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Salon: Above the Law

Salon: Why Kerry Threw His Ribbons (Douglas Brinkley)

Rep Schakowsky blast * that 1 in 4 KIA because of lack of armor

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Iraq will be Blair's legacy

Something About Nothing (Purple Hearts)

Gen Wesley Clark: (Kerry) A Sterling Record

Move Out Bush event 4/29 D.C.

Did Dixon predict Clinton

Bush-League Lysenkoism: The White House bends science to its will

China 'Shocked' at U.S. Cold Shoulder in Space

Oil spill threat off Cape - SA

'Possessed' priestess wants to go home

Pardon me..

Hey Skinner...

University stands by Robinson invitation

Former diplomats' attack on Blair is off the Richter scale, says Cook By


Vanunu stonewalled...why?

Documentary "Weather Underground" on tonite at 9pm (WTTW ch 11)

National Guard to leave the Golden Gate Bridge

Democratic leaders push to end some tax loopholes - California

U.S. may cut water to state

For against building new Twins and VIkings stadiums?

Charlotte Business Journal: New nuke plants planned by NC,TN, VA companies

Shister... I mean Shuster is claiming victory in 9th Cong. Dist.

Any primary results in yet?

DSCC Response to Spector Win

As I've said...

As a Dutchman and a Canadian

Donald Rumsfeld on Hardball on Thursday

Interesting article about Iraqi bloggers


NO surprise here: Intelligence officers tracking blogs

who is this Tony Perry

Westminster College Dean on Countdown

Oliphant is on Countdown setting the record straight about Kerry's medals

"The RECORD Act" for paper ballots from electronic voting machines.

zahn, carlson, carville on Vietnam medals, AWOL right now

Help?? Why Won’t Netscape Show a Page IE Will?

Anyone hear that Gomer Pile sounding General call Negroponti

Hughes joins Rove in hubris, screwups. She says pro-choice=

If Toomey wins could it set a precedent for both parties?

To the Rightwing Freakshow: Enough of this "Kerry is Imploding" BS!

Deception Dollars --- fight our ghetto-ization

Because doesn't have to be just a childish answer.

This is war

Anyone know where Specter-Toomey results can be found?

Children, once a powerful Republican sided with the terrorist

Domestic terrorism planned against Democrats and liberals

Phucque the 'Liberal media'!!!!!!!!!!!

IOC Buys Olympics Cancellation Insurance

Cable News = RNC Blastfax Megaphone

Specter/Toomey vs. Hoeffel

The new Newsweek's center fold is....

How many times has the US told Iraq to hand over their weapons

Anyone had this scary thought outside my psychotic cerebrum,

It's not Fallujah but John le Carre rips Bush in "Absolute Friends"

Email from Senator George Allen (R)- VA to me personally

BBV - Diebold’s Secret Fears

Spector leads:

Repub Hypocrisy at Polls in PA

barry mccaffery: "we've got this wonderful man, john negroponte...."

PA Senate Primary prediction

Where's that Powell National Guard quote? and some * Vietnam quotes

Carbon County, Utah

hey texan parents, 14 adsent days

Will Kerry's speech at Westminster College be broadcast

4 Dead in attack on vacant UN Office in Damascus, Syria! Unknown Attackers

FactCheck,Org: More Bush Distortions of Kerry Defense Record

You Know Why Bush Didn’t Throw Medals Away During the Vietnam War?

King George:

Specter-Toomey returns CRASHED FR's server

Who is David Gergen?

FCC does not apply same standard to Hispanic shockjocks

? for All DUers re: liberal radio and streaming

I can't believe they are showing Marines inside of a Mosque firing

Do any of you think that we will see another McCarthy type hunt

PATRIOT Act reaches further than you think.

The Daily Show is on

Scott McClellan explans the time limit on President’s 9-11 appearance.

I have never understood polls... their purpose, and the need for them.

I just saw Arlen interviewed live on the Philly ABC

HRC MeetUp

4 Dead in attack on vacant UN Office in Damascus, Syria! Unknown Attackers

This is interesting if you've been watching PA

Are there any Iraqis in Iraq? Or are they all terrorists? nt

Mistake in the Specter race!!

Hunger Force Time!

Charlie Rose show using Arco sign for Bagdad on map?

Nightline: John Dean will be on

SPOILER.......Tomorrow's Doonesbury Wendsday 4/28

"Ralph Nader, Employer From Hell", long, unflattering view of RN

It's over Specter in a landslide.

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

Do republicans/freepers hate us for our freedoms?

I'm Really Pleased Kerry is Talking Tougher Now...

Just saw the crappy anti-Dean Club For Growth Ad

Did V V A W betray the troops by protesting the war?

Cable Media Whores, CNN FOX MSNBC, All for GOP.

I'm hoping for a recount in the Specter/Toomey primary

Better late than Never: TBTM Radio #34

Local Philly station just called it - Specter wins

bush cramming for 9/11 inquiry, uses delay as excuse for getting prepped

Everyone knows the US MIHOP - Condi Admitted it

"Inoculate" is a word I never want to hear in a primary again

Dear Senator Kerry, I am sittin down in the hinterlands of

So, what was the big BBV story that was supposed to break today?

NBC Pittsburgh: Spector 50% / Toomey 49%

My Thought For a change In Policy

O'reilly: They've go to kill as many of these people as they can

The rabbit hole deepens: White House trying to gag FBI whistleblower:

I ask you to join with our freeper friends

Specter/Toomey race now 50/50

Specter WINS

Why should I not vote Republican?

Could not believe that Dennis Miller actually said in effect that

H-E-L-P me debate!!!! need a response!

Reich Wing has nothing but FUD

Men should give DNA samples when they register with Selective Service

Kerry on Tweety: gives Bush wiggle room on all kinds of issues.

It's total BS for Bush and Cheney to pretend they care about us

How the reporter got Diebold lawyer to admit they were his memos

Four More Years----Maybe It's What We Deserve.......

Kerry believes Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq "because they could"...

I've had it with these high gas prices

What do you guys think about this little scenario...?

Is there independent verification of the footage?

Join The Army

A Nation of Traitors, or Idiots?

What will history say about the American people, if Bush gets back in?

How will Kerry respond to the action in Falujah???

Did John Kerry state that US troops committed war crimes

Condoleezza Rice is obnoxious to House Dems., and one responds.

Village Voice: Dump Kerry

Anybody on the west coast watching this "scarborough country" trash?

Anti Choicers can best be described as...

Powerful Democrat--Knows the DU

Rachel Corrie and Pat Tillmans response to 9/11

Shakeup At Air America Radio...CEO and Program Director Out

Syrian Security Forces Raid Arms Cache -State TV

Falluja being bombarded..

U.S. Repatriates 651 Haitians Intercepted at Sea

Allyson Schwartz wins Democratic primary in PA-13

Specter leads Toomey by 53-47 . Snarlin' Arlen's leads evaporating.

