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Archives: April 22, 2004

Another stolen election?

What Colin Powell saw but didn't say

Huge Wal-Mart in Japan a big hit

The president is a hit in the book world

John Kerry's Silent Spring - Time magazine's Joe Klein

Why Won't Dubya Apologize?

Learn from History, America

How the media blew the Iraq story

Friedman: Losing Our Edge? Attracts Feds, climbs to 24,000th Most Popular!

Heads up TX and DC'ers...freepers in action...

Creative DUers: Need Young Dem fundraising ideas!

list with liberal media - including Air America Schedule

John Kerry at the University of Houston tomorrow......

Time for Major Protests to Start?

Bush drops wounded count from 3466 to 2374 -overnight - and Media says ?

CNN nothing but Propaganda

Chernobyl - 18 years later

The ever evil SUV and the new hybrids.

I'm still relevant, says Ma - TW

Shanghai seeks to boost power supply with new generators

The hopes and fears of a nation flow with the Congo river

Whitehall's private anger won't abate - The Guardian UK

Silly question: Is there any way for me to see how many posts

I don't have a star.

I have a star next to my name, but

UNRWA to renew aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza Strip

Founding a binational state

'Die, atomic spy!'

Peoria anyone? I move to Chicago in August!

Folks in the 14th--Lets start on taking out Hastert ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone here listen to the Jim Leach Show?

Decision Nears On Whether To Use Touch-Screen Voting

Judge tells feds to back off from medical pot group

Anyone going to KC Friday?

PLEASE. . .help Ohio

What does everyone think for Election 2004?

What's the ratio of Kerry:* ads in your state?

WI Sportsmen and Women for Kerry - Check in

anyone familiar with Alex Deccio from Yakima?

I Change My Vote

Atrios is guest hosting on AAR.

catholic fired for supporting Kerry

Supreme Court Decision re: Having to Tell the Cops Your Name...What's Up?

Prince Bandar denies the allegations over oil

Why don't conservatives apply free market ideas to the draft issue?

Do you think anybody at the WH watches West Wing?

Kerry for Allowing Drugs from Other Countries-things like this are winners

If a democracy develops in Iraq...

The Coalition of the Waning

O'Reilly Factor attacking Rumsfeld and Powell - call for Resignation

Bush still has not explained ties to Saudi Arabia

Senate Leaders Agree to Reopen Asbestos Talks-Halliburton Bailout?

Fuel Rod Pieces Missing at Vt. Nuke Plant

The Perfect Anti-Bush Ad...

All other news will stop...Jacko indicted

pax christi to monitor FL 2004 election

Mitch McConnell is a Martian

To DU members

Hannity has lost his mind...

Colmes just made a fool of Terry Holt

Repugs scanning brain waves, trying to find a way

bu$h: "This is a hard country to defend."

Gee, the things you can come up with Google Image Searching

Executive Order Appointments During National Emergency:

Scientists' breakthrough raises prospect of fatherless babies

Bush-Saudi Oil Ties: A Primer

Where's this headline "Kerry's Military Records Show a Highly Praised..."

O'Reilly - "all Muslims are terrorists"

Is There Any Hope of Getting Iraq/Terror Off Front Page Before Nov.?

As Wealthy Fill Top Colleges, New Efforts to Level the Field

Did anyone just see Hagel talking about the draft on CNN?

CNN Breaking: Michael Jackson innocent until proven guilty.

Robert Byrd replay from today CSPAN in a minute! (maybe?)

We have to "stay the course" ? "Well, what course is he talking about?"

Who will defend the seal-clubbers?

Brian Dickerson (Detroit Free Press)on the arrogant Bush administration...

Could bush*s 'the world owes sharon a big thanks' be his way of starting

Dead contractor in Iraq was "Secret" covert South African agent

The military says lots of people keep enlisting despite Iraq

Wasn't Pelosi supposed to deliver a big attack on Bush today??

Byrd - on the same page as Wes Clark (just like in 2002)

Voice of the Prophet: excellent short film/interview

"This is a hard country to defend" - W took over the wrong country

The Bush Economic Plan = 3 years and 10 months of bad economy and...


What's your best obscene phone call story?

"God's gift is freedom." No George, God's gift is free will.

A New Presidential Power? Supreme Court - Fateful Moment ?

Nader Campaign Says It Qualifies for Funds

How can we keep Nader off of swing state ballots through legal means?

John Dean (Worse than Watergate...) on with Tavis Smiley tonight (4/21)

How's ya like my new Sig Line?

Michael emailed me

Freepers attempting to get Jamie Gorelick resignation

Are they truly that dense?

Get a good look at a freeper

Humiliating Our Friends

Bush on C-Span

Do you guys consider what we do here at DU a political activity?

Bush looking for Ruling to designate US Citizens Enemy Combatants

Nightline 4/21: The coalition shrinketh

Which countries are planning withdrawls from Iraq?

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Pointed out on Aaron Brown, Bush2 disses Dad

When did liberal become a four letter word? Optimism, revisited.

Is it true that the shrapnel removed Kerry's left buttock

Need help finding Dubya's Tang document

What were gas prices during the Nixon gas crisis?

Bush just lost the Soccer moms

U.S. Border Officials Apologize to (British author Ian) McEwan

Bob Woodward, on Hardball, just said

what's this throbbing vein on George's temple?

Man who exposed Israel's nuclear program freed from prison.

The DRAFT: It's easy to send kids to war when they are not your own

black box voting: two more cosponsors yesterday. Keep calling Congress.

The results of Bush's Tenure to date are horrific.

BBV: Voting machine maker attacked for California performance

Fortune: A Conservative Case for Voting Democratic

HAHA!!! Jon Stewart just called out that fox news guy...

Atrios Archive

Believe it or not: WND's Farah throws in towel and declares Kerry winner!

Iraq/ContraGate - $700 million; MedicareGate: $150 billion

Majority Report Action Alert - Contact Fred Hiatt at the Washington Post

"why don't you just fail?" re: vouchers

Is Bandar lying?

I DON'T want an apology from Bush & Co.

LIHOP/MIHOP Don’t Matter: Bush is still RESPONSIBLE for 9/11

Heads up Tulsa DUers, tornado sirens sounding now, 18:36 cdt

Rights group seeks details on Iraq civil detainees Attracts Feds, climbs to 24,000th Most Popular!

