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Satan at it Again - WP

Can Democrats Win The Senate? -

Hans Blix: 'I learnt I had been made to look like an imbecile'

The spin is no longer believable - TW

Salon: Conason: Another Crude Slur

Bush won't let the media photograph soldiers' flag-draped caskets-Eric

looking for discussion related to "Laughing at God"

Bush or difference

Planned Parenthood speaks devil-speak

A Very Shaky Case Succeeds - Martha Stewart

Just a friendly reminder about Ellen Mariani's petition

Verified Voting: Georgia- this is the moment.

Wake-Up Time

Family is important because...

weight loss program, number one

Getting to know eachother (a questionaire)

BBV- Technical Problems Reported in E-Voting

Congress's personal stock portfolios more healthy than most

Oh the irony...Martha and the job's report....

If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?

Another organization claims responsibility for Moscow metro blast

A Q Khan fall guy for Musharraf: Benazir

What do rank and file cops think of the AWB?

I would like to make a nomination for next week's "Top 10 Conserv. Idiots"

"Avatar Removed Under Legal Threat from Fox" Real?

I think a serious discussion needs to be had

Skinner: If and When GD: Primary is transormed to GD: General ---

The Ghetto Inside (by Uri Avnery)

The Gaza Striptease

Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine

India, Israel ink Phalcon early warning radar deal

Congressman Rodney Alexander endorses Bush, but decides to stay a Democrat

Book Alert: The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Art of Deception

Question for fans (Enid Goldstein)

What is the deal with GOP convention timing and ballot status?

Air Force One phone records subpoenaed

someone tell me im wrong

New York firefighter and chimp

Can Democrats Win The Senate? CBS News

Jobs Americans Won't Take ..... Nonsense

So, if a male Lifeguard rescues a male drowning victim by

RW-er Quote Du Jour "Haitian Election Was Plagued By Irregularities!"

How can the Democrats be respected as a force in Congress...

What do you think about Kerry not calling * by name?

I just bought 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Fear of a female Veep

A Martha Stewart analogy

If Mr. Kerry wants to come out and call Mr. Bush a GHOUL...

Let's start listing what we have going for us in this election.

NY DUers and Bush visit...

The disposable cellphone

I have 2 predictions, one on Nader and one on the South

The faker moves out - and we're ALL there to help

Which pre-convention events should Bush organize at Ground Zero?

BBV: Look what I found on Ebay!

Hey! Look over here!

CSPAN SAT ALERT: Howard Dean Address at Gridiron Luncheon (1:15pm)

---<<(( Bring Back The JFK Tax Cuts!!! ))>>---

Sign a petition to get President Pig* from using those 9/11 ads:

OMG Mary Landrieu is HOT! She needs to be the VP!

man was going to attack the local Repub headquarters- true story

why did the Democrats introduce the bills HR 163 and S 89 (draft)

Hey. Who Is Are Karl Rove. Do We Have A Democrat In Washington Or

Attention Kerry Detractors.

Kennedy Speech -- 1st Play -- CSPAN - Fri 10:45 PM ET

Tavis Smiley (PBS) Friday: Ralph Nader and musician Richie Sambora

What portion of your taxes go to support Pat Robertson's tax exempt empire

Do you drink Fair Trade coffee? Should you?

Stephen Moore (Club For Growth)

How much does Bush's campaign trips cost the taxpayers?

What`s the difference? Stewart / Inclone or Bush / Harkin.

Steve Forbes and cnn

Newest Fox poll shows Nader having no effect on race

Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated

Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti, (Pacifica transcript)

RNC Tries To Have MoveOn Ads Pulled

This is the horror that the Bu$h admin has created

Bring Back The JFK Tax Cuts!!!

Do you want Ken Lay to be charged and convicted?

My new town has severe class distinction

What's your response to this Dem Bashing Mass Email RE: Social Security

Ballot access (IGNORE = Nader thread)

Bush Exploits Photo of Dead Bodies, But Not Soldiers Coffins

Arab-Americans unite to unseat president.

Another Conspiracy Theory...

Senators Santorum, Joe Lieberman Offer Faith-Based Bill As Amendment

So I've been thinking about our chances with the House and Senate races

Shame upon our nation and political parties

Is there a list of Bush flip-flops?

Democrats Have To Come Clean On Saving Social Security

Bush was AWOL on 9/11

Should California Secede?

General Assembly House panel kills legislation on gay marriage (MD)

CIA Leak Records From White House Sought (Federal grand jury)

Are y'all

Star-Ledger: [NJ. Gov.] McGreevey's office hit with U.S. subpoena

Lawsuit filed over same-sex marriages (Portland OR)

Central Africa moves to silence Aristide

Gay Bishop Says He Wants to Marry Partner (talks about Britney Spears)

Minnesota DFL chief blasts Bush ads

Group says: Two sex offenders among US troops in Middle East

Aristide Supporters Denounce Haiti 'Occupation'


U.S. cancels Iraq contract after questions raised

Blair confronts war critics: I was right and I still am

2004 election offers voters real choice

Roh told to recant or be impeached - SK

Most nations could miss US-imposed passport deadline

WP (Pincus): Kennedy Says Bush* Skewed Iraq Data

Kerry Seeks to Relax GOP Hold on South

White House Warns Against Extra Pension Relief

Kerry, in South, Rips Bush on Job Losses

Bush Close to Imposing Sanctions on Syria - Sources

Bush's longtime adviser Karen Hughes back in spotlight

Blair lacked critical thinking, says Blix

Sources: La Congressman to stay Democrat

(Washington) State Senate adjourns to avoid gay rights vote

Bush appointee resigns over marriage issue

Bloomberg Is Said to Want State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

Schwarzenegger names Deukmejian to head prison reform panel

Judge denies request for abortion records in battle over partial-birth abo

NYT: How Industry Won the Battle of Pollution Control at E.P.A.

