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Archives: March 22, 2004

Where did jobs go? Look in Bangalore (Part 1 of series)

Interesting article on US and British and CIA imperialism over time

Knight-Ridder Article on U.S.- European Conflicts

Pentagon Bankrolls Swedish Embryonic Stem Cell Study

A War's Woeful Results

Ending the Endless War: DU article by Jack Rabbit

Carter slams Blair and Bush: War Based on Lies

Hunger filled with dire consequences


George Bush...

Thanks to amen1234 for representing Wyoming in NYC on 3/20

Portland, OR m-20 photo essay

3-20 protests: news articles

Protest Bush in Boston March 25, 2004

NPR: Clarke's "bombshell" is the least important news item

Anyone making a video clip of the 60 Minutes segment? Nomad559?

Richard Clarke on 60 Minutes - Video

every time I look around

Gay Holocaust Denier Dumped By GOP

Cop Acquitted In Lesbian Rape Trial

Another Pyramid Scheme finds trouble.

BBC (March 22): Saudis criticise US reform plan

Rallies mark anniversary of Iraq conflict

I really object to your moving my post on 60 Minutes!

I PROTEST This Locked Thread

This is crap.

What happened to Homer?

Bush offered solution to Palestinian-Israeli Conflict 1/28/04

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Killed in Israeli Strike

Australia tightens maritime security due to fears of "floating bombs

Richard Clarke's indictment of Bush -- anything like it before?

When does Kerry come back from the slopes?

CBS Showing Basketball Game - While 60 Minutes Waits

yippe ki just hit triple digits


How about our own 60 Minutes thread!

The propaganda hook: The "News" Anchor

Is Bush even campaigning yet? A $2,000/person fundraiser is preaching...

Clarke book excerpts - Former terrorism adviser describes top U.S. officia

Vanity Fair: Bev and BBV, Neil Bush's divorce, Conrad Black, a long

CNN Poll (not scientific)

Read this--it's pretty damn funny!

Question for LIHOPers

Faux doing puff piece now on Rumdum-Greta next w/intrvw, CYA post-Clarke?

The 1st episode of The Lone Gunmen - downloadable copy of whole episode

I need to say that if bush gets elected..................

Mister Nader stand down

Clarke has just forced all Americans to take a cold, hard look at BushCo.

Carter and Decency

I am beginning to suspect that all the revelations about "*"...

Freepers in denial.

Richard Clarke Proved One Thing For Sure Tonight

My rebuttal to a winger about the tax burden and defecit issues.

Clarke gave political cartoonists an explicit picture of b*sh + his cards

Galloway (British MP) wins damages for Saddam slur

this is hilarious

Great footage on c-Span: young Kerry

FCC to fine those that question God?

anybody else having trouble ordering against all enemies

Thnk Gawd DRUDGE Ain't Replicated/Duplicated/Sucklicated

Jimmy Carter piles on * and Blair

kerry on cspan

Why didn't our senators know anything about what Clarke is talking about

Response from Conrad Burns (R-MT) re: FMA (sounds like he's leaning NO)

And now the ball is in the court of the 9/11 Commission....

Check out main pages for CNN and MSNBC.....

Look at this! My stepsons unit is all over the news

Leslie Sahl Tonight--A Study in Media Fear....pathetic

Clear Channel: Know the myths

I think we all should stand behind Bush....

I am beginning to suspect that all the revelations about "*"...

Will Clarke's interview and new evidence about obsession with Iraq

Judith Miller wrote the Clarke story

Great 60 Minutes interview tonight with Richard Clarke, BUT....

NCLB sports ...easy to grasp the concept now!!!--f#%k Bush

Comcast Cable Went OUT During 60 Minutes!!!!

Peter Werbe show due to start in about ten minutes...

I cannot wait to hear what Hannity and Coulter have to say!

The White House is answering Clarke

I've been on DU for 9 mos. What does BFEE mean!

My snowboarding trip with a republican

The Official "Unhinged Freepers Soiling Themselves" -Clarke thread

Interesting...Biden & Leiberman defend Bush regarding RClark allegations

Okay you gutless "liberals," I'm calling you out....

Right Wing "talking points" on Richard Clarke (60 Minutes)

Clarke says Rice acted as if she never heard of Al-Qaida

"Official" 60 minutes thread

The decisive leadership of GW Bush

Make your prediction. Will the media bury the Clarke story?

"charge card Republicans!"

C'mon, DUers, FLOOD 60 Minutes with positive feedback!

Thank you DU, you are the only support we have

The official and unofficial Bush critics' list

Founder of Hamas killed by Israel air strike....on CNN now !

Must See Movie: The Corporation

Did Saddam Really Gas the Kurds?

Trash-A-Journalist: This Week, Ann Coulter

How damaging was Clarke's interview to Bush?

Who will buy and read Clarke's book? Available on Amazon Monday.

Reflections on the Crawford Protest - It was a Beautiful Day!

It is unfair of Clarke (and O'Neill) to expect Bush decisiveness

I like British Prime Minister's Questions.

DRAFT Timeline -- (must read) Shows how Bush plans June 15, 2005 LOTTERY

Left un-said on 60-Minutes tonight:

"True Love Waits" for gay youth?

