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Archives: November 8, 2004

Is An All Out Assault On Fallujah A War Crime?

The Last Battle (Democratic Underground, EarlG, SoCalDem mentioned)

Clifton Ross: I Recant

Voting problems in NC

this great! - A hard case resists a makeover for the new age

Thanking the "man upstairs"

The Democrats’ deconstruction: a post-election report from Kentucky

My LTTE was published today

Must Read: Putting to REST the claim that Young voters didn't come out...

Church, state boundaries fading away

If the Empire gives you rubble, build a sandbox:

The Free States Network - a humble proposal

Stopping a Police State: A Pocket Guide from Refuse & Resist!

Distress flag symbolism

Monday: Stolen Election Action Day


Lightning hits preacher after call to God - in Ohio!

Green Chemistry Research and Development Act of 2004

What do I do?

Skinner, for the sake of Democracy, please pin this thread

Skinner, just a "Heads Up" the "meme" of DU'ers being catalyst for BBV

Re Elizabeth Edwards replies

A proposal to prevent most forms of vote fraud

The Republicans know that the hot button issues are Race and Sex.

Hey, Freewayblogger!

More and more news stories coming out on voting machine problems

Ohio: Public hearings Nov 12, 13

so, have we heard from jimmy carter yet?

No Fraud Necessary (redo)

just emailed olbermann

Elizabeth Edwards replies posted in the long thread

Found some historical exit polls from US general election

Many Votes Still to be Counted in California

employee goes against election protocol on main computer....for OHIO

Texas Democrat Breathes Fire!

To all that said we'd do better without Gore

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC - Election Problems Story!

18 Battleground State Exit Polls: Prob Kerry>50%: 99.998% (he got 48.87%)

MONDAY: Stolen Election Action Day!

Who are the proenvironment senators/congressmen/etc??

The Fraud is likely real

First fight: Environment - help please

A winning strategy

Open Letter to Senator Kerry and Edwards

Carl Bernstein

Would you like to see Ben Affleck run for office in our state?

Still looking for Mpls Ward / precint results.

Husband's LTTE ! Jackson CitPat Michigan

Send Ohio Disenfranchisement Here.

Public hearings Nov. 12, 13


Could this be how Bushass took the 2 percent in Nevada??

Boulder High School

A important letter to read

Bush voters with teen-aged kids....

i'm sure there are already some Thomas/SCOTUS threads....but i have to say

email dialog with Republican relative

The November Surprise? by Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer

Shrub/Cheney not the presidents?

I am surprised people in Ohio have not taken to the streets.

Hearing alot of "chatter" about Bobby Kennedy, Jr

check this one out on Rove

DAMN IT.. I was hoping to NOT find this: Old Testament, Leviticus 18:22

If Rhenquist dies before January....or is too ill

"Oh, but gay marriage only affects 5% of the population"......

I feel lucky in a way.

Thank you mods, once again.

Bush is considering Thomas (porn king) as moral leader of Supreme Court

Man dressed as terrorist with Kerry sign frightens voters

LOTS of freeper postings...stop this or stop that...

NEWS: AP Poll: Stable Iraq Tops Voter Priorities

Anybody remember the e-mail going around

Grant will help train workers for 7E7 for Boeing with our tax money

Time to move forward

WillPitt on BBV

I love the Bible

Regarding fraud: I'M COMING UNHINGED

Leviticus 18:22: Engage in as much homosexual sex as possible!!

Athan Gibbs, supported paper trail voting, died in an accident in March 04

How many of you listen to shortwave radio?

Anybody else catch the "cut" on George Bush from Andy Roony?

AP: "Oregon Couples Fret Over Gay Marriage Ban "

Hello Democratic Leadership

Vetwife in shock after Preacher said NO PRESIDENT NEEDS TO CRAM RELIGION

What wedge issues can we use next time to bring Democrats to the polls?

Michael Moore for President in 2008 and Howard Dean as Vice President

GAMPAC- Godless Americans PAC

Two families will control America for sixty years...Only 44 more to go!

Clarence Thomas for Chief Justice?


Thom Hartman is Awesome!

Hilary Alternatives

Real conservatives are like Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing"

Voter Registration

apparently our soldiers getting turned on is a big problem

Sunday's New Jerk Times

Here's How We Take Control Of Congress Tomorrow...I Think...

"Private Lives and Public Lies"

Should or will Arlen Spector leave the Republican party?

It isn't over yet!


My Song About Bush and the Iraq War

My God. I don't believe I just heard that.

On worrying about the arguing

I think it's time to bring back the 18th amendment

Portrait of a Nation Divided.

So------------.....Has Matt PUDGE Actually Come Out

Brains at the polls, Average IQ per state, and who they voted for.

I was a Racketeer and Ganster for Capitalism...

Could this whole Specter controversy be a bait and switch?

Want some real clear evidence that it was hacked take a look at this

If we go after polluter?Won't that hurt b*, Corporation base.

Ohio: Public hearings Nov 12, 13

Keith Olbermann is going to report on BBV scandals this week!

Y'all See This ??? - New York Times Killed "Bush Bulge" Story

If It Gets As Bad As Many Of Us Fear, Who Will The Generals Align With?

Anyone see this?...NewsMax Story about DU Online Poll

Clarence Thomas for Chief Justice?

Sorry, I Don't Buy the Arlen Specter Fandango...Not One Little Bit

Contempt for Gays Unites Black and White Christians

Have you noticed how Bush is using OUR words? "Hope" and "Optimism"

My Conscience is clear freepers...

Power: Building it without taking it. A great essay.

My God. I don't believe I just heard that.

What was the worst event in American history? (just for the record)

How are you feeling right now?

need help

18 Battleground State Exit Polls: Prob Kerry>50%: 99.998% ( he got 48.87%)

Kerry on Paula Zahn???

Andy Rooney, 60 minutes

Fox to Rove on Swift Boat ads: "I know you had nothing to do with it...

the air we breathe is what we all have in common

our troops feeling good?

Are Al Franken's shows archived anywhere to listen too?

Peter Werbe streaming audio - live - discussing the fraud

More on the case for Costco over Walmart

Is their anyone here who does not like Jesus?

Hey Wisconsin people!

Rove blames bulge on Bush's back on "flamboyant" tailor

I'm watching the BBC? documentary "Mission Accomplished" on CBC right now.

A Survey of Newspaper Reactions from Across the Globe to Bush Win

Anyone notice sort of a "bait and switch" by conservatives?

Oh, I almost forgot!! BIG SHOUT OUT to George Soros for all that he

Do you think the GOP would get behind a BAN on ADULTERY

Investing in Euros

"WAR IS A RACKET" by General Smedley Darlington Butler

If you voted for Kerry you are probably a Godless person with no morals.

CNN poll: "Will the Fallujah assault stop or inflame the insurgents?"

Sanctimonious horseshit from a Libertarian blogger.

What is wrong with the "lever" voting machines?

This Bible bashing needs to stop! Democrats are suppose to be about

I want to write "Fraud" on my car's rear window

help needed european bank account - eruos


I was a Racketeer and Ganster for Capitalism...

Remaking the party from the ground up by supporting local candidates.

Would you like to know what God thinks about the election?

Michael Moore on Bill Clinton

The anti-imperialists among us should ally with the Old Right

Time to put a dent into the Republicans pockets "Cut Cable & Newspapers"

The first sign of addiction is DENIAL

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House in response to massive

"We Accept No Monkeys" say the Greeks to the U.S.

Feingold in 2008?

Can we stop the infighting now? Please?

Can someone help me connect the dots?

Union Vs. Church

Not to go all Robert Pirsig on you but this really is about values.

OMG! Look what I found in Old Testament, Leviticus 18:22 too!

Fallujah = Guernica

Instead of trying to think up new names for the "bad" christians..

I'm begging you...stop with the "it isn't over yet" posts...

If you believe this election was stolen change your avatar to

It isn't over yet - Monday should see a flurry of lawsuits

It's up to us. If we can prove fraud, even

Blue Flu Day January 20, 2005

I am fed up with the nastiness here!!

Nanci Griffith decides not to leave the US.

The Last Battle (Bev, Andy, EarlG, and SoCalDem mentioned)

BBV: URGENT! What are the certification rules and

So... The WH Will Try Again For A Ban On Gay Marriage - Will YOU March ???

I heard a sickening Statistic today . can we confirm?

Don't certify!! Laura Flanders' caller urges us to contact...

Monday: Stolen Election Action Day!

Everyone Stop Freaking Out!

Do Not Lose Heart: A Letter from Clarissa Pinkola Estes


if we don't deal with BBV and the media it doesn't MATTER

To all the Conservatives who come to DU because of the 'poll'...

Dean has harsh words for both parties.

Why is it called the "Heartland" ?

Read Keith Olberman's blog today.

In a couple of days, I'll be a member of the repuke party

My prediction for the next 4 years.

I am done.

Howard Dean speaks post-election..Albany, NY at the Egg: Mon, Nov 8th 7PM

The Social Unrest Has Begun - I Started It Tonight

To the Religious Left: We NEED You.

So, when they come to take us GLBT to the camps . . .

We should seriously consider running a Southerner

Battleground States 4pm Exit Polls: Prob Kerry>50%: 99.96% (he got 48.87%)

Third stupid post in a row.

Elizabeth Edwards replies recently posted in her thread

2008 candidate

Young women who voted for Bush:


Suicide at Ground Zero

Terror Financing Fines Fall After 9/11

Poll: Iraq Top, Taxes Bottom for Voters

Conservative leader targets Specter

High-tech hobby sets off security turmoil at LAX

Man shoots self at ground zero, reportedly distraught over Bush's election

Alleged vote fraud triggers protests (Thousands turn out)

Iraq declares Martial Law

Bush victory seen as a blessing for many industries

Soong prophecies Taiwan-China war next year

Howard refuses to congratulate Bush

NYT: Evolving Nature of Al Qaeda Is Misunderstood, Critic Says

NYT: G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt

Flush with victory, US Republicans show divisions

Friends Don't See Kerry Fading Away

Bush considers Clarence Thomas as chief Justice

WP: Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP

Votes Are In, and Presidential Tailor Is Off the Hook

US forces storm into Western Falluja

NYT: President Feels Emboldened, Not Accidental, After Victory

Star Wars Fans: Baa Baa Imperial Sheep

Just saw the film RAY.


