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Archives: March 3, 2004

How US lost the war on terror

Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida

Canada parrots U.S. line on Haiti

With Aristide gone, Haitians left with chaos

Freeps on Kay's suggestion that Bush admit he was wrong about WMD

The Absence of John Lennon & Other Spiritual Dilemmas (One for Dean Fans)

A Vote For Voters

Chris Matthews says, "John Kerry has the most liberal voting record in"

What is the most left-leaning mainstream newspaper?

Our wounded soldiers - photos the public doesn't see

Overseas investors pump record funds into TAIEX

Outsourcing? Try 'Insourcing'

Did anyone bookmark/save the Pentagon/oil article

Experts Say New Desktop Fusion Claims Seem More Credible

DPP seeks referendum support - TW

Pan-blues' desperation is showing - TW

Ha! Kerry - and daughter - speaking fluent French on France 2!

Smith and Wesson chief fired over murky past

Synopsis for what happened in the Senate (AWB clear version)

Violence Policy Center Hails Senate Defeat of Immunity Bill

I know he's out, but...

Do We Have A Presumptive Nominee Now?

When will you kill GD 2004?

Can a person be stripped of donor status?

Thank you, Admins and Mods

Now that Kerry is the presumptive nominee, we need to fight hard

This is related to my GD 2004 post

Is there an Iggy Pop avatar,

Israel markets anti-insurgency `expertise'

March 2nd Congressional primaries

How sad

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary

Welcome to the new Amerika- News video clip- BBV next?

Background on Haiti & Aristide "the leftist priest" '86-'94 - William Blum

I just voted in Ohio for...

Not a mention of Haiti on CNN homepage.

Democrats up now on Senate floor C-Span Talking WMD and Intel


Georgians were able to vote for the new state flag

Deja Coup: Bush 1 overthrew Aristide in '91; Bush 2 copied Poppy in '04..

BBV - GA activists have phone problems - this is scary

Eliot Spitzer New York AG Says Gays Will Win Marriage War

Will Gropinator get his 15B Bond

The Noblest Martyr


A few Super Tuesday election "irregularities" (BBV?)

Arkansas Won't Replace Current Voting System

Need help from Kerry supporters

Fox News Compares Tyco CEO to Jesus

Doubts on case for Iraq conflict may bring flood of claims (in UK)

Holy cow OMG great news!

The Larry King gang are warming up for the election....

Signs of hope in the "bible belt" of California

I'm a precinct chair, My wife's a county delegate!

What were the latest polls on the CA Propositions?

Is The Media Stupid or Just in Trouble?

Funny GOP fundraising letter I got today

Who has the Primary numbers as compared to 2000?

Zell Miller (D?) proposes pay-per-viewer fines ($0.25) for TV indecency

larry king vs lou dobbs

Pee-uke. Ralph Reed on CNN.

daily show - john stewart just ripped apart the sunday debate

Take CS Monitor Poll - Effect of DHS on American Safety

My Congressman, Maurice Hinchey, NY on C-SPAN now

Roll out the barrel!

Black Congressional Caucus on Haiti, C-Span now, 9.40 pm est

Freeps on Kay's suggestion that Bush admit he was wrong about WMD

computer experts/voting machines question pls

I'm going through Mike Malloy withdrawal

"Maybe we should simply use a softer, less provocative term than lying

MD-1 is spoiling for an upset...Gilchrest (R) may lose primary

I'm sick. I watched Hannity and Colmes tonight.

If you were Kerry

Perle fired? (oh, so he did not resign to keep from being a burden?)

How much do looks matter to the electorate?

Dean won in vermont???

Will Kerry address Peak Oil?

Regarding the Kobe thing..

Stephanupulgus: Bush needs to paint Kerry as a "Hypocrite". OUCH

BBV: The Elephant is falling! Bev will be on

WOW, Lou Dobbs was great on e-voting tonight.

Do you feel smarter than your GOP friends

The Bush Administration's End Game for Haiti

Looks like Ahnuld's propositions will win

Who is responsible for the attacks on the Shiites?

is gay marriage inevitable?

'Activist Judges' Mainly GOP Appointees Study Shows

George Soros: more pessimistic about Dem chances??

Why the CNN = Bad News signs

Had A Yankee-Doodle Dandy Democracy Sorta Day !!! (Really, A Serious Post)

Did Novak Dis-Respect Vermont...?

Heads Up! Something revolutionary has happened in Congress.

Lou Dobbs

Novak is either DRUNK or he is having a stroke!

Bringing Hell to Haiti: Killing Hope

Do you feel a world-wide cataclysmic event is imminent?

Dem split stalls free trade pact

Mexico to Cooperate in Anti-Terror Fight

Pentagon Gives Marines Limited Job in Haiti

Iraq Leaders Call for Calm After Attacks Kill 170 (435 wounded)

Edwards Quitting Now on CNN

Riots in Venezuela after officials say not enough sigs for referendum

Clinton, Gore set to face 9/11 commission

E-voting smooth on Super Tuesday

U.S.: Mad Cow Meat Recall 4 Times Larger

Malaysian PM calls elections

Black Legislators Stall Marriage Amendment in Georgia

Exit Polls: Economy, Jobs Top Issues

Republicans propose to rein in spending

DeLay Supports Tougher TV Indecency Fines

Nepali Rebels Kill 21 Soldiers in Attack

About half of Africa is starving

Venezuela's Opposition Did Not Collect Enough Signatures Yet for Chavez Re

Teachers trading Kleenexes for extra credit in strapped classrooms

Bush Hails Progress Against Terrorists

Kerry Cements Nomination; Edwards Out

AP: Edwards To Drop Out of Presidential Race

Troops in Iraq Get High-Tech Noisemaker

Ex-Ambassador Wilson to name names

New York AG Says Gays Will Win Marriage War As New Paltz Mayor Charged

Cheney says he will be on the 2004 GOP ticket

US oil company challenges Australia's rights to develop Timor Sea

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary

Admit WMD mistake, survey chief tells Bush

Convicted Assassin Gets Role in Haiti

'Activist Judges' Mainly GOP Appointees Study Shows

9/11 Panel Rejects White House Limits on Interviews

NBC - (Bush) Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind

Bush, Pope Nominated for Nobel Peace

U.S. wants own inspectors at foreign airports

McSupersizes to be phased out | CNN

Multnomah County to begin issuing gay marriage licenses

(Bush) Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind (MSNBC)

Time to visit Mr. Picassohead again

Why I love GD Smooth:

Did anyone see the NBC report tonight on the terrorist

Who will join me as we remove the shackles known as our 'Safe Havens'

finally back, ask me anything

I had a strange dream last night...(against school)

All the Germans join me in a... Pub, I guess

DISCOVERY/TIMES special on the Hutton/BBC/Dr Kelly Inquiry on NOW (8pm ET)

I just voted for Dean in NY. Them as don't like it

DUers who have paid for an argument, check into this unsafe haven

DU News Projection: Michigan Is Better Than Ohio State

What to watch when Nova serves the Empire

DU Wombats check into this safe haven

Worst cheers.

You might have heard about this..


I had a strange dream last night...(against wombats)

Damn my back hurts!

I give my first speech for my campaign in an hour, ask me anything!

Wombat, wombat, who's got the wombat?

Bush To Make Up Missed National Guard Duty This Weekend

Dedicate a wedding song to all the new, happy couples!

Is NASCAR cool?

You probably have heard about this:

Genetically modified wombats research...

It's a WOMBAT, dammit!

