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Archives: April 2, 2004

Whacka Dick

Mixed Signals from Kerry's Latin America Policy (COHA)

TNR editorial-Bush's cynical AIDS relief policy confirmed

Air America vs. Excrement In Broadcasting (Free Press cartoon)

The letter GWB sent to the 9/11 commission by spelling out conditions

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Robert Fisk - Occupiers Spend Millions on Private Army of Security Men

Bush White House on the Defensive Helen Thomas

Trade Imbalance, by Spencer Ackerman (Bushco Tag Team appearance)

Salon/Conason: The Widows Are Watching

NYT: Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Salon: Antonin Scalia, self-made martyr

New Republic defends David Brooks

Walter Cronkite: Secrecy, Lies And Credibility

Time to demand Judith Miller publicly retract her news articles.

HERBERT: No End in Sight

Salon: Condi Rice's other wake-up call (Gary Hart warned her twice)

Undoing Tax Cuts Will Have Little Impact On Small Businesses - WSJ's

KRUGMAN: Smear Without Fear

Kerry, Candidate and Catholic, Creates Uneasiness for Church

TNR Trashes Air America in Front Page Article!

CA Primary HACKED by E-voting Manufacturer - HACK THIS!

United Church of Christ.

Russia to up nuke numbers if NATO expansion continues

Calif. Home Power Bill Prompts Pot Probe

Gun Control Poll

Concealed carry goes into effect April 8th in Ohio

Can DU buy ads on Air America? In this thread,

What's the DU policy on LaRouche? I can't believe he is even

I know we've discussed this before...

Newspapers; a question about "Campaign Underground"

post counts over 1000?

UNRWA suspends emergency food aid in Gaza

Relay scathing editorials through

computer shock

HA!! NPR reports this afternoon, life insurance cost and medical

Poll : U.S. viewed negatively by most Russians (Interfax - Russia)

ND State Democratic convention. Edwards giving keynote.

Biden on Hardball...

check home page of portland Air America- 2 long articles vs Kerry

The last Bush

Bush demands higher approval ratings

The president was "mad"

Marilyn Manson Photo Terrorizes Chimpanzee Population

The Liberals now have Air America....

Air America has an email addy now

There is a June Blow Up Coming Right in Bush's Face

Is PNAC one of George Carlin's revised words you can't say?

TV Alert: Jessica Lynch on CNN.

What's Happening With The Plame Investigation?

Did Kerry vote on the Medicare bill?

Craig Unger on KPFK Right NOW

Freeper (Ignorance or a Lie?) talk: "taxes *never* go down"?!

Would I be able to hear AA on Sirus? I am thinking about getting it. I...

Testify, Bush! You can always plead the 5th, say you don't recall...

How does Air America know if it is doing well?

So what are the initial reviews of Air America?

12-Step Show Joins Air America Weekend Line-Up

Tasmanian Governor Attacks Bush Doctrine.

Bush: "Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be here somewhere" HAHAHA

Your predictions for tomorrow's March employment number.

Has anyone here gotten a Bush campaign donation package? Serious,

You do know that DU's memberships about to triple because of Air America.

Can I get AirAmerica in Nebraska?

Deborah Norville has 9/11 widows on now.

Is this an April fool's joke?

Venezuela Update: Several articles from last 2 days.

WH feeding questions to the republicans on the 911 commission

Letter from a civilian truck driver in Iraq, to Bartcop

Sibel Edmonds: I saw the papers which prove Bush knew...

Southern Whites: Your Moment of Truth

Air America Blogs -- Where?

Randi Rhodes posting on Freak Republic?

I'm liking the Majority Report

Vote in VP poll now

Which of these newspapers is liberal, which is the right-wing rag?

Refucklicans will never win the culture war

Excellent News for Us Buried Inside a Poll..........

Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent

Democrat withdraws from Brownback challenge - Bad news

Looks like something breaking in the PLAME CASE in NYT tomorrow

What were the ratings for Air America's

Can anyone find a pic of Sam Seder?

Air America's email addy

Garofolo os a riot tonight

10 years since the Rwanda atrocities: Let's not forget.

The 4 dead contractors in Iraq, according to rumor...

Day Two: Your favorite Air America Show

Hardball Gail Sheey saying the widows saw what * was doing on 9-11

You have to listen to Alan Colmes

How do you define "patriotism"? I ask because...

GAG......more military PR photos...captions needed.....

Barney Frank on (Janeane and Sam's show)

BROWN-- Talking about the "lost" Rice speech now (10 pm et)

Bill Frist, this is material for your next Conflict of Interest speech...

Just saw Sibel Edmonds story on crawl at bottom of CNBC.

Who is your loved one or friend serving in a forward area?

Defining the new Oligopoly...nice site

Bill Frist, this is material for your next speech on deceipt...

Charlie Rose 4/1: 9-11 COMMISSION MEMBERS Roemer and Lehman

Bush Living in the '80's!!!

Bill Frist, this is material for your next War Profiteering speech....

Just sent a note to Chimpy via if anyone wants to look...

Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)

Help....I am having a hard slog about some stuff

Richard Clarke and "The Vulcans" Who are they???

Survey: What's your favorite show on Air America

Aaron Brown just almost cried on CNN

Nightline now: liberal radio n/t

Is there anywhere to get an accurate U.S. death toll?

These are the leads, these are the 9/11 leads, but you don't get them...

Have you asked your Senators to cosponsor the Voter Confidence Act?

CNN= LIARS; BUSH = LIARS; letterman update

Peak Oil: Move along. Nothing here.

People vote Repub on SOCIAL issues, then get screwed on ECONOMIC issues

Just learned thay my nephew is in Fallujah (he's from Richmond)

WH won't allow 9-11 panel to see most of Clinton antiterror documentation

Bill Clinton's Revenge.

oh, great . . . Fred Phelps is heading my way . . .

ABC Nightline 4/1: MEDIA IMBALANCE: Can Liberal Radio Find an Audience?

If Bush had any decency at all, he would not run for reelection.

There was a Congressional hearing today--and nobody seemed to care


Ted Koppel covering AirAmerica on NightLine: The dam has burst

I just sent this email to Brit Hume

Meet Your Friendly 'Civilian Contractors'

Floridians: Letterman's "Yawning Boy" is Rich Crotty's son.

Despotism - a 1946 Encyclopaedia Brittanica Film. Watch it now.

Alan Colmes...what just happened?

Time for the Mothers to take Over (my rant )

Frontline documentary on Rwandan genocide...

What do you think makes the difference between Canada and the USA?

Awesome numbers for Air America

Blended metal bullets and the Shootout at Blackwater.

THE U.S. mercenaries (two photos) in better days....

'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with planes'

Sweet!! A.America is playing Billy Bragg songs between segments!

Clean Gas Waivers

Chicago Trib (RW) details Rice contradictions on front page!

What happens on the Weekends on Air America???

I e-mailed MoveOn and asked them to remove the Richard Clarke ad.

Al Gore has bought Newsworld be a liberal TV station

I am very concerned about the passage of the Unborn Victims..

Hey DU! The BFEE wants to SHUT you UP!

9/11 Widows Skillfully Applied the Power of a Question: Why?