SA seven may be part of huge drugs syndicate

Amish man refuses ID photo, U.S. won't let him in

Kabul: First post-Taliban execution in Afganistan

Lugar chides Bush for diplomacy flaws

Aide Denies Knowing About Memos

Militants Assail US Poll Watch Team/Philippines--New WMW

(PA) House Candidate Kills Self on Election Day

Huge US attack to crush Iraq rebels

Kerry Again Chides Bush on Guard Duty

Bush Risks Looking Weak in 9/11 Testimony

AP calls it for Specter in PA

Anti-interracial law used to block marriages in Massachusetts

White House Spends $18M on Medicare Ad

Protest Letter of 52 British Former Diplomats to Blair on Iraq Policy

FDA: Most Cos. Honor Mad Cow Regulations

Hughes Defends Remarks on Abortion Rights March

Justice Department Reviewing Ashcroft

Bush aims for computerized medical records

70 Said Killed in Thailand Gunbattles

Bit-Torrent links?

DU chat anyone?

I feel like an idiot....I don't follow the Pacers for a month or two....

What's your favorite?

Hey Chicago DUer's. I need some help here.

This reminds me of what the repugs do to the truth.

Help?? Why Won’t Netscape Show a Page IE Will?

Is your internet connection really slow?

Matcom thirty years from now

A blast from the past- Election Nite 2002 - How to spot a freeper

Generics, store-label, or brand name?

Those who will listen ---- BUY SUPREME POWER

I'm stressed so I have been pulling inwards lately

Give me something to respond to! I don't care what it is.

it's the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka!

So, what's prison like? (Not for you or yours necessarily)

A salute to a patriot

Okay, did one of you lounge lizards post this to ebay?

Not looking forward to tomorrow morning

Weird request: blade making

onLy mother nature can stop the sox


I'm a fan of the new TEEN TITANS

I whacked-off today!

I ate dinner with a giant fork. Your latest absent-minded "d'oh!"?


The great movie mistakes thread

I wish I had money.

This dog is a total suck-up!

John Currin?

What movie is this from?

I don't want French-fried potatoes

I have to know where this came from

It's a car, It's a chicken...

Finally figured out what the new Iraqi flag looks like

Steven Colbert on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

FEEL the grumpiness

Who is more terrifying..."Evil" Dick Cheney or Jan Brady?

DU this poll!

damn hot rod BBS deleted my sig line!

Anyone checked out the gallery?

Just made my first hidden thread....ask me anything!

Okay so like AMERICAN IDOL so like sucked tonight!

On first listen, the new Sam Phillips CD is INCREDIBLE

The Yankees Win!! Theeee Yankees WIN!!!!!

Anyone else into THE SHIELD?

What does this photo remind you of?

Well, I voted for Kucinich today

What does one need to know about prison


Do you hate yourself for your freedoms?

Why am I killing so many threads tonight?

I cleaned my apartment tonight. Ask me anything.

Star Trek makes bold return April 27, 2004

Classic TV Rumble, round I:

Did you go to your prom?

Anyone been to Machu Picchu ?

Weight Watchers, anyone?

Jon Stewart, you owe me a royalty!

Do you watch Judging Amy?

What is your Favorite Smell?

Gretchen Peters: Love her or don't know her?

Shout out to all DUers

Would you buy a used car from this man???

They're making a sequel to Passion of the Christ!

Are you watching T-Wolves-Nuggets? The refs absolutely SUCK!!!

Why is my state (PA) full of wingnuts

Tonight's Hockey Thread--Sorry all you Habs fans...

network help please

Cuban Liberal - any other law/probation people, I need help with a problem

We need to give the I/P forum a nickname like we did w/ the Gun Dungeon.

Robb doesn't look like a dingbat....

Update on the ZombyWoof/VelmaD Chocolate and Beer Fund

Coconut rum - IS it just rum and suntan lotion?

Someone sent this email about Teresa Kerry! Help me!

Kerry should mock Bush's joint 9/11 appearance

Do you still hear people claim * will win New York or California?

Ok - Just saw Karen Huge(s) - went right to Moveon,org

Anyone else sick of "Ah'm George W. Bush and ah approve this message?"

March for women's lives prompts Ashcroft to drop his medical records snoop

A strategy for the DU to take it's own stand against misleading slander

When will Kerry begin to use us "Internet Activists and Creatives?

Why isn't Kerry running ads now on the History Channel?

Poll: Bush and Kerry tied in PA (but really bizarre internals)

Where was Clinton in the polls at this point in '92?

If I Could Be John Kerry, At Westminster, This Friday

Kerry to spell out foreign policy, plans for Iraq in Friday speech

Democrats see Cheney as a target

Blair's allies are the angriest

Who's French Now, Karen? (re: Karen Hughes being French, and Kerry not)

Interesting Cuban-American pro-Democrat Letters-TTE in Miami Herald

The Old Man, the Mountain and the Sea

Has everyone read Newsweek cover story about Teresa Kerry?

Sleepwalking to Fallujah

Bishops and Politicians: NYT LTTE (Registration req'd)

Salon: Did the Saudis buy a president?

Conason: Pro-Life Zealots Ignore Republicans

White House solves women's problems!

Boston Globe: Making it personal

Cuba Documentary

Making it personal- Kerry hunched on the lawn head bowed post ribbon toss

Great Summary of Bush and 9/11 Commission

Washington Unleashes Bloodbath in Iraq

Great Article on Media! Bush Team Ignores History/ Morley Safer

This clown has pictures of the women at the march in DC calls them ugly

Stripes letters: Promise in the dark/No complaining? Why not?

China's government discourages democracy to placate capitalists.

Meanwhile: The Knockout Punch that Woke Up the UN

Religion has growing role in election

Cheney: hypocrite on defense Newsday


Russell rule could help citizens see through lies

Immigration initiative won’t make (CA) ballot

French connection to China: Is their affinity a challenge to U.S.?

Sept. 11 Could Not Have Been Prevented Without Accruing

Former General Sees 'Staying the Course' In Iraq as Untenable - WSJ

Is Bush losing his marbles?

US: Debtor Nation (by William Greider, The Nation)

Womens' March pics from DFA and Dean's appearance there.

Garage Sales for Democracy

Amy Goodman in Houston on Sunday, May 2

Bush in Midwest next week-Let's show him what we think! MICHIGAN & OHIO

A non-Bush rally for the troops in our area....good story developing.

Boston Social Forum info

Dallas Get Together?

Will the media ignore Kerry's job's plan speech today?

Jim Lehrer corrects himself

Toon:Media sees Presidency as Special Olympics-gives Bush award for trying

Coverage of the PPH judgement against Wyeth

Cheney: deranged in his obsession with Saddam Hussein

CBS Obtains Photos Showing Alleged Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

Astrology: Ray Merriman says Iraq Conflict will cool down this weekend

Astrologers: Cognitive Distortion, on Starlight News

Why gullibility is bad for democracy.

Today is Worker's Memorial Day

Overtime rules hearing on C-Span radio now.

Bloomberg's Berry asks if Fed Rate will stop 2.5% - or be 6% next year?

Kerry Job's plan details from 3/26 speech.