"A Few Good Men"

Texas, you may be a red state...

Reminder: Simpsons - new season starts tonight!!!

Nude intruder hitches ride on moving jet at LAX

Anyone else watching "60 Minutes?"


Simpsons Season Premiere starting

Paul Jones of Manfred Mann

The CEO of Virgin is going to give up his presidency in a reality show?

Our Motto: "What's all this, then?"

Quit whacking my barrel!

"I need a mouth hole."

What was that show that just ended on Fox tonight?

new best simpsons quote EVER!!!

Simspons "Special Theme Song" tonight

I am made of flames!

No spoilers - but tonight's Simpsons is very good!

Optimus Prime Wins Election! Vows to End Decepticon Threat!

Bush may be Pres, but I still have my cat

"Scary" names on ending credits of The Simpsons

Damn you chocolate covered pretzels!

IP/Copyright Question (Help!)

The Official Simpsons Season Opener Thread!

My friend said something that really pissed me off yesterday....

hay guyz why is soulseek retarded for me?

So I went to the bookstore,

Does anyone have a link to the 'CHIMP hacks BBV' video?

Good location for */Cheney the Dick sign:

No matter how bad it gets, remember this -- your tortoise still loves ...

Thank Goodness for the Lounge. Best place to relax in cyberspace

Wanna hear a Rock version of a Britney Spears song?

Anybody seeing Aunt Nora tonight?

For a good laugh... oh, fark it!

Notice how Born on the Fourth of July has been all over the place

ok... even MORE doggie pics

I want to share a somewhat scary thought

Grocery Store on a Sunday - My Personal Version of Hell

free anti-o' reilly stickers!

Pics from Star Wars III

I know why the exit polls didn't match the vote

Signs of the Times

What's the best thing about Star Wars?

Do the Giants SUCK or what?

Missed the first 30 mins of "American Dreams" can someone fill me in ?

Here is a bug for all of you.

No matter how bad it gets, remember this:

Here is a hug for all of you.

Here's a bug for all of you

Here's a slug for all of you

I'm tired of feeling like a minority....

The E "Behind the Glory" story of Andre the Giant is such a tearjerker.

New Dalek photos.

I just had a confrontation with the Swiss Army

Here's a drug for all of you

No matter how bad it gets, remember this -- your dong still loves you!

The Onion: "National Museum Of The Middle Class Opens In Schaumburg, IL"

How many K/E yard signs are still up in your area?

My dogs make me laugh so hard I'm crying....

What music have you listened to lately?

Can I just say the new Dawn of the Dead sucks

Hey you could be Jane Seymour

I can't believe I'm watching this "Dallas" reunion special.

Kind of a serious question for the lounge, but here goes:

Nice green and red sky lights - northern lights

Was 'The Simpsons' good tonight?

Hey you could be Anne Boleyn


"Have You Seen My Pussy??"

Arrested Development

Let's Insult Bush

Listen to the hotdog!

Election stress = zits

AARRGGGHHH - these last two weeks at this job are killing me!!!!

Did anyone else play doctor with their stuffed animals when they

Did anyone else play blackjack with their stuffed animals when they

I think we should run a bimbo in 2008.

I have to get something off my chest

What is this???????

Can we join hands and bow our heads?

Anyone going out at midnight for halo 2?

i'm multi-tasking, ask me anything!

Thank God for Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel Insoles!!!

Jesus is coming!!!! LOOK BUSY!!!!

Emoticons without emotion

Spoiled rotten dogs

Responses to my son's scholastics sheets:

Desperate for help on my Lord Byron paper

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a stuffed animal?

Has anyone's marriage suffered from me cheating with your spouse?

I am kick it Old School right now. - Computer-wise

Favorite quotes from "Rounders"

Zomby wants you

I have the answer! - THE GOOD OL' GRATEFUL DEAD!!!!

GUYS: So, do you avail yourself of sex whenever it's available

When I see what's going on in Fallujah, I want to vomit. Let discuss. nt

My name is PSU84. I am a Democrat, and I'm going to hell.

Anything special about the city you grew up in?

Ladies and gentlemen.......attention please.

I'm a little bit tomboy, and a little bit girlie girl

OK, one more puppy picture...

Critical Error: Abort, Retry, Fail?

Another episode from my kid's middle school.

My Big Obnoxious Boss - just watched it! Hilarious!!

In the stages of grief, I'm still in anger/denial. You?

Anyone still keep in touch with their college/university instructors/Profs

Did anyone else on this board watch "American Dreams" tonight?

No matter how bad it gets, remember this-- your dog still loves you! (Pic)

Anybody seeing an Aurora tonight?

My cockatiel loves Tom Jones....

Bengals KICK ASS!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

It gets son has some scholastics sheets to read.

No matter how bad it gets, remember this -- Robb Is a Dingbat!

There really are only about a dozen or so great sitcoms.

Best 80's Teen Flick

"I got a feeling... Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!!!"

The Bach Sonatas for Violin

It's damned impossible to find and apartment!

How do the rest of you AFFORD to live where you do??? Damn!!!

How to beat the Red Sox

Has anyone's marriage suffered from this election?


I love you guys!

I just gave a donation to PFLAG. Anyone else want to do the same?

Anyone else having "fundie" flashbacks with all this red?

Who was the biggest piece of Shit to come outta your hometown?

I just had a confrontation with the KISS army

Friend of Mine: "I'm a lesbian...and a Jesus freak"

Who's the most famous person to come outta your hometown?


Who's the most famous person you ever met? has been hacked, the BBV film is no longer available

A important letter to read

Did anyone watch Chris Wallace ask Rove about "Turd Blossom?"

Contact John Kerry and tell him to step up to the plate!

It's Gore

Will Kerry run for reelection in 2008?

'The fiddle and the drum"

I'm skeptical: what is the best evidence so far of fraud?

the correct word for GOP is not "PR" or "spin" -- it's PROPAGANDA

didn't Cheney or Ridge say we'll be attacked again???

Please Giggling Murderer, PLEASE pick Clarence Thomas for Chief Justice.

New Dem Daily: What Happened (i.e., Why We Lost)

Can anyone give me any evidence Hillary intends to run

New Dem Daily: Idea of the Week: A Reform Insurgency

A cool web site idea I don't have time to do

Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America

how's the name for this forum going to be chosen?

I met a woman at Border's today wearing her Kerry/Edwards button

Bev's BBV site really does not lay it out "for dummies". In fact, I have

18 Battleground State Exit Polls: Prob Kerry>50%: 99.998% ( he got 48.87%)

Dean's daughter in wreck tonight.

What happened to our 'equal protection under the law'?

It's 1932. The American people just reelected Hoover.

Columbus folks, meeting Monday about voting..

Which magazine has a "Recriminations" issue?


Is anyone suing to challenge tax status of the GOTV churches yet?

Ohi: Public Hearings Nov 12, 13

It is my country too

Please join me in a heartfelt "fuck you" to the ever cutesy Andy Rooney

I propose an amendment to the US Constitution that bans........

On Nov. 2, Bush was told by Karen Hughes that he was going to lose


Good grief, we need a JFK or FDR

For those of you who say "screw" compromise... think twice!


Sign the petition to challenge the 2004 elections - based on Voter Fraud.

Want some real clear evidence that it was hacked take a look at this

If you believe this election was stolen change your avatar to

We can thank the Chimp for the Fallujah Marines turning desperate

Dems Should Stake a Position on Civil Unions

You know, Noam Chomsky could really help us out right about now.

Battleground States 4pm Exit Polls: Prob Kerry>50%: 99.96% (he got 48.87%)

FIGHTING BACK!! Taking back our country!! Joining war on VALUES -LAKOFF!!

The Rise of Open-Source Politics

Kerry Won Here are the Facts

Toledo Blade Article - Konop Worries Oxley (He Should...)

The Ohio Mandate: 2004 US E-Voting Fraud

Young Americans are not buying it

Kaua'i man sues over recall to active duty

Did election mark beginning of the end? (Leonard Pitts Jr.)

Even without Tory revival, Blair can lose out

Voting Without the Facts

WP: Howard Kurtz: Let the Explaining Begin!

The New Bush Diet - Bigger & Better than EVER

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked

LVRJ EDITORIAL: Sen. Harry Reid, minority leader

Let's do the math for real (AJC)

The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose? (D.Now)

I Attend Bush's Press Conference (Corn/Nation)

Why Kerry Lost.

NYT OpEd: When the personal shouldn't be political (Gary Hart)

The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose?

Systemic E-Voting Problems, No Fraud Yet Detected !

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked

Learning From The Loss -- by Tom Hayden

Slate: The Gay Marriage Myth: Terrorism, not 'values', decided election

US sets out its holy order

A message to the Chickenhawks and their supporters

Fanning the flames of resistance

Peace with Taiwan is possible

Swimming With Sharks: The 2004 Elections

Wisdom from Led Zeppelin, "The Battle of Evermore"

The Generals Speak - 7 retired military leaders discuss what has gone

Herbert: Voting Without the Facts (Clueless Bush Voters)

The Constitution Forever by David Van Os

Kaua'i man sues over recall to active duty

My e-mail from Michael Moore

MUST READ: From a Republican: Careful, your wish came true

Jesusland Slogan Contest: Work makes one free

" irresponsible behaviour of men is caused by women": John Paul 2

"The political genius of George W. Bush" - CNN

MSNBC's Olbermann to Focus on '04 Voter Fraud Tonight and/or Tomorrow

Media Blacks Out Voting Problems (ILCA)

Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

The "NOT ME!" Campaign update

An interesting Diebold protest concept

professors can hurt right wing media with retirement fund -- another resource for withdrawing economic support

Catholic DU'ers, please join me in moving the Church!

In Honor of Veterans and to boycott fraWd I suggest a national sick out

Want to "Buy Blue"? Visit Co-op America.

A focused boycott aimed at Fla.- Boycott Fla. orange juice and Disneyworld

Gays Should Strike 01/20/05

Support PAPER TRAILS. IF we are ever going to reclaim out government

Kraft Foods = CRAP Foods

Buy Blue: American Apparel

Copy and Distribute this CD on Voter Fraud in the 2004 Election!

