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Archives: March 24, 2004

Being a Hero has a High Price

'Cold War II:--America and Russia struggle for Georgia'

Trudeau Ends Contest

03/23/04 - Disgrace at Guantanamo, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Gordon Prather: What do you mean 'we' were all wrong?

Toppleing the three pillars of Bush

Justice Scalia is in the wrong line of work

Karl Rove's Moment

Naomi Klein (Guardian Utd): Terror as a weapon of occupation

Protectionism Happens to Be Congress's Job - Sen. Ernest Hollings

Salon/Conason: Richard Clarke Terrorizes the White House (Interview)

Action Alert! 3/24/04 Impending US AIDS Disaster

Clear Channel To Move Radio Legend

Giving somebody the finger, and "You're a dick."

New shows at The White Rose Society archives

The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On

Senate Amendment Hearing Shows Little Movement On Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Rights Not Civil Rights Black Preachers Tell Rally

Salty Sea Covered Part of Mars

Do you think the U.S. does dollar-cost averaging when it buys oil

Dumbing down of Indian Elections

regardless if anyone thinks they should be, are American Idol threads...

Talking Points thread

On the occasion

I've never gotten even one bumpersticker.

Israelis call for Sharon to resign

Israel barred from using toxic spray

How much intel did CIA have on the AQ plan for 9/11?

I'm sick of the Democratic party

The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On . . . (referral post)

CNN Poll On Terrorism

topic on right-wing radio? Clarke or 4, 5 year-olds bring drugs to school

Refresher course DU...John Kerry------Bob Kerrey

Why is PNAC the third rail of the 9/11 commission?

A few forgotten news nuggets from the past. re: 9/11, Bush, etc.

the most significant thing to come out of today's hearing, imo . . .

I believe we are witnessing the long-awaited implosion...

Anyone got the transcript to the McAuliffe/Gillespie showdown at Cath. U?

Countdown July-September 10, 2001

Clarke on GMA today - "I have a bullet proof vest." A metaphor?

Google humor

Protect Al Franken on radio. Call your Senators not to increase FCC fines

What Disturbs Me About 9-11 Testimony

New episode of the anti-Bush sitcom Whoopi is on NBC now.Gay wed-

Attacking the Truth Tellers

Suggest Story Ideas to NPR

Lets play find the Bush anti-terror policy in the hay stack.

One or two drinks a day prevents heart attacks ????

Godless Americans going to be on Bill O'Reilly


PNAC letter to *, 9 days aver 9/11 attacks concerning Iraq...

All's Quiet on the Plame Front

A DU Classic: Questions For Bush

evolution is dead

The 9/11 Investigation.....

Armitage v Abrams clarification

Pappy Bush appointed Rove to presidency of College Republicans...

An Email from John Edwards

Wishful thinking re: the Clarke testimony.

Geeze I'm POd (book-What Liberal Media)

Did the Taiwanese President fake an assassination attempt to win sympathy?

Kerry's wealth

Does Larry King live in a cave?

Interesting ploy to force gay marriage to the forefront

Get Your Free Kerry Bumper Sticker Now at!

Who else here thinks * looked incredibly stupid when he tried to hijack

any mozart fans here

9/11 Widows on Deborah Norville

Exactly what is immorality?

White House Blasts Cheney Memoir, Calls Former VP "Disgruntled"

"Al-Quaeda must be eliminated"

anyone remember when bush* gave $MILLIONS to osama in May 2001?

Tweety asks if Clarke is of 'sound mind'

Ashcroft's May 2001 priorities -- What's missing ...

Bye, bye Bushie! Critical Mass: Iraq Charges Against Bush Begin to Mount

HOUSE discussing Iraq on CSPAN now...

Clarke will be on Larry King, tomorrow, Wednesday night

Podhoretz to Bush: "Go on, Mr. President: Wag the Dog....."

Richard Perle on Charlie Rose tonight......

yegggh - repukes looking for mtv votes!

It's really beginning to bother me

anyone remember some of the colossal bush gaffes?

The Black Community and Homosexuality

CRAZY statement on Scarborough Country

Zogby Poll: Kerry still ahead by 2 pts.

Rumsfeld rerun on CSPAN I at 3:20 AM EST this morning

Scarborough slandering Clarke on MSGOP right now

Is DU Banned from Military and Government Internet System?

Why do we have military bases all over the world and other countries

How credible is the "Bush Body Count" website?

God, that site is depressing....

I don't care if Tenet briefed Bush every day. What did Bush do about it?

Progressive Vs Liberal, did fear cause the name change?

C-span video error

Nazis and Neocons

i began to question the populations sanity

Do you consider this a hate site?

Can we quit talking about "losing" Zell Miller's seat?

Do you expect Zell Miller's repuke sucessor to be better or worse?

DU stock

Bush Camp made Tape that aired...

Hannity desperate ..want it for free??? I would tear it up and send

Anyone ever heard of the sterile seed?

Can someone post a schedule for the 9/11 commission for tomorrow?

Anyone know where I can get transcripts of today's 9/11 testimony??

NIGHTLINE: 9-11 Families, cover-up (Tuesday, March 23 at 1135 EDDT)

Get this - WFLA in Tampa Bay conducted a poll -- 50% of

Strange!...Bush's Mom & Dad both gave money to his campain but...

Portland, OR area DUers--Film Festival at Reed College this week

9/11 families were incredible just now on MSNBC

Kennedy's on "48 Hours"

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney - The Twilight Zone

James Woolsey...who can stand him??

They're just so warm and cuddly, aren't they?

Who have you helped register today?

Does Bill Richardson ever tell the truth?

What is your opinion of Bush's role in 9/11?

Kerry should NOT be ashamed of his wealth

Gas Pump Prices Hit All-Time High

Bob Kerrey on Hardball

Jagoff Jeff Greenfield just compared the Clarke bashing to what

The Political Compass test

Latest AP poll has Bush 46, Kerry 43

Only 2 Million to go - Donate Now

This is why Richard Clarke's testimony tomorrow will be devastating!

First we had Clark vs. Kerry. Now it's Kerrey vs. Clarke.

Clarke: The "enemies" in his title are not just terrorists. In his words >

Scary website.

Nightline EDITS the Bush "if we knew ANYTHING" quote from today

Let's hit this poll!

Dick Clarke's comments re Dick and Lynn Cheney

Yellowstone to erupt?

OK, who can cough up references

The Official Osama bin Laden Prediction Thread (Part II)

The big question is, did anybody lie under oath?

If you are or were a freeper fiscal conservative read this!

Well, *An American Dynasty* Has Converted My Father

once again, Jon Stewart nails the lying liars about Clarke,

Should we close our borders to new immigrants?

Why is Kerry pandering the Lieberman crowd more than Dean's antiwar crowd?

