Machines, Demand Visible Recount!

'I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot'

Whether * won or NOT the real issue here

Warning to Democratic Politicians

Some scary web site stats

Suggestion for a Name for this Forum: THE STOLEN ELECTION 2004

Not tin foil hat stuff - they really, really stole it

I used to be ABB, but now I'm AB "the status quo"


My 3 talking points/goals/etc.. for 06/08

Who is going to register voters this weekend?

Project for a New Democratic Party (update)

Do you support moving the party to the right in 2008?

Jeb Bush for 2008

Mandate my ass

To Those Ready to Jettison Gay Issues: What Precisely Would You Say?

How about we call this forum

Relax, the Republican party's going to inflict some major damage to itself

Could you support a JK candidacy in 2008?

How to buy CDs

My Red State reaction to the Red State Reactionaries has already started.

Is Senator Rick Santorum GAY? Just asking?

Screw Victoria's Secret, IBM, & Red Lobster! No wonder they support

Moving forward

If you stand for nothing, you're on your knees.

Byron Dorgan 2008

Just received this email... Anyone else get it yet?

If It's Another Fear Election Then Kerrey -Clark Is The Ticket...


The dollar is TANKING. I don't care let the MFer burn. Burn MFer Burn.

Prayer thread for Elizabeth Edwards

even though Kerry conceded could Ohio still go "too close to call"?

Using only the Subject line, name an action that Progressives should take

Lots of talk of a southerner on the ticket for 2008, but...

How do you feel when you see *Chimp stickers on a car?

Question for the money-wise people out there...

Mark Warner 2008...

It's sounding like this election may be the undoing of

Why Do Americans Demand Nothing of their Government unlike others?

Write-In About to Become San Diego Mayor

We need a fulltime org. to track & protect and facilitate reg. voters.

If we have to lose soldiers in Iraq, I hope they and their parents are all

Notice how QUIET the Dems are. I sense something is up.

2006 Top Targets: Governorships

Dad calls me a "conspiracy theorist"—pre-dawn screaming match ensues

Get Jesus out of Politics! Grrrr

Divide and conquer.....

Republicans vs. Neo-Conservatives

The Most Important Fact You Will See Today...

Bush's "new tax code" = more tax shift from rich to middle/lower

Gay Marriage, Look what happened in Oregon.

Let's talk of relocating to blue states

Do you think Dem_Strategist will reveal him/her self now?

I think the hurricanes are what sunk us in Florida

How come Christ is not on our side


Here's a really dirty idea.

how Howard Dean compares with Ronald Reagan in strategy:

Is John Kerry still a leader in the Democratic Party?

Grand Theft Election!!!!!!!!!! NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!


Looking for MSNBC Link on Shrub Press Conference

Ricky Ray Rector, Sistah Souljah, Welfare Reform & Gay Marriage: WJC v JFK

The concession speech America needed to hear

To Republicans who want to "work with us": FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brace Yourselves: Clarence Thomas will become the next Chief

Acts of civil disobedience...

Has everyone seen the encouraging message at "Get Your War On"?

Get an Admentment to 1/2 Medicare and Medicade

"Count the votes, don't worry about the exit polls." BULL SHIT!!!!!


What is this landslide talk?

To those who think we should distance ourselves...


I am fucking disgusted with myself (for the OK dems).

Check out this Brit forum: "Why are more & more Britains hating Americans?

Ohio Story on Yahoo now...

John Breaux is the guy for '08.

How do you impeach a president (or administration)?

What should Dems do?

I essentially agree with Skinner about the LGBT Rights Issue

Why can't Greens take the place of the now practically defunct Dem Party?

Another Ballot Initiative Idea

Which state didn't have any votes for Bush?

I have yet to get a solid answer to this question yet....

Truth about our 2008 candidate

Democracy is indeed dead...

Double post: Self Delete! (eom)

If the churches want to start running the country...

Lets Start Pulling Names Out Of Left Field, I'll Start....

they are really talking military

What should Dems do?

Apologies to the world...

Apologies to the world...

What's wrong with class warfare?

A message from Jesus to "Christians" who chose Bush

What conservative trait will underly Bush's next bad moves?

Should our party be more friendly to the anti-gay agenda? I say no.

Should our party become anti-woman?

FL absentees????????

"Moral values" - We're not reading between the lines.

BBV: VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"There has been a Y2K computer error.

