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Archives: March 8, 2004

Haiti’s brutal history largely of our making

Hans Blix Interview

Kerry's wife funds critics of Bush ads (WorldNetDaily)

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): The ouster of democracy

William S. Lind: Reality 1, Neocons 0

How to Turn a Government into a Pariah: Venezuela’s “Matrix”

Greenspan's Con Job (lies about Soc. Sec to avoid tax increase on rich)

Why isn't George W. Bush's message getting out? :The Dukakis Trap

Kerry: friend or foe of US business?

Salon: Taking the Battle to Bush*

On which channel did you watch the 2000 presidential election returns?

Crossing the threshold (Bush's Attack on 'Threshold Rights' )

Mashreqbank launches Equity Gold investment

America....the road-map for recovery?

EU study of external costs of energy: What you pay with your flesh.

I'm Considering Buying A Shotgun For Protection Against Intruders

Pictures of my new Yugoslav SKS!!

Copyright Question !!!

An old question seeking an answer.

Is DU doing some sort of March Madness?

Tennenbaum says he was well treated in captivity

U.S. says Israel refuses to give back enriched uranium

Fatah armed wing declares emergency mobilization

Vote in this poll on 9/11 ads.

I just got "polled" by the GOP, working for Cong Steven Latourette

Protecting Bush-Cheney Redux

Anyone seen "Iron Jawed Angels" on HBO - historical suffragist movie?

John Lennon

8:00 pm et - Booknotes: An End to Evil -- Richard Perle - CSPAN

Did Ted Rall get yanked by Yahoo?

Who's in charge in Iraq?

Sen. Byrd: Fairy Tales, Bush & the 9-11 Commission

Send letters to the editor courtesy of bush

So Bush AWOL...

John Kerry's Cabinet: Who Would You Choose?

Will Howard Stern be.......

President Kerry

Anyone heard of any TV stations caving to the RNC about moveon ads?

CBS 60 Minutes: Leslie Stahl made Achmad Chalabi dance

Will Bush or Cheney face indictments for the Plame Incident?


Will Pitt's father says Kerry can win Alabama

Okay so the RNC won't pull the bu$h 9/11 ads but...

Bush let the bin Laden family leave the US right after 9/11, so should...

So what happens...

What happened to Professor Pollkatz?

Bush and Post 911

Outsourcing Thomas Friedman, By Tamish Phreedman

Question concerning 1980 political campaign ads

True Believers (re Dean campaign) on CNN right now

Undermining Democracy can be lucrative

A gift from Florida to California, CA DUers beware.........

Peter, Paul and Mary have new songs coming out.

ON NOW Ethics & the World Crisis: A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

Paranoid thought for the evening: Did somebody "fix" Ashcroft

'How big a fart does a FANNIE bubble make when it pops?'


Great program, before cuts

is 60minutes good journalism?

Bush is a Nazi... on South Park right now, (East Coast)

Don't look so far ahead

What is the real number of net jobs created?

Bush Spends Millions On 9-11 Ads, Loses 3 Points In Rasmussen Poll

Peter Werbe's streaming live now -- Sunday night liberal radio

SLUDGE Is Quoting DU Right NOW! 10:27 ET

Is it remotely POSSIBLE that Nader could help us?

Venezuela and Bush

Just saw a Bush campaign add on TV

I just escaped an AOL Chatroom

George Bush, Yea or Nay?

why Bushco is like a disease-causing microbe

Peter King (R-NY) claims 85% of US mosque leaders are extremists

Another leave or fight thread if Dubya steals November

'How big a *gaseous squeak* does a Fannie bubble make when it pops?'

Pacific News Service story on what's happening in Haiti:

My Letter to the editor (Bush worse than Martha)

Aesthetic Realism? "the addition to self through the lessening of...

Lou Dobbs=Forked Tongue?

A good criticism of NYTimes and Wash Post Haiti coverage:

(Republicans in a) Pickle Report - Parts 1 and 2, at Findlaw

Ashcroft dealt blow on abortion files request

Kitty Kelley's Bush family expose:

Vote in this poll!!!

Clear Channel is sinking!

They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - I Know This One Is !!!

Saudi Royal Family

Bush approval slips even in Texas!

New Word Order

Medical malpractice ... is tort reform really needed?

Peak Oil in LA Times. "Great Depression will look like a dress rehearsal"

Just googled pancreatitis and found something courious

Chief of Russia's Lukoil to Visit Iraq

Bloomberg shares parade duties with New Paltz mayor

Tribal army to hunt militants (Pakistan hunts Osama)

Dean on C-SPAN

Seattle to recognize marriages of gay city workers

Kerry: Bush Stalling Iraq, 9/11 Probes

U.S. Marines returned fire during attack on protesters, says Marine major

Six Killed in Anti-Aristide March in Haiti

USA accused of abuses in Afghanistan

Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat

Enlarged EU sparks payback call

Bush Seeks to Bolster Regular-Guy Image

U.S. rights record criticized

Amid the chaos, criminals break from Haiti prison

US condemned for Afghan 'abuses'

Military Spending Sparks Warnings

Foreign Crises Stretch U.S. In Election Year

Central African Republic Authorities read a statement from Aristide

Chavez talks peace but warns U.S. over oil supplies

Prosecutor to decide if public or Janklow pays civil damages

For More Afghan Women, Immolation Is Escape

Son Gives Clues to Al-Qaeda Lairs/ Telegraph (SMH)

Egypt rebuffs US over regional reform

Scientist 'Gagged' by N. 10 after Warning of Global Warming Threat-New WMW

The Battle for Florida Heats Up, Stirring Memories of the Recount

Iraq Cleric Drops Opposition to Charter(Grand Ayatollah gives Bush the OK)

Military kin split on Bush - Iraq war changes some minds

Gunfire during protest leaves at least 6 dead in Haiti

Bush won't pull 9/11 campaign ads (Using bodies of victims for politics)

Bush Ready and Bursting to Bring It On

Don't invade us, Chavez warns US

US forces accused of looting, torture and death in Afghanistan

College for the Home-Schooled Is Shaping Leaders for the Right

"God Only Knows" is a song too beautiful for words

Admit it,what TV star did you most want to nail in the 60's?

