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Archives: September 20, 2004

Meyer's Take -- Excellent SF Chronicle 'Toon

Countering our children's culture of junk

juan cole's letter to a reserve officer

Long Article by Ron Reagan in South Africa Sunday Times

Salon | Bush in the National Guard: A primer

A Key Question from a Slain GI's Mother

Bill the shill never gets it right.

Bush's foes want to back Kerry but he's just too vague

The Atlantic:James Fallows=Bush's Lost Year-GREAT-on how IRAQ WAR hurt USA

Undermining Democracy

Isn't it about time

Britons 'in favour of wind farms'

This really isn't a good idea...

Why Is Drudge Allowed In LBN & RawStory Is Not?

I think this is illegal; can we lock this thread and others bound to

a few photos from CONFRONTING the EVIDENCE, 9-11-04

hey xray, how'd it go?

Kerry/Edwards Lawn Signs Available....

Needed DUer's in the D/FW Area

Is it me or is the draft the most undemocratic practice?

so. i want to get one of these automatic weapons

Take the Fascist Quiz and see if you need to buy some black shirts!!

I am afraid that by the time President Kerry takes over from *

Ft. Bragg soldier, returned from Iraq, sets off acid bomb....MacDonalds.

Josh Marshall Drives Me Nuts!

Soldiers do not protect freedoms, citizens do.

Bush & Co.: War Crimes and Cover-Up

I read something very disturbing today

The 9/11 attack was mass murder, not terrorism

Saint Bill Clinton ignites religious rage

Terrorists as Matadors

Sirius Subscribers Unite- Complain About The Hannity Ads

Should the rest of the world unite to stop the U.S.A.

Jon Stewart KILLING SwiftBoat Vets on Emmy Awards now!!

Letter to my Congressman

Debate strategy for Kerry

"Bush administration hawks pinning their hopes on regime change in Tehran"

The Epitome of John McCain (check out what he said about

Tucker Carlson asks, "Is Barack Obama black?"

McCain says Bush* not straight!

Our frontman: The Dr. No of Iraq


Check out the Old Americana films at this link

Tom Daschle has GOT to be a Republican mole

Tropical depression #13 forms, will soon become Tropical Storm Lisa

Patchwork of Insurgent Groups Run Fallujah/IWPR--New WMW

If Bush wins... do we invade N. Korea and Iran?

I saw the Dali Lama tonight and he talked about disarmament

When Bush* loses they will blame Al Qaeda

Hey look!

history ? have military families spoken out like this in the past?

Bush - Gore debate recap..

Take the Fascist Quiz and see if you need to buy some black shirts!!

Andy Rooney just said...

I am trying to visualize what life would be like if we impose a

BBV - Anyone have a list of all counties using Electronic Voting?

I am trying to visualize what life would be like if we impose a

Daily show just won an EMMY!!!!!

George & Laura Bush: the jim & tammy swaggert of politics

Blair & * state there was a plan... ok, what was it?

Kerry Supporters All Over Downtown Cincy!

Let Us Prey

While Bush is busy with his excellent Iraq adventure, hopeful signs

Ronald Reagan Jr. SLAMS "liar and fanatic" Bush*

Howard Stern Reacts to FCC Michael Powell Fox News Interview

The Next Imperial Lunacy , Super-bully going to Iran (?)

Hagel and Holbrooke! Do You think This repuke is Jumping Ship?

Stitchin' Sedition!

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

Man, Michelle Malkin really is insane.

The world DIDN'T change on 9/11! Enough already!

Bush is smoking crack if he thinks he's going to win Illinois

"That Sinking Feeling", Kevin Phillips reviews Dean, Graydon Carter books

DO NOT confuse the Rangel DRAFT bill with the NEW BUSH DRAFT ACTIVITY!

Does anybody remember Danny Casolaro?

London, England SEP-19-2004 Police hunted suspected serial hammer killer

Democrat Emerges As Major Stem Cell Patron

Emmies: WINNER

Great Lakes plan raises diversion fears

Family Values: Britney Spears is a Bride Again

NYT- Californians to Vote on Spending $3 Billion on Stem Cell Research

Three Kurds beheaded by militants

Elizabeth Edwards Headlines Harkin Feast

WP: Bush, Kerry Tentatively Settle on 3 Debates

(Texas) Surprise could frost Republicans

WP: Edwards Is No Cheney And That's the Plan

Edwards Calls Hastert's Remarks 'Politics of Fear'

Drudge Reports Bush/Kerry Agree To 3 Debates

WP: Arrests at GOP Convention Are Criticized

NYT- Effort to Train New Iraqi Army Is Facing Delays

A less kind, less gentle John Kerry

Whispered in Russia: Democracy Is Finished

Three GOP Senators Urge Refocusing of Iraq Policy

Mothers of troops to help 'tell the truth,' McAuliffe says

Kerry to hit Bush on Iraq - Mothers of troops to help 'tell the truth'

Another Kerry comes out fighting

Floods from Tropical Storm Jeanne Kill 90 in Haiti

In Any Language, Two Candidates Are a World Apart -NYT, Bumiller

Say Sorry over Iraq War, Blair Urged

CBS Talks With Suspected Source of Documents

Iran Is Helping Insurgents in Iraq, U.S. Officials Say

Diversion of Great Lakes water risks environment, Cdn sovereignty

US 'loses' war games

As protesters' ranks swell, Argentine's middle class turns on poor

Seattle radio station says it didn't fire host over Rather comments

MUST READ from "Bush in the National Guard: A primer"

WP: As Income Gap Widens, Uncertainty Spreads (More Families Struggling)

NYTIMES: Portrait of George Bush in '72 ....

Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters

Pentagon blocks site for voters outside U.S.

Scariest DU Forum?

it's my birthday!

Is anyone watching the enema's?

Dammit. Should I stay or should I go?

What's wrong with Laura Bush's face?

Scariest VP

Coolest Commercial Ever!!! The New HP Digital Camera Commercials...

It's my anniversary!

Most useless key

Help, please, re: Animated GIFs

Brook Trout!

Anybody crazy for candy corn?

Is anyone watching the emmys?

"Float On" by Modest Mouse

How many holes are in the underwear you are wearing now?

On a lighter note, who has fuzzy slippers?

Bear says "hello" from the Colorado River

Pet Peeve O'The Day: Websites With Black Backgrounds

Alright, alright, I'll admit it

Raita. Okay, fans of Indian food talk to me.

Go Read "Ghost Wars" Now

Someone cheer me up

Favorite gang bang movie.

Mr Show coming to TBS on Friday nights!

It's that time again...convince me...

Sealab 2021: Robot bodies for everyone!

Official Bengals vs Dolphins game thread

Separated at birth?

R.I.P. Skeeter Davis.

I need this song, more than ever

Favorite gang related movie.

I'm sitting here watching John Edwards on CSPAN and ...

How much do the Packers suck?

Linfield whomps Pointers, Division III voters better notice

Seriously....Are the Packers a bunch of no-talent douchebags or what?

Well I'm finally in my townhouse...

Looking for a quote by Joseph Goebbels

anyone want a Gmail account?

Fine. I'll admit it.

The Sunday edition of the Semi-Celebrity Lesbian Couple

For my gamers in here.

Found on another message board, hope it isn't a repeat.

Best maze game ever!

The Phantom Bloopers

Imagination matters: FOOD CHAIN matters. I'm plugging my book.

Sky Captain Rocked.

I'm on use or lose leave for the next eleven days


September Song, fine wine, cheap wine, goodbyes and Autumn ........

Moral dilemma number 3525: Am I gonna get sued over this?

Fundy song parodies

YAWN! Please tell me a bedtime story.

SIMS players? It looks like I have to re-install my Sims game...

