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Bushes, Cheneys Reaped Tax Benefits

Salon: Howard Stern Unplugged

Is the US Planting WMDs in Iraq?

Fray Poster Pegs Condoleeza

Rebranding Democratic positions

NYT Ed: responses to questions were distressingly rambling and unfocused

Terry Jones: "Tony really must try harder"

Call to Action re: Ashcroft and 9/11 Commission

Transcript of *'s press conference

When the medium is the menace - Taiwan

Global press should tell whole story of elections

mp3 & video of *'s press conference

Google Bombs

spring poetry

Bushes, Cheneys benefit from tax cuts

Poll shows 11.1% of HK youths consider suicide

Global press should tell whole story of elections

Get a load of this, on DU even!

FYI & a question

My post in LBN was just locked as a dupe.

How come a thread was locked for being a dupe...

Is it possible to add an original post time/date

something went terribly wrong with my reply in

What typeface is this?

Mods...can you please lock this...

Why did my AAR thread get locked?

Why was my thread deleted?

Renzi beating Babbit in poll, 49-38 percent

Booksellers: Anytime Is the Right Time for Clinton Book

Zwakri is inside Fullujah...or so we are being led to believe

40 people currently being held hostage in Iraq. From 12

What does blog mean?

Front page of the Providence Jounal print edition

'96 Olympic Attack aborted?

Is this really only Chimpy's THIRD press conf, or did I mishear Tweety

Is The Bush Press Conference Online? Links please!

ashcrofts tone

Lies in the Daily Vanguard - Majority Report radio

"Resolved" How many times?

Never mind! I'll look at the official thread!

Maybe this is why Cameras are not allowed at Dover

delusional asscroft cries: "EVIL CHEMISTRY" and "EVIL BIOLOGY"

He could resign and do the entire world a big favor.

Bush sees every failure as a success.


How was the Biden-Lugar bill the same as the IWR?

Anyone as outraged as me about Bush's "who you...

I am in internet media streaming HELL today... HELP!

CNN runs "Sir" Clip

I hate when he says the word God

Iraq was never a 'haven for terrorists' or a threat to US until we invaded

"On June 30th, Iraqi sovereignty will be placed..."

I normally don't watch Deborah Norville but did anyone just see that???

AP: Americans want balanced budget, not tax cuts

Are Bush's speechwriters outsourced?


This is a news conference?

reporters are falling asleep in the first row...

What's Your Iraq Analogy?

Is Bush's tie trippin out?

please make him stop



Would the Patriot Act have prevented September 11th...

This is a Stiff performance even by *s standard.

"The military role of the US will not end in June" many new countries are we about to invade??

Look away from the tie! Look away from the tie! many new countries are we about to invade??

What's that tha-thump? Is that his tell-tale heart beating?

Same old story, Same old song. 45 Min. Campaign commercial.

W needs a haircut. He's got 70's hair now.

on tweety sources: rummy ready to sign 20k more troops

A "friend" of mine is an over-the-top freeper many new countries are we about to invade??

Nice ... thanks Bush many new countries are we about to invade?? many new countries are we about to invade??

I'm lovin' this speech by dubya!!!!!

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians" many new countries are we about to invade??

Bush* is in total denial of the reality of the world. This is pitiful.

QUADAFFI Is Their Big Success? GIVE ME A BREAK...

Look away from the tie! Look away from the tie!

I'm lovin' this speech by dubya!!!!!

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

I Am Disgusted - He's Speaking and I'm Disgusted

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

Theocratic Terror?? PLEASE!!!

Here's my hunch about tonight's "press conference"...

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

Trying to do a tally of how many times Murder/Kill & "Terraists" are used

Convince a skeptic of LIHOP.

"We're changing the world"

i'm so glad YOU think the analogy is false

We have to kill them to give them security and freedom.

We have to kill them to give them security and freedom.

Count the verbal stumbles: "insticated"?

Hey Governor!

Bush wants to only call on Fox news reporters

THis is the absolute worst propoganda I have ever heard!!!!


'Saddam refused to disarm' Maybe because he had no WMDs

That analogy is FALSE!

A well timed cough

troops are not coming home on June 30 - just coverage stops

"A Country that Hides things is a country that is afraid of being caught"

Dave's in the hizzouz

Now "We are changing the World"

Are these questions given to him?


Did the ear piece fail or something?

no follow-up questions

Is it my personal bias, or is this guy completely befuddled?

This news conference is a farce.

BINGO question for Ashcroft...

Anyone got an organ grinder?

"We never knew they would fly planes into buildings"

Nice tie choice Mr. "President"

you can clearly see the earpiece

Just a half hour into this,,,

The Questions Are Actually Pretty Good

"When we step back and look at my (Bush's) thinking"

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

after this fiasco, we have


"A country that hides something is ...afraid of getting caught....."

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

Look at the moiré from Bush's tie!

Condi looks like a beaten Dog

"Major newspapers had talked about Bin Laden"

This reminds me of sixth grade social studies class

KKKarl is watching his world collapse

Wow, he sounds just like Condi!

Is the pResident totally lying?

Is it just me or is only picking Journalist with Red or Blue ties?

Email the press and DEMAND to know if the ??? were presented to *

OMG - the PDB was a bunch of inaccurate bull

Is it my personal bias, or is this guy completely befuddled?


MY GOD he really is a puppet...

I've come to peace with this:

look carfully, you can see his split-tounge

Scripted or not...?

Ldotter reaction to the chimp - both frightening and utterly bizarre


This is a sad state of affairs. Americas' embarrassment. George W. Bush.

My daughter just walked by going...


Bush mentions Genoa, but says he can't imagine planes flying into building

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

What clown does he look like

Yer not gettin an apology from me, 'Murica!

Where is the clamor of questioning from the press?

The Press should agree to ask only followup questions.

Anyone else getting that action off his tie?

You can see him being coached by the earpiece

He won't even apologize!

LMAO this guy is sooooo listening for answers

Mr. President, Saddam had no WMD. Why did we go to war?

Fray Poster Pegs Rice

He's repeating the Neo-Con line totally!

Why Hasn't Anyone Asked

that was the closest thing to a set of balls


Mary Matalin

If we had blown the peace in WW2...

Bush: I never made a mistake, and I'm not sorry about 9/11

Unf***ing believable!!!! He's responsible for nothing!!!!

How is this retard going to debate Kerry!? He can't talk!!

A real President accepts responsibility for his actions

"brown skin"

Miss America Talent Answers

"MY" Government?

Did you see Condi? Her world is collapsing. She looked like she was

Bush/Rove TOLD the reporters to go for broke......

Notice how the reporters aren't writing anything down.

Bush has said we're going to "Change the World" what, 6-7 times?

Dipshit looks nervous. Where's Helen Thomas?

Bush flunks Geography 101... again

What Drug Is He ON?

What does he mean by a "Must Call"?

He can't get through one sentence! NOT ONE WITHOUT EFFING UP!!!!

i suspect he has a corncob up his ass

"oceans don't protect us"

Is this Saturday Night Live?

Bush unraveled a cucumber?


"People will bend to our will if they are afraid of us" - reality check 4U

Bush owes EVERYTHING to 9/11

The "Frankly" mood of the world?

No Apology!?!?!?! - Bush is dead in the water. He could have just won!

BIG OLD DODGE there!!!

Caucasus not caucus!!!

Bush Farts on National TV

OK, now he's mentioned "future threats" twice...

Is this a Saturday Night Live rerun?

What is he talking about?!?

I want shrub on my Dodge Ball Team.

Oh, Iraq is THEATER, all right!

You've gotta be kiddin me. Did he just say force is his last option?

"I plan on telling the American people that I have a plan to win the war"

Turkeys are addicted to mustard gas...

A chance to hug, and weep, and console...

We don't see dead people on the TV!

Notice how the reporters aren't writing anything down.

John Kerry has just


"died in vain"

I don't plan on losing my job

Whose followup are you going to watch?

"Nobody likes to see dead people"

Our war in Iraq is really a cover for this:

Sorry, but our children have already died in vain...and because of a lie.

English is a rich and beautiful language

Dont plan on losing my job...

He could try a Kennedy move: "Ich bin ein Chimp"!

Bush sounds dumber than he's ever sounded before.

I've got some "must-calls"

I wish you would have....

Is it me or does it seem Bush is trying to say it's the countries fault ?

Bush is Infallable

How many family members has he consoled?

A reporter asked about Bush appearing with Cheney before 9/11 commission!

"I'm sure something will pop into my head here"

Questions Bush is actually answering, but was not asked (submit here)

"I don't plan on LOSING my job"

"I'm sure something will pop into my head, but it hasn't yet."

Did this brain dead moron just say the WMD's could still be found?

Answer the Freaking Question butt-head.

Only one hard question presented tonigt


Jeezusfuckingchrist "WMD may be found".......this asshole is insane.

That's it- he just totally lost it

Done anything different on 9.11? Still gone in IRAQ!

Who else got their Inaugural Ball invitation from Theresa Kerry?