Democrats Have No Balls

Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani Warns UN Not to Back Constitution

Iraqi Human Rights Official Says Saddam Trial Not Far Away--New WMW

Justice Curtailed HIghly Classified Program to Monitor Al Qaeda in US

Mother of Muslim chaplain wants apology

Iraq war chest "will be empty by July" (UK)

Delivery Delays Hurt U.S. Effort to Equip Iraqis

NY Times: Former Terrorism Official Criticizes White House on 9/11

WP: Aide's Book Details Bush* 9/11 Response

Hamas leader killed

Al Qaeda Has Nukes

Certified marijuana may be made available in pharmacies

Hamas Leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Killed

New PM flies in to praise rebel gang (Haiti)

Interesting...Biden & Leiberman defend Bush regarding RClark allegations

War on Islamic militants is a stunt, say Pakistan tribal leaders

Ex-Adviser Blasts Bush's Terror Response

US marines shoot, wound 2 men in Haiti

Changing of the Guard: As Commitments Grow, National Guard Losing Members

Running on a Campaign Trail Paved in Comfy Feathers

Christians Try To Censor Georgia School's Reading List

Soldier Killed In Explosive Attack

Top UN Inspectors: War wasn't justified

Shell 'planning 1,500 job cuts'

Carter savages Blair and Bush: 'Their war was based on lies'

FBI Budget Squeezed After 9/11 (Counter-terror funds WH cut two-thirds)

Suspicions drive polio-vaccine boycott in Nigeria

Oh wow, the last South Park was funny...

UK up by one 29 sec. left.

Battle of the hip-hop political titans

Just Got back From Seeing My Red Sox Win A Spring Training Game

Went for a hike today-Providence Canyon SP, GA

Need help re: DVD player

How Gandhi Defined the Seven Deadly Sins

Steamy politics in the sauna

Help! I'm obsessed!! They don't google!!!

Okay you gutless "liberals," I'm calling you out....

yippe ki just hit triple digits

UAB has a huge upset of number 1 Kentucky

A Question for the Fellas

A Day In the Live of Melanie Craft(wife of Larry Ellison..Oracle)

NOW: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction, VH-1 (rebroadcast @ 10:30)

I might like you better if we slept together.

Why is my computer beeping???

Who remembers the OPTIGON?

Why Paintball is (not) like sex

Need advice about selling computer...

I just took a political public opinion poll. Ask me anything...

You won't believe what's in my CD player right now!

Another Pyramid Scheme finds trouble.

THE PRACTICE hates the Bush administration...they are going crazy about

Is it just me? I think it's more than just a naming coincidence...

Guys: Unzip -- what's under there?

Christopher Robin and I walked along

Harvey Birdman: Is on the air! (Adult Swim)

I just did a mountain of housework

If the authorities want to peacefully control protestors...

Paging paranoidpat

Sunday night DU chat

Most memorable role for Charles Napier

I am tired of drug&alcohol councilors trying to scare me at school

Are there any Guy Clark fans here?


What's your favorite Three Stooges short?

new SOPRANOS discussion thread

Welcome to LynneSin's household: My new cat Evita

PM and Wings - Why no love?

This week's "Top 10 Conservative Idiots" may be the best one yet!

What sport is your favorite?

Amazon problems??

Ramses tomb unveiled. Guess what he's wearing!

Favorite Talk Show Host

Starsky or Hutch? Who's hotter...

WARNING! New Baby Pictures Inside!

What Channels Would You Drop From Your Cable / Satellite Lineup?

Favorite Variety shows of a by-gone era

Awww! How sweet. I'm getting love notes. Anyone want to 'fess up?

Need good job vibes


If someone inside the White House is not a "Washington Insider"...

Did you hear Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes? GREAT!

Are elite, rich folks more protected by the media?

John Kerry accuses Blair over Ulster report

GE/NBC whores for Bush in Dateline tonight to counter Clarke on 60 minutes

When is Kerry getting back from his vacation?

Should a Democrat call for George W Bush's impeachment?

Whisper Campaign

They are really ripping up on Kerry

The Rise and Fall of Howard Dean: Lessons in US Democracy

Nader urges San Antonio students toward civic involvement

That jerk Mitt Romney

Clark book is being discussed on Atlanta 11PM news! YEAH

Since the major media barely him, should Kerry announce his next vacation?

How many elected Republicans will vote for Kerry?

Check out "The Practice" on tv 10PM EST

Nader has new suitor: Reform Party

Kerry vs bush

What did Ralph Nader do to oppose the war in Iraq?

Will Kerry Be The Most Physical President Since Teddy Roosevelt?

I am utterly speechless after watching John Kerry's 1971 testimony.

Bush v. Bush-lite Chomsky's Lesser-Evilism

Are you all watching 60 minutes

Is a Kerry-McCain ticket an option?

This guy wants to run for the US Senate in in Arkansas?

Is the Edwards rumor true?

Pundit Pap - Have a Clarke Bar

For some people, just living can at times feel a little like a crime

'Vanity war: A frat boy's keg party approach to foreign policy'

A hostile judge

9/11: Internal Government Documents (downloads)

Government Accounts of 9/11 reveals gaps and inconsistencies

Ja offended US - so what?

The UN and NATO are failing Kosovo

It's time for the president to play the 'name names' game

Army historian: Beginning to Bloom (Iraqi democracy)

9/11: For The Record by Condoleezza Rice

NRO: Clarke's 60 Minutes

Deconstructing Newsweek

Songs of Cuba, Silenced in America

Clarke Pulls The Plug

Bush Wants Us to "Move On" -- So Why Not Take Him Up On It?

AWOL on al-Qaida - Eric Alterman

Al Qaeda for Bush/Cheney '04

With Bush in charge, taxes may still rise

Conason - Alienated Spain Rejects Bush’s War

3/21 Denver Peace Vigil

Monday (today) at 7 p.m.- attend the Impeach Bush Meetup near you

Contact Sens and Reps - Demand Censure, Impeachment, Resig

Moveon e-petition to Bush asking that he agree to debate Kerry

Over 15,000 for National I'm Embarassed by My President Day

3:20 Protest SF video

I'm watching Bill Maher right now...

WH Briefing on C-SPAN 3? How obvious is this attempt to run and hide?

