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Archives: November 7, 2004

The World Awaits

Michael Ruppert on Economic Warfare

Dowd: Rove's Revenge

R. Scheer on the U.N.

Hurrah for Bush's win

November 2nd - "A Day of Infamy"

"Abolish the CIA! " by Chalmers Johnson

Technology for next election

"vote" with your money

"Hope Radio" vs "Hate Radio" - AAR vs. Limbaugh

"Heisenberg's War." Scientists and ethics in political extremes.

Someone is editing my messages

just damn...5 hours of this garbage...

Discussion Forum Request

Suggestion: a new series of "I Voted" avatars

delete by self

I liked when we had more choices besides gd and 2nd gd

Can an overseas territories area be added to "state/country" forums?

Hey Skinner and EarlG...

any way to tell if kerry and company are quit for sure or

One problem with exit polling

Questions about a NH Recount....

Does anyone know , If we managed to get five people

What database is used to tabulate totals for Diebold ATM transactions?

Sometimes I think JK conceding like a new CEO of Arbusto back in the 70s

Map of Election Results by County Clearly Shows Urban vs. Rural

concrete evidence of fraud?

May have misheard, but I think George Lakoff said today that Bob Shrum was

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House

Did Gore conceede in 2000?

Scientific American Could Publish a Detailed Statistical Analysis.

Cobb also in on the voting irregularities...

Any word from Dennis? We need a leader and Kerry's absent.

NYT Interactive Maps showing how people voted. Best I've seen.

We should take them to court in a civil lawsuit because.....

It was a friggin' "faith-based" election !

I just emailed my congressman - and you should too!

Worse stolen or worse legitimate?

Has this been on here already? If so, I apologize in advance.

Now we need an actual vote fraudster to come forward.

E-mail address for Terry McAuliffe

I'm doing my best not to believe this election was stolen but..

I just got an email from badnarik's campaign manager

What is MoveOn's Take on all of this??? FRAUD

Kerry really is gonna challenge the election---!!!!

Anyone have any close connection to Dean?

Need transcript of Pat Robertson with John Zogby on election day, CBN.

A brief discusion on emigration

ES&S "Former Employee" accessed rural OH BOE Computer in Oct.

Stranger in a familiar land

The statisticians who designed the exit polls

Write a letter to the Washington Post re Touchscreeen voting

Met with my Congressman today and here is one of the things he said:

Stolen? Duh. How many others have heard from repubs who voted Kerry?

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

HOT!! Florida U.S. House Rep. says he has evidence of hacked voting.

So, any Ohio DUers think that George Voinovich and Mike DeWine

Kay Hutchison 2006 (sorry its kind of long) keep reading start planning

What future for Basic Health?

Value-added victory

Pro-Life Pray-In Planned to Stop Specter

The slippery slope

Some cartoons for everybody . . .

Kerry's Big Mistakes

Laura Flanders talking Fraud now on AAR

Lets' harness the power of DU to win seats in '06. Here's how.

Red/Pink states - Let's try this

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

Living in Phoenix

Bush's Brain coming on Sundance Channel...

Do America and Europe share any values yet?

Here is the new composition of state legislatures

Bush's Brain is on the Sundance channel now n/t

I See Bush* Voters!

Here is the new composition of state legislatures

Need Specter counter petition.

From Kerry

Important agenda: Stop the Theocrat Tide!

So, you know I am not Rove's fan

The Dems should not cave in...

Call to action email I recived - so it starts!!!

Jon Stewarts "World Responds," will make you below

Stolen votes do not equal mandate

Heinz company gave 67.73% to Republicans!

Has Pres. Jimmy Carter said anything about the election results yet?

Why Is Minnesota's Democratic Party Called the Dem. Farmer Labor Party?

Save us, honest democracies!

Nicolas Kristoff's article ("Living Poor, Voting Rich" )

Kerry back on board

Quick...What restaurants donate to dems??

What Senators/Congresspeople should be e-mailed about E-Voting fraud?

The 75 year anniversary of the Crash of 1929 was last week. Any festivitie

A Government That Lies

The List: Need Help

Flashback: Bush calls for unity after Gore concedes

"The Rapture" now on Video---Ebert gave this great film 4 stars

Crusaders vs. Satan Himself...Llllet's get ready to rumblllllllllllle!

Remember how the media held MN, OR, WA back so the

Is it me, or have there been a rash of job cuts in the blue states since

Bush, Kerry Voters Differ on View of U.S.

Bill Clinton

Omaha Steaks - Non Political

Why did Zogby;/Slate show early election exit polls? To keep it Honest!

Diebold's O'Dell Was Definately Mentioned During Democratic Primary

If the voting had been honest, what would this map look like?

In his time, Jesus would have been rock-star hot.

Moveon.pac folds up shop before all Ohio Provisionals counted?

Ashcroft's not going anywhere

Paul Wellstone - Liberal Democrat

SNL Presidential moments

Bush-Cheney 04 Progress Report: "Iraq Inspiring Copycat Beheadings"


MUST WATCH Bill Maher tonight!

World results map

My Happy Ending Dream....

Letter to the Media requesting Fla. vote Fraud Investigation

Star Wars III: Revenge of The Bush (Sith)

I have Constitutional guestions for anyone..

Do people here support this?

Question for USMC DUers

Why do our pundits suck?

It's all Ohio's fault

How Long Was Mussolini in Power?

What about the Congressional

About Kerry conceding

Reminder: Gore was from Tennessee

A Silver lining: At Least the Constitution Party is not in power

Can someone give a link to refute a repug?

Take a look at these interesting numbers......

What about Al Gore?


Do you think Bush is a closet Gay?

I've been listening to alot of 60s music tonight

Morals my ass

The invasion of Iraq was a war crime says Noam Chomsky.

Insurgents or Freedom Fighters?

Its seems after 11/2 there is no longer any focus on * fawk-ups

A solution to my draft resistance dilemna

Muslims in The Hague demonstrate against van Gogh murder

I believe a lot of people have forgotten a KEY point about Kerry

You know I don't remember any Elephants in the manger with Baby Jesus?

I worked all day on a CD about BBV. Please, carry on the fight.

It is a MISTAKE to give money to the DNC because

11/2 changed everything

Just stomached some of Tweety's show he says he thinks JK

Election-day footage from Michael Moore: Video the Vote

If Bush gets his National Sales Tax "reform," you're looking at 56%.

Turn Your Back On Bush -developing protest tactic

Fact of the Day

The Religious community

One thing I'm happy about: Thomas Daschle is GONE

Peak Oil Info

Pat Tillman in Freeptown

McCain's aide who joined the DLC says we need more church, less Hollywood

KDKA TV just had a story about Santorectum: a local school pays

Right to work states = red states

Kate Bush: Army Dreamers

An Iraqi response to Bush's re-anointing:

Florida results - some thoughts

URGENT: More OHIO information needed please

Lets Discuss Thomas Jefferson's Spiritual Beliefs

One of the first things on my agenda if I had a time machine

I like my politics, and my government, secular. For those promulgating

The ideal Democratic candidate steps to the podium........

21st century's most prolific murderers.

Church donations may take a dive from us "unchristian" liberals

Why do people take political advice from some half-wit...

The DNC should have a hiring freeze on anyone who

I would like to say thank you to Senator Kerry

The Coming Indictment of Dick Cheney and the Neo-Cons

Like a ton of bricks: throughout the campaign, I kept trying to figure out

Exit polls?

Divorce rate by State: Massachusetts with the lowest divorce rate

Who should be the 2008 candidate?

I don't really know what to think of this Terry McAuliffe e-mail:

I want to know how people (especially Jews) feel about this

Nader is going to love the face time he gets in recount battle...

Who else kind of wants to give Kerry another chance after that wonderful

This is honestly just much worse...

"The hottest places in hell

Like the movie "Hackers" worming Dem Precincts one vote at a time...

It doesn't matter WHAT Democrats do as far as rethugs are concerned

The word from dem pundits and consultants...

BBV fraud makes!

America is America to us all: A plea for faith and right action

Anyone know how the blue states/red states

Does anyone REALLY think that any of this talk about...

Are the Repubs you know all being sore winners?

27 Florida Counties with superior Democratic Registration vote

Why the "moral values" meme is our FRIEND...MUST READ!!!

Breaking: Karl Rove's Black Boyfriend Revealed!

List of Moral Values (tm)

If the Republicans know they can't win, why don't we know they can't win?

Just saw the movie "Ray" about Ray Charles

Nothing in the Bible says that abortion is a sin.

Marines turn to God prior to invasion of Falluja

Hi, remember me? I'm a bleeding heart liberal.

Karen Hughes privatly told Bush he was going to lose big

Let the Dem party know how you feel...questionaire inside

Sequoia Voting admits possible evote error - says problem with poll

Could you explain how Optical Scan Voting works

Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers' in pictures

Should the Democratic party change?

Me vs Newsmax

UC Regents Lose Control Of Nuclear Weapons Program

Now we FINALLY have evidence of cheating

Halloween Came Late

Love Bev at BBV but she's a geeky interviewee Need straightalker

Why do people who make - say, $80k per year - think that they're rich?


