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Archives: April 12, 2004

Last time I checked...

Bacardi's smooth image soured by charges of death plots and terror

Destroying Fallujah To "Save" It (Eyewitness Account From Fallujah)

Top 10 Paybacks to Special Interests

CNN poll-Support For Iraq Confilct Erodes

Gunsmoke - TAP

Without Social Contract, Iraq Democracy is Doomed

Germany and France Staying Mum

David Broder: A White House with an insulated leader


Salon: Dubya's Angels (Laura Flanders' book on Bushwomen)

James P. Pinkerton: A blunt warning unheeded

The Silent President

Nick Coleman: War deaths remind us to ask what it's all for

Paul Krugman: Job numbers not wildly encouraging

MP3 Classic: Randi Rhodes yells at Ralph Nader

Al Franken debunks Hannity (MP3)

Air America will not be archived at White Rose

Weird Dreams...

TRANSITS for SEARS TOWER on APRIL 19:th (Terrorattack?)

Bush Doles Out 80 Billion in Corporate Welfare

Bush tries to help rich/end the income tax and move us to a salary tax

Chen proposes two new referendums - TW

Campaign Underground question

Freeper alert

Typo in "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"....

Does this cross the line?

Hezbollah Sponsoring Anti-Israel Attacks

Sims to take a hard left in campaign for governor | Seattle Times

Stock market knew, children knew

What did Tweety say about Franken?

What is the excuse

Today in History: April 12 (already tomorrow in Japan)......

George Bush - "Fascist Gun in the West"!!

Anyone have a Link to Bush 41 book saying not to invade Iraq?

Limpballs pill popping is 8th most outrageous moment in celebrity history.

One of the reoccurring reasons for war in Iraq

A review of the Sept. 2001 headlines: Is there a nugget here?

Two strange moments on the TV "news" tonight.

Unnerving email just received.

Who was the worse Sec of Defense?

Porn popups on left-leaning sites

"We Are Sorry That Our President is an Idiot. We Didn't Vote for Him."

Prediciton: Many many more soldiers will die before Congress will act

Question for DU's Muslims....

Who had that big old list of quotes from Republicans wanting to kill us?

'US is bigger threat than terror'

let's play! What's the excuse

Bush Is In Big Trouble

The republican position on the war in Iraq.

Rerun of MTP: McCain defending shrub and Selling a Book. Imagine that.

Creepy Newtie quote from Nov 26, 2001 New Yorker

Happy @#$! Easter, President @#$! Bush!

CNN Poll

I'm beginning to feel like this country is a replay of "Les Miserables"

FYI possible technical problems with Truthout

any statistics genius available?

Am I missing something? This sounds like authorized looting...

Px of the victims in Fallujah, the little children -- hard to look at

Kill em all Caller on Guy James Sat on his discussion board spewing hate !

Help with my US History, Who was the last republican president

Attention, all who have read James Carville's new book

Boston Globe Letters to Editor

Could someone enlighten me about #9 on the top 10 this week?

Amazon best-sellers (Clarke #1, John Dean #4, Ghost Wars #7

Schools are Opening Every Day

Here's the latest forecast for Iraq:

Peter Werbe just mentioned White Rose

is roy moore running?

Sen. Robert Byrd Calls for an Exit Door from Iraq

"George sees this as a religious war" W's cousin quoted in new book

Yeats & and state of the Republican party...

A Poll: attacking George Bush - the best strategy.

James Pinkerton is now a liberal according to Drudge.

I invite you to

Who was the last Democrat to win a war?

"It's been a bloody weekend"

So, how did * honor the Lord today?

Defining Bush

Media Coverage - US vs Soviet Pravda

Peter Werbe has pretty good show tonight...

Terrorism and Clinton Admin

O reilley

watching Hamid Karzai speek at eh Afganistan Doners Meeting in Berlin

4 days before 911 Jeb Bush declares Martial law in Florida by Executive

Anyone ever see any documentaries on recent events at Dover AFB, Delaware?

cheney photo...does he look on death's doorstep?

Why isn't there an uproar from the "patriots" about oil prices

667 U.S Soldiers killed so far.

My nephews in Iraq and their dad made news..

QuicK! I need a link!!!

Is that Kissinger at the Afghan Donors Conference?

Heart or Head?

has anyone seen the pictures of the bush girls???