UNRWA to renew aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza Strip

Abdullah expects OIC to endorse our stand

Russia/Ukraine: Common Ground Reached On Border Agreements


Saudi Ambassador Denies Oil-Election Link: AP Story

US, Zim and China want to keep death penalty

Libyan case sparks questions

Iraq/ContraGate - $700 million; MedicareGate: $150 billion

Golkar's candidate choice draws flak - Indonesia

British troops 'fight with US, not like US'

Press flay Blair over referendum

Ex-Enron CEO broke terms of release - prosecutors

Violence in Iraq Curbs Work of 2 Big Contractors

Iraqi Backer of U.S. Became Its Victim

A Call to Arms by Abortion Rights Groups

Car Blasts in Basra Kill 68 in Rush Hour

US court sentences Cuba hijackers

WP: Former Baathists May Be Tapped for Leadership Roles

'No Child' Law Leaves Schools' Old Ways Behind

African children are bought and sold

CNN Breaking - Michael Jackson charged with 7 counts child molestation

Poll: Americans Pessimistic on Terror War

U.N.: Latin American Democracy in Trouble

Tension forms when Soldiers take down posters of Al-Sadr

Leahy Dubious About Ethics Code Change

CBS to show photos of Princess Diana at crash scene

New poll shows Bush edge in critical Pa.

Kerry Highly Praised in Military Records

Saudis to Kerry: No Deal Was Cut with Bush on Oil

Norway planning immediate pullout from Iraq

New Threat Targets 8 U.S. Allies in Iraq

Kerry Issues List Detailing Contacts With Lobbyists

Spain Plans to Hasten Withdrawl of Troops

Cannes Picks Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"

Drive targets out-of-state (CA) plates

Nuclear plant searching for missing fuel rods

Man arrested after e-mail threat to Kerry

Anti-immigration forces defeated in Sierra Club election

Soldier (just back from Iraq) held for allegedly killing wife

Janes: "World Oil Crisis Looms"

Bush motivational poster

My Pleco Has It In For Me - He Is Staring At Me Right Now

Another kodak moment MISSED!

Testing new avatar...

Supreme Court Decision re: Having to Tell the Cops Your Name...What's Up?

Reason #537 to Love The Daily Show

Champagne At Work

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job

Top 11 RPG Office Supplies

Would you wipe your butt with this man's face????

Going to NYC this weekend...any "adult" shows left?

Creative DUers: Need Young Dem fundraising ideas!

Drum roll please here it is...

HOLY CRIPES, are you watching the Bucks and Pistons???

I'm trying to search for 'Bush*'...

Terrific line by Danny Bonaduce.

They're changin' Darth's outfit for Episode 3: The Search for Mo' Money!

Question about Internet Explorer

Enterprise - Trekkers

I just woke up from a much-needed nap. ASK ME ANYTHING!

For the tinfoil hatters

What would you do if you...

I have a law enforcement procedure question!

My cat attacked me last night in my sleep...should I worry?

Check out this blooper from a Toronto TV station. LOL

Excellent West Wing - for West Coasters

Tigers win a wild one over the Twins 11-8

on the post 2000... on the post TWO THOUSAAAAAAAND!

..I'm closing in on 1,000 posts, and I haven't even...

Tomorrow I go back on SSRIs, so you only have 6 weeks left before...

Best wormer for cats.

Does it get any scarier than this?

Time for the Daily Show!!!!

Need pet advice: Have new dog in house owned by 3 cats

Post a picture your state's biggest republican suckup!!!!

Bill Maher on Leno - is it a repeat?

Man fined $325 for taunting and annoying a squirrel

How many believe O'Reilly will be mad tomorrow because of Jon Stewart

Squirrel taunting my cat

Dean Scream! Tonight is killing me!

South Park on. Woo Hoo!

Dennis Miller will be on the Daily Show tonight....this outta be good.

I used to feel

give me some pointers on these areas

My first day on the fundraising job.

Cartoon Hunger Force on!

Cliff Yablonski Hates You

I would like to thank you all for....

we had a 17 year-old killed by lightening walking

does airamerica have a blog?

About an hour ago I saw a quick crawl on my screen that said

Anyone know some good websites for song lyrics?

Ethical situation:

Parton Jokes About 'Wardrobe Malfunctions'

The forums seem slow today.

T-Wolves win, lead series 2-0

Godzilla Origami! Too cool!

Favorite CHAPELLE'S SHOW sketch from Season 2

Who is this avatar?

Why are you glad to be a MAN?

The 30 years war ended

im impressed... click here for your daily glint of hope.

So, how was your 420?


South Park is spoofing/going after Michael Jackson

Bill Maher dissing bush on the Tonight Show now.

Making Christianity look bad.

I have this weird humming sound in my head now...

From The Depths of Hell Cometh Tator Tot Casserole...

When did West Wing become a Republican White House?

Squirrels and Chipmunks??? Whats up with the rodent love?

Damn I missed the removal of the helmet!

I amost Ate A Chipmunk today

You Suck

What's your best obscene phone call story?

Explain The Mysteries of Baseball To Me

Jello and DOA "Full Metal Jackoff" <--(Song title)

'nother W picture from today

Introducing: The AUDIO caption thread

Migraine Sufferer of all CAPTIONs

I'm shaking ,, I came face to face with Un-American hate tonight

Update on Mrs. Mikimouse...

Why are you glad to be a WOMAN?

What's your favorite cereal?

To live alone...or with a roommate...

Educational Links for My Sister, Please? She's Homeschooling Now!

I'm going through hockey playoffs withdrawal

I Expect 50 POSTS! What is YOUR State Bird?

My "running late for work" pic

Oh geez. Read this hilarious Freepy post.

West Coast Viewers SKIP THIS: American Idol SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

Why are you glad to be a human? Or, maybe you aren't.

Please Post A Pic Of YOUR State Flower

Anyone who HASN'T posted your picture, here's your chance!!!

Our friend, Mark Kimmitt

Why don't they draft Iraquis?

Are Senator and Mrs Kerry more wealthy than Mr & Mrs GW?

The expectations game

Why Kerry Will Win

A Marine Jumps Party Lines to Join Democrats in Trenches - WSJ

Bush maintains lead over Kerry in PA (45-39-8) or (46-42 w/o Nader)

New Jersey Poll Kerry 51 percent Bush 39 percent

Is Kerry playing "Rope-A-Dope" with Bush?

Bush campaign Web site to track Kerry

Don't we want Repubs to think as deeply about Bush as we do about Kerry?

Why isn't Kerry giving Democratic Congressional candidates talking points?

Salon: The Secret $700 Million

Salon: Lcpl Boudreaux Iraq photo fake or not?

UN must break with US plans to win Iraqi confidence

Revolt of the Generals

Church Group Raps Bush on Clean Air Act

The Kill Zone: Moving Wounded in Fallujah

'nother W picture from today

Man Faces Charges Over Threat to Kerry

Student Opinions on the Iraq War From the Middle East

Woodward: Stupid Like a Fox (Tim Noah in Slate today)

Bush on the rocks - toon

Blind into Baghdad

Durbin named to DNC position, Kerry ahead 73-12% in Chicago,

Impeachment....It's not just for Presidents....

Local Weekly paper prints speech by the Georgia traitor!

