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Archives: September 28, 2004

Press Enterprise: Pledge pandering

WSJ: Minnesota Gets Into Swing of Things

Salon: Man Bites Lapdogs! (New James Wolcott Book on Media)

Help me respond to this article by a right-wing professor:

GEORGE W BUSH IS A LIAR !!! Everyone repeat it everywhere you go. Make

Anyone have that national media e-mail list?

More environmental good news. Oil over $50/barrel.

please STICKY this 'am I really registered' thread..

IMHO, this should not be locked.

Elite soldiers contend razing Palestinian houses is “immoral”

Five Border Police to be indicted for abusing Palestinians

Al Hayat: Arab country assisting Israel against Hamas

re: Alan Keyes' daughter...

Protest Bush in St. Petersburg, FL Friday Oct 1

Got a followup call from the RNC asking about absentee voting

Citizen got a phone call telling her not to vote for Kerry.

What's this about paper thickness of voter reg. forms?

Here is an e-mail list for every Ohio County Board of Election:



Washington DU'ers Where were you May 18th 1980

Kerry Swift Boat Video Game?!

"Iraq will emerge as an independent nation?" (Russert program)

Everything is after the election

How can I get a really really big Kerry/Edwards yard sign?

I'd love to ask those in other nations, how does the world view us now?

Kitty Kelley comments on George H.W. Bush and the first Gulf War

My Rant of the Day on My Family Site....

Recommended email list.

For all fans of Homer

Stumbling drunk Jenna Bush spotted in skanky DC bar

CSPAN on now showed Shrub debating Richards in 94....he spoke clearly

Satan for bush

Bush says blown up voters won't hurt turnout in Iraq

Good Clip

Need help with an LTTE

Should we give part of Iraq to Palestine

Possible role for Wes Clark in the Kerry administration:

Who do you guys think would be good in a debate?

Why didn't Bush go after Hamas

Iraq and Vietnam war dead comparisons...

Great column from RAW "How the first world spins South Africa"

letter to cnn re: polls

GREAT e-mail I received today called, "You've been served".......

Mama Stallone's Psychic Dogs Predict Shrub Victory.

NOVAK reveals another CIA official as a leaker?!

CSPAN is on Live (et) with Debate clips & call ins..James Fallows

Alan Keyes daughter Maya a LESBIAN??!!

More evil from a piece of human filth named Bush.

TDSWJS is rocking.

NEW GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN: Bikini Waxers Against Bush!

Something you will never see BUSH doing

Are you as SICK of this stupid-ass pop-up as I am?

Tom Delay and Ralph Reed in some Native American casino scandal?

Rumsfelds Iraq Election Model. Premptive move on US 2004 elections?

"Pirates of the Potomac" should be new ad

just got back from Senator Byrd's speech in WVtonight

Dollar devaluation, unemployment, and the draft

How Russia deals with DRAFT-DODGERS

Have you ever read (or seen) Airport?

I hope Mike Malloy mentions the Ohio voting purge.

Comedy Central refutes O'Reilly's claim

Was Dan Rather set up by CBS?

Just got my absentee ballot in the post! Woo hoo!

Is al-Zarqawi evil?

Are recruiters getting desperate? dedicated to exposing liberal media bias.

The Daily Show needs to be an hour long

Sen Byrd to crowd: "the Constitution will never let the Bible be banned"!

What of the elderly in FL?.....

Which "liberal" program is most likely a right-wing front operation?

Monday Night Malloy Thread ==Truthseekers Report For Duty

I had a freeper "friend" send me this crap in an email

Here is an e-mail list for every Ohio County Board of Election:

O'Reilly Interviews Bush -- Transcript Here

What's up with CNN's Jack Cafferty

Kennedy on Hardball

Stumbling drunk Jenna Bush spotted in skanky DC bar

Jeb Bush and I agree on ONE thing--Terri Schiavo

Letter to the Editor about Ohio Voter Purge in Progress

I sure hope everyone is watching Edward Kennedy RIP Bush

News you don't get on CNN or anywhere else.

Coulter on women: "We're not that bright"


-->Pissed about Ohio disenfranchisement? Get on the phone tomorrow

Republican Wingnut Blowback

I love Bill Clinton, but I'm so angry with him and here's why..

What would republicans do without Dan Rather?

"I fault this president for not knowing what death is." - novelist E.L. Do

Ok, dammit, I admit I was wrong about the Schiavo case.

Peak Oil........yep looks like it just started


FReepers fretting over fact that Daily Show viewers are educated

Col. Hackworth Holding Nothing Back About The Bush Lie Machine

Insider Blows Whistle on Irregularities at Voting Machine Company

Smacking down Kristol and the GOP--Daily Kos

Alan Keyes daughter Maya a LESBIAN??!!

Iran will confront U.S. pressure, says military commander

Consumer group says Americans worse off in terms of health care during pas

Study Finds Ambassadors Don't Meet Goals

Comedy Central Refutes O'Reilly's Claim


Group wants ballot distribution blocked (Alaska Senate Vacancies)

U.S. Stocks Drop Amid Record Oil Prices; Dow Falls Below 10,000

A leading Hamas operative based in Syria

Sen. Clinton proposes expert study of media effect on children

North Korea Blames 'hostile' U.S. Policy for 'snowballing' War Danger

Taking on Sadr City in a Pickup Truck

WP: Couldn't Have Said It Any Better Himself (Allawi's speech)

CNN Producer Riad Ali kidnapped in ...Gaza

Senate Bill Proposes Anti-Terror Database

Falluja official: Only civilians killed

Saudi to host international terrorism conference

NYT: F.B.I. Said to Lag on Translations of Terror Tapes

Carter fears Florida vote trouble (BBC News)

Unions Firm On Deadline For Iraq Troop Withdrawal - Independent UK

Health costs rising faster than incomes, study says

Trial ordered in Fla. e-ballot lawsuit

Panel Won't Sign Agreement but Will Enforce Stipulations (Debates)

Jordan king doubts Iraq elections

Poll: CBS' memo story an 'honest mistake'

WP: Once Bedrock GOP, Granite State Is in Play

Screening of Foreign Visitors to Expand

Putin wants to strip Russians of voting right

Lynndie England could receive up to 38 years in jail

Reporters Put Under Scrutiny in C.I.A. Leak

U.S. Oil Hits $50 on Nigeria Supply Fears

Senator Byrd urges vote for Kerry

NYT: No, the Conquistadors Are Not Back. It's Just Wal-Mart.

Lawyer: DEA Battle to Ban Hemp Food Over (feds gave up)

For Metro, a Case of Too-Free Speech(Arrested too loud on cell phone)

Warlords 'call shots in Afghan election'

Foundation's Funds Diverted From Mission (GOP Lobbyist Abramoff & DeLay)

Looking for WMD? 8 million chemical weapons exist

Groups accuse United States of imposing international book ban

Ex-Enron lieutenant testifies barge sale just a ploy (Fastow giggled)

NYT: Scientists Begin a Campaign to Oppose President's Policies

Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions (New documents)

Schwarzenegger signs bills moving primary, requiring paper trail

NYT: At Bush Events, Tickets Come With a Catch

Congresswoman Seeks Re-Enlistment Probe

Nothing OPEC can do to bring oil down ($50.17 now!!!)

best sci-fi story contest (based on attributes of presidential candidates)

there's nothing sadder than a lonely weasel..........

Al Gore SNL DVD outdoes Bush propaganda flick on eBay!

Anyone else able to stare at porn for hours?

Now this is a better political photo op

Computer Question

More from the shallow end of the gene pool.

680-580 interchange awash in Bud beer

We're watching the new digital revamped Star Wars

My new bachelor pad...Check it out!

Son of R&B singer Chaka Khan arrested on murder charge

I have finished watching the Cannibal Women! Ask Me Anything

Heard while wating for the bus this morning

Help...need link for tickets to Dave Matthews in Dayton, Ohio

Herd while waiting for the bus this morning.

I'm tyring to add a picture to a post, how do I do that?

Know any car acronyms? I thought of one for HUMMER!

Now this is a better political photo op for Kerry

no Dallas/Washington thread?

anyone wanna play with a freeper? she's in

We will get a direct hit tonight from Jeane. Wind to 70+ and rain to 12".

Can I get a volunteer please?

Is it just me, or are the freepers really coming out of the woodwork?

My roommates seriously have too much time on their hands...

DU Members on my station this week..

In LJ is there anyway to hide "my friends" list

Really bad joke for a Monday night.

Holy flaming fancy Moses!

"Life of Brian" showing at my local multiplex!!!

For our huge sign to be displayed at YD table at University of Arizona

Ever wonder what the funniest thing ever done was

Was Tory Holt enjoying that a little to much?

I am in a pissy black mood. join me and let's laugh together.

Ugh, I gotta get up at 4:30am tomorrow!

Ok, we've had hideous shoes, now let's see the grungy ones!

$50.00 Kryptonite Bicycle Lock "Picked" by Bic Pen.

I made peace with a Red Sox Fan today (Good story for Yank and Sox fans)

Best version of "Circles"

Email I just got: Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican

American Chopper

To people with children...

Anyone else like ripping off

Name a song about an impaired sense of smell

Daily Show time!

Why does my Dog

Wanted: Bong (sweet!) cherry recipes....

Name songs with "poop" in the title

Ever wonder what the funniest thing EVER said was?

the worst political e-mail I've gotten in awhile.......

So, I just sent an email to an estranged friendship....

Jean Luc gettin' funky up in heyah

DU this CNN poll about running mate choice

from a sports message board...

Funniest comment on George Lucas I've seen so far.

