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Archives: September 11, 2004

President Bush's Letter to Dan Rather

CounterBias: Post-convention blues by Scott C. Smith

It's in our nature to go with Kerry

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror

Third Parties Seen As Threat To Bush

Bob Graham's Political Tsunami- M. Whitney

Salon: The gospel according to Jimmy Breslin

E-Mail Oprah - Ask Her To Invite Bev Harris - BBV

Howard Dean tripled the ratings of "Topic A with Tina Brown"

R.E. Lapp, 87, Physicist in Cold-War Debate on Civil Defense, Dies

Kerry: Assault weapon ban made U.S. safer

PBS/Bill Moyers on 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Transponders off = no way to find the planes? NOW with Bill Moyers

Wellstone Crash: Accident or Assassination?

Director of Veterans for Common Sense, Sat. 18th, Bartow.

Del Sandusky, Charles Sheehan Miles, Lakeland Yacht & Country Club.

Dork Nation descends on Fenway

Townhall Mtg with FCC in Dearborn

Suspected Drunken Driver Crashes Into Kerry HQ In Muskegon Heights

Anybody from Lubbock that could check something in the

What's up with all the teriyaki places in Seattle?

I need a shower with beach.... sat three feet from Ed Gillespie

Aaron Brown....

MUST READ!!! First-rate profile of Al Gore in current New Yorker...

What comes through loud and clear from the words and actions of Bush

The Gap and charter schools?

I just completed the strangest survey.

How did Killian die?

A letter from Charlie Rangel....Charlie ROCKS!

Can someone help me find the "Do Not Volunteer" record from Chimp?

Ghost Detainees numbers unknown

CBS responded to my email

Did the IBM Selectronic Typewriter have "Proportional Spacing".....

Freepers new discovery: Handwriting expert on Rather was the same

Conservatives Want Dan Rather Fired

WOW. Lehrer doing own 9 11 investigation on NOW-worth watching and

Don't miss Herbert's column today

Ok peasants, grab those pitchforks. Go get those bush bastards

Average per day of American's killed in Iraq up.

Anyone have problems sending/receiving with your hotmail account?

MCLaughlin on Iraq tonight - 27,000 wounded

Did George W.Bush ask Bill Clinton to throw the election to his father

Is dkos a seperate community from DU?

Hey Freepers!

Swift boats, typewriter technology and forgery charges

What would be quite a story for a news organization would be

Putting an end to the Superscript Forgery Nonsense ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Repukes Say: "We're Repukes: We Pack HEAT!"

Jesus Christ is a Commie

Is CNN Slowly Dying?

Lets see.....what should I wear to history class on 9/11.......

Australian Elections

Why did Rove get the call on 9-11??

11pm Advisory: Ivan on the verge of becoming category 5 hurricane again


Malloy thread...STARTS NOW!!

Pataki Is Really Milking The 9/11 Anniversary

Proportional typewriter font - in 1969 - in Vietnam!

Do people chalk candidates names on the street?

"Hm, should I produce 'Fahrenheit 9/11'? Nah. It'll flop."

What is Neo-Liberalism?

I had an interesting evening tonight. Good story.

Got a huge question..FOR DU and MEDIA?and ASHCROFT !

Anygone is watching NOW on PBS?

Anybody watching NOW on PBS?

DU this poll --- kerry already leading :-D

Washington Review Reporter's Notebook by Michael Duffy

I emailed CBS and thanked them for the Barnes interview and Bush memos..

No cell phone calls on 9/11??? Air-phone???

CNN:Should Dan Rather and ÇBS state their sources for the story?

real time freeperville.. just spent the two most disturbing hours..

Today I was heckled by bush supporters

How, exactly, has bush made America safer? Lurking freeps? Anyone?

FLASHBACK: 4/14/04: "Air America loses 2 (of 6) stations"

Iraqi Military deaths

Miami Hurricanes beat Florida State 16-10 in overtime! n/t

Situation in JAMAICA ( Hurricane Ivan), not good

Haiti: UN Opens the Door to Reborn Army :-(

Will Hillary Clinton Be 'TOO OLD' To Run For President In 2012?

Stop focusing on Bush! Take the war to the media instead.

I'm reading Bob Grahams Book...

we lost a good one today

when bush took over, demands on.. Saudis to cut.. terror funding stopped.

The Lubbock newspaper ad that could prove Bush* lies -- can we get a copy?

High School Students Forced to Attend Bush Rally

Nightline 9/10: Images of War -- "it's far worse than we ever show"

Here is why the Repubs are winning an election that they should be losing

If I see one more post about "EMP" crap re: Wellstone I'm gonna go postal

RATHER, MOYERS & KELLEY: George's "New" Trifecta

LiberalOasis nails it! This is why Bush* is leading (kind of) in

Heads up. Sy Hersh on MTP Sunday

Oh Boy! Soon we can buy ASSAULT WEAPONS again!

To the citizens of Dirtsville USA: Quit grieving for NYC.............

Ex-Pubbies Report Here!

For James Carville fans....... on Sunday with Tina Brown, Topic A

New Democratic Network and Democratic Leadership Council

Someone told me that she has a friend who has been in Iraq.

On This Day...

Threes years since 911.

AP Poll: Bush Holds Slight Lead on Kerry

Report: N.Korean Envoy Warns of Nuclear Arms Race

Kerry: Assault weapon ban made U.S. safer

NYT: Kerry Says Bush Assult Weapons Stance Aids Terrorists

Jenkins leaves Tokyo hospital to surrender to U.S. authorities

Blacks Enlist Groups to Court New Voters

Chen shooting probe nets gunsmiths - TW

WP: Bush Hits Kerry on Iraq and Hussein

Condit Settles Libel Suit Against Tabloid Newspapers

Ivan back to 150 MPH, still heading for Kingston

Air America radio coming to Atlanta

Fmr. Dem. Sen. Brock Adams has died at 77

Democratic Party decides to run ads in Missouri, Colorado

Bill Clinton returns home after surgery.

Agency to join 9/11 lawsuit against Saudis

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Sex with Corpses

Bush's Backers Donate Heavily to Veteran Ads

"Bush and kerry step up attacks". NYTs Kerry advisors split.

usnewswire: Embassy of Sudan: A Characterization of 'Genocide' Spurs More

Taliban Chief Phoned U.S. on '98 Strike

Rumsfeld: Prison abuses do not compare with terrorism

Najaf residents wearying of al Sadr as Mahdi Army continues to fight

Dissolution of (Fallujah) Brigade Is Setback for Marines

Bush Stepping Up Attacks as Kerry Weighs Response

Kerry team, DNC hit Bush on Guard issue

Air America radio waves hello to Hub (coming to Boston)

Questions mount on Guard memos' authenticity

Rumsfeld Mixes Up U.S. Foes Saddam and Bin Laden

Bush to visit Las Vegas next week to address National Guard group

I'm dead serious when I say republicans want to spoil your fun

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show

Arnold Schwarzeneggar LIED

September modern mirth is ready....

Let’s go down to the Sunset Grill

In honor of Screaming Lord Byron: Why didn't the pirate go to the movie?

I see Dumb People!

PDA owners: Do you use a wireless keyboard?

BBC America: The Avengers, The Saint, and The Prisoner

Have any of you spent time on a farm lately? Or a sort of a farm?

Le musiqe pour le chat! (hell make it a KITTY THREAD)


Can someone explain the relationship between Peppermint Patty and Marcie?


Ohio State fans check in here!

Favorite My Three Sons Re-placed Character?


Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Ni-ee-ine


Appendicitis, the lady in the other bed and bumper stickers




Heero. Duo. Quatre Wufei Trowa!

Do you find the frequent "Copycat" threads on DU annoying?

Duby, duby, du

Uno, dos. One, two, tres, quatro!

Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, cinco, seis.


How come I'm so addicted to the PU?

Itchy knee sun she go

Do you find copycat polls of copycat threads annoying?

Republican Headquarters called my house.


