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Archives: April 26, 2004

LATimes: Why John Kerry Needs the Needy

Asian powers shift toward freedom

Bin Laden is as tough to catch as the Fakir of Ippi

Bush catches Saddam disease

Bush is pressuring Musharraf to produce Bin Laden

Chalabi: opportunist or miscast servant of the Iraqi people?

Poll: Americans still believe in Saddam-al-Qaida link

9/11 Action! Support Sibel Edmonds FBI Whistleblower!

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 3 (Large Pics)

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 2 (Large Pics)

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 6 (Large Pics)

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 1 (Large Pics)

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 4 (Large Pics)

Update On War Memorial In PA (EVERYONE LOOK)

EarlG's DC March Photos, Thread 5 (Large Pics)

Which wire service is Least GOP Controlled? - Pro-Choice March stories

Greenspan dead pool

Arabization of Iran hasn't worked [history]

Protesters demand full voting rights in HK

Lien is a test democracy will pass

World Vision calls for volunteers to starve themselves

Protests were `unsuccessful coup': Chen

VPC -caught in a lie?

Pop-up ad

Fact error in the Top-10 Idiots List

Why was my one of my posts regarding the pop-up in gen disc. deleted?

Bantustan plan for an apartheid Israel

Slain Israeli Arab's father begs for sanity in PA

A one-state solution in the Mideast

I'll be in Florida for a month this summer. Can I register voters?

Los Angeles Times Poll: Most in State Expect Some Tax Increases

Iowa,April Delivers the E-Voting Goods

How the hell did MN become a battleground state...

Hey Ohio-- this is a must read!

Texas Democrat Stars of The Future


What's with these Lyndon LaRouche clowns?

New news links up at Michael today (4/25)

Boston TV tonight on new marriage forms/procedures.

Army's new recruting tool

What are bush's * foreign policy plans for 2005 - 2008? They aren't on

Maybe our emails to CNN on the March today worked!

Don't Dare Bring this Up in the Campaign---or that, either

Wow...just watched the new Incubus video...

As if you needed more reason to pay attention,

How well did cable news cover the huge march today?

British Militants Openly Support Bin Laden and the Rule of Islam

Is this right? * asked Karen, Condi, and Card about going to war?

Karen Hughes/GOP once again pimping 9/11

Ivins: Bush living in "Fantasyland"

Republican Big Brother tactics to promote heterosexual marriage


Motherís Helper Position Desired

What does Karen Hughes want?

NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie (New Gag Order)

Where can I find info about the Draft?

A question about the 9/11 hijackers

Is Bush "playing politics" with the June 30th deadline in Iraq ?

File video on the news

National Day of Prayer

Is the world changed?

Lawyer says Falluja will be attacked day Bush/Cheney at 9-11

MTP rerun: Bandar admits to 140 Saudis leaving US during lockdown.

The Coming Slaughter In Falluja

Dennis Miller interviews Lynrd Skynrd - bad.

Peter Werbe's host station has fixed its streaming...He's on at 11pm EDT

Analysis of female donors to Bush/Cheney

What should we all do about the Sovietization of our media?

Iowa, April Delivers the E-Voting Goods

Did anyone else get a pop-up box with Bush that said "Save US Healthcare"

Heads Up: House of Bush/House of Saud interview on Werbe at 12a cdt

Michael emailed us again

When is Larry Flint book coming out?

Prosperity Democrats

Pray/Meditate for a miracle to deliver us from BushCo!

Freeper wants Michael Moore killed

What to ask Bush-Cheney before the 9/11 Commission?

US troops threaten to cross Shia 'red line'

No Wonder Bush Didnít Ask His Earthly Father..

Bill clinton has an October Suprise? changes AP March story

Bush: "History?...We'll All Be Dead!"

ABC to air Kerry video showing "flip flop" of throwing away medals

Someone do something about that medical liability pop up!!!

I feel ashamed of Colorado right now.

Al-Sadr Threatens Homicide Attacks

Bush has Kerry on the defensive... True or False ?

Was Gore pro-telecoms deregulation?

good email to send to conservatives:

NYTimes article on Bush's OH grass roots strategy

I keep hearing Kerry is PNAC. I keep asking for proof.

Stanford expert says Iraq spinning out of control

Should the U.S. military act as the World's policeman?

Which investigation is most likely to toast Bush?

All Welfare Programs Should Be Abolished

I'll just ask Bev Harris direct: Are we screwed in November?

TALTY: I CANNOT Do This Alone | A Media Action Challenge

Raid disrupts Iraqi oil exports

U.S. Troops to Begin Patrols in Fallujah

Official: Hong Kong's Democracy Hopes Dim

WP: U.S. Opts To Delay Fallujah Offensive

WP: Catholics Question Abortion Focus

WP: White House Chose to Promote New (Woodward) Book

UK forces may take over Iraq hotspots-report

Bulgarian president attacked (Visiting troops in Iraq)

Kerry Spokesman Responds to Karen Hughes' Misleading Attacks Today on

U.N. Envoy Warns U.S. 'Tread Carefully' in Iraq

Canada's Harper Says He Would Not Send Troops to Iraq

Police Will Be Able to Order Eye Scans....Independent/UK--New WMW

Kerry Slams Ban on Photos of Coffins from Iraq

WP: U.N. Iraq Resolution A Tough Sell

WP: Democrats to Target Cheney

U.S. gasoline up another 3 cents per gallon

British Militants Openly Support Bin Laden and the Rule of Islam

Dogs maul, kill 8-year-old Wash. boy

Baghdad children killed in crossfire

Japanese voters support Koizumi

French Rightist Stirs Up a Storm Visiting Britain

For a Conservative, Life Is Sweet in Sugar Land, Tex.