U.S. General Says al-Qaida Eyeing Africa

Dollar falls as US fails to create new jobs

Kerry's Shifts: Nuanced Ideas or Flip-flops?

EchoStar (DishNetwork) Preparing to Drop Viacom Channels:

'I learnt I had been vilified, crucified & made to look like an imbecile."

Coup by Technicality

Flashpoints: Aristide addresses his nation & the world

Aristide's guest privileges pared in exile

Iraq's Chalabi Says 'Blame CIA, Not Me' About WMD

Sen. Biden Tells Arabs to Adopt Democracy

Is Colby from SURVIVOR the guy in the Quattro shaver ads?

who will we caption after we win this november?

Amended sig line

How's this for a sig pic?

My 200th post

Calling Underpants! Hellooooo? This post is for you!

So, J.A.G. - Pretty much the Bushista Propaganda Variety Hour, right?

Some parental advise wanted....

Which lasts longer?

BWA Ha ha ha ha!!!! I demand an explanation!

What killed the dinosaurs? Well, the Great Flood, of course!

Favorite "Dotor Who" DVD

Will I ever get a poll locked *just* for being a Dingbat?

Praise Jayzuus! Repent you sinners!

Mr Cranky's passion...

Oh Yeah.. Barry White is on the radio!!

Kornheiser & Wilbon or Ebert & Roeper?

"I've seen things..."

I'm VERY proud! I installed my own bathroom sink faucet and it doesn't

I have read every post in the top listed 4 categories

Need some help/suggestions please

So I spent OVER AN HOUR searching the house for my keys. I found them...

I'm So Sorry For What I MIGHT DO Later

Pepsi Clear Did you drink it?

My baseball fantasy team thus far

I'm crazy! Watching "The O'Reilly Factor"! Ask me anything

Bartcop is right!

The comedians on Comedy Central's stand up show tonight

Reminder to DU: We're winning

Is "Enterprise" cancelled?

I am laughing through LaRouche's website...

Why I called in sick to work....or........IT'S THE CAT'S FAULT.

Legal Help

So, if a male Lifeguard rescues a male drowning victim by

Rabrrrrrr's argument clinic is now CLOSED

I got quoted in the SF Chronicle at a protest that took place yesterday.

Microsoft Word geniuses, help!

remember the obesity thread from last week?

Friday Night Kitty Quirk Thread....

Just getting over a stomach virus.

a funny saying about bush by bill Mahr, i think

Friday Night Kitty Quark Thread....

How many professional academics are in the lounge tonight?

To commemorate her death: FAVORITE SONG by PATSY CLINE?

I met someone interesting today...

Raleigh-Durham DUers, anyone here listen to Jerry Agar?

SHould I turn this quote into a bumper sticker?

I gotta git me one a them things!

What do you think?

What are you burning?

What do you smell right now?

"Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub." I have a question.

Santa's Letter

Satan's Letter

A Scary Thought...

Jean-Luc Picard's review of "Kill Bill"

Looking for Thundercats DVD set

Why I'm going to miss Bill Moyers' NOW

Let's pretend I just thought I heard what you said

What movie should I watch on the treadmill tonight?

Battle of the Big Ones.

Me like talk cave man

Go over here. You'll like it.

Hey! Look over here!

i went over 7000

Congratulations rchsod!!!!!

John Stossel just made the soup I was eating come out of my nose...

Of course you'll have a bad impression of New York

Sing along everybody!

I'm sorta tired

Martha Stewart is going to have so much street cred now.

Cool, Beavis & Butthead are on

Congratulations, DemoTex!!!! 7,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, I know stuff - test my knowledge

Observe this icon closely.

Admit it - you enjoy the forbidden pleasure of watching...

Next 70s TV show to be made a movie?

State of the Union

20/20 is now waaaay over the top

Hey. Who Is Are Karl Rove. Do We Have A Democrat In Washington Or

Oh shit, there's a tornado headed right at me!

Indians are chasing Little Joe!!!!! Please tell me this is only a story!!

Zombie Fans -- You HAVE To See This! - SHAUN OF THE DEAD Preview!

Which epithet is more suitable for *?

Man do I stink!

Probably the 20th "I'm sorry, but I like this picture" thread today.

Favourite Owen Wilson role?

I'm going to Myrtle Beach SC tell me anything I should know about it

Friday Night Chat

Hello It's Me

I am under a Tornado Warning. Ask Me Anything!

My Insurance Denied My Prescription Coverage Again, Ask Me Anything!

Martha gets hosed - Ask me questions

That #$@%$ "Milkshake" song is so freakin' catchy!

Advice on making deviled eggs, thread 2

Question for the ladies

The Neighbors, Part Deux

Just paid my first-ever visit to the Meeting Room.

