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Archives: March 21, 2004

She's not a reporter -- she just plays one on TV (*'s Medicare "news" )

Iraq War: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Iraq War (Guardian)

One year on: Blair told it’s time to quit

MoDo is pretty good in tomorrow's NYT

Blair Lays Low During Iraq Anniversary

Making a Left at the Mike

Credibility is the thread that ties this whole election together.Josh M.

Russell Shorto (NYTimes Magazine): Al Franken, Seriously

Fright-Wing Support

Know thine enemy (Observer)

For Black America, The Thrill of Powell and Rice Is Gone

Devastating: Soldiers' last letters home

Watching Fox News NYC 10AM EST Saturday

I marched in Denver today.

Massive Medicine Wheel Set for May 8, 2004

Pennsylvania Legislators consider extending assault-style weapons ban

Moderator has gone Thread-Lock crazy

rules clarification, please

I know you guys have a lot to DU around here...

Police arrest soldier in Jewish terror cell case

Learn how to attack Gaza as the Israelis do … from the army itself

Great cartoon

One of the many reasons they hate us.

Do you support the war? Newsday poll hosted Kris Kristofferson in Austin today

Clarke says Bush demanded 9-11 Iraq Connection

WTF is going on with these moderators????

"They seemed normal but plotted to kill thousands..."

Thank you, marchers

World's First Publicly Traded Marijuana Company....(medical)

Crooked Campus Politics - We're training them young.

Oliver Stone and Fidel, HBO and CBC

GW (Bizzaro Robin Hood) Bush, Steals from the Poor and Gives to Rich.

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

Novak Reads DU!!

Bush campaign item made in burma (who we are banned from doing trade with)

News coverage of protests against war is awesome

Jobless Recovery

Good Mark Fiore, No Jobs Recovery for the Evening here on DU

A Profile in Courage:Karla Drenner

OK - so what happened to "Al-Zawahiri is cornered?"

Just got back from my first protest.

It's happening all over the place...the end is near...

War has made them advocates for peace

world and home protests against slime ball

I know why the terror alert was raised to orange today.

DU this barfy poll

Bush might be better off if he goes back to Crawford.

Where Coup Plots Are Routine, One That Is Not

*PLEASE* DU this poll!!!

Question: Prison as alternative to Draft...

Is it time for a debate between Bush and Kerry ?

Clarke says Bush demanded 9-11 connection

Garner was sacked after opposing privatisation in Iraq

Peak oil - is it a distraction set up by republicans?

Govt. trying to stop testimony about Aryan Republican Army in Nichol's case

FYI: John Kerry on Meet the Press

thank you DUers for inspiring me!

9/11: Evidence Bush Knew

Sentimental Journey - Howard Dean Nostalgia

Freepers shouting out their truck at me

wore a kerry button at a street festival and got great reaction (in AZ)

Maybe I need to take a break from following politics

Constitution Restoration Act of 2004...anyone read this?

You Can Find It on eBay: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

U.S. agency subpoenas airlines over loan board

Bush `Ignored Terrorism for Months,' Clarke Tells `60 Minutes'

ABC: Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job' (More from Richard Clarke)

CBS: Did Bush Press For Iraq-9/11 Link?

U.S. Chopper Attacks Pakistan (!?!) by Mistake, Wounds 3

Guantánamo Detainees Deliver Intelligence Gains

China blocks Li Peng's memoirs

Thai leader says he's closing in on militant leaders

Crisis in Haiti: Hundreds of bodies pile up in morgue

US Afghan allies committed massacre

Businesses Point Workers Toward Ballot Boxes (GOP sees as boon)

Spirit Switches to Airbus Fleet

McVeigh Evidence May Be in Nichols' Case

2 Million Miles, Makeshift Armor and No Fatalities (VA Guard Unit "Lucky")

(UK's) Iraq war chest 'will be empty by July'

Carbon dioxide level rising

US professor faked anti-Semitic attack

Eisenhower Planned Emergency Government

Pakistan hedges on ID of ‘high-value’ target

Blair bans Labour Party delegation from flying to Join Kerry's coronation

They seemed normal but plotted to kill thousands (right-wing terrorists)

Engagement Is a Constant in Kerry's Foreign Policy

Fresno Sheriff arrests Peace Fresno Officer who called the police

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

Watching City Confidential - RIP Paul Winfield.

