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Archives: March 10, 2004

Venezuela: Right-wing opposition clamours for another US-backed coup

NYT: Repairing a Recall in Venezuela

United States greased Aristide's slide

George W. Bush A Compassionate Conservative

Okay, anyone read this book on 911? I am going to order it, but

Noam Chomsky Must Read! US-Haiti, An Analysis

Howard Stern And The Burning Bush - Petition Rod Paige


Safe gaurd votes - check this out:

"Rushmore" star's debut pilot episode of "Cracking Up"

Today is

What percentage of lesbians and gays voted for Al Gore in 2000?

On [still] loyal Gay Republicans

8.171 million w/o jobs in unemployment rate-but 13.585 million want FTwork

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

military creeping into domestic law enforcement?

Question: How many anti-gunners have ever seen a real firearm?

A poll for everyone!

Question regarding the star...

Before I waste someone's time ..

Hey Skinner, how 'bout we get two months

Should GDP 2004 be renamed to GD:Veepstakes 2004? Credit DjTj

How about a new forum to research and counter RW attacks

Qurei warns against escalating violence

Palestinian PM urges action to end conflict

PM adviser: no plans for `eastern fence' in West bank

Hamas says it may stop attacks from Gaza if srael quits Strip

Most Israelis support the fence, despite Palestinian suffering

Reichstag/Twin Towers

Texas Congressional Primary Results

What I think I heard today

Check Out the Kerry Ads!! They're Great!!!

Just an observation.

A new twist on single-issue voting

they just showed a pug ad with a goofy Kerry picture: big mistake, right?

* on Letterman proves he sat on his butt for 8 months after USS Cole

media fund ups anti-bush ad buy to $5.09M - check it out

The Rise and Rise of Karl Rove, Boy Genius

Restavek girl on Hit List for giving Aristide flowers

Democratic Economics: Argentine Lessons

*'s Flip Flop on Dept of Homeland Security - Talking Points Memo

Where are the kennedy threads? He nailed tennet today and I

Real trouble for Kerry? Pugs EVERYWHERE, nailing him on intel votes

Change vocab when arguing with freeps

Thomas Friedman gushing about Indian outsourcing on PBS right now

Rob Paige petition

Bush Fights Back! ...and the results are...

Reichstag/Twin Towers

A Question for anyone living in the Big Apple.

Why Dubya owes Clinton a BIG-TIME apology...

Is There No Part of Our Lives Not Subject to Cost/Benefit Analysis?

I was an election assistant in a Florida precinct today. My observations:

Animal House Yuk Yuk...... B*SH*T

A poll for everyone!

An open letter from Martha (25 to life) Stewart

American Family Association Presidental Poll- Time to DU it

Hee Hee Hee....the American Family Association's online poll

Question re: The American Flag In The Bush Commercial.......

Iraq/ budget spending watch NOW on C-SPAN

Political Action Committee Launch of "American Atheists" -- CSPAN 2 8PM ET

The Log Cabin Dilemma

Chimps amazingly stupid anti kerry ads

Calandar with Bush's serious opinions on it. NOT gaffs or foot in mouth..

two masonic lodge murders in one day - get on your hats

I now know 5 lifelong Pubs who are voting Dem in Nov. (in Naples, Florida)

Every Child Left Behind

Porn Addicts: John Ashcroft's Next Victims

New Polls Confirm Bush Campaign Woes

Was the GDP revised downward today?

HAITI: Who Killed Who And Why?

It's Official: Bushco Approval No Longer Hovers at 50%

ABC News/Money Magazine: Consumer Confidence Drops Again

look at this poll sent to me to do

Little demand left in our economyMarch 6, 2004


So Kerry thinks he is black......

ho boy-ed gillespie on daily show now!!!

how come the bush admin didn't REACT on 911?!

BBV: I Need Your Help

Do we have a GOTV strategy for November?

How to deal with outsourcing, on ABC News

Bush administration selling out northwest forests

"I'm so psyched about this hockey game, I'm gonna pee on this child!"

Palm Beach DUers, can we help get Theresa LaPore out of office?

I sayeth, goode sirs, "Enjoyeth Thee Diot Coke!"

Here's what w really wants to say to us.

Dave Matthews for President

could * do this?

Who will win the 2004 election?

FL: Heard someone voted for Kerry and it registered as Lieberman

Tucker Carlson comments on (Other stuff too)

anyone watching the daily show?

Delahunt talking about Chalabi on C-SPAN now

Reagan Responsible For 911

BBV/Lou Dobbs Poll - How Much Confidence Do You Have In E-Voting? Hit it!

Take Away Bush's Script & This Puppy Could Blow Wide Open!!

Well glad to see people on here are catching onto Stern...

Dennis Miller PAYS for audience

Political Clout! If the millions of single American women voted,

Washington State DUer's and Supporters of my campaign.

TONE DEAF - George Bush & Thomas Friedman on outsourcing

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

This must be driving Rove mad, 65% voting for Kerry = voting against Bush

MENTIONING the President in paid political ads will be ILLEGAL as of 7/31?

Bob Graham on Hardball: US should target Hezbollah after Al-Qaeda

GrannyD re: Kucinich and Dean supporters... Sounds like some kind of fun.

Can you picture Bush in Parliament?

Chris Matthews calls Florida 2000 "old news" and asks why

Bush Has Spent 50M of his 150M on.........(I don't get this)

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

When will "This Land Is Your Land" be purged from Public Schools?

Why hasn't the Democratic leadership denounced King's anti-Muslim remarks?

9-11 Phone Campaign Gridlocking political offices

HAHA! They now have to PAY people to WATCH The Dennis Miller Show!

Catholic Democrats

McCain-Feingold on Minor Contributions

Even if Kerry wins Florida, their legislature "could" give it to Bush

From Daily Kos - Is Bush Losing Red States?

BBV - Florida result glitch

Forbes report: Billionaires’ wealth grew by 36 percent in last year

Iraqi scientist: Saddam was close to nukes in '91

US consumer confidence hits 4-month low-ABC/Money

Former chief U.N. weapons inspector likens runup to Iraq war to witch hunt

Iraqis Learn Red Tape, The Indian Way/ATimes--New WMW

Aristide's 'Removal' from Haiti 'Unconstitutional': African Union

Justice Dept. drops effort to subpoena Planned Parenthood abortion records

Udall Joins Senate Race in Colo.

