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Archives: September 12, 2004

An anniversary of another sort


Salon's War Room: Rather feeling Freeped, but standing by his story

USA Today: Iraq's Health Ministry ordered to stop counting civilian dead..

Unmasked: The George W Bush the President Doesn't Want the World To See

It's Worse Than You Think

US Must Face the Monster We Created (a soldier speaks out)

Bringing On the Guns

NYT: MODO Tells it like it is.

The scare vote

FOUR MORE WARS poster for printing here

EU must not remove arms ban on China

Sent my first alert(s) today

Hamas leader killed in Gaza as settlers warn of civil war

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

Class action suit against Bush, etal

Strange Coincidences: Interacting With the General Public and CTs...

Long-targeted Boxer nervously enjoying lead in Senate race

Ugly Homphobic incident at Huntington Bch Nissan

Has there been news of Sen Norm Coleman checking into a MN hospital?

Who Should Run For Governor in 2006?

Come to Bryan Kennedy's Election Night Party!

honest debate: media and voters still say kerry has to provide specifics.

I am trying to write Nascar to comment on Rummys appearance in my

This is how you go negative:

So what would happen if....

Two good programs coming up on BookTV

I just heard "The Meaning of Life" on the Talk Tadio 89.0 Chicago

Of Vietnam, Iraq, Texas and Massachusettes

Kerry needs to...

Has anyone ever written to the White House?

Could ANYTHING Keep you from the Polls Nov. 2?

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

I picked up "Trials of Henry Kissinger" in the bargain bin at Blockbuster.

We are SO F*cked if Bush wins....

Seymour Hersh on C-Span NOW.

Check out Karel.

If we can have a fair enough election, Kerry wins BIG!

Really gross bumpersticker in the parking lot of the public library

remember them "cute" purple hearts the Pugs wore at the

PUSH the "Project P.U.L.L" angle with the media

Jewish Paranoia

I hate that they say "W, for the win" on Sports shows, seems subliminal

People, pleae get ready to send aid to Jamaica and Cuba.

Bin Laden Dead?

Spooky: I made this prediction last month (and I'm NOT psychic)

Is Ivan going to hit Gitmo head on?

Those Red White & Blue ribbon stickers that say God Bless America.

President Kerry's First Official Act......

Warning to Mainstream Media......

Vote Farenheit 911 best political movie

Did anybody see Sy Hersh on cspan?

This Pic Is Dying For a New Caption

Its a Texan Thing I Guess

Guantonamo Bay used as future staging ground

1984 is on flix east. started 11:30pm eastern

We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers to Change our World

Just got back from a vigil

Questions on the supposedly forged memos?

Anyone else see the 108 yr. old WWI Flyer at the memorial dedication?

I got Kerry 3 Undecideds in Virginia

Giuliani on Larry King tonight, media bias or not?

Sy Hersh in on C-Span now 11-1 EST.

Did you see that??? Bush patting Laura's ass at the 9/11 ceremony?

Shocking New Photo LOL

Prof Says Bush Supported Vietnam War

Is there any video of * slapping pickles in the behind? I tried

165 MPH!

Question: What date in October will the evil chimp and co. parade out OBL?

It may already be too late for our democracy....

This article needs to be given a 5!!!!

"He was Vice President, last I looked."

Those yellow ribbon stickers that say "support our troops"

I have mixed feelings about the firings of nurses over the hurricane.

DU this yahoo story on Black voting surpression for me, would ya?

Something I haven't seen mentioned

Cspan-Black Caucus Awards, Kerry was a speaker. Reruns at 6am. n/t

Powell: Neocons "fucking crazies"

Faith-based program keeps man in prison because he wouldn't convert

Call me what you will

What will the Pubs do to Kerry when he's elected in Nov?

Some were pissed off about this suggestion

BBV: NY Times- On the Voting Machine Makers' Tab

At Edwardsville, Illinois, on September 11, 1858, Abraham Lincoln said:

John Steinbeck knew. Remember the quote:

Anyone ever sit down with an Arab and talk about Politics...

This assault weapons ban poll needs DUing

What does Catholicism say about whether non-Christians

Democrats are not fighting hard enough!

Okay DUers, rate this -- what is greatest threat to America right now?!

Why does Teresa Kerry still use Heinz in her name?

Motorcycle Thugs Descend on Ground Zero

Why does info on DU not reach the mainstream news?

Is W gay?

Supporters of same sex marriage only: Would you prefer

Is it just me? Or does Rush, Rove and Dick look alot alike?

What if I Told You on 9/11/01, that the US Would be Struck Again

Anyone else watch that "Much turns 20"

Newsweek: Bush’s Bounce Back (* loses 5 points from 11 pt lead)

Etihad Airways orders first Boeing airplanes

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

Suspect In High-Level WMD Smuggling Ring Disappears


Editor's body found in Mexico

165 MPH!

Egypt Seeks Permanent U.N. Council Seat

Clinton file snoopers rapped

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Brown told: you're still on course for top job (Blair out next term)

Report: Major Explosion in North Korea

The Holes in a 'Shia Strategy'

It's Worse Than You Think

November deadline for Iran

Explosions Rock Baghdad Near U.S. Offices

Gaps in Service Continue to Dog Bush (WP)

Heinz Kerry's Campaign Balancing Act

Facing New Realities as Islamic Americans

Central Texans gather for anti- war demonstration

Ivan Holds CAT 5 Strength, pressure down to 912.

(URGENT) NK explosion-mushroom cloud

Retired generals compare Iraq fight to Vietnam War

Kerry Hints GOP May Suppress Black Votes

Swift Boat Group Has Raised $6.7 Million From 53,000 Donors

WP: Size of Battleground May Be Smaller Than Expected

Swing-state shakeout is starting

Sayles' New Film Melds Satire of Bush And Whodunit

Atomic Activity in North Korea Raises Concerns -NYT

Chechen Fighters Offer Bounty For Putin

Walls of rain flood northern centers

Devastation linked to global warming

Lemons caught in a homeland-security squeeze

Police Probing Widescale Sale Of Kidneys Across India

The coming conflagration in Iraq

New Book Says Bush Officials Were Told of Detainee Abuse (NYT)

Both candidates often shift positions

A US sniper's story: 'Everyone I shot deserved it. It doesn't bother me'

Military support rally shared different opinions (Kerry "should be shot")

Half a Million Urge Bush, Congressional Leaders to Renew Assault ...

The service question (US NEWS and WORLD REPORT)

Bush faces assault on war record

Unmasked: the George W. Bush the president does not want the world to see

Is nonpartisan?

If 1000 monkeys typed for 1000 days on 1000 IBM Selectrics

An amendment which bans Repukes from starting or running any wars?

Tell me somethin' good

What CDs Do You Own That Have Only *ONE* Song You Like?

Which Fantastic Four power would you like to have?


Help me smile: I have only lived in Florida for a little over a year and

Canada beats Czech repub in greatest game I've EVER SEEN!

The smileys at the bottom of this post mean "don't you dare fuck with me!"

Concerning Whiners

Man Faces Jail for Swinging Alligator

I have a question about virginity...