Remy Martin cognac

Question about the Simpsons tonight

Song of the day

Prime Suspect tonight.

I'm going to go read some William Faulkner...

Been Shopping?

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Robins are the Prussians of the Bird World

Sunday night and no Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Grrr.....The upgrade I wasn't told about! GRRRRRRRR!

From a freeper on another blog I post to:

New Deadwood starting...

"Are you still telling people that you're better off dead?..."

Comedy central bah-mitzfah on now

Lord of the Political Rings

going to england; what kind of adaptor do I need for the laptop?

I'm over forty and ...

Show on Japanese During WWII on HISTORY INTL NOW!!!

I just love the Dalai Lama

Would it be wise to ask out a girl...

Just saw the Alamo - was pleasantly surprised

Cheap Booze, higher quality grass

Fantastic downloadable freeware utilities for computer techies

The "Life" section of my local paper ought to be called "Disfunction"...

GEEK Computer Maintenance Rules - Or how I keep mine running smooth

Just watching "menace to society"

Anyone with CBC...Talking To Americans with Rick Mercer

"I think I'd like to go back home...

Gas prices in your area

john kerry's wife at my work today!

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

Anyone ever hop freight trains?

There is a house in New Orleans

Any Joseph Heller readers around?

Will the Fetus Be Aborted - in honor of the march!!!

got home from pro choice march, ask me anything

This is what democracy looks like!

Best sports city in America?

Miserable Mariner Fans - Commiserate here

A Friend With Weed is

Posting online photo albums?! How? :/

oh man, did you hear the BOOS Derek Jeter was getting?!

Just saw "Club Dread"

Here's a sort of girl related question...

hahah's server crashed!

My name is GOPisEvil and I'm a dweeb - ask me anything

Is it conceivably possible that the Immortal Bard could have been better

Who made out best in the NFL Draft?

According to Karen Hughes - because of 9/11 - country does NOT want choice

Anyone hear if "Arrested Development" got picked up for another season?

There Are Two Words I Can't Wait To Say About Bush On November 2

My one encounter with Multi Level Marketing / AmWay

I just planted peppers, tomatoes, oregano, and basil..ask me anything!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Degas or Monet?

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Download it tonight

This week at the White House:

CNN is doing a Nascar/Bush story

Is Schroedinger's cat dead or alive?

My Cat Has a Cellophane Fetish

A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband

The correct URL for the NighTrain/liberalhistorian Romance Fund page.


Give us a poem which shows how you really feel..

Rest in Peace, Spartacus

Mrs. Mouse is home, resting semi-comfortably-YAY!

Who will see The Day After Tomorrow?

How sore will I be after my new job tomorrow?

Now receiving donations: the NightTrain/liberlhistorian Romance Fund!

March for Women's Lives Photos

The Kerry Tribes The seven factions fighting for control of his campaign

South Dakota DU'ers: What influence will Bill Frist have on Daschle's

Why isn't the Environment a BIG issue in 2004 election?

If Bush wins, becaue I vote Green, this will not be my fault...

What are your plans if * reinstates a draft.

ABC News: Kerry video tape contradicts Kerry comments/website re: medals

Herbert: Regressing on Integration

Ted Rall has a very scary thought...

Make Peace With Pot

Will Corporations Own Our Identities?

More BushCo Shenanigans....

Not usually an editorial cartoon-- Arlo & Janis

The Lawyer, the Bible, and the Governor

Cell phone gridlock (in LA)

Mother Jones: New Word Order

A new generation takes up the fight

A frank talk with God

The most obvious and OFF LIMITS topic of all.


NPR's Bob Edwards Last Days as Morning Anchor

The State of the Union.. Special Series from Mother Jones

Sports as Propaganda: The Death of Pat Tillman

An explanation why 57% believe in Bush that makes sense

Newsweek: Troops Don't Have What They Need to Protect Themselves

New service branch: Reconstruction Corps - thoughts on this idea, please.

Fabulous DC protest signs picture at Yahoo

Protest Pics (just one, kinda large)

Skinner's DC March Photos (Only one thread)

Just got back from DC!!!

New Word Order

A proud liberal writer has left us - Philip Hamburger of the New Yorker

BBV heads up!

Youth Voter Patterns-- on C-Span NOW!

Pro-Choice March wire service stories change-but AP still tries to minimiz

Man, that Schneider piece with the Nascar thing was the last straw...

Kerry thru medals Story is getting a Kerry push back-will media report?

The media and John Kerry

Bill O'Reilly has written something worth reading - is this possible?

What effect does CNN's Crossfire have on you?

My Co-Worker has Cancer

Dream career; do you have one? What would you sacrifice for it?

I lost my daughter to the fundies

Crows are causing power failures at LA airport....and I have seen

DoL Proposes Mandatory Overtime Pay

Driest March In 100+ Years For Southeastern States - Western Drought Worse

Conference Agrees On Earth Monitoring System By 2014 - AFP

Eastern Java Facing Severe Water Shortages Thanks To Deforestation

Illegal Logging Blamed For Indonesian Landslide - At Least 44 Dead

Britain's Rare Species In Grave Danger Of Extinction - Independent

Cheney Energy Group Director Now Raking It In As Energy Lobbyist

Japan Will Deploy Buoys To Measure Oceanic CO2 Concentrations - Asahi

Law Of The Sea Convention Now Also Toast - Thanks, Phyllis Schlafly!