Greenspan Sees Long-Term Effect in Oil, Gas Costs

Connecticut House Extends Hybrid Sales Tax Exemption

Utah Roadless Rulings Prompt New Lawsuit

DOE Announces Opening Of Hydrogen Moneypissawayathon - $350M To Start

David Suzuki - It's Only A Movie

Ukraine Plans To Enclose Chernobyl #4 In New Sacrophagus By 2008

Yet Another High-Ranking EPA Official Will Spend More Time With Her Family

Bush Administration Relaxed Dolphin-Tuna Laws Despite Evidence Of Bribery

Pombo Opens Hearings To Gut Endangered Species Act

Three Gorges Reservoir Quickly Becoming World's Largest Cesspool

Carbon Released Through Permafrost Melt May Not Affect Net Balance - NSF

Sudden Oak Death Confirmed at 61 Nurseries In 9 States

US Loses Major WTO Ruling On Cotton Subsidies - Reuters

Oz Faces Plagues Of Locusts, Plague Of Dingoes . . . Plague Of Mice?

Study - Indus, Ganges, Bramaphutra Rivers May Dry Up As Glaciers Melt

Former Guinea PM detained - Assassination attempt

Leave my child out of politics: Thaksin - Thailand

Arroyo vows to fight attempt to derail May 10 elections

Philippines to rely on UAE for energy needs

Zim can extradite 'mercenaries' to E Guinea

Below are max number of Troops at anytime in Iraq - what is current status

DU this poll!

Survey Finds Anti-Semitism Decrease In 10 European States

GUNS IN THE NEWS - April 28, 2004

How many CCW licenses do you have?

Heard on NRA Radio

How fine a line are we walking here at DU regarding GLBT bigotry?

Earl G. one day late I know...April 27th!

Can I post this anti-Kerry Alexander Cockburn column?

Question about the photo gallary

I really really need to edit my thread-starting post!

Come on. It's a brain teaser / joke thread!

Parody threads...

I object to my Lounge thread getting locked.

Search Feature Request

Unrestrained Likud-Led Israel Is a Recipe for Disaster

Berlin Hosts Anti-Semitism Conference

Was it just some guy who's afraid of dogs?

Bush to give Jordanian King written guarantees on Mideast roadmap

Comments welcome, need perspective on campaign

Gov. Bush promises U.S. commitment to Israel on Independence Day

EU will not recognize changes to 1967 borders

Points of No Return

Israeli Troops Foil Suicide Car Bombing in Gaza

Leading Egyptian Journalist: The Jews are Behind Every Disaster

PA to factions: Leave collaborators to us

'Lack of evidence' in Sharon case

Need help finding the Bush PDD # 39

How Many Congressional Districts will have Democrats

Schwarzenegger To Visit Middle East

How is everyone in California holding up in this hot weather?

Amusing Political Sigs

your townhaLL meetup is at...

So tell me, what's the best beer brewed in Mass?

Our State Forum is Boring!

Wellstone Supporters...

The Wellstone Green Bus is coming back!

President Bush to visit Kalamazoo Monday

How did Kerry fundraising go in Ohio?

County by County Breakdown of Senate Primary Results

DelGrosso/Shuster results

Voting glitch in PA voting

Chris Heinz vs wingnut Repug Melissa "Missy" Hart

Supreme Court Upholds Pennsylvania Redistricting

A Twinge Of Regret, And Of Relief (Specter defeats Toomey)

Shuster: The pot smoking, DUI darling of the Pennsylvania State Police

Rodriguez: more than 100 voted illegally

Mixed reviews for tax plan

So what happened to that juicy rumor about our illustrious goobernor

The Darling of Anti-Choice - Health Care (lack) in Texas

Anyone have Sirius radio?

DailyKOS: Making Life Hard for DeLay

The Wisconsinite (partial vanity post, sorry, but still useful)

When and where does your county Democratic party meet?

Just saw my first "Russ Darrow for Senator" ad.

Why does McDermott back the FCC?

When is Murray going to begin her campaign?

Dori Monson: The Zell Miller of Seattle Talk Radio

The Earth Was Erupting All About Me!

How about the PA-9 primary?

Arianna on with Mike Webb for the hour (until 2am EDT)

7th grader starts program to help soldiers call home.

Some things I observed about tonights Specter- Toomey debate

What Some People Hear When They Hear "Stay The Course"

Check out this little gem I digged from the Freeper thread on the primary

Mercenary killed in Iraq was apartheid assassin

The weather underground

Sistani is al-Sadr's next door neighbor!!!

Senator Durbin on "The New Vietnam Snipers"

a W quote worth a second ear... 9/20/01 speech

BBV suggestion . . can somone sue to have the 2002 exit polling . . .

Wes Clark NYT op-ed: Kerry service, Rep. "attack machine"

Charlie Rose looks good tonite

Now we go to plan B

What is wrong with Kerry’s past stance?

Happy Specter won?

Lets pretend that Bush started the war on good faith.

Bush praying for another 9/11

CNN Daybreak wants opinions on Fallujah

Blame the "media"


What will be the first leak of Bush/Cheney and the 9/11?

you have Sean Hannity, we have Alan Jones...

Just registered to post on Kerry's site

LAT: Running Mate Rumors Fly

C-Span: 8:06 ET: Discussing BOOK ON KERRY. Good presentation.

Fallujah was George Bush, Jr's last chance and he blew it.....

Massachusetts lawmakers seek reversal of marriage ruling

AlJazeerah has the freeper's number

"By God we've kicked that Viet Nam Syndrome once & for all"

Sheep gets sheared

I'm waiting with baited breath to hear the latest on BBV decisions!

Howitzers pulled from avalanche duty

A poll I wish I participated in.

for west coast DUers - Weather Underground on PBS now

'Enemy Combatants' Finally Before Supreme Court

The power of Air America

63 Days until Turn-over, and Still No Status of Forces Agreement.

Victory is not an option.

The poem, "Tell me lies about Vietnam", by Adrian Mitchell

Appeals Court Upholds Firing Of Anti-Gay Worker

Is there away of getting a story that has disappeared

The poem, "Ready to kill", by Carl Sandburg

Hold the line ! Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes !

Kimmitt on Today Show:Those were secondary explosions in Fallujah

Sun-Times Brown on Giuliani: Just making a buck like every other schmuck

Once again my theory of you cant trust polls done by colleges proven right --> cartoons

When did public opinion begin to turn against the Vietnam war?

Let's straighten something out.... ? W * ?

Do you think Hoeffel can beat Specter?

PA Dem candidate commits suicide?

Since Shrub & Cheney won't allow transcripts

Big Deal Today: SCOTUS Hearing Case on Enemy Combatants

Mall rule cracks down on teens

Broke student 'slept in library'

Effing CNN and Jack Effing Cafferty

Guy travels to US, gets put into ankle cuffs

When was the last time you heard the word "Peace"

meanwhile, god laughs at us all.......................

