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Archives: September 29, 2004

A different noise (KOS on the left getting a voice after RW media "Gored"

Keeping Bush in White House like keeping Ken Lay at Enron.

How the internet turned everyone into James Carville (ideas from the net)

Iraq: Bush's decisions defined by ideology

America's New Strategy in Iraq/ATimes--New WMW (will be brutal)

My letter to the editor was published today...

As Iraq struggles, critics zero in on Pentagon aide

(CA) Governor OKs return of primaries to June

Bringing Halliburton To Heel

Salon: Operation American Repression

Salon: The Cowardly Broadcasting System

E. J. Dionne - Kerry Could Take a Lesson From CO candidate Salazar

Robert Fisk - Why Have We Suddenly Forgotten Abu Ghraib?

Salon: The Rising (Why Springsteen took a stand)

NYT-How to Debate George Bush By Al Gore

Kristof: Sentenced to Be Raped (A Brave Woman in Afghanistan)

Here ya go....a primer for the debates, by Krugman

Al Franken Speaking in Denver @ Civic Center - Saturday 1PM

Wolves benefit Yellowstone

Who holds the most influence over the republican party?

NRA targets kerry with million dollar ads throughout the US.

Besides drying out for a while, any tips on passing a piss test for weed?

The World Media Watch that I post.....

PA terror links uncovered

Germany: Woman convicted in attack on Soviet Jews

Settlers complain of intimate get-togethers at Baruch Goldstein’s grave

De'ja' Jew

Hopsicker vs. Ruppert

Book volunteer comedy improvisers for election week!

Teresa Heinz Kerry in San Diego, Ca

Brian McGrory of the Boston Globe burns John H. Rogers . . .

Help!! Crashcart is in my state!!!

Good news from the Iron Range

We need to get the lawn signs out

May be making a trip to visit Carleton/Macalester soon...

For those in NE Ohio - Kerry in Erie, PA Friday afternoon Oct. 1

I was polled earlier.... Very weird experience

John Edwards in Erie, Pa. Friday Oct.1 gates open 4:30 PM

Anybody know when/where Michael Moore will be in PA?

Local DUer's Kerry web-page!

Tarrant, Dallas: Let's go talk to the Elections Offices

Dallas: BIG Debate Party, Gilley's

NEWSFLASH: John Kerry in Dallas!

Visiting Milwaukee with my me!

Daily Show vs.O'Reilly viewers

Members of Congress hard at work for you!

Just Read This ===> Did That

Crush neocon skulls.

What I would like to see happen for this election ->

Extreme Oil

Warm and Fuzzy Pen Pals

Petition against Ohio trashing voter registration forms on light paper.

Please understand what the "media" is doing...

When Kerry wins the election

CBS and NBC (MSNBC) are now in collusion.....

RNC outsources voter database to India

Malloy's On, So Please Don't Listen !!!

Is anyone ever truly prepared to kill?

Are any of you getting angry with those who continue to support Bush?

A little story from me and my RW boss.

We should all register new voters, but there's a more important task!

Why aren't we flyering high school students about the draft

Long, dark night

Last Night....

Competing Memorial Designs for NY City’s Historic African Burial Ground

Nightline 9/28: Burt Rutan and the final frontier (pursuing the X-Prize)


Best countries to move to if the creature steals again

Today's Thought: wiseguys and goodfellas proved it -

WTF!!! Fox is doing the pool camera at the debate! And they won't be

is it *wrong* to HATE what bushco has done?

A scary website saying Bush is the ANTICHRIST.........

Hey ladies! Do you workout at "Curves"? If so then you're funding anti-

Tuesday's Daily Show Thread!!

I use drudge's news tips box to send comments

2 women i know are giving up Irish citizenship to vote against *

They'll be throwing flowers at our soldiers' feet

I do not worry about terrorism.....

Help... habitual Hardball intervention needed!

If something big is coming, it will be an early Sunday morning in October

Just saw Silver City + contains spoilers

Fox News Viewers Are Stupid, Protesters Say

Will you vote early or on election day?

Official tuesday night Mike Malloy thread

Remember when it was 'maybe 1000' by the election?

Kerry better not disappoint me on Thursday night.

I Would Love That Crawford Paper To Get FLOWERS

To the question the Repuke media always asks: " Are you saying that the

I hate these two AM talk show jerks

Make-a-Wish gets the Army to accept 7yr old solider.....

Watching Soros, Clark, and others on C-Span NOW

Will be driving through the streets Nov 2 and after

The most important question in this election and, maybe in our lives...

What is a good site to get funny pictures of Bush or Cheney?

How does Pakistan love us... let me count the ways...

Dick Cheney is a Murderous TYRANT

Delta Airline plane hit by a laser

Stoned Slackers - I think Stewart missed his best chance at a dig tonight

Racism has become an essential part of the Republican Party’s election st

Global Warming Reaches Antarctica

Wow, Marc Maron and two fellow liberals are tearing Colin Quinn a new one

Former President Clinton Confirms First Post-Surgery Public Speech

Sad to see America disappear before your eyes isn't it?

We all talk about leaving..Lets hear from parents if kids get drafted

What would you say to Alan Keyes?

Long Discussion with Friend on R&R from Iraq tonight.


Are your Friends and Family Burying Their Heads?

Gore in Dubai in November to deliver a keynote address.

RFK Jr. on with Tavis Smiley tonight

Nutjob "kill 'em all" letter.

Ailing grandmother wants to vote for Kerry

My confrontation with a Repug college student

Donald Trump is kicking O'Really's butt on Iraq

Anyone know where I can find a sound bite of shrub saying he's pro-choice?

Computer glitches causing Poor people to go without meals

if that smirking idiot LAUGHS one more time about IRAQ...

We Live In an Orwellian-Kafkaesque Nightmare Reality

Just fired off this letter to the editor

Silver Bullet for defeating Bush and other GOPers

BBV - Libertarian Party Files a Lawsuit In Washington State

Canada - As seen From Abroad

Crude Oil Prices Surpass $50 Per Barrel

FEC to Appeal Campaign Finance Ruling (internet campaign regs coming)

Egypt to Host Conference on Iraq

New Chief for Anti-Terror Financing Agency

Jailed 'American Taliban' Seeks Early Release

Clinton: Bush is bad for economy

Bush's hometown newspaper endorses Kerry, ridicules Bush

Prewar report saw Iraq instability

Straw offers a shady excuse for political faux pas

Two alleged Mossad agents freed and deported from NZ

America's New Strategy in Iraq/ATimes--New WMW (will be brutal)

Bush Disputes Charge of Favorable Treatment in Guard

Election Worries Delay U.S. Refinery Report-Source

'NY Times' Sues Attorney General Ashcroft in Plame/Novak Probe

GOP takes care of Zell for taking care of Kerry

Official: MLB to Move Expos to Washington

As Iraq struggles, critics zero in on Pentagon aide

WP: The Politics of Fear

WP: Kerry Is Widely Favored Abroad

Tribunals are 'US insult to Britain'

Who Will Utah's Gay Republicans Endorse? -

Radio host Keillor to help ND Democratic governor candidate

U.S. Reacts Calmly to N. Korea Nuke Claim

9/11 reformers fear 'poison pills' in bill

Some Gratitude: Bush lies about health-care coverage to the National Guard

Groups Sue Over Conn. Voter Registration

Campaign Puts Polling Methods Under Microscope

Ala. Judge Tosses Ten Commandments Suit (More on Roy Moore)

Ex-President Clinton to Speak in Arkansas (Nov. 16)

Appeal set for lawsuit seeking special election (McGreevey)

Veterans for Kerry Barred From Bush Rally

Former U.S. Soldiers Balk at New Iraq, Afghan Duty

Exacting Detail Behind Presidential Debate

WP: Voters Chew Over Dissected Debates

Edwards Appeals to Women on Terror Issue; Joined by Breitweiser

Yahoo: Motorists Could Face $2/gal Gasoline Soon (!!!)

2 Aid Workers Are Freed After 3 Weeks in Captivity (Iraq)

Slap On The Wrist For GOP Aide After 'Fags' & 'Dykes' Email

Bush Ad: Kerry Has Put U.S. 'At Risk'

WP: Growing Pessimism on Iraq

Observers Foresee Snags in U.S. Election

NYT: Hurdles Remain for U.S. Voters Living Overseas

Labour to vote on pull-out from Iraq

British Hostage To Be Freed

George Soros Bankrolls Voter Hunt in Swing States

US House Passes Bill Targeting Net Song Swappers

Scalia: Some Judges Display Too Much Power (blames "abstract moralizing")

Small explosion at St. Helens possible within days | Seattle P-I

WP: CIA Pessimistic About Iraq

U.S. Perception of Terror Threat Down -Survey

NYT: Reports in Iraq Show Attacks in Most Areas

GAO: White House Violated Law on Medicare

Doubts grow over Iraqi elections

Gallup defends results against attack -USAToday

Salon: "The Cowardly Broadcast System." Salon has seen the report killed

WP: (Missile Defense) Interceptor System Set, But Doubts Remain

Derek Lowe Sucks!

A Joke

I think I want a treadmill.. Give me suggestions,please

Let's start showing up for * protests with just ONE 'flip-flop'

17' Pizza

Software for designing homes/floor plans?

Have you guys seen this? I'm intrigued a bit.:

Which side will you be on?

How much would you be willing to pay for gas...

Favorite Colour?

Update on "Jeanne" on my NC mountain last night. Non-Event!

Athiest Morals (from email)

It's just.... pathetic.

I'm gonna piss off my landscaper

Catching yourself, and feeling shame.

Am I making mountains out of molehills?

I just saw...

Winamp 5 users: it's "1st amendment radio"... wow, what a bad use of the

Anyone watch this show "Father of the Pride"?

Funny highway signs

Swallow or spit?

FYI, Wcross: You are required by law to post pictures of kittens if you

Do you like the Candidate Zero (NetZero) ads on TV?

2 Things: Firefox? and help titling my essay on John Kerry

What's Bush's head filled with?

I love watching how things are manufactured.

Give me "rain" songs - I just spent 3 hours driving for a normal

I feel so 80s! I just did the treadmill to Def Leppard.

I have discovered Jem and her song "They"

"Devil" songs

Most Forgettable SNL Moments?

Political Funny

My doctoral prelims start on Thursday and I can't study one more damned

Red Sox win in the 11th

Red Sox Win!