On September 11, 1973

My children are weird.

Buffalo Gap (now there's a conversation stopper)

Glengarry Glen Ross on IFC now.

Is this a pole?

Hmm. 3 years. 10,000.

On September 11, 2003

Division II? No matter: Mess with best, you lose like the rest

Too Much Horror Business, Driving Late At Night

Free Speech should be outlawed

Hey the 911 ceremony is on C-Span

the apprentice -- someone forged a resume and trump's a moron

Anyone else just love good Mexican food?

See if you can guess what I am now

fuckin' Nugent

Is DU spending all its money on tombstones?


On September 11, 1987

Fantasy Musical Fusion Fun Time.

It's Saturday Night

is rex really the root of all evil?

Is sex really the root of all evil?

Is Chex really the root of all evil?

Your taste in furniture...

Is Lex really the root of all evil?

Tonight, 9:15-midnight: THE SOUL EXPRESS on college radio

In the Name of God.

Mannequins who wear human underwear - good or bad?

Is six really the root of all evil?

Historical figures you would have like to have known..............

Fox Catches Dave "Insomniac" Attell for New Comedy Deal

Star Wars DVD box

Am I really the root of all evil

Is Tex really the root of all evil?

Vice Admiral James Stockdale Begins Stumping as Third-Party VP Candidate

Is yefl or ubil the root of evil?

Is the Hamster Dance the root of all evil?

All your base are belong to us in a dress or in pants?

I need a quote

Which pic should I use as my PDA wallpaper?

Am I an enormous scoop?

Easy Jazz Trivia - Who wrote "Take the A Train"? - No Google please

Argh, stuck at a cabin with NO booze

Good News: Looks like Ivan is going to skip the pennisula of Florida....

Bush Twins Xmas gift ideas: FAO Schwarz "Toy Mercedes" ($15K)

I am a paradox, ask me anything

I'm a pairofdice, ask me anything...

Best "Get your hands off of my woman" Folds or Darkness?

So, I'm a very bad DUer.

Bad decisions lead to Arkansas loss vs. Texas 22-20

I'm on Atkins I'm eating a Thin crust Pineapple & Onion Extra Cheese Pizza

Report: Mushroom Cloud Seen After N.Korea Explosion

Irish Music Thread - direct from the Irish Festival

Give it up Red Sox fans, they're playing great baseball now....

Once again I have the odd desire to join the Royal Canadian Navy

"Columbo" fans - favorite episode?

On a scale of 1-10 how much does Team Canada RULE!

Day gets sooner till we'll finally be truly free of fuckhead Bush

Yay! I can post now. Looking for a recommendation.

Stretching doesn't prevent injuries.

I remember the good old days when Bo Gritz was runnig for President.

Oh, yeah, by the way-- BOOGER!!!

What are you having tonight? (and don't incriminate yourself)

I just heard a Kinks song on an HP camera ad

Cornball 70's tune just came on the radio.

Who here has read The Handmaid's Tale?

I'm going to look at puppies tomorrow

Am i the only one who hates the news scrolls at the bottom of cable news.

Some EARLY Etta James recommendations

is Becks really the root of all evil?

Am I an enormous snoop?

I am wiser than I want to be. Ask me anything!

For Men only: Poll.......Women in a Dress or pants

World Cup Hockey: Canada vs Czech Republic - What a game!

The Library...Views and Use of...Answer these Questions Please!!

Biggest football town/city

Men in skirts look hot too.

I'm back from Ohio State vs Marshall

Are Parrotheads...

Have You Ever Met Someone You Idolized Only To Discover

What's spinnin on your turntable?

Dracula 2000 is a crime against cinema.

Vote Bush/Cheney or the Puppy GETS IT

Least creepy Repug First Lady

A pair of good URL's for a good laugh.


Regarding good looks, love, and sex

What are the SADDEST/MOST DEPRESSING movies of all time?

I'm watching UHF (that movie with Weird Al)

Okay. Who are the true Lounge Lizards?

The cat congregation

Why won't anybody listen to my new protest song? Just click it, Dammit!

About the documents (could be good or could be bad)

Welcome to Bush's Amerika

honest debate: media and voters still say kerry has to provide specifics.

CBS 60 Sunday Minutes THIS SUNDAY after Football Ratings

Say it LOUD: Kerry is LEADING Bush in EV. Want to buy an IBM Selectric?

If (God forbid) Bush wins, will he ever hold another press conference?

I am TIRED of hearing that CBS credibility is on the line.

Bumper sticker 'survey' - Pittsburgh to Bristol, CT: I was the only Dem.

Here's a great acticle about polls and weighting(why newsweek sucks)

Hundreds of Republicans injured in Rush to Discredit Kerry

Is there still going to be another guest at tomorrow's 60 minutes

Kerry Campaign should read this Juan Cole piece....

Heads up everybody!

well if they're going to use NLP against us. . .

Specialty bumper sticker question

Rudy Giuliani Is NOT MY MAYOR

OOPS....posted wrong forum....

It is time to start talking about scandals.

Is Neal Pollack right about our leadership?

DU - do you like the scruffy Kerry?

Did everyone catch President Kerry's remarks on 9/11 anniversary

Stringent military screening program may explain gaps on president's rec.

The Whole Osama Thing

This made my day....

Heads up - Kerry live on Cspan at 9:00 ET

Kerry 'Flip-Flops' but Bush 'reverses positions'

Fifty-two Days to Make a Difference in 2004 and Beyond- From Daily Koz

WTF - check out this lackluster salute from AWOL at 9-11 service

Request: Seymour Hersh on C-Span now (from Thursday)

Who would win: Tom DeLay or......

Russert: Every poll Bush is solidly ahead

And the RatherGate's connected to the NigerGate ...

During the 2002 election was it like this?

How could anyone watch the news today and see film of 1st airplane

CNN = Cabal News Network

Which is best approach for Senator Kerry ?

Sorry, this is old, but.. Why didn't 41 speak at the Repub.

One thing we are all missing about Bush's "past"....

Kitty's book? Mostly catty (A few more juicy details from book)

Is there a poll that has * ahead in Iowa?

Where the Hell is the Supreme Court Issue ???

Can Kerry donate campaign funds to Florida hurricane victims?

Why is the media ignoring the house and senate races? Is it

How do we get Kerry to give better speeches?

Which states will we win??

Sy Hersh just made a very astute observation.

Can someone explain why the supreme court is not a top three talking point

Here is a list of my campaign contributions...

When someone is assasinating your character you track down

We PAID for these debates, Mr. Bush

Sanitized Iraq War Coverage=America Gives * TANG A Pass?

Isn't there ONE honest republican who will call Bush on all his lies?

Bill Moyers Must Read - Circle of Accountability

I cant vote for Kerry but if you drive me to chicago I heard I can

The Relationship between Bush and McCain is...

Kerry needs to show he's PISSED!

Cheney MUST be removed from power to face justice for his crimes

The Ghost in THE POLLS?

Bush's bounce is just a double dribble.

Bush Flim Flam on not scaring children - Video Posted

NOW the end game can begin.

