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It seems that Rice took 'all care but no responsibility' - The Age

My United States of Whatever

These People Give Christianity A Bad Name

No Apologies: Elanor Clift

The Empty Room: Bob Herbert

Jimmy Carter takes president to task

Restraining global corporations


Pictures from 4/9/04 Chicago Anti-war Protest

The `King of Protests' isn't afraid to take on anyone

If Bill O'Reilly could spin any faster and harder...

to Sonic X /Sonic the Hedgehog fans:What's wrong with this?

Scotts Testing Genetically Modified Grass

Are alerts anonymous?

Candidates (for Montana gov) favor reducing government waste

Anger Grows on Iraqi Governing Council

OK, according to Lunaville, 651 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

Who can help me verify this infuriating Wilderness Act scandal

Just on MSNBC 3months before Aug PDB WH warned about

British general who occupied Iraq in 1917 said he was liberating them too

Please wake me and tell me that I did not hear Powell say

Majority Report Thread

Deleted message

651 American soldiers killed as of April 9th

Should we suspend executive privilege for Bush and friends?

My FABULOUS sister-in-law is coming Monday and I need help

Its official - its all Clinton's fault!!!

The Hell With "Day of the Dead"...

Curious timing on the release of THE ALAMO movie, eh?

It's painful to have been right about Iraq. i wish we could bring all

MSNBC also reported that

Just wanted to share this link with you. Lot's info on chaos in Iraq.

anyone catching NOW on PBS?- sorry, dupe...

All Hell Breaks Loose in Iraq (Caution. Grisly photo at link)

You know what I love about conservatives?

Has anyone heard of this play on Broadway about G.W.Bush?

Connect the Dots - Harry Shearer wrote an Anthem!

sorry if this is a dupe, just checked in with riverbendblog

Sounds like Condi really did perjure herself.

It's painful to have been right about Iraq. i wish we could bring all

Another odd Gallup poll Likely voters Bush 48-45 (Reg) voters Kerry 48-46

Paul Bremer: the anti-Midas touch

Does anyone know why Chris Matthews was NOT on Hardball tonight?

Political Labels: Liberal - Conservative - Iraq War

What do the Iraq Offensive, Easter, and 8-06-01 have in common?

Kevin Phillips on NOW with Bill Moyers...

Bush chairman fondly recalls 2000 recount


Share this, Add To It, Use it, read it first!

Alfie Kohn kicks ass this month


Criticize Iraq or Bush To GOP Type & Get Attacked Personally

West coast view on "News Hour" - Shields and Brooks

PROMIS, Echelon, CBOE and NYSE pre-9/11 show LIHOP

Do you have a favorite online political video?

US troops and acts of insubordination towards Rumsfeld?

al-Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo


Sorry, But Great Condi Analysis Here Too !!!

Losing Freedom for Freedom...

This weekend, Bush is searching

It was for times like this that Wellstone needed to be out of the way.

BBV: Folks turn on C-Span2! A very spirited discussion on

Where is the Kerry Camp?

10:54 pm ET:AirAmerica:conflicts of interest in the 9/11 commission!

Air America Audio Archives

Are "hostages" really prisoners of war?

Another needless death caused by video games!

Dems (and moral Repubs like McCain) should impeach Bush now...

That SODG has just about driven me from my Christian Faith! In case you


Could someone tell me where to find

US soldiers robbing (looting, pillaging) Iraqis

Fighter jets intercept plane

CNN Reporting that "2 soldiers and

Better living through higher body counts.

OMG... It's On The Internet, And It's Free !!! - Mark Twain's ' KLS' !!!

If the Iraqis are the "insurgents" ....what are we ???

Things that should be kept OFF the back burner...

what if Russia was doing this?

An anecdotal datapoint of Republicans admitting defeat

spare me from ignorance Jewish Group: Mormons Still Baptize Dead

It's gonna be "Rice said" versus "the FBI and Ashcroft said"

Wouldn't it be interesting...

Blog: A family in Baghdad.

A couple of disparate and useless questions....

Label With A Hidden (Anti Bush?) Message

Is it better to live in a liberal town with like-minded people or

It sure would be interesting to know what Enron's investments were on 9-11

Nightline - War Stories (great)

Fallujah\Iraq... It Ain't Easy Being The Aggressor\Occupier, Is It ???

Is it legal to get two pardons?

Seattle an al-Qaida target? Local security officials left out of loop

Honestly, Can Republicans really call themselves Americans?

Dear Abby,

Koizumi should immediately fire Koike

If I were President & a major war was going on,

There was $15 billion in "insider trading" before 9/11 (dumping AA, UAL)

MSNBC just reported 2 F-16s intercepted a small single engine plane that

"Emotionally Disturbed" Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital is final, now: Condi lied.......

Reverend Fred Phelps comes to Seattle UGH!

CNN Reports - WOW!

[Bumper sticker] "Real soldiers are dying in their Hummers..."

Mark Shields Absolutely Kicked Ass On PBS Tonight (News Hour) !!!

Who here thinks that the Republican ticket will be different by November

I Keep Hearing...

Pick Rove's October Surprise!

Bush has spent 42% of his term ON VACATION


Do Americans care more about higher gas prices than soldier's lives?

"No Silver Bullet"

Okay, Bush II dropouts and whistle blowers.. It is TIME

What will it take...

Do I have a case against Rush?

Zahn: Kerry's a bad, baaaaad Catholic

C. Austin Fitts: An open letter to Condoleeza Rice - You are a liar

"Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."

Dateline exposes evidence of racial profiling/DWB in US cities

Run, Roy, Run!!!

do you realize how QUICKLY LBJ bugged out after Tet?

Dennis Kucinich coming up!

Hearing about voting machines on CSPAN2 Elections and Civil Rights

Did I hear this on NOW?

