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Archives: September 2, 2004

Bush's 2000 War Promises

Dupe Sorry

Republicans-The Party of Inclusion?

Blumenthal: Dubya doesn't do nuance, Arnie does - but even he lets his sl

Alan Keyes calls Cheney's Daughter a "Selfish Hedonist"

Dupe - Please Lock

The widow of a Bush family confidant;Alabama Senate campaign job

Dennis Hastert on Dope

The world election

A Bush Regime vs. The People of New York Reader

ADVANCE SCREENING: Bush Family Fortunes

I was just at the march on corporate media in NYC -- ask me anything...

Sam from The Majority Report (Air America) detained by SS

Tweety is schizophrenic

NYT-Citing Politics, Studio Cancels Documentary

Who did CNN interview immediately after Cheney's speech? nt

Stephen Baldwin is coming up on Larry King.

I got a rather cryptic reply from Aaron Brown. Reply above my email

Humans March To A Faster Genetic 'Drummer' Than Primates, UC Riverside Res

Man shot in head "for a laugh". Hilarity did not ensue.

Zell Miller says he wishes he could challenge Chris Matthews to a duel.

Is it really necessary

About poll votes kicking to the top...

Have you guys seen this yet? I think you'll get a kick out of it

CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the

Who will the Tribune endorse for Senate?

Here comes Hurricane Freedoms, are you ready Florida?

is this true (Florida's "southern" status)?

Al Franken talked about Norm Coleman and flip-flopping today.

How to survive bush's acceptance speech- MN

Campaign Activities in Adams or York Counties?

Went to the DFA meetup tonight -- my first time in Texas.

Bush Family Fortunes: 9/12/04 in Dallas.

You just might be from the Pacific Northwest if --

I hope Kobe Bryant gets a serious injury and can never play again

Can any New Yorker DUer find out who built the podium???

Laura Bush is on Biography, A&E now....

FOX NEWS Beats Broadcast Networks for RNC Coverage, HISTORIC...

please stop spreading this - Arnold did not "lie" about the debate

Here's my new Dem strategy

Video of protester from Code Pink screaming at cheney "Stop the killing in

More "corporate kleptocracy"

URGENT! Thousand Points of Hope Anti Bush Statement Thursday Night!

When 60 minutes breaks the Ben Barnes story

Why Is Al Hunt Married To Judy Woodruff?

Umm... What would everybody think if Shrum and Cahill were REPLACED...

we need to stop waiting for the 1,000 soilder to die.. they already have

What's with this purple heart band-aid thing?

Encouraging your comments on a LTTE in progress.

Statement from the National President of VietNam Vets

Is there anything to prove which has the highest I.Q?

Bush is missing a brain

My LTTE - Washington Post

Bush photographed wearing Phoney medals?

So is Colmes just taking a nap tonight

Sam Seder taken into custody by the SS

dupe George W. Bush's missing year

I work in a small office of 12 people. 1 dem,1 independent and 10 repugs.

Newt is one ignorant bastard....

How you steal California

Ladies and Gentlemen heeeere's DINO!!!!

What will be tomorrow's biggest headline?

I want New York Prostitutes to name names.

Is this finally the end of the Dixiecrats?


Nader Fails to Qualify for Oregon Ballot

my response to the 'they don't fund the military' junk..

Laura Bush took to the podium urging compassion, and it worked...

Naples Florida: I've seen 3 Kerry bumperstickers and NO Bush stickers.

Can't Zell Miller be kicked out!?

Report: Government Keeping More Secrets

!#@$@@!!! Where are RNC protest pictures from Sunday?

They need to put Dick on earlier

Protesters: NYPD Making Random Arrests

Dick Cheney said "cuh-FAY."


Thanks , Dick for acknowledging Kerry's service.

2 Nights Down-2 To Go- Watching The Red Sox-No RNC

geez, they can't even chant USA correctly...

What is with the RNC and Motown...

All these storms and hurricanes = stock market crash?

Guess how I just spent the last hour of the RNC?

Oops...wrong forum

Overheard on the floor of the RNC

What I would say if I were John Kerry.

Is Bush using a L.B.J. Tactic on Miller is he strongarmying Zell Miller

Zell is embarrassing himself on CNN.

CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the

Is there a thread regarding Kerry in Cambodia

Let's defend this country with spitballs!! Just a MET A FER!!!!

Name your favorite Bush flip flop

While the Klan rally was taking place in NYC, US killed 17 in Fallujah

GOP convention is WEAK.

Zell is a loon. Says he wants to get in Chris's face. Wants to "duel"

Kansas says stricter sentence for homosexuals is justified

Goodbye Zell. Good riddance and DON'T COME BACK.

Is it all about image?

Sharpton on McEnroe, now......

Do these people

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid.

Swiftboat Vet receive $40M grant from Bush!

Has anyone heard how * coming

All the world's leaders crowd the stage -- The Iraq War in the theatre

Swift boat liars full of s*it

What the DNC should do about the "purple heart" band-aids

For once I agree with Bill Schneider of CNN

Patience little ones

Jello Biafra is the man! He is telling it like it is!

remember wellstone's funeral? this is REALLY a hatefest

Cheney bashing the political hell out of Kerry

Who knew? Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin are GOP moderates!

Tomorrow, the DEM party needs to formally kick zell baby out

Luntz's focus groups are probably bullshit.

Zell Miller: The Face of the Republican Party

Real Time Replay ... "asking the french for help"

Someone call Guinness

America needs to see this

Zell Miller : Democrat, Republican, or Fascist?

Mike Malloy Thread...

Pen Mightier than the Sword...Pick a fight with the press.see what happens

Gideon Yago...MTV on Larry King

FBI Spy Probe expands to the NSA

Was the repub convention rally that big a hate fest tonight?

Zell has alzheimer's disease

Bad, very bad. After Cheney's speech Independents in focus

Now I'm glad the Bills lost all those Superbowls

Who was interviewed on CNN after Cheney's speech? nt

Larry King

W. Clark on FOx

who's good with film and audio?....(Zell footage touch up)

Does the Democratic party have an Attack Dog the likes of Rove?


Malloy is predicting severe damage to Bush after tonight....

Is Frank Luntz really that stupid

Why was Al Sharpton demonized by the media

Let's be very clear: Bush was a DRAFT-DODGER

A & E has been running a Laura Bush "fairytale" all night long

God Hep Me...I Hate These People

It's slipping away from them!

I might run for office next term (US House or Senate)

I might run for office next term (US House or Senate)

OFFICIAL Mike Malloy thread HERE...

Just before Dennis Miller trys to crack a joke,

Ann Gerhart of WP thinks the Bushes "firmly protected" twins' privacy?!

Jon Stewart on Nightline in a moment - nt

Micheal Moore was just on Letterman...

Zell Miller ---- Freddy Kruger ?

Protestors in Queens scare Bush away from PhotoOp at firehouse.

Worst party convention I've ever seen

Anyone watching Bono on Bill O'Reilly?

Becoming the DNC Chairman

Has anyone heard how * is appearing

Columbus swift boat vet angry about letter

Any other captions for this picture of Unka Dick?

I have not heard any speeches on the economy, health care, or education

Maybe Someone Can Do a Search on Repuke Convention Speakers

BBV: Slashdot & Inquirer Pick Up Diebold Backdoor Story...

Steven Baldwin

'Passion' Sells 4.1M Copies in One Day

A Bush Regime vs. The People of New York Reader

Self-absorbed bill o'reilly pic @ convention - caption at will

ABC Affiliate WCVB Carried Reagan's Speech LIVE.

Video of Paul Krugman speaking on Monday night in NYC.

Were there conspiracy theories about John Lennon's death?

Help!!! Can you share addresses for TROOP CARE PACKAGES?

I just saw the new ACLU commercial

Veterans: PEACETIME - WARTIME (Whatever) - Would YOU Toss Your Medals?

McCain shows Letterman what he would like to do to Jacque Chirac

Jon Stewart

Every single cable station AND local station AND radio station

Dems have no choice: Miller has to be expelled from party

Did anyone see David Letterman tonight?

compare the keynote addresses - Miller vs. Obama

If I hear Democrat used as an adjective one more time, I will scream.

Mass graves...come on McCain thats not why we are in Iraq

Why wasn't Mary Cheney on stage?

a second shrub term would be The Haidmaid's Tale

Democratic Underground included on Progressive Desktop Wallpaper

The governments primary role is:

Mike Ruppert tells Commonwealth Club Cheney "prime suspect"

Media matters either needs to expand or have a sister site for local media

Al Franken talks about Bush flip-flop on winning War on Terror

"Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" GRAPHIC

If you are Irish, It's time to GET REAL PISSED!!!! ROVE ($%^%#)

EPA: U.S. Waterways Contain Polluted Fish

Brilliant Piece on the Daily Show Now

Disturbing new data from the latest Frances advisory (11:00pm EST)....

Would A War With Iran Require A Draft?

Will the young republican who stomped on the protestor....

What would be the reason for invading Iran?

Writing "Bush Lied" on my money. Good? Bad?

Rape Victims--speak out. No Flames. No Hate. No Offense

6 mil overseas votes can fax absentee ballots--23 states

Judge: Nader stays on Nevada ballot

Blair's list of priorities ignores war in Iraq

dupe sorry

Oops! Mass. (GOP)delegates forgot to feed homeless (compassionate?)

Wis. congressman: Kerry never flipped in supporting higher taxes (Ryan-R)

Mayor: Be nice to the delegates

US Navy wants more cooperation with allies, says US admiral

Nader Wins Washington State Ballot Spot

CEBU airline opts for Airbus, not Boeing

Fox News tries to overcome 'pro- Republican' reputation (USA Today)

The Dancers Are Ready. Where Are G.O.P. Laps?

One Dead As Nepal Mob Targets Egyptian Embassy After Iraq Killings

Joint Venture Wins Enron Pipeline Auction

New home starts a spiral to despondency

Bush Gets Endorsement of NYC Firefighters ( I thought they hated him...

Daschle defends footage of Bush hug in campaign ad

Abu ghraib prison: There was no indication that she was there for any mili

Iraqi Judge to Decide Whether to Allow Counterfeiting Case Against Chalabi

AG: Loansharks Gouging Military Families

Iraqi National Council Elects A Leader (Kurdish)

ANALYSIS: Hard right left on sidelines of GOP convention

U.S. Spy Probe Focuses on Two Lobbyists -Guardian

ND Republicans must rush to get Bush on ballot (Kerry too...1 day left!!!)

Pakistan Found to Aid Iran Nuclear Efforts

AP NewsBreak: Kerry Will Begin $50 Million Post-Labor Day Advertising Blit

Britain probes ministry boasting `miracle babies'

Halliburton Submits FG Officials' Names to French Judge

Judge drops charge against Bryant

Is Iran trying to build a nuclear bomb?

Cheney Leads Sharp Republican Assault on Kerry

Bush Prays, and Is Prayed for, Say Republicans (faux)

Pentagon Office in Spying Case Was Focus of Iran Debate

dupe sorry

India to Promote GMO Crops

CAI EXPOSED! Hires PR firm to bombard Governor over Anti- Foreclosure Bill

WP: Topic of Terror Overshadowing All Others

NYT: Police Tactics Mute Protesters and Message

New Vets Come Forward – Shows SBVT Criminal Fraud

WP: Spy Probe Expands/Linked to NSC Probe

Police Tactics Mute Protesters and Message

Bush Envoy Defends U.N. Against Schwarzenegger

Miller raps Democrats calls Kerry wobbly(& TEXT / AP MENTIONS CHENEY CUTS)

Backlash builds against Keyes' remarks (From Non-Gay Republicans Now)

Fox News tries to overcome 'pro- Republican' reputation

President's nephew says he won't seek political office just yet

New York Attorney General Says Loansharks Are Gouging Military Families

Boeing wants Airbus loans cut

Dangerous terrorist lost in America

"Kooky" Greens may have last laugh in Australian election

Secretary of State Colin Powell Says U.S. Wants U.N. Sanctions Against Ira

So Your City Is Full Of Republicans! A Fafblog Guide

Overheard today during lunch at a restaurant

Protest photos mega-thread running again in GD

Hilarious! The Neighbor From Hell...Documented.

Caption the foul odor...

#1 Cardiologist in the country says 4 orgasm a week!


BTW Happy Labor Day!

AAR Sam Seder picked up by the SS...just reported on the air

Laura Bush was a Democrat?

BTW Happy Halloween!

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson Live in Concert

My grandson is Gothic_Sponge.

Bill Clinton is my Daddy!

Gothic_Sponge is my whoisalhedges

My grandfather is Bill Clinton.

My Clenis is spongeworthy

Bill Clinton is my Mother.

Does anyone else do this?????????

My grandmother is whoisalhedges

Nooneenooneenoo... Hey! No! Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!!!

Who is Tera?

Tinfoil hat. What does it mean?

A guy walks into a bar...

My grandfather is Beltz

Mr Scorpio is in the Hizzouse!!!

Condom firm covers long and short of it

I haven't watched any of the what have I missed?

Scott Tenorman Must Die!

Can it be true? Methinks we've sold our house!!

Are there any "girlie men" on DU??!!!!

Remember that one time, when Zell ate my ass?

Oh, sweet Jesus.

dolo_amber... if you were in a German Scheize video,

Watching Weather Underground documentary film

They're coming to take me away

Take a break....*ush coming to

What's the best writeable DVD format...If I want to make a copy of

Anyone else watching mens tennis. Federer is getting worked by a scrub.

For the last two days, I feel like I have water in my ear

Yet, another Team Canada gloating thread!!!!! 5-1 over Slovakia!

OK, I'm trying REALLY hard to not watch the Republican Convention...

Terrorist Suspect Arrested at Kennedy Airport...

Two more 1950s R&B singers have just died.

Our neocon, RW shill archbishop is coming to visit...(advice, please!)

Here's a picture of a mean, ugly, stupid SOB

new Savage Weiner advertiser University of Nebraska Medical Center

BREAKING: Lewis Black paralyzed

RNC deligates act just like 4 year olds

I suspect Zell Miller's hair to be not entirely his own.

LOL - Peter Frampton labeled "comedy show" on Seattle P-I site

I'll say it again, I love Jon Stewart!

Bush must be exposed!

What's the telephone # to call into Mike's show?

Minnie Riperton appreciation thread

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.

I'm buying THE PUNISHER on Tuesday without having seen it before.

new Savage Weiner advertisers Huber Chevrolet

RNC Drinking Game

Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away

It's Daily Show time!

My grandson is Bill Clinton.

I've started smokeing a pipe.

