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Archives: April 19, 2004

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans killed

The Terrorist Mind Control Threat (A Satirical Exposé)

WP Woodward Excerpt #2: With CIA Push, Movement to War Accelerated

A Better View Of Our Neighbor To the South

John Glionna (Los Angeles Times): Bush Losing Ground in Rural America

The terror of Bush's war on America

Robert Fisk: Bush legitimizes terror

'I Haven't Suffered Doubt'

Iraq War: Love it, then live it! (Put your well being where your mouth is)

my Official portrait of GWB

Gas Prices: Who's To Blame?

Neal Peirce: The High Cost Of Being Poor

Leonard Pitts Jr: These are ominous times for American freedoms

Anyone still have Clarke 60 Minutes video?

The Wall Street Journal...

Email CBS and give them your opinion on Woodward.

Alaska Boycott again ?

The latest advance in our litigious society

I would like to change my user name,

Sixty Minutes, the West, and dupe threads...

This week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Idea, again.

Angry Gaza pays final farewell to Hamas chief

Kerry: Rantisi's killing was justified

Amy Goodman is on Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" at 8 p.m. EDT.

And the Plame outing book will be on bookshelves soon

Gay Kiss Too Hot For Canadian School

MINNESOTANS - WCCO will air 60 Minutes tonight at 11:35 pm

Towns Ask North Carolina To Repeal Anti-Gay Marriage Law

If Powell felt that Bush henchmen had formed a separate government

Newsweek: Bush wanted to invade Iraq.

Anybody buy sweets from the MoveOn bake sales?

Iraqi Minister of Health acknowledges the U.S. military targeting

David Cay Johnston "Perfectly Legal" on C-SPAN Booknotes

Okay, now I'm really confused.

Assuming that UBL doesn't live in a cave, no pun intended, he will

Anyone still have Clarke 60 Minutes video?

Who's going to dc saturday?

I blame Congress and the media.....

Looking for Bush quotes about protests

Did anyone read Bush at War? Woodward's first book.

What will Al Franken have to say tomorrow??

Request: Does a list exist of Congress votes for WC impeachment?

Debate on reinstating the draft coming up on CNN in a few minutes

Bush and his "war on terror"--help

How many US troops are stationed in Iraq?

John Dean Interview on C-Span is better than Woodward...anyone watch it?

Anyone remember the comments by Poppy and Barbara ?

Woodward says Prince Bandar Given War Plan

I've been talking to George Harrison (in my head)...

Is the Woodward interview online?

So Sludge Has Been Busted for Anonymous Sources? n/t

Jello W. Bush.

OK. so say bushie is out and Kerry is elected our next president

Anyone having problems connecting to hear Peter Werbe tonight?

Just read tomorrow's Top 10 Cons Idiots...question: who are the Coors

Woodward's Credibility assessed

Are There Any Safeguards Against An Insane President?

Anybody having trouble connecting to Peter Werbe's show?

"Damn you, Bill Clinton and your terrorist-loving penis!" (Top 10 Idjits)

Can we assimilate the Bob Woodward interview on 60 Minutes?


A Heady Mix of Pride and Prejudice Led to War (Woodward's Book)

"Slam dunk" says Tenet

Who is/was the most evil man in history?

Jesus: When the Son of Man sets you free, you shall be free indeed.

Anyone else here can't seem to get a grip on causualties?

Speculation: did someone call Woodward RE: Plame?

Ok, but seriously what ABOUT Clinton's penis??

Can you feel it? It's a delicious feeling.

Tina Brown's guests are ripping Jr.

I missed 60 min...any video or transcripts online?

Global warming devastating native Alaskans

Its not Bush or Kerry, its Republican or Democrat

Analyzing the "Sins" of Wal-Mart

Can we finally just go ahead and impeach the bastard now?

Could this be why Bush said "we will all be dead"? Be afraid, very afraid

Help Me Debunk These Right Wing Lies.........PLEASE!

Soldiers And Fortune , Who's calling the shots in Iraq?

60 minutes and freepers

Check out Salon. "Who's a fascist?"

Traditionally, when is the VP chosen by the nominee?

Then W said: "Get that purple lizard out of here!!!"

Funny how the game changes, but the names are the same.

We need a Dr. McCoy bill

I suppose all the MIHOPers saw this article?

Pres. Buchanan* get out of the way. Bush* is now the worst president ever

What did God tell Bush when he sent him to save the world?

Tom Tomorrow reflects on Chimpy's vacation-driven intelligence

OMG is this true? *Bush the head of the Dominionist Church?

Did anyone save or know how to access Brzezinski's recent talk on CSPAN?

Time Person of the Year predictions?

Is Condi saying

Just thought I would mention the Dalai Lama is in Canada for 19 day visit

Bush planting WMD in Iraq?

Imminent Threat? Here it Comes...right on schedule-

What will Tenet say about "Slam Dunk" Comment

Future NeoCons of Amercia's new T-Shirts

do you think *ush will be carried out of the White House in a straight

Rep Nat'l Comm declares Global Crusade

What is George of the Jungle going to try now?

Dubya Koresh and the Branch Republicans

"It's a story about hospital closings" Rahul Mahajan's 4/18 Blog -Iraq

Who knows...we'll all be dead...?

Calling out Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity!! You want 'treason?' I'll give

Email CBS and give them your opinion.

Messianic Bush: A Primer

Help!!! Once More-Need Links To Articles Re Bush ignoring Terror

CNN posting wrong headline.

Why Bush?

Strong Final Statement to end a speech?

Even the Freepers understand Woodward is big trouble

Howard Dean: Democratic party "an amalgam of nothingness"

What should Bush's* title be?

Did Woodward just explain the 1970's oil embargo?

The look on Mike Wallace's face when Woodward told him ...

Why are people upset about that Woodward piece???

Woodward is a joke....

I anybody getting Peter Werbe's WRIF stream tonight?

Is it time to revive the independent counsel?

Karen Hughes and Condi Rice approved war before Powell was told.

What is the root cause of terrorism? / My Greg Palast ?

Here it is...Rice says Terror attacks before November

Will The Media Report The Woodward Story?

Jamie Gorelick has received a death threat...

Bush denied permission to assassinate Rantisi. Do you believe him? POLL

Did Woodward just double cross Dubya?

need help for a paper port pen scanner

I just don't get Southern Pride

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

Should parents have a right to know if their minor is having an abortion?

Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, and 49 other things you may not know

Bush claims there will be no history of the iraqi war . . .

