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Archives: September 22, 2004

Media BlackBalling Kerry Press Conference?

"My Letter On behalf of Mrs. Niederer" by sffreeways

Salon: Forgotten Casualties (Mentally Scarred Soldiers Ignored)

SeattlePI: "War is peace" (we're living in Orwellian times!)

Don't let GOP muddy the waters (LTTE / Boston Globe)

**The Pentagon doesn't want you to vote overseas**

Draft? Bush’s war needs troops

I just sent this to the Houston Chronicle


Maul Of America - When Sprawl Runs Amok

Volkswagen Jetta TDI warranty is voided by biodiesel.

09.21.04: 1,172 Combat Deaths In Iraq. 1,037 U.S. Soldiers.

what is the main thing about kerry that you find admirable?

There's alot of's as bad as Primaries or Worse...How do

Have You Guys Seen\Ever Thought About Using This ???

Excellent banner on the home page!

Sigh. Another thread move complaint

The name I post under.

What SHOULD HAVE happened on 9/11.

Schwarzenegger vetoes bill to ban 'Redskins' as name for teams

Action Alert: MI - access to birth control and health care for LGBT

Voter Registration in York this Saturday, 9/25

Please vote for Joe Hoeffel in the DFA challenge!

I flipped off the freepers at DuPont today

Has anyone in the admin. mentioned the beheaded Americans?

MSNBC: Bush, "No Apologies," and Kurt Cobain supplies the soundtrack

Those CBS memos contained the address of George H.W. Bush

Viveca Novak??? Is she related to Bob?

DeLay going on defense? About time.

Roger Stone - the sex scandal that was missing (and it's GOP)

This "scandal" is SOOOO Bush league!

Older story about "Pig-Boy's" Math

Draft? Bush’s war needs troops

DU Help, Please Debunk this E-mail

Anyone gonna watch bill oreilly try to assassinate Terry Gross' character?

Kofi Annan tells Bushco " No One Is Above The Law"

Rather should read Kelley before he decides who should apologize

Last 2 beheading done because US has women in prisons. Do we?

Simple idea, but Kerry should illustrate how * has NO friends

The Worm is turning,

Is broadcast news on a death spiral (D Norville)

NBC4, Ohio...Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked at Concert

Woodward, Frankin, and several other talk show hosts on Larry King

Interesting side Note to a Morbid Story

I think the polls are skewed.

Philips home defibrillator?

Forget terrorism - worry about global geophysical events

Dirty tricks... who they REALLY fear

Does anyone else think of Bill Burkett when they look on DU and see

Who saw Newshour on PBS tonight?

Answering a young Bush follower

I've felt like smashing some Bush lawn signs...

anyone got URL for Iraq pre 9/11 oil distribution plan?

strangest billboard...

Dubya and Neo Cons in hot water with old GOP guard

Nov 21, 2001 Rumsfeld distracted Franks with Iraq while Osama escaped


Oregon high school student explains "Why NOT to vote for Bush"

Sharp Librarian Foils Partisan Voter Registration Group (GOP)

Who Is This Guy With His Arm Around *

Article in local newspaper from returning solider

Strangest weather report I have EVER heard. IVAN back in Gulf!

How much of this story is true and just exactly where did Allawi ?

My email conversation with CBS

Poll: 69% of US Jews will vote for John Kerry

First post

TDS Tonight?

Haliburton finds new revenue stream in Iraq...

Mexico's Schools Can't Keep Up (with explosive growth)

next they will say kerry claims to invent the internet

The world is hating Bu*h

New to Florida - two items

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

On a side note: Yay Chip and Kim!

Dem. Underground is mentioned in Sept. 27 issue

Plame: What is the probability Fitzgerald will indict before the election?

Daily Show thread. Signing in!

It's turning around...put Kerry-Edwards back on top!

Richard Clarke on Daily Show has 911 Commission blessings (new paper back)

Need Source For Bumper Sticker!

Wow. "Hardball" is using the Zell Miller clip in their new ad.

Franken on Larry King NOW!!!

please critique my article for the school newspaper re: military draft

NYT's Katherine Q. Seelye is an egregious media whore

"Cat Stevens, on watch list, diverts plane"

Imagin how easy this election would be if 9/11 never happened

Women in Iraqi prisons......Only 2 !!

Hold your head high, the world is on our side, and we will win!

"Fox Blocker" for your TV?

Mike Malloy thread: -->>Here<<--

Hey, by the way...Will Cheney EVER release Energy minutes?

RICHARD CLARKE on the Daily Show: Which Senator Was He Talking About?

The Iraqi Women in Prison

Freeper hijacks thread... results are ugly...

what's the password for subscription newspaper sites?

The Former Cat Stevens Gets Plane Diverted

The Pit Bulls at CBS's Throat

Amazing MSNBC poll

to the 'Undecides' passing through....

Bill Maher debates Scab-borough tonite...msnbc

The smirk of all smirks of all smirks!

Novak is on CNN saying his sources in Washington are saying

Edward Bernays, The Father of Spin and Corporatist Mind-Control

so today, i met an african american who's voting for Bush.

DU this poll - about our "favorite" and not so media people

To deliver difficult news to the nation, Bush begins using....

Confusing stories re: the executed hostages

Clinton's hospital stay revealed tender Hillary, tense doctors

Guardian - Still no votes in Leipzig

Displaced by Frances a Kerry voter needs advice

*Please* promise me that you won't blame the troops for this war

A question about the "skills draft"

We are losing the war in Iraq

Can someone explain this?

What bumperstickers/magents do you have on your vehicle?

CNN now - Franken and Hightower

Bush Rejected Plans to Go After al-Zarqawi

How to commit genocide in the age of media

The liar caught on tape

Notes from the great Robert Kennedy, Jr's appearance in NYC Monday night.

Hey I need a linkto the national debt under Reagan, Bush 1 &2, and Clinton

Calgary pied pipers rid neighbourhood of rats

'Thugs' in high places

Do you feel it?

Gore campaign rejected allegations similar to CBS report

Iraq's Sunni-Shiite tension rising

Draft? Bush’s war needs troops

Feds: Cigarette Makers Lied for 50 Years

Iraq makes it boom time for former dogs of war

Cat Stevens' plane diverted; alert list mixup

Iraqi women try to help Americans see the country through their eyes

9-11 mastermind had Australian visa

WP: EPA Wording Found To Mirror Industry's

Venezuela opposition faces split (2 prominent figures quit) | BBC

Reuters: U.S. Tanks, Planes Strike Baghdad Shi'ite District

U.S. sells 5,000 ‘smart bombs' to Israel | Globe and Mail

US to sell (5000) smart bombs to Israel: report

Kerry resumes Colorado advertising | Denver Post

Bush Rejected Plans to Go After al-Zarqawi

Syrian 'Redeployment' Raises Questions/Lebanon--New World Media Watch

CBS Producer on Thin Ice After Guard Story

Bush's Cuban American Support May Be Slipping: LA Times

Bush policy brings the world on his back

Budget math deflating many Bush initiatives

EPA Wording Found To Mirror (Energy) Industry's (internal memos)

NYT: Bush Aides Divided on Confronting Iran Over A-Bomb

Blue truth, Red truth (Democratic Underground mentioned)

WP: New Ad Says Kerry Met Secretly (with the "enemy" in Vietnam)

DoD Identifies Army Casualties # 1036 &1037 (New 23:30 CST)

WP: Bush Stands His Ground, Sets Himself Apart

WP: U.S. Now Taking Supporting Role in Iraq, Officials Say

Poll giving Kerry lead stirs controversy

(Marine) Corps top general in Iraq criticizes handling of Fallujah

WP: The War's (death) Toll on Iraqi Civilians

Hispanics slam Bush

Sacramento County temporarily bans medical marijuana shops

WP: The Kerry Camp, Cautiously Giddy

Brazil Creates Most Jobs Since 1992 in August as Economy Grows

Pentagon wants to make it a court martial offense for troops to use prosti

Cat Stevens, on Watch List, Diverts Plane (denied entry to USA)

Agent Orange darkens dreams of Vietnam's progeny

Dutch Singles Just Aren't Loving It (yahoo)

My puppy's feet reek

Attention newbies! DU vegetarians will post helpful hints here!

Conversation with FREEPED friend

Great idea! Ann Coulter should be classified as "Historical Fiction"

I'm Moving to San Diego - I need some Help

Screw Big Tex, and he'll bite you on the...

Can't pry your fat ass away from the tv long enough to eat in the kitchen?

Paul Simon Appriciation Thread:

I saw a Simpson's I haven't seen before....

45 RPM record sleeves: Day 1 of ?

Could Paula Zahn BE any more OBNOXIOUS???

I'm so old I remember...

Bill Maher to be on Scarborough tonight at 10 PM EST if you can

Wake me up when the election is over!

Hey now I have gmail invites to give out......anyone want one?

To scaver or not to scaver,

I have the 1st video of ET (with the gun) Should I auction it off?

Dreamworks to produce "At the Mountains of Madness."

I've got this discharge....

Flipped through a few pages of that new book from Daily Show writers

Can a ghost rape a snipe?

Star Wars Episode III, Anybody Got Any Inside Info

#1 favorite "nosh" at night?

Oh shit! What did he just say about the brown acid?

Hmmmm..... homemade pea soup


The Daily Show's America (The Book): Have You Read Anything Funnier?

I murdered spiders today

OK, it's cult TV time: Favorite monster from KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER?

14 Strikeouts for Kurt Schilling Tonight!

WHAT a sox game to catch the last inning of. Who else just saw that?