Kerry Cruises To Four More Primary Victories

Airport chaos as hundreds scramble to leave Haiti

Yemen Authorities Say Some Militants Captured, Crackdown Link to USS Cole

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

Draining the Economy? (High Energy Prices)

Ex-Democrat Hall Wins Texas GOP Primary

Egypt fires 1000s of Islamist teachers

Halliburton Says Anticipated Pentagon Audit May Squeeze Cash Flow

Senate tax vote comes down to the wire

Tauzin has cancer, will take 30-day medical leave

(Zimbabwe) Mystery of seized jet deepens

U.S. Military Defends Shootings (why the US Forces are really in Haiti)

Haiti Names New PM, UN Launches Appeal

Ralph Nader Wins MasterCard Suit

Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq

The Guardian: Anger over Tory MP's gun gaffe

Bush to give 9/11 panel full access

Maher Arar's wife to announce NDP candidacy

Bush Insults Kerry's Intelligence

Outsourcing Alternatives (Get Paid Indian Worker Wages)

Gay GOP Group Challenges Bush on Marriage

Kerry reaches out to a world where support for Bush is ebbing away

Justice Dept. drops abortion record hunt

Democrats Forming Parallel Campaign

United Methodist Church Offers Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Ashcroft In Guarded Condition

Democratic Congressman Chris Bell loses primary in Texas

C.I.A. Chief Says He's Corrected Cheney Privately (NYT)

Kelly: GOP Security Could Cost $65M (For Convention in NYC)

Latest music "fad"

Forget the "Three Tenors" ... check out the "Three Swamis"


I know this thread will start a real flame war - Favorite type of Lighter

Gary Coleman: Genius

And now..... A SECHS THREAD!!!!!

What's your favourite London radio station???

"Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?"

Why does PBS change schedules during pledge drives?

Balkans thread in response to the Czech thread

David Letterman's Top Ten!

Mozzarella Cheese!

BEV HARRIS on ABC Nightly News!!!

Polka Dots thread in response to the Check thread

Turkce thread!!!

American Cheese!

I think I may be the EXIT.

Obese people and sex-workers...

The ugliness of last night's hockey game.

yeeeeha! i finally did it

The Three Tenors to sing in North Korea?

I think I may be the SEXIEST.

Baby loves DU

Les FRANCAIS, signent ici

Animal House Yuk Yuk...... B*SH*T

Bertuzzi aside........ one great thing happened last night Linden became

My English is WAY better than it was in 1978

Who else hates "Pez Rock"?

What's your dart game?

Army Org: How They Get Soldiers

It's official - KERRY WINS IN NOVEMBER!!!!

who else HATES "Ez Rock?"

What the Hell????

Battle of the Authors: C.S Lewis, or J.R.R Tolkein

Lesotho thread

Well, I wanted to let you DUers know - I accepted a job offer today


Were you close to your grandparents?

WTF??? Do my ears deceive me???

Luxembourgisch thread!!!!

The Circle Jerks

Study Motivation?

365 days out of the year, the lounge should be sex threads only

I'm still here! Reading gd2004. Can't go!!!!!!!!

5 CD's in the player

China Thread

a selfish rant about the filthy


i want to go home

The Sopranos last Sunday, the Shield tonight...SWEET!

God Dang,., Bleeching my teeth is uncomfortable!!!!!

American Thread!

Texas Surgeon Joke (courtesy of my lovely wife)

Should mention I found a cool apartment today

Handy terms in Aramaic for watching Aramaic movies(humour)

My wisdom teeth are missing! Ask me anything!

Check out this shirt!!!!!!

Whats not on your bumper?

There's a bidding war for my child.

Why oh WHY do I have to be so nice?

Dutch thread

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

My heart was broken today. (long, rant-ish)

a Pound of Brains

I have a tech question about online polls and Internet Explorer

I Am Canadian!

What Happened to Kamika?

If your eyes were pointed backwards

I sayeth, goode sirs, "Enjoyeth Thee Diot Coke!"

Desmond TuTu Was Going To Be On The Daily Show, But Tweety Threw A Fit?

people with Dish Network, no Faux news here

Interview questions and how not to answer them:

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

Whats your take on the Viacom-Dish Network feud?

HDTV satelite service

For those that can't get enough of Jesus: Jesus of the Week website

"I'm so psyched about this hockey game, I'm gonna pee on this child!"

"Clear Channel.... One Station..... Under GOD......"

I Can Fix Just About Anything... Today I Replaced A Ballcock

Man, I have a new favorite show: Pimp my Ride on MTv

Deutsche Thread

I am a Kerry volunteer now, in SW PA

E-mail from the AFA (Amer. Family Assoc.) asking who for Prez

My porn star story

A woman tells you she has kids, but they live with their father

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 3)

They sell everything on Ebay

What's on your bumper?

Why "Passion of the Christ" has been labeled Anti Semitic

How Many Of You Gay DUers Want or Are Raising Children?

Get A Brain, Morans?

How many of you DUers aren't especially fond of children?

oh this is cool

Study: 58 Percent Of U.S. Exercise Televised

Why I shan't be a Moderator....

Haven't been around the lounge much lately... wanted to say HELLO!

If someone has mastered the art of low-fart sensible eating

When the hell am I getting HD Cable?!

I know I'm sexist

Favorite/Best Steely Dan Tune:

a selfish rant about the fifty rich

anti-bush/repub ad idea

Hail to thee, great Bacchus!!! God of Wine and Mirth

Bushism Haiku

PC gurus--got a question


Comic Book Readers: Whats on your pull list?

Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi thread

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 2)

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

About effin time!

Blog help...

If someone has mastered the art of low-fat sensible eating

Ironic Shrubco band names

English thread

Obesity and respect: Can you respect people with low self-esteem?


Tuesday Night Movie Thread:

Just chaired my first precinct convention. IT ROCKED!!!

Did I hear somebody wish for a Bush Flip Flop web page?

Jeff Melton: All The Democrats, All The Time

How many VP candidates have carried their home states?

Presidential Primary Results for Volusia County Florida coming in...

Tweety about to discuss voting irregularities, including e-voting

Real trouble for Kerry? Pugs EVERYWHERE, nailing him on intel votes

Results from Florida Primary

On a Mission From God: The Religious Right and the Emerging USA Theocracy

CBO: Bush Budget Plan Barely Helps Economy

More regarding Kerry's upcoming meeting with Dean...

Not this election, but

Republican Heart Attacks

Great news! Democratic Rep. Mark Udall jumps into Colorado Senate race!

Letter from Wes Clark supporting Kerry

Kerry stomping the terra tonight

I've noticed that the posts are more positive lately.

the pugs are gonna hammer Kerry on his war protesting

There must be more wackos in Louisiana than I thought...

pugs EVERYWHERE today, slaughtering Kerry on his intel votes


Looks like I may not go to the Democratic Convention after all.