Favorite Kingston Trio song?

Funniest Horror Movie

Willis to be Kutcher's best man? (WTF?)

the moon song

Anyone remember "Battle of the Network Stars"?

Why don't animals love us as we obviously love them?

Olive likes the moon!

BBV: Look what I found on Ebay!

I'm adding two movies to my personal "Worst List"...

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Brought Down to Date) (When America Attacks)

Tom Hanks' Laugh in the "Lady Killers" preview is annoying!!!

Birthday party question

Let's go back to 1988: "The Last Temptation of Christ."

I'm in the market to buy a GPS for my car... any suggestions?

Should Martha recieve the Death Penalty?

Friday Night Movie Thread

GOP Wants Ads That Criticize Bush Pulled -

Green Party/Naderites will grow under Dem Admin, shrink under GOP

Can I ask a dumb question about gay marriage in Massachussets?

Something for George Bush to think about...

The faker moves out - and we're ALL there to help

It's the Stupidity, Stupid!

The 5 Stages of the Loss of Your Democratic Candidate

Why do people belittle those volunteering for Kerry?

You Can Make It a Three-peat

What the Dems need to do 2005-2008

I have been donating to Kerry since the day after Super Tuesday

I Donated/Signed On With The Kerry Campaign Today

Just saw crawl on CNN say that the RNC is telling

Lieberman calls for unity in foreign policy

How can progressives help, but not for Kerry?

A polite discussion of the mathematical realities of the nomination

Two Johns (Michael Tomasky column)

Is Nader even going to be on the ballot in every state?

I Think Kerry Will Govern Farther Left Than He's Campaigning

CNN Ad Paints Dean as a Communist

First hand report New Orleans Rally

A word to Kerry people . . .

What states can Kerry take?

Fuck it, I'll vote for Kerry

Here come the 2004 Election political tunes: Bring It On

Saturday's Guy James Show Guest---Dennis Kucinich

VP Poll Variant

Who else here voted for JFK in 1960?

AR and LA DUers: Are there a good number of liberals in your states?

Rove/RNC email of MSN/Slate dump on Kerry for "revised positions"

Attention Kerry Detractors.

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd): Step forward Mr Chalabi

Civil War in Iraq?

BBV - A Deafening Silence

"Administration Sets Forth a Limited View on Privacy"

Bill Maher: Why not a foreign-born U.S. president?

Wow, Couldn't have said it better myself!

Sorry, Dupe

Faltering Neo-Cons Still Dangerous: How They Might Influence the Election

Corporate America Is Profiting From Porn Quietly

Haiti: Thousands march in Port-au-Prince against US-backed coup

Fear and Race cards (pic)

Profile: "Unknown Soldier" Speaks Out To Bring Troops Home

He molests the dead

Jimmy Breslin (NY Newsday): He (Bush) molests the dead

Laughter of the Gods (Neocons at play in the pantheon of egos)

Operation Sweatshop... Aristide's move to raise minimum wage

Belafonte vs. Powell Revisited (WP needs reg)

Nader's Lawyer, Donald Etra, Joined Skull & Bones With Bush in 1968

McCain and Bush clash on powers, scope of intel probe:Seeking subpoenas

Liberals, bare your teeth

Seattle is closer to France than to Texas (French kid's artwork on US!)

Bashing Bush's Propaganda Dissemination (sneak-peek for DU'ers!)

No Hay Banda

Lou Dobbs Takes On the World - WSJ' Henninger

Have our troops in Iraq died in vain?

DUers in and near Delaware...

For AZ DUers! Rep. Raul Grijalva Re-election KICKOFF

CNN Web Advertisement Paints Dean as the Enemy

Gannett News Service's whore of the week

Bush Hates Bunnies, and the Teletubbies - Video

"But when all the young men refuse to kill for the sake of peace,and when


Recommended Reading?

Would God ever Lie?

I'm reading Tales from the Time Loop....did anyone else know

Philadelphia cop becomes a woman

Mayor Barred From Performing Gay Marriages

Sydney ready for Dykes on Bikes and YMCA

A stunning invasion of privacy...

Buffett Profits - Berkshire's Net Worth increases $13.6 Billion

Buffett Speaks

'Disastrous' U.S. labour report fuels fear of jobless recovery

I need some help here........

When Debt Collectors Go Too Far

Scientists stranded on floating icepack

San fight to keep Kalahari hunting grounds

Kenya calls for halt to SA's sale of ivory

NYT: How Industry Won the Battle of Pollution Control at E.P.A.

In Iran, daring to Dream of Democracy

Exodus from Egypt approaches its end

Fury at campaign to free Nazi war criminal

Will we ever use our second amendment rights to fight the govt?

Ashcroft Gets His Pound of Flesh

Buzzflash's GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Larry Craig

What happens if I alert on myself?

How far back do the DU archives go?

Can we have a lobby for religious discussion? I recently posted something

hmmm.. I think its about time you rename the forums again...

I have changed my e-mail address and how do I change to my new

Did DU just become a bowling shirt?

I love the mods.

Why is it that hateful conspiracy theorizing gets a pass?

