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Ask Aunti Pinko, March 18, 2004

Slate: If you're against Bush, you're against America.

Salon: "Who Cares What You Think?"

Chris Floyd: "Night Sweats"

Krugman: Taken for a Ride

Chris Floyd-The Constitution Restoration Act -Must, Must Read

For US hawks, Madrid 2004 = Munich 1938 - Great Read

Salon/James Pinkerton: The A-Word (Appeasement)

Lost in Translation (in Spain) - OC Weekly

Flip Flopper Running For Re-Elections

Michigan DUers! The Tony Trupiano Show

Jon Stewart to Remain at 'Daily Show'

Laura Ingraham and Ann but stupid

Follow up: Second Thoughts In Monkey County

Russian subsidiary of Ford works three shifts a day

Statistics lie on the true cost of living

Sierra Club Threatened by Hostile Takeover (from

The American right strikes back

US to designate Pakistan non-NATO ally

Busy week in Annapolis (guns, abortion, hate crimes, et al)

Brady Campaign calling for confiscation?

I didn't think publishing lists of CCW permit holders was a good idea....

Mods, I duped.

numbers of replies in "My Posts" pt2

Question about an old registered name...

Will DU be able to stream the new liberal radio with Garafolo and Franken

Avi Shlaim:--'The War of the Israeli Historians'

"An eye for an eye" hurts Israeli-Palestinian talks: Chinese paper

CBS interviews two widows in Ft Campbell with different views on Bush

Anyone Got A Link To The Waxman Report On Iraq?

8 Months ahead of All Terror All the Time 24/7

Haitians joining anti war protests

Anyone know of a good article online about the lies of GWB?

Wolfowitz on the News Hour

Soldiers are TOLD to cheer Bush and wave flags at Fort Campbell

Wolfowitz just Related the War in Iraq to WWII & Korea

Now our Seniors Have to Worry about Drug Card Scams! What next?

GNN:--Argentina Water Privatization Scheme Runs Dry

Polish President: "We were taken for a ride."

More threatening to the morality of our children:

The trend is not his friend...

This week in Politics, Advantage Bush

GNN's Iraq reports & "Live From Fallujah"

Viewer Alert McAuliffe & Gillespie Hold Debate

OMG, they're killing us, we can't express an opinion.

LOL...need a caption for the 'little' man...chimp photo.....

What has happened to the fearless and former friend of the USA of Iraq???

Ya gotta love this headline

Just another day in the life of GW Bu$h

Why did Cheney's "Energy Task Force" need oil maps of Iraq ...

Five weeks since prewar intelligence panel was announced by Bush

well this is a good sign our culture is not completely trash

Al Qaeda endorses Bush

Daily Show: Who does fake news better than us? The White House, apparently

Waxman report--237 misleading statements by Administration

Of course world leaders want Kerry...because Bush is a threat to the world

The "when will they find Osama" pool.

A thoughtful article on working class support of Republicans.

I'm a liberal

Interesting Washington Journal tomorrow !

Bush and the Neocons must pay for their sins.

Is there precedent for a vice-pres to attack a candidate for president?


If the Bush admin...good funny read

J.J. Jackson, original MTV VJ, dies

Blog Intimidation: Mr. John Gray threatens lawsuit unjustly

Is anyone else fed up w/ the barrage of "energy"commercials

Wow! Explains Rove tactics in winning 2002 elections, playing 9/11 card

please delete

Conversed with a Bush follower today. These people are simply

Howard Dean coming up on Tweety

Could someone tell me about the McAuliffe/Gilespie debate tonight.

Tips wanted for managing 30-70 teenagers for three days

BBV: Leading innovator of voter-verified paper ballots killed in car crash

Spain, PNAC, Pro-Washington axis in tatters....two great pieces...

VIETNAM:GHOSTS OF WAR on History Television 1:00am ET

FCC crackdown against Bu$h dissenters on radio. HAMS NEXT?

Read 2 books recently that I would reccomend to any liberal:

Thank God for Jon Stewart

Weak Kerry presidency.


George Bush is simply so brilliant that America cannot help but....

DU'ers should give Obama a few dollars. Here's the link

THIS is your enemy! (Funny Bush pics collection thread)

Isn't It Odd They Know It's Not Bin Laden?

Soldiers are TOLD to cheer Bush and wave flags at Fort Campbell

Condi's on Lou Dobbs lying her butt off, again.

BBV: position of People for the American Way makes no sense

How much should rich people pay in taxes?

video of dennis miller losing it to alterman

The only rule in war is to win?

Fess up DU. Who now LOVES Tammy Fay?

OK, this is juvenile but this is how fed up I am

'It's Time to Get Over It' John Kerry Tells Antiwar Movement to Move On

information on 3/20 protests in Atlanta?

Socialists...The Zombies who won the Spanish Election

THINKING BIG: Making the DU INDISPENSABLE In National Politics

Impeach Scalia

Provident admits to job cuts, but won't say how many (400-800?)

Interim Government Excludes Aristide's Party

McCain says Kerry not weak on defense

Seventh Iraq War Veteran Kills Himself

Soldiers sell "War Trophies" on Ebay

Bolivia suing Enron for $130 mln over gas pipeline

Al Qaeda endorses Bush

Iran: Anti-regime demonstration grow, Basiji beat up demonstrators

Annan Says U.N. Return to Iraq Is Imminent

Iraq Attacks Blamed on Islamic Extremists (not Hussein loyalists)

Death toll rises as KFOR evacuates Serbs

Attorneys general meet with oil company executives on gas prices

Pakistani Death Toll Rises In Wana As Fresh Assault Underway

Radio: Jordan's King Abdullah Meets Sharon in Israel

Condi On CNN

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

Skilling won't get frozen assets any time soon

NATO Sends Backup As Kosovo Unrest Wells

S. Korea Won't Send Troops to Iraqi City

Canadian personalities demand Ottawa withdraw from US anti-missile shield

Gorilla Shot After Escaping at Dallas Zoo

Student Found With 20 Bombs Near Nebraska School

French troops deploy to the northern Haitian city of Gonaives

Annan Says U.N. Return to Iraq Is Imminent (NYT)

