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Archives: September 7, 2004

White Men to Return to the Cold Conversation with Bush supporters familiar

God & Dubya Have a Chat

I'm a Vet. And I'm Appalled by Bush.

Something is quite wrong here (Fort Worth TX)

The Bush Doctrine (Philadelphia PA)

Bush Gets Small Convention Bounce, Leads Kerry by Seven (Gallup)

War, not sex, is the issue (Charlotte NC)

Salon: Can John Kerry climb back?

Bad credit score may affect getting a job

An explanation for Bush (Beaufort SC)

A mother's e-mail on her daughter's incarceration during RNC convention

Did I hear Greta correctly?

The Truth is Crying... as the media fail America - OpEdNews

Did anyone see the Bush soundbite...

wonkette: Kitty Kelley allegations deserve as much time as Swift Boat

Inuit Elder Surveys Cascade Of Changes In Canada's Far North - NYT

Maths holy grail may be close to being solved.

Bug report id number: 64378

It is a shame to have someone saying how much fun hurricanes can be.

Explosions Kill at Least 13 in Gaza City

Floridians, I want you to know you are in my thoughts. I hear the water

Vote for my friend in the 37th Assembly District seat.

LA Daily News: Schwarzenegger snubs party by Anaheim contingent

My Pictures from the Fair and John Edwards at Harriet Island

PA DUers: I'll be in Ludwig's Corner 29 SEP through 3 OCT.

Dallas -- great Democratic picnic today!

Are the Democrats too gutless to use the cocaine at Camp David allegations

Bill Schneider: Swing voters will wait until the debates to make up minds.

I am looking for the web site that compiles the

I have a bad feeling about the Assault Weapons Ban...

Bush and God in the fight against "tera" (looking for please

mods please delete - duplicate - sorry.

Who will take the Oath of Office in Jan. 2005?

TV Alert....Olberman now, at 7:13 p.m. CST

Okay, I've been out of touch. When did we reach 50,000?

Kerry: "I will try to bring the troops home within my first term"

In a great mood here in Texas. Our 4th annual Labor Day Picnic was a

I have seen "Unprecedented" before...

Anyone Hear of Johnny Cash's Banned Record

George Bush endorses OB/GYN's practice their love with


Paula Zhan

From "New Scientist": Protests WORK! Who knew?

Patriot Act...Looking for info that it was in the wings prior to 911

Oy. Another dumb LTTE in the Journal Sentinel

Another tid bit from Kitty Kelley's book

Next time someone says "I don't have time to vote" ....

Anybody see this FLASH about the Pentegon 9/11 hit?

Is Ashcroft "evangelical" or "fundamentalist" and

Debunking a Kerry quote

GHW Bush just said

Are there single definitive sites/articles listing Bush Iraq deceptions?

is God sending US a message????

Let's play, count the tax breaks

Your thoughts on how/why caring thinking people are not progressives?

I used to like Abe Lincoln until I found out he's a Log Cabin Republican

On the talk shows tonight....

What was little bush's gaff?

Kitty Kelly # 8

What do you wanna bet this guy is a Bush supporter.....

who would you rather do a line of coke with?


Have you seen the poll reported on CNN "enthusiasm" of Repug/Dems?

No Daily Show Tonight- Whassup?

Michael Moore: Not seeking "Best Documentary" Oscar

Does anyone think it is ironic

A faux faux about Jennifer Lopez, a must see, too funny...

Regarding Big Dog's Surgery

All Republicans should have to work on Labor Day

I can't get the Bush OB/GYN clip to work.

Looking for the AAR protest songs

***Male Delegate who Assaulted Protestor Identified***

Have the new overtime laws reduced anyones paycheck ?

So now, the neocons are "meddling" in Russian business...

Young Republican ChickenHawks - Anybody Catch This Last Week ???

Which philosopher said this

Ok, someone educate me on Kitty Kelly and her new book

Does anybody here actually support the One China policy?

Happy Labor day...

Why is there no Better Business Bureau for Physicians?

Anybody Else Watching Cable News Less- And Feeling Better?

Christians: Please help me with this questions concerning * and Jesus

Damn, Barbara Bush got ugly over the years, she looked ok before

"To Many OBGYN's can't practice their Love of Women" ????

"Today was the deadliest day in Iraq for US troops in the last 4 months"

Must reading to understand what is going on - by David Brock

I just ordered "American Dynasty" by Kevin Phillips for my Step-Dad

Lucianne posts a new photo of herself!

Dear Senator... RE: eVoting.

Contact info to thank Senator Bob Graham

How true is the Margarita Model?

GHW Bush coming up on Dennis Miller... Important

Who the hell is Bush's speechwriter?

Keith Olberman

Why are gynacoligists really getting out of the business?

Anybody see Lou Dobbs tonight?

In Memorium - since it's so close to the anniversary of 9/11

Need help chasing a quote: "Atheists can't be president." Anybody hear

Young republican possibly identified

Fake Job Numbers from the Bush Administration Paint a Rosy Picture Part II

HELP--how does my son avoid the draft?

Just listened to Gore Vidal on the Majority Report...

"WHy The Towers Fell" Nova, PBS Tuesday evening

Dubya Mini-Movies

what was that bill with a rider prohibiting election monitors?

Kerry, Bush trade barbs on Iraq

Latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll gives Bush only 2% bounce!

Remarks by the Vice President at a Victory 2004 Labor Day Picnic

Ten specious fallacies on current world's high oil prices (Chinese View)

Muslim and Arab Media Denounce the Killing of Innocent Children in Beslan

Explosions Kill at Least 13 in Gaza City

Chalabi nephew loses Saddam trial role

Have you seen the poll reported on CNN "enthusiasm" of Repug/Dems?

Chilean Dictatorship's Victims Go After Pinochet's Lawyer

Frances Damages NASA Space Center

Japan to host Iraq donors conference October 13-14

“Suspicion” of CSIS and RCMP evidence

Arizona's growing Latino vote looks to be going Kerry's way

Iran: "A Tougher Nut" than N. Korea (Armitage)

U.S. accused of disrupting talks on French hostages

Oregon Guard recruitment falls

Cheney's Praise of Bush Takes a Dig at Clinton (and Reagan)

With bills to sign, Schwarzenegger faces questions about donations

Bush Lauds Strength of Economy

USATODAY: Kerry makes push for contrast with president

Fewer Texans support war, poll shows

US death toll in Iraq nears 1,000 as seven more die

Labor Day Concert Honors Working People (Willie Nelson, Danny Glover)

War of words over espionage probe

Edwards talks Canadian trash during Michigan campaign stop

Outside Expert Did Business With Dictator Riggs Bank

Eleven shot, one stabbed during party in Virginia

Two Political Ads Share More Than Fame and Controversy (Swift/Willie)

Angry Putin rejects public Beslan inquiry

Elections held for group that says Texas is still independent

Bush links to Saudi royals resurface in new book

Iraq extends al-Jazeera ban and raids offices

Big Clinton Role in Kerry Campaign Is Seen as Unlikely

Labor Day Front Porch Event (drunken Bush supporters heckle 70 yr. old)

Torture in the Redwoods (protester's day in court - pepper spray assault)

Putin Criticizes Bush, with a Warning

Anti-Blair move legal, lord says

China to invite bidding on nuclear power plants

U.S. Oil Firms Entwined In Equatorial Guinea Deals - Riggs Probe

Journalists pay price for criticising government

Pickles and Tommy Franks sitting in a tree........


I won't leave DU until

Nope. I ain't a gonna leave.

Does anybody have a mouse that is amoral?

M M M My Sharona

Update on my friend who has breast cancer


I'm thinking of leaving DU...

I was going to post some Rimjob nonsense from the Clinton years about ...

Hey, look yonder, tell me what's that you see

If you're thinking of leaving DU,

What cell phone plan do you recommend?

With the mass exodus on DU


Just watched "OutFoxed". Scary, but hilarious!

fascinating: original inhabitants of America came from Australia

What's with all the DU-exodus-related program activities?

I'm practicing loving with my DU.

I will never leave DU!

I'm on work day eight of ten in a row, ask me anything.

I've had it. I'm leaving DU too.

Look into your wallet or purse or desk,


Do you get a charge if your thread says "[View All]"?

I start school the day after Kleeb, ask me anything

I'm considering the possibility of thinking about leaving DU.

Watching 1981 NCAA sweet 16 between BYU and the Irish (ESPN Classic)

Anyone else living the literal meaning of "Labour Day"?

ok, another 80's show Vs. Poll

Home Makeovers

The Vandals finally struck......

Yo, Finnfan! Did ya catch this thread from earlier today?

Who remembers the 1985 film comedy, THE SURE THING?

I'm also Leaving DU

Forgive me DU, for I have sinned.

CAPTION these two Democratic heros!

Is there a new episode of the Daily Show tonight?

Okay, I've been out of touch. When did we reach 50,000?

Whose civilization was better?

When was the last time you saw * comfortable on stage with

Anybody in Vero Beach, Florida?

Help!! Need information on making jelly!!