Give the Vice Presidential predictions a rest, already!

Louisiana Primary Reuslts Thread

Attended local Precinct Caucus Meeting tonight and Dean made a Difference

Will the first candidate to "break for the center" win or lose

Political Groups Spend Millions to Take on Bush in Ad Campaign

Unofficial Texas results coming in:

Keeping a watch on Texas Rep Doggett

Hard to get enthusiastic about actively campaigning for Kerry?

Excellent poll comparison on Kerry/Bush

Judge Roy Moore Gets Coy about Possible Presidential Bid...

Florida Results Thread

Mississippi Results Thread

Kerry to Bush " What happened to the $1 trillion dollars?"

Evan Bayh is Pro-Choice--stop lying about him.

Bush Insults Kerry's Intelligence

Referendum #13 on the Texas ballot today

Edwards leads exit polls as VP preference

Is Kerry out of gas?

In argument with right-winger

I Voted For DK!!! and helped to run the election (TX) also went to the

Are people just plain tired of looking at that monkey faced smirking liar?

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

Workers World Party: Kerry, Bush, and War

Fish. Barrel. Boom.

FWIW....I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Louisiana primary today....

Dude, they stole my polling place!

Pop quiz: Which matters more, money or votes?

Who would be a good African-American running mate for Kerry?

Since we're playing the prospective VP game...

GAMPAC - GodlessAmericans - on C-SPAN2

Summary of Prosecutions in IranContra (exposed by John Kerry)

Kucinich Speech given before Miami Haitian Community

Imaginary Leftist Subversives are you sick of being called names too?

Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops (Part 1 of 2)

China needs some common sense

Things that Make you go "What the F(XI%K?!?!"

Aristide Development

The new Pentagon papers

Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson in Seattle Weekly

Kristof: A Nuclear 9/11(* is not securing nukes & nuclear material)

Joe Conason: Bush Had Friends, But Martha Had None

Salon: The New Pentagon Papers (Kwiatkowski)

BBV (sort of) on Philly Inquirer front page

Alice Gerard's Trial: She crossed the line at the SOA/WHISC school in Nov.

Bush's future at risk in executive suites - Newsweek's Samuelson

Get government out of marriage

The new Pentagon papers--Karen kwiatowski for Salon , Mar.10

The new Pentagon papers.

This from a relatively conservative news paper

President Bush: Don't use my husband as your mascot

More Negative Science on Yucca Mt: Does Anyone Care?

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?

EU lawmakers demand Washington give Gitmo detainees right to fair trial

Lou Dobbs (CNN): Exporting America: false choice

New CA seal

Gene Lyons

Saul Landau: Where is the Love? Will the Filthy Rich Dump Bush?

Man of the Moment: John Kerry

Warning : Bush Hazardous to Women's Health

New York City, Grand Central station restaurant, workers on strike

GOP website stifles dissent

Please sign a petition urging Justice Scalia . . .

Anti-ad activists battle billboards - FR

Bush has Chao lie re his signing Econ report jobs # - and US media ignores

AP Media says "Tenet Defends Bush" - but not "Tenet say Cheney Wrong"

Radio DJ suspended for interviewing 'Jesus' - SA

GOP site erases dissent

Daily Anti-Kerry talking points from Faux (more europe bashing)

Wolves of the Calla

False Profits - What About Full Cost Pricing?

CIA Tenet serves up Cheney on a platter:

Where is the "Good Energy" that was here in this Forum?

Central Florida DUers?

Biology behind homosexuality, study confirms

Civic League of Maine planning to "out" politicians

Younger Knight (gay) marriage... Article & poll

South Korea Buckles Under Inflation Pressure

Growth of recent economy why? see this source

43.1 B Jan Trade Deficit - with our weak dollar - why?

David Attenborough calls for an end to all whaling

Goodall, Wilson, 350 More Rip Bush Plan To Kill, Import Endangered Species

Drug threatens South Asia's vultures


Forest Service Paid $90K For PR Firm To Promote California Logging Plan

MRSA Infections From Florida Beaches? Health Dept Doesn't Know Or Test

Interior Department Warns Of Permanent Water Crisis In Western States

Southern Ocean Deep Water Oxygen Content Drops 3% In 35 Years

Virgin Islands Nat. Monument Fish Populations May Not Survive - Reuters

Are you a dog "owner"—or a dog "guardian"?

What happens when a country turns the U.S. into a religion?

Fresh assets scandal hits KMT - KMT Pigs in Korea

China: Protect North Korean Refugees


UN CHR must reform itself or risk irrelevance

Chen tells voters to bury nation's dictatorial past - TW

Dozens arrested after clash at Nigerian port

Moyo threatens SA media with legal action

INTERVIEW-U.S. official says trade deficit with Israel too high

Seized guns cram police store rooms - Idasa - SA

Arkansas cops brutalize doctor

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 10, 2004

Question: How many pro-gunners know someone who's been shot?

Is there any reason to start polls in ATA?

After the primaries, how about an official poll on who DUers voted for?

Yikes! I'm email-less!

Re. mods, DU discussion of Ashcroft illness, and aftermath

Do we have or can we have a place where information on how to

Are you guys gonna provide links to Air America's schedule?

Help in Israeli/Palestinian forum

Thanks for agreeing that I'm a DINO

Not sure who to ask... Re: thread lock

Got a meetup in Boston April 3

When I went to GDCrunchy just now,

About the # of posts

Israel ends Arab worker 'marking'

Words have failed us

U.S. Blamed for Achille Lauro Mastermind's Death

Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

Israelis take the edge off with laughter

Israeli Army Kills 5 Palestinian Gunmen in W. Bank

Palestinian group say US assassinated Abul Abbas

The Region: Democracy vs. despots (J-Post Editorial)

McBusted: McDonald's manager admits speaking Arabic led to firing

Rachel Corrie's death led to community conversation

AFP photographer shot in Jenin

Billy Tauzin III prepares for House run

Major Kerry Donors Give More to Bush - Dem pittance just " INSURANCE"

a Bush Tax of higher property taxes, higher fees, higher health care costs

Sen.Kennedy accuses White House of willfully misleading nation over Iraq

Crowd Gathers in Colorado Senate Seat

Who Is Running Against Tom De Lay Now That Dust Has Settled?

Colorado House Seats Analysis

Finally got a response from Urban Outfitters

Proof that the "Bush*Doctrine" is a failure?