"What do the five fingers say to the face?"

have digital pictures from the Santa Fe protest

ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the Gay and Lesbian Business Expo today. Ask me anything!

Wow! Alabama's beating Stanford

He's not smart, a C student

Give 'em hell for me.

*It* was in my mail today, I just got back in from getting the mail.

100 pirates vs 100 ninjas

yes or no

I'm watching the first season of Starsky and Hutch

Anime and psychological thriller fans

Questions about Linux

Self-appointed authority: "Musicians don't know shit about what's good."

Are you bothered by commercials which humanize inanimate foods?

Big, giant thanks to rainbowgrrl24 (re: march in Fayetteville)

MTV's Spring Break will be broadcast all week...

Which lower-seeded team has the best chance of pulling off an upset Sunday

Yippie! I know how to build a tire!

"I'm dead sexy!"

If you were casting "Gunsmoke, the movie"

What does a person need to do to get more DU bumper stickers ??

The Kennebunkport Hillbilly

Gravity bongs

Are you bothered by commercials which animate inhuman animals?

Big-ass update to my 1960s Soul Music webpage

I grilled a top sirloin steak today. Ask me anything

My boy dog pees like a girl dog

Jet streaks in the Orlando sky! Re: Bush's visit.

Favorite Baer?

Favorite Bare...

Did someone take a DU logo and put it on a credit card?

Whoa! I just saw a UFO!

I like George. Do you like George too?

Favorite Cover of "Light my fire" - These boys are sick!!

Don't be a good neighbor f***er! (Blue Velvet fans check in)

Breaking: Fox is about to discuss possible new Osama:Saddam link

Brand new news from 1998! Ronald buys a sombrero!


I soooooo don't want to be at work right now!

Are you an Anglepoise?

Who was the best college basketball player of all time?

The Jimmy Kimmel Show isn't worth not having Bill Simmons

If your boss tells you to write down everything you do and send in a

Hey, who was at the Children's Museum today in the "ABB" T-shirt?

Favorite Bear?

Is it OK to stay home on a Saturday Night?

Hey, your mom called...she said "MOO!".

Ahh, alpenglow... (pics)

Favorite cocktail drink?

Got my DU bumper sticker in the mail today.

Anybody else thrilled that both Stanford and Gonzaga lost???

What trade magazine is in your bathroom at your place of employment

Daeling with Car salespeople is like:

Somebody has hijacked my screen name

My on-line marriage proposal to HEyHEY:

Saturday night chat

I'm starting to look less like John Cusack and more like Joe Strummer

Need a new computer game

Which movie should I watch tonight?

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 & Thunderbird rawk

Sunday is demolition day for The Vet

Well, what do you think? - (please leave coments)

have you ever seen Peter, Paul & Mary Live in Concert?

My all time NCAA Team

Listening to Roy Orbison for the first time

You know what sucks? Apple pie.

Is it just me or does every women feel self-conscious about her body?

Sammy Hagar to rejoin Van Halen?

Are you an Anglophile? Are you more of an Anglophile than me?

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!

Diner serves Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...& Spam

Jet-Lag Recovery Time


favorite bayer?

Is it wrong to like Jimmy Buffett?


Air America to begin broadcasting March, 31.

The official nurse appreciation thread

Which team that has made the Sweet 16 as of now has the best chance

PC Gamers: What are you currently playing?

Favorite Beer?

Since Doctor Who is coming back to the BBC...

Doctor Seuss on the USA

Bush Calls Incumbency Key Issue Of Campaign (the Onion)

I love Bush spending lots of money

Which Gore states are vulnerable this time around and vice versa…

Let them know you are out there...

About Bush's campaign spending: the Kerry rope-a-dope strategy

Unemployed in California? Nader needs a state coordinator.

Kerry hits the slopes, shrugs off assault

I want to see a Bush as Yale cheerleader commercial.

RNC spoofs Kerry as Austin Powers in new Web ads

If Kerry picks Clark as his running mate now...

$10 million in 10 days lagging....

"Dem primary w/out Dean & Edwards - no spine, no soul."

today it's John Lewis on Kerry's site request for campaign funds

We're taking over the local DFL

Which are the most solidly blue and red states, in your opinion?