Man commits suicide because Bush reelected

Message from Thomas Jefferson to the Religious Right and Shrub

DNC Chair - Possibilities

Damn, we have no checks and balances

Over 55,000,000 Requests for Citizenship Since Tuesday Night

Bush is responsible for this, WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES!!

What dose 15,000 Lawyer get you?

Helen Thomas says Bush is afraid of her

"Faith-based" hospital DESTROYED

Don't you feel safer now that those gays can't marry?

Furor Over Upside-Down Flag In Marin

Fascinating explanation why Christian conservatives are the way they are

Isn't it a relief for the conservatives to be a laughing stock in Canada?

WP-Iraqi Rules for Candidacy Spur Some U.S. Concern

NYT - Bickering Iraqis Strive to Build Voting Coalition

State Officials Criticize Medicare Benefit Wording

WP - Va. Civilian Medic Killed at Iraq Prison Clinic (worked for KBR)

Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing

U.S strikes raze Falluja hospital

Nader requests N.H. vote recount

After the Taliban, women still suffer

AP: 3 Arrested in N.C. GOP Office Vandalism

Election-day footage from Michael Moore: Video the Vote

WP: President Signals No Major Shift In Foreign Policy

US tax amnesty will take billions out of Ireland

WP: For the President, a Vote of Full Faith and Credit

Defence expert says America is likely to ignore treaty ban

Bush Stands by Rejection of Kyoto Treaty

WP: Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy

Gay community fears new era of intolerance

Hundreds take to Seattle streets for anti-war protest

Bush Prepares for Changes in Programs and Cabinet (the Cheney Tax Plan)

Man Kills Self at Ground Zero

Wisconsin school district to allow theories other than evolution

AFP: Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle

The only man date Bush will ever have is with Victor Ashe!

Sisters- and brothers-in-arms from the Vietnam War ...

Legatrin PM?

Mods Someone is editing my messages

We need to declare war on Finland!

Most painful earworm ever ( sucks)

A letter to my Mother: Dear Mom, I am a believer in exlie.

Do not reply to emails from freepers

I like to piss people off

Living the American Canada

what's your favorite George W. double-entendre?

The official kleeb wishes he knew Russian and Gaelic thread

Vive l'Afrique! List your shout-outs to the culture of Africa here

Gotta admit, I will not miss my "I voted" avatar

Today we salute you Mr. George Bush voter.


WTF is going on in NYC tonight?

Help! Need a citation regarding rising abortion rates during *'s tenure.

Are y'all still typing WWW for web sites? Quit it.

Things I regret not doing... Kinda

Next time, can we get someone better than 'P. Diddy' to GOTV?

well never mind then

Official Saturday night COPS thread. It's taser night!

It's Saturday night and time for THE SOUL EXPRESS!

Is this a bad time to stop sniffing glue?

Ok, something I've always wondered about...

If you can stand on one leg...

Bush says he can do what he wants now because he has a Mandingo

"Weird Travels" has to be my favorite program on tv.

The Incredibles

Don Knotts as Dubya

"Cheaper by the Dozen" is on HBO right now. I'd change the channel, BUT...

Al Dente says my yak has a NyQuil problem!

Bitter legacy of a flawed leader-Guardian

What is your best ground score?

Dylan’s "Love Minus Zero / No Limit"

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

So I saw Saw.

ANYONE out there ever heard of a HonYok!?

Got it bad...

Terminal Preppie

I am open minded!!

Oh Lordie - My First Ever Attempt at Southern Fried Chicken

Al Dente says Kleeb fed my Nyquil to Zomby's yak!

As a post-election goodwill gesture, I've cleared my "Ignore" list.

Obscure music, huh?

Has anyone seen this cover of the UK Daily Mirror?

GLBT DUers-How long have you been in your current relationship?

Marriage is a sacred institution...!

Anyone leaving OUR country because of the election better see me first!!

I want one of those Magic Bullet things...

cool pic thread

Al Dente says no name needed fed my Nyquil to Zomby's yak!

Never Fucking Mind

Anyone here familiar with Lowe's employment practices? Advice pls

*Spoiler question* i didnt get to see the end of Ray

National Museum Of The Middle Class Opens in Schamburg, IL.

Jesus was a Terrorist

Hail to the Chief

Mind Never Fucking

Shoot me now

The strange but light hearted :What does your pot smell like?

Okay, ya rahit bastids.... it's time for

Here's a picture for those of you who love cats and dogs:

Look a winged gold ship is passing my way

Worst occupation in the US...what do you think and why?

* with halo sighting...........

Geeze, leave for a week and

Some rat bastard stole my politcal capital!

I'm dumping my right hand of 21 years.

Will dump avatars for cash.........

I just dumped my avatar of 18 months because of Kleeb's girlfriend

Some political bastard stole my rat capital

I like those Mountain Goats, and this is one reason why:

Hallelujah, I’m a Bum!

Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers' in pictures

How many people currently in a relationship are "happy"

You know your Flemish when you know......

Hey Brother Christian with your high and mighty errand,

Ok, who stole my cherry?!

Someone stole my "moral compass"

Modern Geography

In Oklahoma Dr. Who is Wearing a Stole and Drinking my Bloody Mary!

GLBT DU'ers - How's the weather?

Who is the most underrated actor, writer, show?

Black Box Voting and Men in Black

Does this site need a mandating forum?

I had to do it, and now I feel sick...

Ok who stole my mary?

I miss the "nuthouse" movie genre.

I know, Bush won, GOP won, but...

can scratches on eyeglasses be fixed?

Saturday night drink thread

To all my Gay Brethren let's do one for the gipper!

Is there any place I can watch the new Star Wars Trailer?

You know you're truly British when...

To the freep who put the Larry McMurtry book in front of Al Franken's book

Any Gay DUer's here from the Miami Area?

This is Spinal Tap Playing on IFC !!!

Tony Danza did something horrible to a gay pastor!

I need a spanking can I get a volunteer?

I'm changing dorms because my GF of 18 months put me on ignore

The halftime show between the Trojans and the Beavers...

Tony Danza

I did something horrible

I've Got 24,970 Posts (including this one) - Ask Me Anything


How many bulls eyes must I carry?

My New Church Has A Gay Pastor...ASK ME ANYTHING!

I'm changing dorms because of the election

"Mars", live, by King Crimson. Take that, Destiny's Talentless Child!

The world is going to Hell in a hand basket (as my Mom use to

I know what the upside-down American flag means,

My GF of 18 months dumped me because of

As a post-election illwill gesture, I've put all of you on ignore

A New DU Trend: Upside Down American Flag Avatars?

I mailed crabcakes to Kerry during the convention...

Ahh....Nothing Like Watching Gay Movies!

"Dirty Dancing" is a lousy movie BUT it's a GREAT Populist film.

There is no God...

What do you do when you're out of underwear?

Does this site need a dating forum?

I just wanna say one thing. Just two little words before I hit post...

I need a "What are you listening to right now?" thread.

Oh, shit, Ralph Nader just did a walk-on on SNL!

So... Italy is looking more and more promising. I'm so dejected and

Farkin' AY! I got my wireless network to work

Steelers v. Eagles, Who's Gonna Win

I went back to my previous avatar.

I have the flu.

anything me ask, dyslexic am I?

I just had a confrontation with the U.S. Army

DU post tricks I never figured out:

I have just figured out why so many Duer's are anal retentive

Which old movies and movie stars do you like.

I lost a friend because i said i didn't want him to call me drunk anymore

Are any "close election" Repuke e-voting losers who have vocalized

I believe a lot of people have forgotten a KEY point about Kerry

Maybe it's time for the Democratic Party's "Barry Goldwater Moment".

All our arguments: is it just entertainment really?

Terry McAuliffe wants our feedback. I say we give it to him!

How to fight the Xtian Conservatives -use their own "morals" against them.

"I hear you! The world hears you! And soon whoever knocked these towers...

I suggest everyone here that is bitching about red states move to FL

Disgusted WTF on voter repression and fraud

Dean to speak at Dartmouth tomorrow evening.

Do you want to kick the Elephant's ass in the future? Here's how we do it

BLUE STATE Bumper Stickers and stuff

New Language (Memes) for Democrats: re the "package," not the policy...

I finally realized who's got to go

Please give me your thoughts on this concept.

It's not 'over'. We weren't 'destroyed'.

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

I'm confused about bush's "popular vote" count...

My feedback to DROP DEAD!

Commondreams is about as reliable as Newsmax

James Wolcott Blog. He has the slogan for 2008

I wouldn't be surprised to see a "rabbit" or two in the next 6 months

is this the solution?

I'd like to apologize to this board....

Why Can't We Smear the GOP with Alabama?

Who is David Keith Cobb?

Think of this as a game of chess

Has anyone considered that Hillary hasn't said...

Garrison Keillor: we need const'l amendment banning born-again Christians

Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, US Military Says

Sunnis ARE the majority in Iraq.

2006 Virginia Senate Preview: Gov. Mark Warner (D) v Sen. George Allen (R)

I was really looking forward to having John Kerry as my president.