Will you join the WLF?

help me name my hand!

Hey, what do you think of this? Battlefield: Vietnam.

Figure out this pattern (directed at red sox fans :D)

Um...can anyone help me if I end up homeless very soon?

Is evidence for Wombat water big news?

My Masterpiece.

WHO Is That HOT Looking Guy Standing Behind Kerry??

In honor of Irish American month:

I just locked an open Wombat

U.S. Military training wombats for anti-terrorist operations.

Check out the political party affiliation of every candidate in my

DUers who are sick of wombats, check into this safe haven!

WHO Is That HOT Looking Wombat Standing Behind Kerry??

John Kerry vs. Phillip Rivers: better qb prospect

For Wombat's faithful, a shattering loss

New pattern, hint: deals with Bush Administration

What's on your wombat?

DemoTex and Trof on the phone (just now)

I'm insane!!!!!

Super Tuesday Night Chat

My summer travel plans: please tell me if I'm insane

Let's laugh at the Kommandant-in-Chief

DU Shrills and Commies--check into this safe haven...

The reward for success is high, the penalty for failure is harsh


from a humour stand point... funniest du putdown of a candidate

Chris Heinz... First Hunk

What one issue would you cease opposition to

DU safe haven for anthro archaeopteryxes.

Wombat/Yak in '04.

who is that HUNK standing behind John Kerry??

I don't know about you but I need something to make me smile. (new pic)

Screw the Safe Haven, all the Irish Join Me in a Pub

I won't buy Tivo until

WHO is that adorable YAK standing behind Kerry?

"don't ask for this file type" check box - IE

Does this make sense to WOMBATS?

I can't take a break from DU yet.

It's a YAK, dammit!

And now... Music.

Whew... 10:47 pm already

So did anyone vote for me today?

Comic book geeks - website for animated LADY DEATH dvd is now up

Bush Administration as Hogan's Heroes cast?

Tell the truth...Have you been known to steal your spouse/SO's razor

The Passion of the Pet

Does this make sense to ANYONE?

We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This...

Why I wasn't any good in the marketing field

15 Things to do at Walmart

What some kids from my college did

It slipped!

How's my sig line?

Osama Van Halen

Has anyone had laser vision correction?

Joke about politicians....

Why oh why do I love the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right"

great Harball commercial

I think my local country music station is run by Dems

Secret Rulers of the World : David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews 11pm et

Seriously, DU Muslims check into THIS safe haven.

Time for the Daily Show!

Best Culture Club song

For those who have the PS2...


Ladies: With what instrument do you shave your legs?

To the men of DU with "hairy palms", who don't support Kerry:

I haven't started a post yet, but---

What does the D next to Zell Miller's name stand for?

Respond to this, or be voodoo-ized

Susan Sarandon's take on "The Passion of the Christ"

On gay marriage:

Avatar question

Do We Have a Safe Haven For Yaks Yet???

favorite DU user name?


About the "anti-Hollywood" jackass that was just on the Daily Show...

Unofficial "Suggestions of login names" for lurkers who will join DU

True or False: "If you'd've gone up like you came down,

9:00 (CT) Army of Darkness, Queer Eye... or Citizen Kane

What musical instrument do you play?

Marge Schott is dead

Which is your favorite '80s Doctor?


Feeling second best??

Has anyone here had an erotic dream about a politician?

My husband thinks I'm the dog and the dog thinks he's my husband

Mel Gibson is insane

help me name my band!

For Mary's faithful, a shattering loss

IE computer problem

My sister just called me and asked me who she should vote for.

Can someone design a "John Edwards Democrat" graphic?

A little sumthin sumthin for the ladies of DU...

All eastern europeans that is east of Germany

Who's the dumbest person you've ever met?

Does John Kerry need help in California ?

What am i ?A rant

Fox News projects Georgia for Kerry

CNN: Kerry wins Ohio (n/t)

We've been proven right about the voting machines.

CNN: Dean wins Vermont (n/t)

CNN says rumors that Edwards may pull the plug

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary

Edwards more appealing to Independents, Moderate Repubs

How many delegates comes with that Ohio win?

Tonight, I Proudly Casted My Vote For Howard Dean....

Which Candidate Was The Most Disappointing This Primary Season?

What Will Be The #1 Issue Of Election 2004

I'm not believing CNN's report. 5% with 15,000 votes? That would be only

CNN reports phone call between Kerry and Edwards

When do the polls close in NY?

Edwards walking up to talk on MSNBC right now NT

Edwards drops out of race.

Edwards to quit race

Why is it taking so long for GA results to come in?

What is up with this racial divide?

Edwards the pumped up media FAILURE!

Anybody watching MSNBC with Mathews?

I saw John Kerry in Person today! Edwards too!

Edwards "CRUSHED" will he say he "TIED"

Kerry vs Bush Electoral Map

Congratulations Mr. Kerry

Why Kerry will win all Gore states


Here it comes!

Is the FAUX bias not OBVIOUS at the moment?

Thank You Edwards

It's not difficult to vote!

That fast, huh? Have we done the best we can do?

Edwards dropping out Wednesday

What if Kerry, the supposed nominee now, made Edwards AG?

Which Candidate Was The Most Impressive This Primary Season?

Hmm...Kerry campaign allows feed of them watching Edwards concession

Kerry/Lieberman ticket?

Bob Novak is absolutely NUTS

BIG thank you to George W. Bush for being "a uniter, not a divider"...

Edwards quitting race-Kerry projected to win more states...

I was real disappointed in voter turnout here in Georgia

Has Kerry made a deal with Edwards?

The primaries are over....but we're going head on into a Shrub

Edwards Concession Speech Thread

People who were torn between Edwards, Kucinich & Sharpton must feel robbed

If ONE person mocks ONE Edwards supporter tonight...

CNN: Kerry wins Rhode Island and New York in landslides (n/t)

John Kerry is SUPER!

WHOO HOO Great intro by Teddy!

Is it too late for Sen. Edwards to keep his seat?

Just got phone call Edwards Campaign to attend E for Pres. Rally Tomorrow

According to the latest figures from Mass

Edwards folks, he was my second choice. I am so sorry about...

Kerry is saying A LOT of nice words about Edwards

"CNN Is Bad News"

Does this mean the primary is over in DU and we have to start playing nice

So when does Kerry pick the VP? sooner or later?

Kerry about to speak

For the Edwards folks tonight

Not sure you'll see Teddy hanging with Kerry much after tonight...

When does the big shift rightward begin?

I now officially endorse John Kerry

President Bush just called Kerry and congratulated him.

The next President of the United States to speak soon - CNN.

did Kerry sell his soul?

Edwards did Kerry a big favor tonight. (NS) He deserves the VP spot

No more debates

The next story tonight: How did SHARPTON do in New York?

Clark Super Tuesday Hug Thread

Now I want Edwards to win Georgia to make Fox look stupid

Teresa is gonna get "Hillary-ized" by the right wing now

Why I know think Edwards should be VP

Has this forum become obsolete tonight?

How is Angus McQuilken doing in Massachusetts?

Wingnuts are going crazy on C-span

General Election Poll

Speech is toooooooooo long! Rambling. He needs help. n/t

I am prepared to withdraw my support of Edwards

This is the most important speech of John Kerry's career

Did we discuss the Republicans Mischief voting yet?

What kind of dumb ass voting process

I'm proud of DU! A GREAT group of Democrats

It is to Kerry's advantage to keep the democratic race going

"Lifting The Torch: A Clarion Call For Hope"

I voted for Kucinich on a paper-ballot tonight.