Gearing Up For the Next Military Draft

Appeasement: Should we strike a deal?

Eric Alterman - Testing Media Bias

Colin Powell, the leader who might have been

Bush's transfer of power gambit (maintaining US hegemony in Iraq)

Washington Stands Humbled in Iraq

New Republic: Why Republicans Really Hate 9/11 Commission

Molly Ivins: Fantasyland of the free


wow... good article on Bush the TRAITOR

The Condensed Bob Woodward

"May 1 was the date that George Bush dressed up like a soldier..."

CALL/FAX Daschle Now to Support S1980-Paper Trail or Vapor Trail

MARCH FOR WOMEN'S LIVES APRIL 25 (Tons of important info!)

I just found out that Randall Terry and all those

Greg Palast on CBC Counterspin - Video

Robert Kennedy Jr. is going to have a show on Air America?

Will the media ever ask Bush to explain personal/family ties to Saudi's ?

What can we do about the media bias?

Wes Clark on Wolf Blitzer re: John Kerry (04/22/04) mp3 & vp3

April 19 New Moon Eclipse at StarIQ

The Coming Economic Crisis in the West & Mayan Calendar

Is believing in both science and religion intellectually irresponsible?

ABC News - Could a Little Boy Be Proof of Reincarnation?

Turning People into Profits: Wal-Mart's Magic Numbers

CA delivers CEO Kumar's head to regulators

Tom Paine: Unhappy Birthday, World Bank!

Savings vs. borrowing rates

Interest Rates: Up From Here on Out? Should I Lock in Today?

New UE Claims at 353,000 and Producer Price Inflation surges

The battle America should also be fighting

Happy earth day!

Earth Day, Inc. - NYT

Book Finds Bush Admin Guilty of 'Strategic Ignorance' on the Environment

Bush - 0 National Parks or Monuments, 1/20 Reagan's (!) Wilderness

anybody else see Bush's rediculous Earth Day speech?

LCV Buys Bush Staffers Tuna Sandwiches - "We Told Them Hold The Mercury"

Al Gore Speaks On Global Warming At Ohio State

EPA Steve Johnson said "air travels"

Jupiter "changes its spots"

GUNS IN THE NEWS--Earth Day, April 22, 2004

7,500 AK-47 Weapons seized in Italy.. en route to NYC

Ready for the end of all gun crime as we know it?

A request for a new avatar to be added to the regular DU avatars list

Dupe etiquette

Iraq War?

Why are Kerry threads being allowed in GD?

Do you guys think it would be a good idea

In exchange for not calling live active posters freepers can we at least

Can DU hold a fundraiser for BBV? Try and sell 500 copies of the book?

You're probably tired of hearing this, but THANKS!

Palestinian leader asks Bush to reassess West Bank plan

Ariel Sharon is losing public support for Gaza withdrawal pla

Bush alienates moderate Arabs seeking the third way

Their Beliefs are Bonkers, but they are at the Heart of Power US Christi

Israeli Arab abducted in Iraq said freed

hange in US Policy May Destroy Peace Process

Arafat Expels 20 Militants From Compound

Entire Palestinian cabinet may resign

'I Am Happy and Proud to Do What I Did'

Caterpillar's Choice

Israel brings death to Tulkarim

Wanted: an honest broker

From the Bullet to the Ballot: A Strategic Shift in the Palestinian Strugg

Kaddoumi: PLO charter was never changed

Palestinians: Two girls, aged 4 and 7, killed in IDF raid in Gaza

Churchill for dummies

Why was SF Mayor Brown scheduled to fly East on 9-11?

Xymphora theory

mellisa bean

Who is going to Kerry meetup tonight?

Illinois DU'ers...what do you think of Blagojevich so far as Governor?

Why Isn't Lieutenant Governor on Florida Ballot in 2004?

Jeb 'outraged' by Kerry comments on drilling off Florida coasts

Who did you support for the primary (even if you didn't bother voting)?

Battle for Florida is already fierce; key to victory could be I-4 corridor

Local Man Comes Home from Iraq, knew Bush was going to FU

Governor, localities mull deal

Tell Sec of State 2 DEcertify Diebold - LAST DAY

San Francisco officer's slaying revives debate over death penalty

The Orange County voting machines also need de-certified

Cal-ISO calls summer electricity supply adequate

What's this pre-marital counseling bill?

Kerry related to the King of Norway , so visit Decorah and Story City

Movie Outing?

Michigan to Allow Discrimination in Medicine

Heads up Michiganders!

Calling all Central Ohio DUer's need a job?

Here is the link to the Diebold protest in North Canton today

Rumor Mill: Edwards at 2004 Ohio Democratic Party State Dinner

Yellow Ribbons are Blanketing Cincinnati.

FReepers vs. anti-NRA protestors - Pittsburgh

Ethics agency investigates the way Perry paid for trip

I'm going to see Kerry at UH at noon!! Who's with me??

Curious how many people call up representatives about issues?

who did you favor in the primary for president?

Where would be the best place for a Wisconsin DU gathering?

Talmadge - campaign event in Seattle Friday

The Perfidious DNC/DLC/Kerry

Who is this guy on CNN?

BBV: E-Vote Firm on the Hotseat ...Bev says Diebold..."LIES"

Senator Byrd needs to hear from us NOW.

BBV: Bob Urosevitch of Diebold....apologizes for device flaws!

Your favorite First Lady?

Your Least Favorite First Lady?

A conversation when W is King


what companies use/used Prison inmates?

Scott Ritter on Mike Webb now (10:15PM Pacific time)

Bush campaign Web site to track Kerry

Could reinstatement of the draft spark a neo counter-culture?

Did CNN broadcast Pentagon/Rumsfeld briefing on TV yesterday?

Neighbors Kid just got home from Iraq

Enough is Enough, stop trashing Kerry for killing in a war!

John Kerry's Campaign

Deutsche Welle.. Readers' responses to question.."Leaving Iraq"?

Should Bush be concerned about business turning on him?

If * wins, will the US build a wall around Iraq?

Let's say...

Saudis in 'total war' on terror

Brothers in Arms

Shocking Line on the CNN Crawler

Comparing Kerry and Bush - help me out

I couldn't believe what I saw when I opened up AOL ...

Enemy or Opposition?

September 11 Pentagon Dead: This Bud's For You!

Green Light for Iraqi Oil! Our men and women are dying for this.

Note to Bush from Earth Contest

BUSH 2004: Worlds collide on the web

Today's Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy Iraq comics

Anyone notice something Tweety said last night about the draft?

Kerry Issues List Detailing Contacts With Lobbyists

what if a pregnant woman gets drafted?

I support the second amendment but....

Republican National Committee advertises on E-Donkey

Did Kerry manipulate Bush into 'forcing him' to open his military records?