It's been a long time comin'

Christof is gonna forget about politics tonight (and maybe all weekend)...

Eine, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf

Quiz: Which Peanuts character are you?

keep it going, for the funny among us

Hannity not taking critical e-mails??? He was on ranting about how

Ban being lifted on Asshole Weapons?

I'm finally watching "Finding Nemo".... Ask Me Anything! (n/t)

Please don't dominate the rap Jack

I hate being back at school.....

adeen dvah tree

We're all DOOMED!!

Hey - who all wants to see my fart?

I Hate George W Bush

do you find complaints of copy cat threads annoying?

Abortion Poll....*snicker, snicker*

How obnoxious is it when you see a thread on DU just another one?

Piss up a Rope

How come I'm so addicted to the DU?

The guilty get no sleep in the last slow hours of morning.

Sigh. Pebble went through my headlight. Do I need to replace the assembly

OMG! The Constitution is FAKE! Here's the evidence to prove it!


one. two. four.

Where the Heck Is a Bar When I Need One? (I'm Talking to YOU, MrScorpio)

What happened to Limbought's Friday night movie threads?

Try this next time you have fortune cookies

Dear lord, I'm bored. Entertain me.

Another One Bites The Dust

Why do women wear socks?

OMG 11pm news, she is gaining strength & more ferocious!!!

this is an email alert I got -- its unbelievable!!!

Guess it was my turn

Gang, my band's got another gig! DUers all invited. A pic from last gig...

Who else here will have Bukkake nightmares tonight?

Silly Game: substitute "ass" in the name of a band you like.........

Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date

"A woman's body is a work of art. A man's body is like a jeep,

I think I died and went to heaven

Favorite member of New Edition?

I think I need a new dress.

It's 11:45...

Watching King Kong......

Ekahi, elua, ekolu, eha, elima, eono

Hooray It's Tuvan Throat SInging time

A "take anywhere" keyboard? You could shine it on a table and work.

You think you've got a head for heights

High School Freshmen are Idiots

Is Jaws: The Revenge

Why do women wear clothes?

Favorite 4 Seasons B-side/album track

I think I need new panties.

Breaking. Bush holds slight lead on Reality.

Freepers and Gutless Old Prikkks can kiss my stankin' ass

Anyone else watching this show on PBS???

"This Bloke Came up to Me..."

Last week I posted a nasty rant about the RNC

Does this indicate there is a DVD Burner: 8x DVD+RW/+R

Why do men NOT wear shirts...

Who remembers this guy? He's now pretending to be Republican

Fuck the world, I wanna get off ...

We're all stoned!

Man, I got to take a major dump. What should I do?

When going to take a dump, do you like reading material?

The Rain Song

Favorite Gene Pitney song?

Conan O'Brien doing the TANG and Kitty Kelley book

Do you know anyone who calls the Internet "the e-mail"?

Man, I'm really diggin that remake of "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson


Goin' rafting tomorrow

September 11th, 1984

RNC wrap up (Warning: Naughty, Naughty Words)

(Stupid geek poll) More progressive: Star Trek or Doctor Who?

Do you have a sense of rhythm?

Need travel tips from Cheeseheads!

How much does it cost to buy a radio station?

DU me.

High School Sophomores are idiots

just found Mr. Deeds in a bargain bin

Who was the Smooth Operator?

Hey, Byron!! Hedges admitted to liking a Roses song!!

An agnostic take on The Passion Of The Christ

Just saw a "Buy One get One Free" CAR commercial!!!

GOPisEvil is a helluva guy (aka the end of my car saga)

Stoned Poll!

I just counted 47 chigger bites on my legs

Why do Scotts wear kilts?

Why do women wear panties?

Hurricanes!!!! Hurricanes!!!!! Hurricanes!!!!!! Hurricanes!!!!!


Why do women wear bras?


Babylon 5 or Star Trek Deep Space 9?

Freeper sunk to new low


Do you find the frequent "Copycat" threads on DU annoying?

updates on Ivan

Do women check out guys like guys check out women?

Why do women wear dresses/skirts?

You like bukakke

Hairless pussy, pics

Things that are strangely sexy to me

Quiz: What Is Your Animal Personality?

All the Wellstone threads in GD are making me sick...


Manny hit a GRAND SLAM!!!

Put Fuck or Fucking in place of a movie, song, band, book etc

MoveLeft Media now has RSS feed

What is it going to take for other news media to admit

My letter to Ralph Nader: Don't become Lyndon LaRouche!

Have the lemmings at Fox "News" jumped off the cliff yet

AAR says * has been talking about foreign threats since 1999.

What's the matter with Bush? Written Flyer Competition

When will the media admit


I just sent Drudge an email, calling him an asshole

MSNBC has it on right now

Sinking Fast - SBL


"If he had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power and

Why doesn't CNN just ask the question?

Poll: Hosting Convention Wasn't Worth It

I know a bit about the 1960's ANG scenario. I managed to get into it in

Should my husband go to FL for Storm Duty?

(AP) Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood

I see whining time coming soon so I'm otta here. HAHAHAHAHAH

Walt Handelsman Is Awesome

"The charges against CBS...." I hope they learned something.

Dan Rather did for Journalism what Dean did for the dems.....a spine was

Request: Capsule summary of CBS rebuttal

Who's the little gal taking Keith Olberman's place tonight ??

Bush Says Kerry Has Many Iraq Positions, But How Many Rationales For War?

What is your political mood?

Chimpy Dance

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart....


Drudge or CNN "retracting" IS NOT good enough....ask the questions CBS

B* stands for Bully!!

ROFL!! If this is true....

Sean Hannity, FOX TV propagandist, had son of Jerry Killian on show...

Kerry team, DNC hit Bush on Guard issue

Let's examine our "W"ar President!!!

Did everybody write CNN about their pukeworthy coverage today

What will be the right wing's response to Kitty Kelley?

My 900th Post- Allow me to say that Kerry is making his move.

Cheney Backtracks on Terror Risk Comment

Brent Bozell on FOX says ".even his own family says the memos aren't true"

Has the time come? To pile on? One after another. In the swamp. Do not

Forgery feeding frenzy: Media falling afoul of the facts

Cheney signs copies of swift Boat book...

Some more new state polls

Dan Rather is a MAN ...

Question: What is the "th" thing mean in the guard documents?

Rove is shitting his pants: He has a "pissed off Rather" and Kelly Book !

The Tall Texas Flyboy (poem-ette)

Moderate Republicans supporting Kerry (Oregon)

Wer'e in Iraq now because Bush never respected or honored our military

*'s F-102 could carry AIM-26A Nuclear Falcon missles

Mr Bush. We call on you to stop the negative campaigning and .....

Scarborough should put on a "dunce cap" - he's still against Rather.

Kerry Rally in Allentown

Are Rumsfeld and Rather still chums? *tin foil hattery

When is the AP going to send Ron Fournier to journalism school?

This is real simple (bush awol)

All y'all poor people are FOOLS for believing Rovish spin!

Uh oh! Another 527 supporting Bush!

Bush Ad Against Jesus of Nazareth

DU vote Please

Yep - it's me again - Death By 1000 Cuts

I think I hate CNN more than I hate

The TANG Memo Issue Needs To Be Settled NOW.

Bush a Law-breaking Pro-Life hypocrite - the Abortion story

So Ben BARNES' Dtr & KILLIAM's Wife & Son

What I regret about the TANG story coming out now.

Comprehensive link for Rather/CBS forgery story: Text and Video

Gary Killian is on Hannity and Colmes Saying All CBS docs are bogus!

Hannity/Fox and CNN are in "desparation mode" tonight.....

Anyone have an empirical interest in the "forgery" flap?

Reporters and Repeaters

In answering Bush's "challenge" to Kerry of whether the world is not

So how does this Gen Hodges play in to this. I just

Bowles wife

("FORGERY")How the Rove machine uses freepers et al. to wage its wars...

Rather sounded like he had been up all night hollering over the phone

Cheney: Economy Is Better Now Because Of.....