I've never been to Canada

Mr. President ...Mr. President...Mr. President

is simpsons new or a repeat tonight?

What news story should DIE already!

...taking politics TOO seriously? Interfering with relationships?

The bathtub chronicles, part 1 (add yours)

I've never been to me

Wow much $$$ would give to see Bush GO?

"Playing it straight"

Which is the more onerous task,


So i have a cold and i now realise my wallet has been stolen or is lost

Does anybody have a scrap ceiling fan (I need parts!)

I am being invaded!

Sing along Fiddler on the Roof

how do you put a web link in your profile? a case of google bombing

"Air Force One" starring GWB

Does America need the wisdom of "Herman's Head" now more than ever?

Your Opinion: What actor is most "under-used"?

Neve Campbell turns lesbian

Banner help please?

Have you ever said, “Man, I’d love to be Vic Ferrari”

What's a "Badonkadonk"???

"I am Rudy Guliani and you must do as I say..."

Get out NOW! He's calling from

My brother's kid hockey team just won a trip to the nationals.

If Gary Oldman and Gary Numan got into a fight, who would win?

Conversations with strangers that influence your life

If Gary Coleman and Gary Bauer got into a fight, who would win?

Sign on I-5 overpass today: Winners: Our Troops; Losers: Leftist Scum!

So I just watched "Mr B Natural"

Landscaping question

blondeatlast has her adorable kid in her avatar!

Who is going to a Kerry rally in FL on Monday?


Now that I have HBO, I can watch the Sopranos....

Major Scare: I thought my car had been stolen last night

a question about DISH network and comedy central...

Tomorrow is jammie day at school..

What's the longest you kept a video out and $$$ in overdues?

Astounding Art Works.

Hopefully my last rant on the subject.

What are the cities with the highest cost of living?

What if spongmonkeys were the size of houseboats?

What are your stats?

took my niece to see ROTK ...

Are Celtic Crosses a hate symbol?

Who want's to see my new car?

Has anyone ever taken an Alaskan cruise?

What's your alignment?

Forgotten '80s pop stars: EDDIE RABBITT

Pious Mel Wants Frank Rich's "guts on a stick"

Who acted in your fave flicks, Keith David or David Keith?

Which Canadian province would you absoloutely never consider moving to?

What I've learned about Marriage after 29 years....

OK, I know I'm late on this, but the Flaming Lips CD is amazing.

What if spiders were the size of housecats?

Come inside for your ZombyHug

Infanticide to Infatuation: Why daddies don't kill their babies.

Last night, I watched about 40 big strapping men

Sunday night ethnic humor

What state in the country would you absolutely never consider moving to?

Ooooh! I found it! I found it!!

Woke up this morning...(new SOPRANOS thread)

Is Lindsay Lohan over 18?

I am pretty sure it's my fault

DU women.Do you on first glance dislike other attractive women?

Caring for your Introvert

24 hours of Leno or 24 hours of SNL?

What's the last political rally to which you've gone?

Oh my God. I'm going to die. This is it.

I Have a Major Pet Peeve.....

The feeling of deep hopelessness and sorrow

Am I wrong to think less of my friend's husband

State by state surveys show we have work to do

Does the Florida Poll include Nader?

Gospel singer/songwriter RIPS Bush at convention.

More RNC scare tactics

Is there one "pundit" who will give Kerry and Dems

What's the deal with Kerry's guy James Johnson?

What were the 2 Dean remarks that were most attacked, before Iowa?

What states CAN Nader get on the ballot in?

Vote in this poll!!

Inside the Dean campaign on CNN at 8 Eastern

Carville predicts Kerry wins on MTP

Will Pitt's father says Kerry can win Alabama

What happened on the Dean special tonight?

What is the right thing to do with Iraq at this point?

C-Span2 to re-air Dean's PreGridiron speech tomorrow morning.

Kerry Warns Supporters Today in Mississippi Speech to Brace for Fight

Electoral College break down, state by state polls. It looks good guys.

the ultimate GOP hate website

I did not watch the special. I already know what we are about.

Oh...I know why Ted Kennedy can't run as VP, but I would love to see this

What is Kerry's position on Nuclear Power?

We Stand Our Ground

corporations and politics: true or false?

Kucinich calls for investigation of Haiti events

Kucinich on Cheney-

Bud Beck Endorses Kucinich

Bob Herbert: The Unrecognizable Recovery

Proof that China can't be trusted

Bioethics council sticks to apolitical science. by LEON KASS

A few editorial 'toons for you

Failing Democracy

Nevada Supreme Court Sites Faux News in opinion show ID

If You're a Waiter, the Future Is Rosy

Bush's missing year: Tom Tomorrow tells us the story.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom helped make her husband mayor. Now it's her turn

Marjorie Williams - Win One for the Flipper

Will someone tell Kerry to stop imitating Bush

Democrats in Florida eager to get their revenge

John Kerry's Democratic Convention Speech! Not ...

"Piling on Halliburton," by Dave Lesar, CEO, Halliburton

Bush Administration Thwarts Access

Genital mutilation and its effects on society

This is amusing (letter to Dr. Laura).............

13 reasons to vote for Bush (warning:nausea ahead)


One Nation, Divisible! - vital download

Walter Chronkite (Dever Post): The scariest idea of all

Gore Sheds His Centrist Suit for a Decidedly Populist One

George * and the rise of Christian Fascism

Have Rove & Bush Lost Their Mojo?

Wash Post Runs "Correction" - It Inadvertently Told Truth!

