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Archives: September 4, 2004

James Wolcott: What Goes Unsaid

So you don't have to watch....(or if you didn't watch bush's speech)

Anya Kamentz blog "Resisting the RNC" complete

The “Onerous” Society


Bush casts himself as the Lone Ranger -- Sidney Blumenthal

Confirmed...Daryn Kagan does Rush...

There will be another Beslan

Words alone don't do justice to the lunacy at the Republican Convention

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial: Term limits


Christian Themes Underlie Convention Show

Kerry's Vietnam Senate Testimony

Serving Two Flags

Michael Moore (USA Today): Why Democrats Shouldn't Be Scared

Deficits: America in shock

156 Tuesdays Later - Ted Rall - Must Read

Triumph on After Hours

Bill O'Reilly responds to Mr. Mehoffer

The “Onerous” Society

Feedback on my experience with Media Blaster(CA) and some dead emails...

hey! what exactly can I expect from use of the ignore feature?

for Clinton, lets send donations to his library in leiu of flowers

Is it just me or are there a ton of new posters who jump in if

Anyone else road test the media blaster? Like to know how it went.

Red Sox 2.5 games out. Kevin Brown breaks pitching hand

Wetterling outraises Kennedy by $100,000

My pics from Newark rally...

Take Back Democracy Film Festival - Dallas

Austin area DUers...let's get together this Sunday (9/5)

Darrow and Michels getting desperate.

Republicans Sitting On A Time Bomb - Another Reason For A Nov. Win !!!

Hey, Garofalo: Get your fuckin' father off the air, will ya please?

Wanted,for a new job opening up in Washington,D.C. a person

Time poll is bullshit

It's time to get serious

How Come the Kerry Team Isn't All Over

We should start the meme "Bush/Republicans are liars." List the lies here:

The dig against Cahill's name was sexist and stupid.

A question about polls in general.

Donkeys guard sheep

What's a better alternative name for "Operation: Iraqi Freedom"

Vote this article up at Yahoo: Cantor Fitzgerald Sues Saudis for Losses

This is the Fight of Our Lives

In the 1970's I worked on a big statewide race in Illinois - our guy

This is Your Wake-Up Call!

Who heard Judy Woodruff slip up?

George W Bush is a CROOK!

You can send a message to Bill Clinton. Link included.

A Call To Arms!

Is Colin Powell a...

US forces to stop humiliating Iraqis they arrest so they won't hate us

What about Afganistan?!?!

Rice, Powell, Rumsfield,Ridge and Ashcroft LEAVING?????

Is this the Clinton/Bush story everyone's talking about???

How Much Blood?

Did Chimpy actually say this with a straight face?

I've forgotten how to read...mistake made...please delete

20/20 (ABC) will be talking about Pres. Clinton - his surgery

U.S. Troops Death Toll Mounts as Iraq Danger Persists (Reuters)

Scheisskopf's Therapeutic Tip for Today:

My response to social services, when Bush lover’s bitch.

Rice, Powell, Rumsfield,Ridge and Ashcroft LEAVING?????

Caption: The Clintons

There is only one way Kerry is going to win this

Don't forget -- Daily Show will be on tonight

Tonight's Gratuitously Senseless Intellectual Pursuit:

How do we respond to this article?

I just saw "Canadian Bacon"......I think it gave Rove a few ideas

Andrew Sullivan is supposed to be on Bill Maher tonight.

This photo from the Russian School brings me to tears

Balls balls balls balls

We should remind voters at every turn we get what they would be

The Clintons love Ireland

Anyone catch NOW tonight? the defense industry wooing at the RNC?

Joe Trippi FINALLY has a good haircut...

Big Dog doesn't need flowers, but loves contributions to his library

Hillary Clinton Statement on Bill posted

What else does "RNC" stand for?

Ick! Phoenix only gets Jackson Brown!

Hillary Clinton Indicated that Get Well Wishes can be sent to:

A thought:

Moral Obligation to Leave?

your next vacation...

Good reason why we are down in the be expected

thanks, you all...

All the sadness and moaning is exactly what the GOP wants

Anyone know the record of Schulman, Ronca, & Bucuvalas

Any tinfoil hats re: Bigdogs open heart operation?

Is Vince McMahon a republican?

Tweety's on Daily Show!

What should I do? What can I do? (rant about homophobia)

Another true life example of the cockeyed world americans live in.

What does GW Bush stand for?

Where is news on going on in Iraq? Duh????

How long before the national media catches up W/ Billings Gazette?

Bill Clinton is on Larry King Live by phone right now n/t

Why Is Our Country Like This?

Why is the terror incident in Russia getting so much more attention

Want to get this ! About no connection?

TESTING: "Americans for Gay Marriage"

Two Great Daily Show Quotes - one actually a bit sad....

Well, my "no w" sticker got me harassed yesterday

Andrew Sullivan is so full of shit.

What are the yellow ribbons attached to many cars?


Can we improve our economy by simply devaluing the dollar?

Medicare Payments for Elderly to Rise 17%

We have the well wisher threads going, who would like to start up

Why is everyone using the TIme poll...

SNL's Darrell Hammond is a Bush supporter...the proof

We've been NEO-CONNED

Stocks: Jobs report and Intel alert worry Wall Street

Texas High Court Backs Weekly Newspaper

Philly Mayor Staff Got Tip About Bug

Beauty salons under attack in Iraq

The Big Dawg live on LKL now!

High Stakes in Nov for Music Biz (Repub control of copyright/intell prop)

(Republican) Rep. Blundell Pleads No Contest In Sex Assault Charge

Alleged Boeremag leader linked to CIA, court told

On Outside Looking in the World Talks About Bush

Russia Standoff Ends in Bloodshed for 200(New Info)

Over 200 die as school siege ends

Cheney Says Kerry Doesn't Understand West

self delete

WP: Edwards Releases Decade of Tax Returns

Bush Takes Credit for Increases in Jobs

Bush, Republicans Outpoll Kerry, Democrats on TV

City got $255M from convention Mayor says (Protesters= Anarchists= Al-Q?)

Democrats widen gap over Republicans in Nevada voter registration

Most terror convictions non-Muslim

Investigators Seek Lie-Detector Tests in Terrorism Case

Record turnout for early voters in Nevada

Chevron Gave Big to Governor, Played Key Role in Reorganization Plan

Arab Mercenaries Identified among Hostage-Takers

The GOP's MIAs (Bush*s National Security team might not make it)

Historians dispute Schwarzenegger's convention comments

Defense, Cheney Iran Specialists Questioned in (Israeli Spy) Probe

Cleland energizes Democrats

Bush, Republicans reduce John Kerry to a punch line

Paper: Condi Rice Will Exit Second Term

'Kerry win could boost UK stocks'

Clinton: Angiogram 'probably saved my life' (Larry King Comments)

DRUDGE: Audience boos as Bush offers...Clinton's recovery THEN RETRACTS

Back from a controversial week in New York, Keyes comes out swinging

St. Louis Bishop Softens Voting Stance (Bishop who would deny Communion)

Judge Says Lawyers Can Question Cardinal (US's Largest Archdiocese)

WP: Some Republicans Predict Upheaval Within the Party

New soft-money group to launch anti-Kerry ads

Four SEALs Are Charged With Abuse Of Prisoners

Bush Gets Bigger Convention Bounce Than Kerry

'Nation of cowards' created by compensation culture, says Letwin (UK)

The AP Changes "Boos" to "Ooohs" in Report on Bush and Clinton

WP: Speech Fails to Sway These Undecideds

Bumper Sticker Sparks Ticket Fight

WP: Democrat Says He Helped Bush Into Guard to Score Points

Warriors of the Right Take to the Streets

Al-Jazeera plans English channel

Resident of Juno Beach, FL just said...

I have gmail invites

Hey Blues Music fans. Very sad news

I'm not paranoid

Is this the real life......Is this just fantasy.....

A bottle of Red ...... A bottle of White.......