Britney Spears Caught Using Hypnotic Selling in TV Ad (? blah blah)

OK - Favorite Color:

People....people who need people....

A Weird Thing Happened to Me ...

Hilarious Van Halen tune

'American Idiot' by Green Day (love these lyrics).

Just got back from Vegas...ask me anything :)

Reactions when driving by the dwellings/businesses of those you despise?

After Nov. 2 we'll have what we deserve (assuming a "fair" election)

Bluegrass music fans - the documentary Grateful Dawg contains

OMG, it's a good thing jchild killed that snake (graphic warning)

Happy birthday to my Aunt Pat!

YUCK! Ralph Reed is going to be on the Daily Show tonight!

So I wrote this LTTE....

Pithlets post about manufacturing reminded me of this(broadband required)

My kid just asked me if Clinton cheated on his wife

Who said "What if Jesus was crucified in a chair? Would christians

Who thought Rob Cordrey was going to say the ultimate prey was a liberal?

Pingpong poopaloodle-oo!

We may as well do best Kids in the Hall moments.....

Moonbeam wants Ralph Reed to pucker up and kiss her ass.

Baseball is coming to DC yo!

The last time my dad voted was for McGovern.....

LynneSin is a GREAT kisser!

It's Daily Show time!

Moonbeam wants Colin Quinn to pucker up and kiss her ass.

"Gangs of New York"- some musings.... does anyone agree?

Is it true Ed Schultz called Randi Rhodes a slut?

Moonbeam wants Colin Quinn to pucker up and kiss Ralph Reed.

Salon's Bruce Springsteen interview by Jann Wenner no less

Does anyone have a DVD-VHS recorder combination?

If you could only get news from either Fox News or Soviet-era Pravda

Is there a worse show on TV than Fear Factor?

DU Fantasy Footballers: I know you guys all noticed this!!!

GET in line!!!! It's ASS-KICKING TIME!!!!

I just watched LSU win the 2003 National Championship again!!

Is there any difference between CD-Rs and Music CD-rs (Question answered!)

Has anybody else been getting phone calls from...

Comedians need to start making fun of the dubious polls & polling methods

Please register to vote in this poll for MTV

Here's something

I'm declaring a moratorium on doorbells in commercials!!

Is this email that I received for real? (aka: Bush's MBA prof)

Anime fans: What the (bleep) is this?

Georgia State University Student Peace Activist Killed by Gator in Florida

Had 1st Water Polo practice in 15 years...ask me anything

Bush Letter to John Hinckley

What if you "what if Dean won?" whining crowd actually got off your asses

I ain't no fortunate son

Is it me or are those friggin Gotti kids faking their accents?

Storytime! Fucking idiots with a fog machine!

Name that tune: Early 1990s electric dance tune, "I got the power!"

Simpson, Homer Simpson, he's the greatest guy in his-to-ry...

My Eris, as if we haven't pissed tham off enough already.....

New least favorite tv commercial.

How cold is it where you live.

If I see that Gap ad with Lenny Kravitz and Sarah Parker one more time

My 300th post!

Pics from today's tabling/Young Democrats of University of Arizona

And now for a low-key post

What's the worst way to be killed?

Official: MLB to Move Expos to Washington

Worst SNL moments?

question - neighbors upstairs and lots of traffic in and out after 10pm

Anybody here like Perry Como?

I need your help in the next month and a half DU- I'm gettin real stressed

Can anybody tell me what happened w/MediaWhoresOnline?

Regis Philbin recorded a CD? Why????????????!!!

LynneSin wants all of DU to pucker up and kiss her.....

New kittens- how do you get them to go in the box?

"Liberal radio will fail!"

Which of my 45s from the early 70s should I be the most mortified about?

What does the W stand for?

What "As Seen On TV" product have you succumb to buying?

Hey if you didn't notice...I'M BACK

I am adding "-icious" or "-umptious" to all DUers names tonight

Chicago DUers: Let's roll out the welcome mat for RationalRose!

What Republicans want!

Kerry Campaign showing lots of confidence in the debate

self delete

I Love This New Kerry Ad!!! * Doesn't Get It . . .

SW OH: took TWO-FACED graphic to UCDemsforKerry rally today

Air America talk show host now has a game called Two faces of Bush

I question the effectiveness of "targeted" phone-polling.

Bush campaigner threatens magazine

Crawford Texas Paper: "Vote Kerry "

SW OH: took TWO-FACED graphic to UCDemsforKerry rally today

Wavering Voters Anti-Iraq, Wary of Kerry

Has anyone heard about a WW Smackdown? Maybe a place to go for

Networks to ignore debate camera rules

Saw the latest Skank Boat ad. Got a question to anyone who actually

O'Reilly: just another coward.

When is Kerry going to tell B* he's had enough

Name the only news regulars (not guests) likely to give Kerry a

Mom on Cnn voting Kerry

The Saudis and the Election

Bush to screen population for mental illness [this is very scary]

Letters to voters in swing states?

The most important question in this election and in our lives...

I voted to give the President a big stick because he promised to

Kerry won a coin toss for the first debate?

Rush already said Bush won the debate!

Gee, anybody else noticed that the price of gas drops the closer we get to

People attending Bush rallies herded off to work phone banks

People who think Kerry can "win" the debate are kidding themselves

Walter Shapiro (USAToday) cleaned Hannity's clock

Anyone noticed that Bush looks like a desperate madman in all the photos

Holding Bush to his Agenda

Great Bumper Sticker In TN- GW Bush-The President Quayle We

Are the Democrats going to take control of the Senate?

Crawford, TX newspaper endorses Kerry!

Dems Attacked on Some Black Radio Stations

Fox News Is In Charge of ALL of the Cameras at Thursday's Debate? WTF?

Bush never had a chance in Delaware, but this is CRAZY! K 78 B 11 N 6

Shameless: CNNfn to show "voter reaction meter" live during debates

Bush puts on a show

Who gives a rats a** about debate rules?

Ratwingnut pundits and the GORING of Kerry

Kerry Campaign: Use the Kerry Call Center to mobilize swing states!

Counties ignoring order for voter registration on heavy paper-AP

GIVE ME 5 DUers! Campaign Puts Polling Methods Under Microscope!

111 Cities Partake in National Run Against Bush Day

Sick of Security Moms

Bush ignored warnings on Iraq insurgency threat before invasion

Peace Leaders Release Letter to Potential Nader Voters

Whatever happened to "looking presidential"

should Kerry make a chimp joke and would Bush get it ?

Be Aware: The Art of the False Dichotomy

It's still the economy.!!!

Our small town, ultraconservative, nice but mostly intellectual challenged

Does America Know?? Past 30 days more than 2,300 insurgent attacks

Edwards Says Bush Tax Plan as Dangerous as Socialism

Debate Hype... not worth it.

"Baldo" & SVREP Working to Increase Latino Votes Cast to 7.5 Mil

The 3 John Rock

i notice some freeper is jealous of Kerry's hair

Find the secret to Bush's success! (pix)

Elizabeth Edwards on Paula Zahn on now n/t

Please rate this a 5

Documents Reveal Gaps in Bush's Service as President

Has anyone heard anything about former Pres. Clinton lately?

I don't envy "my guy" Mr. Kerry

My country is in trouble, and that is why I fight ...

How You Can Help the Democrats: Volunteer or Donate

Kerry should throw paint on women in fur coats!!

Kerry using humor as political tool - CNN article - good read

Who thinks Pickles and Teresa should debate?

Is legal?

Why don't we all start calling Bush..."BUBBLE BOY"

CNN says: Networks Balk At Debate Agreement lets let kennie blackwell know what we think,

More U.S. attacks on poor Shi'ite districts. Bush Hearts & Minds Campaign

I've been wondering this for a while...where's W's campaign shit made??

Jesus - Wrong for America (Funny)

Networks to ignore debate rules.

say something good or positive about Bush ?

DAILY SHOW!!! anyone watching???

You Can Win a Swing State, Here's How...

How sweet it is! Crawford Texas newspaper endorses Kerry!!!

Whatever happened to the Texans for Truth Ads

Kerry won't break the debate rules

Does Anyone Else Feel Like They're In The Trenches Waiting?

For the love of all that's holy can someone explain to me the

Kerry Needs to Campaign with more BLACKS, LATINOS, ASIANS & WOMEN

Kristen Breitweiser-Make an ad of her talking to Security Moms

Has anyone volunteered for the Democratic Party?

Pres Election as Superbowl/World Series/NBA Champ rolled into one?

What if Dean had won the nomination?

Gore campaigning in FLA reminding folks of the 2000 theft would be strong.

What Kind Of Moral Authority Does * Have RE: The Desertions?

Security Moms: A GOP / Media Construct

New poll has Stewart's viewers smarter than O'Really's

USA DECAY - Gallup defends results against attack

Predicition: The vice presidential debates will matter.

God I hate undecided voters!

Rally against capitalism held in Moscow

People starting to Question the Polls

Just woke up, fill me in....

How to Debate George Bush - by VP Al Gore in NYT

Does the Kerry campaign even see that the media is a problem?

With all the desertions, what are the odds of a military coup?

polls after first debate

USA Today Runs Story On Gallup Poll

My Republican sister in Lancaster Ohio has

Please google AlQueda and Flt 587

The stock market says: Bush is Toast

Friends, do you know John Kerry?

A day in the life of Joe Republican

LA Times calls BUSH a COWARD.....finally it is out.....

Kerry to be interviewed on Good Morning America (ABC) Weds morning n/t

Statement: Ohio Dem Party Chair Re 80-Pound Voter Reg Card Directive

OHIO Congress Candidate GETS FED TO FILE against Blackwell

Why did Kerry agree to these debate rules?

Some firsts with this historical precedent

How would you characterize undecideds at this late date?

a second bush term is like forced prison sex

Again: They would tear down ANY CANDIDATE WE PUT UP..

Does anyone else feel the anti Kerry faction in the media is really

Gallup defends results against attack

CLARK on C-Span now

Do you believe the World is Safer with Saddam in Prison, Yes or No?

Kerry as Senator: "Courage Under Fire"

i know nothing about Charles Gibson, second debate moderator

Truth is, John Kerry = the only one to beat Shrub.

New Voters Flooding Election Offices

50 Former U.S. Diplomats, Retired Military Say Bush Should Not Be Trusted

Gallup and Pew vs Christian Science Monitor and Rasmussen

Watching the news is depressing

WHERE IS KEITH!?!?!?!?!?!?

