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Archives: September 26, 2004

Dowd: Dance of the Marionettes (Allawi as *'s Mini-Me)

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power (from the UK media)

Iraq: The Massacres Continue as “Democracy-Building”.

Fears of draft reinstatement persist despite official denials

The US, terrorists, and hate groups

Helen Thomas on Pickles and The Protester-"Bush rallies are by invitation"

Seattle P.I.: David Horsey cartoon

I was threatened by a Green Bay Police Department officer and have a

Why doesn't US Media note Pakistan's President saying "Iraq war a mistake"

Calling talk radio shows, is it just another huge waste of time?

The media does not work for us

What would happen if we got rid of the stock market system?

Does anyone have the status of ALL the Hurricanes/Tropical

OK. I have several questions.

RE the "freeper alarm"

Many, many kudos to the mod in this thread:

It's supposed to be too late for this thread

The death and disorientation of the children of Gaz

Palestinian homes flattened

Jeanne: Roofs are being reported being blown off at St. Lucie County.

Boxer says U.S. less secure, ties Jones to Bush policies

Canvasing in Bloomington today

Carole King in Columbus Tomorrow (Sept. 26th)

Andre Heinz, Clair Dane and Rasheeda Jones in Columbus

Road Rally Kickoff

Barn Dance in South Austin Sunday

Richard Morrison, Tom DeLay, and Mayor Bill White.

How come Bush lost Wisconisin in 2000 but Bush is leading

Escape From L. A.

"Unfit for Command" begins its drop on the NYT Bestsellers list...

Bubble Boy Bush...

Bullies at the Voting Booth

C-Span Will Show First Gore/Bush Debate Tonight

Murdoch seeks waiver from ownership rule, permanently. Scary stuff.

I WAS moderate. Am I now a (shhhhhh) .... liberal????

Heard a radio commercial tonight...

I expect to lose electric power to Jeanne at any minute.

Is anyone else hoping Joe Scarborough gets hit by a tree limb?

Posts on evolution prohibited at FR

Which header sets off your Freeper alarm?

saw Evangelicals preaching how to vote on TV.. he started to talk about

Please, buy a copy of this film.

Nicknames for Free Republic

Pre-election state polls from 2000?

Galveston Co. Democratic HQ vandalized..Bush/Cheney sticker left there.

A Defense of Culture Wars: A Call for Counterrevolution

Documentaries that everyone should watch...

Kerry not to blame, It is the DNC

Are you neo-conservative?

Eyes Wide Open Exhibition

Bush Declares War on Hurricanes And Invades Iran

Joe Scarborough is standing in the hurricane in Florida,

Just like Iraq, help if Florida is lacking from the government.


"Truth is, those children who in the past would have developed

"Christians Use Gay Marriage to Seek Voters"

Blair Compares Battle Against Insurgents In Iraq To WW II

Do You Own A Large American Flag?

Kerry should quote Bush's own words from the Bush/Gore debates

Washington turns its back on Haitian catastrophe

John F. Kennedy was our one, radical president

Guns don't kill people, doctors do!!!

This cartoon must be censored. It is disloyal

What are good sodas for Progressives?

It's a juicy rumor for some, but a tragedy for Jim Bunning (R-Ky).

Responding to Pledge of Allegiance Issue

In the Bible Belt, Gay Acceptance Is Hard-Won

Stronger hurricanes are exactly what was predicted as a result of Global

Tell me what you think about the response I gave a freeper!

Has DU become banal?

From Vietnam to Fallujah

Oh, thank HEAVEN. American Dreams starts TOMORROW.

Buzzflash posts more video links of Bush savoring "My Pet Goat"

Cat Stevens can kiss my Mother Fucking Ass

Is it OK to not watch Beheadings?

What If Bush Wins

BBV - Hillborough Cty, FL. Absentee Question - Help

Is mandatory mental health testing the beginning of the end ?

Hurricane: "Poor, Black, and Left Behind"

Anglo/Irish - American communication.

UK Police Arrest Four in 'Dirty Bomb Plot'

Musharraf: Iraq war a mistake

60 Minutes Scraps War Report

Kennedy Kin Runs for Calif. City Council

Guantánamo Tribunal Process in Turmoil

Leaders Say All of Iraq May Not Vote

Putin attack suspect 'badly beaten'

"Smoketown Six" headed for trial (emulated Abu Ghraib pyramid at * rally)

Militias force Sudanese to return home

Rebels attack village in Chechnya

Security obsession pushes swing states into Bush's grasp

Homeland Security's Info: Miles from Nowhere (Cat Stevens update)....

Rebels threaten Nigeria's oil wells

Israeli army destroys Gaza homes

WP: Violence in Iraq Belies Claims of Calm, Data Show

Cat Stevens deportation linked to spelling error: report

G.I. sentenced for murder of Iraqi soldier

State voter rolls at all-time high (Michigan)

Calif. Gov. Vetoes Long-Term Energy Planning Bill

WP: (Young and Gay) In the Bible Belt, Acceptance Is Hard-Won

Lennon fans threaten his killer as release looms

WP: Poverty Up as Welfare Enrollment Declines

Sudan 'crushes coup attempt'

US combat stress control pushed to limits in Iraq

In Magazine Interview, Kerry Says He Owns Assault Rifle

Falluja doctors decry attacks on civilians

Ex pastor convicted of rape in Arkansas

Iran Successfully Tests Strategic Missle

WP: U.S., Iraq Prepare Offensive to Pave Way for Election

Kerry Ad Labels Bush Politics 'Despicable'

Israeli millionaire to purchase 50% of Al-Jazeera shares

WP: Election May Hinge On Debates

U.S. veterans ask Bush to halt B.C.'s 'tribute to cowards'

A big increase of voters in swing states (NYTimes)

NYT: A Big Increase of New Voters in Swing States

Kerry prepares for fifteen minutes that could decide the election

Guantánamo Tribunal Process in Turmoil

That "orange peel smile" thing cracks me up every time:

I just stung two bees. Ask me anything.