I participated in a Kerry visibility today.

new Savage Weiner advertisers ServiceOne

Caption this: Miller/Busch

Beligerent ghouls run Manchester schools

Who would win a duel between Zell and Chris Mathews?

We must pray for the people of Florida!

So I was watching the Food Channel

How much would you sell a 2 year old PDA for? ...

Did you ever just feel amazingly overwhelmed?

The "Movie Clip" the Daily Show just showed!

Please critique my response to a Freeper chain letter.

Any psychologists in the house? Need help determining if I'm insane!

Dating sucks, and not in a good way...

'Apocalypse Now'...NOW! On IFC

Likely postponement of Miami/FSU game due to Frances

Kobe Bryant Late Night Adult Theater

People: HELP ZELL MILLER!!! Contribute to his Campaign. He needs...

O'Reilly Checking HIMSELF Out In The Mirror!!!


There there Zell *photoshop*

Someone is stealing Kerry signs in Medford, Oregon

Is this the future flag of the Republican Party???

Rush fans Check in.

Wow... I hate my city.

What song was most likely to get you beaten up for listening...

USA Uber Alles!

Music at the RNC

Braaaaains! BRAAAAAAINS!

Coolest Autographs You Own?

I have come to this conclusion

Well, I'm officially under a Hurricane Watch.

Minimum Wage

New Government issue postage stamp - yay or nay?

I'm not watching - Am I missing anything?

OMG! John Kerry and the Electras?!?!? U have got 2 C THIS!

Whee! New Eminem album coming November 16th


Hot dog seller's buns get her into trouble!

How loyal are you to John Kerry?

Best Teenage Fanclub album?

Man, what the hell?? "Willow" to be Marvin in new Hitchhiker's movie...

With Zell Miller being Yosemite Sam,what cartoons are the others like?

Fill in the blank: "If I never see __________ again, it will be too soon"

Official Zell Miller Crazy Soundtrack Thread (Song with "Crazy" in it)

Mr. Macchio, if you're nasty!

Just so you people know...

DU'ers help me plan my trip to Toronto this weekend!!

Zell Miller...

Letter from Military family. Be prepared to be angry.

Rare items you possess

Our Crewleader needs your best vibes, thoughts, energy rays...

Please, some objectivity about Zell

Kerry campaign knucklehead of the day.

Arrrnold... did he say "race" or "debate" last night?

Here it comes - Kerry starting to bring it on

I Became A Kerry Fan Today. His Speech Kicked Ass & Was Well Timed

Andrew Card is a Moron.....CNN

Triumph, the Insult Comic dog really needs to poop on these repugs

OMG they are showing Clinton's speech on MSNBC

Joe Trippi Says Kerry Campaign Asleep Again

My LTTE - Washington Post

FOX NEWS Beats Broadcast Networks for RNC Coverage, HISTORIC...

Watching Karl Rove on PBS?

Tonite's Theme - Failed Domestic Policies

Jenna, your mother let you go out like THAT?

WTF...when did the NYFD endorse shrub??????????

Paging Walt Starr -- Tune into Air America

Geez! Even Fox Sports is a propaganda piece for the Bush campaign!

Michigan Repug Delegation led by crook, Candice Miller

Kerry Came Into A Red State And Busted Bush InThe Chops

AP NewsBreak: Kerry Will Begin $50 Million Post-Labor Day Advertising Blit

Internet Slackers for Bush

Could Somebody Explain The Fallacy In My Thinking ??? (Be Nice Now, LOL)

Not to be morbid, but when is the RNC going to stop discussing the dead?

if FDR were running.....'He's not really a cripple!'

Nader - So What?

I'm not calling him W again. I'm calling him U. Here's why.

At 7:59 pm EDT I switched to MSNBC. There was an ACLU ad running.

How many republican people of color (any color) currently serve in the

"Virginia now true battleground"


RUMOR: I heard that shrub's secret weapon is

Michael Ray-gun on, invoking Ronnie and God

Is DICK Cheney the "GRANDFATHER Of the United States"???

Local SC, but with national implications: Race.

Sam Seder detained on the RNC floor?

Of 267,000 professional fire fighters and emergency medical personnel, UFA

Cheney was a union member in the '60s.

Reagan Tribute - Pardon me while I take a huge puke

**Official Zell Miller Speech Thread**

Whoever's idea it was

I just trashed my Sara Evans CD

Keyes on Larry King just know explaining that Cheney's daughter

SBV liars AND forgers? Man found his name on anti-Kerry letter

Newt: Kerry went to Paris and Negotiated with the Vietnamese

Bush or Kerry: Who would you rather have a FIGHT with?

Bush visiting working Democrat area of Scranton tomorrow....

This lying Repug Bizzaro Mass Lt Gov Healy needs a cornholing

How many people watched the Democratic Convention?

Rumour: Kerry's secret weapon is that Bush is a fake and a fraud

gov MItt Romney thinks he is funny

It's "Black-music" night at the GOP convention

No opposition to the RNC message??

Umm... What would everybody think if Shrum and Cahill were REPLACED...

My e-mail to CNN re: "Bush's Missing Year, etc..."

SBVFT are sitting lonely by the phone crying their little eyes out

Steubenville, OH, Kerry Rally Details

So do you think Kerry called Vanessa and Alex today

um where was the outrage about trying to bring down the big dog


Time to get MAD, Time to Fight back, Time to GOTV!!!

for such conservative Christians...gasp...they are sure playing devil

The FACE of Republicanism: Zell Miller

Ladies and Gentlemen heeeere's DINO!!!!

LOL...Rove and Norquist a romantic item

Up next...Mary Cheney!

They want bashing? Time for another Al Gore barn burner! Now!

What If KERRY Gets a Bump Out Of the REPUBLICAN National Convention?

FUK Those GOP Bastards!!!! I hope it's a Pat Buchanan moment.

Warning, Dr Evil Dick on stage

The Crooked Dick Is Up!

Zell Miller publicly lauded John Kerry as recently as a few years ago

MURDERER in Chief: "Halliburton" Dick Cheney

I haven't been listening to the convention..

Where was George W. Bush's "spine of tempered steel"

South Park rocks!!

Did Daschle really issue this Statement about Zell Miller?

I'm glad our convention wasn't filled with * bashing


Is this finally the end of the Dixiecrats?

Hey Zell, Blow me.

What was the media response to ZIG ZAG's speech

Anybody seeing the "Let Freedom Reign" signs???

French TV RNC coverage focuses on protests

Cheney will sound like Ghandi after Zell

DULawyers! Bush's Missing Year: If this was a court of law...

Zell Miller just puked freeper ideology all over the United States

CNN better give Zell the same treatment....

You know what I've just realized?

Will media hos be as upset by Zell as they were about Sharpton?

VP Crashcart at bat

Old curmudgeon man night at the RNC sure scares them turrists!

that "4 more years" chant was to cover up a protestor who was removed

Thanks Zell!

Interesting pic of ol' Judas here...

What a difference, Ron Reagan vs Crazy Zelly Chit....

Who's that being rushed out?

Two words on Crashcart's delivery: Boar Ring!!

Zell Miller - Goebbels

Major site update - criticism/help is appreciated

Cheney: We didn't start this war.

Shot of Poppy Bush ...

Republicans-The Party of Inclusion?

its ironic that the most 'enthusiastic' speaker at the RNC was 'dem'.

ICR poll has Kerry up by 7%

"Once again, we are in a war we did not start..."

Dean will rally with our own Jeff Seemann and others Sept. 5 in Columbus

Loose nukes is our worst problem ... according to Cheney ..

Cheney is really just a nice guy

Ben Barnes' story will get more media coverage

Anyone else agree that the DNC just LOOKED better than the RNC



Lybia was Gonna Nuke America? Does America believe this Crap?

The FACTS on how Cheney cut defense

LOL He said president brush!!

If the GOP had a Zell Miller..

Damn, Bob Kerrey, bareknuckled, to SBVT: Fuck them and you can quote me

Buchanan in 1992 equals Zell Miller in 2004

SHAMELESS: "He speaks often of his service in Viet Nam..."

Liberals hate America? Let's compare keynote speeches?

I'd love to see how tonight's speeches play among undecideds...

McCain with Brokaw DEFENDING KERRY!

Kerry's campaign needs to take advantage of Zell's speech!

We have met the enemy...and he is us.

I Can Feel It In The Air! Kerry is about to teach the Repugs

Is It Me... Or Does The Wide Shot Of Him Look Like He's...

Did they cut/paste Cheney's speach from the same talking points

Dick still using "sensitive war"

Call the DNC and request an official removal of Zell by tomorrow. I did.

Cheney overexerts himself cracking smile, dies on podium

Did ya ever hear this about Lynn Cheney?

Cheney just endorsed KERRY!!!

Zell "the Shill" Miller is on the RNC right now and I am laughing

They have Zell Miller, we have Ron Reagan

Compare the current Republican "hate fest"

Which fired you up more...DNC or RNC?

Why do they keep showing those old guys from the Muppet show?

GOP Extreme Right Stirs Kettle From Off Camera

Not a SINGLE Similing Face....

Kerry needs to hold a news conference TONIGHT!!!

Please stop saying Zell Miller is Judas.

Don't self-destruct Dems!

Will the media now start writing stories decrying Kerry Bashing?

Be careful what you ask for, W . . . Here it comes . . .

I am so proud

Is The Gay Daughter Up There ???

You gotta hear my video game story (freeper "debate")

Its Official: They're going to scare the hell out of Americans

Does this audience have cue cards, stand, clap, laugh, Boo ? They look

Please E-Mail the Media now and demand equal time now for Dems.

Is is me or are these speeches getting shorter?

Cheney seemed vaguely familiar to me.. Then I remembered "It's a Wonderful

I've come to respect Bush?

CNN tearing apart Zell

Trippi: This is your wake up call

I don't think terrorism is all that big a deal.

Mary Cheney - Invisible - Erased From the Family

Repetition for the masses....

Where are the Dems that were monitoring the Pub convention?

Dick is really phoning it in tonite, ain't he?

OK, this is the problem.

Mozilla sez 9:57 at the top of the page, 9:53 at the bottom

I could be in denial or mistaken...

Just saw a clip of the protest during the GOP Youth segment! OMFG!

Ha! Even their country bands are wash-ups!

dupe - please delete

Cheney reminds me of an unethical mortician

Don't do Cable tonight, It's a Cheney/Zell lovefester

Yea! Cheney accepts

Good ol' Zig-Zag Zell.

Could Cheney's Speech Be More BORING?

What is the percentage of minorities in dems?

Brokaw just said that he spoke with McCain re: Zell Miller's speech

Lord, Muriel, are they shouting "K-K-K"?

CNN grilling Zell pretty good


Daily Show ... TWUE LIES

Can someone tell me what Zell said? I was out of pocket during his speech

Darth Zell is a fraud, and an idiot, he still has Kerry praises on website

Rename Old Cheney Road,Young And Vigorous Cheney Road?

Well, Joe Scumbag nailed it right on the head

Sorry, is this the Republican Presidential Convention or the Kerry Roast?

Jewish Groups Irked byCross on Republican Podium

Dan Rather's first (2nd ?) comment quotes protester!

*All* the Repuke Speeches Tonight Have Been LAME!!!!

Has anyone even heard what their plan is? I can't listen and throw up too

It's a Klan rally

Kerry met with North Vietnamese to find out about POWs

Thank God that Whopper Zell chit did not speak...

Someone asked for it, so here's the link....Zell's Transcript

EVERy speech is lying and booing Kerry they are shouting flip flop

Scarborough Nails It - "It's all about Kerry"

What is the Debate Schedule?

James Carville sent me a photo of bushie and uncle dick - yuck!

President Bush is not a "Flip/Flopper". Just a Flop.

Good Lord, Cheney is a lousy, boring speaker. Mr. anti-charisma

Tad Devine kicked a little ass

Get Al Gore and Howard Dean out there now!!!

Zell Miller is...

Daily Show - "Can't separate Osama Bin Ladin from the war on terror" ...

Aaron Brown & Crew Skewering Zell Miller's Negativity!

Daily Show: Rob Corddry under arrest!!

"George W. Bush... Words speak louder than actions."

Wolfe beating up on Zell

PBS Mark Shields ripping on the RNC all night

My take on the RNC convention: No " flip." Just "flop"

So I guess the joke's on me, but....

Zell is a joke. Threatened Chris from afar. HAHAAHAHAHAHHAH

Zell "diapers" Miller

Make Labor Day YOUR day to Register Voters and Hand Out Campaign...

GOP convention is WEAK.

That's all they got, folks! We will kick their ASS!

Bush's lead may not last

Jimi Hendrix just rolled over in his grave...

What will Tweety say ?

Unbelievable - they're doing the flip-flop chant!

Zell Miller is in total fucking meltdown

Who was it a couple of days ago who warned us that Zell...

Jon Stewart is going to ROAST Zell Miller tomorrow night-the jokes

Kerry will do whatever it takes to get votes ...

Has Zell appeared on Faux yet?

Is the media bashing Cheney too? With all the bashing of Zell tonight,

Zell: "WHAT!!!?!!"

Cheney's decline in polls makes him tempting target

Jobless Figures Could Emphasize Bush's Big Weakness

Anybody counting how many times they say

Andrea Mithchell now trashing Zell

CNN is cutting zell up live

We've Found Cheney's Undisclosed Location At The Convention !!!

Let's get a transcript of Zell's speech.

Zell's mystery piece of paper.

When Bush I was running for reelection in 92 and they had the infamous

Fred Ebert's ripping the RNC a new one

Lovely parting gifts for Zell Miller!

Kerry Campaign: George W. Bush - He Just Doesn't Get it

Report from "Middle America"

dupe and better than mine, lol

So, from what I'm hearing, Zell's speech was better

Luntz is a ass wad

Chris and zigzag was better than 3 days of RNC

Tweetys grilling the Zell now!!!!

You just KNOW Georgie will be sweet as pie towards Kerry tomorrow...

Kerry: Old Ideas, Bad Ideas and Failed Ideas Expected in Bush Speech

Tonight Zell Helped John Kerry

Maybe Zell's a double agent?

A request for someone who's good at Photoshopping

Brooks and Dunn CDs make great doorstops

CNN: Joe Conason on with Aaron Brown

I can't believe how great the RNC has been

Zigzag is a rabid dog, looking like Pubs bit off more than they chewed

Zell is f*cking crazy! Seriously, look at his interviews!

Malloy is tearing Zig Zag Zell a new one!

Dear Senator Miller (submitted at his website)

CNN's Toobin On Zell -- "That is the single most negative speech.."