"I saw papers that show US knew al-Qaeda would attack cities with planes"

Are comments like these acceptable to describe the Fallujah incident?

Why does any 'progressive' insist on using demeaning terms?

Here we go again! My son in trouble at school for "disrespecting" Chimpy!

Jeb Bush seized flight school records at 2 AM on September 12.

RCMP's B.C. Legislature raid drug related | Globe and Mail


S Africa gives out free Aids drugs | BBC

Latham sticks to his guns after intel chief's denial | SMH

'Strong evidence' of collusion in Ulster killings

UNRWA suspends emergency food aid in Gaza

Sept. 11 Commission Sets Rice Hearing for April 8 | NYT

William Rivers Pitt Signs Deal With Progressive Media!!

Abortion Activist Convicted of Molestation

House rejects licenses for illegal aliens

Robert Fisk - Things are Getting Much Worst

Robert Fisk - Atrocity In Fallujah

Sept 11 families awarded $US2.6b | ABC (Australia)

School tells kids: Don't think pink | Chicago Tribune

Financial Picture Brightens for Democrats

NYT: Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

US committee pushes WHO bid - TW

Double whammy link to extinctions | BBC

Baker Says Iraq's Debt Is Unsustainable

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (New)

Chen wants US to facilitate cross-strait talks - TW-CN

White House Holds Back Clinton Papers

NYT: Plame investigation expands - Did WH officials lie?

George Soros hits back at Viktor Medvedchuk

Bush, Cheney and their wives fan out to battleground states for commenceme

Pressure mounts on Rice over 9/11 speech

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 596 U.S. service members have died

Drudge: Plame Investigation Broadened

Untested Islamic Militants Emerging, U.S. Official Says

Abortion revision clears Tennessee Senate | Nashville Tennessean

Tokyo staff ordered to be patriotic

W.House Declassifies Pre - 9 / 11 Anti - Terror Plan

MSNBC: Chalabi: A Questionable Use of U.S. Funding

Kerry Funds Signal Hope For Party

Gay marriage ban amendment passes - Georgia voters to decide issue in Nov

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Mercenaries flock to fill vacuum

CNN: Gateway closing all CA stores, 2,500 jobs.

Guatemala to Cut Its Army in Half

Slain Contractors Were in Iraq Working Security Detail (Elite Commandos)

My Clique Can Kick Your Cliques ASS!

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny: Pt II

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny, pt. III

Hey look! It's my 300th post!

AP: Kerry to Pick His Nose as Running Mate

I miss you guys!

Best kind of Poker?

I smell a big, fat, republican rat!

On my way to 1000!

Karen Hughes - W in drag?

Is my cat sick?

I got some big news today...

My God can kick you god's ass!!!

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny: pt. I


Guy Richie to make Kabbalah movie

OK, explain Karen Hughes to me


What did Kamika finally do to get banned, anyway?

I'm Dead.

Should I quit?

We are the children who grew too fast

I'm Skinny!

"Funny" April Fool posts aren't funny anymore...

Oops.Bad manners?

Some questions for tonight

I am enraged.

I'm going out to campaign for Bush/Cheney. Ask me anything

I'm Horny!

I am Jack's misplaced sense of outrage

Hey! I'm gonna be able to make it to the Boston GATHERING!!!!!!!

I am gauged!

I'm Spiffy!

I'm Obnoxious!

I'm a-pickin'

Paragon! We need another Janeane thread!

" Nukes in Space" - on now, History Televison 9:00EST (other times also)

i am flirting


For the Trekkers (and Trekkies) here!

Wow....I thought GD would be friendlier post-primary...

Guess what! Those damn H2 Hummers aren't so tough!

I'm Skimpy!

sorry, TB Bucs fans, but your team is turning into the Raiders,

Oh dear god I feel stupid

I'm hungry! Me eat taco!

Post #1000

From now on, isn't isn't isn't

What is the pedal arrangment like in a standard British car?

DU chat

From The Onion: Top April Fools' Day Pranks

To Whitacre and eyesroll

What's up with

AARRGH! Help me identify this band! Their hit sounds just like Iggy

Dealer’s Choice

I'm farting

People really piss me off sometimes

Folsom Prison or San Quentin?

I'm eschewing obfuscation!!

Sonic Youth - "Song For Karen"

I'm Skinner!

Michigan wins NIT! Go Blue!

Listening to Air America while posting on DU is as good as ...

I am now a "resident" of three states!

Last nights South Park is repeating now

read this


Need a lawyer?

It's April Fools, and I think someone needs to tell the Cat/Gasoline story

Bob Barker just punched out Happy Gilmore

I just saw Bob Dylan in a Victoria's Secret commercial.

How long after dating someone does it take you to sleep with them?

I am FURIOUS!! Pls rd , need Urgent advice.

Urinal Cake Supplier Gears Up for Spirited Presidential Election (satire)

Calexico - Anyone ever heard of them?

Spanish Elections Cause Karl Rove to Rethink Bush's Strategy (Satire)

Jennifer Beals on George W. Bush and gays

Is Smirnoff Ice like Bacardi Silver?

OK, how many of you just went to this URL?

Been Watching Boiler Room. Ask me anything.

The Redesigned Texas Flag To honor its most famous native son

Check this new game out!

Has anybody ever heard the album by Extreme: III Sides to Every Story?

trumad, you bitch

A view of the universe from 10 million light years > 100 attometers

Anyone But Bush Increases Lead Against Undecided

Let's ban the word "spinster" too

What will you have Mr. Scorpio do for you?

Should thoughtless jerks with the intellectual agility of a rock be banned

Bush Pulls Troops out of Haiti after realizing there is no oil there.

Should the word "shrew" be banned from DU?

If I had a hammer...

On-line Virtual Colonoscopy!

Should thoughtless shrews be jerked?

Swear Word Analysis: Bitch

Should angry mods be appeased?

If I had a dulcimer...

Should bling bling blah be blah blah bling?

My knees are aching-- betcha there's rain on the way

Pop-Up Windows Inventor Won't Stay Buried

ChavezSpeakstheTruth keeps giving jazz polls.

I just got some CDs from Amazon - ask me anything

CNN apologizes to Letterman tonight!

Favorite type of kryptonite

I Guess I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair

I'm just ill . . . and disgusted . . . and furious . . .

In desperate need of some liberals interested in weather...

I am Sparticus

White Stripes - what is it about them?

Heeeeeeeyyyy Night Train...

ZombyLove: It's free and easy!

I just drank creatine...ask me anything

Passion is anti-satanic

Does anyone LOVE Kurt Vonnegut?

Top 5 Political Songs?

Detatchable Penis

Late Night DU Laugh

Pssst I just maded a 1000 now I can hide with the big boys

My 18 year old daughter wants to join the Air Force...

Anyone know anything about "Abstinence the Better Choice?"

To HEyHEY...

U.S. Postal Service to Introduce Portable Zip Codes

Worst hunting dog!

If you have more than one screenname...

What is some of your local slang?

Brushes with rock fame


Six weeks until the Vancouver gathering!

Congratulations VolcanoJen!!! 8,000 Posts!!!!!

What are your favorite anti-war songs?

I am engaged

Just caught CNN apology on Letterman

My 100 (plus) favorite songs of 1965

OK Red Sox fans/masochists - vent your angst NOW, not in September

Who Finds What Word OFFENDING and Why?