Gorification of Christ uncut for Singapore

What's the consensus about media coverage of the Clarke story?

Clarke Book/9-11 Commission/Mid East Turmoil = Surge in Polls for...bush?

GE/NBC in Boston has "technical" problem during the Clarke report?

Is MWO totally shut down/gone at this point?

‘Dawn of the Dead’ knocks ‘Passion’ off top spot

RWTP on Clarke: "The TIMING of this is suspicious..."

Vegetarians, check in with your recipes, please

Federal Anti-Gay Amendment Rewritten

Suit Challenges Arkansas Ban On Gay Foster Parents

Double Trouble In New Mass. Amendment Battle

No Laws Broken in O'Neill Book(but 140 embarrassing docs "SENSITIVE")

Piglet race draws Russian Crowds

NOAA - Western Drought, Wildfires Likely To Continue

New England Maple Syrup Production Begins One Month Earlier Than In 1980s

Maine Debating Law To Limit Strip-And-Run Logging

Scientists Study Patagonia Glacial Dam Collapse From Space - Science Daily

WP on battle for control of Sierra Club

Record Atmospheric CO2 Increase Actually 2nd Year In A Row - New Scientist

The Problem Is With Product, Not Packaging

A reminder not all GITN stories are always as they appear

GUNS IN THE NEWS - March 22, 2004

Gungeon Moderators are the greatest!

Hello, I'm back.......Now what happened to 1a2b3c?

Say, who ARE those "gun rights" folks?

Bad link in top 10 idiots.

Since We Have A Mod Who Has His/Her Inbox Disabled, I Protest Here

Does DU monitor PMs? This rumor is circulating

What's all this talk about "sig lines" - and wWhy don't I see them?

Are PMs monitored? Skinner, it sure sounded like you said "Yes". Did you?

Is lying considered disruption?


Why is there a prominent "click here to view author's profile"

Wow...I just realized that ANYONE can be a Moderator!

Can we not clip words directly from an article if we provide a link?

A question on anti-religious comments.

Suggestions for a Homer alternative

Palestinian P-M Furious With Israel

How is this not a act if state sponsored TERRORISM?

Pro-Palestinians: Try and answer this...

Soldier, Rabbis form anti-Arab terror cell

Straw Condemns Israel's 'Unlawful Killing'

Yassin Assassination Marks End of Peace Process, says Egypt | VOA

Europe Condemns Israel for Yassin Killing

Thousands of Palestinians Mourn and Chant for Revenge

Hamas: Sharon has opened the gates of hell

Why is Israel defending the killing of the Palestinian leader from WH lawn

SA denounces Yassin killing

Hezbollah Guerrillas Attack Border Area

Iraq's Palestinians say battle against Israel enters decisive stage

Palestinian Refugees In Lebanon Live Endless Suffering

Six Israelis hurt in two separate attacks in Tel Aviv area

Focus: Who in Hamas will replace Ahmed Yassin?

UK Muslims consider suicide bombing

Officials: Israeli tanks move into Gaza

Clashes in Gaza Feed Doubt About Pullout

Settlers steal homes at gunpoint

Bush administration "deeply troubled" by Israel's killing of Hamas leader

UK condemns 'unlawful' Yassin killing

Arabs call for revenge after Hamas killing

Intelligence official: Yassin's death leaves leadership vacuum

Defreep this poll

Anyone know of a site with a detailed list of campaign contributors...

The Rules of Politics, presented by the Libertarians

Wanna know who Bush*'s BIG contributors are?

Cheney's Halliburton deals with Iraq while still CEO

So I'm watching "Rumsfeld at War" on FOX...

Crisis in Haiti: Hundreds of bodies pile up in morgue

Should it be so difficult to get to the simple truth ?

CNN World News: They are talking about the Palestinian protests

Just read Against All Enemies

It's starting...A Repug Blasts Clarke...

The 9/11 Commission needs to question Ashcroft...

Transcript of Richard Clarke's "60 Minutes" interview with Leslie Stahl

What was in the Aug 6 PDB?

Bio of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri (bin Laden's right-hand man) -The New Yorker

Did the Israelis bag Yassin to bump Clarke from the top news spot?

Listen to Ray Taliaferro now. He's talking about Clarke.

Clarke's '60 Minutes' interview is most linked-to story on the web now

Lets compile a list of psychotic Little Green Footballs comments

Something interesting I've noticed re: CBS, 60 Min's, O'Neill, and Clarke

"Asleep at the Switch" (proposed Kerry ad)

Clarke live on GMA

I can't wait to see the next WH press briefing

NY Times full page ad: Ben Cohen says Bush should go to jail...

Condeleeza to be on CNN this morning...

CSPAN Monday AM — Religious freedom, tolerance & pledge

Bush alternate

Condi LYING like crazy on some morning show(GMA?) RE:Clarke

Very enlightening article on the mentality of Bush

C-SPAN caller: we should put sanctions on Israel.

Imagine the families of the soldiers in Iraq watching the 60 Minutes piece

French Muslims turn to Mecca-Cola

Bush's picture on AOL looks like Church Lady.

The highest court in the nation

Has Howard Dean been vindicated?


How many former GOP officials have leaked...

If Our Military & Guard Are Being Prohibited From Leaving Service...

New Zogby poll Kerry leads 48-46

Jocularity from National Review

Will the Iraqis wait for their "spiritual leaders" to be killed too?

Iraq vs. Vietnam Body Count

Schneider on CNN....

restaurants override your undertip -- automatically charge 20%

How is this not a act if state sponsored TERRORISM?

We need a third major party in the United States

Closeted gay black men spreading AIDS

CNN Poll: Do you think the United States "chose to ignore" information....

What's The Fricking Deal With MWO ?