Saudis pledged oil price cut before US vote-report (Forbes)

Again, Bush Claims we will all be dead when asked

Robot Plane Drops Bomb in Successful Test (Dupe)

Kerry attacks Bush's 'arrogant' diplomacy

Eleven more U.S. troops die in Iraq (Toll reached 700)

White House Irked as Powell Airs Iraq Misgivings (NY Times)

Israeli killing of Rantisi draws world condemnation

Man Charged with Abducted Woman's Murder lead police (unborn victim)

Rice Denies Book's Claim on Iraq Decision

Priest Sentenced on Molestation Charge in Wyo. Involving Beatings, Torture

Russia kills key Chechen rebels

British Troops 'In Iraq for Ten Years'--UK/ New World Media Watch

Lack of Resolution in Iraq Finds Conservatives Divided

In Break With Tradition, Frist Takes High-Stakes Fight to Daschle's Turf

US Bracing for Terrorist Attacks before election..

Chalabi tells Australia to stay the course in Iraq

WP: Bush Plans Aid to Build Foreign Peace Forces

With CIA Push, Movement to War Accelerated (WP: Woodward, Part 2/5)

Chavez Threatens to Stop Selling Oil to US if It Doesn't Stop intervening

Robot Plane Drops Bomb in Successful California Test, Boeing Says

Blair: 'We did not realise how strong resistance would be'

NYT-White House Irked as Powell Airs Iraq Misgivings

Bush Losing Ground in Rural America

Bremer Increasing Pressure for a Quick End to Iraqi Uprising (NY Times)

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons (2 Years before 9-11)

Spanish minister writes to Blair, the "jerk"

Amy Goodman is on Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" at 8 p.m. EDT.

LOL! The newscaster just took credit for theoretically saving

A fun, generic e-mail template

Simpsons musical episodes

The breeze and I are saying with a sigh


The first time I saw the Miami Heat play this year...

1960s Soul: My Top 300

Please DU this poll!

Things I 'm already missing from the US

The Darker Side of the Boston Marathon - some runners are nas-ty!

Eewwwww! This leg is ugly and offensive to me!

Anybody ever had Cruzan rum?

If I strangle my neighbor's dog will you still love me in the morning?

Now offering cat cloning!

A message for AO HELL Users...

Sunday Night Sopranos Thread...

Snoggera's Official Review: Midnight Cowboy

Reader's Digest question - "Unforgettable Character"

What does DU mean to you?

Suggestions needed, I have a wandering mouse!

So-called liberal "indoctrination"

Biggest Pet Peeve?

I'm not wearing any underwear!!!!!!! (ask me anything)

Sunday night on the Simpsons

Anyone have a link about the air americar fiasco

The New Top 10 Conservative Idiots is up.....

Bush shocks Woodward by wishing Americans would die.

The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in!

advice wanted about my website

How do The Ramones get on Crossing Jordan

Adult Swim: New "Harvey Birdman" Tonight!

Holy hotcakes - anyone been watching Ottawa Toronto?

We are all in the 700 club now.

Will there be an NHL strike next year?

Has anyone seen my balls?

A message from Michael Moore...

Monday's projected high in Hartford, CT: 86 degrees Farenheit.

Otis Redding and George Huff (American Idol)

Oh yeah, I finally finished moving.

Just saw The Punisher and Hell Boy-- my review

If you could know your moment of death, would you want to know?

I just want to make this perfectly clear!

Question about PERCOCET for those in the know.

This is my 300th post ask me anything....

For the "what happens when you die thread people"

Can anyone recommend a good fitness DVD or 2?

Val Kilmer - hottie or hideous?

Hey, Oklahoma DUers!

What do you think happens when you die?

Well it's April 19th and Air America isn't on Sirius satellite yet

DU chat tonight, please come if you can

What is your favorite snack cake?

What's the secret to happiness?

A Freeper Dies and Goes to Heaven, after the light subsides, he sees

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread

Kate Bush - Hot or not?

Who do you wish had passed you a note in homeroom

Did you every pass a note or the word to someone in high school

Am I wasting money on my Rhapsody subscription?

24 Fans. Did You Watch Sunday Nights Show. WOW.

I got XM Radio! AirAmerica, here I come!

Apple IPod Users: Is there a way to

Ahhhh...Harold Budd and Brian Eno...

Kate Winslet. Beautiful or not?

Best. Product. Name. Ever!

Were you dead before you were born?

William DaFoe Hottie or Hideous?*PIC HEAVY POLL*

Official T-Wolves/Nuggets thread

Jessica Simpson tops the Maxim Hot 100

How many states have you travelled to ?

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

I'm listening to Bill Hicks "Arizona Bay" ask me anything

MAJOR congrats are in order for a few MN DUers....

Prime Suspect 6 -- anyone else a fan?

The Teletubbies - After Hours

Anybody play Neopets?

Ask your conservative "friends" if they are glad that bush lied

Kerry MTP Transcript up

What did everyone think of Kerry's performance on Meet the Press?

Finally got hold of a red hot poll, and it's a goodie!!

Kucinich's supporters ARE making a difference!

Cartoon: George Bush, Stuporhero!

China 'interprets' HK law to death

How Taiwan can avoid Hong Kong's sad fate

Bush swats at Mosquada - toon

Bush shared secret war plans with a foreign agent/country

Playground feuds acted out on a global scale

NYT Op-Ed ~ The Wrong War

Top Ten Republican Reasons to Dump Bush & Co

Bush's Israel switch divides US from world

Media Hillary Bashing Segues into Teresa Trashing

Buchanan: he realizes the purpose of debate

IRAQ, Secrets Exposed, Lies Revealed. Excellent from CAP Pac!

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: U.S. Jews, Arabs in vote flip-flop?

Bush's beatability factor

Is Bob Woodward serving as the agent of Bush Sr.?

Terry Jones (Guardian): Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer

Without a Trace (Strange Case of missing 727 and pilot)

David Corn: George Bush, Self-deluded Messiah

Annan's failures, passivity undermine respect for UN

The Largest Surveillance Program in US History


Bob Woodward's Bush is no idealist -- just an incompetent.

The Jail Generation

If you have time

chicago april 25?

Email bloggers to urge them to organize a...

Contact Congress to start impeachment hearings against Bush for 4 reasons

BlackBoxVoting Critical Mass April 19-23 Bring HR2239 To a Vote!

A veneer of rhetoric masks the hard facts--Asahi Shimbun Vox Populi

Air America on Sirius

CNN to Al Jazeera: Why Report Civilian Deaths?

NY Times Bias: Defending Bush, Attacking Kerry

AP/ GU Article critiques Kerry ads in support of Bush

Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes - Video

Crossfire Gone Repug????

Leading Canadian TV columnist mocks Fox News. Haha!

I have a couple of fitness questions...'s that time again!