Explosions in Baghdad

Things are changing BIG time...even in my Republican town:

Flashback to the Primaries

Iraq is more dangerous than North Korea, Bush said

Who will the Repugs run in '08--McCain??? Santorum??

This was a bumper sticker in my neighborhood:

Now Kerry could do something with this!

OOPS! Yet more AWOL proof - from unexpected RW source!

What the Hell is wrong with WP? Kerry must win OH and FL.

Why can't some people here take criticisms of Kerry?

Who would you trust to handle the North Korea Nukes situation?

Kerry is a Bush enabler

KEY QUESTION: How can we win with most of the media against us???

What would Kerry's best debate approach be?

Here's a Question: Have you ever been called for a poll?

Great bumper sticker story!

Freepers with "taste" ?

There oughtta be a law: 5 debates MINIMUM

I saw a "Pants on Fire" car/trailer in Shaker Heights, Ohio today.

'Major blast' hits North Korea

Should this song be used by the campaign?

I thought Bush didnt want to panic children on 9/11

Why Drugs and Alcohol Are a Big Part of this Election

Has any president ever snorted blow?

Need some hope on a Saturday night?

NK tests nukes on 9/9, mediawhores report on 9/11. WTF???

if the Dems can't beat Bush, they can't beat anybody

Kerry ignores the weapons inspectors work in Iraq

I cannot vote for Kerry. He is a Bush enabler!!!

IThe Ga. Senate race is close! Thought you'd like to know.

Al-Qaeda to Bush::: "4 more Years! 4 more Years! PLEASE!"

We almost have to win Florida.

Kerry labels president as scaremonger

Dowd on Kerry: Howard Dean had the base all warmed up and now...

The REAL October Surprise, North Korea will detonate an atomic bomb

Kitty Kelley “The Family” - Here’s Info on Book Details

Thanks Bill Clinton, thanks a lot

Bush seizes 9/11 anniversary to hone his cretin appeal

Internet Free speech on trial and....

Tom Brazaitis-Cleveland Plain Dealer: Think Bush has it won? Think again

Oliphant: Playing to the media in attacks on service

Krugman: The Dishonesty Thing

Martin Dyckman: Americans in danger are vulnerable to dictatorship

NYT Editorial: Preventive War: A Failed Doctrine

"Don't Deny Me My Civil Rights" (GR Press article on Kerry sign thefts)

NYT: Coming Soon: Kerry's 'Apocalypse Now'

Partisan books are all the rage

Ruppert names Cheney as chief 911 suspect

PC Magazine: Documents real or fake?

Amid Cheers, Terrorists Have Landed in the U.S....Bush turns blind eye LAT

"The Surreal World of Bush"

Strib op-ed: Swagger, but little substance

New Questions About Inflation Cooking and Bush/Andrew Card

The X Files Of Lt. Bush

Molly Ivins: Ben Barnes

Bill Shipp: Zell may be running a scam on GOP

Randi Rhodes 5 pages in the WP!!!!

`Terrorist' a politically loaded term

Bush had no help from Father, just like Jesus W. Christ

FLOP FLIPPER 8x10 poster for printing here

Political circus is coming to NY parks don't miss it!

Maine Grassroots Training (9/19)

Saturday Oct 2 Dover-to-D.C. coalition demo

Kerry caused Medicare premium rise via 5 comprehensive budget bill votes-?

U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos

Will the media ask if Bush flight logs show a drug problem?

Tweety's whole panel agrees, Kerry shouldn't say he's going to raise taxes

Dan Rather was the only one not to cover Chandra Levy

The Daily Howler

New Questions About Inflation Cooking and Bush/Andrew Card

Holy grail for solar energy? Solar Chimney/Sunstack

UK universities eliminating Chemistry departments: Decline of Science

When will the nuclear weapons ban sunset?

Just under 4.5 hours to go!

should these kind of guns be legal for any given person to own?

Admins, I want to post snips from

I'd like to apologize.


Media blaster fell into the archives

A compliment on the design layout/graphic integrity of the site.

Why do some serious threads get moved from GD to the Lounge ...

Israeli Troops Leave 8 Palestinians Dead

A child sleeps among the rubble of her destroyed home

Sharon warns Israel at risk of 'civil war'

pentagon 9/11

Notes from "Confronting the Evidence" 9/11 Forum Sat. night in NYC.

Housing Prices: Million Dollar 'Starter' Homes in Blue States like MA

colin powell just said mushroom cloud in north korea..

More info on Kerry's Toledo visit

Anyone going to the York City Fair? If you do, stop by the


What's happening with the investigation against Tom Delay?

Carol King in Rapids?

Any more info on kerry visit to Madison next week?

Its time for the official who is going to Fightin Bob Fest thread ...

What would you do, if a rethuglican flipped you three fingers?

Does Gary Locke even exist?

Was curious about this in light of the September 11 anniversary

Carville on Russert

An Ex-Officer now believes memo isn't Genuine

Does anyone have links to reliable (non-Rovian) polls?

pentagon 9/11

Time article "Struggle for the Soul of Islam" TERRIBLE!

Late Edition tomorrow: Kristin Breitweiser, Bob Graham, Buchanan, Sperling

Ivan update

Blaire facing possible Impeachment...

Wondered if the "September 11 Anniversary Hype Police" did this

Slime Time Live

Watch out East Coast- Another Tropical Storm forming off NC coast!

This is from Americablog, CBS gets some company

"The girl in the photograph"

Nate Clay is no friend of Bush -- streaming LIVE now

Did the Palace Alert program scare Bushie off during the reserves?

Kos poster had the paragraph on Bush from Dean's!

I just got a emotional hangover...

I don't think that Bush can afford to lose.All the extra constitutional

pResident Evil - Too funny

What is Shrub going to do about North Korea?

Basically, we need to bribe the Supreme Court in advance this time

OK MLK Jr had a great speech about America and how we dont rule the rule

Islamic Terrorism on Screen

What Does One Need to Take Out a U.S. Bradley Armored Vehicle?

Expats: Absentee ballot requests must be in mail by 9/15!

no supreme court retirements during bush's 4 years -- daschle to thank?

I want to see ALL the pictures and movies out of Abu Ghraib

Blackshirts in New Zealand . . . no, I'm not kidding

Is the "Freedom Tower" tempting fate?

MUST READ: Following the Killian Memos Money Trail

Mike Barnicle Replied to my E-Mail

More signs the Draft is coming...

some interesting websites about *'s character

September 11th has gone to a close...

Sam Seder from Air America coming on TV

Cool! Billionaires for Bush coming to my town next weekend!

wonderful letter in an Arizona paper

Please DU this North Dakota poll

Some Sunday morning images for you

Found! US Drone That went missing in Iraq!

Tourist's view of Yanggang Province in North Korea (Suspected Nuke Blast)

Was Bush's intention to liberate Iraq, or turn Iraq into a battlefield?

"George W Bush has conviction.......

So when will * start suggesting the use of nukes?

One Man, one network, under God,

What's the latest on Gore TV?

did everybody see the lovely bouquets they are giving us in Iraq

Bush* and terrorism...

