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Archives: September 23, 2004

Edwards Lays Out Specifics Of Economic Plan For City Club Crowd

Drooling candidates crowd around money trough

Former Bush Official Tells CSU Crowd Bush Based Iraq War On Lies

Concerning Roger Stone, and child porn and bribery connection to Bush

Salon: Hell (Salon's war correspondent on the Iraq inferno.)

America's hierarchy of suffering

Taking Liberties (Ashcroft batting 0-for-5000 in terror convictions)

CounterBias: What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

At last, Kerry is clear on Iraq: It's the world's responsibility

Informed electorate? You decide

Blumenthal: The Hollow World of George Bush

CBS Announces Independent Inquiry on Flawed Report

Airline Miles for Kerry

Sara Hensley trust fund

Media EmergenC San Diego October 6-9th

"Soundness" of Fannie Mae questioned -- WSJ

Why America moved to the right

Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster -Study (16 Feet Sealevel increase!!!)


KMT wants to put its hands on assets

Mbeki: Western Sahara needs self-determination

09.22.04: 1,175 Combat Deaths In Iraq. 1,040 U.S. Soldiers.

East Timor, Australia near boundary agreement

Opinions on NYPD: pre- and post-9/11

he he

What can I say

About the "alert" feature...a couple of questions

Forum category quesion

Palestinian olive oil threatened by security wall

Florida has early voting this year - from Oct 18th on.

Yea Baby, Boxer still kicking repukes ass in California!

Think globally, act locally. How about DU precinct walking day, N.Oakland?

I'M FURIOUS!!! Major Rant.

MN- DFL Chair condemns hate mail

Who will the Pioneer Press endorse?

I live in the poor Black/Moslem quarter of SE Ann Arbor

So Murray and Cantwell voted for Goss

AAR streaming interrupted with Beavis and Butthead?

This is one of the saddest stories of the day. If Kerry doesnt offer a

Clinton vs. Bush record on terrorism

Peeance! Freeance! Two MORE hostages beheaded.

Which are you more afraid of?

Hurricane Ivan is BACK!!! As a tropical depression headed for Texas.

If you have a TIVO record Dan Rather's shows

Saddam, safer with, or without? Reagan/Bush view....

Obama is coming to my county!!!!

Need help with an anti Kathleen Parker LTTE

Rumor: AAR maybe coming to San Francisco by next week

Chris Shays said FEC members are ANARCHISTS!

Right wing hysterical e-mail RE: "Rathergate"

Rummy strikes again - conflict of interest

I try to be nice, but DAMN.

Wow.. I spoke on the phone with Perry Patterson!

Mandatory Volunteering in Virginia (???)

Anybody watching Dr. Phil? Mentioned 14 traits of a serial killer... Bush!

Is there any news about Mari333 and Michael?

Transcript of (British hostage) Bigley Statement -- in full

"Executive Excess: 2004" aka "Why I shop at Costco & not WalMart"

BUSH mocks KERRY'S foreign policy creds?!?

"Iraq Watch" on C-SPAN (now- 7:45ish EST)

Abu Ghraib storyline on Law&Order right now.

Statement On Deportation Issue (Cat Stevens)

CEO gets $50k raise +5% per year, non-profit agency that serves the poor

HEY! What happened at the BBV Press Conference today?

Media Matters takes on Bias FAUX News and Swift Boat liars

Why are the usual suspects acting as if they KNOW it's forgery?

McCain: " is safer now

Democrats time to go door to door. If you are not already, start now

Concerning Roger Stone, and child porn and bribery connection to Bush

Richard Clarke was great on NPR's "Fresh Air" today.

Let me just say, I love John Kerry and John Edwards!

Pledge your vote at

I think we look like a horribly fearful, insecure nation


Do you believe that focker on Nightline

Hot Sauce :Bar O Soap: Spank : Castor Oil :: Poll

Kerry does not wear his service on his sleeve.

Is patriotism a base emotion?

Bush: "The world would be better if we did leave." The MP3.

Is America evil?

What ever happened to Mandy Grunewald?

Why is Bush a Traitorous Piece of Shit?

'Law & Order' Season Premiere.... show gone fully right-wing?

frustrated and not optimistic

Political discrimination in the work place --- what to do?

Would a positive drug test disqualify one for military service...

Seals and Croft terror cell under surveillance

Bush confuses terrorists. (Both almost named "Abu")

bush* is not a master debater!

MN Kerry supporters receive hate mail

Kofi Annan's elegant speech to the leaders of the world

only 17 Senators left that I even remotely trust

Here is an awesome article about the effects of conservatives' economy:

HUMP DAY Malloy Thread

Is it possible that Nader is taking a cue from I, CLAUDIUS?

Serious question: Has Israel ever given foreign aid to any needy nation?

If Kerry wins, will Bush and Cheney give up power willingly?

One Year from the Niger doc forgery's and FBI has NOT interviewed anybody.

Aaron Brown and Jeff Greenfield saying Iraq is THE issue

Daily Show Thread 9/22/04!

HISTORY : Question about Dictatorships

"...this is like living in Kafka Novel" Marshall says! CBS No Run Story!

Remembering McGovern

CNN Poll: Cat Stevens SHOULD have been barred from US

Stone, Reed & the Tribes

Who really abducted the Italians? Naomi Klein asks

BBV: Activists demonstrate alleged flaws in voting software

Terry Gross vs. Bill O'Reilly, Round 2

Miracles happen.

Compare CBS's Honest Mistake With This Beauty From CNN

Bush* and the Cheap Labor Right

BBV: Update #2 on Press Conference

Gallup admits its polls are skewed.

I saw President Kerry today!!!!!! WOW!

aWol kissing a man picture. Is this homosexual behavior?

Did Robert Novak ever issue a formal apology for outing Plame?

I'm feeling a little like Dan Rather

Dick Thornburgh (PNAC'er) investigating CBS

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Nightline 9/22: Home movies from Iraq (Koppel hosts)

Howard Dean lectures and book signings next week.

I watched Dennis Miller on CNBC for the first time tonight...

With Props to Juan Cole, What if America...?

Place your bets! - When will oil hit $50 per barrel?

High court disqualifies Nader from ballot (OR)

(Glenview, IL) District 63 layoffs swell class sizes

Nader Off Oregon Ballot (!!!)

America at War: Make A Buck Like Donald Rumsfield !!!


U.S. Drops Charge Against Accused Spy

Top Shiite Cleric Raises Concerns on January Vote

Three German policemen go on trial over death of Sudanese man

NYTs: Shiite Leader Fears Politics May Delay January Election

WP: Bush: 'Mixed Signals Are Wrong Signals'

NYT: Weighing Kerry's Critique of Bush on Medicare

Massive Loophole in Campaign Laws Let Bush spend more than Kerry

Millions blocked from voting in US election

President-elect vows to work for peace in Aceh

MN Kerry supporters receive hate mail

NBC poll: Bush holds narrow lead

Brazil Clinches Deal for U.N. Nuclear Inspection

Oil Reserves Drop for 1st Time in 5 Years

WP: Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label

Britain complains to US over Cat Stevens deportation

NZ Iraq troops home by Saturday

WP: Cueing the Balloons in Hussein's Home Town

Israel Urges UN Sanctions on Iran

Frustrated US forces fail to win hearts and minds

Democrats resolute about military records

U.S. Army soldiers take cover in a building after their Bradley

Kerry Says Bush In "Make-Believe World" Misleading American People

Dayton will boycott Iraqi premier's speech

Bush Mocks Kerry's Leadership Credentials

GOP Unites Behind DeLay After 3 Aides Are Charged

Former President Bush Defends Son

Carter Ties U.S. Presence, Iraq Bloodshed

LA Weekly: The Outing (of GOP Rep. David Dreier)

Iraq getting too expensive for foreign contractors

Opponents Say Republicans Plan Sequel to Patriot Act - NYT

Kerry Has Edge Over Bush In State Races, Polls Show

Did I hear right? They are deporting Parker Stevenson?

A bumper sticker I am confused by, please help.

After getting happy again, John Fogerty gets deported..........

I'm really getting serious.

What did Steven's Cat ever do to anybody?

I'm really getting "Sirius." The best sat radio, best deal (non-Murdoch)

I completely bombed my stats test.

Ethics and tragedy aside, Is there a cooler nickname than "Dr. Germ"?

Republican jokes, ...mine. Yours?

Did The O'Reilly Factor Get Hi-Jack'd?


They're deporting the second kitten in my signature!!!!!

What scares you most?

So, who wants to see a picture of Woody Allen? (contains nudity)

"about blank" WHO IS About Blank????

Edwards on CNN Now.

Takin' my time, choosin' my line

Where are Skittles and Slinkerwink?

Have you ever received a gift from Woody Allen

Woody Allen causes plane to be diverted

CSI New York premieres tonite

Moops or Moors?

Oh Christ! Ivan is regrouping in the Gulf (seriously) "Ghost storm"

ON NOW Seven Storey Mountain - Politician

Question: if you have submitted an article to DU, can you post it on the

What constitutes "melodrama", anyway?

Understanding The Christian Roots ... John Shelby Spong

Okay, so what language is this? Some words sound like latin, but...

Why do "o" and "p" have to be the same letter?

New Job question:

Okay, those of you who like the show "LINGO", is it

Anyone want to see a picture of HypnoToad? (contains nudity)

God roars.

Lesbian Waffles Available in Russia.

Didn't win a car from Oprah? Cheer up! (Winners pay extra $7,000 in taxes)

What language is this? Latin?

I just got Tony Stewart's autograph! Ask me anything!

I clipped and trimmed and washed and combed my dog!!!


I'm hiding out in lounge because hubby is Redd Foxx Fan...I can't deal

Who will be the next celebrity to get deported???