So Let Me Get This Straight. The Whole Selection 2000 Was The

Clinton played Fleetwood Mac. Any chance Kerry will play Radiohead?

The best website on US Presidential Elections

tank tackles bush

ABC Nightline Tuesday: Depression, suicide, and polite whispers

If you're wondering just how low, how far the Bush Brown Shirts will go...

ABC News/Washington Post Poll. March 4-7, 2004

What happened to Media Whores online?

Is Haiti already a

Heh, Bill Gates' dad was just on CNBC...

Bush narrowly avoids a beating ;-)

I'd like more input on a poll...

I wonder what bush is hiding?............DUH!

Universal Care Is Right for Iraq?

The Scream weapon on its way to Iraq

Bush contributors sleepover in Lincoln Bedroom !

Stupid anti-war 9-11 victims families should stop whining & support bush

is LaRouche a left wingnut or a right wingnut?

"Bush helps out small business too"

Bush's flip-flops

American Family Assoc. Poll: Can This Result Be Right?!

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/10/2004

Dennis Miller Now HIRING Audience Members!

Bush has good numbers a long time ago...

Owens will not run for Campbell's senate seat.

So if you're a Republican.......

Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests

?? on general election finance rules

American Family Association Poll - Kerry is Kicking!

bolstering the international image of the US

Anyone Catch Godless America on C-Span

Supreme Court Issues Election "Gag Order" On Labor Unions!

Coordinated Bush bashing..

Gay GOP Group Challenges Bush on Marriage

C-SPAN2 Now: Ensign (R-NV) is bashing Kerry...

If a Democrat had been President on 9/11... (Call for SLOGANS)

Christian Civic League seeks to 'out' gay lawmakers

Mud tossed at Kerry might stick to Bush

I voted for Kerry yesterday.

Why did we kidnap Aristede?

President Kerry won't take trash from the rightwing hacks

LOL Dennis Miller paying his audience. . .LOL

I donated to John Kerry's campaign yesterday

How did your local Democratic candidates do in yesterday's elections?

Bush's Insider Connections Preceded Huge Profit On Stock Deal

How the hinterland feels about The Passion

GAMPAC--Godless Americans Political Action Committee--Launched 3/9/04

Cutting Social Security = Tax Hike on Middle Class

How frequently do you throw up? (inspired by another thread)

Malkin cites DU: "America, land of the Ashcroft-haters"

GOP starting to learn that Bush is the problem.

Today on my local radio

Bush campaign to challenge ads (but its ok with proBush ads!)

The ultimate Freeper meltdown thread

Check out this fascist post on the Yahoo message boards

Kerry Asking Wealthy to Pay Old Tax Rate (Dean endorsement today?)

BBV: HR2239 gains 2 more sponsors. Keep calling and writing please!

Roy "10 Commandments" Moore: The Right's Ralph Nader?

Is It A Monkey Or George Bush? You Decide!

Is Schwazaggner Really Popular?

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment: What The Bible Says is expanding

"Gabriel Over The White House" just finished on Turner. Disappointment.

What happened to internet radio

Right-Wing XXX Photos Here! Rated #1 Pin-Up of Bush Supporters

The Veep and Pakistan

What form will the future one world gov't take?


Do you-all think there's a connection between the puncturing of the

who here lives near where there are ranches?

Peak oil: What to expect.

separated at birth . . .

Drudge/Malkin call democratic underground "Land of Ashcroft Haters..."

Are we facing Inflation or Deflation?

Hey Bush, last 5 months when I was unemployed and couldn't make my credit

The Problem with Welfare Queens

Are we facing Global Warming or an Ice Age

Pentagon is suppose to audit Halliburton?

on c-span this a.m. - Godless Americans Political Action Committee

Here's how we get "vapor voting" eliminated..

Alaska's Junior Senator has ads going now saying Alaskans will get

Calling all Canucks! is open for the Fed. Election.

"Staying the Course" and "Steady Leadership"

LOL! K Chronicles on bush* | 9/11

* doublespeak - No guarantee he'll talk to 911 Commish for over an hour

Favorite Dubya Debate quotes from 2000

So is Sully back to his bushloving ways?

My discussion with my Republican neighbor.

Salon/Guardian/Air America/ MoveOn to announce partnering.

Oregon DUers - Attorney General wants input re: same sex marriages

As an alternative to protesting at the rePub's convention, how about this?

Thank you, Salon

What's Michelle Malkin doing lurking on DU?

Michigan defeats attempt to ban gay marriage

Are we all going to die very soon Cold, Broke, and without energy?

Homosexual Agenda Article -- Is this real?

How well will the Democrats do with the youth vote?

More Bush flip flops

Are we allow to trash a disruptor...

Stars and Stripes letter: Education chief should quit

Question about the Boston Globe...

Why do people want John McCain as VP?

Thank you Texas Democrats

Coloradoans. What are your thoughts on the senate race now?

Media buys by 527 groups

How low can * go? Soldiers polled for * support (Fake Turkey followup)

I found the "county" map from vs blue

Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Celebs

Is Randi Rhodes on today ?

7 million raised since super Tuesday, From Kerry's desk

Er, Rolling in the Dirt with the NY Times

Poll - is the war on terror being won?

Turn Bush's speech on him

GOP learns Bush, gasp, is the problem

Read My Flips.

Clark Watchers--this is what Wes is doing tonight......

Help me battle a conservative

Afghans "wanting to be taken to Guantanamo"/Pukeworthy History Channel

Where's Michael Moore?

It's Time To "Tea Bag" Bush

The line at the voting station was NONEXISTENT

Kerry calls bush lying & crooked!

Operation Enduring Sweatshop Another Bush Brings Hell to Haiti

Support for Civil Unions Up SHARPLY (+14% in 9 months)

Bush*'s "Major Speech"

RW email compares Kerry to Rowland?

Campaign Jukebox.. Kerry sings

BBV: Lou Dobbs Online Poll Today: What Confidence

Which Air America show are you most looking forward to?

What the mail carrier said

OH OH Michelle Malkin coming after D.U., other Ashcroft haters!

Boy....Do I ever Miss Bernie Shaw...

Log Cabin Republicans to run anti-Bush ad.

Udall out. Bridges probably next.

Media asleep in Run up to Iraq war

Is this a smear on Al Franken?

Is Ken Salazar running for Campbell's senate seat?

Pentagon lying about death toll of our troops in Iraq. 1,188 dead!!!

I dedicate my post #1000 to the next president of the United States.

Bush is suppose to get rid of overtime pay!