It's snowing in Alaska. Kee-rap. Melting mostly though.

Meg Ryan is a Border Collie who can predict epileptic seizures

I'm a precinct captain in Torrance, Avast ye Matie's!!

I'm turnin 21 in 3 hrs45 mins and I'm in a new city and don't know anyone.

Good Lord, there are Repubs in my house!

I got stung by two bees. Ask me anything.

They never did catch that anthrax guy...

Bubya and Dubya

The sickest joke ever told!

Does everyone remember whose 80th birthday is coming next Friday?

My baby's walking!

It's Saturday night and time for THE SOUL EXPRESS!

Oh where Oh where can my Johnny be?????

I battled the Rightwingers to a standstill on Slashdot today!

Hurricane Jeanne... This is a bit trite of me... but I'm annoyed

Grand Funk Railroad 2004: Not as Grand, not as Funky, no Mark Farner

Did anyone watch Survivor tonight ?

Does it bother you when I call you hog?

Does it bother you when I call you Han?

NightTrain is Linux-compatible

Does it bother you when I call you Hun?

Uh-Oh West coasters your only team may be going down (USC)

Today I taught myself how to change my front brakes.

Dr. Strangelove coming on TCM now

Ready for the Chimp's poll #'s to drop further? F911 is out in 10 DAYS!

Sox bust it open in the 8th!

I don't know if this has been posted before.

Since it was just released AND on sale, I decided to splurge and buy Star

Documentaries everyone should watch...

Saturday Night Venture Brothers thread

Ah, Pinot Grigio!

Does it bother you when I call you hon?

Anyone want to see my big manly rack?

So this guy is wearing a shirt with a "W" on it, huh?

HOLY FUCK!!! South Dakota State beat Southern U. 31-24!!!

What is your favorite ethic food?

Ah, Topot Gigio!

Just saw Eric Estrada doing an infomercial

Which sitcom family do you wish you were most apart of

Calling all DU food lovers!!! Pesto assist on aisle four!!!!

Behold! I have just watched "The Hobbitt"

I love photoshop!

I'm Bored, Should I Shave My Legs?

Someone explain this @#%@#$% filesharing stuff please!

I'm legs! Should I shave my hammer?

does it bother you when I call you Han?

i'm armond hammer. should i shave?

I'm Shaved. Should I Hammer My Legs?

Should I shave my ham?

Just came back from "The Forgotten"

Siberian boy raised by a dog

I will rock your world!

Saturday Night = ZombyLove

My Freeper Father-In-Law Is Here, Ask Me Anything!


Pickles finds George's "Pet Goat Book" under his pillow...

Ok, so... Jeanne is starting to freak me out...

Anderson Cooper of CNN loves him some hurricane!

I'm Hammered, Should I Shave My Legs?

I just had the best time in my life, buy me anything

How much do Hummers weigh?

How long can YOU hold the button?!

Happiness is

Preview picture of Bush's inauguration

AOL can't that bad if...........


If Bush Wins, It's All Good

OK, I'm not watching College Football Saturday Final on ESPN anymore.

Which Sealab 2021 character are you?

What's your favorite un-ethic food?

Someone just tried to recruit me for a pyramid scheme...

Photo shop wizards.....can somebody make

Visit my blog

Instant Messaging with my *Republican* pal at CSU.

And so, Inspector Zatapathique, the forensic expert

I make a MEAN chicken matzo ball soup

ZeeDub's NFL Picks: Week 3

Really cool internet game--NationStates (warning: graphics of RP)

What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

I didn't shave my legs. Is that why I didn't finish the 100 miles?

Okay, I'm off to make coffee using my new burr grinder for the first time

What is your favorite ethnic food? poll tonight - 75 Kerry, 42 Bush*

Greetings from Las Vegas! Ask me anything!

And Now... It Comes With Video !!!

Favourite creature of cryptozoology?

Here are my four monsters (our cats)

Uh, oh, I got to thinking. Do only Dems have a sense of humor?

A day in the life of Joe Republican

In one word, what's Bush's biggest flaw?

Where can I buy a video of Kerry's Senate 1971 testamony?

N.H. Sen. Judd Gregg plays "Kerry" in Junior's pig farm debate dry run

Northeast florida DU'ers TH Kerry needs your help.


The Seven Deadly Sins Of George W. Bush... Which Is Worst?

Nevada: 47% Bush, 45% Kerry "Too Close to Call"

What did YOU do today to help elect Kerry and Edwards?

You don't get a second chance

Funny story canvassing today

Why is there no reporting on these screwy polls?

I had an encounter with the "security issue" 2 days ago.

Funny story from Arizona

What is best INTELLIGENCE on best channels to reach UNDECIDEDS?

Just saw the two-faced avatar on a website I frequent

Debates. Do the candidtes know the questions beforehand?

It is now up to John Kerry...

You may not get Election Model updates for a few days...

Bush/Gore Debate on C-Span now

Who is winning the voter registration war? Dems or Republicans.

Kerry should call a halt to the "war on terror"...

Can I get the latest Zogby poll results?

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet - Great article emailed to me today

Neighbor has Kerry sign, and other DEms

snl: rove and ann coulter on hardball! nbc

Remember: Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport. (nt)

Guns and Bibles...Guns and Bibles

How Will the Media Spin the Edwards-Cheney Debate?

Can we psyche Bush out prior to debates?

Glue suggestions

More / world leaders support Kerry, revisited

IMPORTANT: GOP plans to connect Kerry with the CBS memos.

Well, there is no doubt as to the winner now!

What do today's Republicans believe in as a Party...

I just heard Hitchens tell Russert that he "has yet to meet a Democrat

mr. unblock, there's a break-in downstairs. your family is under attack!

