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Archives: March 31, 2004

Radio Flyer 90 year old factory in Chicago closing, moving to China

Maureen Dowd: Poppy's progeny still in his adolescent rebellion period

The Awful Truth about Republicans

Funny freeper LTTE (Seattle P-I)

Salon: Creepier Than Nixon (John Dean Interview) **Must Read!!!**

HIGHTOWER: Messing With Venezuela

Florida Senate Deleting Voters Right To Recount, TOMORROW!!

Republicans trying to gag nonprofits

Nat'l. "Embarrassed by My President" Day April1

RNC v. Free Speech

Where is the resistance to the LEFT BEHIND series?

Question for Nancy Waterman: New Liberal Radio begins 3/31

A question for economics experts...

Is the Whitehouse pursuing a policy of wage deflation?

Terror and tolerance...

Listen to the Arab Reformers...

An interesting thread here...

Is it possible to hack someone account...

Not to whine (wah wah wah)

Jews against Zionism

War Launched to Protect Israel--Zelikow remarks uncovered by IPS

How many coup attempts so far this month?

Bush/Cheney '04 just solicited me--twice!

Poll: Opposition to Governor Rowland remains high

Edwards running for Governor of North Carolina?

Independent enters South Dakota senate race

interview with Air America's Randi Rhodes

Give them what they want !! ....A blast from the DU1 archives

Supremos to ghoulish FReeper lawyer: Leave Vince Foster's family alone!

Ben-Veniste with Tweety....."shaking the trees"

The FEC Needs to Hear from All of You

First Laura Bush, now Poppy

Does someone know how to submit to Kerry's debunker?

The Daily Show...oh boy!

We all know Fox is biased, but have you watched CNBC lately?

How US soldiers are behaving in Iraq....

Ashcroft's health

What can we do this time about Nader?

OPEC May Ratify Output Cuts, Sending Crude Oil Prices Higher

If you are sexually active, stay out of the sun.

truckers/gas prices

FINE PRINT: Overlooked news this week

From the archives: Role reversal: Bush wants war, Pentagon urges caution

Help the poor pay more in taxes & give much needed relief to the rich.

What percentage did Clarke tithe to the 911 families?

Disturbing typo in *'s new letter on Rice testimony- "die committee"

Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton on Larry King show...Now!

What are the odds of Condi ratting the bums out?

Did I just see ????

Go Go Go Golden Gophers, Watch 'em Go! Final Four, yes!

what will it take for media to examine the Cheney task force?

Why don’t we go them one better and bring this sucker down?

The people we need to win over: a discussion with my boss

Nobody is talking about Dick Clarke's witnesses....Why?

Is Condi the Oliver North of 9/11?

MoveOn Meet-up in Portland Oregon April 8 7-9pm Unitarian Church

Who do you favor for the next president? Take our online poll.

Here is what a Boston talk radio wingnut

Can't wait until the Oct. Knockout Punch

Just Try to get Richard Clarke's Book at the Library....

John Snow and the outsourcing comments

The "medigate" scandal that is being swept under the media carpet!

Iraq Watch NOW on C-SPAN 1

I have a house full of anti-Bush books.

Think your vote dosen't count?

very good Daily Mislead on dumbo/AWOL on 911

The Great Bush Cover Up

Hey! It's Nick (don't forget Brad boy) Smith on CSPAN! some nerve

ex cabinet members defend clarke

book titles

Stephen Hadley. Has he testified about "battle stations?"

U.S. Shutters Iraqi Newspaper


Is Richard Clarke our Ollie North?

August vacation questioned on Larry King

I'm pleased to say my nephew has just left Iraq!

Sieg Bush

Don't put too much stock in the polling results now

laughing at WMD...real funny Mr Bush...

Air America starts up tomorrow! Don't forget!!

condi/bush photo....LOL...too close for comfort......CAPTIONS??

So, President Clinton Can Be Sued and Forced To Give A Deposition...

Hubble condemnation..who is really behind this?

9/11 hearings have little impact on the general public

Heading off to Borders in a bit....Best Political Book?

My late local news opens with * flip-flop 9/11 commission

Has * Become Comfortably Numb?

Scarborough is looking puffy again.

Why Musharraf pardoned A Q Khan

Aaron Brown going thru list of flip flops bush has done on the 911 commiss

List of Air America stations anywhere?

Richard Clarke on Daily Show!

bushie in disguise

Ashamed of My President Day?

Did Ohio GOP Chairman Break Campaign Laws?

DU Blocked By The Navy

I feel that it is more Obscene and damaging to children to show murder

When Condi testifies

CJCSI 3610.01A: Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) of Civil and Military Aircraft

Peace Action Education Fund rates Congressional Voting Record

Now Bush is claiming he let Condi testify because he wanted a complete

Is this Stalin qoute real?

This is unbelievable (actually, sadly, it's not)

Bush's flying for an Alaskan Airlines

Is Bush* a Coward?

Condi busted by her own words: "Why We Know Iraq is Lying"

Does OPEC want Bush to lose?

Ann the man says that the issue is misogyny for Clarke,

If an amendment for only Civil Unions was put on the ballot

Aldous Huxley-The Ultimate Revolution(mass servitude) audio

Boosh has his bags packed....under his EYES! did you see him today?

Gore buys cable network for $70 million


* looks a little shaky today

#41: son is "sowing of the seeds of basic human freedom "=tittie movie!

Wired News Special Report

Clinton actually was the one in his admin to push focus to bin Laden &

Do you think that Kerry will work to get us off of Oil?

We have * caught in a pincer move; if we have the guts to insist on a

What act would be justification

CNN Lies about Letterman...

911 Commission Should Call *'s Secret Service Contingent

There is No Transcript of Condi's Prior Meetings with the Commission.

Watch Cheney's lips while Bush is testifying

Has Chimpy Ever Experienced an Original Thought?

What is your current assessment of our chances in November?

Abuse of Power statement read on Senate Floor!

David Gergen just said on Hardball...

MoveOn PAC needs donations for powerful anti-Bush tv ad

Richard Clarke on Jon Stewart tonight - Comedy Central

Bush will do ANYTHING to win, because if he loses...

Is there a point at which revolution becomes a necessity in the US?

Do you have friends and/or relatives in Iraq?

Time Warner and Viacom "Strongly Democratic"

DUers: How would you respond if it were a Democrat in the WH

Why would the 9/11 panel agree to NOT call other WH officials?

Sick Email being circulated by Repukes sent to me. Rebuttal anyone?

Should the Democrats renounce Zell Miller?

Need Help - Re: Walmart

President Clinton is monitoring us!

Hey, what ever did happen to G. Gordon Liddy?

Jim Thompson on Tweety encouraging him to harass Clarke

Must See: You Slay Me

You Have Been Had, Snookered, Duped, They are Laughing at You.