Just how bad off is Ohio

Need help! I need to create a humorous Top Ten List for Why one should be

Condi won't testify because 9/11 was her fault.

Are bland boring moderates hurting the cause?

I googled "How Bush tried to prevent 9/11". This is what I found..

When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Black Clergy Rally Against Gay Marriage

Kerry rebuffs Chavez and Zapatero after both indicate support! What?

Richard Clarke EVIDENCE urls at CFAP

The gig is not up, the shit hasn't hit the fan and Bush* isn't toast

LIHOP Doubters

The Clinton/Gore team on Terrorism.

Interesting ploy to force gay marriage to the forefront

We'll Bring Troops Home, says Latham

AP: U.S. Sets Up Base in Afghan Mountains

U.S. Warns of Heightened Threat After Yassin Killing

Convicts Rule Haiti Town, Executions Plague Another

Canada's Budget to Boost Border Security (secuirty gate)

Democratic Spending is Team Effort – Groups' ads level field for Kerry

Bush administration eases logging restrictions on old-growth forests

breaking: 3 huge blasts in baghdad

We'll wipe out entire Hamas leadership, says Israel

More Penrose Hospital Employees Losing Their Jobs (Co. Springs)

Powell slips, 'crusade' re-enters US lexicon on war

Caricom's decisive Haiti stand

Fla.'s Jeb Bush: Haiti needs our help

China storms out of rights talks with U.S.

Tax Hawks Cooling to Norquist

NY Times: For a Day, Terrorism Transcends Politics

Blair and Charles at Madrid Bombing Funeral

WP: Blame Game Goes Largely Unplayed

Bush and Clinton Aides Grilled by Panel

Foreign aid at risk as US Congress faces deficit

Rumsfeld Says Early Strikes Wouldn't Have Stopped 9 / 11

Postal Service Finances Bleak | Washington Post

Seriously freeped Rush poll

SuSE 9.1 to come out in early May!

good for a chuckle (cartoons)

One or two drinks a day prevents heart attacks ????

I'm really sorry, but, it's the American Idol Thread

Here's some fun links for you....

If I move to Mexico. wheres the best place for an expatriate to go?

Official T-Wolves/Spurs game thread

What's in a name?

flame me if you must, but Paula is looking hot tonight!

Man From Snowy River on AMC right now.

Best TV series ending ever

Do you like my new sig line?

Ms Uly's birthday dinner

Try having a civilized debate with a Freeper

tried to watch 9/11 citizen press conference on c-span error

Imagine my surprise when walking down the road there he was….

any mozart fans here

Where can I get one of those "W" stickers ('W' in circle with line through

the number 4000

Best Picture of 1994?

Google your username.

Dungeon Night on TV

Freeper think All Lesbians are UGLY

anyone having any problems getting onto AIM or Yahoo tonight?

I just had my 1st book published.

Ok help me compile top ten ways to torture a ditto head

another post about "Less Than Perfect"

evolution is dead

Neil Bush had sex with OBL's sister!

I think some right-wing dj's are backing off of Bush.

I feel like chunneling tonight.

I feel like channeling tonight…

Free Humorous Signature line

What THEY didn't tell us about that "Eye of God"

Anyone been keeping up with "The Shield"?

Woo hoo! Got the "free" DU book today! ("The Book of Spiral")

Anyone craving Malloy tonite? - Come & have a drink w/me in the lounge

Judge Okays Naked Karaoke

I weaned another person off AOL

A joke

Anyone want a DU bumpersticker?

Can anyone help me resize this so it fits in my sig line?

The Sleeping Beauty galaxy

Time for the Daily Show

Somebody smack me: It's the insult Droopy thread

DAWN OF THE THREAD! (spoilers) Favorite Scene?

George W. Bush TO THE MAX

Tuesday Night DU chat

Last astronomy picture-- Moon And Sun (composite)

'Covey leader to Raven. Come in, John'

Bad American Presidents( *) commercial mp3- from H. Stern

Long Island Driving Rules


what's your screen resolution?

Someone's in the kitchen with scallops

Pink Floyd's..."The Division Bell"...

Anyone else running SETI ?

do you use a router ?

What's the most mind-blowingly bizarre piece of modern "classical" music?

This is the "Ask ZombyWoof to write you a poem" thread

Why is it , Womens Breast posts get over 300 replies and..

Dentist tomorrow -- first time in five years.

Anybody go to U of Michigan?

Pucker up and CAPTION

The Eye of God (picture)

Most over-the-top performance in "The Shining"?

DU cooks and chefs: What have you learned over the years??

Dr. Frankenbike has been body snatching again....

Freeper sex manual

Spam is getting sillier all the time

What do you watch at 11PM?

Top 5 Funniest Movies: What's yours?

OK. Guess the city by these cleverly edited titbits from the civic website

ISO off key Christmas carols.

I just checked out I/P

How do you move your operating system to a new drive

Is it childish or immature to play with silly putty

Next big consumer product! Get in on the ground floor!

Post something about yourself that you would otherwise think is silly.

Just got my DU bumper sticker. Do I risk my Intrepid?

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT OF THE LATE 1970s? (Part 2 of 2)

Check this out! The Freepers are going on a Cruise!

How many remember their first meal in the service.

What is the MOST ANNOYING song you ever been subjected to?

I just got a $286 speeding ticket, ask me anything...

Is Adobe starting to flee Apple's sinking ship? (this isn't bashing...)

Are you on Paxil?

Bush & Rove ... Laurel & Hardy ... dance

If....*.....was a girl....what would he look like? Find out here....

When Bush's TV/Radio commercial says that Kerry "would have put off

Kerry plans to campaign Friday in Michigan

Chief Justice Rehnquist Hints at Retirement:

Anyone know what time Kerry rallies generally start?

Sierra Club Ads Target Bush, Toxic Waste

jessica lynch backs kerry?

Republican Voter Drive Heads to MTV

Holy cow I've been blocked

Gay wedding at a Bush Re(s)election campaign gathering...

Nightline topic is 911 commission.

Tennessee Poll: Bush 52, Kerry 41 (Survey USA)

Hillary advised Kerry to vote YES, from Newsweek


Message now coming from Edwards

My mother Thinks Edwards would make a great VP

Senate? Maybe a silly question.

How much has DU given to Kerry so far?

Should The Green Party Run A Candidate For President? A Radio Debate

Do you think you are part of the Democratic base?

I'm worried it is too early for all this to be breaking

Which is the most important demographic to get in 2004?

Who have the Dems betrayed besides antiwar lefties?

Nation can learn from McNamara's missteps - Daily Breeze

Kristof: Ethnic Cleansing, Again

350 Tax Increases? Bush applies Powell Doctrine for re-election. (Kinsley)

Asteroid Nearing Earth Identified As Bill O'Reilly's Ego

Cohen: Bush, Clarke, and a Shred of Doubt

Iowa Senate rejects gay marriage ban

Four 9/11 Moms Watch Rumsfeld And Grumble

Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin Editorial: Troubling allegations

Rush is a big fat drug addict and child predator.