Do you care what a candidate did during Vietnam?

Masochism -- My entrance into a right-wing forum

Can I get some help verifying something from The Nation?

McCain Open To Being Kerry's Running Mate (AP)

Busboy's "tax increases would only create jobs at the IRS" quip in Ohio:

Do you have a good source for audio clips?

Heads up, Lou Dobbs on BBV starting now (CNN...duh)

Economic growth why? see this source

For all who would not vote for Kerry

BBV - Lou Dobbs (03/10/04) - 'Face Off' on e-voting

Democracy Now Interviews Haiti Pres. Aristide

Are we facing Peak Oil or not

E- Voting: Tonight on Lou Dobbs with Dr. Rebecca Mercuri...Tune In!

Poppy Bush Was Pro-Rubbers & Bar Supported Planned Parenthood?

Republican Leadership Council (RLC)?

In Motopia, running for office would cost nothing.

Freeptards vs. Sen. McCain

High Stakes Spur Record Democratic Turnout (Texas)

Is Bush Selling The Lincoln Bedroom?

CA Action Alert - MJ Decrim Bill in Assembly!

bah hahahaha crooked and lying

Dittohead, Jealous , hatefilled,repuke going after Kerry

Bad Memories: Shock and Awe

How many Log Cabiners are there?

Hey, Media: Probability Analysis of 2002 Senate Election Fraud

Who is the one non-Democratic politician who has been hurt most by Bush?

The Unbearable Lightness of Liberal Politics

Kerry is no Dukakis and this ain't 1988

Pre-9/11, Bush Deprioritized Counter-terrorism and Targeted It For Cuts

Have you ever gotten this email?

FORCE bush to testify 'under oath' at the 9-11 inquiries

An important question for economists on "productivity"

Need some help re; Tenet's testimony (Did he admit * lied?)

Lynne Cheney wrote a romance novel about hot lesbian sex

Anybody else here not get any spam email today?

False Profits - What About Full Cost Pricing?

Interesting Read on Energy Alternatives

"Deficits are too high ~ It's time to be responsible" Don Nickles

So I listed to Oxy Rush for his fist 15 minutes today, he's in denial

Kerry calls Bushies a "crooked, lying group"...

Beyond the Sexual Revolution: Whores, Madonnas and Gender Stereotypes

Venezuela's Chavez Backs Away from U.S. Oil Threats

What in the world is going on with Chimpy??

Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Celebs

Drudge says Kerry and Imus are wimps

Lou Dobbs BBV story was the best yet!

The Ohio Democratic Party just called me, hung up on me.

Bush's disturbing sleeping disorder

Dem Primary Turnout Among Lowest on Record

Fat bigots

Rock, meet hard place

BBV: The "Back-Up Bev" Sound Byte War Room Thread

Peak Oil *i'm going to be sick*

Wasn't the Patriot Act meant to be used to fight Terrorism? Why then...

How does James Carville do it?

Market is tanking. Trade Deficit News?

I got accepted as a volunteer at the DNC Conevention!!!

Do you think it should be legal for homosexual couples to get married?

Al Franken, Liberal radio to start March 31st

If fast food joints are defined as manufacturers what about the 4 Seasons?

Do Iraqi women have more political power than American women?

The Hunting Of The President Premiers July 4th (YES!)

Dow plunges 160 points!

RW Loon Malkin Pouts About DU

Does anyone under 35 care about Vietnam?

Bush photos vs Kerry Photos

Is the Bush "wears an ear bug" fact or fiction?

Symbolman sez: New Flash AD at TBTM called "The 911 Card" See it today!

Breaking: The New Pentagon Papers (

Biblical input on the defintion of marriage....

Solution to outsourcing: pay Americans Indian wages

Article about bigot Daniel Pipes, who Bush supports

Have US Mil. casualties in Iraq dropped off or is news not getting out?

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! Lloyd Doggett Survives!!

Global warming could cause a new ice age in as few as 2 years. AGGHHH!!!

BBV -- some of the best quotes from the new Vanity Fair Article

The anti-Semitism begins

A Short History of Saddam-Bush-Noriega Business

Dupe - Please lock

Cuba confirms arrival of 30 Haitians, but doesn't expect exodus

Guardian UK/Salon/Air America/MoveOn are partnering. I love it.

The new Pentagon papers

Bush to Go on the Offensive on Jobs, Trade

Chinese, EU officials meet to discuss lifting arms ban

Japanese Cabinet endorses more war contingency bills

Haitians survey the wreckage

SA won't protect 'hired gun' citizens - elite British Special Air Services

Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests

Parts cut from donated bodies 'sold illegally at top US medical school'

Rumsfeld: Ex-Detainee Back As Terrorist

Study finds Americans are too fat

Bush to Give Sept. 11 Panel Full Access

Thurmond Monument to Include Daughter

Uneasy Over Deficit, G.O.P. Lawmakers Tackle the Budget

Kerry Sweeps Four Southern Primaries

Iran Will Resume Uranium Enrichmemt

Widow: Passengers (on Flight 175!) defied WTC hijackers

Kerry scoops up more delegates

Sharpton May Get Audit Along With Cash

Rodriguez-Cuellar race down to wire

US jobs created look poor in both quality and quantity

CIA Says Cheney Was Wrong

Union raises stakes for July - Police group eyes convention boycott

Bush Fund-Raisers Among Overnight Guests (at WH and Camp David)

Hubble De-Funding Tied To Big-Bang Research?

Trade Gap Hits Record $43.1 Billion in January

Two Americans, Translator Killed in Iraq

South Africa team meets Aristide

U.S. to Keep Report on Afghan Raid Secret (9 children killed)

Senate Panel Backs Climate Research Plan

Bush Chaney On Gay Marriage

Redistricting takes its toll on Chris Bell

Polls run smoothly under new Broward elections supervisor

Kerry Accuses Bush of 'Stubborn,' Not Steady, Leadership

On air now: Howard Stern, "Time to go."