What a long journey it's been.........................

Kerry's slogan to use on Bush

Did Kucinich and Sharpton drop out?

Richardson says he will not take VP.

It felt so good to caucus tonight

I voted for DEAN on a paper ballot tonight.

Kerry and Edwards are pretty much tied in GA... Place your bets!

My Prediction for November and my last out of line post

It's a three-man race if Edwards drops out.

What does Kerry do starting tomorrow?

The second-best result from today:

A sense of deja vu

Will you survive another 8 months till the election?

Now its my turn to put my ABB to the test.

CNN projecting Kerry to win Georgia

Do you like the current nomination process/primary schedule?

Where is the best place to give money?

How do you feel about Bush's phone call to Kerry congratulating him?

Does Kerry get a "bump" in the polls from tonight?

Edwards quits. - CNN

Russert reports, Harold Ickes has 60 million for Kerry

Joe Klein suggests on CNN that "1 in 10" GA votes were cast by Repubs

CNN says Dean winning in Vermont.

I am in awe of John Kerry's tenacity

time to donate to ralph nader

Time to donate to

Richardson made a major screw up on MSNBC.

The General Election has begun.

Edwards to Drop Out of Presidential Race

The un-Official GOD Bless Vermont Thread

Supporters of ALL candidates, I want to express my admiration

so you all fell in line... supports Democratic solidarity

I'm so glad Kerry mentioned energy independence!!!!

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

A message to Kerry supporters

In my Saint Paul Minnesota precinct we had 204 people show up

A great executive decision by Kerry

ok, someone please defend kerry's voting record here...

Sharpton probably doesn't win California

Local FOX: "There were two..."

Rep. Harold Ford (D) Tenn. on Kerry's Support of Use of Force

Who should be John Kerry's running mate?

"we will tell the truth about what's happened in our country"

Come out as what you are

CNN: Kerry wins California in a landslide(n/t)

How many times do I have to tell you people???

I think the Senator has, once again said it best...

Why do I feel like that kid in the Mountain Dew ad?

Bring Back the Victory Song!

I Challenge all of us! We need 2,000,000 Democrats to donate $100.00!

Discussion: MINNESOTA

78% of Independents are angry/dissatisfied with Bush co...

Text of Howard Dean's statement on winning Vermont primary

I don't give a crap about Kerry's flaws anymore...

I can't believe it but...I'm starting to have good feelings toward Kerry!

who will get the most votes

Carville's kicking behind on CNN!

Will Kerry "moving to the center"

Results for Scott Brown/Angus McQuilken MA race?

For those familiar w/ Kerry's voting record...what will Bush DISTORT?

I Voted For Dean In California... And The Rest Of You Can...

Chris Heinz and the Kerry family look GREAT up there!

Now that Kerry has won...Bush's days are numbered

Any Other CA Independents Have Their Vote Stolen?

Get to know some facts about Kerry.

How much longer will the General Discussion: 2004 Primary forum last?

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

It really REALLY sucks that "IT'S OVER" and I've not even gotten to VOTE..

Memo To John Kerry:

Howard Dean rocks!

What do think of John Kerry's remarks?

Edwards played me, and I'm offended.

Anybody else think Chris Mathews is being..........

I gave to Kerry...

Dirty Tricks? Lights go out in Cleveland - Kucinich's Congress. District

LOL...Dean just thanked "" on CNN

Do we have a nominee yet?

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Need help from Kerry supporters

True or false: If Kerry is put on the defensive by Bush, he's finished

What if CNN cut off W's speech just like Faux just did to Kerry?

Today my ABB is put to the test.

I'm sick of these crazy anti-Kerry posts

Deleted message

Vanessa Kerry, et al

It's a great day to be a Democrat

How many here voted absentee ballot?

John Kerry is my candidate

Do you live in a Post Super Tuesday State?

I'm glad I voted for Clark today

Dean prevents Kerry sweep!

Rank your picks for VP!

My Predictions!

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Another secret weapon for Kerry: Joe Wilson is gonna name names

A Sad day in the history of the United States

So starting tomorrow no more 3rd party garbage at DU?

GAME ON DEMOCRATS! Let's show these punk ass repukes how to fight!

EDWARDS withdraws!

Why don't we let Iowa alone pick the president?

This Soldier's Story by John Kerry

In hindsight: what were you thinking, Gore, Harkin, Bradley, Ann Richards

If Kerry is electable...

How John Kerry Can Win in November.

Cash for Kerry: It's time to pony up.

Dean Supporters - Should Dean Get Back In, and Why?

VP Ideas... anyone from Ohio? I think that is a must win.

CNN says Bush* phoned Kerry to congratulate him.

Should Kucinich drop out after losing his home state?

No more pro-NADER post! We have a Democratic nominee.

I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life tonight.

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

Through The Darkest Hours To This One Shining Moment

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

When's the last time you saw Republicans demonstrate


For Bush, an Election-Year Powder Keg (Iraq)

the official Kerry Campaign Kickoff Kartoon.......

What's in that Homeland Security Bill?

Gateway to cut around 2,000

Majority wants Norwegian soldiers out of Iraq

"Guantanamo on steroids" -- Abu Ghraib Prison

Diebold, electronic voting and the vast right-wing conspiracy

For Bush it's a step closer to reelection (GOP putdown of Kerry selection)

About Kerry's anti-war testimony..."Winter Soldier" in the Detroit Free

Da Vinci Code Your Life -- Morford

The New Yorker-Seymour Hersh "The Deal"

Bill Clinton could be just the ticket for Kerry

Links to Feb 26 Scott Ritter Interview

The Nation: Let's End the Two-Party Duopoly

The New Yorker: Reckless Driver (Nader)

Gene Lyons

If you ever doubt the magnitude of the crime -- "The Casualty"

Help Howard Stern.

Moveon: email looking for volunteers/$'s

Info for 3/20/04 events in Seattle area. Show Bush what we think!

Pomp or Protest - GOP in NYC

Email on Dean meetups - schedule/plan on grassroots org.

The Criminalization of Dissent Still a Problem Nationwide

Bush is coming to Boston March 25th

DU Challenge! - ACT

A voice in the wilderness.

Bev Harris on the radio right now

Infidelguy , worldnews , ramdac some new sites to me. Share

Lib Radio in New York - Randi Rhodes - Al Franken!

Minnesotans...check this link out!

Not a mosque-based faith

Incredible turn out at Minnesota caucuses

Webring for DU Bloggers and Other Websites

Who is God?

Portland Ore. To Begin Gay Weddings Today

Sweden Moves Forward On Gay Marriage

Maine Anti-Gay Amendment Dies

Arnold Splits From Bush, Would Support Gay Marriage

New York AG Says Gays Will Win Marriage War As New Paltz Mayor Charged

Democrats AWOL On Democracy

NY Times: Black Legislators Stall Marriage Amendment in Georgia

'Activist Judges' Mainly GOP Appointees Study Shows

Arkansas DUers....Governor gay bashing on KARN now....

Greenspan Skips Short-Term Deficit Risk to Rates: John M. Berry

SCO sues first Linux user, AutoZone

Liberty Whistle Telegraphs Greenspan Concerns

Climate Change May Triple Arctic Ozone Loss - Nature

Major Ocean Policy Report Awaits Bush Reaction - As If . . . .

NTT DoCoMo develops speech recognition without speech

CA - Mendocino county bans GMOs

Tell EPA to cut mercury pollution - AJC editorial

Intelligence Failures Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

The Costs of Empire

'The Passion' Will Screen in France

Haiti, a US-backed coup by thugs and assassins

Arab League Chief Challenges U.S.