Kerry's '350 Tax Increases'

King of the Rip off artists


Transcript: Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02

Misleading the press corps : Alterman

Transcript: Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02

The First Lady of the Dodgers

Richard Clarke: His Case is Deep, Compelling

A Briefing by the Former Press Secretary (Ari's response to Krugman)

National Security and Intelligence

9/11 Commission a whitewash? (Gail Sheehy)

Another Great Gene Lyons Column

03/24/04 - Brand new "Get Your War On"

US World's Greatest Country?

Richard Clarke: American Patriot?

Oliphant on Rice and Clarke (heh heh0

The Annotated Richard Clarke


Tom Toles cartoon: Spinning Clarke

Conason: Clarke's Book Shows Why Bush* Fears Truth

President Bush may actually believe his own lies

Clarke - Guardian Interview - 9/11 Hijackers Could Have Been Stopped

The End of Globalism

Kerry Meetups Everywhere, Thursday, March 25th, 7PM

storyboards for MOVEON ad based on Clarke revelations

Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh prove thier cowardice and Bias

Nightline: 9/11 Com. Can't Ask Certain Questions - Kean Pissed

NYT's David Brooks

I just e-mailed CNN with a complaint

Kerrey on Faux News - "Occasionally Fair and Balanced" - Video

MP3 of "Chimpy Dance" by the AWOL Cowboys

mp3 of Richard Clarke's 9/11 Commission testimony here

I'm looking for meditation tapes...

Why are good political screensavers so hard find?

Phelps Clan Plans New Paltz Protests

Battle over rights for foetuses

Barney Frank gives antigay senators an earful

Bush tries to destroy professional responsibility ethics of Actuaries

Bush Allows Gays to Be Fired for Being Gay

Oregon County Bans All Marriages - period

Not So Happily Ever After

Latest RWTP: The jobless "recovery" is a result of stopping corruption!

Bush's Good Economy

The SS/Medicare tax rate could be cut under the easy solution below

Marriage penalty relief DECREASES after election - anyone care?

New Bush/GOP tax cuts going through Budget process

Gas just went up 20cents per gallon in Chicago

Why is Bush's IRS chasing working poor Earned income credits - EITC

A letter from the future

Exxon Valdez 15th Anniversary

NYT: Record-high gas prices, campaign, and energy policy

Someone's forgotten the lessons of Dr. Seuss....

Alleged smuggler facing death row in Jakarta

Limpopo desperate for doctors

Rummy wants to save $ by closing bases

Day by Day, Death by Death - US troops.

Ethnic Cleansing, Again...

Kansas: Panel endorses concealed weapons bill

GUNS IN THE NEWS March 24 2004

Man who killed wife in restaurant was on probation (CA)

Clarifying my position & also the UK law.......

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 24, 2004


Tutu visits Texas death row inmate

Gun toters HALT robbery attempts

Swords in the news

Ever feel like blowing up a cow with a rocket launcher?

History of mental illness doesn't prevent gun buys

Sorry to bother you... but this is VERY close to a personal threat

Why is starting a poll in the I/P forum not allowed?

Which is the proper forum?

OK to Dupe Kerry Fund Raising Posts?

Just a small rant not directed at Admins or Mods.

Editorial cartoons moved from editorial forum??

Just a small rant not directed at anybody

What the record for most posts on a thread?

Would It Be Possible...

Silly question

why aren't the posts following the hearings appearing on the "latest" . .

This thread was locked and for good reasons

Has the warning system changed?

Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations

Arafat Opposes Attacks on Israeli Civilians

UK freezes Hamas leader's assets

Israeli teenagers who stand for honesty, decency and sanity

Israelis stop teen wearing bomb vest.

"It is worse than a crime, it is stupid!"

March 27---------Emergency Response Rally----------Los Angeles, CA

Jewsish reform movement challenges settlements

Israelis stop teen wearing bomb vest.

Hamas Says It Will Target Sharon, Not U.S.

Security Council fails to agree on statement on Yassin killing

Soldiers catch Palestinian boy, 12, wearing explosive belt

Hamas political chief: PM target for assassination

Muppets Bringing Peace to the Middle East

Soldiers catch Palestinian boy, 12, wearing explosive belt

911 Planes Flew Bush Knew !

REALITY vs. the Richard Perle FANTASY

On balance

Karen Kwiatowski in Hard Target on The History Channel? Help?

I need some help on a bit of 9/11 research

UA 175: the missile's purpose

An easy solution to Social Security and Medicare Funding w/o benefit cuts

Murkowski could face primary challenge

The Next Black Senator?

I thought up a creepy prediction on LIHOP 2 tonight

why are conservatives so against the Fairness Doctrine?

Where is Kerry?

Albright acts as if * admin is a legitimate WH who "just made mistakes"

It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. - Thomas Paine

U.S. says shooting of cameraman was justified

would these come in handy for anyone?

What time is Richard Clarke's testimony?

If Clarke was so "out of the loop", then why did Condi...

Flashback to the first "Bush Knew" stories (May 2002, WaPo)

Air America Will Displace Black Talk On WLIB

911 Planes Flew Bush Knew !

Have you looked on the dark side lately?

Jimmy Kimmel Live at anti-war rally, hillarious. C/MT/Pacific time headsup

BBV: Bill Maher on HBO!!

Easter is on the 11th of April.

Good books in digital format

Greg Palast coming up on Mike Webb! n/t

Very Interesting Conason interview with Clarke

Blame Game??

worst.president.ever. poll

What are the possible end results of the 911 Commish?



'The O'Franken Factor' premieres Wednesday March 31st opposite ...

10,000 troops in Afghanistan, 160,000 troops in Iraq. Proof of priorities.

CNN Daybreak

pics of the soul-less Bushies on this historic day

Frum is a moron implying that raising the bounty for OBL to $50mm

Ray Taliafero is going to have Howard Zinn on tonight/this morning

Stock market question

Dean is to Nixon as Clarke is to Bush

People act like if Osama had been killed, 9/11 wouldn't have happened

The White House SAT on Clarke's Book for months

Warning: “I don’t know where bin Laden is…” Quote

Clark VS Clarke

Clarke resignation letter to Bush (Smoking Gun)

Bush's big move, if

Scalia Cartoons

Colin Powell Slips, 'Crusade' Re-Enters US Lexicon

Should Vegas take book on Supreme Court decisions?

Are you on Paxil?

Who said this and when did they say it?

Just watched the end of Spanish state funeral for 3/11 victims.

Iraq on the Record Database

Another great book: "MoveOn's 50 Ways to Love Your Country"

This morning Imus...

Which concerns you more?