Feline royalty

Barry Zito is cute

Does this picture bother anyone else?

I'm off, and i don't know what to do with myself!

I wish someone in the media would tell the TRUTH....

Eliot Spitzer on CNBC

it has come to nothing.

It's been 0 days and 0 hours since my last copycat post.

It has been 12 days and five hours since my last...

Post #667

Typical. The media can't tell the difference in a rifle from a shotgun.

National Memorial Procession: October 2nd 2004 - Washington DC

Any Finn Fann fans on this forum?

Any HEyHEY fans on this forum?

Dial "056" for Murder

It's been 12 days and six hours since my last copycat post.

It's been 7 hours and 15 days..

I wish there were a way people without families could find each other

Boooo!!! Anyone see this "" commercial?

I just cooked the best burger

A real marijuana arrest story that happened to a friend in Utah...

Anybody only has friends with fins?

Went to the Nixon Museum & Birthplace

The Polyphonic Spree?

Go buy the new People Magazine...(An "I'm Tired" Ramble of sorts)

The future's so bright, they've gotta wear shades.

Have any Republican buddies?

Samba Pa Ti

Another fashion question for women to help us dumb men with

Where can I find it?

dumb question for women re: men's casual summer clothing

I just finished doing it! Ask me anything!

I am more of a Finish fan myself!

How come nobody liked our limericks?

Another * moment...... fit for CAPTION


Can you and your friends drink $4500 worth of booze in one night?

Dubya Jeopardy

I need help! I practice my love with box turtles

I just ordered "American Dynasty" by Kevin Phillips for my Step-Dad

May I practice my ZombyLove with you?

If Ann Coulter falls in the forest & no one's there does she make a sound?

Any Finnish fans in the Forum?

DU Women: What must I do to be that creepy guy in the bar?

Screw you guys, I'm going home.

A poem by GWB...Make the Pie Highter

What Civ civilization is best?

Surprising Tribute (sort-of) to My Dad, Who's 65 Today

I start school tommorow, ask me anything

How many Otaku are on this board?

Where Do You Shop For Your Clothes?

Has anyone read Crisscross Double-Cross

MoveLeft Media now has RSS Feed.

Anybody Need A Dubya Chew-Toy For Their Cat ???

Satellitie TV - Dish or Direct - who should I give my money to?


14 Children and Pregnant Again

who would win in a fight, the Sex Pistols or the Ramones?

I don't know. I just don't know. But it sure is funny to CAPTION

CAPTION this bunch of schmoooes. The laughing idiots.

Yet another chimp moment..... CAPTION it...

HELP!!!! Two close friends arrested for possession of marijuana! plz help

Who gets the most love with women?

I just can't stop laughing about W's OB-GYN "Bushism" today..

Why do I have to go to some kind of certification class next Sunday

I'm Leaving DU

I'm NOT leaving DU.

Kitty kelly's book coming soon/ F9/11 DVD coming Oct. 5th...

Will voters believe the Kelley book? Will the media report what

Kerry needs to blast dumbya on incompetence in Iraq.


If The Chimp Wanted to Sew Up The Election He Would

Do you think Bush could get his Community Service crew to campaign...


Is Kelly book a Rove play for the stoner vote? Does W stand for Wasted?

Kerry: "I will try to bring the troops home within my first term"

Bush on c-span now

Statement from John Kerry on Iraq

Kerry Campaign: Bush - Sending Middle Class Taxes in the Wrong Direction

Bad Sign For *: Few Flags Flying This Labor Day

Who asked that silly question about what Bush stands for?

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jesse Jackson To call for election reform Tues

Hey! Y'all check (they gonna use my logo)

Prepare NOW for marches on Nov. 3rd!!

Uncovered:The Whole Truth About Iraq War

Here is your chance to talk about the cocaine habit

Clinton's doctors are on Larry King Live. CNN...NOW.

Bush just had ad on TV in calif. It was positive. I am gobsmack.

Soon the GI deaths in Iraq will reach 1,000---what then??

christian values...dubya has a stripper for him

Update On Texas 32nd Race?

"Too many good docs are gettin' outta bidness!"

Maybe better: George "Wrongway" Bush

bush wants OBGYNs to, er...

Selfless doctors care for their patience out of pure love.

Subject: bush wants OBGYNs to, er...

Iraq war; "Right for Amurka!" I can't believe this idiot!

Carville & Matlin on CNBC Meet the Press.

Has anybody heard about the guy leaving Kerry campain? I missed all of it.

Should bad people vote in the Elections?

Anti-Bush bumper stickers abound in Miami - eyewitness report

Kerry was telling the truth about Vietnam atrocities.

Kerry was telling the truth about atrocities in Vietnam.

bush wants OBGYNs to be able to, er...

If one empty statement like "There you go again" can vault a doddering

Oregonians' median income down $3,000 since 2001

People keep asking me for new Kerry bumperstickers due to GOP theft

Kerry's newest speech on C-Span if you missed it. this in CA

"Where were their fatigues?" Asked Jim Hightower

If anybody needed proof that Bush-bots are assholes

Things are rosier than media would like us to think! Gallup Poll Numbers

Fact Check: Zell Miller's Attack on Kerry, A little Out OF Date

"Support President Bush & Our Troops"

Cheney's campaign speech is posted on the WH site

Anyone watching Sundance channel?

Bush is talking OBGYN's again up on MSNBC. What is this monkey's

One more laugh on Olbermann- the dig at someone who would

How The Kitty Kelly Book Helps Us

The Cheney-Gore voting records

Could fake Poll Numbers backfire on Bushistas?

JK now using "Fool Me Once" line ... correctly.

Kerry statements about Iraq and Saudi/Bush connections

My new line for dealing with Repugs

Trial Lawyers: Juries can decide DEATH but not monetary damages?

LTTE says: Zell's speech as important as Gettysburg

'Bush gets SMALL bounce' GALLUP POLL -- leads by Seven

We're all doing what we can til November...

It's probably too risky but

Can someone answer this about campaign law?

New ACLU commercial--did ya see it

sorry - delete

Rasmussen POLL: Chimp inching down & Kerry inching up

Attack Bush and his adminsitration on their loyalty

Bush Campaign Coordination - Signage

I need proof Cheney is profitting from Halliburton's Iraq/other deals.

The point about the Kitty Kelly book is.....

Ronald Reagan: A Traitor to the American Union Worker

corporate PAC supports Tom Daschle's opponent

For those looking to defend their support

Young Republican Who Kicked Protester at RNC Possibly Identified

What's wrong with Mary Matalins face?

Conservative, means against change or cautious.

"The Audacity of Hope"

A place for dirt on Dubnuts

Campaign Sign Idea -- What Do You Think?

ABC News 7 in Chicago - story coming up about the * drug allegations.

Will Bush be on Dr. Phil?

What are the best documented Bush lies?

okay.....pull THIS finger!

One more Caption this pic

Have you guys seen this letter on Greg Palast's site?

Friggin Brilliant; Pretty Dam Neat

Good news! My republican brother's boss, another repub, won't be voting.

Olberman will be showing *'s crazy OBGYN quote in a few minutes.

On Labor Day, 1980...

My sig line image makes for a great screen saver, by the way.

My child has to answer a true/false question about * serving in TANG

The pollsters were successful - they demoralized the Kerry supporters

Will Newsweek and Time use correct sample in next poll?

Scotty's going to have to answer some tough questions...

Does anyone else find this photo frightening?

Olbermann has a poll that has the chimp and Kerry TIED!!

Don't forget Karla Faye Tucker! If they say it doesn't matter what you do

Caption this photo: Bushie Twins in Kirtland, OH

Anyone catch Tweety tonight?

Which one of these Republicans or Bush supporters would help us the most..

why Bush will fight to deny Americans affordable health care

Despite Newsweek/Time Blip Polls Are Even Within MOE- Is Panic Over?

Got a wierd idea while going through Sunday paper

Should Kerry take Clinton's advice?

New threat of anti-Kerry Vietnam Vets ad from NewsMax (sooo scared!)

Why the Kitty Kelley book will work.

"Where were their fatigues?" Asked Jim Hightower

All Hail, Martyr James HATFIELD, Truth-Teller First

Did You See Olberman and the Chimp-OBGYN!!!

Kerry: 80% win prob, 290 EV, based on latest state polls.

So when does Bush's insider trading at Harkin get brought out?

How Come Whoever Believed RITTER Doesn't Want to Believe KELLEY? n/t

Pilot Who Flew Bush Onto Aircraft Carrier is Killed

CNN: "Bush's apparent bounce seems small by historical standards."

Bush Scaring Another Baby

Endorsement Fraud Alert

Why can't we say the word "liar"!!

A Well Orchestrated Demand of the Release of the 27 Pages

W is for.....

The issue isn't the war or the economy, it's character: Bush is a liar

A note before bed, RE: Congressional Elections

Olberman to run OBGYN Bushism.

How are freepers reacting to *'s OB/GYNs "love" practice quip?

Lets face it most Americans are ignorant on the facts.


John Kerry is going to win.

Why is there no well-wishers thread for President Bush????