THURS: Kerry, Edwards Sprint Out of the Gates with Midnight Rally in Ohio

Does anybody know of something shifty going on in California? I'v heard

Rate the convention

Anyone still want to complain about Zell Miller?

Run a Zell Commercial and IT'S ALL OVER!

Is Oama the real winner of this election?

Welcome to the Zell Melt down master thread list...

Cheney: "America has a president we can count on to get it right."

That's all they got folks! We are gonna kick their ASS!

Who are they going to be talking about tomorrow... Cheney or Zell

They hate Kerry for his adulthood

For Kerry doubters

CSPAN Open Phones ALERT!!!

Tweety's gonna have a Frank Lunt focus group on...

Post the link to the transcript of Zell Miller's speech here if you see it

so luntz shows cheney lying and then gauges how people

Cheney did NOTHING BUT TRash Kerry the entire speech

Thank GOD Zell Miller is on THEIR side!!! eom

Bush's lead may not last

Greater flop hath no flip - Zell's web site boosts Kerry big-time

Bush & Kerry are cousins?

Called the Demo. headquarters here in Kansas City today

When does O'reilly come on again? I want to see Bono bitch-slap him.

The last of the Dixiecrats offered up his rebel yell tonight

Gotta love that Cheney didn't have his gay daughter

For those w/o cable: Letterman's Biff Henderson coming up at the RNC

Joe Conason on CNN now

Is anyone else looking forward to Junior's appearance tomorrow night?

Kerry's PUBLIC Testimony-Returning MIA's From Viet Cong & "Negotiating"

Wild Eyed Zell.... Think just discovered its newest ad star?

David Gergen just gave Zell an "FFFFFF"

Wild Eyed Zell! He's CRAAAAAAAAAZY

The Repukes have proven Big Dog right

Bush's 2000 War Promises

Zell is buying himself a trip to the LOONY BIN

Did Mary Cheney come out tonight?

Veterans Campaign In Support Of Kerry

AP: Cheney, Miller Unleash Rage Against Kerry (Actual Headline)

Zell discussion on MSNBC now

I hereby nominate Zell Miller as official ambassador to the bush-cheney

Bush at the RNC- How long will the motor on the car be running?

CNN Terror trial no good, as they say they are fighting terrorist. Liars

The Most Negative Convention In History

Zell Miller is a True Democrat, and gave us the final gift.

Remember Bush Saying Cheney Could Be President?

Forget the middle, increase the rightwingnut turnout instead.

I need to take a long shower

Hastert must be smoking crack

Will someone just toss a cream pie at Susan Molinari


Hate filled, venom spewing convention will be a liability to the

Freepers ruminate over the subtle, layered stylings of Senator Zell Miller

Another protester on the floor!!!!

They're melting down before our eyes. Kerry is going to KICK AWOL'S ASS

Anybody watching Letterman?

Fox speech scores a 1,2,3 and 0 they say it was a wash.

AP headline "Cheney, Miller Unleash Rage Against Kerry"...ooooh, scary.

Gropenator says economic "girlie men" while 1.3 million more Americans

Stephen Baldwin Part Deux

Get your official Zell at the GOP picture here

Can't take it anymore.. fat Frank Luntz and his flock of seagulls hairdo

Crazyyyy...Over the Rainboww...Zell In Crazyyyyy

NYC indymedia: Protestors prevent bush from visiting Queens firehouse!!!!

Stephen Baldwin, born again christian, soft core porn star

Poll: Cheney make case for 2nd term?

Everything they say is not only a lie...

CNN/Gallup: out liars.

The Republican convention: Wall Street fetes its political stooges

RNC delgates are the same as the ones at Dan Quayles, morons

The Repukes ain't got no rhythm. Why?

Zell: I wish we lived in a time when we still had duels

Miller made me boilin mad, I will work harder than ever because of this Tr

Kerry To Fight Future Wars With Spitballs (See AP Follow Up)

If You HAve Never Listened To Lionel Tonight Is The Night.

New CNN poll just up - looks good already!

Zell Miller..........somebody call the Ghostbusters!

Attention Zell "Zeltdown" Miller: Your 15 minutes are up

Mary Cheney and *Unidentified Guest*

Has Bush* blamed 527's for Zell's speech yet?

Dennis Miller is an a**h*l*

Are they yelling "Four more beers?"

Is Zell persuasive to Independents and conservative Dems?

David Gergen trashing Zell on Larry King!

Now look what y'all have gone and done....

WARNING: has the scariest pictures you'll ever see!

Did Zell Miller hit a home run for Democrats?

This is the same extremist repub party that we ass kicked with Clinton.

Faux Network is talking about

What is the Bush Campaign running on?

C-Span caller on target / Ziller is a Yankee-Hating Dixiecrat

AP: Zell Miller, Then and Now

I feel better now, thanks for all the laughs!

Could * be the first to actually DECLINE in the polls after the convention

Zell was like Foghorn Leghorn with rabies

Truth Squad -- Please post info about Kerry's military votes here

General Clark: I disagree with Kerry

Statement from John Edwards on the Republican Convention

They shielded a protestor from the camera?

Will Bush be in attack mode or conciliatory in tomorrow's speech ?

Hugging Uncle Dick - The Republican Convention, Day Three

Listening to Dreier whore for BUSHCO, when will he be OUTED?

MSNBC focus group on Zell Miller's speach

Press Release: Crazy, Unstable, Nasty Republicans.

Is there a link for Tweety and Zell's little dust up?

I didn't see the Zell show. What happened?

I really miss the optimism and hope

caption this:

relax folks...a ham sandwich could beat the cretin...

1) I have never seen so many liars on television in three days in my life.

Anyone who doesn't think we need to go after Bush on 911, after this

Zell Miller Speech and Interviews = Howard Dean Scream?

Zell & Mathews video? Anybody?

What's Karl Rove thinking about Zell Miller now?

Is it personal NOW? Can we take off the GLOVES yet?

The (ongoing) fuzzy math of Theresa LePore

Zell the William Jennings Bryan of our age


With Zogby polls, Kerry 332 EV / 99.76% WinProb ; without, 288 / 77.40%

Scarborough pretends Kerry supporters "boo the troops"

Celebrities supporting candidates

Listening to Alan

Dick's On!

Swift Boat AD was on CNN as paid advertisement.

Media coverage

Oopsy daisy! "Compassionate" delegates blow off the homeless

Kerry campaign is obviously reading DU, and here's proof!

If you were unbiased and a "Don't know " would this convention scare you?

Where is Noelle Bush?

"No lesbians on stage, please."

Chris Matthews has Zell on NOW


Zell Miller vs Barack Obama; let the people decide

What did the networks show? ZELL or CHENEY? How was Darth Cheney?

Girgen on Larry king now. Said he thought the venom in Zell's

Text: Dick Cheney recommended the defense spending cuts

Cook Political Report: The Magic Formula: Two Out of Three?

Who was that guy in the Tad Devine costume?

We need a media person to put these stories together

The Dem's Keynote Speaker, the Future, Barack Obama

the RNC coverage has been lees than glowing..(IMO) I surf the channels

We all MUST write CNN and MSNBC about these Zell interviews!

Poll: Which was funnier tonight? The Daily Show or Zell imploding on MSN

Admitting a realllly bad thought here

MADMEN! The face of the it a full moon tonight???

Zell Miller Tried to challenge Chris Matthews to a FIGHT

STILL Think Kerry Staff Knew What the F* K They Were Doing in Boston?

Lewis Black sums up this convention for me...

zell was wild-eyed; lost his cool; is he senile?


CNN is really smoking tonight in their analysis

Rove on Lehrer NOW - how come he's come out of his closet?

George W. Bush's missing year (HOT-Must Read-Family Friend breaks silence)

New Vets Come Forward – Shows SBVT Criminal Fraud

Hail, Zell! He feigns abandonment of Dems, then trashes Rep convention!

This Has To Beat Out Pat "Band-Aid" Smear For My Favorite GOP Delegate

Text Miller's speech: We've got to pick it apart and express outrage

WHy did George Bush send our troops to war without protective armor?

Holy shit, CNN trashing Zell, and he's speechless (transcript)

Benedict Miller just trashed Carter

Kerry has pulled his ads from Louisiana, but

Suggest labels for Kerry,mine..."Tough Prosecutor,and Deficit Hawk "

What Kerry NEEDS to say

Here it is: George W. Bush's missing year (Salon hot of the press)

Kerry gets a Miami Cuban American endoresement

Protest tactics at RNC this week -- use if election is stolen?

A simple lie resonates more than an elaborate truth.

Bumper sticker shaped like bandaid with a purple heart in the middle ...

Colin Powell's Band Aid Purple Heart

Meme: GOP throws a convention, and all they talk about is Kerry

A Tale of Two Conventions

The Dems Fight Fire by Firing Back

George W. Bush's missing year

Jack Higgins/Chicago Sun-Times sinks to a new new low RE: Kerry

Cheney has taken Kerry completely off the hook! Thank you Dick!

Breaking MSNBC: Zell Miller practically invites Chris Matthews to a Duel

O'Neill Says SBVT Now Has $2.9 million in donations

Attention those 20 million young single women non-voters: FEMALE DRAFT '05

True non-Lies: Two thirds of Americans think the Vietnam war was a mistake

Suggestion: Hostile Protesters Causing Republicans to Lose their Shit?

We did it! Wolf acknowledges he whored for the GOP

Republicans, spinning the media into orbit - Alterman

Iraq War, Once Bush's Re-Election Trump Card, May Be Liability

Michael Moore:Don't send more kids to die

Oil, guns and money

Shales: For the GOP, Giving 'Em Zell

WP: Political Victory: From Here to Maternity

NYT OpEd: Mr. Bush and the Truth About Terror

The Evidence, Please -The U. S. shares intelligence freely with Israel

Does anyone dare see the gorilla...?

Guantanamo Farce (Guantanamo Bay displays few traits of American justice

Grand Old Prevarication: Richard Cohen

Despite Claims, Bush Wavers on Decisiveness

Zell Miller: Then and now (The 1992 speech vs last night's speech)

GOP plays bait and switch in N.Y.

"jammed with bald lies, straw men, and hateful rhetoric"--Sully

Outing Mr. Schrock

George W. Bush's missing year

Kurtz on Zell: Truth and Consequences

The New York Times editorial: Mr. Bush and the Truth About Terror

The 9/13/04 Torpedo that Sinks Bush-Cheney * Let the Election War Begin!

Imperial President Opposing Bush becomes unpatriotic.

Zell Miller Flip-Flops On John Kerry (

Chechnya Gripped by Stalinist Terror, or WhereDo Suicide Bombers Come From

They knew how to win. Does John Kerry?

Molly Ivins: Unmitigated gall (Kudos to the Daily Show)

Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old

Move along, journalist; there's no free liquor here -- Dave Barry

Report Scolds Terrorism Prosecutors U.S. to Drop Convictions Against Trio

Changing names of Iraq camps causing problems for air evacuation teams

Bush Mob Orders Up a Hit


GOP's fierce attacks contrast with Democrats' restraint

It's Hard To Be a Democrat (a serious must-read)

Swift Boat Veterans for the "Truth": The File (3 Sept.)

Could we post pictures and links to pictures here please?

I need several (7+) trustworthy DUers to help me with a project Sept. 2

Where the Great American Shout Out parties tonight?

Try the Zogby poll today

ABC News's jawdropping idiocy

Isn't it funny that...

Fox News Convention Coverage Day 3

Why no media discussion of Bush decision to prevent Mary Cheney hug

Kudos to ABC.

Queens local of 1000 endorses Bush - Media say NYC Firefighters - WHY?

Textile Firms to Seek Import Restrictions(to replace quotas on China impor

AP: August Retail Sales Hurt by Job Worries (WalMart Hits 3.5-yr Low)

Intel Announces Shortfall - Stock Crashes (VOMIT at Bush tonite on TV)

'Dark Side' of Home Bubble May Hit Florida Quickly--

2004 GOP Platform: Rhetoric vs. Record on Energy and Environment

Oil Price Spike Unlikely To Boost Renewable Energy Investment - Reuters

Oh,BTW - Snake River Dams Pose No Threat To Dwindling Salmon Runs - WP

What's the horsepower of Hurricane Frances?

BP: I gotta be fair.

Space signal studied for alien contact

Rwanda women ex-combatants want role in African peacekeeping forces

Far-right activist convicted of membership in terror group

Latest Missile Defense Update from CDI

I don't even know where Hiatus is. is it one of the caribean islands?

I am going on hiatus...

I am returning from hiatus...

Would you hand in your firearms?

Whats up with all the non-citizens advocating gun control here?

2nd Amendment rights

HELP PLEASE!! I am insulted by the way this poster is treating

I alerted on a post early this morning that was a personal attack on me

You Guys Might Be Interested in This

Moderators gone wild

Admins...I have a request to nominate this photo for the front page

Error message received when trying to open thread:

Is it against the rules

Meeting Room's locked threads

Why was this thread deleted?

Meeting Room - Thanks

Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old-Pro-Israel Group's Possible Role at Issue

Israel May Strike Syria Over Pair of Suicide Bombings

I know I'll get some grief on this , but........

OMG -- Reading Ruppert's speech to Commonwealth Club

Cheney is prime suspect behind 9-11 - Must Read Mike Ruppert Speech

9/11 conspiracy video - pentagon

Keyes puts sex organs on the table

New Pic about Florida Recount

Handing out flyers at Bart stations contra costa county tonight!

Chevron gave big to governor, played key role in reorganization plan

A Show of Weakness in Drug Import Debate

Kerry's Grand Rapids office vandalized

Edwards in Kalamazoo

Max Cleland to be in SE MI today!!!

Cleve. area:Democracy Now now on Thurs. on WRUW 91.1 FM 10-11am

Seems like my southern town is for Kerry.

Live from K/E rally at Heritage Center

Kerry/Edwards Rally Schedule for Ohio.....

Bush in Kirtland: GOP renting Farmpark, buses from Lakeland CC

Some Registration/Early Voting Dates

happy birthday to me! -

Republican candidates no match for Feingold

I just need to rant for a minute.

Terrorists Gain From Bush Blunders (yahoo)

Football vs. RNC? Which will I choose?

HELP...How do I upload a picture into my post??? eom

He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned, ...cartoon

Good for MSNBC (covering the anti-gay protest outside MSG)

Republicans trapped by Hurricane Frances

Tell me about this meeting Kerry went to with N Vietnam in Paris.

Bush/unit award story...debunked yet ?

Cheney is prime suspect behind 9-11 - Must Read Mike Ruppert Speech

Have political ads interposed with Cheney and Joe McCarthey

Will Kerry PLEASE blast *'s privatization of Social Security?