TV Alert:: Tenet testifying live 9:16 am EST on CSPAN 3

Canadian reaction

Let's talk OPEC.

Richard Clarke Testifies On CSPAN3 @ 1:30 EST

From 911 Citizens Watch

transcript of Rumsfled on cspan 3-23-04?

CSPAN Wednesday AM — Use of "under God" in pledge. Your opinion?

Justices appear split on HMO issue (Check out Scalia's comments)

30 Minute Alert on 9/11 hearings. C-span 3

Zahn is a bleeping bleep!!! (edited per FCC guidelines)

Clarke has a little different view on the fall of the Soviet Union

Is Bush an appeaser??

Did you know that 18 of the 19 9/11 hijackers arrived after April, 2001?

Lib Oasis made some good points today...

Has FR banned all posts dealing with casualties in Iraq

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/24/2004

Hey kids Richard Clarke is on

Ugh....Couric and Russert this morning...

CNN dumba$$ poll

Morning news gave me the blues

Official 9/11 Investigation thread (#1)

Official 9/11 Investigation thread (#2)

The annotated Richard Clarke

A Question for My Fellow DU'ers

Guess the lying President

The right-wing, dittoheads, etc, pushed Bush to do away .......

BBV - Demo of Free Software Voter-Verifiable Voting

Bob Woodward, in his book, disagrees with George Tenet..

When right wingers talk about "activist judges"...

Regarding NASA, Poverty and the beauty of rethinking an idea

Is the 9-11Commision a Joke?

Jamie Gorelick, 9-11 commish, is on C-Span right now 6:33 am. cst

Well, add David Kay to the "bitter & delusional" list...

Headlines from around the country: Post your paper's headlines here

If you're not with us, you're bitter...

I sure hope that Clarke remains stands tough

Max Cleland: "The White House Has Played Cover-Up"

Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial jets on July 26, 2001?

Who cleared the bin Laden family to leave the USA soon after 9/11?

What about "Arbusto Oil Company"?

Bush agrees to come here (in France) for the D-Day anniversary.

My e-mail to Hannity

Clinton's Obsession

Help! Need online radio sources!

Did Sandy Burger just say, 67 lives were lost

"Your testimony here will be assymetrical..."

If it really hits the fan, should we be nice and give Bush and company

Support The Labor Movement In Iraq!

Ludicrous allegation coming our of right wing media, gift of right wing.

Kerry and Hugo Chavez

Why accept that attacking Afghanistan...?

"160% more Gay marriages end in divorce than Straight marriages..."

"Soldiers, don't give yourselves to brutes!"

They are trying to re-frame the debate to focus on the USS Cole

Berger: Rice was told about 'urgency' of al Qaeda (CNN)

British DUers: Is there a plot within Labour to ditch Blair?

Why isn't Freeh testifying?

Political hilarity on late-nite TV

The Official "Media Spin" on Bush/911 Thread for Wednesday 3/4

You thought "Peak oil" was bad, well what about generational war?

Clinton Admin statement of December 19, 2000 regarding Taliban and

Progress Report for 3/23 | This is our new 'War Room' !

Osama Bin Laden is "Irrelevant.

It looks like Bush is going to run ads during these hearings....

I called * "the antichrist" and got the Principal's office in my 40's!

If Okla city happened on Bush watch, what would his response have been?

It's true - I'm ignorant! What does LIHOP mean?

'Political Attack Dogs' Add Color to US Presidential Campaign"- Oh please

Question for the break: CIA did not understand hit order on bin Laden?

9/12/01: CIC Dubya's untimely and bizarre Iraq fixation--Clarke...

Army to run out of money in September

Wingnuts say Clinton led Ossama get away, what excuse does Bush have

What should happen to Bush when he leaves office?

9.11 investigation - thread 2

Remember when reporters like Nic Robertson used to do live reports...


Newest Attack on Clarke

Clarke's book appears to be #1 at Amazon

An interesting blog

When it comes to National Security, who would you trust?

I Don't Think Berger Did Well

Clarke is Apologizing to the American People

Price Gouging in Health Care

Clarification on McLelland

Pledge of Allegiance poll on CNN Headline News

Ari takes a swipe at Krugman

Should Presidents Bush and Clinton testify publicly? msnbc poll

Has the US EVER declared war on an INDIVIDUAL??

Where is Cynthia McKinney? (Double Standards and 9/11 Inquiries)

Clarke providing cover for intelligence agencies.

Does anyone know what time Clarke is suppose to testify


Here it is again - Powell used the word Crusade in his testimony

Clarke --- in the loop or out of it?

9/11 is Bush's fault

Official 9/11 Investigation Thread #3


Lehman digging BIG HOLE for himself right now

Can a few of you just hit the highlights of the 9/11 Hearings?

Joe Conason interviews Richard Clarke! (a must)

I admit i never really listened to Rush Limbaugh before.

Will ONE Bushie accusing Clarke of lying file libel charges against him?

Blair bans Labour Party delegation from flying to John Kerry's coronation

Thompson just pulled out the 2002 Time piece "which is true?"

Richard A. Clarke for President!

TIME Mag story in Aug 2002 - Contempaneous refutation of WH/FOX

Bush is a fear president

question regarding newspapers in small/ medium-sized towns

Richard Clarke could say he'll donate


Is it just me, or is the stock market taking a dive as Clarke

If Larry King takes calls for Clarke, this question must be asked

"By invading Iraq, the President has greatly undermined..."

Congress better start an official investigation

Why The Name of Barry Mawn Is So Important For All DU'ers To Know.

Did you know outsourcing overseas is because of crappy schools?

I think Howard Stern took my advice. He put up a link to support Joan Ruff

OK, so what's gonna happen today to distract us from 9/11?

Do we have PROOF that Bush went soft on the Taliban ?? ..

So how is Clarke going to handle the charge he contradicted himself?

Official 9/11 investigation thread #4

Kerry Heckler Convinced Kerry is Out to Destroy Him

Ben-Veniste just said he'll "cede his time...

Slamming Fox - Woo Hoo

Clarke just cleaned Thompson's clock!

Kerrey bodyslams FAUX

Someone needs to send this to the NY Times ASAP

Clarke just hit another out of the park!

Bob Kerrey just lit into Fox news...

Bob Kerry just blasts Fox

DAVID KAYE says bush admitted that he knew about 9/11 prior to the bombing

Clarke appearing in a few minutes. CNN for sure

Thank you Richard Clarke

**Wed. Clarke on "Fresh Air" (NPR)

Misleading headline on

Rate this photo of a Bush - 9/11 Dollar Bill!!!

How are the Bushies gonna handle Clarke?

Would You Mind If Clinton's Legacy Is Destroyed If Bush Gets Destroyed Too

The media outlets jump immediately to discrediting Clarke.

