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Archives: March 25, 2004

What if Bush faced a war crime tribunal? satire

Tenet admits CIA might have prevented 9/11

Naomi Klein - Terror as a weapon of occupation

Robert Fisk - "Who's in Room 106?"

WP 3/25 - On trial by GOP, Clarke is Cool in the Hot Seat

Salon: Thou Shalt Not Make Scientific Progress

Atheist Newdow gave a memorable performance

"Mad cow case raises suspicions in elderly deaths" Seattle P-I

Salon: Condoleezza Rice's bad week

W's act at the Correspondents Dinner 03/24/04

Sid Blumenthal: Bush's brand new enemy is the truth

March 27---------Emergency Response Rally----------Los Angeles, CA

Kerry Meetups - Thursday, March 25th, 7PM - Please attend!

New way to support

St. Louis DUers- Prepare to mobilize on Cards Opening Day!

Minnesota DUers- URGENT!

Missouri/St. Louis DUers- Any news on Kerry visit on Sat.?

Community That Tried To Imprison Gays To Get A Taste Of Rainbow Pride

Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Dad From 'Exposing' Son To Homosexuality

MLK Widow Condemns Anti-Gay Amendment

Fewer gays being dismissed from military


Scientists chew over vital mutation to the jawbones

Nasa to give experimental unmanned Mach 7 prototype another go.

There is life on Mars - but 'we sent it'

Colin Powell and Djibouti

Maybe I'm just slow...

I think that you are locking too many Clarke stories in LBN

What was that?

Nevermind the e-mail I just cluttered your box with then...

What is the best way to respond to DUers who call Kerry "A Nazi"

Why was my poll moved?

Hurndalls still seeking truth

Israel will simply stall and postpone a final settlement

Friend's Gaza death film tribute

An Act of Bestiality

mp3 of Richard Clarke's 9/11 Commission testimony here

Collins vows to stay in Ga. Senate race

In Ky., Clooney Has Big Lead in Rival Camp’s Polls

Got goosebumps - again,, seeing him apologize has a Clarke ad..almost ready to air

Are We Making Political Hay--or dropping the ball, as usual??

HARDBALL NOW!!! at Walter Reed Hospital amputees rehabing

Condi Rice, Lying P.O.S. on Hardball

Why wasn`t Tenet asked this question?

What was this about an email...Clarke and Condi...?

Did FOX open a door into Plamegate?

Any post-Clarke announcements polls?

Condi and Cheney lie about what Clarke told them

How would YOU interpret this excerpt from a 9/11 Commission story?

AIDS, E-Bola, the Black Death - could the Flu (once again) be the worst?

Which two words are more important in the Pledge?

Tweety is on the Attack.

Who deserves jail more: Condi or Martha?

Unreal: Nobody in The Media is Making This Point !

Has anyone seen Ari Fleischer anywhere lately?

Rummy's response: We had lunch together a couple of times each week.

Tom Keane - "There are questions we can't ask today."

Richard Clarke Scheduled To Speak At IUPUI Friday

OK, question of the day: Who did give the order to allow the Saudis to

customer reviews of Clarke's book at

Condi on ins-Hannity and Colmes at 9:00est

Clarke Ko's the bushies - good article

Holy Shi...ite Muslims!

Clarke coming up on Larry King

Financial Times: Whitehouse denies Lapse on Terror

If Clarke was so incompetent why didn't they fire him on 9-12?

rightwingers constantly quote Mansoor Ijaz...

Tenet admits CIA might have prevented 9/11

Gorelick should offer Condi immunity if she testifies...

3/24 Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 44% "Other" 4% - Clarke Effect?

Rice: Unwilling to testify, but willing to do every talk show in town?

Richard Clarke WOW brutally honest I love it!

Anyone else catching the 'Fresh Air' segment w/ Clarke?

Richard Clarke on Larry King, CNN tonight, 9 pm ET

I actually hope the USSC rules in favor of the Pledge of Allegiance

Minnesota DUers

William Farish comes out of hiding to blast Clarke

Keep this in mind, re Richard Clarke: He has NEVER been a 'politician.'

Bush, et al ignored Terrorism. Remember airstrikes on Iraq in Feb. 2001?

I'm amazed that John O'Neill's name hasn't been...

Who does Bob Kerrey most resemble?

Clarke on CNN Larry King Live - (now - 9:00 EST)

Can anyone else see the clips on

bush* is live on MSNBC being a comic.

The weakest link: CIA?

Protesters Lose Bid to Camp in NY During Convention

Biden just started to say

Help me dream of the perfect storm. Here are some ideas.

Watch Larry King now

Given Clarke's testimony: Worst disappointment of the Bush Administration?

WH corespondance dinner

HEY! Kelly Walla**, bite MINE!

We need to stop watching Fox News (I'm guilty too)

Lee Hamilton Screwed up Irangate

Bush at the Radio and TV Correspondence Dinner

My ? for Clarke,,,, Would John O'Neill have made a difference

What Happens If The SCOTUS Votes 4 To 4 In The Pledge Case ???

9/11: * ignored warnings, sat at Booker, warned Daschle, stonewalled probe

CNN changed its headline on Clarke testimony!

Did Rice Deny Clarke Direct Access To Bush Because She Knew...

Tenet: Records and tapes, oh my!!

REPLAY of Clarke's testimony--c-span 2

Wonder what President Clinton is saying about Richard Clarke!

Watch Condi on Hannity if you can since Larry King replays

Can you tell the difference?

West Coast - don't miss Terri Gross

If the Bush folks are breaking press confidentiality

Is Chuck Hagel.....

History redux: Richard Clarke = George Ball

Do you ever feel that "ABB" is like: "First we kill the Russians, then...

Cspan right now, 10:55PM est

remember that Wes Clark conspiracy theory?

Will Clarke's exposing of pre 9-11 keep Bush (for a while anyway)

Hey Condi...if Clarke committed perjury today then file charges.

Are bush* and ashcroft the "Enemies" in the title of Clarke's book?

How we can help Kerry and Clarke at the same time..

Poor Scarborough, he looked so wipped

Clarke/Beers teaching this spring at JFK School---syllabus, reading list

Do Freepers routinely threaten to kill people?

Rumsfeld speaks up.

I hadn't realized that Jim Thompson had left the room after

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the WH right now


Many World Leaders Love Bush And Hate Kerry!

"Evolutionary path of a FReeper" (Their title, not mine. Check this out.

In God's Name, Senator Miller, SWITCH PARTIES NOW!

"...Your government failed you..."

Thank You Mr. Clarke For Restoring My Faith In America

Clarke on Larry King now!

ABC Nightline 3/24: Richard Clarke vs The White House

REMINDER: Larry King on again in 10 mins.

Repukes on the House floor pulling a bash Clarke all-nighter on C-SPAN

Honestly, Has The White House Sustained More Damage Today?

Coattails? Price of Loyalty ticking up the bestseller list at Amazon

Bush on FOX - unbelievable! He's actually cracking me up...

9/11 Commission & Media Fail To Connect The Dots

Is this what Watergate was like?

Dan Abrams on the Bush comedy attempt

Tenet: We have tapes of Bush's Bin Laden plans

Constitutional Scholars: How close to an impeachable offense

Aaaarrrgh! The propaganda is so suffocating, I'm almost losing it.

The ultimate retort to Clarke bashers: you can't HANDLE the truth!

Letterman showed the SPIT clip! I taped it.....yay!

Richard Clarke KO's the Bushies - slate

I meet Sean Hannity Thursday, in Detroit. Any messages I can convey?

103 Reasons To Have a REAL Investigation

Is Bush and Rove wanting a confrontation with the left in NYC?

Cali. Teacher Under Investigation for Acknowledging His Marriage

Looking for posts on Mr. Foster, the OTHER whistleblower.