China Army Mouthpiece Warns Taiwan on Referendum

US ethnic minority population to rival whites

Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

Election Numbers Do Not Add Up/Moscow Times--New WMW

Party Chairmen Debate Nasty Campaigning

Shell cuts oil reserve figures for second time

Nigeria deploys warship off Equatorial Guinea amid coup fears

Patriotic Front For The Liberation Of Iraq Announced

(Tenn) County retreats from call to ban gays

U.S. Aims to Calm Allies Apprehensive About Iraq

Weirton Steel Retiree Benefits Terminated

Japan, South Korean bird flu virus almost identical

WP: Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

Authorities: 21 arrests shut down major Miami-based crime ring (Cu. Mafia)

Butterflies may be early victims of the sixth mass extinction

Mahathir says Muslims should emulate Jews

WP/Milbank: Bush* Meets Families of Fallen

Tammy Faye(Bakker) diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer

The War To Save The U.S. Dollar

White House Role Is Alleged (Blocking revelation Medicare Bill Costs)

Capturing bin Laden: priority before 9/11? (* Admin no urgency)

Addressing the Unthinkable, U.S. Revives Study of Fallout

Donald Trump Seeks to Trademark 'You're Fired!'

Fierce Fighting Reported Between Taliban and Coalition Forces

US downplays Polish criticism over Iraq WMD

US set to double bin Ladin booty

Look at Iraq U.S. Military Deaths - 568 U.S. service members have died

FCC Cracks Down on Broadcasts of Profanity(Again)

Parents angered by book about gay princes

How many hours per week do you spend at DU?

My massage therapist - history junkie - is fired up about Bush!

whoever tried to IM me IM me again

In OTHER basketball, the Pistons are SPANKING the Nets

is pocket lint biodegradable?


Just got back from my friend's father's wake.


Hey HeyHey.

I am bored tonight.

Somebody set up us the bomb!

Today was the best mail day in recent history. Thank you, internet!

I need a video file of bush landing on the aircraft carrier

"The Apprentice" is doing a clip show, what a gyp

I'm an 18th level human DUer.

Diebold Opteva 520 ATM Crashes - It's Windows XP

new Savage Weiner advertisers

Anyone else think using someones voice in a Viagra ad who died of AIDs...

What's better: Being noble or being weak?

Is it just me....

Our computer support department is fired up about Bush!

I have to tell someone about this.

My friends comment on the new Punisher movie

Gimme nominees for "favorite SANTANA number" poll

Grrrr...No CSI tonight


DU chat tonight

Who remebers "Picture Pages"?

Newest Bush Ad

Why did George W. Bu$h select Cheney for his running mate?

Who here remembers Fat Albert?

Who remembers Tommy Bolin?

Hell-Boy: what's this about it?

Gorilla shot dead after escape at Dallas Zoo

Bill Hicks...

Just had a "second" dinner. Feel like a pig.

Go Heels!

Elderly Couple Makes Ocean Suicide Attempt

I had Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight....

South Park: Bush to attack Heaven

Tammy Faye [Bakker] Messner has inoperable lung cancer

Rent : The Aftermath

John Stewart rocks...

Wow! 10 days away, and no one sent me a PM...


Do you plan to wear a black armband tomorrow?

I've had a BAD day (rant straight ahead).

Has anyone here ever set up their own nonprofit?

My neighborhood is going NUTS.. Hazmat trucks ..THREE of 'em

What was Karl Rove like in high school?

BBV: TruVote Head Gibbs Killed in Car Crash...TruVote makes Paper Trail

We built this city....

First day of Spring...

Ethan Hawke

The Story of Broken Cookies and Red Balloons.

Favorite 60s protest song?

"Bastard son of a thousand maniacs."

May I take your order sir? - Thursday Night What-did-you-eat thread


Daily Show: Starts off with a FOX NEWS Slam


If you are an Ella fan...

The obligatory announcement that I'm taking a break for awhile....

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 4)

Anyone have/ever had dredlocks?

What's the story behind your username?

liberal paintballers

Gee all these new names....

I am the worlds BEST WIFE!

Look out Boston-- Lynne and Ramsey are coming to the DU Party!!!

Your self crafted epitaph ?

What to name our unborn son?

A serious poll for once....

Dean on Hardball coming up now 4:12 PT, 03/18/04

Could somebody compile a list of Bush flip-flops?

Terry Mauling Ed...

Who thinks Bush is up to something with the election?

A Kerry ad that is a sure home run

Dean's new Dream

Of course world leaders want Kerry..because Bush is a threat to the world

Howard Dean coming up on Hannity and Colmes -- 9:30 p,m

Pray tell, just what is cheney hiding from the American People?

McCain Says Kerry Not Weak on Defense

Thanx to all the Kerry supporters...

Will McCain VOTE for Kerry?

Colin Powell refused to name the names of the coalition of the willing

Dr. Dean's New Grassroots Movement

Does Bush have authority to postpone the elections, in case of terrorist

Rebroadcast of Terry McAuliffe/Ed Gillespie debate at 10:49 EST, C-SPAN

Poor Dick Cheney...he just can't stop lying about Kerry

Where can Howard Stern make a difference?

I'm so aggravated with the media's lies about Kerry's $87 billion vote

Has the frontloaded Dem primary season helped or hurt us?

Republican criticizes Kerry saying Heinz Ketchup has overseas factories

How about Katrina vanden Heuvel for press secretary?