Wounded Troops At Reed Need Phone Cards

Post Your Lib-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas HERE!!

Petition: DEAN for CHAIR of DNC - link provided here Sabotaged by Right Wing operative.

Listen up! Jessica Lynch on Al Franken's show (AAR)--

Iraq's Debt to "Paris Club" Nations

A reservation's relentless poverty

Election results as they affect issues of concern to Financial Corporation

India pulls China into outsourcing game

hear the truth - flee the dollar - from columbia..better get your coffee

GDP by state?

Japan May Not Halt Dollar's Drop, Ex-MOF Deputy Says (Update1)

Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling

Tutor me in Economics 101 re the dollar.

Qatar believes high oil prices are market-manipulated

Judge hears Teck Cominco motion to dismiss lawsuit

Locusts Devastate Mauritania Crops - Other W. African States OK So Far

40% Of European Bird Species At Risk

Land Rover Talking About Hybird As Part Of Image Campaign - FT

Bush Advisor Claims Climate Change An EU Conspiracy Against US Economy

NCAR Scientists View 21st As "Climate Century" At Geoconference

Melting Arctic Permafrost Threatens Pipelines - Bloomberg

UK Claims Climate "Leadership" As Emissions Allowances Rise 7%

FWS Fires Biologists Who Blew Whistle On Florida Panther Fraud

Climate Breakdown "Will Redraw Map Of The World" - Independent

Give Us Your Air, Your Trees - Salon On Bush2.0 & The Environment

Rice Prices Up 40% Worldwide in 2004

Yet Another New Japanese Hybrid Arrives Next Month - Honda Accord

Weather heats up under wind farms

I would love to get my hands on footage from Oct 1993

Macedonians shun attempt to block Albanian autonomy

South Asia India follows China's Central Asian steps

Falluja questions

Examination says rifles as safe as shotguns in urban settings

The future of gun control policy?

Thanks anyway. My mistake. nt

self deleted. It comes up now...but it was really odd.


Thanks Mods!!!!

Just a big ol' virtual bouquet of flowers...

When will new users be able to register again?

It's been nearly a week, and there are STILL high-traffic problems? GOOD!

Thread with vote fraud posts says missing topic. Won't open. GD-NTBA

Too few posts to open thread, especially now

You've said you have no reason to believe it is not E.Edwards.

I would like a clarification

Name change question

friend wanting to join DU....

Skinner...I wish to cancel my MBNA Visa...

How do I List a local DU event on the front page?

If the mods found my post objectionable, I apologise.

Minnesota DU Get Together!

Exact same problem Goldmund has, with a twist

This bug happened again. posted, but not in 'my posts'

password issue

Suha Arafat calls the shots

Mysterious Pentagon planes

What elections do we have coming up?

Another Suggestion For George Soros, Besides Buying DIEbold . .

Feedback to the DNC - I pulled no punches

Who revealed the exit polls?

Contact OSCE election observers in Washington!

BBV has a heads up

Other websites reporting fraud information

Get this...from the BBC regarding Voter Fraud

Post-Election Depression, aka Liberal Lunacy

Karl Rove Wins Product Endorsement (Architectural Monthly)

must see story

Fraud question: Was the exit polling outside the margin of error?

There was an article about new registrations

Important Post-Election Message from Green Party Candidate

An interesting analysis of Florida and Ohio voting

Vote Skimming in FL Counties - Incremental Votes, Registrations - Graphs

Read Gary Hart's Op Ed piece in the NYT, Finally!

Contribute to the ACLU and buy guns.

Nov. 3 CASINO worker feedback–in Las Vegas w. Bill Douglas

Contact SY HERSH with our collective election data, immediately

This sums up my feelings perfectly!

Dodds on Imus: This was a very legitimate election.

Another response idea for the "sore winners"

A liberal voice needs help

I need a link to the blue-purple-red map


Bush got 51% of the vote ?

Let's storm them with nosie and emails today!!!

I'm looking for EFDAT Volunteers over in General Discussion.

Web site does a GREAT job of listing many many vote frauds

BBC: US vote 'mostly free and fair'

questions about those 4,000 extra votes in Ohio (Gahanna)

Interest comparisons through last 3 elections......

Abortion, Civil Unions, and Morality....

plan what plan.........ok...who believes......

What is the status of the Ohio recount initiative?

letter from badnarik camp... then a letter from someone else

Negative ads and truthfullness

So, all eyes were on touch screens in Dem heavy districts and they stole..

Was Kerry dishonorably discharged?

Has anyone spoken to Dennis? We need a hero here.

Something is rotten in .... Florida.

KKKarl Rove: "The give that kept on giving..."

ohio vote

Group glories in Kerry's defeat (SBV's)

Get ready for the second Great Depression...

I'm grabbing at straws at this point, but what about

did Olbermann really confirm he is not doing the story?

MANDATE....put a fence around George back up, but....

NH Voting System Question

PBS TotN seeking callins regarding ballot results NOW

2004 Exit poll posted here

Are recounts still possible in NH and elsewhere?

Do we even know how many provisional ballots were cast in Ohio?

Is anyone else having trouble getting into

What will their next move be?

Bush is sending our servicemen out to break the Ten Commandments

Do provisional ballots count?

Has anybody heard from the international election monitors?

Is my hope for Kerry to say something meaningful

Randi Rhodes is on our side bigtime!

Finally Finally Our Democratic Leadership Exhibits A United Front!!


My 80 year old aunt in Palm Beach County just sent me this EVotes: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose?

Randi quotes TruthIsAll's post from DU!

VOTING FRAUD: I Know A Newspaper Looking for LTEs

The Main Reason We Lost...

Compromise with conservatives?

Do any of you get the feeling that an evil presence fixed this election?

DU Activists...Raise your voices, Stomp your Feet! Election "Glitches"

Another email from my elderly aunt


Since tampering with a federal election

Here's a good site with voters problems compiled.........


what did Al Franken say about voter fraud?

Kerry to UNCONCEDE if case made for vote fraud?? Is this legit???

Be careful about the Florida rural county vote total concerns!!

what county, state voted for prostitution and Bush at the same

Growing Collection of Vote Fraud links: ATTN Global Media

I have to admit randi rhodes is kicking serious@$$ tonight

Olbermann come's through!

GOP Challengers at Polls - Were they in other states other than OH and FL?

Kerry did not fight back hard enough on SBT ads or "flip-flop" label....

Why we lost: Conservative percentage of electorate increased

Randi Rhodes....

The Democratic leadership lost this election!

It's Jimmy Carter Time: Our One Solid Spokesman.

So (as we knew) Karl Rove basically overruled the exit polls! READ THIS!

Was the Election Stolen? - by Allen Roland (of Lew Rockwell site)

What if electoral voters, in their hearts, are convinced that

Dems were absolute losers for letting Bush "own" 9/11

Trouble in Ohio - Did You Notice it Started in Cuyahoga?

Questions about the 22% Moral Values vote.

Bev Harris, Are you Ok?


caller on cspan from Florida

Randi's "Deep Cover" Hypothesis

NEW!! FLORIDA FRAUD: New analysis/Mysterious AIM conversation

Ohio Numbers - 90,000 more VOTES than VOTERS?

Attn: New York DUers

Put up or shut up! I gave to today

Have network and cable noticed that we are not watching

Does anyone know any Bush voters who are suspicious

please write this ONE E-MAIL today

Media Blacks Out Voting Problems by David Swanson, ILCA Media Coordinator

They know we know they stole it...

Olbermann: "It Ain't Over Yet"

Think there might have been a little FRAUD in Ohio? LOOK AT THIS!!

Florida updated their elections website

Read this please..........

LA TIMES story about Governator- "Gifts Flow, as Does the Access"

Bay Area Cali's ..anyone read/see these newspapers today?

Hey San Diego ----- What's the word on the mayor race?

AP reports "decisive victory" for *

MN computer techs-

Okay, it's official: Saturday 11/13, the Local, 5-7PM

Minnesota named healthiest state again

i think i'm going to send a note to carl

Macomb Co. Democrats prepare to flex their muscles

Another vote fraud method ?????

Did everyone see the thread re: 90,000 more votes than voters in Cuyahoga?

Columbus: Meeting with Sen. Teresa Fedor, MONDAY

I just changed my name

Buckeye Boycotts -- Help Needed, Please.

Ten years ago today in Texas...

Dallasites! Freewayblogging, anyone?

Does anyone know what the latest count

David Van Os Fires Up the Base!

Wisconsin Newspaper Looking for LTE re: Voting Fraud

BBV- can someone help me with Wisconsin???

Belling the Bigot is off the air!

We Democrats Must Compromise on the Abortion Issue.

Sum and Substance - Progressive Dems Respond to Concession

BUSH DECLARES EARTH FLAT: Breaking news by fox

Jesus, send us a message on the DU board through our members!

Most important election ever! Vote or DIE!

My main true confession

Martial Law Declared in Iraq?!?!

Election Nite had Boone Co. Iowa 2,200 for Nader

What day this last week was RFK, jr. on Franken's show?

This is a sad story. Man kills self at WTC site because of Bush win.

Iconoclast may have to leave town... (crawford tx paper endorsed Kerry)

All Du'ers you think they were fair think again READ THIS [Challenged]

My New Bumper sticker

prayer at parents' church

If we were freepers...

An Honest Question For Democratic Gays........

The republicans know better..........

What are the alternative energy properties of treacle?

Military Fraud

A problem for the Republicans in 08!

Arianna Huffington: "Kerry was not bold enough to win"

How many Iraqi deaths is the Bush family responsible for?

"I hope this breaks the back of the insurgency and our boys will come

The "troops" are individuals -- we cannot support all troops --

Bloggers talking about voter fraud?

2004 Election Results by County

More Thomas Jefferson

Considering how Thursday was the 25 year anniversary of this or the Iran H

If you honestly think the election was stolen

Pickles is back to chain smoking - Hated NYC smoking rules

Before I go night-night, help me out with a bafflling mystery

Considering how this month was the 26 year anniversary of the Jonestown

anybody know how to reach Lawrence O'Donnell directly?

Mark Sanford for President 2008? (GOP)

George Clooney to make movie about broadcaster helping take down McCarthy

Wonder if this would be a true omen to show what the "divine powers that

US journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida voting office

Question for DUers that actually know anything about economics

DU Christians - how do we take back our church

I Humbly Suggest A Constitutional Amendment

BBV 'hacking'

Help, I lost a thread!