Watch Bush debate Gore right now on C-Span!

How're we going to win this way?

Piece of propaganda that hurts us in election...

Dems are saying Kerry doesn't make me feeeeeeellllllll.

W Is For Women - Is Bush really getting the female vote?

Fact Freepers Can't Face.

Summary of Ongoing * Illegal Psy-Ops against CBS, Nation

It's official I can't be President this year (DAMN!)

News station gives one sided campaign coverage! Need your help!

Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan on CNBC's Tim Russert show.

Kerry accuses Bush, Cheney of 'despicable politics'

Just heard on C-Span. Kitty Kelly shoots to #1. YA HOO!!!!!!!!

Should John Kerry call the President a "liar" in the debates?

What should Kerry call Bush during the debates?

PBS Frontline episodes.....

Secret Service Stands down - Cheney Protestors TRIUMPH!

CFO of RNC is Outed 9/25 - Raw Story\From Blue Lemur\From BuzzFlash

NBC will run "preview of debate" Sunday Nite

Registering Voters is Thrilling!


If the poor actually voted the Dem's would win every time!

I'm gathering stories about yard sign/car vandalism/theft/abuse

Rathergate in graphic form -- who's been conspiring with whom

Get ready: How the media will spin Kerry and Chimp on the debate

Teresa Heinz Kerry's bold normality (from a Pittsburgh columnist)

Newsweek: (Iraq) No Place Is Safe

AZ Tuscon Citizen LTE: Things getting worse in Iraq

A Dove in Good Company--Fr. Greeley

Stripes LTTE: Halliburton and profits

"Once More a Nation Divided"

Homeland Security's Info: Miles from Nowhere (Newsweek)

When Fred Reed starts bashing the President you know the worm has turned

Clift: Rhetoric vs. Reality (Get Security Moms thinking about draft)

Followed by a goon shadow

AZ Star OP/ED: No more fear: Vote as if it matters - because it does

Don't be so sure you're not among terror suspects

The Iraq Debate Wash.Post op ed

This Bush isn't the one Angus King once knew --great interview

How long will the pop press stomach the horrors of Iraq?

A Day That Will Live In Infamy...

Dowd: Dance of the Marionettes (MoDo Disses *, Allawi, rosy Iraq)

Followed by a goon shadow

GIs lost between chaos and quiet (Enlisted turning on Bush)


Amazing LTTE from a conservative

NYT: What if America Just Pulled Out?

Alter: We're Dodging the Draft Issue

CBS explodes liberal media bias myth

Bush's Last Stand

Destroying the National Guard (who should be all over Florida)

The terror, the terror (attacks, crime, chaos so common it's unreported)


Buttons put faces on missing adults - NE/ AL

The Face of Fear: George Bush - Desperate attacks on Kerry

The Face of Fear: Richard Armitage - Desperate attacks on Kerry

The Face of Fear: John Thune - Desperate attacks on Daschle

The Face of Fear: Dennis Hastert - Desperate attacks on Kerry

The Face of Fear: Orrin Hatch - Desperate attacks on Kerry

Progressive Festival Today.....Northern California (North Bay)

Need advice about managing psycho volunteers.

Swing-State Volunteer Drivers needed for Drive To Victory

Just Posted a Bush Tax Cut "Screw-ometer" Calculator -> Enligtening...

Something new and not depressing. Decent science reporting from the NYT.

There's little upstairs at the KMT

Pan-blues have shot themselves in the foot- TW

Ghostly echoes of ruined lives in DRC jungle


In Magazine Interview, Kerry Says He Owns Assault Rifle

to the owner

Should DU issue press releases?

I began typing a post and could not finish it at that time. Is there a

Technical question regarding Media Blaster

WP editorial: The Iraq Debate (The elephant in the room is Israel)

Anglican group promotes boycott of Israel, firms

Palestinian group threatens Gen. Musa Arafat

Still The Occupation

Hamas offices in Damascus ordered shut

Evil empire

Kerry: 'Security of Israel non-negotiable'

Stork's name to stay on ballot

Need help with Superior Court Judge for LA County ballot

Some board members may have benefited from underfunding (San Diego Mayor)

Who here will help organize an opposition to Ashcroft getting our DNA

MA SEP-26-2004 Mean streets, desperate lives

Goodbye, Mistah Speakah

I just donated $40 to the Patty Wetterling campaign.

Ann Arbor GOP council member switches

I spent the day in Akron.....

Sunday drive to Piqua and Lockington...Miami County....yardsigns

Cuyahoga Cty BOE hires staff to handle 20,000 new registrations

Sec. Blackwell trying to disqualify new voter registrations

My yard sign was vandalized and moved

Today: The Great Race Next Week: Lancaster

Stats here show real issue in Pa is turnout, not registration

Impeaching Texas Legislators


Nick Lampson Blasphemy

Kerry [ward capt/volunteer recruiting]/Packer party today 3pm@Jetsetters

They were showing Joe Scarborough on WFLA (Tampa) and

Keep this thread kicked high! It made my day

If there is anyone who isn't watching SheSpies,

BUSH/GORE Debates From 2000 on C-SPAN RIGHT NOW

Am I right or wrong?

As a Canadian

Newt's Sister Campaigns for Democrats

I think I know why Bush attacked Iraq...

Former 'Sex' Star Cynthia Nixon In Same-Sex Relationship

This LTTE kicks ass

This LTTE sucks ass

Curt Weldon at a local gathering

Democratic Congress

A short conversion with a typical Dildo-head...

LOL@late night CNN hurricane coverage...

San Francisco folks - Air America coming on Tuesday - Sans Malloy?

Harry Truman denounced war profiteering as treason . . .

Neo-Nazis Rally In Valley Forge

Kerry & Bush both at Skull & Bones - what do Kerry supporters say

if you are reading this, you are not part of that 70%.