A crackdown on hookers around bases in Korea? Don't make me laugh

Mumified fetus found in elderly woman's abdomen.

I'm having a bad week...

when you were 7, was there a boogy man or monster in your closet?

Anybody watching "Rescue Me"?

Best 70s blaxploitation TV show theme song


The lowly Mariners are plunging a dagger

What my cats think of W

What do you think frequent cell-phone use is reflective of?

Law & Order anyone?

Has Anyone Read Turtledove's "Victorious Opposition?"

Do people REALLY still fear Communists????

I need a drink.

Anyone Watching the ABC Premiere of "Lost?"

The ironic thing about right wingers who call dems communists is

A poem I need help and opinions on

Who is your favorite moderator?

11 year old charged with rape of 76 year old woman

something rather disturbing I saw at work today

John Fogerty just did "Deja Vu All Over Again" on A&E....

"I need silence to mind meld with the Internet."

Quinn, do you remember when Stormy blew up?

Are there any dirty undies in your state?

I just got Tony Danza's severed head! Ask me anything!

My apologies if I offended any Wiccans with my curse request

Since I don't have time to be a Moderator, can I be an Ass. Mod.?

Ok would some drunk put a curse on the Bushes

OMG! I didn't know Chloe died!

Lemme tell you - I've just witnessed an AMAZING, STUPENDOUS

Which 1970s blaxploitation FILM had the best theme song?

jukes hasn't posted pics of his kitties and puppies yet

Preview of new electronic Florida ballot

Dad Says School Duct-Taped Son's Pants (To keep them from sagging)

The Story of __________

I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm

Red Sox win!

Are there any dry counties in your state?

Since we're talking karma & bad thoughts, post your darkest thoughts about

I'm listening to Flo and Eddie and drinking Pinot Noir

I need a new movie boyfriend. Anyone worth looking at?

Which are you more afraid of?

John C. Reilly just did something really cool on Jimmy Kimmel

Which of these lines from Richard Pryor do you think is the funniest?

My cats are nearing their first birthday.

I'm hiding out in lounge because hubby is Red Sox Fan...I can't deal

Russ Meyer has died.

Thank you DU'ers!!

earache question

Get your tin foil hat and your flame thrower and come to GD.

Breaking News: Kerry Campaign Fined

We are starting to lose ground in that poll where women show their boobs!

I think we have a serious thief in our midst.

Tropical storm Ivan is BACK and it's going to Texas.

New mods are here. Welcome them with tits and ass. (NO SEX THREADS!!!)

I'm about to hit 1,000 posts! Ask me anything!

recent articles at MOVELEFT MEDIA

Elvis Costello is on Letterman tonite

Unique Nicknames For High School Sports Teams?

Stupidest town name?

the 1st movie to scare the pee out of me when i was a kid was...

Can any Wiccans here on DU please place a curse on the whole Bush family?

Rabrrrrrr's open letter to all Shrubbie AWOL Turdmouth supporters

Sometimes I just gotta ask myself - "what is up with Iceland?"

It's 9:09 PM in Southfield, MI. How about a Q&A with MrScorpio

L@@K The Bush family Tree!

Who was the guy on Air America that SUX so bad after Randi?

On a whim where would you like to live?

If you were allowed only one kind of deadly sin,

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Sorry, dupe

Where does Richard Perle Get his Drugs?

Dare I watch any cable news programs tonight?

Arab-Americans turning away from Bush

Campers No More, As Fort Drum Finds Space For Soldiers

More Polls

O.M.G.!! Olbermann..... Did anyone hear that ????

Kerry talking points for debate

A quick rebuttal to the new Swift Liars ad

Kerry's AHEAD in poll that called 600 people in EACH of the 50 states:

Kerry Has Edge Over Bush In State Races, Polls Show

CSPAN's website has Kerry's news conference up...

Bush-Cheney sign damaged (political terrorism!)

Bill Schneider whoring it up with lead SwiftboatLiar on CNN

Campaign nuts and bolts - Florida

Will Mike Bloomberg Vote for Bush?

Latest ARG poll (September 22) Race is dead heat.

Ideas for Kerry campaign ads

Raise a glass Ohio - here's another one for us!

I'm still waiting for the flight to mars, 250,000 jobs/month

New NBC/WSJ Poll 48-45 RV 50-46 LV

Lol! Rove thinks Dems voting FOR Kerry and AGAINST * is a problem for JK!

Memo to Media - Tell the Truth and They will Come

Kerry cements lead in Washington state

Foreign DU'ers and Expats - What's the Coverage of the Campaign Like?

Am I being an alarmist, is this old news,

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election

A GREAT site for Poll Junkies

Bush: War is peace

Record voter registrations in Colorado

Vote in the DemocracyForAmerica challenge!

DFL Chair Condemns GOP Hate Mail

DU this poll (already looking good)

Wanna laugh (or cry)? Read this (Bush's 5 point plan):

Columbus Ohio Kerry HQ out of yard signs

DU this poll please

John Kerry will be on Dr. Phil on Oct. 6th

I am too REVOLTED to think up a thread title

Calling all republicans

Kerry and The Communists - The Point by Mark Hyman

The Unfeeling President

Now THIS is one fraudulant poll - Bush up 10 in WI

Bush* lost the election this week.

Any idea how the ratings were for JK's Regis and Kelly appearance?

Has Cat Stevens ever spoke out against Bush?

Kerry Pulls Into Electoral Lead After Pulling In Florida

Dan Rather vs. George Bush

No Min. Wage increase since '95...same time congress has had 8 raises...!

Sports fans: would you rather come from behind

Kerry Signs Everywhere..and I'm in TX

TradeSports: * is DROPPING, Kerry is RISING

CNN-RNC to use"and Congressional colleagues" to get around spending limits

Kerry Turns Bush's Faux-Optimism Into Delusion And Deception (Brilliant!)

AP: Kerry Says Draft Likely to Return Under Bush

Don't you feel it? I'm the world's worst pessimist and I do!!

Florida's 13th congressional district...who ya voting for?

Cat Stevens - Father & Son rewrite for Pappa Bush and Chimpy

let kerry be kerry!

Sick stuff on Nightline...

Attack on Iraq will be effective but how do we define Bush?

I really liked Kerry advisor last name of Rice. Who is she?

Bush joke for your mailing lists!

Reliability of polls called into question

if you can please put on sundance channel. al is skewering bush (funny)

Democracy Corps Poll: bush 47, Kerry 45

MN Kerry supporters receive hate mail

The DNC really needs to get someone besides Tad Devine...

Psst... pass it on!

When will the terror alert spike again?

Bush speech that finally tells the truth (MP3)

Just finished reading Kevin Phillips' book

Attn: Georgia folks in Cobb County. E-voting meeting Saturday.

County Democratic Executive Committee meeting last night.... (grrr!)

Robert Reich nailed it today.

TX race includes "cameo appearances by Dean and the Moonies."

Edwards (re Bush): "He has crushed the American Dream in four short years.

Democrats time to go door to door. If you are not already, start now

How our crack gov't discovered Cat Stevens was a terrorist

Are you eagerly awaiting the first Gallup poll from DC?

Kerry is either paired with Bush or cast in an unflattering light by media

Will The Candidates Be Having Their Ears Checked At The Debates ???

I sold nearly 150 Kerry-Edwards buttons today!

Clip from Daily Show....

DU this Rather's beeing seriously freeped

Edwards on Larry King NOW.

Edwards was great on Larry King

Question - Advertising on Cable Networks

McCain on Hardball - what a jerk - on Bush he

Dan Rather ratings up by 14%!!

Alabama Getaway

Six testify to Nader petition fraud

Airline Miles for Kerry

What Freepers have to say about Cat Stevens' deportation ...

FLORIDA Voter Registration by Party Affiliation and County

Attention Kerry Campign: Richard Clarke is giving you talking points free

Oh thank God!! That damn Bush Bounce is finally over!

The Debate Pre-emptive Defense Thread

We're going to win

Does Bush remind you of Custer?


Canvassing Report - Florida AND VOTE TAMPERING STORY!!

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Bush Joke II ....for late nite DUers

* is the FLIM FLAM MAN!

Buy a copy of Fahrenheit 9-11 for your library!

how likely is it that JK could lose popular vote but win ev?

This chart tells it ALL: Kerry has rocketed back.

Watch David Letterman Interview John Kerry

Why 'memogate' will hurt the Republicans.. IMHO :-)

Katherine "Cruella" Harris is about to be bounced on her facelift!!

I have lots of extra K/E bumperstickers--what should I do with them?

Iraqi scientists detained for far too long

"Running Mates" (New Yorker) HILARIOUS "love letter" from Dubya to JK

Most recent WSJ/NBC Poll

High Plains Grifter : The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush

Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts

David Horsey: "War means never having to say you're sorry"

The Myth of the Wasted Vote

The ghost following Kerry

DU Article: A Fresh Start

DU Article: Ask Auntie Pinko

Jon Carroll's latest

Orange County Register: Needle points

Guardian:It's lose-lose for Blair

Pork crowds out funding for national security needs

Karl Rove: Rather Brilliant (the 8 ways Rove wins with CBS controversy)

Iraq messages need honing

Curtains up on first Enron trial

Foes of stem-cell research create their own scientific reality

Joe Scarborogh in a WSJ op-ed: Pork

When Athens invaded Sicily w/poor intell- the war cost Athens everything,

RS: Musical Artists Speak Out- Vote for Change

Decoding the National Polls(Ruy Teixeira)

The enemy is us(by Sam Gardiner is a retired Air Force colonel)

Hurricane Impact Drives Up Jobless Claims

The Medium Lobster speaks (Fafblog)

WaPo: Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label

Global Eye - The Deceivers

Bush Must Answer for Iraq

Not another four years!