IMPORTANT! A meme to reframe the "moral values" issue...

Why i have a problem with Cafe press

Headline News: "Preparing for battle"

World War & Global Domination IS the plan for the 2nd term

trendy republican (is there such a thing?) admits GOP backwards-thinking

We are in a state of Emergency, America versus the Evangelicals

Kerry will NOT back the VOTE FRAUD issue

What kind of wedge issues can we use to bring Democrats to the polls?

Shifty & Shorty

The "NOT ME" Campaign update...

US had Contingency Plans to Drop up to 30 Nuclear Warheads on North Korea


Imus is spewing absolute idiocy about exit polls. . .

Washington Journal 11/8..

W personally reviews troops on Falluja battle eve.

Turn off cable news or use it?

Portuguese man beaten, told to go back to Iraq,,,

GAMPAC- Godless Americans PAC

How come no new articles on DU in the last week??

Which DLC member you don't like?

Nov.8th (Oddly enough)This Day in History-1923 and 1994

Nov. 3 CASINO worker feedback–in Las Vegas w. Bill Douglas

If Elizabeth Edwards is reading DU, let's all wish her the best of health.

Episcopal Priest who led Druids resigns.

I bet Harold Ickes is the next chair of the DNC

One more who's smart and who ain't post..........

What Kerry SHOULD say

Reporting BBV to the International Media

I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat!

Arlen Specter taking it hard from Rick Santorum

When the levee breaks on the BBV thing...and it will, say this!

if jesus were a republican...

The Zell factor. Was Mr. Miller influential in this election?

"No Retreat, No Surrender " Tom McMahon, DFA director.

96,000 NEW voters in New Hampshire on election day, GOP complains

Exit Poll Data vs. Actual Results

DU-ers are like Mensans

I have a Question.

is DOWN this morning?

What can women do for 2006?

Iraqi Resistance: Who's Who Part 3


Change your view of the country - beautiful maps/cartograms of 04 election

Who the heck is this Somon Rosenberg of some group

Fallujah will be a massacre!

protest against theocracy: ideas

Read the Sedition Act that EE posted about..READ IT !

This is RPMA/Revolution in Political and Military Affairs stuff.

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus...

AAR is making me feel better right now

It wasn't about moral values, it was about hatred for Blacks & Affirmative

Make Emails...Make Noise

San Francisco in No Mood for Tolerance After Bush Win


bush needs some sort of BIG event to bring the rest of us around

"Hooray for Holywood!!!!"

Court to weigh in on evolution feud: Cobb, CO, GA (Atlanta Journal Const)

The election must be over... they're invading Fallujah right now (3am EST)

DISCUSS: Republicans cause abortion

DU this poll, please, if your stomach can handle the choices

Was this BBV Ohio issue posted here before??

Words of advice - from Albert Einstein...

Allawi gives OK to 'clean Falluja'

Gary Bauer v. Arlen Specter -- Round 1 of The Implosion

I Haven't Watched A Minute of News Since Tuesday...Except Weather,

A great quote by an EVIL man

Harry Reid

Harry Reid

Abbie Hoffman had bush's number years ago

I Can't Say What I Really Want To Say (small rant)

duh bug......admins question

Fun Debt Days

Yet another one of bush's victims. Please help if you can

Duel with Pistols::Wednesday ar 6 AM : Bill Maher/Alan Simpson, at Millers

Best Novel Ever Written

What kind of a battle plan calls for seizing the main hospital...

HOLIDAYS COMING - Let's not buy gifts, donate money instead

To set a record straight, re: E Edwards post

The Parable of the Zebras and the Lions

BBC: Abortion nightmare in Nepal

Another LTTE on how we should act...

am i in the twilight zone

Prof. David Dill -- "Deluge Exit Pollers, demand an explanation!"

So no Top Ten Repuke Idiots this week? I guess they are all idiots anyway

The Republican Party is doomed to division...

Has Anyone Heard Of

Should The Dems Give Up On The South

I can't do it. I can't

Be afraid, be very afraid! (of dominionists/ xtian reconstructionists)

Vote fraud sleuths..I found this old thread in the archives

Christian Manifesto (part one)

Can someone give me the link to Elizabeth Edward's post

Bush will do something with Iran. I guarantee it.

A Conservative Christian Republican Demands more Truth from Bush

I feel like a foreigner in my own country nowadays...

A reservation's relentless poverty PINE RIDGE, S.D

Respond to this Sickening Letter to the Editor

ISLAM is fastest growing religion in America, and in world...

Question on reporting a church (has picture of Jesus smiling down on GWB)

Question re: FL Optical Scan Machines

W2K4---Survival Kits

Operation Phantom Fury???????

Operation "Phantom Fury" is underway in Fallujah...not making it up

This is how we can fix Social Security!!!! A must read!

if the moral values crowd could re-design america, how would it look?

pentagon briefing coming up on Cable Nazi News with rumsfeld the terrible

What does it mean to come together with the Republican Party?

Should the Democratic party move left, or right?

Average fines for trade violations with terrorist nations pre & post 911

Will we be seeing any more Osama videos?

Ok, so we wouldn't let any males under 45 out of Fallujah

No fraud coverage, no war coverage, no war dead coverage. Ain't it America

folks, Bev Harris says Keith Olberman has changed his mind!

Bev Harris on Democracy Now!!!

Harry Reid

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Why we kicked the habit (Irish nuns)

Is there a (news) War on Bloggers?

*Frustrated* My site has dropped out of sight on Google

who has that photo of the soldier with the tear running down his cheek?

If you accept that values were the most important issue,

Shoppers rush to pyramid Wal-Mart

Could the AP Rig the Election? AP Conflicts of Interest abound.

"Family Values", indeed...

Rick Sanchez gives Democrats the flip.

Al Franken will be talking about voter fraud today...

My Sign Thief returned my sign defaced last night at 11 pm

Give Chris Matthews a piece of your mind. He could use it!!

Enviromental type question.....

A perfect delineation of these times

What I have to give to the cause

time for action, need assistance...

Just Called All The Democratic Leadership In Washington

whats for dinner everyday for the next 4 years

PHOTOS...American Soldiers in Iraq....ghastly and horrifying crusade!

No physical checkup yet for Bush

an explanation of how republicans make the connection ...

Bible Verses For bu$h!

Bob Casey, Jr. will be the end of Rick Santorum. Write it down.

Guess whats for dinner everyday for 4 years...

"Evangelical Conservatives" (so-called) clearly express their agenda:

What are bush's plans for privatizing Social Security?

Air America Link to hear archived shows

LISTEN UP!! Caught my credit card company stacking the deck.


The abortion question

So bruce springsteen's no surrender just came on.....

Election Fraud or Denial Phase of Grieving?

Please need list of Moderate Republicans

Deuteronomy 7

So, what will the Draft next year be called?

Wolfowitz-to-Feith-to-Chalabi-to-Sadr is back streaming -- Hartmann talking elec thievery now

I feel estranged from American culture.

Is Joe Scarborough ill?

Interesting quote from Allawi on the Fallujah attack...

DU this Poll!! will assault on Fallujah will turn tide against Insurg

where the frell is the CIA 9/11 report?

Salon: ""The curse of Bush II"

Give Terry McAuliffe a piece of your mind!

An industry in India cheers Bush victory

What is Conservatism and what is wrong with it? (ARTICLE)

To Bush suporters

Morning Sedition: We lost, so shut up about fraud

Continuing the religion theme...which of these statements do you believe?

Wondered as to what everyone's opinion on this was, did John Kerry really

Freepers need to Crop/Photoshop their pictures...

Alas, the Nader-haters have lost their boogeyman

Lots of essays and analysis about reshaping the Democratic Party

Religious, Atheist, and Agnostic DUers unite!

Question: I would like to know why the whole country cannot vote

Quit assuming you are being attacked!

watch out, terrorists . . . Dr. Ruth is gonna getcha! . . .

Never, Never, Never Forget: George W. Bush* is a FAILURE.

why are so many here willing to believe that we actually lost?

"If I had one wish, it would be for your continued leadership"

Back to our Roots, Bryan, Darrow & Debs

AP: "Poll: Voters Relieved by Decisive Election"...Really?

Jessica Lynch is going to be on AirAmerica today!!!

Viva La Resistances

We need a THEME - "Responsibility"

This is the only website that closes down mine

Evangelicals "Led the charge"..We're here, we're not queer, get used to it

Moore vs Farenhype

Could The United States Fall?

You will NOT be able to change the way religious people think.

So we bravely liberated a hospital in Fallujah.

Welfare, poverty, and the guy who hasn't done his homework

Bev Harris?

That was then

Anybody here subscribe to Capitol Reader book summary service?

where does Wal-Mart find those happy customers

Why is Harry Reid (Nevada) going to be our leader??? Why???

Democracy Now, Serendipity, and CNBC on Electronic Vote Rigging

Inaugural Parade, a Repeat?

An investigation

Simple Point about Liberal "Bigotry"

Let's Review The Previous Attempts To Suppress Iraqi Insurgents

Daily Howler: Okay, Red State wimps. Name the Dems who hurt your feelings.

Proctor and Gamble still

Does America Have To Hit Rock-Bottom Before Everyone Else Wakes UP??

It's been almost a week. What have you done since Black Tuesday?

Fallujah slaughter = a new terrorist attack on America/Americans abroad

Hey Kerry! McAuliffe! DLC/DNC - I want my money back!

I'm proud of my father

Warning: CNN has Rumsfeld & Gen. Myers on Now!

Productive calls to my Senators/Congressman regarding the Voter fraud

Only the paranoid survive

Of Interest

Courttv running scroll saying that

Why Doesn't Franken Discuss What BUSH Did Wrong In The Campaign

Salon: "Beating Kerry was the easy part"

conservatives complain about government spending, but

Talk of Secession doesn't help...

Let's contact foreign press about the voter fraud

How much cheating would be necessary to turn Ohio?

The purpose of all of them was to arrest progress and freeze history...

Hey, American women who supported Bush...

Voter Fraud - another source with valuable information & pictures

The best they can say about our Iraq war...