Tell me how any candidate can beat Hillary to the nomination if she runs

Letter to the Media requesting Fla. vote Fraud Investigation

Was listening to ATC earlier..

Bush is responsible for this, WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES!!

A terrible realization re Repub strategy. Thoughts appreciated.

John Edwards should be new DNC Chair

Binary Hillary Clinton Poll

The Coming Indictment of Dick Cheney and the Neo-Cons

About that war........

An open letter to Hillary Clinton.

**Contribute : Democratic Values**

People - you are falling into their trap with this "MORALS" crap.

Whose vote did YOU cancel on election night?

Anti-Specter Prayer Vigil in Frist's Office

Kerry campaign called off the lawyers.

Thoughts after leaving a Call To Action on the Election

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

World Opinion: Christian=Mean Spirited Idiots

Kerry aside, how would you grade the campaign itself. I give it a D-

Our party did not speak against the war, so the right wing is.

Do you think Bush is a closet Gay?


Help me with these US injured numbers

Wolcott: Merry Kristof

Kinsley WaPo Piece... worth reading

New Standards for Elections

Bush 1st on religion in America

Not that the Democrats Need Another Piece of Advice but this one nailed it

Raleigh "3" Arrested: "GOP Headquarters Vandalized" (Anarchists)

We have our work cut out for us

Winning with hatred: The Republican agenda

Inspirational words for our struggle

Oil price swings shatter market myths--from Al Jazeera

[PINR] Nov. 8, 2004: Uruguay and Latin America

The Smoking Gun

The Final Solution (Endlösung) for Fallujah and Ramadi

Open letter: How you could have had my vote

Time to get to work against BBV

Project eVote workplace open for business - for fixing eVoting


DU CALL TO ACTION: State voting reform efforts

QUES: Is there a thread listing the businesses we should support

feed the lamb/ starve the beast for the holidays, who can start a web site

FUCK YOU JEB! I said no to the tangerines.


Boycott Republicans

Did we bomb a hospital or not?-compare BBC with NY Times

AAR-Donate? addy? Gore TV,ditto.

Raid on dollar to continue. DDR Bourse backchannels say NO support

Economic consequences of foreign countries dumping our debt?

Delaware's Rivers Reeking Of Sewage - What Clean Water Act?

Arctic Council Report? Putin Signing Kyoto? Bush Still Ignores Climate

EPA Director Further Delays Action On Mercury Studies - LA Times

Can we launch nuclear waste into space?

LA-area pro AND con gun people for Sunday 11-7

Democrats! *Become* gun owners!!!

Who else is going or has gone deer hunting this year?

If those F@#ks were able to hijack the place....

Forum request: "Voter Fraud Clearinghouse"

A simle plea for the reinstatement of DuctapeFatwa.

I just wanted to say thank you to the mods for


911 in the Lounge

Clean up on Aisle 3, please.

Suggestion: General Discussion: Name To Be Announced

Sunday afternoon in GD as usual...

Can I Advertise DU on my web page?

SUggestion for GD:TBA. "Democratic Overground" for activism

A post of mine disappeared... not removed, just gone.

The truth is that Yasser Arafat died years ago

Palestinian PM asks Hamas to cease attacks

Israel, the U.S. and the Age of Terror

Footprints in the Sand By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Hezbollah drone flies over Israel

A Man And His People

Oliver Stone's "JFK"

More on voting problems including major media reports of voting problems.

I have all of the fraud charges in one place

Hardball Monday "Picking Up Votes" Election Fraud ? N/M

We need to make sure we keep track of all this fraud info

As many believe this election was stolen where are the Dem lawyers

Does anyone have a tally of potential errors in terms of votes?

More Latino votes than voters - Exit-poll math doesn't add up!!

OK--Florida statute about provisional ballots

Positive for the future, thoughts for sale..They are giving up and closing up shop

C-span caller talking about voting fraud. Led talking head to quote

voting machines that count backwards?

One strategy for protest, and how to get the most media attention

I've been away for 2 days. Is all this "FRAUD" talk legit?

Anti Bush man kills self at Ground Zero

From the Daily Mirror in England

Machine glitch gave Bush extra Ohio votes

blackboxvoting breaking sunday

Things that surprised me about the election

Verifiable Vote = Replicated Vote

Zogby, any comments after the election?

Oberlin Conservatory (Ohio) students distraught

Rove's Revenge By MAUREEN DOWD

"People don't wait in line 10 hours to keep the status quo" - a -DUer

Will Bob Shrum the genius get to work on the 2008 campaign too?

If the vote had been closer...

Anyone know a link to data on past exit polls vs. actual results

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy (

Just emailed Cobbs campaign manager:

red-to-blue demos vs. blue-to-red demos

Surprising Pattern of Florida's Election Results

Can We Say What We Want Now?

Since I can't stomach the Sunday politics shows yet,....

"No Inauguration Committee" to be formed

John Kerry, when you are on Paul Zahn tomorrow

More vote fraud stories

Nader/NH: anybody know the history of late filing fee in courts?

Thank the swiftvets here

Just for Sh*ts and Grins, Has anyone checked BBV consistency?

bush has no MANDATE and he is no MAN!!

Innuendo and a wink as a political weapon....

Very interesting caller to Mike Webb yesterday

What happened to the campaign?

Exit polls & 'actual' results don't match (original link to THOSE graphs!)

So, how do we get a recount in Ohio?

Why must we wait for an election year to ring populist ideals?

I'm not kidding guys, if the Repugs think BBV is getting close to proving

Do the Dems have anything to hide?

Here's What I Did - Hope It Helps In Some Way

Ohio Provisional Ballots, Recounts, and Fraud

Join the anti-war movement !

How should we approach people when we are spreading the word about fix

The Media Hasn't Gotten The Message (Yet)

Sadly, NOBODY on TV is talking about voter fraud...have you noticed?

Give feedback to the DNC

No more years!

Idea for new icon

A Little Something I Read In Newsweek

George Bush is a sadistic politician....never give him the pleasure .....

Let's make sure none of us disappears to the camps

I think we need to target CBS with this fraud story

I think FL op-scan tabulators were hacked - not touch-screens (GRAPHS)

Does anyone want to put together an easy-to-read flyer

Not to be a wet blanket,

I write with caution, but I must write about the Dem Party.....

Multi-prong way to fight back: divert Christmas $$ to fraud investigions?

I wish everyone would stop criticizing John Kerry....

I am sick of this red state accusation,, and secession bullshit!

Urgent need for Unweighted Exit Poll Data

If this site is accurate Washington has a dem Gov.

Would a county election board allow a private citizen to do a recount?

How about bill boards on major routes?

Ted Koppel exposed the Swift Boat Liars. Let's all contact him.

Odds of the Supreme Court deciding outcome of BBV challenge??

Stop Complaining: We Have a Few Media Friends & Viacom is the

New statistics on Florida fraud - please share

Revolution if Bush doesn't concede or unite behind him?

Since I can't stomach the Sunday politics shows yet,....


ABC News wants to know what country you will be going to

Dep. of Defense Project SERVE and the current election

Something we can do now: Project Democracy

Mr. kerry & Mr. Edwards seem to have vanished from the planet.

"I think we threw out a ton (of ballots)"

Bev Harris has updated info on her website

Today in church, the minister claimed Bush had won and we should unite

Michael Moore cameraman video - voter suppression in Ohio

ABQ Journal: 18,000 Provisional Votes Await Count in N.M. says to John Kerry, "Come together with Bush? FUCK THAT!"

contradiction in dem message

IQ and Politics

For those who pray or believe in the power of sending "good vibes"

Soros should buy Diebold

If Kerry doesn't unconcede should he resign from Senate?

BBV URGENT: Want recounts? Contact Cam Kerry NOW!!!

VOTE FRAUD? Tell everyone you know -- details


If the soldiers voted overwhelming for * should we support them?

How come Edwards didnt deliver North Carolina to the Democrats?

Question re: Florida, Which I Believe is Fraud Ground Zero

Media didn't listen when we cried LIHOP - will they listen when we cry VF?

Arianna - It wasn't gay marriage or fraud - Kerry wasn't "bold" enough

Did GOP hackers target county tabulator PCs, not precinct Diebolds?

Op-Scan Florida Numbers....Seem Legit :-(

Florida and optical scan counties.

What about a campaign to get the press to cover the fraud?

Evidence Mounts the Vote was Hacked

(HOT, HOT GRAPHIC!!) 3D county map of electoral results says it all

The Will of the People Was NOT Expressed In This Election


How do we get rid of BBV in California?

Could Arnold run against Feinstein in 2006 and win?

Living in a Red State (formerly Blue) really sucks

Who is going to run for Governor in 2006?

Kerry supporters still out in full force

Any DUers going to the HS football finals in Canton & Massillon?


Okay, where can I find election results for Montgomery County?

Cincinnati area DU'ers , come to this recount meeting tonight!

How are things looking for DeWine in 2006?

Politics and Religion in SW Ohio.

Ohio BOE Investigation (violation = FRAUD) Delayed for Vote Count

Luzerne, Carbon & Schuylkill Cos

Houstonians - Rally for Hubert Vo tomorrow!

Local tactics-how and what do you do to be involved in local politics?

