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Archives: April 21, 2004

Dump Cheney: A winning strategy for Bush

Analysis: Bush flipflops on Iraq crisis UPI

Political Books Play Role in 2004 Campaign

USA Today Editor retires over Jack Kelly's Departure.

The Bible college that leads to the White House


Woodward excerpt 4 of 5 - Blair 'I'm There to the Very End,'

Plan of Attack of the Digits (W.H. strategy on Woodward's book)

Will campaign lies be corrected? - TW

Tigris Tales - Salam Pax

Reality television: [The US attempts to silence Aljazeera]

Turning Point: George Bush's holy war threatens our Presidency

If Bush wins a second term...

Protest Cheney in KC, MO - April 23

Never underestimate media corruption "Bush's looks at the question in adv.

What If 2004 Really Is Like 1994? (Carry trade)

Russia may be ready to ratify Kyoto treaty on climate change

Ellsberg: Iraq a new Vietnam

Wolfowitz & His Shifting Rationale

Human Rights Watch: Jordanian Victims Jailed in 'Honor' Crime Cases

I am not responsible for what I said, Sisy Chen says - TW

Beijing has misled the WHO, health minister declares

How did THIS message get locked?

I am having to elbow people out of my way to kiss your

State moderators?

How do I announce a gathering on the main page?

How do I change my username?

Is there a problem with the PM system tonight?

Kerry: Buyer's remorse, anyone?

Hamas leader rails against `US-Zionist conspiracy'

Anybody here from Hialeah?

Kerry Campaign in Orange/Seminole/Volusia counties

who else is from Pensacola

Do Floridians support the US embargo on Cuba & travel sanctions on us?

CA, HI, WA, OR, do we need the rest?

Caption California's Fuel Efficient Gov

Schwarzenegger Proposes 'Hydrogen Highways' Plan

CHP Begins Crackdown On Out-Of-State Plates

Palm Springs hosts Moving Vietnam Memorial

Gay Marriage Bill Passes Assembly Committee - Calif

Are Any Dems Running Against Christopher Cox (48th Dist.) in 2004?

Caption California's First Lady

Bill Would Require Many Teens To Hang Up While Driving

Mike Byron for Congress!!!!

Orange County DUers Check In!

so other than western Michigan....Where's everyone from?

Hope you guys utilize the info I'm putting into the Campaign database

Democratic Candidate for Ohio Governor?

J. Kenneth Blackwell - Black Republican for Ohio Governor?

Hey, let's go toss grit on another state in their forum!

I saw Santorum on TV tonight endorsing Specter

Smirk is a Modern day carpet-bagger

What do you like best about Texas?


Senator Kerry Releases Military Records: Slams Chickenhawks

HILLARY CLINTON on Larry King at 6:00pm PST (Seattle)

Democracy, freedom, unity, liberty

Janeane Garofalo makes up dumb labels IMO

Marketplace - The Spoils Of War

Text of Redacted Memo by U.S. Official in Iraq Posted

Bu$h* is such a bully - server change (It's now in FEMA's network)

Attention DU: Bush press conference does NOT screen questions first.

Majority Report comparing RNC and Treasury web sites...

USA Today Editor, Craig Moon to Remove Text Tabs! "MW" Spoof Alert!

Once Again: A Vote for Bush is a Vote for the Saudis.

They are not "soverign" yet but...

There's still hope.

Hillary Clinton on Larry King NOW....MT

There is a Universal Law--”The Good Guys Always Win.”

Are they just lying about these poll numbers?

Drudge RED Headline:

Oregon Gay Marriages Legal But Judge Orders Halt To More

CNN piece on athletes and South Florida just now

Draft discussion on Aaron Brown tonight...

Dominican republic...not so willing

found at bartcop forum from WP

According to Simon Wiesenthal Center, DU must be a hate site.

Clinton making clear, direct points re: Bush admin./Iraq/Congress (CNN)

Thoughts on Tom Leykis?

This type of attitude shows you why the US press is worthless

Landmark Gay Marriage Vote In Calif.

Echoes of Iran-Contra--the diversion of 700 million

The 3 main reasons indicating Bush is reactivating the DRAFT in 2005

BBV: Bev Harris interview with Mike Webb streaming now (7:15pm PDT)

Some truth about that "Wall"

If there was a draft, would they keep the post-vietnam fairness reforms?

Bush's accent

Heinz Co. Is Owned By Republicans, Peter Coors Is

Craig Unger, "House of Bush, House of Saud" on CNN, Aaron Brown.

Your 9/11 commission at work

Where is that incredible story that alternative news said was ....

Arianna Huffington on Tavis Smiley -- Tues, 4/20

I was misinformed!! Yay!!

Do you believe CNN lied about the Yawning Boy

George Dubya...thanks a lot.....

Abortion & Tonight's Michael Reagan Show

The Daily Show: Opens with Woodward recap

Do you miss Mike Malloy having his daily radio program?

NYPOST: Don't believe the CNN Polls: Dubya in Trouble

Dominican Republic to Pull Out of Iraq-Joins Coalition of the Unwilling

Was David Koresh a child molester?

Seen the ads for The Kingdom / Citibank on CNN?

Should Kerry go see the Pope? Should Kerry take his wife?

we just saw on CNN, said flare ups in Fallujah right now?

I have been thinking of joining the DSA

Kerry Beats Bush

I like this draft talk

cnn playing tricks

"just go kill some ASS" they could get Irag under control real quick.

Is the "Coalition of the Willing" falling apart?

Nightline 4/20: Do the Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Have Rights?

Kerry must beat this draft issue to death to win in November!

"There is a great battle coming." (Please read!)

Where is Norman Schwarzkopf these days??

Why are Democrats so pure on the issues?

deleted for party unity. Thanks Lunabush

what is with this link?

How many years must we spend in Iraq even though we know it's a mistake?

Do Any Justices Regret Bush V Gore Decision?

WTH does this mean?

Woodward's on Charlie Rose

DU CNN Renew Patriot Act Poll - Currently- 64%No; 36%Yes with over

interesting read about fundamentalism and society...

canada....draft them and they will come!!

What's wrong with this picture?

A lot of new stations coming up for Air America

A question for Freepy Trollers

Shrub's New Prop: A Briefcase

Citizens of the United States, we need another 80 Billion

Rumsfeld Remark About Saudi Arabia Scrubbed From DoD Website

Bring Back the Compulsory Draft & Watch America's Thirst for War Die.

Here's The Pop-up I Just Got Logging On Now !!!


Kerry records released---should shut up the freepers

Has bush been successful in defining Kerry? It seems so. . .

Psycholgy of "Stalkers" on Message Boards! A Must Read!

Iraq, why we can't cut and run

Does "freepermania" make it difficult for new people to post on DU ?

Hey! Pull My Finger!

Another question for freepy trollers.

LIHOP/MIHOP makes us look crazy in front of other LIBERALS

Bush wants death penalty expanded to 23 more crimes?

A personal story of how bush has affected me and mine

I need help making a real difference...

What is your worst - but fully expected - nightmare in a second Bush term?

Perle & Frum cordially invite you to a "New American Century" (mp3 hell!)

