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Archives: April 15, 2004

Tenet and condi contradict each other...

Wackos Against Crazies

"George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism"

Blumenthal: Hear no evil, read no evil, speak drivel

Army isn't saying much about details of 1st AD's Iraq extension

Grim, Defensive, Bush Meets Press, Shoring Up War

Guardian: The French Connection

The neocons thinking dictator now in Iraq?

Howard Dean: Don't vote for Nader

Conason: Bush* Must Explain Why Washington Slept

for an expert analysis of Bush.. read this......................

Seattle's Dave Ross: Freedom has become a tough sell in Iraq...

Al Qaeda will want Bush back

Salon: Warriors for Hire in Iraq

Tommy Friedman's Latest "From Gaza to Baghdad"

Are you kidding me???

Protest Bush in Pittsburgh - April 19

Protest Bush in Des Moines April 15

Pray for me, I'm now a delegate to my county convention.

Air America is a call to arms.

Audio of Wes Clark's remarks on NPR today

In honor of last nights Stammering of King George: PocketUhhh

Air America yanked off the air in Los Angeles

New Search Engine from Amazon --- looks good

Nancy, a follow up on the Sears question

The Shifting Terms of Trade Between Grain and Oil

MAC blasts back at China - TW

DPP now believes it can gain majority alone, Huang says - TW

Ma's report causes council uproar - TW

Vietnamese security forces clash with Montagnards

HK officials invite new trouble over crowd figure

Has our web address become linked with FR?

Has there been an increase in Hate Mail since the debut of Air America?

we need on DU-where's george today (& Co.)or something like that

oops, thought I was in the lounge, move please

Bush at Booker - Another Question that Proves Quilt.

Tips for a Failure

Majority Report Slamming Drudge LOL

recent 1st lady with the most poise

Former Sec of State Lawrence Eagleberger on "Countdown"

30 Halliburton employees killed so far

Arthur Liu gave $$ to repukes only-FEC website/ tries to stop AA Radio!

Did Rush give us a plug again today?

shrubs environmental impact report card

I really hope that air America has some tough people on their side..

Woo-hoo! Tom Tomorrow is on Air America's "The Majority Report."

Turkey farm and mustard gas goof..

Returning to the scene of the crime: CIA & the Budget Cuts

The left behind series and the RW Christians...SCARY!!!!

Poll: Kerry Has Double-Digit Lead in N.Y.

9/11: Tenet knew bin Laden was responsible...why not Bush???

Does AAR have any idea how many of us are listening online?

Great Bush Speech Titles

Is Tenet a good guy?

The Almighty/Democracy/GW Bush

Tom Tomorrow proves Thomas Friedman is a liar.

new rightwing buzz word -- "elite media"...

Bush was spewing PNAC agenda in last night's speech........

Has Bush been a "different" type of leader since 9/11 ..?

Iraq appears to be like a scene from Mad Max. What are we doing there?

At 686 dead american soldiers

"Breaking News" On L.A. & Chicago

Israeli spy ring spawned feared Egypt intelligence - The Lavon Affair

We must be getting too close to the truth...

DU on Limbaugh and Drudge

What Will Be the Most Powerful Motivator at the Polls: Like/Dislike???

AA Online: The Majority Report is Good Tonight...Anybody hear

Anybody hear the Juan Cole(?) interview yesterday on NPR ?

'I'm 19. I'm not supposed to be a widow'

The two Italian hostages in Iraq appear to be DynCorp employees

Chalabi says Bush had better make nice with Moqtada al-Sadr

Does Bush have a bruise over his left eye today?

Come Now, Bush* couldn't get elected dogcatcher come November.

What is Ashcroft all about??? Listen to Papantonio in Majority Report now.

Thanks To YOU, DU, I Am The "Go To" Man For News At My Work

bush* lied to soldiers

Heard about the Counter Clinton Library?

Nixon had a plan -- Bush has a plan ??

Woo hoo! Finally had a LTTE published!

Army Extends Tours Despite 1-Year Pledge

Dime-on-a-string taxcuts for average americans

DWW: The events of the last week have brought the DRAFT one step closer!

Why the hearings prove LIHOP, while the Commissioners try to deflect truth


A bartcop flashback : Kiss my ass, GOP!

I despise Tommy Thompson...

Documents Prove U.N. Oil Corruption

Bush meets with the President Mubarak of Egypt one day then the next..

Gore Vidal

Limbaugh's getting really paranoid... accuses caller of being McAuliffe

Daily Record: Ladies & Gentlemen, The Embarrassment Of The United States

The real Story behind Air America shut down (Sludge)

Analyze Bush!

Air America Rocks!!!

"Air Ball for Air America....

Gov. Pawlenty thinks $hrub will win

Has anyone received their Kerry bumper stickers yet?

Poor Chris Matthews.. "everyone" hates him now..

I am sure that it has been mentioned, but couldn't find it. But did

OMG--Gorelick just put Chris Matthews in his place

The Oy! Oy! Oy! Show cracks me up.

Anyone getting suspicious of all the X for VP posts?

Pat Buchanan for Kerry VP.

Congratulations AWD!

Indict Tenet for perjury immediately

Just to regain perspective... Tobacco kills every year about 700 times

Analysis: US 'emulates' Israeli tactics

A Scary Performance, and a Signal for Slaughter

Bush's Vietnam?/More like his Afghanistan-A dream scenario for Bin Laden

Any true christians should denounce LaHaye.

Bush's Press Conference: "a Signal for Slaughter"

Colin Quinn: Hard Hitting????!!!! on now

* needs your help

Another reminder: John O'Neill profiled on Nightline tonight

No wonder Sharon is such a madman

Anybody watch Tweety with the Repug congresscreature who wants

Air America could have a program called DemocraticUnderground Today

Interesting PsychO' analysis of bush... and must read books

Check out this Bush joke...

Time For Nightline: John O'neill is the Topic (I think)

Anybody who considers themselves a true Christian should denounce LaHaye.

How many DU'ers would be willing to pay their docs directly...

I'm really beginning to believe that bush* is stupid.

I'm not so sure about some of the programming on Air America

A poll from MSN India: Do You Think Iraq Is Becoming Another Vietnam

Sick and tierd of disinformation

Did Greenspan Engineer the 2001 Recession?

Leno just showed a clip of the "Fool me once" Bush quote

Anyone reading House of Bush - House of Saud

anyone see these wackjobs on 60 minutes...?

"The consequences of failure in Iraq would be unthinkable"

old article but worth a read- * a "dry drunk"

Soooooo, Ashcroft actually signed off on a continuance of Goerlic memo

Bush "The Derranged Cardinal"

Very interesting: "Gov't whistlerblower tomorrow night on Peter Jennings"

Foreign Policy Poll Needs a Boost!

The meaning of Mehdi - an ironic victory for Moqtada al-Sadr

Nightline, "John O'Neil, might have stopped 9/11"

Iraqis And Americans Getting Screwed

Eyewitness: US has turned Fallujah into another Sarajevo, (heartbreaking)

America's real battle is between the "rednecks" and the "peaceniks"..