I'm trying to remember that "WHIM" line; another BUSHISM ...

I don't have any stickers. I wonder what they think of me.

A Question For Red Socks Fans

Annie Lennox like a wine that needs time, or a painter who waits to death

Daily show just won an EMMY!!!!!

Public Enemy: When they were good....

25th wedding anniversary and they said it wouldn't last!

Captain Kirk wins an Emmy!!!!

Emmies: WINNER

Why Bush Stopped Flying...

Official Bengal Tiger Vs. Dolphin thread

Picture Laura Bush as Kay (Dianne Keaton) in the Godfather 2/3

dupe, please delete

I am now convinced that the Apostrophe scare is a scam!

I'm back from the Reuben's fest.. So who's up for some celebrity lesbians?

Any see Peter Boyle's Lapel Pin he wore to the Emmy's

A tribute to ZW's hatred of misplaced apostrophes

i betcha they would, too

W00t!!! Your prolly a Tuscan freeper!!!!

The Sky Captain & Tenielle!

I'm watching Under the Tucson Sun

I'm going to play evensong

What's this world coming to? Lions are 2-0!

1955 danish movie alert!

Tony Kushner rocks!!!

Weird!!! I Smell Cigarette Smoke

Daily Show won Emmy for best comedy show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone here successfully quit smoking cigarettes?

Help me settle a bet about ZombyWoof...

Richard Brautigan - pro or con?

What is wrong with SOME women!?

What networks are pre-empting regular programming for the debates?

What Network Will Carry The Debates?

Registered 90 voters in PA--during the pouring rain!

Bush Faces Global Critics at U.N. This Week

CHECKIN "It's National Security, Stupid" Crowd. Time to Raise a Cheer

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Not Outraged

Republicans criticise Bush "mistakes" on Iraq

The what DU is doing to elect John Kerry Thread

"Bring back Reagan's tax wisdom"

Mankato Minnesota: Elizabeth Edwards lends a hand and an ear

Brand New Zogby Poll: Bush 46% Kerry 43%

Senators Urge Bush to Rethink Iraq Policy

How many DU people only have CELL PHONES? If you reply no

Bush and Kerry to have three debates

Bush is a terrific debater - will be tough to beat


Bush's new Iraq offensive is like Nixon's Cambodia- Widening war

Lawyer urges snowbirds to cast their votes in Florida

How Democrats can win votes from southern white male conservatives

Possible problem with Kerry's Letterman appearance Monday

DU has had a very productive day....doing real reporter work..

Will Kerry Push the Debate Issue on Bush?

Andy Rooney's suggestion for showing political stance

NYTIMES: Portrait of George Bush in '72

Help! Need information on the draft initiatives being worked on.

Today Rasmussen. Bush falling, Kerry rising.

Edwards need to get that face of his on the talk shows

How can Kerry defuse the Iraq Flip Flop statements in debates?

Are the debates a Catch-22?

How Should Kerry Deal With Inconsistency's on War?

Does anyone have a link to the new ad about crossing...

Major Event In Orlando

How long will it take for media to investigate RawStory allegations?

Interesting timeline: *'s Vietnam era service record

Debates Kerry in Overalls with Keg is that folksy enough

Kerry a champion debater.

Rather has interviewed Burkett Sludge Report

debate on Friday Oct 8

Anybody up for debate practice?

Needed DUer's in the D/FW Area

Let's see how many pessimists and optimists we have here: Who will win?

Can someone please elaborate on Dale Earnhardt, Jr and F911?

how well is the media bandwagon effect with the polls working?

Terrorism is higher under Bush than at any other point in modern history.

I have a little advice for any lurkers or freepers that might read this...

My OIL EXECUTIVE Republican Uncle Is Voting KERRY/EDWARDS!

LOL, 'Scoop' From New Zealand, Adds Cheat Sheet To Kerry Press Release !!!

Rove smears/distractions that DIDN'T work.

Our non-political neighbor just put up a Kerry sign.


Time to PROVE we can FIX what "Dubya" screwed up!!!

the Bible will be banned if liberals win in the November elections

Post here if you always voted third party in presidential elections before

"They Failed Us, They Fooled Us, They're Finished"

Who are the insurgents?Does it matter who we kill as we bomb to find them?

People who talk about swaping votes need to stuff it.

Senator minces no words on GOP

What will Kerry say in his "Iraq speech" this Thursday ?

"Fantasy" clashes with reality over Iraq policy

Swap your safe state vote for a Kerry vote in Ohio

NATO can't secure Afghanistan

W.'s lifetime of failure: It's the incompetency, stupid

Just got home from the John Edwards rally in John's town, PA.

How ironic that Kerry spoke against the Viet Nam War

An idea to get your friends/family to vote for Kerry

What Prominent REPUBLICANS Will Vote For Kerry?

will they try to impeach Kerry for something

Dan Rather : The only journalist left in America

Does anyone have any material on why B* is BAD for Israel?

A suggestion: really BE American,...FIRST,....

CNN - Top Democrat: Kerry to hit Bush on Iraq...Iraq mothers to join

NEWSWEEK: Kerry Intends to Repeat and Refine Critique of Iraq

Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq

More O'Neill protest pictures.

New Zogby (9/19)

Why Bush is teetering

Who has the link to the news article (m)

Fake controversy

Some Political Humor Needed

Bush sucking up in FL. He told Ca piss off when we need $. He is so

Cheney, Hastert, Schneider. This crap's gotta stop. NOW

At the debates Kerry should.......

This is the October Surprise: Saddam's Trial

Mods delete please (sorry, embarrased myself)

John Fund: Dukakis II, A sequel to a horror show.

John Farmer: Can you spot the radical?

Funny Op-Ed: Bush should start boozing again!

critick:"Kelley Has Little New To Offer About Bushes";Just a regular fam-

Firefighter home from Iraq happy to be out of hot spot

Central Virginians discuss the upcoming election

The Enemy With Many Faces

Bush's Cut-and-Spend Plan Is Math-Challenged (impossible promises)

Who's Better in the Driver's Seat? Under Dem pres's. the engine hums along

Snapshots of a Crisis-sorry state of the nation's infrastructure&priorties

Presidential campaigns are stuck in the spin cycle

Reading Kerry's Mind - Safires gives advice -10 changes needed

Crude Dudes

James C. Moore Speculates on the CBS Memos.

Excellent Joe Klein advice-get succinct,/ lethal, response to platitudes

Daniel Sneider (KRT): Key U.S. allies shun democracy

Kerry vs. Bush: A Humphrey-Nixon Redux?

Where's the Outrage? - Clift

Iraq's Bridge Too Far

Kerry camp plans for hard road ahead - boost his 'likability'

CBS Admits they were Duped, When will the Rest of the Networks Step Up to

Bob Herbert is right. John Kerry must open up an let

McCain: Bush not straight enough on Iraq

Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@ -- Oldie, but goodie!

Amjad Rasmi Cartoon: Media Held Hostage

Today's NYT: Ethics Committee Afraid of Tom DeLay

The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal (Christianity Today)

President Bush is afraid of participating in the town-hall debate.

Bush's bogus claims on terror

WSJ: The Kerry Campaign Seeks Cuban-American Beachhead

NYT: Portrait of George Bush in '72: Unanchored in Turbulent Time

Four reasons the coWard-in-chief is an underdog...

The Rise of Pseudo Fascism

Micheal Moore Says don't give up.

How Kerry Can Get Out of His Iraq Quagmire

An Open Letter to Dick Cheney on the Anniversary of My Daughter's Murder:

Greg Mitchell (E&P): D.C. Dubya = Baghdad Bob

Kerry's Iraq Speech (Long)

The Fallacy of Overconfidence ( Why the ignorant are blissful )

Novak: Quick exit from Iraq is likely

Media Mantra: Bush is not as smart as America's enemies.

from Garrison Keilor

I'll stick you with a button if you stick MoveOnPac with a donation

Construction of a Voter Registration drop box

Are any big protests planned for Washington preceeding the election?