WE are under occupation


'Overdose death' of Diana's stepbrother

Military Commander in Iraq Orders Arbitrary Killing of Friendly, Old Dogs

Who won the primary between Toomey and Specter?

Sigh, I wish I was a RW Republican!!

I'd like to donate the civil war cannons from the city park to the army

What sleazy groups should the Democrats woo?

"Majority rule don’t work in mental institutions"

Clark in NYT: A Sterling Record

Anybody catch Buchanen and the neocon radio host

Fallujah is (still) burning | 4/28 AM

Tell me everything is gonna be O.K......please

G.O.P. Protesters Plan to Infiltrate Convention as Volunteers

The anology of the Herbivores and the Carnivores

Why am I drawn to high speed chases (on FOXNEWS right now)...?

Public Pressure Forces Judge to Open 9/11 Whistle Blower Hearing!

10:59 a.m. C-Span: McCain talking about SERVICE BY KERRY and the National

Today's Wasserman Cartoon - Cheney on Kerry's Service

'Give Iraq back to the Iraqis'

write the commission here and protest the "not under oath" thing

Tom Hanks This Week's Guest President

Can I get some help regarding the Draft issue?

After Kerry is our president, * and Cheney MUST face accountability.

9/11-Iraq war analogy...

How far would you go?

Did you all know freepers are capturing post here and posting them on

So after 6 rounds of Bush hitting Kerry about Vietnam, McCain wants peace

When Talking To Right-Wingers About Supposed Upturn

ALERT! Numbnuts to speak this morning!

anyone have evidence of Limbaugh's back surgery?

For Kerry Fans (warning - slow on Modems - sorry)

Please help me with this

Powell for Kerry's VP? An interesting take from Clarence Page

Dubya charged in war crimes tribunal in Japan??

"Mouseland" animation, introduced by Kiefer Sutherland

Kerry's Medals/Rockin' Fallujah (shhhhh, 9/11 Commission tomorrow.....

New book: The Halliburton Agenda : The Politics of Oil and Money

I See Red: Calling for the removal of Tony Blair + his cronies

Lautenburg calls Cheney "Chief Chickenhawk" from floor of Senate

Ashcroft facing prosecution?

Let’s talk about Fallujah, or can we?

"Worst President In History?" Email - Has Anyone Debunked This Yet? us a favor...shut up..

Rock Against Bush album update

Big Win in Central Florida

Jay Garner interview... Iraq chaos was desired

We are only days (hours) away from the Plame names.

Imus had Chris Dodd on and went after Robert Byrd. Media Alert.

Iranian court rules that USA should pay reparations for giving Saddam

Freepers on the Phone


As of 4/19/04 W has spent OVER HALF his campaign funds

The Dubya "Faith" books...

Happy Birthday, Saddam Hussein!

It's easier for me to support Kerry after his "Hawdbawl" performance

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On' (Onion)

What the hell is going on the senate regarding "chickenhawks"

ExxonMobil's Attack on Greenpeace

Howards Stern has sent tens of thousands of visitors to

Sweet piece of satire, The Iraqi Alamo, A CNN/CIA Scenario

You know why no patrols into Fallujah? STILL TRAINING IRAQIS

1 Million people plan to protest RNC convention

If Bush* is re(s)elected, Will You Leave?

What you probably won't read in US newspapers: Al-Qadhafi

More troops suffering severe head wounds (and eyes -grim)

The O'Franken Factor observation

Is Air America not working for other people here

Iraqi Resistance Thwarts US Attack

The Fox Website Yawning Maw Of Hell Background Pic is SCARY

A Question About Guantanamo and The Court

Supreme Court thinks CA can't decide how much smog is too much

"Maybe we should have a country first" | Two TOONs

Another "Freeper for Hoeffel"

Lieberman opens his mouth for smirk

"They want to Kill Innocent Life"

Does any one know more about these two bills?

Cong. Tanner (D) Tn on C-SPAN was ripping Repugs on the Marriage

Milken Global Conference last night...Howard Dean, Ralph Reed,et al

Rupert Murdoch on Muslims and Saudi Arabia

Freepers peeved at Kerry's Haircut

didn't president and VP testify before congress during Iran/Contra?

CNN Polls: "...And the Bush jumped over the Moon." Edition

Anyone else hear NPR re:Negroponte? What are they smoking??

For a Conservative, Life Is Sweet in Sugar Land, Tex.

BBV: 10:30 Pacific HEADS UP listen in

One for the geeks here: Los Angeles LUG pres resigns over military Linux

Defeat Big Media

Clark to W in NYT: Chickenhawks, shut up!

toon: party tricks at 9/11 commission hearings

Bush/Cheney to sit in front of the Commission tomorrow.

does anyone have a link to a recent poll?

Should Blackhawks be allowed to land on school playground?

Ebay dress auction goes political. Little Bush bashing.

"Nightline" to Read Names of War Dead

Dems Ignore Negroponte's Death Squad Past, Look to Confirm Iraq Appointmen

What are the odds...

Kerry supporters to critics at DU: SHUT UP YOU MEANIES. SILENCE!

Outrageous--Homeless people to be forcibly implanted with tracking chips

I would like to give my quarterly Props to Bob Somerby of the Howler!

Insurgents must turn in their 'heavy weapons?' Are these the WMDs?

Anti Bush about this idea

Sun-Times: Bush's Skull & Bones nickname--Temporary

Will Clinton be the last President to raise taxes on the wealthy?

I Knew it. Cheney is French or at least they helped the French...

When did the Associated Press join *'s campaign committee?

Why do you defend the official version of the 9/11 events here on DU?

save me the trouble: what's 'the davinci code' about?

? for AirAmerica station market residents. Are people listening?

White Rose Spring Funding Drive Update

Anyone else here LOVE al Franken's impressions?

Post the pictures of the part of Fallujah that is 'returning to normal'

My 3rd grader brought a Bible home from school today

MSNBC: Bush promises 'whatever action necessary' in Fallujah

All Hail Senator Lautenberg!!!

How can we disrupt the RW machine?

WANTED: Rummy, Kimmett, Sanchez

fighting back against right wing e-mails

Gypsies being denied food in Slovakia - posted in March 04

"What you come with is what you fight with."

Koppel to read names of KIA on NightLine

IMF Says Venezuela’s Economy Will Grow 8.8% in 2004

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy-Post Your Evidence Here.

Anti-Muslim cartoon

Condoleezza at the Commencement

DUers listening 2 Al Franken...If you don't like AAR, or Al, move along :)

Imagine Randi and Hannity in a debate!

John Edwards will be on Imus tomorrow morning

A Vote for Bush is a Vote for the Draft !

Just what exactly is McCain doing today? "Bush and Kerry both say stay

TV Alert: Senator Edwards on "Imus in the Morning" Thursday

T-Shirt Maker Claims He's "Gagged by Google"

What does Randi mean by "Something we can do"?

The Onion: Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On'

Justice!!! Texas Style! 97-year-old handcuffed, jailed for unpaid traffic

Good news for BC DUers - Tories at 23% in latest Poll

Rub CNN's nose in it!! They try to be like Fox but are losing BIG

Vote in MSNBC Veep Stakes

Wes Clark coming up on CNN.