This Is the funniest video I have ever seen.

What's the worst airport in America?

Caption the asshole!

I forget who I made this picture for !!

Is she cute? guess who it is too

Is she cute? You know who she is!

Best song that's against taking drugs?

Kerry's DBunker has tons of great info - check it out

Local TV station in W. PA are running Rove's negative ads every 20

When will Kerry announce his VP pick?

9th Man Arrested over 'Bomb Plot' As BLAIR BACKS ID CARDS/New WMW

CNN: Kerry only 4% ahead = Bush doing great, Kerry a disaster

Kerry Funds Signal Hope For Party

Kerry's Plan Spotlights Huge Untaxed Earnings

Great news for Kerry from Drudge re: leak probe being broadened!

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Less than an hour to go - can we stop the April Fools posts??

AFL-CIO Ad Kick Butt!

Is Rove kicking himself now for the NYC convention?

Now we know why W looks like he's been drinking.

Who here DOESN'T want to see Gephardt as VP?

Now An Option to Sign Up For Monthly Contributions to the Kerry Campaign!

Anyone else purchase Bush Gear?

Would You Give Up a Dinner and A Movie Monthly to Change Your Country?

Bush's Sheriff...john pilger

Stars and Stripes letters: Bring back the draft/WMD no joking matter

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd): Maybe none of them are terrorists

German students grill Powell

Salon: Condi Rice's other wake-up call (MUST READ!)

The Hate Mailbag

Unemployed Americans Drop out of Labor Pool

The March jobs report

No End in Sight By BOB HERBERT

Bush's Credibility Canyon - WSJ's Al Hunt

America should heed Clarke's warnings : Greeley

Department of Wombland Security

"Bush Has Osama's Vote"

Molly Ivins: The sideline states

An interview with Chalmers Johnson by David Ross

Al Giordano: U.S. Political Campaign Plays With Latin American Fire

Brave New World by Mike Moran (on War on Terror cuurent status)

All the President's Suckers [Saletan in Slate]

Maertens continues to back Clarke, bash Bush misadministration

High School student punished for taking "under God" from pledge

Naomi Klein (The Nation): Let's Make Enemies

Fox of War - Bernie Sanders


'I saw papers..US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'

Something Evil This Way…Oh No, It's Here!

Malevolent media ... Bev Conover

SLATE: Iraq Hawks Down: Is Fallujah Iraq's Mogadishu?

ALTERMAN: Bush asked for this

Today's exclusive DU animation

Lou Dobbs' public battle and the future of our jobs

bu$h: Drugs in your cornflakes, environmental ruin - petition teams up with Al Franken and Air America

Must see movie: The Yes Men

Inside Edition misses obvious scandal, reporting fluff instead. Franken contest info (Win a signed Franken book)

NBC gives news? control to GOP-Barb Bush's Press Sec. to run things

Let's All Write CNN, MSGOP et al and say, "Ta-Ta. I've Discovered AA"

I could write volumes about what I don't know about computers. Help!!

Astrologers: Chart of Condi's testimony...

Condom Label Changes Spark Debate

Right-to-die crusader commits suicide - India

Maine senate passes inheritance rights bill

Russian Parliament Rejects Move To Criminalize Gays

Citizens group files $49 million civil rights lawsuit against corporation

Campus Rallies Against Hate After Gay Student Threatened

The war in Iraq, seen through a Latino lens

China Life faces probes from US, HK regulators

US Firms Keep Billions Overseas(WP p.1 analysis of Kerry plan)

Today is the jobs report day

What is this? Gregory Mankiw advocated a 50-cent gas tax increase?

"Treasuries Tumble, Fed Hike Feared" -- Yahoo

"Sunshine Blowers" Can Cost You Money on a Mortgage

Does anyone else believe the March payroll numbers are a bit faked?

Longhorn beta likely to slip into 2005

Someone explain this to me (Unemployment)

No Agreement On Outsourcing: Is It Helpful Or Harmful To U.S.?

Bush's America becomes a byword for deception, abuse of power

Report: Cattle riding herd over Amazon

LAT: Likely filibuster block on Bush anti-enviro judge nominee

Report: Cattle riding herd over Amazon

Mobile, AL - Driest March In 163 Years - SE Drought Continues

House GOP Memo Gives Advice On Environmental Issues In 2004 - Lie!

Bush Addresses Yucca Mountain Toddlers -

America's National Parks - Brought To You By Coleman!

Whistleblower Accuses Bush Admin. Of Protecting Coal-Slurry Spill Company

Colorado Snowpack In Sorry Shape - Rocky Mountain News

NY Times: Changing All the Rules on the Environment (LONG)

Texas Sewage Spill Blows Off Manhole Covers, Fouls River

Think about this before you eat your next steak

Tainan investigators are looking for three witnesses to assassination try

Police accidentally shoot poll candidate dead - Nigeria

WP, Pincus: (Dem) Legislators Seek U.S. Intelligence Director

Three months after deadly quake, Bam survivors turn on Iranian government

NYT, J. Miller: Iran nuke supplier sanctions, Dem ?s re. Dr. Khan

Let's have a War on Motorcycles

Rally calls for end to campus gun ban

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 2, 2004

Campaign Underground

How do I edit my profile and sig?

Signatures That Take Up The Entire Screen

Thank you for the Hate Mail Bag!

I don't usually have anything to complain about BUT...

Moderators confusing Jews/Israel and Muslim/Palestine?

The Ed Shultz radio link isn't working

Maybe I should have warned you

Love the Hate Mailbag

I have a stalker

Can the mods post a sticky rule or something?

How long has "miserable failure" been way down there?

2 Hate Mail problems, one minor, one possibly major

Crazy insane graphic that y'all might like (described, not linked)

There's been a small change in the Ask the Admins forum.

Rabbi suggests new Passover prayer to ward off evacuation


Anti-Semitism`s Return - By Gabriel Schoenfeld

Sharon threatens action against Arafat

BBC accused of bias against Israel

US court: PLO must pay $116 million damages

9/11 NORAD stand down order. MIHOP proof?

New look for 9/11 Timeline

US Secret Service Becoming Political Tool?

Documents Related to Cheney Case Ordered Released

Rethug Blind Item

Post Removed/Dupe

Here in the midwest Conan O'Brian with Al Franken!


MoveOn ad has aired several times here.

Nazi Senator Brownback's letter to Howard Stern and his boss

I can't think of a single positive policy or plan offered by bush

Daniel Ellsberg will visit Mike Webb's 1st hour tomorrow

Scientists Predict Major SoCal Quake (>6.4) Within Five Months

Hey CNN, Rove here...why don't you play down that Condi thing

I am an army of one

Break out the Tinfoil- DARPA grants realtime brain-monitoring contract

I'm a New Yorker and today was the FIRST time I heard Hillary (on AA)

NYT's Bob Herbert says Soldiers didn't try to stop Fallujah Mutilations!

How Much Play Time Is This Getting...

The Jersey Girls on Norville Now MSNBC

Bells ringing, Wilkinson

Fallujah (Shades of Tabas / Carter's Operation Eagle's Claw)

to all you kind computer people who answered my post

Group protests outside Rove's house

Someone explain this to me - WTF does it mean to be "pro-gay"?