Venezuela's Opposition Pleads for Help

Remember when people were thinking .....

Bye for a while (Dupe of my lounge post, but most of my pals are here.)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 3, 2004

I'm wondering

Can we also outlaw bashing of ex-candidates after the primaries?

The plight of GD04

donor status

Did you know...

The Front Page of DU looks Terrific Guys!

idea for fundraising for DU and other progressive sites..

A great suggestion in GD2004

Test messages

What's with the registration thing?

Feminist thread locked--why punish all for the actions of a few?

My new custom avatar doesn't show up on my posts.

Reverse ignore feature

Can I plug my website on DU?

A Lot of Avatars Seem to Be Missing

Skinner is Faux really threatening to sue you because of your avatar?

Israel/Palestine Issue divides us....

Solana: Mideast peace vital for Arab reforms

Peaceful protest of barrier appears fruitful

Words have failed us

A year of silence since Rachel Corrie died

Hamas vows revenge for Gaza strike; police raise alert

Sharon Faces New Scandal Over Ex-Hostage

A 'tribute' to Rachel Corrie

Bush WH blocked plans to get al-Zarqawi...Three times!!!

Lantos wins in a landslide

Kerry Set to Face Bush (Bloomberg)

Veterans Groups Critical of Bush's VA Budget

So the right are for state's rights yet hate gays...

Campbell Not Running for Re-election

Turn on Nightline, ABC - electronic voting on 12:10 AM 3/3/04

Connecticut DUers, in 2006, shall we get rid of Lieberman?

YES!!!Humboldt County The recall of Paul Gallegos failed! Pacific Lumber

Okay, who should I support - Bush or Nader?

E-voting on Super Tuesday: did it work or not?

Super Tuesday Super Turnout Super Fun Thread!!!

Interesting article on blacks/gays in the for thought

Here's an ironic "Gay Republicans" site left over from the 2000 election.

BBV: Who am I?

Neo Con Symbolism


Bev Harris on the Mike Webb show at 11:05 Pacific

War on Terrorism... a New Draft?

State with the worst senatorial delegation

Did Bush have a closed meeting with TV reporters?

Poll: Americans' confidence in war effort at lowest level

The Bush's real bequest could be

We just passed Anti-GMO measure!!

"Who will be our next brutal overlord?"

Noticed my sig line?

Guess which side of The Fence is which in this fun foto challenge!!

Kerry/Clinton 2004 ! Bill we want you back!

C-Span Rep. Kendrick Meek on now

Which is your Hugo Chavez?

suspicious by nature but

When was the last time a Senator got elected president?

War/Fear/Nationalism/Religion: Ready to Fight Bush's* Dirty Politics?

The BBC Nails its colours to the mast

The reason I don't get all worked up about Democratic primaries any more

Energising the base

Congressperson Mark Foley lying about Aristide on CSPAN now (9:05am est)

Domestic Terrorism? The NEA vs a Nailbomb

Anyone have a time for Bev Harris on GMA 3/3/04?

Senator Coleman provides the morning chuckle

New Iraq Constitution

Bush has really blown it with supporting the Marriage Discrimination Amend

I Predict Another Cheney Heart Episode

Lib Radio in New York - Randi Rhodes - Al Franken!

now Bush wants to censor the internet!

Bill Clinton for VP - Interesting NYT Article

Patricia Pruden's Hospital in ME

Vote in this Atlanta TV station poll.......

Will the Iraq 'war' end if a Democrat is elected?

Ok, come one board, we need everyone!

9/11 panel rejects Bush demands!!!!

AOL POLL -- Kerry v Bush 4:05am et

Presidential debates - It's all about the questions

My Conservative Roomate says he might vote for Kerry/Edwards ticket

Cheney has a 33% favorable rating - Biggest drop came from Rethugs

You know you are a Wingnut...

U.S. must take responsibility in Haiti

Kerry Bush debate

family members of 9/11 victims

Howard Stern, Clear Channel, Al Franken & GWB Jr...

Who is this wingnut "Les" in the White House Press corp?

Ms.Sheila Jackson- Lee statement on Haiti

who's dragging and

quarter of a billion dollars

Arnold breaking election laws

AoL poll, and comments on Aol...

Spanish fight over Lorca's remains

How many ways will be be screwed if we get four more years of Bushco?

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig

Bush/Cheney campaign strategy on the Connection

Rep.Schakowsky statement in the House regarding Haiti

Kerry Is In Orlando Today.

energizing the base... thanks W!

AIDS is gods punishment to a homosexual lifestyle

Here We Go..."I Was A Lifelong Democrat..." Misinformation

Other than imperialist masturbation, WTF do we gain from a Haitian Coup?!

San Diego County....

Regime Change By Social Collapse: Canada, the US, and Haiti

Bigger story? Arnold and Props57&58 or Kerry's WIN last night?

Gary Bauer: Homosexuality more deadly than smoking

Hell to Haiti 2

S. Africa rejects claim that Aristide was denyed asylum

Who is God?

A (not so) lovely image from Georgia - At least the flag issue is settled

C-Span 2 - 12:39 noon ET - BYRD Alert - Talking about the Presidential

Bev Harris will be on Good Morning America Wednesday Morning

Barbara Bush "Sorry lot" remark/response

Kerry Has a TON of Ammo to Unload on Bush. He Had Better Use It

Rove's Platform (An IMPORTANT READ)

If the election were held today

is there an "anti-Ashcroft" site or page out there?

(bushgang) Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind (Iraq)

Meeks is meek, Foley lies on Haiti - on Wash. Journal - c-span

CNN Quick Poll: 'Can Kerry beat The Shrubstitute'?

Chimpy To Make Up Guard Service This Weekend

Eathlink-- Democrats not ready for prime time

Poll getting freeped! DU this poll

I've got my own spot on the

A tidbit of Malloy news

Hypothetical question

Multnomah County/Portland gay marriage confrontation

AP photo of Aristide '94 photo, not one of him in Africa (or where ever)

Harkin telling the Truth on C_Span.

Cheney is toast

Why They Had to Crush Aristide

The Truth about Haiti - Ms. Barbara Lee on the House floor

I didn't start the Gay Marriage argument

Good argument against FMA

Juan Williams drives me nuts

Dumping Dick?

BBV -- someone needs to educate CNBC on BBV

Question: are foreign citizens residing in the USA also forbidden from...

If McCain were to replace Cheney as VP and they were to win the election

Also please DU this O'Reilly poll.

Is anyone manufacturing an electronic voting machine

New video game uses voice technology

Poll - does peace have a chance in Iraq?

Talk to Mary....

NASCAR: Where are the France family's political donations going?

Please help ban dihydrogen monoxide

Barney Frank on Justice Scalia's duck hunt

The Bush strategy will be simple.

Idle question - anyone go to

Just saw a friend and coworker harrassed on live TV.

Anyone read today's "Right Hook" at Biblical marriage defined

George Bush - The "Ly'in King"

Alert to NYC DUers! Gay Marriage Protest Tomorrow 3/4

Am I the only one who thinks there's something fishy about Haiti????

Purported Qaeda Letter Denies Role in Iraq Blasts

Anyone Seen The RoveCo. Ads On Your Local Station?

Heads Up - House hearing on Haiti now on C-Span 3.13 pm est


What should Clark do now? Run for Governor of California.

Want to watch George W. Bush shoot himself in the foot three more times?