A rant and thought, please read

Anyone else having trouble with AAR?

Would Roger Stone fuck a snake if you held its head still?

A reminder of what's coming here in a few months.

How many are planning 11/2 watch parties with lots of liquor available?

Am listening to Kraftwerk's Autobahn - will be back in 22 minutes.

What's the best thing to assault your TV with

Bent - Cylons in Love - Buy it or Steal It - Music of the Gods.

Strangest weather report I have EVER heard. IVAN back in Gulf!

I just got picked to be a "secret customer" at a steakhouse in Wausau!!!

I'm sauteing white and green asparagus in butter and garlic

The Samurai and the Jedi

Must be something about the name Chip....SPOILER...Amazing Race

The Official God FAQ

Has Hollywood ever made a good "haunted house" movie?

Fan mail I just received, and my reply

Anybody here playing Fable for the Xbox?

West Wing - Is it going to still be on? What night? Or has it died?

The ZombyHarem has officially RE-OPENED.

On a side note: Yay Chip and Kim!

People Who Died

Not sure I can stand to watch the debates... am I the only freak who has never seen Star Wars?

I got 100!

By the gods, I'm in deep doodoo

Who Smokes Pot

The Zombies have a new CD out. Does anybody else not give a damn?

Doesn't look the Kerry Press Conference will be on CSpan after all....

I Want Some Damn Alvis Spirit Here!

Total Surveillance Society

Have you ever had a crush on the weather man?

The Harper Valley PTAAAAAA....


DU astronomers: anyone else watching Toutatis


ok... I love Macy Gray....but

Okay, so am I the only freak who has never seen E.T.?


Credit cards

WTF? Since when is Cat Stevens a threat to national security?

I just became a minister, ask me Anything!

Cat Stevens a Terrorist??

is human nature basically good, or basically bad?

Which is the best movie monster?

Here's A Poll That The Guys Will Love Kerry 43 Bush 19 (Parental Warning)

Procrastinators unite! What noxious chore are YOU putting off?

Things You'd Love to Say at Work, but Can't

I have a test in Statistics tomorrow. Wish me luck.

The Plot Against America


Are ALL males B/T 25-35 brain dead?

Confess...Movies I've never seen but it seems the whole

My throat hurts, my nose is stuffy, and my eyes are baggy .....

My puppy's a neat freak

How's this for a moron? (Moran)

You must always read your spam

Windows question. I need a utility for the machines at Dem Hdqtrs

i'm drunk!

I love Mike Malloy!

any other DU'ers playing Stars Wars Battlefront Online on Xbox Live?

Has anyone heard from Mari333?

Did anyone else go to see "Control Room"...

Here I am, a diehad Mac fan, and I STILL don't know which one to get yet!


I just bought tickets to see Michael Moore in Seattle. Ask me anything.

The Most Important film of ALL Time. Influential, Artistic. Made a dif

Favorite hard candy?

What's your favorite way to refer to bush?

Songs hated by the cool kids that you secretly like

The Amazing Race (spoiler)

Some Star Trek rumors -

Why did WMDs not warrant this much attention???

I have been out of touch the last few days...When are the Debates?

(216) 578-1100 - Wednesday Afternoon, after 3:10pm

Tivo'ed Edwards on Lou Dobbs...

Sundance may show F9/11


Coming up on 40 days to election! To phrase it in biblical terms

Everybody wants to be a star..

Did any countries walk out on Bush at the UN today?

AP: Kerry Fund-Raisers, S. Korean Spy Met

Do you feel it?

Letterman get 5.4 share,highest since debut ,+1 on Leno with KERRY ON!

So nice to finally debating TODAY instead of 30 years ago

Analogy Contest

I think this "story" on the air every night hurts the Bush campaign.....

DU This Poll

Who's Banking on Bush - Top Contributors

I think the Rather Lather has bitch-slapped the entire "media"


Burkett's lawyer interview

You're A Mean One, Mr. bush

the real reason they hammer the "flip-flop" meme: desperation!

I can't believe Shrub said that the NIE...

here's how we beat karl rove

How undecided voters affect Kerry's chances.

Kerry news conference-do we know if it will replay somewhere? I


The pukes trust the American people to make the right decision.

New Poll: Bush only up SIX in South Carolina

I challenged myself to write a letter about why I support Kerry.

Margaret Cho benefit for our Jeff Seemann, formerly AWD of DU.

Positive Outlook: Kerry Has Four Voting Groups That Gore 2000 Did Not Have

Answering a young Bush follower

Mike Malloy on now

Campos: The average voter is an idiot

Saudis see Dubya 2nd term as a catastrophe

How can you run for president in multiple parties?

Bob Woodward, Al Franken on Larry King tonite to discuss CBS Docs

Damn you, Hannity and John O'Neill!

We need to find ONE major, objective news source on the web

There's no way Kerry will get FEWER votes...

Journalist shocked today --- an "unscripted interview" by Kerry

Did anyone hear about an attempted shooting of Kerry and *?

Poll: 69% of US Jews will vote for John Kerry

Bush's Cuban American Support May Be Slipping

Will the Kerry folks and other democratic spokespersons... local station is going to air the Kerry speech I think

Bush Diplomacy

The Corporate owned media whores fried Condit & now they are after Rather

A delicate balance?

Question-Rob Lowe

Goes without saying, but the energy industry owns the Republicans

Bush Rejected Plans to Go After Top Terrorist (The Daily Mislead)

Can anyone make a parallel between *Sr's and *Jr's attempt at 2nd term?

Just sent to me from my

If the population of the G8 could vote.........

What's with all this CBS-Kerry stuff?

Why Is Kerry Losing Arab-American Support? Dr. James Zogby, Arab News

What Is Bush Hiding?

Yellow Bracelet Kerry is wearing?

using the same tactics as in thing they will say Kerry helped


My email to my local news channel Re; Orlando Kerry Appearance

How did the Orlando rally go w/Kerry & Edwards?

What this Dem campaign needs a little more of:

Prime Creator's wrath on Florida for 2000 election fraud proven.

could Kerry's strategy shift be working already?

Democratic Undergrouond is mentioned in Time Sept 27 issue

I think the 4 closest states of the election (if it is tight) will be

Old News but these State Polls are looking Better! (Map)

Steve Bell: U.K Guardian sums Bush's visit to the U.N very well:

Excellent K/E strategy - calling a lie, a LIE!

Notice "W's" weasly approach while speaking? Its to "soften"

9/22: (A)nother (R)eally (G)reat day for Kerry...

Hold American Voters Accountable

What is this man thinking?

Why Kerry will win and Bush will LOSE.....Too Much BS from BushCo.

VH-1 presidential race "Battle of the Bling"

I just saw the commercial

Link for Kerry's Press Conference?

I haven't felt this great about our campaign since the convention!

NYT has been TOTALLY taken over by Neocons

John Edwards will be on with Lou Dobbs 11pm est time

Kerry explaining IWR vote reminds me a little of Marion Barry: "bitch set

Judge Baer's order to the Pentagon to release Bush records.

I'm going to do a Kerry ad. Here's the idea

DU this Poll - Poll - With hindsight 20/20, would you have invaded Iraq?

MN Star Trubune Editorial: Truth to power/Change course in Iraq

A saboteur, a pattern, and a handicam. . . developing

Any Video Clips of Kerry's Press Conference?

Kerry and Edwards speeches in Orlando online

Positive attitude resurfaces at DU... developing...

Somethings up:Bush Campaign Gets a Case of Camera Shyness

3 DeLay Aides Facing Charges in Fund Inquiry

Who are your neighbors supporting?

Kerry was his best today

Sharp Librarian Foils Partisan Voter Registration Group (GOP)

NEW Daily Show on...

Caption the Chimp

Deborah Norville is discussing the forged memos on MSNBC now.

TV Guide's take on the debates (from the Sept. 26-Oct 2 issue)

I think the polls are skewed.

Rock the Vote Draft Ad

Hardball:Mathews & NYP "reporter" immediately dismiss RW memo source idea

Countering Swift Boat Propaganda: The Money Wake

Bush: "they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like"

CALLING ALL NAM VETS: Report Here For Duty.

Q's re donations laws

Anti-Americanism is at unprecedented levels (AFP)

Faux Lies Everyday and CBS does it Once.

Just got back from the Kerry/Edwards Rally in Orlando

Bush Admin has had since 1998 to "plan for the peace" in Iraq!

Senator Biden just told Paula Zann off. Tell the truth, Bush and everybody

The continued Swift Boat Liar's attacks are a good thing

WTF:::: Burkett Readying Suit Against Network

Which whacko left wing peaceniks are saying things like this?

Kerry needs our financial support. Letter from the campaign

Deleted message

Campaign comes full circle as challenger changes tack on Iraq

Tonight at the rally, the SS questioned me about my 864304 shirt.

Olbermann talking about Lucy Ramirez

Question from Repuke Friend at Work About Beheading

I bought a homeless Bush supporter dinner & you need to hear her story

Zogby Battleground Poll: Kerry Leads Electoral College 297-241

Cat Stevens Held After Flight From London Was Diverted- It's a Wild World

Great googly moogly! I just got goosebumps reading this.

"Why We Cannot Win"-from a U.S. NCO in Iraq with 20 years

Meet the New Saddam (Same as the Old Saddam)

Too Close for Comfort...

Is a Near Beer Putsch in the offing?

Molly Ivins :: Them's fightin' words

"Maybe Dan Rather killed Vince Foster"

Gene Lyons

Secretary-General's address to the General Assembly (full text from UN)

Draft? Bush’s war needs troops

DU Article: Which Was Worse?