My thoughts on Zell

Oink, if you love Jesus

Alec Baldwin comments on Stephen Baldwin

Kerry Up 7% among registered voters, latest 8/29 national poll

Alan Keyes really needs to get laid.

Vote on this poll: Who is Bush most like - Churchill, or Pinocchio? Hehe.


9/11 conspiracy video - pentagon

What a fricking mess...Time for me to move....

Does anyone know where I can watch video of the Cheney speech?

How will DU react when the Pope dies?

I'd like to nominate this photo for DU's Front Page

GOP talking point "See how hateful Democrats are" ......Zell represents

Reminder: Texas Truth Convention Tonight!

Smidgen of good/positive news

Is anyone watching CSPAN....Showing Republican's against Bush!

Just heard RNC broadcast got a 0 share on CBS, only 2 share on NBC!

This is what I don't get...(a rant, just for you...Love, dolo)

Zell Miller, Rhetorical Goosestepper, American Fascist. And yes that was a

A triple X theatre by MSG

ahhhh ... the happy sounds of economic recovery

I know I'll get some grief on this , but........

Repug quote of the day!

We have Obama and they have ... Zell?! Bwa-ha-ha!

Bush "ownership society" criticized in letter to Miineapolis Star Tribune

Heads Up! Zell and Tweety coming on again in a moment on MSNBC

Irish Outrage

Earth Today Worldmeters . . .

I've got Zell Miller Pegged -

I think I understand now...Listening to 5th graders read 'The Pet

Bernie Ward on fire tonight - FU McCain!

GOOGLE: Zell Miller Defense Contractors

If you've never heard Bernie Ward on a rant, you've got a chance now

Will Bush try to bring back the Draft if elected to a Second Term?

Nepalese Assassination Video and Article

GOP Implodes: Moderates accuse party of being out of mainstream

Portrait of the Leader of the Free World

Rove And Card What a Bunch of A$$es...See The Video

Networks tweeking antenna(free) TV.

AAAAHHH! On C-SPAN! Actress Angie Harmon of Law & Order is a Repuke!

Hurricane Frances Update: Winds now 145mph

It is the soldier, not the reporter, who gives us the freedom of press....

Jeb use paltry hurr help, to cut voting by the poor?

A Week is a long time in Aussie Politics (Week 1 Analysis) 29/08 - 03/09

Anyone else ENJOYING the Zell meltdown?

Latest NOAA GFS Forecast For Frances - Some dramatic changes.

The Ebert and McCain Show

OK so zell miller said that he is mad because the Dem's. are calling our .

For those that missed the Zell Miller meltdown see it here!

NY TIMES on Afghanistan

Everybody repeat after me...

Check out the pics of Zell and Sneer at Atriosland....

Hey Zell, go to Hell, you're a Democrat, but it's hard to tell

Revisiting: Where are all the bodies of Hur. Charlie victims?

Tell us of the positive impact religion has had/has on your life

is Osama dead or alive? does it matter?

Christmas with the Bushes: 1972

Does Rush have a house in West Palm Beach? he may have to

The RNC passing out dickhead hats

I'm sending out a national pray for those who will be watching the Chimp

Anyone seen this email trash?

Andrew Sullivan a Democrat after Zell's speach?!?

US vs Arab World: Truth & Reconciliation

I'm looking for Dan Inouye's Keynote address in 1968

Final (thank goodness) Franken show from RNC

Fox News Suppresses Voting Rights in Arizona

Got this email this morning, care to help me reply?

Has Cheney ever suffered a stroke?

Floridian repukes are gonna miss bush*s speech tonight....Frances.........

opps dupe...delete

Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll gives bush 4 point lead

Jobs News not very good

Miracles Happen

Gary Bauer's 'family values' in action (the new Cheney)

Christian Broadcasting Network peddles 'In Defense of Internment'

CNBC Power Lunch Poll,Chris Mathews vrs. Zell Miller,Who Would Win?

cultural issues

remember to du the cnn poll

Okay...who is nuttier, Keyes or Zell?

Navy's use of sonar suspected in near-stranding of whales

Why Lepore's Vote Fraud Failed

zell was wild-eyed; lost his cool; is he senile?

WHy did George Bush send our troops to war without protective armor?

Video of Zell Miller speaking against Bush for president....Watch this!


CNN is really smoking tonight in their analysis

I think my website (or domain) is being sabotaged by Freepers. Help?

"Kerry Haters"? That convention was full of them!

Rove on Lehrer NOW - how come he's come out of his closet?

New York Metro article on Bush twins

John McCain was On David Letterman tonight in a long Interview

The Sino-American-Saudi Alliance?

Another stupid CNN poll

Bush Keeps Lying About Military Record (RED HOT!)

Cheneys disappearing votes from congress

Does anyone know what Bush's plans were post convention?

Does anyone find it strange that the ones who were behind atrocities are..

Hey Dumbya! Worldwide terrorism is on the RISE

OMG - Is it me, or do the "Podiums" at the RNC look like "crosses" in the

Protest tactics at RNC this week -- use if election is stolen?

Did anyone see frank luntz try to pass off...

CNN on the gender gap

Is it just me, or does Barack Obama remind anyone else of Bobby Kennedy?

Which candidate is the baddest muthafucka on the block: a comparison

I see the trolls are out this morning

I never thought I'd be so happy about the Kobe Bryant case

Zell Miller's Keynote Speech: New York, July 13, 1992

Vets Unable To Vote for Kerry Should Think About The Following

HEADS UP! Atrios: "Young Bush story out tonight/tomorrow..."


Frances Update: 5AM She's getting Stronger. (WARNING: BIG PICTURE)

How come no one here has been reporting on posts..

Need that bible reference that 'proves' Bush is the anti-christ.

Has Halliburton killed more Americans than Al Queda?

Al Jazeera airing more of RNC than ABC, CBS, and NBC combined ..

Edwards is on CNN

CNN still running swiftboat Liars ad

Who could post the corporate owners of the media outlets?

How do you talk to a religeous right wing republican?

Release tension from tonight ... Clinton's 1992 DNC speech, Cspan 2

CNN playing swift boat ad

Time to purge your ****ing unions!!!!

Will Bush try to bring back the Draft if elected to a Second Term?

At a meeting with some Vietnam Veterans last night......

Bumper sticker shaped like bandaid with a purple heart in the middle ...

Colin Powell's Band Aid Purple Heart

democrats still do not understand that they are dealing with fanatics.

Going Door to Door Today

Just watched the Zelltdown

Veterans of Iraq war join forces to protest US invasion

How much difference does this election really make?

Another Bushisim From the Convention

Perle watchers: Don't skip the Hollinger (Conrad Black) scandal!

This is the Police State in NYC

On Saturday, Florida will need 857699978.09 National Guard

Swift Liars running ads in Georgia and Virginia.

A great quote from BBC news "Have your say" reader write-in dept.

Some help please - link to bush saying the war on terror is UNwinnable.

Gay and Gay-rights supporters: Does it make you angry when certain DU'ers.

Woman guilty of registering residents?

"We can/can't/can win the war on terror" - Is this setting up the follow-

BBV problems in Tampa

could someone link me to Zell introducing John Kerry in 2001?

So What Does Kerry's Campaign Staff Plan To Do To

ABLE TO DO AND SAY ANYTHING! Zell and Dick made laughable statements

Swift boat question

Has Bush or anyone at the convention mentioned O-S-A-M-A?

Merchant account, Will anyone taking credit cards in their business claims "Navy Challenging Kerry's Medals"

get your very own 'george in the box'.....for real!

Need help on Cheney voting against weapons systems

Our forests need your help. Please sign today!

hey will pitt!!!!

I just went over to Freeperland to see if their tiny brains had a clue

My 86-year-old mother tells my sister off!

Did anyone see C-SPAN today when the disabled guy called in???

"So powerful that they can be nice...weird!"-Arundhati Roy at GOP.

Night Number 3 and Still no OBL

So, Arnold declared that Nixon was his hero?

Cheney has taken Kerry completely off the hook! Thank you Dick!

Does anyone know, can Kerry use his personal money?

Nader on the GOP convention

now ann coulter is attacking rassman

Randi's broadcasting from the AirAm studio today, LOL!

Conyers: Spy Scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. Must be investigated.

Anyone else having trouble flying?? -- Twice I've been given a run around


Question for all pro-lifers voting for *.

who would win in a duel-zell miller or chris matthews?

Is Dick Morris a D, R or Gun for Hire?

i have found a black delegate

Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not willing to join the fight

Has the RNC been an economic boon to New York or has it cost it money?

Social liberals vs Economic liberals

Freepers and DUers agree on something...

Are the Rethugs cocky at your work today?

Where is Rummy? Is he attending the convention? Very little

Zell Millar...not a Democrat

Does anyone know if Neil Bush attended the RNC in New York?If he did, why

Ashcroft Nixes Arrests in Israeli Spy Probe

Tommorow's Job Numbers with new AWOL evidence: "George W. Bush's missing year"

Kerry supported 16 of 19 defense packages presented to the senate

Online Hurricane Frances telecast

MOB ad..Just saw an ad for .Mothers Opposing Bush

Zell Miller Speech from 2001

Just called Zell Miller's office.

This caused a fury today, lets see if it does again (updated)

SOA Watch Protesters Arrested in NYC

Has anyone seen this highly damning video of Bush? (it's not drunk Bush)

If you are following breaking spy scandal....

Nickname for 2004 RNC Convention...

Hey, guys - I'm on the radio again - Saturday evening!

Don King on crossfire.....crazy

Where is John Kerry?

DNC TV ratings Vs. RNC TV ratings. Anyone have the numbers?

Just saw an ad sponsored by the MOB on CNN!

RNC refuses Comedy Central's gift bags.......

My favorite Michael Moore quote of the week

Thrust, parry. Thrust, parry.

now ann coulter is attacking rassman

Bizzaro brother in law strikes again

Let Us Now Praise Alan Keyes

Did al Qaida really endorse Bush?

Bush already knows the jobs numbers to be released tomorrow, and....

The 2004 Christian Coalition Voting Guide

New NARAL ad- they need $70,000 by the end of tonight!

Have a lot of new people signed up here?

Some interesting abortion factoids...

dc metro area duers: "hijacking catastrophe" (9/11) movie premiere

Per Karl rove- The twins comedy act was not funny

Wow, just got a call from my local paper to verify my letter.

No evac from Frances...

Is it just me...

O'Reilly take on SBVT, heard this afternoon. O'Reilly a guest on

SO now they want to get violent and start beating up on Women,huh?

Have I said I love you DU lately?

a note on medals ...

BBV demonstration in my workplace!

Tack to Take in Answering a Wingnut Vet?

Double duty at Borders - "Unfit . . . " and "The Passion"

DU website traffic takes big jump up compared to small jump for FR

I noticed something funny about a security traffic stop in NYC

Framing the debate to their advantage

Taylor Bickford is a pathetic little fuck.

Fruedian slip?

The Time Zone Excuse. First it was Ken Lay. Now Rumsfeld

Kerry Needs To Take Hold Of All This

The chimp was just a few blocks from my building last night...

Alterman on Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Zell response - Did anyone see the Georgia Democrats TV Ad here in NY?

So when Florida orders evacuations......

National issues will affect local races. Let your reps. know.

Non-Cable-TV-Time: RNC vs DNC ?

What do you think of Cheney's family taking the stage, except for Mary

Neil Bush in on MSNBC

Randi: Zell Miller is insane

BBV: URGENT request!

I need help! Re: Afganistan

How would George W Bush do in a "real" war.....

What happened to the DU Media Blaster?

Will Cspan have the midnight rally in Ohio(?) = Kerry's response to ...

God is Not a Republican. Or a Democrat.

Just saw Don King..

Randy Rhodes (sp?) Reprise this pm. . . . .

MetroSpy -- For God, Country, and Bush

Hey, You Guys Might Enjoy What Others Are Saying About DU

PLEASE call the NYPD 212-266-1212 and demand they charge the RNC thug

Hey Guys Comment About The DU On Another site............

Zell's not a Nazi - he's NOT!

OMG -- Reading Ruppert's speech to Commonwealth Club

42nd Street....

Nineteenth Century vs. the Twenty-First

MIHOP -- Mike Ruppert says he has evidence.

Al Franken on power Jeapordy now! 7:34 pm.

Does David Gregory (NBC) have a right-wing bias a bit?

Anyone else think our country was better off before 24 "news" stations.

Heading out for the rally...

Dean on "The Closing Bell" today: just a few clips.

former surplus?

Quick fact check--did the Dow hit its all time high of 11700+ in

"Everything changed after 9/11"

NASA's Newest Foe: Hurricane Frances

Jesus Christ was killed for resisting the religious and political

My bankruptcy case

post with pictures of wounded kids and that witch with bandaid

Did you read about so many DUers who have been raped

Here's why we should invade Iran NOW...

The Magic Bullshit

Will Bush Win The Election? If He Does, It May Not Last Long

Nobody should stay home and not vote

After Hurricane Charley, a woman was forbidden to come into Central Fla.

Francis Strike Probability and Wind Range Map

To me it looks like the Republicans have declared war on our soldiers.

Another Home Depot story

Home Depot: Pets Yes, Gays No

Hurricane Frances evacuations in Florida: WTF?

Noooooooo! Dorothy Hamill for BUSH! Please...don't tell me this....I

MOYERS - Industry-sponsored RNC parties "WAR PARTIES" shaping policy, etc

Heddi's post on rape depressed me.

Recommend your favorite political books

Anyone planning to attend Clinton's Library Openning?

How much do you feel people should be taxed on their wages?

Congress Must Investigate Spy Scandal by Rep. John Conyers

3 Macedonians Held Hostage in Baghdad

Dollar Near Lows on Players' Data Nerves (weak U.S. data)

U.S. to Restore Much of Planned Cuts in Housing for Poor -NYT

Breaking MSNBC: Zell Miller practically invites Chris Matthews to a Duel

MAthews/ Zell link on MSNBC!

2 dozen soldiers may be charged in Bagram prison deaths -USA Today

John McCain was On David Letterman tonight in a long Interview

Lobbyists play key convention roles

Senior Sadr aide and two other people killed in Iraq ambush

The 9/16/04 Torpedo that Sinks Bush-Cheney - Let the Election War Begin!