Aaaaeeeiiii! Not 'attack dogs'!! - Flying Monkeys!!

OK, what about the staff reports? they appear to be BAD NEWS for *.

Bush Urges Iraqis To Pass Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

Does the Bush administraton have a secret Fascism plan?

tweety leads with the apology, too! where is his lithium tonight?

The usually invisible "media curtain" was revealed today

Iraq a diversion for terrorism, terrorism a diversion for?

WP/Milbank: On Trial by GOP, Clarke Is Cool in the Hot Seat

Queer DNC Call To Action - Plans to Make a Spectacle.

I'm betting money Bush will apologize too

Fox News\Clarke Transcript\NSC\Condi 'What A Wonderful World' !!!

In the Richard Clarke movie...

Conservatives now attack Clinton

Iraq's Children of the Bomblet: remembering the deadliest weapon

Do you believe the phrase "under God" should be preserved . . . .

Richard Clarke KOs the Bushies

Commission on 9/11 Paints Picture of FAILURE

Clarke Says Bush Underestimated Terror Threat

Richard Clarke terrorizes the White House

Coalition will ask Bush to ease visas for frequent visitors from Mexico

House Republicans anticipate victory in close [Budget] vote today

NYTimes ex editor laments not catching Blair lies

Bush Team Reveals Clarke as Formerly Anonymous Defender of White House

Clarke on CNN Larry King Live - (now - 9:00 EST)

My ? for Clarke,,,, Would John O'Neill have made a difference

Former US terror chief says Iraq invasion undermined war on terror

Doubts over getting democracy by 2007 grow in Hong Kong

Olympic athlete paints picture of sponsorship program corruption

Cheney to Visit Japan, China and South Korea in April

State's (CA) GOP boss, Bush camp huddle

Terror experts 'almost quit' in frustration with Bush

U.S. sent medically unfit soldiers to Iraq, Pentagon acknowledges

Terror experts almost quit in frustration with Bush

Clarke Says Bush Underestimated Terror Threat

Blair rebuffed in attempts to persuade Zapetero to keep troops in Iraq

Media, Kerry to check Bush lies

GOP Rule Could Force DeLay Aside

Gadhafi's son: Bush plan should be backed

Kerry Ends Vacation, Sets to Unite Party

CIA chief admits warnings 'lit up' before 9/11

US wades into heated debate on future of Australian troops in Iraq

Rice accuses Clarke of conflicting stories

Dem complaints pay off with nine probes

Congo Signs $332 Million Mineral Deal

US major attacks Guantánamo justice

Congresswoman Jane Harman pressured to attack

Fox questions why British military were in Mexico

Bush's brand new enemy is the truth

Flying Christian vs. Flying Atheist.

I need to rant about my right-wing, fundy home town. Again.

Are Christians evil?

DU cat people-Is a litter maid worth it


What channel is the 9/11 commision on?

Pranks you really shouldn't do but plan on doing anyway

IS Calling it SODA EVIL?

I surrender the forces of soda!

Greetings from (a) Fabulous Las Vegas (hotel room)!

Is Dr. Weird one bad ass motherfucker?

Interesting insight into how we read....

Shrubya's Fire Sale Caption

Which of these is the MOST evil?

Favorite sub,grinder,hoagie or hero

Anyone had arthroscopic knee surgery?

POP is a false prohpet

Freaks and Geeks coming out on DVD

I'm going to Protest Bush Tomorrow. Suggestions from Veteran Protesters?

Old TV shows and DVDs

Goofy IS a dog.

Need legal advice, about nursing homes

My friend bought an old FDR campaign button for me.

Is Rabrrrrrrism sufficiently evil?

Need help with doggy diagnosis (calling all amateur DU vets)...

Networking wizards: So I bought a router. Love it but I'm getting an error

Ever get this error message from DU?

Ezekiel 4:9 Bread!!!!!

On how many levels is this picture funny? (Janet-esque pic)

The story I broke was first on the evening news!

Something you may find amusing

Is GOPisEvil evil?

The West Wing of Old Is BACK!

Janet Jackson can't catch a break...

Does it annoy you when someone posts just a link in LBN with no excerpt?

More Miyazaki to be released. (Anime)


"X Play" on TechTV

Anybody ever heard the song 'Kill The King' by Rainbow?

South Park: Cartman is so damn evil

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you lately?

Ode to my dog

Hey! HeyHey's got 10,000 posts!

The Dentist: A Five Year Report...

Who tagged Zell Miller as "ZIG-ZAG-ZELL?"

Bush and his homeys

Any GMI/Kettering University students/alumni/alumnae here at DU?

Can you tell the difference?


Why does a stomach growl?

May I offer you a wafer-thin mint?

I can't remember the name of this song that 's stuck in my head!!

This is bleeping hilarious

I didn't go to LA

I need answers please

How popular is Courtney Love?


Did anyone go to the Democratic Party meetup?

I noticed it's a much different crowd here in the evening

Tell us your favorite story about going to the principal's office

What is Scott's mental state?

Anyone have a Zvue?

I am not the Emperor, but I have no .............................

I once...

Alizee appreciation thread

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Uninfished business, pre-1975

How do you feel about computer aided POLITICAL strategy programs?

What would you rather listen to?

Who else belongs to the "Never Saw Titanic" club?

Stat question: Nose bleed, acute!

OK, DU car mechanics...

Dont think Ill be eating KFC for a while:

Moral Question.

Hellboy vs. The Punisher

Greatest Artist of All Time

The Carpenters: Evil Incarnate or Happy Pleasant Goodness?

BUT SERIOUSLY: The best rock act of the '80s?

The Most Useless Online Quiz Ever Created

Another poll to end all polls -- the WORST band/artist of the 80s

Any Cocteau Twins fans?

Do you subscribe to *premium* cable tv channels?

Wiccans are...

Just curious-who's been drinking?

Am I the only DU'er who loves the Beach Boys?

soda or pop

Karen Carpenter or Courtney Love?

Updated: Sub, Grinder, Hoagie OR Hero

Post Malloy Show Therapy

Favorite Blues Artist and why?

An unintentional stroke of comedic genius, or sadly prophetic?

What's in your jukebox NOW?

Need advice about hypoglycemia

DU lawyers/non-profits/writers who need legal research or a paralegal

My woman got straight A's this quarter.

R.I.P. Ares

I'm in a New Wave state of mind!

More bullshit from the so-called "Christian Right."

Ask me anything, or I will tell Skittles to...

lakers - kings game

Favorite Johnny Depp Movie?

My daughter tried to run over Zell Miller in a VW on Jimmy Carter Blvd!

King Missile anyone?

The very best band/artist of the 80s. PERIOD.

Body hair and politics: Do you close your eyes while plucking?

Not possible but if the election was between Kerry and a Leftist,

anyone have that Bush slogan?

Kerry close to goal..needs one million more in one day

Ken Starr campaign contributions (2000-2004)

Bush, Kerry, and green differences

Connect these dots - cheney energy task force, we bomb iraq

Question regarding TX Senate Convention (re: at large candidate)

Kerry to Accept Key Union Endorsement

Media, Kerry to check Bush lies

Politics 101 -----How to win Election 2004 – or ANY Election

If Kerry mucks things up badly between now and the convention

Click on this link to NYTimes on DINO Zell to see zany Kerry campaign ad!

John Edwards on Kerry's site for fundraising, who will it be tomorrow ?

Business leaders agreeing with Kucinich about the Pentagon budget

Dean is the last one giving the message

Remember the Unity Webcasts Thursday

(IMPORTANT) There Are White House TAPES and TRANSCRIPTS!!!

Ben Stein has a penchant for corrupt administrations

Indy ad on Bush flip-flopping issues

A blow job versus 500+ Lives

When patriotism means never asking why.

Find out who your neighbors are contributing kidding

Who are the people going for Nader?