Senate to Take Test Vote on Asbestos Bill Thurs-(Halliburton Bailout Bill)

Bush using Earthday to claim he cares about the environment

Tax Dollars used for campaigning?!

Illinois governor says tornado was "act of God" and "has a purpose"

DU this poll?

LOOK: from military records of bush and Kerry

pit god against god....fundamentalist

OK...I've got to say it! Al Franken sucks on the Radio!

Poll; on Msnbc Kerry leading....check it out

i made some freepers think about the war

It's always a Democrat that comes with a shovel to clean up elephant shit

Draft The Rich Kids Before You Come Knocking On My Door!!!!

Blumenthal: "There is no one to intervene"

Kerry's Healthy Ocean Plan

A request about a link to article on poor

Kerry's request for Vietnam Duty Came at Highest Intensity of Fighting

Kerry's record

Does Spain still have troops in Afghanistan?

Sign my petition?

LAST Word on Kerry/Bush Military Records...

Will "Shallow Throat's" Advice to Kerry be Taken Seriously?

Did Clinton and Gore testify under oath to 9/11 commision?

Will America actually vote against their leader in the middle of a war ?

Bush Fails History...Jefferson Predicted Iraq

"Something happened to him over there."

Pissin' off the world AGAIN

Doonesbury's BD Loses Leg in Iraq

Kerry Surging in Illinois 51% to 37% (Obama internal poll)

Exclusive: New Questions About Saudi Money—and Bandar

puter savvy peoples pls

Body Language is part of the bushgang's mode of operation

Bush* Pirates Shipwrecked In Iraq

Subject: Presidents' IQ Factor

Norway OUT

706 GI's In Iraq Have Lost Their Lives In Vain

4/29 National "Bring a Chimp to Work Day"

Save the Children - Mother's Day report on plight of pregnant girls

Is Bush addicted to religion?

CNN Bait & Switch, Bush giving Idiot speech now. they promo'd Kerry and

The American President fighting French Unilateralism

Guy thretened Kerry's life arrested

N.M. GOP punishes clerk for issuing marriage licenses

Smirk says his father was the wrong father to ask for war advice

Eerie hidden message in NEW $20 dollar bills

if you missed BYRD's speech yesterday.... (FIERCE)

Letter from Robert Redford re: Earth Day

Homeland Security warns of Net attack

Time for Bush to Release Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force Member's List

John McCain boggles the mind

Critics Slam Bush's Environmental Record On Earth Day

Woman fired for taking pictures of soldiers coffins

Jane's: World oil crisis looms

A Salute to Veterans...candlelight vigil..... to Central Florida people


New Research Findings Further Incriminate the Notorious SOA/WHINSEC

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7

BBV: Diebold admits "We were caught"

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

Records contradict USDA's mad cow decision

Freepers Disgusted At Eco-Family -- BIZARRE!!

Conservatives Try to Exploit Catholic Democrats' Views

Fl. repug rep. Jennifer Carroll jokes of wanting Hillary dead

Haha, O'Reilly NOT "Influential" (Time Mag), Kidman IS!

"It's like war here" - Dan Senor

Could this be part of the reason for Blair's blind support for Bush

go out today & get a copy of the constitution

The worst is yet to come for bush

If the US pulled all troops out of Iraq tomorrow would there be Iraqis

Good news: Kerry is related to the king of Norway which means he WILL WIN!

Ahmed Chalabi

What's the biggest socialist party in the U.S.?

John Dean hints that Bush is on Prozac?

Told off a neighbor last night............

Arianna alert... on AAR (Franken)

FReeps feel tricked re: Kerry's military records


Katherine's fake annoying laugh

CatWoman's fake, annoying laugh

Rep. Brian Baird, D. Washington

Bob Boudelang is alive and well

Ecstatic about Mary McRory's death (no, not me)

Weiner's article today - "Time to Go for the Jugular"

ugh! cant find link for John Kerry's records

CNN - Kerry's war record may backfire on critics

What Was That Amazing Poem that Sen.Byrd Quoted

How come Kerry service records are not big news anymore on cable?

Lady who took coffin photograph fired and her husband as well

The Truth About American Casualties in Iraq

Whom To Believe

See the heartwrenching Dover AFB Coffin pictures here

What Did Bush do between Harvard and Harken?

CNN Polls: "They can't seriously think Bush is pro-environment?!" Edition

Bush in Maine is an insult!

Rate Yahoo story: "Kerry Highly Praised in Military Records "

Wonder if Laura Bush ever thinks about the kid she killed?

Has anyone seen Kim il Jong since the train crash?

"Republicans are just Democrats who don't know what's going on."

Franken is blowing it big time....

Americans (US) Only: What Kind of Government Would You Prefer?

The differnece between John Kerry and George W Bush (In a Nutshell)

Anyone in a betting mood about the Iraq June 30th pull out date?

Whatever happened to MediaWhoresOnline?

Hans Blix at the Univ of Scranton..

Bush vows to reverse wetlands losses

Why can't folks who oppose this administration just appreciate support?

Bush - Victim Of The Cheney Syndrome? You Be The Judge!!

Words of encouragement and a plea for understanding.

Update on Pentagon contingency plan Nov 3, 2000

Condi to brief ONLY repubs on Iraq | is this SOP?

The Perils of Enlisting?

DU this Poll

BBV: Calif. VSP Finds Against Diebold

Has anyone encountered this error?

a massive list of Hate-Kerry sites.... this is gross...

Why are we not supposed to see the dead soldiers' homecomings?

Contributions to Dean still rolling in

If you're going to protest with a home made sign,

Is Honduras leaving the "coalition" because of Negroponte?

BBV: New voting equipment didn't pass state muster (ES&S in Indiana)

Former NYC Police Commish: Another 9/11 likely if Kerry is prez

HHS Teams Up with

US Heading for Another Election Fiasco as Reforms Fail

kennedy on the floor now re: iraq CSPAN2

CROSSFIRE Thread: 4/22/04

Unofficial Randi Rhodes thread for 4/22

This weeks Bully George comic is great. It goes after Bush, Ashcroft

What the Propaganda Masters Don't Want You to See:

Remembering the Bush/Cheney Sloganator (Flash presentation)

Will Pitt's "9/11 Nonsense" in Humor Times

Bad week for electronic voting companies

Brand New Florida and Iowa Polls

The Pentagon has moved to block any images of the dead arriving home.

A draconian way of getting people to drive hybirds

Forget about heroin & cocaine.. the REAL money is in...VANILLA

Floridians... any updates on fixing the voter rolls?

The "wakeup call" argument with regard to ringing back the draft

Earth Day: Bu$h's History Of Environmental Destruction

Copyright question: Is it legal to read a newspaper or magazine

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans Killed

Newsweek Subscribers: Bush Finally Got a "Down" Arrow

* Calls for Reversing Wetlands Losses

George Bush is "everyman".. We can all "relate" to him..