It's time for the Party leaders to stand behind CBS

question to * : How many lives are worth Saddam's prison bill?

LOL! Edwards on Cheney's "ebay" comments:

Interesting article on Times Roman, Times New Roman

Is It Time To Push Operation PULL???

"Speculate",...on the next right-wing "October Surprise"!!!!

The 5 questions that CBS News' Dan Rather challenges Bush to answer!

I must apologize.... I fell for fake documents story :(

What a loud, drunk Vietnam vet said at a bar tonight...

Kerry did NOT make his Vietnam War service

Vietnam discussions only hurt Kerry now

WE - W is for WRONG - E is for:

Rove "hit order" on Rather ...smear and discredit Rather before the Kelly

Please- I'm confused. Who released the (not) forged documents?

Hey, CNN - where'd your story go?

Let's discuss the little old lady in Dubuque. who is she supporting now?

Everyone write Joe Scarborough a letter...

Hey! Where's Colon Bowel during all this TANG/AWOL stuff? Are they

I feel less safe today because...(add to the list)

Do you think that Kerry is hitting Bush back hard enough?


Rutland, VT. Evening for Democracy with a candidate.

Document Generation in the 70's

Can we win when the media will NOT let our voice be heard?

Defining Characteristics Of Fascism - By Dr. Lawrence Britt

My new ad idea.

You want a damning document? Here's a damning document!

Great talking points at

Why I'd like to see Bush's record beat to death

Help the Kerry campaign with your zingers . . .

Does Nader have connections to Rove?

Why Do They Poll For Decisiveness And Not Competence?

$10K Reward to whoever can duplicate the memos on an IBM selectric !

If I wanted to forge old documents, I'd buy an old typewriter!

Marcel Matley is going to take a lot of shit - if you want to help him:

I ask the question that dare not be spoken: Did Bush miss his medical

Let's not get Talmudic over Selectrics

Want the facts about the Killian memos? Find the secretary who typed them

The Freepers are running an anti-CBS campaign. Don't let them win!

Bush grounded himself to avoid testing positive for coke.

Has GW released his DD214? If not,

My e-mail to Rather


Supreme Court

Next up, reporters and research demons: the Honorable Discharge

Media Matters: GOP talking point echoed during ABC coverage of NFL season

C-Span at 12:37ET: Wes Clark teaches and kicks GOP bootey for 1whole hr!

So the forgery claims are "debunked"

* Grounded 9/29/72 bc no med exam but sees Dentist 1/6/73

Reward going to be offered for anyone who served with shrub

Why don't we all start watching CBS news in support of Rather

are you ready for another great story...........

Will CBS's Courage Embolden The Rest Of the Media?

I'm so goddamn sick of *'s trial lawyer bashing

Did Kerry Campaign Today???

Pass it on - Hey, Bush! NO 9/11 IMAGERY on 9-11

MoveOn should coordinate a "letter of appreciation" drive to CBS

Political discourse at its finest ! Let me compliment DU tonight...

WOW! Look at THIS crowd

Texans For Truth to Offer Reward ---Wanna Earn 50K?

Gen. Hodges Says CBS Misled Him and Documents Are A "Fraud"

We are about to find out how corrupt the media are.

Rather's "October Surprise"?

Amy Barnes Daughter of Ben Barnes on Hannity saying her Father is a Liar!

Why aren't these guys making headlines?

so...Bob Graham says there's a coverup

1 million dollar reward?

WELL WELL WELL...Check out AP's document "expert's" GOP affiliations!

Anyone have the video fo Chimp saying he can't win the war on terra?

After seeing Dan Rather this evening

At Edwardsville, Illinois, on September 11, 1858, President Lincoln said:

Get off your ASS and write some emails!!

Conservative journalist speaks out for Kerry

Absolute dumbest forgery claim: The centering of the squadron address

Bush : "I was ready to go to Vietnam if called" No, really!

Wesley Clark on c-span now.

Dan Rather v. Poppy Bush 1988 --- it was hotter then!

My reply from CBS News

The IBM Selectric commercial. We can bury the forgery claims.

W for war but eager to avoid it, prof recalls

Who else here thinks Kerry hasn't a snowball's chance in hell?

I'm not sure what's worse

K-E Campaign photos 9/09 and 9/10, incl. Dean, Gore, & Gephardt

Here is why the Repubs are winning an election that they should be losing

Karaoke Night in Bushland- J. Bageant

We now know ‘how,’ but who'll ask ‘why’(we lost our reputation as "goodguy

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror

Why Chile Is Hopeful (Ariel Dorfman NYT)

Why Geroge W. Bush is the World's Leading Terrorist.

To Hell With Bush: White House pushing God-vs.-Man election theme

Three Years Later: Peaceful Tomorrows 9/11/04 Statement

Department of Defense Statement on Seymour Hersh Book

September 11 and Its Aftermath

Clinton's outburst- racism at the top(GOPbigotry and judicial manipulation

I wrote this 3 years ago...

W campaign urges businesses to get their employees to vote early

We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers to Change our World (Robert Fisk)

Forgery feeding frenzy: Media falling afoul of the facts

Guardian: Religion is a bloody disgrace

Polls don't count new younger voters - 15,000 in Allentown Friday!

Phila. Mother's Opposing Bush - MOB

At least 15,000 people in Allentown Rally

Polls not taking young voters into account - 15,000 in Allentown Rally!

Bush's Bin Laden Flip-flop

'Today' show's Kitty Kelley quandary

Here's what has had me PO'ed about the news coverage of "it's forged".

Pundit Shows

Ted Koppel questioning Dan Rather's journalism

Great Media Matters show on Sunday

Fox just tried to discredit...

Agency Files Columbia Basin Salmon Plan

Utah Auctions Off 360,000 Acres of Public Land to Oil & Gas Industry

Who the hell is Paul Driessen

NOAA announces the return of el niño

Fucitol, ArSe, Miazole, Urazole: Amusing Chemical Names.

China's Huai River Basin Poisoning Residents W. Water Too Toxic To Touch

AIT begins fingerprinting for visas

Chile stands firm in border disputes with Bolivia, Peru

4 Iraqis killed(w/National Guard general), (Guard Col.)family kidnapped

AWB expiration... what will be legal now?

Cool photo and a "count the assault weapons" opportunity

What is this gun show loophole I keep hearing about?

Rhandi Rhodes has many incorrect views on assult weapons

What would you think if Bush...

Why have rules and moderators?

Locking of my post, "Where Dems Have Blown It.."

Hey Skin-skin, gotta question on fund-raising:

What strategic benefit does the US gain from its relationship with Israel?

Bush inaction: Not just 7 minutes

This thread discusses the various ways that 9/11 could have been prevented

Ordnance blowback precedes fuel fireball at WTC2

Osama's Motive



Registering voters

Patti Fritz for State Legislature

State Rep. Bill Kuisle says to HARASS people at a pro-Kerry event.

How things are looking in Ohio

Michael Moore coming to Toledo

Signspotting in Dayton..East Side and South Suburbs....

I've heard several Clymer ads in Indiana/Westmoreland counties;

"In Faded Johnstown (PA) Bush is No Herbert Hoover". One third of

Dallas DUers - what can you tell me about Valley Ranch?

And now, a reading grom the Gospel According to Stevie Pointer

Russ Darrow endorsment

Terror and it's aftermath.... the US and Spain compared

The definitive difference between DU and FR -- ya gotta see this

Found out about yet another exrepub yesterday and 2 more today

Do you think it is Ethical for MSNBC to run advertising from

Iowa GOP chair objects to New York protestors "fingering women"

What's this mean?

DU is starting to royally piss me off...

Fox: Should the Democrats Apologize for the Documents?

Why do negative doom and gloom topics get all the replies?

Need links to Bush's guard records online!

We Have RED MEAT - The issue is finally the credibility of the media

How to make a College Republican wet his pants

Kerry can not loose, we have to work harder!