"I dared criticize Richard Clarke", a Republican political assassin?

George W. Bush: Steady Treason in Times of Crisis (dis-disinformation ad)

Fox and the Rove propaganda machine: A Canadian view

Does the Right Wing want a " Final Soution " for Liberals?

If it's Gephardt, we are DOOMED

Rev. Moon speaks to loyal supporters from Congress. No news coverage?

Do the WingNuts have a final solution for gay people???

It has begun: the CNN/Gallup Bush* job approval polls are being Diebolded!

We are warning you, Daschle, not to investigate 9/11.

300 ballots found in District 28 race; Cuellar in lead (vs Ciro Rodriguez)

Privacy Trumps Disclosure in (Vincent) Foster (Autopsy Photo) Case

Britain Arrests 8 Pakistanis in Connection to Bombing Plot

Bush mining regulatory change denounced by coal company neighbors

White House Threatens to Veto Highway Bill

Senate votes more money for child care in welfare bill, over White House o

Reimportation makes gains: Gregg working on bill that starts with Canada

U.S. Sets Up Authority to Probe Iraq Corruption

Haiti needs 18 months to elections - U.N. envoy

DeLay dismisses stepping down

The Story a British Firm is Afraid to Publish (House of Bush...)--New WMW

Soldiers of Misfortune, More Homeless Veterans Seeking Help (WP)

Military Recruiters May Get Campus Access

Hill pressure tipped the balance on Rice

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez falls behind in Texas primary recount

Sao Tome to ask for U.S. boats to boost coast guard

Gem dealer admits link in missile case

When Goals Meet Reality: Executive Privilege Reversal

No Clear Favorite for Top U.S. Job in Iraq

Albright Worries Bush Fuels Hate for U.S.

For Some, a Sanitized Movement (Gay Marriage)

WP: A Clash on Classified Documents

Socialists plan to reweave the social fabric of Spain

Air America to Present Liberal Talk-Radio Alternative (Update1)

36-hour nightmare on freeway

GOP dodges Medigate

WP: Bush Scores Points By Defining Kerry

UN Peacekeepers Should Stay in Haiti for 20 Years, Envoy Says

Sen. Miller: Sept. 11 investigation energizes terrorists

Emotional Elder Bush Attacks Son's Critics

Iraq Arms Inspector Says Search Is a Tangle

A look at Bush's reversals

Evidence Of Iraq's Weapons Capability

Senate panel votes to oust Molnau for transportation job (MN Lite Gov)

Cheney trades barbs with Kerry on taxes

Bill makes fleeing a felony, penalty stiffens in chases (Florida)

Three explosions at the chemical plant in Texas City

Snow Reignites Fight Over Job Outsourcing

Gus Hansen is the most insane poker player ever

I'm Tired

The Sloganator

Public Radio Fan dot Com --Neat Website for Public Radio Fans

And then there were 42K!

Take the Condoleezza Rice Quiz!

Democratic Cardinal fans ought to be IRATE

I did it! 1000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! 42,000 members!

Need Help - Re: Walmart

Tell me this isn't hilarious.

need suggestions for new music

24 and the Shield tonight,,,, Fu@king A!

Here Comes the Punctuation Vigilante

Anybody up for movie trivia?

200th post...

People need to stop slandering british food!

Who is this Dana Rohrbacker? (sp?)

The Toshirô Mifune Appreciation Thread

Keep an eye on this Minnesota/Duke women's Elite-8 game.

Today, I figured out life.

Said it last week and I'll say it again... Paula is looking HOT tonight!

Was Skinner installed by Hillary Clinton to divide the left?

OK, we didn't even make 20 minutes, so at 5:1 odds...

Go Go Go Golden Gophers, Watch 'em Go! Final Four, yes!

Which would you watch first?

I bear negative feelings towards fascists from the state of Illinois

Patty, Maxene or LaVerne?

Anyone here with dual citizenship?

is the chimp* fabulous?

What were W.'s favorite games as a kid?

120 Minutes fans Check In

Minn. Women Beat Duke

Hey! St Mel gets his first miracle!

Was Cheney born with that sneer on his face?

Congratulations DU ! "42008 user registrations since January 2001"

Did I just see ????

The Sting-Ray is back!!!!

Blues Brothers - I hate Illinois Nazis!!

Any UM fans in here (NIT)?

OK...I'm ready to try Linux. Help?

Anyone into Junior Walker and the All Stars?

McDonald's HS Dunk Contest Winner

Scully or Michelle Dressler

Another overlooked band-The Undisputed Truth

Clarke will be on the Daily Show on Comedy Central in 40 minutes!!!!

more addictive than hotornot

Apology to AP and ChavezSpeaksTheTruth

Let’s Play A Cassandra Game?

puter genius needed!!! Help!!

I am looking for an appropriate reading from the Bible for a funeral...

Finally! I am going to post something important!

Lully or Marie Dressler?

DU chat

I think it's time for some more ZombyHugs!!!

Kool-Aid turns your poop green (I'm drunk, ask me something)

American Idol career timeline

what's the sickest you've ever been from drinking?

A funny

DU Ladies -- Raise your hand if you find Richard Clarke sexy

DU men, raise your hand if you think Richard Clarke is sexy

As a kid, what sport were you best at?

Controversy is Clinton's Fault (freepers get excited about freeped web po

goodlordgawdamighty - installing windows98

Bill Hicks on the Right Wing- LOL must see!

Love and the opportunity that wasn't there...

Okay, here are the new rules about marriage.

I swear I didn't have a point.

Robot Bartender

WHo else LOVES salt water taffy?

And what did we learn on the Daily Show so far tonight, kids?

which is dumber (Freeper creations)?

***It's BullGooseLoony's 5000th Post EXTRAVAGANZA!***

Scott's guide to sounding like a conservative

Homeward Bound officially has the best lyrics of any song. ever.

How much do you love your nuts?

Favoriet TechTV babe

Anybody got a great recipe?

How to emigrate?


Any Beautiful South Fans?

Any love for Prefab Sprout out there? Paddy McAloon as good as Neil Finn?

Scarface-Greatest guys movie ever

What's your favorite WILSON PICKETT song?

I hate to admit it, but I like the Texas Chainsaw remake

"Century City" is very interesting tonight...

Fourteen Hours at Work

Men are weird!

Anyone Interested In A Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

Betty, Wilma or Judy?

Finest Quad City Radio Gal?

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,

Britain has the best Indian and Chinese food!!

Input wanted: Need help picking images for photo exhibit

I have a confession to make: I like O'Reilly.

I Love India

Zomby's Word Association Thread

Does anybody know anything about this Dem campaign job in DC?