Send Fox News a little note:

Bush Administration Summary of them on 9/11 panel

national quinnipiac poll

How much did chasing Clinton's penis take away from our fight on terroris


Jon Stewart......are your boys taping this?

Official 9/11 Investigation thread #5

Greatest Living American

Anyone know about/been in Civil Air Patrol?

What Would You Have Done IF We had Web-casts For Watergate

Anyone watching closely notice a change in the past

Holy Shit! Ben-Veniste just mentioned the Aug 6th memo!

Uncle Fester (Armitage)is now up before the 911 Commission

Zell Miller's on John Kerry (March 1, 2001)

Interesting dichotomy(re: 9/11com) Where we see good, Freepers see as bad

ooooooooohhhh, Thompson doesn't learn! what an idiot!

I just got a detention for calling Bush a moron.

The 9/11 families rushing toward Clarke --

List of Leaders Who Are So Bad Its OK For Bush to Overthrow Them

Who here has to pee?

The Right-Wing Echo Chamber Media will have to go back to...

MSNBC is already chopping Clarke's response to Thompson


Fox "News" barf alert: Jim Angle, who disclosed the 8/02 Clarke "background"...

Does anyone think rice and rumsfeld days in govt. are numbered

As much as Ben-Veniste is laughing...

Is Clarke's life in danger?

New MoveOn TV Ad Uses Clarke quote

DU this Poll!

Richard Clark on Larry King Live tonight @9:00 pm EST n/t

anyone find it odd that a bomb was supposed to go off today?

One Nation Under God........ PLEASE!

Armitage is being interviewed right now! Here we go!

About Clarke's "background briefing"

Official 9/11 Investigation Thread #6

fox news: "Fair and Balanced OCCASIONALLY", Kerrey....

oooooh - 911 Panel just slammed Fox News!

back in the USA

It ALL depends on how it is reported but Clarke did well today

$1.9 Million To Go - John Edwards Thinks You Too Should Contribute

After Clarke's testimony today

Iowa Senate rejects gay marriage ban

The ugliness of the right wing people who back Bush

Uncle Fester yukking it up with 911 panel

FAUX News Ticker....

Will Bush feel the heat to apologize for 9/11?

Dick Clarke: Bush security officials quitting in disgust

Dishonest Dubya: Lying Action Figure

C-Span 9-11 Hearing Rebroadcast Schedule

Richard Clarke's resignation letter

Administration Quietly Admits It Needs Gays

A history of the numerous changes to the Pledge of allegiance

They can't decide if it's a circle jerk or a mutual masturbation club

Google's latest "Clarke" headlines... enjoy

Set Your Clocks For the Unity Webcast - Hosted by Howard Dean

FDA Approves Generic Oxycontin

IF/ WHEN Kerry wins the 9/11 families will ask 4 another comission on 9/11

WH Classifies Richard Clarke As Terrorist; Invokes Patriot Act To Arrest H

What questions will Larry King ask Dick Clarke tonight?

Is anyone listening to Hannity?

Who will hold the presidency first?

Oppression of Atheism in the courts

based on Armitage's crazy 'mission from god' bit, his closing stmt

Zell Miller is a traitor

Dupe Lock Please

Howard Zinn on Pacifica Right NOW

I thought I heard that Clarke will be on Larry King tonight.....

Fox's 'Gretta' Poll on Condi refusing to testify: Please vote!

Clarke A Registered REPUBLICAN? Did I Hear That Correctly?

anybody listening to douchebag downing on msnbc

Clarke wants to sell books....

Rice will Be On Hannity TONIGHT!!!

you've heard it before many times, but is this finally IT?

What is PNAC, and who all are involved?

Yikes! Roemer talking about the planeload of Saudis leaving 9/12

Analysis: Iraq Charges Against Bush Begin to Mount

Richard Clarke: "Your Government Failed You."

When will the media "finally" turn on bu$h and try to earn back integrity?

media hoes HAMMERING clarke's cred, more than other points

How are the gestures of patriotism in your area? Flags on cars, in yards,

Who will be the next Bush administration figure to come in from the cold?

queen condi

Hey, there's somebody who lives in San Diego and posts on DU

Dupe, Remove please

Stupid Question: Who is Kitty Pilgrim?

kudlow and cramer on CNBC ripping bush on "deceit" of Medicaid and WMD

103 Reasons To Have a REAL Investigation

condi calls Clarke's testimony "SCURRILOUS"

PNAC'er Frank Gaffney coming up on Lou Dobbs :puke:

They didn't lay a glove on Clarke----agree or disagree?

From 'Above The Fold' on Outsourcing...

Ted Rall on the Free Market

The problem with conspiracies....

Condi Rice

Now they're looking for reasons to hang Clarke...

ABC leads with Clarke story too

So what's the schedule for the 9-11 commission.

A Thousand a Day to be arrested at NYC RNC convention

Rice talks on TV. Remember she's not under oath.

Rate these Yahoo stories NOW! They're getting freeped!

PBS/Lehrer replaying highlights from Clarke's testimony

The "Silence" was deafening...

Dan Abrams just asked if they're going to try Clarke for the P-word

Kerry is skiiing and having fun while the Bush burns.

CBS leads with Clarke apology to families! What about NBC, ABC?

Hallallulleah!!!!!!!!!! The Silver Bullit Has Just Been Fired

9/11 Commission Highlights Thread--Please Post Today's big news!

Has Bush* ever apologized about ANYTHING

The Commissioners are holding a LIVE news conference

Will Condi Be 'Forced' To Testify Before The 9/11 Commission?

Clarke and Deep Throat on CNN

Bush criminals are wetting themselves...

TRANSCRIPT of Clarke questioning by Jim Thompson (R-IL)

Roger Cressey...MSNBC analyst...

FOX News: Breaking about Transcript

White House: Intelligence Panel's Finances Will Stay Private

Dadcom Just Called Me - Re: Clarke Testimony

Yikes...Satan himself on MSNBC now...

tell me, what does it do to one's soul to LIE from dawn til dusk?

Urgent: Spread 9/11 and Iraq Revelations

What about the $43 million that Bush gave the Taliban in May 2001?

an ex-conservative pep talk

Daily Show Decimated Scott & Condi Last Night....WOW!

BushCo | They Can't Handle the Truth!

BBV: 6,000 ballots missed in Napa County

Anyone hear John King and Wolf "Tag Team" Clarke? Saying he

Stupid question - why is Laura Bush called "Pickles"?

Clarkes testimony

I came across this while looking for something else

Paul Harvey is a right-wing jack-ass

Hey. Ain't Ashcroft Well Enough Yet to Get his grilling.

Clarke book #1 on Amazon.

Caption the no-show! Says - Clarke: "Your Government Failed You"

Who here loves Dick Clarke even though he is a Rethuglican

What is your view on the Pledge of Allegiance?

