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Archives: March 26, 2004

Chris Floyd: 'Deep Cover'

Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle On the War on Terrorism

For love or money

All Washed Up

Slate: Could We Have Prevented 9/11?

John Kerry, International Man of Mystery?

A Passion That Offends - Al Hunt's WSJ oped

Karl Rove's Moment:


Slate: Central Planning

An excellent Rebuttal to Kerry's attack on democracy in Venezuela

Maybe He Got Grounded

GU Interview: Richard Clarke

"Why, Oh Why?"

Al Franken on tonight's Daily Show

Howard Dean on NewsHour - Video

cleaning problem - help!

Kerry: Environmental plan is not to drill in Alaska

'Al-Qaeda has got it wrong'...

Need "Clinton decimated the military" debunk links!

Gun-control groups concede the frivolity of the “assault-weapons ban.”

Portland Police uninterested in cause of exploding Glocks

Do you like the new vote confirm feature?

GD question.

Could you reinstate the "subject line must accurately reflect the contents

Here's a money making idea for the DU...

If the "partisan attacks against Kerry" rule were in effect, would this ..

Hamas leaders go into hiding

Rebels in Kashmir vow to strike India to avenge Yassin's death...

Manila mulling evacuating citizens from Israel

EU won't recognize changes in Israel's 1967 border

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Why Israel killed Yassin

US gives Pakistan fighters flak jackets

The ABC's of 'W' - a anti-repukkk resource

"Service Level Adjustment" - Gov't cuts services to National Parks - ABC

Rummy interview on ABC.....promotion.....

9/11 widow on hardball

911 widow on Hardball-Rice either lied of is incompetent!

fbi warns of terror attacks during elections - its begun

What is the Projected Stats of Dem Warchest for this Election??

The next generation who will despise America. Ignore at our own peril

"We're all on Clarke patrol" - senior Bush political strategist


Top Senate Democrats Vote for Fetus Protection Bill

At First, WH Claimed NO Warnings Whatsoever

Hardball slamming Bush for attempt at non-funny joke.

Oh Damn, Rumsfeld is on Primetime tonight at 8:00

Ad makers....

Greeks pick the goddess of Ugly to open Olympics

May this post come true!!

Did you refuse to say the pledge in school?

Anyone have the original source of the "trifecta" comment?

Dem Unity dinner repeated on CSPAN 1 at 9:40 ET.....

Olberman reporting on Delay possibility of stepping down

Did Fineman just try to slime the 9-11 families? (on Hardball)

How's this for an activism idea!

Tom Daschle has just put the dagger to Bush...

Something about this photo says "We're looking at Four Presidents."

Think this President was slightly smarter than George W.?


New Theory for Bush's Low, Low Profile in the Alabama Guard-Ridgeway/VV

If Abraham Lincoln Were Alive Today....

Jimmy Carter is speaking to the soul of America...

If you happen to be a soldier missing a humerus,

Anybody watching Rummy on News Hour?

Bush, “the Flim-flam man” cuts the deficit in half by 2009

10 QUESTIONS FOR . . . Al Franken

Jim Thompson comes home to further slander Richard Clarke via ABC radio

Clinton on at Unity Dinner

Subpoena Rice

Are You A Rove-Ho?

Send Me!

Can we Re-elect Clinton

help - I need good sites on bush's dodgy past

Kerry: Restore sanity to America's budget.

Chris Matthews just put *'s joke into perspective..

Hah! FreeRepublic gone again. Try it!

Is this what * means by "leave no child behind"???

Claim vs. Fact: Admin. Officials Respond to Richard Clarke Interview

c-span 2 Bill Clinton speaking. Boy, I've forgotten what a

Why does the Democratic Party allow Zell Miller to stay? Read This!

Is it me or does Dick Cheney resemble Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life"?

CSpan: John Kerry DNC Unity it live at this link NOW

Bush's WMD Joke at the press dinner

Okay kids...Who wants to catch Rumsfeld in a BIG FAT LIE??

Good background piece on Clarke WaPo ..Nov 2001

Just canceled my Newsweek subscription!

Free Hannity hardcovers

Bush pokes fun at himself at dinner


Email Chris Matthews JUST THIS ONCE...

Iraq casualties: a fitting tribute

War Rationale: Version 10.0

July 5, 2001..Clarke warns of MAJOR attack on US soil

Bumper sticker ideas: Anit-Bush (no CARB): Please take and print!!

Do you think Dick and Tony will take Rush

"Act For Change" Petition - Demand Rice Testify Under Oath

Has Bush Made U.S. Safe?

Richard Clark: Liar! (not)

.BOOM...January 22, 1999 ..Shalala, Clarke..Reno.. Must READ

FOX lies in its web site story about hearings

A few Fayetteville NC protest pictures

A must read column on marriage

A little fact checking

Anyone who missed the 9/11 hearings

c-span sunday night - kerry on the dick cavett show

Kristen Breitweiser : "Dr. Rice is either lying or incompetent"

How do you feel about this quote by Terry Eagleton? (He's a Socialist)

Hannity tanks to 5 on Amazon; Clarke, O'Neill 1,2; 8 of top 10 anti-Bush

To Paraphrase Churchill’s 1946 Speech at Westminster College, Fulton, MO.

How's the weather at Gitmo these days? I might have a chance to see

Random musing about the press/administration...

Was Condi under aoth when she met with the 9/11 commission?

Watching Al Gore speak on CSpan.....

Dear Senator Daschle

Seriously, How Can Rice Refuse To Testify?

Wolfowitz coming up on Greta

Fox's new poll has Bush/Cheney and Bush/Giuliani

Which Senate seats have been held the longest by Democrats?

Anyone gots Stats: US Citizen killed by Terrorists by Presidential Term?

Imaginary conversation between Rice and Rove

Some folks here say I'm NOT a Democrat because I'm anti-Iraq Invasion...

What's the reason for Clinton not doing Public Testimony to 9-11 Comm?

"Clinton/Gore didn't do anything about terrorism for 8 long years"

Minnesota terror expert broadly agrees with Clarke

Kerry goes to Washington - Bush goes to Boston.....

My "Repug" Inhofe Loving "House Guests" left this afternoon and all I

OMG - Is this fool a drunk or what???

What the heck is Mueller talking about??

Listen To Lionel Tonight.

The more they attack Clarke the more right he looks

Bill Frist is one sleazy weasel.

This is my Hope Rant

Hints of political restructuring?

CNN just did analysis of the "joke"

Condi wouldn't listen..Bush wouldn't listen, Rummy wouldn't listen,


Al Franken will be on The Daily Show tonight!

How do I convince a wingnut Faux news is not news?

Tonight's Unity Dinner & My Support of John Kerry for President

scowling Condi Rice pic.. anyone have it

Richard Clarke says 4 days before 9-11 he conveyed

Novak - Aristide's regime took over 1 billion dollars in 4 wk.

Are the right-wingers defending Bush's WMD "jokes?"