Baby, baby, where did our votes go? Remember the Supremes?

Could Gore run in 2008?

Democrats don't move to the right, move the center to us...

Bet you a million bucks Bush puts a Hispanic Fundy up for Supreme Court

Late at night and I grieve for my country

don't know where to post this and I'm sure its already been done, but JIC

My child is being required to read books subversive to

Meet the Press 11/7/04

How about Phil Bredesen (D) TN or Mike Easley (D) NC in 08?

Even if Shrub got 51-48 , our senate should represent it

Great story on BBC tonite about Brit. Black Watch commando leader in Iraq

Satan is in Fallujah, according to Marine commander (a WTF moment)

How about a Million "Man"chester March

What next ? LOOSE Iraq

How does GWB lure fundies

If enough people refuse to work, then the rest of the people CANNOT work.

We better hope for the voter fraud

OK Dems, change your registration to Republican.

Hollywood Stars are often in highest tax bracket...

Know what I am waiting for?

DU NY Times Message Board

Okay dokey, my name is Valerie Nemeth from Calgary Alberta Canada and

Peace Sunday, Nov. 7

Anyone aware of this DoD army rectuiting tool showing Iraqis disrespect??

Sorry Everybody

How the hell am I going to do this for four years?

If highjackers, political as well as airline are NOT respectors of

Has anyone seen the documentary or read the book "Painful Questions?"

Be honest, what in the platform first attracted you to vote for a Democrat

In 8 southern states John Kerry received at least 40% of the

Beyond Sinclair - how can dems use their buying power to fight Bush Co?

Understanding Propaganda

I think all the LANDSLIDE posts on DU jinxed us

I stopped belonging to an organized Christian sect when

Just out of curiousity. My fiancee was not on the list voting.

Let's not sell out to this phony religious issue.

MEET the Ohio Leslie clan.............truly scary!

Breaking: 22 Iraqi policemen dead, massacre in police station raid

"We're not going into Falluja to give out fuzzy bears & warm hugs"

Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution[creationism to be taught]

Nate Clay discussing election theft now -- streaming link

I need a new bumper sticker!!

I am not depressed about the election results anymore.

How to Rig an Election in the United States ALL DU'ERS READ

Excerpt from The Religion of Bush Crossdressing as a Patriotic Man of God

DU attire for you and your family!! The new look for the next four years.

New Zealand attracting disillusioned Americans.

Can't find a post, need help........

making a little fun of pure evil

I feel an aneurysm coming on!

This is rich: How To Determine The Dem Party's Next Step

An Open Letter to the Republican Voters of the United States

OMG, DU'ers, pat yourselves on the back! Check this LBN thread out:

My message to a local messageboard: Photo Apologies To The World

"What Do You Think of Bush's Re-election" - Japanese Poll

I just realized what a sad irony the "I voted " avatars are...

The Republican National Committee announced today...

Should creationism be taught in schools?

I'm changing my rubber stamp to say on it

I heard a rumor that Ralph Reed is gong to be the next

Come on everyone, join La Resistance.

Is election fraud a prosecutable crime?

How we can win

Let there be peace on....

Black hoodies (sweatshirt with a hood) all around....

here's my new avatar. feel free to use it

Minnesota's DFL Party V. Democratic Party

Blue State Secession Movement

The exit pollers said they hardly ever made mistakes - except in 2000,

Check out the rise in bankruptcy since Bush has been in office

Can your church tell you how to vote?

Sierra Club

Votergate or Fraudgate?

Website not Responding


The stage is set to ban "Exit Polls" in the future. So there will be no

My letter to the editor of NEWSWEEK:


George Soros, where are you?

Website Not Responding

Will Pitt, weigh in please

RINO corporate bankers: who's hiring; who's outsourcing?

Canada, New Zealand, or Mexico

So the militants are just sitting there being pounded by the US in


I've redesigned my site

Might not want to look at this site over Sunday breakfast

Can't help but be frustrated with Terry McAuliffe, why does he give up?

Here's a great idea for Christmas gift giving!

If Kerry doesn't fight this, the Democratic Party will self-destruct

Lets say a prayer for this poor soul

In the Pursuit of Happiness: Suggestions for a peaceful revolution:

Wish FBI wold grow some balls and pull a 60's civil rights type invest-

Bin Laden sought Bush victory (theStar - subscription required)

Who out there feels that Republicans are becoming terrorists?

Fallujah Will Be A Blood Bath

IQ and Politics.

An American Theocracy and the Constitution Restoration Act of 2004

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

Real Conservative Morals

Significant voting reforms by 2008, or I won't waste my time voting again

"Republicans resurgent forever"

Voting Data - Methods, Vendors, and FL, OH, NH

BBV:see bevs thread on this

I was looking at Media Matters this morning

An evil confluence of interests

Karl Rove must've gotten his head dipped in the toilet a lot in highschool

Since Nov 2, I haven't watched the so-called "main stream" media

Tell the Democratic Party what you think,

Grover Norquist compares democrats to castrated animals

Can tempering or fraud change destiny? Your Opinion

the subject of Religion seems quite dominant here lately.....

Will We Ever Be A Nation Under the Law Again?

Bush made America fear gays and terrorists, funny thing,...

Gung-Ho Dunderheads

Christians - Want Change? Want Respect? Try John Shelby Spong.

President Bush should enjoy his victory celebration while he can.

Website Not Responding

"Language: A Key Mechanism of Control"

red voters=bloody hands voters. very appropriate. n/t

A Practical Woman's Answer: Hand Recounts

"Ownership society"?? 1987 REM-"Exhuming McCarthy"

IDEA: Cancel cable news subscription and donate the money saved to....

Democrats: Support gun owners!

CONTACT ALL MEDIA NOW: Here is how the rigged this election

"Are we going to have to hear this for 4 years?"

44 Senate Democrats represent 50.73% of America in 109th Congress

Portland, Oregon protests Bush and Iraq War. Anybody go?

"What this election proved is that performance doesn't matter"

James Dobson: This man is a Nazi. Nothing more nothing less.

This blows "Mosh" away, folks...

Man Protests Election: Kills Himself At Ground Zero

I am looking for the post about

Nazis Boycott Jewish Shops

What is the background of Common Dreams?

Does anyone know when registration for new members will be available?

"Red Voters, Blood is now on your hands!"

The 'OIL MINISTRY' was the only ministry we protected after the war

WOW! Sunday morning news shows

I'm starting to think it was fraud and not morals. But I need one piece...

Mad and exhausted

Bush got more votes AGAINST HIM than any other president Period

Even if we had definitive proof of voter fraud: msm won't touch it

Bleeding Kansas

"Come on back to the war"


Who is going to lead the revolution?

Thune vs. Obama, what a contrast!

Is there one politician computer literate enough to take up the BBV issue

Karl Rove was 'very angry' at exit polls

There are some really opportunistic Mo Fo's on here...

Voter fraud site hacked (sorry if dupe)

My Advice to Bill Clinton: Run Hillary in 2008 and See America

Headline on my SBC start page today: "Karl Rove: Bush's Mastermind?"

Here is a great site with Top bushnazi Donors to Boycott

Someone: Wheres the link for "Don't BLame Me: I Voted for Kerry" tshirts?

Why aren't we being shown Fallujah?


Sunday talk shows...

Eminem Was Right About The Buckeye State ''Mosh''

Screw foreign policy: I wanted a road-bike president

Why didn't Sean P.D. Colmes endorse Kerry?

Google censors Abu Ghraib images

Voting machines for the next election


Garrisson Keillor is reading the Jefferson quote Elizabeth Edwards posted.

We have to talk about economic morality

Fact: Only the Republicans can stop this Fool...

The modern Luddites

What does America do if EVIDENCE of Major CHEATING at the POLLS surface?

AAAND Now, We have The George Principle, Far worse than thePeter Principle

BBV and Senate/House seats

The Fed withholds highway funds to states for...


New today 11/7 ---> 4,000 shoulder-to-air missiles are missing in Iraq!?

Is there any way to tutor the media in its civic duty?


excerpt #4 from The Religion of Bush --Deacon Sean Hannity

Loser repub in CA says winning Dem is a drunk-driving lesbian

Is it possible the Clinton "remarks" were planted? (i.e. not real)

If they want to play this anti-Christ game,

How big do you think the protests will be at the inauguration?

Exposing churches...?

"I have no time for those crying in your teacups for stolen elections"

Christians who believe God appointed w, & Christians who don't

Email I just recieved -- Petition to the Democratic National Committee

I don't see how we can win the house, the Senate, the Pres, or the SCOTUS

The bracelet idea...

MoDo is just like some of us. Except she's NUTS!!!

That Elizabeth Edwards thread is a troll, no?

Wake UP!!! If there was voting fraud and we don't do something

November 2, 2004-Truly, The End of the Innocence

Republicans are scared of BBV too

Let's list the types of volunteers needed (voting fraud)

Can we petition to be annexed by Canada?

Why Osama won on 11/2

Anybody see Russert with Borger and Gregory last night?

Pictures That bush Does Not Want You To See

The Defense of Voting Initiative Movement Starts Today!