The Candidate's Wife

Where can I find on the DU a list of Media contacts?

Suggestions to companies with CS Dept's. in India

What was it that that Diebold guy said about delivering Ohio to Bush?

spread the word a nation wide sit-in is coming

Democratic Party/The Party of the People....Republican Party/...

Star and Stripes letter: Fight for America goes on

Evolution stickers, what about Bible stickers

How to trick GOP friends into supporting paper audit....


Maybe we should have a separate forum for gay marriage and abortion.

I'm tired of the self indulgent whining.

My Mom Thinks John Kerry was Threatened!

Did we actually CLOSE the Fallujah hospital we occupied?

Rutgers not only campus to report voting problems

I need to do something more positive than argue on DU

Help California Secede (Sign this Petition)


Has the US produced anything truly great in this century?

In case you had any doubts about Iraq being a Christian Holy War

Ashcroft to be appointed to the Supreme Court

Giuliani in line for top job

A recent review of LTTE

Continuing Decline In Foreign Grad Student Enrollments Worries Colleges

The myth of the emerging democratic majority...

New Bumper sticker idea???

Should we urge to sponsor a drive to ask Badnarik

How Bush did compared to other incumbents.

We should impeach any Bush SCOTUS appointments

Can someone help me find an article about our votes in 2000 & 2002

Democrats are losing BECAUSE OF COMPROMISE

Kerry landslide -- False "spaketh"?

Chilling Graphic: 1860 = 2004 (Free States/Slave States)

Boycott GOP businesses? You may want to start with your Dell...

"MSNBC's Olbermann to Focus on '04 Voter Fraud Tonight and/or Tomorrow"

BLUE FRIENDS, Not Blue States and Red States

Free Speech- we need to compromise

Attack on Fallujah a war crime.

How much are we willing to take?

Weighing the election

Don't Forget to Blame Republicans

If Soc. Security is privatized, what will you do with your SS taxes?

Anyone know when Jeff Fisher's election fraud evidence is being released

Question: When BBV found the "Rob Georgia" patch....

Ok what i need from DU'ers is this.. someone who is a good writer and ...

Kerry to withdraw concession?

Since were an open minded group, here is a link that goes against

Britain, not the US, is the odd one out

Ida needs our help!!

Politics must be one of the few professions where one concedes defeat.

Here's a good graphic showing the red/blue counties

Al Franken talking about vote stealing right now

Anyone feel like making an American flag, but with blue stripes

Randi Rhodes on Air America mentioned Truthisall....

I will no longer watch cable news

I can't take anymore of this; I'm leaving DU

Randi's reading TruthIsAll!!!

We've gone to Fallujah to fight "Satan"

The thread "They HAVE to go into Fallujah" is example of a good debate

My friend's dad was an election lawyer in Ohio

This may be harsh......

Oh okay, no one should ever complain about the stupid jury in

Abortion statistics please

Randi on now!

David Corn: Bush's vision of an "Ownership Society" and "Dark Days Ahead"

who is still displaying K/E signs and b/sticklers?

I`m a traditional catholic .Flame away.

Andy Stephenson to be on Randi Rhodes around 4:15 today

What will it take to get The Hague to indict Bush as a war criminal???

Don't know anymore...The silence is deafening !

Kissinger may face extradition to Chile

Would C-Span cover it?

Fox News terminology: "anti-Iraqi forces"

Take care: Not small planes, but SUVs

Can People Write-Off Donations To Their PAC (Politically Active Church)?

I destroyed a very evil republican tonight. Was I wrong?

Deleted message

Old idea, but let's do it...MARCH!!!! Stop the debate and act.

The explanation on Franken - Dixiecrats in Fla

Ignore Right-wing Manipulations

A Job for Nader: Consumer Protection from BBV!!

Dean again, new column: "Democrats Cannot Give Up "

Are we still doing the blue "democracy" bracelets

I'm out of the loop: what is Black Watch?

The election was:

now i why there was all the fuss about george's Man-Date-look at the pics!

Blogs are not "news" - so say the "real journalists"

Need some help: web space, bandwidth

What the F__K is Kerry doing?

call your Republican Senator to oppose Arlen Specter

The curse of Bush II - Salon

Ed Schultz email?

Are there any crosses here on DU still burning?

Bush is the new Ceausescu (Overplanned parenthood coming to the US)

Bush: "one of the most talented politicians of the last half century"

i almost don't want to ask, but what do people here think about WACO

"I hate when that happens"...4,000 surface-to-air missiles missing in Iraq

Don Hazen Wimps Out - Alternet Joins Media Ban On Vote Fraid

US Marine: "If there are civilians in there they are in the wrong place

A Fundie Finally Explains: No Biblical Commandment Against Lying


Just got depressing news from my son's school

Christians: Most-often used Bible version?

How the Grinch Stole Marriage...........

So tell me something...

When Will the CIA 9/11 Report Come Out?

Well I see the annihilation has begun.

This is a plea

Who's name would you choose

Why does the US want Iraqi troops to handle the 'insurgents'?

So you want to roll back Roe v. Wade? Read this and then justify it.

summary of Rumsfeld: we will keep killing them until they accept democracy

Dupe, so I will post this about America being a Christian nation.

Dog collars, WHAT THE HELL???

David Shuster on gay marriage bans ("logic... in short supply these days")

Let's get one bumper sticker right for a change:

Why is there no MSM discussion of the young man who killed

1000's of U.S. Troops Storm Fallujah. Minor skirmish, is my impression,

Randi: Lawsuit on Voting Rights in OHIO!

Pics of the Fullujah "Insurgency"

Will people who are not registered at DU be able to see our former names?

Just how threatening are our nukes these days?

Let's think up dumb operation names to help the Pentagon

who would Jesus mow down

Predictions for '08

First post-election poll has Bush'a approval rating at paltry 51 percent

Please don't assume you are being attacked.

Voter fraud going mainstream- Olbermann MSNBC

So will George Bush campaign in Iraq?

They HAVE to go into Fallujah

The face of our enemy in Fallujah

If you were a Republican, would you be glad the election was stolen?

But I don't care, 'cause he my leader.

Democratic Jiu Jitsu

What is the final say on Olberman for tonight.

It's not the values, stupid!!!

Under whose command are the US troops now storming Fallujah?

Just completed the new Zogby on-line poll

Rove plan for 2006? Introduce Const Amendment in Congress

"Stop ridiculing us!!!" cry heartland Republicans!!!!

I'm confused - Is Nader getting a NH recount or isn't he?

DU just mentioned on Rhandi Rhodes!!!!!

How much does a 2-second commercial cost?


Right wing takes lesson from Rove

"Bush is NOT Hitler. He would be, if he applied himself." - Margaret Cho

New Democrat Outreach Program.

What Blue Friends Should Do Economically

Republicans CERTAIN we wouldn't contest another election

Is shut down?

Olbermann: 56 million people voted against "The MANDATE Man"

Why I don't fear Crisco Johnny as a Supreme Court justice

Let's be precise: Holier than thou, voting our dogma into law evangelicals

Has anyone heard the rumor that boosh plans to have an army batallion

The media cries "Fallujah", "Back to the War" and "Victory"

Let's call Fallujah what it is: Ethnic Cleansing

Capturing the hearts and minds of the heartless and mindless

The New Yorker on Bush's planned "Ownership Society"

Why America is not a Nazi regime (yet)?

I am mad at Democrats who feel that they have the right to

The Bush swagger is often an indication that you've crapped in your pants.

My M-16 gently weeps...

It's the criminalization, Stupid!

The most unhealthy states in America are red states.

God is in the White House.

After All The Investigation Into Voter Fraud, What Happens Next?

Dear Emily,

Is the Fallujah story a distraction for the potential vote fraud story?

Is anything sacred? what Democratic principles should we NOT cave on?

Hey, those of you that are Economists out there. What is going to

Judging by their actions, what are republican values?

Madison Capital Times: "Hey, John Kerry! I want my $25 back!"

Needed: a Constitutional amendment unifying vote system

Is Kerry really on Paula Zahn tonight?

If Bush voters claim a mandate based on morals, then they shouldn't mind

Move to United States of Canada

DU Catholics. Can you explain the Church's position on Pedophile Priests?

HotDamn!! You mean I can make money by helping bring down Bush??!!

GOP: Friendly Fascism. Get your sticker here.

Do Your Families Agree With You?

and so it begins, a leading neocon's wish list.

Hypocrisy of the Arlington, VA Catholic Diocese

BBC: Falluja, under seige, in pictures

Epiphany about FOX and conservative talk after reading Lakoff

Kerry To Unconcede?

What's with this "35 US soldiers captured" story? Is it showing up...

Keep the Media OFF/TV! Olberman, Matthews the rest...they've reneged

"All men between 15 and 50 are forbidden from entering or exiting!"

Pre-emptive leak in works...


Plan B Contact Info

My black box voting CD is ready for downloading. Copy and distribute!!!!

For those of you who remember Watergate...

If this graphic doesn't explain the Bush voter & religion, nothing will

What will History Record as Bushies Legacy?

Hmm,wonder if that 23% consumption tax also cures cancer??

I can't take it anymore!! (another small rant)

Up to 4,000 Troops May Be Deployed During Bush Inauguration

I have a suggestion for the Electoral Vote Count on Dec 10

write Va. Governor Mark Warner

"I'm Osama Bin Laden and I approve this message"

Ohio DUers: Public Hearing on Election Irregularities & Voter Suppression

Gold or Silver?

Funny mock concession speech (sorry if it's old)

More on the "NH Recount" - Doesn't seem to be true

Is anyone else not celebrating Christmas as a result

I'm going to make car magnets

Can we stop calling them "moral values" and call them what they are

i worked my ASS off and.....

I don't want to know about your religion

Do you realize what would happen if the presidential results were changed?

DU, join Robert F. Kennedy's NRDC to fight coming environmental assault!

Does anybody recognize this quote?

I want to know something right here, right frigging NOW:

Purple America

Red Voters: Now You Will Reap what You Have Sown

40 percent more powerful than a MOAB....what are they planning?

The View From 82% Blue Manhattan

Have the pollsters commented on the Exit Polls yet?

It's the VALUES, stupid!

At what point should abortions be prohibited?

Snap Out of It

The election was stolen. Do not buy into the "unity" and "healing"

What Voting System for A Fair Election?