Bush up close

Should John Lennon"s killer be paroled?

So I hear the questions will be known to the candidates before the debates

Rumsfeld Co-Owns New Mexico Ranch with Dan Rather

Newsweek: Pentagon updating plans for war against Syria and Iran

anyone have a link to where the signed debate contract is?

diagram of the Bush dynasty . . .

In KC Star: Why Missourians are Voting for Bush

Everyone despises him;no one believes a word he says;no one

This is what women need to know.

technical help can't post picture

14 soldiers killed in Iraq and 3 in Afghanistan, minor media

why even have the debates?

Senator Kennedy is on Face the Nation...NOW 9:30 CT....on CBS!!

I don't know about Mad TV.

Need info on Pennsylvania/electoral college: how do we win

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/26/2004

Which states have more electoral votes this time and which less?

a sunday morning reminder: bushkkko kills little children

Get Out America!

Know your BFEE: Vote Suppressor Supreme, the Turd Bill Rehnquist

Should Saddam be allowed to run for President of Iraq?

Report: 10,000 People in U.S. Work in Forced Labor

If we believed Powell in 2001, why should we now?

Inside the Oval Office Signs ;That Someone Is A George W. Bush Supporter

need visual image of Bush's failure not debate, ...The "Hollow Man" hollow

Can Kerry use one of Bush's stupid lines in the debates?

A new name for Bush* that I thought of (try this on your friends)

President Bush has his own Mini-Me (Allawi)

Let's Boycott

Anyone here from Miami? 2 questions about the storm.

I love David Hackworth.

Why we fight.

When and where is it NOT Appropriate to discuss politics?

Meet the Whore: Novak said "What's happening in Iraq is Iraqi problem"

"Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy"

Freedom Isn't Free?

Dan Rather, Please tell me it ain't over

Please excuse my ignorance -- what is LTTE?

DAVID HORSEY thread # 2

Some DAVID HORSEY is in order

bloody bushgang is dealing with "The Merchant of Death" (V. Bout)

With only a week left to register, should we just register

Those who choose to ignore history, are .................

Look at the parallels.They are stunning.

Kerry supports Allawi?

Where did the unspoken loyalty between workers and corporations go?

Do you think guys like Rove, Chalabi, Allawi, and Cheney

I just posted a Bush Tax Cut "Screw-ometer" Calculator -> Shocking

Sunday afternoon/evening trivia

Iraqi National Guard Leader Demoted and Court Martialed

HaHaHaHa -LOL-- Kitty Kelly's index entry: Shrub, personality!!!

Bush’s Impending Draft

Biden on Fox...morning show with Wallace

Crikey, Texan or Not?

Could This Be - CIA May Be Behind Beheadings?!

You can throw your tin foil hats away!

Protesters at BushCo Events

Did Sen. Joe Biden just say on CNN...

Can't you just hear it !

Herbert Marcuse is blowing my mind!!

Open Your Eyes!

re Cat Stevens - is there any reason for FIVE simultaneous threads on this

re Cat Stevens- do you people know what a death threat is.

Screw Cat Stevens.

Media Matters quote of the week is from Bruce Springsteen

The Cat Stevens incident has its origins in a spelling mistake

It is the Economy......

Some stories regarding the nuclear reactors near Port St. Lucie.

Is anyone else as scared as I am right now?

When was the last time they named an operation in Iraq?

Hijacking Religion

Real-life horror replaces porn as traumatized city's preferred TV viewing

Do you think Bush has serious brain damage?

MTP-Uh I think Gen. Adizaid is going to "spend more time with his family"

Question about 'dangerous" Iraq?

Does anyone know the website that has all the awesome speeches and also

So - the NEOCONS are the problem.

What most media fail to mention is that the adversaries of this country

The true face of American middle class healthcare

Kerry doesn't smirk

See the Bay Area has it's Freepers

CATS all over the Must Protest

Anyone else watch the Gore/Bush debate on CSPAN?

Why Are The Military Votes Being Delivered to the Pentagon?

"Bush On The Couch" makes the Kelly book look like "My Pet Goat"

This is what makes freepers blithering idiots

Peter Hart focus group rerun on cspan now (4PM EST)

remember Nixon/ Agnew demands that TV networks stop comments on speech ???

Just How Bad Is Bush? (quick bullet point summary to share w/voters)

The United States: A nation of con men, conformists and cowards.

Guantanamo Bay Express uses Shannon Airport

The greatest flip-flop ? "Bring them on!". We don't hear that anymore.

Powell Says Iraqi Security Situation Worsening

This is what I'm worried about ->

Just contributed to David Hackworth's site.

I'm donating a small amount of $ to Kerry campaign and have a question

Hannity's Lies - in black and white

Why isn't anyone being tried for outing Valerie Plame yet again?

A Different Type of Representative Government?

‘Staying the Course’ Isn’t an Option

US sells Israel 500 'bunker-busters'

Ann Richards coming up on CNBC

"One Nation .. Under G-D"...................G-D Help Me!!!!!

Who Did YOU Vote For In 2000?

This Bush isn't the one Angus King once knew --great interview

my kids went to church today

Bill O'Reilly on "60 Minutes" tonight

What are the limits when an abortion is performed?

Gore never sighed in debates - facial expressions in response - out

God Dayum Mondale was AWFUL

Republikkkan--party of the white male

Mark Crispin Miller and Michael Klare on radio at 7 pm EASTERN

Great minds of DU...HELP! (Long post inside)

Who's reading *Chain of Command* by Sy Hersh? First chap

Salman Rushdie: porn, the occult, terrorism and blasphemy.

"Hijacking Catastrophe" tells the story of PNAC

DU is the CENTRAL FRONT in the war on bushkkko Fascism!

why must we "stay the course" in iraq?

Could James Buchanan be elected today?

