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Archives: March 29, 2004

It's All Bad News: Chaos in liberated Iraq (Reason)

Another former collegue comes to Clarke's defense.

Insiders: Bush Style Narrows His View

Condi Rice on 60 Minutes, mp3 & vp3 here

Holy (Bush) Geography Batman! Stow Ohio is now in West Virginia!

Goldbugs! Are you going to sell?

Annual CO2 Emissions Jump From 13 Billion To 18.7 Billion Tons - CSIRO

Annan summons UN council on probe into Iraq scandal...

Alliance of Iranian Students: Iranian New Year

Should U.S. make a deal with Iran?

We could sure use a "drip...drip...drip" Smiley

anything illegal about this...?

A sudden concern for the Palestinian child

The Quick and the Dead

Looking for a pic in someones's sig

Terrific episode of NOW (with Bill Moyers) on PBS tonight.

I know - resign first THEN testify

Republicans support family values .... BULLSHIT

Pastor says he hopes he can help teens held in cross burning (Good man)

My prediction - Condi will testify under oath

Bush wasn't in the Situation Room on 12 September 2001?

Conservative News-speak, Unplugged. (Do we laugh or cry?)

Where's Bush and what is he conspiring to do next ?

Nader Says He'll Meet With Kerry Next Month

60 minutes on Pickering

My in-laws neighbors were longer

As Commander-in-Chief, can Bush be court martialed?

Cdn TV - CBC Newsworld tonight at 10: Oliver Stone's Commandante

HBO's "Deadwood" - A Libertarian's Dream City ROCKS !! check it out. over a million hours of

Need a link to refute an idiot 18 yr old wingnut. I sent her some emails

What is the Big Dog saying about all this? Clarke, Condi, the whole mess?

"another brick in the wall" around the whitehouse

There's a phrase a-comin', Condi

It seemed that politicians were much smarter twenty years ago

What happened over the weekend?

"Open letter to America" dejavu

I don't hate Republican voters

Richard WHO...? Was Condi's 60 Minutes interview the final shoe...

Watergate.....OK historians, your memory please.....

the arrogance of condi!!!

The Official Cynthia McKinney appreciation thread

Question on the Condi spin

AirAmerica web stream?

puter favor pls

Will the 911 committee be on next week? If so...

So , Condi was on 60 mins? Whats is the verdict?

Condi Takes The Fall For George

When Thinking on Bush and His Assessment of the Terrorist Threat

Save Bob Edwards!

Heard Rummy say that 'any nation has a right to defend itsself.'

When did DC become Hollywood, anyway?

It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie! (Condi's 60 Min transcript)

Sorry Condi - You Are A Lying Bitch!!

Bill Frist gives me the creeps!!

Is Lt. Col Karen Kwiatkowski writing a book?

Who's Clarke going to vote for?

This Pic Ought to Be the ONLY Dem Commercial

Rate Condi's 60 Minutes performance

OFFICIAL Sixty Minutes Condoleezza Rice Thread....

Richard Clarke is gay now, freeps running out of bullets

DUers, you have check out the Media Patrol

DU you want fair elections or not? If so

Sources--Clark to earn over $1million for book

Need another response to RW

60 Minutes was freeped!

hypothetical presidential preference poll

The People Don't Care that Bush Lied to Them (wake up/grow up..cry)

Getting Condi to testify reminds me of the battle for Nixon's tapes..

What happened to Paul O'Neill?

Why industry needs to be regulated......

Anyone care to take a stab at how many people

Screw NPR and Public TV, Government should subsidize C-Span...

CSPAN right now....1971 Dick Cavett show with John Kerry talking Vietnam

When even a Limited Hangout is much too much: BushCo and 9/11

C-Span: John Kerry on Dick Cavett show, June 1971

Is Clarke pulling a John Dean....

Live Newsweek poll going badly for Bush (Clarke revelations)

This will put a smile on your lips and song in your heart; Top 10 books

This is interesting the 9/11 Commission is not an Arm of Congress

FACT CHECK: Condi Rice's 60 Minutes Interview

Paul Thompson, an American hero!

Operation Northwoods just keeps coming to mind. Never gets steam.

Ed Bradley could have NAILED her on the 'apology'

Peter Werbe streming live now...

Quesitons: The WH had Clarke's book for 3 months.

Urgent: Leslie Stahl needs your feedback

will bush* throw condi overboard....sacrifice her ?

Erective disfunction commercials: Last straw for big Pharma

"Bud" McFarlane, Reagans's NSA testified in Iran-Contra

A White House "Adept at Revenge"

The myth of the President's Daily Brief.

Take it from one who lived and breathed Watergate...

Sign this BBV petition!!!

Condi...running out of time and forums...

NASCAR and Triplett v. Boucher in Virginia

There is NOTHING Christian about *

ask Senators to vote against extreme fines for indecency

blasted again by a Canadian Conservative...

So I Ask Again Friends: When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

DRUDGE: New Woodward book will be EXPLOSIVE

British Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage'

Iraqi detentions fuel anti-US sentiment

Clarke's Gain, Our Pain

Rice Rejects Public Testimony to 9/11 Panel

Turkmen Quit Northern Iraqi City Council, Say Kurds Taking Over--New WMW

Pakistan's tough spot

Iran resumes works on nuclear fuel cycle: official

Occupiers Spend Millions on Private Army of Security Men

Uganda using torture to deter opposition -report

G.I.s Padlock Baghdad Paper Critical of U.S.