This wasn't the most important election, 2000 was

Do federal funds pay for any abortions? I'm writing a LTTE.

How can one believe in Revelations, but totally miss the anti-Christ part?

Secretary of State Pleads guilty to taking bribes in computer voting case

Today's Sermon: 'Effectively Twisting Christ's Words'

Has anyone thought about how WE would communicate

Taiwan: Paper Ballots. Audience watch counters raise Each Ballot

Separate Federal Ballot

Mystery Surrounds Secession on Left Coast -- Breaking

Google Censors Abu Ghraib Images - Slashdot

Read line 3 over and over and over again

I agree there probably was fraud committed on Tues, but

Sick humor

The Republican Party Will Implode

We need to boycott the Murderous Media!

On the Weddings page of the Boston Globe

Let's all go to Boston on Inauguration Day

I've been wanting to ask, in re Farenheit 911

What happens with Plame now?


Looking for Progressive web banners for my web site...

I knew early voting by absentee might backfire...

Do you have to sign a loyalty oath to be at **'s Inauguration Speech?

A new meaning for Thanksgiving?

Norman Solomon discusses election, media coverage in 30 minutes

Whose guarding the NH Ballot Boxes?

Gallup says says Bush's support DROPPED among rural voters

Were Mistakes Made in Dem. GOTV?


Bush* requests twice as many police officers at his inauguration...

Here's the Scenario

Urgent -- Contact Kerry, NOW!

Is there any state where the gay marriage bans wouldn't pass?

If it wasn't for DU and AAR I don't know how I would get through this

What if we used all of the "liberal trial lawyers" to our advantage?

Americans look to move north

Air America...You should be live until all votes are counted

Join the WE DO NOT CONCEDE Coalition!

Here is the next Battleground - Senate Races 2006

Just walked out of my front door, to find my flag gone

Dirty Warriors: South African Mercs in Iraq Paid with YOUR Tax $$!

For Those Willing To Cave on Abortion and Gay Rights...

Are papers not publishing negative letters?

James Wolcott: New Dem strategy...Shoot a fag for Jesus!

Soldiers dying in Iraq for Democracy. We need to die here...

Spending His Political Capital

Who's still motivated to keep this system going?

Like Motherland, like son...election discrepancies in Iraq claim victim

Cheney lost home county and WY rejected Malpractice Caps!

GBnC on KPFK right now! BBV

You can hurt * if you cut spending...

Will an American equivalent of the IRA develop now?

This won't be popular, but here goes anyway....

Mary Cheney should undergo "reparative therapy"...agree/disagree..

Support Bush, Support Iraq, ENLIST, Put your money where your mouth is!

What do you want for Christmas?

I wish they'd stop talking about "a national sales tax" as if it's a fix..

I Love You. Please Don;t Get Killed at the bastard's inauguration

In 1972, after Nixon won with over 60% PV and 96% EV, who'd have believed

Some thoughts about the DRAFT

I propose James Carville for new head of the Democratic Party

When Bill Clinton won two terms, was there all this talk of

I walked out of church today

Nader may get recount: What CNN didn't tell you those Liars!

OK Its over....Would any one of OUR nominees been better?

I find it highly amusing that..

Let's Shed Some Media Light on the Growing Election Stink

I see red people (anyone from Utah?)

My avatar is now the upside-down American flag. The upside-down...

Kerry got 7,612 FEWER votes than Castor in Florida???


Red State Political Pundits Who Live in Blue States America

Which was worse, the election in 2000 or this past (2004) one?

72% of Americans did not vote for Bush

"Am I Blue? I apologize for everything I believe in. May I go now?"

Waiting until last minute for Recount Request! Brilliant Strategery!

Ashcroft's resignation rumors=prepping for SCOTUS?

Perhaps we should try the Carry Nation approach to BBV?

Florida Hurricane Victims Still Waiting

Should We Boycott The Media's Advertisers Until They Cover The Fraud?

This is what a Coup against Couch Potatoes looks like

The Holocaust comes to the US

Dems better not swing further right.

BBV:So many unanswered questions. Post them here.

Food for thought RIGHT WINGERS this is what happened

The Nazification of America

NYT: Maybe Same-Sex Marriage Didn't Make the Difference

Sorry but what kind of man get all hissyfitty about gay sex?

REMEMBER ALL states must change to evoting by 2006!

Did I hear correctly on Meet the Press this morning...

Has there ever been such a detested administration?

As I scan the headlines on SHOCK

There are limits, even for conservatives

Is there a more "activist" version of DU?

I think part of the problem is we have no sustained grassroots effort

Karl Rove & A One-Party America

I am so tired of all this self deprecating stuff going on here..We

What does Wyoming *do* with all of its "Homeland Security" funding?

Hey, How About the EU wanting to counter the US

Tell Me, Why Should I Remain Registered as a Democrat?

How do we bring up war crime charges on the Bush administration?

Bush is destroying our dollar!!

Tecumseh's Curse - Is the clock still ticking?

"We don't need it, we don't want it, and we WON'T TOLERATE it! PERIOD!"

We need to OBJECTIVELY examine ALL info and impressions here!

Dems, meet your new minority leader - pro-life, pro-war

OK I may be ignorant but

Help Walmart Have An UnMerry Christmas

Kerry on Paula Zahn tomorrow

ONLY a truly MISERABLE FAILURE could gloat over a grade of 51%

Pull your investments

DU-ers, Consider WORKING ASSETS To Support OUR Values

Are businesses really entitled to unlimited profits?

Is There Any Way to Stop the "Nuclear Option" (On Fillibusters)

One more reason why I don't get it. (m)

French News on CSPAN right now

I REALLY want to hit CNN HARD

What was Clinton's logic on the DOMA?

Two dozen Americans die/wounded & we hear "moral values" on the news

Wolcott nails it: "Shoot a fag for Jesus!"

need some links to left/progressive christian sites..

Bush's two main points are not coordinated

"What is the name of the Vice-President"? No one knew

I bet we DU'ers are losing a lot of "friends" over this political turmoil

We beat the GOP in State Legislature Changes!

Why don't the left and liberals in this country get it together and unite?

My tax dollars buy bullets and bombs. Am I to blame?

man we are HOT this morning!!!

Burning Bush

"Better dead than red"

Do you believe this election was stolen by mass Voter Fraud?

One of our MAIN problems: Our targets are too broad

Deleted message

Silly People: Balance Your Checkbook / Hand Count the Votes

DU CALL TO ACTION: State voting reform efforts

DU THIS SITE: Email them and tell them how f'ing stupid they are

Canadians. About your investment system.

Bush voters smarter than Kerry voters?

~*~*~waving wildly~*~*~*~ to get someone's attention

Michael Moore's site is back up

Say Goodbye

Christmas presents

How I am "getting over it"

Does anyone still have the strength to DU a poll?

What will Bush's Inauguration Day be like?

Mourning in America? What Kerry-Backing Papers Say About Bush Win

Conventional versus guerillla combat: we think we're superior...

Watch PBS NOW!! Viet Nam and how the media was punished for

The danger lies ahead.

Dé já vu all over again - anybody remember 1974?

I hate you CNN

No civics test in national testing ...


How to immigrate to Canada

Is it possible that Florida might actually be our Saviour?

The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America

Martial Law in Iraq and Bush ass puppet Allawi "not optimistic?"

Why The Right is Wrong

Harry Reid's voting record

Which of our standard bearers will speak up....

How are we going to fight Social Security privatization?

AP: "Bush hopes to make tax cuts permanent"

Bill Maher, Friday Night: Who were the loudmouthed RW'ers on there...

BLOOD of innocents ON 58 million hands...

Did you know...

ESS Man Caught in Ohio Election Computers(we got one)

Note from the campaign

Confederate States = WELFARE STATES

FedEx has a huge contract with the US Postal Service

So then, What happens to King George II when Bin Laden strikes again?

A word on Christian bashing

The Democratic Broadcasting Network--single most important task

Dear Col. Whipass, I have a message - "See you in court chimp chump"

OMG...this is breaking my heart

What are the chances that sites like this one will be shut down ?

It doesn't matter what position we take!!!!!!

Dem's acquiesce to neocon redefinition of English terms

Poppy complaining about "Visceral hatred" against Shrub - BBC video

CNN Poll: Should Creationism Be Taught In Schools?

Top Ten Ohio Unemployment Counties and the 04 Vote

CLG Launches the Grand Refusal

Anybody seen a link on here for Blue Businesses?

Should we e-mail Kerry about his appearance with Zahn tomorrow?

Good introductory article on rigged elections from Jackson Thoreau

to my congresswoman (some BBV) other issues

They need to see our faces.

You Might Like This........

2006 and 2008

contact foriegn media??

Day 5: Pics from the book, 2/15: THE DAY THE WORLD SAID NO TO WAR.

**FORGET 2008!**

The last thing the world needs is people like us leaving America.

The New Ameircan Ideal

As long as we don't PROSECUTE election fraud it just keeps getting worse!

I believe Noam Chomsky was RIGHT. DEM/GOP is all of a piece

It isn't Red State /Blue State as much as it is Red Rural / Blue Urban

Taking Off, Eh?