Colin Powell's differing standards of proof, re Iraq and North Korea

When Kerry is elected, should we deal with the 'Vast Right Conspiracy'?

2000 proved money and media can buy elections. What will 2004 prove?

Instead of being drafted into the armed forces, how about a draft to

....a quiet sunday morning in america....meanwhile, in baghdad.....

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Sy Hersh is on MTP....NOW! NBC n/t

CNN is...

Dexter Lehtinen - Iran Contra scum opens his mouth on Wash. Journal

Powell on MTP:"Kerry would respond to terrorist attacks in a robust way"

I've changed my mind about the Kitty Kelley book.

Bush Family Fortunes - Dallas - Tonight!

DUer should write 1 letter to news media for every DU post they write

Kitty Kelly has never lost a lawsuit


Why doesn't JEB! have an accent like his brother?

There is a contrail overhead now here in Los Altos, CA

Arnold gets away with it. and women are still abused no

Today's Doonesbury says it PERFECTLY.

Why do so many here pounce on any gesture of patriotism?

Why al-Qaeda is winning

"In 1975, two White House aides named Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld"

What if...

Senator Wayne Morse

Oh the irony

Did Bush take any physicals from 1972 until he left the National Guard? nt

Will new film "Silver City" hurt Bush?

Flag lapel pins - Oh. My. God.

Don't let um give Amerka the "BushShit Shot !"

NK: Coudl it have been a underground blast..close to the surface?

Why the hell are we wasting our defenses on Iraq?

per NK... flashback circa October 2002

So when does Wolf Blitzer cash his GOP campaign checks?

How is it that Pat Buchanan is a better spokesman for us then ourselves?

Need a photo of the Deer In Headlights/Pet Goat face of Bush

This is the BEST politically correct word I've heard all day!

A Floridian Asking For A Moratorium on Politicizing Hurricanes

We are Fighting Against Ourselves in the War on "Terror"

Spring 1971: ........Bush uses F-102 to shuttle tropical plants from Fla

Media Matters show on Bush's religious rhetoric

Is this guy a repug or a Democrat?

My email to Sandra Ramsey Lines, the "independent" document examiner.

Bush v Kerry....Comparative timelines...from birth

Kirsten Breitweiser is on CNN now

Iraq & Baghdad are deteriorating...

Is this a valid point re Kerry's senate hearings after Nam?

Powell: North Korea "has not tested a nuclear weapon..."

If Tim Russert's hair was on fire

I repeat, turn that shit off! The media likes *, we knew this in 2000

I'm going to start watching CBS News more..

Should American Troops ever be placed under UN Command?

What was up with the audio synch during Albright/Russert interview on MTP?

How are the Iraqi Resistance destroying US tanks?

Solve the CNN problem NOW. Do this

I can't wrap my mind

I saw a Bush/Cheney sign at the foot of a cross yesterday.

George W. Bush is a Traitorous Piece of Shit.

Anyone hear of this US News and World Report AWOL piece?

Will DU turn against Kerry if he loses? Gore sure has been beat up.......

Dick Cheney owns stock options in Halliburton, and he visited CIA

Assuming *'s voted out, what will the lame duck dumbfuck do?

If Wolf had been around during Watergate...

hurricane heading into republican country? Sorry Panama City.

Is it true that Direct TV showed weather instead of 60 minutes segment?

Unusual Weather Patterns and Upsurge in Hurricanes Blamed on Republican

Was Bush flying "smoke" in his F-102 in 1971?

Is Anyone Concerned That Korea Has Detonated an A-Bomb?

If Gore won Florida, Jerry Falwell would blame the hurricanes there....

NYC: I have 3 tix available for Michael Moore speaking this afternoon

Dean, Corzine, Durbin at House of Blues in Chicago on Monday.

What will W do when he loses the election?

David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) tries to justify Cheney's terror comments

Why does anyone thing Skinner's story matters to the media?

Glamour Spotlights Sibel Edmonds

Anyone Got a Link To the Red/Blue State Map?

Heads Up: Sy Hersh will be on Dateline tonight (7 pm EST - NBC)

My answer to the Preznit's "Patriot Day" proposal...

If the draft comes, the only people ineligible should be blind, and totall

How many deferments do the Busheviks have?

Life in the "Green Zone" would be a great Robin Williams comedy

So, if Kerry wins, what do we do?

Latest stats on Ivan 2:48 CST

Michael Moore: Re: James Bath....

Ho hum, its a slow news day.

so, you're developing a middle school social studies unit

The never-ending excuse for a steadily worsening Iraq

The "Real" Forgery

Report from Fort Worth TX annual Zest Fest...

Cheney's over the top remark... doesn't jibe with administration

Assuming Kerry wins, what will he say to nation on November 3, 2004?

In three hours, Daniel Ellsberg will be live on Sunday Monitor. Listen!

GHWBush-The Moonie Times & John Kerry

Florida legislature set precedent in 2000. Vulnerable to dictatorship.

Can someone please give me a link to David Corsi's hateful bigoted

Help: what is a reasonable estimate of TOTAL deaths due to Iraq occupation

What do Divorced People do When One Keeps the House?

What Georgie's war looks like.. How much do these things cost??

Factcheck rips Zell's statements on Kerry being weak on defense

Meanwhile, in Iran: "All options, including the use of force, remain open"

Does this constitute a violation of separation of church and state?

Kerry on the clock

anyone have the link to Salon article re: Kerry and his time in Senate?

Is the James Baker that is Heading up Bush's Debate

Seriously What Have I missed This Week?

please help confirm: Fla. Repugs missed the Sept 1 deadline ?

Vets on C-span

Cannot go to Canada when the draft kicks in? Go to Mexico.

Goosebumps all over as the bus of 80 Md volunteers came to PA

CNN - Licking sticky semen stains

NPR Tiger Force interview

"Unlike Kerry, Bush Never Made His Military Service the Centerpiece

Question regarding political signs

Lying in an Oregon Voter Pamphlet is a FELONY

IF the Bush documents are forgeries, then the question remains.

caymans hit HARD

Are real journalists gone for good? Is parroting talking Pt's the new norm

Conservative Republicans are Amazing!

How Many Of You Are Hatch Act Covered?

NOW With Bill Moyers on PBS The 911 commission

Abolish the ELECTORAL COLLEGE (Without Amending the Constitution)

A must read speech !!!

Is there a similar web site to box office mojo for books?

Have Freepers Infiltrated

Seymour Hersh on NBC Dateline now.

"Columbo," Selective.

Turn on C-SPAN NOW!!!!!

Request of DU: PACs and their influence


Upcoming DVD releases

The Dubya of song and story

US Airways just file for bankruptcy!

Why is Kerry Being Held Accountable for the Bush Caused Iraq Disaster?

Urgent Voter Registration Question: College Students in PA

CBS Bush documents NOT fake!

An admittedly dumb question about O'Leilly

Dateline- Sy Hersch on NOW

"It CAN happen here" - must read

Vetwife is being threatned !

Should I watch 60 minutes tonight?

Proportional Electoral votes or winner take all????