19 million young American women (18-24) don't vote.

Just talked to Mike Ruppert for about an hour at a Peak Oil event.

Start writing letters,, Polling info is B O G U S !!!

Al Franken makes case against Bush, also list Bush flip-flops.

NYTimes elevates & fawns over handpicked bloggers (DailyKos, Wonkette etc)

Global Warming & More Hurricanes, another Tree Hugger Fantasy

Is this Bizarro O'Reilly on 60 Minutes????

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is 'eom' and 'n/t'?

Who has an ALIBI???

Can the polling places handle the overload of voters?

My letter to CBS - 60 Minutes

"Faith In The White House" TV Special

Sighted in the past week in central Indiana... no bush signs/bumper

Green Day meets John Kerry

Watched my first Chris Matthews today - on NBC I think.

Should Lyndie Englund Be Prosecuted?

So the CBS memo's are authentic, Case closed as far as I'm concerned.

Army Sends Weaponless Reserve Unit To Iraq

Another stupid, reckless conservative.

Attn: Catholic DUers! I NEED A Good Liberal Catholic Web Site!

Like the Nazis, bushkkko uses CULTism, & OCCULTism

Our Soldiers in Iraq are Bartering for a Bed

4 Hurricanes in 6 weeks, God is telling Florida something

re Cat Stevens--do you people even know what a fatwa is?

Kerry Fun Facts

How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power

Calling all DU mental health professionals

LAT: Costs Whittle Funds to Iraqis


NBC will run "preview of debate" Sunday Nite

Bush Promises to Step Up Iraq Rebuilding Spending

4 Hurricanes in 6 weeks, God is telling Florida something

NYT,pg1,lead:Medicare Rules Set Off Drug Choice Battle(pharms v insurers)

Iranian army gets 'strategic missile' after successful test-firing

Deadly hepatitis E highlights water, health ills in Iraq

Lennon fans threaten his killer as release looms

Iraq Violence Eclipses Rosy Declarations by Bush, Allawi

U.S. veterans ask Bush to halt B.C.'s 'tribute to cowards'

Blair, Labour Government Hit Rock Bottom in Poll

Syria closes offices of Palestinian groups

NYT: Live from Miami, a Style Showdown(Henry Fonda, Steve McQueen debate?)

How to Pick a War President

Breaking: First debate may be cancelled!

ABC Local News in Philly see next post for link..

Rift at heart of MI6 as its Iraq spy controller quits

Muslim leaders fly to Iraq to plead for Bigley's life

LAT/Reuters: British Muslims Arrive (in Iraq) to Seek Hostage's Release

In New York, a hotel for powernappers opens at $14 a snooze

Car Bomb Kills Top Hamas Leader in Syria

Two Car bombs detonate in iraq

CBS explodes liberal media bias myth

Senior Taliban chief killed in Afghanistan, says Afghan official

US inquiry censures lawyer

Bomb Threat Forces Flight Diversion

The terror, the terror (attacks, crime, chaos so common it's unreported)

UK: Bomb Alert Grounds Plane

US Personnel Under Curfew In Korea

Saudi 'terrorists' kill Frenchman

NYT: Blue State New Jersey May Be Trying on Shades of Purple (dead heat?)

Iraqi National Guard Leader Demoted and Court Martialed

Insurgency worsening in Iraq: Powell

USA's FCC raids KFAR 90.9FM half-hour after 'Axis of Good' premiere...

TVs in Iraq Tuned to Real-Life Horror

BG:Kurdish leaders call for Arabs' departure (Confrontation brewing)

Iraq Now World's Most Hostile Environment-Analyst

U.S. Army: Iraqi general arrested

Labour delegates force Iraq debate

Blair warns against "raising false hopes" for British hostage in Iraq

PNC accounting fallout spreads (would be Riggs purchaser)

US arrests senior Iraqi commander

Abazaid Predicts Flawed Iraqi Elections (compares to Selection 2000)

Top-rank MI6 mole ‘betrayed agents for a decade’

House intelligence bill would add police powers

USA's FCC raids KFAR 90.9FM half-hour after premier

This Bush isn't the one Angus King once knew --great interview

Reduction in mental health payments not without costs

Democratic lawmakers say law keeps college students from voting (MI)

Syria blast Kills Hamas Militant

Top senator calls Iraq 'quagmire' for US: Kennedy

Lines Pose Risk at LAX

New Senate poll: Daschle 50 percent, Thune 45 percent

U.S. bombings kill 100 guerrilla suspects in Fallujah, military says

Iraq to adopt new oil policy bringing in majors: expert

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties Up to # 1048

LAT: Experts See a Wider Threat(Al Qaeda-WH Misdirected)

Newsweek - Plans: Next, War on Syria? (Or Iran-Pentagon Planning)

Edwards: Bush Campaign Exploiting 9/11

Troops say proposed UCMJ change unfair in prostitution-legal Germany

Inside The Debate Strategies

Texans for Truth in hot water

WP: Tight Race in S.D. Constrains Daschle (ditto, other Dems)

Iran police break up pro-democracy demonstration

Army Sends Weaponless Reserve Unit To Iraq

Bush: Would Give 'Mission Accomplished' Speech Again

More HOGWASH from Gallup

All Kerry/Edward Signs Stolen in Historic Ohio

Ken Bigley is alive, says brother

U.S. Lawmakers Unscathed in Baghdad Blast (5 Reps near rocket attack)

Working poor suffer under Bush tax cuts (4 stories)

Democrats Outpace GOP In Signing New Voters In Florida & Ohio

Democrats signing up more new voters: report

Gasoline Prices Rise with Storm

Reagan junior warns Bush: ‘stop hijacking my father’s reputation’

Moscow steps up its reign of terror in Chechnya after horrors of Beslan...

Is US buying up 'Terror Town'?