Viewer Alert McAuliffe & Gillespie Hold Debate

'The war never ended here'

GU: It is essential we admit we were wrong

Total blackout

NYT: One Year After

Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

The flip-flopper who is running for president

Japan as enabler for US foreign policy.

Time for Solidarity With Europe ( Lieberman in Wash Post )

Welcome to the Quagmire (Juan Cole on Iraq in

Former GOP Congressman: "Maine's problems not helped by GOP "

For Children of Gays, Marriage Brings Joy

Looking back on the war : snips of editorials from around the world

Spain Took Back Its Democracy

Indicted CEO Turns TV Preacher (HealthSouth Scrushy with wife)

Leonard Pitts Jr: If only I had been mistaken about Iraq war

Unhappy Birthday Iraq War!

Roll Back this Coup, Mr. Bush

Death of a patriot: No more

His wardrobe malfunctions

Bush's Distortions Misled Congress in Its War Vote:Senator Kennedy

What can CNBC be thinking with this Dennis Miller? - Eric Alterman

The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism

What Happened to the Antiwar Movement? (MSNBC Online)

Scalia did not have improper relations

The Part of George M. Steinbrenner that most people do not know about

Grover Norquist's scheme for a one - party state

Ventura: Bush/Ashcroft to use medical records to quash dissent?

Deja Coup in Haiti

Cond Rice lent credibility to Chavez' claim that she is an illiterate

To honor The Iraq Invasion anniversary...

The Real Flip-Flopper - Al Hunt WSJ

Exporting America: false choices -- By Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight

"Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian

NYC 3/20 Marchers with religious leanings...

Repeat post--Radio Interview with BBV

One year ago in Eugene, OR ...

For the march on the 20th

Anything scheduled for Sat, Mar. 20th in Philadelphia, PA?

Anyone looking for poster ideas for Saturday?

CNN POLL-VOTE NOW!- ARE we safer now - After the IRAQ war?

Please write/phone Congress about veterans

NYPD website info for NYC March 20th Rally

police make concessions on "pens" at NYC protest

It's one year since the invasion of Iraq and what have we learned? - CBC

neocon radio host Milt Rosenberg tries to set up Hans Blix

20 Arab Journalists Just Walked Out on Powell

Hey Aaron Brown and CNN....

The greatest irony in the Fog of War

Any Bellingham, WA DUers going to Peace gathering Saturday?

Black Religious Leaders Denounce Anti-Gay Amendment

Spain To Recognize Same-Sex Couples

Anyone seen the PPI?

Why Britain's disappearing butterflies may be early victims of the 6th....

Science Daily - Ice Ages, Warmings Global Phenomena, Glacial Studies Show

Deficit, Schmeficit - The Corps Of Engineers Pork Juggernaut Steams On

NYT: North Carolina Asks E.P.A. to Force Others to Clean Air

UK - 70% Of Butterflies, 28% Of Plant, 54% Of Bird Species Declining

1st UK Bumblebees Now Leave Hibernation Before Christmas - Telegraph

Waxman - Whitman Lied On EPA Mercury Studies - LA Times

Lee Yuan-tseh throws his weight behind Chen, Lu - TW

DPP confident of election victory

Allies Axed

The Warning in Spain's Election - Ivo Daalder

Why join the NRA, anyway?

Ignoring Domestic Terrorism

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 19. 2004

Yesterday, I bought a gun for two dollars.

"It is simply not fair ... to have groups of people on other web sites..."

Please notice that you didn't answer either of my actual questions.

elad, I sent you a pm, thanks sir.

How about posters organizing at DU to "troll" at other sites

Why aren't we able to donate to Kerry and credit it to DU?

How about a bit of disused name housecleaning?

If I post the same thread in two forums would it be considered spamming?

Do we still have the rule about not citing blogs as original sources?

This thread is an embarrassment

Israel blows up ANOTHER Palestinian home....terrified children flee

Growing Arab population represents threat to Israel

PA security forces members involved in exposed terror cells

IDF resumes Gaza operations; two soldiers lightly hurt

PA and Israel Agree on Cooperation in Energy Sector

British MPs Criticize Israel over Treatment of Palestinians

Gaza Strip: Seven Palestinians wounded as Hamas destroys Israeli tank

PM Sharon Uninvited to White House

Jerusalem Man Shot Dead from Passing Car

Terrorists recruiting more children

We Should Not Reject Evangelical Alliance by Abraham H. Foxman

Palestinian Town Claims Victory for Non-Violence

In Memoriam: Message from Craig and Cindy Corrie

Jordan's King Abdullah Visits Sharon in Israel

We don't live there

Suppressing Diversity of Views on Palestine Issue

The Dogs of War

Obama Wins Party Nomination for US Senate

Interesting maps here..

WP: Kerry Capitalizing on Party Resources to Fill Coffers

What happened to Jacinto

NCLB Football

It's one year since the invasion of Iraq and what have we learned? - CBC

Muslims see new opposition to building mosques since 9/11

south korea backing out of iraq as well?

How can Kerry pass the Iraq test

Is it me, or are these smear ads pathetic?


Bush's Iraq Coalition Falling Apart

Is this another lie to add to the list? (Saddam's genocide)

Polls: Do they measure opinion or shape it?

Riverbend's blog

Bush and friend's plan to eliminate the middle class

Afghan offensive: Grand plans hit rugged reality

"We didn't create al Qaeda." -Condi Rice. *Learn some history, Condi.*

Howard Dean, Eddie Izzard on "Real Time w/ Bill Maher"

Tonight ! Greg Palast -Iraq for Sale BBC


Three day news bounce !!!!!

Any Ideas for a Banner/Poster for the March 20th Protests(In General)

PROJECT: Make a list of Bush screwing over Republicans...

Ideas for a sign for the March 20 protest???


Is this a message?