WP/Milbank/Pincus: Rice Defends Refusal to Testify

NYT: President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11

President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11 Attacks

WP: Hughes Rises to Bush*s Defense

What happens when sound economic projections miss the mark?

Marine Is Blamed in Marine Deaths

Squad repels ambush; kills attackers, seizes weapons

Israel: Iraq Intel Was Faulty

Condoleezza Rice Says She's Constitutionally Barred From Testifying

Iraqi Shiites Organize to Block U.S. Plan

Clarke challenges Rice to reveal secret emails

New York families of 9/11 victims came out swinging against Clarke

Bush campaign calls Kerry's Biblical criticism "exploitation of Scripture"

7:00 TV: "Road to Perdition" or "Road To The WH?"

Hey, did the Reagan dime ever become approved?

C-Span watchers-can you give me info?

I think I'm getting sick

Life on Mars - but 'we sent it'

It's Official. Uconn vs Duke. Lets Get It On.

You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits.

Computer people, Tech people, help me

Mentos - WTF?!

Rude, Crude, and Laugh Out Loud Funny!

Can you Imagine Ireland puds without smokes?

50 bags of pine bark nuggets and 800 lbs. top soil in bags...

Why Do Joggers Jog In The ROAD When There's A Perfectly Fine Sidewalk...

It had to happen...

"Grapes Of Wrath" on FMC

Thank you, George W. Bush!!!!

Comcast to buy TechTV; merge it with G4

Who invented Battlebots?

Sunday Night on the Simpsons #2

On the prow of the wagon,

Can sombody resize this to 48x48??

What's the real reason for going to Mars?

Any one going to the IMF/world bank protestsin DC (same week as Womens)

Despicable behavior by St. Joseph fan during the Oklahoma State game

In the year twenty-five

Take this Min. Twins poll on Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American"

Why do you think Condi Rice always looks like she just caught her boy

Funniest Bush-Kerry photoshop job I've seen so far.

Name That Album Redux Part 1

Make up headlines for Drudge

DU chat

See whose political campaigns your neighbors support

Why do people with handicapped tags and plates

Almost cut my hair

Twins Fans Could Lose Out On TV Coverage This Season

Where Would You Like To Visit

Are you a dingbat?

OK, I am getting sick of all this political crap on TV

Freddy Adu...

Sunday night Trek trivia!!!

Badger Badger Badger ...


Anybody from ST. Louis hear this?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

X...A...V...I - E - R!!!

I awoke last night to the sound of thunder

Britney Spears' new live show -- god awful

Her sisters yelled, "Boogie, Bertha! Do your thing!"

Masturbating while driving

I sewed my eyes shut today in direct obedience...

Is one episode of "Two and a Half Men" worse than...

From freeper village!

Separated at birth? Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood!

"Flinstones, meet the Flinstones....."

Horray! This is my 500th post!

Bats are buzzing me! Every time I go outside.

Who is a lazy bat?

Pittsburgh: Midwestern or Eastern???

Your favorite childhood toy?

King of the Hill...

Yaks are buzzing me! Every time I go outside.

We were somewhere around Barstow

I am luckier than you

would it be too creepy to send Cynthia McKinney Flowers?

Who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird?"

I need to WHOIS someone...can anyone explain...?

YOWWWW! Ray Harryhausen signing books in NYC at B&N!

Best Tom Waits Album

Now that it's official, who WILL win the FINAL FOUR?

Macho Men

DU IT people-a question

What's the best stretch of highway in America?

OK, it's the start of the season, but did that Buzzard HAVE to follow me..

Exciting new No CARB diet!


The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. Truly subversive television.

My 100 favorite records of 1969

Minnesota-Duluth in the Frozen Four !!

What Is My Fascination With Reading The Obituaries?

A Question For Michigan DUers

How many apartments/houses have you lived in post 17

What's the worst stretch of highway in America????

Is this photoshop pic any good?

Anybody want to see what I look like?

I'm having serious thoughts about the afterlife...

ashcroft should charge Clarke with perjury right now

Over Thirty fucking Years and Righty rhetoric hasn't changed ..

Kerry will win if Graham's-Holt's bill passes. He loses if it doesn't.

If Nader drops out...

which kerry do you wish was running

Kerry WAKE UP, where's the Bush is weak on terror ad?

Any Older DU'ers Remember KERRY in '71?

Iowa: The ultimate bellweather state

Ralph Nader: "If you want Bush out, vote for Kerry."

Nader, Kerry to discuss defeating Bush

Kerry uses Bible scripture to pose questions about Chimpy's policies

who does Bill Clinton think is best vp choice ?

Kerry's 5% corporate tax reduction to encourage job growth is

Clark Strength in Ohio Can Help Kerry Deliver the State to Blue

Cheney running his mouth AGAIN

CSPAN-1 4pm PST: Kerry's 1971 Appearance on Dick Cavett Show

The oldest bank robber: No regrets

"Saddam Warned of WTC Attack Before 9/11, Praised bin Laden Afterward"

LAT, Brownstein: Discrediting Clarke Won't Stop Debate...

White House ‘Wicked Witch’ dulls image

Is labor secretary anti-labor?