Iraq War, Once Bush's Re-Election Trump Card, May Be Liability

Affair May Slow Push for Regime Change in Tehran

Grassley wants Bush to outline exit strategy

Kerry: Terrorists Gain From Bush Blunders

Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old (AIPAC)

Rate of productivity growth- 2.5% in Q2 - was the slowest since late 2002

Black hole (Perle implicated in Hollinger fraud)

U.S. Airstrike Kills 17, Iraqis Gather to Denounce the US

U.S. Plans to Seek Sanctions Against Iran

Republicans May Own Madison Square Garden, but Europe Is Kerry Country

Emmanuel Goldstein arrested during RNC protest in NYC

Post-referendum Venezuela draws heavy-oil interest

China, US near end to nuclear technology dispute

Fear infects flexible workplaces

Democrat Mayors: Cities Can't Afford Bush

Russian School: Group released from siege school (32 hostages freed)

Two explosions heard at Russian school where hundreds are being held hosta

Rx Depot Co-Founder Has New Online Venture(was $105.57/M now 16/m)

Europeans Rally to Boost Kerry to Victory

Bleary eyes wait up for Hillsborough Tally (Theresa LePore)

Anti-Bush Protesters Swarm Grand Central Station

Subpoenas filed in Kevin Shelly Case.......

Edwards Assails GOP Speakers on Issues

‘India To Tie Up With Israel, US For E-warfare Systems’

Judge Upholds Touch Screens

Exclusion from absentee-vote recount angers Democrats (Palm Beach)

Cleric Says Right to Fight U.S. Civilians in Iraq

U.N. Sees Meager Progress in Darfur

Jobless claims rise sharply due to hurricane (362K)

Halliburton Role in Probe Criticized (No "Bribes" Paid, Halliburton Says

(Republican stronghold) San Diego on Fiscal Brink

LAT: Pair Were Ready for Prime Time (Mary Cheney and partner)

Iraqi Militants Say Kill Three Turkish Hostages

Bush, Kerry Tied in Race for U.S. Presidency, New Poll Shows

WP: Syria May Face U.N. Resolution

WisPolitics: Rove Rallies Wisconsin Delegates at Morning Meeting

George W. Bush's missing year

World oil prices surge after Iraqi pipeline blast (Kirkuk)

Florida told to expect storm worse than Andrew

Mild-Mannered Labor Rally Against Bush; Central Labor Council Honors Pledg

New Kerry ads seek to shift campaign back to economy

Army Prosecutor Says Soldier Arrested in Wash. State Was Trying to Help al

al-Qaida 'Explosive Expert' Caught in Pakistan Raid Came From Iran, Securi

Fla. Orders More Than 1 Million Coastal Residents to Evacuate As Hurricane

No Jeers As Moore Returns to Convention

GOP's fierce attacks contrast with Democrats' restraint

Maryland Court Rejects E-Voting Challenge

Palestinian teenagers slain

Anti-bush protester paddles canoe to Indonesia

Bush campaign asks court to force action on soft-money groups

Center Unveils New Database for Tracking Media Ownership Nationwide

Bank of Ireland Fined for Money Laundering Breaches (Update2)

Slow Back-To-School Buying Hits Retailers

Iraq War Veterans Want Debate on Iraq, Not Vietnam

Iraq War Veterans Want Debate on Iraq, Not Vietnam

Israel threatens Syria strike after deadly bombings

US-Backed Armies Firing Blanks ('challenge' of creating national armies)

Justice Dept. Seeks End to Its Detroit Terror Case

RNC - New York firms use VOIP to avoid convention crowds

Venezuelan Gunmen Snatch Mother of Pitcher Urbina

WP: Judge Rules in Favor Of Maryland Vote Machines

Marines fight for freedom, U. S. citizenship

Kerry and Bush Remain Tied

Retail Sales Listless; Gas Prices Blamed

French hostages handed over to Iraqi group

Planks on abortion, marriage, too much for some Maine delegates

Bush Approval Rating Back Above 50 Percent

Democrats Weren't Negative in Boston, Says Bush Critic (Gov Vilsack)

Russian school: 15 hostages have been executed

White House Order Expected To Drive U.S. Government Smart Cards

Bush Iraq Policy Ignores Past Errors, Historians Say (Update1)

Judge Orders City to Release 560 Protesters

Group Aims to Perform 1M Baptisms in U.S.

Software Service Aims to Outfox Caller ID

FBI Informed White House of AIPAC Probe Two Years Ago

Protesters Freed! Judge orders their emancipation!!!!

Group Aims to Perform 1M Baptisms in U.S


Bush: Fighting terror 'not for pride, not for power' but to protect Americ

Warner Bros. Rejects Anti-War Documentary by 'Three Kings' Filmmaker

Cops cast an orange web

Hoyer: With No Record to Run on, Republicans Can Only Peddle Fear

Gunmen Killed an Associated Press Driver (BAGHDAD, Iraq)

Bush to push ownership society

Bush: Terror Fight Will Keep U.S. Safe (speech excerpts)

Goss Chides Senate on Iraq Abuse Hearings

Hackles raised by Rove words on North (Irish) conflict - (Irish Response)

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Again on Hurricane Charley; Factory Orders Climb

Ukraine Will Withdraw From Iraq After Elections

NYT: Citing Politics, Studio Cancels Documentary (from "3 Kings" director)

dupe sorry

Gasoline in Short Supply As Frances Nears

CREW Decries Post's Failure to Disclose Novak Connection With SBVB

Christian Right Keeps Low Key At Republican Gala (AFP)

Religious Left Says It's Ready for Major Political Push

Fake $200 featuring Bush is back

Celebrities Read Constitution Aloud

Hair Stem Cells May Offer Baldness, Burn Treatments

Mysterious booms make Fort Wayne homes shake

Halliburton Says Officials Spoke of Nigeria Bribes

U.S. Court Dismisses Landmark Terror Convictions

WP: The Simple Life Of the Bush Kids

NY Judge Releases RNC Protestors

Aide: Kerry Would Shift Trade Focus Toward WTO

Church leader's comments spur polling place move

Russian Hostage-Takers Free:Report: 26 People Freed

Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation'

Republicans for Kerry Group Grows

Anwar freed in surprise court verdict (Clinton tried to get him released!)

'Shove It' Covered on 187 More Occasions than Bush 'Can't Win the War'

Clintons embark on swing through GOP turf

Mixed reaction to proposal for gay-rights boycott

Markets Eye Bush Speech for Hint on Jobs

Bin Laden Wealth Not Force Behind Attacks

Cheney Family Appearance Spotlights Absence of Lesbian Daughter

Democrats say angry approach at GOP convention won't play well with voters

Jury Finds Sheboygan Woman Guilty Of Killing Newborn

Democrats Sue To Keep Nader Off Florida Ballot

Kerry aides: Judgment error on swift-boat ads

AP: Kerry Slams Bush on Iraq War, Economy (HITTING BACK HARD!)

Judicial Watch says Kerry once took laundered funds

Electoral math offers number of nightmares (USA Today)

Bush will avoid sneak peak at jobs data ..

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 2 September

U.S. airstrike in Fallujah kills 17

Judge orders release of 560 protesters

Complaints Swirl Over Holding Area for Arrested Protesters

Straw calls for reform of UN

Veterans of Iraq war join forces to protest US invasion

Conservatives Cry Foul in Publishing Scrum

Appalachian Trail vulnerable to new forest rules

White House Accused of Blocking Nuke Ban

Vandals strike county Democratic headquarters

Howard Dean book-signing draws hundreds

The latest protest tool: 'texting'

Barbara Bush Enjoys Disciplinarian Role

Volunteers read 3,000 names of Iraq war dead in New York graveyard

Bush administration moves to end protection for old growth bird

Equatorial Guinea Coup Plot Deepens

Pentagon Office in Spying Case Was Focus of Iran Debate

Think tank paints bleak picture of Iraq's future

Florida Orders 2.5 Million Residents to Evacuate Atlantic Coast As Hurrica

WP,pg1: Cheney Calls Kerry Unfit(Zell "face twisted" in "contempt, anger")

Chevron gave big to governor, played key role in reorganization plan(CA)

Continental to cut more than 400 jobs (425 jobs)

Halliburton Says Officials Spoke of Nigeria Bribes

Schwarzenegger endorses Anaheim's bid to host 2008 Republican Convention

Is there oil in Haiti?

Congress Members Seek Officer's Dismissal (Boykin)

Israeli political advisor may have received U.S. secrets

Voting supervisor LePore lost her post by 4,051 votes

Ashcroft Nixes Arrests in Israeli Spy Probe

Democrats in Palm Beach risked arrest for voting rights. LePore done.

Turkey Signals Possible Military Action Against Kurds in Iraq

Powell: U.S. Misjudged Insurgents in Iraq

Unions Mobilize Against Bush

Ex-President Bush: Kerry Should Apologize For Vietnam Remarks

Exile Leader in Miami Joins Democrats

Card Says Bush Sees U.S. as a Child Needing a Parent

Thousands of ballots miscounted in Palm Beach County

Backwoods preacher pours hellfire on Democrats

Delegates Call Moore 'Fat Pig'

baby's first carrots

Tennis Fans! Any US Open Predictions?

Today's Fact

Today in History 09/02

Does Linux Have an Image Problem?

Somebody needs to tell Laura it's "height" not "heighth."

Well, I'm Leaving DU...

Illinois GOP Hates Keyes.....but they're stuck with him.

Help!! Need to find those protest march photos

New dance sweeping the nation! Everybody do the ZELL!

"Hurricane Zell" one of our DU'ers started that name

I make too many tech threads: How do you tell AGP port speed?

New Reno 911 tonight

Tonight, Zell Miller earned the coveted...

Over the edge, Zell crossdresses and escapes to the Jersey shore

Is Zell Miller a sufferer of Alzheimers(I hope I spelled that right)?


Good night DU!

Anyone TIVO the Daily Show?

Reporting to the lounge to say...

Create A Caption

Contrast Zell Miller vs. Robert Bryd

Here's a pretty mermaid picture


Anybody remember Hurricane Belle?

If the Republican convention were a movie it would be...

Bush To Declare War On English Language

CAPTION W's "vision"

Students Told To Stop Having Sex On Buses

Floating Catholic Church Explodes, Then Sinks

New York Metro article on Bush twins

Today's Thought

Chinese Women Testing Drug To Help With Orgasms

Cashier Accepts Fake $200 Bill With Bush's Face On It

What is the theme connecting these four songs?

Even Beetle Bailey is going after *

Is it just me....or does there seem to be less enthusiasm at the GOP...

The Wonkette finds a new level of wrongness at the RNC. Horrid photo

I think my website (or domain) is being sabotaged by Freepers. Help?

Tortoise Escapes - Found 4.8km Away

Lesbian Cow Study Is Underway

Did I wake up to a groovy news cycle in GD: Election & Late Breaking?

Can I have the Cliff Note's version of Zell's speech please

Lap Dancing-what is that? oldster asks

anyone else see the voting on re: Cheney's speech?

A modest proposal: From now on it's 'Zealot' Miller

This is the best pic they could get of Cheney??? CAPTION IT!

The Phrase

Can't resist posting this great pic of Zell...

My dogs were skunked last night.

My skunks were dogged last night.

Six month old miraculously survives for six days beside dead father.

Do you think Monk will survive without his nurse?

My skunks and dogs were last knighted.

Original Battlestar Galactictica marathon on Sci-Fi channel now.

I can't sleep. I'm scared to death.

Truth in Advertising (funny pic)

The Yankees are BACK! A ONE Game Winning Streak! He We Go,

Does anyone have the Woody Harrelson "Courage, Mom" photo?

Windows Media Player 10

Road Rage - Man Attacks Two Motorists With Hammer, Hatchet

I just need to rant for a minute.

Football vs. RNC? Which will I choose?

What's the RNC prop budget?

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels...........

Hell freezes over! I agree with Mallard Fillmore!

How to tell if you need to pray at work:

Twins for panda shown sex videos

HELP...How do I upload a picture into my post??? eom

Reading Comprehension is a Very Important Skill

Caption: Mom can we change the family name from Rothschild?

To all DUers: how come none of you ever flirt with me?

Anyone know anything about garage door openers?

If cats had wings, would you want one?

It comforted me to wake up to Ronny K Marshall's LTTE in my LAT

In all seriousness: What is wrong with people?

How much crap CAN you fit in a tuxedo?

Search on for Tiger Roaming Military Base

This is what I don't get...(a rant, just for you...Love, dolo)

To certain females out there! Start flirting with me!

Caption: before he started plucking his eyebrows?

Now I've got a fever...

Is it wrong for me to wish

Over 1800 people arrested so far

Today's Quote

Jesus, Joseph & Mary!

Tonight during the Connecticut Cowboy's speech he will:

A Little ProfanityTo Lighten Your Day....

Sporting my Kerry shirt and NYPD hat today when I table for the Young Dems


To a certain female out there stop flirting with me! I'm yours already!!!

To All Du'ers. I have never flirted with you

You think you know someone, then this!

It's Caption Time!!

Best Kevin Gilbert (or related) album?

Best Show on Television: Pimp my Ride


Warrant Issued For M*ther F*cker Who Dragged Donkey Behind ATV

Agenda at RNC

Any chance Frances will destroy Florida's voting machines?

Those Republicans are always thinking about sex!

Any chance France will destroy Florida's voting machines?

danzig fans check in

The RNC passing out dickhead hats

Separated at birth?

Does anybody know if the detained protesters were released?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

My LTTE is in the LA Times!!

Caption: Asshole in any language

a few questions. Any answers?

Well, sir, there's nothing on earth

Did anyone have a non evil Vice Principal?

Any chance (San) Francisco will destroy Florida's voting machines?

Can someone post the lyrics to "Johnnie Walker's Blues?"

I know you want this for Xmas: Brittney Spear's chewed gum now on Ebay


I want to scream, rant, smash things, bust holes in my walls...

Any else feel ill when they first click on DU's home page

Hi guys!!!

Dammit! Not again!

Boy that didn't take long less than 5 minutes

To a certain female out there stop flirting with me! I'm Gay!!!!

What does anyone know about 'Intelligent Design' (Recent Funky Winkerbean)

Bible School Game Culprit In UFO Mystery

The difference between repukes & dems:

CAPTION W telling the Republican image makers what he REALLY wants

CAPTION the preppie prepping for the speech

I Like Ike

What constitutes "techno?"

Would anyone like a Gmail account?

Best way to respond to "Kerry must (insert meme here) or else" posts.

Folks, the smear campaign against me is just that....

CAPTION W reading his brain Catscan

DU mentioned by Eliz. Edwards on last night!!!!!!!!

Black Adder

I'm a straight married guy, but don't let that stop you.....

Caption Cheney: A vision of surliness, angrer, and hatred.

What does it mean when your basketball won't bounce?