Thank you to those who went out and protested the war today.

my electoral analysis

Dean will be on Face The Nation tomorrow morning

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

Alabama Democrats optimistic about Kerry's chances

A personal message from Dennis.....

can John Kerry/Howard Dean ticket win ?

Could someone tell me what idiot told Kerry to go on a ski vacation?

URGENT! DNC FLASH AD SUCKS! WE WILL LOSE if this isn't fixed immediately!!

Steve Bell cartoon...

The Year of Delusion (Sydney Morning Herald)

President's political dream scheme is becoming a nightmare (Medicare)

Quid Pro Quack

Texas: Health cuts hurt children as well as families, many say

About 450 march...

Nation-Building Exposes GOP's House Divided

Weapons of Medicare Destruction

Saddam blinded W to Osama - Ex-aide slams Bush

Ralph Nader: A traitor to himself?

The Damage Done

Hero du jour: Karen Kwiatkowski (article archive)

The bad math of mercury - good points on the far Christian right

Victory at any cost (Medicare-Opinion- BaltimoreSun)

Spinning the Past, Threatening the Future

Virginity vows: back to the '50s

The Smell of a Real Scandal (Medicare- Jonathan Alter)

Bush* Critics Are Missing True Enemy

Pictures from Los Angeles protest march

Report: 9/11 Truth visibility rocks the March 20th demo in NYC

Faceted browsing

Fears Impacted U.S. Reporting on Iraq

Will the 9/11 hearings this week

Calling in to the Guy James show.

Kennedy lays down the law to Cheney and Bush...with Russert

Gore Vidal on Real Time With Bill Maher - Video

What's the name of the new liberal radio network?

How do planets get their names? (BBC)

Please sign the Defense Of Pluralism Act Petition

NYT: Managing the Deficit with Plans to Spend

Uchitelle in 03/21 NYT: Managing Deficits through Spending

Commentary: The death of the consumer is greatly exaggerated

Greenspan's Treason- What they are doing behind closed doors

Planet Panorama: See Five Worlds at Once

Angelina Jolie Donates $50,000 for Darfur Refugees

LAT: Nation-Building Exposes GOP's House Divided

Left Takes First Round In French Election

Assault Weapons Proliferation

Is this true??/

Skinner, clarification on one of your comments here please...

Why does DU allow pictures of naked black children to remain on the boards

THINKING BIG: Making the DU INDISPENSABLE In National Politics

I don't know where the alert button is but Post #5 bears looking at

IDF troops kill six Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Sharon pitches go-it-alone plan

More than 25 hurt during anti-fence protest near Dir Kadis

Hatred at Faneuil Hall by Alan Dershowitz

Philip D Zelikow - Executive Director 9/11 Commission AND

What would be most likely target of Al Qaeda nuke?

Could this work?

The "Fox News Democrats" - Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller, Dick Morris...

Funny show on c-span, comics on political humor, Colbert. Trudeau, Carey

Hilarious anti-Kerry freeper gibberish

Don't Forget................

It has been pretty slow here lately. Why that is a really good thing...

Cleaning up the mess from this war will take many years

Websites to track political money...

Na, there is no Global Warming? "3rd warmest December-February on record."

Businesses Point Workers Toward Ballot Boxes

Fayetteville Online coverage of our antiwar protest

I need a special Bushism

Rant about 'mea culpas'

Bush's Bagmen

Microsoft Deletes 2 Characters from Office Font

I truly don't understand

US Unloading WMD In Iraq- what do you make of these stories?

When Kerry wins...

Once Again - The Daily CNN Poll

What ARE these people looking at?

The right decision at the right time in waging 'war' on terrorism?

Why, when mentioning the protests yesterday, do they refer to the

If the election is close and goes to Kerry?

Will Tony Blair win a third term?

Even with Bush's "great" week, his approval still 48 percent

Best Rant of All Time

Sunday MSNBC Poll

So Condi Rice won't appear before 9-11 commission??

Poll: Can Bush convince allies to continue support?

Caption this little gem!

Even with Nader in mix, bush* is only 2 points ahead of Kerry

Matthews is really going after Kerry

The 9/11 Family Steering Committee: 23 questions for Bush

Media coverage of protests this morning SUCKS

Enjoy a (B)ush (K)new Whopper while watching 60 Minutes tonight..