Saudi-Libyan-Bush(?) connections...

Would Babs have boinked Poppy if he hadn't crashed the plane

CNN=Fox News

Bid on "LUNCH WITH BILL CLINTON" Earth Day Fund Raiser

The fix is in; CNN reports every state is a razor-thin margin

Kerry talking points for Republicans

CNN and their polls....

ANYBODY familiar with "Postnuke" sites

Wanna write my response to an e-mail I got on my protest photos?

Know anyone who could be added to this list?

The most acceptable GOP president of the post-war years

CNN and media unfairness (need help)


Made an appointment with a shrink, should I charge the military?

Bush campaigning & on vacation 84% of the time!!

Tinfoil Hats... ON!

Here is a big mouth Pub poll that needs de-freeped!

cartoons at!

How real is the possibility of a military draft?

"Show me the Job" Alter-net

The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

How Exactly Are We Safer Since 9/11

BBV: Someone record Lou Dobbs

WIll there be dancing in the streets worldwide when Kerry Wins?

The Saudis are really worried now. New tactics target Saudi security

Brian Lamb's guests tomorrow on C-SPAN's Washington Journal

Ron Paul (R) Texas

Did George Bernard Shaw know Bush?

Some really good stuff at this site...not the usual media 'fluff'

House OKs Speedy Elections if Attacked

Rice Quote from this weekend - NEED HELP!

Pentagon Admits to Using Secret Funding for Iraq War, WSJ Says

The next Great Depression is just around the corner

Does the name Winston Blount ring a bell?

Dubya in Trouble.......Dick Morris' take on the latest polls

Is this what our tax dollars are supporting? Disgusting!

Favorite Cons

What to do in case of draft?

Website for "the lowest bidder" contracted to fly back our fallen...

I don't get the "[Candidate] losing support among [group]" news

finally.......the flag draped coffins, on cnn no less

Party voter turnout comparison

Another poll Kerry leading on MSNBC

So disappointed in Howard Fineman

Marines preparing for "Final Assault" on Fallujah

ABC Talking about the Woman fired for taking the Coffin pics

"Rock Against Bush" Record Will Sell 40,000 Copies First Week

Ask your Conservative friends this -->

If there is a draft will Libertarians serve?

Laura Ingraham had not heard of the lady that took picture of coffins....

Political Correctness Poll Volume 4

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

How 'dumbed down' can we get?

My take on the North Korean explosion today

Huge church group slams Bush!

CA Nukes Diebold: Email Kevin Shelley

Al Franken is great on his show

Republican congress members attacking John Kerry on congressional floor

Coulter defines what a (liberal) democrat and (conservative) Republican is

America will not survive a second bush term, seriously

Pay attention - ads for Saudi Arabian Kingdom Holdings running on CNN

Well well well. Mr. Nader supports Mr. Bush

Drudge is now attacking Kerry on abortion, saying he flipped flopped

NBC news showing coffin photos and talking about the ban!

Franken interview with Woodward ignores $700 million.

Governor outraged by Kerry comments on drilling off Florida

coffin photo rule must be flexible (361 photos)

Condi's lies before the 9/11 commission.

Who should pay for the Iraq War? action needed

If someone were drafted and called to duty but that person

Help me counter a freeper on the O'Neill-Kerry-* 'Nam debate....

Bush just murdered 3,000 North Koreans trying to kill whats his face.

Does President Bush Have Brain Damage? Does he have "Dry Drunk" Syndrome?

Vietnamese See Parallels Between Situation There, U.S.-led Iraq War

I wrote another LTTE

*Bush Quote of the Day

Bob Woodward questions Colin Powell's honesty

The reason they keep saying to expect a terror attack before Nov. election

I just looked at my flag beautifully displayed in the shadow box

Why are you a democrat?

On the lighter side

Siriusly Annoyed In My Quest For Satellite Radio -- Advice Please!

Nixon Dead 10 Years Today

Hannity Wants Us to "Drill in That Empty Wasteland Called ANWR"

MSNBC: Kerry Losing Young Voters

Media Alert: Wes Clark for Kerry on Wolf Blitzer Today

Taxpayers unwittingly paying for RNC propaganda

John Zogby has a question for you about the new ABC/Gallup polls

Is XM or Sirus better?

drafting women; not until our gov. is at least half female

I just got back from the Kerry event at Univ of Houston...

I love Al Franken but that laugh of his partner

When your house is on fire its not time to talk about remodeling. . .

Juan Cole on Richard Perle

Wal-Mart Facts Everyone Needs to Know

CIA, Mossad Infiltrated Muslim Organizations: Expert

Mad as hell? Flood CNN's viewer comment line: 404-827-0234

Have YOU killed a Baby today?

Major LOL Clarkes new movie -Freeper gets it right

Most intelligent President of the last 50 years?

Think Again: Testing Media Bias

Diebold stockholders met today by protestors - Bev was there! Me, too!

Report that Nader has raises $600,000 already. More than 2000.

Faux News actually showed John Gibson's appearance on the Daily Show

Declare War on the Media !

Stop the FCC. Send fax to Senate.

LOL O'Reilly is going to be PISSED. . .Ludacris is welcoming soldiers home

The draft: the truth is only 20 year olds are at risk

If you have the time, watch Palast on CounterSpin (CBC)

BBV: Breaking NEWS! Urgent

The inside story on California Diebold decertification -- Next: Ohio?

Kerry's NO DRAFT PLAN vs. Bush readying SSS for June 15, 2005

Worried about polls? Read this.

The picture that George W. Bush doesn't want you to see

Do you want to stick it to CNN ? Do this all 43 thousand of us

Global warming floods threaten 4m Britons

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Pentagon: Iraq War Faces $4B Shortfall

Houston smog a key topic for Kerry's visit

Diebold machines coming under more scrutiny

A Call to Arms by Abortion Rights Groups

Gov. Bush and Kerry squabble over offshore drilling

Iraq Blasts Mark Revival of Suicide Bombs

Texas appeals court overturns two death sentences

NYT:Kerry Opens New Bush Attack Focusing on Iraq & Economy

FBI, police search for missing gasoline tanker

US visas 'deterring top students'

Bush breaks record with March spending

U.S. Officials Rethink Ban on Baathists

U.K. Press Outraged at USA Dying Diana Photos

Judge tells feds to back off from medical pot group

Lugar Has Little Say Over U.S. Policies on Iraq

Missouri Dems Use Rare Procedure to Stop Debate

China 'fake milk' scandal deepens

Muslim nations in emergency talks

Waziristan peace deal 'is agreed'

Baxter to slash up to 4,000 jobs

Violence in Iraq forces two big contractors to curb work (NYT via FT)