White House Whitewash

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

Buyer or investors sought for abandoned missile site

Bush & the L-Word

Pressing for Rice to testify: Bush won't allow it

The Men Who Knew: Richard Clarke and John O'Neill

Clarke and the Media Failures of 9-11

How Ann Coulter Defames Jesus Christ

NYT OpEd: When the Umpires Take Sides

Bush vs. News Otter

Air Force let Boeing rewrite contract


Could `second-guessers' have prevented 9/11?

03/30 CSM - Rice Should Do the Right Thing

Bookmark this Excellent resource site

Myth of the Washington insider

Judas Clarke

Baptists: Perilous Missions to Go On (Houston Chronicle)

Pilger article on Kerry from New Statesman

What is happening to colleges in Florida

Offshore Banking System: M. Hudson and S. Schafer

Austin DUers - Clean Up Texas Politics Tuesday 3/30

Fox Valley and Wisconsin Duer's-Bush in Appleton tomorrow.

Throw another party - a very unofficial Kerry fundraiser

Protest RNC-Open Letter to NY activist community from DC Anti-War Network

CSPAN-Callin line Suppoet Democrats; Support Bush?? Why not support Republ

NPR reporter today had not heard of Cheney's terror task force..

On the Origins of the Republican Party

music, math, art, attraction ...

Argentina: Gay tourism growing in Buenos Aires

"Any society that claims to take freedom seriously...."

GDP Growth: Are The Numbers Too Rosy?

A rant on "generational accounting" RW BS Bloomberg Financial commentary

Dollar, Gold Down in Europe 3/29

Payroll numbers out Friday, April 2


"I've never been hired by a poor person."

Bush Continues to Push William Myers Appointment

Lawmakers Propose Uncapping Petroleum Reserve

Matilija Dam Removal Projects Slows Down - LA Times

Brazil's pseudo Hurricane

Development Devouring N. Carolina Forests At Twice Expected Pace

Milky Way is colliding with another galaxy...

Ocean Dead Zones May Soon Outweigh Overfishing As Threat - BBC

Shrinking Lake Powell Reveals Long-Lost Desert Wonderland - SLT

Rapid growth of "dead zones" in oceans threatens planet

Japan strains to welcome foreign students

Huge Increase In Racist Incidents in Northern Ireland

Sorting Through the Accusations...

Bullets start to fly in South Korea this week

Anti-Gay, Pro-Gun...And A Public Menace

Now that we've done the political compass...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 29, 2004

Why gun totin' Freepers have as much to fear from Bush as DUers

Stop guns with signs

Stop Signs With Guns

Please allow the posting of news articles in Editorials and Other Articles

For crying out loud.

Cleanup in Aisle 3, please.

The New Mods ROCK!

Can I use the Faux News logo as an Avatar or will Faux whine & sue? n/t

Refuzenik Updates

New documentary takes Israeli-Palestinian conflict coverage to task

Palestine is now part of an arc of Muslim resistance

Israeli Leader's Son Must Yield Graft Probe Papers

Palestine: 3045 Killed 38,000 Wounded in 42 Months

British MP wants economic sanctions against Israel

Gaza's New Hamas Chief Says Bush 'Enemy of Islam'

Turkey accuses ally Israel of 'terrorism'

Israel 'fabricated' child-bomber story

The Bush Road Map will be paved with Palestinians

Democrats buoyed by Senate chances, GOP confident of holding control

Opinions of the Senate

LOL....caption this condi photo....funny....

"Passion" is *86th* on the all-time box office list

Interesting that this was buried deep on the Drudge page.

Against All Enemies

New Yorker--Liberal Radio Network Employment Application

Nader, Kerry to Discuss Defeating Bush

Will American Voters ever be as smart as spains?

Poll: Good news/bad news for Bush (and for us too, I guess)

If Bush is Reelected, How long till World War III begins?

Could the Clarke issue be a cover for the * administration?

I'm going in!

Can I get a big round of applause for Ronnie Earle, TX prosecutor?

Was CBS 60 minutes trying to be

Is China about to invade Taiwan?

FYI: Newsweek poll

Caption thisssss Condi photo too...

What Kerry MUST do..

Bush wants Iraqi press to be like American press or else...

The Christian Taliban

Get the facts you need ...Activist Toolkit

*'S BURMESE Connection

1970s killer 'resurfaces'

SPECIAL American Progress Report: Condi On 60 Minutes

Truth dodges a bullet: USAToday not buying UK Telegraph

Deleted: DUPE

Shifts from bin Laden hunt evoke questions

Imus rant: Simon & Schuster liberal publisher

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/29/2004

Who Will Be The First Bushie to be Fired Over 9/11-Iraq?

Are the republicans using reverse psychology?

debunking Condi's 60 minute interview.

LAT, Brownstein: Discrediting Clarke Won't Stop...Debate...

Kerry should take the "Biblical" challenge....

Iraqi Federation of Workers Trade Unions

Condoleeza lies with the help of Ed Bradley

Condi: focus on those who did this to us

"Slime and Defend" - This Modern World

The Louisiana Legislature

Clarke Book Vetting by WH

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

NYT Op-Ed: When the Umpires Take Sides (Elections & Politics)

20 year old kid returns from Iraq

Why I think we need to allow Freepers and Fundies to post here.

I don't think our troops should be used for what's called nation-building.

My (was) conservative brother sent me his take on the Condi escapade

Immigration rule divides Portland couple

A question about something Condi Rice said.