Why they may and probably will win...

will Bush call for a congressional vote on Iran?

Freeper asshole

Look what the freepers made to counter TANG docs

there is no "Third Way".

Kerry's "pre-9/11" senate votes are actually irrelevant

Take a look at this quiz:

Bush as a born-again Christian in 1986 and Kitty Kelley book

ABC News did a story on surge of violence in Iraq today- 60 dead

CBS Market Watch Update: Goodyear and Atkins Diet is shedding employees

Theory proposed for why Bush stopped drills in April 1972

Proof that Clinton did a better job on terror than Bush

Joe Trippi predicts strong 3rd party in 2008 through the web

Murderous Deceit: 9/11 pollution 'could cause more deaths than attack'

LA Times: Paul Crouch (Bush* theocrat) tries to silence boyfriend

I have an alternate theory why no Alabama NG pilots are supporting Bush

So, if * wins, what do we do?

My CHALLENGE to all media regarding the credibility of RUDOLPH GIULIANI

OMG! ABC just showed a reporter killed onTV!

I hate Bush for how he's divided this country!

anyone here ever change their driver's license #? W did

I'd like to introduce my political self. . .

so, was NAFTA good or bad?

I really wish CBS would do a story on free republic...

Republicans Voting For Kerry?

I never heard about this Dean/Robert Rubin confrontation in 2003.

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 in a theater in Istanbul tonight.

London Times: Lengthy excerpt from KITTY KELLEY BOOK

Korea: Let me see if I have this right...

IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE by Sinclair Lewis

Pat Buchanan is HELPING the neocons

Time to revisit Wm Burkett's purging of Bush's military records

The PNAC is THE single biggest threat to our democracy and world

Pier 57 leased by RNC during their convention?

Premiers rely on Martins minority troubles to drive hard bargain on health

"Canadian Association for Victim Assistance" conference Call for Papers

How Do You Solve the Problem of Sharia in Canada?

SCOTLAND SEP-12-2004-1451 Driver May Hold Vital Clue to Child Murders

Big Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N.Korea

Iraq role may have made us a terror target - Australian minister

Al Qaeda Ally Zarqawi Issues New Threat to Allawi

Afghan Warlord's Ouster Prompts Violence

Huge Explosion Reported in North Korea (New information)

Rumsfeld Mixes Up Hussein, Bin Laden in Speech

NYT: Medicare Costs New Focus for Candidates(new ad blames increase on JK)

Threat To Kill Italians

After Hurricane Ivan, prepare for the return of El Niño

Revealed: Thatcher's pot of gold, assets frozen

Baghdad security job for Diana's bodyguard

Iraq Power Grid Shows U.S. Flaws

Car Bomb explosion outside Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

Three Polish Soldiers Killed in Iraq

The service question

Bob Woodward is on MTP today asking (demanding) an extended interview

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Kofi bug whistleblower founds truth-telling squad

Kerry hints GOP may try to suppress black votes

Powell Says War Service Should Pertain to Everyone

Both Candidates Often Shift Positions

LAT: Democrats Split on Bush Guard Story

Tom Daschle to debate John Thune next Sunday on MTP

Heavy fighting in central Baghdad

Bush willing to say, do anything to remain in the White House: Kerry

9/11 pollution 'could cause more deaths than attack' (UK paper, of course

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Hundreds flee beseiged Iraqi town (Tal Afar)

An Ex-Officer Now Believes Guard Memo Isn't Genuine (NYT - Hodges)

Powell: N. Korea Blast Not Nuclear Event

Authenticity of new Bush military papers questioned (NEW MEMOS)

Surge of Baghdad Violence Leaves 25 Dead

LAT: No Disputing It: Blogs Are Major Players (Freeper/Guard docs)

Clashes as Chile marks 1973 coup

Election puts new focus on pharmaceutical stocks

Oracle Ruling May Embolden Dealmakers (Bush judiciary)

Secret of Sir Mark Thatcher's riches: selling oil to Zimbabwe

LAT: Divide in (Kerry's) Camp ("debate among advisers")

String of Blasts Leave 25 Dead in Baghdad

Only in Nevada is Bush's record on environment to be decisive

Powell Says War Service Should Pertain To Everyone

Doing hard time in monkey jail

Powell: U.S. Will Quash Iraq Insurgency

Hundreds of Iraqis leave Tall Afar, clerics call US strikes genocide

The X Files Of Lt. Bush

Amid Cheers, Terrorists Have Landed in the U.S....Bush turns blind eye LAT

Violence Sweeps Iraq, US Gunship Fires on Crowd ...

Fears Grow of Wider Spread of Nuclear Weapons

US fires missiles at Baghdad crowd

Powell rules out U.S. troops in Sudan

Gore Unleashes Fury on Democrats' Behalf ("fire-breathing Bush basher")

US Denies Targeting Iraqi Civilians in Baghdad Incident (VOA)

North Korea cloud 'not nuke blast'

Colo. to Vote on Electoral College Plan

Powell Defends Cheney on 'Choice' Remark

US Airways Files for Bankruptcy Protection; 2nd Time in 2 Years

Nader: Social Ills Deadlier Than Terror

Kidnapped in Iraq? (Suit alleges ex-CIA agent kidnapped businessman)

NYT: Do Newspapers Make Good (econ) News Look Bad? (AEI accuses bias)

Follow my lead, says whistleblower

US withhold N. Korean blast data from Seoul

Worm turns for Labor in leaders' showdown (Latham outdebates Howard)

Source (60 Minutes Bush guard story) Was Disgruntled Former Guard Officer

Swing voters take their cue from the economy in Rust Belt state

Comedian Al Franken makes pitch for Kerry

Pony club puts bite on Cherie's big party

Millions' sneaking over US border

Powell Criticizes Vietnam Draft Policies

Thatcher can 'easily' prove he was not involved in coup plot:lawyer

Syria, Lebanon Reject Foreign Criticism of Ties

US neo-cons: Kremlin is ‘morally’ to blame for the school massacre

Rice Denies New Prisoner Claims

Iran Holds Military Exercises Near Border

U.S. Refuses To Rule Out Iran Attack (Reuters)

30,000 protest US chopper crash - demand return of base

Televangelist Paul Crouch Attempts to Keep Accuser Quiet (Gay Sex)

WEB EXCLUSIVE: George W. Bush lies about Air Force Service

"I've Been in Worse Situations" -Time talks with John Kerry...

Hurricane Ivan Update 5:00 EST 9/12/04 with Photos

Troops Battle Militants in Iraq; 13 Dead (A War Crime Indeed)

At least 60 die in day of carnage in Iraq

Flame war breaks out in GD2K4.

Alright, that tears it! I'm running for pres. What should my platform be?


Greatest DU troll story ever?

Free Champagne and dresses for you freaks

I am like so hyper

Can I vent about the two jerks who came into my store today?

Movies that definately WON'T get you affection....

I just saw my favorite movie of the year: Garden State...

Sunday Doonesbury....

Idiotic reasons you've heard people say why they're voting for Bush

Advice on how to clean skipping cds?