Coalition Not Ready To Blame Al-Qaida For Basra (MSNBC)

Bush Marks Earth Day Improving Wetlands

Man Arrested After E-Mail Threat to Kerry

Saudis Outraged by Riyadh Car Bombing

UN orders Iraq corruption inquiry

Tax police raid Russian oil giant Yukos

Islamic Countries Urge U.N. to Take "central Role" in Iraq

AP Poll: Terror Attack Fears Remain High

Iran 'Will Be Dealt With,' Bush Says

Fuel Rod Pieces Missing at Vt. Nuke Plant

Vermont Nuclear Plant Searching for Missing Fuel Rod

Family Follows Shiite Cleric into Holy Battle for Iraq

Contractor fired for Iraq coffins photo

U.S. allies in Iraq targeted in terror threat received at SKorean embassy

Germany's Siemens Pulls Its Contractors Out of Iraq

Fund-Raising Begins for Pentagon Sept. 11 Memorial

China finds suspected Sars case

Two National Guard soldiers injured in Iraq attacks

Saudis to Kerry: No Deal Was Cut with Bush on Oil

U.S. Army troops found radioactive

United States escapes scrutiny at UN human rights forum

WP: Woodward, Pt 5 of 5: U.S.Aimed for Hussein as War Began

N Korea train blast 'kills many' - 1000's

Ohio Soldier Back From Iraq Arrested In Wife's Death

Siemens and GE halt Iraq work


Hybrid vehicle registrations up more than 25 percent in 2003

U.S. Warns of Attacks on Asia Shipping, Finance Hubs

FBI's Mueller: China Faces Al Qaeda Threat, Activities

Report Conclude USA Today's Newsroom Culture Enabled Reporter to Fabricate

Convicted Haitian Assassin Surrenders

Polish troops to stay until Iraq elections

Israel brings death to Tulkarim

OIC tell US: Drop Israeli plan, bring UN into Iraq

Spain to keep agents in Iraq

Mortar attack on Dutch base in Iraq

Ohio jobs lost from mass layoffs up in March

China Offers Aid to N. Korea

Diebold apologizes for device flaws

Saudi group claims car bomb responsibility

Eton teacher admits child porn charges

Sharon: Back Gaza pullout or lose U.S. assurances

Spanish civilian shot dead in Baghdad

French Journalist, Spaniard Killed in Iraq

Italian hostage release hope fades

U.N. Council Backs Probe of 'Oil-for-Food'

Kerry Releases List of Lobbyist Meetings (Will media notice no Bush list?)

War costs to Pentagon approach $5bn a month

US-based AMD to set up engineering design centre in India

Now It's Time for Bush Campaign to Release Which Lobbyists Were Part

FDA Stops Bus Full Of Seniors

Man Arrested After E-Mail Threat to Kerry

Mood in Iraq sours further against Americans

U.S. Moves to Rehire Some From Baath Party, Military

'The million-dollar indecent proposal'

South African Security Guard Shot Dead in Baghdad

U.S. Warns Fallujah Fighting Could Resume

Tape Delay May Come to C-Span

Sharon: Back Gaza Pullout or Lose U.S. Assurances

NGO slams occupation of Najaf hospital by Salvadoran coalition troops

Tehran escalates war of plaques with Berlin

Search Continues For Missing MCAS Miramar Jet

US Heading for Another Election Fiasco as Reforms Fail

Kim ends secretive China visit

GOP lawmakers want Bush to pay rising costs of Iraq war now

Policy easing to bring Baathists into new Iraq

Wholesale prices jump (new UE claims at 353,000)

California votes against Diebold

What the Propaganda Masters Don't Want You to See:

victory for verified voting in California

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 22 April

Tests Still Show U.S. Airport Security Gaps

NYT: Fund for Asbestos Victims Seems Headed for Setback

Kerry to Bush: Talk OPEC Into Lower Oil Prices Now

Fort Hood soldiers returning amid celebration

People should not look at NK from a US perspective

N. Korea Crash Kills Up to 3,000

Calif. Moves to Block Diebold's E-Voting Machines

U.S. Courting Former Baath Party Members

Policy easing to bring Baathists into new Iraq

Report: Airport Screeners Perform Poorly

MetroRail's crash rate 25 times U.S. average (Houston)

Iraqis vent anger over Basra bombings; Fallujah insurgents warned over...

Woman gets fired over Dover photos on Drudge !

Rice Fields Questions About Iraq Campaign

House passes savings bill for guard, reserve forces(Tap IRA's)

Pentagon Admits to Using Secret Funding for Iraq War, WSJ Says

Moderators please lock.

Reporter (Lesley Stahl) regrets (pre-war) Iraq stories

Missile defense system on schedule for launch: Pentagon

U.S. House Approves 9/11-Inspired Doomsday Bill

U.S. Soldier in Iraq May Get to Visit Dying Mother

Iraqi police force is being infiltrated by insurgents

President to give Earth Day speech in Wells

'Blast after N Korea train crash'

U.S. asks Spain to help mediate in Mideast

Tax raid at Russian oil giant

Labor Party Moves to Thwart Privatization (South Korea)

Church group raps Bush on Clean Air Act ( National Council of Churches )

U.S. Soldier in Iraq May Get to Visit Dying Mother

Coalition (US) soldier killed, two injured in road accident in Iraq

Senators Call on Gorelick to Testify

Kerry Criticizes Bush on Saudi Meeting

Family Of Arrested Soldier Says Iraq Changed Him

Columnist Mary McGrory dies at 85

Pentagon angered by military dead photos

S Korea warned to drop US line

Reuters: McCain Says U.S. Needs 10,000 More Troops in Iraq

McCain blasts use of Iraq as 'political weapon'

Sony is in negotiations to purchase MGM Studios for $5 Billion

Swedish king caught driving 160 km/h, can't be fined

BBV: Panel recommends ban on computer voting system in four (CA) counties

BBV: Lawsuit challenges Md. voting machines

Justice Dept. Raids Online Piracy Networks

Bremer accused of delaying probe(oil for food)

House OKs Speedy Elections if Attacked

Appeals court orders Moussaoui case to go on, lifts ban on 9-11 evidence

For Japanese Hostages, Release Only Adds to Stress

Photos of coffins break through censorship established by Bush

NASA reports space station problem (second of four gyroscopes fails)

NYT: Challengers Defeated in Sierra Club Voting

NJ: Schundler 46% McGreevey 39%

Woman loses her job over coffins photo

Kerry is related to King Harald

Comic strip lampooning the "gay marriage crisis"

For the Women: Dudes, Cars or Food...

Master and the Commander opinions?

wokka wokka wokka

Another game of Chicks, Cars or Food?

GODS, Lou Reedd looks close to death!

Why I F*****g Love Sports

Wakka Wakka Wakka!