Comedy Central cancelled their afternoon reruns of Conan.

Man, the disruptors sure are out in full force in Election. Do I have to

This is great....look at the cover of this magizine....

Whats up with all the flirting?

Anyone else feel sorry for McCain?

Hey LA DUers! Anyone see Ronny K's LTTE this morning?

The official "confess your DU sins and recieve absolution" thread

The reason the repuke with the penis on his head is so 'happy'

And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight

Any other fans of Chris Jansing?

Do you really care to hear why I have been off so long?

Snoop Dogg-isms that Bush can use to "spice up" tonight's speech

Anyone heard of the group "The Six Split Seven"?

Pagerflirts! Get your Pagerflirts here!

afternoon chat anyone

I think it's time for a Matcom intervention

Just got back from the Grocery Store... It was a ZOO (Florida)

So, what if my husband gets transferred to Toronto Canada?

Is matcom drinking again?

I closed my eyes, begin to pray Then tears of joy stream down my face

you know *he's*

I have to admit I am worried about our chances of winning in November.

Softly you whisper, you're so sincere How could Our Love Be So Blind

Flash: Teacher arrested

One of my cats has changed personalities completely

Six Feet Under, Was Lisa murdered?

Turnaround bright eyes, Every now and then I fall apart

I think we have a good chance of winning in November.

Brother bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime ...

You're wondering who I am - machine or mannequin

DU Hindus check in

Islands in the stream That is what we are

Mr Blue Sky

Join the geography olympics....

Feds say Las Vegas telemarketer violated no-call rules over 300,000 times

Anyone else get this great Repug-bashing email? Ho ho ho...

Fantastic UK comic joke on the radio tonight....

Late night quips

For the handful of "BIG BROHTER" fans here...

I have to admit I am worried about our chances of winning this fall.

I've had it! I'm leaving DU!!!

bumpbumpbump Testing Testing... is this on? Pppwwhhhh Testing

Can you hear them? They talk about us

I've been walkin' these streets so long - Singing the same old song

See the people walkin down the streeeet...

Taunton High pair miss toilet, punt whole season for potty antics

I write the songs that make the whole world sing

We've got the American Jesus...

Glaucoma joke

Mont. Court Says Vomiting a Private Matter

What I like about you

Best Negativland Album/EP

I'm just a love machine And I won't work for nobody but you

Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did

Remember, Terry Fox run coming soon!

I hear the secrets that you keep ...

Bears could keep kids from school

Not even gnomes are safe...

Trapped in purgatory

President's Daily Intelligence Brief 9/01/2004

A story about me and Zell.

That does it! I never left DU!

I'm going to give you til the morning comes

I know this may be a shock to you - but Fox has highest ratings for RNC

You're just in love

There's another storm the size of Frances off the coast of Africa.

Zell Miller = Cotton Hill

ok I just read something interesting about Kerry

I found out where Zell Miller is staying in NYC

As far back as I can remember - I always wanted to be a caption

Turkish Man Squirts Milk From Eye 9.2 Feet (WARNING)

Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream - red, gold & green

Anyone have a link to video of Zell and Tweaty?

That's it, I'm not leaving DU

Caption the c lean-up after Zell and Cheney speak last night.

Reaganomics killing me,

RIP "Indian" Larry

I wanna destroy you

To keep me on DU, a little Incubus:

Good DU morning everybody!

Who is more evil?

Snopes Articles I'd like to see

In the midnight hour, she cries 'More! More! More!'

I'm surprised that all the "real" news(lol) guys are having Jon....

While tabling for the Young Democrats this morning at school

My future ex, who could care less about politics...

Holy Bat Crap Bat Man! I think ET is calling!

To All Du'ers. Please Keep Flirting with Me

I'm an Auntie again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to all of the Stranglers albums, sequentially

That's it! I'm leaving DU!

What a day for a daydream

So I've got a fever, chills, and I'm at the library waiting for class...

Favorite Hair Ornament

Detroit Tigers pitcher Ugueth Urbina's mother kidnapped

So I Step Out For A Coffee and a Cigarette

Favorite "Hair Band"

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy

It seems that Edwards is delivering a non-verbal message to Bush-Cheney

Any idea what these mysterious "Flying Triangles" are?

Thought of a new bumper sticker

Stop me if you've heard this one...

I found my keyes.

To a certain Ferengi out there stop flirting with me! I'm a Vulcan!!!!

Any musicians in Eugene, OR?

Break out the Tin Foil! Could space signal be alien contact?

Have you seen The Kumars on BBC?

College football is back!

OK...Its easy and a cheap shot but it had to be done.

Was this Hurricane planned in advance?

Have a lot of new people signed up here?

Check in here if I haven't flirted with u yet: I will leave no DUer behind

Hey, DU booksellers...

Headed for a heartbreak, headed for a heartbreak, don't make me hurt you

Nobody flirt with me! I have a +5 Sword of Monogamy and I'm not afraid to

Ow, my freakin' ears!

Question: How often do you decide not to post if...

Which Dropkick Murphys CD should I buy first?

Zell Miller is Dennis Miller's Grandpa?

Request help in Basic HTML!

NOAA image of Hurricane Frances bearing down on Florida, at 2:15 AM EDT

Oh Suzy Q baby i love you...

I want this so bad!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Hair-brained band?

should I download service pac 2?

I Am So TOTALLY Digging The 2005 Mustang!

My laptop melted down...

WANTED: Honest critique of today's (my) article PLEASE HELP

Favorite Hairless Band

Randi Rhodes reading Chickenhawk Hall of Fame - Ahnold went AWOL??

Motel Zell

Is Mo Rocca Funny?

How old do you have to be to run a voter registration drive?

I hate to say it, but I may have gone back to school

what do you think Cyrano de Bergerac would say to the GOP re: "fat pig"?

I'm alive! My surgery is over! I'm home!

Am i the only one that listens to music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s?

I'm missing the * speech for Dame Edna!

A refrigerator fell on me. (Baby is FINE.)

My boys have to stay locked in the bedroom today.

Tropical Depression NINE

Stop it. All of you. Just stop it.

I found my keys!

Urgent... Need advice... 2000 Eclipse GS, 5 speed w/ 96000 miles

I hate to say it, but I may have to go back to school

8-Year-Old Gets Stuck In Washing Machine

Man I have a dilemma tonight, hockey or college football?

Thought I heard a blackbird singin'

Chess for drunkards

Just Had Huitlacoche For Dinner. Ask Me Anything.

Best Mildly Beatles-Related Album (part 820)!

"I'm so homophobic, I don't even touch myself."*

Computer Question...How do I setup an invisible proxy?

Flossing with snakes - YUCK!

How should I handle this?

CatWoman, I Apologize

Fruity sweet wrappers spark complaint

talked to an undecided voter today

Technical People can you please answer a question for me?

Do you find yourself attractive?


Would you buy an extended warranty for your car?

I found Floridas Keys!

Is There ANY Escaping Homophobic Morons?!?!?

I heard Lt. Gov. Michael Steele on the radio today...

Oh please god, just finish me off!

Neil Bush Has No Lips

The Man who Knew the Man who never Was (from email)

Best David Bowie Album (part 3)

Howard Dean is going to speak at my college in October!!

Okay folks, we need to settle this computer debate once and for all...

For my 700th post....Predict How Many New August Jobs Bush Claims Tonight

Will we withness the rapture tonight?

Need a little advice here from those who know collectibles

Man I have a dilema tonight. A Hickey or a collage of footballs.

Best David Bowie Album (part 1)

MoMA craze - people camping out in Berlin to see collection

if I hear one more Republican talk about how Catholics should back *

I Can't WAIT To Take Time Off From DU! (who wants to online GAME?)

I want to wish everyone safety from hurricane Frances.

I've heard that opposable thumbs make us human...judge for yourself

Update from Monday from Hell: Richmond flood

A computer poll

I am now Dr. Slutticus

USA vs Russia hockey world cup

Central Florida DUers Check In- Hurricane Frances....

Ok I need an NBA and NHL team to go for

Help a computer geek fix his toilet

Christmas shit is up already! Does that bother anyone else?


CAPTION this 'Wolfowitz' moment

Favorite 'Curious George' variant for Dubya?

Best signs (I mean by the roadside) you've seen lately?

Fox News crawler last night had Kerry speaking to the American League

Wanted: New College Football to root for - tell me why I should choose...

Whatcha gonna watch on the teevee tonite? W's speech, or. . .

how about some cat pictures?

Cool example of back-of-the-envelope physics

Congrats to the mod on-duty

Today is international peace day in Russia

This is just sick

Take a look at my "state of the art" stereo!!!

I just gotta say: GO UTES!

Kitty Kat Break

My co worker just told me Saddam did 9/11

We haven't had a big 'I'm leaving DU' flounce for quite a while.

Nice Lady's car gets "Keyed" at Wal-Mart.

Who can provide proof ( a link, a bio, or anything) that Michael

Kerry will lose Calif. and Mass.

Here's a Jackson Brown earworm for ya ( sorry)

Best David Bowie Album (part 2)

I found Alan Keyes

Historic German library badly damaged by fire

Steve Earle rocks and is on MSNBC Afterhours tonight (12:30)...

Attention DU FPS WWII gamers and other FPS players

Instead of watching the speech tonight...what are you going to do?

DU Classical Composers...

This is truly the face of evil! (Don't look if you're squeamish)

Tell me your (fake) problems and I'll try to advise you!

LETS SETTLE THIS DEBATE: Is the Atkins Diet healthy or not?

Republican Hatefest ....

ha! the signs behind Cheney quote white supremacy hymn!

Well Zell, You've just made my choice easier... says don't take the map too seriously

Clever NYC protest photo website -- check it out

Regarding the Brainwashing of Zell Miller and John McCain...

Scarface to show Zell/Tweety dust up on MSNBC

MSNBC - next up Chris and Zell - 1:15 AM EDT

Don't send more kids to die -MM/USA Today (good stuff)

Swords or Pistols???? Zell and Tweety will meet at Dawn

Before I go to bed, I leave you with "The Texas Souffle"

President Bill Clinton is on CSPAN-2 NOW NOW

Think we'll have a terra 'lert tomorrow to distract from Hurricane Zell?

For Senator Allen, high-stakes election is no catwalk (2008 Presidental )

I think Kerry should attack with laughter

ALERT: prosecutor in AIPEC matter is a Bush FIXER

To Hell with Zell

Daily Show re-run on now.

Kerry should not agree to any debates.

Is that Larry Gatlin acting like a JACKASS with Ron Reagan?

Larry Gatlin now doing the melt down

Larry Gatlin: "I'll be Zell's second"

The more I see of Joe Trippi, the less impressed I am. What does he add?

This From The Free Repulic..I think they like us..

MSNBC is running Zell and Matthews

Dubya speech tomorrow. Where else should I stick voodoo pins?

"love others the way you want to be loved.." says Dubya

Big Dog's 1992 Acceptance Speech on C-Span 2

Zell and Larry need to meet up at the Prozac bar quik.

Daily Show rerun coming up Central/East Coast...DO NOT MISS

Is Zell Miller truly a courageous Democrat?

Alright. If we get this momentum back, we can NOT

Zeller Miller went OLD school on us (Rev War!)

Whatever happened to Bill Frist?

Here's what a real country legend would think of Larry Chitlin >

Free Republic Invasion!! WHEEEEEE!!!

Miller Time

Should Zig Zag Zell Miller start doing Viagra ads instead of Bob Dole?

I humbly submit the idea that "A 'Swing Voter' is .......

I think the GOP has made another huge miscalculation with this convention.

Lets collect the worst of the worst of the convention pics.....

Anyone see the Bush cousins that were on MSNBC just now?

So . . . should Kerry challenge Bush to a duel instead of a debate?

So I'm watching the rerun of Zell on Hardball...

Was Zell on CNN too? Anyone have a clip?

McCain on Letterman reports desire to PUNCH OUT French President

Ron Fournier On The Secret Culture War Behind The Convention

I heard that the Undecideds go for the Challenger...

I want to see zig-zag's lies exposed, immediately.

Karen Hughes wrote twins' remarks

MSNBC now-their about to show the replay of Zell's fight w/ Chris Matthews

Bush Loyalty Quiz

Are local media covering Kerry's campaign?

Text of my E-mail to the Honorable Zell Miller

We need to be killing everything they are saying right now,or we WON'T WIN

LMAO..I just e-mailed Zell and congratulated him on his

NYC, ONE a.m. Saw 3 delegates in a coffee shop just now. (knew they

Do you buy Ron Silver's take?

John McCain was On David Letterman tonight in a long Interview

Frank Luntz's undecided focus groups are lame. Gotta be stacked decks.

Please, no more Mr. Nice Guy

Dispatches from DNC: Lautenberg, Spitzer Remarks on Cheney/Halliburton

No Mary Cheney on stage

Zell Miller Loses Mind TWICE - Here's The Video!!

Anyone catch the "Pro-life" Meat for the Far Right and all the Symbolism?

GOP Babe of the Day

Kerry campaign needs an ad explaining how the Senate works

CNN: Called out Zell

Matthews posts about interview

I want Zell Miller kicked out of the Democratic Party

MAthews/ Zell link on MSNBC!

Direct links to download Zell Miller Interviews on CNN/MSNBC

Kerry's right when he says the whole Iraq war has been

We need more Tad Devines

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth-very funny video

edge of a knife

Who believes tonight was a total flop for the GOP..I do !

Exactly how is USA USA USA

CNN airing dubyas Mission again this weekend

Has anyone in the media pointed out the problem with Dick Cheney,

RNC highlights

Was their a Zell Miller interview with Tad Devine?


I'm glad the hatred is spewing out all over at the RNC. It shows the

Thank you Zell Miller for being the Pat Buchanon of 2004!

Zig Zag Zell Coming on IMUS soon...

Props to CNN for taking down Zell last night

Okay...who is nuttier, Keyes or Zell?

Video Idea :: Get all the references to "God" from the RNC

Any links to the CNN Zell Miller interview?

Video of Zell Miller speaking against Bush for president....Watch this!

Zell Miller Interview With Chris Matthews Link

Libertarian Party calls * a "Political Welfare Queen"

Cheneys disappearing votes from congress

Warm Up The Meme Alert: NEGATIVE BOUNCE

If Zell were a Muppet, which Muppet Would He Be?

Pat Buchanan blasts neocoms on Imus

friends -- conservative lurkers --

Anyone expecting a GOP FLOP in the polls after tonight?

The Spanish Inquisition

Bush's 9/11 Cowardice

Democrat 'Rapid Response' Team

I heard that the Undecides go for the Incumbent in Presidential...

