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Archives: April 3, 2004

83,100 losing jobless benefits (in LA-LB area)

Is America sending battle-weary, clinically stressed soldiers back into th

Salon: Dirty Old Man (George Carlin)

Bush pulls back the curtain on who really runs the White House

Clarke came prepared for fight - Gene Lyons

Al Gore's New Media Project

GU: Bremer has destroyed my country

Five good reasons why the decline of the United States is nigh

For the 911 Committee and Media: COMPLETE 911 timeline

New Orleans - "Duck and Cover" Cheney Protest

while doing some research on the sds

Dallas and Halliburton - Need help and here we go - 1st Event 4/15

NY Times: TV Shows Take On Bush, and Pull Few Punches

John Dean on PBS "Now"

Sad chapter for university presses

Why doesn't media use fully searchable 911 timeline compiled by Thompson?

Any astrologers willing to help?

Astrologers: Marjorie Orr

Amerian Jezebel - Anne Hutchinson

Heterosexuals for the Right of Gays and Lesbians to Marry

Unemployment..."lagging indicator"...

US economy controls Taiwan's

China's IPOs lose luster as demand shrinks

My corp. just let it's "poison pill" clause expire. Should I be worried?

Bush Hits Workers with Chemical Weapons

Developing world suffers worst road-death figures

2 questions, about donating and system problems

An error on the login screen?

Techie image posting question

911 Redux: American Airlines Flight 11, Reexamined


The pilots and the planes

I think AAR will make the decline & fall of the Bush empire tolerable

Can We Depend on Scandals and Promises??

Does anyone understand the BLS hourly wages info?

What happened to Mike Malloy and why isn't he on Air America?

Would Bush Administration lie about employment statistics...Why?

Al Franken coming up on MSNBC

Michael Moore's 'The Big One' coming on IFC @ 8pm EST

Daily Howler responds to idiocy of notion that Condeleeza Rice must have

Is * mad at Letterman because he doesn't want another Dana Carvey?

Just in case no one has posted yet: Franken on Hardball next!

How low does an incumbent president have to fall in the polls, before

The Economist: Better Ways to Attack Bush

Hey, were there any * sightings at the annual San Francisco "Stupids Day"

Bush Is Lying About Job Creation In March

How I Know I Would Be A Better President Than George W. Bush.

Kerry's Time in Vietnam: Source needed

You guys seen this site, It's awesome!

Keith Olberman, MSNBC, will have sleepy 13 year on next!

What should Sibel Edmonds do next?

Favorite Air America Program

AOL/ NYT question "Bush bashing" on TV (with poll)

All Hale President Singh!!!

Ford Goes Ballistic with New Lincoln Car

John W. Dean on Bill Moyers right now is CST, don't miss it PST

Freepers stumping for Kerry - they love him more than DU - I guess?

How would Malcolm X feel about the war on terror?

Bird Brains and Human Brains, or the FoxP2 gene & Dubya?

It is time to get off your dupa and volunteer for the Democrats!

Kerry Fundraising breaks all records

Dean on Air America NOW 4-2-04 9:11 pm

The funny part about the hate mail bag...


man Iraqis are pissed off that the US shut down their paper!

Condi bashing is "just about the election"; a response

I'm Jack Ass. And I approved this ad.

And Drudge had the nerve to spin Dean's scream?

Air America is cracking me up !!!

I need a few examples of shrub lying about WMD's.

Majority Report is on Air America now--

Iraq : Vietnam :: 911 : Watergate ? (nt)

I just watched the McLaughlin group on PBS. I think this is my last time.

Any South Missouri DUers?

Uh Oh - Dadcom Phoned.............

ABC Nightline 4/2: Rethinking "three strikes" laws

TV Shows Take On Bush, and Pull Few Punches

Dwyer e-mail on Islam alarms his colleagues : Freak Alert

Check out Shrub on the cover of The Economist LOL (looks like an ass)

Bill Moyers' NOW - John Dean

Stephen Colbert on Majority Report Monday

Al Gore's New Media Project

Iraq's only hope is to split into multiple self-governing areas.

Sovereignty is

Tweety CAN'T understand why people are angry at George

The United States did not officially declare war on Iraq.

does Air America have an archive of shows?

NBC to air movie about 9/11

Bill Moyers' NOW is on Now on PBS. Nuclear weapons as another Bush option

Freepers shocked to hear Fallujah Dead called 'Mercenaries'

Do You Think Prior to Nov. We Will See B or K with 15% or more lead?

Steven Colbert to co-host Majority Report Monday night.

Is Air America live throughout the country? On its channels?

'Simple Mistake' about WMD?

Helen Thomas interview on AA coming up (it is 10:20 ET now) n/t

Tough topic - "American Unity" - Please comment

Question for those reading Clarke's book

Some good thoughts to help you sleep

Meeting About Kerry...