NY Repub. Convention protests photo essay

Stop Focus on the Family

Have you noticed that network news now refers to a pregnant woman as

Does Media care that Bush/Rumsfield claimed 210000 in Iraq Security 2/04?


Kerry Tax Cuts

The Economists' Voice

Navy will shut down Project ELF

Taiwan Tops U.S. In Web Survey

Locust Outbreak In Australia Worst In Decades - Mice Also Swarming

Global Warming may be worse than many scientists think

World's Most Powerful Ground-based Telescope To Be Unveiled

The Science Of Draining Hetch Hetchy - SacBee

Can TS Jeane move in a circle?

BC Sockeye Salmon Run May Be Worst In 50 Years - Water Too Warm

Transcript below of Kerry NYU Speech 9/20 on Iraq, terror & Foriegn Policy

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 20, 2004

Police Seize 388 Guns From California Man

Gun Control in Chicago Boost Homicide Rate

Is there a mirror site for DU anywhere?

Suggestion: Top 5 Liberal Heroes

And while it isn't my place to say.

How do I go about putting someone on ignore?

Guys--thanks for including #4 in the Top Ten.

Possible symptom of database issues?

'A State Cannot Indefinitely Stand Against The World'

Apartheid Israel: An interview with Uri Davis

Israel's unexpected victory over terrorism

The Riddle of the Transponders

shooting inside Illinois cap

Grrr, I'm getting so frustrated. (m)

Kerry and Edwards at TD Waterhouse Orlando 09/21/04 @ 6pm

Michael Moore to speak at UF

Must attend meeting for So Cal Residents - Mon 9/20/04

Californians clean up beach in the nude

Help Elect Patty Davis (66th CD)

Precinct Walk for Mike Byron (49th CD) on Sat. Sept. 25

Voter registration Q & A, Minnesota

Did the DMV raise registration fees?

No unemployment extension money

Ban on gay marriages looking like a sure bet

DU'ers; here is a poll to vote on......

Cheney appearance in Grove City 9/20

George H. W. Bush appearance in Columbus

Anyone here interested in an Ohio DU meetup?

Tom Bush and Perry (the rich one)

Sorry gang, AAR's not coming to Milwaukee

Put your freeper finding skills to the test

toon: Hey kids! Bring your cups. We've got Kool-Aid, and it's free!

want a little giggle? GHW "Twinkletoes" Bush pic

the TRUTH about w's missing year......finally REVEALED!......cartoon

Here are the Freepers plans for F9/11 DVD Release!!!

Actions YOU can take to defend Democracy

Bush chose not to go after killer of American hostages

Say it, repeat it, use it: NEO-CON.

Cool! Randi caller!

New infomercial

Today's Randi details

Need To Convince A Friend To Vote For Kerry.

I feel good and bad today.

Hammering the Issues - Funny Commercial to Get Out and Vote!

If Bush is elected.

Media questioning why the White House didn't question the documents before

Breaking Story: At Least One Person Shot at Ill. Capitol

They all are running with the story but leaving out who BUCKHEAD is !

Fed. Judge strikes down 15 FEC regulations.

The Real Problem With Media: Voters Still Think It's Liberal!

"A pool of blood" - Jesus bless all you murdering republicans!

Bartlett on CNN....

Bush Bounce Killed By CBS....


You should see the twitchy, bored crowd

Suddenly can't connect to Air America online

New Letter to Editor: "Republicans and Trial Lawyers"

Sue Niederer coming up next on Al Franken 1:50 EST

Well I've gone and done it now...

The Democratic Guest on Crossfire Is KILLING

DU Needs New Moderators!

War on Terror OR War for Bush's Continued Reign of Terror?

Did Jon Stewart Screw Up Last Night?

Heads Up: Dan Rather will be on Larry King tomorrow night

American soldier killed in Iraq after insurgents attack U.S. patrol

BBV Experts: Help Debunk Bob Ney letter

dan rather on larry king tuesday

Update on alleged RNC "kicker" Scott Robinson

Bush personally enters the Phil Parlock story

To the press: You're being rope-a-doped by WH on CBS matter

Youth of the Third Reich on the History Channel now

I so get it now about Republicans

Can anyone here explain State vs Federal Minimum Wage Laws to me?

Iraq Insurgency - Election Related or Maturing?

Is the mole in the CIA (or the FBI) story just gone?

Didn't Chimp say some time back he would give one speech a week/Iraq?

Baghdad Bush

The 'October Plan' is just more evidence that Bush wants a Dictatorship

Skinner..Demand Equal time ! Powerline Blog just used your analagy saying

NPR sez women trust WarChimp

What about that Judge that ordered ALL * records by today from Pentagon?

Just took a phone poll.....from Ralph Nader???

Without a Trace is NOT a conservative TV show.

RALL: The Four Stages of 9-11

Bush Supporter Responding To Kerry Speech On CNN

NYT Article: CBS will concede it was deceived about memos.

Urgent: German far-right parties gain in eastern elections

"Unfit for Command" Freeped

Hu's in China

Jimmy Swaggart threatens to murder gays.........Daily Kos...

Why does Chris Matthews keep talking about drinking beer with Bush?

TV Ad Idea - Fade in: "Turning 18 this month?"

Listen now, Graham Allison - Nuclear Terrorism

Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters (sigh)

CBS' credibility - it's all about CONSISTENCY!

Oh, wonderful...thanks Dan...

My LTTE...

Even Fox is showing Kerry's speech

Kerry speech will be replayed at 8pm EST tonight on CSpan

Group offers to buy back copies of "dangerous" F9/11 DVD. Seriously.

Meanwhile over at the forgotten war in Afghanistan

My LTTE...

Live online discussion with Howard Kurtz

Truth from a British official.

Children playing in US bomb craters - Cancer/poison risk?

The Kerry Speech Transcript is available at John

It's official: RATHER: "We were deceived"

The "values" race

looking for a website on petroleum and how much is used..

Does anyone have that image of Bush sweating like a hog?

DU Researchers: May I get your help on something?

Thousands of Families "will be really pissed" about NOFAX blurb

We've lost from David Corn

Anyone in Phoenix? I thought AirAmerica was supposed to be on!

Teachers lose tax breaks for class expenses

Bush (on the Titanic) defends "staying the course"....(must read)

This is why the cables aren't cutting away from Kerry....

My Nominee for Conservative Idiot #1: Dennis Hastert

CNN will carry John Kerry's speech on Iraq in five minutes, i think

Countries opposing the war were making billions from Oil For Food

Democrat Punches Cardboard cutout of Bush!!!

Porter Goss on C-span again - right now

"Baby wipes are gold."

Bill Shneider (PNAC member/CNN senior political analyst) promotes lie that

NASCAR dads who get it ...

See this Flyer on the coming Military Draft - and get it to colleges...

Help me update the Coaltion Of The "Willing" list

More Praise for Jon Stewart/TDSWJS

Are the CBS Memos

Do you support the war OR support the troops. You can't do both.

Will Dan Rather make a hero of himself?

An anecdote from Bob Woodward's "Bush at War"

Please tell me she didn't say this...

Like Lambs to the Slaughter or America is now Stupid

Let us now praise Hillary Clinton.

GOP to Poor Women: Get Hitched

Where's Waldo

What if Kerry's October Surprise for * is...

US ally South Korea 'caught' enriching plutonium/uranium to weapons grade

Fascism in the U.S. -Closer than we think?

Ya'll Quit it, Ya Hear?