CNN: Condi up next 9AM EST

world socialist web page

Al Qaeda for Bush/Cheney '04 poster

It seems they have all forgot about Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Why are Holy Joe and Biden .....

Clarke was a "cyberspace security" expert.

Chalmers Johnson: Smartest Man You Never Heard of !

New MSNBC Weekly Poll to put your mark on

Vice President Bush, Israeli foreign minister calls bush "Vice President"

Condi in the breeze?

Clarke: Wolfowitz believed Laurie Mylroie on Iraq connected to WTC 93

"I don't know what he is talking about"...Condi comes clean with TRUTH

Team Bush was ReActive...not ProActive when it came to 9/11

California Teachers: Oppose AFL-CIO Acceptance of Bush Government Funds

C-SPAN now - Richard Clarke's book: politically motivated?

Question about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

DU this poll also MSNBC

Is stern talking about Clarke today?

Freepers are defecting. "Goodbye you cheerleading losers".

Arundhati Roy...?

Thoughts on Rumsfeld's remark on "Iraqi targets" post 9/11

A Year Later, Progress Comes In Bits, Pieces

A Year Later, Progress Comes In Bits, Pieces

NEW BOOK - Bush-Saudi Ties: The Billion Dollar Question

The Great Flu Scam of 2003 - How flu vaccine makers' profits were boosted

What is freedom?

will the DJ drop below 10,000 today?

Is it true Richard Clarke blamed Bill Clinton

Link between John Kerry and Scaramouche...

Never forget – it’s the drip, drip, drip that’s important.

Who thinks we will have a Saddam (OJ) all summer long war crimes trial

If David Kelley is correct in his "Practice," then this is really scary

Hey! I just my copy of "Against All Enemies" by Richard Clarke

Job Advice from Repug Tampa Tribune

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Mocks Kerry Face...

Get a Wall Street Journal Today - they have the conflicting 9-11 timeline

Hagel comments on Clarke's comments in the Guardian

Wes Clark kicked ass on "Today"

Oxyrush made a hypocrite out of himself (again!!)..

Why is Israel defending the killing of the Palestinian leader from WH lawn

while you're waiting for Snotty... Kennedy on the Senate floor

I doesn't matter if what Clarke says is sour grapes or not.

Let the spin/smears begin: Drudge says CBS owns Clarke book

Minister: Bush Exit Would Help Venezuela-U.S. Ties

How many ex-Bush officials have to speak out before...

Homeland Security -- a roundtable review

The Truth Will Out

Cokie Roberts on NPR: " 'Marning, Baahb..."

Tommy T. wants to drown everyone in France -- for real

9/11 Citizenwatch on C-Span: Families are pissed: Watched 60 Mins.

Cheney on Limbaugh next!

C-SPAN3: White House Daily Briefing with Scott McClellan

FLASHBACK: O'Neill - Bushies: :attack Iraq!" - Clarke corroboration

Will Scott McClennan survive today's press conference?

They can't dismiss Clarke's charges for obvious reason

the net and repukes

They are cornered now..numbers falling.... whats next?

Anyone Catch Bush using the "face for radio" joke again?

we need a transcript of the GAGGLE

dynamite question on c span

What's the best site for examples of conservative media bias?

I hate Drudge

another interesting question re 9/11

9/11: Internal Government Documents Show How the Bush Administration Reduc

Riverbend: The War on Terror... (A year later in Baghdad)


Photo - Bomb thrown covers a British soldier in flames

Money Talking Points

New Kerry Positive Ad on the website

OMG - This Has Legs: Re: Clarke Interview Last Night - CNN This Morning

Clarke the topic on TOTN

Silvan Shalom in Washington...

Clarke's Resignation Letter - Prepare Yourself

when will the commission hearings be televised?

Kerry is a big spender??? What universe do those repubs

Does this remind you of Watergate? Drip, drip, drip.

My Rep(Rosa Delauro) voted YES on "Iraqi Liberation Resolution", what now?

Check out Comedy Central's Poll for today

Konstantin Burlaku: The Koistobok Party Candidate for President!

CNN discussing CLarke's book, coming up next, supposedly: 2:40 EST

Richard Clarke and Rand Beers.

you know that incurable skin infection our troops are getting?

I tried to go to and got a disgusting pro-life website

Did Anyone Listen to Howard Stern This Morning?

MSNBC "debate" on Richard Clarke at 12:17 PM, CST

Most annoying right-winger poll

One nation under God: C-SPAN now.

Terrorism and the Clinton impeachment

C-SPAN3: White House Daily Briefing with Scott McClellan - thread 2

who says there was no warning before 9/11?

Clarke wanted to head Homeland Security and he's responsible for all

Sept. 11 Families Press Conference - On C-Span at 1 pm eastern

Wouldn't it be something if French Troops caught Bin Laden

I am sorry to keep bring him up but, he is calling Richard Clarke

Interesting that Condi today said "We needed a plan, not a meeting."

9/11 citizens watch: caught a little of this at lunchtime today on c-span.

"Astonished" by the maze of tunnels and caves?


I found a great new word yesterday: "Amoklauffer."

DNC Action Alert: Bush's terrorism failures exposed

whenever i get a letter from kerry, i get a virus

Need a good laugh? Cheney and the split screen via the Daily Show

"Dick Clarke's 'American Grandstand"?!! WH thinks terrorism is a joke?

Barbara Comstock on CNN just came very cloe to saying

Who would be an "acceptible" dissenter to the Bush administration?

From now on I'm considering the entire other side "FreeperUnderground"

9/11 for the Record (Condosleeza lies and propaganda)

Holy party lines, Batman! It's Chuck Hagel!

What happened to our Government? - Gay Marriage...

We need to win over and fight for Jim Hightowers Mom and Dad!!

Did Bush pursue Al Qaeda before 9-11 ??? ...