What is the best indicator of ELECTION FRAUD?


What is your SINGLE greatest concern about Bush regaining the White House?

DU Economists, Questions About The Falling Dollar

Why are some men so afraid of women? Why do they need to control them?

Toons, Toons and more Toons

Note to Bush supporters & Repugs about vacationing in the Blue States

I'm a Democrat BECAUSE I'm a Christian. Stop bashing me!


San Diego Republicans Freaking Out over Dem Write-in Mayor

BBV | BYTE the Media! | Spread the Word! | Brainstorm Here!

Something really, really big is happening.

Affirmative Action

BBV: Help America Audit -- 5 Things You Can Do Immediately

Complete tabulation of voting methods, vendors by population in state.

NAME-CHANGE AMNESTY: Change your username without penalty until Nov. 22

Just curious - who's the youngest Canadian?

Kerry Won Here are the Facts

Ukraine's Embattled Channel 5 Stays On The Air (hunger strike by journalis

Violence soars across Iraq

Impressive northern lights visible now!!

Excuse me Iraqi Forces take hospital?????

MGM Musicals Star Howard Keel, 85, Dies


Post-Election Depression, aka Liberal Lunacy

Two US Marines killed in Fallujah

35 US soldiers captured in Fallujah

Civilian Convoy Comes Under Attack on Road to Baghdad Airport

Young Americans are not buying it

Four dead, dozen wounded in car bomb attacks in Iraqi cities

US had Contingency Plans to Drop up to 30 Nuclear Warheads on North Korea

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto is showing no remorse For On-Air Crack about

A reservation's relentless poverty

Jordan Acquits 4 in Suspected U.S. Plot

Even With Campaign Finance Law, Money Talks Louder Than Ever

NYT: G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt

OPEC daily output rises to 30.61m

NYT: Cashmere and Kevlar? Bulge Affair Has Tailor Miffed

USA in a fragile state of health, report says

USA in a fragile state of health, report says

WSJ: Surging Imports Of Food Threaten Wider Trade Gap

Black smoke billows from Fallujah after hospital, bridges seized

Iraqi Resistance: Who's Who Part 3

Iraq shuts airport, slaps curfew on Fallujah and Ramadi (press conf.)

Abramoff Allies Keeping Distance Scrutiny for Dealings With Indian Tribes

A reservation's relentless poverty PINE RIDGE, S.D

A Conservative Christian Republican Demands more Truth from Bush

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Activist says 'faith' tipped Hispanics to Bush

Business Groups Invested in Races, Now Wait for Returns

Consumer Credit Rises 5.8% In September

MPs press Blair for 'payback' from Bush

Man shoots self at ground zero, reportedly distraught over Bush's

Intense shelling in Fallujah

Suicide squads await US troops' assault on Falluja

Reversal of roadless rule feared

Families start anti-war campaign:UK

Hezbollah sends drone over Israel

US sets out its holy order

(U.S. Appointed Iraqi PM) Allawi approves U.S. - led offensive on Falluja

France's Pink TV: a rosy outlook? (Gay T.V. Station)

VA backlog forcing Iraq, Afghanistan vets to wait for treatment

Defeat of anti-brothel measure 'surprising'

U.S. military reports first casualties in Fallujah offensive (2 US)

Hiding Behind a Wall of Secrecy

PM told to shed 'poodle' tag in Washington

Report: Many Species Scramble to Adjust to Warming

Al Jazeera: Breaking - Large explosion in central Baghdad

(Howard) Dean's daughter treated in SUV rollover

MSNBC: Strong earthquake hits Taiwan

AP Poll: Voters Relieved by Decisive Election

Muslim School in Netherlands Bombed

Blast Damages Muslim School in Netherlands

News Corp. Creates Poison Pill

Evidence Mounts that the Vote Was Hacked

MSNBC's Olbermann to Focus on '04 Voter Fraud Tonight and/or Tomorrow

Halliburton acknowledges bribes may have been paid

Microsoft Settles With Novell, Trade Group

British Soldier Killed South of Baghdad

35 US soldiers captured in Falluja:

Black Watch Soldier Killed in Iraq, Two Others Hurt, MoD Says

Evolution Case Opens in Georgia Court


Rumsfeld Hasn't Discussed Job With Bush

Detainee asks for proof GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE

Election stolen, group suspects

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 8 November

Election stolen, group suspects

Peterson Jury Possibly Deadlocked.

(Horseheads, NY) Avanex Layoffs? (80 jobs)

"The political genius of George W. Bush" - CNN

CIA working with FBI inside United States

Rumsfeld to hold news conference

911 in the New York Times , It's fricking about time !!!

NYT-Chalabi and al-Sadr joining forces for an anti-U.S. govt

Bush May Come Up With 2nd-Term Surprises

Post-election, Bay Area artists raise the distress flag

Blackwell (Ohio) Basks in Election Spotlight

Officers confident of Iraqi cohorts(some US soldiers not convinced)

Militants Attack 2 Churches, Hospital in Baghdad, Killing at Least 6 People

U.S.: Do Voting Scandals Taint Role As Democratic Standard-Bearer?

Analysis: Same-day voter registration boosts turnout

Court Ruling Halts Guantanamo Proceedings

Bush family pulls together to support the President

Dean Daughter Among 5 in Conn. Accident

Justices Refuse to Review Inmate Voting Rights

French tanks surround home of Ivory Coast President

Dollar Hits New Low, Gold at 16-Yr High

Iran Says Will Retaliate if Nuclear Plants Hit

Randi Rhodes: New Hampshire Recount Petition ACCEPTED

Prosecutor investigating who put out false election fliers, but ...

New U.S. Foreclosure Inventory Nears 30,000 in October

Electronic Voting Systems Pass Their Big Test -- Maybe

Al Gore starts sustainable growth fund firm

One in four Nevadans who backed Democrat Reid also voted for Bush

Gold Medalist Phelps Faces DWI Charges

Rumsfeld: Strike Won't Kill Many Iraqis

Bush Advisor Claims Climate Change Conspiracy

Skilling's lawyers worry Houston sees Enron executives as 'evil' (venue?)

Report: 9/11 Victims Get $38.1 Billion

The Arctic is Warming Twice as Fast as the Rest of the Planet

U.S. launches ground battle to retake Fallujah

The new Republican reality: no policy is too right-wing

FBI investigating thefts of 100 propane tanks in Denver area

E-Voting Returns Mixed Results


AP: Dean ponders bid to become DNC chairman

Argentina plays the Chinese card

ABC: Secret German Cult in Chile Breaks 43-Year Spell (of Isolation)

Media Blacks Out Voting Problems

Liberals Dismayed by 'Moral Values' Claims

A Hidden Story Behind Sept. 11? One Man's Ad Campaign Says So


NAME-CHANGE AMNESTY: Change your username without penalty until Nov. 22

Just a point of order here.

I Have Had It Up To HERE With Your POPPYCOCK!

Did anyone else shoot their stuffed animals



All Hail, Battery Operated Boyfriend, BOB.

Have You Had It Up To HERE With COPYCAT Threads?

Dookus - I've had it up to here with your puppy's cock!

SCREW the Pussy threads!

I have had it up to here with your Cock!

Look at this long juicy thing!

I'm Santa Claus!

Fillmore, Beaver

You're all A**holes!

woman with a nice beaver

Want to see my wet pussy?

would you help me spank my monkey?

Even as a veteran of inane copycat threads, I must say...

Have you had it up to HERE with

Last night I witnessed the Reaganator


Well that didn't take long ldsjocktx! LOL


Battery Operated Boyfriend (BOB) and I are going to bed,

I went away for ten minutes, and Jesus went nuts!

The Moonintes are on the Air! (Cartoon Network)

I'm board

I'm broad

how do republicans print their screen?

I'm bored

Jesus, I went away for ten minutes and the lounge went nuts

I'm ignored

they who drool....

How long until Elizabeth Edwards posts a poll about hating copycat threads

How long until Mrs. Edwards starts a copycat thread?

How long before Elizabeth Edwards starts a CONFESS!!! thread?

have you had it up to there with cats who copy threads?

Should I head off to GD and mock their seriousness?

They who rule ...

Uriah Heep!!!

Deep Fryer apprieciation thread... or Deep Purple... take your pick

I found slinkerwink's Yugoslavian dinar

I found slinkerwink's star

Democrats need some irrational pressure groups like the NRA

dang! I lost my star!

How long before Elizabeth Edwards starts an "ask me anything" thread?

I'm listening to Peggy Lee

(Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican--gotta listen if you haven't before

How long before Elizbeth Edwards gets tombstoned for too many sex threads?

Gay safe sex (WARNING GRAPHIC)!

I read something about Mrs Edwards reading DU..

The northern lights were out tonight

humor is on the way

Listen Up Marines

What are the alternative energy properties of treacle?


DU AIM Chat Thread

Sometimes people build you up just so they can knock you down

Want to smile?

Song lyrics which are important right now.

A horse insults your thing that only boys have

This tune won't leave my head!

Corn, seeds, nuts...

Impressive northern lights visible now!!

My God...the sky is alive tonight!

4 Years, 500 Posts... whew...

We are need to be kick out grammar pricks from Party Democratic

BC duers - group hug!

Wow, DUers. Our work is cut out for us tomorrow...lots of BBV stuff.

20 questions It is an animal I will respond to only 20 real question

What better way for freepers to use that canned corn and beans they

So who's still awake

our old Cat is doing well

This is funny....

Ok, I've seen the term "quarter" used here - what does it refer to?

Who wants to join me in moving to the Republic of Cascadia?

Anybody know when registering new users will be enabled again?

Farmers turn to Coke, Pepsi to kill pests

LIVE streaming aurora borealis webcam from Alaska

Northern Lights here in Iowa,

Moving to Canada, Eh?

What song do you want played at your funeral?

Northern lites and HARRP ?

Fred Dryer Appreciation Thread...the HUNTER marathon on TVLand is

Thieves Use Blowtorch To Break Into ATM - Burn Up All The Cash

DU history questions

Women Fight Over Sneezing In Church - One Exposes Her ASS To Other

Rove reveals psychological trauma behind his politics

You were under the impression

Happy Birthday-Leif, Parker, Alfre, Morley,Rickie Lee, and Bonnie Raitt

I'm listening to Daniel Lanois

What is the deal with the huge amounts of people with the

Rearrange "matcom" to "momcat", "HeyHey" to "Hey Hey", and...

demnan - endman

yokel \YO-kel\ noun.