Dump Cheney: A winning strategy for Bush

What is with DU and Shrub/Walker ties to WWII Nazi Germany ?

Welcome Kerry Back to Iowa!

Breakthrough seen on drug import

Overtime-proposal changes welcomed

al-Sadr says Australians are being targeted for kidnappings

Dominican Rep., Honduras withdrawing Iraq troops

Newsview: Arab Anger at U. S. Is Mounting

U.S.-Saudi Relations Show Signs of Stress

Crafting Kerry's Future With a Nod to the Past

Edwards, Graham fuel talk of Kerry VP pick


Plan of Attack of the Digits (W.H. strategy on Woodward's book)

Wolfowitz: U.N. Effort Won't Yield Troops

Atrios to fill in for Garofalo on The Majority Report on Wednesday.

Using M.R.I.'s to See Politics on the Brain

Honduras to Pull Out Troops, Thais Look Shaky--New WMW

Chen calls China an `empire'

330,000 face homelessness in clearing of Kenya slums

Rep. Pelosi prepared to blast Bush on Iraq

Newsview: Arab anger at US mounting

Fake milk formula causes death of dozens of babies

ASNE leader calls for reform in newsrooms

Kerry Campaign Provides Military Records

Discovery of Internet Flaw Prompts Security Push

MSNBC Breaking - Dominican Rep. pulling out of Iraq

Italians ready to pay ransom for release of hostages held in Iraq

Constituents' Iraq Worries Growing, Lawmakers Say

Archbishop attacks UK's Blair over Iraq war

Beijing pulls no punches with Cheney

War May Require More Money Soon

WP: Rumsfeld Remark On War Disputed

University of Alabama Apologizes for Slavery at Campus in Years Before Civ

France expels pro-assault iman

Major Rearrangement of U.S. Forces in Iraq to Deal With Holes in Coalition

Gas prices key to Richardson's success

Iraqi Insurgents Attack Marines in Northern Fallujah

Wolfowitz Denies Woodward Report

UN might not be Washington's savior in Iraq

Republican battle in Pennsylvania primary threatens Bush's re-election

MSNBC - Three explosions in Basra.

TV networks cool on 'Passion'

Labor leader wants Australians to vote on dumping queen

Heinz Co. Is Campaign Weapon for Bush

We're a pod of Orcas

I love you guys

Who decides what is politically correct at DU, and what is not?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

DU Engineers: what does mAh mean??

I have just about decided.....

I am so tired of threads getting locked

Lenny Bruce, proponent of free speech or insensitive jerk?

I believe a little Trumaditis is infecting the DU Lounge.

Im a liberal so everything offends me.

Ok, what super hero do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm a Butch

I go out of my way to offend people....

A question about AIM

Stephen Lynch "Superhero"

I'm offended by everything and everyone and start new threads to complain.

Speaking of football

Sorry..but that Chick handing out Cokes in the Movie Commercials, bugs me!

I find the word 'cheese' offensive.

I find the Tet offensive

I'm a Lumberjack

I find offensive things offensive...

David Lynch "Superhero"

I find all these offensive threads

Woah. The Lounge is f*cked up tonight, aint it???

I am not offended by anything!

I'm offended that threads with the word "offended" in the initial post...

I'm offended by Body Odor!!!

OMFG! Mort Sahl is such an asshole....

I find Charlie Weis, offensive...

mo paul's favorite bush faces from today's news

Boy we got a quick moderator in the lounge tonight!

Hey, do they lock threads without reading them now?

I find school so offensive, that I'm still pissed off from 6 hours ago!

ACK! The higher Calling dot org - WHAT is this group

Preference in humps?

Hey, how do you ignore somebody?

Dumb answer thread

I want to make something perfectly clear

"It's April Twenty First .... " ...

"Now serving camel. $2.69"

Harry Vanda Fans??? NO GOOGLEING ALLOWED!!!

I bought a desk from Ikea it's called a Jerker

I'm a Little Teapot

Ok. I count 5 or 6 padlocks in here. Guess I missed a good night

Behave yourselves for the next 30 minutes, SCRUBS

Ottawa/Toronto Game 7 ends in fight

"Chef, what's the Black Death?"

What do you do when birthdays just mean

Truce: Time for a favorite food poll

I hate the f*cking Emergency Broadcast System!!!! (rant)

Did He? Or, Didn't He?

Dont lock me! ...

Paintball "Facts" A Tribute to Cliff Claven

Why don't we all be civil and give the mods. a break??

THE LEAFS WON!!!...On to the second round....that's all! Go Leafs Go!

Goddammit! I'm out of milk.

Gifts --- Gifts

dip n dots

Is this a bad time to start a Cat picture thread?

Did God create Man, or did Man create God?

Chapped lips

Man, I love that my wife is a liberal....

NHL fans: predictions for next series?

what religion is your cat?

Word Association Thread

ZombyPoll #Bajillion: Salad Dressing!

Announcing the "Democratic-NPL Underground" Gathering in Fargo, ND

George Bush's Resume'

Can I find Chappelle's "Black Bush" online somewhere?

I had my car's alignment checked

I'm about to dive into a big bowl of...

What do you do when birthdays just mean

Have you ever experienced the “last straw?”

Bear with me on this...

Barry Manilow SUCKS ASS.

Greatest Invention of the 20th Century

Seriously Cool - A new Comet in the Morning

What is your lamest guy moment?

Mods..I'm sorry

Teach your kids to sing it now. . .

I find the Ardennes offensive

DU Legal Beagles, help please: What does "non-appearance matter" mean?

Hey! Guess what I bought at Costco today!

have an html question

Best Rock Opera?

Sean Hannity Putting on the pounds

The Future-Ex-Mrs. Robb is coming over: Appropriate Countermeasures?

Anyone else experiencing political burnout?

This afternoon I was waiting in the checking-out line

Im a thread...

I'm 13 away from 1000!!! Ask me anything!

ok DU chat tonight

Jeepneys face a rough ride - PI

So, I have my first "all grown up now" conference this weekend

So I had to hitch hike home today

Sheep to the Slaughter....

Can whiskey taste change with altitude?

Post your favorite rap lyrics.

two big reasons to watch the Disney Channel

Confess! Do you ever read "locked" threads?

I told Mrs. V. one of my dearest fantasies tonight.

Anybody have reptiles for pets? (No, I don't mean Republicans.)


Anyone ever grave-haunt?

Redsox and Bluejays Fans

*Sigh*...I was hoping I'd not have to do this...

Guys, Sign on if you dislike barbie doll types

Question about iTunes

In an all out battle of the Revenge-flick protagonists, who would win?

Does anybody else think the girl in the Burger King commercials is hot.

Un sitio muy interesante para los estudiantes de espanol....

Can an employer inquire about political preference?

Worst Film adaptation of a Book? Best?

Subserviant Chicken

Look at what MoPaul did to my cats!!!!!!

It looked just like Skinny and Sweet

For Red Wings, it's on to defeat the CFEE!

Any French Speakers? Help me name my boat.

Greatest Baseball Team Ever

Polyphonic Spree.

Recent Pictures (me and cats)

Bela Lugosi?

Vancouver Gathering in danger of a no go.....

Seriously...Why did my cat take a shit behind the sofa?