Georgia DUers: BBV help needed

Will Condi's testimony be televised, or just broadcast on NPR?

Bush's ads damage Kerry more than Clarke's testimony damages Shrub

Firefighters for Kerry

So Chimpy is too scared to face the 9/11 Commission alone.

Firefighters for Bush. Uh Oh.

Illinois Senate Race: Some Ryan divorce files to be unsealed

Why the Clarke story will eventually help us.

Anyone else heard the Gephardt VP rumor? (Please, God, say it ain't so...)

Why is Rasmussen polling Kerry the best?

Do you believe Condi will perjure herself?


Has anyone else noticed . . . (media coverage of Bush v Kerry)

When Kerry is ahead in the polls, will CNN...

I'm not just voting *against* bush, but I'm *reluctantly* voting for Kerry

History of KMT lies repeats itself

US shuts down anti-occupation Iraqi newspaper (WSWS analysis)

Stars and Stripes: Rotation in Iraq crowds highways

RE: Richard Clarke: Where Is Hugh Shelton?

My platform my Slogan would be "Conservative Radicalism."

Jack Ohman's cartoon in The Oregonian this morning

Another good one from Gene Lyons

TNR-Trade Imbalance(White House vs. The 9/11 Commission)

78 Great Creations by Democrats

Conason: Tough Questions for Condi Rice

A growing mutiny of US Admirals

Colin Powell Mum on al-Qaida Before 9-11


Iraq War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser - Zelikow

The Whole Truth

CNN: "A Look at Bush's Reversals"

Don Hakman's cartoon this morning

The Onion (humor) - What Do You Think? - Richard Clarke Speaks Out

U.S. a nation divided: the wimps and the warriors, senator says

The failure to keep America safe

great ltte in todays san diego union-trib

Is Fix in at 9/11 Commission?

Terror aides strangely keep turning on Bush :Josh Marshall

Stop It, You're Killing Me

Local/national non-profit/public interest org's face GOP censorship

Newsletter by Grassroots For America - sign-up now

Ask your cable provider for GoreTV (NWI) with a FREE FAX

National Embarrassed by the President Day Protest THURSDAY, 4:30 in DC

The 9/11 Visibility Project

Once a month until the election anti-Bush street corner protests

Pentagon classifies Missile Def problem report - and media says ??

Support Liberal Radio

Another, less politically charged question for the "O'Franken Factor"

Al Gore!

Does anyone know...

A Beforeathought exclusive for Howard Stern fans-

CNN Loses the Peace

Air American sponsors

Air America displaces black talk radio in NYC

Most trusted name in news ...bullshit

Christ Almighty!!!!!!

Let's get AirAmerica added to iTunes

Hillary's Living History is due out in paperback on April 19

Does anyone know anything about Qigong?

Chávez festival to honor singer 'Chunky' Sanchez

IT leaders question Senate spyware bill

Chicago Manuf growth slows - Employment index contracts

EU fight may last to 2009, Microsoft says

US complicit in its own decline

Treasury chief calls outsourcing a plus for US (3/30 Cincinnati Enquirer)

Study: File downloads don't affect sales of CDs

EMI to Cut 1,500 Jobs, Artist Roster, to Save Money (Update2)

Offshore outsourcing helps U.S. economy

Survey: 275,000 telecom jobs to go offshore by 2008

Economic Model,pro-Democrats:name of it?Eco.Forums?

Gas Boycott.

FASB Proposes Mandate on Expensing Stock Options (finally)

'Scary' Parallels with Japan

What triggers great plagues of locusts around the world???

Skylon spire may return to London skyline

Bush 2000 Gas tax rollback never acted on -ok as he "never formally commit

Environmental Pioneer Decries Bush Environmental Damage

WV Residents Slam Bush Mining Waste Plan (Removing Stream Buffer Zones)

Say goodbye to cheap oil

Scientists Unsure if Methane at Mars Points to Biology or Geology

New Evidence of Cannibalism in Andromeda

Converting Gasoline Generators to Propane

Amazing Satellite Photo Of Chinese Dust Storms (Good Article, Too) - BBC

NYT: Hopes for Nation's First New Nuclear Plant in Decades

Tourism trashes island nations

South Korea jails academic for seven years

DA welcomes Brit arms probe

Latest on Missile Defense fiasco from Center for Defense Info

US complicit in its own decline

An Occurrence in Pakistan -- The Battle That Wasn't

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 31, 2004

Need a mod in LBN

Do you all read each thread?

Breaking news on border issues

Good Work On Mr. Wallace, Gentlemen....

Stop the insanity!

need help

Article submission.

Show no mercy!

Israeli Soldiers Tear Down West Bank Outpost

Palestinian militants lure youths into suicide bombing

As in Tiennamen square

Bank of Israel: Intifada cost at least NIS 30 billion

Jewish Settlers Move Into Arab Area

Sharansky slams BBC report on boy bomber

Poll: most Palestinians support attacks on Israeli civilians

The 9/11 Visibility Project

Loray Mill's owners brought on violent strike

Support Joe Hoeffel of Pennsylvania

Election Day Strategy

Why does this bother me?

What if there was a Republican Zell Miller?

Parents be aware-NCLB funding tied to military recruiting of teens.

Ask Condi why her boss said al-qaeda was not an urgent issue.

Hahaha...this is rich

Twin Cities job prospects suck: 72,000 unemployed vs. 29,000 jobs

need help on outsourcing views

War Launched to Protect Israel--Zelikow remarks uncovered by IPS

Hollywood helps out...

54 vacation days in 8 months - Month long vacation Aug 01

the medias new way of reporting KIAs

Flip-Flops and passing the buck

The Big Spin

"Humour is the new weapon in the US presidential contest" -

Time To Get Back To Earth - Condi Has Sold Truth Seekers A Pup

Study: Purebred Dogs Resemble Owners

'Brits afraid to publish Craig Unger book': The Guardian

NYT editorial: "disturbing conditions attached" to Condi deal

who's actually listening to AAR right now?

COOL -- look at the Air America site NOW!!!

Kristen Breitweiser (9-11 Widow) on the Today Show NOW

RWer comment about 9/11: "We all make mistakes."

Kerry (and we) don't have to worry about the past or the future in this

Michigan DUers - Who's running in the 2nd District?

Salon John Dean Interview That'll Scare the Pants Off You

God' s Banker: BBC interview with son Carlo Calvi

Operation Desert Badger (on CNN)

In 9/11 commision testimony, what kind of rug will Condi lie like?

Daniel Ellsberg on Richard Clarke

Canada’s new prime minister delivers more austerity

Does anyone have a number to a hair dresser?