Newsweek:1/4 of Iraq casualties could be due to lack of armor (MUST read)

What is this "Green Screen" that Randi Rhodes...

Troop Supply Getting Thin

Dead air on cnn

Has Diebold earned the nickname...

DU on Air America, what is it with all the negativity?

Crossfire Funnyman

Is that the WORST tie Tucker has ever worn?

CNN Headlines Iraqis Polled.

Question about ABC producer Chris Vlasto (twisted the Kerry medals story)

Please visit Air America Place - the OFFICIAL AAR board

Is it telling that Wolf Blitzer advertises on National Review Online?

The Gulags are coming, the Gulags are coming, oops, they here already

Soros helped Specter win?

Be sure to wish your favorite Freeper "Happy Mission Accomplished Day"

Zell Miller:Legislatures Should Pick Senators

Please explain to me why John Kerry...

Randi Rhodes Show Over Friday??!!

Are those 'Help me to debunk this email ...' posts:

"defensive responses"?????

Toomey/Specter race map

Cheney's behavior on 9/11

60 Minutes II showing Abu Ghraib Prison (Abuse of Prisoners)

Human Kleenex - *'s bad manners on Letterman

Oh Oh. . .McDermott omits 'God' from Pledge--LOL this should be fun. . .

Al Gore to Donate $6 Million to Democratic Groups

CNN daily poll: Govt. detention of citizens sans access to legal system...

One of the earliest anti-Kerry Freep threads

Kerry's "Butler"

Wolf Blitzer keeps the lie alive

Max Cleland on CNN soon (5PM ET)

A problem with the Kerry campaign

Are there more Pro-Choice Repugs or Pro-Life Democrats?

Secret Service interrogate high school art student:

Lou Dobbs thread

Anyone feel like getting really depressed? Then click here! (Debt Clock)

So I'm watching CNN

Remember when people were freaking out about the Rasmussen poll?

Why is Pat Buchanan respected on DU, but not Sharpton?

Look how happy the relatives of Spanish soldiers are...

Zell Miller: Legislatures Should Pick Senators

Anyone know what news program Stern was talking about here?

Iraq congress members under investigation, car theft, robbery, assualt

Cuban diplomat knocks out U.S. diplomat at U.N.!

Lautenberg for Kerry's VP!!

Freepers Promote casual sex groupies for GI's apparently.....

"I Won't Kill For You" Column on Bush spending $28 mil to reinstate DRAFT

Sen. Byrd yells at the Republicans!

Where's Condi??

Soon DU will become a "Must Go To" for most candidates for major office

GI's are dying. You gotta' support our President. You gotta stay........

many sources for disgust/anger/despair - 'daily howler' 1 of worst


Falluja - anyone feel like they are watching the Movie "Mars Attacks"?

VITAL: CA DUers -- e-mail or call NOW to support paper trail!

I Will Not Shut Up............excellent article

WTF??? Hardball infomercial on MSNBC.

Stern is beating the crap out of FAUX NEWS

We can't beat them man-to-man, it's now obvious

Bush Approval Poll

Josh Marshall on "We Were Right"

Can we talk about Bush and Cocaine now?

The GOP needs our help! Let's write slogans for 'em

Great article at DU today by Barnard Weiner

Go to hell, John McCain! Have you no shame, sir?

Prostitution, involves consenting adults, should be decriminalized? Poll

A superb analysis of Drudge

What's with all the Canada posts lately?

Thoughts on Fallujah

Gore Donates $6 Million to Kerry Campaign

GI in Iraq:Who you want firing the weapon next to you--Kerry or George??

Media Alert:: Wes Clark on Inside Poltics 4/28/04

The Woman Who Could Have Been Me

John Kerry and Vietnam

"God Bless America"

IRS Reminds Nonprofits to Avoid Politics

One more reason that I'll never again set foot in Florida!

Clinton will do REAL TIME with Bill Maher on book tour

RoxanneJ, programmer, Mark Radke of Diebold, on Majority Report tonight.

Is it just me, or is Rumsfeld aging by the day?

Should Spanish become an official second language in America?

On CSPAN now--Terry Holt

Anyone notice the Kerry protest story is going a little quiet?

Should Democrats keep the "Kerry ribbons" story alive ??

Cleland is kicking Wolfie's ass into the ground

Bush and Cheney are not "testifying"

CBS News: Bush approval at 46% (CBS/NY Times Poll)

What, exactly (or even approximately) is Freedom?

Uh Oh, Rummy's got a price on his head

Deleted message

John Kerry is the key to saving America.

Michael Kinsley named LA Times editorial and opinion editor

CNN, Frum and Dean with Wolfie, right now!

Wes Clark v. Judy Woodruff

Florida legalizing land graps for developers

Bill Maher will be on Tweety tonight

Billboard in Oklahoma

How high are the gas prices in your area?


What exactly are "Chickenhawks" and "Freepers"?

Does the U.S. Gov. have the right to hold Citizens indefinately (MSNBC?)

My tooth is fixed and I am feeling frisky

The Disapearing of Science

Heads up New England DUers: They've got me on Newsnight again tonight

9-11: Coincidence after coinidence after coincidence...

Kerry needs to take Bush to the mat on the AWOL issue...

LA Times: Howard Stern Imperils Bush

Bush Seeking to Create an Elected Dictatorship...

Sibel Edmonds' testimony postponed to June 14th

Should Kerry go Positive, Negative, or both.

Pablo Picasso's anti-war masterpiece "Fallujah"

Kerry's "butler": the latest garbage from the NYTimes.

Why should I vote *FOR* John Kerry?

Help me debunk this Anti-Kerry propaganda

Blackhawk to visit our school

Byrd & Obey: Where did the 9/11 emergency funds go, Mr. President?

With 588.22% of the statewide voting districts currently reporting...

"Teach Your Children Well" by the Compassionate Conservatives

Your opinion on pro-life Democrats and Liberals?

Sen. Lautenberg Rips Chickenhawk Cheney

Ban me if you want... I am a Dutchman

Will you be disappointed if Kerry does not pick Clark or Edwards for posts

Not under oath, no transcriber and testifying together. Any thoughts?

Rush Remains Free and Richard Paey gets 25 years

Did FDR LIHOP in regard to Pearl Harbor?

I can not bear what is going to happen in Fallujah.

Dissatisfied with Kerry's campaign and want to help?

We can stop Delay, if you act today (I like rhymes)

Extremist views

State Polls show Kerry is headed for a big win - Diebold be damned!

Canada: Pettigrew flatly dismisses privatized health care

Veep poll of more or less confirmed considerations

BBV: ask Senator John Kerry to cosponsor The RECORD Act

U.N. Envoy Seeks New Iraq Council by Close of May

I may back terror again, says Gaddafi

WP, p.1: N. Korea Nuclear Estimate to Rise (from two to eight?)