Vote in this poll

Print run upped for Clarke book

Bush's Funny War

ABCs "Rumsfeld's Rules of War"...Softball Crock-o-Shite so far..(On Now)

Clinton Gave Me Goosebumps Tonight

Nightline is destroying Bush over Medicare scandal

Why is it that the Daily Show is the only show getting the truth out?

Looking for BEST CRITIQUES of the Bush Junta

David Corn: MIA WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke

BC liberal party - you won't believe this one

Salon: Republicans for Kerry?

Should the US reduce it's Military presence around the world?

WOW!! Gore, Clinton, Kerry and Carter

Howard Dean on PBS NewsHour -- AWESOME!

They are Watching us!!!

The official "Air America" thread...

I had two undercover cops follow me around a Bush Protest today

Salon: "We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June/July of

OMGosh! Folks on DU who railed about Genetalia Piercing/Defilement

MOYERS - Private Agendas, 9-11 Hearings, The Truth About Wall Street

John Dean on the classified "smoking gun" against Condi Rice

FBI's Mueller Warns of Terrorist Plots

At prison gate, Iraqi families vent

9/11 scrutiny hits Bush aura on terror

Senator Miller Blasts Kerry at "Democrats for Bush" Rally

GU Interview: Richard Clarke

BBC (late Thursday): EU agrees anti-terrorism measures

Look at Military Deaths in Iraq - 584 U.S. service members have died

Interview: Richard Clarke (Guardian UK)

Democratic Chief: GOP Ads Will Get Old

Kerry to Offer Cut in Corporate Taxes

Aristide Attorney Denies Reports of South African Asylum

The Golden Handshake: Brave Step of Cynical Ploy?--New WMW

Judge refuses to dismiss case against Air Force translator

Kerry Says U.S. Deserves Truthful Leader

Ex-Aide's Book Corners Market in Capital Buzz

Study: Northern Calif. firms have cut 400,000 jobs

Bush Administration Criticizes Tiffany (Jewelers)

Fire Rages On Big Bear Mountain ( So Cal)

Shell Signs Gas Survey Deal With Libya

400 Texas Mayors Endorse Baylor as Bush Library Site (LOL)

WP: White House Wages A War on Clarke

WP/Pincus/Milbank: Neither Silent Nor a Public Witness (Discrepancies)

White House Asks Sept. 11 Panel to Meet Again With Rice

Libya to Join US and UK In 'War on Terror'

Families of soldiers not amused by Bush's comedy routine

Looks like the terraists have won

I sold the homestead today!

Which is gramatically correct...???

Any Bumper Sticker Artists Around?

Vote Confirmation Poll

Greeks pick the goddess of Ugly to open Olympics

i am just annoyin ME today...

I didnt think could learn anything from the History Channel



Freeper Vs. DU (grammatically speaking)


Best Smiley

Challenge Coin?

Cat Juggling!!!!

WANTED: Someone who will adopt and love my psycho white cat

Emigration from the US


Drive west down Sunset to the sea...

woohoo regained my confidence

new Oxyrush advertiser Tires Plus

Spinning rims while stationary now available for footwear

Hey, You all!! Check this shit out. Bush fuckin' up agin'

Bribe me to study...

South Park: "That is one fudged up little cracker!"

Would you swim in the Potomac?

I Am Strangely Attracted To "Art" (The Tattooed Guy) In "Mad Mad House"

Sig Test

What are these lyrics about?

Did I just see Zomby??

Attention Northwest Denverites..

A little man walked up and down,


DU Old Home Week - Pics of the first Atlanta gathering, 5/02


I left Matt Drudge a little mash note asking him to

am I on your ignore list?

Go Away, Richard Clarke (Saturday In The Park)

Ideas for a second tattoo (a me-too post)

Listening to Godsmack, ask me anything..


What 80"s Music Do You Prefer

I Want A 2nd Tattoo - I Need Ideas

Alright - who here knows who Cannibal Ox is?

THIS is really cool!! ASCI Matrix movie

I long to be a prima donna, donna, donna

A parody on "What Child is This?" (Dubya)

Fayetteville pictures from last saturday

25 Signs That You've Grown Up

Who's Evil Reality Would you Rather Have?

Agent Corddry

I'm watching thespian extraordinaire Chuck "Texas Ranger" Norris

A joke

You would live 100 years, If I could show you how.... Who said it?

Do you consider "kid" to be a synonym for "child"?

Puppy needs a home

DU chat

The Tooth

You know what I'd like to see in a politician?

Look at the first ad on this website...

Hey Kids In The Hall fans!!!

Going to Montreal next week...what should I see?

Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GLAAD applauds 50 Cent?

Feeling kind of weird and don't know what to do..

Onomatopoeia Time

What the hell.... I'm gonna start a religious flamewar in the Lounge!

Which type of basketball do you enjoy watching the most?

I've been elected a delegate!

Pitt 21 OK State 20

the best (not that expensive) meal i have ever had

Still want to make jokes about the Detroit Tigers?

Morality Test

Good night., all.

guys, do you ever get this problem?

If this doesn't describe every right-wing pundit in America....

Boomer TV: Anyone recall "Coronet Blue"?

BEST NUMBER 2 SINGLE of the MID-1980s?

Is there any indication what-so-ever that Bu$h likes music?


Esoteric, long-shot music question (classical)

Gays you wish were straight/Straights you wish were gay

This is very silly but highly addictive:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I'm bored - interact with me

Who says God hates liberals?

I just put EVERYBODY on Ignore. Ask me anything.

Are you doing too much?

Who's the biggest badass mo fo? (the women, this time)

Show your desktop!

Just watched Johnny Mnemonic. Answer me something...

DU's tech crew rocks!!!!!!!!


Starsky and Hutch -- I just saw it

Coolest rock songs ever.

Has anyone heard of Mary Lou Lord?


Almost ultimate female musician music contest

The rules of On-line Dating

North Carolina DUers: ACC Humor

I just switched from a 55" std. Screen to a 52" Wide HD TV... Did I do

"Way of the Master"?! Kirk Carmeron? Is it bad porn?

WHICH evil DUers have you MET live in person?

Our kids continue to die because bush said saddam had WMD

Question: Richard Clarke says 4 days before 9-11 he conveyed

Is there a Democratic Counter to Bush in the coming Election 2004?

AP: "Delay Must Step Aside if Indicted"

Zig-Zag Zell backs Shrub. Lincoln Chaffee has NOT yet endorsed him.....

Curious about an important part of this election


Any Kerry people reading this?


I challenge EVERYONE in this forum...

Vote in AOL poll on Clarke vs. Rice on credibility

Great quote today from Dean/Kerry announcement.

Does anyone know where to find data on Primary turnout to date?

Kerry Plan Eliminates Overseas Tax Breaks

I can pretty much guaranty you there won't be debates

Just went to my first Kerry Meet Up tonight in NYC...

The Environment Should be an Issue...

Favorite Part of the Unity Dinner

I take issue with this forum...

Salon: Republicans for Kerry?

'Wartime President' MIA

Salon: "We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June/July of

Guess who's blogging now? Noam Chomsky!