This is a great web site, candidate your neighbors gave to, maps of giving

Victorious Galloway demands inquiry

DU this poll

Buzzflash "must reads"

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/19/2004

HARSH Editorial from NYT on "One Year Later"

CSPAN at 25: How has it influenced you? The political landscape?

Sounds like Scalia is in the pocket of Dick Cheney!

Vote on this CNN poll please.

Video link for the Eric Alterman - Dennis Miller debacle.

Stupid Virginia republicans!!!!!!

what the west doesn't understand about combating terrorism...

How long before the us attemps a coup in Spain because of Zapatero

Check out the Arilines used/amount spent on airfare for candidates:

Gotta love the democratic principles of Zapatero....

Evita shroud earns $198,000

sweet idiot just asked guest if he should go to church more often

What other countries besides the US are major players internationally?

Anyone else notice the Mighty Wurlitzer has quit reporting dead soldiers?

Radio interview today with BBV

Andy Borowitz flabbergasts Donna Brazile

Here is the right answer to "900 billion tax increase."

Consider this before you vote in Novembers election.

DNC Must make more web ads. (New web RNC attack ad today)

Poll today on CNN

Images of a Dictator

Time to get back to the small job now that the big job is finished.......

General Garner replaced by WH because he wanted Iraq to have

Rummy has an op ed in today's NY Times

WHAT is with all the Osama talk on the news lately?

Athan Gibbs

Bush's Address to Nation 1 Year Later. "The difference a year makes"

www.WorldNetDaily and the Moonies

Robin Quivers on Stern Controversy

Responses from DU For Kerry to * Speech

Is it fair to means test Social Security?

Take a look at this...

How's your NCAA Bracket

Help me out with at debate with a right-winger!!

CSPAN Now: McCauliffe & Gillespie debate

Democratic Congressional candidate contributed to Bush...

Jon Stewart renews with 'Daily Show

Six-thousand dollars for each man, woman, and child in Iraq....

Coke recalls controversial water

Our peace vigil drew 30 people yesterday (big turnout for this place)

Should I have told this woman what I _really_ think?

TN County Rescinds Gay Ban. Only Wanted to Keep Gays from Moving There.

"We will never bow to the violence of a few"...President Crooked

Chimp speaking now...

David Horsey Thread #5 (last one)

David Horsey Thread #4

David Horsey Thread #3

David Horsey Thread #2

Zomby's Semi-Regular David Horsey Thread!

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire....

Is Howard Stern The Most Powerful Voice In America Right Now?

Taken for a Ride

The next "terror" attack....anywhere, will be blamed on Spain

What happens after we catch Osama?

As the world splits in two.....

U.S. issues cockpit door order for international carriers


Ashcroft's war on porn: like with Stern, "swing", ahem, voters at stake.

Anyone have that essay What you would have to believe to be a Republican?

Kerry in Sun Valley

Remind us: Why did we attack Iraq?

When Kerry Wins

How will the media treat President Kerry? And vice versa?

Bush The King Of Flip Flops

Watch Out World - Murdoch meeting in Mex. making plans for Smirk

Please consider the children

Ten Reasons why Bush will surely lose – unless Diebold steals it for him.

New DNC Flash Animation on Bush Deficit

how stupid do we look to the rest of the world

photo: SF medical personnel protesting bush*

Who Will Take The Credit if The Al-Queda men are caught?

Rummy's gonna be on Larry King tonight for the hour

CSPAN3: replay of IAFF (firefighters) conference with James Carville

For Children of Gays, Marriage Brings Joy . . . (referral post) . . .

Did Spain give in to terrorism by voting out the popular party... or...

Photo of * picking nose?

View the new Censure ad

Israel blows up ANOTHER Palestinian home....terrified children flee

Someone help me debunk this repug crap

Neal Boortz is disgusted -- he thinks * is gonna lose

Misplaced post, delete

Let us not forget Valerie Plame

DU this CNN poll:

Its time for , "Name that far out lefty"

Bush Speaks | Baghdad Explodes (again)

Sign the STOP FCC petition

The solution to offshore outsourcing is simple...

Blackout on COVERAGE of latest explosions in Iraq?

Dean & Gore Vidal on Bill Maher's show tonight

High Priority Target - Huh?

Al Gore and George W. Bush in 1979

MoveOn wants to support troops

Surprise! Breaking: US Raises Global Terror Threat!!

So do we have bin Laden already or not?

Operation Iraqi Freedom: one year later. Bush in his own words

What foreign leaders support John Kerry?

What foreign populations support George Bush* ???

Free Flyer for Tomorrow's Anti War Rally!

I think "October surprise" theories are way way off.

Latest Zogby Results

Analysis: Why Bush's obsession with Al Qaeda is wrong

Great new Yahoo story title: "Bushmeat Sparks Fears..."

Great article on Franken and his new radio career at NYT!

Don't Budge Scalia!

Democracy Now! is particularly good today

Spain's "9/11" (3/11) is NOT exactly 911 days from 9/11/2001

India and Jobs and Gas

Republicans for Kerry

Arab journalists walk out on Powell

Are China and France making a bold military alliance against Taiwan & US?

Am I right? Does Shrub make ALL his "wartime" speeches to the military?

Outraged about American rapes of American soldiers

Chimpy's on CNN

I just participated in my first ever antiwar demonstration!

Andrew Sullivan blast Blasts Bush Admin/GOP/Rove again!

Friday aftternoon news dump time - thoughts?

Police make concessions on "pens" for NYC demo

DEBKA Reporting:

Tennessee County Reverses Ban on Gays

I need "Moran" pic!!!!