Israel: No pullout before US holds vote

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank: report

Palestinian attackers strike crossing point between Israel and Gaza; At le

Orthodox Jews to Burn Israeli Flag

Inhofe-US not sufficiently subservient to Israel

Ayear of silence since heroine's death

Fence Is a Fabricator

Israeli troops besiege Arafat's HQ

Bush Knew About 9-11......LIHOP or MIHOP?

Troops Rally For Regime Change Battle

Andy Stephenson, Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State

Mike Webb has Ambassador Joe Wilson coming up NOW live

302,000 Salary for a Democrat director of aging?

Campaing Contributions

Is there a new theme being pitched by the Repubs?

Need environmental advice about mosquito breeding...

``The government is always harsh and retributive........."

Questions for Colorado DUers

Some Mexicans entering U.S. may not have to be fingerprinted

Thank you everyone... RE: WH Press Transcript Subpoena

A question about Faux, 'Soft Money' and GOP advertising...

It's too late, baby, now it's too late...

Bush Knew About 9-11......LIHOP or MIHOP?

Why do we still ACCEPT slavery?

A song that best describes Bush

One year later, do you think Canada should have joined US war? Poll

I really object to the RW and media smearing "government" for the ills

Reforming Government...

Yet another reason I loathe Rush

Students learn how media can massage message

Voters claim harassment by campaign workers

Senator Kennedy Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations

Nader has his web page back up

If you lost your extended unemployment benefits, check in here.

Anyone know Dubya's draft number?

Hey, what ever happened to Tom Daschle?

5.6% unemployment

Bush Slept & 3,000 Died

Congresswoman Jane Harman remarks at American Enterprise Institute

CRAZY--Rasmussen has Kerry beating Bush 47-45

Bush misleads in his weekly address

Bush off the starting blocks in Ohio...

Do we actually have to HAVE new jobs, or Bush just SAY we do? People will

Army abandons Iraq contract (this is bad news for our troops)

Who's the real racist

Going to San Antonio Today...

German man wants state-paid sex

RALLY for family values and the sanctity of marriage in Asheville

Why is CNN advertising on the Drudgereport?

Heads Up, Sunday 60 Minutes: Chalabi Lying His A$$ Off...

DU this FReeper poll -- they're LYING about Kerry.

Gay DU'ers...this is a hoot!

TX: SPLAT! Gov. Perry Affair Story Hits Mainstream Texas News

What is your HOME site?

Would God ever Lie?

Blix: Blair Lacked 'Critical Thinking'

Hip Deep in Hypocrisy --- Im starting to retch!

Why do some people want the Government to try to enforce Religious Values?

CNN totally covered up the Bush-link to Stern's troubles...pissed me off

Gay unions run-of-the-windmill to Dutch

Why does US media always refer to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as a "cleric"?

Arnold To Work For The Tabloids?

AOL-Working to pay to get to work ($30 to fill up 13 gallon tank)

Poll on offshoring website - who you would vote for for president.

9/11 and Wellstone death at DU

Anybody have a video link to Kennedy's speech?

A Classic Study in the Ravages of Senility

I was just listening to the radio and they said free speech is in trouble

Separate but equal ~ Here we go again

the predictable capture of Osama is the object of lots of jokes now

No one declares for vice president - op-ed (CA) Daily Breeze

Dean Speech -- 1:15 PM ET -- CSPAN 1 - Address at Gridiron Luncheon

New Kerry Slogan

REMINDER-documentery Hatfield book on cinemax 12:50 PM

Operation Ignore ~ from Franken's book

NYT Sunday Iraqi Raids: 11 Year Old in American Custody

Would this be possible on electronic voting machines ?

It appears that Tweety & Russert may have been subpoenaed in Plame case

The Repubs have promised to lead their followers out of the wilderness

The Repuke media keeps saying the election will be close. I say Bushit!

the mouse's view of the signing that didn't happen (Iraq)

How Did The Other Bush Brothers Dodge The Draft

Don't expect Enron and the like to go to trial post-Martha

Host Moves To Silence Aristide

I cannot believe what I heard on CNN just a few minutes ago.

How much of a boost does W get with the 1st WAR anniversary coming up?

Experimental Microsoft gadget keeps record of your life

Sad about my dashed dreams of a Dean/Clark dem ticket

Big Mistake Made By The Media, Practically On A Daily Basis...

China says good-bye to blind pursuit of GDP growth

Who remembers the Kuwaiti princess and the incubator story?

Why we win: we have the truth and are smarter than they are...


Lisa Meyers (MSNBC): "Ken Lay Will Be Charged Within A Few Weeks

please write Congress not to increase fines for broadcast indecency

Job Data Provides Ammunition for Two Sides in Presidential Race

welshTerrier2 makes a great point about the new jobs created in February

Oh SoCalDem come here mods please move to lounge.

Isn't income and wealth distribution why Mexico is "poor"?

Bush hails new Iraqi constitution..LOL...LOL...ROTFLMAO

Bush hails new Iraqi constitution...ROTFLMAO

Women's March For Peace -- Denver, CO

Bush to Miss Brother's Wedding (Neil)

Hey Kentuckians, Does George Clooney's father hav a chance?

George Bush is INSANE if he thinks the middle east is ready

I just noticed some excellent headlines recently

You've Just Been Elected President Of The United States Of America!

HELP! How Does Kerry Keep FREE MEDIA Attention up to Convention???