Average price of a Manhattan apartment reaches $1 million

Why a Kerry-Bush debate would be a bad idea:

Did you see CIA Dir George Tenet at the 9/11 hearing

Surprise! The Aug 6th memo wasn't the only dramatic warning !

The Inevitable Sectarian Bloodbath in Iraq -- True or False?

AP has picked up Air America Story...

Frontline is running "The Man Who Knew" tomorrow night

Bill Safire did it again today...

Ted Olson on Larry King - berating the 911 commission.

MoPaul!!!! Symbolman!!!! DU Artists!!!! Do something with this one!

Head Nazi - Ted Olsen on Larry King giving cover as 911 Victim

Did Bush know immediately on 9-11 that it was Al Qaida?

Does anyone know of a picture site for Iraq?

Mike Ruppert is on Coast to Coast tonight - Wed April 14

The Commission should recall Tenent and make him state the subject

is there no end to *'s stupidity?

ann coulter in on

Deep Throat may be on the 911 Commission.

Did anyone catch this line from * last night.

The real reason repugs hate Clinton

Oh My God, Bill O'Reilly's offended!

Has anybody ever seen this article before?

GE acquisition of Radio Unica from MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting

Moussaoui Riddle Hangs Over 9/11 Hearings

Question about Randi Rhodes

Debunk the Right Wing: Bill Clinton didn't lie about sex

Mike Malloy's latest blog is up...

Read the "Hunger Stories" from your state

I'm Still Stuck on "The Tie"

What is going on with all these wacky VP threads?

How was the Biden-Lugar bill the same as the IWR?

Anyone else sick of hearing "They knew the risks when they signed up?"

Gawd, what painful memories

Randall Terry vs Son

Tenet changes his story

Pat Cadell, former Democratic Pollster??

Does Kerry really want to win Ohio?

Sign on to the U.N. Authority for Iraq campaign at

Does anyone think any news people, politicans and celebrities visit DU?

How would NOT knowing about PNAC effect your views on M/LIHOP?

Would you enjoy having a beer with Bush?

How many DU'ers would prefer a one payer system....

Did you admire Paul Wellstone?

Bodies feared to be US civilians

Bush extends PLO's right to keep Washington office

Senators Want Answers on About Disclosure of Airline Passenger Information

Bush, Cheney fork out less in federal taxes for 2003

South Koreans asked to avenge impeachment in parliamentary vote

Iran Ends Talks With United States Over How to Restore Order in Iraq

Sadr close to striking a deal

Canadian Internet pharmacies to sell medicine from Europe

Furious Palestinians Reject Bush Pledges to Israel

Husband charged in murder of Rep. Frank's niece

The real Story behind Air America shut down (Sludge)

Annan advisor attacksAmerican occupation and Bremer's tactics

Kerry campaigns at City College

Legal Battle Over Ten Commandments Monument Will Cost Alabama Taxpayers...

Caterpillar shareholders reject Israel resolution

Iraqi Resistance Report for 14 April

Bush rips up the road map

Military families protest US involvement in Iraq

Poll: Kerry has hefty double-digit lead in New York |

Tenet says years needed to combat al-Qaida

Warriors for hire in Iraq

Fallujah fighting jeopardizes fragile truce (AP\MSNBC)

Two More Japanese Reported Kidnapped in Iraq (Reuters)

British overtures to Iran set allies at odds


Italian hostage executed, says Arab TV report

Poland Eyes Cuts in Iraq Troops

Calif. Workers' Comp Agreement Reached

Analysis: US 'emulates' Israeli tactics

Reuters: Moussaoui Riddle Hangs Over 9/11 Hearings

Civilian Contractors Pay Price in Iraq

Bremer is powerless to restrain the US military

Barney Frank's Niece Murdered

Army clears Guantanamo chaplain

Kerry Says Bush's Stubbornness Hurts Troops

Gorelick: I won't quit 9/11 commission

Republicans Fear Iraq War Fallout (AP\CommonDreams)

Taxes Take Longer Because of Complex Forms

Counter Clinton library gets tax break

Bush makes three mistakes while trying to cite one

Media Sour On Bush Press Conf.

Wisconsin family buries 1 of 3 sisters sent to Iraq (KC Star)

Reno: Nothing kept FBI from sharing info

Bush 'enforcer' for Iraq

Prosecutor: Transgender Teen 'Executed'

So would you do the antler dance with a Republican?

Which kind of Affirmative Action gets a person further ahead?

DU Dictionary Link? Please help a newbie!!

Very funny email making its way around... my Dem pa-in-law sent this

I'M A WeINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer Alert: Gone with the Wind on now

WEnt to a meet up tonight for a senate candidate...

oops, thought I was in the lounge, move please

Quentin Taratino as a judge on American Idol

Has anyone here ever seen Jude Suess?

If you're looking for Mathew Perry of "Friends"

I'm in PeopleHell©!

I just noticed that this will be post #700

Beastie Boys Album Preview: Political Bleats And Old-School Beats

Did anyone else watch the Emma Goldman special and think

Technical question about sigline pics

Tipoff: another Freeper site

MS Access question?

A message for Toronto DUers...

Detroit Tigers beat Toronto 5-3

Hey, I was a LOBBYIST today!

I swear my cat is Ralph Wiggam in the flesh

DU chat tonight

Trailer Park Boys! BBC America, April 15 (tomorrow)

Do the best workers usually get promoted to management?

okay so who is ILL Nino

Who is sexier?

'Angel' Fans! New episode tonight!!


Should Microsoft give up on producing operating systems,

who else is watching Band of Brothers now?

Did Rice say under oath

How are you feeling?

This cat is crazy!

Organ donor info and cards (in regards to Cuban Liberal's

Flasher Attacked by Schoolgirls Sentenced to 10-24 Months in Prison

I pay child support and health insurance.

Nightline, "John O'Neil, might have stopped 9/11"

The Minnesota Timberwolves: 2004 Midwest Division Champions!!!

I've been reading Mein Kampf...

Coolest-Looking Venomous Snakes

Was John Stewart show a rerun tonight? or....

anyone watching South Park?

are my city council members Dems or Repukes?

One of the 10 stupidest articles I have ever read

Three of my family's friends were killed in a plane crash yesterday...

What the hell is this?

Tarantino owes me $4.50 for a refund on that crap movie "Kill Bill"

I got stoned tonight courtesy of the RCMP....

How depressing....

Should I change MY DU name? After all I am leaving Texas!

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya,

"BUSH" on Conan about press conf!

I just spent a half-hour cleaning my grungy keyboard. ASK ME ANYTHING!

"Son," he said without preamble, "never trust a man who doesn't drink...

Check this out: it's the Counter Clinton Library!

Dear god, this is what just came over the police scanner

On Friday, I have a job interview.

I'm getting ready to install Firefox 0.8 - any tips

15 records I bought for the covers but never listened to

Chapelle show thread (Very Anti-Bush episode)

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) versus Antonio Gaudi


The Scots have perfected square trees!