The National Hurricane center SUCKS!!!

My younger son's imaginary friend (with pic)

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight

Should I eat all my ice cream before Frances hits?

Good thing I slept in today

Eric Stoltz says....

Help is headed your way Florida!

Faux News emailed me & said there is something wrong with my ears!

More on Pat Boone (Or is that, "Moron Pat Boone?")

Anyone have a few spare cans of troll repellant?

Inspired by Others Here on DU - Re: Clinton

I have subterranean Mole People living in my backyard!

Palm owners, have you flash upgraded your Palm?

Arnold = Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Oglethorpe

Andre Rieu concert on PBS

Quirky website

Dominic Monaghan Andy Roddick separated at birth?


The SadGeezers Guide to "Aeon Flux"

Bipartisan Driving....

Showtime finally airing the rest of "Jeremiah"

Matcom is in Sydney!

How long

Cedric IM Brooks and Light of Saba

Miss Universe's Skirt falls off, while on stage!

Reminder: Bill Maher on at 11 PM EST tonight (HBO)

I absolutely cannot convince my father that the media isn't liberal

Official 50,000 Strong Thread (Watch the ticker)

Daily Show, featuring Chris "Tweety" Matthews

Real Time: Andrew Sullivan can Kiss My Black Ass!!!

Whooooo hooo Browns are going to the Super Bowl !

Take a look at this pic from Arizona: This is why I hate Nader

If you missed yesterdays Daily show turn it on

The Streets

George Carlin at Madison square Garden

Standing in the rain, with his head hung low

Who Loves the Minibosses?

Any Flogging Molly fans?

Any ingmar bergman fans here?

I just came home from watching a speech by Amy Goodman.

Alternative to AARP ????

Saddle up, Folks!! The Bar is open

Joe Trippi just made the moof hut burst out in tears.

Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) have infested my house! WTF?

What do you think of paying for sex with me?

Popular heartworm medicine recalled because of link to dog injury, deaths

Whooooo hooo Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl !

Guys: need good vibes. My mom's stuck in Stuart, Fl right now.....

Want to get plastered without drinking?

SETI@home DUers - 76.448 years of CPU time, 45987 results received

MTV2 doing a Beavis and Butthead marathon...huh uh huh...

I have to find a home for these cats by tomorrow...please please help

Two and a half back

I lived through the first *full* day of my junior year... Ask me anything!

Buy Ricky Williams' motorcycle

remember the Jawa's Sandcrawler from Star Wars?

should marijuana be legalized?

Anyone have a link to Daily Show's "Zell on Earth" segment?

Swift Yacht Vets For Bush

Most hated tv commercial jingle?

Why do the freepers that come here have to be such assholes?

I had to give my thumbprint at a bank today.

Nominate sig line or sig line photo for home page!

Top 25 R&B Acts by Decade (Part 2 of 3)

All right. Briskets are on sale for .99 a lb at Albertson's

Ok, quit callling Zell Miller "Zig Zag Zell!"


Which song would you want to force * to listen to for 126 hours straight?

What do you think of paying for sex?

Send you well wishes to President Clinton here.

Random playlist fun!!

New (and last) Guided by Voices album is....interesting.

My hormones in smilies:

Lots of bad news around. Iraq, Job numbers, Navy seals charged

Famous last words...

So what do you need Kerry to beat the living shit out of *?

Edwards will be on GMA Weekend tomorrow

Between Putin and the Big Dog - there went the Oxygen?

For the sake of all that's holy - get the video of West Allis, Wis

I just saw a DNC Kerry ad on FAUX NEWS!

How to look at the CNN/Time Poll

Hee! Olbermann making fun of Bush and the OB/GYN part of speech

Let's invade North Korea and Iran

Zogby poll taken THROUGH Thursday, and it's well within the +/-3.2MOE!

I work full time, attend college, mom and wife..and I just volunteered

Idea to be heard:

Debunk Kerry Flip-Flops

Ignore! Sorry!

How Come the Kerry Team Isn't All Over

We should start the meme "Bush/Republicans are liars." List the lies here:

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth-fun video

Juan Cole: "The CEO test for Bush" -- This is GOOD STUFF!

Maybe Big Dog will take the edge off of any Bush gains..........

ACLU Patriot Act Commercial airs during Olbermann- Safe AND Free!

Kerry's got someone named "Mary Beth"....telling him how to FIGHT?

Cheer up Zogby shows by 48% to 46%, the respondents wanted "someone new"

Zigzagzell the man without a party. LOL just for cheer.

how long before the freepers

Mathews made an ad with Zell's duel comments.

TIME magazine Saudi-owned?

Kerry reams Bush on economy in Ohio again.

Time to ditch the same old language.

Who heard Judy Woodruff slip up?

Do You Know A GOPer Embarassed By The RNC Hate Fest?

Big strategy switch on last night of convention.

"They don't want to admit it, but my Democratic friends say Bush will win.

Serious question for DUers

He's Still Standing

This post has lost it's collective reason for being.

A Call To Arms!

MSNBC Keith Oberman admitted that the 11 point bounce was a partial poll

What do the doomsayers want Kerry to do go nuts like Zell Miller?

Who does George W. Bush* think has been president the past 4 years?

Just one line in bushes speech could defeat him

What's More Important?--Winning or the Fight??

We need to scare people.

Dems need to call reporters on their "some people say..." tactics!

Just saw the MOB ad on CNN!! (Mothers against Bush*) It was done

Nothing changes

"MOB" (mothers opposed to bush) dupe -

Gee guess who is on the cover of the Time Magazine next week

How many of you have seen a legitimate poll without a graph?

Some sanity on polls from Donkey Rising

A song for all the DU Charlie Doom and Gloomers

It's about 2 Sides -- Kerry should unleash Populist Pitbulls

The WORST thing about four more years of *

The dig against Cahill's name was sexist and stupid.

DU's new mascot (for the doom and gloomers)

The dainty Bush twins, smoking & drinking the night away......

Edwards: Bush Hides Dismal Jobs Record

Did anyone hear *'s mention of OBGYNs? Why does he point them out?

I drank the KoolAid

From the Kerry Blog: American Heroes Meet in the Middle

husband in a small university town in west texas

So I'm talking to my Step-Mom

Is this GOP convention photo for real?

To all the freeps here posting doom and gloom fake threads

National Organization for Women: "America, Bush thinks you're stupid!"

commercials are out, what have you seen

does the Kerry Campaign read this..

The Repugs tried to Destroy Kerry's Veteran Status, because

I don't give a flying fark what shape Bush's stage is in

Did any of the naysayers HEAR the Kerry Ohio response?

Bush praises Afghanistan for registering more voters than they have

Debate topics approved/not approved by George W. Bush

Can you find the TIME poll on CNN's or TIME's websites?


537 democratic voter registrations.

Running out of niceness

Kerry Turns Out to Be Ahead of the Curve Again

Ok, so Kerry is NOT God Incarnate

Howard Dean on Bill Maher now!

David Dryer (sp?) is official insane! Anyone else watching MSNBC?

Anybody have an image or link of a Bush loyality oath?


Bush will do good in the debates......

What are the dates for the debates?

Calling all DU polling experts. Check this theory?

Zogby is on PBS

Discovering more Kerry supporters at work!

Needed: a clear overarching theme tying together woes of the economy

I take back every nice thought I had about Andrew Sullivan.

Good Meme:


Two Of The Swift Boat Jerks Were BUSH APPOINTEES!!!

Here is why Kerry is going to win.....

Lunaville Casualty Report - U.S. Dead and Wounded in Iraq

Chris Mathews is on the Daily Show

Hillary Statement on Bill

Letterman- Next week were having the Taliban Convention

45 Million Westerners Tell Easterner Dick Cheney To "Go Fu#@* Yourself"

Video clip entertainment-Bushie Twins Cracking Jokes

Terratacks and Terralerts Before Election 2004

Is there video online of Bush wishing Clinton well somewhere?