What happened to Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatowski?

zel miller blasting Kerry!!!

condi with Brokaw right now!

Can we get Imus to not support Kerry?

Bob Kerrey broke the big story of the day...

September 11 Should Have Been Stopped

9/11 Commission is a Joke and Dangerous to Democrats!!

Fox News can be "stopped"

Anybody Else Had Their Guts Punched By This Photo ???

A great letter about same sex marriage (from the civil union debate)

Is Rumsfeld PNAC?

Would you avoid my threads based on my name?

ON CNN now:Rice " Clarke's testimony scurilous"

Chronology of U.S. Military Fatalities Since 'Mission Accomplished,'

Look at the photos of 9/11 families with Clarke

Bush facial expressions

We Want Condi! We Want Condi! We Want Condi!

I must say this at the risk of being either banned or flamed

You won't believe this post at!

At least Daschle is sticking up for Clarke

Anyone besides me miss Mike Malloy?

Hannity: "Zell Miller is Starting a 'Democrats for Bush' Organization"

Just Received my copy of “Worse than Watergate” by John Dean

Pledge poll

Email Response from Rep. Pete King - 9/11 Video Archive Site - Down for weeks.

Donate To Get Clarke's Word Out

"People are poor because they are lazy"....... check this out!

DU Hannity's Clarke poll

Was Poppy using CIA to undermine Clinton in the 90's?

Time bomb rocks southern Thai city

UN prosecutors demand arrest of Indonesian general

China leaves human rights talks

Blair in Historic Trip to Libya for Gaddafi Talks--New World Media Watch

Possible rescue attempt has Harare on edge - Zimbabwe terrorists

Four Afghans Killed, Americans Hurt in Arms Blast

A solution in Bangkok to house the homeless - 1/2 billion in slums

Richard Clarke: His Case is Deep, Compelling

WP-Overtime Pay Battle Threatens Trade Bill

Insurgents attack U.S. convoy, three civilians dead in battle

National Urban League: State of Black America, 2004

Israelis call for Sharon to resign

'Specific threat' closes U.S. Embassy in UAE

Mother lambasts PM's Libya visit

Clarke Praises Bush in Resignation Letter

US army adds 30000 soldiers in Iraq

Cohen Criticizes "Wag the Dog" Characterization

Ex Counter-terrorism chief haunts hearing

Military gay dismissals down

End of an era for Antigua dynasty

Anti-tax figure adds heat to debate (Norquist)

UK to offer Libya military help

NYT,p.1: Medicare Costs Expected to Soar in Coming Decades

Richard Clarke Testifies On CSPAN3 @ 1:30 EST

NYT: As Gasoline Hits Record Price, Bush, Kerry & Dems Spar...

War not Realistic Option Before 9/11

Arafat Opposes Attacks on Israeli Civilians

(Maine) Senate endorses Patriot Act 'review'

Mass. officials say they were NOT TOLD of terrorist threat

Widow of Soldier in Jessica Lynch Unit Blasts Bush

Baghdad Safe Area Is Becoming Less So

BBV - Demo of Free Software Voter-Verifiable Voting

Insurgents attack U.S.-led coalition convoy, three civilians dead

UK freezes Hamas leader's assets

Three Iraqis killed in US operation in Fallujah

UK's Houses of Parliament to get walled in

Blacks Still Lag Behind Whites

Bush attack on Kerry defense record fails to win lead

50 killed in helicopter raid

Oregon County Bans All Marriages - period

Zimbabwe film maker arrested - Torture Camps

College admissions examined

1400 jobs as Virgin eyes Cuba

Schroeder meets new Spanish leader

Kerry's '350 Tax Increases'

Soldiers catch Palestinian boy, 12, wearing explosive belt

U.S. Military Frees 272 Detainees in Iraq ("I just came out of hell")

Military was sold lead-tainted fabric for tents

WP, page 1: 9/11 Panel Critical of Clinton, Bush

Transcript: Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02

Leon still waiting for response on Haiti arms

Focus on Foe May Hurt Bush

Bush briefed al Qaeda threat before taking office

Hamas Says It Has No Plans to Strike U.S. Targets

Brain waves control video game (BBC)

Clinton approved killing bin Laden

Oregon county bans all marriages

Nowhere Is Safe in Iraq: Polish Envoy

At the end of the day tops cliche list

Postage Stamp Prices Could Rise Sharply

Michael Jackson's Children's Foundation Now Virtually Defunct

Transcript: Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02 Headline "Your Government Failed You"

Warning over child soldiers

2 soldiers hurt when rocket explodes near theater

Israelis stop teen wearing bomb vest.

Arab leaders killed by Sudan insurgents

Transcript of Interview Clark gave to Fox News (contradicts himself)

National Security and Intelligence

U.S. Pushes to Boost Use of Ozone Damaging Fumigant

NYT: Bush Critic at Center of 9/11 Debate Testifies at Hearing

Central America Pushes Congress to OK Trade Deal

WP: Charity Tied to DeLay Is Questioned

Annan condemns killing of UN staff in Kosovo

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 24 March

CBS News

Gene mutation said linked to evolution

Brent Crude Oil Rises to One-Week High on Pipeline Fire in Iraq

Blair's majority could be cut to only 30 MP's

Blair lends his backing to Bush

Clarke to 9/11 families: Your government failed you

Credibility at stake for Bush, Clarke in Sept.11 testimony

Former Official Clarke Warned of 'Hundreds Dead'

Former anti-terror chief says US failed families of 9/11 victims

Berger says he warned Rice about al Qaeda

Union urges Democrats to switch parties for Specter in GOP primary

Madrid bombmaker identified by police

Spanish separatists ready for ceasefire

King's widow gives her support to gay marriage

Pentagon finds Iraq deals riddled with problems

U.S. Temporarily Closes 4 Embassies Due to Threats

Powell kept waiting to meet Spain's Zapatero

Unmarried Parents May Be Forced to Split

Gas Prices Taking Priority in Campaign

Kerry to visit job loss wracked Michigan

Israel's killing of Yassin puts U.S. in line of fire

Convicts Rule Haiti Town, Executions Plague Another

White House in row over September 11 evidence


EU fines Microsoft over $600 Million Dollars

Ga. Sen. Zell Miller blasts Kerry at 'Democrats for Bush' rally

Pakistan's flames of war spread

Survey: Iraqi Doctors May Have Tortured

Tech group's study defends outsourcing

Pledge of Allegiance, `Under God' Backed at U.S. Supreme Court

DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11 Intercepts

DAMMIT I missed Monday's Daily Show

Hey--look I'm drunk as f

the Jimmy Eat World DVD

Who were the chumps ripping of Clash on Kimmel?

Im so tired...

Heather Graham's blog --- strange hangup she has

Favorite video game ending?

Check this out!

another impossible poll from CW bluebell vs ben and jerry's

new Hannity advertisers

worst video game ending ever?

so . . . is everyone up on "Tunak Tunak Tun"? . . .