Where Has Crewleader Been. I Miss Her Lots. Hope She Is OK.

watched American Idol?

credits on new David Cross CD

What do you like to buy at Costco?

Your Top 10 all-time Favorite TV Shows

Bomb Squad Blows Up Three Birds And A Turtle

Help with a famous photo that was in the public domain

Anyone else working on their taxes tonight?

Anyone else seen "Normal"?

Need help buying a cd player.


Don King mumbles for RNC . they think it's funny? effective?

If Kerry doesn't win.....

The football game that will decide the 2004 Presidential election:

Are all the candidates pro-war? Who supports immediate withdrawal?

Kerry should announce regular press conferences

GOP Worried About Iraq's Role at Polls

Do Democrats love Kerry, endearingly?

Will there be a draft??????

Why criticize Kerry? The last time we took a Dem at face value

Jeff Seemann for Congress on Air America at 9 PM

Dartmouth: Dean says credibility main issue of campaign now.

What is going on? Bush leading Kerry in Oregon (47-45)

Pact with Sharon Could Help Bush Among Jewish Voters

What do you think of Bill Clinton and his legacy?

The Beauty of Right Wing Hate ~graphic

Iraq: A Most Dangerous Moment (Business Week Online)

Admitting Mistakes: Even presidents need to learn from experience

Fred Kaplan (Slate): The Out-of-Towner (must read)

Media Sour On Bush Press Conference--READ--you'll feel better---

Arthur Schlesinger: This is Bush's Vietnam

Hunter S. Thompson makes Cheney/Bush prediction

Support the Other Troops: A Call to Arms! (TVNL)

Wash Post's Meyerson)Kerry Was Right (on pre-war & current) Iraq position

The President is on Probation: Katrina vanden Heuvel

Dowd: "Head Spook (Tenet) Sputters"

Business Week: Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11

A Scary Performance and a Signal for Slaughter: Matthew Rothschild

Roberts contradicts Frist on Clarke

A big collection of opinions from the past 3 years

Condi Rice should have knocked some heads before 9-11:J.Marshall

From U.S. News and World Report: Bill's Self Scrutiny

Tom Ball - Top 27 Pieces of Evidence that Show Rice Perjured at 9/11 Comm.

'Fear has covered this country'

Few answers for 1AD spouses

Pravda on Bush

How the Democrats Were Betamaxed

Fidel Castro: "Bush couldn't debate a Cuban ninth-grader"

Editorial: Bush's disconnect / What the president said and what is reality

Arab News: Another Lie

Captain Peacock on minibrain's press confrence last night.

"The Wall" by Mike Malloy 4/13/04!!

Abusing Secrets & Memo from 9-2002 MUST read by David Corn

Blood in the water - megatoon

Trust, Don't Verify - - Bush's incredible definition of credibility.

Hear no evil, read no evil, speak drivel

Proud Army Dad Now Believes Bush Lied

Ashcroft fines God for creating genitalia............


(looted) Iraqi Nuclear Gear Found in Europe WASHPOST

A Season of Tears

Dear Duers: FIVE STAR CONTACT INFO Activists' Resource Thread

March for Women's Lives

Ultrarapid Poll?

Media vs *? It Ain't Over 'til The Fat Lady Blows You

AA, Sirius satellite radio,and Q.about online too

Oh the O'Irony O'lielly dropped, O'Franken picked up

FAIR Alert: CNN host hectors Al Jazeera over Civilian Death Reptg

Do Young Repugs still host "Rush Rooms" on campus?

Anyone have a high quality clip of the Daily Show's Bush vs. Bush...

Air America streaming audio links

What's News? A newsman's story of life in the Newsroom today

Tim Walker Allen rejoins Randi Rhodes at Air America

Dear Duers: FIVE STAR CONTACT INFO Activists' Resource Thread

How the "NewsHour" Changed History

Celestine Prophecy... The Movie

Reality break.....lets talk sports

Recommend an introduction to chakras and meditation

UE prior week Claims are ALWAYS adjusted to make change "better"

Great Post by MSgt213 on Bush lies about size of Iraq oil/gas

Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Meltdown?!?

"Outrageous Ads Sign of Speculative Market"

NYT: Unexpected Surge in Consumer Prices Fans Inflation Fear

Pravda: Russia to run out of oil in six years?

LAT: EPA Tightens Gauge of Air Quality

Yosemite Flunks Smog Test - SF Chronicle

Poaching A Booming Business In Nepal

Denver Utility Imposes Water Restrictions For 3rd Summer In A Row - AP

EPA Will Drop Clean Air Case Against Duke Energy - Reuters

Las Vegas Water Plan Prompts County Recall Drive - LV Sun

The Bricks of Life: Exploring the Idea of Alien Chemistry

How Well Would Plants Grow on Mars?

Web inventor wins top technology prize

Putin's Chief Economic Advisor Says Kyoto Protocol = Auschwitz

Saudi oil output seen doubling by 2025 - EIA chief (US says no Peak Oil)

Weird Object Beyond Pluto (Sedna) Gets Stranger

Summer In Houston - Air Pollution Nearly 2X National Standards

State Senate Tries To Ban Guns At Lousiana Polls

GOP/Gun Nut Madness In Georgia

Birds of a Feather...

Gun range future remains undecided (Harrison County KY)


Question for anti-gun folks?

Road Rage in the News

Do you want a TOTAL ban on handguns in the USA?

Thanks EG (DU Admin)

Re: Downtime Wednesday 14 April

Sorry To Ask This

Is there an exception to the 'No Personal Attacks' rule

Mrr... thread in GD deleted?

The Sharon-Bush Axis of Occupation

WP: (Mideast) Move Could Help Bush Among Jewish Voters

Purported bin Laden tape vows to avenge Yassin's death

Can someone explain to me two things......

The "Sharon Plan" Fact Sheet from AICE

Arafat on CNN, and he is mad!

Pentagon piece of debris

Time for rebroadcast of Daily Show

Breaking Bows and Arrows...

Okay, NOW I'm feeling a wee bit more hopeful for November

How quickly they change their minds!

A joke

Sen Pat Roberts(R) contradicts Frist on Clarke

One way or another, Bush is done...

Woodward's book coming out. Will be on Larry King Mon night.

forget the "New York Times Book Review" . . . this is where it's at . . .

anyone have a link to video of last nights press conference?

Bush, Cheney lose bid to wear fake nose (Toronto Star)

Very sad: Delusional Army Mom (son killed in Iraq) on Blitzer Today

What Would He Say?

Mike Ruppert on now, Coast to Coast Thurs April 15, 2am-5am EDT

Great Press Conference Cartoon...

if we 'outsource' the war to iraqis - cheaper than kbr - do we win?

Interesting Charts on President Bush's Approval/Disapproval Ratings

"Middle Eastern Think Tank" + "A White House prayer meeting"

no longer FLIP-FLOPS -- now it's a "policy shift"

Idiot BBV editorial and my response

Dowd: "Head Spook (Tenet) Sputters"

DU Psychologists/Psychiatrists: Is * insane? Delusional? Stupid?