Dupe - Please Lock - Sorry

Iran's Bid for Regional Power: Assets and Liabilities

Restrictions lacking on fertilizer (Bomb making material)

How Kerry's Foreign Policies Leave Him Vulnerable to Republican Attacks

'We Lie. We Decide.' (Media failure to vet SBVL)


White House blocked probe of 9/11-Saudi link

Ohio Faith Leaders to Hold Prayer Breakfast;Support of Smoke- Free laws

THE JOYLESS RECOVERY: A way of life fades away as wages fall

Can Kerry Match the Comeback Kid?

Front Porch Hecklers

9/11 Proposals Lead the Agenda Facing Congress (or maybe not?)

Ads Share More Than Fame and Controversy(Bush smear ala Horton & Swifties

Kerry enlists sharp tongues to attack Bush

Growing Activity of U.S. Militias Shows Retooling of Movement, Says ADL

Persuasive Iraq policy could work wonders

Boasting About Job Growth a Dangerous Game for GOP

Bush Speech Shows U.S. Conservatism Has a New Playbook

On Labor Day, Nominees Have Work to Do

The Bush Crusade

With Ball in Bush's Court, Can He Keep the Bounce Going?

Behind the AIPAC Probe, Neocons Seen Battling Rivals

Remember the first `war on terror' to avoid mistakes in this one

Far From Great Bushs Ownership Society Could Cost America in Unseen Ways

Andy D: Oil and World War III

James Carroll - The Unwinnable War

Winning the Fight Against Imperialism: Cornel West on Democracy

Web of Connections Grows, More Bush Officials Linked to Smear Vets

A Trailing Kerry Has Been There, Won That

Kerry Campaign: Bush's Wrong Direction on Health Care

God & Dubya Have a Chat

Bush, Kerry on the Issues: Patriot Act

Can Lawyer-Bashing Win Votes For Bush?

Tentacles of Rage: The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history

Great website--great article!


Molly Ivins: Throwing out the garbage

Bass Boat Vets for Truth take on W

Bush's Youth Under Scrutiny

Josh Marshall re Richard Perle. I don't mean to pile on here.

Christian Coalition gambled, & lost

Paul Krugman - Hatred In Madison Square Garden

Swift Vets: Down, Dirty, And Sexy

The Plastic Paladin...(into the militaristic abyss)

DNC tries to lead but has no idea what its base is doing, and vice versa

A Mythic Reality. NYT, Krugman.

In Norway, The State is Still Grandpa

The top 25 censored media stories of 2003-2004:

About bumperstickers

NIH Science Under Attack: Congress Debates Sept 8 ACT NOW

Find Hidden Bush Documents! Wash D.C., Montgomer AL help needed!

nationwide protest against the PNAC: we need volunteers

Please join - help urgently needed to stop Nader in NM

Please sign the Moveon petition to extend the ban of assault .....

Yesterday on my local news/talk radio.


Talk host Ray Taliaferro is one of the most upbeat radio hosts around.

Is Kerry suddenly getting better media coverage? I think so.

Is the mainstream Media ashamed of the way they covered the SBVT Story?

Get Rush Limbaugh OFF American Forces Radio

Bush "OBGYN" Quote - Video

Toyota, partner to invest US$461 million in China

Tax simplfying Bush passed laws that increase FIT prep time by 80 m/return

US Congress sees 422-billion-dollar deficit for current year(2.3T over 10)

Congress's Analysts See Worsening Deficit(assuming some tax breaks ended!)

Debt, Deficit: confusing; better, Nowshort, and Longshort

Taiwan world's No. 4 broadband user - America not on the list

Job Creation numbers assume "death" of at home job means new at home job

CNN: Analysts say deficit will hit $2.29 trillion in 10 years

Climate change can slash animal gene pools

Industrial pollution may double twin births

EU Misses Kyoto Protocol Deadline Before December Conference - AFP

Sudden Oak Death Discovered In Virginia

Climate Outlook Pushes Major Changes In Australian Reinsurance

Svalbard Sea-Ice-Free At 80 North - National Ice Center Updates

Brazil Faces The Revenge Of The Trees - NYT

Glacier yields soldiers' bodies after 86 years

Indonesian Government Distributing Smog Masks

Arctic Study Projects Massive Regional Warming - Release Due In November

9/7 14:00 AST Ivan near Grenada - Back to Cat 3, 120 Max. Sustained Winds

MDFC- Methanol Direct Fuel Cell - looking for info

Bangkok hospitals lure more (Arab) foreigners

Fierce Clashes in Iraq Kill 34

Iran Nears Deal on Renewed Nuclear Freeze

Bush hampered fight against Al Queda -Gen Franks notes resouce denial

What's the JPS take on this Drudge/Kerry rifle thing?

Could use some help from someone who knows guns more than I do.

Where's the Fan Mail page I've heard referred to?

Please I do not understand this lock

We should have a DU link to Amazon or Powell's

The lounge just went AWOL...

I'm trying not to be frustrated

All stars have dissappeared?

Is it my computer or is DU running slow....thanks


you can call this a personal attack

Trouble accessing my account

israel's right to exist.

holy shit- a DUer's first time in the IP forum.

Settler rabbis: Get tough on terror, even if civilians die

Petitions filed against ban on lease of Karmiel lands to Arabs

Hamas vows revenge after Israel kills 14 Hamas fighters in Gaza

Israeli Rabbis Urge Army to Get Tough

The main reason why what really happened on 9/11 is so controversial:

Does anyone have a good 'No Plane Hit the Pentagon' debunker link?

What EXACTLY did Card whisper in *'s ear in Florida?


Floridians, would you vote for an income tax....

Bill would free ferrets

Bad meat distribution lists kept hidden

Meehan enriches war chest, eyeing possible Senate run

Kerry to be in Rochester tomorrow (Sept 8)

Tell Dayton, Coleman: OPPOSE anti-freedom flag amendment!

John Kerry to Speak at LaborFest 2004

Need Dem presence at EMU football games

Cincinnati DU'ers

Kerry plans Union Terminal speech on Iraq (site of "Cincinnati Speech")

Newly signed voters may get shut out Election Day:

Hey Houstonians: DeLay protest opportunity?

Hey FSC!

Police caught Kerry sign thiefs in Berkely neighborhood

Good Morning, WI! Ain't it a beautiful day??

The State of Working Wisconsin 2004

Help me Bust Russ Darrow

"Fear is the Trendkiller"

Seeing lots of ads for Splenda. Wonder if it's safe? Dr Mercola says no.

The more a CEO outsources jobs, the higher will be his pay

Ohio coughs up 33 dead

Yellow wristbands

Phone company donates Beslan SMS money.

Is audio streaming down for Bernie Ward? When I click to activate it, all

this Brian Williams show is fascinating

DU this poll: "Will the Bush Bounce last?"

Can you guys help me find something?

most wwe wrestlers are morons...

I'm all done posting at FREEPTARDLAND

OK so there was a long period of time that bush was on probation..

How would you fill the Kerry/Edwards cabinet?

997 US deaths in Iraq - 11 yesterday

What does Kerry have to do to win in November?


Photo of GI cleaning the streets in Iraq (another positive story?)

Questions on the upcoming Supreme Court session

Johnny's Got A Gun!

Saudi Arabia cutting crude oil prices..

Kitty Kelley: sources

Australia: Labor makes pitch to "Middle Australia"

The Federal Marriage Amendment reminds me of the Nazi-era Nuremberg Laws

I need a short summary of how the election was actually stolen

Schneider on CNN....

With the count of dead nearly 1000

Cindy Adams: Prez's Missing Year Subject of TV Show

Who is this Ginsberg yahoo on Washington Journal????

Have we become a nation of liars, cheaters and con men that

Just watched a GREAT movie on HBO!

Where's George -- slamming Bush one dollar bill at a time

Kitty Kelly book makes the UK Mirror.........

Pretend that America is a brand new nation. How should it be set up?

What works best in appealing to the American public?

Throw the bum CEO's out.

KRUGMAN: "wishful thinking, cronyism and epic incompetence"

Aboriginals 'got to America first'

Again GOP stragegy is on Personality....

Success story

great bushgang expose'

Have yall heard the Saudi Arabia radio ads????


Washington State Indigent Medical Care Up 50% For Year Ending March 2004

Do you approve the way big business makes China a threat for the US?

DAMMIT! DO NOT let the Graham book story fall into the memory hole!

A bit of levity for the campaign weary...

One decision I've made..

There's probably some sexism somewhere in this, but..

Lies - The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction

my repug neighbor shocked me!

Hate breeds hate- Freepers listening to Savage re: Russian School Massacre

Wow. CNN's iraq headline changes by the hour...

Whatever happened to Bush's manufacturing czar?

Won't the crook meet Kerry for a debate?!??!

This Crisis brought to you by the letter W

freepers once again prove "They can't read!!!!!!"

Howard Stern was back and better than ever today against Bush

Richard Perle and Conrad Black are fighting

Help! Please help me refute the Oliver North Al Gore Bin Laden email

999 U.S. troops dead in Iraq

Israeli control of US foreign policy... 2nd try...