DU Insomniac Thread to Welcome 22 April

Licorice Jelly Beans?

Baka! Baka! Baka!

If I had a Magic Wand, I would

Any Chomsky readers out there?

I need help -- RE, Air america brain's God Machine

Baraka! Baraka! Baraka!

Which of Romero's Zombie trilogy is best?

'Head Start' Mom Stole Graduation Money..(she wanted a head start??)

Howard Stern this morning. Howard brought his daughter to work

Smelly air coming from rotting lake

Okay, MJ is back in the news. What horrors await us tomorrow

What Do You Give A Woman Who Husband Died. One Of My Next Door

Am I the only one who doesn’t watch cable news?

Tom The Dancing Bug--Great--I smell an Infomercial

Beware Of Killer Jellyfish - Three New Species Discovered!

boy I'd like to punch that fat whiny Ditech guy right in the mouth!

Am I still a newbie?

Off to the hospital

What Is Going On? Is This Bring Your RugRats To Work Day Or Sumptin'?

Which Conservative musician do you admire for their socio/political stance

God-I love Lou Reed

Who here uses wiki's?

Dress the President. Funny.

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell on Vanunu

Only GOP Cowards question John Kerry's war record.

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

If you found a snake in your bedroom-what would you do? (funny FR thread)

I have no idea how the NFL Draft will go this weekend

Cops Rescue Burning Elvis In Gas Station Blast (Lit A Cigarette At Pump)

Fresh air! Times Square! Happy 96th, Eddie Albert!

Ron Atkinson

Which musician do you admire for their socio/political stance?

HELP WANTED: One responsible DUer who will NOT be going to DC on 4/25

Former alderman receives Silver Star 60 years late.

The city wants to sell the green space across from our house...

Happy Birthday, Iggy Pop!

Caption: Of mice and (no) men)...

New Internet Speed Record

Cook Stops Thief By Hitting Him Over Head With Wok - Arrested

A man called 'Ugly' Boot Camp 1951.

caught in the organ draft

Why do all those US Armed Forces recruiting ads sound like video games?

Man Turns Bucket Of Wigs (Found In Dump) Into "Art"

Ok, eeeew. (Sunburn update)

Man Falls Out Of 19th Floor Window - Lives

Breaking Story___Bush turns deaf ear to Nancy’s pleas…..

Pair Auction Woman's Child On Internet For $1.18

Let's all get together for the Matcom Line Dance!

An idea I'm thinking of doing. Giving up television completely for a week

a message from truthspeaker to the young people of America

The Detroit Pistons Are A JOKE

Let's Play Pictionary - DU style

Caption: The Poodle Brothers

Any MXC fans here?

Which Jim Jarmusch Movie is your favorite?

Pass it on

astronomy buffs and/or animal behaviorist help needed

Caption: Space bling?

Why I love DUers

Seeing the maturity level of these people, why are we worried?

Woman Who Thought Alligator Ate Her Cat 7 Years Ago Wrong - Cat Found

OK, now I have to laugh....

Briton 'tricked' into bullfight

Who lives in Sasquatch Country? Any stories or encounters?

LA Law Would Make Low-Riding Jeans A Crime

Caption: Beached megamouth and beached megamouth

Caption: Tiptoe through the tulips...

The Best and Worst Country-Western Song Titles

Caption: Junior sends in terrorists to blast QM2

Will you please remind me never to post in GD again. Please?

puter savvy peoples pls

Caption: How to cause a traffic jam in Downtown...

The weather here is icky just in time for GW's visit to a nature preserve

Differences between conservatives and liberals

American Idol: For "Red States" Only?

Best Soundtrack Theme

Evil Mutant Attack Squirrel of Death!

Most Extreme Elimination (MXC) Marathon ALL DAY TODAY!

CAPTION the Orwellian Ideal

I'm done with West Wing

update on my new cats

The reason why my Philadelphia Flyers will kick Maple Leaf Ass!!!!

I want a woman to get elected President.

Special Edition Caption: EARTH DAY

Caption: OK, so why DID the chicken cross the road?????

HA! Just Used Snopes To Debunk The Pepsi Can Email - To OVER 150 PEOPLE!

can't have patriotism with an act of CAPTIONing

I just stared hypocrisy right in the face

Earth Day memories, 1989

Spring Fever and No Sleep

This is what I feel like doing all day today (PIC INCLOSED)

Do you like Franken's Dittohead segment?

OK, Who Wants To Mock Some FABULOUS Hate Mail?

update on bicycle mileage

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Joke of the day.

Poets die younger than writers, study finds

Remember that movie "Unbreakable"?

Saying the right thing (joke)

Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department (Humor)

Subserviant Chicken: The LIST

Is everyone still wearing black in Paris?

Japanese worship pink phallus to ward off diseases


Are you generous with money?

Who is your favorite Jazz pianist?

Is it me, or

Screw this wimpy - arse beer stuff....Who likes Whiskey?

Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson!!! Post your fav Jack movie here

Google's Earthday Logo

Vote for Ignore or I'll put you on John Kerry.

Best Source Of News?

Question for the mechanically inclined. Wheel in flames.

Cedar Rapids Man Develops Gas Control Product for Dogs

Air America radio link: anyone got one handy?

Alleged Coffee, Creamer Heist Caught On Tape

THANKS FENRIS!!! In Preparation For Tomorrow Night's IRON CHEF AMERICA....

Job Offer....

How many DUers who want Air America Broadcasts actually get it?

PETA places a brick with hidden message at Petco Stadium in San Diego

You brought a Pomeranian bowling?

Has anyone have a link to the photocopy of * service record

Rude question

Movies: Best Mix of Black&White and Color

Crime for Christ is Cool!

Favorite Classic *Bloom Country* Bit?

The "Wayback Machine" took be back to the DARK AGES (late 80's/90's)

Ok why did half of DU just go black!

The posessive plural of guys is "guyziz"?

Imagine the worst smell

Would you buy an electric hybrid vehicle if you could?

What Time Of Day Were You Born?

74 Y.O. Woman Dragged Into Lake While Gardening By Alligator

Do you even like beer

practice flirting / pick-up lines

What flavor kool-aid should I make?

Haven't we had this conversation before?

Tomorrow is The Bard's Birthday - and a not so famous American's too

It has taken me 40 years to figure this out, but....

April 22 -- Happy Earth Day

Try the tamales!


No Never Set the Cat on Fire.

Twins Win Baby!!!

Republicans who consistently vote Democratic

DU afternoon chat

Bush's Secret Playbook - Maxim Magazine

Now, this is the kind of e-mail I like to receive!

Should I Practice Not Flirting?

So how can I avoid having bad intercourse?

See This? Then You've Got Spyware

For auto mechanics: I have a cracked resonator


Someone left an anonymous, passive aggressive note on my car and I am mad!