Update from Bahgdad Burning blog - not looking good

Protesting 101: Share your experiences (good or bad) and tactics here

The Current Pakistan/Al-Qeada Skirmish :

CNN Poll: Has Iraq been a Success?

an email from my cousin in iraq

Is there anyone that thinks that this "cornering Al-Zawahiri" crap is true

Made in BURMA: Bush-Cheney '04 - it's ILLEGAL folks

MSNBC Poll: Kerry, Bush or Nader? (Kerry winning huge)

DC Radio Coop: Live Audio Feed from NYC Streets, March 20 (link)

Is Musharaff a dictator? Please explain why we are dealing

Best Republican for President

siochain..."peace" in Gaelic..need some help here

Need help Re: SH giving 25K to bombers...

World-Bank President PAINT-BOMBED in Slovenia....(pics/story)

Carl Bernstein - laments 'idiot culture', says

I'm sorry, but the DNC red balloon is ....AWFUL..

Cong. Dave Obey (D) WI.

Got a new Hannity poll.

Why We Need To Win The "War On Terrorist" (graphic)

Nothing sucks like an Oreck.

Evangelical Christians now discussing DU

My debate with a right-winger

Photo: Code Pink out on the streets in DC....(hard-hitting message)

WOW!... how are your neighbors dontations?

follow the money map...contributions ,,,,,way cool

CNN: Blitzer's poll today... important, needs your input.

Bush Campaign Hires Paramilitary Organization

Tonight's Lou Dobbs Poll - A Good One

Spain Charges 3 in Deadly Train Bombings

who/what was the target/reason of the second biggest protest in history?

BBC/celeb video that will make Michael Powell wet his pants (language)

(CNN poll) you can still vote.

Poppy Bush's address is also on

I'm listening to Hannity and...

".. a glimpse of what life can be like under a democracy"..

Just talked to a news anchor in Ireland

Pakistan Forces and Al Queida

Anyone else going to Concord, NH tomorrow

The Bush Medicare Scandal - documented

Question to any veterans that got out of service within last ten years

LOL...Trump says economy better...

Did anyone catch Hardball last night (Thursday)?

Poppy Bush's address is also on

So, it looks like Al-Zawahiri is NOT cornered.

Europeans Bailing Out

A poll to consider

CNN Lou Dobbs Poll: Has the war on terrorism increased the threat

Should eminent domain be abolished?

Lou Dobbs doing Bush campaign gear (made in Burma lol

Howard Stern at ( article on FCC Fines:

Richard Clarke/ 60 Minutes/ Sunday/ exposes Iraq lie....

#2 Al Queda guy caught 2 years ago?

Why did the US allow Taliban to be airlifted out of Afghanistan in Nov 01

Oh wow! What will America be like in 2050? gave me Republican Senators Home Address

Reservist Commits Suicide After Return

Conservative can't stand competition against their echo chamber

Any writers need a part time job??

Bush Campaign Hires Paramilitary Organization

Ohio Poll on war

Voting Rights Act expires in 2007!

The Bush campaign employs a paramilitary security organization?

Shake the Cop Webs Off! Get Up, Stand Up, "Support the Troops" Tomorrow!

This nation and this world cannot withstand 4 more years of a "divider"..

Should veterans be entitled to completely free health care?

CNN Lou Dobbs Poll: Has the war on terrorism increased the threat

If you can't make it to the NYC protests on Saturday...

MSNBC - Bushler's $1.7 billion War now over $150 billion!!

Diversifying your donations - How do you work it?

60 Minutes Sun - Richard Clarke on * WH prior and after 9-11

Bwahahahaha -- Dennis Miller calls Alterman to apologize

Christian Parenti reports the truth and is rebuffed by Jim Lehrer...

Military Families will speak out all over the US Tommorrow /Here's Why!

Tweety's Talking Point Wish List for Campaign'04

Democrats Against Kerry

Venezuelans convinced Chavez is doomed

Passed today in the Maine House regarding the Patriot Act...

OMG! Look at This Anti-US Protest in Baghdad Today! Yikes!

Who has killed more civilians, Osama or Bush?

The Bush WMD Scandal - documented

track your neighbor's politics am i the only one who thinks this is creepy

This may explain why Rice was backpeddling on CNN(Zawahiri escapes)

CNN Blitzer Trump Interview: Economy Does Better Under Dems

Saturday in NYC - march with Venezuelans in support of Chavez

570 pairs of boots in presentation marking one year of war (Chicago)

The Bush 9/11 Scandal - Documented

Let them eat intangibles

Best New Anti-Bush/Anti-War Books?

Fun poll--Your favorite Republican Propagandist?

Bush, Deceit and Cheap Goods - China/Burma

Please stop what you are doing for a minute and consider this

I AM BEYOND PISSED - Did you Donate to Dean? Clark? Kerry? READ THIS

The Fake Bush Medicare Ad: Karen Ryan Speaks Up

Fall of a Pseudo-Democrat

Taiwan president shot on eve of election, referendum on independance

Any chance in taking Arlen Spectar's senate seat?

OK That is it! This is the Official *Bush White House Scandal Thread

The Bush Plame Scandal - documented

The Apparat: George W. Bush's back-door political machine (must read!)

Honor the Fetus, Hate the Child, Subjugate the Woman

'The war never ended here'

Government warns of scams involving government's new discount drug card

Spain Releases Intelligence Reports

India tests medium-range missile

Kerry's presence low-keyed in celebrity-rich Sun Valley ( AP )

FBI fed RCMP disinformation, witness confirms

Taiwan's President Chen wounded

African hunters infected by AIDS-like virus

Total blackout

2 months later, Shell again alters its reserve count

NYT: U.S. Issue Guidelines on Eating of Some Tuna

NYT, p. 1: McCain Joins Campaign Fray, Displaying Ind. Streak

Japan Comic Highlights Currency Fears

Bush's 'Coalition of the Willing' Wavers

More Pakistani Troops Join Major Offensive

Taiwan President Shot

Spain Releases Intelligence Reports

FCC Cracks Down on Broadcasts of Profanity

Galloway & CS monitor

Andy Borowitz flabbergasts Donna Brazile

Victorious Galloway demands inquiry re Christian Science Monitor

Galloway accepts libel damages

High Noon voted top western

Second US marine dies of wounds after attack in western Iraq

Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

Cond Rice lent credibility to Chavez' claim that she is an illiterate

Iraqi Reporters Rebuff Powell, Leave News Conference

Georgia:--Saakashvili Strikes Ajaria Deal

Security in Iraq shifts to private companies

The polish president talking about pulling out of Iraq earlier

Senate Democrats Claim Medicare Chief Broke Law

Robin Quivers on Stern Controversy

Limbaugh challenges seizure of medical records (Technicality may help him?)