Stern: Today I will read to you why the reason I'm getting it, is Bush

Waffling and Meandering.. The "code words" of 2004

Baptist Campus Paper Backs Same-Sex 'Marriages'

DU Mentioned on Capital Hill Blue

DU this CNN poll quick.

I truly feel for Aristide but I think this is a blessing for Democrats

Ben Nighthorse-Campbell is not running for the Senate!!!

anyone else bothered by's tabletalk being down so long?

Hopsicker: "Bush, Bath, Bones and BCCI"

Gay marriage: "A uniter, not a divider"?

Lester Holt coming up on NEXT battle ground state....

Description of hell

Usually religion is ok to me...

Another Rep. with courage Mr.Conyers on Haiti

Luckovich + Evoting = hysterical!

Where's a good place to get political buttons

*retching* Oh the humanity! Bush's new ads

Thanks for answers to my stats question

Next they will try to prosecute Aristide for drug-dealing...?

know any "Reagan Democrats"

Dumb & Dumber

On CSPAN now, Senator Dodds debating about sending federal jobs...

Senator Chris Dodd's statement on Haiti

Liberal, conservative groups charge House ethics system virtually meaningl

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Where is Ann Coulter?

Any statistics genius here?

Anyone see this? Brent Scowcroft: Iraq may become 'another Vietnam'

Discrimination against people with disabilities.

Read my lips, I'll get Osama.

A quote from the past which relates to Marriage Discrimination Amendment.

Presidential poll on WTNH site


Ironic Times- Political satire Bush edition

Ex-Ambassador Wilson to name names

Question regarding write-in votes in CA primary...

God wants to know how you vote

What is the deal with "eight months?"

Please go and see Hannity's new poll.

Were can I write multiple letters to the editor?

Just heard on CNN that Ben Nighthorse Campbell won't seek reelection.

Bush's first ads invoke Sept. 11

Hey look Kids it's the RNC's "Reggie the Registration Rig"

BBV - David Dill up next on CNN, re: e-voting problems yesterday

Marriage Ban: " I'd Leave the Country, But My Wife Won't Let Me"

Question for those of faith

Any Clark Arkansans here?

Colorado: Can we defeat B.O.?

STERN blasted Clear Channel and Bush big time- full summary!

I'm looking for a good John Kerry banner to go on the front of my site...

CNN & * ads. why spend campaign $ ??? Free propaganda!!

why not make a profit off the misery and horror of 9-11?


Josh Marshall on Bush's campaign theme: "It's not my fault."

bush is our fault....

"The" Democrats

What is a larger cause of hatred of America abroad? Policy or jealousy?

could bush survive a debate with kerry? will he even try?

Besides stoning, what do the right wing holier-than-thou

Who is SICK of this REPUKE tactic !!??

David Kay Not Happy With BushCo

Limbaugh implies Kerry killed Heinz?

Crossfire Thread. Carville is on today.

Thoughts on the two party system vs. European parlementarism

The Story of John Titor, Time Traveler

Vote on wolfies poll!

The Bushists will be sparing no expense to convince the public

"The Damage Done" photo essay of America's Wounded

"The problem is growing geometrically..." Say WHUT?

Media Analysis: Venezuela's Opposition Didn't Collect Enough Signatures

Leave Mary Out Of It Testy Cheney Demands

Political Crisis in Haiti House Committee Hearing C-SPAN3 2pm et

PLEASE! girl scout cookies boycotted in bush home town???

Catch that Luckovich cartoon October surprise?....ROFLOL

CNN's Aaron Brown Replies to Media For Democracy

Ad by black leaders: Gov. Bush gets an 'A'

Places of worship intrude on voting's sacred privacy

Bush Is In Trouble Folks! Real Trouble!

Should Democrats quit the War on Drugs?

BBV - Lou Dobbs is starting to take this really seriously

maybe this is why americans haven't woke up

From feminism to feminazi: Reclaiming the language

AWD shocks the Republicans last night!

Dishonest Dubya --Lying Action Figure

a rather chilling thread

Criminal Enterprise...Bush, Inc.

So should we start packing yet, or something?

BBV: HR2239 has 125 cosponsors. This is huge!

Democrats AWOL On Democracy

"Dems Won't Win The South Even If They Have Robert E. Lee on the ticket"

BBV - great FAQ piece ready to go

CARICOM draws South Africa into the loop over Haiti

Howard Delivers New Blow to Blair over Iraq/Independent,UK-New WMW

Iraq Offers Risks, Rewards for Businesses, U.S. Official Says

Stephanupulgus: Bush needs to paint Kerry as a "Hypocrite". OUCH

President Urges Renewal of the Antiterrorism Law (Patriot Act)

GE sees revenue jump in Iraq, Russia

Bush Envoy Briefs Panel After Talks on A-Bombs

Crude futures fall...Greenspan speaks on interest rates

Aristide's Departure: The U.S. Account

WP (Milbank): For Bush,* an Election-Year Powder Keg

Files of Roe V. Wade Author to Be Unsealed

Sweden Moves Forward On Gay Marriage

WP (Pincus) Suicide Attacks Swell Frustration of US

Georgians prefer most recent design of state flag

15 Detained in Iraq Suicide Attacks

Pakistan death toll reaches 46

Nato to push for greater role in Middle East

Porn Law Before Court-Justices Asked to Uphold Child Online Protection Act

Purported Qaeda Letter Denies Role in Iraq Blasts

Report: U.S. vulnerable without master database

Kucinich Wins Primary - for Congress

Death of GOP Gun Bill, Fight Over Assault Weapons Ban Provide Grist

Rebels Start Patrolling Haitian Capital

"Prayers Of Justice" to Rise Up From Bay-State Churches, Synagogues; Commu

Madison City Council Calls Ban On Gay Marriage 'Discrimination'

Rebel leader declares he's military chief (Haiti)

Iraq: Thousands pack streets to mourn dead

Terror Group Threatens French Railways

Fired employee sues agency (charges of S. Florida election fraud)

For Bush, an Election-Year Powder Keg (Iraq)

Hussein link to al-Qaida is nebulous (W's allegation was key prewar claim)

Iraqi Strikes Disrupt International Calls

NYT: 9/11 Panel Rejects White House Limits on Interviews

FBI seizes party records on N.J. Democratic donor

Official: Southern Iraq 's crude oil export capacity grew to 2 million bpd

Congress to hold hearing (on college athletics recruiting) | RMN

Illinois Senate Candidate Hull calls in press, then takes a hike

CNN Quick poll

Frist Stumps for Ban on Gay Marriages

Canada's Grand Old Party Shows Signs Of Decay - Taipei Times

Two Explosions Reported In Baghdad

Japan-France joint plan to help rebuild Iraq

Cyanide-leach ban may be put on ballot again | Great Falls Tribune

Cheney Says Supports Gay-Marriage Ban(Says gay daughters privacy invaded)

Former Camp Counselor Undergoes Voluntary Castration

Coup d'etat dismays Haitian community

Gays demand Cook County issue marriage licenses

US urged to disarm rebels, hold key leaders (AI and HRW)

U.S. Marines Block Rebels Chasing Aristide Supporters

Signing of Iraq constitution delayed after attack

Bill would OK medicinal use of marijuana (in Illinois)

Liberals plan to showcase PM, not party in campaign

Haiti rebels 'backed by drug money'

Unknown blackmailers target French railways

Navy pilot's '91 fate still unknown (Iraqi defectors said he was alive)