I am done


World implications of this confab?

OMG, did you here him refer to people with "brown skin"????

Who here believed that oceans would protect us?

Is This Guy the President?

"I don't plan on losing my job"

Wes Clark will answer the Chimp on insananity & Coma

I know I'm biased, but bush is doing REALLY SHITTY. RIght?

Look at his face from CNN Web Site

He's in the midst of a total mental breakdown!

junior believes in the power of freedom


Has anyone gotten

Don Gonyea of NPR

Next November



If there weren't people dying because of him,

Will it become a new press fad to get him to say 'i'm sorry'

Did that fucking stupid son of a bitch just bitch out a reporter...


Anyone on line?? Yahoo? AOL??

This last question is such a set-up

Anyone else notice MSNBC is running a 5-second delay?

Official Tweety post

what were gas prices during Nixon's gas crisis?

We know nothing now that we didn't know before the press conference.

"Maybe I need to learn to communicate better"?

"Freedom is the Almighty's gift"

It's only Tuesday and I can safely say that Bush will be #1 on the top 10

No need to watch The Daily Show tonight

I CAN NOT have my president answering pre-scripted questions.

15 Questions, all related to Iraq and terror

did he just say "i'm open to suggestions???"

Sorry - what exactly was the question that stumped him?


"Gathering Threat" "Murderous Dictator" everybody drink now!

What's this about mustard gas in a barn?

Activism Project (online): We need to SPREAD a Clinton Press conf


"I think they're called MI5"

"Do you feel a sense of personal responsibility..."

Where is Wes Clark?

Thank David Gregory!

* "Must Haves"? What a sham!!!!

Cspan is taking caller questions--now--9:36 EDT (toadies on cable news)

Why can't people post in the DESIGNATED Press-Conf threads ?!?!?

Now he ASKED of the briefing?!?!?


Whose followup are you going to watch?

Will Bush do an act of terror in N.Y. to avoid a GOP convention there?

Wow - MSNBC is playing Bush ads during their post-speech coverage

Malloy Would Be Just Tearing * A New One Right About Now !!!

DU this poll folks!!!!

families of Soldiers on CNN

How many here think the TV ratings for Bush will be poor?

Anger - Just Anger

Bush seemed to be getting ready for defeat in Nov.

CBC's Henry Champ: "Not a sterling performance"

How many here think the TV ratings for Bush will be mediocre

Will tonight pump up junior's poll #??

There They Go Again...

Reporter "Don"---failure to communicate question...."a lot of the

Who's this dude on Larry King?

Who's this dude on Larry King?

And people think John Kerry gives boring, stilted speeches?

Dan Rather just said "Forceful, steady, confident " proof once again...

The Big Dog used to love to do press conferences

Larry King Now: Commishes (9/11), families of 9/11 and the War

* "Must Haves"? What a sham!!!!

Mr. Smirk goes to Washington

We don't sling the term "Warmongering Idiot" around here enough. (nt)

The damage is done. The power now lies with the media.

What do you think is going through John Kerry's mind


search engines question pls

Congrats to Elad!!! and all those behind a the scenes at DU

Bush "Disappointed" with US Troops

"I, John Forbes Kerry, do solemnly swear..."

Wes Clarke on Hannity.... Did I miss it?


when is gore getting his tv station going?

It's be Nice Time on the networks

MSNBC... compared Bush to Lyndon Johnson

Will junior's poll # go up?

Transcript?! Please??

Al D'Amato saying "We need to take on Bandar and the Saudis"

The story of the night: W can't bring himself to admit a mistake.

Was anyone keeping a "freedom" count?

What are Sam and Janeane saying about Bush?

All we need is an unscripted debate, and Kerry will put this one away


Bush getting slammed on Larry King by the families....

Matthews and Fineman on MSNBC are pandering ... again


Have any other presidents used an earpiece....

I watched him fumble through his debates with Gore... same thing.

I read on another board, Kerry doesn't have to campaign anymore..

David Gregory (MSNBC) just said "scripted press conference".

I thought he was pretty quick at one point

"Maybe I'm not as quick on my feet as I should be"!!!

Wes Clark coming up on Hannity and Colmbes 10:20

"That's My Bush!"

God, they just showed Condi and Rummy watching the speech....

Whoopi is kicking repuke a$$!

That woman on Larry King has an Adam's Apple!!

Why Aren't The Iraqis Fighting For THEIR Freedom?

Larry King playing clips of the Numbnutted...


Why did Canadians boo the US national anthem in Montreal tonight?

Who are the celebrity freepers?

"I thought the president was articulate...poised"........Hannity

Here's how I know, objectively, Bush was horrible tonight

Talk about Filibustering!

Stupidest Shrub comment tonite: "It's hard to advance freedom to a

Bush admitted Iraq had no WMD stockpiles

Capt from flt 77 sister on Larry King

Did I really hear * appear to take credit for KOSOVO?

MSNBC: ret.CIA Larrry Johnson

Executives of media corps. should have to testify before the 9/11 Com.

Instant aWol press conference debunker.

A caller on C-Span said Bush was a 'religious c**ksucker'

Richard Holbrooke on Scarborough ... The first voice of sanity ....

A caller on C-Span said Bush was a 'religious c**ksucker'

Buchanan says Bush re-election in serious danger

Hee hee. Cap the pic from the BBC article on the PC.

better watch the repeat of Scarborough later tonight with Buchanan

What much money does someone need to have to be considered "rich"?

Bush is melting down on National TV!!! His advidors will probably be shot

Would Poppy and Barbara accept blame for producing Dubya?

I'm afraid of a cultlike political movement coming

What do the Freepers think of this?

Trippi on AA!

General Clark coming on Fox News

Trippi now on Air America

Is it just me?

Jon Stewart in 19 minutes - at last some sanity

What's this about mustard gas in a barn?

"I have made no mistakes."


Rove screwed up big time. * should have apologized, don't you think?

OK, I'm a disgruntled Dem gone Green, but I know how Kerry can win.

Countering Clarke and O'Neill: The PNAC trial balloon is floated

nobody wants to see dead people on their t.v.'s

GWB: "I have a plan to win the war on terror"

how many times have you seen that Kerry gas tax add on CNN/MSNBC?

Bush's address in full (Toronto Star)

Who else tuned into CSPAN to hear the caller call * a cocksucker?

Judy W. -- I'm not one to dwell on polls

reporter: Mr. Prez, why are you testifying together with Cheney ....

Bush has apparently delivered a fatwa.

hey, my dentist hates bush, too

I'm so depressed

Anyone else notice the increase in Bush commercials?

What do you think of this pretentious larry king

Daily show IS on vacation

Why are you and Cheney appearing at the 911 commission together

So what are the freeper boards saying right about now?

* replay on C-SPAN?

What will be the October surprise? Finding WMD's or capturing

Fareed Zakaria needs his own show.

Do you personally know any neo-conservatives?

How are the media whores going to spin this one?

Tonight Press FAILURE to ask about Medicare Bill Fraud by White House

Got my email confirmation today.

The only solace I have....

did Bill Clinton ever have scripted press conferences?

Will the October surprise be finding WMD's or finding Bin laden?

bush says that "governments that keep secrets have somthing to hide"

Bush* Looked Disheveled. Letterman Hair. Ill-Fitting Suit...

God I'm glad I Experienced that on DU!!! (nt)

Discussion thread for the press conference

It'll take about 1/4 of the 200 mil. warchest to spin this disaster away.

I think I know why ....

Wives of 1st Armored Division Troopers are Pissed at * and Rummy

Right Here Folks, In Black and White...

George Bush sees dead people.

Who wasn't sickened or permanently damaged by the "conference" tonight?

What does "through" mean?

Ladies & Gentlemen: The President Is A Complete Idiot.

Are there still states that have yet to caucus?

If a Dem (insert damaging Bush statistic), wouldn't Repubs flip out?

The folks at DU are pretty funny

Question and Answer

Get ready for a new war. It's Bush*'s ONLY way out of losing 2004

You mean Karl Rove's not feeding the earpiece?

MOMS on again w/tweet! DO NOT MISS

GD 2004 has become pretty useless to post in now

BBV: Bev Harris in Dallas Thursday

Since I was caucusing, could someone tell me about the Bush conference?

Nothing about changing our foreign policies, nothing about our role

Thank God for that Horrible Speech

The local Fox News program aired "sound bites"

Boston Globe, John Kerry, and the Caymans...

There is no 'I' in Iraq

If Bush picks up five points from this bogus "news conference" and

Time to Vote

Jimmy Kimmel talking about the draft.

How does the WH Press Corp Like Being Talked At Like Idiots?

We Didn't Do Anything Wrong Chorus Line at Radio City Music Hall

*Best* media comments you've heard so far?

WTF? "Had there been a threat that required action by anybody...

If the draft came back......

Has Dumbya White House become a bad Farrelly Brothers comedy?