Animal Control Finds 81 Cats In Home

Hey, if you rearrange "Arwalden" you get "Lawn Dear" or "A Law Nerd"

I bet no one figured this one out yet, but GoddessOfGuinness can be

I think I saw the Aurora Borealis tonight...

Kick-Ass-Bob = Sick Kabobs

redwitch = chew dirt

I program in C++. I like Pain.

How do I nicely say "don't buy me anything for xmas, 'cause you're

My "Bob Bradley" election dream last night

IS the Bonking Festival over?

State/Country Forums are AWOL

Falluja attack delayed til November Sweeps. Coincidence?

Jchild Jr. is wearing a black hoodie with this on the back...

I notice no one has bothered to make anagrams of "Pagerbear"

Anyone up for a road trip in January? Or a meetup of any kind?

Rearrange Bucky and you get K-Y Cub. But that sounds kinda wrong to me.

I'm asking for a whole lotta luck for my Dr's appointment today.

Rearrange "ChavezSpeakstheTruth"and you get "Zeke's Vest Chart Apt, Huh?"

How much are you allowed to use the Internet for personal reasons at work?


In search of the albino elephant

Skittles = Silk test

Yay, 3 months without sex.

How promiscuous women made men the shape they are

RandomKoolzip = Dorm Lip Kazoo

The New Star Wars Trailer Is Online

whoisalhedges = glad she wise ho

Court battle threat to Diana fund

Sorry, I was busy yesterday. STEELERS!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!

Moonbeam_Starlight = N goth mom bare tails

Anagram Friendly Usernames.

Beware the Beastman = Hebrew Enema Batts

It's time to play: CAPTION the Canuck!

Screaming Lord Byron = I Dr., or Clergyman Snob.

theexpat = eat the xp

Wowza! Guns are REALLY expensive

BEAT DEAD THREAD / mods:kindly lock/delete

Rush Limbaugh = Hail Shrub Mug

Do Tinfoil Hatters Know That They Are Tinfoil Hatters?

Anyone have ratings on o'liely and thrush?...


short bus president = Senor bed shit spurt

William (Bill) O'Reilly...Oily Liar, Willem

Man (Drunk) Steals Fire Truck - Gets Stuck In Mud, Calls Tow Truck, Arrest

I have my Western Civ class in 10 minutes. Ask me anything.

A very special message from Wilford Brimley!

Help! I need the cat masturbation video and the Asshole Song !

Misunderestimator = Roman suede tits rim

So I'm making new bumper stickers over at

"Nothing Shocks Me"..."KITCHEN SMOG NOSH"

Modem Butterfly = Flutter Boy Dem

rabid_nerd = drab_diner

Was (Not Was) going on tour!!!

Are Aluminum Foil Hats Just As Effective As Genuine TIN Foil Hats?

george bush = buggers hoe

Dumb Question of the Day

"ProlesUnited"..."LOITERED PUNS" n/t

Gothic Spong = He's Optic Gong

muriel_volestrangler = I'll rule, Mr. Gravestone

When'd they change the name of The O'Franken Factor?

Karl Coleman Rove - A Coven Roll Maker

mahayasmellbad = a malady shamble

"chiburb" - RICH BUB

Beware the Beast Man= Enough with the freakin' anagrams, already!

aden nak = kane dna = an naked

anagram: "Elizabeth Edwards"="Nice Lady with High Tolerance for Net Nerds"

Atheists are terrorists!

Mmmmmm.... shrimp salad

I smell like stale cake.

KamaAina = Aaaa! Mink!

I'm eating a very sour apple- Ask Me Anything!

Rapture questions: So will the re-established kingdom be >

Damn work, actually expecting me to do my "job."

I'm drinking a year old Snapple

The Maestro of Misdirections of all CAPTIONs!!!

A great big shout out to chiburb!

How can I change my party affiliation online?

Matcom = Coma™

Who's the most famous person to come out in your hometown?

Did you hear this one?

Forget anagrams -- Post a palindrome.

I'm drinking a 30 year old can of Fresca!

Let the EAGLES soar....*choke*!!!

Six Feet Under, Over

STOP THE PRESSES! (Stupid Headline of the Day)

"Catwoman has damaged my career"

terrorists! = tits' errors!


Roger Waters: The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking

Jason Mraz = Cute, Cuddly G. Love

You Punks With Your Nose-Rings Are WHIMPS!!

Labor_Ready = Broader Lay

I'm drinking a can of Coke that expires onJUL1805RXB!!

isn't it weird...

I'm eating the best apple I've ever had.

The largest bird Ive ever seen was an emu.

Thong bikinis cause traffic accidents in Barbados.

NEVER had to knock on wood!

"Patriot Act" = "CIA Tot Trap!"

Yay. I'm officially Underemployed.

Music Trivia thread-Who...............

I am a proud denzien of bejeebus land.

War on Terror = W a terror, Ron

Sister Moon= Moron Sties

I recieved my first SS disability payment this week.

Operation Phantom Fury = Profane Anti-Youth Romp

The world is a vampire.

Sister Moon=I Sort Omens (better?)

Can I Play With MADNESS?

I'm eating a bowl of primordial stew.

If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

The Word of the Day for November 8 is:

Freepers need to Crop/Photoshop their pictures...

Steelers fans: Myron Cope in the hospital

The "Nominate WHO as Chief Justice?" of CAPTIONs

Who's going or has gone steer hunting this year?

Can Dogs Change Personalities Overnight?

Hump? What hump?

Just wanted to remind you....

Need a font


I'm drinking a 150-year-old bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild!

Blue state songs

Who's played Beer Hunter this year?

My cat doesn't want to hear anything more about stolen elections

Caption the Blues Band or i wash your cat.

Big Brother and Big Sister are watching YOU!

They turned on the steam heat today! Now it will be 80 every day!

Whew, it's hot in here. I might need to start peeling off the clothes.

A very special message from Bush!

OK, so I like Elastigirl's huge butt...

The credit union's check printers have sunk to new depths of incompetence.

I am bored to tears!

Where's the massive photo thread from last week, Loungers?

Taxi driver: "Do you want me to kill you? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?"

Next year I'll have to rethink my Halloween costume

Minor Randi Rhodes gripe.


Do me!! Do me!! Uh...I mean anagram my name!!

I'm listening to Echo & The Bunnymen

How are you doing... really?

Fine new high-performance machine sitting in my garage right now.

Murray the Cop Vs. Alfred Delvecchio

Favorite member of Justice League (TV version)

Goldfish left Lincoln Logs in my sock drawer.

Best song about the "Sin of Onan"

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Can you help me find a sig for a Republican

me faiL engLish?

Need some help: web space, bandwidth required

Favorite commercials from your childhood

The greatest name for an Album ever!!!

Mystery of the "this image contains an illegal code" solved.

I, like, actually wait for Tom's new song.

world music fans . . . would you believe . . . Hasidic Reggae? . . .

Pile of 1,818 Krispy Kremes sets a world record


Do decapitated heads float in water?

Say something outrageous. I dare you.

OK, who stepped on the butterfly?

HELP. I need a word that rhymes with silver

Post your favorite Haunted House movies here!!

Saw "The Incredibles" yesterday - Ask me anything

Why do people insist on dragging their GD woes to the lounge?

Woman To Be New Mom Of Twins At Age 57

HELP. I need a word that rhymes with orange

I'm listening to Patti Smith

Do you have ambitions to be a governor/senator/president/other?

ooops, triple post

oops, triple post

GD - All Abortion, All the Time

would you put one of these on your car?

Newspaper Mistakenly Publishes Sex Line Number On Front Page

Part II: Could you win an election in your home state/province?

I want to shave off DS1's beard

Does anyone know the answer to this riddle?

Weighing the election

Slinkerwink.... I went out and got you a personalized star

I'm TakINg a CuE frOm SNIffa, aNd CapITaLIzINg aLL ThE LETTErS

If you are an Evangelical christian raise your hand

It's hard work getting on the Supreme Court

Anyone feel like making an American flag, but with blue stripes

I lost my little dog Zelda on Saturday

Ok, who's going rear hunting this year?

Irregardless... this needs its own thread.

I miss the top 10 Conservative Idiots

My husband is going to start pumping

'Simpsons' Producers Shelve Movie Version Until 2008

I'm a young guy and I love Garrison Keilor! Ask me anything!

I miss Media Whores On Line

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Best peanut butter: Skippy or Jif?

I'm listening to Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks

Eeeeewwwwr and then the plane drops CAPTIONS everywhere

Those yellow bracelets... until yesterday, I didn't know what they were...

And so, after a harrowing and bloody journey through the twisting threads

Guess what I saw last night? Pic included that I took.

rbnyc = crap, why am I so boring?

Irregardless of how I feel grammarwise, I couldn't care less how you abuse

Bumper Sticker Idea

now i why there was all the fuss about george's Man-Date-look at the pics!

"E! True Hollywood Story: Laci Peterson."


I received this priceless piece of work today.

Where's the cat in the tinfoil hat picture?

Because this email made me smile and you might need it too.


Don't ya just lurve the DU "legitimate news" police...

What was Kerry's campaign song?

Okay let's see how this works

I'm listening to Björk - Post

Shylock... BE GONE!!!!

Have you seen the "Cargo" flash movie by Laramie Crocker?

Whats your favorite trombone Joke ?

I can't take anymore of this; I'm leaving DU Senate and House Match

How's this for a bumper sticker?

"How can you say you love America, when you clearly hate Americans?"

Aldis...month's worth of groceries=$95.00

it's COULDN'T care less.. not could care less.. stop driving me crazy

MillionaireIM sucks!

Hahaha we attack tomorrow so CAPTION today

Just another stupid question...

Woman Has Sexual Relationship With 8 Year Old "Boyfriend"

cube dweller ettiquette-- RANT

Should I change my user name from Scrubdashrub?

Awww! A father and daughter spending the day together

This made me feel better

Is It Right To Publish The Photo Of A Child Pornography Collector

No deer this last weekend on my place.