Post creative ideas for Halloween costumes that send political message

John Madden is a complete idiot

May not be the best time for an Iron Maiden update, but...

A funny site for the unemployed

grape-flavored Red Vines

When you get DVD's you don't want from Columbia House...

aaarrrggghhhh teenagers

Does your relationship threaten the music industry?

Looks like I will have to take a day off tomorrow--forest fire

How are we allowed to bring up religion at DU?

Name a song with music in it.

LEMUR ALERT on Dave Letterman now

Check out this * flash.... pretty funny stuff

Best song with sexual innuendo.

Name this song and who performs it?

Ever been in a bad mood and not given a shit who you might offend?

Pimp My Thread!

view the trailer for the upcoming Wes Anderson movie

Abortion dilemma storylines in both NBC soaps right now!

officiating pet peeves

Family discord threads...Love 'em or hate 'em?

damned religion brawls

Does anyone have any experience with Vonage (VoIP)

Name a song about a song that doesn't mention its title, but alludes to it

So what is this "DS1 Exploit" that keeps popping up on my computer? mother came over and used my computer to

Welcome to the "Some are saying..." Thread!

When you get crushed do you show it?

Do I know you?

Things that we know are official-:Cowboys 21 Foreskins 18

The Red Sox are winning!

Anyone noticing lots of SUVs with for sale signs in people's yards?

Your favorite classic cop show

"MCI or Earthlink DSL" which one would you pick and why?

So what is this "DSO Exploit" that keeps popping up on my wife's PC?

I lost a friend tonight . Ask me anything .

Customize This Thread!

Name a song with one of the five senses in the title...

Red Sox clinch playoff spot

Have You Ever Had An STD?

"Angel" songs

I've just watched Outfoxed. I'll be puking for a while, ask me nothing

I've been out of touch....


Best Sealab Ever is On!!

Worst song with sexual innuendo.

Time for another Pager pup rescue thread!

Car chase video, involving a 14 year old, in OKC....

If the Cowboys beat the Redskins tonight, matcom will...

If you like Maps, check this out

Name a song with no title that you can't perceive at all.

Name songs with celestial words in the titles......

name a song title with no words in it at all

The Puppy Training Thread

Anyone ever been to Japan?

Which is the one true faith?

Name a song with a person's name in the title...

For Truman Capote fans

When you have a crush, do you show it?

Songs with the number (or word) "16" in the title

The 1970s - The Best Decade Ever For Movies

Name a song whose title is NOT in the lyrics

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: It's What's For Dinner!

Jack Grimes...United Fascist Union's candidate for president...

Do you carry herpes simplex?

C-SPAN now: Kerry vs. Bush debate styles.

There are 35 days to go

Does anyone know if the integrity of the vote can be protected?

hey, just a reminder forget the polls. bush is going to lose.

From the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal cartoonist on Iraq war

What's this about CIA RIGGING IRAQ ELECTIONS? Just send Rove.

Watch George Bush have a Debate With George Bush

Defining acts in life....

How Gallup selects a likely voter

I just got a phone call from a polling company

Just returned

Blood test required before each debate?

Bad link n\t

Bush Interview on O'Reilly; followup by Colmes and Marsh

Both Sides Lose Political Signs

Over 50000 for Bush rally in Ohio!?!?!?!?

Video of top 12 Bushisms

Everywhere I turn

What the heck is the deal with the WP?

George Bush is a phony!

Best Kerry audio I've ever heard! Dave Ross report on radio.

Dirty Republican Tricks Even in a Disaster Area!!!

Please tell me I am paranoid.

What time is the dabate on Thursday?

When is the dabate on Thursday?

Bush will win the debate because of low expectations?

Patrick Buchanan says Saddam has used BLT's against Kurds

MORE (NEW) Documents Had Warned Chimpy About Iraq Problems

Repugs pull a fast one at a hot-air balloon festival in PA

It's sad when we need the Carter center to monitor our own elections!

That "expletive deleted" across the street, fumed my spouse

Should Kerry Hammer Bush On Halliburton In the Debates?

Bush's deficit supports terrorism.

New TIME poll methodology

Jewish Republicans in a local Deli

Kerry should take the initiative on the one-liners thrusday

Lower debate expectations for *? He's the pres. fercrissakes!!!

Remember B's reaction to McCain

i've seen a couple of these conservative bumperstickers around

I just saw a clip on CSPAN of Bush promising to take the surplus and

Take a breather and watch The Daily Show..

Pour it on Folks--We're Kicking Butt!

Remember when the ad that said "RATS" was a big deal in 2000?

Malloy: "I despise christians"

What dictionary is Andrea Mitchell using (Media Matters)

October Surprise: Nader Drops Out?

I hate morons.

Officials say al-Qaida election threat not geared toward particular candid

Wash Post poll data internals

Edwards To Lead Post-Debate Rally In Columbus Park

Know your enemy: The rightwingnuts are showing fear in FreeperVille

DU this MSNBC poll on who you'd vote for if election held today

The Battleground where it will be decided

My liberal friends told me they think the electoral college will vote

The Bush - Saudi Connection:Media fund a 527. Must see

when do the ads begin running in Missouri?

What should be done about W's plans to raise terror alert before elections

I don't think Bush will engage Kerry at all in the debate

Guardian - Jimmy Carter fears repeat of election fiasco in Florida

I hope Kerry has an october surprise--I must admit I'm worried

Bush on O'Really now

David Hackworth: Saving Private Jessica Lynch - just spin

OMG. Check out this T-shirt decal from a Rethug. site

Is it just me or is Kerry really, really tanned?

Only rhetorical questions can be asked between candidates in debate

James Carville was warned by Republican friend in 2000


DU survey: Newspaper endorsements

Are you RaptureReady? Or why Jesus would not be a Democrat

CNN: Majority would support Bush if he wanted to send more troops to Iraq

debate question

David Hackworth: Are military censors trying to influence the GI vote?

Bush has to be called on each and every lie and distortion....

Bush Will Stay On Message

can somebody imagine, (if Bush wins)

Fav Bumper Sticker: "Bush '04: Leave No Child a Dime"... What's Yours?

America has fallen down the rabbit hole....

That's it. I despise the media MORE than the BFEE. Yep. That's right.

American Idiots on CSPAN

Senator Hatch: Al Qaida trying to get Kerry elected

Volunteers To Protect The Election Are Needed - Is That You ? ?

I hope Kerry sticks with this Bush is out of touch with reality strategy.

Global warming is far more dangerous than AlQueda but it's not in campaign

Who's dumber: * voters or Nader voters?

Billionaires for Bush video

What do you think a REAL poll would tell us?

Simpsons, Jerry Lewis take center stage in Senate campaign

Is This Pic Evidence That Bush Wears LIFTS IN HIS SHOES?

Scientists and Engineers for Change

Alan Keyes doesn't deserve the award the Idiots list gave him today

Could phone canvassers for GOP be posing as Dems?

Kerry: "May I also suggest that we need a taller horse?" haHA!

So Bush is A Cowboy? Really?

Kerry Has To Convince America That Tough Talk And Swagger Don't Mean Sh*t

How long has * lived in Texas

I'm sticking with 50%Kerry 47%Bush 3%Nader

Kerry Wrote the Dynamite Line--He Needs to Use It in the Debates!!

I can't watch anymore...

Are you sick of the lies and bullshit ?

Hah! Olberman reporting Bush's "Kerry could debate himself" remark

another nastygram to NPR...

A Black, older woman today told me that she's not voting because...

So...where are the candidates in this upcoming Iraqi election?

Two-Faced Bush Orders CIA to RIG Iraqi Elections!

Some good electoral news for Kerry

John Kerry October Surprise: Democratic Underground Must See movie

Canvassing with the TWO-FACED graphic today

Bush Defends Ban on War Grief

If Howard Dean Were the Candidate . . .

Rove Did IT Again: Said "OSAMA SUPPORTS KERRY" before We could Say OBL's

An email list for all Ohio County Boards of Election:

Contact info for Kenneth Blackwell, Secretary of State Ohio

Mississppi in Play? Mississippi: 42% Kerry/51% *, Bushco's in trouble!

DU this poll, Missouri Gov. race, please vote...


My Knock-Out TV Ad by Kerry

Tell the Media: Judge the Debates on Substance, Not Style

Tom Toles on WMD - 9-27 cartoon

Jimmy Carter: Florida will not play fair

David Brooks: Iraq elections should follow the El Salvador model

Truths Worth Telling By DANIEL ELLSBERG

Truths Worth Telling

A Tale of Two Presidents: Why People Remember September 11, 2001 but Not J

Congressman Cox in a WSJ op-ed: The Marriage Amendment Is a Terrible Idea

The Dangers of a 'What the Heck' Vote

How to Win the heartland - WP

Karl Rove in a Corner

5 Tough Questions for President Bush

Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions

Federally Regulated Hospitals: Worse Than World War II

The Bush Definition of Democracy (Iraq elections)

Seattle PI/Helen Thomas: Saying U.N. backed war doesn't make it so

A different noise:Daily Kos in the Guardian

Voter Suppression Gains Momentum

Will Durst: Florida deluge is God's wrath for election theft

Doctorow: The unfeeling president

The President's Comedy Routine

Krugman: Swagger vs. Substance (How media will spin * victory)

No Place Is Safe

Warehouses for Refugees

My son died for a lie

Some Gratitude - AWOL Lied to current National Guardsmen

Northeast Ohio....verify your voter status!

Fan letter for the alleged Republican kicker

Bend over! ... The impact of Bush taxcuts on America's working class

Your Brain On Cannabis

Christianity Today profiles the candidates...