Catastrophic Unifying Events and other Coincidences

more of the bush* comedy routine from last week.....(link)

Bush never intimidates.....Huh? Let's start a list.

Are Rove and Bush (& Condi) actually winning on the Clarke issue?

Poll - Should Condoleeza Rice testify under oath to the 9/11 commission?

Slime and Defend

Buyer or investors sought for abandoned missile site

Clinton didn't need 9-11 - My two cents worth

Canadian Political Insults

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

is clarke *really* a hero?

French lawyer says he will defend Saddam

Nader on C-SPAN now (10:54am ET)

The Great WMD Joke Predecessors Search

Consensus is goal of 9-11 panel

How to focus the Clarke affair. (Core questions)

Kerry FBI surveillance documents stolen ...

White House position on Iraq WMD; today 3/29/04

Enough with this (begrudged) respect for NIXON, already!!!!

Republican heroes

Bush Campaign Blasts Kerry's Bible Quote

desperately need help from puter genius

Students Charged for Challenging Mrs. Cheney's Homosexual Marriage Stance

MSNBC:~"65% say opinion of W not changed by Clarke testimoney..."

Why gun totin' Freepers have as much to fear from Bush as DUers

Iraqi defector behind America's WMD claims exposed as 'out-and-out

Al Franken vs Ann Coulter

> Transcript: Condoleezza Rice on '60 Minutes' - March 28, 2004

Apocalyptic Vision

great quotes from Peter Ustinov

Condolezza Rice proves her cowardice and disdain for the dead of 9/11

Can someone help me with something I partially heard on the radio?

Air America and the Liberal Media

List of DC area UNION Grocery Stores (in case of strike)

Have I Missed Something?!? Has Anyone Actually Asked Condi...

constant, repeated RW talk show defense of Bush vs Clarke

Didn't smirky choose the 9/11 commission members?

MoveOn's 50 Ways to Love Your Country

F/A 18 fighter of the VF-A203 squadron in Atlanta crashes in Rhea Co.

Where's Ashcroft?

Republican supporting Kucinich

will Air America be available online?

bushgang says no to Mad Cow Testing by beef company

Nader just said to vote for Kerry

Musician's Union response to "indecency " legislation

No transcript of Rice "interview" with 9/11commission?

Gay marriage: The question was on a magazine cover 50 years ago.

any word on the tyco trial. looks like only dems get convicted

Ben Stein campaign contributions (detail)

Vinnell Corp politically connected Northrop-Grumman trains new Iraqi Army

Who's who of the Haiti Coup - death squad veterans and convicted murderers

Above all else, Bush and Company failed to protect us

How to counter the "... in 1998 Kerry / Clinton said ..." with the facts

Help! With Power poll Question of the day!

protesters surround Rove's house - Rove pitches a fit

99 pp of plant closings

One of the most disgusting Freeper quotes I've ever seen

LA DUer's, Don't give to KPCC during their drive campaign!

"No Son of Mine is Gonna Be a Republican!" - a rather goofy radio ad

Does anyone know if Air America will be broadcast on the web?

What will be the tone of the Chris Matthews interview with Clarke tonight?

Gay Marriage = Gang Rape?! Read On For Lengthy Rant

Catherine Austin Fitts-Must Read!!!(FTW)

Political cartoon

Bunnypant's 9/11 inertia on national news!

Will MediaWhoresOnline.Com ever come back?

Lou Dobbs leaving CNN

You decide who has been more effective at protecting Americans from terror

Anyone hear Al Franken on Howard Stern?

Fox's Brit Hume tells families of dead American soldiers to 'get over it'

Who's really running the show in the White house?

Who funds conservative think tanks?

i just wrote my first angry Letter/compLaint

Poll needs unfreeping

Air America won't be streaming broadcasts???

I'm sorry about that other thread I started

Why Bush* never fires anyone in his administration

Dubya will be a touchstone for generations to come...

MN has a liberal radio show

Help! email not working....

Laughing At The Fringe Right [abusing FReeper castoffs]

Condi claims that no National Security Advisor has ever testified,

If we take back our country, list of names for the history books --

Has anyone been banned from the Kerry forum?

Can you hear the people sing?

"Enduring" US military bases in Iraq

Bush speech on CNN now...

New Rasmussen poll Kerry up 46-45

Have you noticed this trend in the media lately??

A View From The Right: Kiss The Fourth Amendment Goodbye!

Gas Prices NOT Falling Anytime Soon

Did Clarke Play the Players?

Richard Clarke's Witnesses.

Candy Cowley says Bush is Not Hurt By Clarke

clarke stomped on russert!!!

C-SPAN2 NOW! Kent Conrad is hammering bushco 4:15pm EST

Jackie 'Whore' Chan is a Communist Puppet!

The coming four sorrows of empire

You owe it to your fellow Americans to go on the No-CARB Diet in 2004!!!!!

Help MoveOn raise money, one click at a time..

How one offshore worker sent tremor through medical system . . .

need some help please....

Listening to Neil Conan

Bush’s Supporters Polled:Why we're voting for Bush

Condi quote, unbelievable....................

Former Naderite becomes guy who warned him not to vote for Nader

What can we do to support Clarke ?

Floridians, a petition to help FL, hurt Jeb and developers.

WH Press Briefings: No official transcripts since Ari left?