Hey There, Yawning Boy

What happened to "the prez really has little effect on the economy" meme?

New bu$h webmercial! "President" bu$h Takes a Vacation!

Take Back the Media: Split Screen Timeline

Before the Latest Nader Story Makes It Here

I Am Not And Was Not A Fan Of The First Bush But I Heard The Elder

Now the shrubbers taking credit...

Well I listened to AA for 2 hours...

Will Fallujah become a bloodbath ?

Does anyone ever feel like the U.S. is headed towards a second Civil War?

AA will not be milquetoast radio

I met George Bush today and he's a great guy!

Action Alert: 911 Family Steering Committee

weird change to official White House website

Small and urgent request. Would everyone here start checking in the

Bush Manipulation of Job Growth Statistics: A Primer

Can Air America have a White House press correspondent?

Economist: "Better ways to attack Bush"

I just sent off some CNN feedback. Please do the same.

War profiteering, Dem-style

Is American Democracy in shambles?

BBV: another Senator cospsonsors Voter Confidence Act. What you can do.

CNN vs, AirAmerica: Mediawhores, liars and Sibel Edmonds vs.Audrey Seiler

Big US deficit= higher oil prices

Taylor the yawner doesn't read at grade level.

Today I Became a Costco Member

Ex-Nixon Aide John Dean Tells Bill Moyers that Bush Should Be Impeached

"Trickle Down (Economics)": Is it solely a Republican ideology?

My litmus test to tell if someone is a good person: homeless people...

"Substantial civilian military force on the ground in Iraq"

What will happen if bush* steals another 4?

The South Tower on 9/11: Breitweiser’s Husband Should Have Survived

Nukes, the Next-Generation

AirAmerica needs more positive reviews on Amazon/Alexa

Don't forget Letterman tonight!

At 308,000 jobs a month, we have a problem

Question: If Social Security will be 'dead' by 2019

Kerry's outsourcing plans are as devious as chimpy's; is this true???????

LIHOP about to be proven

God is now writing for The Economist. He has just declared Bush is Toast!

Where there's smoke.... Edmonds; Rowley; Wilson; O'Neil; Clarke


Mercenaries? Are they pond scum or just good old boys?

barbara bush dirt?

IHT: Fears rise as bomb is found on Spanish rail

Mercenaries saga: role of middle man emerges in arms deal

US suspends aid to Serbia and Montenegro

Japan Joining US in Missile Shield

Argentines rally against crime wave

Stuck In The Cold War? (Bush never mentioned al Qaeda once before 911)

The Clinton-Bush Transition Seemed to Be Tidy. Was It?

Gore TV Deal Is Stalled at the 11th Hour; Major Investor Pulls Out

Kerry on the rope line finds a big weapon in small talk

Thai official slain in ambush by alleged Islamic insurgents

Suharto's party poised for dramatic return to power

SA 'mercenaries' finally gain access to lawyer

Iraqis protest US 'colonisation'

New Zealand to Pull Iraq Army Engineers

Partly Made Bomb Found Under a Rail Line in Spain

US outsources its anti-terror war

Science Not Being Distorted, White House Aide Says

Doubts surface even in heartland of Marine Corps

Student takes 'under God' out of pledge, feels the heat

China's top committee is poised for HK crackdown

Bush* administration grants Sept. 11 panel access to Clinton documents

Powell Not Sure Iraq Trailers Were Labs

Une discussion pour les amoureux français.

Propaganda in a Democratic Society - Aldous Huxley

Vote Bill Oreilly greatest hits

rbnyc vs. JCCyC The Ultimate battle of names ending in "yc"

Air America; for a complete tape of our broadcasts...

Help! I can't get the grin off my face!!!

The doctor thinks he saw a pianist!

Spring Cocktail Party!

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

So my penis saw the doctor.

Very happy Rainbow.

I'm a honky, cracker, casper, whitey, gringo

Bush/Cheney: Top 10 Reasons

Happy Freakin' Friday!

Wait a minute, wait a minute...

What's eating Xen today?

Sock Puppet George's Rice Bowl....just a photo

DIY: Feeling Adventurously Geekish?

In my own plane....

Flame Warriors

Name The Album Cover Week Two Set One Number One


I feel funky

Has anyone gotten the Air America Realplayer link to work?

Q: What's the difference between a geek and a nerd?

Watching Norville...

Yes I am a nerd (Part 2)

Did John Kerry kidnap Audrey Seiler in Wisconsin?

Right-wing fundy neighbor in Dallas just called me here in NC.

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

What art thou drinking tonight?

My 100 (plus) favorite recordings of 1964.