Is "Godhole" a curse word?

Future of the DU Gallery

Yes, there IS a Mrs. Mo Paul............

I did it 1000 POSTS!!! Ask the 13 year old founder of

The Pixies are back!!!!!!!!!

I will NOT be ignored! I DEFY you not to reply to this thread!

To the $%$#%#$ debt collectrolls: I'm laid off, so LAY OFF!

sorry for posting this question as a new thread for the 900th time, but

My top 10 worst movies of all time (subject to change)

I think I'm a Jennifer Hudson girl now

I would like to ask for good thoughts for my wife...

THAT DIOES IT!! I'm puting you ALL on Igor!!!

Lets gets some Pseudo Sex threads going

OKC/Norman area DUers (are there any?):

Do you think Kerry's handling of his service records is a strategy?

Welcome Kerry Back to Iowa!

Bush's Lobotomy A Tremendous Success

Does the timing/order of the conventions make a difference?

Kerry blasts Bush on the environment

Bush Gains in Polls as Iraq, Terrorism Concerns Grow

Bush stinks; get rid of him:

Kerry and Iraq

Josh(TPM)Marshall shouldn't doubt "Bush looks at the question in adv."

Libertarians? Slippery slope of censorship

Hillary on LK now! Saying same thing Kerry did about IWR.

Conservative worries part 2 Christian Broadcasting Network:

Kerry is going to be the best American President since FDR.

do other DUers control your actions?

Kerry is running a hell of a smart campaign

I like the green, environmental Kerry.

Kerry is running a hell of a smart campaign, part II

F the polls! Kerry will have a 25 point lead after his acceptance speech

How the media blew the Iraq story

President's plans for 'clean air' are just a good fish story

The benefits of being a British Muslim

Wolfowitz Denies Woodward Report

SCHEER: With God on His Side...

Reality television (UK Guardain on Al-Jazeera)

Daily Life in America - circa 2011 (long but worthy..)

Things Fall Apart

Cruelest month for King's brethren overseas Perils of the Dead Center

DANCES WITH BEARS: Russia revels in US's woes

Stripes letters: Tell why extensions hurt/Direct dialogue preferred


Las Vegas Sun LTTE: U.S. loses respect under Bush (Great letter!)


Bush's Legal Obligation to Tell Congress About $700M for Iraq

Dempsey looks to 1st AD's next mission

Bush & Blair: The duo of doublethink

Why I'm not worried about Kerry

Rate this new Ted Rall 'Toon!

The Condensed Bob Woodward -- Slate reads Plan of Attack

George Armstrong Custer Bush

Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

Public Support Persists Despite Hardships in Iraq

The Original Trifecta - Powers behind the throne

Harlem Leaders should deal with this guy...he's destroyed a great thing...

DU willing to help UD?

Pre-DC Rally Fun and Breakfast!


Son of March 20 Protest Photos!!


Gary Treudeau (Doonesbury) "Blowback" Update.

Hotline/RollCall guys become CNN talking heads

As if you didn't know- the media in Iraq

RW view of "The Right to Assembly" (cartoon)

Astrologers: 4/21 through May 5; Pluto opposite Mars; Mercury station

Question for all job hunters (Bush-related)

Alcohol industry ad spending climbs 39 percent

Update: Kumar steps down as CA CEO

Market's at a critical juncture -- really

Daily Life in America - circa 2011 (long but IMO worthy...)

NY Times: Federal Oceans Commission Finds Decline Along Coasts

US Oceans Panel Issues Alarming Report, Urges Safeguards

"Quiet" Snowmobiles Prompt Earplug Warning For Yellowstone Employees

In California, The Wait For Hybrids Keeps Getting Longer - SF Chronicle

Clearing the Air - Dateline interview to read as Bush Earthday PR flows

Leavitt Eager To Spew US Climate Disinformation At OECD Summit Next Week

US Lists Beluga Sturgeon As Threatened - Caviar Crackdown Possible (NO!)

Feds Give Nissan Special Exemption To Fuel-Economy Rule

Study Urges Changes In Food Production To Protect Water Supplies

High-Tech Industry Coalition Warns US Losing Competitive Research Edge

Bush Declares "National Park Week" - Isn't That Just PRECIOUS??

FWS Tries Hail-Mary Pass With Last Three Members Of Hawaiian Bird Species

HILARIOUS Randite Op-Ed On The Environmental Movement!

Angolan expulsions cause 'mayhem' in DRC

'I told my people to run for their lives' - Sudan

Mugabe fans the flames of the revolution


Animal Nuts (PeTA) looking to team up with Gun Nuts (NRA)

NRA goes on-line!

Republican congressman "delayed" at airport for gun

Pskov 1100 Gauss pistol

Question about timezones

Where did my ATA post from last night go?

It's really a very simple question.

Next question.

You still didn't answer my actual question from last night...

Any more threads about the word "bitch" will be deleted.

Skinner you have my sympathies.

I wish to have my account canceled.

Is this just a coincidence

To All the Mods and Admins ...

In my opinion, it's time to enforce "nominee rules" in Pres. race

I think the "don't call someone a freeper" rule should go.

another vote for removing the "no calling someone a freeper" rule

this may be the first time i've been in the forum

thanks for the state forum options guys, Well Done! n/t

It Looks Like It's Time to Update The AirAmerica Banner

I think a mistake was made....

Breaking an iron rule

We'll take whatever the Americans allow

Israeli Troops Kill Five Palestinians in Gaza Raid

Guardian: Neil's regrets over whistleblower kidnap

Guardian: Vananu's prison letters

Church leaders rap Bush on Israeli settlements

Bush's dramatic shift in Mideast By HELEN THOMAS

Commentary: The Mideast Peace Process

Humiliating Our Friends

NORAD Admits It Ran Mock 9/11 Exercises Right Before 9/11

How's eveyone doing after the tornado in Utica?

More Jack Ryan Lies...

Who's annoyed about AAR's signal in Chicago?

A rant about Peter Boyles

How do we get rid of Cliff Stearns?

How many of you belong to your county's DEC - Democratic Executive Commit

Which area of Florida are you in?

Nonwhites in California underrepresented in civic participation

California considers testing high school students for steroids

California Pro-Choice Solidarity Marches Schedule from NARAL

Testing - Anyone else in the San Diego area? - Testing

Diablo Valley DU'ers Check in

Is Schwarzenegger a RINO

I must have missed this but what a great idea!

Kerry coming to Iowa!

What are your thoughts on the indoor Rainforest?

Despite "wrong numbers", BU still straining Allston-Brighton

How do you think Dayton will do in 2006?

Kerry Meetup 4/22 and others

Are you a Michigander or a Michiganian?

Celebrate May Day at Belle Isle -- Detroit, Michigan

Dove Hunting

Ralph Nader speaks out on NC election law;

Wake Democratic Women host J&J Breakfast this Saturday (4/24)

DUers in Charlotte area....

Triv dissed LeBron James for sleeping in, I say LBJ should

Does anyone know if Pat Tiberi is being contested in the upcoming election

Toomey on CSPAN Washington Journal - Thursday

What is Toomey's district like?

Born in Erie? Check in here!

Houston, we have a problem......The Rockets Suck

Happy San Jacinto Day y'all!