9/11 Commish members not playing it straight on Charlie Rose

DUers, know this name-Sibel Edmonds

For Fun

9/11 Commission and the Fallujah incident

Words which grate on my nerves

What's all this "progressive" crap?

Are British troops in Iraq experiencing the same logistical problems

"They plan to beat us"---Jim Lobe Analysis-Fallujah Punctures... Optimism

"American Dynasty" by Kevin Phillips ....

Does Halliburton ?

"We only need to remove those who oppose us"

Tavis Smiley on C-Span (7:21 ET) - good answers to listener questions.n/t April Fool's

Mercenaries 'R' Us

anyone read the 'boston heraLd'

Am i a Freak....?????

Look who's forgotten 9/11.

Rice Testimony

New theological perspective: If God wanted us to have all that oil

Unemployment up to 5.7

Marines Defend Decision to Stay Out of Falluja After Killings

Oh gawd....

Canada seems to be the place to be for progressive ideals

I haven't seen a * ad all week

Two Thumbs Up for the Passion...

Coalition of the Mercenaries

Heres why Bush caved (CBS Kerry leads 48-43) (LA Times Kerry 47-44)

Do you genuinely fear that 1984 is happening?

Democrats Are Giving Bush A Free Ride

Gloria Steinem (now on Air America) contribution history

Great Better Ways to Attack Bush: The Economist. Worth a look!

I want to nominate TruthIsAll for DUer of the month

Salon:The widows are watching (Conason)

Falujja victim's brother (GMA): Not sure he wouldn't feel same as Iraqis.

Vote in this poll

Iraqis comdemn Fallujah atrocities

Post your estimates of how much it would cost to fix Condi's teeth.

Krugman Schools Journalists

Gov Perry could be changing Texas into a Blue State for 2004

All Hail Senator Byrd

Anyone know where to find the Yawning Boy video on the internet?

Children killed as U.S. battles Iraqi rebels (Falluja prior)

Is it "okay" for the Iraqis to fight American troops?

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/2/2004

how many have died under presidents named bush?

A good article on Kerry, VZ, and Haiti

Slogonator Link???

Hate Mail in the reverse...

The Honda/Hoover Poll - Hilarious!

MSNBC Poll: Has Bush Made Us Safer?

Al Franken contest

Poll of barfyness.

Are you a mom? Do you know a mom? They've pissed off the wrong bunch

__Busheviks Plan Gay-bashing Attack on 'Bachelor' Clarke???

Bush/GOP lies: In One Sentence ....

Impeach the Chimp!

Gary Hart: "The terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming."

The Progress Report 4/2/04: The Cult of Secrecy

Questions from WTC families for Condi Rice

McCain probably wouldn't go Dem, but would he go Independent?

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Convention Kicks Off Today

Coverup! Why "Martha" was Used and Why it's Important for all of us.

Joe on ESPN Radio Morning Show

The country isn't happy under Bush (according to Gallup, Pew, Assoc Press)

Any link to Letterman footage of kid at bush* speech???

Two TOO Funny TOONs (Doonesbury/Tom Toles)

'Overwhelming Response'...uh oh.

Conservative newspaper Kerry Poll, please vote!

Sibel Edmonds Calls Condi Rice a liar!

Looking for O'Franken Factor Link

Letterman's Top Ten from Last Night

One thing that scares me about "Yawning Boy" thing....

Against All Enemies - book on tape

FBI,Secret Police, State Police circling........

So, if you are guilty, just have someone send a threatening letter to jury

Classifying Condi's public speech?

Are Stockholders Taking a More Activist Role With Their Votes?

Liberalhistorian's kid....

Bushs' credibility takes hit

"Bush is protecting us from Terrorists"

Mutilated bodies!

Bush said "Bring Em On!"

Bin Laden may never be found.

"civilian military contractors" = mercenary

Latest Bush Lies: Kerry's Votes on Gas Taxes

If the job gains continue month after month, is Kerry dead in the water?

Three of the Blackwater workers identified

Texas Sewage Problem..for a moment I thought they were talking about Bush!

Air America MAKE the News!

Delete..moved to the lounge

Drudge has these items on is front page

Dissing Dick Clarke on my dime....

Job growth largest in 4 years? Unemployment up?

Kelleyanne Conway on CNN

Biden on Air America

Democracy for America Web Emblems

I had another Letter To The Editor published in local paper today

"Combat Missions" reality show participant Scott Helvenston

When did the word "diss" become journalistic? (Russert)

The Washington Times picked up the whistleblower story

"Job Growth Soars". But again, compared to WHAT?!

Dave Lettermans 3/16 Top Ten List...HI-larious!

Which Wolfie do you despise more?

New air control center unguarded

Richard Clarke on AA now!

Anti-Semitism`s Return - By Gabriel Schoenfeld

For The Record: Bush WAS on Vacation

Didn't Condi already say they knew that there was a threat of "traditional

Did anyone watch Jennings' report on Ecstasy last night? It really showed

Need depleted uranium/Iraq expert

Ollie North vs. Randi Rhodes

Anyone hear O'Franken talk about 'Riley's'Latest lie?

Does McCain give hope to Republicans?

Richard Clarke coming up on Air America

She Cheney's Lesbian novel to be reprinted

Do any other countries have a "pledge?"

If only Air America reached the heartland, where I live

Countdown to the Sibel Edmonds smear campaign...

How do you call in to Air America?

How do I post a graphic?

Remember the question asked by the RW: "What shall we tell our children?

Bring AirAmerica Radio to More Local Stations - Here's an Idea

Gov't Warns of Summer Bomb Plots in U.S.

AA - the guy that was cut off

Latest Zogby online poll

This is interesting: Cable Networks aren't in full spin mode (Jobs)

They have Fox, we Have Comedy Central...

Maybe Iraq would have been better off with Saddam

What's with the jobs growth?

To be fair-You have to give W&Co. credit for this.

More good poll news: Kerry leads Bush by 5 in latest CBS poll

Tyco ends in mis-trial.

Scaife family campaign contributions

McCain slams GOP - Says they've gone astray on several issues

Sen. Zell Miller’s spokesman joins Kerry campaign

Why did Jeb Bush call out the Guard on 9/7/01?

Anyone having trouble with AA stream?

Did Karen Hughes come back because Karl Rove is about to be indicted?

George Says

We need to do whatever it takes to win

Al Franken | Richard Clarke | Paul Krugman | Joe Biden

Will McCain "pull a Jeffords" and jump ship?

If Kerry loses in November, is Hillary the democrats savior for 2008?

Good Rhandi is covering

Retired terror expert backs Clarke

All intelligence agencies agreed there were WMDs before the war?

A dose of reality about the job numbers

Krugman Will Appear on O'Franken TODAY!

Krugman strikes back at CNN, Wolf and WH:"Smear w/out Fear"

So I'm reading "See No Evil" by Robert Baer........

Liddy is a former wrestler?

The Missing College Student Hoax is Not News, DAMMIT!

Bounce your Boobies! the Randi thread!

Is Comedy Central funding AA?

Help with a link, please

OK, I said I wouldn't express an opinion until we learned more (Audrey)

Randi Rhoades just slammed the Freepers!