Okay Andrew Sullivan....That is quite enough.

Here's My Idea For a 15-second TV Ad: Thelma & Louise

I'll say it again: Why did Dick Cheney do business with Saddam in the 90s?

Call to Arms for all NE OHIO DU'er

As to voting for inlaws are hopeless.

What is your no. 1 reason for voting for Kerry?

What the HELL is this shit about Kerry being so incredibly liberal?? LOL!

Democrats at Oregon State Fair

For some good cheer check this out:

Poll new to me

Need Advice

Good reason why we are down in the be expected

"wartime president" ....PLEEZE

Mary Beth will join Susan Estrich on Fox after the 2004 coup.

"9/11 wasn't a triumph of the human spirit

Arianna Huffington: I cannot even look at Cheney anymore

Progressive 527's on Bush-Cheney no service: Chickenhawks!

If Kerry is to secure the young single women's vote

#979: Spc. Joe Thibodeaux of Lafayette, Louisiana dead

More Bush hijinks in Fla. elections.

Where are all these Democratic 527's I hear so much about?

Chris Matthews on the Daily Show

OK, we all get it.. the dems are disorganized..

who is the guy who posts the election prediction statistics?

Bill Maher on HBO now!! n/t

Bush's plan to reduce Health insurance costs

where is Moveon with Bush's flip flops?

MEME MEMO: Bush* was magnificent - on style.

The Debate to have live on TV: Kerry vs. O'Neil one on one...

Freeptards. Go home. Curl up with your pet lizard. It's not working.

John Kerry is going to win, here is why...

I love it! Entertainment Tonight is reporting on how all these news

"Where are the Democrat cojones?"

RW radio asshole behind the AP scrubbing of the Clinton 'boos' story

NEED URL: story where Andy Card sez * considers himself our FATHER.

Has anyone seen Patriot Act...Mark Crispin Millers show at NYTW?

"If you don't elect George Bush, your gonna die" ~ Craig Crawford

CNN said protester gave pubs nothing to use against them.

Drudge's Site Has Been Really Subdued

Just got back from canvassing.

What was that election desperation crap Bush senior pulled in Fall, 1992?

I want to apologize

Kerry: Go after the 'deer-in-the-headlights' Bush

You guys do realize if * does somehow manage to win.....

I Honestly Think: BUSH. IS. OVER.

Zell's speech was plagiarized. Knew I heard that before. A RW favorite.

John Kerry should go into the South.

When asked why I will be voting for John Kerry, I answer honestly.

I think that the increase in doom and negativity here

When are Springsteen and co. starting their concerts for Kerry?

Cahill F*d-up Badly! Let's Support Kerry House Cleaning, and Win!!

Jon Stewart....Daily Show

I am SO DAMN EXCITED! I actually, finally convinced a former bush supporte

There is only one way Kerry is going to win this

Okay, I FINALLY get it! I know what Kerry is doing wrong.

Please check my logic: 1. How many people do you think voted

Bush is so good at debates, I'm really afraid he will blow Kerry

Who will win the election, Bush or Kerry?

Kerry should run a new Bush flip-flop ad every week,

Is Bush a master debater?

I have a secret about Rove. Someone told me this last night

The Time poll is what Rove was pressing for, now all the rest of the polls

Kerry Is Gonna Win In A Landslide, And We're Taking Back The Senate Too !

Ya know, 11points up is going to backfire BIG TIME

Good rebuttal please.

SUSA Poll: Momentum Shifts to Bush; Big GOP Bounce After RNC Convention

Michael Moore (USA Today): Why Democrats Shouldn't Be Scared

Who gave a better keynote address

I just don't buy that Time poll

Hillary Clinton Indicated that Get Well Wishes can be sent to:

Zogby STILL says election Kerry's to loose

Why Political Polls Are Totally Worthless in this Election Cycle

Folks. Bush's up. DON'T PANI@.

Pics from Newark, OH rally 9/3/04.

Which convention was a bigger success?

Here's how we hit back, my campaign strategy

Arnold fabricates history in speech

DUers - Give Me Your Best Kerry/Edwards Slogan

George W Bush is a CROOK!

Just got off the phone with my Republican brother.

Neocons Preparing the Sequel to Plan of Attack

Fareed Zakria Considers the Irony

Good catastrophic success toon - Carlson

Iraq: After Muqtada, the Militias...

Another Bush Bonus

David Corn-Bush: It's About Me and My Crusade

Mark Morford-Where Is Your Hallowed Balm?

Remarks by the President at 'Ask President Bush' Event -- September 4

Kerry took command at the MN State Fair - Strib's C.J.

Wolcott: Life's Little Lessons (Laura)

No Free Lunch for Kerry (internet and TV ad lies hurting Kerry)

My letter to the NYT and letter to GWB...want my vote? DO THIS

A Plea for Our Help from a US Soldier in Iraq re KBR Convoys risk his life

Time/Joe Klein: Tearing Kerry Down

Evangelicals are strict, not stupid

John Kerry's Testimony in 1971

Susan Estrich: My Democratic friends are mad as hell,

For Your Amusement -- Falwell On Zell Miller

the raw story: It's time the Dems played hardball

Frank Rich: How Kerry Became a Girlie-Man

"What if Bush Wins?" collection of writings in the Washington Monthly

How to Beat Bush by Donna Brazile

George Bush Will be "Outed" and Dissed by Kitty Kelly in 12 Days

Aug. 6 2001 PDB postcard for printing

I'm selling my designs to raise money for progressive causes

John Edwards in Maine, 9/8

Eric Alterman on CSPAN...

Are We That Bad? (Roll Call / Heard on the Hill Article on Media)

Here she is: Frances

For those who support the NRA - Of guns and labor

Maybe you can get to this sooner than the mod

Do hidden threads disappear after a time, like when archived?

Great "Idiots" this week.

Tiny error in Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Seems candidate wars are starting up again

search problem?

Palestinians weigh the non-violent option

LA might be getting AAR soon

Medical pot shop shut down

Driving in Minneapolis? Watch out, our 'pro-road' government is...

How in the hell

Edwards in Kalamazoo II

Today in Ohio...

72,000 local voters sign up (Cincinnati area)

Anyone going to Steubenville today?

Download Harris County Voter Registration forms here - 3 languages

how many wisconsin du`ers going

Edwards Rally in Point

George Bush Will be "Outed" and Dissed by Kitty Kelly in 12 Days

I think Geraldo is about to die live on Fox News-LIVE!


Gays and Lesbians, How many of you are disgusted

MSNBC: Explosion at LAX - Injuries reported!

Bill Clinton's Heart Problem Puts the Screws to the GOP

The poor can not afford to avoid resources to leave.

The bush America as of today

My last paranoid thought of the day...

You know...I'm tired of these BULLSHIT poll....let's not participate!


Where is Colin Powell?

What Clinton Did To Fight Terrorism - Compare To Bush

Bush's (41) letter home to his mother during WW2

It's funny to hear freepers say "You don't want a dem for the war

What were the final results in Florida in 2000?

Denying the Troops a Secret Ballot

"Space Cowboy"

MSNBC whores Russia crisis for Bush

The Dems need to send out people

Goodthings our Military has done...

If you had to evacuate RIGHT now could you?

Bad things Our military has done...

Does Dennis Miller remind anyone else of a raging, Hitleristic lunatic?

look at this ad from

Is election 2004 going to lead to the birth of the third party?

Georgia State Senator cited for domestic violence

“Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death.”

CNNI is showing an incredibly biased John King piece on Bush right now

Hey Freeper

Forget the polls, flood the media with email

OMG....Michael Savage sent love letters to Alan Ginsberg!!!

Bush/Victor Ashe/Mortgages and their ownership of us all...

Check out C-Span

Someone needs to take Andrew Sullivan to task for wishy-washiness

Vote in "Bush Bounce" poll!

This thread is locked WTF

Re: this bush being gay thing....