So Flubber got his bounce. Let the campaign begin

Can we agree not to exploit the soldier who will be/is the 1000th fatality

Fox: "Deficit to reach $422B, highest ever yet smaller than predicted"

Hate-monger Michelle Malkin to speak at UC Berkeley Wed. nite

Let's all take 8 minutes to read my pet goat this Saturday

Bush had a choice, protect US from terrorism or protect Saudi cronies.

I am getting really sick of looking at that ugly woman's teeth.

Relax! Rush's house in NOT damaged

Note the timing...

Said it before, say it again: Al Franken is going to be the spokesman

Getting Rove: How Bob Perry Bought Texas for Karl Rove

Bush Deploys Federal Health Workers to Help Jeb ?????????

Love those freepers. LOVE EM!!!!

Pataki called Bush God's chosen one

China Will Send Troops to Haiti

c-span3 1pm tom ridge at national press club

Drudge Lies About Kerry and Shotgun...

did kerry's "re-organizing" his team

Excuse me if I have been asleep at the wheel again...

999 soldiers killed in Iraq

To be happy, or to be upset...that is the question

Is the Republican stripper on Al Franken for real?

AAR - That Amber stripper for Bush is hilarious!!!

Will Hurr. Frances ensure the jobs market will get better?

Anyone see Thomas Barnett on C-Span?

The Bush campaign discovers meetups.

I think one of the reasons Karl Rove has been able to control the

I'm really worried.

Lila Lipscomb on Al Franken radio show NOW

Report: Civil War Most Likely Outcome in Iraq

"Spread the love"

Bush and God

Bush is FOR Corporate Lawyers. Bush is AGAINST Public Protection Attorneys

Can someone explain "fifth column" to me?

The main reason why what really happened on 9/11 is so controversial:

An example of sneaky media propaganda.

Is the sky falling?

Air America's ambulance-chasing ad....

MSNBC live speech from the Pentagon.

New Study Linking TV to Teen Sexual Activity

Bid on Oxycontin Boy's guitar!

Freeper sent me this Kerry smear web site..

O'Reilly Might Run Against Hillary in 2006

The Debt Unpayable

Anyone know about bush gaffe about O-B-G-Y-N & loving their women?

Shock & Awe in Ft. Worth - Halliburton cronyism.

Rummy out of his cave; sees 6 more weeks of shadow government

Drove 400+ Miles This Weekend - A Labor Day BUMPER STICKER Report

'Fahrenheit' Bypasses Documentaries, Eyes Best Picture

PLEASE HELP - Name of documentary about delusional middle America?

Rummy is A Blatant Liar

MSNBC Video from Inside Russian School during Siege

Volunteer needed at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia?

Franken is doing a great skit

Randi's On

Poll being freeped at CNN-HLN

The Barnes & Noble book Chinese Fire drill got the attention

local rightwing rag coverage

Bush to be awarded purple nose for snorting enemy lines during Drug War

Anyone see a list of upcoming appearances for Bob Graham?

Misquote in the Important correction!


Good explanation for the "bounce"

Is Gen. Tommy Franks a coward? (do other officers like him?)

Senator Barbara Boxer is reading the names of the soldiers killed in Iraq!

A little help with $87 billion funding vote

Well, we just broke 1000...

Cantankerous old man I work with says it doesn't matter who's

What was the Bush OB/GYN thing?

Why work overtime? Where's the incentive?

"Large, unmarked plane" flying low, fighter jets tailing near downtown SF.

Terrorism Defined: Bush is a Terrorist

Is the the military KIA / wounded vote numerically significant?

"America Survived the Last Bush Years!" T-shirts available in November! n

Report: Civil War Most Likely Outcome in Iraq

CNN: 1000 dead in Iraq no big deal because when you add in Afghanistan,

Caption this photo of Bush in Sedalia, MO today

Is the Ben Barnes "60 Minutes" interview Wednesday night?

Eric Margolis: "FBI painting ugly picture" of Israel spy scandal

Repuke acquaintances say they tend to believe SBVT's! OK, I believe Kelly!

Bush to attend funeral of 1000th KIA soldier.

Whatever happened to Lou Waters of CNN?

He He... Atrios annihilates Sully....

PLEASE HELP - Name of documentary about delusional middle America?

Classic CNN: All day "13 soldiers killed in last two days" then

9/11 happened under bush, so fuck you Cheney

The pilot for Chimpy's Mission Accomplished stunt has been killed in Iraq

Howard Dean honored tonight by Santa Monica physicians group.

U.S. death toll in Iraq, now 1000

Could Kitty Kelly's book have the same effect as the Swift boat ads?

I know there are many Christian DUers.. but are there any FUNDIE DUers?

Will Number 1,000 burst the bounce?

Rep. David Dreir next to be outed?

"Mr. Clinton" - ex Presidential etiquette

The Curse of Dick Cheney

Freepers are sick, really really sick....

If a Tree Fall's in the Forest and There is No One Around to Hear it

IF Pat Robertson had a Shred of humanity, he'd denounce the Swift Liars

Does anyone have any help with the following RW talking point?

Congress is back in session...WHY are they going to confirm Goss?

Dean to speak at Brown University Thursday, Sept. 9

what's this i hear about pat robertson owning a diamond mine somewhere?

How do YOU deal with kids who are strangers, but

caption this PHOTO...another baby tormented by bush*....

Support the Troops, Until they are Killed in Action!

Rate this story on Yahoo "1,000 Military Deaths in Iraq"

New Schrock ’sex tapes’ emerge; Site hints [at David Drier]

What is the problem with Bush and language?

Bob Graham is on Randi now Telling the California Saudi story

O'Reilly considering a run against Hillary (Daily News)

Was Zell part of a broader Republican strategerie?

Peace, real Global Peace is Impossible::Therefore, don't even go there

big dick says electing Kerry will GUARANTEE 'we'll get hit again'

Lou Dobbs Tonight's Quick Vote

In the Boston globe this am Kerry brought up the Christian people

Bob Graham's book calls for bush's removal from office.

media is like the volleyball scene in 'meet the parents'

The Russian MASSACRE...Where is it on the news?

512 of the 1001 were younger than 25

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks Into Top 50 Grossing 'R'-rated Movies in BO History

42% of the callers on the CNN poll thought combat deaths in Iraq were low.

Swift Boat Controversy--Vietnamese Point of View

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Pass 1,000

Kitty Kelley's book reaches #5 in sales at Amazon

Does Bill O'Reilly suffer from a mental illness?

looking for info on US tax rates

SEN. BOB GRAHAM -- On Aaron Brown Tonight (CNN)

Has the world gone crazy?

Should DU curtail free speech during this campaign time?

Hurricane Ivan... where is he headed? Texas?

Families of wounded struggle with long road to healing

If you were to compile a list of the top evil or destructive living people

Pfizer plays pharma fear card (illegai imports)

Join Your help is urgently needed today!

What's your favorite nickname for Fox News (beside FAUX NEWS)

R.I.P. : Sgt. Shawna Morrison and Spc. Charles Lamb.

Cheney says a vote for Kerry is a vote for another 9-11

Now I KNOW that David "Neocon Shill" Brooks reads DU

Did Bill Clinton EVER attend any military funerals?

This man is Deranged. I mean WTF, how can anyone take him seriously

So we've finally hit 1000.

Janeane Garofalo just said that Bush caused the deaths of 80,000

Dean really slammed Bush and Cheney in San Diego yesterday.

PHOTO: bush* smirks and scratches his ass to WH photographers

School attacks could further inflame tensions in Caucasus

What is it with the Bush family & homosexuality?

Barnes and Noble has Graham's book on front page

Interview with Pete Seeger

CNN: Jesse Jackson: Kerry is not reaching out to people - ignoring base.

Today, I was subjected to about 45 minutes of Limbaugh.

Did Bush really say that???

Randi Rhodes: A Man Should Be Judged By His Penis size

Jimmy Carter's letter to Zell Miller

Best * nickname ever

Pakistan: U.S. Official's Osama Claim Was 'Political'. Gee, ya think???

For Christian DUers..

Have a screening of Palast's "Bush Family Fortunes"...organize here.

Should the U.S. Establish an official language(s)?

Faux News slip-up...

STOP lawyer bashing. "Junk" lawsuits are NOT driving up healthcare costs.

Mass Mind Control is just so Easy to do, & so very effective

Kissinger just said Saddam was coming to 'get' America

George Bush is an amalgam of every guy I hated in high school.

bring the troops home in 4 years? i want them home NOW

It's only 1,000, hell, we lost 58,000 in Vietnam, so stop being negative

Putin blasts U.S.A....good comment here...

No offense, Florida,......but....

Does Bush have a Sweating Problem?

Gypsum plant leaking toxic water into Tampa Bay...Cargill again.

I was so offended this weekend

Watch For This New Right Wing Meme, Remember You Read It Here First

REMINDER: Al Franken TV Show starts tonight! Keep this kicked!