New Democrat Network (read this for a warm fuzzy feeling)

Who is this person on Imus??

Film Archive Featuring Childrens Cold War Film "Duck and Cover"

When did Iraqi children become terrorists....

CBS...."WE WERE DUPED"......Report coming soon

As Income Gap Widens, Uncertainty Spreads

Mirror of Overseas Voting Site (BLOCKED In Some Countries By Pentagon)


What are the key points to fascism?

"Black Like Me" . . .

In the Bush regime, Brave New World has met Leo Strauss.

Am I the only one who finds those "W" stickers to be scary..

Late breaking, shocking news from al-Fallujah

F**K the vote!!

Iraqi Air Force Now Two Planes Strong.

Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq

God vs Bush

A new advertising campaign for Louisiana

Oliver North has (gasp!) played fast and loose with the truth

It was Sunday, I was bored, I trespassed on Winnie the Pooh

"Bush Focus Group" -- check it out

300 people killed in Iraq today.

Bushel Basket Bush

The Emmy Awards without...

About the anti-sports attitude from some people on DU:

RNC changing its emblem!!

I'd like to nominate a conservative idiot.

Short Films and Screenplay

Two comments, from Pelosi and Dean, about lack of Delay investigation.

shooting inside Illinois capitol

Were there beheadings under Saddam?

I Wonder if THIS PLACE Makes a Difference

I can't believe CNBC!

Basayev claims responsibility for Beslan school siege

The Lies About Iraq

Have MSNBC or FOX or CNN anchormen ever deceived or misled us?

what happens to moron and his henchmen during the lame

Heard on Ed Shultz: Perfect response to wacknut crowing

"if Kerry gits in, we'll need assault weapons and machine guns'


I just heard on cnn that Lincoln Chaffee doesnt think he'll vote for *

Kucinich Calls For Hearings On Future Of Iraq

Howie the Whore Kurtz with his Repug Op Wife...keeps at it on CNN....When

Democrats have Better Credit Scores

Now that Dan Rather and CBS has apologized over the false docs

The villiage idiot's TANG record is now a dead issue.

2002 War Resolution - can someone point me there?

Hey, anybody besides me think Dan Rather's got something

Need info on draft law forbidding going to Canada...

CBS memos won't die, Bill Burkett just made it worse, statement issued:

I just sent an e-mail to my Republican Senator.

The point is to take down Dan Rather

Kerry and * debate schedule

82d Airborne en route to Afghanistan

Okay, DU--You can push my buttons now!

I've been asked to do a focus group (Luntz) for "American Candidate"...

Another voting controversy against democrats

Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

Byrd On C-Span Now 5:21 Eastern

Kerry is Doing Much Better than the Polls State

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths...

another BULLSHIT Beheading video....5 hooded men, orange jump suit

imagine, if you will: kkk and his lobbyist girlfriend

here is a poll that begs for DU action!

CNN to Review Kerry Speech Tonight @ 8:00

Poll to DU-Did * fulfill his NG duties? "Yes" is winning.


Don't you get it? The AWOL story is officially dead.

If Burkett had money - say, at Scaiffe's level

Consider helping your disenchanted Republican friends

Sooooo? Where did the memos come from? And are they fake for certain?

Images from TODAY in IRAQ, 9/20/04 - 300 people killed last week alone

does anyone have the list of Bush flip flops?

Greg Palast on Majority Report tonight

Republicans behind the CBS memos?

What should be done with Dan Rather?

Rather did the right thing as it stands at this point

Forged Niger documents presented BY Bush in SOTU that led to war in Iraq

MY TURN by Dick Cheney

Lou Dobbs CNN Poll

Go away Naomi Wolfe, you faux feminist!!!!

October Surprise

T or F? | "Congress looked at the same intelligence I looked at..." -Bush

Howard Dean | Hidden Agenda: A National Draft in the Future?

Given the horrific reaction to date, what if they behead a woman?

WTF?? Kerry says now that he WOULDN'T have gone to war?!

The Thought Police & the American Community Survey

Ford introduces the first hybrid SUV

House Speaker: Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win

State dept. site showing Iraq was not connected with Bin Laden

My 70 yr old Step-Dad worked for K/E campaign in FL today!

Iyad Allawi peddling same crap as Dubya

If your SO was kidnapped in Iraq and threatened with beheading, would you

Damn, they necklaced Rather

Rather and Burkett caved on us...and I'm really pissed over this!

I hate this website! can anyone discredit or verify it?

Most repubs have NO idea how badly they are being played for suckers


Beat Up, Crappy, Cheap Vehicles with * Stickers

My e mail to Wolf Blitzer, Howie Kurtz, CNN

which is the greatest threat facing america right now?

what do you fear more, fundamentalist Islam or fundamentalist Christianity

Your Media is Killing You

BBV: Can a chimpanzee hack a Diebold voting system? We asked one to try...

The future of crowd control? Microwave weapons

DU researchers: Who is Liz MacDougald? Related to Buckhead MacDougald?

Federal government HAS to file charges if anyone FORGED govt. documents.

A Day In the Life of Joe Republican...

Washington State DUer's HELP!

So are you more like Bush or Mandela? (on-line political test)

My E Mail To Dan Rather Today:

"In retrospect,knowing that some of the documents were indeed forgeries...

How many American adults are addicted to Oxycontin type drugs?

Well, the beheading videos are out.

More Troop On Troop Crime

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan' #2 SAVE DEMOCRACY NOW

Timeline shows truth of Impending Bush Draft in 2005

"I'm Still Counting..." | monday is a TOON day

Oldie DU'ers where are you planning on moving? I can't stay and fight.

Robert Novak: Quick Exit is Likely

Patchwork of Insurgent Groups Run Fallujah/IWPR--New WMW

LOL, 'Scoop' From New Zealand, Adds Cheat Sheet To Kerry Press Release !!!

State Dept. Web Site Still Out of the Loop (no al Qaeda in Iraq)

Final Verdict: No WMD in Iraq

NYT: Taking Offensive, Edwards Says Kerry Administration Would "Crush" AQ

LAT: (new) Slogan Points Kerry in "New Direction"(v. Bush "wrong choices")

Top Dem: Kerry to Hit Bush on Iraq (5 Soldier's Mothers to appear)

9/11 families suing Bush, et al for MIHOP

Bush is addressing the General Assembly of the UN on Tuesday..

Iraq hostages deadline nears as senior Sunni cleric killed

Troops Must Quit When Iraqis Take Power - Campbell

BBC: US-led troops die in Afghanistan

An Enron Trial With Big Stakes for Ones Ahead

Novak: Quick exit from Iraq is likely

Yudhoyono leads Indonesian vote

U.K. envoy: Bush the best recruiter for al-Qaida

US-led troops die in Afghanistan

90 killed as Haiti battered by storm

NYT: Daschle Defends Iraq Remarks ("MTP" debate)

Who is covering Kerry's NYU speech?!?

Kerry's 4 point Iraq Plan.

BBC: Second Sunni cleric assassinated in Baghdad

US bishops' cash threat as split over gays widens

CNN: Teachers lose tax breaks for class expenses

'Anti-terror' detainee to go free

(ABC's) Westin Cautions Care with CBS Story

Yukos export cut provokes Kremlin

kerry speech

Missing tanker 'shame' in Nigeria

Iraqi Soldiers Released

DRUDGE: Dan Rather Statement on Documents (11:58 AM Eastern)

Bulgaria Nixes Iraq Troop Relocation Plan

NYT: Kerry Pulls Ads From Some States as Spending Is Limited

Report: Iraqi Guard Members Released

Bush defends Iraq policy amid bipartisan criticism

Thatcher wins reprieve

Effort to Train New Iraqi Army Is Facing Delays

Senior Sunni Clerics assasinated in Iraq

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Battle

Ecuador says it will not submit to US mediation

Judge Strikes Down Campaign Finance Rules

U.S. Soldier on Patrol Killed in Iraq

Steak fry skewers Bush

Commission to Investigate Source of Memos-Burkett Admits Lies

Yahoo News: One American hostage killed in Iraq.