Skittles, any chance that I can get some ass kicking lessons?

Anyone have an ipod mini? Question...

Emoticons, full of emotion

Book Lover = LOB ROVE OK

In the spirit of anagrams: MOM, A TRIER, SITS NUDE

Bush victory can only mean "Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith" coming true

Name changes - the good, the bad, the possibilities!

I stayed home sick today; two Repugs at work selfishly came in when

I've been meaning to do this for a LOOONG time.

Meet Indiana_Dem!

Shouldn't we catch troll or two & keep them chained up in the courtyard of

Skinner YOU ROCK!!

Randi Rhodes just gave DU credit for spreading truth on the vote

I changed my name!

I just finished lunch. There's a prize for the person who guesses

Post Your Name-Changing Jokes Here

Advice from more hip DUers than me.

Goodbye slavkomae

DAMN! It's snowing out!

My Blue Irises (in Wisconsin!) are blooming.

I actually like the new Tom Waits song.

Hopeful Anagram: Stopbush/Post Bush

Should Ringo Starr change his name?

I'm Thinking Maybe I Should Change My Name Too

Name change thread - Saint Jarvitude or Jarvis Lorry?

Word Association Thread!

Help Change My Username

Yo! I gotta new name and a shiny star!!!!

I decided to pick a more timely username.

Damn! It's NOT snowing out!

If I don't get an iPod....

PRESIDENT-CHANGE AMNESTY: Change your Prez without penalty until Nov. 22

I'm conflicted on this name change thing...

Who is going insane trying to decide if they should change their user name

If Democrats Were Exactly Like Republicans Say We Are

Episode III trailer - whaddya think?

So who doesn't care who does/does not change their user name?

What REALLY lost the election for us?

What's for dinner?

I was just called an " idiot " for voting & still believing in " hope " .

damn, made it to my 200th post and I waste it typing ** name

GOP changing emblem

Who ELSE hates this?

Damn! It'll NEVER be snowing out!

Ach du Lieber !!

So, who's going to change their username?

Since She Came Back And Posted Again...I'd Like To Say Hi To Mrs. Edwards

I am heading into the shower... need anything?

I'm listening to The Stooges

Damn! If ONLY I had chosen "Prince" as a screen name...

Is Arafat still alive?

Word Association Thread!

What should I change my username to?

Tough Time Staying Off News Sites - Suggestions?

XBOX Owners: ABC News to talk about HALO 2

Spinal Tap - no matter how many times I see it-it gets funnier every time

who else IS changing their DU name?

Disney's " Song of the South"

OK, it's SNOWING here too

crappy photoshopped images thread!

Should I Change My Username?

Please post some pics of stool samples

Should everyone here start a "Should I change my username thread"

I'm changing my name to His Majesty Lord Aversion III

I'm going to try and quit DU for a month. Goodbye, my friends.


Any auto mechanics on DU?

Jesus Was A Terrorist

Overmann: "It Ain't Olber Yet!"

Meet the Cat Whisperer!!! She speaks to cats, tell us what they think

DUers, females especially, I need your help PLEASE

Ever had DQ's steak fingers and country gravy?

I'm listening to Iggy Pop - Lust for Life

Get your very own 'Friendly Fascism' bumper sticker here!!!!

We had a most excellent Chicago DU meetup last night.

Which satellite radio company?

Heartbroken Pet Owners

What's for dinner at your house?

So Who Is NOT Changing Their User Name???

The second most famous Jewish carpenter?

"True Patriot" Songs for CD gift - Ideas / Suggestions ???

Any horror or sci-fi author recommendations?

Should the Lounge sue MrsGrumpy for false advertising?

Have you seen the "Sorry Everybody" site?

Who's going or has gone dear hunting this year?

Any sources for red poppies for Veterans' Day?

Which is worse?

Happy Birthday to LibDemAlways

Should I 'cally' change her user name?


Who's tripping on LSD listen to the white album and checking the Lights?

How long until elizabeth edwards shows pictures of speedos to scare me?

You know I eat octopus three times a day?

Good Morning DU!

Oh LAAAAaaaaaaaaDIES! Guess who is available

The Day After Tomorrow...

Good home theater retailer wanted

I'm listening to Southern Culture on the Skids

Anagram this: eye22004 (The my name can't be anagramed & I feel left out)

WORST way to die?

Is "PETA" considered "mainstream" left, or...

Some scary reading.


Emery says: 'People don't speed on pot' "A stoned driver is a safe driver"

Hey man, let's do some like far-out talking like a beatnik, dig.

Should Walt Starr change his name?

Did you sign your full name in GD? Why? Why not?

Favorite moment from "The Office"

NAME-CHANGE AMNESTY: Change your username without penalty until Nov. 22

ok... what's so !#%!#% difficult about adding up numbers?

Hypothetically Speaking ..............

All Du'ers you think they were fair think again READ THIS [Challenged]

If the Secret Serice has said that the 'bulge' was a bullet-proof vest

I suggest we do two things this Tuesday to protest the Election fraud

What would CNN define you as if Bush declared martial law and you resisted

Wow. What a hangover that was. Nov 2 damn near killed me

In the mood for a laugh?

My current theory is there's a military component to why we lost.

US journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida voting office

This Is Directly From Diebold

What is the story on The Kerry appearance on Paula Zahn?

Evangelicals Strategy to Court Catholics for Votes

Whatever happened to the Whigs?

Oliver Stone's "JFK"

What will be the next thing to REALLY pick up DU's spirits?

So, did Fisher ever meet with the FBI?

Re-framing the "moral" issues

If voter fraud did not occur, then repubs should insist on an audit

List of major GOP contributors for anyone interested


A national summit of grassroots Dem party members is needed.

The last 4 Years - what a nightmare. (CAUTION: infuriating pics galore)

We lost because people voted for the party of "morals"

Counting votes is a 'conspiracy' according to exec director of NM GOP

Political Wives - Behind every Dem man, why is there a Damned Woman?

Kerry led after four innings

Dole: Parties Need To Work Together

I'm looking for EFDAT Volunteers over in General Discussion.

Military Fraud

Is anyone close to finding a holy grail of ballot fraud?

The New Bush Diet

New Republican Reality: No Policy is Too Right-Wing

Rutgers not only campus to report voting problems

Anyone who believes the election was stolen should write a LTTE

My sad election day story....

Will W's "one-question rule" result in an answer per question?

I need help finding precinct-by-precinct results for FL

Social Security is a "moral" issue....

Dean at Dartmouth: Scorecard of values....Democrats win.

Bush**, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. are gutter slime

CONGRESSIONAL Divorce Statistical Question

Should call this General Discussion: The Next Four Years

F-16 fires on intermediate school.....Bush's attack on education begins

I just deleted all my Kerry-Edwards graphics

Bloggers are under attack

F-16 fires on intermediate school.....Bush's attack on education begins

Al Smith vs. Herbert Hoover. The more things change...

Viva La Resistances

How do you feel about G. W. Bush?

Bev Harris & Howard Dean Hack the Vote, in 90 seconds - demonstration

Safeway/Vons/Pavillions, Dem Friendly Markets

My new GOP slogan: Morally bankrupt, Fiscally irresponsible

spread the word a nation wide sit-in is coming

READ THIS! This is the reality of Conservatism

Is Kerry-Edwards campaign even looking into vote discrepancies?

"I'm sorry I'm retiring this December." - Bill Moyers

Any Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill DUers want to meet to organize?

Rutgers not only campus to report voting problems

Which of these scenarios seems most plausible?

Pelosi is "ready to work with Bush"

"MSNBC's Olbermann to Focus on '04 Voter Fraud Tonight and/or Tomorrow"

The RIGHT is watching us and writing about us

TruthIsAll and DU just mentioned on Randi Rhodes!!!

We've been "OUTFOXED"

I will no longer watch cable news

Okay, you've had almost a week to think about it... (Vote Fraud?)

Imagine what President Kerry would have had to work with

Generic Democrat

Idea: Independent Review of Democratic Candidates for 2008.

Looking for the map (3d red/blue by county)

BUSH DECLARES EARTH FLAT: Breaking news by fox

NPR covering election stuff now

Things to address, in order of priority:

A few thoughts on Mr. Bush's rationale for the war in Iraq

Eyeballing Crawford, TX. And the Bush Ranch (from cryptome)

Well, Rummy is a sex symbol again. Today's press conference was repulsive.

Exactly how many editions of exit polls were there?

Karl Rove's secret for success

Did Jesus say "make the little children suffer for me"?

We voted for bush* because of Moral Values

This has been making me nuts!!!!

Nevermind-Self Delete

Joseph Stalin words

No President GORE, No President KERRY - Instead, we get W?!

Canadians take the pledge: Save an American through marriage


Interesting I.Q. numbers broken down by state

Dean Ponders Bid to Become DNC Chairman

How to turn red into blue.

We should all stop voting

time for action, need assistance...

11/8/04- The "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK" of the Day: Tyler Refrigeration (TX)

My new wallpaper

Kos: How Bush made better use of his e-mail lists


Keith Olbermann to do Voting Story!

Official Thank you/Fuck you thread for 11/6/04

Does a big turnout at the polls now favor Republicans?

Does anyone know what percentage of blacks actually voted?

Plan B Contact Info


I'm afraid.

Tonight on FX at 2am "The Rapture"

An idea regarding boycotts

What is the program called where they would give psychiatric tests?

30 Counties In Ohio with Vote Totals HIGHER than Registered Voters

A CALL TO ARMS: Let's Bust the Vote Fraud Story Wide Open Tonight

Kerry To Unconcede?

Up to 4,000 US troops to protect Bush at Inauguration Party

The danger of thinking the election was stolen ... if it wasn't.

Why did Kerry and the DNC lie to us?

any clever ideas how I can quickly tell the difference between

The Republican Scheme for Florida in 2006: Gay Marriage Ban on Ballot

Fucking A.N.S.W.E.R.

Those Supporting Marijuana Legalization Have Not Yet Been Blamed

Want To Abandon The Choice Issue & Gay Marriage So We Can "Win"?

The Official "Fuck You" Thread

Embrace the full HORROR of the NIGHTMARE

Dean warns against sacrificing Democratic values for public appeal.

NAME-CHANGE AMNESTY: Change your username without penalty until Nov. 22