US studying plan to get HEU out of civilian use: IAEA chief meets Bush

Bush Set To Speak In A Matter of Minute CNN!

Arms Embargo - a Hitch in Haiti Security Plans

Entitlement Costs Are Expected to Soar (but Soc Sec easy to fix with minor

Ex-Watergate writer laments 'idiot culture'

Spain's Socialists reject U.S. charges of terror appeasement over troops

Violent Playground Plot Foiled (CBS/AP)

Bush to attend D-Day commemoration ceremony in France

Explosions Heard in Central Baghdad

Crowd Storms Restaurant Over Alcohol

WP: Kerry Capitalizing on Party Resources to Fill Coffers

NYT:Entitlement Costs Are Expected to Soar (beyond Bush est.)

Taiwan markets jittery after president shot

Polish President Assures Bush His Troops Will Stay in Iraq

breaking CNN....entire DC school system on lock down bomb threat

Zapatero rejects Kerry call on Iraq troops | Breaking News

Central Baghdad rocked by blasts

Iraqi Journalists Rebuke Powell Over Killings (Reuters)

Blasts Echo Across Baghdad Hours After Powell Visit

Lawyer to visit Cuba:Reconciliation, teaching among goals

Bush Markets Burmese Products; Evades Own Trade Ban

Iraqis unite to condemn interim constitution (shiaa/sunni protest!)

Drop in Foreign Support for U.S. Worries Experts

Second Arabiya Journalist Dies After U.S. Shooting

Pakistani Plot To Overthrow President Musharraf Exposed

Hotel death toll lowered to 7

The Current Pakistan/Al-Qeada Skirmish :

Spain To Recognize Same-Sex Couples

Famed reporter Carl Bernstein thinks little of modern journalism

Bremer expects "some really bad days" ahead of June 30 transfer date

Mass rape atrocity in west Sudan


Arab Journalists in Iraq Protest Deaths...

Microsoft in Talks to Acquire AOL?

Bush Campaign Paying Firm That Specializes In Paramilitaries (Daily Kos)

Reservist Commits Suicide after Return (from Afghanistan)

Bush campaign gear made in Burma

French nutritionists give thumbs up to Big Mac

San Francisco seeks resumption of gay marriages

Protesters arrested in San Francisco

U.S. Considers U.N. Command in Iraq

City (Chicago) Prepares For Saturday Anti-War Protest

South Korea cancels troops for Iraq

Powell Tells Saudis U.S. Troubled by Arrests

Gas prices don't scare off SUV buyers

French Official: Iraq War Made World Dangerous

BATTLE FOR CONGRESS: Democrats hope to retake Senate

(venezuela) Top-level Chinese delegations negotiate crude oil contracts

Astronauts join chorus seeking a reprieve for Hubble

OUR CARIBBEAN: This unwise decision by Haiti regime

Iraq War `Is About The Future,' Franks Says/ May 19, 2004

Analysts now doubt group's claim for Madrid bombing

LAT: Whitman Denies Knowing Mercury Study Was Stalled

FBI fed RCMP disinformation, witness confirms

Arab Journalists Walk Out of Powell News Conference to Protest Deaths

NYT: North Carolina Asks EPA to Force Others to Clean Air

Assasination attempt in tiwain

Kerry welcoming Dean to fray, but controversy could follow

(Today) March in San Francisco Starts Weekend of Anti-War Protests (NYT)

Officials unsure if body is missing woman's

(UK) Coke recalls controversial water

Ex-USA TODAY reporter faked major stories

Actor Paul Reubens (PeeWee) Pleads Guilty in Obscenity Case

Haitians slow to disarm

U.S. furious at Jamaica for embrace of Aristide

Kosovo: Violence Threatens Prospects For Multiethnic Society

Bush Marks First Anniversary of Iraq War (speech 11 AM Eastern)

Car Bomb Explodes Near Va. Power Building

Media panels: Fear of seeming unpatriotic prevented critical Iraq reportin

Two U.S. marines killed in Iraq

Powell Starts Surprise Visit to Baghdad (Reuters)

Bush Adm. was discussing bombing Iraq for 9/11 despite knowing Al Qaeda wa

Threats to Aristide supporters

Some in Bush's 'coalition of the willing' are suddenly losing their will

"Bin Laden's right-hand man slips net"

Spaniards Offended by Wolfowitz Comment

Top U.S. officer tells Aristide to keep quiet

Bush Campaign Gear Made In Burma (Bush Banned Burmese Imports)

U.S. National Parks Told to Quietly Cut Services

When you close your eyes, do you dream about me?

I just ate the BEST salad!

Heads up - Dave Chappelle & Carmen Electra on Letterman now

How much should rich people pay in taxes?

How much should poor people pay taxes?

I know I'm very late, but I'd like to wish everyone Happy Easter

My credit union (WA State Employees) started

"If you need anything...use the beamer'

Nevada killed me

Mike Webb is on internet.

Bush's federalized gaybashing deluxe

Honey just did it again!


Right now on TCM

I'm too attached (a rant)

ARRRGGGHHHH! Snowing again

So full...but so good...

Ever wanted to "Bop" Bush??????

graphic illustration of how the bush* plan for the economy works

Badda Bing, Badda Bang!! 500 Posts Pour Moi!!