Seattle Times: "Kerry's right to slam the president on Iraq"

Gary Varvel is a cheneying flying monkey butt!

WSJ letters about Zell Miller

Molly Ivins: The carnival con

WSJ: In a Risky Move, Kerry Shifts Focus to Iraq From Economy

"The Left Thinks Legally, The Right Thinks Morally" (read this crap)

Excerpts from Jon Stewarts new book on American Democracy

E.L. Doctorow: The Unfeeling President

Michael Moore: Mr. Bush and his 10 ever-changing positions on Iraq

Our Children Left Behind: Handouts/Ads/Flyers 2

Help Find a Cure for AIDS - AIDS Walk 2004

Our Children Left Behind: Handouts/Ads/Flyers 3

Question? Who is the widest read

Air America Arrives in Phoenix

My email to CNN regarding Bill Schneider

3 month Leading Indicators drop exposes Bush/Fed lies about economy

The Real Reason for the Upcoming Operations Against Iran...

Debt settlement question?

Acid Rain Pollution Up 4 Percent in 2003

The mercury is still rising

To boost US security, an energy diet

Fraser River (British Columbia) Sockeye Salmon Runs Collapsing

Pukes Kill Wild Sky Wilderness Bill In House - Seattle PI

Automakers Oppose Proposed CA GHG Standards For Cars

Hubble's deepest shot is a puzzle

American Chestnut Hybrids Doing Well In Delaware

Does anybody know what kind of reactors Iran is trying to build?

Honda Will Market Hybrid Accord As Semi-Muscle Sedan

Even 2004's Bumper Crops Can't Boost World Grain Reserves - FAO

Scientists Stunned By Results Of 20-Year Arctic Experiment On Warming Soil

Silicon sensors could save lives

Suicide bombing, fierce fighting rock Baghdad

Zbigniew Brzezinski (video)

09.23.04: 1,176 Combat Deaths In Iraq. 1,041 U.S. Soldiers.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 23, 2004

Welcome to ronzonola and Welcome back to lunabush!

Should a pizza shop allow it's delivery drivers to carry a firearm...

No complaints.

I've posted a thread in GD asking that the new mods be cautious in

Your new mods suck and your upgrades are terrible.

All the avatars are the same.

What's up with the avatars?

i think a very clever troll managed to become a moderator.

Further avatar explication, with link to picture (also for Skinner)

Sorry to be repetitive here, but the avatar thing concerns me...

A better description of the avatar thing - for Skinner.

Guys. Do us all a favour and never, ever explain the avatar thing.

When is the next fund drive?

Can we post about non-personal fundraisers?

My avatar has been hacked!

6:38 pm and the two-faced Bush avatars are back

Hi guys, a question I need answered

Mods/Admins big problem with this Post and Avatars.....!

Suicide attack was 8th by female

Sharon’s promises to Bush remain unfulfilled

Three Israelis killed near Gaza settlement of Morag

Frightening HAARP documentary

Quinnipiac University poll in Florida says Bush leads in Florida

If you saw Kerry/Edwards in Orlando check in here

Looks like yet another hurricane might be affecting Florida

U.S. May Audit Shelley's Use of Election Funds

Pete Wilson with Biceps (from email)

AAR/San Francisco rumors looking very strong

"We regret any loss, but most of the fish are just trash fish anyways,"

Sad Story About an Iowa Soldier

Wellstone Documentary To Open In Minnesota

Michael Moore in Carlisle October 6th

Travis County registration up 35% over 2000

Texas 17 -Great ads for Edwards

The Houston Cronicle says Texas voters don't care about DeLay

Sign Vandalism Thread - Dallas, Texas

Action Alert: Dallas- Write DMN re: endorsement of Van Os opponent

DFW: 90.1 running interesting discussion on 32nd on Glen Mitchell NOW

Ann Richards and Tammy Baldwin in Madison on Friday!!!

Independents, women leaning toward Gregoire

How the FUCK could a Deanocrat vote for Dino Rossi

Dem Sheldon/Mason County - Rossi supporter?

'Which Swift Boat Vet for Truth Member Blows His Brains Out First?'

All systems go: We will have three showings of F9/11 @ Ole Miss

While Allawi is here profusely thanking everyone....

How does the BFEE fit into Casolaro's Octopus?

Rangel's plan to bring back the draft: pro or con?

Can someone suggest a website that keeps accurate, current numbers...

Sen Leahy on C span reading the riot act to Ashcroft's assistant

Social Security, Union Clash Over Sexual Orientation Contract Provisions

GA DUers-E voting forum

separated at birth : Iraqi "Prime Minister" Iyad Allawi and

So, where has Christopher Hitchens been hiding lately?

Who better to follow Malloy...than the "Lion of the Left"...Bernie Ward

Any Market Watchers Awake ??? - This Is Weird !!!

How Much Longer Will It Take For The World To See

I think John Stewart is about to ambush

I would like to thank Green Day for their album and song American Idiot

Cost of War

You know what would just rock?

What with the hostages still being killed...does anyone else remember

Bushit wants to eliminate the IRS....What is the best tax rate?

How nice!

at least Dan Rather apologized, the Brat NEVER will

Japanese parents maybe legally responsible for teenage sex?

Need help from expert researchers ASAP......PLEASE help....thanks!

At worst, Dan Rather had a VERY tiny intelligence failure!

A question about the whole memo-thingie...

Good website re Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Need link to political donations

I think we should ask 'the terrorists' what it is they want from us.

Freepers are so forgiving - GA felons who can never vote again

Ivan The Terrible Returns From The Dead and Heads To Crawford????

Anyone have webspace to host a 124 MB .wmv file of "Outfoxed" ?

Hell . . .

scrubbie and the Seven Deadly Sins

Kerry's right -- Bush is in La-La Land.

Why isn't the Kerry campaign using Robert Rubin more?

It's the will of Landreu

what? get a kit

Get Fuzzy chokes the president

I have been at a conference for 5 days & cut off from the world.

Women supporting Bush--CSPAN call in now for women only

Washington Times interviews Karl Rove -

This Came in my e-mail from the Christian Family Coalition

God vs. Bush -- can anyone verify how accurate this map is?

Sen. John Kerry - 36 % hike in the fed min wage over 3 yrs...aids 7million

U.S. to Free 'Enemy Combatant,' Bowing to Supreme Court Ruling

AOL Straw Poll IS FREEPED! Vote on Oct. 1st.

The Ballad of Tom DeLay

Hastert, DeLay and Blunt were

Are federal tax revenues up since

0 terror convictions since 9/11? that's ashcroft at work for you...

The US is Allawi's "vacation spot"

Any Ed Schultz listeners here that

My spouse is an official patriot! (Military Draft Board )

Rigging constitutions runs in the family

Can we say that we have reached a point where any reports issued

Kerry's Media Circus problem.

The Hunting of the President (Clinton) DVD

If America were like Iraq - Proportional Comparison

Guess who got hugs and a kisses from Allawi ????

praise the lord we stopped the cat stevens threat, but what about OSAMA?

OMG. DemocracyNow! has videotaped calls re Idema to Boykins office

MSNBC says Allawi "echoes" points on Bush's campaign trail

C-SPAN: Allawi address starting now

I just cannot stand

Beat up Bush Flash Game

Republican Logic Bush vs. Rather

is Putin a Communist ?

HELL: "A free market of demons" (Salon report from Iraq)

Proof of Bias of 9/11 Commissioners?

"Point system" for vandalized Dem yard signs?

WFSU NPR station talking about Nader allowed on ballet taking calls and

Comin up on CNN: A reality check of what it's like on ground in Iraq.

Kerry on MSNBC....

sick of media hypocrisy

I need some good printable!

How do you other DUers address shameless right-wing propaganda?

have you seen this?? - a message from God

Chemtrail Mania!

SF school children collect shoes and send them to Iraq shoeless children

God CURED Kerry's laryngitis today so he can speak the truth about Bush

Mike Wallace to interview Bill O'Reilly this week on 60 Minutes

Of terrorists, evildoers and witches.

Jimmy "Asshat" Swaggert says "I'm sorry!"

An email I sent in to The Al Franken Show

What is the definition of a radical liberal?

Listening to Allawi...

What do I do about my friend?

Edwards on Franken later today! nt

Something I've noticed... anyone else?

Alert....Two Puppets/Liars are one TV Right Now

I'm watching

New Book: American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Sen. Paul Wellstone

Anyone here from Iraq? Any Press people here from Iraq?

hey, lets not get too quick on locking the dup or sim threads in GD

Press conferences: who can call them and why... (can Edwards?)

shock and awe pictures?

What is the freepers main website? At least the forums.

I'm going to be a poll watcher at an African American church in tallahasse

AirAmericaRadio in Phoenix started today

I just Volunteered to be a Poll Worker

Franken on Sundance is grrrrrreat!

The Two Dictators are Giving a Press Conference NOW and....

Franken is gonna school Scarborough

Local Radio Wingnut just said, "God has removed Kerry's Voice"

Gas prices climbing again

how about that "Book & Snake" club at Yale (Goss)

The most important difference between us and the republicans is

When Kerry wins, what attacks do you think the Repugs will come up with?

Elitist: Someone who reads and is informed on the issues.

O'Reilly interviews * next week.

Gays and Lesbians Fight For Rights in Zimbabwe

D/FW - 9/24/04 - Bush Family Fortunes/Hijacking Catastrophe

Idiot Freeper Boss -- Part Deux

Allawi's and * success story.......Cops, Killers & Moles

Did I tell you I love you today?

Will somebody tell this idiot press of ours that Dan Rather is not the

Your thoughts on what Bu$h and Cheney

Cheese-saucing for a misbehaving child who hates cheddar...

Patriot II makes a comeback (CALL TO ACTION)

What ever happened to the Allawi executions allegations?