NYTs: pResident Bush's Lead Balloon

DU Article: Le Monde a L'Envers

Bush, Annan Speeches Show Divisions on Iraq (claim law, then abide by it)

Bush's USDA

American appeals for politically based solutions seem hypocritical?

Shoulda Been Wes

Hostage in Iraq: Five days in Hell

What Kerry Won't Tell Americans

Interesting LA Times commentary

Reuters: Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

The case for impeachment

I still think this is the funniest Bush joke ever

Kerry says he will not bring back the draft but Bush might

Progressive Mag says Bush's UN speech full of sanctimony

Analysis: Baghdad - Where to from here?

Salon: The enemy is us (psychological operations against U.S. public)

Former CIA Agent Says Bush to Blame for 9/11

MUST READ! Juan Cole: If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

Just Cut Out Their Tongues

First Find the Forger - William Safire, NYT

The Bush Administration - Documented

WSJ's Seib: Bush's Personality Is Deciding Factor For Some Voters

Kristof: Washing Away the Mud

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

Please donate to Nevada's chapter of Democracy for America

Call to Action: Pentagon is blocking overseas voters

Here's an Idea to Get Out the Vote at Your Workplace

Bernie Ward kicking tonite.

Simple action item...

GUARDIAN: Blogging On, hold old media to account

a two-minute limit on the candidates' responses will "save" Bush?

Wendy's Cuts 2004 Profit Outlook

Wendy's Cuts 2004 Profit Outlook

So, is the bond market anticipating a slowdown or a recession?

Wendy's Cuts 2004 Profit Outlook

The spy threat from the internet

Milky Way's sweet centre may be the flavour of life

"Green" BP Paid $33.5 Million For Alaska Spills, Violations Since 2000

The hidden giants

Feds Seize 300 Tons Of Illegal Chilean Sea Bass

Thai Scientists Probe Major Orangutan Smuggling Case - Reuters

Wording In EPA Proposal Directly Matches Lobbyist Memo - WP

Flying cars swoop to the rescue

Wastewater Could Treat Itself, Power City

9/22 11:00 AST Jeanne Cat 2, Moving Towards E. Coast US Next 3 Days

Love and Chunghwa Post overcome plot by communist China

Give up milk tea, save up for weapons, MND urges

The emperor's new clothes are old - Commies

Iraqi interim Prime Minister Seeks Aid,Sees a 'War for Civilized World'

Africa 'worse off than in colonial times'

Is the world better off with the Soviet Union gone?

Public Safety Unions Endorse Kerry/Edwards

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 22, 2004

If you're flying with firearms

Legal homemade machine guns?


Is there any way we could choose to see deleted posts?

I have to make this point, and another appeal


Bug report id number: 93397

i liked the homepage format better before.

Congradulations on finding the problem.

wow. my post (Freeper Hate Mail) was deleted

Do We Have Access To GregW's DU Map ???

Ok, listen up

Breaking: Palestinian suicide/muder...blows up bus in French Hill

Undermining the International Court

Yet another failure by bush against the terrorists

Anybody here registering voters? I have something for you.

Anyone heard of Unity SD Women?

Chat with Art Torres today between 10 & 11 a.m. (post questions now)

Okay, another AAR rumor for San Francisco

ALL Massachusetts DUer's: How did Kerry do in Kerry/Weld debates in 96'?

Howard Dean recommends one candidate in MN who needs our support

Kiffmeyer/Hatch kick the IP off the ballot

SOS offices in Ann Arbor & Battle Creek - incorrect info -re voting Nov. 2

Kerry Sept 23?

The view from Canton Ohio

Anybody here registering voters? I have something for you.

Bush will be in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania today.

Anybody here registering voters? I have something for you.

List of Pennsylvanian DUers by County 9-22-04

Anyone else listen to KNON's morning shows?


Kerry Yard signs

Citizens to Elect Mark B. Polin

Seattle Nonprofit Career Fair

Featherbutt Home page???

When are the Dr Phil shows w/Kerry (& *) going to air? nt

Jay Leno talks about the tragedy and comedy of politics

Help me rebutt this asshole who crafted this Letter to the Editor

How much is the Bush family worth?

This makes too much sense. - Level With Us, Mr President.

something to remember

Fire Hal Fishman. He just lied for Bush in his commentary.

how much influence do the local right wing AM talk show have in your area?

Women in Iran

Honestly, I think Kerry's Best Hope for the Debate is a *Draw*

When Does Bush Get Asked this Question....

Classic guerrilla war forming in Iraq

700+ dead in Haiti, 1000 missing. (Photos)

The Truth-Telling Project

What's the deal with Dr. Phil??

CBS should say Rather will resign when Bush resigns for....

Bill Clinton is Kerry's Cheif Advisor! How sweet is that!

Any Vancouverites notice this about News 1130 AM?

Of Cakewalks and Flowers and Liberation and Grand Squares...

XP TECHIES...Got any good system tweaks?

who advertises on the local AM hate radio stations in your area?

Did you fly in June? You are now on the terrorist watch list.

'Liberty Bound' - D/FW - TONIGHT - 9-22-04

Homosexuality is 'haram' under Islam

The enemy is us

Safire Shilling for the Bush Administration

How to stop the kidnappings (a modestly explosive proposal)

Scripps Changes Policy on Prez Endorsements: Anything Goes

Any links to Kofi Annan's Speech yesterday?

Depressing prediction inre: Iraq.

1000 hours remain...

Hurricane Season Part II - Here comes Jeanne and possibly Lisa

"Former Cat Stevens Barred From Entering U.S"...on watch list and

"South Korea Troops Deployed to Iraq"

"Lawmakers Allege Oil-For-Food Corruption"

"Veterans Seek Support for Embattled Unit"

No Al Qaeda-Iraq Link, U.S. Said After 9-11 (Nov.10, 2001 gov web page)

Resolution 1441: I know it's academic now, but did Iraq not comply?

Save our forests from *

Are you in the cult of knowledge?

Rep. Miller is on cspan

mumbled apologies

I KNOW polls are nothing to hang the hat on but

Yellow Pages Ads Featuring "arwalden" Emblem

George Bush Gives Backhand to World Leaders

I sent a letter to US News & World Report re: Parlock

news (radio) that the Iraqis may be releasing woman held in prison.

Reasons Not to Invade Iraq, by George Bush Sr....March 2 1998

Do the neocons control the insurance companies yet? Expresses Opinion: Iraq Troops May Vote Against bush

Iraqi insurgents acting WITHIN the law.

What's going on with the home page?

Twinkies in TROUBLE?

Cutbacks in Federal Courts

How does AWOL get off with saying CIA Iraq report is a "guess".....WTF

Perhaps I'm not filled in on this Stone thing enough....

Just as Bush got the Florida poll fixed, he is fixing the polls to boost

Kickass Harkin quote

Juan Cole: If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

A quick question about gay rights in Iraq

PNAC ready for a new war

Iraq: Who's REALLY in Charge?

While The Mediots Pontificate About Rather's Future, Jeanne Is About To

Yellow Pages Ads Featuring "The Fish" Emblem

Anyone ever hear of this?

Martin Fletcher is a man with guts! Watching the Israel bomb coverage...

Bob Graham: Saudi agent set up 9/11 hijackers in U.S.

Richard Clarke on the Daily Show. I really really like that guy.

Rove needs "honest media" out of the way -- "e-voting" & election theft

Hartford Insurance companies get warning of Michael Moore!

25% of Iraq's oil revenue goes to pay reparations to Kuwait....

MSNBC is doing a story on the BBV press conference!

Voter Terrorism - Suppressing the Black Vote

Okay, you whiners! I TOLD you we weren't beat! HAH!

Chickenhawks are GO!

DU this Poll.....Do you believe the U.S. government over-reacted by....

Texans Still at Odds Over Bush's Legal Reforms (most anti-consumer state)

Is he pretending it's a crown?

Who is Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.?

Wonder what kind of day Scott Robinson (RNC kicker) is having??

Where is the Plame investigation?

Brittney fooled us all! She's not married!

Forgotten casualties | devastating report in Salon today...

Meet the New Saddam (Same as the Old Saddam)

Is a Near Beer Putsch in the offing?

When does Rush Limbaugh go to court for Felony Dr. shopping?

Annan Reiterates His Misgivings About Legality of War in Iraq

Franken opening line... think he meant the double-entendre?

O'Liely: "Failed AAR has less than 20 stations after...a year on the air"!

Sharon's Ignores Tragic Jewish History

Pelosi releases today the latest "6 core values" for Dem House members

Franken's show is going on tour!

Is Andrew Sullivan an American Citizen or not?

F 9/11 DVDs in at Blockbuster

Tell me is it wrong to ask..(long) 1


My metaphyical talk Cont. 2

Why do I get the feeling some here at DU WANT our military to fail?

Bush's Greatest Hits: Karla Faye Tucker and "Oooh, please don’t kill me!"

Talk 3

"A year from now...."

Cat Stevens explaining Rushdie fatwa is like me and abortion bombers

Suicide bombing, fierce fighting rock Baghdad

The Book of Changes: on War

More on those BUSHIES AT MY CAMPUS!! (It gets worse)

Does George W. shower?

Request for help from DUers, pleeeez -- tape of C-Span2 Senate Session!

I heard on a recent news report...

Need a quote-G H W Bush about Gulf War and UN approval

A 70-Minute Documentary on the Most Resolutely Faith-Based Presidency

Anyone seen this?

I was at the Minnesota State Fair a few weeks ago and

Iranian invasion coming soon.