Japan's theme parks lack customers

Wash Times sees great economic future and no election issue

2003 Congressional Pig Book Summary

CA accounting scandal raises questions about CEO's fate

Save Middle Class Tax Cuts (get rid of the others, & recover 2/3 of cost )

Tech worker body count reaches 160,785

Hook And Bullet Voters Deserting Bush

British Government Substantially Cuts Environmental Programs - Independent

Third Shell Executive Resigns Over Reserves Shortfall - NYT

Carbon-Trading Proposal Sparks Australian Business Revolt

Canadian Arctic Warming Rapidly - Globe And Mail

Strip-Mined Pacific Island Nation Of Nauru In Receivership - The Age

Drought-Stricken West On Edge As Wildfire Season Approaches

Most Marine Life Worldwide Growing Sicker, Fish Health Slightly Better

NOAA - March 2004 Warmest On Record For Southwestern States

EPA Aims To Clear National Park Air By 2064 - No, I'm Not Making This Up

Ancient inscribed slab brought to light

Ford - No Plans For Large SUV, Truck Hybrids

Bush Plans Earth Day Appearance In Maine 4/22

China fumes as Vietnam sends tourists to Spratlys

Malawi student protest turns violent

Baby-selling syndicate uncovered in Madagascar

Hamas May Widen Its Horizons, Observers Say

Broke Swaziland throws a costly birthday bash

The Miami Herald: Man dies after deputies jolt him with Taser stun guns

Contested data stoke the debate over gun ban

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 19, 2004

How delusional is the NRA?

Very Liberal Newspaper sees the benefit of CCW

Home Distilling

Supporters of the Assault Rifle Ban please explain why you support it?

24-hour armed police 'in all boroughs' as guns fear rises

My sis & her hubby have a new website

DU Lounge question

re: State forums, could you have the popup navigation menu

May we post in other states' forums?

I like the new State Forums sites.Will any special rules of conduct apply?

Ask the Admins? I have twice and had my threads deleted?

I need some help promoting this idea

I would just like to make a comment

Hamas: Khalid Meshaal interviewed on Hard Talk

Profile: Dr Abd Al-Aziz al-Rantisi (Al-Jazeera)

Over 10,000 American Jews Petition Sharon and Bush to Bring the Israeli Se

Israel to Invest Millions in West Bank

Can the Democratic Party really hope to get the Jewish vote when Bush's

Pope says killing of Hamas leader was contrary to will of God


Sharon's Skin And Bush's Spots (Uri Avnery)

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Correct Democratic position on Israel/Palestine please.

How important is the Jewish vote in the next election?

Arafat says Israel plans will make Gaza a "prison"

Suspected Mossad spy flees, police believe

Nuke Whistleblower Wants Israel's Reactor Destroyed

Who did you vote for Senator in the primary?

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!


Wow! A California forum.....

Greatest State in the Union!

The most draconian worker's compensation law passed in a century this week

Hellooooo California!

So LA - lets get it on**** :)

Welcome to Iowa

I might as well...

Romney has got to go...

behold the Missouri forum! never has there been a finer forum.


Go Red Wings!

I'm the first to post here! Wow!


Re-election for Easley?


I live in Wisconsin now...

Kinda serious re: Fingerhut

From the banks of the Cuyahoga!

Hello Cincinnati!


A new Texas dedicated forum

Let's talk school finance

Bay Area New Democrats meeting w/Richard Morrison

Born Texan?

Howdy, neighbors!

Im in Seattle. It's raining. Im drinking Coffee.

severe storm delays "60 Minutes" here. But DAMN! Impeach Bush now!

Families of the 94th declare war on the Bush Administration

Can someone help me out with some info, please?

Now we can add IraqTapeGate and OilPriceFixGate to the mix

Woodward did not say Bush admin first talked of Iraq after 9-11

"Toothing" latest hi-tech sex craze

Why not negotiate with the insurgents? - they're not terrorists, Condi

North Korea says Cheney "mentally deranged"

Perhaps it's time to return to New Deal policies?

Tax crusader's wife launches surprise GOP FL Senate bid

Deja Vu? GWB's very own Afghan-Contra Scandal.

What does everyone think of Woodward now?

Read this! It may be a little early to celebrate Shrub's demise.

Photo Portrait of a Wacko Resident

Nuremberg Trials...

Gay Weddings Worth $16.8 Billion

Is Bushco ruffling too many feathers?

Paying in Dread for a Date With the People

We should be prepared psychologically and otherwise

Cautionary Revolution...

in case you didn't see "the photo"

Looks like Bush is backing away from killing or capturing Sadr

Kerry Holds National Lead Over Bush

after the next terror attack, how will you react?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Congress Wants Answers on Bush's Plans for Iraq (LA Times)

the day w's earpiece malfunctioned

Did Clarke talk about the 9/13 saudi flight?

is London next?..........

Question for Fred Barnes coming on C-Span

Air America SIRIUS 126

News Link Needed - Oil Price Agreement

Iraq casualties hit the comic pages (It's really getting bad over there)

TV Alert: Woodward on NBC Today show.

they hang traitors don't they?

Now that Powell has been so publicly humiliated how can he stay?

The End of Academic Freedom?

So is it now "Freedom Rice" instead of "Spanish Rice"

Modern Medicine!

Does Bush have an "Only one black person at a time" rule?

Talking Point: Bush is a Jimmy Swaggert...

What's up with C-span leading with Spain

Sick Marine humor (with photo)

NPR did a good job of setting the record straight on Gorelick

Modern Medicine!

Are the legions in deep trouble?

Zogby--Bush ads failing Kerry leads 47-44

Now this is an interesting photo grouping ...

Bob Schieffer on FTN yesterday: what do you conclude from his statement?

Soros closes Uzbek charity

Screw Woodwards book CNN thinks tracking lions more newsworthy

The last Bin Laden audio.

I'm not sure Woodward helps us (blames all on Tenet)

the importance

The Internet is not the American "media"....

CNN Polls: "Oh no not the poor little coalition!" Edition

Lee Hamilton flogging book on Diane Rheim. WHEN do these people work?

If Woodward's "Plan of Attack" does not bring Bush down

Woodward's book confirms what John Dean's book has been warning us

does anyone think the willingness to talk to Woodwards a sign the Rats are

Imus is showing his true-self today. I warned you that the ranks would

"I'm Sorry" journalism

Excerpts from Easter Letter from Soldier

Woodward handed us victory. Here's the only way to grab it.

Woodward's account: the most appalling thing to me

Lee Hamilton on now with Diane Rehm -- refuses to answer a question about

Bush and Blair want a terrorist attack.

We won't get fooled again?.....i'm not so sure

anyone else wondering???

Check out the letters to the editor from this Florida newspaper

Albania willing to send more troops to Iraq (71 there now)

Hey numerologists, astrologers and faith healers

Email Franken (for McCain question) -easy/quick thing to do

get to know our u.s. mercenaries.....go to the Blackwater website

Evidence Fails to Support Bush as Christian

Newsweek - Draft Me Not

Please help me decide...