What, no "What are you drinking tonight?" threads?

ACCCCKK!!! Pickels is invading the Soaps!!!

Who else misses Space: Above and Beyond?

OMFG!!! Mrs Matcom On The Phone With Nothingshocksmeanymore RIGHT NOW!!

Of all the genius in Family Guy, casting Adam West is the most genius

I'm funkier than you are...

Is anyone here actually good at Dance Dance Revolution?

What's up with the DU post times on Latest?

Why do the freepers hate O'Reilly?

Today would've been Marvin Gaye's 65th birthday.

Anyone here a fan of Sotol?

L.F is board. Not a good thing. So...

Logan's Run TV show - who watched it, and what do you remember?

Test post, ignore

Question about Real Player

Teach me to speak Nihongo dozo.

Would anyone like to see a tree octapus?

Guys at the hairdresser. Does this happen to you?

Just finished a five day harassment case

Bumper sticker idea

Question regarding adoption

Gawd I do love Bombay Sapphire Gin!

Anyone notice the Carolina Hurricanes use the Dean Scream?

having already engaged in several skirmishes in GD tonight...

O'Franken Factor replay--yesterday's?

Did you see the picture of the Big Dawg

Get a load of this!!!!

msn blows...

Did ya wear a black armband when they shot the Man...

Air America Radio: Democratic Party Business as Usual

Steriögram: bubblegum punk or the real deal?

Are you with me, or against me?

Morissette takes Internet minister course to marry gay friends

When you thought that Freepers could be no worse that they are...

I saw "Hellboy" today

I rewrote this song for Kerry! Anyone know the tune?

Pet peeve...

Why are you lying?

Yes I am a nerd (Part 1)

Vote for my cat, Molly!

Show us your alltime favorite photo, taken by YOU

Japanese Orgy Bus Tour of Tokyo...

Bush speaks, boy Yawns

The Darkness : temporary camp fad, or legitimate band?

Ah ha ha ha ha check this out

If I had a poll....

XMen2 question -- why did Jean choose to die in the flood?

Stupid polls

OK. It's a post-apocalyptic earth. Where is your hideout / base?

If Satan changed his name ...

The doctor thinks he saw a penis!

DSL - do you recommend it for connecting to the internet?

How Much Are You Worth?

How long have you been a DUer?

Freepers start them out young!

How freepers freep the AOL polls

Bush Gang

The right-wing is implying that Kerry is involved in illegal

Action Alert: 9/11 Family Steering Committee

Record-breaking fundraising!

Howard Dean NOW on Air America Radio, 9:05PM

McCain isn't switching parties - get over it - we have our own talent

Four more votes for Kerry in Kansas

How can we set the political spectrum straight?

Kerry hosts economic meeting in Boston with Robert Rubin, John Sweeney

Re: Kerry.... What did you all expect........

If Kerry loses, will northern democrats be considered again?

Have any of you ever run office?

Dead Heat in Michigan (Kerry Leads Bush by Two)

Would John McCain as VP Give John Kerry The Landslide We May Need?

Madrid "blueprint"- Brendan O'Neilly

Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap

The real lessons of Fallujah

NY Times: The Mystery Deepens

ALTERMAN: Accountability Questions; More than Answers - Bush

Bush Residential Yacht - cartoon

Terror attacks on American Mass Transit

U.S. Firms Keep Billions Overseas

'The Wizard of Oz Letter' - who really runs the White House

Pentagon Wants New Generation Of Smaller Cheaper Nukes

U.S. prepares for forceful return to Fallujah

Analysis: Bush Stubborn Streak an Issue

Powell says Iraq evidence may have been wrong :USAToday

Ideas About Christ's Death Surveyed : Growing Minority: Jews Responsible

Pigface Podhoretz thinks Kerry is in crisis.

"Land of Milk and Money" (American couple has baby in Norway)

Kerry’s jobs plan: “A hoax on the unemployed and giveaway for the rich”

NYT Headlines Shill for Bush on Jobs Figures

Mercenaries 'R' U.S

The Wizard of Oz Letter (Bush testify w/Cheney)

NY Times: Conservative Takes on Moderate GOP in PA

The fallacy of the 'anybody but Bush' movement

Protest Bush in St. Louis on April 5

I'm starting a campaign against Bush

Being the media.

I'd like to solitic guest writers for my blog...

Be Careful What You Say on Campus - H.R. 3077

State of the News Media 2004

Does anyone know when AARs ratings will come out?

AA Hilarious bit about transition from Clinton to Bush

New Mike Malloy Content at White Rose

AA's weekend lineup?