If it was a jamming device frying locks in Vegas, how safe is PC voting?

This will show the hypocricy of using caskets in a political commercial

TV Alert: Haiti hearing replay on CSPAN now 2:49 pm EST

Forthcoming book on 9/11

Bush* isn't the problem

Funny things college republicans do.

Dear John Ashcroft

Is something big going to happen with the Plame case soon?

Warren Buffett Rocks

Links needed:

Anybody broadcasting tonight's Gridiron Club dinner?

Pay Per View Concert Benefit For Kerry -- Would That Be Legal?

William Pitt's "The 'Passion' of the Americans"

I just donated $50 to MoveOn, here's why...

It depends on whose ox, doesn't it.

DU sticker at Costco parking lot.

David Crosby made a big mistake

A Report from Caracas Venezuela Equals Haiti?

Could Martha leave the country and seek asylum somewhere?

we all know why they use 9-11 in their ads

20 Years Ago, Kerry Was In Congress and Bush Was An Unemployed Alcoholic

LOL, they put the link back

Lovely Freeper Thoughts On Immigration

'Anti-Gay' Rally in our town (Asheville, NC) today :-(

Challenger Kerry Needs to Move Quick

Plame Indictments, Ken Lay Indictment, could happen very soon....

Is anyone else watching this replay of the Haiti hearing???

Low interest rates hurt employment.

Guy James: Bush may give his acceptance speech from ground zero

Neil Bush's "Ignite!" company outsources

The Sierra Club under siege by racist right wingers

Capital Gang Thread

Predictions about Iraq if Bush wins

For the financially impaired: What venue is most worthy of your money?

FAUX 'News' Debating Whether We Should Have Pay Per View Executions!

We're not making inroads

Will a trial of Saddam Hussein happen during the election?

So much for that economic recovery nonsense.... "pie in the sky"

Employment Numbers: "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"

Are women inherently "better" about civil rights? If so, why?

Official "Guy James Show" thread--please keep kicked

Bill Maher last night , is there a thread?

Should Washington D.C. become a state?

CIA leak probers subpoena Air Force One phone records!

Good Article: "Greenspan's Pension"

The BUSH "Flip-Flops" Thread

A bit of what we're up against

I am one brilliant Kick Arse Democrat thanks to DU!

Organized Support for Howard

US Army has to back out of Iraq contract, guess why?

Symbolman has another GREAT one

Will there be another american civil war?

Resources to rid the world of bushCorp

Black Representatives Kicking Ass on C-Span re Haiti

Knight Ridder Team Pursues 'Most Important' Story (WMD Lies)

Anyone hear this about the 21,000 jobs created last month?

"Privatizing" marriage: why would anyone object?

Are ads illegally financed?

email from my stepson in Baghdad

The Old Man gave John Kerry Good advice ...

How the Presidential debates will unfold

Would casino gambling be an easy fix to California's budget problems?

Florida folks are gonna surprise everyone.

Dean on C-SPAN

Knowledge is the enemy of faith. The Religious Right wants

Human Rights Are Dying on the Vine

Selling Death for Fun and Profit

U.S. Senate Race in CO...

Greenspan's hidden, Objectivist agenda?!

type "City of Character" into your google

Daniel Schorr's Question To Ted Kennedy Yesterday

Guardian editorial on Blair: For all those who takes politics seriously.

Amazing interview with Reservist in Iraq

"Moderate" friend says he will vote Bush......

I wonder whether Geraldo is having second thoughts

GOP, what a bunch of whiners: GOP Wants Ads That Criticize Bush Pulled

More rethug dirty tricks:Thousands of Democratic Files Improperly Obtained

Time to hunker down

Tempers boil at hearing on academic bill of rights

Is same sex schooling a further sign

Ted K: CIA had power to KO war

Life after Playboy..Ex Playmate helps Haitian Children

General Dynamics Subpoenaed

Mayor wants election to 'opt out' of pension plan

William Hung Hits #1 on Yahoo! Buzz Index

Daily Kos previews Kerry's Sat. radio 'response' speech - Dyn-o-Mite!

Four Coalition Soldiers Wounded in Firefight in Southern Iraq

Black Caucus backs Caricom's call for Haiti probe

State funds could repay old loan (Miami, again)

Wrongful-arrest case hinges on tale of tape

U.S. Special Forces in Haiti Seeking Out Rebel Leaders

RJR executives' bonuses rise in wake of big job cuts

Four British Soldiers Wounded in Iraq (Tony are you watching)

State fires voucher whistle-blower (FL)

Papers Show U.S. Unease on Pakistan-China

Administration Sets Forth a Limited View on Privacy

White House Warns Against Extra Pension Relief

WP: Dems Seize on Offshoring as Campaign Issue

NY Food Stamp Call Centers Outsourced Internationally --NY Newsday

Nader reprises spoiler role: Run seen hurting Kerry

Denying Haiti's Refugees

Bangladeshi govt forced to resign

Large protest in Haiti focuses on role of U.S.

NYT: New Patterns Restrict Hiring

Iraqi Shiites, in a Blow to U.S., Fail to Sign Temporary Charter

Merrill defendants seeking Enron files

Boeing may quit making 717s

AT&T WIRELESS: Officers may reap millions in merger

WP, Mike Allen: Leak Investigators to Get (WH) Phone Log

Kennedy challenges CIA chief to refute Bush's Iraq weapons claim

Haiti's problems spill over into U.S. presidential race

Spouses of U.S. troops praised

Arnold To Work For The Tabloids?