The Butthole Surfers were:

Who's on right now?

this is "i appreciate Canada post"

Is George Bush Evil?

Whats the worst movie you've seen this year?

words to live by . . .

Ah yes "Ran" is on TV....

Oops he pitched paper, not baseballs; $301,000 put into wrong bank account

What the heck did I miss - troll attacks?????

Question for computer experts

Crazy redneck trucker!!!

Whoever Stuck This Screwdriver In My Eye Last Night....TAKE IT OUT DAMMIT!

Is * an enormous poop?

So I goes to, I does....

"Crimes Against Nature" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I received a request to be an election judge


Today's Thought

They're showing a Marvel team-up cartoon marathon on ABC family

Today in History

Which word sounds cooler?

Today's fact

Did you take your vitamins today?


It's Sunday

Breaking : Bush kills and eats a baby on live tv

Help Killing Wasp Inside/Allergic

Turn it on. Turn it on. Turn it on again.

Did you take your mental illness medication today?

I'm MS Excel challenged--this should be easy, I think, but I can't

US Gov't: NK nuke blast is a forest fire

Brian Wilson's "Smile" . . . September 28 . . .

goin to a dem rally at a school I dont like in a while, ask me anything

false advertising

I just saw the Nick Berg video





Naked post!

Have you placed your order for assault weapons yet?

Lots of sex in this thread!

Apathy is more irritating than Republicans: an email response

Pick your side

DU Gents: How to pay for the lady

Rant for the day

NO Saints fans in NYC?

On the Bus with Bush

I'm in heaven -- Joe Gibbs and the Skins are on

AAAUGH!! My storage container is EXACTLY too small.

Expect a full report on the DNC rally at Robinson


Bush Family Fortunes - Dallas - Tonight!

MS Word...How the @#*& do you put page numbers on your pages?????

I just got back from getting my first tattoo... ask me anything

The Surreal Life on VH-1

NEW!!! Barbie Dolls for little republican girls who love Dumbya!

You've been given the keys to the TARDIS. Where'd you go first?

Is there a full moon tonight?

Damn, MTP has Sec. Powell on. Leezie on the other. They

Question on airlines' assistance to elderly passengers.

Why do banks still work on the 5-day business week.....................

Lets Go Red Sox.....

Football is on in an hour

Blagh. I think there's a cat setting off my car alarm at dawn

Is GD down? I get a big black top line and nothing else.

Election Eve: ABC and NFL give you Miami at N.Y. Jets, 9:00 pm

Hey Walt Starr! Got any stock tips??

The real reason we went to war...*Bush NIGERIAN E-MAIL SCAM

shit, I really want this

Bengals vs Jets game thread

I can almost guarantee that Kerry will have a better media week this week.

Any SCION drivers here, particularly xB...

Whimper...HGTV overload while in the hospital

Tomorrow Morning!

Where are the naked pictures?

I'm about to watch Steve Martin's "The Jerk"--who wants to join me?

Rob Lowe has anothe series "Doc Vegas"

How is everyone enjoying this season's "Kickoff Sunday"?

Are people confusing "it's" and "its" less, or is it just me?

Today is a good day.

Do you lurk anywhere interesting?



Gag Alert:

I'm self-deleting before I start

Fantasy Football: Deuce McAllister s**t the bed

Freeper letter to Pravda


Lights go out at Reliant Stadium (Houston).

Browns win!

no matter how bad things get, the cat eventually naps in the sun.

I just got back from Pampered Chef Show; Ask me anything!

My favorite lines from "Airplane"

The Girl can't Help it. She needs More.


Vote for Nixon in '72

Lions win on road

Isn't Crisco Avengers EarlG's team

Chargers 1-0

Am watching Farscape for the first time ever....

I love to play football

I love football.

Hey, Raiders fans: PFFFFZZZFFFFT!!!!!!


Are Freeper posts really a conspiracy by DU Admin. to whip us good folks

I rode Angelina Jolie today!

JOHNNY CASH FANS... In Memory of the Man in Black

I like Depeche Mode and Pie

I like Metallica and Strawberry Tarts

I like Soundgarden and Cake

How come AC Newman kicks so much ass?

Skins 1-0

I like Barry White and Oysters

i like pizzicato five and daquiri ice

I like pie and pork chops


I like a smoke and a pancake

I like Led Zeppelin and Lemon Pie

Post your Kittie Pictures Here:

Which is the greatest piece of crap movie?

Local FOX isn't broacasting Atlanta/San Fran game in Hi Def...Conspiracy?

We got a break! The Giants recovered a fumble!

DISGUSTING commercial

Going to campus dems meeting tonight.

Anyone is a Kate Chopin fan?

Do you sometimes forget your screen name and think you are someone else?

1984 and Dystopia. In interesting quote to share.

Doing hard time in monkey jail

Have Freepers Infiltrated

DU's "favorite" golfer, Vijay Singh, in a playoff at the Canadian Open

Tough times demand tough talk.

I would die for a piece of your pie. And that's no lie.

My wife wants the Pu Pu Platter. Is she trying to tell me something?

Super Troopers: D or R?

Riddle: "The case of the missing dollar"

I've had my car for 3 weeks; should I get a repair covered by insurance?

Mission of Burma opening for Pixies at Hammerstein Ballroom

I like GORE!!! Do you?

Soul singer Tyrone Davis just died.

Must stop playing Alpha Centauri.......................

Bumper Stickers in the Church Parking Lot Today

Two calls in 30 minutes from relatives living near the Gulf.

DU Fantasy Football - You can all kiss my big white ass...

I hate football.

Life is still good, and the center still holds. :-)

I would kill for some of your dill. And that's no shill.

ever check people's ebay feedback to see what else they've bought/sold?

I hate and mock Hummer H2s just as much as the next guy, but

My pet pet peeves (yes, you read that right)

Why my Ignore List has grown

Latest fashion in yarmulkes

We're only in the 2nd quarter and it's 21-7

Looking for some Zappa. What's the "go-to" record in your opinion?

Home HbA1c tests

Poet Calvin Trillin's name for the Sunday pundits

hey, IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge!


Question about saving an mp3 clip

Announcing the "Miracle of Birth" Videotape!!!!

puppy pictures! no kitty pics allowed!

I want to officially welcome CALLY to DU!

Today's Thought II

I want to build a new computer

Bill Press is going to be speaking at my school

When it comes to death,

Returned mail:Over quota

CNN-Wolf:Will hurricane Ivan bring shark attacks onto US shores?

Sleeping pods are catching on with exhausted executives

I like Al Gore, but this is pretty funny...

Who's your celebrity crush?

Notice: SarahBelle's PC is about to crash.

What do Divorced People do When One Keeps the House? many fans here on DU?

Oh my God! What happened to my hair???

Anybody Else Get a Humongous XP Service Pack Download?

Vetwife is being threatned !

Word or phrase you'd most like to see retired II (Electric Boogaloo)

What in the hell was just on my front porch? Looked like a woodchuck, but

Why do people say the Hurricanes are God's Punishment for Florida...

I like chicken and waffles.......................