Glaciologists Concerned By Melt Rates Of Chile's San Rafael Glacier

Strange Shadows: Saturn's Two-Faced Moon (

1.3 Million Mexican Farmers Displaced By Subsidized US Corn Since 1994

Bush Photo-Op Wetland Downstream From Pending Huge Development

Hikers/Mtn Bikers: Have you ever seen a Hummer at a Trailhead?

George Dubya, Fuel Cells, Alternate Energy

Bush Wetlands Total Includes Areas Without Water - "Dysfunctional" Wetland

April 26th - Chernobyl - 18 years later. A must read powerful story

SA: From pariah to a powerhouse in Africa

Muluzi threatens to expel EU poll observers

Tanzanian president pardons 4†485 prisoners

Rwandan troop presence in DRC 'unjustified'

A question about Rumsfeld & Prince Bandar.

Dark cloud forming in the Gungeon?

Cops' guns no match for gang-bangers' AK-47s (San Francisco)

Keystone Flop

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 26, 2004

So to continue last week's discussion on the National Guard...

Have you or haven't you?


[x]...Thanks for the new feaure!

RNC rhetoric at DU?

I have been trying real hard to get

I am a donor never got a star.

The "Rick James" thing...

Never had a pop up on DU

Roger Cohen: An ominous moment in Middle East turmoil

Allister Sparks: Where no land has gone before

Reporters Without Borders condemns assault on film-maker

New bribery suspicions link Sharon family to Austrian casino tycoo

What kind of state deserves to exist?

Israeli Arabs to mark Nakba Day with march

Why Did Bush Take My Job?

A New Vision in the Face of Apartheid and a Road Map Leading to Nowhere

Israel Identifies New Secret Hamas Leader

Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of Islam


You gotta love these guys,

Champaign County Dems? Are you there?

Governor reverses cuts for disabled

California Still Has Highest Average Gas Prices

Bishop Romney blasts auslanders and their

Saturday May 1: Northampton Pride

Update on bush 3mill fund raising visit to MN today

Bush visits Minnesota Monday

Calling all Mid-Michigan Progressives!

Protest Condoleeza Rice in East Lansing - May 7

I just saw Tom Ridge...

Interesting PGH find in Cleveland second-hand store

Daily Kos predicting Toomey will win

Bush* taped phone messages to registered republicans in PA

GOP's crooked finances scrutinized

My afternoon at the Earth Day Kerry Rally in Houston, 4/22

Battle between Perry, Strayhorn taking on look of 2006 primary

Repub running for 4th CD

WI Governor vetoes Conscience Clause bill

Bush Policy to Pollute the Air

How come no one is pointing out that Homeland Security was

Scenario - bush* to fundies: go screw

Lets get this straight

Tampa who? Glazer?

DU homepage down, ,but I could get to the discussion boards

State of the coalition

I am Woman ....Hear me and my 1,149,999 Friends Roar

Brownstein:Kerry Skips Nuance on Mideast When Needed Most

Stand Up and Holla! . . . RNC essay contest . . .

Banished from the American dream

Per Imus

Freeperland is down! Muhahahahah

Japan bills freed hostages


Bulgaria's president survives convoy attack during Iraq visit.

The real Vietnam Syndrome is amnesia

Hypocrisy in this weeks top 10?

Today's "shocking" Doonesbury (4/26)

IMO....Woodward helped the white house do it's dirty work....they want

What if Al Gore was running this war the way Bush is?

I'm proud of the WOMEN.

Time for the Fairness Doctrine yet ?

U.S. vows not to attack Iraqi holy sites

Days of Infamy Live On Through Conspiracy Theories

God's Banker murder trial: link to Peter de Savary/Kuwaiti banks

From "Seven Days in May" to RPMA-the efficacy of coup in US

I'm having trouble clarifying my position on abortion.

Whose speaks most simply?

One of CNN's top stories... Hughes challenging Kerry

Anne Frank Photos and Film Available On New Website

If Kerry gets in there he needs to cut the corporate media down to size

Howdy Bushy In The Suitcase

can someone tell me abou Accuracy in Media?

ACTION ALERT! Support 9/11 Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

i sit for 15 minutes

My MOTHER told me not to send e-mails any more +"...Kerry's TOO rich"

Did anyone catch Lieberman on the early show?

The African foundations of New York

Day 19 for hostage Matt Maupin

Thinker's Anonymous

Operation: American Freedom

if * wins a second term, how likely is impeachment, realistically?

need some examples of Repub "personal responsibility"

What's a ribbon? What's a medal?

Not for nothing but where are the rest of the vietnam vets in this?

I Picked Up The Paper This Morning And Recognized A Guy Killed In Iraq

Is any one else getting spam from Saudi Arabia

What is the Christian Conservative VISION for America?

BBV: Please listen to WBUR.COM right now!!! (10:52 CT). Good discussion.

Req for help/info.... Austrian Elections

Man arrested for wearing military attire released on $10,000 bond

Update from B'more Sun: 2 soldiers killed in Iraqi explosion

Saudi Ambassador: Iraq Pay-Off Could Avoid Bloodshed


We're doing the work of our Democratic Leaders...and I'm Mad !