"Thousands Cheer As Bush Mocks Kerry"

The Smell of a Real Scandal

Try to catch 60 Min. tonight

What can we do to ensure that the "liberal radio" forum is

Daily U.S. Casualites 3/21/2004

Shun U.S. race, Blair orders colleagues

News on Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"

Richard Clarke also drew up the plan used in Afghanistan

Philip D Zelikow - Executive Director 9/11 Commission AND

MTP: Question about troop support for Iraq War

fox news aired the word FUCK

something that should be looked into

Smirk has paid Vance International $750,000 and climbing

Bush...India callers making fundraising calls...?

Your Sunday Service: Rant

Trust, but Verify

Nonstop GOP documentaries on Biography Channel Canada

83 year old votes Democratic for the first time in her life. . .

After 1 year in Iraq....

Just sent this email to Tweety is linked to the Drudge Report

What time is it? How about TIME FOR TRUTH

Police remove people wearing anti Bush tee shirts

Late edition CNN Wolfie NOW 11:15AM

Watch Out Hollywood a wolf in sheep's clothing coming to your gardens

Take this Poll: Should we have gone to war in Iraq

Santa Barbara National Guard Armory Vandalized!

Bellingham, WA protest yesterday.

Isn't anyone watching MTP?

Wierd MTP with Kennedy - but he zings Russert at the end

Disarming Iraq - Hans Blix coming up on C-Span 2

Bush* vs. Kerry- It's like watching a train wreck

"God loves you, and I love you."

arlen spector

Overkill..... as usual

Biden on TW

I must ask again: Why did Bush do nothing about the Cole bombing?

Mrs. Venation's Response to an Ignorant LTTE

Why wouldn’t voters reject Nader for the USSC appointments alone?

Are there any threads from pitt or anyone else who attended the ny protest

We made a difference in our paper's "Astroturf" LTTE policy

some 3-20 "protest" articles

Henry Waxman on George Stephanophilis

I have a solution to troop shortages

Bush is for moral clarity, except when there is buck to be made.

letters from soldiers in iraq - nytimes

Dear CNN/Wolf - Trump is not news

Serious question for DU econimists...

Bi-Polar Extremism: Old Muslim woman in mall tells young girl to wear veil

The whole world's laughing at the U.S. -- in more ways than one.

AOL Welcome Screen:

Yeah Me !!!!!

Noam Chomsky's Vancouver Speech

Russell Simmons on Mahr

word experts pls

Daniels'(R) Kentucky joke a compliment, he says

June 10....Jesus Day in Iraq? Bush had it in Texas

Cheney--5 deferments draft dodger deluxe hit on him

A Will Pitt blast from the past: The Terrorists Flew and Bush Knew

Let's hook up the entire country to a lie detector...

Doesn't it piss you off that drunken, cowardly Bush* is mocking Democrats?

Party pooper - Just what kind of Democrat is Max Baucus, anyway?

Boy king campaign reaches new low regarding Kerry's service

What the US left needs to do

Gore Vidal said,"I was in WWII and the Iraq War was no WWII.."

Will pollsters bias their sampling universe to keep Bush at 49%?

Polling fraud is a required prerequisite for BBV voting fraud...

For everyone freaking out about Kerry's chances...

Republican talking points...

Should Tenet be fired as the first act of the new Kerry Administration ?

Anyone notice the new Army commercials for the NCAA tournament?

Did You Happen To See David "Axis-Of-Evil" Frum On Bill Maher's Show?

Did the US appease Al Qaeda by leaving Saudi Arabia?

10 Days Till Air America!

Let's get our war chest ready for the freak invasion that is sure to come

How Much Violence With There Be In New York?

The Made For TV Presidency

Why does Bush hide so much?

9/11 Truth visibility rocks the March 20th demo in NYC

Doonesbury back on the AWOL chimp...

operation Catcher's Mitt -- ever heard of it? Ashcroft squashed it.

Bush has put Kerry on the defensive this week....

Not sure where to put this.

That Faux and Fiends (sic)

Help me shoot down this FREEPer mail...

What is Kerry's foreign policy?