Exceptions to the Rules

Chris Floyd -- Deep Cover

A Deserter Speaks - Camilo Mejia

Ashcroft cartoon

The Coming Draft

HERBERT: The Wrong War

Consription - The Terrible Price of War

Tough Homecoming for a War Hero

Clarke Smeared by Neocon Slime Machine

Kenneth C. Davis -- Jefferson, Madison, Newdow?

Candidates offer competing plans for job creation

The Case From Which Justice Scalia Has Refused To Recuse Himself

Bushies Lose Track of Homeland Security!

Analysis: Maoists strike east w/ video

Unpatriotic liars, weenies: Alterman

Mark Morford: Where Is My Gay Apocalypse?

Panel Hasn't Heard From Official It Wants Most ( Rice leaving in Dec.)

Clark is just a liar. cartoon

KRUGMAN: The Medicare Muddle

In rush to defend White House, Rice trips over own words

Trust Clarke: He's right about Bush

Cheney is a bald-faced liar, basically.

Bush Promises Affordable Broadband for All by 2007

Is There Life After Death?

Greg Palast in NJ on 4/25...

Say NO to the U.S. Bomb Factory

Activism Reminder - Challenge the Media on their Iraq coverage

Looks like you don't get a job at FOX unless you are Republican:

Local TV News broadcast hijacked by repukes? -advice needed,please.

MWO--Out to Pasture???

Prediction: Media Will "Re-Commit to Objectivity" Once Kerry Wins

Why did US Media forget their 4/1/01report-"Bush says Don't worry re Osama

Reminder: Lou Dobbs' guest tonight is John Kerry...

Free Speech Television

Any chance that Sirius will pick up "Air America"?

Don't mind me... just playing

Bloodlines of the B.F.E.E. (American Dynasty)

Liz Greene - Teresa Kerry's natal and relationship chart analysis

Astrologers what do you see for this girl

Which Western Democracy is the LEAST Theocratic?

Candidates offer competing plans for job creation

Bush Stats on "savings" counts new borrowings as new savings

Corporations Snag Record GDP Share from individuals - highest since 1968

See who's selling our jobs to China!

Montreal Protocol under threat

Soya-powered planes promise greener air travel

Canada Closes Door on Cloning

UK CO2 Emissions Up Between 1-2% In 2003 - Independent

BushCo, Inc. Slams Tiffany (Yes, That Tiffany) On Environmental Stance

GM-mosquito may put bite on malaria

Indium and Nitrogen -- "where are they now?"

New moon for earth and a first ever hurricane for S. Brazil? Yellowstone

Record Low Rainfall In Southeast Increases Drought Threat

BBC (March 26): China warns Hong Kong over democracy

Clarke's Prepared 9/11 Testimony

A Vote of No Confidence in Iran

Can anyone explain to me the logic of "concurrent sentences"...

Florida: $5 million fine proposed for listing of gun owners

A Weapon Surrendered

NPR Examines the Semi-automatic gun ban

GUNS OF THE DAY--March 26. 2004

Right-to-carry guns is proven way to reduce the crime rate

Lunabush's Friday humour for the Gungeon

Senate committee narrowly endorses concealed guns bill

Circular f*cking arguments - "I consider all gun control laws....

Log In Problems


Hate Mailbag...

Multiple usernames

Moderator, thread on security threat on I-95 was NOT same...

Do Donations You Make in Other People Name

What do you do if you're falsely accused of 2 names?

unable to upload new avatar...

Remember this:Mossad warned CIA of attacks 9/11

What is Sharon going to do about Vanunu?

Got this from Tikkun/Gush Shalom

The Ordeal of Mordechai Vanunu

The only solution for Palestine

Mom: Shame on Hamas!

A tale of two miseries

Looking for some info on clinton and military cuts.

The Memory Hole has the 2002 9/11 Investigation files

Remember this:Mossad warned CIA of attacks 9/11

The fire was so hot it damaged ... steel

Repukes continue to politicize 9/11

Bush Resume...that was fordwarded to me, sorry it is long

Do Dems have anyone to replace Gephardt (MO)?

Help DU this poll!

Kerry needs ad noting Bush 4/30/01 Terror report downplay of bin Laden

Frost-Sessions: Most Competetive Race in the Nation

botox vs. viagra

Is there a connection between the PNAC and the draft?

"Heroin, Al Qaeda and the Florida Flight School"

now they are trying to get Clarke for perjury; these guys are sick

Will These Young People be Drafted?

Pre 9-11 WH report: "It's a mistake to focus so much energy on OBL"

Anyone else know that CONdi is leaving (end of this term)?

Am I just Greedy?

It's the Televangelist-Looking Republicans That Frighten me the Most

What are the consequences if this bill becomes law? (Fetal injury)

San Diego's republican leadership

Jimmy Kimmel's "Jake Byrd" at the anti-war rallies again

See Dick Resign

Hi all

The Big Dog at the Unity dinner on C-Span Now!

Don't miss Hardball Friday night from Walter Reed Hospital

Year-plus of imprisonment for minor theft is over

check out these two sites for graphic depictions . . .

Venezuela - Opposition lacking united candidature (Cuban paper)

Clarke is "THE ONE"

and the newest blog on the block belongs to . . . (fanfare) . . .

Norman Solomon on the Mike Webb Show now

Late Friday bombshell from White House(?)

“Vietnam II Preflight Check,”

old cemetaries, arsenic, and health safety . . .

'Wartime President' MIA (Washington Post)

British DUers: How much danger is Charles Kennedy of losing his post?

does it never stop

Taliafero on FIRE tonight

I believe WE have hit the Trifecta ...

bush "joke" funny or not --- vote in this poll

Was Tenent's "slip" about recordings revenge for Plame?

Anyone go to the CUNY forum last night?

Freeperville is down

One nation, under debt, with compound interest for all

White House too thin-skinned to join grown-up conversation on terrorism

Self deletion

Bush Leadership Quiz -- send this to everyone you know

talk-radio host who helped expose the Medicare bribe loses his job

DU Help Needed!

If Condi Rice testifies under oath

FYI: from

NPR Report this AM says that Clarke is known

Attn: Mari333: US Sent Medically Unfit Soldiers to Iraq, Pentagon Acknowle

News this morning about 9/11 commision, has it changed your opinion?

"Unity" Meeting...Link?...Transcript?....(missed it)...

Richard Cohen from WP on C-Span (8:35 a.m. ET). Anybody listening?

"Oh, that's so sad" Soladad O'Brien's riotous reply to Jonah Goldberg

Any chance that Sirius will pick up "Air America"?

The Patriot Card™

freepers agreeing with Kerry

How many times was Saudi Arabia mentioned in the live 9/11 hearings?

The Big Dirt Fight To Come: Advantage Kerry

some thoughts on last night

right-wing spin on WMD 'joke'

Mueller: After Spain attacks, terror may target U.S. vote

Need a Dialup ISP? The DNC can help you.