So Proud of My Husband! Telling off the Movers!

The guy who just called Franken...

HR 163) your ticket to paradise? (the draft)

MSNBC Poll "Do you think Iraq is growing out of control?"

So what's going on with the mole in the Pentagon? Wasn't an arrest

Is Bev Harris' demonstration today on GEMS hacking going to be on C-SPAN ?

Jay Rockefeller on C-Span2 now, talking about head of Intelligence


British forecast for Iraq even more gloomy than the CIA's

Why is the NY Police union so weak ?

" Is the United States not safer..."

How did I miss this? Blair officially debunked the "Mass Graves" story?!?!

Does anyone have a link to a comparison to CLinton v.s Bush on Unemployment

So, we CAVE on releasing women prisoners in Iraq (terror demand)

Innocent fetus, innocent Iraqi..... I don't see the difference!

Dick Thornburg and former head of AP Newswire picked to investigate CBS.

Whoa! New front page!

Whoa! New front page!

One-Party State: The Republican Monarchy

did Bush get any applause at the UN at all...???

Where is Rumsfeld?

Weird Question re involvment in campaigns

I walked up to a lady with a "Choose Life" License Plate on her car

Wed., NPR's Fresh Air: Interview with Richard Clarke

National GOP group buying over $1 million in airtime to defeat Feingold

Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short, UPI Says

Oil Reserves Drop for 1st Time in 5 Years

Election Spoiler Alert......

What if three weeks before the election Cheney has massive

Was it CBS who was Playing the "ENRON Tapes" stealing from Calif..?

Who Really Flip Flopped In The Iraq War?

Go to Canada for the Truth - O.I.L.

Zapatero criticizes Bush in his UN speech (without mentioning him by name)


Bill Kristol Goes To War

richard clarke on aar (randi rhodes) now. for the hour...

2nd BCT soldier's plea to the world: 'Buy us beer' (check out photos!)

And this is why all women need to exercise their right to vote...

"The Cowardice of King George" (It's the cowardice, stupid!)

Today's Excite "poll" - Are we more secure?

US Drops "Charges" Against Hamdi, Clears His Return to Saudi Arabia

mr. bush Decisively Addresses The United Nations...........cartoon

DONATE to help the woman cited/fined for speaking out against Cheney

Study: Many Major U.S. Corps Pay Less in Taxes Than the Avg Marylander

Choice between fear and hope - my LTTE will be in Friday's paper

Iraqi resistance has "infiltrated US command"?

OOH Frabjous Day! 32 Indictments of DeLay team!

Richard Clarke to Jon Stewart "The people we are now killing in Iraq

Coincidence?..God keeps sending a message to the red states. -search tool which actively supports the gay community

Your PRIMARY reason for voting AGAINST Bush is...

But Fox News is fair and balanced..honest...

John Fund just lied to the American Public on MSNBC

Get your friends registered

if jupiter

Blue Dogs

DU this poll I think it's a said affair

This caught my eye today.... (re: our troops and F/911)

The two faces of Rumsfeld (nuclear stuff)

Soldier gets attacked and we get blamed....

CBS Fined 1/2 MIL. for Janet Jackson's Errant Right Mammary

Iraq Watch Tonight around 7 Pacific Time

Suggest a consistent, reliable foreign news source here


Heads ups.. Vets Filing Lawsuit against SBL

When a Bush Bot tells you that Bush is tough on terrorism...

Washington Times and Insight Magazine are Moon publications.

Roger Stone on CNN now...

Photos from TODAY in Iraq - 9/22/04 - Not getting any better....

Did anyone catch Cavuto today?

Bush was defined a long time ago

NEW PROOF BUSH SNORTED COCAINE (lol....National Enquirer)

secret service reviews comments by dead soldier's mom

I know this is going to sound dumb; however, I do not know what . . .

Powell just said after Nov. Regarding Iran and its Nukes

It was less dangerous to report news in Baghdad in the first Gulf War

Time for Randi

U.S. EPA 2003 Status Report Shows U.S. Air Cleanest Ever Since 1970(?)

Ron Reagan Jr on Randi NOW!

Why is the Kerry Campaign Writing Off Missouri?

Beware the "teddy bear" boy story -

Female Trouble: How Karen Hughes & Laura are winning the election for W

Iraqi babes gone bad

Congratulations Jon Stewart.

American power: Necessary for peace and stability?

I Just LOVE Freeper Hate Mail (Round #2 - WITHOUT His Addy)

Just took a Zogby Poll entirely about Eggs!

The CNN correspondent in Baghdad won't go out shopping.


Just got a piece of Anti-fonda spam claiming that upon visiting

Does anyone have an mp3 of Jon Stewart on Howard this morning?

Let's Not DU Polls on CNN - Post CNN Articles - Watch CNN Shows

Today's GOP: A new cult for the 21st century


WSJ article on Peak Oil

Nile Gardner - Heritage Foundation would like us to believe

Has anyone noticed

"I need you to help me, Mr Blair...

the new face's of terror

I'll support SOME troops

Yet another indicted CEO is a Bushie (Sanjay Kumar)

lunatic yelling STOP DAN RATHER NOW! near the set

Did you fly commercially in June?

Blair on subverting the United Nations

US Pravda Media will NOT research and report facts Kerry vs Bush....

The Democrats are TOOLS!!!

Bush* taking advantage of hurricane damage (flooding) in W. PA.


Kerry: "Osama Bin Forgotten"

Link With Running $$'s for *'s War

Demonstration of 5 voting system hacks using real software

New England DUers: I'm going to be on NECN's Newsnight tonight

Sibel Edmonds Sues for Release of 9/11 Info

Red Sox Announcers Suck

So what has YOUR congressman/woman been up to?

SoCal Update: Smarmy, sanctimonious David Dreier outed by

The 2 Italian women in Iraq have been executed tonight (unconfirmed)

Bush is on the local news (Pittsburgh) ...

In 2003 - Ashliegh Banfield "spoke out" aganist MSNBC ..."war drums"

Coming up on Lou Dobbs.... Paperless voting....

David Dreier to be Formally outed by LA Weekly

AAR stream shuts down again.

Better watch out...

How the rest of the world views George Bush and his UN speech:

some hitler youth, AKA ProtestWarrior, has begun leaving...

Foreign Service Exam?

If it was Tony f****** Blair's brother in Iraq being threatened with a

Dumbest CNN poll ever. Should Cat Stevens be allowed in US?

Senator Kennedy is on the Senate floor..on C-SPAN 2...NOW!

Chemtrails over Langley

Shocking: Sec. Tres. Snow blames business woes on "untrained workers".....

Email all 200 CBS Affiliates with just one click!

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

U.K. Hostage Pleads For Life - US/UK say "F-U"

Interesting Tidbit About Paul Bremmer

Frustrated in the work place

Support The Bush Bashing Rockbands :-D

UGH! Schwarzeneggar become the governor how?!

"Little Georgie and the Hornet" (a parable)

"If the US or Israel bombed Iran's nuclear facilities tomorrow,

Are you listed as an organ donor on your Drivers License

"There are other things involved that are detrimental to other things"

My window of opportunity has opened

Annual Meeting of the Flat Earth Society

Protester At Cheney Rally Surprised By Emotion

My plan for a "Flush the Johns" sign, thoughts?

Yusuf Islam, (Cat Stevens)denied admission to U.S. on ¡®security grounds¡¯

"The Rapture Racket"-New book slams the "Left Behind" crowd.


Ronald Reagan corn maze

Central Fla.'s Channel 13's bogus I-4 Corridor Poll. Unbelievable.

It's Elementary, My Dear DU! Lucy Ramirez is Nydia Stone (Cuban) and Roger

This is hilarious:

State Dept. website - countries where al Qaeda operates

"I support President Bush no matter what"

Is Bush Unhinged?

This is a person I respect

"Election is Turning Into a Duel of the Manly Men"

Which government agencies would you abolish?

BBV - VotersUnite Testifies Before State Senate!

Buckhead's Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies

A film on PEAK OIL that EVERYONE here must see!!!!

DU party in NYC for DUer Paul Thompson's new book (Complete 9/11 Timeline)

"Hot Saucing". Child abuse or effective discipline.

IMPORTANT -- Contact Your Congress Person Immediately

International Criminal Tribunal findings: George W. Bush guilty of war cri

Why did we not accept the offer from those tropical islands in the 80s?

Attn Canadians: How we can contribute to the Kerry Campaign ...

dupe - apologies

Rumsfeld Sold Stakes in Pentagon Contractors

Threats Against President By Upstate NY Man Possible Hoax

Schwarzenegger smoking tent led to flooding in California Capitol

Poll: Kerry cements lead in Washington state

European papers slam Bush

Americans eating more cheese than ever

U.S. Focus: Attorney-Client Conversations Privileged or fair game?