Are there any anti-Sean Hannity sites out there ?

Kerry Campaign needs this:

Win this election by getting out the vote in swing states

CBS Poll: Americans Resigned to Terror

Bill Maher on FOX news today (yesterday really):

"No Question that terrorists will try to thwart the balloting" - Rummy

EXPLOSIVE! Officials: Tu-134 Suspect Is Alive

Can we get rid of Fox News after we win the election?

MSNBC:Scarborough likens Dan Rather/CBS to Taliban

Two UK companies are polling the US election. Bush 46 -45

Loved seeing Rather put the real questions on the TV screen.

It may have been camelot for jack and jacqueline

Heh! Did you guys know that Bush was a cheerleader?

Can we get rid of Fox News after we win the election?

David Brooks outs his true self in today's NYT column --

NYT: Besides "heart stopped cold and replumbed," Clinton's "finger-wagged"

The Party of Lincoln Navigators

Is this America?!

Who would have thunk it --- You dishwasher safe place for papers

WP: In "aura of fear," beware "things that fear can make a society do"

When is Bushs' sanity going to be seriously questioned ?

chimpy is milking it!

It is 8:46...

3 Years Ago Today President PUSSY Sat On His ASS And Did NOTHING

Rumsfeld mixes up Saddam and Osama

In honor of all the victims, deceased, and survivors, of the 9/11 attacks

Who still thinks we'll see a terror attack before the election?

Bush*/Rove vs Jesus

A miracle? Did Ivan just miss Jamaica?

We must remember the great atrocity of 9/11

More Kerry supporter ad dollars refused...Right Wing Only

Chimpy "weekly address" ...3/4 of Al Aqueda captured... how does he know?

Osama Bin Laden May Be Dead, Says Pak Minister

How closely is Bush linked to EPA statement that the air was safe

for the Dems in Dirtville...

Let's start a $90.11 cent donation to the DNC from DU. With this

Bush Should Look to His Betters

a new drug battle is brewing

No more Time/Warner/CNN/AOL products here...

9/11 What the Republicans won't talk about.

In Memoriam

What's the deal? MSNBC, CNN, Fox using the same camera

NPR: Freeper forgery charges made BEFORE memos were online...

To Remember 9/11, We Should All

Hurray (once again) for Jimmy Carter !!!

My Thoughts on the Cheney EBAY Comment

Three years ago today.....

Before 9/11 * Ignored Terrorism, So Why...

New forged documents uncovered!

Is the Firehouse Subs a right-wing establishment?

HERE Is Some Interesting "News"

Just Got Hit By a Kerry Push Poll

Republicans simply don't care. Bush could murder his wife......

The dvd "Bush's Brain"

Why does Wash State have a higher % of smart folks than the red states

If the Freepers are boycotting CBS advertisers...

Al Michaels dissing Kerry 2 weeks in a row on MNF

I hate the ENTIRE Bush family...

Whoa !!! - Funny, In A Creepy Sort Of Way !!! (Re: Sharon Bush)

Bush or Kerry speaking tonight to the CBC?

my wife, my mother and i are going to cantact CBS and pledge support

Lincoln-Douglas senate debate on C-Span 3

I received an RNC push poll call yesterday...

A 911 Reminder - The "War on Terror" is fictional!

Kerry's Statement

Has anyone read the new McGovern book?

"Reaching across the aisle..."

"Reaching across the aisle..."

SEPTEMBER 11: WHAT YOU "OUGHT NOT TO KNOW" (new Palast bombshell)

good 9/11 post from another list

Credit another conversion to Michael Moore!

Boycott the products on the web sites at ABC, CNN,FOX,NBC,MSNBC

This election race brings a story to mind

Graham: "frankly, my friends. ... the blood's going to be on your hands."

sorry, this will be my only Doc thread. Who gave them to Rather?

Bumper sticker seen in Pinellas Co. Fl

Australia has to tell us what Clinton had to say: bushgang is racist

Rallying for Edwards/Pics/Freeper run in/Car gets freeped stories

Ivan is gunning for Tallahassee. probably on Tues.

Mixed reaction at Hitler movie's premiere

The far right eventually want death for anyone who isn't on their team.

I went to see Ike Skelton this morning..

If you were gonna forge a document from 1968 - would you use a computer?

what a real president could have done

9/11 R.I.P

Major AAR expansion rumored

Why Bush* must be replaced!

Could Ivan hit New Orleans?

9/11: the anniversary of GWB reaching his highest level of incompetence

GRIEVE | Marketing Misery for the Bush Campaign....

I just saw the most disgusting thing.

A DUer who saw PBS 9/11 doc. last night asked"Why was Rove first to know?"

"The Crisis Papers"...Is Shallow Throat a REAL mole

911 - The symbol of brainwashing for the facist campaign

Dig this - The Bush team response is a Conspiracy Theory!!!

Thomas Frank to guest-blog at DFA for "What's the Matter with Kansas."

AWB expiration... what will be legal now?

I could swear I heard on CNN just now "Vote with your remote."

Stars and Stripes letter: Enough's enough. Vote!

How long til CBS plays its tape of Hodges and exposes him as a liar?

This is why I think there is some relevance to the BUSH TANG story

I Need Help Finding a Bush Quote......

My Bush-supporting bro-in-law warns of a pre-election terror strike...

this TOON goes for the JUGLAR... merciless!

link for 3 and 5 day track for Ivan

A question about the Nazis in Germany.

Remembering 9/11


Why I think "60 Minutes" is going to get the Jim Hatfield treatment.

We all have to back CBS and flood them with mail...Please this

Why GW Bush is the World's LEADING Terrorist!

Create your CNN slogan here!

Who the hell does CNN think they are?

Boycotting CNN advertisers won't work. What ***WILL*** work...

Down the road with Wonderful Wizard?

Is There Another Storm Forming Behind Ivan?

Anybody see on CNN the 2 kids from the "7 days in Sept" documentary today?

Write to Foreign Leaders...

Complete 911 Timeline

Correct protocol for referring to living former Presidents

What ever happened to the Plame Investigation?

Once & for all, there is NO QUESTION! The documents are 100% real!

Born again Christians?

Chimpy and Pickles played grab-ass on the WH lawn

Who owns the History Channel? They're running Saddam Bio on 9/11...

Democratic consultant Pat Caddell has scathing words about CBS memos

Is TSA stealing from passengers? " We report, you decide."

Edwards/Pics/My battle with freepers today/Car gets freeped as well!

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

Ok this is something I have to know about FEAR and the democrats...

Molly Ivans is correct: Bush is insignificant,; it's the 1500 people he

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

This thread discusses the various ways that 9/11 could have been prevented

Is it true that no President has even won without winning Missouri?

Ivan at 165 mile an hour winds

An Open Letter From Sam Hamill

1096 Days

What good blogs can you recommend?

One voter at a time

Is Dan Rather the next Edward R. Murrow?

At Edwardsville, Illinois, on September 11, 1858, Abraham Lincoln said:

I'm Watching Wesley Clark Right Now on C-Span

Does anyone know what is the status of the "coalition" in Iraq?

Michael Moore coming to Toledo

Michael Moore: Free the footage.

My retired neighbor plans to vote for *

Hillary also on C-Span 2 now with Byrd

In celebration of the expiration of the Assualt weapon ban

I saw this sign today

*Liar claims of safer America debunked on MSNBC

The Movie "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Anyone here subscribe to the whole idea behind the Illuminati??

Does Anyone Know of a Website Similar to CafePress?

Hey everyone, while you are watching hurricane coverage

Kerry and his surrogates need to remind people that...

The Vietnam War is over. So why are we still "fighting" it?

What is George Bush Hiding?

Debunking the forgery claim

Yet another memos thread and thought. . . .

Is any of this true ? Lay Your Hammer Down By Edwin J. Feulner

Why we have an assault weapons ban --

Should election day be a national holiday?

Military spending and wages 1970-2004... help please??