How the Saudis helped get Bush elected in 2000

Is Colin Powell really supposed to make some announcment..

Shock and Awe: Notice how the media doesn't really know what to do

Biotech Jobs Next In Line For Outsourcing - SF Chronicle

missed Kerry on MTP yesterday....

Cokie and Bob do it again

MSNBC discussing DRAFT

Q: what was the SCOTUS decision on the Pledge of Allegiance

Matt Lauer SHOCKED that the administration misled us about the Iraq War!

Antiwar Dems: Are the PNAC regrouping and recalibrating in the Kerry camp?

"Everything You Are Afraid To Know About Climate Change"

My good buddy got offered a job with Blackwater in Iraq

Sirius radio now playing Air America! On 125.

Now THIS is progress

They are going to have to take the Osama body off ice now.

Will women to get vote Iraq?

Crime and punishment ?

Afghan War Funds Illegally Diverted For Iraq. Hellllooooo?

MSNBC on the fears of a draft right now

"If it were a fact, it wouldn't be intelligence"

Terrorism -- the result of legitimate grievances fueling demagoguery

50 tons of mustard gas....

Help support the Oakland Cannabis Initiative

I just called a congressperson's office....

Hillary Weighs in on Health Care

Source for job loss?

Al Franken talking about the $700 million RIGHT NOW.

Cheney Supports Gun Control, And BuzzFlash Can Prove It!

Fred Barnes on Wash. Journal gave his game away

Kerry wanted to send .... BAKER!!??

Does anyone agree with me that a terrorist attack in the US will

Did anyone else notice that on 4/3 the DoD lowered the wounded totals

Google "WMDs" comes up with a joke page.

Kerry plays it straight and then, WHAM, he lets Bush have it.

Get Busy-Another Resource Thread

Brokaw to sign off on December 1

Can someone tell me how Air America is doing?

the state of Georgia is walking backwards into the future (limits protest)

POP goes the Weasel (Bob Woodward)...

Rice vs Woodward. Who do you believe?

Jim Carey (Free Press Pub.) fires Barrie Dunsmore

O'Franken on Bush: "Incompetent, and when push comes to shove...

Terry Jones Explains It All For You

It's Offical: LIHOP is in full affect untill the election

Report from Baghdad -- Hospital Closings and U.S. War Crimes

Anybody see Bill Schneider on CNN tonight?

Aren't we supposed to get attacked or be terrorized today??? Anniversary

Kerry live on CNN now. Nailed Bush on "secret oil deals" w/ Saudis.


What's with this stuff on Franken about Rove admiting the war is political

What do you think of a new phrase for 'integrity' = SHOWING APPLES.

Here's why I think it's Treason...

Call your congress people and ask for impeachment.

Can someone help with this Trent Lott quote?

Bremer is being replaced?

Help Again. Need links to 9-11 Commission Testimony Transcripts

What is Condi Rice really saying? (Rove's slime & distotions)

"We need to stand behind our President!"

Call General Electric (parent of MSNBC) and ask about missing 200 dead

Limbaugh's Been Attacking Woodward Almost Non-Stop Today

Isn't it interesting that the right claims AA doesn't have an audience...

On c-span Senator Ron Wyden opening up with the 60 minutes

Was the last Iron Chef Thrown for Bobby Flay?

Who's the better peacemaker? (If you had to choose.)

AAR Alert: McCain was on. It's over.

'You ain't cool unless you got it.'

why is Kerry dirtying himself by appearing with Lieberman in Fl. ?

Anyone notice the media push to get people to buy houses?

In Defense Of Bush: He Had No Clear Warning Of 9/11

Democrats are sleazier than Republicans?

The right wing freaks again spreading lies


How delusional is the NRA?

Ron Wyden on CSPAN2 3:00pm ET~ Oil, Saudis, Bush and election

Fill me in: What's so explosive about Woodwards Book?

I predicited this back in August 03...The BIG MESS !

Did OBL endorse or state his preference for Bush?

GAO chief sounds alarm bells on debt

Shell HID Oil Reservs From Public Investors Since 2002


obligatory 'go to' reminder

(Tiger) Woods Finishes (4 days of) Training at Fort Bragg (Whyever?)

Bill Hicks is

The one thing I want to see from a Kerry Administration

Going forward, what should be our goals and strategy in Iraq?

Is Air America back on in LA and Chicago?

proof George doesn't know up from down

Politics, not science, blocks access to 'morning-after' pill

My Bush Administration/Saudi Links

Was there Snotty McClennan press conferernce today?

Is Air America down?

What have you done since you heard the Woodward charges?

Pass this pic along to your friends

A fable (Condi and the Spanish elections)

Bush hijacks Patriots' Day, again.

Just like on Friday - Randi Rhodes comes on and streaming goes down

Report: Bush garners three times more live cable TV coverage than Kerry

The Radical: Profile of Aaron McGruder

If I see and hear

Karl Rove's Inoculation Tactic:: Saudis get to keep high gas prices

go here and vote.....

at this point, Shrubco's only defense is: everybody's lying

ABB & Voting Republicans Out

How easy is it for bush to push the button ?

A question to pose to Bush supporters...

Dan Bartlett.....

A truly laughable statement

Should Kerry appoint extremist judges?


just figured it out, bush is a "Contrary" Little Big Man, say/do one thing

McDonald's CEO was a republican, albeit a stingy one...

NYTimes: Airing of Powell's Misgivings Tests Ties in the Cabinet

Lordy, check out what the Dallas Morning (Whoring) news has to say

Does it make sense to fax your comments to politicians?

There are too many conspiracy theories regarding 9/11

What do you guys think Zapatero said to * after his "scolding"?

AAR stream working again..Randi in full voice....

Rock Against Bush Vol. 1

Eisner Receives 72.5% No Confidence Vote From Disney 401K Plan Participant

Whore of the Year 2002-- could this have shamed Woodward?

The "We'll all be dead" comment is just the Republican way

More photos from the NRA convention

Breaking: Federal appeals court rules Maurice Clarett ineligible

It's back! New Get Your War On!!

Zapatero looks puzzled as over 50,000 troops show up to board

The number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is now over 700.

want to phone the news directors re: Chimpy's stump speech?

Is Eisner being attacked because he mostly supports Democrats?

DU This Poll, Please!

Frank Harris says that, yes, the bu$h twins should be serving

......FBI Investigates Gorelick Death Threats

He was a Marine

Know when to hold 'em,

Howard Dean on WPPT at to stream. To discuss Bush pioneers

Bush offers Americans a false choice....

Blitzer to talk about secret oil deal with Saudis.

Bush is in trouble – and it is entirely his own fault

Bush speaking live on CNN right now

What do YOU consider violence? non-violent resistance?

"leave the Spanish alone."