Two soldiers seek asylum in Canada

Bush Contradicts Himself at his own Press Conference

Marines in Iraq Trade Training for Bullets

Wonder Why the Dems arent campaigning on

Anti-Clinton Library gets tax exempt status

Saw an interview with a disturbed US soldier last night

What Dems need to do now is start slamming bush* on his military

George Carlin on obscenity in the age of Ashcroft.

6 same-sex couples sue to lift Florida ban

What should Kerry do about Iraq?

Media and Falloojeh...

Iraq could make JFK (Kerry) into LBJ.

Letterman: Kerry measuring for drapes at the White House.

Bush Takes Strategic No-Remorse Stance

The US gives support and 'cover' for this terrorism

Did I hear right? 70 additional Billion this year for Iraq?

DU this current KIRO poll

war on drugs sucked up resources from war on terror

Arafat on CNN, and he is mad!

We should work to illustrate that bush could have minimized 9/11 damage

President Kerry's first official act

Air America_ kerry questioner on war on

Bulldozers in Fallujah : such an apt analogy

Fox News vs. Everybody else @ Bin Laden

How bad is the situation at air America?

Ivory Tower Academics. Pointy-Headed Pseudointellectuals.

AirAmerica:they stopped the check not bounced (Drudge=idiot)

Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs! One Example....

Urgent message for Slade Gordon.......

Bush's Growing Economy: "Kids taking food home from school"

Listening to Cheney...

How can we put 9/11 probe focus on Bush NOT minimizing 9/11 tragedy?

AAR website: Hilarious letter about the case, read it here

former rep Paul Findley (R-IL), A Republican’s Case Against George W. Bush

So, If Kerry becomes pres, what will they do to him?

Dallas DUers -- looking for info re pollution and asthma in Dallas

Evasions, lies, and a promise of more blood-letting... This is good

Copy Wants Cameras Installed To Photograph EVERYONE Entering Town

George W. to be in Hershey PA Next Monday - Protests Anyone?

Our DU soldiers are going BACK to Iraq..

Question about Voting Rights and the 14th Amendment.

Can of Worms

Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11 (great article)

Clues To Solving The Mystery

Taxes: Will you be getting a refund, or do you owe taxes this year

Today's WP is on fire!! Read it if you can..especially R. Cohen

America starts to wake up...SLOWLY

U.S. Government tracking website usage from users

The Air America injunction request. There really IS a problem??

I guess Bush was never briefed on this oil and gas report on Iraq

The genius of Osama bin Laden - Plays the west like a violin

nominations for most embarrassing moment in American history

Karen Hughes, WH den mother...

Pinhead makes 3 errors while trying to think of just one

What Can we DU'ers Do ...

Democrats: Bush downplaying Iraq costs (CNN)

Two Generals: Making Iraq Safe For Terrorists

My letter to Liu (Air America doublecrosser) - write yours

Tenet/Mueller - smug, cowardly traitors - 9/11 hearings

Franken's Kissinger

While Bush meets with Sharon: Cdn PM plans meeting with Dalai Lama

A new Bush idea

Forget LIHOP and MIHOP. Worry about what Bush has done since 9/11

Question for Vietnam veterans.

Sacrifices for Sycophants

Franken blog

Scathing letter to Condi--WOW! A must read.

Air America Stream just died!! Anyone else???

A question about Viet Nam

Anybody see CNN with Karel?

Ted Olson's campaign contributions

Defining the Middle.

current gas prices in your area

When is bunnypants coming to Pittsburgh?

Bush, as commander-in-chief, has let down the troops

Proof that the 9-11 Commission is not seeking the truth

Fecal matter flows both ways. I suspect some of the Troops in Iraq

The AirAm CEO Is Kind Of A Jerk IMO!!

chimpy on live on msnbc

Conservatives too scared to call Franken

A must read...

The hiring of mercenaries just gives the U.S. the illusion of clean hands

"This hour of NPR brought to you by...WAL MART."

anti-discrimination protest at UMass

Where can I find Bush's quote from the "News" conference

Conservatives complaining about 9/11 commissioners during TV interviews

Did Air america go off the air for anyone else just now?

Has anyone seen rangerfan?

Have you seen this yet?

Osama bin Laden attacking Haliburton and the liar in the White House

Read this if you doubt our media's complicity

"You couldn't build a Safeway store by 1/July if you started today" said

What's the latest with Air America in LA and Chi town?

Anyone see "Black Bush" on Chapelle's Show last night?

how long do we get to keep the 'legit spoils of war' (the good war) BASES

Did Asscrack say he and his wife flew commercial on 3 Sept?

Yesterdays 9-11 coverage on CPAC now 12:15pm

What's the latest on the "US planting WMD in Iraq" story?

Heavy Social Drinkers Show Brain Damage, Study Finds

"Whatever it takes"

Should Teresa Heinz have to release her tax returns?

Send a Fax to Bush!

what did Ben-Veniste do during Watergate??

Kerry Camp Wants to Match the Cabinet's Tax Cut

Republican: 24 reasons not voting for Bush again. Letter to the editor.

Geeez does this msnbc poll need to be UNFREEPED!

Why is this completely ignored with regard to "terrorism"??

Why I'm so bothered about a dead female National Guard soldier?

GOP Worried About Iraq's Role at Polls

Ha Ha, Just found this site at the chat on March for Women's Lives.

So are the PMC apologists done! Rumsfeld 20,000 are staying

Is revolt within the military against Bush brewing? (Blumenthal)

Who do you consider a bigger political enemy?

rummy the dummy coming up live on cnn

bush giving away palestinian land

We get your drift, General.

Savage talked abt a draft - said 1st 100 drafted = immed family of senator

Typical GOP "being responsible for what they do."

Planners of Iraq war have just one answer to critics: 'shut up'

Neal Boortz said he is to appear on today's O'Franken Factor

John Lennon and John Kerry

I Blame Congress (House and Senate) For The Mess We're In

Any news on Air America Radio's restraining order?

30 to make you love Bill Clinton

From “Swatting at flies” to “Blowing up the house”

They market prescription medication directly to the public?

drudge has removed the AA story

Tell Me, Again, Why I Should Doubt The Accuracy of Chomsky's Conclusions?

who is this idiot on KGO?? Right Wing Nut-and Arrogant-No Bernie WARD?

were planes already flying when bin ladin family left?

College Republicans: Masters of the Obvious

How can I obtain an absentee ballot in CA?

Did Air America get its injunction?

New Erectile Dysfunction Ad Is Blunt

Hey y'all, help me respond to this RW e-mail...

What the hell is a "pink tutu democrat"?

France's US envoy slams "racist campaign" against French over Iraq

Brilliant critique of Bush's speech

Europe/UK/WMD: Blair Alliance With Danish PM Unsettled by MI Leak

BREAKING: colin powell on CNN now!

Among College Students, Kerry leads Bush 48% to 38%

Randi Rhodes Rips Up Own Advertiser...Ouch!

you knew it was coming . . . now you can clone your pet . . .

Can someone answer these serious questions about military forces?