I didn’t deserve this……

Son Hopes To Freeze His Parents

Sexier April MAXIM cover girl (trust me, click on this)

Should I see Dawn of the Dead, or The Passion

Do you have a favourite National Park?

Donald Trump Wants To Trademark "Your Fired!"

Princess . . . from the creators of South Park . . .

HELP!! Mathematical DUers!! I need a quick answer to a trig question

Liquid Cocaine Found In Fruit Juice Shipment

25 y.o. Man Marries His 80 y.o. Grandmother

Stand aside! I take large steps!

Eww, Daddy, this tastes like Gramma!

500 Dogs Saved From Cooking Pot

Scheduled our dog for surgery

Hair Company Bans Bald Man

Steve Bell cartoon: Shrub on 'appeasement'

Customer (Man) Wears See-Through Shorts, No Underwear - Workers Sue

Capturing audio?

Did Stern air that piece from Oprah Winfrey's show?

Chicken Soup for beer drinkers

David Lynch's very very creepy Dune is on the Space Channel

a Joke about religion and politics, probably seen here many times

Breaking: Strange breed of cats found on Mars!

J.J. Jackson, One Of MTV's First VJs, Dies At Age 62

Talk about Frivolous Lawsuits: Who hasn't Catherine Zeta Jones sued?

Austin Police Whip Out The Ol' Pepper Spray Again Last Night

Pagerbear joins the 700 Club!

That was my mother you just boned. (obscure)

If You Were A Contestant On Jeopardy, What Would 'YOUR' Category Be?

Bigger problems than steroids

Couple gets in fight and are arrested after Mel's Passion

Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Justice Is On The Take

Couple arrested after 'Passion' fight

How fast is your interent connection?

French Nutritionists Hail Big Mac Over Quiche

I finally moved my Win swap file; will I be sorry as long as I live?

NCAA's tourney 3 very important questions?

Bush is upset at Spain-will close down border between Spain and the US

High Noon voted top western

I need 2 chimpy* pics. Help!

GREAT FUN!!!! Bush Backdrop Generator

TRUE STORY: nine-year-old Indian girl was married to a dog



Is this guy wearing diapers?

What is Az's Spiderman dancing to?

The truth

Calgary/Vancouver DUers

"Calloo, Callay..Oh Frabjous Day"......FINALLY....

Alright people you see the gathering update on the home page?

I'm going home to WNY (Buffalo area) this weekend: Should I:

David Lynch's Return of the Jedi

Zoo Worker Dives Into Penguin Tank On Dare - Fired

favorite Mixed Drink recipe?

today's new Oxyrush advertisers

One more step towards hopeless dorkdom...

One more post till I reach a 1000

Trump Seeks to Trademark 'You're Fired'

Interesting update for those coming to the Boston DU Gathering on 4/3

7 Dirty Words

graphics wizards - help please!

Opinions needed

PROTEST: One year since the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq!

Zombie film 'will beat Passion'


True Story: Dog files for divorce from nine-year old Indian girl. Cites

I just flipped a pro-lifer off the freeway.


Venison? Oh, *raw* venison. Gee, sounds yummy.

70's Prog Rock battle: Yes vs. Genesis vs. Pink Floyd vs. ELP

Need sign idea for tomorrow

the perp walk to perdition of all CAPTIONs

I just flipped off someone I don't know, for expressing an opinion

NYC March on Saturday: DU Meet-up?

Caption: Our boys in Iraq sure know the enemy is chicken.....

Iraq one year later: Was it worth going to war? MSNBC poll

I am just seven hours old.

CAPTION the proof creationists can't deny

this is kinda neat . . . the evolution of computer icons . . .

Remember, where ever you go

Best/Favorite John Waters Movie?

I just flipped off a pro-lifer on the freeway.

Felonious Thunk is a SLACKER!!!

I saw Kenny Barron last night. Ask me anything.

You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Spurs beat the T'Wolves last night!

I just offed a pro-flipper on the freeway

Screw you guys...I'm going home

I picked Murray State to go to the sweet 16

To the fairest

What was Al Franken saying as this picture was taken?

Where's the reality in reality TV? Rant

Which married couple looks more natural together?

Rock Against Bush Vol 1

Is there anything that smells worse than pet farts?

Oh my God.... JJ Jackson was the on air dj in CAR WASH... Just saw it....

Snopes does another article on Skinner...

Guys-who's into blow jobs?

Just saw this sticker on a Prof's door at the U of Calgary (sheesh!)

Just saw "Touching The Void" last night - damn! DAMN!

Sky rockets in flight

Haiku Peace Talks thread

It's Ornette Coleman's birthday!

Puke or Soup?

Tits and ass.

new Hannity advertiser Pierce Clinic

Spidey & friends tearin' it up!

mower repair studs and studettes

DU bear check!

Rumsfeld Hosts No-Holds-Barred Martial Arts Tournament at Remote Fortress.

Does anyone know what happened to Resistance?

PC question about the history drop down menu?

O'Connor is Named "Arrid Total Woman"

It's a good day today!

Martin, Kline in new 'Pink Panther'?

My cat is dying....

Where the $$%^%^#$!!@@### is Matcom?????

Little guy from E. Tenn. St. putting on an audition for the NBA!!!

Cell phone question...

Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?

Has anyone seen this movie yet?

What song was in your head when you woke up today?

Boy, I'm in rare form today!

Friday only!! Kiss my hand and grovel before the 'W' - Free of charge!

1970s SOUL: My Tentative Top 10

college students in CT or RI . . . wanna make some money?

Haiku Flame War Redux

I Want To Rent bearfartinthewoods Sig Line! What's It Cost??

How are your brackets now...I am SMOKIN today

No I've had enough "cold medicine" what I need is some CAPTIONs

Caption: me and my chicks steppin' out.....