Blair Shrugs Off Resignation Questions

Powell: U.S. forces to enter Iraqi 'no-go zones'

Crowd cheers after Heinz Kerry rebuts heckler

Pope Denounces 'Imbalance' of Wealth

Key Bush Assertions About Iraq in Dispute --good slam

Spy imagery agency takes new role inside United States after Sept. 11

Trouble on Oily Waters (DoD/Feith link to EG coup)

My Satire in the school newspaper 2002

I used a chainsaw for a good two hours today...

Trouble in Paradise. Read this.

I'm going to shave someone else's legs and pound on them with a ham

I just pre-ordered F911 on DVD! I haven't seen it yet!

avatar help.

Luke, it is your destiny...

Don't ask me nothin' about nothin'...

Is this webpage taking a huge amount of time to load???

You rang?

Brady Bunch marathon on TVLAND

Sign taken while I was engrossed in DU'ing

could products like this forestall the bankruptcy of Interstate Bakeries?

Family get-togethers

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION

Is there anything more infuriating and annoying than a computer failure?

Which dancing fool is the best?

Former 'Sex' Star Cynthia Nixon In Same-Sex Relationship

so, I hear you can get arrested in Florida if you are on the roads, BUT

OMG! I have read 75 pages of Jon Stewart's "America" -too FUNNY

I'm starting an ask me anything thread. Ask me anything!

Visit my bong

For those who appreciate irony

My speakers have bit the dust. Ask me anything.

Only "Blockbuster Video" and "Hollywood Video"?

DU PC Gamers: Anyone get Star Wars: Battlefront yet?

What sort of epithet do you like to call Wal-Mart?

Here she comes to save the day!

My 21st party with complete strangers - ask me anything!

here's a pussycat picture for you !!!

Most Underrated Black Sabbath Album?

Kramnik and Leko draw second game of chess match

In New York, a hotel for powernappers opens at $14 a snooze

Okay, Dream Interpreters... Interpret this doozy

Stephen King. Many of his stories interrelate.

Flagstaff AZ City Council Shoots Down Big Boxes

Just back from watching All-Ireland Football Final.

Roy Jones Jr. is doing a splendid job ruining his reputation

Sunday Business Cliche Thread:

Stay-at-home moms, I have new appreciation for you...

Damn, this place is slow today...

Any fans of Universal's "The Invisible Man" (1933)?

A tawdry #1 Hit from the Greatest Generation: "Rum and Coca Cola"

Are these people paranoid?

I feel like a teen again-Thanks Joni Mitchell

What does it mean to give someone "extra cheese?" (Not a food reference)

I just created the nucleus of a potentially great sammich!..............

The Lions are on Fox

I tried to stay away from that cheesy Pete Rose movie

Has anyone here seen 'The Life of David Gale'?

Can someone help me with information on DSL service?

[Windows] JPEG exploit toolkit spotted online

Funny sight in my neighborhood.....

Hurricane Gene is just passing me now

Penis-Shaped, Talking Masturbation Teaching Toy Marketed to Pre-Teen Girls

My 200th Post. Ask me anything.

Woo man, but did GD ever get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

What are the latest psychic predictions for the Pres. Race?

Computer printer question

My Tennis shoes are great, umm if you want to

No difference AT ALL!!!!

Does anyone here speak Arabic?

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"

Hah I was just looking in the archives and found something hilarious

Can you see this pic ?

Kurt Schilling making a strong case for why he should win the Cy Young

Donnie Darko had a great soundtrack

Will the RedSox go at least 100years before winning the World Series again

anyone have any idea how much $$ an amusement park pays for insurance?

Believe it or not....My electric is still on...

Recipe question here.

I'm running away from home!

So I was at this evangelical church...

wow, I just beat back the freepers on!

It Is OBVIOUS That Music Threads Have MUCH More CLASS Than Sports Threads!

How is Florida doing? Where did jeanne hit?

Hubby's going to have nervous breakdown...the BoSox are back in as

ALL SUMMER IN A DAY by Ray Bradbury...

Devolution is real. Some clips from

When did that big winner finally lose on Jeopardy?

How do ya put pictures in these postings?????

Why are the virtuous predominately humble and the corrupt confident?

"Sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand". Lucas Jackson.

I am looking for a home

I just spoke with Jon Stewart - ask me anything!

The Super Bowl Chiefs are 0-3

Samuel Adams, Brewer, Patriot

Whopping Big Mushroom Found In Europe

Boston Evil Empire...

CATS all over the Must Protest

What are the limits when an abortion is performed?


Campbell's Chicken Noodle vs. Ramen Noodles (chicken)

Well, I just got finished planting 155 flower bulbs...

Anyone else having problem with Photobucket ?

Question for bi- or multi-lingual people about cooties (no, really)

Kickoff! Pack vs. Colts

Should I be worried...I'm out of it?

Vikings win 27-22!!! The choke is averted!!!

I don't even HAVE a lawn, but I NEED one of these:

'Riding the Storm Out'

Am I the only one here who remembers the Betsy books from long ago????

I'll BET you that Jamie Foxx gets the oscar for the upcoming "Ray"

If it werent for LaDanian Tomlinson, the Chargers would be totally

Question for bi- or multi-polar people about cooties (no, really)

New Pic of TXlib

national league wildcard race tightens up..

Favorite Bookstores in the World:

Oh my god my annoying 14 year old brother has political sense

My 1st political conversation with my 5 y.o.

It Is OBVIOUS That Red Sox Fans Have MUCH More CLASS Than Yankee Fans!

Samuel L. Jackson, brewer, patriot, movie star.

Based on the number of Cat Stevens threads

Is there really a musical note that can make you crap your pants?

Yay!!! This is my thousandth post!!!!

'who knows spanish??

Another Bush voter with a negative I.Q.

All this Jesus/God stuff tossed out so casually on tv now?