Official "Guy James Show" thread- please keep kicked

And we think it's nasty politics. LOL

After the double standard the media used in 2000 against Gore

Man does not live by bread alone.This administration has set out

International We Had Enough Day

Listening to AAR re-run this morning.......

NYT: Clinton Operation Aims to Restore Blood Flow

Eric Alterman on C-SPAN talking about the media

is joe scarborough become more and more liberal?

"Clinton a Little Scared of Bypass Surgery "

Do you know who Morton Blackwell is?

Movie "Three Kings" Still Causing Controversy

Apply what we've learned..."Cheap labor conservatives..."

Try this at Google..might make some of you feel better!

What will Putin do now? What should he do? What if your child died?

THIS is BS!!! I was told at work today to check this.

Breaking: Bush blaming Hurricane Frances for the unemployment for 4 yrs

we need another 9-11 to make us all feel good again

Was it Jerry Brown that called Reagan a "Space Cowboy"?

After Russia's terror attacks....

Arthur Schlesinger,the historian,has compared our politics to a pendulum.

A beautiful thing!

FEMA Guy Wants Jeb in Charge "all over the country"

Ethics and the War on Terror

104% of Afghanistan people registered to vote

Didn't Bush once make a comment about "serving in Vietnam"?

Al-Jazeera: White House told of Israeli espionage 2 years ago

A 527 ad that I'd like to see

many Republican delegates didn't tip hotel concierges

For the last four years, what has bush done?

We Are Going To Lose This Election

What's the difference between our system & the old Feudal system?

If W is gay, I might have to turn straight

Conyers going after Bush FIXER McNulty - spy prosecutor

King of America and Emperor of Oceania

I don't hear the boos when * mentions clinton

George Bush Will be "Outed" and Dissed by Kitty Kelly in 12 Days

Any BBV updates from Andy, Bev, or Pat ?

LA airport shut down....breaking breach...eom

If * invades another country, e.g. Iran or Syria, will we have WWIII?

Another reason not to watch CNN: Rush dating Kagan

The best closer in politics

W is a DINGLEBERRY on democracy

OK time to lighted the mood!

What news of Big Dawg? Didn't he go under the knife this morning?

Feeling a little wicked

How do we OVERCOME this?!?!...............

LAX Airport being shut down due to security incident?

I'm Sick of the "Jesus Haters."

Comments from Baghad about Kellogg Brown and Root, scary.

Sixty Days To Freedom

I know Ariana Huffington in on our side but...

Letter to Putin

giving the devil his due

We've passed the 1,000 Dead Soldiers mark, as if anyone cared

There is no such thing as an undecided voter

This country needs to get real

Best thing Dems can do is cancel their subscriptions to Time & Newsweek

An honest, but perhaps, dumb question. Assuming * is gay,

Oh no! New newsweek poll gives 11 point lead to *

Sy Hersh's book will be released the same day as Kitty Kelly's book

Down, dirty, and politically deadly (MUST READ)

Iraqi TERROR Ships... A reminder

If George Bush is elected: the police will be free to set dogs on

Did Kitty Kelley ever write..

Tonight's guest host for Gene Burns - "KAREL" AWESOME! MUST LISTEN!

Freepers saying Clinton's heart problems FAKE

I felt as bad today as I did on October 27, 2000

The plane ride home from NYC sucked...

Team America: World Police trailer link (need quicktime 6)

Faces of Evil: the trading cards

Michael Moore: Why Democrats Shouldn't Be Scared

It is time for the Dems to fight dirty

I wish people would stop wishing for a miracle. there will be

Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not all willing to join the fight

Response from ACT Up concerning convention incident..

Fox anchor John Gibson JOKES about Bill Clinton DYING in Surgery?

how depressing....

Did anyone else notice this in Bush's speech at the convention?

CSPAN 2 -- BOOK TV ALERT FOR SAT -- Lots of Anti-Bush Authors Today

Putin responds to the attacks by saying "We are a nuclear power"....

42% of registered voters still think Saddam involved in 9/11

What Do You Think Bush Meant By His Tax-System Comments?

Analysis of Zell Miller's distortion

info please....

Has anyone seen the documentary "Blood in the Face"?

So when do the My Pet Goat ads hit the air?

Bill Hemmer the "Hurricane Guy"

Proof Bush* fear factor works-

Bob Dole why do you withdraw $8,000 in cash every week from Riggs Bank?

My deepest sympathies go out to the Russian people.

5pm EST NOW: Krugman, Joe Wilson, Unger, Blumenthal, Mark Green on

Texas May Lose $7M Over Education FAILURES

Does anybody here know the whereabout of a poodle?

Paul Newman Dresses Up as Clown

Sorry about my rant a few minutes ago.

Frances is aiming right at Rush Limbaugh's house in West Palm beach. EOM

With Kitty Kelly's new book about to is a refresher course

Dems are being careful

I understand why people downplay Kelley book...

Graffiti Campaign- Any suggestions? where? what? Gas Stations

Zogby only shows Bush up by 3 - ARG shows dead tie

Osama capture is near

Good News Threads, please post them here.

Cantor Fitzgerald lawsuit against al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia over 9/11 attacks

PLEASE! This is driving me batshit!

Need link to chart of connections between Bushie and SBVT

Ashcroft's Camps: 5 years later

I'm still baffled: Bush delivered his RNC speech without any huge verbal

Heading Out To See Vanity Fair; heard it is good

Just hear Ron Silver on Marty Kaplan.........

One hundred AWOL Bush Buttons, coming right up!

Just saw the new Hardball ad and it is great!

How long has AAR's "BRING ON THE NOISE" been cancelled?

I think there is a method to the madness of the Bush administration's

October surprise, anyone?: U.S. Capture of bin Laden Close

Jonathan Chait is against Bush's "ownership society". Surprises me.

Laura Flanders (AAR) tonight --- HOWARD ZINN

DUers, come join and make a declaration

DU economists, please educate me

One big difference between the Repugs & Dems.

Is Iraq rebuilding America ?

was it Jessie Jackson that used the No CARB diet line....

I'm mad as H***!

Ahhhnold said that W is a "man of perseverance"?! Huh? Did it take...

If you think the last four years have been bad with Bush,

Who has the video of the mean penguin on his/her posts?

Attention Republicans: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

It's easy to be a Republican.

Important program on failed welfare deform on this weekend

What? No "Capital Gang" on CNN tonight?

Hardball using Zell clip as an ad - Chris confirms he's being boycotted.

News Flash.."U.S. Near Seizing bin Laden", Official Says

Do you think that they are hot on Osama's tail?

I do not understand Colin Powell

CNNI shows Thomas Friedman piece on India outsourcing

Who was the best Republican President?

I think Putin did the right thing RE the school hostages.

US general wants to take Sadr City before militia regroups? Genius!

An "Ownership Socity"....what does it REALLY mean?

Just watched part 2 of "The Corporation"

Russian Special Forces blew up & then stormed the Caucasus school.

Was Truman right to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The "privileged" use the "prejudiced" as "pawns" to protect their wealth

Notice how Gas Prices FELL during the week of the puke Convention?

Gary Treudeau (Doonesbury) talks to "Roling Stone".

Trustworthy Guardians of the Electoral Process?

My dear friends

Yeehah! Just got 21 new inner city voter registrations !!!

Kee-riced!! Just got a complimentary issue of major newspaper. Timed to

Why do people say such TERRIBLE things about the Bush Family?

will fox stop being so "patriotic" after kerry wins?

I suspect the Russians thinks their tragedy is worse than 911

Next BIG thing. What will happen between now and Nov?

Help please. Is anyone else having trouble downloading Ruppert's

Cheney says Kerry fundamentally misunderstands "the way the world works"

Should I post pics I took in New York this week?

CSPAN 2 -- BOOK TV -- Books on Bush --- Krugman & Others - 5PM ET



Faux reporting: People are mad at Jeb cause he exaggerated......

This Daily show clip is the GREATEST bush video ever!