For a lift - Prairie Home Companion archive

Where is there a list of house and senate seats up for election in '06?

Rove -I don't wear a tinfoil hat

Kerry COULD Come Back in '08

Election 2004, which rings more true?

Sunday a.m discussion of Soc Security "reform" (interesting)

Did anyone just see ABC World News Tonight about the Surpeme Court?

DU help needed on researching Darke County Ohio Result in question

Ignorance can be corrected stupidity can't!

Dean coming back in 2008?

BLUE-FRIENDLY bumper stickers, shirts

If this was supposed to be "the most important election in out lifetimes,"

'Rat a l'Orange' -- Documents indicate voting machine certification fraud

Let's not give up on John Kerry

OK guys.. I think I wanna read the bible as ammunition

Canadian singles willing to Marry an American: political refugees

Hw long until the staged assassination attempt?

Is AAR the new Radio Free America?

Good news and bad news

"Really" Supporting Our Troops

Why isn't anyone putting the blame where it is the most due?

Democrats #1 issue SHOULD BE ...

I was listening to Don Henley's "The End of the Innocence"...

Foreign DUers: Are felons allowed to vote in your country?

Republicans creating a Society of Exclusion: No Gays, no Non-Christians...

So if we run Jesus Christ for President, will he win?

Should the Democratic Party be Exclusively Atheist?

"I think we threw out a ton (of ballots)" says Florida official

Optiscan does not read certain inks: Guess who got those pens?

Creationism to be taught in Biology calsses, Wisconsin.

$100 billion "deal of the century" -we won't be invading Iran anytime soon

VOTE FRAUD: Kerry's advantage of registered voters.

Cheney Out? Gulianni In?

Ownership Society, Corporatism, Facism

Privatized Social Security - where will the money go?

Look at these numbers from Colorado

Would it be possible to impeach over election fraud?

There is one major drawback of a successful economic boycott.

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

Why did we hear so little about gas prices

Diebold Central Computer has modem, right?

The Constitution gave states four weeks to count votes

DU Oldtimers - A Question

"The Guy James Show" Florida vote scam investigation

Has anyone seen any pictures of Kerry or Edwards dated after 11/03?

I've been a minority all my life

And now, a message from Thomas Jefferson

A question for all Gay's and Lesbians

Can we form a 527 on our own?


FL, OH and EVERYONE: Help Sort the Vote Fraud Smoking Guns

Scientists Prefer To Work In Canada, Survey Says

Should Hillary Run for Pres? Some say NO!

I'm buying all my Christmas presents in Canada!

Are there any true witches in here?

If we are right then no matter how * fucks up they will never lose again

John McLaughlin: "US is heading towards a Civil War"

Republicans' worst fear

Will you forgive me?

More cartoons . . . Keep it kicked for the last one! Pleeeze.

Ivins: Shrub a Chicken-killing Dog, Real Clear Who Made the Mess

BBV: God Bless you Ralph!

It was an act of self-defense........

Karl Rove: Gays are contradictory to a "hopeful and decent" society

GOP was prepunching IL ballots in 2002! Buried story

Join me in a boycott?

Grozny II? Fallujah Attack Must Be Called Off - WAR CRIMES IMMINENT.

"emergency" in Iraq


A question for people who VOLUNTEERED

Did the DNC/Kerry lose on purpose?

To those who want out of social security...Why not let them go??

The genuis of Bush (and certain German progragandists before him)...

Residents of US overseas territories: Puerto Rico, USVI, Guam, Samoa

Australian Usenet poster lets U.S. Bush voters have it with both barrels!


Religion and child abuse

My name is John Kerry and I am reporting for duty

Vote for an insulting name for Conservatives

EXPATRIATE BASHERS - consider this

Rove says they are going to try for FMA again

Is this too much to ask for??

Proposed new term= "Christo-Fascists" AND Christian.

URGENT!!!! BBV: I need precinct by precinct vote totals

U.S. Marines in Iraq break pre-battle tension with chariot race

A Brief History of Democrats' Cave-Ins on Major Issues

We don't have One-man One-Vote in this country...

I was born in 69. How did you people feel after Kennedy assassination

BBV URGENT: Want recounts? Contact Cam Kerry NOW!

on gay marriage and politics ...

This stole election has cemented my belief..............

Get Over It!

Vote Count "Glitches" Haunt Bush's Supposed Mandate

HE IS BACK michael moore !!!!! Evidence Mounts Evidence Mounts

Wesley Clark was really good at promoting Democratic values and morals

Bev Harris & Howard Dean Hack the Vote, in 90 seconds - demonstration

UPDATED county-by-county Bush-Kerry map. (red/blue)

STOP turning on our soldiers!

Evidence of voter fraud mounts

This is proof of how they rigged this election PAY ATTENTION

DU Ham Operators. Are there any?

For those who pray or believe in the power of sending "good vibes"


Law to force school until 18

Sick of The Greatest Canadian? Vote for Most Embarrassing Canadian!

Bush coming to Canada in January! Anyone in for a protest?

Six die as train ploughs into car

So...regarding the May elections...

Black Watch Commander feard move to Iraq

What next ? LOOSE Iraq

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

Attacks kill 22 Policeman in Iraq

Attacks kill 22 policemen in Iraq

AP: Saudi Religious Scholars Back Holy War

Vote Count "Glitches" Haunt Bush's Supposed Mandate


duplicate post

U.S. urged to help lower drug prices

Iraq rebels strike before US attack on Falluja

21 shot dead in Iraq police station massacre

Saudi religious scholars support holy war

Car bomb targets Iraqi finance minister

Suicide bomber attacks U.S. convoy in Baghdad

Iraq Declares 60 Day State of Emergency

Militants Kill 12 Iraqi National Guards

Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution

dupe please delete

Iraq declares state of emergency

Iraq Declares Martial Law, 23 Police Killed

Insurgents Kill More Than 50 Across Iraq (11/7/04)

Ground Zero Suicide Inspired by Election

US ready to put weapons in space...likely to ignore treaty ban

Militant Suggests ways to Fool American Bombers

Bush voters smarter than Kerry voters?

duplicate post

Ivorian mobs turned back by rocket fire from French helicopters.

MI5 quizzed over BAE 'slush fund'

Rumsfeld Faces Iraq, Other Tasks at Busy Pentagon

Bush's tax plan may aid owners, not earners

Up to 4,000 "surface to air" Alarm Aides!

Arafat Has Liver Failure, Palestinian Official Says

Google Censors Abu Ghraib Images - Slashdot

NYT,pg1: Bush Secured FL Victory Veering from Beaten Path (rural,suburban)

U.S. Embassy Warns Americans in Greece

Wisconsin City Allows Teaching Creationism

Bush Iraq Adviser Blackwill to Step Down

Reporter investigated Congress members

Guantanamo Bay Justice: 3 Hours Behind Closed Doors LAT

Controversial gas deal involved Bush's brother Neil

Latinos' support for Bush debated...(more votes than voters again!!)

India Test Fires Ship-launched Nuclear-Capable Missile

Iran Says Preliminary Agreement Reached With Europeans on Nuclear Issue

U.S. Troops Keep Close Eye on Syria-Iraq Border

Ground Zero Suicide Caused By President Bush's Re-Election

Iraq declares martial law

Wealth Gap Widens For The Holidays

Evidence Mounts the Vote was Hacked

Wisconsin City Allows Teaching Creationism

Iraq Broadcasts Foreigners' Confessions

War-protest crowd ranges from babies to "grannies" (Seattle)

50,000 rally in Ukraine, claiming votes rigged

Both parties take heart from black voters' turnout (Cleveland)

Social Security Reform a Boon for Funds?

Historic vote count is over (Florida)

Iraq Claims Emergency As Insurgency Flares

Commanders Give Marines Pep Talk in Iraq

Rove: Kerry's Votes a 'Gift' for Bush

Bush strategist Karl Rove takes victory lap after election win

Motion to impeach Blair-paper

Bush nominees who oppose abortion will get fair hearing, says Specter

Guardsman Loses Iraq Deployment Challenge

Machete-Waving Mobs Loot, Attack French Targets After Ivory Coast Clashes

Democrats Vow to Protect Social Security

CLG Launches the Grand Refusal

Nelson: I'm ready to work with Martinez (won Bob Graham's Senate seat)

Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle

Specter: No conflict exists

U.S. Seizes Part of Iraqi Guerrilla Area

AP: Terror financing fines down post 9/11

Insurgents use media to fight Americans

Rove: U.S. has moved in GOP direction

Extremists Moving Across Iran-Iraq Border

North Carolina E. coli outbreak grows

`Chatter' hints of strike on Iran's nuclear sites

Wash Post - Missing antiaircraft missiles alarm aides

US defies protests to poison Afghan poppies

Gifts Flow, as Does the Access, CA governor's staff gets around limits LAT

Fear, violence reign on Haifa Street

US soldier killed in attack on convoy in Iraq

Sterling to reach $2 as Fed plans new rate hike

Some Shoppers Find Fewer Happy Returns

Iraqi leader dispatches envoys to explain emergency measure, win regional

Security tightened for inaugural

AP Poll: Taxes are low-priority issue for voters

Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in New Term -Aide

In Second Term, President Looks Toward Legacy (Ohio Toledo Blade)

A Last, Lonely Dissident -- (Re: Independent Cuban Journalists)

Anti-nuclear protester killed by waste train

The next 4 years: a shift to "ownership society"

Debt crushing young adults

Dollar May Drop to Record Low as Bush Seen Increasing Deficits

(Texas) Most work from plant would go to MEX after planned closure (500)

My name is Mark, and I'm a book-aholic.