Colombia Leader Warns Paramilitary Forces

Iran 'rushing to build nuke bomb'

NYT, p1:How Terror Finding Led to Intel Clash(Feith/Iraq/Qaeda)

Envoy Details His Plan for Iraq

Suspect powder mailed to Clinton

US Troops In Iraq: Stoned on Drugs?

Airstrikes in Iraqi town of Fallujah hit vehicle, building: military

Credit, bank users lose state protections

Mo. governor vetoes limits on medical malpractice suits

Dancing to jail?

The Siege of Falluja, a Test in a Tinderbox (NYT)

Suspected Taliban Kill Afghan Aid Workers in South

Iran 'rushing to build nuke bomb'

Dems determined to derail overtime plan


Syria's Assad Sees 'Legitimate Resistance' in Iraq

Army Copter Found in S.C.; 3 GIs Killed

Ukrainian soldier killed in Iraq: defense ministry

NYT:CompaniesFinding Some Computer Jobs Best Done in US

Russia says leak on rocket will not affect return from ISS

107 Killed in South Thailand Gunbattles

LATEST: Renewed fighting between US forces and Iraqi insurgents in Falluja

Broke student 'slept in library'

pls delete dupe

US secret agents quiz boy over art

Elton John calls US Idol vote 'racist'

White Powder found in [Bill] Clinton's Mail

'Overdose death' of Diana's stepbrother

IOC buys insurance for Athens Olympics

Falluja Homes Wrecked in U.S. Assault

US soldiers launch search for killer in eastern Baghdad

"Nightline" to Read Names of War Dead

Germany and Iran Embroiled in Diplomatic Spat

John Kerry Leads George W. Bush by Wide Margin in Poll of Gamblers

(Ill. state) Senate majority leader dead of colon cancer

Riggs May Be Fined More Than $25 Million

Settlement efforts fail in suit against Gregoire

Spread of bird flu in B.C. spurs U.S. to take action

Pentagon urged to investigate treatment of Muslim chaplain

Ex-Hanford-case attorney sues state bar, 2 lawyers

Kerry: Bush intentionally exaggerated case

Hanford not safe on terror front

Syrian Security Units Clash with "Foreign Special Forces"

Government credit card abuses detailed

Weapons destruction too slow

'Australia's skimming our oil'

Iraqis Not Celebrating Saddam's Birthday

Wine, Cigars, Deer Head -- Charge It to Uncle Sam

Broke student 'slept in library'

La. House Votes to Outlaw 'Hog-Dog' Events

Priest Suspended After Murder Charge

Bush: U.S. to Take Whatever Actions Needed in Falluja

Nobel Laureate Warns on Anti-Semitism

Bush: Fallujah Getting Back to 'Normal'

Former state lawmaker gets 2-year prison sentence (Diplomatic Passport TN

Supreme Court to Consider Enemy Combatants' Rights

Dems Ignore Negroponte's Death Squad Past, Look to Confirm Iraq Appointmen

Items Stolen From Marine Unit En Route To Fallujah

Double your money at cash machine

Welcome to Our Cities, Unless You're Communist | LA Times

Why US troops have new shoulder pads

Above the law: The Bush administration

Navy OKs plan to merge Bangor, Bremerton bases

Comcast Drops Bid to Acquire Disney | LA Times

U.S. Forces Renew Strikes on Falluja

Colleges fret losing foreign students

Washington Unleashes Bloodbath in Iraq

Swedish Leader Urges Action on Suspect (Guantanamo Bay)

'Nightline' to honor U.S. military dead

U.N.'s Blix: War wasn't justified

GAO: No-Bid Contracts in Iraq Appear Legal

Gore to Give More Than $6 Million to Democrats From 2000 Funds(4m to Kerry

Renewed fighting shakes embattled Falluja

Halliburton, Under Scrutiny, Posts Loss (yet 80% revenue gain on year)

FBI Steps Up Watching Web Hate Groups

Army Wants Tanks to Protect GIs in Iraq

Terrorism Center Wrestles Technology, Secrecy

Blair Defends U.S. Assault on Fallujah

Washington Unleashes Bloodbath in Iraq

Abuse Of Iraqi Prisoners Probed

Gore Giving Over $6 Million to Democrats


Daschle telephone campaign broke law


Bush: Fallujah Getting Back to 'Normal'

Poll: Iraqis conflicted about war, its impact

Iraqis demand full sovereignty

Dead air on cnn

Iran Court Orders U.S. to Pay $600 Million

Three Coalition Soldiers Die in Iraq (Wednesday)

(UN's) Annan: Military action feeding resistance-Lack of security bars U.N

Damascus goes on security alert after four killed in bombing, shootout

NYT: G.O.P. Protesters Plan to Infiltrate Convention as Volunteers

Assad Defends Anti-U.S. Attacks in Iraq

Iraqi ambassador pick grilled on hand-over

US says Falluja truce remains despite firefights

Internet-based child porn ring that lured thousands uncovered

Father Who Believes Son is in 'Coffin' Photo Thanks 'Seattle Times…

Bush Says Military Commanders to Secure Falluja

Miller: Legislatures Should Pick Senators

Bush 45% Kerry 45%

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 April

sorry -- wrong forum

More Bulgarian troops want to leave Iraq

Powell Backs U.S. Attacks on Iraq Mosques

Supreme Court: How Long Can Enemy Combatants Be Held

Dead at 106: the Oldsmobile

Clashes in Thailand's south kill over 100

High Court Upholds Pennsylvania Redistricting

US indecency crackdown 'threatens freedom'

Oil Pushes Past Previous Iraq War Peaks

Al-Jazeera Fans Iraqi Unrest, U.S. Government Says (Update1)

Mad Cow Disease In New Jersey?

Spitz Raises Spectre of US Missing Olympics

Group files complaint against Ted Kennedy

Running Mate Rumors Fly | LA Times

Blair for a Third Term

Bush-Cheney 9-11 Testimony Seen As Closure

CNN: new fighting in Falluja (Live) 2:45 PM ET

Iraq Cops Hit Fallujah Streets (which they just changed to)

Poll: Iraqis out of patience

Quayle Says Expatriates Could Decide U.S. Election

Iraq modifies new flag after protests

Criticizing Israel Not Always Anti-Semitic -Powell

Radioactive wastewater from German nuclear plant spills into Rhine

White House braced for latest assault by hardback

BBC Breaking: US warns against travel to Israel

CBS/NY Times Poll: Kerry 46%, Bush 44%

Secret Service explains response to teen's art

Iraqis offer bounty for US officials

Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'

Defending Kerry, senator blasts 'chickenhawks'

Annan: Violence Feeds Resistance in Iraq

BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR - 11 mutinous sailors quit

Michigan workers paid too much (says state GOP chair)

CBS to air alleged GI abuse of Iraqis

97-year-old handcuffed, jailed for unpaid traffic ticket(in Texas)

Six coalition personnel charged over alleged Iraq prisoner abuse

Reuters: U.S. Says Has Rushed Tanks to Iraq to End Violence

Washington congressman McDermott (D | WA-07) omits 'under God' from Pledge

Bush Says He's Looking Forward to 9/11 Questions

Arnie cuts Golden Gate's guards

Gore Donates More Than $6M to Democrats

Second German State Approves Hijab Ban (Islam Online)

Gephardt, Edwards Undergo Checks for Veep

McDermott plays risky draft game

Pressure Mounts in US Congress for Sanctions on Syria


So if anyone's interested

My life is at an even keel right now

OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, we won the fucking game!!!

what happens to robb if someone registers as "dingbat" ?