Election Startegy

Would someone please explain the "turkey farms" mentions?

who was the last reporter -- Don who? He was excellent!

bbc editorial on bush - theatre no substance

Court allows girl, 13, to be boy

Hey, Sean Hannity likes "funnies"'s one for him.

* reminds me of a line from a Talking Heads song...

I can't stand it anymore-this prez is a complete moron

Real TV transmission of tonights Bush speech- video

I think the press should be commended tonight

the bush worshippers newest centerfold

Anyone catch the shot of Card, Rice and Rove?

Roger Daltry

Deleted message

Why It's Important to Answer Polls

Ummm, could someone translate?

what the hell is happening ?????

Did anyone else catch the Fundie code speak?

After long and hard thought, I decided I have to vote for Bush.

A Hallucinogenic Tie?

Iraqi's shocked Americans would not resist foreign occupation.

"I've got some Must-Calls"...preplanned questions again, Dubya?

Two things about Shrub's opening statement

Larry King rerun, with Warren commission chairmen, family members

"enemies of the civilized world" Chimpy said this twice tonight...which

Phonetic Transcript of Duh Press Conference

Kerry's Response to tonight's Bush Press Conf disaster. (excellent)

This guy is OUR president?!!

WMD being planted in Iraq

Good night to donate to Kerry

The Spin: Bush is a "honest regular guy" when he can't speak, not dumb

It's time for Kerry to get some ads up

John King is SUCH a shameless Bush whore!

Charlie Rose could be good tonight. Anyone seen it yet?

I know, objectively, that Bush sucked out loud tonight

I am ashamed and sickened at the performance of George W. Bush

"Comforting the beloved"

Remember the media slobbering all over right after Russert's * interview?

For those who missed it...

"My President, right or wrong"

Bin Laden in captivity

Did I hallucinate, or did Bush refer to "brown-skinned" people??

Just got back from my caucus. Ask Me Anything.

Here's what they're saying in Freeperland about the Press Conference

Our "strong & decisive" leader needs to hold Dick's hand?

GWB's New Shagadellic 'Do -- Trying to Cover Up The Earpiece?

Autopsy of a Failed Occupation

Bushitters can't claim confidence in PDB's "ongoing investigations"

Franken on Stern now. E channel.

On a scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the highest), rate Chimpy's performance

Bush really was incoherent, right? It wasn't just me?

Some tidbits from the Freepers on tonight's conference (OMG)

Quick VOTE at MSNBC Poll about Bush's performance!

My tinfoil, paranoid theory wants its own thread


Here it is folks, in black and white...

Bushspeak tonight: Hiding means your afraid of getting caught

hardball - tweety, just started...analysis hard on bush

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

What really freaked me out was when he started shifting focus viciously!

Current AOL Poll numbers...

Look at what the Bush-worshipping apologists are saying!!!!

LA TIMES ON On Drudge...."Bush Team to Cut Back on Campaign Ads.."

New Title -- Nightline hitting HARD!

Cheney's Halliburton pay close to VP salary

4/13/04 Press Conference ****Transcript****

The people at freerepublic are insane.

Man, I wish I hadn't written my column yet...because that was PRICELESS!


Iowa Senate rejects gay nominee (American Taliban alert!)

The most important statement in the news conference was

Clearly The Poorest Performance By An American President Of All Time

Please help me to convert my *Shrub loving little league coach

So Asscroft says he flies Commercial in answer to the question about

The Most PATHETIC Moment at the "Press Conference"

Harvard and Yale must be proud

Did Pre-9/11 Intelligence Leak to the Private Sector Through CHENEY?

Truck driver kidnapped in Iraq is a victim of Shrub's policies

Who was the last Republican to actually speak truth?

Human Rights Watch: Probe Needed Into US Action in Falluja

Post your favorite bu$h press conference quotes here...

PHOTOS of the chimp trying to speak tonight....(caution: scarey)

John Kerry, and the Caymans...

"Answer the &$%#* Question!" MUST READ!!

Newshour (PBS) is doing a replay of *moron's babble 9pm est

Which Senators are cosponsors of a bill to end BBV and which aren't.

Here's one reason your health insurance costs so much

Ldotters: 9/11 Widows = "Whores & Sluts"

OMG!!! Bush is totally wearing an earpiece!!!

Rahul's report from today in Iraq.

Negroponte to replace Bremer!!!

Coalition recovers 4 mutilated bodies

Poll: Balanced Budget Beats Tax Cuts

Discussion thread for the press conference

They Could Still Be There.....

This is sounding more and more Nixonian

Crisis of confidence as US faces showdown

Backlash at News Corp over listing switch (poor Rupert)

Asbestos bill will fail, says author Hatch

Wes Clark and VP

Kidnaps blow to rebuilding efforts

Minimum wage hike: Senate GOP seeks to neutralize key election-year issue

St. Petersburg Democratic club ad says 'pull trigger' on Rumsfeld

After Abduction, Russia Urges Citizens to Leave Iraq

Support for Bush 'Has Harmed UK's Reputation'--UK/ World Media Watch

Bush May Accept a Settlement Plan (Israel)

Kerry Statement on President's News Conference

Iraq claims third SA life

Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings

Beijing slams Martin's meeting with Dalai Lama

Democratic club's ad suggests shooting Rumsfeld

Tax Cuts Helped President but Far Less So the Cheneys

Bush Campaign's Big TV Ad Push Trimmed (30% cut)

Opinions vary on Bush news conference

U.S. Workers, Lured by Money and Idealism, Face Iraqi Reality

GU: Americans 'drop demand for handover of killers in Falluja atrocity'

Dead soldier's sisters excused duty in war zone

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

World set back 10 years by Bush's new world order, says Blair aide

Bush says he doesn't plan to lose his job

Colo. Lawmakers Urged Not to Emulate JFK

Half of US is breathing bad air, government warns

Poll: Balanced Budget Beats Tax Cuts

Democrats devise Catholic scorecard

WP: Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings (MUST READ!!!)

Text of (P)resident Bush's speech

Hundreds of U.S. Farmers Headed for Cuba

So, anyone here going to Phish in Vegas this weekend...?

Someone is impersonating Skinner avatar & all

Jersey Girl

Someone is impersonating Skinner ,avatar & all!

know anyone who's had an episode like this?

Anyone else just see Whoopi stomping the George Bush card board stand-ee?

Have you ever been pulsed? I haven't

"I will not seek..."

How many syllables will Jr use tonight?

"This has been tough weeks in Iraq"


Thank me later...


Murphy's Rules of Combat

Murkin's are not an Imperial Power


How does Cheney

Where should the Hyp go on Friday night?

Civilized World?

"Secretary of State Rumsfeld"?

Nice ... thanks Bush

Bush is slamming valium and beers right now!!!

What does INSTICATED mean?

Theocratic Terror?? PLEASE!!!

"Citing my plunging poll numbers=aiding the terrorists"

"Citing my plunging poll numbers=aiding the terrorists"

Wow, I wish I bought gas yesterday!

"A Country that Hides things is a country that is afraid of being caught"

For give me, those dupes...

Anyone watching the press conference?

Come to Hawai'i and never have to listen to Bush* again!

"I'd be angry if I was occupied too!"

Gettin' sauced on scotch/not watching*

"Ultimate Decision Maker"

Wow, I wish I bought gas yesterday!

By God! Everyone has to stop lying to George

"I can't wait to get back to my unit..."


Bush-Lie-O-Meter ----- Guess how many lies Bush will tell

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds ...

No need to watch The Daily Show tonight

Old Allman Brothers on WITR - listen online Now Greatful Dead

Wal mart sells dvd player that blocks bad words; pay more $ for more title

Anybody else getting a "Web site not responding" message?

All of Bushes answers:

just got home from work, missed the whole press conference. anything new?

Meanwhile in some back room of the White House:

Katrina Van Den Heuvel ALERT

What do Poppy and Bab's think of Junior's performance tonight?

Good News American Idol Fans!

Who wasn't sickened or permanently damaged by the "conference" tonight?


Are all 42706 registered DU'ers on here right now?

Now we're going to war against Libyan turkeys for producing mustard gas?

check out this web site

Some tidbits from the Freepers on tonight's conference (OMG)

First words out of Bush’s mouth tonight, that I would love to hear….

Look, 41 and Babs loved him once, anyway....

Bush Lies: The Musical

So what word are you drinking to?

Simon Cowell responds to Bush's speech....

OK, I'll try this this time

Does anyone know what happened to Dr. Lim aka Prof. Pollkatz?

What did I miss while I went to krispy kreme?

Night around?

I need help finding . . .

Anybody heard from..................

Bush Press Conference/Hitchcock's "Notorious"

Bushler or Bushitler?

what's this all about

I am OD'd on Lies

Had turkey sausage for dinner, producing my own mustard gas.

I want a DU Logo Baseball Jersey, blue & white, size: large

Does the Harvard Business School...

Anyone hungry? I'm making Turkey sandwiches with Mustard on them

KG? Hello? KG.

Is this the end of the empire ?

Ever create a new thread just to have a blue thread on the lounge page?