Catholics Question Abortion Focus : Address Issues Such as Death Penalty

An Answer to "Where's the Outrage"

Bush has 8576354756 people touting his ass. Kerry seems almost alone.

I pulled a Bill O'Reilly on a co-worker

NYT: Women's Rally is "decidedly partisan"

Why does the WH like the Woodward book? BEWARE!

April '04 fatalities exceed Ground Combat Phase.

Is there a Dentist in the house?

I get it...Cheney is doing all the actual campainging...(FOX)

WB channel had the perfect analog for bush.

AAR News: Teen's teacher turns him in for anti-Bu$h artwork

Et tu NASA?

"Hate crime gets a slap on wrist"


Is it me, or has Wolf reset his "whore" meter to a lower level?

Cool "mainstream media" pic of yesterday's march

Support Sibel Edmonds 9/11 whistleblower.

Great Faux (Linda Fester) Segment

Is the chimp still talking about the freed Iraqis?

Junior's "Mission Accomplished" One Year Anniversary Coming Up.

My Kerry Defense Against Bush's "Medal" Attack

Out Of Respect? Greive together

Wanna make a freeper develop turret's syndrome?

real story on the Catholic bishops position on Kerry

Past Polls on presidential elections

The Right mentality.

Bush 48% Kerry 44%

Molly Ivins on O'Franken NOW!

Clayton Henson was supposed to leave Iraq 4/16..he died 4/17

The Kurdish Diaspora

Please, please start saying good things about Kerry instead of

PIMPING. Use the word. Say it really LOUD. "PIMPING" this is

Kerry should simply ignore all this tinny rattle from the Bush campaign ?

Letters to Editor of Boston Globe Today - Please Read

MoveOn Ad Compares Kerry and Shrub Service Records

Freepers in the Mist

AAR Just playing music in Chicago?

(Yahoo Link) Drudge: Clinton's Memoirs to Be Released in June

AWOL Bush--make it a habit

AFP: Abortion rights march draws 1.1 million in US: organizers

C-Span2:Dorgan(D ND) talking about funding for Iraq (2:52 ET) n/t

March on CSPAN

What about your LOCAL media? Use it!

Discussing John Kerry on Talk of the Nation

My stepsons are registering to vote for the first time

Karen Hughes: Abortion Rights, after 9/11, is anti-American, pro-Terror

Women's March on Washington NOT lead story on any a.m. talk shows.

Question about the Draft and only sons

Was there a spike in XM subscribers when AA launched?

I think this is awesome, one of the coolest thing I've read in a while..

Pro-Choice Republicans

Bush & Republicans Are So Pro-War You Would Think Bush's Team

How can we get the chickenhawk theme into the mainstream media?

The changed ABCNEWS title STILL isn't good enough.

Medals - Diversion from March?

The facts About Cheney's Cuts To Key Military Programs

Fox News? Not in our henhouse (CA)

This weekend marks the anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"

anti-abortion Susan B Anthony List site on Sunday's march

Kerry's Response to the Did He Change Story/Medals Story

Action: Tell ABCNEWS to change the title of "Did Kerry Lie" on site

Need help with question about GMA's Charlie Gibson...

Why isn't Thom Hartmann listed on DU home page?

34 Years ago Bush refused to serve in the war that he criticizes Kerry for

get ready to laugh.....

Lasik surgery ROCKS! From 20/200 last Friday to 20/25 today

PSST! Hey US Occupiers! I Got A Hot Tip For You!

Thank you Sen. Byrd and Rep. Obey

Some (possibly answerable) unanswered Bush National Guard questions

Rockford man accused of plotting deaths of government officials

Diebold should be required to recall all of their voting machines NOW!

US troops can't help bring "stability" to Iraq...

Woldruff Screwed Leiberman On "Inside Politics"

Terrorist caught preparing to kill 1500 at Democratic National Convention

Note the pic of Kerry on MSNBC site

DU MSNBC's poll - * v. Kerry

Need Chimp video links


DU this CNN poll on Kerry

25 Rules For Being A Good Puke

"2 GI's Killed in Iraq Blast in WMD Search"

Question: Is there a cease-fire in Falluja?

Judy W. on CNN had Woodward on discussing his book and

Connecticut DUers PLEASE find a way to get

Anyone got screenshots of the * 9/11 commercials?

What YOU can do re: Republican terrorist

Some straight couples choose domestic partnership over marriage

Crossfire: Kerry vs Cheney

CNN cheerleading collective punishment of Fallujah

Did Bush have a stroke?


"The closest thing Bush has to a ribbon on his chest...

Death threats from Right to Lifers.

Oregon Poll: Kerry 46, Bush 45

Should Kerry use the * in the flight suit footage in his ads?

Josh Marshall writes Kerry's next speech. But will JK use it?

Hannity says a"few thousand"marched in DC yesterday

Anybody got that pic of Bush signing abortion bill, with all white guys?

C.A.I.R. 'wants to creat US where Islam is the only religion' - RW claim

More Reasons not to trust the police

Something Dumbya said at his press conference fiasco...

Randi opens with sound bites from the Women's march

you ain't draftin' MY son you fuckers!

What happened to pic of soldier with a sign... "lcpl killed my dad knocked

We can sue local city councils to dump FOX NEWS for distortion

Another Chris Vlasto (ABC) smear...Clinton, anthrax, Dean, now Kerry...