Ukraine Firm Accused of Arming Iraqis (insurgents)

American beheaded in Iraq

Kalashnikov launches liquid weapon

Oil Prices Rise Above $46 Per Barrel

BREAKING NEWS An Islamist Web site shows video of an American hostage bein

Bush, Kerry Tentatively OK Three Debates

At Least One Person Shot at Ill. Capitol

After Abu Ghraib [interview with femal prisoner]

Medicare Drug Estimate Jumps Again (Now $576 Billion)

Residents: U.S. Aircraft Strike Falluja Targets (Mon.)

Senators Urge Bush to Assess Iraq Policy

CBS memos won't die, Bill Burkett just made it worse, statement issued:

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Student tied to protest violence in video footag

Hawkish 'Washington Post' Hits Bush on Iraq

Micheal Moore Says don't give up.

Policies, economics turned Muslims against Muslims in Darfur

'Friendly' espionage on the rise, experts say

Iraq's PM Says Saddam Depressed, Begs for Mercy

Lou Dobbs CNN Poll

Russia opposes sanctions on Sudan, eyes arms sales

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 20 September

Bush's files tampered with?

U.S. Soldier on Patrol Killed in Iraq

Report: Yukos to Halt Crude Supplies

Dupe, sorry

Iraqi PM: 'Terrorists pouring in'

Made in Tehran

CBS Evening News: Burkett lied to 60 Minutes

Is there a connection between Bush and the makers of the electronic voting

Gas Pump Price Up First Time in 4 Weeks

Pizza Deliveryman Crushed By Own Car Was Senate Candidate

Iraq's Sunni holy 'warlords' (jihad - not when but how)

Zarqawi Group Denies Report It Bought Italians

Kitty (Kelley) bares her claws (at * biographer Ron Kessler)

CBS Regrets Bush Memos Story - CBS News Statement

Genocide priest on trial at Rwanda court

65 percent in Pak support Osama

Over 550 Dead in Haiti After Hurricane Spawns Floods

Obama Leading Keyes by 45 Points in Senate Race

Brace Yourself Earthlings (huge asteroid flies by on Wed)

Tres Sec Snow (lies &) Says U.S. Social Security Needs to Be Changed

Venezuela's Chavez cancels UN trip, to visit border

Kerry Lays Out Plan to Bring Peace in Iraq

CBS News Concludes It Was Misled on National Guard Memos

Bush Scraps Most U.S. Sanctions on Libya

GOP Sen won't commit to voting for Bush

AP: Latest Ethics Committee Move (lack thereof) on DeLay

Afghan VP Escapes Bomb; Two GIs Killed

US determined to cut out 'cancer of Fallujah'

WP: (Ashcroft) Voter (registration) Probes Raise Partisan Suspicions

British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb

Musharraf Goes to U.S. in Search of Peace and Praise

Web Site Says Zarqawi Group Kills American Hostage

Video shows American hostage beheaded

Australia: Howard defiant: I would launch (pre-emptive )strike

British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb

NYT: Kerry Says Iraq War Raises Questions on Bush's Judgment

PA Supreme Court puts nader back on ballot

Cheney Again Warns Against Choosing Kerry

Haiti flood toll tops 300

Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart Threatens To Kill Gays

Nigeria banning Halliburton from government work

Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops in Iraq

CBS Plans New Memos Statement

First criminal trial over Enron collapse opens

Young people registering by the tens of thousands in battleground states

My wife loves watching me play with my balls.

How about those Chicago Bears yesterday, huh ?

My husband loves watching my play with my nipples.

Thinking about choking my chicken

This is driving the wingnuts crazy, I nearly fell over laughing.

I think that I've created a monster

Who Takes Military Reigns in China?

This picture is a wonderful, beautiful sight.

Out of the mouths of babes

My wife likes to watch me work my sausage

A little request: If you have a Kerry bumper sticker, drive nice!

My neighbors hate to watch me masturbate.

Pics from my bike ride yesterday

My wife loves watching me beat my meat

Your wife likes to watch me play with her toys

I just had my wisdom teeth taken out, ask me anything

My wife loves watching me handle my hose.

Fansite Consisting of Artwork Depicting Spock/Kirk Love

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Happy Anniversary to the Beast People!

Insomniac Thread

once again, i'm caLLing on my DU conscience

While the pic of the waitress is very nice..... here is the reality

God, this Gary Jules version of "Mad World" is so incredibly beautiful.

why won't IE let me type my user name and password

I'm not going to work on Nov.3rd.

Play Presidential Knockout (fun little game, try and KO Shrub!)...

I'm Going to Cleveland October 4 - 8

I'm So Glad Britney Wore White (For Her Second Wedding This Year)

AK-47 Creator Launches "Kalashnikov Vodka"

Suicide-By-Cobra Thwarted

Terrorist mugshot! (kitty thread)

Elkton, MD - Just got back from..............

Man Killed On Ride At Church Fair

Is there a link to the Daily Show bit on the Emmys last night?

Worst Insomnia Ever

Why do so many SUV drivers have bad driving manners?

Here's today's George the Second cartoon

The Emmy Awards without...

CAPTION Claire Voyance's boy

I agree with Senator Kerry, and ?

Bewitched Vs. I Dream of Jeannie.

Gay Marriage Constitutional Bans

never piss off jesus-trust me folks

Who looked the best @ the Emmys?

The Bateman Siblings SMACKDOWN!

Can't listen to AAR this morning...can someone

Police Seize 388 Guns From California Man

How do you take someone off your ignore list?

I received a Freeper phone call Saturday Morning.

How to start each day with a positive outlook

How does he know???

It's The End Of The World, literally...

I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall

California Nudists Help Pick Up Trash On Coastal Cleanup Day (Nude)

Principal Upset About Shot Glasses Given Out As Homecoming Momento

DU gatherings the weekend after the election.

One last Summertime dip in the pool?

A comment about Michael Moore's appearance

The Killers "Hot Fuss"

Mr. Show, season 4: DVD out tomorrow, 9/21.

WOW! So much talent on ONE STAGE!

Hey, I've got a tech issue and need an opinion

Who knows the taunt,

Vet Backs Atkins Diet For Pets

The Man's Too prophetic is Mark Knopfler

This really makes me curious.

Dammit - No sex threads...

"My family is more powerful then yours"

My Attempt At Jonathan Swift Style Satire.

I miss Portland.

Brickmasonry: Note to self:

Gals: Did you ever NOT shave so that you'd behave yourself on a date?

"Welcome to the Dollhouse"

To all who contributed to my becoming a non-smoker

help. i'm racking my brain tonight trying to remember the name

I'm totally fucked up and I just wanted to say

Would some kind soul please explain

Kerry/Edwards featured in tonight's episode of " Jack & Bobby "

Has anyone ever seen commercials for Live Links?

Yay! Arrested Development won!

Bush's Castration

Any Pulp fans here?

Lol! Check this out!

The "Biggest Injustice at the Emmys" Award

The Database of George Bush Accomplishments

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots blew me away...

This is what I have to say to bush, cheney, rumsfeld, et al:

I'm Alive!!

Anyone interested in an Ohio DU meetup?

I had a date with an SUV driver!

Assistance requested

Hey! It's my 4025 post!

Hey! It's my first post!

Who's getting the Star Wars DVDs?

I got a letter from a freeper Saturday

Art mystery solved! Ashcroft was the model!

Broadband Users Know More, Not Important Stuff, Study Says

I'd like to say a couple of nice things about Indiana.....