The Truth Stands Alone

Without a Doubt: will be a civil war in the Republican Party

We've got George Bush for four more fucking years...

Arnold Called Us Losers

Someone Once Posted Here

As I said yesterday, when will YOU sit with the students in Colorado?

So is there ANY chance that Kerry is working to reveal fraud

Damn, it's like a freakin' freeptopia in here these days.

Some Democrats Blame One of Their Own (Gay Marriage NYT article)

Morality: American Style.

Run two small town progressive farmers with christian beliefs

Brothers and sisters, hear me out. Strategy conference: But not all pretty

Democrats' New Winning Strategy: All out war

It's damned hard living by liberal Christian principles these days

Please, Please....Call them RADICAL Fundies from now on!

interesting group

It's The Terror (inflicted on the public by the administration) Stupid!

High school kids doing more then any of you, find a backbone

Vote fraud provable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for an al Zarqawi Poll

Bush is a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Tax Amendment: Taxes must be spent in state in which they are collected

You ever the get the feeling that the best response to BBV...

Ohio Bush Overvote makes Yahoo News

Timothy McVeigh born & raised in NY...Terry Nichols born & in Michigan

Randi Rhodes talking about the vote FRAUD!! n/t

OK Guys, check in here if you're ready to start fighting back

urban refuges

It's not "moral values" or homophobia.

Is it just me or have the Repubs finally peaked in MN

We need to forget the Clinton Years

Wes Clark e-mail: "I look forward to reading your ideas & hearing from you

Anyone Noticed a Subtle Shift in the Media?

Media trying hard to discredit exit polls, and exonerate electronic voting

Kerry's Map vs. Gore's Map

Good news for the House -- even with DeLay's redistricting schemes...

The Oldest Scam in Democracy (context for vote fraud)

Is any group working seriously on investigating voter fraud?

Come on you stupid liberals...murder isn't that bad!

It is time to march. Contact everyone! We March to D.C. in massive numbers

Vote fraud story hits Yahoo news!

What qualities do we need for our 2008 candidate?

What kind of driver are you?

What is school like in the Red States?


Moral Values was the #1 concern on every exit poll? Is this true?

Al Franken playing W's speeches backwards for Demonic messages.

If The Choices For DNC Chair Came Down To: Clinton, Gore or Dean

To those who want to abandon the people and issues of our party.

Definition of a rube: Anyone who is dumb enough to vote for Bush.

DU research help needed for Warren County, Ohio, something ain't right

Evoting Fraud - we have 2 yrs to fix it - or bye-bye democracy

REMEMBER!!!! "We are ".ORG." BlackBoxVoting".COM" is a deceptively

Soldiers: Looters took explosives


John Kerry should be senate minority leader....

"We hold these truths to be self-evident::

I recieved an email from Dru Sefton, The Bloggers Did It!

Bush no more represents America than Mit Romney does Massachusetts

Blue State Casualities-Iraq War

Broward County Voting Glitch : 2 year old software bug NOT fixed

Any counties that used hand counted paper ballots in FL,OH in 00,04?

Bin Laden is the only one who can beat Bush.

I plan to boycott Christmas


Just thought I'd let you know: My 2008 Dem primary candidate ....

ABD 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Conversation with a 51%... meeting the "moral majority"

Do you think there will even be an election in 08?

To those who say we shouldn't give up on the Bible belt, read'em and weep

Noboby who ran in 04 should be in 08

The silver lining

Is there ANY chance we can uncover enough Kerry votes from bbv

Little Guy v Big Guy

"Gays Are Niggers"

Yall are acting like lily-livered, low self-esteemed LOSERS!

Remind me: Did Bush win by abandoning his base?

blue voters in red States

Is the Soros $10 million reward for systematic voter fraud

Dem Versus Repub Communication styles....

Fuck You Cary and Tara Leslie. And Fuck your President.

These high school kids are doing a sit-in against Bush. Doing something!

The dream ticket: HIllary Clinton and Obama Barack

Absentee Ballots in OH & FL - are they being counted?

The Florida Fraud Thread, Part II

The right-wing are becoming more and more like the Maoists

What % of the African-American vote did Kerry end up getting?

A month from now, we will be laughing our asses off at the idiocy of...

"Values" = bigotry

Hey guys, HAVE SOME CHEESE with your WHINE!

Some people just aren't getting this "VALUES" thing....

FAIR Media Advisory: Defining Bush's "Mandate"

Do Democrats Just Want To Win, Or Do They Want REAL Change?