Favorite Movie Hero/Main Guy?

Need GW game (Throw Smirk around *BASH*)

CBS doc update

How do I defrost a salmon fillet?

Vijay Singh haters, you're not going to like this

Tell me exactly why I shouldn't buy groceries from Walmart.

Screw the Yankees or the Red Sox, I am going for the Orioles or the new DC


OMFG! Just heard Green Day's American Idiot!

'Bama got whipped by Arkansas, but I'm looking on the bright side

I Do NOT Believe The "One Arrow Theory" That Killed Screaming Lord Byron!!

Am I the only one here who remembers the busty boobs from long ago????

Name a song with a Biblical name in the title

OMG! I found one of my old websites!

Didcha or Didcha not skateboard?

Whew boy! I just missed being feature on "matcom news"

Nice stat line, Kevin Brown.

Hey, the Cheat, I'm gonna be a quarterback when I grow up

Kill Bill II--is it worth the money to buy it?

I don't know how to deal with this: EAGLES WITH AN OFFENSE?

Kitten Pics (they are 2 weeks old now)


Some neighbors told us tonight they are selling their house

I'm scared-my husband wants to have the bathroom remodeled

"dreamcatcher" by stephen king

Name a song with a weather condition in the title...

I'm on hurricane watch in Florida tonight

prefer facial hair or no

What kinda bra are you (no joke this is an actual quiz)

I'm typing this in Tokyo on Sunday evening--ask me anything!


Good news/bad news...

Ask not what Clinton can do for your party. Ask what YOU can do for...

Election Issues Quiz........Which candidate shares your views??

Strategy for Kerry

Busted posting posters...

Interesting Read from New Zealand Herald...

The debates can do it. I talked to a chimp supporter tonight.

Movies to sway the vote

What Ever Happened To Dem_Strategist?

How could Kerry Struggle Here? (OH-Kerry will take machine gun away!)

Can't sleep. Isn't it ironic........

Bush will cost us lives in Iraq rushing the elections

A Zell Miller Moment in Houston with tom delay and the mayor

NYT: Op-Art Electoral Map

MyTax cut will help put * out of the WH. Ironic huh?

An evil thought my friends don't think it is funny at all:

Let's hear it for the KIDS!

Swing State Volunteer drivers needed @ Drive to Victory

my gut feeling

In August of 2001, while George Bush was golfing in Crawford...

Vote Watch (Florida): It Just Got a Little Easier to Steal the Election

Demise of Iraqi Units Symbolic of U.S. Errors

My wife just figured out WHY Bush avoided Vietnam

bush "Saddam bad" revisionist war "justification"...HELLO RIGHTWING IDIOTS

Broder: Issues "cry out for serious debate; media "marketed," "quick-fix"

Tell an American to Vote-website!

Mainstream news and the slogan "flip-flop"

Heads up Denver DUers!

Only 15 pages into Hershe's "Chain of Command"

Major NYT Mag article on clout of blogs; Kos, Wonkette, Marshall

Mondale kicked Reagan's ass in the debate in 1984

Ted Kennedy & Lindsay Graham on Face the Nation.

Why Bush campaign is spinning story about cancelling first debate ?

Dance of the Marionettes NYT

A lesson for Kerry from '92 debate, countering the Bush smear mach

Where will you be watching the debates ?

BLAST THE MEDIA regarding debate cancellation; ABC News update

Boston Globe - Kerry campaign shifts gear into attack mode


DU'ers-can you give me an analysis of the moderators of

How do freepers rationalize Bush's coverup for Saudis' abetting terrorists

Joe Bidden just kicked Wallace's ass

In KC Star: Why Missourians are Voting for Bush

Voter registration through the roof in Ohio

When is the trial for Saddam Hussein ?

True or False

Teddy K. is COOKING!!!

THe Iraq war was not about freedom, it was so Cheney and Bush

On the History Channel - Hard Target : The Bush Doctrine

How to Pick a War President

"Trying to disrupt the elections"

Why the debates won't be a turning point in the campaign

Good story about friendly democrat

Tim Russert: Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel

The number one campaign topic is totally ignored on all Sunday shows

Kerry needs to frame the "better without Sadam": Bin Laden?

Breaking: First debate may be cancelled!

Melanie Don't Sound "Ditzy" to Me - - (On Board)

Q: What do the following things & people have in common?

Election Model enhancements...

Have you ever referred to * as "President"

I'm going to meet John Kerry tomarrow, any thing you want me to say.

Bush's Last Stand

How long will the "War on Terror" last ?

How do you call out a consistent liar??

Is the President's misspokes a strategerie??

Is there any evidence to support the "George Will is smart" myth?

Woo Hoo! Joe Biden rips FOX a new one!

Wow...Bush is Two-Face, Cheney is the Penguin, and the Joker is...

Barack Obama campaigns in Philly tomorrow!

Joe Biden took it to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today...

seen this?? Homeland Security Appointee Under Investigation

Call out- documented instances in which Bush proven a liar

Betonpolitics gives Bush 5/1 or 1/5

Rasmussen makes me sick

Prime example of how * is not protecting the country.

Question to Kerry why aren't you reaching to Arab Americans?

Inside the Debate Strategies

Debates - A Copy of the Rules Signed by Both Campaigns

OMG-- all the right wing pundits are out in full force for Sunday morning

Holy Toledo!!!! Please DU this poll because

What does Kerry say when Bush says, "The world is safer without Saddam.."

Who is Kerry's debate coach? nt

appealing to conservatives against bu**sh**

GWB Resume--Pass it along

The Iraq/911 Lie

Who is phone banking and precinct walking today?

Electoral-vote. com is CRAP! They have * leading in Oregon and NH!

Could Cokie Roberts get anymore disgusting?