Interesting question...


I got a job today!!!!

Eli Manning: What a punk

Puppy Panties Help Contain Scents

Mexican Chef Kills Friend - Cooks Him In Herbs

Is It Time For a "Ask me anything. I am Bored" Thread?

Is Matcom the ORIGINAL Boston Butt?

CAPTION him he is out standing in his field.

HEY KIDS! Sen. Frist has lost his kitty and needs your help!!!

My 300th post, woot

Opinions, please:

Ok, Filk fans and geeks. I need some help please.

Request: Tornoto Maple Leafs "guy"

Rush Limbaugh in his inaugural broadcast after the Rapture

The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

Your FAVORITE beer?

Is Beachcomber an Avocation?

What do "nt" and "eom" mean in posts?

I got several thumbs up on my DU bumpersticker in the back window

Britney Spears Covered In Buckets Of Urine While Filming Video

What do you listen to at work?

Quokka quokka quokka...

"Little Fuzzy Vegetables" (song)

No, seriously! I'm all for the environment! Can't you see the CAPTION?

Mother Tries to Auction Daughter on eBay

WOOHOO. Arianna Huffington Will Be On The Daily Show Thursday

Abandoned Thread! Abandoned Thread!

Man who knocked woman into swamp jailed..(4 years)

RFID, in the eye of Andrew Jackson??!

My Cousin's Daughter Killed herself - Thank you Ronald Reagan.

If you're a Star Trek fan, cross your fingers on this rumor

Lollapalooza 2004 -What a Lineup!!!

Serious Geek Alert: Buy your own Time Machine Delorean

Never Bash a Balrog

How I aced my Final Exam

Favorite Elton John tune? Least favorite?

Reminder: The Daily Show replay is starting

I expect 50 dollars.

I expect 50 posts! What's your state FLOWER?

Bumpersticker idea...

German Military Mulls Scrapping Sex Ban on Bases

I expect 50 POSTS!

Subservient Chicken exposed

I don't know what to expect

Moving to Mass, any DUers out there?

Under sexed Pandas, vibrating condoms & an underwear assistant

Found:..nothingshocksmeanymore's granny

May I share an personal piece of my past with ya'll

If The Toronto Blue Jays Play A Game And Nobody Shows Up - Do They Exist?

Here's some ideas for background music...

Yahhhh boyyyy. Padres just took three of four from the Giants!

OK, 'fess up - who here at DU likes REALLY fast cars?

I'm going to Porn Tomorrow! Who wants to be my date?

I Expect 50 Posts! What is YOUR State Insect or Butterfly?

Wierdness with a crossword puzzle...

Who has tried their pets food or treats?


favorite weezer record?

Favorite TV Second Banana/Side Kick(s)

My goal-to hit 1000 posts by midnight

I'm going to Prom tomorrow! Who wants to be my date?

who is your favorite TV dad?

Caption Rummy

Wow! FTC forces Coulter to change book jacket art! (360K, sorry)

I expect 50 POSTS! What's your state of mind?

I just got the new Capitol Steps CD

Attention, MN DUers!

I expect nothing

DU chat tonight

The truth about microwaves... I think I'll throw mine out:

What does "Sic transit the gloria" mean?

So how can I avoid having bad interviews?

What Magazines Are You Really Into.

Why is your gender "undeclared" in your DU profile?

CAPTION the weird kid who won't come out and play

What sports teams do you consider your teams' greatest rivals?

Ray Charles is God…the only question is…

Rhino Attempts To Have Sex With Sightseer's Car

I've figured out why I like older men --

I Expect 50 POSTS! What is YOUR State Tree?

Maurice Clarett not allowed in NFL Draft.

Round 2 Begins Tonight!!! Any Maple Leafs fans wanna start some static?

What Does The "G" In G-String Stand For?

*big sigh*

Favorite LOVE SONG ever

Anyone have encounters with anomalous or 'supernatural' animals?

Need An EXOTIC DANCER?? Call GOPisEVIL!!!!!!

Okay how does she do that?

DU's final verdict on the X-Files?

whose butt is cuter?

German Army To Life "Sex In Barracks" Ban

Perfect gift? : Last part of [forged ] Hitler diaries on sale

Zomby's Simple Pleasures: Mac and Cheese Lunch

Earth Day Memories - the First Earth Day 1970

DU'ers: Have any relative/s on DU? If Yes, how many?

Okay- if you aren't creative enough to give your kid an original name...

Who likes Imp'n'Ahrn?

What strange foods do your pets love?

Favourite truly disturbing supernatural tales? Black Eyed Kids for me.

What's the WORST beer you've ever tasted?

Help Needed: Anyone have contacts with Seattle LE (Law Enforcement)?

Kerry Issues List Detailing Contacts With Lobbyists

Are there any recent California polls on Bush vs. Kerry?

Keeping the RNC out of New York

Nader to get matching funds, ahead of 2000 pace

Calling all Veterans and those of draft age

link on Kerry Records?

hilarious: W's Resume...

When asked about his past comments on Vietnam atrocities...

bush* v Kerry commercials

Public Opinion Watch (Kerry ahead in battleground states)

John McCain boggles the mind?

US Heading for Another Election Fiasco as Reforms Fail

Question about donating to Kerry (possibly stupid)

They are shameless

karl rove dazed and confused, but he knows his base

Reminder: Kerry Meet-Ups Tonight

Should people from NJ and NY register in PA for the general?

I hate the media

I'm listening to Bob Woodward, and I feel he was used.

What's your take on this article?

Kerry Opens New Bush Attack, Focusing on Iraq and Economy

Kerry meet up at my part-time job....

Kerry Live on CNN & MSNBC

My resent LTE

Barcia indicted Senator charged in campaign money deal

CA decertifies Diebold machines! Civil & criminal charges may follow!!

Veepstakes at MSNBC... they're clueless...


Dupe, please delete.

New director of Democracy for release.

Kerry Accuses Bush of 'Secret Deal' With Saudis on Oil

Crossfire will be talking about Kerry's war records, NOW!

It's time to quit ***** and start working for Kerry

Wetlands loss erodes economy, Kerry says

Kerry or Kennedy which Ma. Senator would you prefer as the nominee

Yet, another opinion on polls. This one by John Zogby in an

Ever wonder what the Kerry/Bush private pollsters are telling them?

very funny comic - Both candidates disclose their military records

Newbie question

Best Kerry/Edwards photo ever!

Kerry's NO DRAFT PLAN vs. Bush readying SSS for June 15, 2005 (must read)

Wes Clark on Wolf Blitzer (and Hardball?) today

When Kerry Was Liberal

MSNBC Hardball Rpt: Kerry now leading in all battleground states!

What is the stupidest thing your senator/congressman ever did?

You CAN Make Difference in Dem Party Platform! A Million Signatures!