Theresa Lepore of Florida Elections is a liar.

Iraq should not be allowed to secede from the Union.

Should John Kerry and the Democrats speak out on the Aug 6 PDB ?

Did Bush Know?

Pinkerton On Drudge.... Right Wing Radio Allows Damning Attacks on Bush?

Oregon takes a pass on Nader

connect these dots: Bush guilty of treasonous incompetence

deadliest week for US troops in Iraq?

Subject: Help with my US History, Who was the last republican president

"CondoLIESa" Flash Animation *NEW* and one of my best works

Powell inserts foot in mouth once more

Why was W on vacation? I think he's drying out.

Movie on NBC now concerning 9/11...

Has any freeper ever explained to you why Clinton's lies were so heinous..

* w/ two flag pins on lapel

Anyone else having trouble reading USA Today nowadays?

Globe: Unasked questions on post 9-11 flight of the Saudis.

Where are the rumors of 4/19/04 Sears Tower coming from?

Movie: Homeland Security-on now Eastern Time

Did * leave doors unlocked and alarms off for terrorists?

Movie, Homeland Security, on NBC tonight

King Soopers workers in Colorado to be locked out

It's time...

Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens are you still in the "Broom" closet?

Re: "Actionable Intelligence"

Bush explains: I only read page one

How much is life worth?

Power Of Mischief - Into War

House of Saud bought Bush for $1.477 billion - got private flight 9/13

Bush FEARED Osama Air Attack at the G-8 summit in July 2001

One More Time !!! --- When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Bush on defensive over counter-terrorismstartegydespite release of memo

Bush: Memo had no 'actionable intelligence'

Defeat would be a victory for fanatics, says Blair

NRCC Faces Fine

At last, Blair identifies the real threat: complacency--Independent/UK

Israeli army chief urges US victory in Iraq

Afghans to Follow Iraqis In Resistance: Hekmatyar/New World Media Watch

FYI possible technical problems with Truthout

Memo not specific enough, Bush says

Study: IRS Audits of Businesses Down Last Year

Kerry Widens Criticism of Bush Economy

Factional fighting spreads in Afghanistan

IRS is auditing fewer businesses, more individuals

UK struggles to be heard in Iraq

Union Pensions Probe Political Donations

Eyman blasts warning that signature gatherers might be ID thieves

One War, Different Media Lenses

Fallujah: ghost town where scared residents bury their dead in their yards

Kerry Uses 'Misery Index' to Hit Bush on Economy

Factional fighting spreads in Afghanistan

Ready or Not, Help From New Iraqi Forces Is Vital, U.S. Military Says

Bush administration backs away from treaty governing oceans

Bacardi's smooth image soured by death threats and terror

GIs lose status as super-warriors in Iraq (Daily Times - Pakistan)

Blair pleads to disaffected as membership plummets

McCain on talk of run with Kerry: 'No, no and no'

Defiant US says Falluja dead were rebels

Dead soldier's kin want sibling GI's home

WP (Mon): Memo Not Specific Enough, Bush Says

Hostage Was Working in Iraq to Aid His Struggling Family [NYT... very sad]

Need some quick help here regarding Hussein / ? handshake photo!

words that should be banned from all band names

Bet it all! Gambling Brit WINS

Listening to Deep Purple's Machine Head. Ask me anything.

If you want to be on my ignore list, just say

Jump in de line, rock your body in time

I'm evil

I Predict that the Stupid Nick and Jessica Variety Show will be...

Will policians use discussion board posts against their opponents?

Can you tell me what language my son is singing? I think it may be Hebrew

When I'm done abusing peeps, what should I go after next?

Vegetarian restaurants in your town?

Jessica and What his name variety show

INTELBYTES was a freeper

SOPRANOS thread # 1

Well, I got back in touch with a girl that I was talking to online.

What is Google's problem with Easter?

Oh Goody What the Easter Bunny brought me.....geeesh

I was just on Air America Radio! Ask me anything!

Say something disruptive

It could've been worse...

Boston Duers, I need help, please read!

I just love the word effin'.

Man bets all his life savings on roulette in Vegas ($135k) and wins

Do those whitening strips work?

Biggest Loser: Dennis MILLER, DRUDGE, CU, Shrub?

Why does my radio try to turn itself on when it's near my cell phone?