The Return of the DU Insomniac Thread! Woo Hoo!

I feel sick! I think i failed my math final

A neighbor's cat wants to adopt us.

Never do the splits too fast when you're 40....

Paris Hilton Mess.,

My Godmother who I never met just passed away...

I like Andy Richter

San Francisco DU'ers! Please help me out.

I like Santa


WTF do you make of this?

Tomorrow is Take Your Sock Puppet to Work Day

Back to back Cubs losses, TOTALLY WITHOUT HONOR!

I need photos of shrek the sheep...

Need advice on choosing a web hosting package

73 Y.O. Nun Crashes Car Through Supermarket

Is anybody familiar with Epson's DURABrite ink printers? I'm thinking

Toddler Found Alive 30 Hours After Car Crash Killed Father

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

Man I love Stevie Wonder! I'm having a great morning so far!

Milestones: Happy Birthday Saddam Hussain...

I need an URL documenting Bush's (lack of) military service.

Cartoon: Steve Bell on chimp faced at no 10...


Any Dayton Ohio area DU'ers!

Caption: Miaooow, where's our Ma?

Caption: JP2's new sports futility vehicle....

What do you think the world will be like 1000 years from now?

Leno gets a jab or 2 in at $hrub

"Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee" - what comes after?

Duplicate post

Please help a computer-illiterate dolt

WOOOHOOO Monument To Processed Cheese Planned!!!

Pledge your allegiance to the CAPTION

Letterman: First Or Last?

Anybody have an "OPUS" update? (since they filed a "cease & desist"...

Elton John calls US Idol vote 'racist'

Elton John calls US Idol vote 'racist'

Kangaroo Wins Award For Saving Farmer

what should carpet cleaning reasonably cost?

I miss playing softball.

Writing post #900 instead of doing homework

the WEDDING DRESS on ebay is up to $300,000 with 2 MILLION hits!

"Good on them" or "Good for them," which is correct?

Caption: Shrub checks cerebral cortex implant for "on" mode

Need your opinion. I have an opportunity to...................

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On'

11:00 AM Central Time and it's 73 degrees F!

Town Vehicle Crushes Injured Deer As Several Watch

Ebay wedding dress

Completely reworked my resume last night...ask me anything.

Teacher Posed As "Jackass" Producer - Solicited Sex Stunts From Teens

Moral Dilemma raised by watching "24"

Keep Oakland Ballet Dancing

My daughter just accepted an internship for Congressman Vic Snyder

9/11 could not have been prevented without acrruing a lot of overtime

BRAVO: Sal Mineo on Columbo

Would you do business with The Giant Tool Company?

The official (or not) "alliteration" thread.

My sundial has stopped...

Think you might be out of the loop? Then CAPTION

A friend sent this link to me....

Ford: Cat Killed for ad

The age of disillusionment?

Anyone listening to Air America RIGHT NOW? 8:40 am Kerry VP?

15min of 'Net fame list: Wedding Dress, Tron Guy, etc kicks ass

CAPTION the honor and the dignity

Wow, I've never seen that much police in the city (Berlin)

Idea for a DU Project: "Turn Your Backside to Bush!"

New Perscription drugs

Joke of the day.

How Do You Like Your Political Commentary?

Am I worrying needlessly or not here? Comments, please.

Sept. 11 Could Not Have Been Prevented Without...

I Drove By The White House Yesterday...

Poetry for Fallujah (W. H. Auden)

Today's Boonedocks--A MUST read!

I Hope You One Day Father A Child With A Debilitating Case Of Flatulence!

I want to break a law. Help me decide which one to break.

I am the Universal Stud!!! and I can prove it.

The Rogue Atlas of all CAPTIONS

I got stiffed by an EBay buyer last night!

Seperated at Birth?: the Vaudeville edition

"Would I might rouse the Lincoln in you all" . . .

Anyone ever heard of the band "Dredg" ??

CAPTION the tears of a clown

Question About "Stolen Jobs"

Would you pay to see Ann Coulter fight a big, vicious dog on TV?

Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

I knew I recognized Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas...

CAPTION, the eyes have it

who did the 2000 year old man with brooks?

Please enlighten me

The GOP needs our help! Let's write slogans for 'em

well I rearended a car yesterday

A question for PT instructors and the like

Happy birthday to THE FANTASTIC JOHNNY C!

Favorite Christopher Cross song? (Cheese alert!)

Do you have a good ghost story?

Turning the pillow over

Can Someone Tell Me the Skinny on "Angel?"

I think My Cat is A Crack Baby

What does this mean?

Bush/Cheney Deny Any Problems (Cthulhu NOT on Ticket)

Help me stop being such a crappy gardener!!!

54 Toddlers Prescribed Anti-Depressants

"Either you like all intestines or they all make you ill."

GAS PRICE MONITOR (28 April 2004)

Cherie Booth: Poodle Brothers' disgusting truth:

Douglas Adams fans: The tent in which the guide began is on ebay

"That Matcom Is A Good-Looking Guy"

Bush Regrets Hiring Charles Dexter Ward as Chief Speech Writer

INS Has Hands Full With Tcho-Tcho

97 Y.O. Woman Handcuffed, Jailed For Not Paying Traffic Ticket

In an effort to combat Cthulhu's ever-growing influence, the Pope has....

Hey! It's been a while!

Bored out of my noggin. Ask me anything!

This Guy Walks Into A Petstore...

US to Invade R'lyeh

Don't make me come out there and CAPTION your ass!

Is the Concept of TIME a Philosophical Illusion?

I hate Air America

Boy Scouts Introduce New Merit Badge

Analyst Claims Hillary is Nyarlathotep

Disgusting Baby Shower Game.

The concept of odd and even is NOT a philosophical illusion

Have you ever had a thread locked? Why? Did you feel it appropriate?

Where's that Brewers fan Jonathan Chance?

Schrapnel, Scrabble, or Scrapple?

The Good Wife's Guide . . . (Housekeeping Monthly, May 13, 1955)

I'm fat. You're not. Help? :P

Why are you not happy? (a cry for help)

The Greatest Prog-Rock Album Ever Made

Somebody recommend me some jazz.

computer help thanks in advance, help please

MATCOM wants Dennis Franz's ass to play him in biopic.


MATCOM in the news

Drinking Game T-Shirts Confiscated

Why are you happy?

Snakehead's (Fish) found again in Maryland

Currently, Fargo is one of the hottest cities in the US at the moment.