Independent National AND State polls agree: Kerry has a 92% win prob

how to shut up Bush with "better off without Saddam"

Betting odds shift toward Bush; Ladbrokes now offering 2/1 on Kerry

Trivia Time: Who was Bush's lawyer against the SEC investigation?

Absentee ballot problems

CNN Headline Spin

Debunking NRA Lies: My Editorial

Wolfie interview with Biden coming up on CNN 2:00PM EST.

Bombshell: Memos NO fake acc. Interactive Media Research Laboratory

In the Debates, will JK play to the base?Tough and agressive

You don't have to be evil or stupid to vote for Bush

Please DU this right-wing radio poll!

Does The White House Own Google?

I am composing a letter to send to multiple letters to the editor

Should we send the moderators of the debates questions

A present for the kids from Randi Rhodes:

How the Commission on Presidential Debates Undermines Democracy

Don't let the Republican's attacks on freedom of speech go unanswered

The perils of great expectations -Boston Globe (for Bush in debate)

So why WON'T Kerry release his military records?

Dubya", more severely mentally incapacitated than thought?

Well they're off!

All democratic Underground members watch this.

Have Democrats tried to introduce an "Election Day Holiday" bill recently

What a SHOCK the US State Media is ignoring this!

Should Kerry hit Bush with the Saudi connections during the debates?

Quick Help: Arguing w/a Freeper -- Need List of Bush Flip-Flops!

Why we need to fund and organize the opposition to 69 (CA)

GOP to Catholics: Our Methodist is yer guy.

Great slogan that needs repeating: Vini, Vidi, Cheney

SmearVet O'Neil is a stone cold liar! How can we stop him.

Debate Question (Flip-Flopper)?

Do Survey USA polls normally lean Republican?

American Vote coming up tonight! Don't let the Christian Coalition win!

Look what the FREEPERS are starting.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Has anyone came up with this ad suggestion -

A thought about October Meetups

Posted a 2004 Bush Tax Cut "Screw-ometer" Calculator -> Enligtening...

HELP>>>need obama's convention speech

Lord help me, i'm trying to fight a freeper on my local msg board

Did Bush make a mistake putting the foreign policy debate first?

Anyone see the Hart focus group on CSPAN?

Buy combining all the polls Bush dropping fast now with 1.3% lead

My Wife just told me that she doesnt like Kerry

My sister's cat doesn't like Kerry

Need help from SOLID blue or red staters with nationwide long distance

I Don't Understand This...

My Chimpanzee doesn't like Kerry!

Do you have a relative, claiming to be voting for Kerry,

Transcript from CNN on Oct 8 2000

Do you have a website? Consider adding a link to "Republicans for Kerry-

Republican and Democratic canned beans for sale

Message from Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bush has a temper - what can Kerry say to get him to lose it ??

Confidential to Kerry Campaign

My list of good and bad polling companies

Sr Commander of Iraqui National Guard Arrested

My grandfather doesn't like Kerry.

Left Leaning GOTVers head to Oprah's show (p diddy, barrymore, aguilera)

Battle of the California Homosexuals

I spent my Sunday morning

Where is the source that * is wearing an earpiece during the debates...?

If the corporate media blatantly spins the debates ?

Anyone ever heard of Election Research Group?

I found out how to make my neo-con neighbors tick

Are you a volunteer for "Americans Coming Together?"

Will the debates be shown on all 3 broadcast channels?

I'm depressed, I didn't see Kerry today like I expected. I just wanted you

Coming up on 60 Minutes - Mike Wallace interviews o'reilly

Today's effort to try to defeat Bush, my letter to the newspaper

The Dead's Bob Weir: "I liked the look on Kerry's eye when I met him"

If Bush is well ahead in the polls, will he debate Kerry?

Should we DU online polls? Or let the opposition have them to

The" Two-Faced Bush" -- How exactly is he two-faced?

The Magic Bullet

"I, John Forbes Kerry, do solemnly swear that I will faithfuly execute the

Kerry should forgo Federal money and return the federal money he has

"He's a sweater and women don't like sweaters" - Bushies on Kerry

TIME: Democrats Cowed During Debate Negotiations...But It's Not ALL Bad...

If Kerry does this in 1st debate, we'll be okay....

Rules for a Bushless Debate

REAL map of red states and blue states

We Must All Come Together Now!!


My conservative relative won't vote for any "politician."

Oh!!! I just saw the Kerry commercial

Superb report on the authenticity of the CBS docs

Found! A comprehensive list of Election 2000 state polls for

Can someone put these new registered voter %'s in actual numbers

Amnesty Intl.: Urgent inquiry needed into civilian killings by US troops

How can Kerry get Chimp OFF-SCRIPT without asking direct questions?

Does anyone have Tim Russert's email address?

Good News for Kerry in Rasmussen State Polls 9/26

Dallas Nonsense: Anybody seen this crap? (pardon the pun)

Ohio Democratic Voter Registration Up 250%! GOP Up Only 25%- CNN

Bush let Zarqawi go...three times. When will he be asked why?

Democrats Outpace GOP In Signing Up New Voters In Florida & Ohio

Electoral College humor from the New York Times

Do you feel like Amerca knows Kerry?

Ted Rall -

Please help me with my naivete' by

Alan Keyes represents the base of ...

Georgia to Kerry?

Bumper Sticker sightings today

We canvassed in Richmond today :-)

Rasmussen Battleground Update for 9/26 (Mostly Good News)

W...WTF is this shit?

Secret Service backs down in Tulsa at Cheney visit

Pope supports Kerry Not Bush

Going Up River... New Kerry Documentary

What's the status on that Colorado legislation

Maureen Dowd Rips Shrub A New One

DU BRAINSTORM: Ideas to spread the "Two-Faced" message. (Thread #2)

What the F*K is all the Kerry PREP about? Only 2 Questions count:

Democratic Party is trying to raise 5 million before Sept. 30.

does the two faced image need the words?