I finally found a baseball player I like...

To the DUer who recommended Mozilla

Caving with the Duck

Anybody remember UltraMan?

My 1000th post!! I still feel newbie-ish!

Joe Conason on Tina Brown on CNBC now...

How about those Marlins....

I'm falling for a Marine... ask me anything!

What music have you listened to today or yesterday?

"Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House"....

Could you fall in love with a right-wing repuke?

Does first-sight love really exist?

Is it just me or does Jenna Bush look like a second-rate hooker?

A box office return that made me laugh

My husband bought a Total Masturbation System.

To everyone who is ripping the Bush twins apart:

Technical question, need help

I feel sorry for people outside of eastern Iowa

What book are you reading right now?

Why is Laura Bush referred to as pickles?

Has any one seen donnie darko?

easterbunny vs jesus

What single piece of music are you listening to at this very moment?

Has anybody read The Da Vinci Code?

Anyone else here love Casino? the movie that is...

Why do shirts get nasty in the arm pits?

Could you fall in love with a right-wing repuke?

Some quotes

Church folks: Easter service music?

My mommie ate my Cadbury's Creme Egg

Any plumbers on DU (or fix-it types) ?

It's hard to respect an old friend when....

I am dismayed

Why are Calgary Flames fans such dorks?

A Rant: Educated people who have horrible grammar.

I just spent a pleasant evening shifting gopher snakes off the road. :)

Who is the Greatest Canadian?

How was your Easter

How much do you hate Wal-Mart?

Bill Gates & Carly Fiorina have each given $2000 to the Bush 2004 campaign

The things you learn doing Campaign Underground

Questions about Troops and voting for President in 2004 -

Gay Marriage Foe To Run For Congress

For Ralph Nader, but Not for President - Howard Dean

Good news for our candidate running for congress. Petition cards done!

The Electoral College

Dupe - please delete

Now we know who stands for what - TW

While our troops remain on Iraq's streets there is no hope

The secrets of J. Edgar Hoover

The secrets of J. Edgar Hoover

Road hog cartoon

Israel unsettled by US Iraq quagmire

Fair and Balanced Conservative Manifesto from the Houston Chronicle

Extension talk hits 1st AD families hard

9/11 commission should ask who authorized the evacuation of Saudi nati

Iraq War Rationale: Version 10.0

Call William Raspberry on his ignorance

An Iraqi intifada

Our mighty war president - toon

Join First Church of Mathematics

Scalia has got to go!

We need letters from patriots to keep media focused on lack of terror prep

Help win Ohio for Kerry - please!

Hostile protesters attack journalists - TW

John Kerry upcoming on AF Rebroadcast...

Do you believe Jesus Christ actually existed?

Hail to the Geek

CNN/Money Kerry correct re household inc. dec. under Bush for below median

A bubble in housing, with worries of a pop - MSGOP

Bush Budget Would Cut Lead Funds(cuts Poison Prevention funds)

What the World Needs Now Is DDT

VT: House Passes Labeling Bill for GE Seeds

The End of Suburbia

Ford claims Escape hybrid available this summer

Former dissident steps into post as foreign minister - TW

Gangsters involved in violent weekend clashes, police say - TW

Opium flourishes once more - Afghanistan

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 12, 2004

Also experiencing difficulties

Xtra slow, many connection timeouts Monday Morning

So what happened?

Hi guys, just FYI...

Has there been a problem this morning (10:30sh a.m.)? I have had

Barrier threatens Bethlehem's future

Half of 1st 9,000 Ground Zero Workers Screened


Edwards to star at S.C. Democratic convention

Coors to yank ads with leader

Bush and Gas Prices: A letter to my friends

A question for lawyers: the definition of treason

Trump in the boardroom with bush cabinet

After the Bush Debacle

Paula Jones' Story..."Oh No"

ALERT: The coming porn laws+porn pop-ups at lefty sites! HERE IT COMES!

Re: 9/11 investigation - Gore would've been a one termer

Emergency Call for Solidarity with the Iraqi People

Indiana town is torn by war, duty

Why, if our intelligence was so vague and shitty

9/11 memo not redacted - those black marks are where W wiped his ass.

Bush Quote

President spends 40% of time out of the office

Howard Dean: Don't vote for Nader

your thoughts on retention tied to NCLB

Religious Dogma Versus Common Sense

RPG the Great Equalizer.