How widespread is the hate and mistrust felt by the Iraqis towards us

"Separation of Powers" doesn't mean unchecked power for Bush*

Al-Qa'ida 9/11 chief reveals US got off lightly

Look at a population density map of Iraq

BBC World Service not too happy about WLIB format change...

How many people has * admin dissed so far...?

condi is going to testify.

Lord, Please Deliver Me From the Word, “Bash.”

Need economy wizard

15 year-old charged with possession of child porn, pics of herself

Fantastic editorial from the Boston Globe (Iraq)

Air America the Liberals Super Bowl (what station are you set to)

Just booked my flight to NY for the RNC....!!!!!

franken on msnbc during the 10AM hour eastern wed.

Imus on bush & cheney's

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/31/2004

A letter to our local paper...

interesting reading -

Did you order MoveOn "Bush in 30 Seconds" dvd? If so, did it arrive?

Jon Stewert/Richard Clarke replay NOW

New WJ Phone Stunt...Ooops Wrong Line

A couple of good LTTE in my local paper.

Air America is playing some totally awesome music!

Rove's Pal Brazile Trashes Prez GORE (Surprise)

Anyone read The Onion today?

why iraq is in mess

Why Won't Republicans Let Poor Vince Foster die?

EXCLUSIVE: Bloggers slam Frist book on Amazon over Clarke comment

Franken on MSNBC coming up!

Pink is illegal? Elle Woods should sue!

Can anyone summarize John Stewart's interview w/ Richard Clarke?

Q: How many times did Bush mention Al Qaeda in public before 9-11?

You know what's really cheesy?

I can't believe the 911 Commission agreed to these conditions for Condi's

It looks like we have reached 600 U.S. deaths in Iraq

Note to Eric: U Need 2B More Careful

FIL sent me this (gag) (choke) (spit) Help me refute.

Medigate slowly gaining some traction

Why did Clarke postpone his Hardball appearance?

whats going on in iraq

Woman: Pharmacist denied birth-control prescription

Al Jazeera report regarding deaths of soldiers

Speaking of Vince Foster...

Kerry's Campaign Needs a Shot in the Arm....soon...

NYT Reviews "Against All Enemies" & "Ghost Wars"

Why Won't Republicans Let Poor Vince Foster die?

Must read: Ruy Teixeira has a great breakdown of that Gallup poll

5 More US Troops Dead - How bad is it? Read this from the NYT.

More wingnuts refusing to dispense birth control....

Richard Clarke's schedule - when will his next appearance be?

Ouch! NYT SlapDown on Bush/Condi Flap

The Human Cost of the War in Iraq

Naders evil plan

Wow, look at Hannity's poll.

Emotional Elder Bush Attacks Son's Critics

What Is with This Big "Rolling" Out of Karen Hughes??

CNN: A look at Bush's reversals

What kinda poll is this?

Operation Desert Badger

Air America already playing clips of Bush*

Rasmussen 03/31 - Kerry 46, Chimpy 45

O'Franken Factor Radio Debut in 10min at Noon....

This Faux "News" poll is ridiculous.

Plame? Dem computers broke into, AWOL, Medigate, bribery?

US violating rights???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anyone got a link to listen to Air America on the web?

What speech did Bush say "bring it on"

Found at Starbucks: The Pentagon's Papers

campaign contributions made by Air America talent

Gov Dean will be a guest on Garofalo's show Friday night

EXCLUSIVE: Bloggers slamming Frist book over Clarke comment

this is the book people should be reading . . .

BOYCOTT the US Navy, Tyson foods, and (Franken advertisers)

Unable to watch so called commission hearings

"But, of course, there’s no liberal media bias." Let this guy have it!

Air America Homepage has Streaming Link with no Registration

QUESTION! Will Al utilize DU at all for anything?

Karen Kwiatkowski: That audacious Richard Clarke

You GO girl (good for her)

"22 Minutes" repeats Bush's "Jean Poutine" episode today

John Podesta: A History of US Government Secrecy

Michael Moore to appear on Franken Factor!!!

HNN article on Executive Privilege

heh - Air Americas 9-12am show: 'Morning Sedition'

Dragged bodies, dismembered bodies, hanged mutilated corpses!

After O'Franken - Randi Rhodes??!!!!

??on LBN stock market watch - possible Greenspan heart attack??

O'Franken Factor on Mp3? (

The "L" word

(Sarcastic) Fun with a misspelled URL

Iraq on fire; bush lies; etc. CNN Poll? "Do dogs resemble their owners?"

Jon Stewart is the best political interviewer on television

AIR AMERICA's Press Release - for more info:

LMAO -- Ann Coulter will be a guest on the OFranken Factor

Harken sues Costa Rica for $57 billion over its environmental laws.

A New Future for Spain: Call It Social Socialism

Liddy appears on Franken -- freeper heads explode everywhere

Liberation through death: A freeper view of events in Iraq today.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, Do you hear that sound Rush & Hannity?

Official O'Franken Factor Premiere Thread #1

Does anyone know

Official O'Franken Factor Premiere Thread #2

strap on the tinfoil protect yourself from the "sound gun"!

Support Air America's advertisers

AIR AMERICA - Where to Listen:

Civilian Contrators were from Private Security Company in NC, Iraq

Somebody please call this in to Franken -

Fox "News" is Garbage!

Air America Phone #s!!

Did anyone notice Kean's winking attitude when he said

Iraq was invaded 'to protect Israel' - US official

Why doesn't the 911 Commission subpeana Willie Brown and

Craig Unger interview today on CNN International

U.S. Official: Iraq Invaded to Protect Israel

Space weapons...anyone else scared??

The new Bush budget passed by the House has some very harmful cuts

Will the Republicans try to stop Air America radio?

George W. Bush: Saudi Oil Poodle

Hey, get rid of that picture of bush on the home page

Recent poll shows that Saddam Hussein is more trustful than Ahmad Chalabi

Al Franken on!

Bush Senior defends Son...

dupe -- please delete

CHUCK D!!!!!

Another Federal Employee Silenced

I'm so sad, I feel sick. Just read another Yahoo post about the

Still waiting to hear the first Freeper

an absolutely wonderful thing (for a change)

I have found the reason Freepers fawn over Rush

Email address for Air America?

Official O'Franken Factor Premiere Thread #3

Bob Kerrey Said No Evidence Of Ashcroft Threat Assessment

I want an hour long, all-news daily show

Anyone have a link to a WORKING Air America stream?

Clarke on O'Franken Factor on Friday

"They just don't get it."

Gross International Happiness

What is a good black democratic site?

NY Times pic of Janeane at the mic

Al Gore on Air America!

Anyone have the Phone number for the Airamerica SHOWS??? to call in?

My daughter-in-law just called to tell me she's going to Iraq.

I'll be blunt...what the heck is "Desert Badger" and why is it getting...