What is KKKarl Rove doing now?

Oh my dear, dear, dear God!!!!

Turkey sandwiches anyone?

Why do the Freepers connect us with anyone not conservative?

Here comes the smirk ...

home improvement advise needed

No, Never.

(The Onion) New Negative Campaign Ads Blast Voters Directly

Question about radio reception in car

Gene Burns on KGO talking 911

Anyone notice Condi's body language?




did Shrubya* screw up big time

this post is for all the old hippies

Anybody ever read "I, Robot" by I. Asimov?

FTC Rules All Pornographic 'Spam' Must Be Labeled

this is scary

Who Would Have Thought.

i just finished watching the news conference re-broadcast...

Is Sideshow Bob the announcer for Air America?

Made some Air America Avatars:

Say What You Will But I Am A BIG Christina Aguilera Fan.

Battle of the Bands: The Gap Band vs. The Isley Brothers

I just ordered a BUNCH of new cds - New music check-in!

I need a Photoshop god or goddess

A combo science/religion question

Rainy days - like or dislike?

A bit of karmic payback?

Just got a very strange email

Did anyone notice, the Lounge just crested 1,000,000 posts?

Just got a message from a friend about a warranty with Black & Decker...


G-DUB Pre-empts 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok wouldnt consoling familes include

VIDEO HEADS- Need a screen shot from tonight's "Press Conference"

Why does it take death to open people's eyes?

If you have DSL/Cable and you like music or radio

Battle of the bands : U2 or Britney Spears?

Landsraad plans to "kill or capture" Muad'dib, says Sardaukar.

How do you feel about Kenny G?

As long as y'all are so generous - any advice on best blogging?

Once and for all, DU's opinion of ABBA


Rate the Idiot-In-Chief!

DU post news conference Presidential Preference poll

Spoof Bush anti-Kerry ad-Planet Obscurion

TOONS: Bush 41 and Bush 43 ...

Bush must really be worried this week

Boston Globe, John Kerry, and Cayman Islands...

John Kerry and The Voter Confidence Act and Black Box Voting

In this hypothetical election, who would you vote for?

"Is it worth it even if you lose your job in November?"

Any Colorado Democrats out there?

How will the polls react to Bush's performance tonight?

The John Kerry Rope-A-Dope (John Kerry = Muhammed Ali)

Name one good thing about Bush - I dare you

'New Democrats' on Iraq - in their own words

Just back from CO Caucus

WP Op/Ed: President Is Long On Resolve but Short on Details

Stripes Headline: Some Germany-based 1st AD may be headed back to Iraq

Today's Stripes letters (families of the 1AD are PISSED)

Iraq: Live from Baghdad ...with Anthony Shadid .....Pulitzer Prize winner

The never ending war in 2008 toon

Your history of folly in our region - Middle East

Ashcroft Gets a Free Pass:Are the commissioners afraid to seem partisan?

Gene Lyons

Crimes of a Tyranny by o'zone

Fallujah and the end of the road

Boston Globe Ed for last 2 days - wasserman

Trust, Don't Verify: Bush's Incredible Definition of Credibility

Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings : Wash P:ost

Matt Rothschild (TPM): A Scary Performance, and a Signal for Slaughter

. A plea for perseverance and a second term:'I don't plan on losing "

Bush's plea of ignorance By Derrick Z. Jackson, 4/14

Air America: Liberal Media Takeover Complete

All I Really Needed To Know About Hate, I Learned From Ann Coulter

Bush's Secret Tax on Democrats

Dubya's abstience problem

Falluja - an eyewitness account

Desperate spin by Fred Barnes

Surrender, Dorothy!!

Washington Post: A Prime Time to Ask The President Questions

Behind the speech - toon

Lets ramp up the outrage over Air Americia off in LA!

Washington DC April 24, PM-- How 'bout a drink, ya'll? Help Inform Your Election Officials!

Walter Cronkite 30 years past his prime...

I saw this link and had an idea

Whats up with AA? -Drudge

Need Pics from last nights Uh fest.

Andrew Sullivan Has O.D.'d on the Kool-Aid

Did anyone hear Wes Clark on NPR just a while ago?

What happened to the free feed on AA?

coming out this summer is the remake of "The Manchurian Candidate "

is religion the knowable "interface" we try to put on the unknowable?

NC DU'ers: I need a hand.

Please help me to convert my *Shrub loving little league coach

The Two Elephants, on Starlight News

Dollar flexes muscles (also Retail Sales Numbers)

Warren Buffett under scrutiny by new corporate governance issues

Bush's Secret Tax on Democrats

Inflation returns - CPI up .5%, Core up .4% for March

More Reality on Jobs - "Help-wanted Index" in your area?

My life as a deadbeat American

Ban chumming, say surfers - shark tour operators feeding wild animals

Ranchers & Enviros Combine For 510,000-Acre Owyhee River Wilderness Plan

Illinois Drivers Face 8-10 Month Wait For Toyota Hybrid

Key Putin Advisor - Kill Kyoto Now - Reuters

DOE - World Oil Demand To Increase 52% By 2025

Do You Know Pet CPR?

World set back 10 years by Bush's new world order

Australia: Gun imports outstrip gun buyback

GUNS OF THE DAY - 14 April 2004

Recidivism in the news

Whoa - What Happened??? I tried to edit my message about

Can an DU Aminis. find out what's happening with Air America?


I get this each time I try to read a post or change screens...what's up?

I think the site's going down again.

Someone started a DU panic room at YAHOO for days like this

why was user "cryofan" tombstoned?

FYI on today's slowdown/downtime

Thank-you For Reinstating Me

Thanks for getting me up and running again so fast!!! n/t

A Masked Reality (Amira Haas)

Palestinian children killed by Israel

18 anti-barrier protesters injured northwest of Jerusalem (Bidu)

Bush, Mubarak give qualified support to Gaza pullout

Orthodox Jews to hold Anti Israel Protest Outside White House

Bush praises Israel's 'courageous actions'

Why the Aug. 6 PDB AND Condoleezza were both accurate

9/11 and the Smoking Gun (new Asia Times article discussing LIHOP!)

Poll: New Yorkers favoring Giuliani for governor in 2006

Mountain Time Zoners: C-Span replaying press conference...

All across America tonight

Mollyn Ivins (Intellivu)

man on the run

Cheney Took in $178,437 from Halliburton in 2003

I wonder if this will affect Ashcroft's crackdown on porn

twitty bush to appear with granny at hearings

David Letterman tonight: Fox cancelled "American Idol" to transmit

Bush Condemns The Power Grab By Extremists

It was a Diversion? The subject was his to choose, then drifted to

Who in this nation still thinks * is an eloquent speaker???

50 Tons Of Mustard Gas on a Turkey Farm.....wanna bet we're about to

TBTM: Press conference re-cap by John Buchanan

Per-day fatality averages are approaching Vietnam levels.

Anyone see this yet...New York Time op-ed...?

latest bushisms

Okay, if you rewatch the speech, notice how Bush does a perfect Rumsfield

After that press conference I KNOW we're living in the twilight zone

15 Questions

cnn international breaking: russia evac 816 from iraq

For the night owls, Mike Webb has John Dean now (2:20 a.m. ET)n/t

If you're really bored...

Gift hem a brake

wanna see the most dumb assed poll of all time?

Darfur Update

* disapointed in performance of some troops

Bush says we must win this fight

Needed Kerry sound-bite...

Hey Bush, here's a postcard from all of us here at DU

Who was it (Al Franken or his guest Bob Kerrey?) that said there

FBI director to the Senate Select Committee

Kerry's & Bush tax returns, who's rich?

Panel says Bush saw repeated warnings prior to Aug. 6

richard holbrooke on MSNBC.......NOW, Larry JOHNSON!!!!

How long till we "discover" WMD in Iraq

Nightline is back on for west coasties


Some people look at form, others at substance.

"When I say something, I MEAN it!".......B* is going to regret THAT one.

Bush said "I hope today you've gotten a sense of my conviction..."

Making a Case for a Mission

Raed Jarrar's blog ... shameless plug

When Bush says "obviously," does it mean he's lying?

Iraq: Live from Baghdad with Anthony Shadid

Just a little bit of humour in our sad world...

Brown people OR brown skinned???

Need links to Bush speechs with specifics about WMD he

OOps! Sick again

Saddam or double?

watch tweety smack john fund down right now!

I need a summary of chimpy's press conference, could anyone fill me in?

Poll, Bush slithered away without scars? Came off as coming to the People,

"The Entity." "My Government." "Changing the World." & that fucking tie!

CNN Poll is 9-11 Commission Playing Politics or Seeking Truth?

C-span 7:42 a.m. ET: Kean from the commission on open phones n/t

Bush's performance unlikely to stem anxiety among Rethugs...

I may puke

Vote in this Poll at MSNBC - Bush vs Kerry

Today's Headlines: "We Must Not Waver"

Kean on C-Span right now

U.S. Snipers Ignored Ceasefire

local ABC affiliate pounding b* & Mitch Daniels distancing himself from*

My eyes and ears are on Kerry- This is his finest opportunity!!!