Is Voting Absentee "Safer" In Areas That Use Electronic Voting?

Worst President ever?

For All My Leftist Anti-War Friends:

Is Bush going for a "Black Easter"? Cos this sure looks like "Bad Friday"

Cartoons: FOX NEWS

HATE, Not WMD Pose Biggest Threat To U.S.

"Bin-Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States"...

Stupid question.

We all need to read Dean's new book, and so does Kerry!

We were right!

Why's everybody so down on Bush and Cheney?

Robert Byrd D WV

"I love my dead gay son!" (son of Operation Rescue founder comes out)


On "Mercenaries"

Does Bush Go To Church?

very good article on condi and wh

Catherine Austin Fitts, Bush I official: Rice, you are a liar!

Who wants a Kerry - Clark ticket?

80 FBI Agents Raid Muslim IT Server in Texas, 9/10/01 story-THEY KNEW.

are all pro golfers republicans?

bush* admin treated al Queda with benign neglect. Is this LIHOP?

Kerry in 2004. Dean in 2008?

Is there a LIHOP whistle-blower waiting in the wings?

139 Years Ago Today... Bobby Lee gives it up to US Grant!

US army targeted Sadr for arrest late last year, but opted out


Makkah Imam Takes US to Task on Iraq

Al Quaeda Threat Included in Bush Memo

Check the price: City says 78% of drugstores overcharge

State's Labor Market Lagging Nation | Los Angeles Times

Marshal in Mississippi defends erasure of reporters' recordings of Scalia

Complaint says Brown (R-MT) used state money to further campaign (for Gov)

Groups barred from gay-marriage suits

al-Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo

Rice Testimony Doesn't Sway Americans on Sept. 11, CBS Reports

al - Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo ( more info

2 U.S. Soldiers, Several Civilians MIA in Iraq

Police issue alert in North Side (Chicago) gay slayings | Chicago Tribune

Gay ITC student disputes election - He was cut from campus ballot | AJC

Sony takes on 'Enemies' for Clarke book

A Decade After Massacres, Rwanda Outlaws Ethnicity | New York Times

Tory polling shows party neck and neck with Liberals | Globe and Mail

Unions Take Note of Kerry's Vow On Deficit | Washington Post

Jeff Skilling's attorney denies report of bizarre behavior

Info on possible al-Qaida plot in U.S. was 3 months old

Briefing on Al Qaeda Included Specifics (Pincus in WaPo)

9/11 Panel Member Faults Clinton Inaction

Romney boosts Bush on Mich. trip | Boston Globe

Seats in South may change Senate mix | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Doctor reveals Falluja's horror toll

Rumsfeld asked to explain role of private security contractors in Iraq

Marine in 'Fall of Baghdad' Photo Injured (Guardian)

Afghan militias seize provincial capital

Protesters demand deal on hostages but (Japanese) leader stands firm

Hired Guns

Iraq Council Demands Immediate Cease-Fire

Schwarzenegger saves struggling swimmer

Scotts Testing Genetically Modified Grass

Soldiers missing after attack

Deep in the Heart Of Washington – (Did Karen Ever Leave?)

Aljazeera targeted in Falluja

Fighter jets force down small plane near Bush ranch

Bush in Crawford, Calls Leaders (+ Easter Plans)

Pincus in WaPo: Briefing on Al Qaeda Included Specifics

CNN Time Poll: Support for president's Iraq policy falls sharply

U.S. Forces in Iraq Pull Out of Baghdad's Sadr City, AFP Says

Crowds Protest U.S.-Led Seige of Fallujah

Iraqis Insist On Expelling Occupation

Bush's Low Profile Questioned as Violence Flares in Iraq

WP: Bush's Low Profile Questioned as Violence Flares in Iraq

Jewish Group: Mormons Still Baptize Dead

Sony takes on 'Enemies' for Clarke book (making movie)

Scientist confirms president was shot - Taiwan

NY TIMES, PAGE 1: "Bush Was Warned"

have you heard the morning shows on Air America?

Caption The Sims!

What an ugly slide(baseball)

OLD AGE: On Keeping Things in Perspective

Finally leaving the 700 Club...

Anyone watching Deadwood, gotta coupla question sFer'ya

THE MAJORITY REPORT's blog mentions the freepers!

It's official - we're homeowners!

Does anyone know Mari personally?

This post is just to get out of the 700 club.....

Which DUers have family or close friends in Iraq?

Would you rather be shot or stabbed?

I just passed 6000 posts

Has Basil been adopted?

Thanks, Silver Honda SUV


Strip-Search Hoax Caller Causes Headaches

Do you, uh...DU?

Which tv show is better?

Umm...hey, you guys? Check this sh*t out!!

Ways to fix a shitty s pace bar?

Is edgy humor offensive, or funny?

no chat tonight?

DU chat tonight

Would you fly on Hooters Air?

How do those addicted to cigarettes get started?

One of my favorite History Channel shows is on right now

Avatar Test - Delete Me

So what should I barbecue this weekend?

Songs the fit your mood

Did anyone else just lose the Air America internet feed?

Things you were taught in school-but, just aren't quite true.

HELP! I'm Working tonight! Someone bring me strong drink!

Anyone else use Nasonex?

Post your favorite picture of ... anti-BushCo messages

Will there be a cure for AIDS?

Anyone have a link to Quentin Tarantino's'Passion of the Christ'?

The Candy Detective.. Find all your old favorites

CHUD-"East Infection" Easter cinema

Bizarre Website: Subservient Chicken


How do you lifetime Cubs fans STAND this?

I'm mean

Did Stuttering John Fake His Stuttering?

Post your favorite picture of...whoever

My FABULOUS sister-in-law is coming Monday and I need help

Movie Thread

William Hung - A Serious Discussion

Does anyone know why kittens are cute?