Blair's vision of a new world order is critically tainted

You need to click "Abstimmen"

Steve Martin Mocks Mel's Passion

President George Bush and the Gilded Age (Bush said peope are poor

HAITI ACTION ALERT: - Your action requested -- Aristide locked up

free indy videos on Bush protests, W.R. Pitt, savage cops & media lies

Write the La-SPCA now -& protest legal pitbull/feral pig fighting!

Austin DUers - Party with Llyod Doggett after election 3/9

Just wondering if anyone watched True Believers on CNN

Do You Change Channels When the RW Liars Start Their Usual Crap?

How many DUers are in Idaho and

Something Fun To Do!

Sylvia Brown has vacillated on 004 election


Minnesota DUers...up for another gathering?

Jesus's Time Is Up: The Precession of the Equinoxes

Chinese transsexuals gaining acceptance


Quote of the day:

For love or country: Same-sex couples face immigration choices

Anti-Abortion Mobile?

U.S. politicians to take a swipe at offshoring

PPI is delayed because computers are old ?!?!?

Chinese Official Says Exchange-Rate Controls to Continue 'for a Long Time'

Russian Scientists Rescued From Crumbling Arctic Ice Floe

EPA's Leavitt Dispenses Vague Green Cliches In Seattle

No Large Oil Discoveries Reported in 2003

Western Drilling Opposition Intensifies - CSM

Indonesia Working On New Draft Of Emergency Logging Decree

can light be squeezed?

One In Eight Bird Species Facing Possible Extinction - Guardian

OPEC determined to cut oil output

Bush eliminates Hawai'i projects (big blow to the islands)

Imagine an "actinide recycling" campus of nuclear reactors & reprocessing

Hong Kong legislator gets trapped at airport

Albright: How to Help Ukraine Vote

NY Times: Pirate Radio as Public Radio, in the President's Corner(Caracas)

Brzenzinski: The Wrong Way to Sell Democracy to the Arab World

U.S. Support for Democracy Hurt in Haiti

South Korean Party Plans Impeachment Motion

Chirac: US reform plan amounts to ‘interference’

Veil of Anxiety Over Women's Rights in Iraq

Foreign correspondent appalled by Iraq war

Iraq: One year later ...Shiite militias armed with Kalashnikovs, Koran

Basra's musicians fight Shiite radicals


New website about Haiti

Discussion on Victor Hanson

Syria: Amnesty Int'l reiterates human rights concerns

Haider's Freedom Party Wins Election (Austria)

Operation Sweatshop: Aristide's move to raise Haiti's minimum wage

Pilots lose guns.

Another Conflict of Interest for Duck Huntin' Scalia

Why not execute via heroin OD ?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 8, 2004

Absurd lawsuit alert.

Newest addition to the fleet

Domestic violence TV show leads to Okla. shooting

Pilots lose guns.

Wow. Zimbabwe thread locked.

What are the rules in GDP2004?

pssoible troll warning

If I put someone on "ignore", do they know they're on ignore?

Why can't we list who is on our ignore list in our sig lines?

I'd like to post each candidate's website piecemeal into GD-P2004

When someone openly supports Nader, can I call then "Bush Enablers"?

are contributions tax deductible?

I can't always see pictures posted in some threads

Account question....Hi Admins!

what happened to the free CDs

Moderators can lock threads in the Ask the Administrator forum for

Re: Regnery Press, and advertisements for same on DU

Mods, could you please lock this?

Report: IDF to adopt code of conduct for troops at roadblocks

The Jordanian Option Is Not Dead

Former Shin Bet chief slams IDF operation in Gaza

Israelis, Palestinians fight for final victory in Gaza before pullback

Report: IDF to adopt code of conduct for troops at roadblocks

The first suicide murderer was Jewish

Drunken ultra-Orthodox Jews attack 2 Arab cabbies in J'lem

Mubarak rejects idea of Egyptian security role in Gaza

PA asks for international troops

Eight wounded in anti-wall protests

Hamas responsible for Mike's Place attack

Palestinian leaders are failing their people...

Palestinians, Israelis residents unite against barrier

Palestinians blaming selves for lawlessness

Israel army kills Palestinian teenager in Gaza Strip

The hidden hijackers

Stuart Rothenberg takes on the 2004 Senate Race

So, will they agree about anything? (media finally notes their are issues)

Politics may keep Bush's big ideas on drawing board (time to talk jobs?)


Fox: MAJOR announcemement about Gay Marriages in Seattle...

Anybody here on the draft boards?

Investigation on Outsourcing

Pictures from Haiti


Warren Buffet doesn't trust the dollar

Buffett Says Bush Tax Cuts Favor Wealthy

If good and evil could be empirically measured

I need the 9/11 Bush classroom video...i know this has been done too much!

911 Group “Peaceful Tomorrows” is funded largely by Teresa Heinz

What happens when 'American' countries start joining the EU?

"Trickle-Across" Economics

Clarify to me what's going on in Haiti and Venezuela.

I just noticed: There's no Cheney in the Bush ads

Alabama commemorative march turned to an anti * rally

Enemies of Kerry/Democrats

Costa Rican Congress Rejects U.S.-Backed Police Academy

Dick Cheney's Gridiron Remarks

Car Culture Captivates China: Sales Boom Along With Potential Problems

Picture of the Decade

Anyone remember a 9/11 article about Bush's mideast policy

Ashcroft may never get to testify before 9-11 Commission.

I can't wake up!

Michigan heads up! Heads up! Marriage amendment tomorrow

Pilots lose guns.

Watch JFK TV Ads!

Iraq Nuclear Bomb Authority Wants Probe

Cokie Roberts of NPR

US hires mercenaries for Iraq role - Thugs trained under Pinochet

Why do we want to pee off Venezuela and all of Latin America?

Can anyone explain the rationale for Roe v. Wade?

North Jersey Shore Dems for Kerry

Warning: Disgusting praising of BushCo. ahead

Science suggests that you can die of a broken heart

"I know EXACTLY where I want to lead this country."....g.w.b.