Thanks for coming out

General Kimmit's latest quotes

Bush, Cheney lose bid to wear fake nose, glasses (Toronto Star)

A military Wife escorts her dead soldier Husband home

bush is the new "Teflon Don", he just keeps going up in the polls.

Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Q&A Testimony Before the 9/11 Commission:

Its a good thing bush didn't

"You DO Love America, Don't You?" (Tom Tomorrow)

Chokie Roberts on NPR this AM: Mahrning Baahhb...

"The Silent President" (NYT 'calls out' Bush)

2000-2005 Strategic Plan DOJ (Clinton Admin)

"We've become addicted to investigations"

(Groan) - BBV - Clueless public official dept: latest from FL S.O.S.

Alaskan Republican Delegates Agree To Disagree ..(Cheney visit)

Mary Matalin on Imus

A little Easter Sunday shrub story

10 Questions for John Ashcroft (from

US Miltary deaths in 12 days of April 2004 already

John Dean on C-Span 2

CSPAN Monday AM Patriot Act discussion

Website of Wisconsin family that lost a daughter. . .

Step down NOW bush, & possibly avoid war crimes charges

The connundrum of family gatherings and politics...

HBO yesterday played "Executive Decision" repeatedly

'Every day I pray there is less casualty' (Bush the Moron - from Drudge)

Is it SOP for the US Marines to be attempting to procure a truce?

Hey, We're NO Fun! NPR says so!

Lets Remember Something VERY Important (PDB)

Proof Things are Bad for US In Iraq: Supply Lines Cut Off...

When will it end?

Aug 7, 2001, Bu$h says, " Saddam Hussein is a menace"

Help Me Get a Liberal on the Radio Here in Baltimore

Is the Boston Herald Right Wing...Sure seems like it....!

Our own struggle for independence began with just a few colonies (states)

"Nuke 'em all!"--my mother-in-law and the power of the media

Hypocrisy of rethugs knows no bounds

What Ashcroft was doing prior to 9/11.. All the press releases

Need help with letter to editor

Is the Washington Post full of idiots, AKA William Raspberry?

"It Broke."

When you say: "We should not be in Iraq"

If President Bush Brought the Troops home Today

from al jazeera, pics of a bunch of dead iraqis

any Chalmers Johnson fans here?

Photos of dead "Insurgents" then and now (Warning: graphic content)

Bush's Ralph Nader!--Roy Moore for President!

What would today be like if we had not invaded Iraq?

Bush Says Brief on Al Qaeda Threat Was Not Specific

I think the pressure is getting to him

BBV: Are your Senators cosponsors of "The Voter Confidence Act?"

Slate: Hired Guns - What to do about military contractors run amok

Has Bush read the PDB, even now?

How do we get the Repubs heads out of the sand? Kick 'em in the ass!

The Repubs Sprung Another Logic Trap On Themselves

How can Bush vacation at a time like this.

Hijacking Airlines is not specific information. Don't we Get it.

A mosaic of soldiers who have died in Iraq:

Is It Me, Or Is DU VERY SLOW Today?

What happened to the League of Women Voters?

Topic: Are DUers smarter than the average citizen?

Wish me luck!

The "Dems cheer Fallujah" thread was posted on the wall at work

DeLay gets hammered by a crowd of teachers!

Kerry Renews Call for National Service

Who's been listening to Randi today?

Rice Wine and Dog Food

Help! Was the 8/6/01 PDB originally 10-11 pages long or was it not?

UK's BBC nervous about screening "Popetown" cartoon

AAR is now live in Chicago

Hello ( No Intelligence is Specific )


So..Who gets to ask Ashcroft about his warning to fly private jets...

What if * does pull out of October?

Cheney and Rice hiding out on 9/11 - Clarke in charge

The White House this weekend released a section of the classified August 6

Why Are The Troops Not Being Supplied With Basic Necesities?

Canada's shame?

On CNN: US soldier to Iraq detainee: "S**k my a**, b**ch, OK?"

Iraqi Red Crude

Anyone see this movie?

Interesting Political Design Ideas

How the U.S. could have avoided a terrorist attack

The religious nut in charge of Asscroft's "war on porn"

Tiger Woods arrives for Training at Bragg with Green Berets

"We are NOT doing enough to stop dissent"

Randi Rhodes, Listeners Condi Song, BUHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Is this pResident compromised?