Who is looking forward to the NFL Draft?

I don't ever want to turn into a conservative.

What Supervillain would you be?

Celebrity math

Funny (true) prison story from dad

Horrible experience this evening

I am listening to Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic. Ask me anything.

Some weird shit from my record collection (WARNING: Graphics intensive!)

new Savage Weiner advertisers

Is there a worse poster name than BEFOREATHOUGHT at DU?

What Health Problems Do You Have That You Don't Talk about Much

What is wrong with me?

What's The Best Concert You've Seen?

Is The DaVinci Code good?

Will Kerry/Kerrey confusion be a problem?

Dennis Kucinich on Air America Now...9:30pm est

'We have to fight to a safe haven - but they are all under attack'

Kucinich & David Cross coming up on Janeane's show tonight

Pennsylvanians: What kind of a chance does Toomey have?

South Carolina: GOP is very afraid of Inez Tenenbaum

I'll Vote for Peter Coors in the Colorado Senate Race!

Kerryfans - Can We ALL E-Mail the campaign to get him to Condemn FALLUJAH?

What is the greatest threat to Kerry's election?

Haha - Compare BUSH's and KERRY's Signatures - Amusing

A new Campaign Dog wagger

Apocalyptic president?

A year after Saddam's fall, Iraq is in flames

Crazed Enron honcho collared by cops

A $9 billion LAX: to be or not to be

If Max Cleland (patriot) was not replaced by Bob Kerrey (PNAC DINO)

NY Times: The Science Adviser's Rejoinder (critical of bushco science)

Kerry 50 Bush 43

Save the Hubble - San Diego Untion Tribune editorial

Bush Memo Included Possible Plot Warning

WSJ compares Rice and Clarke testimonies

Religious Fervor Takes Iraq Conflict Into a Scary Phase - WSJ's Seib

CONDI RICE POSTMORTEM (Washington Monthly)

On the ground Iraqi report as of this morning -"Unbelievably bad"

"from bad to really bad to unbelievably bad" -- sorry, dupe

NewsWeek: Why Your Tax Cut Doesn't Add Up

Private Guards Repel Attack on U.S. Headquarters

Kristof: A Spanish Lesson

The Loss of Journalistic Integrity

David Brooks: "take a deep breath"

Pre-9/11 doings are coming to light W O W( Pinkerton)

Why the PDB is going to save Bush's ass.

We've lost the peace, and put the world at risk

Six in 10 Say Bush Underestimated 9-11 Threat

Demand Rice Perjury Investigation : write DOJ, Congress

Images of the Anti-War Protest in Los Angeles 4-9-04

The first body bag

Lineup for Sunday talk shows Apr. 11

You *Can* Handle The Truth!

Kevin Phillips on Now

Transcript: President's Weekly Radio Address

Air America to broadcast on *two* stations in Bay Area, CA

New movie on climate shifts

Sympathy for the Devil: Tasmanian Devils threatened by new cancer.

New movie on climate shifts

Twenty dead in Russia mine blast.

Angola's new crackdown on diamond traffickers

Safety Glass: Anything But?

DU weapons experts: need help getting a ID on a grenade launcher

Another request for a separate conspiracies/tinfoil forum

subscription question


Responding to an archived topic

worst of the week lying subject line

Regional DU Forum

Thought Control in Mideast Studies

Likud panel to discuss PM's request to hold party poll in April

Palestinian national unity talks called off

Blaming Israel for child bombers?

Gazan girl, 12, shot dead at home

The Text of the August 6th 2001 PDB

Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts

Now is the time for Kerry to admit he was wrong

You can be Frank, if I can be Sanguine

When will Dr. Rice be charged with perjury?

People "living in the light" / People "living in the dark" re Iraq war /

There were many silver bullets, just no silver platter

File-sharing to bypass censorship

Dean for Surgeon General?

Man to bet all on Vegas roulette spin

Rate Condi's Testimony and Relative Credibility

Did any of you catch Gary Hart on Newsnight, re: 9/11? Replaying now.

Knock-knock... Who's there... The "PBD"... What's a PBD?

We need a simple, lasting, mass observance

It's nine AM in Fallujah. Do you know where your children are?

Soldiers blog reporting "total combat" situation in some areas of Iraq

Freeps consider accusing Gore of MIHOP after the Cole bombing in '00

Sunday TV - Rand Beers on ABC This Week's Iraq Panel

The 2001 Lone Gunman Pilot: Does BushCo watch Fox?

Scary illustration from

Did the Saudi govt. LIHOP 9/11?

Kevin Phillips on Bill MOyers

Bank-Robbing Church Minister Headed to Jail

How 080601 PDB plays in Sunday Morning Papers

Osama for Easter?

Gain$ Repubs thought were going to happen under Bush...

In defense of the French:

National Budget Simulation

Ex-Enron CEO Taken to NY Hospital - here comes the insanity plea

Hey Paula: Can Catholics Using ANY Birth Control Receive Communion?

Garage Sales to Clean Out The White House

One Year Later - April 9, 2004

30,000 American Deaths

Cows Ate GM Maize and Died

Bush's Re-election Campaign Is Costing You Money

So... A Plastic Ham for Easter?

A vote for bush

Democracy without "freedom" is no democracy. Rather have freedom

LIHOP/MIHOP/etc poll

Rumsfeld considering calling up Michigan Militia.

Just some more proof how desperate the enemy is I guess?

Civilians were lured into ambush, company representative says

The Christians who rave about the "Passion" and then support Bush's

swatting flies and waiting for Catastrophic Event

Zahn transcript re: the bad, baaaaad Catholic

Two of Kean's ex-business partners (AQ backers) in $1 TRILLION lawsuit?!?

Iraq could become 'terrorist Disneyland', experts warn

What were you doing on Aug. 6, 2001?

we know condi perjured herself....