Shelby dodges ethics probe for nowSenator shielded by unwritten rule until

Official heading AIPAC probe linked to anti-Semitism case

Pakistani terrorist cells getting more organized

U.S. military judge recommends court martial for Lynndie England

Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists

NYT, pg1: 2 Iraq Views, 2 Campaigns

U.S. Seeks Cuts in Housing Aid to Urban Poor

Airlines Told to Turn Over Passenger Data

Administration Moves To Remove Gay Protections From Federal Labor Contract

Car Bomb in Baghdad Kills at Least 11

Abu Ghraib's shocking photos become museum pieces in US

LuLu's back (Maine student deported to Taiwan)

WP: Politics of Social Security (Kerry says plan "Wall Street windfall")

Haiti faces major emergency as floods kill more than 700

Mourning the Warrior, and Questioning the War (Sue Niederer)

Cat Stevens sparks US plane alert

Murray will lay off 100 managers (Tennessee)

Hard times continue at Agere; more job cuts could be coming (400 jobs)

Three US soldiers killed, 14 injured in clashes in Afghanistan

U.S. (Bush) Seeks Cuts in Housing Aid to Urban Poor

Spiritual Leader of Iraqi Militant Group Killed in U.S. Airstrike

Gay Service Members Ponder Military Policy

3 DeLay Workers Indicted in Texas - WP

3 DeLay aides facing charges in fund raising

BBC: US 'will not free' Iraq scientist

NYT: Growing Signs of a Slowing on Wall Street

Front Page, RMN.. Voter Fever Grips State.

U.S. Seeking Cuts in Rent Subsidies for Poor Families

Schofield soldier killed in Afghanistan

Singer Cat Stevens Denied U.S. Entry, Flight Diverted

Haiti Flood Death Toll Passes 700

Bus blown up in Jerusalem--Suicide bomber (Breaking News)

A-R graduate killed in Iraq

Star's ex-wife: we'll beat Blair

In a dead heat, Ohio poised to be another Florida

Cat Stevens refused entry to US

Commission on Debates Rejects Prompt Signing of Campaigns' Accord on the E

Nigeria's 'Taleban' attack police

Cat Stevens Deportation 'A Slap in the Face'

US soldier killed by roadside bomb in northern Iraq... # 1038

Italy launches anti-mafia raids

Iran's bloggers in censorship protest

Jeb Bush Defends FEMA effort.....

Mrs Mugabe 'impostor' arrested

Kerry Calls Bush Investment Plan 'Rip-Off'

Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster - Study

Iraqi Judges order release of two women prisoners

Some wrongly told they can't vote

Veterans Seek Support for Embattled Unit (Abu Ghraib Unit)

Times UK:Challenge for Bush as rates rise

Baghdad rocked by second car bomb (Wed. US Convoy)

Indian Affairs out $28 million (Chicago Trib)

US soldiers charged with murder

Iraqi resistance has "infiltrated US command"?

Task Force Olympia Soldier Dies From Injuries (Mosul) # 1039

5 Galva-based Guard soldiers injured in Iraq

Grand jury indicts 32 over campaign funds (DeLay's PAC)

Rosa Parks' Lawyer Says She Has Dementia

'Scorpion woman' breaks record

One of Two Iraqi Female Prisoners May Be Freed

Black Gay Republicans Break with Log Cabin Republicans, Endorse Bush

Ex-Pop Star Cat Stevens to Be Deported from U.S.

CBS Names Panel to Probe Bush Guard Story

Shelley controversy deepens ( fund-raiser for Kerry )

U.S. Seeks Cuts in Housing Aid to Urban Poor

WP: The Bush Brigade, Without a Doubt

Bush, in Shift, Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds

Cash-Strapped Pentagon Taps (next years) Emergency Fund

Twinkies Maker Seeking Ch. 11 Protection - Coeur d'Alene Press

U.S. orders full month of airline records

U.S. to Drop Charge Against Accused Spy (Airman Halabi)

Powell just said after Nov. Regarding Iran and its Nukes

Pioneer Adult Filmmaker Russ Meyer Dies

NYT: C.I.A. Review Is Critical of Prewar Iraq Analysis

Yahoo / Reuters: U.S. Says Won't Bow to Demand of Kidnappers in Iraq

Stocks Slump on Higher Oil, Fannie Mae(oil $48/barrel)

Want to earn a quick $4,000 ? Sell your soul....


Annan Warns U.S., World to Respect Rule of Law

Shadow of Nazi fortune hangs over art display

Two U.S. Soldiers Die in Separate Iraq Attacks

Today's Rasmussen - Bush up by 4

Several dead in US attack on Sadr City (nearly 2 dozen killed)

NYT, pg1, Seelye: Kerry in Struggle for a Democratic Base: Women

Bush hails Iraq as model for region

Kitty Kelly knocks off Swift Boat Vets in book race

GOP Leaders on Hill Agree to (Bush's 5 yr) Extend Middle-Class Tax Cuts

CBS names Memo Probe Panel

Kerry Finds Voice Pressing Bush on `War With No End'

Worker layoffs coming at Port of Portland

Angus King Endorses Kerry

MUST READ! Juan Cole: If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

Bush rally access limited, some say

Bush Team Orchestrates Larger Ad Campaign

Dual Mission Puts Strain on Nat'l Guard

Patrols turn ugly on Baghdad's Haifa Street (Stars And Stripes)

Video Shows U.K. Hostage's Plea for Life

Yasar Hamdi will be allowed to return to SA. No Charges filed!

Iranian Leader Says It Has Nuclear Rights

Bush team orchestrates larger ad campaign

Poll puts Kerry up just before Iowa visit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 22 September

Layoffs Coming at Federal Courts

Bush Ad Mocks Kerry Shift on Positions

Fired FBI Translator Sues Over Government Records (Sibel Edmonds)

Bush nominates defense exec for Army secretary (Carlyle connection)

Stocks drop; Dow off 136 points

Oil Reserves Drop for 1st Time in 5 Years

Japan confirms 13th mad cow case

Demonstration of 5 voting system hacks using real software

Republican mischief in Texas

Doubts Rise Over a Partial Iraqi Election

Powell Asks U.N. for More Help in Iraq

'Clintonistas' rally behind Kerry's presidential bid

SoCal Update: Smarmy, sanctimonious David Dreier outed by

CBS Fined $550,000 for Jackson Stunt

Oil Tops $48 After U.S. Inventories Dive

Edwards skewers Bush, Cheney in Miami speech

Space station may fall into disrepair

Pentagon Expands Outposts in Middle East

Survey Shows Polish Favor Iraq Pullout

Bush Campaign: Gifts Should Cover Recount

Bremer and Experts Discuss Saddam Trial (Pakistan Daily Times)

Wisconsin boy (11 years old) accused of raping elderly woman

New Battleground Poll out: All 50 States, American Reseach Group

Kerry: Draft Likely to Return Under Bush

Body Found in Iraq Confirmed As Hostage's

Soldier dies in Baghdad car bomb blast # 1040

Woman `surprised' by her outburst at Cheney

USA: Interstate Bakeries files for bankruptcy (Twinkies Broke)

78 Years Later, Neighbors Realize They're Sisters

Italian Woman Killed by Falling Crucifix - AP

BBV --- Electronic-Vote Critics Urge Changes to System

Ex-Enron executive testifies about cover-up

Goss confirmed 77-17

Why women are edging toward Bush

Pataki makes secret plan to fund libraries in only GOP districts

Hurricane Jeanne May Head Back Toward U.S.

Iraq Group Says Kills Two Italian Hostages -Web(2 Italian women)

Jimmy Swaggart apologizes after remark about 'killing' gay man

Ex-Worker Accusing TBN Pastor Says He Had Sex to Keep His Job

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

Iran Insists on Right to Pursue Enriched Uranium

Mugabe Says Bush and Blair Think They're God

LAT: Texans Still at Odds Over Bush's Legal Reforms

Gay Dad Banned For Seeing Kids While He Has Male Partner Loses Appeal

'Beat me once a week' says Iranian woman

Singer on no-fly list had ties to terrorist groups, U.S. official says

Black Gay Republicans Break with Log Cabin Republicans, Endorse Bush

Recipients In Oprah's Car Giveaway Face Hefty Taxes

Military Moms Begin Pro-Kerry Tour

Springsteen criticizes TV political coverage

Baghdad residents slam Bush's poor post- war record

Zogby: Race for President Falls Back into Dead Heat

Secret Service reviewing comments made by Hopewell woman (Sue Niederer)

Newsweek: The Story That Didn’t Run

Campaign comes full circle as challenger changes tack on Iraq

It's not that I dislike my coworkers....

James Toback?

So, I'm trying to pump myself up about maybe quitting my job tomorrow

Funny thing happened while phonepolling for Kerry

online poker players . . . this may be of interest . . .

Hey...I'm posting from underneath a Paris (France) landmark...

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Bud Brown Chrysler

The Hulk vs. Grace (Dogville)

Gothic_Sponge is out of order!

And on another note: Plane diverted

good joke

Are you crazy with the wanderlust?

The Official DU Insomniacs Thread for Sept. 22, 2004

Nick Cave Dolls

'Liberty Bound' - D/FW - TONIGHT - 9-22-04

Drunken mower guy arrested on highway

I will show my right breast

So, who wants to see a picture of me? (contains nudity)

"Eat Your Peas" - Must see ani

Agree or Disagree: 'Freud is the atheist's touchstone'

My God, Dennis Miller is AWFUL...

This MUST be said about Chip and Kim ....

vroom! whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! rumble rumble rumble

Gun-Toting Armadillo Detained

A Challenge For The Pundits -- Left and Right...

Yellow Pages Ads Featuring "arwalden" Emblem

What are you listening to this morning DU?

Trump's Top - Real or Rug?

passwords for subscription sites?

Hooterville Secrets

Hey I'm posting under a Paris Hilton

Where's Captain Kirk?

Dim Son's State if The Union Speech (on crack)

Toy Cell Phone Shows Pic Of Osama (Under The Word "King")

Man Has Sex With Wife - Mistakes Her For Monkey

Man Discovers His Knee Pain Is Being Caused By Nazi Bullet

No New Column Today, so here's a re-run!