BBV - MD - Linda Lamone suspended ! Go figure?

The Yellow Dog has bared its teeth. Now the question is: Will it bite?

These filthy Kelley rumors about *, Pickles & 41 are disgusting.

Bush Administration Plans Steep Cuts for 2006 Education Funding

To: Parents of tweens Subject: Dressing

Next election my last: Ralph Klein

Does Unibroue make pretty good beer?

Freak weather kills thousands of seabirds

Literary Treasures Lost in Fire @ German Library (30K irreplaceable books)

Neocons Preparing the Sequel to Plan of Attack

World horrified at bloody end to Russian hostage crisis

Marine guilty of abuse gets sentenced

Kerry needles Bush over health care, jobs

A different kind of battleground

Nader nominated by Reform Party (Texas)

NYT: Job Figures Help President Promote Economic Record (?)

Mexico may consider truth commission on `dirty war,' official says

Hurricane Frances weakens slightly

Governor makes time for big donors

Next CIA chief: Senate lacks 'balance' on Iraq jail issue

Rasmussen National Tracking Poll: Bush 49%, Kerry 45%...(wheeew!)

Poll: Tough road for Perry re-election

Clashes Kill 11 in Iraq, U.S. Copter Forced to Land

Mercenary allegations deal blow to S. Africa image

Whopping R24m price tag on Thatcher's mansion

Fallujans slam US raids

George Bush Will be "Outed" and Dissed by Kitty Kelly in 12 Days

Sabotage hits oil pipelines in northern, southern Iraq

LAT, follow-up: In Rush of Joy and Guilt, (Russian) Mother Regains Child

Wal-Mart upsets cosmic balance of ruins

Cantor Fitzgerald accuses Saudi Arabia of aiding al-Qaida prior to 9-11 at

The AP Changes "Boos" to "Ooohs" in Report on Bush and Clinton

'Islamic Army in Iraq' claims attack against Chalabi: Al-Jazeera

Bush: Russian Siege Reinforces Resolve

Libya to pay 35 million dollars for Berlin disco bombing

Car bomb kills at least 20 at Iraq Academy

(Australian) Howard gets tongue-bashing

MSNBC reports shut down of LAX

UN aims for global reproductive health services by 2015

Is Al-Qaeda Operating Inside Russia?

Texas May Lose $7M Over Education Failures

Austrian historians ricicule Schwarzenegger's polemic

Breaking news, Bush at 93% in red states. Race still tied in swing states

LAT: Convention Helps Bush Gain Undecided Voters (small group)

Campbell considering running for governor | Denver Post

Bill Clinton awaits heart surgery next week

Pope denounces gay marriage in Canada

Protesters greet Taiwan president during brief visit

Suicide Car Bomb Kills 17 in Northern Iraq

Crashing the Party was Surprisingly Easy, Activists Say

Radioactive device burnt in US chopper crash in Japan: embassy

New Group to Launch Anti-Kerry Ads

India, Pakistan approve key proposals ahead of ministers' meeting

Report: Texas may lose 'No Child Left Behind' funds | Houston Chronicle

WP: FCC Plans Record Fine For CBS (Super Bowl halftime show)

ABC takes 24-hour news coverage to Internet and wireless phones

Sugar industry sours on Bush

Toll in Russian carnage touches 322

Intelligence Ministry will 'nip any plot in the bud': Yunesi

Iraq Pipelines Hit, Export Flows Hold

Medical pot shop shut down (Roseville CA) | Sacramento Bee

GOP headquarters vandalized in political protest | Bozeman Chronicle

Analysis of Zell Miller's distortion

Kerry: Bush Aims to 'Bamboozle,' Hide Medicare News

U.S. Military In Major Offensive In Northern Iraq

U.S. Near Seizing bin Laden, Official Says

Israeli spy nest in the U.S. - Ashcroft says: ’Don’t arrest them!’

Bush salutes workers in radio address

LA Airport Shuts Down on Security Scares

Pro-Bush Booth Angers Many U.S. Muslims

MSNBC: LAX shut down because of security breach

Iraq violence flares, leaving 44 dead

General Blames Prison Abuse on Commanders

Newsweek poll--just out!

Movie screening prompts FOX protest

LAT: Christian Conservatives Leave Convention in Great Spirits

Frequent Fliers Sign Up to Ease Security Checks

Bush Leads in Race to 270 Electoral Votes

Idahoans Find Cancers From Fallout | NYT

NYT,pg1: Kerry Urges Voters to Look Past Bush's "Last-Minute Promises"

Leak Inquiry Includes Iran Experts in Administration (WaPo)

Equatorial Guinea officials to question Mark Thatcher, probe Armenian comp

72,000 Local Voters Sign Up (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Staff Sgt. Michael Helmick seriously hurt by explosion in Mosul

Cheney telephones Clinton to wish him well, share experience with similar

Aljazeera outraged by Iraq ban extension

Bush confident in integrity of vote-counting systems

Pied-piper police guard Bush from protests

Archbishop of Canterbury: "End of the world is nigh"

McCain: Kerry's Criticism of Bush Unfair

Pardoned Cuban exile faces death, if captured

Good Schools or Bad? Conflicting Ratings Leave Parents Baffled -NYT

Kerry Holds Slim National Lead Over Bush (Léger Marketing / Le Devoir)

Pro - Bush Booth Stirs Anger at Convention

Always on the Job, Employees Pay With Health -NYT

Putin Says Russia Faces Full 'War' to Divide Nation | NYT

Bin Laden could be arrested at any time, says US official (Cofer Black)

Iraq Closes Al-Jazeera Office Indefinitely

A Bush Slap at Hollywood Draws Expected Responses

Mechanical bulls:

John Kerry rides a motorcycle. George Bush is scared of horses.

Mechanical Di...

Can I scream now?

shelly long was fucking hot on cheers!

Bebe Neuwirth was fucking hot on cheers!

Anyone have experience with residential VOIP?

I had to move from a horse to a large dog. I'm sad.

Sloopy lives in a very bad part of town....

Are you asleep?

Is elperromagico the most liberal member of the Senate?

"Zell on Earth!"

Ever paid for wierd conversation?

Joyce DeWitt was fucking hot on Three's Company!

ALright ye bastards I'm here and I'm bored

Someone hold me: I've been in GD:Campaign for two hours!

? 4 the men

im not leaving til i hit 100 posts

A rant against Mullets.

Holy Hell

The story of King Kong according to Frank Zappa

My 84yo Grandpa has "Never been so pissed-off!"

Sexy Beast?

Trojan Brand Condoms

How many repubs would have given their life to go to the Convention

I had to move from a cable modem to dial up, I'm sad

49,888 - Its getting close

you stupid liberal girlie men

Mother Spared Prison after 30-Mile 'Wrong Way' Drunken Drive

*** YAWN **** Heading To Maine-See Ya Tuesday Afternoon-Keep The Light ON!

Anyone else awake?

I think a few DUers might've got through to C-Span call in lines today

Share a smoke, make a joke


Frances Winds are Picking Up... Should I take down my Kerry Yard Signs?

My response from a corporation about a new product: (be afraid)

Well we're big rock singer we got golden fingers and we're loved...

American Idiot Green Day

Wild card has come up aces ( W's connection to the MLB Wild Card)

Hurricane Ivan will be in the Caribbean next week

Pig in a blanket

We are all safe from Frances.

Pitcher breaks non-pitching hand in clubhouse. Ha! Redneck Kevin Brown!!!!

Today In History

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

Today's Fact


David Icke is nuts but he's on our side.

Sexy Breast?

It's three in the morning, you have a lava lamp and a digicam...

Are the weather guys hoping for a flying branch to hit them in the head?

"A cold beer! A cold beer!" It's moving day for me today.