"The Bush Crusade" in this week's Nation puts bush's wars in historical

Kitty Kelly's book already has reviews,even thought its not out yet

I know there are many Christian DUers.. but are there any FUNDIE DUers?

GWBush given Hart-Rudman Report on Global Terror Jan302001. He went AWOL

Rush Limbaugh dating CNN anchor Daryn Kagan

'Going away' gift suggestions for Georgie. Let's play.

BBV: California to seek restitution for fraudulent claims by Diebold

Why it matters: The medical industry is a leading killer

My 9/11 book - The Terror Timeline - is released today!

9/11 Proposals Lead the Agenda Facing Congress - NYT

Car bomb explodes as Baghdad governor's convoy passes by

Bush has brain bounce

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier

Warrants for Colombian Soldiers in Union Killings

Roadside Bomb Blasts Kill 3 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq


Dean slams GOP at San Diego rally

Sound Familier: "Putin rejects public inquiry into school hostage crisis"

Gephardt tries to mobilize El Paso unions, Demos

Entertainers bring political message to W.Va. (Willie for Kerry)

Bost Herald -- Book: Bush once snorted cocaine at Camp David

Analysts Expect Smaller Budget Deficit (a mere $422 B)

Analysts Expect Smaller Budget Deficit

Kerry foreign policy experience impresses campaign volunteer

Chi Suntimes -- Book: Bush 'did coke at Camp David' years ago

U.S. Deaths in Iraq NEAR 1,000

Union membership falls in Tennessee

New Iraqi PM a Longtime CIA Source

Newspaper editor sacked over Beslan coverage

Thatcher to be questioned in court over 'coup plot': latest

Extending The Axis Of Evil?......(further preemption)

Howard Dean Hits Campaign Trail in Ohio

Patients Pushed To Get Political (By OB/GYNs)

Former Mississippi Governor Fordice Dies

Dozens killed in Baghdad fighting (1000 soldiers have now died in Iraq)

Witness: Milosevic 'a moderate'

Key test as Afghan campaign begins

Brother of federal prosecutor becomes major GOP donor

Sunny San Diego Finds Itself Being Viewed as a Kind of Enron-by-the-Sea

Kerry Takes Outsourcing Attack to N.C.

Travelers spend more time in traffic jams (3.5B hr/yr in US alone!!!)

Two Italian Women Abducted in Baghdad

Four held in anti-terror raids (UK)

August was worst month for US in Iraq

Headline: A way of life fades away as wages fall

1st charter school lags on state assessment (Wyoming) | Billings Gazette

Congress's Analysts See Worsening Deficit

Pentagon trying influence election

(EU's) Verheugen urges Turkey to expand cultural rights for its Kurds

Nader Denied Spot on Va. Presidential Ballot

(Challenger) Survey: Surge in layoffs, hiring

US layoffs up 6.6 percent in August to 6-month high

Scores Killed In Sadr City Battles As US Death Toll In Iraq Soars

Kerry plans Union Terminal speech on Iraq (site of "Cincinnati Speech")

Meehan enriches war chest, eyeing possible Senate run (Barney Frank too!)

Maths holy grail could bring disaster for internet

Report: Army to Rebid Halliburton Contract

Pakistan: U.S. Official's Osama Claim Was "Political statement"

Pakistan: U.S. Official's Osama Claim Was 'Political' (Reuters)

Kerry Says Bush Wrong for Choosing Tax Breaks for Outsourcing...

New Schrock ’sex tapes’ emerge; Site hints [at David Drier]

One US Soldier Killed By Small Arms Fire In Baghdad - Centcom

13 U.S. Troops killed in Latest Iraq Fighting

Group decries mixing religion and politics

Kerry campaign, supporters get tough on Bush

MSNBC Video from Inside Russian School during Siege

Clinton off ventilator after bypass

Bush Blames 'Junk Lawsuits' for Job Woes (actual headline)

Blair to Reshuffle Cabinet This Week

U.S. School Budget Woes Trim Teacher Ranks

Deficit to hit $2.3 trillion CBO 10-year forecast widens; near-term foreca

On Occasion of the 1,000th U.S. Troop Death .Military Families Speak Out

Bush accuses Kerry of blocking new job creation

60 Minutes WEDNESDAY, Ben Barnes

Redford Coached Carter Before Debates

Tauzin (R) to be absent for September congressional session

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 7 September

CNN Breaking: 999 U.S. Soldiers Dead

Rep. David Dreir next to be outed?

Gunman dies after wounding three people in Ohio town

Former Secretary of State Shultz endorses stem cell measure (CA)

Soldier Killed In Attack In Eastern Baghdad (1,001)

Salt Lake Mayor Charged in Funds Scandal (Nancy Workman-R)

Rumsfeld: U-S winning in Iraq

Army to Rebid Halliburton Contract -WSJ

US army 'to axe Halliburton deal'

Bush Blames 'Junk Lawsuits' for Job Woes

Behind the AIPAC Probe, Neocons Seen Battling Rivals

Bid to Block Naming of 'Coup Bankrollers'

Blair: We will win war on terror

Kerry to campaign at site of Bush's 2002 speech

British Evidence on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Was Thin

Peacekeeping 'pushed to limit'

Lawsuit Challenges Bush Administration’s ‘Back Door Draft’

Russia hostage takers argued before explosion

British soldier arrested in Iraq murder probe Dupe. Pls delete

British soldier arrested over unlawful killing in Iraq

In the Boston globe this am Kerry brought up the Christian people

Settler rabbis: Get tough on terror, even if civilians die

Investigators say ex-Medicare chief should repay salary

Bush Links Kerry To Howard Dean Over Latest Iraq Stance

Bush's Poplar Bluff message: Economy 'strong and getting stronger' (AP)

Families flee US bombardment of Falluja (Tues. Night)

Carter calls Millers GOP speech disloyal

Bush proposes giving trade preferences to Iraq

Statement by John Edwards on Cheney Comments About Terrorism

Bush Taps Baker for Debate Team

Eliminate finance for terrorism, Russia tells Pakistan

Study Links Racy TV with Teen Sexual Activity (Very Strong Relationship)

Bush Launches Counterattack on Kerry Over Iraq

Ridge: Terrorists Hope to Disrupt Election

Group Uses Bush Visit To Hit President On Outsourcing (CEOs for * 13/1)

Sudan: U.S. to smash us like Iraq

Democrats seek tribute to fallen troops

Halliburton May Not Rebid for Iraq Work

Bush Picks Mustard Over Ketchup on Burger

Postal vote forms sent to Hicks, Habib (Guantanamo Bay)

Blair warns ministers off Democrats

rasmussenreports: Dead Even 47.3 to 47.3 - but Bush may bump up tomorrow?

Bush's Youth Under Scrutiny

"Fahrenheit" bows out of Oscar documentary race

Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry

Ark. Barbecue Joint to Change for Clinton

Heart surgeon meets tee time, misses Clinton

Right to vote vs. right to secrecy (Missouri's military email/fax voting)


AP: Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out

U.S. calls for diplomacy with Chechens

DoD Identifies Navy Casualty # 1001 FROM I CASUALTIES

Bush official loses legal ruling on Medicare Drug Bill Cost Scandal

US Military Death Toll In Iraq Hits 1,000: CNN

Fistfight Breaks Out Over Kerry Veterans ("Christian punches vets")

During School Siege, Russia Took Captives in Chechnya (kin of rebels)

New Burden for Florida: High Deductibles (Hurricane Clause)

Bush: OB-GYNs kept from 'practicing their love'

Nader won't be on Virginia ballot

Armed groups and weak rule of law still plague Haiti - UN report

Bush Unlikely to Fulfill Vow on Deficit, Budget Office Projects -NYT

Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft

Russian TV shows footage taken by hostage takers

In their own words: Letters from U.S. casualties

Keyes Says Christ Would Not Vote For Obama

US soldiers in Iraq say 1,000 death toll meaningless

Difficulty of fighting terror in the courts (Ashcroft?)


Hanks plans movie about 'Red Square Elvis'

Those Repub teeth on the front page of DU are vile!

I'm going to get my haircut. How should i have it styled?

What will Cheney claim will happen next if you don't vote for Shrub?

ANyone see the new US Army commercial?

Techies? wireless help?

Is "Gods and Generals" any good or not?

So he says, and I quote, "There is no 'W' in 'Wrong'"

Is there no end to the clutter on my desk?

If George Bush were a manager of a Taco Bell ... would anyone notice?

How are YOU going to get thru this election season w/your sanity intact?

I HATE GEORGE BUSH AND I HATE THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm taking amphetamines LEGALLY. Let me ask you:

How "Hot" is each campaign??

cars you've never seen at Kerry rallies

Where did the term "eighty-six" come from?

Watching "JFK".....

Know Your Rights!

My daughter said, "I can't wait for school; I'm so excited!"

I'm changing my career. I want to be an OBGYN! I want women to love!

One of us had to keep track


I had a great time at the Chicago DU get together Sunday.

The Best of Will Rogers Quotes...What's your favorite?

Laughter is still the best medicine for me

Interesting book

"People voting republican...