Molly Ivins: The twilight zone of wonderland

Vanity Fair October article on Fla. & Supremes in 2000 now online

WP:Poll show Bush with solid lead. This is really scary.

Cat Stevens: Something Bad Has Begun

San Diegans - link here for Michael Moore Oct. 12 ticket info.

Attorneys Needed in VA!

Calling all DUers. send a copy of F-11 to a soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq

DCCC event: Al Gore Invites You to Party in October

Some simple actions we can all take: Simple uses for "Two-Faced."

Know your rights: Election Day observing

I'm looking for Menu Ideas for a Debate Party

Debate w/ political coverage&fact checking-or Debate=Rove Drama criticism

Question about Robert Novak

CNN Co-founder Reese Schonfeld says Bush a shoe in thanks to FNC

Here comes the Liberal Media, no really ...

O'Reilly's "teasing" of Jon Stewart

"Low Power FM: The People's Choice"

question about Newsworld International and Al Gore TV

Greed is Good -- Again. Right now on CNBC

And now for a little levity about outsourcing

North Sea Fish Biomass Cut By Nearly 2/3 In Just Over 100 Years - BBC

1,070+ Dead From Hatian Flooding, Landslides; 1,250 Still Missing

Even In Antarctica, Atmospheric CO2 Content Rises 2.6% In Last 6 Years

Key Putin Economic Advisor - Kyoto Protocol = "Fascism"

Melted Ice Lake Atop Volcanic Mt. Spurr (AK) Triples In Two Months - NYT

The Commie-Green Menace! Your Children At Risk!! Beware!!

High Oil Prices Can't Slow European SUV Sales

Sleepy Intellectuals (Abeer Mishkhas on Saudi intellectual scene)

Turkish Captive in Iraq Tells of Fearful Struggle to Hold On

Iraqi City(Ramadi) on Edge of Chaos("safe" Baghdad has 22 attacks per day)

An Attack on the Will to Learn (Arabs destroy Black Schools)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 28, 2004

Der Governator bans smoking in prison

Chief Ramsey (DC) Can Be Held Liable for Mass Arrests

Armed robber fatally shot at social club

How can I add a signature to my posts?

I feel I must question the reason given for locking this thread

Wouldn't have known about it, if not for "THIS" post,

question about mods

a plea to keep the large font option

How about the flashing "NEW MAIL" thingy being everywhere?

If a thread is locked...

I second Dookus's request...

linking to conservative sites?

Can't click sender's name to see a profile from the Inbox

Do I get locked for sending a shout out to known freepers?

UK: Anglican group calls for Israel sanctions

CBC Video: Tears Death And Israeli Terror

Elite officers criticize IDF actions in territories

Losing Faith in the Intifad (a political and economic disaster)

Palestinian kidnappers free Israeli Druze journalist

Jordan says Israel barrier threatens the kingdom

"Finally It Broke My Heart"

Could "October Surprise" Be Israel-Palestinian Ceasefire?

Was 9-11 about destroying information?

For MIHOP/No Plane hit Pentagon folks ONLY,

In Plane Sight viewers only: Explain the CNN WTC 50-60 story cloud shot.

Interested in earning some extra $$$$$...

sorry if dupe--Voter intimidation

Kerry rally in Miami Thursday.

Politics and sleaze envelop Orlando

Does anyone here attend the DFA Meetup in Santa Monica?

Governor signs bill requiring paper trail for electronic voting systems

Meet Up for Propositions, anyone?

Puke position: Don't tax the rich, except for Native Americans.

Did you feel the earthquake?

Voter registration in LA County drops to lowest figure in decade

49ers sell rights to name stadium to Monster Cable

San Diegans - Michael Moore ticket info - Oct. 12 - get tickets NOW.

Drinking Liberally in Iowa City

george bush* reminds you of a:

I got polled!

Register to Vote By Oct 3rd in Michigan

anyone involved with prison outreach/located in the up (near ironwood)

Let's Protest Bush's Visit to Columbus Saturday

Don't FVCK with Ex-Newspaper Editors who have OHIO

Action needed in Ohio (80 pound paper)

NorthEast Ohio...Verify your voter status

Ohio Democrats file suit against Blackwell

Any Pennsylvania DU'ers near York wanna watch the debates at

Anyone want to volunteer to help GOTV in York on election

NEW e-voting machine whistle blower... Involves Texas and Ohio....

KPRC Houston radio boots Rather - call them (713) 212 8000

Sept. 29th - D/FW - Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Austin DUers: Caravan of Veterans for Kerry event tonight (9/28)

Some great sites on school funding

Gary Hart Speaking At UW-Milwaukee Sept. 28th (Today)

Another good example of Repub doublespeak

Just heard on local news -- Nader off ballot in Wisconsin?

If you want to get involved...

Everything you need to know about the Iraq war.

The Next Big Event after the Sep 30 debate is October 9

What If America Were Iraq

self delete

Sorry, no money for American police

Is there such thing as a LEGITIMATE POLL?

Want to know what the US really needs right now?

Seniors 'Sock It To George" this Wednesday

Do NOT listen to the corporate polls

I'm conversing with Debbie Schlussel on the Howardstern Bulliten Board

Send Lou Dobbs some poems.. He's reading them and posting them

Caution: You're about to enter the watch me kiss bushes ass zone

NYT Kakutani hails Hersh "muckraker outrage," and "Chain of Command"

WHO Suppressed Reports of Dangers from DU Contamination, Say Scientists

Bush is as moral as Jimmy Swaggart.

Let us be optimistic.The unraveling of the American Empire began

NYT: Plame (graphic, article, "Reporters Put Under Scrutiny in CIA Leak")

George Custer / George Bush (Did You See This Yet?)

Bruce Sprinsteen rips the press in Rolling Stone interview........

Pet Goat for Truth

Why I am voting for Bush.

karen "tweety girl" hughes just lied on T.V.

Sovereignty and Democracy? Because they say so

My Predictions About The First Debate...

Nomination for 1st annual Zell Miller Award....

Karen Hughes is invading my space

Favorite quote of the day.

On the radio they were talking about the upcoming debates.

Who has done more to help Islamic Terrorism? Liberals or Conservatives

photo proof that Kerry met with Bin Laden!!!...really!...........cartoon

What's the real deal on "Undervotes"?

Can we have a moratorium on posts of emails from repukes?

Why is n't the Democratic Party targeting Congressmen and

LOL! IMUS: "bush* Looked Like he Needed a Leash" Yesterday!

Iraqi police. What a Quagmire.


Here comes crash: Major Changes Set for Backer of Mortgages (NYT)

delete...picture not coming up.....thanks

Washington Journal caller

WSWS: Democrats back fourth Bush tax cut for wealthy, business

now Kerry

I would like our Democratic candidates to use the term:

Planning for November 3rd

I just got panhandled by a guy in way nicer clothes than me.

now they're attacking the fact that kerry got a tan. jeeeeeesus.

David Horowitz says dissent to Iraq War is "unholy alliance" between...

Ex-Muslim turns her lens on a taboo

Larry Franklin

Heads up! KENNEDY hammering * NOW (10:42am eastern)

Broader Middle East Initiative = Recipe for Imperialism

TED KENNEDY on Senate floor bashing the Iraq invasion!!!!!

Gore to start Liberal Network News??? (just a question)

a MUST read..before the Debates. Searing 'Psycho'[tic] anaylasis of Bush

Wouldn't this be fun

How many lives were lost by Dan using "forged documents?"

Daily Show Viewers more likely to have college degree than O'Really Viewer

Krugman: cable news will declare Bush* 'winner' in Thursday's debate...

USAT: 55% say Rather made "honest mistake," 64% say he shouldn't be fired

how are your nerves holding up?

Does anyone find that CNN was very subdued about the abduction

Plame "Updates" Now Just Piss Me Off

What makes Hitchens snarl?

So who do you think is behind the kidnapping of the CNN reporter in Gaza?

A World Transformed

Bush is a GODLY man! I'm sooo tired of this BS!!!

Bruce Springsteen interview, he says News orgs. let people down.

"Perverted Patriotism" by Mark Shields

what dates are set for the debates?

Can anyone see the Al Franken Show blog?

BYRD on BUSH (his book is a MUST READ)

Say 'Good Morning' to Jack Cafferty.

you're one o' them over-educated book readin' liberals ain't ya?

Never Mind

Typical Repub Slime Ball: Top GOP Lobbyist Embezzles from DC Charity

Does Dubya actually go to church?? Where? When? Where are the pix?

What Democracy WAS.....

HELL NO, We Won't Go (Back!) | Reservists Resist Recall

Daily Show viewers more intelligent than O'Really viewers,here's a link...

Pregnant Woman Says Forced Onto Stomach

The Election of 1948

In the 60's it was the "capitalist press". Now it's the "liberal media"

Gallup poll question

"Crude Oil Prices Hover Near $50 a Barrel"

The Plan.

Barney Frank said we granted political asylum to Iraqi girl

Please donate to Blatant Truth,org: 50,000 hits for DRAFT ALERT

2 Italian Female Hostages were released! On CNN. just now.

Are you busy Wednesday night?

seen on license plate: H8 GWB

How many of you have actually been polled?

Viewers of Daily Show more educated than viewers of O'Reilly

Gallups latest poll gives republicans 12% bias

Ed Schultz on Al Franken Show now

Paid $1.80 for fuel last week -- now it's $2.04

Bush Hopes to Use Diplomacy on Iran

Is * TRYING to look like an idiot?

I just called Ohio (voter registration)

A Gold Star for Lincoln City, Nebraska (350th community against PA)

Kerry's debate response to the "incoherent" Iraq position

what is the biggest threat facing america's security right now?