'You're sore losers, and envious that we control all branches of gov't.'

Will there be a celebration???

(Bush) Administration seeks to void damage award to Gulf War POWs

My Easter Wish :COLIN & CONDI working in the Prison Laundry Your Thoughts?

Why is John Kerry not ahead by 20 points in

The Energy Task Force - A call to action

apparently, there are things they don't tell the president

My 'News' Keeps Telling Me "Worst Fighting Since The End of The War"

Condi's testimony and racism...?

Frederica on CNN

NYT: BUSH KNEW | and went on vacation...

Seen any "Support the Troops" Rallys lately?

David Duke out of prison

We need you

Bush* was not a PNAC member. What happened before Sep 11?

Is anyone as offended as I am?

Message to CNN: Judy, Wolf, Daryn ....

The Irony of the Republic of Iraq

TrueAmerican prediction: Bush will testify via Video Conference

Heads Up - "This is Hell" 10:00 Eastern

Does Saddam know what is going on in his country? I know that he is......

Was on C-Span this morning

As Gen. Abizaid requests more troops remember what Gen. Shinseki said

BFEE allowing Iraq to escalate?

We stay in Iraq we lose. We leave Iraq we lose. This is a fact. You know it

Beloved boudelang....

CNN giving positive spin on Iraq "insurgents"

'Bush knew of al-Qaeda attacks' - India Times

The state of American Journalisim. This Piece is a perfect example.

Bush sounds like Baghdad Bob: read his radio address. Unbelievable.

Iraqis Seize 30 Hostages

It was an Intelligence Failure!

Why Is This On Page 5 Of The Washington Post?

Are the DLC dems part of the coverup?

how is it aiding & abetting the enemy by criticizing the war?

What is John Kerrys stance on keeping the troops in Iraq?

I think I'm going to be sick

"Very"s vary very big

When things get tough - bush* vacations.

Aren't Bush and Cheney supposed to be kept separate?

Iraq in flames, bush goes fishing

150 protest Iraq violence in Chicago--Washington Times (Uggghhhh)

When are we going to start picking on greedy CEO's?????

GOP should not have have let Al Qaeda determine where convention held

like a Viet Cong thing

I see trees of green, red roses too

Can You Believe Reagan Is Not Dead Yet?

"The Americans thought they had conquered Iraq, but

I was wrong about Bush.

Ex-FBI Woman Says Rice Lied

Great articles by Pepe Escobar in Asia Times

John Dean to be on CSpan2 BookTV at Noon

What would the "Founding Fathers" say

"I firmly believe the decisions we made will make America more secure

bushgang says it's evil to take hostages - but the US military took Iraqi

How do you get people involved who are cynical about politics?

popular sci-fi mirrors possible futures...

Kucinich to be on southern Oregon on April 13 @ 6pm

"This is Hell" streaming at 10am EDT --Today's lineup here

More questions about PDB's in general ?

CNN Poll: Do you support Clear Channel's decision to pull Howard Stern off

RapidCreek's Brilliant Post re: LIHOP

Freepers blame us for the tragedy in Iraq

John Dean ripping Bushco* a new one on CSPAN2!!!!

John Dean on Guy James Show today

The New Pearl Harbor (a good read) - Theologian supports LIHOP/MIHOP

DU this poll (CBS Should US pull out

will PABAAH or the Freepers boycott the AARP

What is a terrorist?

"Patriots" gave to smirk - look what they got in return

Which school of thought are you in Re: Iraq?

Yiu need to read "Worse than Watergate" by John Dean

Air America signs up with 2 San Francisco affiliates

If Max Cleland (patriot) was not replaced by Bob Kerrey (PNAC DINO)

Anyone know what kind of RPG this is? Its a new type to me. Thanks

"House of Bush. House of Saud". THE book.

Where is our "Leader"??????

when is Bob Kerrey going to get over Bill Clinton beating him ?

Who is Dave Frasca?

May 17, 2002, Pacifica Radio reported that Rice was the source of the call

How can we possibly need a draft with a 1.7 million member military?

serious question: what makes a young man join the military?

I'd like to see a yearly "Top 10 Posts" award event

If Max Cleland (war hero) was not replaced by Bob Kerrey (PNAC DINO)..

April 2001: Bushist Tells CNN US focusing "too much energy" on bin Laden.

Who can give me a site regarding G.E.'s dealings with weapon

CNN news conf..Gen Kimmit in Iraq...anyone else think "Radar" from Mash

isn't the PDB old news?

CSPAN caller - "Bush Represents God"

Holy days this week, which prompts us to ask: Do you believe in God? Poll

Bush administration = lame duck?

Is this some weird national version of the Darwin Awards?

Clothing care label: "It concerns me that our president is an idiot..."

Dixville Notch, NH

233 days

Condi and the good ole boys...

Bush now using Treasury Dept for campaigning

TBTM Radio #32 Preview

? Why did bush* go to his pickup truck to call Dr. Rice?

Headline: "Most Americans Oppose Same-Sex Marriage"

"A Bright and Shining Lie"...Who's read it?

If Bush wins by hook or crook, then Dems need to retake Senate

Send a Letter to Frist...

Real story behind March employment numbers and what

Feds seize baseball drug test results, samples (excuuuussse me

The PDB and Ashcrofts begging off commercial airliners, is the big one!

I HATE CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

picture of cheney off plane in japan

Canadians - what do you think of the Dali Lama situation?

Is a call for impeachment prohibited by the Constitution if...

Bush on Osama bin Laden tells so much

John Dean talking about Rove with OFranken now

Skilling/bars/cops/and a wife on crutches falling down

Minn/Twin Cities DUers...chance to give Normie Coleman your 2 cents

I posted the "down on Bush-Cheney" as a joke!!!