Islam/Middle East question here

and for my 1000th post (notice the lack of superscripting)

PS2 or XBox owners: Go buy BURNOUT 3 right now!!!!!!

I'm home sick, bored, and blowing off my mission-statement meeting.

Utah man cuts Don Knotts and John Kerry into corn maze

Anyone ever stay at the Rio in Las Vegas? Would you recommend it?


How do you know if you have a PM?

Chest of Drawers or Chester Drawers?

Democratic Underground MIRROR Site URL's

I knew a man Bojangles and he'd dance for you

DU Needs New Moderators!

Anyone else driven to the brink of madness by fantasy football?

Wow. Daytime TV is really bad.

where's Lynnesin? i have confessions to make.

$2,500 is the bill for surgery on Winky, my lil maltese whose leg

if I only didn't have to work today...I KNOW I could hit 1000 posts

Help to convert Word doc with pics into a HTML file, how to? PLEASE!

What should I do?

If you haven't been a moderator...volunteer for it!

What movie could BENEFIT from a sequel?

I'd like to say a couple nasty things about Boston

Sewing and mending question

I met a new buddy in my art class, but....

About the anti-sports attitude from some people on DU:

Any biology gurus here??

Utah man cuts JAMES BROLIN into corn maze

CONFESS!!! what's the nastiest thing ever found in your food?

Well it finally happened

What are the odds of THIS happening?

Instead of a plastic turkey will

Does Sniffa Make a Good LynneSin

'I can't come to court - my hair is a mess'

Know anything about life insurance? I need advice.

Could someone share their links to the little-girls ripped sign?

For all my DU Sisters..

Free anti-virus software

I need help on thinking up a good anti-Bush NTN Triva handle

Eye test

Who is at work?

IS it better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all?

Shawn Lee's Music and Rhythm is a musical powerhouse

AK-47s? Feh. We need laws to keep Etch-a-Sketches out of the wrong hands

SOOOOOOOOOO Many undeserved Emmys! Which was the worst?

"grandpa ganja"...this shit is awesome.

a home computer in the year 2004 . . . as envisioned in 1954 . . .

Republican wants his ass kicked for GWB

Like father, like son!

Help! Need pics of Bush sweating!

Is it possible to be addicted to coffee?

OMFG! Parent sues school board to let son eat peanut butter in classroom.

ok, as a loather of the kitty threads...i have to admit that this is cute.

Randi Rhodes just said she is on the email list

I watched "Ghostbusters" last night. Ask me anything!

2004 Darwin Awards [For Stupidity]

Are you in the NYC area?

Sophia Loren Turns 70 -- That's Right, 70!

American Processed Cheese food ruins everything

Ack! Lost my pro-Kerry, anti-Bush bumper stickers in the move!

Eat some Pie before bed. Seriously.

I have the most mean painful agonizing ouchiest splitting headache EVER

Hu becomes undisputed leader of China?

Australia or Cheesecake?

I'd like to say some nice things about Cincinnati...

The Bible is a forgery

Okay, I'm ready to put my buttons where my mouth is.

This is a public thread

Anyone use tinypic for image hosting?

I'd like to say some nice things about Connecticut...

CNN Admits It Cannot Prove Authenticity of Wolf Blitzer

How to break up with your girlfriend, Geek stylee

Why does my cat hate me?

Eat a potato before bed. Seriously.

Any update on Mairead333's son?

Ghosts in the Machine...

"Big Tex"-52 foot Bush likeness being prepared for debates

I've got a new sig line-it's from JOHN KERRY.

There's an "King of the Hill" marathon on right now

You can't blame me!!!

Calling all Fellow Red Sox Fans! I'm here to console you!

My, there certainly are a lot of newcomers to DU today.

A new Mr.Scorpio Feature: Girlfriend or Girl Fiend

Do You Like Sushi?

Could someone post the site where you access political contributions

Singer Skeeter Davis Passes Away

How do you pronounce TV?

It must have sucked to be a Red Sox fan this weekend

Double features I'd love to see!

My Web Page...

Nominees for asshole of the year.

Hi... I'm new... and I have an interesting story...

What should I do with the tickets (Vikes at Pack) when I win them?

Is anyone a Personal Trainer?

Kerry on Letterman tonight n/t

Reno 911 Vs. Trigger Happy TV

I Love My Wife.............

What book do you think should be made into a big steaming pile of pulp?

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin' our very street today (Gimme Shelter)

How Long Will Mr & Mrs Britney Spears Stay Married?

For your amusement

Air America Radio Shows

Interesting comment

I hate the Evil One. (Need Sympathy for my Rant)

Cheney says with Kerry we get confusion, weakness, uncertainty, indecision


What album(s) did you not care for at first, but now love?


Alex Karras is on our side

Has matcom recovered from the Redskins debacle yet?

Good date movies to rent

This is a private thread

TV fans.. Is there anything worth setting my PVR to see this fall??

If Toutatis really would hit Earth, would the media or guv'mint tell us?

Cellphone-only voters, check in!

Get Jesus on That Credit Card

Unbelievable! Remnants of Ivan back in Gulf. May reform/strengthen???

My mom was told to take her Bush sign out of her window

Anyone else hate email with a subject line "Agree or Delete!"?

How did you find DU?

Eat a Kielbasa before bed. Seriously.

The Philosophy of the Beat Generation

Russian Iron

Chaka Kahn is on our side.

Uh, I just ate a whole bag of chips. What should I do now?


ATTN: October and November babies!!

I'd like to say a couple of nice things about Michigan...

OK, so I tried Coke C2

NOW OPEN -- Allen's Confessional Booth (All Are Welcome)

Fellas, does your wife/girlfriend watch LIFETIME...

Sarah McLachlan's awesome new video- World On Fire

ROFLMAO !!! - Eureka, I Have Found It !!!

Republicans attract massive hurricanes. I have proof.

What book do think should be made into a movie?

Men Receive Bad McDonald's Milkshake - So They Set Off A Bomb

Attention newbies! DU veterans will post helpful hints here!

I want this gun...

Why No 'Lucky Me I Won The Trifecta' Ads?

Novak: US troops to leave Iraq NEXT FFFFing YEAR!!!!

Was 9/11 Really the Fault of the GOP?? Think about this...

Bush uses HBO documentary "Nine Innings from Ground Zero" as Campaign ad

Why are women moving to the Bush side? Cokie Roberts

Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

What will be your thoughts/feelings when Bush....

Good PA Poll coming?

Kerry and * debate schedule

"They will be no draft under John Kerry"

Michael Moore speaks're gonna pull a switcheroo on us!

Bush Claims To Have Been Mislead On Iraq War So If The

Funny Commercial to Get Out and Vote!

6 minutes to CBS eve news (Rather-Burkett)

Rasmussen Battleground Numbers for 9/20

Isnt it long past time Daschle was replaced?

So, if the "little dictator" manages to con the 'murican public into

I Am Thrilled!!! Kerry Gives DU Exactly What We Asked For!!!

Kerry has his own prayer circle

Look Out AWOL - Rather is now the TRUTH Messanger

My visit to the local Kerry - Edwards headquarters

Fox: "Bush Blasts Kerry for Iraq Waffling"

I think I'm on an island here re: Rather and the memos

We're fighting dirty now, using scare tactics, and I like it

Do you have any idea

DRUDGE: Dan Rather Statement on Documents (11:58 AM Eastern)

NOW is the time to start working the refs.


What would a scanning do to the font of previously typed documents?

Burkett Confessed: HE PROVIDED THE DOCS

So If There Is a Draft - Will Jenna and Barbara Be Included?

John Kerry's campaign has called for an honest national debate on Iraq.

Phil Parlock sign scam--disappeared from Google index?