Iraqis Consult Clerics to Try to Salvage Constitution

Comey Leads DOJ in Ashcroft's Absence

Republican Bloomberg Said to Want State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

White House-CIA Leak Records Sought (Tweety & Russert subpoenaed?)

Perry's job rating declines to 40%, according to poll

Chechens lured back into a bloody purge

Refinery closure to mean higher gas prices in state (Washington)

Kerry: Bush Shortchanges Troops on Gear

Bush Defends Record on Economy

Perry's job approval rating drops down to 40%

Bush Backs off Fingerprinting Plan for Mexican Visitors

Kerry: Bush Shortchanges Troops on Gear

Bush Defends Economic Policies After Jobs Report

China to increase defense spending by 11.6% in 2004

Some Shiites blame Wahhabis for atrocities

PG&E's Toxic Plume Creeps Toward L.A. Water Supply | LA Times

Easterner Kerry Goes Cajun in Bid for Southern Support | LA Times

State Supreme Court urged by S.F. to wait on gay nuptials

Blix: Blair Lacked 'Critical Thinking'

Miami Herald: Top rebel wavers on disarming (Haiti)

U.S. legislator to sue for election printers

Black Caucus backs Caricom's call for Haiti probe

Parties Seeking to Speak Language of Latino Voters | LA Times

Officials Hope To Have New Haitian PM in Next Few Days

CNN : Bushies Worried @JOBS

Blacks Split on Analogies to Gay Marriage

Transcript: Bush staff went after ambassador (Joe Wilson)

So, who did fry those car locks? (Electronics weirdness in Vegas)

Bush, Fox Get Neighborly Back at the Ranch | LA Times

British troops kill three Iraqis

Kennedy says Bush deceived U.S. into Iraq Accusation of 'fear mongering'

Aristide muzzled - Contact with journalists restricted, say hosts

Bush Defends Campaign Focus on Sept. 11 Attacks

As U.S. Watches, Iraq Warms to Old Enemy

Mercurial right-winger faces challenge in Austrian elections

Probe of Iraq taxi slayings hits dead end (Dupe)

Boston Archdiocese Sues Insurer (For Refusing To Cover Sex Abuse $$$)

Idaho anti-gay marriage amendment killed | Spokane Spokesman-Review

Rebel Says He's New Haiti Military Chief

New job numbers dog Bush campaign

Kerry gets dream run in North Korean media

Reichert (candidate for WA-8) working Green River killer book

Red Cross delivers Saddam letter to daughter

Gays to march here (Seattle), demand marriage licenses | Seattle Times

Worst is over for state (Oregon), says Kulongoski | The Oregonian

US Certain That Iraq Had Illicit Arms, Reportedly Ignored Contrary Reports

Senate GOP Moderates May Back Tax Cuts

French Muslims protest after mosque attacks

Transcript: Democratic Radio Address (Kerry)

U.S. Troops Fire on Iraq Truck Bomber

Ayatollah 'objected to Iraq plan'

In Iran, daring to Dream of Democracy

Foreign troops brace for protests in Haiti

U.S. Team Assembling Case Against Saddam

As U.S. Detains Iraqis, Families Plead for News

Probe of Iraq Taxi Slayings Hits Dead End (US Gives Up on Finding Culprits

Ashcroft Awaits Test Result in Hospital

Billionaire (Buffet): tax cuts favor the rich

Shocking new evidence of the dangers of GM crops

3rd ID to return to Iraq

Water Taxi has capsized in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

David Crosby arrested in New York

Bin Laden loves volleyball, hates ice: TV program

Udall: I'm 'best candidate' (for Colorado Senate seat) | Denver Post

Stewart Juror: Guilty Verdict a Victory

RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads (MoveOn)

Controversy swirls over Rehberg (R-MT) comment (MI Gov Granholm pissed)

North Pole scientists rescued

Alan Cisco: Venezuela's opposition has good reason to be desperate

Letter From 9-11 Survivors Backs Bush Ad

Oil reserves are nearly full, but consumers are feeling the pinch

Stern predicts end of radio show is near

Thousands march in Paris for women.(support headscarve ban)

Kerry on Bush: 'Houston, We've Got a Problem'

New Patterns Restrict Hiring (NYT)

Tony Blair was 'intimate' with my girlfriend: Foster

Transcript shows early effort to discredit ambassador - Newsday

Web site tells doctors of patients' lawsuits

Favorite Bill Pullman Role

Just two old Generals talking about, what? Nukes? CAPTION

Advice for radicals at protests....

My DU signature is NAKED

Top 10 Pastimes for Aristide in CAR

Has anyone bought a Projector TV system?

Otis Redding

Battle of the Bands: Elvis Costello vs. Lou Reed

Favorite Steven Seagal Role

Friday night poll


Battle of the Bands IV: The Monkees vs. The Partridge Family

Is 'Without A Trace' morphing into 'Profiler'?

Alphabet soup story telling...

Late night rambling


Clarifications about the East Coast we Californians Need

Jesus' employees arrested for piracy...(Crucify, them !)