Who is the crazy black woman on CNN...

What does it mean ? Al Sadr is talking with the Iraqi Governing Council??

Joe Wilson's book due out April 30!!

In Iraq, a 'perfect storm' (CSMonitor)

every day thread.....if you don't like google, go here

Holding Kerry's feet to the fire

Picture of Cheney on Vacation

I need links concerning the dismantling of overtime in America

today's CNN poll about an issue of major national importance:

Calls for impeachment or resignation

I am calling and probably caucusing for Kerry but my heart belongs to Dean

Deleted message

just finished John Dean's Book.....

DU Action Alert- PLEASE Email this Racist Guy....


What is in the PDB of, oh let's say 8 April 2004?

What is more likely to happen?

Universal/Canadian Health Care Need Help/Info...

What has Saudi Arabia done to fight terrorism?

Bush and Condi are in TX, Cheney's in Japan, it's a day before 4/11 ......

freeper bloodlust

FYI-link- EARLY WARNING- State Department memo -article from 9/14/01


Why the need for diplomacy now?

I think Washington Week is the worst show EVER

Urgent Call For Action Regarding Iraq

US is bigger threat than terror

No, Democrats, don't justify this war! Daschle says it is justified.

Know this. What we now know is just the tip of the Vanishing Iceberg.

Creepy-Presidential prayer team website! thought it was a

Attention LIHOP'ers...It is safe to remove the tinfoil hats.....

A question about the U.S. Surgeon General.

Are we beating a dead horse?

structural problems?

U.S. Breeds Future Terrorists

Baghdad on strike against Fallujah offensive

Sloganator Memorial

RedSox, Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays

I have a "bulletin" for the White House...

Washington, D.C., Nov. 3, 2000 Plane Crashes into the Pentagon


Newsweek Poll: Kerry 50%, Numbnuts Vacationboy 43%

"V" is for Victory! This Iraqi knows it....

Having spine vs. being a douchebag.

Is the US about to lose it's "SUPER-POWER" status to the EU?

Freeper: I should be shot for saying Bush spent 40% of time on vacation

The Energy Task Force should be the next

Take the Al-Jazeera poll.

well, well our 2 favorite people. caption please

Death Penalty Question

U.S. Backs Off Bin Laden Capture Forecast - oops * is wrong again

Today's bush*/condi patsy, OUR dead, their dead, carnage - PHOTOS

If Dean were to run for public office again, what position should he run?

Freeper calls Guy James and says we should "Kill them all" in Iraq

Yahoo News...

anyone got the memo yet?

WP blurbs about the Woodward and Wilson books

The Hague or BUST

Wag The Dog

Hot off the press--New Newsweek poll Kerry leads 50-43, get your copy now

When is the American Media going to start telling the truth about Iraq?

They're going to release the August PDB any minute - just announced

Local NC Army Reserve Officer: Draft by January 2005.

PDB--Al Qaeda targeting federal buildings in NY

Laura Flanders on Air America 7p.m. eastern

"Shaking the trees " could have stopped 9/11.....


They redacted the WARNINGS from foreign governments. .....

Did Clarke see the PDB before 9-11?

Read the words of this soldier in Iraq. He knows the truth

Can someone confirm the PDB....

Why did the white House release the PDBs today ?..

Hey younger people...

Does Reading David Brooks Kill Your Soul?

Why is Faux the only station broadcasting news today?

Sooo, can someone please explain to me,

I feel justified calling these fuckers nazis.......

"Bush Knew" is now making headlines around the world...

Help me out here...

Newsday - Disputing Rice testimony

Just wondering where the 60,000 refugees

"Official Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked!

Is it customary to give the President "historical" documents at a briefing

Poll comparing Iraq to Vietnam

Enlightening sight with ex viet vet and local freeper

What are your predictions for the Iraq war. (long term)

Can a draft wait?

Why are only "parts" of the PDB released...

Should Colin Powell resign over the false claims he made at the UN - POLL

What will Bush's legacy be? What will people remember about Bush in 100..

military tactics and morality

Tet rule no. ONE - lock out all locals.

Finally! A browser with a killfile!

A simulation of a plane crashing into the Pentagon was done before 9/11

Aide changes position...PDB info requested by Bush

This is RICH.. Rightwingers opining on W's TRIAL at the ICC

I Need A Cartoonist

Bush Apologies for 9/11 (and other Saturday TOONS)

About PDB's -- A CIA guy told me they've been dumbed down...

Caller to C-SPAN said Kennedy, Kerry, and Byrd should be shot .....

Condi - "historical" or just background information?

I made calls to caucus for Kerry. Ask me anything.

Rice is slippery.. the paper she qupted was 6 years old ..suceeding in

Official:Bush Knew of Attack Plots

Oh, To Be On That Bass Boat This Afternoon

Meeting Rice: It was love at first clash

OMG!!!!! Government agents are at my front door!!!!!!

Is it true that there is not one democratic Arab nation? Why not?

FAUX has the PDB already, CNN is waiting on it. . .

Homecoming of US troops is halted as crisis deepens

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Gay Marriage

The PDB redactions = drip, drip, drip


It is time for us to demand that * resign.

Bush's neglect killed the people in Tower Two

Hit & Run Democracy (a cartoon)

FOUR flights took Saudis from US - names are now available

They are no longer trying to hide that Bush is not in charge.

Capital Gang talking about the PDB & Rice

The reason the PDB released today

Whatever happened to Osama?

W today (4/10/04)-Gone Fishin'

'Joe Jihadi'... have two choices: Submit or die - Easter message from USMC

The risk of getting called up for the draft is fairly limited

Capitol Gang with Rangel - Discussion Thread

What did the 8/6 PDB say about NEW YORK?

Bush speeches getting longer...zzzzzzzzzzz or vomit?