Is Bush's CONTRIVED IMAGE winning over Kerry's truth?

Does anyone know - Did Bush exhaust all diplomacy before...

What is the deal with CHEMTRAILS?????

Know your BFEE: George W Bush Knew 9-11 Was Coming and Did NOTHING!

BC04 needs a new bumper sticker

Talk Radio in Kansas City may be what Hell is like.

Who is Dr. Iyad Allawi? (fascinating)

anyone else think this is all just going to burn anyway?

Photos on election2004 are all stuck on same one. I'm just testing here.

I got this letter in my email.....

Just ran into this and remembered how much I liked it

Allow me to make a book recommendation:

Fuck Bush is trendy in Japan

So, I got hold of a voter's guide passed around

Fighting the terrorists over there so that we don't have to...

What do you think about this perception of the future ?

why is there a black/white bush avatar on all the posts?

Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over (UC nuke program)

What's with the avatars? They are all the same. n/t

Scratch any Repub or fundie bigwigs and you'll find a moonie underneath.

some brilliant, wonderful protesters

I'm in Avatar denial.

Randi's on the air

Senate Armed Services Cmte - Rumsfeld C-SPAN

what the hell?? has anyone elses avatar changed?

Bush: Terrorists May Plan MORE Attacks!!!!

For CA peeps- how do you feel about prop 68?

GOP To Introduce "Patriot Act 2" Legislation

When is Bush going to admit that Saddam played him for a fool?

Rumsfield on CSPAN. LIVE !

Thank God that's over! I thought I'd never see my avatar again!

1:00 9/23 Forum on EVoting in Ohio (from dKos)

Countering RW attacks on Dem Patriotism -- Participate!

Awesome Rolling Stone Bruce Springsteen interview.

Onee of the great frauds perpetrated by the Republicans that we

Evangelical Preacher embroiled in homosexual rumors.

"...the right track/wrong track in Iraq was better than here in America"

Have you kicked the cable news habit?


Unwanted snapshot of Life With Poppy and Bar

CNN: Yes, Bush is the bigger flip-flopper but we already set his resolute

Need help with an anti Kathleen Parker LTTE

Cell phone companies fighting to sell you down the river:

Atrios Seems To LOVE Our New TWO FACED AVATAR!

"Under God"

Older Mexican-Born Hispanics Return to Mexico When Ill

Howard Dean in Dubai, clear and outspoken with the truth.

Howard Dean, Richard Perle set to debate.

Justice department warning!!

Why would the media want Bush to win?

Dean on live radio tomorrow in Ohio, NH, and CT.


Robert Kennedy Jr. in Portland tonight

Help me out: Clearest differences between Kerry and Bush for young voters

JP Morgan pulls plug on $5bn IBM deal.

Are Nat'l Guardsfolk in Iraq getting body armor yet?

You know that"who would you rather have a beer with" question?

Connecting Dots: FCC, superbowl, CBS, Dan Rather, documents, apology....

If we, I mean WHEN we win in Nov, what'll happen to DU?

The tax cuts extension is pretty much a done deal in the house

Great article in USA Today about "liberal" Purdue QB Kyle Orton

Coalition of the Wilting. Pakistan REFUSES to send troops to Iraq.

Bush's MMPI-2 Personality Test Results:

WOW! Lou Dobbs might be great on Job Outsourcing but he's a Hawk

Election day in Iraq...

Anybody else hear Dr. Phil say last night

Since CNN is the "truth channel"...when is Wolfie's special on e- voting.?

First thing I see when I turned TV today...

Picture of the Axis of Evil!

HEY..Two faced Bush is back!

Our children Kicked in the Behind....

DU this poll

Bill Clinton's book....

Another Gay Republican Gay basher? (Again)?

Are there any British subscribers who can give me an unbiased idea

Tweety Is Hosting Swiftbot O'NEILL Again

What would the national unemployment rate be

Do Al-Anon members tend to be Kerry supporters?

Another classic "shrub embarrasment" - The "Job Czar".... where is he?

Good * vs Kerry article

oh, Christ, John ONeill given a bully pulpit on Hardball

Kerry Sticker

Anyone know which companies were implicated in the Delay aides case?

Surprise, surprise! Allawi's speech was written by the White House

Uh.........MODS: ???

Showing... The End of Suburbia in LA this weekend

Bush's confused answer to question belittles Marines sacrifice at Najaf

From recovery to bust -- under Bush, Cleveland now poorest city in USA

The Houston Chronicle Actually Published My Rant!!!

Outsourcing: It's Class Warfare, Stupid !!

Phoenix has AAR now!

So, we'll die for Iraqis, but Haitians can starve and drown in mud.

george bush KILLS BABIES

America: only rich, white men can become president

Rumsfeld: Some voting might be limited, "Life's not perfect!"

Smudge too fast and loose with the English language

don't dubya & Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi make a lovely couple?

"Pataki makes secret assurance to fund GOP programs he vetoed"

Nietzsche Quote for discussion

Besides nukes, what kind of explosive creates a 2.5 mile mushroom cloud?

Do you consider yourself to be a moderate Democrat?

I just realized--we're gonna WIN!

David Gregory pissing Bushwa off!!!!


AirAmerica - What needs to improve on the shows.

DU in this week's TIME

Do You Think *s Handlers Are Aware of How F**King BAD

Help-Email CBS!

Dr. Laura's son joins the military

Greg Palast interview (9/21)- Fla. theft again - Kerry & Edwards informed!

Smile! You're on DU Camera!

Howard Dean "speaks up" about "e-voting" ---- Todays Wash Post

Oh my god, look what I found in my archives! Fallujah..... March, 2003

No attack in US since 911. Why?

60 Minutes 6 Months Investigating Niger Fraud- Story Scrapped For NG Story

The Captured Italian Women: Has there been any update on them?

Terror attack imminent on US soil within 6 weeks?

The Real Reasons for the Upcoming Operations Against Iran...

Al Franken Coming to Colorado!

This is too good to bury in the Articles forum.

Turn that shit off, get out and register some voters, canvass for Kerry

From the National Archives: New proof of Vietnam War atrocities: Swift Boa

The Bush Administration Has Made Me Feel Safer

Hey there hackers - nice work. George's face cut in half is sweet

Will it be possible for Bush to have an ear piece in the debates? eom

Who else has the misfortune of Sinclair broadcasting owning their local

CBS Evening news skewering Bush/Allawi posturing

How about a nickname for Babs?

BBV Plea --- Would a flood of e-mail to Elliot Spitzer stop the "e-vote"?

RESEARCH PROJECT Bush’s Anxiety Disorders

The Freepers are still pushing the Parlock story.......

The Family by Kitty Kelley is a good read

H.R. 25. The Fair-tax proposal. What are your opinions on this?

Freeper vice-principal made me

friend from Florida writes he's getting an evac order...

Documentary about pressures on military due to Iraq

"Hijacking Catastrophe" - Must See - This is IT

A brave new TV series needs, deserves our support: WB's "JACK & BOBBY"

Why Do Many (Converted) Muslims Change Their Names?

BBV: Meet...Baxter...Baxter wonders

BBV: Aide to former GA Gov. Barnes has buyers' remorse

Bid to Save Tax Refunds for the Poor Is Blocked -$13B in corp tax instead

parenting; Tabasco; child

Does anyone have the names of the good and bad guys on the Goss vote?

Public School Teachers Choose Private Schools...

Why would the media want Bush to win?

How to Help Haitian & Caribbean hurricane victims

Your Top 5 Air America Shows.


Who else believes Bush is headed for a emotional meltdown?

How is Dennis doing in his Congressional race?

What's the deal with CHOI?

Are there any British subscribers who can give me an unbiased idea

International Criminal Tribunal findings: George W. Bush guilty of war cri

Close friend and mentor of Zarqawi killed in Iraq

New Wave of Colombia Drug Kingpins Emerges

Miramax ready to back Michael Moore's next film after 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Official: North Korea planning missile test

Palestinian resistance hits Israeli army

Oregon high court removes Nader from ballot

Secret Service Reviews Comments By Dead Soldier's Mom

US troops seal off Samarra (More Air Strikes)

Campaigning in Florida, Democrats turn up heat

QC Cherie's chambers add weight to impeachment case for Blair

UN says no nuke inspection plan agreed with Brazil

Report Says Airport Screeners Missed Weapons-Paper

LAT-Haiti Storm Toll Could Reach 2,000

Oil official shot dead as at least four Iraqis killed in US attacks

From the National Archives: New proof of Vietnam War atrocities: Swift Boa

Haiti needs trade bill now, Graham urges

U.S. Hand Seen in Afghan Election

Sources: N.Korea May Be Preparing Missile Launch

Remnants of Ivan Swing Back into the Gulf (now a tropical storm)

FOX: Justice Dept. cites pre-election terror threat

Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label

House to propose moving U.S. cybersecurity effort efforts back to White Ho

Ex-official (Salem Chalabi) says Iraq wants show trial for Saddam

Report: U.S. Airport Screeners Missed Weapons(well, let's bomb Iraq)

Iraq messages need honing

U.S. Warplanes Attack Insurgents in Iraq

Bush ad plays on Kerry windsurfing

U.S. Urges Changes in Watch List Rules

Dayton Plans To Boycott Iraqi Speech

Does US law mute voices of churches?(Rep. Jones(R-NC) bill sponsor)

Mugabe slams 'political God Bush'

UK archives reveal Palestine plan

US Seeking To Turn Japan Into Military Base With Long Reach

Russia braces for tough new terror laws

Rowland Jury Reconvenes in Scandal Probe

Grover Norquist to Wed Muslim Woman who works for USIAD...wasn't

Cat Stevens 'victimised' over US deportation

Firm justifies job for virus writer

Army Guard Will Fall Short of Recruiting Goal This Year, General Says - AP

Bush Hopes Allawi Can Reassure U.S. Voters

NYT: Study Finds Accelerating Decline in Corporate Taxes (last 3 years)

Former Drug Lord Gunned Down in Brazil

Mexico's Madonna free at last in climax to real-life soap

Lynne Cheney Helps Soften Husband's Image

Kerry pulls ads from Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri

Bush ahead in swing states, will defeat Kerry: Karl Rove

Allawi says growing attacks a sign of insurgents desperation

Black Gay Republicans Break with Log Cabin Republicans, Endorse Bush

U.S. Weighs Borrowing Oil From Stockpile

Administration May Borrow Oil From National Reserve to Offset Hurricane...