"gwbush is the nearest thing we have today to a Jeffersonian democracy"

Guys -- Why some of us so depressed!!?

Check out this billboard in LA

Ugh! The Least Photogenic President* Ever!

Let us TRULY honor those who died on 9/11/01.

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

The "Truth Truck"

Oooh! George Bush...... Remarks he made to Dean once. Oops.

BookTV Schedule for Saturday

It's not the military records, it's the community service

Guliani just "came back from Russia (terror event)....WTF is that about?

The Conservative Personality

Not all Republicans are stupid, but all stupid people are Republicans

saw Outfoxed... question on 'equal time'?

AAR coming to Nashville (WSM-FM)?

Has anybody brought up the 2 different "th" instances on the document

Do you think the Left should replace the word 'Liberal' with Progressive'?

So I went out for breakfast this morning

Will there be a Revolution Movement once folks

Sy Hersh says Condi, Donald knew

Ivan - 165mph 914millibars

just got banned from, I guess they aren't so "Free"...

What would you do if you were a young man and got drafted?

We're getting capped in the media.. BADLY

Accuracy of 2000 Final Pols...

Get Guy James on weekdays....... BLITZ !

Poll...Vote on it Please, Shrub 56 Kerry 43

September 11, 2001 - America's New Pearl Harbor

Not Much Has Changed In 52 Years

Join MoveOn. It's free.

it's the American majority, not Bush, that is the problem

UNfreep this poll PLEASE!

A few gun questions.

Sunday talk

Are YOU afraid of another attack on US soil?


New WB TV series, "Jack & Bobby," from "West Winger," Clinton staffer

Kerry on C-Span Sat Evening

A Thousand Dreams

E-mail campaign to CNN

I received a reply from "expert" who was quoted by Freepers

You know the Americans I'm most proud of these days?

9/11 -- Get over it!

Flag-waving freeper family on street corner (WARNING: HIGH GAG FACTOR)

Atlanta DU'ers - Air America affiliate announced

WHY did CBS just play Amazing Grace for the 9/11 victims?

Sounds like another gay republican to be outed

Bush vs Jesus

Moving Statement for 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tommorrows

"One Simple Question" bounty tops $1700

What do you think of Castro?

Several Large Explosions Shake Baghdad

Oil, baseball help bring well-heeled backers together with Bush

US envoy tells Damascus to back Iraq, keep out of Lebanon's affairs

Thousands Gather To Support Sadr - Iraqi Troops Fire on Crowd

Dems say the president may have missed Florida's filing deadline ..

Breaking from Drudgette: Rice and Rumsfeld Knew of Torture Early On

CBS rejects broadcasting 2-hour, commercial-free Madonna concert

NEWSWEEK POLL: Bush lead shrinks. Approval back under 50%

Rumsfeld says violence to grow as Iraq election nears

Father of lead terrorist blames Israel, US for 9/11

Tokyo revises Q2 GDP downward

Chinese officials send in thugs to enforce evictions

American information centre in Nepal bombed, no casualties

Papers: Bush Piloted Guard Training Jets

Cleland at Reno rally says Kerry trumps Bush on military issues

Teflon giant offers to pay in contamination dispute

Al-Qaeda keeps its date

'Deserter' surrenders at U.S. base (A good example for Bush)

in the guard....out of the guard, Staudt's "connections" the same

Further scrutiny lessens doubts on Bush memos

CBS-Rather Update:Authenticity of Bush Sugar Coat Memo Further Questioned

Bush warns of 'tragedy' if US is weak in war on terror[echoes cheney crap]

Pope Talks Sex Abuse Scandal With Bishops

Clinton-style defence in sex case

Riggs Bank Suspends 2nd Senior Executive

Before 9/11 * Ignored Terrorism, So Why...

New York Port Authority Sues Saudi Arabia Over Sept 11

Those basTARD's over at Free Republic are offering a "$10,000 reward!"

Delete dupe

Authenticity of memo to 'sugar coat' Bush record is further questioned

Deleted dupe

Rowboat Veterans for Truth

LAT: Powell Being Seen, Heard More as Election Closes In

Explosion in Iraq Kills 1, Injures 2

More challenges about whether Bush documents are authentic

Mufti warns over dangers over US links ( Australia )

4 Iraqis killed(w/National Guard general), (Guard Col.)family kidnapped

Parties bicker over campaign tactics (MNCR blames 9/11 on Dems)

Times latest Poll: Bush Bounce Persists

Bush's Sept. 11 Proclamation

Rasmussen Daily Tracking 9/11 - Bush Bounce Gone - Bush 47 Kerry 46

If the Freepers are boycotting CBS advertisers...

Chile marks Allende's 1973 death

Ineffective Iraqi Force in Fallouja Disbanded (Brigade was a fiasco)

Readjusting Lives Not Easy for Soldiers

NYT: CIA Cites Order on Supervised Interrogations (CIA/Pentagon "battle")

Arabs: Terror War Has Spread Instability

Bush's Narrowing Lead - Newsweek

Please Delete

Bill Clinton is home

Blast rocks US mission in Basra

Few Apply for Medicare Drug Coverage

Rather Defends CBS Over Memos on Bush (Howard Kurtz, 9/11/04)

Pope Talks Sex Abuse Scandal With Bishops

Bush and Kerry on the Issues

Pakistani Islamic leader says Bush exploiting 9/11

US soldier jailed for Iraq abuses

U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos

Bremer to give lecture in Mansfield

NOAA announces the return of el niño

General: Bin Laden Still Issuing Orders

U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos

ABC News: Hodges Now Claims He Was Misled by CBS

Authenticity backed on Bush documents (FINALLY!)

Allies 'duped into waging war' (UK ambassador to the UN)

Jamaica spared worst of hurricane (headed into the Gulf?)

Islamic fighters tighten control of rebel city

Edwards Addresses Black Caucus in D.C.

Newsweek poll has Bush lead at 6, drops 5 points in week

First U.S. Military Intelligence Soldier Convicted in Abu Ghraib Abuse

Conditions in Ohio Point to Kerry, but Bush Runs Strong

From kind teacher to murderous zealot: Acquaintances saw hijacker transfor

AP: Bush leads Kerry as Dem loses ground on issues, character

Amid Skepticism, CBS Sticks to Bush Guard Story

Kennedy Says Bush Hurt U.S. And Its Security

DFL Criticizes GOPer's E-Mail Urging Harassment at Kerry Event

Suspect In High-Level WMD Smuggling Ring Disappears

Chile marks Allende's 1973 death

Bush Orders Sanctions Against Venezuela

Photos of 1,000 Dead US Soldiers Laid Out in NYC

What's the best graph bar color?

Breaking News: Nader gains ballot access in elperromagico's Lounge polls.

Lost one of my bikes today...

Today is Patriot Day

forgery proponents: get your simple and tasty crow recipes here

You find the most interesting things on the internet

The kid next door is screwing his girlfriend in his car...

If Kerry and Edwards win, they should recreate their epic duel

9/11: A Personal Gallery of Words and Images

Hubby out of town, kids spending the night w/friends

why do birds.

I just realized something really horrible.

The Price of Integrity

The best one act play tonight on DU come join in


I'm sleepy but I can't go to bed--can you guess why???

I'm a freeper who wants YOU to fight for MY country - Ask me anything!

"The Girl Can't Help It" - Journey, 1987

what a time to be out of the loop

Why do men?

Fuck, man, my truck just caught fire!

Kerry Rocks - Video

Dog's snore worse than its bite

DUer Ebay activity survey, Part I:

Cow's serve as sex deterrent in a dutch town

Am I the only one awake? - Insomniac Thread

Man Pleads Guilty in Genital Surgery Case

When I go shopping today,

Today's Thought

Teen's alleged scheme involved fake cop car

Are the Florida hurricane's God's wrath?

Heads up! It's almost 8:46.

Today in History

Quotes of the day

Who's interested in a famous lesbian love affair story?

Today's fact

New "Team America: World Police" trailer available online

A Viagra Question. Serious sexual question...