"Southern Bashing" is exagerrated

Report from Iraq at TPM: "This is not Viet's not that easy."

Anyone find it interesting how Woodward has been presaging these stories?

Most of our Troops may be back eating MREs fulltime.

Theologian Charges White House Complicity in 9/11 Attack

How much resistance do you think will occur if there is a draft?

Google (news) "Bush Knew" ...116 items

Why I expect a draft - no matter what happens in November.

PDB pdf

First Amendment extremism

Saudi "Visa Express"?

Too many"Your penis will be larger by the siege of Fallajah" e-mails

Bush Administration Refuses to Allow Beef Exporter to Test Cattle

Is letting women and children flee Fallujah sexist?

The Bizarre 911 "Coincidence" that proves MIHOP!!

9/11 and the Smoking Gun (new Asia Times article discussing LIHOP!)

"Pax Bush": spine-tingling flash animation

Something to think about.................

All the peices fall in place.

NBC News: Kerry trouncing Bush

What the hell did the Iraqi people ever do to the US to deserve the

I'm sittin' here with a big fat grin on my puss...

Please tell me Why NO ONE Cares We Have 2 US Soldiers MISSING!?!

Now are you convinced of a Bush 9/11 LIHOP? If yes, Impeach Bush?

I'm starting to think maybe U.S. should pull forces out

Question for all my new friends here re: 9/11 media records

Freeper e-mail making the rounds

We love you Mari333

Shall we start drafting Impeachment papers on PDB Eve?

Of all the wars in U.S. History, which did we absolutely have to fight?

Bush's Military Connections

Did limbaughhannityfauxetc help bush LIHOP?

Just had a VERY heated argument with my neighbor(s)...

Why weren't the warnings made PUBLIC?? Like they had all these warnings

I want to see the JULY memo

Bush AWOL once again..........

Former Bush I Official: Open Letter to Condoleeza Rice" You're toast!

Proof of LIHOP: It's time to unclassify Dave Frasca's 9/11 testimony

Cheney to Promote Nuke Reactors to China ...(Just ducky )

London cops protect Muslims

Devotees nailed on cross in bloody ritual

US forces continue to attack Falluja (Al Jazeera update)

Former British foreign secretary Douglas Hurd blasts US policy in Iraq

SDP chief urges [Japan PM] Koizumi to resign over hostage crisis

U.S. Troops Fight Insurgents on No-Man's Highway

Iraqi Cleric's Movement Gains Steam

Iraq could become 'terrorist Disneyland', experts warn

We've lost the peace, and put the world at risk

Gun Found in Airport Bathroom (left by Air Marshal)

Two German government workers missing in Iraq

U.S. Losing Support of Key Iraqis

Kidnappings add to turmoil confronting US in Iraq

Fighting North of Baghdad Kills 40 Iraqis

6 Americans killed in Iraq as violence presses on

Two U.S. Troops, Civilians Missing in Iraq -Official

DUPE .... Please delete

Abizaid has requested more forces

Former Enron CEO taken to hospital

U.S. Seeks Cease-Fire in Fallujah

Powerful Alaska Congressman Seeks Costly ‘bridges To Nowhere'

American Becomes Third Airline to Acknowledge Disclosure of Passenger Data

US offers truce to Falluja fighters

Huge arms haul intrigues India

One US marine killed, one wounded since Fallujah ceasefire

Straw stresses need for diplomacy (UK admitting shit has hit the fan)

Two bombs hit Thailand

TV Shows Apparent U.S. Prisoner in Iraq

20 Killed in Siberia Coal Mine Explosion; Many Others Trapped

US army says kills 15 insurgents in Northern Iraq

'We have to fight to a safe haven' - Mike Bloss

Kerry Warns of Drastic Bush Budget Cuts

CNN Breaking: Explosions in central Baghdad (Green zone)

Clashes erupt in Baghdad, US offers Falluja truce

Red Crescent director and wife found dead in northern iraq

Some VA hospitals in shocking shape

Fundamentalist Christian tries SOS on Muslim - at knifepoint

Militants flee Philippines jail

American Iraq Hostage On TV?

US tank, truck hit in attacks near Baghdad airport

Protestors Set To Rally Against War In Iraq

Bush Shifting Away From Brevity

Rebels hit US army oil tankers west of Baghdad

If Max Cleland (patriot) was not replaced by Bob Kerrey (PNAC DINO)

Future king of Spain, fiancee searched at Miami airport

Rising Iraq tolls dampens enthusiasm for war - and Bush

U.S. Says Airman Killed in Iraq Mortar Attack

Inquiry Into Attack on the Cole in 2000 Missed 9/11 Clues (NYT)

Arab leaders warily view Shiite stirrings

Biotech's plan to plant rice (in CA) blocked for now

Japanese hostages to be released -- CNN news

Critics Say Rush to War in Iraq Hurt U.S.

Sony Pictures Buys Richard Clarke's Book for the Screen

Iraq Group Says Has 30 Foreign Hostages

Berlusconi pays surprise visit on Italian troops in southern Iraq

Report: Kidnappers to release Japanese

Iraq Governing Council member quits security commission

Marines Move Third Battalion to Fallujah

Army Specialist 'Gave It His All' (WP)

Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage

Iraq Group Says Has 30 Foreign Hostages-Arabiya TV

Gunmen kill two security officers

U.S. Preparing Long Iraq Drive to Quell Unrest (NY Times)

U.S. Military Fails to Advance in Falluja, Reinforcements Called

Treasury News Releases on Taxes Attacked

Indian troops may go to sovereign Iraq

Iraq group threatens Christians over Falluja siege

Memorial Marks U.S. Toll From Iraq War

NewsWeek: Why Your Tax Cut Doesn't Add Up

9-11 Panel Member Says Clinton Failed to Act on Terror Warnings Too

Fox News -- S Iraq grows quieter as Sadr negotiates w/ IGC

Marines return to more dangerous mission

(Australian) Sacked weapons adviser tells: I won't lie ('sexing up' again)