Who have the antiwar lefties betrayed besides Dems?

Strib: Kerry Machine Intolerant . . .

Their Will Be Done - Creating a theocracy in America

Scathing, Brutal MoDo Today!

The Perfect Storm (a GREAT article on the global economy)

He said, she lied; the media in an imbalanced world

Was It All Planned? Iraq and Empire-Builders

"Mr. Bush's War" - Patrick Buchanan

Israel gave false evidence on Iraq {and this is a surprise?}

A New Folk Hero( Richard Clarke)

6 August 2001"PDB"possibility of terrorists using airliners for an attack

Diebold has Maytag repairmen ; )

Buzzflash on Condi, Bush etc. walking into the trap of their own words.

Santa Monica moves to ban smoking on its beaches

NYT Editorial: Assessing the Blame for 9/11

Daily Reality Check: White House plays dirty, Clark comes out clean

DeLay quietly discussing stepping down as Speaker - about to be indicted?

Kwiatkowski : Hyenas in Washington

Molly Ivins: A sad tale of arrogance and ignorance

Steve Chapman: Big mistakes in the war on terror

Was It All Planned? Iraq and Empire-Builders.

My LTTE response to freeper letter

Robert Fisk - The Chilling Implications Of This State Killing

The Nation 3/25 - "MIA WMDs - For Bush It's a Joke"

Robert C. Koehler - Silent Genocide

Insightful article about Powell (The American Prospect)

Dowd: Truth as a Weapon

Every Church a Peace Church Conference April 2-4 (D.C. area)

Rally Against Wisconsin State Constitutional Amendment (AJR 66)

Kerry Meetups tonight, Thursday March 25th, 7PM

CNN Poll Question! Should Rice publicly testify?

CNN e-mails re: Bush WMD "joke"

One more time - jam Hannity's stupid poll

Presidential Moments With George Bush - Video

President jokes about WMD - Video

THE LIBERAL DRUDGE: The Raw Story, newly-launched liberal alternative

Big Dog Owners Read This

Does one choose atheism/theism?

Letter from my Republican delegate to the MD state house, and my reply.

House Debate (MN) on Gay Marriage on MPR live now

Corbis CEO letter to Bush re: Gay Marriage

Georgia House bans genital piercings for women

Federal Budget Simulator

NY Fed Warns of Potential Deficit Fallout

Goldman Sachs: U.S. Economy Recovering at Only Half Official Rate

Over Numbers, Both Campaigns Have Problems

Calif. Sees Huge Drive to Save Coast

New Bush Rollbacks Endanger Northwest Salmon Industry, Forests

3 Sisters Oregon. Magma warning. shallower intrusion of magma or even to a

Death comes at dawn in Uganda

Blair meets Gadhafi

Did US sell or give chemical weapons to Saddam?

Where do Gungeonites stand?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - March 25, 2004

Guess Who's Speaking at the Next Republican Meeting in Pueblo, Colorado?

Can I request that people at least ATTEMPT to see the point?

A good bill in Maryland

House Approves Self-Defense Exception to Gun Bans

I see only one thread in here regarding prisons...

Just a question

How about a few media specific forums?

Dupe posts locked - deleted?

Why does the Kerry avatar load 3 seconds slower than the other avatars?

News articles about Clarke

Can we please do something...

Error Message when I try to vote in a poll: Invalid Referer

What is with the confirmation screen when voting in polls?

Does DU know how individuals vote in polls?

to the mod on duty in the lounge at the moment

Follow up to question about polls

Why Did You Add A "Vote Confirmation" Page?

The Poll Confirm Page - ERROR

A thank you for the poll confirmations

Please unlock this thread

Israeli Soldiers Thwart a Boy's Suicide Bombing Attempt

IDF arrests 2 Al-Aqsa militants, 3 schoolmates of teen bomber

Blood begets blood, Hamas leader warns

Israel gave false evidence on Iraq {and this is a surprise?}

AL JAZEERA: Palestinian Authority says child bomber was staged

IDF accused of using boy bomber for propaganda purposes

US sinks UN resolution on Yassin

Checkpoint watch ladies win human rights award

Palestinian officials call on militants to lay down arms

Mr. Rumsfeld and his timeline

The more I hear from Clarke, the more pissed I get!!!!

Richard Clarke on Larry King now...

We'll bring troops home, says Latham

Are we fighting the Weebble administration?

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere -- except ...........

Clinton made them do it

Clarke: Ms. Rice, I challenge you to a debate!

How Does It Feel KKKarl Rove. You Are Rolling Down Hill My Friend.

Aha!!! I watched Fox News!!!

drip, drip, drip.......

hotels to avoid

Looking ahead to 2006...

Mercenaries more expensive than regulars in Iraq

Who's listening to Bernie tonight?

Dean's organization should help defeat Lieberman in '06 primaries

What kind of job is Bob Kerrey doing?

Where is the media ANALYSIS of Clarke's testimony?

Sibel Edmonds

Local news,no spin

Clarke testimony on C-Span now (midnight EST)

"These are mean and nasty people when you get down to it."

Aaaaarrgghhh !!! --- There Ought To Be A Law !!!

Howard Stern- Anti Bush

Exporting America - over 470 US Companies

should Kerry stay on vacation?

Military families march on Capitol Hill: Censure Bush now!

Is President's Day now Patriot's Day? maniacs pounce on Clarke like Dawn of the Dead zombies

Flimsy Clarke smear (WH leaked memo to Fox) is top-linked story on web

Error in WaPo and NYT transcripts of Clarke testimony

DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11 Intercepts

Talking Points Memo Snags Foxnews in a LIE

Sweet rant on the summer of '67

actual posts from freeperland

Remember the tip Willie Brown got not to fly 9/11? Rumors say it was Condi

Clarke's 7 points or...the deceptive use of time and govt spin

Clarke Smearing

The Cover of the Economist

Release the PDBs from August 2001 (Presidential Daily Briefs)

Help Spread 9/11 and Iraq Revelations

I was going to bed an hour ago

Financial Times, in article about AirAmerica, calls FOX news conservative

Broadast industry says Fox audience is not sought after...

It is sad to see that the Republican Party Hates 911 victems.

DeLay PACs helped fund anti-rail effort (civil suit against Delay)

all this 9/11 news, and what does the NY Post put on the front page?

on counting the war dead . . .

Is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease the same as Mad Cow disease?

Twenty Five Ways to Supress Truth

Imagine a world without George W. Bush as President of the USA

Why Clark is telling the Truth.

Why did Clarke wait so long to come out? When did he resign?

Bush Can be Impeached:

Good News for Rush Limbaugh: Generic OxyContin On The Way!!!!

What's the deal with Gary Aldrich?

'Witch Hunt' Don't forget Hans Blix, witness to the 'Iraq deception'

How much do you love Scott McClellan?

Have you looked at the CNN Home Page lately? What a picture to choose :o

9/11 is the price America has paid for having a moron President.

Awesome captioned pic re: Bush/Clarke

Bush vs Clinton and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Former US terror chief says Iraq invasion undermined war on terror

Join the vote to impeach!

Ack! Rick Santorum is on Washington Journal this morning!!!

What's the background on Terry "Yadda Yadda" Holt? Is he a chickenhawk?

New tactic

Dem Leader Breaks From Kerry & Supports Gay Marriage

The White Houses dilemma with Clarke's testimony

What's the name of the book that Clarke quoted from...saying Bush admitted

My e-mail to Ho Bill Hemmer...

Support and defend Air America from Freep attacks

War Rationale: Version 10.0

And another thing about Rummy's testimony

Howard Dean asks for Your Dollars for John Kerry - Come on DU

White House transitions

OK Folks. Back to Kobe Kobe Kobe.

Interesting WP assessment of Bob Kerrey ("channels outrage")

Larry King interviews Clarke - transcript online, good read-

Playing the fear card!!