Any other DUers at the TARAL luncheon in Austin on Sunday?

Details on John Kerry/Earth Day in Houston tomorrow?

Special session off to slow start

Barbara Jordan's 1976 Speech to the Democratic Convention

This is my wonderful representative now.

I am looking for and needing help from Dallas DU'ers.

I loathe John Cornyn

Hey fellow Texans, check this web site out.

6th CD DUers What do you think of this Morris Meyer guy?

San Antonio natives check in...

How Bout a Roll Call by County? Somervell Co here

Barrett Sworn In as Mayor of Milwaukee

John Nichols: Baldwin's going after Halliburton

Krug's name surfaces in caucus scandal

Oh boy, You think northeast Wisconsin did not like PeTA now...

Welch campaign in funding hot water!!!

Is kerry lbj jr or just caught bushitus

Weldon (R) Blasts Bushists on War Funding, Charges Political Game Playing!

CNN has breaking news on Basra bombings 1:30am EST

bush*, saudis, gas and the election

Perle says UN would do more harm than good in Iraq


Kristof: North Korea a "nuclear Wal-Mart"?

WP page-one story on structure and strategy of Kerry campaign

The Bible college that leads to the White House

IRS = RNC, AKA Unbelievable.

You Know When Clinton Was President They Said It Was"Something"

Is Bush trying to provoke Hamas into attacking us?

I have but one question. Why are we letting criminals run our

Check out The Onion

Who is John Loftus?

Senator Byrd says White House did not inform him of $700 million

CNN implies holocaust deniers and 9/11 skeptics are in the same league

Poland mulls Iraq exit options - prime minister

Does our President still attend AA meetings?

Bush and Cheney to testify before Committee on April 29th......

Bush doesn't want you to see it - but everyone should

A question for anyone that has read Woodward's book?

Media Hypocrisy (and they bitch about an alleged Liberal media bias)

CNN Polls: "We need to invent a low-stupid-people diet" Edition

the liberal song

GOP using Treasury Dept. site to spread Bush propaganda...

This leftist says: voting for Kerry IS voting my conscience

the stupid are so gullible, could they be made to rise up against us?

The Deleted Text

Did Biden say we're in a "25-yr war", a "generational war" this morning?

AAR trouble in Chicago, according to the Tribune

dinosaurs may have died out because of low # of females

"Why Baghdad Will Not Be Another Stalingrad"

What the hell is Kerry making his military records public for ??

Is there anyone that Kerry could pick

Trippi coming up on Air America

AAR Stream not working?

Should the US Patriot Act be renewed? GO VOTE...

Oooo, I rec'd an autographed pic of GB in the mail today....

Barbara Boxer on CSPAN2

Oceans 12 to take place in Amsterdam, and yeah they go to the coffeehouses

Problem with the ornithology article

Opinions on NAFTA trucking case?

Question on Solicitor General -- can anyone answer

Chaos, Violence, Unrest: Parody or Evidence for the Prosecution?

John Kerry's first purple heart (smears from right wingers)

questioning Kerry's won't work sh___heads

John O'Neill met with Nixon and Kissinger

Woodward Opens Big

Let's see Pakistan 9, Riyadh, SA 10, 18Children + in Basra, Iraq

Wolfowitz & Myers before Armed Svcs Committee NOW on CSpan 3

Not as hopeless as yesterday -- for those without hope today --

Harris Poll Online results... (job approval and election)

Wow! Great Maureen Farrel piece.

Oregon Lawmakers Show Little Interest In Heeding Gay Marriage Ruling

Here take this presidential straw poll

"What me worry?" - Take the Bush 2000 v 2004 quiz!

Is Bush's war chest being depleted?

Why Basra ?

I have an Iraq 'Exit strategy'.....just EXIT

What would the press need to do to make you believe.......

The Real Question to Ask in the 911 Hearings

George W. Bush! You're Responsible

My brother-in-law's battallions' convoy is attacked

Congressman Stopped at Kentucky Airport with Gun

Is Air America having problems again?

List of Pharmacutical CEO's pay go see and contact your reps

Keith Knight: If the warnings had been about Saddam...?

Toronto Globe and Mail has a laugh at FOX and O'Really

Using MRIs to see politics on the brain - NY Times (registration required)

I wonder, Valerie Plame case Dead on Arrival?????

Why, oh why, must they be so blind.

Phelps' Clan Protests Oregon Gay Marriages

Pentagon Deleted Rumsfeld Comment

Again..Two days in a row..

It looks like there are growing calls for Powell's resignation. . .

Comic Relief: Freeps Fantazise About Britney & Bond Girls!

NY Congressman calls U.S. Mosque Leaders 'An Enemy Amongst Us'

C-Span 3: Schrock (R from Virginia) WANTS TO WIPE IRAQIS OUT!

Try this really cool tool! Graphic representation of Google News

Photo of flag draped coffins--will the mainstream media start printing?

so whats the concensus on pro assassination Democrats?

Subject: jellybeaners and mintheads (bushgang)


Describing Bush = Wrong Tactic : its a band aid thing, Go Fo Cure

Wofowitz on c-span3 now

How come USA can withdraw embassy workers based on nonspecific warnings...

"Bad New Days for Voting Rights"

Egyptian president says US subject of "unprecedented" hate

I'm losing any optimism I had. Anyone else in the same boat?

Poland Considers Joining the Coalition of the Unwilling

Wash. Post: Pentagon Deleted Rumsfeld Comment

Repubs to "blanket" the airways about Kerry's military records...

Arab Ally Snubs Bush Amid 'Unprecedented Hatred' for US

FreeRepublic is sponsoring

Plans to Reinstate The Draft...In Congress Now

Coalition of the Dwindling

Is Bush trying SCARE tactics on the US just to win?

Bush*'s military record

Does Bob Woodward's book say exactly which appropriation the $700 million

I am looking for and needing help from Dallas DU'ers.

Republicans have all guns blazing because they are on the defensive

One Hundred and Eleven BILLIONS dollars

Oklahoma has more women in prison then any other place on earth

Howard F@cking Fineman strikes again...

Statement: For every civilian killed in Iraq and every home destroyed.....

Off-Air America by April 30 in LA and Chicago

Here's something you may want to read

What can Kerry do to attract media coverage?

Remember when Gen. Pace said 1AD redeployed home wouldn't return to Iraq?

Iraqi Minutemen?

What's that tour called, Rock against Bush or something like that?

Will Roy Moore run for President?

Anybody remember this classic Bush quote regard his Civil Rights record?

Would you live in such a society?

Questions about hired mercenaries

Great letter to the editor - People in Buffalo who get it.

Isn’t there a “bombshell” planned to explode next month?

Martial Law by June...

Do you think the Big Dog is reading Woodward's book?

Involved in several enemy initiated fire fights

Coming up on O'Franken: Max Cleland

"Any man who may be asked

Daniel Ellsburg- We've Again Been Lied Into a War

So suddenly we're supposed to care about dead Iraqi kids?

Wed, Woodward on "Fresh Air" , NPR

W.H. Press Corps: Is there ANYONE with balls?

Oil from Iraq : An Israeli pipedream?