Help w/Air America

Wheehhe just now on AAr-

US tank drives through Baghdad with "Kill them all" painted on its barrel

Franken's show sounds like NPR to me...completely boring

CNN Poll - Is the Job Market Improving?

Will Rethugs and Freepers use violence against us...

Inside Politics-What a croc!

Randi Rhodes - Oh, no, she didn't!

I wish John Lennon were here

Just say NO to doom and gloom, lose in November posts.

Faces of Iraqi Freedom

Why the Sibel Edmonds story has broke now....

Condi's Testimony Live Streamed?

Bush* 43, Kerry 49 in Nevada!

From The Memory Hole: 6-Month Old WP Article On Rice Brings It All Home

Should Iraq be divided like the former Yugoslavia?

Do you really think Rice will tell the truth?

CNN just helped me figure out why gas prices are so high

Franken blames 9-11 on Goldberg, Tripp & Coulter

THE BCCI TRIAL. A good reason to be thrilled about John Kerry in 2004!

Judge Orders Release of Energy Documents

Need help - Didn't the admin. cut funding for fighting terror pre 9-11?

The engineer behind LIHOP...

I have to laugh and love DU Air America posters

FYI - my barber

Condoleeza Rice's lie is getting big press today

Liddy on Al critizing O'Reilly

If Clinton focused on al quaida, they Gore would have, too

Air Americas duds & merch?

NYT Bombshell: bushco Blocking Clinton's Anti-Terror Papers from Commish

Letterman is on a roll (two parts)

Confidence in Bush's Job on Terror Steadily Eroding Among Ind.'s

bush dynasty

Bush* popularity is slipping in OHIO!

The secret to Air America being successful is.....

one hurdle stands between poor countries and affordable AIDS drugs: the US

Why do terrorism and the economy alternate as issues?

Air America callers.

308,000 jobs in March...?

How embarassed should the media be over "pretty girl missing" coverage?

Judge calls mistrial in TYCO case

want to tick off a freeper?

4/2/1917-Jeanette Rankin becomes FIRST WOMEN in Congress

XM Does The 'Right' Thing

'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities..."

2004- the first presidential election that has me weeping openly

What's the big secret?

*AA* Morning Sedition thread 4/2

Citizens group challenges Corporate Personhood

it's impossible to keep up with the damage bushco is doing to us

Requesting links: RE Cheney and terrorism policy pre-911

Our own americanstranger on Randi!!

OK now Franken needs some cojones

Did Senator Biden make an ass of himself on Franken's show?

Seeking bumper sticker manufacturers

LIVE from Huntington, WV - Bush gets a 'welcome' from labor and students

Who owns CNN?

Homeless man's sign - "Kerry Stabbed Our Troops"

White House specialty "Chicken and Rice"

Sibel Edmonds

SOS -- Need Quotes From Founding Fathers Re: Separation of Church/State

LOL....cheney nods off, while listening to bush* (photo)...funny...

Randi sets priorities, re: Skull and Bones

This is why Bob Somerby is simply the best writer on the Net!

About ideology.....

Clarke's book tops (NY) Times list

All the President's Suckers [Saletan in Slate today]

White House is controlling access to Yawning Boy (Dad Pioneer)

I Pledge to John Kerry 5 Cents for Every Response To This Thread


Republican ideology: what do you believe it truly is?

Randi...The Rush Song...

Springer on RR

they are playing rush singing "i'm a nazi" on RR

Today's Job Numbers Will Cancel all Bush Negatives

Surprise! President did fight for terror stopping measures BEFORE 9-11!

Dean to be headlining guest on Jesse Jackson's first show Sunday.

Goodbye America, it's too bad I won't be seeing you anymore :(

Funny, very appropriate cover on Reasons to dump Bush.

America should heed Clarke's warnings

Give this Yahoo Sibel Edmonds story a "5"

Uh oh

You have to see this one.

Is this True?????

Is Sibel Edmonds single?

What liberal sites do you visit DAILY?

Heads up on the 9-11 Commission Report or guess who could hold it up

video of private army mercenaries in Fallujah...

CBS News: More Iraqi's Getting Fed up w/ the US

For thise of you that complain about Randi Rhodes 'style'..a suggestion..

OK..I'm giving in... I will not call a woman a Bitch anymore....

Ever thought of "pulling a Nina Simone"?

308,000 new jobs, but the unemployment rate goes up?

My Fantasy About the Condi Rice Testimony

O'Franken is O'Rockin today.

From the Latter Days Movie Message Board

??? On Randi they mentioned jailing people for their Medical bills

Anybody Else Crushing On Al Franken??

This is not to smash Randi

Josh Marshall has confidential memo re: Rove in Plame matter

FBI Translator: 'I Saw Papers That Show US Knew al-Qa'ida Would Attack

CNN Poll: Do you think the U.S. job market is improving

Mislead: Bush lets OPEC bilk Americans (Bush is pro more oil consumption)

JOHN DEAN is on PBS tonight, to plug his new book

Help! My boss thinks he works for Homeland Security.

Dave's Apology from CNN is up

Air America Joins Replay Radio Lineup

Bad Reporter cartoon from SF Gate. Hilarious!

PA Politics: An E-mail from Governor Ed Rendell

BFEE criminal record

Who's who of PNAC

Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder post at Dean blog.

I was just emailed an online Zogby poll to complete

WP: Riggs May Be Fined Over Bank Secrecy Act

BBV: Citizens ask Riverside elections official to recuse herself

WTF??? National Right To Work commercial on KPOJ

I am EVIL! Tee hee hee!

What puzzles you more? (Is this too loungey?)

Are you hearing talk about Air America

Bush has America scared shitless!!! BUVIL!!!

Truth & Consequences: The Bush Administration and September 11

Remember that 'MORANS' guy ...

Karen Hughes came back to sell her book!

Randi Rhodes: "RobGeorgia"

McCain's about-face on global warming: "Lonely War"

Dick Cheney's Wife's Lesbian Tale

Which Republican(s) do you like and/or respect?

Are we focusing TOO MUCH on Shrub?

Judith Miller and the NYT were warned that they were about to report lies

I Pledge to John Kerry 5 Cents for Every Response To This Thread PART 2

How strong are the Air America radio stations?

A classic example of why I hate Republicans

What's O'Reilly gonna boycott next?

Support Air America Sponsors

The Lipless Wonder

Sizzling Rice,

They love America for what we could be - they hate America for what we are

Biden: Bush would have thrown his body in front of the planes

Anti-Semitism`s Return - By Gabriel Schoenfeld

Republicans fought against 1996 Terrorist Bill

How many DUers still can't believe the Bushies LET 9-11 HAPPEN?

308,000 jobs? Bushit! 170,000 jobs for retail clerks & burger engineers

Rice Warned of Terrorist Threat by Hart on 9/6

Its Friday, and another stupid Terra Alert.

Anybody having trouble with Truthout?

BBV researchers...what do you make of this? Bev where are you?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - John Dean, first strike nukes, more....

Three questions regarding the Blackwater contractors.

Indian economy pulls ahead of China

Has South Africa become an organ trade mecca?