Kerry Says Allawi's Speech Contradicts Reality in Iraq -WP

Oprahs Car Gift Backfires on some....

Fla Supreme Court Strikes down "Terri's Law"

$20M in Charity Fails to Reach Russia

Kerry sounds alarm for retirees

Poor Medical Treatment Kills Thousands

Israel's bunker bomb buy irks Iran

"We are succeeding in Iraq," Allawi tells US Congress

Document Scanners Make Debut at Airports

Two US Soldiers (Special Forces) killed in Afghanistan....just

Kerry: Allawi's Take on Iraq Unrealistic

Celia Cruz Removed From U.S. Blacklist

Tropical Storm Ivan RETURNS (Also Jeanne does 360, goes to FL)

'Terri's Law' struck down

US troops face hellish fight in Sadr City concrete jungle

The GOP Backpedals On Judges - The Hill

Allawi ruling sealed hostages' fate

Anti-Iraqi Forces attack 1st Infantry Division patrol from Mosque

FR reports that DU is hacked, all avatars are bush now!

Marine Killed in Al Anbar Province #1041

Rumsfeld Sold Stakes in Pentagon Contractors

Authorities differ on prisoner's release (Who Runs Iraq? US or Allawi?)

Asteroid Flyby.........

Lawyers say PM could be impeached over Iraq

Hatch accuses Kerry of undermining U.S. troops

Pentagon Restores Voting Web Site Access

Shareholder Class Action Filed Against Fannie Mae

Gunmen kill oil official in northern Iraq, saboteurs blow up oil well

AP: Bombs Kill Most U.S. Troops in Iraq(so far, Sept. fifth deadliest)

Moore lines up health insurers for a lashing

France rules out troops for Iraq

Israel Charges Iran Replaces Saddam as Terror Exporter

Acid Rain Pollution Up 4 Percent in 2003

FOX, CNN: Large explosion reported in Baghdad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 23 September

Document Scanners Make Debut at Airports

Equatorial Guinea seeks to unravel coup plot

New Poll Fox/Opinion Dynamics: Bush 45, Kerry 43

General: Guard Won't Meet Recruiting Goal

Fear of Flying: ...Nerves Ended W's National Guard Service in Texas

Judge uncovers Pinochet's sea dump

Kerry says Bush is Avoiding Reality on Iraq

Bush: Terrorists May Plan More Attacks (In America from IRAQ!!!)

Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts Kerry always pushed global coope

'Iraq-Style' U.N. Plan Not Sought for Iran

Italian hostages probably alive

Halliburton, Seeking to Boost Value, May Shed KBR - Bloomberg

Bush, Kerry plan debate workout

Campaigns want debate moderators to sign statement

(Robert) Redford calls Bush 'blind' on environment

LA Times Poll: In California, Voters Stay in Kerry's Corner

Oil Prices Rise as Supply Concerns Linger

Bush Shrugs Off Bad Polls on Iraq Outlook

Bush ahead in swing states, will defeat Kerry: Karl Rove

House Blocks Court on Pledge Case Ruling

House of Commons says no to US war on Cuba

Low-Income Nonapplicants to Get Medicare Drug Cards

House votes to limit Supreme Court power in Pledge case

FEC Complaint Filed Against CBS and Kerry

Craddick took donation for TRMPAC (Texas)

Jobless claims rise -350,000 filed - expected was only 338,000

House Wants to Boost Anti-Terror Powers

WP: Bid to Save Tax Refunds for Poor Blocked (as add $13B corp. breaks)

US clears translator of spying

Bacardi charged in Texas election scandal (Delay & rum trademark)

WP: Leading (economic) Indicators Decline in August

Commercial foreclosure listings up in Dallas-FW

House aims to ease barriers, but vetoes on Cuba expected

Iraqi scientist spills secrets

Judge declares mistrial in pepper spray trial

Fed says interest hikes may be necessary

'No hope' for British hostage ( Iraq)

Pelosi: With Pledge Bill, GOP Once Again Undermines Constitution

Virginia Radio Station Drops CBS News

Agreement on Extending Tax Cuts Reached

House Panel Rejects Probe Into Medicare Dispute

Pentagon to close 35 percent of overseas bases

Rumsfeld Raises Prospect of Limited Iraq Elections

Request for halt to Santander takeover - Riggs Bank

NYDN: Kabul guys had trial wired (Idema-Boykin link)

Powell defends Cat Stevens move

Study: Bush Budget Adds $1.3T to Deficits

Tories blocked Maxwell inquiry

SA leader urges virginity tests

Iraq has its sovereignty, but America is still running the show

Bush Clarifies Iraq Intelligence Remark

Fla. Court Nixes Law Keeping Woman Alive

U.S. Weighs Borrowing Oil From Stockpile

Wall St gloom extends, Dow ends down 70

Thatcher Lashes Out At Minister's Decision

A Massive Experiment' In Voting (E-Voting) (Washington Post)

Justice Department Steps Up Surveillance Amid Fears Of Attack

FBI could talk to source of forged Niger papers. I did

Bigley's brother: Hostage's safety 'sabotaged' by US coalition

Fear of Flying: ...Nerves Ended W's National Guard Service in Texas

Heinz Kerry helps Dems raise $1M at Phoenix event [predicts oct surprise]

Wilson, Plame steal some of Kelley’s thunder

WSJ: Some Top Companies Avoided Federal Income Tax Under Bush

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Maker's UA Talk Has Campus Republicans Hot

Leading Indicators in U.S. Fall 0.3 Percent in Third Straight Monthly Drop

Heartfelt thanks to the DU crew for fixing the DB.... get some sleep

We're just going to have to agree to disagree

If (insert favorite band) were a man/woman, I would...

I hate Live Links commercials.

15 things a man can do at Wal-Mart while his wife is taking her sweet time

Did you ever get the "Creeps"?

Just musing lawyers have to

Sometimes I just gotta ask myself - "What's up with Amsterdam?"


Sometimes I just gotta ask myself - "What is up with the Faeroe Islands?"

8 more posts and I'll have 4000.

Laughing my ass off at

I drank a 5th of SoCo

In what year was the song Bohemian Rhapsody released?

Who here has a tongue piercing?

And now for something completely off the wall

Last dialog

Who would do this to a dog?

Larry King involved in JFK assassination. Check out this site.

Last one ( promise) Help me come up with 100 ways to tell Misunderstimator

Man In Wheelchair Robbed Bank

what shouLd i eat for breakfast?

Jazz Family Patriarch Ellis Marsalis Dies in New Orleans

I had to share this, just cuz I'm me. (not for cat people)

Actors, Filming Bank Robbery Scene, Mistaken For Real Thieves - Arrested

This just in: Grandpa Walton dug up and deported

Wo ist die Partei?

pic of 'my' cat

Time to change my avatar - Pad Thai's back

Branch Davidian Leader's Car to Be Auctioned

"Stomach Saving" Coupon Amuses Customer - Store NOT Selling Stomachs

Penis / Sex Pills Fall Short Of Promises

Cheerleaders Suspected Of "Sticker Assault"

D/FW - 9/24/04 - Bush Family Fortunes/Hijacking Catastrophe

Court Rules Drunk Driving Laws Don't Apply To Riding Horses

Hehehehehe!! I got a call from Bush/Cheney!

Tropical Storm Lisa has a secret

Dr.Phil or Dr. Phil o Shit

Knock knock! Who's there? Ivan. Ivan who? Ivan to drop about 8" of rain

A Spring/Summer 2005 fashion show in London NOW?

Tax On Chewing Gum Will Help Curb Litter

Falling Boulder Kills Man During Adventure Race

VHS to there a market?

...and then our camera saw the North American chickenhawk in it's habitat

Is there anything more tedious than listening to people plan weddings?

Does anyone else feel "hungover" this morning?

Cartoon Flashback

Oh, the "Sanctity of Marriage"...

Favorite "Creep"

I saw a car with a DU Bumper sticker yesterday!

any t-shirt hawkers/makers here?

ZombyCoffee Addict OUTRAGED That Massages Will No Longer Be Offered

I am so secret right now.

Makeshift Patriot

Whatever happened to the Mars mission?

Another very special hand-holding photo from Emperor Bunnypants

Who is the better fictional thief?

I am so scared right now.

Comics fans! Check out these shots of the Fantastic Four is costume!

These copycat threads must POP right now!

These copycat threads must STOP right now!!

These copycat threads must POOP right now!!

These copycat threads must STOOP right now...

Oprah car winners hit with hefty tax

These copycat threads must DROOP right now!

How does your PUCK run?

Anyone have an email address for the head of the DNC?

How does Friar Tuck run?

How does your duck run ?

Soundtrack information, please.

Sugar......they put ICK in my coffee!

Anyone have an email address for the head of Alfredo Garcia?

The "Ball Five" of all CAPTIONS!!!

This guy's a big man on the hill. CAPTION!

The "Quirky Quotation Marks " ' " of all "CAPTIONS!!!! "Dig?"

History repeating itself? (disturbing quote)

Handspringing Protester Damages Artwork At Exhibition With Nazi Ties

The "Phantom F*r*sk*n" of all CAPTIONS!!!

new poll!! Check it out!