New songs by The Compassionate Conservatives

"The White House is so thin-skinned..." (NYT)

Photoshop/Caption Dear Condi

Did you pick up any hints about who will be the VP from "Unity" meeting

Who is this Jerryb Boyer on WJ on C-SPAN now?

Pro-choice republicans

Do me a favor, call or write every day

Political Email Etiquette..

Look! More insiders removing the mask off of Bush....

Reason Rice wants to testify again--change her story?

Urban Legend that just won't die! Thank God for Snopes

Just a happy note

ABC WNT Marine Lt.Gen says Saddam a "paper tiger"

Cheney was in charge of the Counter-terrorism Task force

Will David Kay be the next to blow the whistle?

Rice contradictions itemized.

I caught my 16yo watching the Unity Dinner last night!

CNN Poll on WMD "jokes" -

C-Span1 Now: Unity Dinner Replay (10:45am EST)


need help with real death toll for soldiers, anybody have any info?

There's gonna be outrage now!

US blocks sanctions on Israel by UN

Sibel Edmonds: The Bushies Knew....

Police vs. military action--which catches more terrorists?

(After Unity Dinner)---Exactly What is Going to be Our 2004 Message?!?!?

Should Richard Clake fear for his life?

My boss just sent me and every other person in the district

Many Iraq-Bound GIs Buy Own Armor

Wes Clark at the Unity Dinner Last Night?

DNC Unity Dinner now on CSPAN

Anyone else catch Bill Clinton's little flub last night

How Much Has the GOP Damaged US Honor?

re: Hearings -- Blame and/or Solution

Republican spokesman says nothing wrong with WMD humor.

suggestion for people attending NYC GOP convention

Clinton Put a Face on Bush's Tax Cuts Last Night!!

Bush Joke about WMD is the worst thing he's ever done.

800 number for calling your Congress critter?

BBV : Group that called electronic vote secure got makers' aid

Chatrooms ("electronic fight clubs") separate the men from the boys

bu$hco adds mercury to today's tuna salad sandwich

Local TV News broadcast hijacked by repukes? -advice needed,please.

RFID: A supremely bad idea?

UK Guardian on the gay vote

Last Night's Unity Dinner

"Rice Is Agreeable to Return for More of 9/11 Panel's Queries" Times Says.

Bush putting his foot in with mentioning Iraq ?

"Unity" Meeting...Link?...Transcript?....(missed it)...

Has Condi "testified"?

Santa Muerte: Saint Death, Patron Saint of Cabrones

Drum roll Condi is BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week

Bill Frist is shocked.. I tell you shocked...that Clarke

Cost of War

In Defense of Shame

Zell Miller (Democrat??? GA) on C-span = Democrats for Bush!!!

The chimp's on TV he's sounds really bugged

Do you remember Bush's actions before 9/11 ??

Bush said at his speech

PLEASE tune in-Bob Graham - War on Terrorism - 12:50 p.m. C-span

Just got back from our small GOP town local peace vigil

Los Angeles releasing 130 inmates a day - no money to keep them

Wouldn't You Know--Media Featuring Gore's Rant from Last Night

Tech Help Plz!...Mac OS X...Streaming problem

Against All Enemies

A Refresher Course: bu$h Knew

Win a Carville book...find the words "al Qaeda" or "bin Laden"

The Bushiad

What's the deal with ?

Howard Stern's reported firing next week - *perfect* timing!!

Just got this e-mail from my FIL (gag)(choke)(spit)

Terry McAuliffe swore to everyone listening last night that the DNC

How well is "Against All Enemies" selling in your area of the US

New Condi slogan!

Disclosure game works both ways (why withhold Novak's source now?)

Kerry will be on Lou Dobbs

Payback's a BLEEP -- Safeway CEO faces the music

Osama not a priority said Bush

"Missed Chances in Hunt for Condoleezza Rice"

Venezuela : AFL-CIO involved like they were in Chile 1973

Clarke book #1 on Amazon. Move.On's '50 Ways...' #2!

"Behind Closed Doors"

Playing the Hitler Card (Cards of people labelled "Hitler" by the US)

Traction is slipping-- need less ice

It's raining shoes! Hallelujah!

The Condoleeza Rice for Prez 2008 website

When headlines attack

Another Friday afternoon; time for a news dump n/t

I just called Kerry's office and they said ( please read)

Rice claim that 8/6/01 PDB on attacks was comm'd by WH denied by author

They Are TRYING To Freep This Poll -- But Not Succeeding!

Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports Act

I have a question about Clarke , his book, and the WH delay of it.

Fried Rice! Condi On The Outs?

Kerry DID postpone his speech until Bush was done with his!!!!

Condi Rice to leave Bush administration at end of year / NYT

where does LIHOP stand now

Just In!!!--Bush Wants to Change the Agenda!!

al Qaeda contest part 2 - Carville sweetens the pot

I just went over to FR to see what Freeps had to say about Boston protest

Who wants most for Bush to lose: Rice or Ken Lay?

Trying to end the Internet as we know it....

conservatives and history

LOL Look at what Freepers are opposed to:

Al Franken will be on the Howard Stern show next week

DU Need your help!

oh great, I just saw the latest FAUX poll...

Today's Progress Report: Bush Admits Negligence

Nader will be in town on Sunday...

Condi Kaput

Ok,now this does it. This is unbelievable

Bush in New Mexico campaigning againt Kerry, but

NY Daily News Cover | WMD Joke Flap!

Probe Revisits Saudis' `Phantom Flight'

Newsmax's wishful liberal radio.

Help, Please. I just heard a court decision on search of private...

Traitor List™ and the Patriot List™ ... lol!

Just heard on NPR--Frist wants to go after Clarke for Perjury

To Anyone Considering Voting Nader/Green/Third Party In Nov.

I need to make an anti-Bush shirt.

And what of Ambassador Wilson?

Question about Condi's testimony before the 9/11 commission thus far...

The Memory Hole has the 2002 9/11 Investigation files

Which one of Nader's proposed policies is the most reprehensible?

"We have had triumphs, we have made mistakes, we have had sex."

They just brought up Sibel Edmonds on Crossfire

Clinton Lies, Rice and Bush "Misspoke"!

Who would like to give a big one to Annie Coulter?

Everytime I See and Hear Bill Clinton...

If the US were invaded, would we be known as insurgents if

Dogpile On The Freeper Time!

How SICK are you of Condi's media pass?

Kerry over Bush in a huge win

The Kerry, Gomer Pyle comparison picture e-mail

Kerry's comments on Bush jokes

Wolf Blitzer poll at CNN

CNN: Homeland Security ON HOLD!! (Holy Crap! Crazy INCOMPETENCE!)

Another phenomenally stupid CNN poll to hit

Are there any Republican politicians you respect

CNN-Wolf Poll-Rice

Has Everyone Forgot The Hart/Rudman Terrorism Report

F CNN! Leading with Clarke perjury story

The 9/11 Commission Should Not Re-entertain Ms. Rice

Remember, they were going to investigate Paul O'Neill too....