China tells U.S. to avoid contact with Taiwan

Bells ringing, Wilkinson

Congress hears US forces ready for Chinese threat

Sony files suit against Kodak in US over digital camera patents

Defence expert questions Aust-US alliance

Unemployed Americans dropping out of labor pool

LAT: Voters Favor Kerry on Financial Issues

Kerry raises $40 million in quarter

Prosecutors Are Said to Have Expanded Inquiry Into Leak of C.I.A. Officer'

'Barbie is a Lesbian' shirt case settled

Kerry camp challenges Bush to debates

One U.S. Soldier, One Marine Killed in Iraq Attacks

Ex-official says U.S. government covered up spill cause

Zim: Aids kills 3 000 weekly

UK accused over Afghan opium failure

Israeli Police Storm Disputed Holy Site

U.S. Won't Alert Parents, Doctors on Mercury in Flu Shots for Kids

Iraq Cleric Condemns Mutilation

Zimbabwe land experts invited to Namibia

Several killed in Iraq attacks

Yawning boy 'backs Bush for president'

New Zealand to pull army engineers from Iraq in September, prime minister

Breaking on CNNI ~ Bomb found on Spanish Rail Line

Russia `effectively revokes' right to assemble

Court raises possibility that Sept. 11 retrial may be called off

US frees 15 people held at military prison for terror suspects

Immigrant loses fight to stay here

HRW report slams Sudan for support of “massive” atrocities in Darfur

Extra session likely on education, taxes (Texas)

U.S. Firms Keep Billions Overseas

Hundreds Face Axe At Lockheed (Up To 1,000 Layoffs)

Police deny banana torture

Bush Goes to W.Va. With Eye on Jobs

NYT p 1:Kerry,Candidate & Catholic,Creates Uneasiness for Ch.

More than 60 militants arrested throughout Europe in anti-terror sweep

Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills Self, 2 Others

Extortion threat to patients' records Clients not informed of India staff'

Rwanda Tribunal Evidence Room Catches Fire

Top French Terror Judge Iraq becoming a ' land of Jihad'

Land crisis hits Rwanda, 10 years after genocide

Broadcaster Summerall awaiting new liver

Multnomah Co. (Portland, OR) commissioners hear public on gay marriage

Found notes may show Bush plan on Clarke

Residents flee Larimer wildfire as gusts spread 3,500-acre blaze | DP

UN Appeals for Humanitarian Aid to Zimbabwe

Fitness Guru Among Four Killed in Iraq

Judge declares mistrial in Tyco case!

The number of people who worked part time...rose to 4.7 million in March

Judge declares Tyco mistrial

Probe of Plame Leaker to Widen

Kerry raises $50 million, Bush tops it

Deal Calls for Prison Time for Woman in Missing Girl Hoax

U.S. Won't Alert Parents, Doctors on Mercury in Flu Shots for Kids | LAT

Michael Grade Named BBC Chairman

9/11 panel looking into Clinton documents request

White House Declassifies Pre-9/11 Anti-Terror Plan

Tennessee Senate OKs helmet exceptions | Nashville Tennessean

Rice sets date for September 11 testimony (4/8/04)

Evolution flap aided education, GA state official says | Atlanta J-C

Rehberg (R-MT) wants 'downer' better defined | Bozeman Chronicle

Iraqi Cleric Condemns Mutilation of Four Slain U.S. Civilians | NYT

'I just knew it was the wrong thing to do' ... stopping plot to shoot girl

Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent

Congo plunder: Kabila writes to Museveni | Monitor (Kampala)

Civil unions strongly opposed by Tennessee lawmakers | Tennessean

NYT, p. 1: TV Shows Take on Bush, and Pull Few Punches

Hateful Letters (WCOTC sending hate-mail to artist) | Helena I-R

House passes highway spending bill

Grisly Deaths Don't Dent Upbeat Bush Message (re. Iraq)

Gateway to close all stores, fire 2,500

NCAA chief says coaches must be accountable for athlete behavior | DP

Iraqis Condemn Falluja Attacks, Warn of Bloodshed

Allies Hedge on NATO Peacekeeping Role in Iraq

Powell sees good ties with new French FM but fond of De Villepin

Goodbye America, it's too bad I won't be seeing you anymore :(

Breaking CNN: Mistrial Granted in the TYCO Case

Brawl breaks out at anger management assembly

Explosions & fire at Tulsa suburb bank bldg just a few mins ago

Marines Release Little on Attacks in Iraq

Sun lay offs 3,300 amid huge losses

Bush Credibility Takes a Hit (CBS Poll: KERRY 48, BUSH 43)

Despite jobs boost, Kerry still blasts Bush economic record (2.6 million ?

Powell announces visit to Haiti

Voters Favor Kerry on Financial Issues (47% to 34%) | LA Times

Scared half to death, security forces lock themselves behind barricades

NewsView: Bush loses ground on terror

Gov't Warns of Summer Bomb Plots in U.S. -- Here we go again

Preachers' rights not violated (in First Ammendment Zones), judge says

The White House Spins The Boy Who Yawned

Clinton: Amendment banning gay marriage a 'mistake'

Jobs data give Bush boost amid Iraq, 9/11 pressure

Police: Wisconsin Student Changes Story

President Bush Hails New Job Creation

Parliamentary honour for Zimbabwe reporter

Haiti arms-deal okayed - Asmal

9/11 kin: W butting in - Say panel pressured Clarke

What the Jobs Number Won't Do

Prosecutors Are Said to Have Expanded Inquiry Into Leak of C.I.A. ...

MD rep circulates anti-Islam e-mail written by 8th-grade son

Democratic office target of crimes (Break-in at AZ Dem Headquarters)

Wolfowitz briefs lawmakers on possible US responses to Fallujah killings

Wounded GI's get free hospital meals (Stars and Stripes)

U.S. added 308,000 jobs in March, well above forecasts

America accuses Britain of failing in war on drugs

AP: U.S. to Fingerprint More Foreigners ( Poodle will be fingerprinted

Breaking CNN: 2 US soldiers killed in Iraq...

Pelosi Criticizes Decision to Have Bush and Cheney Appear Together

Mass Gov Romney mulling way to stop gay weddings | Boston Globe

Report: About 900,000 U.S. children abused

Police: Abduction Story Doesn't Add Up (UW student Seiler)


'Thousands raped' in Congo

Iraq:--Radical Shiite cleric declares solidarity with Hamas

Anti-American Voices Get Louder Across Iraq

Tibet's `nowhere people' want their country freed

Fitness guru to stars, Army vets among civilians killed

Concealed carry goes into effect April 8th in Ohio

Is there anything dumber than a poll with only one choice?

Franken on Conan tonight......

I'm not sure, but I know I was told that, and I remember

Alright. Dammit-eth!

Unofficial Poll

Is there anything dumber than a poll...

Your favorite type of pole

VelmaD is a ....

I wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot

A total appeal to one's vanity poll

What kind of April Fools jokes have you played in the past

The "OFFICIAL" George W. Bush Theme Song Lyrics...

Bored at work

Find out how drunk you are

This site is magnetic


Do this Guided Meditation with me...

Bush sickens me again this week. A rant

I just wanna say

Who is going to celebrate Canadian Bacon Day?

LOL - check out the Yahoo Word Of The Day!!!