..can someone explain Peak Oil to me? I havent been keeping up with this

This is for any woman who says she's not voting this year:

George Butler on Franken now...

Here is a map of the quakes in California

I just gave to the Kerry campaign and to

Man, God is PISSED!!!

How C-SPAN is Helping to Rig the Election for Bush

Mark Hyman - who the hell is this guy?

smirk opens his mouth: "Hey, Kofi, howyadoin'? What's happening?"

I just say the scroll box on CNBC show that crude oil is $50.05 per...

Where Is The Florida National Guard?

Is your local video store going to have F911 shortly?

WP pg1 exposes GOP lobbyist, "attached" to DeLay, in charity scam

Automatic weapon used in Detroit

Bruce Springsteen Criticizes media bias

Fact-Checking Bush's UN Address

CNN producer has been freed. on CNN NOW!

Our em...Senator Brownback back at it once again....

Will this country ever truly unite behind one President?

If Bush "wins," how can he contend with the masses who...

How many Republican governors are trying to get rid of their legislatures?

Earthquake In California, what is going on

911 Commemorative Coin

BBV- Ruling revives issue of paper trail for touch screen ballots

Heads up, Ralph Reed on The Daily Show tonight

Take My Death Away Song on Randis Show

anybody got a link to a bunch of stupid bush pictures?

What if Adolf Hitler's name had been Adolf Schicklgruber?

Tiny Crawford Newspaper Endorses Kerry

So, is Drudge saying Kerry shouldn't be President because he's tan?

Has anyone noticed the new $50 bill has a campaign flag on it?

More Dirty Tricks... "Peace Train" is Blocked on Kazza

Jesse Jackson hits the nail on the head, again ad on CNN in Alabama today

The documentary "Hunting of the President"

Some food for thought...

Goss as National Intelligence Director???

Anybody see the new Media fund ad?

Don't flame me, but I just went to Fatt Sludge's site...

Oprah showed Rumsfeld/Saddam photo on her show?

Uh oh..

Is there a doctor in the house?

Probably not the best time to rewatch "The Day After"

My brother voted for Gore last year and is voting for Bush this year.

I've OD'd on peak oil.

CNN Sanjay Gupta reports Bush postponed his annual physical

For the love of GOD, somebody give Randi Rhodes a lozange!!!

Did you get your Michael Moore Email today

Financial Markets show no unusual activity (no October Surprise warning)

I love this LTTE in my local paper.

Baghdad Year Zero - MUST READ

Today, George Bush announced that he is withdrawing American

Iraqi Election Info

It's clear...the Ad has CNN on the defensive...

New Reports of Bush having Pre War Warning

Another idiot Republican with more money then brains.

Thinking Bush

Remember When the Lawmakers Viewed the Prison Torture Images?

Has anyone seen the outrageous ad from

Study: Daily Show Viewers More Educated than O'Reilly Viewers

KPRC Houston radio boots Rather - call them (713) 212 8000

US Media Fail To Report Bush Shoot Down Policy

My 1st thread: Ralph Waldo Emerson on George W. Bush

Karl Rove, Satan's butt boy

The Myth of Corporate Accountability by Howard Dean

Do Republicans Own their Jesus Trademark?

Were the two French hostages ever released!!!

Tiny Crawford Newspaper Endorses Kerry

Another reason to dump MS Internet Explorer

Rednecks moving towards Kerry, no for real

if you could divide the US into seperate countries, how would you do it?

'Vote Kerry' Says Bush's 'Hometown' Newspaper

Dr phil will have the bushs on tomm show

Air America starting in San Fran SOON!

Congressional paid trips..

Did CBS talk about the White House reactivating the draft today?

So, when Kerry wins, and the (r) start whining on Nov. 3

Is the Drudge “Orange Alert Kerry” Pic Photoshopped bullshit?

Latest idiotic remarks from repug relatives

Jude Law Hates George Bush!


Help need that link to "Two Faced Bush" poster to print out...I lost it

Ugh. I saw this yard sign today...

Bush Foreign Policy Views Unpopular With Both the Public and Experts

Michael Moore at Florida State Sat night. Ashcroft group karioke

Bush had to launch a war on Iraq....

Get him, Al! Get him Al! Get him, Al!

XTRA Sports 690 San Diego: Is Mychal Thompson a paid republican shill?

Video up of Dean's appearance with Matt Lauer today.

George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy (Village Voice)

Whoa - this guy is MAD

What if ???? (Attach Tinfoil hats securely )

Alert!!! Abrams Report (MSNBC)

If we loose this election, here is why....

Someone came to my door asking me to sign a petition

Guess the party affiliation of this IL Supreme Court

WHY did the WH use "Niger forged documents" for war....but jump on CBS??

Good news about debate Thursday.

My message to the Security Moms...........

One of the more repulsive courtiers from the Carter Era, Zbigniew

Former lawyer for Republican Party sentenced for indencency (weirdo!)

We have no choice but to win in November.Whatever it takes, we

Just on Hardball

Hackworth- While America Slept

"Two Faces of Bush" coming up on "The Majority Report"

ABC News said tonight that 123,000 hrs of "FBI Intercepts" NOT translated

Scott McClellan: oil prices are NOT about Iraq

I don't like Ron Brownstein

What is the most "elastic" city in the United States?

a short line Kerry could use against Bush...

oh my fucking god...i just watched one of the beheading videos.

are you MORE pissed off than you were 4 years ago?

Response from my Congressman - Help me reply with facts!

Who do you think WILL win.. not who do you want?

How much did they pay tweety to say Al Gore instead of

Stupid e-mail from my wife's stupid friend (and my kick ass response)

BBV - Houston to broadcast a discussion on PBS tonight 8:55 PM

Did anyone hear about O'Reilly's $1000 wager last night?

I think most Americans would support relocation camps for liberals

Acupuncture Moves Toward the Mainstream

Why did Kerry bring a video camera with him to Vietnam?

When they say "Flip-Flop", reference this:

What Do You Think of Terry Shiavo case?

Cool New SF Movie with a message DUers can appreciate!

Michael Moore coming to DENVER after all!

TODAY in Iraq - September 28, 2004 - Photos you should see....

Email from Freeper Friend

Why is it that the three great reliogions that originated in the Middle

Former Gov Bush fancies himself a modern day Patrick Edward Connor

"John Kerry needs only go back to his past to find the Hero

who here has draft age kids? even the 5 yr. olds could go to Iraq

Son calls home & tells of fellow Reservists refusal to serve

Security Moms, meet the anti-draft moms. RE: CBS Reporting

Help!!!! How do I deal with my Repuglican family?

Question: What year did the USA essentially become a one party nation?

EARTHQUAKE! Californians, check in!

Do you plan on watching the debates?


David Neiwert at Orcinus: "The Rise of Pseudo Fascism."

Jeanne was devastating to our city...worse than Donna, Frances, or Charley

Whenever some F**K tells you the rich are overtaxed...


Are homo sapiens sapiens the stupidest species ever?

I was reading the Bible and I really think that * may be the anti-christ

America Is Not What It Seems....

"Highjacking Catastrophe" on LinkTV, starting Friday

I'm tired of my taxes going to lazy FEMA recipients!

Why should we assume promiscuity is any better than puritanism?

It's all beginning to make perfect sense.

The Pope thinks Bush is the anti-Christ

What do you think of the US breaking up?

Kerry in a landslide! Ignore all polls.

Wedenesday on Oprah: Oprah's Voting Party. What do you think?

Question: Can racism and superstition be "logical"?

Ottawa backs missile pact

Anyone familiar with the "Canadian Intelligence Service"?

Comments by Americans

Insider Blows Whistle on Irregularities at Voting Machine Company

Howard spends `like a drunken sailor': Labor

Houston CBS affiliate boots Rather show

Jimmy Carter Fears Election Fiasco in FL.....(uk guardian)

Peter Lance on C-Span today: It was all a cover-up

British Workers Say Bigley Should Have Had More Protection......

Report: FBI getting lost in translations

Health costs rising faster than incomes, study says

Pennsylvania guardsman dies of apparent natural causes in Iraq

GOP Leader Wants To Boycott United Way Over Scavenger Hunt - Miami Herald

LAT: Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, U.S. Military Says

Jordan's King: Iraq Elections Impossible

Falluja takes more US hits

Ex-exec: Fastow knew of sham

Sadr no to polls if US stays

Haiti flood deaths may top 2,000

Blair Seeks to Shift Focus Away From Iraq

Germany to provide armoured vehicles to Iraqi army

Motorola to Cut 1,000 Jobs, Take Charge

Israelis warn Ramadan pilgrims could cause collapse of Solomon's Stab

Voters Rejected Because Of Paper Weight.....