PC Purchase question: What video card do I need to watch movies w/ my PC?

Do you use or trust PayPal?

Up or Down?

My Kerry/Edwards sign was stolen off my door sometime this morning...

Doncha hate waking up on Saturday morning......

joke . . . Just Three Words . . .

Cats - Images

Did anyone here actually WATCH this?

Wow...this new Batman animated show bites

Today is Petey & Toby's 3rd Birthday!

Saint Rather transcript...


Excellent Anti-Bush videogame...

Just testing my new animated ass...

"From my cold dead hands!" Ben-Hur is on TCM.

Saint Rather transcript...

I could get lost in the Whoniverse and never escape

Doctor helps out at orang-utan birth

Why do women wear shoes?

Why do SOME of the most interesting posters hide their profiles?

Best liberal towns/cities to live?

DUer Ebay activity survey, Part II:

The Myth of muffins. The "I'll just have a muffin" line cracks me up.

Monosodium Glutamate in *ice cream* !!!

Another Serious Viagra Question

My boss just sent me a pkg of "National Embarrassmints"

Cops give cats love, get fleas in return

Joe Scarborough: World Class Scumbucket or Undeniably A Douchbag?

Giant B52 Model Plane - Crash Video

My sister is ignoring me.

testing my sig

My feet are cold. Think I should....

Help me out fellow 80's babies, Losing my mind!!!!

How do I hate thee, Bush? Let me count the ways.

Any DUers here work for PepsiCo???

So, Who Is Doing the Dramatic Reading of "The Pet Goat?"

My 800th post!!!

Just made my monthly donation to DU

Rate and comment on this book NOW! (please!)

Mysterious Ways

Florida DU'ers...are you over these friggin' storms???

Have you tried/are you using DU with sig lines on or off?

I had a dream about me and George Bush last night.....

If DVDs aren't supposed to be released earlier than the announced date,

Allow me to clear up all this debate over tipping

Here's a tip:

Help!! How to get damp, musky smell out of carpet.....

So, how many of you fellow schmucks went out for gas on 9/11/01?

Allow ME to clear up all this debate about tipping

Now this is a scary picture.

Have you found any unusual ways to spread the word about Kerry?

Where were you when you heard about the second plane?

In other baseball news.........

what was it like here 3 years ago today?

Uh, George, that's not your heart...

Damnit, I gotta go out and vote today

The You-Don't-Know-Where-You-Are-Mr.-Jones of all CAPTIONS!!

Do women check out guys like guys check out guys?

Guys who wear tights under briefs- Good or Bad?

Canada Vrs Czech Republic today!!!!

Man, that's some POW'ful friggin' Mojo I got here!

It's 12:37 am in Abu Dhabi... do you know where your children are?

Pat Robertson blames Gays for recent hurricanes

I saw my first Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker today

I'm driving through the midwest next week for vacation

With tv and movies, which do you prefer?

Yet More Movie Quote Trivia!

If I ever had the power to mute people - the first would be...

I just mailed my absentee ballot application form...

Men who wear socks inside their underwear - Good or Bad?

Pro football/baseball/hockey/basketball players are all UNGRATEFUL PUNKS!!

The Berger Chevrolet Patriot Day Parade

Is it possible to place more than one avatar in my posts?

Tell me something good......PLEASE

Gays blame Pat Robertson for recent hurricanes

It is bad to eat baklava for lunch?

Time to tell the truth - Confess your 80's Hair Band sins

Tell Me Something Good

Are cookies something to fear?

How Do You Feel When You See/Hear Bush?

Skinny blonde model suggestively riding a mechanical bull

Girls who wear jeans under a skirt - Good or Bad?

I wish I was a little bar of soap...

Tripping: a duty, a responsiblity, or a right

Pretty pissed off.

I just found out some good Friends are Bushies.....aaarrrgh

OK, i've made it, 2 of my posts got deleted.

Man Arrested After Leaving Small Tip

Will the Red Sox catch the Yankees and win the AL East?

I just became the Vice-Precinct Chairman in my precinct!

Want a 12-foot bike?

Is Chimpie "I'm A Incompetent Git" McAWOLFuckWad more of an...

"The Spirit Carries On" In memory of 9-11-01

Where mommy's tee-tee?

5 PM EDT Ivan update

DVD Recorders! Anyone know which is better: +R/+RW, or, -R/-RW?

Any East Coasters see CBS news this evening? Anything about the

Hey SUV fans! Check out the replacement for the Hummer.

At Edwardsville, Illinois, on September 11, 1858, President Lincoln said:

Tell me a joke

Have you ever gone on a news blackout?

New news video from Iraq

Okay, I think Kathy Griffin is sooo hot. So sue me

Have you ever started writing a post, but then just said "Fuck it"?

DU at the movies: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

If I ever had the power to mutate people - the first would be...

Boston Globe: Cheney defends self with spitballs. Miller is a hypocrite!

CAPTION this idiot of a president

Scotch & soda...

Tipping: a duty, a responsiblity, or a right

Holy Crap! Anyone watching the ND-Michigan game? (Warning--spoiler!)


The Library...Views and Use of...Answer these Questions Please!!

And if I overstay my welcome, just tap me on the head...

Verizon cell phone : Was stuck in manner mode - now I've locked it!

Some days it doesn't pay to gnaw through the straps.

Top 9 comments made by NBC at the Olympics

Oh, no! Darling, I forgot my ....

Fat blonde model suggestively crushing a mechanical bull

Who is Judy Woodruff married to ...from Capitol Gang?

Jadakiss - Why REMIX lyrics - Urge all DU'ers to read!

Books You Love So Much, You Buy Extra Copies for Gifts, Part II:

Well, Its 7:00 pm And Its Damn Near Dark Outside

What two teams will be in the World Series?

What's a good, sexy date?

How do you drown a Freeper?

I am depressed

The "it may be little and unimportant, but it pisses me off thread"

Men who wear women's underwear... good or bad?

My 1000th DU Post!!

Is Sep. 11 an anniversary of something else for you?


Anyone read this about CHris Chelios?

Reflection Thread : Post Your Memories of September 11 , 2001 :

Should there be a PST forum where we can rant

Are You Impressed When Weather Reporters Stand IN THE HURRICANE Winds

GIrls who wear men's underware as an outer garment....good or bad?

Am I the only one going for Czech Republic tonight?

I'm stuck at work. Let's talk Sci Fi books

Any September 11 birthdays?

Someone just wrote BABY KILLER on my door.

NYC area DUers, save the date

Have you seen this? 'Bush v. Jesus, the Campaign Commercial'

MrBenchley, I'm calling you out!!

I want to hit Dr. Neil Clark Warren with a big wet sponge!

Females: My wife is dying of menstrual cramps what do I do to help her?

I Go to ND and I'm skipping the Michigan game today! Ask me anything!

Dallas DUers - what can you tell me about Valley Ranch?

Stillers vs. Raydahs - Sunday in Pgh. - 1:00 PM EDT, Who wins?

what's a good sexy date movie?

My Adopt-a-Highway Volunteer experience today

Do you know the joke to this punchline?


Songs of the Repub Convention 04

Are you a psychopath? Answer this question...

SEC Football / 09.11.04

My stepfather just passed away

Which movies will you watch every time they're on?

Is there anyone you want to travel back in time to have "fun" with????

Most of our city has been without water for days

Funniest name or last name of a person you've heard of

Tell me something weird about you

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure

Bush for Full Disclosure?

Besides emailing CBS News shouldn't we be sure and thank

Too bad this document crap spun out of control today...

Question: Are Newly Registered Voters Considered "Likely" Voters In Polls?

CNN is going all out for Bush - Nuclear Terror Special?

SBV lied it hurt as Swoosh's docs if a lie will Hurt.

Kitty Kelley #2 on Amazon

Very interesting...("forgeries" crap)

2 Words For Those Who Think A 30-yr-old Military Record Doesn't Matter

Where have docs been if they already release all of them before?

has the picture of the

Yawn-Thank God all this forgery bullshit was just a dream!!!Good night DU!