Stossel Alert! 20/20 Special Tonite:"Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity."

Tim Russett "This Presidency is over".

WOW The DNC Sure Is On Top Of Things!

Nina Bradley on MSNBC: Bush admin BLAMES 911 on Clarke!

Heads Up! Rand Beers scheduled for Inside Politics today (CNN)

Anyone else notice how odd these Newsweek poll numbers are?

We should be reminding the media about this.

I hardly remember this America

Clark on Clarke?

Aug. 2002 TIME Article on 9/11 and Clarke - MUST READ

good news in amarillo texas

dupe -- please delete

Mari333's LTE in the Nation this week?

More how Osama hates gays

The Official List of Who Once Worked in * Admin But Spoke Out Against Him

So Much For Gay Marriage

One Nation , Under Oath..

Any Wobblies (IWW) out there on DU?

what to do when the GOP sends you a letter begging for cash

Toni Solo ( on the Independent on Chavez...

lester the lapdog with NSC spokesman at 445 EST, discussing Clarke

Alright..... Who did it.....Who wrote this???

My patience has worn thin: 9/11 victim family member speaks out

Not to be the voice of pessimism (as I often am)....

Did Clarke dedicate his book to anyone?

Log Cabin calls for sexual orientation info to be reinstated on government

Crossfire: Richard Clark is the talk

C-span to rebroadcast WH press breifing tonight

Inflated GDP: The Real Story Behind the 'Recovery' is Just Now Breaking

Condi running her mouth all over today but won`t testify.

The DNC: All the Wrong Moves

I was stunned that more didn't know about Democratic Underground

Another person making accusations like Clarke's MSNBC next

So I'm watching today's 911 CitizenWatch on cspan

Clarke's Book dedicated to John O'Neill and others

Don't forget W's $43 mil to the Taliban

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Starts Here

Another lie just told: "Dick Clarke claimed to be part of the cabinet"

Condi behind bars...

Served Her Country But Vet Can't Get VA Loan Because She's A Lesbian

Personal PHOTOS and NARRATIVE of UFPJ anti-war march NYC, March 20, 2004

Guy on CNN: Clarke is responsible for 9/11

Please vote in CNN's poll:

Where will Clarke be appearing?

Republican Family Values: Teenagers attack immigrant workers for kicks

Please use this as an Example for the need for Gay Marriage...

Is anyone else disturbed

Defreep this poll

Okay, the Jig is Up for BushCo....Right?

CNN POLL: Bush has been more focused on Iraq than al Qaeda?

So, Condi confirms what Clarke said.

Ah oh, Hannity is on his soapbox.

Bob Graham will be on Hardball tonight on Clarke charges

Just gave 100 bucks to kerry

I HATE this Administration more than anything I've ever hated!

Richard Clarke and Rand Beers...?

how about an "Insightful DU Posts" project for the Kerry campaign . . .

What is a Think-Tank, and is Democratic Underground a.. er..Think-Tank?

If Bill Clinton is impeached for his acts.

The right wing attack is clear.

Richard Clarke's Political affiliation?

God DAMMIT I hate the media!

The Bush "tired of swatting flies" - here's how Clarke puts it

when is condi going to be exposed by MEDIA for the liar she is?

looking for info on Taliban/Afgan post invasion

Links to Bush quote telling him God told him to go to war...

3/22 Zogby Poll Kerry 48% Bush 46% / Bush Approval Slides To 46%


[PHOTO HEAVY] Freeper at work sent me pix of SF 2004 protest to mock it.

Dan Bartlett is a smug, smarmy asshole!

The Dow Closed Today at 10,064

another gay marriage thread

Richard Clarke: Claim vs. Fact

YESSSSSSSS! My cousin is a lawyer w/ the notorious Baker/Botts law

Jesus Christ criticizes the Bush Admin, what would the VRWC response be?

When will someone make an issue of * frantically flying around the US

How many DUers have read Osama bin Laden's "Letter to America"?

Where is all the outrage over this?...

It is a pleasure to see the WH on the defensive for a change

Does anyone have Clarke's book, Against All Enemies, yet?

To see my NYC peace march pics

another interesting question re 9/11

"Dick CLarkE's American Grandstand" -McClellan today 3/22/04

I have a question about the 60 Minutes Interview with Clarke

I'm Through Defending Bill Clinton

Friends in Pentagon told Clarke prior to 9-11 Iraq in 2002

Wes Clark will comment on Dick Clarke's allegations

Vote in this poll!!! (Scalia)

DU this CNN Poll

Cheney on Limbaugh's show: "Clarke wasn't in the loop." Actual audio.

Has anybody noticed that the RW Spokesbots

Clarke on PBS News Hour Now.......

Anyone taking bets on what Greenspan will do with interest rates and when?

Did anyone hear the Vice President on Rush L?

woooooooooooooo hooooooooooo

Semi-serious: Bush ends Health Costs via Do it yourself Heart Attack rules

The list of prominent former gov't employees who think Bush/Iraq wrong

Citizen Group To Run 9-11 Cover-up Ads in Washington, DC

Finally Bush Co criticizes the killing of the Hamas Leader...

Clarke book - here is some good info from the dust jacket

The TRUE Lesson of Election 2000

Find the lies in Condi's rebuttal to 60 minutes (WP op-ed 3/22)

Is it Just Me???

Lou Dobbs is back! | here's today's poll question

Randi Rhodes is on CNN

Before These Crowded Streets

Holy conspiracy theory: US govt involved in 9/11?

Does OPEC have us over a "barrel?