Security Firms Coming Under Fire in Iraq

Bush Catches Bass With Crew From TV Show

"We interrupt this show for a special bulletin"

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

Al Franken reportedly to broadcast on two Bay Area stations

Militant cleric issues demands of coalition

Turmoil......(From the Bahrain paper)

Baghdad on strike against Fallujah offensive

WP: Military Helicopters Douse Boaters, Pilots Buzzed Tidal Basin

Capitol Gang with Rangel - Discussion Thread

White House protesters denounce colonial occupation in Iraq

Fearful Arab regimes refrain from criticising US

Italy's Berlusconi visits troops in Iraq

U.S. Troops Battle to Retake Cities - WP - newsworthy details

Peru mudslide hits town near Inca ruins (Machu Picchu )

India: Troops to Iraq? Wishful thinking!

Nation's jobs boom isn't heard in state (CA) - San Diego Untion Tribune

Anti-U.S. Outrage Unites a Growing Iraqi Resistance

The White House has released the August 6, 2001 intelligence report.

Militants threaten to kill American hostage unless troops withdraw from Fa

Spy Agency Launches Recruiting Campaign

As a Soldier Is Buried, His Mother Asks Why (WP)

Iraqi children lie wounded in Falluja clinic (Reuters UK)

Red Crescent director, wife found dead in northern Iraq

Surprise: Some Iraqi gunmen have held their fire

NYT: Second-Guessing of Bush Now Extends to Convention Site

Iraqi kidnappers threaten to kill US hostage

Just on CNN: plans for 3 Japanese hostages to be released!

Teenagers, U.S. troops in confusing Baghdad battle

(Honest John) Howard says withdrawal talk fosters hostage-taking

WH web site posts "Explainer" of memo

Vice President Cheney In Japan For Talks

Fallujah Bloodbath threatens US-Appointed Iraqi Government with Collapse

White House Releases Aug. 6, 2001, Document (Reuters) (at 6:07 PM) update

The Race Heats Up - Kerry moves ahead - Newsweek Web Exclusive

Victoria's Secret to drop its television fashion show amid criticism

Kennedy's Support for Kerry Thrills G.O.P.

Among Military Families, Questions About Bush

Bush Catches Bass With Crew From TV Show

MSNBC/Reuters: "Iraqi rebels demand Fallujah pullout before cease-fire"

Fallujah Bloodbath threatens US-Appointed Iraqi Government with Collapse

The Iraqi rebels show me their latest victim: a German in a pool of blood

Bush: 'Small faction' fighting to take over Iraq

US backs off prediction for bin Laden capture

Apocalypse now? Part 1: The War Front

ACK!!!! Drew Carey's on and I can't find the remote!

Tim Robbins is on Conan!

Forget God, I worship Cartman

Is it time to move from Information to Understanding?

Aaaaw.. They wrote a love song to Rush ..

Where's HEyHEY? I want to gloat!

Looks like HeyHey is drunk again...

Look what I can do!

Which school of thought are you in Re: Iraq?


Alright, good night

Latin scholars, help!

Mindless post number....hmm...four I believe

Can anyone recommend a good movie?

Hilltop Hialeah :)

Start your Saturday with Doonesbury and "Li'l Judas"

Dyna-Girl and Electra-Woman!

How does one know when buttermilk has spoiled?

A Fun, Quick Look at the Yahoo! Headlines!

What's on your dinner table for Easter?

Do you American types say "cheeky?"

They are burying my Grandfather today

I need computer advice!

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/10/2004

Asylum Street Spankers - Go see them! do the math

Where is Saddam?

Freudian portrait for analysis...

Favorite US President 2005+

Favorite US President, 1837-1861

Favorite United States President, 2001-present

Fantasy Baseball

Screw the BBQ sauce - all that matters is that you BOIL THE RIBS FIRST

Another classic soul song dies in the throat of a latter-day warbler.

I need a contact in Italy, anyone???

Best food while drunk?

Analyze this: I dreamed of George Stephanopolis

How Many Have Found DU After Seeing A DU Bumpersticker?

More signs that MrsGrumpy is going to Hell. I deleted without forwarding

Internet Question

April 10th in pop/rock 'n' roll history

Another interesting thing...

"Is Wayne Brady goin' to have to choke a bitch?"

Awol Bush Cheney... An Alphabet...

MLB Pennant Races 2004

I'm off to bed, if your bored read my new editorial

Mac Trojan horse is semi-bogus

new Oxyrush advertisers, Triomega, Griptite

What are some good whines?

New - "BRAINSHRINK" capsules available OTC!

If FOX is against DU using Simpsons graphics...

USELESS Co-workers!!!!!! (A rant!)

I just paid $40.50 in convenience charges to Ticketmaster. Ask me anything

Clear Channels stock is WAY down!!! I love it -

Money Isn't THAT Important...

Naked News!

Why life is worth living

Democratic Capitalism and Girl Scout Cookies

"Don't you listen to the President?"

Anyone else love "Moon river"? - Andy Williams version

Please help me I'm slow!

What are some good wines?

cat fight! (dial-up warning: 109kb -- photo NOT gross)

Who has that picture in their sig line of bush looking at a squirrel

Tennessee town covers nekkid statues

Hey megalomaniac, you're no Jesus

This guy on ebay is going to be rich

what's your crutch?

Is country music big in Northeast rural towns?

Which game should I watch?

Scott's vanity post: read my dang column

look at this show that played last night

Watch your bass

G'afternoon DU lounge...


Could Bush be a big contributing factor in my misanthropy?

caption the Sims part 2!