Saudis allowed to leave right after 9/11: Kean on C-Span says

Rand Beers didn't seem to me to be a good Kerry Spokesperson!

mistakes, second thoughts even ......

John Dean on Mike Webb tonight: Bush is a complete SOB to

Slaughter them to liberate them

After Tonight I am Convinced America May Not Survive This Administration

During the Q & appeared

Who posted the idea about the empty coffin protest?

"War footing" -- did you know we're on it?

Is Election 04 already decided?

Bush displays a tendency to believe false information.

"I really don't care; they're all gonna die," (Fallujah)

CNN Poll - top of the heap reminder

Whiney Yankees

I've Showered Twice Since The Press Conference

Look, there's something people on here don't want to admit...

The Iraqis Got Another US Army Supply Truck Today...

Heads Up --US spy chiefs to testify on 9/11 (today)

Boston Globe: Bush's plea of ignorance

Local NBC news in CT last night after * lead in had..............

A partial scorecard

Anyone have a link to the Bush mosaic?

I don't think it will matter if Kerry wins or if Bush wins because

What single event began Bush's downward slide into hell?

Is the media toughening up on Shrub?

St Petersburg dem Club - what ad? Story?

Imus this morning, "So did Hitler"

Sully, other whores say: "Bush clear, forceful, impassioned, determined."

Imus describes Bush* as "psychopathic"

Was I watching the same press conference they were?

Using the Iraq rationale, Bush must be taken out of power.

Msnbc Poll

Why didn't Bush say he was asking for Iran's help last night!

Is there a transcript of the W meltdown last night?

Fascism in America: coming or already here?

9:05 am September 11, 2001... Card Whispered in his ear:

Imus this morning, "Well so did Hitler"

Bush and Rice read from the same script.

Peculiar quote from Bush's New Conference Speech..

Arguing with Bush...

We will NOT let them create fear...

Biggest sign that Bush was a failure last night?

How does Shrub match up against a REAL A.I.?

Would you consider the words 'pimp' or 'pimping' racist?

"This has been tough weeks in that country."

The best question and best non-answer, answer in last nights press Conf.

Need quote from last night...

?!?local RW radio host - 'last nite worst liberal media bias ever' ?!?

I was watching Andy Roddick courtside last night - missed *'s Performance

American Idol judges critique Bush* press conference

What are the next books comming out that could be damaging

Remember Operation Topple Statue? Here comes Operation Raise Flag…

Inadequate preparation

Arianna Huffington coming up on Howard Stern

My adult analysis of the Liberal Media and The Press Conf

Iran Says Arch-Foe U.S. Seeks Tehran's Help in Iraq

Something interesting from last night

"Our soldiers who have volunteered to go there understand the stakes."

Bush misspoke, he meant "we will finish the work of the FODDER"

Did they air one Press Conf for DU and another for the rest of the USA?

the "cease-fire"

"George Bush is too Dangerous to be re-selected".

War College aide rips Bush Iraq strategy

For those of you who've never seen it...(working link available)

Is 'Insurgent" Accurate?

Outraged @ ashcroft blaming Clinton !

Kofi Annan says Iraq too violent for U.N. role

can someone repost the article about presidential vacations? (nt)

Speaking of mercenaries...

MSNBC poll: Pres. Bush's News Conference: Did he make his case for you?

Outsourcing in Iraq

Have you checked Drudge?

Blatant earpiece moment

Did anyone believe a word of the crap coming out of Ashcroft's mouth

Waxman's letter to Marburger (re: manipulation of science by *)

That was fast......

Commission testimony: TENET COULD NOT SEE * AUG 01 AT ALL BECAUSE

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

Tenet's Sucking Wind!

I Couldn't Stop Laughing Throughout The Entire Press Conference

President Benefits From His Tax Cut

Any Journalists here?

10:05 am C-Span:Tenet testifying now. Kerrey asking tought questions. n/t

Tenet never saw or spoke w/ bush* the month of August

What *Should* This Morning's Headline Have Been? (Press Conference)

Truthfully, Do You Think the Public Cares About Iraq Anymore???

oneil, clarke, tenet

Why George Bush's Crusade in Iraq will fail.

Help! Congressman Mike Oxley (R-Oh) is speaking at my school today...

DU this poll!

A "President" Bush is a concept

A sense of foreboding . . .

Was Sadr arrested or not?

Did anybody ask Tenet if the "declassified" PDB as shown to the public

Word of the Day for Wednesday April 14, 2004

My good friend was offered a big $$ job in Iraq

Promising New NY Poll

The freepers are saying Bush bitch-slapped the press corps last night!!

never mind - delete

That Hideous Strength

How long before an "allied force of nations" goes against US?

"African-American Conservative Republican"

look nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens!

Too old for LBN: African-American Republican is Shown the Truth of GOP

Two disturbing pieces of Legislation came to my attention yesterday

What the US media doesn't want you know about Fallujah cease fire

Walter Cronkite on O'Franken today

Kerry's VP

what happened to Air America Radio in Chicago?

Would Adrian Cronauer do AAR?

Anyone see any polls about the "press conference" last night?

Ted Kennedy's joke at Kerry's Boston fundraiser last night --

Who else thinks Tenet was awful?

Kerry’s Purple Heart Flap

bob kerrey get on anybody else's nerves?

April: Officially Bloodiest Month for US Forces

What's the news on Limbaugh Hearings?

That's the kind of speech that could lead to resignation

On-line polling indicates that Bush's REAL support is limited to 35%.

guarded kudos for the--gasp!--media

911 3000 Broken Dreams!


Water-cooler talk - Bush* popularity going down

I don't think it was Vince Vaughn or John Favreau on Stern yesterday.

Excited for the debates?

chicago tribune - our stumbling leader

bush reminds me of......

Good news from Drudge *seriously*

Bush stunk last night? But not according to Tweety

Didja Notice How Giddy Bush Got When He Was Asked about Iraq's Oil?

Ted Olson on "backward looking."

YAWWWWWWW! It's time for the OFRANKEN FACTOR, kids!

Are there liberal counterparts to Crowley, Roberts, Williams etc.?

Yucca Mountain Workers in Danger - Cancer Causing Dust

How Fantastic! Listening to Air America re: Bush's speech fiasco

cnn poll

Troop Rotation

How likely will an attack be in the first year of a Kerry presidency

Bush needs to testify ALONE

south STILL remembers 'Sherm.'s MarchtotheSea' - but US/Iraq no prob??

Full transcript of President Bush's press conference

Help! I sent dad info about lihop and he is mad at me and says

Does anyone have a video clip of the Bush press conference last night?

The bomb of the day: Bush and Tenent didn't talk in August 2001?

Yucca Mountain Workers in Danger - Cancer Causing Dust

Listening to Britney Spears, drinking Pepsi&hating American Foreign Policy

I was lost but now I'm found

Sharon & Bush having a press conference...both voices are irritating

CNN's Schneider is spreading his propoganda about Bush abroad

Two very important points in Ws speech - that the media has ignored

OK who called KTRH radio in Houston yesterday afternoon?

Thank the Almighty for Al Franken and AA!~

Dark Age Ahead (new book by Jane Jacobs)

Bush still believes in WMD?

Please stop Bush....sign Kerry petition VIP


Can someone explain this to me?

Inside Bush's head

EQUAL TIME:: when do the Democrats get to respond on TV?

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

How to defend against wedge marriage

Bush can't take a hint (Sammy Sosa, Bin Laden...)

Andrew Sullivan just hung himself

Has anyone ever heard of the Northwood Plan?

Rasmussen will have new FL poll data at 3 p.m. eastern time

Who owns smirk's ranch?

AL Qaida Attacks and Thwarted Attacks

The right no longer knows the difference

Good news we won the election

help georgie discover his mistakes......

Hit the poll on *Bush's performance last night!

Makes you smile...

When will the Commission question the Republican Congress on its role

David Sirota / Alternet on The Press Conference: No Plan, No Apologies

Bush asked axis of evil Iran for help in Iraq

Is inflation and higher interest rates coming?

Was DU down again today?

9/11:ugly questions Blair must answer about Robert Maxwell/BFEE

A glimmer of hope last night when the media got some BACKBONE for a brief

Is * even aware of half of what's going on?

For those having trouble in L.A and Chicago...

* gestures to himself when referring to "the Almighty"

Rush: "None of the questions were worth answering."

CNN poll "Did Bush do a Good Job in Press Conference"

It was the CIA running a simulation crash on 911

What will higher interest rates and inflation mean for the economy?

Landover Baptist Church - You'll love this!

Most evil dictator the USA was ever chums with?

Thoughts on a freeper post: How Gore would have handled 9/11

Kerry is not an anti-war candidate. Is this news to you?

Today you must...

Recessions--Republican Heaven

Why didn't key members of Bush Admin. receive info from the Aug 6th PDB?