Ever Hear Of Robert Cressey?

media allow unquestioned hammering of Clarke's veracity

Du-ers - please help keep computerized voting in the spotlight

Clarke will be on Charlie Rose Tonight 11:30 pm est

The dems can finish Bush* on Iraq now. But, as per usual, are AWOL

THE most damning revelation from Clarke

Clarke on the difference between * and the Clinton

NPR is broadcasting the 9/11 hearings

Vets out there in DU land should I be worried?????

2001: Osama Plotted, Bush Golfed, 3,000 Died.

"A Day in the Life of Donald H. Rumsfeld" -a LURID insider's look

Canadian Federal Election: When would you call it?

How convenient this Hamas guy was assasinated.

My God! Condi Rice looks about done!

DEMOCRACY 101: should ex-cons lose the vote?

What possible benefit comes out of assasinating a "terrorist" leader?

Why did we leave England?

Ridge Says Trains Are Now On High Alert?

Should women be forced to cover their breasts?

Rivals claim victory in Salvadorean presidential elections (exit polls)

Saca (right wing) Declares Victory in El Salvador Vote

Dupe - sorry :(

Thousands Protest Against Impeachment (South Korea)

Bush's Medicare dream turning into a nightmare

Final group of Canadian soldiers heads to Haiti

(CA) State initiatives push for open primaries, redistricting reform

Thousands of Palestinians Mourn and Chant for Revenge

Microsoft's Paul Allen funds hunt for alien life

Merger expected to mean layoffs (150 jobs)

9/11 for the Record (Condosleeza lies and propaganda)

Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Free Speech Bill Through House of Representatives

A hostile judge

Yassin Assassination Marks End of Peace Process, says Egypt | VOA

Two Finnish businessmen shot dead in Baghdad

Democrats Drawing Bead on (Katherine) Harris' House Seat

Iraq braces for fallout from killing of Hamas leader

Bush has campaign jacket made in Myanmar (this is illegal)

Former U.S. president (Jimmy Carter) blasts Bush, Blair

Belgrade police chiefs sacked over mosque arson

Scores arrested in wake of Kosovo violence

U.S. Not Given Notice on Yassin Killing (A Hamas Founder)

Bush's Medicare dream turning into a nightmare (drag on 04 election)

Microsoft tycoon funds hunt for alien life

Zimbabwe: Increase in Malnourished Children At Clinics

Liberals gleaning Fla. votes, one by personal one

New Kerry ad out Monday -

WP: Immigration Issue Sparks Battle at Sierra Club

Iraq's Palestinians say battle against Israel enters decisive stage

1974: Bush Flew for Airline Tied to Iran Contra Drug Trafficking...

Bush-Saudi Ties: The Billion Dollar Question

Top Saudi Prince Rules Out Elected Shura Council (Reuters)

Duplicate post. Sorry

GI, Four Civilians Killed in Iraq Attacks

Government Accounts of 9/11 Reveal Gaps, Inconsistencies

Oregon Leaders Say Gay Marriage Action Lessened Faith in Government

LAT: Libel Suit May Put Gov. (Schwarzenegger) on the Spot

AARP faces huge credibility gap

Five young men murdered in Port-au-Prince slum

You want names? Kennedy tells GOP to go first

Over 15,000 for National I'm Embarassed by My President Day

Labor bus tour highlights unemployment

Kerry says FBI surveillance badge of honor

Treasury Watchdog Clears O'Neill in Probe

Alleged Qaeda Letter Threatens U.S. Over Yassin Death

Hezbollah Guerrillas Attack Border Area

Methodist bishop says Cuba easing church restrictions

GOP calculates Kerry costs/Bush Camp to Spotlight Kerry's Fiscal Policy

PAHO Says Haiti Needs 'Intensified Action for Health'

A Town Divided on Plan for Lincoln Theme Park | LA Times

Taiwan's President Displays Scars in Attempt to Heal Grievances

Debate Grows Over Bush's Handling of Terror Threat(Sen Graham backs Clarke

Federal Anti-Gay Amendment Rewritten

ANALYSIS-Fighting bodes ill for Bush's Afghan poll vision

Nigeria Grants Aristide Temporary Asylum

G.I. May Blame Iraq Trauma for Killing

Haiti: Security Vacuum in the North

Low Turnout Likely to Be Factor in (CA) Senate Contest | LA Times

United Methodists grapple with gay ban | Seattle P-I

Cubans losing connections with homeland as they move from Miami-Dade

Brown Begins Inquiry Into Slavery Ties

Possible new Net domain names include '.xxx'

Canadian PM Martin announces $1-billion mad cow bailout | Globe and Mail

MD Gov Ehrlich Record on Ethics Issues Criticized | Washington Post

Minnesota Senate puts off vote on gay marriage ban | Star-Tribune

Officials: Israeli tanks move into Gaza

New Zogby Poll: Kerry 48, Bush 46

Report: F-B-I shadowed Kerry during his anti-war years

LAT: Kerry Shadowed by FBI During Activism (No evidence illegal activity)

Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response

At the IMF, Discord on How to Pick Next Chief

Prison guards forbidden to wear protective gear

New Jersey Gets Nation's First Seaport Radiation Detectors

Democratic leader slams MA Gov Romney on economic record

Firm with ties to Cheney's task force faces criminal indictment


Citizen Group To Run 9-11 Cover-up Ads in Washington, DC

Crapo unopposed as Dems miss deadline

CBS News Pushed Book It Owns

Rural gays create rodeo circuit for camaraderie

High Prices Make Energy Bill Likely

Russia's nuclear boss says Iran plans back on track

White House Hits Back at Ex-Bush Adviser

State (Tennessee) may lighten students' textbook load

White House Denies Involvement in Hamas Death

Morals week counters Gay Pride week on NC campus

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 578 U.S. service members have died

Saca Wins El Salvador Presidential Race

U.S. Army Report Clears Soldier Who Killed Reuters Cameraman

Al - Qaida Suspects May Have Fled in Tunnel

US urges calm after slaying (Sheik Yassin assassinated)

Aide's Book Faults Bush 9/11 Response-WP (fresh meat)

US business group slams Bush 'deception' over Iraq war

France: Recent Bin Laden Location Found

Ireland Lawmakers Want Unarmed Bush Visit

Black clergy to rally versus gay marriage

Atheist dad ready for date at top court ("Under God" challenge)

NYT: Debate Grows Over Bush's Handling of Terror Threat (new angle)

Babies Are Larger After Ban on 2 Pesticides, Study Finds | NYT

Blasts in Iraq's Basra Wound 13 British Soldiers

U.S. Issues Antidepressant Warning | LA Times

Sen. Kennedy says Schwarzenegger should be allowed to run for president


anyone catch Prince playing on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" . . .