Confused Here: Are They Letting Condi Have A second Bite @ Commission ???

Is Nader one of the bad guys?

Has anyone here besides me seen the movie

Could Bill Clinton be the VP nominee?

Iraqi Cleric: "9/11 'Miracle from God'" ???

Where Is The Independent Counsel When You Need It.

Which W verbal screw-up was the worst?

Which DC Grocery Stores are Union?`

If Clarke is lying, why aren't the Clintonites calling him a perjurer?

Will Democrats challenge disenfranshisement schemes in 2004?

Carter: Nader needs to go back to inspecting the rear ends of cars.

Anybody got audio of Chimpy's Big WMD jokes?

Smirk gets hit by off topic comment...

Daniel Ellsberg - reading list

Terry McAuliffe: Another Damn Mistake

I can't put my finger on it, but Steve Forbes really gives me the creeps

Sorry Dupe

Unbeleiveable New Bush Urban Legend in Email!!!!

Who Is The Best Liberal Columnist Out There Right Now?

What we need to do to make Air America sucessful

can Deutsch replace Harman?

US soldiers face charges of prisoner abuse

DU this poll.

If you had to choose a republican president who would you choose?

Bill Clinton as VP? Yes, it would be constitutionally legal...

Richard Clarke on Meet The Press Sunday

If you think things are changing, take a look here.....

b*sh and Barney: Does this dog look more than just a bit uneasy?

CNN: "Offshoring: The Argument Rages On "

My Mother: Carter should have been re-elected.

CBS News: New Info Undermines the WH (9/11) also the WMD Jokes

They want to declassify Clarks Testimony

"Stars and Stripes" letters (Bush gets slammed again, & Dr. Laura, too)

Free Download of 9/11 Commission Hearings

Kerry on Lou Dobbs now

Nader so called supporters. Who are they? Anyone know one?

Help with a response to LTTE please!

send free fax to Senators that Free Speech better than FCC fines

OK... We Need To Get On Jane Harman's Ass... NOW !!!

Crossfire covers Salon's Sibel Edmonds story

I enjoyed this

Arizonans - your Moonie State Senator is pushing gay marriage ban.

9/11 commission better not let Rice meet privately.

Is the use of "GOP" in headlines bias?

Anyone hear Jerry Bowyer of Pittsburgh talk radio on C-Span say

Strange business in a cave in Mexico

Gov Goodhair (TX) Vacations Wife Anita (Bahamas, Rome, Florence)

If The White House Had Clarke's Manuscript For Over 3 Months...

Corporate Tax Cuts Link???

Homeland Security Blacklist to be Available to Private Companies

I watched "Unity Dinner" replay and have been Depressed all Day!

I saw a real live anti Bush/Cheney protest in Dayton, Ohio!

Now is the time!!!

Kerry 48, Bush 46; With Nader It's a Tie - How to remove Nader?

Should Bush's campaign be advertising at a website that labels

How do I bring up the draft?

Is anybody else miffed about Kerry blowing off Chavez?

John Stewart coverage of 911 hearings + Al Franken replays at 7pm

Bush joking about not finding WMD's - Gaffe of the year.

Cartoons.. Red Hot Cartoons.. Get them right here

Government Censors Google News

Rice revved to Rebut 9-11 claims

Twisted Gretta Faux-News Poll: Shame On Bush!

more evidence Bush used 9/11 as excuse for Iraq attack

What did Rice Tell Bush at 9am Call on 9/11?

State-Controlled Media and a Fearful, Weak-Kneed Opposition

Bill Frist ... you lying sack of shit

Condi will testify not under oath

Theory on why the White House is in full blown hysterics.

BBV: Washington State/National

BLAM!! Boxcutters used in Army training for hijacking!!

Wanna see a GOPer's eyes cross and spin? Ask him what Clarke LIED about!

Attack on Clarke: So Over the Top it's Cartoonish (+ Additional Analysis)

Ha! "The O'Franken Factor"

New pictures at Elena's Chernobyl . Com

Can Zell Miller be forgiven?

OK guys, Kerry is elected in November, But instead of

Bush WMD "Joke" Ad... haw haw haw, laugh along with the liar!

NYT: Excerpt, "Against All Enemies," Richard A. Clarke

"Carpet of gold or carpet of bombs"

"Press Graded Bush on a Curve" for his handling of 9/11" says Fineman

Which one of Nader's proposed policies is the most reprehensible?

I LOVE Rumsfeld!

Wall Street Critical Of Costco - TOO KIND TO WORKERS

The "Send Me" speech??

Saw Nader speak today

Ashcroft and "No commercial Planes " Statement

The 9/11 whistleblowers-get-screwed data dump

Condi admitted she "misspoke!" where's the outrage?

Condi Rice to leave Bush administration at end of year / NYT

PAP: One Polish Soldier Wounded

A Serial Killer Haunts Again

U.S. Officials Fashion Legal Basis to Keep Force in Iraq

US Congress sends letter to Chen, Lu - Congrat Prez!

Rescued British Military Caving Team Faces Arrest

Argentine museum remembers victims of `Dirty War'

Iraqi squatters dig in to keep a roof over their heads

SA 'abandons' coup suspects

White House 'exaggerated extent of WMD breakthrough'

Australian soldiers in Iraq become big election issue

Up to 2,000 Marines to Go to Afghanistan From Gulf

EU leaders approve new terrorism Czar

Strong Quake Rocks Eastern Turkey, Nine Dead

Judge Says ChevronTexaco May Stand Trial

Dupe, I think n/t

Ex - Dynegy Exec Gets 24 Years for Fraud

Jury Selected in Death of Texas Sons (Stoned to death)

Freeperville is down

Taiwan President Chen is behind. Looks bad.

Sibel Edmonds has made it into Salon.

White House to Delay Syria Sanctions - Sources

Clashes as Taiwan mulls recount

Senate Passes Fetus Protection Bill

White House targets Clark - Bush aides move aggressively

Fighting in Falluja

US officials fashion legal basis to keep forces in Iraq

Medicare premiums may rise by 17 percent (Next year)

Kerry Says He Will End Overseas Tax Breaks

NYT: Excerpt, "Against All Enemies," Richard A. Clarke

Rice Is Agreeable to Return for More of 9/11 Panel's Queries

U.N. Urged to Probe U.S. Role in Haiti

BBC: Three held over French rail bombs

Corruption survey singles out ex-leaders of Indonesia, Philippines, Congo

Kerry Attacks Venezuela's Chavez

Retired Brass Urge Delay in Antimissile Shield

LAT: Sudden, Painful Rebirth Unsettles Stagnant (Middle East)

Pakistan Troops Demolish Tribesmen's Homes

Say hello to our new moon

Rebels Blow Up an Oil Well in North Iraq

United States Vetoes U.N. Security Council Resolution (Yassin)