U.S. Campaign Provides Fertile Ground for Comics (Oddly Enough - Reuters)

Anyone hear the phony Iraqi on Rush Limbaugh today.

Let's get John Dean's books into the stores

Theme songs for the Summer of Terror 2004

Best recent Secretary of State?

How much influence does CIA have on CBS?

Is Bush a confabulator?

is versed (an amnesiac medication) evil?

Who are these "contractors?"

Newsom faces wrath of God, fundamentalist leaders say

Interesting E-mail Regarding the Draft

"But That Was Long Ago, in Another Country"

Tom Toles on Bush* Press Conferece

"Bush makes 3 mistakes trying to cite 1"

Help DU! College Republicans on attack

I think Franken is going to bump the dittohead

seniors losing homes becuase of medicare bills

Why we should get out now

8 Years vs. 7 Mos. : A Useful Analogy

Check This Vote out!!!!!!!

Young Republicans are very over-confident....

The recruiters were at my daughter's high school today....

Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Bush, Rice

Crossfire, Begala:"If poor people can send their kids off to Iraq then...

Rummy and Pace are running scared!!

Hollywood Readies Liberal Film Blitz

Been trying to get through to Randi Rhodes...

Letterman and Chapelle show getting our backs while TDS is in reruns.

If this is not the most repulsive * photo op, I don't know what is.

Questions about Bin Laden

Interesting Lunchtime Conversation . . .


Democrats are angry?

Randi say Chicago back on tommorow

Drudge has siren up on Woodward Book

The Real Bush Record

We must work harder

Help with script

Which Supreme Court justice do you think most highly of?

I love Maureen Dowd's Op-Eds

Latest AirAmerica info

US pulling some diplomatic personnel out of Saudi Arabia.

Post-War Contractors Ranked by Total Contract Value in Iraq and Afghanista

randi sez chicago's back on AM

Bush is embarrassing to American people - he can't even talk

Question regarding unemployment

U.S. Reporters Unable to Probe Killings in Fallujah

Shocker from my mom--and some encouragement

the DU no-CARB diet!

Our own SIMPLEMAN got through with Randi Rhodes about

dobbs/cnn: segment on "hired guns"


Letter distributed today on streets of Baghdad - Oh Sh*t

CNN to Al-Jazeera: Why show civilian deaths?

Who's the Libertarian on O'Franken Factor? (came in late)

PBS Frontline

400,000 troops needed in similar situations as Iraq to keep the peace

Dish Network may drop CNN (and the rest of Turner Channels)

Who's Afraid of bin Ladin?

Conservatives as Trapped Rats: My Fear

Randi Rhodes' side kick

ted koppel on with tweet

CNN's Bill Schneider on CSPAN II right now

Hell, if Randi can Diss OnStar so CAN WE. Diss away people!

Reminder: FRONTLINE tonight on PBS....repeating the John O'Neil

You have to admit, Bush did lower income taxes for the poor

Dobbs: Mankiw (Bush Economic Advisor) recommended 50 cent gas tax in 1999

When the Iraqis develop a permanent constitution and gov't

Interesting CNN poll..

Media will keep focus on Iraq/Terror--Does that effect who is VP???

Dumbya's IQ is 91!!!! Clinton's is 182 -- you gotta love this

Special rights for religious preference are immoral

DU Journalism's: Incompetence Headlines Worst List !! Taah Taaahh !!

Frank Zappa focus on Air America..right now

Did ABC's World News Tonight a new message board community for fans of the show

CBS News tonight showing videos of soldiers' funerals.

Dupe -- please delete.

On this date in 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier

AAR - Chicago and LA updates?

Bush can't trust reporters leak diary entries show proof

Survival skill: Can you draw a map of France?

WOW. CBS did an extended segment

Ralph Nader's Skeleton Closet

AL FRANKEN really messed up the issue of the DRAFT today! (must read!)

Great news for progressives:Kerry taps Durbin, Tubbs-Jones to DNC posts

Death (caused by war) and Taxes

NRA Radio and TV?

Real bad news for Bush in Pennsylvania

OMG, Boxing Promoter Don King is such a fucking idiot

Did Bu**sh** lie about calling for the Aug. 6 PDB?

Bush doesn't (can't?) read!

Is ending the Iraq war essentially up to us (the people)?

Anyone know the Republican who runs Air America?

John O'Neill documentary on Frontline Thursday night.

Gov Dean and Kate Michelman on the March for Women's

simply DEVASTATING pictures: military families grieve

Anyone have a picture of bush looking REALLY stupid?

Mike Malloy on KIRO Radio in Seattle? Why not?

Happy 55th birthday, Pacifica!

History Channel fans: tune in to see how to control those pesky protestors

Actor's HIV Infection Strikes Calif. Porn Industry

Do You Consider Iraq a "War"???

After watching the Bush "press conference" I have noticed something.

Air America going back on in Chicago!

Timeline of facts relating to the "Genoa Warning"

VERY classy understatement by Kerry today, IMO.....

It's dangerous to focus only on Bush!

Scientology????? Scam or Cult?????

Puke Alert - In my local paper today...

When, if ever, is war justified?

Theory on why * looks so bad recently

Impeachment backlash: Liberal legislature elected!

Remember -- watch Peter Jennings tonight -- "gov't whistleblower"

Unedited transcript of the News conference? All I see is

Why does AAR have to pay stations anyway?

Biden calls for Bush's Resignation.

Anybody know details on dead soldier collage protrait of Bush?

My little Indiana town just got hit with 600 job lay-off {outsorced}

"We Need a Puppet Government, Just Like Ann Coulter Says" - mp3/quasi-song

IL: Which office is more powerful, Governor or Chicago Mayor?

"The Man Who Knew"...

Support the Advertisers on AirAmerica Radio!

Teresa Heinz-Kerry and her taxes... (?)

Do we really want a Dem in office in 2004 after the mess Bush has made?

The Department of Homeland Apology.........

Bay Buchanan says Kerry just stole Bush's plan

I am afraid of what is coming when the NeoCons find out * is unsupportable

Dave Chappelle's "Black Bush" is online view it here!

The fact that John Kerry hasn't said "No Draft" worries me

Why is the concept of "odd and even" a philosophical illusion?

How to use the web to save democracy! (SK did it yesterday!)

Any solid info on the # of FBI agents investigating Clinton, when they

Has anyone else thought that CIA's Tenet may be intimidated...

Average CEO $155,769 a Week , Average Worker Takes Home $517

Who do you think was the *worst* Democratic president in the last century?

No Polls since the press conference?

President Jesse Ventura??

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds needs your help (esp. Iowa and Vermont)

What would happen if we pulled out of Iraq?

Does anyone approve of drug testing on the job?

SF Chronicle: F*ck the Alamo, a racist symbol like the Confederate flag

Is General Clark on Kerry's short list?


DU MKULTRA thread-let's talk about mind control, factually now.