Insurgents Surface in Streets of Samarra

Spector compares prosecutor to Hitler

Bankers start fight against extradition

'Backdoor' trials for Britons in Guantánamo

Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, U.S. Military Says

Pregnant Woman Says Forced Onto Stomach

Ultralife (Batteries) layoffs possible (250 jobs)

U.S. Says More Iraqi Police Are Needed as Attacks Continue (WP)

US to begin fingerprinting travellers from 27 countries

CNN journalist 'to be released'

Mom charged after son, 4, takes pot to school, police say

Crash kills 7 bound for Paralympics

US Airways' Pittsburgh flight cuts mean job cuts, too (300 jobs)

Wooing the Faithful

Fannie Mae whistleblower to speak at House panel

Latest Polls on Brad Carson(OK Senate Race)

U.S. Bombs Suspected Fallujah Hide-Out

Poll Numbers From N.C., Ore., Pa

Parents Sue After Children Forced To Strip At School

Record-high oil prices, above 50 dollars, weigh on global markets

Genoa man found dead in Ogle County committed suicide - soldier

Plane diverted by bomb scare

Your Brain On Cannabis

The Bush Definition of Democracy (Iraq elections)

Edwards Slams Bush Campaign's Ad 'Lies'

Former soldiers slow to report (Army threatens desertion charges)

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Declines for Second Month in Row

Voter Suppression Gains Momentum

GAO: White House Violated Law on Medicare

Bush Ad: Kerry Has Put U.S. 'At Risk' (Republican slime)

Supreme Court will determine when cities may seize private land

Haiti In "Total Desperation" After Storm - Washington Post


Court Orders Judge to Hear Fla. Suit on Vote Machines

Ambassadors Urged to Promote U.S. Policy

Death penalty to be applied (In Iraq, to "safeguard peoples’ souls")

N.M. Court Orders Nader's Name on Ballot

Moussaoui Asks Full Court to Weigh Appeal

Italy's 'Two Simonas' Freed, Jubilation at Home

Laos Hands Over Remains of US Soldiers Killed in Vietnam War

Tornados Touch-down in Greenville,Delaware & Cherry Hill, N.J.!

Rally at CCC aims to register voters

Venezuelan and Russian Foreign Ministers strengthen bilateral ties

We're Dodging the Draft Issue

Press for Release of Guantanamo Britons, Terry Waite

Death toll mounts (10 killed, 26 wounded, tankers torched in Latifiya)

Rail Vote Embarrassment for Blair

MSNBC breaking.....Earthquake central California

Air America makes way to Bay Area (Thursday at Midnight)

Cat Stevens was guest of Canadian Hamas front

Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 28 September

Consumer confidence falls in September

DEA Battle to Ban Hemp Food Over

Supreme Court Refuses to Put Nader on Oregon Ballot

Top Journalists Slam Rules for Bush-Kerry Debates

Gay rights group:Investigate Swaggart tax exemption

Security Measures Failed to Spot Protesters (Blair aides furious)

Fox Hunts Student Voters

10yr -old,Pa. Receives Handwritten Reply From Bush

Bush Increases Lead Over Kerry in Latest Pew Poll

Two British Soldiers Killed in Iraq Ambush

Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry

Prewar assessment reportedly foresaw costly consequences of invading Iraq

Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions (consequences)

Unit's bleak July Iraq report not its first caution to Bush's White House

Layton says Paul Martin wrong on missile defence, should say no (Ottawa)

Bin Laden Brother Says Family Shared Bank Account (Including Osama)

Iraq war veterans face long-lasting mental health issues, official says

Kerry-Edwards : Bush-Cheney Ad Fact Check 'Peace and Security', and 'Facts

New Burger King CFO worked at Halliburton, Enron

Michael Moore Starts 'Slacker Uprising Tour'

Dems Attacked on Some Black Radio Stations (by Americas PAC)

Cleland chides Bush on veterans issues and Iraq strategy

Gov't to Appeal Ruling on Abortion Measure

(Ohio) Voters rejected because of paper weight

Nader Off the Ballot in Ohio (NBC4 Columbus)

Foundation's funds diverted from mission

Ex-Superfund Official Guilty in Fraud

GOP Voter Vault Shipped Overseas (India)

DeMint aide rebuked for remark about gays

Tests Show No Nuke Activity at Iran Site

News Organizations End Scalia Litigation

NYT: Kerry Pins Hopes in Iowa on Big Vote From Absentees

Election booths in schools draw concern

Americans prefer U.N. force against terror, poll finds

Harvard Prof Acknowledges Lifting Passages

Breaking from al-Jazeera--the two Italian aid workers freed in Iraq.

US musicians begin anti-Bush tour

Blair Makes Partial Iraq Apology to Win Back Party

Jeb Bush responds to Carter comments on voting issues

Inquiry on Medicare Finds Improper Limits on Choices

John Edwards refuses to cross picket line

Iraqi roads crushed by US military

Anti-war protester disrupts Blair speech

Thickness Of Voter Card Paper Questioned (Blackwell lies)

Flood of new Voters Signing Up

Military Hospital Sees Iraq Carnage Daily

Tiny Crawford Newspaper Endorses Kerry

Not enough troops to keep pace, study says -Navy Times

GOP Decries Ghoulish Ads in House Race

Keyes silent on gay daughter rumor

Kyrgyzstan 'foils plutonium plot'

Schwarzenegger Signs Prison Smoking Ban

Distortion: CNN Circles Wagons On Polling

Minister: N. Korea Has Nuclear Deterrent

Moscow wants to intensify trade ties with Cuba

Networks to ignore debate camera rules

New York Times sues Ashcroft over phone records in leak inquiry

Observers Foresee Snags in U.S. Election

Botched GOP Brochure Has Democrats Chuckling - Des Moines Reg.

American Taliban asks Bush to commute 20-year sentence

Breaking - New IBD/Christian Science Monitor Poll Shows Kerry Taking Lead

TV commentary riles some, but it's legal(Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Petition names allegedly faked

Election Worries Delay U.S. Refinery Report - Source

50 Former U.S. Diplomats, Retired Military Say Bush Should Not Be Trusted

Blair defiant over Iraq invasion

When you show, do you crush it?

Do you know me?

I don't need to tell you things are bad, everyone KNOWS things are bad.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri was not caught. Hyman Roth was caught. My bad.

Jackson Lengthens 'Rings' Film By Nearly aThird for DVD

Have you ever used STP?

Don't take on relatives for clients. (Website help appreciated)

Anybody watching "The Wire" on HBO??!?

The Moo-trix!

How Clean Is Your House?


I get to hear Michael Moore speak tomorrow

My song of the night, Wild Horses as done by Gram Parsons

Uh oh, I think the MOD Gestapo is gonna drag me off

There is a Repuke board.....

Why am i awake? (night 2)

GallStones.....Any Advise

Any instruments you now wish you were forced to play as a kid?

scandal: WP prints photo of Bush/Pam Anderson makeout session

Any thoughts on Velvet Revolver?

So, before I head off to bed get this

What happened to my life?

On kids and daycare

Hurricanes, Florida and 2000 sElection

Which way are you going, which side will you be on

Red Sox Clinch Playoff Spot!

Dayum! I think I got banned from posting at Fark.

My neighbor's 12 year old son

Is there a good pictures hosting site besides photobucket ?

A sign that you have been watching too much election coverage .

When you have Orange Crush, do you share it?

Brian Wilson's Smile CD released today (finally)

BABES!...nothing but BABES!

Just sat down and watched the new "Apocaypse Now" with added scenes!

Who Will Win the Battle of the Disrespectful Jennas?

Recent picture of me:

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

I was going to post something about the football game last night...

Happy 70th Birthday...Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bar--DOAH!)

When you go to sleep at night, what do you wear to bed?

Future Ruins Photoshop contest--very cool site

A song dedicated to that idiot homophobe Jimmy Swaggert.

Why are you up ?

Im sure most other DUers are fed up with hurricane threads ....... but,

Interpol "Antics" out today....

I like to behead teddy bears and kittens

Scallop boat yeah baby... Scallop boat...

Kramnik and Leko draw game 3 of championship match

The Cubs are the BEST!!!

stuck on a runway for 4 hours

have the Red Sox *really* clinched a playoff spot?

ever have a day when you want to punch someone?

Top Ten George W. Bush Debate Strategies (both sides take a hit)

Any fans of the group "Now It's Overhead"?

When will the Red Sox choke this year?

Anybody knows where to get current CBOT P/C-Ratios?

According to, Oliver North was involved in a sex scandal...

Computer geeks - I have a stupid Word question

Ask me anything about song titles with noreasters or ice storms in them!

Ask me anything about song titles with hurricanes in them!

Gibbs seems out of it! Redskins should not have lost that game.

I am glad the Dallas/Washington thread did not deteriorate

Are there any more hurricanes headed toward Florida?

Colin Quinn's show may be cancelled... dozens of fans weep

Any postal workers here? Question on prepaid postage

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are the BEST

For the love of God

The White Sox are the BEST!

The sign which will be featured at YD tent at University of Arizona (Pics!

Songs with "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" in the title...

PHP gurus: Please point me ...

Songs with "pager" or "bear" in the lyrics or title?

The Washington Senators Are the BEST....

I need advice on how to do that Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd thing!

Irony Defined...

I'm Home Sick...Ask me anything!

Dramatic Readings of Song Lyrics

DU Fantasy Football League: Week 3 Standings

Don't name a song.


Bumper sticker: "These colors don't run... the world!"

Beast3K: Post # 3000!!!!!!!!

Just talked to my mom in Florida. She's waaaaay pissed.

When will the *name a song* madness end???

How many people recall the 1979 air disaster in Antarctica?

Inspired by the HIDEOUS SHOES thread (MEN'S SHOES)

Angelos Willing to Strike a Deal - Expos to DC

Have you ever had sex with a famous person ?

Name a two-faced song.

500 Posts. Don't ask me anything about the Redskins or Gibbs.

Name a song title with a job title in it.

Name a song that'll make everyone stop naming songs!

Crap! Am I screwed?

My New Favorite TV Commercial: Geico's "Tiny House" Promo

I dreamed last night that Kerry won the election.

My Basset Hound's new litter pics!

Can You Guess Where I Hid The "Name A Song" Threads?

Things that are less likely to happen in the debate. (MASSIVE GORE)

Songs with "Mr.," "Mrs.," "Dr.," etc., in the title

Jeanne is coming our way


how many partners have you had... in.. ya know.. THAT way...