"Josie & The Pussycats" actress busted for face-covering bandana at RNC

Hurricanes are God's punishment for... (the Frances edition)

Freeper Theme for Bush: If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right

God is Love

Visit the pyramids in Mexico then stop by Wal-mart for souveniors

I woke up giggling this morning

Just found out where Zanti Regent got the name

Top 25 R&B Acts by Decade (Part 3 of 3)

Pissed Off My First Lurking Freeper Bad Enough....

I just listened to the tape of Bush wishing the big dog a speedy recovery.

Steve Earle's new album

We're under a Tropical Storm warning now.

Mechanical Pencils:

Go Hrbaty!

One of DUs favorite non-political controversies: The Air Car.

Well Folks, this will be my last post for a couple of days. Wish me Luck.

OK, DUers, What does the term "round heels" exactly mean?

DUer Scientific Research, done this weekend, has concluded that:

I wanna rock!

(Dave Chappelle) "And the gays choose..... George W Bush!"

What major republican bases have been alienated?

Just realized Zell Miller ripped off Dana Carvey's SNL "Grumpy Old Man"

Grape Harvest! Now what do I do with them?

What's the term for a picture made up off little pictures?

Maybe Bob Dolt is telling the truth...

This is the part where I make promises to god if HE MAKES IT STOP

more info/tips for microsoft XP service pac 2

I want to see one of these hurricane reporters to get hit with

If there is a hurricane...

Damn!...I LOVE "Top Ten conservative Idiots"

Suing psychic can see back pay in her future

I Returned an Engagement Ring Today (aka It's Still Hard to Let Go) (LONG)

According to Zogby only 33% of dems will support

Can some of you help me with a little problem with my web-site???

The kick is gonna hit the Sham

Help finding email address of someone?

...And to think I'm missing all of this.

Contact from Another World?

Mark Crispin Miller is making some excellent points on C-Span

A very cool DU thing happened for me today

My mom just told me that

Collect them all!

Man lures police with phony call, robs their station

What the hell kind of name is 'Zell' anyway?

WHy do we not have singers like Jackie Wilson anymore

Must see C-Span 2 coming up

Bardot fans: the Divine BB disc is mana

On the lighter side...

Somebody please photoshop this pix of scared chimpy...

Eww...why does Mischief always wait until he's in my lap to pass gas?

Down, but not out! (Red Sox comeback thread)

I shook John Edward's hand last night.

How can I fix my mashed potatoes?

World Cup Hockey Photos: U.S. vs Slovakia

For post 666 I would like to simply

Where did they get this idea?

Somebody please photoshop this pix of scared chimpy...

F the weatherman! I'm getting hurricane forecasts by watching critters

I don't feel very good....

I'd like to dedicate my 700th post to John Kerry!

Look, Ma -- no hands! Drag and Drop the Dim Son...

Ohio State vs Cincinnati game thread w/pre game show

Rats! Maria Sharapova Just Lost To Jesus at the US Open!

The fit is going to hit the shan!


The good guys are on C-Span2 right now

Please don't tell me that the Bush beans guy is part of the BFEE

Mmm, pretty tasty low-fat spaghetti last night

Some songs just make me laugh...

Coming Tuesday 9/7 on DVD: "Saturday Night Live Best of Colonel Angus"

Bwahah, Geraldo is such a clown... Covering the Hurricaine, they

Do you ever worry...

I've reached a new low in my life - I've been invited to join the RIAA!

Bush cuts down the middle on broccoli question

Okay, I didn't take my own advice

Did Paris Hilton come up with her jewelry herself?

All of you: Go outside! GO!


Pc Gamers: Know any good RPGs?

Am I an economic girlie-man?

What should I do?

Cubs Fans: Something else to blame

Weather forecast for tomorrow's Chicago DU gathering

I've bought the most useless thing ever - ask me anything

My Picture

Annie Hall on TCM tonight!

Chagrin Falls Thrills: "President Bush walks with a cup of frozen custard"

GREAT lawn sign I saw today

Week 1 NFL Predictions

What's the over-under on what day the 50,000th DUer shows up?

Does anyone know what's wrong with RFK, jrs' voice?

Rammstein's New Video "Amerika"

Ever feel guilty for killing baby spiders?

Heading Out To See Vanity Fair; heard it is good

if you havent seen it yet, here's DU's transcript of the Bush Daughters

Worst weekend chore

Ever had Hotmail just delete your messages?

Anyone playing Doom3? I need tech help.

Canada VRS Russia tonight!!!!


Every time I see somebody refer to their "DH",

Need some veterinary advice, please

Every parking lot should have extra large spaces for monster SUVs...

Post something about yourself, and I will make a sweeping generalization!

Please kill me. I have a Tony Orlando song stuck in my head

What is your favorite fruit?

Is there an Ozaukee County Democrat here?

Shall I order chinese food later and if so, what should I order?

Frances thread

I feel down.

ok, serious question- if Bush pulls his october surprise, will he win?

Louisiana State is losing!

Hi, guys. I'm back.

What is the most foul thing you've ever had to drink?

Anybody into Arthur C. Clarke?

What inanity in song lyrics makes you roll your eyes everytime?

Jack Chick has a new one out!

The GOP convention has got me considering voting for Bush.

"Dude, why'd you f-in' wail on that guy?"

Groups/people you'd rather see running the US than the Bushistas

What's your favorite Phish song?

I've reached a new low in my life - I've been invited to join the AARP!

who started the 50,000th member pool? I want to see who wins

Russia siege toll tops 350

Should I get this dog?

My best friend's brother hates me

Gay DUers: Do you feel weird when you see straight affection?

Will Karma come back and kick my ass because I am killing ZILLIONS of fire

"You know what tonight is don't you?"

Bush girls lousy tippers. (What else is new?)

I'm the face of the Democratic Underground

It's not too late! Pataki done?

"Gore campaign in disarray"! Candidate panicking! Bush leads by 12!

Poll: Gore trails Bush on leadership issue

look at these little Kerry supporters

We are behind after *'s Convention 'Bounce': Time to Face the Music

Kerry---Forget the swing voters!

Bushists to Elderly: Bend over, take it, and like it.

Is our children safer?

Bill Maher: Bush and Kerry Agree on Iraq

Kerry is not the one "running on what he did 30 years ago".

Who was Bill Clinton's 1996 Campaign Manager?

What Kerry MUST do in the debates...

Help me out here. Did John Kerry "bring up Vietnam" initially?

Dear Senator Kerry, as a committed supporter...

Why Gore Can't Win

delete please

Vanity Fair editor has a good by the numbers list on Bush

Kerry's Campaign Is Using "Money Ball" Tactics

Eric Alterman auther of When presidents lie is on C-Span

Can Kerry get anyone to replace Bill Clinton ??

McCain said we could be in Iraq for TEN TO TWENTY YEARS

The "ownership society" went over really big today, eh?

One humble, simple suggestion for Senator Kerry

This should be the new Kerry slogan...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't disabuse bush supporters of the notion

Let's see, where did zell campaign for bush today?

Bush Lies Radio

DH: DNC slimed five straight campaigns--and it *still* can't fight back?!

Evangelical Vote article to cheer nay sayers!

"the south rules" and " to hell with the yankees"

NYT,pg1: Kerry "upbeat, feisty" in OH, "about attacks on you, not me"

Lee Enterprises - FREE RNC Coverage - Thanks

Seattle P-I's Horsey does it again.

5-minute Video of Bush reading The Pet Goat at

This may be naive and idealistic,

NYT: David Brooks's rosy view of "Bush's Second Term"

Things you have to believe to vote Republican

Here's the CREDIBLE poll, post-convention...

"Bush evokes Miller in Campaign"


Mark Latham ( Australia) calls for campaign suspension on 9/11

First person report about computerized voting fraud in CA. VERY SCARY!

C-Span said that the Time poll was a web exclusive

Let's hold a festival!

Cindy Adams- The Undecideds

What finally brought me to the left

the tag line that sums up this whole deal

Medicare Premiums to Rise 17 Percent

Arkansas outrage over "vicious" material, voter reg. forms mailed from RNC

How much of a boost did GHWB get in 92 from his RNC?