Paging John Kerry: Get on the WMD Jokes!!

What do honor, integrity and personal responsibility have in common?

2000 troops on to Afganistan

Administration of secrets

What does the commission do now?

Maxine Waters to give news conference today at 11

Fox News Openly lying about what Clarke said at hearing yesterday

DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11 Intercepts

The rewriting of history...

MODO is Scathing and BRUTAL Today! (Truth as a Weapon)

Question: When the White House rushed to overturn their policy

"Radio Times", Phila WHYY PBS at the moment...

Even The Raw Story is bashing Richard Clarke

"But Clinton lied!"

Primetime Thursday (ABC) is going

NOBODY is talking about Clarke's crucial main point

Scalia recuses himself......

Have you guys checked out the white house gov site lately

Need a List of Bush lies

Really good LTE in Small Town Newspaper

Does Condi need permission from Bu$h to testify?

Have your thoughts re: 9/11 changed in the last week?

U.S. Dead

Tony Blair Shakes Hands With A Terrorist

Best gay marriage article I've ever read

Just heard that Chimpy is coming to my town next week -

I just can't get Rummy's comment about targets out of my head

Shrub's TV ad talks about not returning "to the dangerous illusion

Soldier Suicide Rate in Iraq Jumped

FOX is the sleaziest media outlet around: now trashing Martha Stweart

Credibility is NOT like virginity

Just gave 100 more to Kerry.

Richard Clarke on Larry King.... WOW!!!

Link to TheDailyShow's "Who let the Dogs out?"- Belittle Richard segment

SF DUers: U.S. Home & Garden / Ionatron merger?

CNN will be reading some emails in a few minutes

Daily Mislead - Bush lies about 911

Political looking SPAM - Subject: Don't Vote 4 Bush

Count the flip-flops here....

why wasn't Asscroft on the 911 panel explaining why he denied warrants for

Do you think there will be a terrorist attack at the Olympics in Greece?

Unity Webcast - Now

Free Republic shut down?

Dumb & True state laws

Perfect time for Censure ad from

Poll showing Iraqis are happier now debunked

Vigilant Guardian

Can someone explain Trifecta for me?

A picture really does say a thousand words

The shortest argument about the Pledge of Allegiance

Rep. Pelosi made a joke about Bush capability for "thoughtful discussion"

Reading the "House of Bush House of Saud" by Craig Unger.

Rice was put in charge of Iraq, solely b/c she would not have to testify

did Tenet LIE to the 911 Commission?."CIA never trained Osama bin Laden"

Kerry needs to go on offensive.. NOW!!!!

'This guy' sends Bushies reeling (Didn't expect 9-11 politicized!)

Do scouts and churches break child labor laws?

NY Fed Warns of Potential Deficit Fallout

anyone have a transcript to bush's corespondent's dinner speech?

WH responsible for timing of Clarke's book - hoped for after 9/11 Commissn

9/11 transcript differs... which one is right?

In the end it does not matter what right-wing Pundits say

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, FOX News, & Dittoheads and the WTC !

Rove Politics taking a Dive

Does one choose atheism/theism?

What happened to Sen. Arlen Spector's face???

If Condi had a good story to tell

Please rate this Clarke article & pic at Yahoo - - -

clarke testimony and victim relatives

How sleazy is it that Cheney went on Limbaugh to slime Clarke?

Question: Was Rice under oath before the 9-11 commission?

Transcript of Kerrey's hit on Faux

Southern Baptist vs. Chinese Parents Adoption Case

Is the Dem Unity event tonight with Kerry, Clinton, Carter, etc. on TV?

best kerry ads to use

Rasmussen: Kerry 48% Bush 44%

What did any Repuke administration do against terrorism?

The Bonds Of Close Friendship Between Pakistan And China

Kerry's silence is the right thing to do

Interview with wife of US soldier; family claiming refugee status (Canada)

The right wing gears are spinning today...

Free Republic is dead!

Welcome Eurasia

Osama is irrelevant. Who said it?

Bush's flunky and Gaddafi strike oil deal with Shell.

Who is the biggest mediawhore of the morning news programs?

Dennis Kozlowski campaign contributions

Another Unrecognized Bombshell in Clarke's testimony.

DeLay to step down?

Is there a press briefing today?

Condi Rice's excuse for not testifying before the 9/11 panel

Only one thing to do - gotta capture Osama

Dean just SLAMMED Bush admin, Live on CNN!

"The Laci and Connor Bill" is being pushed through...

bill clinton at auction

Do you think Tweety has lost his mind?

"The Burden of Conscience"

Everybody's wrong-Excellent comments from a blog...

A Question About Secret Service

Cheney on Clarke: "....he was out of the loop"

What if 9/11 happened when Clinton was President and Clarke came out?

Last day of $10 million in 10 days

The History of Counterterrorism According to Dick:

Coalition Provisional Authority hires top British PR firm to spin Year Two

Zapatero holds firm over Iraqi pullout

Bush jokes about american soldiers deaths. Call for public apology. Fight?

Mystery of tunnels recovery in Azam Warsak

Chimps lack of brains explained

What will be the result of the 9/11 Commission?

Found something really funny about gay marriage on the yahoo message board

Are Repubs registering MTV voters AND draftees for Bush's wars?

Clintons are history in new hometown

Please help me respond to this.

I would recommend the same for single men in the Bush administration

Clintons are history in new hometown

Republicans registering voters at MTV

Clarke changes the Political World - Big Lie impossible With Free Speech

NYers. Work to defeat Peter King in November.

I'm going to Protest Bush Today in Boston! THOUSANDS expected

"Don't Say Anything Yet"

I just saw our new President!

Peter Slevin Washington Post - others will speak to journalists

Washington DC to Waco

If Clarke was demoted, why was he demoted?

Karl Rove needs to get laid. BAD.

who is jack cafferty?

The neocons are scared of Clarke. That proves he's RIGHT.

So now you know why.

More offensive on TV:

Late breaking Armitage rant (short)

More corporate welfare by the SCOTUS: community telcos shot down

Rumsfeld on MSNBC now

For victims' families, hearing is part of the healing process

I Predict

Rumsfeld on right now, using their best tactic: spreading FEAR

" nation, without God, indivisible..."

Snopes says this one is true.

CNN'S Barbara Starr win the non media whore medal 3/25

Don't blame James Thompson. He's from the Midwest.

Richard Florida on Bush's economic screw-ups:

Direct from chat with Dean - He Challenged Us

What we learned from the White House yesterday.

DU this Poll - * joking about WMDs!

FreeRepublic is down!

my suggestion for new ad... (please read)

America, we need to have a talk. Step into my office:

Have we DU'd the main poll?

9/11 families line up to thank Richard Clarke at hearing (must see pics)

Neil Cavuto is an evil schmuck

PNACers don't even try to hide their agenda.

Daschle - War on Terrorism Senate - March 24, 2004

the video clip of Bush WMD jokes is available...

MSNBC just shocked the hell out of me


Abrams read DU? WH should charge Clarke w/perjury or shut up. (Transcript)

"Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere" Bush the joker

FIA says religion is forced at center

Question Mark #33: Who's Raising Money for George W. Bush?

Other members of Bush administration are speaking to journalists

What's up with the Freepers website?

103 Reasons To Have a REAL Investigation (RE-Post)

Another good discussion

Forget about getting God out of the Pledge, let's get the lord out of

Howard Stern mentioned that John Ashcroft...

Georgia House Bans Genital Piercings

I just earned my 'Yellow Star of Loyalty'!

ahhh, Minor News Item: Dean Endorsed Kerry....blah, blah

Did I just see the unconscious media blink its eyes ??

Bush's war is not on terror it is on the truth,

Anyone from Georgia that can

Pastor, Parents Struggle with Gutter Language Contained in Classics

Thursday Presidential Polling results...bush* down 7 points in last 3 days

Newsweek: ‘Your Government Failed You’ Could attacks have been prevented?