Kennedy Quote

Mark Medford - Why Can't W be a Man ?

Bushlogic: taking a couple q's at the Newspaper Assn. re Musharraf:

Max Cleland on the O'Franken Factor...

Max Cleland on the O'Franken Factor...

If Bush and Cheney aren't under oath, then I'd rather they just not do it.

BD loses leg in Iraq, Rob Wilco meeting his cousin at 2am at Dover


msnbc talk kerry's new ads

Anyone know of some (public) Bush rallies in the Chicago area coming up?

Another view on why we should not have a draft

Any News on the Rush Limbaugh Felony Charges?

Breaking: Bush Declares War (satire)

B.D. of Doonesbury lost more than we thought.....

More streaming issues with Air America Radio??

Wolfowitz on c-span3 now - meeting just started for the afternoon hearing

I don't do this often....tune in NOW...BYRD burning it up!!

Imperialism isn't necessarily bad..(?)

What about Max Cleland for VP?

Would another Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil Help or Hurt Bushco?

Jon Leiberman is like Rush Limbaugh

Political Correctness Poll, Pt. 3

What If...

Kerry war record sound as a pound

Dodd getting hammered in LTTE - need a response

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" competing at Cannes Film Festival

Thomas Jefferson Muzzle Award

Fuck Bush and the RNC!!! Donate to Kerry

Kerry fails to show military records-My post at Conservative x

Is anyone in the media horrified by what came down on 60 Minutes?

NPR - Show Me The MONEY

Want to hear a RW Jerk on the Iraq sit? NOW 4:15PM

Chambliss: Abestos Lawsuits Hurt Retirees....

12 days before 2000 elections (CNN/USA Today/Gallup ) Bush by 13 over Gore

For all those "Bush is going down" people on DU...


Crossfire will be talking about the Draft claims "3,873 parties planned for Thursday, April 29!"

I must bow...for us all....

In pictures: Waiting outside Falluja

Is there such thing as a war hero who fights an unjust war?

DRAFT Debate: Buchanan, Press on MSNBC soon!

IRS Promoting Bush...this is unbelieveable!!!

Ted Olson's long list of republican cash contributions...

Rumor mill

Britain's Coporate Masters are pissed...LOL

48 Hours to Broadcast Pictures of Dying Diana

Gillespie...on CNN

It's funny how.....

Does Bushco support freedom in Saudi Arabia? Regime change?

Does DU have a Mirror site?

"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think."

Why won't Dubya Apologize? (Morford)

Crossfire 4/21: The Draft ... with Charlie Rangel and Peter King

Let me see if I have this right...

Robert Reich's dead on assessment of what's at stake in 2004

Let me join the chorus and say I don't watch CNN anymore

Finally, some positive press in Dallas! Halliburton Protest!

Report from inside the White House - scary, scary, scary!!

"Every law is an evil, for every law is an infraction of liberty."

Picture from the Onion

Would you trade the lives of 700 US soldiers

What makes someone free?

Suppose Prince Charles tried to look like Dubya . . . .

Heinz directors who donate to Bush and Republicans

We should not be surprised at "ordinariness."

What's up on the movie "Osama"?

Little Help Please With A Bush Quote.

Oceans 12 to take place in Amsterdam, and yeah they go to the coffeehouses

Bush/Iraq Poll to un-FReep

Is Anyone Watching Us

700 U.S. dead, 1 Billion a day, & they want MORE money?

AP Poll on terra

The Best Ways to dodge the draft

Is there any flack about the Doonesbury BD Iraq storyline?

Good article on Kerry and Georgia veterans.

Paul Begala does a terrible job

Cambodia is to 1970 as Syria is to 2005.

Hannity Just Told a Lie About Democratic Underground

Would you advocate mandatory military training in lieu of a draft

Did the CPA steal the Brookings Institutes website design?

Rush Holt talking BBVs on CSPAN now

Anybody have a source for "Bandar's wife gave $130K to 9/11 terrorists"?

Rules for Being a Republican...any to add to the list???

It looked like Bush was smiling and laughing about the "terrorist"

May God Damn you Bush(s)

I request duty in Vietnam. John Kerry to Chief of Naval Ops

Staying the course isn't cutting it

Do you really think a draft would deter these idiots?

New Harry Potter Book Set in Bush White House

Will homosexuals be drafted?

Kerry smashing Bush in NJ-51-39

People, please get some perspective about the polls yesterday.

Get to Rhandi NOW !!!

General: Much of Iraq's Forces Have Quit (Joined Coalition of Unwilling)

Woodward is on NewsHour

What's With the "Wine Sipping" Perjorative?

Where oh where are Chet Huntley and David Brinkley (NBC) and W Cronkhite

War Memorial In PA (EVERYONE LOOK!!!)

Robert Woodward on Hardball at 7:00 est - in five minutes

Msnbc poll Do you support the draft to win in Iraq

Draft college Republicans...

Kerry Sets Fundraising Records for Any Candidate Ever in a Single Quarter

Randi Mentioned the Saudi Citi / The Kingdom commercials

Are there any DU 'experts' on US involvement in Columbia?

IRON may be key to global warming

Busheviks Flip Flop on Bashing Heinz

CanadianTV alert: "Truth Lies and the War on Terrorism" with Greg Palast

Bush - obsessive key words "Change the world"

Equal Pay Day-4/20/04

BWAHAHAHAHAHA -- Chimpies "coalition" is TOAST

Tom Delay might be indighted by Grand Jury

CNN Poll on the Draft


Bob Woodward on Fresh Air now..

Affluent, lazy American society

Would the 60's and 70's rockers be as quiet today about the war

Letter to editor of MS paper: "Bush awesome in accomplishments"

Heads up Tulsa DUers, tornado sirens sounding now, 18:36 cdt

When does the "War on Terror" end?

Man, this is the Best This Modern World ever!

CNN: New footage of Rummy and Saddam

Franken ask Woodward: 'We will find double the WMD in Iraq which the pres.

Link to Sen. Byrd's speach today in the Senate

NYT's Bumiller's press conf. question submitted in advance?

Anyone know where Sibel Edmonds is?


The second amendment doesn't give you the right to overthrow the gov't.

I think I've figured out Woodward

"Kerry's military records show a Highly Praised Officer"

Now Woodward is coming up on Tweety

Now is the time! Demand Bush testify under Oath

Kerry needs to have a spokesperson out there! CNN is whoring night & day.

Sam Johnson (R-TX) smears Kerry's Vietnam record

Kid's, just do what Chickenhawk Ted Nugent did to avoid the draft.

What will happen to the DLC if, a BIG if, 2004 goes awry?

Bush/Cheny will meet with the 9/11 Comm 4/29 AM

What if Kerry chose someone like Robert Redford for VP?

Quinnipiac Pennsylvania Poll...........

If there had been a draft at the time, would the Iraq war have happened?

Kerry credited with 20 unofficial kills

My patient's father is furious over bu$h and the war.

Bill Press on MSNBC: the draft is a 'great idea.'

Does it bother anyone that Chalabi's nephew Salem will prosecute Saddam?

Bizarre anti-Kerry veteran story up on CNN

"I request duty in Vietnam" from John Kerry's service records

All respect to The Plaid Adder

George Bush's timeline on Sept. 11, 2001. This is chilling!