Is Zell all about Zell & B* being fundies (and Kerry being Catholic)

DC City Paper Rental Ad: Joining The Kerry Administration next year?

Does anyone know what Bush's plans were post convention?

GOP is big winner in celebrity endorsement game

Demented Zell on Imus:"I mean how many people

About that song: "Cowboy in the Whitehouse"

Another stupid CNN poll

Kerry: Terrorists Gain From Bush Blunders

so are we going to hear the same talking points from the Kerry camp

My LTTE Re: Headline "Cheney takes the gloves off"

John McCain was On David Letterman tonight in a long Interview

OK. Tell me. Did Theresa Lapore steal it or has TRUTH prevailed?

Two Memes From My Teenage Kids

How much do you want to bet Zig Zag Zell changes parties?

So - the Media Coverage - What do you think?

Andrew Sullivan trashes Zell Miller

Here You Go - New SwiftBoatLiars Website Just in Time for Fall!

Web link to Republican Platform

Am I missing something here.....

who saw that lameass video of barney the dog?

From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Abu Ghraib

Which candidate is the baddest muthafucka on the block: a comparison

Vets Unable To Vote for Kerry Should Think About The Following


Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden caught

Vets Supporting Bush Should Consider The Following

Fantastic News From Tonight Bashathon!!!!

Is the liberal media disappearing Zell Miller's meltdown?

Poll regarding bush's speech tonight.

Thank you Zell for making the case for Stem Cell research last night

Did anyone see frank luntz try to pass off...

Edwards is on CNN

CNN still running swiftboat Liars ad

Karl Rove. . .sex symbol! That is what the NY DAILY NEWS reports

whats this about Guliani going on the view and getting booed...

Meme of the day: Zell Miller is a senile old wacko.

I was cut off on CSPAN this morning!

POLL - Which RNC speech did more harm to GOP?

CNN playing swift boat ad

Well Tony Soprano (Gandolfini) takes on Bush RE: 9/11

Hey Dick and Zell! John Edwards has your response RIGHT HERE!

Bush Keeps Lying About Military Record (RED HOT!)

Terrorists Gain From Bush Blunders (yahoo)

So what happened with Romney?

Media on convention negativity

Funniest Line of the Night

Have political ads interposed with Cheney and Joe McCarthey

The real reason behind Zell at the RNC?

Bush/unit award story...debunked yet ?

From the "what color is the sky in your world?" department

REMINDER: Texas Truth Convention TONIGHT!

Out of ammo? Bush tonight.

Just watched the Zelltdown

Tell me about this meeting Kerry went to with N Vietnam in Paris.

Oink, if you love Jesus

Who said Imus would FLIP by Friday?

Quote: "The GOP Convention is an ugly insult to Americans"

The fancy new "stage" at the RNC.....

Music Is the Message at GOP Convention

Students: GOP takes advantage of 9/11

At a meeting with some Vietnam Veterans last night......

1,001 Things to Hate About the Convention

George W Bush's missing year

It's not about Swift Boat vets or John Kerry - it's about John O'Neill !

Bush plans ‘visionary’ acceptance speech

John Fund on cspan-says if election is close, there will be Fl in

He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned, ...cartoon

Suggestion: A Democratic Underground NUT CAMPAIGN for Zell Miller

Kerry Ad buy doesn't include Va./Tenn.?

Is it just me, or does Barack Obama remind anyone else of Bobby Kennedy?

democrats still do not understand that they are dealing with fanatics.

I missed last night sppeches and have a question.....

Larry King's convention coverage is actually pretty good

Interesting Spanish Media Coverage

Fox News Suppresses Voting Rights in Arizona

If the repukes can't keep Code Pink out of their venue....

Just watched the Zelltdown

What a fricking mess...Time for me to move....

Michael Moore: On Iraq and the Bush Twins (USA Today)

Kerry Up 7% among registered voters, latest 8/29 national poll

Kerry Up 7% among registered voters, latest 8/29 national poll

Why Lepore's Vote Fraud Failed

Kerry campaign goes after Karl Rove

Fine lines...

Does anyone know where I can watch video of the Cheney speech?

General McPeak on CSPAN right now 11:15AM n/t

you want a smear ad?

The Undecided Voters

Free "Republicans for Kerry" bumpersticker

The Republican Prayer....

Polls that a must vote

Zell Miller - Great Example of Why Stem Cell Research is Needed

Republicans don't have to stand for anything - they only have to tear down

Baldwins Split Politically

Tonight, Bush will "hope to build on the momentum" of the last 3 nights

Zell Miller's Ten Questions about the Iraq war

Vote on this poll: Who is Bush most like - Churchill, or Pinocchio? Hehe.

Love to be a fly on the wall . . .

GOP talking point "See how hateful Democrats are" ......Zell represents

Devil in the Details: The Gaping Differences between Bush and Kerry

Going Door to Door today

Reaction to Zell's Speech Has Been "Hateful and Vitriolic"

I'm pretty sure this baby is a Democrat! Caption it. (PIC)

Carl Rove a genius? I don't think so

Where's Mary Cheney?

No 10's silent support for Kerry

Such a moving picture of george....

Hardly a secure location (as RNC hands out credentials so as to fill seats

Alan Keyes really needs to get laid.

my letter to 10 news sources today

Jewish Voters: Bush's Secret Weapon?

Will Kerry PLEASE blast *'s privatization of Social Security?

I missed Cheney's speech - what did he say about : jobs & healthcare?

Zell Miller, Rhetorical Goosestepper, American Fascist. And yes that was a

Zellotry - A Must Read at TNR

so did cnn come through

Zell has wanted to duel before

The Economy Edges Away From the Back Burner

Topic of Terror Overshadowing All Others

Bush to Present His Agenda for a Second Term-Tout 'Ownership Society'

Rasmussen reports: Bush 49% Kerry 45%

Junior Birdman's Exciting New Vision of the Future

Bush wants to show he can be trusted

Fox: "President to deliver 'optimistic,' 'future-oriented' and 'visionary'

W's missing year...a MUST read!

Would Dems Allow Kerry Pro-Life Overture in Fight for Middle America Votes

CNN Poll Question: Will You Watch Chimpy's Speech Tonight?

Bush Vulnerable to Move by Undecided Voters, Poll History Shows


So will there be a terror attack in NYC tonight?

Cheney Calls Kerry Unfit

I'm sending out a national pray for those who will be watching the Chimp

NYT, Wash. Post, CNN, WSJ Review of Zell's Meltdown: READ!

Picture of the day

Ron Silver is A Fraud

Launch on RNC: "a "tragically unhip" attempt to "get down with the kids"

Will Zell's hate fest have the same blowback as Buchanan's 92 gem?

Link to * potential issue with jobs numbers - see below

Compliant Press Corps : Downplaying Zell Miller Speech

GOP Fires Rhetorical Barrage at Kerry(attack character, credibility)

GOP Locks In on Theme, and Opens Fire on Kerry(It's the terrorism, stupid

My letter from Laura (Gag) Bush

9/8/04 Census reveals new measure that proves poverty's decreased under W

Those close to president urge anti-Kerry questions (Bush pushes smears

Kerry Sharpens Contrast With Bush

Post Your Area Protests for Tonight HERE!

Mama Zell's crazy

Who is Zell Miller? Look up PECKERWOOD in the dictionary.

DU this Poll now!

Zell Hate-talk Overshadowing Cheney =* Must Hit A HR To Salvage RNC

Demand media cover Miller Meltdown as Dean Scream, question Zell sanity...

Canadian Poll Shows Bush Bounce

New National Poll (Just released) Kerry 46% Bush 45% Nader 3%

The Miller Moment - Andrew Sullivan trashes Zell

Should we birth a new phrase? "Right-Wing Zell-ots" ???

What would the Repugs run on if 9/11 would have never happened?

CREW Decries WP's Failure to Disclose Novak's Swift Boat Book Connection

Is anyone watching CSPAN....Showing Republican's against Bush!

Al Franken is going to go through Zell Miller's speech today

Evil-Doers......zell, dick and george.....

American Research Group 9/1 poll: Kerry leads 48-45, 46 to 45 RV w Nader

Job Report not Very Good

Poll Results: "Which candidate, Bush or Kerry, do you trust more to handle

Quick question: Did the big three networks air last night's RNC speakers?

Kerry has to slam the Repub's on "Anger" big time

New Ads Hit the Airwaves as Kerry-Edwards Campaign Begins a Sprint to Nov

Just heard RNC broadcast got a 0 share on CBS, only 2 share on NBC!

WTF?! - Bush Gets Endorsement of NYC Firefighters

Latest MSNBC poll

DNC Dispatch:The Angry Party

How does the "War on Terror" compare to WWII ?

I've got more hope than EVER today

Zell Miller's Keynote Speech: New York, July 13, 1992

Polls show Democrats can retake Congress

How Can Kerry Most Effectively Bash this "Terrorism" Crap???

Quintessential Zig Zag Zell

Kerry Must Say It Is His Turn To Ask Bush A Question

Bush Convention Appearance Marked By Anti-Gay Performances

The republicans can't even handle security at the GOPpy convention, ...

Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll gives bush 4 point lead

CNN' Jeff Greenfield - said Barnes is going on 60 minutes and after what

I'm starting to lose hope for this year....

The Obvious Pattern

Zell Miller's Keynote Speech: New York, July 13, 1992

Zig Zag Zell's quotes and debunked sources

Andrew Sullivan a Democrat after Zell's speach?!?

September and October belong to us!

My thoughts on Zell

Al & Katherine: referring to the RNC floor as "The Hate Pit"

the "Zellout" is getting his ass handed to him by Franken....AAR

Zell is signing books at the Hilton on 6th Ave in NYC till 1 pm ET today

Greenfield: Florida won't hear dumbya tonite because of the hurricane.

Has Cheney ever suffered a stroke?

Responding to the third swift vets ad ...

Bush playing around on the Convention floor (LIVE CNN)

E-mail Zell's office and tell him "Thank you" for what he did for Kerry

Repugs must be shitting their pants - Lies, Issues & Facts will melt Shrub

Jamie Rubin on CNN ripping Dan Synor a new one

John Kerry was the Sheriff of the Senate....

Does anyone know TV ratings of Dem. vs. Rep. Conventions?

Another insanely stupid CNBC Powerpoll; email your comments

Andy Card says Bush sees America as a 10 yo kid..

"GOP Governors in Swing States Under Gun"

CNBC Power Lunch Poll,Chris Mathews vrs. Zell Miller,Who Would Win?

regarding the medal that Bush wore but hadn't earned . . .

"Where are the 12 guys who went to Vietnam in their place?"

"Dems Question GOP Approach at Convention"

Final (thank goodness) Franken show from RNC

"HI, I'm Zell Miller, and I destroyed the Republican Convention."


Owner of Anti-Bush Sticker Questioned by Secret Service

"Victory in Terror War Has Many Meanings"

Read this one: "White House in Fight Over Weapons Workers"

A great quote from BBC news "Have your say" reader write-in dept.

Swift Liars running ads in Georgia and Virginia.

Would another bush* term mean better TV ratings?

Some Global Sectors Want A Bush Victory

NYC RNC: Pier 57 Likened To Guantanamo

Famed Indian Writer Arundhati Roy Goes Inside the RNC

Caption a kinder, gentler Cheney

who has seen, read, heard this speech from John Edwards ?

George W Bush's missing year:" The family wanted him out of Texas"

If George Bush had one ounce of honor, he would defer just like LBJ did..

Franken to play Zelltdown

Cheney and G.O.P. Mount Vigorous Assault on Kerry

My playlist for watching the RNC tonight

ARG Poll: Kerry, Bush still tied nationwide

Bush doing a sound check & he has the deer in headlights look! (pic)

Protestors crashing the GOP's party

Kerry Gets Mixed Reception From Veterans

since i will be at work tonight

Bush: Socially Conservative, Fiscally Liberal

Things I've learned from the GOP convention

Cheney's "Sensitive War" Line

60 Days!

LOL Limbaugh's spin today...

How Does Kerry Defend Himself?

Caption please

All polls say Kerry up Bushit backfires.

Card Says President Sees America As A Child Needing A Parent

MORE electoral BS. The rules don't apply to them.

Cheney: Bush has made "healthcare more affordable". Kerry you're up!

Anybody have video of Zell losing it on Hardball?

My letter to Zell Miller

Zell Miller is symbolic of the entire Republican Party...

This is the Police State in NYC

Elizabeth Edwards mentions DU in a blog post!!!

Here's what Zell said about Kerry in 2001

CNN Transcript

Arnold's RNC "sexual identity panic speech"

43 Million Americans Without Healthcare -- All potential Kerry voters....

The Repub "chuckle" line...

Pat Buchanan on Al Franken shortly (2PM ET)

There is a Republican in my office who is going to vote for Nader!!

Salon: Bush's Missing Year ("Can we all be lying?")

I bet Mary Cheney is on stage tonight

OMG - Is it me, or do the "Podiums" at the RNC look like "crosses" in the

Brace yourself: Bush* will probably do fine this PM among his sycophants

Need one-line zingers for Zig-Zag's speech -- can you help???

Will Bush speak tonight.....

Don't get mad. Get Moving.

Cheney Lies!!! (Gasp, shock, disbelief)

So What Does Kerry's Campaign Staff Plan To Do To

Elizabeth Edwards reads DU?

James Gandolfini on the GOP

His Zell-ousness: he's been a marginal Dem for years, why NOW does he...

Let make some predictions what Bush will say

Al Franken wants Shout out, What will you shout. CA no f**kin way

I see Karen Hughes decided to bore out of the woodwork...


Edwards Dismisses GOP Criticism of Kerry

Need help: Kerry campaign schedule

Everyone Needs A Good Vomit

Today, I heard the funniest reason why someone is voting for GWB

Begala defends Zell on CNN

Zell says, "Protect your possessions!"

Who gets choice of weapons in the Matthews-Miller Duel?

Call for FEC to investigate John O'Neill's law firm

Tonight's new stage (PICS)-W working without a podium?

Mom turned off TV during Zell's speech!!

I heard shrub is coming up through the floor tonight....

JK & JE join their families tonight for a midnight rally in OH! Hot damn!

Zell hates when we call the troops occupiers. Bush called us occupiers.

Thank the Lord...the Vegas Show is almost over !

Do any of you brave souls

Captain Braincramp just went by in his motorcade...

Do any of you strong hearted, brave souls

Hardball last night (independent voters)

Keyes may have caused a split in the IL Repubs (Anti-gay GOPs comment now)

Where's the Zell video link? (Plus my pic of Zombie Zell)

Did anyone catch Lawrence O'Donnell on Franken's show?