Progressives might win either way in November

GOP hoping to start a bandwagon effect with the Time poll...

Saudi owned Time making up polls:

c-span taking calls right now 202-737-0002 for kerry


Analysis of 'Framing' Techniques Used at the RNC

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll shows only "modest" Bush bounce: 49/45

Bands influencing likely democratic voters

Charley and Francis -- A Republican 527

Daily Kos: Time Poll was Massaged to produce lead

Gore struggles to gain traction while Bush opens double digit lead

Kerry's Effort to Woo the Undecideds has swelled their ranks

A Hidden Swing Vote: Evangelicals

Bush Rocks!

Scientists, Engineers Press for Virtual Town Hall Meetings with Presidenti

Am I dreaming ?

How many hours will you pledge to Kerry-Edwards this week? Fix the poles!

"And the people who knocked down these buildings will hear you very

Bush plans to take your SS money and put it in the Stock Market

Aug. 6 PDB postcards idea

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots (60 mins. Barnes video)

OU est Gallup?

Green Party candidate Cobb Challenges Kerry to Weekly Debates

edge of the cliff .... heee heee heee

Didn't the Time poll come out mighty quickly ??

Some insight from Esquire

Time polling firm CEO's position on polling

May I Talk about the Time Poll in Another Context???

Does anyone know when OTHER polls will be released?

Any ideas for talking points ~ ads ?

Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards

Many thanks to sanghO and others who went to bat yesterday.

Unfortunately Kerry can't issue code Orange

New York Fire Fighter Locals Overwhelmingly Endorse JOHN KERRY For Preside

Another Bush Bonus

I liked what Kerry said about Bush wanting Re-election.

A 527 ad that I'd like to see

I Believe the Polls

It's OVER, Bush will lose Florida.

Primary breakdown of votes in Florida-again

Annotated response to BSH convention speech

George Bush is an environmental disaster! . . .

Remember that August was a month when Kerry could not spend money

If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

Who's gonna do Bush the greater damage--

Who Says "Terrorism" is #1 Issue??!!

Treatment of dissent at Bush rally

Why don't Democrats bring up Kosovo more to counter "weakness" charge?

Are Republicans benefiting from lack of Convention Coverage?

Who determines the timing of the conventions?

"It's their attacks on you, that's what this is all about."

What should the Kerry campaign do? (Here's one idea.)

Five things the Republicans did better than the Democrats

Anybody notice the cheers when ever war was mentioned at the convention?

Nov 2 Critical! - January 20 just as critical

Don't believe the Bush Big MO hype. Kerry is doing just fine, thank you.

Does anyone from the Dem campaign look at this forum?

I thought we had a stable 45-45 race - now Newsweek says 52-41-3 Bush?

If people believe we are down 10 points in the polls victory will be sweet

Is it true that John Gibson on Faux said tonight about Clinton:

So, Bush Got A Big Bump From His Convention - Let's Get To Work

Expectations and "momentum" -- make them work.

While Clinton is recuperating, this is Al Gore's chance to step up,

I'm having that IOWA feeling...

Bush as laughingstock.

The best closer in politics

Well least we aren't going into this last couple of months overconfident

Can we please not call it "Boo-Gate"?

Aug 6 PDB postcard, print and distribute

Ignore polls, ignore the media

Two things the Kerry campaign can do to get total media attention....

My idea for a GD2004 mascot

A letter being considered for publication

I am not in Panic Mode

Presidential Debate Info???

Repeat after me, 9-11 wasn't anyone's shining hour

Zogby poll out

Now there's no reason to sit on your ass reading DU

Does anyone use the RSS Feed?

I saw a post with a great idea for the Kerry campaign

UPDATED: Flip-Flopper in Chief!

Sixty Days to Freedom

Florida messed up again, Dean Dozen candidate calls us laughingstock.

We're under a Tropical Storm warning now.

"Four More Years!.....Years of Fear." Do You Really Want That?

To all Democratic candidates and spokespeople:

upside with polls so far up

How has Bush protected America? Seriously

Where we stand now

I just want to say that the MikeG who reported that Bush is gay.

John Edwards

The elephant in the room

How do we OVERCOME this?!?!...............

The crawl on Fox news says analysts say polls taken during the convention

Where is the SwiftLiar backlash?

GOOD NEWS: Rasmussen Poll shows NO CHANGE (49-45)

Cheer Up, everybody - Kerry's kicking ass out there . . .

Some mathematical trends to predict the election

Two months is an eternity in politics . . .

LAX is shut down.. We are not going to have an election this year

What has Bush done to protect America?

IF Bush is a "compassionate conservative" - ? against raising min. wage

Here Is Everything Necessary To Destroy Bush

Who "needed" the "media blitz" bounce

New Poll shows Kerry opening up a Huge Lead

CNN/USA Today/Gallup: Bush at 52% - NOT THE TIME POLL

Wait, I'm confused (again). Didn't the Republicans say that they made

Edwards says Bush has failed to protect American workers

George Jr sent out of Texas by father as a 'drunken liability'

Anti-gay marriage petitions

How many people think Bush is gay?

Kerry's fire thrills supporters

Four years from now..?

Here's the bio for Bush's um boyfriend.

Now that the conventions are over and everyone is back from summer

"We are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"


Wait until some polls are taken after the holiday weekend....

Did Anyone Notice The Look On W's

Kerry, Glenn greet supporters at GM

"...surprising medical details about Dubya, including an explanation...

Why you can't trust Labor Day week/weekend polls.....

Flashback: Polls show Gore with big lead over Bush



Think like Churchill, not Chamberlain

Do Negative Campaign Ads Work? Test Yourself

Kerry rips bush on health care ...............(Ohio speech)

Is the internet going to balance the media in this election?

what is about people who like negative dirty lies and gossip?


Has the subject of Bush being gay been talked about enough?

I'm scared Sh&tless right now!!!!

How do you feel about Senator John Kerry?

They're suggesting Bush is GAY - How low have we sunk?

Bush swagger, didn't you think it very odd that (Bush would say

High res. Aug. 6 PDB postcard for printing here

Newsweek Poll Internal, Interviews taken after *'s Speech

From Newsweek Poll--interesting stats for end of both conventions

What would we do with ANOTHER contested election?


Not one poll matters until November 2!

Keep up the protesting!!!!!

Terry Holt deals with "the scum of the earth" (the media)

New Group to Launch Anti-Kerry Ads

Enraged Author Interviews Self On Least Favorite Topic, Bush

What Carville has said....(RE: Brazile and other threads about theme)

If Newsweek had sampled correctly: Kerry 44%, Bush 50%

Rebugs send questionaire to Dem and poll myth buster.

Has anyone heard or seen news about shutting down LA airport?

Question: How does the media figure it's phone polling?

The polls are Bushit

Couple Countdown/Olbermann short clips

Has Bush's cannibalism gotten enough attention in the media?

Aggressive ISN'T negative, especially when there's truth

CNN says school massacre is from terrorist. How will Russia see Bush's

Did the Republicans seem bloodthirsty or what?

The media is acting as the unfair parent who has a favorite child

Do the Democrats ignore the "uninterested" voter?

What do you think about people posting flamebait polls...

Zigzag zell on C-span at Book events

Vote in "Bush Bounce" poll!


I like this strib letter

Newsweek: 13 point Bounce from Bush Convention. Horrible Negatives Work

POLL: 9/3 Rasmussen- Bush 49.1% Kerry 44.7%

New MEME: Who is going to protect Americans from Bush

It's 911 and Iraq stupid!

It is time for the Dems to fight dirty

Download Absentee Ballot Request Form For Your State

Calm Down People ! Candy Fat Lady Crowley hadn't sung yet

Best anti-GOP convention meme: Where's Osama?

Here's an aggressive idea for the Democrats

Why Doesn't Kerry Hit on the Environment?