Best Song by a band you REALLY didn't like?

So...anyone want to go to MIT? Free of charge?

Okay, your sweetheart (snookie wookems or whatever) is sleeping

I love you, man.. no time to for spreadin' roots, the time has come to be gone...

morbid, yet addictive website

You wanna see what crap they put in my city's newspaper today???

F'k it.... down?

What Song is Haunting Your Mind?

...and I'm wasted, and I can't find my way home...

Boston DUers, do me this favor!

Props to Meeechigan for winning the consolation bracket

Bob Ufer & the "George 'Patton' Schembechler horn"

Dumbest thought you ever had?


I got a call about a job at home in Texas!

Who's the WORST typer on DU?

...that it is not he or she or them or it that you belong to...

I have got a really, really big mental and emotional problem

I got 93% correct so far on my NCAA Bracket

Did you miss your favorite show.. This place might have it..

Simpson's Parody

DU pet peeve AAARGHHH!!!

Favorite Janeane Garofalo Movie.

If my dog doesn't quit playing with that friggen squeak toy


Words which grate on my nerves

I'm coming out

Cat Diary....Day 752 thru 774

What are the best Greyhound Bus Stations?

Football Skills CD-ROM - Made For Kids - Includes Topless Woman

I need some help


High College Costs Force Students To Work As Strippers, Prostitutes

Marvin Gay gone 20 years today...what a voice was silenced that day

Listening to AA

Nothing subliminal about my local radio station's agenda ......

Am i a Freak....?????

warning!! Bird crossing. Must stop

Students Handcuffed At Elementary Schools

Never mind about spending £110 million, kick Farish out

Okay, vanity plate enthusists...

Top Ten Questions You're Afraid To Ask Condoleezza Rice

'Barbie Is A Lesbian' T-Shirt Suit Settled

Lost Manuscripts

Caption: Shrub's flag of convenience?

Caption: Just as well you can't see where his tongue's going...

Real estate closing today. Want to strangle buyer's attorney

Caption: standing downwind too long with the airconditioning off...

Help. I had to write a couple of pages for an autobiography project

Tucker Carlson--Very Bright 10-Year-Old?

Wanna Hear A Freaky Thing

Vote in this poll!!

Caption: JP2's laptop googling interrupted...

Majority Report has a blog

Post your estimates of how much it would cost to fix Condi's teeth.

My Wife Turns 50 Today!!

Who Hoo, My lesbisan sis is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students Banned From Wearing Pink Clothes - Officials 'Cracking Down'

A little religious humor -- too, too funny!

Caption: Colon Bowel's lips are sealed....

DU Hate Mailbag Update--laugh-out-loud funny. Go read.

Good morning! Our breakfast special today is:

Best Watergate movie?

Crazy things you've done purely for the experience.

Funny "Won't Get Fooled Again" moment on the radio this AM.


Fight Breaks Out During Anger Management Session

Doctor Who Series News Update.

I am off to New Orleans for the Women's NCAA Final Four. Ask me anything!

Any recomendations for computer/stereo linkage?


Does anybody have a downloadable clip of CNN's

I never listen to Savage Wiener but.....

Saw one of the best concerts ever last night--Jonatha Brooke

How about the MAVS!!!

What Song Will You Be Cranking When Bush Leaves Office?

Is there a FUNCTIONING Air America Link?

Music Teacher Took Nude Pics Of 100 or More Students

CAPTION the trippy psychedelic preview of convention visuals

Nara Japan's Drinking Water to come from processed Poop!

Vote for my new sig-line pic.

I watched Boiler Room Last Night. Ask Me anything.

In case I haven't said so....

New Unofficial Air America Chatroom Now with Freeper Filter 1.0a

What Would YOU Like To SHOVE Down MY Throat?

Have you ever been killed?

Are you pretentious?

Need help finding the name/artist of a tune ...

Takin' Care of Business

Caption our man in Baghdad

Drudge has a new hat!!

Help! Anyone have "liquid stream " link to Air America?

Anyone else enjoying the Queen's drum solo?

Blonde, tall, blue-eyed, women talking conservative politics....

Happy Birthday Emmy Lou Harris.

CAPTION-Forget the kid W can bore his own self to sleep

my least favorite state......

Don't You Hate Waking Up Too Early?

I hate that tongue depressor being shoved down my throat.

ZombyCoffee: The Yawning Boy Blend!


Am I Ben Gay?

I hate that my throat is being shoved down on my gayness.

I hate "shoved down my throat" threads being shoved down my throat

A sunny 70 degrees last week, 6-10 inches of snow tonight

Never mind- dupe

I hate that grayness is being shoved down my throat.

I hate that this road rage thread is being shoved down by vanity threads

I hate waking up early with something shoved down my throat.

I hate that Hetrosexualness is being shoved down my throat

Wow, I'm Dumb

I love that liquor is being shoved down my throat!

..I am the politician...and I decide your FATE....

I hate that Tori Amos is being shoved down my throat

What was the biggest thing you ever shoved down your throat?

I hate that gayness is being shoved down my throat

Does Osama give dope to Republicans?

Is there any good free ant-virus software?

Instead of GAYNESS would you prefer that I be SHOVED

I hate all this "shoved down my throat" being shoved down my throat

I'm sick and tired being told I'm fed up with stuff shoved down my throat

Does the name ZombyWoof remind you of Duran Duran?

anology clot

Is this standard horse-racing attire in England?

Her name was Lola, she was a shogun....

Drunk Mom Has Son, 12 Blow Into Ignition Lock Device , Drives To Taco Bell

I'm semi-gay...

My roomate just left to fulfill his weekend Army Reserve duty

So you're a local. Bust a move ...

I leave soon for the airport

A Thread on Moms...

Oooh Oooh You're gonna love the new version of XP..try it

'Tigger' arrested on molestation charges | Orlando Sentinal

Fonda vs. Stewart

If I were to host an Air America show, who should be my sidekick?

If somebody wants something shoved down their throat ...

Student organizes 'A Million Thanks' for troops

Best candy ever?

Have you ever cheated on your SO?

Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs?

Have you ever severed a midget?

Would You Ever Cheat WITH ME?

someone have the old AAR banner?

call me shallow, but

Would you ever cheat on your SUV?

Which casino dames are the fairest?

best song that's for taking drugs

You gotta help me figure out a movie title; driving me crazy

Kid standing behind pResident can't stay awake

What casino games are the fairest?

Do you know what this movie is? (yet another movie game)

list of Air America advertisers

I just heard from my insurance guy -

Marvin or Jet Jaguar?

Would you ever cheat on your diet?

Have you ever been killed?


It is official

Should I buy a John Mayer album?

my bush-cheney sock puppet 'toon is on BUZZFLASH!

Name A Right That A Straight WM Has Ever Had To Fight For.....

Freakin' or Friggin'?

Hey Lounge Lizards Go Kick My Thread and I give Kerry a nickel

How long after dating someone does it take you to cheat on them?

Audrey Seiler kidnapped by Rocky Balboa!

Would you ever cheat and dye it?

Have you noticed all the bloody & sinful themes here today?

Even the commercials on AA aren't annoying

What would you like your SO to give you for your birthday?

What we REALLY should be calling George W. Bush!