RANDI "enemy of the far left" on AAR right now! n/t

Web Exclusive: Fired New York Times editor tells all

Alex Bennett coming to Sirius Left

Censors set sights on 'world darling' Oprah

NYT: Microsoft and Sun End Long Acrimony in Surprise Accord

NYT: Strong Job Growth Spurs Sharp Rise in Interest Rates

BP opens power plant in Vietnam

HSBC opens first branch in SA

My take on the latest job numbers...

March DOL jobs report-Worst since 83 long term unemployment recorded

Fickle, Bitter, and Dangerous

White House Issues Boilerplate In Response To Scientists' Criticism - NYT

Norway's GHG Emissions Far Above Targets - Reuters

Narwhal Numbers Declining Rapidly - BBC

94% Of Three Gorges Polluters Ignoring Chinese Government

Pentagon report: U.S. can be oil-free in 15 years

new zero-emission automobile propulsion concept that uses liquid nitrogen

Dispute remains over which NYC agency responsible...

David Corn: Lying About Rwanda's Genocide

Reading Al Qaeda into Madrid: K. Nimmo

Bev Harris thread(s) removed?

How to Alert Mods?

Correction, re: Layman's "How to alert mods?" post.

Ignore me--got my head out of the sand and realized

I tried to print Bob Boudelang, but the printer friendly version link

I look at DU serveral times per day

Advertising on Air America

Israeli police clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem flashpoint

Israeli forces invade Nablus

Arafat transferred funds to Neturei Karta

A Year After Iraq War: Mistrust of America in Europe Ever Higher...

Saudi crown prince tells Austrian leaders not to link terror and Islam

Sharon Says Israel Could Kill Arafat

9/11 Skeptics Unite (4/2/2004)

Did we lose any DUers on 9/11?

Bahaji: "We had a good time in the Marienstr. 54"

Who counts the votes?

Herseth gets nod over Diedrich in poll

Did anyone see Jennifer Beals stick up for gays on Norville's show?

My idea for an anti-* ad

John Dean making the rounds

Hawaii Man Among Civilians Killed In Iraq

question about True Majority website

Question: .... If liberal radio had tremendously deep pockets...

O'Reilly, Gingrich and the "Newt Spin Zone"

Does anyone here listen to Thom Hartmann?

hilarious viagra like commercial

BUSH foresakes his liberal past

MSNBC/Newsweek : Bush is Cheney's sock puppet (paraphrasing).

A reason why the jobs number might not matter.

Can Bill Clinton be Vice President??

What are the SIMPLEST websites for exposing Bush / BFEE to right-wingers?

Expanded Inquiry Into Leak of C.I.A. Officer's Name

Thread in GD'04: New jobs mostly low-paying

Tune into Olberman Monday night!

Was the Fallujah video a setup to allow renewed bombing?

Michael Reagan thinks Larry Klayman is a fruitcake.

Liberal leaders urge Nader to abandon bid

Gary Hart Warned Condi Rice Just Before 9/11

a TIVO watcher in an "in-play" state

Tax Questions? Call into C-Span this morning!!!

True Christians need to 'OUT' bush

U. of Md. Student Film Targets Governor

Question: The government works for me

1.5 million jobs created in overnight hours

Can we somehow take advantage...

Club for Growth financing Specter's Pa. primary opponent

The real lessons of Fallujah

Pot calling the kettle...

The Daily Howler - calls media on lies and deception in a unique style.

More on the life of one of those killed by the mob in Fallujah

Teen accused of illegally voting in NH Primary (young Freeper)

Rice's testimony could make-or-break her, Bush

"The Third Way"...

Publisher Cancels Reissue of Racy Novel by Lynne Cheney

Dirty old man: George Carlin in the age of Ashcroft

The term "war on terrorism"

Spread the word!

Bremer has destroyed my country

trickle-down economics and outsourcing

Knowing what we know now, can anyone take seriously

Powell coming clean?

Mr. Potter vs Dick Cheney

Data for March Show Big Surge in Job Creation

Latest Martha Stewart tip:

Latest CLUMSY Bush Smear Attempt on Kerry (email dirty tricks)

Taiwan protestors keep pressure on

If one of the 4 contractors mutilated in Fallujah was a woman...

Add it to the list: YawnGate

George Milhous Bush ?

Iraq reminds me of South Africa under the Apartheid system

MedInstitute=Propaganda Machine masquerading as science?

Re-open America's school doors for foreigners

Center for Terrorism Law

Logan Airport...9/11...and the FAA

Want a job? Go to Albertson's and apply on their computer.

NSC staffer goes public: How Bush Bungled The War on Terror

MoveLeft Media, where you can comment on political art.

Bush offers Super-sized lies to go with his daily pablum.

Rating the pollsters

The Evangenlical Roots of American Unilateralism

Profits on the backs of American workers?