My pets grieve... DUers every time I fart in bed....

BREAKING NEWS! My enips has a first name!

BREAKING NEWS: I have angina when I masticate.

"Citizen Kane" versus my underwear


oh my -- security porn....

I need a link to * holding a crying blond baby.

Will Matcom post his third annual leaf-raking bitching thread?

Where are the pitch hitters this evening?

People, please don't eat into the phone...

I'm Obsessed with the Election

I need something for my political career

PSSST.....You'll Never Believe What Happened Today!

Who was the first DU member to log on? First ten? You all still around?

I hate DU at night all the sane people have gone to bed!

My folks encouraged reading, but not like this...

Why do people choose "male" or "female" for their gender spot thingie

I Need A Wife Before I Run For Senate, Soooo LINE UP LADIES!

Anyone in the mood for gagh?

Who is getting enough BRAN


It's time to go to bed, I just slamed the fuck out of someone.

anybody get brain tonight?

"Fullmetal Alchemist" & "Ghost in the Shell" starting tonight (on now)

I have a pretty new avatar! Give me totally random thoughts!

Who is getting enough rain?

having problems with my blog...

Anyone else got brain?

I need a husband...For my political career don't ya know

Is replying to your own post the same as masterbation?

What are you doing to keep your sanity after the election????

I see you...

Any good "Net" Radio Stations?

BREAKING NEWS: I have a penis!

I like to play with things awhile, before annihilation

My Monty Python Spam Thread; DU'ers, what do like with spam?


i've had GTA: SA for 2 weeks, and my completion percentage is

Can anyone help me find a 2000 Election Map

I'm drinking sake tonight, but I don't know what kind.

Count the votes again...a song for our pain


I just defrosted my fridge!

Who is getting enough rain in Spain, mainly on the plane?

Should the word 'No' be replaced with the word 'Mo'?

Manga question

Asexual Thread

So, what gender are you?

Woops--nevermind. nt

I Just Dreamt I Died, Ask me Anything!

Thanksgiving movie: If your family puts the funk in disfunctional

A friend says I talk in a more aggressive tone these days.

Culture war 2. begins

Another (..German) geneology thread. Question.

Weirdness. Jim Belushi sues Julie Newmar (former "Catwoman") for 4 mill

Why Do People Choose "Undeclared" For Their Gender On DU?

GRRRRRRRRRR - a tale of cat woe

I had one of those weird dreams last night that stick with you...

Any Public Enemy fans here?

DU's famous with Student Doctor Freepers!

Isn't it funny how some cats.

resturant review - the olive garden sucks....

where is that joke on the repukes changing symbol

Help! My Inbox emptied itself !

How do I do HTML codes for a yahoo group?

Have you ever worn something and then returned it?

I hereby inflict The Curse of the Bambino upon the Republican Party

How is everyone doing today?

I'm stubborn as the garbage bags that time cannot decay.

anyone know how I go about buying some euros?

Where can I get free Progressive web banners?

This is the best hot chocolate ever!

I am an 18 Year Old Guy Watching PETER PAN @ 12:15am On Saturday Night...

Which symbol is more hideous?

Winter replacement shows on television ???

Dead parrot: He's only sleeping

My vet is some piece of work. The medicine he's been prescribing

Help me find "The Will" - I lost it!

Orwellian moment

Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank Zappa's 1986 "Crossfire" appearance now available on BitTorrent!

YAY! The boogerheads are PLAYING!

Have you ever had a boob job or member enlargement?

My husband's trying to quit smoking cold turkey! Ask me anything!

Scripture Mints! Does this make Little Friskys a Scripture catfood?

Should One Expect To Have A Penny Returned To Them As Change?

One more week...

You know, I don't miss the Sunday talk shows at all.

So, who's in for today's Chicago meet-up?

This ass has been used and abused.

It's scary but it's true

Nice Earworm

Any Public Enemies of fans here?

A NEW Red Sox Curse!

I hereby re-inflict The Curse of the Bambino upon the Boston Red Sox

Where do you stand on marriage?

I hereby place curse10 upon myself

Please, links to "Ambrosia sings the news"...she's fabulous!

I just got finished talking to Jesus.

My husband's trying to quit cold smoking turkey! Ask me anything!

Big Dick's Coming!

You know, if I saw this in my birdbath...

I'm feeling good about my marriage!

Is it me, or has it been slow in here?

Any Good Progressive Message Boards Out There?

woohoo! i just can't WAIT for Dem primaries!

I am 571 Posts from 1,000! Ask Me Anything!

He's not heavy; he's my brother. It's his goddamn anvil that's heavy.

Help, what's the name of that restaurant on Central Park, NYC

Did anyone else watch "Dig!" last night? Amazing documentary

I think we need to COMPROMISE... so here's mine:

OK - I'm feeling really sick again

NyQuil + 10 hours of sleep = HappyWellZomby

I'm never drinking again

I Think Some Player On The Bills Just Broke His Neck

Ah voted Goerge Dubya, Ahm from Sisterbride Holler, Ark, ask me anything

So who saw the "Revenge of the Sith" trailer over the weekend?

New Reality TV Shows

Any eMule users out there?

"Conservatives in Hollywood" on AMC. Making me batty

Legal question

Is Karl Rove married? Have family?

Bleh....first time I ever tossed a fantasy book in the trash.

I need opinions

The November I LOVE LESBIANS thread

This just Sucks...

The Bengals are beating the Cowboys 26 - 3!!

Does anyone have the link to ElizabethEdwards' post from yesterday???


Cool! The asses are handing the Jets their bills!

Breaking the kitchen gadget addiction...

The Incredibles Was OUTSTANDING

Why won't my computer let me do ctrl-c; ctrl-v; etc.?

I need an intervention!!!!

Listening to the immortal John Cale on "Mountain Stage" right now


This is so weird

I still feel like shit. Someone find a way to cheer me up.

Another SAD email from Ohio

Paris Hilton

NY Marathon - any DU'ers brave enough?

Someone keep me out of GD too!

I need a music intervention!

A little toast, friends, to the return of the "Search" function.

What are your sexual fantasys for the bush crew ?

Anyone know anything about plant lights?

Hot stuff!! Check it out and turn up your volume

Everyone who DOESN'T know what GD is, check in here!

Does Anyone Have a Link to "Bounce Your Boobies"???

Oh how I miss John Lennon.

Funny DUI Video...LOL

Rush lyrics

Can someone please smack me & tell me to stay off the subject of JC?

Howard Keel, Star of Musicals, Dallas, Dies at 85

New Model Army's Spirit of the Falklands

Please count the votes again (song parody for our time)

I'm putting you all on notice right now!

1970s Seoul

Cool! The Bills handing The Jets their asses!!!!

I miss Wonk. Any body seen him? nt

I've been writing a book, and I need to share.

Yay, I got my Gold Star!

You can get...

Question about Satellite TV

Steelers beat another undefeated team, 27-3!

Typical of Bushbots Kids at play

Bush preparing for debate video

Thank God for The Onion

Post them here: The most sacchrine sweet term of endearment you know:

I hereby place my gyspy curse on whoever Ih8thegop's team is

I'm against liberals, gay marriage, Dems in general but I'm not a freeper!


I'm sick and damned tired of being 'Mr. Self-Depreciating Guy.'

Straight male seeks Bush supporter for fair, physical fight (Craigslist)

Name a group that HASN'T been chastised in GD this week.

Woohoo!!! Atrios is back!!!

Is it just me, or is there something about Sunday morning?


At What Point Will Gay People Be Able To Claim Political Asylum?

The 700 Club is as close as I'll get to true religion.

Someone just please smack me! & tell me to stay out of GD.

Can we all just get along please

What's with all the religious posts lately?

One legged Man kicks ass on dance floor

One Legged Man Kicks Ashcroft's Ass In GD

I am sick and damned tired of being 'Mr. Self-Defecating Guy.'

Now, The Really, Really Big Question for Canadians

Red Meat is sizick

A message from a true Bible believer

speaking of New Testament verses, here's a favorite...

What is the most USELESS kitchen gadget you own?

Do you know what burns my ass?

Leave the gun, take the cannole....

Problem with my iPod.

A DU Lesson...

Taking Off, Eh?

i lost paint! I don't really like paint, so what should I replace it with?

Agent Mike is still hanging around

I need music recommendations!

Evil Dubya goes back in time to kidnap baby Charlton Heston

Torn between to lovers & I don't know what to do.

Steelers currently kicking Eagle Butt 21-0. WTF?

Things you'd never say to politicians!

Computer people - AMD vs Intel

I just *HAD* to go into GD

My DU pet peeve...DUers who, every time they start a thread, use...