The Bush league pitches tonight

I am so secreting right now.

I am so sacred right now.

These copycat threads must PLOP right now!

The "Delicate Denouement" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

It's ironic that the two people in Baseball I despise most...

How does your lunch run? Good or bad?

Does anyone know of a good non-down comforter...

Which tile is the best?

Last inheritress of Chinese female-only language dies

Det. Greene's new partner on 'Law And Order' is a right-wing nutjob.

Klingons for Kerry

What do you think of NWI?

Happy Birthday, Bruce Springsteen.

Any SMiLe-o-philes here?

I loaf! {View All}

New Green Day CD is pretty cool

DU Students-Make this the largest student petition ever. Re: Iraq

Ever notice the Charles Schwab ads on AAR?

E.L. Doctorow on "The Unfeeling President"

My company's employee tag sale: The best of Cameo volume 1 and 2

Fleas...Is Orthoboric Acid the best way to kill em?


Flame Warriors Definition of Libertarians:

Man kills man - with an umbrella to the eye.

Even the best laid CAPTIONs of mice and men often go astray...

Did anyone watch "Lost" last night?

Favorite version of THE LOOK OF LOVE

Why does sucking suck these days?

I loathe [View all]

From this week's Onion

How Does Your Luck Run? Good or Bad?

Question: If you own a cat named "Stevens", is it allowed on a plane?

The "Two Heads Are Bitter Than One" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Skirts - Do you like them for their aesthetical value of their easy access

Small Wonder Vs. a Colonoscopy.

Can you believe this?

Weird Science is a miracle of celluloid brilliance

I have tighty-whities

So, who is holding Donna now?

Why Does So Much of Today's Music SUCK?

My brother's family could have died ...

NYC Dinner Date

I Have Seven Posts Left to Hit 5000...Ask Me Anything?

How do we feel about "superfluous" "quotation" "marks?"

Angry customer urinates in video store(this guy was pissed)

Man Legally Changes His Name To "They"

DU intellectuals, need help

The "Damn! Where's my flag pin!?" of all CAPTIONS

Slow down, you move too fast.

Real Genius

Is a man who doesn't wear underwear offensive or sexy?

Guy On Sidewalk Handing Out "The Passion" Pamphlets, Told Me Jesus Is Back

I have 91 posts till I hit 3,000. Don't ask anything, let the thread sink.

APC covering Black Flag?

Sesame Street or Electric Company?

"Mary Had A Little Lamb" in Latin?

The Lost Weekend of all CAPTIONS!!!

Mitch Miller or Mrs. Miller

Google Logo has a Salute to Ray Charles in it....Cool!

Mr. Greenjeans or Mr. McFeely

What's your favorite Kevin Smith film?

Hood of Car, Frontseat, Backseat or Back of Pick-Up Truck?

I hate tighty-whities

Bad things to say while playing golf...

Sex threads or no sex threads?

Crotchless Strawberry Flavored Panties - Aesthetical Value OR Easy Access?

"And now you know...the rest of the story."

Reverse Cowgirl?

Ick...they put sugar in my coffee....

I feel weird.

Yukon Creamers

Frank Lloyd Wright: America's Greatest Architect?

3.2.1. Contact

Can I get some technical help with this

Malnourished teen found chained to bed railing - Parents Held

Minn. Trooper Writes 205 Mph Ticket

I can' work up the nerve to ask out this cute guy, Will Pitt

I can't work up the nerve to whack myself in the head with a hammer...

Comcast Changes B.S. Headline (B.S. = Britney Spears)

Rockstars Gone Wild

Hey Canuckamok - how much money did you get?

I am evil beyond hope?

I don't like the Mount Rushmore!

Good sites for on-line poker?

I want to make another post about the avatars.

Cowgirl, Missionary or Doggy?

Do you think there should be more threads on the avatars?

Hey.. umm.. where's my picture thingy?

William Rivers Pitt is cute

So long, DU... (for now)

Oh shit what happened to our avatars?

What happened to the avatars?

OMG - did you guys know avatars are REAL?!?

I don't like the movie Rushmore

Hackers are so creative

Okay, this woman in a hot air balloon realized that she was lost.

Okay, who changed all the avatars?

I think Frank Gorshin is our avatar "hacker".

Chavezspeaksthetruth's new avatar is SWEET

Hey! What happened to my avatar?

Has DU been hacked? - If so this means war.

Paragon is cuter than William Rivers Pitt

Commie-pinko avatars for all!

Avatar first thoughts: I'm such a geek!

Help the Prez Play Dress-up (Game)

Stop copying me!!

My newly hacked Frank Gorshin Avatar is cuter than William Rivers Pitt

Have you guys seen the jib-jab thing. It's HILARIOUS!!!!

White Fang or Black Tooth?

Let That be Your Last Battlefield

What happened to my Avacor?

Starbucks Addict OUTRAGED That Sprinkles Will No Longer Be Offered

What do you think of my new avatar?

My nomination for the name of the universal avatar.

Here's my contribution to the Avatar topic

I'm living in my own private avatar

Hey, that little picture box next to the post text is different! Whahoppa?

We believe we've fixed our database problems.

I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot

Who do you think is behind the avatar sabotage?

What happened to Jay Acovone?

I can't work up the nerve to ask out this cute girl where I work....

Perhaps Lou Antonio's behind this avatar mystery..................

Anybody see the movie Baraka ?- now thats a movie worth seeing 50 times

Can we fill up Page 1 of the DU Lounge with avatar topics?

Dancing Bush

So, since we're on the topic of two-facedness, which is better?

Hey everyone, what do y'all think of my new avatar?

Favorite long-haul slow-but-steady CELEBRITY

Messing with my avatar was bad enough...

and the avatar problem gets even more screwy

Who is that supposed to be in our new fancy avatars, anyway?

Avatar... Schmavatar... Who needs 'em anyway?

Any espresso machine owners out there?

Damn you Frank Gorshin!

Instead of everyone having black and white Bush avatars..

Avaturd. That's what we have now.

"I know Frank Gorshin. And sir, you're no Frank Gorshin."


Chavezspeaksthetruth's avatar is better than mine.

This would make a much better black & white avatar

Howling, agitated, possible rabies-ridden chimp on rampage in Latrobe, PA

What do you think of THIS avatar

Avatar avatar bo bavatar, banana fanna fo favatar, me my mo mavatar

Trekkies! whats that episode with the half black/half white guys?

Just in case you didn't know the avatar's name is "two-faced"

Name Pagerbear's next incendiary thread

Fuck. Are we gonna have a jillion "the avatars are back" posts now?

What happened to the Bush avatars?

A New Freeper Band! Attila and the Huns

Thank the Overlords!

Should the new mods be fired for screwing up the avatars?

Avatars are back!!!!!! #5,292

Ok, false fire alarm over... Everyone back to class!

Two faced avatar available for public consumption.

WHHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Our avatars are back!

Right everyone, make with the "Our avatars are back!!" threads...

And I, for one, welcome our new Avatar overlords.

Great! Now we're gonna have a jillion 'my avatar's back!' posts.

Guess what! My avatar's back!

I have a question ???

Actually funny freeper sig line: (Calvinism Fever:......)

after the avatar problem is fixed, I'm going to keep the two-faced bush

How soon before avatar posts completely disappear from page 1?

Great! Now we're gonna have a million 'my avatar's back!' posts.

The real avatars are back!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I found! (Dog pics)


Fuck. Are we gonna have a jillion "the avatars are back" posts now?

How many words of three or more letters can be made out of "AVATARS"

Should we have more polls about the threads about the avatars?

Freepers - DU Hacked! All your avatars are belong to Bush!

Best avater related thread?

Janet Jackson is obscene, and Fox News isn't.

Rohrshach test

I'm sorry I hacked the avatars.

The Official Kerry Throat Cure thread

Best. Campaign ad. ever.

Okay, I signed on just a few minutes ago. What happened?

When did my fingers grow so long?

Proof: Chemtrails caused the avatar incident

Oh great now we're gonna have a million threads complaining about my av is

For the man in your life - HUMMER(tm) cologne

Marshmallow woman is stuck in snarlin dick's* traffic jam

Kerry Bumpersticker......Do you notice that.......................

The same day CanuckAmok leaves this avatar scandal breaks out.....

Help Please!

Buy this T-shirt, DU gets $2 donation

You know who is MIA? - Geniph

I'll Lick Yours For FREE!

Want a lick?

need help with picture for avatar

I suggest a Star Trek episode based on the two faced Bush avatars.

POLL: Does this poll make any sense to you?

fundie anti-choice asshole on campus today

I just received an e-mail from my boss -- "Mission Statement Revisions."

As I accidentally posted in GD - my boss got a wedding invite for OCt 24

And now, Your Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

Fun with anagrams

Wassup with that NYC Chinese dinner?

Horshack test

April just got kidnapped on Dallas


Yahoo / Launch: Elton John Calls Taiwanese Photographers 'Pigs'


Peek - A - Boo

Post your favorite memories of the "avatar-fiasco" era...

If baseball comes to D.C., what do you think the team should be called?

Should we have polls about the polls about the threads about the avatars?

Warrior Princesses!

Forget it this thread didn't work

Can we stop talking about avatars please???

I'm not sure talking about avatars should be considered a bad thing.

Are you Daphne or Chloe?

I agree with northwest. Can we please stop with the avatar threads?

Can we stop talking about stopping talking about avatars?

Everyone who doesn't like avatar threads can post here!!!

Are you Troilus or Cressida?

Do you hate when relatives visit?

In the parking lot at my office, there is a car with a W '04 sticker

Hey DU, are you ready for more Red Sox-Yankees???

My raccoon eyes are developing super strength

Error Delete Me

Are you Vicodin or Estrogen?