When were US Army helmets redesigned to resemble Nazi Germany's?

Chicago Sun-Times: Woodward issue page 24

CNN/Poll Blitzer

Are the recent Israeli assassinations of Hamas leaders

Missing the truly trembling point: Bush's (religious) duty to free world

Woodward & Fox TV

9/11 Commission: Was it Ashcroft's fault that Moussaoui's computer

Saudi Ambassador Bandar , Bush, & Laundering Money For Terrorists

It usually takes a disgruntled insider to finally crack this stuff.....

MSNBC poll!

So John McCain is a hero of Al Franken? Thats what Al Said.....

CNN announcing new Gallup poll: Good Bush Numbers on Terrorism/War

Larry King /Bob Woodward

OMFG: CNN/Gallup numbers are truly nauseating/inexplicable

Worried about the eerie silence? "The Note" is worth reading

What's Smirk's deficit at now days?

Lets organize and sue individuals in the government for....

On Crossfire, Wayne Newton campaign cash history

Coffin picture please

LOL! WH website lists Woodward book as recommended reading

Harvey Weinstein donates huge to Democrats

BBV: Chicago Panel with A. Rubin Tuesday

Was this the Sears Tower plot people were getting worried about?

CNN's Bill Scneider is a total asshole!!

Evil, Thy Name Is Danny Bonaduce, He's "OK With Saturation Bombing"

The RW denial of any problems with Bushco

If you aren't reading Empire Notes, you're missing out on ALOT.

Anyone Read Michael Parenti ?

Bush Poll Numbers Up, Kerry Down CNN/USA Today

Watch the huge bump in the polls for Kerry after he chooses Edwards for VP

The "Simple President" goes for Simplistic Answers< > Ever Notice That?


Why didn't the latest Zogby poll get as much DU attn. as this Gallup one?

should parents know if their minor children have medical procedures done?

Honduras Considering Troop Pullout from Iraq

Woodward's book promoted and linked on Bush Campaign website..

They hate our freedoms-Suppression and Liberty

New Zogby Poll Kerry leads 47-44

We should petition to get top 10 conserv idiots on Air America R...

After exhausting all his lies Bush tries a novel approach: THE TRUTH

Turn off CNN, they are pretending to be Fox

msnbc changed dead #, cnn changes poll #

9-11: The big question remains unasked

Anyone else think Woodward made a point of the tapes

Military re-enlistment

you may have thought SB 2082 was evil, now prepare yourselves for SB 1558

Bush Names Negroponte (of Iran/Contra fame) Iraq Ambassador

This may link to the pipeline pics Randi is talking about.

Just got me a new bumper sticker!

Carpe Diem --Stealth Campaign for Impeachment and Law Suits

Is Kerry's campaign avoiding talking about BCCI/Iran Contra

Fareed Zakaria on Hardball tonight

Tina Fey question

AP/Ipsos Poll - Bush 45% - Kerry 44%

Liberals are weak...

Comic Strip Characters Lose Legs in Iraq War

It's not just Gallop, new ABC/Washington Post Poll - Bush 48 Kerry 43

The real story and lesson of the Lcpl Boudreaux picture.

If Bush loses the election, do you think that...

For anyone who was just watching CNN...

This war with Iraq was the invention of a banished ruling class -

Kill the messenger !

Imagine if DU, Kos, Atrios, TPM, Prospect, and Tom Paine...

"Feith runs a Gestapo organization over there" Powell said that?

Bush gets coveted Wayne Newton Endorsement

Woodward is completely on board with the Bush agenda

I used to have some respect for CNN - now they just make me SICK

CNN Poll: Support for more troops increasing, support for a withdrawal

Question for Vietnam Vets ~ Do you feel betrayed by America for

When it comes to lying, criminal Presidents you just can't beat Republican

The recent polls: a big picture

what wimps we are to have not filed impeachment proceedings

I am TIRED of people saying Kerry = bush-lite. ARGH.

Show of hands: who recieved a Zogby on line poll this weekend?

bushes mental challenge immensely appealing to many.

US Breaks Geneva Conv./Sets Precedent then gets PO'ed When Others Follow!

I'd Like to Run for Election in 06... Comments/Suggestions/Advice?

Wes Clark accuses Bush of "grievous misleadership"

Which current voting system is the most reliable?

Where are the Voices?

LA Times has harsh article on AAR...

Woodward's book could have been lies with some truth. CNN just had

where would you place president clinton on the political spectrum?

How Can Bush be Leading Kerry 51-46??? CNN/USA Today

Chat LIVE with Woodward at 1 EDT Tuesday -- submit questions now at WP!

I LOVE LOU DOBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This thread at FR simply makes me want to Blow Chunks

Why was Prince Bandar told about the "plans" at all ???


Can anyone identify what is written on McVeigh's shirt in this photo?

Should Liberals become as nasty as the GOP thugs?

Bookmark This Thread: J.D. Hayworth Will Run For Pres In 2008

Nightline Will Look At Woodward's Book Tonight 4/19

Will Kerry condemn the PNAC?

Blitzer now calling Jessica Lynch a "former hostage"

SO it's April 19th....

Political Correctness Poll

Twenty-Six Bands Take On George W. Bush and Right-Wing Punks

MSNBC- Pentagon Revises Iraq dead Figure down to 509

The Hispanic Challenge . . . by Samuel P. Huntington ("Foreign Affairs")

WTF, Condi thinks she's married to Bush?

AWESOME poll from Lou Dobbs Tonight

Cut and Runners Check In Please

POLL - Do you believe the United States? re: assasination of Hamas leader

Watching CNN, MSNBC, Fox (i.e. cable news) is...

Joe Wilson will release a book naming the White House advisors he blames

WHO Is Ready To Protest The PRESIDENT With Me???

Condi was overheard saying: “As I was telling my husb—”

Cartoonist Darby CONLEY - "Get Fuzzy"

Vietnam is to Iraq as Cambodia is to ?

Andrew Sullivan supports $1 a gallon tax on gas

how worried are you about how we appear to freepers?

Rate this Yahoo story

I am beginning to be ashamed of my own party

The Gospel According to George

Bad blood at Air America?

A questiuon for British DUer's about the EU constitution

Its intentional: Bush is sick of this, never wanted it in the first place

Wanna help me interview Henry Waxman?

RESUME - * W *

A Warning to Kerry: The Fix is in. CNN is helping Bush/Diebold steal it .

Did anyone catch Colin Powell on MSNBC about 30 minutes ago?

black box voting: The Senate is back! Phone your Senators.

Help Me Out ("It's not homosexuals who are under attack, it's family")

So is that pipeline in Kuwait the one that Tommy Frank's built w/ our $$?

Kerry Leads Bush 47-43 in Latest Zogby Poll

Happy, happy!! Look at the top 5 books at

We're doomed!