A soldier in Afganistan...

Ok about the biased media. Ways to fight.

If voters only watched Hardball, Bush would win in a landslide

The *real* security moms--->

Kerry should say his vote for the war resolution was a SUCCESS

A Kerry-Edwards shirt and a trip to a post office in N Richland Hills,TX

We should track the voting irregularities GOP Secs of State are perp'ing

CNN interviewee: CIA leaked Iraq NIC reports

Wavering Voters Unsure of Kerry

Y'know, Kerry is actually going to win this debate.

Don't forget to spread word about Going Upriver October 1st[Must see]

Email from NewsMax-MUST READ!-We're STEALING election by registering!

Catch the Spirit - Kick for new campaign photos!

With The Right Shoes, When Kerry and Bush Walk Out To Shake Hands

What did you do today to help the campaign?

One word ONLY -- when you think of Bush. Should be interesting.

GREAT debate question for Kerry to "ask" Bush

Rupert Murdoch is running all the cameras for the debate. Beware.

Should Kerry break the "debate" rules?

Will you have to have a shot of whiskey before the "debate"?

WaPo: The Media, Losing Their Way (David Broder)

Keystone Kops Take on Terrorism

Gene Lyons

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Publish and be damned

Eisenhower on "Why I will vote for John Kerry for President"

A Mini-Me for the world's most powerful leader

Republicans Have The Democrats Beat -- At Mudslinging - Chi. SunTimes

Morford on Rather, CBS:

Partisan Aces Share Forecast for Results of 2004 Campaign

Dime-Store Cowboy: George W. Bush Disgraces the Code of the West

PINR::Sep. 29, 2004: Iran, Israel, Europe and the United States

Angela Davis fights on

How to Debate George Bush - By Al Gore (NYTimes)

Why every single (woman) one of us should vote

Welcome to the Green Zone

The Hill: GOP takes care of Zell for taking care of Kerry

KATHARINE Q. SEELYE: Some Swing States Appear to Be Swinging to President

I thought we were going to get a POLL category so we didn't

Is Arab democracy possible?

Freedom’s Just Another Word

Behind the Fantasies of Bushworld

Geov Parrish: Peace on Earth: the prospects

On the Virtues of Changing the Mind Juan Cole

Arianna Huffington:Bush's Toxic Campaign Mix

Bush's high-risk civil war scam

Eisenhower's son: Why I will vote for John Kerry for President

Sen. Kerry and al-Qaida

Shameless Plug: My Column

In the Northwest: Bush-Cheney flip-flops cost America in blood

A mole called Mega (Janes breaks news on the Israeli spy scandal)

Rockwall County TX event, Saturday Oct 2nd!

-DRAFT- please read

Postal labels against bush - Video

"Pool Cameras at debates to be controlled by Fox News" Is this true?

Fox News #1

If cable news was a high school

Want to feel good? Read this.

Melting glacier erodes Greenland tourism

Cendant Corp. to buy

Motorola to cut 1,000 jobs worldwide

50-Year Rains Destroy Bangladesh Crops; 1 Million Face Illness & Death

Cruise Ship Docks With 60-Foot Whale Impaled On Bow - Reuters

One Day Breathing In Mumbai Equivalent To Smoking One Pack Of Cigarettes

Ecosystem failure causes African food crisis

measuring heat flow across molecules

Reminder: Nova's Origins miniseries continues tonight

Hurricanes, then earthquaqes, and now volcanic eruptions??

Ecologists - Indonesia's Timber Barons Major Threat To Forests, Government

China Imposes Tough New Fuel-Efficiency Standards On Cars, Vans, SUVs

Having It All In America - Derrick Jackson Nails It Yet Again

80% Of Spain's Glaciers Gone In 110 Years - Rapid Melting In Last 20 - AFP

Australian Energy Analysts Dismiss Carbon Burial As "Fantasy"

Action From Bush On Warming - What Will It Take? NYT

Toxic Algae Bloom Off NW Washington State 30 Miles Across

Breast Milk In 100% Of NW Women Screened Contains Flame Retardant

Category 6 hurricanes?

Algeria: Rebels kill 6

Forgotten Bangladesh suffers the rains in silence

Iraq Domino Theory

Katy (Mrs. Souleater) Goes to the Gun Show

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 29. 2004

Drug dogs

House debating to remove the DC gun ban!

Will DU have an Election Day thread to report shennanigans?

Aweseome home page graphic on the George Bush'S Iraq article by S. Smith

Skinner --

WHAT?? I'm TOTALLY OUTRAGED!!! Bias, bias, bias!!

Inbox "Sender's Profile" Link

About Font Size

Can we have a Poll category so we don't get barraged by this

DUers rapid reponse en-masse to a critical sit. is awesome but....

"DAY XX 60 Minutes Niger Story Held Hostage!" Any possibility of getting

Is DU shutting down?


U.S. volunteers escorting Palestinian children attacked

Two young children killed in Qassam strike in Sderot

DVD of American's beheading is hot item in Gaza

Assassination in Syria ;Reckless and myopic

You have to check out this video on the Pentagon Strike

Up to a seven-minute discrepancy? (flight 93)

Peter Lance, Author, "Cover Up": What the Government is Still Hiding

Palm Beach ballot

Michael Moore to speak at University of Central Florida 10/2/04

Florida, I miss you -don't let me down

Hello to all my friends in Cali

Repiglican dirty tricks, scare tactics smear Dems.

Register voters at Mpls Parent Teacher Conferences Sept 30

everyone remember: DEWEY WINS!!

Hey Minnesotans - ya gotta make sure Kerry wins Minnesota.

Norm Coleman thinks Duluth is on Lake Erie

Wayne Co. needs election day precinct managers. Paid positions available.

Vote for Change Tour coming to Detroit October 3, 2004.

We won the 80# issue

Attn Auglaize County Voters!

Allegheny County registers 40,000 new voters (More than half Dem)

Kerry and Edwards to be in Philly the 2nd of October

Emperor George II to Be in Allentown PA Friday at 11:30 am

Dallas: All Kerry signs on my Block were taken today

Debate watching parties in Jefferson and Orange counties

DeLay to fundaise in Austin. How about a protest?

electronic voting problem for Travis, Tarrant, Harris and Brazos Counties

HELL JUST FROZE OVER! DMN endorses a Democrat!

Going to a Vets for Kerry Rally in Killeen. Anyone else going to be there?

Rockwall County Meet the Candidates event, Saturday October 2nd!

Bug Man Tom DeLay

One word ONLY...when you think of Tom Delay.

what's up with the Badger Poll?

New Feingold Ad Rips Timmy's Lie

Anybody up for a Kerry Sign Watch in Milwaukee?

Ralph Reed and The Daily Show

Got a phone call from way back East

We know Bush is the Anti-Christ but...

The O'Reilly Factor FOR KIDS (not a joke, I swear)

Does anyone have any video or photos of Shrub... with download of the WSJ ad, in 9/29

Are Americans REALLY looking for a president to have a beer with?

I bet at least 75% of the population ends up voting, not 50%

'Moderate' freeper apologists

What I'M doing Oct 5....

Name your local radio Rush wannabe's...

Look at the co-sponsors on Rangel's Draft Bill.

bet on Iraq

To uninformed Americans, this campaign is like a movie they haven't seen

A Proud flip floper - Kerry should be

The only issue that matters to me is the draft - it's coming.

how can we export freedom when we develop things like this at home?

No. 2 Political director for RNC says he’s gay, won’t comment on policy

Prick Cheney Is Coming to Denver

MA gay marriage legalization is on the verge of becoming permanent

Would George W Bush make a good "person of the year" for TIME this year?

Anyone see Abrams Report on SELECTION 2000 (Vanity Fair Article)

Former governor Tony Knowles (D) of Alaska has increased his lead

Court to Decide Limits on State Primary Voting

Found one of them mythical new voters

Florida hurricanes -- think it's karma?

It's official..Blair is immortal...

from CBS: bush's Top Ten Flip Flops

Actual bush quote: he doesn't know which war is which......

(Australia) Latham to do "whatever it takes"

Optimists: Check In.......

Serious discussion on UK Sky TV news about ridding Britain of Blair

I am "Going Upriver" tonight!!!!

Was Joe Lieberman a mole from the PNAC, inserted into Al Gore's

What do you call an O'Reilly Factor viewer?

Anyone see clip of Howard Dean refusing to go on O'Leilly?

Wow!!! Wasn't that debate SOMETHING????

Consent of the Governed?

Heads up!! John Edwards will be on IMUS !


Is Iran Next?

Bush administration completes get-tough plan for Syria

KERRY on ABC Good Morning America...NOW! Central Time

"GAO: White House Violated Law on Medicare"

IRS Asked To Review Swaggart Tax Exemption After Gay Remark

If you could ask John Kerry anything...

What's the worst way to be killed?

Check out this email from WSJ reporter in Baghdad - Long but worth it

Christian DUers: Has Jimmy Swaggart Hijacked your Religion?

May Day, May Day !

Don Imus should fire "Bernard". Why?

You have to check out this video on the Pentagon Strike

Al Gore's Editorial in NYT - great punchline!

Gov. Bush blasts Carter for voting fears

Italy paid 1 million dollar ransom for two women hostages??

I think I convinced my freeper brother that Kerry doens't flip-flop (m)

Feith family is one of Comcast's largest private shareholders

Syria or Iran next?

***President Kerry in Ft. Lauderdale TONIGHT at 6 PM!!!!***

A message from Micheal Moore

If there's to be a Draft

W had no idea what "deficit" means - Unfiltered plays interview clip

Weird but Good Reep Trend? Anecdotal evidence:

Blind Faith

John Nichols' book "Dick"

Kerry in a LANDSLIDE, ya bastards!

Salon's Mary Jacoby: CBS, "The Cowardly Broadcast System"

does anyone remember Ari Fleisher being laughed down...

Scratching my head...

Tinfoil Hat thought for the day.

Detroit News running articles about how Bush admin is screwing people

Let us face it.Even the most liberal among us has a stake in the system.

Dowry woman becomes textbook star

Poll: Strong Majority Oppose Bush Foreign Policy

Today's task for Karl Rove: Spin MSNBC "Iraq Getting Worse" into Bush win

"Welcome to DU."