The DRAFT - Rummy: "not at the present time", WH: "not at this time"

Treasury Plays Partisan Politics with Tax Dollars

Did anyone catch Meet the Press Yesterday?

Has any freeper claimed Bill Clinton's book won't sell a million copies?

Randi Rhodes opened my eyes

Will Plame indictments be issued before April 30?

Sibel Edmonds hearing today

Has this article linking Saddam & Osama been debunked?

Anyone else think N.Y. Times is elitist?

Doesn't Carville know that Cheney also voted against defence bills?

The new Bush-Cheney attack ad is over-brimming with LIES. Disgusting.

Who's the bigger dork? Specter or Toomey

Al Gore claims he invented the internet.

Kerry poll to vote in

Behind the scenes at the March for Women's Lives

is the world going mad..........they yell about kerry's medals

Strange, why doesn't NASA want to talk about a silly movie???

Just received my May Dairy pricing from my distributor ~ Ouch

New job opportunities...for the unemployed...just saw on VA.

Great photos from the March for Women's Lives

Kerry will win by such a huge majority that it will force the media to...

Lester Holt is showing his pro-Bush bias.

Which ribbons make a man more qualified to be President?

Despicable PROOF of HARDCORE Media Bias

I have a funny story about "Air Am."

Bandar on Tweety NOW

Yesterday marked a cross-roads

How is it possible this medal thing is top news

Kerry handling medals story perfectly

Is there an organization working on legislation to hold credit

Nip the Kerry "threw medals over a fence" ditto-point in the butt.

Battle rages in Fallujah; minaret on Mosque destroyed

John Kerry's ABC appearance: Why I'd be a terrible journalist today

Can you?

PEOPLE!!! ATTENTION!!! GodDammit!! We Have 6 MONTHS!!!

Purple Hearts or PBR??? You decide...

Why don't we give free air time to Presidential Candidates?

My Daughter-in-Law Just Boarded a Plane to Iraq

Has Kerry Been Tough Enough On Bush?

I think this CNN poll is worth going to (Kerry's medals controversy):

Yikes! BushCo now links abortion to 9-11?? Pro-choice are terrorists!

LAX, power outages, May 1, Mission Accomplished, terrorist attack?

Christian far-right for tax cuts only to drive needy to faith orgs?

I'm FIRMLY in Kerry's camp now

Al-Qaeda is most definitely a bunch of knuckle-draggers however,

Stop defending! Attack, attack, attack, and then attack some more!

Col. Smittle: "There's going to be a draft...after elections, spring 2005"

SEIU's Andy Stern blogs about Walmart, wants input.

How can someone like me make a difference this Nov??

Cheney and the Repugs want to blame the lack of

a cartoon dedicated to Bev Harris

Palast on Majority Report tonight. Also John Stauber. Janeane back .

On Israel's 56th birthday, new blue Iraqi flag unveiled. Coincidence?!

ABC: Another "Post-Mic-Moment" for Kerry...

The election is over - unless we focus on the real issue - paper trails

Need help understanding this Kerry medals thing

This is handy - make your own Iraq 'toon

Here it is, you asked for it,

Where's Wes Clark now?


Check Drudge on the Kerry-Medals story

Kerry Medals -- Please help me figure this out

Should Clinton Shut His Big Fat Mouth--ahhh, book????

Randi Rhodes is smoking

What is going on with this "gas hike" that we are being

So.. SF has decided not to enforce law against Cop Killer?

World Trade Center Design

Is Air America off (again) in Chicago??

Roman a clef re: Bob WOODWARD as Backstabber

Lehrer just apologized...

I finally saw a Kerry Ad(About f*cking time John)

My email to CNN execs: "This is your viewership!"

BBV: The RECORD Act has more Sentate cosponsors than The Voter Confidence

All PA DUers need to do your best to get some republicans out for Toomey

Greg Palast: Oil-Slick Jim (Baker) Moves In (to office in the White House)

Mail Call!

A Day at the Craft Fair - Conversation with a Veteran

Non-Politico (celebrity) potential VP choices. I'll start...Oprah!

Ignore the trolls.... just ignore them....

How Many Ribbons and How Many Medals did Bush receive

Back from DC after 20 hrs on the bus

how to win friends and influence people (U.S. Army style) . ..

moveon Kerry military commercial

Military folks: How do you feel about Mercenaries?

Insight into why (some of us) hate Bush so much...?

Charlie Gibson on GMA was "grilling" Kerry about his medals ...anybody

Great News: "Bess Eaton Donuts" Goes Under!!!

If a lot of us suggest Wesley Clark as the VP (write-in campaign to Kerry)

Specter-Toomey flame war at FR

the ad kerry v. bush military service

The Disappearance of Anne Coulter

Where are the young women?

Kerry "would ensure there was no military draft "!!

What country would you most tolerate invading the United States?

CNN: Far Left TV?

Boycott "Hobby Lobby"

Bumper Sticker Needed: Bush/Cheny 04--you must be joking

OMFG! Ted Nugent is a Child Molesting Bastard!

I'm extremely proud of Kerry right now

SAIC has at least 7 contracts to set-up and run broadcast media in Iraq

Campaigning During War...

I read lots about plane not really hitting pent. But what about all of

A Letter to my Republican Fundy Friend

Why aren't there any Latin american terrorists?

If you were a voter in Britain, which party would you support?