Who here thinks that this whole "forgery" bullshit will backfire on them?

I just saw a change in tone on CNN

my email to CBS (please send them a message of support)

Will they find "The Typewriter Model"?

A question of LOGIC for the rightwingnuts

One of the things I learned working for Navy was CYA

The media's focus on the Moron means no crap on Kerry. A good day.

Excellent Analysis & Documentation on the CBS Dan Rather Fiasco!

MSNBC Abrams Report attacks CBS w/no coverage

This is why Kerry may not win.....

Do DU'ers know why they're Democrats?

OMG--just got through watching Kerry speak before the

Did anyone else read this comment by Shrub about Kerry...

BUSH would have left Saddam Hussein in power

somebody please make this sign: "YOU are the Forgery"

NYT: SBVT $6.7 million "windfall"; big Texas/energy donors named

Howard Kurtz: Rather Defends CBS Over Memos on Bush

watch Rather smack down Poppy Bush 1988

New ad The White House needs a Man not a little W. Fill in the W

W checked the box REFUSING overseas assignment:

Media are not using document side-by-side analysis

Kerry campaign- Take on Bush's Fear-Mongering

Our first Kerry Edwards yard sign lasted less than 48 hours

CSPAN Washington Journal talking E-Voting....NOW

Need talking points for 4 More Wars flyer for colleges campuses

Republicans For Kerry

Desertion in wartime: AWOL over 30 days? :penalty?

Anyone notice how the Repugs remember typewriters from 20 years ago?

If only rightwingnuts had ANY common sense at all...

Why 400,000 people make money on eBay

"In Faded Johnstown (PA) Bush is No Herbert Hoover". One third of

Has The GOP Inadvertantly Built Up The Significance Of The Memo?

NYT lead story focuses on divisions in Kerry campaign

Let's remember the victims of three years ago today..

Sludge backpedaling

Chicken George

Talking points: Double-standard voters. One-issue voters.

Kerry debates Rightwing 3rd party candidates during 2nd debate?

New Statewide polls from Missouri and Pennsylvania (not bad news)

Graphic Designers unite to create posters for campus bulletin boards

Watching Wes Clark on C-Span.

The 9/11 Bunker speech...where is it?

MSNBC is as bad as Fox

New forgery claim: Colonel seeking "sugarcoating" had already left TANG

in the guard....out of the guard, Staudt's "connections" the same

Let's all make CBS Morning NEWS ratings jump along with Evening


bush's CHARACTER is NOW...NOT 35+ years ago!

Bush (Sr) Attacked Nat'l Guard Service of Others

How about this scenario?

2 campaigns- man attends Bush & Kerry events on same day

WE - W is for WRONG - E is for: The real Election Issues (updated)

Penn and Colorado back in the BLUE!

So is Shrub going to have to answer the questions

Does anyone else feel that Sept. 11 has become a Republican holiday?

The Bottom Line: Which Candidate will keep us safe ????

A task for today -e-mail chain letter

Oh man...glad to find out my parents are voting for Kerry...

Sen Graham's book

We Need To Be As Focused and Disciplined As The Right Wing

Bush's 9/11 Radio Address doubles as a "War President" campaign ad

CNN poll: is al Qaeda less of a threat?

9/11 and BUSHEE

Kerry Says Freedom Will Triumph Over Terrorism

My First Kerry Edwards Yard Sign

The bottom line. Three Years Later Osama Bin Laden is a Free Man.

If Kerry wins, we get to have a NORMAL September 11 next year.

Not that Kerry has the attention again-- time to change the subject

Bush presidency bookended by typewriter hoaxes

Kerry should go to Iraq

What extremist groups support the Republicans?

I think I may have the Selectric answer. I need your help!

Oooooo-eeeee! The Repubs are spitting mad at the NG thingie

Would CBS air F/911

Just the Facts

Klassic KKKarl Rove strategy. Kill the messenger.

Will people subliminally think if Kerry can't defend against Bush

Did Bush plead to a LESSER charge(coke)?

Mixed Reactions To Bush Campaign In Ohio

Republicans agree that Bush is discredited

What more should Kerry do that's legal? and is it smart?

Bounty offered to ask Bush just one question:

Shrub is toast with the Kelly book coming & Dan Rather a Journalist

4 Iraqis killed(w/National Guard general), (Guard Col.)family kidnapped

Bush remains silent today in lieu of his character on the line.

Kerry's aggressive offensive working - poll

Dallas Morn News: Man named in Bush memo left Guard before doc. written

Woe is my wife, the sad state of healthcare in the USA..

kerry to respond to attacks in dramatic way

Max Cleland smacks Bush as being a failure

Bush inaction: Not just 7 minutes

Kerry to respond to attacks in dramatic way

CBS story=Too much attention, but that was a fair point.

Kerry Debate Strategy: be very respectful and deferential...

Can't spell WIMP without a DUBYA!

Time to say it - Kerry is a wimp!

New Republican propoganda starring their best pieces of TRASH....

Dan Rather's Five Questions About Bush - What Were They?

Questions were raised and we want answers

GOP daughter bashes Barnes

Time to say It BUSH is a Wimp....

So, Who Is Doing the Dramatic Reading of "My Pet Goat?"

Debates will be a huge impact and be the turning point

Dan Rather's Five Questions About Bush - What Were They?

Attention all trolls, please make sure to stop by DU on November 3rd

Hodges Now Claiming He Was "Misled" by CBS

The Dallas Morning News is a Repub shill newspaper

Just returned from canvassing for Kerry campaign -

Does anyone have a link to today's Newsweek poll?

Rasmussen Daily: Chimp 47.5 - Kerry 46.1

Stop replying to the negative posts!

Something’s wrong with the polls

I think there is a way

Who thinks that CBS is working as we speak to get the

Salon: "What the money could have paid for" (Iraq billions)

They lie about our candidate we should tell the truth about their candidat

CBS story=Trojan horse in Kerry/Edwards machine???

Rowboat Veterans for Truth

So where can I find Kerry's Senate record?

Anniversary Time - 3 Yrs ago today ,we were attacked and AWOL sat and read

Kit Bond running ads on talk radio stations in Kansas City

Outstanding News In MO - That State's In Play!

My LTTE re Cheney was published

Dear Mr. Bush: We Know TRAGEDY.

Another icky picture of GWB's face...

Fox: "Bush Marks Sept. 11, Vows to Defeat Terror"

TIME mag rounding numbers to Jr's advantage?

I heard on CBS News that the reward is over $60,000.

The Kerry campaign needs to start pointing out...

LOL @ Faux news

99-year old Granny votes for first time in 48 years!

Who is the cancer specialist you'd rather have a beer with?

Kerry:LEADING in EVERY state Gore won + 4 states he LOST

Time for the Media to say: Bush's Bounce is Gone!

Do polls account for "we gotta vote this s.o.b. out of office" factor?

Kerry is a wimp! (Part 2)

Bumper Sticker: Innocent Killed by: Terrorists - 4,000 Terraist (W) 20,000

Postcard size flyer for printing here

"Because Yeehaw Is Not a Foreign Policy"

Matt's Letter to Mom

Newsweek: Bush Job Approval 48% and Falling


FOXNews polls are awsome!

Cheney: What about Ebay? Did you guys see this?? HYSTERICAL!

BRAND NEW Newsweek Poll - Bush Bounce Deflating

The Numbers that tell me Kerry is going to win

MSNBC poll question: "Who do you think will win the election?"

Go to the State forum on DU and join in local activities

Those basTARD's over at Free Republic are offering a "$10,000 reward!"

Cheer up! Trend is up! Get up and fight!

A note to Kerry critics. (Wimp factor.)

Why isn't Kerry exposing Bush protection of Saudis?

SCREAM from the rooftops: ACCOUNTABILITY!!