For those having trouble getting an audio stream from Air America

Al Gore-owned Liberal TV News Station?

The new Bush budget passed by the House has some very harmful cuts

For those in the Air America cities...

Air America Radio question

So what is the Iraq tourism motto going to be?

Impressive...Sen. Clinton, Paul Krugman and Richard Clarke...

I have no proof , but I bet Will Farrell was kicked off SNL

Oil Refinery explosion in Texas - this was the work of terrorists,

"Some feel like they can attack us there. My answer is bring them on."

most powerful diesel engine in the world

For Mike Malloy fans...

Oh Susannah

Al Gore on the line with O'Franken!

It was pressure from the Hill that led * and Condi to cave

List of Air America Radio Stations (six stations)

LTTE Help needed - Bush/bin Laden and terror attacks pre & post 9/11

Nutrition and healthcare make West Europeans taller than Americans

Is there a date yet for Rice's testimony?

Did you like the O'Franken Factor?

Friend's email irks me. What to answer?

MSNBC Headline "Gruesome Day" 9 Americans killed, of course will help Bush

(Jesse) Jackson signing on as radio talk show host (on Clear Channel!)

America's Problem---great cartoon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon address Congress

Where is the Ed Schultz thread?

Whatever happened to Robert Wright?

Reporter Apologizes for Iraq Coverage

Familiar with The World Affairs Council?

George Soros Attacked At Kiev Conference

Where can I listen to Air America???

RW radio punks supposedly anxious for Condi to testify...

More CNN anchors join "kneepads for Bush" disinformation corps

evangelical christians on the attack

Need info/links on pro-choice charities.

Did anyone see the Treasury Dept site? Admin makes civil servants

Diane Rehm does it again. You must hear Zbigniew Brzezinski

Holy Bat Makeover, they made Randi Rhodes look like a Stepford Wife!

freeper reactions to air america

Most ridiculous thing EVER from a Republican

How can I hear Franken!?

Call In to the Randi Rhodes Show! Support Her, Please....

What happened to Crossfire?

TOP Reason Gephardt would be disaster as VP Choice

another great cartoon...sad but funny too

We Want Malloy...We Want Malloy...We Want Malloy...

I just gave to Kucinich

The first time I drank a beer I hated it...

So ALL the networks drop REAL news to stay with story about a found coed.

Link to the unedited video?

Wish Al Gore A "Happy Birthday"!

We need Air America BUMPER STICKERS so we can spread the

i thought Chris Mathews was a live broadcast

Would Bush's WMD joke still be "funny" if 6000 U.S. soldiers had died...

It's a repub 'law' - dem party must always have much less $$$ than repubs'

Impotence by the Dems is not acceptable anymore

The Other (Air) America

Official O'Franken Factor Premiere Thread #4


We have * caught in a pincer move; if we have the guts to insist on a

WH Outsmarts 9/11 Commission - We Got Screwed

ABC NIghtline 3/31: The very ugly face of war (Falluja today)

OFFICIAL Thread for ALL Topics.

Oh my-Shrub is coming to St. Louis

Seventhson we hear you!

We should leave Iraq and every other counrty!

Bush said today that he gets his news from ESPN?!?

Bill Clinton Secretary of State?

It's so nice to hear everyone so jazzed about Air America...

Creepier than Nixon (A must read)

who thinks righties will invade Air America...?

Eric's phone logs from Starbucks at Connecticut & R

Goodbye CNN, Goodbye MSNBC, Goodbye CNBC!

sniggering smear campaigner John King doing story on Liberal Radio

CBS evening news is about to do a story on the word "liberal"

Are We So Insensitive as to Turn Death into a Political Event?

Local ABC News Pre-empted the Iraq Horror Segment!

headlines 23 years ago, reagun shot: hinkley's brother to dine with bush's

I'm going to be on Air America @ 7pm EST tonight

All of you DUers who are on AOL, please take the poll

#1 Rice question

Gas prices are too high! Boo-hoo hoo!

Georgia General Assembly Passed Gay Marriage Ban

I am very bothered by 911 Kerrey's comments about the Ashcroft

Nader wants Kerry to loosen up

The Official Randi Rhodes/Air America Thread

Ralph Nader got punked out by Jimmy Carter?

Do the '527' anti-bush ads help or hurt the Dem candidate?

Nader In -- a Bush Win.

2000 election Anger- Purge of 80,000 + voters or Ralph Nader

What is the best Justice for Bush?

Rice may testify before 9/11 panel by next week

Ralph Nader is going to be on Randi Rhodes.

PLEASE help to UNFREEP this Seattle Poll

Number of times W publicly said "Al Qaeda" from 1-1 and 9-10-2001? ZERO

Is Laura Bush

Caller telling Randi Kerry is too much like Bush

Link to freepers listening to Franken

Still no live stream at Air America Radio...

Blast from the Past: HRW report on the Town that Just doesn't get it

Hartford, CT area - Air America out of NYC is listenable

three U.S. diplomats who resigned over the war have no regrets

AA ignores Webtv with streaming in odd formats

It looks like I get to keep my testicles.

Pat Bucannan on Randi.

Tim Robbins on the Howard Stern show- Mp3

Grade the first O'Franken factor show, objectivly

Cannot connect to Air America?

Here is the company where the 4 guys who were killed today in Iraq worked

Paul Bremer is protected by mercenaries?

Iraqis Drag Bodies Through Streets After Attack

Reminder: Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia (AWOL) to be on 60 Minutes II tonight

Could Clinton become VP?

600 | Fallujah

I'm sorry, but I didn't like Franken's show

Rape Rooms

anyone have pictures of what happened at fallujah today?

Is fix in at 9/11 Commission?

Did anyone hear me mention Hatfield on Randi Rhodes show?

Iraq War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser - Zelikow

What did everyone think of the O'Franken Factor?

VP discussion about now--

LMAO! Look at the NY Post's list of the "liberal media".

I wish Michael Jackson would get his ass off TV. He covers up for Bush.


Letterman or Leno should find a photo of Bush and Cheney holding hands!

Would you support Gephardt as Vice President

They showed the bodies of the dead Americans in Somalia, but

Here's the clip of the kid falling asleep behind Bush

Anybody hear Karen Hughes on Fresh Air?

CNN makin' it up as they go? (Letterman bit)

For those who didn't like the Randi/Ralph battle

What is the Real Reason for the Republican lust for Power?

Dyncorp Primer.. Our media needs some help.. Should we help them?

Anyone else having trouble logging into Airamerica?

Sorry Al, the Ashcroft Threat Assessment is real and it's important...

Infuriating!! Let's compare Clarke's supposed profiteering to Bush Co.