Symbolman offering 15 Ads FREE to Kerry Campaign - listed Here

It must be so HUMILIATING for Bush. Not MAN enough to testify alone.

is there a point to public education at all?

Study Finds Seasons Affect Cholesterol

Pennsylvania's Brawl for the GOP's Soul

New York GOP Rep. Jack Quinn Retiring

Jackie Chan Kicks Off New Role as U.N. Ambassador

It's the economy, voters, but whose?

25% of workers sleep on the job

Conference will urge firms to help rebuild Iraq

Karzai Invites Taliban to Join in Afghan Poll

NYT: Baghdad Camp Houses Those Fleeing Falluja

Syrian Envoy Finds D.C. Tough to Fathom

Back in Argentina, Priest Faces 'Dirty War' Charges

NYT: Energy Providers Seek Grant as Step to Build Nuke Plant

CNN: Fallujah On Fire

Baghdad bomb targets US occupation convoy (12 Marines may be dead)

NYT: U.S. Finds Fault in All 50 States' Child Welfare Programs

(TX) State GOP money trail muddy, possible violations of law

U.S. Troops Enter Najaf, Pressure Militia

Anne Frank Photos and Film Available On New Website

Explosion Levels Building in Northern Baghdad (Perfume shop?)

Florida Legislators Take on a Voter Right

Fallujah effort beset by array of complications

Britain may send more troops to Iraq

Met boss retraces Diana's route

Martin, Bush urged to discuss 'NAFTA plus' - Globe and Mail

French lawyer would call Rumsfeld, Kissinger to stand in defense of Saddam

Abuse Allegations Led to Priest's Charge

Last Updated: Monday, 26 April, 2004, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK

Iraqi group threatens to kill hostages unless Italians hold protests

Is Air America off (again) in Chicago??

NATO Sees No Iraq Role Unless Many Conditions Met

Israeli military boss claims Iraq had chemical weapons

Jordanian Lawyer Wants to Defend Saddam

Families of hostages say they're being kept in dark(by KBR)

Sprightly Pope announces six more beatifications

Protest 'or Italian hostages die'

LAT: (Shareholder) Activists Target (Corporate) Political Gifts

ĢNo departure in Pakistans position about troops for Iraq -- spokesman Ģ

Italian Hostages Under Murder Threat

Under-fire Spanish kill five in Iraq

mods please delete dupe

`Dangerous Situation' Developing in Najaf, Iraq, Bremer Says

Ukraine refuses to send helicopter squadron to Iraq

Scrambling for votes, Bush, Kerry shift focus to battered economy

US Occupation launches air attack

$50 Bill Gets Colorful, Hi-Tech Makeover

BBC: US builds new Afghan airbase

Al-Qaeda chemical attack foiled

Bush Campaign Turns Up Heat on Kerry

Al-Zarqawi Claims Iraq Oil Terminal Attack

Kerry: Bush Failed to Enforce Trade Pacts

AP Exclusive: Ten U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized $300 Million in Past

Three ex-hostages billed $21,000 for travel expenses home from Iraq

Ten killed in massive Indian elections

Key Democrats Question Bush on Sept. 11 Funds

CNN: Democratic leader blasts Cheney

Developments in Iraq (WMDs?; Fallujah fighting; US into Najaf)

U.S. Pledges Humanitarian Aid to N. Korea

Most Fallujah insurgents are Iraqis: US (AFP)

IBM meeting draws offshoring, health care protests

Explosions rock Najaf

2 US soldiers killed; 5 injured

Pittsburgh Joins Cities Condemning Patriot Act

Muwaffaq al-Rubaie: Force may be needed to bring peace to Fallujah, Najaf

Court Won't Reinstate Prayer at School

Vietnamese advice to U.S.: Leave Iraq

Powell Sees Limits on Iraq Sovereignty Post-June 30

Lehrer just apologized...

Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of Islam

White House pulls support for conference (Global Health Council)

AP: 10 U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized

Report: Conte admits giving Bonds, others drugs

Baghdad bomb targets US occupation convoy.

Punished Contractors List

WMD hunters ambushed in Baghdad


Iraqis: US using cluster bombs in Fallujah

Saddam 'lawyer' would call Rumsfeld - ( as witness )

Bush finishes 4-hour visit ( another two-fer)

Jordan says major al Qaeda plot disrupted

Your faeces could become a source of power

Handbags insulting "president" in French sell like hot cakes in US

Kerry Criticizes Bush on Military Record

Court Passes On Prayer, Potatoes

Iraq's U-S-picked leaders approve new flag

Louvre: Mona Lisa deteriorating quickly

NYT,Iraq Attack:Many Versions,Obscure Truth (press coverage)

CNN Lou Dobbs accused of outsourcing "Jihad"

Justice Department to Investigate Judiciary Memo Scandal

Activism by young women may boost Democrats in November polls

Brahimi a controversial figure, says Chalabi

Bush Budget Causing Iraq Casualies (Bush withholds requested funds)

Pentagon officials asked to explain Iraq armor difficulties

White supremacist guilty of trying to solicit murder of judge

New Iraqi Flag Meets With Public Disapproval

Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project Depicting Bush As Devil

Clinton's Memoirs to Be Released in June (AP)

Diplomats blast Blair for "U.S." foreign policy†

US GI's in British WWII disaster honored

Boeing launches 7E7 with order from ANA - 50 planes.