"It appears not to be the case"....No Sh*t Sherlock

The Flip-Flops of Sean Hannity

What dogs aren't barking?

lineup for today's "This is Hell" -- streaming now

paper receipt voting machine inventor dies - coincidence or not?

now, democrats own constitution platform

An idea for some low-key fund raising:

Is this Homeland Security website legit?

Deborah Norville donates to Republicans

I guess they forgot to ask "how high ?" on the way up

M. Moore on O'Franken Factor...NOW! Coulter is still locked in greenroom

"Hey Nick, your Mom's here" soldiers mom goes to Iraq

Ann Arbor's gift to Naples FL: Tom Monaghan and his fundy college

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/3/2004

a Martha juror found to be a lying thief / batterer and maybe a plant

Link for Democrats weekly Radio address?

Who would you support: a neo-liberal or small (r)epublican?

What is an insurgent?

this might be a good station for AirAmerica in Kansas City

Wow! Mendocino County bans GMOs

What do you think Colin?

Who was on "The O'Franken Factor" just now, to talk about

bushgang hides US largest toxic accident - who knew?

What Would Saturday Be Without Your TOONS?

Jennifer Beals Rocked on Deborah Norville's show!!!!!!!!


Do the Bushies actually know where the WMD are hidden?

Damn! Gore TV Deal Is Stalled At The 11th Hour; Major Investor Pulls Out

Aftermath of the Fallujah massacre - Future of the US worries me

Happy Birthday to me!

Elephants stuck in the "tar pits"....

Even newspaper captions are editorialized

Plame Probe expands-this is from Salon in their War room section

I'd like to solicit guest writers for my blog...

My Theory on The Media...

Remember the Drones of Death?

A proposed bill in the Massachusetts legislature...what do you think?

Hmmm... Where is the Guy James Show thread today?

MUST READ.. Our military is in worse shape than we feared

Saudi religious freaks blame drought on women

I need a website

Al-Qaeda linked Saudi flown out of US after 9/11 -- Salon War Room

What is the definition of Feminism?

Oct. 24-26 2000 Pentagon practiced for a plane hitting the bldg.

Rice's PR chief will soon be NBC's PR chief

Racist US Sen. Jim Bunning opens his mouth

"NUKES IN SPACE" - Documentary on Space Channel at 4:00pm EST

Men Who Died in Vietnam While Bush and Cheney Avoided Combat Like Cowards

Norman Finkelstein - I just saw his lecture/questions on CSPAN - WOW!

The Mystery Deepens

Randi Rhodes is On!

Liberals, Meet an Old Friend. Her Name is Randi Rhodes!

Is Jihad Unspun down ? - hacked?

Oprah might be censured by FCC for indecency? Ummmmm....

Bush* and ballot deadlines

DU techies: Is this photo from Iraq (published by CRG) real?

Here is a question that needs to be answered...

If you were an "insurgent" in Fallujah, what would you do ?

Noone has mentioned Garofalo or Chuck D

Does anyone have a list of US casualties

Hey chief. Where did you get that smirk?

Air America's record breaking first 3 days!

Clarke on Hardball Now

Public transportation: where has it gone? This is going to be

Bush visit stirs local political verve

Reality check

CNN/Gallup polls were bogus in 2000; they are just as bad now

Does anyone have a list of AA sponsers for L.A.?

If the elections were held today....

Was I wrong to post photos of the burned "contractors?"

Bush slipping in Ohio, poll says

Richard Clarke's book #1 New York Times bestseller!

Bob Graham on Randi Rhodes....with humor.

Are most wealthy Democrats unwilling to fight?

Raise $ Against W by signing petitions, Clackback America

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fired New York Times editor tells all

Bush Lies, Damn Lies About... Job Statistics

Folks, some suggestions if you want to help Air America:

The far left has a new enemy. His name is Sponge Bob Square Pants

Need some help with a Freeper

I can't believe I just heard Pat Buchanan criticizing the neo-cons!

Some Americans consider move over fear of fascism

Will Kerry have to debate Bush* with Cheney?

today's "OMG...grow up, bush*" PHOTO..needs a caption...caution!

Radio Alert: Laura Flanders show on Air America 7-10 EST

For those who are considering XM to listen to Air America...

TV Alert: Capital Gang on CNN 7:00 pm EST

One thing that Air America REALLY needs to work on...

Help me convert a good friend! LIHOP vs. Incompetence

Bet ya Tenet is the fall guy!

Bush thinks he's getting instructions from God...

Media ALERT - 60 Minutes - Bush Enviro Cover-up

Truth on jobs report: 90% part-time! (Do you want fries with that report?)

Rules for being a NEOCON!!

I still can't believe there's a liberal radio network

Aryan Nations link to Blackwater Security?