CNN just posted a big Bush lead in a Kerry / Bush poll

The Natural Law Party

Question for the idiot media

paranoia in the 'hood

The Smell of a Real Scandal ~ Jonathan Alter

Dean on CNBC at 7:00 EST tonight. Looks like a good show.

Bush Administration taking it on the chin in this online poll, wanna

Prediction: Kerry's Tax Increase to Cost $5 Gazillion

DC Chapter of FR and Connie Hair - Who Are They?

Al Franken on Howard Stern tomorrow

My fear.

Tom Friedman puts his fingers in his ears and screams "aaaaaah"

Bush broadband plan. 1st step towards gov censorship of Internet?

for IMUS fans.........

crossfire starts with spin -- Clarke hammering Bush HURT KERRY

Just a reminder of Repug stupidity...the original "Moran" thread

CONdi Rice

How can a poll be considered "evenly divided"

The Online Evolution of Noam Chomsky

"Wha'chu talkin' bout, Clarke?"


Pickerman on 60 Minutes Last Night

Air America Inks Deal With NEW XM America Left

a must read .....

GOP blocks vote that would preserve overtime pay

When is the last time you saw Bush shake hands with a workingman?

Raise your hand if you belive the media polls

Embarrassed By My President Day -- website

Polling: A Historical Perspective for 2004(stop spasming with every poll)

Freepers accused Clinton of MIHOP during the 1998 embassy bombings


Did anyone see NBC news the British beating the crap out of some Iraqis?

Is Clarke's book proof that Ashcroft actually DID avoid commercial travel?

New network poll! Bush leads Kerry 65 to 42

Your Rights: I think this deserves extra attention

Clarke canceled "Hardball" Monday - Will be on Wednesday

Tweety Alert

Fuck CNN Fuck Dana Milbank and FUCK Candy Crowley

Pro-Bush bitch on Tallioferro show today

List of Republican Positive Achievements

DU this poll on Bush's tasteless joke!!

Who Does Clarke REALLY Hurt?--Use logic (I'm ticked)

Another new poll Pew has Kerry up 47-46

You people are going to drive yourselves crazy over polls

Pitt and other DU'ers why have you not "championed Elena?" Why?

CNN Reveals New Poll Numbers on Clarke/Bush Credibility

Does George Lakoff know something conservatives don't?

Time Interview with Cheney: ""I don't hold [Clarke] in high regard"

O'REILLY: Some Journalists Are Political Activists (Cough)

Definition Of The Middle Class

The Line (Clarke stuff + new insider + others)

Who thinks there will be a terrorist attack or attempt before elections?

"Ashcroft Fights the Drug War!" - a Junior Federalist G-Men Radio Serial

I'm Starting to Smell A Rat. Do You Think Rice Will Testify Afterall?

CNN 4-30-2001, State Dept official says too much focus on Al Qaeda

REMEMBER: Willie Brown got low-key early warning about air travel on 9.11

Two more arguments for L/MIHOP

Help me debunk this crap!

The DeBushifacation of Moron America has begun.

Anyone catch CBS News?

Four times this year alone bush has been accused from within

There must be a relationship between Air America and DU

It takes very little around here, sometimes, to fill up the band wagon.

will I be able to listen to Air America...

Why We Went In (Iraq): Version 10.0

Helping clarke earn more "dimes" in DC....

Carlyle Group responds to conspiracy theories with proactive new PR (ad)

Complaint On Clinton Now Applies To Bush

what's up with the feel-good Boeing ads?

The loons are at it again -- they say Clarke refused to testify before the

Ted Rall: here's what the Times won't print anymore.....

DU this Hannity poll!

NBC nightly news just rolled out Pickles

Slave Descendants File $1 Billion Lawsuit

Let's Kill the "Republicans are Good for Military Meme" for good

Is Richard Clarke hitched?

BBV: Election procedures failing grade: drug deals, private truckers, more

OMG, this is too good! Protestors swarm Rove's it!

NEXT "9/11" in CHICAGO, APRIL 19th?!?!?

D5E:destruction, degradation, denial, disruption, deceit, and exploitation

Under pressure at home, China plays patriotism card

Haitian police launch third arms amnesty

Philippine communists slog on

Report: Explosion Rips Through Uzbek Market, Killing at Least Two

Baltic States Rejoice as They Join NATO, Russia Fumes

CNN: Kerry's FBI files stolen

Sharon Son Must Yield Key Probe Papers--High Court

WP,p.1:(Lobbies)Seek New Faces for Top Rank (Rep or Dem?)

UN warns on Afghanistan reverting to terrorism

Japan says will continue currency intervention

Files on Kerry mysteriously disappear

Clashes erupt in Basra

Peter Ustinov...Was vehemently anti Iraq war

Censored Study on Bioterror Doubts U.S. Preparedness (NYT)

Egypt Offers to Host Summit

NYT, p. 1: Summit's Collapse Leaves Arab Leaders in Disarray

U.S. Soldiers Kill 4 Insurgents in Iraq

Haaretz: 06:37 Report: Taliban chief Mulla Omar seriously injured,

Cambodia steps up efforts against pedophile tourists

Voters have own minds in crazy 8th District (WA's Dunn's district)

Centcom: Marine Killed in Action (Iraq)