Prosecutors File Papers Supporting Limbaugh Medical Records Review

Miscounts, Changed Votes, No Paper Trail: Is Electronic Voting a Threat to

(Ohio) Lawsuit says 5 drug firms gouged state

In World Where Talk Doesn't Come Cheap, Fmr. Officials Finding Lucrative

Brit. Hostage Likens 5-Year Solitary Confinement in Lebanon To Guantanamo

Democrats forming parallel campaign

Zimbabwe talks of death for "mercenaries"

US fire misses target, killing Iraqi civilian

Justice Department Drops Abortion Record Hunt

The Guardian: Returning Guantanamo detainees face days of questioning

Rodriguez Named Winner in Tight District 28 Race (Texas Dem Primary)

(Iran) Throwing down the nuclear gauntlet (BBC)

Militants attack remote U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan

Kerry Slams Bush Economic Record; Will Meet with Dean

One hurt in explosion at Shi'a party office

Iraq Firefight Kills Four Police, Italian Wounded

Civil unions for gays favored, polls show

Bush wraps up Republican presidential nomination

FCC's Powell Worried About Indecency Bills

Two US Nationals, Iraqi Translator Shot Dead in Central Iraq

Memo says marriage laws might be unconstitutional

I hope this has not been posted:

Anbody watching Faux right now? * is speaking live in Ohio

Prosecutors Argue for Limbaugh Records

Church's view worries farmers - SA

Same-sex marital woes for Bush

Breaking: The New Pentagon Papers (

Malvo gets life

Tennessee poll shows Bush, Kerry in virtual tie

Oil declining, Colombia offers new deal in Houston

The Skeptical Spy (interview w/Ray McGovern in MoJo)

South Florida TV host named premier of Haiti

CalPERS withholds vote on 5 HP directors

Anti-Bush, but Also Oblique (NYT critique of Media Fund tv ad)

Smoking 'bad as swearing' in film

Copps alleges tampering by Valeri campaign - Globe and Mail

NYT p.1: Pol. Groups Spend Millions to Take on Bush in Ad(s)

Florida county orders recount (optical BBV shows Gep beating Kerry 2 to 1!

AP: White House Guests Include GOP Donors (Say it ain't so, Joe)

Two senators won't join forces in trying to curb tax cuts

Insurgents disguised as police kill two American civilians, Iraqi translat

Rep. Kucinich Released From Hospital

Ciro Rodriguez narrowly wins primary battle

Inside the Real West Wing (Lincoln bedroom FOR SALE!)

BBC to screen Panorama Guantanamo special

Internet providers sue hundreds over 'spam' e-mails

Roche backs out of Secretary of the Army job

(IN) Fight federal energy bill, coalition urges senators

Liberals sliding toward a debacle - Toronto Star

LAT: Kerry Pumping Up Foreign Oil As Issue (gas price anger)

NY Times: Gay Republicans to Run Anti-Bush Ad

Christian league leader apologizes for Web notice (asking for sexual pref)

Frustrated 9-11 Sister Seeks House/Senate Help

Liberal Talk Radio Network to launch March 31

Marines Kill Two Haitians in Gun Battles

Sheriff Bowles (R-TX) indicted day after election loss

FDA Chief Will Not Lead Study on Drug Imports, Thompson Says in Reversal

Uncertain Cost of Iraq War Has Some Wary

McCain Warns Baseball Over Steroid Policy

New NBC News Wall Street Journal Poll

Hundreds support suspended profs (USM)

Kerry seeks monthly debates

Britain Frees 2nd Ex - Guantanamo Detainee

Update on Salazar (Dem Senate candidate in Colorado)

NYT: Bush Team Tried to Capture Critical First Judgments

Kerry Meets Dean, Slams 'Crooked' Republicans

Non-believers form political action group to rid government of religion

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 10 March (#1)

Bush digs in for victory

Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Celebs

Zimbabwe Says Western Agencies Aided 'Mercenaries'

US says no humanitarian disaster in Haiti (Rummie)

Kerry Asking Wealthy to Pay Old Tax Rate

Salazar will run for Senate

The New Pentagon Papers

Lee proposes Haiti commission

Senate urges local governments to post 10 Commandments

Breaking CNN - New Haitian PM flies into Haiti from his home in U.S.

Newtering DeLay is Dems’ aim

South Africa, Caribbean bloc investigate circumstances of Aristide departu

Bush Reassures Recession-Battered Ohio

Kerry: GOP Critics 'Crooked, Lying Group'

Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry's VP

Cheney Stars in Gay Republicans' Anti-Bush Ad (good comedy on Newsmax)

McCain Squashes Kerry VP Talk - CBS

US 'assassinated' Abu Abbas: Palestinian group

Two 9-11 Widows Respond to Rush Limbaugh Attacks

It's time to "Dirty Sanchez" Bush

Out of the Mouths of Babes - (For Parents & Kid Lovin' DUers)

I was in the mood for a little mudfight, so I went to I/P. Ask me anything

I watched a movie the other night

The Adventures of Bush and Rove

What should I make for dinner?

Is MWO over with?

Mike for President!

Hey, it's my birthday and my 100th post

Why was the blonde in such a hurry to get breast enlargements?

Mahna Mahna

Why do little dogs make so much noise?

Porno Films In Cars Becoming A Problem

How frequently do you?

Nobody for President

What Should I Do To LynneSin For Defacing The DU Bar With A Poll?

I hate JC Penney, but I love ZombyWoof!

You Know When Bev Harris Has Been On A Few Networks All I Can

Just saw preview for next Law and Order episode . . .

I'm not really an atheist, and I can't understand JC Watts

Not a delegate, not goin' to Boston. . .

Anyone care to photoshop

My apple juice scares me

OMG- Video of a PNAC galleria

Local station lineup here stinks.

Anyone else think we should just have the election NOW?

I fell asleep at my computer desk for 20 mins, ask me anything

False Profits - What About Full Cost Pricing?

Rodman back to the Lakers?

Has anyone here ever owned a Color Computer 3?

The subtle antisemitism in The Passion

I know I'm sexiest

Are these lyrics liberal or conservative?

George W Bush goes to hell!

Funny Flash File

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Man Will Refuse To Eat For 49 Days - Would Beat Blaine's Record

How much longer until Dennis Miller's show gets the can?

Political affiliations of TV characters

Sorry if this has already been posted: Dubya Dressup

Parents Name Their Baby Diot Coke - In The 14th CENTURY

Anyone remember a mid 1980's computer game called "President Elect?"

Idea from donkeyboy75's post....

Advanced Tickets to Cirque du Soleil in NY

When is DU going to update

You Know Whats Great About People Like Bill O'reilly John Ashcroft

We're going to take the gloves off and battle it out: Yaks vs. Wombats

Name the movie with this line "You move like a pregnant Yak!"

If I could ask God one question: Why Yaks?

Drudge: GD Primary 2004 to be renamed today

Mild late night jokes about Bush - but at least Leno's "Clinton" era ends

Warning, frustrated rant.

I'm sick and tired of desktop PCS

One of my musical heroes is dead - John McGeoch (Banshees, PIL)

Favorite Nintendo Game

Pilot Attacked By Stowaway Cat

Mr. Bush you are a liar, cheat and dimwitted sock puppet.