Why Parents Have Grey Hair

most wwe wrestlers are morons...

The kids eager ya gotta give him that, a little misdirected? sure but.....

Survived my trip to Freeperland

I'm back

"Well, those are pork brains, and they're 99 cents a pound..."

Had to smile this morning....

It's not HBO...

Any you "readers" and "book learners" got a CAPTION for this?

Rick Santorum is coming out of the closet.

Can you please keep radwriter0555 in your prayers......

Moore eyes up best picture Oscar

What's Going Through THESE 2 Lovebirds' Minds?

Should I be worried? I have a gynecology appointment in 2 weeks...

Blair on tranquillisers/anti-depressants on the run up to Iraq war???

LOL! A new attack on John Kerry.

I gotta red-back spider on my back...

I thought they were clones...

Yet another unneeded remake...this time it's "THE THING"

Seeing lots of ads for Splenda. Wonder if it's safe? Dr Mercola says no.

Rush, rush to the yeyo.

"The Latest Poll" ...a real eye opener

I Triple-Dog-Dare you not to post here.

I Double-Dog-Dare you not to post here.

Caption: JP2 seance conjures up spectre of slain Templar de Molay

Caption: JP2 hopes new baldness cure effective

I don't need to threaten anyone to post here

Do people gossip about YOU?

OMG: Hurricane Wind Being Auctioned on EBay!


Don't Put Words In My Bush!

Caption: and mind the door don't slam your butt

Bush Family Fortunes - Dallas - 9/12/04

I am being recruited into forensic psychology?

Squeech update

Any union members here? I have a couple questions.

What one political issue do you refuse to touch?

prisoners breed red-back spiders for drug high !

Kef's Cartoon Recommendations -- ONE PIECE and FOSTER'S HOME

Who can help me figure out how a particular stock has done

Know anything about Nikken? Pro or con? takes on politics!

When music makes me laugh aloud

My computer is getting scrubbed tonight-it's really messed up

Somebody stop me!

What the hell are you people talking about?

The 10 Most Hated Men in Rock

I've just been sent home from work

I've turned into a total Bjork junkie!

Dick Cheney Interview

Campaign to help OB-GYN's practice their love with women

I don't want to jinx myself, but I could use some luck this morning.

what are you listening to?

Could this be a scam?

Churchill on appeasement

I wonder what my students from last year are saying now

Can anyone answer a pretty easy PC question? I have a 5 yr old laptop.

Caption: Embarassing father, chapter 666, part 2


Ivan could impact East Coast next week

Express your current state of mind using only one emoticon.

I've sunk to a new low....I'm watching something called "Health Cops."

I did it. I bought a car!

We Are BACK!!!

Airplane's Toilet Ice Crashes Garden Party

Urologists demand equal time!!! They want to practice their love with men

Need some pop-culture help with the Rocky movies

I was referred to as a "good liberal" by a conservative this weekend...

I'm being stalked by fleas.

TRIUMPH the Insult Comic Dog.

Early 70's classic porno fans, I need some help

Proctologists demand equal time! They want to practice love with everyone!

Carrot Top: misunderstood genius or misunderstood genius?

High school's 151-football game winning streak comes to an end

Hilarious Olympic Quotes

The average US motorist spends nearly 2 full days a year in traffic jams

Caption: Bwaaah, the Prez stole my sweeties Mom

Cell Phone Saves Man from Crossbow

Thread for people who are... uh, I can't think of the word... Unar... Inar

Watched two great dog-themed DVD's last night

If any pediatrician starts talking "equal time", I'm reporting to the FBI!

How many blue haired gramms sent the wrong way in NY?

CAPTION the product placement money can't buy

Silver City!

Cafe Manager Says, "Jesus Just Showed Up One Day"

Hey anyone wanna give me advice?

One of our submarines

I responded to an ad for self defense training. The guy wrote me back


I'm pissed at some fellow Dems.

How traffic-congested is your city?

What's your favorite online place to buy music posters?

Do not make the same mistake I made at the "Sharper Image Auctions"

B stands for ????

I just got back from the Art Club poster sale...

Alan "wussy" Colmes (C Dummy) challenges Zell Miller to a pillow fight

I found out who Terra is!

and G stands for?? copy cat copy cat copycat

I got my hockey jersey today! WOO HOO! Ask me anything.

Has anyone heard of this free ipod thing? Is it a scam?

If you post on this thread I'll reply with a non sequitur.

I love the Onion

Chinese women line up for feminine viagra

About Enterprise...

Shabbiest beard in rock?

Do you THINK F-911 will be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

Dang... I know I have a problem now... the Lounge disappearing made me...

If you post on this thread, I will reply.

Ya know Thanksgiving is just around the corner

FOOTBALL!-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday (5 days in a row)


Hey! What happened to DU for the last 10 minutes?

Sean 'Puffy' Combs(P Diddy) challenges Hulk Hogan to a wrestling match

So I saw Mulholland Drive last night

Game time!

"W" stands for...

You know.... I never put bumper stickers on my sus

HELP!!! Tell me how to paint a wall!!!

You know.... I never put bumper stickers on my cat

I'm on the edge and I'm ready to jump......

Who here is creative and has a little time on their hands??

Some funny W stuff

I found out who terrya is!

I'm not a doctor, but I want to practice my love for women.

Ogre Master...Skeljwick materializes big flypaper

Randi Is Terrible This Afternoon

Skeljwick! My flapsidor just bit me!

Ogus margul...Skeljwick malatachen bi flapsidor!

If one were to name a houseplant...

Is "The Last Crusade" essentially a rewrite of "Raiders of the Last Ark"

ARRGGHH! This @#$%# dumbshit president

Pottery is for wimps!

CONFESS!!!!! What talents do you have

Happy Birthday Grandma Sandpiper!!!!

You know.... I never put bumper stickers on my car

Book-swapping on library or store displays...idiotic or merely immature?

I've said it before; "There will be no presidential debates!"


Where can I go to get help/therapy for low-cost?

Ha! Freeper posting on Yahoo citing DU

Poetry is for wimps

why do people insist a *woman* can't defend herself with a knife?

Make your own U.S. postage stamps. Really!

I am psychic and I predict...

Whoever donated for me, I would like to thank them.

speaking of houseplants (I need advice.)

Awright. It's time you got off your duff and danced with me!

Finally Some More Rally Pics

My entire family has succumbed to election fever.

i just saw the cutest thing

May the Gods bless Dentists....

Cheney YOU: "If you don't vote for Bush, you will

Kitty Yoga

# 6000 and my thanks.

Which SHOES Should I Get?

I never knew Lucuiano Pavarotti was so pro Republican!

Was college a waste of time?

Help understanding my brother's Vietnam records

Windows XP Service Pack 2. I'm downloading it now.

If George Bush was manager of a Taco Bell...

That poor pig!


What happens if Ivan slams into New Orleans?

Howard Stern is FINALLY BACK. "We'll straighten out that bounce"

What talents do you wish you had?

Moonbeam_Starlight sees all, knows all, ask me about next four years!

Who will be eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race

Is it Possible to Post a Short Video on Your Livejournal?

I received a free toaster yesterday!

A Pomeranian named Tater Tots

Are you pretentious?


What is your favorite nickname for Chimpy ?(Besides Chimpy)

I saw a weasel this morning...

I have a question about posting pictures...

'I see you baby, I see you baby, shakin' that ass.....'

How many registered users are there at

Silly car washing question

I'm being stalked by Squeeze.

Irish Whiskey?

Least deserving megahit song?

Post a link to your favorite internet time-waster - besides DU

Need help solving mystery.

hurricane ivan

Top three fave poets

Who is your favorite poet?

Rabrrrrrr's Tuesday evening chock-full-o'-fun thread - be poster #176!

8th Soldier Killed in Iraq according to Nightline.....late tonight

The Iraq War - Proof It Was A Sham

When did Kerry say "W is for Wrong"?

I REALLY Feel GOOD About This Election!

Bush's mind seems to be going down the drain don't you think

Remember the sleaze push-poll calls against McCain? TIME TO USE THEM!

Is there a "Save the Court" bumpersticker?

The ultimate 'flip flop'..and this guy killed 3000 Americans!

terrific idea and picture at this website

Village idiot 48% - Kerry 47%.. NOW will y'all calm down?

W is for Wrong for America! Chant this like a Drone Damn you!

Fantastic LTTE today... Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Millennium "A thousandth anniversary"

Anecdotal evidence of us moving forward, Bush is a fiscal liberal

No wonder republicans are the 'family values' party...

A Mythic Reality by Paul Krugman

I am Proud of the Democratic candidates for President rallying behind Kerr

We will figure it out because we are Americans , and that's what we do.

What does Kerry have to do to win in November?

Election choice phenomenon

Bush's Life-Changing Year (Washington Post 1999)

Saddam trial in rush....

"The Latest Poll" ..... LOL... is this for real?

C-SPAN 8:40AM EDT: Ben Ginsburg - Slime Lawyer

Where can I buy a yellow "W" baseball cap?