My Computer Has Had A Change Of Heart! It's Decided to Work Tonight!

How do you add someone to your ignore list?

Bible Dipping

most emotional you have ever gotten because of a video game?


Kan. Offers Free Land to Lure Residents

Too much beer and cash at the polls

What is the maximum size for an avtar file?

Does anyone know anything about the story of Sardis?

Hey tech types - picking a Linux distro

So I was hanging out at the White House

vanity post

Negative campaign = low voter turnout, esp. among young Americans?

Here's a game that Tom Delay could win

Woman Reports Marijuana Plants Stolen To Police - Charged

Man Hooks World Record Big Mouth Buffalo

"World of Darkness" players/fans important news.

Happy 21st Birthday To.........ME!!!!!

I could be coming home to more gore than found in "The Passion"

Caption: hope she's had her anti-rabies shot.....

WH smear campaign against Clarke: How Low Will They Go?

This pic is just SCREAMING for captions and photoshops!

Good thing there is a Clark and a Clarke

Most encouraging American cultural trend

Asteroid Nearing Earth Identified As Bill O'Reilly's Ego

Caption: What's that smell at the 9/11 investigation hearing?

Plucky Racehorse Preserves Losing Streak (106 in a row..)

You want to do what with my Touchmate memory stick?

Important business news!

Caption: Miow, where's my dinner?

Mythical Monkey King Steps Up To Bat For Baseball

Caption: another bad smell....

Caption the face of evil

I'm calling out Magic Rat to a bet: Phillies will do better than the Mets

Magazine says Philly ranks low on looks style and personality-SORRY Lynne

Cube dwellers: How daring are you about your political ideologies at work

Cartoon: Steve Bell on 9/11 hearing

What the well-dressed Republican wears

It's hump day...share your "my boss is a jerk" stories.

My new idea for clergy appointments

RNC to do TRL on MTv

On the eve of Ladyday, 25 March:

"Unspeakable" -- A new movie...

Had the weirdest dream last night

A little help, please

My T-shirt came yesterday

Republicanism shown to be genetic in origin

Daily Show last night...Condi/McClellan parroting each other on talking

Man Found Guilty Of Chasing Down, Killing Horse With His Car

Is it just me, or does it seem the White House is now on the defensive?

Earworms you absolutely HATE.

The designated hitter rule and artificial turf must go

Mr. Breakfast

New Republican Party Emblem

Alright, is WillBowden even SEEING my posts in his threads???

The Glory of Hassellhoff

What Year Is It?

Ask Not For Who the Cowbell Tolls

Astronomy Buffs: Chance to see 5 planets at once now!

Teacher Accused Of "Pushing Pro-Gay Agenda"

How many domain names do you have?

Ever have a day where you just don't ever wake up

Alright is anyone even SEEING these posts?

Man On Trial For Decapitating Mother With Sword

Why are the idiots always "in charge"?

Calling all worm owners! I need help. I just watered one of my.....

Oh my, they've found the Martians and they look like rabbits (seriously)

"Your favorite music sucks!"

Shameless self promotion

Where's my free giant shrimp, dammit?!

'Catfight Girl' (Miller Lite Commercial) Sues Over X-Rated Video Games

If you had the power to change W. Bush and his playmates......

Caption this...Condi-oroni

My mom is coming to stay for 11 days, I'm gonna need major prayer

Is the Israel/Palestine Forum a worthwhile part of DU?

Give me recipe suggestions:

Belly up to the bar lounge lizards. This ones on me.

If Matcom didn't post for a day would his butt keep walking up and down

I made a coworker laugh with my "WMD" joke

"Real World" Returns to Philly

Just got one of three tee-shirts I order YES

Bushie might throw out the first pitch at the Cards home opener...

I'm going to be cranky today!

Google toolbar just blocked my 1000th pop-up

Canine heroes serving in Iraq

Wisconsin Humor ...

Helllllooooooooo baaaby!

E-mail experts: HELP! I sent out an important e-mail and it got kicked

Pizza Overkill - This is crazy.

Blondie in concert in my town

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: R. Lee Ermey (aka Gny. Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket)

Current MLB players who spent their entire career with one team

Richard Clarke on CNN now

Farkers have fun with O'Reilly

Attacker Gets Probation For Setting Homeless Man On Fire

I'm in Ontario--ask me anything, but make it something warm!

How do you INTERPRET the :mad: and :grr: smilies?

How do you USE the :mad: and :grr: smilies?

I got tombstoned! G-dammit all to heck!

It's FREAKING hot in here!

Good free software now available.

I reformatted today!

I am thinking of applying for American Citizenship

CAPTION swatting at lies

Caption: even the backing vocals look pissed....

Veg-O-Matics Live On In Kitchens Everywhere

At the end of the day tops cliche list

Eternal ________ of the ________ mind

Der Groppenfuhrer needs a caption

Sean Hannity Stand In for Hugo Weaving in Priscilla Queen of the Desert

GET EXCITED!!! DU banner ordered for March for Choice in DC

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

I am highly pissed off

Caption the Evil One

What Right Wing Causes Are Stuffing Our Conservative Neighbors' Mailboxes?

Which Bush mannerisms do you hate the most?

No No No Make it stop!!! (Mission Impossible 3)

How Often Do You And Your Spouse (or b/f - g/f) Get Into Fights?

these games are hilarious

How Often Do You And Your Spouse (or b/f - g/f) Get Into Flights?

Discovery of GOP gene (found on Usenet)

Okay, Lets Settle This Now - The 2004 World Series Champion Will Be...


Who are the real zeroes of history?

Anyone ever go to

Lederhosen Subsidies Axed as Germany Tightens Belt

"Imagine if 50 Cent got super-powers."

I saw shattered glass last night

CAPTION the 3 Faces of Eve (Tenet)

How can you be proud to be an American?

For Plaid Adder: STANDING OVATION, please! Brava, brava!

Are Republicans funny? Creative?

Unsung heroes in history

For the cause: I need some simple script help for my county Dem site...

Post some cool architecture photos here.

Hey? Where' s Condi?

A thread NOT about Kerry slamming Fox!

OK, now we have a Kerrey and a Clarke.

We're being fiddled, say violinists

Man Uses 8 y.o. Daughters Identity To Get Phone Service

Who are the real Neros of history?

Richard Clarke truly distinguishes himself...much to the horror of Bush

Boston Street closings tomorrow as Bush collects funds from the rich

Mr. Right Ain't Good Enough Anymore

I was a witness today...

political Ts

Shameless plug

I'm their choice for the job

CONFESS!! How Many Products Did You Ever Buy From RONCO?

Wolf is interviewing P-Diddy on CNN?

Who were the well-hung villains of history?