Watching paint dry was stimulatory overload after seeing this.

Check out this charming Harry Potter inspired statue

"With a taste of your lips Im on a ride"

Surely SOMEONE likes Venus Hum!

ACK!! EARWORM! "Hold on Tight to Your Dreams" by ELO

Grrr from another non-political forum

"I Suffered Stendhal Syndrome at Universal Studio's Hollywood!"

What does the song "Ticket to Ride" mean..

There's nothing like a Mom and her baby

Just plain wrong

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

Have you ever called your own ph# and not been able to figure out

Punching and biting at the Old Folks Home..(Winterhaven FL)

What would you do -- for a Klondike Bar?

Have some "blinkenlights"

I want to write a book called "The First Temptation Christ's Passion"

Just watched "North Dallas Forty" on DVD...Good old fun film..

Excuse me...but......low carb BEER???

10 Easy Ways To Be A Compassionate Conservative

Anybody out there know about Mexican Culture (babyshower)?

favorite new t-shirt . . .

I had an affair with Mary Byshe Shelly, Ask me anything.

Robb: The Man, The Myth, The Dingbat

What is your Iraqi leadership name?

Let Us Not Forget: Ashcroft IS in the hospital you know!

I've got a voice like tires on gravel

New World Order----No Humans Allowed

There's just "something" about high fashion hats/headgear

I owe the dog an apology.

What song best describes Democrats?

You Are My Special Angel

Can you suggest any good free mail servers?

I am NOT sorry I like this picture, and don't ask shit!

I refuze two reed

I just ogled an image of William Pitt, now I feel dirty.

I was hit by a drunk driver tonight

The Black Eyed Peas are not the Voice of the Revolution.

Three Days Grace anyone?

It feels good to be back

This is dead on!!!

How Soon is too Late?

Now is your chance to say "SHUT UP!"

Must get a grip. must stop thinking. must stop now.

I just googled an image of William Pitt, all I get is an old guy ...

Betty Bowers Opens Halfway House Exclusively For Bush Children

Getcher Facts Here! Trivia!

anybody listening to the Ed Schultz Show

Would you seek to have your healthy child declared disabled.

NPR-New Volvo concept car parks itself

look out, Walt Whitman...

FDA bug allowances

Just found out he's not a lion

knock knock

The evolution of men's physiques in movies...

Googlebomb NASCAR?

Bevis is now a local GOP organizer

Battle of the Bands III: Bob Marley and The Wailers vs. Pink Floyd

If Danny Zuko joined the mob...

I'm seriously thinking of suing my employer...

Can a Canadian donate to Kerry?

All is quiet at the Alamo


Which GPS unit for my car should I buy?


The corporate negro

BOB WILLS, the "King of Western Swing," born March 6, 1905.

Oh SoCalDem come here mods please move to lounge.

Hamster Reward AD

Living situation - what would you do

UK DUers - can you return a videotape if you don't like it?

Best Saturday Morning Cartoon (old-school version)

hey women- mostly:

Any Bible Historians Out There?

The tenured faculty massacre at the University of Southern Mississippi

I'm hangin with an American Dem in my new town

Is a friend with weed a friend indeed?

For home use: Cable v. DSL?

hey boys - mostly:

can you see the CAPTION for the trees?

Little things you really hate

Scary fundie site for kids

need help with an avatar

A song that best describes Bush

Is she really going out with him?

Can anyone host a server for the game Equinol?

For the Kitty Cat owners, lovers

Who else is hungover right now? How did you get that way?

How you might use the Gibson film...

The Passion continues to inspire

Fans of the T.V. Series "Alias" check-in, have question.

Stupid quiz to get you to look at my other really cool ones:

St. Helens fan starts contest to name its new glacier | Seattle P-I


Battle of the Bands II: Crowded House vs. R.E.M.

I want to go to NYC for the Repug convention

Did anyone else watch Que Pasa USA growing up?

I'll be going away for a week...

Is Iron Maiden good for security?

how old were you when you first drove?

Battle of the Bands, pt. MMM

When you think of "weed", what is your first impression?

How often do you masturbate?

Best Wrestler

Help me pick a new Handle Suggestions Please!!

How often do you see a sex thread on DU?

Is mother's maiden name that good for security?

Odd Food Combinations

My cat is snoring

What's going on with the DU convention?

The Brain-Drizzle of all CAPTIONS!!!

the Middle-earth of all CAPTIONs

Favorite childhood toy...Mr. Potato Head?

Let's hear it for our Moderators and Administrators!

What do you think of the String Cheese Incident?

Tired, crabby, pregnant.

Self Gratification... How often do you indulge in it?

If God wrote Death-Metal...

I'm not a religious person, am I going to Hell?

Odd pet behavior

Is being monogamous in a relationship going against human nature?


Who wins tonight? Corrales vs Casamayor

Dad finally died last week. Broke my heart.


Who else hates the lime-green border color?

"My posts" is low. What should I do?

Favorite breakfast cereal

What's the craziest thing you've done drunk?


Dumb Republicans - Bumper sticker pride.

The Hands-Across-The-Border of all CAPTIONS!!!

What should be my new sig line picture?

Can't stop thinking about her

Good Kids Recipe... (Liberals Only)

Who can tell me about a GOOD portable MP3 player?