WP's Dan Balz on Press Conference

Lynne CHEENEE's Un-reissued Book Quoted in Mainstream Gossip

Fox News spin

Dorothy Rabinowitz(WSJ):Americans are beginning to tire of them(NJ girls)

Gimme a thousand dollars and I'll strap one on, too!

Randi is hitting DRUDGE She will have some dude on that will

Perjurer General?

Najaf: US 'killing fields'

OMG Tenet never talked to Bush during August!!

WATCHING 9/11 ON msnbc

Pink makes a great statement about oil, iraq and gay marriage

Is CNN totally clueless..."Bush sounds confident note"

Al Qaeda successful and "thwarted"attacks. Still think we're winning?

New Florida poll Kerry holds slim lead 47-46

So is the WH lying, or is Tenet lying?

"McDemocracies" - have you read Plaid Adder's latest?

Air America Chief Operating Officer clearing Chicago and LA stuff now

Looking for a Condi quote

Bush losing the on-line poll wars on performance last night

In two weeks, April has become the bloodiest month for US forces in Iraq

Authur Liu is a RETHUG Proof is @ the link..(Mods please lock)

Why wasn't Bush Senior criticized for the first WTC bombing?

Anyone got a full transcript from last night?

Picard versus Ashcroft - Which one is lying?

videos of bush* press conference, with the AMAZING Techicolor tie

Bush: "Brown Skinned" People Deserve Freedom Too!

Winning Hearts and Minds

Ashcroft breast covering incident

Another mass grave found in Iraq:

Video of last night's press conference

Air America bounces check -- taken off air in Chicago and LA

I Missed Bush - Can someone break it down?

Don King mumbles for RNC

Not one, but TWO LIHOPS in 2001

Nightline piece on John O'Neil tonight

funny picture of Smirk & Sharon

Last night's Bush* lie about Iraqi oil revenues

Cheney Took $178,437

On-line polling indicates that Bush's REAL support is limited to 35%.

Wow Kerry is leading Bush 49-48

Bush is Nixon-Iraq is Vietnam

Mike Oxley (R-Oh) called me "misinformed" today.

Questions for 9/11 Commission - Here's individual email addresses

Path to War: Vanity Fair article, choice quote about Condi

Nightline Wed 4-14 Story on John O' Neill why he left FBI

Hey Drudge: Bush/GOP Bounce Check to tune of 521 Billion

Air America down in LA and Chicago,

No right of return, Bush tells Palestinian refugees

Did bush lie ........ Sharon and Palestinian State?

Who's really in charge?

Arthur Liu, the man that shut down Air American in Chicago/LA

Randi Rhodes: OJ would make a better president...

need an IRV expert!

What was the * crocodile tears about

bushes new plan: hey I know lets really piss the arabs off!

Kerry on MTP this Sunday

Yippee!! I just got my REAL food!

U.N. Recommends Iraq Caretaker Government

another Yahoo story needs anti-freeping (Bush vacation hurt us 9/11)

rate this story! It's been freeped!

If Bush Wanted To Build An Arab Democracy, Why Not Afghanistan First?

Are we planting WMD's while chaos distracts?

Jenna and Barbara went with smirk to Ft. Hood

Can we make a DU pact to stop posting Drudge stories?

Warren Buffett's Coke role questioned (conflicts of interest)

Randall Terry's son comes out as gay.

Bush is now pissing off the palestinians

Air America in LA this morning all-Mexican??

Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial flights?

I need talking points on the draft if bu$h* wins the election

Who was really behind those budget cuts in the 1990s? And what factors

Interesting speculation from Janeane Garofalo on Air America story

Randi is talking to AA Chief Counsel right now re: Chicago and LA

How is what Kennedy and Byrd said more damaging than what Tenent

If you "mean what you say" but say the wrong thing, is that comforting?

Iraq on the Record -- new link?

Cry Tears for Iraq - Eric Blumrich

Abort terrorism

Bush Polls

Is anyone else having problems accessing the DU site.

Who ya talkin' to

Did Clinton EVER blame anything on Bush I?

Ashcroft Senate testimony on terrorism May 9, 2001

Scientific Evidence explaining why Bush is brain damaged

You sank my battleship!!

Are 2,500 soldiers necessary to kill a "marginalized" cleric?

A question about Bush's speech ??

How America got Snookered by listening to the Pubs and Bush

I'm Liberal and Agnostic and I LOVE the Devil in me!

TOP 10: You know you're a liberal if...

Article re: Radio Unica's bankruptcy...

Heads up. Hackers could launch ours or Russia's nuclear ICBMs

Smash the Media Monopolies! Join the Citizen-financed Media Revolution!

What's with the drudge story on Air America?

Giving up land that you stole is something to brag about?

So what did Limberger say about us?

I need some info to battle a repug ...

Tenet lied...proof on White House web site...

bush & bin laden familes have been fucking us over for years: READ

I think John Kerry will make an excellent president

Dream Team

U.S. war dead in Iraq exceed first three years of the Vietnam War

Some thoughts about CA and workers comp insurance

Calif. Rep David Dreier's (R) web page

Ashcroft Lying

marty kaplan.......AAR telling real story of off air deal

"We liberated 25 million people in Iraq..."

Oliver Stone's "Looking for Fidel" on HBO tonight at 8 pm EST

Stars & Stripes LTE: Thanks, Mr. Rumsfeld (dripping w/ sarcasm)

What Bush really said....

Randall Terry shocked by son's coming-out

have there been any serious polls out

President: 'I don't plan on losing my job'

Bush, Sharon, and another failed photo op

Oliver Stone Castro interview on HBO tonight at 8

Bush's Brillo Chia Head

MF: U.S. Budget Deficits Threaten World - nother bush gift

Kerry and Sheen.... A good omen for JK

Are there any Dallas, Ft Worth DU'ers here at GD right now?

Bob Graham was right on impeachment

You wear an earpiece, read a script, and won't testify without Cheney

saw a great bumpersticker today


Politics in nonpolitical online forums and communities

Planning the Gore/Kerry handoff

Walter Cronkite Is A Deadhead?

KarenTumulty, Time Mag. - "Whoever picked that tie ought to be fired."

Since I'm on a VP kick today - Best recent VP?

Another Chopper Down and in Flames

How do we "support" Air America?

Some instant perspective on Gorelick and conflicts:

Need Source for Annthrax Coulter Quote

New Erectile Dysfunction Ad Features Explicit Language

Is Marty Kaplan on "the weed?"

This is interesting...

Your Air America show order

The way I see it, NeoCondi Rice struck out at the plate when she

Should Gorelick Resign?

Bush / Cheney 2004.

Liberal Radio Stations Silenced (Chi Trib)

When will George W. Bush reveal his plan?

Air America full schedule will be on Sirius Radio

The craziest part of last night's farce goes unnoticed by the mainstream!

Sensenbrenner on Hardball

AAR just broke in with a broadcast from LA on the air

Can "brown-skinned" people be self-governing and free ?

Will CNN's ratings turn around if Kerry wins?

John Kerry clip on CBS

Is Kerry being too vague?

Did all the witnesses make the same case about why FBI failed ??

Help! Most damning Halliburton article in last 2 weeks, or scandal.

A fellow neo con says Chimpy is destined to fail in Iraq

CIA now says Tenet DID go to Texas (8/17/01)???

The ignored nonanswer from last night.

Brent Scowcroft on PBS

Will Greenspan raise interest rates this election year as he did seven

Peace on earth, just as soon as we win this war.

If 9/11 had not would bush be doing right now?

Cool Web Site Diversions! :)

DU this poll...

Great News: Democracy already taking hold in Iraq!

While bushie was making a spectacle of himself last night

Anyone else NOT thrilled by Clarke's movie deal.

Injunction Filed

Which one of these losing VP candidates would have made the best Prez?

Oh crap....DoD Ready to Assist in Event of Homeland Attack

I need the Bush "uh, umm" montage from Randi Rhodes today.

Tonight on 60 Minutes II - The "Left Behind" series of books, more...

Help with freeper please

Bushist Dichotomy: Either Iraq is Americanized or Americans Aren't Safe

I'm Liberal and Catholic and I LOVE my religion!

Favorite Think Tanks

Best Democratic President?

Oh... My... God... Did Anybody Catch The Crying 'Democrat' On Limbaugh ???

Bush: "It's their oil, and they'll use it to reconstruct the country. "

Reasons why Clinton was Great

Helen Thomas still didnt get a Question

Help with Teenagers please.

Conspiracy-theory, kook chat rooms like Democratic Underground

Still believe in LIHOP/MIHOP after last night?

George and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamtie

WLS-AM reports Air America bounced the check--please post reports here

Newsweek Poll - DU this poll

If Blair were to pull out of Iraq....apologize to the world....

How many humans have been killed by shrapnel wounds throughout history?

Need a link/research

Attention Dallas area DU'ers - Halliburton Action 4/15 12:00noon to 2:00pm

NPR A Total Basket Case?

We're told we need to "Support Our Troops"

From the files of "Nobody could have predicted that on 9/11 . . ."