"All Female World" possible: ABC Nightly News just now

Byrd's speech replayed at 11;15 on C-Span

Draft -- is it a Litmus Test?

The GOP Neocons have stolen our Govt and there is no relief in sight

VERY interesting history regarding Iran, Clinton, Bush Sr.

We HAVE to win Fla. & Ohio - and they are both heavily Diebolded??

Bush Campaigns Hard For Patriot Act .... John Kerry Loses His Tongue

let us ALL applaude the Spanish

Gay Days Hits Sour Note With Band Members' Parents

LCPL Boudreaux Saved My Father and Rescued My Sister? NO.

Please Read!! The New Line - The Democrats and Iraq STAN GOFF

What a WEENIE! Bush afraid to testify without his boss, Cheney.

An Outlaw Regime that Threatens the Peace with Weapons of Mass Murder

Cannes Picks Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"


Speculation: Joint US-Israeli invasion of Syria in the Fall?

Ten years after he died - was Nixon better than Bush?

Ideas for Kerry commercials anybody?

Newspaper Won't Run This Week's Doonesbury - Too VIOLENT

Eyewitness Confirms Shootdown of Flight 93 on Stern today

Another reason to hate George Bush!

20,000 Iraqis being held by the coalition forces.

The Bible college that leads to the White House

Please, please, please take a few moments to read this

DRAFT: ....yes or no? & what about drafting women?

Why do you think Rove wants people to read the Woody book? Iraq Picture?

Bob Woodward just said....nook-yal-er

Must read: The Howling Wilderness of Pseudoconservatism

Would you consider this a liberal or conservative stance?

DLC centrism: "Perils of the Dead Center"

Need lawyer: Freeper turning me over to DA.

Anything new on Rush's trial/legal problems??

John O'Neill on Washington Journal

Maybe the draft is what this country needs

What my brother just told me...

BBV: Hear ye, Hear Ye, Hear ye...The court of public opinion is now open

Canceled Election. What would YOU be willing to do?

Mordechai Vanunu - Israeli Whistleblower Released

Are people seriously this stupid?

I'm sick of CNN. I'm ready to fight them. Who's with me?

Rush Limbaugh supporters should be concerned about him.....

Walmart: A wage depressing, sprawl inducing, union busting, benefit...

Bumper Sticker Seen on SUV Today

Somali Muslim clerics protest at "Christian" aid

How many have purchased SIRIUS radio just for Air America

Christian fundamentalists are driving Bush's Middle East policy

Vote for Kerry or go on ignore

Pentagon Deleted Rumsfeld Comment

Cuban-Americans ask U.S. government to relax restrictions on travel and r

Oregon gives boost to gay couples

'Terrorist banker' fighting to stay in SA

Poland planning pull-out of troops from Iraq

N.Korea's Kim Says to Be Patient, Flexible in Talks

NYT, p.1: Hopes and Tears of Congo Flow in Its Mythic River

WP: Woodward, Pt. 4 of 5: Blair Steady in Support

Rania’s Abusive Husband Surrenders (Arab News)

40 dead in police station blasts

U.S. Troops, Iraq Rebels Clash in Falluja

LAT: Bush's Tilt to U.N. Shifts Iraq (campaign) Debate

Lawmakers want more Iraq details

Israel Whistleblower Defiant as he Leaves Jail

Utica (Illinois) tornado kills (at least) four

Pentagon Drafts Iraq Troop Plan to Meet Violence (NYT Pg 1)

Sharon: Israel Will Keep Targeting Hamas

Dane Reported Missing in Iraq Found Dead

Supreme Court hears 1st Guantanamo case

Voters unable to have printed receipt (Miami, Presidential election)

Kerry Vows Business-Friendly Program to Reduce Pollution

Coalition faces 'disappointed' Shia

Portland man asks for pardon to avoid deportation

UK's Blair says no plans to increase Iraq troops

Air America again to be off in Chicago

Car bombs leave 68 dead in southern Iraq

French imam says wife-beating OK

Heinz Co. boosts Prez Bush's re-election campaign

Building collapse kills 9 - Pakistan Explosion

AAR trouble in Chicago, Tribune says.

US turns to old foes to secure Iraq (Saddam Hussein's senior officers)

Security Building in Saudi Capital Is Destroyed by Bombs

John O'Neill met with Nixon and Kissinger

Soyuz docks safely at international space station

Bush's Tilt to U.N. Shifts Iraq Debate

Problem with the ornithology article

Australia PM will not send more troops to Iraq

Polish troops will stay in Iraq despite Spanish withdrawal, official says

Analysis: Bush flipflops on Iraq crisis

Al-Qaeda attacks ahead of US election will be foiled: FBI chief

LAT: Panel Presses New Ocean Safeguards ("grim report")

Top UN officials linked to Iraqi oil scam

Conference on 'terrorism' opens in Saudi Arabia

Poland Hints at Doubts About Iraq Troops

Pentagon assures military will have free hand after Iraq soveriegnty

Bipartisan Senate bill would allow drug imports

Anti-terror police make more raids (London)

Cheney Reaffirms Stand Against Abortion

Military Seeks More Exemptions From Environmental Regulations

EU presses Israel over Gaza pullout, digs at US

Airline exec gets golden parachute

The Bible college that leads to the White House

Vanunu Release Delayed Over Dispute, Israeli Official Says

Al-Qaida Blamed for Basra Carnage That Killed 68

DRAFT Debate: Buchanan, Press on MSNBC soon!

Bush, Cheney to Talk to 9/11 Commission April 29

Flaw Puts TCP Data Transfer At Risk

Anti-Castro Cubans sentenced in Panama (Miami area assasins)

Blair's former spin doctor pelted with flying eggs

U.S. pulls troops back from brink in Najaf

U.S. Goals for Middle East Falter

Coca-Cola wrestles protesters and issues at annual meeting

Records contradict USDA's mad cow decision

UN investigator will probe rights, war on terror

War protesters target Halliburton's Carrollton offices

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 April

U.S. says Iraq coalition is not crumbling

ABC News - UN Officials Bribed by Saddam?

White House May Seek More Funds for Iraq

(Aust) Latham 'robbed' Clinton policies

US heading for another election fiasco as reforms fail

Dominican Republic announces the withdrawal of its troops

Lawyer Believes Army Chaplain Cleared of Spy Charges Is Being Silenced

Perry says comptroller intent on 'blowing up' session (vouchers in Texas)

Gateway could cut work force by half (2,000 jobs)

Iraq cartoon challenge to Bush

Bush: Nuclear-Armed Iran Would Be 'Intolerable'

You really may be addicted to that chocolate cake

Man in federal custody for allegedly sending e-mail threatening ... Kerry

General: Much of Iraq's Forces Have Quit

Iraq: Think of Those the US Has Detained

Bush does not rule out seeking more Iraq money

Suicide Car Bombers Kill 68 in Southern Iraq

Franciscan friars petition Gibson

Retirees fined for trips to Cuba

Don’t leave Iraq or else (US threatens Manila)

Cuban resolution before the HRC poses grave moral dilemma for the EU

Fed Says U.S. Growth Widespread

Belief in WMD and Iraqi Links to Al Qaeda Remain Virtually Unchanged

A Daily Look at US Iraq Military Deaths-707 U.S. service members have died

Russia vetoes U.N. resolution on Cyprus

Fellow vet blasts Kerry's antiwar comments

Bush Says World Owes Israel's Sharon a 'Thank You'

Rumsfeld says Loya Jirga can be held in Iraq

General: Much of Iraq's Forces Have Quit

BBC- Blast in Saudi capital

Nicaragua only to return troops to Iraq under U.N.