China Mouthpiece Warns HK of Taiwan-Style Chaos

Kerry Set to Announce Economic Plan

U.S. Officials Fashion Legal Basis To Keep Force in Iraq

'Trapped' Bin Laden deputy urges army to oust Musharraf

Wyden floats idea of nearly doubling wilderness areas on Hood, in gorge

Eight Die as U.S. Troops Battle Rebels in Iraq Town

Iraqi Shiites burn, trample Israel flags to protest Yassin killing

Condoleezza Rice Threatens Jamaica Over Aristide

Libya Signs Energy Exploration Deal With Shell - NYT

Call center in Hilo to close (4th largest employer)

Uranium mined illegally in Congo

China to enhance cooperation with the Republic of Congo: FM

Gulf troops babies are 50% more vulnerable

US national security commission terror warnings pre-September 11

Ny Times reporting Rice to leave her job at end of the year

Security increased as terror threat targets I-95

Cheney to Visit Japan, China and South Korea

In Army survey, troops in Iraq report morale is low

Kerry not amused by Bush's jokes on WMD

My Lai Hero To Be Honored

Judge refuses to dismiss case against air force translator

Retired Brass Urge Delay in Antimissile Shield

Heavy fighting erupts in Fallujah

A New Moon for Earth?

Not the Best Way to Counter Mistrust

Bose completing round of Blythewood layoffs Friday

Army: Colombian Civilians Used As Shields

Detectives check for conspiracy in Guerneville killing

Iraqi cleric: 9/11 was a miracle from god

Fiery Crash Closes I-95 In Conn

Santa Fe ponders pet seat belts

Mislead discovers 4/1/01 Bush report w/ "its a mistake to chase bin Laden"

Vandal spraypaints GOP headquarters("LIES")

Plastic Easter egg maker lays off workers

France's Villepin to Visit Haiti Next Week

Ashcroft and "No commercial Planes " Statement

Reply with Source to "Ashcrofts "no comercial planes statement"

TV cameraman killed by US fire in Iraq: doctors

An f18 has just crashed at Raleigh int airport

Some Bush supporters want Rice to testify

IBM wins... outsourcing deal from India [MASSIVE SPIN]

Report Details Low U.S. Army Morale, Suicide in Iraq

Kerry Announces Corporate Tax Cut Plan

Out-of-state cash bankrolls Republican primary (Pennsylvania)

Haitians Wary of Itchy U.S. Trigger Fingers

U.S. Commander Says Anti-US Group Dealt Severe Blow in North Africa

Bush Says Had No Advance Warning on 9/11

Carcinogen found in unexpected food types: USFDA

15 Caribbean nations demand U.N. probe of Aristide's claim

Polish prime minister says he will resign

Poland to Consult Allies on Iraq Troops (About reducing troop levels)

In Army Survey, Troops in Iraq Report Low Morale

Study finds no abortion link to breast cancer

A Disturbing Trend in the Jobless "Recovery"..

NYT: Kerry Is Sticking with Plan to Raise Auto Fuel Efficiency

Local soldier charged with desertion (Bush did it and became president)

Aid workers struggle to help quarter million lost Haitians

U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq Again Rising

Rice expected to meet 9/11 commission again (MSNBC)

Caribbean said not to accept Haiti gov't

Bush, Kerry in Statistical Tie in Ohio Poll

Baptist Home says church not optional

Some Bush Supporters Want Rice to Testify

Happening Now (Fri 5AM EST):Taiwan Rioters Threaten Presidential Residence


White House April 2001 Memo: Focus on bin Laden a "Mistake"

Tensions run high as (Bush) visit ignites clashes (Brawl in Boston)

Groups Protest During Cheney's Visit

U.S. Marine killed in Falluja

Navy Public Affairs Officer Who Worked in Iraq Condemns Pres.Bush

U.S. Online Gambling Policy Violates Law, W.T.O. Rules

Police: 200 Hooters applicants taped undressing

Venezuela Public Ombudsman - National Guard Committed Excesses

Powell admits they wanted to bomb Iraq right after 9/11. (Lehrer)

The truth behind the cannibals of Congo (Independent)

Jordanian prince in WWIII warning

Salon: "We Should Have Had Orange Alert in June/July 2001" (Sibel Edmonds)

GOP Moves to Declassify Clarke Testimony

Study: Circumcision Protects Against AIDS

Islamic world is violent, authoritarian & undemocratic says Carey

Bush campaign thrown off course

(KY) Gay Marriage Ban Defeated; House Republicans Stage Walkout

China Says Won't Sit by if Taiwan Turmoil Worsens

A "Free-Speech Free-For-All" Forum idea submitted for your approval...

Huge favor! re: Unity Dinner

fill in the first part of my signature

My **** smells like ****.

OK - so what's the deal with ?

More boomer TV - Run For Your Life

Life is a Cabaret, old chum

Another Thing On Bush's Plate. Gas Prices. What Gas Prices Clinton's

presenting "The Exorcist . . . in 30 Seconds" . . . as re-enacted by . . .

Who here became involved in politics because of a significant other?

Potus Operandi: How Bush Refutes His Opponents

Google Top 10..Sept 17, 2001

If You Know You've Found "The One" - How Long Should You Wait Before...

If you were president, how would you enrich the cultural life of the US?

Principia Discordia is a CULT!!!

Requesting Big Rock Candy Mountain for my funeral... Am I totaly nuts????

Let's play "Post Your Favorite Trivia"

The wit of Tommy Smothers

Fire alarm!! I was homeless for a moment...Ask me anything!

Fundamentalist Christianity is a CULT!!!!!

I got half my homework done. Ask me anything.

Kleptomaniacs, check out!

Insomniacs, check in!

Fundamentalist Islam is a CULT!!!!!


Unlikely NASCAR sponsors

"Oh, you... you poor dumb son of a bitch.

Yay for skiing ostriches

Story of my life (listen) (Soooooo Real John Prine) Buy his Album

Drink List on my 21st Birthday!

Cartoon: The Guardian's Steve Bell on Poodle/Gaddafi

I have a job interview @ 4 AM in China!

I can send bricks to sleep

Woman, 89, Heads To Prison For Swindling

Soccer Goalie Tackles Streaker - Gets Red Card (Tossed Out Of Game)

Happy Birthday Bob Woodward and General Westmoreland

Yo-Yo Tricks World Record Broken

Great website on current issues.

Woman's Purse Found - She Drives Drunk To Police Station - Loses License

Women Applying at Hooters Videotaped Naked

Who is high on Marijuana?

Optical Illusions ~O^O~

Was Buchanan Gay (and other Presidential Tidbits)

I have a confession to make..

HEY! John Kerry delivered my fried chicken dinner last night!!!!

Woman Fighting To Keep Topless Maid Service

Victims Wake Up To Find Drunk Burglar In Bed Sleeping With Them - Arrested

Students Fighting To Keep 'Munchie Man' On Campus

Court Affirms Nipple Piercing Conviction

Miracles DO happen: Abbott and Evita shared a window sill

Remember this:Mossad warned CIA of attacks 9/11

Anyone need a laugh?