F*CK! Been Busy At Work All Day!! What Lounge Foolery Did I Miss?

aauuuuurrrgggghhhh...I shouldn't have left the garage door open

If you were an Alien

I heard a awesome Bush joke today


Off I go

100 reasons to be gay.

why am i CONSTANTLY getting "Tractor Supply" Commercials on CNN?

What is the worst website for gathering news?

1,000!!! Ask me damn near anything!

Teens spending as much as $3k on Porn these days...

update on fat Berlin cat

Shrek the Sheep has been sheared!

You looking at me?

Red sox D-Rays thread. Please fill in for out of state and NESNless DUer

Elton John Says 'Idol' Vote Is Racist

Which is better plough or plow

cannot vs. can not?

Enjoy arguing with freepers? Try!

Has "actor" become a gender-neutral term?

I went fishing today, and f*cked off all afternoon!

The Star Spangled Banner......are YOU experienced?

I was harassed by an Ebay seller last night!

Can't stop the world

I'm off to Tulum, Mexico for 5 days....

Question...What is a "Romeo" style apartment...

Update on feline friend: Ralph is gone

How to keep a Freeper in suspense?

What 60's song defines "coal" to you?

HEyHEY hiding out

Where should the Expos play?

Post here to show off your kicky personal avatar

Which is better: draft or draught?

Top Ten Chapter Titles In Bill Clinton's Memoirs

Any advice for online dating (keep it clean now)

I have 15 minutes to hit 3K. Ask me "yes or no" questions!

What should my new avatar be?

I'm about to graduate from Law School - Ask me Anything!

Rotten wants Timberlake to play him in biopic

Help, I need some human relations at work advice- thanks

Is it possible to not be kicked off FR if they know you're a liberal...

What time zone are you in? (USA)

Athens, Georgia

I am laundering money again

Ahh, we had a tornado drill today.

Any DUers ever been in jail/prision?...

Hey healthy people: OK to work out every day?

Boy oh boy, I sure do love John Stevens

Dan Savage - is his writer's ascertation correct?

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On'

A 50 year olds questions

Song of the day - Hot Tuna, Uncle Sam Blues

Let's play online Name That Tune!

Ugh! Doggyfarts! Please help!

Panic Attack! I Almost had to Speak in Public!!!

How many DU'ers are Musicians, and what instrument(s) do you play?

Oh boy! Real music.

Matcom got a new job!

What is with people licking their fingers then turning pages

What do you do for a living?

That Dancing Old Guy in the Magic Mountain commercial!!!!!!!

Billboard in Oklahoma

Finish This Sentence: "I Can..."

Have you ever talked your way out of a ticket?

Why wouldn't you run for President?

The "ignore" function.

Who Is Old Enough To Remember The "Bomb Raids" In School?

Ebay... The good and bad

Except for the gallery, no one actually knows who you are at DU

As if there weren't already enough reasons to hate Florida....

Bill O'Reilly planning boycott of Canada - Globe and Mail

Man, I think I'm about to get the stigmata or something...

A whole thread of just subject lines: can it be done?

I HATE Cheese! Ask me anything

My upcoming Bush speech for speech class. (VANITY and feedback wanted)

The Nick Drake Appreciation Thread

Teens spending as much as $3 on Porn these days...

WTF? Gibson to do a Queen Boudica movie?

What 70's song defines "cool" to you?

What time zone do you WISH you were in? (USA)

Best place to live and 5 - 10+ reasons why

Hey, what's up with Bartcop?

Creativity Self-Assessment

Ladies, say goodbye to birth control...

Dream career; do you have one? What would you sacrifice for it?


DU Veterans - Please check in

Common Misspellings I've Only Seen On The Net:

Teens spending as much as $3k on Prom these days...

New photos in the DU Gallery!

The "posts with an outrageous subject" thread

Even the Freepers are waking up!

What are the key issues of the day?

A Twinge Of Regret, And Of Relief (Specter defeats Toomey)

New Pennsylvania poll has Kerry tied with Bush

Nixon vs Kerry: Unfinished Business

Tune in at 2PM for "Jobs First" LIVE JK webcast from Ann Arbor, MI

Press release from RoxanneJ and group regarding Diebold and AAR

Did anyone else watch this ... Kerry speech

Kerry's Job proposals from todays 3/26 speech

What's a Simple Campaign Characterization of Bush/Cheney?

Kerry's Military Record

Kerry lets mayors do the bashing

Comments welcome, need perspective on campaign

Will Labor and Pro-Choice Groups Back Hoeffel against Specter?

Black caucus hopes to persuade Nader to quit race

The issue isn't what Kerry did with the metals. Bush doesn't have any.

Wes Clark responds to GOP attacks on Kerry's Vietnam service in NYT today

TPM link: Nice graphic from NYT of Neocon Office of Special Plans

From my email in-basket (humour)

How do you pronounce "Hoeffel"

(Kerry must learn to keep it simple) NEWSWEEK - Good Kerry, Bad Kerry

Gore to donate more than 6 million dollars to democrats....

Rasmussen: 37% Bush Good/Excellent on Economy

Was there a Kerry pro-choice rally on Friday Apr. 23?

Media sees Presidency as Special Olympics -gives Bush award for trying

Turn on C-SPAN 2...Lautenberg calling the "CHICKENHAWKS"

Today's Rasmussen rolling poll has Kerry, Bush tied at 45%

Pennsylvania Presidential Primary Results

Dean-inspired Democracy for Iowa help Scott County reject paperless voting

Message from Nader supporters to Kerry campaign

WARNING!! -- Do NOT let SHRUB go DOWN in the POLLS!!

Nader on 9-11 : He Blames Everyone

latest GOP character assasination attempt: Kerry slept in -GASP!-a hotel!

Vice President Poll

Struggling economies in big cities could sway votes in November

Kerry, name your V.P.!

What do Nader supporters recommend to the Kerry campaign?

Wes Clark was great on CNN defending JK against the GOP attack machine!

Harball...Bill Maher is on!

What the hell? CNN does a story on Bush and Kerry's past statements

Terry McAuliff is a "deer in the headlights type" and should Not be

New Poll : Pennsylvania Kerry, Bush tied at 42 % each

Gephardt, Edwards Undergo Checks for Veep - 22 Minutes ago

Your compleat anti-BBV activism kit

Constructively Critical of Kerry,

Contact Clinton, Graham and ask when S.2313 Every Vote Counts up for vote

CBS reporting new poll Kerry 46-44

Lautenberg calls Cheney 'lead chickenhawk' in criticizing Kerry

Vice President Gephardt

DLC Likes Kerry's Contract With the Middle Class

Do You Think The Talk Of John Kerry's Political Demise Is Premature?

A confusing DLC article on a woman's right to choose.

Can anyone say something critical about Kerry here?

Memo to John Kerry: Start Prosecuting, Stop Pontificating!

"Why Kerry Threw His Ribbons" by Douglas Brinkley writing in Salon...

Help! I need websites for Congressional candidates.

Would Kerry step down from his Senate seat?

How exactly could we 'draft' another candidate?

Gephart as VP? Franken hinted at it today on AA.