Military Families Speak Out

Questions begged by August 6 PDB

Here is why Bush will be pulling the troops out of Iraq very soon

Kerry at UNH this afternoon with Guster - video

Did Anyone Else Catch CNN's "Janet" Moment today?

AA Website updated

Suggestion for Senor

Anyone listening to Amy Goodman?

April '04 already deadlier than April '03

Homegrown DU cartoon needs an artist or photoshopper

Tomorrow's press conference will be to announce ways to improve intelligence

Tommy's Dumb Mississippi Neighbors Don't Have a Clue, Do They??

"Family hopes slain soldier's sisters can avoid more Iraq duty"

Bush "blows a kiss to well-wishers"

233rd M.P. Co. (US Army) homecoming delayed 'indefinitely'.

Is there a puke response as to why Asscroft quit flying commerical?


Is there a "movement" underway to undermine Progressive Websites?

Smoking gun has the July memo

CBS just brought up Ashscroft staying off of public planes in 2001

MoveOn's Bake Sale for Democracy <-- Another cool idea (plus a sad note)

James Traub on Tweety now 7:55 ET (NY Times magazine)

DNC2RNC -225 Miles to Reclaim Democracy

finally, ONE bush* vacation photo (total blackout on bush* fishing

YAY! We're Back!

So, Where Do You Think Things Stand Tonight??

So where does Iraq reconstruction and oil production stand?

Fox: "Bush Silent on Immigration Plan"


Which faux journalist will ask Bush the tough questions tomorrow and

Tweety & Fineman jabbing Chimpy on hardball

Why was DU down today?

"If Bush/Cheney wins the election, I'm leaving the country."

The Passion, Resurrected

RW talking pt on Clinton 9-11 testimony - 'C lied before , why believe

"DAILY" briefing is HISTORY? Makes no sense!

Memo's no smoking gun

Do evil & greed alter our faces?

I just heard on CNN something about Bob Barr sueing President Clinton?....

U.S. Had "Steady Stream" of Pre-9/11 Warnings (2002 E. Hill's testimony)

Just what IS the punishment for high treason?

Rooney: US Troops NOT Heroes

"Air Force One" movie with Harrison Ford is on ABC tonight. Hmmmm...

CIA tried unsucessfully to plant weapons in Iraq

Do you support Fallujah?

"Georgie Peorgie, Creature of his Father" - an incredibly obnoxious "song"

THINK For A Minute WHAT The U.S. Is Asking Of The Iraqi Army!!!

In SC home sales drop due ot high property taxes

'Every day I pray there is less casualty' (Bush the Moron - from Drudge)

Please e-mail the 9-11 commission..

Fender is effin' evil. BOYCOTT!

Randi said Mike Malloy is really good; Schultz not good!

general Sanchez saying Saddam's officials will be hired now because

The Little Chimp and the Honeybees: A Fable

OUR soldiers are KILLED (caution: graphic photos)

HEADS UP NEW ENGLAND!! Will Pitt On NECN - 8pm - Talking About PDB!!

About all these "civilians" in Iraq ...

Subsidy System for Super-Wealthy Americans, IRS Winks at Rich Deadbeats

I still insist, 9-11 was SUPPOSED to happen, any new converts?

Theme music suggestions for Bushie's press conf tomorrow night...

If 600 dead is a "shaky truce"...

Those mercenaries were SENT TO DIE by the CIA.... Uh oh...

Tomorrow night's "Press Conference"


Emergency DU Meeting Site HERE:

Thousands demand full democracy in Hong Kong march

Japan no longer confident about safety of hostages | Xinhua

Fighting in Falluja as truce falters

Bush Plunges Into Middle East Politics This Week

General Kimmit's latest quotes

from al jazeera, pics of a bunch of dead iraqis

Explosion kills two Iraqi policemen

Military developments in Iraq at a glance (Sunday)

Oil boom is spurring a new Middle East bonanza

Blasts rock Coalition HQ in Baghdad - breaking news

Three U.S. Marines killed in fighting in Iraq

US hostage will be 'spared'