Who Needs English? | LA Times

Sick DOE workers' claims languish

New challenge to abortion - 3 courts review ban on controversial procedure

Bloody Sunday inquiry costs crisis

Taiwan's Lien to Challenge Presidential Vote

Dark lessons in Baghdad juvenile prison

Condi Rice just said on CNN that she wouldn't testify because the Panel

WP: A Fit Kerry Dogged by Medical Questions

Newsweek: 9/11 Panel Likely To Conclude 9/11 Attacks Could Have Been Preve

Proposal would jail pretrial detainees in Yakima

U.S. Soldier Killed in Bomb Attack in Iraq

Evolution education down to a science on Web | SF Chronicle

Rice urged to 'rise above principles'

Judge: Evidence could convict ex-Qwest execs | Denver Post

British Troops in Violent Clashes in Iraq

Haiti Ex-PM Fears for Life, Seeks U.S. Help

WP: Hughes Rises To Bush's Defense

LA bank formed after '92 riots . . . will shut down | Sacramento Bee

MCI to layoff 4,000 outside NC

Pirating of discs skyrockets in Mexico | Arizona Republic

Candy Cowley says Bush is Not Hurt By Clarke


Save for Your Health (You'll need it!)

World Church of the Creator teetering on last legs, experts say

Clarke Charges on Bush Seem to Have Sticking Power (but NBC rejects)

Bush campaign blasts Kerry's Bible quote (Nit-Picklering!)

Paige Finds Schools Act (NCLB) a Tough Sell | LA Times

Seven New Allies Shift NATO to Russia's Borders

South African 'hired guns' in demand

Muslim Army chaplain appeals adultery, pornography reprimands

UN Drops Gay Civil Rights

Saudi Arabia says production cuts already being implemented

1999: Clarke refuse to testify under oath citing privilege


U.S. Officials Say Saddam's Not Talking, May even be having fun.

British potholers set to fly home

Drugs trade thriving in Iraq

Sharpton may lose federal campaign funds

Grocery jobs not the secure anchors they used to be | Seattler P-I

French Conservatives Dealt Crushing Blow (elections)

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 589 U.S. service members have died

Kerry to offer plan to reduce record gasoline prices

Peter Ustinov ...Oscar-winner and humanitarian dead at 82

Insiders expect Majette to run for Miller's seat

Rice Defends Refusal To Testify -- Compromise Sought With 9/11 Commission

No charges in Stephen Hawking abuse probe

Shifts from bin Laden hunt evoke questions [USA TODAY]

BREAKING: Ten Commandments Being Moved Out of Boise ID Park

Nader, Kerry to Discuss Defeating Bush

Coleman Takes On Kerry (Party Turncoat Decries "Flip-Flopping")

Job moving offshore? Go back to school - report

CNN: President's fund-raising travels winding down

Reporter Apologizes for Iraq Coverage

Attack in Congo Capital Mars Peace Transition 'coup attempt'

NYT, p. 1: In 12th Book of Best-Selling Series, Jesus Returns

Probe: Friendly fire killed up to 10 Marines

Reuters: Clarke Charges on Bush Seem to Have Sticking Power

Mass. bans gay marriages, OKs civil unions

US arms hunter to tell Congress no Iraqi WMD found

US now looking to install a PM in Iraq

Replacement Workers Okayed (Caterpillar strike)

(Canadian) Election will raise threat of terror attack -

WP: Demonstrators Swarm Around Rove's Home

Spain to Double Afghanistan Contingent

Europeans unite against Bush

Post #300

How much for a pint of Guinness where you are?

MST3K's Mike Nelson on internet reviews.

My yak killed a mockingbird because it didn't love you

I'm having serious thoughts about The Game of Life...

Farkers Photoshopping Condi's sneer.. Funny, funny..

What's the ugliest stretch of highway in Canada???

Tragedy or ? – You decide

Did you go to College/University or a Tech School or a Vocational School?

Poll from Freeper Village. (let's just do our own shall we?)

id like to apologize first, then say thank you...

FloopFlop on the dingram! Gobba doodle yak poop-a-loopBOP!

a dreaded sunny day...

Hey Donnie Darko fans...

Read the following post and tell me I'm not brilliantly funny:

Ahh, Full House.

I wish I had an evil cake to eat

Early HELLBOY review -- Ebert: thumbs up, Roeper: thumbs down

New Prince single: Musicology, groovetastic!

just checking something

Which Movie should I watch as I fall asleep?

Anyone else seen the bumper sticker

Here's one for matcom: Cambodian cuts off penis to feed spirits

Person you'd most like to have a "wardrobe malfunction"

Anybody have a link to the ram jet tests on last Sat?

Interesting picture of Sharon now if we could get Dumbya sitting like this

What's The Most Yak-Friendly US City?

R.I.P. Sir Peter Ustinov ,a great actor and man

Town Seeks To Make World's Largest Strawberry Buttercake

Workers Forced To Wear Tight T-Shirts With Provocative Slogan

If it don't fit...ya gotta aquit!

Which of my birthday gifts are you most envious of?

I need link to Rummy busted on MTP

Who else loves Skankee Candles?

Skinner=Honus Duck Dong-EarlG=Irwin Fart Knocker-Elad=Precious Duck Dong

Request please for smokers - DON'T USE PERFUME TO HIDE THE SMELL!!!!

Unwise suggestions No. 1 - "You can eat my penis!"

Woman Thought Car Ripping Through House Was A Dream

Does anyone know the early symptoms of Parkinsons?