Leaked Diebold Memos Triggers Suit Against Newspaper

It's BD's hair!

My health care dilemma

I'm listening to both nights of IT! Ask me Anything!


Post backwards; it's fun!

YELL REAL LOUD until demgrrrll gets her 1000th post!

When they've bought you and they've sold you

Evelyn, A Modified Dog

Ever done crank?

Acne scars

March for Women's Lives is being replayed on CSpan now

The Lounge is dead.

I think I just invented a new form of poem: DUiku

Is it hypocritical for fundy Christians to boycott R-rated movies...

Anyone notice this newest Google Bomb?...

sensory homunculus

Bob Woodward is on Washington Journal (CSpan) this morning

Per Imus

Biography: Walt Whitman

McDonalds to merge with Microsoft

If you get sick at McDonalds ..

does anyone else like edamame

Artist Makes Pistol Using Her Own Skin

School DUI 'Assembly' Causes Students To Vomit - Some Hospitalized

Gooooooood Monday Morning DU!!!

Today is National Pretzel Day.

Caption: Piggy back, Ma??

Norwegians Hoard Beer As Price Plumetts

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell 26 April

All my cats are lazy.

Joke of the day.

Eye of the beholder----

Yellow on Green

Teen Who Burned Cross On Black Pastor's Lawn Didn't Think It A Big Deal

Battle of the old time Celtic bands!

My march photos (the DU who got lost edition)

Teens Steal Skull - Use As Ventriloquist Dummy

I have a concern about the NHL's new Schedule and Canada

Opinion: "Social Styles" course (Wilson Leaning)

I tossed my medals too

Thinker's Anonymous: A Modest Proposal....

Suggestions for XBox games.

Ok homies, More Thyroid Questions!

what happened to the AK-47s found by the Italians Last week

Hurling unprovoked invective at teen girls

Granola Head?

Daily Whiny Post

Rhino gets amorous with car

I LOVE the 'oy oy oy show'...

What white Commander-In-Chief is like a sex machine to all the chicks?

To each and every marcher: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK

Near recent photographs from Iraq

Be good to your mothers, kids!

Is this for real?

OK, I am reduced to pandering to get your replies

Kobe Kaption

Billy Joel drives into house; THIRD car accident in two years

Going to see Stereolab TONIGHT! Woo!!!

Slow day at the office? DU Yahoo euchre anyone?

Thank you GopisEvil for showing support for the Austin DUers in the March.

Anyone try the new "limited batch" Ben & Jerry's flavor?

What If JFK, Jr. Were Still Alive...

I know this makes me sound like

One of the funniest spams I've gotten in a while. . .

Man (Drunk) Takes Bulldozer For Joy Ride

who is this man, posing as Jesus Christ?

It's all over for Guided By Voices - NME

I want to know who the men in the shadows are

LOL and you:

Happy Arbor Day!

10 minute break from studying, Just wanted to say hey...

Time for another bragging thread...

Most Appropriate Affliction for Dick Cheney in His Next Life

should we be concerned about the upcoming 3 stooges movie?

How conspiracy-minded are you?

Homeless Man Dines On Filet Mignon - Tells Waitress He Is Broke (Arrested)

Just kill me now

Woman, Tired Of Tupperware Turns To Selling Sex Toys

The NASCAR vote? Are you shitting me?

Is there an A-Rod jinx?

anyone know why Dean didn't speak yesterday at the March?

Get free cell phone from Landover Baptist Church

Did you see Masked and Anonymous?

My doggies!

Anyone else remember this very weird comic book?

Who's your all-time favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model?

UK DU'ers, or anyone who is familiar with Joan Armatrading

what have you seen today that moved you?

new buttons- equality, democracy

Anybody see "Alias" last night? Didja catch the "tin-foil" reference?

Caption: Poodle Brothers, the final days of shame

Doesn't * have a tailor?

Caption: Pickles's sartorial self-destruct....

The Festerin' Fine Point of all CAPTIONS

The Check(ers) Mate of all CAPTIONS!!!

I Hit My Own Car...Ask Me Anything!

Captain America as President? It almost happened

Are there any decent beaches in Louisiana?

Heads Up Hockey Fans


Need some good thoughts for my mom, please...

In-Wall Speakers and electrical cords

Top Ten Gay-Friendly Places to Visit

Bumper sticker of the day

Anyone familiar with European toilets...any DU plumbers?

Funny bumpersticker

Duck Hunt

"you've crossed me for the Last time finger!!!"

Chuck-A-Rama buffet kicks no-carb dieters out of restaurant !

How come when I drink coffee in the morning it helps wake me up

DU Insomniac Thread to Welcome 26 April

Anyone here heard of the Catholic Worker? You should check them out!

Happy 66th birthday to DUANE EDDY!



Dick Hunt

Anyone here ever fasted for spiritual guidance?

What is the worst sound you have ever heard?

ahh oldest says now i'm a granpa....

What is GOPisEvil doing to Bush in this picture?

Joining 700 Club. Am suddenly feeling bigoted and superior.

Inventors who should be hunted down and beaten: I'd start with

Yeah, come on all you, big strong men, Uncle SAM needs you again.

How old is Skinner anyway?

Netherlands seeks to stub out 'cannabis tourism'

Help quick! I need a humorous response to a kerry waffle cartoon!

I've adopted a monster

Germany seeks to stub out "cannibal tourism"

The Crawford Hillbillies!