Need Waco Footage

anyone know who George S. Bush is..?

Maybe I'm just paranoid - or how Bush is going to misdirect the blame

What Do You Think Of Zell Miller's 'Democrats For Bush' campaign?

How about a legislation that disallows any bills with religious overtones?

Terry Gross Interviewing Clarke

Don Imus: Clarke had no authority to apologize to the 9/11 families.

I Just Got Back From Barnes & Nobles....

I am giddy at the idea Joseph Wilson has a book ready to come out

What the mainstream media needs to know is

king george's dilema

Trash-A-GOP-Whore: This Week, Bill O'Reilly

George Carlin will be on Hannity and Combs tonight.

My company is hiring a .NET developer

Death penalty proposal killed in Minnesota

Bush just said: Had i known about the terror threats, Blah, blah, blah..

Asking the wrong question...

pResident Trifecta Jokes About his Iraq War Lies!

Elena's Chernobyl . Com

Anyone following the House budget debate?

al Qaeda contest!!

Just in case anyone missed this comment by Clarke the other day:

That Ted Rall is great: Calls Iraq "Slaughtergate"!

Book Recommendation(s)


alert to texas oil refineries

Condi's various lies?

Ah Spring!

My call to W.H. Re: Bush "Jokes" about WMD

Why does CSPAN continue to use Washington Times staffers

So...Randi Rhodes is going National?

Tom Delay-Darth Vader of Politics

Off-line? Defunct? ?

Really good LTE in Small Town Newspaper

I need links to Pakistan's support of the Taliban, training camps and etc.

Straightshootin' Tough-talkin' Bush commercial - smoke 'em out!

"Kerry Outraged over WMD Remarks," says little Matty

Bill Cosby snubbed Condi Rice Weds. night -- hooray!

DEMAND an apology (202) 456-1414

Should America return to an isolationist policy for a few years?

Crossfire: Richard Clarke Talk

Reagan finally gets bashed for Lebanon in 9/11 hearings

DU this Poll!

"Dethpicable fella"

Did anyone else hear this yesterday during the 911 commission hearings?

'Passion of Christ' Moves Man To Confess Killing 'Suicide' Victim

The WMD Cracks at Bush's Roast: Why It's Not OK

"Reagan defeated communism/won the cold war"

Lieberman: "No evidence" Iraq effort hurt antiterrorism? Try GOOGLE

* going to increase # of troops in Afghanistan...

Bush down to 47 percent approval in Fox poll

For the Queer DUers Here, I Pose a Question To You About Gay Motherhood...

Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Huge New Stadium Project

I must ask you Clarke supporters this question/I did it

I miss Bill Clinton! We need that guy back in charge of stuff!

President's Remarks at Correspondents' Dinner *Transcript

Cruisin' the AM dial - freepers heads are exploding over Clarke

I just saw Airforce One Land

DU(h) this CNN poll:

It All Comes Down To Two Words: Imminent Threat

Bush has given the Dems the most powerful material for their TV ads in '04

The telephone call about pro-life vs pro-choice

Could we try buying when it expires?

Cheney energy meetings papers. I bet that it is damning related to 9/11.

Separation of Powers, Executive Privilege, and Condi

Right Wing Nuts Running Wild on Chomsky's New Blog

Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' to be rereleased - to counter 'The Passion'

"That was some bad pilot!"

Bush jokes about Death - Just ask Karla Fay Tucker

Bush's war chest?

Yo! DU this poll! Condi v. Clarke: Who's more Credible!

Interesting report on prev. Admin's (Reagan. Bush41) re: on Terrorism..

The Democrats dealt with Traficant correctly, so why not Zell?

We buried a piece of the WTC in Afganistan?

An interesting response from Eva Golinger to Kerry re Venezueala:

Anyone wanna bet that Bush won't debate?

Wolf Blitzer's show makes me sick.

Rice is stabbing Americans and 911 families in the back by not testifying

Update: Well, I met Hannity today.

Bush joked about his service record in Alabama

I'll bet Richard Clarke wasn't "in the loop"...

Hannity CUTTING AND PASTING Clarke responses!

I bet that Bush will skip Presidential debates

W's joke about WMD's was funny as his mocking the fear of woman he executed

Sibel Edmonds story - recent mainstream coverage?

CNN showing clip of AlZawaherri who looks like Blitzer with Turban!

CNN Poll: Should Condeleezza Rice...

If "Air America" only airs in the blue states...

48% Think Kerry too Harsh on Bush....................what the...

Did I hear correctly ?

Hastert on floor of House..........

Condi has requested that she be allowed to testify before 911 Committee

"News analysis"? A Rant.

Why the WH wants you to think Iraqis are 'out of control'

Is it time to dump Senator Daschle??

(OK THIS Is the Complete List!!!) 103 Reasons to Have a Real Investigation

So Close - $16,588 Away from $10 million at 3:15 - Last Chance

DU This Poll: Who's to blame for not preventing terrorist attacks?

M Savege to all DU pet lovers - comment from yesterday's show

Backbone (Clarke) and backpedaling (O'Neill, Diulio) from White...

Do we help or hurt Clarke by taking his side?

Frankly I'm tired of the moral crusades

Troops' mental health problems/suicides finally getting media attention.

View Bush WMD "joke" here

Texas child molestor blames demons

Sales of Clarke's book soar - ‘Against All Enemies’ into fifth printing

Can someone explain Occam's Razor for me?

Is Rush in the 10%?

Outsourcing is great.... until your job is the one going overseas

God (or whatever spiritual power(s) you believe in) Bless Lou Dobbs.

OK, what the hell is this....?

An Idea for a Kerry AD, what do you think?

Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The Proselytizing Here Lately?

Do You Remember bush* EVER Mentioning OBL/Al-Qaida before 9/11??

Condeleeza's refusal is the nail in the coffin of Bush

Send an email to Zell Miller, especially Georgians!

The first lawyer POTUS?

Reason for War Explained!

New ad storyboards -- featuring Clarke's words

Was the USSR truly a "global threat"?

I was not the only one to get hate mail from my congressman. Pete King

Is it true? Did Free Republic fail to renew their domain?

CNN Poll: Did Bush's WMD Jokes Cross the Line?

Release The Secret White House Tapes To The 911 Commission!

There are TAPES???

Freepers freeping 911 commission! Fight back

Public Record: Bush Ignored Terrorism Before 9/11

Military Scuttlebutt from my oldest son and the Draft IF Bush gets back in

Kristen Breitweiser on Hardball tonight Thur 3/25

evil incarnate | american patriot

Who Donated to Kerry This Week - Stand up and be Counted

I think DUers are missing the significance of the 9/11 hearings

Talking heads are shocked that Dems are united.....

Need link to Inflated GDP Numbers Accusation

Donald Rumsfeld's carefully crafted lie

Calling DU research minds: Let's prove Bush using terror to control

FDA Approves Generic Oxycontin - Hey Rush, Hey Rush!

White women - new hope for a Democratic South?

OMG CNN reporter raising WMD jokes to Rumsfeld -- Barbara Starr

REFORMING AMERICA: Will it take a revolution to get real change?

The Truth about Taxes-Laura Flanders's Your Call, Thurs. GREAT SHOW!

Damn, talk about shaking a hornet's nest...

ah! nothing like revenge

click here, and gets a dollar . . .

Sibel Edmonds: the Richard Clarke of the April 13-14 9-11 Commission...

ALL NEW: The Raw Story, the liberal alternative to Drudge

Clarke exposes more Bush lies!

Is the Media Sitting on a Secret to 9/11 and Iraq??

Condi Rice, the signs of a liar in the act

Reuters: "Stern has become the anti-Rush Limbaugh." e-mail Stern.