Wesley Clark to start National Security PAC

Dear Duers: FIVE STAR CONTACT INFO Activists' Resource Thread

Iranians in Iraq to Help in Talks on Rebel Cleric

Iranian officials visit Iraq to broker peace deal

Sadr Offers Peace Talks to US

U.S. Denies Raid on Najaf Is Imminent

Bush, Kerry Want UN Help in Iraq But UN Cautious

Russia begins Iraq evacuation

Zanzibar outlaws homosexual acts

Rivals agree that independent groups shouldn't speak for them (Texas)

State would keep list of controlled substance users under bill

General overturns reprimand against Muslim Army chaplain

Two Soldiers Killed in Attacks in Northern Iraq

NYT, p. 1: 9/11 Panel Cites CIA for Failures in Terror Case

Bin Laden Vows Revenge in New Tape Attributed to Al-Qaeda Chief

Fighting in Iraq: home is a Baghdad bomb shelter

Hear no evil, read no evil, speak drivel

WP - U.S. Denies Raid on Najaf Is Imminent

Cheney: US willing to work closely with UN on Iraqi reconstruction

US presses China on North Korea (Cheney rejects Taiwan independence)

Arizona State University looking into possible fraternity hazing

3 Japanese Hostages released in Baghdad--NHK/NTV/al Jareeza

Blair set for US talks with Annan

Russia launches Iraq evacuation

Arafat Says Palestinians Will Continue Struggle

Bush Mideast Policy Shift Causes Palestinian Outrage

U.S. Hostage in Iraq 'Doing Fine', Says Wife

Sydney man charged with terrorist training: AFP (unbelievable)

NYT, p 1, w/ pics: Deadly Week Ends in Tears for the Fallen

Misery follows Fallujah refugees

Suspected Taleban ambush police

Lawyer calls transgender slay execution

Workers' comp victory boosts governor's standing in Capitol

Iraq ambush claims 2nd Edinburg soldier

FBI Whistle-Blowers Go Unheard

sorry dupe delete - Panel may urge a new domestic spy agency

Bush Makes Three Mistakes While Trying to Cite One-lie/mis-spoke/flip/flop

AP Newsbreak: Florida opens first faith-based prison for women

LAT: Kerry Firing Away at Bush's Reputation as Straight Shooter

AFP "Cheney fears NKorea will give terrorists nuclear knowhow"

Supply mission in Fallujah descends into urban warfare

Iraq insurance premiums double - Cost of doing business soars

France's US envoy slams "Racist Campaign" against French over Iraq

Activists Arrested Protesting Ariel Sharon's Visit to the White House

Britain rejects 'Bin Laden' peace offer

U.S. plan low-balled Iraq costs, strategist says

'Bin Laden' offers Europe truce

Norway Prepares for a dry North Sea

bin Laden offers Europe truce.

Bush wants UN help in Iraq

Jury rules in abortion lawsuit

Yesterdays 9-11 coverage on CPAC now 12:15pm

Cheney Urges Greater Political Freedom in China

NYT: Kerry Urges Bush to Share Responsibility w/ UN in Iraq

US turns to former Saddam officers

Iranian Diplomat shot dead in Iraq - AFP

Cheney Urges Greater Political Freedom in China

US soldier killed in Iraq bomb attack

Congressman (Rodriguez TX) files lawsuit challenging primary recount

Myers Talks Troop Strength as Violence in Iraq Persists

Berners-Lee wins Finnish innovation award worth $1.2M

IMF Warns of Serious Consequences if U.S. Budget Deficits Not Controlled

Four killed in Iraq mortar attack (Iraqis in Mosul market)

U.S. Mideast Policy Shift Angers Arabs; EU Is Wary

Iraq's Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani tells US to stay out of Najaf-sources

Heavy Social Drinkers Show Brain Damage, Study Finds

Iraq insurance premiums double

U.S. general blasts Arab reporting

New biometric security checks to be introduced at Changi Airport

Bremer 'is powerless to restrain the US military'

(UN) Annan adviser attacks American occupation and Bremer's tactics

US FIs plan to outsource more to India, China

Michael Howard takes Blair to task on Iraq

Firing Up New Weapon in Fallouja: The Bulldozer

Authorities in Iraq to be tough

Biden calls for Bush's Resignation.

U.S. Expected to Order Some Diplomats Out of Saudi

Tax refunds aren't as hefty as expected

Danes charged over Iraq war leaks

Svend Robinson (first openly gay MP) bowing out of federal politics - CTV

Kerry Says Bush Manipulates Fear of Terror Attack

Koizumi swipe at 'terrorists' downplayed

Romney To Ask For Delay In Gay Marriage Ruling (MA.)

Rumsfeld announces Iraq tour extensions for thousands of US soldiers

Bob Woodward: Top Administration Officials Barely Speaking To Eachother

WP, p 1: Return to U.S. for 20,000 Troops Halted

Japanese, Australian hostages released

AP: Freed French Journalist Interrogated

BREAKING: colin powell on CNN now!

Salazar leads in early caucus results (Colo Senate Dem Caucus)

Guardian: Hijackers fly into Pentagon? No chance, said top brass

Dodd apologizes if Byrd tribute offended anyone


My little Indiana town just got hit with 600 job lay-off {outsorced}

Some rural areas may face 1st air (quality) standards | STL Post-Dispatch

Poll shows Bush leads Sen. Kerry in Oregon

French teenagers smoke joints as often as they drink alcohol

Alleged bin Laden tape offers truce to European states

Study links sleep, early drug use

(DIEBOLD BBV)Firm Blames Equipment for E-Vote Glitch

Kerry launching ads as Bush drive ends

UAW ranks at lowest number since 1942 | Detroit Free-Press

Roberts contradicts Frist on Clarke

Oldest known jewelry found in South Africa cave

FAIR:CNN to Al Jazeera: Why Report Civilian Deaths?

Republican Lawmaker Urges 9/11 Panelist to Quit

US to pull some diplomats from Saudi, cites threat

Death Toll Mounts, U.S. Extends Iraq Troop Tours (Rumsfeld "surprised")

Marines trade 'culturally sensitive' training for bullets

Candidates (for MT Gov) see wind, coal as energy solutions

Finneran signals he won't try to block start of gay marriages (Mass)

Rumsfeld: Iraq Toll Higher Than Expected

Telling Bush he has got it wrong is what Blair must do

UN nuclear watchdog says material, buildings gone missing in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 April

Republicans say local Democrats broke campaign law (Seattle)

Vietnam's ghost hovers over Iraq war

(Florida TV) Reporter accused of 'doctor shopping' (Arrested)

Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sadr says U.S. must leave

2 Iraqi cities in crisis

Iraq hits home

US ready to use force to free hostages in Iraq: Armitage

U.S. blames Canada for marijuana emergencies

U.S. CEO pay gap widens again

Inventor of World Wide Web wins million-euro Technology Prize

Expert warns California to brace for big quake by September

Uri Party wins majority in elections, exit polls show (South Korea)

Families Find Iraq Earnings Carry a Price -- Halliburton

CIA says voice on tape likely bin Laden

Syria Says U.S. Asked for Help With Iraq

Italy hails "hero" murdered hostage

AFL CIO releases "Executive Paywatch"