Manitoba moves towards province-wide smoking ban | CBC

Greenspan clashes with White House

Left on Your Dial

5 explosions heard in Baghdad breaking MSNBC

Blackmailers threaten bombing campaign on French railways

Second Mayor in N.Y. to Hold Gay Weddings

Bookies Stop Taking Bets on Life on Mars

Sources: U.S. distorted Saddam-al Qaeda link

U.S. to Improve Iraq Border Security (damned furriners)

'Dozens killed' in Nepal attack | BBC

U.S.: Mad Cow Meat Recall 4 Times Larger (than previously announced)

Bush calls Chirac 'to thank France' over Haiti

Iraq Insurgents Launch Attack on U.S. Base

Dem Now: Haitian Consul General Says Aristide Still President

Spitzer: Gay marriage not legal in NY

France insists Aristide is 'protected not imprisoned'

Chavez ruling triggers protests (not enough sigs for referendum) | BBC

Bush congratulates Kerry in phone call

Faith advocate wants to put Ten Commandments on the road (license plates)

Voters OK Schwarzenegger's Budget Plan

Bush Hits the Road for Fund Raising (6 Days)

Kerry Town Meeting in Orlando

Haitian rebels to pull back after meeting with U.S. officials

House Panel Backs Big Hike in Indecency Fines

Computer glitches plague US voters

White House Calls on Israel to Wait Until After Elections

Technical Problems Reported in E-Voting (FOX now complaining)

County will license gay nuptials (Multnomah County - Portland, Oregon)

Gay Marriage Licenses Issued in Oregon

Portland Ore. To Begin Gay Weddings Today

Multnomah County (OR) To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

US Telemarketers Drop Appeal vs. No-Call List

GOP Groups, Fannie Mae Pay FEC Fines

More conservative idiots: "Some Texans Boycott Girl Scout Cookies"

Disney says opposition to Eisner reaches 43 pct

NorCal Voters Turn Back Corporate-backed Campaigns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 3 March (#1)

Police battle Aristide gangs in Haitian capital

Judge rules against gay students in Lubbock

Haiti: New USA aircraft carrier half-way between Cuba and Venezuela

Computer glitches plague US voters (UK's Guardian)

State Dept. Officials Discuss U.S. Policy Toward Haiti

Edwards Withdraw Speech (ON NOW....4:37PM ET)

Wilson Book Will Reveal White House Leak ( A campaign issue?)

Kerry Begins to Select Running Mate

Interbrew (Belgium) and AmBev (Brazil) agree to form beer giant

Green River Killer Ridgway gave tips to police in '83 | Seattle Times

Bush Hides White House's Complicity in Haiti (Daily Mis-lead)

Haiti: Human rights violators must not have power

Venezuela Rioting Spreads on Chavez News

Sarin Nerve Agent Leaks From Ala. Bunker

Mich teacher must cover cost of sub while on military duty

Change for nickel: Mint preparing new 5-cent piece | Denver Post

SCO sues AutoZone over use of Linux

Statement of Rabbi Michael Namath, Religious Action Center of Reform Judai

WP: In Private, Bush* Sees Kerry as Formidable Foe

Liberty Whistle Telegraphs Greenspan Concerns

Antibacterials of little use: study

Man convicted of throwing snowballs at US embassy

Shiites, Join Sunnis in Solidarity March

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 550 U.S. service members have died

Stroke risk prompts halt to estrogen pill study

OPEC Members Demand Output Cut

Iraqis Put Shiite Bombing Toll at 271

Kerry Win Sends Czech Village Into Frenzy

Sen. Campbell (R) CO not running for reelection...

First Bush Ads Focus on 9/11, 'Steady Leadership'

Caribbean Won't Help With Peacekeeping

Some Texans Boycott Girl Scout Cookies

Colorado Democrats state that Gov. Owens might run...

Caribbean countries ask for investigation into Aristide resignation and re

Fed Says Economy Continuing to Expand

CAR sore about Aristide snub

EU's Draft Order ...Demands Two Versions of Windows

Hmong Refugees Face First Cultural Hurdle [Polygamy]

"Yikes, He's dumber than I thought!"

Jesus Demands Creative Control Over Next Movie

I want a safe haven for people who inadvartanly inhaled gas

You want happiness?

Easy Quiz

What will happen to Freeperville when * is gone?

I was born with a foot in my mouth

Just what the hell is the matter with you?

How many votes will LaRouche get in CA?

Best Damn Sports Show


Chapelle's Show appreciation thread

BBV: Who am I

We should all move

This Could Get Fun. First Kerry Is The One. Second. The Democratic

Hail to the Theif...

What will happen to DU when * is gone?

DU Technopros, need advice on Ad-Aware

What kind of GD2004 poster are you?

Cover Songs Database

What Happens in GD04 Stays in GD04?

Any Adobe After Effects wizards out there, by chance?

if the 80s was your decade, read on . . .


I noticed today, for the first time, I have gray whiskers

Has GD 2004 Primary finally closed down?

Okay, who should I support - Bush or Nader?

Insomniacs, check in here

I want a complete list of derogatory names for Bush

Hilarious FARK Photoshop contest

Mom & Dad Debate: Which would you rather have more of for your kids?

bibbity-boggity! I just passed 9k posts

And DU goes dead for the night till the Europeans wake up.

Smell of Skunks Mean Spring in Indiana

Good (Wednesday) Mornin' DU!!

Website Critics

Jesus Demands Creative Control Over Next Movie

Flasher Stumbles Over His Own Trousers - Arrested

Enviros vs. Motorheads:Jay Leno's new car

Bye for a while, friends.

DU smokers have you got your Smoking Donkey???

I'm going to start posting more positive things here at the Lounge.

Who remembers Commodore 64?

FIREFLY:The Movie is now a GO

Has anyone ever read this book?

Just Signed Up to Take GRE...Haven't taken a Test in 20 Years...I'm a bit

A Nominee we can all Support: Bill the Cat

Bush to make up missed National Guard duty this weekend

gadgets, thingamajigs, and whatchamacallits . . .

two Johns I like..................

Foul-Mouthed Parrott Banned From Ship During Queen's Visit

Onion: New Nietzschean Diet Lets You Eat Whatever You Fear Most

Dammit. Can't sleep

in praise of Nanci Griffith

You'll Be Sorry If You Read This Message (Consider Yourself Warned)

Kerry Bush Right out of the White House in Nov.

Wild Boar Rams Through Apartment Door

"The Triplets of Belleville"

Biker Girls Plan 2000-Breast Protest

What if it was a Gay World?

Which best characterises TXlib?

Bush To Make Up Missed National Guard Service This Weekend (Satire)

Dingbat is getting old - we need a new word

Stern's on fire right now

Evidence that Chimpy is working for Yahoo.

Funny Bud light commercial - Video

CONFESS!!! You dingbats need a safe haven

The Candidate is (sorta) chosen. How then can we continue the DU wars?

Oh man, check out the phallic symbolism on the main yahoo page

Funnier Murphy brother

Oh DU, Fair and True

CONFESS!!!!! You owned AND played Pong

The GREATEST invention of the 21st Century so far (as seen on TV!)

We're gonna win in November and here's my cat

The (Suggested) New Lounge Word -- BATUSI


Bif -- you're the greatest!

OK, so your nutrition CAN be *too* good

Will Eisner taking on the Protocols of Zion!

AOL chatrooms = hells kitchen

Write The Worst Country Lyric Competition.

The OTHER Nominee We Can All Support -- CTHULHU!

I'm all different kinds of excited. My new PC arrived!