Man Steals Credit Card - Uses It At Store - Clerk Was The Victim

Praise the CAPTION!!!!!!!!!!

THIS? You want to CAPTION some of this!?!?!

Out of the 700 club!!

Peter Ustinov dead at 82

Mini-rant: Traffic assholes

Woman Cooks Fish Sticks In Oven - Gun Stashed In Oven - Woman Shot

Women's History Month: "100 Years Ago Today"

What are your favorite liberal websites??

Jesus Told Man To Run Down Black Woman

Stolen cardboard cop resurfaces, but worse for wear

brown sugar and cookies

Request please for Glade users - DON'T USE FARTS TO HIDE THE SMELL!!!!

Request please for farters - DON'T USE GLADE TO HIDE THE SMELL!!!!

Where's Trumad????

Frequent Flyers - Flight status - Should I worry?

Friend of yours, Matcom?

French lawyer says he will defend Saddam

Was it Xmas or Thanksgiving Bush gave the Bird to the Troops?

City Wants Bigger Bust For Mermaid

Best way to clean and protect my yard deck without a power washer?

"Satans Rival"....have ya heard this one?

I Know I Missed The Weekend, But If You Want To Rent A Fun Movie

My AWFUL Weekend is FINALLY Over!

Is there a doctor in the house? Accidental condom inhalation.

Freeptards have attacked this poll!

How rich do I wanna be? I wanna be so rich, that

Rove Beetles

Who else digs Yankee Candles! What's your favorite Scent?

NFL-Two More Playoff Teams?

Memories light the corner of my mind.Misty water color memories

Adult DVD recommendations?

Motorcycle ride through Chernobyl...

I have a few questions for any fitness buffs here on DU...

WHERE WERE YOU??!! - When you heard about Three Mile Island (25yrs ago)

Best American Icon?

Court Rejects Harrelson's Father's Appeal

Something funny from the freepers...

What's the worst stretch of highway in America?

Check out this website

What famous lefties...

desperately need help from puter genius

Mom Takes Girls Cell Phone - Girl Threatens Mom With Knife

Name the shortest book ever written.

A wonderful tribute in Atlantic Monthly: Johnny Cash: "God's Lonely Man"

Condolezza Rice proves her cowardice and disdain for the dead of 9/11

Scottsdale ID mixup jails wrong woman

No Good 'Spin' For Radio Guests Who Swear, Pee In Studio

Lord of the Rings: condensed version

Clarke interview, with a funky beat...

The Shield's Vic Mackey--Hero or Villain?

Would you be offended if you were to receive cash for a present?

The Trunk Monkey---The Series

Fire in the disco!

I cannot get over the scramjet tests, damn

HILARIOUS! Argument with a wing-nut on another board

Pet owners - Advantage or Revolution?

anybody watching Trading Places new show - mortgage being paid

thanks for answering previouis post re computer

Happy Birthday Youngred!

Click here to confirm your vote

I knocked over a Giant Jar of Milwaukee pickles this AM.

any Death Cab For Cutie fans?

Some people always seem to be in your way.

Can you guess which organization this is?

Is Tim Russert a dickhead, or is it just me?

Home Movies says farewell

Hu's On First

seperated at birth?

James Brown better watch his back

Mid-life crisis?

Happy 28th, Jennifer Capriati!

Powdered milk or non-dairy creamer?


I may not be on for a while

Family Guy Returns to Production

I solved my computer problem, ask me anything

I need some anti-Republican jokes.

Richard Clarke on Jon Stewart tonight...

How do you write a screen treatment for a movie?

Rock or Hard Place

Comcast supposedly doubling rates

Now this means war!!

Any Barry Manilow fans here?

Seinfeld & Superman join forces again to fight your good credit!

"The Practice" Fans - Monday Discussion Thread

God... Talk about a school that has its priorities wrong.

Left or Right?

Walmart a major contributor to NPR's Morning Edition

Aerosmith front man StevenTyler & guitarist Joe Perry On Wolf B today


Being Forgetful

Phoenix or Houston? --a non poll poll --

Remember sentimentality?

I got a JOB!!!!

new Oxyrush advertiser Olathe Painting

Is there a good way to clean bricks?

Favorite Village People Song

Which Is It?

I made an Iraqi victim folder

Are you a vampire?

The NHL Playoffs are coming up

The DU Bumper Sticker has Been Mounted and Stuck

MacArthur Park is melting in the dark ....

"Winchester Cathedral, You're Bringing Me Down...."

Montreal or Toronto?

is anyone else's AIM acting strange?

Just to let my friends know what's happening

Favorite "Starland Vocal Band" Song

Bush Stalker

Best American Idol?

My Repug relatives wont let me stay w/them for the state con in houston!!!

I Saw A Yard Sign. Bush Lied Americans Died. Cool Beans.

Smart and Final TV commercial - RANT

Can I make a screwdriver with TANG?


Run up to war: B*sh prays to his fave political philosopher:

Ho hum, what shall I do next?

Why do insects, you know, do it?

Anyone in here work out or train seriously?

I ate the ***very best**** sandwich ever today.

A bad thing about movie threads, high-fallutin' threads, immortal threads

Bird Lovers, Vets, Cockatiel - Help

A moon pie a day, keeps satan away

Picked up a copy of “Against All Enemies” during lunch.