"A gross distortion" of Kerry's record" - Clark tears into Miller

Wes Clark should be much tougher.

Does anyone know, can Kerry use his personal money?

Jamie Ruben did what was needed on CNN

Kerry needs to point out Bush plan to let people take care of themselves,

Rasmussen's daily tracking poll shows a 3 point drop for Bush during RNC!

Al Jazeera airing more of RNC than ABC, CBS, and NBC combined ..

Swift boat question

I'm on the Hiiiiigggghhhh Road to Hell!. I'm on the Hiiiiggghh Road

Mass Graves and gassing his own people

Wednesday, September 1, 2004. The night the Republicans Jumped the Shark!

Swift Boat signature a forgery

We need simple words

Bush makes sarcastic "tax relief" comment while checking out MSG stage

Powell Says U.S. Miscalculated Strength of Insurgents in Iraq

"Kerry Haters"? That convention was full of them!

Census Bureau; More Than 14.6 Million Floridians in Path of Hurricane

Nora O'Donnell ,mentioned, repuke aides say "it's all but wrapped up"!

CNBC has the perfect clip of "Mello Zello"

"Kerry bashing" vs "Bush bashing" in media 77/592 - right wing bias!

Pier 57 Story on Local Providence TV Newscast

9/2 Election Model: Kerry 330EV, 99.78% win probability, 51.24% pop. vote

Guantanamo on the Hudson

I have obtained a copy of Dumbya's acceptance speech!


How much difference does this election really make?

"Edwards Assails GOP Speakers on Issues"

Ark. delegation works Bronx Habitat project (but jokes, "Purple heart...")

The face of the Republican Party

i just got an emaiL from aLan keyes (asking for $$)

Randy Rhodes says ZellZag is going to retire so got his retirement plan$$$

Our plan for America Kerry/Edwards

I sure hope Kerry's campaign CITES Cheney's military budget cuts

Nader on the GOP convention

Edwards goes after Bush on National Security. So why isn't our message

Four More Years!...Wouldn't the pigs keep the posters as souvenirs?

A center stage..

people not happy with bush

y'all see this yet? zel miller = emporor palpatine! lol

Hurricane France(s) took the convention off homepage.

there is a wealth of damaging video clips of Bush

Slate: Excellent summary of last night's Republican lies with rebuttals

Frankly, Scarlett, Jon Stewart is the only thing worth watching

Zell Millar...not a Democrat

Edwards on GOP convention: 'Anger is not going to change this country'

Move on needs to take it up a notch.

Is there a national Republicans For Kerry group?

union just aired ad in CA. talking about house searches of americans

What's this about Franken "threatening" someone?


Bush checks for a pulse:

A few mid-week RNC toons

Is it time to start up the War Room again?

Interesting point by Oliver Willis....

The 9/16/04 Torpedo that Sinks Bush-Cheney - Let the Election War Begin!

FLASHBACK: Cheney wanted to cut defense? Say it isn't so!!!

GOP Strategy

Republican convention: Panic-mongering in the service of war and reaction

Pickles Sez: "* Has To Show Country He Has A Heart" (CNN Ticker)

Kerry recognizes Americans' short attention spans, so he's biding his time

Full text of Kerry's speech to the 86th Annual American Legion Convention

GOP: They do Bitter, but We Can Do Better...

GOP Delegates ride in Peter Pan buses to NeverNever Land

Any CREDIBLE links to Cheney almost getting assaulted?

You KNOW Rove is already trying to plan around Hurricane Frances

Here's part of Bush's speech tonight....part of his script (really)

Forgetting to Go to Queens

I worry about the debates..

Has the Kerry Campaign OFFICIALLY responded to Cheney & Zell yet?

just a few days of Bush foreign policy

Bush's plan: Jail or kill off all who dissagree with him.

Carville calls Zell pathetic

Just called Zell Miller's office.

The McCain-Kerry Flap–THE REAL STORY - READ!!!

SOA Watch Protesters Arrested in NYC


Crossfire on

Don Kings canned speech edited by Rove?

Here's a line Kerry should use

Where is John Kerry?

set your VCR or tune into 60 minutes this week - Ben Barnes to break silen

ABLE TO DO AND SAY ANYTHING! Zell and Dick made laughable statements

Kerry supported 16 of 19 defense packages presented to the senate

Is it just me or has the RNC been 1 "cock gun, shoot foot" after another?

Protesters still jailed. What are they? Enemy combatants?

Kerry planning midnight rally

Just Saw The MOB ADD!! (Mother's Opposing Bush)

Are we more safe now? Will terrorist ever stop?

We really ought to thank Zell...

Prominent REPUBLICANS For Kerry (or at least anti-Bush)

An open letter to Joe Trippi's........

New spin on Zell speech, His job was to get delegates lively, more lies

Put "the Imperial March" from Empire Strikes Back/John Williams

You know those Bush "halo" shots?

I *knew* Zell reminded me of someone last night...

Wouldn't a good Bushism tonight

Re Zell: Does anyone remember the movie "Helter Skelter"?

Thrust, parry. Thrust, parry.

How does Kerry answer the Desert Storm vote and the U.N. permission?

Will Hurricane Frances Overshadow Chimp?


I love that commercial with the empty factories

Kerr y camp called Zell and Cheney "Grumpy Old Men" ROFL

Has Anyone Considered A Puke-In?

URGENT.....protect the election....volunteers needed

Let Us Now Praise Alan Keyes

Did al Qaida really endorse Bush?

What proof do we have that the lies they are telling won't work?

Bruce Morton (Inside Politics) Just Poops on Bush..

Republican General Merrill McPeak Endorses Kerry...

sorry dupe

They have the Swiftliars Ad running back-to-back on CNN

Zell Miller's speech was plagarism.

How about this:


Rate this Campaign Strategy

The Liars

Neil Boorrtz (clueless) on the parties

Schwarzenegger: Missed Opportunity

Bush is coming up out of the stage? Sounds like goddam Spinal Tap.

SO now they want to get violent and start beating up on Women,huh?

Is it just me...

Has the *ush campaign filed for federal money yet?

I'm Already Hopeful, George - I Hope The Door Doesn't Hit Your Ass

McCain on Daily Show

Where is rumsfeld?

Statesmanship Returns; Miller 'Defined the Moment,' says Dr. Janice Crouse

If Cheney had his way, Mandela would still be in PRISON...

Remember: Zell Miller was THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER


CNBC says Bush's speech: "Your on you own dupes" a translation by me

Bush to blame health care problems on litigation.

CNN has been showing that swift boat ad all stinking day

Are people BLIND and DRUGGED ???

Zell Miller Reminds Me Of Mr. Haney On Crystal Meth....

DU this Hannity poll!


Karl Rove you magnificent BASTARD!

The hypocrisy hits of Zig Zag Zell keep coming..

What is up with the Barny video...?

We should have known when Zell Miller addressed the NRA

Next week I have an interview for an internship with the Salazar campaign.

Should I watch shrub speak tonight?

Per Karl rove- The twins comedy act was not funny

Is Kerry and Edwards rally tonight going to be covered?

The Republican Keynote Speaker/ The Democratic Keynote Speaker

Kerry needs to go on 60 Minutes.

Tack to Take in Answering a Wingnut Vet?

O'Reilly take on SBVT, heard this afternoon. O'Reilly a guest on

Scarborough and Frum piggybacking on the "Kerry response weak" lie.

Help the Democrats fight back - volunteer or donate to the Democratic

America is finally seeing the RePub Scam they are foisting on Us.

Lots of preseason football tonight, DUers.

looking for quote I've seen of Zell praising Kerry

Giuliani told Wolf that bush* CAN WIN NEW YORK???? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Want "Freedom fries" with your "Liberty Agenda?"

* Twins speech - "Whoever wrote this I'm going to put on a boat to China"

Just heard something very disturbing on a radio news report.

TBN Bible Network

CNN did story on W's "Missing Year" (from Salon) and Barnes!

A bit of history on ZigZagZell

People who call the Kerry campaign to tell them how to run a campaign

What is being done to reach out to moderate Republicans?

Mayer on O"Really tonight 8 pst.

I am proud of Kerry and of our convention!

Imus is right: Kerry responds THIS MORNING or else

I just heard the DC bureau chief of Al-Jazeera predict the election....

Preview of Bush's Speech - AP claims "Navy Challenging Kerry's Medals"

I'm marching in 3 parades this weekend!!! WooHoo!

Why no anger about Zell's 'wild eyed crazy man' speech ???

Someone needs to make "crazy" Zell Miller "remixes" (ie. Dean Scream mix)

"I'm George Bush, and I'm finally reporting for duty"

Zell response - Did anyone see the Georgia Democrats TV Ad here in NY?

31 drafts? How can it take 31 drafts to write a W speech?

Did you see Olbermann talking about the bicycle message writer detention?

Has anyone heard that Zell lynched Blacks in the south early on?

I have to keep switching back & forth between channels cause so many Dems

Freepers losing faith in Faux! HAHA

Divine intervention?

Are you watching the speeches at the Republican Convention?

Statement from Kerry Campaign Manager on President's Speech Tonight

******DU THIS POLL!!!****** Tweety and Zell

My Very Fucking HEAD Is EXPLODING! - Fineman: "Bush Doesn't Need Advisors"

Crashcart devoted 92 words to the economy and 671 to bashing Kerry

Technical People Please answer this question about wireless earphones

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!! - Sometimes It DOES Pay To Watch Faux News !!!

Watch the podium that Bush uses tonight

C-SPAN caller: George Bush sexiest man alive

Bush by Numbers: Four years of double standards

Why does Yahoo! have a special, enhanced Bush* headline?

Warning: Salon's spoiler for tonight: Bush will discuss "terror"


Does the Kerry campaign have staffers to call reporters, to call CNN, etc?

I called MSNBC to complain about GOP lovefest. Wanna do the same?

Fruedian slip?

Edwards Dismisses GOP Criticism

Latest Bush Button!

Where Have All the Real Men Gone?

Swiftvet leader O'Neil: "Bush an empty suit"

Actual journalism breaks out! CBS Evening News notes Cheney votes!

Neil Bush is at the RNC????

The African American demographic?

Latest Anti-Kerry Buttons (can you belive it?)

Wes Clark coming up on "Scarborough Country" on MSNBC - Heads Up!

Check out this pic of Bush's altar

Laura Bush says "This is the same man that I met at....

Polls: Things Looking Good for Kerry

Frances, not Shrub's RNC, leads network newscasts tonight

Ohio DUers...are you headed to Springfield for the rally tonight?

Will AWOL "make news" tonight?

Is the Republican Party just a DEATH CULT?

"Chimpy Dance" is now a video

Iraq War, Once Bush's Trump Card, May Be Liability (Update1)

Iraq War, Once Bush's Trump Card, May Be Liability (Update1)

Bush drumbeat: war on terror

Ward’s newer residents push Kerry ahead of Bush

Bush Bounty: Reward For One Simple Question

Did anyone just see World News Tonight with Peter Jennings?

Do pollsters call cell phones?

Bush not eligible for Alabama, South Dakota?

What the media is waiting for tonight

What time is shrub on tonight?

Rush said Republicans have never questioned John Kerry’s patriotism.

Who is this Rich Lowry putz on CSPAN???

"Pickled News" | did anyone else notice...

Fox gives snippets of Kerry's speech tonight. He will talk about GOP's

Zell's Matthews rant now an MSNBC commercial!

Daily Show "W - Because He Says So" video clip

Zell "I'm Senile" Miller's latest irrelevancy

CNN: "Spotlight is on Bush, but hurricane could steal it"

Somebody talk me off the roof about California...

I wonder if Bush will come out in a tank

Send editorial cartoon postcards

Kerry-Edwards Fact Sheets (multiple press releases)


Could Bush's entrance/podium/symbolism be tonight's Zell?

Regarding John Edwards and his Visibility of Late

I don't get Judicial Watch... Why are they calling...

A Brief Summary of GOP's Last Two Nights.

Bush already knows the jobs numbers to be released tomorrow, and....

Political articles and/or comic needed! 1 or 2 pages.

What does the market have to do with how the middle & lower income vote?

wIll hurricane Frances distract Floridians from Dumbo's speech?

Look familiar? Look and see the implication !

More Anti-Kerry shit!

Gergen And Ingraham Just Had A Battle Roayal

Setting up Zell Miller for the failure of the RNC

What if Florida is destroyed by the hurricane?

Get to Hardball...Fight

Bush = Orc

please start another Hardball thread and not tell us anything

RNC Stage - Twin Towers beneath Christian Crosses

Zell: "Liberators not occupiers"


Mel Gibson on a cross at the RNC?

EXCLUSIVE!!! RNC/Bush finale night podium revealed!

What is the over/under on the chimp's speech being interrupted??

Bush Will Appeal to Nation to Help Him Build a 'Safer World'

Kerry surges ahead in polls

TAYLOR BICKFORD: Charged with ASSAULT? Why NOT? He KICKED protester

NBC showing Zell as a nutcase

Meme: Bush will give "the speech of his life" tonight.

My friend showed me his voter registration card!

Zell Videos - my site went down but should be back soon!

Ralph Reed seduced Zell Miller... just heard some newsroom scuttlebut.

Steve Earle rocks and is on MSNBC Afterhours tonight (12:30)...

What do you think of Cheney's family taking the stage, except for Mary

Is this a good week or a bad week?

Ron Reagan to Laura Ingraham: "Let's Clear Something Up...

Kerry: Bush is "unfit to lead this nation"

Mathews telling that Repub Female to "Shut Up"

The cheezy notion of having * rise up from the stage brings this to mind..

King George the Turd

Dems need to purge Dem's who are really Repugs.

Google Bomb Zell Miller = Barking Mad


The song "Chimpy Dance" is now a video

Does Zell help Bush's "Uniter not a Divider" Charade?

I now totally understand the reasoning behind voting for bush

Anyone else have a feeling Bush' speech tonight....

A couple quick comebacks to RNC talking points...

John Cory: Band-Aids, Bullets, and Broken Hearts

CSPAN2: Kerry/Edwards Rally in Ohio, 11:30pm est/8:30pst

A handy MEME: Bush is Strong, but Bush is Wrong

I was right: NYC just fined $470,000 for its legal incompetence

Wes Clark kicking Blitzer butt!

Pete, Kerry camp....time to tell the truth about WHO is tough on terror

Has Bush or anyone at the convention mentioned O-S-A-M-A?

The BUSH-NAZI TIES: A Primer for the Kerry Campaign

Pioneers, Progressives, and Politics

Video: Young republican kicking a protester.