WARNING: Anyone Who Uses The Word "Dingbat" Gets Put On My Ignore List

This image really made me think for a second

Patent Issued For Breakable Plane

All aboard the George W. Bush WhoopAss Train.

Mo Rocca

If anyone is wondering

Any carpenters in the Lounge tonight?

Something here for Raven

My boss just gave me Kevin Phillips new book: ASK ME ANYTHING!

flaminbats is cool...

Do we really need a new mild term of abuse/affection?

Gonna go give my presentation on my serial killer...


My Strange Dream

Rainbow picture from L.A. yesterday..

Which nominee would you support: Bill the Cat or Cthulhu

Holy crap! I'm over 6000 posts!

Did anyone see Kerry's speech last night?

Funniest Photoshop I've seen in a long time.

What's up with TableTalk?

Does Anyone Here Use Seamlessweb?

CONFESS!!!!! is getting old - we need a new word

Do you believe in life after love?

I'll be sending kids to Iraq this weekend...

(Raises Hand) May I go to the bathroom please

If the election were held today

"We're supporting our troops because of WHAT we know... not WHO we know."

Since when did store mannequins sport nipples?

Sure, I'll start an interesting thread.

Ever hear of Joe Saxe?? He's done some very interesting paintings

SIGN THE PETITION HERE AND NOW: Arwalden must return the duck

If you're gonna contribute to Kerry ....

I'm getting RNC banner ads on my Earthlink webmail page!

Are The Women In The "Starting Over" House Real Or Fake?

CONFESS!!!!!!!!! Your thoughts about LynneSin....

What Color Is Your Toothpaste?

Anyone remember the movie: Teenagers from outer space.

So when did Rush lose it?

I voted Kucinich (CA) - I feel so clean

I hate compulsive farters at the gym!

What colour is your lair?

Just did a "speed dating" event tonight

It's a Girl ...Mike and Kathy Malloy are having a baby Girl

Drunk Birthday Boy Steals Plane - Flies Into Power Lines

A drunk in the checkout line (offensive joke)

What color is your back hair?

Please help ban dihydrogen monoxide

Are you wearing underwear?

I am full of beans!

Did you wash behind your ears?

The Tough Love of all CAPTIONS!!!

Lounge Lizards in Love

Today's Wrong Number Report

Behold the Evil that is the marketting Department of Sanrio

Check in if you've seen "Penn & Teller: BULLSH*T!" on Showtime

Federal Bill 602P-Mail Charge ???

I got Bagled...

Anita Bryant has died.

What Should My Column Title Have Been This Week?

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Will We Be Seeing BUFFY in the Last Few ANGEL Episodes? Maybe...

Warning to all dog owners -- Heartworm Medicine

Who among us was "the Stinky Kid"?

Must be a day for computer problems

That dark, dreary, sinister city in the movie "Seven"

High School: Are Double Periods for 1/2 Year a Good Idea?

What is the bacteria causing ear infection called?

Wish Alexis a happy 7th birthday...

What kind of asshole is Rove?

Does the carpet match the drapes?

Look at this...I'm whackin'! Oh yeah!

Does the carpet match the apes?

I am sick and going home in 15 minutes

Someone keeps moving my chair.

Post Super Tuesday Christian DUer's thread.

DU aviators (and enthusiasts)... Incredible video USAF T-Birds...

Writers announced for new Doctor Who series.

Chewy Spree- "It's a kick in the mouth"

New Virus -- anyone know anything about it yet?


CONFESS!!!!Right Now (as you're reading this post), what are you doing?

Have You Filed Your Tax Return(s) Yet?

You'll be jealous if you read this...

Baseball Fans: Then and now pictures of Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi


How Can We Improve Bush's Campaign Slogan?

Whatever you do, for god's sake, do not post in this thread.


Eagles Sign Jevon Kearse!!!

May I bitch for a moment about the declining dollar?


They should start making stun guns for combat and self defense.

Screaming Lord Byron is...

Have to buy car parts? Buy them here! (I'll explain why)

Please tell me this won't kill me.

What color is your hair?

Girl Power softens Volvo's edges

Name The Best Place to Send Bush


Best ever "wombat"

Anyone read Jarhead by Anthony Swofford?

A MATCOM MOMENT - the ladies defense will be allowed in Court

I'm running on caffiene and willpower.

What Are the RADDEST Songs of all time?


What color is your wombat?

It's official: Wombat is the best division in football now

AGH! My Wombat ate the plecostomus!

Can Wombats and Yaks Co-Exist???

Football Free Agency news. Daniel Snyder just keeps spending.

What does SymWinOpen mean?

Wombat's first day sledding!! (0 pics)



It's official: the NFC East is the best division in football now

What color is your car?

Has Arwalden been taken over by the pod people?

new Oxyrush advertiser Nature's Bounty vitamins (also a Hannity advertiser

On Average... Are You Younger Than Most Of Your Friends

Cocaine is a hell of drug...

How do I change my custom avatar?

A Question (Or Two) About Wedding Vows...

The Spell check edit FREE thread

I'm being licked by a rat!


What Should DU's New "Dumb" Icon Be?

Searching for Osama

Between now and the election, how much will you donate to defeat Bush?

Need advice from web techies

For The Ladies: Check out this HUNK!

Computer Question...

My Bart's gone!

I think I am officially old now...

Who is this man's father?

Are you a nihilist?

Nature vs. erm....not nature?

Have band practice tonight. Suggestions for new tunes?

Dentally medicated. My first ASK ME ANYTHING thread.

Let's start a band

Pork loin recipe needed

As you are being axe-murdered in your living room, your cat...

good clinton/bush joke

Are you a slacker, just like a whopping 71% of workers?

Turned down a job offer today from the dark side.

So this South Beach Diet thing actually works!

Favorite Area of Great Britain

AGH! I just ate a turtle, a wombat, a yak and a plecostomus

The Plage of Silent Letters: Can't we somhow re-alin our Alfabet?

CONFESS!!!!! Your thoughts about Susan Wright...

You'll never believe what happened at my caucus tonight

Fox is upset about our use of their intellectual property.

AGH! My turtle ate the plecostomus!

The Triumphant Return of TEN RANDOM QUESTIONS

Puppy's first day sledding!! (2 pics)

Which historical figure would make the best modern celebrity?.....

Open the bar! I'm buying!!

Big Spenders: How Corporations Turn Our Kids Into Consumers

What Movie Makes You Cry... Every Time You See It?

REPENT!!!!!!!!! Your thoughts about Zombywoof....


Post pictures of your musical instruments!

When good stories go bad...

Artist who lay in grave with vial of blood dripping from anus wins award.

What do you think other DUers look like?

Why are We Voting for Bush?

Missing DUers:

Best ever "final episode"

What are the BADDEST songs of all time?

please caption this of cheney and I am pretty sure its real

can you live on $300K a month?

Favorite Scottish band:

Wednesday Day & Night Movie Thread

Need a word-by-word translation of German into English

Livin' after midnight...rockin' till the dawn...lovin' till the mornin'...

Good @#!!$& Morning

What are the SADDEST SONGS of all time?


How often do you read books or novels?

A little sumthin sumthin for the ladies of DU...

Thanks for a fun night, y'all!

CNN's Schneider: "African-Americans have arrived as voters."

YES!! Humboldt County The recall of Paul Gallegos failed! Pacific Lumber

now that kerry has the nomination in the bag

I didn't support him in the primary, but I sure as hell will now

Is this board needed for the primaries anymore?