Would you ever cheat on ME?

Listening to Elton John's Greatest Hits

The Duck Wad Thumbs Up of all CAPTIONS!!!!! (Friday edition)

Hey Bush*!! If You Happen To Read This I Gots Me A Message For Ya:

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Who knows about the Rubber Nun??

How long after sleeping with someone should you decide to date them?

How do I cook Baby Back Ribs?

the lemonade diet

Quick! I need some help! (re: Mann Coulter)

Does anyone here have a teenager?

SUV Rollovers: A woman I work with just had an accident

The Hank Kimball appreciation thread


Just had mouth surgery and need some food advice...

Ever sit down at your computer, casually open a thread that interests you

How many of you just look at the first page of the forum?

Cheap plane tickets to China?

I still love you, Man (Cont.)

New game. What movie is this still from?

i have a drug problem.

Hey, Shuuuut Up!

Wow..I just got a major email scam regarding ebay

Friday Night Movie Thread

I haven't seen SarahBelle around in ages - she still come 'round here?

Have you ever killed?

It's midnight; do you know where your kids are?

I've been on DU for about 2 years now

The Hank Hill appreciation thread

Look look! Is funny! (forgive repost)

DU Moms: Did you have an amnio? Did it hurt?

What's up with all the "love" and "SO" questions today?

A weighty matter (calling on DU's superior knowledge base).

What Is Your Favorite Hate Mail Response (From The Current Issue)?

Children's Jokes


Are Mrs. V. and I DU's only klutzes?

Hate mail! Thank you mods!

Article on reorientation therapy... is it crap?

Do any of you have Woodstock stories?


Una discusión del español en SubterráneoDemocrático (o Robb es un dingbat)


Abbiamo una conversazione in italiano via il traduttore di Google.

Something you've learned in the last five years?

Things that sound like slurs, but aren't.

Who here wants to have a Rib Cookoff in Tejas sometime?

Would you ever cheat on your SO?

Möglicherweise möchten Sie Deutsches über Übersetzer Google sprechen?

Does your DU radar go up when it's an "I need help countering

It's official, SI says:

What drugs are the best.....

Another tale of road rage and sweet, sweet revenge

You guys know You can listen to Air America live on your comp right?

do y'all mind if I share with you some TERRIFIC NEWS????

Need help with RimJob quote

Jessie has a lump on her back.

Davai pogovorim po-russki!

Last food you will eat before breaking down and going to the store?

Chico, California/Sacramento

Have you ever severed a digit?

GLBT DUers: Am I too sensitive?

Where did you meet your SO? (Significant Other)

Ramsey and I are in Boston - Ask us ANYTHING

You just gotta love Oklahoma State, Final 4

Where is the best place to buy the most obnoxious...

Cubs - Red Sox World Series - Who would you root for?

ZombyPoll #Umpteen: Agree or Disagree with the following

I present you with the political strategist with the best taste in music.

What should I do if the White House said 2+2=4?

Hey, ZombyWoof, need a new computer?

Was your dad sensitive or hard-boiled?

Straight Men: Do you buy 'feminine' supplies for your SO?

True Love:

Tell us a creepy bug story, exotic or domestic

Who's your favorite Jazz Saxophonist? #2

Who's your favorite Jazz Saxophonist? #1

Ask Me Anything: I just fell down, put a huge welt on my ass, then...

Is there such a thing as too gay?


Ask a computer question and I will answer it. THREAD #2

From RONCO! It's The TabbyTote!!

Kerry jumps to the front

Bullets and the ballot box

Joe Conason on Air America Radio right now-7:53AM!

The MoveOn Clarke/911/Bush is a failure of leadership ad is very powerful

Latest CBS poll has Kerry beating bush* by 5

Poll: (Repub CT Gov) Rowland Support Remains Low (boohoo)

Call your senator THIS MORNING to stop them from hotlining s 2056

Why don't they just change the show's name to "John King Tonight"?

Poll: Bush Leads In Indiana (Bush: 52%, Kerry: 37%)

John Kerry 2004 = John Kerry 1971

Kerry should hammer that the unemployment rate jumped to 5.7 percent!

Kerry on Debates

Why do social conservatives follow Bush - Why does Media forget "callboys"

Building Missiles vs Fighting Terrorism

Alabama Representative Bud Cramer (D) may not endorse Kerry

Who Woke Daschle Up?

Should General Discussion: Campaign 2004 have "swing state" section?

"I Spent $41.8M on TV Ads in March, and All I Got Was This Lousy LAT poll"

Rasmussen 4/2/04 tracking poll: Bush 47, Kerry 44

Poll: Bush leads in Wisconsin (Bush: 47%, Kerry: 41%, Nader: 5%)

ARG: Bush and Kerry tied in New Mexico, Bush Leads New Hampshire

Newsview: "Bush Loses Ground on War on Terror"

What I sent to a potential Nader voter

McCain is not jumping ship.

Nader open letter to Republicans

ordinary people wait to see how they and their neighbours are doing

AP: Kerry raises $50 million, Bush Says he tops it, but no total released

Al Giordano: U.S. Political Campaign Plays With Latin American Fire

Key Part of Kerry's Ad-making Team Quits

Kerry: Lose the Spin to Win

More people need to trash * on the WMD joke like this:

stupidest/most clearly false Media quotes contest at Air America

Email against John Kerry

Why hasn't the Kerry campaign run a Bush flip-flop ad?

If they find WMDs by November......

Travelocity is outsourcing 250 call center jobs to India.

Why isn't CBS/NYT 4/1/04 Bush Job Approval of 49% a media talking point?

Instapundit screws over dKos...Some Dems cave-in

Are the Greens running Camejo?

THE BCCI TRIAL. A good reason to be thrilled about John Kerry in 2004!

We need some Air America bumper stickers on our cars to inform the public

Kerry's ads need to tear Bush apart.

I would give $2000 if it meant getting Hillary in the White House. You?

U.S. Firms Add 308K New Jobs in March

Cramer undecided on Kerry endorsement

Paul Begala just said, "Peggy Nooner" on Crossfire!

How to get young voters

"Maverick McCain Rips GOP"

Pelosi Tells Kerry Pick Running Mate Soon

Newshour reporting the jobs created were mostly low paying jobs

Today's job numbers show the need to "be real" this year

Kerry Raises $50 million; Bush Tops it

Kerry needs to rebut claims that Bush's tax policies are working

Analysis Lowers Kerry Health Care Plan Costs Considerably! Good news!

Looney Zell: It's "wimps vs. the warriors"

Is John Kerry a "Blair Democrat"?

Why is Kerry letting himself be defined? When will he fight back?

Call me a fabulist if you like

Proof of Wes Clark involvement in mind control

(CBS)Republican soldier say's he will now vote for Kerry

RoxanneJ and team hacking the vote in GA. Literally. Great read.

Who would you like to see get the MA dem senate nom. WHEN Kerry wins

Has anyone gotten their Kerry bumper stickers yet?

In some ways is Britain less free than the US?

"U.S. job growth soars"...time for Kerry to come out swinging

(CBS) Poll: Bush Credibility Takes a Hit (KERRY 48, BUSH 43)

(Zogby) Poll shows Daschle with Slim Lead (5.6 points over Thune)