Why is Dubya using "Here comes the Bride" as a campaign jingle?

Bush In High Gear-get to know W's campaign and their strategeries

Letter to the president, from 'Bette Midler'...

Bush on 911

What's more likely to lead to no good? Land reform or 64 mercenaries...

Revealed!! *'s missing year in TANG

Conservative Democrats or Republicans?

Howard Stern off attacking Bush right away this morning, this time on 9-11

Civil Liberties and Haiti

Sounds good to me: Horsey does it again

bush reaches WHITE MEN. could they BE any more overtly racist?

My mother, the Passion, and politics

Suggestions needed for Bush-Cheney campaign solicitation

Help! in a WV Poll

Has anyone actually SEEN the letter of support for * from 9/11 families?

Nomad559 / Wonk help- lets get Bush documentary to STERN

Help, Gay Statistics...

The Forgotten Soldiers of Operation "Iraqi Freedom"

Yet another example of Paw-ass-lenty's leadership

Context on Kerry cutting weapons programs and intelligence funding

Lisa Duggan is on Working Assets Radio talking about gay marriage

Vicente Fox

Lincoln DEDICATED A CEMETERY @ Gettysburg; he didn't hold convention there

Scalia - a national disgrace

more scalia shenanigans

Attention Phoenix/Arizona DUer's

I finally found the transcript of O'Reilly and Bennet on marriage. . .

Have you ever posted on FreeRepublic

CNN seriously asked "Is the U.S. to blame for the situation in Iraq?"

Stop Hiding the Toll of War

What happened on Democracy Now?

"Fog of War" a no show


"Now Who's Boss?"..(reality show..bosses do menial labor)

If you're not voting in November, why not?

14 year old voters?

My letter to the New York Whore Times

Better Al Michaels call

Very simple question---why won't bush talk to 9/11 commission?

Wake up Media ! Time for Bush to come clean about 9/11...

Why didn't * and Pickles give blood? Everyone else did.

Will Iraq's new constitution help to bring about stability...CNN poll

More %#$@%$ tax cuts?!?!?!

Article about the Echelon system, which monitors worldwide communications

DU'ers - Caption this scary * Photo

We all need to send Howard Stern copies of "Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Kerry VP choice

zimbawbe seizes US plane

9/11? Try 9/14 !!! (Lupica column in NY Daily news)

AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11- video stream

This Modern World

"Mercenary" plane seized in Zimbabwe: USAF C-22B

GOP infomercial on Hot Sex (tort reform) made me mad enough to call!

Why Bush ran away on 9/11

DU this "If the presidential election were held this week poll"

Bush was not the former owner of the Texas Rangers!

A Bush victory in 2004 makes Bin Laden the winner

In how many states will Nader get on the ballot?(poll)

The "chilling effect" of the right's reaction to Kerry's post-Nam activity

Christian DUers can you help me?

Federal Spending Map: Which States Win? Which Lose?


B. Barr: These gay marriage amendments have the smell of unwarranted panic

does anyone listen to hannity? what is he doing

Where the #%&@ is Scott Ritter?!?

Is Kerry Making Move to Take Dem Party Power Away from Clinton??

Cheney Covered-Up Pakistani Nuclear Proliferation

Texas mosque attacked

A DU holiday?

Gays Getting Married: Good Timing or Bad Timing?

Creative Ways To Win in Nov.

"To the major parties, dissent is a nuisance",...convention protestors.

In the first two hundred days how much did Justice Dept request for terror

Is Chavez a good guy?

I just called mastercard about those ads..

In Honor of International Women's Day - March 8


Ahh, man, this was the best thread I've seen posted in a long

THE REAGANS coming to DVD (May 18th)

DARPA's Grand Challenge Race (robots in the Ca.-Nev. desert)

Elizabeth Bumiller's "White House Letter" in today's NYT

JonBenet's father may run for Michigan legislature

Is Bush a Hyper-Calvinist?

Bipartisan Bonesmen

Great Kerry quote

Globalization spreads to farming

Bush Remixed State of the Union (Hilarious)

Drudge has met his match: New Counterbias Brief shows Bush's overt racism!

Kerry in Florida: "We will look at those Diebold machines....

FWIW, it looks like Venezuealan oil guy who died in protests...

right-wing talk show callers compare M Stewart to __________?

Wanna gum up the works? (aka Naughty Words)

A freeper is on the Plame subpoena list

Rehnquist flirts with retirement!! (Drudge)

When's the last time a sitting pResident was this far behind

Hannity is risking a lightning bolt from the Gods of Irony

Hannity Just Complained About the "Vicious Liberals"....

Bu$h no show at brother's wedding

This week's NOW with Bill Moyers blew me away!!!

Boots and Stetson Don’t Make a Good Old Boy.

Lying With Statistics: Heritage on Reagan Tax Cuts

Tom Friedman's T-Shirt Scam

Is This True: * Rubs black man's head for luck??

I wonder: how many of us at DU are LIHOP?

Who's going to be pissed if there's another coup in Venezuela?

Is Al-Jazeera a reliable news source?

Does Ted Kennedy still have a drinking issue?

Bush used fake firefighters in his campaign ad

Chomsky, Palast, Hightower Downloads at EMusic

Black Republicans Disgust Me

Kerry should pardon Martha

after 9/11, did Bush do anything more outstanding than any other President

The government's expansion of biodefense research- yikes!

Zbigniew Brzezinski --6pm et -- CSPAN

if there is a draft will young people just march off to war?

Could Howard Stern be the left's Rush?

I'm Sick & Tired Of Roger Hedgecock Calling Us Dems "Socialists"

If Bush Loses In November What Will Your First Reaction Be?

MISSING 9/11 Investigation - the Stock Market and who made $$$$$

Things cops can do without having arrested you

BBV: Flash! Lou Dobbs is doing Paper Ballots!