How 'Bout This ??? --- Most Of Us Will Promise To Support Kerry If...

It will be a great day when Kerry moves in to the WH

How much do you see yourself donating b/w now an November?

Super Tuesday Super Turnout Super Fun Thread!!!

Chris Matthews and Ron Reagan are having way too much fun with this

Super Tuesday Turnout Super Fun!

Though it dont matter much now...Florida Survey USA Poll

Step right up! Get yer 2004 clothespins riiiiiiiiicheeeeeeeer!

OMG! Look at the current Freeper poll!

We just lost our Senate seat in Massachusetts

Dean lost.

Do you post threads so that you can use the Ignore button from responses?


John Kerry Fundraiser in Honor of Skull and Bones!

Anybody notice the exposure Bob Graham was given tonight?

Shuster says press wanted Dean to "massage" them. LOL

My first donation!

Out here in California

Well, looks like the Governator won again...

Noticed my sig line?

DK kind of got played on NE Ohio local news tonight

What's with the continued venom and bullshit directed at Dean here?

States that haven't voted can now vote for Dean. My state's vote will not

I've decided

post nomination wrap-up, if you could have had any candidate win...

The pros and cons of all the potential VP candidates

Of Course Kerry can win, so stop saying that...

Kerry needs to resign his Senate seat now

One last time before the Kaibosh.

Do you think that Kerry is Dour?

Looks like Dennis got delegates from the banks of the Cuyahoga

#1 reson why I am sad that Edwards is apparently dropping out

Which blue state is most likely to go red?

Can John Edwards be an attack dog as VP?

Kerry needs to take a page from Dean in fund raising.

The War Chest

Which would you be more likely to vote for?

Dean's statement of appreciation to the people of Vermont

Ok, come on board, we need you!

We need a "Second Front"

So it begins... GOP House Leaders set to attack Kerry

Brace Yourselves: Tonight Is Kerry's High Point with the Media

Seeing many gracious threads in support of Kerry

Kerry/Clinton 2004! We need you Bill !

DU-ers throw down the gauntlet to WillPitt

Voter Survey Results

Thoughts on Dean Demise, Media Manipulation

The battle of the Headlines: e-voting

Bush has 91% support among Pubs, why can't we?

I'd like to request some Kerry / ________ (vp choice) avitars

Bill Clinton for Vice President

So, should I bother voting next week?

If Kerry picks Gephardt we are doomed.

Let's get some SPUNK for VP: Sheila Jackson-Lee, John Conyers

Is Halliburton a good issue for Dems?

Where are all the overnight polls we expect the day after Super Tuesday?

Diane Rehm guest: "Donna Shalala for VP"

If Bill Clinton Could Run Again, Would He Beat Bush?

Congrats to all Kerry supporters

November campaign to start today in Florida

Can someone please call Howard Stern and tell him

A Hypothetical Question For Lurking Freepers...

Which red state is most likely to go blue?

Give me a ham sandwich and coffee with cream

Bush must hate capitalism

Deleted message

What are you afraid of Mr. President?

California pols miffed Edwards quit while polls were open

Who do you support for VP?

Dean for HHS Secretary?

When I went to vote yesterday in CA (Culver City) they had my

What are some good Kerry catch phrases?

CNN Poll - Kerry or Bush

Exit poll suggests Edwards does better than Kerry among southern whites

Should this forum now become: General Discussion: Election 2004?

Excerpts from Kerry's victory speech

What next for John Kerry?

John Kerry sucks

Treasury Secretary in the Kerry Administration.

Eh, screw it. I'll volunteer for Kerry.

Edwards speech live at 4 PM, should be on cable

Bring It On!!!!!

Going to hear Wes Clark Friday night!

Should the fact that both Bush and Cheney are Chickenhawks be an issue?

By Any Extreme of Wickedness

I'm sure repubs are still scared of Clark...

Noxious Limbaugh is saying "John F'inn Kerry" as his name!

Pro-Nader post

Could you live with all of the following tickets?

Would it help Kerry to pick entire admin. before GE?

Bush and Rove looking at electoral map *shaking heads*

I want to see this man and this frat boy on the same stage for the debates

Getting sick of seeing "Kerry was chosen as nominee"

I voted Kucinich (CA) - I feel so clean

It's not gonna happen, but it's cool that Bill Clinton COULD be VP

Deleted message

Kerry LACKS Bush's experience in running the country

Senator Edwards has a lot of class.

Why did Kerry ignore Kucinich in tonights speech ?

Is same sex marriage going to be the achilles heel of the Dems?

Kerry Supporters who use AIM...

Has anyone heard of "Reggie"...

What is Edwards waiting for?

Please help me get to know, and learn to love, John Kerry.

I have decided that I will accept nomination as Kerry's VP candidate

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones for VP!!!

This Dean supporter just signed up to volunteer for John Kerry

Presidential poll-post Edwards

Mass GOP claim senate seat victory Tues, claim gay marriage mobilized

Anyone catch this----over $1 million raised in 17 hours?

I just sent Dennis Kucinich another fifty bucks, we still need progressive

John Kerry campaigns today in Orlando with Bob Graham and Bill Nelson

IL voters support State Senator Barack Obama for Senator in Congress.

Kerry reaches out in Florida

Gephardt carries more weight in midwest than Edwards does in the south

Randi Rhodes is also for Bob Graham

Is Kerry a placeholder for Hillary?

Kerry and the end of the debate - Eric Alterman

Which candidates who have suspended their campaigns now endorse Kerry?

Vote in this on-line Democratic primary (uses "Condorcet"-type IRV)

Wes Clark Dems: Donating to the Kerry Campaign

How about Robert Rubin for VP?

Top 10 Reasons I'll Be Voting Kerry

I just signed up to help Kerry in Wisconsin.

The 36-year cycle?

SHRUB speech in LA, FAITH is the KEY

I just don't understand why

VP prediction

Voted for Dean yesterday, Am Psyched about Kerry today....

I wish that when candidates dropped out they could...

Using 9-11 for political reasons is disgusting

Choice of VP will be made cautiously

How important is the Party Platform?

Norwegians for Kerry!

Congrats to Kerry!

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Dick Durbin for VP, anyone?

Why do dissenting opinions continue?

Good news for Minnesotans! (ie the caucus last night)

New TV reality game show: choose Kerry's VP in state-by-state contest

70% of California voters vote to destroy health care and education in CA

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Who picks the platform at the Boston Convention?

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For those who think the media wasn't a factor in Dean's downfall

After Kerry is nominated, I will...

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All Apologies

Good news - Kerry raised over $1Million in last 24 hours

Excellent Kerry Ad........

Apology to Dean supporters

There is a media conspiracy against Clark

Looks to me Clark has a really good chance at being John Kerry's

A Defining Moment - email from John Kerry

I am behind Kerry 110%

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Skull and Bones is not an issue.

Kucinich lost.

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what should i do in nov

Good News: Ben Nighthorse Campbell won't seek re-election in Colorado

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The Media killed Dean.

anyone have info on turnout?

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Why was the turnout low

A time to heal

Why Clark will not be Kerry's running mate:

To all who have not yet voted in the primaries

DK better get his act together, or he might lose his Con. district

I've made up my mind: I'm now ABK.


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Now That We Have Our Candidates Let's Vote

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An excellent interview with Dean on VT public radio, overview of plans.

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There is one political thing I want almost as mush as seeing Bushjr lose..

Is Bob Graham's journal-writing going to be an issue?

Will George W. Bush win Florida? - GREAT piece on why some here are wrong

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