So what's for dinner at your house?

Has anyone watched the BBC sitcom "Coupling"?

New York City DUers-can you give me advice?

Phineas T. Bluster, Wonder Bread, and The Mind Machine

Red = RW? Who changed history with that reverse?

So who has a blog?

How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center of a Tootsie Pop?

a somewhat unpleasant dating experience

Ways to have fun at Walmart

CNN reports GW's reason not to sign Kyoto Treaty...

What's the worse pickup line someone has tried to use on you?

The "W: The President" sticker reworked (help!)



Stephen Donaldon's "Thomas Covenant" series is just intolerable shit

I'm listening to Pentangle

Sunday Morning Thankfulness Thread

Ellington or Basie

OK ..... ronnyk gonna talk!

OC Weekly cover pix of Shrub flipping us off

I am sick and damned tired of being 'Mr. Self-Deprecating Guy.'

The Day Ashcroft Feared Has Come

Who's going or has gone deer hunting this year?

Richard the Cat -- Tuesday's the day we learn how sick he is.

Jazz Music Fans

New avatar to replace the outdated ones...

File Sharing programs


Yo momma so big...

Post a dumb joke. Anything you've got.

"Wait, 'til I come back to your side

Gay Guys And Gals: Did You Go To Your High School Prom?

DU Genealogists... Please check in: I have some questions...

Tara Reid's silicone puppies roam free

The "Backdoor Draft" comes to the forefront!

"Let the investigations begin...."

Something real you can do. Fraud is real.


What we are up against - a typical Bush voting family speaks.

So, where is the massive enlistment by bush voters for the military?

The person I felt bad for Tuesday Night

when does (if) McAuliffe resign?

There's a reason "politicians" don't chair the Parties

Calls for "unity" from the right are calls for you to sit down and shut up

BBV to post a new story tonight.... Anyone have a hint?

If I hear one more...

For those of you who don't think we need to show our spirituality and

Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution[creationism to be taught]

How to Rig an Election in the United States ALL DU'ERS READ


Election 2004

On one hand, I myself would like to cut off "red state welfare"

Like Bush? Go to Iraq


What about Al Gore in 2008?

Play a little "psy-ops" game with your RW coworkers

AP--Florida Democrats downhill since Jeb Bush election

See update at bbv

does anyone have a link to the shaded electoral map of the United States ?

"The Optimism of Uncertainty"

Man commits suicide at Ground Zero

We keep trying to sell logic and keep losing

MTP - Safire, Dowd, Wake up, Roe v. Wade is gone

Kristoff advice for Democrats :Time to Get Religion

About this Red state/Blue state false dichotomy--

1,000,000 Bush voters voted for Barak Obama

After Roe v. Wade - Time to write state bills

Watch this, spread it EVERYWHERE; re: Ohio.

CONTACT ALL MEDIA NOW: Here is how the rigged this election

I have a question to all of the people trashing Kerry for giving up

Yahoo Group Owners check in!

Should We Embrace Moderate Republicans Who Support Some Of Our Causes ?

4000 SA-7 Surface to Air missles missing in Iraq? Confirm?

Would Paper Balloting Make Much Of A Difference?

Plame? Iraq intelligence? Cheney/energy? Abu Ghraib? Guantanamo?


Geroge Bush got more votes AGAINST HIM than any other president in History

Could A Bush Supreme Court Overturn Lawrence V Texas...

How did we lose so badly in the Senate?

Are there exit polls in Iraq?

Need help. A person on my spouse e-mail list just said that

More than 30,000 demonstrate against election fraud ... but not here ...

Here's the map of which counties use which voting systems:

My feedback to

A question about voter fraud

Obama kicking that weasel Thune's ass on This Week

Can the religious left do everything the religious right does?

"A little patience..." Was Liz Edwards talking to us in code?

Who is the leader of the Democratic party?

James Dobson issues fatwa against Spector on TWGS

"Why They Won"

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…

Beating the gay marriage horse.

Sounds like Arlen had better look up Jim Jeffords' phone number

Democrats should unite against this war ?

Donna Brazile as head of DNC?

Where are the wistle blowers if there was voter fraud?

Stop talking @ '08 work on FRAUD now!!!

James Dobson issues fatwa against Pat Leahy

Thom Hartmann: Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked

I should reach out and meet these folks?

Since it's about Morals

Show me the Fundies...

BBV URGENT: Want recounts? Contact Cam Kerry NOW!

Does anyone besides me think there was a deal and/or sellout ?

Terry Mc Auliffe looking for your

I think a Dean/Graham ticket would have won

Bombing Them Softly (sung to "Killing Me Softly")

If you think this country is divided now....

I hear that on a local level Dems did well on November 2

Forget about 2008, Focus now on 2006 and e-voting fraud!!

I'm so sick of these DNC, DLC messages telling us

Great news! Dem Party might be forced to return to its core values!


We spend the $ in the US. How do we direct them to each other?

By the Way:Where is Kerry now?

As for Obama...

Why no Bush/Abu Ghraib Commercial?

Tell Me How Any Candidate Can Beat Jesus Christ If He Runs...

Enough with all this 2008 talk

The Conspiracy Possible or Not

The Sunday Shows - They Watch, so you don't have to

News flash: Bush still hates homos

Kerry on Paula Zahn tomorrow?

Do you believe this election was stolen by mass Voter Fraud?

as soon as the siglines come back, "jesusland" is going to be my graphic.

The "i voted" avatars don't seem as cool to me anymore. could we have a

The Immorality of it All

We believe in the seperation of church and state

Raw scorn and ridicule as a political strategy...

OK, I was wrong. I Offer My Apologies.

Can anyone give an Ohio timeline?

bumper sticker replacement

When will the RIOTS start?

Should we name this forum "Name To Be Announced" ?

We need to stand together and revolt.

How long will the Left take it?

For all you hand wringing 'change direction' types out there..

Why did Rove and Bush go to Ohio on Election Day?

(edited) Statistical & Scientific groups must step up with solid analysis

This is proof of how they rigged this election PAY ATTENTION

Delete Please - dupe of MM email

Missing Antiaircraft Missiles Alarm Aides

Repeal the amendment that limits presidents to two terms!!!

Are You Tired Of Posters Here Telling Us Hillary Is Inevitable...

Should Sen. Byrd switch to the Republican party?

DU help needed on researching Darke County Ohio Result in question

Will "America Coming Together" continue or end? (nt)

Important Message from John Lennon

So, everything went exactly as I expected

Devil's Advocate - Voter Fraud

May The biggest Bubba win.

"we've got an even bigger problem now"

How was Bob Shrum chosen to be chief strategist for


How would you react if Kerry decided to run again in '08?

Same Sex Marriage........Church Site .................Guys!! Info

The Kids Are Alright (Michael Moore)

Al Gore Or Hillary Clinton?

Handicap the '08 Republicans

Diebold Central Computer has modem, right?

Immigrant Community Fears New Arizona Law

Here's The Next Nominee:

Florida results and some thoughts

If 2008 was Al Gore Vs. John McCain who would win?

Don't worry folks --- we're only halfway to fascism...

Harry Reid of Neveda: How Effective Will He Be?


Frank Gifford

Quickie Bible study, even if you despise religion, on the Pharisees.

Marine: "I want to go and kill people, so we can go home,"

If someone were to "find" a voting machine, would that help?

Red State DUer's. Buck up. It happend to us CA Duer's too.

Could someone please post the following POLL?

Dean folks, great new bumper sticker.

Hillary Has The Nomination IN THE BAG If She So Chooses.

Has a "Phuck You" been issued for Clinton and Panetta yet?

Is speaking about the fraud?

Is It Safe To Turn On The Sunday Morning News Shows Yet?

Complete Congress & Electoral Vote Breakdown & STATE & REGION POWER

"Vote for John Kerry and you will go to Hell."


Blue State Rebellion, anyone?

Red-State Kerry voters: now that we've been written off by DU, will you

Time for gay folk to play tit for tat!!

So why did Kerry cave in so soon?

Evidence of voter fraud mounts

Here's your Democratic voice

Bev Harris & Howard Dean Hack the Vote, in 90 seconds - demonstration

So what about Max Cleland in 2008?

We need new, non-corporate media outlets especially TV and on the web.

Rove says they are going to try for FMA again

Iraq 'n Rove or How Karl danced Bush to a second term

On Gay Marriage: "I Will NEVER Vote For Those Gutless Slime AGAIN...

Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster (final w/ link)

HE IS BACK michael moore !!!!! Evidence Mounts Evidence Mounts

My message to McAuliffe, Kerry, Clintons, Carville, DU, dems:

There is something to be said for charisma

Now that the dust has settled, what's the worst part?

Voting Fraud People - Take A Step Back For A Minute

PLEASE HELP: I have written a detailed report on the voting/fraud issues

If 2008 were Dennis Kucinich vs. Condoleeza Rice, who would win?

Boycott Republicans

An explanation of how Exit Polls can be flipped from actual results

If 2008 was John Edwards vs. Bill Frist, who would win?

UERGENT: VOTE FRAUD? Tell everyone you know -- details