Tweety (in his best voice of panic) "the sky is falling on CBS"... asswipe

5 Kerry-Edwards signs vs. only 1 Bush-Cheney in my n'hood

Also, Rather closed AGAIN by mentioning Bush's "Honorable Discharge"

"The content matters, not the forgery."


Should Bush challenge Rather to a duel?

Listen up DU people! No amount of spin can cover the truth that GW Bush

After 4 days, easy $3k to WH aide that says memos UNTRUE is unclaimed!

Safire dazzles again with his brilliance...

KERRY bush debate schedule is FINALIZED

What is in Bush's heart of hearts?

Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll

STOP watching the government media...listen to AAR now!

screw the memos, check out KERRY'S SPEECH!!!!!

Bush is a Flop-Flip to Kerry

Have you donated to the Democratic Party this year?

How does Bush have replies to Kerry's speeches the same day and

Media relying on flawed polls: Gallup and CBS/NYT skewed

Consensus: Bush is out of touch with the American people

wait til you see tweety's lineup.....all hoes, and a DINO

I stand corrected: Kerry gave a decent speech this morning

John Edwards in HD on HDNet...right now 7pm EDT

Maybe it's me, but I think there's another shoe to drop re: CBS memos.

so....CBS has a guy who lied. therefore you can't trust him OR CBS

Dem vs. Rep new voter registrations - would love to see for all states

ABC leads with Kerry on Iraq

Kerry is Doing Much Better than the Polls State

Another voting controversy against democrats


Domestic agenda for second Bush term (be very afraid)

KERRY: show us the real you!

How can Tucker Carlson continue to say

Susan Rice Rocks!

Cheney weak on defense

Debate fantasy thread: What would you like to see happen in the debates?

WOW... Breaking Fox NEWS

RNC response to docs: Kerry camp behind it

So with the memos proven false, can we start talking about NOW?

Help Kerry Push Bush's Buttons!

CBS Statement: Read between the lines

10 Days left to register new Democrats!!! Time is running out!

Post-speech, can Kerry reframe his VN service

John Cornyn (R-TX) just accidentally referred to "President Kerry."

South Carolina is getting close: Bush 50% Kerry 44%

letter to the editor please help

Who do we have to thank for Kerry's speech he gave this morning?

Some inside scoop about Kerry-Bush race tightening in SC.

Great-grandma bund & other seniors label AWOL "piece of shit"

Isn't today the deadline for the rest of Bush's records to be released?

John Kerry has 15 positions on the War, is Getting OLD.

The Memos Knox said she typed.

Campaign Finance Rules Overturned by Court

"Our troops deserve better than Kerry's campaign pushing pessimism"

Just a little bone to chew on...

Boy, good thing that phone booth was there, so Kerry could change his suit

Bush is a strong debater..

Kerry Edwards in Virginia or Nearby?

Do you want more encouraging news from Ohio? Read on...

Are the people that questioned the documents still FReepers in disguise?

Rasmussen: Ohio 48% Bush 45% Kerry; NH 51% Kerry 45% Bush

What is your favorite line of Kerry's speech?

Hey, Speaker Hastert:

Jon Stewart attack line on W

Baghdad George

Every day I think the media is finally going to report...

So we lost a battle, but we're going to win the War!

I shudder to think where our country may be headed....seriously.

Another beheading, but it's not Bush's fault.


Bush v. Rather et. al.

Kerry can "flip-flop" all he wants. Flip-flops only matter when you ARE

Do you have any friends or relatives in a nursing home?

Who will Kerry allow to buy into the FEHBP?

Kerry on Iraq employment opportunities: "$150 for tossing grenades...

Anyone know what the freepers are saying about Hagel and Lugar?

Randi is kicking Dumbya's ass today - so funny.

From KK's book- Prescott Bush & McCarthy

Breaking: 1st American hostage has been beheaded (Iraq)

Why We Cannot's Guerilla Warfare

Halliburton Speaks Out Against Bush/Cheney!

Amazing how Media Reports on the Presidential Canidates...

Latest polls, Zogby,Christian Science Monitor/TIPP show dead heat!

Kerry Blasts Bush for 'Colossal Failures' in Iraq (Reuters)

How are the media (or "medea" as I like to call them)

Police dismiss charges against woman who interrupted first lady

Kerry or Edwards on TV this week?

I still want to know how they did the signature?

CNN's Bill Schneider: Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win

Hyperventilators Anonymous, some here should join.

Inspiration from Michael Moore about polls, supporting JK, etc.

Candidates Peparing for Debates - Bush is Rehearsing

Kerry's speech this morning, anyone have a link?

Kerry Campaign Email

George W Bush is LOSING the war on terror.

Virginia DU'ers - refute SBL Hoffman's column in TimesDispatch

Kerry & the Debates.

With the way things are going in Iraq, Ralph Nader on the ballot won't

WH trying to pin it on Kerry Campaign

This MADE MY DAY !!! (a FIRST VOTE against Bush)

What one thing does Kerry need to establish at the debates?

Randi Rhodes says that Britain wants out?

At CBS apologized and admitted their error: The Swiftboaters did not.

Do any of you actually get the significance of the 'CBS mistake' story.

So, CBS recants. Where is the entire media mea culpa for the Swiftstories?

404 File Not Found Anti-Bush Pages - Consider Creating Your Own!

Bush's foes want to back Kerry but he's just too vague

CBS owned up to their mistake, will DU'ers?

Positive Trend Lines

New Bush Cartel Scandal list thread

McClellan on CNN now about docudrama

Three great snippets from the speech

John Kerry's speech at NYU - sound, vision & text (MUST SEE)

Is Kenny Boy campaigning for Georgie Boy this year?

I just got Kerry's fantastic speech in e-mail!

Exactly What Should Kerry's Plan for Iraq Be?

The real memo scandal...

A GD thread says Dan Rather will be on Larry King tomorrow nite

DU Needs New Moderators!

Just Got an Email from the KERRY CAMPAIGN!! (You Will LOVE THIS!)

The downside of the Burkett memos - for Bush

CBS Did exactly the "right thing" -- Limbaugh is crying like a baby

The speech everyone needs to see. Send this info to all your friends!

Why won't the Dems spank the media.....

AWOL wants to change Social Security (Reuters) --- tell ALL seniors NOW

A FYI - Any Researchers - Bush/National Guard

Latest Polls: Battleground states looking better for Kerry

John Kerry made a great speech


Remember this post on FR?

Kerry on Letterman tonight don't forget

has anyone heard of the website ""

Just received email newsletter from JK....

9/24-Last -Day Pentagon has to cough up all Bush records

Jesus versus Bush

Bush flip-flops on his opinion of Dick Lugar

The Holbrooke Plan 4 Iraq - Bombard the Kerry campaign with this idea!

Bush for President!

DU this poll please

Why not charge Rove?

Now is the time to focus on the debates - give people a reason to vote FOR

MEMOGATE : What just happened?

What is

If you were a moderator of the debates, what questions

Expose Karl Rove and Bush loses.

Interesting tidbit from electoral-vote re: VOTER REGISTRATION

Our best hope, realistically, for the authenticity of the CBS documents

Speech on NOW!

A Useful CBS News memo analogy (silver lining in the cloud?)

Kerry's speech will replay at 8pm EDT on Cspan.

Ten cuidado del nombre Bush!

Strangest thing about some polls sites down


Great Story on who "Buckhead Bob" is and his "timely observation"

MSRNC has someone on who said Buckhead's work is conclusive

Radio report: Ohio for shrubbery by 8 points.

What's happening with the Pentagon Spy for Israel?

I read that some people were having trouble finding yard signs

Why didn't the media go after the Swift Boat lies the same way...