Diebold's secret contracts -- and what they really mean

I heard the most unbelievable statement on right-wing radio today.

Savor this "Stars and Stripes" letter, paragraph by paragraph (* is toast)

Remember: this article reflects Georgia. "Military kin split on Bush"

This is truly scary (Fundies, home schooling, and politics):

We must brand Bush as having a "Credibility Gap"

Anti-Abortion Mobile? Have you seen this?

DU needs new moderators

This is the most united I've ever seen the Democrats...

The Right's Shameless Lies On Tax Cuts

New TBTM movie about Bush* and 9/11

What is going on with Randi Rhodes today?

Hispanics will be the swing voters that may reselect Bush

Let's vote him out!

Blunkett criticises US over Guantánamo

Military Spending Sparks Warnings

Who hates Irish underwear?

Seattle Mayor to Recognize Gay Marriages

Aristide To Give News Conference Monday - Official

Father of Iraq's nuclear bomb program says U.N. should investigate what

UN Nuke Watchdog Rejects Iran's Call to Close Case

Scalia Addressed Advocacy Group Before Key Decision

Judge: Unabomber Can't Donate Writings

S.Korean association protests detention of journalists in Iraq

Memo report jeopardizes prosecution


Haiti Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd; 5 Dead

Mass. Teacher (of the Year) Snubs Paige Honors Over Union Remark

Buffett Says Bush Tax Cuts Favor Wealthy

Failing Democracy

Sonol pumps fuel to U.S. forces in Iraq (Halliburton gives contract)

Nickels to help out same-sex marriage (extends benefits in Seattle)

Arms control body rejects DA's claims - Haiti

Russian engineers helped Iraq's long-range missile program: daily

Bush playing 'memory' game


Iditarod mushers down to business (race is on)

Executive at bird flu-hit Japan farm hangs self

Iraq death spurs push for Humvee armor (Man Lost His Son)

President Hugo Chavez Frias warns that Bush 2 is destabilizing Venezuela

Same-sex couples to sue over (Washington) state marriage laws

Bill makes discrimination against gay renters illegal

Mine cleanup costs not solely on taxpayers | Great Falls Tribune

Qwest wants out of pact to pay fines for poor service (Washington State)

'Iraq was free of weapons' - father of Iraq's nuclear bomb programme

Cheney Covered-Up Pakistani Nuclear Proliferation

Means, Not Ends, at Issue in U.S. Policy

Mortar attack in Baghdad wounds five people

Venezuela Leader Vows War if U.S. Invades ((100 year war))

Iraqi council member gunned down

Body Found in East River May Be That of Spalding Gray

American troops are killing and abusing Afghans, rights body says

Blix: Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War

Kerry Predicts Character Attacks, Foreign Support

Sistani: Iraq Interim Constitution Is 'Obstacle'

U.S. Marines Say They Killed One Gunman (Haiti)

Dissent unseen in city, county (Phoenix & Maricopa Co, AZ)

dupe sorry

Zimbabwe seizes US plane

Gay rights battle not just about marriage

Supreme Court won't act on Boy Scouts' complaint

President's initiative to shake up education is facing protests

(Atlanta Mayor Shirley) Franklin joins opposition to gay marriage ban

Aristide won't let go

Haiti's Aristide Calls for Peaceful Resistance by Supporters, AFP Says

AP: Effort to Quash Conn. (GOP corrupt) Gov. Subpoenas

Booze bills may hurt tourism (Utah) | Salt Lake Tribune

Bush’s job creation claims misleading,reports say

Smucker to buy International Multifoods | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Gay rights battle not just about marriage | Houston Chronicle

Aristide calls Haitians to resist occupation

Gay Marriages Get Big Boost in Seattle

Royal Opera Boots Singer Voigt for Weight

Kennedy questions Bush recess appointment (Pryor)

Monumental battle develops in Duluth (10 Commandments)

328,000 Md. chickens to be killed; flu found

Scope of deployments changes Guard

Israel promises more attacks on Gaza

Summary of Iraq's Interim Constitution

Man Says He Sold UCLA's Cadavers

U.S. Marines Say They Killed Haiti Gunman

Hunters get Bush to ease up on wetlands

Killing of Sunni cleric fuels tensions in Iraq

Kurdish Rebels Ambush Turkish Soldiers

Fatwa on Iraq's New Constitution (Issued by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani)

Spalding Gray RIP

Rings finale gets DVD fast-track

Kerry to stay on top of Florida vote

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 8 March (#1)

Pirate Radio as Public Radio, in the President's Corner

Four British Guantanamo prisoners too dangerous to free

Hospitalized Ashcroft cancels schedule

Civilians flooding NASA with Mars 'discoveries'

UPDATE: 'More Than One Jack the Ripper' - Latest Claim - ENGLAND

General Asks Soldiers to Stick With Army

Scientists trying to learn why Mars rover unable to dent Red Planet rock

Congressional Analysts See Little Economic Effect From Bush's Budget

Heavy drinking, cigarette smoking on rise in US military, study finds

Beagle descent possibly too fast (ESA's Beagle 2 probe) | BBC

Ex-detective set to unmask Ripper - ENGLAND

U.S. GIs Wounded In Afghanistan (3 Civilians killed)

Church warns of designer children

Kerry compares black, gay struggles-Cites Bush's record of 'broken promise

Latham's soaring popularity reflects public relief, says poll boss

Sorry. Wrong forum. Will repost in GD 2004

U.S. Claims Diplomatic Victory on Iraq Constitution

Kerry ahead of Bush in poll- USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup 52-44

Aristide Aims to Sue US, France for Kidnap -Lawyer

Conservatives Run Ad Parody Against Kerry

Kennedy Questions Bush Recess Appointment (Check this guy out)

US contractor recruits guards for Iraq in Chile

Giants' Michael Strahan to seek seat on Montclair's Township Council

U.S. Scolds Aristide for Saying He Still Leads Haiti

2004 Campaign: A 'Shocking' Stumble(Fake Firefighters in 911 ads)

Bush Calls Out Kerry on 1995 Senate Bill

Body Found In East River May Be That Of Spaulding Gray

Bush stumps for votes at livestock show

Cholesterol Targets Should Be Set Far Lower, Study Finds | NYT

Socialists Defeated in Greece Election

U.S. Sees No Link to Plane Seized by Zimbabwe

Gay marriage takes place in New Jersey

McClellan won't answer senators' questions on Canada drug imports, for now

New Haiti president installed

La. hog-dog festival - Pit bulls vs. de-fanged feral pigs. This is sick..