ANC Eyes Big Victory in South African Polls

Beyond Israel: ripple effect of Bush's stand

(BC NDP MP) Svend Robinson admits to theft - Globe and Mail

Fall of Saddam allowed terrorism to bloom: Gadaffi

Rocket Attack Kills Mother and Two Sons in Iraq

Armored Vehicle Lost In Fallujah For Five Hours

EU against unilateral change to pre-1967 Mideast borders

U.S. jobless claims highest in a month

Ex-N.H. Senator Ends Bid for Fla. Seat

Chinese express curiosity about Cheney, his role in administration

Massachusetts couple slightly injured after their plane hits duplex

Kerry heckled by college crowd (wanting immediate withdrawal from Iraq)

Probe Shows Iraq Nuke Facilities Unguarded

Insurgents Display New Sophistication-demolish bridges on US supply route

US diplomats told to leave Saudi

Poll: Kerry leads Bush among students

Catholic politicians scolded (by Denver Archbishop Chaput) | Denver Post

Ed.&Publisher:US Reporters Unable to Probe Killings in Fallujah

Frantically, the Army tries to armor Humvees

Flight from the fight

Justice Department to Join Muslim Scarf Suit

Spain to legalise gay marriage

Worried contractors fleeing jobs in Iraq

Inspired by a thread favorites...

Scott's insomnia: what movie to watch tonight?

I woke up at midnight CDT...couldn't go back to sleep...

Does any guy here watch Opra for...

I usually don't do this while sober - but I've got alot of conversasations

I'm Having Car trouble.

um . . . think maybe they should reword this headline? . . .

cheer up

Pick a guilty pleasure!

God, I just want to get my life back together.

My new nickname for Dick Cheney: Crashcart Cashcow.

Do not ingest your caffeine.. Rub it all over your body

The Los Angeles Lakers. 2004 Pacific Division Champions.

Home Depot Commercial: "You Can Show Your Bushes Who's Boss"

Herer are some fun wav files

Go T-Wolves! Champs!

When George goes over the mental edge: Could Crawford become another

Francophones, could you help me with a couple words?

Tostitos is making organically grown, all "natural" BLUE corn chips.

"Big wheels keep on turnin"....

The boredom is overtaking me...

New editorial/article posted if your interested

Which Director has directed the most Oscar-winning actors?

Just Cats... Against Bush

Mobile Phones - Gift of the Gods or Spawn of the Devil?

How are they same, How are they different ?

DU Insomniacs, report!

anti-Fox toon

"Easy Open" packaging ISN'T...& it must be STOPPED!

Artist Drags TV Through Streets By His Ear In Protest

As a public service, the USDA's "Focus On Hot Dogs"

Lounge LBN --- Cat Survives 30 - Day Trip in Shipping Box

Man In Hospital - Calls Prostitute - Gives ATM Card For Payment - Robbed

Henpecked Husbands Form Club

Bush sending former supporters into therapy...

Need a Geocacher to PM me, please.

Suddenly I have a strange urge to root for the Red Sox.

Laws about what time construction can start in residential neighborhoods?

Who wants to buy matcom a gift?

"Why perpetual optimists get punched a lot"

Fan Falls From Stands Trying To Catch Barry Bonds Homer - Injured

Garden questions...any help?

Online polls should offer "Who gives a crap?" option.

New Constitutional Amendment: Psycho screening for office

Ah! You're suddenly the opposite sex!

Enter the 8th Circle of HELL: or A trip to the ER.

Have you ever paid for a non-sexual massage?

Happy birthday, Bessie Smith!

Online polls should offer "Who gives a crap?" option.

I tore off one of those mattress labels, how much trouble am I in?

best way to store CDs?

WATCH THIS, DAMNIT!!! --->Trump Fires Bush (movie)

Minneapolis Area DU'ers

DU Alcoholic Poll: How often do you drink?

Tommorow, I play trivia, Fast Eddie!

Absolutely GREAT song I just got!

CAPTION: Snoop Doggy Bush

Come on all of you big strong men,

What the heck is going on?

Wow, Would You Look At That, John Peter Lewis Didn't Suck Last Night

GLBT History Month: If you've got it, use it!

Mmmm no I can't think of a single thing I've ever CAPTIONed wrong

Caption: Mr Prez, you and Sharon both going to Guantanamo...

new krispy kreme - boston

What's your ringtone?

That's it, I'm moving to Norway

Top Ten Things Dogs Would Rather Do Than Vote for Bush in 2004

Had a horrible nightmare - * wins

DU deadheads/phishheads...

"--this is the FBI."

I was called 'RUDE' today...

need help with anniversary ideas

What is your favorite "rural comedy"

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure

A man and his CAPTION

How Attractive is Bush?

CAPTION the Count

Ignore this- duplicate post about The Apprentice

What is your favorite Smiley?

I wish you would have given me this written question ahead of time...

Need good thoughts and wishes

Teachers: What's your favorite non-sequitur you've personally heard?

Do we have any DUers from South Korea?

Cows With Guns: Update

Totally cute kitty thread for today!

Ancient Cats?

The DU Deli is now OPEN for lunchtime - what type of sandwich do you want?


It's your civic duty to vote: Are you Pro or Anti- Buttcrack Smilie

Boston sky is brightening

Movies for Democrats alert for 4/15/04

Which Sonny Rollins recording should I buy first?

What makes everyone cry on Survivor tonight?

Can anybody post a pic of * and his hypnotic necktie?

Man, Al Franken's show is putting me to sleep today...zzzzzzz

CAPTION his Chimperial Majesty

Do you guys like the new * pic in my sig line?

Global Day at the University was unbelievable!

Help! Need driving directions to Juneau Alaska

Local RW Radio Poll - Re: "The Passion"

I need help with my Poll on buttcracks

How many beers can YOU put away?

Taliban nudity test this Saturday 4 P.M.

Are the telemarketers still calling you?

Most evil movie villains

The Passion of the Illegal Camcorder

Am I getting killed with kindness here?


I actually dreamed about seeing Kill Bill Vol. 2 last night

I finally bought a Mac OS X machine!

Two Photos On Drudge Right Now...Totally Unrelated, But Funny

PETA to Picket Passion Movie

I give up

This'll explain it all for you


I promised my boys I would take them to a movie...

Who is your favorite second generation singer/musician?

Why the Dirty Thirties RAWK

Lamest movie villains

Who do you like/dislike on American Idol?

Favorite JLA member...

Is McDonald's whoring for the B*sh campaign? Jet pilot on takeout bag.

The French Quarter Festival

Just got a thing in the mail about my student loans...

Indian Cheif Onestone

Notice the top two movies?

MrsGrumpy's semi anuual "I am only 33 thread".

One nice boob & one mean boob

Jon Stewart Detox...

DU Golfers: It's gotta be Zen

Should be everybodys belief!!!!

The Tax day CPATION

VERY cool! . . . worldwide panorama shoot on 3/20/04 . . .


I done been told

A breath of Fresh Air, Youth speak against bush

Marie Osmond plastic surgery and other bad results.