Stop whining about the polls

They're All Bastards

The miscalculator-in-chief mantra

Be A Brave American - Vote Against Fear !

God is doing the ultimate voter purge in Florida

My imagination, or does Kerry show steel in spine?

It isn't a broad coalition - the fatalities prove it (Talking Point)

How would you fill the Kerry/Edwards cabinet?

Putin comment on U.S. election.

THE connection that has to be dug into from the Kelley book.........

Athletes for Kerry?

Thank You Wisconsin! Kerry Wins Big On Radio Poll

A Must Read letter today from Orlando Sentinel, "2wars, 2heros"

If Michael Moore really wants to air Farenheit on TV before election as he

Niche voter support for Kerry in Jackson Hole

SPAM Email... How much can it help?

Sen. Kerry, steal this refrain...

OK so there was a long period of time that bush was on probation..

Whoever the Dem spokesperson was on Hardball tonight was pathetic

Americans willing to overlook Bush flaws

When Kitty Kelley's book comes out sit back and smirk

MY "talking points"...HELL YES I'm ANGRY!!! Like ALL SANE people are.

How many American boys is Bush willing to sacrifice for Falluja/Ramadi

stories of Kelley's book hit daily papers in 2 major US cities

I'm pro Kerry,but at this point I'd even vote for Lieberman

Now that more polls show the 11 point Bush lead to be B.S.

Another LTTE on Repubs voting for Kerry .

Need Talking points..I urge you !

Kerry could use Churchill's famous "Never give in" speech against Shrub

Dr Laura's Son Kicked the Protestor

Bush's Treasury Sec - outsourcing makes the economy stronger...WTF?

Bush is like Clinton? - according to CNN's Schneider

Pakistan denies that OBL's capture is near

Master Subject Changer Ben Ginsberg opened his mouth on c-span

So, from 11 points ahead to 7 points ahead is "widening"???

vote in another swift boat poll

New poll timing reminds me of Bush's cousin calling the election for him.

Bush FLIP FLOP: He was against the 9/11 commission before he was for it.

Bush FLIP FLOP:Against Homeland Security(Hart-Rudman) before he was for it

Bush FLIP FLOP: Against Plame leak investigation before he was for it

Oh, for the freedom to slap this person upside the head . . .

Bush Flip-Flop: Bush supported 527's before he was against them!

Kerry Attacks Bush on Handling of Iraq

Let's get all outsourced people together to help the kerry campaign !

Bush FLIP FLOP: against Iraq Commission before he was for it

Bush FLIP FLOP:against testifying (9/11 commission) before he was for it

Bush FLIP FLIP: against releasing all his TANG records; he still is..

bush bounce; WORST EVER. heh :)

Are You Listening to Goddamn Fineman this Morning??????????

Rx drug advertising Issue...

Do you know any Gore voters for Bush?


Mysterious Republican Money (Moon and drugs and Hastert & Kerry)

It's NOT the economy, stupid

Remind everyone you know to bring multiple forms of ID"s to polls

Was Dennis Kucinich in New York for the convention last week?

today's Non Sequitur spotlight's the "undecideds"

My new "W" Weak

dont yawl feel unleashed today

Too Cynical to Contemplate?

Get this straight: Bush is ahead in Gallup 49-48 (registered voters)

So, going from 11 points ahead to 7 points ahead is "widening"?

happened across a weekend TV show of Kerry-Edwards young American

Something POSITIVE to read. My NC county expects "record setting" turnout

"Scared and petrified" - let the Kerry campaign know!

Howard Stern laughing his ass off RE: Kelly/Dr's practicing love on women

Rove stoops to racism, Pro-Bush 527 brings back Willie Horton


Campaign Issue: 13 US soldiers killed since Saturday, toll now 999

LAT: Contrasting Campaign Rhetoric With Facts

So Flubber got his bounce. Let the campaign begin

Bush can't protect the country from terror while protecting Saudis

Statement from John Kerry on the Record Budget Deficit

One advantage of the Kitty Kelley book

Franken tearing apart Bush's record.....

URBAN LEGEND; Kerry "voted to kill every military appropriation..."

Rightwing 'Weekly Standard'; bush IS NOT LIKEABLE

Teetering on the brink of an awful number...

George Dub-ya Bush: The Phony Fighter Pilot

Was the deficit mentioned at all during the republican convention?

Blast your email list with the updated Bush Flip-Flop list

Excellent advice for the Kerry campaign

Federal Review Composite (9-7-04): Bush 289-Kerry 249

Kerry was up in the polls after our Convention & no mention in the media


Bush has 7-point poll lead on Kerry (CNN, USATODAY, GALLUP - LV)

Anyone else notice how quickly Michelle Malkin has disappeared?

LMAO..I just got polled by phone by DOVE?...

The 64,000,000 dollar question by Donald Trump still goes unanswered

Terror Case Collapse Adds to List of High-Profile Bush Losses

John Kerry cutting through the B.S. on Iraq

No Kidding - How the Swiftboat Ads May Dramatically Help Kerry/Edwards...

How would you handle the "flip-flop" charge of the Bush campaign ?

Kerry in Greensboro today (Pics)


My son takes on my Repuke neighbor

Texans For Truth to run ad re *s absence from TANG...

Another Excellent photo of the (next) First Lady

999 American soldiers now killed in Iraq

Alright...when does the Coke Story break big?

Looks Like NC is "Officially" A Swing State!!!

TV Alert: Elizabeth Edwards on Countdown tonight at 8pm

PNAC: Kerry not scaring people enough.

Loyalty Oaths An Under-used Issue

dupe..please delete

COME ON! Let's hear it for BIG Ohio Victory!!!!!!

Bill Clinton's heart surgery has a silver-lining

How would a Kerry speech on ALL of the bush "flip flop's" go over?

How to explain the IWR vote to both Dems & Repigs

More Bush Officials Linked to Smear Vets

Did BushCO lie about terror threat to NYC during the RNC convention?

George Bush is harboring terrorists.

The Bush campaign discovers meetups.

Natl TV Interview w/ Lt. Gov of Texas "breaking silence" RE: Bush Recor

I NEVER read political books and I HAVE to read the Kitty Kelly book!

Are John Kerry's parents alive? I don't know much about his

Bush is a POSEUR!!!

Ok this Green Party guy is voting for Kerry

Rummy and Myers on CNN

George "Biff" Bush

Kerry will be ahead by the end of the week

Today Show Doing "Campaign Issues" Segments

Rumsfeld's rambling

John Kerry Was Just 2 FEET Away From Me In NC!!!

9/11 Memorial Parade/Voter Registration Outreach - New Orleans Style

remember the theft of 700million? from funds

I hope Kerry asks Bush directly...

"Texans For Truth" Create TV Ad: "AWOL"

Uh-OH! W caught supporting Kerry!!!

did the Chimp make anyone late to work?

More good stuff from Bob Graham it!

This matters: Putin pissed at Bush and his administration.

Bush and Kerry Clash Over Iraq and a Timetable

I have been seeing more Kerry/Edwards stickers in my area.

Jean Shaheen left me cold, still wearing kid gloves...

bush practicing love on women.....caution, ladies

I will be an intern for Ken Salazar's Senate campaign.

Bob Beckel on challenges "likable" meme about Bush on Fox

I borrowed this chart from Washington Monthly

President George W. Bullsh*t - Daily Mirror Editorial

Texans for Truth ad-watch the video

God flipflops: conditions change, direction must too

Anyone get this headline from Yahoo! news?

Do you "personally know" anybody who is "undecided or changes" daily?

Why didn't the venom of the GOP Convention negate *'s positives?

The Bush FLip-FLop Collection

Could use some help from someone who knows guns more than I do.

All countries vote for Prez. - try it!

It Is Not An 11 Point Race - by John Zogby

Racicot with Woodruff now: CNN....anybody watching?

Bush in 2000 on Nation Building

We need to keep track of how much "Free Air time" that Bush is getting

does Kerry need to get Joe Lieberman out there for him ?

"W" is for Wrong?

Texas Group Will Run Bush AWOL Ads - help 'em out

Kerry just asked group if they had to sign oath and if ?'s were screened.

Limbaugh says liberals are waiting breathlessly for 1000 GIs killed.....

CNN Inside Politics are talking about Grahams book

Who will hurt Bush worse? Ben Barns on 60 minutes or Kitty Kelly?

Bush "Christian" ASSAULTS veterans

Stop with the public handwringing already!

Bush was AGAINST Homeland Security before he was FOR it. FlipFlop Bush.

Bush was AGAINST $87 bil appropriation before he was FOR it. FlipFlop Bush

CNN Watchers: Did any Dem surrogates stick it to Judy re: the polls?

Kerry on * : "Outsourcer-in-Chief"

Now Zogby debunks Newsweek and Time

Jay Severin: Lockhart, Begala, Carville to sabotage Kerry

1001 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

1001st US soldier killed in Iraq

MSNBC Reports 1000 Deaths

Woodruff now covering Graham's book...

Here we go again...Kerry's military service in question...

Bush was AGAINST a 9-11 Commission BEFORE he was FOR it. FlipFlop Bush.