More on the Missouri military vote theft plan from comp.risks digest

Clift: "it’s time for Democrats to make the best of their candidate"

Why is it assumed that it was Col Staudt putting pressure on Killian ??

U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos

Texans for Truth - do they have the * quote re blowing out his eardrum

Getting the Iraq War Off the Front Pages was

My, my..the elves have been busy.....

Voters Tiring of Swift Boat Controversy

CNN talking head: "We've Had Enough."

SurveyUSA K46/B48 - We need to start advertising again in Missouri

Graham wants Goss confirmed quickly

Will our European allies help Kerry establish order in Iraq ?

I'm leaving right now...

Issues-only fetishists need to back off and let Kerry be Kerry

Republican's LAST GASP

George Bush's Dumbass Head on a String!

What about Killian's signature?

Faux News Chumps Spend the Day Pimping for the Chimp

Lighting up the Radar........

Winning without honor isn't really winning? but...

Kerry Would Have Caught Bin Laden

i scribbled yet another LTTE

I donated to the Democratic Party today.

This real election is a battle between CBS and FOX News.

Is JK's dip in polls the result of lame responses to Rethug attacks?

DU sticker on the wall at our County Dem office!

GOP women back Kerry...good article.

Do national pollsters...

ANALYSIS: Shifting positions common to both candidates

Campaign Now On Track: Kerry Taking "High Road," Tough-guys Guarding Rear

Can someone tell me what has happened in Colorado? (re:polls)

Newsweek Poll: 391 Republicans polled; 300 Democrats; 270 Independents

Rasmussen: Kerry has gained three points in "battleground states" on Bush

It's the media, stupid! Well, isn't it?

Can Anyone Remember

Can someone find that pic of protester hair-pulling?

Has swing state Missouri already swung?

Anyone ever try lit drops at houses with B/C signs?

The Forces that oppose America think long and hard on How To:

Who gets Silkwooded over the Kitty Kelley book?

When will Kerry start to drop hints about his cabinet?

Kerry campaign shoots it's self in the foot over"Steelworkers for Bush"

Who is Grp ??

The Zell Miller swap: "There's but one man I trust to keep my family safe"

Need to read this new Newsweek Article & Take the Poll

Freepers trying to register voters

The Jackpine Poll Prediction:

What Republicans Do You Think Kerry Will Appoint to His Cabinet?

Freepers begin their "Boycott CBS" drive.

9/11 Is Also A Time To Remember That Osama Is Still At Large (and why)

Bush pats Lauras ass on National TV in a Solemn Ceremony

Dan Rather's Five Questions About Bush - What Were They?

Here's more proof that Time poll is an outlier

Why is it that now that the polls are turning around, no one on

Drive for Victory

Okay, I think I know why Deferment Dick...

For the last few weeks I think Kerry needs to shuttle between OH and FL

Remember when everyone here was bashing CBS for not airing the Moveon Ad?

Where would * win a majority of voters?

I was polled today about the POTUS race

Some thoughts on the alleged "forgery"

BRAND NEW TIME POLL: Bush 52, Kerry 41 (JA 56%, Re-Elect 52%)

Freepers getting out the vote - so can we

Info on possible coming draft (Please Help)

Please see this thread in GD... two minutes campaign action

Freedom of the Press, to Obey

So, exactly what info in the documents have the freepers panties

Why are the Bush bumper stickers so tiny?

What would the Pubbies do if Kerry lost the popular vote

Tweety Hairball--The Bottom Line

Is it true that no President has even won without winning Missouri?

SFChronicle: Skeptics Now Admit that the Killian Documents Are Legit

Where the HELL

Heads Up, Folks Sy Hersh on MTP Sunday AM

Where The Dems Have Blown It...

DU this poll

I need verification of a bush quote

Kerry and his surrogates need to remind people that...

OK I'll try to be positive.

With TRILLIONS of dollars at stake in oil, financing and outsourcing

Kerry will win Missouri

About the "Memos to File"

Freewayblogger’s 100 Sign Protest in LA

Why is Kerry doing much better in state than national polls?

I think the freeps are out 10 large. Just spoke with a typewriter expert.

Bush Election Lead Narrows!??? Fill Me In!!!!!!

The ONLY two talking points Dems need to win in November!!!!!

This is a job for Michael Moore and a cadre of Dem typewriter repairmen.

CBS defends bush* memo. Link to video from Rather.

Ew, and then he kissed her

What event could kill Kerry's election chances the most?

Novak's doing it again!

Freepers targeting CBS execs and sponsors. HERE'S THE LIST

Must Read from LiberalOasis

Would Swift Boat vets qualify as a conspiracy

Does Cameron and John Kerry's brotherhood remind you of JFK and RFK?

Seriously folks, if the "war on turra" is * 's strength...

taking back the word "liberal"

maybe CBS could find James Bath.

Why is it that there are hardly and Kerry/Edwards

Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the suspect superscript

Graphic Artists needed to create posters for college campuses

Is America more hated than George W Bush around the world?

CNN capitol gang discussing the TANG memos right now

The LAST thing that we should do is to feel defeated!!!

Why is McAuliffe now saying that Rove leaked the CBS documents?

Oooh What A Lawsuit This Will Be


Kerry still has not convinced the country he has a better plan for Iraq.

Pat Caddell Is A Republican Plant

Authenticity Backed on Bush Documents

People we are letting the right wingers beat us

No offense to IBM Selectrics...

Wow. This image on "Blogs for Bush" is really disgusting.

Tomorrows Kerry/Edwards Talking points * AWOL FROM DEBATES

FOUR MORE WARS poster for printing here

Did any of you hear Kerry's radio address about 9/11 countering Chimp?

How would you protest if Nader was going to speak at your town?

Let's all become Nielsen families

Consequences...? (Are there any?)

What Did You Think, When Cheney Picked Himself For VP, And...

Latest Rasmussen Polling Data Continues to Show Race a Toss-Up

Caller to NPR or CSpan today: I believe Rather because...

Our chances of taking the Senate look good.

People think Bush is honest -- major failing of Kerry campaign

We need HELP in Arizona

Dear Freepers (and those who feed them)

Why do lefties swallow this "Saddam was a madman" shit???

I received a GOP absentee ballot request form

Good news from the DSCC!!!

Terry McAuliffe, after election needs to resign or be removed.

If more people care about gays, guns, and abortion rights

Don't flame me 'cause I just have to ask this....knowing all we know about

How Do We Demand 3 Debates Without Lowering Expectations About Bush?


They STILL Lump IRAQ With the 'War On Terror'

Bush was inactive for much longer than 7 minutes on 9-11.

Al Hunt just busted Novak. Novak said CBS should reveal sources.

Kerry Says Nation Imperiled by Bush Inaction on Weapons Ban

Ha Ha CBS Evening News repeating the five questions (on now)

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror

Will Fox, CNN, NBC and ABC ever admit that the memos are authentic?

I've noticed that the Republicans are mailing absentee ballots

Sexism alive and well--campaign advice needed!!

"9-11 wasn't the triumph of the human spirit.

Next time a freeper tries to say something to the effect of

The Killian Memos: What's At Stake

Ohio people--how are things looking?

This will be my 13th presidential election (I'm old as dirt) and---

Did anyone catch this great news on electoral-vote?

A Little Electoral College Magic of Our Own?

How reliable is

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 273 Bush 233

Kerry 273 in electoral count

I'll say it one more time; Kerry in a Landslide.

The 04 May 1972 Memo Is Authentic

NEW POLLS - Kerry Takes Electoral Lead - MO, PA changes, NV, FL Tie

My comments about Kerry's on health care for the rich and poor being like

REWARD: I will donate $250 to the DNC every time

Impressed with my first Kerry rally

How Cheney Got His SNEER: The Curse of Dick Cheney

Easiest way to clear up disputes - OPEN UP JAMES BATH'S TANG FILES.

I registered 9 new voters today

Deconstructing Bush's favorite talking point

Is the James Baker that is Heading up Bush's Debate

Poke Around In The Bush (see link)