Man Shoots Wife - Mistakes Her For Monkey

The damage:

So tired... can't go to sleep....

all aviation nuts-donations are now being accepted

Help! I'm trapped in a DU love monocle.

I hate that I get tongue tied when arguing with Repukians!

What do I do with my Cat Stevens albums!!!!

Today is Mountain Day!!!!

Help! I'm trapped in a DU love monongle.

Britney redoes Bobby Brown's My Perogative

Need help from DU feminists

I love this tracking map of Hurricane Lisa

Bush gives the angered chimp stare to Kofi Annan, who does not seem afraid

What Job would * have if it wasn't for Daddy....

What if?

Don't ever get this drunk (WARNING!!!)

OK, DUers. Come get the loving.

The Bush Family Biography - courtesy of The Onion....ROFLMAO!

Official Wants To Enact Law To Limit Youth Sex

And Cat Stevens crime is ????

I'm in a DU Non-angle.

Happy Equinox


Yet ANOTHER DUI Arrest (While Riding A Lawnmower)

Facts of life

so when you can't sleep

YOU'RE a Steaming Lump of Byron, and YOU love Bojangles!

FREEPIN' Packers! Must. Keep. Quiet!!!

Soy tan sexy que me amor...

Oh Richarrrrrrrrrdo!!!! And tigereye!!!!

Fear? Why?

Is The New Republic worth a $30 yearly subscription?

If the Patriots Win the Superbowl this year....

YES! 9/22 SuperBowl MODEL: Cowboys 299 pts., 90% PROB, 50.7% Offense

Help! No one on DU will invite me into their love "arrangements"

Happy Autumn DU!

Have any of you DU'ers 'Gone Country'?

A Kerry/Edwards/Obama supporter cut me off on the highway today

Man Sentenced To Extra Year In Jail After Mooning Judge

Crucifix Falls On Woman's Head - Kills Her

Summer departs in 95 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my new avatar

How many times do you hit the snooze button?

Had my car windows smashed out tonight

Former Richmond council man acquitted with "old syringes" defense

"A Safer World" isn't gonna work for Georgie. What Should His Slogan Be?

Surrounded by Lesbians at a K.D Lang Concert! One of my all time memories!

R.I.P. Russ Meyer

Ok kids - It's time to play *Name That Smiths Tune*

I got THE call from Ireland

Does Kitty Kelley's Book "The Family" Have An Index?

Anyone ever heard "The Bomber and the Nightingale" from the BBC?

I Am Screaming Lord Byron

What Have We? What Have We? What Have We Done To Deserve This?

Arnold's cigar Smoking Tentw/fake grass Blamed in Flood at Capitol

Apartment living and dumb landlords.......

How shallow am I? Level with me.

Brittney fooled us all! She's not married!

My power and phone service has been off for a week

My neighbor named her new cat Rumsfield

Good triumphs over evil in Amazing Race Final

Who else isn't sorry to see summer go?

Help with fighting a speeding ticket.

i had jury duty today the case i was assigned to was resolved

Woo-hoo! My first scam email!

Julia Rose - "Kerry Us Through"

The Agitated Irishman

I'm sure you've seen this before, but....

Posecutors are expected to drop charges against the Naked Yoga Guy

French 'Spider-Man' climbs 59-story office building with bare hands

A poem about bodysnatching, of all things

Is it wrong what I asked?Long discussion1

Is it wrong cont.2

talk3 is it wrong?

What's for lunch ?

Wanna see something scary?

The Last Starfighter: The Musical

How to get rid of Centipedes???? Blech. Help!!!!

I saw "The Smithereen" over the weekend

Actors filming bank robbery arrested in Serbia

Cat Stevens is hiding in the woods behind my house

Nip/Tuck Watchers...

CAPTION Bush at the Emmys

Americans eating more cheese than ever _ 30 pounds a year

I just spent two months reading Free Republic...

I'm Posting From My UNIVERSITY! HELLLLLLLO DUers!!!!! :)

How should America deal with the terror of Cat Stevens?

Bush is in a GREAT mood...and really, that's all that matters...right?

Imperial Hubris - anonymous

Is it true that Jim Croce is going to be deported?

IE keeps crashing on me!

This is not: the greatest song in the world, no. This is just a tribute!

DU parents, I need your help about babysitting!

Need advice on what to wear when canvassing for Kerry

What a rip-off - friggin drug companies



Man Sues Neighbor Over Smell Of Marijuana Plants

The Onion's "Infographic" on Kitty Kelley's book is hilarious!

so tell me a silly story please

So, lets see whats goin' on with the Christian Powerlifters .... EGADS!!!

Where is Chavezspeaksthetruth?

Behold! The face of terror!

Arrivederci per due settimani...

Christian Powerlifters vs. Atheist Powerlifters ,Who Would Win At Twister?

XP TECHIES...Got any good system tweaks?

How long since you last got drunk?

Baldo: bike cooler than car

How many copycat threads will this generate?

Gay Men--I just read an interview with John Waters, and I feel old!

Can someone tell what the "gungeon" is?

Is George Lucas a Republican?

Cult film-maker Russ Meyer dead at 82...

I'm not going back to Michigan when I retire

So, who wants to see a picture of me?

How many threads will this copycat generate?

"The Education of Little Tree" was written by a white supremacist.

I'm still to trying to grasp the idea of black, gay Republicans.

Am I crazy, mental and just plain banannas?

Whoa! New front page!

I will revive my post that Cat Steven's song Wild World is sexist

I saw the Pixies on Monday night!

Confession - I like Dolly Parton

OK, I'm think I'm finally ready to get a tattoo (contains lots of skin)

The final humilation for George... I just whupped him with Kucinich

This is the most concise analysis of political opinion I've ever seen.

Do you guys know Life is Beautiful?

Coffee anyone?

dolo amber got her woodchucks

Does anyone want to caption this Tom Ridge photo?

Crucifixion kills, now so does the crucifix

can I forward email being sent to my old email address?

today is my 15th wedding anniversary

Prince Myshkins rock!

When did Americans stop dressing up to go to football games?

OK...time to go play bingo...

Harry Potter Fans for Bush?????

Any DUers headed to Reno for Street Vibrations?

Baby , did you know life's what you make it ?

I just got done defending my mission statement. Ask me anything.

What is that guy shouting in the background of CNN?

Did you guys know life is horrible?

When Cat Stevens was young, and I was even younger, I thought he was sexy!

DUers with kids: Do you still sing lullabys?

Did you guys know Life is cereal?


When the CAPTION hits you reye like a big pizza pie that's amore

Florida is ready for election day at last!

Did you guys know life is............meh.

What year did the Japanese invade Poland?

In the wake of the Cat Stevens and Laura Branigan flamewars


happy first day of autumn all!

My Cockatoo brings all my neighbors to the yard

Christmas shopping poll

do you know of a good chat room for Toronto?

What is your burning desire??

The real Beavis?

Did you guys know that Life is a cabaret?

Trumad, now you're just inviting trouble

Meanwhile, a lively discussion at GD2004 about Woody Allen.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

I just got compared to Napoleon Dynamite, good or bad?

if jupiter

Someone tell trumad to stop scratching his nuts

The Badnarak/Campagna supporter cut me off on the freeway this morning.

Now HERE'S a message on an answering machine!

Will someone tell WilliamPitt to start scratching trumad's nuts

Americans are Cutting More Cheese Than Ever

Music Patriarch Marsalis Sr. Dies

why is Zogby so obsessed with eggs?

"whatup mister bush," by jRec (poltical rap)

DUers, Help Me Pull The File On An Online Conspiracy Enthusiast

A bush supporter cut me off on the freeway yesterday

Today's Mindless Question: AAR Morning Sedition Listeners:

*sigh* TURN ON THE TV NOW!!!!

PC Gamers: 'Rome Total War' out this week!

What's Your Favorite Cat Stevens Tune?

What's up this week with OBGYNs practicing their love?

What's your favorite "Cat Stevens" song?

Best email forward of the day

So, I didn't quit my job

You Tell Gerroge Bush *I* said to.......CAPTION

A question to Gays and Lesbians. Are Locker rooms fun?

Inspired post: what holidays do Jews, Christians and Muslims share?

More Kitten Pics: From Preggers

What would you rather be

The folks who don't get this thread are killing me.....

Everyone going to see Todd Rundgren tonight

So, if I paid the local children 25 cents...

go buy the new green day cd...

Most hated phrase originated (or so they say) by "Martin" (the sitcom)

There is a name for this: "..." Anyone know what it is?

A question for iTunes users

Computer Geeks: Two Questions

I lost my job, so I'm gettin' TORN UP. Ask me anything.

Riddle me this Batman, better to rate a Yahoo story low or to ignore it?

What would you rather be

The Hickey thread!!

Recent articles at MoveLeft Media

It just won't die.. The Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

It's our 3rd anniversary and we both forgot!

The Semi-Heterosexual Celebrity Couple

The Semi Metrosexual Couple of the day

Rodney Dangerfield is in a coma

What year did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?

Americans eating more cheese than ever

My new crushes...Mike McCurry and Joe Lockhart


Select your all-time "movie" baseball team

Anti-Carb Revolution, WHAT HAVE YOU WROUGHT!!! Twinkies maker bankrupt

Today, I've been clean and sober for 25 years.

"What's there to do in Philly? Oh, boy....."

Gardeners - Question

Bumper Sticker Made My Day Today

"I haven't had a period in like ten years"

What song are you currently listening to?

What bong are you currently listening to?

Thanks for the earworm, Lynnesin

I dream of the day Air America comes to Pittsburgh.

Fun with push polls.....