The Quirky Conference Call of all CAPTIONS!!!

the questionable gesture of all CAPTIONs

Stone Soul Picnic of all CAPTIONs

Tha Galloping Gourmet of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Ugh.. Emeril calls them freedom fries

The 'How sweet it is!' of all CAPTIONS!!!

Stupid Bush face #9,894

CAPTION: The ZOMBY edition

Where to get durable photos of our Dear Leader?

What are the best places to flirt?

What's the plural of "platypus"?

Skateboarding is awesome.

I'm outta here, and on my way to Crawford

Am I the only one...

First, waive hello to Dr. Phil

"Batman Begins" logo & website


you know what to DU with this CNN poll

Stuff that you or your Mom threw away.. and you want BACK..

Why do I still cook fish on Fridays in Lent??

What's your favorite swear word?

Don't you hate it when someone e-mails you without any specifics

Question about Voice Recognition Software

Gore Vidal on Bill Maher tonight (HBO) & Howard Dean,along with right-wing

Caption this moran

To all Protesting Tomorrow - Go In Peace and Love


Congratulations LeftPeopleFinishFirst!! 50,280 sneezes!


Robb's Inconsequential Photo Album

Post the most ridiculous image of Prog-Rock excess you can find....

DU beer check. My favorite is Okanagan Spring Lager brewed

Health Check - What's your resting heart rate?

Favorite Santana number

Junior's World Map

How do I get people to come to my website.

Any former fat kids?

Oh mommy I ain't no Commie - Any Brewer and Shipley Fans

CONFESS!!!!!!!! (just confess some dark secret about yourself)

Pregnant DU-ers.. KPFK is doing a great show about circumcision

Synchronized Spidey line dancing!

How often do you smoke cigarettes/illegal substances?

BBC/celeb video that will make Michael Powell wet his pants (language)

Is there a DU Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League out there?

So much death this past year...*sigh*

What should I do at the restaurant tomorrow?

I never had to knock on wood


Painting stairway - help with project!

Blues Battle: John Lee Hooker vs. Howlin' Wolf

How's your NCAA Bracket


I saw an anti-gay marraige bumper sticker yesterday

Any lawyers here? How bad is the lawyer job market?

Make your own Bush/Cheney Bumper stickers

Favourite teacher?

Let's do the high-fallutin' song titles again!

Erin and Lucky are getting along better

Festival Organizer - "It All Started With Our Giant Vagina"

What the HELL was Al Sharpton THINKING???? (Gag Alert)

Spring Equinox Celebrations?

It's an infection, NOT CANCER! Effin' Hoo, effin' RAY!

To everyone I said I'd meet in NYC tomorrow:

Another reason not to buy a SUV...

Random Movie Quote Thread!


Limerick or haiku insult thread

The Great DU Kerry Bumper Sticker A Thon

McCain on Hardball

How exactly does McCain help the ticket anymore than Breaux?

WP: Kerry Capitalizing on Party Resources to FIll Coffers

When do candidates announce their cabinet?

Bush Flip-Flops On Broccoli - A Window Into His Soul

Andy Borowitz...."Janet Jackson's boob morphs into Bush with caption....

Howard Dean Receives Backbone Award

Will any prominent Republicans endorse John Kerry?

Gallup: Importance of Iraq as 2004 Issue

Obvious Kerry ad to do on Bush - Lincoln Bedroom

McCain for Secretary of Defense?

Kerry's "votes against defense"

John McCain calls John Kerry "Strong" on Defense

Bush Speech: Iraq War = War on Terror

Bush smarter than Reagan?

Bush Campaign Gear Made In Burma (Bush Banned Burmese Imports)

New Kerry Slogan - Bring Him Out!

Time for straight talk!

GOP Web Video Pokes Fun at John Kerry

Joe Trippi (Dean campaign) & Melman (Bush campaign) on CSpan

Excellent Review of Brzezinski's New Book in NY Review of Books

It's payday for me, John Kerry and MoveOn

ways to say I want W gone....

Bush campaign close to writing off state as Democratic turf - Novak

George W Bush as seen by Europeans with Photoshop

Read this thread and learn

With all these bombs exploding in Baghdad, why are we not getting pictures

The Primary Process applied to the General Election

Where are all the Kerry / Bush polls?

Al Franken, Seriously

Nader attracting more GOP support in NH than Democratic support

CNN alters transcripts - edits out defenses to kerry

Dean people - have you learned anything about power from your experience?

Did Kerry really win Nomination? Did Bush in 2000?

Sean Hannity wants DU's help on his bogus online push poll again!!

Will Lincoln Chafee vote for Kerry?

Bush Leads In New Hampshire

Poll on *'s ads

Statement from John Kerry on One Year Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq

Big News from 21st Century Democrats-Partnership with Howard Dean!

Could Poland's Kwasniewski Be One Of Kerry's Supporters?

I know it's a dupe - but have to comment on Howard Dean on CNN

Howard Dean is kicking Crowley's arse!

WP: Kerry overcoming Bush $$$ advantage?

A toast to Howard Dean

Create your own Bush/Cheney bumper sticker!

I've done a 180 on Kerry for pres..

John Kerry's long-term campaign strategy.

Kerry supporters heads up on media tricks/counter efforts..

Kerry's bad week

Inland (CA) Dean backers vow continued political work

Read this (Iraq) quote, & try to guess which party the speaker belongs to.

How much does Nader have to poll to become "viable"?

Here's why John McCain can't be Kerry/VP! On eve of Iraq Invasion.....

Kucinich to Address Thousands at New York City Peace Rally Saturday

Something we can use to destroy *

Wes Clark on CNN right now!

Rasmussen - Ohio: Kerry 45% Bush 41%

Kerry tumbles, sweats through a vacation of extreme sports

Governor Romney Tries to Trip Up DEM Convention...

I can no longer support Howard Dean.