6 August 2001"PDB"possibility of terrorists using airliners for an attack

Will the August 6th PDB ever be made public ?

Women's rights are in danger, and nobody seems to care!

You have to hear what the GOP sent me today by mail...

Under God

Why should we Americans uphold our Constitution?

ABC Nightline 3/25: How the Medicare bill became law ... a horror story

a CHALLENGE from the Center for American Progress!

Why Condi Rice Absolutely Cannot Testify.

Okay. Another Thought To Chew On. The House of Saud.

BBV: California Voting Systems Panel Meeting April 21 - April 22, 2004

An atheist converted! I've seen the light!!

Rice shows her "Bitchy" side

Missed Chances in a Long Hunt for bin Laden

Arms-Control Group Says U.S. Inflated Libya's Nuclear Bid

Oregon County Bans All Marriages

Terror-Fight Criticism Tests Bush’s Best Asset

WP/Milbank: On Trial by GOP, Clarke Is Cool in the Hot Seat

Kremlin's Stance on Iraq Wins Plaudits

Congo uranium mine investigated

Bush 'bending science to his political needs'

Trial Begins Over Alleged Congo War Crimes

Betrayed by an oil giant

NYT: Domestic Security Gets a Mixed Appraisal

Blair starts Gaddafi meeting

Soldiers' testimony raises questions over US report

Cave Rescue Mission Expected to Begin(things that make you go Mmmmm

Dem Leader Breaks From Kerry & Supports Gay Marriage

Exxon's Valdez Fines Still Unpaid

Clarke is star of new anti-Bush campaign ad

Zimbabwe's heir apparent implicated in gold dealings

Former US terror chief says Iraq invasion undermined war on terror

Charges, countercharges on 9/11

US envoy says Clarke terror claims are false

Israeli Soldiers Thwart a Boy's Suicide Bombing Attempt

250 Soldiers detained after Afghan minister's killing

Clarke Grabs Center Stage at 9/11 Hearing

Life of Brian to be re-released in wake of the success of The Passion

Egypt Jails Islamic Activists

Newsweek: ‘Your Government Failed You’ Could attacks have been prevented?

Violence Roils Ivory Coast

Church wants trafficking probe

SA's allies still bear scars of Pretoria's wrath

Condi Rice's excuse for not testifying before the 9/11 panel

Free Republic shut down?

'Plotters' say they targeted Taylor - Mercenaries

Oregon county bans ALL marriages

Russert, Franken to Appear on 'Jeopardy'

Jobless Claims Tick Higher Last Week (initial claims 339,000 - up 3000_

Report: Israel Wrong on Iraq Weapons

Free Republic is down!!


One U.S. soldier killed, two wounded in Iraqi town of Baquba

U.S. soldier killed in attack north of Baghdad

14 states ask US to revise some education law rules

Blair, Gaddafi pledge to fight Al Qaeda

Bush Makes Jokes About Lack Of WMDs In Iraq | WJAC6

14 States Ask U.S. to Revise Some Education Law Rules (NCLB unworkable)

US's Snow: Need action on Social Security, Medicare

Soldiers' Testimony Raises Questions Over U.S. Report (cameraman killing)

Study: Aid for Baseball Stadiums Unneeded

Xenophobia hits a high in Zimbabwe

Laser Leasing plans layoffs (Florida 223 jobs)

SAIC pays DOD settlement

Clarke Is Hero to Some Families of 9/11 Victims

Clarke's charges put Bush campaign on defensive

Criticism of Leadership Tests Bush*s Best Asset

BREAKING - Texas oil refineries on alert (FBI - terrorist attack)

Bush fundraiser forces public school closure

Inspector general: Early Pentagon contracts in Iraq were badly handled

South Africa Will Be Aristide's New Home

Public Record: Bush Ignored Terrorism Before 9/11

For victims' families, hearing is part of the healing process

Group that called electronic vote secure got makers' aid

AL JAZEERA: Palestinian Authority says child bomber was staged

Aristide to stay in South Africa

DeLay quietly discussing stepping down as Speaker - about to be indicted?

350 Iraqi police die in past year

ACLU, gay couples sue to uphold same-sex marriage in Oregon

(RE/MAX) Real estate tycoon Liniger pondering Senate run|Denver Post

Democrat Kerry Reaches Out to Black Press

Likely al-Qaida tape seeks Pakistan coup

Corporate profits rise in 2003

Private contractors may handle food stamps

Japan planning missile defense collaboration with US

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 25 March

Condoleezza Rice Threatens Jamaica Over Aristide (Dem Now)

Medicare Official Testifies on Cost Figures ("direct WH orders")

West Virginia Poll: Kerry 46, Bush 46, Nader 2

Three Bush protesters taken away by police

Three U.S. soldiers killed in ambushes in Iraq

President's Remarks at Correspondents' Dinner *Transcript

Caricom summit opens with warning about Haiti

Senators ... allege potential criminal violations in Medicare Case

Haiti row tops Caribbean summit (Caricom - BBC)

Russia warns Nato again

U of Mich finds no abortion records to hand over in battle over ban

U-M abortion records won't be released for case

Archbishop's mad at Mel

House of Representatives passes GOP budget

3 Iraqis Killed, 4 U.S. Troops Wounded in Separate Attacks

Condi wants another private meeting with 911ers

Bush targets himself and those elusive weapons of mass destruction at dinn

Bush ad calls Kerry economic record ''troubling''

Bush swoops into Kerry's hometown for $2,000-per-person fund-raiser

Bush Says He Had No Advance Warning of 9/11

John Kerry raises record $10 million in ten days

Soldier Suicide Rate in Iraq Jumped

Clarke: Rice should have done job before 9/11 (CNN)

Dems win dispute on overtime pay rules

US Vetos: UN resolution to condemn Israel for the Killing of Hamas Leader

Venezuela Chavez Recall Vote Unlikely Before Aug. 19

Coronet Wants Sierra Club Ad Off Air/ 3-25-04

Economy Grows at Solid 4.1 Percent Pace

At some farms, it's `hog hell'

FBI's Mueller Warns of Terrorist Plots (before election)

Howard Dean Endorses Former Rival John Kerry

UN warns of the threat to the IQ of nations

Report: U.S. May Cut by Half Its Forces in Germany

Move-On group taking on-line activism to bookstores

Was an Official 'in the Loop'? It All Depends [CONDI BREAKS WITH CHENEY]

Burger giant plans clothing range

Migrants Reach Safety @Broward Cty. Beach/ 3-25-04

Argentine Ceremonies Cast Light on 'Dirty War'

MSNBC: Rice willing to testify again, but only in closed session

Daschle Assails White House Tactics Against Clarke

Atheist Newdow Loses Suit on Prayer in Congress

Officials: Al Qaida, Taliban on the run

Indonesia's Suharto tops 'worst ever' corruption charts

Probe may force DeLay to step down

Military deploys unfit GIs to Iraq

Senate passes Fetus Rights bill

Georgia House bans genital piercings for women

Ukrainian missiles 'gone missing'

Kerry Knocks Bush Over WMD Jokes

I'm going home

Being A Democrat Is Great. Am I Right On This. I Think So.

PC nonsense has got to stop...

Meadow Soprano coming up on Kilborn...

Legal question: Assault

Who's the biggest bad-ass mo fo?

Can suppressing sexual desire and/or need lead to more perverse covert

Good bye Desiree

Have we ever had a blonde president?


Baby, baby, don't get hooked on me

Favorite political movie moment

Who are really the most bad ass (take that)

How do you socialize if you hate to drink?

Don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge

Another music group thread. Any fans of The BOBS in the house?

How do you drink if you hate to socialize?

Paragon vs. WilliamPitt

OK, I HATE the commercial where they kiss the baby's asses!!!

Whoohooo!! My cat just puked....

Zeus, God, one of you do something....Satan, you owe me one!