THEY didn't change....We did!....My Rant!

Floating Jesus 'Rescued' From Texas River

We're starting a Robert Novak fan club here at DU

CONFESS!!! when was the Last time you saw Lynnesin?

Which derivative DU name should I adopt?

Today sucks

Favorite song with "bunny" or "j" in the title?

bush spots 2 yr old wearing Kerry shirt at appearance. Gives salute...

Are you close to your parents ?

Who here doesn't have access to a computer?

Kevin Bacon vs. Woody Woodpecker

Name a song with the word "bunny" in it

The earthquake

I just fell down the rabbit hole. I am sober, but nothing is as it seems.

I just fell off the wagon and I am sober...ask me anything

I Just Fell Down an Escalator, Repeatedly. I Am Sober

The height of arrogance.

Buster Keaton vs. Charlie Chaplin.

Trying to escapte the 700 Club. Please Help!

Help ! Avril Lavigne.What's the title ?

Just picked up Rome: Total War

Buster Brown vs Charlie Brown

I just fell off my chair. I am sober. Do you have power?

The Hokey-Pokey of all CAPTIONS!!!!

oh for gawd's sake... CNN

I just fell down the elevator shaft. I am sober. Ask me anything

Local Man Goes On Rampage

I just slipped in and out of a coma. a/s/l?

I just fell off the turnup truck. Can someone sell me the Brooklyn Bridge?

CNN just called Kerry a master debater

Just escaped the 700 Club. Ask Me Anything

Did everyone hear about Cat Stevens?

Kevin Smith Vs. Woody Allen

How "free" is this free copy of Passion of the Christ?

(this is amazing) Railway Gets Damages from Man Run Over by Train...

The Dunkin' Debate Squad of all CAPTIONS!!

Double-nosed Bush.

The "What This Country Needs" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Two nosed Bush...

I just choked on a pretzel, fell down.Please submit questions in writing

Which Presidential candidate has the biggest...

STAY AWAY FROM THE BROWN ACID much of a flirt are you?

How the hell do you all read this site?

Favorite Four Seasons?

Anybody find out what show the Terrepin Al Franken plays is from?


Krispy Kreme vs Lamar's vs Winchell's vs Dunkin vs Tim Horton's

yea for me. Just nailed a telephone interview

I have a chance to buy "1984" off EBay for $10

"Sopranos" Fans - Just watched episode 1 and I noticed a few things:

Seattle Debate watching party?

Sorry if old news but..

I just fell down a well. I am sober (but cold and wet). Ask me anything

Do I need a permit to put flyers on cars?

Which Presidential candidate has the smallest...

So, I wake up , go out to my truck to go to work..tailgate is GONE

OMG! Wall Street has LOST it- Mob attacking fellow traders!

Up Vs. Down

Screaming Lord Anti-Christ (Warning: Photo)

Time for a giggle

Anti-Clotting Drug Based on Bat Saliva

In vs Out?

Three colors

Coming vs Going?

Relax Florida, Santa WILL be able to get there with the presents

Somebody PLEASE Caption This

KAIJU BIG BATTEL!!!???!!! (Wrestling & Giant Monster Fans Read Please)

Something vs. Something Else

The Red Sox are the BEST!

LMAO! Dook's thread was moved to GD: Campaign 2004!

Hey Vancouver/Pacific Northwest DUers - commodore ballroom's 75th!

STOP writing theses on the ethology of the DU Lounge!

What's all this stuff about Mt. St. Helens?

News Flash: Ronald Reagan Still Dead!

Has anyone written a thesis on the ethology of the DU Lounge?

Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose

Do you have psychic connections to your friends?

Hey, Did You Guys Know Geoffrey Beene Was Real?

Documents Reveal Gaps in Bush's Service as President

Is there a doctor in the house?

Why is it that when I google images completely innocent I get porn?

I'm Sh*tfaced Drunk And I Haven't Fallen ONCE!

Paris burns in new sex tape

Gay Couple Engages in Banal Sex

wasnt supposed to hear till later-but she called me 2 hours later

"George Bush's Resume"...

Jesus in the Snow

I just fell down the stairs. I am sober. Ask me anything.

um, the Care Bears are back?

DEVESTATING picture of storm damage in Sweden

Tea Vs. Coffee

Geoffrey Beene died!

Saw A Great Red Sox T-Shirt

New $50 bill begins circulating

Your garden

I have HAD it with Yahoo!

Who owns a Sky Pilot & the World of Tomorrow cell phone headset thingy?

Remember the "Toy Wars"?

Floridians - Are you without power ?

As an actor, my eyeballs need to look their whitest!

people who are good at math: what percentage is 68 out of 80 equal to?

Mom charged after son, 4, takes pot to school, police say

Do I Give Good Thread?

OK, the trip to Amsterdam is booked!

The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Is everyone tripping out but me?

Sometimes Bill Maher Reminds Me Of Mama Cass...

Damn!!! Another bit of pop culture passes away.................

Vote your favorite blogs at Wash Post

Why my book was rejected

Boy, the way the Bee Gees played


Skinner's just burning doing the neutron dance


What do you think of my new avatar?

"O'Brien to Take Over for Leno in 5 Years"

I just fell up the stairs. I am on LSD. I haven't landed yet. Ask me blue.

Best Lefty Blogs?

Tornados touching down, and I've got back-to-school night!

I've just hit the 700 Club.

Report: Iraq War Keeping Thousands Out Of Unemployment Line (onion)

Meriam-Webster to change pronunciation of 'nuclear' in new edition

Why is it when I Google porn I get completely innocent images?

Sometimes Phil Mahre reminds me of Steve Mahre

James Galway and The Chieftains (In Ireland)

Caption the alan keyes komedy krusade

"Puberty gene" named after Harry Potter by US & British researchers

M y House STINKS! German visitors cooking CABBAGE

Who is that dweeb in the Capital One "no" ads?

"Golden like a shower"?

Baseball Fans: Who are your picks for this year's awards

What's your favourite seasoning?

I am going crazy with worry here.

God Just Farted And Blamed It On Dookus

Japan offers advice to Chimpy for the debate

I Just Farted And Blamed It On God.

Major car fire right outside my apt door!!!

any info on Whiterosesociety? no new files since Sunday night,,,

Anyone else having sort problem with Hotmail?

Virus on DU???????

Name a song with "beware," "beast," or "man" in the title.

Congrats liontamer on 1000 posts!

The New 'Interpol' Album Is FANTASTIC!

Documents Reveal Gaps In Bush's Service As President

As long as we're talking about Manson... What's his real name?

I Just Farted And Blamed It On The Dog

Death by Crayon, anyone ever see that?


Us Vs. Them

Gorilla Monsoon

New deli won't heat purchases for you

I just gave a talk in front of my whole dpt. Ask me anything!


Maison Derriere

I just got polled / phone

Mason derriere

Marilyn Monsoon

I'm playing UK in Axis & Allies tonight. Any great strategies?

Do people on the West Coast spend too much time in their cars?

Notice anything about me different today?

Northern Mexican state recruits cats to fight rats

"Blue" songs

(The light goes on) NOW I see what Kerry meant!

How do some morons even dress themselves in the morning?

Which pet would inform on you if the Nazis take over again?

Jay Leno is OUT......Conan O'Brien is IN for the Tonight Show

Seperated at birth

Whee! I just got tickets for... the fabulous... Diana Ross!

Quick! Help me refute my secretary's dog's talking point!

I'm going to choke the shit out of the next person to post a Name

Most Unforgettable S&L Moments?

Desperately trying to find Ray Charles album, "Love & Peace"

Homeless woman kills man, 82, after he suggests she go to church

If Sad is Blue, what color is Happy?

The Sight Of Bush's Face And The Sound Of His Voice

Burning My Bridges

Cell phones...

Sometimes Bill Maher Reminds Me Of Johnny Carson...

Christ! The media is so prejudice they won't even accept a TANNED


Island vacation: Need advice and info

Most Unforgettable SNL Moments?

Fuck! All of a sudden my knee hurts!

What should I ask Chris Heinz?

Who wants a kiss? $1 buck at kiss to the DNC!

heh. heh-heh. dolo amber blue me.

Songs with "We" "Built" "This" and "City" in the title

Faux musicianship

Happy 32nd Birthday, Mrs. Marilyn Manson (Dita Von Teese)

Check out the lyrics to Green Day's new song

Your most unsung band?

Anyone here ever have a dental procedure called 'Scaling'?

Tonight I have been called a....

I just fell into a vat of chocolate! I was balancing on the retaining....

Bush Aid just said that at the debates people will see that Bush

I need a picture break!!

This thread will contain my 1000th post

All Hail The QUEEN!

Calling all tech gurus....this is so frustrating!

Anybody know what kind of snake this is?

The Detroit Red Wings Are Rockin' Like a Hurricane!

What browser do you use?

Tornados Touch-down in Greenville,Delaware & Cherry Hill, N.J.!

any foreign language teachers out there?

Do my 28,000 posts make me look fat?

Mascots for 2006 Winter Olympics revealed

Name a movie with a city, state, or other locale in the title.

So, who's bought Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE?

HS Teachers: Know any sources for foreign pen pals?

Windows users, read this. Not me, I'm secure (Linux!)

Worst abbreviation?

Name a song in which a word could be replaced with "Rabrrrrrr"

Cell phone jammer - What would U do with one of these babies?

What's your favorite Season?

Republican Rhapsody

Please tell me how great and wonderful Firefox Browsing is....