How big a geek are you?

You've Just Been Elected President Of The United States Of America!

What is your HOME site?

Your term for weed?

Cher's Best Movie ......

Shortest poem ever written?

'Hobbitt,' 'Rings' Prequel, in the Works

Where should a potential DU convention be held?

Are you there God? It's me Margaret.

Things not to say at the Passion thread II

Is New York the greatest city on the planet?

Are there any positive male role models in TV sitcoms?

Hey!! my first hate mail! fan mail from a freeper

It's always fun to notice the talents of our newer members

When Was The Last Time You Went To A House-Of-Worship?

Ole Vincente's got himself a pretty wife.. and stylish too

In light of "The Passion," Thoughts of God (Twain)

I hate our new neighbors!!!

Tell us about your Number One.

Electrician needed.

Once again, boy bands say 'bye, bye, bye'

"Why do Blacks and Jews vote Democrat?"

Melissa Etheridge - Lucky

Watched "Runaway Jury" last night

I'm looking for something rare, can you help?

Is There an Eels Fan in the House?

Martha Stewart is RIGHT ON!!!!!

road rage in the supermarket . . .

Which situation do you prefer?

Wesley Clark campaigns for Kerry in Topeka

how optimistic are you about a Kerry presidency?

Good Article on Kerry-Edwards ticket

Kerry Seeks to Relax GOP Hold on South

Kerry's site has a lively forum.

Chavez Says he has Proof. & 2 MUST C sites!

On Jobs, Bush Faces Forces He Can't Control

Kucinich Football Card (large pic)

Kerry's California landslide

9/11 ads

POLL -How will b*/rove screw things up next?

Does this mean anything?

Is choosing a sitting senator for VP a good idea?

OMG Mary Carey is HOT! She needs to be the VP!

Why do people in Florida love Bob Graham and nationally he's a joke?

Kerry launches first election website in Chinese

Have the Greens announced who they're going to run for pres.?

Kerry leads in Florida poll with Nader getting 4%

{CA] Lawmaker wants to move primary to June

Comedic campaign commentary

Kerry: Bush Shortchanges Troops on Gear

John Kerry Radio on C-Span, followed by Howard Dean

Kerry Expresses Confidence in Party Chief

"Reggie" sighting on C-Span

Did anyone notice that Leonard Peltier is running for the P&F nomination?

Dean Suppoters: Thank you for all you have done

Kerry plans to target Louisana, Florida, and West Virginia

On Bush's turf, Kerry derides `broken promises'

A Question: Who would make a good Chief of Staff for President Kerry?

peace! i am leaving for good. but first,

Warren Buffett Urges Higher Corporate Taxes, Kerry Admin?

HELP! How Does Kerry Keep FREE MEDIA Attention up to Convention???

Any Kerry MP3 remixes?

Guy James wants you to call his show.

Pundit on CNN said Hillary would overshadow Kerry, and that is not what he

Tomorrow at 8PM, CNN: "Inside the Dean Campaign: True Believers"

Anti-Kerry Skull and Bones Theorists: Fruits or Nuts?

ok GW, California awaiits your millions

Kerry Condemns Bush for Failing to Back Aristide

Hypocracy of Shrub* campaign...

CNN: Rick Perry approval at 40%. How about pushing a recall?

Attention people who work with the Kerry campaign

Has anyone heard of *'s GOTV truck?

Zogby poll in my email.

Republican Assault on Kerry Begins, Flip Flop Boxing courtesy of

I compiled media surveys on S. Tues., CT -Bush ***HATED***

The primaries are NOT over

A Swing to the Middle on Gun Control

DEAN on Cspan today at 1:15pm

Do people like Kucinich because he supported the Afghanistan War?

Sharpton seeks deal to end his candidacy - Yikes! This is a dupe. Sorry

Sharpton seeks deal to end his candidacy

When would you support a war?

The majority of the American electorate I think are mostly ill-informed..

Challenger Kerry Needs to Move Quick

Is Kerry using the slogan, "Give 'em hell, Kerry!"?

Let's rate the media as the presidential race begins

" General Clark, your supporters at DU

Prediction---Richardson for VP

Jimmy Breslin: "He Molests the Dead"

Will Kerry win the "looks" and "personality" vote?

What is the proudest vote you have ever cast?

Repugs already afraid of a Kerry/Vilsack ticket

Bush at Harvard: "People are poor because they are lazy"

Defeated Democrats serve up anti-Kerry lines to foes

Why Clark is much stronger for VP than Edwards

What will President Kerry's foreign policy look like?

If Kerry picks classy, moderate Harold Ford of TN...

The WTO now has the U. S. under sanctions!! And Kerry says...?

Its a Democracy,Deal With It !!!

What would a vice president under Kerry actually do?

DjTj's 4 steps to getting over Edwards (with music!)

How many Edwards Supporters got your e-mail from Kerry

Nader settles into role as election spoiler

Is there ever a simple explanation for war?

Did people vote for Kerry because they want war?

Is he right?

I went to see the KOOCH in Dallas yesterday

Post your favorite Kerry pictures!

Should The First Minority VP Be Black or Hispanic?

Note that the three surviving candiates are basically anti-death penalty.

Marching for Dennis in Denver!

HELP! How Does Kerry Get Free Media for Next 4 Months???