Cat lovers - anyone with a heart - read this - The Story of Posse

A most remarkable Quicktime movie


Etiquette when greeting DUers please advise

Should John Kerry campaign in his military uniforms?

Early Voters Transform Campaign Landscape

Kerry's getting ready to close, and will win the presidency

Does anyone have information on how Kerrry/DNC fundraising

Is George W. Bush a psychopath?

Kerry on C-SPAN coming up right now!

Do you have trouble explaining $#!% to your kids?

Vietnam U.S. Military Personnel Who Died -Texas

Is he adjusting his coat or giving America the finger ??

some good news . . . from MTV, of all places . . .

03/13/03: Bush said he was concerned about Iraq but not Laden

Hey *! Wear a new COLOR!!!

pentagon 9/11

FOR 193 DAYS (4/17/72- 10/27/72) Where was he? (AWOL for Dummies)

Does anyone get the feeling something big is about to break ??

You must see this! Make into a Flyer and Distribute Everywhere!

David Dreier on verge of being outed...just up on raw story

Kerry should never have bothered answering "would you vote for it now"

Just back from the LA County Fair

look at bush now i see an abusive husband

One thing about all these people swinging toward Bush....

Swing voters are idiots!

I doubt the Kitty Kelley book will be a factor in defeating Bush

Red Truth vs. Blue Truth

Salon Tabletalk AWOL discussion shows us how it's done!

Protestors ought to wear Flip Flop Costumes but with BUSH written

Question for computer experts

Carville on Tim Russert CNN Now (Rebroadcast) 1:20am

Take names. The memos are not forgeries.

Has anyone duplicated LGF's Word overlay that started this forgery talk?

London Times: long excerpt from Kitty Kelley book

MUST READ: Following the Killian Memos Money Trail

Pic of another brave Republican man assaulting a woman

Why isn't Kerry raising a stink about Bush skipping debates?

How to burn * supporters on economy

A conversation with one of Bartcop's monkey-mailers

Check out Washington Journal this morning

NYT reader rep, back from vacay, interviews self, reveals callous smartass

"...some experts say the documents appear to be forgeries.Later we'll be

I hope Kerry just watched Wes Clark on Today show...

JK Advice: Please stop droppng your voice at end of sentences.

Articulating? Bush?

Any new info on the debate dates?

American people are looking for a guard dog

Tomorrows Kerry/Edwards Talking points * AWOL FROM DEBATES

Renata Adler, author of "Irreparable Harm"

What is the latest "discredit" in the Killins memos? I heard that there

Howard Fineman on NBC whoring to Lester Holt (on edit: 9:05 AM EST)

Expats: Absentee ballot requests must be in mail by 9/15!

Mark Danner - author "The Road to Illegitimacy"

usnews and world report...more evidence of AWOL

Fineman smears Burkett on NBC Today but read the Newsweek article

FLOP FLIPPER 8x10 poster for printing here

Here's why we are losing the media game

**CBS REVEALS ITS SOURCE - New Killian Memos Released**

The Dems and MoveOn should marginalize the bullying white male voter ...

Demote Shrum

Kerry Suggests Rivals Might Suppress Black Votes

Any good news coming out on any polls today. Sure would like to have

Bush* STILL AWOL: He won't debate the issues facing America

Do people think Florida's hurricanes will effect the election either way?

Bush's Service Record - Where Is The Outrage

My nine-year old nephew says they were going to have an election...

Has any GOP shill directly addressed the "Five Questions" asked?

Rove scripting the Sun AM shows


Will Florida Hurricanes Affect Vote?

Breaking : Bush kills and eats a baby on live tv

General Clark on CBS "no wonder he looked like a deer caught in the headl

One of the explanations for the coverage? - ANTHRAX

Here you go, folks! DU this poll (You gotta see this one!)...

Astute cartoon on Cheney

My not very impressive photoshop on awol is on bartcop

Media is now as 12/00 Supreme Court -- obstructing democratic process

Question about this Hodge fellow.....

Bush runs on tax cuts and fiscal discipline

How can we motivate Kerry to want to win?

Has Bob Grahams charges in "Intelligence Matters" been forgotten?

Sy Hersh on MTP says "Kerry doesn't have a Plan" and Bob Woodward

the gotcha game. red truth, blue truth

Another Sunday, another poll

Sunday morning news shows screw us again

Don't Help The Troll Bulk Up His Post # Like I Did

9/12 Kerry: 295 EV, 85% WIN PROBABILITY

Vote Bush/Cheney or the Puppy GETS IT

Remember when Kerry said, "This is the lyingest, crookedest bunch..."

What is on the Kerry Schedule today?

Bush bounce dropped 4 points in six days-Newsweek

OMG! I thought they were kidding!

It's all right to vote for Kerry--

"The Excuse President Rides Again"...with Bush, there is always

Edited Out

Funniest Freudian slip EVER...

Nearly Crashed plane twice according to pilot logs?

This is what this election is all about.

Kerry to Time: "I regret..."

Kerry should should reach out to "cell phone" voters

Real Battle Grounds, Where are they?

So... Should Greg Palast DEMAND an interview with AWOL....?

Bush MISSED Fla. deadline to file for election!

Kerru giving up on CO?

Excellent AP article on Bush's Flip-Flops

this is from a board where everyone wants bush out

Rove will do ANYTHING to detract from the Kitty Kelly book right NOW !

What is Kerry doing?

Colin Powell playing duck and weave on "This week"

Kerry 's bad 911 Ras poll result shows up Sunday - three point spread

Impeach Bush

Buchanan: Bush* radicalized the ENTIRE ARAB WORLD

where can I get John Kerry's voting record on Intelligence spending?

Write your own Bush speech and hear him give it -this is hilarious

Will cable Nets try to make next week 911 week?

Wolf asks: "Do you feel safer?"

The press pulled this shit on Truman and Stevenson

Lets look at the numbers. This is terrible.


wtf? The NRA is doing ads now against Kerry?

Colorado voters to decide on plan to divvy up Electoral College votes

Lets make Kerry stronger than Bush on terrorism NBC Poll.

What if the documents are false but the charges are true ?

If you REALLY want Kerry to win, email Tweety as a Freeper complimenting

Where are bush's discharge papers???

Two stupid Ba####ds on CNN In the Money

"I continued flying with my unit for the next several years."

Hey folks! NEWSFLASH! The Bushoids tell lies!

Election Eve: ABC and NFL give you Miami at N.Y. Jets, 9:00 pm

Tom Daschle to debate John Thune next Sunday on MTP

New MoveOn PAC ad: Who Profits?

Kerry Flyering in Freeperland

Here are two reasons for right wingers and neocons to hate and fear Kerry

Stop letting * off the hook by saying his LIES are "routine"

How many of the battleground states have computerized voting without paper

MUST READ (old news): Kerry busted terrorists' favorite bank

AP: Both candidates change positions often

Authenticity of new Bush military papers questioned (NEW MEMOS)

Ad: Pic of newly returned vet named Max Cleland "John Kerry spoke for me."

Kerry busted the terrorists' fave bank: Report, links, etc.