Wellstone plane copilot's link to 9-11 Moussaoui !!!!!!

BBV - new documents surface -- big doings in CA, OH, TX, WA,

A New Bush Milestone; The April of 100 Deaths

US Military "Furious" because of Spain troop pullout

CBDTPA - gov't spyware on your computer?

Do parents brainwash children with organized religion?

County DFL member stymies democratic process.

Were you a pregnant teen?

Looks like Bush is TRYING to lose the election...

A modest proposal about turning DU into a massive political force

Go to, read it, weep and see how much ground we have lost

One issue I've changed my mind on and now agree with the right-wing

Islamic leader warns London is attack target

Kim 'in China for secret talks' ( did Cheney poke the hornet's nest?)

Spain sparks Iraq troops rethink

Islamic leader warns London is attack target

Poll finds support shifting away from Bush, a change since October survey

In TV Coverage, Kerry Runs a Deficit

Syria Urged to Do More in Iraq

British troops 'in Iraq for ten years'

Iraqi Forces Unable to Meet Threat Alone -- Bremer

Pataki: Democrats didn't Respond to Terror Threat

Carnage Dims Hopes for Political Way(Iraq"ground giving way")

NYT:Lack of Resolution in Iraq Finds Conservatives Divided

Last words: 'Now I'll show you how an Italian dies' | Chicago Sun-Times

Congress Wants Answers on Bush's Plans for Iraq

Bremer: Iraq Rebels 'Must Be Dealt With'

Japan raps Israel for killing Hamas leader

Duplicate post. Sorry

Bush Letter Cites 'Crusade' Against Terrorism

Congress to grill Bush staff on security plans

Troops' death toll in April reaches 100

9/11: 'An apology would salve our wounds' - Guardian news roundup

Women and children hit by "random shooting"

Bush to Tout Patriot Act in Pennsylvania

Haiti Drops 'Ridiculous' $22 Billion Claim (of money owed to France)

Ridge to urge faster planning against terror

Israel to Invest Millions in West Bank

McDonald's CEO Dies of Heart Attack

Breaking - Manchester Police (UK) Carry out Anti-Terror Raids

NYT:Bremer Is Increasing Pressure for a Quick End to Iraqi Uprisings

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons

McDonald's CEO Dies of Heart Attack

Anti-Bush sentiment busts out all over | The Globe and Mail

Fight for Bhopal victims pays off for Indian women

US set to reduce troops outside Najaf

Nuke Whistleblower Wants Israel's Reactor Destroyed

3 Arrested During 'Picnic' With Homeless In Park (do not feed)

U.S. General Puts Syria On Notice

NYT:Airing of Powell's Misgivings Tests Ties in the Cabinet

Shell Oil Co "lied to City"

Suspected Mossad spy flees, police believe

Two Trains Collide in NY During Morning Commute

Saudi Envoy Promised Bush a Drop in Oil Prices Ahead of Election

Breaking - Swedish Embassy in Baghdad hit by Rocket

Mortician debunks Bush rumor

U.N. Council Sets Emergency Meeting on Middle East

Iraq's US Military Head Criticises Latham

Iraq dilemma stirs Japanese resentment of U.S. ties

Life 'worse' for many of Iraq's poor, survey reveals

Soldiers Wounded in Karbala

U.S. bracing for terror before election-Rice

More anti-terror raids in UK

India party members charged over Muslim violence

Detainees get their day in US court

Radio man due in SA after US interrogation

Carnage Dims Hopes for Political Way in Iraq

Guardian-Blair refused three offers to stay out of Iraq (Woodward's book)

Doubts mount over US plans to transfer sovereignty to Iraqis on June

dupe, sorry - US soldier kills Iraqi shepherdess: police

Timorese fury at 'immoral oil grab' - Australia

Jim Cantalupo, McDonald's Chief, Is Dead at 60

BLAIR EU-TURN - Blair to resign?

BBC - Bush rebukes Spanish PM over withdrawl of troops

Court Won't Hear Texas Redistricting Case

U.S. Army snipers seen as ''political weapons'' in Iraq

Italy Endorses Brahimi Plan for Iraq

dupe, d'oh Bush to Name Negroponte Iraq Ambassador

Nigeria sacks seven top oil executives

Report from Baghdad -- Hospital Closings and U.S. War Crimes

What Nuke Whistleblower Doesn't Know Scares Israel

GIs Kill 2 Workers of U.S.-Funded Iraq TV

Bush attacks Spain's Iraq pullout

Iraq: Seeds of a national uprising?

WHouse reviews Iraq funding after charge of mispending

Life 'worse' for many of Iraq's poor, survey reveals

99 us service members killed in april

Series Documents the the Hidden Charges to Taxpayers of Corruption in Iraq

Fallujah Leaders Seek Insurgents' Weapons

GI's kill two workers of US funded Iraq TV

Illinois Lawmakers Hope To Expand Law To Protect Soldiers Jobs

10 Bangladeshis missing in Iraq

Twenty West Michigan soldiers return home

Cheney 'deranged' says Pyongyang

AAN Promises Important Iraq Story Tomorrow

After leaving troubled Iraq, Green Bay unit back in U.S.

Duplicate post. Sorry

bush LIVE on MSNBC

Scores Of Death Sentences Tossed

Iraqi TV reporter, cameraman killed

Bush Names Negroponte Next US Ambassador to Iraq

Soldiers caught in roadside bomb

NZ charges Israeli spy suspects


Central American countries may follow Spain and leave Iraq

Saudi-Born Leader Killed in Chechnya

Possible car-bomb plot for Riyadh foiled: security source

U.S.: Northrop hid accounting flaws

Brokaw to sign off on December 1

Shiite militia deploys in Iraq holy city amid reports of clashes nearby

U.S. Anti-War Soldiers Escape to Canada: Paper

Ridge Forms New Terrorism Task Force

GIs Kill 2 Workers of U.S.-Funded Iraq TV

Spain begins Iraq troop withdrawal process

Angola may sell oil to America

Afghanistan, US working on amnesty scheme for Taleban

EarthLink CEO Got Bonus Rise Amid Layoffs

Pentagon Plans Test of Atmospheric Dispersion (DoD)

Cease-Fire Agreement Reached In Fallujah; 13 U.S. troops Killed In Iraq

Islamic terrorists linked to Italy Mafia group

Bush urges Patriot Act renewed, expanded

Last of the 109th heads home

Spain will never again turn back on UN, says new defence minister

Powell Denies He Was Out of Loop on Iraq

Pentagon Raises U.S. Death Toll in Iraq - 706 dead soldiers now

Political Conversation: Condi’s Slip [NYMetro]