I think I lost my MoJo

Anyone watch Deadwood on HBO tonight?

anyone here speak Italian? . . .

History Channel Fan Check-in!

Cryonics: cheating death or messing with the balance of life?

regionalized songs must STOP

Zombies kick Jesus out of first place.

anyone else waiting for Carnivale(HBO) to return...?

OMG - I just realized that Sheikh Yassin looked like...

Dubya to Clarke, "It takes one to know one"

Where's Homer?

Woman's Virginity Lost In Internet Auction

11,000kg strawberry cake baked

Can anyone update me on a couple of things?

Your Dead Body Wanted For This Play

Truck Seized With 800 Severed Bear Paws

World Champion 'Snake Man' Killed - By A SNAKE!

are there any Austin software geeks here??

Dear Dr. Ruth...

"D-Bunker" down for me, 5th straight day! Any web-savvy DU help

Barry Bonds Blames Hemorrhoids Not Steroids For His Runs

Woman - Drunk - Passes Out Forcing 12 y.o. Girl To Drive

Any other DUers play Ultimate Frisbee?

Man Keeping Track Of His 75 Cats With Computer

Got Clarke book,,, Must read.....

Man Tries To Board Plane With Severed Seal's Head

testing my new sig line

Is this the "Nemo" administration?

Anybody else hooked on ESPN's "Dream Job"?

Number 11

World Champion 'Snake Man' Killed by Cobra

A Message from George Bush to....

The George W. Bush Presidential Library (Part I)

Bonzai kitties attack the RNC convention!!!!!

Levi or Wrangler?

"I'm Danny Crane." Anyone catch 'The Practice" last night.

Courtney is losing it on Howard Stern

April Fools' Day shirt....

I'm gonna scream!!!

Evil soup stealer!

Favorite Bare? Marilyn Monroe.

It was 19 degrees this morning as I awoke.

Leading Brain Surgeon Suspended Over Bowl Of Soup

Peak Oil Sollution?....Tabletop nuclear fusion device

Newsgroup Experts (Junkies)... How Do I Extract Data From A ".PAR" File?

The meeting of two liberal minds.

Which Huggy Bear?

Spring id springig, and ah cad breade....

Navajo Man

Punk Rockers For Bush?

Water Found on Mars

Neil Finn fans?

Waiter found on Mars

Just saw "Rashomon" for the first time

What's your favorite thing about Spring?

It finally feels like spring in my soul

Walter found on Mars

A few more days of this

Do you know your states?

Waters found on Mars

I miss TV Funhouse

Back By Popular Demand - THE PEEP RESEARCH PAGE!!

An incompetent juggler

DU Artists, a Cartoon or Photoshop request...URGENT

Canada sucks...

A new way to irritate my repuglican family members

Dennis Preger = Freak Boy


Anyone else see Dawn of the Dead this weekend?

Whats the deal with SMAP?

Who remembers the New Zoo Revue?

Mat!!!! Where's my damn photoshop???!!???

Looking for free Web hosting

Yesterday was the THIRD consecutive Sunday...

Does anyone remember this bizarre japanese TV show, Monkey?

Let's hear it for the Missile Dick Chicks!

Saruman and Sheikh Yassin -- separated at birth?

!readthay ackwardsbay atinlay igpaY

Billy Packer & 5,000 St. Joe's Fans in the Same Building: Sudden Death!

I have a headache. What should I do?

extra credit question on my calc exam

Roll call!

I hate to admit it, but Boudelang had a point...

how was the NYC Du meet up?

Scandal taking its toll...check out this Bush pic!

The latest low carb diet craze for 2004!

? Does this make me look fat? (Pic)

You got to see this: A photo of the Fayetteville FReep...

Contest: Write an 1884-style campaign slogan for 2004!

What's the best way to go about storing files when you're running

Bushoccio ... I got one at the protest

Where does DU fit on the political spectrum?

condi planning to take over earth for mars?

anyone heard eminem and d12's latest single?

I'm sure you won't but try not to miss me...

Did anyone see ColdCase on CBS last night?

Favorite Bear? Mine is Smokey with Boo Boo a close second.

Man Buys Elk Hunting License - For $90,000

Abbott and Evita hate each other

Guess what I did in the coffee pot today?

Elk goes to jail for trying to spend 500 antlers for a human license...

I was on TV from the Austin march on Saturday

I Got My Truck Back From The Body Shop On Friday!!!

Is there a "Red Hat Ladies" club where you are?

This is a test.

today's new Oxyrush advertisers March 22

today's new Hannity advertisers March 22

I bought 80 lbs of tupelo honey this weekend.

John Lynch to Denver

Sunday Night on the Simpsons

Anyone heard of the group "Love Spirals Downward"?

ALL RIGHT! I just got a great deal on Eagles tickets at Veterans stadium!!

A "Care Bear" for us!

Vegans & Vegetarians...

The ninth Doctor Who is in....

great heavens - 900 posts

restaurants override your undertip -- automatically charge 20%


Spring break! What should I do?