Rasmussen battleground 3 day rolling averages

NYT Editorial Worth Reading

Mystery donor here (SW Michigan) drops $100K into political cause

What happened to our much heralded 527s?

Cheney: "I did not say if Kerry is elected, we will be hit by a terrorist"

David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) tries to justify Cheney's terror comments

dupe sorry moved from LBN

I convinced a 20 year old marine not to vote for Bush yesterday

Guys, can you give me some help on something?


Kerry should attack the media

Vet speaking against Kerry now, same Dexter Lehtinen eardeep in IranContra

Chris Matthews just pounding away at Kerry campaign

George Bush is a lying, deceitful, flim-flamming, smirking, bullshitting..

I was talking some reservists on Saturday night

WillPitt -That vet rally in Boston for Kerry, is video available?

George W. pledges allegiance to his belly.

Bob Woodward is on MTP today asking for (demanding) an extended interview

"Doonesbury" ties threat levels to election

Vietnam vets for Kerry at a rally---on c-span NOW!

Is Kerry fighting back or not???? Let's document!

Talking Point: Bogus Forgery charge started at Hate Group website


Colorado: Any polls on proposition re electoral vote split? (n/t)

Bush Environment Record an Issue in Nev.

Kerry and Edwards MUST CAMPAIGN TOGETHER everywhere!

The electoral vote trend continues to improve: Kerry still ahead

Is anyone watching the Chris Matthews show right now?????

Rasmussen Battleground Report for Sunday

Glenn Smith (Texans for Truth) calls Isikoff(Newsweek) laughably inept

Can someone create a web page for a protest against the media for us?

Regarding African-Americans at the RNC

DU This Yahoo! story about Bush being the bigger flip-flopper

Attention: The REAL Vietnam Vets rally for Kerry is on now

We Need to Eleminate the Electoral Vote after this election.

LA FreeWayblogger New Signs, little runin with the LA Police but

Carole King rocks - sole purpose is to report on lies told in the media

Dean accuses Bush of misleading country. Says military is mismanaged.

Any numbers out there on how the Anti-Gay movement will...

Wolf Blitzer's impossibly stupid Bush whoring

Our side needs a Drudge

anyone have the link to Salon article re: Kerry and his time in Senate?

Kerry Challenges Bush on Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection- FINALLY!!

When Kerry wins will the media realise they aren't so powerfull?

please help confirm: Fla. Repugs missed the Sept 1 deadline ?

How Many Drunk Driving Convictions Do Bush And Cheney Have Between Them?

Some Dems are not fighting hard enough-rant

Bush Deficits are NOT caused by the war - debunk this!

So. Went to My First Dem Volunteer Rally of the Season Today

"Deserter": I'd Say Mike Moore Is Owed A BIG Apology

"In Vietnam, Bush had an exit strategy."

Kerry: A National Security Failure in Korea

oooops Kerry catches Bush in Ohio 46-46

Looking for site to print K/E stickers

I saw a Bush/Cheney sign at the foot of a cross yesterday.

IF the Bush documents are forgeries, then the question remains.

Electoral College Predictor: Kerry 273, Bush 233

NBC quoting Hodges as denying his first story, saying memoes are fake

Buggs Bunny linked to Al Qaeda by administration

The truth about Neocons comes out on CNN!!!

Is the National Media Blaster available yet?

Kerry/Edwards working too hard?? They cannot respond to ALL

C-SPAN2 NOW - Book tv panel on the 2000 election. Host - Danny Schechter.

"Unlike Kerry, Bush Never Made His Military Service the Centerpiece

A message for Christians who claim Bush is one

Going to see John Edwards tomorrow...

Will 60 minutes update their AWOL story tonight?

The administration is sleeping

Our voter registration and GOTV efforts are huge but...

Kitty Kelley's book stands at #2 at Amazon

This Election isn't for "Idealists." We must get our butts out and fight

-- Sy Hersh on NBC Dateline 7 p.m. tonite (Sunday) ----

Pubs are the HARD HEADED PARTY...They just don't listen

A GOP congressman is going to get outed on Monday. My Raw Story

It's hard to keep your eye on the ball with your head up your ass

How about a "Million American March against The Corporate Media"?

Is this true - RNC missed filing deadline for Bush in Florida by one day?


Albright on Meet the Press.

Are only 10 states still "competitive states" (as suggested by Wash Post)

Have you seen this?

Interesting article on Kerry and "Energy Independence".

THE NEXT TEST: Can Dems make Kitty Kelly charges hurt George Bush??

60 killed and 100 wounded in Baghdad today.....

I can't answer the questions people ask about John Kerry.

A Puke with a * sticker almost crashed into me today. Seemed deliberate.

Bay Staters: Tell us a little about Kerry v. Weld '96.

Kerry says Powell admitted no 9-11/Iraq Link

WTF is on Bush's face now?! (pic)

More info on Kerry's Toledo visit...

War Against The Fundies

David Corn 8/24/04: Bush claims "I was in the Air Force for over 600 days"

Time to sue.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: George W. Bush lies about Air Force Service

Sensational Works! Cheney's SLAM is still getting coverage: Kerry Weak

Kerry/Edwards Takes Offensive - Video Online

CNN called anti-Kerry rally 'massive' looked like 200 people

Why don't we ever hear about the Religious Left?

Democrats should have a strategy for Iraq...

Why is Kerry Being Held Accountable for the Bush Caused Iraq Disaster?

My swing voting sister

Sy Hersh is a tool

Was campaigning, found THE JK FACT that made people say: "I'm for Kerry"!

So I've taken to wearing a 44 year old Kennedy button...

Texans for Truth member calls Newsweek/Isikoff a liar

HOLY COW! Reagan employee tells all about Bush. Bad news for repukes.

Should Kerry make a trip to Iraq?

latest MoveOn ad here:

Kerry's PLAN for Iraq and terrorism

Are YOU registering NEW voters?

The problem with Dem party and Dem candidates

Doonesbury explains Ridge's Color Code (Be sure to rate it!)

Lying in an Oregon Voter Pamphlet is a FELONY

Bush has own history of changing positions

What's a New Yorker to do?

New Bush book causes row with Powell

Over a hundred volunteers showed up in Raleigh, NC to man phone banks

Why I Am Sure We Are Winning

MM: CNN's Blitzer continued to rely on irrelevant honorable discharge

Kerry says: "This President Rushed Us Into War" but is he saying

US News and World Report - The Service Question

Bush v Kerry....Comparative timelines...from birth

Kerry gets 274 ..without Ohio, Colorado. Missouri or Florida

Project Fortunate Son


Bob Woodward is on MTP today asking (demanding) an extended interview

CBS Bush documents NOT fake!

OK now I'm pissed: Tweety: "Could the Dems have won with the right

Iraq is the issue W is weakest on

Schwarzenagger history of campaigning for far-right politicians?

***Summary of the Newly Released Killian Memos and CBS Source***

Powerful AWOL Bush poster/flyer here - this is perfect

Rally for Virginia kicked ass, my report

KERRY: Ask the COWARDS Bush & Cheney why they FLED DC after 7/01 warnings

Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car

bush is a flop