Jordanian king postpones meeting with Bush

Pataki: Democrats didn't Respond to Terror Threat, READ DOWN

Saudis Assure Bush on Stable Oil Price- Bush spokesman declines to comment

Media Firms, Artists Back Bono Over FCC

Civilian Deaths Anger Fallujah Refugees

Violence giving voice to Iraq's new stars

Launch Delayed of Unmanned Satellite to Test Einstein Predictions

White House reviews Iraq funds

Bush to name Negroponte Iraq ambassador

U.S. gasoline price hits record high for 4th week

Spain to pull troops out 'as soon as possible'

(Secret Service) Document: Oklahoma City Bombing Was Taped

List of jounalists who died in Iraq

WP: FTC to Look Closer at "Spyware"

Shell review shows execs aimed to fool market

Congress wants answers on Bush's plans for Iraq

Cease-fire in Fallujah frustrates some Marines

World's largest election set to open with Indian PM banking on economy

Kerry Hits Bush 'Sweetheart' Ties with Saudis

"Reflections on Return": Injured Soldiers Speak About Coming Home From Ira

Bush's Secret Tax on Democrats

USDA opposes testing all cattle for mad cow disease

NYT: Paying in Dread for a Date with the People (prepping W)

Honduras to pull troops from Iraq (Bush Scolds Spain ...) | The Guardian

Saudis say won't use oil to influence US election

CNN: Bush 51 Kerry 46!

Bush Bemoans Spanish Troops' Iraq Pullout

Munich Upset With FIFA Beer Sponsorship

Rove Revels in Democrat Kerry's Lead

Britons to get Europe treaty vote

Trial of Milosevic heading toward aswamp of troubles

Jordan leader delays meeting with Bush

Security firms have 20,000 shadow soldiers in Iraq

(ABC/WP Poll) Bush Holds Advantages Over Kerry, Poll Shows

NYT: Kerry Backs Off Statements on Vietnam War

TV Abortion Footage Stirs Debate in Britain

- Former Gov. Frank Morrison (Nebraska) dies at 98

Do you think a love of pets says anything about a person?

beauty or brains, which does it for you...

Are you blind when you're born?

Man Down! Oh Man! They can't kill BD!

Listening to Nilsson's Jump into the Fire my ears may bleed. Ask me

What does it take for a woman to classify as curvy?

Listening to Nelson's "Love and Affection"- I think I'm going to die.

Passing Wind

experientia ex clades

((( yawn ))) I have recurring sleep disorder.


I actually cried while

John Carpenter - hottie or hideous?

Restaurant Fined Over Naked Sushi - (Update To Former MatcomNews Story)

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

John McCain will be on the O'Franken Factor Today

I had a nightmare Bush won in a landslide

Tallest Living Man Still Growing At The Age Of 33

Catroon: Steve Bell/The Guardian

Caption: Junior's Robert Maxwell Memorial Fan Club outing

I'm listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings, ask me anything.

Are you a sniffer or a blower? Interesting piece...

Caption: Worm's eye view of worms?

Powers keep on lyin'

Caption: General Musharraf's Poppy Day?

2 in 5 internet users now have broadband

Caption: You been flossin' too?

Caption: JP Deuce: fond memories of Neurenberg?

Click Here

Overheard at the Crash Test Dummies Show Saturday...

Do you suppose Bushco has mistaken Randy Newman for a prophet?

Man Drops Pants On Bar In Nightclub - Pants Around Ankles - Falls - Sues

How would one get a job at NPR

(Larry)Walker(Rockies OF) found unidentified body near wooded area

OK I need your help, really. I beg everyone who sees this to vote:)

Happy Patriots Day!!

Devastatin' Dave the Turntable Slave

My mother passed away this morning at 4:00 am PDT

In Case Any Of You Receive The "Robin Williams Peace Plan" Via E-Mail...

Teen Accused Of Displaying Trophy As Phallic Symbol - Punished

Birthday cursed?

CAPTIONS can help them figure out what that is

Computer people...need help with a possible trojan.

I'm eating Claritin like M & M's....

Mp3 quality/file size question...

Angry Letter To God Found In Church - Cops Called

Texas Judges Declare War On "Pet Excrement" On Courthouse Lawn

Joke of the day.


Ecuador To Choose Blue Ribbon Guinea Pig - Then Likely Eat It

GYWO watches the Press Conference

Does the NRA celebrate "Columbine Day" tomorrow?

If you could effect one change in this nation, what would it be?

BREAKING undergroundrailroad Lithos & Lunabush chasing Asians in Chinatown

Man (Drunk) Challenges Roommate - Lights Rug On Fire In Game - Dead

OH Lord. Monday Night On Lou Dobbs.

Caption: Everything's comin' up roses for Poodle Brothers

CONFESS!!!!!! If you could hang out with Matcom for the day you would...

Are you posting less, and enjoying it less??

Sports Trivia for today

I am LOVING the DVR cable box (TiVo-esque)

Hair and organic brown rice...

Lawsuit Dismissed In Case Of Neighbor Who Got Shocked, Thrown In Air

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! (my wife told me I had to do this)


BREAKING:Huge MOB chasing black men in Boston area

Bush campaign makes decision not to hire Omarosa - from USNEWS

OH! NO! the Simpsons have been outsourced!!!

Squeech music update (shameless self-promotion)

Who here has lost their fear of death?

Should I go out and see the movie "LadyKillers"?

Is the Lindburgh baby still alive?

Ethics question- Mileage

Iraq, Corruption, Bush, Upcoming Election ....

My boss is on a role: John Kerry walks into a bar...

Hilarious - top 10 worst album covers of all time

Check out House of Nuts

Gang of Deaf Thieves Jailed

Dumbya's lobotomy has been a tremendous success

The Sopranos - talk amongst yourselves.

what was that fire at Fenway?

German language question

Caption the Syncopal General

Best song influenced by The Byrds (nominations please)

Skinner's Alternate Identity

Freedom Fries for Everybody!

Conceit or self-doubt - which is worse?

No sign of the morning coming you've been left on your own

i shall forthwith hate FREEDOM and love TERROR

Kevin Spacey was allegedly attacked in London...


How do zero-down mortgages work?

Who is your favorite Tom--Hanks or Cruise


can you buh-lieve Morrissey is 44

Was the last Iron Chef Thrown for Bobby Flay?

BYU Students (and others) Use 'New' Curse Words

Colin Farrell, Will Ferrell or the Farrelly Brothers

Blonde Joke Of The Day - April 19, 2004

Is this tinnitus?

Weird, weird decorations for your house....

What is the purpose of withholding a paycheck?

Kate Beckinsale - hot or .... hot.

"Let's set the rug on fire and see who stays in the house longer"

I feel lightheaded.. new iBooks, with SUPERDRIVE!!!

Is Paul McCartney deserving of our respect?