Kucinich takes time off from campaign due to intestinal ailment

2000 recount still on the minds of Kerry supporters

Wolfie: "Kerry drops political bombshell"

International Election Monitors Take on Florida

U.N. team to visit Haiti to study peacekeeping deployment

Court Won't Hear Boy Scouts' Appeal (discriminators feel discriminated)

Paris Subway a Battleground in War on Ads

DU needs new moderators

Women should vote … as instructed (By Men) : Karzai

Stern Sources Say FCC Fines Delayed (says Powell Freaking Stern Martyr)

Spalding Gray's body found in the East River

Zimbabwe Seizes U.S.-Registered Cargo Plane Allegedly Carrying Mercenaries

Democrat Kucinich Has Intestinal Ailment

Americans Drop Out of Labor Force, Posing Risks for Bush, Fed

Poll: No bounce for Bush

Gasoline at Pump a Penny Short of Historic High, Averaging $1.74 a Gallon

Court Upholds Sixth Amendment Rights (Scalia Actually Makes Sense?)

The Forgotten Soldiers Of Operation "Iraqi Freedom"

PM visit to White House 'risky'

Venezuelan on Recall Sheet Comes Forward

Hesh has been getting his drink on!

Help with these articles!

you know... kleeb is BeelK backwards...


All "Celebrities" should be lined up and shot

There was an ad in the paper today for 911 operators...

spam, spam, spam, spam... lovely spam, wonderful spam...

"Because I Got High" - The GW Bush Version

I have a Major Pet Rock:

Banner for your web site

I'm sorry, but I really, really like this photo...

Should we collectively kick LastKnight's butt...

Heterosexual Men versus Lesbians (Battle Royale)

Frank prank--

I'm out for a weekend and the lounge turns into GD:2004P

where would you rather live?

Am I insane with optimism?

How is this for a band name?

My idea for a reality show

For sale on ebay..Frustration, surprise, disappointment

Happy Tree Friends cartoons

Kritik's Korner--Charlie Daniels "Passion" review (It iz az it wuz)

A Late Night Photoshop

Things I never thought I would do

Los Lonely Boys

Update: My Kitty Thomas is Making Remarkable Progress

Does Celtic Frost hate cymbals?

'Topless March' A Bust

hahahaha! anyone see Drudge's Headline this morning?

Having A 'Musical Hallucination'? - 'Abide With Me' is Tops

Man Arrested For Buying McDonald's With Pants Unzipped


Woman Arrested - Luggage Had Illegal Snails, Catfish & Goat

matcom at a gropenfest?

Movies: Starsky and Hutch

Heterosexual Men versus Lesbians (Question)

Where, EXACTLY, does * "know" he wants to lead this country?

Anybody want to see right wing fringers talk about drugs and hookers?

Official 'Fighting Illini' basketball thread

Mona Lisa Makeover!

Okay, damnit! This is Over the Top

A great time waster!

World's Oldest Man Dead (114)

Robbers Document Robbery - Leave Camera In The Car - Caught

Thinking of a vacation in Buenos Aires later this year

Note Sent By Balloon Returned To 4th Grader - 20 Years Later

Firefighters Forget To Turn Off Fryer In Kitchen - Firehouse Burns

Yeah, when monkeys fly out of my butt!

Man Masquerading As Beer Distributor Stealing Beer Signs

How can I help the war on terra?

BBV flash from Fiore

Marijuana Found in Load of Frozen Chickens

Songs and other things that makes you think of March

Who has a copy of "Mission Accomplished" banner and subsequent banners

Let's play Hink Pink! Here's how, for those of you who don't know...

What symbol should Trudeau use for Kerry?

The Blarney Stone

Anyone here watch "American Dreams"?

Woman Videotaped in Thong Underwear In Dress Room by a TODAY SHOW CAMERA



What do you think would happen.....

I Would Like To Announced I Am Getting Marred.

Dating Tips--Good or Bad

VCU's march to the Final Four begins TONIGHT!

The real enemy

Politicians can be dumb.

Do you ever visit the Israel/Palestine Forum?

Good (Monday) Morning DU! snow? WE HAVE SNOW?????

Lionel Richie's Ex: I Need $15k/month for clothes, $600/month for hair....

Anyone want to go camping?


Iditarod mushers down to business (race is on)

Puppy Kisses

Shameless plug for the coolest animal rescue site specializing in big dogs

"Ha ha! Oh, that's funny... the clown ate my children!"


Please delete- sorry mods- I sent them PM's

I'm sorry, but I really like this photo...

Link to reminder of religious right hypocrisy

Dude, where's my CAPTION?

Man Wants To Get In Giant Rubber Ball - Get Pushed Out Of Aircraft

Two bad things from the Wonkette

I Would Like To Announced I Am Not Getting Married.

Come, Mr. tally-man, tally me banana.....

Funny sign posted in the hallway of ICU at Madigan Army Medical Center:

German man sues dating agency because his date prefers her poodle

Hey, NightTrain...for your list of "80s: where are they now?"

SOMEBODY please help me!!!!

I MUST STOP judging FECs because of their beliefs.

For Math geeks: free Calculus books

Walmart Fires Worker - Wore Priest's Shirt, Arab Headress & 6 Crosses

I MUST STOP judging the FEC because of their beliefs.