I think John Kerry and John Edwards have run a very intelligent

Seven children dead in horrific bus crash returning from Olympics

Eisenhower's son please: Vote Kerry...made me cry...

William Safire Auditions for Jon Stewart's job

Heads up, Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show tonight

Irony Dept.: Bush's French tailor, Georges de Paris

Is there proof that Allawi was an assassin for Saddam?

I'm ignorant about religion, so please help clear this for me.

Defending CBS to a Freeper. I may have gone too far!

Best and Worst of Congress

Who said "A war to end all war"?

I haven't looked at a poll in weeks.

Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon

Families of Iraq War Dead Target Bush in Ads

Daily Show viewers are rich and educated !

Canadian journalist (Taylor) says Iraqi police cohorts with insurgents

I called the registrar's office

Stubbornness Won't Help Iraq | Ctr for American Progress

Unfortunate Whale Speared by Cruise Ship

Two Stars and Stripes letters re: prohibiting soldiers paying for sex

Bush is mum on Haiti's suffering

"Peak Oil & 'The Level Above Saudi'" (cointelpro 9-11?)

My interpretation of the Good Book, by special request

This is rich. Anyone else gotten an email from

Dean discusses draft at Williams, large crowd.

a great turnout for a Michael Moore protest

Kerry Windsurfs, Bush Cheers

EPA gags it's workers - we are not in america anymore

This proves watching Jon Stewart makes you smart!!

Arthur Schlesinger says Bush will take us to War in Iran and Korea

Need help with WMD inspector information

Ellen Mariani Cites Attorney-Presidential Conflicts

Quick question and please don't take this the wrong way

Will you be watching the debate?

Calling Iraq a quagmire is like calling the Civil War a fist fight`

"A Great Place for a Bush in 2004"

Sundance channel carries the Al Franken show at 11:30pm, right after Daily

10 million registered voters in Afghanistan?

"Documents Reveal Gaps in Bush's Service as President"

Republicans think we're Communists.

my next post

Shooting In Los Angeles...

Pest Control Man Tom DeLay

lyrics to: The Revolution Starts ... Now by Eric Earle with commentary

Luther to Franken: The biggest thing RW

CNN Circles the Wagons on Polling

Since Texas still owns the rights to the "Senators" Name, what will D.C.'s

Bush and Proverbs 6:16-19

Bob "Douchebag For Liberty" Novak Hates Traitors Against Hitler!

OMG! You Think Iraq Is a Bloody Mess Now? It Is Going To Get Worse!

Pentagon: Make money profits off Marines to help fund war

Coleman makes mistake about state's Great Lake

I just don't get it, Part XVI

The Lords Prayer ( by Ed Gellespi - RNC chairman)

Parents should slaughter their children

Bush has big clankin' balls. It's in vogue.


Remember that famous photo of Lyndon Johnson...

Howard Stern uses the D word

I HATE Franken's good ribbin' crap!

This "Freedom Tower" coin made from silver from the WTC

Do the commercials for the silver quarters make anyone else sick?

Dean on hour 3 of the Franken show.

Where Is PFC Maupin?

What if Kerry opens with . .

Sept 29th, 1:41pm, Do you know where Osma Bin Laden is????? n/t

Moveon if you read these boards PLEASE RUN A DRAFT AD

Izora Rhodes Armstead (It's Raining Men) dead

What? bush said the taliban no longer exists?

Customers who bought Fahrenheit 9/11 also bought:

Family Chicken Feud Turns to Gun Battle

Holy Shit!!! Just got this from my Republican father!!!

NIGHTLINE: Debates and Image Control

the #1 reason world leaders do NOT/will NOT ever help bush*..........

Kerry fund-raising email:

Catholic DUers: has Antonin Scalia hijacked your faith?

what do you think would happen

did all those hurricanes do damage to people's brains?

I got one!!! I got a great line for Kerry

Casey George at the Throttle of a Runaway Train......

Question about Health Insurance?

After he wins, Kerry should shun Tony Blair.

A political poll (from my hometown) that doesn't need to be "DUed"!

One thing I noticed about Bush, Blair and DeLay is:

Why hasn't there been an arrest in the anthrax attacks upon the 107th

I've written my first editorial regarding U.S. politics -- Draft Dodgers.

Bush: The Badass Sheriff

George Soros interviewed by Judy Woodruff today.

Pub House tries to recind the weapons ban in DC!

Fox Must Not Control The Pool Camera...Help!!!!

1054 dead, 7532 wounded and "freedom is on the march"

Video up of Dean's CBS interview yesterday.

Another post regarding Hijacking Catastrophe.

Lonely 4th grader gets advice from Pickles - BARF ALERT!

Ran, Ran, Ran, Ran-Ran Dee Rhodes!

allow me to display the single coolest sigline graphic ever.

Carpetbagger: Let's play "Spot the Looney"

Memory Hole: Remember the USS Greeneville?

Additions to 9/11 Bill Could Export Immigrants into the Hands of Torturers

If You VOTE, GOD Kills a KITTEN!

Franken gets punkd by GOP plant again.

Can Chinese workers afford the products they make?


CLARK alert.

Visit Yasukuni Shrine....(do Americans have a clue???)

"questions for kerry" post followup...

Need copy of or link to Bush's "resume" please

Any DUers near Mount Saint Helens?

It's 4:25pm EST, Do you know who Scott Robinson is kicking?

US & U.N. Resolutions

Argument against preventative war

Can't get it googled, need help

How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

Today is Sept. 29th, right?

Will the chimp wear KISS boots to the debate...

Can we honestly say we are a democracy in the full sense of the word

BBV - (CNN) Paper trail should be required for electronic votes

Music for America sounds off.

If all these republicans

Crossfire... tucker playing the 'orange' card!

TODAY in Iraq - September 29, 2004 - Photos you should see....and SHARE

NBC to do a story on the draft

Could we have gotten rid of Saddam without going to war?

New AP article "Kerry Says Bush Broke Promise on Oil"

Did Kerry look alright on GMA today?

Hunting of the President - DVD

ever wonder why so many debt consolidation and sub-prime lenders advertise

a journalist in Iraq tells of chaos and fear

Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight - Its A Hoot!

Mt. St. Helen Cam

I hear there is such a thing as a good Texan

CNN - Lou Dobbs shocking pharmaceutical research to INDIA........ ???

losing our Textile Plants is a threat to our National Security, contact

"Gringothon" - good little movie for downloading

Does anyone here think that talking up the draft over and over

If You Could Settle ONE Score...After Kerry's Victory What Would It Be?

Protecting environment creates jobs, report says

Depleted Uranium birth defects in children

kerry lucky to lose. Repubs to be banned for decades. Bush to be hung.

Why We Must Not Re-elect President Bush

Watch Mt St Helen Blow at the

Funny t-shirt I saw at UCSB today

Greg Palast to blog tonight at My Vote My Voice website.

Operation American Repression

Where can I find the Certainly Not News bumper sticker? n/t

A POSITIVE Kerry Article???

I just felt another earth quake here in CA

Lynne Cheney, writing about forbidden love and lust

NPR just shocked and disappointed me.........

Internet Must FREE "60 MINUTES NIGER REPORT" which is Held Hostage!

Fascists love Liberals

The 'new Spielberg' now writing fiction for Condoleeeza

Does anyone feel we're already in a low-level civil war?

New Flyer on the Draft Available for Review and Download

Red Alert (Homeland Security) - Mother Jones

House Passes Repeal of D.C. Gun Bans - Why this is wrong

Is that you Jerry?

Pres. Eisenhower's son John endorses Kerry

Can I burn down my neighborhood now?

LAME DUCK l'orange....

Bush WILL try to ridicule Kerry during the debate.

Lou Dobbs very critical of the joking around tone of Bush attack ads.


George and Pickles on Dr. Phil right now.

Something rotten in the state of Florida

Dean book signing tonight at Olsson's Bethesda

My house was destoyed by Jeanne, but worse, I had no DU access.

Better a flip flop, than a flop

Top Ten Reasons To Get Out Of Iraq

New emotional ads...must see

Just told indy friend & Anarchist friend that I won't be talking to them

anyone watching Oprah??

The GOP is doomed

Our membership is now 52000. Who's the last one in? n/t

Would like to have some "LIAR!" stickers drawn up

Bill Burkett's kids write a letter to us all

Dean wows large crowds at Colleges

Fox cameras will make Kerry look more orange than he is

BBV- Touchscreen voting machine found abandoned in city

Why don't you have a Kerry bumper sticker on you car?

Patti Smith coming up on Randi, in a few minutes!

Why won't they march in straight rows so we can shoot them?

Please add to my list of Famous Fundamentalists:

Lynne Cheney: "I see some people wearing orange shirts!"

BBV - Ex-Diebold employee to run Solano elections

Kansas is Fighting the Evolution Battle Again

I Think Kerry & Edwards should go on Oprah's show!

This looks like a good Larry King Live tomorrow, if this is correct.

Computer scientists slam e-voting machines

Americans and their TOYS. There is a saying that men don't grow up

FAIR Action Alert!: 60 Minutes: Shelving a Story to Boost Bush?

What Feelings does this Arouse in You?

Was it Worth It?

Am I the only one who is disgusted by the people who

My copy of "Crossing the Rubicon" just arrived.

Do you, in retrospect, support the afganistan war?

DeLay cronies on trial referred to Native Americans as "monkeys,"

The Most Moranic: W stickers next to Harley stickers

When the Iraq War started, did you support the war?

How many right-wingers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Little Britain....Watch it, do you?.........I am a LADY!!!! etc.

How many right-wingers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Laser injures DELTA pilot´s eye; Beam into cockpit over Utah

Typhoon Meari bears down on Japan

Democrats plan to kick fundraising to high gear

Argentine Boy Shoots Classmates

30 Days, 2,368 Attacks

DeLay puts hot issues on floor of U.S. House

NZ deports alleged (Israeli) secret agents

US to Fingerprint all UK Visitors

Nader Off the Ballot in OHIO!