CNN just showed a 'Journalist Walkout'

The yawning kid on Letterman

Sen Ted Kennedy on Larry King Monday

Whistleblower John Dean from Watergate Era

"I believe that Air America is doomed"

Unfounded Accusations Against Presidents Should Be A Felony

Local Arizona grocery store to offer health care insurance for baggers

did some of the Dead play for Kerry's SF fundraiser? Kerry a Dead Head?

A personal face on one of the 4 grisly deaths in Iraq.

"Official Guy James Show Thread" Keep kicked please!

photos of recent 5 DEAD soldiers (IED explosion, 03/31/04)

"Bush is a chief executive on training wheels."

Website With 96 Bush Flip Flops Listed !

Arrogance of the worst kind? Are we so arrogant we know not what we do?

Do fundies hate "libruls" because:

Great article on Norway, King of the Social Democracies

NewsWeek's front page

If Flight 93 was shot down Richard Clarke knows it

Film - "Uncovered: the Whole Truth about the Iraq War"

TRUE or FALSE : The Bush Regime will do anything to win next election

Media does 180 degrees on jobs "numbers" from yesterday ??

I Pledge to John Kerry 5 Cents for Every Response To This Thread PART 3

NY Times Magazine 'Up In Smoke'

Sunday shows....Dean on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer..listing.

Iraqis throwing themselves under US tanks and being crushed in Baghdad

How Did 9/11 Happen Poll

Now this is a real liberal! The great writer, Harlan Ellison

It's gonna be close, it's election eve, how will you be feeling?

ABC News Talking about "Curveball"

if you haven't seen the "yawning kid" video...

"If you don't believe in LIHOP/MIHOP you're a DINO"

Anyone know how to physically locate an IP?

Transcript of Nader vs Randi Rhodes on 1st Day of Air America

The far left has a new enemy. Her name is Randi Rhodes

UN urges global action on Darfur

Witnesses Focus on Bomber Timothy McVeigh's Activities at Nichols' Trial

Shia militia demolish 'debauched' Iraqi village

State Department concerned over China's role in Hong Kong political reform

A Victory for Shrum? (Kerry Campaign Shake-Up) (TNR)

Thailand may withdraw troops from Iraq after June 30

Iraqi cleric urges action against U.S.

Summer terror alert

Thousands march in Baghdad to support radical cleric

Our Mess in Haiti

Two police officers shot dead in Iraq

France detains Congo police chief

U.S. prepares for forceful return to Fallujah

9/11 Panel Gets Access to Clinton Records

Three Victims of Brutality in Iraq Were Veterans

Iraqis say U.S. bid to pacify Falluja doomed

CID to probe multi million foreign mercenaries deal

Children coping with genocide

Pakistan Army Drops Leaflets to Tribesmen Seeking Help Against Al-Qaida

NYT:(Job) Numbers a Relief to Republicans, But Fears Remain

Li walks from plan to rescue Air Canada

The slippery business of Nigeria's oil

California parks to boost annual fees, cut lifeguards

Parade today to celebrate Cesar Chavez

WFP slashes food rations

Chirac arrives for talks with Putin

Big Ben protest pair escape charges

As 9/11 Hearings Progress, Americans More Critical of Administration

U.N. lists Oakland police antiwar violence in report

Germans turn out for mass protests against government's welfare state cuts

Grumpy cat survives wild car-top ride

The British guide to terrorism

Ulster Red Cross man on mercy mission

Iraqi Islamists Seen Taking Ownership of the Armed Insurgency

BREAKING: At least one killed in blast near Madrid (MSNBC)

Saudi Arabia real reason for invasion: analyst

Thugs and the Interim Government of Haiti

Fewer say Bush cares about them

U.S. Funds Aid Venezuela Opposition

Stricter air conditioner rule stands:Higher efficiency won't be challenged

Vanunu seeks to give up Israeli citizenship-report

GOP in Virginia at odds over tax increases - AP

Democratic Party is in best financial condition in years - AP

Blair faces new pressure over Iraq intelligence

Three Madrid suspects blow themselves up

Closure of Shiite Weekly Newspaper Likely to Compound US Security Worries

Powell Not Sure Iraq Trailers Were Labs

US companies resolute on Iraq mission

Bush, Kerry Duel Over Economy's Health

Germans accuse US over Iraq weapons claim

Is America sending battle-weary, clinically stressed soldiers back into...

So Many Crisies, So Little Time

Terror suspects besieged in Madrid

Bush Slipping in Ohio, Poll Says (Where art thou, Karl Rove?)