Dare I say it.....I HATE the Sopranos

Handyman Nailed with His Own Nail Gun

Junkfood nostalgia

Marine One to be replaced by Short Bus

What's the least likely thing Larry King will ever say?

Any new music discoveries lately?

it's barely 15 minutes into the show and Stern is on FIRE: Bush & 9/11

I was in Ireland for 4 days

Organic gardeners - How do you keep sow bugs from eating strawberries?

Why you shouldn't feed table scraps to your cat...

I sold my Martha Stewart Inc. stock early just to be ironic

'Smelly' Kenyan given public wash

I MUST STOP judging figs because of their leaves.

Hey nickname people...does your nickname have a pet?

7-UP, Sprite or Sierra Mist

I just ate five donuts in 2 minutes, thirty seconds. Ask me anything!

I just wanted you all to know...

KFC: Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?

Dr Pepper or Mr Pibb

Dumb and Dumber Dumbya Lying Action Figure

What time is it?

Vote For Your Favorite Marx Brother

Some open questions for NASCAR dads

I think I am ready to get some new kittens!!!!

Vote For Your Favorite "M&M" Filling


Does Organic Gardening + Super-String Theory =

King of the Dingbats?

Funny Funny Funny

Miller Lite: Tastes Great or Less Filling?

Unlimited Polls: System Feature or Design Defect?


What could you not make jokes about?

Mountain Dew or Mello Yellow

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

Yes, or no?

Better Al Michaels call

Lowell or Castillo?

"...But cha ARE Blanche, ya ARE in that chair!".......

Domestic violence TV show leads to Okla. shooting

Be careful if you try to disable Office Assistant

Abbott or Costello?


I'm closing a 25 million dollar sale, ask me anything!

why do country songs have such terrible lyrics?

Tell me what to buy with $15 at the book store

Bush hate site

Which celebrities do you find most beautiful?

Battle of the bands:Smashmouth vs. Cake

Too many polls?

Ford GT:Can I have one Pleeeeeeeeease?

Vote For Your Favorite Member of "The Brady Bunch"

Any Lorena Bobbitt Fans Out There?

Laurel or Hardy?

DirecTV Accuses O.J. Simpson of Pirating Its Satellite Signals

OUCH! Muscle soreness...what's a good natural treatment?

Name the unidentified band, the venue and the date....

Slim Jim's Or String Cheese?

AAAHH!! Kill kill kill! I want them DEAD!! AAAHH!!

The Passion of the Christ: Blooper Reel

Will DU give a warm welcome to our newest member

So I finally saw the new "Battlestar Galactica"...

"On the Job" means "having sex" in the UK

Tintin or Astérix?

I have a very serious questions regarding help with a friend....

Critics Appear More Passionate About 'Judas'

It's Coming. Almost Time To Vote Tuesday. Even Though We Know It's

Question for LOTR fans (sorry if it's been asked before)

I need some advanced A/V computer help

Can someone explain to me what is Scientology?

new Hannity advertiser Somers Eye Center

new Hannity advertiser Selsun Blue

What is the biggest thing on two legs you have ever seen?

DU women; how's your cheesecake?

DU Women; how's your handshake?

Name the unidentified band, the venue and the date (slightly more obscure)

name the band venue etc

Our next President

DU men and women: How's your bootyshake?

GUESS What Time The Satellite Dish Installers Will Arrive!

Elvis or Costello?


A DU holiday?

Sheffield already out with injury.

Caption at will. (Bush)

Hey pet people...does your pet have a nickname?

Linux problem. No matter how I install, or what distro I use

A free marshmallow pinwheel to whoever i.d.'s the guys in my sig pic

Choose ZombyWoof's new nickname!

Coke or Pepsi?


Ahh, man, this was the best thread I've seen posted in a long

Finish this verse: "There she was, just-awalkin' down the street..."

My kitten is very sick

Women Are Cool

OK, who here has dated a frenchman and was it REALLY good?

What kind of tool am I?

I've just declared war on my spare tire

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

This is my 300th post, ask me anything...

The vet just dog passed away during surgery

UUUGGGGHHHH! Smarmy, Slimey Ralph Reed is on my CNN screen

Kent Conrad kicking ass on C-SPAN, anyone see him?

Help name LynneSin's new cat

My last 'guess the band' of the day

Another guess the band/venue/date/no cheating.

Ok. Who Here Has Eaten Foie Gras and was it REALLY good?

88. nt

Where do you get most of your news from?

Need Femme Fatale Outfit Suggestion

I feel like life is passing me by.

WiFi Across Austria

President Bush to try again in Second Go-round.

Amish Man Stranded In Canada (No Photo ID - Homeland Security)

Does Freep have a Lounge equivalent?

I finally have a job. And not just *any* job...

DU Women; how's your milkshake?

Dr. Jimmy or Mr. Jim

Anyone remember the old Mad Magazine article "Who Killed The Country?"

My flawed and failed experiment with Chaser­­® the hangover stopper

Let's talk campaign strategery with Newsman Matt Drudge

I finally saw Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" DVD

Something's missing from my Monday...

Are you hot?

The DU Paranormal Poll - is your place of residence haunted?

I want MATCOM's

taking crap for cat water bowl....

Would dubya have stopped Jesus' crucifixion?

Dis or Dat?

Can I sue the folks at the Discover Card company?

favorite dog story???

Chicago DU'ers....I'm sorry I didn't make it yesterday to meet you guys.

Name the band, venue, line-up.

Zomby O'Woof wants to know if you like The Pogues?

Hey thespians: flowers, any performance, or just ballet?

Vote For Your Favorite "Three Stooge"

I Would Like To Announce I Am Getting Married


Harley's With Modified Pipes - American Way or Noise Pollution?

Any Creature from the Black Lagoon fans here?

Is the drinking age in this country unreasonable?

Off beat Vacation Spots

A completely random thought I HAVE to share.

Why is Tito Jackson always picked on?