Are you pete deFazio or Mary Fleener ?

Are you Ricky Ricardo, or Fred Mertz?

You'll all sleep better tonite when you realize that I'm the most twisted

I Just Survived Six (Count 'em... SIX) Wasp Stings!!

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Link to U2's new single, Vertigo (premiered today)!

Are you Felix Unger, or Oscar Madison?

More BS from Baseball on the Expos

How did Freeper Site know our Avatars are back on within a minutes notice?

Are you Fonzie Fonzarelli or Vinnie Barbarino

Update on the Bobbitt family

Teaching boosts my ego!

Help me decide on a new avatar

Are you Vladimir or Estragon?

Questions about Bit Torrent...


So what do you think of DU? Post it in this public forum

So I took a little walk in my neighborhood here in Richmond...

I feel dirty, freepers actually just made me laugh OUT LOUD

FR reports that DU is hacked, all avatars are bush now!

Funny story....

Oprah's getting on my last nerve.........

ohhh noooo

Hey, everybody! Is anyone else noticing the avatars...

Ol' Twoface is back.

The avatar problem only exists if you log in.

my dog resembles the new avatars

Which DU'er would you want to mind meld with?


Are You A City-Mouse Or A Country-Mouse?

Uggh, is it that time already? - Target has the Christmas crap out

Dammit People We Need More Avatar Threads

And now it's gone!


Since we have extra Freeper trollage today, let's have some fun!

Okay.....Who DID IT! Skinner is being notoriously "elusive" on this

Sons and Daughters of boobies


The Kerry campaign needs to...


My raccoons are developing super-strength

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you!

Fuck! It's happening again!

What do you think caused the avatar problem?


Digital Video techie question

Boy wants to break record for world's largest rubber band ball

I'd like to lick boobies

Try the Republican Fight Song... This is funny!!

5 days without any Bush

I HAVE NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!! Wooooo-hoooooo!!!

College Guys Didn't Expect Girls To Dance On Their Stripper Pole - REALLY!

I'm seeing George Carlin tonight

According to the Noahmijo poll 100% of Americans would be surprised

So what DID happen to the avatars today?

Gee that bush seems like a swell guy

America (The Book) : A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction

I don't care what the freeptards say...

Favorite "Munsters" character

Have you ever tried conspiracy to fart and typing at the same time?

I just got an iPod, please recommend some music!

Have you ever tried to eat fajitas and type at the same time?

Anyone own an HP desktop? Would you recommend it?

My avatar theory: I'm sure we can get some more clues if we pool info

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun!

Organizers Fear Terrorist Attacks On Upcoming Al-Queda Convention

Stripper pole in Jacksonville University dorm draws crowd


I Have Been Drinking A Little Tonight And DAMN Do YOU Look Good Right Now!

I Dedicate My 5000th Post To MY Favorite Du'ers

George and Tony want to take you to a gay bar


I'm a bit reluctant to post any questioning of Kerry right now.

GUYS: Would You Wear a KILT if It Were Socially Acceptable?

Hot tub ettiquette. Need help!

Help! My modem is randomly dialing area funeral homes!

Would you wear NOTHING if it were socially acceptable?

A picture worth a thousand words

Listening to "Pretty Ballerina" by the Left Banke. Ask me anything.

I like John Kerry and everything, but his face looks like wet leather.

For those who missed the John Fogerty show on A&E last night


That's it! I haven't liked movies in years, but

Trivial Pursuit-the 5 Minutes Ago Edition

Christina Ricci - Girl Friend or Girl Fiend?

I have a toothache.

Whats the longest youve gone

I feel pretty...Oh so pretty...

Favorite name beginning with 'Ed'

Is this avatar really creepy to anyone else?

Are You Laverne DeFazio Or Shirley Feeney ?

**New U2 Single**

This to shall pass....

Now I'm Getting Pissed Off

Been too long since I read the Odyssey

i'm cute

So who here plays D&D?

Baseball Movies!

What is your favorite non-talk radio station?

Captain Kangeroo or Mr. Rogers

Greg Maddux - at least 15 Wins for 17 straight seasons

Indiana Jones Fans: A Strange Music Question from "Last Crusade"

Let's blow up some gender stereotypes, shall we?

My Cat Felix Is Missing. He Didn't Come Home Last Night

American Research Group polls all 50 states

Rather vs. Scarborough

Weather Channel--just mentioned Americans killed in Iraq.....

Want to get really irked about Iraq and the election?

This is absolutely hilarious

The New Republic - Article on Ralph Nader...

Brainiac needed...PA registered voter stats

Everybody go buy Kerry Halloween masks! Vitally important!

Did I just hear that correctly?

The Iraq powderkeg.

RNC on Iraq: "A Challenge for This Generation" (Draft reference?)

from bartcop . . . God Hates Bush Voters . . .

question I'd like to see addressed to Bush during a debate . . .

Note to Kerry campaign: Bush had 3 chances to kill Zarqawi

Arizona Voter Registration Statistics

Our new talking point/security question...

Another goddarn "Which candidate do you agree with" quiz

That creepy bush/cheney logo

Must Reading On Kerry Foreign Policy Compared to Bush

Take note: It's not $200 billion that we're spending on Iraq.

Anti-Kerry 527 it legal this close to the election?

Good website re Iraq Coalition Casualties Count

So where is the commercial of shrub clearing brush

One of the most important posts on DU yesterday

John Harris repeats the GOP spin on Kerry. Need links.

Kerry's 'rock and roll' band, "The Electras".

So if it's not okay for Dems to talk to Burkett

Support at County Fair is phenomenal

Tweety and the Bastards

""Bush is like the guy who reserves a hotel room and asks you to the prom"

Bush's "junk lawsuits" vs. "frivolous lawsuits"


Is there a movie about John Kerry coming out soon?

C-Span call in....

Bush fails to raise Jewish support

According to Bush, juries can decide DEATH but not monetary damages

Michael Moore's latest msg...GWB's flip flops on Iraq

Heinz Kerry wows faithful (Arizona visit yesterday)

Counter the Kerry wind-surfing ad

Let's do a Quick Compare and Contrast.....

So, if Bush poll numbers are tanking, why is the media soft on him?

just saw the new 527 ad

Networks Are Swaying the Election to Bush

We have talked a lot about the media polls showing bush

Illness forces Kerry to cancel campaign stops. He's going back to Boston

Get well soon, Kerry!

So, when I pulled in the parking lot at work this morning, a car from

Bush is like someone who offers you a beer at the bar....

I don't think the Freepers think Kerry is cute.

Young Voters (18-29) ....63% think a DRAFT is unlikely --- wake up

Interesting Poll - News Juxtaposition

Has anyone seen THE OTHER windsurfing ad?

Kerry is a coward if he doesn't jump on this today. Cruz/Bush/Communists

Need help from expert researchers.....ASAP, thanks!!

Iraqi PM Allawi addressing Congress

Michigan's Voter Registration Total Since July

Deja Vu all over again? Supreme Ct to install Bush again?

Did anyone else hear

And why is "The Emperor with No Clothes" strong suit "handling terrorism"?

Allawi, flip-flops, morans

Ben Barnes has not contradicted himself! He's said he helped Bush unfairly

stupidest bumper sticker yet

Kerry leads 2-0 in Polk County Iowa!!!

WHEN will the DNC or Kerry's camp release a campaign ad

Reward Offered to Anybody Who Knows Where AWOL Bush Was

Kerry did not say draft likely if Bush elected.

Ask Rep George Miller a question: Starts at 1:00

Russert on NBC poll: "Kerry isn't connecting with the American People"

America's grief - Flag draped coffin on front page of Statesman

Shrub is part of the problem, not part of the solution

Rove touts Bush headway in key areas

Compassionate Conservatives are Neither

And we wonder why the TV press isn't reporting properly on the campaign.

First votes cast in Polk County Election Office in Iowa for John Kerry!

Conversation on the bus in St Louis this morning....Bush supporters

IS Kerry pulling Az ads or was I dreaming?

Bush/Rove 3 points: win war on Terror (not Iraq), ""grow" economy with

FOX: Justice Dept. cites pre-election terror threat

Very important point about terrorists tampering with elections

Any truth to this? Gossip item from LA.Com

Grover Norquist to Wed Muslim Woman who works for USIAD...wasn't

Despite Bush flip-flops, Kerry gets label WP

Okay, I have put money on this election with Freeper friends

God that felt good

Why Does Nader Have 500% More Support In The Democracy Corps

Two of my favorite Kerryisms

David "Frenchie" Gregory steps out of line (CNN lIve)

Carville & Greenberg's analysis of where the race for president stands

Group Calls for Slowing Intelligence Reform-Bush Had Other Plans In August

Kerry's Laryngitis: A GREAT Thing!

Reporters are hammering Bush to ANSWER KERRY!

What are security moms, are they the same as liberty moms?

Presidential Prayer Team announces "Virtual Prayer Rallies, Pray The Vote"

Bush :"right track/Wrong track polls are better in Iraq than in US"!?!?!?!

Our block's yard sign Arms Race

NPR covered the VPs

ABC showing Kerry's speech and news conference from today

What a CROCK!

Who Will Appoint the Next Supreme Court Justice?

Allawi like Chalabi left Iraq in '71. How can he speak for average Iraqis?

Once again, that freakin' liar ties 9/11 to Saddam

Reporters getting in GOOD questions on *


Voter registrations swamp county offices; errors feared - Colorado

Bring on the debates!!

Afghan national army went into Najaf?

Just heard * saying "in tough times we have to stay the course"

will they replay this dismal press conference later on cspan or something?

Congresswoman: "ALL Critics of Our Iraq Policy are WRONG"

Ha! Kerry's got Bush on the run now.

CNN/FOX immediately spinning for Bush.