Supreme Court Considers Mexican Trucks

Bush: U.S. Hard to Defend Against Terror

Vanunu's Opponents Turn Violent as Nuclear Whistleblower is Freed

U.S. says Iraq coalition is not crumbling

US destroying Falluja homes (Al Jazeera)

Mouse created without father

Kerry's military records show highly praised officer with unusual abilites

One soldier dies of injuries in Mosul attack (Northern Iraq 4/20)

Senator's Wife Charged With Assault

Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote

Village Voice: Something Should Have Clicked (9/11 security failure)

Israel seen advancing on nukes

Kerry credited with 20 kills in Vietnam

Did anybody have trouble logging in just now?

DU has crack in the bandwidth

Did we lose DU for a few minutes?

Paranoid pat...if you are up...

Holden Caufield?

Procrastinators check in.....

Incredibly hopeless

Post some pics of yourself (drunk, sleepy, or just plain goofy)...

Calling it a night.


Do I look different?

Insomniac Thread -Wee hours of 21 April

Oh man, I just am not sure things will ever really get better.

anyone on east coast still up??

Did anyone just hear the sketch on Imus comparing Bush to Koresh?


There is "sick" humor, and then there is SICK humor

Psalm of bush*

TV Viewer (Evangelical) Sues For Blasphemy

The Cleveland falcons are hatching!

For all you lazy people!


audio posts...

just testing to see if this works..."the liberal song"

Call Into CSpan this morning

Ok people listen up!

Let me know if you can hear me sing and play guitar

Robber Steals $90,000 In CASH From Elderly Couple

Verizon email users

Reasons today sucks. . . .

Prayers, karma, good wishes needed

Which of these DU arguments bring out the the most animosity on DU?

Air America needs to get it together

Computer question.... avi files

Man Shoots Down Blimp With Shotgun

AAR in trouble again in Chicago, according to the Tribune

I need a quick comeback Republican joke


AAR - duct tape confLict?

Which one of these sax players sounded best with Miles Davis?

My biggest hangup ........

WTF? Couple Videotaped Themselves Having Sex With Preschooler

What's the longest one-syllable word?

Oceans 12 to take place in Amsterdam, and yeah they go to the coffeehouses

What should I do about obnoxious Republican?

Oh god...I think I have a middle-age problem!!

Friars Petition Mel Gibson to Make St Francis Film

Man Bites Off Part Of Police Officer's Ear

Legal term question

If You Were The General Manager Of An NBA Franchise...

Some exchange in an online group about

One Legged Swimmer Continues Olympic Quest

Man Returns Library Book - 42 years late

This will probably be banned...Women's breasts

What's your favorite Miles Davis album (besides Kind of Blue)?

This morning on the way to preschool, my 5 yr. old son said...

Caption:Just once more behind the ears, Mom

Should the USA Patriot Act be renewed? GO VOTE>>>>

dubya's purpLe heart

massachusetts smoking ban faiLs?

Dinosaurs Done In Due To Lack Of Females

"We Built This City" (Starship) - Named Worst Single EVER!

"We Built This City" tops Blender's "50 Worst Songs Ever!" list

CONFESS!! do you not know the #1 worst song?

Sniffa is mocking me in a thread: How should I punish him????

Bush's Lobotomy a success...

Caption: Wanna be as hairy as you when I grow up, Pa...

Caption: All new Dads this grumpy even when there's no diapers to change?

Caption: Quins? Next time I'm round I'm going for the snip...

Joke of the day...

Was that Hubert Flotz on Morning Sedition?

Some couples just aren't meant to be together...

It's April 21st .....

Wanna talk to Dubya?

The TRUE "Earth Day" is the vernal equinox, March 21

I'm not a big fan of rap..but if you use a member of the Kids In The Hall

Whodathunk that the worst song of all time was "We Built This City"...

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

Can you name this tune???

Caption: and up yours too, Mr President

Top 19 Dumbest Statements of the past week...

Sanity Check - Help !

Caption Burlosconi and Pooty-Poot!

Caption: Help! Scorpions have got into my sushi...

Is there anyone here at DU NOT aware of what the worst song of all time is

Caption: Who says BBC news has no sense of humour?

I feel like I'm auditioning for Jerry Springer

Which of My Top 5 Fav Jazz Albums of 1959 is yours too?

DU willing to help UD?

I just picked up some hot young chicks!

Adding pineapple to a recipe does NOT make it Hawaiian!

When is enough, enough...

Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

Meteor shower to brighten heavens

Caption: Help somebody, I'm a hostage in the Vatican....

Working for Bush

Who's going to be in the Stanley Cup finals besides the Wings?

For the love of LIBRARIES...It's National Library Week!!

Damn Beer. I should have known better

Caption: Time to tell the truth, pal

peeance freeance?

Are male suicide bombers just horny guys that will do anything to

Caption: Chimpy flame war?

Beer deal chokes German football fans

fav woman or girl part 2

Caption: Kasparov opponent who forgot to use moisturiser...

Crap. I just joined the 700 club!

Do you ever just want to scream I DON'T CARE!!

best thing you can get your hands on?

Question about a doctor ...

So, why is NightTrain in such a piss-poor mood today?

Murder Suspect Was Fleeing Space Aliens When He Carjacked

I'm bummed....

CAPTION the blurry finger

ZombyPeaceThread#4: Inner Peace


My God, Reverend Moon thinks he's the Messiah, the second

Hey, HEyHEY...

The Beach Boys SUCK ASS!

Do you appreciate my sense of humor?

Sniffa's fauLty 'L' Key ....

I'm watching the preternaturally adorable Samantha Brown. Ask me anything.

Personal for GOPISEVIL - New Orleans this weekend!

Toastmasters Members - A question or three

I don't know why people don't love KILL BILL

I'm fixing to enter the 700 club is it

Post a pic of your state capitol building!

It's fun to see that you've been right

John Coltrane SUCKS ASS!!!!

Bet. Game. Ever.

I spy a new freeper troll!

'Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' to be screened at Cannes Film Festival!

Bathroom Monkey - Janeane Garofalo ... SNL video

I think I want a house

Yahoo's #1 photo (for the moment)

Are You Happy With Your HDTV Purchase?

Help me, DUers!

How Many People Does Someone Have To Sleep With Before....

Air America Echo Chamber - anyone else hearing this?

Friend update

f'n a - i hate it when

"Shrek" the Sheep Evades Herders for 6 Years, Grows Lots of Wool

Mature S__X__L Discussion

I just heard "You're so Vain" by Carly Simon

Shane McGowan Assaulted

Bush Said: "Secretary Of State RUMSFELD"??? (Did Anyone Else Notice?)

Anyone see the movie May?