Pregnant Woman Cuffed, Arrested For Talking Too Loudly

ZombyWoof LOVES "Ask me anything" threads, so ask him anything!

"Total Home Makeover"

"They hate us for our CAPTIONS"

John Podesta on Nightline called it. "The Big Enchilada" for JK he's righ

The GOP is that boss character on the BBC comedy "The Office"

Gallup Polls- Conditioning for Vote Rigging?

I can't wait until bushies see Kerry on debate night.

Freeway Blogger emailed me about two-faced bush image

chilling preview of a second Bush term may be found in the . . .

I am going to see Don Henley tomorrow night.

Why is Ted Kennedy saying our greatest vulnerability is a nuclear 9/11?

Are the polls telling us it’s all over or just getting started?

Did the Kerry girls really get booed at the VMAs?

To those familiar with the debate format - a question:

Going into the 1st debates 4 years ago what did the Polls show?

Ad - Bush doesn't get it

CBS reports record overseas voter turnout.(link)

republican economics = pay for lobster, get crawfish

How will a mass exodus out of Florida affect the presidential election?

Don King is on Carson Daly's show COVERED with Bush buttons.

Bush is really pathetic.Enslaving people to work his campaign

Old but good never the less...

Kerry's response to the * debate question...

Good stuff on today

How Does One Become a Poll Watcher?

Talking points for LTTEs

LAT editorial: "Coward" Bush gets away with "slime" in his name

Kerry should use DRAFT, well how bout another RECESSION...

Kerry gains ground in Pa., anti-war sentiment. Quinnipiac Poll; K-46 B-44

it appears Alan Keyes for the first time...

Will gas prices spike before Nov. 2, or just after?

My Two-year old is stubborn. Should she be president?

I find myself explaining how flawed Gallup is at least 2-3 times a

Kerry Can't Win Debate

IMUS: Kerry is "MY candidate". Hold me.

Internet Leave No Voter Behind Party, Wed. 9/29 -JOIN!!!!

Bush is the Greatest Debater of All Time

Has fallen on their head???

CNN/AEI's Bill Schneider admits...GOP is shallow, dumb

Why aren't the other primary candidates campaigning?

Gallup Poll shows 3-point Bush DROP

who listens to the pundits?

Did anyone discuss Tweety, Kennedy and Dean

how many people do you know are planning to watch the debates?

WDTN-TV-News say they broke the Ohio vote reg. purge weeks ago?

My debate advice - just one thing - okay, maybe two . .

Does Anyone Hear The Media Say Kerry Is Going Into Debates With Momentum?

Kerry's Senate record

Get real. Get ACTIVE.

ABC: Bush Reserving Option to Pull Out of 2nd and 3rd Debates?

The GOP and Media Playbook!

Winning OH, PA, WV means winning the election

Bush Challenged on D.C. Gun Bill (will he sign repeal of gun laws in DC?)

The Truth Is Imprisoned

Need links to articles Re:bush acting in a psychologically unsound manner

Fox News will exclusively film the first debate (Thursday)

This is why we will win....

KISS...take someone to the polls

Will Florida be ready for elections?

Cal, NY, Ark, NJ, Mo, Rasmussen Weekly Update (Overnight)

Swagger vs. Substance: Bush's lies

Rasmussen Consumer and Investor Indexes at New Lows

Our night at the Va. State Fair

Lauer's Interview

RW Herald's)Experts say Dem should shore up his credibility!!!

Very telling. Bush Flip Flops

Wooing the Faithful

The "How Can Gallup?" Game, from Ruy Teixeira

How to woo Republicans

Candidates prepare for first debate (this weels one liners)

Will people be looking for the talking heads to tell them who won?

Dick Durbin scolding the Senate..cspan2

Did anyone hear Imus call Bush


has anyone given up, know anyone who has?

Shhhhhhhhhhh . . . it's an election year!

i don't know where bush stands on anything

Edwards Drops The LIE BOMB!!

Kerry should be Kerry at the debates

KISS....Let them Leave early to vote

Somebody Tell Me Are We Really Trying To Win This????

Are you better now than you were last week....?


Help me find a perfect one page pro Kerry paper to pass out

debate story

Is Kerry playing Bush the way he played Dean?

Trippi: "Likely target, Bush debate attack: Kerry's "no" vote, Gulf War 1"

So I'm back from Hurricane Ivan. Is Kerry WAY ahead yet?

Iraq War & Campaign 2004 editorial cartoon Ecards

Just watched Gore-Bush first debate..


Krugman's article on debates - he's the man...

Quagmire Ad provokes negative reactions

Breakdown of HOW Dems are faring in YOUR state.

Meet whose press?

Rudi Giuliani's firm hired to conduct review of safety of imported drugs

Does "power" always eventually trump "immoral", "obvious" and "vengeful"

Kennedy: the speech we've been looking for

Kerry gains in Pa. poll as war uneasiness grows (Now Leading)

Talking Points: Retired Air Force colonel on Iraq

"We've Been Misled" - Bruce Springsteen

We need a taller horse!! Kerry using humor!!

One issue voters, how to combat?

CNN's new "On the Road" Graphic

Chad Clanton may be the best spokesperson Kerry has

"Kerry Only Needs Appear Equal in the Debates to Go Up in Polls"

Letterman must have received a lot of complaints from Bush supporters.

Quit going to

"New Voters Flooding Election Offices"

If Bush 'Wins' the Debate-That's It

The October campaign contributions

Summary: Why we are in good shape. Why we should be worried.

has anyone watched all or most of Bush's debates ?

Kerry rapid response to Bush ad

Bush now has completely belied his 2000 campaign ads on Medicare!

Health Insurance Costs Rise Faster(36%) Than Wages (12%- 2000 to 2004)

Leno on the campaigns

Miami's Presidential Politics Role Dates Back To 1930s

Is Fox News filming the *debate* for the other networks to carry?

Just watch - Bush will be praised for breaking the debate rules he

Neocons have never played by the rules -- debates to be different?

"N.Y. Democratic Leader Says Bush 'Simple'"

Swiftboat Ads John Kerry's Dean Scream Speech?

National Elections Pool "takes the place" of Voters News Service for 2004?

DU this web site:

Heard on radio news this AM: Bush preparing his 'zingers' for the debate

Let's all play the Gallup Game!

Why the Media is Biased....

A real smackdown Kerry could use

How can the Shrub sell pig headed attitude as an asset?

Kerry using humor as political tool

Expectation are High for * going into debates.

Why it will be very difficult for Kerry to win

November 2nd will be delayed until further notice.

Sign the ACT petition on Ohio voter registration

Prez Debate Town Hall meeting participants from St. Louis

Polls showing Bush "solidly" "comfortably" ahead: I'm Loving It!!!

The Pundits are doing a Pre-Debate discussion "Why?"

As for polls

Kerry has to avoid the trap Mondale fell for in '84

I just unleashed on somebody

Time for Americans to SHIFT GEARs, become more astute, become more

Swift Voters have come out against Bush. They think he is Unfit

Ohio bush ad I saw today: Jane fonda apologized for aiding the enemy...

Black Voters Moving Toward Bush...

Edwards vs Crashcart ...when does the VP debate take place?

Transcript Of O'Reilly Interview Suggests A Concise, Powerful Speaker

I watched this last night -- it is now archived on CSPAN's site

Oil breaks $50 per barrell

will F9/11 dvd release help???

From what I needed to read.

CNN just called Kerry a master debater

MSNBC: "Good news for Bush in two new polls," "Solid leads over Kerry"

How do I volunteer to drive people to the polls?

Is Bush* An Epileptic?

Why is Bush so "likeable" ?

Servicemen giving * the finger - 1/3 military vote coming our way.

Pet Goat for Truth

The Election will come down to Bull Shit or not to Bull Shit

DNC NEED US...lets help if we can...this came in email this morning

"Gallup Is At It Again- Yesterday's National Poll had 12% GOP bias!"

This is why I was so worried about the ACT offices pulling out of MI

Do you know anyone who voted for Gore who's now voting for Bush?

Please donate to Blatant! 50,000 hits for DRAFT ALERT!

Bush-Kerry Debates Offer Sharp Contrast in Style

What ever happened to Scott Robinson the thug who kicked the

MSNBC's Tom Curry on Kerry Campaign's "Scorn for 'puppet' Allawi"

Bagpipers for Kerry

Can I Get A Hallalujah?

Sign the ACT Petition to prevent Ohio voter disenfranchisement.

Syria - Another "WMD Invasion?"

Support the Kerry call centers

HEADS UP: A phenomenon we need to be aware of

Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry [Maybe Texas for Kerry]

Rush asks, DU delivers

Does Dubya actually go to church?? Where? When? Where are the pix?

Gallup poll question - are they really RW?

W.I.M.P. - Bush Flyers: "Which Is It, Mr. President?"

Is Jon Stewart a Den or Repub?

great Shrub video archive

WHY don't Dems. "cry fraud" about Gallup Polls -so people DISTRUST polls

I just got back from volunteering at the Edwards town meeting ...

WSJ: 2000 Disenfranchisement of Florida's African-American voters a myth

Is God on Kerry's side?

How about this an ad......

Roughly 56 hours left until Kerry gets killed in debates

If Ohio's Sec of State were a Big Ol' Chewin' Tobacco Spittin' Cracker...

Oh...we have been very bad...

Jon Stewart Wins Poll On Who People Trust For News

George Soros has a BLOG up NOW!!! /

Costly Mistakes-your tax dollars WASTED by the bu$it maladministration

Party ID in Gallup Poll

Poll: Kerry +1 over bush

Karen Karen Karen...

Ralph Reed on TDS Tonight....