Bush was right the Iraqis are dancing in the streets

Karen Kwiatkowski: That audacious Richard Clarke

WarBusiness - African Black Gold

ADVIL appreciation thread -- THANK YOU for sponsoring AirAmerica

An idea for an anti-Bush ad

What would you do?

Clarke Asks To Pull Its Ad

In support of the WAR - The barbarity in Fallujah

CBS News: New questions about the Bush/Cheney 9/11 "Tag Team"

"casualty irrelevance" 18,000+ dead Iraqis? your tax money at work

One does not have to spend much time at FR before one hears murderous talk

Help - Clinton offered Bin Laden several times by the Sudan

BBV about to break another big one

Who does Randi think she is? Bill O'Reilly?

The Soul of Capitalism

South Korea jails academic for seven years

Gunmen shoot dead Tamil candidate for parlimentary vote

Indictment reports `wrong,' DeLay says: Denies discussions of defense fund

Lawmakers may pay (Florida legislators, health insurance)

NYT:Hopes of Building Nation's 1st New Nuke Plant in Decades

Confidence in Economy Shows a Dip

Palestinian militants lure youths into suicide bombing

Air America is on the air

Justices Unanimously Bar Release of Photos From Vince Foster Suicide

Arnie ale meets strong arm of law

Psychiatrist Testifies in Texas Slaying Case

Insurgents attack, burn vehicles west of Baghdad

Police officials jailed for stealing babies

Heinz denies that beans means bucks for Kerry campaign

Politician expelled for Viagra votes

Army suit says soldier stole Iraqi sheik's SUV

condi is going to testify.

Defying Bush, Senate Increases Child Care Funds for the Poor

Ngcuka drawn into Haiti spat

AU chair appeals for DRC peace

More wingnuts refusing to dispense birth control....

US senators hail Patterson for hosting Aristide

Iraqis Drag Four Corpses Through Streets

NYT, p.1: Reason to Run? Nader Argues He Has Plenty

Iraqis living around nuclear site fear radiation contamination

Did anyone see the Treasury Dept site? Admin makes civil servants

U.K Muslims urged to fight terror

Why Won't Republicans Let Poor Vince Foster die?

National Embarrassed by the President Day Protest THURSDAY, 4:30 in DC

Outsourcing is good for the economy

Ottawa (Canada) software developer charged with terrorism

EXCLUSIVE: Bloggers slamming Frist book over Clarke comment

Al Jazeera report regarding deaths of soldiers

The Reverend Jesse Jackson to Host Weekly Talk Show on Clear Channel Radio

Bodies of Foreigners Dragged Through Streets of Fallujah (IRAQ)

Haiti's new government almost bankrupt

Operation Desert Badger

"U.S. State Department identifies 3 of 4 civilians killed in Fallujah,

Three British troops injured in blast in southern Iraq

Venezuelan leader's insult sparks war of words in S. Florida

Kerry Fund - Raiser Brings in More Than $3M

US Blamed Over Death-Row Mexicans (World Court Criticism)

NYT: In Wis., Bush Offers Hopeful Assessment of Economy

U.S. Marines turn police to keep Haiti peace

Panning to live as Zimbabwe's mining industry falls apart

Kerry to have shoulder surgery

Man confesses after seeing Passion: Neo-Nazi says he bombed youth group

Fed: Greenspan didn't suffer heart attack

Why the fighting Fagans, father and son, of the San Francisco police,

Salazar's (D-CO) coffers for Senate race hit $425,000 | Denver Post

OPEC to Cut Oil Output Target by 4 Pct.

Montana group wants gay-marriage ban put to vote | Billings Gazette

Uzbekistan militants seize hostages

Fresh from evolution flap, Georgia hosts science conference | AJC

Aristide launches kidnap lawsuit | BBC

Door slammed on Cdn music industry's bid to obtain names of file sharers

Governor took harassment course (Schwarzenegger)

US Attorney General Returns to Work After Surgery

US Marine reinforcements join Afghan al Qaeda hunt

WP: Pentagon Drops Plan to Test Internet Voting

John Kerry Gets Huge Welcome From 3000 Building Trades Leaders

Al Franken on!

Al Gore on Air America!

Missing UW student Audrey Seiler found alive

An old Kerry foe, Houston lawyer back in spotlight

Never mind the torture and political prisoners, he's Bush's man

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 31 March

Presidential Office blasts `Washington Post' for distortion

DA wants Ngcuka to investigate Mbeki on arms act

Schwarzenegger takes action over 'Governator Ale'

Sudan Arrests 17 in Alleged Coup Plot

NATO slammed for half-hearted job in Afghanistan

BBC: US opposes Oklahoma headscarf ban

Cuba a bioweapons 'threat,' U.S. says

Nader tells Democrat, `get loose'

Layton goes green with NDP platform (Canada)

W.House Stops Short of Criticizing OPEC, Draws Fire

Found At Starbucks, The Pentagon's Papers

Schwarzenegger says raising taxes may be unavoidable

New Details Emerging From Early in the W. House About Plans to Attack Iraq

Jobless Rates Rise in More Than Half of Election Battleground States

Constant tied to voodoo

Clarke Objects to Anti-Bush Group's Ads (

White House Blames Congress for Gas Prices

Medical evacuations in Iraq war hit 18,000

EU Rules on Airline Passenger Data (Thank you EU for having balls

Chen wound caused by gunshot - US Scientists

March Proves Deadly Month for GIs in Iraq

Who counts the civilian casualties?

Bomb Kills Five U.S. Soldiers West of Baghdad

Military Sex Assault Likened to 'Friendly Fire'

Bizarre Hoax Leads to Strip Searches

Alan Greenspan heart attack rumor makes dollar tumble

German elite back Kerry over Bush

Martha Stewart Lawyers Seek New Trial

EMI music to cut 1500 jobs, cut 20% of artists

Marines Seek to Pacify Fallujah

Al Gets Gore-TV

'Saddam may have been developing ability to produce WMD'

Rice may testify before 9/11 panel by next week

BBC -- breaking Georges Soro attacked in Kiev

Texas Congressman to File Suit in Recount

Jubilant Iraqis Drag Burned Body Through Streets

Psychiatrist Testifies in Slaying Case (Texas Mom)

Missing University of Wisconsin student found alive

Mugabe 'bullies way to poll win'

GOP Accuses Kerry of Using Soft Money

Treasury Studies Democratic Tax Proposals (Kerry's)

White House says Letterman is a liar.

EMO, rockabilly, psychobilly...Young DUers

Your Youth

Clarke is on the Daily Show!

Doc Martens Fans Check In Here!

Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick

Study Says Speed Humps Can Help Kids

Dean Martin Fans Check In Here!

Engrish, anyone?

Rowan and Martin fans check in here!

Do you have a quarter?