Annoying AAR comercials

Did anyone go crazy after the "Almighty" comment?

46% of Wolf Blitzer's viewers found Bush "unconvincing" last night

One of my college roommates obviously doesn't know me...

End of the Fairness Doctrine: death of the free press?

Randi is gonna rip Bush a new one...

Check out the freeper comment just left on my site

Schools Give Hungry Children Backpacks Filled With Food to Help Them Get T

The man is living proof a large segment of us are Lolo

Whomever posted about the GM ONSTAR commercials @ AAR...

Navy recruiting pop-up reflects the New American mentality

Just how sleazy was it for Ashcrot to declassify and spring that

Bartcop thinks * found Regan's Grecian Formula

The Tommy Thompson/ Duer research anthrax investigation thread

Kerry Quotes on Iraq from April 13,2004

BUSH'S EARPIECE: Looking for proof

Killer blows kisses at victim's family

Are Bush & the Republicans invincible?

Poll: Inside Politics, CNN

The mystery of Bush revealed

Petition to stop using tax dollars for the Bush campaign

TINFOIL HAT ALERT: Bin Laden double-crossed Bush

Is Air America down in Chicago?

The Anti-Christ

Michael Moore's excellent rant.

Scientists ask city officials to nix bioterror lab

Mexico Backs Brazil in Nuclear Inspections Dispute

Bomb explodes near U.S. Afghan base, police wounded

Senate committee OKs bill to set 18 as minimum age for execution

Some Troops Expect All-Out Fallujah Fight

Union Members Urge Kerry to Warm Up

FBI Assailed for Handling Terror Risks (Ashcroft/Pickard/Bush)

Troops gather for showdown with al-Sadr

NYT: Kerry Recruits Votes for Today & Politicians for Tomorrow

Just a little bit of humour in our sad world...

WP, p. 1: (Iraq) Insurgents Display New Sophistication

Iraq Rebel Cleric Proposes Deal to U.S.- Envoy

Tax cuts Bush sought saved him $31,000

Paying for it in Georgia and Iraq

Ad Draws Big Notice To Little Newspaper

Ashcroft criticizes Clinton rules

LAT: (FEC) Deluged on Advocacy Groups' Ads ( ACT, MoveOn)

94th MP unit's stay extended 90 days

Philippines Says Considering Iraq Withdrawal

Iraq south oil export network secure - ministry

Bush says American troops will 'finish work of fallen' in Iraq

Plenty of jostling behind the scenes as Pentagon insists showdown must go

Russia to evacuate 800 from Iraq

New stations debut with shock and rock (Maine gets Air America)

Priest tells lawmakers not to emulate JFK

World set back 10 years by Bush's new world order, says Blair aide

NYT, p. 1: Making a Case for a (Bush) Mission

Bushes report $822,126 in adjusted gross income

DOE cuts WIPP watchdog group's funding

Bush: Iraq is no Vietnam

Ignore the polls, (Cdn) Liberals told (election rumours) Globe and Mail

WP, p. 1: President Is Long on Resolve but Short on Details

Deaths of scores of mercenaries not reported

Britain accused of 9/11 blunder

UAE's Shaikh Mohammed marries Princess Haya

Terrorists Gun Down Four Policemen

Taking Iraq to account

Sharon seeks Bush backing on plan

Microsoft Finds New Windows Security Flaws

US could kill Middle East peace - Arafat

Security forces accused of rape and torture - Uzbekistan

Pentagon Rejected Pre-9/11 Hijacking Exercise (Whoops)

Spy network putrid, army man tells PM

Consumer Prices Jump, Trade Gap Narrows

Iraqi Red Crescent prepares camp for thousands displaced from Fallujah

Russia to evacuate over 800 from Iraq

Newdow Pledge of Allegiance Case Decision Due Today from Supreme Court

Taliban militants step up attacks in Afghanistan

Kerry Visit to Boston Nets $4 million

Pentagon Seeks to Use Foreign Airlines

Blair urged to change US tactics

Iran sends official to mediate in Iraq

4 more U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq

Two Marines face court-martial for allegedly assaulting Iraqi prisoner

Zanzibar lawmakers outlaw gay sex

Death of bullies promotes baboon peace

Lightning can strike twice

U.S. troops fire on Iraq looters, several casualties

Islamic nations warned on imposition of reform

Kerry visit to Boston nets $4m

Viewers to see footage of detainee's death - UK

Kidnapped French journalist freed in Iraq

Top U.S. Military Officer in Iraq to Evaluate (Myers)

Candidate Pictured in Dresses Loses Race

Four killed as RI's Mer-C ambulance hit by U.S. missile

Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings

Iran Halts Its Work With U.S. on Iraq

Iran Ends Talks With United States Over How to Restore Order in Iraq

missile hits baghdad sheraton 11:15 ET

live news conference Bush and Sharon agree to keep some of Gasa


Armored Hummers shipment to Iraq instead of Israel

U.S. Launches Heavy Fire on Fallujah

Pentagon to Extend Iraq Combat Tours

Fallujah and the end of the road

Bush: Iraq is no Vietnam



Chinese abducted in Iraq earned only 3 dollars a day

Tenet NEVER spoke to GWB in the entire month of August of 2001

Falluja ceasefire broken

Bush Changes Course, Endorses Israel Plan

Iranian delegation arrives in Iraq to help settle Sadr dispute

GOP worried about Iraq's role at polls

Italian hostage killed - Aljazeera TV

Al-Jazeera: Italian Hostage Killed on Tape

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 686 U.S. service members have died

Pentagon to Extend Iraq Combat Tours (new)

US military 'pressuring' journalists

Idaho Trial Could Be a Test of Patriot Act

U.N. Recommends Iraq Caretaker Government ( * not going to be happy

Bush takes afternoon jog with wounded Louisiana National Guard member

Iraq Sovereignty Handover Seen as Largely Symbolic

Sadr drops all conditions in talks with US-led coalition

U.S. inflation heats up

Report: 2 more Japanese abducted in Iraq

War Reports From Civilians Stir Up Iraqis Against U.S.

Italian hostage executed

Siege of Fallujah polarizing Iraqis

More job layoffs at Siemens Dematic

Critics: Management, not IT money, is FBI problem

IMF, OECD say US budget deficit threatens recovery

Costco: Schwarzenegger's politicking banned outside stores

IMF: U.S. Budget Deficits Threaten World (Bush has found the WMD!!!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 April

Refugees tell of rising anger in Fallujah

Cancer set to pass heart disease as leading killer - CA

Slow mail hurting U.S. troop morale in Iraq-report

U.S., France Block UN Probe of Aristide Ouster

Vacationing Bush Not Told of 9/11 'Clue' (this needs ratings, folks!)

Air America pulled from two stations

(Tenet) Doesn't Recall 2001 Tx. Trip (CIA says he went 8/17/01)

Apple Computer Closes Elk Grove, Calif., Plant (235 jobs)

Family need sent Mississippi dairy farmer to Iraq

Bush Endorses Israel's Plan on West Bank

Jewish Family in Fla. Reports Vandalism

Crash girl found after ten days ( Grrrrr the mother would have live IF

No right of return, Bush tells Palestinian refugees

General Overturns Reprimand Against Muslim Army Chaplain

87 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq in April - More than 560 have been wounded

Firefight in Fallujah

Military Drops Guantanamo Chaplain Convictions

Iraqi 'beaten to death' by US troops

Iraq Kidnappers Kill Italian Hostage -Jazeera TV

White House: Bush Erred on Mustard Gas

Memo: Pre-9/11 drill was nixed (boston heraLd)

Village Voice: Listening to the Translators (9/11, Edmonds and Mueller)

Army Girds to Confront Radical Cleric

Kerry faces questions over Purple Heart

Kerry to Tap Dick Durbin and Stephanie Tubbs Jones for Senior DNC Posts

Study: Heavy social drinkers show brain damage

Falluja - an eyewitness account

Bush Is Stumped on Question of Mistakes

Question about term limits

You try to dis, take a crack at this

Freepers do not like subtlties...

52 minutes left in my birthday - ask me anything

Do I need a break from DU?

Me is drunk...ask me somn!

Something funny I was told.

Mel Makes TV 'Passion' Plays

replay of Stern show with Franken on E! now

Times like these I really wish The Daily Show were NOT on sabbatical

I had a dream last night

What people at the American Idol forums are saying about "Boosh"

Finally! No more delays... got around to it!

Ritchie Blackmore: Musical Genious?

It's 'Global Day' at my University in the Middle-East

Calling all DU Insomniacs!!

I have a story you might find interesting(long post)



Don't usually stop by the Lounge and have never posted in here before

Cops face nudity suit

You Can Pay A Company To Put Your Litter On The Moon

Caption: Miaooow! Better than a toothbrush...

Denial thy name is bush. You have never done anything wrong and even if

For those who love all things Kennedy

Are birthdays linked to luck?

Voting this year?

Radioactive Prostrate Sets Off Security Alert

who saw the Chimp on Wild Discovery?