Did the Dems object to Bu$h's bypass of the Constitution?

effin' criminals: watch 60 Mins. tonight: Read this from TPM ---

the rally I went to in Olympia WA w/pics

Peace march in Toledo Ohio w/pics

DEMOCRACY 101: how hard should it be to reform the Constitution?

Chicago M20 report: Lots of good pictures of police, protesters, freepers

Did anyone videotape the Saturday Bush Florida rally from C-Span?

In the News: Wesley Clark, Richard Clarke, Victoria Clarke

Local News in Detroit giving Clarke story good play

State Department "warns" Americans abroad

What BushCo is all about: It's the War Profiteering, stupid!

Storm Warnings: Bin Laden was a threat but Clinton never pushed it.

Got back from a Democratic candidate fair in Denver. Ask me anything.

Richard Clarke? C'mon, Bush was on vacation so much he didn't do ANYTHING!

Blast from the Past: The BushCo Conflict of Interest Encyclopedia

Al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes

Reminder: Watch 60 Minutes tonight !

It's official. 9/11 is clinton's fault!

Republican myths. I will start with one.

Sec. of State of Fl. Glenda Hood picks up where Harris left off.

Jeb will be Mad -- Unions Gaining Florida Workers

Arlen Specter....spinning in the wind

Enron still the top career patron of GWB

This is rich!!!! Col. Campenni's letter to the Wash Times defending *

A blast from the past: 1980 presidential debate

Get Your Free Kerry Bumper Sticker Now at!

I got a personal email from a DU lurker!

Free Republic flashback...Anti-American Leftists list.

How I Urge People To Watch 60 Minutes Tonight

"How do I hate thee, let me count the ways": Bush vs our troops

This is funny: Freepublic's version of a "I'm leaving DU" thread

Why does it seem Michael Moore died?

Great Letter in My Local Newspapter, Under 200 Words

Is anyone still being taken in by Bush’s “aw shucks” image?

LIHOP & MIHOP DUers: How will Bush spin Al Qaeda has suitcase nukes story?

John McCain and Chuck Hagel say that Kerry will be strong on defense !

"Another mysterious accident solves a Bush problem."

MUST, MUST READ: 9/11 and BushCo: Compelling Evidence for Complicity

URGENT PLEA TO DU: Please Create an "Advice To Kerry" Forum ASAP

CSPAN Now...Kerry replay of 1971 testimony to Congress

Congratulatory thread for American Pro-Peace Patriots March 20th

DEMOCRACY 101: what should be done about all those non-voters? maniacs mock all environmental concerns

This time the protests are coming from the heartland

Why do Americans relish ignorance and stupidity?

What is the deal with the leftist Nader extremists? Why is this an issue?

God spoke to me and told me Bush is an idiot

Families Demand Exec. Director of 9/11 Commission Resign!

Oh jesus the army just called me help me DU please read please read

AWOL solider pledges to wage no more war

My response to a RW post on another web forum about the protests

Karen Kwiatowski on History channel right now spilling the beans!

How Elections Should Be Conducted: Public Hand Counts

sorry, but some of this IS funny. caution

Operation Black Eagle--Ollie North

What if the Dem states seceded?

We have to dispel the "liberal media myth".

"All things being equal, we are a lot better off with saddam hussein

Vance International -- Shrub/CHEENEE's Stormtroopers

Fox: Desperate WH trying to defuse Clarke 60 Minutes interview!

Official *Bush White House Scandal Thread #2

Here is a no child left behind analagy that will help those understand t

"If I see you or any of your comrades from Dem Underground ..."

Reporter following trail of corruption in EU arrested

Ex-Adviser Says Bush Ignored Terror Threats

Sources: Two Israelis suspected of smuggling weapons to Iran

Ex-Nicaragua Chief Aleman Taken to Prison

Iraq pullout all but inevitable for Zapatero

No proof Kosovo children were drowned by Serb attackers: UN

'Two large rockets hit U.S. compound in Iraq' - *Link*

Centcom: One Soldier Killed, Two Injured In Vehicle Accident

NYT, p.1: Concerns Raised Over Consultants to Pension Funds

Bush Turns His Back on Fight for Patients' Rights

G-P (Georgia-Pacific) offers voluntary exit before layoffs (200 jobs)