I Ratted Out My Repuke Neighbors to the City

For your viewing pleasure...

Sweet Geeebussss !! that didn't work out

i got a parking ticket.

Happy Birthday Bilbo & Frodo!

I Got the Hots for You

What could make a burned audio CD have no sound?

What do you do for a living?

What was the last song that made you go 'goddam, this is great'?

Have you Ever Received a Kiss from a Fellow Du'er?

MrScorpio will answer your relationship questions using Led Zep Lyrics

LynneSin will answer your relationship questions using MilliVanilli Lyrics

I've been asked to go to The Office of Homeland Security next month!

Did I hear right? They are deporting McLean Stevenson?

Am I the only one going to see Ministry at Disneyland tonight?

Tropical depression IVAN (thats right-he's back)

Favorite "Creedence Clearwater Revival" Song

DUers with a sense of humour, or grasp of sarcasm or irony check in

CBS News website BUTCHERS rather

Questions re Jewish and Muslim holidays

DUers with no sense of humour, or grasp of sarcasm or irony check in

And in the end.....

What thong are you currently listening to?

I've never been to the U.S, should I be allowed to enter?

Any DUers that actually like to drink "Moxie"?

Who here works in Politics? Anonymity can be preserved

Do your cats hate *?

The bill-paying savvy of DUers:

"Slutwear" ....Do you wear it? Is it the brand name "Juicy" which caused

Have you ever recieved a gift from a fellow DUer?

So after 12 years of vegetarianism, I started eating beef again

Let's say you had only two weeks to live. What would you do?

A call for prayers and well-wishes

John Fogerty is happy with himself

Jon Stewart is on Howard Stern live this morning

The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body

My philodendron has white fuzzy spots on the leaves

Did you guys know woodchucks are real??

why do people still care about britney spears?

Mans life before and after marriage

Did you guys know cows are real?

The Haiku Thread!!

I have 6 Google Gmail invites

20 people in young democrats today, whoa, ok ask me anything


ZombyCoffee: The Autumnal Equinox Blend!

I'm very alarmed

Who would you rather have answer your questions about relationships?

One More Kitten Pic

Medieval Cathedrals rock.

Angelina Jolie - Girl Friend or Girl Fiend?

Okay pic of the day let's CAPTION it.

Comic Artist Robert Crumb - Racist and Misogynistic or male ID?

Underrated inventions?

Why do so many DU'ers dislike Cat Stevens? I was surprised with the

I will answer every question with a line from a Petula Clark song.

Did you guys know that life is a 2.5 GPA?

If a Jewish person calls you a "viking", is that an insult?

Cat Stevens sucks!

When do we women

Turns Out Oprah's "Free" Car Giveaway Wasn't So "Free"

What Ever Happened to Forrest Gump?

Will earpieces be allowed during the debate?

Will American Jews & Arab Americans Win the Election for Kerry?

Headline: "Ohio Poll reflects a surge for Bush"

Mailer from Bush Campaign

Why the Polls Can't be Accurate

HELP! I need links on Phil Parlock of Ripped-Sign-&-Crying-Toddler-Gate

Reuters: Kerry Iraq Speech Has His Camp in 'Fighting Mood'

If and when Bush hits back, I hope they go with the flop-flop meme

What are the Texans for Truth doing these days?

Race for President Falls Back into Dead Heat, New Zogby ....

Was Bush Sr. More Comfortable With Saddam In Power?

Cautionary article on polling data from a social scientist:

The New Partnership for America's Future - Dems get a Contract for America

Divergent Opinion Polls Reflect New Challenges to Tracking Vote

Please! Please! Does anyone have a video they can post of Kerry

Question about "red" and "blue" maps

Is there truth to the rumor that Nader is filing FEC depositions?

Get pregnant, or get sent to Iraq

I just don't understand...

The Dork at the UN

I belive this is the year everyone votes a bullet

Does anyone know if Elizabeth Edwards is going to get more face time?

"Bush, Annan Spar Over Iraq War at U.N."

'Right Wing U: Jerry Falwell's Power Play' - letter from Howard Dean

Did Kristof hint Scandals pundits knew about W during 2000 election?

FOX shows the right way bias is done

Nixing military and overseas votes?

Kerry says, "This is the crookedest, lyingest bunch I have ever seen.."

If You Are As Fired Up By Kerry As I Am, Put In Your Two Cents Here

Kerry plan helps middle class build jobs, Edwards says

Did all polls change proportion of Dems vs GOPers over the last 2 months?

How many Whoppers did W serve to the UN?

What ever happened to our good friend Parlock?

"Bush Mixing Diplomacy and Campaigning"

Anyone listing to Fineman

Kerry must stress in the debates

Kerry's comeback continues EV 269-253


Call WashPost 202-334-6000 - ANOTHER front page SwiftBoatAd story!?

Can you say "Stonegate"??

Help wanted! Need links tying Roger Stone to Harry MacDougald

Are ALL males B/T 25-35 brain dead?

Bush proves that he's a real girlie man.

OP/ED - Bush's rosy view of region's fate is belied by government reports

Tim Purinton for State Representative, Mass.

CNN now talking about releasing women from prison

Kerry in Florida Today --- Talks about Social Security & Medicare

DUPE ignore

The Note: Coming soon, the "Kerry closes the gap with momentum" story!

Kerry campaign asking for funds for possible recount

The new President should be able to choose his own CIA Director.

Oh Bush Is Sneaky

One year ago today...

Hocus Pocus

Didn't I tell you New York Poll was an outlier?

I now decree that this administration should be dropped ASAP

Bush*'s media "air war" vs our "ground war".

"Freedom's on the March"

The narrative: KERRY IS A CLOSER

Uh-OH all-time #1 Doookie appears at Kerry rally in Orlando

OMG!!! Low Lauer is questioning Bartlett on the missed

John Edwards will campaign in South Carolina today

Amazing bumper stickers -- in RW Arizona!

Military Moms Hit the Road to Elect a New President for their Kids

Do we know who is and isn't a terrorist as we cluster bomb Iraqi towns?

DNC Calls out the RNC on Forged Docs!

Is anyone else buying this ridiculous "insulation" argument?

I now conclude that the memo thing should be dropped ASAP

Already manipulating the vote???

Let's help to pull off major coup...Defeat Delay..he is vulnerable

NYC Mayor Bloomberg avoiding any pictures with *

Kerry plan helps middle class build jobs, Edwards says

Polls - Good morning to all of you

Realized this about Akron Beacon Journal poll comparison

More Good Polling News Coming....

Kerry DebateLine:I trusted him on Iraq but who thought he'd screwup so bad

Letters to the NYT: The difference between left and right

Cat Stevens is hiding in the woods behind my house

Eye On The Media....... (CBS memos)

Anyone else seen the stupid "Kerry Windsurfing" ad

Kerry Should Exploit The Powell Vs. Rumsfeld/Cheney Split

October 2002 War Resolution Vote - Election year rush?

Austin American Statesman: Grand Jury Indicts Delay Lieutenants

What do my DU friends make of this?

BBV : Buckhead is on Georgia Election Board

OP/ED NYTimes - Washing Away the Mud

bush/cheney campaign team in chaos, tailspin, losing it

Where should we concentrate?

Naderites - how do we know your man won't veto every single bill?

Looks like W was just handed the new poll numbers

Isn't it time for another "terra" alert warning.....

SC Dems Welcome Edwards back Home

Howie Kurtz to extend Reliable Sources to 1 hour this Sunday..

Two new national polls to show race neck and neck

Campaign strategy 101 - the women's vote. Military can't keep us safe.

Michael Moore - 'Stop Whining!'

What do you think of "American Coming Together?"

One Gear Bush. He is stuck in the same Gear, unable to shift for

When Kerry says he will press for international support

Who's smarter?

New Slogan - Bush running for Pres of Iraq?

If Alabama is a red state - Why are they airing * campaign ads?

A picture is worth 1000 words....

Al Franken playing Bush U.N. speech with embarrassing gaps

Dick Thornburgh heading up CBS Investigation!

Kerry takes 1 pt. lead in Economist "Yougov" survey

Can someone give me the scoop?

Dear DNC & Mr. Kerry, Have you thought about going on Air-America?

Which White House lie is correct?

Need help debunking Bush military service, converting right winger

Which ACCENT is Bush using today? He's in PA today, Maine tomorrow

SC Repugs are going to demonstrate against Edwards

Request for information: Kerry going to Paris and trying to get POWs

Caption THIS!

Kerry campaign lays the stomp on new Bush ad about Iraq

Great News! Betty Castor to appear on INSIDE POLITICS at 3pm EST

Has anyone actually heard CBS say the memos were fake or forged?

Doughnuts with Republicans

Kerry on Talk Shows -- Dr. Phil etc. Anyone know when next???

In Flroida - Kerry calls Bush Social Security ideas "a rip-off"

Any links to the Kerry appearance on Regis? A video or transcript maybe?

I should feel dirty and manipulative but I don't Lists New Info Media Ignores By Focusing On Killian Memos

What are your "non partisan" reasons for voting for Kerry?

I wonder how many at the U.N were inspired by Bush's words about freedom

Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards yard signs in same yard.

Reviving Kerry

Why are we all of sudden "negotiating" with terroists

bush Attacks Kerry While Cozying Up To Dictators

Helped a co-worker register to vote today.

The Bush Lie-Ticker: a potentially effective debate tool?

"Kerry met with North Vietnamese." Swift boat liars, latest ad.

400 homes canvased in NH produces these results:

Does anyone know Kerry's schedule? I think he will be a Union meeting in

Don't look now, but... Electoral Vote Predictor...