How do the seasons affect you?

Condi Rice....Am I seeing things or is there not some similarity...


"I can't understand these armchair officers,

Califiornia quarter to feature John Muir (Sierra Club founder)

Man, somebody stole my yogurt out of the fridge.

What's for dinner?

Let’s Guess Who ---- Politics

I have a Humming bird nest right outside my livingroom window

Any Britons in the house?

Caption this!


My Neighbors Ass is not for sale

Portland, Oregon DUers--It's Randi Time!!!

Best 'Cable Fodder' films of all time?

"The Sputnik Forces send me messages through their mind-control lasers."

Two baby canaries have just been BORN in our HOUSE! Miracle of the day!

Ashleigh Banfield Out at NBC

Free Chicken Sample At Mall - Fight - Police Rush To Scene - Woman Banned

Spies Among Us - How many

I'm wearing Speedos today

DU cat owners- any experience with Feline AIDS?

What surprising traits do you find attractive?

Sexiest female tennis player (past or present)

Let's talk about girl cleaning

sigh... more raccoon hijinks

Astrophysics question re. spacetime curvature

Progressive Books - Suggestions Needed, Please!

Winnipeg or Edmonton???

It's HOT in So. Calif.

Input on pursuing a masters' degree...

CONFESS!!!!!! What's the oldest t-shirt in your collection & its history?

I Love it when the Newbies correct us on "Moran".

Let's talk about grill cleaning

help i have my 2month old

Animal lovers: Are you still doing this every day?

CAPTION W putting up yet another wall

Did we have a Sopranos discussion post today?

"Ladykillers"..thumbs up or down??

What nickname for Bush do you use the most?

If you were forced at gun point to sing karaoke, what would you sing?

CONFESS!!!!!!!! What gives you gas?

What *humma-humma* fantasies were you most upset to discover to be untrue?

t or a?

Those coming to Vancouver in May......

What science fantasies were you most upset to discover to be untrue?

New York or Los Angeles?

Is this one of the great poems of the 20th Century?

Stupid lazy omelette I came up with the other day

I just had an annoying conversation with my doctor

Kmart's or Kmart?

My 100 favorite songs of 1968

Gimme some nominations for a Favorite Elton John Tune poll

What's The Most Gay-Friendly US City?

If Star-Trek style transporters existed, would you use them?

Caption the Shrubenfuhrer

Let's talk about grilled cheese


You've got to hear this!

Traci Lords broke electronica into the mainstream

Irish Cities

Best way to pick anything...

If you're thirsty, is drinking V8 a good choice of drink?

How do you describe your basic religious beliefs?

Time For WHERE ARE YOU FROM thread



Transporter question, breakdown by atheists/theists.

Kerry-Bush Debate

How Nader can redeem himself

Blair's tough choice: Kerry or Bush?

E-mail Central Air Media and ask them hire Malloy!

Billionaires for Bush

Another truthful book about bush on the horizon

LOL -- Drudge thinks Kerry is going in for PLASTIC surgery

Clarke fallout: * approval at all time low, 46%; Kerry beats him by 3

Cheney on tv giving speech now 10:30 am eastern

Bush breaking fundraising rules?

Senator Kerry's toughest challenge:

Senatorial Convention - fun, educational experience

Kerry quotes Bible, irks Bush camp

Bush 2nd radio ad transcript - from ABCnote - on tax raising Kerry

"When the Umpire Takes Sides" NYT editorial re 2004 election concerns

Democrats buoyed by Senate chances

Kerry takes a spin on his bike on his arrival Sunday in Sacramento, CA...

Does anyone in the media still refer to Bush as "popular"?

I just remember this event

WP on Sat said Bush pre-9/11 policy was Clinton policy (sans the effort)

who do you consider the bigger media whore--Russert or Tweety?

Cheney Contends Kerry Will Kill Tax Cuts-doubts Kerry commitment/statement

The VeeP and VeeP Debates

Cesar Chavez Day - Mods Lock this one

Is there any way to demand an audit of Gallup's polling methodology?

How Important is the Vice President?

Norm Coleman has the NERVE to call Kerry a flip-flopper

When Kerry wins

CBS comparing * to Nixon / Clinton.

JK visits CA today, speaks with UFW & students on Cesar Chavez day...

Since... Kerry has quoted the Bible....

CNN says *s approval rating went up?!?!?!?! Plus 51% of likely....

DK Commends Citizens for Three Mile Island Vigilance on 25th Anniversary,

Newsweek Poll: Blow For Bush

If * wins in Nov.

The Passion of the Dean

Response to Punx for Dean founder by Howard Dean.

Kerry : people are born Gay but not guaranteed right to marry

CNN: Nader to meet with Kerry.

Electoral College tie?

JK: They brought Cheney out of his undisclosed location today to attack me

Which Polling Organization Do You Trust The Most?

Rep. Denise Majette to run for the Senate!

Poll: Chimp Retains Advantage on Security

Obama in Illinois

Does Kerry not know OIL was a motive for the war,or is he just such a liar

Should Kerry Pick His VP Now or Later? What Do You Think?

USA Today/CNN/Gallup national poll just released: Bush 51%, Kerry 47%..

So I'm sitting here watching Nader on CSPAN

Should we be hoping Toomey or Specter wins the Pennsylvania primary?

A counter to "Kerry will raise taxes, costing 900 Billion dollars"