I'm off to take the GRE .... Wish me luck!

Attention matcom

Roy Orbison's night of black and white

Great cartoon

Please folks, do not try this at home...

Great Keith Knight cartoon (good for campaigning)

The Tenet-ive Director of all CAPTIONS

Tax question

My 4 year old threw up for the first time EVER. Ask me anything...

Nelson Mandela's prints on show in New York

If You Get Turner Classics- Rare Film About A Fascist USA on @ 9:30AM ET

I'm George W Bush, Leader of the Free World.

I'm an atheist, but I love JC Superstar!

Tax and investing help

Watch Out Texas DUers, There's An Outbreak of Cyclosporiasis

Is It A Monkey Or George Bush? You Decide!

Luddites only

Bush narrowly avoids a beating ;-)

3 headed frog?

CAPTION the incredible gains in training monkees to manipulate buttons

We are in for a desperately stupid summer--Dr. Thompson

Kurt Weill fans... check in

I just got an RNC "Paid Political Ad" popup on Comcast Broadband.

I say we need to send John Ashcroft a card

I ACED MY GRE'S......Help!!

that was scary.

Taking on Northeast Wisconsin's fundie ass cantaloupes

another conservative bails on bush......

Is there any way to disable the damn MSN search thing that wants to pop

Perfume for cat people?? How rude !!

Great fark photoshop today (Dialup warning)

Hockey Hit Link?

Has Bev Harris become more famous than Will Pitt?...

Man Has Exploding Melons

Right-Wing XXX Photos Here! Rated #1 Pin-Up of Bush Supporters

Beautiful Wallpaper Site

CAPTIONs can be like a mirror on the soul

The incredible cat/dog peace thread

We're going to take the gloves off and battle it out:Thumbwrestling

You're George W. Bush. What message do you approve?

Anyone want to buy my house?

Onion: The Clinton Presidental DVD Library

Best Mainstream "Alternative" Band?

Fling the cow

Diana Ross ordered to go back to jail!

Time for the "Stupid Customers" thread...

STOP!... Hammock Time!

avatar help

Weirdest Sleep Walking Experience

What ethnic slurs (against you) do NOT bother you?

Need a free photo host.

Anybody hungry?

Charlize Theron celebrates her Oscar with an apple

Anyone else here feel Jackson Browne's "Lives in the Balance"

Who likes to poop on light-hearted threads?

I'm a bad mommy!

Can someone please explain to me....

ack I 've entered the dreaded 700 club

More Kerry flip-flops

Gas Jumped Eight Cents A Gallon This Morning in Pueblo West, CO

Presidential Pets and my vote

separated at birth . . .

Tai Streets returns to Michigan

See if you can spot the REAL dummy

DU Artists, please help

I have a Major Pet Peeve...

Need input from resume pro and/or employment recruiter

Have you ever eaten a.. Fluffernutter sandwich?

1-2-3-4-5 666!

Photo Opposition Research: Is there a pattern here?

For those thinking of switching to DirectTV 'cos of the Viacom thing


What is the name of the Defense Department data mining program?

The non-sex sex thread.

Favorite Replacements Album

Maddox on Astrology -- delightfully offensive, as always

Good Shepherds Pie Recipes?

Help needed: Television research information.

Hey DU wine snobs, tell me what I should get

The Economic Sourball of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Name the Unidentified Live Band & Year #2

How frequently do you throw up? (inspired by another thread)

Favorite Tick character?

Praise Jeebus!!! I've joined the 700 Club!!!!

WABC's All American Survey for Week of 10 March 1964

CAPTION the concern over lost jobs

Let's hear 'em, people... The worst pickup lines you've ever heard...

The TXlib Ass-Kicking Thread

Is this 48 hours story for real or contrived?

Flame War Thread

any juliana hatfield fans out there?

Republican, Democrat or Independent? You decide...



The Bar is open - what do you want to drink

questions for hockey fans -- I think the fighting is ridiculous, so

Man or Woman? II

MATCOM, you are SO toast!

Burning Question Time!!!!!

Who wants a chocolate chip muffin?

can you hear the CAPTION?

Worst grunge band ever?

We're going to take off the gloves and battle it out: SHADOW PUPPETS!!

A classic CAPTION

Don't you think you owe it to yourself?

DU Wine Snobs.. A Question....

Couple funny flash videos.

Stupid question about radio

So apparently I've passed 300 posts.

"Inhale" yoga on Oxygen

What's a "good" GRE score?

Bank Fraud At My Workplace

I need some brilliant DU input on the subject of copyrights

Lame War Thread.

Anyone ever teach abroad?

Why is April the cruelest month?

OK, best shoot-down of an attempted pick-up you've ever heard/done

Mushrooms Growing In Your Armpits - Problem or Not?

The best way to make Ramen noodles....(very simple)

gitcher FREE animated 'Prez Lie Dispenser' toon HERE!!!

Kids Let Off School Bus To Catch Gator

Is Anyone on Friendster

Just got the Girl Scout Cookies - ask me anything

My dad is the greatest cook ever

Turntable Timmy <-- What child's bookshelf would be complete without it?

OK Now this was not very nice!Freeper slam at DU!

Why do you suppose SHE was at Camp David?

FReeper Logic at its weirdest!

Mushrooms growing on Uranus - problem or not? (nt)

Favorite Major Battle of the Civil War?

anti-wine snobs: Give a a food, and I'll give you the worst possible wine!

Do You Enjoy Flirting?

Mommy, may I please have a caption?

Favorite love song (no lust songs, please)

My Philosophy On Hockey

Computer people - what price should I ask for this old computer?

Please Join the Democratic Underground Delegation in DC on April 25th

Seriously, say it with me:


I'm an atheist, but I love JC Penney!

We're going to take the gloves off and battle it out: Cats vs. Dogs

More bees in FReeper wigs!

I admit it, I get jealous of the guys

Best/Favorite Beatles Album

Battle of the French Enlightenment Philosphers: Voltaire vs. Rousseau

Favorite anti-Love songs

Should hockey player Todd Bertuzzi face assault charges?

What's the most fun city in America?

Man or woman? You decide.

Has WillPitt become more famous than Zomby Woof?

Play 20 Questions against this website

CAPTION the hand

EVERYONE Lets Give a Big Welcome to My Friend...LiberalManiacfromOC!

This is a test (Beware! html beginner!)

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the MIDDLE 1960s? (Part 1)

"Life Laundry" On BBC-America... Ever Watch It?