Today's Howard Stern show- Chris Rock- mp3 Download

porkchop story, gimme your thoughts lol

Who will win the Apprentice - Bill or Kwame?

Does The Daily Show with Jon Stewart make your top 10?

Casting Against Type: Odd Roles for Favorite Actors

On this day in 1996...

Check out this character

Metatarsal stress fracture-- ever had one? How long to heal?

Hahahaha! You never know what you'll find in Ask The Admin!

CIA says voice on tape likely Matcom

Blogging, Syndication, etc.

Good Afternoon...Ladies and Gentlemen....(pun thread)

True or false: Mrs Grumpy makes your heart go BOOM!

Do you enjoy answering meaningless DU Lounge polls?

Any tips on chasing off a stray cat?

What are the best language learning tapes, cd's, books, and software?

Do you spend more time in the Lounge or the political boards?

Ever get that feeling ??

House cat owners: Do you give your pets heartworm medicine?

Who do you think was the *worst* Democratic president in the last century?

Tortoise - It's All Around You

Donald Trump needs counselling...

How do you call this? (Hurts like hell)

WWRL 1600 AM in new york

What "progressive" movie have you watched recently?

I thought this meant you got a free nudie mag

Why are the good folks at Conservative Underground so obsessed with DU?

If you had a tinfoil hat what country would you invade?

Is it kinda Creepy that our pics are being Posted on a Conservative Forum?

Worst movie based on a comic book hero

Compare the pants

take your partner for the Civil War Dance

Office Max "Rubberband Man" Commercial...

History Channel fans: tune in to see how to control those pesky protestors

What will happen on 'The Apprenice' tonight?

Budweiser "King of Beers" vs. Miller "President of Beers"

isn't a widget something that you put in beer?

Favorite #1 SOUL HIT (1965)?

Thongs Crack Me Up (pun)

So Rush Limbaugh dies and goes to Hell ...

Free Rattlesnake Bite With Tree Purchase

Owner Of Dog (Gizmo) Kicked Like Football FURIOUS Over Web Site

Was "Song of the South" Racist?

Have Officials ever stolen a game from your team?

I know we had a JohnPaul CAPTION thread yesterday... but

You better smile when you say that.... and CAPTION

The fake farmhand of CAPTIONs

Teenager discovers fault in Windows

Google search ... they have a sense of humor!

Some questions about birth control pills

I Am Running For PRESIDENT!!

What principles, principal... a CAPTION for your thoughts

So give my your definition of paradise

Any Microsoft Access experts here?

Time, is what keeps everything from happening all at once.

Merrie Monarch Hula Festival coming to a RealPlayer near you

Do you believe in luck?

Anybody here love the movie Rounders?

Run for your lives! It's a yak stampede!


Don King on 360...

Internet Explorer Window closes on some threads?

CAPTION the forced smile.... either one

Battle of the Bands: Ry Cooder vs. John Hiatt

Oh yeah. Go Team! Profits are UP! How about CAPTIONS?

When was the last time you slowed down to notice...


If you could go back in time and change history, would you do it?


Hey! I replied to one of those Nigerian Scammers

Weird stuff afoot

Now That I Havent Dated A Man In A LONG Time

hot wings and beer

Now, Introducing the Right-Wing Eye!!!!

Anyone ever go to the Bush, Conservatives, etc. forum?

My Cat Hates You

What's your favourite Fortean Mystery?

Meanwhile, at the secret society of war criminals.... CAPTION

CAPTION * Aw, look. Ain't this great? * finally found someone

I quit smoking today...

Does anyone here trim their cat's fur?

Apprentice Poll. Bill or Kwame? Yeah, I like the show

Just made kennel arrangements for my dog

DU chat tonight

I want my...I want my AAR...I want my...I want my AAR!!!

Who here was a victim of the first Bush recession (Daddy)

Best Obscure 70's Saturday Morning Show!

Should I be mad about this? (a possible MEN rant)

Ok. Is It A Really Good Idea To Follow The Atkins Diet. He Is Dead Now

Most vile Bush administration villains

ZombyWoof's Crock Pot Chili: Tax Day Style!

About The Anti-ButtcrackSmileytism on DU


DU Ladies: If Bush were the last man on earth, how likely would you be...

Guys - signs you are a guy - particpation thread

Kwame v. Bill


Are There Any People Out There who do not want to have children?

Attempt at movie game: identify them by quotes?

Your genius question of the day

Question for college graduates: What did you get your degree in???

Wheelchair Access for Suicide Bombers...UK satire:

70's one hit wonder...who is it, what's the song name?

Behold, The YakRider !

Air America Radio coming to Chapel Hill 4/19/2004!!

What Clique Were You In During High School?

13 Y.O. To Start Sex Change Treatments

OK, step right up here for NBA playoff predictions!!!

Is prostitution inherently wrong?

Pick a tune from my "Say You Want A Revolution" tape

DU needs a mascot.

What are You Doing With Your Free Time Since Having Your Job Outsourced?

Phil Ochs is the best political musician/lyricist dude ever

When do you go to the bathroom?


I just had the YUMMIEST cake for my birthday!

can you top the malaprop I heard on the elevator this morning?


Is it time for another DUer Picture thread...?

Poll: What is Sedna?

Been a while, eh?

I gotta get outta this place...........

John Kerry town hall meeting in Harlem on C-Span with Hillary and Rangel

Kerry is playing his cards right.

National Stonewall Democrats Endorse Sen. Kerry

Iguanas for Kerry ( decisions dicisions here or the Lounge)

Bush Campaign Scaling Back Ads in Swing States

Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected

Whole lotta wheel spinning and not going anywhere....

Bush's Turkey Farm/Lybia/50 tons/mustard gas - no gas/no farm/ not 50 ton?

Cute Kerry flash movie on his site about Middle Class Squeeze

Kerry: New Ads Will Define Him for Voters

Looks like Bush is having problems with college students too.

Kerry's Crucible -- by William Greider

Go here and vote...

Please improve my day

New Kerry Ad: Bush Middle Class Squeeze

Does anyone know why the Photos on the Kerry site have been "unavailable"

Steal the Vote 2004 - First Wave

BushCo tries to paint Kerry as racist!!!

Kerry Tax Cut Proposals

My die-hard Republican bro-in-law is voting for Kerry

Are there any polls taken after Shrubs Press Conference?

Kerry ad smack in the middle of an LA Times story

MSNBC: "Kerry: Bush manipulates fear of terror attack"

Where have all the polls gone??

Political Warrior, or "Why is Kerry Running?"

Strong Endorsement for Jeff Seemann on Jerry Springer's website

Kerry Urges Bush to Share Responsibility With U.N. in Iraq

Kerry raising 10.6 million in 2 days

Summary of Dean's appearance this week at Washington College.

Kerry to appoint Durbin and Stephanie Tubbs Jones to senior DNC posts

Secret Bush* attack plan uncovered -- on baldness site!

I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat now

Brilliant letter from a Republican

Kerry will be on Meet the Press this Sunday

Kucinich Says that Bush Failed to Answer the Number One Question

Kerry debates anti-war activist in New York