If Kerry loses, the terrorists win

Malloy on Cheney-and by extension Hastert.

freeps want "someone" to go to jail over forgery

"Rules for predicting the Kerry/Bush Outcome"

New counter-Bush offensive launched...

Checking on voter status

Is it too early in the morning for some RW trash?

Meet The Press...Daschle-Thune debate is on C-SPAN 2..NOW!

ANYBODY who doesn't think Kerry is COHERENT

Statement from CBS- Interview with Lt Col Burkett tonight

Anyone amazed that CNN hasn't cut away from the Kerry speech?

Bush spin: turning complicatedness into flip-flop, how do we counter?

Since Dennis Hastert knows so much about the voting habits of

If any of you are missing Kerry's speech this am, you MUST try to see it!

My fantasy Kerry speech...

Even Bob Herbert is now trashing Kerry?

Kerry's Iraq Speech - Prepared Remarks

The only proof I'll accept that the documents were fake...

Leslie mentions "growing 'disconsent' among Republicans," re: Bush's

Kerry Lays Out Plan for Peace in Iraq (Questions Bush's Judgment)

Bush Sr. set up Dan Rather in 1988---history repeats itself

Anybody see the Bushtwins on CSPAN last night?

Question of day. Go vote it's an important one.

I Support President Bush Because... (NOT the Onion)


Miller memo calls Carter, other Democrats 'disaster'

Whether or not CBS was deceived, the public should not be:

Read This. NOW. (Why you really really really should be PRO-Kerry)

Unreported:W is LOSING support of Republicans

Senators Urge Bush toAssess Iraq Policy(Kerry "bad"vote on87B-only 5% used

C-SPAN is showing Kerry's speech....NOW!!! n/t

More Young People Registering to Vote (but only 18m of 48m under 30's vote

Kerry places "Mission Accomplished" in the crosshairs, pulls the trigger

did CNN and MSNBC switch brains?

Anyone else having trouble accessing

"Now for reaction to Kerry's speech, let's go to...

Shana Bash (CNN) called Kerry "coherent"

Remember Baghdad Bob? Now it's Baghdad Bush

Why are the Democrats legitimizing Nader?

What are issues Bush is AWOL on?

Bush still owes us four speeches on his Iraq strategy

HEY, Thats OUR MONEY$ Bush is Spending...very foolishily and in big

DU this poll y'all.....

NPR and Cokie Roberts Slamming Kerry AGAIN...

Irritating caller on CSPAN this morning, re: Social vs. Natl Security

One poll I'd love to see taken ASAP...

People seem to prefer a positive message

The Kerry Speech Transcript is available at John

The Kerry Speech Transcrip is available at John

kerry speech

If the Bushies cut & run in Iraq, does it ensure re-election?

forget these stupid polls and read Jimmy Breslin

CBS Plans New Memos Statement

Driving through the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis yesterday

30 out of 35 other countries want KERRY to win.....Poll

NYT: Kerry Says Iraq War Raises Questions on Bush's Judgment

I hope Kerry has top staffers watching Fox each morning!

Speaker of the House says Al Qaeda wants a Kerry victory

WDET in Detroit has dropped Tavis Smiley two months before election.

UeberGOPer won't debate? Then NO debates against ANY GOPer!

CBS flap-----Rove plan to destroy Network News?

Just saw the first ad using 'Mission Accomplished'

Debates scheduled...

Anyone see The Daily Show's bit on the Emmy's last night?

Maybe this is why cell phones aren't polled

Kerry/Edwards "Convention" in Orlando Report....

Who is covering Kerry's NYU speech?!?

WP headline- "Kerry Says Bush Mistakes in Iraq Could Lead to Unending War"

This station promises live video of Kerry Iraq speech

Lynn Cullen tells weak kneed Dems to "Suck it up"!

Debate agreement shows Bush camp's anxiety on prospects for win

Bush*s adoring local crowds may not be so local - LTTE

Kerry making speech on Iraq at NYU 10am EST

Kerry today @ NYU: military moms to criticize Bush's leadership in Iraq

NYT: CBS News Concludes It Was Misled

Richard Holbrooke is coming up next on AAR

when is Kerry going to shift discussion to the economy and jobs??

Rasmussen, Data for California and New York

GOOD NEWS on the turnout front: More Young People Registering to Vote

Watch video of the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin

Cafferty reading letters from viewers..

The cost of Iraq: Defense vs. Offense flyer for printing

Kerry lays out Iraq peace plan: Pulling U.S. troops out in first term

Kerry signs/buttons sightings on TV drama!

British ambassador: "Bush is al Qaeda's best recruiting sergeant."

Did I just hear that Edwards will be in Bond Hill...

Republican CSPAN callers are upset about Novack

We need to see more Wes Clark beside Kerry and Edwards

"stay the course" --- another BS line from the puppet

Edwards To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Raleigh NC Monday

strategy 101 -- McCain triangulating Kerry over Iraq did Daschle do on MTP against that jagoff Thune?

Somebody once told me....

as far as polling goes

Edwards on CSPAN NOW!!!

Did I jus hear that * is going to appear on O'liely?

Bill Schneider Should Resign

schneider cnn....voters concerned about iraq

Found this for all of the Kerry doubters out there

AOL says "Republicans CARP on Iraq"

First try @ up loading a pic

Both CNN and MSNBC making comments that CBS will

Bush accused of fraudulent payments in National Guard

what would the polls be like if Saddam had been capured today?

I have a better idea for a town hall presidential debate

could third party candidates recieve a record number of votes this year?

SMOKING GUN !!!! More superscripts found in Bush documents at AWOL Bush.

Carol King just came to a party we had for our legislative

Kerry to visit West Palm Beach

The American people need the truth about Iraq, not a new slogan!

Repubs adopt Dean's Message!

Moderate democrat-v- liberal democrat

Local Celebrity Speaks Up for John Kerry

TPM: Marshall hinting that 527s do an abortion ad on Bush

On this gay board..Kerry seems to be the most popular !

Remember Bush's promises in 2000: Rx drugs benefits

Who is our base?

Why Bush is teetering

The twins are on C-SPAN

Check out these numbers on our local new voter registrations. Excellent!

The Compleat Dick Cheney

Can you get anybody in the REAL world to care about CBS/memo crap?

CNN: Hastert (R-Bloated) Sez al Qaeda Wants Kerry To Win

Should Kerry play the Congress card?

WAR! Your Kids Blood is Next Thanx To W

Find an DEBATE event in your area

Kerry it's our turn. Check this out

Advice needed about letters to my newspaper

Just heard on CNN

Aha, a blast of polling insight!

Zogby has FL going to Kerry

Bush to pull Troops from Iraq in 2005 - Why? DUH! To Invade IRAN!!!!

Sweet Poll Goodness from Zogby:

"Bush Focus Group" -- check it out

Reuters: "British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb"


DU'ers: Are you depressed?!?! Here is some good news!!

BUSH Likely To WITHDRAW From IRAQ After Election

What was the motivation for Bill Burkett? I don't get it.

Did CBS intercept a Rove dirty trick aimed at Kerry?

CBS report DID NOT say that the memos were fakes or forgeries

Obama Has 45-Point Lead Over Keyes

Need Help to Get this Flyer on Military Draft up at colleges/universities

Ashcroft's Justice Dept intimidating minority voters.

Unlike Bush...nobody died because of CBS fake documents

Here's Hoping That Kerry Begins Announcing His Cabinet Choices (His Team)

Nader Ordered Off Ballot by Judge (Arkansas)

Do You Personally Know ANYBODY Who Voted For Gore In 2000, But...

Team Kerry blew the first chance to stick it to Rove. Now the RNC has

The Excuse pResident offered 23 different rationales for the Iraq war.

Kerry just won the election with this speech.