Paper sues as Ashcroft seeks records (N.Y.Times)

NYT, pg1: A Fast Finisher's Reputation Now Faces the Ultimate Test

Kerry flips praise to Bush on ads

NYT: Alaska Weighs Relaxing Rules of Exploration

Taliban Attack Afghan Government Office

Talks to end Nigerian oil crisis

High court to decide when cities can seize private land

Parties Bicker Amid Abramoff Inquiry (Demos Say DeLay's Credibility Hurt)

Classified data puts SEAL abuse case under wraps

Bush administration opposes Senate version of intelligence bill

Two Sentenced to Death for Cole Bombing

'$1m ransom' paid for free female (Italian) hostages

Game players can be John Kerry

Gay group challenges Swaggart tax status

LAT: Ashcroft Is Undeterred in Push for Capital Cases

Democratic presidential challenger's wife coming to Texas

CNN: Networks balk at Bush-Kerry debate agreement

SEC Wants Fixes, Not Fines

Former NatWest bankers fear 'unfair trial' if extradited to US

House leader: Ban on gay marriage will fail

New tape shows Ken Bigley

Blair says Iraq won't cost him election

Ansari XPrize launch

Parents Outraged Over Math Test

Father threatens suicide in protest at soldier's death

Michigan dog handler gets 21 months for planting evidence

Eisenhower on "Why I will vote for John Kerry for President"

Private Rocket Ship Aims for Space Prize in Calif

If you can hear this

Power company in Japan raided over nuclear plant leak

Muslim, Jewish leaders condemn abusive letters - NZ

WP: Sept. 11 Widow (Kristen Breitweiser) Joins Campaign

Sept. 11 families want intelligence reforms, but not GOP plan

'Angolagate' follows the money

US slams premier for `terror' remark - Taiwan/China

Seven Killed in Gunbattle in Afghanistan

Mordechai Vanunu speaks

Dole may seek high-profile GOP post

LAT: You Can Rule Out Spontaneity in Debates (nitpicky rules)

Caged Bigley pleads with Blair

Laura Bush touts husband's record on women in Henderson visit

Bush is mum on Haiti's suffering

Mauritania thwarts alleged coup plot

Health premiums soar faster than income

Angela Davis fights on

"Schwarzenegger signs e-voting 'paper trail' bill" (Diebold faces lawsuit)

Iraq rebels atttack 2,300 times in a month

Arthur Schlesinger says Bush will take us to War in Iran and Korea

'US troops 'coerced to re-enlist' - BBC

NYT, pg1: With Oil Near $50 a Barrel, Gas Prices Start to Inch Up

Court overturns WorldCom ruling

Suicide of soldier recalled to Iraq

Shi'a official gunned down in Baquba 'ambush'

UN warns on South Asia child sex

Growing Pessimism on Iraq

(Jesse) Jackson Joins Kerry Campaign As Adviser

Terrorists could bring down U.S. jets with hidden bombs

Iraq Rebel Cities to Be Retaken in October - Minister

Bush And Kerry Are Deadlocked Again Heading Into First Debate On Thursday

Sept. 11 families want intelligence reforms, but not GOP plan

Ransom payments seen fuelling Iraq's hostage crisis

Israeli military: Rocket kills 2 children

Inability To Buy Coverage Holds Up Home Sales/Florida

Allies secretly planned for Iraq war

NATO completes expansion of forces for Afghan election

Federal judge rejects part of Patriot Act

GOP Singer Chaka Khan's Son Under Investigation For Murder

Displaced and distressed - Today's News from the Panhandle

Blair Ready to `Respond' to Bigley's Captors; Video Plea Airs

New CNN Ohio Poll

Catania Quits GOP Over Anti-Gay Amendment - 365Gay.Com

Id It Me or Does Bush Look Purple?

Families of Iraq war dead target Bush in ads

A mole called Mega (Janes breaks news on the Israeli spy scandal)

Emergency Reservists Slow to Heed Call (30% AWOL)

Woman Drives Car into Boise Airport

IMF Approves $436 Million in Aid for Iraq

Forgotten Bangladesh suffers the rains in silence, A million children...

A Family Torn by Sudan's Strife

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 29 September

Parading to the Polls in New Orleans

CNN: UK hostage 'renews Blair appeal'

Observers Foresee Snags in U.S. Election

Allies 'planned' Iraq war despite denials

Poll Shows U.S. Distrust of Politicians 'Epidemic'

Families of Iraq War Dead Target Bush in Ads

Overseas Voters' Absentee Ballots Crucial

Freedom’s Just Another Word

Delphi In Vandalia (Ohio) Announces Layoffs (120 jobs)

U.S. reporter (NYTs) charged with terror tip-off (Grover Norquist connect)

British Operations in Iraq Cost $2.7B

Nethercutt uses Osama bin Laden in ad assailing Murray

Libya says 'wise man' Bill Clinton should resolve world's wars

Pentagon Tests Security Blimp Over Capitol

ABN AMRO Cuts Ties With Dozens of Banks

Pentagon Contracts Given to Single Bidders

U.S. Can't Predict Afghan Election Safety (Armitage)

Church slams use of condoms in Aids fight

Ashcroft Opposes Commuting Lindh Sentence

Kerry Says Bush Broke Promise on Oil

Congress Delays Votes on OT, Drug Issues

Clinton 'confirms' post-op speech

Russia deal gives US a foothold in Iraqi oilfields

Dr. Phil Interviews President, First Lady (on drinking and driving)

Pitcairn women blast sex trials

Father threatens suicide in protest at soldier's death (UK)

Analyst: No Kerry ads means he's conceding Mo.

RNC Creates Web Sites to Criticize Kerry (Religion Centered)

Insider Leaks to Reporters Spread as CIA Turns Wary on Iraq

Alleged Bosnian war criminal charged with immigration fraud (in Boston)

Will he draft you for the U.S. Army?

Halliburton's fortunes doubled with war

Iraqi resistance could be broader than U.S. claims

Bush Policies Hurt Kids, Pediatricians Say

US Republicans facing a revolution in Little Havana

China Accuses Taiwan of Provoking War with Missile Threat

Bush's Top Ten Flip-Flops

Wounded Pilots Land Norway Plane After Axe Attack

Thai PM Summons Emergency Bird Flu Meeting

Teacher Investigated for Phony Test

Operation American Repression?

Thousands rally in Afghanistan for warlord presidential candidate

Economy Grows at Weakest Rate in a Year

Army Denies Using Threats Against Troops

Judge Rules Against Patriot Act Provision

Edwards Says Kerry Ready for Debate

Young Associates Back From Iraq Struggle With Memories, Question War

60% of Young Male Voters Say War in Iraq, “Not the Right Decision” -Zogby

John Kerry Explains War Funding Vote

Poll: Americans Uninformed on Bush, Kerry

Afghanistan wants U.S. to build five bases

LAT: Are Bush's Tax Cuts (creating jobs)?

White House: Guard Never Disciplined Bush

At U.N., Vatican Condemns Human Cloning (& Iraq War)

Doubts Remain on Interceptor System

Belo to Cut 250 Jobs, Most at Dallas (Morning News) Paper

Mysterious touchscreen voting machine found

Powell Calls for End to Mideast Uprising

Casino Lobbyist Won't Answer Questions

Lynne Cheney Jokes About Kerry's Tan

Record shows Bush shifting on Iraq war

Blackwell(Ohio SOS) Ends Paper Chase (Re:"thin" forms)-Cols. Dispatch

Report: One in 4 Bay Area families unable to afford basic costs

NRA ad campaign portrays Kerry as poodle

Libya says 'wise man' Bill Clinton should resolve world's wars

When Might Turns Right (Big 3 networks refuse to air F-911 ads)

The war's littlest victim (Depleted Uranium)

Poop Vs. Crap

Top vs. Bottom

Documents Reveal Gaps in Bush's Service As President

Pagerbear vs. someone more popular than Pagerbear

"I'm bleeding seriously from a bite" or "The demon-bird strikes again"

Worst miscreant of the week so far

Spy vs. Spy

Cut it out vs. Knock it off!!!

Daaaaam! Dodgers barely win!

A Few Small Repairs

Favorite song that is definitely not you!

VH1 re-running "Bad Songs"

Greatest Drinking Songs?

new Hannity advertiser Mid America Nazarene University

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet

Just watched "Bully".....


Documents Reveal Gaps In Bush's Service As President


I need a song for a tribute.

OK now i am pissed off !!!!!!!

Heard back from my estranged friend

Latest CD purchases and listening to


I'm officially a insomniac.

Ali vs Frasier

Electoral College Map at L.A. Times, very cool flash application

The guy next to me in Kinkos farted

I am Wonkier Than Thou.

Shakespeare , the wallpaper

Post your work out.

Donors vs. Nondonors

Mr. Snaffleburger is not real...

See this?

can we psyche out bush?

Passenger On Commuter Plan Attacks Pilots With An Ax

US To Spend $104 Million To Wipe Out Austrailian Snake

Pete the dog

School Evacuated Because Of Spider

Geekish News: Mandrakelinux 10.1 Community

I like the way you do that right thurr!!!

"The Karate Kid" or "Rocky"?

How are the "Rock Against Bush" CDs? eom

Brace yourselves...and caption please

I'm 44 today! Ask me anything!

Six Flags To Unveil Fastest, Tallest Roller Coaster In The World

Anyone read Frank Herbert's "The White Plague"?

Sad flamingo tries to hatch stone

This here's a tale for all the fellas Try to do what those ladies tell us

What kind of vitamin deficiency gives you Play-Doh cravings?

When BushCo* arrives at Lake Wales this morning.

Young MC vs the Fresh Prince

A couple questions about multiprocessor computers

I like coconuts...

What's your man got to do with me?

Jack LaLane is 90!

Game players can be John Kerry

Oh baby YOU got what I neeeeed! But you say he's just a friend

why do sports figures think they are above the law?

Geeks of the world rejoice! Oct 16 is worldwide D&D day

Malkmus & Jicks: New album soooooooooon


Quiz: Who can never be whack?


The best pop-up I've seen in a while:

Who knows about DVD disc compatibility?

Note To Mary Matalin: The "Robert-Palmer-Girl" Look Doesn't Suit You

Cheesey 70's songs that you love anyway:

Autofill non-sequiturs

The Ren Faire has been infiltrated by the Empire

Advertising on children's television is...

After Dark, the Stuffed Animals Turn Creepy

First you limp to the side like your leg was broken

"I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy!"

Dr Strange

Today's Fact

Ugh...water in my basement...a question


Sirius Hannity Update?

Anne Frank's words still amaze me.

Which is your favourite Poppy Family?