World's youngest grandmaster

Hi, I'm a Yankees fan AND a proud Democrat!

If you use Earthlink for your web site provider

Eschewing a sesquipedalian style is desideratum for good communication.

World's greatest grandmaster

What Would (Or Does) Your Vanity Plate Say? n/t


Moscow 1962, Boris Spassky v. Bobby Fischer Two of greatest chess masters.

Audiophiles dreams on History Channel

Going to Vegas for a trade show in May. Any suggestions.....

In The Apple Orchard Before Blossom - A Rare Sight to See

My 13-YO Daughter Wants a Bass Guitar -- Any Wisdom from DU Musicians?

Speaking of the March, someone I know who went reported this

Insomniacs, maniacs, any kind of -iacs, check in

Would you buy a Plaid Adder T-shirt?

NightTrain >>> Liberalhistorian Romance Fund - Call To Action

The luxuries of America...

The bar is OPEN: The neighbors have sold their house!

Book Discussion--Silverlock


Anyone here ever try their hand at indexing?

Arlo 'n' Janis goes political -- Dumbya takes a broadside

Wow, I wish I were a manly new york giants fan

Anyone else enjoy the feeling of vertigo?

The entire Silmarillion in one thousand words

Anyone else Pissed Off ALL the time?

Has anyone ever lost weight on those diet patches?

Guitar War: Stevie Ray Vaughan vs. Eric Clapton

Best beer?

Republicans for Kerry?

DU Gardeners, Check In Here!

She's like the wind.

Question about tickling.

Catholics for Free Choice, and other Catholic questions -PLEASE no bashing

How did google become the lead search engine?

Hey NY Football Giants fans....

Remembering Gallipoli: ANZAC Day

Married DUers: How often do you "do IT"?

Submit your photos for the new *public* DU photo gallery. (Thread #3)

a few more pics of DUers in DC yesterday at the march.

Physicals: when men complain about the finger in the ass

Which Team Is Coming Out Of The NBA's Eastern Conference?

Lasik surgery ROCKS! From 20/200 last Friday to 20/25 today

Was the pro-life 'contingency' well-behaved in Washington D.C.

Hey, Guess What This Is

Someone help me calm down. I'm shaking over a close call.

Anyone go to or know someone from the Univeristy of Minnesota Twin Cities?

Is There Anybody REALLY Famous On Here? n/t

Eeeep! A night in the emergency room.....

Should private clubs have the right to exclude?

What is your favorite chili pepper?

Who went to the March for Women's Lives in DC?

One of the worst fascist bumper stickers I've ever seen

Nigerian Pets (I would consider this a must see).

Why is the concept of odd and even a philosophical illusion?

Lounge Manual: How To DU (not a sex thread, I swear)

Cheap ebay art.

DUer on TV

A thought about Kerry and rove/bush

James Carville says 3.75% of voters will swing the election....

I propose a TV ad for Kerry's campaign, comparing the war records

Jack Quinn retiring (R-NY)

Kerry's Entrepreneurial Democrat -lockingup terrorists/min chg to Patriot

Will there be a debate on the war at the Democratic Convention?

Be Democrats, Not Idiots:

It's time for some political Judo from John Kerry

Why does Kerry defend Bush's record, when they bash his (re terrorism)?

The Americanization of Teresa Heinz Kerry

The problem with the rope-a-dope

Politics Makes Strange Befellows, and Frat Brothers

Why will Bush* lose in November?

What's a PHR (PHE?) Squadron

Meet The Press Replay - Tonight!!!

Chris Vlasto ring a bell... Amazing that this guy still writes for ABC!

Do you think this attack on Kerry will backfire?

Kerry Left No Man Behind, Bush Just Left - New MoveOn Ad

Bush Cowardly

It's OVER, Kerry-Clark WINS in a LANDSLIDE

Sorry to ask again...a good site for comparing Kerry/Bush/Nader positions?

Letters at 3 A.M. "How to Beat Bush"

If violates McCain-Feingold then doesn't FAUX news as well

Are we losing sight of the big picture here?

Terry McAliffe unloads on Dick Cheney

If re-elected, will Bush win the war on terror?

Neighbor to Edina Bush fundraiser host DRILLS Bush!

John Kerry makes triumphant return to Iowa

Moveon responds with ad contrasting service of John Kerry with Bush

Media whores and Kerry's medals/ribbons

Was anyone watching the CBS evening news?

politicking, governing and Kerry's run to the center.

Need Help w/This: Outsourced Jobs & Bush's Plan 's for Iraq Invasion

Should Kerry Be More Aggressive?

Is Chimpy's page hacked?

Should Kerry ask Bush to agree to drop the AWOL/Medals sniping?

Kerry must DEMAND that his and *'s military records

A winning issue for Kerry: The DRAFT

Notice Something Missing?

What Is Wrong With Kerry?

when the f%#@ing hell is Kerry going to fight back?

If you could change anything about our elections, what would it be?

I will have to say that Kerry, Clinton, et al screwed up big time

Our Dean/DFA leader takes on K. Harris's cousin, gets good write-up.

Should we freak out- Ramussen Bush 48% Kerry 44%?

Donating: Kerry or MoveOn?

Let me get this straight

I'm convinced most people have no idea about 2004 issues

Kerry's Rope-A-Dope Strategy Appears to Have Caught a Dope, $15 mil diff!

Kerry-To-DU Dictionary