Seat Belts To Be Mandatory - For Pets

Anyone else had it with

Ronnie James Dio for President join the GRASSroots movement

Well, I am now talking to more women online.

I am changing my name to Murphy's law!! Rant

Typographic Illustration

Driving Range Closed - Slicers Pepper School Building

Narcoleptics, check in!

The Wonderful World of Peeball

Cool Formula 1 wallpaper site (for the 2 or 3 DUers who are into it)

Want To Get A Suprisingly Good Album?

here's some other knee-slappers for bush*'s stand-up comedy routine

Lost my dog yesterday

Top Ten Ways Dennis Kucinich Can Still Be The Next President

Who makes you laugh?

What's your favorite Stevie Wonder Album?

4 Year Old Brings Crack To School - Mother Surrenders

sick crime scene video (don't watch if you're a minor or easily offended)

Do they make BEENO for dogs?

Incidentally - what ever happened to Stevie Wonder?

Settle this dispute: If Magic Rat's nose is in your butt is he.....

The Cure's "Purple Haze"

Best Skit From Monty Python & The Holy Grail

I can't pull up Buzzflash

Look what came in my email today!

Great new poll feature, click to confirm

Ok Daytime DUers, I'll ask you - Do you know who Cannibal Ox is?

Mysteries of History: Which are your favourites?

Smokers: Do you roll your own cigs?

Ricki Lee Jones - "Tell Somebody (Repeal the Patriot Act)"

today is my LAST day at my job.... ask me anything

When "The Alamo" comes out...

I'm bored: Favorite Ben Harper song/album?

I know what kind of casket I want

Time to head to the French Quarter

Lars Von Trier's "Dogville"

I was working part-time at a five and dime, my boss was Mr. McGee

Hardwood vs Bamboo flooring

I'm so bored...Please Talk to me

A pre-emptive Happy Birthday (March27th) to FOUR DU'ers

New Penis Grown on Boy's Arm.....well, I was bored!

I may move onto Tanqueray gin next......ask me anything......

Soup (and/or crouton) stealing neurosurgeon suspended

Categorize the Most Pivotal Moment of Your Life

Movie trivia. Clark Gable - The Misfits - Marilyn Monroe

Who did the best version os BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY?

MY Nose Fell Off !!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you want to do with your body after you die? burial? cremation?

Amazing pictures

New Family Guy episodes in 2005!!

Santa Muerte: Saint Death, Patron Saint of Cabrones

What would you do, if anything?

Caption the squirming!

My dog is home, recovering from major knee surgery

What's your favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

I love Bush!

Wishing a happy birthday to Leonard Nimoy

You can now arrest yourself if you commit a crime

Virginia Commonweath University on fire!!!!!

Forget ya'll, I think Bush is awesome

Woman Traces Obscene Caller - Corners Him In Phone Booth - Ex Neighbor

How's your bracket today?

Where's President_G_W_Bush?

ITS SPRING IN NEW YORK!! soon everyone will walk around half naked

Question about tipping - need advice.

The John Ashcroft Video Project Hahahahahahahahaha

Recommend some free hip-hop for me

cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver -- and I saw the poor dead soul

Top Doctor: Stay Healthy By Picking Your Nose And EATING IT!

So * decides to take his hot air ballon out for a ride ...

Happy Spring! It's 65 degrees in Boston!

I need resume help, please!

Anyone else really gonna miss Tony Kornheiser on the radio?

Question about dripping. Exiting the shower do you towel off or drip dry?

NCAA basketball pool... do you still have your final 4 playing?

I saw Margaret Cho last night!

A Brie History of Time

Try and tell me George isn't hittin' the bottle again

Unbelievable Pittsburgh Police Story

My 71 year ole mum is going to see Blondie with me and the wife

I have been invoked. Ask me anything.

The BriefSafe ...

How YOU doin'?

Would cats love and respect us if they had opposable thumbs?

Air America question

"Air America" question

Duck Wad for President!!!!

State Championships this weekend - wish us luck!

How do I do my own avatar/sig. line pics?

Who sucks the laughter out of the air for you

Anyone on DU playing Final Fantasy Online?

Question about cow tipping - need advice.


I'm drinking Laphroaig.....ask me anything!

Woman Asks State To Return Bribe Money - SHE Bribed A PROSECUTOR

Of the original light-gun games NES put out...

Speaking of psychedelia - who's an Os Mutantes fan here?

OK, it's the Premium Spirit Alcohol Preference Thread!

Days of Our Lives: Is Marlena repossessed??

Deep thought: Would Jeb had been the candidate if he had won in 1994?

Who was worse? Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr.

An age old debate - Books or Movies?

You selected: Potpourri

Anybody been following Boondocks lately? Great campaign ads!

Arugula: Poll I

Question about pet groomer tipping - need advice.

Anybody moving to Kansas? The free land thing

Tell me this isn't the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard

Vote for President George W. Bush!

Need some help Re: research

Fugazi/Minor Threat/Ian MacKaye fans....have you seen this..

Don't the Freepers know their name sounds like crap?

What aren't you wearing?

How do I post pictures of the Boston Protest?

Do you ever try to find your house when taking off/landing in an airplane?

Most well done/least well done biographies

Name the Unidentified Band (who have never played live BTW) #1

How many posts have you made on the internet altogether?


Van Halen Reunite with Sammy Hagar

Am I up shizzle crizzle without a paddizzle?

New Wave/Punks Fans- Great Link

Hell has just frozen over: I just told my mom not to toke up.

Where can I find the "Bush Backround Generator"?

Who sang the song "Winning" by Santana???

I just found out what "going commando" means. Hot damn!

Go ahead...Pick your nose...Doc says it's healthy

100 posts and listening to the beatles


THE single most exciting game EVER on the internet.

Favorite Beatles B-side

Where's my swinging "organize" sign?

Am I the only DU Kiss-Of-Death Poster?

Aaaand now let's have a really big DU CAPTION for...........

Steve, Don't Eat It! Vol. 5 - Breast Milk

O Mr Sellack

I can't believe I-95 melted.

Give Bush the boot

I need help with a PC game!!


Whew! Break from GD! Ears Burrning!

Need songs to add to my "Shoot Me Now" compilation CD...

Fave Cartman quotes

With All The Stories About I-95 In The News Today...

What's the creator's intention of this animated emoticon smilie?

People Who Leave Shopping Carts In The Middle Of The Parking Lot Should...

DU LADIES! - Need A New Bedroom Set?

Four-eared kitten finds home

Has anyone else fractured their lateral malleolus (ankle).

I Think I Might Be A Cereal Killer

sign up here!!! who hereby SWEARS never to click on another Matcom post??

Where are you and what are you wearing? I'm in my office. Black

7 posts til I hit 1000!

I Think I Might Be A Canary Killer

Snowboarders who park their asses in the fall line of a slope


Happy 73rd Birthday Mr. Spock!!

The Discrete Eroticism of the Embedded Reporter - mp3 idiocy

Are you potent or impotent?

Which beer? Quick

Are you an inpatient or an outpatient?


Do I dare send this to a freeper in-law?