Seven Chinese Kidnapped in Iraq, China Urges Rescue

Koizumi under pressure to pull troops out

Police deploy in Iraq holy city after truce deal

China to launch space solar telescope | Xinhua

Around 770 Die in Recent Iraq Fighting

U.S. military says 23 troops killed in past 3 days

US soldiers in Haiti face anger and resentment

'Every day I pray there is less casualty' (Bush the Moron - from Drudge)

Vigil for man kidnapped in Iraq

UK: Labour Party Membership hits 70 year low

Kerry's uses 'misery index' to hit Bush on economy

U.S. Seeking Truce with Shi'ite Leader Sadr -SCIRI

Government is letting down Britain in Iraq, says Howard

Analysis: One Wicked Week in Iraq

One U.S. Soldier Killed North of Baghdad -Army

Afghan government releases Taliban fighters Pakistan says are innocent

Fallujah rebels give US snipers 1200 GMT ultimatum to pull back

Some in Military Fear a Return to Iraqi Battles Already Fought

Around 70 Coalition Troops and 700 Insurgents Killed in Recent Iraq Fighti

Indian Minister Won't Send Troops to Iraq

Romanian civilian killed, another injured in Iraq (Security workers)

Iraq Kidnappers Free 12 Hostages, More Expected, Reuters Says

Families of Bulgarian troops in Karbala want them taken to safety

Musharraf Critic Convicted of Sedition

An Iraq intifada

Dupont slashes 3,500 jobs in cost-cutting plan

A Long Look at Response to Brief | LA Times

Gen. Sanchez: 9 Americans unaccounted for in Iraq

Germany Warns Citizens to Leave Iraq (Kuwait too)

Senate surprise: Democrats pulling ahead in close races

Falluja Truce Holds, Nine Americans Missing in Iraq

'Sweatshop' claim sparks lawsuit

Is this the memo that could have stopped 11 September?

U.S. Commanders Express Disappointment with Iraqi Forces, Request More Tro

U.S. forces surround university in Baghdad

New York Gasoline Rises to Record as Demand Forecast to Surge

LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections |

VOA: Bush Defends Handling of Terrorist Threat

US To 'Back Israeli Land Damands"

Marines uncover bomb factory

Bush, With Mubarak, Links Progress in Iraq to Mideast Peace

LAT: A Question of Fitness (Arnold's ties to body-building mags)

Rebels Smuggle Supplies Into Iraqi City (Fallujah)

Australia: Sacked WMD adviser: I won't lie

Iraqi Bond Breaks As Fighting Rages, Tribesmen Turn Hostile....

Witnesses Testifying Before 9 / 11 Panel (Freeh and others

Iraq Gunmen Batter American Supply Lines

Haiti: Armed Groups Still Active - AI Delegation

Canada open to sunny union (Turks & Caicos Islands)

Russians taken hostage in Baghdad

US pornography industry braces itself for clampdown

Report From Fallujah Destroying A Town In Order To Save It

Defection of Iraqi Police (to insurgents) Concerns U.S.

French Media gloats at US woes in Iraq

Who is paying Tiger's Bill?

Hundreds of Corpses Fill Haiti Morgues

WP: Forces Loyal to Sadr Begin to Withdraw from Key Cities

American Airlines admits disclosing passenger data


Kerry riding a wave of Democratic unity | news

NYT, p. 1: Disclosures Put FBI's Actions Under Scrutiny

Freeh Defends FBI's Pre-9/11 Efforts (given GOP budget actions)

Barr tries to revive Clinton-Flynt suit (Salon & AP)

Bush to Hold News Conference Tuesday Night

Scalia apologizes for recording erasure

Kerry gets served up with 'waffles'

Funny pic for a Sunday night

I Just Gotta Say It: TAQUITOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone seen 'Il Mostro?'

Why is it that political differences tear people apart?


Fireworks safety demonstration ends in uncontrolled brushfire

Great Free Software To Protect Your Computer And Privacy

Is Cheney your ROLE MODEL?


I'm falling asleep....but first I want to apologize.

I collect the state quarters

After the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet you have

Uh, am I the only one awake?