Name the spaceship contest PART II... (There will be a prize)

posted with apologies to Dr. Seuss

Mock My Hate Mail!

I think my dad is right:" Don't expect anything"

Beavis/Butthead vs. */Cheney 2004

CAPTION the White House employee of the month? or disgruntled worker?

Dr. Weird's Cocksagne.

In Your Next Life What Would You Like To Be?

How well do you know your 80s song lyrics?

Who were the well hung heroes of history?

Would you have a professional maid/housekeeper?

Anyone have the Franken "Mission Accomplished" photo?

SOme dink - real estate agent came in to yell at me....

new Hannity advertiser Kendallwood Hospice

"Family Values Fox Network" promotes a book..

Need Networking Guru Please!!!!

hotels to avoid

Bush Joke

Someone please tell me why I shouldn't chew out these anti-choicers?

Venting about Health Insurance

Salute my new signature!

Poem: Amending the Constitution

who's the DUer who just called Randi Rhodes?

What can you cook well?

I Saw Something Where Don Imus Called Lesley Stahl A Gutless Lying

If Bush Loses, what will happen on DU

It's been awhile since I've posted a thread, so hijack this one!

I use hyphens, ellipses, and semicolons too much

Pacific Northwest morning, it's raining gently (big news)

DU Hannity's Clarke Poll

I'm throwing the gauntlet down! Who wants a rumble with the Freepers?

In honor of our first hockey playing President

Bush family photo album

Tell me what a loser I'd be if I went and got cigarettes

Hey, there's somebody who lives in San Diego and posts on DU

Advice wanted.

What's for supper tonight?

If Bush wins, what will happen to DU?

Saint huddles with Republican Inner Circle

Name a prank that you would love to do, but cant

Who are the real Zorros of history?


Veritable slugfest in GD over Newdow! Calling TXlib!

I am low on posts.

So I go to looking for an address to bitch to

Republican Change Their Emblem

If I Obey My Spam And Become An Ordained Minister - Will YOU Let ME.....

I found out today

Can I just vent?

stevie is a wonder

Favorite Collins?

Welcome to Dingbat Labs, where the Future is being Made Today!

Feeling down??? This will perk you up !

Four Eared Kitten Needs Home

How are Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Office Outlook different?

I Am Annoyed . Ask me ANYTHING!!!!

When did your favorite MLB team last win the World Series?

What was the first song you could sing all the words too ?

The Oopsy-Daisy of all CAPTIONS!

I've spotted a whole bunch of lurking freepers on DU...

Dogs Are "People Who Have Misbehaved In A Past Life"


Whoa, Condi!!! Can we get a caption with that scowl?

Has Canada ever truly apologized for Bryan Adams?

Favorite old-timey bluegrass number

Some people are just A**HOLES

DU Ladies - The Kucinich Sex Appeal - Please Explain

Paging HeyHey.... Hey, HeyHey paging HeyHey...

Wednesday night DU chat

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the EARLY 1980s? (Part 2)

I need your help finding political t-shirts

"you didn't leave a note"


DU favorite music artist poll

Repo Man fans: any favorite quotes?

Attention Spelling Police!

Who is your personal hero, and why?

Only 51 posts till I hit 3000.

What scares you the most about driving?

Who are the real heroes of history?

How many pets do you have?

If WillBowden Posts A Thread And Nobody Replies.......

I'm a HORRIBLE daddy! I peed on one of the OTHER cats this time...

Listening to Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto...I feel kingly

CAPTION the sitting pResident

Kings vs. Lakers TONIGHT

Have you attended college?

Which historical heroes are overated?

What's the nicest/kindest thing you have ever done for someone?

I Post This With A Warning

What is the worst/meanest thing you've ever done?

What is the dumbest thing you or someone else has ever done?

"Monty Python's Life of Brian" to return to cinemas!


Inside view casts new shadow over Bush re-election hopes

UK Guardian: Women of the world unite against Bush!

Where can I watch or hear the 9-11 hearings today?

Can Condi be put under so much PUBLIC pressure she has to

350 Tax Increases?

LAT Brownstein: Bush approval #s indicate very close election

Just saw GW ad using Kerry's "voted for it before i voted against it" clip

Two more days, two more million dollars

Will ONE Bushie accusing Clarke of lying file libel charges against him?

Why are Bush and Tenet still employed?Clinton exonerated/Bushcover up cont

DK: ...That Administration Manufactured Crisis to Invade Iraq No Surprise

John Kerry Is Smarter Than You Think

Rasmussen tracking poll - Kerry 47% Bush 44%

I am impressed AGAIN with the intellectual capacity of the Clinton ...

which group is more unreliable

ok how we can expand the base to include lefties and old school cons

Kucinich on Democracy Now

About Richard Clarke's 9/11 testimony today...

Should campaign contributions be tax-deductable?

Clarke says, under oath, he will not

Clarke= Shrub's worst nightmare

If I have to listen to one more Bush "sincere and serene" campaign ad

Clarke on Larry King tonight

Let's start the NonWhore Award of the Week!

Medical Alert - Clarke summary

Richard Armitage / Rod Steiger

This must be decided ONCE AND FOR ALL

C-Span 9-11 Hearing Rebroadcast Schedule

Dean's Rise and Fall...

The anti-Kerry people are off the deep end.

Together we will build one America!

Hypothetical: Dem Party candidate. Please read before voting.

I almost never say this: we should e-mail CNN to thank them.

Bush Campaign officials are idiots

Wow Bush only has a 4 point lead in CO(in a republican poll)

CNN's John King: "Essentially Bush was asleep at the Switch" on Al Qaeda

Did anyone ask Condisleeza Rice THE question?

Democratic Senator Blasts Kerry at Rally

Kerry Ends Vacation, Set to Unite Party

Bush Attack on Kerry's Defense Record Fails to Win Lead in Poll

I wonder if Kerry knew this Clarke stuff was gonna hit

What will Kerry do with Guantanamo?

So... Clinton had to testify about his willie, but * doesn't have to

LMAO Kerrey Blast Faux

Zell Miller at it again

Rank the 2004 Presidential candidates.

Your Time is Up, Mr. Bush (A message from Wes Clark)

Deleted message

Howard Stern's "bad american president" Budweiser spoof mp3

Hypothetical: Third Party candidate. Please read before voting.

Kucinich congratulates Maine lawmakers for challenging Patriot Act

I voted for Kucinich, but now I'm trying to help John Kerry.

One Day Left to Hit 10 Million - Have You Given to Kerry Yet?

A sudden sharp turn in the Rasmussen poll Kerry 47-44

Dayton Democrats to Protest Cheney Visit. Theme: Baloney.

From the DK Camp: A message from our Finance Director

Nader has 7000 volunteers nationwide now! *gasp*

Should Kerry Have Different Positions on Chavez And Aristide?

Texas Democrats want Edwards on ticket