Kiss, kiss, Caption, caption (Try not to puke)

Hellboy, The Punisher, or Spawn

Have you met ......RoboCow?

LOL Did anyone see South Park tonight?

Does MTV just totally SUCK? Or am I just getting Old?

You Have To Fire A Member Of Rush

DU Car Mechanics, part deux

Students Sue Campus Taverns (Price Fixing)

75 Y.O. Grandmother Charged In Car Scam

I don't like Country Music....

Bush Administration Tears Into Clarke For Lying On the Job

Richard Simmons Cited for Slapping Man

Exercise guru Richard Simmons cited for assault

Angry Wife Crashes Car Into Husband's Business

Hey Parents: Dress Your Toddlers Up In A New Clothing Line: McKids!!

Good (Thursday) Morning DU!

Anyone read any Arturo Perez-Reverte? Has he lost it?

Straight folk for the Queer folk

Teenager escapes court fine because he "sat quietly"...

Most Pain and Suffering in a Band/Artist

Ignore this posting!

"Let's drop our bags and rock to the 50s!" Are you offended?

Blind Man Punched After Accidently Tapping Man With His Cane

City Tries To Eliminate 13,000 FOOT LONG RATS

Fire Damages "Perfect Storm" Boat

A Dreamweaver question (Web Page) not the song..

Student Driver Plunges Car Into Water During Driving Lesson

Having breakfast? Just ate? A picture to sooth the palette

Man Breaks Girl's Three-Storey Fall

What Is Your Mother's Maiden Name?

Okay who is the HOTTIEEE on the left of the AirAmerica banner?

paging Gabby'sPoppy... would Gabby'sPoppy please pick up the blue

witnessing playfulness between Mr. and Mrs. Kerry.

Four-Eared Kitten (post from yesterday) ADOPTED!!

Battle of the Bands: Booker T. and The MG's vs The Sex Pistols

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - anyone see this great movie yet?

Tonight on the Food Network:Toga Barbeque!!!!

Newborn Survives Four-Floor Fall (Mother Threw Him Out Window)

Caption's Please...Hopefully this works...

Is this political Deja Vu?

Bible food fight! Who threw the mana?

A heartwarming story

Update - Health Insurance Rant

I got THIS picture when i googled LynneSin

"Who let the dogs out?"

30 days w/o recreational sugar! Ask me anything!

A Thousand a Day during the RNC convention in NYC

I got this picture when I googled GOP is Evil

I got this when I Google for Underpants

I got THIS picture when I googled TXlib

DU Fashion Cops....oh DU Fashion Cops (4 pics)

30 days w/o recreational urges! Ask me anything!

Is George communicating with alien forms of life?

My face is on fire!

Is it time to pull the plug on SNL?

Bush forces Boston to close a K-8 public school for his fund raiser

Father O'Malley makes a call...

I googled short bus president and got this image

American Idol Judge (Simon) Denies Obscene Gesture (FCC Reviewing)

I'm a chick who has never played guitar and I LOVE *School of Rock.*

Separated at birth: Ballmer/Kozlowski????

Eat your pork, kids

What to do with all those AOL CDs you get in the mail?

So, I Googled "Bible Food" Images......

I need a quick answer/information regarding the 'draft'

need mopaul's "where the president goes to think" graphic DU help me?

I googled me and got exactly what I suspected

I'm a Dude who didnt go to an all girl school and hated Mona Lisa's Smile!

CAPTION one very angry woman

South Park's Eric Cartman

Get this fly OFF OF ME!

Don't you push me baby, cause I'm all alone

Caption: The Colonel's Recipie????

Does one choose atheism/theism?

I am so sad, I can't stop crying.

Howard Stern Streaming Links?

Please help a computer dummy. How do I post an image with my

Is Karma visiting Bush ?

Anyone know if the O'Franken Factor has a website?

Does anyone know what the score of the Lakers/Kings game was last night?

Check out these two websites

Which Kid From *School Of Rock* Were You?

Sci-fi fans: Internet exclusive trailer for 'Alien vs. Predator'

If anyone knows the astrological sign of Richard Clarke...

I wanna get drunk tonite...CHOCOLATE MARTINI ANYONE?

A question for the British DUers

Had my first dream about DU, last night

You Know You Have A Big Dog When ...

Do you eat dinner or supper?

Have you all been reading This Modern World lately?

My 85-year-old mother's doctor is dumping her...

Inspired by another thread: Calvin stickers...

Separated at birth?

Anybody listening to Thom Hartmann??

Will Mel's performance in "Mad Max 4" make baby Jesus cry?

wwwhheeeeeee Religious Wars in GD!! wwwhhheeeeeeee

I'm Half Gay and Damn Proud of it.

Picture quiz? Who's this guy?

Don't ask don't tell just CAPTION

pop quiz

my friend's Dell computer melted

So I googled Matcom and found these images

BC duers - did you see BCTV news last night

Why do Republicans wear ties?

Someone please assure me that Abbott & Evita WILL learn to love each other

Alton Brown has a blog!

The over the shoulder boulder holder of all CAPTIONS!

Seperated at Birth?:the three faces of Richard Armitage edition

Imitate a freeper thread

Would it be cool if 'Reily" were to appear on the O'Franken Factor?

I still run into freeping idiots who think Hillary is running for Prez

Calvin or Hobbes?

Caption: Gadaffy's secret weapon: torture by 60s wallpaper...

There is simply not enough food on the planet

Congratulations Whitacre D_WI on 3,000 posts!

Are you an Evil Genius?

Your favorite "Road" film

Reno 911!: Anyone else love this show?

I just donated blood. Ask me anything!

I guess I will vote for *

The question....boxers or briefs.

YYYEECCCHHH!!! Some freeper stole my username!

As a child, what was your favourite TV programme?

Iceberg painted red in Denmark

Man Arrested For Shaking Vending Machine That At His Dollar

Is this sexist?

I was just at Wendy's drive-thru window, the order taker was in India!

Am I Sexiest?

Is the GDP giving us the finger?



9-11 is a Joke (with apologies to Public Enemy)

What are your top five albums by a female artist?

How many sexists does it take to do the laundry?

Just saw this sign on somebody's lawn

Is matcom asking if he is sexiest sexist?

Is one group of things another group of things?

Bobby Brown cries after getting more jail time

Are female sexists sexy?

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

I just earned my 'Yellow Star of Loyalty'!

VelmaD MUST be repressed

Clarkies - vote in this poll..

Make your own pizza? gotta try this one!

Do you prefer womyn to women?

Gellar Won't Appear in 'Angel' Finale

Is asking if something is sexist sexist?

I just loathe when something I enjoy...

Do you remember what I said to you in the tunnel?

Joe Bob Briggs says good stuff about me!

Man guilty of murdering Gits' singer Mia Zapata

The *official* Dick Cheney Photo Caption Contest

Does anybody know which New York radio station will carry Air America?

today's new Hannity advertisers

men who are flab and over 40


Anyone else recieving excess amounts of DNC related emails...

Headed to the Dentist, hope my Karma is intact.

I just shook hands with John Kerry and Howard Dean at GWU

Sean Hannity and his patriotic book covers

Romanians solve vampire troubles

Locked. No more wire hangers

Locked. No sexist threads.

Richard Simmons is 'Bitch Slapping to the Oldies'; arrested

WOOHOO!! My new Bela Fleck DVD just arrived!

Goils or Girlz?

Locked. No digitty.


Any other Xanga users out there?

Bizarre Advertising Campaign: Buick and Harley Earl

Who among us has had the most threads locked ?

What kind of candy bar should I have?

Who's the sexiest TV mom?

Women UnDer 30 Who Are Sexy!

Hey Matcom - found a new job for you: Georgia Piercing Inspector

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand...