Martin Lawrence fans slept here

Martin Prince fans here is blah...

My name is name is FABIENNE...

Guy offers Toast on e-bay as a gag..and has to send the buyer..toast

For a mere 1Million bucks you can have this guy's life

So this yak walks into a bar

Ricky Martin fans check in here!

"My Favorite Martian" Fans, Check in Here

schoolkids Creation Science Fair--gotta see this

AOL raffles off spammers porsche

Separated at birth: Ariel Sharon & Alistair Cooke RIP?????

Viagra 'Inflates' Some Men's Expectations

Another question for computer experts...

Good (Wednesday) Mornin' DU!

US 'speed eater' devours rivals

"I swear to save my ass, my whole ass and nothing but my ass"..

Hottest Women's College Basketball Player

I want to upgrade my computer and I need some advice.

Woman Challenging Donald Trump On 'Your Fired' Trademark - Pottery Store

Townhall Meetup - boston

BATMAN BEGINS by pimping his ride

Woman (Incarcerated For 11 Years In Room) Hid Her Valuables In Her Womb

Study: Purebred Dogs Resemble Owners thingie...Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

For people we've loved who have left this world--post your tributes here

Band Members JAILED For Mooning Motorist

Amsterdam Dogs Get Their Own Toilet

14-month old Locked In Nusery Once Used As Enormous Safe

Man Charged With Trying To Buy A Vote With Beer (School Taxes)

"Le Poisson d'Avril": is awesome!

Forty years ago today

Boney M is here!

Do you know any Freepers in real life?

Solo artists who are better or worse compared to when they were in bands

I just wanted to show off my new Kerry/Clark Avatar!

That Regis co-host is DRUNK!

The Robotic Bartender - You'll love it!

DU.. um.. this... .. poll... or something...

My boss just brought me an Easter cookie--Ask me anything!

It is time for the neo-cons to drink the Kool-Aid.

Man Tried To Fire Bottle-Rocket Out Of Car - Went Off IN Car - Burned

We Have "Jump The Shark" When TV Shows Go Bad. Well I Think We

Don Martin Fans Check In Here!

What's The Most Consecutive Hours You've Ever Slept?

Caption: JP2, nun the worse for wear?

Caption: George Soros, slimed in Ghostbusters remake?



Anybody know what is up with Air America Website?

Well, this town is waiting to explode

Anyone here register at Air America website? I'm having problems

Air America at 12:00 PST (in L.A.) which would be 3:00 EST

Heh. Mark the day: Devil Rays in first place, Yankees in last place.

Whatever happened to Urge Overkill?

Keep me away from the furniture!!!


Favorite song by Tallinn Defiant?

Come take advantage of this oppertunity to tell Phe he's stupid!

I can't even get on the Air America site now.

LBN Matcom is caught after crossing a road.

Great Fark Photoshop thread

Whose GREAT idea was it to hold a Formula 1 race in Bahrain?

Can we make fun of ourselves re: Air America? We need to. . .

Please send some good karma to my kitty

Mari is in my prayers

Irony is defined as:

Cartoon for matcom

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!

all Toile and no Play of all CAPTIONs

I Love Pie!

Oliphant cartoon for Zombywoof!

OMG! Was that Lillith doing Mann Coulter?

From a bunker 3500 feet underneath Dick Cheney's bunker...

Anyone have a cartoon that makes them cry?

Strother Martin Fans Check In Here!

Scott's vanity thread

Caption: dropped my pet tarantula here somewhere...

For those of us unable to get the O'Franken Factor today...

You know what's really cheesy?

CAPTION this photo from minibrian's Appleton visit.

No Al Franken on 1580 in LA!!!!!

I turned on 1580 and i got mariachi music..... no Al, no Chuck....

Woohoo! Just scored 26 on MiniPutt2! - Anyone beat it?

Air America Radio web stream Silence---they have to do it...

What's up with all the right wingers calling Franken??

What is it with message board/web cliques ??

If you wanna listen to Air America today

I read Plaid Adder's article - one thing....

Franken is a Deadhead!

I just had my eyes dilated, don't ask me anything!

$9,980 down and $242.00 per month house payment

Job outsourced overseas? Put your skills to work through EBAY

Has anyone seen WhoCountsTheVotes lately?

ZombyWoof revealed (picture)

photo on DU post

Anybody else have crispy nostrils?

Anyone in Portland want to hire me?

O'Franken Factor telephone number...

Who remembers the old 1580 - KDAY, L.A's 1st rap station?!

Some computer periphral buying help...

What's wrong with my car? What should it cost to fix?

Gore takes veiled shot at Limbaugh

For a long time I was certain that Karen Hughes and bushie

Is Air America on in the Detroit area?

The Irony of Air America on a Clear Channel station is....

*Delighted Screech!* It IS Bebe Neuwirth!!!!!

Wally Ballou on AirAmerica

I've found a great hotel for the Convention in NYC

"How to drive fast on drugs while getting your wing-wang squeezed . . .

hahaha - you're all gonna die, and you voted for that guy

Check out this bumpersticker...

Dumb As A Box of Hammers Such a Handsome Man....

PC question

You are not your khakis.

Bush was too busy ducking the 9/11 panel to deal with the high gas prices

Anyone have an East coast Air America stream?

Gee whiz, ads on liberal radio as irritating as ones on regular radio.

Contacting Air America-help.

Another network looking for affiliates.... (shameless plugging)

new Oxyrush advertisers

We're going to do the colon screening test, diet questions

Pro Wrestlers Accused Of Sexually Harassing Flight Attendants

Favorite song from the last album you listened to

Need help with a JPG

Liberal Christian radio/Tv programs?

Gack! I've aged 30 years! - according to BCTV

Anyone remember the 70's women's rock band Fanny?

Gopher women goin to the final 4!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Likely To Be Heard During Bush & Cheney's Joint Appearance

Trying to register at AirAmerica

Miss India Resigns!

I have an announcement to make!

Does Janet Jackson still have it?

AIR AMERICA stream up!

Anybody catch that godawful McDonald's commercial on AirAmerica?

Best Brand of Cookie

Air America: Any station in Houston carry it?

Bostonians/NE'ers: Where the hell is the sun?

The faces of the 'working poor' in the Midwest...

'Grantchester Meadows' was Roger Waters' best song

Funny Bumper Stickers

Daddy's little girl.

Anyone listening to the international soccer/football games?

New Traffic Camera (D.C.) Nabs 788 Speeders in 2 Days

Name the names of all your pets you can remember, chronologically

Anyone else here disgusted with Michael Bergin?

Anyone have the new Clapton album?

how to use a mouse?

Evil Dead: Army of Darkness -- The Comic Book

How many virgins does it take to screw in a light bulb?

What kind of virgin are you?