Why is conservative underground so obsessed with us?

100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time

Saddam at a Frat Party

Update on Erin's cuteness

OK I am convinced Bob Boudelang is a real live freeper

Isabella Bird Bishop

Is "Latest Breaking News"

What Will This Decade Be Called...The Zeros?

So, you Americans are getting Trailer Park Boys soon....

Is God blessing America?


NCAA Hockey Championship: Maine vs. Denver!

BREAKING NEWS: Condi Rice is bin Laden in disguise!


I think today is my one year anniversary on DU

Can anyone recommend a good Swedish film

anyone else having trouble with soulseek

(Really nasty expletive deleted) It's snowing here!

What to F*** is a scallop?

Condi wants your input - Caption This! < < < <

Condi and "family values."

It must be nice to be this comfortable. . . .

Yesterday, a guy got squashed in my backyard, by a tree.

White Stripes very scarily addictive

The hand gesture for the peace symbol... what does it mean when

Why I am so tired all the time?

Dr. Condi discounts note passed to her from tall turbaned man

How about CUckoos ?

Haven't seen Screaming Lord Byron in a while....


Vacation Caption

Is Conservative Underground purposely invading DU?

Ok, the John Wooden College Basketball Awards are a joke...

Feline Dementia?

Suggestions for Rethuglican Dictionary web page?

Vanity post..the 100th Bob Boudelang is up...

On a Beatles note..

Next week Attorney General Ashcroft will testify FBI could have done more

Great joke from my sister

The Blitzed Bunny of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Weird Al's Parents Die at home. . .

I am a pack-rat! Spring cleaning time.

This is my 500th post!!! How should I celebrate???

Silly question, is it possible to selectively shrink clothes?

Who gives a good Goddamn about those mouthbreathers over at CU?

the Dune prequels

who put all these dandelions in my yard?

Golfers: You Have The Opportunity To Play 4 Rounds On ONE of these Corses!

The Oogum Boogum Song: it was the 60s, I was hallucinating, right?

Pommes Anna, anyone?

Most annoying type of poll?

Having trouble with your Children or Grandkids? This may help.

Athens picks Host City Olympic Event

How much money would be enough for you to kill a perm with your hairband?

How many hairbands would be enough to kill a perm, anyway?

Our sliding glass doors ended another bird's life today

I refuse to visit the evil empire

What were your initial reactions the first time you saw "Pulp Fiction"

My shoulders are killing me!

There's just something funny about this pic of Condi

32 posts, 3 responses, I must be losing my touch.


OMG!!!!! Government Agents Are At My Door!!!!! (BostonTeaParty04 version)

there was a guy...

My name is Sid the Cat, and I'm a Cheetos addict...

Living like Crusoe.. Rich folks in Miami want to evict him

My dinner, or what not to eat on the atkins diet

John Kerry will raise taxes 800 Quadrillion dollars

Finally! A browser with a killfile!

I'm gonna Make You Mine - Lou Christie. I have a question?

How much money would be enough for you to kill a puppy with your bare hand

Psychedelic Easter Chicks - BBC

Moran to me "Get a Grip


I wanna make the Conservative Underground list!!!

Found out one of my nephews is DEM!!!

I'd rather be on DU than practice piano, what should liberalhistorian do?

I am sad...

DU soccer fans...who's your favorite team?

Atlantis: A modern liberal paradise.

Has anybody seen the German film "Good Bye Lenin"?

Shit, fuck and damn! SHITFUCK'N'DAMN!

Are there any SAFE forms of relaxation?

I can't help it, these are pathetic but funny. Frickin freepers anyway!!

USS Thresher (SSN-593) lost 41 Years ago today

Do Protestants abstain from meat on Good Friday?

Ack! Winter is back in South Texas

How much money would be enough for you to kill a yuppie with a hair band?

I'm gonna post this pic of my boy again...

What is with our barn cats?

Florida DUers - If you haven't written in about the meetup, write in here!

An Easter, Passover gift for DUers

Do you have an unspoken/telepathic connection with your mate/spouse/SO??

Western PA Duer's please check in!

This is brilliant.

Your Favorite Movie Jesus

The Curious W. of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Any HTML Wizards in the house tonight? 2 Questions.

Does anybody know anything about Cayuga grapes?

"You haven't heard the last of this hippie!"

What are the biggest concerns of DU'ers?

Help me think up an attention grabbing Subject line and I will reward you

Anyone here like a Sing-Along? (how 'bout the Chimp Cheer)

Will the real freepers please stand up!

Who wants to help?

Best seldom-played Beatles tune

I once got a "D" in Chemistry

Have you seen what politician Bush* is related to?

indication that campaign architects are reading the DU?

FAIR: Pundits to Kerry: "Move right"

When Kerry gets into office he should propose an election reform bill

John Dean is on Guy James


Help Floridians fight. Legislature Monday will try to stop recounts.

The Alamo And George Bush from celeb endorsements, Franken takes credit for Kerry.

Pension Bill Splits Senate Democrats

If I Could Give John Kerry One Piece Of Superficial Advice, It Would Be...

Kerry kicking butt 50-43 (Newsweek)

What's the greatest threat to Kerry's election - REVISED!

Would a Kerry Landslide lead to Dem. Control of House and Senate?

War And Howard Dean

Why isn't Kerry hammering Bush on Iraq?

Kerry: Missing in Action on Iraq (Salon)

Do Americans like bloodbaths?

Are book distributors intentionally trying to keep sales of Dean's book?

SUSA: Specter up 46-40

MSNBC POLL: bush* 34% KERRY 64% (5:00am et)

NYTimes: New York RNC convention might be a bad idea

Time to roll out Wes Clark again

Pick Kerry running mates in order of preference

Should Bush be prosecuted for war crimes after he's out of office?