It's around now that I'm really mourning JFK Jr.

Why not an explicit Democrat platform of state's right re. gay marriage?

Bush reaches out : Here's my reply.

McCain-Miller 08

Has anyone thought about these two liberal possibilities for '08?

folks, first things first. we got our asses kicked. even if they did cheat

I'm not leaving the country. Lets make them leave.

There is a populist Democrat from the South that will light a fire ......

What is this Moral Majority horseshit everyone is buying into?!?!

German friends says some younger Germans relieved that Kerry

Moving our party toward the center does NOT work

If the democratic party thought that a fiscally conservaitve, pro gun...

Open letter to 58 million Americans, from a European

Dream Ticket: Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier

Interesting Tidbit About The A.C.T. GOTV Effort

Would You Support Hillary Clinton For President In 2008?

Should the Dem Party Push for Civil Unions Now?

Are we giving up on proving the theft?

Do you think polygamy should be legal?

The Democratic Party Needs "BIBLE SCHOOL"

Block this or we're back to the 15th century, [ALL DU'ER PAY ATTENTION]

The target to take down-Santorum. Run Rendell against him

You think W cares anymore if anyone gets beheaded in Iraq?

Should Democrats clear out of solid red states?

Bush declares democrats can be left behind

a focus group on Hillary

Death of critical thinking in America: Murder, suicide or natural causes?

So in 06 I propose we put initiatives outlawing divorce in RED STATES

We Will ONLY Win In '06 and 08' if....

I am a native Oklahoman

Where is DU on the political spectrum?

3 days and I still cannot watch the news.

Ashcroft is resigning. There's your next Supreme Court Justice.

People are forgetting about the hanging chads in Ohio

What fresh Orwellian hell is Bill Clinton's "image" message?

I have no problem with the BBV people - I hope you're wrong.

Bush Pledges to Change Social Security

17 Reasons Not To Slit Your Wrists By Michael Moore

Are You Going to Continue to Watch the Media Whores & Enrich Them??

"why i like Bush" From one of my neighbors who I e-mailed...

hey guys. Are we seriously going to fight!!!

Electoral Judo.

Salt Lake Tribune sums it up best.....

Do you think they are even fighting/trying to uncover fraud?(Kerrys team)

Okay then. Who would you like see run for President in 2008?

Do any of you seriously think Hillary won't get the nomination if she runs

Role of EXIT POLLS has been to VERIFY election results - New York Times

Diebold will win again in 2008 with Chuck Hagel...

Why Alan Keyes was DEVASTATING to the Democrats

Worst new Senator?

Have you been watching TV news since Black Tuesday?

Was there a quote from the inventor of the e-voting machine

What in Gay Hell has happened to DU?!?!

I did it yesterday. I CANCELLED MY CABLE TV TOTALLY. Hurt them

How long before the American Economy completely tanks??

Moore breezes past Kobach’s challenge

LGBT people need to wake up and smell the coffee

Dan Rather knows plenty more than we do and feels like shit, no doubt.

If we can't boycott the red states can we at least do a travel ban?

MAP shows Red & Blue states in shades to closer define numbers ...

Mark. Warner. Repeat After me. Mark. Warner.

You want to talk about morals?

Southerners, please understand

Buy Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers NOW!!!!

We must not hate ordinary god-fearing midwestern folk

It's not tinfoil- it's MATH!!!!!

Question for BBV tin foil hatters

Should the donkey be retired?

Winning the southern vote:

Help us come up with a new temporary name for this forum

Please: Stop foisting "moderates" on us! If you want a moderate, join DLC.

Which Country Will The United States Invade In The Next Four Years?

Edwards Positions Himself For 2008 White House Run

Somthing's wrong with my moral values because Bush edged a state by 2%?

Who would you initially support in the 2008 presidential primaries?

What we decided at our County Democratic meeting last night

Bush-voting Christian from Texas reaches out to blue state America

Help Offered From Canada: "Marry An American"

It's the propaganda, stupid!

Moral Values (a few words before walking the plank)

Is this a fair description of Clinton and his influence? The Nation 2003

Randi's making a crapload of $$ for Bev Harris

Bush DIDN'T Win Any Red States ...

Dean in 2008

The Fairness Doctrine

Is Missouri Lost for Good?

Lieberman-Warner in '08

Does anyone else think Hillary would be a disastrous nominee in 2008?