WP: Ideas About Christ's Death Surveyed ("Passion" effect)

Bush attacks environment 'scare stories'

Housewife Who Killed Sons With Rocks Believed She Was Following God's Order

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fired New York Times editor tells all

US tanks deploy in Baghdad as Shiite radicals take to streets

Publisher cancels re-issue of racy novel by Lynne Cheney

WP: In a Gypsy Village's Fate, an Image of Iraq's Future

AP: Loopholes Give Big Land Tax Breaks

Corporations paid no taxes in late 1990s

Kerry advisor looks for running mate ever so discreetly

Justice dept. cracks down on adult porn

Marines limiting info on attacks

Powell: Some Iraq testimony based on 'flawed' intelligence

Bush stubborn streak can make him slow to respond

Uneven Response Seen on Terror in Summer of 2001

al-Jazeera: Baghdad a paradise for criminals, gun-runners and drug addicts

Blair calls race summit amid election jitters

U.S. job growth surges.... but not in LA

British TV presenter to sue Arnold Schwarzenegger

Odigo says workers were warned (two hours before) of attack .

Papers on 1964 Brazil Coup Declassified

Broken US Troops Face Bigger Enemy at Home

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war (on 9-20-01)

GOP plans to claim overseas jobs issue

Joke thread:

Laura "Pickles" Bush how to tickle a pickle!

Kyoot widdle kitty time! (Latest picture of Erin)

How Large are Ann Coulter's FEET?

What do you do with noisy neighbors?

Man, do I love Krautrock!

Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Anyone from the Cleveland Ohio area?

I hate to tell you this, but look.... Geeze, there's no nice way to say it

I'm tired and my foot hurts and it's time for a poll.

Question for admins (or anyone really) about registration rates....

Ok, weird question.

The 10000 thread (can you make the 10000th post?)

OK, REALLY weird question

Am I the only person who does not believe in Love?

Alien and Aliens -director's cuts are on tonight

51 posts in less that 24 hours!

I have this terrible feeling...

Propeller Island City Lodge

Behold.. The Rasterbator..(make your own wallpaper-posters)

What a @*&$!#% end to my days off.... (rant)

Tax Questions? Call CSpan this morning!!!

Three Stooges Marathon

How many of you watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent?

My fellow insomniacs, can you say...when will I fall asleep??

Anyone else a "Stuart Saves His Family" fan?

Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehabilitation for Drug Use

Is DU sleeping it off?

Gotta' go right now , gotta' go, gotta' go, gotta' go!

How often do you exercise?


for classic film fans . . .

I want to wish the MA DUers

Is this the stupidest poll ever made?

If I went out to do some landscape photography...

Google's web mail is no joke

So, it's post 400...

Any DU'ers here who are "recovering Republicans"?

well, its technically after i guess its my 18th birthday

Favorite Term of Endearment for our pResident

FYI BOSTON DUERS! - we are running a little late

Saw movie last night

Happy 80th birthday Marlon Brando

Ulp, I'm getting married today!

OK...another example of how the uninformed get reamed. GIS/Campaigns.

Please sign petition for tortured dog--Over 12,000 signatures

Sirius or XM...?

Someone tell me this website is a joke

what happened to the Sacramento Kings? And McLaren too for F1...

f1 fans - speed channel running 94 san marino gp. senna's last race.

Six year old cat weighs 41 lbs.. taken from owner


41 pound cat

What do you call your spouse or SO?

Hooray for Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld

Make your NFL first round selections here(Or atleast see mine)

Vanity Post - the ZW edition

Grumpy cat survives wild car-top ride

Latest Martha Stewart tip:

Yes I am Nerd (Part 3)

Were you dodging tornadoes this day in 1974?

Proof that God's a NASCAR fan and Dale's in Heaven

Vanity Poster

Am I putting my health at risk?

I'd like to solicit guest writers for my blog...

Saturday Night Live is funner than ever.

Vanity Post -- My new column is up

Happy Birthday to me!

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?


This might sound weird....but....

which of the following are true and which are false?

Swimming pool liability questions.

Missing DU'ers...

PINK FLOYD fans: How come no one ever talks about THE FINAL CUT?

Al Franken is HILARIOUS on Air America!

For Underpants!

Congratulations MrBenchley!! 15,000 posts

Trouble with USB device

What should I do, I'm so depressed

DU Smokers Poll


DU PC gamers.What is the all-time greatest CRPG?

Is the Great Pumpkin

What was the first political campaign you worked on, and at what age?

Who will win today's NCAA National Semifinal games

Here's a new Dubya doll, perfect for the DU'er out there.

What should I do since I'm getting closer to the 700 club??

I'd like to test Newton's theory using Sean Hannity and Rush.

Holy cow! Betcha this guy laments not wearing a seatbelt....

Dallas Is Full Of Crap (Dog Poop Problem)

A thought about some dumbassery Dubya did a while back...

Beatallica: perfect satirical melding of the Beatles and Metallica

Which banned phrase do you most wish you could say on DU?