Do you know anyone who voted for * or Nader in 2000 who's for Kerry?

Dubya thinks there are 150 Senators in the United States.

Dear God, George W. Bush is just as dumb as a brick

Mission has been accomplished is the same as Mission Accomplished!

Nader's on the ballot in NM. It's too bad

Ohio new voter registration scandal: Focusing the issue

CNN Uses Bush Logo As It's Own

"Blair Makes Partial Iraq Apology to Win Back Party"

I wish Kerry or Edwards would come to Texas for a rally.

THE ROCK BANDS---When are they going to start their huge concerts?

Remember, Old Girls, and Young Women Take Notice

Here's what to do with "W" stickers!!

Crawford Newspaper Endorses Kerry

What did Gallups Frank Newport say

Did anyone else see the shrub vs. Kerry economists on CNBC just now?

In support of Kerry's comment on coalition

Kerry can win the debate with a handshake before it even begins

Daily mislead email about vote stealing

Evidence that Bush isn't even trying to stop Al-Qaida

Why would the Bushies think this speech supports their side?

do you know any dems, independents, non-repukes

So this truck with a B/C sticker pulls up next to me...

Comedy Central defends audience against O'Reilly tease

Krugman on The Debates

Well, we've got one thing going for us...

Volunteer from home for Kerry - win the swing states!

Has everyone seen this EFFING "flippercam" (RNC Web site)

O'Reilly, Cameron forward lie that Bush never said "mission accomplished"

Kerry on top 46-45 in new Christian Science Monitor poll

I want my Lloyd Bentsen moment!

Response from my Congressman - Help me reply with facts!

The Debate I would like to see.

Rasmussen poll: Bush leads Kerry by 1.6%...

One reason Democratic strength is undervalued in presidential polls

Text of Ted Kennedy's speech

Rasmussen still has bush up by only one. 47-46

Boy, I love to hear TED KENNEDY wail.

have you heard that bush wants the heat turned up...

This CNN Poll makes me ill...

Nader officially off the ballot in Oregon

Ok, I'm officially FED UP

Pew: Bush Margin Widens Again, Despite Vulnerabilities (BC48-KE40)

Has Laura Bush campaigned since the mother of the dead soldier

Isn't it interesting? Good poll news disappears while bad polls thrive

Why does no one make fun of *'s red nose?

How a terrorist attack on our soil influenced the outcome of an election

LOL! Bush is not allowed to stand on a riser to look taller!

Presidential Hopeful John Kerry Has a 7.6% Lead Over President

I personally know FOUR first-time voters

Help Michael Moore and Jim Dean turn Nevada Blue.

Campaign Puts Polling Methods Under Microscope

Has the Lone Star Iconoclast been hacked?

Bush's Gerald Ford moment: "The Taliban are no longer in existence"

can someone link me to some great kerry as athlete pics -

CNN: Secret Intelligence Reports Warned Bush of DISASTEROUS AFTERMATH

BUSH/BLAIR Endless Love

Supreme Court Refuses to Put Nader on Oregon Ballot (Reuters)

Hurry, NBC NEWS going to do a piece on ignored intel..

Bush sounded better in 1994. Why?

SOROS Intensifies Anti-Shrub Campaign

Christian Coalition Mobilizes for Election

Yard signs popping back up in my neighborhood!

A good one from The Onion

Blast CNN on Gallup Poll!!

IBD/CS Monitor/TIPP: (9/22-27) Bush 45, Kerry 45, Nader 2 |

Kerry Inches Ahead In See-Saw Pennsylvania

Are YOU better off now, than four years ago?

Cable news is useless. TURN IT OFF - Lets do it.

Volunteer from home for Kerry!!!!

Is anybody registering people at Beauty Salons? I got my hair cut

Delete...moved to another Forum by poster.

Not bragging here but perhaps an indication of how strongly myself

George W. Bush does not qualify to serve as our commander in chief," Soros

Wow. CBS blew it on that story about campaign ads by 527s

So is poll bias/manipulation more likely to encourage GOP

Fox: Bush: "I Fulfilled My Duties"

IBD/CSM: Business Investors and Christian Scientists for the TRUTH....

CBS will talk about the draft

Ted Danson doing a rally for Kerry in my town....

Stupid Chris Matthews keeps calling John Kerry "Al Gore".

What is happening in Wisconsin?

Gallup: Bush leads by 6 on the ECONOMY

OMG - Who's watching Jim Lehrer

Soros Steps Up Efforts to Oust Bush

Anyone else not care if Kerry is tan or not

I need help

Explain this....on CBS news tonight they talked about

Whitehouse Admits...Mclellan: "BUSH HAS IQ OF 67 !!!! Can you believe

Why Is Bill Maher So Easily Swayed By Polls?

Talk about NASTY! -- RNC's Response to Soros' Comments Today

The "town hall debate questions" will be submitted in advance .... CNN

Just saw "No one can tell him he's wrong" ad by DNC...

Russian school = Columbine = NRA = Bush and Repukes

Brad Pitt doing a private fund raising get together

Remember in 2000 the media take was "Why is Gore not ahead.."

Ignore Maher. He was salivating over TIME and Newsweek's * cowboy cover

Ah, memories...

Help me debunk this poll from the College Republicans...

Repub talking point refutation:

Media jumps in between Kerry's punches and Bush's face.

I just got my 165 page California voters guide

Gotta love those Republicans.

I am precisely the demographic they are not accounting for.......

Want to know why Kerry is behind? Just watch Hardball . . .

CBS News - story on the "single issue voter" ----- the DRAFT

I think presidential candidates SHOULD be given questions in advance. ....

Want Proof That Kerry Is Winning?

Drudge says Kerry ain't shit because he peels his grapes

"Time to close ranks" - Kucinich Video Message

EMAIL PROJECT: Help frame Thursday’s debate with this message

Philadelphia voter registration is biggest in 20 years

Why isn't Clark, Dean, Gephardt, Graham, and Kusinich , Braum

Who will be the biggest Bush whore Thursday night?

Line I dream of Kerry using on Thursday....

Rasmussen 9/28 smacks down Gallup in NYTimes full page ad

The truth behind the whole polling scam...

Karen Hughes on Msnbc downplaying debate and Bush winning

FBI checking possible terrorist planning in city (Jacksonville,Florida)

In my local paper today (need help writing a rebuttal)

One more reason of why I (Kerry) voted for the IWR

Two minutes with Kerrys biggest audience of the campaign

Help Inez Fight and Win The US Senate Seat from SC - this is doable.

I'm having 'mood swings,' if you will, about this election.

New Ore, NC, and PA Polls

Good News - We're Losing the Debate Expectations Game

Bush Plans Faith-Based Health Plan For Fed Workers to Appeal to Catholics

"We're swamped," Flood of New Voters Signing Up

Where is the Bush Flip-Flop Ad?

Help--Bush and Home Ownership

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson -- Axis of Evil?

UPLIFTING analysis-- Kerry will trounce Bush in debate!

Great article on polling scam: the "inevitability" con

The Senate creeps in on little cats' feet ...

Will The rePukes Use The Debate Rules As A Trap ???

Tell Me How This is Not Statistically Significant!


Sign the Ohio 80lb. Paper Petition

VOTE on this local poll

DNC and Ohio Dem Party Websites have NO MENTION of Disenfranchisement

VetSmears are Killing Kerry. Smear has won. We destroy them or die.


I think the election has separated me and my sister for good . . .

Soros, Clark, diplomats and generals on C-SPAN 3 Right NOW

Flood of New Voters Signing Up

Is Ohio the new Florida?

More on OHIO disenfranchisement

How Kerry Lost Stupid Women--How He Has 2 Days to Get Them Back

Watch the debate on CSPAN or Public Television to keep your sanity.

I have an op-ed piece to write. Suggestions?

Blackwell's own form is not on 80 lb. stock!

Edwards and Clark pix (WARNING PIC HEAVY THREAD)

My E-Mail to a Freeper Idiot Friend

So much for keeping us safe from terrorism


Top 10 reasons to boycott the "debates"

KPRC Houston radio boots Rather - call them (713) 212 8000

Ohio Sec. of State Blackwell has history of depriving voting rights

Help spread the "TWO FACED" Message with Shirts, Buttons & Merchandise

The Kerry Curve

Rasmussen Battleground for 9/28 (mostly good news, again)

IBD/CSM has Kerry ahead!

Time Mag Online: If Howard Dean Were the Candidate ...

Gallup is at it again! 12 point Repub bias in sample

Gallop poll methodology

Guardian UK - What is the Rightwing Noise Machine?

If O'Neill wrote a book and formed a 527 based on lies, why not form our

Is the South in play?

Crawford TX newspaper endorses Kerry (endorsed Bush in 2000)

"Bush is not very smart- He didn't read the PDBs August 2001, he..."

It's NOT a DEBATE. It's a Q&A session while they stand in the same room!

Did you know that there was no threat from Iraq before the war?

Bush's Face as RED as the Flag - WHY?

Interested In Working As An Exit Pollster on Election Day? (history)

When will Kerry CONFESS and WIN.

Everyone needs to read Robert Parry's New Book: Secrecy and Privilege

Prediction: Kerry will violate the Debate Rules

well now most Americans know We Were Right About Iraq

George Bush isn't a Republican

SLUDGE: Kerry On Orange Alert!

One last time: What about the GD EAR PIECE!?!

Things are getting Nasty in Dayton, Ohio.....

"Bush Ad: Kerry Has Put U.S. 'At Risk'"

Bush protected terrorists in Iraq - the great betrayal

Join the Kerry Media Internet Response

Deleted message