How much money would you need saved up to retire early?

Robin Willaims Live on Broadway: What's your favorite bit?

Just watched 'Citizen Kane'last night for the first time!

Beautiful photos of cats' eyes

"Well? Well, I reply quite calmly…

Did YOU Know There Are DUers Who Post That You Have Never Seen?

I just had a speeding ticket dismissed today!

Presidential Match...


Anyone a Joe Frank fan? (NPR)

John Stossel on tonight

Mrs Matcom just disassembled the ice maker

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the MID-1970s?

Hit this poll!

Happy Birthday VOLTAIRE !!!

Let's hear from those of you who joined DU in its SECOND year, 2002!

What sort of accent do you speak with?

Most amusing name for a beer?

I DID NOT stand up ZombyWoof,

Great picture of Rice on!

The Widdle Waddle of all CAPTIONS!!!

Favorite Looney Toons cartoon?

Rough Draft...Personal Statement/Grad School App.MLS program...Thoughts?

Dorm still has the heat on and it's gonna be in the 80s all week...

Check this out...want to bet it's sharp?

Tuna Glop!

Medical pot on way to drugstores (only in Canada, eh?)

"Useless Talents"

Okay, so my sister said: ZombyWoof is never at a loss for words

Hi Everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!)......Anyone remember me??? Anyone???

The Wide Swatch of Canary Green of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Mood I'm In

Anyone a Joe Franklin Fan???

College Basketball Champions

Virgin's 'open female mouth' urinals are dropped

What sort of fake accent do you speak with?

who is the most homesick person you know?

Which state would you most like to live in?

Captain James T. Kirk turns 73 today

So, how's your bracket look this morning?

Will Pitt and Beetwasher stole my liver!

N.E. DUers: Bush is having a fundraiser at the Park Plaza on Thursday

ahhhh...a friend just brought me 10 montecristo #3's...

Which stations would you add to your cable/satellite?

Random Koolzip's food smells good.

What CD's are sitting on top of (or in) your CD player right now?

Just like to say The Lounge is the best non-political forum on any board


Darn. My band director's sister was killed in a car crash last night.

Here's what we all need to do to help Kerry (add your own)...

Anyone know where I can get a really good Kerry speech on MP3

Any DUer's attending Wilkes-Barre PA Kerry Meet-up this thursday?

Kerry and Iraq: Hillary, Hagel, McCain

Truth in advertising

Arnold on Howard Stern right now

A small politics check as preface

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/22/2004

Gosh. It doesn't appear that Kerry is on the defensive any more

Richard Clark PROVES that Bush failed to protect us from terrorisim

Simple question - Has Bush gained any support since 2000?

Question about campaign finance laws and our issue ads

Faux News is disgusting

Zogby Poll: Kerry 48, Bush 46

Anyone know what other Air America might expand to before the election?

Bush Deficit...

Here's your West Wing/John Kerry amalgamation thread for the day

90-Day Media Strategy by Bush's Aides to Define Kerry (lies will work now

Some Groups to Run Ads Until Election Day

Wisconsin residents: What is it looking like

Kerry seeks Balance, Bush readies Barrage

"Race from the White House" . . . John Stewart special tonight . . .

Has the convention ever been held in the nominee's home city before?

Bush at Ft Campbell -- the "love" was staged, of course, and each family

Next month, McClellan gets to call Joe Wilson a liar

Sharon wants Shrub to be president

Is Clarke working with Rand Beers?

John Kerry's Rope-a-Dope

The Big Lie .... Bush 'pursued Al Qaeda' ...

b*'s Fate: The Seven Seals

Five Kerry Homes Valued at Nearly $33M

woops, wrong forum!

Boondocks: Bush's new slogan

Kerry gets help from GOP (now McCain and Hagel say Kerry strong on Defense

Don't let people forget where Bush was the month prior to 911

The Kerry campaign IS LISTENING to us...

NYT's Judith Miller's Lies AGAIN...

Bush Lies / Bush League

You want a Kerry innoculation? This is all they have to say

New Kerry Ad. What do you guys think?

The Fatal Flaw of Bush's "Leadership" Campaign

How can Scott Mclellan look in the mirror?

Private Paramilitary Group hired by Bush Campaign. Kerry needs to..

OMG....Bush Admin scared s**tless on CNN now!

Is Nader going to concentrate on non-swing states this time?

Lou Dobbs is such an asshole.

Mr. Nader: Please spend lots of time campaigning in Texas

Lieberman Quick to Attack R Clarke, but hasn't defended Kerry?

Media Alert: Wes Clark on Richard Clarke FOX 4PM EST

Richard Clarke soundbite that is reverberating around the world...

US business group slams Bush 'deception' over Iraq war

John Kerry absolutely, positively HAS to win, because...

I'm very proud of Wes Clark and Dean

Democrats sabotaging Kerry's campaign?

Russ Feingold is asking for help.

Publishers are piling on the Chimp-in-Chief!

MEDIA ALERT: WES CLARK on Aaron Brown tonight.

Vote early, vote often. (Scalia Poll)

Deleted message

We can't pretend Kerry isn't rich it won't work

Gen. Clark "call to duty"

I wish Kerry would go on Jimmy Kimmel Live

A message from Governor Dean.

Wes Clark on Today Show 3/22/04 (video) re Clarke

which of these tickets would be strongest?

Kerry is a murderer like Clinton (Here we go again!)

Ralph Nader Runs Low-Key Presidential Campaign (hints of money problems?)

Are these people elitists?

3 Days left, Kerry $4.6 million short....

Kucinich on Democracy Now! today

Dean on the Tavis Smiley show tonight, PBS.

Truth and collecting money for Kerry - last day to help!

Where is our party on the political spectrum?