Taking sides-

All I Want For Christmas Is A $10 Million Zepplin

Should Wat_Tyler & Screaming Lord Bob be banished from post# celebrations?

So the time has come for Webbie Awards....

Best Under the Radar Movie.

"My Sweet Lord" appreciation thread!

PBS poll on gay marriage

Rate my website...go easy on me...

Favorite Derivatives-

Is Scott Muni Dead?

apologies to the state of W. VA

Make your own George W. Bush stump speech! (funny)

What song perfectly describes our 'Texan' pResident?

Was I displaying a sign "nightmare customers welcome"?

Bush Is a Cancer!

Heinz Ketchup, Philladelphia Cream Cheese and Hellmann's Mayonnaise*

!!!DC has a baseball team!!!!-The Washington _____ are the best!

Whoever we are

How inconsiderate is it to have loud sex in an apartment?

where is that meteor that is supposed come close today?

i miss jukes...

I'm almost to 200 posts! Ask me anything!

Little Liberal, Who Made Thee? Dost Thou Know Who Made Thee?

From now on I will be known as Sir_BobaFett.

I got to use one of my favorite lines yesterday

I defy any of you to claim a worse 'i woke up with this song in my head'..

XM Radio? How, Where, how much...

Screaming Lord Little Girl

Newest CNN-USA Today Gallup Poll Released 9/29 !!!!

how do you say BushCo in German?

CONFESS!!! How many times have you changed your DU name?

This is rich. Anyone else gotten an email from

The "Yer Such a Joker, Gomer" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Why I like the Du Lounge The Best

Subliminal man commentary

Best Movie With a Really Dark, Tortured Character.

I changed a guy's mind about the election and help him register to vote

This Page Intentionally Left Blank.

I think I'm gonna answer this ad...

Mexicans seek cats to fight rats

OK - fine. You choose: Screaming Lord or kick-ass

I Used to Be a Country Music DJ -- Let Me Play a Song For You!

Only God, no other king!!!

If Smirk* were to become pro-choice, his rationale

I’m Rappin' Boba the Fett

Bang Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Bang Chitty Chitty Bang

BYU University Pulls "I Can't ... I'm A Mormon" T-Shirts

and it's time! that! tune!

Where do little baby airplanes come from?

Hey! I just bought 4 tires for $126-ask me anything!

Question re: music from West Wing episode

Anyone have any bald tires full of nails to sell? I'm willing to pay $125

Super Size Me or The Hunting Of The President?

What Flavor Of Linux Is Best?

my next post

Mel Brooks to make Spaceballs Sequel

What pencils have erasers as good as Dixon Ticonderoga's?

what is the best way (computer question)

am i the onLy one who's day can be ruined by a LTTE?

Favorite hole-y food

Care of The Debate Drinking Game

Who here has engaged someone in political discussion

The Purpose Driven Life and Church?

MLB: who will win?

Well son, the funny thing about regret is...

I don't want to go to Physical Therapy!

New Gallup Poll from CNN shows Illinois Senate Race "Close":

Babelfish Dada Greek Mythology - excellent

DU Smileys or this smiley:

Pulled pork or jerk chicken?

Favorite PiL song

Favorite bumperstickers you have seen? Mine is


Alvin Shunned by Animal Community forced to wear Scarlet "A"

Football - help me pick my survivor team for this weekend

So... a guy posts a picture of his brand new car, and

Clint Eastwood fans - What was his best movie?

OK, where's the thong?

DU Should Permanently Ban All Screaming Lord's

I Just Made $126 Off Some Schmuk - Sold Him 4 Bald Tires Full Of Nails!!

Once Candlestick Park Now Renamed "Monster Park"

Full Moons......gotta love em.....

Hey check it out Screaming Lord Byron is a distruptor!

I am a traitor, abortionist and I ought to be court marshalled...

Hey! Is anyone going to the "Vote For Change" Tour?

School Children Mistakenly Served Tequila And Margarita Mix At Lunch

Ringo Starr vs Pete Best

What time is the debate tomorrow PST?

Man dies after fight over right to sunbathe nude on bar terrace

Photoshoppers, here's another pix of a 'compassionate

Who will win tomorrow night's presidential debate?

Favorite Soundgarden album?

new Hannity advertiser Equifax

The "Our Little Idea Man" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Great American Earworm Deathmatch- Wat Tyler vs. Eyesroll

I got to see the Eagles last night., As in the band.

Anyone else catch that Drew Barrymore vote thing?

Inane Polls vs. "Ask Me Anything!"

Bras vs Jockstrap

What's your favorite reason?

Choice 1 or Choice 2?

Just had a chat with a Reservist, soon to be deployed to Iraq.

Favorite Dog

"Michael Morre is a socialist. He hates America."

Boba Fett vs Han Solo

alright. lost my bookmark. where is that site with W's face on all the wom

Wow-DU now has 52,000 registered members

ok, so I am going to lock-up to see a client-then pow,pow,pow

Father And Son Get Into Gun Battle Over How To Cook Chicken

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Make the Bad Man STOP!!!!!

Burger served with legal warning

Bizarro CStheT vs the Incredible Hulk

Thor vs Jesus

Is Bill Mumy dead?

Odin Vs. The Holy Ghost

Should religious groups be allowed to use public parks to prosteltyze?

Mary Poppins vs Rick Santorum

Queen Victoria vs. Queen Elizabeth I

George Bush vs. George Bush

Do you ever go to page 20 of the Lounge?

GOP Singer Chaka Khan's Son Under Investigation For Murder

You knew this was coming

European Union to Require Pet Passports

Name vs. Not vs. Needed

Pete Best vs. Ringo Starr

Quayle Vs Bush II

George Harrison vs. Paul McCartney

Hugo Chavez vs Cesar Chavez vs Julio Ceasar Chavez

Slim Goodbody Vs. Kool-Aid

sigh... kick vs ass vs bob

Best 60s Record Producer?

Brian Wilson vs Syd Barrett

On Election Night, when will the networks project Obama the winner?

Back-seat driver system to be tested

vs. vs. v

Guilty movie pleasures?

Sometimes I wish I were still 12 years old.

Men vs Women.


Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are GAY!

Marilyn Quayle vs. Laura Bush

Tavis Smiley Vs. Guy Smiley

Mary Queen of Scots vs A Pile of Soiled Laundry.

Paul McCartney (post-1966) vs. a steaming turd

Look what they did to the end of Return of the Jedi!!!

Thing-a-ma-bob or Thing-a-ma-jig?

Oh for heaven's sake

worst job posting ever

Cindy Alexander wants your opinion!

The Final Days .......... as told by SNL!

DUers, I need your help.

Favorite 1970's record producer


Fender vs. Bumper

what happened to my rim job poll?

Goshdarn it! vs. Doggone it!

Do you have ghost scents at your house?

What was the number one single on the day you were born?

Rant: People Preaching on the Train

Ok admit it...

Recomended debate watching alcoholic beverages?

A shootout occured between father and son over how to cook chicken

Heavens to Murgatroid Vs. Exit Stage Left

Sanders vs Reddenbacher

40 Useless and Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Sting vs Elton John

Guccione VS Hefner

Cats vs Dogs

Cereal Monsters

Me vs. You

Way to go, Cubs! - sarcasm

Queen Mary vs. Queen Elizabeth

H2O v. C2O

Bert vs Ernie

Atkins vs. South Beach

Has JVS gone mad with polls?

I feel rotten.

Versus Polls vs. No Verses Polls?

World Peace vs Whirled Peas

Do you drool in your sleep?

Wonder Woman's invisible jet Vs. Romulan cloaking device


Curly vs Shemp

Elvis vs Beatles

Bambi vs Godzilla

Just what she needs: More kitties! Cat lady sues to clone

question for cub fans.....

I kind of miss these old time smileys: :-) :) ;-) :-( :-D :-P

Do you sleep in your drool?

World Peace vs. Using Your Fucking Turn-signal

Dream Offered - a Handy Husband by the Hour

Do you Drool in School?

My love for you is like a truck


For all you old time rock and rollers....

Moral question, campaigning, I need advice

Polls vs. Poles

Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie

Santa Claus vs. The Martians


If you were a Time Lord and could regenerate...

I HATE AOL! They suspended my account...

Kramer vs. Kramer

My neighbor just put up a Bush/Cheney 2004 sign on her door....

"other" v. not "other"

Dubya Therapy - How to start your day with a positive outlook

Have you heard David Greer and/or Robert Randolph's music?

Favorite Carl Hiaasen book

I just spoke to the editor of the Newspaper in the dodger monument town...

I hate waiting for people!

Hitler v. Stalin

I'm in so much pain. Toothache and migraine at the same time.


GAH, I am Now a Teacher's Pet!

Do I have an unreasonable temper?

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A DU LoungeLizard's Guide To Proper Copycat Thonging

What is the #1 superstar blog hosting place (and software)?

Posting and You

Best Misfits album?

analyze my weird dream/nightmare

Anyone hear Randi Rhodes with Patti Smith?

If you liked "Shaun of the Dead" then check out "Spaced" on Trio

I got robbed today

Californians..-- did we just have another earthquake?

Top 10 most annoying bumper stickers seen driving around town.

Why do you guys call bush *?

OK, where's the bong?

Newyawker99 is less than 300 posts away from 80,000!!!


Scott Muni appreciation thread

Do you think P Diddy's Vote or Die Campaign is working?

What would be enough of an insult to kick someone's ass?

Jimmy is down!

This morning, I followed through on a thoroughly agonizing decision.

Name the movie.

Why do people from Frisco hate the name Frisco?

meet the beat bush mobile

For my 7,000th post: Yell real loud in praise of NEWYAWKER99!!!

The Ultimate Collection of Cat pics?

Weird books from childhood

John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney


Kucinich v. Nader

I've been burned - never use 'Interstate Subscription Services'

7 reasons to play golf (Graphic Pics)

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I'm a sales clerk at Tower Records.

Most moving piece of classical music?

Is it just me, or is this flyer in fairly poor taste?

aaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaa...AAAA!!! aaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaa...AAAA!!!

Best Engineering...

Question for the aerospace gurus!!

Please recommend some books for me to buy

A DU LoungeLizard's Guide To Proper Copycat Threading

Happy Birthday Velma D!

If you dont buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog!

Who made you a liberal?

Abrams Report spot on 2000 Supreme Court delibs - worth watching?

who cares about a tan?