Henry Waxman on George Stephanophilis

The Smell of a Real Scandal

Iraq: Blair and Bush seek new UN backing

Congo Authorities Seize Illegal Uranium

Bush campaign gear made in Burma

LAT: A Source of (qualified) Optimism (Iraq's oil, a year later)

Cheney, energy and Iraq invasion

Kerry seeks balance, Bush readies barrage

Two Israelis suspected of planning Iran arms deal

Haiti's interim chief praises gang leader

Pakistan Army Hunts Militants, Elders Urge Truce

ETA want to talk with Zapatero - report

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Fallujah attack

Stocks Set to Churn as Attack Fears Hover

Arrest mars Fresno anti-war rally (Fresno Bee)

Free Republic Targets Peace Fresno - Key organizer...arrested

Rebuilding Iraq a lucrative job

Current Iraq news related to casualties and wounded

Gov. Bush fills another post with another lobbyist

Liberians stranded at border amid coup fears

U.S. Denies That Airstrike Took Afghan Civilian Toll

Concerns Raised Over Consultants to Pension Funds

Secular Government Wins Malaysia Election

LAT: Kerry Challenged by Harsh Campaign

In Louisiana, a Pension Official Blows the Whistle on Adviser Conflicts

U.S. Will Retain Power in Sovereign Iraq

U.S. said to train Saddams officers for new army

Afghan Minister, 50 to 100 Others Killed

US directing operations in Pakistan border battle

Plenty to Blame for Terror (says) Republican Lawmaker

Annan seeks iraq "fraud" inquiry--Cheney profits from oil for food.

WP: Thousands in Manhattan Protest War, Urges U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq

The Bush doctrine has been turned on its head

Blair lays low during Iraq anniversary

Missionaries murdered - Uganda

Afghan Aviation Minister Assassinated

Mother's grief turns to anger over war

Ballot fraud charges investigated (Miami)

WP, p.1: Engagement Is a Constant in Kerry's Foreign Policy

CNN ends up with much egg on its face (Aaron Browns high-value target)

US decency campaign homes in on new target: radio knitting show

Kerry Studying Clarke Book on Iraq

Haiti paying dearly for revolt

NYT: A Bush Surprise: Fright-Wing Support (Vomit alert - GOPunks)

53 journalists killed in 2003 (15 in Iraq)

Al Qaeda boast: We have suitcase nukes

LondonTms:DNA Test on Corpse Will Reveal If It Is (al-Zawahiri)

Kerry Accuses Blair Over Ulster Report

El Salvador Casts Ballots for President

FRANCE regional elections: The Left wins !

Iraqi Child Struggles to Adjust to Losses

Families Demand Exec. Director of 9/11 Commission Resign.

Abourezk can sue Web site ( put him on "traitors list")

Alleged mercenaries hit with 6th charge

Kerry Campaign has $2.4 million on hand

Insurgent Attacks Kill 2 U.S. GIs in Iraq

Gee, look who's 'outsaucing' | Times of India

C-SPAN now. Politics and comedy.

Tonight, I dissed Bush live on the radio.

I baked a cherry pie today

There is no dark side of the moon really.

Evidently, they pity me now

Oh man, please tell me this isn't real

Tongue Twisters

Am I living in bizaroo world?

Damn, I'm good!

What should I do right now?

The ultimate #2 hit song of all time

A Prayer for England

Post your bad advice horror tales

Seven Turns

*sigh* Still counting the days, since you left me

Alabama Public Television

Where should I stick it?

I am sooo bored.

Wish you were here

Is everyone pissy/in a Blue Funk today?

Saw the ghost of Elvis...

Mods please delete.

Your contributions to The Bush-to-English Dictionary?

When is it appropriate in a relationship to discuss finances?

100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English

Can someone recommend a digital camera......

If Red and Blue states came together

Tax breaks for the rich working.

I just discovered Celebrity Playlists at iTunes - (Tom Petty)

213 things never to do in the Military...

When in a relationship should you discuss the relationship?

10 beers later. Should I call it quits now?

Is Kenny Chesney a repuke?

Austin, Tx area DUers, know of any good fishing guides ?

What ARE these people looking at?

"It is not I who am is I who am mad!"