Some days it really does pay to get out of bed :)

Fox News Fans some real vulgar mofos

What I learned at DU yesterday

I have to go to London to work on my dissertation all in the

Most disgusting thought

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Asshat undergoes £3200 worth of surgery to look like Elvis

That settles it, Bush&Co are aliens

Penn and Teller celebrate 30 years together

Guitar players: Are acoustic simulator pedals worth a crap?

Seinfeld fans! George Costanza's nemesis FIRED by ABC!

Up next on CNN Crossfire: The Draft

The ever popular GOP Sympathizers A-Z game:

Post classic bizarro album and CD covers here.

Rock against Bush vol.1

I had to have a cigarette after Sen. Byrd's speech

NEED HELP!!! Audio savvy DUers heads up...

Bach sucks ass! You can't dance to the sh*t and the lyrics are lame.

Hottest Scene in a Movie

Why did Carl Sagan smoke marijuana and cite it for it's value in the

Dave Brubeck Sucks on Bassoon!

Original Night of the Living Dead DVD colorized

Oops, I just got yelled at by our school librarian for visiting here!

Arrgghh, Matey!! 'Pirates' Gets 6 MTV Movie Award Nods

MANOS: The Hands Of Fate!!

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW!

When did popular music hit its peak?

Fathers create featherless scientists.

maybe if I see a lot of kitten pictures

African Continent Quiz: Geez, I can never get higher than 130

Sometimes I feel like a fatherless mouse

Attn. Boston Area People :)

I'm hungry!

What did the cannibal say when biting into bush ?

Mice create scienceless fathers

Would you drive an EV Hummer?

And here we have the latest email from my fundie neighbor...

Stop the presses!

Ugh...DU break

Jonesin' for VelmaD cookies...

If Gas/$$$/Emissions was not an issue...what would you drive?

any educated liberals want to lend me a hand?

I am on a train in Penn Station

you know I passed 3000 posts a while ago

For my 500th post, a nice humpday poster I made for all of us...

I AM God DAMMIT!! What are you gonna PAY ME to DO??

Is it sexist?

This is why you always get a 2nd opinion

Pat Boone: Censorship in the arts is "healthy."

When the hell did I become old?

Best PC Games Ever

If you are a lurking Freeper Please post here.

Today is My Anniversary of Being in this Country

How far is GWU station from where we are meeting in DC on sunday? lil help

cuthulhu bumper sticker in sig line

Kings are up 2-0!

The Ed Gillespie "Grill Fund"

Heavy duty pro ethical dilema here....

Hail to the Chimp - a poem

What DU Lounge threads offend you the most? Personally I think

Poof! You have three wishes

My latest idea to campaign for Kerry

Worst thing you can get on your hands....

Who is doing a garden this yeMy garden is ready for seeds and seedlings!!!

I have to get my ass on the treadmill. (Motivate me)

"Air America Radio: Because the North.... WON!!!"

How to imply "Southern Culture" without having it taken the wrong way?

Need some ideas, please

How many people have you refered to DU?

Free electives in college

You know...someone asked me today why my Wes Clark

Best title for GWB's inevitable memoirs?

Mrs Matcom bought me a little TV for my office!

hey, M.A.T.C.O.M.!!!! Two more days until Morimoto kicks your asses

Must Be A HUGE Traffic Jam In Toronto Tonight!!!

What content in movies offends you the most?

Who do you think is the best movie villain?

I Got My Wife Knocked Up

chat going down

Need advice.. I'm a new (Boston area) gardener

Hummer joke - "three Republicans die and go to heaven ..."

The Donald: Rug or combover?

Whats Your Favorite Type Of Girl/Woman/Womyn

Who has the most soul? Male/Female showdown! *no pix this time*

Why I f***ing hate sports, Part 948.

Scientists Create Fatherless Mice

Who here would rather take a bullet to the head than...

Mid-life career change


I threw up some blood yesterday

Urgent appeal for Red Cross donations! Utica, IL 'devastated' by tornado.

Hey Newbies!! Check in! Are you new to DU or fairly new?


Does Skinner really drive "The Short Bus"?

I went to Hiroshima yesterday

I almost hit a chipmunk today.

I'm going to Normandy (D-Day Beach area) in May. Anyone been?

I cant stand it anymore... some of my pet pics - here!!!

What TYPE of beer do you prefer?

when you accidentally step on your pet

Who wants to mock some HATE MAIL?

Very sick inquiry. (John Wayne Gacy)

Chicago DUers: My protest photos will be featured in exhibit. Please come.

How old are you!

Anyone here have Grave's Disease or Thyroid Issues?

CONFESS!!!! What's your FAVORITE all Black & White Movie

Which is the best beer?


Has Kerry made a statement

Jamie Rubin coming up on MSRNC (opposite Pat Buchanan?!) nt

House of Saud baiting...

IBD/TIPP Poll: Bush 44 - Kerry 40 - Nader 4

Nader Submits for Federal Matching Funds

Kerry has Connections to Royalty

Republican battle in Pennsylvania primary could threaten Bush's hopes

kerry 'unofficiaLLy' kiLLed 20 VC

Wolfowitz admits Pentagon data to Congress censored!

For VP I am ABB

2 New Kerry ads - scripts for "Commitment" and "Risk"

Bush Campaign Web Site to Track Kerry

Clark needs to get in. Nader needs to get out.

Another terror attack here would win the election for Bush*

Should Coors sponsor "Let's Have a Draft" campaign

Will Kerry challenge Negraponte?

Sunshine State Scramble

Kerry's war record may backfire on critics (OOPS)

Bush defender was all wrong

* leads among Hispanics?

Vet who served with Kerry in Vietnam says he isn't hero

Pete Coors

Neocons abandon Bush, but God I hope they don't become dems again

Heinz/Kerry stepsiblings grew up with politics, face campaign on own terms

Have any of the whores mentioned Kerry's HIGH PRAISE from commanders

If not Kerry, then WHO and HOW? Let's hear your ideas.

Rasmussen - New Jersey: Kerry 51% Bush 39%

Election Projection 2004 Edition - Kerry Wins as of 4/13

Man Arrested After Email Threat to Kerry

Where can I get a Kerry bumpersticker?

Do you think it's Time For the Campaign 2004 Forum to Go?

Is it more important to defend Kerry or to find a better candidate?

PATRIOT (Act) Pragmatism

New Kerry Ads are pretty good

What do you think about Gov. Vilsack of Iowa as VP?

Kerry Highly Praised in Military Records

Can someone give some Evan Bayh pros/cons?

Howard Fineman on John Kerry. "He acts like he's running for....

Vote for Congress: Democrats 44% Republicans 37%

OK, DU'ers, are you watching?

Someone explain this Kerry Purple Heart flap....

Relax. Kerry is well aware of all the outstanding internet board advice.

Kerry breaks Bush fund-raising record

Did Kerry set a trap for * and his media whores re: military records?

Kerry: Two Blunders

Nader campaign says it qualifies for federal matching funds

Is Kucinich still running in the primaries?

John Kerry campaigning with John Edwards in Florida

I still think Bill Richardson would be the best choice for VP

what should DU be about?

Why are Kerryites so sensitive?