Slashdot post summarizing differences between Bush and Kerry

MA gay marriage legalization is on the verge of becoming permanent

Join Senior Citizens Socking It to Bush* on Wednesday,

do you know anyone who believes the polls and given up already?

My 51 year old Dad has never voted, registered today story!!!

What do you think of my itty bitty little Kerry campaign site?

Has anything good happened to the Kerry Campaign Today?

Anyone going to the Kerrry Rally tom. night in Broward County?

Question on Bush's war on terror

My bitch (#2435) - using celebrities

single issue voters

My county - Allegheny (PA) registers over twice the # of new D's to R's

send John Eisenhower's letter to your Republicans

Beslan School #1 And The Case Of The Republican Oversample

Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat Among Young Voters (Bush +3%, Kerry -5%)

Suggestion to complement the local media blaster.

How should JK answer a debate question that will almost certainly be asked

do any repukes you know actually believe polls like Gallup and think

Serious Registration Question

Rock the Vote!

LTTE from a friend of mine in CA

Going Upriver, the Long War of John Kerry

State polls aren't much different from where they were at this time in '00

Something rotten in the state of Florida

Great news from Pittsburgh- Allegheny County registers 40,000 new voters

Was looking at the electoral vote projector and I feel good.

Debate Questions

Voter Registration Deadlines Very Very Soon In Most States!

Will Kerry pull off the swing state trifecta?

George W. Clueless: He has no idea how our legislative process works!

"Amazing Kreskin" moment - Bush will "win all the debates."

Has anyone seen photographic proof of the 50,000

Why didn't the Kerry campaign have attack ads from the begining?

10 More Nobel Prize Winners (Science This Time) Endorse Kerry

Veterans denied entry to Pickles campaign event.

Pub Report: "We shouldn't even be having an election during wartime"

50,000 my Ass!

Remember the "Electability" theme?

Kerry & Edwards Media Schedule Today Sep 29

God Hates Repukes -

This is how stupid our government has become: Oak as Nat. Tree

Kerry Must Win the 'Persuadable' Vote

Did anyone notice the picture Yahoo used for a story about Kerry

Kerry on Good Morning America

Rasmussen Consumer Index Continues Downward, My Evaluation of EV.

Debate official jokes about "flares," "campfire" to satisfy Bushie demand

NYT cover: A Fast Finisher's Reputation Now Faces the Ultimate Test

Letter to editor/ about Security moms

Kerry Veterans On The Ground In Florida Setting The Record Straight

Edwards in Pittsburgh yesterday at CMU; good TV coverage, but

"Newsview: Fuel Prices May Hurt Bush"

"Kerry Must Win the 'Persuadable' Vote"

Where is Kerry's urban policy?

Celsius 41.11...yet another lame attempt to counter F 9/11.

can those listening to Edwards..give us at work an update?

GUARDIAN: American voters find a voice in bumper sticker battle

"Kerry Association Hurting Some Democrats"

Bush's Top Ten Flip-Flops

B* is getting FAT...has anyone noticed

It just struck me that the election is a little more than a month away...

Judge strikes Nader off ballot in Wisconsin

If you can hear this

Democrats May Steal Election as Voter Registration Grows

Republicans are very good at personal attacks...

New Kerry Ad Hits Chimp-in-Chief Hard on Iraq

Cincinnati: FREE Movie passes for Going Upriver tonight!

Listening to some Republicans today: they are scared of the draft issue.

John Edwards on Imus this a.m.

My LTTE to The Day: Kerry Right To Condemn The War In Vietnam

Latest Rasmussen

I love the sound of squealing repukes in the morning..

"Osama's cave is good as jail" - Mary Matlin

Economist poll: K46 B46 N2

You know polls are garbage..

Bush's debate tactics are predictable....

How many times will Kerry mention OBL in the debate?

Dynamic "leadership" from pResident Toot

Someone should ask John Eisenhower if his son and Julie Nixon are

When exactly did...

Eisenhower on "Why I will vote for John Kerry for President"

So Let Me Get This Straight...

Helen Thomas on Air America

What do you think Bush's strength is?

Anyone get this letter from Kerry?

Why hasn't anyone pointed out that Bush was in charge on 9/11 ???

October Surprise: Troops coming home

Do Americans care about the war in Iraq?

October will bring a semi-spontaneous anti-Bush crescendo

Mary Matalin's response to Osama showed weakness in Bush strategy..

Proof that Florida is the key to this election again

Interesting words coming from my students these days...

Networks Balk at Bush/Kerry Debate Agreement

I'm starting to believe that a vote for Nader will be a vote against Bush.

2 things about Matlin's spin this a.m. on MSNBC

George Bush (41) Slams Debates

Veterans for Kerry Barred From Bush Rally

This is also unreal

Any Chi-town debate watching parties??

Text of new DNC ad to air in FL only: "One Question" from ABC's The Note

Suppressing the vote in VA?

It's too late for George W. to cash in on a Hail Mary Osama Capture!

Michael Moore is coming to Conservative Salt Lake City!

Whoa-What is happening in Ohio?

Now this is really Dean grassroots change starting.....precinct level

European Support for Kerry--Isn't this the link he needs in his argument?

"Mr Bush, why haven't we captured Osama bin Laden yet"?????

Bush-Cheney flip-flops cost America in blood

When will we decide the Price of this Iraqi War has not been worth it?

So the time has come for Webbie Awards....

I got a bad feeling that we're setting ourselves up

What gimmicks, other than soundbites, will Bush try at the debates?

Debates Staged?

Gamers Can Go Up Virtual River In 'Nam With Kerry

I am so tired of Bush is strong and steady leader

POLL suggests tide is turning on Chimp! Are people waking up?!

Bush debate masterminds out-smarting themselves

Watch It! If You Attack Bush, You Attack the American People!!

3 freeper talking heads on AM radio in OK City(All at the same time!)

What channel will you tune into for the debates

Bush Would Use Power of Persuasion to Raise Oil Supply (6/28/00)

Do Polls Include the Expatriate Vote?

DU this Polling Point poll

Hopsicker vs. Ruppert

My prediction: Media will Gore Kerry tomorrow.

Remember Kerry is debating the Bleeder of the Free World tomorrow

Check out this Slam Bush video

My housekeeper is a legal alien but has three able to vote children,

Will bloggers take down another media/political organization?

Kerry/Bush - Thread #1

Can Kerry cut his great IRAQ answer to Diane Sawyer down to 2 minutes?

"Mr. Bush, leadership is MORE than a speech and a photo-op!"

I've OD'ed on pre-debate blather so I watched the opening chit chat on

Just saw a "defense of marriage" anti-Kerry commercial.

How is Ohio "proving" the weight of the paper in the reg cards?

Please read. Postive news in a repuke stronghold

Chest Painey: The Ultimate Flip-Flopper on Iraq Occupation

Hart: Bush should be accountable for war

Strategic Vision (R) has * ahead 46 -47 in Ohio.

Kerry gets a leg up from porn site !!!

Rally for Kerry 6pm when his plane touches down in Ft. Lauderdale per CNN.

I'm terrified of tomorrow.

-DRAFT- please read

Updated Stock Market Indicator: S&P 500 "predicting" Bush Loss

Jeb hires? GOP to do any recount-GOP tries to reduce Detroit turnout?

Debate watching party at The Miami Arena & Kerry will appear post-debate.

Question, especially for those who saw Kerry on Good Morning America

"Jeb Bush Dismisses Carter on Fla. Vote"

223 librarians contribute to Kerry for every 1 contributing to *

Buzzflash calls Blackwell the Ohio Katherine Harris

If Caroline Kennedy came out for B/C it would front page news

Ask those who read "Unfit For Command" if they know what swift boats were.

Pest Control Man Tom DeLay

RE: Overseas Ballots; this bites

What's up with all the reports of Voter Registration Fraud?

Fox is #1 news outlet.....

Debate rules from Newsmax

We must ask international observers for help NOW! Info here -


Reality Check: 9/11 was a f*&k-up by a guy on vacation.

Election Boards Overwhelmed (this will be a total MESS in every state)


hope someone from K's campaign staff. . .

What will W's debate points be, and

Chicago Tribune graphic: hurricanes targeted republicans

Anybody have a link to Drew Barrymore's "Best Place to Start" documentary?

Windsurfing & Skiing Are "Fancy" Sports? Out Of Touch Mediawhores

Just got this Kerry e-mail

Do you hate Bush as MUCH as I do

Should Kerry resign as senator to run for president?

Bush, Kerry fail to come to grips with Social Security crisis ?????

CBS: Bush's Top Ten Flip Flops

Anyone else losing sleep obssessing over the debate?

What evidence is there that Bush never lost a debate?

Kerry Call Center volunteers needed

Media's Getting It WRONG

I have a feeling...

Kerry's first debate question response should be along the lines of

Possible military vote surprise?

Kerry needs to tell America to "GET A GRIP"----remember in old

why is there a live audience for the debates?

How do you feel about the upcoming debate?

Democracy for America needs our help. Please help Dean, if you can.

Kerry Campaign e-mail: "I know how much you are counting on me"

Bush: "Debate room must be over 70 degrees"

Should Kerry wait to "Weld" Bush until the last debate?

Who's polling the newly registered voters?

Kerry taps Obama to court African-American vote

Generic anti-Bush debate barbs here...

For those who listen to Howard Stern, how's his anti-W rants going?

My Note This Morning to Senator Kerry

MSNBC cares more about Bush spin about $87 billion than the issue itself

CNN: Blitzer trots out Gallup Poll's Frank Newport to spin...


Dems not counting on Kerry coattails (CNN)

Latest National Harris Interactive Online Poll Shows Bush with Two-Point L

according to Cable Noise Network, bush has ALREADY won the debates

WTF?? FOX News will be manning the only pool camera at debate?

How to Debate Bush---- By Al Gore

Example of what the MEDIA is doing to John Kerry.

Jesse Jackson joins Kerry campaign as senior adviser

Crawford TX Newspaper endorses...........KERRY!

The "debate" isn't a debate - is it?

Is there any indication as to which way Iraq veterans will vote?

Do you consider Louisiana to be a "Swing State"?

Need debunking help regarding Afghanistan

60% of young men oppose Bush on Iraq ...New Zogby Poll

DemCorps: Bush 49% Kerry 46%

Did anyone see Hardball today with Bill Maher?