"How many Bushites does it take to replace a lightbulb?"

I'm scared to DEATH of the debates!!

Use the footage of * "talking about security and then hitting golf ball"

Has anyone seen the new commercial

I can't believe the Kerry campaign is so stupid.....

BBV: Short update

Librarian bares possible voter registration dodge (a Sproul scam)

CBS appoints two-person panel to investigate its National Guard story

I can't believe the Bush campaign is so stupid

Dreier to be outed by LA Weekly, according to Raw Story.

TV pundits paint themselves into a corner on the memo controversy

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

Kerry lost his voice. This is a good omen.

A canvasser last night

Everything is looking good, but we need more work with seniors

ARG poll: Florida 46-45 (Kerry) Wisconsin 46-46, Pa 47-46 (Kerry)

when is Kerry on NPR? today at 4:00 pm???

(Ouch) American Muslim now backing Kerry 76-7, backed bush in 2000

Does anyone here remember Valerie Plame?


Kerry DID vote for the 87 billion before he voted against it!

I'd be interested in how many Americans believe we went to war

Bush's CIA "just guessing" about Iraq is the Mother-of-ALL-FlipFlops

Who the HELL is LUCY RAMIREZ and will the REAL

NJ Poll Has Bush and Kerry in Dead Heat (unless you exclude non-voters)

What records did John Kerry not release?

What about the 14 "enduring bases" the murdered contractors were building?

Kerry needs to NOT talk when his throat is completely sore

Kerry's strong tool: press conferences. I look for him to do more of them


Greg Palast: $23 million pay-off in Bush Air Guard fix

Iowa Places Kerry Ahead Of Bush

Fla.-Kerry concretely states the difference between him and Bush

A website you should visit

okay here's one for you folks. sent to me by my god fearing

Cheney just returned to scare tactics

Mugabe Says Bush and Blair Think They're God

Register to vote at

Mr. Bush's "disengagement from the reality of a sinking Iraq is alarming."

Kerry: Bush plan on Social Security is a 'rip-off'

Please volunteer in your community today

Notice anything weird about these two takes on the same polling data

What is this fool on "Inside Politics" screaming about?

More thoughts on Right Wing email SPAM

ARR - Randi Rhodes / Richard Clarke calls Iraq "wag the dog" !!!

It's time to dig dirt on the "Press" (Post what you know on this thread)

Some Democrats question Edwards' role in campaign

Richard Clarke on Randi Rhodes right now

Answer the question Bush -- Draft or no draft?

Bush Is Caving To Terrorist Demands (WOMAN PRISONER RELEASED!)

So, ya think the Royal Family has some close examples of

Something is brewing in the South

Bush asked for help from the UN?

Did Bushie just say "awwwww they were just guessing."......

Ron Reagan will be on with Randi at 5:30

been scratching my nuts about Dubya's position on Iraq

About Ohio

Drudge headline: Kerry:Draft Likely to Return Under Bush

Unbelievable and weirdly so: AWOL story bumped Niger docs story

Death By 1000 Cuts - can I get an "Amen!"

Richard Clarke on The Daily Show last night

Bush: "I'm confident that this young century will be liberty's century."

Something scary from the Swift Boat Liars

Calvin Trillin in The Nation - Oct 4, 2004 issue

Kerry Needs to Save His Voice for the Debate

Why isn't the George Jr. campaign singing Libya from the rooftops?

IRAQ is falling apart & is getting ZERO TV coverage

Bush finds loophole to run lots more ads

Talking point: Bush isn't "staying the course" in Iraq- he's IGNORING it.

DNC Press Release: Coordination between BC04 and 527 Progress for America

Bush says Kerry is "pessimistic" about Iraqis' ability to self-govern

So what exactly is involved in creating and running a 527?

Economist Magazine Poll: Kerry 46 Bush 45

"BUSH - Fool Me Once" - Large Homemade Sign in my town

Question of any insiders here

fundraiser sent to dems by a bush supporter

Just participated in an automated phone call survey

There's a new despicable Republican ad

DeGenova on Wolfie pushing a federal investigation of TANG "forged" memos.

The Kerry campaign's new Iraq critique has * and media on the defensive

Bush says there is "A handful of people willing to kill" in Iraq. Wow,

Change Votes in Diebold GEMS system with 5 line VB script...

Just talked to the Federal Election Commission

Three new state polls (Wash., Wisc., Colo.)

I will catch the sign stealers this election!

Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists

Idea For Anti-Bush Ad (MoveOn, et al.)

T-SHIRTS: Bush, Dick, et al.

Kerry Just Dropped the DRAFT BOMB!!!

Where is Al Gore??

Wow, now that's what I call rapid response JUVENILE

AP: Kerry Pulls Campaign Ads From Four States

Roger Stone on Wolf

Does the bombing campaign in Iraq violate the Geneva Convention?

NYT editorial: Bush's UN speech "lead balloon," praised own policies

Kerry needs a professional throat/voice coach. He sounds awful and

Broken record? No, just Evil Dick: "clarity of vision and purpose"

Some pretty accurate state polls from ARG.

Roger Stone, CANF, & Miami Canvassing Board shut down recount

Interesting Suggestion For Kerry From PolisBlog - Found At BuzzFlash !!!

Blue Collar Job Losses Likely to Sway West Virginia Voters

The Enemy Is Us -

Edwards on CBS Evening News -6:30pm EST

Why are the trotting out Kissinger? Are they desperate?

CBS Calls it "Guerrilla Warfare"

At 6:30 2 of 3 networks to release polls showing Kerry momentum

Kerry Losing Voice Just as He Finds It!! Go John!!!!!!!

Is there really any way Kerry can lose?

American Muslims Overwhelmingly Backing Kerry; Major Shift from 2000

Texans for Truth demands * release his VN records (e-mail transmission)

Just heard John Kerry interviewed on NPR's All Thing's Considered

Latest Texans For Truth Ad

Where are the Swift Boat Liars getting their money?

Attention Christian Dems: Please sign this petition!

On MSNBC--Abrams about to compare Memogate to Judy Miller's WMD

Bush's ratings Slip to Lowest Level (45%) of His Presidency,

ABC News: Fact checking candidates on Iraq.....coming up next

Help pick DFA's Grassroots All-Star

Selling 5,000 Smart Bombs to Israel.

Bush capitalizes on huge funding loophole...sneaky way to fund ads

Pickles admires Bush as he declares "Kerry Cannot Lead War on Terror"

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

I have a copy of F911 and have watched most of the extras. Questions?

Today's Rasmussen - Bush up by 4

Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania: 2 out of the 3, We WIN!

Richard Clarke: "The REAL 'Wag The Dog'... " is Bush not Clinton!

Give this story a 5!!

Bush ad footage shows Kerry sailing in one direction; EDITOR does flipping

Mathews: "When will the American people get to vote for this DAMN war?"

Dear Mr Bush. I am a woman. I am a mom, not a "security" mom.

Biden is on Tweety


Well! I've already seen the entire new Swift Boat Vets ad

What will Dubya say or do when he loses ?

Edwards on Larry King TONIGHT 9pm EST

Rasmussen Battleground for 9/22

Holy Mackerel, Nader is still running!!!!!!

GOP Media is pushing meme that Dem voters don't want Kerry they're just


Got an e-mail yesterday from my pastor

Dubya is going to massacre Kerry in the debates.


Two Kerry windsurfing ads.

Snopes confirmed it: Laura's a murderer!

been scratching my head about Kerry's position on Iraq . . .

What Are You Voting For?

Kerry Looks Cool in Windsurfing ad.

NBC Poll: Bush holds narrow lead

Bush is too stubborn and inflexible to lead the U.S.

What Time Do Polls Close?

The State of Virginia and my sister's PLEA!

Okay, you whiners! I TOLD you we weren't beat! HAH!

Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll

"October Surprise" Predictions

Sneaky bastards

Kerry Campaign rapid response puts out an ad to counter the windsurfing

They're now saying Kerry "Betrayed His Country"

Why is the Kerry Campaign Writing Off Missouri?

Anything in the news today about Stone??

Woody Allen Joins Anti-Bush Bandwagon

Kerry says it: "Bush will bring back the DRAFT"

'Did you see Bush at the UN ! He was awesome! "

As his first task as President, John Kerry must replace Porter Goss....

Bushists Seeks Cuts in Housing Aid to Urban Poor

I think the darkness & cynicism of this election is turning off many women

John Kerry: is there something he CAN'T do?

Can someone confirm or deny this for me? (m)

WOW I have to say W knocked them OUT at his Pa. speech today

** Bush Vs. Rather **

It's Elementary, my dear DU! Lucy Ramirez is Nydia Stone & Roger Stone is

Could the Dem's Have a "October Surprise"

The large Kerry/Edwards signs we had were stolen last night.

Dammit, they are NOT "forged documents"

Question regarding Kerry's meeting in Paris

Nevermind Kerry camp... why do rank-file Dems continue writing off AR???

Michigan is looking like a lock for Kerry

Shocking journalistic abuse... Wolf Blitzer on Jack Quinn

Help! Am I breaking the law

MTV Alert: Will You Watch Bush On "Jackass"?

Downloadable fliers

Quicktime clip of ABC pointing out *'s deceptive attack on Kerry


Voting for Kerry: Talking Points for Progressives

DU members pay attention a=link of you're post CBS Memos

And now a reality check from Mr. Michael Moore...

Nader Logic: Keeping Him Off Ballots Will Cost "Gutless" Dems the Election

Fact Check on new swift boat ad