Has anyone lost a friend because of this election?

A few words dedicated to the 1000....

Kerry ad in CA Talks about his plan vs GDumbutt

Bush OB/GYN gaffe on official WhiteHouse.Gov website

LTTE: Comparing GOP Convention to J. Edgar Hoover


are you kidding me????

Conservative leaders cooling toward Keyes (From the far right IL Leader)

Looks like Bush's training squadron earned an AFOUA

I got my Kerry/Edwards *magnetic* bumperstickers in less than a week!

Stupid Cheney comment....

Senator Kerry is HOT!!!!

Rasmussen: Missouri 48-42 Bush (but don't panic)

"Some people have said . . ."

Carville missing on Crossfire, Umm where could he be? heehee

What's up with New Jersey?

Caller on Randi - "Kerry midnight speech- 45 min, media plays 5 sec"

Media says Kerry without Clinton will lose. What about Hillary or is this

Donate or Volunteer with GetYourActOn!!

Kerry campaign finally catching on - - -

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Cheney needs a daughter serving in Iraq,

Donate to Texans for Truth

This speaks volumes--Let the world vote...

Have Guts, Will Travel

Begala just RIPPED Cheney/Bush on phony terrorism myth.


Give $ to "Texans for Truth" ASAP!!

TXCN to televise TX-32 debate (Frost v. Sessions)

Another BS poll from Wolf Blitzer...

Is it time for a new 527??

John Edwards answers Dick Cheney on 9/11-style threat

Bob Graham is on Randi now telling the California Saudi Story!

I think we've got 'em.

Will Wolf, Judy Woofwoof, Bill Scneider get bonuses if Bush gets in

Kerry made reference to the "war on terror" when talking about the

Kerry: Bush 'Chose' Iraq War, Americans Pay Bill

Was shrub in a school in NY on 9/11?

Just Got Back From Bush Protest In Lees Summit, MO.

Oh Oh, Kerry blew off Jesse Jackson. . .big mistake. . .

Bush's "jobless rate is down" same as "education miracle" in Texas

This is why Democrats lose....

Let's get out of Iraq NOW!

All this flip-flop talk is irrelevant IMO

Why I am Voting for John Kerry

Blitzer: "President Bush accuses"/ "Kerry complains bitterly"

New Book “Intelligence Matters” Could Greatly Hurt Bush-Cheney

1000th US soldier killed

I just heard NBC5 (Chicago) anchors laughing during report on Alan Keyes

Hurricanes are lining up

Oct. 9, 1980, Carter led Reagan by 8 points, Reagan lost 16pt lead in July

How long did it take to reach 1000 American deaths in Vietnam?

Al Franken Was Correct Today... Bush In Charge Of A FAILED Presidency !!!

Edwards to speak in ME on Wed; Stephen King to speak before him

GAFFE!! A new, grisly, revealing Bush-ism!

Statement from John Kerry on Number of U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Empires, Muslims and the Holy Ghost

Well...I got my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker today at Dem HQ

Flip-Flop vs. FLIM-FLAM; which do you prefer?

I wonder if the media will act shocked the last week of Oct...

Here is theory on recent poll results you will like.

Its not a fight vs. Bush; it's a fight to expose the Whore Media lies.

Texans for Truth ad: Bush AWOL in Alabama

Terrorism Defined

Death Toll Poll on CNN - Please visit

Meta-Analysis of State Polls: 57% chance of Kerry victory

Nader not on ballot in Virginia.

DU Expats!! Your help is needed!

Moveonforamerica .org - releasing Willie Horton type ads against Kerry


Latest Rasmussen poll shows a tie: Bush & Kerry both 47.3%

Cheney on Meet the Press 3/16/03

New Bush AWOL discovery

Does anyone think Kerry should slam

NOW is the time for Rand Beers to step up to the plate

Has anyone POSITIVELY identified the young GOP Protester Kicker

Road Trip!

Kerry Slams 'Wrong War in the Wrong Place '

BTW .... Captain BunnyPants "the photo op king" will be in Florida on Wed

What is the most important issue for YOU in this election?

Now THIS would shake things up!

Kerry's words prolonged the misery of Vietman POWs

Zakaria: Bush's Noble Goals Lack Policies: A Vision, and Little Else

Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft

big dick says electing Kerry will GUARANTEE 'we'll get hit again'

Was Zell part of a broader Republican strategerie?

War of Perception-How We Can Win It!

CBS have the goods on AWOL?

Why can't dems come out with BULLSHIT polls and flaunt them?

Bush is Owned by the Saudi Royals. When they say "Cover up" Bush covers up

Cheney invokes 9/11: Vote for Kerry and we'll get hit again!!!

OK, Will Pitt, PeteNYC, this is what Kerry has to say:

Cook Report suggestion is to wait for Thurs/Fri polls ,- notes issues

Talking Point Re; Cheney Scare Tactic

When will someone run ads about Bush being aWol before 9/11?

ABC News - a disgrace for news coverage ...pumping awol vs Kerry

Smell of Desperation on Fox: "Cheney: Terror Attack if Kerry Elected"

POLITICAL AD: Scene 1: A hand holding gobs of money

Elizabeth Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olberman tonight.

What about the Nader factor? What can you do about that?

Both Amazon and BN are open for reader comments on Graham book

Pakistan dismisses claim on location of bin Laden

Can Kerry "sue" Cheney for his comments he made today...?

Bush Bounces back down to zero...

Non Battleground State Have To Pay For Campaign Materials!!!!!! OMG!

"W=wrong" vague: "Petgoat bush will freeze when your town's hit" isbetter

Folks in Swing States: how well do your newspapers...

St. Louis Post Poll

Barnicle, Dee Dee Meyers and Tweety ....enemies of the people

The latest Zogby state polls still shows Kerry well ahead

The "internal polls" must show a Kerry lead - the media is going NUTS !

Cheney says - Vote for Bush or face attacks

I got it - The media is freaking with the "cocaine and 60 minutes story"

Cheney: If Kerry wins we will get hit again

F9/11 as TV Infomercial, Sunday before Nov. 2

Bush may be in more trouble than he knows.

Imagine what the talkshow topics would be tonight if EDWARDS had said

60 Minutes WEDNESDAY, Ben Barnes

For first time, Bush uses the words "flip-flop" against Kerry...

Umm why are campaign speeches on

Kelley, Barnes, Graham, WMD lies--the aggregate meta-message

1000 deaths

"METRICS" Rummy's Fav Word

Woo Hoo! I Got Quoted in Our Local Paper!

Tweety leading off with Bush bump in NEW polls

Bush gets excited at attacking Democrats. He fails at attacking terrorism.

What do you make of this regarding the tragedy in Russia

Hardball: Barnicle, Jack Kemp and Dee Dee Myers - ALL beating up on Kerry

Want jobs? Vote Democrat.

Kitty Kelley was on "Larry King Live" when she wrote "The Royals" so . . .

Just got polled by local TV station about Bush's cocaine use

My quick analysis of the poll numbers, if you're interested

Is this true re: Dean and Kerry


The sin of silence.

BBC & Palast - Bush Scandals

Wonkette's take on Kitty Kelly's book. . .

Kerry is getting Gored.

MEME MEMO: Bush* is terrified to talk about his record.

MoveOn needs volunteers and donations to get out the vote.

Presidential Poll regarding Kerry's victory

Time for Kerry to put the heat on Chimpy with Assault Weapons Ban



O'Reilly considers running against Hillary in 2006 (NY DAILY NEWS)

Salon: "Can John Kerry climb back?"

Pres. Carter's Letter to Zell Miller:

SUVs, W04 stickers, and the left lane

"Bush Apparently Mixes Up Words in Speech" - AP (rate it up)

JFK PLEASE DEMAND AN APOLOGY from cheney......If none

CAPTION THE PHOTO - Carvelle & Madalin, on TV Yesterday

Here's the Whole Ball of Wax--and What the Media is Doing About It....

Texans for Truth (AWOL ad)

One Thousand and One

What can a Norwegian do to get Kerry elected?

Cheney. has he had more heart attacks or deferments?

*/Kerry tied in Rasmussen today 47 / 47

Are any mainstream media pundits talking about Kitty Kelly yet?

To those who've accused Kerry of wanting to 'stay the course' on Iraq

OMB/CBO FY04 DEFICIT ESTIMATES = 574 - 600 BILLION... not 422 Billion

Say you're canvassing a swing state. What arguments would you use?

Bush's bizarre "Docs loving women" rant could indicate Profound Psychosis

W's only ace with women is fear. Can Kerry get us beyond fear?

Donate to Texans for Truth

Getting bad feeling about this election... HELP!

Need Photoshop: Bush is Dumb de dumb dumb!

Bush Fell Flat On His Face Today!

CBS News on gun control

1001 posts for the 1001 brave men and women we've lost - moment of silence

Republican Retired Navy Officer thanks SBL helping him vote Kerry

Bush's FLIP-FLOPS in a convenient flyer format

CNN poll 99% don't believe middle class is being represented.

This Kitty Kelley book is BEYOND disgusting.