Support Tom DeLay's opponent - Richard Morrison

The Surprising Teresa Heinz Kerry Takes on Healthcare--my Buzzflash report

WTF? Ad just now on CNN -- * didn't start this war but he will end it??!!

Kerry, PLEASE Do Press Release About Jr Threat To Cancel Future Debates

Has the number of Bush supporters who mention "Our Lord" on CSPAN gone up?

New MEME: Iraq is FUBUSH (worse than FUBAR)

Edwards lashes out at Bush on security.

Can someone give me the link to Eisenhowers son endorsing Kerry

Are the rules for all three debates the same?

NPR Satire: Debate tips for John Kerry

I like the idea of Kerry doing 30 minute INFO-MERCIAL.

If gasoline is $2 per gallon on election day, Kerry Wins!

Who do you believe?

Dems Attacked on Some Black Radio Stations

Oprah is doing the show on 'Voting in 2004'

Bush is a Flop

CNN: Bush annual physical put off until after election

John Kerry . . . TALK TO ME!!!!

Debate: The first time Bush will be confronted, accused to his face.....

I don't think Al Franken and his ditto head friend's "friendship"

Analyst: No Kerry ads means he's conceding Mo.

What is the primary source of Bush's Right Hook photo?

Interactive Election Map on L.A. Times webiste - very cool flash app.

Will OSAMA be captured tomorrow?

Fox not to follow guidelines agreed to by candidates for debates

When a war's going badly, you replace the General (Bush)

New QU PA Poll has Kerry Ahead 49-46

Networks "not following debate rules"... collusion with KKKarl....

Get ready for massive media push after the debates

Idea for Kerry: post all 23 reasons Bush gave for Iraq war on one webpage


Bush lying about the rate of inflation

Kerry up by 4 among registered voters in Ohio

Ohio voter registration story is NOT over

Debates:Which More Stinging?--Kerry Attacks or Bush Attacks??

Randi Rhodes is saying a soldier in Iraq is gettin hate mail.

Is Bush up in the polls in the states that haveTouchscreen voting machines

Begala on Crossfire: "Will the media focus on the issues?

Harris Poll: 48-Bush, 46 Kerry

Poll: Can we all agree that if Kerry wins OHIO we win the election? has Kerry at 241 WITHOUT MN or MD!

Gallup accuracy

What's with these so-called "Security Moms"?

What's to be gained by trashing the debates?

One-minute case against George Bush

New CNN Ohio Poll

Naderites: Do you agree with this statement?

Why are Republicans such DOUCHEBAGS?

DFA has accomplished much, but needs our help before Thursday.

RNC Creates Websites to Criticize Kerry

Bush is covering up his medical problems...

Kerry needs completely different examples to attack Bush on flip-flopping

Anybody else going to sedate themselves for the debate?

Send this to anyone who thinks Kerry's tan or windsurfing is the issue.

Poll: Americans Uninformed on Bush, Kerry

Federal judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional

Rasmussen National and Weekly Udates are Awful for 9/29

More Kerry support in Florida than I have ever seen before

Shadegg's Response

No, BUSH looks orange!

More Freeper dis-information...

Bush's Hair Color

Republican Senate campaign staffer calls woman a "dike"

The GOP; if their cause is so just, and sanctioned by God....

Bush Policies Bad for Kids, Child Experts Say

Dan Rather Takes A Bullet - SF Gate-good read

there is a stark distinction between

Kerry surges in Ohio - what are the chances of that headline?

AP: RNC Creates Web Sites to Criticize Kerry

Hi Mr. Terrorist, if you'd like an H-Bomb, we'll tell you where to look!

Cheney was against the Iraq war before he was for it

Should Kerry NEVER call Shrub "Mr President" during the debates??

WH says Bush never disciplined in Guard

Just LOOK at this Chimp! Bright RED.

New Kerry Ad on Energy Independence

Who do you think your age group will vote for?

If Kerry wins, will the Christian RW think God chose him as well?

The most insipid Fox cable 'journalist' is...

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising blitz

Young men may vote "no confidence" in W--Zogby; 60% say war was wrong

I'm gonna be an alt. election judge for my precinct! What about you?

If Kerry stands in silence for 7 minutes during the debate...

Fielded another GREAT call at Dem HQ in NC today.

POST your Debate Drinking Game Ideas HERE!!!

NRA ads to portray Kerry as sweater-wearing poodle

Who's the HOOT owl on Lou Dobbs?

test - ignore

Look MA! I can photoshop things too!

If Mount St Helens blows it's stack tomorrow.....

Team Kerry needs to get down and dirty by TELLING THE TRUTH

The debates are fixed...

Bush Might Get an October Surprise

Another call POS Rove "didn't place" to Bob Perry: new Swift Boat Liars Ad

Look what I just found...supposedly Bush's debate prep

Debate suggestion

KERRY Should Confront the Flip-Flop Charge Head-on

In a couple of days I'll be able to donate $25 someplace. Questions:

Authorities warn of possible debate threats

Sooo, how long (after Kerry kicks Bush's arse in the debate) will it take

WTF? CBS: Kerry "Down in the polls, struggling to break through"!

Would a Republican rather be in a foxhole with Bush or Kerry?

Has anyone else seen the attack ad from Progress for American Voters

DEBATE TIPS for the Kerry Campaign from his #1 Fans

Just heard a great line on Fox News

We have CNN and Gallup on the defensive

Question for swing and red state people

George Bush--Once a Wuss Punk, Always a Wuss Punk

Were the Bushies bragging that we hadn't been hit since 9/11?

"Eldridge mayor invited, but locked out of First Lady Event"

In case you were wondering , Yes Lynne Cheney is a Bitch Just like Dick

Encouragement from our next President John Kerry

A report of more Police harassing Kerry Supporters

One county in PA alone registers 21,859 DEMS--only 9,369 Repubs.


Is Kerry behind by 1% or 5%? Are you a Pro or a Ho'?


A must see 527 ad and needs support. It hits hard against Bush.

delete (dupe)


Information to educate the undecided or swing voters?

Holbrooke calling Tweety out

I am ashamed for my country.

Bush's UN speech UN last week was a white supremacists dream...

Michael Moore "Take out an Infomercial" for F9/11 please!

How many votes will the Indumbent lose when home heating bills come due?

Bush to "quit" debates if Kerry "looks better Thur night"......just say it

New John Kerry doc should put the Swift Lie Veterans to shame!

Fraudulent CNN/Gallup Polls. Should Democrats Call F/Investigation?

The 32 pages of debate rules are ridiculous.

Republican smear tactics work

agghh! the we're fighting em there, so we don't fight em here BS!

Suppose there is an Electoral College tie.

Divide and Conquer

Help me respond to this email from a Bush voter please...

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 9/29

Today Cheney criticized Kerry for fixing a withdrawal date - founder gives his take on the media in 2004:

JK: "I would not have gone to war." Clear enough for ya?

has kerry attended any funerals of fallen soldiers?

Good Point from Atrios

Richard Holbrooke is kicking Tweety & Buchanan ass on Hardball

The world is safer with Saddam Hussein in a prison cell

Advice for the Kerry camp "Tear Bush apart during the debate"


Faux to control cameras during debate - will disregard rules

Unofficial DU contribute-to-Kerry-before-the-deadline tally

It is almost T minus 24 - and I'm very confident

BUTTONS!! A Plea for BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging!

As of 9/29, what are our chances of Retaking the Senate?

Are these elite sports? Just wondering... (BUSH PIX)

Kerry Won The Coin Toss, Will Receive First Question

RIGHT NOW, Hundreds of freeps are freaking out over the Election Model!

Id It Me or Does Bush Look Purple?

Unbelievable John Kerry Interview on ABC Good Morning America

MUST READ ARTICLE Re: Voter Reg parade!! New Orleans

Map showing the hometowns of American soldiers who died in Iraq

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) just made an excellent point on Hardball.

How many Bush administration members does it take to change a lightbulb?

What does Ross Perot say about this election? Last election , he got on

Lynne Cheney Jokes About Kerry's Tan

Eisenhower's Son Endorses Kerry

I think the Dem's(Kerry) need to hold off on the Draft issue...

I peeked at Freeperville they follow the leader. Morans

Kerry did not approve this message, but you might...(humor)

Blitzer/CNN defend Gallup polling today

Action Needed: MSNBC Frank Luntz's post-debate analysis.

John Kerry needs our finacial support

Is your employer giving you time to vote on Nov 2nd?

One word ONLY. When you think of Kerry.

MUST READ: Bush-Cheney Flip-Flops Cost America In Blood - Seattle P-I

There is only ONE essential thread on DU today (not this one)

What will you do? If Bush wins and begins to draft young people for his

'Daily Show' viewers ace political quiz

October Texas Monthly magazine has a negative piece on bush

Jokes Over! GLOVES ARE OFF! Kerry is about to annihilate the boy prince!

Greenfield: Bush threatens no more debates if rules are broken

Need an explanation of Kerry's part in the debate rules

An ominous pattern in the Upper Midwest (from The Nation)

The "I don't have to read" President, readies himself for the debates

DAMN -- Bush just made a Kerry ORANGE JOKE in FL

Here's the debate set - PIX

Wow! I I am amazed by how many Duer's think that they

Bush And Blair Made Plans For War At Ranch 9 Mos. Before Approval

Blackwell ends paper chase

Vote in Doonsebury's poll: Who does Osama want for President?

3 ways to "ACT" now.

John Kerry: Security Dad

Chinese View of Bush


CSPAN SG duel: Walter Dellinger:Ted Olson::Thoughtful Guy:Evil Bastard

Scratching my head Gallup has Kerry leading in Ohio 50-46 rv

DU Christians: Have you noticed any RNC activity at your churches?

Winning any debate this year is simple: ADDRESS THE DOUBLE STANDARD.

DU-ers Overseas: Are You Having Trouble Getting A Ballot?

Colorado Also Has It's Own Katherine Harris

ABC, CBS, NBC Refuse to air F 9/11 Commercials

Kerry Says America Needs Independance From The Saudi Royal Family!!!

The Book of Purple Hearts

TWO-FACED graphic day 4

Only Pathetic Morons Care About Kerry's "Tan"

freepers on ebay

Introducing John Kerry

The essence of W's campaign (flash movie)

John Kerry prayer circle: join now!

Kerry's a Sagitarrius- have faith.

Can we GD2004 denizens introduce ourselves?