"Bush By The Numbers: Four Years Of Double Standards"

Rasmussen tracking poll has race 49-45 Bush

Need a little repug down time

More Newsweek Poll (52% Job Approval, 53% Want Bush Re-Elected)

The promises Bush will keep.

Bizarro World in the Garden: Anti-GOP Newspaper Editorial

I wish the media would scrutinize the polls and their applications...

Links to great video clips

Fact: US Army Psyops personnel have worked at CNN

Do this: Make Sure Vet Groups Know All About SBVFT/Jerome Corsi's bigotry

Got a minute?.....This MSNBC/Newsweek poll needs some help:

Point with pride and view with alarm.

Bush Confident of Vote Systems' Integrity

WTF is this?!?

Bloomberg report say Newsweek poll is 11 point lead. WiseMen said 13

Supreme Court justices likely to be replaced

Mary Cheney's sad "Fuck You" (she runs Cheney's elec. campaign)

Are the lessons of Vietnam relevant to Iraq?

I just realized Bush appeals to my fear, too

Hatred in Manhattan--Paul Krugman

I did not like it when some Du'ers who originally supported

Why on earth would anyone want to go negative today?

What's wrong with GenX? They're supporting B*.

ACTION ALERT! Call Kerry campaign NOW!

Pitching and Catching.........

Why We Shouldn't Even Bother Trying to Win or Having a DU

Kerry is being put under tremendous pressure by his supporters....

Can She prove her claims?

Bush was leading Gore by 13 points on October 26th

MyDD has an excellent analysis of the Newsweek poll--sample bias

If you live in New York and California please move to Ohio and Florida

So should we "go negative" and dump the "positive campaign" BS?

Should Kerry/Edwards Offer To Appear on Faux's Big Shows?

Are we forgetting the great news?

AP: "Kerry Slams Bush over Health Care, Jobs"

Buchanan will vote for Bush to insure 4 more Scalias

What Bush43 learned from Bush41 about gays and fundies

The best thing the Kerry Campaign could do

Nobody cares if Bush is lying or corrupt. Nor should they.

If Newsweek poll were honest it would be more like 48-45 Bush

How You Can Tell scrubbie really is in trouble

Linda Chavez author Betrayal on C-Span calls * administation a

Does anyone know where Kerry is campaigning on Labor Day?

Polls from 2000 election--pretty wild lead changes

Why I will vote for John Kerry

The Problem With the TIME Poll (RE: Bush Ahead by 11)

So Kitty Kelley says that Bush is Gay? She reports, We decide.

Sunday Show Planner

I'd like to comment on those that insist others volunteer, canvas, or....

This is an invitation to DUers to tell us all who you are

Please debate the one-person campaign-head tradition. It is dead wrong.

FYI: graphic of advantages during & near conventions

What Kerry Needs to do to Win This Election

Forget the polls: Kevin Drum worries about Kerry's strategy

Why did Newsweek's poll interview 374 Republicans & only 303 Democrats?

Letterman and Oprah: Kerry and Edwards should get on those shows

Here's what I'd like to hear from Kerry: Uh, SPIES in the DoD & Quadragon?

Military DRAFT proposed to start June 15, 2005

A simple question re: Kerry and the "war vote"

Salon article on AWOL's time in Alabama-Mrs. Allison

Remember, the South is included in national polls

FUCKEN A! Kerry just launched a HUGE ATTACK! TRANSCRIPT!

If the RNC was a disaster, why did Bush get a bounce?

Kerry needs to educate the misinformed Faux News viewers.

Reuters - Edwards And Kerry Super-Rich (Hides Bush And Cheney's Millions)

Bush's Heart and Soul strategy - "Americans are stupid"

Bush's "Scowls of Incredulity"? Anybody else notice?

Attack ads with Bushisms: "Fool me one once, shame on you..."

At PST on C-Span democratic radio to come on at 3:55

Does Kerry refuse one on one interviews?

How the Time Poll works perfectly for the Kerry campaign

My AWOL-Bush button is now under production!

Do you think it's too late for Kerry to come out strong against the war?

Karen Hughes' secret to good press: Yell & Scream at the Reporter!!

If bush is so great why such severe attacks against....

Austria say Arni the BoobieGrabber Lied

Ad ideas (let's help them fight back)

LOL Bush daughters tip $48 on comped $4,500 bill

Way to Go Hillary. Nevers misses a shot

Kerry slamming * on C-Span now.

"You've Got A Friend in Me"

Anyone have video of Bush when protestors interrupted his speech?

Grassroots smear campaign

We Are Going To Lose This Election

Has Kerry been making sports gaffes?

Kerry Holds Slim Lead Over Bush (Canadian Poll)

New A_W_U_Y poll: After RNC Kerry leads: 100% - Bush 0%

I Propose A New Rule: Volunteer or Don't Complain

My Wingnut Vet Is Just Getting to the Navy-"investigating" JK's Medals

Fox now using Russian terrorist attack to buck up *'s war. sick

The reason going negative won't work as well as you hope...

Very simple explanation for the Bush "bounce"

If my uncle had breasts he'd be my aunt and he/she would be leading Bush

I know a non-partisan polling expert who just looked at that Time poll

A couple of notes from yest & today

Is this September 2004 or is this September 1968 ??

I have written a campaign ad that attacks on national security issues

The Osama Card ???

Why Bush will win

This is my major concern

Kerry-Edwards Fact Sheet on Bush Agenda

Books on President Bush Panel on CSPAN-2 w/sched.

Senator John Kerry's Radio Address to the Nation (Text)

So, are we depressed and freaking out today?

Is it better to be behind in the polls?

What Kerry and Edwards Need

Why so much pessimism? We still have 60 days until the election!

Bush's speech = naughty child turning on cute factor

I would say everything gets better from this day forward....

Coward!!! Bush May Only Agree to 2 Debates

A more "clever" war on terror. CLEVER.

Susan Estrich is ANGRY--Strong words

Interesting comparison, GOP operatives downplay Time poll

Why didn't Bush get a bump from his convention

WashPost: Bush Fails To Sway Undecideds

In reference to the Kitty Kelley book: Anyone remember this? (large file)

Do you personally know any Democrats who are voting for Bush?

McCain predicts Kerry victory...

New Idear: "Iraq war veterans for truth"?

Kerry & Edwards: Master Closers

OK, I can understand one skewed poll, but two?

This is the BEST feeling I have had since the start of Kerry-Edwards

Question for those who want to go negative - Did Clinton go negative?

Do you really want to do this?

Vaginas Vote? wtf?

Support MoveOn's get-out-the-vote campaign.

My Big Adventure today. Waiting for the Kerry bus.

Newsweek gave Kerry 10 pt lead/Zogby 5 pts after DNC Convention speech

Clinton beat Poppy w/out 500,000 protesting and without an Iraq war mess.

Brought to tears today at a grassroots Kerry tabling event

What do you think about those who caution us not to go negative/truthful?


RE: Kitty Kelley's book.

Report from Ohio

This shit is getting BORING!

Just returned from Kerry Rally in Akron, OH.

Dean rallies with candidates in Columbus, OH tomorrow. Jeff Seemann also.

Anyone listening to CNN flogging Time poll as only one? 10:00 AM EST.

My "Veterans for Kerry" sign - [LARGE image warning - 198K]

"My friends, the high road may be harder, but it leads to a better place."

No matter how bad of candidate people think Kerry is HE BEAT DEAN!

Debunking "Move on for America"

Remember the mess in 2000? How about a tie?

My open letter to GWB...

Hate Group linked to GOP candidates

President uses made up facts in his speech

Are republicans freaking out over John Glenn's "Hitler" comment?

Any Graphic Artists Out there?

Bush has "presenile dementia"

Vets for Kerry Protesters at Bob Perry’s Home

Time and Other Magic Bush Lead Polls-GOP Rigged

Scott Rasmussen Debunks the Time Poll

"It's time the Dems played hardball"

Honestly: If Dean were on the ticket, he'd be leading Bush.