What do you like to eat? I like to eat uncooked elbow macaroni!

just another Smirko "Pull My Finger" photo...

Just saw the extended weather report for New England - Bundle Up Folks

Man Shoots Himself In Head With Nail Gun (Had A Couple Of Beers)

I made it to 100!!

Liberal among Freepers comic just started on-line.

The baby wants an ipod for her 11th birthday. Do I want to do this? We

In honor of SOteric - Brussels Sprouts ala Rabrrrrrr

I have a picture of Ronald Reagan getting off

DU chat tonight

What's your earliest memory? How old were you?

What song do you hate, but always hear played on the radio?

Why does Shrubya consistently take such horrible pictures?

Popeye's Chicken: Spicy or Mild?

Tell me about those things on the edge of your consciousness...

Anyone else seen the movie "Miracle"?

to circumcise or not to circumcise...

I bought the Deluxe Edition of "Live at Leeds" over the weekend

Back in school, why did the boys have to swim naked?

The incredible, unbelievable slinkerwink/WilliamPitt peace thread

What song do you love, but rarely hear played on the radio?

Help! I can't stop eating chips and salsa!

Any Loreena McKennitt fans out there?

Chicago DU Gathering Prattle.

Quadrophenia - Best Studio Album Ever?

DU needs new moderators

Cuban Democrat Check-In

Interesting show w/ Dalai Lama, DK, and Rev. Al on LINK channel

my votes

don't non-ABBers remind you of little kids throwing a temper tantrum?

DjTj's 4 steps to getting over Edwards (with mp3's!)

Banner for your web site

Buffett says Bush tax cuts favor wealthy

Should Kerry be called JFK2?

Every day, I am less worried about losing the election.

Breaking News!!!! Kerry ahead of Bush 5% in Oregon!!!!

In Illinois poll, Kerry's cruising

John Zogby say's Electoral Map Favoring Kerry

Up-to-date grand total of current Electoral College by the state polls

Sharpton's Next Role: Talk Radio? Reality TV?

Ouch! True Believers on CNN stung

Drudge the Innocent finds some obscenities on the Kerry site

Real Men Don't Vote for Democrats....

Something to remind the voters

Can We Take the States Won with Less than 5% of the Vote in 2000???

CNN-Constitutional thaT Bill Clinton can run for VP!! :)

Another internet Prez poll

NPR just reported that Kerry loses advantage over Bush in survey

Election Projection - Kerry ahead by ~3%, 44 EV

IL Senate endorsement:

Who thinks that the Democratic platform has already been decided?

FreeRepublic launches anti-Kerry website

If your state has a primary tomorrow

Teresa Heinz Kerry Makes Mark on Campaign (Darn good article)

Let's not look like optimistic idiots

There is a primary today !

Maureen Dowd's perfect quote on Bush's contradiction on "Safeness"

Off beat Vacation Spots

Nice Kerry v/s Bush military article

right wing caller on local radio - 'Kerry supports terrorists, not US"

March 9 Primaries: Does Anybody Even Care Anymore?

The National Barking Spider Resurgence Party

John Kerry is campaigning in Florida today in Hollywood, WPB and Tampa!

Let's talk about haircuts

...Kucinich Calls for Tripling NASA's Budget

Dean brought a whole lot of people into the political process

still think it's about our own preferences? about voting consciences:

Muslims seek a role in 2004 election

New Gallup poll-Kerry crushing Bush 52-44

Kerry to stay on top of Florida vote

Our next President

Kucinich's concern about unusual space-based weaponry is unwarranted?

What a triumph - Me, a Socialist leaning Dem gets to vote for a Liberal

Should we post every candidate's website piecemal into GD-P2004?

Ouch! True Believers on CNN stung

Freeper Petition to make kerry show his medical records... LOL!

LaRouche backers win seats on panel

International Election Monitors Take on Florida

BBV: Should John Kerry co-sponsor the Voter Confidence Act?

So is Roy Moore running?

Wexler sues FL for "paper voting system," loses. Wexler for V.P.

So when does Kerry choose?

How About Lou Dobbs as VP?

My very first political donation!

About Kerry and his votes for defense

Faux talking heads freaking out.

Bush Calls Out Kerry on 1995 Senate Bill (cuts in intelligence spending)

My dad went from apathetic to election judge!

I found this pic for Clark supporters.

Wes Clark Democrats: Site Back Up

Tom Brokaw for Vice President?

JK and internet shorthand

If Kerry keeps this up, I'm going to start liking him!

Kerry Weakness: Foreign Policy & National Security/New Poll slams's ad

USA Today/CNN/Gallup national poll just released: Kerry 52%, Bush 44%!

NOW is the time to pressure Kerry

What would the poll numbers be saying right now if 9/11 had never occured?

Kerry and the Middle East

Are DUers stupid?

I can't wait for Kerry to be elected so we can truncate Clinton's legacy.

How do we use this...Reed "not going to sell in the south"

VP poll without Clark or Edwards.

CNN: Kerry Admits world leaders are pleading: You Gotta Beat Bush!

OK, I admit it. I am VERY impressed with Kerry's poll numbers vs *

New ads call Kerry 'rich liberal elitist'

NYT Dowd Makes Dig at Flip-Flop Charge. Can We Demolish GOP Smear??

Why does Kerry not want to give Federal Aid to colleges that ban ROTC?

Where will the Arab and Israel-first Jewish votes go?

Opinion on tax cuts

If Kerry called for mandatory conscription.....

John Kerry Rally in Chicago on Tuesday, March 9 (PLEASE KEEP KICKED)

Tell me again there is no difference between Kerry and Bush

Something unsettling I heard on NPR re: Indepdendents

Burning question for Kerry Supporters

Help Me Not Hate Nader

Red flags just flew for me.

My dream cabinent for Kerry

What a drag! I a liberal progressive FDR Demo forced to vote for Kerry,

who is NOT a good vp choice ?