Someone just called me "repressed"

Cool new image from SPIDER-MAN 2

GRR (long personal rant)

does anyone know a good Tattoo artist in new york city?


I dont have orchids, but I am buying a house for the very FIRST Time

Click here to confirm your vote

take this medication to cure ur sick pruning mightily

Your Favorite Sherwood Schwartz created sitcom?

Is It Safe?


Where are all the PRO WAR rallies??

I must have a truly evil sense of humour

Dog lovers' query - to spay or not?


Seeing zombies??? no spoilers (that you didn't already know)

Men over 30 and sexy

Shaving: Morning or Evening?

Anyone going to see "The Ladykillers" tomorrow?

women who are fab and over 40

The Great Feud Part 1: Bette vs. Joan

Took Erin to the vet yesterday.

Whew!! Local missing boy found alive...

How many hetero-sexual marriages do you know of that have fallen apart

Howard Dean on the John Kerry website - Asks for our help

Pet Rabbit Bites Off Girl's Finger

Okay, help me out here

For the love of Christ, Condi! Please get your estrogen prescription...

Are the yaks OK?

Behold my big fat round succulent...

I just bought Howard Zimm's "people's history of the U.S."

Who else grows orchids and/or just got a new digital camera? (large pix)


Awww, Isn't This Cute - My Girlfriend Followed Me To DU

I just paid off my note to the bank 6 months early!

Gap Band - the soundtrack of Bush's life right now

The Mods don't love me ..(sniff)

the new digital camera is here uh-oh


Pop,Soda or CokaCola?

Inconsequential bits of sexism that bug me Thread

I am concerned about who would replace me

we are going to Kick Repube Ass this November

shes been everybody elses girl maybe someday she'll be her own

May I offer you a juicy, succulent

Sara...Marvin,,,and Willie (the evil one) piccies

so, how much should I ask for?

I Keep On Thinking About Jamie Gorelicks Great Looks. She Is HOT.

Question for DUers with usernames that are a play on Bush's name

Do you pass gas or burp in front of your SO?

Women who are OVER 30 and sexy!

DU females: How would you protest this?

Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place...

A CobraWrapped around MY Waist

The Bland-Up Comedian of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

I'm visualizing a CAPTION in your future

Caption the idiot!


The Recoiling Lamb of all CAPTIONS

Caption Condi

DU attorneys, looking for free advice, someone hit my car in a parking

Greeks pick the goddess of Ugly to open Olympics

DU This CNN Poll

WARNING: If You Make It To My Ignore List...

Faygo Pop

I'm sure this is a dupe, but has anybody noticed F.R. has been yanked?


Bible Foods night?

Frankie Valli Joins Hit Men on 'Sopranos'

I'm going poll-crazy!!! What's you're favorite Hayao Miyazaki Movie?

Advice for parents of shy kids?

I came home sick from work this afternoon, so I turned on the TV.

Who's your favorite female Jazz musician?

Your favorite quotes...

What's the attitude toward "Passion" around here?

Has DU impacted your personal life?

I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!!!

Lurking freepers, freep this poll:

I googled m-jean03 and got a naked French woman

Anyone here watch American Idol?

any gals here using copper UIDs?

If You Know You've Found "The One" - How Long Should You Wait Before...

Who's your favorite Jazz Musician?

disturbing, but serious question

What fiction are you reading? What are you eagerly awaiting?

I knew a girl named Nikki, I guess you could say she was a sex fiend.


Who's your favorite Hip-Hop group, or artist?

Favorite English Monarch?

Did Political Correctness give the Freepers Fodder in the 90's?

Wouldn't Operation Ultimate Freep just be an epic waste of time?

Who do you feel is the MOST ANNOYING person on TV ever?

Besides the obvious, what increases a woman's sex appeal most?

Cute pic: Farm Kitties!

What do freepers do with themselves when FR is down?


New John Kerry for President Avatars!

What accepted history is just blatantly false?

I got this Freeper e-mail; PLEASE, y'all, help me respond...

Kerry Leads Bush In Washington State: Kerry 47, Bush 43 (Survey USA)

Was bush carrying out the orders of the energy task force

NYT: Dems Arrange..Convergence of Party Stars for Fundraiser

Can Wes Clark get the job Shelton use to have ?

Nader's site tells you why you shouldn't vote for him

Kerry's criticism of trade agreements isn't new.

Sympathy vote for bush? Not!

why kerry's vacation was actually a good move....

Kerry widens lead in new Rasmussen poll

Texans for Kucinich!

Recent News Cycle Taking Toll on Bush's poll numbers, Kerry 48%, Bush 44%!

You can link up to the LIVE Kerry/Dean webcast now! Starts soon!

What Should I Do?

Mom report: Dean & Kerry joining forces

Kerry should call Bush's economic policies "Tickle down economics"

I just gave $100 to Kerry, $10 Million is in sight!

Schedule for Dean appearances tonight and a DC rally at 5:00

Kerry and Dean on CNNI 12:10pm EST n/t

Talk me down from this ledge - How do we win against this?

Rumsfeld will be on CNN soon.

Now I'm Inspired

Concerning The Pledge...Read this aloud instead.

Nine Million Eight Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred and Forty Dollars

Kerry to nab UAW endorsement Friday while in Michigan

First O'Neill now Richard Clarke.......

Richard Clarke should contemplate suicide

Kerry carrying around Clarke's new book

Including Kerry, Who Will Be The Greenest President Of Last 40 Years?

Misleader: The Public Record is Bush Ignored Terrorism before 9/11

MoveOn's "Failure of Leadership" ad.

campaign donations

Kerry, Dean Vow To Push Bush From Office...

Bush jokes about WMD at dinner

CNN reporter just say Dean's Endorsement/Kerry Energizes Dem Base!

Kerry didn't propose a $.50 tax increase on gas(supported deficit red bill

Should the Kerry campaign keep challenging us to raise $1 million per day?

Dick Morris: BLOWOUT IN THE MAKING (GOP ads showing Kerry liberal work)

Howard Sterns REAL Anti-Bush Jihad

Help! Is it me or is Kerry losing steam?

CNN wants $'s for seeing Tape of Bush laugh at miissing WMD

Kerry furtther ahead in latest Rasmusen poll

Bushs rating for perfomance in Iraq slides:

350 Tax Increases? Not quite

Could we ever have a Mr.Smith type president in the near future?

New State Polls Kerry leads in Iowa,Washington,Minnesota...

Can DU help Howard Dean raise 700K by noon?

Rasmussen Polls: Kerry +10 In Iowa,, +3 In Minnesota - Bush +7 In Missouri

Bush wouldn't crack a joke like that....

I've been on vacation for 4 days

We did it! Kerry hit the goal!

(D) Secretaries of State should be VERY strict about Nader's signat

Democratic Unity Dinner Tonight at 7:15PM on C-Span2!

Who's going to a Kerry meetup tonight?

can anyone help me answer this JK email ?

Generic Congressionl Ballot: Democrats 43%, Republicans 36%

Which President is more likely to help progressives realize their goals?

Some are so far left that they’re not worth courting to Democrats

Contest: find an instance of Bush, Cheney et al saying 'al Qaeda' pre-9/11

ARG: West Virginia: Kerry, 46; Bush, 46; Nader, 2

DK's official statement on Unity Dinner ......3/24

Fox poll: 44% Kerry, 44% Bush

Wolf Blitzer is Just an Emabarassing Joke (for CNN). I've had it...

Misleader: Bush Admin resorts to lies about 9/11 (and US Media says ?)

Nader Facing Flak Over a Flirtation With Fulani

De-programming the Public: Turn Off the News and Catch a Movie

Senate voting on the "unborn victims of violence" act now

TIme to stop the attacks on the liberal Democrats. The Party needs us.

Proud Democrat

Bush WMD Jokes: Is Kerry Now Free To Joke About Laura's Manslaughter

Proud Leftist.