Tucson's Most Wanted.. (some unsavory characters here)

Question for Bush

Drunk Sorcerer Dies During Black Magic Ritual

Vampire Put To Rest By Village

True or False: Jesus Christ rose from the dead

Briton Bets All on Vegas Roulette Spin -- and Wins

Meryl Streep movies

Semen Exporter: Semen Earning Top Dollar

True or False: Jesus Christ Walked the Earth

Man bites dog to death

Stampede for Birthday Food Kills 21

Hey everybody, let's play.... Love a "loser" thread..

ZombyPeace Thread #2: Share Your Favorite Peace Quotes

Great Non Sequitur about talk radio

Your Favorite Type Of Poll

Do Cock Roaches Come In Black Now?

Movies You Can Watch Over And Over And Over Again has a poll that needs unfreeping

It was 50 years ago today/William Haley taught the world to play

Guitar players: I got my new guitar!

what happened to MWO?

Would you lose respect for someone who hated a cherished film/novel?

So what happened to DU?

Howdy......anyone here?

Is DU under attack today?

Gold Urinal

'Bloody Jesus' In Parking Lot - Cops Called

CONFESS!!!!!! If I peaked into your medicine cabinet what would I find???

Bailey (725kg Buffalo) Lives In House - Likes To Watch TV

Frist: Rice May Have Perjured Herself

Today without DU was like.........

Now here's a collection!

Little Girl Finds Loaded Gun While Searching For Easter Eggs

Why can't we have a "Bring your Pet to Work" day?

35 Tons Of Sand Required For Man's Jesus Sculpture In Park

I have a terrific headache

3 Suspended-13-yo boy would recover from getting oral from a teacher

new Hate radio advertisers


What type of grass should NOT be smoked?

Worlds most expensive Scotch

Car Alarms

An idea for WalMart


a VICIOUS virus attack, no DU, rain.... ARGH!

When George W. Bush looks at me

Is this for real?


I am so HAPPY Thank you Mrs. Clinton!

Oregon - So WA Kerry People

Getting hot for the Bush Twins

Theory about DU NOT today - Other Dem / Liberal sites also whacked

I found my jelly beans, ask me anything

TV censorship

Insane roommates: Mine was a guy I shared an apartment with

Baseball been berra berra good to me

One thing to keep in mind about Freepers

Mr Skinner has made an announcement

What do you do when DU is down?

Have you seen the Yahoo! Search commercial with Gray Davis?

Caption the happy family!

I feel so bad :(

Looks like we're back. That was one Hell of a break!

TNR TV Critic Compares Jon Stewart to Stalin

Blessed Be! DU returns in time for me to join the 700 Club!

Woman Sets Lover On Fire During Foreplay - Sentenced

Special on Emma Goldman this evening

George Bush faces the American Idol Panel


At long last, here's what I look like

DU chat

Time for a parody this morning: France invades America.

What is The Best Coffee???

ACTION ALERT NOW: Start wearing your anti-bush pins & buttons

If DU is Down Do You all Exist?

So, do I want to keep my house?

Randi Rhodes show--It annoys me when callers..

I missed You Guys ALL Day!

Your favorite liquor is...

Ugh, bumper sticker... Help me Lord (the real one!)

The Sopranos: semi-obligatory discussion thread.

I think the mods had it too easy today...let's start a flame war!!!

Barry Bonds Has 660 Home Runs!

Today I saw a car with Bush/Cheney stickers all over it at the library...

What is your opinion on Joan of Arc?

Tomorrow is Thomas Jefferson's 261st Birthday!


T or F: Jesus Christ walked the earth/rose from dead

Emergency DU meeting site set up

Bush Campaign Advertisements and Gas Prices: A letter to my friends

Kerry criticized for French connection

Comments From Republicans:

John Dean on C-Span 2 now

John Kerry begins college tour today. Live webcast today at 3:30 from NH!

Someone stole my Lloyd Doggett yard sign!

Public cuts Bush slack on 911 - but BUSH OWNS IRAQ BLOOD

Yes, Mr. Bush, there is indeed a well documented "misery index."

U.S. Had "Steady Stream" of Pre-9/11 Warnings

President spends 40%of time out of the office(not taking his job seriously

Good news about our chances in '04 Senate and House races!

Howard Dean's opinion on Nader in 4/12/04 NYT

If Bush loses

"A young George Bush in Montgomery in 1972; Who saw him, who didn't"

Was the Democratic Underground down earlier today?

Newsweek: Kerry up by seven points

Does anyone else think the "Misery Index" is the worst...

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