My fellow DU Dish Subscribers: Am I not the only one who wants to wring...

I need help re: dental work

Any DU skydivers out there?

Worst pop-punk band ever?

This the URL for my blog, please post the URL of your blog here...........

Sick cat update

Mushrooms growing in soil in house plants. Problem or not

I found a "marital aid" in my front yard this morning

Soup is good food

Hey DU wine snobs! What is your favorite wine?

Did you have a past life/lives?

Is internet sex cheating

Has anyone seen The Fog of War?

8 Random Questions

I am a uniter, not a divider. Ask me anything!

OFFICIAL: DU Boston Get Together Thread - Saturday, April 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Supporters, Raise your hand if your Mama wears Army boots.

If Ciro Rodriguez (D-San Antonio) loses his primary.....

CNN has "Uncommitted" beating DK in Mississippi...huh?

Looks like Ron Wilson is going to loose his house seat

Handy reference guide to Bush job losses (thanks to Krugman)

Impact of the VP pick on the vote...none at all!

Don’t fight terrorism at cost of civil rights: Kerry

Tinfoil hat moment

Who is more liberal?


Polls: Primary Voters Older, More Liberal

My toddler helped get Dept of Peace resolution passed at my TX precinct

Does DU still need two General Discussion forums?

OK, Might as well vote for Nader

Voter Turnout Low for Presidential Primaries

I had to work last night since 5pm--so who won lastnight?

Skull and Bones #1 on MSNBC Keith Olberman tonite

Texas lets me have it both ways - voted for Clark, caucused for Kerry...

After Southern sweep, Kerry addresses labor supporters and meets with Dean

Margaret Cho on Stern now

Wrong forum-please lock

Bill Owens... wont run for the Senate

Please DU this petition asking Scalia to recuse. Sorry if it is dupe.

Update on my GOP dad and Democrat Mom...

A Kerry commercial I would dearly love to see!

I donated to John Kerry's campaign yesterday

I voted for Kerry yesterday.

Unions Put Early Kerry Backer on Strategy Panel

'You've got to beat this guy, we need a new policy'

Is there a qualified Libertarian candidate on the horizon?

nation's leaders on Bush's side, and on Kerry's side

The best two signs from last night's Kerry rally in Chicago!!!

I found Kerry. Change Is Coming

Fellow Dean delegates, make yourselves known!

Kerry reaches out to a world where support for Bush is ebbing away

need help please

Has Lieberman endorsed Kerry yet? n/t

How would you have answered this question if you were Kerry?

Did Sharpton drop out?

Kerry Accuses Bush of 'Stubborn,' Not Steady, Leadership

Mr. Bush, a reminder: only 3.8% of small businesses make over $200,000 AGI

“Tax Fairness for Americans” Kerry with AFL-CIO in Chicago, IL

Wes Clark on John Kerry:

How did DK get less votes than Bill McGaughey in LA?

Unfunded Programs to Cost the States $29 billion this year!

I'm bored with all the Veepothesizing....

Another Kerry flip-flop....

Yesterday I voted for Dean. Today I donated to Kerry

Can anyone hook me up with the pic of Kerry playing hockey?

Dean would love a Kerry BLOWOUT in November

If (and big if) Kerry chose Nader as his VP, would he accept?

Read My Flips.

Kerry: GOP Critics 'Crooked, Lying Group'

McCain fails to shoot down rumors of being VP

Kerry proposes deep midclass tax cuts, calls GOP critics 'crooked, lying'

Imperialists are you sick of being called names too?

This is going to be one nasty 8 months. Are you all ready for it?

John Kerry Meets With Dean; Edwards Next

Lost jobs during George's excellent vacations

Conason: "The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is Back in Business"

Mud tossed at Kerry might stick to Bush

Sean Hannity needs to be nailed to the wall on this lie about Kerry

"Jean Kerr-ee" -- keen interest, curiosity, and hope, abroad

Hell yes, I'd vote for Kerry/McCain!

Kerry/Ficus 04

Kucinich released from hospital, will resume campaigning

DUers, are you sick of being called names too?

Joe Biden for VP ?

Bush selling the Lincoln Bedroom

Great John Kerry speech today: Tax Fairness for Americans

Future plans for Minnesota Kucitizens

John McCain for VP?

What bothers you more?

Are there official primary results for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas?

DU folks in Illinois

Tennessee Poll: Bush, Kerry in dead heat

McCain blasts Democrats’ funding

Wes Clark is speaking on military affairs tonight in NYC

General Clark Coming to Dayton, Ohio MARCH 16TH

How did your local Democratic candidates do in yesterday's elections?

Log Cabin Republicans may endorse Kerry

Go, Lou Dobbs!

Clark Watchers--this is what Wes is doing tonight......

Sen. Kerry, unite our party by choosing Sen. Edwards as VP!

Lou Dobbs to have face off with Diebold scum and computer scientist

Has anyone else (slightly) lost interest in the race?

Great Idea Voter Registration at unemployment Offices GOP Rhetoric on Kerry's Voting Record Goes Unchallenged

Crooked Liars, Threat To World Order: Kerry Gaffes OR Heavy Lifting??

"I hold it a Christian thing... to hate evil, to hate untruth..."

McCain as a possible VP

Battle of the Longshot Veeps

Vote in the MSNBC poll for President

Kerry campaign staffers greet Howard Dean today at Kerry Headquarters

Deleted message

85% of US imams involved in terrorist activities?

Limbaugh has a filthy mind...

Diebold rep will be on Dobbs soon

Voters want Edwards to be VP according to the exit polls.

IF we win by 57 electoral votes can we claim a mandate to do

Will the Log Cabin Republicans endorse Kerry?

Will the media turn this off the cuff comment into the "Dean Scream"?

Why the rich rule the land of the free

Conason: Of serious contenders, only Clark "admitted' being a liberal

Dean's statement on his meeting with Kerry

DU Voters: Are You Voting FOR Kerry or AGAINST b*sh?

McCain 'Would Entertain' Being Kerry's VP

After July 31, it's illegal to mention or refer to Bush in Moveon ads.

the problem with Mary Landrieu as VP

A simple list of why Wes is best for VP

Is Wesley Clark a Republican

Socialist Critique of DK

VP choice: Edwards, or Clark?

Erskine Bowles????

BREAKING Hastert staffers try to disrupt Kerry CHI rally, a wndycty report

Let's look at what the public thinks about Edwards 4 VP--

Dems Beware! While the Kerry Party Reigns on DU Voter Turnout disappears!