Finally, a superhero for FReepers -- "American Power"

If I were to make and sell a brand of pizza called "Gravestone"

Quentin Tarantino's "Passion of the Christ"

Leno gets contract extension through 2009

Omecay ayplay ithway emay

How can I stop my Virgin records from sliding off the spindle?

I'm leaving DU, switching to the GOP, and joining Free Republic.

Shattered Glass Now Available on DVD/Video

How can I turn multiple pieces of lead into gold?

What's with all the virgin threads?

Whats The Most Risque Thing You Ever Did in College?

I have much respect for Rush, Hannity, and O'Reilly

Virgins are overated

Berlin's new litter bins to say "Thank You"

The first time I drank a beer I hated it...

AA banner question-

Beating C-Span Callers With Their Own Bladder

Hump Day JukeBox Tunes?

How long have you NOT been a virgin?

I've got a bitch about Ryko Disc CD Jewel Boxes

Which is better - VIRGIN-ia or West VIRGIN-ia?

3.5 minutes...

News reporters are idiots!

Serenity Now!!!!

Jack Black To be in the new King Kong


That Guy in the White House.

anti smart films

Do you have it in your head that Whitacre looks like Santorum?

Dumptruck - the Band

The Red Sox will...

the Red Sox are going to be insane this year

Buddhist Monk in Manhattan

Name the virgins. Olive oil, wool, records........

What happened to the new police chief Minneapolis got? the Cubs have to deal with the SI cover jinx, too

Ahhhhhhhhhhh shiznit, it's good to be back

Hump Day Battle of the Bands: Tears for Fears vs. New Order

Best Movie Soundtracks ever - -top 3!

I have a quick question

How many virgins have you converted? I'm only sure about two.

Someone PLEASE PLEASE Discourage Me from Buying

When Good Songs Go Bad: Lyrical Trainwrecks in Great Songs

Lyrics that kept great songs from being hit singles.

Does anyone know the name of the site that 'hires' online editors?

DUer DNC2RNC participation...

Barnes & Noble has me confused about my target demographics.

Speaking of Hot Dogs - Anyone Remember Walter's

Shadows of the Night

The "A Love Supreme" appreciation thread

By popular demand: The Thelonious Sphere Monk appreciation thread

No! No! No! No! (sounds of crying) Keanu Reeves is the lead in a PKD film

The Dude Abides. I take comfort in that.

Shadows of Knight

So I did it...I signed up for a Calculus class next year.....

What Day Of The Week Do You Think The World Will End On?

Study shows working out to music boosts brainpower? What are you playing?

That thread finally got locked!

Nobody rides for free.

Michael Moore just called Gore "Mr. President" !

What song was your wedding theme?

Favorite underrated '80s movie?

Is *Flashdance* As Bad Ad '80s Movies Got?

How can I turn multiple songs into 1 mp3 track?

Most evil song ever

DU ON AIR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! DUer on the AIR NOW!!!!!

Okay, am I on everyone's ignore list?

What Are Your Essential Hot Dog Accompaniments

Hit TV show you absolutely loathe

My cat is a junky-she's hooked on shoe polish


Sniffle...I didn't get my ZombyHug...all is lost...

If you are a virgin, what are you waiting for?

Suggested disclaimer for links.


I've Asked Another DU'er To Marry Me

I Love Country & Western Music!!!!

The Official "Thread that never dies" Memorial Thread

Who has the best DU name?

What if other directors tackled "The Passion of the Christ"?

Ask a computer question and I will answer it.

What's up with Kerry's fundraising?

Heinz denies that beans means bucks for Kerry campaign

Republicans for Kerry

John Kerry and Wes Clark are both Catholic

John Kerry California speech on C-SPAN

Republicans Against Bush

9-11 - Connect the Dots

I like Edwards but Attorney General isn't right for him

"Sending Out the Smite Squad" (Time; 4-5-04)

WH conditions on 9-11 commission testimony - rove mistake?

IMO, everyone on DU should read this post, and links.

More proof bush is in trouble

Some people *do* "choose" to be gay, i.e. bi-curious folks

LOL! bush* blames Kerry for higher gas prices; Clinton for 9/11!

Bush addresses 8.2 Million Unemployed: 'Get A Job'

Was a Sat Night Live script used for planned "Joint 911 apperance?

Why is Bush still using the $900 billion figure in his new ad?

Anybody know what satellite service will offer "Air America"?

Anyone notice that Bush can't testify to 9/11 commission without Cheney?

Help me design a vanity plate!

Bush refiuses to admit de-emphasize terrorism, terminate tracking/funding

Nader Advises Kerry to Loosen Up

A Dollar-A-Day to Make Bush Go Away (216 to go)

Humour is the new weapon in the US presidential contest

If you like economic hardship, plus death and destruction, VOTE bUSH*!

It's the Incompetence Stupid

Bush's economic adviser supported 50 cent gas tax

Psst...Hey, Kucinich fans...

Dean is keynote speaker at 21st Century Democrats annual dinner tonight.

NY Times page-one Nader story

Wait a minute - Isn't Kevin Costner right-leaning?

Deleted message

Governor Dean will be a guest on Garofalo's show Fri. night.

GOP savings plan for the poor? - If you have no money how do you

Poll finds senate challenger gains ground on Voinovich

How can 41% of Americans believe

Bush lies about 911 costing 1 million jobs - he has no proof/estimate

Dr. Dean on the Washington Post Online Chat today at 5:15 pm EST

Daddy Bush Complains Media Is "Something Short of Fair and Balanced"

Factual Bush ad in CALIFORNIA by

We need Dean

will Karen Hughes's schtick work?

Did anyone read....

I'm leaving for my first local Democrats meeting in 15 minutes

I always kind of hoped Carter would have run again

The Stars Come Out for John Kerry (L.A. Fundraiser - LONG)

Kerry Leading Maryland

Remember when Clinton was crucified over the "black hawk down" incident

Clarke Asks Anti-Bush Group to Pull TV Ads (Moveon ad)


Just saw the lastest Ad from Chimpy

Defying Bush, Senate Increases Child Care Funds for the Poor

New Poll: Bush Up +6 Over Kerry In Pennsylvania (Bush: 46, Kerry: 40)

What would Gephardt bring to the ticket as VP candidate then?

Anyone else having difficulty summoning the strength

I really like Sen. Kent Conrad, ND.

Nader letter to ABB Democrats

does it really matter if you vote for kerry/against *, or how reluctantly?

Wes Clark Dems: Please Check In

Edwards on Lou Dobbs today

Must View*** www.Take Back The In case you've ....

How do we let the Kerry camp know that Gep is a bad choice?

Kucinich in NC, April3-4

Dennis Kucinich on CNN Thursday

"No one died because of Watergate"