It's the end of the world as we know it

Tonight's SNL: new or repeat? n/t

Hot diggity, now we can get Americal Idol perfume!!!!!!

Audioslave working on new album.

Never pet an electric eel.

What do you do when some burglars enter your house?


The Taylor, Tx Rattlesnake Roundup is in 2 weeks.

The Latin Words "Id Tenendum Verum" Appear On The Stage Riser

Was Bush wearing a bullet-proof vest today?

My Silly Solution for Stress Reduction

Okay...we have "most mispronounced" about most misspelled?

Caption this little gem!

Do you really want me to continue the #2 Hits polls?

Anyone know of a website

Battle of the Bands: Oingo Boingo vs. Was (not was)

I love Delbert McClinton!

Yeah Me !!!!!

What's Tommy's birthday? (Another Who thread...)

Mr. President......

I found the perfect theme song for Dubya Bush!

I think I may have given myself a concussion last night.

Today sent a message to the world

Question for Computer Geeks

CAPTION W showing what he thinks of those not on the right

CAPTION the strange blurring of patriotism

i hate cablevision

Lil' ol' Nevada busts into sweet sixteen!!!!!!!!

How many lights do YOU see?

Food allergy vs food poisoning symptoms

Xavier's close to pulling the upset

I just donated to DU


DU AZ with Zombywoof. This is your last warning!

Harry and the Hendersons is on AMC

Blues Musicians Get Help Overcoming Hard Times (NY Times)

What kind of Doctor should sir_captain become?

We're going to Fort Lauderdale (Pembroke Pines)

Warnings Or Pat Advice Your Mother Gave You .....

Bargain at't Miss Out !!

DU Techies: (Another) firewall question...

Rate our Bush Protest Puppet on Yahoo News Photos

1000 Posts and only one thing to say. Donate

Any fans of the mini-series "Fresno"?

What the heck does your DU buddy list do?

Saving for retirement sucks...

Who loves the Allman Brothers?

2 reasons for an upset stomach today...

Check this out - Does Bush know his left from his right?

how do i use a proxy

New Bush Ad Aimed at CANADA !

Ever break a bone?

Just got back from the Dances of Universal Peace, ask me anything!

Congratulations Feanorcurufinwe!! 10,000 posts


Entertainment question about "Miss Saigon"

What do (some) women want? ... A Microsoft Man

Blue State things to do

Help me spend my book budget!

what are you currently eating?

I'm back from Spring Break...

What do you think of these wallpapers

Rationales on drinking, OK or NOT ?

Coddleston, Coddleston, Coddleston pie


two pictures of my mini dachshund

i'm so tired. Ask me nothing....

Found in John Hinkley's Mail...

Minnesota DUers!

Do you drink water?

I read this article about Laura Bush in the Chicago Tribune today.

Have you used any good firewall testing sites?

Got protest pics? Please link us up here!

Are you an anglerfish?

All right. Who else got the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign mailing?

What do you REALLY want to do for a living?

Dawn of the Dead is an incredible, political movie.

What’s your favorite fruit????


Donors to the John Kerry campaign check in here

Favorite John Lennon (solo) song?

Sunday At The Movies!

Jazz sucks!

Favorite Billy Joel song?

Looks like it's another second place for DENNIS!

Just saw a Bush ad from 2000...

Kerry and Bush: Vacation photo comparison

Anyone else experiencing media whiplash?

DK coming up on fox and friend this hour 9am eastern sunday

Great site for tracking the money race

Some free advice for the Kerry campaign

Do any DUers who voted for Bush in 2000 plan to vote for Kerry this year?

I wish JK had chosen Colorado instead of Idaho as his Skiing destination

Did Anyone See Dean on Face The Nation?

15 mistakes made by Bush this last week

This year's "Al Gore is a Liar" mantra is....

A variation on a question

Have you noticed that the people who demand the right to criticize Kerry...

How to improve Kerry's chances

Kerry adds spokesmen to team

Hey Bush*. "Name names." Good piece by Gene Collier,

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Kerry has $2.4 million cash on hand - Bush has $110 million

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come on guys, $10000000 in 10 days!!!

Kerry Campaign has $2.4 million on hand


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Lieberman: "No Basis For" Richard Clarke's Charge Against Bush

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