South Beach Diet - Success or Failure? Do tell.

Question: Michigan DUers. What are the political leanings of the

Atheists click for a laugh (Bill Hicks)

Listening to Air America right now.

Yes I am Nerd (Part 4)

?My friend's brother died without a will....

Is Easter Candy Kosher?

April 3, 1990.

How much maintenance do ferrets require?

Cheny's Wife Stops Reissue Of Sexy Novel

If your security stuff idenfies things that you have no clue about..

digital camera & too much spare time?

just saw Dario Fo's "Accidental Death of An Anarchist"

Hey, everybody! I'm back!

12 "Reasons" Why Gays Shouldn't Be Allowed To Marry

Which is the universal language that appeals to all?

What are the cities in the US with the best weather?

Is kayos a hindrance or a gift to life?

The Deadly Beloved of all CAPTIONS!!!

absolute prick

How dangerous is perception?

Vanity post--The New Bob Boudelang Is Up

Rather than go out and bust some Repuke heads

Car help!

Favorite SARAH VAUGHAN recording?

Where do you buy gas?

Is the American Eagle endangered?

Am I the only one watching the 3 Stooges Marathon

My 100 favorite songs of 1963

Hey all I just asked to be banned after 6 months here...

So I was just reading in my college newspaper...

Stranger at the Gas Station

I don't believe it - Lard v Butter

Suzy Homemakers?! Prepared Food Paulas?!

Linux gurus, please,


Don't forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour tonight.

Do you like Phil Collins?

Best website hosting?

My Life Without Me

I'm worried about Tim, my pet cricket


Free will vs. Fate

Men of DU: What shoe size do you have???

Is logic the only truth?

Do you believe in magic?

Solo Beatles Poll - Best Single/song

Your five biggest musical guilty pleasures

Powell Admits Intelligence For Attacking Iraq Came From a 9-Year

What magazines do you read regularly?

If you've shopped at The Men's Warehouse, did you like the way you looked?

What cities/places have the worst weather?

Why I lost faith in love, and in my ability to attract worthwhile people.

How many people have you slept with?

So, after the first couple of days, what do people think of Air America?

What have you seen today that pleased you?

How should I spend my tax return?

Do you believe...

How do you exercise?

Is there such a thing as too Christian?

Crazy Bahston DU meetup: are you now or have you ever been a lesbian?

What happened to Karl Schneider

Boston DU Gathering at the Peoples Republik

Fare thee well my neighbor.

I REALLY need an answer to this computer question please!

Do you dunk? (Cookies)

so, what got you banned at FR?

Silly feel-good-about-DU graphic (Dialupper warning: 188K)

My recurring query re: Plame

You guys are my friends,,, so I migtht as let you know;

What happens if the job numbers go up

LAT: Fundraisers Vow to Keep Kerry in Financial Race

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Teresa Heinz Was Right

Good economic numbers don't mean squat. Bush STILL sucks.....

Hollywood comes out for Kerry

Bush Campaign Tops Goal of Record $170 Million

I need help turning a idiot

John Kerry needs to tell the people that these jobs are......

Where was Gore at this point in the battleground states?

Kerry needs to quote Gov. Arnold

Bush's failures are the fault of 911 - wake up people!

Has anyone been watching the Senate races?

Bush already beat McCain

Is Cheney being with Bush for 911 Hearings a national security risk?

Florida may Ease up /Absentee Rules/ GOP now worried!

Kerry needs a vice

Proof that Rove ain't all that smart

Bush, Kerry spar over economy’s health

Havn't heard any Hillary for VP lately. How is that going? Seems like...

Bush Slipping in Ohio, Poll Says (Oh, the humanity!)

I'd really like Dean to have a show on Air America

I came up with a nice analogy to rebut the GOP job report spin

I Drank the Kerry-Kool Aid - Confessions of a Lifelong Democrat

Just saw Dennis Kucinich in Boone, NC

Kerry needs Dean for VP.

Some Kerry+Landrieu pics that could be used for avatars or signitures

WP: Nader Scrambles to Collect Thousands of Signatures

Kerry again challenges Bush to debate

Do we really need the jobs issue

Cast Your Vote in Final Four Poll: Most Embarrassing Republicans

Kerry meets with foreign policy advisors at his home in Boston today...

How about former TX Gov. Ann Richards for veep?

What will you be doing on election night?

Want to grantee WI is a blue state in NOV.

Why do people keep asking about Sen. McCain as VP?

Who really runs the White House? Bush or Cheney?

What should Kerry do with Bush?

On seeing Kucinich in NC Today:

Call me a cynic but...

Media Reminder! Monday of for Vice President

What does Kerry need to do better?

Kerry would run against Hitler by complaining about his street repair