Are you patient or impatient?

well, are you or arent you?

I have a story I want to share.

Am I the only one who has Yahoo Messenger...

Are You Nonchalant Or Chalant?

Bret Michaels is about to "Poison" country music??

Are you a spoofer or a spoofy?

Favorite Emmylou Harris song

How do you thank friends who stood by during tough times?

Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944. Happy 60th!

i love my girlfriend but she's CRAZY (true story)

OK, so here's my problem with hippies.

Hey everyone. I have a question about campaign buttons.

Lesbians and gay men: what do you call your "significant other?"

I have a free day to spend in NYC Sunday. What to do/see???

OK, so who did the best version of the PETER GUNN THEME?

Who is the best actress? Katherine Hepburn or Bette Davis

DU LADIES!! I Have Made Your Bedroom Set 'Safer'!!!

One nation... UNDER DOG!

Anybody actually like Toby's "American Soldier"?

What's your favorite John Carpenter Movie

Damn I hope this is wrong

Tech Help Plz!...Mac OS X...Streaming problem

What's your favorite Karen Carpenter Movie

I Miss Record Albums

What's the WORST fiction you've read recently?


Oh Muddy, oh Muddy

i lost my faith today, and i dont think its worth looking for...

100 most mispronounced words in the English Language.

CAPTION the indecency


Your favorite meaning of the acronym GOP?

I'm eatin' puddin' and postin' at DU - Could life get any better

scottie dog photos 2 of my babys

Favorite Allison Krauss song(s)

Caption this job retraining exercise

Here I am, a Hippie with a problem with Dingbats! What to do?

I think I might be a serial killer

Not enough people check their baggage at the door

This pic is weird

Least successful music genre?

Bored in the suburbs

How long till Pert_UK falls over

Austin DUers! Get together after Saturday convention?

Arugula: Poll II

Favorite work of Historical Fiction?

Look down. How dirty is your keyboard?

I have the SpongeBog SquarePants Oracle - Ask me a question......

The nipple twister of all CAPTIONs

Which city in Italy should my fiance and I go on our honeymoon?

Where do you buy flannel shirts?

I have been provoked. Ask me anything.

Due to a fukup at work - I'm not getting paid this week, what should I do?

question about tripping... need advice

**** Favorite U2 song? ****

What if your Soulmate was a Freeper?

Is my personality like

Best Byrds Spin-off/connex Band?

The birth of my kid is maybe only days away - name suggestions?

Systolic blood pressure dropping, should I worry?

Johnny Cash appreciation thread

What's your favorite "Latin American" novel?

Kerry MeetUp Report

NPR Examines the Semi-automatic gun ban

Some advice to my fellow Dems: don't get cocky

Kerry whacks Bush on WMD comment

NYT Seelye/Wilgoren: Dems Gather Stars and Cash for Kerry

George W. Bush is running scared

Went to my first Kerry meetup tonight.

Cohen: Bush was "dying to go to War with Iraq"

McClellan proves Clarke's point every time he holds a press conference

Awesome Rebuttal of Bushit on the Clarke WH Spin

House Approves $2.41 Trillion Budget (rejects limits on new tax cuts)

Should Kerry Use The 'Bush Joke' Video In A Campaign Commercial?

Dem "Unity Dinner" on Now! C-Span! 10:30 est! Replay

dem unity dinner on NOW 10 am eastern cspan

Is Kerry Free To Make Cocaine Jokes About Bush?

Former FBI wiretap translator:We should have had orange/red alert in 6/01

Andrea Johnson: Kerry machine won't tolerate a challenger

Must Read: Molly Ivins: "A Sad Tale of Arrogance and Ignorance"

Bush Ad Assails Kerry's Economic Record ("troubling" economic record?)

John Kerry on Lou Dobbs @ 6pm Eastern 3/26

So, has the convention process become irrelevant?

Zell Miller makes me vomit into my own mouth.

GOP Blast Pres for joking-we must have a moral component to the assessment


Faux, and CNN shows Kerry, MSNBC shuns him

End game and cornered rats..

Bush Central Lie Coordination and Control flow chart

Do you think Zell Miller would accept the VP nomination

Tom Toles political cartoon today re Condi Rice's role in Bush WH

Bush Meets $170 Million Fundraising Goal; Kerry Donations Surge

Deleted message

Bush Slimed U.S. ... So Who You Gonna Call????

Bush* is in trouble now.

Bob Graham speaking on CSPAN now on Iraq intel

Kerry leads Bush in Ohio by 2 point , Wisconsin by 5 poin in latest polls.

WTF? Faux carrying Kerry speech live

"Dean-iacs" get good write-up at BBC news.

ARG Wisconsin--Kerry 46, Bush 43, Nader 4%

Clinton was great at the Dems' Unity Dinner. Keynoter?

Speaking of unity, where's Gerald Ford?

Time for Liberal Democrats to STOP attacking the Party - WE need you ...

Republicans for Kerry? (GOP moderates sick of Bush, DeLay)

St Louis Duers, John Kerry and Dick Gephardt will have a rally at the

Kerry's speech rocks!!!

"Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy" (the Kerry Report transcripts)

Just got my Thank you letter from Kerry

Email I received from Kerry regarding successful $10M fundraising

Is that Scottie's brother on C-SPAN.......

Should Kerry remind Media about 4/1/01 Terror report & Bush removing Osama

Kerry on Lou Dobbs tonight!

Presidential poll.

Republicans for Kerry

A FOX poll i LIKE, yes thats right, LIKE! Nader down to 3% YAY!

Unity Dinner - Is there a Replay? A video?

USA Today does a Kerry versus Bush jobs creation plan comparison

Will Bush make Illinois ballot?

Check out Chomsky's blog for his position re: this election

Kerry's speeches behind a podium suck

Bush apprears with military again.

Kerry was great on Lou Dobbs! Now go DU Lou's poll.

On last nights PBS News Hour, Dean calls for w's impeachment (no "I" word)

Ohio Poll: Kerry Leading (Kerry 46- - Bush, 44 -- Nader, 5)

Serious questions about the "Unity Dinner"

Something I noted in the style differences at the Unity Dinner last night

Billionaires for Bush? Well, yes and no

These media outlets are terribly Bias

Who is your favorite Democratic living ex-president

Union Urges Democrats to Switch Parties To Vote For Arlen Specter

Zell Miller vs. John McCain

Dean gets a standing ovation at the Democratic Unity Dinner!

The Kerry Cabinet ....

ReDefeat Bush Now in D.C. and N.Y.

Kucinich gets Backbone Award

Kerry to Offer Cut in Corporate Taxes

Edwards "maneuvered" self to center at Unity dinner, or is KSeelye an ass?

Honk if you hate Zell Miller

Governor Mark Warner

Will the SCOTUS vote WITH the POA Plaintiff to Give W a Wedge Issue?

My Conversation with a World War2/Korean Veteran Who Wants Bush GONE

Please help DU this poll!

If Kerry wins, it will be thanks to us anti-war lefties