Male Cheerleaders (Tennessee Titans) Given The Axe

Anyone ever give themselves a colostomy?

Anybody ever give themselves a circumcision?

Has anyone been through hypnosis?

Anybody Ever Give Themselves A Vasectomy?

Anybody ever give themselves a coronary bypass?

Well I now work for the Sierra Club!

DVD war looms as advancements draw near

Anyone ever remove their own tonsils?

How in God's name can we refer to Bush as the "Worst. President. Ever"

Take the test: Are you a redneck?

Anyone ever give themselves an orgasm?

Do "Lean Cuisines" cause cancer?

If I was evil, they would think I do no wrong

If I were to make a FEMALE singer with the most soul POLL...

Couldn't Clinton have found some better looking than Monica?

Who Lives In Manhattan?


Anyone ever see gladiator movies?

Craft and/or Sewing Experts Please Help - How to make a ball

What do you know about Steve Morse? A guitarist.

GW - "..I did NOT have relations with that Saudi...Prince Bandar..."

What is the best Linux version?

What do you think of this shirt on a guy?

Top Ten Favorite Songs?

Ahnold may just have been right apparently they don't need people anymore

Anyone See The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake?

Anyone else watch the Food Network?

The Butterfly Effect

its burnin and I got a shirt on, ask me anything

The hitch-hickers guide to CAPTIONs

god its hot

Couldn't Rove have found someone better looking than Cheney?

CAPTION!: And you thought only your leader could look goofy....

Man In Trailer Park Ends Standoff With Police After 'Getting A Beer'

who in their right mind calls it pop? now honestly

NFL wins stay, making Clarett(and others) ineligible for draft

Favorite 'old school' Rap

Did anyone else enjoy Walking Tall?

What is it with people who support capital punishment? (a rant)

Not Sure How to Caption This

NFL: Patriots trade for Corey Dillon

Photoshop the president at his press conference

Which bands qualify as playing Flaccid Rock?

What New England destination should we go to for our 16th anniversary?

Time for the Daily Show!!!!

Which Network Anchor Do You Watch The Most?

A 24-can case of pop is $15.69!

The Apartment I REALLY WANTED, I Cant Have

What the heck just happened on Randi Rhodes

Here's the X-factor in the Pop/Soda Wars: The Coke People.

Whom do you prefer?

Has anyone tuned in to see the "Spartacus" remake


DU afternoon chat!

Flower grower plants a 720 ft,, flag.. (pretty cool looking)

Any Supergrass Fans Out There?

Man Surfs 70 Foot Wave - Biggest Ever

Speaking of Coke... they STOLE my idea...

I just bought a blonde newscaster

Does every great band need a John/Paul relationship at its core?

Do you live in a city that doesn't show Simpsons reruns Mon-Fri???

What's your favorite harbinger of summer?

Is your city mostly controlled by Coke or Pepsi???


My 666th post!

Galactica Launches

am I asking too much for folks to put their cell phones on SILENT at work?

In case you were thinking the New England Patriots couldn't get any better

What's your favourite hamburger of summer?

HOLY SHIT, I just had a rush of a Deja Vu moment there.

Tina Fey question

Do you hate your job?

Food fight!!!!

Potato soup problem.

BOOM! 5000!

Oh Yes Wyoming!

How many hours a week do you work at your job?

I'm working on a Top 100 list on

Not only is my cousin's son in Iraq,

I just found out one of my brothers is now jobless

What do you prefer to drink?

Computer techies, I need your help. Possible virus

Check out my new bumper sticker!

Are Canadians Sexier than Americans?

Okay, has anyone else read "The New Pearl Harbor" yet?

So it turns out Beckham did have an affair

I'm Bored...Ask me anything.

Does Chappelle's show (on Comedy Central) offend you?

Talk about Seinfeld with me...

What me CAPTION?

A recurring dream.

When is the last time you publicly admitted a mistake?

My three year old son just dug a hole in the back yard and

Ooooh, found a way to touch a freeper's nerves BIG TIME

Porn Channels Face Probe

Anyone Ever Removed Their Own Stitches?

DU chat tonight

If Someone Viewed Every Post You've Ever Written On DU...

Canada thread

I just bought a blonde Telecaster.

Shopping Is a Pain

I Have Read 40 resumes in the last Hour, Ask me ANYTHING

What do you think of these shorts on a guy?

The tenth annual FUNDAY will be June 19 in Saginaw, Michigan

When you see kids walking around in those baggy assed pants...

Do you assume you'll be diagnosed with cancer?

My Reply to Freeper E-Mail going around...

Why are some people so stubborn?

ATTN: May/June babies!!

Warning, anti-smoking rant.

Do I exist?

I started digging my pond this weekend. Ask me anything!

There is sewage in my basement. Ask me anything.

Yankees/Redsox MORNING GAME thread.

Virgin Atlantic's "Pay-As-You-Go" Wireless. . .Is it worth it ??

best WWII movie

Kim Il Jong - hottie or hideous?

When someone tell you "It's not pop, it's soda"...

Dave Chappelle VS Chris Rock

Which Martini is the Best!

Is B.D. K.I.A?

Celebrate May Day at Belle Isle -- Detroit, Michigan

So is Bush or Cheney or Rove the anti-Christ?

PA Politics: Shuster Faces Another Well-Known Name

How many Bush voters were duped into that compassionate conservative BS?

What Awaits the G.O.P. in Convention

An alternative to Blanche Lincoln

USAToday's Keen says WH refutes idea that $700m was restricted to Afghan

5 B export tax cut fix carries 170 B of new tax cuts-"new level of sleaze"

Regardless of who is elected--do you think the draft is coming back?

Garbled Bush and Zogby

about that WV poll - ACTION NEEDED!!!

the halliburton-cheney war for profit energy task force

New Marist New York Poll

Has anyone considered

Temperature Taking: How Hot for Kerry

Let's organize a one day boycott...

The Christain Coalition organized boycotts...

For those who saw 60 Minutes, is Bush insane, a traitor or both?

$50 million in ads were bound to have some effect.

I like Kerry but....

Who cares about polls right now? We still have 28 WEEKS LEFT!

How to improve these poll numbers

hypothetical presidential preference poll

To me, November 2004 choice comes down to a very simple question

Why Kerry's performance on MTP wasn't so hot!

Former Candidates Support of/Campaign for Kerry

Why did Woodward agree to take down Nixon?

Jews organize boycotts...

Went to Kerry Town Hall Meeting in Lake Worth, FL 4/19

I MIGHT get to interview John Kerry

$90 Million Down The Drain?

Is there a reason Kerry is out slugging away at shrub and no one cares?

of this list who would you favor for VP

Is Colin Powell The Worst Secretary Of State in The Modern Era?

Could Kerry pick Lieberman for VP? MSNBC showing them campaigning