I nominate this for the most pathetic and totally insane FR post ever.

Knowing that DU & FR usually cancel each other out on these online polls..

European men outstrip Americans

Another good Bush Picture

Coen Bros Celebrity Deathmatch:

stupid friggin golf tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRR

What the hell was going on with Bush's Necktie last night?

Spin the quote that really says something entirely different;

George is morphing, before our very own eyes

I'm Wearing A Jerry Garcia Tie Today


whoodaha have to drink

What's your 'hangover' status for the day after the Press Conference

What a great story..(This is what patriotism really is)

Chubby, Barefoot Man Outruns Police

Onion: New Negative Campaign Ads Blast Voters Directly

The How Can You CAPTION a Man Who CAPTIONS Himself? of all CAPTIONS!!!

Who gets this user pic , I made?

"Butternut Rum?" Who decided this would make a good coffee flavor?

It is to laugh!

What the heck is up with all the STUPID ASS faces * makes?

Trump fires Bush

Choose my breakfast: Oatmeal, Micro chix dinner or lentil soup?

Batmobile Toy Warning Issued - Laceration Hazard

Ashville Trib: Gun-toting granny shoots off rapers’ testicles

Happy Birthday Pete Rose

Caption: Junior bluffs his way out of BFEE 9/11 turf war

World's Strongest Dog

There was one positive for me about bush's press conference.

Have you seen the new "hybrid" animal??

Caption: Miooooow! How about a piggy back, Pa???

Where can I download yesterday's O'Franken Factor?

Wal-Mart Sells Anti-Smut DVD Player

Cat Problem: Abbie has "Litter Breath"

How do I get someone onto Air America?

"I wish you'd given me the question in advance..."

The Incredible Credibility of America of all CAPTIONS!!!!

New T-shirts, Sweats, Mugs, Mousepads ... "Pro-Choice/Pro-Kerry"

Another great Flash Media ...

I Was Re-Elected Precinct Co-Chair Last Night

Cunningham Rules!!!

APB for canadian DUers living in/around Nelson, BC.....

Seminar On Fellatio 'How to' Held - Using A Dildo Named 'Junior'

Who is the most pretty-looking commission member??

Best form of music you've heard (not limited by genre labels)

Mac users, here is a CSPAN audio Launcher.

CAPTION! Bush photo from The Globe and Mail. Most Statesmanlike!

I'm frequently receiving "request denied while attempting to contact

Comedy Central scared of FCC - No Lemmiwinks South Park tonight

Thanks Bush - for inspiring my lunch today!

What kind of music do you like to dance to?

Ok, I am going to Blaspheme here, but...

DU slowing down suddenly

I just took Gus to the Vet...He's OK

Anyone have a mac they want to sell?

Holy Batman you have been Recalled......

Working? Or waiting for work? Hang out here!

White House Releases President Bush's Personal Copy of Declassified Daily

College student charged in fake abduction

Bill Pitt "Techincolor Tie" post in GD should be required reading at the

this thread cannot be dispLayed

Bleach this!

Moral relativism or absolutism

The Passion of The Bobby Jones

Hawai'i Interisland Flights Jammed with Flying Doughnuts

Non Sequitur digging on Air America

Walter Cronkite is a Deadhead!!

A few stickers that will make you lose your lunch...


Carjacking Transvestites Steal Car - Kids Inside Get Out

WHAT HAPPENED???????? I'm listening to Air America here

Cows eat herring for new milk

Is there a way to set Real Player to go off at a certain time?

Who Else Here Has an Unhealthy Obsession with Rachael Ray?

How about some Dubya jokes?

Dude, where's the original author?

Not Counting Sex - Do You Prefer The Company Of The Same or Opposite Sex?

Read your Fortune Cookie On the Hood of NSMA's Car

Rant: I hate entitlement

Billboard alert:

I ate a pickled egg last night for five dollars...

News Anchor Shows Her "Sex Kitten" Side

PSSSt! I heard a rumor that it's actually going to get Springlike

I'm hung over today, and its all *'s fault!!!!!!

Any Family Guy fans here?

OK...did watching Dubya last night scare you as much as it scared me?

VelmaD RAWKS!!!!

Just rooting around snopes - can we take advantage of this?

What "hybrid" animal would you want?

Silence is commanded!

What's your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Hello? Is anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me, is there....

Went to the shelter yesterday and met Misty's sister! (See the pictures!)

man, blind client ripped off at Walmart

Three More New T-shirt Designs ... GLBT Interest

Bodybuilders- Does anyone take xenadrine without ephedrine?

Onion Taken Seriously

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man"

yay! randi quoted the newsweek poLL

Favorite Air America Tagline

Bumper sticker alert:

When you woke up this morning...

A mildly funny Texas joke.

Question about 9/11 hearings, panel ...

President Bush Needs Your Help (vote)


Judge Asks Robber: "Was The CandyCane Loaded?"

would someone please feed the damn cat?

How happy are you that Passover is over?

Press Conference Clarifications

UPDATE for the DU Delegation for the March for Choice

Guitar players: I need a good digital delay pedal...

Well today is fun

Too tasteless for a bumper sticker?

new Hannity advertiser Days Inn

Heads up for "Smallville" fans: Christopher Reeve on it tonight

The Onion - Resistance in Iraq...What do you think? GENIUS!!!

Get a load of this bullshit...

This is kinda cool if your a Palm user

I got a letter from WVU today

Beefarianism -- Bullshit or reality?

Satire: The Bush Toastmasters commercial

Should I reduce my celeb crush list to 20?

a couple of VERY random questions apropos of nothing...

Rod him or leave him?

Lounge LBN- (Dumb) Minister Dies From Snakebite at Easter

Snicker, new bumpersticker:

Yippee! I just got my real food!!!

for sale . . . to country music fans . . .

So, what does Bush's middle initial really stand for?

Is This Site Getting Hacked Or Something. Again It's Good To Be Back.

The dream (FROM HELL)

Hey Cure Fans!

Battle of the Bands: TAVARES or HOT CHOCOLATE?

I'm a bonehead, I forgot to sign my tax return forms

What your computer does while you sleep. Pretty cool.

Favorite OTIS REDDING song (besides "Dock of the Bay")?

New Negative Campaign Ads Blast Voters Directly

Blue Man Group...

Is DU crawling for anyone else?

On the periodic downtime on DU - Was Ashcroft tossing

Bush* to be in Buffalo NY Tuesday 20 April

Consider Insectivorianism!

Soldier in Iraq - Christmas package

I'm watching "Reefer Madness" ask me anything?

I am no more workhorse

Mountain bikers...Norco-Any good?

Remember no Sex Threads Allowed...Ask Me ANYTHING!

Say a prayer for Jacob tonight...


For the purpose of colonoscopy, is beer considered a clear liquid?

Man Robbed As He Lay Dying In Street

online taxes for previous years

how are you?


Caption: JP2 plays hide and seek

How secure is your job?

Ladies, I think there's something wrong with me.

Barry Bonds question

found something totally disgustin on the new $20's

I Had An Epidural Injection In My Neck Yesterday

My 100th post...ask me anything...

Caption Condi and Karl

Windows Update problems?

Potty Trained Cat?

Will the recent DU downtime discourage you from trying to access this site

Do the caution sheets that accompany prescriptions freak you out?

The Wednesday Evening Dinner Thread.

Congratulations, JaySherman! 1000 posts!

Who has not seen My Hubble Wallpaper page?

John Belushi (Please help--this is for a paper)

the official Anti-Matcom animation thread.....................

What would a date with Ann Coulter be like?

Top 10 Rock Albums (IMO) from the late 80's-early 90's

I have absolutely nothing to do at work today... ASK ME ANYTHING!

This sucker is BEGGING for a CAPTION!

I'm so fuckin tired of waking up alone

The Crazy Guggenheim of all CAPTIONS!

So who's going to the choice rally on the 25th

Do you play the lottery?

Should I change my DU name?

DU's Lonely Hearts Club Poll

biopsy report on our dog's tumor

Adobe® Illustrator Users Check in

Senate Race in Colorado.... Miles vs Salazar

Say it Loud Everybody, "DRIP, DRIP, DRIP!"

Play the VP o matic - WaPo:

How Kerry wins

Bush is Perfect, White House reveals

Kerry slams the pResidential Press Conference.

A Strategy for Iraq - Kerry, 4/13

Any Kerry Campaingers in DU?

Three Perils for Kerry's 'Honeymoon' by Robert Kuttner

Sigh. My local news this morning...

How can I get involved?

Anyone watching Kerry's Press Conference?

It's not a popular thing to say...but an Anti-war candidate would win

Should peaceniks vote for Bush?

Rasmussen Poll Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Bush 48% Kerry 44% Nader 4% in New Jersey- What's going on here?

Does anyone know how much money Kerry has raised?

Another close race in Florida (Kerry 47, Bush 46)

Kucinich: What do we stand for as a Party?

VP idea: Ed Rendell? approve... disapprove?