"Well I just read a poll that said that the Right Track-Wrong Track..."

Challenge to chimpy: Go do your press conf w/Allawi in Falluja

David "Frenchie" Gregory steps out of line (CNN lIve)

So Rathergate isn't having the expected chilling effect...

Elections are unpatriotic and are endangering America.

"winter soldier" recants, says Kerry pressured him.

Gregory (NBC) is trying to actually get the coWard to answer a question!!

How Long til the next Terra Alert?

Anyone hear the sleazy Bush* radio ad

So why was only 1 person from the Arab media in the Rose Garden?

Carter lost an election because of some hostages!

DOW Goes under 10,000 Helps Kerry?

Bush just gave Kerry a great political gift.

Please take the CNN Poll on Cat Stevens

Republicans frustrated at lack of attention by DHS on Cybersecuriy

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) a rising star.

why Kerry's message/theme is stronger than *'s

MSNBC: "Kerry says Allawi, Bush in cahoots"

Scarborough on Franken now....

Likely GOOD NEWS POLL: Colorado voters want to split electoral votes

Article, using 1944 discussion of fascism, reinforces Kerry theme re Bush

Allawi is a Puppet of Bush. The Iraq election will be a coronation

Pollmakers - Make a poll about Dem fervor FOR Kerry. Let media traitors

Captain Kangeroo or Mr. Rogers

An idea for a ad

You know the Right is flailing when...

Very funny campaign ad for Congress man Wu

Rummy before Senate Armed Svcs. Committee at 2:30.

bush cares more about iraq the about the united states

I bet even the close polls are weighted with Repugs

You may replace all of today's "Allawi" headlines with...

Enough of the BS about Bush being a debate champ--I have faith in JK

A "fiendishly clever plot" (Burkett/CBS)


Bush or decide.

What is your opinion of John Kerry's performance as a candidate?

How we win

A Shining Example of "Compassionate Conservatism"

Was Bush REALLY that bad?

Why haven't Dems worked "New Carpetbaggers" angle against Bushco in south?

rumsfeld being questioned on c-span 3

Need motivation? Need to get fired up?

Kerry sign....Stolen!

Just In Case You Forgot

MSNBC cut their video short.

Matthews repeated false claim on Barnes

"Bring 'Em On"

Bush is Not a 'Flip-Flopper'!

HUH??? bush quotes from Allawi conferance today

Saw an Anti-Kerry propoganda truck yesterday. Surreal.

EPA head under Nixon and Ford endorses Kerry

Kerry Picks Up 2 Votes in Iowa Balloting ----GREAT NEWS!!!

How big will Bush*'s bounce be after the debates?

My debate with a winger on TV last night

Does Bush Know What His Own Government Is Doing?

Today's press conf...Bush needs a padded cell not an oval office

Bush's Mixed Message:Orders Assault of Falluja, Then retreat 3 days later!

hey psych majors and medical folks - is the chimp losing it?

F9/11 #4 on Amazon DVDs

NBC Poll - 52% do NOT believe getting Saddam was worth 1000+ & $$$$

Time to Get Involved for the Finale

My name is george bush: you can call me the flim flam man

Why does everyone now have a Flip-Flop-Bush avatar?

Avatars have been invaded, a worm amongst us.

What's with the avatars??????

Who else thinks that Allawi isn't long for this Earth?

Anybody have a link for the transcript from today's * press conference?

For Bush, being resolute means never having to say you're sorry...

Bu sh "s Swan song will forever be known as:

Our Children Left Behind: Handouts/Ads/Flyers 2

57% say Kerry will handle Iraq better. MSNBC poll we rock. yuck yuck

Watch Kerry's new Iraq ad,"Different Story" just shown on Inside Politics.

Wonkette - "Bush Dons Rose Garden-Colored Glases"

Ouch Judy just slaps Bush with being a flip flopper

Today's Bush-Allawi Press conference- video LINK here

Maybe if Bay Buchanan

Did Bushie edit yesterday's remark from "guessing" to

I'm so bummed I had to work today

"I see electronic voting machines as undermining democracies,"......(Dean)

*LMAO*!!! Y'all need to see my latest freeper skirmish....

Hey Florida! How is the race shaping up?

"Inside Politics" pointing out that Bush is also flip flop

New Fox Poll Chimp 45% Kerry 43%

Rumsfeld Raises Prospect of Limited Iraq Elections

From Japan Today- Which Side is Fighting Dirtiest

CSpan has link to Press Conference!!!!

When in doubt- Terra Terra Terra. MORE ATTACKS COMING!!!

How big will Bush's bounce be after this press conference?

Kerry mocking Bush about the CIA "guess" made Bush change the word!

Kerry did not violate military law with his meetings in Paris

This Weeks NBC/WSJ Poll --- ECONOMY was the #1 issue ....not terror !

Most boneheaded segment of Bush's remarks?

Wow! Obama must be good if he can beat this guy!

Country's on Wrong Track. Shouldn't Have Invaded Iraq. Voting for Bush.

Kerry is a WIMP!!! And * I * know its true because ...(repeat)

DU this MSNBC Poll: Which candidate can handle Iraq better?

Gee maybe McCain is not a total whore.

How would you order our last 12 presidents, liberal to conservative

Who would benefit from another tragedy??

I did.. You should... email CNN about


MSNBC: Kerry on now

Fear of a drug test Ended Dubya's NG Career

Rush Hour VOTE Show! Great idea... poll

Got this from Kerry Campaign on pulling out of MO, AZ, AR, and LA

How much does a candidate need to shmooze the constituency

Greg Palast on Liberal Oasis: Election is set to be stolen again

Has anyone from the liberal media ever asked Bush about killing Zarqawi?

The alcohol only steadied the hands that coke made flying so

Someone needs to correct Sean Hannity on the 1964 civil rights act

New Texans for Truth ad.

Rasmussen Polls Show Little Change in 4 Key States

Rasmussen Weekly Premium Update for Or, Virg, Wisc, Ala.

Request for graphic design

Laugh! I thought I'd die.

Well dip me in chocolate and cover me with jimmies


Need help with a fence-sitter who believes the "flipflop" meme

Shrubya takes a hit in the war jewels

"Picture worth 1000 words" image from Kerry's "Different Story" ad

09.23.04: 1,176 Combat Deaths In Iraq. 1,041 U.S. Soldiers.

Our Children Left Behind: Handouts/Ads/Flyers 1

WH Get E-mails to Oust George Bush

Idea for Edwards' stump speech

Shit! Repugs beat Dems to the media punch again!!

Bush to expand Patriot Act

Questions about Electronic Voting Machines

CBS: One in Four Say Debates Could Help Them Close the Deal

Bush's TV Commercial if he was running against Jesus (Must see)

Oops, Florida miscounted again, Hillsborough County. 3rd error.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Can the Repuke congress over-rule the Supreme court-WTF

Surreal polls: Kerry has better chance in Mississippi than Wisc.

Didn't bush and Allawi thugs brag today about coming election in Iraq???

edwards to be on air america ..around 2:15eastern

Who says the American people are choosing a president

Suggestion for Kerry in the Debates (strategists pls read)

Reporters are hammering Bush to ANSWER KERRY!

2nd stupidest thing I heard today...


Kerry up by 12 in California--51-39; Boxer over Jones 54-36

Here's the Press Conference Transcript

Lynne Cheney Helps Soften Husband's Image

I am LIVID, I just heard that bastard Rorbacker? on CNN

Who are these dumbasses

A Thought - Nixon & Kennedy Election

In letter to Bush, Moore clarifys Kerry's position on Iraq

What do you think of "Americans Coming Together?"

I Despise George W. Bush

We are now, officially, ROLLIN', folks!

Phrase Lets Bush Use GOP Money For Ads - AP

Congressional Budget Office Report on Bush Tax Cuts

Change your worldview - Turn off the TV - Mild Rant

what are people doing on selection night?

True/False: We've Registered 200,000 New Voters In Ohio

Bill Schneider Al Qaeda controversy at CNN

Is Kerry's "cold" a fake?

Did anyone hear the bizarre caller from La. on Washington Journal this AM?

MSNBC effing awful headline: "Bush denies sugarcoating situation in Iraq"

New Polls from Iowa, Michigan, Ohio & Pennsylvania

bush resume

Story on the Bev Harris demostration...........

Please stop the bashing

The Debates: No Podiums?

Bush's sorry environmental record

Allawi: More Attacks By Insurgents Means Opposition is Weakening

Rally for Kerry Edwards Lexington Ky

If Tweety doesn't rip O'Neill a new one right now he should get a torrent

If you need a laugh ...

CBS Evening news will talk about Flip-Flopping

Interesting --- Even Gorbachev Says Iraq War 'Undermined' Law (AP)

Here's a wild thought -- maybe substance will count most in the debates?

Excellent letter to editor on Bush, Kerry and Vietnam

MSNBC Poll -- 88% DON"T believe the polls they see.......

Stations Get E-mails to Oust Dan Rather

Shrub and Allawi press conference coming up. They are even covering

To those who have Kerry signs stolen

No matter WHAT happens, the media will say that Smirk won the debates.

Any possibility Shrub will give us a "Captain Queeg moment" in the first

Bush Urges Seniors to Get Back to Work

How I made my town safe for Democrats

Vote for Kerry on Iraq issue at MSNBC!

Is it just me...

Repubs ask: If Bush is so useless, how come there are no attacks in U.S. ?

Burkett: "Dan Rather ruined me in front of 70 million people"

Help me out: Clearest differences between Kerry and Bush for young voters

Fear of Flying Ended Dubya's NG Career

FW stickers?

How many republicans are staying home on Nov. 2?

A More Detailed Road Map to Victory

Is it time for Kerry to drop the PNAC bomb?

Just saw a great ad by a 527

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